Time Tunnel

By: mhouse4@earthlink.net

This summer my husband and children and myself went on vacation in Tennessee with my husbands brother and his family.  We stayed in Pigeon Forge and one day went into Gatlinburg.  On the way there we went through a short tunnel.  My sister-in-law later remarked she remembered that as soon as you entered you could see day light out the other side.  There was not even time for a good horn honk, we were through so quick!  Later when we got to our cabin and started talking about our drive and the scenery and such none of us could remember going through a tunnel on the way home.  We chalked it up to being distracted by kids and conversation and never really thought about it anymore.  A couple days later we went back through Gatlinburg to go up into the Great Smokey Mountains Nat'l Park.  This time we went through a long tunnel.  One that curved around before you could see the other side and also it was dark and had lights above us.  We went the same route as before and this time we took note!  We did not come out of the park until nightfall.  On the way out we told ghost stories.  When I got through telling one of my old family stories, all at once my sister-in-laws cell phone lights came on and the walkie talkies we had with us to keep in contact with each other when we would split up, started ringing!  This lasted for just a few seconds and quit, but wow, what a chill it gave us!  Also we did not go through any tunnel on the way back!   Last day of vacation my sister-in-law and myself went shopping and went back through Gatlinburg.  This time we went through a short tunnel and coming back we went through a long tunnel.  TWO tunnels!  We thought we were losing our minds.  We were truly perplexed!  Later that evening we went on a "Ghost Walk" with a local folk lorest who after a bit, told us stories of folks who sometimes go through tunnels traveling that route and sometimes don't.  It is a mystery she said and one of the theories is that of a dimension of time that waivers in and out, putting the tunnels there at times and other times not.  Sometimes there is one and sometimes two, sometimes short and sometimes long!   We couldn't believe our ears!  It happened to us and we never said a word about it to her and here she was telling us exactly what we had experienced.  Now I don't know what the truth to the matter really is but it sure spooked me!


By: TDreamer26@aol.com

My name is Tracy.  I'm not sure that I have a problem with a haunting, but would just like to share my story.....
It starts back to when I was a young child.  My mother and I always had this psychic connection.  For instance, I never had to tell my Mom what I wanted for lunch.  She would just think of a few choices and I would then walk in seconds later and give her the answer to the question that she never asked.  Now if this happened just a few times, I would have washed it off to coincidence, but this happened all the time.  Now, as an adult, I get to do this with my children.  It's pretty neat.  I always had this psychic capability -- not asking for it, or concentrating on it -- it just happens.  Well, now with a little background on me, I'll get to the good stuff.
When I was about 5 years old, my parents purchased our first house from an older woman who's husband had passed away and she was moving to Florida, hence the reason she asked us to keep her cat.  From the moment I stepped into the house, I felt watched.  This feeling only increased with time.  So bad that I used to get dressed under the covers.  I remember it happening in my bedroom more than any other room.  I didn't feel that way in the bathroom after I took a bath or something, it just seemed to be in my bedroom.  Then the nightmares started.  I would wake up extremely distraught, usually having the same few nightmares over and over again.  I was terrified of under my bed so I used to jump from my bed out of my doorway and run to my parents room on the other end of the house.  I would then go to sleep on the floor by their bed.  I was never afraid of under their bed.  I didn't realize how strange that was until I got older.  As I would run to their room on many occassions I would look behind me and I swear I would see something chasing me.  Now, I guess I left this to an overactive childhood imagination, but I found out more.
When I got older my mother told me that she used to hear voices in the attic, but upon going up there (with a knife in hand), there would never be anyone up there.  There was never anyone outside either.  She said that she always felt the presence of an older man.
When I was 14, my parents divorced and I rebeled and in short my father got custody of us and we got the house.  My Dad is very carpenter handy so he decided to rebuild the house and increase it's size.  Not too long after the "remodeling" of the house, me & my brother were sitting on my Dad's bed with the door shut and all of a sudden the door handle started to jiggle so my brother jumped up and grabbed the handle as it was jiggling and threw the door open and nothing.  There was no one else in the house, but my brother immediately ran down the hallway to the front door and looked outside to make sure.  It's impossible that someone was there.  The only original things left on the house are the original foundation and the chimney.  I figured after the remodeling was done whatever was here, left -- until recently.
About 2 years ago me, my fiancee, my 2 children and my brother all took the house over.  One night me & my fiancee were in bed sleeping for about 30 minutes or so and I woke up and saw a dark shadow leaning over his chest.  I yelled, "stop" and then went right back to sleep.  The next morning, I didn't even think of it, til my fiancee called me from work.  He asked me why I yelled Stop and I told him that I didn't know why, that I even forgot about it.  Then I told him that I did see a shadow that resembled a short, bald, heavyset man leaning over his chest.  He then told me that he woke up gasping for air and that the dark shadow was pushing on his chest and pulling him off the bed.  Then when I yelled Stop -- it vanished.  My fiancee is not a weak man at all, he's very strong, so I knew something was going on.  I felt a presence in the room for a few weeks after that, but I went into each of the rooms before bedtime and told him that he was not allowed in there.
Then one night me & my brother were on the couch talking and I told him the story and he was in disbelief, of course.  We then both dozed off and I got woken up to a pale faced brother who said that he got punched in the chest and he was having a hard time breathing.  I then did the same thing as before and have had nothing happen since.

Regarding the Stranger

By: Humanzee1@aol.com

Well this experience takes place almost 30yrs ago it was on a cold February morning in those days  i would be up at 4:30 in the morning to get my husband ready for work I remember making him a fresh pot of coffee along with his breakfast and packing him a lunch for the day he would leave the house for work at 5:30 after he would leave I would go back to bed but on this day I decided to lay on the couch in the living room cause I had to be up again to get the kids ready for school
As I was laying on the couch in the living room in the dark I suddenly heard the front door open I jumped to my feet thinking my husband returned maybe he was coming back for something he forgot as I approched the door a man a tall man walked into the house I was freightened i backed away I froze was he going to rob us I shouted at him to leave but he just ignored me and walked past me as if I was not there he was heading toward the kids bedroom I immediately ran after him and just like that he disappeared I awoke the kids and
ran to my neighbors house we called the police who came and went throughout the house to make sure he was not hiding they found no one
I was confused no doubt because I did see this strange man walk into the house he was somewhat odd looking I described him to the police as a tall man with a mustachioed he was not wearing a coat and found it odd because it was the dead of winter and he would be cold the police were polite and courteous told me to reinforce the doors with security locks and left feeling a little like I was loosing my mind I did not just dismiss it that night when my husband came home from work I told him what happened and he too was worried and the next day had dead bolts put in needles to say I never experienced this again
A few months later I was preparing a potato salad for a picnic when my elderly neighbor called me to come over her house and change a lite bulb for her in her bathroom I noticed that she had pictures some looked real old spread out on her kitchen table I sat down and
started to look through a few of the pictures then I came across this picture of two men one short and stocky wearing a bowler hat the other a tall light haired gentleman with a handle bar mustachio I recognized the mustachioed man immediately as the man I saw walk into my house.
I asked my neighbor Phyllis who the men in the picture were and she told me that it was her father and a friend of his I told her that the man next to her father looked exactly like the man who walked into my house, she gave me a strange look and said "Honey he has been dead for over 40yrs but he used to live in your house he was a barber and he used one of the back bedrooms as his shop" the same room my kids shared. Could this have been the spirit of the man in the picture I do not know.

My Experiences with SPirits

By: bcitcwa@iinet.net.au

my name is imogen and i recently had an expeirience with the spirit world.
it all started when i was checking out your website and listening to the (evp) page. as soon as i turned on the message intitled "papsie' i got a weird feeling in my stomach. i was starting to get a little freaked out so i closed the page and started talking to my friend kathryn. in the middle of our conversation i heard the same voice say "papsie" again i thought it was all in my head but started to get a bit scared so i told kathryn about it. suddenly on the computer screen next to me i saw a reflection of someone i'd never seen before. It was a little girl. i figured i was freaking myself out again ut it remained on the screen. then i heard the girls voice again "papsie" she said louder this time. kathryn and i are very interested in ghost and spirits and when i told her about the face she said it had happened to her once before. 10 minutes later the face was still staring at me the girl hadnt moved  her head but while i was not loking at her she stamped her feet and my water bottle shook. i went to go to the toilet and when i got back the water bottle had been moved and the face was nolonger in the computer screen but in its place floating around the room was a small golden orb of light. Witchcraft being a passion of mine i had read about  these orbs and how some symbolised the presence of an angel or spirit in the room. slowly the orb faded and had soon vanished from sight.
i never got to make contact with the spirit and took no pictures of it.  when the orb had gone i felt empty and tired as though the little girl had been a part of me and when she left our side of the earth she took a part of me with her. every now and then i still hear her voice in my head and feel slightly empty but also feell thet someone is always watching over us. that is the third expeirience with spirits i have had in the last two years.

MN Farmhouse

By: beautifullychaotic26@yahoo.com

Today is Sept. 17th,2003 a few days ago a co-worker rented a farmhouse in MN. The last two days she has come to work and shared these stories with me. Her husband and her both hear a baby crying, noise in the kitchen, someone walking upstairs. She spent the night some place else and her husband had someone lift up the covers and crawl in bed with him.I have given her some Catholic blessed metals. She confronted the owner of the house and told her.At first the woman downplayed it. Now she says the last renter died in the house, an older woman (relative) had prefomed salt abortions. And her son stayed in the house this summer, had not only these things happen to him, but his bed furniture was moved. they've called a priest to come next week.

Little person

By: CookieCrumbDMC@aol.com

A couple months ago I sent a story in about one of my experinces..here is another one...This happened about month ago..you see I have a 2 year old daughter and when she is napping I come online...Well one day I was sitting here reading something on a website or it could have been this one...when I saw a dark flash out the corner of my eye...thinking it was my daughter up from her nap I started to say Hi to her but was surprised that she wasn't there..this happened about three times than one day my niece and I were looking at some ghost websites and my daughter woke up and I was in the living room changing her when my niece came in the room really pale and she just sat there for a moment and said "What's wrong?" and she said "Umm..I think I saw something which I thought it was the baby...but she is right here with you," and I said "Was it like a black streak like the color of the baby's hair" and she said "Yes." and I said "I saw it too." and she looked relieved..I haven't seen it in awhile so I don't know if it here still or what but I do know about two weeks ago I was on my parent's computer checking my e-mail on their account when the computer turned off and than rebooted by it's self....my daugther was sleeping on their bed and they were at the store...I thought to myself please don't this when I'm alone not tonight than it worked fine from there....hope you like the stories.

