My grandfather's Spirit


OK, here is my own ghost story. It is true. When I was 5 , I had a strange dream.

I saw my grandfather lying in a hospital bed, IV's, respirator, and all. I glanced around the room to see my aunt Gin sitting in one of the chairs holding my grandmother's hand. I woke up. After getting up to go to the restroom and get a drink of water, I returned to my room. I lay down in my bed and turned over to face my window. I saw my grandfather walk from my closet door(which was adjacent to said window)and sit on the edge of my bed. He spoke to me for about 15 minutes, then he told me to wake my mother to answer the telephone. He kissed my cheek and told me goodbye. He turned to the closet door, and faded into it. I got out of bed just as the telephone started to ring. My aunt was on the other end and told us that grandpa had just died about 15 minutes ago. That was 20 years ago. His spirit stayed at my parents house till I moved into my own. We moved imy house on Halloween, and so did Grandpa. I'll see him sitting by my daughter's crib watching over her, just like he used to do to me.

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Old Church Ghosts


I have some strange stories about the building in which I work. It used to

be an old Christian Reformed church, built sometime in the 1800's. Today

it is a software company where I work. Our office are located in the

basement. Part of the remodeling process was to make the building look

more like an office, than a church. This meant removing the cross on the

steepled roof. The contracter whacked it off with a saw, with no ceremony.

Ever since then, we have had computer hardware vanish, and the brand new

phone system seems to be controlled by a prankish poltergeist. Many times

I have been working in the production, and turned to reach for a part and

found that it had disappeared. Only to turn around and find it in plain

sight. Every once or twice a month I have seen apparitions appear and then

duck around corners or up the stairs. I don't know the history of the

church, as I am not from the community, but I am sure that this old church

has lots of ghosts. I am sure that this is related to the fact that this

is the first time the building has been used for non-religious purposes.

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The Strange Figure


Although many believe this story to be untrue, my brother and I know it


This story started a few years ago, when my older cousin died from

cancer.It was the night my cousin died, my brother saw her. He had gone

to bed, but, awoke to a strange feeling. He said he saw her standing

there and waving, as if to say farewell. The scary part is that she and

my brother had been very close and this frightened him, though I 'm not

sure why.

The event repeated itself over and over, until my FAVORITE uncle died,

then it happened to me.But the strange thing about this story isn't that

because they were our favorite family memebers they bid farewell only to

us. The strange thing about this story is that even relatives that

weren't our favorites kept saying good bye ONLY to my brother and I.

We used to mind but it has grown on us by now, so we did not seek any

help for this paranormal activity. We would have however if the figures

would have harmed us in any manner.

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Stranger in My Room


When my second husband and I were married about 6 months we moved into a

garage next door to my in-law's house. The garage was basically a small

house that they had lived in before building the larger house next door.

My husband had lived there prior to our meeting each other. We slept in a

full size bed next to a wall with a small path that separated our bed from

our son's crib. He was a small infant at this time. My husband slept next

to the wall and I slept by the path to have access to my son if he happened

to wake up during the night. At approximately 3:00 a.m. on this particular

night, I suddenly work up for no apparent reason. I was facing my

husband's back and he was facing the wall, still sleeping. I listened for

sounds, thinking my son might have made a noise and woke me, but I heard

none. Then I felt the hair on the back of neck starting to raise up as if

from fear. But at that time I wasn't afraid of anything. I'm usually not

a fearful person. I then felt the side of the bed next to me,by the

pathway, start to go down toward the floor, as if someone was sitting down

on it. And then I felt body warmth on my lower back and buttocks area as

if someone was very close to me and I could feel them. I tried to turn

around to look and see what or who this was, knowing that no one was in the

house but my husband, who was asleep, my son who was an infant, and myself,

but I found I couldn't move. I then tried to say my husband's name to wake

him so he could look but found I couldn't speak. The bed then rose and the

warmth started to leave. This occurred once more within a few seconds of

the first occurrance. Then the "entity" or what ever it was left and I

could move and then speak. I did not tell my husband of this until the

following morning. He and my in-law's believed me as they know I'm not

prone to making up stories of this nature. I asked if they had ever heard

of anyone dying on the property as they had built both houses on bare farm

land approximately 18 years prior. They said to their knowledge no one had

ever died there and they had not ever had any experiences themselves when

they lived there. I have never had this type of experience before or

since. I have had other odd things happen but I this one was quite unusual

and strange. We continued to live there for several years until we had our

own house built elsewhere.

Maybe this will be a help to anyone who has had this type of experience.

I didn't feel threatened in anyway during this experience.

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The Woman in the Cemetary


I have had the same psychic experience for years. It started when I was 5 years old, right when we moved into a new town. I had a dream about a woman and a cemetary. She was a very beautiful woman, with long dark hair and dressed in a gown of white that dragged the ground (possibly a wedding gown). The dream would start out with me riding in the passenger's seat of my grandfather's old van. We were driving to our old house, and on the way we would pass the cemetary. The woman would be walking along the outside of the cemetary gates, and all I could do is stare, turning my head over my shoulder until she was completely out of sight. As I turned my head forward, I seen that she was now standing in the road and my grandfather ran over her, well actually the van ran through her. I would turn my head in total amazement to look at my grandfather, because I could not believe he had hit her and had not stopped. But instead of looking at him, I saw her. That's where the dream ended. For years, I woke up in cold sweats and on the verge of tears from this nightmare. I began to associate the dream with the cemetary by my old house, because it seemed to always come to me after driving by that cemetary. When I got my licenses, I avoided that road as much as possible. My story does not stop there though......I was talking to my mom one night, this was about 5 years ago, and we were exchanging experiences. And I started to tell her about my dream and about the cemetary. And before I could describe the woman to her, my mother had stopped me and describe her. And then she had told me the experiences she had had with the woman, only hers were not a dream. When my mother was 15, she was pregnant with me. At the time, she was living with my dad and my grandparents. Not all was happy, so she would walk over to the cemetary to be by herself. She told me that on many occasions she would be sitting behind some of the older headstones, that were tall enough to hide behind. And she remembers seeing the woman visit a grave several times. The woman would walk up to the grave with a handful of flowers, lay them down, and walk away. Always wearing the same dress. A white gown, that dragged the ground.

