Boy in the Attic


Me and my mother lived in a studio type house in colorado back in 2001
sometime, It was small, The living room and the bedroom were connected
with a big arch way opening. It had an attic, the opening was above my
mom's bed, I would hear things up there, moving around...all of the
time. One day, I was fed up, tired of wondering, tired of the fright, so
I crawled up into the attic and took a look around, I saw a figure in
the corner, It looked like a small boy with his head down and his arms
crossed around it. I was extremely frightened, so ofcorse I jumped down
real fast, My heart was pounding. I sat on my moms bed, so scared that I
couldn't move. I looked up and I could see a boy looking down at me, he
was wearing a suit, a green suit with a yellow under shirt, nice dress
shoes, the tip of his shoes hung over the edge of the opening, He had
pail brwn hair and his eyes were an icy blue green color, they sort of
glowed, his skin was pale, and you could see the veins all in his face,
his skin was so pale, you could see them. His hands rested at his sides
and he just stared down at me. I about died. I was so scared...After
that I kept hearing a little boy in the corner of the living room saying
things in german. I remember that he repeated the word "Zerstorung" over
and over again...I hate it, it haunts me. I told my mother, she didn't
believe me. No one has...It's driven me insane!

A White Lady Ghost

I was in El Paso Texas, at the age of five when it happened.
It was just about dusk, and me and my sister who was seven were playing outside.
We were jumping on an old boxspring, when something in my head told me to stop;
and look. I stopped jumping...  turned, and looked toward an adobe fence at my right.
Just in time to see a figure of a tall slender woman emerge from it. She wore a long veil, and long tattered dress. It swayed slowly, and she glided about a foot off the ground. She walked straight across the yard which was about seventy feet wide.
Then she disappear, as she entered the fence at the left side.
My sister, who had stoped to see what I was looking at, watched the whole thing. When it had disappeared she cried out, Aaaaaaaaa... ghosst!
I didn't know what a ghost was, but I ran behind her because she sounded scare.
I never was afraid when it happened, I didn't know what it was. I didn't think any thing. I just looked. We told our Uncle, and mother. They went to check, but found nothing. My sister has always denied that this ever happened.
I have a memory like an elephant. I don't know why I saw this, but I feel that it changed my way of thinking. I was a child, and I have always remembered this.

30 Known Years of Haunting


when we moved to waynesboro, TN me and my family moved into a family owned house thats been in the family for almost 100 years. while living there my family and friends has expericed strange happings like shadows moving through the house, foot steps, things being moved, and figures of a little girl.
one night i was up late and i decided to get something to eat and as i crossed the hall i  noticed something looking at me though the back door window i quickly turned my head and walked back in to the living room scared out of my mind cause she is not apart of my family that lived there at the time. she had shoulder length brown hair that looked wet, she was about 5 foot to 5'2" and was wearing a white 30's style lace night gown. that was the 2nd time i have seen her. my mother was going to go to the basement to check on the cloths when she saw a shadow like figure of a child run a cross the floor when she told my dad to check it out he found nothing ( my brother and sister where up stairs with my dad and i was up town.
 my cousin and his dad to us about a girl in the basement after we moved in the all have seen her even my friends. one of my friends wouldnt even get out of his car cause he said " i saw something in the window and  i know you were the only one home" he doesnt like to talk about that much anymore. now that we moved he will not or anybody else go there. now my unlce lives there i havent talk to him yet but im going to this weekend.
well thats just some of the story of the white house as we call it if you have any questions at all please dont hesitate to ask. thank you for reading about some personal experience.

I will Never Leave You


Going through a divorce is rough business. I spent many nights crying myself to sleep.  One night I was laying in bed crying so hard asking God what I did to be left alone like this.  Tossing and turning I just could not sleep.  I cried and cried the whole night....Then I heard a voice by the side of my bed.  It was a deep male voice but very quiet in tone....He said to me "I will never leave you".  Funny thing I was alone in the house.

The Cat came back to say good-bye

When I was younger we had a beautiful cat who was half tabby and half persian.  I loved that cat more than anything he was my buddy.   Well since he was always in and out of the house he contracted feline leukemia and eventually had to be put down.  One day I was in my room getting dressed for work.  I felt him walk between my legs and his tail wrap around me like he used to do.  I thought I was dreaming but I was standing up in my room dressing.  Was thinking it all over when my mom who was in the bathroom putting make up on screamed.  I was like what is wrong she said a phantom cat just walked through my legs but there is no cat. I told her it was just Mr. Puff saying hello.

The Indian Summer


My parents broke up when I was six years old. My sister and I would stay in Flagstaff, Arizona with my mom most of the year. In the summer we would go and stay with our dad, he lived in Texas.
My dad and sister had gone to get some ice cream, I would normally have gone with them, but i was in this really good chat room. I went to the bathroom about 10 minutes after they left. When i was half way done with my "work" when i smelled smoke and i rushed out of the bathroom with my shorts still at my ankels and without wiping. When i was out there i looked every where for the source of the smoke but didn't find it. Then i peeked out the window and waw that there was nothing on fire out there. Confused, i rushed back to the bathroom and finished doing what is was doing.
For weeks i went on like this. Most of the time it would happen when i was alone. I would always smell smoke. The things got mo intense. I was making my way to my room, but half way through the hall way i heard this strage sound. I stood froze for a second but then listen to the sounds. They got louder and they same aroma came to my attention once againe. The only diffrence was it was stronger and only getting stronger. Then i realized that tha sounds weren't just sounds i was screared. I heard a sort of chanting. Then my sister was going to her room and barly touched my shoulder for a second. I screamed and ran to my room.
I tried telling my sister but all she could do is insult me. She would say things like, "Don't lie" or "Your just tring to get attention" and finally she would say "You don't have to lie to be cool". This really made my feel crazy and mad.
Then this one week was the worst of all. I was half-a-sleep when i woke up in the middle of the night to get a late night snack. I ate some milk and cookies and then i was on my way back to my room when i saw it. The smell was back and so was the smell of rotting flesh. Along with tha chanting there was.....i saw bodies burning in the hall way leading into my room. There were so many bodies that i did not see one part of the carpet in the wide hall way. Then i realized, these were indians. Then i heard a sound in back of me and there were indians running around and dancing. Then this one indian looked and me and charged with this one ax. I screamed and then fainted.
I woke up and it was seven in the morning and i didn't usally get up until nine or ten. I found it hard to belive that my dad and sister didn't hear me. For a second i thought it might have been a nightmare, but then realized i was in the hall way. Then i went to the kitchen and saw the dishes from my snack. At this point i know it was reall.
I just had to know why this was happening, and more importantly why was it happening to me. I saddly spent hours reading books but got no where. I then looked to the internet. It tured out that my dad's house was on one of the three blocks that was once sacred indian grounds where indians once performed rituals. It had something to do with the memory of the dead.
I told my dad about what i found. He told me that he had know that but that i should think resounably and forget about it.
One night i was sleeping and woke up and saw my bed was in a field. I was in the bed and i realized that it was in the middle of a ring of fire. There was chanting and screaming while the indians were dancing around me. There was a king or what ever, maybe a shaman in this one chair that was on this one platform. Then i saw these one men carring these black bags to a part of the field. Then i looked forward and was that these were not bags. They were burned bodies. I screamed and jumped out of my bed and landed on the carpet of my room. I was alone and saw that there no one else in the room. I ran to the back yard to think about what i just saw. I was kicking around at the dirt and grass. My foot maneged to hit some thing and i dug it up and it was just a thick peice of string. So i just kept on walking around. My foor hit something else and i just let it be and returded to my bed. But before i got there i saw my dad coming out of the bathroom and he asked if i was alright and i said i was fine.
The next night i woke up and felt the same way i did before so i went to the backyard and did the same as i did last night. I was woundering about the thing that i hit last night. So i went to it and i realized it was a neckless of some sort. I put it on. I went back in the house and washed it alittle to get the dirt off. I cleanded it and it looked great. I put it on and haven't taken it off ever since then. Ever since then the reacuring visions never came to me ever againe.

No SKirt


Hi i am called lisa i am 13 yrs old and this i am going to tell u is completely true........ My cousin samantha i think she has been reancarnated because she will never wear a skirt a bet your wondering why.Heres the reason one day her mum said to her why dont u like skirts sam.Sam replies cos when i lived in victorian days i used to have to wear this dress that had a lampshade frame on it and it really hurt me.Then afew days later i think it was 17 january 2002 sams mum asked her about it and she said her name was francine omerje and her mum checked some graveyards out and guess what she found .the gravestone ov francine omerje........u dont have to believe me but i know its true and know that my cousin isnt weird

My Brother


My mother and i recently moved to Washington and into this huge house about 3 weeks ago , and i was not happy about it......everything creeped me out........anyways....the scariest thing happend just the other night......but it all began a few days ago when my mother went out with a guy for some coffee and i was left to unpack all of the crap she thought she needed to have. well, i opened one of the boxes, and there was this picture of my dad (he died 2 months ago in a shoot out) and it made me cry........and i dont know if i imagined this or not, but i could've sworn that someone was whispering in my ear "everything's okay now".....i was so incredibly freaked out......but later i decided that i was just imagining things. well, my mom has been really attatched to this guy....(i have no idea why....sorry.beside the point.) and so i have been left home alone. all i ever do now is write in a notebook, so i am pretty much in one spot all day doing the same thing......and every once in a while, the tv would come on......i would think nothing of it, and get mad, because i had to get off my lazy butt to turn it off.....but, as soon as i would sit down, it would come back on again. after that happened about a few times, i was a little scared, so i decided to un plug it..... but then the same thing woul happen with the stereo, or the microwave......weird, huh? after almost peeing my pants a few times of fright, i ran through the house wildly unplugging every appliance there mom is really scared for me.....she thinks i am sick, and need some help....i have spent every waking hour (which is about 20 hours a day, cuz i never sleep) looking up ghost stories on the internet, studying books at the library, and i evern found a lady that lives in town that is all crazy like the ones you see in movies that have the tarrot cards, and crystal ball and all that i went to her.....after tossing rose pedals on me, and asking me questions, and playing with her tarrot cars, she decided that a 2 ghosts wanted to get a hold of me.......she said that one was my brother, and the other was my dad........i was so mad......i dont even have a brother!!!!....but, how would she know about my dad.....lucky guess maybe????....i told my mom later about this, and she got mad at me, and said she didn't want me seeing "Isabella" anymore.....typical name for a fortune teller, huh? anywho, the scariest thing that had happened to me the other night was.......that when i was unpacking some more of my moms stuff, while she was out enjoying herself, i came across a really big box.....and i opened it up, expecting nothing unusual.....but of course, i did. there was this little tin box, it use to hold beads and string that mom and i use to make bracelets out of.....and i was excited to see it, because i use to love doing i opened it up. no beads, no string. just a small envelope with big red letters that said "Emergency" on it. i am like, the nosiest person on the planet, so i opened it was to my mom. it talked about how her son had died in a car accident in Nevada somewhere........and i thought, this cant be to my mom....but as i read on, it talked about how, her "son" was a good foster care kid.....and if this accident wouldn't have happened, he would be coming back home in no time.......


Haunted House in Framingham


I lived in Framingham Ma. for six years, and since I can remember the house has been haunted with spirits of mischief.  I moved two years ago from the house but this is what I remember.  The first sine of the house being haunted was when I was about five.  I was going to sleep on a stormy night when the power was out.  My little brother had a windup horse that after not being touched started playing music all by it self.
A nother thing that happened that was extremely weird was with a painting my Dad had of our second cousin, Bully, who was in world war two.  He had died a wile back.  I went down in the basement where the picture was and the eyes of the painting moved back an fourth at me.  My dad had also recently gone down to the painting and it was swining back and fourth, the bacment has no windows for wind to mouve it.
The last thing that happened was when my family was outside, and my dad was on the phone, I was walking through the kitchen and a green container cover came flying out of no where and hit the pans rite next to me.
After that, other minor things would happen.  Some like food would dissapear, I used to hear a woman singing when no one was awround.  I eaven saw a blure of wite color mouving through my room, and once in the bacment.  It was just like a ghost.

