Germany Story


About twenty years ago i was working in germany building granite bridges.
It all started one night when i was fast asleep, I was suddenly woken up and there  right in front of my face there was a womens face, noses were nigh on touching I gave out a scream it really shook me up i can tell you.
Well it happened two or three times more while i was in germany then it stopped. When i came back to england it happened once more this time i spoke i asked What do you want and it disappeard and it has never been back since, Peaple ive talked to about reckon it could have been a gaurdian angel or aspirit looking after me.

  The St. Andrews monks!


This is a wonderfully chilling and rather classic (if that can be said) Scottish ghost experience:
My mother, who was attending university in St Andrews, Scotland, was walking home from a party.  It was about eleven o'clock, on a chilly November night.  It should be noted beforehand that St. Andrews was, centuries ago, the religious capitol of Scotland, and the ruins of the great cathedral still stand in the middle of the town.
Anyhow, she decided to take a shortcut to the dorms.  Instead of taking the road, she began to make her way through the soccer pitches.  These were surrounded by spinneys of trees.
As she crossed the fields, she noticed what appeared to be three policemen at the road at the end of the pitch, where she was heading.  Though not that close, she could see that they wore heavy clothes, like the Scottish policemen's coats traditionally worn in the winter. She didn't want to be found by them at that late hour, and went to the nearby trees to hide.
To her chagrin, they began to move toward the center of the field, though not directly at her.  She stayed put.  As they came closer, she realized that they were walking on the air, about three feet above the ground.
Furthermore, they were not policemen, but monks in clerical robes. Two of them were supporting a third in the middle, who seemed to be wounded. They passed only a few yards away from her, so that she saw them very clearly.  Oddly, thier feet moved very slowly, but they were moving through the air very quickly. When they came about parallel to her, they vanished.
My mother, mad with fear, ran as fast as she could back to the dorms, clearing a fence that was as high as her with one leap on the way.  A violent wind kicked up against her as she ran, as if trying to blow her back.
The next day, she went back to where it had happened.  At the very spot where the three monks had passed near to her, she found three black cats, eating the carcass of a rabbit that they had just killed.
And another note: The mystery as to why the apparitions were 'floating' is easily solved- The ground was leveled in order to make a proper playing field.  The monks were simply walking on thier own terrain as it would have been in mediaeval times- Three feet higher than the leveled field

Strange Woman


Me and my family were comming home one night around midnight and everyone else had been gone for the night. As we drove by we looked at the basement door and there stood an older like woman with a white gown on and her hair pined back. Wondering if i was the only person seeing things i asked my wife and daughter if they saw the woman and they had too. Years later i had an up close encounter with this woman. I was lieing in the bed with my dog beside my bed and a woman whom i though was my life got in bed beside of me not thinking nothing about it i turned over and went back to sleep not paying attention at my dog barking and gong on i feel nack asleep. I had woken up to this woman who i though was my life going towards the window and looking out sobbing i asked her Jan whats wrong? At that time my wife came down stairs and said who are you talking to and i looked back over and the woman was gone.

Something Transparent


Well this one is actually an account of something my little brother saw.  It is true.  Two of his friends, their mom, and himself were all in a car on the way home from the movies.  They were approaching the fence that turns into my neighbors yard.  They saw something running slowly and he thought it was just me jogging.  Then everyone (and 4 people in the same car witnessed this account) noticed it was a little transparent.  Soon after it just faded away.  Now this wasnt something small that could have just been a trick of the light mind you.  It wasnt just out of the corner of their eyes.  They saw this thing clearly and for more than just a few seconds.  After that he still wasnt sure if maybe it was me playing a trick.  He came in the house and I wasnt even home.  I know for a fact that I wasnt because I was at my friends house when it all happened.

My Family`s Haunting History


My family has had many paranormal experiences. When my mother was a child they purhased a house near Martins Ferry Ohio that had some strange occurences there. My uncle was in his room asleep and woke up in the middle of the night to find an old woman in a rocking chair sitting in the corner of his room. He said she told him to get out of her house. My uncle was so frightened he literally dragged his mattress into my mother`s room and refused to ever sleep in his room again. My mother and my aunt also saw the woman and can vouch that she was real. My great-grandmother would also see a small,black,devil-like creature with glowing red eyes outside her window at night. None of my family`s pets lived very long in that house either. Their fish were found dead in their tank one morning,all of them. Here`s the thing,though,the water was somehow boiling hot. My mother`s hamster was found dead in its cage too and I`ve been told it looked like something had maybe scared it to death from the expression on its face. Also, every night my grandmother would dream that the house was on fire and they couldn`t get out. After living in the house for six months, they moved out. The day after they had moved out, the house caught on fire and was almost burned to the ground. To this day, my aunt still has ghost experiences. At one of their old houses they would turn out all of the lights, lock the doors and would come home to find that every light in the house was on. I never felt comfortable being alone in that house upstairs. I would feel like someone was watching me when there was no one else upstairs. And, in the house they live in now, they were in bed one night when they heard a blood-curdling scream coming from their living room. They ran into the living room to find nobody there and all the doors in the house unlocked when they knew that they had been locked before they went to bed. Also, my aunt was in bed and someone told her that her baby daughter`s face was covered by her blanket but no one else was home. I swear this is absolutely the truth. I wanted to share my family`s stories with other people so they can know that maybe they are not alone out there.

My Best Guardain Angel


Before you read this, My English grammar is not that good so please excuse this part as I am not very good with it. American Sign Language is my natural language.
I do believe that my guardian angel saved my life several times. I do believe that guardian angel is my grandfather who died when I was 6 months old. I was his favorite granddaughter.  Let me add something... He died few weeks before family found out that I was born deaf.  I cannot hear anything not even loud noises.
Anyway at age 7, Mom send me outside to wait for the school bus and she told me to wait at front step and not to move at all as she is very paranoid lady and is not willing to take any risk. (unforetunely for her, I am risk-taker...haha, Of course gave her few heart attacks) Mom went back into house to get something leaving me alone. My bus stop area is across the street so Mom wouldn't dream of letting me across it without her.  So I saw a bus coming on its way so I bolted off to go to my bus stop area without giving a thought on Mom's stern warning. Mom saw me bolting to run across the street. Mom saw other car speeding down the road as if they didn't want to be stopped by bus stop signal for me to get on bus as you know some people don't have any patience to stop for the bus. I just ran down without looking for both ways as I did not realized that there is another car coming in opposite direction. Mom saw all and she ran outside to stop me. In her heart, she knew she was too late and had no time to run to grab me from being hit by car. So She instead screamed "Kelley, Kelllleeeeyyyy" despite the fact that I can't hear. I stopped instantly when I saw old man across the street telling me in sign language to stop and turn around and go back to Mom. He seemed so solid to me. I turned around to look at Mom and say "What do you want?" While doing that, car zipped by where I could have been running and getting hit by that car.  Mom couldn't believe it with her heart at her throat. She asked me if I heard her screaming for me to stop.  I told her No and that old man told me to look at you. She asked me who is old man and where is he ?? She say there is no old man around in her street and not within in her sight on that morning.
Few years later, I saw my grandfather's picture and It was HIM!!! I ran with his picture to show Mom that it was him who told me to stop. She dropped her jaw.  She can't believe that he knows sign language as he died before family found out that I was deaf.
One more story to tell ...
My family owned two huge Alaska Husky dogs. I went up to greet one of the dogs. My brother heard that one of the dogs were growling at me. I was still approaching dogs as you know I can't hear dog growling to let me know that I am not wanted in their area. I got too close to them. One of the dog attacked me by pushing me down. I was down flat on my face on the ground. I can feel his paws standing on my back. I was struggling so hard to get away from that dog. I couldn't move at all. Dog was too heavy to push away as he was probably around 130 while I was like 70 pounds. I was screaming for my Mom. Luckily, my brother saw all and got Mom coming out of her home screaming and carrying her broom to pound the dog away from me. Thank God, I was not hurt at all. So she did put those dogs to sleep as they were getting too vicious anyway.
Several years later when we got our communication between us improved. I recalled to Mom about those dogs incident. The part I say about dog being on my back holding me down. My Mom stared at me and asked me if I felt dogs standing on my back. I nodded. Mom shook her head saying No...not from her point of view. From what she saw was that she was running down to save me from that dog. The dog was NOT standing on my back. Dog was standing over me and his paws were on ground, not on my back, staring at my neck, was waiting for me to move so it can bite my neck off. I was not moving and my head and clothes were blocking dog from bite my neck.
I was in shock because I can honestly feel something was on my back. Someone did hold me down from moving so dog won't bite me at all. I'd like to think that it was my grandfather saving me from being mauled to death by this dog.
He just keep on saving me again and again while I was growing up. I do believe I still have him around me as He still protects me to this day even I am mother of three kids. He is still around and protecting me...
I do believe there is such as wonderfully nice ghost around. Thank you for reading this!! Have a nice day

My 1st Ghost Experience


When i was 17 yrs old next door neighbor
died..she was 21 yrs old. The police ruled it as
suicide......about a week after she passed away...i
woke up 1 morning and she was sitting on the foot of
my bed..i was scared at first..but she told me not to
be afraid that she needed to talk to me...i lit a
cigarette and asked her why she did it..she said she
didnt..but couldnt tell me who did...but that they
would pay for it..then my phone rang..she told me to
go answer it..i put the cigarette in the ashtray and
went to answer the i started out the bedroom
door she was still sitting there..when i came
back..she was gone..the only thing that left me to
believe this wasnt a dream..was the lit cigarette in
the ashtray....about 10 yrs ago..i was dating a Police
Officer...the sister of that girl got the police
report and asked me to read didnt take a
rocket scienctist after reading the 1st page...that
this was not a suicide...i gave the report to my
boyfriend and he read it and passed it to some
Homicide Investigators he knew...they said the same it
was no suicide..I guess she just needed some1 to know
this..but the case was  now 20 yrs old and reopening
it would be almost impossible to last
summer...i still live next door to her parents
house..her mom passed away in 1992 and her father had
a lady friend staying with him...last may 2002..i had
a dream about Debbie ( that was her name ) in my dream
i was in her dads house in the living room and she was
there too... the house was empty...and she was
pissed..i mean really pissed...her dad passed away in
July 2002 about 6 weeks after they moved out....the
lady friend that was staying with him squandered all
his money & belongings...the surviving family got
nothing....maybe this was why she was so pissed?  well
this was my 1st ghost experience..i do have a few
others... i'll share them with u another the
way your site is awesome...