Ghost "Stories"

By: kpaetz@speedmail.ca

For as long as I can remember I have been able to see and feel the paranormal.  I didn’t know what it was at first and was truly terrified by the feelings I would get when “someone” came near me.  I am at the point where I am no longer so afraid but I do have my moments when something sneaks up on me.  Almost every home I have ever lived in has been haunted and I am not sure now if they were the homes themselves or I am being followed.  I feel comfort in my newest home & I am almost sure that there is nothing here.  Which I am grateful for because my son senses them too and I am not sure if he can still see them but he used to be able to.  He knows his Uncle and Grandfather and they both died before he was born.  He knew things about them that no one else told him and as a baby he would stare past me and start laughing at air.  In time he was able to communicate that he saw people and the truly significant moment came 2 days before his Papa passed away.
He went into the room his Great-Grandfather was resting in and came out and told me that there was a man in the chair and he was there to take Papa “home.” My son was 2 at the time and we did not discuss his Great-Grandfather’s dying to him.  We only told him that he wasn’t feeling well.  I knew for sure then that he was able to see and sense things as well.
I have seen my brother-in-law praying beside his parents’ bed a few days after he died in a snowmobiling accident.  He has made a clock in his Grandparents home run when it has no batteries and hasn’t worked in many years.  Every time someone truly missed him and wanted know if he was there, they would ask him to make the clock go and most times it did.
I knew in my gut the instant my own Father died.  No one had to tell me.  I had a very uneasy feeling in my stomach the night before he died and I knew that I needed to go to him but this feeling stopped me from getting on the plane to go home.  The next morning, I knew the instant he died and I was at my sister’s house.  The feeling just vanished and I knew.  I told my sister that I had to go home and that our Dad just died to which she pretty much told me that I was crazy but I insisted and I drove myself home.
I don’t know how I got home; I don’t really remember the drive.  I remember getting into my car and this calm was over me and I remember pulling into my driveway and my Mother-In-Law was standing there waiting for me.  I got out and told her that I thought my Dad died, she confirmed it and that is when I lost it.  I was 5 months pregnant with my son at the time and I believe that somehow I was being pushed to stay home because I am sure that I would have lost my son if I was with my Dad when he died.  The stress alone nearly killed me.
My Dad used to come to visit me.  He would turn the lights on and off to let me know that he was there.  I could feel him around me.  It has been awhile since I have felt him but I know he’s still around.
A duplex I lived in had 2 spirits.  A man (not good) and a woman.  The woman would unlock doors in the night and turn lights on.  The man did not want us there and I sensed that especially in the basement.  A few people saw and felt both but the woman kept him in check.  The only time they really made themselves known while anyone was awake was a night that my cousin and I were looking on the Internet at pictures of ghosts and demons.  All of a sudden there was a loud crash from upstairs.  We raced upstairs but NOTHING was out of place.  I got a really bad feeling and ran upstairs to my son’s room and grabbed him.  My husband wasn’t home but I called him to come home.  My cousin and I sat in my livingroom freaking out when I saw the man walk by me and he was in black with a large brimmed hat.  My cousin saw him too and he had never previously had an encounter.  It was as if he was telling us to stay off those websites because they were not good or something.  All I remember was the absolute terror in my heart.
The orchard I grew up on was haunted by more than 3 spirits.  Not all of them were good and they made it known that we were not wanted either.  1 spirit had befriended our family and would try to protect us from the little girl who wanted us out of there very badly.  I believe that she and the little boy were my 2nd cousins killed in a car accident with my Great-Grandfather though no one has been able to confirm that.
Walking down the stairs to the basement, the same step always seemed to break and you would trip.  It never actually broke but 7 out of 10 times, you would trip on that damn stair.  I mean anyone would trip too.  Faces would appear in windows, gunshots would ring out behind our house and no one was there.  My Dad checked for footprints a few times because the shots were that close.
The taps in the kitchen exploded once and there were the booming noises from within the house for no reason.  I saw the spirit of the cat my Dad ran over a few times and then there were the horses and cows that periodically freaked out over something no one else could see.  There was also the drifting odor over the orchard of a dead animal though it was never in one spot and there were no dead animals.
I used to feel like there was something under the stairs to the basement.  It was an old house with old wooden stairs, the kind that had no back and under the stairs was dirt.  I always had a bad feeling about that and would fly down the stairs as fast as I could and run up them 2 or 3 at a time.  My Dad had renovated the house and my brother and I were fortunate to have bedrooms in the basement.  I got locked into my room one night and we ended up having to take the hinges off to get me out (no lock on the door).  And when we were moving, I was sitting on the floor in my room packing when all of a sudden the mirror on my dresser came crashing down.  Shards of glass missing me by centimeters.
My friend’s family rented the house from my Dad for a short period of time and one night my friend had fallen asleep in the area in the basement by the stairs, the hissing cat woke her up and she looked to see something clawing out of the dirt.  She didn’t stick around to find out what it was.  A few days later her brother came bolting into the room she was sleeping in (my old bedroom) and grabbed her arm and demanded to know if she was practicing witchcraft or something (she didn’t) because he had 2 perfect bite marks on his wrist and when they looked at her arm, she had the exact same marks as if they had been bitten by fangs or something.  Needless to say they left shortly after but not because of the things they experienced.  I didn’t find out about any of this until after they moved.
An older woman bought the orchard and when my sister went back to visit a year or so ago she happened to mention strange things that were happening around the orchard and asked my sister if she knew anything about it.  My sister quickly filled her in about the yellow and green orbs seen floating around the house, the strange occurrences and all the noises etc.  The difference of what she has seen and felt was that she saw a cowboy and we were told there was an Indian on the orchard protecting our family.  Apparently the land that my Great-Grandparents had settled on was once a battlefield and our family had been told the Indian Warrior died in battle there.
The house we moved into after we moved off the orchard had its own spirit or two as well.  My parents didn’t believe me until a few years after I moved out and my Mom had been home alone and the front door unlocked, opened, closed, locked and she heard footsteps move around the house and up the stairs and then they stopped.  She also heard the kitchen cupboards open and close and kept calling out to my Dad (they lived alone by this time) but no answer.  This continued like this for about ½ an hour.  My Mom got scared and refused to leave her bedroom until my Dad actually came home an hour after that.  She blamed him but it couldn’t have been him, he was at work.  This was a frequent occurrence but previously my parents blamed my brother or myself or the other until my brother and I moved out.
There was also the time my friend and I thought we would play a trick on my brother and pretend that the house had been broken into.  We trashed the house (nicely) placing objects around as if they had been thrown or scattered in a rush.  We were standing in the kitchen laughing about this when all of a sudden a hand reached up the window (you would have to be almost 7 ½ feet tall to do this).  We screamed and ran up the stairs to get the cordless phone.  The doorbell started ringing and knocking on all of the windows started.  We called the police thinking that someone was actually trying to break into the house.  The police heard the noises and told us to stay upstairs until they got there.  My brother and a bunch of his friends walked in at this point and we started to accuse them when there was another noise outside and my brother went out to investigate.  I SAW him chase someone down the street in a plaid coat and then the person just vanished.
My friend and I were hysterical by this time and the police had just arrived.  They brought canine dogs and the ONLY scent they picked up was my brother’s and that is because he had chased someone out of the yard.  The dogs didn’t pick up anything else and there were NO footprints anywhere except the police and ours.  My Dad came home and my brother and his friends swore it wasn’t them.  When the morning came, we all went out to check under the kitchen window for evidence it was my brother, and there was just no way that anyone could have just reached up the way that hand reached up.
There was also the time that I came home and the upstairs extension picked up while I was on the phone.  I thought my friend had someone over or a party line (small towns used to have this where 2 different residences shared the same phone line).  She thought I was trying to scare her because we could both hear breathing.  I snuck to the stairs and saw the shadow of a man.  I freaked out, grabbed a knife and ran out the door.  I called my sister down the street to come and there was no way anyone could have gotten out but no one was there when it was checked out.
There were also the glowing eyes in the bushes up the street.  I used to see those frequently at night and once in awhile was brave enough to go and check it out to see if there was a dog in the bushes peering out.  There never was and the hairs on neck would stand straight up on end.  I wasn’t the only person to see this or feel this way about those bushes.  Quite a few houses in the area were haunted as well.
I would hear a man’s voice in the house where I babysat and so did the girl I babysat.  It was detached and floating in the air.  You would feel tugs on your shirt when your back was turned and lights in the basement would flick on and off.  A friend of mine who is completely skeptic lived in the house previously and had confided in me that she thought something weird was going on in the house.  She slept upstairs and everyday she would look in the cubbyhole in the wall and there was a sleeping bag unrolled and an imprint of a body on it and everyday she would roll it up and put it away only to find it there in the morning again or by the time she got home from school.  She showed me this one day which made me uneasy about taking the babysitting job there when new people moved in.
There is so much more but honestly, I am getting tired and drained out.  If you want to hear more, let me know.

The Rocking Chair

By: Sideoutgurl10@aol.com

Well this is a story with my dad having to with it. Well my moms friends mom died one night bout 11:00 and that same night my dad was out. Well when he came home about 12:00 he was walking tward the bedroom when he noticed that the rocking chair was Rocking. Well he thought it was the cats playing around in it. But when he tillted to look and see if it was the cats, the rocking chair completly stopped and no one was in it or around it. So from this day on we thought it was my moms friends mom that was making a stop at are house to say good bye.

The Motel Room

By: reezymj@xtra.co.nz

This happened while I was holidaying in Florida at a motel we have stayed at several times.   The last time we stayed  here we were in room 12.  While in room 12, we would always hear arguements from next door and the occupants would always check out usually within 1 or 2 days, never staying longer.   My husband loves America especially Florida, as it happens I was to have an operation in Florida and this was a good time to visit.  We checked in at the same motel and my husband wanted the room in which we had stayed in before, room 12.  Unfortunately it was taken, so we had to take the room next door.  This motel does not have room 13 so the room is renumbered 14.  I did feel uneasy about staying in that room, let's just say a nagging feeling, an intuition which i always trust(I come from a long line of witches and ancestors with psychic/paranormal abilities  from both my parents side.) not because of the number, but from remembering the countless couples that came and went from that room.   My husband insisted we stay there, since it was next to room 12 and the happy memories of the last holiday we had there.  I gave in and we checked in.  We unpacked our things and from day 1 we had an arguement the whole entire time we were there,  I thought to my self, maybe it was me subconciously dreading the operation and taking it  out on him,  but we would be at each other like cats and dogs to the point where I walked out of that room( a couple of times).  the atmosphere would be charged and depressing, and as soon as I walked out the sun would lift my spirits.  My husband is not superstitious, nor does he believe in ghostly encounters. After having my operation, i would have to be bedridden for a week or so, and heavily under the influence of painkillers.  While I lay in bed, I would chase my husband away with my bad moods(post op blues), so I could be left alone and in peace.  The time I had alone in that room would stay with me for a long time.  Remember I had taken some painkillers for my operation, my husband had drawn the curtains so I could sleep.    One afternoon, I dozed off and was awaken by the tug of the bedsheets.  I thought maybe I kicked it off, so I tried to pull them up, once I did, I fell asleep again, again i was awaken by the feeling of sheets being tugged.  I thought it was my husband, and woke up shouting at him, but there was no one in the room.  I felt the temperature in the room was cold, I shivered and had to force myself  in great pain to get out of bed and pull the sheets up.  Once in bed, I looked around the room, the strange thing was it seemed like shadows in the corner yet it was bright as day outside and the curtains were drawn and there were no trees or anything near the window to give off shadows... I  stayed awake for hours waiting for my husband to return.  He walked in and got a shock seeing me all wide eyed and thought he had left the airconditioner on as it was very cool.  He walked over and noticed it was off and blamed that the damn thing was broken.  For the whole week while i recuperated in that room by myself during the day,  my bedsheets would come off, I would wake up in cold sweats looking around the room, there was no one.  I felt something brushing my skin and always the shadows in the corner.  I put it down to painkillers(they were very mild) and my usually happy self became withdrawn and depressed.  I noticed that my husband would come back smiling and was  trying to cheer me  up but as we stayed longer in that room, it seemed to have an effect on us.  He became mean and sometimes he would jeer at me.  I had enough by this time and wanted to leave.  The last night  we stayed there, I had not taken any painkillers as I wanted to believe i was not hallucinating or seeing things(belive me, I have seen things and experienced stranger) I was not sleeping well and looked over to my husband who slept soundly, the funny thing was he seemed to be illuminated by something, I tried to touch him but my hand could not move.  I stretched out to him(we slept in separate beds, while I was recuperating) he was only an armslength away, and yet I couldn't move.  I was sweating now, with a feeling of dread, my whole body felt like lead and I could only move my head.  I tried so hard to move yet i couldn't.  I could feel that there was someone/something was in the room but I couldn't see them, someone was there near my bed but not fully visible yet.  I started to say something and tried to call out to my husband.  He was dead asleep and did not move, as I turned my head to the foot of my bed, my sheets were being tugged off,  I really screamed, but nothing came out, I was forcing myself to say something, but nothing came.  At the foot of my bed appeared a tall black outline, the figure seemed to be wearing a hooded cloak, but I had a profile view, it had its outstreched arm on my bed(I am 6ft tall and my feet are slightly stuck out over the bed).  I tried to move my feet to kick out, but my limbs were like deadweights.  The black garbed figure turned to me and began to walk towards me, at this moment i was desperately repeating the Lord's prayer(I'm not religious but it came to mind) over and over and as it began to walk to me, i remember the eyes started to glow red.  At this stage I was turning my head to and fro from the figure to my husband as well as stretching my arm out  trying to touch him to wake up, I remember him sleeping soundly like a baby.
As the figure approached, and I was sweating buckets and repeatingly saying the Lord's prayer,   I yelled out "Stop, and that I worshipped only God and that I belonged to him",a couple of times and the figure was no longer there.   I blinked a couple of times thinking it was a nightmare, but i noticed that my arm was still outstrecthed towards my husband, and he was still in the same position sleeping soundly, I started crying and busted open a stitch, my husband woke up and said I just had a very bad nightmare.  I said I'm glad that we were  leaving that very morning.  We will still go back to the motel as my husband loves it, yet i insisted we do not stay in that room.

