Eville/Ghost House

By: Wendy3170@webtv.net

 Im not the best at writting stories, but ill do my best.Between the
years of 1992 & 1994(or there abouts) My husband my 3 year old and
(plus i became preg. with our son)Rented us a house a couple of blocks
from Bosse field.
At first there were subtle things that happened on and off.Our 55 gal.
fish tank started a slow small leak  that just did it  off and on for
about an month.Then stoped without harm.
My husband and i were on the outs, so he went to stay at his parents
house and we stayed there.(this was early in our relashionship)As i said
little things would happen, but that we had no explanation for. I stayed
gone because I started noticing weird smal things goen on.Such as
pictures comming up missing sounds from my basement stares(as if someone
was standing on them)etc.
One day i came home and My back door was bolted shutt! I was starting to
think someone(like a bum) was stayen in my basement.My daughters bed at
the time wasent put together very well. And the bottom fell out
occasionally.One evening, it sounded like the bed fell in and when I got
to it, it hadent.In the duration of all this time id had friends there
off and on. Who all have claimed to see shawdows are figures  here and
there, and at the time I hadent told any one of the strange happinings.
I showed my sister in law which I did tell after awhile how if  I put a
chair against the back door, and left when i returned home later  it was
moved a few inches away from he basement door.She never came back.I had
my brother and 2 of his friends come over(i called him up balling) and
*WE ALL*, went down to the basement to have a look around. We wanted to
see if in fact there was a bum slippen in and out of my basement.My
bother brought a gun.
So here we are quiet, tryen to listen when just as plane as  day  we ALL
looked up at the same time and eyes followed as it seemed someone (not
real, real, loud) ran across the floor  upstairs. We all ran up there.
As we already knew nobody was there. Let me say also this was a quiet
street for the most part.
So myself and my babys returned home one evening and as I was maken my
son his bottle.(My ketchen sink is next to the basement door)I could
hear someone standing on what sounded like *always* The top stairs. I
quietly grabbed up my children, my son was in a bassanet carrier grabbed
the front door handle to get *the hell* out of there.And The Front door
was bolted shutt..Here we couldent get out.
I called my mother whom everytime she was there she says nothing ever
happened.(even though she couldent explain the doors or any of it)She
crawled through my bed room window.Slept on the couch and still claims
heard or seen nothing.Never the less That weekend we got outta there.
Weve checked off an on throughout the years, and  nobody stays there for
long..Im talken within just a few months.
Now just last month i ran in to some old friends of mine who have
recently moved in to THAT HOUSE. They told me they have been there less
than 2 months. They never knew about this house.Or that i lived there.
So when they were explanning where they moved.I finished the directions
real quilck when the said by Bosse Field. I said omg that house is
haunted.They laughted.So I said had any weird crap happen to you. They
said no, but in the same breath said they just put a new washer in the
basment.Just about 2 weeks ago. And it just stopped working for some
I said,  Thats what Im talken about..
I will get my nerve to go visitate with them soon.
Maybe, but then again maybe not.
                       Im afraid it may leave with me
                this time..........
The oldest and strongest emotions of man kind is fear.
And the oldest & strongest kind of fear, is Fear of the

One of my Ghost Experiences

By: marklebo@comcast.net

I have submitted a story on this site before but since then I have had another experience, here it goes.  I'm in my late teens and during the summer I stay home alone.  One day around 11:00 am I used the computer and out in the hallway out of the corner of my I saw a completely black figure about 6 foot 5 inches tall and very skinny.  When I glimpsed around to make sure no one was in the house the figure was gone.  It happened to me about 4 more times over the next two weeks.  I started calling them The Shadowmen.  Then one day when I was in the kitchen I saw another shadowman, but this time when I looked around my shoulder a can of soup fell onto the floor and the window was closed and the cat was in the basement.  Then one day I was with my friends in the woods, keep in mind these are small woods and there are never any hunters or trappers there, we were talking about ghost stories and I told them about The Shadowmen. A minute later we heard a rustle in the bushes and out of the corner of my eye I saw a Shadowman out of the corner of my eye, then when I turned around to catch a glimpse it was gone.  I asked my friends if they saw that and one of them said yes and the rest looked at me like was crazy.  I'm not sure if these are spirits or just an overactive imagination, but usually I don't imagine things like that.  Since the experience in the woods I haven't seen a Shadowman since, but you never know.  I could see one again anytime.

The White Dog and Black Cat Figures

By: miss_attitude001@yahoo.com

hello agian...my name is kara, and i have another story i would like to share, this..encounter or whatever its called...took place in the kitchen...it was about midnight or one in the mornin....my mother was asleep,i was on the computer playing brian-teaser or something,and my dog,suzie (a collie) was laying next to my chair...as i was playing my game, suzie started to make a noise in between a bark and a growl....i looked to see what she was staring at and she was looking in the kitchen (our house is little but cozy) i couldnt see anythingso i took it as attention seeking and hushed her...about 10 minutes later suzie was sitting in the corner directly across from where i sat, and she made a deep growling noise that was unaturaul to me and she bared her teeth..not at me, but towards the kitchen...i didnt want to look for ( i admitt..fear) i thought i would see some one like a burglar of some sort, i looked out of the corner of my eye, i saw a very very large white dog, looked like a wolf-dog to me because it was so large...it had eyes as blue as the sky and fur as white as snow...it didnt look threating..but intimadiating...it just laid there by the recycling bin staring at me...suzie whimpered and cought my attention...i looked at the corner of my eye and the dog had gone...that night everything was so still...quiet....freaky the way nothing seemed able to move..like a pause button had been invented to freeze the noise after the dog had vanished....i went to my room to lay down..but my room was piled with clothes,books,etc. so i decided to go to my mother's room to sleep since her bed was a king size and clean...the time passed me by as i laid there...1:30 am, 2:30 am, 3:30 am,all the way to 4:30 am...i just stared at the wall with a back ground of my mother's snores..i glanced at my mom's door for a second and there...perched on the door was a dark cat figure...it had evil green eyes,fur as though it had cought the dark glistening of night time...i stared at it for no more than 10 minutes...i rubbed my eyes..it was gone...and it seemed as though some one played the sound agian like the mute button wouldnt work...i looked out the window on my left and saw a cat crossing the street and i decided to dayz off...but something didnt seem right...it was like the tempature dropped 20 degrees in the room...i didnt like it and neither did suzie (she sleeps at the foot of mother's bed) she gave a very low growl  and came over to lay next to me...i pet her for a minute and glanced at the hall way and saw what appeared to be a over grown house cat...i fell asleep 10 minutes after that....i still dont know the connection between the dark cat figures and the white dog...but if you happened to know i'd like to hear from you...sorry if this is too long of story hope you enjoyed reading it...


The Unexplained Footsteps

By: thatspants_007@msn.com

One day last year me and my friend where in my house on our own. I decided
to make noodles for us to eat so I started to prepare them when we heard
noises upstairs but we just continued chatting. About 2 mins later we heard
it again and ignored it once more thinking it was just the floorboards.
Suddenly about 5 mins later we heard it again but louder. The sound was like
there was someone in my house walking around upstairs and opening and
shutting doors but we were home alone so we thought we would go and check
but we were a little scared so we both got knives in our hands just in case
it was an intruder and crept up the stairs.
When we got up we checked everywhere even behind doors and under beds but
there was no one!
We were now really freaked out so we went downstairs and turned some music
on but we turned it up really loud and started to eat.
Again about 10 mins later we heard footsteps but this time coming up and
down the stairs but not actually walking into the kitchen. Just on the
Now we were getting really scared so we went outside with knives in our
hands just to check our next door neighbours weren't in(I live in a semi
detached house) just in case it was them making the noise but then i checked
and remembered they were at their caravan for the weekend so it couldnt be
So we went inside again and immediately after we sat down again we heard a
loud drop as if something had been dropped and hit the floor but we weren't
going to go upstairs again so we went outside again and found my friends mum
and she came in and checked the house with us.
We checked everywhere for about 5 mins. When we were convinced there was no
one there she asked me if anythign was missing and I said no, but later that
night I was going to bed and I noticed that one of my cuddly toys was
missing(yes i still have a cuddly toy) but what happened earlier that day
didn't cross my mind and i just assumed it was down the side of my bed but i
was too tired to look and i just forgot about it.
The next day I was in the attic looking for something when my eye came
across something. I went to look and to my amazement it was my cuddly toy! I
am convinced i never had it up there because i had only been up there a few
times before and never took my cuddly toy up!(I am not insane!)
I am still convinced to this day that it wasnt just me and my mate in my
house that day but another person as well!
Just recently a new boy moved in and has since become my friend. I never
told him about that day but one day he came up to me and explained that he
was sitting downstairs the night before and had heard what sounded like
footsteps upstairs and it stopped but about 5 mins later he heard a bang
that sounded like sonething had been dropped and landed on the floor! Then
he went up to check and noticed his computer was turned on and, logged him
in, signed him into msn and started downloading a song! The only problem was
he had never heard of the song before and he was home alone. He asked his
parents if they knew anything and they both had never heard the song either.
His sister is disabled so she couldn't have done it!
We checked the internet and found a site that had the death records iof our
area. We checked it out and typed in our street and it found results of
three people. Two of them were mother and son and the other one was a girl
who lived with her parents but the boy the girl and the boys mother had been
out walking one day when they had been hit by a car and all three died. The
son and mother lived in my house and the girl lived in my friends house. It
had their intersts and  we checked them out and one of the childrens
interests had been listening to the band whose song had started to download
on my friends computer.
We now believe our houses were haunted but now the spirits have moved on and
they only stayed because they wanted to have one last look at what used to
be there childhood house!


The Scream

By: Brisen46@aol.com

  I have been reading through everyone's stories and I decided that maybe I should go ahead and share one of my experiences...I am 30 years old now....this happened when I was 4 years old....my mother and father and I where traveling to Oklahoma City to visit my moms sister....mind you this is a short story but definably very eerie...anyway....on the night before we arrived at mu aunts home, we stayed the night at a hotel, my mother is not one to be inconvenienced, she needs her own space, so as to stay at my aunts house she put in to stay at a cheap motel. My father obliged her....now mind you I did not know about what happened that night until I was about 15 because my mother was so freaked out about what had happened that night that she did not tell me about it until then, and only then, did it come out in conversation..... she sd that sometime during the night while her and my father where asleep on one bed I was sound asleep on the other...and about 3-4 in the am I sat straight up and proceeded to scream.....she sd that my father tried to console but but I would not stop and the worst about it was she sd that I did not sound like a small girl, she sd I sounded like a grown woman in agony.......after a second or two of my father trying to speak to me, to calm me down, nothing seemed to work, so he had no choice but to slap me straight across my face, they sd I looked at them and laid back down like nothing happened..Mom sd her and my dad stayed up the rest of the night and all was well...... However when we arrived at my aunts house during dinner my mother brought up the subject and she explained to my aunt in detail what had happened, mom sd my aunt froze and looked across at my uncle.....see my aunt was a teacher at an elementary school at the time, and of course new everyone pretty well at the school, she asked my mother what motel it was and mom told her..her face dropped even worse and told my mom that the previous week a fellow teacher found out her husband was leaving her for another woman and that he would not be coming back to her.. So with the knowledge of her husband leaving her for good she locked herself up in one of the motel rooms and committed suicide...and I believe to this day that  It was her grieving soul experiencing her pain through me once again......what convinced them was that I was just a little girl and could in no possible way sound like a grown woman, but for that one time, I did.........