I know this story seems weird, but it is true. My heart did all but stop when my mother was telling me her experiences with the lady. At that time, we don't know if she was ghost or not. My mother said that she looked real. I never did any research to see who this woman could be. I am sending this to you in the hopes that you might have some knowledge on why my mother and I had experiences with the same lady, in very different ways.

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The Architect's Adventure


Hi to all you at posted a story of mine about my

grandfather's house and now I have a few minutes to type out an

experience that happened about 5 years ago when I was living in North


I had a job as an intern architect at a one-man firm in a small town

about 30 miles northeast of Raleigh. A special interest of mine has

always been historic preservation, especially old houses, so I relished

the remodelings of the older houses in this little historic town. One

day my boss gave me the directions to a farmhouse and asked me to go out

and do some fieldwork for a renovation project. It seems that the

farmhouse had a little one-room outbuilding, about fifteen feet by

twenty feet now being used for storage, that the owners wanted to turn

into a guest cottage. I was asked to take photographs in and out and do

some measured drawings of the existing structure -- something to build

our working drawings from.

I found the big, white farmhouse (about 150 years old?) about 20 minutes

out of town on a lonely stretch of country road. It sat, circled by

huge trees, surrounded by sunny crop fields which stretched pretty much

as far as the eye could see in all directions. I parked, went up to the

main house, and rang the doorbell just in case anyone was home, although

I had been told there wouldn't be anyone home at that time of day. Sure

enough, no one answered, and I saw no one on the property so I walked

another 50 yards to the tiny white outbuilding beyond which was in the

open on a grassy slope. After about 30 minutes of taking photographs

and inspecting the structure both in and out, up and down (it had a

three-quarter height stone cellar with a dirt floor), I picked up my

grid pad, measuring tape and pencil and set to work taking measurements

of the building -- wall thickness, door and window locations -- starting

at the only door and working counter-clockwise.

On such a beautiful day, this type of work can be very meditative, and

in about 20 minutes I had succeeded in plotting and dimensioning most of

the plan. The only part left was to double-check the squareness of the

building by measuring the diagonals of the room. The first diagonal was

easily gotten. The second diagonal required me to work my way between

some storage items, and I was wedged into the corner with my rear-end in

the air and covered with dust and cobwebs when a friendly male voice

said loudly, "HEY ya!"

I jumped about six inches off the ground, and in the couple of seconds

it took me to extricate myself before whirling around my first thought

was to be angry that someone would sneak up so quietly and scare the

heck out of me. I turned around to face an empty room -- sunlight

streaming in the dusty windows and open door. I had been so sure that

the voice had come from about five feet behind me, but there was no

one. I had another thought -- that whoever it was had seen me startle

and had retired to the exterior of the building to give me a few seconds

to regain my composure. I walked to the door -- there was no one on the

steps. I walked out and completely around the building (and under) --

there was no one in sight. IN SIGHT! No one up at the house 50 yards

away, no one working in the fields, not even any cars on the road. Just

a gentle, warm breeze curling around my rapidly goose-bumping flesh.

Needless to say, I finished up my work in under a minute, locked up and

hightailed it back to work. I told my boss he could forget about me

going back -- that place was haunted. To this day, I can still hear

that friendly voice. That's one ghost that got the best of me -- what

might he have said if I'd have been a bit more blase'? I also regret

not speaking with the owner. I've never found out if there have been

other reports of a friendly, if disembodied voice. So if anyone out

there lives around Lewisburg, North Carolina and knows anyone with a

big, white, historic farmhouse with a little outbuilding that sits down

to the right, keep your ears open!

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The Bridge at New Hope, PA


Wow!! I just read your story and it reminded me of some

encounters I had a couple of years ago.

I am very interested in the paranormal and study up on it as much as I can.

I shall begin by telling you that I am from PA ,Philly to be exact.

A friend of mine ,Tara,and myself decided to go to New Hope one night.

Now Tara is very capable of sensing things more than myself.

I am not very perceptive so that is why this has stuck in my mind.

I will never forget what had happened that night.we were driving down River Road,

One of the main roads into New Hope.It is a very scenic route,we decided to go to the Bridge.It is a small wood covered bridge in a somewhat residential area.

It is not too far away from The Tower at Washington's Crossing.

The Bridge has a supposed history of hauntings,and,well,we love to investigate the paranormal,so we decided to have a look see.The original story of the Bridge was that A woman was bieng chased by a confederate solder.The woman carrying a baby

had tossed it into the river , and the soldier murder her.Now the river is dried up , so there is nothing left except a very small stream.It is said that if you stand in the Bridge at twelve o"clock midnight that you will be able to hear a baby crying.

We pulled up right before the Bridge and instead of getting out we stayed in the car.

I had pulled over to the left side of the road as to not block any other vehicles.

We sat in the car for awhile talking,and,waiting .I decided that I had to use the grass to relieve myself.So I got out of the car and did my I was getting back into the car I heard this howl.It was very strange I never heard a dog howl like that before,so it struck me as very eerie.The howl sounded very distant,but,yet near.I hurried back into the car and asked Tara if she had heard the howl.Of course she heard it as well,so we sat there for a bit longer just listening,but,the howling had already stopped.{{{God writting this is really freaking me out}}}} I noticed something different,but,I could not pin point what it was.All of a sudden a buzzing sound was coming from within my car.Now that was impossible because I had my car shut off.

The motor was not running nor the battery was not on.The buzzing grew louder and it sounded like it was coming from the back seat .At this point my senses picked up and I was getting very nervous.I did not like the feeling I was getting from the area.

