Aiken SC


Aiken SC  East Pine Log Road, now houses "Rileys Whitby Bull
This house was in my wife's family from the late 1960's until it was
sold to the present owners, operators of the named restaurant.  My
family and I moved there in 1993 and lived in the house for 2 years
after we moved back here from Atlanta.  This house was built in the late
1800's (estimated from the style) and was remodeled in 1914, when indoor
plumbing was installed and this date appears on the tax records (which
would be correct... they use the latest remodeling date for 'effective
date').  Archeaologists from the SC state highway department visited the
site in the winter of 1994 when the road in front was being surveyed for
widening.  I took them under the house and they showed me where kerf
marks in the big supporting beams evidenced that the original part of
the house was either built before the War Between the States or wood
from that era was recycled into this house.  In any event, the house is
an old, large, rambling affair of an old southern home that, like I
said, is now a restaurant. It is unusual in that it is in the Second
Empire style, with a Mansard roof, and a large wrap around porch with
doric columns.
On to the story:
We frequently heard footsteps when no one was there, and had strange
feelings that we were not alone.  I could be in the front room, which I
used as an office, and hear someone come down the stairs and stand at
the large open pocket doors.  When I turned from my computer, no one
would be there.  I got used to that.  One day I was relaxing in the
upstairs bathroom in the old 6' long iron bathtub.  It was the middle of
the day.  I had some time to relax; my wife was away, the kids were in
school, I had no pressing work. So I took a mid-day soaking bath.  I was
lying quietly in the hot sudsy water with water up to my neck, stretched
out with a washcloth across my face.  I heard someone coming down the
hall.  I slid the washcloth away, opened my eyes and listened carefully,
because I knew I was alone.  The footsteps came slowly down the hall,
toward the bathroom door which was at the end of the hall.  The
footfalls stopped at the door, and the old porcelain doorknob moved
slightly like someone had it in their grip, then started to turn slowly
in its big square lock housing.  It was right near me, because the head
end of the tub was by the door.  I watched it over my left shoulder and
then spoke:  "Mary Ann?"  The turning stopped.  I jumped up in a torrent
of steamy water and snatched the door open, and .... there was no one
there.  No one down the hall, no sounds of anyone running or jumping
down the stairs.  Just the sounds of dripping bathwater.  I grabbed a
towel and ran down the hall, down the big hallway stairs, and jumped to
the landing.  The front door was closed and locked.  I could see down
the hall to the old victorian carved door leading out to the back
porch.  Nothing.  I sprinted to the kitchen.  Nothing.  I looked out the
windows onto the side drive and the circular drive out front.  No car,
no nothing.  Doors were locked. There was no sign of anything out of the
ordinary.  I searched from room to room and found nothing.   I never
said anything that might spook the family, but nobody like to be in the
house alone anyway.

Funny thing is, now that we live in a modern house (built 1973) across
the cotton field from 801 East Pine Log, we still hear noises and
footfalls when no one else is in the house.  I have sensed a presence
more than once, and a teenage friend of the family told us that he saw a
kind looking old man one night, dressed in white, standing in our
foyer.  It was late at night, and Tyler was in the library, and from
where he was sitting he could see out into the foyer.  The man in white
looked at him, smiled and nodded, and turning, went down the hall.  He
said it was really interesting but not too scary.


Who was there?


My granparents died when I was 4 and we moved into their house. They were the
only people who ever lived in it. I ened up getting their room. When I was in
5th grade I started experiencing things in my room. My tv would go on and off
whenever I would think that I need to turn it on or off. I had to sleep with
the hall light on. On night I thought I saw my mom im my room standing by my
closet. When I turned my light on she wasn't there. Then I thought I saw my dad
standing in the same spot but that time I kept looking at him as I went into
the hallway to see if he was still sleeping on the couch and he was. I was
looking at him in the living room and my room and when I turned my light on he
wsn't there but still on the couch. It always felt like some one was watching
me. Then my last experience of seeing something was in the same spot but just a
head looking at me. He looked like he ws from the 1700's. When  I tried to
tell my mom she wouldn't believe me. I'd wake up at night not being able to
breath and my sister would run in. Then my mom started to believe me when she'd
hear heavy breathing in her room when it was just her in there. I'd be walking
and it feel like some one was trying to trip me. So I told my mom's mom and she
gave me a cross to hang in my room. When I put it up I didn't see anything
after that but it always felt like I wasn't alone in my room. Now years later I
found out that the guy stairing at me from the 1700's looked just like a
picture in our living room. He was an old relative. When I still go by the house it
still feels like somethings evil there but at our new house it feels like a
house should. Now that I'm 21 I think that it was my dad's parents still in
their room that I had. That's the only reason.

White Phenomena


This happened to my mom and my cousin:
When my mom was a teenager, she and my cousin were on a paper route on Buck Mountain. It was very dark. Mom said there had been some really eerie places on the road, but nothing really happened on them. Then they came to a place in the road where there were no houses on either side of the road. They both saw It at the same time. It was tall and white, and it came from the right side of the road, out of nowhere-It just appeared. They had the windows of the truck rolled down (remember, they were throwing papers), and Mom just barely rolled up her window when It passed right through the middle of the vehicle, went out the other side, and dissapeared into the woods. They said It was making a strange moaning sound. But It didn't try to hurt them. Just passed through and dissapeared. Mom's still not sure if It was a ghost, or what. But I call It a White Phenomena.

Whiskey Hollow


Description of Haunting: i was reading of whiskey hollow on this web site,and went there for my own investigation with some friends,and cameras and recording equipment.first of all,the road which the subscriber of the location says is about 5 miles long is is only about a mile and a half long dirt road which connects 2 other roads.there are natural springs there,which alot of local people get water from.we traveled for hours down and back and forth every road in the whiskey hollow area.the only thing we did find that was odd is this. something caught the corner of my eye when we were driving down the said dirt road.when i stopped i noticed 2 domestic was a lop eared furry grey bunny,the other was a black and white mix.(it is now about 1:30 am)so i pulled over the vehicle,and started taking pictures of the rabbits,thinking to myself and my friends,it is kind of strange to have 2 domestic rabbits out here in the middle of nowhere.but we figured they could have been strays who ran off from a house a couple miles down the road.and didnt think anything else of it.the rabbits were very tame,they let me pet them,pick them up,and i even put one in my vehicle thinking it would surely die out there.but i started thinking about it and decided to leave the rabbits there with each other.
then i hear this strange screech come out of the woods directly next to my side. so i stand up and shine my flashlight into the woods,and see nothing.1 of my friends heard it also,but the other i start walking back to my truck and notice this tiny baby maple tree about 16 inches tall moving around. and i look down right where i had been standing playing with the rabbits,and walking all around i look at that little tree,and see an conure parrot looking up at i call to my friends to get the camera,and shine their lights over here. and sure enough here in the middle of nowhere sits,a $1,000 bird,friendly as can be,i bent down and picked him up,and he just sat on my hand looking at i guess what im wondering is this.the rabbits i can discredit,and say they were strays who ran away from a near by farm,and could live.but this parrot had clipped wings,couldnt even get enough lift out of his wings to keep his balance,or climb up any higher on my did he get way out there? there was no way a bird like that walked over a mile to get where he was.and what was he doing right there with the rabbits? they were all together in a little group,as if they were all pets of the same person,or people.
i thought of taking the bird and both rabbits at that point thinking somethings wrong here,and how and why is this expensive bird out here in the middle of nowhere,along with 2 domestic rabbits,all together like they were i did that and got about 20 yards down the road,and i dont know why but thought i should leave all the animals right where they were.and just go homw and right it off as a wasted night. so i turn around,go back to where the rabbits and bird were.and take them out of my truck,and put them exactly where they were.and they all went right back to the same exact spot where i found them,right by that little maple i figured i really need pictures of this one,no one will believe we seen this out here. and i took 2 pictures of the rabbits,and then 3 of the bird.and for some reason the camera,kept turning off,like the batteries were dead.but they wernt,i always make sure theyre brand new so i dont get stuck with a dead camera.i went to take another pic of the bird,and my camera just shut off,didnt take the picture,didnt do anything.just shut itself off.
so i turn to get back into my truck and see a beer bottle on the ground,right on the side of the road,which was not there the entire time i was playing with the rabbits and thinking i just didnt see it before,i picked it up and tossed it to the side of the woods so it wouldnt get ran over .and when i picked it up,it was cold,like it just came out of the cooler,and it was wet like it was sweating from the heat and cold.
legend has it as i have heard this area and road, many ,many years ago was used by satanic worshipers,and k k k members,where they used to sacrafice children.hard to believe in my book,but thats the legend.supposedly there is a bloody blanket,you see on the side of the road,and some have said to have seen children standing on the side of the road.we traveled every inch of every road in whiskey hollow and thats not what we found,maybe we wernt there on a good night,or maybe those animals in the middle of nowhere were a sign. maybe those domestic animals were out in the middle of nowhere for the children who were supposedly murdered years ago? tell me how,or why a parrot with perfectly clipped wings,and friendly,like a good pet is,and 2 domestic rabbits,all in great health,and aparently not a care in the world,happy as can be, are doing out there?and why did they stay right there by that tree together?kind of a strange combo of friends huh? almost like a disney movie.

The Car Crash

       A long time ago about 20 years or so, there was a car crash in front of my drive way (at the time I did not live there, at that matter nobody did) in the car there were six young boys ages ranging from 6-20. They crashed because there were a couple of drunk drivers who hit them head on. All the young men died in the car. about 10 years later I and my family moved a double wide on the lot in front of where the men died. about one year later ther was an aweful car crash at the exact same spot of where the young men died. The woman was not killed but she was seriously injured. after a couple of years I went down to get the mail, when I heard a strange noise, like a young boy crying. I was the only on ehome at the time. I looked around and seen nobody. The crying became fainter and fainter until I could hear no more. The next day I went back down to check the mail and I heard talking two men about 18 years of age. I looked around and saw nobody. I listened to the conversation I could not make out anything they were saying but I could here the voices as clear as day. Soon after the voices began to faint away. I talked to my grandmother who lives just up the road. She told me that the accident happened about 20 years ago and everyone in the car were killed. i asked her what time it was they wreckeed. she said it was about 5-10 pm. Around 7 pm is when the young woman wrecked her car. A few years after the woman wrecked her car. Another woman broke down on the bridge several feet away from where the young men crashed. Another time a couple were driving with a full tank of gas when all of a sudden thier gas tank just went empty right where everything was happening. There were several more break downs and acciddents that have happened over the years where the young men crashed and more of my family members have heard strange talking and crying below our drive way. after time we have moved and still there have been breakdowns and accidents at that same location. We think that the bridge and the area around it is haunted by the ghosts of the 6 young men.

Same Dream


I thoroughly love this site. I have been reading these stories for a week now.  I want to post something that happened to my mother, Marie, my uncle ( her brother) David, and my aunt (her sister) Gayle.  A little background first please.  Marie was living in Arkansas, David was living in Florida, and Gayle was living in South Carolina. Many miles apart these 3 siblings shared the same dream on the same night and called their mother within 24 hours of the dream to tell her of it.  This dream occurred in 1989.  The dream starts with the 3 siblings visiting an old farm house they lived in as children 30 years ago with their other siblings and parents.  The house was empty.  Marie, David, and Gayle all got out of the car and walked completely around the house, recalling climbing an old oak tree that held the tire swing, recalling the farm area and what used to stand there, etc.  When the 3 returned to the front of the house, there on the steps sat their dear old Dad. (Dad passed away in April of 1974) Shocked to see their father on the steps they called out to him. Dad stood and looked at the three with a malevolent grin.  He motioned for his kids to follow him into the house. They followed through the living room, past the kitchen, down the hall, until they reached their parents old room. He turned and looked each one in the eye and put his fingers to his lips as if to say “SHHHH”, he then motioned with his hand for them to follow.  He opened the bedroom door and they followed him inside.  He walked to the closet and walked through the closet door.  Now in each person’s dream they were the ones about to open the door. As each reached for the doorknob and slowly started turning the knob, their mother appeared from nowhere SCREAMING at them to not open that door. They instantly woke up from the dream.  I was a teenager at the time this occurred and I did not see the big deal about following their dad into the closet until we visited my grandmother.  My grandmother was telling my mother of how David and Gayle both called her after Marie did saying they had the same exact dream as she had.  My mom looked scared and my grandmother told her they all needed to get into church because Satan himself was using their father’s image to lure them into some evil doings. I asked dear old granny how she got that from a dream and grandpa going into a closet. She told me because her husband, their father, my granddad was SCARED of closets. I thought she meant he was claustrophobic. She assured me he was TERRIFIED of closets. The whole time they were man and wife, she would have to get his clothing out of the closets and lay them out for him.  She would have to put things into closets. He refused to open them or go into them.  My grandmother believes that Satan used granddad’s image to lure the 3 siblings down a path of evil.  I know this is not much, but I love to hear the story.


