So Many Paranormal Things Happen to Me


Hey, just wanted to share a few experiences i've had.... enjoy!
Experience #1
I'm pretty sure this was the beginning of it all, bacause I can't remember anything strange from before it. I was about six or so and I watched the movie "chuckie" for the first time with my grandmother ( excellent supervision, I might add )  and it scared the living crap out of me. I always remember being in the bathroom at odd hours of the night, waiting for something to come get me. I don't even know what it was, I just knew it was coming whatever it was. I would then see sort of little things passing through the hallway (from the bathroom you can see just the hallway) and they always would do this, never going away. Knowing these things would be there when I went to the bathroom, I developed the habit of not going in there without my grandmother or sister. To this day I have never told anyone about many of my scary experiences (except for you, Shadowlands!) because I thought that by validating them they would return to hurt me or someone I knew, but I now know that I have the power to tell who or what can and cannot be in my house or presence. :-)
Experience #2
Around halloween I was watching television, sitting on the couch, alone, while everyone was in the kitchen "helping" with dinner. I was about nine or ten at the time. All of a sudden one of the couch cushions seeped in slowly, like someone was sitting down. I was very freaked out but not scared. I knew immediatly that it was my deceased great grandmother (of whom i don't remember, she passed when i was two) sitting down to be with me. I just sat there looking at the couch wondering if anything else was going to happen. About five minutes later it pulled back up again like she was getting up, and I knew she was gone. A little later I found out that the day she had done that was October 30, her birthday. I was glad  that i had gotten to spend a little more time with grakamother (the nickname we gave her).
I hope that you will post these stories for me, or drop me an email if you want another experience story. I'll never run out of them, because paranormal things happen all the time to me!

Sleeping Problems


My family and I have been expierencing encounters with a spirit for years. I am going to tell you when it all started, I am not sure if it is more then one ghost but here goes:
It all started when I met my husband (then boyfriend), he would come stay with me at my moms' house a couple of nights a week. It first started happening to him, then me a couple of weeks later. We would be sleeping and wake up, unable to move, or make any noise. It was like something was holding us down, we would have to make ourselves breath very hard to wake on another up so we could shake eachother to get out of it. After this happened for a few months, about every other night to one of us.
We moved about an hour away and got our own place. After we were done unpacking and everything situated, we hung up everything on the walls which included my boyfriends surfboard, on two very sercure surf racks, we hadn't moved our bed in yet so we were sleeping on a palate on the livingroom floor. Well the first night we went to sleep, at 3am on the dot, the board flew off the wall and landed about 1 inch away from our heads. We thought that was wierd, but hung it up the next day and then the very next night at 3am, the board flew off the wall again, again landing right by our heads. After this night, needless to say we didn't hang it back up after that. I would also have a re-accuring dream about a little boy being locked in one of the closets. About 3 weeks later, we moved out of there and moved in with his dad.
We were going to stay there for about a month until we got money for a down payment on an apartment. Nothing really scarey happened while we lived there except the occasional feeling when you are walking down the hall and you just feel something behind you. My boyfriend in 6'4, 200 p nds and it was a sight to see him run into the bedroom scared out of his mond becasue he felt a pressence behind him. Well after we got the down payment, we moved out in one day. It was quick and then we had our own place. That is when things at the house started happening. After we left, it was his dad there by himself. One day he come home and went up stairs to the room we used to stay in and found the most craziest thing. It had a large closet with thick metal shelves and metal brackets. Everything in the closet was placed out in the bedroom and all of the shelves were bent in half and torn off the wall. This house had an alarm and all and there is no way someone came in when he wasn't home and did this. Then about a week later, he was downstairs in his bedroom and had his patio door open doing paperwork for his business. He had his home phone and cell phone laying on the bed right next to him. He just hung up the phone and was going through some papers when he looked and his cell phone was gone. He searched for about 2 hours, everywhere, in the house and his truck thinking there was no way, but maybe he missplaced it. No luck. Then the next day he is out side in the back yard and hears his phone ringing, he looks and at the very back of his large backyard, sitting straight up in the grass is his cell phone. Then about a week after that, it was about 5pm and he was in his room watching t.v. The floors up stairs are old and sqeaky and you can hear someone walking up there very well. He heard someone up there walking around the kitchen and then up and down the stairs. He went upstairs and no one was there. He said "I am sick of this, this is my home, I will not be scared away, quit this!" He went downstairs and sat on the bed, and sure enough if the shower in his bathroom didn't turn on! He was freaking out, there was no way this could happen. He walked slowly to his bathroom and pushed open the door, and the water turned off. He slid open the shower door, water was dripping and steam was bellowing out. Ne less to say, this freaked him out so he went and stayed at his girlfriends for a week. Then he came home and was home for about 3 days when he was in his room watching t.v. again, and heard the noises upstairs, this time it was stomping around hard. He screamed at it from downstairs saying "I am not going to let you scare me this time. " He turned up the t.v, and that t.v. just turned off!! He ran out of there and went to his girlfriends again for a week. He called us and said "Look, I think this ghost is mad that ya'll left it here, I want you to come over and take it home." So we went over there and were all sitting downstairs, it was summer and it was hot and stuffy down there. Right before we left we said "OK, we are leaving, if you want to come let's go" We sat for a second and then the room became ice cold. It was the scariest thing I have ever felt. We jsut got up and went outside and got in the car. Nothing has ever happened since, and I am not sure if it is still with us, but after all of these happenings, I truly believe in ghosts, and anyone that we tell sometimes doesn't belive us. But it was all real.

Seeing Shadows


Hi. I have been visiting your site for a while now and i wish to submit my
own expeirence. I never thought these things could be ghosts untill i read
some of your other stories. Now I wonder just how many are ghosts. Well,
here goes. I moved into my new house when I was in the third grade. It
looked perfect for us at the time, but after a while I began to see strange
shadows. They started upstairs. When I walk upstairs sometimes I am able to
see a shadow receding into the corner of my moms bedroom, which is directly
visible from the staircase. If I move in to the room where the shadow was
headed I find nothing. I know it is not an outside light causing it because
my moms shades are closed. I also see the shadow when its dark. It is
slightly darker than the rest of the room and always used to head for the
same place. But now it is moving around the house. Sometimes when I go
downstairs to get a drink I see a person who looks just like my mom turn
around the corner and go into the kitchen, but as soon as I enter there is
no one there. Oh, the person who looks like my mom looks like my mom looks
like they are in shadows, even though the kithchen always has a light on.
I've also seen the look alike go upstairs and to the laundry room. I think
it can go outside too. On some nights I can hear people in my yard below my
window. It sounds like they are using the basketball net out there. I can
hear the ball hit the pavement over and over, but its when theres a foot of
snow outside!!!!!! I can also cleary hear voices outside, but I cannot
understand a word they are saying. I know they arnt speaking any language i
know. And i know a lot. I also have cold spots in my house. And sometimes I
get an evil feeling out of nowhere.
It is really starting to get creepy. If anyone knows whats happening please
contact me.



When I was 16 years old, I spent the summer at My Aunt Dorothy's House in Manassas, Va. My Cousins lived closeby and since we were always close, I spent lots of time over Ron and Donna Sue's House. They had a beautiful house, in a newly devloping part of Manassas (around 1980)
They told me about some of the odd things that happened around there and everyone one of them have called their ghost "Roderick" (Just a nickname that my Cousin Pam called him one day) He didn't seem to be a violent ghost, he just made his presence known from time to time.
Before I begin though, a little History about my hometown of Manassas, Va. The 1st and 2nd Battle of Bull Run were fought there. Although the main Battlefield is where the Major Part of the Battles took place, there were skirmishes all around that area. It's a very historical area.
One day Pam was waxing her car in the garage and she heard footsteps coming right behind her. It sounded like boots walking on the cement. She turned around and there was no one there. Thinking it may have been an echo from someone walking down the street, she resumed waxing and the steps came right up behind her. She turned around and said "Dammit Rodrick, I'm not in the mood!" She went back to waxing her car and the steps started again....This time going away from her.
She told all of us about what had happened and soon everyone else was talking about what had happened to them. My Cousin Donna Sue was taking a nap one day in her room and someone brushed his hand across her cheek. She said "Hi hun" thinking it was her husband Ron and when she didn't hear him say hello, she opened her eyes to discover that no one was there!
Another time, in the same room, My Cousin Ron was watching T.V. on the bed and saw the door to the closet open up right before his eyes. Then, a few minutes later it closed.
Same room again, Donna Sue discovered a coat hanging up one day that was far too big for Ron. It was just hanging in the closet along with the rest of the clothes. She decided maybe the dry cleaners had made a mistake, so she took the coat out of the closet and sat it aside so she could return it and ask them about it. The coat (Blue) had no tag on it from the dry cleaners, nor did it even have a manufacturer's tag, size or anything. The next morning, the coat was missing.
Their dog would go out to the yard and dig in the same spot all the time, over and over, they constantly had to keep filling in the area where the dog had dug. (Please note that all of these occurances happened while there was construction going on a lot nearby)
There were studs that appeared to be poking out of the walls, all around their house. They showed me and we counted about 219 of them. They didn't break through the walls or anything like that, but they protruded out enough that the paint was starting to crack a little around a few of them, you could clearly tell that they were poking out some.
Then, the most bizarre thing happened one night....The footsteps that woke up everyone in the house. Their house had wall to wall carpet. So there's nothing to really explain this, but....Around the early morning hours (probably about 12:45 or so) There was a loud sond like someone pacing up and down the hallway wearing boots. The sound was that of boots walking down a long wooden floor corridor. It woke up everyone in the house. Finally, my Cousin Ron got up and walked to the door and said "Dammit Roderick, we're trying to get some sleep!" Then the steps they heard stomped down the stairs to the front door (which was locked, deadbolted and chained) and the door opened and slammed with such force, it seemed to shake the whole house!
A few weeks later, the construction of the new house next door was complete and "Roderick" never showed any type of presence there again.
We all talked this over. We believe that this Ghost was that of a Civil War Soldier that was probably buried in their yard in an unmarked grave. The construction nearby disturbed him and he got restless. Once the construction was completed, he was finally able to rest in peace again. The studs returned to their original places and the cracks in the paint even disappeared too.
Well, that's my story, Thanks for reading it.

