Connecticut: Bristol: Lake Compounce


I recently worked at lake compounce, I worked in House keeping. and being a wiccan. Alot of werid stuff has happen while i was working. I get the worse vibes when i walk near the boulder Dash *The wooden Coaster* And in the ball room. I was on the ball room one day cleaning. and 2 girls found a brid in the garbage can, They thought it was dead but then just chirppin. they got it out of the garbage. and it flew around, then all of a sudden hit a widow. and Died. It was the weridest thing. I quit before i could really experince anything else. But just by walkin around the park you can tell it is haunted. and can feel them.

Charlotte County, FL haunting


A group of friends and myself went to the oldest property in charlotte county to see if it was really there and if there was anything going on out of the ordinary.  The place definitely is creepy as hell and to get to it you have to take an alternate route because all the other access roads are barred.  We went around 10 at night a couple of nights ago and we numbered six in the group with three flashlights.  The path took us up to a bee hive area where there are live bees still around.  Across from the bee hives there is a beaten path that resembles something of a bmx track but the pathway is beaten down leaves surrounded on either side by thick palmetto brush.  My friend and I took the lead since everyone else was leary, so I took one flashlight and he took two b/c the area is as dark as it gets and to see clearly you need a couple of lights.  When we finally approached the shack around the bend of the path, we stopped to let the rest of the group catch up.  We were lighting up the front side of the shack up so that everything was in plain view.  I was directly shining my light into the closest open window when I noticed that everyone behind me fell silent.  The next thing I know, we hear "Who's there?"  I don't know where the voice came from but it was clam and almost whisper like.  It wasn't a yell and it didn't seem agitated.  It scared the hell out of the people behind us and they snatched my light and took off down the path.  My friend and I stood there for about 20 seconds; we still didn't hear any rustling of underbrush, the movement of a light, or another word from the voice., and debated on whether to proceed forward or to turn around.  We were about to go forward to investigate but my friend had a sudden change of heart and we turned around.  The property is still in existence, even though the locals say that the property has been torn down.  There is an alternate route through a neighboring cemetery, acting much like a back door into the property.  Supposedly, this area of the property is haunted by a shadow of the first owner, but I have never seen it though some strange things have occurred.  My friend swears that he has seen the shadow by a gate which bars the entrance into the back area of the property through the cemetery.  Whatever is there, I know for a fact that there is something there b/c we all witnessed what happened and the feeling was universal b/c we all had chest pains after the fact.  I hope that you add this piece of information to your anthology b/c the place is still there and the inhabitants are still about.




I was 3 when I lived on a house on Boist. I claimed to have a ghost friend named Bump. My mom said I even had night terrors when I slept in the attic. My Mom said that she had dreams of the house, like one dream that the wall paper was took down and the wall was painted with ribbons, well it just so happens that the next day they took down the wall papers and there the ribbons were. Mom also saw a light upstairs she thought it was My Aunt so she rang the doorbell and no one answered. Later she was about to leave and my Aunt came and the light disappeared. They went upstairs and nothing was there. One time my Aunt had a party and upstairs she heard people so she went up and nothing was there. We moved out of that house now.

Billy's Guest


Hi there. I'm Carla from Johannesburg, R.S.A. The story I would like to relate was told to me by a trusted colleague and friend, Billy.
Billy and his (ex) wife were in the process of a divorce. As a result, the house they had bought together had to be sold and the profits split between them. The area in which the house was was prone to vandalism, so Billy did not want to 'move out' right away and leave the house empty and at the mercy of vandalists. He noted a few strange things, like items that went missing turning up in obvious places, and strange knocking noises - but being 'male', he notched these up to co-incidence.
Anyway, Billy got home from work one afternoon and unlocked the front door. As he opened the door, he spied a pile of mail lying to the left of the door, on the outside stoop. He bent over and picked the mail up, turning his back on the now open door. He was glancing throught the mail when, from behind, somebody shoved him forward, nearly knocking him off his  feet. Billy, thinking it was an intruder, spun around to find an empty house and nobody there. He ran into the street and looking up and down, saw nobody. Strange. Now I feel I must insert this here: Billy has the gift of sight. He CAN see spirits and he can feel them. So him seeing nothing was rather strange. I believe spirits show themselves to the persons they WANT to see them, which makes this next bit very chilling indeed.
Later that evening, Billy woke from a deep sleep to the 'feeling'. He lay on his back and slowly looked around the room for the 'visitor' that his sixth sense unmistakenly felt. To the window, to the door, even the ceiling. Nothing. He looked and looked but he couldn't find the cause of the hair on the back of his neck to slowly raise up. Eventually, tired, he began to close his eyes - and his blood froze. As his eyes had drifted over towards his blanketed feet, he saw it, crouching at the foot of the bed, peeking at him over the bulge of his feet. It was male, had bushy red hair and a crazy wicked smile exposing unusually white teeth. As soon as it realised that he had seen it, it jumped onto the bed, and crawled slowly over him, pinning him under the duvet.
I asked Billy what the rest of it looked like, and he admitted that at this stage of the episode, he had closed his eyes and prayed. He felt it pinning him and, according to the pressure/s of its positioned weight, he KNEW that it was staring at him, inches from his face. He tried continually to jump up, but its weight was immovble. Billy says he doesnt know how long it was, it felt like hours, but eventually the weight disapeared suddenly and Billy AND his entire duvet were in the passage, then the car, then at his uncles. Surprisingly enough, no vandalism occured in the three months it took him to sell his home from his uncles place!!
I have many more personal experiences which I will relate later on. Hope you enjoyed it!

Bathroom Guest


To Shadowlands,
This happened when I was about 10 and has only happened a few more times. I went up to brush my teeth and was in the bath room when I suddenly felt very sad and cold. I finished brushing my teeth and went to bed. The next few nights were the same.The 4th night i was brushing my teeth and then I turned around and standing behind me was what i think was the form of my Nanny who had died a few years before. It happened again about once a month for 3 months and then stopped. I believe that she was trying to say a final good bye to me as we never really got to farewell each other.Nothing else has happened to me in the bath room.

Angel Cousin


I just read one of your submissions similar to an experience that me in
the US and my aunt in Lima, Peru had on the same night.  My mom's
sister, my aunt, had a daughter who married and had two kids in Peru.
I live in Virginia in the United States which is quite a long distance
away from Peru obviously.  Well the youngest of my aunt's daughters
children had contracted menigitis when she was a child and was taken to
the hospital in Lima and was diagnosed with it, but the doctor there
was not a very professional one and malpracticed.  His incompetence
sent my cousin into a coma for several years since she was about 2 yrs
old when diagnosed and eventually died at about seven after spending 5
yrs in a coma.  The night she died she appeared to my aunt in a dream
where she was in a field and running about in what seemed to be summer
and was saying "Tia mira yo estoy corriendo" which in english
says "aunt look im running" and she ran away in the field saying good
bye to her.  My aunt woke up that night and was crying uncontrolably
and ran upstairs to where my cousin slept and found her and she had
died in her sleep.  The same night I had a similar dream to where I
also saw my cousin running saying look cousin I'm free I can run I will
see you later and I only seen her once when I visited back in 1995 and
I was about 10 yrs old.  I recognized her and also woke up in tears and
I am not the type to cry either mind you, but I didn't know why I was
crying.  I didnt tell anyone about this experience so when I returned
home from school my mom told me her sister called and told her the
news.  At that time I was stunned that it was an actual occurence in my
dream and not just a dream and I started crying.  Her death was about 2
yrs ago and to this day I can still feel her presence with me watching
over me because I have been in serious accidents and was rarely hurt.
Also the doctor fled the hospital and has never been seen to this day,
but we know his day will come.

Tingle the Senses


 I am 15 years old and have had several ghost experiances, or "encounters" in the past 2 years.
But I'll share you one that will tingle the senses...
Last year, when I was only 14 years old, on the night of my birthday ( which happens to be on Halloween) , I was upstairs in my room, cleaning it. I had some really cool music blasting through my speakers, "Vampire Princess Miyu" the soundtrack.
I was listening to the main theme, which is pretty eerie, when all of a sudden I had heard a knock on my bedroom door. So I opened my door, and  no one was there.... I quickly became suspicious and left it open, and continued to clean my room. Once again, I heard a thud thud thud sound. I proceeded to the front door, downstairs. When I opened it, no one was knocking. I got confused and thought, 'Maybe mom is doing laundry..' so I ran downstairs to check the dryer.... Nothing there too. I got totally freaked out, and ran upstairs to my room to grab the phone and call my parents. When I had picked up the phone, it was allready dialing. When the other line picked up, my Dad was on it.
My other scary experiance was when I was 15, this happened about a month or so ago. I was walking downstairs late at night to get a glass of water because I wasn't feeling too great. When I walked past the mirror, I saw a white, ghostly, glowing figure pass by, just like I had done. It was using itself as my reflection. I didnt notice when I saw it, but when I got to the stiars, shivers ran down my spine, so I turned to look back into the mirror. It looked at me this time, and opened it's eyes. She was beautiful. Her hair was long and brown, and her skin was milky white. Her eyes beckoned onto me and called me to her, and I caught myself walking towards her. I stopped, and she looked like she was going to cry. I tilted my head and said that I was sorry and I had to get back to sleep, and then she disapeared. I never saw her again.....
Thanks alot for letting me share these stories with you, Dave. Feel free to use them on the site if you like =)

 White Eyes


one night while staying the night with my cousin in a old house i woke up. when i woke up it was 1 am and i saw a
ghost figure. isaw it had no eyes just white. every time i would open my eyes it would come closer. when i close my eyes it stops moving. i closed my eyes and went back to sleep once i figured it out. when i woke up i told my aunt about this and after i told her this she said her dad that was BLIND died in that house. To this day i wonder what would have happend if i kept my eyes open



My dad used to tell me stories all the time but one of my favorite ones
is when he was in work at USG. He was finishing up some of his work, and when he was ready to go on the other side were eveyone else was, he just forgot something.
He had just camt through a door with a window on it. As he turned around something caught his eye. In the window was a deformed face of a old man. My dad closed his eyes for a few seconds then looked again. It still stared at him. Then my dad closed his eyes once again and when he looked up it was gone.
He waited for ten minutes before going into that hall way. When he walk out the door he remebered when like the first year he was there one of the workers had fell off a railing falling into like a turnbine or something after that no one had ever seen the deformed face again.

True Blue Friends


In the middle of the night one of my posters mysteriously flew off of my wall and hovered for 10 seconds in the middle of my room. It shook very loudly and then flew very fast to tht other side of the room with force and speed. Then there was a mysterious figure\shape that flew out of my room. When that happened it got very cold in my room. I checked all of my windows and they were all closed so it wasn't the wind. In the morning I checked which poster had been taken off of my wall and thrust across my room. It was a poster with two dolphins leaping through the air. The poster said in a fancy font... "Let's Be True Blue Friends".

