Woburn, MA- Valley Rd.
By:  Anonymous

I lived in this house in the 70's.
The attic was a hole in the ceiling of the closet in the master bedroom. It was freezing there and often whispers could be heard when the closet door was opened. We all had a strange feeling of being watched but the strangest thing that happened occurred on the night we moved out.
My mother was concerned, because we moved early, that if we left the house empty, vandals would get in. So she and I spent the night with blankets in the living room. The rest of the rooms were empty.
I don't remember the time, only that it was dark and we were there only long enough to lie down when we heard a door slam up stairs.
All the windows were closed. We closed and locked them ourselves when we first arived.
The doors all had a wide gearth so they touched the wall when opened.
What caused the door to slam?
My mother and I grabbed our blankets and left and we never returned.

Woburn, MA - Washington St.
By:  Anonymous

I lived in this house back in 1976. Now it is a realtors place of business.
In the back room on the first floor there was a blood stain we couldn't remove. Outside the window a harmonica played.
Our father, a devout Christian, would yell "tell that guy outside to shut up!" But no one was there. This back room was my parent’s bed room.
My sister and brother and I were fans of Dark Shadows at the time and thought we'd "investigate" So while our parents were sleeping we left a tape recorder in the room.
The readers of this story may take the rest of what I am about to say as reality or fiction.
When we played back the tape there was a lot of distored noise like wind, and a very muffled, deep voice that said "Help Me". I was 14, my brother was 15 and my sister 12. The voice was not a child's. Nor was it my father's who didn't believe in anything he didn't see with his own eyes.  Our dog would bark at the couch in the living room (the room next to my parents room), and no one would be on the couch. The rocking chair in the same room would rock with no one in it.
We also had a Lazy Susan. A kind of plate that would spin on a base. It was my mother's. She couldn't find it when we first moved in, but we kept hearing it spinning.  I will never forget this house. There was purple and pink leopard wall paper in my bedroom and psychedelic lights in the living room. Much later I learned that hippies had lived there, but nothing to explain the paranormal events.
In the basement there was an eerie feeling, and a section of the cement floor was uncovered about the size of a grave. There was a back room we used as a play room but we were often driven upstairs by an overwhelming feeling of being watched by something threatening.

Long Island, Bayshore – House on Maple
By: tiekshia@excite.com

I was told that the house used to be an old boarding house and there were also devil worshipers living there.  My daughter was thrown from the bed one night.  I had a demon in my room, one of the other women were blessing my room when something touched her, she thought it was my daughter until she saw a shadow in the closet.  The kids will not go into the basement without screaming for their parents as if they see something we can't.  There is an eerie feeling at the back room of the basement no one goes there.  Things are thrown sometimes and it always feels like someone is watching you.  I have heard whispers in my ear that no one else had.  I heard a low whisper of many voices in my room get louder like all of the people were getting closer then I felt a really bad chill up my spine(never happened before and I have had many ghost encounters).  And I think they were upset because another woman that lived in the house also had splashed holy water around the room. and things were missing and moving by themselves. Knocking on doors when reading the bible out loud.  Nightmares every night I slept in the room alone or with my daughter.  This place is indeed haunted if I ever saw one my self and no one really knows about it because the shelter is confidential, and you don't know until you have to live there.

Who Was This?


I am nearing my 40th birthday and throughout my life I have had several experiences some not as scary as others.  I have been witness to some strange and unexplainable things.  One such event happened while spending the night at my friends house.  We were 11 at the time.  We had been told countless numbers of times by her parents to quiet down and go to bed.  When Becky and I finally were able to get into bed, her on a top bunk me on the bottom, we did some talking and were drifting off to sleep when we both heard footsteps outside of her bedroom.  We were afraid it was her father checking up on us so we both closed our eyes and pretended to be sleeping.  We heard the door to her bedroom open and felt a draft.  There was a very pleasant smell which neither one of us could identify.  As we laid there with our eyes closed tight both of us felt a warm breath on our cheeks and a blanket was placed over each of us.  After the person left we able to open our eyes.  We did not think anything of it until in the morning when we talked to Becky's parents who both told us they did not come into the room.  When we told them the story they asked to see the blankets so we brought them out.  Becky's mother became somewhat pale and told us she had never seen the blankets before.  Someone wanted us to be warm and made sure we were taken care of.  To this day we have no idea who this person was.

The Ramkota Inn - Greeley, Colorado

By: echolobita@hotmail.com

It brings back such memories to see Greeley, Colorado’s Ramkota Inn listed
in your Haunted Places section. I worked there as a front desk clerk when I
was 19, nine years ago. I grew up in Greeley, so I’d heard all the stories
about the woman who’d been thrown off (or threw herself off) the balcony of
the old Chief Theatre, which was the building that stood on the ground
before the Ramkota was built. Every Halloween, the Greeley Tribune featured
entertaining pieces about Rosy, as the woman’s ghost was known, and I was
always enthralled by the stories. When I started working there, I couldn’t
get enough of my co-workers' tales. I kept waiting for my own. I worked
there for about a year and a half and it wasn’t until I’d put in my two
weeks that I ran into anything remotely paranormal.
One slow Sunday night, I was working alone. There hadn’t been a banquet or
party in over a week and the hotel was almost completely empty. My shift was
about over, so it must have been around 10:45 or so. I was finishing up the
bookkeeping and I happened to look up at the stairs that led to our banquet
rooms--which were directly across the lobby from the front desk--just in
time to see a lone red balloon, making its way down the stairs. It hovered
on the landing and remained there until my co-worker came in at 11:00 to
relieve me. We were both rather frightened, since there hadn’t been any
parties (thus, no stray balloons) in so many days, and he made me pop it
before I left him alone for the night shift.
Another night, I was working the evening shift with a fellow desk clerk,
whom I'll call David. We were working alone—the only other co-worker around
was our manager-on-duty, who was a woman. The third floor was under
renovations at the time, thus, about half of the rooms were blocked and
couldn’t be reserved. Due to our computer system, it was literally
impossible to reserve or rent out the rooms. So, when a call came across the
switchboard from one of the blocked rooms (the room number would show up on
the switchboard when a call came through—like caller ID), David and I looked
at each other in disbelief. That particular room was supposed to be empty. I
made him answer the call. When he hung up, he told me that a man had been on
the other line and he’d said, rather jovially as though he knew David well:
“Hi, David! Hey, you wanna bring me up a new remote control? This one’s not
working!” We weren’t sure what to do. One of us had to stay at the desk, so
someone would have to go up to the room alone. So, David decided to do it.
Perhaps you might have said, “No way. Mr. Ghosty’s going to have to go
without a remote!” but David and I were both curious. So, he made himself an
electronic key and went up. He came back about ten minutes later, pale as a
. . . well, extremely pale. He said that when he'd opened the door, the room
was definitely in renovation mode, but the TV and every single light—even
the lamps—were blaring.
I wish I’d seen Rosy. Most stories came from the housekeeping or restaurant
staff. And most stories were harmless—Rosy seemed to be just a lonely
spirit, trying to make contact with the living world. Definitely stay at the
Ramkota next time you’re in that cowtown . . . maybe you’ll have even better
luck than I did.

Old Shuck

By: ochristophersrobbins@qcl.org.uk

I am only twelve, which is why no one has believed me. This story is not really for me, but for my grandmother who passed away 2 years ago.
This was my grandmother's sighting of a ghost.
I had been staying at my grandmothers for a week and before dinner we decided to take a walk,
My grandmother's house was situated in Norfolk and there are lots of nice roads to walk along and eat
Blackberries .we was walking when a shiver went down my back and this ticked my nose. I hung back to sneeze, and when I straighten
Up my grand mother was deathly pale, and looked rather ill.
I asked what the matter was and she could only reply dog. I took her home and made her a cup of tea,
And when she calmed down she told me she saw a big dog, black with yellow eyes. Then it had just
Disappeared. I was always very fond of my grandmother but then I wasn't sure I believed her,
But it did make me think. The next day I went to the library and got all I could on ghosts.
I found a dictionary on them and I looked it up, I found a chapter on a ghost called the
"Old shuck". It was the ghost of a dog that fitted my grandmother's description exactly.
I also read that if you see the ghost then a year from then, you would die.
I was quite disturbed at this piece of information, and decided to ignore it.
Then, a year later, my grandmother got cancer and died.
My grandmother was a healthy person,
And she was only 65 .
I couldn't find a logical explanation
And I am still puzzled to this day.

Not My Imagination

By: Scrogginscottage@aol.com

This story happened along time ago about 1979-80 when I was around 15 years old. It was a Saturday evening in the summer of Northern England where I live and every weekend I would stay at my grandparents house. This particular Saturday my Gran had gone to my uncles to baby sit and I followed around two hours later. I had two routes I could walk, I  could go along the road or along the canal bank and across the railway crossing ( I decided on the latter). The day was very clear and sunny and quite warm, it was around 6.00pm in the evening. I knew the walk would take about half hour and just set off, I walked the canal without a soul in site it was around half mile then had to leave at a lane that went over the railway track. I started the walk on the lane and was around 20 yards down just before the railway crossing when I distinctly heard very audibly a childs voice coming from the derelict building to the left of me, my main instinct was he (sounded like a boy) was in trouble and was calling for his Grandad so I decided to go in, the building wast open at the front and had no windows (they were all broken). I ent in calling for the child and went to where I thought the voice came from. I searched and searched but no child, the voice always seemed to be far away, I must have spent 15 minutes looking around and shouting. In the end I gave up went back to the road where the voice was still clear and audible, I carried on my way and thought it was either a ghost or my very vivid imagination.