Dorm Closet


After my first year of College and dorm life I moved off campus with a group of my friends that I made while living in the dorms on campus. For summer work, until we started the fall semester we worked at the dormitories that we had once lived in. During the summer the University of Nebraska rented the rooms out to camps and student conferences. Our job was to do the linen services and clean the rooms once they had left. But our first task was cleaning all of the hundred of dorm rooms that the student population had trashed from the prior two semesters. We went from room to room picking up trash and dusting everything off. Each room had two desks and two closets. First we would clean the rooms and then we would come back through each room dusting off the shelves and closets with those feathery duster things. On the third floor our supervisor tells us that several years ago a student had hung himself in one of the closets because of the grades he received and it was said to be haunted. I don't remember exactly which room but lets say room 315. So as we made our was to room 315 we were talking about what might happen and getting psyched up. My friend Cindy and I entered room 315 and she was afraid to clean the closet so being daring as I was I reached in both and joking got inside and shut the door and was making fake choking noises. Nothing happened. We finished dusting and went to the next room relieved that nothing had happened. I went to clean the closet on the left side of the room and Cindy the other as we had been doing. Suddenly she let out a scream and dropped her duster and ran out of the room holding her hands to her chest. She was nearly hysterical, face white and eyes red with tears. She finally explained that as she reached into the closet she felt an icy hand grip her arm. Well we were all skeptical. Our supervisor had told us that it was 315 not room 314. At the end of the day our supervisor was relating the story to the maintenance guys when one of the guys immediately corrected her that it was positively Room 314 that the male student had hung himself in and it was that very closet that Cindy had reached into.

A Silent Hello


Hi, I'm 17 years old and am no stranger to the etherial world.  These are
just two of many of my experiences:
1st story:I guess it was about 4 years ago now, when I was living in a
cramped up little townhouse with my mom and brother.
Unsurprisingly, it was night when it happened, and of course, no one else
was there. (Not that my paranormal occurances always happen like this.)  I
was on the couch in the living room in the dim light and suddenly had an
inclination to look up from my thoughts at the stairs (which lead up to the
right).  As I watched a kind of mid-air shadow formed.  I've seen a lot of
similar things, like these space fabric distortions where it feels like
there's something there, so this wasn't anything really new, but it felt
different somehow, more pronounced.  Then, very quickly, I saw features
filling in the shadow, and realized it was the visage of my grandpa who had
shed his earthly body in 1995!  Nothing was spoken, but I knew he was
checking in as a 'hello'.
Needless to say, I was startled, but not really scared.  It's just that I'd
never seen an spirit like that before, in such detail.
2nd story:  I woke at 2:55a.m. on September 23, 2002 and looked at the end
of my bed, and saw a rather good looking young male entity (looked about 25
or so) leaning on his elbows, hands as if praying, but to the side of his
face so his head was resting on them.  He was looking down.  I wasn't
frightened, only thinking, "Oh, there's someone by my bed.  Ok."
"What is your name?" I asked him.  He looked up and I knew his name was
Scott Anderson.  It must've been telepathic because he didn't actually say
I don't know anyone by that name, and I don't even know if it was a spirit
from the Other Side; he might be someone who's incarnated but just astral
travelling (or in other words, having an out-of-body experience).
If anyone wants to share stories/inquiries via email with me, it's
Thanks very much for letting me share my experiences.

The House on the Dead End Road


When I was eight years old we moved into the big, brick house on Seventh avenue in Sterling,Illinois. It was the last house on a dead end road next to the Rock River. From day one strange events happened in the house. My mother found these old hat pins
stuck into the woodwork in the main room's closet. She decided that she wanted to put the pins in a frame and use them for decoration, and as she pulled the first pin from the wall she heard a loud, ear piercing scream which seemed to flow through her. She decided to put the pin back into the wall. I heard whispers in the night quite often for all the years I spent at the home, as well
as girlish giggles and strange sights. My best friend stopped spending the night after claiming he seen the face of a little girl staring at him through my bedroom window. I was about 10 when I too seen this little girl staring into my bedroom window. I pulled the blanket over my head and when I finally found the nerve to pull it from my head the girl was standing next to my bed and reached out to me. I jumped up and ran as fast as I could to the top floor where my parent's bedroom was and woke my mother up and explained what I had seen. At first she told me I had a scarry dream and told me to go back to bed but after seeing how frightened I was she told me to come sleep by her and my father. As I entered the room I seen that the girl was in my mom's rocking chair and a teenage boy stood by her. Next to my mom's bed an elderly woman stood next to the window. I screamed and pointed to the woman and my mom rolled over and claimed to see something shadow like shrink to the floor. My mother was spooked and couldn't sleep, even waking my father who would always laugh at the home's ghost stories. Later that night as she lay awake she
seen a ball of light float throughout the room. Once she seen a pool of blood in the bathroom coming from the closet and called the police but by the time they arrived the pool of blood mysteriously disappeared. When my aunt was sitting us she heard banging and laughter out back but everytime she'd look noone was there. Then the back door slammed shut. She called police who searched the home and area to find nothing. Friends who stayed over would claim a little girl woke them in the night and would
softly sing. My family moved when I was 14 and I now reside in Wisconsin but years back as I was in town visiting relatives I decided to show my girlfriend the house I would tell her about. Ofcourse I had to make it spooky and show her the home late at night and it indeed is a scarry looking home with it's brick,stone shingalls,ornamental ironwork and being on the dark dead end road. We walked along the river and listened to the locusts make their wicked noise and as we left I stopped her by the wooden
barrier at the end of the road(the road to this day is still brick as it has been for a century)for a kiss and as we kissed she pulled away and gasped a "My God,Jaye,look," and I looked to see the face of the girl I'd seen years ago so often, looking down from
the top floor window which had been my brother's room. And she was waving at us and smiling. To this day I wonder. Was she waving hello or was she saying good-bye?

Woman in the Alley


About two or three years ago, I had a friend stay the night at my house, (then I was about, eleven or twelve, I am fourteen now). We had decided to get on the internet  and talk to my sister that lives in Florida. As we were talking to her, she asked me if I was expecting company, when I told her no, she got a little scared.
I asked her why she said that, and she told me, "Because someone's in you alleyway, under a lamp post." She had never been to my house before, so this kind of scared me of how accurate she was about my house. My friend immediately went under the computer desk, and I went to the back window to look. Sure enough, there was somebody standing there, but then, they started heading to the house.
My sister had pointed out to me that every time we talked about her, she would get closer and closer to the house, but we kept talking about her anyway. She told me that the lady was at the back gate, and as soon as she said that, the gate opened. And that scared me. She had told me that the lady never got into my house, but a few weeks ago, she did.
Me and my boyfriend were online talking, and he had me put my webcam on so that he could see me. He knows about my sixth sense, and about how I can see/ communicate with unknown things at certain times, so he decided to mess with me. He said, "Look, behind you" I knew he was joking, so to slickly pull off looking behind me without him knowing, I just looked at my webcam. Then I saw her. She was wearing 1800s clothing. I told my boyfriend there really was something behind me, and he took a look.
He noticed the woman behind me, and started to feel bad for me, because he had messed with me about that. He didn't see what she did, but I saw it. I was looking at her on my computer screen, and she turned and looked at me. Then she started to come towards me. And that freaked me out majorly, then my boyfriend watched on my webcam me trying to push things away that were touching me. I think it was that lady, but I haven't seen her since, nor have I stayed up late enough to see her again.


Very Strange


When i took that pic of that white house /skull looking thing in front yard before i put it on my computer it showed 3 people standing in the front yard and then when i put it on my computer the 3 people were not there, this happened at home also taking a pic of my son and when i looked at the display to take the pic there was this strange looking guy in the pic but nothing showed up on the computer. I`m not the only one who seen it eithier

The Three Haunted Houses

Recently, my family and I visited 3 haunted houses in Old Town San Diego. They were the William Heath Davis House, The Villa Montezuma, and The Whaley House. We were told that these three particular houses were some of the most haunted spots in California, especially the Whaley house. Personally, I love the thought of ghosts existing and begged my mom and dad to take my brother and I on a tour of the houses.
The first house we stopped at was the William Heath Davis House. It's a small little country style house in the Gaslamp Quarter. It wasn't scary at all to me, but when we left, my mom told me she had felt something unusual. She told me as soon as she stepped into the basement of the house her heart started to beat rapidly and didnt stop until the minute she stepped off the property back into the trolley. Now, my mom isnt one to get scared easily, or to lie about something like that. As a matter of fact, nothing really scares her. And it was kind of odd how it started as soon as we got there and it left the moment she did.
The second house we went to was the Villa Montezuma. This house had a very evil presence around and in it. This, we soon found out from the guide, was because the owner of the house in 1887, held "seances" in the house. He'd call up spirits from Chopin and Motzart and one would play his right hand while the other would play his left. This man was very demonic looking and had dragons hanging off of every ledge of the house. He even had one wrapped around a pole sticking out of the highest tower. My mom, now joined by myself, felt the same rapid heartbeat as soon as we stepped into the room where he supposivley held the seances. As soon as we stepped out of the room, it stopped. As we left the house, we could've sworn we heard a pianist playing, but the tour guide had left with us and locked up the house, so how could he be playing it?
The final house we went to was The Whaley House. My mom and I didnt expirience the heartbeat this time, but we did capture some pretty disturbing pictures on our digital camera. One was in the kitchen of the house. After we took it, we tilted the camera up and saw a perfect face, (claimed to be Mrs. Whaley), on the wall. Other tourists took this picture, but nothing came up. The tour guide also had told us that the house had been the location of many hangings because just inside was a court room (which we got to see). Many people had died there and he said that some people have claimed to feel a tightening around their neck as the walk through a certain archway in the house. One tourist felt this, needless to say, it wasnt me or my mom, so i dont know if he was speaking truthfully or not. My mom, before we went into the courtroom, took a picture of it. It was pitch black and she really didnt know what she was aiming at. But when she took the the picture, it came out perfect with no orbs or anything in it. About 10 minutes later, when the tour was over and we were leaving the house, I asked my mom to let me see the picture of the courtroom again. This time, there was a perfect orb in the center of the picture that hadnt appeared when the picture was taken. It was almost as if it was put there by someone/thing. And as we left the house, we saw the plants by the well in the back yard bristle. There being no wind at all, we asked the tour guide about it. He told us that Mr and Mrs Whaleys daughter had tried to commit suicide at that well. The whole tour was more interesting than scary. I actually thought it was cool to feel like i was being haunted by somebody!!


The Play Phone


I have a friend who was a police officer that was shot
in the line of duty on Aug 22 of 2001 by a high
powered rifle.. he was not killed instantly but died
en route to the hospital. It was his duaghters
birthday that day. Their son was playing with a toy
phone in his own room. and he said that it rang and
that his dad had called to say good-bye.. the family
had not been notified that he had been shot. And was
notified shortly after.

Strange Sounds Sightings and Poundings

One night when i went over my uncle, aunyt and 2 cousins house 1 week ago i was in the bathroom upstairs at about 8 o clock at night. Now my uncle and aunt were out bbq'n and my cousins were fixing dinner my mom and greandparents were looking at pics on my uncles imac. No one else was there. No one was upstairs but me. There house is a little strange the upstairs consists of a large hall there are 2 doors on the left which are my coousins rooms then one on the left which is my uncle and aunts room, then in that room there is a door leading to a dressing room, then in that dressing room there is a  door leadin to that bathhroom. that bathroom is directly infront of the hall/stairs. So i was in there and about a mintue later i heard someone or something, knocking on the door from the hall. So i immediately said, theres someone in here! Then i heard my uncle and aunts door creak open and  i heard footsteps walking to the dressing room, then there were pounds on the door form the dresiing room so hard that they shook the soap and the toothbrushes. the 2 doors were locked so noone could get in but they tried. then while i was washing my hands, the locked door creaked open so i ran downstairs and told my mom....... no one was up there. No one but me...........................


Shaking of the Bed


south carolina,cherokee falls.Across from
the firecracker plant there is an old two story house.The house is well over 100 years old.I used to live there but after we moved out years ago my other family members still lived in the house on until 5 years ago.But what happened was i went to bed one night and laid down .just laid down and not even a minute had passed and it was like someone was standing over my bed shaking my bed real hard,but nobody was there and i was in the house alone.I just covered up and stayed in the middle of the bed all night.Too scared to get up until the next morning.After i got up the next morning i talked to my  sister
and she said that had been going on for years.I was up stairs but she had told me it happens up and down stairs.I talked to a boy about 1 month ago,he lives in the same house today and it had happen already since they moved in.This is like so the way its less than a mile from cherokee falls bridge where they say
booger Jim lives.I've heard that tale all my life and i just can't find that one to be true.but the house i'm talking about i experinced myself and i know its true.Also just cause i lived near the fire cracker plant
dosen't mean it was a fire cracker,cause i made sure it was closed.i just can't understand how it happened unless it really was a true.