Poltergiests in my Apartment

By: Anonymous

I lived in an apartment a few years ago that I was certain was haunted.
I say this with great conviction. At first, I passed it off as nothing and even after the fact, I had not really considered it to be a poltergiest as the idea had never occurred to me.
My girlfriend came to Texas to stay with me for awhile. After a month, we decided to elope. When her conservative, Chinese parents found out, I thought I was in for it. Her father flew down immediately and took my back with her. They bought us a condo and moved us in right away. I was working at Burger King and even though the rent was extremely low, we had trouble making ends meet. Lots of stress between the two of us.
After some time there, we bought a hamster. They're cute and easy to maintain, so we figured what the heck. I thought I would be doing the right thing by letting the hamster roam free around the house for a couple hours a day. Turned out I was right in doing so, she lived for quite some time and was the healthiest hamster ever.
Now that the stage is set: While at my computer, I'd notice something whisk by in my peripheral visiop. I would always pass it off as the hamster running by. She was quite fast. Anytime I would look, I saw nothing.
After several times of this happening, it dawned on me eventually, "Hey, wait a second... the hamser's in her cage...." I again took it to be my own imagination. No big deal.
Meanwhile, my wife and I are having arguments almost on a daily basis. The stress is getting to the both of us and we each find ourselves becoming more enraged with the other person as the arguments continued.
The black shadows in my peripheral vision got larger.
In bed, my wife had gotten up and exclaimed she didn't know who I was. I thought she was playing at first and playfully told her to shush. Her antics continued and I was getting agitated. I turned around to get out of bed, and she attacked me. She was for stronger than usual, but still relatively easy to sustain. She started kicking me rather hard in the ribs, and I had to end it. I head-butted her good and hard. My vision went white and my ears rang. She seemed to have come to and she was crying. She knew I had hit her and she was very scared. I was crying and I tried to convince her of what had happened. She didn't readily accept it, but my tears and pleading voice seemed to have provided sufficient proof.
I carressed her hair and she dozed off. She woke up in a start and said, "You won't get off the hook so easily next time." She tried getting up to get dressed. Apparently, she had friends she wanted to visit. I managed to lay her down again and get her back to sleep. When she came to, she was herself again.
These manifestations were numerous. There were several different "personalities" that introduced themselves. They all seemed to know each other and they all had one thing in common. They hated me.
I spent the better part of the next few months sleeping with them, rather than my wife. I conversed with them and plead my case with them. I had tried to convince them that I wasn't the terrible husband they thought I was. The manifestations disappeared for awhile, but the black shadows were getting worse. I could never see them directly, only outside my field of vision.
The manifestations came back, but fewer different ones. I believe only two. They had threatened that if things didn't improve, they would take over and my wife would be no longer. I cried at the prospect of losing the person I fell in love with to something else like that.
The times when my wife was herself, we talked about it and she was aware that she wasn't herself. She could only remember being asleep most times. Occasionally, events that transpired while she was "asleep" she would remember as being a dream.
The only good thing to come from these manifestations were the secrets. They told me things about my wife that my wife had either forgotten about or she had never wanted to tell me. One of which was her being bi-sexual.
I did something dangerous at that point.... I left for Texas to get a decent job. I ran away, so to speak. The stress was getting to be too much and it was to the point that I was afraid these other beings were going to end up harming me.
My wife, as well as myself, were heartbroken. I had lied to her to get away, and to this day I regret having done that (we're still together).
While in Texas, I confided in some friends about the black shadows I had seen. One friend told me that black was bad and that could be the presence of some sort of poltergeist. He embellished a bit.
He went on to say that poltergiests feed off of negative energy and generally cause mischief by the throwin of objects, tapping, etc. If you recall at the beginning of this story, there was plenty of negative energy going around.
I stayed in contact with my wife during my time in Texas both via phone and email. One time while we were talking online, she suddenly said, "What the hell, someone's knocking." Checking the door, there was no one there. The knocking continued and she traced the sound to the kitchen. Something not visible was slamming the cutting board. The cutting board was, however, was giving way to the weight. The cutting board has four little rubber legs and my wife noticed that it was indeed giving ever so slightly.
She was extremely scared and locked herself in the bedroom for the rest of the night talking to me.
I paid for my wife to fly down to come stay with me. She was fine and there was no evidence of those other personalities being present. We moved together back to Canada and got another apartment. We've never been happier.
Only recently having heard of this Web site, it reminded me of my past experiences. I read some of the stories here and have discovered that other people have witnessed similar things. The House in Germany being one:
I regret that day I ever hit my wife and it still saddens me to know that I have done such a thing. My wife is still skeptical about the whole poltergeist thing, and in the back of my mind, so am I. We have nothing else to really explain the events that happened though.
I've been told that poltergeists aren't even really visible, so the black shadows may have been something else. I did some research on the Internet and came up with this though:
"Other investigators have also investigated agents finding that those in poor mental and physical health are vulnerable to stress. Patient having unresolved emotional tensions have been associated with houses where poltergeist activity occurred. When studying the personalities of agents psychologists found anxiety reactions, conversion hysteria, phobias, mania, obsessions, dissociative reactions, and schizophrenia."
Here's the source:
I did a bit of detective work about the tenant who lived in the place before my in-laws bought it. She kept to herself and she was very odd. She put locks and dead bolts on every door in the house, and the front door had an extra lock on it (the kind the slide in place and can only be undone from the inside). She was described as being someone who was very paranoid.
My in-laws rented it out fairly quick, and I haven't really thought of "interviewing" the new tenant, but I'm strongly considering it. If I find anything out, will I be able to post it?
We now live in an apartment that doesn't appear to be plagued by evil spirits and my wife and I rarely argue, if at all. We've been married for four years and are still very much in love, and we expect to stay that way.
If we ever get our own house, we're going to do more research before moving in ;)
Thanks for your time,

  Pawhuska Oklahoma

        One early morning around 4:ooa.m. I was leaving my soon to be husbands home.Coming down Low water bridge,in the middle of the bridge stood an older woman dressed in the pioneer fashion.It seemed if she was looking straight into my eyes.I was so scared that I rode my bike as fast as I could back up the hill.At the top I stopped and turned back and she was gone.I waited, but she never reappeared.I took of on my bike riding as fast as I could down over the bridge sence the only other way back to my home was acrossed the swinging bridge (thats another story) or go acrossed town which I couldn't do in fear of being caught(I had snuck out).The scariest thing that happened though was a couple of days after that I was going home after it had rained.Thinking I could cross the flooded bridge,I went ahead.I had almost made it half way when I was drug under by the rushing water.All I remember doing was praying not to die as it drug me around the bend of the creek.I finally hit dirt where I was able to pull my self out.Walking home (since my bike was gone) crying and thanking the Lord for saving me, I remembered the old woman. I like to think she had shown herself as a warning to me. I have been back there a couple of times,but have never seen her again

Our family "ghost" saved a life.


I grew up in a very old home in Conn. that had what was referred to a family ghost. We would hear footsteps and he would take things and change TV and radio channels and things would leap across the room.
As I grew up we took him in stride till on day I left my daughter upstairs with my dad and went to work with my mom.  I came home to a very shaken dad that said as it was late let Missy my daughter stay as she was asleep.
The next morning my dad told us he had put her to bed when it sounded as if all hell was breaking loose upstairs, he thought she was jumping on the bed as the banging was so loud so he went upstairs to yell at her.  (she was 2)
As he entered her room he found her eyes fixed to the ceiling and blue she had stopped breathing and was limp.  He shook her and started CPR. she started breathing and crying.
We had her checked with our family doctor and he found she was fine but could not rule out sids.
To date we still thank the ghost for saving Missy and he has intervened through out my life during troubled times.
My grown children will call and ask me to retrieve my ghost as he is hanging out reeking electrical hijinx with TV and the stereo. My grandchildren frequently talk over my shoulder to him and I know they too see him.
I didn't know about orbs but have many family pictures full of them, (I thought I was a very bad subject and picture taker!)   I have moved many times and he has always been at my side he is a truly loved member of our family as he saved it several times.
Once I was driving on the highway with my children to see there father and the car radio went off and I "heard"  and felt the strongest urge to change lanes and just swerved and did.  The gas truck that had been in front of me rear ended someone and exploded into flames it was such a close call that I had to take an exit.
My father once joked I take after my Hungarian grandmother so I truly wonder if he came with our old house or if he is really a family ghost.  I know a fortune teller once told me I was blessed by god as I had a strong spirit looking out for me!
And my mother swears she saw three black angels when I was born.
I used to wonder what that meant as I grew up, but my ghost has always been with me and looking out for me and mine.

New Friends Spirit


I just bought an old Ford, 1923, Model T from an 86 year old man that I've know for just a few years. He had it in his garage since 1960. It belonged to his maternal Aunt. I don't tell even my wife about these things, and I hope none of my friends frequent this sight. I am in the process of restoring the old Flivver, and while I'm alone in the shop working on it, I often feel the presence of the old guy's Aunt Libby. This car was an important part of her life and I feel she's watching me, and even helping me bring it back to life. Several of her old belongings were in it when I got it, an old comb, a finger nail file, her sun glasses, and a few more personal things, including two sticks of her favorite chewing gum. Many times now, I feel there is someone in the shop with me, only momentarily, and I feel strongly that I know who it is. It is a small shop, twenty feet by twenty feet and I would know if someone came in. I am taking many pictures of the restoration, and in one picture I captured one of those, "Orbs," I've been hearing about lately. Once, I know that I didn't have a certain tool to do something particular, it was in my other shop, and I looked towards the work bench and there it was. I know I didn't have it down there because I just used it on something else, in the other shop. The electric was off another time because of a storm and I did what I could do without electric, there is natural lighting in there. I got to a point where I just had to use a grinder to continue what I was doing and move on. I picked up the grinder and it worked, but the electric was still off. I used it for a couple of seconds and laid it down when I was done. just for kicks I picked it up again and tried it and, you guessed it, nothing. After this restoration is complete I am going to hold a, "T" party and the old fellow is going to come start it for the first time in forty three years. I'm pretty sure Aunt Libby is going to be there too. She use to sit in the "T" and write all of her letters. There were eight, empty bottles of ink inside and two quill pens. I daydream that this must have been a very cozy spot for her to just sit, write, and do some of her best thinking. Her entire family remember her and always think of her, with the "T'. I am not threatened or afraid of her being there and if she wants to help, well she just can. It's okay with me. I find myself even talking to her now and then, and watching what I say when things aren't going right. I even feel she makes things happen and include this in my developing a familiarity of her personality. I mean, for one thing, I got the car for $600 when he knew the value of it. I was in a re-use-it store and found a whole roll of just the right upholstery and it was marked, ten cents a yard. What are the chances of that happening? Then I thought that I should re-do the seats in a different color just for a nice contrast. Don't you know I found just the right material for, you guessed it, ten cents a yard. I bought the whole roll for a dollar. I have a lot to put into the project and I feel she's watching over the budget. The car smells like her, the family is drawn to always telling me stories about her when I don't even ask. Even when I don't say it out loud when I leave the shop, I always find that I smile and think to myself the words, "good night Aunt Libby."  I hope this isn't her just hanging around for the sake of some unfinished business. I want her to ride with me when it's done too. I wouldn't mind, (I don't think) actually seeing her spirit. Surely the one that's been hanging around the, "vintage tin," is the one everyone's been talking about. I never saw a picture of her but if I soon did, I think I would have put the right face already on my imaginary friend, I think I already have. The stories I've been hearing about her are assuring me that she was an amusing,  spirited old gal. Even in the late 1950's when model T's were not on the road so much, the local police would hear her putting up the road in it and stop traffic in all directions so she could just breeze through the intersection. She use to show up at her great-niece's school and have a discussion with the teacher to make sure she was, "getting a proper education." She's my, "Little old lady from Pasadena." and, my new friend. Reminds me of the show, "My Mother The Car." I will make another posting if she does let me see her.

Manchester NH ghost


When I first saw my former apartment in Manchester NH I knew somthing was wrong. Two weeks after moving in things began to happen. I would be sitting in my living room when I would smell a really horrible smell with a very cold breeze. Numerious times I would see a mans shadow moving along the wall in the hallway going from the living room/kitchin into my childrens room or vice versa. At night while in bed I would hear footsteps going back and forth in the hall. While watching TV in my bedroom one time the TV shut off by itself about 3 seconds later it turned back on by itself only it was blaring. The worst thing that happened was one night I will never get over. I had gone to bed when I woke to feel a painful pressure on my chest that felt like a hand, when I tried to get up I found myself unable to move after finally using all of my strenth I was able to finally sit up when I did I heard this man's wailing that seemed to come from every corner of my place, the only I could th
ink to do was grab my children and get out of there. When I got to my car I relized that I was covered in sweat and my body was freezing cold. One night going out with my neighbor my mother babysat for me, when I got home my mother was as white as a sheet when I asked what had happened she told me that while in the kitchen table she felt someone had walked into the room thinking that it was my 3 year old she just said ok go back to bed but when she turned around no one was there so she got up and went to look in on him he was still asleep. So she went back to the kitchen to play a game of solitare while playing she felt a cold breeze come over her with a very foul smell when she looked down at the cards they were being moved she finally told it to leave her alone and to go away it stopped. I had lived with all of this for 3 years. Where I lived was in a very big complex that was built in the early 1920s. Talking to other people there some have said that they as well have dealt
with strange things happening. Some of us have come up with one possiblity that the complex may be built over an indian bural ground. Not to far from us a river but to get there you need to go down a very steep incline where the complex is all flat ground. Reading about the history on the native americans in the Manchester NH area they always lived close to rivers and lakes. But this is just a possiblity. All I know for fact is that what ever is there is very angry and shows it.