So we sat there, in the car ,like a deer caught in a headlights.We began scoping the area , there was a presence with us,but, it was outside of the car.We kept looking,trying to pin point it's location by using our senses, trying to 'feel' where it was.At first it was in front of the car, then. it was behind the car,then along the side it.Before we knew it the presence was surrounding the entire car.I will tell you one thing, this presence was not at all happy.The hair on the back of my neck started to stand up and I got goosepimples.I knew we had to leave soon or it would be too late.Well that was what I interpreted from the situation.I felt if I had stayed too long it would have had I tried to turn the engine over, but it would not start at first.I began to panic,then finally the engine kicked over and I made a quik u-turn and sped out of there .I did not stop driving until we got back home.

I believe that for whatever purpose this "thing" had wanted us to stay and it tried to keep us there.It felt as if it tried to follow us as we left.

That was about two years ago.Now I am freaked out again. I hope to god I don't have nightmares about it again.

I had so many incidents it's not even funny.Tara was my roommate at the time so we always had some encounter together with something. Now that I had moved out I do not get to hang out with my dear friend as much,and I had not any encouters since I had moved.

I believe that we ask for the trouble at times considering that we go out to look for such hauntings .After all we do like to investigate the paranormal.

Well I thought I would share this with you I had to tell someone about.Everyone else thinks I am crazy.

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This was a Strange One....


My family is like a magnet for the supernatural. When my mother was13 years old,she was physically abused by her stepfather. They had recently moved into a home where an 8 year old child had died in a fire a short while before.

As the stepfather entered my mom's room one night with ill intentions, hepaused in the doorway, taken back by what he saw. There was another childsleeping with my mother in her bed. The "Child" saved my mother from serveralnighttime beatings from her stepfather.

Around the time my mother was 15 years old her family moved into a home that reportedly encased the body of a mobster in the corner of the cement-floored basement.One night my mother awoke from sleep unable to lift her head off of the pillow. Herstepfather, in a half drunken/half asleep state, heard her stifled cries for help. He entered the bedroom and his attempts to lift my mother off the bed failed. She could only lift herself up from the bed once the lights were turned on.

There were incidents in the basement, too. The family dog was kept in the basement at nighttime. One night the family heard loud sounds coming from the other side of the basement door. Their dog, a collie, was literally being "rammed" up against the door several times and was exhausted, drenced in sweat.

The following evening, the same situation arose where the collie was being rammed up against the basement door from something unseen in the basement. The dog died two weeks later from injuries received.

After the death of the dog, the family attempted to remove the presence in the house on their own. Rituals resulted in slamming doors. A quiji board was used in an attempt to contact the presence in the home which created more questions than answers received. When "asked" who he or she was, the response was "J.R.," which was my mother's stepfather's name. The stepfather was not present while the quiji boad was in use. When asked what or who he wanted, the response was "Angel," my mother's name.

It was time to move again, this time into a four-plex in the Chicago area. I was born at this time and old enough to recall some strange circumstances. The attic was active with poltergeist-like activity. My uncle and I slept in the attic. My uncle was hit in the head with a baseball bat, I had a baseball thrown at me.

Now, I live in a residence where an older couple had died in previous years. We experienced a fire when my sister was only 3 and it was her room that contained the most smoke. The paramedics treated her and reported that with the intensity of smoke in her room, she had only 10 percent of the amount of smoke in her lungs that she should have experienced.

A time later -- I usually would awake in the middle of the night to get a glass of water -- I experienced something strange. I became aware of a dark, blurry figure bringing me a drink! He sat down on my bed and said not to be afraid. I was shocked but slowly regained my composure. He sat and talked with me. I mostly listened. This happened approximately four times a week.

One day I got a computer. During one of our "conversations" I mentioned that I would

like to put our conversations on the Internet for all to read. He was displeased with the idea and disappeared. Well, that was about three months ago.

You may think I'm crazy, but my brother hears two distinct voices in my bedroom, too.

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My Sister's House


I just got through reading some of the stories and I think they're great

I have two stories,The first is about my sisters house,My older sister

bought a house about 7yrs ago,It's a heritage house built around 1910,I

always had a feeling that there was something there,but I didn't find

out right away,It's a 3 level house at the end of a long narrow driveway

and the first time I visited here,I would get strange feelings going

upstairs,you can't turn on the light until you're at the top,but I never

said anything then one day my mother was over for a visit she was

sitting on the porch in the daytime,from the porch if you look inside you can

see the stairs going up,She though she saw my sister walk by and go upstairs

she though it odd that she didn't say anything,she then realized that

the figure was wearing a long old fashioned dress and had her hair up,My mom

went to see if my sister was home,her car was gone and there was no one

there but my mom.She forgot about it until my sister got home and she

mentioned it to her,My sister wasn't to surprised,Ahe explained that

she was doing her laundry in the back room,and looked through the

doorway and saw a woman who fit the same description sweeping,she's also left

wine classes out when she's aloneand come back in the room and they're

empty.when they first moved in the house(there bedrooms are upstairs)she

and her husband thought they heard noises downstairs in the kitchen like

women laughing and glasses clinking,she didn't want to scare her 2

daughters but they heard it too. I was a bit skeptical at first,I believed my

mom and sister,but I've never seen anything like that,but then while

visiting a few times,it changed my mind,my boyfriend and I were sleeping

in the guest room and he woke me up saying he'd had a bad dream about an

evil little German boy,who used to live there,He drifted off to sleep,

while I went to get a drink,when I came back,he looked very frightened

and said that someone put there hand on his back,I went to sleep and

also dreamt about the German boy,but I just figured it was because my

boyfriend had just told me about it.We also looked after my sister's house for a

week when she went on holiday,We slept downstairs this time and nothing

really happened for the first couple of days,then one night I thought I

heard muffled talking upstairs,I didn't realize the time and I knew my

parents lived close by and had a key,So I went upstairs the lights were

off and there was no one there.I mentioned it to my boyfriend the next

day,he said he wasn't sure if he heard anything or not.the next night I

heard it again and this time my boyfriend did too,only we heard glasses

clinking and people laughing,I was scared but pulled the covers over my

head and went to sleep.We have never stayed there alone again,my sister

doesn't think that they're harmful spirits,but my youngest neice won't

stay there by herself and I don't blame her.The oldest daughter was

mentioning to her teacher about where she lives(it's a small town)and

he told her that a man had hung himself in one of the apple trees,why a

teacher would tell her that is beyond me.