Same Ghost


I have a lot of ghost stories in my family.Some I can tell you and some I would have to ask people about, but I will tell you a few .
The first one happened last night.I am really close to all my cousins and see them all the time.Last night at 12:35 I walked into my parents room and told them I heard my cousin screaming on my computer,but my computer wasn't on.My parents sent me back to my room thinking I was dreaming.This morning my aunt called my mom and said that last night at 12:25 my cousin came into my aunts room and said that she saw a ghost.Ten minutes later she came back into their room and said that the ghost wouldn't leave her alone.That was the same time I heard her screaming.
This story is about the same ghost as the last bugging the same girl.One night my two cousins were sitting on the couch and one of them fell asleep while the other was still watching tv.The one that wasn't sleeping left to go to the bathroom and when he returned a ghost was playing with his sisters hair.

Residential Home


My mother worked for a residential home in Caldwell Idaho since I was born.  When I was a small child I would get to go to work with her.  I have always loved this building and visiting it was a thrill for me. I especially loved being there at night because it was so quite and mysterious.  One time I was in the living room rocking in a rocking chair when I heard pounding noises behind my head.  At first I thought it was one of the residents making noises in their room when I realized that that would have been impossible because their was no room behind me, only a window that looked outside. The living room portion of the building extended out past the rest of the building.  No one could have been behind that wall banging it!  And the banging noise came right above the window.  No one could reach that high.  I looked outside and saw nothing, I turned back around and sat quietly for a little bit.  I then heard what sounded like footsteps coming near me, it stopped at the chair beside me. I then saw the chair beside me move and the imprint of what appeared to be someone sitting in the chair.  I got up and ran as fast as I could to the employee lounge and stayed there the rest of the shift.  Another time when I was there, it was right after the first incident, I was standing in the living room staring over at the place where I had my first scare.  I was standing there just staring at that rocking chair when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned to look thinking it was my mother, and no one was there. But I could still feel the hand on my shoulder.  Again I ran as fast as I could back to the lounge.  I didn't go there as much after that, at least when it was dark, untill I graduated hight school.  I went to work there with my mother.  At this time my mother worked graveyard and so I decided to work graveyard along side her.  I heard of stories about the employees seeing ghosts and hearing strange noises.  They also talked about a ghost that they called the "knocker" who would go around knocking on the walls.  I experienced the knocker a few times during my time there.  One time when it was halloween I was walking down to the basement to do laundry when I heard knocking above my head.  There was a knock for every foot step I took.  When I stopped, it stopped.  After a couple times of this I pretended to take a step and didn't.  Sure enough there was the knock!  I ran upstairs and wouldn't go back down until my coworker would come with me.  We would also hear people walking around upstairs and furniture being moved.  When we would go check it out we would find everyone asleep and the furniture not moved.  We would also see flashes of blue light coming from the dinning area and hear the refridgerator door open and close.  We would go investigate thinking it was one of the residents and no one would be there.  There was also a couple of times when my coworker and I would see what looked like a flashlight go across the window that seperated the dinningroom from the livingroom.  We decided that was a light coming into the room from the window.  But we don't know who could be outside doing it since there is a field behind the building. But we decided that is what it is.  Everything else we can not explaine.  We have also heard people on the roof and when we would go outside to investigate we would find nothing.  Also when I would go into the library when it was quiet I could hear people talking.  It is real quiet and muffled, but I can hear it.  None of my coworkers could though.  I was the only one that could hear that.  There was also an incident that happened to my mom when she was at work that landed her in the hospital with a smashed shoulder.  She was upstairs doing rounds and had just finished when she proceded to walk down the ramp.  She had just finished one section of the ramp and turned to procede down when she felt something push her from behind.  She flew all the way down the ramp and hit the wall at the bottom.  She ended up in the hospital and had to stay in bed for a while.  She still swears today that it felt as if someone had pushed her.  It couldn't have been any of the residents because they were all asleep.  That was the only time someone was injured by an unseen person.  She still continued to work there.  When time when I was upstairs cleaning the bathroom I heard someone whisper my name.  I went and checked on the resident that was accross the hall thinking it was her.  She was asleep.  I checked the rooms around the bathroom and found everyone asleep.  I could her my coworker cleaning the bathrooms downstairs and asked her if she called me.  She said she didn't.  I proceded back to cleaning when I heard it again.  This time it sounded like it came from the bathroom where I was at.  Like the person was right beside me.  I decided the bathroom was clean enough and hurried downstairs.  Not long after that I went to work elsewhere.  Not because of these incidents but because I was offered more money.  I would loved to stay there.  Even though I got freaked out at times.  That place was home to me.  It had been a part of my life and will always be.

Our Old House


Hi, my family and I realized some things at our old house in Wichita, Kansas but never talked about it until a year or so after we moved out. I was the only one who saw anything but we all noticed something wrong with this place.
First of all you should know how our house is arranged. After you enter with the front door there will be a large room, the living room. To the right of the front door is a staircase leading down to the basement. From the living room head right to enter the kitchen and left to head down a hallway. The hallway has four doors, two on the west wall, one on the east, and one at the south (how it looks if you turn sideways after walking down the hall). The first west door leads to a bathroom. Second leads to the room that was my brother's and my bedroom for most of the time. It was later changed to the guestroom a few months before we moved out. The door at the east led to my sister's room. The south led to my parent's room. Back in the living room there is a door that leads to the backyard, which is pretty big.
The basement is one gigantic family room, but near the south wall (from were you get off the staircase. is a door leading to another bathroom. To the east of the bathroom is the door leading to the laundry/storage room, and across from there is the guest room, later changed to my and my brother's room.
The first time someone noticed something was when my mom awoke in the middle of the night. She heard someone talking. Thinking someone left the TV on, she checked every room with a TV. None of them were on. Thinking she was imagining things, she went back to sleep. I think all of us kids knew there was something odd in this house. We didn't sleep in our own rooms (don't laugh) until we were around 6. Our parents waited till we fell asleep before carrying us back to our rooms.
Many times when I slept in my parent's bed I looked to their closet (which was across from their bed) and I'd see a smokey figure of a person moving out of it towards the bed. Every time I closed my eyes, even for a second, they'd vanish. I don't know if it was part of my overactive imagination (I was about 4 when I first saw them) or something else. Either way I was the only one who saw them.
My dad plays the game Age of Empires (You've heard of it, haven't you?) almost every night. At our old house, he says he felt like there was someone sitting behind him watching him...just watching. When he turned to look back, nothing is there. Take note that the computer was in the basement, which was where most of the happenings (or whatever you want to call them) occured.
Our burgalar alarm once went off in the middle of the night for no apparent reason whatsoever. The major creepy place is the laundry room. Everytime anyone set foot in there they felt someone watching them. My mom hated doing laundrey in there and once it was done, she grabbed it and ran upstairs. The guest room (later my room) was the "safe room." Nothing happened in there. No one felt anything in there either.
That's all, I know It's all little things but it really creeped us all out. Thanks for reading this.


New House Move


Thanksgiving of 2001 we moved to a house in Philadelphia.  I knew that the
previous owners had been elderly and that the woman's husband had died five
years before.  I also understood that her brother, who lived with her, was sick
with cancer.  After all the construction was done and my family moved in I began
to notice that the door of my son's room had a mind of it's own.  I'd close
it and it would open.  Not unusual in houses on doors  with springs.  However,
the second weeek there I noticed the door kept opening.  What I mean is that
the door knob turned, right in front of my eys and opened.  Now most would have
run, but being a mom of four kids I was used to surprises and even more used
tohaving to explain myself.  So, I simply told this whoever that I needed the
door closed so that our baby didn't venture into it and hurt herself on her
older brother's toys and junk.  To this day I haven't had the problem.
 Even stranger the next week I was talking to my parents, who go often on
cruises.  Not as guests,but as entertainment.  She told me she met the previous
owner of our house at a hotel in florida.  When my mom asked her how she was
the woman answered that she was just getting up from the traditional 7 days
mourning that jewish people observe when a close relative dies.  Her brother, the
one who lived in my house with her, had died.  Oddly the date that the most
activity occured with the door matches exactly the date from when he passed to
the date she got up from mourning.

My Haunted Life


For as long as I can remember I have had experiences.  My parents and I were living in a house built in 1890.  The first thing I remember happened when I was about 2.  I was sound asleep and was awakened suddenly by voices near my bed.  When I opened my eyes I saw many figures standing around my bed dressed like Native Americans.  When I tries to ask who they were they just looked at me and then faded into nothing.  This happened every night for 2 years.
Then we moved in with my grandmother.  Her house was built by my great grandfather in 1913.  While we lived there I allways heard foot steps in the attic which was right over my room.  When I checked the livingroom my parents were sleeping in their bed and my grandmother worked at night so I knew it wasnt anyone I knew.  I would also hear footsteps on the front porch where there was a pile of boxes and no room to move through there.  When I asked my mom about it she told me that that is the pl;ace my great grandfather was found dead.
We soon moved to where we are now.  My parents had our house built on the foundation of a house that had burned down in 1989 killing the owner and his dog.  I allways hear footsteps around my house when everyone else is asleep.  I also see shadows moving around and sometimes I hear the bathroom sink running and when I go to check on it it is off.  The land the house is on was also farmland in the 1700's.  Once in a while I hear hooves running around my yard .  After some research I found out that the land that the house is built on was where the stables were.
Every thing I have just said is all true.  I have more stories but I will save them for another time.

My Friends Brothers House


A while ago I went over to my friend Amys house and all her family were there talking about something that had happened to her mother earlier that day. What it was, she had been at her sons house helping to clean up before a party we were going to have the next day, and she was hoovering on the stairs whilst her nephew Kevin was downstairs trying to get the fire to work. Anyway, all of a sudden she heard this loud screaming in her ear, the kind of screaming you do when you're in trouble. In a rush she turned off the hoover and ran downstiars because she thought Kevin had set himself on fire or something, but when she got there panicking, asking him what was wrong he just looked at her as though nothing had happened, he hadnt heard anything. Now this isnt the only thing that happened at that house, as another day a few weeks after that incident, Amy, her sister in law and myself were going into town but before Sally (her sister in law) had a meeting with an estate agent to value her house, so we went there first. After he had a good look around he sat down in the living room with all of us discussing the values, when we heard the kettle turn on. This is something that happens all the time, even when it isnt plugged in, but what makes this incident so special is that its the first time I had witnessed it myself. We all just looked at eachother, you could tell we were scared, especially me! When the estate agent had gone we were about to go out the back door, and if you stand at the back door and turn around you are facing the kitchen, so we turned around to get a quick glance and each of us saw that the kettle had been dragged right to the front of the work top, so far forward that if you pushed it any further it would fall off.


My Experience from England


my name is william adcock and i am from Norfolk in England.
I would like to share with you some strange experiances that have happened over the past few years. My experiance happened when i was out walking late one evening. I was walking through quite a squelchy boggy field and it was about 9oclock in the evening (i say 9oclock but im'e not that shure it may have been later)
It was getting dark so i decided to head for home. when i was abot halfway through the field i asw what looked like a gangaly old man carrying a bright lantan in front of
him. I began to feel uneasy becourse the figar was walking towards me. There was
also a sort of bluish haise surounding him and then i heard him laughing. It was the sort of laugh you would expect to hear from an old man but it was much louder.
He was still walking towards me so at that point i decided to leg it.I could still hear his laughter behind me allthough it grew steadily fainter. When i came to the gate of the field i looked behind me and he was still there. I could no longer see him clearly
but i could still see his outline and the bluish haise that surounded him. I ran all the way home and when i got there i locked the door and leapt into bed. I had no doubt that what i saw was something supernatural and it was was long before i  sleept again.
Another strange thing that happened was that about a week later someone else said they had seen this ghost. It was in the local newsletter. The newsletter said that
an old lady had seen something when she was out walking her dog and that she had came running to the nearset house where she had fainted on the door step. Her dog was found about a day later but it wouldn't let anyone go near it and it start barking uncontrolably if you tried to pick it up. The strange thing was that she had been walking on the same field as i had been a week before.
But one of the stangest things was that last year i heard in the local newspaper (wich is called "Hempnall Today") that this single woman's son had come home from a night out with his friends, a gibbering wreck and he was positivly certain he had seen the black shuck. The black shuck is said to be a huge black ghost dog that roams around the east of england. Black shuck os said to me an omen of death
or ill fortune and a year to the day later he was involved in a seriouse road accident.
I don't know what you think but to me that not a coincidence.