Make Her Stop


   When I was seven years old my parents bought a 100 year old house off my great grandparents.One night about three months after we bought house my brother, Joe, and I were getting ready for bed, we had to share a room on the account that the house was being fixed up and my parents were re-doing the bedroom in the attic for me. Well any way Joe and I had bunk beds at the time. Well after the lights went out we both fell asleep. About two hours later I awoke to a strage coldness in the room. I turned and looked and Joe, or at least I thought it was him, was hanging his face over the side of the bed. I went to push his face up out of mine but realized he was icy cold. I freaked out and flipped on the lamp next to my bed never taking my eyes off the face. Well as soon as the lights went on it dissappeared. I got up and looked at Joe who was fast asleep. I figured I would leave him alone and just go back to sleep. About a week later I was working on homework when I heard the bed room door open and I seen a shadow with long hair looking over my shoulder as I sat at my desk working on what I had to get done. Thinking it was my mother I asked her for help. When she didn't reply I turned around to find a girl in a white dress standing over me, her face pale and her eyes filled with saddenss, her hair was long, about to her waist and she was crying. She opened her mouth to say something, reached out her hand to touch my face, and I screamed. Quickly she dissappered. After that I started to see a young man walking around the house. Only he stayed by the bedroom door and never scared me, after my 8th birthday I moved into my new room and he started to sit in my room more often. I would watch tv and he would sit on the corner of the bed tching it with me, he never really talked, only showed facial expressions, and I never tried to talk to him, as I got older he came around only when I was alone which wasn't very often, getting ready for dates, or getting ready to hang out with my friends he would watch me put on make up, pick out my clothes, or just simply wait for my ride. After that I hadn't seen him for about two years. Then one day when I was about sixteen out of no where Joe got sick. The doctors weren't sure what was wrong with him. Well one night while he was sleeping on the couch, his breathing became shallow, and his skin grew pale and icy cold. Suddenly he screamed. "MAKE HER STOP!" my mother ran over and sat next to him. She asked who and his reply. "The little girl in the corner, she is wearing a white dress, she wont' stop crying" I suddenly felt sick and went to my room. I had never said a word about her no less told anyone about her, how would he know? Sitting on my bed I buried my face in my pillows. I felt something smoothing out my hair, and turned to find the young man, for the first time he talked to me. He told me everything would be alright, just to keep the girl away from Joe. He told me to get him to my room, and that "she" wouldnt' come up there. We did and with in a week he was better. The young man is around almost 24/7 he still doesn't talk much, just at times, and no matter what he does, he tells me to stay away from the girl. I've looked into it several times and came to the conclusion that the young man is a past cousin of mine. I'm not sure who, but I found him in several family photos and I know he was killed when plowing a feild and fell off the plow.....enough said.

Johns' Dad


When I was younger, about 22 years ago, I had a friend named John.  He lived in Malverne, NY, as did I.  If any place on this earth would be haunted, it's Malverne - a true small country town in Nassau County, NY. We had made plans to go out on the town that night. I got to John's house around 9:00 P.M., but he wasn't ready yet.  He gave me a beer, the first of the night (yes it's the truth!), and preceeded to iron his shirt; you had to look good for the grils, it was the early 80's.  The house was layed out with the kitchen ahd living room seperated by a doorway.  On the other side of the doorway was a stairway gotin up stairs along the wall.  I was standing in the kitchen next to the wall.  On the other side of the wall was the stairway up stairs.  I was facing the doorway but looking and talking to John, who was ironing away in the center of the kitchen.  All of a sudden I saw this guy come around the corner, as if he came down the stairs, and squeeze between me and the wall.  As he did so, he hit me in the elbow and the knee, spilling my beer.  I immediately said "excuse me" and noticed that it was impossible for anyone to have passed between me and the wall.  There was only around 10 inches between me and the wall.  My friend said "Who are you talking to ?"  I expained what happened to me and he said "what did the guy look like ?".  I had actually got a good look at the guy.  I told him "He looked like your brother, only with red hair, no shirt, no shoes and blue jeans on".  I had, at first, thought it was his brother, but only the two of us were in the house.  Ih asked me to follow him.  We went into his mothers room.  He said to me "Is this the guy you saw?", as he pointed to a picture on the mothers dresser.  I said "yep, that's him!".  He said "don't worry, thats just my dad.  He comes back from time to time to say hello".  I was a beever before, but this experiance confirmed my beliefs

I Haven't been Back


Well, I've seen many ghosts. I've also on occasions just felt their
presence.  There is a hotel in Coral Gables, Florida called the Biltmore
Hotel. Everyone had always told me it was haunted. The hotel has gone
through many transformations. It started off as a hotel in the roaring 20's
with many gangsters visiting, turned into a hospital, remained as a VA
hospital for quite sometime, I believe it was also an asylum at one point.
I had always seen it from afar and got chills when I would look at it.
I finally decided to go in one day.  I went with 2 friends. We separated
when we got into the lobby. I went straight through to the back balcony
which overlooks the pool.  I was frozen in place. I felt claustrophobic from
all the spirits I felt around me. Pressing up against me. Hearing what
sounded like a party. Although there was no one around. It felt like I was
on a train in the New York subway system during rush hour.  I couldn't take
it anymore and decided to go through a banquet hall to my right to find my
friends. The room was completely empty, lights turned off, chairs on top of
the tables.  As I was walking to the other door to get out of the room,
music started.  I ran out very quickly.   I haven't been back.

Hauntings in St Louis


Not any concerns.  I just want to relate an experience I had several years ago, when I lived at a different location here in St. Louis, MO.
When I had first moved in the apartment in South St. Louis I was single.  One night I was sitting in bed reading (I'm a bookaholic).  I heard my name called by a voice that sounded male.  There was no one in the apartment but me.  My neighbors upstairs worked nights and were not home.  I decided it was just my imagination working overtime.  I continued reading.  It couldn't have been more than a few seconds later that I heard my name being called again.  I know it wasn't too long after I settled back down to read as I was still on the same page.
However, this time the voice sounded different.  It sounded evil.  Now, here I'm am, a single female, by myself and scared silly.  What did I do?  I crawled under the covers and started saying the Lord's Pray and the 23 Psalms.  I said them until I fell asleep.
No more problem until 1991 when I got married.  My husband was changing the light bulb in the kitchen fixture one evening.  He was standing on one of the kitchen chairs.  I must explain that the chairs are not the tippsy type.  The legs angle out to make the chair more stable.
I had taken the light cover from him to wash.  I was standing about five feet from him drying it when the chair was pulled out from under him.  That's right.  The chair did not turn over.  He was not moving on the chair.  The chair was PULLED out from under him.  By this time I had turned Catholic.  I got the Holy Water and started sprinkling the house.  Things calmed down.
Several months later I was in the living room watching TV.  My husband was in the kitchen on the CB radio.  I hear a crashing sound and he is calling me to come in there and bring the Holy Water.  I did.
In the kitchen I had som melmac plates stacked on top of the cabinet above the sink.  There sere souvineer plate and of no real value.  I watched as one plated would be lifted up and sent flying across the room like a fresbee.  Then another and another.  I started sprinkling the room with Holy Water and blessing the room in the name of Jesus.  Everything stopped.
The last instance happened late at night when we were in bed.  Only my husband  and I lived there.  We had an apartment size washer and dryer in the kitchen.  The washers wheels were in bad shape.  It was difficult for us to roll the washer over to the sink and when we did, the wheels made a whole lot of noise.  Even my husband had a difficult time moving the washer.
We had not been in bed very long when we heard the washer moving across the kitchen floor or rather we heard the wheels squeeking.  My husband said he wasn't going in there.  I told him I was planning on going in there either.  We ended up saying the Lord's Pray and 23 Psalms until we fell asleep.  The next day I practically soaked the kitchen with Holy Water.  Oh, by the way, the washer had been moved from the wall where we normally kept it when not in use and was sitting by the sink.  What moved it?
That's my experience.

Grandma Peggy


About a month after my grandma died, me my mom and my brother Ben were going to go into the house (my grandpa still lived there but he was at work) to drop something off. nut the door was locked. So Ben decides to go into through the basement door and run upstairs to unlock the door for me and my mom. It was dark down there and a little creepy, so when Ben went down there we heard him sream and run back out the basement door. We asked what happened and he said "Mom I heard Grandma Peggy say 'Hi Ben.' So we were were spooked.



Ok for anyone reading this I have stories scattered everywhere on this site as I have so many. Well any way I have a spirit and her name is Gabby. ( I forgot how I found out but I did) And  I have two stories the scariest one is when I was about 3 or 4 and I slept with a baby blanket.  Well anyway was sleeping with it , had it right next to me and I had my arm over it so no one could grab it without me noticing. It was morning and it was during breakfast when I said, "Mommy, where's my blanket?" And she said "you slept with it right?" I nodded and got up and checked in my room. It wasn’t there. Around 12:00 my mom was making her bed an noticed my blanket neatly folded straight across the top of her bed and until I was 10, a year ago, she never told me how it got there and when she did she said to me, "honey, remember when your baby blanket ended up in my room?" I nodded and she continued, "I didn’t put it there, and I know you didn’t because you loved that thing so much." I nodded and said, "I know, it was Gabby." My mom has this confused look on her face and I clarified it by saying, "Our ghost." Well then a year later, there was this sponge bunny rabbit thing that I hadn't played with for years, and it was sitting upright of my dresser.  It scared the crap out of me because the last time I saw the sponge thing was in the garage. But now, I just laugh at it knowing my friendly ghost did it.  She is not mean, or anything like that she just plays jokes and stuff. Basically she moves things. She's cool.

In Fayetteville north Carolina, of course, when I was in 3rd and 4th grade I lived in a neighborhood called whispering pines, there are a few actually.  This one was located off of ramsey street turn by a citgo and there is a big field.  The house was on east winds lane and ive had numerous experiences there.  All the other kids in the neighborhood seemed to experience the same type of thngs.  My room was painted black for some reason when mea dn my mom moved in.  On a few occasions my room shook as if there ws an earthquake when my moms room, across the hall was just,,, normal.  My closet doors opened while the room seemed to shake, and things fell, but not like an earthquake, like quiet except for the hinges of the closet doors.  One ngiht in my moms room she was gone and we live together alone.  I came out of the bath and sat down with my cat watching tv on my moms bed while I cooled off.  So im sitting there naked and my head is turned left watching the tv, I hear her keys jingle and I realized her purse which was in the middle of the bed, fell over, I picked the keys up, put em’ in and put it right side up.. It happened 2 more times before I turned my head back to the left slow enough to see it fall with out any tilting or force.  This is when I put it up ionly to find a hand sized object pushing up from under it,  fuckin unbelievable, I got that panicky lightheadedness adrenaline rush but I didn’t believe in ghosts so I threw the purse, it continued bobbing up and down, and I lifted all the covers except for the tight sheet, but it was under it all it seemed, I went under the bed and pushed all the rolly-drawer boxes out of the way and looked up through the slats, nothing, I kicked the mattress and it was just regular, it was there, but it wasn’t sorta, I ran outside naked holding my cat, naked.  My mom pulled up, and consoled me while laughing at me.  I never slept alone again in that house.  I finally convinced her to move b/c I was traumatized from the event.  It is fairly new looking, green shutters, 2 car garage on the right side of the lane.  I definitely know the place is haunted, and I believe you should check it out.  I drove by it once more and got an odd feeling.  It doesn’t LOOK haunted at all though.