No One in the Basement


Within my years I have had many many ghostly experiences. But the most recent experiences seem to scare me the most. Almost everynight sitting in the downstairs of my home.. i feel a strong presence..each time at a different location within the dining room and the living room.first, you may want to know how my dining room and living room are set in my house.. when you first walk into my home u enter a little narrow hallway where you then have to go through another door to get into my living room, then to get to my dining room we have a huge opening . and theres my dining room and my steps to go to the second story in my home.. The other night i was sitting on my couch closest to the two living room windows, but something just kept telling me to look over at the window in the dining room, sure enough i saw a black mist that looked as if a face was watching me but then it disappeared... i passed it off as if it were nothing and that I was seeing things because it was around 11:30 PM and i was quite tired. Then my eyes kept gazing toward the window closest to me.. for some odd reason my shades were semi open for 5 blades and then the rest were closed so no one could see.. i then moved my brother to the other couch and we sat together and i just could not keep my eyes off the window and the hallway entrance.. within a hour later i was finally getting comfortable, my brother was sleeping, my mother and stepfather were sleeping and my older brother was home upstairs with his car parked outside. I gazed at the window and the black mist was back, but this time it was more clear and bigger, it seemed more like a body and face but turned to gaze out my window, then it sounded like someone was trying to open my front door, its a big steel door and when its locked and somebody trys to open it, it sounds as if someone is pushing against it, it happened at least 6 times before it stopped, i held my little brother closer to me, within the next fifteen minutes it sounded like someone was walking in the hallway and jingling keys, well that was enough for me i woke my brother up and sent him into my room because i had my air conditioner on in my room, but the jingling sound seemed to follow us to right outside my bedroom door, then stopped for the mother recently saw the mist and told it to go back to where ever it came from, it then seemed to glide to my basement door and disappear. My home is about 150 years old and back then people couldnt afford to have a proper funeral, so they buried people in the walls in the basement or in the floor. We recently had a dirt basement floor and a cobblestone wall, but we had the floor cemented over. My grandmother whom i can safely say is a ghost expert, sences something in the walls in my basement. Around my house but mainly in my room. I know for a fact there is a ghost in my room but shes a sweet woman and she just seems to watch me until i fall asleep. There are several ghosts in my home, but recently i feel as if more are residing here. Just the other night i was drifting to sleep in my room and i heard the sound as if someone were breathing, i held my breathe and the sound was still there so i turned the tv on an it seemed to just go away, i was scared and looked toward the mirror and i saw a flash and then nothin happened, but i saw the woman and felt comfort, i feel as if she scared the other thing/spirit away.At my grandmothers house there is a attic but its hidden in the ceiling and u have to pull steps down, during the war at her home, soldiers were hid in the attic and rumor hasit one night the other people found them and killed everyone in the home, but the one young nurse wsa raped and then  murdered. I had a dream once about a place whre theres a dangling light and u have to walk on beams and then open a door and theres a little room with blood stains and a african american man on his needs bleeding. I told my grandmother and she said i described her attic exactly even though i had never been in the attic. The woman whom was raped and murdered was a beautiful woman and she is often spotted around my grandmothers house scrubbing floors and walking, my grandmoms house wsa remodeled after the war and the woman comes down the steps and walks straight turns and goes out a door, which is now a window, but before there was a wall seperating the rooms and a seperate door. Recently my grandmom has seen a little boy petting her dogs saying come on doggy come with me, she thought it was my little brother because he has spent the night, but he was downstairs sleeping and no one else in the house was awake, she knows hes a ghost and she is comfortable with him, although i am severly frightened of her basement which in 1947 a man was found hanging with a grin on his face and a woman shot in the head underneath him,, there was children found suffocated in their beds. My grandmom says the boy was one of the children found and the man is evil, she feels that he may harm me and she doesnt like anyone except for her in her basement.
Well i have many more stories to tell you but im sorry im out of time, i wil contact you later with many more stories, thank you, feel free to email me any ?? or if you just want to exchange experiences, thank you

My Life of Experiences


I think I was about seven when I first started seeing things in my house and around my neighborhood. The first time I saw something was when my sister and i were sharing a room. I knew that i had always felt something in the room,but i never saw anything so I really paid it no mind. Then one day while i was sitting in my room i looked up and i saw a image by my door. i don't know exactly what it was but i know that i was scared. Over the next couple of days i would hear things in my room, like people walking, the door knob would wiggle, and things would just tip over. When i talked to my mom about these things she told me not to be scared of them just to tell them to go away. The next night i was sitting on my bed and i heard somebody walking around. I did what my mom told me to and told it to go away. It didn't work. The sound became closer and an image bagan to appear. At first i was kind of scared but when i saw what the image was i wasn't so scared anymore. It was a little girl about five years old who was lost. She was just staring at me for a while and then she just sat down on the bed next to me. She was sitting next to me for about two minutes and then she was just gone.
For a few years i wouldn't see anything, just hear things. When my oldest sister moved out, my sister and i finally had our own rooms. I satyed in our original room and my sister moved to my other sisters' old room. For a couple of months things were cool and then my sister woke up in the middle of the night and asked if she could sleep with me. The next morning when i asked her why she slept with me, she told me it was because she was hearing people talking from the closet. Me and her had to switch rooms because she wouldn't sleep in her room. The first night nothing happened but the second night was different. I was hearing whispering and footsteps, at first i thought i was scaring myself but when i heard someone ask why my sister and i switched rooms, i knew i wasn't imaging it. At first everyone thought iwas making it up,but when i told my grandma about she look at me as if she were surprised. She told me that i wasn't the only one in the family to be able to hear and see things. It was something that actually ran in my family. After that things started happening more. People would talk to me, i would feel them touch my arm,face or feet when i was sleeping, and sometimes i could feel someone sitting at the end of my bed. I think when i really got scared was when i decided to sleep with my light on so nothing would bother me, but when someone said "turn the light off" that was it. I ran to my moms room and fell asleep on the edge of her bed. That was the last time anything happened to me for about a year. I thought it was just something i went through but when i turned fourteen it got bad. Not only was i seeing things at home but i was seeing them outside, and in school. I learned not to say anything cause when i would people would just laugh at me.

My Great Grand Mother


I m a 14 year old from India and i want to mention this extraordinary incident i had when i was younger.
To begin with, when I was about 11, my great grand mother (who I call granny) who was extremely precious to me passed away at the age of 98. I was really close to her and loved her truly which even she did. Well, this day was a Sunday about 11 in the morning and I and my mother were having a serious argument, both of us were furious at one another and I was bitterly crying. At this time, we were completely oblivious to the death of my granny as she lived in Chennai, India while we were in Mumbai, India. My mum, while she was screaming endlessly at me, got infuriated and lifted her hand to slap me but all of a sudden, she felt an icy cold hand hold her back. She seemed to be unable to speak either, as I could see her opening and closing her mouth but no voice came out...I was genuinely surprised and scared and had no idea what is going. Then, I felt a hand on my hair traveling down my sweating forehead to my eyes and then wiping my tears. The hand felt really cold, soft and kind of wrinkled. I was glued to my position. I couldn’t move or speak. Although I felt really scared, I also felt a peculiar feeling of warmth and love, like I m near someone who really adores me and truly cares for me. I also suddenly remembered my granny, wishing I could see her and talk to her and all the memories came flooding back to me. However, as soon as these feelings came they went away and the eerie air departed giving place to fright and wonder.
We couldn’t interpret the reason for what happened, while my mother told me about the chilly hand that held her, I mentioned my experience leaving behind the part where I remembered my Granny out of the blues, my mum did the same which I realized later on. However, as we sat in curiosity and fright, we got a phone call from my uncle announcing my Granny’s death at about 10.30 in the morning. It came as a subtle shock, for which I cried for ages but it always felt great to perceive that she came to tell her beloved daughter goodbye before leaving us all for ever.
I also had a few more paranormal incidents after that, though they wouldn’t be mentioned as ones which I don’t have nightmares about….. I would love to share them with you but some other time. I don’t have any proof for this story but this is really true. I would be really grateful to you if you publish my story because I want to tell people that you always don’t have to be scared of ghosts. I m very sorry if this is too long.

My Grannys Story


My whole 28 years, my grandmother has been a very religious person.  I used to kid her about being born with more religion than Jesus.  She is an open, honest, blunt person.  She told me she was not always the goodie goodie I see today. She was a rather hellcat back in her day.  My grandmother is 79 years old so I guess she could have had a life before being a granny (lol).  Well during one summer, I believe it was in 1988, my aunt and cousin were visiting us from South Carolina, Granny had all her granddaughters, and daughters spend the night. It was like a big generational slumber party.  I was teasing Granny about being a holy roller (we are close and kid all the time with her) , she said that she had a story to tell me that caused her to find GOD and find him fast.  Back in the day, my granny’s brother Vaughn was a hooligan, as Granny put it.  He was cavorting with a married woman. One day my great Grandmother told Uncle Vaughn to baby-sit my granny.  He was a good 8 years older than her.  He threw a fit about watching his sister because he had some place he needed to go.  Great Grandmother told him to take Granny with him.  Uncle Vaughn made Granny walk with him down the field and across the brook to his lady friends house.  On the way, they passed this HUGE tree, directly across the street stood an old 3-story home that was vacant at the time.  As they approached the tree, Uncle Vaughn and Granny both stopped dead in their tracks. A huge fireball rolled from the top of the tree, across the street, and under the old house.  The house did not burst into flames as one would think.  Granny said it just rolled under the house.  Uncle and Granny both looked at each other confirming the other had seen the same thing and bolted down the road.  Granny swears it was a warning from a higher power telling Uncle Vaughn to leave that lady alone.  Sure enough, as they approached the lady’s house HER HUSBAND WAS HOME.  Uncle Vaughn wanted to wait him out, BUT Granny started crying and he decided to walk her home then come back.  On the way, back they had to cross the tree’s path once more.  Nothing happened this time.  Great Grandmother was not home yet and Uncle Vaughn had to stay and watch Granny.  Two hours passed and Great Grandmother came home and she was distraught.  It seems that Uncle’s lady friend and her hubby had a terrible fight and the husband SHOT and KILLED his betraying wife.  My Granny swears to this day God was telling them what he was doing was wrong and he saved them from being there and possibly being shot.  Granny said she found God that day and has not let him out of her grips.


My Grandparents House


I have three things to tell, only one about me and the other two about my dad and aunt. Just so everone knows, I haven't actually ever seen a ghost or anything like that, I have just had funny feelings and all of that kind of stuff.  Ok here goes.
When I was a baby, my parents and I lived in a one bedroom farm house in the middle of a pasture.  My dad has told me that he would always get funny feelings in that house and see things out of the corner of his eyes.  Well, one night, he says he woke up and saw an old lady standing over me, just watching me sleep. He told me that he felt very peaceful, like she was there to watch over me and protect me.
The second thing is that at my granparent's house, which they currently live in, my aunt has seen a figure in a long robe with no face.  She has seen it three times, all when she was younger and still living at home.  She says that it was standing at the foot of my other aunt's bed and all three times, turned and looked at her.  Finally, the last time, she told it to leave and to never return--ever.  Every since then, no one has seen it since then.
Finally, both my dad and aunt have had other experiences which I have been too afraid to have them tell me or they won't tell me For example, my dad has had an out of body experience where he traveled across three states to see his ex-wife.  That is really strange.  Anyways, thank you for your time.

My Ghostly Roommate


Hi, my name Nicole and I briefly shared my old apartment with a ghost.  I was living by myself in New Rochelle, NY, in an apartment building that had been built in the early 1920's.  The first strange experiences revolved around an often empty apartment on my floor, where the door would open by itself.  During my three years living there at least ten people had moved in and out of this apartment, many in the middle of the night.  My neighbors and I swore it was haunted.  It was after many months of this apartment being empty that strange things started happening in MY apartment.  I was planning to move, which may also have started my ghostly friend's actions.  The first occurance involved my 2am need for a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich.  Standing in my small kitchen, I felt someone put the flat of their hand on my back.  Jumping and turning around, I found that not only was I alone in the room, but both my cats were sitting on the floor and meowing at the empty space behind me.  After that, the occurances only increased.  I would find items moved around my house.  At first I blamed my very playful cats, but soon the objects included heavy books and candles, items a cat could not have moved or knocked over.  I found two hardcover books completely on the other side of the room from where I'd left them, and a large candleholder was completely upside down on my bedside table.  One morning I was blowdrying my hair, when another sound mixed in with the blowdryer.  I followed the sound into the kitchen to find it was the stove fan, which had suddenly turned on full blast.  As I approached it, it turned itself off.  The button never moved.  Most of the occurances happened in or around my kitchen.  I was not frightened, for some reason the idea of ghost did not scare me, and I was moving out soon anyway.  In fact, I think my moving may have been what prompted the ghost to show itself.  In the last occurance before I did finally move, I was going through the apartment listings in the local newspaper when loud banging noises started coming from my kitchen.  It sounded as if things were being knocked over and heavy items were being dropped onto the tile floor.  Immediately looking to blame my cats, I called for them to settle down only to find them both sleeping on the couch beside me.  The sounds continued, growing louder and louder.  Finally, I spoke outloud to the ghost, asking it to stop making so much noise and that I was moving whether it liked it or not.  The noise suddenly stopped completely.  I moved a few weeks later, without any further incident.

