Phantom Car

By: Anonymous

This was told to me by a friend,  I have no reason to doubt the truth of what he says.  He was reluctant to tell me  because he thought I might not believe him.  He was driving his wife and son home to London after a day in the country.  Rather than use the crowded trunk route, he drove along one of those narrow country roads which are not even marked on a map.  At one point as he drove downhill he could see a bright red car coming towards him on the other side of the valley.  Both his wife and son confirmed that there was another car so when he reached a passing place he pulled over and waited for the other car to pass.  It never arrived, so after 5 minutes he decided to continue,  driving slowly in case the other car re-appeared.  There were no crossroads or entrances where the other car could have turned and when he eventually reached the main road he found a police patrol car parked in a lay-by.  He stopped to ask the two officers if there was another car but they said that his was the first they had seen in over an hour on that road.  He told them what they had seen,  and they repeated that no other vehicle had gone down that road.  When he and his family insisted that they had seen a red car,  one of the police officers almost choked.  He told them that he had been called to an accident on that road a year before,  when the driver of a red Volkswagen was killed when he lost control of the vehicle.  My friend and his family think they saw a re-enactment of that journey.

Southern California

San Gabriel Mission - Sometime around the mid 80's I was doing research for family information regarding the mission having several distant ancestors and relatives buried there. I decided to examine the interior of the old church during my visit. I made my way through the old main doors that face east and into a darkwood foyer booth with glass windows on the inside entry of the sanctuary. After venturing into the aisles of the sanctuary, only being there but a few minutes I heard the the large main door and foyer door hinges slowly creaking one after another as if someone were cautiously entering the sanctuary. As I turned I noticed the large main entry door beyound was slightly ajar and the daylight sky beaming through it. I figured that this was only a slight gust from the warm Santa Ana winds outside that blow from that eastward direction. I looked back toward the sanctuary taking in the history of it all when after about a delay of 10 to 20 seconds I felt a slow creeping chill working its way across my left forearm toward my hand. I can only describe this as a sensation that seemed somewhat deliberate like someone was getting my attention by rubbing my arm. The strange thing about it was that this sensation of cool air was isolated to just one part of my body and was intense like a dry ice chill that crept while making small lateral circulating "rubbing" patterns toward my hand. I felt no other occurences of air movement in the sanctuary at that time. If I had to make a personified analogy of these senses then I would say that it seemed as though someone slowly entered the church, through the foyer door and went to tell me something by rubbing my arm perhaps a small child or an elderly woman. At my first reaction to this occurence I looked down in front of me and stared straight at a padlocked metal box with the word "DONATIONS" painted across it. I reached down to my right trouser pocket which coincidently was full of quite a deal of coinage. As humanly possible I unloaded every last penny into the donation box and immediately left the church building startled.
Estancia High School in Costa Mesa and Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach - Both of these locations are situated on bluffs that overlook parts of Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley which include a once meandering Santa Ana river and a channel that flowed through Bolsa Chica. The lowlands once contained various water fowl that even the earliest inhabitants hunted while occupying villages on the bluffs. These two locations have in common the close proximity of native burials. The one at Estancia is refered to as the Lukup village and the one one at Bolsa Chica might be as well. Certain members of my family have been assigned to the monitoring and reinterrment of native burials in the L.A. Basin and parts of Orange County as being of Tongva (Gabrielino) descent. Bolsa Chica had bunkers built during WWII to guard against a Japanese invasion. I believe they may have been torn down but there is controversy about developing the area. In the case of Estancia the burials have been disturbed by looters for rare artifacts in the past but are now legally protected by law. I have heard about occurences about these places and will investigate further from people who may have had experiences.
Laurel Canyon - One of things I've heard is that the name of a smaller canyon above, west and adjacent to Laurel translates to "the place of shadows" or something similar, also a burial site.
BTW - Fairly recently there was some genealogical work done about my native California family. There was a Teresa Rojas a Gabrielino indian buried behind the mission near some Henninger relatives. Before she remarried she was married to an American gold miner and settler in the 1850's by the name of William Henninger. His family goes back to Missouri, Virginia, Dutch Pennsylvania, and Swiss Bavaria. Some of his ancestors were Overmountainmen who fought at King's Mountain during the American Revolution. He had other distant relatives on both sides of the Civil War. He settled above Pasadena in the San Gabriel Mountains around the time of the Gold Rush. Teresa remarried someone with the last name Rojas later after William passed away but was met with further tragedy during her life including the killing of a son that appeared in the local San Gabriel newspaper. In her later years she became blind and was led around by her grand-daughter. One newspaper account describes her as weeping alone in her room with her grandchild upon the news of her son's death. I can only wonder if it was she who paid me a visit in the old mission that day.

My Friendly Ghost


I live in a house that is around eighty years old. That, in terms of my neighborhood and what houses can be in my state, is of medium age. We had never really experienced anything really strange until a couple of weeks ago. I thought this was weird. I'm not an expert on this area, but I am almost positive there is something else living in our house with us. I myself am the only one to have come close to contact with our ghost, but I sense that she doesn't mind us living there and she normally isn't trying to make her presence known. One of the ghostly happenings occured late at night. It was around one in the morning and I wanted a glass of water. My room is on the top story and the kitchen is on the first floor. I went down my stairs and I heard that the water was on. This made me curious and I ventured into the kitchen. It was dark, but I was certain that I saw a white figure hovering over the sink washing her hands. I ran back up to my room and went to sleep. The next morning I asked my dad if he had been in the kitchen, he had replied that he had not. I sensed that she was not a bad ghost so I tried to find her, but I was unable to. The next occurance happened in daylight. I had placed my cake that was going to go to a friends party with me on a coffe table in our living room. I was alone. I went to the bathroom and while I was washing my hands I heard a crash from the living room. The plate it was on had fallen of off the table, but where was the cake. I turned around and there it was, sitting on the table behind me. I said thank you and ran outside with the cake just on a piece of cardboard, "Liz doesn't need a plate." The third occurance happened during the day as well. My neighbor had a lemonade stand on our corner. I was sitting outside reading when a van pulled up. A woman and a child came up and asked if my neighbor owned the house she told them I did and the woman came to talk to me. She informed me that her late mother had once lived in the house and I invited them inside. Her little girl went off to play with my dog and my dad talked to the woman for a while. All of the sudden the little girl came running into the room. She whispered something to her mom and the woman turned pale. The woman informed us that her daughter had seen her grandmother and the daughter was to tell the mom that she says goodbye. The woman left and I never saw the ghost again.

Little Things


Hey, I have always beleived in ghosts for as long as I can remember. I am only 12 and have had a few experiences that were just small and not very scary and some friends who have had the same (experiences that arent that big.) Any way on to the stories I'll start with my own.
My Grandfather died of a tomber last year (this will also relate to one of my stories later on) and about 2 months after he died i slept over at my grandmothers house and slept in his room (which at the time and still is being used as a TV. room) I was sleeping on the fouton trying to fall asleep and sweating like crazy when the bed started shaking! I dont think this was my Grandfather though because it scared me to death and for all i know it was my imagination but what happened next was the strange part. It was about 3 oclock in the morning and after the bed shaking stopped i decided to tur on the TV.
I fell asleep with the remote in my hand.
The next morning I woke up and my grandmother said that around 4:30 she came in my room to turn off the tv and found the remote exactly where it should have been, face up on top of the tv!
My next experience is scarier than this one but surprisingly didnt scare me at all.
I woke up to my alarm as always about a halfhour before anyone else. I went to use the bathroom and take a shower. as i was... on the can, I was suddenly shocked by three very hard, loud, angry bangs on the door! after i was done i went outside of the bathroom and right when i opened the door my mom came out of her room so i asked if she heard the banging on the door and she said no. so i still wonder how no one was woken up by the banging.
Now on to other experiences. My cousin, who is my age once saw a sparkling bue light go down the hall into a room and when he went in the room to see it there was nothing there. One time my cousins friend went to his cottage and was in the bathroom. he glanced up at the mirror and saw his dead grandfather walk bye.
Well those are all the experiences I've had (or at least remember) But I am sure I will have LOTS more because my uncle just baught a cottage beside a dock in the ocean... beside a graveyard and this cottage is very very old sooooooooo I'm thinking there is bound to be at least one ghost learking around waiting to haunt! and i cant wait so thanks for reading my long storiesand hope you will read the ones that will probably soon come, good bye.

Way of Life


I found your site, it's pretty neat.  I'm 30 years old and have always thought ghosts were normal.  I've lived with them and they became a way of life.
My mother and I must have some kind of connection with ghosts.  My father and sisters tink we are crazy.  My brother he is kind of a believer but I think chooses not to let anyone know.
My earliest memory was when I was 5, I used to talk to a little girl in my room, I didnt realize she was a ghost until I realized she never aged and always wore the same clothes.
During my childhood we lived in a house until I was in Junior High.  None of my friends could stand being in there, they didnt know why, but just said it was cold and they always felt like someone was watching them.  Things constantly happened, seen and unseen.  We pretty much had a old man ghost that resided there, but there were many passer by ones too.  Good and bad.  At the time my mom never told us about ghosts, who would?  Would you tell your kid "ghosts live here, or a ghost broke that?"  NO!  But growing up when things got broke or there was a flooded laundry room, things thrown all over, and us kids didnt get in trouble I now understand why.
Over the past couple years talking to my mother, I find out there were 2 older men ghosts living there, one that was good, the one that I guess can say was there for me.  The other that was for her, he was bad, she said he left but before he did he did something to her and she will never tell, she said she will take that to her grave.
We moved and moving I figured would make them go away but they only followed.  My parents built their home and the property they built it on has some stories behind it.  Well because I was a teenager I chose to sleep in the basement, this was not a good idea at all.  My friends and I started playing with Ouija boards and of course we had spirits contacting us, none of these were good spirits either, they hated me, they were mad, made the thingy fly across the board and would say some horrible stuff about me.  I finally got one spirit named Frederick James who died in 1800 something and he said spirits were angry because I "escaped death" come to find out I was sick as an infant and was actually given 24 hours to live...ta da, I'm still here!
Also, just to name a few other experiences, Growing up I have never spoke to my grandfather, he died when I was 12.  He was in the hospital in a coma, the phone rang early in the morning, I sensed that my sister got up, not even a minute later I felt something sit on my bed, assuming it was my sister I opened my eyes, it was my grandpa!  Thinking I was dreaming and being a brat I started mouthing off, saying "your in the hospital dying, your not here" I started kicking him, only to be told to "knock it off" he said to me that he had to tell me something.  He said in close to these words that "something you can do can help your grandma and others, watch out for your grandma and help her"  again i was mouthing off, he said "he was going home" again mouthing off, then he pointed up, and left.  I was still kicking and then my sister was there telling me my grandpa had died and all I said was "I know"  She always thought that was weird.  I never told anyone about this until a few years ago when my mom was talking about my grandpa, the subject came up about him dying and I stopped her and I said he was pointing up, right?  She looked at me weird and asked how I knew, I told her and she totally freaked.  My grandpa actually came out of his coma for a few minutes before he died, was kicking around in the bed to get my grandmas and uncles attention and all he did was point up and passed away.  There was no way I could of possibly knew this.
I still dont know what I "can do" other than somewhat communicate with the dead, I have a little psycic ability but choose not to use it, I block it out, I dont like it at all.
My 6 year old son has some of the same abilities too.  He met my husband when he was 3, he asked where his dad was, he said in heaven.  End of story.  My son was sitting upstairs playing all alone and comes to the top of the stairs and said "why wont god save your dad?  He wont go to heaven because he's not ready, but why wont god save him?"  also there's been other times we will be just doing something simple, like eating dinner, talking about work and he will come out and ask, where's your dad's green chair?  (my husbands dad had a favorite green chair from the 70's) anothr time he found a picture, where he got it from who knows but he said "why is your dad's picture in a box?" ...he's never seen pictures of him.
Like me as a child my son does not know differently, I guess it's normal to him, he still talks about stuff, he talks about things he could not possibly know about, I dont encourage it, I dont want him to grow up like I did.
I could go on an on for hours, I have 30 years with this "thing" but I better stop here!