Growing up I had always felt like something was missing from me but I wasn't sure what it was. Now, most kids or small children have imaginary or make believe friends correct? Well I was one of those kids. Ever since l could remember I had an imaginary friend, her name was Evee, she had the same birthday as me as well as looking exactly like me. I told my parents about her and they said that there was no one named Evee and to go out and make some real friends. When ever I would talk about her my parents would try to hush me and make me stop talking about it. It seemed really weird for when my real friends told there parents about there 'friends' there parents would play along acting like someone was really there where as mine acted like I was crazy, which was really hard for a four year old to understand at the time. On the day of my eight birthday Evee told me that she had to go away for a little while but she would be back and not to worry.
Years passed, I got older, and soon Evee was forgotten, and yet I still felt as if something was to be missing from me. The day of my 16th birthday I awoke to find Evee sitting at my vanity, she had grown and looked just like me only with long brown hair that seemed as if it were never cut, and she wore a white floor length gown. At first I tried to run out of the room but when my hand hit the knob it was icy cold and made me jump back in shock, (It was August 3 and 101 degrees out that morning). Evee then spoke to me. She told me that she had been watching over me during all those years and seen my greatest accomplishments and when there were sad times and I needed someone she was always right next to me. Then she told me something that made me uneasy. She told me she knew what was missing and to go ask my parents, and if they would not tell me then to walk two blocks down the road, turn at the next right, make a left from there, walk down two blocks, and what I needed to find was off to the right.
I asked my parents and they told me to stop being silly and to go get ready that guest for my sweet 16 would be arriving soon. I walked back into my room and Evee stood there, she looked at me smiled and told me I had to go and to look for the willow. Quickly I threw on my shoes and in my lacy little tank top and underwear I ran out the front door. When I came to where Evee told me to go my heart stopped....A cemetery....and off to the far left corner stood a willow. I walked to the back and pushed the long branches out of the way and there it was, a little tomb stone. Kneeling down I read it.
August 3, 1980 - August 5, 1980
Beloved Daughter and Sister
May her young soul rest in peace
 Reading the words it was almost unbearable for me to think of. For 16 years something was missing from me, and now I knew what, my twin sister, someone I shared my soul with was gone. Tears streamed down my cheeks and I looked at the fresh flowers laid over the grave. Tiger lily's, my favorite and then something caught my eye. A small half a heart pressed into the stone of the tomb. My hand flew to my neck and I yanked at the thin gold chain which held the other half of the heart. I pressed it into the stone, and felt a strange happiness over come me and for the first time in years, I felt whole again. I got up, smiled, and whispered I love you. Turning to leave a small breeze blew and I knew she was there with me. When I returned home my parents explained. Evee, my sister older then me by two minutes had passed away from pneumonia when she was two days old, she had it when she was born, and the doctors found it extremely odd that I had not even the slightest trace of it.  After a long talk I went into my room to get ready for my party. Evee was there with me, although I could not see her, I knew she was right by my side looking after her little sister like she did for those sixteen years, and those nine months that we shared our only real time together. Later on that night while everyone was at the party, friends, family, everyone, my parents got up and told the truth, as I sat there next to my three other sisters and my four brothers, I felt Evee leave. I knew she would no longer be with me, but she would now be watching over me in heaven.

Encounter with a past life


I know that this website is all about acceptance and such of people's ghost stories and such, but what I'm about to relate is very, very hard to believe.  To this very day I'm not sure that I believe it myself.  While staying at a motel off some dirt road in Missouri, I encountered the ghost of myself in a past life.  It was about 2 in the afternoon and I was watching t.v. when I heard a very strange sound unlike any sound i'd ever heard before coming from the bathroom.  Upon entering the bathroom, I found nothing, however as I was turning to leave I caught my reflection in the mirror, only it wasn't me.  It had a very uncanny resemblence to me, but it was definately not me.  It's very hard to describe, but the best way I can put it is that I could see myself (my real reflection) yet, over my reflection was another, translucent reflection that I could see almost as perfectly as my reflection in any other mirror.  So it was as though this reflection and my own were in the exact same space as eachother, yet I could discern them both from eachother.  I stared in a terrified amazement at this "other" reflection.  It looked very much like me, only it was just a bit taller and had a beard.  It was wearing a blue, colonial army uniform and as I stared at it I felt extremely cold.  Gazing to this reflection, I somehow "knew" that it was myself that I was looking at, that this was the ghost of myself from a past life.  After about 3 minutes of just staring at it I heard what sounded like a very faint gunshot and it felt like a small rock hit me in the chest.  I stumbled back, not expecting something like that to happen and the reflection vanished, leaving my normal reflection.  My only guess is that, in a past life, I served in the Union army in either the Revolutionary or Civil War, and was shot in the chest in a skirmish or battle that must have taken place near the motel.

Didn't Always Believe


I didn't always believe in ghosts,that all changed about five years ago.I had meet a new kid in the neighborhood and we became very close,always hanging out and all.That first year nothing really happened over at his house,but that ended up changing.
It started up all of a sudden.The first incident I wasn't their for but my friend has no reason to lie plus his dad verified it too.They were watching a movie and all of a sudden the pictures in the hallway flew and hit the opposite wall with a load bang,they just shrugged it off.Then I started experiencing thing over there too.Their would be a load bang in the back room but when we would check nothing would be wrong.Then the smoke detectors started going off all the time for no reason,first it was the one near the door,it would go off at least 10 times a day so after a week Alfred(my friends dad)unplugged it and this next part still makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck,the second one started going off and we finally had to unplug that one too.
Things went quiet for a couple of months and then one night we were watching TV and the microwave just came on by itsself.We messed around with it for about a minute and it just shutoff by itsself.I can't forget about the footsteps,we only heard them twice but ill never forget it.My friend and I were in the back yard and no one was in the house,it was getting dark and we were whating for my friends parents to get home.I heard a noise and looked at the house the same time my friend heard it.It sounded like THUMP THUMP THUMP from were his parents room is through the kitchen,across the living room and into the back hallway,we thought hi parent got home and we didn't notice so we went and opened up the door,well to our surprise their wasn't anybody there.The second time we heard them we were in his room tal ng when we heard them again walking through the house(actually it was a single wide trailer so it amplified footsteps pretty well )and once again we went and checked and their was no one there.NOTE:(I want you too bear in mind that he didn't own any pets and the footsteps were pretty load,it sounded like his dad walking who weighed about 250 lb.)
The last incident was up close and personnel and I don't think Ill ever forget it.It was dark and my friend had to drive to the store so I told  him I'd watch his little brother and sister because they were in bed.He pulled out of the drive way and I stepped in and closed the door and you know what the first thing that pops in my head is?all the weird stuff thats happened in there.So I'm standing there in the living room and you can see right into his parents room and all of a sudden the closet door open by its self,I just stared as the door slowly opened,man I was like S@#$.I just stood in the living room just staring at the closet door,I wasn't going to walk over their too see up close,and I really don't freighten easy but that got my blood pumping.When my friend got home we went and checked it out and tested the door,their was no windows open so their wasn't a draft and I rolled a ball in the kitchen and found out the hose tilted a little bit IN THE WRONG DIRECTION.We messed with and came to the conclusion that it couldn't open by itself even with a draft so who knows.All the things I've said are true and I swear on my whole family and god its true.I don't know if it was a ghost but that was a spooky trailer and it was brand new.I think it was the land and after they moved out some new people moved out that trailer and put a double wide on the land.I've been think of going and asking them if they've had any strange experiences there.But I wanted to are that and everyone take care.

Carroll County Maryland

going to carroll county high school, i have heard the tail of an old theatre teacher. from what i understand he was suffering from extreme depression. it was told that one day he went upon the scaffold in the auditorium and proceeded to hang himself. and to this day it is told that you can see him hanging from the scaffold where he hung himself. i don't know how many people have actually saw this and i'm not sure what i saw. i'm afraid i did but, i'm hopeing it was just my eyes playing tricks on me.

A Last Goodbye


About 10 years ago,when I was 24 years old,after only
2 years of marriage,my husband was killed in an accident involvinng a train.I was very hurt and angry at him for leaving me all alone in this world,and I kind of was angry for not having the chance of saying goodbye.
One night,about a week after the accident,as I was laying in bed crying,I felt that I was not alone in my room.Suddenly it felt as of somebody was sitting down on my bed and I felt a light touch on my cheek.My husband always touched me on my cheek whenn he use to say goodbye and went to work.At that moment,I was not angry nomore and The lonely feeling,and the pain in my heart where gone.I knew that he was here to say goodbye and that no matter where I was in this world,he would always watch over me.I miss you Ricky.

 New Zealand


I moved into an old villa three years ago with my partner.  It was set on 30 hectars which was great as I have horses.
When we went to look at the house the landlord didnt come with us instead he left the key in the mail box.  I didnt think anything of it at the time.  We feel in love with the house and moved in a week later.
After we had lived there for a few days the landlords ex wife arrived and told me that I needed to get the house blessed becouse it was haunted and horrible things happen here.
In the short time that I had lived there nothing strange had happened so I brushed it off and thourght nothing of it until that weekend.
My partner and I were out side feeding calves and had left our three dogs (chihuahua's) in the house.  After about ten minuets the dogs were out side with us.  I thourght nothing until it happened a third time in the hour and I knew nothing was left open and there was no way the dogs were big enough to jump through the only open window in the lounge.
After a few days doors in the house would open by them selves and then shut gently.  Curtins would open and close by them selves and things would often get lost only to be found again in the strangest places.
The lights in the hall way would turn off two seconds after I turned them on .
The dogs refused to go down the hall at all and would cry if I did.
There was a story that a little girl was killed at the house before her father shot himself in the barn.  Both the house and barn still stand today.
I didnt belive in any thing like this until it happened to me.
I lived there just over a year and loved it.
Visiters refused to stay the night so it got pretty lonley at times but I had my ghost freind to keep me company.
This took place in Waingaro Springs 30 minuets west of Huntly, Waikato, New Zealand

 My Father-in-Law


This story isn't my experience, it happened to my best friend (the
mother of my step daughter). My husband's father died a little better
than a year before my step daughter was born. My best friend didn't know
yet but she was pregnant. One night she woke up because she could feel
someone watching her, it was my father in law. He was sitting on the
foot of their bed. She tried to wake up my husband, but he's a heavy
sleeper. She thought she was dreaming so she pulled the covers over her
face and waited a minute. When she pulled them down my father in law was
standing at the end of the bed staring at her. She's not easily scared
because things like this have happend to her before so she asked him
what he wanted. He just smiled at her and disapeared. A couple weeks
later she found out she was going to have a baby!!!
To continue this storie I met my husband when his daughter was three.
She was an only child then and was very good at amusing herself. One day
I heard her talking to someone, an imaginary friend, no biggy. When I
asked her who she was talking to she said the man. I told my friend
about this and she told me that she got the same answer. To this day we
both think that it was my father in law playing with his granddaughter.
She doesn't see him anymore but it is very comforting to know he's
watching because I just had a son.

Spooky College House


I am a 20 year old Junior at Behrend College, a division of Penn State
University, in Erie, PA.  I transfered from another college, so I was placed on
the waiting list for the dorms and forced to rent.  I found a place a few miles
from campus that was nice and clean, but very old.  The first night I stayed
there, only one of my roommates had arrived.  His bedroom is the entire 4th
floor attic, while mine was on the 3rd floor (our landlord lives on the first 2
floors).  It was very hot that night.  That plus the fact that I was in strange
surroundings, I could not sleep.  Around 1:00 am, I heard my roommate come down
to my floor and move around in the kitchen . . . making noises as if he was
cooking.  I could specifically hear kitchen drawers and cabinets opening and
closing, and the sound of silverwear and glasses clinking together.  I figured
that I might as well get up and talk to him since i couldn't sleep either and I
didn't really know the guy very well at that time.  So I got up out of bed, and
when I opened my door, the noises stopped and the rest of the house was pitch
black with not one light on.  I still went into the kitchen, but nobody was
here.  The door to his steps was shut and there was no light coming from around
it.  I thought "well thats strange" and went back to bed.
AS SOON as i shut the door to my room, I heard the noises again.  I layed back
down in bed, but could not sleep because of the noise.  Now I was freaked out.
I got up again, looked out, and nobody was there, the house was dark.  I closed
the door, went back in bed, and the noises started up again.  This went on till
about 4:00 in the morning and I could not sleep because of the noise.  Finally
it stopped at almost exactly 4:00 am.  The next night, my other roommate had
arrived.  His room is on the same floor as mine.  I heard the noises start up
again around 1:00 am and again nobody was up, the house was dark.  Again the
noises kept me up till 4:00 am.  I asked the roommate on my floor if he had
heard anything, but he said all he heard was his door opening and closing and
assumed it was the wind.  I decided to get a fan which effectively drowned out
the noise.
About a week later, my roommates both went home for the weekend.  I heard the
noises again, this time over the fan I had bought.  Now they sounded as if they
were IN my room.  I layed in bed, scared to death, until I finally got up,
turned on all my lights and said "Shut the @#%& up I'm trying to sleep!"  and
it stopped.  the next night I was home alone again, so before I went to bed, I
said out loud "I don't care who you are or what you're doing here, but I do not
want to see you, hear you, or even know you are here in any way, so keep the
hell away from me."  I felt REALLY FREAKED OUT while I was saying this and felt
serious chills.  Nothing happened after that.
Nothing happened until a few days ago.  i was watching The Wedding Singer on TBS
around 9:00 pm when something caught my attention.  I looked up to see a hazy
misty figure standing in the doorway to my living room.  It looked like the
heat waves coming off a grill in the summer, like that wavy type distortion of
the air or whatever.  I wasn't scared, just like "what the hell?"  I watched it
for a few seconds as it moved out of the door way and out of sight.
Thats all that has happened so far.  I definately know I'm not imagining this.
My roommates don't seem to believe me.  I always have a knack for attracting
this sort of thing.  I think its because I just freak myself out.


