Ann Marie


We are renting a house just outside of Binghamton NY. We are only the second occupants of this particular house. Our landlord's young wife died of cancer about 5 years ago, her name was AnnMarie. This was their dream house and they both loved it very much. After her death, our landlord was transferred and we took over living there. We have seen and heard AnnMarie numerous times, she did however pose a threat to us when we first moved in. About a month after we moved in, I happened to be away for a weekend so my husband was alone in the house. He planned on going out of town with a friend. He got up early to get ready and just as he was about to go down the stairs, someone pushed him, causing him to fall. He didn't get hurt. While in the car, my husband's friend asked if I had decided to stay home that weekend because he had seen a woman come out of the front door and "float" around to the back yard. My husband told what had happened to him to his friend. Within the next week, both myself and my daughter were pushed at the top of the stairs causing us to lose our balance and fall. She must have tried to scare us away from her house. But since she has come to realize that we plan on staying and are taking care of her house, she has not tried to hurt us. Other than that meeting, our encounters with AnnMarie have been pretty mundane. We hear her walking around the house at all hours. She'll open and close the front door, turn the TV and lights on and off, knock on the walls. She likes to play jokes on us by "hiding" something, usually the TV remote. When we can't find it, we'll ask her what she did with it and later on it will be in plain sight. She does scare the bejesus out of our dog, Jack. He'll look down the downstairs center hallway and run behind the couch. The cat, however, could care less. She'll be on the bed with us and all of a sudden she'll stare at the doorway and turn her head as if following something or someone. You always know when AnnMarie's around by the scent of her perfume. We've never been afraid of her, because this is not the first time we've lived in a haunted house. But, that's another story.

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One of My Experiences


My wife, now "ex", bought this house in 1986, that is July, 1986. It

belonged to my wife's Grandmother, she was 103. She had lived in this

house for many years, but her last few years were in the nursing home.

I beleive we agreed to buy the house sort out of a way to help the

"family" support Grandma. The appraiser came through in the early part

of June 1986. I don't remember the exact day, but Grandma died that

evening. Shortly after we moved in we began to notice that we were not

alone. My "ex" wife's daughter invited over a few of her friends for a

sleep-over. They had it in the basement because it was summer time and

it was the coolest part of the house. In the middle of the night one of

the girls, I was told later, woke up and looked up the stairs and saw

some one standing there. Another experience here was the sound of boxes

being moved around in the attic. It was almost like some one was looking

for something. My own personal experience was one night I had gotten up

to go to the bathroom. I did not turn on the lights as I went off to

the toilet. As I approached the bath I thought I saw some one just go

in. So I waited outside to wait for the person to leave, I had hung

back into the shadows because I did not want to be seen as I did not

want to scare anyone. I waited for what I guessed 7-8 min. When I

realized that I heard no noise coming from the bathroom. I eased up and

around the corner to the bathroom and to my surprise the door was open

and no one was there. We had a few other minor experiences like the

cats would not come inside, but after about 5-6 months the occurences

became less and less to now they are now none existent. The only way I

can rationalize this is that Grandma came home for a while before she

move on. I figure this because she knew this place and it was full of

her memories, although we had moved most of it out by then.

I hope you enjoy this story, I will try to write again, and then I

will tell you about my ghost experience I had in Germany.

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A White Apparition


This story that is as true as anything I know of happened VERY

recently. Tonight to get technical. To give you a bit of background about my

house, there is a hill to the right side of my house which tends to give my

friends a bit of a fright. I, on the other hand, have never been afraid of

it. In fact it has always intrigued me.

My friend Emily and I had been sitting in the house and had gotten

bored. I had told her how my other friends had gotten scared of the hill and

we decided to go up and jut goof off. At first we were joking around and

laughing. As we got closer to the top of the hill, we quieted down for some

unknown reason. We were looking into the woods which rests at the top of the

hill and I saw a white figure. At first I thought it was just light through

the trees then I realized that no light could get through them and that no

light was that bright outside. I was wondering if it was my immagination but

I looked to my friend and saw the look on her face........she had seen it

too! When we blinked it seemed to fade and if we talked about it it seemed

to make itself more known. I think it's energy source was running low. It

didn't seem to tale the image of a person really but it did seem to bend

over and shrink just to get bigger again. We weren't sure if we were just

seeing things so we went up 3 or 4 more times to verify what we saw and that

we did see SOMETHING! Each and evry time it was still there. White and glowing.

This, however was not the first experience I had encountered on that

hill!! For this story I must give you a bit of background also. My boyfriend

had been telling me of an experience he had had. He was walking through a

graveyard (yes I know it sounds corny but...) and he felt a prescence and an

evil one at that. He didn't tell me much of what happened that night and I

never really wanted to know. But one night we were on the phone and he told

me that it was there w/ him and I asked him WHAT??? He said the ghost from

the graveyard. He started to ignore it and it took his breath

away....literrally. I could hear him gasping for air. Later on he was

laughing at it and it made his heart stop. He swears that this is true.

Finally he decided to go back to the graveyard.

This is the night that my story happened. I was talking on the phone

w/ him trying to get him not to go. My friend Heather was here and she

wanted to use the phone. We had been telling her ghost stories and she gets

frightened real easily. I dared her to go to the top of the hill and she

wouldn't. So to prove that nothing was up there I went up and came back

down. She was still on the phone so I decided to go back up. I got to the

top and was standing there when I heard o footstep. I thought Heather had

fnally gotten brave and came up. I turned around to find nothing there. I

turned back around to the top of the hill. I heard the footsteps again. This

time when I turned around I looked down to the ground and saw indentions

that looked like footprints. I was sort of freaked out so I went down and

made Heather get off the phone. I called my b/f and decided NOT to tell him

anyhting that happened. After about 10 inutes he asked me if anything weird

had happened and I asked him why he thought that and he replied that he had

a wierd feeling that something wierd had happened. I told him my story and

he said that the ghost had visited him again and was giving him insentive to

come to the graveyard by letting him know that if he didn't come it would

starrt going to the people he loved.