The Haunted School House

By: m_gattis@bellsouth.net

In 1996 my family a I moved into a house that once was a school house to poor farm families of that area.  We rented from a very sweet man who now has passed. We gave us alittle information about the house when we moved in. He told of the school burning and them rebuilding and his Father buying it from the district. They added rooms as their family grew.  They added on to the master bedroom what he called the baby room it was a small room about 10x8 foot, where after the children were born would stay until they were a year old.  We lived there about a year before we had our first experince.  We were in the living room when we smelled smoke from the back of the house.  We went to check it out and found nothing.  To be safe we had the fire department come out.  They found nothing unusal and told us that it wasn't unusal that back a long time ago they would just build over the damaged parts and it may have been just the order of the smoke coming threw.  We dismissed it as that.  Well about a  week later my teenage cousin moved in as like any teenager had her room amess.  I told her she needed to clean her room and make her bed well she spent most of the day doing that when she got done she came into the living room and was watching tv when i went in her room and told her to come back and make the bed. She said :"Missy, I did."  I told her to remake make it and leave the door open when she got done. I went into the living room and sat in the chair by her door when she got done she came back into the living room and out of the corner of my eye I could see her blackets come off the bed and a lay very softly on the floor at the foot of the bed.  We both went into the room and I told whatever "it" was that we were going to make the bed again and this time :"it" better leave it like it was.  We made the bed again, and closed the door, went back to check again and the bed was made but there was a dent where someone or something had sat on the bed.  This was not the only room in the house that had things happen it.  My son and daughter both had a bed in the "baby's" room when i woke one night dreamy that my son's bed was shaking so I went into the room and he was sitting up hanging on the bed as it went back to the floor saying my bed was shaking so, I took him to my bed and went to get my daughter who was sitting up looking at me  holding on so tight that i had to pire her hands off her bed.
  Once my mother came to sit with my daughter while my husband and son went out for awhile when we got back they were sitting on the porch with a bat in her hand. I had to laugh at her cause if something was outside why sit outside with it and then she told me about a ball bouncing down the hall.  Again I laughed at her and said there is noway i put the ball at the bottom of the toy chest cause i kept tripping over it. (my daughter could not walk yet) My mother said she was rocking my daughter by the door, when the ball bounced out of the chest down the hall then back up the hall and into the chest again.  The bedroom was at least 20 foot long as was the living room and hall.  When i went into the bedroom to look the ball was sitting on top of the toy chest.  Needless to say my Mother would never sit for me again in the house.  The last a final straw was about a month later.  My kids were at my mothers and my cousin visiting her aunt  my husband had just gotten into bed when we heard a knock at the door.  My husband got up and went to front, knowing no one was there cuase we could see from our window that noone walked onto the porch. He looked out and sure enough no one was there. He came back to bed and heard it again so, he went to the backdoor and there was no one again, as he was coming back to bed he closed the hall  door.  As he was getting back in bed he said there shouldnt be anymore of this.  About the time he said that there was a loud banging not a knock this time. We both got up this time to see what it was and got to the hall door and was just about to open it when it started to rattle and shake violently.  There was a feeling of dread so bad that we both ran back to room, by the time I made it to the room he was dressed and was dragging in my t-shirt out the door.  He went the next day and moved us out.  To this day we don't know what was there.  I recently drove by where the house was and it has burned to nothing but a chimney.

The Farmhouse Ghosts

By: lyn@greenhills.net

I grew up on a farm in Mo. The house we lived in was built around the turn of the century.  It was a big two story house with a wraparound porch. I shared a bedroom with my brother on the bottom floor.  In the summer of 1975 something happened that had a long term effect on me. It was a clear moonlit night, and you could easily hear crickets and bullfrogs singing in the night. I was sleeping very soundly when something woke me. I had the impression that someone was pushing down several times on the foot of the bed.  I looked up and was startled to see the shadow of a short,plump figure watching me. Horrified, I immediately went for the light, but there was nothing there.  The figure I had seen had no face, but seemed to have a soft glow. It was defintly trying to get my attention. I never went to sleep the rest of the night, leaving the light on and reading.  The next night, about the same time, I was awake and witnessed a small ball of light zipping around the room. This time I left the light off and watched the tiny orb for about fifteen seconds when it finally zipped out of the room.  I talked to certain family members later and found out that apparition that I had seen was probably my great grandmother. She had died in the same corner that my bed was sitting. In her later years, she began to lose her mind, and instead of putting her in a nursing home, the family decided to take care of her at home. They hired a male nurse to help and the night that I saw her, my uncle said she was probably looking for him. The incident disturbed me deeply and it was years before I could sleep well at night.  I am now married and live in another old house but this one seems to have no past to disturb me.


Ridgefield,New Jersey

By: Theartiste7@aol.com
There is a house on Hillside Avenue,a beautiful old Colonial with tall white posts
the posts reach up past the second floor.  As a child I lived there with my family
We were told the house was on the grounds of a plantation that reached down
to the railroad tracks.  Today the house has been cut down to a smaller house
and  the ground has been augmented to where there is just a little land on
either side of it,with a moderate front yard and tall hedges.  My father had
experienced when coming down the steps in the middle of the night, low
violin music coming from the huge living room /dining room area. He said he
could make out figures old-fashion ballroom attire dancing. Next time I see that h
house up for sale AGAIN, I just might buy it

My Uncle Spike

By: TabithaW@SafecoLandTitle.com

This is actually something that happened to my Mother...She used to be a
non-believer but this changed everything for her...
My Uncle Spike was my favorite Uncle. Me and my sisters just thought he was
the best! Ya know, he was the kind of Uncle that would empty out his pockets
when the ice cream man would come around and when I had a loose tooth he
would always make extra sure that I didn't feel it come out. Well, We all
got the shock of our lives on May 18, 2002. We got a phone call at about 11
o'clock at night. It was my grandma telling us that Spike had been killed in
a motorcycle accident. An oncoming car tried to pass another and hit him
head-on. His passions in life were his family and his bike. That is the way
he would have wanted to go. Even though this gave us a little comfort
knowing that he wouldn't have had it another way, We were still completely
devastated. He was involved in a motorcycle club so off and on throughout
the next year we went to benefits to help out other fallen Brothers and
their families, and to raise money to pay for the unexpected funeral. We
were on our way to his Brotherhood's Clubhouse in Clovis New Mexico and I
was driving my Dad's truck behind my Mom & my Dad...(Both were on bikes,
sort of a tribute to Spike)...My dad was riding alone and my youngest
sister, Olivia, was on the back of my Mom's bike. Olivia is the sort of 12
year-old that can't sit still...She wiggles and shifts her weight
constantly. And for any experienced rider, this can be sort of difficult to
handle. The more my sister moved, the more my Mom started to loose control
of the bike. She said she could feel the bike start to lay over and that she
could see she tires start to come out from under her. She kept thinking, "Oh
my god, I'm going to lay this bike over...Oh, no! Janie straighten up!"
Next, She said she heard someone's voice that sounded all too familiar. She
said she heard Spike whisper in her ear, "It's O.K. Baby, I gottcha. I won't
let anything happen to you." And the bike pulled straight up again like
nothing ever went wrong. Needless to say, My Mom was a little freaked. She
pulled over straight away...By the time I stopped and got to her, she was in
tears. She said, "He caught me and helped me up again, He didn't let me
fall". She was hysterical. Then she stopped and stared at the bike...I
swear, We could all feel his presence. She swore up and down that she could
see him sitting on the bike.
I know that he still watches over us all...
In memory of Spike...Last Ride May 18, 2002

My First Home

By: jreg3hac@yahoo.com

In 1999 my husband and I purchased our first home.  We
had two very small children at the time and soon found
out we were expecting our third.  We had purchased and
old Queen Anne Victorian.  It was very large and all
the homes around it were large as well.  We had looked
at many houses before we purchased the old home.  In
fact I drove past the home to go to work every day. I
had never considered buying it but always felt drawn
to it.  Things seemed fine.  I was alone in the home
when I heard what seemed to be a child laughing.  I
thought maybe my family had come home early but no one
was there.  One other time, I was in the cellar
getting clothes out of the dryer and heard a child
call Mommy but again I was alone when this occured and
none of the neighbors children were outside.  I was
lying in my bedroom with my eyes closed  and could
feel something like breath on me when I opened my
eyes nothing was there.  I have a cat who likes to go
outside at night and one evening my husband heard her
at the door.  He opened the door and let her in or so
he thought.  The next morning he saw our cat waiting
on the porch for us to let her in.  We searched the
entire home looking for the cat he had thought he let
in the previous evening and there was no animal to be
found. My daughter who was 3 and a half at the time,
would come into our bedroom complaining that the
little girl would keep her awake and would not stop
playing with the curtains. She would also complain
about the man who would whisper by her closet.  My
mother and I were hanging wallpaper in the family room
which was next to the dining room.  My mother was
facing the doorway to the dining area i had the door
to my side.  As we were hanging a portion of the paper
we both saw a figure move through the dining area and
into the kitchen.  My mother said oh good dan is home
he can help us hang.  I called to my husband and asked
if he had eaten lunch yet. I got no response.
Thinking he could not hear I went to the kitchen to
ask again.  He was not there.  I called thinking he
went upstairs and still no answer.  My mother and I
checked the whole house and looked outside for the
car.  No one was there but her and I!  It was a
strange feeling.  Sometimes lights would go on for no
reason.  We would hear someone climbing the steps. It
was a little unsettling but we no longer live in the
home, we are now building a brand new home.