We Call Him George!


My husband and I live in an older modular, I'd say 60's model in the country that we have worked hard to update. Since day one, we have both had very odd experiences. Although, I will say we have yet to SEE a ghost.
I work midnights alot, so I'm used to the creaking of the floors, that really sound like someone walking down the hall. I try to rationalize everything:)
My first experience, was when I woke up and heard my husband home early one day (at least I assumed it was him). I was so tired that I didn't even open my eyes. I felt him lay down next to me and back to sleep I went. I just figured he came home sick or something. When I awoke in the afternoon, NO ONE was there. And my husband had been at work all day. Then my husband went on to tell me that the original owner had died in the house and in our bedroom.
Since then, he has had more experiences than I. He wakes up and hears the kids turn on the bathroom light. So he gets up to check on them and they are both in the their rooms sound asleep. So he shuts the light out and goes back to bed. Then while he was still awake, he hears the light turn back on. (You can see it in the hallway) So he jumps up to punish the kids for getting up over and over and no one is awake. They are both still in bed in the same position as before. Then one night, my husband was sound asleep (we have a waterbed) and he was startled by someone running over the bed. He said the bed was still moving while he was trying to think about what had just happened.
But a couple of weeks ago, my husband went to California on business and my kids went to stay with a sitter. As I said before I rationalize everything! Well, I had turned on the laundry room light so that when I returned from dropping the kids off I wouldn't be in total darkness. I know I was the last one out the door. But when I returned the light was not on. I tried to tell myself that one of the kids just turned it off is all. So I switched it back on so that I would have light after my short nap before work.   And I also made sure all doors were locked.  I slept only and hour because the footstep sounds kept me awake. And when I got up and opened my bedroom door I was SOO freaked out! The light was off again! Then I told myself, well maybe it's burned out, so I went to check it and the switch was literally turned OFF. Explain that, because no one was here and no one could get in!  That's my story for now. I'm sure it's not over.

The Meeting


This account happened when I was in my early teens. My best girlfriend at
the time was spending the weekend at my home in a rural part of Missouri.
She and I were in the front yard that early afternoon when we heard my
alarm clock going off inside the house.  Odd, because we had not set it. We
went in the house, turned it off and returned to the yard outside.
While we were gabbing (as only teenage girls can do), a pickup truck and
car pulled up alongside one another on the road in front of our yard. They
seemed to be talking back and forth between the two vehicles.
My friend and I recognized most of the boys in the vehicles as they were
Seniors at our High School. We, as Freshman girls,had the worst of crushes
on some of these upper-classmen who most likely did not even know our names
at the time.  Needless to say we were quite excited....we attempted to get
their attention by calling out the name of the driver in the pickup - but
he didn't seem to hear us or acknowledge us. About that time, a motorcycle
came down the road and so the truck and car had to move. The truck backed
into our driveway to turn around and the motorcycle, car and truck all then
headed down the country road.
Most of the guys out of the 6 (3 were in the car, 3 were in the truck). we
recognized and knew their names.
We bragged to our friends about seeing them when we returned to school
following that weekend...
However, as it turned out - that past weekend in the early afternoon, a
funeral had taken place for a guy that had graduated from our high school a
year prior.....the guy had been killed riding his motorcycle.  The 6 guys
whom we had seen in the truck and the car had consequently been the
pall-bearers at his funeral.
The funeral would have taken place near the time that my alarm had gone off.
Later, I began dating one of the guys we thought we saw that day...and he
had no recollection of ever being on the road that led by my house-ever.
My girlfriend and I got together once after graduation - almost 10 years
had passed since that occasion, - I asked her "Do you remember.....?--she
just said "yes"- and by the look in both of our eyes, we just left it at
that.  It seemed all we needed 10 years after that event, was just
re-confirmation that it had actually happened. -And it did. (we both
I can't explain it.  I can't even try to understand why...... Just all
seemed like a normal day (at the time). Outside of the fact that we did get
a little freaked out over the alarm clock.  Later, we realized by checking
with the local paper when the obituary and funeral write-up came
out.........that it would have been physically impossible for those guys
(and maybe even the motorcycle rider?) to have been two places several
miles apart at the same time.

The Crying Woman


It was about 11pm when I woke up. My mom was asleep on the couch after watching murder cases. All of a sudden there was a older woman with a really white face who  walked over to me and sat on the couch. It looked as if she were crying for a long time, because her hair was knatty and her eyes had the 'crying' look in them. She reached out her arms to me as if she was asking for a hug. Then she started to get a worried look on her face and kept looking back to my stairs. (I was in my basement.)
Then she touched my face and it was so cold I screamed but my mom didnt wake up. Then the lady stood up and ran up my stairs. I never saw her again.

Stroking my Hair


Hello my name is Tiffany I am from Georgia. I would like to tell my story.Well one of them anyway . I have quite a few. This is my most recent experience. I live in a nice home that my husband and I bought about 3 years ago. We live here with our 4 children . Well everynight when we go to bed someone strokes my hair. It happens eveynight without fail. I don't know who it is but I have a good idea. My best-friend died about 3 years ago right before we bought the house
and since then alot of things have happened. My son has seen him in the house as well.Also sometimes
I can just feel him. You may think I am crazy alot of people would but this is the truth. I would like to tell you more of my stories but I am not sure if you have a limit

Streamwood High School Auditorium


"Streamwood - Streamwood High School - The auditorium is supposedly haunted
by a ghost named "Elvira", a girl who died there many years ago. This
reporter is a skeptic, but there have been numerous sightings of this spirit
by a few reliable sources."
          My name is John Mueller, I was a student at SHS from august of
1997 to june 2001. I was heavily involved in the theatre (I practically
lived in the auditorium). I have been witness to several occurances of
hot/cold spots, shadows/forms, lights/orbs, footsteps, giggling, sounds of
objects being moved, and objects being moved when noone is watching. Most of
the occurances are done with a sense of teasing or as a practial joke,
however she did become rather "angry" when two stage crew members used a
ouija board one day afterschool. I would be more than willing to help you in
any way I can.

Someone Watching Over Me


When I was younger (much younger) I had an imaginary friend (So my Mother told me)  My Mom told me I would sit for hours in my playroom carrying on full conversations with someone or something.  It was only after my Mom told me this years later that I remembered my special friend.  Let me stop for a second and tell you before I go on that I have always loved the Military Branch of the Marine Corps.  I wont say that this particular friend was harmful, he and yes I said he was as I would call my guardian angel.   The night after my Mom told me about my days talking to someone she couldnt see I sat for hours going back and remembering my special friend "BobbyE"  He was a very handsome soul, very kind and always smiled at me.  I remember it clearly as if it happened yesterday.  He wore a uniform which I connect as Marine Corps now.  As I got older things happened to me I have no explanation for.  I would be able to hear things, see things or feel different during different times.  Im not saying Im special, but I do know that people are able to do that.  Growing up in a Roman Catholic Family(My Mom was not catholic, my Fathers family was and I was raised to be Catholic)...I was never to mention I saw a ghost or anything like that...It was not tolerated in my family.  I didnt want people labeling me as "crazy" or "nutty" so I just let it be.   When I got older I noticed being able to detect negative energies, to which the hair on my neck would stand up and I would get really cold to where I shivered.  Even if it was 90 degrees outside it would happen.  Doors would slam in my home scaring the witts outta me.  Other times things would fly off a bookshelf and even one time my fish tank itself exploded into a millon pieces with glass all over the floor.  I know this wasnt my "BobbyE" but the souls of someone or more than one.  There were nasty spirits with their attitudes for the mean things they did to scare me.  I was what you would call a "Book Worm" and I began reading about the history of the land my home was on.  After reading it all made sense to why things were going on that were happening.  My Home was built on Indian Territory.  If anyone is a History buff and American Indian history check out the Piscataway Indians.  My Home was built right on land that they resided on many years ago.  However it seems no matter where I lived I always attracted the Paranormal activity around me.  I have many other stories about things that I have witnessed, but they are for another time.  I am going to finish about "BobbyE"  It seems no matter where I am now, I am always calmed by a warm feeling when things start going weird around me.  Like I said I am a research buff and I began doing research about a POW/MIA that I have a bracelet for that I have had for many years.  Upon researching for this particular individual I came across a name on the Vietnam Wall...Robert E. I sat there and tears started rolling down my face, but I had a warm feeling about it...I felt sadness as I stared at the name...Complete sadness, but in an instant I felt as if someone were looking at the back of my head  (Let me back up for a sec) I was on my home computer looking thru the Vietnam Wall on the Internet and I was home alone.  I clicked on the information for Robert E. and noticed that his date of his death in Vietnam was identical to my birth date 08/09/70.  I flew out to 29 Palms California to stay with my then Boyfriend who was a Sgt in the Marine Corps.  He had to leave one night to go pick up his intoxicated room mate.  I was alone in the house that they rented and I felt the covers on my leg come off and I felt the mattress go down as if someone was sitting on it.  At first I was frightened because I knew I was the only one in the house while "Mike" went to go pick up his roomate.  I laid there and then again felt the warmth come over me I then heard the words as if someone was in the room with me "He isnt truthful" I heard the same thing repeated to me several times before the mattress when back to normal as if the spirit got up.  I found out several days later after I got home from a mutual friend that "Mike" had been cheating on me the whole time we were dating.    I often wonder if this was the spirit of my "BobbyE" that looked over me as a child and protected me during some rough times and now he is still looking out for me.    I sometimes wonder if somehow as I was being brought into this world and he was leaving somehow we passed by one another...Im not sure, but if someone has an explaination I would love to hear it.  Even though I am 33 now, I still keep "BobbyE" in my mind and in my heart for he truly did look out for me even if majority of my family dont believe it now...Who cares?  I feel as though I have a special person watching over me.  Thanks for letting me share this, even though it isnt scary like most of what I have read on this site.  By the way this is a great site and I love reading all the stories people send in.  I will post more experiences later on.....

Together for Eternity


Hey. My names Nik and I'm a 16 year old girl; Junior Class art major. The incident I’m about to tell you happened a few years ago. It was in our old apartment on Hwy. 80 west. My mom had always been the paranormal, superstitious figure. She’d wake up in the middle of the night with dreams of her relatives in bad situations only to have them call but a few minutes later. She sees things and gets bad feeling associated with them. Well, I think her somewhat of a 6th sense had brushed off on me. I too get strange dreams of events and such only to see them happen a few days later. But anyway, onto my chronicle.
As I’ve stated, this happened in our old apartment. We lived in apartment 805 in Wyndmere on Hwy. 80 west. It was the top apartment and at the time, a couple lived underneath us. A week or two later, the couple underneath us had to move due to military issues. So, the lower apartment was vacant for a few months. After I think the 4 month had passed since the military couple, three SCAD students rented out the apartment. SCAD stands for Savannah College of Art and Design just so you know. These three were visual art majors too.
Two of the three were together. While the third one was usually busy and came home late into the night. My mom and I often talked to the couple. They were nice young people I’m guessing maybe early 20’s. The boy had straight brown hair tied back in a pony tail and the girl had somewhat frizzy hair but was well kept. They said they were getting engaged and planned to move very soon. Well, I can tell you now, that that did not happen.
The day after the last time we spoke to the couple, the third roomy rushed in and out of the apartment constantly. An elderly couple came buy as well as Ryder, taking out all of the things in the apartment. My mom and I had went down stairs to talk to the elderly couple. They were the parents of the girl who lived in the apartment. The mother told us that last night, the couple had been driving along a highway, only to collide unexpectedly into a truck that was on the wrong side of the road. Apparently, there were no survivors and both died of broken necks.
After that was when the happenings began. The third room in our apartment was just a play-room which, underneath, was the room of that couple. In the room, it’d be cold and the electricity wouldn’t work. Also, when we’d leave and return, the TV in that room would be on. Even if it wasn’t plugged in. My mom also mentioned when she was up late one night, she saw the boy’s head floating along the hallway then disappear. I had seen the girls face in the static of the TV in the room that was always cold.  My mom said they meant no harm.
After we caught word that the two lovers had been buried together at the city where they planned to wed, the happenings stopped. Possibly they had been put to rest in the city where they planned to be together for eternity...