  The Man in Black

By: vballa2003@hotmail.com

This story is just a collection of experiences I've had and I don't know if they go together or make any sense at all. The first was when I was about 8 and me and some of my friends were out in my backyard telling ghost stories. All of the sudden we heard a deep voice slowly calling our names, it seemed to come from behind a shed in the backyard and we all ran away from it. We ran into the house and then calmed down thinking it might have been my father, but then I realized my father was at work and all of our neighbors were pretty up there in age, and I doubted they even knew our names. We were calming down in my room when I looked out the window and about 200 feet away in an empty field I saw the outline of what seemed to be a man but was totally black, but it was in the middle of the day I couldn't even speak I finally yelled as it was walking away and I think when I yelled it turned and looked back at me. I never saw it again and even writing about this is bringing tears to my eyes.
The other experiences I had where in the same room in my grandma's house. When I was young I used to sometimes go to my grandmothers and stay for a weekend or a night, one night I was sleeping and I got up half asleep in some sort of confusion of hearing something in the hallway, I looked out in the hall and there seemed to be a shadow of a tall man against the curtains with moonlight shining through them. I wasn't scared like the first time I actually felt like this man was watching over me and for some reason I had a weird feeling it was my great grandfather. The other time was when I was about 16 I was actually living in that room because I had moved out of my parents house temporarily, it was a typical night, I laid down to go to sleep, but was having some trouble. I finally started to get drowsy and I rolled over onto my other side and then out of nowhere I hear my name whispered urgently into my ear, I even felt the air. I jumped up and no one was there. I had the door closed, but my grandpa was somewhat of a jokester, so I thought maybe he was pulling a prank. So I got up and looked down the hall and I saw him and my grandma in bed watching tv, he may be a prankster but I doubt he can run that fast. I'm 18 now and I haven't seen or heard anything weird since, but I also don't spend very much time at my grandma's house anymore


The Lifeless Choke

By: ckeohane@sympatico.ca

I was in my room listening to music when I felt hungry so I headed to the kitchen to eat something. Half way down the hall I heard choking like none other. It sounded eerie...like far away yet ...here in a sense! I got a shiver down my back that made my hairs stand on end and made me feel sick. I thought : Travis!!!!!!!! my little brother was always trying to get to the candy drawer! Mabe he had! I ran so fast and madly I felt like my body was spliting with my soul! But just when I reached the door to the kitchen I remembered that my mom and Travis went to the store. Who was it???? I opened the door and saw a litttle gurl. Well...sort of. She was a little see through but you could tell the colours. Black hair. blue eyes. Blue and purple face!!!!! I wanted to save her/it! But my feet were planted to the floor. All I heard was "cough cough choke plubbbck" then it disappeared. 2 days later I finally got the courage to tell my friends and they said "well duh" didn't you know!" It turns out 5 years ago a girl named angi died of choking so the people moved to get over the loss and 4 years ago I moved in! Im still afraid that I will here that chokeing again even though it has been 2 years

The Ghost in my Room

By: salenalc@mhonline.net

I believe that I have a ghost living in my bedroom. He isn't noisy or violent. He's actually kind of funny. He moves things around. I say "He" because I get this feeling that the ghost or sprit or what ever you call it is a teen age boy. He also makes my wind chime move late at night. I know he does this because I don't have my fan on, and the windows and door are closed and it chimes.
One night I had been watching the movie Gremlins in my bed room before I went to sleep. At 12:01 I wake up to my furby (which looks JUST like a gremlin) saying "ME HUNGRY!!!!!!". And you know that you NEVER feed a gremlin after midnight!
Another time one of my friends was spending the night and he turned on my lava lamp and made it move around the table that it was sitting on! Scared my friend half to death! I told him to cut it out and the lava lamp turned off and stopped moving.
I'm not afraid of him in the least bit. I feel conferrable with him in my room. I also think that he takes care of me. At night I'll fall asleep with out my covers on and then I'll wake up with them around me like someone had lovingly put them there.
The only thing is I don't know of anyone who died in this house and I don't know any teen age boy that has died! I don't know who he is or how come he is haunting my room. But I don't mind him being there. I've invited him to stay.


The Early Years

By: ShakerToes@aol.com
I've been pondering where to begin, and which experiences to prioritize. I've decided to begin at the beginning, and submit separate accounts of my experiences chronologically. In other words...I've got many stories to share. I've read nearly half of the stories on this site, which is really a worthwhile forum, and I hadn't realized that much of what I've brushed off for whatever reason is something that matters to others enough to write about it. My experiences are not Earth-shattering compared to what many have endured, but I think they're worthy of reading about.
When I was about seven years old, my mother became involved with her friend's Jehovah's Witness study group. Now that I look back on it, I might want to mention that this was in the mid-seventies, and my parents and these friends (a couple) were classic longhaired hippies, and they did their share of the "stoner" scene. My mother and Grace (her friend) were in a study group with Grace's mother in law and all older white-haired, straight-laced women. They eventually ended up at our house to study, but I'm getting ahead of myself.
The theory is this: My mother, who was raised strictly Catholic, was going to become a nun only to do as her grandmother (Granny) wished. They were very close, and my mother wanted to make Granny proud. (Lol...my mother a nun! Yeah, right!). That all went out of the window when she met my father. She thinks that the opposing forces seem very interested in having her on their side, kind of like vying for her soul. I know it sounds far out, but I kind of believe it from witnessing and experiencing the darker aspects of it as a result. She also had many, many, many things happen to her all of her life that make my stories seem lame. It is prevalent on the maternal side of my family to have had experiences with the other worldly beings.
Anyway, shortly after my mother started fraternizing with this study group, something sickening started happening in our house. We had the fold-up, pulldown type of stairs to the attic in our living room ceiling. There was a door at the top of them, but it wasn't at the head of the stairs, as this area was open. Instead, for some reason it was opposite. If one were to walk around to the back of the attic, open this door, and proceed through it they'd fall into the living room through the opening in the ceiling. Well, this door started to be slammed with a force that shook the entire house. It scared the living hell out of us. It was really that horribly violent. My parents pulled down the stairs, and this door was ajar. They shut it. It kept happening often. They somehow tied the door shut by the knob. It still happened, but worse. The windows literally shook. Pull the stairs down...it was still tied shut.
One day during the late summer the group was over at our house doing whatever prayer stuff they do. My father was at work, and my older brother, Grace's kids, and I were outside playing. We heard screaming coming from in the house. We ran inside to hear the attic door slamming beyond what any door should sound like, and this horrid guttural growling noise coming from up there. It just sounded that awful that no one can convince me that whatever it happened to be was EVER human. Everyone ran screaming out of the house to their cars and they were telling my mother to get us two and get out of that house. Well, we left for a little while, but my mother decided we couldn't be homeless. So, we went home. (Not my idea of a good time). It continued to happen, usually lasting five or so minutes. It happened at least once a night.
Well, my mother had an experience shortly after we had gone back to school. She claims that when she was home alone in the living room with the windows open the air just went silent. No birds chirping, no chipmunks, no locusts buzzing...nothing. We lived in the country, away from any other houses. She said she started hearing this sound like a vacuum cleaner. It got louder and louder and seemed to pulsate. It filled the room, and the walls looked as if they were buckling and waving. She smelled this horrid, rotting stench, and she kind of knew she was in for something pretty awful. She ran into her room (I'd have run the hell out of the house!), and jumped into her bed. She pulled the covers over her head. She said she heard something walking slowly across the livingroom toward her doorway, which was open. She was just praying, not daring to look. It sounded to her as if it were dragging a heavy cloak behind it, and it was breathing extremely heavy. It was nearly at her bed, and she was just about dying of fear when apparently our school bus pulled up, and it dissipated
She'd apparently had enough. She took any religious material she had brought into the house from the group (Not including her bible that she had from Granny, which she kept) and burned it in the fire pit out back. I remember being upset when she took both my brother's and my books, which I guess you would say were like kid's versions of bibles. They were small, pink, hardcover books, and they had pictures and were easy to understand for me at that reading level. I absolutely loved to read, and it didn't matter what it was. I cried, but they got burned anyway. Well, I got over it right soon, as nothing more of that nature ever happened at that house. It left as quickly as it came. It was evil, ( I strongly believe demonic) and it seemed like "IT" was satisfied that my mother quit the group and burned the literature associated with it. It was not associated with the house. It came with a purpose, and left having achieved it's goal.
The only other thing I associate with this battle of good/evil of my mother happened when I was in seventh grade. I was trying to sleep (totally different house), but I swore my bed was shaking. I just figured I was being stupid, but it got worse. Still, I tried to dismiss it. It got bad enough to where I became scared crapless. I got up and went out to the livingroom. I startled my mother. She asked me what was wrong. I told her, and she got these big, weird looking eyes...like she was spooked. She said," Oh my god, I was just reading the bible." She rarely opened it, for fear of bringing something on. Well, I was just fine with her NOT reading it, if it was going to target me to get to her. I just wanted to be left out of the whole thing. I know that probably sounds ignorant, but I truly felt it was demonic, and it scared me out of my mind. After what happened, I felt anything bad might just pop up at anytime. Even though I'm not close to my mother, (haven't spoken to my family in about 14 years) my heart does go out to her on whatever her spiritual fate is to be. She's not the best person, but she isn't inherently evil, just a broken, miserable woman from years of abuse by both her father and my father.
This experience added to my straying from any traditional religion. All I knew of Christianity was what my mother told us as kids, and some of what I read in my pink bible-like book, and it wasn't much. I'd always had my own thoughts about the whole heaven/hell concept, but I was afraid of burning in this "hell" if I strayed from it... It just didn't sit right with me. It always scared me, including the concept of "God." My concept of "him" was that "he" was very quick to punish anyone who had their own free thoughts, and let people roast at the drop of a hat. I always felt spirituality shouldn't be a frightening experience, but I didn't have the hair on my *** when I was young to explore my inner beliefs. I was never baptized, and I suppose I'm pagan, if anything. It's confusing, but as much as I don't adhere to the whole bible concept, I can't dismiss it for others. I think all religions are a reality for their followers, and they are fated accordingly. It just isn't my calling, although I respect others who do follow spiritual paths that aren't mine. It's just a shame that the reason I know that there must be a "God" is because I'm sure I've seen and experienced the "devil" side of it. I'm obviously grown now, and I've transcended those limited childhood concepts, thank Goddess.
To end this story, I just want to thank you for taking the time to glimpse into my reality. I also have to acknowledge that some of you may have had the thought that much of it was due to my parent's use of weed, but myself and all of the others didn't imagine something so wretched. Rest assured, the ladies of the study group wouldn't have been altered. The very last thing noteworthy of my mentioning in accordance with this subject is that I did later independently (and most unwillingly) encounter another demon-like thing, when I was 19. Yes, quite another story. Please tune in...

The Crosses

By: wingo86_9@hotmail.com

I know that many of you may be sceptical about te appearances of
ghosts,apparations,ect... and so was I until one year when I went to spend
the summer with my father in Grand Coulee,WA.I didn't ever even think about
ghosts until I had to babysit for our neighors in an apartment complex that
my father managed.I put the kids to bed(one was 3,the other 2 and there was
also an infant child I was looking after. I had put the 3 and 2 year olds in
their beds for the night and the infants crib was down in the living room
with me. I had just layed him in his crib when I heard a loud bang and then
footsteps running across the 3 year olds room. Now she had a tendency to not
do as she was told,but she normally stayed in her bed at night,but when I
heard the footsteps i assumed it was one of her crys for attention. So I
made my way up the stairs,trying to be as quiet as possible so I could catch
her in the act. When I got to her room she was sound asleep in her crib. So
i went back downstairs thinking it was my imagination,but about 10 minutes
later I heard the same thing. When I went back upstairs she was still in her
crib,only this time she was sitting straght up talking to someone on her
window seal. When she saw I was in there,she turned around and lifted her
sippy cup up and said,"Kenny want a cuppy too." I started feeling a little
uncomfortable about this so I called my dad from the upstairs phone.It's not
what she said that made me do  that though. Its  what I saw. Now the setup
of the house has a light in the stairs hallway so that the only shadow cast
is at the bottom of the stairs.I was seeing shadows of a little,what looked
o be a boy,at the top of the stairs and I was the only one in the house
besides the girls and the baby boy. The girls all have fairly long hair and
the shadow had very short hair.This shadow kept on dancing in a ritualistic
indian manor(there are a lot of indians in Grand Coulee,and the people I
babysat for are indians).Anyway...my dad told me to get the kids and go
outside and he would meet me there.He was sceptical as you might be ,but as
soon as he stepped foot in the house he heard what I was hearing.He checked
things out and when he and my stepmom got upstairs, she emidiatly noticed
something that made all of this a little scarier.You see, Roma(the lady i
babysat for)was catholic and hung crosses above each bedroom door. When I
was up there they were fine, but when they got up there,all the crosses were
turned upside down. Now what many dont know is that an upside down cross is
the sign of the devil or his demons.Later when she got home she informed us
that she had been trying to get rid of this spirit for years.She tried
moving,but the ghost must have attached itself to someting in the house or
maybe even one of the children. So finally she had a priest come bless her
home. That only made it angrier than it already was I guess,because about
1.5 years later her new house caught on fire killing the infant I once
babysat ,who we liked to call puddles, and her new born child. The police
could not find the  cause of the fire,but the only thing that survived were
the crosses above each door. The 2 girls' and Roma doorway crosses were
fine,but the crosses above the infants rooms were turned upside down once
again. Perhaps the first time was a warning,or maybe he was just plaing
games with us.... I'll never understand. The only thing I know is that I
wont ever tamper with the other side ever again!