While swimming at the river near my house one day , my Dad , uncle , and cousin decided to lye on the rocks and sun bathe . They put their arms over their eyes to keep the sun out of them . My Dad heard someone walk up beside him and just stand there . He tried to see who it was but the sun was too bright . So , he just lay there . I had looked over about the same time and I saw a young girl between the age of 17 and 20 . She had long blond hair and was wearing a pastel rainbow colored bikini .She was just standing over my dad and staring at him .I turned to my other cousin who was with us and told her to look , and we both looked back at the same time . It was maybe 10 to 20 seconds from the time I looked away to the time I looked back at the girl . But , when I did , she was gone . No one had seen her walk up and no one had seen her walk away and there was no way she could have left that fast because the rocks were very slippery and you had to be extremely careful when walking on them so you didn't fall .I yelled over to my dad and asked him if he saw which direction the girl had gone and he said he didn't even hear her leave .
So , my cousin and I , the one that was still swimming with me , went looking for the girl . We tried to find where she had come from and where she had gone . Not only did we not find her , but we didn't find anyone else . there was no cars , nothing with which a person would have been in . This particular area is not a safe one for anyone, especially a woman alone . So, we found it odd that she would be there alone . But she was nowhere to be found . When we arrived back at home I went directly to the public library to read some of the older newspapers  to see if there had been any drownings lately , and to see if anyone of the drowning victims fit the description of the girl we saw earlier that day.  A young lady of about 18 had drown there while swimming with her family . They were celebrating her eighteenth birthday and her highschool graduation . Not only did she not know how to swim , but no one in her family that was there with her knew how to swim as well . They gave a brief discription of the girl and she had , had long blond hair and was wearing a pastel rainbow colored bikini when she drown .We were all freaked out to say the least , but I want to go and see if she will come back again and maybe get some pictures . What do you think ? Did we see a ghost that day? Or was she just a very fast and quiet walker who could walk on the slick rocks and not fall ?
I hope you enjoyed reading my story and will read the others that I will submit . They are all true stories .


 Traverse City MI


I just thought that I would let you know an update to the State Hospital here in Traverse City, They are totally remodeling all the buildings. They are making the different buildings into assisted living homes. I think that they have about 5 buildings done now and are continuing work on others. There is talk about making one building into a restaurant and gift shop. I have been in the State Hospital: both when it was open and when it was closed. Being that my grandmother was one of the head nurses there I got to see a lot of "behind" the scenes. I admit it was and still is a very odd place to be many weird things going on there. There are tunnels too that connect all the buildings and I was told that that is where bad patients would be " handled like in another place I saw on your site. I have been to the hospital once a year on their yearly tour and I can say that you can wear a cross in and nothing happens to it.
The Hippie Tree .. now that is a scary place to be I will not go there. I have been there once and about had to change my underwear. There is a kinda water thing near it where all the local kids will go. And people get weird feelings there too.
Another thing is that I do not believe there to be a boy on Golden Rod that says those things. I have never heard of anyone being hit in a McDonalds parking lot here.
The girl at Central Grade School is quite possibly true. There have been many sightings there, and yes there is a smiley face.
Being that I grew up near East Mobile Trail I can say that that is definitely true. I remember being a kid and seeing that lady. All the kids on that road could not for the world get anyone to come over to their house because of her. Very rude ghost. And scary to little kids.
Sawyer Rd. is right down the road from E. Mobile Trail and I have never heard of that story.
I just thought that I would let you know what I knew let you update alittle maybe and good website. Talk to you later.


Prankster Streak


MY MOTHERS HOUSE: About 9 yrs. ago, i moved back in with my mom, i was 21 yrs. old. I felt strange in her house all the time, like i was being watched constantly. I have always felt that feeling since childhood. I am chicken about it, because thing happen to me that i can't explain. So i just passed it off as the same thing. My mom had just bought the house about 1 yr prior, so i didn't really familiarize myself with it. The first night, i was in my sisters bedroom watching tv. The channels kept changing and the tv would shut off by itself. It happened to many times for comfort. I almost knew what it was, but passed it off. My sister who was 11 at the time, just said it happened all the time. I didn't tell my mom cause ya know, it really wasn't a big deal.
Then the next night is when things really went crazy. My mom had gone out with some friends. I decided to do some heavy cleaning, and laundry. My sister and little brother were asleep by 10:00 as they had school. I started in the kitchen, scrubbing everything, i felt like someone was keeping and eye on me, it was an erie feeling, the laundry room is off of the kitchen, there are no windows in there to let in light, and that's where i felt someone was. But as i said before,  i am a chicken and just told myself i was imagining things. I finished up in the kitchen, it was a little after midnight when i started the laundry. I had to walk all the way through the laundry room to turn on the light (it's a long room).
I started my first load, then went into the living room to watch tv. I noticed that my little brother had come in the living room and layed on the couch while i was in the laundry room. He had his head covered completely with the blanket. I was shocked that he snuck by me without me noticing. I should have seen him come by, but i just guessed i was to busy to notice (more on that later). I heard the washer stop, so i went back to change loads. I started the washer and dryer, and went back to the living room. I had the tv turned down enough so i could hear the washer and dryer stop. All of a sudden the tv blared. It startled me, i got the remote and turned it back down. I heard the washer stop, and thought that it was too soon. So i went to look.
I stood in the doorway of the wash room and saw the lid up on the washer. I thought to myself that i was stupid cause i must have forgot to put it down, but i could swear that i shut it, and i even heard it running just before the tv incident, right. Ok, so i put down the lid again, and went back to the living room. I hadn't even set down in my chair yet when i heard it stop again, this time the dryer stopped too. So i ran back in there and from the doorway i saw the same damn thing, only this time the door to the dryer was open too. I just knew my sister was playing some kind of joke on me. So i went to her room. Nope wasn't her cause she really was asleep. She was not pretending. I knew it couldn't be my brother because he was on the couch and i would've seen him. I went in the living room to check on my brother, and he was gone, the blanket was still there, but he was gone.
That couldn't be, because we would have ran into eachother. The kids rooms are directly across from eachother, and the way they're set up, it would have been impossible for me not to have seen and heard him go back to bed. I then went to his room. He was there, and asleep. He was laying in the same position as the figure on the couch, and with the blaket pulled up over his head the same way. I really was feeling pretty frightened by now. I got brave though and i said out loud "who ever is playing this stupid joke on me better stop it". I went back to close the lids on the machines. I went back to the living room, and heard them both stop again. This time i was angry.
I just approched the doorway again, and when i saw the lid up on the wahser and dryer, i swear the feeling that went through my body was like pure electrical shock. I believe that the ghost went through my body or something, i was actually pushed back a little. All i could see for like a split second was black with little silvery sparkles. I felt something i can't explain. It was incredible and frightening all at the same time. No one has ever been able to explain what the black and silvery sparkles where. I swear to you that i was not passing out, or just blacking out. I have done that before and this was completely different. Anyway it only lasted a split second, and i was still standing. All the hair on my whole body was standing up, and i felt like i had a bad case of static cling. And a tingling sensation everywhere. Even my scalp tingled. What was all that. If anyone knows, please tell me.
I ran back to the living room scared to death and waited for my mom to come home. She walked in and when she saw me she instintly came to me. We still laugh about it to this day, because she said when she saw my face, i was as white as a ghost. Good choice of words right!! After i told her what happened she then began to tell me about her and the kids's experiences. She said she didn't want to tell me before because she didn't want to scare me.I was angry with her, because i wasn't prepared, not really. I mean i had a feeling that something wasn't right in the house, but couldn't confirm it. I definately got my proof. I can tell you about more experiences that my mom and siblings had there, and my mom still has. But i'm sure i've sent enough for now. I will tell you if your interested.
Thanks for listening to my story. I know it's probably one of the more boring ones, but trust me, i lived it and it was not boring.  My name is Kelly and i am from Central Missouri. People don't know this, but Missoui is very haunted. I wish more people knew that. Because there are some really great Ghost stories (real ones).

The Boy in the Doorway


I was about 12 I think and we were living in our old house, the one I grew up
in. Before this I hadn't ever really given any real thought to our house
being haunted. See my dad used to joke about a ghost named Amos that he said lived with us. Stuff would come up missing or things wouldn't be where they were supposed to be so he would blame it on Amos. So for me ghosts were always a joke until that one night. I was in my own room sound asleep. Which was scary enough since I only had my own room for a few months. Well, for no reason at all I just wake up and roll over to face my door that was open b/c I was scared to sleep with it shut then, and wow was that a bad idea. I compleatly froze b/c in my door way was this glowing figure of a boy about the same age with baggy cloths and a baseball cap on. I honestly didn't' know what to do. So I just laid there and stared at him and I think he stared back, I coldn't really tell b/c I couldn't make out the details of his face he was so bright but the strange thing was that my room didn't light up it was just him. Well, anyway thats not the thing thats so scary. The really scary part is that after about a good 30 seconds of looking at eachother he raised his hand, pointed at me and began to move across my room. Not coming towards me but just going along the wall from the door to the other end of my room. The whole time just starring and pointing, and when he got to the other wall he just vanished. From that point on all kinds of weird stuff started to happen there. I would hear people running up and down the stairs at night b/c they were right on the other side of my wall and the house was old so it was loud. Things in my room and my room only would be in different places after leaving it for only a few minuets. Also my door handle would start to shake like somebody was trying to get in when it was
closed, it didn't happen a lot but it happened enough to make me wonder.......
well thats my story hope you like it!