Never Underestimate the Power

By: bored_as_hell03@hotmail.com

Hi. I just want to say first of all, that i love this site!! And i love ghosts and ghouls and things like that!! I have a story to tell, and it happened 6 months ago!! Im 13. I was on holiday with my ma and pa in Florida. We were staying at a hotel, and i was alone as they had gone down to the lobby to check out times for activities. I was on my bed, reading, when i heard the bath start to run, then stop. I heard this about 4 or 5 times.  Then it turned on, and kept running. At the time, i didnt believe in ghosts or anything. I went into the bathrom and there was a woman leaning over the side of the bath, with her hands in the water. For some reason, i wasnt scared at all!! But as i got closer, i saw that the woman had her hands around a samll bois neck, pushing him under the water. She looked up at me and screeched " You want to join him kiddie???" I ran like crazy!! Out of the room!! Without the key!! When i found my ma and pa, we checkd out. When i got home i did some research on the hotel and them particular rooms, number 156ab. It turned out that a depresses moth of one boy had stayed their, for a booked week, but only made it 3½ days. She had got really p****d off with him, and told him to take a bath and killed him that night. Then the next day she hanged herself through guilt. Well, i hope you like my story. All i know now is, that i will NEVER underestimate the power of ghosts.

My Brother Brian

By: kckyle24@hotmail.com

my brother died january 29, 2002,  my father gave me his car, about a month after he passed away my husband was driving home late, and was falling asleep at the wheel, as he started to nod off, the radio came on loud, a couple times I asked brian for a sign that he was alright, and right after i ask him, one of my kids toy dinosaurs start to roar, brian loved dinosaurs so its no suprise he would choose that toy, a few times my father has seen him standing behind my mother, sometimes his bedroom smells of beautiful flowers and there is no window open, i never believed in any of this type of stuff, but i feel that he is still with us,


My Best Friend's Mother Said Good-Bye To Me

By: AAlphaComp@aol.com

I am 25 yrs old and have been best friends with Katie since first grade.  Her mother was always sweet and she and I shared the same astrological sign, Aquarius.  Sadly, when Katie and I were 20 her mother was diagnosed with liver cancer.  A year later, during the summer, when Katie and I were 21, her mother was extremely sick already, the doctors and family knew that the illness was terminal, but nobody knew how much longer she could live.  Doctors said she could live for another 3 months to a year.  Anyway, we all lived on Long Island, NY, but I was going to Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, Connecticut.  So before I left for school I went to the hospital with Katie to visit her mom.  She looked awful, but I was hopeful for her, for Katie's sake.  I went to school in September.
Sometime in mid October on a Sunday I was looking through a J Crew magazine and I thought to myself "It looks like fun to be a model for J Crew".  That Sunday night, I dreamed that my mother and I were in the waiting room for a modeling agency, and we were going to model for the J Crew cataloug.  We were sitting in chairs looking through magazines, there was a receptionist desk to the left of us, and the exit/entrance was to our right.  The person at the receptioist desk was blurry.  All of the sudden, Katie's mom breezed in!!! She looked radiant, had a smile on, so bright and happy, I've never seen her look like that.  She wore a white outfit, pants, blouse, boots, and a puffy vest (looked like down).  The outfit looked like something from the 80's, but she looked great in it.  She waved to me, then vanished into the wall behind the receptionist desk.  I knew , as soon as she waved, that she died.  I knew it with all my heart and soul, there was no doubt in my mind, that she had just died and said good bye to me.  Still dreaming, I turned to my mom, and I said " Mom, that was Katie's mom she just died and said bye to me. Did you see her?'" and Mom said "no, I didn't".  Then my dreamed ended.  I hadn't talked or emailed Katie since I left in September, I didn't know about her moms condition at the time.  In the morning, Monday, I told my roommates the dream, and said "Wouldn't it be freaky if Katie's mom really did die?".  On Tuesday,  Katie called me and told me her mom had been comatose for several days, and died on Monday, early in the morning.
I never told Katie.  Still haven't.  I don't understand why her mom said goodbye to me.  I always liked her, but I was best friends with her daughter, not her.  Anyway, a year later Katie visited me at school, and on the one year anniversary of her mother's death, she showed me a picture of her and her mother when Katie was about 3.  Her mother, had the same smile she had in my dream, and she wore a very similar outfit!
Weird huh?!  Thanks.

I've Had Enough!

By: Clara.Hunter@mail.ihs.gov

This is a story about what happened to my best friend.  I don't remember the
exact date and time, but I do know it happened in 1978. Today I'm 51 years
old and my best friend is 47 years old.  We don't really talk about it much,
only that we do know it really happened, and it's just between us and you
readers that believe.
Lois, (not her real name), moved into a small 4 room house right next door
to me, it was a nice cozy looking little house, it had a white picket fence
around it and flowers in the front yard.  No one lived in the house as long
as I and my husband lived next door which was about 5 years.  There was
always an older gentleman that would keep the house from disrepair.
Finally, one day Lois told me that she got a great deal on a house rental,
and guess what?, it was right next door to me!
We were both escatic about this, so right away I helped her move in.  She
finally got her own place, for she definitely wanted to get out from under
her mother's wing.  The house was so cute!  And it was furnished!  The
furniture was antique!  It was perfect for her.  She loved the little house.
She had a good job working for a trucking company as a bookkeeper.  And she
was single!
Lois moved in with my help, and everything was perfect the first 2 weeks.  I
noticed something was bothering her during the third week she lived in the
house.  She would come over to my house and visit till the wee hours of the
night and fall asleep on the couch.  She did this for about a week and
finally I asked her to tell me what was wrong, cause I couldn't stand it any
Finally she told me that I probably wouldn't believe her if she told me what
was happening in the house.  I said don't say that, you are my best friend
and I am here to help, is someone bothering you, should we call the police?
Lois is a very truthful and honest person, and very loyal friend.  She told
me that something was in the house, and that she thought it was a spirit.  I
told her, I believed her, I grew up in a family that believed in the spirit
world.   She told me that during the day and even at night, the spirit would
open and close the cupboards, and she could hear shuffling of feet going
across the kitchen floor, and sometimes she would smell Ben-Gay, or
Mentholatum in the air.  She said the spirit would even take a shower, she
could actually hear it get into the shower stall, and turn on the water
faucet, but when she would go into the bathroom, NOTHING!!! Lois said this
happened anytime during the day and night.
It got to the point, to where I would have to stay with her at night until
she got sleepy, then I would leave.  These happenings never went on when I
was there, and we couldn't understand why.  But of course I'm not intune to
the spirit world as she is.  Lois never slept in the bedroom because she
swore someone was always on the bed, she could hear the bed creak, when they
moved, and even hear their snoring!  She was determined to live in the
house, and did not want to move back in with her mother.  I wanted her to
move in with me, until she found another place, and she wasn't for that idea
either, she said I and my husband definitely needed our privacy.
One morning, around 4:30 a.m., I heard our door open, I knew it was Lois
because she was the only one we gave a house key to.  I got up because it
was so early in the morning.  Sure enough it was Lois, she was sitting on
our couch in her PJ's breathing very hard.  I was very concerned, I turned
on the light, she was very pale.  I asked her if she was sick, I wanted to
take her to the emergency room.  Finally, she took a few deep breaths and
calmed down, I got her a glass of water.   Lois told me, "I am not going to
live in that house anymore, I've had enough!"  "I'm moving out today, and
your going to help me, I'm moving out today.!"  I told her well okay, I'll
help you.  Lois told me,  " You would't believe what happened, I woke up and
looked toward the kitchen doorway, and right in the middle of the doorway
was a glowing ball, about the size of a basketball." "It was forming a shape
like a lamp and getting bigger, I closed my eyes thinking I was dreaming and
pinched myself, I was not dreaming!" " I closed my eyes again, and shouted
out, Dammit!, Leave Me Alone!", I opened my eyes and it was gone, that's
when I raced out of that damn house and ran over here.!"
Well, Lois moved out of the house and back in with her mother, waiting for
the day when she could move out again.  We looked up the history of the
house and found out that a widow lived in the house.  She was around 88
years old, and had meals delivered to her at noon.  The lady that delivered
the meals found the old lady dead, lying on the kitchen floor, she died of a
heart attack, and she was dead for 2 days.  The old gentleman that took care
of the house was her brother, he sold the house to an elderly couple about 2
years after Lois lived there, and they tore it down and put a brand new
trailer home on the spot where the house once stood.  I wonder if they have
the same goings on that happened to Lois, or if the old lady is really still
around.  I only have to wonder, for we no longer live next door, and have
since moved.  Lois has since married, and has 3 children and lives far away
from that place where the house once stood.