My Experiences and siblings experiences.


My name is Loranda and I am a person who believes in the supernatural and respect strange happenings, even though there may be some who do not believe in ghost or strange happenings but I know there are some who believe and have experience weird things that have happen. The stories I am about to tell is what happen to my sister.
The Mysterious Lady who slept beside my sister.
One night about 7 yrs ago in 1996 my little sister Marisa who was only 6 was home alone with me and I was about 12 our parents had a wedding to go to and was going to be home late. The night was okay we played games and watched videos in which we rent when our parents go out, but it was a rainy night, anyways since it was a saturday night my sister wanted to stay up late so she stayed up watching cartoons. I eventually went to sleep in room and then half an hour later she went to sleep and it was around 8:00pm. I somehow could not go to sleep as i recall so I woke up at 8:30 cause i went in bed at 7:00pm or so and just watched TV or listen to music in my room I was so caught up in everything I was doing that i didnt notice my sister going to the talking to someone but I thought she was saying something to me but I couldnt hear. Eventually I went to bed at 12:30am or 1:00am.
The next morning my parents were home and my sister told me that my parents came home early at like 9:00am or so, obviously she telling me she thought I was sleeping since I went to bed earlier, Then i replied to her thats impossible cause I stayed up at 9pm and Mum and dad didnt even come yet. She was convinced that my mum came at 9pm cause she told me she had awoken up in bed and seeing a lady sitting up in bed next to her and lying down and telling her to go sleep. Then to make everything clear I told my sister to ask my mum and dad and they told her they came at 1:30am or 2am. My sister told the incident to my parents but my dad trying not to scare my sister told her she could of been dreaming but until this day, 7yrs gone by she does not believe at all that she was dreaming.

Helpful Spirit


July 14, 2003 (Monday night)
Record of events:
I live in a two-story townhome.  It was the middle of July and it was
very hot in Kansas City.  I was sleeping on the couch downstairs, as the
upstairs is hot in the summer months.  I was sleeping and I remember a
low heavy dark voice saying I must help Laura (my cousin) understand.  I
woke up startled by the deepness of the voice, you could even say a
little bit scared.
My dog, which hardly ever barks, was looking into the kitchen and
growling, and then slowly he started to bark.  He was watching something
and when I looked in the direction he was looking, of course I
couldn't see anything.  Light from the outside street lamp was
beaming through the window so it was somewhat light.  He started to back
away and follow the presence into the den and then to the wall that was
straight across from me.  He was watching something but of course I
still couldn't see anything but from the way I woke up, in a startled
state, I was somewhat scared to move.  Like an idiot I just stayed still
and watched my dog follow this presence that only he could sense.  He
then stared to go to the door (located on the wall across from me, and
which opens to my garage) growling at the door.  He would back up and
then move closer and then he stared to smell under the door.  Still I
was too afraid to move, I just stayed there and watched.  Within 5 to 10
minutes of this, the presence seemed to have left for my dog stopped
growling and was going from the kitchen to the wall and to the door
again and again, as if to look for something.  Finally he gave up and
just curled up at my feet (which have not moved a inch this whole time)
and fell asleep.  Feeling now that the presence had left the room I went
to the door, which lead to my garage, and pushed on it to make sure the
door was closed.  Once again stating what an idiot I am, I did not dare
open the door.  Just to give you some back ground on my house the door
that goes to my garage does not have a lock on it, yes this is dangerous
for if my garage door is open anybody could just walk right into my
house.  Feeling somewhat safe that the presence had left, I joined my
dog and soon fell asleep.
In the morning I woke, went upstairs to take a shower and dress for
work.  When I came downstairs I gathered up all my things and opened the
door, which leads to my garage, and stood there in total amazement.  My
garage door was wide open.  I had left the door open all night and
morning.  I truly feel my sprit guide was trying to warn me and I was
too stupid and afraid to listen to him.  As I drove to work I thanked
him for trying to warn me and I promised to try and listen more
carefully next time.  The realty sank in that I could have been robed,
raped or killed.  Yes, today I'm buying a chain lock for that door and
installing it right away.  In hindsight, I wish I had been more
accepting of the events that were happening to me.  If this has taught
me anything, it's to stop, slow down and listen to the ones who are
trying to help me.



my parents and i lived on a hill in a two bdrm house a starting family sort of house... when i got old enough to talk (in sentences)my mum found out i had a friend named "joey" my mum said she thought it was the usual 'friend' stage until my light at exactly 2 in the am went on THATS NOT ALL!!!!  a whispy mist would appear and head striaght to my room she told me all of my favorite toys would disappear overnight. not to metion the front door would open and slightly close
my room was always cold though i can barely remember it since i was 7 when we moved out my mum said as i got up in age and i would scream bloody murder  if "joey" was ever mad as that would be to what i told her and he scared the crap outta me is what i said         well i hope you enjoyed my story!!!

Interlocking Dreams & Reality


I had some strange and incredible experiences over the
years. Just posted one in the last batch. Some of
them, I haven't sorted out how to share yet. But the
following experiences are pretty strange.
My roommate and I were living in a Seattle
neighborhood called, Capitol Hill. Our apt. bldg, The
Ben Lomond was built in 1910 and my apt. overlooked a
little park area with a long retaining wall in the
back. One night I must have fallen into a deep sleep
as soon as I went to bed. When I woke up the next day,
I immediately told my roommate about a disturbing
dream that a menacing, sinister black figure had
climbed out of a hole in the ground right against the
retaining wall. He seemed full of rage and anger. And
was coming closer and closer to our window and meant
real harm. It was a very real fearful feeling.
After hearing my dream, my roommate said, she tried to
wake me soon after I went to sleep but I was out cold.
She said she heard something like a gunshot outside in
the park and walked through our darkened apt. to the
living room's bay window to see if she could see
anything. She said she saw a black man fitting the
physical discription of the man in my dream to a T. He
appeared to be staring up at her. For whatever reason,
I don't understand why she did this (considering she
thought she heard a gunshot) but she shined a
flashlight on him. When she did, she could no longer
see him. Although she saw everything else, trees, the
ground, bushes...everything where he was standing was
illuminated but she he'd vanished. When she covered
the light, there he was again. I guess she did this a
few times until he really vanished. Very, very

New Story:
Another time I was staying in an artist loft in San
Francisco that was in a really crappy area on Market
Street & 6th. I was in bed just starting to get that
semi-lucid feeling when I woke with a frightened gasp.
The only way to describe it is a "flash-vision." I
thought for sure my throat had been slashed deep with
a long knife from left to right and all this blood was
pouring. I remember sitting up gasping knowing it was
fatal. Then on the news the next day, chills went up
my spin when the anchorperson said that someone's
throat had been slashed at a hotel on 6th St. Right
around the corner from where I was staying. Somehow, I
must have picked up on the victim's fear, anxiety,
Not really a ghost story but still weird!
Another time, a friend and I had inter-connecting
dreams. I dreamt one part and she dreamt the other.
They matched perfectly and since we both dreamt this
right before we waking up, we assumed we had these
dreams at the same time.

I sensed the Presence


As i was growing up i had several experiences with paranormal , one time was as a youngster i was playing with my toys in the lounge and suddenly i had this great feeling of fright around me. So i  went running into my mother who was washing the dishes, she told me not to be  frightened as there was nothing to be frightened of. So she reasured me and  took me back into the lounge to carry on playing but as she walked back to carry on washing she saw a  figure standing still in the hallway, it what looked to be was a monk in a brown habit with his face covered by his hood all you could see was his feet which had sandals on. My mother walked towards it and it disapeared into my mothers bedroom. But my   mother always said " how i must of sensed the         presence of the ghost "
   Another time in the same house , it was night time and i couldnt sleep so i was just looking into space when 3 squares appeared on the wall . I thought it must be some kind of light shining in from the window , knowing full well that no light normaly shines through as we had blinds and curtains up at the window, i kept on staring at the squares on the wall, they didn't  move or anything but i felt really frightened like in the other story. I must of fell asleep thinking about the lights on the wall. In the morning when i awoke the first thing i done was get out of my bed and go straight to the wall , Hoping in the back of my mind that there would'nt be any kind of marks on the wall where the squares was , but i was so wrong. Where the squares was there  was quite deep line marks around where the shapes were. There is no logical explanation for this story not that i can explain anyway, It was not possible for any light to come through the curtains or blinds and there was no other kind of lights or anything on in the room or in the house.  I've tried to come up with some sort of explanation and i dont have 1 and that happened about 23 years ago

Grandmas Dress


when i was four my grandmother died and when i turned six i moved out and i feel asleep and i woke up and by the closet i seen this women she looked just like my grandmother that passed away at the time.the next day i told my mother and she asked what she was wearing so i said''a pinkish,peach dress''and my mother told me that at her funeral she had on a peach dress.

Ghosts in the Laundry Room


This happened back in the late 60's when I was residing at the job corp
center in Excelsior Springs Missouri.
It was a big old rambling campus type place that had once been a hospital
of some sort. At least that is what I had been told. I never paid much
attention to that kind of stuff back then and the stories that went around
the campus at that time did not mean much to me.  One night I was sitting
in the laundry room washing out a few clothes while reading a book when I
felt something brush against the back of my neck. I never paid it any mind.
I just brushed it away.
Suddenly someone nudged me on my back. I waited for them to say excuse
me.  I thought it was rather rude of them not to say that so I looked
around to see who it was. There was no one there.  I knew what I felt and I
knew someone had to be in that room with me for me to have felt it. I felt
they might be hiding and it was one of my friends playing a trick on me. I
went back to reading and the same thing happened.  I grabbed my book and
the keys to my room and ran out. I never went back down there alone.