New Orleans



Murder Mansion/Seabrook Texas


Murder Mansion was located in Seabrook, Texas. It has since been torn down. It was the site of several murders of young boys by the owner, a developer from California. He would abuse the boys, keep them prisoners in the huge mansion and then eventually kill them. One day 2 of the boys got loose while the owner was away and got ahold of his gun. They laid in wait for him to come home and then killed him with his own gun.  The house sat vacant for years. One day I rode my bicycle down by the house and was sitting watching the waves in the bay when my attention was drawn to the house. There were 2 black cats walking back and forth on the 2nd floor balcony which was enclosed by security bars. Every entrance and window and balcony was enclosed by bars so I thought it was strange that 2 cats would be in this house so I walked over to the rear of the house . It faced the bay, and was trying to coax the cats down. When all of the sudden a teenage boy and a very large rottweiller appeared at the window by the door. I explained what I was doing there since the boy was holding a gun. And the boy was very polite and ask if I had ever been inside the house. I said NO and he ask if I would like a tour. Curiosity got the best of me and I went down into the garage area where there was a servant entrance. The boy pulled the door open enough for me to squeeze thru and proceeded to give me a tour. The dog never made a sound. Not a bark or a pant or sounds when he walked and he was a very large rottweiller. The dog never left the boy's side the entire tour. There were a couple of rooms that were off limits. The boy said they belonged to his friends and they were locked.  When he showed me the master bedroom he showed me where the bullet had logged in the wall that killed the owner. There were still dark discolored stains on the carpet from the blood. Now this house was set up different than any other house I had ever seen. The front of the house and the rear of the house were split in 2 sections and there was a cat walk between the two and a sliding glass door at each end. After I had seen most of the house we were on the cat walk and I turned to ask the boy a question and both he and the dog were gone. There was no way they could have jumped over the side or opened the sliding door without making a sound. I managed to get out the same way I got in and quick. I got to my bicycle parked out by the water and both tires were flat. The air had been let out. So I walked my bike to a phone and called my roommate to come and get me in the car. When I told him what had happened he made me promise to NEVER go near the house again and would never say why. I never went back. But drove by all the time over the years and every time I passed my hair would stand on end & I got the shivers. I get the shivers everytime I tell this story.

Mother in law

Last year my ex mother in law died of a heart attack at 50 years old, just days after Mother's Day.  She made a really good career for herself as a hair dresser, and worked hard all her life.  She had just opened a restaurant, and was very excited.  We were real close and a week before she called me to tell me that she knew we were not spending time together as we used to, but she wanted me to know that as soon as she settles herself in with the new restaurant, and plus she was still working in her salon, she promised me that we would get together soon because the one thing she wanted to do was gather all her grandchildren and get a portrait done with them and her together.  And she told me that she will always love me because of what I did for her son-which was make a good man of him after all the trouble he gave in the beginning, but we still ended up divorcing.  And she will always look out for me and do anything for me and that she meant that from the bottom of her heart.  I was dating a guy at the time for 8 months who was a National Guard, and she told me not to fall in love with him because he will break my heart.  Point blank, just like that without us having a conversation about my situation.  A week later, she was dead.  The day of her wake, I did not want to go because I didn't want to see her in the coffin, I wanted to remember her the way she was.  That same day I also found out that the guy she warned me about was cheating on me, and indeed it hurt deeply because I had fallen in love with him.  We started arguing, and while he shouted that he was not going to leave me for no one, and I yelled at him to get out, my stereo system came on and Cindi Lauper started singing, I see your true colors shining through, I see your true colors and that's why I love you, and all of a sudden it was turned off again.  I had some ceramic floral bells on a shelf and those started ringing, and while we both stood in the middle of the room in stunned silence, I saw a dark shape rush past us from the room.  We both just looked at one another, he turned went to the couch, and sat down.  I went to my bedroom and laid down.  No more of anything was said. It was as though we were compelled somehow to separate and just be quiet.  The next day, he was gone and I did not hear from him again. I Know deep in my heart it was her, because that was her favorite song, and she did tell me she would always look out for me.

Haunted House


Located at  Norfolk, Virginia. This was my residence
from the age of seven yrs. old until 13 years old. This is actually a
duplex and people still live there now. My experience is one that i will
never forget. late at night as i and my family slept i would hear
footsteps of a woman walking with high heel shoes on eveynight. My
brother and i would wake up with long claw marks over our bodies. My mom
would hear people walking upstairs when no one was home. One night as i
slept something screamed in my ear i thought it was my brother but when i
turned over to look he was fast asleep. We heard cabinets slamming and
dishes being thrown in the sink late at night when no one was in the
kitchen. There have been numerous times when i would see a man walking
next door that was dressed in all black with a hump in his back in broad
day light, he looked very evil i would wait for him to open the door and
walk upstairs but never heard the door open or him go upstairs he would
just disappear my mom also has experienced this. My father said he didn't
believe us one day he was home by his self and when he opened the
bathroom door a little white fog passed by him and went down the hall, he
said he tried to follow it but it disappeared. I can go on and on about
these experiences. it was stated by a neighbor that years ago the duplex
was a whole house and that a man died there.

Don't Skip out of this School



CJHS Auditorium


I recently graduated from Choctaw High School, but something happened to me one day when I was a freshman at Choctaw Junior High. I know none of the history on it, other than a long time before, it had been the high school. Anyway, I took a drama class that I didn't seem to be very good at, so (with the teacher having to assign everyone a job. It being Jr high and all) I was always assigned to props or cleaning as was a friend of mine, Zac.
I'll start with the setting: it was stormy (it had to be stormy huh?) and our classroom was about 2 doors away from the auditorium, which was at the end of the hall. My teacher decided that it would be neat for us kids to turn off the lights, light some candles, and start our section on "Macbeth."
Being the two who generally knew where most of the props were, Zac and I were sent to the auditorium to fetch a few items. The set up of the large place isn't scary at all. It's all pretty new, but after you get behind the back curtain it's a different story. When you walk into the auditorium, you are faced with a wide open space with chairs stacked 10 at a time along both walls to your left and right. There are tall ceilings, and right in front of you is the stage. The stage itself isn't really huge, but the apron is a different story. it's a large semi-circle in front of the stage and the 4 steps leading up to it circle all the way around. On either side of the stage is a door used for various reasons. Mostly for custodial storage, but would be used for effect and variety in entrances and exits in the shows that our drama had. To get to the prop rooms you had to go onto the stage and behind the back curtain. There were also 2 doors to either side of the stage back here with about 10 stairs leading up to both of them. I had never been in the one on the right and I'm not even sure what was in it, it was the one on the left that the props were in.
I walked up the stairs to the old door with Zac close behind me. He was a bit of a fraidy cat while I was more of the headstrong, tomboy type. I tried to open the door, but couldnít. We had never had a problem with it before and I don't think it had a lock on it. Anyway, Zac pointed out that the light seemed to be on inside the room so I knocked on it. No one answered, so I put my ear up to the door thinking it was some horny teenagers who had snuck out of class and came in there. Naturally, Zac and I started to taunt them thinking that our assumptions were correct. We would make groaning and growling noises, say things like, "Oh baby!" the normal things that a 14 year old would do in that situation. All of a sudden the light turned off and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I suddenly realized that it was very cold in there. I hadn't noticed it before. Zac snuggled his head into my back. I think he had the same feeling as me. I tried the door again and it came right open and tried to reach my arm in to turn on the light, but it seemed to be burned out. Both of us being scared, confused, and curious, we weren't sure of how to act. Being the "tough girl" that I was I pushed ahead. I couldn't see anything and I ordered Zac to move out of the way because he was blocking what little light that was coming through the door. He took a step in and we started to rummage through the mess. He found the witch hat and put it on, I found a plastic "dagger" that looked more like it had come from one of those cheep "scary Movie" costumes, and that's about the time that I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head to look but nothing was there. I looked around for Zac and he was on the other end of the room. I saw it again and raised the plastic knife, like it would do any good. Just the Zac said, "Kimmy, did you see that?" I asked what he saw and he said, "It looked like a shadow, but no one's in here." apparently the taunting we had done earlier had disgruntled whatever it was, and all I saw was Zac falling toward the door as if someone were pushing him. He scrambled his way out and so did I. I think I was almost to the bottom, when I got this idea that we were just being silly. I told Zac to quit joking around and I went back up. I started looking around the piles of boxes and shelves to find a flashlight or something that lit up so that I could see a bit better when I got a hard blow to the side of the head. It felt like someone hit me open-handed, but not like a slap. It was like a jab with their palm. I looked over, a bit disoriented, and I saw a tall, lanky shadow. It was darker than dark and it seemed to be about 7 feet tall. There were no lights behind me to make my shadow and it seemed to have a very definate edge to it. I couldn't make out fingers or hair. It just looked kind of akward. It's hard to explain. I was even a bit dizzy from the hit. I ran out as fast as I could only to find Zac and my teacher walking through the doors at the front. I stopped and wiped my eyes, because I was crying. I told them that I had fallen and I told Zac that I fell when we were running down the stairs from the prop room door. The first thing he did was run back to the classroom and when he saw that I wasn't behind him he got the teacher. She concluded that maybe it was someone that was up there doing drugs or smoking cigarettes (our school was notorious for stuff like that). But I know what it was, it was a shadow ghost. I have done research on what I saw and I'm sure of it. any comments?



For 2 years, I lived in a residence at a university in Halifax, Nova Scotia.   I wont mention the name of the school, as the source of the ghost is a painful memory for many and the ghost in question still has family employed here.  My residence is a very old building, parts of it were built during WW2.  Although Im sure there are other sources of ghostly activity here, I have been told that there are 2 main sources.  One is the ghost of a student who fell 4 floors to his death over the railing of a staicase while entoxicated.  The second and most troubling one was a dean that lived in the building and comitted suicide.  My experiences have been few but memorable.  I work in the building at present as front desk staff and do rounds on certain shifts.  In the parts of the building where the above events took place, the air is often cooler and one can feel a presense in the air when walking through that almost instantly dissapates as you walk away from the areas.  There is a kitchen ghost as well that walks around the huge kitchen area that makes food for the cafeteria. (maybe thats why the food is so bad).  This ghost is especially troubling and likes to pull on peoples clothing.  The haunting has been so severe at times that it has driven people to quit due to fear.  I spent one night on the backshift when the residence was empty and I heard things that I know should not have been hearing from an empty building.  Rather terrifying when you are the only one that should be around at 3am.  The most terrifying experience I had here was when I was coming off another backshift and I was attempting to go to sleep in the room I was sharing with my boyfriend until our apartment was ready.  This room is used as temporary residence until rooms are found for students who register late.  It consists of 8 bunkbeds.  I had made my bunk on one of the lower ones and was just getting ready for a good days sleep when I heard a definate breathing sound. It sounded as though there was a person in the room who was standing over me.  I am a very steady person usually and tried to brush this off as I laid in the empty room (my boyfriend was still sleeping in his old residence room upstairs).  I finally decided that there was no way I was going to be able to sleep in there and went to get Matt (the boyfriend) to help me get my blankets up to my old dorm room, which was empty at the time.  At the time it is about 730am and Matt is fast asleep.  After he is done grumping at me for waking him up, he proceeds to make fun of me for hearing things.  That is until he entered the room that I had been attempting to sleep in.  We both looked at eachother.  He could clearly hear it too.  It was so definate that you could even tell the height of where the breathing was coming from.  We both packed up my stuff and went back to my room very shaken.  All this happened before I had found out about the ghosts in the building.  My boss filled me in when I explained to her what had happened.  She was not suprised in the least.  Matt and I both heard the breathing again while we were staying there, before we moved to our nice ghost free apartment.