Not Happy


I believe in ghost and I have always love true ghosts stories. my boyfriend on the other hand thinks I am stupid. I work at Taco Bell and so my manager hired this girl named Britt. B. I soon found out that she lived in the apartment complex as I did. So she and I became good friends because she just moved to town with her boyfriend. Well she told me that she is in contact with ghost all the time. She says that sometimes she cant tell if they are human or not and often makes a fool of her self. Well me being very interested, I ask her to do a siance with me. We lit candles and she said to just wait because she already seen ghost near me since she first met me. well we were just talking and she stopped and said that there was a woman sitting across us on the floor on the other side of the coffee table. she didn't give me a description of what she looked like or what she was doing. She just told me that she was looking at me. well Britt left to go to the bathroom and I didn't like it one bit but I didn't say anything. I looked to where she said the woman was sitting and my eyes started to water and it wouldn't stop so I turned away. Britt cam back to sit down and she goes Whoa what the hell...and soon after that she told the ghost that she wasn't welcome here and the ghost woman left. Britt turned to me and said "that wasn't a happy ghost" she told me that as soon a she sat down the ghost woman looked at her and her eyes started to water really bad. I didn't tell her about that happing to me I just acted like nothing happen. but now I know that ghost follow me around it's just a sense of not being alone. but my boyfriend thinks I am trying to g attention to my self. who knows

Rispin Mansion

         Armed with flashlights and cameras, three of us went in with a
mission: to get inside Rispin Mansion in search of ghosts. Among us was a scottish
druid(and also a "sensitive" named Chris, longtime colleague Justin, and me:
    As we walked along the path to the mansion, right away we detected
activity. First, we heard what sounded like children giggling torwards the back of
the house, then we heard what sounded like window shutters slamming. Once we
were down at the front of the house, Chris began a druid prayer with Chris
directing Justin and I when and where to take pictures. Almost immedietly, we felt
we were being watched and heard footsteps.
    The rispin mansion has a outdoor concrete staircase leading around the
left side of the house that swings around and leads to the back of the mansion.
So, down this stair case we went in such darkness we had to break out our
flashlights(a bummer when trying to operate in stealth). We swung around to the
back and up the padio stair case we went. This padio has the remains of a old
holy fountain dating back to the 1930s and a altar which was probably at one
time used for catholic ceremonies when it was a convent(it is also rumored
nowadays to be the basis of satanic rituals and be the scene of a brutal murder).
    Once we were at the thge padio, Chris immedietly told us to point our
cameras to two upstairs windows, warning one of us not to use a flash. We took
the pictures and Chris went into a meditative-like prayer state, leaving Justin
and I to sit and wait. Almost immedietly we felt we were surrounded. I saw a
flash of light, and we heard footsteps all around. Then almost in sync, Justin
and I got the impression someone or some thing DEFINETLY did not want us
there. Justin whispered to me that he did not want to go inside because he felt
something didn't want us to go inside. I agreed.
   Chris stopped praying and ordered Justin and I to take pictures of the
stairs that lead up to the padio(the way we came). Justin removed a fresh new
camera from it's package without the flash turned on yet when he snapped a
picture the flash went off. Chris then invited us to join him in a druid prayer and
while this was occuring I began to feel a icy breeze right on my face. It felt
as if it was coming from very close yet I couldn't pinpoint where it was
coming from. Then it intensified: I felt someone touching my face and shirt(Justin
later said he felt the same thing).I got the impression that one of the
spirits was of that was a young nun in ages 20s-early 30s(a photo taken a month
before showed the figure of a nun!). Anyway, we continued to feel movement all
around and finally Chris had us out of the prayer and asking if we were ready to
go and we all thought it was best if we left IMMEDIETLY.
    Later after we left the mansion, Chris told us he got the impression of a
young nun in her 20s, when in fact I had not told him of what I felt. Now,
usually, out of the whole group, I'm the enthusiastic "let's go get 'em!" type
of a guy who doesn't get scared easily but after last night, you'll never find
me there at night alone, even if my life depends on it!


Still Have Experiences


I have several ghost experiences and feel that I am sensitive to paranormal activities.
I had my first paranormal experience when I was six. I was in my basement before my birthday party and looking at an old civil war book, and I heard a very deep laugh. I ran upstairs at the speed of light, and no one had been laughing. My parents had in fact been arguing.
When my family moved to West Virginia, we bought this beautiful log cabin surrounded by 52 acres of woods dirt cheap. Everyone called the house "The Murder House" because of the murder/suicide that took place there. A husband killed his wife and then himself. My bedroom was there old bedroom. One summer, I was staying up late reading. And, out of nowhere, I hear footsteps walk up to my door. I thought that it was my sister, who had a tendency to sleepwalk. So, without looking up, I said, "What do you need Sarah?" and I got no reply. So, I looked up at my door and no one was there. I thought that I was hallucinating. So, I went beck to my reading. I then heard the footsteps come into my room. I was so scared that i hid my face in my book and turned off the light. I then heard all the stuff being slammed off of my dresser. I looked up, and nothing had fallen.
We have this brown rocking chair in our house now, and when we still lived in our house in WV, it used to be in our loft. One afternoon, my mom was working, and my sister and I were downstairs waiting for her to come out of her office(she worked from home) so that we could meet my dad for dinner. Well, it was storming, so we had all of the windows closed, and our dogs were afraid of storms, so they were curled up with us on the couch. All of a sudden my sister and I hear this strange creaking sound. We both look up towards the loft rail and see that rocking chair rocking back and forth by itself.
When my parents divorced, my mom, sister and I moved back up to Toledo. Now, in our house, we still have strange happenings. Our phone will turn on by itself, or the computer will boot up or dial the internet (before we got DSL) by itself. One day, I had my friend over, and we were screwing around with my electric organ, and my sister was on the computer. All of a sudden, my picture frame slammed down on the table hard enough to shatter the glass. We even heard shattering glass. When we picked up the frame, it was all in tact.
Last Saturday night, my sister had a friend over, and I was in my room. I fell asleep, and I woke up with a start. It sounded like my door had slammed shut. I have my Homecoming Dress hanging up on my closet door. I looked up and saw someone standing in front of my Homecoming Dress. I said, "Come on, I know you`re there, I can see you." I thought it was my mom, because the figure was of her same height and stature. I looked away for a second, and it was gone. Since then, I cannot find a sleep mask that I use to block out light.
My mom woke up this morning, and let our dog out. She was still tired, so she reset her alarm and went back to sleep. After about a half an hour, she woke back up because she heard music. She walked out into our living room, and our boombox was on playing the first track in a new CD that my sister had bought.
I still continue to have strange paranormal experiences even tonight. It is like I said, I am sensitive. Even at friends houses I sense it.

Knocking Noises


heres my story. i moved into my house 3 years ago. the first year i started to hear noises. i was at my bathroom taking a shower it happened about 8:00 am in the morning all i heard was a knock on the door about 2 times. after i got of the shower i went to my sons room and my bedroom where my husband was they were asleep i thought it was one of them knocking on the door to use the bathroom. i told them when they woke up if they knocked on the door and sayed no. i thought i was hearing things so i just let it go. my niece was staying at my house the 2nd weekend. she was taking a shower when she told me she heard a knock on the door  about 3 times. when she got out she looked to see  if anybody was awake we were all asleep she told me it was about 8:00 in the morning also when she heard that knocking sound. i never mentioned the story to my niece about the knocking sound. she told me the story what she heard and then i proceeded to tell mine also. i was watching tv on my back den with the door open in the front and the back door but kept it locked so my screen door was locked also. i heard somebody knocking in the front door. it was about 8:00 in the morning also. i went to go and check and there was nobody. i was scared cause it all happened at 8:00 in the morning. i decided to call a lady to come bless our house. after that i didnt hear any more knockings.


Once upon a time lived a very happy family , they lived in North Carolina but we will not tell you where, just in case the person who lives there ever reads this. Anyway, about 40 years ago, this house was made. The people who lived there, Lets just call them the Burdocks, had this house made and moved in. The man of the house was a train driver. In fact, one of the train stops to the train he drove, stopped right behind their house. This one, was the most commonly used train stop. Anyway, one night when the man was out driving that very train, it was Halloween, October 31st 1961. It was packed to the overflowing with people. There was a little less than 1,000(it was a huge train for back then) people. So, they were almost there, they were slowing down and about to stop, going trough the path in the woods behind these peoples house (very overgrown now), when a woman carrying a baby appeared in front of the train. The train came to an abrupt stop while rain poured outside its windows. Mr. Burdock couldn t e the woman or the baby anywhere, so he stepped outside of the train to look for them. Mr. Burdock was no more. The train started again and people thinking that it was Mr. Burdock driving the train thought nothing of it, until they passed their stop and doubled back into the woods. "What is this?" they thought as the train stopped at the very place they had been before. "What are we doing?" they asked eachother. Suddenly, the train door swung open. Each compartment door swung open in turn. A sudden flash of lightning illuminated the man who got on the train. The passengers screamed for the man was carrying an axe above a bloody head. The doors shut, and the man disappeared, and the train started going again. As they looked outside the window, they saw fire. They screamed again and tried to get out but it was no use. Each of the passengers died that night on Halloween, except for the woman, her baby, and the man with the axe. Each Halloween, the passengers come back for a celebration of being out of the fire. They dance all night until the morning, but sometimes, the man, the woman, and the baby come back, and all the celebrations end. I am the engineer s son, and Halloween, is my birthday.