My Account of a Haunting

By: aevalnocturne@earthlink.net

The “story” that follows is a true account of  an 11 year experience that I will never forget.
When I was 6 years old, my family moved into an old Victorian home in Pontiac, Michigan. The address was 340 N. Saginaw. The house still stands today,and has changed owners several times, but is in a state of disrepair.
The house had been built in 1892 by a Mr. Neusbaumer for himself , wife and children.My parents had purchased the home from Clara Neusbaumer, the last living daughter and heir.
I remember moving in that day, because even as a young child, I felt a sense of uneasiness.That feeling was soon to be validated.
At first, it was more of just an uneasy feeling throughout the whole house. Soon I discovered, however, that the feeling intensified while in my room. It was a large, 4 bedroom home, and us three girls all had the luxury of having a bedroom all to ourselves.Mine was in the back of the house, next to my parents room, and across the upstairs foyer from my other two sisters.
When alone in my room, I began to feel as though I were being watched. It is a universal,primitive feeling. I would be sitting at my desk doing homework, or just laying across my bed listening to my stereo, and I would feel it. I felt that a presence was emenating from one corner in my room, up at the ceiling. I had not seen or heard anything up until this point, but that was soon to change.
As I was alone in my room again one day after school, I heard a voice call my name.It was a male voice, and I had thought it was my father. I went out into the foyer to answer his call,but since he was not home from work yet, it could not have been him. I went back into my room, and soon heard the voice again. I say that I heard it, but it occurred to me several years after the fact, that I only “heard” it in my mind. A sort of telepathic communication, I think.
It wasn’t long before this voice became an everyday intrusion into my life. It would call my name repeatedly. It would assure me that it was ok, and for me not to be afraid.It also told me to come closer to the corner from where it was coming. I remember now, that I would be drawn to it, and would stand there transfixed, trancelike, staring at the corner.I never went close to it, call it instinct, fear, whatever, but I somehow knew better.
As I was staring at the corner one day, a huge void opened up in the corner. It was the blackest black I have ever seen.I saw nothing in the gaping hole, but it seemed to go on forever, and I would grow lightheaded and lost blocks of time staring into it. Now, I had told my younger sister all about this, but she never saw or felt anything… until we actually moved out of the house. But I will get to that later. I was afraid to tell my parents, and had been warned by the voice, that this was “our” secret, no need for me to tell.
The voice began to torment me, even at night, as I lie in my bed sleeping. I could feel it there in the dark, beckoning.It invaded my dreams, becoming ever more insistent that I succumb to it’s wish that I come into the void.It was angry at me, growling insults and obscenities, but I never would give in. Towards the end of our stay in that house, I began arguing back, telling it that I was stronger than it, and would not be overpowered. Strangely enough, over all those years, I had come to accept it’s presence as a normal part of life for me.No one ever saw or felt it but me. I had even confided in my best friend Shirley, who would frequently come for sleepovers.I think she slept with one eye on the corner.
The day we moved out, I experienced the most intense terror I will ever feel for the rest of my life. I was then 17. I was in my room, packing up a few last minute items. I felt the familiar goosebumps and tingling of my skin, as the hair on the back of my neck and arms stood up.The voice was at a fervored pitch now, threatening and cursing me.I turned around to face my enemy, stared into the blackness, and was mesmerized to see  the most evil eyes I had aver seen, come out of the darkness. I could see the whites of his eyes, and the center was like black coal. The hole began to turn, and I heard a deafening roaring sound, not unlike that of a huge waterfall in close proximity.
I dropped what I was doing, ran down the steps, and got into the family car. I left the rest of my things in that room, and never looked back.
I never heard or saw anything like that again. After we had moved out, my younger sister began having nightmares about something dark and heavy  chasing her in our old house. No coincidence, I think.
I still get the chills when I think about this. I assure you, this was real.

Marabella's in Warrington

By: ZJWOLFIES@aol.com

I had many experiences with the woman in Marabella's sometimes you would feel
a coldness which would go right through you bones.  Something you would never
feel again or have ever felt before.  the computers and the time clock would
go crazy just beeping off the wall.  footsteps were heard by one of the cooks,
who then looked upstairs and called a manager who told him that none was up
there or should be there.  he thought nothing of it so he went about his work
and again heard the footsteps and a dragging noise,  at that point he left the
building and waited for someone to come in. no one

Many Haunted Places in Greenfield Indiana.

By: PURRrrRRP@aol.com
My friends and I love to get frightened, so we spend alot of our time investigating creepy looking places, and alot of strange things have happened to us.
-There is a haunted church off of Davis Road.  Sometimes at night you can see little children playing together outside.
-There used to be a busy railroad in Greenfield, but has long been deserted.  The tracks have been removed, but you can still see where they once lay.  There has been reports of sightings of a man that got killed on the old railroad tracks.
-There is a cemetery in Shelby County by the name of Gilboa Cemetery.  This place is very haunted.  The ground is always fresh and lumpy and full of flies.  I have heard voices of a man and boy talking in the field next to it.  There was clearly nobody there.  There are a line of graves of little babies that died on the same day only years apart.  There are about five of them.  There were also baby food jars lined up across them with some strange goo inside.  the next day when i returned, the jars were broken.  There was a huge tree that seemed to have grown overnight and got hit by lightning.  It is very creepy looking.  Whatever you do, keep the gates shut! you can feel the evil telling you to leave.  I recommend not going in at night!!!!
-I have heard of a Gypse graveyard somewhere before you get to Fortville.  There is a graveyard on a curve of the road.  there are fingers on the graves pointing to s trail into a field.  through the field is the gypse graveyard.  I have not seen it, but i know people who say they have been.  when i tried to go through the field and into the woods, i got attacked by june bugs, and left.  There are sparkles on the dirt by all of the graves.
-There are a few haunted old buildings around the downtown area, but I'm not sure how to describe them.
-There was an old abandoned apartment building off of Gem Rd. and 40, that was torn down recently.  But I walked inside of the door and heard someone moaning.
-there is an old cemetery next to an old abandoned school on the back roads of shelby county.  there is a gravestone of a little boy.  if you sit very quiet, you can her him reciting "now i lay me down to sleep"

Ghost in Greenville SC

By: ffemtp322@yahoo.com

We have a resident ghost at Wade Hampton Fire Dept. in Greenville, SC.  His name is "Bun" and has been seen by quite as few people over the years.  The older guys said that they were told that he had been murdered and his body was discovered in a house fire.  There are many stories about noises(doors opening,water fountain coming on etc.) and sightings.  One paramedic even claimed that he had a person hovering over him in the evening.   A county ambulance got stationed there in the 1970's and his sightings became less frequent.

Brandenburg Kentucky

By: tcbagley@comcast.net


I was looking on your site and noticed that you had the date for the Tornado of 1974 wrong.  It wasn’t in May it was April 3, 1974.  I went to Meade County High School and I knew of the history.  I will tell you one of my stories that happened while going to school there.
I was in band thru high school.  When we went to competitions for marching band, we usually got back late on Saturday nights.  No one would be at the high school except the band students that went to the competition.  One of these occasions, a friend of mine and I where the first ones off the bus to go upstairs.  A lot of the time, we wasn’t the first people but for some reason we where this time.  No one had gone up before us and we where turning on the lights while heading up to get ready to head home after everything was unloaded and put away.  Also, normally there where four bus’s of students and on this night, we rode the first bus and the other three where stopped at a light and hadn’t caught up to us yet.
Heading up the stairs we where talking and we had to go to our lockers to get some books to take home for weekend homework we both had.  We just was quiet walking down the hallway when out of no where we started to hear lockers slamming shut and toilets flushing in the boys bathroom.  I started to feel very cold and she just looked at me and goes “do you feel that”.  Both of our lockers where in the same roll which was beside the boys bathroom.  After hearing the noises, both of us decided to go back to the band room and wait until everyone else started to come up.  After more people got up there, we went to our lockers and got what we needed.  That time it was quiet except for people talking.
Another story of mine is about the gym.  Over the years and after all the stories were out, no one ever said anything else about the history of what happened that day.  My mom has told me about it but if you go back and pull up the old papers, you hardly get the full picture of what happened to Brandenburg that day.  She told me that all the bodies had to be set on the bleachers in order for them to all fit.
No matter when it was, when I walked into that gym, it was always so very cold.  Even with the heat on, that place would never warm up.  Some places in that gym was even colder then some but it seemed to be like walking into a walk in freezer.  I never did hear a story about anyone experiences in there.
I know they redone the gym after I graduated in 1994.  Most of the entire building has been redone.  The band room no longer has the windows in which stayed in the story about the tuba ghost.  Other wings also have been added.  It looks like a totally different school now then what it was when I went there.

Double murder @ University... in D.C.

By: flamethestars@hotmail.com

My bestfriend, Eric, was murdered at his college, in Washington DC, three
years ago. He was a freshman and was only at the college for a couple of
weeks. I was a sophomore in high school at the time. It was a truly
devasting time for me, especially when we all thought he was murdered
because of his homosexuality. Later, we found out that the only reason for
his death was money. His murderer was desperate to gain access into porn
sites on the internet and purchase baby clothes. Eric was an easy victim
because he had a mild case of cerebal palsy even though he was very
intellectual. Several months later, another boy was murdered for the same
reason... by the same killer. Now the killer is serving double life
sentences in jail.
Anyway, the night I found out.. I missed several classes and went home
immediately [I attended a boarding school and my home was like, 3 hours
away]. I cried all day. Also cried myself to sleep. I woke up because I felt
somebody rubbing my back. I wasn't imagining it at all because whoever was
rubbing my back didn't stop after I woke up. I rolled away because I was
feeling annoyed. I WAS TIRED, of course, from crying so much. I calmly told
myself it was my mom. She must have heard me and got up to console me, so I
just went back to sleep.
You know when somebody sits at the edge of your bed, it would bend down a
little? I felt somebody moving, as if someone was getting up.. and felt the
corner of the bed settle back into place.. so I looked from under the covers
[I tend to bury myself under the covers.. amazing how I'm able to breathe
with all the layers of blankets on me] and saw him. It was truly amazing. It
was as if I was seeing him in person again.. he was wearing a t-shirt with
his college's name on it, but part of his head was covered in blood [he was
beaten to death with a metal folding chair and a bat]. It was kind of
bothersome, but it didn't really strike me at the moment because all I cared
about was seeing him again.
[I talked to him online just two days prior his death.. I was going to walk
into town with some friends. His last message was 'Please be careful in town
after dark, luv ya']
Anyway, I didn't think he would say anything to me because in most cases,
ghosts usually don't talk.. they just appear and then disappear without
saying a word or two, right? Well he said something like, 'ALWAYS look after
yourself, no matter what... no matter where you go.. I'll be there'
Stupidly, I didn't say anything, just stared at him.. I was in extreme
shock. The back-rubbings continued for a short while then it all stopped.
To make sure I wasn't seeing things, I asked my mom the next morning if she
had went into my room at all during the previous night. She gave me a
strange, but concerned look and said she hadn't. She slept like a rock. Can
we say, creepy? I saw him again the next night... but never again after
that. I just wish I could see him again.