My 1st Sighting


When i was about 11 or 12 years old, my grandfather passed away. We had
recieved a phone call from my grandparents neighbours wanting my parents
to go to the house and make sure everything was ok. They had been trying
to call for a while and were very questionable because they knew my
grandfather was done the chores out in the barn and should have been in
the house to answer the phone. Well my parents were out so my oldest
brother Dave went drove out there to check it out. About 15 mins after
he left he called. I knew something terible had happend by his voice. I
insisted that he tell me what was goin on but he told me not to worry
about it and try and get a hold of my parents. Dave had found my
grandfather dead on the kitchen floor. Optopsy didn't help any. The
doctors say it looked like he died from an asma or heart attack.
Anyways, a couple months later my grandmother invited me out for the
night. She has arthritis so she slept downstairs while i slept upstairs
in my aunt Judy's old room from when she was a little girl. Because i
was so young, i cannot really remember every little detail. I just
remember lying in bed starring at the ceiling because i couldn't sleep
and then all of a sudden lookin out towards the hallway and seeing a
figure of a man leaning on the stair case post. The figure was definetly
looking towards me. It was a solid figure but looked a lot like snow on
the TV when the channel doesn't come in an it's all fuzzy. I have never
been so terrified in my life. A couple years later i told my friend
about this story. He pointed out that perhaps he was lookin in at me
because he thought i was his daughter Judy. Me and my Aunt do look a lot
a like. Boy did that ever give me chills!
My grandmother doesn't live there anymore. Sometimes i wish i could go
back and visit that house now that i'm matture and wiser. I've had more
sightings since that one of spirits or whatever ppl want to call them.
But that was my first.

It Was a Dark and Scary Night



Hell Hounds


I lived in a new track home in Mission Viejo, Ca with my folks and two younger twin sisters back in 1981.   My folks had decided to go out for the evening and I was left to babysit my sisters.  They were only 4 years old at the time, and they shared a room.
About 15 minutes after I had put them to bed, I heard them both scream.  I ran upstairs and they were both in absolute hysterics, crying and just freaking out.  After I had finally calmed them down, I asked what what was the matter.  They said they were both sitting up and talking in thier beds when they looked down the hall and saw two large dogs trun the corner at the end of the hallway where the bonus room was.  The dogs ran into thier room and dissapeared behind thier dresser which was pushed up flush against the wall.  They made me pull out the dresser and look behind it (which I was not in a real hurry to do) before they were convinced there were no "dogs" in their room.  Although this was a brand new home with no history behind it, there was always a creepiness about the house that was centered around the staircase and the bonus room which sat at the top of the stairs. The bonus room was always cold, even in the dead of summer.



let me start by saying,i love you'r web sight!!! but i do want to share a story with you about what i believe to be my gaurdian angel! it all started when i was six my life basically started to fall apart before it actually got started! my beloved grandpa was dying from cancer my grandma had died a month before hand and on top of this we find out my mother has breast cancer alot for a little girl to handle huh? well we moved to a house close by my grandpa it was a 4 story house which the bathroom was in the attic kinda scary for me! well about a week after getting settled in my closet door would just open on its own no big i though until one night i made sure i locked it! at oh around 1 in the morning it opened again i heard foot steps walk to my bed felt someone sit down next to me and i swear it felt like a cold wind sweep over my forehead i just lat there eyes shut and scared i few minutes went by and "it" got up walked out of my room through my parents room and up the stairs to the attic! i thought for sure i was dreaming and ran to parents but they said they heard it to!!everynight from then on she would be there! my dad asked the real estate co about it and come to find out a older couple had lived there the old man hung himself in our attic and she then locked herself in her closet and died of an overdose!! my mom told me she was watching out for me and felt my pain! my mom was told she wouldnt live for 6 months but its 20 yrs later and shes still here you be the judge was she a lost soul looking for a loved one or was she really there to comfort me on my way?????

Ghost in Backyard


currently i am living at a house in Tucson Arizona .
this house is quite comfortable i have lived here for
a little  over five years , not minding the presence
of a class I of II specter located in my bedroom and
backyard .
my first experience with the specter at this house was
about 4 years ago .
it started in the middle of winter out  among the path
of brick in the back yard . that night i was busy on the
computer located in the back room vary close to the
backyard .living close to a bar i first assumed that
it was the bar being quite noisy, once realizing it
was a Monday night i honed in , and thats when i noticed it,
 some kind of a strange
tapping noise behind the brick wall that closed off my
yard . not being that startled at first i didn't flee
.only when it got closer and actually in the yard did i
peer out into the back yard not witnessing any
movement i looked for a silhouette . no silhouette i closed the
blinds . closer still did the sound come  still i did not
budge. still closer , not moving i stayed reserved .
at this point the sound was near to the window quickly
i turned out the lights searching out some sort of
shadow , then the taping was at my window .
no shadow . i moved into the the kitchen which connects to the
back room .turned on the lights there the tapping
stopped . i sat down in the living room and it started again not
outside anymore , but in my laundry room.
the laundry room connects to the kitchen .
 i got agitated and started yelling at the noise ,
with each word i shouted the noise grew louder like
the ground being hit by a baseball bat .
i got quiet and sat in the center of the living room ,
and slowly and softly i started chanting .
the more i chanted the softer the taps got and it
finally stopped . after that i went to bed .
ever since then some Monday or Sunday nights
the taping starts .

Brigham Young's house; Nauvoo IL


A fairly large group of us, including my wife, several of our children,
their friends, and a visitor we brought from England, went to Nauvoo IL
to visit the old Mormon sites.  Among the houses we visitied was Brigham
Young's.  We were greeted at the door by a very nice lady in period
clothes who welcomed us and began telling us about the house.  We looked
around the parlor and viewed the many artifacts and period furniture
pieces.  We moved into the dining room and as we entered, we could smell
a full dinner. It was amazing.  I took a large noticable deep breath,
savoring the smells of turkey, dressing, fresh bread, vegetables and so
forth. I thought someone in the "break room" was heating up their left
overs in a microwave. We could all smell it. The guide was very
surprised, and asked "do you smell that?"  We all agreed, yes we could
smell it.  I said "it smells like someone has taken a break and is
heating up their lunch."  She replied, "I am the only one in here, the
other guide has a group that has already moved outside. And there is no
break room in this building.  There is no microwave."  I asked, "how'd
ja do that?"  She said, "I didn't do it."  Others were taking deep
sniffs, enjoying the smells.  After a moment, the guide continued her
narrative and told us about this large dining table, the many family
dinners around it, and the planning of the great exodus west that was
laid out on this table in this room.  The smell gradually dissipated and
she tried to continue her usual narrative, but she was visibly moved and
completey derailed from her normal script.  We went out side and sat in
the spring house for a few minutes and talked about what had just
happened.  The guide was amazed and her amazement just showed to me how
remarkable the episode was.  She said it was impossible that anyone else
in the house could have produced those smells.  There was no one else
there. No one could have heated up a Thanksgiving styled dinner and have
only our group smell it for that short period.  It was spiritually

A Few Short Stories

By: Anonymous

My very first experience with a ghost was a few years ago.  I was ten (i'm now twelve) and i was sleeping over my friend Kelly's house.  I woke up in the middle of the night and looked over at her clock.  It was three AM.  I layed there for a few minutes with my eyes closed trying to get back to sleep but i suddenly felt that i had to open my eyes. I looked up and there was a man standing over me.  He was all green and slightly blurry.  He was looking at me, then he looked at kelly who was asleep right next to me.  I watched him walk over to the window, pick something up and dissapear.  I was told myself i was dreaming, but now i know, i wasnt dreaming that night.
My second experience was also at kelly's house.  I woke up again at three AM and i felt her pomeranian dog, Roxey, licking my foot.  I even felt her fur brush against me.  I didnt look at her, i just thought "Okay okay, i'm to tired to do anything about it anyway so i'll just let you lick me..." and went back to sleep.  Next morning i told Kelly about Roxey and she said it wasnt possible becuase She locked Roxey in the living room. We went out to check on her just incase, but the doors were still closed and Roxey was still in there, and the only other person she lived with was her dad and he was still asleep.  Now every time i sleep over her house i wake up at three AM, but nothing has happened since then.  At least not at her house.
Now i am convinced that my own house is haunted.  There have been a lot of times when i look into the mirror in my room and there is a boy standing behind me.  He looks about 14 years old (two years older than me) and he's tall and blonde.  He's not smiling, but he's not mad or anything.  He looks kind of subtle.  I turn around and there is no body there.
I have two dogs and aparently this ghost really likes them.  There have been numerous times when i am home alone, sitting in an empty room and a tennis ball will come flying into the room with my dogs happily chasing after it.  Their toys are always moving around before my eyes without anything touching them or any cause of them just moving, but they do.  And recently, when i tie my dogs onto a leash, i'll leave the room and a few minutes later they will come walking out untied.  That's been happening a lot lately.
And one time Kelly and i went into my room.  I closed and locked the door, as i always do, and we sat down on my bed.  we were chatting away, and kelly was in the middle of a sentence when she stopped dead and watched the door.  i turned to see what she was looking at and we both watched the door slowly unlock and open by itself.  There was no one else upstairs that day, and there was no way that you could unlock the door from the outside anyway, but it did and it opened.  I knew it was him but i'd never told kelly about him.  We looked at each other and just then kelly ran out of the room, i ran after her but she refused to go back into my room the rest of the day.  I dont feal threatened by this boy, i dont feel afraid either.  I feel like he's just a part of my life now and i dont think he means any harm to us, or me.  He's scared a few of my friends though.
Just a few weeks ago, i woke up at 8 AM.  I layed in my bed for a few minutes before i turned to look toward my sister's bed (we shared a room).  There was a man sitting next to her bed.  He was all grey, like he came right out of an old movie or something.  He was looking over at Leah (my sister) and he might have even been holding her hand by the way it looked.  He was about 35 i think, and i only saw him for a few seconds before he looked at me, i blinked and he was gone.  It happened the next day too.  I didnt have a very good feeling about him, so later that day, i grabbed my rosary, stood facing the spot he'd been sitting, and said "Leave my sister alone!  Leave Leah alone!"  Then i said the Lords Prayer and i havent seen him since.  I still dont know if he was good or bad or even if he was a gaurdian angel but i didnt have a good feeling about him and i hope i did the right thing.
Then there is the lady in the bathroom.  My downstairs bathroom is where the washer and dryer are kept.  Well when i was in the bathroom one day i looked over toward them and there was a ladys face kind of hovering in the corner.  Just her face.  It was very detailed.  She looked very old and she had white hair and was wrinkly.  She was looking directly at me then she dissapeared.  I ran out of the bathroom.  She really scares me.  Even though i've only seen her twice, i dont like her very much.
I'm the only one who has seen or experienced any kind of hauntings in my family.  Unless you count what happened to Josh my older Brother.  It's not very big, the only thing is that a few times in the bathroom he has tried to turn on the water in the sink and instead the toilet flushes.  But i dont know if you'd call that a ghost or just really bad plumming.
Thanks for listening!!!  and sorry it's kind of long...  once again i swear to you all of this is true.  and for you non-believers, believe it, they're real.

Sylvan Road, Atlanta, Georgia

     I would like to talk to other people that may have lived here over the years, as I, as a resident from 1968 to 1972 or so, have done extensive research on the house after being terrorized by night terrors in late 1998.  We moved into 1450 in 1968, a family of 6, my parents and 3 brothers. I remember, although I was only 8 years old or so, the man telling my father " The house is haunted, just don't open the north bathroom, it's boarded up, and should be left that way".  My stubborn dad then commenced to unboard the bathroom, which was fairly small, and always freezing cold. He also converted the house from a duplex to a single family house by tearing down the divider wall. My parents started fighting alot. It started out small, but frequent, and escalated to violent throwing of objects at each other.  My dad worked 3rd shift for General Motors here in Atlanta, so we were there alone at night, with our mother. I shared the North back bedroom with my little brother, and heard a constant hammering and sawwing activity from the full basement, just under our floor, all night long. I often asked momma what the noise was, she could'nt explain.  Doors would open, footsteps were heard, to a point where we almost ignored them. Apparitions or "people" were seen in the large hallway late at night just staring at us, as we watched late night television on Fridays. My aunt witnessed a large burly man looming over the back of the couch one night, and asked my mother who he was, to wit, he de-materialized into thin air.  Then one night, my mother woke me up with a blood curdling scream from her bedroom. I rushed into the living room where she was very near a nervous breakdown. She ordered me back to bed, and told me that "Momma just had a bad dream".  Well, the next morning, She proceeded to tell everyone at the breakfast table just what had happened, as she was at the end of her rope with 1450. "She can have this goddamn house, I'm not gonna fight her over it". My dad looked at her as if she had 3 eyes. "She tried to suffocate me, and when I woke up, she was right in my face with no eyes, a long flowing night gown,and nearly killed me". Needless to say we vacated 1450, and never went back.     Late 1998,  I wake twice a week with night terrors about the lady in 1450 taunting me from behind the living room curtains, just out of sight. My wife tells me to get help. I go to the internet, and am told to "confront my fears", in which I did. In 1999, fueled by anger, half from my dreams, and half for my mothers near death experience, some 30 years ago, I pull into the driveway of 1450, actually living my nightmares. Having no idea what I'm gonna say to the residents, I open the porch door, look through those curtains, and knock on the door. Thank god nobody home!  This extinguished my night mares.   I then went downtown to the main library, and up on the 3rd floor, found archives of Atlanta residents. I found the listing of residents for 1450 since the house was built in 1927, and quickly jotted the feasible (possibly still living) names down, went home and tried to match names in the current White Pages for Atlanta. The 3rd phone call was a hit.  He said he lived in 1450 back in 1961, and told me that his neighbor, (remember, it was a duplex at the time) an older lady, had came home one day, dressed herself into a long night gown, went into the north bathroom and cut her own throat. I quickly reminded him of her name after calling names off my list of residents I had got from the library.  I then verified through the Atlanta Journal obituaries and the vital records office in Atlanta, that a Miss Jewell Swain of 1450 Sylvan road, had died at age 77, from self inflicted neck wounds on 21 July, 1961. I often drive by 1450 from time to time, just to keep my nightmares at bay, and wonder if she is still there, or has passed onto the other side. The house is always kept up, with a new roof, but never (I mean in 2 years now) see anybody at home.  If it does become vacant, I may go in with help, but I'm sure she's gone............I would however like to talk to anyone who recognizes the address, and may have lived there and experienced anything unusual, like we did.   You never know !!!!!!