Man with Hat


i do have a story to tell...although its unsure if its real or not because i was ill when this happened. it was around 12-3 am one morning and i was on the phone wif a friend and wanted to go to my room well, all the lights were off and i was kinda spooked because i had watched a horror movie earlier that day, well, as soon as i got to my bedroom door i could see a tall man( as tall as my door) wearing this hat and suit blocking my door, but as i got closer he could climb onto my dresser and disappear (my dresser is next to my door) and as soon as i get there right before i turn the light on my closet door opened just a tad but when i turned the light my closet door was closed just as i left it. needless to say i was scared and didnt sleep at all in my room.

Jimmys Phone Call


A long time ago my mother had a boyfiend who was an alcholic and they were together for about 11 or 12 years and the man that my mother was with always like to run the roads when he was drinking and he was abuseive in a lot of ways BUT more with our mother. My mothers boyfriend went from bar to bar in down town Jacksonville Florida on a street called 8th street any way he was ran over one night and he died back in 1989 So, I guess he's been gone for about 14 years now.
Back in 1991 when I turned 19..........I left home and moved to Virginia Beach with my boyfriend who is now my husband any way my mother lived in some apartments in Hilliard Florida and my mother said sometime after I left she got a phone call and she ask me if I wanted to know what the vioce on the phone said to her so I said "Okay". My mother said the voice said to her "Hey honey, this is Jimmy". and my mother said that she ask who it was because her Jimmy died in an accident and again the voice repeated to her "Honey this is Jimmy, don't you know me"? and Jimmy started naming several things that momma used to cook for him and my mother said "No, my Jimmy is dead he died in an accident "Please" let him rest". and then she hung the phone up and she never did get a phone call like that ever again. "Isn't that wierd"?
My mother said all the friends that he had never knew she had a phone and they didn't even know what her phone number was So, how in the world could have someone have called her and said these things to her? My mother said she was talking to her mother and younger sister and they told her that it was probly his spirit.............I was like "Wow"! this is really freaky.

Girlfriends Dad


My uncle was dating this person whos father had been dead for 3 years. He didnt know her father had been dead. One sunday morning he saw a person walking his dog and my uncles girlfriend saw him and he said 'Hi im your girlfriends dad' and they had a good chat and later that night he said to his girlfriend 'i saw your dad this morning and his g/f said 'my dads been dead for 3 yrs'.

Don't Mess with Them


I'm fifteen years old and my hobby is ghost hunting, atleast it was! I used to love scary stories about ghosts and demons and i'm usually the one telling them. I didn't use to be scared of anything, i love the dark, i love halloween and everything that has to do with ghosts and scary stuff. I used to always fool around with my friends becuase i didn't think they were real. I used to pretend to talk to a ghost and i loved scaring other people, but it all can say i got a taste of my own medicine. One night i was sleeping and i woke up suddenly because i heard a whisper of some sort, i simply thought i was breathing loudly or something... but i wasn't. Since i wasn't quite awake i went back to sleep and forgot about the whole thing. The next day I was studying for an exam and i was holding a metal led pencil, suddenly it moved as if there was a magnet pulling it. it was really weird because it kept moving in many directions. That didnt' scare me, but i was curious so i searched the net on ghost info to see if there is anything about magnetic forces but i couldn't find anything. I was reading the article and then i spotted something that really freaked me and reminded me of the previouse night, it said: "Here a whisper in the middle of the night that wake you up...guess what? it's a ghost."
Since then i become scared of everything, even sleeping in the dark. I still feel presence in my room but i try not to bother them.

Arizona Haunted House


Some years ago while living in Arizona, I rented a house that I am convinced is haunted (if the house still exists).  The house was a small 1 bedroom cottage that had a large livingroom with a natural rock fireplace.  I needed three bedrooms so I converted the livingroom into a bedroom for me and my 2 sons used the main bedroom and an extra room for their bedrooms.  We used the old dining area as our livingroom and the door off this room opened onto a flagstone patio.  This house sat on a large tract of land with several smaller cottages.  Rumor has it that at one time in the past there was a hot springs located there and the cottages were part of a spa.  Well, the springs dried up and the town grew up around old spa and the cottages were converted to rentals.  By the way, if it still exists, the house is located in Apache Junction on Ironwood Blvd. between Apache Trail and University Drive.
Anyway I had my bed set cater-cornered between two windows for maximum airflow. Everything was fine for the first few nights, when I was awakened by the feeling of someone sitting down on me.  I was sleeping on my stomach at the time and I remember thinking that my cat must have jumped up on me.  But when I opened my eyes I could see Billy ( that was his name) sleeping next to me.  I tried to turn over but it was like I was frozen in place.  Finally after what seemed like an eternity I was able to force my way up and the weight just suddenly disappeared.  I looked around and no one was in the room.  I figured I must have been dreaming.  Anyway I worked nights at the time so I just got up and went to work.  I didn't think much about it until a couple of nights later it happened again.  I woke and almost went into a panic but then I got angry and pushed up and it was gone again.  I really didn't want to say anything around my boys because I didn't want to scare them. So a few nights later I was in bed and I could hear the t.v. in the other room.  I wasn't sleeping, just laying there.  Suddenly I could hear the sound of footsteps approaching the bed. It wasn't that dark in the room because light was coming under the bedroom door....there was no one there.  I tried to roll to the other side of the bed but I didn't make it.  I was pinned again. When I was finally able to move I jumped up yelling and my sons came running in.  I was upset so I told them what had happened thinking it would really freak them out. But my oldest son told me that one day he was watching t.v. in the living (dining) room when he went to the refrigerator. He saw, out of the corner of his eye, what looked like and old lady sitting on my bed.  He did a double take and when he looked again nobody was there. I think they thought it was cool to have what seemed to be a ghost.  A couple of days later, I saw her.
Some of my friends were over for a barbecue and a couple of them were going to the store.  I let them out the front door in my bedroom because it was closer to the cars.  The over head light was on in the room and it wasn't quite dark outside.  As I turned away from the door I saw this "person " walk past me heading in the direction of my bed.  I continued to turn but they weren't there anymore.  This figure was taller than me (I'm 5' 4") and was out of "focus" like looking through opaque glass.  I was floored!
I really loved this little house and didn't want to give it up so I tried an experiment.  I moved my bed.  My theory was that my bed was situated where she had her chair.  If I give her back her space it should stop.  She never sat on me again and as far as I know, my son never saw her again.  We coexisted peacefully for months after that until we moved.  If anyone else knows of this house or of someone else who had experiences there please post it here.  I am sorry if this posting is too long.

Animal Ghosts


Dear Dave
You've said that you have an affinity for animal ghost stories.  Well, let me start off by saying that I am a sensitive, the only one in my family, and every time I mention what I'm telling you, I get a look like I'm crazy.
I've been living in my current home for about eight years now, since I was about six.  And for the past eight years I've been seeing a large white cat that I've dubbed "Tanner" sauntering around my kitchen.  Tanner was my first ghost, and I've grown very fond of him.  My own two living cats, I'm sure, can see him too.  Sometimes I catch them watching him while I do.  Tanner is invisible to the rest of my family.
Though I cannot physically touch him, I can hear Tanner purr.  I believe he belonged to a man who owned my house about thirty years ago.  Whatever the case, watching this ghostly feline is a wonderful thing.  When I found a friend who can see him just as well as I can, I was thankful, because it reaffirmed my sanity.  At the time, all I knew of apparitions was that they were, in my mind, synonomous with hallucinations.  Now knowing this is not the case, I revel in the fact that I am a sensitive.
I love your website, by the way, great job.

Vanishing Places


I read a story on your message board that triggered a memory from my childhood. I'm from South Carolina. The sub division I grew up in was at one time a huge rice plantation. Lots of creeks and black sandy soil. Basically a swampy area complete with gators and cottonmouths as big as you arm. There was this path at the end of one of the roads and we were forever going down that path into the swamp to play. Being kids it didn't take us long to recognize what was safe and what wasn't. Set a good ways back from the road and at the end of the path was an old house. It had no electricity and no running water and much to our delight it had a bunch of kids around our age to play with and play we did usually til dark time.(back then it was a much safer world) We played there with those kids all that summer. We did at times wonder about the clothing they wore as it was so different from ours. We even ate lunch with them but we never saw the adult that fixed the lunches. Fall came and of course so did school and homework then chores so we didn't have time to go play there like we did in the summer. The following late spring when school got out..You got it! Back to the swamp to play with our friends from the summer before. You can imagine our shock when we got there and there was no house not even any sign of a house ever having been there. No foundation no old crumbling chimney and no kids! There was nothing there but over grown weeds and big trees where the house once stood. Even at that age we all know there was no way trees got that big from one summer to the next. We all looked at each other and kinda shrugged our shoulders and none of us ever talked about it. To this day none of us has been able to explain what happened so we still don't talk about it. I am curious as the what it was and still think about it from time to time when I read something like your story. I think if I am not mistaken it was called The Stuckey Plantation. There is a family graveyard on the street that I lived on with a number of graves in it some dating back to the late 1700's if I remember correctly. I don't know if this had anything to do with it or not. Sadly, the last time I was home(1987) The graveyard had been vandalized and I'm not sure if there is anyone taking care of it now or not.