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Friend's Story


Although these stories didn't happen to me, I know they are true due to

the fact that my best buddy Ken told me so. Ken and I have known each

other since the first grade....We're 25yrs old now. He is not the person

to lie about this stuff and especialy to me. In short Ken has never lied

to me about anything....EVER!! We're both from an affluent neighborhood

in No. VA. right outside of Washington D.C. In 1992 I moved to Arizona

and he Moved to Las Cruses New Mexico. Now everyone knows that some funky

happenings have happened in N.M.!!The most recent event occurred when Ken

just moved in to a new place in town. Late one night he was awaken by his

dog barking very loudly.( the dog slept in the same room as Ken) Ken

looked in the direction that Dojie was barking and saw, in the bathroom

doorway(The bathroon was also in the bedroom) a white figure, levitating

about 3 feet of the ground. Ken told me looked at it for about 5 seconds,

rubbed his eyes, then looked at it again for almost a full minute. Scared

half to death Ken quietly spoke upand said," could you please go and

leave me alone?".Then it disappeared. the next morning he brought it up

with his new roommate (and soon to be girlfriend as things turned out)

and she told Ken that about 3 years ago a fellow had hung himself in the

bathroom. Yet, the figure never returned.Ken's older sister Becky ( also

a very dear frined of mine ) moved out to N.M. in 1993 and found work

designing jewlery. In the X-mas of 1995, Ken and Becky decided to to

travel X-country back to Virgina(a 2 and half day drive). On their first

night of driving,they had an experience together. They were on a lonly

two lane Texas highway about at 3 A.M. the reason they were on such a

road is because they were heading N.E. towards I-40 after getting off of

I-10. Anyway...they were trucking along and off in the distance and

along the side of the road,they saw what was like a very bright spinning

like a lighthouse. As they approached the light Ken slowed down to a mere

10mph. Ken said there was an old house and in the second story window

there was a very bright light circling. Now for the strange part. There

was also a very unearthly buzz or humming sound that would rattle the

windows of the truck when it passed their way. Both Ken and Becky told me

they would never forget that sound as long as they live!!! Al the sudden

both of them sensed extreme evil. Not just uneasiness but EVIL!! Then

Becky started shouting" Just Go Ken Just Go Get out of here". Ken floored

it and they both would look back to see this house off into the distance.

About 5 miles later Ken saw a highway sign that read BLACK 20 miles. In

BLACK, Ken and Becky got off the road and found a room and bedded down

for the night. Fast Foward to Ken and Becky returning to N.M. from VA.

they decided to go back the same way they came to see if this strange

house existed.So they went back through Black, got on the same stretch of

highway, and saw absolutly nothing but open fields for the next 75

miles!! Now I've known this family for a long time and I know that they

would never steer me wrong. and I believe their stories. Yet, I can't

believe whole heartedly because nothing like this has ever happend me. Am

I wrong to think this way? I don't think so, I think I'm being very

practical. It would be like saying I love to ride roller coasters

although I'v never been on one. Thanks for reading E-mail if you wish.

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Ghosts or Ball Lightning ?


I used to live in a very old house in a very old neighbourhood. My bedroom

was on one side of the house and my windows opened up to a shade house

outside. My little brother's room was directly across the hall and his

windows opened out onto the driveway.

One night my little brother woke me up saying he had heard people walking

up and down the driveway. He was about five at the time and used to have a

lot of horrible nightmares, so I just assumed this was another one. I told

him to get in my bed and sleep with me for the rest of the night. We

settled down, he was on one side of the bed facing the hallway and I was on

the other facing the window which was probably only two feet away. It was

a very hot still Summer night and I had my windows wide open. All of a

sudden a ball of light hovered at a relatively fast pace past my window,

heading down into the shade house. I remember the feeling I got when I saw

it-you know, the type where your stomach jumps into your mouth. At first I

thought it was a torch beam but then I realised that apart from a few

comet-like tails, the white illuminescent light was contained in a ball.

About seven seconds later, the ball came back in the opposite direction,

but this time it hit one of my shutters and it banged shut. The ball just

hovered in the one spot for a moment then flashed out. My brother jumped up

because he had heard it and I pushed him up to my parent's room where we

woke them up scared out of our wits.

That was eight years ago and I have since moved house, but every night I

spent in that room I kept my windows locked and my blind down. I had one

more experience with what I called the Shade House Ghost about two years

ago but that's a different story. The weird part is this. For eight years I

had to defend my story of seeing a ghost. Many people are interested in

what I saw and a few have offered the intelligent explanation that what I

saw was the natural yet rare phenomenon of ball lightening, yet the only

inconsistency in that is the light I saw was white-not firelight-my

brother admitted he heard the bang to everyone but denies it was a ghost.

Then about two weeks ago my brother admitted for the first time ever that

he too saw the image. The reason he didn't say anything was that he says he

saw a dark figure move past my window, rather than a white one. Our friend

told us that seeing a white, bright ghost is harmless (if not a bit freaky)

whereas a dark silhouhette or figure brings darker consequences. If what I

saw was ball lightening, then what did my brother see?

That was my first experience with the paranormal-I have many others,

especially concerning my brother little brother. These include ghosts,

seances, UFOs and one with a lot of blood. I would very much like to share

some more if possible.