The Young Girl


This is a bit freaky but I was not scared at first when I saw this ghost
I was after I woke up so here it is I call it (Girl in the livingroom)
It was the summer of 1994 right after I had my first child
I was spending the night with my Niese Erica,Me and my Baby
Was sleeping in the livingroom of my niese's Trailor I was asleep
When my Baby Girl woke up crying and I rose up to check on her
When I looked up above my head was a young Girl kneeled down
At my head  She had long brown Hair, pail skin, it looked
Like she was dressed in a white top and blue jeans, I felt peace and when
I looked at her she turned her head and looked right at me then I layed my
Head back down and fell back to sleep and when I woke up I looked she was
Gone after I relieazed what I seen it scared me and I got my baby up and ran
To my niese's room and told her what I seen and she said a baby died in her
Trailor in the livingroom were there used to be a bedroom so I told her to take
Me home I never went back to spend the night again.
I hope you like this Ghost Story it is real I'll never forget it


The Warehouse

By: k.goodlin@worldnet.att.nett

I work in a rather old office building managing the 2nd shift housekeeping crew. The building is around 30 years old with the oldest part being a two story section called the warehouse (due to the fact it was the warehouse until it was converted into office space). I have worked in this building for three years and have not been aware of any paranormal activity until six months ago, when it was announced the old section would be rehabbed. The first incidence was when an employee came to me one evening to tell me she wanted to change the sequence of restroom cleaning. She asked if she could clean the restrooms in the warehouse at the start of the shift, 5:00 pm. When I asked her why she told me, matter of factly,” there are ghosts over there and I am afraid to be in the area after dark.”  At first I thought she was kidding, and asked her to tell me more. She then described the incidences which follow:
She was cleaning in the empty restroom when she heard someone whistle behind her.
Her tools, (spray bottles, towels etc) would disappear, only to reappear almost before her eyes.
While cleaning the sink, she felt two large hands rest upon her shoulders, then disappear.
I didn’t think much of the employees account, and it pretty much slipped my mind when I started hearing other employees mention odd occurrences:
a.. Hearing someone whistling in the restroom, only to find out no one was there.
b.. Hearing doors shut and foot steps in an empty restroom.
I still wasn’t convinced there was anything going on until I experienced it for myself. We, (myself and my assistant) were asked to remove some items from the warehouse (which by this time had pretty much been cleared out for construction, and off limits to other employees) I will describe the second floor layout of the building. You first go up a flight of stairs or use the elevator.  When you turn to your right at the top of the stairs you walk down a small hallway and there are two restrooms sideby side . When you turn to you left at the top of the stairway there is a long open bridge that you walk across to get to the main office area. The main office area  is shaped like an L If you were to stand on the open bridge area you would see the long part of the L. My supervisor and I  went to the second floor  to do light cleanup  for the construction crew. We took the huge floor scrubber to vacuum the floor.
Fran (my supervisor) started to vacuum the floor while I was on the bridge  picking up debris. As she was turning the corner she saw a large man wearing a white shirt hunkered down in the far part of the dark office area.  She abandoned the machine while it was running and came screaming and running to me about a man in the office. I started to tell her that there was no one on the floor when I saw a streaking white light go to the dead end area of the second floor and disappear. There is no way to get to the first floor from that area without going by us. I called security on my radio . When they searched the second floor they found no one.
The next incident occurred on the first  floor in the same area. We were picking up artificial plants to get the area ready for reconstruction.  I sent Fran over by herself to begin. I stayed at  my desk to finish my paperwork before I joined her. When as I was walking to the area to help her, I heard her scream and I ran over to her to see what was wrong. When I got there security was already talking to her , she had seen a man floating above her on the bridge overhead. Again security searched the entire second floor and found no one.
The latest incident occurred on the second floor . We were asked to remove all paper products from the first and second floor restrooms. Since the electricity was turned off  in the area we had to use flashlights. We had completed the first floor with no problems. We went to the second floor . We went to the closet checked for product and secured the door shut. The door must be shut all the way to get into the bathrooms. We went into the woman’s bathroom . I headed into the individual stalls to remove the toilet paper. Fran went to remove the paper towels.
When I got to the last stall , the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. My stomach knotted up. I knew I could not bring myself to open up that last stall door. I turned to Fran and said “I can not open that last door”. Immediately after I had said this, a man’s deep voice gave a horrific moan.  We ran from the bathroom only to find the closet door had opened to block our exit. I kicked the door shut and we bolted down the stairs leaving the area.
There have been stories about a man being killed in this area when it was a warehouse. This might be him. Every employee who works in this building has a story about him. Ever since the construction started he has been getting more active. I suspect that as the construction gets further ,I will have more to report.

The Too High Hitchhiker


In 1978 I was returning with my girlfriend from a concert.  No, not that kind of concert.  It was held at a Catholic Academy and featured the Eastman School of Music Trombone Choir.  We had had nothing stronger to eat or drink than a nifty Nun-made punch and some cookies at the reception that followed.  It had been an interesting (at least I'd never heard of a trombone choir before) yet uneventful evening, and we got in the car to drive home.
The roads wound through the local countryside.  Along the sides of the road, fog filled the low lying fields, but as the roadway was built up on a berm, almost like a causeway, the roads were crystal clear.  As we drove along at about 45 miles per hour, no one spoke, we were both rather tired.
As the car came out of a series of sharp turns and came to a straight stretch of road, we were able to see ahead of us to a distance of perhaps a quarter of a mile.  Down the way a bit, there was a section that had trees stretching across both sides of the road, in fact, the trees formed a sort of tunnel that lasted approximately 30 yards or so.  Coming toward us through this natural tunnel, was a man walking along the road.  There was nothing unusual about this man.  Everyone who reads this account has, at some time or other, seen what we felt that we were seeing at this point: a normal pedestrian walking along the roadway at night.  Arms swinging.  Legs moving steadily.  Indeed the only thing I thought odd about him at all was the fact that he was walking in the exact middle of our lane.  I wondered at a fellow who would be walking along a lonely stretch of country road at midnight, and especially challenging vehicles that came toward him to a game of "chicken."  He didn't seem quite as well equipped for that game as we were in our car.
I was contemplating slowing the car, moving to the other side of the road, so as to miss this, what?  Drunk?  Troublemaker?  Before I could comment, or slow the car, or move to the other lane, I suddenly forgot about drunks and troublemakers, for suddenly, our midnight stroller had abruptly started to rise into the air!  The closer our car sped, the higher he went, moving slowly and at a steady pace, until when we were roughly 20 feet away. he disappeared into the lower branches of the trees.  Seconds later we passed beneath where the mystery man had vanished, and the car was buffeted with a cold chill that brings back goose bumps even today.  Looking back in the rear view mirror, I saw nothing.  Doubting myself, I turned to my date and asked "Did you see that?"  Her reply, "Don't say anything, just get us out of here!" was all the confirmation that I needed.  We left the area at a rapid pace.
The end of this story is, like most true ghost stories, not very satisfying.  We never found out who our mystery hitchhiker was, even though we checked local records and asked many of the residents of that area.  Does he still walk the roads outside of West Louisville, Kentucky 25 years later? Who knows.  All I know for sure is, he gave me a memory that endures, and a story that I'm secure enough in to tell even to the nay sayers.  When you know your story is true, you find it really doesn't matter if your listeners believe you or not.

The Shirts and the Flooding


After reading the many experiences on your website, I feel it is my time to contribute.  I am currently a police officer in Eastern Canada.  My story takes place in a small farming community called New Brunswick.
As a child I was exploratory and when it came to ghosts, this didn't change, though a certain level of cowardice seeped in.  I was frightened of that which I didn't understand.  Honestly, I still am.  I revealed this story to only one other person.  She was my roommate at about age 22 when we had just finished watching the re-release of The Exorcist and I felt the same eerie fright I did in my bedroom in Sussex many years before.
Okay, where to start.  Around the age of 12, I would often mimick actions I witnessed on ghost programs on TV.  At night, I would light a candle, sit cross-legged on my bedroom floor and whisper into the dark.  I don't remember exactly what I would say, but it was always something to the tune of, "I want to meet you, I want to see you, please visit me".
I guess the excitement of possibilities intrigued me, but then shortly after, my room would become very cold (maybe this was my imagination) and fear would shake my voice into retracting my statements and telling "the dark" that I didn't mean what I had said and didn't wish to be bothered.  I saw no harm in doing this because I was never disturbed.  Just a little kid getting his thrills.
Talking about the bedroom floor, I guess it is significant to mention that my family's house, though only 20 years old at the time had a leaky foundation.....and we lived in a valley.  So, with heavy downpours, the carpet in the basement (where my bedroom was) would be sitting in about 1/8 inch of water.
One summer Friday night when I was 14, my parents had left for a neighbouring city to spend time with my grandmother.  I hadn't a frightful bone in my body as I stopped the childish summoning antics several months before...I guess I grew out of it.  Seems, though, it didn't grow out of me.
Around suppertime, my parents were preparing to head out and I was making a sandwich.  I heard the unmistakable sound of my dresser being opened in my bedroom downstairs.  I had these light brass handles which clink several times as they swing from the momentum of being opened.  I went downstairs and yeah, it was open, but so what?  Maybe I didn't close it and maybe I imagined the sound?
The rest of the evening was problem free.  Just a movie and popcorn and a late night.  Parading around the house upstairs like the king of the world because my parents had left me alone.  Finally when it got on to about 2am, I decided to go down to bed.  On my way downstairs, I noticed I had left the light on in my bedroom, but by the time I had reached the bottom landing, it had turned itself off.
Shoddy electrical job maybe?, but I was a little put-off by it.  I fell almost instantly asleep, but soon after woke to the grinding sounds of metal hangers swinging on the metal pole in my closet.  I rose and saw (aided only but streetlights coming in the window) my long-sleeved shirts swinging shoulder-to-shoulder.  As I stood up, it stopped and slowly they rocked back to a resting position.
Yes, the window was open, but if you saw what I saw or if you have ever spent a windless summer night in a valley, you'll understand that wind is not the answer.  I approached and touched a shirt, but it was not empty.  There wasn't an arm or a bone, but more of a very firm, yet gellatinous feel to it.
Suddenly it tightened and the arms of at least 4 of the shirt reached toward me and held both forearms.  The terror was pulsing through me, though it was not hurting me, just holding me tightly.  I could not pull away and I could not pull any of the "shirts" off of the hangers which had begun to swing again.
Then I heard a voice.  Not a scary voice, just a stern warning voice.  Very hollow and without feeling, like a monotone echo.  It seemed to be coming from my stereo on my desk, though that was not on.  In this echo fashion it repeated "stop that" several times.  What happened next, I don't know, but I passed out from the fright.
I felt terrifically refreshed the next morning waking up on the floor in front of my closet.  When I stood up, I saw all of my long-sleeved shirts (7 or 8 in total) in a pile by my bed.  I picked them up to notice that my floor was flooded again, but only beneath the shirts.  And is was not water this time.  It was black in colour and slightly thicker than water.  It smelled bile.
I cleaned up the mess, I threw out the shirts and I never mentioned it to my parents.  The mess was wet-dry vacuumed up by the time they came home Sunday morning.  I have had no further incidents, but one thing did occur to me: the spot on the floor was in a strange place away from the regular foot traffic, so it would be the last place to flood not the first.  Also, this spot was exactly where I sat when "summoning" and whispering into the dark, before revoking my invitation.
At age 28,I now sleep with the closet door shut, no exceptions.  I assume what happened to me was someone or something trying to teach me a lesson.  I continue to fear some of what I do not know, but I shall never again tempt it.
Thank you very much for letting me share my experience with you.  It feels good to get that weight off my chest.