Uncle Kennys Story


This happened to my uncle Kenny. I was a young child when this occured. This took place in the 1970's
My grandfather Augustus passed away while working in California of a heart attack. He never made it back home to South Carolina to see his 8 children, wife and grand children ever again. Everyone was ofcourse upset over his death, but it hit my uncle especially hard because he had argued with his father before he left. He felt so guilty and cried alot over it. After months had passed and he began to come to terms with everything, he had a long talk with my grandmother one night and she assured him that his father knew his son loved him. Everyone said that he felt much better and had stopped feeling guilty .
Well, my uncle would come in late at night, this is what the arguement had been about, he thought he should be allowed to stay out later than his 11:30 curfew because he was 17. Grandpa felt different. He demanded that he be in at that time or he would be grounded. My uncle had a few choice words for grandpa and stormed out of the house. He didn't come home until the day grandpa was supposed to leave for California, he was gone for 3 days. He stayed at a friends house. He and grandpa didn't speak except to argue a little more that morning when he came back home and that was it. He went to his room and didn't come out to say good-bye when he left. We are a very huggy family, lots of hugs and "I love you" before whe all leave eachothers homes etc... It's always been this way, even now. Uncle Kenny didn't get to hug or say I love you to grandpa. Grandpa died almost 3 months later.
My uncle was visited...he  came home at 1:30 in the morning, past curfew ofcourse. Grandma didn't get up to fuss at him this morning, she just went back to sleep. Uncle Kenny came in, got some pepsi and ate a sandwich before going to bed.
His room was down the hallway to the left right off the kitchen.  Well, grandpa used to sit at the table waiting on uncle Kenny to get home. We still have that table in our family. About 10 minutes after he laid down, uncle Kenny hearda chair in the kitchen move and smelled ciagarette smoke, he rolled over and thought nobody in this house smokes except dad. So he got up, walked out his door a few steps and look down the hallway. He saw his father sitting at the table with a white t-shirt on... like he always wore that time of night.  He said grandpa "would always sit at the table with his hand on his forehead (it would always have a cigarette in it) and cigarette smoke would stream up into the air." This is how he would find grandpa waiting on him. This is how grandpa was this time too. He took a few steps closer and said "dad", grandpa then looked up at him, smiled and just kept looking straight at him for a minute or so. Uncle Kenny didn't get to say anything else before grandpa vanished. He went and woke up grandma and all the kids. They still smelled the smoke when they went int o the kitchen. They all sat and laughed, cried and talked about it. Uncle Kenny says that he got the feeling that it was dad's way of letting me know he forgave me and that he knew I loved him. My uncle always was home on time after that out of respect for his dad and mom from then on. He broke curfew one time and waited for another visit, but didn't get another one. He just knew grandpa was around, but never saw him again. I love this story.  It brings my family closer together every time we hear again.
My grandma always smells Vitalis. It is what my grandpa always put on his hair. She smelled it earlier that night while lying in bed waiting on my uncle.
I have a story of my on, but I wil send it later. These things are hard to write out, you have to make sure that people actually understand ..step by step, how it happened exactly. It's easier to tell in person.

Uncle Babe, and Pepe


Hello everyone. I want to tell you about an experience that I had last year that really freaked me out, and still does freak me out. I live in an apartment with two stories. You need to understand that my parents are divorced. Last year one day I was playing outside my apartment, and my Dad comes by. At the apartment I live with my Mom. My Dad comes by to tell me that my Uncle Babe just died that morning.  Uncle Babe got his name "Babe" because he was in world was two, and everyone used to call him Babe. Uncle Babe is really my great grandfather's brother. I never knew I had an Uncle Babe until just recently. Well, I was very upset, even I wasn't as attached to him as everyone else in my family because I never really knew him. Well at that time in my life I  was having a hard time with things, and was really depressed. Every night I would cry myself to sleep. This night was no acceptation. I was crying about Uncle Babe. I was kind of praying while I was crying. I kept asking Uncle Babe to somehow tell me if he was alright, and that there was a heaven. I have done this before, and didn't expect an answer at all. Well, at the time I was sleeping with my two other brothers in the same room. I just finished crying, and praying, and just trying to get to sleep at this point. My bed was straight in front of the door, that was open. Anyway, I just stopped praying no more than fifteen seconds ago when I heard what sounded like a little girl or boy walking towards the door, but not exactly in view. Then it stopped, I was still really scared. Then, my little brother that was seven at the time, in a really high pitched voice, that wasn't his own, said, "I'm ok" really slow. That freaked me out. Right now while I'm typing this, I asked him to go as high as he can, and it wasn't nearly as high as that night. There hasn't been anything else unusual except for one other time. I was at my great grandmother's house, she was the wife of Uncle Babe's brother I mentioned earlier on. Well, my great grandfather, Pepe, had died, and Meme, my great grandmother, missed him dearly. Well, pepe had a chair that he loved, and was his only. It was almost the only chair he would sit in. Well, meme still had it. I went into her house, because I needed to get some thread from her sewing machine for a project I was doing. I had to go past the chair to get to the sewing machine. It was a light chair, but wind from a person going past it couldn't make it move. I went passed it, but when I came back, I stopped dead in my tracks. the chair was rocking back and forth, and when I went passed it, it was really cold in that area. I was kind of scared, but mostly peaceful because I knew it was pepe. I told him I loved him, and he stopped for a minute, then stated rocking again.

This is a True Story

    About 6 months ago I was looking for a dwelling to lease here in North Queensland Australia and one of the dwellings I was keen to lease, had I was toold by an Asian woman with whom I was purchasing ingredients with which to 'purify' the home should I take up the lease. However, she remarked to me that when i had mentioned the word house, she was overcome with a strage feeling about it. When i arrived home i shared this with my son, who like myself is a keen, very exoerienced energy dowser. He dowsed and proclaimed that it contained a ghost, however, it was not until I was actually inside the inspecting the interior it the following day, that I remembered that it was housing a ghost, and proceeded to take my crystal pendulum from its pouch and began seeking out the ghost. I began in the third bedroom, but the pendulum girated in the negative, and it was not until i entered the halway that the pendulum began to girate in the positive direction and as I followed the direction of the energy, I walked into the major bedroom and over to the window. For some reason I took one step to the right and actually stood within the presence of the ghost. The feeling that came over me as the energy began to coem from the floor up through my entire body was a feeling that i had never in all my life experienced as the hairs on my body seemed to stand on end as it (the ghosts) energy rose up through me. I was not scared, but fascinated that I was actually standing in the energy of a dis-embodied soul, that had for some reason failed to walk through the door to the other side at the point of death of its physical body. I spoke to it and could feel that it was actually terrified of me as I gently told it I knew that one thing was for sertain it now knew there was no such thing as death of the soul. I encouraged it to leave, for I wished to occupy the home now. However, it did not leave until i engaged a friend of mine to send it up to the realm where it was meant to be. When I left the house after the inspection, I had a headache around my temples and across my forehead, plus I experienced 3 occasions of disorientation. My headache lasted for three days and I am a person who never gets a headache.  When I arrived home, my son encouraged me to take a shower, wash my entire body and the ghost's energy down through the shower - to change my entire clothing. I decided to launder the clothes I had worn during my encounter, just in case it held some of the ghosts energy. However, I decided that I would not take the dwelling after all, even after the entity had left.


by Joe Olivio

 My wife and I were married in 1959 and living with my parents while we were lookingfor a place to live.
We went to look at an upstairs flat on topher off Van Dyke in Warren, MI
After looking at the place she didn’t want to live there. We had been looking two weeks. We were tired.  Against my wife’s better judgment we rented the flat.
Strange things began to happen on the day we moved in. There was a strong presence
through out the place.  There were times we were afraid to walk from one room to another.
I remember standing in the bedroom doorway talking to my wife as she stood in the
hallway. The bathroom door opened behind her. I was staring up at the door expecting to see someone walk through, but there was no one there. My wife turned around to look and screamed with fear as we felt the presence.
It was a very large bathroom. My wife discovered a small door designed to hide
things. It had no latch and it blended in with the wallpaper. It was very hard to
see. When she opened it she found books on witchcraft, evil spirits, white and black magic, the works of Satan etc.  We threw them all in the garbage.
I was alone in the flat one day and I followed the spirit images with my eyes as they moved through the rooms.
When I would set the clock to go to Church on Sunday it would be moved an hour ahead in the morning making me late.
I remember having a dream so fierce and evil that even till this days I am troubled about it. Many times I would stay up all night reading the Bible for comfort.
One early afternoon I had a flat tire in the driveway. I went down to the corner gas station
to have it fixed. I had gotten friendly with Frank the attendant in the two months living in
the neighborhood. He ask me, “Joe, where do you live?” I answered, “On topher at the
dead end street.”  He said, “You mean in the grey house in the up stairs flat?” I said, “Yes” He said, “Do you know that a man killed his wife upstairs in that flat where you live about 2 ½  months ago?  He tried to stuff a car title down her throat and then strangled her.  She lay dead there for two days.” I immediately checked it out with the local newspaper morgue file and it was true.  I didn’t tell my wife, because she was already beside her self.
I came up the steps that same afternoon.  The door was jammed and without warning like a man possessed, suddenly I kicked the glass and received 153 stitches in my right leg.  We left the hospital and never went back to the flat, not even to get our clothes.

We move to Frazho rd. off Fern in Rslv., MI   One night as I was in a twilight sleep. I saw through two walls, a creature walk up the walkway onto the porch, open the front door, walk through the kitchen and living room.  It then turned and walked into my
bed room. It lifted the covers off of me and with both hands started down to possess me!  It was with a scream of terror and a cry to the Lord for mercy that drove it back and it vanished. Many nights I slept with the lights on. These things that moved about were not physical, but spiritual.

Next, we moved into a basement apartment on carlye off Evergreen in Dearborn, MI
It was here we heard voices. People talking to each other and no one there.  At other times we could see groups of people standing or sitting together. We could feel them and
hear their footsteps  as the walked by us.
One morning as I walked out the side door I saw two persons sitting in my car.  When
I got to the car, only 40 feet away and they were gone. It was that morning I had
an accident on the way to work.