VoTech High School Ghosts


My mother's, friend's, husband is a janitor at my high school.  On the way home one day my mother was telling me about what he had seen.  He was closing up the school for the night when it happen.  Him and his friend were locking the door to the woodshop class.  Before he left, he made sure the door was locked.  He goes back to his office to grab his stuff and head out.  But then his friend walked into the room and said he had just locked up the woodshop for him.  Then he said "But I locked the door about 10 minutes ago," and he said "Well, when I want past it, the door was wide open." The two though nothing of it and they both headed out of the office.  To get to there cars they both have to pass the woodshop. While passing it, they noticed that the door was, again, open.  They got a little freaked and went inside to classroom to make sure no one was in there.  After making sure that everything was there, they again, locked the door.  And shook it to make sure it was locked.  They both decided to go back to the office really quick.  When they got there, they looked watched to video screen.  After watching it for a few minutes they were about to head out when one of them looked back at the screen.  The door, as they could see was closed.  Then when the crama looked back at the door, it was open again.  The two men got really spooked and ran out of the school.  After I heard this story, my Mom told me that the teacher of the wood class had passed away a few years ago.  We both though about it and we guessed that the teacher wasn't done with the school yet.  That he wanted to stay there and make sure that everything was done right.
Then another time one of the teachers was walking down the hall.  She had stayed there late grading papers and getting everything ready for tomorrow's lesson.  As she walked down the hall, she saw a white figure looking at her.  It was the chef who had died a few weeks ago from old age.  He just stood there smiling at her and then disappeared. Many of the teachers, then started seeing the two men.  The chef teacher and woodshop teacher.  They both show up from time to time making sure things are done right in there classrooms.
A few of my friends say they see the teachers but only for a second.  I see them too.  They always look happy to be at the school.  Even after death they don't want to leave the school.

Titanic Exhibit Haunting experience...


Last summer I went with my girlfriend and her parents to Illinois where they are originally from. We went to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry and visited the Titanic Exhibit they have set up. The exhibit was really cool and they had many replicas of parts of the ship like the grand staircase, and the outside of the ship that you can walk on. They had many artifacts that belonged to the passengers like eye glasses, clothing, and shaving razors and whatnot. As I walked into a new section of the exhibit, I walked through the door and started to check out some of the glass cases they had set up that contained some surviving china. As I was walking towards it, a man walked by me. He was tall. I am 6'3" and this guy was about the same height. He had black hair, and had a beard. He was very thin in the face with sunken in cheeks. This guy had black on, it was a long sleeve coat, the kind with the brass buttons going up. No one mentioned this guy and he didn't look like he was an actor walking around entertaining people. He reminded me of Abe Lincoln when I saw him. I got a weird vibe from him because he walked very close to me just looking straight ahead. I thought, 'ok, he is one of those re-enactors like they have at the renaissance fair' but the more I thought about it the more I thought maybe he was a ghost. Because if they did have reenactors at the exhibit, the guides didnt say anything about actors and why would they hire just one actor who didnt ever talk to the guests? For the whole rest of the exhibit I saw no employees or actors in costume or anything close to what I saw. As I understand it, ghosts are attached to their personal property and there was more than enough at the exhibit. I feel honored to have seen that man, whoever he was. If anyone has any comments or questions about this story, or you just want to tell me that I am crazy, let me know at

The Picture


Well, what ghost story should I tell. I guess the most recent one, which isnt much to tell.
When my kids are put to bed, I try to be quiet and turn down all the lights.  So, I end up on the Zone card games. I eventually grow tired of them and , out of couriosity, start to look up and read ghost stories.  One site leads to another, and eventually I get one that shows picture of ghosts caught on camera.
Most of them were orbs, small circles, some of them were vortexes, white tornato looking things in the picture.
Well, I started looking through my pictures, about 200 of them,  so I could find one for a small frame I had.  I noticed that about 6 of my pictures had what seemed to be a vortex across it. I also noticed that in each vortex picture was a picture of one or both of my children.
One picture stood out from the rest.  My mother was holding my newborn in front of a mirror, with a white streak across  the front of the film ruining the picture. Upon closer inspection of the mirror's reflection, there was a women looking down at the baby.
Many people saw the lady.  Many people saw a dirty mirror.
A couple of weeks later, I had a dream that I had lost the picture.  I woke up quickly and went to my desk where I kept the picture.  At the first glance, I saw an older man with a beard and mustache and a bald head looking at the baby from a reflection in the mirror.
I enhanced the phote to an 8x10, and nobody can deny the faces in the picture.
I think they are guardian angels.

The Padre Hotel Bakersfield update


Hello...Just wanted to pass along some info on the Padre Hotel in Bakersfield,Ca. The owner Mr.Miller died a few years ago and the new owner is restoring it.That hotel is wonderful.And was very erie.In high school we would go there and experience strange,unbelieveable things.For some reason the restoration of it is very slow.You never now what will happen to you in The Padre:)Also was wondering if you know about The Fox Theater in downtown Bakersfield..not to far from the Padre....I've hear stories of haunting there too.BHS is also very haunted I was glad to see you had that on your list.As a child I was on stage dancing (Harvey)and very strange events would happen with lights,sound...and backstage.All of us girls not on stage ....or just done with our performance...would venture off into dark hallways ...every year we would see something fantastic...very unexplainable.Years later went to BHS for school.Was in Dance there too...had several friends in "performing arts" I remember one day I was waiting for my friend to finish up with her rehersal we could head out for lunch.All I remeber was the teacher excusing eveyone and her walking towards thing I know out of the corner of my eye I see a sandbag (from curtains) fall and almost strike a fellow classmate.That is only one of several things I have experienced at BHS.Well I just wanted to let you know that your list for Bakersfield is right on track...There is so many places here that are haunted ...if you would like a few more for your list..I can write a small list..I have very few experiences myself...but I have heard many many stories.Thanks alot...and I hope you enjoyed my experiences

The New House


Hello, My name is Renae and I live in a small town, and you don't hear about hauntings and ghosts around here too much, but my family (My mom, dad, and younger brother) and I moved to a new house closer to my school I go to about two years ago and the people who lived in the house before us lived in it for over 54 years, in fact the people built the house. Anyways, strange things have been happening in the house. The first few months there had been tapping on my windows in my bedroom but the trees aren't close enough to be able to touch the window, but I just shrugged it off. After a while it just seemed to stop, but later my closet door and mirrors started to move for a least 5 to 10 minutes. I got so scared I started sleeping in my parents room. My parents started to worry about me always seeing their 14 year old daughter sleeping on the floor in their room every morning. They asked me if anything was wrong, but I decided to keep things to myself. My mirrors and my closet door stopped moving for about 5 months, so I decided that it finally stopped until one night i heard strange sounds...and someone calling my name...not loud..but faintly. It scared me so much i sat up and started screaming until my parents came in my room. I started thinking the house was haunted, but then I thought who could possibly haunt this house..when the people who lived in this house their whole life were still alive and their children were all still alive too.. The sounds stopped for the rest of that year.
In the middle of the second year, the fireplace began to make funny something was moving around in there. I decided to check it out
but when I did nothing was there...I decided I was hearing things. It
continued to happen..and i still couldn't find anything in the fireplace.
This is my third year living in this house and just recently, even more
strange things have been happening. I was on the computer, talking to a few
of my friends on a chat line when all of a sudden my computer shut down and my desk drawer started opening and closing. It continued to happen for 10 to 15 seconds. I couldn't bring anyone downstairs to show them because i was home alone. Later in the week, around 3:00am, I was on the computer again downloading music and looking for information on an upcoming marathon when all of a sudden I heard someone laugh and then heard them running up and down the stairs and all around upstairs. I went to go see and STILL there was nothing there...When i came back downstairs it happened all over again. I started to get really freaked out. It continued until 3:30. I phoned my cousin to come stay with me for the night and when she walked in the house it all stopped. After that nothing has happened....I don't know what is going on in this house...If anything else should happen in this house i will be sure to email you about it.


The Mall


Hello... I just read your page on haunted places in Florida, and would
like to make a contribution...
One morning a couple of years back, I got off the bus at Pompano Square
mall in Fort Lauderdale and ventured inside. This was the mall at which
Adam Welsh was abducted many years ago (I believe it was from a JCPenney
The mall was, when I was there, mostly empty. The JCPenney store is
gone, and appeared to have had its interior demolished, but nothing was
ever built there (or scheduled to be built, as far as I know).
There's a second floor at one end of the mall which houses the food
court, right next to the JCPenney, if I remember correctly. This area,
home to quite a few closed eateries, had a really bad vibe about it.
That's about as well as I can explain it. It constantly felt as if
someone was behind me, looking over my shoulder.... but when I looked
back, I could see that there was nobody up there except the lone
employee at the Subway. There was also a sound of someone walking around in the otherwise empty space.

The Knock

By: Cameron M. Rogers

When i first moved in to the new house it had seemed alright. i was 11 years old when the knock happened. I was laying in my room and i heard a knock. My mother always told me never to knock back if i hear something unkown knock. I knocked thinking i knew better, I thought I had scared it away. the screwdriver by the window where the knock happened had fell over and I felt a very uneasy breeze and felt like I was being watched wherever I turned. I am tweleve now. I called my mom at work crying because of hearing things so terrifying.Things moved by themselves and I heard horrifying voices calling my name. I am still afrad of what is going on. Maybe i am just paranoid. I doubt it seriously. It still goes on and it scares me to death. I hate going into a room alone scared to death of what i might see,hear, or feel.

The Hospital


When I was little, my mom told me this experience that she had encounter in
one of the hospital that she was staying in. Well, she told me that after
when she was done talking to this lady, she came back to her bed and
suddenly there was this young women who had long, black hair pushed her and try to choked her. My mom tried to yell for the lady next door, but the
pressure was too strong for her to scream out. Since my mom was buddist, she prayed and prayed asking to let the spirit go away. After a few minutes, it was gone.
   Later, there were nurses who rushed in my mom's room. She told them what had happened to her. They later told her that before my mom came and use the room, there was this lady who was really sick and died on the same bed that my mom was staying in.