*~ An Animal Ghost ~*


I used to have a dog named Mutt and he was a Schnauzer, he's very because he was born the Same Day, Year, and Month as me.
It was around March Mutt was acting funny but we couldn't do nothing for him. I Never knew he would die but that Day I went up to him and gave him a hug and told him never to leave me...and asked him to keep him promise.
The following day after School my Mom and Dad broke the news... that Mutt had died..I cried for weeks...I have never forgot about day I was myself a question and I heard a bark and turned around but didn't see anything. That night I had a dream where I told Mutt good bye and he told me the answer to my question....Mutt always helps me...He will Always be My Best Friend....

Baby Seat


Hello agian, I wrote Shadowlands about some hauntings that have happened to me through out my life and I have a new one. My son collects antique coins and we frequent many antique stores. We found a new antique store in a  very old part of Tacoma WA. We were thrilled with the prices and set up. It is in a old Victorian building that was never torn down, only up graded, not much though. I was so impressed with the old trim and glass door knobs that are still on the doors. I wandered away to look around while my son looked at coins. I went into this rented space because the color scheme was so warm and inviting. It had lovely doilies and old childrens books and a very old baby seat, I guess it was a bouncer, it had little ducks on it and red beads. I started reading a book that was a childrens book from the early forties when I glanced up and saw a toddler sitting in the bouncer. I looked around to see if a parent put a baby down and nobody was around. I looked around again and the baby was gone. I got up and told my son I would meet him out side. I must have looked terrible becuase the lady behind the glass desk asked if I was OK. I asked her if there was anybody in this store with toddler and she looked terrible all of a sudden. She kept asking me why over and over and finally I told her that I thought I saw a toddler in a baby bouncer and she said that I wasn't the first person to tell her about the baby. I changed the subject and we started talking about coins and other things when I heard a baby laugh. I just kept ignoring it and I looked up at cashier and she was looking toward the space where I saw a baby. My son and I left the building and as we were walking into the parking lot, I looked up and saw a young woman holding the baby in an upstairs apartment. I finally thought Ok, someone lives here with a baby. I thought nothing more of it until the lady who owns the store called our house because my son had asked if someone might be willing to lower some prices on some old coins. We got to talking and I asked her once again about the baby and she was silent and she said that she hears the baby too, and sometimes catches a glimps of someone holding a toddler. She said she thought she was going crazy and I told her, I knew exactly what she meant! She told me a little history a bout the building and the space that I was drawn to was her own and she found a majority of the stuff in the attic when she was going through it after she puchased the building. I asked her if she rents the apartments out and she said that they were empty and the person I thought I saw, must have been a ghost, with that note she said good-bye very quick.  I chalked that one up in my journal of sightings.

Grandma Wouldn't let Me Pass

By: Anonymous

Hello, I would like to share my experiences and an interested if anyone else may have had a similar one?
I am currently 31 years old and have had many encounters with the unknown through my life, but incidents that occurred with my great grandmother leave me wondering why?
My story starts as an infant, I was told much of this by my mother.  My great grandmother became very close to me when I was an infant and she has passed away suddenly before I was one year old.  For a remembrance in the after life my mother placed a baby rattle in the casket that my great grandmother had given to me.  When this rattle was placed in the casket I became violently ill.  My grandmother put two and two together, so to speak and removed the rattle.  I immediately became well.  Then a few weeks after her burial my mother took me with her to visit her final resting place.  Once again I became violently ill, needless to say I was only at her resting place two times as a child and both times I became ill.  The next time I went which was against family's wishes, I was in my early 20's and once again I became ill.
Then when I graduated High School my aunt gave me a gorgeous ruby ring that belonged to my great grandmother and every time I wore it something bad happened to me, for example, a car accident.  I obviously do not wear anything that belonged to my great grandmother anymore.  So far as the story goes it seems to me that she wanted me with her, but here comes the twist and confusion.
In 1998, I became pregnant and the embryo was lodged in my fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy).  My fallopian tube ruptured causing massive internal bleeding, requiring emergency surgery.  I flat-lined on the table, yes there is a white light at the end of the tunnel.  What I find most interesting, yet confusing it was my great grandmother that would not let me pass over, she in a sense made me come back to this life.  I am still searching for the answers, my purpose.  Up until that point it seemed as if she wanted me with her, but when it came down to the time I could have been with her, she turned me away.
I would like to know if anyone else my have had a similar experience or any ideas as to why she would not let me pass.

The Vacuum


My mother tolld me this.  She said this happened when I was about one and my brother was about two
One day my mother, grandmother, and my brother were in the office room.  My grandmother was vacuming while my brother played with my mom.  As my grandmother was vacuming the vacum suddenly turned off.  My grandmother turned around and told my mother to stop turning off the vacum but my mother said that it wasnt her or my brother.  Not really beliving my mother my grandmother continued vacuming.  The vacum turned off two more times.  My mother was leaving because she wanted to prove to my grandmother that it wasnt her or my brother.  As they were leaving my brother tugged on my mothers hand and as she turned around she saw the switch on the vacum turn from on to off all by itself.  To the day my grandmother died, I still dont think that she belived my mother.  As for my mother she just assumed it was my uncle or my grandma's husband.  They had both passed away.  But after that my mother is always warry when vacuming.
You may not belive me or not but I swear on my soul that this event truly did happen.
If you would like to email me for more ghost stories here is my email addresses:

The Swing

I have heard thousands of ghost stories and experienced quite a few myself.  I am sure that anyone who has gone through a ghostly experience can attest that one who has heard or seen the paranormal can never forget it.  A lot of things happened in my old house when I was a little girl and no matter how hard I try, I can never forget them.  The first experience I can remember was when I was a small child sleeping in my bed in the room across from my older brothers.  I was laying wide awake facing the wall that summer night and could not sleep for the life of me.  I rolled over to see a little man walking through our hallway.  He stopped looked at me, grinned, and turned and walked into my brother s room.  I just pulled my covers over my head and eventually fell asleep, only to have nightmares of my brother turning blue and being eaten by thousands and thousands of tiny bats.  My brother is mentally challenged and will always have the mentality of a seven year old, so I have never asked him, and probably never will ask him about the incident for fear of scaring him.  Years later I was making a swing on the old tree next to the house and I saw a dark figure dart behind the tree.  I ran to my mother and she said I was seeing things.  Later, I attempted many times to make my swing, but I would see the figure each time.  Sometimes when my neighbor, who is one year my junior, and I would climb the tree, we would hear a knocking sound coming from the ground and into the branches where we laid.  At times, it sounded as if it was coming from inside the tree, and at other times, it sounded like someone was just banging it with their hands on the bark right beside us.  Eventually, we moved out of the old house and into a new one we built right beside it.  It took about three years to completely tear down the old house, and to this day my parents will not tell me why we moved or why it took so long to tear it down.  Under the hard wood floors we found pages of newspaper from the early 1940s.  Most pages had stories about death or violent crimes.  My father told me that the newspaper was probably put down as makeshift insulation between the old floor and the new.  After we removed all of the newspapers, my friend and I often saw a young woman standing in the front window beaten and bloody.  She always looked scared and the smell of alcohol filled the air when she was in the window.  On a few occasions we saw her in the woods behind the house in a black gown and smelling of sweet perfume.  The ironic part of the story is too long to tell, so I ll leave that part out.  I saw a pale face with the blue eyes just staring at me from the attic after the ceiling was torn off.  I have never seen anything to compare the color of the eyes to.  They were so bright and deep and saddened.  I was outside on the wall looking in through the kitchen window and I just couldn t move.  I couldn t think and I couldn t move; all I could do was stare at it with tears running down my face as it stared at me.  I guarantee you that it was the worst feeling I have ever felt.  My eyes felt puffy and my face felt sticky from the tears.  All of a sudden it was gone and I ran inside with the most urgent feeling of escape. My mother said she believed me and I had to sleep in her room for months after that.  That was the first time she acknowledged that the things I saw weren t a figment of my imagination.  In the new house I experienced things as well.  We frequently smell cigarette smoke when everyone in the house is present in the same room - no one in my household smokes.  Important items will go missing and turn up in the floor in front of the fridge weeks later or in front of my brother s bedroom door.  When we first moved into the new house, I chose the smaller room because the larger one scared me, but my parents insisted that I take the larger because I had too many things.  The closet door would come open in the middle of the night and a circular grease spot appeared on the wall next to the closet.  To this very day, I cannot sleep in any room if the closet door is open.  I traded rooms with my brother even though there is a grave right outside his window.  At first he claimed that  Casper  was opening his closet door, but I had never told him anything of the events, again, out of fear of scaring him.  Soon after switching rooms, though, the door stopped opening and "Casper wasn't in his closet anymore."  My radio will come on, the boys  shower will turn on and off, the fridge and freezer doors will open, and my father s television will turn on and off and change channels by themselves.  I have many other stories, some mine, and some from my friends, but they will make this story even lengthier.  My grandpa is an indian chief, the kitchen scares both me and my mother to the point where we have nightmares, my cousins are Wiccans, my father had a premonition of his father's death (this story has made my friends and I cry), and the foundation to the old house is still there so I have many categories from which to choose a story to tell... just email me if you really want to hear more.

The Little Bum of St. Joe's


I live in New York City.  Three times in over the past 30 years, I've
encountered what appears to be the spirit of a man who disappears as
quickly as he appears.
The encounter is always in the same place, in Greenwich Village on
Greenwich Street between Christopher St. and West 10th Street.  The time
is always between dusk and evening.
The first encounter was in the late '60's or early '70's.  A friend and
I were walking on Greenwich Street one evening when we saw, about 50
feet or so ahead of us, a man who looked to be panhandling.  He appeared
to be in his mid-fifties or so, "down at the heels,"  somewhat unkempt
and with the shadow of a beard.  He was short and had a swarthy
complexion, dark hair and large dark circles under his eyes.  My friend
and I agreed  to try to avoid this guy and we veered sharply to the curb
as the panhandler made a beeline towards us with palm extended.  We were
getting ready to brush him off when he got right next to us and our
initial aversion to this creature melted into such a loving feeling for
him.  We both suddenly wanted to give this derelict every dollar we had
and yet he'd barely uttered a word.  My friend bought out her wallet and
was about to give him the entire contents but he REFUSED to take it!  He
did accept a few dollars from her.  I seached my wallet and purse but
could only find about 60 cents although I knew that I'd had several
dollars with me as we had been heading out for coffee and dessert.  The
bum took the 60 cents as I apologized for the paltry sum.  He shook his
head sadly and said "ah, that really is too bad".  We wanted him to
accompany us to the restaurant but he refused saying that he, "could not
stay".  We turned away briefly wondering about this myterious man.  When
we turned back to see where he may have gone, he had disappeared,
nowhere to be seen.  (I never did find that missing money).
The second encounter I had with this little tramp was in the '80's after
shopping on Greenwich Street.  He approached me at the same spot, I
again had the feeling of tremendous empathy for this man and again the
money that I'd thought I'd had on me was not to be found.  Again, I
could offer him only a few pieces of change.  He again looked at me
sadly and remarked, "that's really too bad."  I turned quickly to try to
see where he was off to and again he was nowhere to be seen.
My last encounter, so far, was in the mid '90's.  This time, knowing
that I would be passing that same area, I took pains to hold a couple of
dollar bills in my hand, inside my pocket.  I met him again, and as I
made to give him the money that I'd had in my hand, my hand came up
empty.  This time I told him that I'd put aside money for him  but that
I was sorry but I had lost it yet again. This time he just shook his
head sadly.  I went to look in my wallet when he stopped me and told me
that it wasn't necessary.  He walked away just out of my sight when I
turned around quickly to see that he had vanished for a third time.  A
man who had been standing nearby said, "where did he go"?  Of course, I
had no answer.
During the span of these three encounters, over these past thirty odd
years, I have aged but he has not.   I feel as though I've encountered
an angel and I've been found wanting.