It was then we moved back to Warren, MI on Helle and 8 mile rd. It was for an entire year I would dream and the dreams would come to pass the next day.  Most all the dreams were of a troubling nature.
We then moved into another up stairs flat on Detroit’s east side.  A high crime area.
I came home from work early and was sitting on the couch playing a guitar. I heard the
down stairs door open. It was my wife coming home from work. She walked up the stairs, into the hallway and kicked an empty soda bottle. It rolled through the living room on the hardwood floor right in front of me.  She walked down the hall and through the living room where I was and then into the kitchen.
I walked into the kitchen to ask her if she wanted to go out to eat.  She was not in there.
There was only one entrance into that flat. It was the way she walked in. I called the store where she worked to find out what time she left and she answered the phone.
My wife said to me that night, “Joe, I will not sleep in the front bedroom tonight!”  I ask
her, “Why?” She just said, “I’m scared.”  So, we slept in the other bedroom down the hall.
The next morning I left for work. I went down the stairs and out the door.  I saw a young
boy of about 15 years of age standing and he was looking up to the front bedroom window. I ask him, “Why are you staring up at the window?”
He looked at me so sad almost in tears and said, “My little sister died in that room of an incurable disease last month.  As I walked away, he just kept staring up at the window as if he was in a trance.  The place was erie.

The Murray House Ghosts


Well after reading all of these stories I decided to submit my own experiences.  I live with my mother and younger sister in a house that we rent from Murray family. The Murray s a predominant family in the town and owns a heating oil company. I m not sure the exact dates but I do believe the settled in the town around 1850 and the finished construction of their house, which I currently reside in, in 1854, or so the foundation block says. The house had an addition added at a date that I m not sure of. The addition has since been turned into a second apartment of the back of the house. Well now that you now the history I can get down to the story. My family and I moved in about 3 years ago, around March 2000. When we first found the house for rent my mother immediately called and decided to move. However, the house needed some work, mostly just some paint and putty, so my mother often went to a local hard ware store to pick up paint and such. The store s staff was very friendly and asked her what all the paint was for and she replied that we were moving into the  old Murray house  as its referred to by many. The employees then asked if we had heard the ghost stories, and my mother said no. So for about the next hour we sat there and listened to what I thought were stupid made up stories about the house. My mother thought it was cool but she s always thought that kind of thing was cool. So when we returned to my house I decided to try an experiment. The hard ware store s employees had told us the ghost was the Murray s Uncle, Jim Murray, and thus we referred to him as Uncle Jimmy. So as my mom was walking to the car I sat my stairs and Yelled out,  Uncle Jimmy is you really do exist come and prove it.  The very instant I ended that sentence, a persons hand ran through my hair and the railing on the stairs began to shake so violently that I ran out of the house. Well that s what started it all, for that very night I was laying in my bed looking around my new room my bed sank down as if my mother was sitting on. So I turned and looked only to see no one there but my bed still had the weight pushing down on it like someone was sitting on there next to me. Once again I found myself running to my mother. I actually slept in my sleeping bag on her bedroom floor that night. The next day we talked about what had happened and I learned that my little sister had seen a man walking just outside the house. She referred to him as the  Shadow Man  because even when he entered the area of lit by the streetlight he remained completely black without features. I was at this time of course very freaked out and sometimes slept with my light on. My whole family would often see things out of the corner of their eye only to see nothing when they turned to look. Once, my mother was on the computer typing up some paper work for her job. She said she heard someone breathing and walking up behind her and she assumed my sister was sneaking up behind her to scar her, so she quickly turned around to see no one. Small sightings continued for a while, as did the disappearance and reappearance of objects throughout the house at times. However, lately more and more large things happen. Just last week I was walking up my front steps after walking the dog when something caught my eye on the roof. I looked up to see the  shadow man  run right across the roof and disappear. Only 2 hours ago I was walking out of the kitchen and down the hall way, which leads to the living room were a mirror hangs, when I looked up to see a figure behind me in the reflection in the mirror, of course I took a flying leap up the stairs to the computer desk where my mother was. I told my friends about all the previous stories and 1 of my friends was very skeptical about it. I invited him over to perform a little experiment with a checkerboard. We set up the pieces and moved a single piece. We then walked around the upstairs calling for the ghost to move a piece and to play a checker game with us. We checked back and nothing happened so we sat at the bottom of the steps and talked. After a while we had almost forgot about the checkerboard when I suddenly remembered. So we went to check and found that another piece of the opposite color had been moved. I thought I was my friend and turned to accuse him only to see him pale white and unblinking, he then asked if we could go do something outside. I guess uncle jimmy made him a believer really quick. I later had him spend the night a week or so latter and he set up his sleeping bag next to my bed. I had just fallen asleep when we woke me up in a panic. I asked what was wrong and he said that something under my bed had growled at him, I thought it was my do so I looked round only to realize my dog had been locked out of my room for the night. Needless to say my friends don t like to come over or spend the night very much anymore. Some other sitting have occurred including my neighbor s, in the second apartment attached to house, son crying and screaming to  Get that man out of his room  and pointing at blank air stating a man is standing there. My mother has claimed to have seen him and will no longer leave her room for her favorite midnight snaking events at night unless I too am still awake. Although scary things do happen it doesn t worry us. We almost consider Uncle Jimmy a member of the family and almost a protector of the house. Its actually cool having things happen sometimes after the initial shock and it s a great icebreaker with the chicks. HAHA. If you d like to know more email me at, cause there is plenty more just don t feel like writing an entire book on it.

The Lady in the Rocker


It all started when my husband and I were living in Monroe, Louisiana.  He was going to pharmacy school and I had taken a leave of absence from work as I was 8 months pregnant.  We had been married about 3 years and was pregnant for our first child.  When we moved to Monroe, my mother-in-law gave us an old rocker, which was solid oak arms and legs, with an old cloth that was tearing, which we refinished.  We had this rocker the whole three years of our marriage.  My husband would go to school and work till 11:00 p.m. every night; and sometimes would not get home until close to midnight; therefore, I was left alone many late nights.  It all started one night when I was watching television and the rocker started to rock slowly on its own. I became very frantic and went to my next door neighbor, which by the way, we resided in a mobile home park. I did not tell her what I saw, only that I was not feeling well and was waiting on my husband to return home.  When he did, he did not believe me of course, and related it to me being pregnant and being alone.  He did check where the rocker was situated on the floor; as you know the air condition vents or on the floor in the old mobile homes.  He said that the air condoner could not have made the rocker rock and it was just my imagination.  Well, the rocking did not stop from then on, it was almost every night, and only when I was by myself.  I gave every reason in the book, to visit my neighbors for as long as I could every night.  When my daughter was born it only got worst, but I became use to it, not really, but whatever it was it was not hurting me.  We moved from Monroe approximately one month after my daughter was born; as he had graduated from pharmacy school and landed a job in New Iberia, Louisiana.   Of course we moved the mobile home, along with the rocker still in it.  As my daughter grew, the rocker stop rocking.   UNTIL  I was 8 months pregnant with my second child,. approximately 1 1/2 years later.  At this time we were building a new home and I was praying that he would not bring the rocker with us.  But he did.  He said it was within family and did not want to get rid of it.  Well, the rocker still rocked and I was now really afraid.  I beg him to give it back to his mother and to ask his mother about the rocker and he refused and still did not believe me.  When my second child was born,  the man who my husband was working furs child, took a liking to my daughter who was now almost three years old.  She was about 9 years old and always wanted to come sleep to play with her.  Well, she had to sleep in the living room of the mobile home, where the rocker was.  Well she woke up one night at 1:00 in the morning and came to our room crying wanting us to take her home and she would not tell us why.  The next morning I went to her parent's residence and spoke with her mom.  Her mom said well you know kids, she imagine she saw your old black rocker rocking and she got afraid.  Now remember I never told a soul except for my husband, and of course, being a pharmacist in town, he was not about to tell anyone nor would he allow me to tell anyone.  Well she never came back to my house again.  After my son was born the rocking again increased.  In the meantime we had finished our home and had moved in around November.  I bought all new furniture and told my husband I flat refused to leave that old black rocker in my living room, so he put it in the fourth bedroom, which was a spare bedroom and I SHUT THE DOOR AND LEFT THE DOOR SHUT, only to go in and occasionally to do house cleaning.  Around December of the same year, my husband and I had joined the Jaycee Jayne's, which is a local organization.  My husband had volunteered to play Santa Claus at Wal-Mart and called me at home and said that two other Jaycees were coming over to borrow the rocker for Santa Claus to sit on.  I said GREAT.  Well the two Jaycees came over and it took both of them to lift the rocker into the bed of their truck, that is how heavy it was.  Well about 1/2 hour later my husband called and was saying to me, I can't believe it, I can't believe it.  Of course, I was like what can't you believe.  He said well the two Jaycees were traveling down the highway going 25 MPH, when the passenger, out of the corner of his eye saw something going on.  He turned around and said the rocker just lifted itself straight up and threw itself out of the bed of the truck onto the highway and of course breaking.  They said it was tooooo scary the way it happened, like someone had lifted it up and threw it out.  Well that story was told at party after party by these two guys and my husband still refused for me to tell anybody my story.  Well I finally got the nerve to call my mother-in-law and I told her that the rocker had fell out of the bed of the truck when we had loaned it to the Jaycees.  AND THIS IS WHAT SHE SAID.  OH MY, THAT ROCKER BELONG TO MY GREAT AUNT, WHO ACTUALLY DIED IN THAT CHAIR WHILE ROCKING ONE OF HER GRANDCHILDREN, SHE JUST DIED RIGHT THERE WITH THE BABY IN HER HANDS.  SHE USE TO ROCK ALL OF HER 12 GRANDCHILDREN ALL THE TIME IN THAT ROCKER.  I GUESS IT WAS A GOOD PLACE FOR HER TO GO.  Well that is my story and believe me I never believed in ghost, but since that day on I do.  My oldest daughter is now 29 years old.  So that is how old my story is.  Oh, by the way my husband and I have been divorced for 21 years.