Dibble/Blanchard, OK USA

By: DevilsWayOut@aol.com
  I lived in the said area for at least 7 or 8 years. At first the place I lived, located on Buffalo Creek Road, seemed normal. I knew of the previous owner's husband and how he died. It was due to a tumour in his brain, which happened while he was still building on the trailer. The first few years went by without anything occuring. Around four years ago strange things began occuring. One night my brother, a few friends, and I were sitting in my house. The room started getting very cold, unexplained rushes of wind went by us. I started hearing flies, but could not see any. My friend asked if there was anyone else in the house. I asked why. He said that he saw someone's reflection from my hallway casted on a mirror facing that direction. When we got up to the mirror one of my friend's shirt began to glow eeriely. Needless to say, we were very spooked. I asked for us to leave my house and go to neighboring Norman. When we went outside we could see red lights flashing in the trees (which happened more and more frequently, until we moved last September). I ran inside my house, hastily put on a pair of shoes, and fled my house at three in the morning. From then on I felt something in my house and could feel abnormal things everywhere in that area when I went outside. It came to head one night when I woke up in a cold sweat. It felt as though something was standing on my chest. It was apparently a night terror of some kind, which has not occured since leaving my old house. I could see the shadows in my room changing, as if they were moving. From then on I have slept with my lights on. It isn't just my old house that is odd in that area. A place known as hippie village was supposedly an abandoned commune that is now a haven for devil-worshippers. Everyone I know gets a bad feeling when entering the rural parts of this area and into the town of Dibble itself. The school of Dibble loses an average of one student every three years or so to some kind of death. The whole area would be worth looking into if I were a paranormal investigator, which one day I hope to do some of. I am looking forward to visiting Bunnyman Bridge in Virginia when I get the chance to move there. I am also going to look into Sacred Heart Cemetary which is located in Oklahoma somewhere. Before the incidents I described I was a cynical skeptic at best, but now I am much more ready to believe. Thanks for listening.



 My name is Drew, and in late August in 1966, two friends of mine Dan and Tom asked me to go with them to a party on the beach at Lake Michigan. I was about 15 years old at that time. Ghost stories were being told around the campfire by almost everyone their, most of which I had already heard.
As the night went on a young girl about 17 years old started telling a story about a family of Doctor's with the last name of Blood. It was out on Round Lake Rd near Dewitt, MI, about 100 miles from the beach party, but only 20 miles from my home in Lansing. The Bloods had a lot of land where the whole family lived. The most interesting part was that they had a private graveyard on the property and that the whole area was haunted.  She said that she saw gravestones that dated back to1800.
On their prom night she and some of her friends decided to go out to the Cemetery.  They looked around at the headstones for a while. As it started to get dark the fog hung thick, and a full moon was rising so they started trying to scare each other. Then the young girls' prom date decided to go into Dr. Blood's house because he thought no one lived there any longer. They waited about an hour or so, and when he didn't return they got scared and headed for the Dewitt police department. When they went in to tell the police, the officer on duty said "don't you kids know any better, old Dr. Blood lives out there and he doesn't like anyone trespassing on his property". He also went onto say that he thought "Dr. Blood was harmless and he's in his 80's" so, he didn't think there would be any problem.  They all returned to the property, but to everyone's shock when they got back, the whole house were ablaze.  The fire department was called, but in vane, because the house burnt to the ground.  The next day there was a search party, but the only thing that was found in the rubble were the remains of the young man that had gone into the house the night before. The paper reported that his hands and feet had been bound. Dr. Blood's remains were never found.
One of the searchers that afternoon found a freshly dug grave, when they unearthed it, a pine coffin was found. Upon opening it, they found the body of Mrs. Blood. She was dressed in a red gown, with her arms; legs and head cut off. There had been no coroner's report of a body being buried there, or any police report of any murder.
 The girl at the campfire that night said that the ghost of Dr Blood; to this day roams the cemetery at night, with a shotgun in one hand, and an ax in the other.
That night was the last time I ever heard or saw the young girl who first told me about Blood Cemetery, but it wouldn't be my last experience with the Blood family.
My Story
After I returned from Lake Michigan, I told some of my friends the story I had heard, some told me there own stories, about how they had been scared out at the cemetery. Mark said he had seen a ghost of an old man wandering the graveyard as if he was lost.  Another friend said that he saw an apparition of an elderly man carrying a body and it appeared to be headless and armless.
Another 2 years would go by, before I got the nerve to visit this so-called haunted Cemetery. You see I never quite believed these "ghost stories", until I saw the most BLOOD CHILLING things myself.
The first time I went there was with Dan and JC.  It was a steamy hot July night. The moon was big and full and it lit up the night sky as if it were daylight, the fog was drifting over the Cemetery as it rolled in from the lake. The feeling in the air was electrifying.
At the entrance to the Cemetery were two old rusted iron gates, and hanging above was a sign saying Blood Cemetery. By the light of the moon you could see the old grave stones. Some had been toppled over, and some were broken.  The weeds were about knee high. There was a smell of jasmine in the air.
After looking around for a few minutes, I decided to scare the two of them. I had taken one of my mother's old white nightgowns and I hung it from a fence post when I was sure they weren't looking. There was a slight breeze in the air that night and I thought it would look like it was floating in the breeze. Just as I was about to put my plan into action, I heard JC scream. Dan and I went running over, he told us that he had seen a woman's figure in a long red gown. He said that she appeared to be headless and armless, and was coming right toward him, when she disappeared into thin air.  I thought that he had seen the gown I had hung on the post. I took Dan and JC over to see where I had hung the old nightgown, and surely what JC had saw was my little joke, but when we got there the gown was gone.
Feeling a little spooked from what JC had thought he'd seen we started our way out of the Cemetery to leave. On our way out I said to Dan, who was quit a bit taller that me, pull the sign down, and we'll take it home with us.
Our night at Blood Cemetery was pretty uneventful, except for the woman in the red gown. We went back to Dan's farmhouse, where he lived with his Mom, Dad, 2 brothers, and 3 sisters.  It was late when we got there, so the 3 of us went to bed, after putting the sign on top of Dan's dresser. The next morning when we got up we had breakfast and got cleaned up, Dan told his father about the sign we took the night before. With instant anger, his father demanded to see the sign. But this task proved not to be so easy, because when we went to the bedroom to get it, IT WAS GONE. Dan questioned his brothers and sisters, and they all swore they hadn't seen it, let alone take it.
After a couple of day's, of looking we were sure that Dan's brothers and sister's had nothing to do with the missing sign. We drove back out to Round Lake. When we got to the Cemetery, there it was hanging above the old rusty gates was the sign we had taken two nights before, looking like it had never been disturbed.
Several more years had gone by, when I ran into some friends at a restaurant, on Halloween night. They talked me into going out there again. (After all it was HALLOWEEN) When we got there the weeds were about chest high and the fences were falling down. One of the guys in the group called us over; he was shining his flashlight on a headstone. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. There lying over the grave was a large piece of glass about 6 feet long, and about 2 feet deep, incased in it were a dozen long stem roses imbedded in the center.
Just about that time we heard a shotgun blast. We ran back to our vehicles, and the right side of Dan's car had been shot, and the windows had been shattered. Needless to say we got the hell out of there. With people seeing ghosts, hearing things, and the car being shot up. I swore I would NEVER go back out there again. But I've learned you should (NEVER SAY, NEVER.)
When I was about 26 or 27 years old, I was riding with some motorcycle enthusiasts. It was a beautiful June day; the skies were blue and clear. It was hot, but who cares when you're on your bike. My girl friend Chris rode with me on the back of my bike. She had heard so many stories about the Blood family, she decided to bring a camera with her. We looked around at the rundown graveyard, and Chris was taking pictures, after a few hours we decided to leave, and all of us started down Round Lake Rd. We were about 150 yards from the Cemetery and Chris and I hit a snapping turtle. The bike went out of control and we crashed into a tree. I suffered only minor injuries, but Chris had broken her back, and was paralyzed from the waist down. She was able to walk again after a couple of years, with the aid of crutches. (The curse of Blood Cemetery had struck again)
I've since heard lots of stories since our terrible accident.
In 1989, 2 high school girls were out to have some fun on Halloween night. The news reported that their car went out of control about a 1/4 of a mile from the Cemetery. Their car plunged into Round Lake and they (both drowned.)
The County has now put up hurricane fence around the Cemetery, with razor wire strung along the top.
And I've learned that at least 4 or 5 Blood son's from each generation have become Doctor's for the last 150 years.
And a couple of years ago, Lansing named one of their Halloween haunted house's after Blood Cemetery.
If you're ever out on Round Lake Rd, and you see a full moon rising, DON'T visit Blood Cemetery.


By: blondeclover188@yahoo.com

I have been followed by ghost my whole life.  It has never really bothered me.  I love making contact with ghost, I'm happy to have found you website.
I have a few true stories, I'm not sure but you probally believe that ghost can move things...well ghost have always made contact with me though balloons.  You may think the first time you read this that I'm crazy but it is true!  When I was younger I woke up because I was freezing,  and a balloon was coming closer and closer to me, I did not have a fan of anything and it was coming towards me.  Well like I said I was younger so I had my parents take it out of my room.  I woke up earlier that morning, before my parents did, and the balloon was banging on the door.
Another time I woke up because I heard something but I didn't think anything of it.  I couldn't go back to sleep after that so I just stared at the wall, then I heard the sound again so I looked at the TV and there was a blury figure so I sat up, the blury figure turned around and floated towards the do.  When it got closer to me I could see it more clearly, it look like it was wearing hunting clothes, then it went though the door.

A story from My Birthplace~England

By: steinn@frontiernet.net

I will try not to take up too much space. I will condense a compilation of stories that my parents and siblings have told me since I can remember. These stories used to bring tears to my eyes, and I am so very glad I was not a part of it. Around 1974, in Lakenheath, England, my parents and two brothers and sister lived in a very old three story stacked home that is very common of the United Kingdom. There was a basement, a first floor, 2nd, and third floor. My sister was about 11 or twelve, my brothers were 10 and 7. My father was a no-nonsense individual, Military and stern. My mother was a military wife, and a little more believing in such things. A few things that can be presented quickly are the sounds that were heard from the kitchen on the first floor. No onw culd describe these sounds, just that they were awful. The dog would never go into the kitchen, nor would she ever travel up the stairs. My brother went into the bathroom on the second floor one night and thought my father was standing in the doorway in the moonlight, as my brother saw the moonlight glinting off of my dads glasses. He said, "Dad?", and the image turned away. He knew it turned away because the glasses turned away to one side and were gone. This same brother would park his matchbox cars all along the wall everynight at bed time. He was repetedly woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of his cars rolling across the floor. my parents would hear it also and come up to the third floor where the boys room was, and yell at my brother to go to bed. he would get cought out of bed pushing the cars back against the wall, so as not to get into trouble the next morning and would get caught out of bed. needless to say, her startrd putting the cars back in the morning. he also woke up in bed facing the lighted hallway and said the hallway went on "forever". it was lined with doors. he remembers seeing all the doorknobs sticking out, but one of them was turning, he hid under the covers, and waited till morning. My youngest brother wouldn't even go to the bathroom, he would chance a beating and just pee over the railing. My sister was going up the stairs to bed one nigh, behind my brothers and father, and they all heard heavy breathing and stomping coming up the stairs behind her. (this is when they all finally confessed to eachother that these things were happening.) One evening, my parents had just come home with the kids. my sibs and mom went to watch tv in the frontroom. my dad went into the kitchen to fix some tea. now, my dad is a "bathroom specialist." don't go in there when he's fixing to go in for a "while." he told my mom this, not to go in there, he was goin' in there, and started making his tea. out of the corner of his eye, he saw my mother, dressed in her white turtleneck dress and dark hair up in a bun,(what she was wearing that evening) go past the kitchen doorway and into the bathroom. he walks into the frontroom ready to be all mad, and there sat my mother. he asked her why had she gone in there, when he asked her not to? before she could answer, he realized that there is no entrance to the bathroom in that direction, and said "never mind." the back door would be deadbolted every night, and every morning be sitting wide open. my brothers had to go down to the basement to get a bucket of coal for the stove. you had to shut the light off down there and come up the stairs in the dark. they would do this chore, shut the door, and go put the coal in the stove. my father would go into the kitchen later that night, and find the door to the basement open, and the light on. he would yell for the boys to do the job right. they would go back down, get the light, run up stairs, and shut the door, several times. my father would find it again, yell again, and this time watch the boys do it right and go to bed. later, he found that door open, light on, and never said another word. my mom always felt something standing over her bed at night, dad never slept w/ his back to the door, mom always felt cold and smell sickening sweet perfume in the bedroom. she would tell IT to "go away, you bother us at night, leave me alone during the day!" it would obey, only to torment them with the turning off and on of the lights in the middle of the night. the big heavy cinderblock-like door jam that held the bedroom door open would slide across the room when mom & dad turned in almost every night. eventually, they all sat down and told each other what was going on and decided to move out. they told the land lord that something was wrong with his house, and he said, "yeah, I know, the neighbor lady has a burnt little girl walking around her kitchen at night. she heard it crying and told it to show itself one night, and it did." needless to say, my family moved away.