The Ghost and the Jukebox


Hello.  My name is Aaron.  I live in Placerville "Old Hangtown" California.
We are located about 10-15 miles above Coloma.  Where gold was discovered
back in 1848.  Well I have an interesting story that I would like share with
you.  I was working for a restaurant located on Main St. Placerville.  The
restaurant was located within 100 yards of where the old hangman's tree use
to stand back in the late 1800's.
I was working the night shift closing up.  It was me, a server, and a lone
manager (who was in the back doing the books).  During our closing routine
we have to turn off the juke box.  I had to physically flip a switch on the
back of the machine.  The server who was also closing saw that I had turned
off the juke box.  We had just finished cleaning and closing the store, so
we decided to go into the back at tell the manager that we were finished.
While we were back talking to the manager, we heard the juke box turn on and
playing extremely loud.  At the store we are not allowed to turn the Juke
box up over a level 3 on the dial.  All three of us went out to see what was
going on.  We saw that the Juke Box had been turned on and the volume dial
was turned up to 10.  So our first thought was that someone was in the store
playing a joke on us.  But all the doors were locked and there was no one in
there except us three.  So we figured it was a ghost that was doing this and
we were all pretty excited to have a visitor in our store.
The next day I was working a day shift and I had just gotten off shift and
decided to go out the emergency exit to the rear of the store.  I was parked
closer to it and did not want to walk to far.  After I went out it, I
slammed the door behind me and made sure that it was closed.  This door can
only be opened from the inside and is a fairly secure door.  Well my manager
told me that later that day, she was having a manager's meeting at the table
next to the emergency exit.  During that meeting the door flew open.  My
manager thought that I did not shut the door when I left and the wind blew
it open, however I was sure that I closed the door.  After this happened we
have not had a single strange incident happen.
I have no idea what or who was there, but I was glad to have the experience.
  I have since left that store and work somewhere else, so I have no idea if
the ghost has returned and is still playing jokes.
Well I just wanted to share my story with you.

Really Real

By: Anonymous

Hi, Firstly I'd like to say this website rocks!!!!!  Finally a place where people can share their experiences.  Congrats to the shadowlands!!
Anyway, a little while ago i sent in my experiences, well recently a few more things have been happening.....
If you read my other stories you'd know I live in a house that has a few uninvited guests.  I've learned to live with my ghosts and have had many experiences with them (those are the ones i sent in).  I am also the only one in my family who knows about them.
But just a few days ago my friend Kelly was at my house.  She knows about my ghosts because she was with me on a few of my encounters.  Anyway we were in my room and i turned my back to Kelly so i could get something off of my dresser.  All of a sudden my sisters little christmas snowglobe came flying through the air towards me.  Luckily it missed me, hit the dresser and came toppling to the ground.  I whirled around and yelled at kelly "Why did you thow that at me?!?"  and she said "I didnt!!".  "Well, who did?" I asked, she said "I dont know, it just threw itself into the air at you."  I looked at the snowglobe that had been sitting on my sisters bedside table, on the other side of the room, a few seconds before.  And me and kelly ran out of the room.
I have also discovered that my electric keyboard can play itself if you catch my drift....  Usually when i'm home alone.  It'll just start to play, even when it's turned off or not plugged in....
and whenever i plug it in the wall will start smoking and we can smell burning plastic.... that might just be bad wires or something wrong with the plug.  But even when it's not smoking i cant get it to work, so now the only time it plays is by itself.
Thanks for listening,  i swear to you all of this is real.  Once again, congratulations on the website, it is a true success!!


Hello, my experience was semi scary and it happened at the Neely mansion in Auburn,WA. i hope you guys belive me. i have no medical problems that can explain this.
for my 14th birthday I asked my mom to drive me out to the neely mansion so i could look at it. i had heard it had activity but was still skeptical. as i approached the fence i felt cold, and slowly, nearly unnoticeably at first i felt like someone was squeezing me around the got worse so out of curiosity i walked away from the house to the road and felt better. while this happened my mom was on her cell phone.i would have told her while it was happening but you know..i slowly reapproached the house and was resqueezed with a vengance. when my mom got off the phone i started to walk back to the car.i asked her if she noticed anything strange about my facial features or anything else. she noticed that i was "pacing" and was expressionless and pale. when i told her what happened her first reaction was are you hurt? my ribs were sore. then we talked and i learned that when my mother was my age she had a household poltergiest who pestered her,my uncle, and my grandma. i recently visited the apartment ,outside.(it is now inhabited by the living)i got a strange vibe. a mix of positivity and odd malicious intent.

My Most Ghostly Experiences


Hi, I'm at work, and not much to do so i thought i might share my experiences.  I love ghost stories, and ghosts intrigue me, but i don't like seeing them.  A lot of people out there think it's cool, which i guess it is to some extent, but not so much for me.  I have been seeing ghosts since as far as i can remember.  My earliest memories are from when my parents were still together and we all lived in our downtown attic apartment in New York City.  It was a cute place, but i was always scared at night.  Up until i was six i would get up every night because i'd feel like something was in my room.  Usually i thought it was my dolls staring at me, but i think i hadn't realized that it could be something else.  You see, being young and the only child, and feeling scared and lonely in my room, i would sleep in my parent's bed to give me comfort.  But strange things would happen.  There were a few times that i would still be lying there awake, and my mom would poke me and say, "look".  There, in the dim glow that would seep in under the bedroom door from the bathroom, we would see a ghostly shadow slowly moving by in the hallway.  Being young and naive i was awestruck.  I had no idea what it was - i was just glad i was with my parents.  As i got older, however, i became more aware of a real presence in the old house.  The floor boards would creak, i would hear footsteps belonging to noone coming up and down stairs, rattling handles, and sometimes my mother would act strangely, putting little trinkets in my room she said would keep out anything "bad".  Later she would tell me that she herself would hear knocking on the wall beside her bed, the tv would go off, and even a light bulb burst for no apparent reason.  I didn't realize that not until we moved to the basement apartment in the same building that i would start my worst ghostly encounters.
We moved to the basement apartment when i was ten.  My dad had left by then so it was only me and my mother.  Within the first year in the place, i had the feeling that something was watching me...hovering over me....dwelling within my my room.  One morning i was rudely awoken with the overwhelming feeling that someone unwelcome was there watching me.  I woke up with a start, my eyes wide open, the hair on the back of my neck standing on end.  I had a hard time breathing but i was too scared to cry or even speak.  My instincts told me to look towards the wall.  There, in the lamplight was a hunched figure sitting on the end of my bed by my feet.  I couldn't believe just sat there motionless, and though i couldn't see anything except it's shadow, i could feel it's eyes on me, as if it were looking right through me.  I decided to get over my fear and maybe  try some common sense.  Maybe there was something else in the room that was making the eerie shadow?  I would find out.  Besides, there was alot of junk in my room.  So i started moving all the junk that could be making the shadow.  No difference.  The shadow didn't move, and i could still feel its stare.  By then i knew it was real.  I moved the sheets that it was sitting on.  They moved with ease, but the shadow remained undisturbed.  I was freaked!  I was able to mutter some words to the thing, "who are you and what are you doing here..." No response it just sat there.  With that, i couldn't take it any longer.  I ran to get my mom.  "Get ready for school" was what she said to my crazed babblings.  "But there's something on my bed!!!!" i wailed.  I gave up. She wouldn't listen.  I went back into my room...with much caution.  But the thing was gone.
This was my first up close experience with this thing, but after this, I saw it regularly.  I would be totally minding my own business concentrating on whatever i was doing, and i would see a dark shadow slowly creep past from the corner of my eye.  In a matter of seconds i would go from happy and preoccupied to feeling scared and uncomfortable in my own home.  In my own room.  I never felt alone and always felt watched.
When i was fifteen i moved out of the house to live with my aunt in new jersey.  I didnt' move because of the hauntings and the nightmares.  Well, not totally.  My mother and i would fight constantly and i hated my school.  I wanted out.  But that summer would bring more fear than ever.  It was the summer when i was invited to come stay with my aunt and cousin at their summer home in the adirondacks.  I was thrilled!  A real summer getaway, and since me and my cousin Jonathan got along great, i was glad to have a  companion.   The home was beautiful.  Right by the water and very much like a country cottage.  I enjoyed my first week there without any problems...until one night at exactly 3am i was awoken with that same terrifying jolt.  The familiarity was very disconcerting.  The room was pitch black and very very quiet.  Too quiet.  Something was in the room, i feared.  Suddenly i heard a loud CLANG right over my head.  Something had violently struck the metal bedlamp over my bed...the one attached to the wall...right above my head....
I whirled around and hurriedly turned the light on.  Nothing was in the room and all was still.  I was so shaken up that i didn't sleep for the rest of the night.  "why why why me?"  I thought, scared to look forward to the last week of my stay.  It had come at 3am.  Waking up at exactly 3am feeling uncomfortable was not all that strange to me.  It had happened plenty of times...when i felt like something was in the room, but this time, i knew it was something bigger i was dealing with.  Like the early morning visitor i'd had that time in nyc...but worse...and i was right.
That night i was brave, and i turned the lights off before going to bed.  Whatever it was was going to have to deal with getting ignored.  I wanted to make it seem like i didn't care, cause maybe...just wouldnt' bother me anymore if i didn't pay attention.  3am came around...and i was still wide awake.  Ok, i was a littel scared...well..alot scared...i put my head under my pillow, and the sheet over myself in some deserate attempt at feeling safe.  Like that was going to help. But then i felt it.  Something was touching my pillow.  I could hear it brushing against it, as if it were lightly stroking it.  What was it doing?  Was it going to suffocate me?  Why was it touching me?  Please please please go away, i thought.  It ceased it's touching.  Maybe it was gone...Maybe i was safe to go to sleep now.  But no.
There, at the foot of my bed, by the window i saw a dim white light appear through the "safety" of my bedsheet.  It pulsed a little bit and just hovered there.  "what the..."  I had never seen anything like it before.  It got bigger and bigger and brighter and brighter, pulsating as it moved towards the corner of the room on my right about ten feet away.  Was it a light from outside?  But from where?  How?  It couldn't be one drove around at this time of night.  And since when did headlights pulsate?  Was it a UFO?  Haha, yeah right...we're trying to make us feel LESS scared, dummy.  It was indeed a strange and unexplainable sight.  It moved alongside the wall to the right of my bed.  It was getting closer to me.  By now its light was filling the whole room.  It was less than a foot away.  By this time my fear was out of control and i was nearly in tears.  I have to turn the light on, i said to myself.  As quickly as i could i ripped the sheet off of me.  Flailing around, without looking in the things direction, i found the light and turned it on.  I looked.  It was gone.  No light.  Nothing.  I was crazy with fear.  I thought i was going to go insane if i didnt' get some sleep.  With that, i picked up my bedding and went up to my cousins room.  "I'm sleeping here tonight.  There's something in my room."  He rubbed his eyes and groggily asked me to explain, which i did briefly, trying to act nonchalant about it so as not to seem like a raving lunatic.  He thought about it, shrugged and told me it was ok.  Just to go to sleep.
That next night i called my boyfriend, John, who i had been dating for a year and a half by then.  I explained in detail what happened.  I didn't know if he believed me or not, but he said that he would call me at exactly 3am that morning just to be on the safe side.  I was in tears, so he could tell i was really shaken up.  He called and we talked for a couple hours. He made me feel safer, and nothign happened that night.  In fact, nothing else happened all that week.  Of course...i had the light on every night...and i always fell asleep when the sun came up...but at least i had no more early morning visits!  I never want to go back there again.
And so, those are my scariest experiences.  There are a few more, but those are the highlights.  Just know i am constantly being harassed by spirits like this, and always feel their presence and I know when a house is haunted.  I have heard that spirits are attached to those with a certain aura about them...sort of like an invisible emotional force field around us.  Like a vibe.  Some of us are more sensitive than others whether we know it or not, and this makes us vulnerable to ghostly experiences.  I think all they want is some acknowledgement of their presence.  They are lost and in some cases lonely.  I feel for them, but still...i really dont' like getting harassed at early morning hours.  And i dont' like getting scared out of my wits.  So, if you get haunted by ghosts, i know how you feel.  And it sucks.