Sounds on the Stairs

By: Aerogurl998@msn.com

Most people have a hard time believing me when I tell them what happened to me. I was sitting at the kitchen table while my sister did laundry in the basement. We were the only ones home and it was about 8pm. The basement stairs are right next to the kitchen, but they can't be seen from the table because the fridge partially blocks them from sight. It was pretty quiet since I was reading a magazine. All of a sudden I heard creaks on the basement stairs. I walked over and looked down them and saw the lights on in the basement, I knew that my sister was down in there so it wasn't a surprise to see the lights. I called her name, but had no reply. Not really thinking anything odd about it I went back to the kitchen table and sat down. After maybe 10-15 minutes I heard another sound on the stairs and leaned back to see who was coming up. I saw a black cloud and it started floating towards me. I ran out of the kitchen and saw it was pursuing me. I stopped looking back and ran through the hallway and into the bathroom then shut the door. Nothing happened after that. Eventually I came out of the bathroom and returned to the kitchen. My sister had just gotten to the top of the basement stairs and was walking through the kitchen. I asked her if she had heard anything unusual or me calling her and she said no. I thought it very odd that she had not heard me running since I was very loud and we have wood floors.
This happened a few years ago and its been semi quiet since then, but I still do have the occasional unexplained thing happen.

Someones There

By: svelazquez@Culligan.com

I had paranormal experience in my apartment.I was sleeping,and I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a guy in a black suit standing in the middle of my hallway,and my old room if you leave the door open,you can see in the hallway a good angle.so I woke up and the thing or man was telling me to come over here with his hands.[this is no damn dream!]so I got so scared I made believe I was asleep,and I had a strange feeling someone or something was next to me and staring at me.I didn't open my eyes cause I felt something was I front of me.the similar thing happened to me allot till I moved.that night I just dozed off and forgot about it,ill never forget!

Sleep Paralysis

By: eric2003@frontiernet.net

I have not really told anybody this before.Due to the fact that is hard to believe and plus it happend to me when i was young.I do not know if you would consider it a ghost encounter or not.But i am going to tell you the happenings to me anyway.I live in W.V and when i was 9 years old my brother and i shared a bedroom.We had two beds in the room seperoted by a window in the middle of them.We had setteled down for bed this particular night to go to sleep.I could not have been asleep long when i awoke to a rapping like sound at our window.I laid there in my bed not moving a muscle for some reason i just could not move.I tried my best to move and even scream my brothers name but could not.And the weird thing is what was going to happen had not even happened yet.While i was going thru this state of mind i guess i could here a knocking on the window from the outside.Whatever it was wuold knock twice on the windowb wait a minute and knock twice again.After this went on for awhile i was finally able to move and when i got up to look out the window to see what was knocking all i could see were to big red circular eyes looking right back at me.I was petrified i went right back in the state were i could not move it was like those eyes had me hipnotizied.When i was finaly able to move i just laid back down.The whole night the knocking continued two knocks at a time and a few minutes later the same thing.This went on for nights and the same thing was there every night when i wuold look out the window there would be those two big red hipnotizing eyes.This went on for about a week and then all of the sudden just stopped.And it never happend again after that.When i got older i started hearing stories about a creature in point pleasent W.V.They called it the Mothman,and every time i would here one of these stories it would be described as having big red eyes.Then there was really no doubt in my mind that what was visting me and my brother all those nights was in fact this creature.Because when i was 9 we lived in Blufield W.V.To this day i have never forgotten those nights when i was vistied by what i believe is that creature.

Several Experiences

By: miss_penguin035@hotmail.com

Here are several expirences with the paranormal that happened to me or my
sister. Everything is as true as it gets, 'cause I beleive her. Somethings
are at my Grandmother's house, and some happen at the house I used to live
in. I am 15 years old, and I don't beleive I have any kind of physic
ability, but I beleive what I see. (Sorry, its kinda long ^^; )
We'll start at the beginning. About ten years, or so, ago I was asleep at my
Grandmother's house. There was only two bedrooms so me and my sister (6 at
the time), had to share a bed in the 'front bedroom' as it is called. There
is a large window at the other end of the bed room that lets just enough
light in from the moon and stars that there was no need for a night light,
but we still had one, a light in the shape of Mary holding baby Jesus. Well,
my sister was asleep, but for some reason I just couldn't. I was stareing at
the celeing for some time before my eyes became adjusted to the darkness.
But something was odd to me. In the far right corner of the room there was a
shadow that just wouldn't go away. As I stared at it, it slowly took shape
into the form of a cat. I looked around for something that could be causing
it, but I found nothing. Suddenly, it moved, slinking along in the soft glow
of our little lamp. For some reason, it terrified me. I was a normal child
with a great love for animals, and would have just loved being visited by a
kitty cat to snuggle while I slept, but this one was just creepy. It crept
closer and closer, along the angle where the celeing met the wall. I was
terrified into silence, and I kept still in hopes that it hadn't seen me.
Suddenly, with no warning at all, it lept straight at me. I finally screamed
loudly and my hand shot over to the much brighter lamp that sat on the table
beside the bed. Instantly it vanished, as if it were a real shadow. My
Grandparents came in to investigate, but, of course, found nothing. That was
the birth of ShadowCat, a now laughed opon joke in my family. To this day I
still beleive what I saw.
Several years later, me and my sister were now teenagers and have had no
expirences with ghosts or anything out of the ordinary that were to bad. I
was going into a Christian school for my middle school education, but my
sister opted to go and stay with my Grandparents and go to school there,
because there was no sort of P.E. in teh Christian school (something I was
very happy with, I might add). She stayed there for several months, but then
came home. She and I both transfered to the same middleschool because of
complications that I had at the school I was attending. One night, my sister
told me about the terrifing expirences that finally drove her back home. She
said as she laied in bed at night, (in the 'front bedroom' again) as she
drifted between wakefulness and being asleep, she would see things. No, not
like "I see dead people...", more like, I see solid black creatures with red
glowing eyes. Sound corny? By the look on her face I could tell that she
wasn't makeing it up to scare me. She described their voices, but I was to
freaked out to remember how she described them. They called to her, calling
out her name repeatedly, calling her to come. She would struggle to move or
open her eyes, but she couldn't. The only way she could get away was if she
screamed prayers in her voice that didn't quite work. She would wake up with
a sore throat alot. Eventually she had to stop sleeping in that room.
Another scary thing, there was an old doll house in there, a very pretty
white one that seemed handmade. But the furniture in it was excatcly like
the furniure in the movie "The Exorsist". Or so my sister says, I've
personally never seen the movie. (Yes, I'm a chicken...)
Now, a couple of years ago I watched a show on T.V. that was talking about
ghosts. I love things like that. That's what drew me to this site in the
first place. Well, anyway, it was talking about dreams, and how ghosts
communicated with you through them. That's when I began to peice together
the events from my old house. I had three dreams about three different
ghosts. One had a little girl who had long brown hair, and was about seven
years old. My dream self found her at a friend's house and, for some reason,
invited to her come and stay at my house. I don't really beleive that's how
she got there. She wore a very pretty dress, no wrinkles or anything. Her
name was Mary something, I don't quite remember. It wasn't a bad dream,
probably just her telling me not to be afraid, as if she could sence that I
get scared VERY easily, lol.
The next dream had a little girl, very pretty curly blonde hair, around the
age of three. My dream self went to a random house, and found the sad little
girl, who was still alive. She was crying because her 'Father' wouldn't let
her play. I told her that I could rescue her, help her, and so on. I felt so
bad, as I dearly love little children. She smiled at me, but her 'Father'
came in, and told her that it was time for her to go. My dream self
registered that this was why she was crying, and what that ment. I tried to
stop him, but I was unable. He injected her with something, and she screamed
and cried, as if in alot of pain. I stood in the corner, sobbing, because I
was unnable to do anything. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it was
only a dream, but it felt so real! The man who was very obviosly not her
father left, and I slowly walked over to her. She was very pale, and no
longer crying. I took her hands in mine and told her that she would be
alright, and that she could still come with me, that she would be safe with
me. We were suddenly outside, and still holding hands. We went floating
higher and higher, as if she was going to Heaven. The girl was quickly
becomming transparent, and the coldness was seeping up my arms. Slowly, my
own arms began to turn transparent as well. I yelled, told her that I had so
much left to do in my life. Sadly, she pulled the coldness back into
herself, and whispered that she would wait for me. I told her that she would
always be safe with me. I took her back to my house as well. When I woke up
my arms were numb with coldness.
The last dream was the shortest, because this little tidbit was all I could
remember. Usually my dreams are silly, consisting of herds of hippos at my
Grandmother's house, or being able to turn into some kind of animal.
Anyways, I was sitting in the bathroom floor, for some odd reason, and I was
tieing my shoes. The door was closed. I was on the far side, sitting
paralelle with the door. Suddenly, it slammed open, and standing there was a
dark figure of a huge man in a top hat. Just like ShadowCat he was
terrifing, but he didn't appear to be a shadow. He was just dark, with
little sparkles of light that danced around in him. That's all I remember,
except I always got the feeling that someone was going to sneak up behind me
while I was in the bathroom. I absolutly can't stand that feeling now.
Things started to get really bad when we were moving. About a week before I
was home alone, my family having gone out to see the new house again. There
was a show on T.V. that I wanted to see, so me and my dog sat down in the
living room to watch it. OK, I should explain how my living room was set up.
Its basicly square, with a tv on the far wall, and a big couch that curves
around it. The recliner faces the T.V. and behind the recliner is a small
glass thingy, then a small wooden old hall, and the front door. Like I said,
I was home alone, so the door was locked. Well, I was sitting there, T.V.
on, pop corn beside me, and my dog in my lap. Suddenly, the door behind me
unlocked. I thought it was my family, home early, even though I heard no
voices. The door opened slowly, and my dog started barking like mad. My dog,
a little jack russell terrier, is very high strung, but is generally afraid
of people. I turned around quickly, terrifed that someone had just broken
into my house, but no one was there. The floor creaked, and my dog followed
something with her eyes, growling angrily. Like I said, she was afraid of
people, but protective of me. That really scared me.
The day we moved, we took pictures all over the house, to remember it. If I
had a scanner, I would send those as well, but, sadly, we don't have one
yet. But, I remembered to take some especially of the places where we have
felt things the most, such as the kitchen, the little wooden hall that leads
to the front door and suchs. In all of them there were brightly colored and
large orbs. No lie. I'm going to get a scanner soon, and will send those to
go with this story.
Well, that's my story, my whole story so far. Sorry it was so long, but I've
had alot of expirences, lol. Things things really scare me, and I'm not at
all happy that they've happened to me, but in a way, I am. Its fun to be
scared, that's why people go sky diving. But, when its acually happening, I
often wish I were somewhere else.

Teges Creek - Oneida, KY

By: bthnybeth@aol.com

Alot of weird things go on around our home. My grandparents' home is also a little strange. I've experienced many things numerous times at both my house and my grandparents' house.
First of all, when I was 6 years old, I was awakened by a raspy humming sound. I sat up in my bed, wiped my eyes and looked to the left of my bed. Sitting there in a rocking chair with a baby was a woman dressed in an old-fashioned type gown. She was also wearing a bonnet and had her face turned toward the baby. I thought it may have been my mom, so I whispered,"Mom" and when the lady in the chair looked at me her eyes glowed red so I yelled louder for my mom to come to me and when she came to the door the woman disappeared but the chair was still there, very faintly, and rocking slowly. I never told anyone except my mom about this and when my younger cousin was 6 she reported seeing the exact thing to me.
One winter when the electric was off my cousin accompanied me as I went to take a shower in the old house, because it was the only one with a gas water heater. I ran nothing but hot water into the bathtub and got in. The water wasn't scalding hot, but very warm. I heard whispering and asked my cousin if it was her. She said no. I heard it again, only louder this time. I became alarmed and listened more closely. This time it was very loud and very clear. The whispering was the Lord's Prayer. I was very scared and I couldn't make myself move. The water became very cold and the whispering grew louder. I told my grandparents and parents what happened and they shrugged it off.
My grandparents reported hearing gospel music, preaching, the Lord's Prayer, and the 23rd Psalm in the old house. My Papaw was going to take a nap one day and felt the bed move and saw an indentation as if someone were sitting beside him on the bed.
Many other things have happened but these are only a few. If anyone is interested I'll post more later.