England Haunting


I live in England and have seen your great site. I have had interesting experiences but never really spoken about them, only really with my family as we all seemed to have had experiences in our childhood home.
Our situation basically came to a head when our local priest (we are non practisicing) had to visit our family home on two occaisions, possibly a third time to do a blessing because we were having paranormal activity, ranging from things being thrown, furniture moving, and also, being touched. My parents called in the priest because the activity seemed to be getting worse and my brother was attacked in his bed, he had a weird dream and woke up suddenly because he had hands around his neck. When he told my parents this, they called in the priest who told them that he had blessed the house but didnt think that helped.
My family moved into our house in the 1970's (the house was owned by the local authority and known as a council house, we took over the tenancy from the previous owner)
The house was crowded as there were lots of children in the family, my eldest sister had a small bedroom to herself but ever since moving in I remember her telling my parents that
there was something wrong in the room. The house generally felt creepy, especially upstairs, we had a loft
entrance on the ceiling outside the bathroom and it always used to feel odd to be near it or standing under it. My parents had had a conversation which one of the children overheard where my father said that the house was haunted as he had seen a figure hovering outside the bathroom door, near one of the bedrooms.  My sister was always running out of the room during the night, and on one night it must have been really bad as she ran out of her room screaming telling my dad to 'get it out of her room'. I am really sure that my parents knew exactly what was going on but didnt talk about it to the younger children.
As we got slightly older things had escalated. Every night my parents would leave the 'landing' light on upstairs and leave our bedroom doors wide open. If we heard our parents go up to the bathroom while we were in bed, we would say 'goodnight'. For a long time we would hear footsteps on the stairs and say goodnight, the footsteps would stop and there would be no one there.
As a small child, I had always been very imaginative and withdrawn and remember hearing odd things in the house, or having odd sensations. As I became a teenager these feelings became worse. I remember in particular, one evening I was going upstairs to the bathroom, my little brother was in there so I decided to sit on the top of the stairs to wait my turn. My eldest sister came in from work and opened her bedroom door. As soon as the door was opened, a can of  coke, came flying out of the room, whizzed past my sisters head and hit  the wall opposite.
Its strange but whenever the younger children went to the bathroom my mother would wait for them and sit on the top step. One evening my youngest brother was in the bathroom and we heard my brother start screaming. My sisters bedroom door had opened, and a ring pull floated out of the room and was aimed towards my brothers face, but it seemed to move not very fast, giving my mum time to slam shut the bathroom (toilet door) so that it didnt hit him.
When my older sister left home, I got her bedroom. I could never sleep as I kept thinking that I saw shadows in the room. I didnt sleep easily at all,  I would be in a half dozing state and would always be woken for some reason but not sure what. My expriences really started when my sister left home, also things seemed to happen to the rest of the family. Everyone always felt very uncomfortable at the top of the stairs, on the landing, near the bathroom and the first bedroom. Or either felt that when they were going down stais, someone was behind them.
It mainly started one night when I was desperately trying to get to sleep, I was half dozing when my bed (it was placed near to the wall but not directly against it) began to move, just slightly, a soft push towards the wall. It sort of felt like a rocking motion. I was too scared to do anything, as I was in a half dreamlike state and very imaginative I decided that it was my imagination and ignored it. But this continued for nearly a year.
I was off school for some months due to illnes and sometimes would be in the house on my own. One day, while I was in the kitchen (mum was out shopping) I looked up towards the living room and saw a figure, of a person, (white and sort of misty but a definate shape) move across the living room. I dont know if the figure was male or female but I definately saw it.  I was frightened.  Later on, I sat in the living room and began to get a feeling of electricity flowing through me, it increased to the extent that my fingers had a really bad pins and needles sensation and I felt on edge. I began to feel like I could fill the whole room and then I heard a man, faint but I could definately hear him.He laughed and then said something like 'lovely'.  Whenever I had any other experiences I would get the electricity feeling in me again and it seemed to make the experiences worse. One afternoon, I was in my living room and it was quite dimly lit as it was in winter and overcast outstide and I didnt have any internal lights on. I began to get the electricity feeling again but didnt hear or see anything odd, the only thing was that when I looked at my hands they looked as if they
to have been dipped in a very light blue florecscent substance, I could see the more intense blue in the lines of my hands. After  4 seconds or so they blue just disapeared and my hands looked normal and the electricity feelings stopped.
I will tell you something quite private but as its email and you have never  met me I can talk about it. My family was disfunctional in that there was a lot of unrest in the house and when I was a child, I was diagnosed  emotional problems, so for a long time I couldnt trust my own feelings and it took a while for me to confide in my parents. One day I told my mum that my bed had been moving for months. She didnt dismiss me or tell me that it was my imagination, she said that it was my grandmother trying to get me to sleep. Which I thought was a bit odd as an explanation.
I needed to know for myself if the bed moving would happen to me anywhere else in the house and if anyone could validate it. So I told my younger sister what was going oin and asked her if I could sleep in her bed for a couple of nights, but I wanted her to pretend to be asleep so that if the bed moved I knew it was for real. This sounds like a stupid plan but we were very young!
I stayed with my sister for two nights, on the first night nothing happened, and my sister fell asleep anyway. On the second night, at about 1 in the morning, my sister had
started sleeping and the bed began to move. I woke my sister up and told her to stay awake. When she was wake the bed would not move, when she fell asleep would. I woke my sister up and got pretty angry with her telling her to pretend to be sleeping so that if the bed moved she could feel it. Nothing happended for another hour or so, so I decided that there was no point in distrubing my sister again. I was drifting off to sleep and the bed started to move again, I said something like ' stop it' and the bed stopped moving. About 10 minutes later I had shifted position in the bed and my right knee was raised slightly off the bed.  I was very nearly sleeping when a hand ( I could feel the seperated fingers) grabbed my knee for about 3 seconds, I screamed out and my mum heard me and came running into the room. I told her what happened and she said that I had imagined it.
Shortly after my eldest brother Michael had said that he saw a figure looming on the landling near his room and he was sure that it was male as he saw a brief outline of some kind of uniform.
The most unusual occurance happended one night at about 11 pm, the children were all put to bed and I was having a strange dream where I saw a woman, very short and naked, in the corner of my room, very near the ceiling high up against the wall. In this dream she suddenly dropped down towards me in my bed. I woke up suddenly because I was frightened, about 3 seconds after I woke, my sister Helen ran into my room telling me that I must stay with her in her bed as she saw a woman who tried to grab and hit her in bed.
Lots more experiences happened in the house but they were not as major as the ones I have listed here. Unfortunately I can find out more specific details as my mother died in 1991 and my dad had an accident and now has slight brain damage which does affect his memory, however I spoke to him recently regarding the house and he appeared to know what I was talking about but did not want to give me any more information. I got a feeling that he was trying to cover up.
I remember my mum telling me and other family members that they had got a local priest in the bless the house, and I thought that this was odd as we were not church goers at all. I later found out from my eldest brother Michael that he was present on one occiasion when the priest visited and we went into every room in the house to bless it. I know that the priest was called a second time but am not sure if he visited a third time.  The second time he was called in because Michael had a strange dream one night which appeared to be about some kind of water, and he woke to find hands around his neck. There were marks on his neck and my parents panicked as they felt that the activity was getting quite serious so the priest was called in the second time. When the priest returned to the living room he told my mum and Michael that 'he tried but he could not get rid of it'
Things seemd to quiten down after about six months or so after the blessing and while my dad was clearing out the loft area for storage space, he found an old services uniform and threw it away. From then on we didnt seem to have any other experiences in the house and gradually the family moved out. We all left the house in the 1990's.
I have done some investigation work and found out that an elderly man lived in the house from 1945 to 1971, where he was moved into residential care where he died.
The housing development itself was built in the 1920.s
I am sure that lots more happened but neither my eldest sister or dad will talk about it.
I have had other experiences, in other places, at work, other places I have lived but nothing like the events in our family home. It is a relief to finally be able to talk about it to people who can understand and make sense of it.

Alexandria Hotel, Los Angeles, California


Some friends and I were just talking online today about the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles, and how it's supposedly haunted by Marilyn Monroe. I've never been to the Roosevelt, but I've been in the Alexandria a couple times. THAT place is most definitely haunted. My spooky-radar was going off like crazy.
If you go up the back staircase, behind the front desk, and turn right, on your right is the top part of the false ceiling they put in over the lobby years ago. They turned it into some sort of commons area (it's a transient motel now). If you go to the doorway, something malevolent lets you know it doesn't want you to intrude. Go a little farther in, even to inspect the plasterworks that used to grace the balcony, and it is mentally pushing you back out. When you leave, it stays at the doorway, watching you to make sure you're not turning around... and when I turned to look again, it pushed me again.
Then, down the hall, is an old ballroom. It's beautiful in there, but there is this just really bittersweet feeling to it. Whether it's the room itself or some ghosts, I don't know, but something is waiting for the band to play again, and the parties to return. You walk in, and you want to dance ballroom-style. Both the guy I went with and I actually felt like swaying our bodies when we were in there.
Farther down the hallway, it's pitch black, or at least it was when we were there. You can't even see the hallway, it grows so dark. And there's something just totally sad and unwelcoming down there. Needless to say, we didn't venture too much farther, and turned and went back towards the stairs. The presence was still near the door on the right, guarding the room.
I forgot to add, when we were walking away from the first room, we stopped dead in our tracks, thinking someone was coming down the stairs, and we'd be caught trespassing. There was someone the floor above us, step-step-THUMP, step-step-THUMP, like he was dragging something heavy down the stairs. We hid a bit behind the wall, waiting, but as the noise rounded the corner where we should have been able to see someone, the noise just stopped. And no, there wasn't anyone there. We played it off, saying it must have just been an echo from a few floors up, but it was definitely right there on the stairs.

A Daycare Haunting


I use to work at this day care center, that only stayed in business for two
years.  The building that we worked in had many owners, and many businesses
but never stayed in business for longer than 2 years, usually bankruptcy
would follow.  Anyway, I had worked there for about a year and had always
been scared of the back of the building.  There was a long dark corridor
that always gave me the chills, and I always felt like I was being watched.
I had the early morning shift, so I had to be there at 6:30, and get ready
for the kids to arrive.  One morning I had an infant, who was only four
months old and was asleep at the time of the incident.  We were in our room
and I was right out papers for the rest of the day when I saw a toy out of
the corner of my eye being thrown across the room.  I didn't think anything
of it, and played it off as my imagination, until a week later, when another
co-worker had told me what happened to her.  She was in the sleep room
changing a Childs diaper, when she looked right and saw a little girl
standing there staring are her.  She looked back at the child she was
changing and back and the little girl, who had vanished.  There were no
children besides the one she was changing in the room with her.  It freaked
her out, and when she told me freaked me out because then I realized that
the toy I saw thrown across the room wasn't my imagination.  Neither one of
us had another experience, but those two were enough for us.

Unfinished Business


Me and my friend were practicing a dance for our dance camp in my basement.  we both felt a cold wind and assumed that the window was open in my moms work area.  My mother is a hairdresser.  So anyway we looked in the room to see if that was the problem and were shocked to see a woman under my mother hair chair dryer... We were confused cuz we assumed my mother wasn't working today.  We both went upstairs to ask my mother why there was a customer down stairs she looked at me strangely and followed us downstairs but saw nothing..  After wards when my friend left my mother pulled me aside and said my customer died this morning and she had a appointment that day..  Till this day no one beleives us and we couldn't blame them but there is one thing that they have to give us credit we lost a little book of ours Unfinished buissnes Before You Die!



My family and I became aware of a pariticular area of supposed haunting in the Jamestown, NC area.  We were intrigued by the article and wanted to investigate even though we are people of faith.  The article which made us aware of the haunting was in a local magazine and caught my two sons' attention after my wife read the article in a restaurant.  The article described the following:  In the 1920's, their was an accident in Jamestown near a certain bridge underpass involving two high school students returning from the local prom.  Both of the young students were killed in the accident.  From time to time, locals have reported driving by the area where the accident occurred and spotting a young woman dressed nicely standing by the road side needing a lift.  The stories tell of a young woman, named Lydia, entering the car and decribing where she needed to dropped.  Upon nearing the destination, she vanishes.
 Of course, my wife and I are skeptical to say the least.  So, unaware of any peril or should I say for a lack of knowledge or fear, we thought we would investigate with our two young sons of five and eight years.  We arrived at the location which is off the main road into the woods about 100 yards.  There is an old
stone blocked railroad underpass located next to the now regularly used underpass.  Both of the underpasses have been covered with grafitti in tribute to the stories of Lydia.  The old underpass, however, has been overgrown with ivy and weeds and is relatively secluded to say the least.  Nevertheless, we were determined to investigate despite the "spooky" nature of the claims.
As we entered the underpass, the air became distinctly colder which we all noticed. We all felt frightened and left after only a few moments.  We got in our car and drove home.  We though nothing of the event until that evening.  Strange things began to occur at about 2:00 am.  Of all things, an old "Woody" doll with a pull string began to speak in a toy box and would not stop.  The electric van door opened and closed several times without any provocation.  My boys thought someone was in their room.  We thought we were just frightened from our prior experience and let our logical minds control.  The house still seamed strange to me and I had difficultly sleeping even though my male ego would not let me admit my fear.
Time went by and although the supposed haunting events were less dramatic, they nevertheless continued for about a month.  It came time for the van to have a regular tune up and we took it to the dealership.  When my wife returned with the van, the troubles ceased.  I don't know what we experienced exactly over that month period in 2001, but it seemed real.  My wife and I still question the validity of our "haunting," but our youngest son still maintains that Alydia, as he refers to her, often talked to him and was very nice.  Anyway, it is a nice little story we often tell family members, who don't think were lost, on cozy evenings.  Hope you will enjoy.

The Restaurant


Hi My name is Tracy and I live in upstate NY. For a while I lived in a small town in Ct where I worked as a supervisor in a small town restaurant. this restaurant was a very active field of energy and I had many expericences here. One of the most visual happened early one morning as myself and two of the staff were entering the building for the morning. We had 4 different entrances to the building. The cook and I unlocked the door in the down stairs bar and entered while our co-worked unlocked the upstair door and entered through the main enterance. I went to open the door to go upstairs and found it stuck. This door had no lock and never closed tightly. At that moment I heard a set of feet running down the stairs. I expected to open the door and see my co-worker standing at the botom of the stairs since the door he had come through was irght at the top of the stairs. When the door finally opened there was no one there and in fact he had not entered the building yet. I had on more then one occasion seen the little girl whom I had come to know a CORA. She was a small girl, frail. Perhaps seven. She wore a deep blue velvet dress with patten leather shoes. She had very curly brown hair and played with a small rubber ball which I would see and hear going up and down the stairs. I think because I am so open an unafriad I see peole who have passed as clearly as I see someone who is living. She was a young girl who was buried in a small rural cemetary behind the restaurant that was exclusivly for people who had dies from small pox. She was tiny and very sweet. Never harmed anyone but liked to play on the stairs with her ball.