My other story is shorter,(I promise)I had a friend in high school,who

lives a short distance from me.The house that her parents bought was at

the middle of a cul-de-sac.Whenever I would visit her I would get this

weird feeling walking up to the house.We used to see a little girl in

the corner house playing by herself,you couldn't really see the house for

the tree's she wasn't a ghost,but she always used to say "come and play with

me"in a really eerie voice and we both got weird vibes from her.My

friends house also had weird feelings,if her parents were out,the phone

would ring all the time and no one would be there,she heard footsteps

upstairs,they door wouldn't unlock to let us in most of the time,and

then it would just pop open,she wouldn't go upstairs if she was downstairs by

herself and vice-versa.They finally found out that the previous owner a

man had died there,but the whole cul-de-sac had a weird feeling.

Thanks for listening!

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Our Minnesota Home


We rented a home up in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina. Not exactly the

kind of place one might imagine a ghost to dwell, but for my family, it was

nothing less. Only on the day that we were moving out did we find out from

a man who knew the original owners that the owners' 16 year old son had

died in a car accident a long time ago. Strangely enough, his room was the

same room my older brother stayed in- and both their names are Jamie!

My first experience with "Jamie" was the usual footsteps in the hall at

night. Nothing much. I knew he was there, but then I didn't know who. My

dog hated to go into our basement, so I knew she knew as well. Sometimes, I

would be sick and stay home from school. My parents had things to do, so

they would leave me alone for short amounts of time. I never let my dog

away from my side.

The strangest incidents, though, were completely inexplainable. During the

week my aunt and grandmother were visiting from down south, my sister and I

both had to sleep in my brother's bed because ours had been taken. One

night, I couldn't sleep. I don't know why. I just stared at the cieling as

if I knew I was waiting for something to happen. And then it did! Suddenly

there was music (the title music from "Phantom of the Opera"; not something

you want to be hearing at night!). It got louder and louder and louder, as

I grew angrier and angrier. I thought it was my dad showing the relatives

his favorite CD, so I got up ready to get onto him about it. When I was

half-way out of the room, I saw my dad race by in the hallway. I followed

him and peered down into the dark family room where he was just turning it

off. Nobody else was down there. The next morning, I was the blame for it!

I for one, though, would never go down there at one in the morning, in the

dark, alone, to turn on my most hated CD!

Next occurence: It was nearing Christmas. My mom was going into the

basement to get ornaments out of the storage room. It didn't take long

before there was a scream of terror, causing me to jump from my seat and

race to my mother's aid downstairs. It was because she, hating the

windowless room in the first place, begged for the ghost not to turn the

lights off. When she reached the very back of the room, though, the lights

clicked off.

There were many other occurences, but the last one I'm going to share, will

let you know why I never hated his presence. Our house dated back to the

early 1950's, so not everything about it was perfect. One day, our kitchen

lightswitch was stuck. My mom suspected something wrong, so she called the

electrician. When he got there, he stood on our table to check the light

above. As soon as he touched our cieling, he yelped. The wires were messed

up terribly. He said it was so hot, you could frie an egg. If the kitchen

lights had gone on one more time, our house would have burned to the

ground. Once everything was fixed, the lightswitch worked fine, and no one

could figure out why it had stuck like it had.

The day we left was somehwat sad. The house just seemed dreary. I think,

though, now that his parents are back in, he might be happier now. That

makes me happier, too.

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A Father's Last Visit


The following experience happened to my mother in the mid 1960's. I was just a toddler at the time and she was pregnant with my twin sisters. It also happens to be an isolated incident in my family. And, though I have never actually had a ghostly encounter of my own, I thought others might enjoy reading this story, as I have enjoyed all of the interesting stories on this web page sent in by the various readers.

My mother had what you might call a dysfunctional family life growing up in New York City, but she still happened to be her father's favorite child (she has two older siblings). When she was about 20 years old, her parents divorced, which was still pretty uncommon for the 1950's . Her mother pitted her against her father during this unhappy time and it unfortunately severed her relationship with him---something I think she still regrets to this day (there is so much more to this family story; I could be typing here for hours).

He died in 1957 and of course my mother and her siblings did not attend his funeral since nobody was speaking to him at the time. Fast forward five years later, my mother is married with one toddler at home and twins on the way. Because she was so uncomfortable carrying twins while pregnant, she started to sleep alone in another bedroom of the house in order to get her rest. One such evening late at night, she awoke suddenly in her room. Ten feet in front of her stands her late father, sort of glowing, but she could see him clearly and recognized him instantly. At that point, he starts coming towards her with his arms extended towards her. She got the feeling he wanted to speak to her but the sight of him frightened her so, she started to scream. My own dad awoke (he was in the other bedroom) and came running in to help her. My dad swears to this day, that the room was like an ice box when he entered and he also saw some kind of glowing fog like substance in the room, but by this point it was already fading out. The last footnote to this story is that when my mother started to scream, all of the pictures on the walls of this room instantly dropped to the ground breaking around her. Because my parents don't really believe in ghosts (even though this happened to them), I know they are being honest about what they experienced.

I have asked my mother why she thinks her own father came back to visit her, and she thinks maybe it was to let her know that he doesn't hold anything against her for all of the unhappiness between them. I do know one thing for sure, she wouldn't like to repeat this experience ever again! SB

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Grandma? Grandma?


One afternoon after attending my grandmother's funeral service, I was at

home relaxing on my bed (formally my grandmother's room). I happen to

fall asleep and found myself dreaming. In my dream I recall two figures

stepping forward and telling me something in filipino (my grandmother's

language). I couldn't make out anything so in my dream I called out and

asked the two to speak in english. I started to sense that I was

talking to my grandparents. Weird! The dream ended and I was in

between limbo and being awake. I could here my parents talking in the

kitchen and I also could here the television. Sometime after realizing

I was half awake I felt an arm over my chest and a body pressing against

the right side of my body. I forced my eyes open after feeling my

energy being drained and looked to the right. I saw nothing; but I

still felt the arm over my chest for a few more seconds. I froze up...