Mobile Home Ghost


I purchased a three year old repossessed mobile home.  I wanted it in a
park close in to Houston Metro but there was no openings to be found.
Upon threatening to cancel the contract the seller bought an old mobile
home and moved it out of a park and my home was moved into that spot.
A few days later while meeting my neighbors, a man said he thought my
trailer had been in this park before but had been pulled out  year ago.
The reason for the pull out was that the owner had accidently killed
himself in the trailer.  He was doing some renovations and his wife and
daughter had taken a vacation to be out of the way.  The man was
transforming the home from gas to all electric.  He apparently
electrocuted himself in the master bedroom closet where the electrical
box was.  Knowing that the family was on vacation, the neighbors didn't
think anything unusual about no activity on the house.  It was not until
the wife came home that the body was discovered.  It was about two weeks.
After a week in the house there was a stench coming from the master
bedroom closet.  The drywall and carpet were new and when I pulled the
carpet away from the wall, I could see that the flooring had been
replaced with new wood.  I wiped everything down and stench went away.
The smell would come and go and i eventually tore into the drywall to
check that the insulation had been replaced too and it had.  Each time I
would check or do something to get rid of the odor it would go away but
come back in a week.
One night in the first six months, I woke up with the feeling that there
was someone in my bedroom.  The room was completely dark which was
unusual in that I always left the door open and light would filter in
from the other rooms.  I felt something very close to my face and was
paralyzed with fear.  Then I felt a pressure like two hands on my
shoulders and I was pushed down into the mattress.  The hands slowly slid
down my entire body and I began to pray the Lord's Prayer.  The pressure
stopped and the light filtered back into the room.  I got up and checked
that the doors and windows were still secure and they were.
I continued to fight the intermittent stench problem and another
encounter occurred a few months later.  I was again in bed sleeping on my
side with one of those body pillows in front of me.  The pillow began to
be pulled off the bed.  I thought maybe I was close to the edge and it
was falling off so I moved more to the center of the bed.  The pillow
began moving again.  I turned on the touch light ( I bought it after the
first experience) to see if my cats were perhaps playing with the pillow
and pulling on it.  They weren't in the room and when I called the came
in through the cat door to the outside.
Finally after about 15 months of chasing the disappearing stench I just
had had it and began yelling.  "Damn you, get out of my closet.  It is my
house now and you are dead.  I don't want you around anymore, go on and
get out of here."
It has been four years now and neither the odor nor the night visitor has
come back.

Horribly Wrong


My ghost story regards the house we lived in for
thirteen years. It was a duplex house in Connecticut
that we rented from a friend of the family. I grew up
in the house and when I was younger, I didn't notice
anything I would consider out of the ordinary, but as
I got older, I began to notice some strange things. It
first started when I began to have a lot of trouble
sleeping at night. I would wake up suddenly, thinking
that someone had just stomped into my room, but when I
looked around, no one was there. It would always
happen at 2- 3 AM. The first time it happened, I tried
to shrug it off, but it only got worse. I began to
hear loud footsteps on the stairs at night, but the
scariest thing to me had yet to happen. In my room, I
had heavy sliding doors on my closet and one night,
the doors began rattling very loudly and I heard more
footsteps going out of my room. I told my parents
about this and my mother had our church minister come
and bless the house. For a while, things were calm.
But the footsteps started up again and occasionally,
I'd wake up during the night because my closet doors
were rattling. One of the other scary things that
happened was when my friend slept over one night. She
was sleeping on the floor when she said that she woke
up after hearing the closet doors rattle. She then
turned over and said she saw a dark shadow pass over
her and out of the room. Once again, the minister came
and blessed the house and things were quiet for a long
time. However, one more strange thing happened before
we moved out. I don't know if this had anything to do
with anything, but it was the day after my dad died in
a car accident. I was walking down the hall upstairs
to throw something away in the garbage can when I
looked downstairs. During the summer, we usually keep
the front door open and just leave the screen door
closed to let in the sunshine. So naturally, it was
very bright in the foyer. But when I looked down the
stairs, there was a large black cloud, almost like a
big puff of smoke at the bottom of the stairs. It
started moving up the stairs towards me and I was so
terrified of it, I just dropped to my knees and
started praying aloud. When I looked back up a moment
later, it was gone and I didn't feel that sense of
dread and despair I felt when I first saw it. I never
told my mom about it and we moved shortly after that.
Most of the haunting seemed to occur mainly in my room
and whenever I walked into my room, I always got this
feeling of despair and fear. My friend who saw the
shadow also said she picked up on this feeling as
well. My mother would also sense this and sometimes,
I'd even hear her rebuking the spirit at night. We
didn't who or what it was that was in our house and to
this day we don't. The friend we were renting it from
had owned it for twenty five years and reported
nothing strange or out of the ordniary. The house was
built in the '50s and all of what I just described
happened about five years ago. The only possible
answer I have is that something must have gone
horribly wrong in the house before our friend came
into ownership of the property.

Great-Grandmas Ghost


hi, my name is kara, im 12 years old, this story's setting takes place in my father's house (my parents are divorced) when i was 3 yrs old my great- grandmother died...the memorys of her are supposed to be blurry,faded,or not very vivd,right? well, my memory is as clear and vivid as ever when it comes to my great-grandma..she was my favorite relative...always...she would do something special with me or for me,or get me presents,or do something wonderful for me...she loved me very much...but when she and her daughter (my grandma) were coming back from eating out that was grandma couldnt see very well (since she didnt have her glasses with her) she drove right pass a stop sign when a bus comes from her right when shes going great-grandmother didnt have her seat belt on...and she died instantly..but my grandma...she is still alive...a miracle she calls it, she got away with a few cuts and bruises but my great-grandma...u was my b-day night when i got the i went to my room and cried all night long...but i felt i wasnt the only person in the room..then i felt a brush of something on my back (i was face down on the blankets)...i looked up from my pillow and there...i saw my great-grandma's face...she smiled at me and reached out for my to wipe away a tear from my face..i saw her lips move as to say "happy birthday" she smiled at me..i smiled back...when i wiped my face of my tears i was going to reach out and hug her...but..she had gone..i was heart-broken...i never told any 1 before now..i hope u liked my true story...sorry if u didnt...feel free to e-mail me with ur questions or always happy to recall the experience...


Families Tales


I have a story that I'd like to share.  It's a story my mother related to me some years ago,so if you would like I'll pass it on.   My Mother was born in Sweetwater in upper East Tennessee and she told of something that occurred when her Grandmother was a young Woman.   Her Grandmother lived in the country and this must have happened in the early 1900s.  Well, one day this bad storm was brewing up and the he women and farm hands had to round up the horses and other animals and secure things there  against the storm.   At one point Mini ( her Grandmother ) went into the kitchen,I think it was,to get something they needed,maybe to light lamps with and she saw this Woman whom she thought was her mother and when she went back to join the others she saw her mother with them and she said something like '' mama, I thought you were just in the kitchen '' but her mother said ''no'' that she had'nt.     Another story she told me was of this tree,a Dogwood I believe, and one day one of the children were misbehaving and their Aunt or Mother tried to break a switch off to punish the child when this disembodied voice spoke and said ''don't you take a limb from this tree ''and after that no one trid to again


Dark Shadow


A couple months ago my sister and I went to visit my dad, who lives out in
the country. It was late at night and we, plus a neighbor girl, where
talking a walk with only a small flashlight (it had been pretty close to a
full moon that night). I had turned the flashlight off to scare my little
sister when I randomly looked over my right shoulder. I saw a dark figure
dart through the nearby field and disappear suddenly. I turned the light
back on and told my sister and friend what I saw. My friend said that it was
probably my guardian angel. Right then about four horses ran up to the wired
fence next to us and seemed to be nervous. We haven't mentioned it or taken
a walk that late at night again.

Camp Happiness and Others


Hi. Ive been on this site before and read some stories. Well I have a few of my own. actually i have 3.
Ill start with my own experience,Camp Happiness.
Well the boys were asleep and of course the girls were up watching american idol. Well anyway a girl named Amy had to go to the bathroom and she left the room and saw an african american man in the hallway dressed in black with a Knife! So she flipped out and started crying. so all the counslers got up and looked nothing so they checked the hallways One girl named Arianna saw the man walking down the stairs so she flipped out but said nothing so we didnt get scared. thats our story but the boys had a similar experience. One boy saw the man walking around his cabin but did nothing. but another boy saw the man cross the lake in a boat and go into the woods. Thers no houses in the woods because we had to go in them alone earlier. Scary?
My next story is about my mom our nextdoor neighber for as long as we can remember died. She was 98. My mother had a dream that she woke up and looked out the window and saw her and she jumped bu then she looked and our neighber blew her a kiss and then the two white ladies behind her (were guessing her mother and her sister who she loved so much) left. Then my mom woke up the next morning and our neighber had passed away. :-(
My last story is about me when I was little (im 12 now) i had an imaginary friend named Bubby. Sure right nothing creepy? Until I found out thAt my grandma had a cousin they nicknamed Bubby. He also had red hair like my friend. My grandmas bubby had died a long time before I was born. Its not ghostly but my parents were creeped out. Now that I know  I am too.Thanks for reading.

A Lady that Passed Away


i live in an apartment where a lady fell and hit her head on the steam heater in the kitchen.  well one late night i was brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink when i saw  a lady with brown hair walk into the bathroom i called out my girlfriends name because i thought it was her but she was in the bedroom in bed half asleep.  also one late night we were laying in bed begging eachother to turn off the light when all of a sudden the light started to flicker and the came on like nothing had happened.  so either she was trying to be kind or she was trying to scare us.  but we still haven't moved.

A Ghosts Answer


One night last week me and my sons decided to go ghost hunting, as we all
believe in ghosts, and feel like we're all just on the road to find out the
truth about how things (really) are in life.  We went to a cemetary here in
Nevada which has people buried in it all the way back to the 18th century.
Anyway I took a pendulam with me to communicate with any ghosts if they
wanted to chat. First of all I asked if there were any ghosts present.  The
pendulam swung positive. (yes)  So I said to the ghost, " I want to know
your name, does it begin with an A? "  The pendulam swung negative, (no), so
I kept on naming off letters until the pendulam swung positive again.  Well
the pendulam did finally swing positive as the ghost seemed to settled for
the letter ( J ). So with that answered, and still talking to the ghost, I
said " I don't know where your at can you give me a sign? "  The next thing
that happened was we heard a big huge crash!  We were like WOW, WHAT THE
FREAK?!!  We looked over where the crash was and there was a big tree branch
that had broken clean off of a big huge tree.  So we looked at each other
and voted that we had came this far so we were not going to turn and run
now.  So we went and investigated, and found that the tree was 100% healthy
and that the branch that broke off was at least two feet in width and was
not rotten at all, and to top it all off there was no wind.  But the biggest
discovery that we found was that right under that tree was a grave stone
with the name (Jhoanna Williams)  engraved on it. Now we were convinced that
Miss Jhoanna the ghost had made contact with us and we were both amazed and
happy that we had contact without having to shake our britches before we
left.  It was a little un-nerving I'll say on one hand but interesting to
know end on the other, so my advice to any ghost hunters is that you stay
calm as you can if your going to ghost hunt and don't back out once you
begin.  Finish the job or don't start it at all cuz if you do, your only
going to miss out and most ghosts are not even harmful.  Notice that I said
(most ghosts).  There are some ghosts out there that were never humans, and
those are the ones that aren't nice, give or take a few old grouchy ghosts
that were once humans and were probably not so nice as humans either. Ya
know theres got to be some of those around.  Like can you imagine what kind
of ghost Ted Bundy would be??  Exactly!

A Ghost?


Hi my names Rafi, I love the website. Okay, this isnt really a ghost story, but its pretty funny nonetheless. I was reading youre haunted places index and noticed that golden gate park was haunted by  a ghost cop....Well anyway, about a year ago, I was driving past golden gate park in SF with my dad, and told him about the haunting. He laughed at me and said 'come on you dont really belive in that stuff, do you?'  the SECOND after he finished that sentence, we heard a siren behind us. No it wasnt a ghost, it was a real cop. We were so engrossed in our conversation, we drove right through a red light.     again, I love the website, keep up the great work.

The Man in the Trench Coat


It was my sister's birthday, so my mom and my sister and her friends went to see a movie. As they left, i went in the laundry room to go look for something. As i turned around, i saw a shadow of a man in trench coat and boots walk upstairs. ( and i heard him too) Then he disappeared...i locked myself in the bathroom till my mom came home.