The Old Cemetery


hi, my names stephanie and i live in detroit.  last month on july 5th, i
went up north to a city called manistee with my sister, her boyfriend, his
mom, his step dad, 2 of his cousin, his 2 younger brothers, and his grandma.
  a few days went by with nothing happinging, then 4 days before my sisters
boyfriends parents, brothers, grandma, and one of his cousins were going to
leave, his younger brothers, step dad, and younger cousin (who is around my
age) decided to go to the cemetary down the road from their cabin, called
the riverview cemetary, around midnight.  while they were there, one of the
brothers had kicked a headstone and the cousin, named whitnee, had said to
him, "You know, their going to get you for that!"  then they decided to
leave.  as they were walking down the path (which seems to light up during
the night) whitnee said that at one point, everything became suddenly quiet
and as the others walked ahead of her, she felt someone pat her on the head
more then a few times, and when she turned around, no one was there.  then
later, the younger brothers and whitnee decided to take the family dog,
zeke, into the cemetary.  the cemetary, by the way, is very very old and
small, and many of the headstones date back to the 1800's.  while zeke was
in the cemetary, he went up to almost every headstone and sniffed it and was
very happy.  then he came to a headstone that was broken (the cross had
ether fallen off or someone had purposly broken it.)  he refused to go near
the stone and whimpered and put his tail between his legs.  the same thing
happend at another headstone in the far left corner of the cemetary.  then
the day they were all leaving, me and whitnee decided to go down to the
cemetary to take a few pictures of the headstones zeke had been afraid of.
while we were there, we found a pale yellow grasshopper and i was having
whitnee take a picture of it when we faintly heard screaming start.  we were
of course scared, and stood completely still as it got louder and we could
clearly hear a little boy screaming for someone to help him.  we decided to
leave and right when we reached the path and the edge of the cemetary, the
screaming completely stopped.  we did think of the possibility that it was
the younger boys trying to scare us, so we headed back to camp, still
spooked, and asked everyone if ether of the boys had left at all.  everyone
said that they had just finished taking down the tent and were now playing
football with the older cousin, which they indeed were and neither looked
tired at all, and they would have had to run extremely fast in order to get
back to camp before us, especially since they would have had to have been
close to us due to the volume of the screaming.  thank you for reading this!

The Little Boy and the Sleepover


It was after my eleventh birthday which was a few weeks after November 5th.
It was around 12 midnight when this happened. I woke up like I was expecting to see someone. So, I look out into my hallway and I saw this little boy who was staring right at me. He was dressed in a suit and some fancy shoes. I pinched myself hard to see if I was dreaming, but....I sure wasn't.  I got so scared that I couldn't speak-I was afraid to anyway.
The little boy was there waving at me, and at the same time, smiling.
I couldn't even wave back, I was so scared.
After a while, the boy went away, disappearing into the darkness, but he still comes back, and now I am used to it.
On November 5th I had a sleepover party and I invited a few of my friends.
We stayed up late, but eventually we went to sleep.
My friend Briana couldn't get to sleep because she was getting distracted by someone or something  pulling books from my bookshelf. You couldn't see the person. One book landed in front of my best friend's face, which she woke up and saw it right there in front of her, and that's when I woke up.
She was going to scream,so I bent over and covered my hand on her mouth and told her to stay quiet.  I grabbed the book and threw it to the other side of the room.
My friend was very terrified and she was trembling, and really trembling.
We  weren't alone that night because we just didn't feel alone.

The Hill


I just thought to send in an odd and abnormal experience that concurred a couple of months ago.  My friends and I have never shared this information and knowledge with anyone for the fear that we may become social rejects, laughed at, or maybe even classified as "troubled hoodlums" making hoax stories.. Well, I'm from Syracuse, NY.  That place is everywhere you go you feel something tagging alongside you...also, just add another haunted spot in Syracuse, NY...On James St. behind a couple of buildings their is this borded up house the sits in the center of a parking lot...weird...but if you go there late at night and if the light in the lot goes off..which it always can see about 4 ppl..very clearly standing on the balcony.  It looks as though a woman is drinking something in the shape of an odd looking class...2 men sit to the side and one man, who is very scary and mean looking....people that I know broke into the house and they ran screamin down the street.  They claimed that they heard the sounds of a woman screaming and men laughing.  I never went inside the house only saw but that isn't what I want to talk watertown, ny there has been claims of a my friends and I decided to go to travel through this "vortex"  It took forever to find the place...we got the help of a young resident to show us were the story takes place....they say you can see the white lines and stuff like that....We never say any white lines of any sort...but it took us forever just to find the right path of friend discovered it first...she collapsed to the ground because she was so dizzy...she had no idea what had happened..we thought she was crazy...until her watch started blinkin 12:00 because somehow her watch wasn't set we asked her where she walked the this point im curious but very I took my steps you can feel your lungs collapsing almost as if the air is so heavy to breathe in...but yet it feels as if "others" besides my friends were friends claim they saw a glow around me...well not a know when you see an apparation you see white stuff around it thats what they say was around me...then in a split second i was on the middle of the hill with my legs wobblin and everything seemed disoriented as if i was on a "bad drug"....My mind went crazy...thoughts and images of when i was younger and I believe to this day an image of my past life was brought to me.. i never believed in past lives until that night....I think of this "vortex" as a path were you meet the person that once contained your spirit...I dunno..even typing this sounds weird but its still all jumpled in my head...also when my friends look at my watch the dates (i have digital watch) kept going back and back while my watch blinked didn't stop for about a week...I know this may sound weird but I thought I would share it with you guys...

The Ghosts


Hello. My name is Rachel. Im 18. I have been seeing ghosts since i was 11. The first one i saw was when i lived in New York in my kitchen when i was getting orange juice. It was a boy standing in front of me. He was wearing clothes from the 1800's. He was also glowing blue. Then I saw a man at the foot of my bed when i was laying down when i was 12. When i was 13 I was at my friends house sleeping over and the lights were off and i saw a face in her kitchen(like it was ducking) the hands were on the counter. The face was very very scary looking. I couldnt sleep that night. Then i moved to Massachusettes when i was 14. When I would be in my room at night with the light off i would see faces. Then i was walking by this house and i looking in a window and there was a little boy and a little girl and they were waving at me. Then i was still walking home and i was walking in a parking lot and i saw a girl in a car and the car started and i looked to the side for one second. When i looked back she wasnt there. I went by the car and looked in but no one was in there. The freaky thing was the car was on. Now no on would be able to get out of the car without me seeing them. This parking lot is severly hugh. Then i was in the living room watching tv with my brother and i looked out the living room into the dining room and i saw an old man and he disappeared behind the wall. The last time i something happened to me was 6 months ago. I was talking to my brother in my room. Then he left and I told him to shut the light and he did and he shut the door. As soon as he shut the door I heard growling and barking as if a dog was right in my ear. I got really scared and called him back in the room to turn the light on. Ever since then i cant go to sleep with the light off unless im with my sister. Even then Im scared. But its better when im with someone. I used to love the dark. Not anymore. So i dont know if ill start seeing thing again or if i move ill start seeing things and hearing things. I really hope not.

 The Ghost That Didn't Like My Station

I was all alone in the house in my room listening to z100.
When all of a sudden the radio changed to 95.5 by itself,
there was no reasonable explenation,There was no remote
and no one was inside with me as i siad before.
After this I took 3 breaths,shut off the radio and walked outside.
That same night me and my sister were all alone laying in bed,
she was asleep,and I heard the TV turn on thinking that someone
was back,soo I walked downstairs no one was there soo I turned off
the TV and went back to bed,I repeated this about 3 times,
I woke my sister up and the TV stopped.

 The Ghost of Mr. B.

I'm 14 years old now. It happened 9 years ago. I was 5 at the time. I lived in Walpole, Massachusetts with my sister, my brother, my mom, and my stepdad.  I had an awful cold that night. I couldn't breath through my nose at all. It was becoming very hard for me to sleep. I didnt want to wake anyone up at this time in the night because it was about 2:00 in the morning. So instead, i went to go downstairs to get some cough syrup. We lived in a two family apartment. There was an old lady that owned the apartment. Her name was Mrs. B. Well thats what we all called her. She had a husband but he had died years before we had moved in. When i was walking down the stairs into the bathroom to get the cough syrup, i saw a transparent, luminous figure somewhat taking the shape of a male adult. I was very scared. It didnt see me. It acted as though i was not there. It just walked into my living room as i watched. I ran back into my room and layed under the blankets the rest of the night partly because of my cold but mostly because of my fear. I will never forget that night when i saw who i believed to be the ghost of Mr. B

Spooky Cat Statue


My nan once told me about when she was married to her first husband. It was about April 1976. My nan had just purchased this three foot tall statue of a leopard in attack position. It was a brilliant piece of art and everyone was proud of it. My nan kept it in her living room and polished it regularly. But then a few weeks later, my uncle (who was 12 at the time) ran into it and it's head fell off. My nan was so upset she moved it onto the landing because of the crack after it was repaired. That night after the statue was broken and repaired, nan and her husband went to bed. They slept in the room at the front near where the statue now was. Nans' husband woke her up and said he heard something on the landing. She listened. She heard low growling and padded footsteps walking up and down the landing. Then when they sat up, there was the sound of something heavy hitting the door. Then there was load scratching noises on their door. Then the noise stopped. In the morning, after a sleepless night, they examined their door. There were claw marks in the wood, like a huge cat had tried to get in. They wondered what had done it and nan looked at her statue. It was in the exact same place it was yesterday but it's claws were covered in wood shavings. My nan freaked and got a friend to drive the statue to the dump and smash it to bits. To this day my nan believes that it was the statue that clawed her door. But she doesn't quite know.

Sach's Bridge


There is a bridge in Gettysburg called "Sach's Bridge" and one time My grandma,mom,and I went there one night.We were the only ones there and it was about dusk.I was just looking around with the video camera just to show the people at home what was there.So when I pointed the camera at the top left hand corner of the bridge I seen what looked like white smoke.After I seen it I showed my mom and grandma what I seen.So they seen it and we were walking closer to it.When we were directly under it we smelled cigar smoke,but none of us smokes and there was no one else there.Soon after that a man came along and he had a digital camera.So we were telling him what we seen and he seemed to be very interested so he took a couple of pictures where I said I seen the ectoplasm (thats what I thought was smoke).So he took a couple pictures of that then took some pictures of inside the bridge.Well on the back of his digital camera was a screen that you could see what you took pictures of,so he showed us all of his pictures .And in one of the pictures were my grandma,mom,and I walking to the other side of the bridge.Right behind my mom was a humungous orb that looked as big as a full moon.Well after a couple hours of talking about our experiences at the bridge we went down to the triangular field.We were the only ones there because it was past 11:00 and we seen a blue light flicker at the bottom so we walked down and we were looking around with the video camera and we seen a man walking back and forth like he was a guard.We went over to ask him why he was walking back and forth and when we walked closer he dissapeared.We realized then that we should go because the battlefeild patrol might come and make us get out of the battlefeild because it was so late.That was an experience ill never forget

Room 207 Henry:the final chapter.

   Well, It's been a few months since I've written to you about our ghost in residence Henry.  For the past few months it was the same old thing, a few noises here and there and the occasional "it's a little chilly in here can we have some more blankets?" but nothing of any real consequence. Nothing of course until a few days ago. A couple checked in after requesting that particular room spent the night and upon check out they informed me that they had read my story on the Shadowlands website and were intrigued. They did verify that there was a ghost in the room (the woman claimed to be a medium) and that he was a man in his mid sixties that died about 4 years ago. He was a guest here for a few days while he was on vacation. She claimed that he slipped on some ice while out enjoying Colorado in the winter and died. (Not at the hotel) She said that this (the Days Inn) was his last memory before he died and that is why he came back. She was vague on a name or a date (surprise) but she did say that he was sad and missed his family. They then told me that they did a "cleansing" and that he has gone on. A few things that bother me about this. Number one with a bullet is what if they didn't do this so called cleansing correctly and sent him somewhere worse, Number two, no one asked them to do this. Number three, they lit incense in one of my non smoking rooms. I have not seen/felt Henry since then. There have been no complaints of cold or banging on the walls. All I can do is hope that he is in a better place and wish him well.

Haunted Television

By: anonymous

First off, I want to say that I love your site to bits!
I want to share with you one of my own true 'ghost stories'.
It all happened just a few days ago. My best friend, Danielle, Danny for short, and I were in my basement watching T.V. I should mention that the basement is actually my room, and we always hang out there.
Well, in the middle of the show, the T.V. turned off by itself. First, I thought he power went out because of a storm. Keep in mind we are in the basement, no windows. SO I had no idea what was going on upstairs. Danny and I went upstairs to look outside. No storm or sign of rain at all.
So we thought maybe someone had cut the power off or something. I kept telling myself that, although I knew very well it wasn't true because the T.V. upstairs was still on. I have always believed in ghosts even though no one in my family did. Danny believed in ghosts also.
Danny and I made our way back downstairs and found the T.V. was still off. I went and sat on the couch and so did Danny. We were a little scared by this point, but thought that Zach was playing a trick on us. Zach is my little brother, also a really good prankster.
But, after a while of talking, I noticed the button that turns the T.V. on was pushed in, meaning someone had turned off the T.V.
Slowly, I got up, scared to death, grabbed Danny's hand, and stormed up the stairs and out the basement door. On my way out, I couldn't bring myself to look at the T.V. I just ran until I got to the living room, where Zach was sitting on the couch and watching T.V.
Later when I had enough guts to go back down there, and partly because Danny forced me, I saw that the T.V. had been turned back on. But the button was still pushed in.
I tried to turn it off. But every time I pushed it, the button wouldn't come out, meaning the T.V. was on but in the case it was off. So I unplugged it. Still wouldn't turn. This time I didn't wait for Danny. I ran out of there like my life depended on it.
Danny followed me and soon after, I got Zach and my mother to go down with me. My mom was determined to prove me wrong. Well, she did. The T.V. was plugged in and off, and the button was pushed in, meaning that it was indeed off.
I have a few other stories, but I will send them in later. Thanks for reading this one!