I Need Guardian Angels

By: kai_2003_17@yahoo.com

I have never actually seen a ghost before. Since I have been about 14 I started feeling like someone is always watching me now, so all the time i am looking around me. I remember when my friend died about two years ago she was 16 and was in a car accident. I have never told anyone this because sometimes i think that i just dreamt about her that night. Well it was December 30th and she was coming back from her friends house that night. We aren't really sure what happened except everyone thinkings she was trying to turn the radio up, the road she was driving on has no shoulders and lots of people have died on it. We think she ran off the road a little then finally swerved to the other side but then finally lost control of her car and hit a tree and she was instantly killed. One thing i remember about that is i am a nightowl and that night i remember remember feeling like something bad was going to happen that night, but never thought about it much. I remember the next morning my mother waking me up and saying that she had been killed at first i didn't react but then i ha realized i lost my friend. I am always seeing stuff out of the corner of my eyes but when i turn to look there is no one there alot of my families and friends have
died. And it always seems like i am being watched! I read alot of stories on your website, I would really like to get in learning some more things, i would also love to see a ghost. I know i would be freaked out but maybe just some want to be helped so they can go wherever they are going. who knows? I would love to hear more stories, i have always believed in ghosts and i think i always will. Also another thing that happened to me this year when i was at a camp was i took alot of pics and it seem alot with me and friends there are alot of mist and stuff and streaks in the pictures that caught me by surprise when i looked at your site. Maybe they just like to follow me and make I sure hope so cause i need guardian angels!

Greenville, AL haunting

By: jmcgough@hvc.rr.com

There is a house on Ft. Dale Rd. that is haunted.  My sister was so scared that she refused to step foot in the house again about 6 months before we moved out.  There were several spirits there.  One was a man that would just stand and watch you from the doorway of one of the bedrooms.  Another was a little boy.  Late at night, my sister saw him run through the kitchen and into the dining room.  Later on, my two brothers were trying to go to sleep in there room.  The oldest thought my younger brother was messing with him by tapping him on the shoulder.  When he was finally fed up with the younger denying it and he sat up, the comforter on both beds went flying off without either touching it and they saw the little boy run out of the room.  My younger sister repeatedly saw faces in our bedroom.  My mother saw a floating mass in her bedroom, which I later saw on the last night we slept there hovering about my younger brother.  My sister said that every night she could feel somebody tuck her in and this same spirit later helped her to my mother the day she collapsed and was paralyzed for a week or two.  There were lights that darted around the house that couldn't have possibly been from car headlights.  My oldest brother was playing around on night and was trying to take a picture of whatever it was(he was in his 2o's at the time) and something came face to face with him and he lost his breath.  Later that week, my mother got scared and wanted my oldest brother to sleep in the room with me.  Just about the time that he dozed off, something grabbed him and threw him up against the headboard.  He doesn't scare easily it being that he has been in the military special forces, but he was truly scared that night.  The last day we were there, my mother made my sister go back into the house one last time.  My sister was in our old bedroom and said she saw something that resemble to her a demon.  I didn't believe in things like this until I lived in that house.  Recently, my mother was approached by the woman that bought the house after we moved out.  She asked my mother if we ever had any "visitors".  My mother's reply was, "Oh, you mean the ghost?"  The people have been hearing and seeing things too.  They've only lived there for a couple of years and are now in the process of selling the house because they can't stand the things that are happening any more.  Just so you know, Ft. Dale Rd. used to be one of the main routes taken by the Confederate soldiers during the Civil War.  There were several attacks along that road.

 Grandma's Phone Call

By: carbine_master@hotmail.com

When I was 12 years old, my grandmother died.  She must have been 69 or 70 at the time, but she was a very active and vigorous woman.  She had a force of personality that could be felt across the largest of rooms.  Most people, even total strangers just felt drawn to her, and this made her the natural center of attention at social events.  I loved her very much.  I was her very first grandchild, and I always felt very close to her.  It’s hard to put into words, but she just seemed so alive, like she was full of light and merriment.  I never thought about life without her, although by 12 I was old enough to understand that no one lives forever in this world.  She was not struck down by old age, though.  She died in a horrible car accident.  Mom and dad never told me the details, and believe me that’s just fine.  But what bothers me is that on the day that she died, I was playing by myself.  The phone rang.  I answered it (I had just been given the privilege of staying home by myself).  It was grandma on the phone.  She sounded very sad.  She told me that she had to go away on a long trip.  She said that she loved me very much.  I asked how long she’d be gone, and she said she didn’t know, but it would be a very long time.  I asked her if I could go with her, and she said no.  She didn’t give me the chance to say anything else.  She just said again that she loved me, and hung up.  It was the weirdest conversation I’d ever had with her, and it was about to get even more weird.  My parents got home half-an-hour later, and my mom was crying.  I told her Grandma had called.  She looked at me like I had said something terrible.  It was then that I learned what had happened.  They told me that Grandma had died two hours before as the result of her injuries, but I had just received the call 30 minutes ago.  Over the next couple of days, I tried to talk to both of my parents about this, but neither mom or dad would listen.  Now I’m 25.  I have never been able to let go of this.  I didn’t imagine it!  It only happened this one time, much to my regret.  There is no doubt in my mind that that was her voice on the phone.  I would know her voice anywhere!  My parents still will not speak with me about it, and I have long since given up on ever getting any sense of closure.  Have I gone off the deep end?  After I looked at your web page, I got the feeling that you people might be able to tell me what happened.  Did I experience something real?

 Ghosts all Around

By: redhott_182003@yahoo.com

well lets start with my house in Jackson MI. The ghost in this house only came at people as a joke more than any thing else. It lock my grandmother in her room from the out side when noone was home so she had to wait intill my mom and I got home. This other time I was sleeping with my dog (that has no tail) and there was something hiting my pillow and the dog was on the other side, when i woke up and looked there was a face right there. We moved out of that house and down to Morenci MI. Now this house i have only seen the ghost twice. The first time was when it came up the basement stairs and turned and looked at me and when I said some thing it turned and walked back down stairs. The other time was when I was working down in the basement and i felt some one looking at me so I turned around and there it was looking at me and then it was gone


By: tjburden@mts.net
It all started when we moved into an old one room school house in the town of Oak Bank, Manitoba and that is where the story begins.  It was in the early 1980's I was about 8 years old when we moved to that house and a lot of things happened there some can be explained others we still question to this day.  The house is set on 3 achier property and the closest neighbor is 1/4 mile away and it is all gravel roads and very dark. My mom my self and my 2 sisters where at home one day and my dad was gone for the weekend so a friend of my moms came over with her kids and we were all in the living room area at the opposite end of the house to the door the door was locked and we made sure of that there.  We were all sitting watching a movie and all of a sudden it sounded like the door opened and there were foot steps up the 3 steps to the main floor of the house (school room) so my mom got up and checked and the door was still locked and no one had come in to the house.  this happened about 7 or 8 times that night.  then as quickly as it started it stopped the next night it was the same thing but this time you could hear laughter of children in the yard in the back of the house so when you looked out the windows there was no one there the door opened and closed and lots of laughter and voices filled the room and then went silent as they got past the wall to the living room.  Getting more and more scared we all slept in the same room that  night.  Time had passed and the construction on the house began the house was getting an addition built.  the door opening and closing stopped but the laughing in the yard never did.  moving forward to the later part of the 80's I was 16 now and I was baby sitting my cousins who at the time were 6 and 4 and they were in the living room and I was in the kitchen.  I say a little girl out of the corner of my eye run past me so I turned my head right away and said my cousins name and her brother said no shes sleeping on the floor right here and I was ok sorry.  the figure ran toward the basement stairs and vanished I went back to the living room and my cousin asked  if I seen her to and I was who and he said the little girl she was there at the steps and was smiling I asked what she was wearing to compare to what I seen and it was the same little girl in a white dress with pink ribbon and long blond hair and big blue eyes with white shoes on and she was a little girl about 5 or 6 years old so I told him to forget it we will watch TV till our moms come home and we were so scared we refused to move our moms came home and we told them what we had seen and no faster did we tell them but you heard a ruckus in the pool in the yard it had a 6 foot high chain link fence with locks on the gates so no one could get in with out the keys.  the ruckus got more and more louder so I decided to go investigate it I opened the door and clicked on the light and in the pool were 2 large dogs thinking they belonged to the neighbor we called him and he came over and got the dogs out and they did not belong to him they ran toward the back of the yard and vanished.  Time went on about a month or 2 passed and my mom was in the kitchen with a bag on the counter and from the other side she seen a little girls hand reach up grab the bag and pull it off the counter no one was near the kitchen when this happened but my mom she blamed us till it happened again to her the next day and she seen the little girl run past to ward the basement again she yelled to me and I cam running she described the little girl to me and I told her that is what I seen to that night.  we would find a childs hand prints on furniture and on mirrors the radio would go on full blast in a room that was for guests dolls and toys would be scattered about the basement floor and I was the youngest at 17 years old at this time we would go to have a shower and the lights would not work and the shower doors would rattle violently and when that would happen it was a very uneasy feeling in the house then a figure of a large dark man appeared and the little girl would not be around to leave her hand prints on the dresser in front of the mirror violent things happened when he would appear our pet parrot died of a broken neck and the car brakes would fail as you would be coming in to the yard when some one was in the driveway the water in the shower would go scolding hot when there is no one else home to run water to do that.  The worst thing was a Ouija board that was in the basement for years was all of the sudden in the middle of the basement floor it had been in the house for a long time and never touched till this figure appeared in the house then one day a man came to the door and asked if his mother can come and see the old school that she used to teach at and we undoubtedly said yes to her request and she walked through the house and remembered what is used to be like there we had asked if any one had ever died on that property that she could recall and she did a little girl named Ann she was killed in the back yard in the back of the yard by a baseball it hit her in the head and killed her unfortunate accident and we described her to this lady and she said that is what she was buried in over 60 prior to and she was wondering how we knew so much about her it was a never talked about thing so we told the story to the lady and her son and to their amazement little Ann had appeared it was like she wanted to say hello again she was 5 years old when she passed  she was buried at the cemetery 1 1/4 miles away form the school and was not ready to leave it was her first year in school I would have loved to had more to the Ann story than i do but the house burned down in 1991 and I have gone back to the property at night and you can still hear the children laughing in the yard if Ann is still there I do not know but I will go back with a camera and listen for the voices and then take a picture and hopefully I get a picture of Ann to share