The Man in Black

My Mom, brother, and I moved to Flagstaff, Arizona in 1998.  My Mom was managing a convience store there.  In getting to know the employees I formed a good friendship with one of the girls (We are still friends to this day).  She was telling me that the store was built in the seventies and that there were some strange things that happened in the store from time to time.
The first thing I noticed on my own was that where the ice maker was always had a strange, uneasy feeling, and it was always COLD.  I thought it was odd, but just played it off as the ice maker made the room cold.  Then my friend told me about The Man in Black, she said that every once in a while she would catch a man in a black suit and black hat out of the corner of her eye, though she could not make out any facial features, but when she turned around to see he was gone.  She said that she never felt scared or uneasy by him, rather protected, like he was making sure everything was alright.  I thought she was a little weird and didn't really think about it again, for I never seen anything.
Living in Arizona there are a lot of Navajo Indians, and one we called Charlie would always come in and swear that the store was built on his land and that he sent evil spirts to "dwell" in the store.  We always sent him away, but he would come back and raise the same fuss.  The store had always been known for robberies and vandalism, so being from Utah I just thought it was something that happened in Arizona (narrow minded, but sadly, true).  There was one time though, that my friend and I were eating in the bakery after we were closed one night, just talking when a jar of mayonaise rose up and crashed to the floor, needless to say we left as quickly as possible, leaving a mess for them to find in the morning.
After that nothing happened and I moved to Utah for a couple of years. Knowing my Mom needed the help I moved back and started to work in the store again.  It was not until I was pregnant that I believed my friend when she told me about The Man in Black, years ago.
The first time I saw him I was sitting in the office before we were open (I was the only one in the store), doing the deposits for the day before, when out of the corner of my eye I seen a Man in Black (not realizing at that time that the doors were still locked).  I turned to acknowledge him but he was gone, shocked, on edge, but not scared I remembered what my friend had said.  She wasn't crazy, and from then on I would see him at all diffrent times of the day, and I will never forget the feeling of saftey when he was there.
I told my fiance' and a few other people that worked in the store about him, and I think that I shouldn't have.  I feel that he did not want his presence to be known to everyone, so he left (and I will never forgive myself).  After that the store would constantly be robbed, and vandalised.  And the cold place in the ice maker room started to extend to the whole store.  I know it was The Man in Black who had kept the evil spirits away, for after he was gone til' the day the store was tore down to make way for a new one, bad things constantly happened.
Sometimes I think back on those days and remember "the life" that store had and the unique experiences that came in running it the last five years it stood.  I know no matter what happens in my life that I, and everyone else that was on the pay-roll durings those years will never expericence another place quite like it.

Sad Brother


The home that I grew up in was previously owned by friends of the family. My grandmother bought it when my mother was 16 and kept in touch with the family who lived in it before. It was known by everyone that they had twin sons, one of which died in the nursery as an infant.
Years later, when I was about 6 months and my brother was about 2 we were sleeping in the nursery when my mother, grandmother, father and sisters heard a baby crying. My mother went to check on us but as she neared the bedroom, the crying stopped and she saw that both my brother and I were sound asleep.
This continued on for most of the night, much to everyone's fear and dismay.
The next day, or a couple of days later, my grandmother got a call from a friend to say that the other son had died in a car accident that night. We all knew then who was crying in the nursery, and we haven't heard anything since.

Laguna Beach


  I have gone looking for places that could be haunted, talking to people... just searching.  I don't know what compelled me to go to this place, but one night I had an idea.  It was about 2:00 am when me and 3 other friends decided to go out looking for something to do.  We went to an elementary school called The Top of the World in Laguna Beach, California.  It is at the top of a high hill on right on the cliff side.  Of course, being me, I brought a digital camera.  We were wondering around and 2 of my friends noticed a children's garden, they climbed over the fence while me and another friend stayed behind.  We were along the outside of the fence where the cliff drops down.  There is about 4 feet of walking space.  So I decided to take some pictures.  There was a very good climbing tree growing off the cliff.  I snapped about 5 pictures on it, then took some of the swing set and things.  My friends shortly came back over the fence with a hand full of this one certain flower.  Which I thought was a bit uncalled for to take them, but I didn't think anything else of it.  We got in the car, and were sitting for a few minutes while I checked out the pictures I took.  They were all normal, but one.  One of the pictures it took of the tree had, what clearly appeared to be two people hanging from one of the branches, it didn't look like they were play hanging, it looked like they were hanging by their necks.  They came out as bright orange and reddish. But you could clearly see that they were bodies, feet, head, arms, everything.  Just then, the drivers side car, slammed shut ... we took off, scared out of our minds ... we were almost home, when I finally said something about the flowers, I said that we need to take them back, NOW.  I thought that we might have made something mad.  So we drove back, the two that took them, went back to the garden and putt them back.  We went home, and stayed awake until the next day.  I have never heard any stories of this place being haunted, I had no idea that it was. If you know anything ... tell me.  That is it.  This wasn't the scariest I have seen though ... when I was a child, I was haunted while living in a house in Ventura, CA. No one else, was haunted but me ... it went on for a year or so. Almost every night ... but thats a long and other story.

The Girl in the Mirror


hi my name is brittany  6 years ago my twin whitney  dissapered and was conseted dead                                                  one night i was in my room and it was storming. Then my parents yelled out we're going to the movies .So they went i was home alone. Well i was watching the television and then i heard some thing in the kitchen .Then i looked in the kitchen and nothing was there . About 12:00 i was in the bathroom cleaning my face and looking in the mirror and then i saw a face in the mirror and i screaming ,It looked , it was like there was to of me . know every time i look in that mirror i see two of me and even some times she even come out of the mirror and her name was whitney

Guardian Angel


This is my story of my families Guardian Angel.  On April 21st 1991 my granddad past away while sitting in his favorite chair at home from a massive heart attack.  The heart attack was very sudden and unexpected as most are.  He seemed to know that something was going to happen to him soon because he asked to see the people that he loved most during the week before and even the day of the accident.  Everyone visited him except for me, his favorite grand daughter.  I was preparing for a horse show and going to school so I didn't have too much free time,which he understood.
When he died I felt that I had been cheated by not seeing him before he left.  I didn't even get to say goodbye at the funeral.  Well as the months went on and I got out of school I began to spend a few days a week with my grandma at her home.  We were trying hard to keep her occupied since her husband and family was her life.
While staying with her one day I was visited by my granddad.  I was the only one in the house at the time so it could not have been someone messing around with me.  We kept the chair that he passed away in simple because he loved that chair.  When anyone sat in the chair it would make an unmistakable sound.  Anyways, while alone in the house I heard that unmistakable sound and looked in the direction of the chair.  Sitting like he always did was my granddad right in front of me and in living color, like he never left.  He never did say a word, he just smiled and gave me a quick wave.  I smiled back to him and went about my business.  When it finally hit me at what I just saw I looked again and he was gone.  To this day I know what I saw was him saying goodbye to me since we didn't have the chance while he was alive.
I know that he still is with us in his own way watching over eveyone he loved.  A few months ago both my mother and I were involved in a serious horse accident.  While riding a young horse my mom was bucked off and sustained a broken arm and a gash above her eye.  I responed to  help with the horse, while being 5 1/2 months pregnant with my first, when the horse kicked me square in the chest.  I know that my granddad was there with us that day to help.  Though he couldn't stop what was going to happen he helped none the less.  My mother could have been kicked in the head, killing  her and I could have lost the baby and also been kicked in the head.  There are other instances when I know that he is watching over us but that has been the most recent incident. That is my story of my Guardian Angel.  I hope that you have enjoyed reading.

Ghost Encounters


I have alot of encountars that have happened to me and my family. When I was little about 3 or so.. I asked my mom if we could play in her bedroom and she asked me why  and I said "I wanted to play with the people", by this time I imagine she was scared but she asked what people? I  go "there, there and there" I pointed to 3 different spots. I do not remember this but she does I just heard that one 2 years ago.
When my mom was little she thought she saw an angel go into parents closet. ( I do not think it was an angel but she insists it was)
Last year my and some of my family went to Galena, Illinois and we went to the museum. I was on second floor by the stair case when I felt a cold breeze go past me. It scared me half to death because I knew that the air conditioning would not be on in the middle of winter. I went by my grandma and said " I just felt a cold breeze" and all she says "oh... this place is haunted" and I was dumbfounded and say " and you decide to tell me this NOW"
I told my mom what happened and I told her I was shaking and I thought i felt clamy and she felt my hand and says " you feel like a dead person would clamy and cold" I did not like the way she told me this.
When I was in 5th grade we moved into the house I am living in now( I'm in 10th grade now) a couple of months after we moved in my cousin was over at my house and we were under my bed talking because... I dont know why 0_o  and all of a sudden we heard this loud noise like metal banging against metal we looked all around my room and the only thing I could see wrong was my antique dresser handle was shoved into the latch thing where it was hooked on and it was not like that before and we coudlnt get it out and then we tried it with another handle but we couldnt get it to go into the thing like that.
well thats all of them I feel like talking about.

My Experiences thus Far


Hello. I am a 24 year old female living in the eastern part of Kentucky in a little town called Louisa. It's about 30 mins from Ashland and Paintsville. Growing up in my mother's house wasn't  what I would call a normal childhood. We never talked to my mom about the goings on of the house till I turned 18. We would make jokes up until then, but when I did turn 18 we started discussing it seriously.
My mother told me when they bought the house in the early 70's that it was a new developement, only three other houses were built in this subdivision to be. They had bought the fourth. It consisted of people whose children were already grown or young couples like themselves. A couple months after moving in my mother started hearing children playing outside, there were no children in the neighborhood. She also told me one night she was expecting my dad to come home from work and she was reading in bed, she heard the door open and shut and the cabinet doors being gone through, so she got up and no one was there.
My dad died in 1982, I was two and my brother was 6 monthes old. I have blocked from then till I was 5 out. I have no memory up until my first day of kindergarten. My earliest memorable experiences with whatever is in my mothers house has to do with the former garage, when they bought the house they turned it into a family room, my brother and I would never go down there at night, we called it the ghost's conference room. You could just walk by that room and here a big group of people talking. This came out in the open when I was 18, mom also has heard the same thing.
I also remember feeling a presense in my bedroom, my room seemed to be a favorite, I slept with my covers over my head and the lights on for a very long time. The hair on the back of my neck and arms would stand on end, and I would just feel very uneasy and fearful. I would hear footsteps walk around my bed and then out my door. And then I would feel at ease, but it happened numerous times a night. I would even try telling it to leave my room, to let it know I knew it was there, that it wasn't welcome in my room and not to speak or show itself to me, I made sure I blocked myself from that. I never actually saw anything in the house till I got in high school.
I had just got out of bed and normally slept with my bedroom door closed, but it was open for some reason, when I turned to look out into the hallway, I saw a young girl, about my age probably at the time,her hair was a golden blonde and long with a ribbon tied like a headband and she had on a long pink old fashioned night gown and she was carrying a lantern. I should go ahead and mention that nothing worked in my room, the tv would turn on and off by itself... when it would work at all, I went through three new tvs, the picture tube blew out of two of them. My radios would change channels I went through 3 stereos with that room.
After I graduated I bought my grandmother a dog, well it ended up staying with me. She would growl and didnt like sleeping in my bedroom at night. When I made her come in there she would chew on her nails and hide under my daybed. One night I was laying in there and I kept hearing this knocking under my bed, it would knock 3 or 4 times and then I would tell my dog to shut up and it would quit for a minute. This happened at least four times before I looked under there to grab the dog out and discovered that my dog wasn't even in the room with me, I went into the living room and there was my dog on the couch asleep. I quit sleeping in that room after that. I slept in the living room from then on, which wasnt any better, I heard footsteps all hours in the kitchen.
Another thing that has been experienced in this house is what we have called ghost pets. My mother and I could set at the kitchen table and feel something brush up against our ankles like it walked right by each of us.
I got married at 21 and moved out. I moved back in at 22 when I had my child. I had a dream that my father came and seen my son shortly after we came home. We moved into my old room. I would awaken to mens conversations going on above my head at times. My son was very bad to kick off anything you tried to lay over him and I got to where I wouldn't cover him back up during the day. One day I went in to check on him and he had kicked his cover off, I left him be, my mom goes in and checks on him, he's covered back up. My tv started acting up in the room again after we moved back in. I would turn it off and then my mom would come in yelling about me leaving the t.v. on, so she would turn it off, few minutes later, it was back on.
Well there is more experiences with the house and surrounding area, but I have wrote plenty. Thank you.



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