Out of Here

By: archangel64735us@yahoo.com

I do believe the place that I am staying at might have
a ghost, due to the things happening in the last few
days. Me and my girlfriend are moving to her moms
house, because we both can't find any work in this
town. And my mom is moving up north to take over a
friends business when he dies. And it seems the ghost
does not want to be alone. And is mad so it is
starting to do things maybe to scare us. I have tried
to take a photo of the ghost (maybe at the wrong time
of day). I am some times up late on the computer, and
hear a noise coming from somewhere. I think the
kitchen next to my moms room. It sounds like a cabinet
door closing a little too hard. The sound happens at
about 2:30 at night, and it seems only to happen when
everyone is in bed asleep, but me. This has been
happening ever since I got back from Job Corp. We
don't have mice, or a rat, or any other animal in the
house. Once, at supper time me and my girlfriend was
in the kitchen fixing something to eat, she had just
got a plate out of the cabinet and left the door open.
I was standing right next to her (just a foot away
from the cabinet) talking to her faceing the cabinet,
and a few dishes came flying out of the cabinet hit
the counter then hit the floor. They had not been
touched at all, and had been sitting there for
sometime after she had gotten the plate. Also, Just a
few days later. I think it was the ghost knocked off a
small wooden stick shelf that was hanging on the wall
(just fine hanging out on the wall) some how came off
the wall. I at the time was just in the other room at
night on the computer. As soon as I heard the noise I
went see what the noise was. My girlfriend was in the
same room asleep in bed. I came in and asked if the
noise I heard was her, she said no it was not me. And
that the noise had woke her up. I - We have not seen
anything like a ghost, but these things that have been
happening I have seen or dealed with myself. I must
note to you that in the last few days before typeing
this even today, it feels like someone or something is
playing with my hair or my neck. Mostly my hair. As
for me and my girlfriend and my mom We all are out of here.

Old Friends

By: Holdplz@aol.com

I have been reading your stories for about four years now and always enjoyed them.  During this time I lost four very dear companions and friends--my cats Tommy, Bootsie and T. J.  and Abby (a mini dachshund) Tommy was nineteen years old at his passing.  He and I had spent many years together, through good times and bad.  His personality was very unique and almost human in some ways.  Since his passing he has visited me at least 3-4 times.  He only comes to me and never to my husband.  Each time he visits I am alone in the bedroom.  He meows one or twice, and nothing more. He had a very unusual meow and voice, so I know it is him.
Hours before his death each of the other cats came to say good-bye to him.  Tommy was laying on the couch and they would hop up and sit or lay by him for several minutes, then get down.  He was "the boss."  He ate first and had all the best spots to nap in.  No one challenged him.  He is buried in the backyard, I plan on having his remains cremated when we move out of state.  I have spoken to him as well as three other pets that we lost to let them know we will be moving, and to please come with us.  We will be returning to a home that we all shared together previously, so they are all familiar with the house and location.
One of the pets we lost was our female mini dachshund, Abby.  She was especially close to my husband, Larry.  She was his "baby."  He has told me that several times as he sits on the bed getting dressed in the morning, he will feel footsteps behind him on the bed and he knows it's Abby.  (Laying on the bed was one of her favorite things to do.)  He will then reach behind him and "scratch her back."  Both my husband and myself believe that our four-legged family does come and visit with us from time to time.  Abby's lifetime companion Oscar (male mini dachshund) mourned her passing deeply, he loved her very much.  Oscar mourned her for several weeks and to this day his personality is not a happy as it once was.  Larry came home one day after her passing and found Oscar was howling mournfully for Abby.  It took Larry several minutes to settle him down.  A month or so after Abby's passing, we got Oscar another companion, a mini dachshund puppy by the name of Millie.  He has formed a strong bond with Millie but not as deep as with Abby. Oscar never wanted to lay on the bed alone when Abby was living and now he begs to lay on our bed.  So, we believe that he can sense or see her spirit and wants to be with her.  It is a comforting thought that someone you care for so much is still here with you.
My thoughts are that all living things have a soul and when they are loved so deeply they respond in like.  My wish is that when it is time for me to pass that my friends and family (two and four legged) will be there to greet me on the other side.


My Whole Family

By: charlotterocks@msn.com

Hi I love your site and I've been trying to get my stories on there for about two years so I really hope that you put it on. Well, my family has had the strangest things happened to them like my aunt not being able to buy a hotdog but that's another story. Anyway, the first thing that happened to my family happened to my Mom. When she was about 12 or 13 her and my Grandma where making her bed. when all the sudden her lamb on her nightstand lifted of the nightstand about 2 feet in the air and smashed into a million pieces on the wall behind them. That was the first but certainly not the last. Then when I was about 4 I was at my Grandma's house in Simi Valley Ca. she lived in a housing tract called Wood Ranch. We were the only two people in the house she was upstairs typing and I was downstairs playing. I heard this very creepy noise like a soft screech so I proceeded to walk up the stairs to tell my Grandma and when I reached about the 5th step I looked up and saw a women walking down the stairs. She had a white dress on and had long black hair when she got to about three steps in front of me she disappeared. I was so scared I ran up the stairs as fast as I possibly could. Then when my aunt and uncle where moving out I saw her in the mirror in their room. But before they moved out my cousin J said she would wake up every night at the same time in a panic for no reason. The tv would go on and off, my grandma's bird Elmer would go nuts for no reason and my grandma would have to take him out of the room and put him in the kitchen. The folding chairs in the kitchen would collapse all the sudden by them selves and the table would slide across the kitchen. We would get phone calls and when we picked them up it would be static and growling on the other end .My other cousin C was about 2 or 3 and she was in the upstairs bathroom for the longest time and all the sudden she started screaming bloody murder my aunt A , my mom , and my grandma all ran over and the door was locked but the really creepy thing was the door didn't lock! finally they got the door open and my aunt asked her what was wrong and she said the red monster would not let her leave! Now that's just in one house , the house after that still in Simi weird things would happen there too. My Granddad would be working on his computer and he would hear crying coming from the little attack rite across from him. The stain glass window would swing back and forth really hard, and one time me ,my mom, and my two brothers C and J spent the night there and everyone was asleep but me and  I was watching MTV (what else) and I heard someone whisper R**** my name in a weird voice and I thought it might be my uncle messing with me so I looked over and there was no one there. Then in the morning we were all in the living room and it sounded like every dish and pan fell out of the cupboards and smashed on the floor we all went running in to see what happened and nothing. Not one little spoon was out of place and my uncle's was the first room to the left of the kitchen and he had his door open and he didn't hear anything. Then my cousin C was in her room and she through a pair of jeans down on her bed and it looked like someone picked them up and through them on the floor on the other side of the bed. My Grandma had to move because a truck plowed into it no one was hurt but it caused allot af damage. Then in the house after that nothing much happened there except when she was first moving in I was helping her and we were trying to hang a pictures at the top of the stairs and we backed away to see what it looked like and it came flying down at us. Not like the nail bent or came out of the wall it lifted off the nail floated a few seconds and came down at us and landed at our feet. My baby cousin would also walk upstairs and start screaming and crying cause he was scared of something. Now for the house she's in now I saw a shadow of and old women in the kitchen when I was the only one awake and I saw it again in the back yard when my Grandma was in the same room with me. My cousin C saw an old women in the bathroom mirror when she was washing her hands and she went running out screaming. when they where first moving in we were taking a break and C walked into her room and I thought I would join her so I knocked on the door ,cause it was locked and I heard what I thought was her at the time say "go away"! So I said it was me cause I thought she thought it was her little brother and she didn't say anything and so I left thinking she was in a bad mood . I walked down the hallway and her and her dad came walking out of the computer room and I told her what happened and we went to go "investigate". The door was not locked anymore and there was no one there. One time my aunt was taking her baby to bed and there was no one ells was  up and he waved to nothing. My aunt N was asleep on the couch and she said if felt like some one was fanning her. Now I know this is pretty long but so much stuff has happened to my family this is just the tip of the iceberg. Now my Aunt N's house I'll only tell you one of the stories because there is allot of stuff. Well. a few months ago my cousin S and my two aunts and my uncle were up late on night watching tv my baby cousin was in the other living that no one goes in because it's haunted and he comes running in to my cousin S and he never goes to anyone but his mom but she was the closest to him he was crying saying there was a mean man in the living room and he kept pointing to where he was and he just kept saying mean man mean man. The next morning they went to the mall and they passed by a window with a whole bunch of manikins and one didn't have a head and he got really scared again saying mean man and they asked him if that was what the man looked like in the living room and he said yes. Well, I guess I should stop but I still have allot more stories I guess I'll send them in another time

4 Stories

By: shawn_f74337@yahoo.com

I actually have four stories. three take place at she same place. in mazie Oklahoma there's a factory called Jackson clip and there's a house right next door. supposable there use to be an old nursing home where the factory and the house sit now. many years back my grandparents and a few of my aunts lived there. One night my grandma woke up and saw something by the wall where she had on old antique vanity with the mirrors and the little bench you could sit on there was an old woman wearing a white gown brushing out her long gray hair. I don't know what happened after that as far as how she left or what grandma did next. later on (ma by months or weeks I don't know) my grandpa woke to find to find the same woman hovering over his head and she just disappeared through the wall. now lets skip ahead about 15 years. my aunt worked at Jackson clip she arrived early one morning and began her shift before anyone else had arrived. she was standing in front of something reflective such as a window or large peace of sheet metal when she saw a man wearing a black stocking cap walking up behind her .thinking it was one of her male colleagues going to goose her she watched till she thought he was close enough to goose her she jumped up and turn around in hopes to scare him and there was no one there.
now my own story I worked security at the R.L.Jones Jr. airport near junks not quite a year earlier there was a security guard that had died of a heart attack in the maintenance building break room. now when I first started there my supervisor told me that people had seen his ghost around there sometimes he would be beside the buildings watching the foxes that play near the railroad tracks just on the other side of the fence he would also be seen on occasion in front of the gazebo just across the street from the maint. building watching the planes take off and land. well having been told this I would always Waite till everyone had left and then before dark I would turn on all the lights in the shop to include the break room lights and the restroom lights. you have to walk by the break room to get to the restroom so I ceartny always kept the light on and the door open to the break room. there was at least one occasion that i knew for a fact that i had turned on the lights to the break room and opened the door went and did my reports and when I would go to the restroom before made a patrol of the premises that the lights would be off and the door would be shut but only to the break room. now I had never left the building so I know that no one else had entered the building except me because I would have seen them or at least heard them. then a few weeks or months later (I forget) I was walking around the building to get back into my patrol vehicle to pull it into the maint. building when i came  around the building I was looking at the ground Once around the corner after a few steps I looked up to see a man watching over by where the foxes play near the railroad track and leaning up against the fence that surrounds some equipment connected to the maint. building. then as quickly as I saw him he looked over at me and just disappeared if it had been a real man there's no way he could have left without me seeing him I never took my eyes off him he was just there one second and as quickly as I could blink he was gone. I spent the remainder of the 45 min. of my shift at the front gate clear on the other side of the airport till my releif showed up.

My Mother's Warning

By: shawne.kelly@citigroup.com

When I was 24, my beloved mother died suddenly of a heart attack. Five years later, my brothers and sister and I were gathered at the hospital after my father's second open heart surgery. He was not doing well and we feared the worst. I was dozing (I think) in the chair in a corner of the waiting room, when I saw my mother standing in front of me. I said "Mom, what are you doing here? You're dead" (as if she didn't know that already) She just smiled and said "I know dear, I've come for your father. He's coming with me now" I remember I sat straight up in my chair--unable to speak for a few minutes. Within minutes, the doctors came to tell us our father had passed away. I believe my mom came to me to prepare me for what was to come.