A Nice Haunting

By: wdbd87219@aol.com

well I am experiencing a haunting now but it seems protective and humorous at times. Both my daughter and myself seem to garnish the attention now. It saved our home from fire when my husband fell asleep cooking- it woke me with a "Get up now" voice in my head and I was able to turn everything off and we- kid and I- have heard footsteps in our attic, my brother who lives downstairs hears children's foot prints al thru the basement and upper floor in the middle of night and when all other neighborhood kids are gone for the day. My daughter (2years old) watches and or now talks to people on ceilings and empty areas and recently we had a conversation where I heard a "well hello there" and saw her shyly waving at space................ I feel watched constantly and also have had t.v remotes turn channels when no one has touched them........ No pictures have caught anything but I will continue......You should talk to Royer mansion here in williamsburg, Pa (blair county) they have a very active haunting which I study every year.

Voices in the Bathroom



Travelling Ghosts

By: tlhendricks15@yahoo.com

For close to 13 years our ghosts have grown in
numbers...And the odd things is that when we move,
they move with us!  The first was a young girl that we
would briefly see in a long nightgown.  The next that
I can remember was an old woman...we believe it was an
old woman because we would feel a cold draft then
smell this "old lady" perfume after the cold came.
Then the prankster appeared.  Things would turn up
missing and we would find them later usually in the
back of the closet in a pocket of some old
clothes...$1100.00 came up missing once and a message
on the tv appeared  "Who nds a $$$$$  HAHAHAHAHA"  The
money never did show back up.  Our 21/2 year old
granddaughter was playing in the kitchen for a long
time.  She was talking and laughing.  We assumed with
imaginary friends.  Then she came and asked us what a
dead baby was...She said her friends in the kitchen
said she was going to be a dead baby just like them.
When she told us the names of the babies in the
kitchen they were the names picked out for her brother
and sister who died before they were born and she
never knew them or about them...She wouldn't play with
them after that. There was an old man in a fedora.
Another lady who sang.  The mean one that pushed
people down the stairs.  The old hag was another.  In
3 different houses every 4th of July the A/c would
break while we were away and all the ceiling fans
would be reversed so that when they were turned on
they turned the other direction.  There are many
stories about these "guests", and probably some guests
that I am forgetting.  What I don't understand is that
when we move, they move with us.  It's like they
invite their friends over and they come and stay.
Each has a distinct personality.  Needless to say, it
is hard to keep pets in our home.....the dogs and cats
keep running away!  If you have any insight as to why
they follow us I would appreciate it.  It's hardly
ever a dull night around our house!

Very Strange House

By: Darren Scott [drrsct@optonline.net]

My name is Megynne Scott, if you want to contact me about this story. Please email me at  drrsct@optonline.net .   Thank you.
This story is a little long, but very worth reading. It is very scary and very true!!! So here it is!
I live in NJ, when I was younger I had always heard about a haunted house. My mother would never tell me where it was. One day about 4 years ago. A friend of my mother's was visiting and I showed up and she happened to be talking about the haunted house.. I asked her where it was, my mother looked at her and smiled.. Now mind you I was 27 years old at the time. So she told me just a couple of stories and then she told me where the house was.
The story she told me was there was a lady ghost she had been seen in the front bedroom window. She knew the people that lived in the house. So I decided to check it out. When I got there I did see the lady in the window; I got out of my car and walked around the house. It looked abandoned except for the livingroom it had a sectional couch. I got in my car and started to leave and I had a bad feeling so I started to drive away and a black cat crossed my path.. I thought, "well this cannot be a good sign".
So the next day I was talking to my mom's friend about the house. I had an irresistible feeling to go back to the house, but I did not until 2 weeks later. At the time I was pregnant and was going to have an ultrasound that day. I had the ultrasound and everything was going great.
2 weeks later, I called my mom's friend and I asked her if she would go with me to the house because I wanted to take pictures. She said OK. So she went one way I went another. We met in front of the house. When we got out of the car I noticed that there was someone living there. I discussed with her that I wanted to go into the house, she was not to happy about that.
So I knocked on the door and a young man about (late 20's early 30's) answered the door. I explained to him that there is a legend about the house being haunted and I wanted to know if it was OK if I took some pictures. He looked at me and said one minute. Another man came to the door he looked a little older than the other man. Again I explained the legend of the haunted house, remember I was only told about a woman in the bedroom window and about the ghost did not like dogs.
So the man asked us if we wanted to come into the house for a tour. Of course I said yes! So we went into the house, we walked through the parlor, passed the kitchen and dinigroom and into the livingroom. There was kitchen appliances but no diningroom table and nothing in the parlour. When we got into the livingroom, there was the sectional couch, across the way was a tv up against the wall. Behind the couch was stairs for upstairs. The kitchen appliances were not there 2 weks before, neither was the TV.
This is where is gets scary!!!
So I again was talking to him about what I knew, and I started to think about the dog situation and then I heard a dog walking up stairs. I told this man about the dog situation and I asked him if he had a dog he just smirked and said "yes Max".
Then we standing there talking, he was saying that he had not heard anything and that everything was fine. I then asked him when he moved in, he said many, many year’s ago.. I just thought, there was no way he moved in many many years ago. It just did not look like he lived there for years. Then he told me "I put boxes in the basement where no one goes!" I said OK?? I did not understand why he said that.
So he asked us if we wanted to go upstairs. We said yes. As I was walking up the stairs I had a feeling of a dead body underneath the stairs. If anyone had a reading from me, should know I have a gift.
So we went up stairs, ended up in a hallway. Was a short hallway there was a closet on the top of the stairs and there was a large aquarium with a lizard in it. The light in the hallway had no cover on it, so it was very bright. To the right was (the bedroom) that the ghost is suppose to be in, to the left was another bedroom and at the end of the hall was a bathroom.
We went into the bedroom to the Right and it was freezing and there was a breeze going around the room. This was in June. There was no a/c and no windows were open. I left that room and looked into the other bedroom and then the bathroom and found nothing else.. Not even the dog we heard!
As we were standing in the hallway talking I noticed that the man's eyes were dilated and that my reflection and my friends reflection were in the aquarium but his was not.. He was standing next to me in front of the aquarium. We went downstairs because I just had a bad feeling.
My friend pulled me to the side and said when she was coming down the road, she saw a woman in the bathroom. She said she was wearing a white dress.. There was no woman in the house.
I noticed when we got to the livingroom that the man that answered the door was still sitting on the couch and had not moved. Almost like he was frightened.
We started to talk again and we started to hear someone stomping on the floor. We actually screamed the man just smirked.. The other man just sat there with no expression.
So as we were going to leave I asked him if we could take some pictures, he said yes but only of the outside and not of him or his friend. I agreed. So I took a couple of pictures from the outside and I got a picture of 2 red eyes staring out from the doorway. Then the man asked if he could take a picture of us, we said ok!! Stupid us!!!!
We went back to the house and discussed what we had seen and heard. My friend decided to call her friend that lived in the house for 3 weeks!
She told her what we had done, she was very angry that we went to the house.. I started to talk to her to find out why she was so mad. She had told us the other stories of that house.
She said that her and her husband and 2 kids lived there for 3 weeks and would never go back there again!!
She said that knifes were thrown across the room, crucifixes would be turned upside down, she explained that her daughter's bedroom was the one with the ghost and that her daughter had a figurine of a dog and every morning the dog would be in the hallway.
She also told me that there was a place in the basement that no one would go to.. It was a hole in the floor that had no bottom. First she threw in little rocks, then sticks then rocks that are bigger than your hand, she says they never hit bottom.. One time she was doing laundry in the basement and some weird smoke stuff was coming out of there, she got a very creepy feeling and would not go back into the basement, she said she did laundry at the laundry mat.
She also told me about a party that she had everyone was outside near the lake, she was inside and she decided to take a picture of everyone, when she got the picture back she said that there was a horrible face in the reflection in the glass.
She explained to me the reason they finally moved out. Her and her kids were sleeping on the sectional couch that she had and her husband was eating dinner-watching TV.. Behind the TV was a mirrored wall.. So he was going to take a bite of his pizza and looked up and in the mirror standing on the stairs behind him was what looked like a woman wearing a white dress she turned and looked at him and she had horns coming out of her head. He freaked grabbed the kids and ran them out to the vehicle and then woke up his wife and told her not to look into the mirror behind the TV, she asked why.. He said, "just don't" she noticed he was very scared and serious so she agreed. He picked her up and she stated that she had all she could do for her neck not to break. This thing was making her look at it!!! So she looked and then screamed!!!!!
They went to a family member’s house for the night. The next day they went back to the house to move out. They were arguing about who was going in first.. Someone heard the argument and called the police..
The police arrived and they explained what had happened the night before and of course the officer did not believe them.. So he said he would go check out the house to prove that there was nothing there. After about 10-15 minutes, the officer came out of the house:
He was white as a ghost, shaking very badly and he had his gun drawn!!! He looked at them, did not say a word and left!!!!
So they decided to leave their stuff there and that was that.. The couch that I saw when I went into the house was the same couch that they were on when they saw this thing.
2 weeks after I went into the house, I had to have a D&C because my baby was gone!! I had everything else there that a fetus could live, but the baby was gone.. I asked the Dr. how is that possible to have all of the important things available and not have a baby.. Especially when just a couple of weeks before that I had an ultrasound and everything were great?? He said he had no explanation..
I spoke to someone that is a paranormal investigator; She told me that was not a ghost but a phenomenon demon..

The Palm Beacher

By: StReSsLeSsGrrl@aol.com

I recently came to your site and saw that in Palm Beach Island you have one called witch's road..... I've never heard of it.... I have heard of Witch's Wall which is a wall of coral rock with a road carved through it. There is a cage door on the wall used now for some sort of well pump or spicket. I'm a Palm Beach native and I was told that the witch used to have a shack up on top of the wall on the side the cage is on and she used to hunt little children and lock them in the cage till they were dead and use them for spells and enchantments. From what I've heard, if you touch the cage you set a spirit free. But whenever I've went there the cops always stopped and gave us crap. I, also, went to the Flagler Mansion and saw a women's aparition in early 1900 clothing walking through the main hall back in hmmm, 1988. I went there on a school field trip. Also, the Breakers Hotel on Palm Beach Island is haunted.... built by Henry Flagler, the exclusive luxury hotel has burned down twice in the early 1900s. First in 1903 then12 years after Flagler died it burned again in 1925. I don't know much else about the Breakers other then it's said to be haunted.
Anyhow, there's my two sense. I love your site and will think of you if I discover any others you don't have listed.