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My Cousin


my eight year old cousin died last year of a blood disorder. She was

my best friend in the whole wide world. She lived next door to my

house. Her bedroom window faced the front parking area, and was on the

second floor. It was a busy block, especially at night. My aunt would

put my cousin ,Lindsay to bed by 8 pm every night. She would then

climb out of bed and look out the window at everybody outside. She was

so cute as she stood there in her pajamas watching everyone. One night,

exactly one week after she died I went to the store and when I returned

I looked up at her window expecting to see her as usual, and to my

surprise there she was in her pajamas waving at me. I had to take a

double look and when I looked back up she was still there. I know she

was only there in spirit, but from that day on I know she is around me

no matter where I am. We always made a pact to never leave one another

and she is sticking to the deal. I will always love her.

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The Evil Horned Cherub


This is a story about an encounter I had at age 9, that still haunts me.

I was sleeping in bed, while my parents where outside on the stairs of

our building. I awoke for some strange reason & when I looked to the

side of my bed at the floor, I saw something semi transparent red rising

up through the floor, now I have to state that my room had no windows,

so my room was pitch black. I was in shock, I couldn't move, all I could

do was stare in total fright. When the creature's body fully came up

from the floor, it was walking back & forth on the floor, but its steps

weren't solid, it would bounce like a balloon each step it took. The

creature was about 2 ft tall, its body round like a cherub, and it had

small horns on the sides of its head. He continued pacing back & forth,

its strange 'cause he wouldn't look at me directly the whole time, thank

God, I would've died of fright had he did. This continued a while longer

& then he suddenly disappeared, then I started to hear banging on the

walls of my room, it was like a giant was banging, that's how loud it

got, all I could do was hide & pray it would go away under my bed

covers. After a few minutes it did stop, and in my heart I knew it

wasn't a prank or my imagination, see, my Aunt had just bought the

apartment building & the only ones living there was my family on the 4th

floor & my Aunt on the 1st, the rest of the apartments were being fixed

for new renters. Besides my family is very conservative & playing pranks

is considered childish. The creature for 7 years would not let me forget

him so easily, I would have 5 or 6 repetitive dreams with the creature,

as well as experience levitation, I would be just about to fall asleep &

I would feel my body was floating, upon that realization I'd totally

awaken & come crashing down on the bed. I stopped having dreams &

levitating at 16, I think it was because my aunt died that year & is

protecting me, I dream with her constantly. I feel her presence

sometimes & am grateful for her love & protection. I'd like to hear from

those of you who've had similar experiences, so please e-mail me at the

address above. Peace/Love

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Grandma's Ghost


I've been reading the stories passed on by others and thought I would

share something that happened to me. But before I do, let me tell you a

story my great grandmother told me. My mother's mom died when she was 5

years old so my great grandmother raised her and her brothers and

sisters. One day as she was sewing in her bedroom she said she felt

someone come into the room. She looked up and saw her daughter, my mom's

mother, standing at the doorway staring at her. Before my

great-grandmother could do anything the ghostly visitor said, "Where is

the baby?", by great-grandmother said, "She is playing in the backyard".

As soon as she replyed, the ghost vanished. Shaken, and thinking she was

seeing things, she thought she would go wash some dishes and get her

mind off of what had just happened. She had been washing dishes for

about 5 mins. when she felt someone enter enter the room. She turned to

see her daughter back again. As soon as their eyes met her daughter once

again said, "Where is the baby?". Thinking something was wrong, and

scared to death, my great-grandmother went to the back yard to check on

the baby. When she got there, she found the yard empty and the gate

opened. She went looking for my mother and saw her walking towards the

busy street near their house. She was able to catch her just before she

walked out into the street. Years later, I was home visiting my mother.

As I walked pasted the front room towards the kitchen to see my mother,

out of the corner of my eye I saw a women sitting in the front room. She

had shoulder length light colored hair and was wearing a black dress. I

thought it was my sister in-law so I went on into the kitchen. I talked

to my mother a few minuets then asked why Toni was sitting in the front

room all by herself. My mother looked at me funny and told me that Toni

was at work. I told her she was nuts and went to the front room to get

her. When I got there, I found noone. Thinking she may have went

upstairs I searched for her and found noone. I told mom that I really

did see someone sitting in there. She asked what she looked like, I told

her, and she said, "Oh, that was my Mother, before she died she told me

she would always be near me."

I don't know if I saw her mother or not, but I DO KNOW I SAW SOMEONE and

then they were GONE. I really did see them, I know I did!

Mom has since told me other stories of when her mother was around, but

I'll have to pass those along some other time.

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A few years ago, I set out a tape recorder to tape the "spring

sounds" in my isolated village for some listening pleasure in the depths

of a cold winter. There was no breeze, there were no dogs or people in

the house or anywhere around it.

I went into my den to correct a batch of papers after I had set

the tape recorder on the concrete deck of my three-story house. After at

least an hour I remembered that I had done so, and I went out to rewind

the thing and listen to a couple of minutes of the tape.

My first impression was that it must have taken me a long time

to walk from the deck to the office door--a distance of ten yards at

most. Then I realized that the recorder had picked up throughout its

45-minute length a very steady, unfrightening, but definite pattern of

footsteps walking along the second-story porch. That porch is over a

hundred feet long, and the sound intensified and diminished as the

"walker" went from one end to the other. I had heard nothing in my

completely silent room where I was doing my work, but the tape recorder


Oddly enough, it was not in the least frightening or bizarre.

The steps were so completely natural and unhurried that they almost

sounded comforting.

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Encounters from Coast to Coast


I grew up in an old farmhouse in North Carolina. I have always been

"sensitive" to

paranormal activity. This seems to run in the family. Our house had many

"visitors" that I always believed came from the old abandoned cemetary in the

woods nearby. I often could smell lavender sachet. No one in my home had it.