My House

By: joelh1025@hotmail.com

Here is my ongoing ghost story. I will start off with a history of my house.
I live in a huge old New England farmhouse on the top of a hill. It is about
7,000 sq.ft., and it is very creepy. We have about 180 acres of woods
surrounding us, and your lawn is about 6 acres. My house was built in 1820.
It was first a working farm. Around 1900, it was turned into a hotel. In
1930, there was a hurricane, and all but the brick shell of the main house
was destroyed. It lay abandoned until about 1960, when it was bought and
restored by an elderly couple. My parents bought it in the 1970s, and in
1988, they expanded it with an addition of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a
living room, and an extended  basement. I have had many eerie experiences in
this house. The first one happened when i was about 7 years old. I slept in
the one bedroom on the first floor. One night, in January, i was awakened by
something climbing up the end of my bunk bed. It was shaking my bed. Then
the "thing" started jumping up and down.... I was scared half to death... I
thought it was my brother being mean, but after about 2 minutes of jumping,
i caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye. It was a young boy,
about 4 years old. Then it suddenly stopped. Not much happened for another
year or two, until one night in February, 1998. I was in bed, getting ready
to asleep, around 9:30 at night. My bedroom faces the garage and driveway.
We have lights that illuminate the driveway from the outside of the garage.
I had shades over my windows to block the light, but there was still an
opaque glow coming through. I was staring at the the shade when suddenly,
the shadow of a man wearing a cap passed by my window. I didnt think much of
it, I assumed it was my father. But the next morning, there were no foot
prints in the snow outside my window. A few days later, i was reading a book
on my bed in the mid-afternoon. The overhead light in my room was on.
Suddenly, it went out. I assumed that a bulb had blown, but i flicked the
switch and it went right back on. Nothing much happened for a few more
years, until November, 2000. I was home alone around 5:00 PM, when the phone
rang. I answered it, to find that it was a horrible screaming noise. I
dialed *69 to find the number, but it said that the last number called had
been a call from my dad, around lunch time. Things were quiet for a few
months until July, 2001. Over the course of July and August, 2001, doors
would randomly open and close in my house. We all naturally assumed that it
was breezes coming from open windows. But over the past year or so,
including in the winter, DOORS HAVE BEEN OPENING AND CLOSING!! Even with no
windows open anywhere!  I thought that I might just be over-reacting. But, a
few weeks ago I was talking to my best friend, and he told me that he had a
few similar experiences. Since that talk, and I dont know why, I sometimes
hear footsteps when no one is home. I was in the new  basement one day,
using the pool table, when i heard hevy footsteps above. I assumed my dad
was home, so I went upstars. No one was there. My friend once took a picture
of my house from a helicopter, and a person showed up in the garden. Nobody
was home when he took the picture, we were all at the beach, 40 miles away!
Just the otherday, I was talking to our neighbor/friend who cleans our
house. I asked her if she had any odd experiences in the house, and she had
all the same as me. She once was cleaning the house with her daughter and
she had to quickly run home and get food out of the oven. When she drove up,
she found her daughter sitting on the front lawn. To this day, she refuses
to go in the house. She told me that one of the long-time residents of the
town said that a crazy girl used to live in the attic, and that one day she
escaped from the nurse's watch and hanged herself in one of the trees in our
backyard. Underneath the spot where this supposedly happens, no grass grows.
Sometimes our dogs stare into space and growl at something that isnt
there.... Or maybe we just cant see it.  ..... On June 6, 2003, my beloved
dog Cloud was run over by my dad. Since then, the car has sometimes a
feeling of dread and sometimes a feeling of happiness. .. There are
mysterious problems and rattles on the side of the car that hit him..... And
it is a brand new BMW, so it isnt anything mechanical. Also,our other dog
sometimes licks thin air in the same way he licked cloud......

My Grandmother

By: Matt

Growing up, I always had a very special relationship with my grandma. My grandma and I got along famously, while my brother was really close to my grandpa. It was great, we each were the "favorite" grandchild to a grandparent!
In 1991, my grandma was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas. The chances of surviving are pretty much zero. Needless to say, I was very upset, and I knew we only had a very short time left to see her.
Over the course of the summer, I spent as much time as possible up at my grandparents house. My family comes from Minneapolis, and my grandparents lived in a very tiny town in Northern Minnesota, that was several hours away. So we did the best we could, travelling 3 or 4 times a month up to their house.
On what would turn out to be the last visit, it was a very special time. I knew my grandma was getting worse, but amazingly through it all she still kept a great sense of humor. The two of us would even joke about how she was on so many pain-killers! She said if she had known how great they made her feel, she might have started taking them sooner! HAHA! She was also being very generous with her money, just shelling it out left and right to anything and everybody. I'm sure she wanted to see us enjoy ourselves, while she still had the chance.
As we were preparing to leave, my grandma called me into the living room. It was just her and I, and she pulled me close to her and said, "Be good while I'm gone, kiddo," and gave me a kiss on the cheek. We just hugged for a couple of minutes crying, and then I left.
One week later, my grandma died. She had asked my grandpa to help her up to get into bed, and on their way to the bedroom, she died in his arms.
So, we packed up some things and went back up for the funeral. I managed to hold myself together pretty well, but when I had to say the final goodbye at the cemetary, I just lost it. It was just too much, it all seemed to hit me at once. I just sobbed and had to walk in the woods around the cemetary for a few minutes just to get myself together.
After the funeral, we went back to the house. It was really weird being there without my grandma. There sat her favorite chair, empty. Everyone was in the kitchen and dining room, chatting, cooking, having guests over, etc...the usual stuff you do after a funeral. Since I was not feeling even remotely festive, I just sat in the living room by myself thinking.
As I was sitting in the living room, I noticed the clock on the wall had stopped ticking. This clock had the most annoying ticking sound in the world. It was a constant background noise that you got used to, but most certainly you would notice if it stopped. As soon as I looked up at the clock, I turned my head to the left, and there she was: my grandma was sitting in her chair, painting her fingernails!!
At first I sort of blurted out some laughter, because I was thinking, "Ok Matt. You've been through a traumatic day. GET A GRIP!" But then she just kept sitting there, painting her nails, like she always did. She then looked over to me and said, "Tell your mom everything is going to be OK. I'm so happy now. I'm so proud of who you are and what you will become." With that, she smiled and gave me her little wink that she always did, and said, "See you later kiddo!" and she was gone.
Of course, I didn't tell my parents right away what happened, because they probably would have thought I was worshipping the devil or something. They are extremely religious, and think anything supernatural that happens is evil. So, I did tell them, "I'm sure grandma is happy and in a much better place," but I left out the little detail that she actually visited me.
Since then, I have seen my grandma only a couple of other times. But I certainly feel her around me, especially when I'm really going through something tough. The last time I saw her was the very last night I ever spent in their house, around a year after her death.
It was a really stormy night, and the lightening was just awesome. I remember waking up, and feeling compelled to look out the window. My grandparents house was on this huge hill, overlooking a lake. I looked out the window, and there was this "projection" of my grandma, in a boat, on the lake. I know it just sounds crazy, but it was like in "The Wizard of Oz", when Dorothy is in her house inside the twister and she sees people floating by outside of her window! As I'm staring at this image of my grandma, she's rowing the boat, smiling and waving to me. I know she was saying something, but I couldn't hear what it was, because the thunderstorm was so loud. So, she just kept waving and smiled, and rowed right out of sight. I'm not really sure what all of that meant or what it was, but it left me feeling very good about leaving that part of my life behind.
Thanks for letting me share this experience. It's certainly not a scary event, but what happened to me really helped me out, dealing with death and all that comes along with it. I really believe that we have loved ones watching out for us, and there is nothing wrong with admitting that or sharing it. I'm glad I found this website. It's great to have a place to share our experiences. Thanks for listening, and I've learned so much from reading about other people's experiences.


Lathom Hall

By: IanSndwn@aol.com

Hi. My name is Ian Macleod.  I have a short story for you.  This happened in 1967 and I have 3 other people that were there with me.
We were sat in the local coffee bar discussing ghosts when Neil said that there was a place quite nearby that had a history !. He told us that he had heard that there was a ghost there. We, of course did not belive him and he said that he did not belive it either !! After a while we decided that we would go and see the layout of the place. So we went to my house and filled up a couple of flasks with coffee and off we went. The place was called Lathom hall and was the scene of a battle during the civil war. There was just one wing left but it was quite large. It was being used as a cattle shed there being a herd there, chewing on some hay.  We went up an old flight of stairs whick creaked alarmingly. At this time it was quite light, it being summer, so we found a room which was large and suitable for being checked out. The room had four walls so we sat one to a wall, each of us facing the centre. We sat for hours or so it seemed, then suddenly a banging started from the floor and went up the wall across the ceiling, down the wall and across the floor filling the room with dust. We panicked and started to run out of the building. Neil at six foot six was the biggest of us yet little Ray climbed over his head when we went down the stairs. It was then we realised that it was dark, pitch black !!!  Night had fallen but we had not realised it ! We could not see a thing ! For in about twenty seconds it had gone so dark ! But how ?? We were staggering about in cow dung and straw, cows were running round like there was no tomorrow, panic had set in. Eventually we got back to the car and got out of there. How had it happened ??  How had it got dark in so short a time ? What was the banging, it was so loud ? To this day we never figured it out. Lathom hall has been altered now and is a different place so I guess we will never know !



By: korionh12@yahoo.com


Haunted House

By: drbong1@hotmail.com


Haunted Bathroom

By: natasha6101@msn.com

My daughter must have been 3, maybe 4 at the time.  We lived in an end apartment which made the living room bigger.  When you walked in the door there was a walkway with a sort of bar.  Then it was the living room and off to one side the kitchen.  You could take two ways to the bathroom, one through the kitchen or through the living room.  You could only position your table at one spot in the kitchen or I guess if you wanted it could be in the living room, but that would make the whole room look silly. Anyway, with the kitchen table sat where it was, you had a straight shot of the bathroom. So, one night we were sitting down to dinner and my husband and I had our backs to the bathroom, so my children were facing the bathroom.  My oldest daughter would not eat her food.  She kept looking into the bathroom and  laughing and smiling.  When we would tell her to eat she would act as if we weren't even there.  After asking her a few more times to eat we started to get irritated.  My husband rose his voice and asked why she would not eat.  She said it was because there was a funny monster hanging from the "shower curtain", then she started laughing again.  We thought she was just making up stories, so we asked her to eat before her dinner got cold, again, she ignored us.  My husband finally got up and shut the bathroom door, my daughter immediately started eating as if nothing had ever happened.  The experience totally freaked me out.  After that we could swear we would hear the children running barefoot through the kitchen, when we would investigate the children would be sound asleep!!!!!  We have heard the apartment complex itself is haunted and after moving into 3 different apartments here, I believe it.

Ghost Dog

By: NastyWhenMoody@aol.com

I had a staffordshire bullterrior. A while before christmas she suffered fits. On christmas eve i could hear her crying but i was told i could not go to her aid as she got violent and would bite. The next morning (Christmas} my dad came upstairs and told me the dog was dead i ran down stairs and saw her back leg, tail and rear end go behind the kitchen door which was open. Behind the kitchen door was the washer i pulled out the washer and i 100% saw the dog go behind the door but she was not there.

Ft. Phantom

By: wdbishop9960@sbcglobal.net

I'm actually sending this story from a friend's computer. I'm 19 years old and I live in a small West Texas city called Abilene. One of this city's main tourist sites is the old Ft. Phantom. Although there is little more than ruins and a cemetary, our main source of water was built very near this area. Along the shores of the lake there are many old cemetaries and mysterious houses. One such place is about a mile away from the shore. Rumor has it that this certain cemetary has been closed down since the early 1980's, when the owner died. Anyway, my child's father and I and a couple of our friends stumbled upon this place a couple years ago. It was after midnight in August, and we were looking for a camping spot. After a couple wrong turns, we came on to the gate of the graveyard. It was old and rusty and standing wide open. My boyfriend and his friend tried to show off by going in. My friend and I, both being sensitive to the paranormal, saw the same image at the same time--a dead woman carrying a dead baby. (Kinda freaky, considering I was pregnant for the first time and didn't even know it, and I miscarried two months later). Of course we all jumped into my friends car and took off. But the road seemed three times longer leaving. We couldn't find our way out. Suddenly the pick-up just stopped. Of course, I thought it had stalled, but that wasn't the case. My friend had the gas pedal pressed all the way down, the wheels were spinning, and we weren't moving. Finally, we began moving again. We high-tailed it home and really freaked out. We hadn't been stuck in mud and the rear bumper and the tailgate were messed up. They were in perfect shape until the incident. Of course, there are many stories related to Lake Ft. Phantom, so I did some research. It seems the last person buried in this certain cemetary was in 1901. It was a pregnant woman. I don't know if the loss of my pregnancy a couple months later was related, but to this day I won't go near that part of the area. The very sense of malevolence is still so heavy it's hard to breathe.