The Lady in the Closet

By: kitsune_spirit_within@yahoo.com

My parents are generally quite skeptical about this kind of stuff, but even they have to admit that something happened here.
Anyway, in about 1995, when I was four, we had been living in a house in Maine for about a year. I came running into the kitchen to my grandmother, who lives with us, laughing gaily and saying something about "the lady in the closet". Now, by this age I was reading chapter books and was quite conversational, so upon closer interrogation I told them that there was a lady wearing a dark dress, who was in my closet, making me laugh. My father dismissed it as my overactive imagination.
Some weeks later, my older cousin Michael(also living with us at the time) and my father were sitting down in the living room watching television when they heard what sounded like a woman hacking and coughing; the noise came from my grandparents' room. They went running, thinking it was my asthmatic grandmother, but when they arrived nothing was wrong. My grandmother was sleeping peacefully, and my grandfather was sitting on the bed next to her. He insisted that she had never made a noise, and that he hadn't heard anyone coughing.
Yet later, my grandmother was completely alone in the house-- the other members of the family were away at work, school, errands, etc. She was cooking something, and heard a female voice say her name loudly. "Rose." She was spooked, but ignored it and turned on music to keep her company. Again, it spoke, louder this time, by her ear. And there was nobody in the house.
A couple months later, Michael, who was a teenager at the time, walked into the kitchen for a glass of water. He saw a woman with dark hair who appeared to be my mother at the counter, chopping vegetables with a sharp knife. He thought it was odd that she was wearing so much black on such a hot day, but greeted her. "Hey, Aunt Virgie." She didn't turn around or acknoledge he had spoken. He turned around to get the water out of the fridge, but when he turned back there was no one there. No woman, no vegetables, no knife.
Michael also had another encounter with whatever it was. He was excersizing downstairs in the basement, and suddenly the room was ice cold and he was a flash of white by the door. It lingered for a while before disappearing. Freaked out, he went upstairs.
We thought it may have been one of my ancestors from the Phillipines. It looked a lot like my mother, and seemed to like me.
Between 1994 and 2000, we had a couple more incedents involving the lady. We moved out of the house in 2000. Nothing really has happened since.

Im not crazy, I just believe...

By: kw_tristate@hotmail.com

At 17 I lived in this house in a smaller suburb town outside of Detroit. I grew up in the town next to this one, but at 17 I decided to live with friends here and there.
At one point, my best friend (no longer with us). Had talked some other friends into letting me stay at their place. It was this old house in the middle of this old neighborhood, you know the one neighborhood in a town that has the oldest houses, built in the early 1900's.
This house had been separated into three apartments.  Let me give you a visual because it helps in my story.
Its a old house with one of those wrap around porches, but vision a more square shaped house. The porch ran down one side, then down the other like a right angle.
The steps were at the corner of the porch in the front, like at the point of a right angle. The left went just accross the front and the right went into a breezeway.
The friends apartment I stayed at was at the end of the breezeway. A second apartment was to the left of the door where I stayed, also in the breezeway. However the breezeway did not have a door of any sort on it. It was more or less a wind blocker.
So first, the night I moved in, the people I stayed with told me stories of the house being haunted. And that the two bottom apartments where the worst off. I believed them because I had previous ghost incounters, I believe in ghost and once they told me as usual my eyes got watery, and tears dripped down my face, and I got the chills (on a hot summer night). This usually happens and has always happened since I was little, whenever I felt I was by a supernatural, or was incountered by one, or even felt that a story was the truth for instance, if someone tells me a story about a ghost, if I get teary watery eyes and chills, I believe them, but if I dont, I dont think it is the truth. (Ill give you another example at the end of my story)
So they started telling me about how they were sitting on the couch watching TV on late night and the girl saw a guy walk into the kitchen from the wall. She got spooked, and quietly told her boyfriend what she thought she saw. They both just sat frozen and stared into the dark kitchen lit up only by the TV. Then they heard a scratch on the wall, like long nails running down a chalkboard. By then they were freaked out. Then the TV flickered with static and it then shut off, leaving them in the dark.
They finished this story and I had the wetest cheeks like Id been crying for hours. They asked what was wrong and I said, I believe you. Thats why I have these watery eyes, I get nervous.
So they said just be careful when we arent here, theres something going on with this house. But they never told me any other stories, probably because of my eyes watering probably made them feel that I wouldnt handle the rest.
So the people who lived next door, were also friends. A few nights later I asked her what ghosts she has seen. She said oh did they tell you what happened to them recently? I said yeah, but they didnt tell me anything else.
So she went on to tell me that after they all had different situations they had gone to the public library and city hall for any public information about the house. They even talked to an older lady one night who lived near by for many years. They came up with a lot of broken stories but all agreed that the most stories they heard was of something that happened in the house back in the late 1920s. (the house/ neighborhood -most houses- were builted in the early 1920s.) They were told, and she repeated this to me, that the reason the house was the only house in the neighborhood that was separated into apartments was because they couldnt get rid of it to sellers.
The story was that long ago in the late 1920s, a teenage boy and his mother lived there. The father left for military work. The boy believed in witch craft and demons. The mother couldnt control this believe. She was a God believeing lady and tried all the time to help her son believe in good not evil. Without the father to help control it, it got out of hand.  One night the boy had murdered his mother and then took his own life. In the basement of the home.
The basement door was in the apt. next to the one I stayed in, the one where the girl was telling me this. She said when she moved in it was nailed shut and painted over. They didnt even know it was a basement door until they figured out the space between the two apartments seemed off. The only reason they even thought of it is because of the things that go on in her apartment.
Every night they have their nightly nail scratching up and down the wall , where the stairs would be. It lasts about 10 minutes. Then they have the lights flicker, the Tv turns off, then they turn it on and it turns off etc. The water runs in the bathroom. And silverware rattles in the kitchen drawer.
After she told me this, once again my eyes had poured out more tears than the other days story did. I knew something really wasnt right at this house. I was worried but I know ghosts do what they do because they are mad, lonely, or mischevious. They dont understand what their purpose is. So they play games.
Then I said well, what else has happened here, what are joe* and mary* not telling me?
She said well, we got the door open to the basement. I just stared at her and waited for what was next. She then told me they went in the basement which was a very low ceiling dungen type michigan basement. Dirt floors, and lots of rock formed walls, and one little window damaged, but barely any light since it was placed under the porch in front. She said there were wolf spiders all over, along with all other bugs and spiders in michigan. Cetipedes and millipedes, roaches, curly bugs. Basicly your everyday garden bug collection.
She then went on to tell me about the stuff down there, a tall dressing mirror. Which as far as they all swear to death, cracked as soon as they found it, all by its self, they uncovered the dust wiped it off a bit and went to move on to the next item and the mirror cracked and shattered to the floor. This spooked the girls who ran half back up the old rotting steps. But the guys, they braved it out and looked through the old storage box and the crate. In the crate was just old papers, actually dated from 1923 I think, (they did turn these into the city for obversation and preservation) but then in the old suit case looking storage box was books and a sock doll of some sort but dressed in a black dress, and it had no eyes. Very old, missing arm and I think she said it was just totally showing its age with tears and mold and the fell of wet. Then they started looking through the books. Obviously just left in the basement because they were thought to be just old books , the land lord who nailed the door shut later said; when confronted with knowing something was up with the house, he said I left them because they seemed like they belonged down there. Then he yelled at them for breaking the door open.
Anyhow, in the pile of books, they found some that seemed to be of witch craft studies, too ruined to read, but they made out some words that seemed of evil use.
But then they found a journal like book.  They couldnt read much of it either but enough to satisfy their beliefs of the stories they were told. One page had broken up words, making out a little, they read..." And then I bleed, and I will live through him" . And another said " Take her blood, and he will give you life, take your own...... " they couldnt read anymore of that sentence. So basicly the pages that were written in small scribbled handwriting that were readable, said really eerie things of the sort.
(I may  have the sentences off a bit, its been 9 years since this went on)
So finally you ask, so wheres your actual ghost story???
Ok, so the girl spooks me, she told me all this stuff and I believed, I dripped wet tears, I shook with chills. I then forgot about it for the next few weeks. Never stayed at her apt. Thats for sure. I figured the basement caused their apt. To have more activity than the one I stayed in. Even though I was told of the kitchen ghost I still wasnt worried.
But then,, about a month or so later, my roomates were gone, like they always were. I was alone waiting for a friend to come over after working at a bar. I had the lights off and the TV on ( my eyes are starting to tear as the same as every other time I tell this story). I was lying on the couch which was directly virtical with the door. Meaning when you walk in the door the arm to the couch is basicly right there.  It was , and Ill never forget, 4:26am.
(remember the breezeway with no door, but a wind blocker peice of wood to my left as if I were looking out the door?)
ok so 4:26am. I hear tapping. Tapping on a very thin old window on a old door. A window hidden by only blinds. Tap, tap, tap, tap.....faster tapping than you can read it as. But very light tapping.... Like someone trying to be quiet.
So I look around the room first because I was reluctent to really want to open the door, even though I was expecting someone.
But I finally got up when the tapping didnt stop.
I took my finger and lifted the blind a little bit to see who it was.......
No one. No one was there. All I saw was the empty long front porch with the wood to my left blocking my view to the street, but once past the plywood was railing, then about 5 ft. past was the steps. Too far for someone to run off after playing a joke. I looked quickly to the right at the other door, just dark, I knew the younger girl was gone visiting friends, and her mother and 12 year old sister were there, but they wouldnt play games like this.
I stared out there for what seemed to be minutes. But then I got the tears and horrible chills, like I wasnt alone. But I was alone, at least humanly. I jumped on the couch and laid quietly just staring at the Tv. Around 4:44am. I heard tapping again. By then I had calmed down because a short time passed, a good 20 minutes. I thought by then without hearing anymore tapping I was just losing my mind. So now this time it had to be my friend finally thank goodness.
I got up and again peeked through the blinds. To my fricking unbelieveable horror, NO ONE .... again no one was there but the tapping on the window that was right there in my face continued harder and harder. I ran jumped on the couch pulled the blanket over my head and just started praying. I knew this wasnt just your everyday casper the friendly ghost, this was a possible devil worshiper who had murdered his mother and himself. If this was the boy he was back and really mad. He was determined to make me open the door and I wouldnt. Then under the covers I remembered the story of the guy walking from the wall to the kitchen, I got scared so I jumped up still wrapped in the blanket walked to the kitchen turned on the light, turned on the living room light, turned on the hall light, turned up the TV. and sat hidden in a corner. The tapping went on through all of this, but then it stopped all of a sudden. I saw a flicker in the kitchen light, and I knew he had gotten in. I knew I was for real not alone. I started to cry. I thought to myself the tears I get are one thing, they are a sign of something, but this time I cried because I was fricking scared sh****s.
All I could do was sit there in a corner by the couch. I had the blanket around my head like a towel then wrapped around my body. I sat there for a good 30 minutes without moving, Im not even sure I breathed. I looked at the clock and it was 5:17. I wondered where my friend was and why he wasnt there. He should have been there around 4:30. The bar closed at 3 (drinking stopped at 2) so he normally got out of there around 4.
He wasnt there so I thought he was playing games with me in which made me have good thoughts, enough to move me back to the couch. But still wrapped in the blanket because the lights still flickered in the kitchen on and off dull to dim to bright. I figured that wasnt my friend, but something else. All of a sudden a knock at the door made me almost pee my pants. I wouldnt get up to look this time. Then I heard my friend calling my name. Still nervous, I waited. I knew he had a key but knocked out of laziness since the only light to see in the breezeway was the light from the corner street light. Making it hard to put your key in the door. So then I heard him trying to open with the key. As he went to turn the door handle, the kitchen light bulb blew out. He came in and I looked at him with fear in my eyes. He said oh my god whats wrong are you ok, you look like you seen a ghost.... I asked..."no pun intended right"?
He said what do you mean by that? I said I think I have been hanging out with a ghost all night.  I started to tell him the story but I said well you know Ill tell you tomarrow, could you change the light bulb in the kitchen though?
So got just 5 more minutes for the rest of the story?
The friends I stayed with came home the next day. We all sat around and were talking about whatever. My friend who came that morning explained he drove a co worker home and ended up playing a new video game for a few minutes. Thats why he was late.
And as he said that my friends who lived there said, why are you upset with im being here too late? I then told them what happened. ( the guy took care of me like a sister)
He stood up and said "god Damn it !!! " When is this shit going to end? " Then he looked at me and yelled... dont you ever look out that window ever again when you hear tapping.... he then walked out the door and slammed it behind him.
His girlfriend said, dont look out there ok. I said why whats wrong? She said, well one night when we were watching Tv, we heard some tapping like you. Joe* got up and looked and there was this figure of this person there, but not really a person but a blur of a person. He said as soon as he saw the figure, it then went flying backwards screaming of the porch and into the air....
He couldnt sleep for days. He wants to move out but cant afford any where else.
I once again, got chilled, and one tear rolled down my cheek. I knew that I got lucky, I knew this ghost is evil and I needed to leave and not stay there anymore.
I did just that.
Its Halloween soon, I love it. Happy haunting.