The Old House


My name is Margarita Sanchez and I live in Odessa Texas.  I have lived in Odessa for about 23 years, but I grew up in Fort Stockton, which is a small town about 87 miles from Odessa.  Fort Stockton is a small town that used to house many soldiers from the civil war era.  There are still many historic sites that people can visit at any time.  Anyway, I want to tell you about the house that I grew up in.  It is very haunted.  Up till this day, it is still haunted.  When I was about 14 years old, my parents bought the house from the family of a man that was killed in an auto accident.  What was ironic about this, was that several months earlier, my parents witnessed the man's death.  Unbeknown to them, they purchased his home about 10 months later.  The haunting started almost as soon as we moved into the house.  At night you can hear loud footsteps and sometimes the lights will turn on and off.  I sometimes think that these spectrums are evil because I can recall one incident that happened to my husband once when we went to house sit while my parents were away on vacation.  My twin daughters were two at the time and for some reason, they would not go to sleep.  They were very fussy, which was not like them, and so what I did was go to the room that my brothers shared.  I went to bed with them so that they would go to sleep.  My husband stayed in my parents room by himself.  He told me that he was barely dozing off when he felt the mattress squeak.  He thought it was me coming back to bed after putting the girls to sleep.  He said that he turned to face me when all he saw was this black figure sitting next to him.  He started to get up, but the apparition started floating and it got on top of him.  He said that when this happened, he could not move a muscle.  He tried screaming for help, but he could not even do that! He said that it felt like it was taking his breath away.  He thought he was going to die.  When he thought he was about to pass out, I walked into the room and he says that as soon as I stood at the doorway, the apparition got off of him.  When I entered the room, he was as white as a sheet.  He told me what had happened and asked me if I had seen anything.  I told him I had not.  I had a very hard time persuading him to stay till the next day.  Many incidents have happened at my parents house to all my brothers and sisters, and to some of my own children.  It was so bad, that my kids never wanted to spend the night there.  We also found many interesting artifacts at the house that have no explanations.  For example, my mother found a hat pin hidden in the wall of her room.  Also, the dinning room has a corner that has a box that is from the ground to the ceiling that has no use what so ever.  At first we thought it might have been a chimney, but it does not go to the roof.  It is completely sealed off, even at the attic.  My parents have not knocked it down for fear of what they might find in this box.

The Mist


Hello! I have been reading your website for years and finally figured I should tell you some of my experiences.
the first one happened about a year ago. My mother and I were driving home and it just stopped raining. It must have been about 9pm. We were on our street which at that time was still forest. My mother was driving and I was gazing out of the passenger seat when I see a mist on the side of the road in front of me. When I looked at it is was about six foot tall and it was in the shape of a human but it did not have any details. Well, at first I did not think anything of it and then we drove passed it. However it clipped our car. Part of the mist went right through the car. I just sat quietly for a second and finally my Mom asked if I just saw that and I replied that I did. We were really spooked for a moment and went back to see if it was a sewer vent or anything. Nothing was there just grass. So overtime we passed that place we looked for the mist but nothing was there. Now they are building homes right on top of that, I wonder if it will show a presence later.
Also the second one happened to my great aunt when she first moved into her own place. When she would take out the dishes and put them away, she would put  cups downward and in a certain order. When came home from work that afternoon, all the cups would be placed the other way and all the drawers in the kitchen would be opened.  She would always feel someone touching her too but no one was ever their. She learned to live with her ghost, but it freaked others out everytime they saw the phenomenon.

The Long Blue Dress

Hi my name is Cassandra and I would like to tell you my true ghost story.When I was young I lived in this trailer.The ghost that was there was a young girl in her young twenties.There were stories that one night her husband or boyfriend came home drunk and beat her and their little kid to death.So we moved into the trailer.So as the months past my mom and dad starting realizing that their things were coming up missing when neither them or me or my sister had touched them.Then my mom started hearing someone laugh when she was alone in her and my dads bedroom and other parts of the trailer.Now this ghost was a perculier kin of ghost.She wasn't mean or anything.My mom said that she watched over me and my sister.She said that one night i wsa lying beside her in my crib and she turned over and she was standing over my crib.The ghost was.Mom said that she looked at the ghost and she told her to be quite.Now some people might find this to be a lie but believe me its the truth.Mom said that the ghost was wearing a long blue dress and was so beautiful.Well thank you for your time.

The Ghost Boys at Lake Valentine


I lived in a two bedroom condo for awhile, it was down a hill and stood all
on it's own, with a large spring fed pond in the back, it was all very private.
Anyways,there were only two bedrooms, so I shared a room and a queen sized bed with my little sister. I always felt weird when I was at the top of the stairs, a starnge feeling like being watched or followed and sometimes even touched.  I was open with my family about this, and they also admitted to me at different times having the same feelings. One night I woke up to a very starnge sound. It was right outside my bedroom door, also at the top of the stairs. I opened my door andfound my cat sitting on the second step going down,making that strange sound, it was in between a meowe and a baby's cry. I tried conforting him but he kept making that sound, then he looked up and stared, like he saw something, he would just stare at the air. I got freaked out and went to bed. That night I had a starnge dream that woke me up, I sat up and I could hear children laughing, it was right by my bedroom door which was shut. I looked above my bathroom door and i could see a black swirling thing flying in circles above the door. I tried to wake up my sister, but she was in a very deep sleep and she wouldn't wake up, no matter how hard i shook her. I quickly pulled a pillow over my face because the laughing had turned into screaming and it seemed loud, I wanted to block the sound out. I then had a stange feeling like it was right opon me and thats the last thing I can remember, besides waking up in the morning. I told my mom about the experience, not knowing if it had been the most realistic dream i had ever had or not! She thought it was weird and
mentioned it to her boyfriend, who owned the condos. About a month later her boyfriend came home and informed us that two little boys had drowned inthe pond behind our house a couple of years back. That was enough information for me todecide i was NOT dreaming! I have pictures of my birthday party at night and there were no lights in the background, there are two orange orbs in one and in another there is one orange orb with a trail behinde it, in the third picture you can see the rest of the trail but no orb...weird! also i told my sister last week about what happened with the cat and she said he did that to her too. he would act weird and look at thin air for no reason. we moved since then, we called the ghosts the valentine boys, because the pond is called Lake Valentine.

archbishop prendergast high school

Hi I'm Lisa and i graduated from archbishop prendergast high school this year. I would like to share a few personal experiences i've had thoughout my years there. The bell tower is actually forbidden to go to by the teachers,but the students attempt to go up there anyway. As for the leftover hallways, they have a motion detector alarm system at each entrance in which only the janitors and teachers can enter. The drama teacher stores his costumes in one of the rooms in there. there is a staircase that leads to those hallways from the drama room and one day the teacher was getting costumes from the roon when he saw a little girl. Apparently the little girl was the one who was killed because the rumor around the school was that her killer fell off of a balcony that is just outside the library and he broke his neck. As for the nun story, it is completely true. Seniors from previous years have asked the administrators if they could have what we call "the 4th floor" as a senior lounge,but they said no, so every year seniors go up there to paint their name on the wall. Last fall, it was my turn. Me and a couple of friends went up there during a practice for the school show when we heard the pipes start clanking. The clanking became louder and louder until it seemed as they were going to burst any second. Then they mysteriously came to a sudden stop. It felt as if someone was choking me, but there was noone else in the room but us three.My friend, Jen started hysterically crying suddenly and we heard footsteps. We decided to run. We ran down what students call "the condemned steps" and got out safely. We learned our lesson and will never go up there again.
I read the article about the nun, and decided to walk around the school at night to see if she was there. Every year Archbishop Prendergast has a Christmas dance and me and my friend Erik went together. As we were walking out of the dance, i looked up to the bell tower to see if she was there, but she wasnt. That March I was in Monsignor Bonner's school show (msgr bonner is prendergast's brother school and are next to each other on the same campus.) Backstage there was a good view of the bell tower. I looked up to see the nun staring back down at me. She had on all black, including the habit, and was holding a candle with both hands. She sat on the window sill looking out with a straightface. I managed to take a picture, but it diddnt come out. Apparently she doesnt like getting her picture taken!


On Watch

By: Anonymous

In May 2003 my sons Godfather, and my best friend passed away suddenly and unexpectedly from kidney failure. He was only 53 years old. Sadly, he passed away on his birthday. We learned of his death after he failed to show up for a birthday party in his honor, and one of the party guest went to his house to check on his welfare. He was found dead on the floor near his front door.My friend was an avid historian with a great passion for the Civil War
period. He had been a Civil War re-enactor since 1971. His favorite event was one that he helped found back in the 1978 at a recreated historic village.
Unfortunately, he died one month short of attending the 25th anniversary of the event.On the weekend of June 14th the unit he was a member of attended the event and planted a tree in his honor, and laid a stone bearing his name next to the tree. During the weekend it rained heavily on Saturday night and his old unit, including my son took shelter to sleep on a covered bridge that was only open to pedestrian traffic. The bridge was on a lane that led from the village into a deep woods where there were no houses, access roads or any campers.During the evening one of the fellows noticed the silhouette of a man wearing a broad brimmed hat standing at the woods end of the bridge. The unit members called out to the man to come on over and introduce himself. The shadowy figure continued to stand silent and still watching the group.After a while the guys became kind of spooked with the fellow just standing unmoving in the bridge entrance, so they arose and started walking toward the figure. Over a dozen witnesses said the saw the figure slowly glide into the shadows of the bridge where he disappeared. A quick search of the area turned up nothing...the figure had just melted into the bridge shadows. The guys jokingly said it must be our deceased pard watching out for us...this was said in jest as a form of bravado because to a man they knew that was exactly who was standing there. After the guys went to sleep several other people from other reenactment units witnessed the lone sentinel and mentioned it the next day.
We know who it was.

The Story of Our Ghosts


Hi, my names ellie and i though id share my experience with you even though its not as extreme as some of the ones I've read on your site.
our house (in Lancashire, England) has what i believe to be a number of different ghosts.
the first is a hooded figure (possibly a monk), who walks slowly down our hall from the kitchen to the front door. he is not usually seen by the people in the house, but by the animals. we have had a number of dogs and cats over the 17 years we have lived here, and all of them have reacted in some way to the ghost. they follow it intensely sometimes growling sometimes just hiding behind someone, until it disappears out the front door. although people have seen this ghost it is not as often as the animals. the hall is also generally a good few degrees cooler than the rooms connected, with no clear reason.
the second ghost is 'playful'. i think its a he, (don't know why, its just the sense i get), and he moves things only to put them back when we have given up looking for them. an example of this is some money my dad put in an envelope, and taped to the underside of a drawer. when he came to retrieve it, it was gone, and we repeatedly searched the entire house looking for it, and eventually we gave up. a year later, we were moving the unit, and we happened to find the envelope still taped in the exact same place we had left it and searched over and over again.
this sort of thing is extremely common, but this was the best example.
the same ghost 'contacted' me through one of my toys. i had a talking Erin doll (from sesame street) on top of my wardrobe, the batteries worn down only kept for memories. one night as i was about to fall asleep, the toy spoke, saying "it feels good to lay down'" this frightened the life out of me, as the doll could not have spoken with flat batteries. This happened several times that night every time I was just falling asleep, and then again for several weeks after, until as suddenly as it had started, the talking stopped.
in my bedroom I also believe the ghost of my cat still lives. He always ran across my dresser knocking bottles etc. off, and after he died, the bottles would fall off in sequence as if he were still walking along the surface. late at night he would also ask to go out, by scratching the carpet by my door, and meowing loudly. this noise was hear not only by me but by family across the hall as well, every night for about a fortnight after he died. he was my best friend for about 13 years, and i believe he is still watching over me, as i feel him when i get upset, comforting me like he used to do.
the final major ghost is a dark shape which appears outside the kitchen window. there are no trees etc. which could cast shadows, and we cannot find another source for them, but you see it out of the corner of your eye from time to time moving from left to right across the window. my mum saw this both times she was pregnant, and felt slightly threatened by it, before experiencing complications, and it usually signifies some bad event.
none of the ghost have ever directly harmed us, and we are happy for them to stay as long as this remains the case, in fact it is sort of comforting to know they are there, but people ask how we can live with all the strange things occurring in our house. it does make life difficult when mischievous spirits insist on stealing things when you need them, but we ask for them back and we usually get them, so we don't mind.
hope you like the story of our ghosts

Haunted Air Force Base

By: Karen Dawson []

In 1990 I joined the Air Force and was stationed at F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne Wyoming.  This is an old beautiful base that was once an army fort back in the indian and Army men on horses days. or the old west days.  So needless to say there are many, many ghosts roaming around.
My story goes like this, one day while relaxing in my dorm room on my bed, I heard my door open, I turned around to look because the doors could only be opened by putting in a secret code.  Noone was there so I layed my head back down.  Next thing I knew it felt like someone layed down on top of me, not very heavy or anything but I could definitely feel it.  I didn't freak out or anything, I just said " Ok whenever you feel like moving off of me feel free", the pressure was released and I heard but not saw my door open again and there was no more other presence.