The Figure in the Closet


The whole thing started when i had some friends over.
We were down in my basement  playing video games when my closetdoor opened and we saw an image and then we all ran upstairs scared out of our pants.
The next day i was all alone in the basement when the closetdoor opened again,i saw a figure then it started moving at me i tried to run but my body was frozen then right before it could get any closer i told it to leave me alone and before i knew it the figure was gone,and i havent saw it since.

The Doll Room


About a year ago I was stay the night with my cousin
over at my grandmothers house. We were staying in the
guest room/doll room. We were laying down in the bed
(I'm afraid of the dark and I can't sleep without the
covers over my head) and I put the covers over my head
under the covers (our light switch is circular and you
have to push it in and turn it to adjust the light)but
my eyes were still open and all of a sudden  the
lights just slowly came on and I asked my cousin Mandy
why she turned the lights on and I turned over and she
she didn't and that she was lying in bed the whole
time.thanks for reading this

Strange Things


Hello. I moved into my house a few years ago. I was very fascinated by ghosts and bought and read almost every ghost book i was able to find. Every night I would ask my mom, if there were any ghosts in the house. It wasn't until last year that my family members started hearing an seeing things. Since my parents are divorced, i went to vitist my father for some of the summer. One, night my sister called me in the middle of the night afraid, and unable to fall alseep. She told me that she woke up to chains rattling in her room. My mom was also awoken by the loud noise. My mom repeatedly told my sister to stop the noise. My sister said each time that she wasn't doing it. My mom jumped out of her bed and right when she stepped into my sisters room, the noise stopped. My sister was still in her bed holding onto her bed sheets. But that's not all. My house is very haunted. My gaurdian who lives with us sees a clear white figure of a women. He claims that he can see her face. He says that she watches him, stares at him in the front entry way of his room sevrely times. He has also seen her in our living room, sitting on a wooden rocking chair, with a blue plaid blanket. We don't own a rocking chair. I was also in his room one night watching a movie, when we heard nocking all around the room. Loud and repeating! I was really scared. I didn't know what to do, it was only the first time sumthing supernatural happened to me. The first time i was up in the morning getting ready for school.. I was thinking to myself, and unconciencly laughed at myself while tripped over sumthing. Then I heard an older woman stricktly call my name. I got up and paused. I was frozen with fear. I turned around, only to see no one behind, or beside me. I ran upstairs balling my eyes out. I sat on my bed closed my door, and didn't get ready for school. Another incedent that happened to me, was that I was in my room, trying to fall asleep when one of the stuffed animals that i recieved from my grandparents many years ago was trown at me. It was at the other end of my room, and there it was on the end of my bed. I couldn't go to sleep. I was too scared. Another thing that happened to me, was one night when I had a fight with my sister. My mom brought into her room, so we could talk about my sister and my fight. I started looking at the t.v which wasn't one. In the reflection I saw a dark figure. i thought it was my gaurdian. I looked over to the entry way right by the door, and I saw this 6'' black shadow. I could tell it was a man. It just starred at me, and amazingly i wasn't scared. I starred right back at. My mom has never seen a ghost, so I said, "look theres a ghost" very comly and pointed. My mom looked over and said " I don't see it" I said look, it's right by ur door. She looked again, and didn't see ne thing, but kept starring. The black figure didn't walk away..or dissapear...but.....moved to it's side, without stepping. Do you know what I mean. If you were to poke ur head in to look at sumthing, moving only half your body, and keeping you feet planted in the ground and then move back. Then i couldn't see it any more. I wasn't scared. It was the first time, I wasn't scared. But later on, my mom got what she wanted. Sumthing strange happened to her. She was getting ready for work, and while walking down the stairs, she heard two women laughing. My mom said it sound like there was one person in the living room, and another person in the what we call now the "computer room." She also said that it didn't sound like they were laughing at my mom, but more like they were laughing at a joke. But at the time my mom was so scared that she ran down the stairs and flew out of the house! When I told you that my house was haunted, i ment it lol. I still have many more stories to tell you. This is concerning my sister. When she was a little girl, at age 2, my sister talked and played with a ghost. I can't remember the name she said but if i'm correct, I believe it was Debo. My sister would talk to this ghost, and when my mom was curious about this ghost friend of hers, my mom would sit outside my sisters room and listen to their conversation. Now I do know of imaginary friends, but, most children get imaginary friends when they are around the ages of 4 and 5, not 2 years old. At this age the brain is not developed enough, to produce imaginary creatures. My sister already had an imaginary friend. It was a pillow.. lol funny enough...but that's why I brought this story, and the one thing my sister remember to this day, is that her ghost friend said " I have to go know,don't worry, I will be back." This was about a year to a year and a half after first meeting her ghost friend. She also said that she and her ghost friend would also play with eachother in her dreams. She saw him in her dreams, and when she was awake. Now this happened when we used to live in a different house which is NOW as old as I am. 14.  The house I live in now is only 70 years old, has a major history, and is very haunted.I wasn't even able to tell you all of the stories, and experiences, but I haven't heard any thing lately, because i asked to stop wispearing to me, stop talking to me and stop appearing infront of must have worked...but my gaurdian still hears, and sees things........


Sister's Friends House


My sister's friend has ghosts in her house . One time my sister saw a green glowing man outside her friends bedroom door. I also have saw a ghost in my friends little brother's room I closed my eyes and opened them an there was a old women walking in a white glowing night gown and a candle in her hand and long white hair.Then she looked at me and smiled. I cloesd my eyes and she was gone.



i love this site. i know hundreds or even thousands of people experience this stuff.I live in hull massachussets,wich is a really,really small town(a peninsula).about seven miles from end to end. and i think some where from a mile to a mile 1/2 was founded in the 1600s.what i love most about it is the history.there are ghosts on the streets and homes.i...i think a have a slightly faded but sometimes powerful gift.mostly people in my immediet family don't believe me , but an old teacher said i do have a gift,and my friends believe me.anyway, my house was built in 1924, and i'm the only one that lives here that can feel the difference of presence in the basement where my brothers and sister live, and the upstair where me and my parents live.once after going down stairs, i turneed on the light and saw a short shadow figure between my sisters room and my brothers room that almost immedietly went away.and there are a pair of fingerprints on the bottom of my sisters door that look like they slid off the bottom.i had this book i drew in and i lost it.i had a dream that it floated up from the front of my bed .when i woke up it was infront of my my old house i remember seeing another shadow figure just before i put my head underwater when i when into the pool.i always feel like i'm beeing wached in this house...once at school i had a feeling a friend of mine was going to win award that day at the assembly and he did.



I am currently 12, almost 13 years old at the time, but my story starts roughly 7 years ago, almost directly after my 6th birthday. First I have to explain that ever since my grandfather was thirty, he had been having liver problems. Around 35, he had a liver transplant that fixed everything, except that he would die earlier than expected because the liver was not his own.
The problems didn't start untill when he was about 50. That was when he got diabetes. The liver still worked fine. I was born in 1990, and his first grandchild, I was always his favorite, his princess.
The problems with the liver started when I was around 5, a year before he died. Just little things, but the doctors knew he was going to die soon. He couldn't come to my birthday party because he was in the hospital that day. He visited me after he got home, though.
Sometiime after my birthday, he was rushed to the hospital because the liver was failing. He died within two days, we never said good-bye to each other. He never saw my little brother, Dan being born a month later, and he never said goodbye to my other brother, Eric, who was 3 at the time.
I must tell you that downstairs in my grandmother's house, in the basement, there was, and still is, a beautiful, handmade, victorian style dollhouse that he was building for me. He was almost done, and was planning on giving it to me for christmas, even though I had seen it before and already knew it was mine.
Anyway, the next time I went to my grandmother's house, I went downstairs to play with my dollhouse and pretend that he had never died and that he was waiting for me downstairs. But I got down there, and after crying a bit, I got up and started playing with the dollhouse. I was moving a couch in the living room, when I remember that I heard the Mario theme song.
Now, upstairs, we had a really old Super Nintendo that me and Papa always played. We had a few games, but we always played Mario the most. I thought that Eric had started playing it upstairs, so I went on playing.
Probably fifteen minutes later, I saw a hand reach out and pick up a chair. Me, being a six-year old, didn't believe that he was dead, I thought he was just on a long trip and he would be back later. I looked up and saw the face of my dead Papa looking kindly at me. He looked at me and clearly said, "I'm sorry I had to miss your birthday, I promise I wont miss anymore." Then he turned around and walked up the steps. I followed him up, but when I got to the top, he was gone, and I just figured that he was inside. I went back down and kept playing.
I eventually learned to accept that he was dead, but I was thorouly unonvinced that he was gone. I had had several experiences with his ghost.
The first one was the one mentioned above, the second one was about a year later, though since the first time, I had experienced a coolness in certain spots. Anyway, my second experience was on my seventh birthday, and I was downstairs using the dollhouse again, when the same hand that I had seen the previous year, reached out, fist holding something.
I looked up, and once again, I saw my Papa looking kindly at me. He talked to me again, "Hello, Princess, I brought you something." I smiled, "What is it, Papa?" I asked, "Just my present, Happy Birthday." He put his fist on the table and opened it. A rose petal, preserved in a see-through rock, was laying there. I turned to think him, but when I looked, he was gone. By then I had sort of figured out that it was some type of ghost.
Over the next five years, he always appeared on my birthday, with a special gift. Though in between the year-long periods, I see images of his face in the stone wall, that disappear, and once, last year, a few months before my birthday, Dan came down with me for the first time, and Papa appeared after Dan left, he asked who Dan was, and I told him that Dan was my little brother, and his third grandchild. He smiled at the thought of another child.
I havn't felt any signs of him for the past six months, and I hope that he hasn't disappeared for good. I know that my cousin, Mia, can see ghosts, and I hope that one year on my birthday, I an bring her down so that she an meet her dead grandpa.
My grandmother has no idea about this, and I don't want to tell her. Thank you for reading my experienes, I hope that you will put this on your site.

Old Gunn Church


Hello, my name is Nita Avant. and i have come in contact with many unexplainable things, and they have scart me.
i live in Georgetown county and me and a bunch of my friends and my x-boy friend has went to Old Gunn Church and my mom and my dad did too when they were younger.
The legend of Old Gunn Church is that Mr. Gunn built the church for the slaves so they can go to church. but other ppl didnt approve of it. One day while the constuction was in the proccess a man fell off of the steep tower, and then when Mr. Gunn was up there he HUNG himself. well finally the church was completed but a few weeks after the construction was done some one set it on fire.
At nights when it is 12:00 midnight the whole center of the church has a beam of glowing light strait  down the center of the church...... in front of it is a road and the whole thing glows too. but those are the only things out there that glows and the rest is black.
When me and my  x- boyfriend and his friends all went there and the church and road was glowing and the car would not crank for an hour.
the stones that was used for the construction was shipped here from over in Ireland and the whole church was built out of those stones. the stones was shipped over here 1bye1.
well that was my experieance with Old Gunn Church.
But the chruch's remains is still very beautiful during the day.
there is a plaq that stands in front of the church read it and youll find out what it says...........