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Connecting with Grandpa


I grew up in a rural area outside a small town in northeast Indiana.

Years ago, my grandparents moved there and built our house, the barn

behind my house, and my uncle's house just down the road. Our house was

surrounded by fields, which my uncle farmed. He stored his equipment in

the barn behind our house.

One summer day when I was seven or eight, I was walked out to the barn,

which I rarely did. (Not because the barn was scary, but because there

was usually nothing to see in it but tractors and combines.) A pregnant

stray had taken up residence in the barn, and I noticed that she had had

her kittens. On my way to the barn, I began hearing a little tune in my

mind, something I assumed I had just thought up. I whistled the tune

out loud and went on searching for the kittens.

I came in to dinner that evening still whistling the tune. My father

looked up at me sharply and asked "Where did you hear that?" I replied

"I thought it up while I was out by the barn." Dad looked down at the

table for a few minutes and said "My father used to whistle that tune

when he was working in the barn." I was stunned. I had never met my

grandpa. He died of a brain aneurism while walking out to the barn ten

years before I was born.

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The Ghosts in my House


I have actually seen balls of light in the master bedroom of my house.

Several people have heard voices in my house. One time when my mother

was home alone, she heard someone repeatedly calling her name and a

child's voice calling for its mom. One day when I was fumbling for my

keys, while holding grocery bags, at the glass front door of my house, I

could see the TV on through the door and a figure walk by. I sat there

cursing my family member who was so rude as to ignore me when I was

struggling to get the door open. Upon entering the TV was off, the

house was silent, and no one else was home. When I was in high-school,

I used to yell upstairs in the morning to let my mom know I was leaving

for school. One day, I was about to yell upstairs when suddenly I heard

a voice say "Mom, I'm leaving!". I stopped dead thinking maybe I

imagined it because I know I didn't say it. But then my mom yelled down

the stairs "Alright, I'll see you when I get home." Upon asking her

what she just heard, we both were freaked out. A few years ago, my

friend Stephanie and I were talking on the phone, and she said she would

be over in just a few minutes. I told her to just come in and come

upstairs to my room. I waited and waited and waited. After about an

hour, I went downstairs to make sure the doors were unlocked, and found

Stephanie sitting in the den watching TV. We ended up getting in a

fight because she started yelling at me, asking what took me so long,

and I started yelling at her for not coming upstairs like I told her

too. She swears that she heard a voice telling her to watch TV in the

den and that I would be down in a few minutes. Thinking it was my

sister, who was out of town at the time, she did as she was told. We

still have not been able to explain this. There are many times in my

house that I see shadows in the hallway and have the distinct feeling

that I'm not alone. My mom also feels there is something in the house

with us. My dad just thinks we are both nuts. These happenings have

subsided now. Only rarely does something odd happen. We found it fun

to have a playful ghost, if that's what it was, in our home. It's

welcome anytime as long as it behaves.

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Old House in Abilene, KS


I saw a ghost once. It happened when I was 9.(I'm almost 12 now) I really don't care if you believes me or not. Me and my family moved to an old house in Abilene, KS. Its a really small town. The house was way out in the middle of nowhere. Right after we bought the house, me and my bro were exploring,(he was 13 then) and we found the door to the cellar and we decided to go down there and see what was there, so my bro opened the door. We both felt a chill and our knees got weak. My bro slammed the cellar door and we both went running away from there.(we hadn't had any problems til we opened the cellar door.) A few days after that, I was lieing in my bed ,that had just been put up that day, and I glanced at my door and there was this black figure at my door looking at me. At first, I thought I was just seeing things, so I didn't think anything about it. But the next night, I saw something walk past my door. I thought my dad walked past (there was a room at the end of the hall we called the "classroom") and all I could see was his shadow. So, I waited for him to walk past again, but he didn't. Then something walked past my door (going toward the classroom).It didn't really look human, it was tall, it had a long slended pointed head and sharp looking teeth(I know it sounds like I'm making this up, but I'm not, this really happened.) It didn't have any feet, his legs just looked kinda like bell bottoms. The way it went by looked kinda like it had on roller skates. It really freaked me out so I pulled the covers over my head and I ended up falling asleep like that. It happened everynight, after my parents had gone to bed. I wasn't the only one who was seein' this thing. My bro saw it too.His room was beside mine (right by the stairs). After awhile, I could hear foot steps coming up the stairs and then I'd see the thing walk past my door again. When I told my mom, she believed me, and told the thing to leave. I never saw it again after that. But, that wasn't the only ghost in that house. One day I was riding my bike up and down our drive way and I looked up at the classroom window and I saw a little boy looking out at me. I knew it wasn't my bro cuz the boy was wearing old clothes. They looked like pilgram clothes. You could tell by the expression on his face that he was very sad.That was the only time I ever saw the little boy. Well, thats it. Sorry it was so long.

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Something I can't Explain


This happen to me and my two daughters about 3 years ago. We have no

explanation for the happening. We were at home one evening around 8pm. I

was on the computer and my 8 year old daughter was playing in the

livingroom and my older daughter was closed up in her room reading a

book. All of a sudden my attentiion was drawn to the ceiling where I saw

a single blue light dancing around the ceiling. There was no sound

accupying the light and it was there for just a few seconds and then it

was gone. I never felt afraid or threathened in anyway. I just turned

around and started back working on the computer. All of a sudden my 8

year old daughter called for me. I turned around to answer her and from

the expression on her face I realized she had seen something too. She

said, "Mom did you see the blue light"? I said, do you mean the one in

here? She said, "No, mom the one in here where I am. She saw a blue

light too, at the exact same time I did in my den. We also found out

later that my older daughter also saw a blue light in her room at the

same time we both saw one. My youngest daughter seemed a little

frightened by the incident, but neither me nor my older daughter were

afraid. I searched outside and all around the house for any explanation.