When Ghosts Attack

By: georgie_gooch@hotmail.com

When I was young I lived in a very old four story house in the oldest neihborhood in the city of Calgary. As a child I was very sensitive to the things that were going on around me and still am.
 Strange things started to happen one night when I was about nine years old, I suddenly woke up to the sound of heavy breathing, which might not seam that unusual considdering I lived with my dad and my brother but I had long become accustomed to the noises that they made so this was very odd. I was trying to get back to sleep when all of a sudden my cat Sheba started growling, and it seemed that in unison both the hair on her back and the hair on my neck stood up at the same time and the room whent ice cold.
I looked out into the hallway and I saw what I can only describe as a shadow, walk from one end of the hall to the other. Only it wasnt really walking it was more like it was limping. I could faintly see the outline of rags hanging off it's back. After it disapeared the room temperature whent back to normal.
When is was finaly old enough to stay home alone things started to get really strange. Most place where I spent most of my time when I was alone was in the sub basement right abouve the bedrooms watching tv with my cat sleeping across my lap. I would be watching my favorite programs when suddenly I would here a door slam when no one was there and none of the windows were open so the wind couldn't have pushed it closed. After the door would slam I would hear footsteps going down the stairs and comming closer and closer to me and then as soon as my cat woke up hissing the footsteps would run back upstairs, open and then slam the door closed.
After about a year of this happening, the entity became violent with me. Durring the night I would have horrible nightmares and would wake up the next morning with scratches all over my body, I would be pushed down the stairs and violently attacked when I landed. It got to a point where I would have things thrown at me if I was alone in a room.
Nobody would believe me until one day when my dad walked in the house just in time to see my being shoved down the stairs. That night he packed me and my brother up and we stayed in a hotel until we could find a new house.
I just did some reserch about the area and the house in which I lived and found out that it was the site of a brutal murder suicide. I still get uneasy feelings when I'm at the top of a stair case so just in case I have had ever house that I have lived in blessed just to make sure.

the Hill House in Streator Illinois

By: germanchix71@msn.com

          There are many stories surrounding the Hill house in Streator.
Built by the Hill family its many hauntings are of course surrounding them.
The full history of this house and family can be found in the book Biography
in Black (a history of Streator). But here is a quick rundown.  The son of
the hill family was known to have a gambling problem,  his mother, having
found out that he was forging checks in her name confronted her son, who
subsequently murdered her and burried her in the coal cellar while his
father was away.  The father later committed suiced with a gun to his head
in the den.  The son, never having been found guilty, later died in a plane
          Having been in the and talking to former residents, there have
been reports of a child crying,  it was rumored that Mrs. Hill had abused
her child.  Also are reports of angry piano playing even though there is no
piano in the residence.  Apparitions have been seen in the windows of the
home as well.
          The home has been empty for many years and many attempts have been
made to remodel the home, so far none have been fully completed.  The home
is now owned by another man who is currently remodeling it, I have not been
able to enter the home since then, the new owner is nearly impossible to
contact, I haven't succeeded yet

The Face

By: AmeNoTenshi1@aol.com

My experiences have been going on for a number of years now. My first experience was when I was ten years old. It was in the evening and I was getting ready for bed and what not, and when my parents came into say good night the power went out because of a rtaher violent storm outside. Well, that was all fine and dandy but right after they left the power went out again and right in front me was this humongous face, it had an expression of complete and utter evil. I was so frightened by it that I couldn't even move let alone scream for my parents whose bedroom was right across the hall.  It seemed like an eternity before the power finaly blipped back on and I bolted to my parents room in a completely hysterical state. They didn't seem to concerned about it though. From that day on I have refused to sleep without a light on in my room for fear of seeing that awful face again. After that I started feeling small thing about me. Like getting a sudden feeling that something was watching me. Usually I felt this while on the computer which was located in my brother's room. One time in the evening I was online chatting with some friends when I got an incredibly overwhelming feeling that I was being watched even though there was nobody else was in the room. Well, there was this painting that hung on the wall of an old man and the feeling of being stared at seemed to be coming from it. I tried to ignore it until the feeling finaly intensified so much that i felt like I was  going to choke. I quickly got up and left the room and started sobbing as I told my mom about it. My mom seemed genuinely concerned about it and took the painting off the wall and stuck it in a closet. Another time I was sitting on the computer I suddenly felt the weight of a hand resting on my shoulder and when I turned around to see what it was nothing was there.
We moved from that house about 2 years ago to a rather small city that also happens to be incredibly old. The neighborhood we live in used to consist of a lot of plantations back in the 1800's or so. In this house my room is the only room on the second floor of the house so I'm pretty much seperated from everybody else in the house while I'm up here. One night I was laying on my bed and listening to some music when I heard this horrible racket coming from right outside my window. It was this awful high pitched screeching sound, it was definitely not a natural sound. And so I got up from my bed and pulled open the shades, despite being horrified at what I might find, and there was nothing there, there was not a single trace of there being anything out there. More recently though I have begun to see dark shadowy things floating around my room very late at night. I still sometimes get the feeling of being watched but not enarly as instense as on that one occassion. Sometimes I'll be sitting on the computer when this dark shape will just "fly" over me and the computer and disappear. And that's all there really is to say about my experiences. Thank you for your time.



By: tlittle@blomand.net

I know this is like so many other stories but I couldn't help myself from
sharing my families experiences.
Four years ago my son and I moved into our apartment and were expecting my
second  child's birth. Everything at first was strange of course because I
had never lived in an apartment so all the noises were wierd to both of us.
And we had never lived in town.
About a month after we were settled in we had set up our soon to be "little
sister's" bed and put away all the clothes that had been gifts at the
shower, and had set down to watch some tv. I got to thinking how I had
wished I had thought to shut the bedroom light off when we left the  room,
when it went out. I looked around and my son was sitting on the floor in
front of the chair where I was so I knew it wasnt him. I dismissed it.
Two weeks later I was coming in from work (12 hour shift at hospital) and
was thinking how good it would feel to have a hot bathe before I went to
pick up my son. I walked into the apartment to hear water running and
panicked. I thought I had accidently left water running while I was at
work,,,imagine that bill. I ran into the bathroom to find the tub full of
steaming water and my candles burning,,,I freaked. I was a single mother
and no one was supposed to be in my apartment!! Even my mother didnt have a
key yet!! I ran out of there realllll quick. I ran to the babysitters
house..no small feat with me being 7 months pregnant and dragged her back
up there with me. We walked in and down the hall to the bathroom. The tub
was empty and the candles were not lit,, she looked at me like i was
insane,,,but she did say it was humid in the bathroom as if the water had
been running,,,and she could smell my candles but they hadnt been burned
the wicks werent even blackened.
I dismissed this as a tired mind,,,,maybe I was wishing so much for that
bathe that I convinced myself the tub was full and the candles were
burning,or I was going insane.Hey with my families past I could believe it.
Well I called my mother that evening and told her about it and we laughed
she said I had to be losing my mind to think that had happened . I agreed
with her,,,well someone decided to let me know otherwise.
That same night I heard something in the kitchen,, my heart stopped my son
was sleeping in the other room and here I am pregnant and someone has
broken into my apartment. Then I got mad,,,,how dare someone!! I walked
into that kitchen ready to kick butt,,,,,and froze. Now there is only one
door to my kitchen and I had heard these noises right up to the point I
walked in and there is no where to hide in this apartment trust
me,especially the kitchen. There was no one in the kitchen,, but all the
doors were open and all my dishes were stacked all over the room,,,,instead
of in the cabinets. My refrigerator was standing open and all the food was
stacked on the floor. I screamed ran in grabbed my son and got the heck out
of there. We stayed the night with my mother.
The next day we had her neighbor a local cop go in with us and he looked
around.He and I looked through all the rooms and found nothing and no signs
of forced entry and he laughed and asked my why I had taken all my dishes
out of the cabinets was I moving out already?! He thought it was funny. I
said no that was how I found them when I walked in there,,I told him the
food was on the floor in front of the fridge too. He walked back out of the
kitched and said um no its not the fridge is fine,but you dishes are
everywhere. I just stood there. What was going on?
Well he left and my mother and I finished putting dishes away and
straightening up the kitchen and my mother asked me if I was alright and
left after I said yes.My son was at daycare and I was home alone and
decided since I didnt have to pick him up for a while I was going to lay
down. I took off my watch and rings and laid them on the table next to the
bed which was my habit and laid down and napped. I woke up about two hours
later and was getting ready to pick up my son and realized the watch and
rings were missing. I looked around the bed and figured I knocked them off
and would find them when I got back home. When we returned my son went to
get some juice out of the fridge while I was looking for my watch and ring
and what does he find but the watch and ring in the fridge of all places.
I just knew I was losing my mind. That night I heard noises from my son's
room and thought he was up playing,,,I walked in and felt a cool wind pass
me in the hall,,my son was sound asleep.
I walked into the living room and just sat down,,I looked around the room
and decided whatever or whoever it was needed to know I knew it was there
finally.So I looked around again an quietly said that if it was happy here
I had no problems with it,,I didnt appreciate what it was doing the jokes
and pranks,,,especially if it was going to scare me like that with a baby
on the way. But if it wanted to stay it could on the condition of not
scaring my child. Things calmed down for a while little things would happen
and we would laugh and say the ghost did it.
But really it wasnt until I brought my daughter home that the "ghost" got
excited. My daughter was two days old when I and her big brother brought
her home and went to bed exhausted with her in the bassinet next to me.
That night I was awoken by my daughter cooing and happy sounds  coming from
her crib. My son was asleep in the bed next to me,, I was mistyfied never
had a baby woken up happy like this around our family,,especially that
young. I noticed a coolness around her bassinet and asked "it "  to please
not frighten her.
My daughter on more than one occasion would be heard giggling and cooing
when she woke up and be waving at nothing I thought. A friend of mine
commented on it and I jokingly said "Oh the ghost is entertaining her" ,I
had no idea how right I was.
I met a girl I worked with shortly after that whose family used to live in
the apartment and she asked me if I noticed anything different about it? I
asked oh you mean the ghost ,,really its harmless. She laughed and said you
mean you have seen Pops? I just stood there ,and laughed ,,told her I was
joking. She said no your not ,Pops loved that apartment and loved to play
practical jokes on everyone who came in there. But his greatest love was
his grandbabies.
Till the day we moved out we "chatted" with Pops,,the night before we moved
we had everything packed up and ready to go the next day when my son came
out of the kitchen and asked why the old man was crying? I went in and saw
"Pops" for the first and only time since we moved in. I guess it was his
way of letting us know he would miss us. We miss him, he kept us on our toes.
 Oh just so you know I have met the lady that moved in after we left but
she never said or not whether Pops has showed up. I wonder?!