Grandma's haunted oakland home


My grandmother lives in a old early 1900's- late 1800's Victorian home in Oakland California she raised her 13 Kids there the first step you take when you walk in through the heavy wooden door you get the cold chill that past owner lived there in the 1960's from what was recorded the mother depressed drowned her twin daughter's in the bathtub and when the father came home he found the kids and killed his wife for the bad doing since i was little me and my entire family have there own experiences i will start with my earliest one When i was about 5yrs old or so i was sleeping in the dining room on a mattress that was in there i herd someone walking and it was about 4AM i look i don't see anyone but i see the outline of another child i jumped up and tried to wake up my younger sister she was no help then when i turned back it was gone that was about 11years ago, about 2 years later i was sleeping upstairs in one of the bedrooms and i woke up around 3AM when i looked straight towards the one of the doors that goes to the hallway i seen the twin girls just sitting on a old chest then later on i learned the room has the door to the attic and when the attic door is open the Ghost appear, from then until know i still have the experiences like ill see someone walking around the house or ill hear loud footsteps going up or down the stairs but there's one incident that takes the prize of the most freaky about 2 years ago on Easter Me, my little sister Alani, my cousin Alana and Alana's friend Tiara were playing a game of truth or dare we were positioned in front of the houses 3 step long porch and on the side of the driveway that goes all the way down the side of the house in between the neighbors house and my Grandparent's house, we were in a circle i was facing the driveway when we were talking about a dare in the corner of my eye in the darkness i seen a guy trying to creep of the side but i seen him through the porch's fence i stared at him for around 2 seconds until i he looked at me he had what looked like a KKK gown thing with a hood but it was black with red eyes and short about 4ft tall and extremely thin with no signs of stitching on the outfit i immediately pointed and screamed out "WHO THE HELL IS THAT!?!" then Alana being the closest to the guy She caught a good glimpse of him and ran towards me but going past me down the street followed by everyone else including myself but as fat as i am when im scared im SCARED i ran faster than any of them i was way ahead of them in a second then when we got to the end of the street a guy going to his car was looking at us funny because we all screamed as we ran we frantically told him what happened and he just ignored us and went into his Volvo and drove off, we immediately got the courage to get back to the house but we walked up very slowly and Tiara grabbed a abandoned news paper i grabbed the hose and Alana grabbed a long stick when we approached the guy was gone so we fled up the few steps of the porch and ran into the door and immediately to the kitchen where my dad, my grandma, Alana's mom/my auntie, my auntie Hoot and Auntie Tina we were so scared tiara was on the floor rocking back and forth rapidly holding her knees i was with Alana was screaming out what happened and Alani was so panicked she couldn't speak so right before we got done the windows HIGH above the ground from outside about 10-12 feet high banged rapidly and very loud Everyone screamed  and we finally came to our senses after about 30 minutes of re assuring that it was safe and to this day i see that guy around dark places either on the side of my garage or on the side of the street like on mission blvd and the San Mateo bridge that was the most scariest encounter with the unknown i have ever had and i hope i don't live it again

Ghost Story about my Brother


I live in Lake View South Carolina and Here's my story. In 1962, my great uncle Arthor Kirby died in my current bed room, the room I'm writing in this very second. Ok well about 7 years ago my brother lived here with his current wife. Well he got up in the middle of the night to get something to drink out the kitchen (because wendy want some to, he had had 2 glasses. He walked out the kitchen and back to my current bedroom and the light to the kitchen turned off all by itself. He goes into the bedroom and tell his wife that he think someone is in the house. He gets his gun out of the closet and walks back tot he kitchenand turns the light back on to chech if anyone was in there. There was noone in sight after a through investigation and so he left out the kitchen again, without cutting off the light. The light turned off again as it had done the lasttime. He turned around and a white figure of a man sat looking at him holding his chest. My brother ran like crazy back to the bedroom. He didn't sleep allnight. About 2 years later, my Great Aunt come by for a visit and was told me that a relative had dies in my bedroom. I asked her who and she told me my great uncle Arthor. I asked her how and she told me of a heart attack. Remembering the story of my brother, I asked her if she had a picture and she told me yea in her picture book in her pocket book. I asked her to stay were she was for an hour were I could go get my brother from down the street to show the Picture to him. I didn't tell him anything untill he got to the house and I asked him to look at the picture my great aunt was holding. He turned Pale white and started crying.
I personally have been in the living room and in the late night in the middle of summer with the A/C off and the room get so cold the I would blow the mist out of my mouth. I have also hired a Psysic to come here and she fainted when she hit the door with out me telling her a thing, described Uncle Arthor.

Ghost in my House


My house is haunted.  I'm pretty sure of that now. I don't believe in "that" sort of stuff but out of all the things I've seen in the last four months it's pretty hard not too.  There is about 5 people living in the house and everything that's happend is when several people have been there.  Let me just list the things that go on.  Upstairs lots of times the doors will open up and slam by themselves right after footsteps are heard running around.  I go up to investigate and no nones there.  Several other roomates have expirenced the same thing.  The strange part is that all three doors will all be open at the same time or shut at the same time.  I put shoes behind one when they were doing it and the shoes just got knocked out of the way and the door opened again.  This was after all the windows had been closed upstairs.  Several people have heard and seen cabinet doors open and slam shut again for no reason.  There is a presents felt by all.  One week during the first month in the house 4 pictures were found by different roomates of an old man in front of the cemetary in the driveway.  I have digital versons if you want them.  Also doors will lock by themselves. What makes this story really interesting is when we moved in the rmer tenetes had left a bunch of there stuff behind.  Even there big screen TV and plates and dishes.  A close friend of mine after soon learning about the location of the house told me it was haunted and had a good friend live in the house four years ago.  After tracking the former tentate down they said that the after storing objects in the basement like drum sets they would be violently thrown from one end of the house to the other if left against a certian wall.  Also the former tenate told of the ghost not liking shut doors which would explain what we were going through.  Nothing has been moved in the basement so far but a very cold pesence can be felt and we've found many small bones in the dirt floor area of the basement.  This house has been known by quite a few people as being haunted I later found out by talking to several people.  It's on the corner of Kimbrough and National in Springfield MO.  It's a rather old house and mostly from what I've heard either there was someone murderd and barried in the basement under the dirt floor area or there is an old man that died in the house and refused to leave.  Either way the ghost doesn't seem  to be too violent or shown any violents towards us other than a roomates window being smashed for no reason.  I don't know for sure it it's haunted but overall six people have personally witnessed unexplained things since we moved in at the beginning of the summer.  If you have any suggestions on dealing with "Big Gay Al" ( that's what I named him becuase I figured I can't be afraid of anything called that) just let me know.  I guess you can feel free to put that on the list for Springfield's known hauntings becuase apparently lots of people know about this house

Dragsholm castle Denmark


Dragsholm castle in Denmark is the most hunted place. Its a hotel today - but my friends for 30 years who own it.
One christmasnigth in ´93´ - me and my daugther sleeped in a canapébed in the royal suite as also included a sittingroom and a door between. My granddaugther was sleeping in an extra bed in the sittingroom. I could see her through the open door.  At 3 nigth I waked up by the feeling somebody looked at me, and a white grand lady stod in the door with her arms crossed over the breast.  I could see my grandchild through her.  I went very careful and slow out of bed for see her closer, but she disappeared like a soapboble.  I did not told any about it before we was home from the christmasholidays.  But I did it later to the owner as colect all stories.  One day he called me and asked me if I would come as ITV from England would come and make a film about ghostes there.  O did - and they had a psyky women with them as did not knew where she should go and the stories at all. When I had told my story to TV sitting at the edge of the bed. The psyky women was keeped at the office far from us, came and when she entered the sleepingroom she told it has always been a bedroom for kings and royal persons. There has been born a child in this room - and when she got close to the door between the two rooms she said: There is a lady standing in the doorway in white with her arms crossing in front of the breast. Its the nurce who toke care of the child, and she tells its absolutly forbidden to enter the room for anyone else but the family.  There was great wars between Denmark aqnd Sweden and Dragsholm was the only castle they had not invaded and never did, so if they could get the child they could easely get the the castle as well.  The owner never heard about that lady, as people seldom get to sleep in these suite as is in the middle of the mainbuilding, all other rooms sleepingrooms is in the wings. Its the same castle James Hepburn who murded Queen Mary of Schotland´s husband was a pisinor.  He is offen seen.  I have more stories from that castle. my son have seen fantastick things as I will tell some other day. OK ???

Different Occurances

By: anonymous

okay... here is my story.  I'm going to try and keep it brief because I could go on and on with different experiences I've had
My Husbands House:
My first experience was at my boyfriend (now husband) house.  We always felt that there was something around, we would fall asleep on the couch and I would wake up in pitch black at 3am realizing it was time to go home (I am an unbelievably heavy sleeper and dont wake up for anything).  This would happen every weekend Fri and Sat night for two years.  My Father-in-law claims he saw his father standing in the corner of the room a year after he died.  My husband claims he saw his grandfather (same guy) standing in the doorway a month after he died.  We would sit in the living room and hear people walking and running upstairs (we were the only ones home)
My Best Friend
When I was 17 my best friend died in a car crash.  Strange things started happening.  My stereo would turn on by itself, switch to a particular song play 30 secs of it then turn off, then turn back on again and change radio stations then turn off.  This same thing happened to my best friends younger sister and our other mutual friend.
This was by far the most scary experience I have had.  I lived in a house in college which was haunted by two spirits I believe.  I had two roomates, we would hear people running up and down the stairs, we would all be sitting in the living room and hear doors slamming at look at each other in question.  It always seemed to be really really bad in the winter time and the end of the second semester.  It was always worse with me
Story 1.  I was sleeping in my bed (again I am an extremely heavy sleeper) on my stomach and woke up to the sound of (sounded like feet rubbing the carpet of our all weather carpet) shuffling.  It sounded to be circling my bed.  I tried to open my eyes and all of a sudden, my head was hitting the pillow someone or something was jumping on my back and I was being thrown onto my pillow.  I just closed my eyes and prayed until it stopped.  different things like this would happen to me throughout the years, but not this severe.
Story 2. I was in the shower and would get out and the mirror would be steamed the initials HP were writted on the mirror.  We thought it was a practical joke someone had made.  Another time my roomate tried to trick me and drew an "evil" face on the mirror, well I got out of the shower and there were handprints through it, I freaked out then she freaked out because she didn't make the hand prints.
I can feel spirits and phenomina everywhere I go, I recently went to New Orleans, I will never go back there.  I can walk into a house, restaraunt, bar, business, and I know

Biker Blues


I am the member of an old school motorcycle club; you know the ones you read about in the paper that terrorize small towns. So we have no time for ghosts , hauntings or the like. Last winter we were kicked out of our club house, the club house that we had been in for over 30 years. It was a small old farm house that had suited our needs just fine. The rush was on to find a new place, we knew that we wanted to stay in the country so as not to be bothered by the towns’ people but where do you find farm land for cheep these days? Ok so now you know what I do, now let me tell you a little about me. I’m weird! My mother did automatic writing, the good kind! As a child I was told all about spirit helpers, guides, and how to talk to the strange things. I was schooled on how not to open doors that you can’t close and that garlic won’t help keep anything away except your friends. So nuff said about me. One day in desperation I stopped at the club house, opened the curtains, got a beer, sat down at the card table and started talking out loud to the house and whom / what ever was buried in the grave we had out back. I said; we have been friends for years our club has partied here and kept up your property, hell some of us have even slept on your grave and now we need help! If you can make this land deal fall through than please do so and we’ll stay and respect your land but if we must leave than can you help us find another place in the area? Well can you? Hay are you listening to me? Boy some help you are! I don’t know what I was expecting but for sure it wasn’t the cold shoulder! No thunder! no lights flashing! no news paper flopping open to the add page! nothing just as I thought no ghostly help…Thanks for nothing! So I finished my beer and headed for home, now I only had one beer but boy did I feel drained kinda like I had been up all night it was even hard to concentrate on my driving. I had gone about four miles when I turned on some road that I had never even knew was there and I’ve been this way numerous times before, as I traveled down this road in a stooper I came across an abandoned farm house with some out buildings, I stopped wrote down the fire number and went in search of the owner. After a few calls to real estate people I get a name, I wrote a letter explaining who we were and what we needed and put it in the mail. The following Saturday my wife and I and another couple decide to “TRESSPASS” on the property to have a look see! Wow what a place! The yard (about one and one half acres) was completely over grown, big trees had fallen and had never been removed but you could tell that someone had been working out there and quit before much had been done, The house was in fantastic shape for it’s age other than it had become a haven for raccoons. The out buildings were in good shape also, no vandalism, no broken windows and there was stuff it the house and out buildings not just old farm junk but furnishings and cars and a nice old truck, one building had a work shop complete with tools! Now I figure that someone must be leasing this place for farm work or something and we had better get before we get caught on the property. I no sooner get home and the phone is ringing, and it’s the owner of the property calling!! Wow again she loved my letter and states that she was wondering how or who was going to help her take care of her property. She says that no one has or can live or even stay there for any length of time because of the ghosts and ,,,,,Woohhh I, say the what’s?  Oh the ghosts every one in the area knows that the place is haunted and has been since the war. WW II the big one I ask? No she says the civil war! .Well needless to say now she has my full attention, she tells me that her son tried to stay on the property a few years back to record the happenings but couldn’t take it so he left and won’t return and how some people feel sick and get head aces and have to leave. I asked her what she knew of the history of the place? Not much, but what she did know was that a ghost that they called Emily would be seen leaving the house and drift (yes I said drift) off in the direction of the old out house, a full figured, floating apparition. Than there is the farmer who is seen walking from the house to the out buildings early in the morning and one time while her son was having a loud party in the barn the old farmer started the hay-fork to swing and spin and then knocked both of the doors off the building! Since that happening the hay-fork had been cut down and the doors nailed shut. But the creepiest thing was the civil war solder that will hover over you while you sleep and when you wake up he’s staring you in the face. It was about now that my mothers stories and training start to creep back in to my head and I ask in my professional ghost hunters voice; have you actually seen these ghosts your self these full form, with clothing and tools in hand ghosts? Yes she says but they never tried to hurt me, well except for the time that something locked me in the chicken coop! I talked with her like we were best friends for a couple of hours and she fell in love with us and told us that for the ridicules sum of one dollar a year the place and all the stuff in the house and buildings was ours! She figured that if anyone could stay it would be us. The next week I told the guys about the place and the deal and the ghosts, no problem since no one believes in ghosts. They figure that it’s just the insipid ramblings of an old woman. So we moved in, and guess what the place is haunted! What a surprise? I have not seen any ghosts yet, it seems that things only happen to the people who don’t know that the place has ghosts. Things will move around, once a beer was fond sitting on the bar open and cold only minutes after it had been put in the fridge. Warm and when your in the house alone there is that creepy raise the hairs on your arms feeling that something is watching you. Some people here voices and not like far away spooky Hollywood voices, these voices say stuff like “nice weather ay”. One member saw a figure in a dark robe cross the road carrying a red lantern, my wife saw the swoosh of a dress as it passed through a doorway. So haunted yes, dangerous not yet. But were new at this haunted living stuff and I still would like to take some pictures and do some investigating. We have a Halloween party scheduled on the property this year and we’ll see what happens than. As for me not believing that talking to the spirits can help, I should have known better all I needed to do was ask and the spirit led or forced me to this place and maybe he told his ghost friends that we were good humans to have around.  True story and it’s not over yet!