Old Bytown Jail


I recently was in back in my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and went on the "Haunted Ghost Walk of Ottawa's" Ghost and Gallows Tour.
Here's my story: I am from Ottawa originally, but now live in the U.S. I wanted to show my American husband some of the highlights of my hometown, so we went with my sister, son and niece on the "Ghost and Gallows" tour, specifically because of the family (through marriage only) connection to Thomas D'Arcy McGee, who was assassinated (allegedly) by Patrick Whalen in the early 1800's.
The whole walk was fun, informative and the stories our guide Karine told, made the hair stand up on my arms. But my favourite part was about to begin when we went to the old Bytown Jail, downtown. Built in the early 1800's, it is known as "one of the most haunted places in North America."A former neighbour of mine, was once the manager of the Youth Hostel, which is what the old jail is now used for.
This is a long story, so bear with me.
We went at night and the jail is very dark outside. We passed through arched wooden doors, to a courtyard. We stepped up to the doorway (very gloomy and ominous) and when I looked up I saw the trap door from which people who were hung, their bodies would drop down and swing above the spot I was standing on. Creepy to say the least. I had a very uneasy feeling when I was out in the courtyard though. I remember reading once that there was (is?)sort of a potters grave there, or close by the walls.
As we ascended the stairs and toured the first set of cells, all was fine,and very interesting, very tiny cells about 3 feet wide and seven feet long, barely enough room to move. How horrible it must have been to be incarcerated  there! Then we turned the corner to "Death Row".
Now imagine cells so dark, that almost no light seemed to penetrate into them. The only light source were two or three small bulbs, hanging from the ceiling. The floor was original and creaked with every step.
I looked through the bars and into the first two cells. I could barely discern the walls, it was so dark. Ok..creepy,sad, but I can handle this.
The third cell was different though.
As soon as I stepped in front of it, I was unable to breath, it was like a wave of totally evil blackness just smacked into me and a voice (or voice in my head) screamed "get away from here!!".
I jerked back and all the hair stood up on my body while a cold breeze rushed by my left hip.
I asked the girl beside me if she felt anything. She said no. I told her, "it's not good what's in that cell". I must have looked startled, because she kept staring at me. I walked back and forth in the same spot a half dozen times, but didn't feel that breeze again. There were no open windows, no air conditioning which could have explained this rush of cool air. In fact it was stifling hot up there.I kept turning down the hall and looking over my shoulder, because I had the strange feeling I was being watched. Something to the right down there, sort of shadowy, like a shoulder of a uniform. I was VERY uncomfortable to say the least and I could not wait to round the corner and get the heck out of there! I never in my life sensed such pure evil emanating from something. Whatever was in there was blacker  than black and not at all friendly. I was terrified, but better once I'd left the room. Just before we left that row, the very last cell on the right, I had a mental impression, of a man in old garb, sitting with his head in his hands and moaning, "what is to become of me" over and over. He had really bushy hair, that's all I remember. I couldn't hear what the guide was saying, so I don't know who was in these particular cells, but I know that Patrick Whalen was in one of them, along with some other very notorious criminals. There are pictures of them on the walls.
We passed through a door onto a landing that led down to the gallows and that trap door/noose I mentioned earlier.
The group was standing down on the next landing, except for my husband and another two other men, leaning against the railing. I could see them through the stair rails. I leaned with my hand against the door and it was like I couldn't breathe again. I heard many voices whispering but I couldn't make out what they were saying. It wasn't the group, there were only 18 of us and no one was speaking except our guide. I could also hear heavy boot steps on the stairs, but no one was moving. I heard what sounded like a priest, chanting last rites. I got dizzy and moved away to the door on the other side of the landing. I thought it had been locked earlier by the tour guide, as she had made a point of telling us that we would have to wait while she locked each door behind her, but I could be wrong. As I leaned towards it though, it popped open about 4 inches. The tour guide looked up at me and I closed the door gently. I didn't want to tell anyone about this, because 1. people will think you're crazy/making it up, and 2. I didn't want to draw attention. But I really had to tell someone, so I discussed it with Karine and a few others from the group. Ok...this all freaked me out a bit, but it's not unusual because I've had unexplainable things like this happen to me all my life.
Nonetheless, it was very, very entertaining. I had a hard time sleeping that night though, I kept seeing those cell bars in front of me. But the strange happenings were not over once the tour was finished, which I was about to find out.
When we all arrived back at my parents place, my Mother told me that my father had gotten agitated about 10:00 that evening, right around the time I was facing whatever that entity was in the cell and hallway.
He told her that "something is not right with XXXX (me),I don't know what it is, but we had better pray for her right now", so they dropped on their knees right there and prayed for me.
Now, religious or not, I'll tell you that when I was facing that "evil black cloak" it felt like it was being wrapped around me, and then all of a sudden it just lifted.
I truly believe that had my parents not prayed for me right then, that I would indeed have been in trouble.
I don't know what would have happened, but I don't think it would have been good!
Now, you don't have to believe a word of this, but it's the God's honest truth and something I'll certainly never forget!

Not Alone


I used to Live in the San Francisco Bay area in Point
Richmond, CA. There I shared an apartment with my
On occasion, I would feel "Not Alone" but never
Some times in the middle of the night, I would be
waken from sleeping by a woman's voice saying "Hello,
Hello." The voice was non threatening. Almost sounded
like she wanted to know if I could spare an egg or to
ask me if I wanted to go to a movie. I chalked this up
to a dream that I had woken up in the middle of.
From time to time, the computer monitor on the table
in the bedroom would switch on. Usually late at night.
I wrote this off to a bad switch or bad software.
The kicker for me came one night as I was making
dinner. I was in the rather cramped kitchen, slicing
and dicing away. Out side of the kitchen in the dining
area was an old box fan standing on the floor. I
walked out of the kitchen, past the fan to get
something off of the coffee table in the living room
then headed back into the kitchen. As I reached the
kitchen door, I realized that I grabbed the wrong
article off of the coffee table. For what ever reason,
I turned quickly on my heal and headed back towards
the coffee table. As I took my first step back toward
the coffee table (But in front of the fan) the fan
flipped over backwards as if I was about to run into
some one and they backed over it trying to get out of
my way.
What ever was going on, I never once felt threatened
by it. My wife on the other hand had some different
experiences then I did and was not very happy about
As my wife would work nights and I worked early
mornings, She would often sleep in the second bedroom
if she came home too late. She would tell of dresser
drawers opening and closing and a general sense of
discomfort. when she was sleeping in that room.
I moved from that apartment about 2 years ago and have
had no such experiences since I've moved.
I have no idea what was going on. If some one has an
idea of what was happening, Please post a response.

My Mothers Ghost


i have never been this open to just anyone about this. i am a true
beliver in the paranormal, just from the small experiences that i have
had before the one with my mothers ghost.well, anyway, this is my story.
my mother died in 1995, i took care of her for two months before she
passed away from cancer. she was a very unhappy and uncomfortable person
in those last two months and i tried to help make her happy. my sister
had moved to SC about two years earlier and she made me promise to call
her before it was time. well, the time came and i called her. my mother
held on for my sister to get there and she died the next morning. my
mother didn't believe in ghosts or anything of the sort, she said we just
had extraordinary imaginations when my sister and i told her of our
experiences. anyway, after my mom died i was extremely depressed and
didn't know what to do, so i turned to stupidness ( out catting around at
all hours of the night!) i had a three year old child and i didn't have
my mother there to help me raise her the right way. about two months
after she died i was still in her room, taking care of my daughter in my
fathers home,as well as his mother and my mother's mother. there was an
old painting that my dad put back in the room we were in that my mother
hated, i told him she wouldn't like that too much. he told me she would
get over it. boy, was he wrong! she would turn the painting almost on its
side  on the wall when i was out of the room! i showed it to him one day
and he thought i had done it.  well, in the next couple of days both my
grandmothers told my dad that they had seen my mother walking up the
stairs and that they were not crazy.he of course still did not believe
them. then all of a sudden it became quite clear to him that they weren't
crazy! he had a cat that had been my sister's before she moved, my mother
hated the cat, but the cat loved her. she followed her everywhere and
tried sitting in her lap all the time. anyway, my father was sitting at
the kitchen table where it faces the stairs that my mother would "walk"
up and down, the cat sat at the foot of the stairs just staring up at
them. he asked the cat what she was doing and the sound of foot steps
started down the stairs and ended in the kitchen, my fathers eyes got
really wide at that time, and we all stared at him and said, "SEE!". to
this day my fathers house is haunted with my mothers spirit, i guess she
couldn't let it go that there were no such things as ghosts!

My Mothers' Dead Girl comes Back


Hello, my name is Jaqueline. I live in Calgary,Alberta,Canada. About two months ago, I was at my mothers' house for the weekend to set up some decorations for my sisters birthday. My mother went out to the store to pick up the cake. It was about 9:00pm,and was pretty dark out. I was all alone by myself and didn't think anything of it. I felt a sense of comfort in my mothers' house and never felt "at risk". I went up to my old bedroom to get a magazine to read until my mother came home. My bedroom was directly across from my mother and father's bedroom. I walked in there, and looked directly at the window. It was open, and I didn't remember leaving it open. I shook it off and thought that mother must of left it open for a breeze. I clozed because it was cold. But suddenly, it flew back open, as i attempted four more times to close it, it felt as if someone was playing a joke on me and was pulling the window back open everytime I closed it. I then heard my closet door open. I looked behind me and stunned, I went to go and close that. As I did, I heard a loud cry coming from somewhere downstairs. I was very upset and shaking. I knew that no one was in the house, and I got very scared. I slowly walked down the stairs and about every 2 minutes, I would hear the strange shreik again and again. I started to hesitate about going down the stairs. I figured out that the noise was coming from the kitchen. It sounded like a small girls scream. I peaked around the corner and saw a "ghost like" figure of a girl. I couldn't scream because my throat was too tight and dry. I wanted to run andI was so scared. Then the figure looked up at me and smiled, then she stood up and walked threw the front door. I was still scared and curled up by the television until my mother came home about 10 minutes later. I told her about the strange experience and she looked at me and started to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she started to describe the girl. It matched the description perfectly. I asked her how she knew and she told me that about eight years before I was born, she had a small girl who died when she was five from a tumour in the brain. She said that the girl came and visited her every so often to say hello, and she usually ended up in the kitchen because that is where she died. I was shocked and then she told me that her name was Jaqueline Marie. Almost like mine. Whenever I go to my mother's hpuse now i try to stay clear from the kitchen becuase although my mother felt okay my Jaqueline Marie's presence I always felt scared.