Mom is with Me


Hello, I have sent in other stories to you guys before. And one was
pusblished. Well since I last wrote, my mother passed away on Sept 14, 2001. And just this year I moved into my own apartment. Since the day my sister and I and my boyfriend moved in. Weird things have happened.
1) We (My sister and I) Were up one night and we heard someone cough in the back bedroom. We got up too check it out. And found no one back there. So we went back into the living room. And just settled down on the couch. We were talking about what had happened. When all of a sudden we heard the coughing again. This time it sounded like someone was having a coughing fit.So I got up and run back into the back bedroom. Turning the light on I screamed "Come out we know you are here" but no one came out. So I yelled to my sister to call the cops. Leaving the bedroom I shut the door. About five mins later the police showed up. They searched the bedroom and walk in closet but couldn't find nothing. So they left. Well my sister and I knew what we heard so we decided we were going to sleep on the couch that night.2) A couple days later it was about 5 in the morning. And I had just woke up around 4:30 after I got my shower. I threw my clothes into the washer. Just as I was reaching for the box of tide. The whole box of tide went flying down on to the floor. Not thinking or turning around i said "Look its 5 in the morning and I got too much to do before going to work. That I just don't have time to deal with you" After saying that I realize that I was by myself. Turning around there was no one there. But a strong smell of vanilla could be smelled.
3) Just the other day my sister and I got into a major fight. Which ended up
with my sister moving out. Well her friend had traced this pic of my mom and my neice. Which my sister had hung on the wall in her bedroom. (The back bedroom) Well I was getting up to go to the bathroom. When I swear I heard my mom's voice. "She was saying how she really hated that picture." Looking into my sister's bedroom. The picture fell off the wall. I kinda shrugged it off. Until later on that night. I don't sleep much so I was up playing around on the internet. When I senced I wasn't alone in the living room. Not taking my eyes off the screen. I said "look mom I know its up. And I am not scared." I felt a hand touching my shoulder as like it was patting me. And a calm feeling came over me.
The next day my dad came over. And I asked him if anything weird had been happening at the house since we moved out. And he said no. And I was like well I know why "Mom came with me to  my house"

Little Harlequin


When I was younger I was terrorized by ghosts or spirits (which ever you'd
prefer).  What's so unique about my experiances is that I have inherited my
apparations from my father and him from his father.  (No I did not inherite
insanity!)  The first story I'm going to tell happened to my grandfather
before I was born.  The story was later related to me by my father.  My
grandparents lived in an old two story house in Western New York.  My
grandmother was in the upstairs master bedroom folding and putting laundry
away.  My grandfather was elsewhere in the house.  Other than my
grandmother's soft humming the house was quiet.  The peaceful atmosphere was
suddenly shattered by creepy crazed laughter.  My grandmother looked up and
over to my grandfather's dresser and saw a little harelquin with slanted
eyes and a wide evil toothy smile.  He was dressed in black and white and
sat perched on the corner of my grandfather's jewlery case holding his
stomach rocking forward and backward laughing hysterically.  My grandmother
fled the room in terror and went to  search for my grandfather.  She found
him teetering at the top of the narrow staircase that led to first floor.
The laughter seemed to echo through-out the house as she rushed to my
grandfather's side.  She called his name repeatedly, but my grandfather
neither answered nor moved.  He just stood at the edge of the stairs in what
seemed like a trance-like state.  Suddenly my grandfather made a lurch
forward and right before he went careening down the stairs my grandmother
grabbed him.  It took only a few seconds for the laughter to die and my
grandfather to awake after that.  My grandmother was beside herself in
fright, my grandfather on the other hand didn't remember a thing.  And the
little harelquin never returned.  That's just one of the many stories I wish
to relate.  The others will following.  If anyone wishes to contact me to
ask questions, relate their experiences, hear my spirit theories(  : or for
anything else feel free to write me at  Thanks!

Laura's Father-in-Law


This story is about a friend of mine, and I had the opportunity to experience it for myself. My friend, Laura and her husband moved into a house that was originally built and lived in by Laura's father-in-law. He passed away many years before Laura married her husband. He died in the house from a health problem (not sure) Anyway, John, (her husband) said that he thought his dad's spirit resided in the house. About a year after they lived there they had their daughter, and John started working first shift and would leave early in the morning. Laura would then start to hear noises upstairs like footsteps, furniture being moved around.(no one was upstairs) She started to become scared for her daughter. After talking to her husband about it he told her it was probably just his dad looking after the house. The next time the noises started she just yelled up the stairway, say "Dick, its me Laura and I'm here with the baby and you're scaring me please stop" Well the noises would stop.
  Now what I experienced was a noise in that house also, but I wasn't as brave as my friend cause I was just a visitor. There Is a certain bar stool in their kitchen that when Dick was alive he always sat in. Now this bar stool always made a creaking noise if someone sat in it. Now one weekend I stayed there to babysit for John's two sons. Let me tell you that I'm a believer have been most of my life! Well I was up with the two boys' watching Haunted History on the History Channel. I kinda wanted to scare the boys for a little prank so I started to tell them about the experience their step-mother had with the noises upstairs (mind you, thats where the boys sleep when they are there). So of course they didn't want to sleep up there that night and I didn't make them. Well after they had fallen asleep I was just getting ready to go to sleep myself, when all of a sudden the bar stool in the kitchen started to creak. I didn't get up to investigate either. It was hard for me to get to sleep that night and I didn't bother to let the boys know what had happened. When Laura and John got home two days later I told them what I had heard and my friend started laughing and said to her husband, "well I believe Dick introduced himself."
 Before I even knew about these noises, upon entering this house for the first time I had a funny feeling about the place, now I know why.

He ran Up and Down the Steps


one friday night when i was getting ready for bed i saw like a very very fast movement on the stairs it was like a blurry white was just me and my mom home after a long day of school i closed my eyes and turned on my walkmen to block out the sound but that didn't work i still seem to hear and see the ghost.. the next day i met up with this real snobby girl ally she asked me why do i look so tierd and scared?so i replied like any other young kid.i saw a ghost or what i thought was a ghost!quit playing around your not funny!i'm not trying to be funny ally.i swear i saw a ghost and why are you getting mad at me all of a sudden?are you sure you saw a ghost?yes!why?because my old friend lisa moved out because she told her parent she saw a ghost too. so the next day me and my mom went to the main office to see if anyone has ever died in our house?but the manager said NO but a kid that use to live there drownded in the pool

He didn't like our Renter


awhile back at my house, the television would cut off by itself.  that was no big deal.  it didn't scare anyone or anything.  we just lightheartedly said "the ghost is back".  well, a guy moved in there and he was really weird.  he claimed he was like God and stuff and said he went places with Jesus.  well, that was freaky enough, but one night, we were sitting in the living room watching t.v.  we heard footsteps running toward the hallway door, which was closed.  i have children so of course i though it was one of them.  directly after hearing the footsteps, the hallway door opened about 6 inches.  there was no one there.  i walked through the hall and all the kids were still in their beds.  so i went back into the living room.  after i walked into the living room, the hallway door slammed shut.  knowing what was going on, the guy that was staying there walked over to the door and opened it about 6 inches again.  he let it go and it slammed shut.  there was a draft that was slamming the door.  it was impossible for the door to stay open for any amount of time like it previously had.  on another occasion, my boyfriend and i were lying in the bed.  it was around 4 a.m. and we the only people awake in the house.  all the lights were off and we about to go to sleep.  all of a sudden, something hit our closed bedroom door.  it sounded like someone walked by it and hit it with their hand and let their hand slide slowly down the door.  i was so scared.  but the reason i included the freaky guy that had moved in was because the ghost never did anything scary before he moved in and after he moved out, it stopped doing that kind of stuff.  it went back to turning off the television and harmless non-scary stuff.  i think he may have brought an evil spirit with him.  thank you for reading my story.  i love your website and have found that i have visited many of these haunted places not knowing that they were haunted.  and some places i wouldn't dare go to now!


Hauntings Happen


My name is Kristy and I'm eighteen.  I have always been really sensitive to
ghosts,since I was very young. My mother is too, and so was my grandmother and greatgrandfather.  When my mom was young, her grandfather(my great grandfather) sat her down and told her "Theres somethin' different about Me, you, and yo' momma, aint' no one understands but us."  My mom told me that I got the gift from her. The first thing I can remember, that I know was a ghost, was when I lived in a pretty newly built duplex by the beach. I was walking up the stairs and I heard what sounded like my sister whisper my name in my ear. I turned around and no one was there, my sister wasn't home. That nigh i was sleeping in my bed when i woke up to the sound of something in my closet. I sat  up and looked and there was a dark figure standing in my closet, it looked like it was picking things out of my clothes. I thought it was my mom doing some laundry
or something so i asked what she was doing. No answer. I started yelling her
name, and then her boyfriends name to see what they were doing. It paid me no attention. I got mad and walked over to my light switch(still looking at the figure) and turned it on, only to reveal nothing standing in my closet. I
panicked and ran back to my bed and hid under my covers. After that things would alwas happen to me. I could hear footsteps on the carpet in my room when i was in bed, there was a lot of nocking, turning lights on, lights falling from the ceiling. One time my best friend and i were home alone, so we had all of the doors locked. I was in the bathroom and she was in my living room down the hall, i was just getting out of the bathroom when i heard a bump and then a scream I ran out to living room too see what was wrong and i see my terrified friendbacked into a corner.
"did you do that?" she yelled, I said "do what? i was in the bathroom." I
looked around and saw a book on the floor. "Someone threw that book at me!" she yelled and pointed to it. it was a black adress book and no one in my family could tell me where it came from. It had literally been thrown across the room at my thats weird....I've also had an experience where my friend had been impersenated and i had spoken to her and turned around to turn the tv on, only to find she was gone, my mom said I had been sitting on the couch the whole time, and my friend hadn't been there at all...weird!



One night my parents were asleep in their bedroom. They told me not to sleep in the  living room, but I wanted to stay up late watching t.v. Anyway, I got tired and instead of sleeping in my room I stayed up even later. There was nothing good on t.v. so I decided to hit the sack on the couch. I couldn't go to sleep so I stayed up thinking about all sorts of stuff. I turned sideways to go to sleep but when I did I saw this floating thing,  I looked closer and it looked like it was a person but with a blanket over it's self, not just any blanket a royal one with fancy designs. I thought it was my Mom and I called it and it disappeared. That night I snuck into my parents room and slept there. Never again will I sleep in the living room.