The Brick

My grandmother at one time lived in a brick farmhouse in rural Ohio.  There were no modern amenities and water had to be fetched from a spring through the woods a bit in back of the house.  Sometimes when she would go to the spring she said there would come with her "little gray smokey looking shadows" on each side of her a little above the ground.  She would never see where they came from or where they went when they got back to the house.  She said she was never frightened.
 She had also told me that one time as she was baking bread in the morning she looked out the window and saw a locket hanging in the tree outside.  The sun was coming up and it was just catching the morning light and glinting a little.  She said she glanced at it from time to time and finally after a bit she went out only to find nothing there.  Later that evening when she was coming up towards the house after some chores she said she saw a woman with a baby sitting on a blanket under that very tree.  As she had some things in her hands she walked up to the front of the house and went in to set down her things.  She said she could still see them out the window as she went past and down the hall to the back door to see who it was.  When she rounded the corner, there was no one there.  She said then she knew that they were ghosts because there was just no where anyone could have gone that you wouldn't have seen them walking away.  Also she said the grass wasn't pressed down or anything.  I've often wondered if the shadows that walked with her sometimes might have been this woman and her child.
Another story at this house involves a relative that was ill and dying in a bedroom.  People had brought flowers and such to her.  My aunt said as she sat in the bedroom with her the bedroom door opened and a basket full of fresh flowers just floated in a few inches above the floor and then sat down at the foot of the bed.  No one could remember if they were some flowers that had already been brought by someone or if they were picked by an unseen hand.   My grandmother eventually moved from this house and it still stands today.  I have always wanted to stop and ask the folks that now live there it they have experienced any thing strange...................


The Baby


            Now mind you I'm just repeating what my Mom and Dad have told me, but I thought you might be interested. This would have happened 41 years ago, when my oldest sister was a baby. My Mom and Dad just moved in to an old house somewhere in W.V. At night when they went to bed my Mom would hear a baby crying, and she would go check on my sister, the strange thing is my sister would be sound asleep and my Mom could still hear the crying. To say the least this scared her to death she looked and looked for where the crying was coming from and could never find anything. After a few nights of this my parents were not sleeping to well and hear a noise at the door. They saw a huge rat.  The next day they were packing to leave when a lady next door asked them if they were leaving already. My Mom asked her what she was talking about she told her that a few years before the family who lived there had a young baby and that it had been killed by the rats, Well it didn't take my family long to finish packing. Mom said she would never go back to that house.



Hello, my name is Naomi, and I have several paranormal stories to share.
Ever since I was young, I have always been terrified of the paranormal, and
have had vivid, terrifying dreams.  As a child, I would frequently awake to
see a dark, shadowy figure standing by the door frame of my bedroom.  I
would feel a presence behind me when I would walk upstairs at night.  At a
slightly older age, I dismissed the possibilities of ghosts, because I
figured it was impossible, but later had a change of heart when I went to
this haunted yard.  I had heard many stories about a small yard where stange
happenings had occurred.  One night I thought it might be interesting to go
take a look at it and see what all the fuss was about.  The yard is almost
impossible to find, totally surrounded by trees.  If you are able to find
it, go there in winter.  The snow is always perfect, not a single flaw.  If
it's a windy night, there will be no wind within the yard.  The freaky part
about it is that there is an old building which used to be an insane abandoned.  It's boarded up, but one night we opened it up, and
we heard a faint barking of dogs from within, but there were no dogs
anywhere near-by.  Next to it, there is a small trailer.  No one lives in
the trailer, but a light and the tv are always on.  There is an old swing on
the yard, if you watch it for long enough, it will begin to swing lightly.
The strangest part is that there are two old native american tombstones.
Every time you go back, they have been redug and moved to another location
on the yard.  I'm not sure if any of this is ghost-related, but it certainly
is freaky.
An incident happened to me this evening as well.  I was walking with some of
my friends along the railroad tracks in my town.  On the street next to the
tracks, a hundred years ago, there was a man who went insane, killed his
family, and was hanged in the court yard.  Anyway, tonight as we were
walking, we all of a sudden simultaneously stopped, and looked at each
other, terrified.  We all felt a strange presence brushing against our
backs.  Later, we were sharing stories about screams people frequently hear
coming from the park.  We decided to sit out on the deck of my friends
house, who lives right by the park.  We were just sitting around, talking,
when we hear the scream of a little girl, as if she was being murdered,
coming from across the park.  We immediately ran inside.
Once inside, we began to share ghost stories.  One of my friends believes
his house in haunted.  He always feels things in his room when he is
sleeping.  With one particular experience, back in Winter, he would wake up
in the morning with claw marks in his shirts, and slight scratches on his
back.  This happened about 6 times.  Another time, he woke up and all of his
blankets were totally flipped upside down, but looked as though they had
been untouched.  He talked to his grandmother about it, because she is able
to communicate with the dead, and she visited their house and told the
spirit to leave.  Since then, there have been no strange occurances.


Summerfield Florida


After my parents separated when I was 13 my mother moved us into a house in Summerfield, Florida; on Little Lake Weir.  We had lived there only a couple of weeks when things started getting weird.  This house is a duplex and my mother, brother, and myself lived on the larger side. My Grandmother and Her boyfriend lived on the one bedroom smaller side.  When we moved in there were only 2 bedrooms on our side so we had to build another room for my younger brother.  Like I said we'd only been there a couple of weeks when things started getting creepy.  I was home alone (on my side of the house) sitting in a recliner in the living room watching TV. My dog Goldie was laying next to me sleeping when she suddenly jumped up and started barking at something on the ceiling, in the kitchen directly behind me. Startled I jumped up to find nothing. I sat back down and tried to calm my dog. The next morning I went to ask my grandmother if maybe her boyfriend had come home late.  Then recollected the story to her.  She got extremely quiet and almost started crying. She then told me that she was woken up at the same time with the smell of her grandmother's homemade soap.  This isn't the only happening though. One night my mother was "next door" visiting with my grandmother and I was getting ready to go to bed.  I had just shut off my television and it came back on. Not unusual, sometimes I'd hit the button twice and there was my voucher. I went to turn it off again when it turned itself off, and then on, and then off again. It kept doing this and nothing else in the house was flickering. I got scared and out of instinct ran out of the room.  Though I don't know why even 'til this day why I ran outside.  Another instance was after I had moved out and my brother had moved to my father's.  My step sister was staying with my mom and step dad and had been told to go to sleep in my old room. Which is now a guest room. She had just fallen asleep when she was woken up by what she thought was someone crawling into bed with her.  She opened her eyes to what she says was a dream. A small blonde hair boy sitting next to her almost touching her.  She said she didn't feel scared and then he started to talk.  She says he said "Where is Celeste, I miss Celeste?" Celeste being myself.  A couple of years later my step sister and I moved into the smaller side of the house (my grandmother had moved out) until we could find another apartment.  We had a close friend over and were relaxing. I had gone to bed, my sister laid on the couch watching TV, and our friend sat on the porch doing his homework.  I had just fallen asleep and had the feeling I was being watched. When my friend on the porch yelled "WHOA!" This woke me up and I ran out to see him sitting there eyes bugged out and pale. He then without even seeing me ran outside to the same spot I did when my TV freaked out. We had never told any of our friends about our happenings so they would actually come stay with us. He turned to me and looked me in the eye and said "I saw him." Then he recollected what he saw. To our surprise, it was the little blonde hair boy. He said he was sitting at the bar table reading his text book and he heard a slight thump on the window. When he looked up he saw this little boy peeking into the window. He said then the little boy ran into the yard and disappeared.  So we all went and walked on the deck to further investigate.  When we sat there looking out into the lake goosebumps covered our entire bodies, and we all saw the same thing.  What looked to be a small smoky figure moving towards the lake past the gated fence towards a very tall black object that looked and felt to be scolding this smaller figure.  I haven't been back for a lengthy period of time since I got my new place.  But I always feel as though I'm being watched.

Shadows in the House


I have always been so amazed with sprits. As a child, I have always wondered if there were really spirits and ghosts. I have been told many stories about them but in the back of my mind, I figured it was just a made up tale that everyone tells just to get your excitement going. Then, I figured out from reading shadowlands that all the experences I have had werent just a made up tale and I really am sane and that I believe now that there is the supernatural exzistance. I have many stories to tell but, I want to start with the recent one. My boyfriend and I decided after going out for 3 years that I would move into his house with him. He has a daughter age 18 who lives home also. One night I was sitting on the coutch watching T.V. by myself. Everyone else was gone at that time. I didnt have any lights on because there was just me so, I used the light from the T.V. All the blinds were shut at the time also. As I was watching the show on T.V. a black shadow caught my eye. It moved across the room in the dining area which our bedroom is to the left of it. The shadow moved across the room straight to our bedroom. On the right of the livingroom is the upstairs door which goes to my boyfriends daughters bedroom. My boyfriends daughter had told me that she has been seeing a little boy in her room for quite a while. She said he was harmless and just wanted to be by her. At first I thought she was just scaring me. Well, I saw this shadow twice but never said nothing to anyone for fear that they would think I was nuts. One night as I was talking to my boyfriend, we got on the subject about ghosts. He told me about the shadow he has been seeing. I was dumbfounded. Then I finally told him that I have been seeing the same shadow. He said that most everyone in the house has seen it. It always comes from the stairway in the dinning room and goes into our bedroom. I had the lights on one night over the bed in our room as I was reading. You have to turn the switch before the light goes off and the switch has to go around until it makes a klick sound. As I was reading, the light turned off. I thought I hadnt turned the switch all the way on but, I checked it and it was completly off. At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me but it happened two or three times again. Now I am somewhat skepticle but I do believe that someone of the suppernatural is lurking around. It doesnt bother me anymore because it has become a part of my life and its harmless. I just figure whoever it is is just having some fun because nothing bad happens because of it. This is why I joined shadowlands. It lets me know that these spirits do exest and its normal to experence.  A woman in Scottville, Michigan who feels better now.