Deja Vu


  This isnt really a ghost story but it still freaked me out.
I was about eleven and I had a dream. Of course everyone has dreams but this one was seriously odd. It felt like a dream but it didn't look like one. I was floating above this city, I'm pretty sure it was Quincy, and there were these buildings. Normal buildings, but they had a dreamyness about them that I can't really explain. There were several men in the parking lot, and they were fighting. One of them pulled a gun and began to empty a clip, without aiming at all. I zoomed in on this and saw that the building that they were in front of was a McDonalds. There were some very specific details that I dont want to leave out.
Bordering the parking lot was a row of hedges, low enough for the men to jump over, which they did. The next building was a sad-looking, grey bank. The men turned around the side of the bank and disappeared. The police arrived with their lights flashing, then the ambulance, then the fire trucks, in that order. I saw myself in the Mickey D's with my mom and my friend and then I woke up.
I forgot about the dream and continued in my normal life. A few weeks later those mini Beenie Babies came out and my mom insisted that we go imeadiately to the nearest McDonalds and acquire as many as possible. At the time there was no McDonalds in my town so we went to the one in Quincy or Braintree, I really cannot remember. While driving through the town something tickled my memory and I realized this was the place from my dream. I got scared but didnt tell my mom, because  I knew she wouldnt beleive me and neither would my friend.
Whilst we dined, a group of men gathered in the parking lot. I began to get really scared and asked my mom if she or my friend needed to use the facilities. They both did, and since we were done eating we didnt worry about someone stealing our food.
I didnt really have to pee, but that was okay. While my friend was washing her hands we heard sirens. I ran out and saw the police pulling up, then the ambulance, then the firetrucks. I looked at our booth and saw several bullets holes in the glass. If we had been sitting there we could have died.
Since then I have had a few psychic expiriances, but nothing to set up a hotline over. Just predicting what people are about to say, or if my teacher will be in class that day. Freaky, huh?

Creepy Childrens' Laughter

By: jaznhunnie_84@yahoo.ca

I've never really seen a ghost or anything like that and sometimes I tend to doubt that 'they  even exist. However, something strange happened to me that I have often wondered as to wether it was just the figment of my imagination or something else entirely different. It all started in the new house that I am now living in with my family. It's brand new and we've only lived in it for about a year, this particular 'incident' that I am about to relate happened about 5 months ago so it is quite recent. I was up late one night as usual because it was the weekend and I often tend to be on the internet throughout the night chatting and surfing. It must have been around 3 am when 'it' happened. My whole family by this time were already asleep. I was the only one who was awake. It was dead silent, the kind that occurs only during the very early hours of the morning. I was, however, oblivious to all of this, being totally absorbed in what I was doing. Then suddenly, this deep silence was broken by the sound of a dog barking off in the distance. By this time, I became aware of the noise outside and became attuned to it. The dog's barking somehow seemed to be a warning of something sinister approaching. I know it sounds stupid and it does seem ridiculous, but at that time the whole thing was very eerie and I remembered telling myself to 'stop being scared. It's only a stupid dog and you're just letting your imagination run away with you'. Bearing this in mind, I tried to resume chatting again. However, what happened next has got to be one of the most frightening experiences that ever happened to me. Even thinking about it now still gives me the shivers though it all seems like just some sort of a nightmare. Before I continue, I need to add in a few more details for the reader to truly comprehend my story. Our computer is located right next to the window in the family room. The window reaches all the way down to the floor. During this particular incident the blinds were drawn shut and the windows were firmly closed, yet you could still hear noises from outside since it was so quiet. So anyway, there I was by the computer, chatting away, when I started hearing this soft laughter. Actually, it sounded more like children giggling. I tensed up, wondering 'what the hell is that?' and thinking that it might be the neighbour's kid having a sleep-over or something. It seemed really close though, as if the kids were right next to the window. So I stood up, trying not to think anything of it and peeked outside the window. Everything was dark, including the neighbour's house. I tried listening for the noise again but it seemed to have disappeared. It was completely silent and still.  Thinking that it might have been my mind playing tricks on me since I was quite sleepy, I sat back down again and continued to chat. Unfortunately, the creepy giggles returned. This time, they were much louder. At that point I was convinced that the sounds were coming just right outside the window. I could feel my heart beating faster by the minute yet I continued to ignore them. I kept telling myself 'it's just your imagination. Calm down. Ignore it. You're just being paranoid. Don t over-react', even when the sounds didn't go away. As a matter of fact, they just seemed to be growing louder and louder. It was only when I heard a child's voice ask quite clearly and plainly  what are you doing?' then more giggling that I really panicked. I screamed as loud as I could and ran to my dad, who had fallen asleep on the couch. I woke him up and my mum also woke up since I yelled so loud. When I told them what happened, they thought I was just imagining it. Yet I was really shaken up. I was too frightened to go near the window or the computer and I still haven't had the guts to go back to using the computer all by myself late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. By the way, I'm not the only one who has experienced this incident. My sister told me that it also happened to her in a different occasion. She was also right near the window when she heard the sound of children giggling and it occurred at around 2 am or so, quite similar to the time that I heard the giggles. I don't have any idea on why my sister and I heard those children laughing and who or what they really are. I do know for a fact that my neighbour s only child is not the kind of person who would pull pranks like that. In fact, she s always very quiet. Plus, her parents are quite strict and she seems well-mannered and disciplined so I very much doubt that it could have been her.  I thought that they maybe ghosts or something but I'm not so sure about that either. Maybe some of you could explain what I heard and why it happened, and please share your story if you've also experienced this.

Can Animals Have a Sixth Sense

By: katieschieffer@excite.com

Dear Shadowlands Ghost PageHi. I have been a big fan of your page for a long time now, and had added a few of my stories some years back. Nothing has happened to me since, until last nightLet me start off by saying that I am married now, and expecting a baby in 4 months. My husband and I rent out of an apartment that belongs to a friend of mine. It is connected to their home, and is built on top of their garage.  We've lived there for about 2 years, and nothing really strange happened there until recentlyWe used to have a dog, but she had to leave because she was causing some problems in the house (I do miss her a lot) and she did once in a while act strange, whine for no reason, or just bark at the ceiling, corners of the apartment, etc.  But I didn't think much of it, except that maybe there was something there but no big deal, since I do believe in spirits and are not afraid of most of my experiences with themOf course, my husband is a major skeptic. He doesn't believe in any of that, but recently he explained to me that he has had some weird but small things happen to him. He told me that when he leaves the apartment sometimes, he swears he turns all the lights off and the air conditioners. Upon returning home, (while I'm not there) the lights are all on and so are the air conditioners. He thinks it's odd, but kind of cracks it up to being his imagination, like maybe he didnt' turn out the lights or whatever. I just smileAnyway, onto my story about last night. We now have had a cat about 1 year old named Patches. She is a sweet cat, lazy, and doesn't play much or respond to stimuli much like most cats. Lately,though, she's been staring at the ceilings, chasing things that are not there, and seems kind of in a trance like state sometimes. Anyway, last night, I got home around 11 pm. I was tired, and my husband was out late with some guys from work. He called me to tell me that he would be home later, not too late, though. I got into my PJS and got a drink of water and sat down on the couch for a few minutes just to wind down before getting into bed. All of a sudden, I heard Patches playing in the bedroom, I heard her bell on her collar, and heard her meowing. I got up (granted it's getting harder to get up with the big belly :)) and went into the bedroom to check it out. But Patches wasn't there. I called her name, walked back out into the living room and saw the oddest thing. I had never seen her act like this before. There she was, laying as close as possible to the front door, her paws tucked under, her nose actually touching the door she was so close, but her eyes were locked on the doorknob as if waiting for it to turn.  I went up to her and asked her if she was waiting for my husband to come home, even though I had never seen her do this before. yea, maybe a dog waiting for you, but a cat? And that close to the door? And why did I swear I heard her in the bedroom?  My cat begs for food all the time, so I got some cheese (her favorite) and called her over. Usually she'd sprint right to me, but she seemed so fixated on that doorknob. She didn't hardly look at me or the cheese. So I just shrugged it off and went to bed. I awoke suddenly in the night, saw that my husband wasn't home yet, and looked at the clock. It was 4:30 am. Curious, (and a bit worried because he hadn't called) I got up and went out to the living room to see if maybe he was on the couch or something. No one. But Patches was in the same exact position by the door! It was so odd! So this time, I went over to her, shooed her away, (it took some time) She kept looking at the ceiling then and meowing. I didn't feel any real cold spots, it was a little cool, (the air was not on) but nothing too out of the ordinary.  I looked up though, and there were a swarm of bugs on the ceiling by the door I had never seen before. What kind of bugs were they? Grossed out, I got a broom and began killing them. Then they were crawling on the wall. They had literally come from nowhere. Before I had went to bed, there were no bugs because I would have remembered. After killing most of them, I went to put back the broom. ALl of a sudden, the kitchen shade on the window went flying up, and I jumped and screamed.  Wondering what the heck was going on, I continued to the front foyer area. Patches of course was right back there, her nose pressed up against the door and staring at the doorknob.  And this time I noticed (gulp) an array of flowers I have above my china cabinet had fallen oddly to the floor. But I hadn't heard them fall. Perhaps because the kitchen shade had made noise going up? (That was about the 3rd time in a couple weeks the kitchen shade has just gone up and startled me).  I was worried about my husband too, so I called his cell phone. No answer. I wondered if Patches knew something was wrong, or if something like a spirit was there. Or maybe she was just waiting for my husband to come home. I just had never seen her act so weird.  <br><br>I went back into the bedroom, trying to sleep some more, but couldn't.  I left Patches to her comfy position by the door. All of a sudden, the alarm clock went off. I jumped again! The alarm hadn't been set, especially for 5 in the morning or so. I found that weird, too, but just shut it off. By this time I was really getting irritated, so I went out into the living room again and told the spirit that if it was there to knock it off because I was tired and worried if my husband was coming home or not. Then I went back to the kitchen to get some water. Another odd thing: One spot on the kitchen floor was burning hot! I jumped back and almost burnt the bottom of my left foot. Now I've heard of cold spots, but hot spots on the floor? Can you or anyone explain this? There was nothing there to make the floor hot! Especially something that hot. It almost burnt me.<br><br>Patches was still at her place by the door, fixated STILL on that dang doorknob. What was with her? She meowed once in a while as if to be seeing something. I always thought animals went a bit crazy when spirits were around, but she was quite calm, just almost in a trance state. Anyway, I ended up falling asleep and woke to find my husband had come home at 7 am. (MEN!) :) But thank God he was home safe and sound. I didn't explain to him what had happened that night, because, like I said, he is a skeptic and would have blown it off. I'm not sure if there was something there last night, or if it was just a coincidence that this stuff happened, or what. But that's my story, I guess you can take it however you want! Thanks for letting me share it.