Sometimes I would here the piano play but when I would go in the room where

it was,no one was there and the bench would be pushed under just as it had

been. One visitor liked to walk thru my room at night. Sometimes he(yes I

always felt this particular ghost was male) would hide things only to put them

some place really obvious days later. My sister who does not share the family

gift always made fun of me. My mother had no comment and my dad never

experienced anything he couldn't explain. One weekend while I was away at

college,my mom called and said that one of my friends was looking for me. I

asked which one and she said "The one that walks your room at night." Turns

out she had similar experiences to mine but just kept quiet about them.

Fast forward about 7-8 years,I am in the Air Force,stationed in Northern


My husband and infant daughter move into a duplex. I notice that the baby is

covered in a blanket sometimes when I know I didn't cover her. I also have

the feeling I'm being watched when I step into the hallway. The baby's

pacifiers all would disappear and then reappear right where we had left them.

There were also toys that would play when no one had touched them. The major

event that happen one night was my husband woke me up and asked me why I

pinched his butt. I said didn't and to go back to sleep. I rolled over and a

couple of minutes later he jumped out of bed and yelled "Someone pinched my

_ss!!" He settled down and then the rabbit ears on the TV started to move but

only one of them not the whole set and very deliberately was striking the

wall. My husband told whoever it was that he didn't care if they haunted the

house but our bedroom was off limits. It stopped and while activity continued

it was more subdued. When we moved into military housing we actually missed

it. Now that we live in military housing things are quiet but lately I've

heard music coming from the living room at night after we go to bed and just

the other day I was sitting on the couch in the middle of the afternoon

watching TV when I heard someone say my name right next to me. My Yorkshire

Terrier heard it too because she woke up and jumped off her chair and looked

all around the room. Well I guess thats all I have for now. If anything else

developes I post it.

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Old Victorian House


about 2 years ago i lived in an old victorian house

with a huge history supposedly the whole family

that lived their died from gas poisoning but in the

police report there were no traces of any leaking

gas about two months after we moved in i started to

hear sobbing down in the basement (the door to the

basement was right next to my living room) and me

being the only one in the family who stays up past

midnight watchin corny monster movies on tnt

monstervision was the only one who really heard it

so one night i'm watchin a godzilla movie and it

starts now me being a huge godzilla fan was really

getting peeved so being brave(or stupid) i decided

to go down to the basement to see what that noise

was when i got down there it was all foggy and gasy

and i saw a huge horrible disfigured thing it

looked like a class 7 huminoid apperition all i

could do was stand there scared shitless so being

the expert in the occult and paranormal i tryed to

murmur out a spell that origanates from native

american times it's name slips me right now but

luckily i completed the spell and not kknowing

excactly what the spell did at the time absorbed

the spirit and that is where it resides to this day

along with seven others wether you belive me or not

all of this story is true for the the other seven

stories e-mail me at

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Skeptics' Haunting Stories


I have believed in ghosts for as long as I can remember. I'm not

sure why; I've never seen a ghost or had a major experience with any.

I am an exception in my family. My mom thinks that the subject is

fascinating, but she really doesn't believe in them. My sisters have

flat out ridiculed me for my belief in the supernatural. Funny thing

is, all three of these skeptics have dealth with ghostly situations.

One evening I was home alone with my sister Jamie. I was taking

a nap in my room and she walked in to get something out of my closet.

When she walked out she left the light on and the closet door open

[I HATE having my closet door open!]. I yelled at her , half asleep,

to come back and turn the light out and shut the door. The light went

out and I said "Thank you". She yelled back, "For what? I didn't turn

your light out!" I was like "Yeah, whatever". She insisted that she

never touched it. She said she got halfway down the hall when the

light went out. Since I was mostly asleep when this happened, I

thought I was dreaming, but she reminded me when I woke up.

My sister Jenny was in my room once after I moved out, and she

saw a small cloud out the corner of her eye. She looked at it,

thinking my mom was burning incense in there, but there was no fire

or source of smoke. It started to grow into a full-length apparition,

and she freaked out and ran out of the room. I don't think she's seen

anything since then.

This is the best story! It was shortly before Halloween, and I

had some Christmas lights hanging up in my room. They had burned out

and I hadn't taken them down yet. I remember I had them unplugged.

One morning, I got up really early for school, and nobody else was up

yet. I went to get breakfast and when I came back to my room, the

lights were plugged in AND they were working! I thought that was

really strange, but it gets better.

That same day, I was on the phone with a friend all evening. It

was really cold out. Suddenly, my mom comes into my room, looking

freaked out. She asked, "You weren't just outside, were you?" I said

"Hell, no. It's freezing out there. Why?" She told me that she had

been in the kitchen doing dishes when she heard a knock on the back

door. She turned around and saw "me" looking at her through the

window of the door. She thought it was weird for me to be out there

because it was cold, and she didn't think I was out there in the

first place. She went to the door to let me in and suddenly , I

wasn't there. She walked around outside looking for me , but there

was no sign of anyone having been there. Mom swears to this day that

it was me she saw out there. You have to understand that there was

nobody in my neighberhood that even remotely resembled me. But there

"I" was, smiling at her.

She doesn't know what to think of it. She's still skeptical

about ghosts and stuff. If anyone has any idea about what it was that

she saw, please let me know. We had a theory that it was my

Doppelganger, because later that year, she sent me on an errand in

which I was almost killed. It wasn't just an accident, though. I just

happened to NOT be driving my Fiat, which would've been smashed like

a sardine can in the accident I was in. And I just happened to put on

my seat belt, which I never wore, at the last minute. The police said

that had I not been wearing it, I would've been killed. Maybe we're

reading too much into it, but that's the only thing we have managed

to come up with.