My Grandfathers Ghost


Hello my name is Arnar and I am from Iceland. I have a story I
would like to share with the world. So, here goes.
My grandfather passed away about ten years ago. He and my grandmother lived in a two story house with a basement. Actually my grandmother still lives in the house. It is a fairly big house, but very dark at nights, that is,
inside the house. In the living room there is a big clock(like seen in
almost every ghost movie) which was built by my great grandfather a 100-110 years ago, it rings like an old church clock. For example it hammers twelve times when the clock turns 12.00 pm or am, but one time every half hour.
>From the main floor to the top floor there is an heavy steel stair. When you
step hard on the steps, there comes a loud noise in the whole stair.
This never happened before my grandfathers death. But about two or three
weeks after he passed away the stair started to make sounds it self. Just
like someone was walking up or down the stair. It also seems to me that only
me, my nephew and my grandmother heard this. And it could be heard at all
times of the day, many times a day, many days a week. Therefore it is very
strange that few other heard it since there were often about ten to fifteen
people in the house. Also my grandmother always said to me and my nephew that it was just the house moving. We never believed that, we just said o.k. just so our grandmother would feel better. And I think I did believe that until few years later. I was then in 2nd or 3rd class. I was alone in the
house, at that time. I was going upstairs to the toilet, when I was halfway
up the stairs, it happened. The stair started to make noises from above, one
step at a time, just like someone was walking down. I got so scared that I
just could not move at all, I was just like frozen. When I stopped, the
steps kept sounding and when it went past me, I felt ice cold breeze on my
body. I was still in my steps for over twenty minutes. And when I finally
could move, I ran down and out and then I ran all the way home. This spooked me so much that I didnít go to my grandmotherís house for a month or so. I went there again after I had convinced myself that it was my grandfathers ghost and it was all right. After that I just felt safe if I heard the stair make noises.
Before my grandfather passed away, I lived with my parents in the basement. I also had a room on the top floor. And I often had sleepovers with my friends there. They were always frightened by the clock, in the living room. When I was ten I had three friends of mine sleeping over, my best friend and two girls. The girls had never been to m grandparents house. And when the clock turned 12 and started hammering, the girls got very frightened and grabbed onto me and my friend. I told them that it was just the clock and that it was nothing to be scared of. But nearly as soon as I had said that the stair started making noises. The steps started sounding from below, the girls and my pal were very frightened, especially the girls. They went to the corner of the room and stood there screaming. And when the stair had stopped making noise, the three of them got out and went home. I never told them that it was my grandfathers ghost, they would probably have thought that I was crazy if I had.
And when I was eleven, me and my nephew were home alone at our grandmothers house. We were just watching television when the stair started sounding from above. We had gotten pretty use to this but that time we both looked at the stair. We looked because there was a lot more noise, that is like the steps were stepped on harder.
The house has a little room for coats and shoes, when you go outside, you go
through a door into that room and then through the front door. A few seconds after the stair stopped sounding the inner door was ripped open but not slammed to the wall. The upper half of the front door has white glass which you canít see through. There are figures in the glass, you can see through them. Just after the inner door was ripped open me and my nephew saw a shadow of a man with a hat. And just the shadow, it was standing in front of a figure in the glass, and instead of seeing a person we just saw outside. Then a short time later it walked away. After this incident there has been no sounds in the stair. And to tell the truth I miss hearing the sounds in
the stair, it always made me feel safe.
Is it likely that this spirit was my grandfathers ghost?
I know a lot of ghost Icelandic stories that I will send later. Also im
planing a trip to all the most haunted places in Iceland, for research i'll
inform you on that later


Midnight Ghost


Well, this happened when I was very, well, not very, but quite young, in my
old house. I was about 7 or 8. It was somewhere in April. And it was night.I
used to have very bad nightmares, so I slept with my mom at that age. At
about 3 pm, my mom went downstairs to the kitchen to get a drink. I woke up when she left the bed. She told me that she was thirsty, so she's going down stairs for some water. After 5 minutes, or so, she went back into the room. I was still awake, then, she turned on the lights and told something very scary. She said that when she was walking down the stairs, she saw a dark figure in the kitchen, where the water pitcher was. It could have been my aunt or my dad, but that "person" looked a lot like my grandmother, who
passed away when I was 4. I was so freaked out. But I couldn't show my mom that i was scared.So I just shrugged and kept my mouth shut.


Seen Many Things


My story starts about 13 years ago, when my parents, my older sister, and I were still living in Florida. My sister was about 3 at the time, and I was 1. My sister used to sit up in bed at night and cry, because she said there was a "little blue man" sitting in a chair by her door. To this day, she still swears she was not lying.
We moved to Oklahoma the next year, shortly before my 2nd birthday. We never had any problems in that house, until the day my dad left. I was 3, maybe for at the time. I don't remember the exact date, but I remember what happened. My dad was in his room, and I was sitting on the arm of our couch. To my right was a wooden wall, with an entertainment center blocking half of it. I was crying and watching the hallway that led to the bedrooms, waiting for my dad to come out. When he did, he was carrying a large brown suitcase. I remember begging him not to leave, but he just told me he had to and left. I was both sad and angry at the time, then I looked over towards the wooden wall. The part of the wall that was visible was covered in demon faces, all of them laughing, as my dad left the house. After that, the tv and lights would turn on and off by themselves, and other strange things happened.
We moved twice in the few years after that, but nothing interesting ever happened there.
The third move was into a duplex that was a part of a neighborhood funded by Charles Page. The neighborhood was supposedly built on an old Indian burial ground. I didn't have any problems at first, but then, after about 2 years, the voices started. When I was alone, they would call my name. That went on for a long time. Then, one night my sister, her friend, and I were recording a conversation we were having. When we played the tape back, there was a man's voice on the tape saying, "So?" in response to a comment I had made. We searched for logical explanations to what happened, but there simply were none. No one was allowed outside after 10:00 pm (it was 11:00 pm at the time), and there were no men in the house. The tv was not on, nor was the radio, and the voice certainly did not match any of ours. We still have not figured out what it was.
A year ago, we had to move. We moved into a small, 3 bedroom house that was not far away from where we had been living. The house was barely livable, but we had to move on short notice, and this was the only house we could find.
That house was haunted, and no matter how many times we blessed it, the ghost always came back. The first experience I had was a voice calling my name. There were also times when I would feel a presence, as though someone were watching me. Then, one night as I was walking past my bedroom, I happened to glance inside. There was a bright, blue ball of light floating at the foot of my bed. Needless to say, I moved my bed. I now had my bed arranged on the right wall, with my tv at the foot of it, so I could see the door clearly no matter what I was doing. The second thing that happened was the first time I actually saw the ghost. I was sitting at the foot of my bed, just about to turn my tv on, but for some reason, I hesitated. I sat there, staring at my own reflection in the tv, and then suddenly a boy appeared behind me, leaning forwards, with his face next to mine. His eyes were wide, and he was smiling. But there was something about his smile that scared me immensely. I still have his image in my mind. I was too scared to scream, but I did manage to turn around, though no one was there.
After that, I couldn't sleep in my bedroom anymore. I dragged a mattress off of my bed and slept on the floor in the living room. The second time I saw the ghost, He was sitting at the foot of my bed, staring at the floor. He looked to be about 16 or 17 years old, his hair was black, about to his shoulders, and and he wore jeans and a white t-shirt. While he still scared me, it wasn't nearly as bad as before. He wasn't smiling then. In fact, it actually looked as though he were crying. The next time I saw him, it was like being at a murder scene. I was in the bathroom brushing my hair, and when I looked over to the bathtub, there was the boy. I nearly fainted when I saw him. He was lying in the bathtub, dead, in a pool of his own blood. His wrists and throat were slit, and his eyes and mouth were open wide as if he were trying to scream. A few nights later, I saw a hand reach out of one of my drawers, latch on to the side of it, and pull itself back in.
The last time I saw him, I was home alone, in my bedroom, playing video games. I had just gotten off the phone with my exboyfriend, and was turning off the tv, when my door opened about 3 inches, and I saw a hand and an eye. Whatever it was stayed there for a moment, before turning and walking away. I heard 3 footsteps, then nothing else. Now, that was the experience that scared me the most in that house. First of all, my door frame was half rotted, so my door did not close on its own. Instead, I had to prop a box in front of it to keep it closed. My cats can't push that door open with the box there, and even if they could, that wouldn't explain the hand and eye that I saw, nor would it explain the footsteps. Second, the light in my room SHOULD have illuminated the entire body of whoever was standing there. Third, I only heard 3 footsteps, and nothing else. It takes at least 20 footsteps to get to the door, and the only window that was close had an air conditioner in it. Nonetheless, I ran out into the dining room and turned the light on. I didn't see anything, so I ran through the house, checking all the doors and windows, all of which were locked. By that time I was panicing. My mom should have been home by then, and I wanted to call her, but the phone was in my bedroom, so instead, I sat on the couch in the living room and started crying from fear. After a while I got up the nerve to run into my room and grab the phone. I called my mom, and she rushed home as fast as she could. When she got there, she told me of a ghost she had seen in that house, a girl, whom she saw standing in the doorway to the living room. That frightened me even more, and I couldn't sleep that night.
I didn't see the ghost again, though I did feel him. I would occasionally sleep in my room, and when I did, I would feel him sitting or lying on the bed next to me. There was one time that he actually layed his hand on my shoulder, and I could feel his breath on my neck. My room was always very cold compared to the rest of the house. After a while, the ghost started coming more frequently, almost on a daily basis. Though I never did see him, I could feel him sitting on my mattress as I slept, or watching over me when I stayed up at night. I grew very used to him, but then, when my mother decided to move, he stopped coming all together.
I have yet to have anything happen in this new house, and I'm hoping I don't have to deal with anymore spirits for a while. 


Ghostly Sense of Humor


A few moths ago a family friend came to visit. He immediately began telling me about how he was a "druid master" and all sorts of insane things. I tried to ignore him,but that proved impossible. I have shoes older than this kid! He finally started telling me that my house is haunted and that he could clear it for me. I REALLY TRIED  to explain to him that i already knew that and that one of  the ghosts was George who had been with me for a very long time. The Nimrod still kept on! I told him i had invited George to move to the new house . George has always been my friend he has even saved my grandsons life(but thats another story)I even told him if i wanted someone to leave my home i would tell them . He still didn't take the hint. He still followed me all over the house telling me all the amazing things he could do.Finally walking by the book case i smelled wood smoke. I always know thats George(its like a camp fire smell)I knew it was ON now. I tried to warn this kid .GUESS WHAT? Yep . He just kept right on talking . Few minutes later ding dong was sitting in a chair by an open window . Suddenly the window slammed shut so hard the glass broke all over him. I live in a very old house it takes two people to get that window up and an act of god to get it down. The kid finally shut up.sadly he did infact cut his visit short. I guess the guy never met a ghost with a sense of humor.Anyway i think George enjoy himself.