Sergeis Ghost


i seem to be drawn to the celebrities i do not know why but,my experiences are always around them most of the time the movie stars ,and singers
but this one has to do with a ice skater
i am sure everyone who is a fan of figure skating knows the russian pair gordeeva and grinkov
my story is around sergei
t was said sergei died in katias arms on november 20,1995 lake placid
a year later i got a black and white cat male fluffy adorable
i was trying to find a name for him so since i loved sergei i named him sergei
my friends told me i would be sorry but i didnt listen
he followed me everywhere and i watched him grow every day till he was a full grown cat
i loved him so much and i was very close to him he was my favorite cat!
i have others but sergei stood out from all of them!
1997 i got two black puppies from next door neighbor and i kept them outside
sergei loved to go outside and run around in my backyard and always scratched to come in when he wanted inside
one day my puppies were outside and  i noticed sergei didnt asked to come in for hours so i went outside to find him
i came across this black and white body laying in the backyard
now sergei would lay outside sometimes in the sun so i figured that is what he was doing
i went over to him and touched him and his body was cold!
sergei was dead
i couldnt figure how he died because no dogs teeth marks were on him
it had to been a heartattack?
i brought him in and i was crying so hard ,i held him in my arms and just held on to him as tight as i could tears running down my face
i started rubbing his heart and his foot
then i started to sing my favorite gordeeva and grinkov song they skated to reverie
and sergeis paw moved and reached out for my hand his eyes rolled back and when i finished humming the song sergei died in my arms
just like sergei died in katias arms in 1995
i believe the ghost of sergei lived in my cat one last time because for some reason wanted to be near to me and died in my arms again like he died in katias 2 years ago
to this day i will never forget my cat sergei or sergei the ice skater
i know now they are together in peace forever
but i will never forget  the day he came back and the joy he brought me if only for a short time !
they will always be in my heart forever!

Pushed me Down


Well. I've no idea how to say this. Even to this day I'm still afraid.
I don't know how it happpened. I'm 20 year sold and have no clue as to why it happened either, butit was one experiance that's pretty much tormented me since then, and now I keep looking over my shoulder to realize just what the hell made it happen to me of all people, and what it was.
It happened when I w as about five years old. I was staying at my uncle's house while my parents moved our stuff into my new house, the next town away. My mother always hated this house, my uncle's, and didn't really feel comfortable with her kid staying there, but my dad begged her, saying that we'd, my siblings and I, be too tired to do anything at the new house, and it was only for a few hours or so, so she relented. I was sitting on the couch watching some absurd telivision show, when the room got suddenly very cold, and something smelled pretty bad. I wondered if my uncle had a fan on or had opened a window, but that wasn't the case. I looked to my left and saw somethng completely weird.
A funny looking figure was there, not human looking, but human shaped. It was bright violent, tinged with pink, and probably wasn't too tall, but looked huge to me at the time, considering I was only five. Sitting on the couch, I told it, "Hi" and asked who it was. It just merely tilted it's head and even though it didn't have any features, it felt like it was staring at me.
I don't really recall what happened next. I don't know how it happened. But whatever that.. thing.. was, it had picked me up by the neck, and held me over it's head, and smashed me through the glass table my uncle had front body first. I remember hearing a huge crash, and kneeling with my hands to the floor amidst glass and wood, and then feeling a huge pressure on my back, shoving me down. It succeeded, and pushed me down hard into the glass, and all I remember then is that I couldn't breathe, and I felt a pain in my neck, and then my chest, and then everything went black.
When I came too, my mother, father, and uncle were standing in the doorway, and I was kneeling down amongst the glass, my hands to my neck, with blood on them. I still couldn't breathe. My mother shouted something to my father, grabbed me, and ran out of the house to the car with my dad behind her. I was put in the car, and my mom got in the driver's seat and my uncle got in the backseat with me and my other siblings.
When I spoke to my mom of the even when I turned 19, she told me about that day, I ended up with purple marks around my neck and a tennis shoe print on my back, all in bruises.
To this day I'm still afraid of anything resulting in the paranormal, and I've got a small scar on the side of my neck. If anyone can explain just exactly what attacked me and why, I'd be grateful.

Nursing Home


i work in a nursing home and didnt believe in ghosts till i was offered a nightshift position. one of the girls said that the home was pretty bad with spirits but i thought because of my age (19) she was trying to scare me. i was walking alone after answering a buzzer past the dining room when someone touched my shoulder. i turned round and no one was there. i was convinced it was the other two girls but they were in the lounge and could'nt have got there without me seeing them. Later we were sitting talking when the door which is a fire door and doesn't move was slamming and opening for about a minute and abruptly stopped. we all got out our seats, dont know why, and then a black figure appeared at the door and just stared at us for five minutes and walked off. the ledest girl went after it so we followed and no one was there. we sat down to calm ourselves because we were pretty freaked by then when the emergency buzzers started going off simultaneously from room one to thirty but there are patients who cant reach them and others are on medication so we went and turned them off and checked our residents. We went to one lady who was dying of cancer and i turned off the buzzer when my co-worker said she was gone. we can only think this was her having a laugh because she was a great lady or she was trying to let us know she was gone.

Number 32


This is really middles school is about 50 or 60 years old, and has been used for many things. The science building was used as a hospital during a plane crash one year and there has always been a feeling of a 'presence' in that particular part of the school. But the most weird thing happened to me one day when we were in the gym, rehearsing for a play. They sent me off to the janitor's closet to get a broom, and I entered and saw a shower-type thing in the corner, obviously for rinsing mops and such. Well, as I looked over at it, this feeling of total dread came over me, and all I can remember thinking at that moment was "Oh my god, I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die." I ran out and back up to the stage, shaking and white, then realizing that I could defenatly feel a presence on the stage too.
That evening I was in bed, really freaked out, and I fell asleep. I had a dream about a guy named Darien, and he clamed me in the dream and explained that he had died in the janitor's closet. In the dream, he took me to the gym and showed me his football picture.
The next day i went out to the lobby of our gym and looked for the football picture. And there he was, number 32, in a football picture dated 1973.
Thank you for listening

My Many Stories


Hi, my name is Alicia. I've had a few ghost encounters in my life- I think.
You see, the problem with ghosts is that you never know if it's really them. Sometimes it might be just a freaky coincidence. Who knows?
#1 Well, this is a really short one. Okay. I had just come out of the bathroom when my mom's bedroom door just went THUNK. I saw it close a little bit, and it doesn't close very well. Oooh, creepy.
#2 One day I had come home from a sleepover and was kind of tired. I sat down on the couch, and something said "Alicia," in a very faint voice. It was NOT my mom, because she was sitting at the table reading her Bible, paying much attention to the story. Anyway, I turned my head and there were these three heat-wave figures standing behind the couch! They were moving, sort of, and they were giggling. Three girls whispering, obviously talking about me or something. One said my name again, and that was enough. Later, I was about to take my shower and I heard, again, a whisper that said, "Be careful, okay?" I wasn't really scared of these "visitors", they were just plain annoying! When I was in my bed, I sensed their presence again, so I politely told them to go away. What do you know? They did.
#3 One night before supper I was chatting with a pal on the phone. I laid down on my bed and a ghost that looked like the oatmeal man was standing over me! I ran out of my room, in the process telling my friend what I saw. She laughed hysterically. But to me it was no joke.
#4 This is actually what happened to my 23 month old nephew. He was downstairs in the basement with his mom when all of a sudden he starts screaming. LOUD. She calmed him down and let him back in his playpen. A few minutes later, he stood up and started saying "GET!" to the space in between the radiator and the wall. He only says "Get" to his dog, Ginger. Who knows what really lurks in their basement?
Well, thank you for letting me share my stories with you and I hope you use them on your site.