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Big Ghosts On Campus


I was reading some of these stories about ghosts on campus, and

I wanted to share a few of my own. I used to attend West Texas A&M

University here in Canyon, Texas. That is where these stories take

place. There are many stories, and I don't know what's myth and what

isn't, so I'm telling the ones that personally happened to people I


I was an Art major, and we didn't have a professor in our

Drawing class one day. Instead of leaving, most of us stayed so we

could get caught up on our projects. Somehow, we got to talking about

ghosts, and people who normally don't talk to anyone else were

telling their stories. The best one was from a girl we called

"Seely". She was from somewhere in the far East, and no one could

pronounce her actual name. She was living in a dorm once that is

already legendary on campus for being haunted. One evening, Seely

laid on her bed resting while her roommate stood at the door, talking

to somone in the hallway. Suddenly, Seely felt paralyzed. An

apparition of a girl with blonde hair came up head first from

under her bed [When she demonstrated for us how the figure came up,

it gave me major chills]. The "girl" hovered there and said angrily,

"You need to go home, now!" The ghost also called her by her full

name, which was strange, because, like I said, no one knew how to

pronounce it! Seely couldn't move or scream for her roommate's

attention until the ghost disappeared

Another sory came from my friend Lena, who lived in another

dorm. One evening, she and her roommate were out driving on the

highway when they passed by a house with a barn out in back. There was

nothing seemingly special about the house, but they found themselves

drawn to it, especially the barn. They circled around and drove by

the house twice more. The third time, they "felt" that someting had

left the barn and entered the car. They blew it off until things

started happening in their dorm. Just regular haunting stuff, like

things disappearing, and feeling someone sit on the bed when there

was no one there. At first the ghost seemed friendly, and it even

followed them when they went home one weekend. Then one time, one of

them was in the bathroom, alone. She felt someone watching her, so

she looked under the stalls and in the showers. There was no one

there. She was brushing her teeth and when she looked into the

mirror, she noticed two eyes peeping at her through a shower curtain!

But when she turned around there still was nobody there. Pretty soon,

they decided to pack up and get the hell out of Dodge. As they were

walking down the stairs to go stay at a friend's house, something

pushed them just enough to make them stumble. When they turned

around, of course, there wasn't anyone around!.

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My Story


Okay, first off I would like to say that most of my story takes place in my house but not all. I never even thought about ghosts until we moved into this house about 6 or 7 years ago. I'm 15 now, so I was pretty little when we moved in here and had no reason to make up such stories. I'm not sure I can remember everything in order but here goes.

My parents bought this house from a retired couple that tried to back out of the deal at the last minute. The papers were all ready signed so we got the house anyway. The man was still reluctant to leave. They had always been a nice couple but the woman always had a soft spot of children. A few weeks after we moved in my mother and I were in the basement (it's finished) and I was crying about something so my mother went upstairs to get me a glass of water. We had two book cases (side by side) next to the stairs towards the end. My mother had been up there for a while so I looked toward the stairs. Finally, I heard and saw her start to come down. All I saw at first was bare legs and I figured that she had changed into shorts. I waited and waited for her to finish coming down the stairs but she never got past the bookcases. I called to her and she was still in the kitchen (doing who knows what) and hadn't changed and hadn't come down the stairs at all. I'm pretty sure (and some don't believe me because I was upset and crying) that it was the old woman who had lived in the house before because a couple of days after that we found out that she had died that day. Maybe she heard me crying and decided to help, we'll never know.

As children often do, I had two friends that were (to me at least) the best, best friends I could ever have. One day we were playing outside in the park across the street and I looked in the kitchen window. I was home alone (I don't remember when this happened or how old I was) so I figured I would see nothing. I was wrong. The kitchen light was on and there was man wearing a red shirt staring out the window at me. I freaked out and me and my friends went closer to the house and they saw him too. I thought that maybe there was a burglar in the house and so they went and told their dad who was nice enough to take a look through the house. No body was in there and we had made sure that we kept watch so that he didn't leave. I saw him staring out a few more times on different dates after that and I'm sure it was a ghost.

By the time I was in 5th grade any friend that had been in my house knew about the strange noises and things that went on. One day, I was home alone reading a book in the living room and I heard a strange noise in the kitchen. The way our house is the living room and kitchen are right next to each other with out a wall separating, just a wood counter my grandpa built. I looked over toward the kitchen but I could see nothing so I put my book down and inched my way over to the love seat that sat right behind the counter in the living room. I looked over the counter and all I saw was a hand opening and closing a cubert door. I ran out of the house and later came back with my friends and we found nothing. I then made a new friend who came over once for the first time. She didn't know any of my friends at the time and I hadn't told her about the strange happenings. I went out side to get my dog in and when I cam back she told be never to leave her alone in the house again because she heard a strange opening and closing of a door in the kitchen. I went in and open and closed all the cubert doors except the one. It didn't sound like any of them to her. When I tried the one I saw the hand on she said "That's it". I knew then that I hadn't imagined the hand at all.

When my sister went off to college, I slept in her room quite a bit. One night I woke up and there was an old woman sitting on a chair staring at me and knitting. I got really scared and covered up my head with the cover thinking it would make her go away. It did and I figured it was a dream. The next night I woke up and a tall man dressed like up and he was gone again. I later learned that my mother had not taken him out and she found him in the hallway that morning and had put him in my room. The only thing I can come up with is that the adult ghosts have been letting the cat(s) in and out of my room at night.

This one is one that is not about me. My mother woke up in the middle of the night to find a woman staring down at her, she disappeared and my mother went back to sleep thinking she was dreaming. The weird thing about this is that that brought back memories of a lady keeping watch over me.