We could not see nor hear anything anywhere. All of our shades were

drawn and all of our doors were closed. The lights did not spread across

the walls or reflect on anything, they were just circling the ceiling for

a few seconds. We have not seen anything like them since.

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Cat Stories


My experiences are also animal experiences:

My brother had to put his cat to sleep due to an unknown disease that

had him suffering. The next night my brother was asleep and he felt his

cat on his chest kneading as if to say "it's ok, I feel better now."

My cat Oregano died of cancer. He was in a curled up ball on the carpet

(we wanted him w/us when he died). After he died there was a shadow on

the carpet the shape of his image. My other cat layed their for 2 days.

I lost 2 kittens 2 years ago. The one female, Maggie had FIP and had to

be put down. The next week I felt her kneading on me like she always

did. I wasn't sure if it was a dream, until my fiance told me he had

the same experiences.

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The Real Thing


i will begin to tell you a short story about one of the many nights that i have spent at an old antibellum home in St. Francisville, Louisiana. it one of the many haunts in louisiana, but it is the most haunted, given that title by many paranormal professionals. i have seen things all through my life and have put them off as an over active imagination untill i moved into a new house on the outskirts of New Orleans. my mom and one brother used to see things too, but i didn't want to accept the gift i have because of skepticism. because things kept happening to me, a friend told me about the Myrtles Plantation. I said i wanted to go because i wanted to see if i really had some gift or if it was an over active imagination. we made arrangements as a group of six to go spend the night and set off for a night of whatever... when we first arrived, we went to our rooms. i had a very uneasy feeling. in fact, one of the people with us noticed how nervous i was because he could see my hands shaking. i told them that i felt pins and needly all over and had a sense that i was not alone. i told my husband that whatever he did, do not ever leave me alone for a moment and i tole the group the same... i am not all that gifted, but i had this feeling that i could not shake, from the moment we drove onto the grounds. the first thing that happened was when my husband and i decided to set up the video camera in our room to keep running while we were exploring the little town and visiting the graves of some of the former owners. we turned the camera on and plugged it into the wall socket and didn't rely on batteries so that we knew it would run longer...the camere was working fine, it showed us having trouble getting our bedroom door to lock and then it showed us finally getting it to work, i said there it is, it locks now and we closed the door, we could hear the lock click and lock and just after that the camera shut itself off and would not work for the rest of the weekend. it began to work again after we arrived home and i was complaining that i would not have a camera for christmas...maybe it was a faulty camera, maybe of the trademarks of the myrtles is camera equiptment that refuses to cooperate...but back to the subject. darkness was comming on and the couple that brought us began to share the stories that happened to them on a previous visit and what happened to a friend of theirs. i was really getting more scared now especially since it was now the myrtles if you just sit quiet for a few minutes you can hear footsteps and people talking where no one is supposed to be. we now pulled out the ouiji board and began to play with it...i could not use it for long because my hand shook and i was afraid i would not get the right connections with the board.. some of the others played it and we all knew it was woking. the first results were just nonsence talk, but all of a sudden, a white ball of light was bouncing between the two people playing and then they began to get a pins and needles feeling starting from their fingers and traveling up their arms and out of their heads. one person was actually thrown back into the chair..we took a photo and we caught the ball of light. with that we decided to all go to our rooms and wait alone till anything happened, but before we finished, my friend, told the board that i had come specifically to become a believer and that i wanted the ghost to show me some kind of sign tonight. the only time that night that we received an answer that was clear, came at that time from the board. it spelled out , yes, soon tonight... wow, that really made me feel real good now!!!!! i was really upset and i could not go to sleep. my husband, who is somewhat skeptical, fell asleep right away. i heard every noise there was and made him sleep with the lights on..everything was fine till about 3 am. then my proof became a reality. without a hint of warning and through the covers, something gently grabbed my foot and began to shake it. i pulled my foot away but it then grabbed my other leg around the ankle, and i will swear that it was a hand, and proceeded to run it's hand up my leg, all the time with just a very gentle pressure. it pulled my leg away once again, but then immediately i was grabbed on the opposite leg the same way. this happened a total of 3 times before i finally said " i believe in you, you are scarring me, please leave me alone." with that there was a loud noise like someone took 2 pieces of 2x4 wood and beat them together hard. i was then left alone for the rest of the night. my friends in the next room said they heard the loud noise and my husband, who snorred through my ordeal, said he heard the noise but he was too tired to be worried. i really regret that while it was happening, i was cringing under the covers, but i promised myself that if we ever came back, that next time i was going to look... well, we went back and i did look and so did other members of my family and we all became true believers...yes virginia, there really are ghost!!!! but that is a story for another time...

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The Black Figure


This is a story experienced by my friend's mum and her friend .

One night Andrew's ( my friend ) uncle and aunty decided to have a go at

some kind of ritual , for fun . Big mistake ! Because it released what

was later to terrorize Andrew's mum and her friend .

Andrew's Aunty phoned his mum and told her of some strange experiences

she had been having . About two nights after that his mum started to see

a tall dark shape resembling that of a cloaked man . The figure would

appear in the middle of a room , even in broad day light . Even though

she was scared she shrugged it off as it did no harm . But a few days

later things got worse . She started to be pushed around by the figure .

She would be lying in bed and then suddenly the figure would appear at

the foot of her bed .

Not being able to cope with it any more she phoned her friend and told

her of her experiences .

After that Andrew's mum was left in peace , but her friend started to see

the same ghostly figure .

You've probably worked out that this creature travels down the telephone

cables , and moves on to the next house .

Andrew's mum's friend got it the worst though . She started to see the

cloaked man as Andrew's mum had , but more often .

She then started to be pushed around and beaten up . One night she was

walking down the hall to the bathroom and the figure appeared in front of

her . It wouldn't let her past so she ran to her room and shut the door .