Haunted Apartment Building


I have always basically believed ghost stories I have heard.  My perception was that I would be terrified if I ever experienced anything out of the ordinary.  I am still surprised I wasn't more scared than I was when I had a ghostly encounter.
My apartment building was small (10 units) and I knew my neighbors well.  When I first moved in my neighbor, Don, asked me if I experienced anything strange in my apartment.  I told him no and he proceeded to tell me about noises he heard, objects moving in his apartment, and unexplained breezes.  I believed him so I asked the neighbor who lived on the other side of me who said he never experienced anything strange in is apartment.  Not too long after I moved in a friend of mine moved in across the hall from me.  After she had been there a few months I asked her if she had experienced anything strange and she also said she had not.  I still had not had anything weird happen to me either.
I lived in that apartment for three and a half years and am not really sure when I started to wake up a couple of times at night to see the glint off someone's glasses in the same spot night after night.  I didn't even realize what it was right away.  The sight always startled me (even though it happened every night for months), but I never felt scared.  Like I said - I didn't even realize what it was.  I honestly thought it was a shadow or the way the light reflected in the room.
In the meantime, another friend of mine moved into the building.  Her name was Bea and she moved in across the hall from Don's apartment (he didn't live there anymore at that point).  I hadn't said anything to Bea about Don's story and I didn't realize what I was experiencing at the time.  One day Bea called me and asked me to come down to her unit.  She wanted to know if I had ever experienced anything weird in my apartment.  I said no (remember I truly didn't know what I was seeing at that point), but told her Don's stories.  Bea had a windchime hanging from her bedroom ceiling.  She had been lying in her bed when she heard the chimes.  She looked at them (why would they be ringing inside?) and said she could see the chimes moving as if there were a hand displacing them and letting them fall, but she couldn't see the hand.  A few weeks passed without incidence for Bea.  I was still waking up to see the strange shadowy glint every night).
Then Bea called and told me she had seen a man in her room looking at her while she slept.  She said all should really see was the glint off of his glasses.  That was when it hit me what I had been seeing every night in my room for months.  Glasses.  She could tell by the look on my face I had seen it too.  She also reported she was not really scared by the presence but that was strange.  I couldn't believe I had not picked up on it sooner, but that was exactly what I had been seeing.  Bea eventually moved out and for me life went on with the same thing every night -- glasses.
Nothing changed until one night not long before I was moving out (I had bought a house).  I was asleep in my bedroom and I heard the bedroom door close hard.  Of course it scared me so I got up - nothing was out of place and the door was open, as usual.  I attributed the noise to a neighbor slamming a door (the walls were very thin).  A little while later, I heard footsteps in my apartment.  It woke me up again and again I was startled.  I didn't get up to look this time - thinking it must be in the hallway outside my apartment.  I went back to sleep and woke up later to the glasses, as usual.  I fell back asleep as usual and didn't wake up again until I heard a voice calling out my name softly...then more and more loudly until it yelled my name and I woke up.  I was awake for a few seconds and my alarm went off.
While showering I realized someone was trying to contact me the night before and I pretty much ignored the signs.  I wasn't really scared until I realized everything that had happened.  I was nervous the next couple of nights but never had any other experiences beyond the glasses, which continued every night

Grier Hall Haunting Experience


Hi, my name is Andrea.  I'm 19 and I attend Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL.  I have always believed in ghosts, but I had never had any first hand experiences with them...until this past year.  I lived in room 106 in Grier Hall, and I had more encounters with ghosts than anyone I know.
It started one night when I woke up around 3 in the morning for no apparent reason.  I slept on a loft, so I was very close to the ceiling.  I looked at the ceiling, and I very clearly and definitely saw the sihouette of a woman's head and shoulders.  The way the shadow looked seemed like it could only have been caused by someone holding a flashlight straight up to the ceiling.  There was nothing on my bed that could have caused the shadow.  This experience seemed to kick off a whole slew of things that I could not explain.
I had heard the stories about Grier.  Next door to my room was an old abandoned elevator shaft.  Although the elevator is no longer in use, the door and the up/down buttons remain.  According to legend, a girl died in the elevator shaft, either by falling or by hanging herself.  It is said that she still haunts it, and I can guarantee you that she does.
After the experience with the shadow, I dealt with almost daily occurences.  I would often hear heavy breathing and someone whispering my name late at night.  At first I thought it was my roommate, but when I would go near her when she was sleeping, I realized that the noises were coming from behind my loft.  I would have something come up to my fish bowl, which was right next to my computer, and they would cause the glass to go "ping" like something had hit it, yet no matter what I did, I could not replicate the sound.  I heard the sound of a balloon popping, but when I turned and looked at the balloon we had in our room, it was still intact.  My alarm clock would often come unplugged, usually on days when I had an important test in my first class.  Other times, the radio would turn on, but only to static.  I would have a CD on to a specific song on repeat, but if I would leave the room to go to the bathroom or something, I would come back and a different song would be playing.  My computer, which was a brand new laptop, worked just fine at my house, but would malfunction at school.  Often times it would not turn on, but if I asked the spirit to stop messing around with me, and if I told her that I would be glad to listen to her and help her, but she would have to go about it a different way, my computer would turn on, usually by itself.  One night a friend of mine and I were sitting in my room, and we heard scratching noises all around the perimeter of the room.  She went out to the door of the elevator, and knocked three times.  About five minutes later, we heard someone knocking on the wall.  But it wasn't an echo, because it was a different wall from the one that the elevator was on.  We would feel cold spots on the walls.  These occurences never happened when my roommate was around, and usually occured when I was alone.  That is, until we got the pictures.
My roommate had bought a brand new role of film, and taken it home with her to take pictures with her friends over fall break.  When we got back to school, she took the pictures to be developed.  When she got them back, they were pictures of her at the pumpkin farm...when she was twelve.  There were also pictures of her from when she was six, sitting with her grandparents, both of whom are dead.  Also, there was one picture of her and I standing together, and superimposed on top of that was a picture of two little girls singing in a choir.  One of the girls resembled my roommate (dark hair and eyes) and the other one resembled me (blonde hair and blue eyes).  The one who resembled me is staring straight at the camera, and the look in her eyes gives everyone who sees it chills.  We had these pictures looked at, and it was decided that these were not double-exposures.  We have no idea who these girls are in these pictures, nor what happened to the pictures my roommate took, but I will never forget the look on her face when she turned and said to me, "Andrea, I think we're haunted".
Most of the occurences happened throughout the year, but they seemed to peak in the winter months.  That's when I think the girl must have died.  As I told more and more people about the hauntings, and more and more people began to believe me, the hauntings tapered off.  I think she just wanted people to know she was here.  My friends down the hall told me one day that they, too, saw the silhouette on the ceiling, and they also heard the whispered voices.
The spirit was never malicious...however, I would wake up every morning for a month with a new bruise on my body.  The bruises never hurt and usually faded within a few days, but they always occured on my legs.  I jokingly accused my roommate of beating me in my sleep, but I always wondered...was the ghost causing this?  I highly doubted that the ghost who had been causing the other things would do this, and that always made me think-maybe there is more than one spirit in Grier Hall...One thing is for certain-I'll be living in Grier again next year, but I will never live in 106 again.

Grannys Voice


I thought that i tell your readers about a spooky thing that happened to me a few years ago. i suffer really badly with asthma and on this occasion i was up all night with a really bad chest infection. now before i tell you what happened i must tell you that my grandmother died the year before this supernatural occurence happened. like i said before i was up all night with my asthma nobody else was up except me. i was lying in bed feeling really sorry for myself and i was crying and moaning for my granny when all of a sudden i heard somebody shouting " oh shut up stacie!.". I got a really big fright and i stopped crying. the voice sounded really like my granny's voice so i thought to myself "maybe it was my mum telling me to shut up and go to sleep" so i lay down and fell asleep.
the next morning when i got up, i asked my mother if she had maybe heard me crying through the night and if she told me to go to sleep. She told me that no she hadn't heard me crying through the night and that she had been dead to the world. So that set me thinking, maybe it was my grandmother after all telling me to shut up because she probably could'nt get any peace to think to herself up in heaven!
So what do you think, could it have been my granny? I will leave it up to you to decide.

Weird Experiences


I live in an average house.  No one has died in it, or so I think.... but my friend and I have had some really weird experiences in it.  Some people might say it was just two 14 year old girls imaginations.... but some of the things that have happened, could not have been done by our imaginations.
One of the things that had happened to us.... happened about a year ago.... 2001, we were sitting on my couch watching tv, it was the afternoon, (and she always comes over after school) when one of us looked up towards the ceiling.  Behind the couch, there was a trunk, and on it, was a big round flashlight.  Some how, the flashlight had turned on by itself.  We had just figured that the other had done it... so we turned it off, and sat watching eachothers ever move for the next 5 minutes or so.  We sat there, hands displayed to one another, when we looked up, and saw that it had turned on again, only this time, it was dimming and brightening slowly, and moving across the ceiling, although the flashlight stayed where it was.
Another time, when we were sitting on a couch, (there is a loft above the couch, which is the computer room in which I am typing now) and my friend looked up and saw something peering over the edge.  ( I saw the shadow)
A different time I was getting ready to sleep at her house and she was with me and the phone rang, when we answered it was the dial tone, this happened several more times until we decided to leave but then I realized I forgot my bag so we quickly went inside and the phone rang once more, so I screamed and ran outside.  My friend followed (it seemed normal enough, for I thought she was screaming over the same thing) and when we got outside, she looked at me, with wide, panicked eyes, and said, "did you hear that coming down the stairs?", turns out, she hadn't heard the phone ring that last time.
The last story, I am going to tell, is when we walked to the graveyard. (we wanted to read the tombstones,and thought it would be fun) when we went in, the gates were all open.  We slowly made our way around, and when we went to leave, the gates had all been closed.  The graveyard was small, we would have seen anyone who walked by..... then we walked home, joking about ghosts following us home, after reading a tombstone of a 17 year old boy that said "abide with me".  She was sleeping over, and later that night, we were lying on the floor on foamies ( my mother gets off work at 11pm) and the door was closed.  Twice, we saw something pass by the door through crack on the side, and the bottom.  I'm an only child, and have no pets.  I live only with my mother.  (There is no possible way for any of these stories, that they could have been jokes.)  In the morning, we awoke to find handprints, higher than either of us can reach (we're both VERY short) on the closet door. The hands were big, and that of a 17 year olds.
Those are a few of the strange things that have happened to us.  To this day, my friend and I are still having weird experiences in this house.