I know this is long and there is a ton more to tell but my fingers and my brain are tired. I'm so used to the strange things that they don't bother me anymore but if I listen carefully I still hear them. they are playful ghosts though. They like to move our things around so that we search all over the house to find them. They turn lights and hair dryers on and off all the time. And every once and a while when I'm down and mad at my parents I'll feel a hand rubbing my back. It's cold but it helps. I don't like it very much when they pull my hair though. =)

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Mine Ghost


Hello, my name is Aaron. I live in South Carolina. My grandparents have had

a number of paranormal things happen to them, but I am just going to tell

you about one. My grandfather's uncle ( Uncle Jed ) had a mine that he had

owned for quite a long time. He would go day after day to his mine and work.

He would mosty find copper and silver, but every once and a while he would

find specks of gold dust. Rarely would he ever find nuggets. One night, while

he was in bed it began to rain. He remembered that when he had left his mine

it was sunny, so he did not cover it up. He got up and woke the whole house-

hold up with him. He told them that he was going to go cover up his mine and

would be only gone for 30 minutes or so. He left with only the support of a

raincoat and lantern. It had been two hours and he had not returned from

covering up his mine. Years later at night his sister saw a faint light coming

up from the woods, it would jump on top of the house hit the window and

disappear. After studying this they concluded that the light was the lantern

that Uncle Jed was carrying when he left. Could it be his ghost trying to

get back in his house? Could be.

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My encounter happened on a cold winter night. I was working out of

town with some friends.Our job was to take 3 days, we did our work

then my bosses sister informed us that we had more work to do.We were

all broke, not planning to be out of town that long.Well she offered

to let us stay at her house.She hadn't lived there long,she also said

it was haunted and then added it was cleared by spiritualist.We

laughed about it during supper.Her ma showed up, one of the guys

grandmother took ill and was to take him back, she said the house felt

good now, apparently the first time there she had a bad feeling and

got sick, she never made it into the house.Well they left and we got

ready for bed.

Jammie and i were on the floor in the living room and jack in one of

her kids rooms(two bedrooms on the left bath strait ahead and her's on

the right).I woke up at about 2a.m. having a nasty night mare,somone

beeing cruicified on a cross.not one of my tipical nightmares. well i

got back to sleep. then it happened a light like a flashlight in your

face ,i was facing the fire place no light , checked down the

hall,nothing not even a noise.i layed back down then my face and neck

started to tingle like static eletricty ,then it felt like a big set

of hands and started to choke me, i couldn't yell or pick ny head up

so i hit jammei who was next to me.He stired but didnt get up and it

stoped .it was 5:30 we were to get up at 6:00 i was going tosit out in

the van i didnt want to be in that house,it was like 30 below outside

so i just sat up till six.she got up and i told her here house wasn't

clear ,she looked at me then i told here what happened her eyes got

huge then i new i wasnt crazy .she thats what happened to her plus

something sexual she didnt elaborate.after breakfast jack and i took

the van and went home there was no way i was staying in silver city

.Jammie and her went out to some bars asking questions about the

houses was only 20 years old .someone told them the owner

was out at the bars one night went home passed out in the garge left

the truck running it killed him his and daughter ,i almost cryed after

hereing that.she finaly moved out after her two sons were sexauly

assaulted about a month later.

a couple of questions, this was the first happening after the house

was suppose to have been cleared. and why did it choose me! . i never

doubted the super natural but i coulnt say i was a true believer, now

i have no doubt. do you know if someone would be willing to check the

house out

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2 Stories


It somehow seems that certain places in this world are centers for

paranormal activity. I believe that one of these active places is

Bradford, PA, my home. Bradford is an old oil boom town that has since

died. It has some ghost legends and whatnot, but I am not speaking of

those. I am speaking of two personal experiences. By the way, I am not

John, I am his friend, Jill, I am just using his account. I live in a

house that had parnormal activity once that has now, thankfully,

disappeared. The last appearance of the ghost in my house happened when

I was about 4 years old, so I cannot possibly provide a reliable account

on that. The people who lived in my house before me complained of

seeing "strange things," and moved out. When we moved in, the ghost

apparently floated in one window, stood there for a moment, then left

forever. It was a woman who had lived in my house previously and had

died in my living room. We like to think she was just checking for the

right people to live in her house, and being satisfied, left it

forever. The next story is something different. A friend of mine lived

in a very old house, far older than mine... but the paranormal

occurences were recent. Another friend and I were sitting on the bed in

one bedroom while the girl who lived there began to explain the history

of her house and her experiences. She said that she once saw the figure

of a black cat ready to pounce on her from a dresser, and she turned

away quickly to protect her face. When she turned back, it was gone.

Further, she spoke about the occupants before her family. The son had

died in a skateboarding accident, and upon hearing of the death of her

brother, the sister committed suicide. She was not living at home at

the time. One story says she slit her wrists, another story says that

she walked off a cliff out in California. With both of his children

dead, the father hung himself in the attic. The friend who lived there

said she thought she saw the apparition of the rope hanging from a

rafter in her attic from the window in the next house. I cannot attest

to any of that, this is all background information. What I can attest

to is this: as she explained the story, her bedroom door was partially

open. From the bed, my other friend and I could see the door knob from

the outside very clearly. We were just into high school, so the junior

high carry-over of those silly "Do Not Disturb" signs was present on the

inside of the door knob. Her whole family was downstairs. As she

spoke, her door knob began to shake violently back and forth for about

fifteen or twenty seconds. One sign on the inside of the door spun

around and around. There was no hand there. My friend and I grabbed

each other and just SCREAMED. That goes down in history as one of the

scariest moments of my life. I have a friend in the Poconos who is very

into going out and looking to meet up with ghosts. I can't understand

that mentality. My view is to leave them alone, and hopefully they will

do the same.