 My Time at Mexico

By: Meny401@aol.com

the thing with this story is that it was too scary the first time it happened. Around august i was at home watching tv, chillin', when out of nowhere my cousins daughter comes in and asks for my drink (we were in mexico and i loved this drink called penafiel and my niece, i think that's what you call it, knows how to get to my house.) Any way,she told me she wanted some so i get up to the  kitchen and there is an opening to go to the bathroom which scares me a lot. I'm serving the drink, and my niece looks at the opening and starts laughing like there was no tommorow, and trust me, that opening  is not a cool sight to look at, especially around 9:30!! So i start to move away when this...thing comes out of the hole and my niece starts telling me that it wants to be friends, but i wasn't takin any chances so i grab my niece and left.
The next day was a Sunday and me and my cousins were doing a sleepover. My aunt fanny (little hard to say in english) was going to sleep with us that time. At around 3 we heard a whole lot of dogs bark and then the phone rang. Fanny picked it up, and it was her sister! We didn't go to sleep then so we fooled around a bit and heard a loud knock by the opening (we had a door so we couldn't see what was going on). My cousin volnteered to go but seeing as i was in great fear they decided i should go. (that and the reason i am a 13 year old energetic kind of guy). Any way as i open the door we look around and my aunt was getting upand asked what that noise was, and we all just looked at each other and went back to sleep.
I will send some stories some other time, also i like the shadowlands a lot!
Keep up the good work. And sorry it was so long

My Cousin


this is a very emotional thing for me to reminise about, but i figure it
might be of some interest to the people who read this. on August 19,2002 my
cousi tina died in a car accident. there were 3 other people in the car
besides her and they figured it would be fun to go hilltopping(or so im
supposing). well the driver lost contriol of the car and everyone was killed
except him. well i found out on the first day of school that she had died
and i was very very sad. it took me a long time to accept this horrible
tragedy. anyway... i have had this terrible dream ever since that i am at a
party with her and the people she was with that night are trying to get her
to ride with them. i plead with hr not to go with them til she gives in. so
we get in her car and still we get in an accident and she dies. i have this
dream at least once a week and i guess this is just her way of telling me it
was her time to go. i miss her dearly. if u have any thoughts on this then
feel free to email me.wingo86_9 @hotmail.com


My Best Friend

By: BoyOsage@aol.com

i have waited a long time to talk to someone who might understand  what ive seen.  its almost as if a weight is being lifted from my chest.  Several years ago (about eleven) i lost my best friend.  Richard had several best friends, a big heart, and an intelligent zest for life.  Shortly after he past away i was woken up early in the morning(i've always said it was 3 a.m. but i don't know for sure).  The only light in the room came in through our curtains from a street light about 20 to 30 feet away. My wife was right next to me. My daughter was in her crib in the next room.  Richard was her god father although we aren't really religious.  After i was awoken my body froze i was scared to death.  My eyes were fixed on something in my hallway.  The bedroom door was open. Something (the ghost)  was just floating there kind of looking, if you will, at me in my bed.  There was no real shape to it.  Although there did seem to be a top, middle(fatter there) and the bottom kind of trailing off.  The texture to this thing was kind of grainy or sandy,like moon dust swirling super fast like in a circle or circles within itself.  At this point the only two thoughts in my mind were getting away, and my friend Richard.  I couldn't move, I couldn't speak, I don't know if I was breathing.  My                                  eyes were wide as hell, I couldn't believe what was happening.  Just when I thought it couldn't get worse this thing like ducked under the upper door jamb and got very close to the foot of my bed.  I swear I tried with all my might to push back, my eyes were popping out of my head.  I was starring right at the ghost scared to death.  I was wondering what was going to happen.  How long was it going to be here. And just as it came it left, dropping down and swooshing out the door down the hallway towards the front door.  My whole body was released and tears came rolling down my face.  I woke up my wife and told her what happened.  She wasn't interested. She was tired and upset that I woke her up.  I've told this story many times almost always with goosebumps appearing on my arms and the hair on my neck raising up. That is my story I hope you believe it.  There is noway I was dreaming, noway.   My wife and I have experienced many strange things.  I'll write about those things later.  I hope you enjoy my ghost story.   Goodnight Richard, I love you and still miss you.


By: mind_tripper69@hotmail.com

This experience happened in Marietta, Georgia.  It happened today.. me and
some friends decided to go check out this abandonded mansion that some
people at school knew about.  The mansion is on White Circle Road.    We
went up this long long old driveway and got to the house, out in front is a
totalled MG.  The car has been there for a long time, the tires are all
flat, the car is rusted, the windshield is gone.  The skidmarks that lead
off the road to the tree where the car struck are quite visible.  We went
inside the mansion and I had the worst feeling I've ever had in my life.
There was food still in the refrigirator, unwashed dishes in the sink,
unopened letters dated from 1991 on the counter, strange pictures of hippies
from the 60's, a strange picture of a blurry face of sumone screaming, there
are still suits and sweaters hanging in the closets.  There is a guest house
below this one, that's when we had the sighting.  We were at the back side
of the house, looking through the kitchen, which smelled so bad we couldn't
go in (the smell was coming from the open refrigirator, which was full of
bags and a bucket), anyway, my friend said "dude, someone just walked by the
front window" and my friend NEVER sounds scared, but he did when he said
that.  I pointed the flashlight toward the window and just saw our
reflections, and I said "nah man, it's just us" not 30 seconds after I said
that we heard a door open, so we ran.  We got back up to the mansion and
looked back down to the front of the house, but no one was there.. then we
drove down there.. and there was no one.  Other things we found at the house
were 2 nooses, several refrigirators which smelled amazingly bad and only
god know's what is in them, a bloody wife beater shirt, and a 20's race car
in the barn/shed type thing.  This was my first time going to a haunted
house.. I've never been so scared... but I definetly want to see more.

 Lonely Person

By: pop741.1@netzero.com

Believe it or not. My name is Jerry i live in San Antonio,Tx. Heres my story. Last year i was working out of town had my company truck to travel to work to Mission Texas. This day was Monday early morning about 3:30 in the morning taking off to work in the highway. Near getting to Three Rivers Texas. It was pitch dark and light rain i remember. I would say before getting to Three Rivers i still needed about 20 miles. I saw a person walking along the the shoulder of the road and had a luggage with them also strolling with them.This person was wearing a raincoat with the hood on. This person saw my truck no cars were in front of me or in back of me. To my surprise this person never waved for help nor did i see a car that was stranded along the highway, that would say this person was stranded nor did wave for help. Remember pitch dark and was walking along the shoulder of the road. Three rivers, Tx was still 20 miles ahead no lights,no sign of the town, pitch dark. I was scared. I pressed my gas pedal as fast as i could. Never looked back. Was this a ghost, or a person knowing the way to Three rivers. Pitch dark asking no help at all. Ill let yall decide.

Knocking Doors

By: pop741.1@netzero.com

Heres my story. I moved into my house 3 years ago. The first year i started to hear noises. I was at my bathroom taking a shower it happened about 8:00 am in the morning. All i heard was a knock on the door about 2 times. After i got of the shower. I went to my sons room and my bedroom, where my husband was there. They were asleep. I thought it was one of them knocking on the door to use the bathroom. I told them when they woke up if they knocked on the door and sayed no. I thought i was hearing things. So i just let it go. My niece was staying at my house the 2nd weekend. She was taking a shower when she told me she heard a knock on the door  about 3 times. When she got out she looked to see  if anybody was awake. We were all asleep she told me it was about 8:00 in the morning also. When she heard that knocking sound. I never mentioned the story to my niece cause didnt want to scare her about the knocking sound. She told me the story what she heard and then i proceeded to tell mine also. I was watching tv on my back den with the door open in the front and the back door but kept it locked so my screen door was locked also. I heard somebody knocking in the front door.It was loud. It was about 8:00 in the morning also. I went to go and check and there was nobody. I was scared cause it all happen
 at 8:00 in the morning. I decided to call a lady to come bless our house. After that i didnt hear any more knockings. This is my story.