Ghost or Shorted Wire


A couple years ago I was house-sitting for my former high school history teacher, Mrs. Smith. She has told me about ghosts she and her sons have seen. I'm not sure if my experience was a ghost or just shorted wiring in a radio. But I'll just share the whole story about the house.
I live in a small town in southwest Illinois and Mrs. Smith's house is on Main Street. I don't know the full history of the house or property except for what my teacher has told me.
Her family's first experience with the ghosts in her house was when she was home alone with one of her sons. He was sick and sleeping on the couch. She was folding laundry and watching television. She glanced over at her son and saw a little girl wearing a nightgown just standing by the sofa. After a few moments the girl disappeared.
The second ghost she saw was a soldier. I don't recall exactly which war she said he appeared to be from, but I believe it was the Civil War.
The third ghost was seen by her youngest son. He got up in the middle of the night. His bedroom was at one end of the upstairs hallway and the bathroom was at the other. He got up and went to the bathroom. When he was finished, he switched off the bathroom light and looked down the hallway. Right next to his bedroom door he saw an old farmer in overalls standing there. He quickly turned the bathroom light back on and the farmer was gone.
Now for my experience there. As I said I was house sitting while she and her husband were out of town. The first night there I was sitting on the living room sofa watching television. One of their dogs was upstairs and the other was downstairs, lying in the dining room. Suddenly the dog in the dining room stood up and started barking at the ceiling. The other dog also started barking upstairs. I didn't go upstairs to investigate, but I have heard that animals can sense spirits.
After my first night there I was too freaked out from the dogs' barking and the stories I had heard to stay another night. In the morning I fed the dogs, walked them and put them back inside before I left. Mrs. Smith had told me to leave the kitchen radio on when I left the house because it kept the dogs company and also gave the impression that somebody was home. I left the radio on and then went to my own house.
When I came back at lunch I entered through the back door, which opened directly into the kitchen. I filled the dogs' water and food bowls, and then I realized that the radio was off. Mrs. Smith and her husband were too far away to have come back and then left, and I was the only other person with a key to the house. I quickly took care of the dogs and left again, not turning the radio back on.
When I came back that evening to check on the dogs I entered through the back door again and was even more freaked out to find that the radio was now on. I quickly fed the dogs and let them out to do their business before leaving the house for the last time that night. I knew I couldn't sleep there another night.
I know that the radio could've been just a shorted wire. I didn't mention it to Mrs. Smith so the radio hasn't been checked out, but I still can't help thinking that it may have been one of the ghosts that has already been seen in the house.

Ghosts in the Basement


     We have lived in our home for all my life and I'm 12. 6 years ago my
brother died while playing with a gun in the basement, wich accidentally
discharged. About one year later I heard someone call my name from down in the basement, at first I was afraid to go down there, the 2nd time I heard
my name it sounded farmiliar and I decided to go down. To my surprise as I
touched the cement floor to the basement I saw a bright flash of light then
I saw what seemed to be a shadow slip into another room. I screamed and ran up the stairs, to find my father coming in the front door. I told the story
to my father, and at first he did not believe me.Later that night, my father
heard the voice also. As my dad went to check it out I hid under the covers
surprised by my stupidity. The house grew very quite besides my sobbing. I
saw a shadow move accross my room while I was trebeling under the covers. I yelled for my dad, there was no answer it was an aquered slience it was way too quite. I waited for the daylight to come out of my bed. I never heard from my dad again. Some people took me to an orphanage and I was just adopted and decided to share my story.

Evil Presence


I have been a fan of your site for a while now and toyed with the idea of sharing my story, so here goes. My roommate and I have always known we had a "friendly spirit" in our home. This spirit often showed himself to children as most of our friends have a few, they would ask us "Who is he?" and point toward the wall, but of course nothing was there. Our spirit would often turn off the water faucet as I was shaving, he would also turn on the various noise making toys we had around. My girlfriend has often claimed to feel something stroking her face and sometimes even tickling her. Once while in the shower I had the water on full blast but it would not reach me, like something was between me and the shower head, Usually I could just (in a commanding voice) say "KNOCK IT OFF") and it would stop.Now I realize these are harmless events, that would soon change though.
 One night after I came home from work I was really tired and decided to go to bed early. My roommate  and his girlfriend were up watching a movie. I dozed off in no time. I have no idea of how long I was asleep but I do know I woke up with the feeling something was terribly wrong. I could sense a presence standing over me and in the back of my mind I knew  if I turned over I would see something that would most likely scare me to death. I am not one to be afraid of these things but terror had far overridden any sense of logic I had. I tried to turn over and face whatever was now in my room with me but I could not move. I could still hear the television from the living room and I could still make out the words I heard and everything, I could move a little now so I tried to make noise so my roommate might hear and come to my aid. No use. I could move only enough to barely touch the headboard and that was it!!!! Now I was really beginning to freak, so I began to pray to Jesus, and in no time I found myself sitting strait up in my bed, NO MORE EVIL PRESENCE!!!!
 This was a one time only event. I have no fear of the house or whatever it was in my room. I know this was not our Friendly spirit. I always knew when it was around and this thing gave off a whole different aura. Since this incident our in home spirit has not been seen or heard or anything. I feel like whatever it was in my room ran our friendly ghost away. Thank you for your work and the wonderful job you have done on this site.

Dead Man in the Tub


My name is Christina I'm from Alexandria Kentucky I am 17 years old, I moved here in a house five years ago and still live here.  The house is two story with a huge basement and attic. After the first two years things started happening  I was 14 at the time.  My 1st incident happened when I was home alone watching T.V on the couch when I saw something flash through the hallway from the bathroom to my parents bedroom.  This happened a few more times, but only when I'm alone in the house. My room is up in the attic, my parents remodled it and its huge so I took it, some nights when I'm in bed (and my bed is all the way at the end of the room and the other end is the stairway to downstairs) either writing or reading I feel something is watching me from the other end of the room and all I have on is my bed light to see and I just look up and try to see past the darkness waiting for something to come running towards me but never does.  Untill one night I was in my bed ready to go to sleep, I turned off my light, I can't recollect how long I was asleep but I felt something tickle my nose , it felt like something covering my face, it tingled like if something soft was being swayed back and forth over my face , when I actually caught on to what was happening or how it was happening I sit up real fast and I felt somthing get off the bed.  I just jumped under the covers and layed there till I fell back asleep.  Some times I'd be sitting on the couch and the door to the 2nd floor would creeeeeeek open slowly then stop halfway.  Or sometimes I'd be on the couch and the kitchen light would come on , or even in the bathroom , we have to change bulbs all the time because their always blowing.  When I go into the downstairs bathroom the faucet would be turned on and I'd go storming through the house yelling at whoever kept in on and sometimes noone was even home. The two I'm going to tell you now are the most scariest experiences of all
 # 1 was when I was in bed asleep  and my dog who sleeps in my bed everynight started barking real loud and it woke me up and I yelled at her to shut up and when I grabbed her back I felt her hairs sticking up so I looked up at her she was staring at the corner of my room and she jumped off my bed and went downstairs as always I threw the covers up over my head. #2 , on the second floor is my two sisters bedrooms and a walk in closet connecting them , meaning they shared same closet.  I was helping my younger sister (10years old) remodel her room. I was in the room with her only when the door shut, and when it did I never payed attention to it I figured it was my other sister (14yrs. old) who done it, she's always closing doors in the house because we always keep air-conditioner on.  Anyways after finishing her room we both went to go out and the door was locked from the outside , I started yelling at my 14 yr. old sister who I thought had done it, but she didn't come to the door so I opened the walk in closet  to go to the other door to come out to the other room and when I got to the other room I went to go out of it and it was also locked , i didn't want to scare my little sister so I kept jamming and hitting the door to get it opened finally I started screaming , like two hours had past and I along with my sister was crying , we were stuck in there for good , I heard mom pull up in the driveway and then my 14yr. old sister came to the door and opened it she was like whats wrong with you and i was like why did you lock the doors for , she was like I never locked any doors I left with mom to go grocery shopping 3 hours ago, and I could tell she was telling the truth, and I scared her even, cause now she sleeps on the couch... NOW I dont see or hear anything, maybe once in awhile I'll be sitting here on the comp. and I'll here clicking sound in the kitchen like if a light switch is being turned on but its not... after seeing this website it kinda freaked me out the same things that other people has been through has happened to me so I asked my dad if anyone has died here in this house and  he told me 8 years a go a guy named Jim Patton died in our downstairs bathtub, he had a heart attack.  My dad told me that from what he heard that the guy was very grouchy, mean man. I'm glad nothing evil has happened yet (knock on wood) but I told him I didn't believe him and he told me ask my aunt Ellie who lived here before us because she bought the house after he died, and then I knew he wasn't lieing.

California Speciality Hospital


I am 15 years old and have gone through some pretty tuff times lately that landed me in a mental health facility in Vallejo for help with severe depression.  One night I had gotten a call from my mother telling me that I was not going to be coming home when I thought and a few other things that were very upsetting to me.  I was laying on my side in bed that night about 9:30 pm crying when I felt somebody gently patting me on the shoulder as if to comfort me.  On the third pat I whipped my hand around and felt almost like this dense air go through my fingers pulling away.  When I got up to turn on the lights there was nobody in the room that I could see.  Later the next day I found out that the mental health hospital that I was in used to be a real hospital and the morgue was just down the hall from my room.  The name of the hospital I was in was California Specialty Hospital.


.. the devil?

When my mom was 15, she was confronted by a clan of girls who wanted her to practice witch craft with them. They told her to read their book at night and try out some spells. So, she took the book home and practiced at night. She read about a spell that enabled you to summon the devil. After playing around with that she went to sleep figuring that it was a bunch of bull. Minutes later, she was awakened by a man in a derby hat with a walking stick at hand. He remained at her bedside until the wee hours of the morning staring at her...without blinking once. She finally slid to the other side of the bed and ran upstairs screaming. She refused to go back downstairs. Later on, she was rummaging  through some photos when she came across a picture of a man standing in the land plot where her home stood. It was the same man from the incident, in the same outfit....and she had never seen that picture before.

The Queen


Hello. I've been reading the stories here, and I feel I'm ready to share my own. I used to live in a small village in upstate New York about 2 years ago. I lived in a small Victorian style house, that was 4 stories high if you include the attic and basement. Well, to get this, I'll have to tell you a brief history about the house. A long while ago, a doctor lived there. The basement was a morge (where they keep dead bodies), so there was an inground well in it. It was always very cold down there, as I had to be back when it was used as a morge. Now, the doctor was always a happy guy to my knowledge. He wasn't a bad guy. At some point in his life, his wife had passed away because of a sickness (ironic, isn't it?), so he remmaried one of his younger nurses. He remodled the house to her liking, making it a surprise for her. After their marriage, they spent the night there. The next day, the girl wouldn't go in the house again. She stayed in a barn/house in the backyard, but never went into the house (known as The Queen) again.
 At times when your home alone, and on the second floor in our rooms reading, as my entire family so often was, you would hear a happy sort of whistling coming from the living room floor. Of course, no fear was ever installed in us, so we just went downstairs to check it out. Always, we'd then hear it in the basment. The basement never gave me the wiggins, except on one ocassion, which I will relate to you shortly.  Anyways, then we would hear it on the first floor again, and we'd go to find it had moved to the third floor. We'd then go to check it out, but then we'd hear it in the attic, and that's where the search would end, because the attic always had an odd feeling about it.
 The one time I was afraid of the basement was when I was 10 (I'm about 15 now). In April, when the snows had melted, the town would always flood. They pumped water down the hill, where our house was, and of course, our basement and backyard flooded. One time when I had let Tat (our cat) out of the basement si when I found the basement flooded. Our poor cat came running out, trailing a little bit of water. Our basement never flooded badly, but it would always reach out shins. We'd never be able to swim in it though, it never got that deep. Now, I had heard an odd splashing down there, but I figured that it was just the water lapping up at the stone walls. I took a closer look, and saw ripples traveling through the water, and the steady splash of someone walking through water. I knew no one else was awake, because we were supposed to wake up everyone in the house when we found the basement flooded. I thought it was the doctor, but this spirit had a more unsettled feel about it, and the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. I stood frozen for a moment as the someone got closer to the steps, and more likely to come into view. I got the sense that I didn't want to see this someone, and I closed the door quickly. I went upstairs, calm as ever, to tell them that the basement flooded, but I didn't go down there alone all day. After that, I never felt that presence again.
 Now, when we had just moved to New York, our family was touring the house. We stepped out into the backyard, and I was marveling at how big it was. (about the size of a small field; now don't get me wrong, we weren't rich, and never have been, but this house came at a very good price) I looked bck at the back porch. It was like another room, covered with a roof, and a door leading to the inside, and another door leading to the outside. The porch was small, and packed with boxes which needed to be moved. I stood and looked at it for a few minutes thinking I had seen something. I thought it was a pull off of the Mona Lisa, for thats what it looked like. But then I saw it move. It walked over to one end of the porch, then to the other where the door leading inside was. I watched it pass through the door, and I turned back. not saying anything.
 On other times throughout the 5 years I lived there, when I was washing dishes in the evening I  would look out the window to the backyard. At times I would think I saw someone there. Like an old hunch-backed lady walking down the back driveway. She always had a dog with her, and she would always sit in the middle of the driveway at the end where the grass began. I was never afraid of her; more or less, I felt sorry for her. She seemed a nice old woman, and she seemed to be waiting for something that never came. Sometimes I would consider going out there to comfort her, but each time I considered this, my father would call me to him to have me do him a favour. I never got the chance.
 Now I live in Texas, in an apartment. I'll give you the layout to have to understand one part of my story. As you walk in, there is a hallway leading right, and an opening in a 2 foot long hallway that leads to the living room. Down the hallway is my room, the first one, and on the other wall is my Moms. The hallway turn when it reaches my room, and goes down to reach my sisters room and our roommates. On the corner at the end of the hallway, I always feel like someone is getting ready to charge at me when I go to my room. I feel a little frightened of the spirit down there. And at times I see small black shapes about the size of a cockroach go acrosss my vision. Well, yeah thats a lot to read. Sorry about that, but I felt ready to spill it all. There aren't really any ultr mega things that have happened yet, but I'm waiting.