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My Father's Experiences


hello, i am a sceptic but this story i am about to tell is about my

father who is 66 years of age and is a retired seargeant of the army.

my father was born and raised in baltimore maryland, to be specific, in

Hollandtown. He is a very tough and serious guy but one day he told me

many years before, of a home he used to live in in the early 1930's. he

can not exactly remember where the hiuse is today, but he remembers the

horror's he went through when he was young. he recalls one night

sitting at the dinner table when someone knocked at the door. it was

the only door onn the front of the home and it led down a long stairway

down into the street. they were sitting at the table when a knocking

appeared to be heard at this door, my father's older brother stood up in

a matter of seconds and opened it, but yet nothing was there. so tthe

older brother sat down and started to eat when it came again. he sprung

up even faster, opened the door, and still nothing there. what could it

be? nothing on this earth could knock on a door and run 40 steps down

into the street without beeing seen. well unless you were the flash.

other occurences are said as being no animals would come into the house.

my father wanted to purchase a puppy, but when he got it home, it went

berserk! and would not come in. the puupy was given away. in some

rooms in the house, lights and candles would not burn. a plumber came

into the home to repair a pipe, but when he went to get his flashlight,

it wouldn't work. candles were tried, but they kept going out. some

parts of the home my father could not stand to be in. he said the room

would seem as if it were to be looking at you. and sometimes rooms

would have eerie chills, in the summertime. strange knocks, chills, and

other strange feelings of dread,were always present in the house, or so

it seems. they moved away when my father was still young but he can

recall all counts of wahat happened to him at a very young age.

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Mom's Visit


About three year's ago my mom passed away she had been very sick for some time now and ended up in the hospital due to this, a couple of weeks before she died my family was summoned to the hospital by the doctor's to sign a form to state that if my mother had gone into arrest we did not want her to be revived, well we did so we did not want her to be revived because we know that she had gone through enough pain during her sickness already and is was just better to let her go. Well a few weeks after we signed these papers she passed away it was a few day's after Christmas I remember a friend had spent the night over my house and in the morning she got up around five in the morning to go to work, well a few minutes later I heard a knock on the door I thought that maybe it was my friend and maybe she had left something behind as I went to the door to open it the person just walked right in ,without me even opening the door what I will tell you next might shock youI stood there looking at this person there stood an image no face kind of greyish and transparent, I tried to communicate with this person still not too clear about what was going on almost like in a trance. At that point the being began to kind of guide me to the bed that was then on the living room floor, the person and I laid down on the bed I at that point did not feel any type of fear I felt more like tranquil and safe, we laid there and drifted off to sleep. I told my sister about this the nextday she said the same thing I was thinking that it was my mother coming to see me one last time, you see I was the person who took care of here when she became ill before her hospital stay I guess I should be glad she came to see me ( I am).

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When I was 13, something happened before

my eyes and I, to this day, cannot explain how it happened. One of my best

friends from my Bulverde, Texas, middle school had died near my ranch from

a car crash. Wally and his dad died in the crash. The Jetta fell off an

embankment one foggy morning when his dad was driving him to school. It was

sad because I was picked on a lot because I did not speak English

(Portuguese). Wally was one of the few who would be my friend and hang

around with me.

He lived about 3 miles from my house. And the land still at this time is

sparcely populated. Anyway, when I learned of his death, I was sad because

he was not going to hang out with me and I was going to get picked on more

by the bully kids.

Ok, anough chit chat. Here's what happened:

My room in my house had a huge sliding glass door window for a window. No

curtains until after this happened. My brother and I shared rooms. Then one

(typical) night in the summer during a violent thunder storm, I awoke to

the thunder from a lightning bolt that struck the power generator near my

room. I had never heard something so loud in my life. Oh, and it was

raining harder than ever. Windy too. So then, after my brother started

crying (he was 7) from the scary environment, the unimaginable happened. I

told him that it would be ok (my parents were on their way from my mom's

English class at the local high school). I was looking at my little

brother, when something caught the corner of my eye. It was distinctevly

Wally (heart's racing right now). He stood there looking through the window

with his hands cropped over his face to eliminate the glare from the

outside. It was if I had lived in suspended animation. After he had made

eye contact with me, he smiled, waved, made an ok sign with his hand, and

walked off into the woods. He was happy or so it seemed. And out of no

where, heard my parent's car arriving at the driveway.

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I'm 21 now and as far back as I can remember I've had strange experiences, but

first let me tell you about Kacey.

My parents moved into the house on Fenton Way in Arvada Colorado before I was

born. They immediately felt at home in it and welcome. However, from the

time I can remember I was scared of going downstairs alone. Our house was a

bi-level, when you walked in the front door you were on the landing and could

go upstairs or downstairs, where my brothers and I had our rooms. Again from

the time I can remember we always slept on the floor of my parents room. It

was just a natural for us. I'm the only on that ever saw Kacey and believe me

it scared the beejeebee's outta me. Everyone in the room was asleep but I was

awake. I remember trying to count all the way up to 100 (I was in first grade

at the time) when my dad left his bed to go to the bathroom. After he left I

saw a "shadow" only it was so dense and black. He just materialized from a

space right above the middle of the bed. He seemed to be looking around the

room making sure everone was okay when I gasped I geuss and his head turned

toward me. I saw a white eye. In a heart beat it disappeared. I decided I'd

better go to sleep if stuff like THAT happenes when you stay up at night.

I found out later from my parents that a man by the name of Kacey had died

there. He had a heart attack in his sleep. In fact, his wife was the one who

sold it to my parents. They were a young couple who had a few young children

and his death was quiet a shock to everyone. Including it seems Kacey.

Strange things were a common occurance at our house. Like other stories I

have read, things would disappear then mysteriously be right in front of you.

We finnally just calked it up to Kasey and when things went missing we'd say

"Kasey, give it back!" and low and behond before us would be whatever was

taken. He was also fond of cause the washer and dryer to go on and off

whenever he felt like it. He seemed only to get upset when we dicussed

moving. A glass bowl full of salt was on the stove one night as my family and

some friends we discussing moving when it burst into flames. The stove was

cold as stone. Pots and pans would tumble from cabinets and we had the

dickens of a time keeping the globe lighting fixter to stay over the light.