My Life far


I've sent in the same story to another site, but I can't seem to find it anymore. It was tilted "The Sixth Sense is True.....For Me." Sometimes others think I'm crazy, but I know I'm not. Just having strange experiences, sometimes they're hard to believe. I know this is going to be a long story, so please, bear with me.
Most of my experiences started when I was 7 years old. The most memorable one from this time, was I had an uncle in the hospital. An aneurysm had burst in his head. My Mom didn't go into detail about it until later on. I was told that he had a chance of coming home, but wouldn't remember any of us.
I went to sleep that night, and he showed up in my room, trying to explain what was going on. He was actually trying to explain to me that he was going to pass on, but being 7, I didn't really understand what he was telling me. The next morning, my Mom was sitting at the table crying, and first thing I said was, 'Mom, it's him, isn't it? He's not coming back, is he?'  She then tried to explain it to me, but I told her I already knew, and it was okay. And she asked me how I knew, and how much I knew, so I told her that all I knew was that he wasn't coming back, he still loved us, and he said that he would check up on us once in a while to make sure we were doing all right.
A few years later, my Dad (I should maybe explain that I was adopted by my grandparents) showed up, to tell me that he was coming to take my Mom. So my Dad and I got into an argument about how he couldn't take her with him yet, because I still needed her. The next morning, I told my Mom about my "dream." I think it surprised her, because she gave me a puzzled look, then asked me who I saw. I told her who it was and she told me she had a dream the same night. My Dad showed up on an airplane, and told her it was time to go home. She argued with him that she couldn't go yet, she still had things to do, and he said 'Okay, but I miss you and want you to come home with me soon.'
I've gotten to see and hear my Dad off and on ever since. The strange thing is that I was 8 months old when he passed on. And it's the neatest thing that he's still there, helping me through hard times and sharing in the good. In fact, I saw him and my uncle in the hospital sharing in the birth of my daughter.
When I was around 12, I saw a man in our hall closet. He was young and dressed in army fatigues. He was holding a rifle and had red hair. If I saw a picture of him, I could point him out. A few days after seeing him in the closet, I had a dream that he was sitting in a rocking chair with the rifle on one side and a white German shepherd on the other side lying at his feet. When I came home from school the next day, The rocking chair was rocking, but no one was home. I thought it may have been one of my cats or my mom's dog (one of my cats knew how to open doors, he taught himself) but they were all in their rooms (because no one was home). Needless to say, I didn't stick around for very long, I went outside until my Mom got home.
I've also had some less than enjoyable things happen. I've seen, heard, and talked with many different classes of demons. Like I said, less than enjoyable. I was told no one can fully understand what they say, but I can understand them perfectly, word for word. I've had them also play mind games with me, they found that a lot of fun, I think.
I've also seen the Grim Reaper. The old saying "Death stares you in the face (looks you in the eye)," I found out is true. That had to be the scariest. I've seen him twice. The last time, he physically lifted me out of my bed. I still can't figure out why he visited me and left me here. I was always told that if he visits you, that's it.
I've had multiple experiences with poltergeists. They love to hide things, and follow me around. The reason I say they're poltergeists, it that I've heard them stomping around, bumping into things, moving things, turning things off (mostly the stereo and TV), I've been kicked by them, one tried to pick up my cat, and I've been touched by one (I'll explain him later).
I saw my (then friend) boyfriend's Dad one night. I didn't know it then. I didn't find out until about 4 years later, when I told my boyfriend, and then perfectly described him. I had never met his Dad before, or seen a picture of him. I asked my boyfriend why he would show up in my room one night and tell me he was asked to look after me. My boyfriend told me that after I had moved 4 states away, he had asked his Dad to look after me and keep me safe.
My boyfriend and I talked (even without using phones) most of the time I was gone. I even knew what he was doing without him telling me, because I could see it. He was only able to talk to me, he couldn't see me. The reason I mention this, is that some of these experiences we've shared, and we'll probably share a lot more. Together, even at different houses, we've either seen or heard things. We both heard his Dad walking down the hallway (he didn't tell me until later because it surprised him that I heard it too). He always thought he was either crazy or imagining it, because no one else had ever heard it before. We've both seen orbs, running shadows (we were walking), and other things of the like. He's heard the demons but couldn't understand them. And he had one playing tricks on him (now you see me, now you don't, oops! too slow, I'm over here) at school.
After I moved, a lot of my senses got stronger (I guess). I also got to a point to where I could smell them, on top of everything else. I was at a point where I knew which one was there by the smell. One smelled like rancid meat, one smelled like spoiled milk. I was able to see "watchers" (kind of like demons, but you only see their eyes, nothing else). There was an old man that "lived" in our house. He was always harassing me. He'd be in the bathroom anytime I was in there. He pretty well "molested" me (he ran his hand up my inner thighs), and he was the one that tried to pick up my cat (I didn't see this, only heard her scream, and saw the grooves in her fur). He also constantly commented on the shows I watched on TV. He made me feel like he was going to hurt me.
Among some of the "talents" I developed, I've been able to see babies before they were born (my own two years before conception). I knew if they were boys or girls, what color their hair would be, and what color their eyes would be, and exactly what they would look like. The only problem with seeing all these babies, I don't always know who's pregnant. I could also hear my own baby before she born, she clearly spoke to me.
One of the oddest things was spending time with John Lennon. It was really nice, but I don't know why he was visiting me. I did enjoy talking with him though, he was really nice. He also showed me some interesting places, which I found out were places he liked go on real life.
I think my daughter (3 now) has the same abilities. She kept talking to people (that I couldn't see) and she would repeat things that they would tell her. One night, she told my boyfriend that "Charlie" says Hi. He had to ask her who said that, and she told him. Then it struck him that he knew a Charlie when he was 6. One day, she asked me for a cherry popsicle. I forgot that we had popsicles in our freezer, so I asked her who told her we had popsicles, and she said 'an old man.' I found the popsicles about 2 weeks later, and suddenly remembered my step-grandpa always had popsicles for us when we were kids. She also let us know that she saw my boyfriend's Dad. The way she proved it was telling us his name. We never said his name in front of her. She told me one day that I had her brother (she called him "Bubbas") in my belly. I didn't know I was pregnant. Well, I had (as far as the doctors could figure) a miscarriage, never even knew, but my daughter did. She couldn't watch The Tigger Movie (her favorite at the time), without going into a massive crying bout. Then she swore she could him. He liked to hide in the bathroom. I couldn't see him, but I could sense him and smelled baby lotion whenever he was in the house. To be sure, my boyfriend and I named him (without her knowledge) and told her next time to ask what his name was. We decided on the name Anthoney James. When she told us a few days later that his name was "Tony," we were kind of surprised. She's told me about "monsters." Sure all kids go through the Monster Stage, but what she described, sounded like a perfect description of a demon. She also told me of a little boy who was staying here. We figure he's Hispanic, because he taught her some Spanish. The way we figured this out was we asked her the normal questions. "What's his name?" She didn't know. So we asked if she knew how old he was and (she was 1 1/2 at this time) she held up 3 fingers and said "tres." We never spoke in Spanish in front of her, and her father's family believes that if you're white, you speak English (no exceptions).
Well, none of these visitations have stopped. In some ways, it's stronger than ever. My boyfriend is now an "automatic artist." He goes into a trance (I've actually seen this) and looks like he isn't there. When the drawing is finished, he has no recollection of it, it's not his "style," there's smudges on the edge of the paper and eraser marks (he's very neat about his drawings, he never smudges, and hardly ever erases), his hand moves differently than normal, and it's different pencil strokes than he uses. My boyfriend has also talks in his sleep, but a lot of the time, it's something out the ordinary, and in someone else's voice.
We both can see things that are going to happen, bad things, we just don't know who it's going to happen to. And we also have been able to sense when something's wrong, we just don't know what until a day or two later.
My family has had a history of this, so it didn't bother me so much as it would have if there was no history of it. It seems to get stronger with every generation, though mine seems to be the strongest so far (with the exception of my biological Mom, who has strong visions in spurts).
Among some of our latest happenings, there has been a two week visit by a poltergeist (who kept bumping into our couch, and scared my daughter), some wandering spirits who stick around for a day or two then drop by at a later time to visit, a thing that reminded me of an imp (it was a shadowy creature with wings and a long tail), lights and orbs, faces in the walls or mirrors, and moving shadows. One of the things I make very clear to any spirits who stop by is that if they're nice, and behave, they're welcome to stay for as long as they'd like. If they're here to cause trouble or hurt any of us, they're not welcome, they can go somewhere else. I think it's reasonable. Every so often, I have to threaten the really troublesome ones with talking to my boyfriend about the situation.
As far as this year, I've had the normal contact with my deceased family members, and my boyfriend and I have seen this thing that looks like the "Reaper" but wears white and you can see every detail of his face, and he emits light. I kind of wish that I can get them to stick around long enough to ask for a picture. Other than that, I've been hearing voices, sometimes one specific, sometimes many at once. There was a "dark" kind of "demonic" voice telling me to "Beware". There was a woman saying something about a recipe, then she started singing. And another one that's more familiar for me. Above, I stated seeing my babies before they're ever conceived. I saw a baby boy about 3 years ago. I know this one's my baby. And I also stated above, I've heard them before they were born. Well, about a week or two ago, I heard a little boy calling "Mommy, Mommy, wake up" then I heard a baby crying. As a note, so no one thinks I'm reading anything into this, neither of my neighbors have young children, or babies.
I think I may try to record the voices in my home at night, and I'll definitely ask if I can take their pictures. Hopefully, they won't mind.
Good luck to you and all of yours.

My House and I


  My house and I don't get along. I know that is quite weird to say because my house is..well, a house! But I do believe my house doesn't like me. In my house, my Mom, grandma, and my grandpa live with me (I am a 13 year old girl.) I have had a lot of strange experiences in my house, but they are all feelings, nothing physical. Most of the experiences circulate around me. Therefore I am the only one in my house who has any strange feelings. As a matter of fact, I don't think that anyone in my house has feelings like I do. I'll start with the events that happened when I was smaller.
My Mom used to work nights when I was a small child, so in the night, I slept in her bed. When I laid in my mom's bed, I thought there was someone in my doorway. (I was a very impressionable child and I watched a lot of supernatural shows on the TV) Also, when I tried to go to sleep, I had to have someone, like my grandma come sleep with me, because I was that scared. I even held her hand to make sure she wouldn't leave me in the night! I used to go "hunting" in my house. I took my flashlight and my toy rifle. (I was a hillbilly child) I would hunt mostly in my grandma's junk room. Also known as our living room.  But this room was connected to our dining room also. I would not go into the dining room though. I always felt as though someone/thing was watching me. Like a monster. I used to lay in front of  our TV and watch the show "Cops" with my grandpa. From the corner of my left eye, I could see the dining room, and I saw two shiny, I don't know what to call them, but I thought of them as eyes. So I would scoot back so I couldn't see that room anymore.
Now to the sort-of present events. I have never told anyone about my house but my boyfriend. Even he has had some experiences at my house. Where I sit at my computer desk, to my left are the stairs to upstairs. When I am on the computer, sometimes I hear my basement door opening, a weird screeching noise, like an animal or something non-human, and then footsteps (like shoes from the 80's with high needle heels) walk past me and then up the stairs, and when they get to the stairs, a red haze travels up the stairs. My stairs are orange, but it is yellow-orange and there is nothing that could reflect on the wall to look red. Also, when that happens, I sometimes get a feeling like I shoudlnt look at what is going by me. So, I look to my right, into the huge china cabinet we have. I see a reflection of a man, at least I think it's a man,(but that would be kind of odd, because I hear highheels..) And sometimes, he stops, looks directly at me in the glass, and then his face gets all distorted and it is very scary looking. Then he walks up the stairs.
(Whoa, my story is getting long!) Now this is my boyfreind's experiences. He was upstairs, in my bathroom using the facilities and he got the feeling someone was watching him. And another time, he was in my kitchen, getting a chair, and my basement door opened.
These are just a few of my expereinces, maybe later i'll submit more! ( rocks)


My Grandma Ghost


The story I am about to tell you about is totally true. It happened  about 3 years ago (I am now 14) when I was 11.
I got home from school one day earlier than everyone else and decided to clean the house for my mother. I was in my room on one of the top bunks of one of our bunkbeds making the bed when I heard the distinct sound of slippers shuffling along carpet. Because noone was home and my house didn't usually make strange noises, I was a little spooked. I ran out into the hallway where the noise was coming from and there was nothing there. By then I was extremely scared because even though I could not see the source of the noise, I could still here it, and it sounded like it was getting closer. I then ran outside and waited there until my mom got home.
Another time my sister and I had ridden to the grocery store on our bikes and were at home unpacking everything. We were home alone. My sister was just about to put a carton of eggs into the refridgerator when we heard the same shuffling noise I had heard only a couple weeks ago, except now it sounded like it was in the kitchen and someone was walking on the tile floor in slippers. My sister and I just stood there for a few moments staring at the spot where the noise seemed to be coming from, then my sister threw an egg at  it and we bolted.
The third and last occurence happened just 3 days after the "egg incident". I woke up in the middle of  the night to use the bathroom. I didnt bother turning on the bathroom light or shutting the bathroom door because the bathroom is in my room and I didnt feel like hurting my eyes. As I was sitting on the toilet, I heard a noise coming from the bathroom window which is right next to the toilet. It was a tapping on the glass and then I heard a small child's voice crying, "Help me, help me." Of course, I was frozen on the spot. I couldnt even pee anymore. I just sat there for a minute then got up and ran out of the bathroom and hid under my covers.
I know that the last one could have been anything, my brothers playing a joke on me, or maybe just the wind and my imagination playing tricks on me. But what if it wasn't. I am convinced there is a ghost in my house and after telling my family of the happenings, we all believe it might be my grandmother's ghost.