Friendly House Ghosts

By: gingermoggie@hotmail.com

A year or so ago my partner and I moved into a dilapidated house in the
suburbs that needs a lot of work  to make it comfortably habitable. We've
always been struck by the peacefulness and benevolent feeling within this
house, even though it had been empty for several years before we moved in,
and was still furnished with the 1960's furniture of it's previous owners,
an elderly couple. As I often work from home, one of the bedrooms is set up
as a study with my computer in it. As I worked away I sometimes got the
feeling I was being watched. I realise this is nothing new to anyone and I
shrugged it off as being alone in a big empty house and having too active an
Until that is one afternoon in early October. I was working on my computer
when I felt the distinct feeling of someone pressing their hand to the back
of my head, right above my neck. As I was alone in the house and absorbed in
my work, this naturally scared me and I felt the hairs rise at the back of
my head like an electric shock had past through me. I sat stock still for a
few moments, before phoning my partner at work to share my experience. By
this point I was sort of laughing it off, trying to rationalise that nothing
had happened and I was being silly. Although I know it did happen and it was
a very distinct feeling.
A few weeks later I brought it up again with my partner, he surprised me by
telling me of his own experience,  a few weeks ago he had been working in
the study late at night when he definitely felt a hand pressing down on his
shoulder. Neither of these experiences were at all menacing, they just
scared us for a short while because they were so unexpected. I joke to
myself that we have "friendly house ghosts", who are pleased that we are
re-venerating their beloved old house to it's former glory. Or maybe it was
my father, who died a few months before this happened just passing though
making sure we were ok.
Since that winter we've had fno more experiences of a presence around us,
maybe they've got used to having us here? I once thought I saw a small,
curly haired dog out of the corner of my eye, but I dismissed it as a trick
of the light. Also, once my cat saw something that scared her stiff, she
doubled up her body like a question mark, her hair stood up on end and she
wouldn't let me go near her. This went on for at least  ten minutes, but I
could see nothing that could upset her in the empty hallway, so I guess she
could see something I couldn't. This is a very dull story in comparison to
others on the site, but it's nice to share.


By: bmoak@promarkups.com


The Lost Girl Who Drowned

By: christine_kowbuz1@hotmail.com

Since I was around eight years old I have been experiencing ghostly phonemenom.  I have never felt any danger or evil but nevertheless I don't welcome my supernatural visitors.  This past year alone (after curiousity got the better of me) I was wandering around a semi-abandoned 19th century mental hospital and had some sad soul sighed desperately into my ear, so close it sounded right inside it. I wasn't afraid just saddened.  I also live very close to a large span bridge over a highway that has attracted many suicides.  I get plenty of visitors in my apartment from there.  They just seem to be wandering around, just absently noticing me. These spirits acknowledge my presence and accept me, it's just like I'm an invisible witness to another, ghostly world.  Although there was one incident where a ghost did seek me out.
While I was growing up in my childhood home. I always heard noises and heavy workboot footsteps walking down the hall outside the bathroom whenever I had a bath.  My cat still watches an invisble figure in the house but never is afraid or nervous, she just quietly relaxes and naps. When I was about 12 years old I was a very busy kid, always with some craft project on the go. I had gone down the basement to look through this bag of felt scraps for something I was sewing. I felt a little unnerved just because it was dark and I was by myself but I continued rumaging, eyes forward. The next few seconds happened in a daze. I suddenly had an urge to look up as if someone was watching me. When I did there was a hazy white grey mist around the figure of a girl about my age, silently watching me She had long fair hair and was wearing a high-necked nightgown with bare feet, she was pretty and kind looking. My heart almost stopped and I must have startled her by looking up because without turning she ran into the darkness of the laundry room and vanished. I made a choking scream and ran upstairs. For some reason I ran to my Dad who was lying on the couch watching TV. I grabbed his arm and pulled so hard I literally dragged him onto the floor. I just wanted someone else to see, he of course didn't see anyting or believe me and he thought I was nuts.  No one but those on my mothers side of the family believes me. They have had their own encounters down the years. I later found something out from an elderly neighbour who had lived on the street all her life. Our house was built in 1920 and a young girl who lived there with her parents had drowned shortly after moving away from the house. Was she coming back to a place that holds happy memories, curious and wanting to play with a girl her own age?  I also found out a teenager whose family lived there in the 70's also drowned in an accident. Oddly enough since seeing her, I strangley have forgotten how to swim and hav been afraid of water ever since.

The Boots

By: VampsRock666666@aol.com
This story was told to me by my uncle
he said him and his friends were about fifteen or sixteen when this phnomanon happened. They all knew of this house that everyone said was haunted so they decided to go and check it out for themselves. He said they got there before dark one night and stayed there all night and nothing happened. They went back a few more times and still nothing. The last time they went they all were sitting in the living room part of the house. They heard a sound as if someone was walking around up in the attic of the house. Well this kind of shooked them up but they just shrugged it off and stayed there alittle longer. Then they heard the sound again and this time it was loud as if someone was running up in the attic. Then it sounded as if the walking was coming down the stairs from the attic. They all jumped up and grabbed what ever they could to defend themselves from what ever was coming. They went and opened the door to the attic and there sitting on the stairs was a pair of old cowboy boots. Everything the stairs, the walls everything was covered in dust, but the pair of boots where perfect and shiny. This scaried my uncle and his friends and ran from the house and never returned again.

The Bar

By: etaisey@hotmail.com

I am a believer in all things supernatural, and while I have never had a
concrete encounter with a ghost, this story that happened to my brother
really freaked me out.
My brother is a military man and a skeptic, and did not believe in ghosts
until this incident.  Everything could be explained logically somehow.
He was living in Monterey Peninsula on the military base (circa 2001).
Off-duty, the boys hung out in one of the common buildings, which by night
served alcohol and had festivites and by day was sometimes used for other
things.  My brother would get off duty around closing time, and often would
go over and volunteer with some of the other boys helping the staff close up
the building and clean up, which included sweeping the floors, stacking all
of the tables and the chairs together and pushing them up against one wall,
turning the lights off, unplugging the jukebox, etc.
I swear I have never heard this tone in his voice as when he called me that
night and told me what happened.  There isn't any way he was making this up.
  One night, they had performed the routing cleaning up and closing down of
the bar, and my brother and two other men were just leaving the building.
As they were all standing outside, the man with the keys went to lock the
door, and the second he turned his key in the lock, they heard the jukebox
come on.  My brother said that he must have forgotten to unplug it or
something, so they all went in to investigate.  Bear in mind that they had
been standing outside after leaving the bar as neat as a pin for maybe ten
seconds.  When they walked back inside to unplug the juke, all of the tables
were back out on the floor with all of the chairs situated around them, all
of the lights were back on, the floor looked like people had been partying
all night long and was filthy, and there were half-empty drinks, still cold,
all over all of the tables, but no one to be seen.  My brother said that the
three of them just stood there and stared.  The jukebox was playing "Champs
Elysees", IN French.  Champs Elysees isn't even ON the jukebox.  My brother
went over to unplug it, and it was already unplugged and playing by itself.
The three of them walked back outside and locked the doors and went home,
leaving everything just the way they found it.  My brother said that he
didn't go back the next evening to help open, but that the man who had the
keys and did said that when he came in, the bar looked exactly as if they
had cleaned it on any ordinary night and left, and there was no sign of
anything that they'd seen when they came back inside the previous night.
Pretty spooky.

Someone is Looking After My Sister

By: benjamin.sweeny@rmsdas.com

Hi, my name is Ben, I live in Australia, in a town near Canberra. I am a believer in the spirit world and am open to most happenings which have occurred, to me, my family and friends. Activity usually happens around my sister Jodie, a clairvoyant told her she had a guardian which follows her. Apparently the spirit is a woman who is a relative of ours from many generations ago. Her name isn’t clear, but Isabelle seems to be the name my sister has settled on.
There was an incident that happened when I was about 13 or 14 (I’m 23 now) I was next door at a mate’s house and my sister was still living t home, she had taken a shower at around 11am and was getting ready to go out. When she opened the door to the bathroom, someone ran past the door and down the hall, my sister thought it was her boyfriend at the time and called out to him that he scared her, but there was no reply. She called out to me and my friend as we were just in his backyard. We came straight home, she told us what happened, and she feared that someone was in the house, but no one was found. Eventually her boyfriend came home and said that it wasn’t him. It wasn’t until last year that my sister visited the aforementioned psychic when she told her and I quote “Remember the day you had the shower, and you came out and thought it was Darren (boyfriend) jumping across the doorway? It wasn’t him it was Isabelle, your guardian”. That freaked her out, but relieved. That was one of the things that happened that stands out the most, although many things have happened to her since. Mainly things like seeing things from the corner of your eye, stuff like that. Then there was the time a birthday balloon which was filled with helium. You know how after a few days they tend to lose the air and start to sort of hover? We’ll one day a friend of my sister was staying over and was having breakfast after Jodie went to work. He looked into the dining room after he saw a flash and his eyes settled on the balloon, which wasn’t moving at the time but within seconds it slowly moved towards him, about a metre (3 feet) above the ground. It had to travel about 10 metres to get to him and then stopped, floated up about another foot to his eye level and stopped. He just went “ooooohkay” and pushed it away. Now this next bit may be hard to believe but it came back, circled his head 3 times and stopped right back in front of his face. Freaked him out! He went and had a shower and when he came out, on the other side of the door was the balloon. It was eye level again, remember he was sitting down before, he was now standing. He’s 6”2. He doesn’t stay there much anymore.
Before I go, something happened to me to. It was before school, I was about 16. Mum had left for work and I was in the shower and had heard her leave as I got out. She said good bye, I replied. It took me about 10mins to get ready, but when I went to the kitchen, an egg timer had just been turned over on the window sill. I know no-one was home but it had just been turned over. Now it took me 10mins to get ready and it only takes 3mins for the egg timer to finish, and mum had left about 15mins earlier. Not very scary but interesting none the less. Thanx for taking the time to read my story. And don’t hesitate to send your own stories in, I’d love to hear them. Keep up the great work on this web site, it’s great. Cya!



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