Peaceful Haunting

Three years ago my family and I moved from the city to an older house in a rural area of Massachusetts. The house is about 70 years old. Before moving I had never had any belief in ghost, spirits etc. However over the last few years my whole outlook has changed. The first thing I noticed was that the front door would knock on it's own. The funny thing was it would only knock about five minutes before a visitor arrived. To this very day if I hear the knock I can look outside no one will be there and within five minutes someone will show.  All the t.v's in the house will change channels, and turn on by themselves. Often they will come on to a channel with only no clear picture. Just snow. If you change it it will change back. You can shut it off all you want but it comes back on. The only way to have it stay off is to ask. My friends thought I was making this up until they saw it themselves. There are sounds of running on the stairs and maybe the creepiest of all the sound of my family members when they are not around. Such as my sister talking on the phone. My father owns a guitar and more than once a chord will be strummed as the instrument stands alone in the room.
   My sister has felt someone holding her hand, lights come on by themselves and each member of my family has seen switches move by themselves. Things fall off of places they couldn't fall off by themsleves (such as items pushed far back on a counter) Things are stuffed into off places and there are light scratches on many of the doorways. As scary as all this sounds there is something about whatever it is that is absolutely peaceful. There is never anything dangerous or even bothersome. A simple "please stop" will usually bring about an end to whatever is going on. The only thing I know about the histroy of the house is an older woman lived here most of her life and owned all the surrounding property. Her children sold us the house when her health forced her into a nursing home. She died soon after. Before her there was another family that built the house but I have been able to find almost nothing about them.  This area was also very highly populated with Indians. My family and I agree that it seems to be a child. The running up the stairs and gettig into things it shouldn't but also how quickly it listens if you ask it to stop. It seems that when there is a disagreement in the household things really start up. This seems like something a child would do. It does not like any confrontation or bad feelings.Sometimes as night it does get a little creepy but for the most part we have accepted that whoever it is was probably here first and since they seem to enjoy us being here we have no need for concern.

Past Experiences


It has been while since I sent my first story and after reading more of
people's experiences I have started to remember more encounters that my
family had over the last few decades, some of which I had totally
forgotten about. Here they are.
The Apple
This happened to me when I was very small, maybe five or six, but I can
remember it as if it was yesterday. We lived in a tall, narrow three
storey house in Chandlers Ford, Hants, UK. My bedroom was on the top
floor and was not very big.
At the time my grandparents were staying with us. I was about to go to
bed and asked my parents for something to eat, they gave me a big juicy
apple which I took up to my bedroom and put on the corner of the
dresser. Remembering that I hadn't kissed my grandparents goodnight I
left the room, minus the apple and went downstairs.
When I returned about ten minutes after, the apple was gone, no sign of
it anywhere. At the time I was not really worried, strange really. My
parents hadn't come upstairs and the only pets we had were Siamese cats
who were more interested in mice than apples. I never saw that apple
again and up to today I wonder who took it.
As I mentioned in my first story, my mother's side of the family have
had some 'gift' in varying levels.
My grandmother told me two incidences that happened to her after her
husband (my grandfather) died. The first one was when she was trying to
open a sliding door in his room. The door was warped due to damp and you
had to rock it in a certain way to make it slide. My grandmother was
trying to open it not longer grandfather's death, without much success,
when suddenly it lifted itself and she was able to slide it easily.
The second one happened either before the first one of after it, I am
not sure when. My grandparents had been married along time and though
they didn't see eye-to-eye sometimes, my grandmother was missing him a
lot, especially since his death (heart-attack) was unexpected. So one
day she sat in the living room and wished in her mind to him to show her
a sign that he was still with her in spirit. I guess she had her eyes
closed whilst she was doing this because when she opened them a rose
from a bouquet she had received was lying on the floor. This bouquet was
in a deep vase and she swears there was no way to it could have fallen
out of the vase, it would have to had to been physically picked out and
dropped. Whatever it was, she took this as a sign and also as strength
to get on with her life.
Another incidence I remember related to my grandfather's death is of my
mother and her sister. If I remember correctly, my grandfather died
quite late in the evening and both his daughters were asleep many miles
away from his house. My mother remembers waking up that night and
feeling a breeze cross her face, the windows were not open and she just
knew that her father had died. My aunty however, scoffs at the
paranormal and did not experience a thing.
My grandmother would visit us quite often and once after my
grandfather's death she was babysitting me. I was not that young but my
parents wanted some kind of house insurance! We were sitting in the
living room and I was showing her the 'ring on a string' trick. I don't
know if you know about it but if you get a ring, tie it to a piece of
string or cotton then hold it and think in you mind a direction i.e.
clock-wise, the string starts moving in that direction. We used to fool
around in school and make up stories that if you use so-and-so ring it
will go faster etc. usual kids stuff. I am not sure how it works but is
probably your unconscious moving the hand very slightly which in turn
starts moving the ring. Try it. Anyhow, to the point, we were trying
this and were both concentrating hard. There was no other noise in the
house and the atmosphere was quite 'heavy', when suddenly my grandmother
looked at me and said 'we are not alone'. I looked around and replied
'huh?' She was again quiet and after sometime got up to the use the
washroom. I was quite freaked out by this time and went into the kitchen
for two reasons, one, I was close to the washroom and two, the kitchen
had the most lighting. The only other companion in the house was our pet
dog. She was in the hall opposite the washroom and without any warning
went into a barking frenzy at the front door, but not at the door, at a
spot on the ceiling, above the door. I forgot about ghosts and went to
see who was there. However after seeing how and at where the dog was
barking, I returned to my freaked out state. The dog was running forward
towards the door and then suddenly stopping about ten foot away from it
while continuously barking. I didn't know what to do. My grandmother
came out of the washroom and the dog stopped barking. Not abruptly, she
would still return to the point and give a few disgruntled yaps at the
spot. My grandmother asked me what happened and I just feigned
ignorance. There was no one at the front door; my father had built a
small porch on the front of the house, thereby building a new front
door, which was not the one the dog was barking at. The dog never acted
like that before or after this incidence in fact she was the quietest
dog I have ever seen but that night she was definitely barking at
Lastly relating to my grandparents is a story my grandfather told me
when my grandmother and I were telling ghost stories to each other. He,
like at my aunty, scoffed at the supernatural but told me once that he
was driving along a lonely country road at night when an owl suddenly
started flying above and in front of the car. He thought nothing of it
since owls were common in that area, however, this owl stayed above and
in front of the car for along time, I can't remember how long he said he
observed it but it was many minutes. He was astonished because owls
don't usually keep on a straight path like that for long, especially
when they are in the high beam of a car. However, his astonishment was
nothing compared to when the owl just vanished. He said one second it
was in the cars full beams and the next it was gone. He still wouldn't
admit that it was anything paranormal he just thought it was very
Office experience
Finally, I want some comments on an experience I had recently (a few
months ago). I have always been interested in the paranormal and occult
and every six months I download hundreds of these stories and read them
- it's like an obsession. The last time I did this was around February,
I was reading loads and loads of ghost encounters tales, looking at
photos etc. Though I don't usually scare easily, I was beginning to see
things out the corner of my eye, which I put down to my unconscious
playing tricks on me and I wasn't really worried. However, one evening
after reading a lot of stories I was proceeding up the stairs of our
office cum residence, not really thinking about ghosts but a bit on
edge. I was climbing a flight of about twenty-stairs when suddenly
someone tugged on my shirt-tail. Thinking it was a colleague playing a
trick I turned around with a smile to be faced with empty stairs. There
was no way my shirt-tail was caught on something since the stairs are
walled in every direction (except foot and head) and I was about halfway
up when it happened. Since I was a bit on edge I turned round quickly
and didn't give anyone any time to escape, especially on such awfully
constructed stairs (the ones that the either too short or too long!).
The reason I think it has something with reading stories is that,
firstly, despite all the experiences I have had this is the first
paranormal experience that has 'physically' happened to me in my adult
life, and I cant find any explanation - even today I can remember the
tug, like when someone catches a piece of your clothing and tugs it.
Secondly the building is new, is not built on a graves or holy ground,
nor has anyone died there (though the stairs may rectify that one soon).
After it happened I started thinking on whether all these ghost stories
'open' your mind to the paranormal and make people more susceptible to
encounters. Comments would be welcome.
I have more experiences from my wife's side of the family which I will
write down in the future. Keep up the good work.

My Walnut Experiences..


Okay this is kind of long but ill try to sum up as much as i can.  Im half navajo indian and in my culture we are very spiritul.  Since i was little i have always had that six sense.. I know this is stupid but i mean from like 4 and beyond there were times when my mom would drive past a cemetary and i would just say something out of the blue or start crying.  There was this one time i was like 9 and we were in san diego.  There is this place down in old town (im sure uve all heard of this place) thats haunted.  I guess the guy was burried head first so he would go to hell faster.  But anyways we walked by it and no one told me it was suppose to be haunted.  The moment i was infront of it i started screaming get me out of her.. and i broke down crying and to this day I still cant take walking by that place without breaking down with fear.
Well im 19 now and i moved to walnut california when i was 9.  My brother had just been born and the place we moved into needed alot of work.  I never felt anything before when we first moved in.  The first experience i had in this house was when my brother was 3.  I would have been 12 at the time.  I walked past my brother and stopped.  He was talken to the entrance of his walk in closet.  Like a full blown on conversation.  Okay a little spooky right.  I just kept on walking.  This went on for months.  And i would ask him who are you talken to he would say no one.  I kinda just put it behind me.. So when he was about 5 he came out one night when we were in the living room and he said "Oh great grandma said she had to leave.. that she couldnt talk to me anymore."  Let me tell you i froze and watched my mom and dad expressions.. My dad freaked and kept asking what did u say?  (They all knew he talked to his closet by the way).  And my mom ran and got a photo album.  She gave it to my brother and asked him to point out great grandma and without help he searched thru it and sure enough he pointed and laughed and said "There she is mom!"...
Okay there is this hallway that goes down from the living room that passes my room and ends at a pantry.  Right next to the pantry is my bros room on the left then my parents and then the garage is on the right.  Down this hall a little after i turned 14 i use to have to run.  I could never walk down the thing without the back of my hair standing up on my neck or getting goosbumps.  I would seriously dread having to go down there especially since my room is right there.  Thats only the beginning of signs.  My cousins came to live with us that year and i had to share a room with my girl cousin nicole.  Her bed use to face the left corner of the room and one nite she climbed in bed with me and was shaking.  I asked her what happened and she just turned and hid her face in the pillow.  Okay being 14 with a 10 year old im going hmm this sucks.  I brushed it off and went to sleep.  Around sometime before the sun came up i heard like these foot steps going back and forth across my ceiling.  I woke up and stared at my ceiling.  I turned and nicole was doing the same thing. For some reason i thought it was my ceiling fan so i turned it off and the noise stopped.  I couple seconds after it stopped and i closed my eyes it started again.  and they were loud clanking footsteps.  I finally asked nicole what had made her come in my bed and she told me that she had heard voices in the wall.
This house is just weird.  There has been small things like my mom and my dad eating dinner and a fork right in the middle of the table flew off and smacked the side of the wall. There was something with my dads friend coming over and saying out of the corner of his eye he saw a shadow and he ran down the hall (we were all out of town and he was watching the house for us) but noone was there.  Trust me we have all seen the shadows but no on ever wanted to acknowledge it.  There was this one time my dad went away for the weekend and my brother was sleeping on the couch with my mom.. I was 16 I think so he was 7.. and he woke up with a start and screamed dad and ran into my room.  Okay i woke up cause my brother was screaming dad and my mom came in and she turned on the light and she said "dad's on vacation sweetheart." to which my brother replyed.. "No mom i swear i saw dad come in here."  Lets say i didnt sleep in my room that night.  Ever since that experience i have slept with my door shut.
We use to have this Akita.  Her name was Blaze and she would never bark.  To those of you who have an Akita you might get this.. If an akita barks you better go see whats up.  WEll anyways.  I was sleeping in my room and everyone was asleep.  I think this is when i still slept with the door open.  But Blaze ran into my room barking so loud.  I woke up and all the little hairs on my arms stood up and i started breathing really heavy.  I couldnt explain it i just knew something was there.  But Blaze lept onto my bed and layed her body over mine so that her head layed protectively on my head... I was so scared i started screaming for my mom but i stopped because Blaze started growling this sound.. I have never once in my life heard i dog make this sound but i started crying and blaze raised her head and baired her teeth to the darkness of the hallway.  As soon as my mom came rushing to my room she lept off of me and ran out my room.  My door is now closed when i sleep.. AS i said before.  There were more things like that with Blaze.  She would sit there facing the entrance to the hallway and her head would just start going from side to side like she was following something.  And then there were sometimes she would just bark at nothing its really creepy to think about these things.
My mom called the medicine man (now remember im half navajo indian) and he told us to prepare a meal for the spirit to acknowledge him cause he was on the path of becoming harmful. So we did that and the very next day it was gone.  I couldnt feel anything scary anymore i could walk down the hall with ease and everything was just fine, still i sleep with my door shut.
As of recently, there hasnt been to much but we have 2 labs now, Sakura and Kasia, Blaze Died, but sometimes they stare at the hallway or air and just bark.  I dont know sometimes i feel things down there and sometimes i dont.  Im not as afraid of it as i was before but there are times i find myself looking over my shoulder and just taking deep breathes to get rid of the chill.
I just recently bought a deck of tarrot cards.  BAD IDEA!!!!!  I havent touched them cause i dont know i just feel this energy from them.  But the first question i asked the first day i got them in mY house was is the ghost still here.  The tarrot cards told me that if i dont know what im doing then dont do it at all because i can bring back something evil..  It also said that it was a repressed anger that doesnt want to be repressed.  Let me tell you the day i asked the question the whole house was cold.  I called my mom and she told me to burn sage.  Both me and my friend and my brother now 10 ran around the house burning sage (sage is suppose to warn off evil) .. after we did that it was gone so..
Sorry this story was so long i have one more thing to say.  I read this one entry on here by this guy  and let me just say i experienced the same thing.  I was 17 i dont know if i was dreaming or what but i woke up and i swear i felt like this huge force of energy was standing at the edge of my bed and i couldnt move or anything I just stared. And i could hear my mom banging the garage door walking by my room and i kept screaming "MOM HELP!!" but my voice sounded so far away and i remember just screaming and screaming and trying to move but i couldnt.. Then it was almost as if as fast as it happened it stopped and it was like i was pushed back to sleep.. I just remembering turning my head and closing my eyes.  I woke up a couple of hours later told my mom and she told me i was probably dreaming but after reading that guys story im not to sure anymore.