A Few Canadian Experiences

By: Anonymous

1. This occurred at a tourist attraction on Highway 3, between St. Thomas and Blenheim Ontario...The place is called the "Southwold Indian Earthworks".  My wife and I decided to take the scenic route to Essex, Ontario, where her parents live, and so we were enjoying a pleasant drive along Highway 3.  This highway runs along the edge of Lake Erie, and the vistas are quite beautiful, especially if you are driving west in the late afternoon-early evening.  Well, we saw this sign for the Southwold Indian Earthworks and decided to make a little side trip.  We parked the car, and walked back a manicured path leading to the site   This all occurred during a bright sunny afternoon at around 2:00 P.M.  As we arrived at the actual site, we could see this encircling mound...actually two parallel encircling mounds...where there had been a palisade of pointed sticks erected some 400 years previously.  There was also a porta-john on the premises, and my wife decided to make a quick pit-stop there.  We were the only ones at the site...While she was in the porta-john I stepped up onto the top of the double mound.  I can only describe what happened next as a very oppressive-feeling I stood there, I became aware of chanting-softly at first, and increasing in volume.  My wife came back and said to me, "Ok, Let's look around"...and I replied, "I don't have a really good feeling about this place!"  She said "Oh, nonsense" and I thought, "yeah, probably" so I started to follow her into the centre of the clearing, where at one time there had been a sizeable Native settlement.  You could see where individual buildings had once stood...especially outstanding to me for some reason were two parallel mounds a good sixty feet long.  I later asked a native friend about these, and she said to me that "Oh, yes, that would have been the foundations of Longhouses!"  At any rate, I became aware of movement around me...not actual beings, but more like unformed dark blobs of shadow undulating like they were almost dancing!  Even the sky began to look appeared to take on a yellowish hue...I said to my wife "I'm getting out of here!" heart began to hurt very badly, and she and I both walked away.  As we left the clearing, not only did the pain in my heart stop, but the sky turned blue again, and the chanting disappeared.  It was a very moving thing, and I had to pull over on the side of the road, and shed a few tears.  I had not been drinking or using drugs...this all happened in broad daylight, and I always was a bit skeptical of this sort of thing!
2. At one point in my life, I had a wood-working shop set up in a building which had, in the mid-1800's up to the 1940's, been a Hotel.  This place was reputed to be haunted, although I never once saw, heard or felt anything...and I had been in there at 2:00 A.M. in the dark!  My brother though, got one of the great thrills of his life in there one stormy night...This building belonged to a friend of mine, and it was all wired up...still recently enough used, that the wiring was reasonably up-to-date.  All he asked of us was that we shut the hydro off when we were leaving.  To get to the hydro switch, one had to walk out of the main part of this old building into a back-kitchen area, switch off the switch, then turn around and walk out the door.  Between the switch and the door outside was another door which led up a set of steps to the upstairs of the Hotel.  Well, this one wild night, my brother was getting ready to shut everything down, and he walked up to the switch.  As he stood facing it, he suddenly heard very loud heavy footsteps come across the floor upstairs, stomp down the staircase, and "something" flung the door open so violently it crashed against the wall beside it!  The "something" then stomped across the floor to the door going outside, flung it open with equal force and disappeared into the wild rainy night!  My brother said that at this point, every hair on his body was standing at attention!  You see, he then had to shut off the power switch, and follow whatever had gone out the door out into the darkness...Well, he steeled himself, threw the switch, and began to sing religious music at the top of his lungs, and bolted out the door, locking it behind him!  He got to his car, and made it back to my house all right, but I think he managed to lose about 10 years off his life in that brief encounter!  (Incidentally, if you would like to see pictures of this old Hotel, it IS online.  It has been restored, and is now a Bed-And-Breakfast just north of Goderich Ontario.  It is called "The Exchange Hotel" Bed-And-Breakfast.)
3. This is the worst of the aunt used to own a house in Meaford, Ontario that had something very violent living in the upstairs...something very violent AND invisible most of the time!
Interestingly, I had myself slept in the room where this happened dozens and dozens of times and never encountered anything mysterious, but a cousin of mine in the process of waking up early one morning came face to face with a midget or dwarf, male, which dematerialized right before his eyes!
What happened at my aunt's house, which I am about to tell, happened to the same brother who had the encounter in the old Hotel...We had taken a trip to see my aunt-we had a couple of cousins who lived there who were around the same age as my brother and I, and we were close friends with.  The first night we were there, I got dibs on the bedroom (what with being the "oldest" and all), and my brother slept on the couch...In retrospect, I bet he wished he'd stayed with the couch!  The second night we were there, my brother said to me, "Ok, You got the bed last night, I want it tonight!"  Allright, turn about is fair play, so I bunked down on the couch in my aunt's living room...
About 2:00 A.M., my brother showed up at my side and asked me if I would trade him couch for bed again!  I said no, that I was comfortable, and being the hard-as-nails person that my brother was at  this period of his life, he said, OK, and went off and spent the night "who knows where", but it wasn't in that Bedroom!
Next morning, at the breakfast table, my brother showed up with his upper body very bruised and battered.  I asked him what on earth had happened, and he told me a story that just made my insides freeze...He had been lying there in bed feeling very uneasy...looking into the closet...when suddenly the clothes all swept sideways on the rod and the entity burst out, grabbed him and put a full Nelson on him!!!  My tough little brother fought like mad, but the thing would only let go of him when he prayed out loud to God!  At that point, he had come downstairs and asked me if I'd trade beds with him (which kind of creeps me out in retrospect...)  Of course, we never willingly spent another night in that house!  We later found out that before my Aunt and Uncle purchased the house, it had been gutted by fire, and a little boy had burned to death in it.  Someone had later re-framed and rebuilt the place...
My brother and I are both in our 40's...running our own successful businesses.  The Southwold incident took place in 1994, the Hotel incident in 1993, and the apparition at my aunt's house occurred in 1981...Personally, we both feel that these incidents were demonic in origin.

Reaching from the Beyond


At night in a house built about 1900-1910 where i once lived. a house on the
historical list is still standing and a very nice house ,,,originnaly it was
closer to the street and was moved back a ways some time ago. my
stepdaughter when going to the restroom in the night hours, told me she
would see near the backdoor to the house a small boy and a teenage year girl
in a bonnet standing there just staring. she would see them when walking
through the kitchen to the restroom. and coming back out they were gone. i
myself at night in the wee hours of the morning, before getting up for work
would hear the silverware jingle and rattle in the dish drainer. and the
cupboard doors would open and shut numerous times. and on a few occasions i
would sit at my computer in the wee hours and would smell a perfume. and the
feeling of someone there. this spirit was obsessed with the male gender. i
would actually feel touching and so forth and at times it was touching in
places that i will not mention. thats how i know from the smell of perfume
and the touching it was a female. and she loved to make sure i knew she was
there. my wife at the time bought me some roses, one dozen to be exact. well
one day while i was not at home,my wife at the computer observed the whole
vase and dozen of flowers coming straight off the entertainment center, up
in the air upside down and landed on the floor straight up like they were on
the entertainment center not spilling anything. and repetedly her
grandmothers picture on the wall near the computer was being turned upside
down. she finnaly got mad and yelled at no one, saying you touch my grandmas
picture one more time there will be hell to pay. well it didnt happen again.
so yes i beleive in someone trying reach us from beyond.

Did It Follow the Bed?

mine isn't much of a story   but it freaks me out...i woke up really early one mornin and i was the only one awake...and i took a shower, my floor creaks when someone is walkin on it and i heard the door open before that...i looked out of the shower and no one was i continued havin my shower....and when i got out the mirrir was all steamed up but it had writin on said "sad"....i always have the feeling that someone is watchin me  but usually it is only when i'm leavin the bathroom...the writing on the mirror happened 3 times after that...then nothing happened for a mom got up one nite after 12 to go to the bathroom...and she told me she was just layin there in bed and then she heard her door knob jiggle like the door was stuck and someone was tryin to get in...then it stopped...she didn't believe me when i told her i thought there was somethin else upstairs other than she kinda does...nothing has happened for a while...i was layin in bed one nite and i saw i bright light go across my cieling and floor very an bed is close to a window and i was layin there and i saw a shadow of a man outside my window...and i opened the curtains and there was nothing there but there was still a shadow...i've heard my name being called in the middle of the night when no one is awake...i've told some ppl.. ike my frineds and family and everyone thinks i'm crazy...but i really believe there is something or soemone else in the upstairs of my house....because i was sittin in my living room and the door was latched and it flung open then shut really quickly...and actually tonite i was hearing screaming coming from my stopped right now    i've never heard it before...and nothing has happened in a whle...this spirit won't hurt me...i don't think...i think one of them is a little gurl..because in our old house...which was haunted...i took a doll bed from it...and i heard if u take somehtin from a spirit they stay with it...and are restless...or somethin like it...

The Magic Talking Grill

I live in Laredo, TX on a street called Broadcrest.  My wife and I love to go to flea markets
and the big one in Laredo is called Bordertown.  About two months ago we were shopping
at the flea market when my 4 year old son saw a toy that he had wanted for a while, "The Magic Talking Grill"  This toy is a plastic grill that would talk and move it's eyes and say thing like "fire it up" and "put another hot dog on the fire", ect. The guy at the flea market was selling it for something like 5 bucks, which was a great deal because regular price is something like $50.  I was barley used, so I thought I was getting a great deal.  What I was really getting was the scare of my life.
Everything was fine with it until about three weeks ago.  My wife had told me it went off by itself in the middle of the night.  I figured it was just one of those fluke things and I really didn't pay it much mind.  A few nights later it went off again and this time I heard it.  It freaked me out a little bit, so the next day I would always keep it within earshot to see
to see if it would go off again.  All day and night nothing happened til 1:34 am when it went off and continued to go of evey 20-30 minutes until about 4:30 in the morning and then it just stopped.  I thought " strange it would go off only at night"  so I took a real close look at it.  Nothing seemed strange about the toy except for the fact that it would go off only if I moved it with some force; appearantly it has some kind of motion trigger built into it..  Well the next day I checked the batteries to make sure they were still ok and they were.  All that day nothing happened.  That night I was laying in bed when all of a sudden I got the chills from head to toe.  The one overpowering thought that suddenly entered my mind was "god, I hope that thing doesn't go off..."and then i went off. It continued to go off sporatically till just before sunrise then it stopped.  Next day I pulled out the batteies.
If anyone wants this toy, e-mail me. You can have it for free.



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