Creepy Dreams


I don't know whether this is a ghost story or not, but I experienced following : I live in Vienna, Austria. My family has a town house in the suburbs of Vienna. I lived there until I was 20 years old. My room was the last on the gallery on the first floor. I used to have creepy dreams when I was sleeping there. Once I dreamt about someone (or something) translucent standing in my door frame. I didn't know what it was (or who) I just had a very bad feeling about it/him. Some more creepy dreams followed, all about someone/somewhat menacing on the gallery. When I was at home alone I had to lock up my door because I was so afraid. In my later teens I was so used to lock up my door, that I always locked it up (whether I was alone or not).
At about 18 years old I moved to the former parent's bedroom because my parents enlarged the house and moved to the large attic. There my "invisible man"-dreams stopped, but I started dreaming about something else creepy. I dreamt that a man with a very pale face and big eyes chased me up the stairs to my new room, but I was quicker. I locked up the door and he started to knock slowly. Then I always woke up. I still shiver thinking about this dream. Well, I am sure I had this dream 10 or 11 times.
Two years ago i moved out.
Last summer I had to feed my little brother's pet and took a friend of mine to my parent's house with me. At entering my former room she said: "This room is so creepy! How could you sleep in here!" She wanted to leave rather quickly.
I still get the creeps when I am alone in that house at night babysitting my little brother or so ... and it's always that gallery that makes me feel so uncomfortable.



when i was 9 yr.s old, i woke up in the middle of the night a little shooken up by the "bumps in the night".  I decided that i would just make me a lunch for school to spare my mom the time and to hopefully calm my nighttime fears.  I was putting everything into my lunchbag, when suddenly, I caught something out of the corner of my eye.  I turned to find a small, ghostly child staring back at me.  It was a little girl holding a pan of freshly baked cookies.  She asked me if I would like one to go with my lunch and I just stared in horror.  Then she disappeared.  I ran into my mother's room screaming, and she told me that I was just tired and needed to go back to sleep.  But I know what I saw, and that wasn't my last experience w/ghosts, either.  I have grown a huge infatuation w/ghosts now;  they fascinate me.  I've had a few other "encounters" over the years, but I know if I were to see another one, I would be deathly afraid.

Cell 14

Since I was little I've believed my house was haunted. I've never seen a ghost, I've never had anything move or disappear, but sometimes I just get the feeling that someone's in the room with me. I've always gotten that feeling. Especially in my basement. Because of these feelings I get I am very afraid of the dark. Which is kind of odd to my friends because I'm almost 17 and terrified of dark places.
Even once in my friend's house, which he was just moving into, I got the feeling someone was there. I was exploring his house on my own and when I entered his empty bedroom and went to open the door to a "cubby hole" that stretched the length of his room I got this feeling that something sinister was on the other end. I didn't open the door,  I quickly left the room and went back to my friends. Later on all of us were exploring and just entering the room I got freaked out. My boyfriend went to open that same small door, I told him not to and that I had a bad feeling. He told me it would be okay and opened the door to prove me wrong, I shut my eyes tight as he opened the door and found nothing. I let our friend know how much his house freaked me out. No one thought I was crazy, as I've told them of the stories of those feelings I get at my house, my friend even was a little scared b/c of my feelings. I'm still afraid of his bedroom.
Probably my most notorious story known to my friends and family is the one about Cell 14. My mom, sister, 2 of her friends, and I all travelled to West Virginia to go to a Haunted House set up inside the West Virginia State Penitentiary, which as most everyone knows is famous for being haunted. Well we were taken into a long dark hallway full of prison cells. For some reason I was really scared. Which was unusual because I knew we were being put into the cells (a friend at school had been there a week before and told me all about it). When we were being assigned a cell I was frantic, luckily they put me next to my mom (mind you my mom and I are BIG fans of paranormal stuff, which makes this even more weird). My mom was in cell 13 and I was in 14. When they closed the doors that weird feeling overtook me. I freaked out. I felt like someone was in the small cell with me, standing at the back by the old rusty toilet. Workers walked past the very dark cells (let me remind you I'm terribly afraid of the dark and the cell being pitch black was not helping my situation any) and shined flashlights in at us to taunt us. Well everytime one of them walked past I turned and looked to see if anyone was in with me, but there wasn't. I wanted out, bad. Not only did I feel like someone was there with me, but I felt like something bad was gonna happen. In a ploy to separate the group into two, the "guard" said some cells would open and some would not. Of course mine was one of the lucky ones that didn't open. When my door didn't open I lost it, crying and cursing (even though my mom was in the cell right next to me). My mom was getting really worried, as was I. One of the "guards" even came over to make sure I was alright. When my cell finally opened I ran out and grabbed my mom. I had that eerie feeling still until we entered another room. My sister and mom made fun of me the rest of the night. That stopped the next day, however. We all sat down to watch a video we bought at the Penitentiary. The video was of a "psychic" touring the jail and telling things that she "saw". She was in the cell area when she said "someone died right here, they were thrown off the tier up there" just then a subtitle came across the screen that a riot occurred on the second or third floor in 1986 and that someone indeed had been thrown over the tier and died upon hitting the floor. The camera panned back down to the psychic, and the three of us gasped in horror when we saw that she was standing right in front of cell 14, the one that I was in! My mom and sister stopped making fun of me, and now believe that something was seriously wrong that night. I don't know if I'm "psychic" or can sense presences or whatever, I don't think I'm special in any way (although a few of my friends are positive I have a 6th sense). All I know is that I actually truly sensed something that night in Cell 14, and I'm not crazy.

Brookport Ghost


One night my friends and i went to a place called the haunted mansion in BrookPort ill.
The story is there was a mansion there some years ago
a man had went crazy and killed his family and burned down the mansion to the foundation.
Well we went to check it out because we heard about the ghosts.
Well we got there and waited around about 15 mins. and nothing happened.
We all decide to leave as we drove down the long gravel road me and my friend were in the back seat and she turned around and seen a BIG BRIGHT GREEN ball like thing in the sky. It lit up the sky.
To this day we still don't know what it was
All i know is it chased us down that long gravel road that night. We have not been back since.

Blue Light Cemetery


I was looking in the Haunted Places and I saw the description of Blue Light Cemetary in Texas.  I've been there twice and it is located off of Cypresswood and 1960.  My house is very close by and I wanted to check it out.  The first time I went, it was a very clear night.  You could see the moon and the stars and it wasn't very dark.  Off of Cypresswood, you can see the reddish colored iron gate, that kindof looks like something that would be in front of a ranch or used for cattle, I'm not really sure, but it is slightly bent in the middle because when my brother and I tried to climb over it, one of the hinges broke.  Anywayz, as we started walking down the dirt road I realized that it must have been about the length of a football field.  All you could see was darkness, no grave plots or anything...just darkness.  I had this weird feeling like I needed to cry really badly.  I could feel my eyes burning and begin to get wattery.  It was strange because I've rarely had that feeling.  When we finallly got to where teh cemetary was, a fog had suddenly appeared.  I freaked, cuz it was a really nice night.  I couldn't figure out where this fog and darkness came from.  The cemetary is surrounded by woods, and in the middle stands one huge tree.  I'm not sure what kind, but one it had a real thick trunk and tangled branches that were actually really pretty.  The fog did indeed have a bluish colored light and I swear I thought that the gravestones looked as if they were glowing with the same light.  Oh yeah, and I distinctly remember being able to hear the traffic from 1960 and Cypresswood because I mentioned to my brother how trashy that was to have to hear traffic if that's supposed to be your final resting place.  We left after just a few minutes.
The second time I went, my brother and his girlfriend came along.  They were all over each other, so I walked ahead of them.  Things were pretty much the same with the fog again, but this time, it was so dark, I was actually tripping over gravestones.  I couldn't even see my my own feet.  I got that same feeling like I was gonna cry and this time, it was completely silent.  My brother and his girlfriend were still pretty far back, over by the gate, and I couldn't even hear them anymore.  I could hear myself breathing and walking, but I thought I heard someone else breathing as well.  Like in rythm with me, so like when I stopped, it stopped.  I figured it was just my imagination.  I didn't have a flashlight, but I did bring my camera this time, so I took pictures and used the flash to kinda show myself around.  I didn't stay too long this time either, because I felt like I wasn't wanted there, and I like I was in danger.  When I got back to the car, my brother asked em if I had been crying.  I hadn't, but when I looked in the mirror, my eyes were swollen and red, just as if I had been.  I don't remember crying.  When I got my film developed, almost every picture was filled with several orbs and mists that I could never explain.  When I get them scanned, I'll send them to the shadowlands.  I think that Blue Light Cemetary is definatley haunted.

Being Watched


Hello, Im Desiree and growing up I lived in a haunted house.  So many strange things happened in that house, things that I was so acustomed to, I never even put them together as a haunting until later in my life.
At the age of 9 I acutally saw MY ghost!  I woke up in the middle of the night, and it was in the form of a shadow on my ceiling!  Now we had a night light in our hall and my bedroom door was open.  The shadow was very dark but the odd thing was that it was backward!  Instead of going up my wall and across my ceiling, like any normal shadow, it was coming from my door jam and toward my wall!  I wasnít afraid, infact I remember kind of laughing about it, as I went back to sleep ~ after thoughouly investigating it.  I checked the hall, and there was nothing there to make a shadow, I moved things in my room, nothing stirred!  It was very odd.~  That was the first time he appeard to me.  The second time he made himself known to me, my mom, and brother.  My mom was telling us about the bible.. saying some not so kind things (she isnt very religious) and our ghost didnít like what she was telling us.  Our front door, which was dead bolted, as it was late at night and my dad was working late, was kicked open.. where it hit the wall and slammed shut again!  Before it was even shut.. I was up and rumming to see who could kick it in.... but there was NO ONE there!  Other then that the ghost only showed itself to us in subtle ways.  I remember waking up out of a dead sleep feeling like someone or something had sat down on my bed.  He liked to turn on and off our touch lamps in our living room, and our TV.  He still loves to move things like keys and wallets!  Just silly things mostly.  But most of the occurances seemed to happen to me or in my room.  Im not sure if its because Im more open to that kind of thing, or if he used to inhabit my room?
Just recently I found out who our ghost more then likely is!  I was talking to my Dad, who is a FIRM dissbeliver, and off hand I asked if anyone ever died as a result of our house.  And he told me that the original owner of our home.. it was only built in the 50's.. used to be a piolet and was killed when his plane crashed in Wenatchee.. about 45 miles from my home town of Ephrata WA.  So that is my only explination of who our ghost could be!
Ive been out of the house for some years now, and when I come to visit.. I still get the cold spots once in awhile or the chills or the feeling Im being watched, like I used to, but for the most part I donít notice him like I used to.



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