Ghosts and Hauntings

Growing up, we lived in an old farm house that was over 100 years old.  It became a common thing for us to see ghosts, hear ghosts, and to feel an eerie presence in certain rooms of the house and even in our barn.  The ghosts that we saw did not scare us but the eerie feelings and cold gushes of air in certain rooms did.  The ghost I most usually saw was a young woman with long blonde hair and a long flowing white gown.  I only saw her at night while I was in bed.  I would wake up in the middle of the night to find her standing at the foot of my bed just peacefully watching me and she had a content smile on her face, I wasn't scared of her.  One time I fell asleep on the floor in my brothers' room and woke up to see her on her hands and knees looking at me right in the face.  It was like she just wanted to watch over me and make sure I as okay.  I saw her through all of my years at the home, from about the age of 5-16.  My brothers saw her too.  On one occasion, the strangest thing happened.  I really don't know if the woman ghost did it or what, but one night I was scared to sleep in my room for some reason.  I went ahead and fell asleep in my bed and left the light on.  I slept great the whole night.  When I woke up, I was laying on my brothers floor on a perfectly spread out blanket, with my pillow and I was covered up.  I was totally confused, because I could'nt figure out how I got there.  I asked my Mom if she moved me, and she did'nt.  My brothers did'nt know either.  I know that I did'nt go in there on my own and I never sleepwalked.  Whether the ghost did it or not, I don't know.  The scariest room in our house was the laundry room.  It just had an eerie feeling to it.  We would never go in there by ourselves.  We would be putting clothes in the washer or dryer and would feel a quick gust of cold air behind us.  We could just feel a presence in there, but this one was scary.  We would turn around and nothing would be there.  There was a closet in the laundry room and we would hear the metal hangers rattling around all by themselves.  There was no draft in our laundry room to explain any of the occurrences.  Our bathroom was next to the laundry room.  A couple of times I would be in the shower and would see a shadow through the curtain.  I would open it, and no one would be there.  It got to be so scary, that even as we got older, my brothers and I would leave the bathroom door open when we took a shower.  There are so many things that happened there, it would take me hours to tell you everything.  I just wanted to tell you about a few of them.  I was glad to discover your website.  I will write again sometime and tell you more.

My Life


       I have never really seen a ghost and i do not think my house is
haunted but i have had strange experiances. The first one i can
remember is my freshamn summer into my sophmore year i woke to find
my mom( or so i thought) standing in the door way, she was wearing
a gray dress which i thought was odd. I wasnt afraid at all and
wanted to greet her,but i realized that i couldnt move my arms,
legs and did not have the ability to speak. When i finally had
mobility my mom had vanished, and i suddenly got the chills but
fell asleep shortly after that. I called my mom later on that day
to ask her is she had visited me and she said no, all she could say
though was " grandmom".
       I kind of wrote it off and never thought about until juinor year. I
had to get up for school real early when once again i felt myself
in that strange immobile state. I could see i was in a green room
and i felt a woman over me taking care of me.I had the impression
that i  was in a hospital. I kept saying to myself that my brother
was hurt worse than i was. Anyways i rolled out of bed and lazily
got into the shower. As i was in the act of doing this i thought to
myself, why am i going to school? i was just in an accident. Later
that day at work i told my coworker about the dream. Anyways sure
enough a few days later i was in the hospital, in a green room and
my brother was hurt worse than i was. Right then and there i knew
that i had been saved by some fate.
          The next summer after i had graduated from high school i had
some dreams that scared the crap out of me. The first one i was
in that immobile state ( but totally aware) and i heard a loud
buzzing noise almost like a fly. I had those awful feeling that
something was in my room. As soon i was able to move the feeling
was gone. The next dream i had was the day after a kind of
spiritual awakening where i had began to realize that god truly
existed. Anyways that day i had blown off the whole
experiance as being just stupid thoughts. Then when i was taking a nap
suddenly i was in that state again. I heard the loud buzzing noise once
again but this time it followed a guy's voice calling my name. He asked me
if i had ever met my grandfather and i replied in my head ( i was unable
to speak) that i had not because he had died almost 40 years before me. I
was trying desperately to move my hands so i could not concentrate on what
he was saying. Then i heard him yell at me about the accident with me and
my brother and then he said YOU COULD HAVE SUFFERED FROM A COMA! Right
after that i was mobile  and ran straight to my mom  and told her. She was
freaked out and asked me if i was doing anything stupid to get me possibly it was a warning. I thought no not really but i knew
in my heart i was being bad that summer. After that i believed in god.
After that i was afraid to go to sleep. A few weeks after that I was
asleep and during my dream i heard all these voices calling my name and
telling me to let go. i was suddenly aware that i was in my room again
but floating up towards my ceiling!  It gave me a sudden euphoric feeling
like a warm ruch of waves come over me. Finally i thought where am i going
and all of the sudden i was back on my bed. I was so freaked out that i
couldnt go back to sleep and i called my friend and he said his mom had
plenty of out of body experiances. Another dream i had while napping
during the day. I felt myself being carried around my room and then placed
back on my bed. Then i felt people touching me ( like in inappropiate
places ) and i felt so violated and all i wanted to do was scream "mommy!"
but of course i couldn't. Then i looked at whoever it was and it was two
teenage guys one beside me and one holding down my legs. I saw the
expresion on the guys face that was holding me down and it was like pure
evil. I realized that dream was the replay of a night that may have
happenend to me ( i had passed out). It was like a sign to me that it did
happen, After that i decided to totally change my life style and stop
running with a dangerous crowd.
          I know my dreams seem a little odd but i credit them to changing
my life, i often wonder if it isnt someone from above giving me
a warning or maybe just my inner most conscious reaching out to
save myself. Now i have a some dreams that are a little odd like
i feel people kisssing me and things but i am much more relaxed
now and do not get scared. I tell myself they are just a dream
state( i cant really say deam because they are totally different
feeling from one) and i will wake up.

Mudhouse Mansion


I went to visit "mudhouse mansion" in Fairfield County Ohio. My friends and i heard scratching on the door to the brick building along with loud sharp noises (as though someone was being struck with a whip) and screams. Once we got inside we heard screams and what sounded like a little boy crying, in a downstairs bedroom, we are assuming it was a bedroom. As we were walking up one set of stairs we heard a noise as though someone or something was falling down another set of stairs. Also there is a white house next which is boarded up pretty tightly except upstairs. In the upstairs portion of the house, it appears there was a door leading to an outside balcony or something. As we were leaving Mudhouse Mansion we saw a lady in a pink night gown watching us from the door less doorway.



My friend Melissa is an otherwise completely normal girl who just happens to have a few rather unusual aspects, two of which are the presences in her house. I hesitate to use the word 'psychic',since it conjours up stereotypes of heavily made-up women with crystal balls, but she displays an uncanny ability to know things she has no way of knowing;whether or not that has any bearing on the situation in her house remains to be seen. The house is in no way unusual and features three bedrooms, a screened-in porch and a lovely yard. Melissa and her boyfriend occupy one bedroom,the second is used for storage, and the third is used for absolutely nothing, because no one who goes in there can stand to be in there for longer than a minute.Never mind the fact that the lights in the room and the hall will either flicker on and off, or go completely on/off, regardless of the position of the switch the minute anyone steps into the room,our money is on the heavy,resentful presence that permeates the room as being the thing that drives people out.We don't go in there unless a guest expresses doubts and insists on being allowed to see for themselves,and they inevitably do.Oddly,the feeling doesn't extend past the door,but she keeps it locked and closed,just in case. I spend a lot of time over at their place,and I often will spend a whole weekend there with them.One night, I began to notice movements out of the corners of my eyes when I was sitting on the couch in the living room and Melissa was in kitchen.Since I have several cats of my own,I recognized that it was the motions of a cat,walking proudly about its home and happy with its tail held high.'Oh, it's just her little dark cat',I thought absentmindedly to silly to have forgotten about the cat......only then I remembered that she doesn't have a cat,dark-furred or otherwise.Thinking I was just tired,I dismissed it.A few days later,in the middle of the day,it happened again,and this time I mentioned it to her.She was relieved to hear that she wasn't hallucinating,or if she was,then we both were,and confided that she notices the small,dark(she thinks it's a chocolate brown)cat quite often,usually when her boyfriend was away or when she was otherwise alone in the house,and always in the living room.It brought with it a cheering,calming feeling, and as time progressed her boyfriend and some other friends noticed it,too. Her theory is that it is there to counteract whatever lurks in the unused bedroom,and she's even purchased cat toys in an effort to keep it around - yes,it 'plays' with the toys.If we're in the kitchen,or on the porch, we can hear the jingle of the ball with a bell inside coming from the living room,and the toys never stay in the same place.I know that most people would probably be horrified by such a casual attitude to an actice presence in a house,but she and I both grew up in haunted houses that had much more than an ominous room and a friendly,invisible pet,although those are other stories.Maybe it is something about us that attracts these events!

Johnstown, PA University of Pitt, Oak Hall


i see that you have my old dorm on your website -
here's my friends and my stories.
Johnstown, PA  University of Pitt, Oak Hall
I lived there for a semester of my freshman year.  I
heard all the stories about the indian burial ground
and such.  Not so sure if i believe them, but the
place IS haunted.  Doors flying open, figures and
people's reflections in the glass of the front of the
building, People's names being called out with no one
being there, one of my friend's rooms couldn't keep a
poster or picture on the wall because they kept
falling off (once in particular they walked in and saw
a poster floating in mid-air)  all the other dorms on
campus have a complete basement accept for oak hall.
the building is shaped like a T, but in oak hall one
hall is missing in the basement.  we jimmied the
little door in the center of the wall open with a
credit card and it's all a dirt crawl space.  there
are a few pipes and wires... but they never finished
it.  and that wing of the building is where most of
the activity was. (this was all in 1997-1998) and the
old cemetary is WAY back in the woods...  the woods
definately have a strange feel.
thanks for the great website!  and bringing back
college memories!