Winnipeg House

By: iam_styxx@shaw.ca
  There is a house in Winipeg.  My mother lived there with my brother for over 2 years..  In the time they lived there, they experienced many strange and frightening things..  One involves my daughter who was in kindergarten at the time. She was over one evening and she started to walk around the house and place shells and rocks in all the windows.  My mother asked her why and she told her, "so the mean man will leave you alone."  My mother hadn't told her anything.  "who told you about the man?"  My mother asked.  "My daughter looked at her and said,"The girl in the closet, the one hiding from the man."  My mother called me and asked me to come get my daughter. My brother would hear people running up the stairs when he was home alone or at night when he and my mother were sitting in the living room.  The running was usually accompanied by angry snarling noises.  They would both hear a little girl crying out in fright, usually as they passed a crawl space door 3/4 of the way up the third floor stairs.  He actually heard the girl in the living room one day,"she said" Get out he's coming back."  He heard the running and snarling then.  He left fast.  My mother would also wake up to feeling someone sitting on her bed or the feeling of a warm hand on her hip. They also experienced cold spots and whispering.  I visited some times and always felt ill at ease, like I wasn't wanted there.  My daughter would say that she felt sad for the girl.  I think you would have to get Piolas permission to see the house if there is any interest.  She owns it. Thanks for listening.

Figure Surrounded by Light

By: midnight_sky1002@yahoo.com
 My name is Aimee and I have seen a ghost before, or at least i think it was one. This happened in my grandmother's house about 7 years ago.I've never told anyone about this except my grandmother. I was eight years old. Her house is square in shape and her living room is in the front of the house,straight across from that is the den.Turn left from there and you'll find her (and my deseased granfather's) bedroom. To the right is the kitchen.Well, anyway one day i walked in to the kitchen through the back door from playing in the backyard to get a drink of water when i heard a sound in her bedroom. it sounded like something heavy falling off the bed. Well, this scared me very badly since my father was at work and my sister, mother and grandmother were in the backyard and noone else was there. But being the curious child i was, i had to see what it was. I walked in the den and took a peek in the bedroom. What i saw i'll never forget. It was this figure, tall and kinda surrouned in this light. You can imagine my reaction. I screamed, ran out of the house and refused to go back in for weeks. My grandmother sat me down one day(in my house) and asked me what it was. I told her i what i had seen, and she said that was probaly my grandfather and not to be afraid. I went back into her hous and was ok from there on out.I've never seen it again.
In my house footsteps would walk up and down the hall in frount of my room all the time, but i wasn't afraid of them because my mother told me it was santa clause.I beleive it was the same as the something i saw in my grandmother's house. my mother and father swear they have heard a little rubber ball bounceing up and down the hall outside my room at night.then we moved(not into a different house, we moved our own)and it has been relatively quiet. Well, that's my ghost story. Thanks for your time!

A cottage in Devon England.

By: HollySycamore@aol.com
  This all began in 1994, i had recently finished my training as a staff nurse in a large London teaching hospital.. i was 20 years old at the time and in all honesty desperate to leave the rat-race of London, I had always loved the south-west of England, so when 8 months into my work as a qualified nurse I saw an advertisement for a staff nurse at a Devon hospital i decided to go for it. I was delighted at be accepted, and began my search for accommodation, now London is an expensive place to live, and Devon isn't much cheaper so i was only expecting very basic living quaters.... half expecting to end up in nurses accommodation to tell the truth, well i couldn't believe my luck when I spotted a beautiful old cottage up for rent and well within my budget. At the risk of sounding cliched it was chocolate box, the type of Devon cottage people would give a limb for but generally couldn't afford, i was so happy with the place i didn't question the low price of the rent. So here I am in a part of England that I had always loved, doing the job I loved, with the most wonderful cottage.... and having more spare cash than i could ever have hoped to have had if i had stayed in London.... in short i thought this was as good as it got.
   Well my first inkling that there may be problems was just before i actually moved in, my family had travelled to see me (i was staying in B&B accommodation while the final touches were being made to the cottage) my mother, father younger brother and stepsister were to join me for three days over a long weekend. My stepsister had always had some kind of psychic ability, it was a family fact and was never questioned, well the moment she set foot inside the place her face stiffened, I could see this and asked her what the matter was, she managed a smile and said she was ok, no problems etc.... whilst everyone else was totally impressed with the place (my father asked more than a few times if i was sure the rent i was paying was correct and there hadn't been some mistake) her demeanour didn't change much and I knew she was worried about something ... still I was far too pleased with things to worry much myself and as yet it hadn't even occurred to me she was having a psychic episode, much less the problem was anything to do with my new home. We had an enjoyable weekend, and soon it was time to say our goodbyes. Gina's (my sister) mood hadn't changed much, and that's when she told me what was bothering her.... " Lisa " (me) she said grabbing my arm..... " you can't stay here... it's not right, there is something here that will harm you ", well as uneasy as her outburst had made me I was not about to let anything spoil my perfect little world, and I'm ashamed to admit I told her i wasn't going to allow her jealous pangs to ruin what I had going here. she looked sad as i said this, but told me that if anything threatening happened not to hesitate to get out, or at least get help.... well I made loopy gestures at her, strange as I knew damn well she did have ability, we had seen examples of it many times over the years, I suppose I was just too exited at everything finally coming together for me to allow ANYTHING to put a dampner on it. Over the next few weeks I really settled in .... my job was not due to start for another 2 weeks, so I really enjoyed my leisure time, getting to know the area, making the cottage my own with some of my own touches... and basically relaxing. It was a Friday afternoon when there was a knock on the door and an old lady who introduced herself as living close by in a cottage a little further down the way. I was pleased to meet a new neighbour and immediately offered her a  cup of tea, she hesitated and said that she was suddenly really late for something which had up until that moment slipped her mind, but she asked " come over to me tomorrow afternoon and we can get to know each other a little better " i agreed, pleased that they seemed such a friendly lot around here, ignorantly not stopping to consider the woman's behaviour as a little strange, now that I look back it is obvious her whole demeanour changed as soon as I invited her into my home. The next day, i made my way as promised to her home about 50 yards along the lane, she was very welcoming and we spent an enjoyable afternoon chatting, before I left she strangely behaved very much like my sister had just before leaving to head back to London..... " please dear " she said rather imploringly, " be careful in your new home " I can now see my attitude towards people in general was changing, I rather patronisingly said I would, and made mental notes about the poor old dear evidently suffering some kind of dementia. Over the next few weeks the place had really begun to feel like home, my job was going well and I had already made a lot of new friends. This was also about the time I had noticed at times the cottage would become freezing cold in places even though I was using the central heating, it got so bad I had the landlord call out a plumber to ensure there were no faults in the system (none were found) I noticed things going missing and later reappearing in places I was sure I had not left them. Most oddly I noticed that there was a strange symbol, etched onto a lot of the cottage's original woodwork, which I put down to the architects mark of work, some sort of signature. I had been there two months when i decided it was high time for a housewarming party, it was set to be a big event, I had invited my family, new friends from the hospital, and all of my old friends and work colleagues. Well my sister completely refused to come, by this time I believe she had convinced my mum that something was amiss with the house as my mum rang incessantly to make sure I was ok (she had never been like this before, and I had lived away from home for almost three years by this time) the party went ahead and was a great success, new friends getting on well with old friends, everybody having a great time, until Jenny a girl i had been friends with since school days and who was staying with me overnight came running downstairs babbling incoherently about a woman on the landing...a woman who was definitely not a party guest, I scoffed "how do you know? ... you haven't met everybody here yet" she looked terrified as she shot straight back at me..." a woman with red glowing eyes "a few party gores were visibly shocked at this and some (I suspect) wondered if i had invited along a friend from the funny farm. Jenny called a cab soon after and decided she wouldn't be staying with me after all. As the last of my guests were either leaving or retiring to various parts of the cottage for the night, my mum helped me clear around. ... she was not herself, "oh Lisa" she sighed," your sister has been having nightmares about this place for some weeks now, I had tried to allay her fears and tell her that there is nothing wrong with this place, but she never been wrong before, and what has really brought this home to me that Gin is right is the fact she says she saw a woman when we came to see the house...a woman with red eyes... it was what she was trying to tell you that day when we left to go back to London. She saw her standing outside underneath the willow tree in the garden, she senses evil here lisa ". For the first time doubts about the place trickled into my mind, and i could not brush them away. I decided my best course of action from this point was to go and see my neighbour again.
     Mrs Cousins as was her name, was only too pleased it seemed (also a little relieved) that i had come to see her regarding this matter, what she told me shocked me to the core. It transpired that the original owner, the man who had infact designed and built the cottage had been heavily into black magic, his name was Matthew Martin, and had even at one point been tried for the murder of a young teenage girl in 1883 although later acquitted.  Then she asked me something really odd, " Lisa dear " she began " have you ever noticed strange markings anywhere in the house " ? I told her i had, and described them, an odd triangular shape, with what looked like ( as i said it the realisation dawned on me ) an inverted cross underneath.....  I began to put all of the odd things together, bad smells, the woman two of the people closest to me had seen, cold spots, and an odd scratching on the ceilings that I had put down to some kind of vermin in the attic. I gave my notice on the cottage, and collected my belongings soon after, I did as it happened end up living in nurses accomodation, later some details emerged... nobody had ever lived in the cottage for more than a few months at a time, which is why the rent had been so cheap (the landlord was just desperate to have the place occupied) there had been three suicides which by all accounts had been totally out of character for the victim. People had found pets dead for no apparent reason.... in the garden of the cottage... under the willow tree.... people had seen lights in the cottage at times the was no tennant I also found the landlord had not set foot inside the cottage for over 20 years, I now live in London again and as far as I know, he decided to put the place up for sale.... to this day it is still empty, falling into a state of disrepair, in my opinion the place should just be destroyed, and the land blessed.....