We'd screw it so tight the glass would threaten to break and an hour later

hear it clattering around in the bathroom. We finally left the globe off it.

This happend from at least 1975 to October 28 1986. That was the day our

house burned out. When it was finally repaired and we moved back in everyone

noticed the constant warmth and secerity we gone. It seems Kasey had finally

gone on.

As for other experences while I was living with my family on Gunter AFB in

Alabama strange things occured. While walking with my friend down a back

street near the Gunter Bowl, a large parade ground, I saw out of the corner of

my eye what looked like a man dressed in a kaki navel uniform walking down

some stairs. He had blond hair and seemed pretty young. When I turned my

head to look at the stairs there was no man and no stairs leading from that

side of the building. I told this to my friend and she is the one that

informed me oh so calmly that what we see from the corners of our eyes is a

glimse through the "veil" if you will.

Our house was one of the newer structers. I'd felt things since we moved in

but didn't concern myself with it. Things like footsteps in the hallway

walking past my room, my dog constantly walking through the house at night

"patroling", seeing what I always thought was my little brother walking around

in the other room. I'd be pissed because he was trying to scare me or just

curious as to why he was up since the shadow was his hight, about 5'10". I'd

walk down to his room and there he'd be sound asleep. I'd even test to see if

he was faking or not but he was always in a very deep sleep and was annoied as

you can imagine with my waking him. When our neighbor's moved out the

activity increased dramatically. Our house was a duplex and when the

neighbors moved everything increased.

This experence was the most disturbing. The computer faced a wall in the

living room on which hung a huge mirror. I was typing when I felt someone

close to my back. I didn't feel cold, on the contrary I felt what seemed the

heat of someones body close to my back. I assumed it was my dad as he LOVES to

scare the hell out of us all at any ungaurded moment. When I turned around to

tell him something the words already leaving my mouth....No one was there.

For awhile this continued until new neighbor's moved in.

I was discussing just this with my father when he told me he'd seen heard and

felt the same things but though he was the only one. He told me after he'd

experenced it for awhile he was looking at an old map of Gunter and come to

find out the new housing was built on the old Air strip that was used for

training around WWII. There were alot of crashed and deaths as aircraft was

refined. Needless to say, the air crews and piolet roam freely around there.

Only twice did I experience evil, and I DO know what it feels like, as I will

relate to you later, in that house. Both times it was in my room and both

times I didn't question my instinct to LEAVE the room. I'd return hours later

and all was well.

These we "haunted houses" meaning that the spirits were linked to those

particular spots. I have also been the recipient of a personal haunting.

These are diffrent. This is how it all came about and as long as it lasted.

When I was 9 years old 2 very significant things happened in my life. Number

one: I died. I know it sounds loony but I remember being terribly ill and one

night I was sitting on the ceiling of my hospital room. Anyway, after that I

had the misfortune, months later, to touch a OUJI board. ( personally I think

those are the evilist things around!) I was over at a friends house playing

when she pulled out the board. I'd heard about them and thought it'd be cool

to contact someone from the other side. We were in the living room with her

mother and grandmother and we sat on the floor and started. We were fooling

around at first, pushing it this way and that and then decided to get serious.

As we were waiting the pointer started to move and I felt a darkness in the

room. I looked at her and acussed her of moving it. She lifted her hands and

mine weren't touching it. It continued to move. I then felt like my body was

cover with some fould substance like tar, something that I couldn't get off

and the room by degrees was growing dark though the lights we still on. No

one else seem to notice this, why, I don't know. I jumped up and told her I

had to go. For weeks I felt like I was dirty, not physically, but dirty,

touched by evil.

About a year later we moved to a small town in Iowa. Only I seemed to be

tormented. I'd wake up at night paralized and terrified. I'd feel like I was

being sucked into a black hole and fight it. If I moved any part of my body

whatever it was seemed to let go, but it was hard as hell trying to move.

When I'd be exsausted from fighting this force and it would happen again I'd

give into it. I was to the point where I couldn't stand not sleeping and

figured i'd just give up, anything to sleep. When I did, my pillow burst into

flames. Somehow I moved and looked around me and nothing had happened but I'd

seen the falmes and felt the heat. Through the next 4 years, from '88 to '91,

I only got a good restful sleep the month I had mono. I became an isomniact

and needless to say had very poor health. And still this tormenting

continued. We finally moved to another state. The iccidents followed me. I

never though it was the houses but I'd hope I'd be fine. I wasn't. I was

watching the 3 channels we had in the booneys late one night and the 700 club

came on. Now, I was raised Catholic and believe in God, but I'm not into

watching Evangilists. I stayed tune because the subject was about hauntings.

I learned then how evil OUJI boards were and relized I'd been living with the

results of that fateful night for over 7 years. Then they, the evangilists,

said to say this prayer with them. I did. With all my heart and soul. And

it stopped. I was hesitent to believe it at first, caustious, sleeping with

the lights on, door opened as I had since I was 9. After the first 6 months I

could sleep with the lights off. After a year I could sleep with the door

closed and in complete darkness.

I still have the faint twinges of these hauntings but they are just nightmares

now. Once in awhile I'll get the feeling somethings not right but it has

nothing to do with the hauntings, it has to do with my nature of predicting

things and knowing things. Now I can deal with it though. I also have now a

hightened awareness of evil. Not too long ago my mother interduced me to a

friend of hers. She was nice enough but for some reason I can't stand to be

around her. I make sure I'm never alone with her in the same room. I don't

think it's her herself but a presents she carries with her. I just don't want

to have that present with ME. Been there done that.

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