Haunted house on Anderson Hill


This happened in Port Orchard Washington.  I was about 13 years old and we
had just moved into an older house on Anderson Hill Rd.  My parents had left
for the day and I was down in the living room, thinking about stoking up a
fire, when I heard people talken and laughing up stairs.  I already  knew
that no one was up there, because no one else lived with us, but I had to go
check anyway and of course no one was up there just like I knew.  Now I was
feeling double sure that I was dealing with some ghosty beings. I didn't run
out of the house or freak out, but instead I went back down the stairs and
into the living room and sat in a chair to listen again.  Sure enough, the
muffled conversation started up again and the laughing was more intense as
if somebody up stairs found something awfully funny.  You could hear a
womans voice quite clearly layughing and commenting, as well as the low
sounds of a mans voice here and there in the ghostly conversation.  I was
completely convinced now that I had just had the ghost experiance of the
century.  That is until later that week.  I had mentioned to my parents what
I had experianced and my Dad said that he had - had the very same
experiance. Well a few nights had went by, and then on about the third or
fourth night of living there, something came into my room and sat on the end
of my bed that night when I was just about to fall asleep.  I could feel the
weight of it sink my bed down.  I was too scared to move so I pulled the
covers over my head and just layed there.  Next it tried to pull my covers
off.  I held onto the covers because I was scared to death. (This girl did
not want to get into a cat fight with something that she could not whip!)
It stopped pulling on my covers and picked up the end of my bed.  I only had
a light twin bed and so picking it up would have been easy for even me,(
which was about a 95 pound small boned girl, who thought she could whip king
kong at the time.)  I was small but strong and fiesty. I truly was not
afraid of much back then, but this thing was SCARY!  It picked the bed up so
high, at the foot of my bed, that I was at a slant and I felt like I was
about to stand on my head.  I was so scared that I couldn't even scream.  I
was intencely afraid that I was going to come face to face with the ghost or
what ever it was, and I didn't know how to deal with it, much less hurt it
and make it go away.  Anyway my big bad whip ass attitude turned into a
puppyish whimper and some fast running into my parents room.  I know I must
have looked like a streak of lighting going into my parents room, cause I
was running full speed.  The worst thing about the whole entire thing was my
mom didn't want to believe me.  She hunted for every excuse that she could
find to make me sleep in that room again, but I never did!  My Dad believed
me though, and he made it a point to move! (smart man)  I think my Mom
didn't want to believe it because it would have made her world just too
complicated.  She would have had to admit that everything in the world is
not so cut and dry and that it's not always as some would have you believe.
We live in a world that definately has things going on in it that doesn't
always meet the eye.

Green Orb out of my Shirt


On the 30th of July 2003 , my friend and I were in the basement of my house and the time was around 11 p.m. and we decided that we were going to go to bed and so we turned out the lights and I said that '' I don't think that I can sleep in my shirt,'' so I took off my shirt and a green light or an orb came out of my shirt and all that I seen was a bright light out of nowhere and it was pitch black in my basement and my friend said ''what in the hell was that''and I said I don't know. We turned the t.v. back on to see if someone was trying to play a joke on us ,but then I remembered that we were the only ones in the house except for my mom and she was in her room sleeping. So we forgot about it utill the morning time. When we woke up I called my mom at work and before I told her any thing she told me about what happened at my grandma's house the night before. It was that 2 of her clocks that wind up where not running and she set one of the clocks for 10p.m. and she said to my grandpa which is dead ''Jerry I have to set your clock'' and all of a sudden the other clock that was not running,rung 11 times.
Which was the real time,11 o'clock. But before my mom said any thing about the time, I told her what happened and then she asked me what time that all of this occurred at and I told her around 11, she started yelling to my grandma the time it happened. We think that all of this happened from my grandpa in which he died in late January of this year. This is a true story!!!

  Grandpa Man


When my son was between the ages of 18 months to almost 3 years we lived in a very old house. He NEVER slept through the night when we lived in that house.  He would wake up about every half hour and he'd be screaming. He would sleep if I sat out on the porch with him, or if I drove in the car, but never when we lived in the house.  We eventually sold the house and decided to move when he was almost 3. At this time was able to say some words. He began to tell me about the "Grandpa man" who was in his (my son's) room. The Grandpa man would always tell him(my son) to get out of his(grandpa man) room. We were told by locals that the hysband of the woman who owned the house, had passed away in the house.
We slept on the living room floor the last two weeks before we moved, and it was a little better, but the first night in our new house, he slept all night.  Consequently, my mother died in the early morning hours of that same day.
Later I had a call from the new owners of the house asking me what we had done to the electricity in one of the bedrooms. Of course they were referring to my son's old room. I told her that we had updated the wiring in the entire house (and we had) it was all new so there would be no reason for the electricity to not work. She told me that not one light or outlet worked in that room.
I don't know much more after that, but I still get goose bumps when I tell anyone this story. I have also had some personal experiences with visitations...but one story at a time

The Strange Pirate


Some people out there are going to read this story and think what a load of rubbish but this one isn't i assure you. when my mum was growing up at my nans house ( my nan has lived in the same house for 30 years and is still living here!) she had the little room (now spare) above the kitchen. one night when she was about 12 she felt really hot so she opened the curtains to open the window when she looked at the end of the garden in next door there was a white man in a nightie sort of dress you know what they wore back in the olden days night gowns with a spotted hankie chief over his eye he wasn't in my nans garden he was in next doors garden looking over like the woss my mum is she screamed. my nan and grandad ran up stairs and my mum told them what she saw (may I tell you this isn't the only sighting) my nan truthfully couldn't see it but my grandad replied to my mum very shocked don't be so bloody stupid and shut the curtains ever so quickly he shut the window and told my mum and nan to come down stairs. about just after that expieriance my uncle was born kevin (now 15) and I also have another uncle andrew (now 25 then 22). when kevin was 13 he woke up and to ckeck if if he had got in from a night out he looked in the mirror and there a man with a long grey beard and a hat and a long brown coat with his arms folded looking at andrew he just pulled his cover over his head and went back to sleep. then a couple of weeks after he was telling his friend leeroy about him  and he said don't be so bloody stupid there is no such thing as ghosts then when they were doing there hair in the same mirror he appeared again i can't tell you what they said it is to rude. he appeared again in a smaller version so it comes to show they can her and see every movement so just be careful what you say and what you see

Ghost Dog


I once had a friend who lived with her grandmother in a rundown neighborhood and the house behind her had been abandoned since the owner was arrested for animal abuse. The man had left a dog chain in the backyard, where he had once tied the dogs he killed them. One day Stacey and her grandma heard a dog barking in the house out back and then a heavy chain being carried into the old house. They followed the noise all the way to the attack where it growed and dissapeared. All of a sudden the door slammed and locked, they were trapped in that attic for 3 hours before the door opened. It was said that the man buried all the animals under th attic floorboards and buried in the basement. Oh yeah this isn't just a ghost story it happend.

Gas Station


I'm back. And these ghost stories that I'm starting to remember has came back to mind. Well, it was few years ago, my little bro and I were coming home from watching a movie. I really had to use the restroom and I told my bro to stop at a gas station (I know it's disgusting but MAN I had to go!) Finally, we got to a station and I went to do my business. All of a sudden, someone was knocking on the door. I told them that I was in here, can you please wait. Again they knocked but it was more harder, and I said again 'can you wait, I'm in here!' Then, whoever (probably kids or teenagers), was trying to get in and was knocking even more harder. I had screamed at the top of my lungs, 'SOMEONE'S IN HERE. PLEASE WAIT!!' It kept doing it and doing it. As I was washing my hands, finally, I got out of the bathroom and looked around to see if there was anyone waiting to use the restroom! NO ONE WAS AROUND. My bro's car was facing the restroom, so he will know. I got in the car and I asked him if there was anyone at the door I was in. He told me there was NO ONE there! I was like OOoooK! But the funny thing was, I saw the shadows when I was in the bathroom and it was daylight out! Oh yea, the cementary was across the street! *lol* It didn't accord to me that it was a ghost or it was haunted!

Friends Apartment

This summer (2003), I stayed in an apartment with two friends of mine while we worked at our college in southern Illinois.  It's a fairly new place, with two bedrooms (one upstairs, one downstairs) and a loft upstairs, which is where I stayed.  My boyfriend also came over to visit a lot.  One night, we were up in the loft and both of us happened to be looking into the upstairs bedroom (my roommates weren't home- they never were for any of this).  Near the ceiling, we saw a very odd flash of light.  It wasn't like a truck or car driving by or the computer clicking off.  It was a sudden, isolated flash of light.  If it had just been me, I would have thought that my eyes were just adjusting to the dark or something, but both of us saw it.
About two weeks later, I was downstairs in the living room area.  My boyfriend was outside and I was sitting, facing down the hallway that led to the bathroom and other bedroom.  I looked up and saw the exact same burst of light right where the shadows in the hall started.  A week or so later, my boyfriend was in the apartment alone.  He was standing in the bathroom with the door open and looked out to see the same burst of light in the same place I saw it, but at a different angle.
A week before we moved out for the summer, we were lying down in the loft.  Occasionally in the apartment (and nowhere else), my body would jerk spasmodically right as I started to relax.  I don't know if it's just a muscle spasm, but it only happens there.  That night, it happened again, but my boyfriend jumped at the same time. He said it felt like someone had put their hands on his back and pushed him.  Again, my roommates were gone.
I only talked to one of them about it and he said he hadn't felt or seen anything like it.  It never felt threatening, only strange, so I'm moving back there in a few weeks for the school.  I don't know what any of that was, but it was merely odd.



It was about 1:20 when i was bearly going to bed. I had just finished going to sleep when all of a sudden I heard heavy footsteps coming from the living room. At first they were light and far away but they became heavier and sounded alot closer as it approached to my room. At that time I still had my eyes closed so then I heard the footsteps stop in front of my door so I opened my eyes and looked up at the ceiling.I got to see a shadowy figure standing in my door. At first I thought it was my mother because she wears black to go to sleep but then when i was bearly going to look, I closed my eyes so that i could surprise her by turning very fast. When I did that I looked and nobody was there anymore. I stood up and went to check but nobody had left my mothers room that night. the reason i know that is because her door was still locked and when it is, that means nobody had gone out.



Sorry, this is kinda long...:O) Forgive me, I just had to share.
My ghost stories are not scary, no mysterious hand prints on the wall, or knocking on the door. But they are in fact real. See, when I was a freshman in high school, I got my first glimpse of my ability to actually sense ghosts presence. I was watching the MTV's program called FEAR. (Where real people would be given the task of visiting haunted places (like abandoned prisons, human slaughter houses, murder sites etc...places that people had suffered in one way or the other) and they would have to do certain things at each site. Such as having to sit by themself, in the dark, for 4 hours, cut off from any communication what-so-ever. If they decided to do it, and got through without giving up, they would go back to the main building where everyone else was and they would then give another assignment to the next member of the team. It doesnt sound to bad, but watching it was amazing because they would be put through horrifying experiences. One woman actually had to be put in a coffin and buried alive for 6 or so hours! ) Well, after watching it for the first time, I decided to go to bed. Stupid thing to do. Before I could even close my eyes, I heard something that was right behind me. And I thought it was my mom, but I turned to look and there was nothing. But the sound didnt stop. It kept getting closer. I closed my eyes trying to make it go away, but it wouldnt stop. Then this feeling came over me like I was completely surrounded by something bad. I ran into my mom's room and told her what was going on. She tried to comfort me, but it didnt help. So, like any child needing a mother when they're scared,  I crawled into her bed and held on to her the whole night. Still feeling that something was behind me. I didnt sleep at all that night. At 5 or 6 in the morning I finally fell asleep. And when I woke up, I had bruises on my arms and legs that werent there the night before, and when I talked to my mom, she said that I didnt stop shaking the whole entire time. That was experience #1. My second experience didnt come until the next year, again in my room. My sister and I are 14 years apart, and I never really see her. So when she decided to come stay with us for awhile I couldnt be happier. She also brought her 3 kids, who at the time were all under the age of 8. It was probably the second night she was there, everything in the house was quite and well. The kids were downstairs sleeping and my sister and brother -in- law were sleeping in the room next to the kids, while I was upstairs in my room. About 3 in the morning, I awoke to a young boy holding my hand, only the boy was pale white, and kind of transparent. But I was still half asleep, so I didnt acknowledge it at the time. I thought it was my 4 year old nefew. He told me that he was scared he was going to die, so I told him that he wasnt going to die, and to crawl up in bed next to me so that he'd feel safe. He then quickly got into my bed and fell asleep. The next morning my bed was empty next to me, so I figured that he had gone downstairs for some breakfast. So downstairs I went, but when I got there, all the kids were still sleeping, my nefew was in the room with my sister, fast asleep in her arms. Later, when everyone was up, I went up to him and asked him if he was ok now, and if he needed to sleep in my bed again. He gave me this blank stare and turned to my sister, who also had a blank stare on her face. What she said, and I'll never forget this, "Lizzy, he was in my bed the whole night."
We finally figured it out though, my sister had wanted to have a baby a fews years back, but had problems while carrying the child, and it died. But she said that it was born on it's expected date as a ghost and was staying with her, growing up just as an alive person would. Our guess is that it came with her on her visit with me, and decided that it was time he got to know his "would have been" aunt.
Ever since those two episodes, I have been able to see things, such as ghosts ( the one I see actually looks as though its made of soap, the colored, metallic, shiny bubbles. But in the form of a person.
It's my grandfather, we figured out. He died in my house. And that another ghost story that I've heard about a million times. My dog at the time actually witnessed him dying, and they say that when he died, my dog looked up and then looked as though he was following a light across the ceiling and out the door. Although, he didnt leave entirely because I still get a sense he's in the room with me.
Anyways, thanks for reading my entirely long story... I'm glad I can tell someone. :O)



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