Words Out

By: JIMMYJD@webtv.net


The Waking Dead

By: IanSndwn@aol.com

  It was Saturday, halfway through autumn. I was sat in the back room of my house, my father reading the paper and my mother doing some sewing. The year was round about nineteen sixty four. I had dozed off for a while when suddenly I awoke, my eyes ajar.  I could see my mother and my father but I couldn’t move .!   All my limbs were as if paralysed . The only thing that I could move were my eyes. Then my body started to move, I came out of myself, my body was still in the chair but I was rising up away from it.  I reached the ceiling, turned around and looked down on myself sitting in the chair.  I was sat quite normally, asleep.  My mind was going six to the dozen, what was this all about ? what was happening to me ?  I just stayed where I was, looking at myself and my parents wondering what the hell was going on when my dog, Sally, jumped on my lap.  I suddenly, with great speed flew down from the ceiling and back into myself.  Suddenly I could move !! All my feeling had returned.  To this day I cant explain this event. Sadly both my parents and my dog, Sally have died so there is no-one that can corroborate this event, but take my word for it, this is the truth !!


By: friggincoldnd@yahoo.com

My friend and I were scared silly one night.  In Rogers, Arkansas there is a area called Monte Ne.  There is a abandoned hotel that was once magnificent.  It was a real treasure in that area.  Now it is mostly run down and under water from when the Army Engineer Corp flooded the area to make Beaver Lake.  The hotel is now a place for teens to hang out and drink at night.  Several of my friends and I were walking around there late at night because we had nothing better to do.  We had a shortage of flashlights and being the scaredy cat that I am I absolutly had to have my own flashlight.  So my friend and I jumped in the car and drove real quick back to my house.  As we were driving back to the hotel (we were doing about 25) my friend looked in the rear view and seen a lady running down the road behind our car.  I turned around to look and we were discussing stopping in case she needed help.  That is when we noticed that she didn't have any feet and was keeping up with the car very well.  So naturally being scared out of our minds we gased it.  Now the road is not very long and we were almost to the hotel so we only sped up to about 40.  When we did that the woman's eyes turned red and she started screaming and looked furious, but she still managed to keep up.  She stayed only 1 or 2 feet from the bumper.  As we came in view of the hotel we turned around to look at her but she was gone.  The image is still so very clear in my head t t I could draw every facial feature.  The clothes she wore looked around the 60-70's area.  It was a white dress with a really low V neck and semi long sleeves.  It was a calf length.  She had dark brown hair that blew back as she was moving.  To this day I won't drive through Monte Ne valley with my windows down.

House of Many Spirits

By: neko93@hotmail.com

For some reason my grandparent’s house always frightened me. When I was a little girl I would spend the night at their house and dread going to bed in the guest room. Later when my grandfather had emphysema and was hooked up to oxygen and the oxygen tank was in this room. The low hum of the oxygen machine did little to settle my nerves as I tried to sleep in this room. One day when I was about sixteen I was visiting my grandparents my grandfather told me that there had been some strange occurrences in the house. He told me that sometimes the doorbell would ring and when he would open the door no one was there. He also told me that he would see things that weren’t really there. I thought my grandfather was probably joking because he was always pulling my leg and telling me funny stories. A few years later, my grandfather had become very sick. At this time he was in the hospital more than he was at home. The night before he went to the hospital for the last time, he had some visitors. My grandmother told me this story. She said he woke her up around 3 A.M. and he was crying and looked like he had been scared to death. He told her that there were three men standing in the doorway of their bathroom and he thought they were there to take him away from her. Their master bathroom doorway is right in front of my grandmother’s side of the bed. He described the men as dark and wearing cowboy hats. The next day my grandfather went into the hospital for the last time and never returned to the house.
A few years after my grandfather died, my grandmother began to tell me of the strange occurrences that she had witnessed in her house. She has received visits from my grandfather. His breathing has woken her up a couple of times and she sees him standing by the foot of her bed. The last time he came to see her, she didn’t open her eyes. She said he was talking to someone else who he had brought with him to meet her and she did not want any part of it. As soon as she screams or tells him to go away he quickly vanishes. She has also seen another spirit in her house that stands in her the doorway of her bedroom, which is at the foot of the bed. When she sees this she closes her eyes and prays for it to go away and it does.
At first, I did not know how to take what my grandmother was saying. I had always felt uneasy in that house, but I couldn’t understand why she was finally seeing things only after my grandfather died. One day I was a witness to a strange event myself. I had gone over to visit my grandmother and we were talking in the kitchen. The kitchen faces the living room and in the living room there is a large window by the side entrance into the house. You can easily see people walk up to the doorway through this window. While we were talking I noticed that an elderly woman with a black dress and shawl was walking up the doorway. Actually, the way this woman was walking was almost like she was floating up the steps to my grandmother’s doorway. It’s hard to describe. I immediately told my grandmother that one of her friends was paying her a visit. When no one knocked on the door I became suspicious. I looked out the window, but nothing was there. Through another window in the living room I looked down the street and no one was there. For some reason, I had a strong feeling that I shouldn’t open up the door to see if anyone was there. I think my grandmother had seen this woman too because she immediately started to pray. I tried to talk to her about it but she changed the subject so I took her queue and dropped it. After this experience, when I would go visit my grandmother I could not stay after dark. I had a strange feeling that I was being pushed out of the house after it got dark.
When I was 25 I moved to Washington and left my grandmother behind in her scary house in California. The first time I came back home to visit her I was uneasy about staying the night in her house. I decided that whatever it was was not going to push me around. That night around 10p.m my grandmother and I were talking and out of the corner of my eye I say a small figure do what seem to be a summersault all the way down my grandmother hall. I did not let my grandmother know about this because all of this scared her and I did not want to upset her.
The rest of my story will sound fishy and I don’t even know if I believe it myself but here goes. This night I was seeing things and they were talking to me except it was in my head. I was actually seeing these things with my eyes. I saw a tall man in a cowboy hat with a beard sitting with his leg over his knee on my grandmother’s couch. I saw a little boy doing acrobatic trick from one end of the hall to another. I saw many but those were the one’s I remember. It felt as though so much information was coming to me at once that I couldn’t handle it all. I also heard voices, many voices. One voice did stand out from the rest. I started to ask them questions. I asked why they were there. I believe the voice that stood out was a woman’s and she told me that it was because my grandfather forgot to close the door when he left. I didn’t completely understand this. I asked them if her if they could leave and they told me that my grandfather had to come back and close the door.
I don’t know what to think. I am not sure if what I thought I was experiencing was real or not. I do know that on my next visit my grandmother had previously had the house blessed. I also took the added precaution of telling whoever was there that I didn’t want to see or hear anything from them and that they needed to leave my grandmother’s house because they were not going to ruin anymore of my visits with her and make her afraid of her own house.

Crisis Haunting


During the spring of 1947, my mother who was a young girl of 15 and her siblings, always met my grandfather everyday at a certain meadow near their rural cabin after his hard days work at the coalmine.
On this particular afternoon, my grandfather came walking into the meadow as usual and as my mother and her brothers and sisters went to greet him, he disappeared in before their very eyes.  It seems that a short time earlier, there was a cave in at the mine and my grandfather was trapped.
The next morning a rescue crew freed all of the miners who were trapped including my grandfather.  During his ordeal, he was thinking about his family praying that he would see them again.
Related by my mother.


By: SkullMugz@aol.com
This is my experience with the paranormal. A few years ago my uncle died. He was a homeowner and, since I was the last living relative, I had to go through his house. Taking what would be needed and what would not be needed. On the third day of going through the house I went to the attic.The first thing I noticed was the coldness of the attic even in the summer. I rummaged through very old things. Soon, to my surprise, I found an old chess set. They were rather old from the age that they looked at the way the pieces were designed. I decided to keep the chess set. It was late and I lived about two hours away so I decided to stay in the house. I fell asleep in a disturbed night. The next morning I was up. I went through my daily morning rituals. When I went up to the attic I found that the chess set I had set down with the pieces arranged, a game had been played. The funny thing is the white king was turned over in the show of the defeat to the black pieces. The white king was still rolling from being turned over.