The Laundry Room


Me,my two sisters and my mom and dad moved into a house out in Lake County,Florida. Me and my sisters were only babies and weird things had been happeneing around the house but we didn't know it was haunted until the man's son who lived there before us told my mom and by then we had already lived there a few years.Nothing to bad had happened yet just a few minor things. The man told my mom that his father had a hospital bed set up in the living room and that he had died there. His wife had lived in the house next door and he was building another room off of the house for his wife when he died,and he never had completed it so we just used it as a laundry room. So one night my mom had to do laundry and it was pretty late and there weren't any lights down there. So she had to take a candle because she couldn't find a flash light and she walked down the steps into the room and did the laundry then when she was about to go back up the steps she heard something. She told me it sounded like shuffling shoes on cement or something similar to it. Our dogs were in the house and no one was out there. She was going up the steps and the sounds continued but she didn't want to run because her light would go out and she would be stuck in the dark.Many things similar to this has happened before and I know this sounds like a very minor problem and that it could've been anything. But ghosts aren't a joke and some say that they don't exist however I now have a much different opinion on that subject.


Small Ghost


Now I was never a believer much of ghosts. My sister always used to say at
my moms house that things would shake her, or she would see lites. I never
belived it, until I slept in her room one day. It was still light outside,
and I was just starting to take a nap in her room, when all of the sudden it
felt like something got a hold of my by the neck, and I had the sensation
like my "spirit" was being lifted against the wall of her room. I just kept
praying, and it felt like I was dropped back into my body.
Another time, I was in the same house, my moms. I had a room downstairs, and
I always had a feeling of a presence. But never saw it. My whole family is
really in tune with these kind of things. So I woke up about 2:30 am one
night, and looked at my clock and said to myself, "Damn, I have to get up
early for work, I better go back to sleep." I always keep my TV on before I
go to sleep. But then I looked at the edge of my bed, and I saw what looked
to be a small dog like shape just crouching at the foot of my bed on the
floor. It was all black. Then all of the sudden, it turned into this white
mist, and came really fast and hit my in the chest to were I went "omph"
Then whatever it was started shaking me, and I could not stop it. I kept
praying, then it finally went away. It really freaked me out, and I turned
on my light and started to read my bible that was next to me.
Im 24 now, living in my own place. But even now, sometimes at night, it
feels like something is trying to get into me, and sometimes it does, and I
cant move, and it feels like it is trying to turn me or shake me. Sometimes
is does, and when that happens, I cant move or talk. This happens quit
often, and I always know when its gonna happen. I just feel it in the room.
Thanks for listning to my story everyone. If anyone has experiences like
this, please e-mail me. I dont know what they are, but Im interested to see
if others have had the same experiences.


Small but Frightening


I'd like to tell you about my "paranormal" experiences. Some happened years ago and I cannot remember the small things that made them all the more frightening for me. They may not seem so scary written out, but humor me.
The second paranormal occurance that I can remember happened here in the house I live in now - my parents' home- the majority of the activity seems to stem from the room I am in now. My mother's office. This room is constantly cold. When I was around 11 or 12 years of age it began as a knocking. Three raps at a time in succession. From within the walls, at the front door, and on the ceiling of this room. Four people, including myself heard these knockings. My ex-boyfriend who had never had any kind of paranormal experience and was without previous knowledge heard them. Whatever it was also used to chase me from this room. I can only describe it as the feeling you get when you know that someone is running behind you. It followed me to the middle of the staircase and then stopped. I would look back down and know that it was staring at me from the foot of the stairs. It used to call my name. Also three times in succession. I also heard footsteps walking from the hallway upstairs, down the stairs, and never reaching the bottom. I would call my mother to see if it was her, but she had to come out of her bedroom to see what I wanted. It wasn't her. During this time I also used to experience sleep paralysis. Something that I have not experienced since this ended. Truly the culimnation of the experience came one week when I was in my Junior year of high school. I believe that it was spring break. I was alone in the house and a feeling of absolute terror overcame me. I flung open all the doors and windows, ready to run if I had to. One day during that week I sat and watched television when the closed captioning came on. The only thing it said was something to the effect of "Who's scared now?" It was taunting me. I don't remember exactly how or when it stopped.
After this I moved into an apartment with the afore mentioned ex-boyfriend. Something was also in that apartment. It used to watch me from the kitchen. My roomates used to hear someone unlock the door at night, slam it shut and go to the kitchen opening droors and rattling the silver wear. My cousin (who was one of our roomies- before he moved in we lived with two friends of my ex) used to get up at his girlfriend's request only to find that no one was there. After all of this had been going on for a while I attempted to pray over the apartment. I got my holy oil and went from room to room. When I got to the room that my ex's friends had been living in I got the the most frightened I think I have *ever* been in my life. I actually felt as though something was going to jump up behind me and kill me. I'm embarrassed to say I finished a rushed prayer and ran into my bedroom. About six months into our lease I actually saw whatever it was that was in the apt. I was standing in the hall doing laundry (we had a w/d inside) when I turned to get some clothes from the hamper and looking down to the side I saw what I believe to be a tall male wearing jeans and white tennis shoes going towards the kitchen. It brushed past me...actually touched me! Immediately I thought it was my boyfriend. Stopping I walked into the bedroom to find him laying on the bed. "Was that you?" I asked. Obviously it wasn't. When we moved out we took pictures of every room, the fixtures and such - just in case - and in the photos of the kitchen and the front room were large opaque orbs.
The final and most recent thing was more interesting than scary. I have a cat. She is less than a year old. I had recently bought a second hand dress. I love thrift shops. Some time after I bought it my cat started growling at something I couldn't see. And mind you, this is strange because she never growls...she doesn't even meow unless she's really angry. At any rate she would growl and follow whatever it was with her eyes back and forth in front of my closet. The second time she growled she actually got *scared.* It was at night and she and I were looking out my bedroom window. She suddenly let out this loud growl and jumped from my arms onto the bed looking from the window to the closet. The day after, I was sitting down and thinking "Lord, please tell me what Kaze is growling at." Immediately the image of the dress popped into my head. I knew then that I had to get rid of the offending article. After telling my cousin about the dress she wanted to see it. After a night of having it in her house without incident she decided it was all right and was going to put a lining in it for me. Setting it out in the living room she went about more important business. Sitting at her kitchen table she suddenly heard loud whistling (like the sound of a recorder). Trying to ascertain where the sound was coming from she looked around the room, got up and looked outside and then came to the only possible conclusion. The dress was making the noise. The dress was whistling. We promptly threw the dress into the dumpster.
Whew! Sorry that was so long. But I like to be thorough. I guarantee that these stories are true. Many more things happened to me in my child hood, but I cannot remember enough to warrant telling them. Thank you for your time and God bless.

Saturday Nights


  ok... it happened about a month or so ago on a saterday night. I dont know what time it was since the clock is on the windowsill and im on the top bunk. i woke up for some reason and was trying to go back to sleep when i heard someone walk into the room. i know i didnt dream this because i could feel the sheets of the bed, my skin prinkling and i could see the ceiling. the footsteps sounded heavy, almost like those sandles with the wooden bottoms that make that really loud clunk noise. anyway so i sit up look around and say "hello?" acouple of times. and i know it wasnt my sister because she was at a friends so i was in the room alone. so i dive under the covers and eventually fall asleep. then later i wake up again for no reason at all and its a little lighter so i know its early morning and i can hear something being moved around. i dont know what it was but i could hear it bumping into things and i could hear papers being pushed around too. i know noone was in the room because there was no fottsteps but the noises were coming from one part of the room to another. so i huddled deeper under the covers and go back to sleep. in the morning before church i tell my mom (after promising myself i wouldnt, knowing that they wouldnt believe me) about the night before. and it turns out that in the middle of the night she too woke up and saw a man in white at the foot of her bed and when she looked again he was gone.  my two sisters join the conversation and we talk and they all agree that strange things happened that night. so its the nextweekend on a saterday night. i go through the night without anything happening but in the morning my younger sis and her friend claim that in the back room where they had slept, that something had been banging on the windows and roof through the entire night. i believed them remembering my own strange expeirences back there, which inclueds a voice telling me to get out and a body jumping by the window onto the back padio, causing the whole room to shake and then dissapearing a second later. but nothing wierd has happened lately besides the sounds of something being moved upstairs when ever im alone.

New River Apartments


Hello, I should start off by saying that Im not sure if my story is an actual ghost encounter but, I thought it wouldnt hurt to tell about it.  I was 21 years old and living in Jacksonville NC (where camp lejune and New River Air Station are located).  I had just moved in with a friend into the old base housing which is now New River Apartments. Im not sure how old they are but I think I remember being told that they were built back around the 40s. Dont quote me because I could be totally incorrect. Anyways,  its not in the best part of town but, I was young, broke, and in need of a place to stay so I moved in. The most memerable experience happened the first night I was there. I had finally got all of my things moved in and had decided to go to bed. I was laying on my side almost asleep when I felt who I thought was my roomate standing behind me. I tried to turn around to see what he wanted when I realized I couldnt move. I kept trying to turn over but, the only way to explain it was that I felt like there were two hands on my side holding me so that I couldnt turn.  At this point I started to freak out...I didnt know what was going on. Thats when all of a sudden my radio that was not plugged in yet, started blarring out static (like when its between two stations). Its like the noise engulfed the room. This whole time the only thing I was trying to do was turn over because, I was confused and didnt know what the heck was going on. I was never one to believe in ghost so I kept telling myself it was my roommate...try to rationalize it.  Finally I screamed out my roomates name and at that moment everything stoped. The noise stopped and the hands left my side was so abrupt that I fell off the bed hense my trying to turn over so hard.  I know I was awake because while this was happening I looked at my alarm clock and when I got up off the floor it was only 5 min between the two times.  Needless to say this scared me to death ...I got up and grabbed my pillow and left the house ...I went to my friends house and tried to explain to her what had happend and she said it was proabably a dream.  Not wanting to believe what happend I agreed.  I never had anything like that happen again but in the six months I was there weird things would happen. I came home from work one day and swore I heard my roomate in his room. I called to him and he never answered so I just figured he didnt hear me. I heard him in the bathroom and the tiolet flush but when I went to knock on the door was open and no one was there....he wasnt even home yet.  Also, food in the frigde would come up missing or we would find it in the living room. My roomate and I would yell at each other for stealing each others food ( No one had access to the apartment but us so we just blammed it on each other). I got home before him one weekend that we were both out of town and found all the food from the fridge and the freezer down in the bottom of the fridge in the part where you put your veggies and such. Also I would hear people come in the door at night and when I went to look at who it was no one was there. For some reason I was never really scare except for that first time. So in retrospect Im still not sure if I was just hearing the setteling of an old house and "dreaming" the other things but if anyone can give me any insight please feel free to write me. Thank you for you time.