Eventually she got so frightened that she called in a priest to rid her

house of the creature . But it was to ultimately evil and powerful to be

removed by just that one priest . A whole group of Psychics were brought

in to banish it , and they succeeded .

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Family Home in Toronto, Ontario


The story I am going to relate occured 20 years ago in my family home

in Toronto, Ontario. It is in a quiet residential area. My family was

the second one to live in the house. The family who lived in the house

before us was Oriental and they were forced to move when the father

died and they could no longer afford to stay there. When the father had

died they had planted a tree in his memory in the back garden and they

asked if they could take it with them when they moved. We agreed but

asked if we could settle in first and have them come back at a later

date. They agreed and came back for the tree six months later. During

the time the tree was in the yard there were several strange occurences

in the house. At the time my brother and I were very young. My mother

would wake up in the middle of the night and hear someone crying and

calling for her. She would go and check both my brother and I but we we

would both be sound asleep.

My grandmother was also living with us at the time and she was often

home alone during the day. She would sit and read in the living room.

Once, while alone in the house, she heard the front door open, heard

someone run up the stairs and heard an upstairs door close. She called

and called to see who was there without any answer and when she finally

went and checked she found all the doors open and no one there.

My older sister also remembers waking up in the middle of the night and

seeing a child praying by the side of her bed.

After the previous family had removed the tree these unusual occurences

halted, although I distinctly remember waking up at night and seeing the

same praying figure next to my bed.

I hope this story is helpful to you.

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Our ghost "Leroy"


In the early 70's we built a new brick home. We only had furnishings for two

bedrooms so we left the third room empty. At some point we were given an old

iron bed. I kept it under the car port until I had time to re-finish it.

When the re-finishing had been completed, we placed it in the vacant

bedroom. We added other pieces of furniture from a local dealer. In just a

few days after the room was completed, we started seeing this figure of a man.

The first encounter was at 4:00 am one morning. I awoke and looked across

the hall and noticed that the room was as bright as day. It wasn't long

before a figure appeared and walked to the edge of the bed and then down to

the footboard and disappeared into the corner. My wife saw it on another

occasion. My son had an experience with it as well.

To make a long story short, the incidents got closer together and it made

attempts to touch us. We discarded the furnishings and the problem left.

I had been a skeptic in regards to ghost, but now I am a firm believer.

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Ghost at the Nellis AFB K-9 Kennels


I joined the Air Force in 1987 and my first assignment was Nellis AFB

located just next to Las Vegas. After a few months there I started to hear

stories of a female K-9 handler that shot herself on the access road that

goes to the firing range. The story goes, she was upset because of her

boyfriend was leaving her for another woman. She drove her 6-pak (crewcab)

truck down the access road sometime in the middle of the night. Took her

dog out and tied him to the front bumper got back into the driverseat,

pulled her .38 out and shot herself in head. They found her a few hours

later when she didn't answer her status check on the radio.

Now when heard that her ghost was haunting the Law Enforcement kennels I

really wanted to see for myself, just to be sure that the guy's weren't

just screwing with the new guy. I drove past the K-9 kennels on many

nights while conducting the same check she was and I never saw a thing, but

everynow and then one of the K-9 handlers would come to work after picking

up his dog, swearing that he saw a white, misty cloud floating above the

kennels. Well on one night while I was conducting the nightly checks I was

driving down the access road. It was a crystal clear night in the desert.

No clouds no wind just a nice cool desert night. On this check I had a

partner with me and we are cruising down and all of a sudden a white, misty

cloud about the size of a human formed right in front of the patrol car.

We both say almost the sametime what the f#@& is that!!! Well just as the

patrol car is about to go through it, it travels right over the car like a

wind test. I stop the car we both get out and look behind us and there is

nothing there. Now we both are Security Policemen, armed and scared

shitless! We both just saw a ghost in the desert miles from anything. We

both get back into the car and I just haul ass getting the hell out of

there. The problem is that there is only one way in and out, so we had to

drive right back through where we just came. Let me tell you that poor

little engine was screaming for mercy.

That was the only experience I had with the Kennel ghost. But a friend of

mine, who was newly assigned to my flight had never heard of the story.

One day were sitting on the flightline shooting the shit and he starts

telling a odd story that he just has to get out. One night after a swing

shift (around 11:30PM) he went over to the horse stables to feed and check

his horse. Now the Nellis AFB horse stables and the K-9 kennels are right

next to each other. Well anyway he was scratching his horses ear and out

of the corner of is eye he sees a woman walking from the arena towards

him. He is thinking this is odd its almost midnight and here is this woman

that he has never seen before here at the stables. As she gets closer he

says "hi" she doesn't say anything to him, just walks right by him like he

isn't there. He then says "hi" again she turns and looks at him. He said

he got goosebumps all over his body when she looked at him, but he doesn't

know why. The woman continues her walk, rounds the corner of the stable

which will take her to the K-9 kennels which are about 50 feet away. He

said about 30 seconds after she made that turn and he couldn't see her

anymore, every single dog in that kennel went absolutely crazy. Barking,

howling, growling and everything else a dog does when he is frightened.

Well my friend went running around the corner to see what is going on and

as he makes that corner there is nobody there, and no footprints in the


Well when we told him the story about the ghost he went white as a sheet

and never ever went to the stables at night again. I totally swear both

stories are true, and if anybody from Nellis reads this youll know what im

talking about.

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The Phantom Hitch-Hiker


Several years ago I had a job that required me to work the grave yard shift. Even on my days off I would stay up all night and sleep durring the day.

Sometimes to pass the night I would go for long drives by myself. I loved to do this especially durring the spring when the night air was so cool after the day being so hot.

One morning, around 2:00 a.m. I was board with sitting at home and decided to go drive.

I drove just kind of aimlessly, with no particular destination, when I decided I would drive up Big Cotton Wood Canyon. There is an electronic sign at the mouth of this canyon that is used to post weather conditions and travel advisories, it is also a bus stop.

That morning, standing by the sign, I saw a person hitch hiking. I thought, "Why not?" and stopped to pick the person up.