Bedford ghost from Tangi Ferrell

By: tangi67@sbcglobal.net

You have to bare with me on this story because it happened about 20 years ago but the spirits are etched in my mind forever. I lived with my family(twin sister, brother, mom and a dad) in Bedford Texas in a nice middle class neighborhood. The house was built for us so no one else had lived in it prior. For some reason that house, more specifically, the game room always gave me the creeps. It always felt like some one was watching me through the window in the door. I found out that my feelings where right.
One night I was asleep and was awaken by something but I do not remember what. As I turned my head to look out my bedroom door to my twin's room across the hall I noticed two kids standing beside my bed. I remember that the one spirit was a girl wearing a bonnet and a long dress (kind of like the costumes of Little House on the Prairie) and the other spirit was a little boy shorter than the girl so I assumed he was younger. They both where standing beside my bed staring at me. I immediately sat up and turned on my light. When my light turned on they were gone. The next morning I asked my mom about it and she told me I must of dreamed it all. Well, about 6 years later we moved out of that house to a ranch in the country (Boyd, Texas). One day my mom asked me if I remembered when I saw the two kids beside my bed one night. I said yes, my mom then tells me that it was not a dream and that we had a spirit living in that house. My mom then tells me that she would hear the front door open and close a couple of times and then my dad would check the door but to find it was still locked and no one awake to open it. Now to open this door you had to jerk on it because it was a 2-3 inch solid oak door. The door being opened happened frequently through out the years we lived there but my mom said she did not tell us because she did not want us to be scared Also things would be moved in the house and the reappear.
Now on a lighter note.......While my husband was on patrol (as a deputy in Virginia) he was dispatched to a old empty building that used to be a hospital. The dispatched said a called claimed there was someone in the building and was opening the windows and making alot of noise. My husband and two other cops went inside the building but found nothing. So they decided to have a chat standing on the second floor in the middle of the night in the this building. Well, as they were talking they started hearing foot steps coming towards them. All three stopped talking and watched as  "nothing" came towards them but you could hear the steps. When the steps stopped right next to them and there was nothing there my husband  said they ran out of that building and refused to ever go bake in. If I could have been there to see three cops run that fast away from something (probable cussing), it would have been amusing.
Anyways there have few other encounters I have had but my husband says he still does not believe in ghost but will not talk of his encounter anymore (only that one time he told me). Thanks for reading this.

An Experience in St. Paul

By: mahanfan@yahoo.com

This happened over a decade ago, when I was a senior in
high school, and I've had neurosurgery since, so please
forgive any misspelled words or the like.
In any event, the school I attended had a mandatory program
where seniors, for the month of May, had to design a
project outside of the classroom environment and present it
in some form or another (artwork, music, research papers,
whatever).  Now, to no-one's surprise at the time, my
project involved working as an intern at the Minnesota
Historical Society, which at that time was headquartered in
the James J. Hill house, as the History Center had not yet
been built.  I should explain for any readers that I enjoy
history a great deal, and am, in fact, planning on grad
school for it as quickly as possible.
Right!  Back to the story!  In any case, my supervisor was
the stepfather of a friend of mine, and he (my friend) and
I were also involved in a dramatic production together that
had rehearsals after normal school hours, so we'd jaw about
what had been happening at school/at the MHS and what-not.
So, I'm working by myself over lunch on the third floor of
the Hill House, in a small office writing over a table, and
have been for some time, when I decide to stretch and give
my arms a break.  I half-turned towards the door, and saw a
gentleman dressed in 19th Century attire walk past the
door.  "He" was hazy and indistinct, but I could see what
appeared to be a coat and suggestion of a cane, as well as
a suggestion of facial hair (sideburns and a beard).  The
apparition was looking down the hallway, which the logical
part of my mind thought odd, as it dog-legged and
dead-ended in offices (which happened to be empty).
Meanwhile, the slightly-less-rational part of my mind was
screaming "IT'S A GHOST, STUPID!"; oddly, I wasn't afraid,
or even chilled or any of the other phenomena "usually"
associated with ghosts-"he" just walked by the door.  I
know it wasn't any of my co-workers; as I said, I was alone
on the third floor, and, thanks to hardwood stairs, I'd
have heard anyone returning.  Instead, I walked down to the
front desk and reported what had just happened, and they
commented that "no-one had reported that one before".  THAT
sent a little shiver down my spine.
The denouement was rather funny; I relayed this story to my
friend on the Thursday it happened at play practice.
Friday, he took me aside with a wide grin on his face and
told me he'd told his family what I'd said at the supper
table, and Phil (his step-dad) slammed his fist down on the
table and exclaimed, "G-d d@mmit!  I've been working there
for THREE YEARS, and I haven't seen S--T, and he comes in
for less than two weeks and sees a ghost!"  Apparently it
was, and perhaps still is, a badge of honor...

A Male Visitor

By: MamaTLynn@webtv.net

one night i will say around eleventhirty at night   i  was coming
downstairs from checking on my   children before sitting down to do some
reading we lived in a duplex builtin 1920 anyway i was    coming down
the stairs around the corner i could see the reflexion of my t.v in my
livingroom window in front of me and as iam       looking at the
reflexionof the t.v i see a male       figure walk and stop at the
corner of the t.v  as though he had spotted me i turned my head to   the
t.v then back toward the window and he rushed across the t.v screen  i
just freaked for a few minutes and called a friend over to hang out for
the night.  this is one out of eight stories  about my male visiter  he
sure freaked me out!

2 Stories

By: chisspa@hotmail.com

Me and my big mouth
Well this happen like three years ago, I was living in Guadalajara (Mexico) at the time, in September I was going to a small town located in Guanaguato, this town is San Miguel de Allende, we were going to the pamplonada, you know the pamplonada is an major event here in Mexico is like the one in Pamplona (Spain) this event is were they close the streets of the down town and let the bulls lose and people run in front of them, anyway I was riding with four other friends 2 guys and 2 girls, I was the copilot, we hit the road at 6 pm and headed to San Miguel when it started to get dark proximally like 2 hrs leather we started to talk about this things you know ghost stories, I donít know why but in every road trip when itís getting dark you always tell ghost stories, I think is human nature to do that, ok so like half an hour before reaching San Miguel, Juan and I we wanted to take a leak but the problem was that exactly 60 Km before reaching San Miguel is were the high way ends and you take a rural road and is very dark and the road is full with curves, so thatís why I say itís a little bit danger, well as a good human that Iím I was telling them to stop that I couldnít hold it any more and so was Juan and the girls didnít want to stop and all the sudden I donít know why I said it but I did, I told them, ďwhatís the worst that can happen that appears to us the lady in whiteĒ at that time we took a curve an there she was standing on the side of the road, on my side exactly, I remember her perfectly it was a young woman in a white dress and I remember that she stood there staring at us while we were passing her by, the tow girls and the guy that was driving scream as laud as they could, I just got this chili feeling and like three kilometers after we stop and Juan and I took that leak, as we returned to the car the only thing that they told me please donít say anything in the rest of the road, this is one of the worst experiences that I ever had. Good night and sweet dreams.

My house experiences
This was the last house that I lived in Guadalajara, the first encounter that I had was the first day that we moved in, I was there with a roommate and his girlfriend and another friend, we were standing in the living room, Guti and Jimena were standing with there back to the stairs and Rodo and I were standing in front of them, we didnít have any furnisher in yet so we were talking there and all the sodden I saw a shadow walk down the stairs and stopping in the middle and the it disappeared I turned to Rodo and told him ďdid you sow thatĒ and he told me the same thing at the same time but no one believe us, then like one year leather it was like 4 am and I was with my girlfriend seating in the living room talking and all the sudden she just steer at the stairs and went pail and told me ďI didnít believed you but I just saw itĒ.
One night I was with Red in my living room we were seen some movies at night, in the living room thereís a window that goes from the floor to the sealing and you can see in the reflection of the up stairs, thatís the hallway of the rooms because thereís no wall on it you can see the three doors, we were the only two persons in the house and then we heard one of the doorís open up so for a reaction I look at the window and I saw a shadow walking from Gutiís room to Robís room and then that room door opened, it took us like a minute or two to react and told Red hey were are the only oneís in the house arenít we and the he told me yes did you saw it two, yes he told me he saw a person trough the reflection and I told him a saw a shadow but we concurred we saw some one go from one room to another then he told me maybe itís Shatoís girlfriend but two minutes leather she came in from the street, we didnít tell her anything so she didnít get scared so she went up stairs to Shatoís room that is next to Robís room and the she ask us if there was some one up there and we told her that no oneís is up there and she told us that she was hearing thingís in Robís room and run down stairs, so I went to check things up and there were no one in any room.


My Stepmother

By: anonymous

Well I should tell you that I am now 62 years old and I was just a young
man when we, my father my stepmother and me lived a good life.  I went
to school and they were happy.  Well it seems good things all come to an
end and one night, I later found out the reason, when I came home from
school I found my stepmother was gone.  I found out later that my Father
was having an affair with another lady from town.
Me and my father sat alone for three nights after eating leftovers and
waiting on  word where she was.  She took nothing that my Father could
see with her. On the third day my Father and I smelled a horrible smell
and after several hours found my Step-mother dead.  We lived in a big
two story house and found my step-mother in a room we called her sewing
room.  She was not in the room though, she was in the crawl space beside
the room.  We assumed she crawled in there after she took the pills so
she wouldnt be discovered in time.  It was awful.  The room was a
smaller one with the sewing table and machine.  the closet and at the
bottom of the closet was a small opening with a little door to the crawl
space.  Thats where we found her.
Well it all went to hell after that, literally.  And I should tell you
that all the memories of my step-mother were good, she was never mean to
me.  The police officer with the coroner that was called out that night
to pick up the body got the job of getting the body out of the crawl
space.  She was curled in a position and they didnt know if they could
get her out.  So I remember the cop taking off his belt and crawling in
with his flashlite and giving the most scarest scream I have ever heard.
It scared me so bad that I wet my pants.  He came out yelling and went
down the stairs almost falling down them and outside.  I went with my
father out to him.  He had a blooded whelp on his cheek.  And he said
she scratched him.  Well the coroner sent him away and made a call for
an assistant of his.  The coroner told my Father that the cop must have
gotten scared in the small space and scratched himself on a nail from
the roof or something.
So to make a long story short.  My father and the coroner got her body
out of the crawlspace that night after alot of work cutting on the
Nothing happened for weeks.  Then my Father had the other woman over for
the weekend she came friday night and cooked supper for us.  Then
Saturday night she brought her things and was spending the night.  She
was taking a bath in the bathroom right across from the sewing room.  I
was told to stay downstairs in the living room where I was at. this was
because there was no exhaust fans back then and we would have to leave
the bathroom door open to take a hot bath.  So me and my Father hear her
scream and run tripping down the stairs naked.  She screamed at my
Father to take her home.  He did and left me home.  I later heard her
account that she had seen my step-mother standing in the doorway across
from the bathroom, the doorway of the sewing room staring her.  At that
moment she said the mirror on the medicine cabinet shattered.  This did
happen with the mirror we saw after my Father came home.  Nothing
happened the rest of that night.  The next night things were terrrible,
I ran to my Fathers bed crying because I had been awakend by crying and
moaning from someone else in the house.  I was terrified.  My Father
woke and heard it too.  We walked into the hallway and heard it
distinctly coming from the sewing room.  My father went to the room and
then I followed scared to be to far away from him.  No one inside.  He
and I walked into the room and the crying and loathing was coming from
the opening to the crawl space.  That was the first time I ever saw
tears run down my Fathers face.
The next which happened to be a Saturday I think.  My father and I went
to the Lumber Yard and he bought wood and nails and a few buckets of
splaster of paris.  We went home and my Father proceeded tear out the
door to the sewing room and to frame and lathe it and plaster and later
paint it as if it was never a doorway.  He did not remove anything from
the room which was items and clothing belonging to my dead step-mother.
He sealed it up in the room. There was a single window in the room to
the outside.
I was around 8 years old then and to this day I have never spoken of my
step-mother, she was from the decatur area and her parents were her only
family besides us and they had died before she met my Father.  So I
guess it was easy to forget.  My Father has long since past away and I
being his only son own the house.  I was gone spending a career with
Army, it seems like a lifetime ago now, and came home to my Father just
when he came down sick.  He past away after about a year.  We never
spoke of the past.

The Truck in the Driveway

By: j_billman@loveable.com

Hi, this is my experience. One night i was staying the night at a friends house just 3 houses down from mine. Keep in mind that it was in the country so the houses are kinda far apart. But it was still walking distance. But my friend and i had to walk back to my house because i forgotten something there. Nobody was home at my house so there were no cars in the driveway. How my driveway is set up you can only enter and exit one way. The rest of it is surrounded by trees. But we were halfway there and a truck passed. It turned into my drive circled the tree and parked.( there is a big tree in my driveway that you have to circle, there's no way of not circling it.) But the dog started barking and the motion light came on. We made it there after a  few minutes. When we got there, nobody was there. The truck was gone. But no other vehicles passed us on the road. And nobody left the driveway. I'm not too much of a believer of ghosts and stuff but there is no other explaintion. I ha
 ve a few other things that happened to me , stuff like having the feeling that someone is watching me and hearing people walk around and talking when nobody else is around. But feel free to email me if you would like at j_billman@loveable.com. Thank you for reading my story.