My Husband took Pictures


Last Christmas my husband went to visit his daughter in Massachusetts and went looking at the sights. They went to (I believe it was) Paul Reveres grave. First his daughter took my husbands picture the my husband took a picture of his daughter, both in the same position, bent down with their hands on top of the grave stone. He got back and had the pictures developed. As I looked through them my husbands picture at the grave was first. It was a normal picture (it was nighttime and there was snow on the ground) then next was his daughters, I said to him this is really cool but what's with all the ghosts? They were the spotty kind that float around. You know, like on the first page of your website when you click on. She is after all 1/4 Cherokee and 1/4 Creek Indian. So maybe that's why they showed up in her picture, there were tons of them, you could barely see the gravesite or his daughter crouching by it. I would scan you both pictures but have no way to do so. I just enjoy telling the story. Thank you for your time.

My Grandmother


Hi everyone, my name is Ivan, I am an italian settled in Scotland with a wife and kids.
First off, I just love reading and finding out whatever it is related to ghostly stuff I can possibly come across however, I wasn't too pleased when I experienced it on myself.
Despite it all I would still like to share my story with you or at least what I believed had occurred to me personally.
To point out that ever since I have been gone my family down in Italy seems to kind of have fallen apart with the death of my grandmother whom I loved so much although we hadn't been able to get across there to make it for her funeral.Meanwhile, as some time had passed by since that,  somehow I started feeling a sudden sense of guilt for not being there for her especially after knowing she managed to mention my name three times according to my mum over the phone as if to strongly wish I was there with my family for our last goodbyes because she knew she was going to pass away.
Anyway to cut it short, a few months ago, one of my kids, the youngest, started to run a high temperature. She looked miserable for a few days as it is normal for anybody to, when my wife decided it was best for her to have a quick bath to cool her down a bit.
By that time I was almost drifting myself off to sleep due to tiredness and absolutely unaware of my wife getting up through the night to do so when suddenly I thought I could see my grandma's face trying to comunicate something with me wordlessly as I felt myself being shaken by the legs.I woke up sweating and freaked out about what had just happened to me.I got up and realised my wife and child weren't in the same room as me and began to wonder what was going on.
I eventually walked as far as the bathroom and understood the reason for it.
The following day I got to speak to my mum over the phone and mentioned that to her and she believed it was her mum trying to talk me into helping my wife bathing our daughter as the night before she had struggled to do it.

My Friendly Ghost


I have a very pleasant story to tell.  My daughter (2 at the time) and I
moved into her great grandfathers home, I decided to rent it from him.  Not
long after we moved in interesting things began to happen.  My first memory
of interaction with a spirit was when I had lost a candle.  I had taper
candle holders in the window seat of the bay area, and I'll be darned if I
could find that candle that had fallen out of the holder.  I finally became
frustrated to the point of giving up and looking later.  I went to the
kitchen, to finish cleaning it up.  When I came back to the window to
search a little more, there the candle was.  Right in the holder, as it was
supposed to be.  I was so surprised, I thanked the "helper out loud."
Another time, I know I had left t.v trays out (it was movie night with my
daughter) and went to bed, intending to clean up in the morning.  I awoke
the next morning to a clean living room!! The t.v trays were neatly put in
their place.  This spirit also seemed to protect our belongings.  Once, I
came home from work and my stereo was playing very loudly.  As the
incidences before seemed helpful, this one seemed a bit scary, as I know I
would not leave the stereo on like this in the morning.  I went in and
turned it off.   Not more than five minutes later, my neighbor came to my
door a bit alarmed  She said they had seen someone trying to break into my
front window.  She was about to call 911 when someone in my house turned
the stereo on and frightened the person away.  I smiled and laughed a
little (at myself for being frightened) and my neighbor looked at me like I
was crazy.  I explained to her that no one had been home all day.  She just
said OK, and went back home.  This spirit never intentionally did anything
to frighten us.  They just found things, protected us, and cleaned up if we
got a little messy.  My daughter once even told me that a woman's voice
kindly advised her of a cat in our crawl space needing help.  Sure enough,
I went to the crawl space and a stray had just had kittens there.  I often
miss my ghost, and sometimes think they come around every now and again.  I
have had a few times where the alarm has not awaken me, and I hear someone
call my name just in time to wake up and hurriedly get ready for work, as
if someone patiently waited to see if I would get up, then realized I had
no more time and they had to do something, or I was supposed to be
somewhere, and something told me to be late, or not go at all, and it was a
good thing I listened to the intuition.  I had a very pleasant spirit, I
hope the small visits mean it has been able to move on, and now takes care
of us from above...

Ghost in my Closet


Hello this is misty, I have recently had another ghost haunting. One night I was in my room and I  smelled a strange odor it smelled like  alcohol I felt  very cold, I sensed  as if someone was watching me. I sat up turned on the light and he moved into my closet. He apparently likes the closet I never told my daughter destiny however she stayed in my room and again she got very cold smelled a strange odor for a moment and said someone was watching her and that the man was Joe and went into the closet. Also one night my nephew also seen and felt someone watching him. I proceeded to go up the stairs when john  my nephew looked very frightened  and pale I asked what was wrong. He claimed to se a very Frightened man. Then I told him I could smell alcohol  it suddenly came from nowhere  I  also felt as If  someone was watching me. I felt someone touch my shoulder  and standing over me. But no one was there. John indicated that  that he also had some man staring at him then he vanished. I believe this ghost is still in  the house and hides in my closet were it is very dark. If I close the closet  it always opens back up A few inches. I feel as if he is trying to say something and that he is very lonely possibly looking for saomeone.He continues to watch me. Just a few days before I was with a boyfriend pat,  he said that his friend Joe died in an accident four wheeling. apparently he had been drinking. The name I picked up on from the ghost in the house was Joe.
I wonder if Joe is trying to reach pat. maybe telling pat not to drink. I am very physic and have seen many ghosts good ones and bad ones. I also go ghost hunting  and have many good photos of orbs and spirits one is a tree you can see right through it. I also have a lot of ghost sounds the best ones are the kids laughing and playing at a school I believe children come through louder.

Garage Ghost


I just had moved with my sisters from Texas to Nevada, and rented a house.
It has the standard garage connected by a door to the hallway, as all houses
in Nevada are designed in such fashion.
Our landlady told us that the people who had lived here before us where
very, very strange. 8 people lived in a 3 bedroom house and all roomates
weren't related. The "family" was finally evicted for continuous smoke
damage to the kitchen and bathroom. Our landlady cleaned the house up and
started renting it out to my 2 sisters and me.
I always get the feeling when I'm home alone, that something is in the
garage. I'ts freezing cold when I'm doing laundry out there, so I almost
never go out there without a sweater. Since we had just moved there, there
are tons of boxes out in the garage on shelves. I go out there and see boxes
that had fallen from the shelf. I put them back up, and they never seem to
fall again.
Two days after we moved in, I was sleeping on the couch, and I started
hearing a paper crumpling sound. I went into my sister, Samara's room and
seeing that she was asleep, I went into my other sister Ryanne's room. When
she sat up and asked, "Are you doing that?", I walked into the hallway,
turned on the garage light, and opened the door. The noise stopped. I looked
around and saw that the newspaper we had wrapped our dishware in was all
over the floor. I gathered it all up and put it in a box, shut the door and
turned off the light. I fell asleep back on the couch and about 2, maybe 3
hours later, it started up again. I sighed, turned on the light, opened the
door, and what I saw scared me half to death. The newspaper that I had
gathered in the box was all over the floor once again. Since then I was
scared to go into the garage without someone else there with me.
One day my sisters were out grocery shopping, and I was making a buisness
call. My cat was in the hallway, and meowing like crazy. Since my cat never
goes outside and hasn't ever had this kind of behavior, I walked into the
hallway. I noticed the door to the garage was unlocked. I quickly locked it,
hushed the cat, and we back to the table to continue my call. About 3 min
later, my cat started meowing again. I started walking back and I heard the
doorknob quickly turning back and forth, sounding like someone was trying to
get into the house. I looked in the peephole, and the garagedoor was still
down. I looked around the garage through the peephole to see if I could see
anyone. Big mistake. I immediately heard a hard pounding on the door that
lasted for about 2 min without stopping. I ran, frightened, back to the
table, told my boss that I needed to call him back and dialed 911.
After talking to the dispatcher, she sent 3 police officers over to check it
out. The police came through the front door, and opened the garage door with
their guns drawn. They turned on the light and checked the entire garage,
and confirmed that it was clear. They told me that it was okay, and that it
was the right thing to do. My sisters and I now jokingly call the ordeals
the "Encounters of the Garage Ghost."
I haven't had another "encounter" with the Garage Ghost since.

"Don't let baby . . .

By: anonymous

I'd like to add this bit of family history to your other stories, which I really enjoy reading.
In the early part of this century Aunt lay dying.  Around her were her brother, my grandfather, other relatives and some of her children (who numbered 5 or 6 . . . I can't remember exactly how many).  Aunt could barely whisper and talking was very difficult for her but she kept trying to tell her son something as he leaned over her.  He said "What is it mother?  What are you trying to say?"  And with her last ounce of strength she managed to croak out in a barely audible whisper "Don't let Baby sleep with her father."  (I'm purposely keeping out the actual names).  And then she took her last breath and passed on.  No one knew what to make of what she'd said.  They thought perhaps he'd misunderstood her.  A few nights later my grandfather was standing at his bedroom window looking out and who should he see but Aunt in her shroud walking past.  Now you must understand . . . my grandfather was very superstitious and a true believer so he wasn't surprised, frightened or upset by what he saw.  He just stuck his head out the window and watched her walk down the side of the house and glide thru the wall into the room where her two oldest sons were sleeping.  The boys awoke and saw their mother standing by the bed.  Scared them silly!  They immediately went to get my grandfather who calmly told them "If she appears again just ask "What do you want to tell us Mother?"  Sure enough the next night, they both awoke and saw their mother again standing by the bed.  One asked "What do you want to tell us Mother?"  And Aunt said "Do not let Baby sleep with her father because he is molesting her."  Then she disappeared.  The two boys immediately reported what had happened to my grandfather who instituted a thorough investigation and sure enough . . . Aunt was right.  The father was molesting the little girl.  Now this was at a time when things of this nature were very hush, hush.  I heard this story from my mother who was in the house that night, and she told me that my grandmother would never allow her own little girls (my mother included) be with that man alone.  Grandma just had a feeling about it.  I had real appreciation for Aunt's mother love.  What she couldn't find the strength to do while living, she found the strength to do after death.


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