The person I picked up was a woman, she was about mid twenties slender and attractive.

We talked very little as I drove up the canyon. I kept looking over at her in the passenger seat and thinking how pretty she was but it never occured to me to make any kind of a pass at her. At the time, being only 19, this was unusual for me.

When we got to the top of the canyon I let her out where she requested. She said goodbye and thanks for the ride. Then got out of the car.

That's when it occured to me to ask her name or try to get her phone number.

I opened my door and got out, turnning toward her as I did. She was gone. There was no place she could have gone to so quickly, where I let her out was an open area, no trees or buildings no place she could have hidden, she was just gone.

Thinking back on it, I don't recall hearing the car door close when she got out although it was closed. I suddenly got a really bad case of the chills and a cold feeling inside

I have talked to a few people about this in the years since and have been told by many that they have heard of this before. The description I have been given of the woman matches the woman I picked up almost perfectly.

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Ghostly Experiences


I have always firmly believed in the paranormal, or ghosts. I happen to

reside in Chilliwack, B.C., Canada, where I have lived for about 3

years. Before moving to Chilliwack, I had lived in Burnaby, B.C. for almost

28 years. I originally moved to to Burnaby from Trail, B.C.,

when I was just 8 years old. In mylifetime, I have lived in at least 6

houses. It was in one of these houses where I had my first and only

ghostly experience. It actually took place in the last house I lived in

back in Burnaby, B.C., for almost 20 years. My parents bought the

house from an elderly woman who had advanced in years so much that she

could no longer maintain it. It was an old house which wasn't actually

very big in size. It only had 2 small bedrooms, a bathroom,

livingroom, a kitchen with an old pantry, and basement. The

first bedroom was in the fron of the house while the 2nd was in the back.

The elderly woman's late husband had died 5 years before

my parents bought the house back in 1975. The husband was a retired

railroad worker and rumor was that he had died in the house.

Because the house had only 2 bedrooms. Both my father and I built a bedroom

for me in the basement. About 10, or 12 years ago,

I had awakened in my bedroom from an early evening nap. After I had been

awake for a while, I decided to get dressed and go

upstairs for something to eat. I turned on a light which lit up the main

part of the basement. Suddenly!, as I was about to exit my

bedroom. My small color T.V. turned on by itself and then off again. I

tried to think of both a rational and logical reason for it, but

couldn't. My T.V. wasn't designed for use with a remote-control, and never

came with one. I decided it was a paranormal experience

and wasn't frightened by it. I explained what had happened to my parents

and they just joked and laughted about it. They couldn't

realize that I was very serious about it. But there have been 2 other

experiences in that house. Such as the time my mother had

been sitting in the kitchen late on night. She swore that a drawer opened

wide by itself and then slammed violently closed again.

An older sister of mine slept in the back bedroom shortly before she moved

out and got married. One night she screamed while

still fully awake. She claimed that as she was laying on her bed and just

drifting off to sleep. An apparition had appeared to her

which seemed to sit down beside her on the bed. It was an old man who

appeared to be staring straight ahead. In one hand he

seemed to be holding a bottle. Then he turned his head to stare directly

into the face of my sister for a short time and faded away.

The experience unnerved my sister and frightened her. I personally beleive

that he was a bit of a drinker in life and had died in that

back bedroom. There are other experiences which have taken place in that

house which I have forgotten about over the years. Two

generations of the same family pervious to us had lived in that house which

had been built in 1930.

Over the years, I've been informed of other ghostly happenings which have

taken place here in B.C. Burnaby is actually located next

Vancouver, B.C., Canada. North Vancouver has a few hauntings of it's own.

At the turn of the century on Grouse Mountain before

the ski-resort was built. A shingle-cutter lived on the mountain in a cabin

which was provided for him. For the period of one week, he

was visited nightly by a horrific apparition. A large head with a demonic

expression and hidious firey eyes with an ugly appearence.

this apparition made it's first appearence in his cabin. He took a shot at

it with a pistol he owned. It passed through it and went into

the ceiling of the cabin. The spirit would both torment and frighten the

man. So much that for the next six of it's visits to him. He

would leave a lantern lit at all hours of the night. Finally the man had

had enough of the spirit which greatly unnerved him. He

ended up quiting his job and moved away.

There also is a highway which goes from North Vancover to a place called

Horseshoe Bay. It also has a reputation for being haunted.

Legeend has it, that long before white men settled in the area. There had

been a bloody indian battle which took place between 2

tribes. It had occurred in the general area of the highway. Sometimes when

driving this highway late at night. There have been

reports of a inexplicable haze, or fog appearing for no logical reason.

There also have been many car-accidents which have

happened on this highway and people have been killed as a result. Such as

the freak mishap in which a woman was killed when a

large fallling boulder crushed her car. I believe the accidents and the

haunting of the man in the cabin have a connection which is

shared with the highway.

The third and final haunting I've been informed about. Took place here in

Chilliwack during the 1960's. A female artist had been living

in a house reputed to be haunted. One night while she lived in this house.

She had a dream in which she saw a body of a woman

laying on the floor in one part of this house. Actually, a woman had been

murdered in the house years before. Anyway, the

artist began to piant a piture of the vision in her dream. She had to take

breaks in painting this picture and also had a very hard

time finishing it. Because this picture developed a mind of it's, OWN. If

I'm correct, the picture of the figure of the woman would

move and paint itself. The face of the dead woman would also take on the

appearence of a distorted, evil, and hidiously ugly

appearence. The artist was able to finally finish the picture. It was later

put on display at a amusement built and ironically

called, The Haunted House. Which actually belonged to a local Vancouver

radio-station. The picture was eventually sold and is

supposedly in storage somewhere in Vancouver. The artist had also sold the

haunted house out here in Chilliwack. It later had

caught fire and burned to the ground. A new house now stands on the site of

the former one. There also is an exhibit of somekind

about the haunted house in the Chilliwack Museum. I once went by the

property that the house stood on during the summer of 1996.

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