My First Site but not my Last


In the early 1990's as my sister, brother, and myself sat on the tail gate of my grandmothers truck in our driveway at home facing some brush, my mom stood facing us. We were just talking story that s when I saw this figure which appeared to step forth from the brush behind my mom about twenty some odd feet, this figure smiled and then vanished. My mom shook my leg and asked me "what are you starring at? You kind of phased for nearly three minutes." I told my mom that great grandpa appeared over there, pointing to the area of brush. She replied that there was no one there during that time, but she noticed I teared, I said that I felt something was wrong. We all went back into the house and within five minutes our telephone rang, it was one of my grandaunts, she was all in tears and told my grandma that daddy died, my mom seen grandma's reaction and inquired, mom asked my grandaunt how long ago did he pass? About ten minutes ago, she said. My mom looked at me and said that s about the same time you phased and later said you seen grandpa.

Inlaws House is Haunted


i met my husband almost 17 years ago,we only new each other three days and he moved in with me,so we really didnt know much about each other, i grew up with strange happinings in our homes so i was kinda use to things ghostly and odd happinings, one day we went to his parents house to get some of his belongings and as we walked in the back door is the stairs to the second floor,as i stepped in i felt a presents at the top of the stairs i felt it was watching me but,i never said anything to my husband about it and just went on into the frontroom and you have to go thru the kitchen to get to the frontroom,i felt like the whole time something was watching me, still never saying a word to my husband ( back then my boyfriend) so we left and went back to my house, then one day he asked me to go meet his parents and we got there and i got this feeling from the side driveway as we were pullin in on his motorcycle looking up at a window, like something was watching me again,i just let the feeling pass but, it came right back when i stepped in the back door again,i looked up the stairs and there i felt a strong presents again but, it wasnt a scary feeling it was a more curiose feeling, so i proseeded thru the kitchen and my husband said mom, dad, i have someone i want you to meet and he introduced us then all a sudden while we were standing in the frontroom i heard footsteps coming down the stairs i thought maybe it was another family member,well, waiting for someone to turn the corner, i new i wasnt the only one that heard the footsteps, my husband turned to look and no one was there and his mom said its okay he wont hurt you and chills ran down my arms and about that time i heard the back door open and shut,i grabbed my husband and said are you ready to go,well when we got back to our home he proceeded to tell me that a old couple died in the house the old lady mrs maze died in the rocking chair and then they found the old man mr maze  later died from a heartache from missing mrs maze, as my husband grew up in this house he told me things would throw him and his brothers down the stairs when there parents werent home and would wiggle there bedroom doorknob and knock and they would see black clouds come out of the fireplace and he said one time a black cloud came out of the fireplace and threw his brother across the room and knocked him out cold his friend was standing right there and ran out of the house and never came back, wierd things happen all the time when im there, walking up and down the stairs and shutting of the back door, feelings of someone standing there,and it still happens to this day 17 years later.


He's There


My dad died on Christmas when I was 16 years old. Being only 18 now, this is
a fairly recent event for me. Out of my dad's five children I was the
closest to him and have always been "daddy's little girl." Previous to my
dad's death, I lost my aunt and my brother, which is when my strange dreams
started, nightmares about death and I would get premonitions that would come
true, strange things that I never could have known.
I couldnt be with my dad that Christmas, but just before it I was very
uneasy and crying, feeling that something was wrong. Then finding out my dad
died alone on Christmas shook me, I was truly broken down. A few days went
by with nothing but tears, I would lay in my bed at night apologizing to him
for leaving him alone on Christmas. It was truly a sad time for me.
Being a HS student, I didnt have the time to mourn very long, soon I was
back to school, and back working at my part-time job at a local card shop.
The card store had a basement and I had to do storeroom work down there. I
had been working there for a year, and had been down in the room multiple
times a day every day I worked, but that day was different. As I was
counting some stock I all of the sudden felt very warm (not cold), and then
I felt a touch on my back, firm like a hand dead in the center of my back.
While not extermely alarming, I was still frightened, so I ran upstairs and
refused to go back down for days.
However, my feeling of his presense didnt end there...a few days after I was
driving in the car (windows rolled up) with my mom and all of the sudden I
could smell stuffed bell peppers (a food I hated, but my dad loved). The
smell was so strong it made my eyes water and I started to cry, and my mom,
sitting only a few feet away couldn't smell it.
After those incidents I knew he was with me, and I feel him everyday, feel
his eyes upon me and I think about him alot. My boyfriend says I talk to him
in my sleep and no one doubts me when I tell them he is there.


Haunted Work Place


A couple of years back I worked for a nationally established autoparts store in Bakersfield CA.  I worked at this particular store for a couple of years and previously was a skeptic when it came to the paranormal.  After working there for only a month I became a true believer.  It all started when one evening I was doing the closing paperwork and one of my employees was cleaning up.  I was starltled by her loud scream and then the sound of something sliding across the floor.  I was quick to check out the situation and was told that an oil filter levitated off of a shelf and was flung down the isle.  I passed it off as a practical joke.
Later that week I was told by the store manager about a brutal murder of an assistant manager that had happened in the building about 7-8 years earlier, and that many people have had different experiences in the store.  I soon learned about different experiences from everyone else.  Although I was still skeptical I was to soon find out that there was something going on in that building.  It started with things falling off shelves,  then there was the TV.  At the store there was a TV in the managers office that all of a sudden decided to turn on and off at will.  It was kind of funny that it would turn on and off by it's self when you would walk by it or lock the store up the night before and be the first one through the door in the morning and find it on.  However it was a different story one day when I decided to eat my lunch in the office and while sitting there alone the TV decided to turn on.  The hair on my neck stood up as the volume turned up and the channels began to change.  After a few seconds I said out loud that there was nothing on TV, and the TV turned off.  I quickly left the room.
Then there was the instance where the store was empty except for another manager and I.  We were up at the front of the store conversing when from the rear of the store we heard a voice of an old lady call out his name.  We stopped talking and I asked him if he heard that.  He looked very frightened and refused to talk about it and would not speak to me the rest of the evening.
After a while of no experiences, one night after hours. I was up above the restrooms in the back room where we kept all the store fixtures.  I had a eye shot of both isles below me leading back to the front room.  That night when I was up there I saw what I thought was the other assistant manager walking down the isle and into the restroom below me.  I needed help lifting up some items so I looked over the edge and called his name, there was no response.  I noticed that the lights in both restrooms were off and realized that I could hear the noise of the calculator in the office up front.  It took a few minutes for me to come down from up there, but when I did, I did it quickly and stood next to the other manager the next hour until we left.
After that experience I always felt eyes on me and a couple times when I was in the back alone washing my hands I would see between my legs, a pair of black shoes walk closely past me.  After these experiences I became a true believer.




it all started of when i was 3 or 4 i was being naughty one night and i got sent to my room
i was in bed singing to myself and i saw a man in a long white t-shirt ,he had half of his legs,he walked slowly he looked like a normal man but just see through,my dad told me the story when i was older because i asked him if he knew i saw the ghost, he said that i was giggling and he asked me what was wrong and i said "i saw  you daddy.(giggling)and you had no legs.our house was made in the victorian times,the lights used to flicker an awful lot.not so long ago me and my sister were in bed we both dozed of,then we heard this clap then we both woke and jumped i asked my sister if she heard it,the look on her face told me yes,then in the next room(which is supposed to be the most haunted room)we heard a womanly but childish voice whispering loudly "get out","get out".we both started crying and ran down stairs to tell our mum,but she didn't believe us,we slept in our mums room that night.loads of things happened since then,my nan was in the house on her own and she heard footsteps and then the front door opend and shut,also me and my sister were in the house on our own one night while our mum popped out with our brother to the off lisence,i was just about to walk up the stairs then we heard a child "A,B,C,D,E,F,G he sang it slowly for about 5minutes then my mum came in,then it stopped.loads off other stuff happened half of them i cant talk about because they scare me to much, about 8 months ago my mum put the house on the market and family's came to look round a Jamaican woman went to the most haunted room and said "this room has bad spiritual vibes".eventually my mum sold it, on the day of moving house my mum and sister sensed someone on the stairs but whatever it was as angry as ever.

Ghost Mare


My family and I moved to this ranch with our friends. When we got here, they (as in our friends) put their three horses out to pasture by a road. About a week into the school year someone took down the fence and a mare got loose. Then later someone found her dead on the side of the road... I think. any way  sometime after that my parents saw a shadow of a horse on the barn, only problem was all the horses were in the barn or in the sheds. They said the shadow looked so real like the horse was stand next to the barn with the wind in it's mane on a calm evening. I thought this story was interesting not scary, just interesting.

 Ghost Cat


25 yrs ago I lived in an old house in Belmar, NJ.
For all the years I'd lived there-never had any ghostly encounters.
After having resided there around 5 years, I began seeing a white cat
walking through the dining room....over & over again-like an instant
I really thought I was "loosing it". No one else who was there with me
saw it.
I was in the basement one day, cleaning up old coal ashes and there he
was...a perfectly preserved white cat....exactly underneath the spot
above I'd been "halucinating" seeing him pass by repeatedly.
I showed him to my housemate-whose family had built the house in early
1800's-and he said when he was a child he had lost a white cat named
"Puff"-25 years ago- and he was sure that it was him.
The old furnace had exlpoded in the basement and he apparently was down
there and died as a result.
After having found him - I never saw him again. Very sad, but true


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