The Park

By: wingo86_9@hotmail.com

somewhere in between grand coulee and wenachee there is a park right beside
a lake where i heard your not supposed to ever sleep. my friend from
washington said that she spent the night there with her grandma one time and
there was a small knock on the window of their suberban window and they
heard a light whisper "look at me". her grandma said "kids,get under the
blanket and dont listen to it. dont look at it."
then again there was a knock "look at me" this went on for about 3 min.
without it changing its tone, but then it(whatever it was) started getting
angry.the knocks got louder and harder and instead of a light whisper the
voice turned into a scream "LOOK AT MEEEE!" then all at once it went away.
she said they stayed under the blanket the rest of the night and when they
woke up and got out of the car,right beside the window,the gravel by that
certain window was cleared out in a perfect circle. later that day she asked
her grandma why they couldnt look and she told them of a story about 2
teenagers who were doing the same thing they were (camping out in their car
in the same place) who that same exact thing happened to only one of them
looked.that young man was found the next morning with his eyes wide open and
sitting straight up.he had died of a heart attack at the age of 18  even
though he was n perfect health. its said that the other boy is now in a
mental institution since he awoke to his friend that way. supposedly the
only thing he said when they found him was "i told him it would get him if
he looked." some say it is a ghost,others say a demon. Either way.... not
many people s tay at that park anymore.

The Office


When I was in high school I got a job cleaning the local title company once
a week (it was a very small town in northeastern Arizona).  My sister worked
there as one of the agents, and I knew the other employees very well.  The
company rented an old house in the oldest part of the tiny town I lived in,
and as far as I know still use it today (this was ten years ago).  None of
the women working in the office would ever stay after dark, even to get work
done if they were behind.  All of them swore that it was haunted.
I must add that as a teenager I was fearless and thought that I was
immortal.  Not much ever scared me.  I was fascinated by the "idea" of
ghosts, but didn't really believe in them at that time.  I would come in
after school in the evenings, when everyone was gone.  I had a set routine
for what I was supposed to do, and I took my time doing it the first couple
of times.  That is until I kept getting these weird feelings.  The office
was VERY cold and I kept getting the chills - the kind where your skin feels
like it's going to crawl right off of your bones.  And I kept hearing the
front door open.  Because the house the office was in was so old, the door
made a distinct creaking noise whenever it opened.  Thinking someone was
there to work after hours I went up to the front office.  No one.  The door
was shut and locked just as I had left it when I came in.  I thought that
was strange, but no big deal. Figured I was hearing things. Went back to
cleaning.  Heard the front door open again.  Went and checked.  Again there
was nothing.  I kinda felt that was weird but didn't want to let my
imagination run wild so I just kept working and tried to distract myself
with other thoughts.  Then I heard someone knocking on the door.  I went to
peek out (the door had a big window on it) - it was dark outside except for
the porch light (which eventually quit working).  Not a soul stirred
outside.  I figured someone was trying to play a joke on me and I found
myself wishing the the window on the door had curtains so that no one
outside could see in.
After a few weeks the noises never changed and though they bothered me, I
kind of got used to them.  I added a radio to listen to so that I could
escape the noises.  I was becoming more jumpy - and the chills were still
around.  By this time the porch light wouldn't work anymore and it was so
dark outside when the knocking would begin that I wouldn't even go to the
door to look outside anymore.  I just made sure I locked myself in when I
started working, and ignored the sounds.
I would sing along to the radio at the top of my voice, it made me feel
better.  Until one day the radio switched stations by itself!  I went up to
it and switched it back to the right station - with goosebumps all over my
body.  It wouldn't stay.  So I just turned it off and sang to myself.  The
noises picked up in frequency and the feeling of being watched became more
intense.  I had the creeps constantly in that place and found myself
dreading my weekly cleaning visits.  I started asking my mom or my sister to
come with me.  They were always busy with other things.  I couldn't wait for
my mom to pick me up at night.  I hated waiting in that place for her to
come and get me.  Eventually I got my own car and was dreading being there,
but also dreading making the long dark walk down the sidewalk to my car when
the cleaning was done.  I didn't tell anyone my feelings, I didn't think
that they would believe me.
My boss started complaining to my sister that I wasn't doing all of the
chores I was supposed to.  Apparently after I would dust a desk and
straighten things up or empty and take out the trash - they would come into
work the next day and everything would be a mess again.
There was an old cellar in that building.  And I could never get the door to
stay shut.  I used to have to go in the room where the stairs were to get
the cleaning supplies and that damn door would always be open no matter how
many times I shut it.  I began to hear footsteps follow me from room to
room - see things move out of the corner of my eye.  And a rising feeling to
flee - though I managed to keep that under control.  My right mind knew that
there was no one there and I was NOT going to leave simply because I was
afraid!  I just switched my shift to Saturdays, cleaning during the day when
it was light outside.
I was actively involved in a lot of clubs and events in school and I picked
up another job at the local theater.  So Saturdays weren't always possible
for me.  I had to go whenever I could make it.  One day I showed up and as I
was cleaning I became so sleepy and time just stood still.  I kept dropping
everything and spilling everything and what normally took me an hour was
turning into a 2.5 hour ordeal.  I just couldn't seem to think clearly or
get anything done properly.  It was weird.  I went into my boss's office to
empty the trash and as I was leaning down to pick up the trash can I heard
the usual footsteps and creaking floorboards. All of a sudden the blinds on
the window came flying off the wall with such force!  They narrowly missed
my head!!  Absolutely scared the crap out of me.  I did the best I could to
remount them on the wall, but my hands were shaking so badly I didn't do a
very good job.
So I just got the heck out of his office and went to the front office.  Off
the front office was a little dark room with tiny windows and a dirt floor.
It sat lower than the rest of the house, and that was where they kept their
files.  I needed to go in there, but certainly did not want to, that room
was so cold and wet and creepy.  But as I turned the knob to that door, the
phone rang.  I turned to go and get the phone when the door to that little
room flew open with such force that it slammed into my face and split my
eyebrow open!!  I was bleeding everywhere!  My eye swelled up and I couldn't
see.  The person on the phone was my mom and she came and got me and took me
to see if I needed to get stitches.  I quit after that.  No more!
The women at the office always said that it was haunted.  But they would
never tell me why.  But I have the scar on my face to prove it!

The Duplex

By: vehicle@ticon.net

I know at least once in my life I've had what I think is a paranormal
experience.  Back in 1997, I lived with my boyfriend for a while in a duplex in
Madison, Wisconsin.  This was not the greatest neighborhood but the house,
itself seemed perfectly normal to me.  It looked fairly new but as I later
discovered this house was actually an old house that had been remodeled so much
inside and out that it looked practically brand new and was converted into a
duplex. The first strange thing that I noticed was that I had been having very
vivid nightmares every night I stayed there.  I would wake up feeling very
shaken with a depressed state of mind each morning from these awful dreams.
What makes this so odd is that I've never had nightmares until I slept in this
house and now that I'm no longer living there, I don't ever have any nightmares
now. If I do dream at all, I have weird dreams but nothing that terrifies me
like the dreams I had in that Madison duplex.  I even remember a dream that I
had while taking a short nap on the couch in the living room while living
there.  I dreamt that I was being chased through a huge house with a winding
staircase by a man with a knife.  My boyfriend also had things of his taken.
Once he could not find his driver's liscense and after months of searching, he
gave up only to find it with his landlord in the crawlspace upstairs! Our
landlord had told us about a woman who lived in the house at one time who
practiced witchcraft.  I oftem wonder if that had anything to do with the
strange occurances in that house.  The night we went to move the last of our
things out of the house, I remember feeling an extreme hatred directed at us by
some invisible force.  I couldn't stand to be in there any longer so my
boyfriend finished bringing our belongings out himself.  I told him about why I
had been so anxious and tense only to find out that he also sensed a
malevolence that night too. I have more to tell but I don't want this story to
be too long!

The Bridge

By: wingo86_9@hotmail.com

it is said that years ago a woman was pulled over by a police officer who
drug her under a bridge and raped and killed her. now if you drive over that
bridge at night and look in your rear view mirror you can see her jump in
your car and she stares at you in the mirror. the only way to get her out of
your car is to pull over to the side of the road.if you trn and look in your
back seat you cant see her. you can only see her in your rear view mirror.

My Aunty's House

By: Louiseeb@iprimus.com.au

          This story is no way near as scary as some of the other ones that
I have read on this site. It is about my Aunty and Uncle's house. My parents
and my older brother moved from England to Australia before I was born. Because
all of my relatives still live in England we make sure that we visit them
quite regularly and it was on one of these visits that I found out about
Mr.Sully. My Aunty and Uncle live in a nice house in a town quite close to
Oxford. It is in a busy street and not your stereotypical scary setting,
this is what made Mr. Sully more surprising. There have been a lot of super
natural things that have happened in this area, I think because it is situated
between a prison and a military base but you wouldn't guess it because the
town is just so beautiful.
 Anyway I found out about the ghost in my Aunty's house named Mr.Sully when
one night of our stay there my friend and I, who were sharing a room downstairs
while everyone else was upstairs, woke in the middle of the night to hear
a strange drumming noise coming from what sounded like between the walls.
In my sleepy state I asked my friend to shut up and she replied that it was
probably my Uncle playing the bongos upstairs. For some reason I was satisfied
with this rediculous answer and fell straight back asleep. In the morning
we were laughing about it because it was like we both had been sleep talking
to each other and my Aunty overheard. It was then that she told us about
the ghost that had been living with them since they had moved in 20 odd years
ago. Of course we made her sit down and tell us every detail. My Aunty's
house is a quaint two story house, my two cousins who at the time were 19
and 23 had bedrooms on the second floor and the ground floor was just their
basic living area. Out the back at the bottom of there garden is a granny
flat. Before they had moved in Mr. Sully's body was found in the granny flat,
nothing gruesome he had just died of old age.
 My oldest cousin Will seemed to have a special relationship with Mr. Sully
when he was very little my Aunty would see him staring, pointing and laughing
at something behind her she was always to scared to turn around and look
to see what it was. Other things happened as well but nothing that would
scare them or make them move. Will seemed to grow out of Mr.Sully and my
other cousin Charlie never seemed to be bothered by him. They would hear
clanging and banging in rooms that were empty but they would just know it
was Mr. Sully. He became like part of their family. The only time that he
would cause trouble would be when they were renovating or moving things around,
I think because he thought that they were moving away. He was quite active
before we came to visit because they had been doing magor renovations in
preparation for us to stay, things would fall off shelves and there would
be banging in the walls, My Aunty and Uncle literally had to sit down together
and talk to Mr. Sully explaining that they weren't going anywhere and that
my Uncle was doing the renovating himself. After that it was all quite again
until we heard him that night in bed. We weren't scared of him because he
seemed quite friendly I feel a little bad now that maybe he thought that
we were intruders.
 Touching base with my Aunty and Uncle every so often we have learned that
the latest Mr. Sully episode happened when Will and his girlfriend were up
in his room and his girlfriend saw Mr. Sully sitting next to Will on his
bed. I am not sure why she could see him and Will couldnt but it gives me
a warm feeling that even though my cousin can no longer see his companion
he is still there watching out for him.
 Thanks for reading this and I would love for anyone who wants to to get
back to me to e-mail me. I would love to hear from you!

Find Help

By: wingo86_9@hotmail.com

again,when i went to see my dad that summer in washington i went to spend
the weekend with my friends in wenachee. we had to take 2 cars. one with me
and ruth-anne, the other with sarah,roma,the 2 girls and the baby boy.on the
way home we got to the bottom of the bridge and there was a man hitchiking
in a pair of bluejeans, a green t-shrt and a blue hat.we were gonna pick him
up, but we decided it was a little crazy cause we heard stories of murderer
hitchikers and thigs so we decided to keep on driving.but when we got to the
top of the hill there he was again.there is no possible way he could have
got there before us.and when we looked back he was gone. the creepy thing
about this is that the car load behind us(roma sarah and the kids) told us
the same exact,when we got back, story we just encountered. later we found
out that there had been a big truck driving accident about 5 years back at
the bottom of that hill and the truck driver was found dead at the top. it
looked as if he was trying to walk and find help.


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