Olde Mill Steakhouse, GA

By: PrincessE369@aol.com
I would have put this under the other link but it would not work, so I am doing this another way. I am a waitress at Olde Mill Steakhouse in Fayetteville, GA, on Hwy. 54, and it is the most haunted place I have ever been in. As the history explains, the mill has not always been just a mill, but was once a Civil War hospital and later a whorehouse. Rumor has it that two people also committed suicide together in the attic. Strange apparitions, lights going on and off, flying objects, etc., are all very common at the Olde Mill. I have always been very skeptical about such things until I witnessed such activities myself. Every person who works at Olde Mill has SOME kind of story to tell about the (probably numerous) ghosts. One particularly creepy one happened to my friends who were still at work late one night when they heard waltz music from upstairs and what seemed to be dancing. When they investigated it, no one could be found, but all the lights in the attic had been turn on, although no one had been upstairs. Another common story is that lights can be seen floating on the lake late at night and many times people have drove away from the mill, looked back and saw glowing figures in the doorway. I think this is one place that you might want to check into. It's definitely interesting! Thanks for your time!

Not Creepy


I've had this fondness for ghosts ever since I was a little kid and there's a reason for that. I've never told anyone my story except my grandmother. When I was about two years old, my grandfather passed-away in his bedroom for unknown reasons and my grandmother would always tell us that she would frequently see him. My father told me it was a lie because she missed him and cuz that's where she kept her money. I believed my father for the most part until I was about 12-years old. I remember spending the night in her house (I lived right across the road) and that I was playing with her record player. My grandmother was asleep and so I decided I'd sneek into my grandfather's room to find more records. The hallways would often grow chilly almost every night though she had no air-conditioner (We were poor back then. Heh.) and that the windows would always shut even though the last task that my grandmother would do is to close the windows before she went to bed. Now, I opened the door slowly as to not wake my grandmother who was across the hallway in her small bed. Let me remind you that I had only seen this room one other time and I had never been inside so I was quite scared as I stepped a foot in. The bed and the dressers were painted over with dust and spider webs. I slowly opened the closet, and I wasn't too paranoid at the time and nor did I think that I'd see or hear what I saw. I was more afraid of my grandmother catching me until I started digging around in the closet and I heard a muffled voice say something. I don't know what it said, but I knew it was behind me. I slowly turned around and saw a ghostly like figure standing at the edge of the bed. It wasn't a full person detail, but I noticed that it was as tall as my grandfather (He was a big man. Stood a good 6'5''). I ran out crying and my grandmother woke up and asked me what was wrong until she saw that the door was open. She looked to me and gently said, "You saw him too?". I couldn't believe that my own grandmother's house was haunted. Ever since, I've never gone into the house or room. I'm 16 now (not too much older), and the house was recently reconstructed by one of my uncles, but something that's very creepy. My old house was given to my grandmother when we moved away and she recently passed-away in that house. Not the same house my grandfather died in, but there has been several owners in this house and all of them move out because of noises. To this day, there's still voices and shadows, but it's hard for me to comprehend since they were both very elderly and very sick at the time of their deaths. It's my little ghost experience. It isn't creepy or scary, and I'd rather keep it this way.

My Parent's House

By: lawhorn@peoplepc.com

We moved into my parent's house when I was 13. I was happy to be moving in there because for 13 years I had to share a room with my brother. My room was in the upper part of the house and right across from my parent's room. The first night that we stayed in the new house I was awakened by something tapping on the wall above my head. So I sat up in the bed and cut my lamp on and it stopped it went on for about 2 weeks. So it scared me enough that I went and slept in my parents room on the floor. When I returned back to my room a few days later nothing happened. I had asked a friend of mine to come over and stay the night and us get up and go to school the next morning. I had gotten up and went to the kitchen to get some juice and I almost screamed I seen this girl setting in the livingroom with long dark hair and a white gown on I had stopped what I was doing and said to my self that it was my friend that was over the house she had slept in a white gown and has dark hair but when I looked back she was gone. So I went to my room and she was still asleep. I kicked her and asked her how she could scare me like that she replied that she did not know what I was talking about. So when I got home from school that day I told my mother what had happened. She told me that I was just very sleepy and that I had just imagined what I had seen. So a few weeks later my mother was in the livingroom and said that she felt someone walk into the livingroom and she looked up and seen this girl and thought that I was just home from school already and then realized that it was to early for me to be home. And looked back and the little girl was gone. She told me about it later and asked me what she looked like I told her that she had on a white dress or gown and had long dark hair. She said that was the same person that she had seen as well. About a month later my father was awakened by someone laughing so loud that he got up out of bed and went to the front door he thought that it was my brothers and their friends but when he cut on the front porch light they stopped laughing. My mom's friend was having a hard time so my parents took care of her daughter and at time she was about 2 she stayed with us until she was 6 and the last time that she stayed there she had woke me in the night to tell me to look I never looked I just told her that she had a bad dream to go back to bed. The next day she asked if she could go and leave with her mom that she did not want to stay there anymore. It took her about a year to tell us why she wanted to go and why she would not come and stay the night anymore. The night that she woke me she said that she woke up because she could hear someone singing so she sat up in the bed and said that she seen this little girl sitting in my bedroom floor and that she had all of my glass dolls in the floor and was playing with them. She said that is when she tried to wake me up and tell me that someone was playing with my dolls that she knew that no one was allowed to play with. She said that the little girl got mad at her and that the dolls started to fly over the bed at her. So after that she did not come over or even stay there for over a year. The night that I got her to tell me the story of why she wanted to stay that night as soon as her mother left the croutons in the den came flying off the wall and fell in the floor it looked like there was wind up under them and they just fell off. Then my father started adding to the house and built an upstairs' to the house for another room. When he started that he had to go somewhat into the attic and that is when he found a box that had things in there for a babyshower for a girl that was never used. About 4 years after that my two brothers where in the upstairs that my father built and was laying in there beds asleep when they both were awakened by this woman screaming and then the scream went into a growl. They said that the both asked each other if they heard that and they both said yes and just pulled the blankets over their heads and went back to bed. My parents still live there and still see the little girl once in awhile and sometimes she has on this old Southern Bell dress. My mother recently was waling to the bathroom and thought that it was smoke from where everyone was smoking in the house that was in the diningroom and she came downstairs and said that she had to leave right then and there that it was not smoke that she had walked through that it must have been a spirit. She said that when she walked through it she felt like she was as light as a feather.  Since then I have married and moved out and bought a house of my own and I have seen this old man in my house. I don't see him all of the time but I know when he is there I smell maple syrup and it is very strong smelling. I grew up with ghost always in my life for as long as I can remember.

My Grandfather

By: ArtzWitch1489@aol.com

Last Summer, my Grandfather died after a battle with Lukemia in  Norfolk, Virginia. My cousins came into town that day to mourn, when we were driving away from his house,  we looked at the front porch for  a last look at where he used to wave to us goodbye from across the street. He was standing at there, waving back at me totally smiling. i asked my cousin if she saw him and she said i was seeing things, i looked back and he was still there, then he vanished in a white haze. sometimes i would go back into his office, where he used to keep everything special. it would get cold all of a sudden, and then warm again,  things would move from their shelf. eventuallly the room was taken down for remoddeling, the wall was was removed and his things were put in storage i think. i havent felt anything since. the last thing i remeber is that i heard from my dad that he had said he wouldent get to see me before he died,  mabey thats why he showed himself to me, i dont know, thank you.


By: tmd2729@yahoo.com

 I have a story for you.  There is a place in Malden, Massachusettes that is haunted
 learning from expierencies. Which happened to me.  When i was little me and my cousin were talking on my grandmothers extra bed in the extra room laying down on the bed chit chatting when all of a sudden the bed pushed up and no one was underneath it we were little and stupid thinking it was my uncle and her dad so we yelled at them but realizing it just recently that noone could push up would that is how stupid we were and we looked underneath the bed and noone was there in the room just us two. And my grandma lives in the newland street projects on sammett st. she also saw a little girl standing in the doorway between the livingroom and the kitchen wearing white with long brown hair.  My uncle had something happen to him to so did my mom and aunts because they lived there . My grandma lived there for along time before i was born. i basically was there all the time.

Late Night Drive

By: ITAARPER@aol.com

Maybe this is a ghost story, maybe it's not.. You be the judge.. I know it sure freaked me out.. I was driving to town late one night taking my usual backroad to avoid all the traffic.. I have been on this road many times before, nothing strange had ever happened to me before.  I was driving along and all of the sudden i saw a bright light in the middle of the road, I slowed down thinking it was a flashlight, maybe someone was walking or something.  As I got close I saw there was nothing there, my car drove through the light, as it did I felt chills go through my body, all the way to town, I felt so strange, so uneasy,  I even speeded up so I could hurry and make it to town.  So I could get out of my car.  I made it to the store, the minute I got out of my car I felt normal.  I did my shopping, got back in my car, never thinking about what had happened before, everything was fine, I felt normal,  that is , until I made it back to turn off on my usual country road.  As I turned onto the country road , I felt the same chilly feeling again, I looked in my rearview mirror and I swear I saw a mans figure looking back at me, I slammed on breaks, turned around and nothing was there. I even cut on the inside car light, but still nothing.  I was feeling so freaky, I can't explain it.  I continued to drive home, I made it back to the same spot where I had first seen the light in the road.  As I approached the place I slowed down to look, I saw nothing, but I started to feel "not" so uneasy.  It was kinda like something, had just took a ride with me for awhile..  I don't know, but I will tell you this, I sure haven't been on that road again for a late night drive to town.


By: peekski@amtelecom.net

My mom and her 2 friends were driving down the back roads at night coming home from a walk. My mom was driving my grandpa's used bronco.  When all of a sudden she herd knocks doing least 60 km an hour. My mom and her 2 friends said it sounded like someone was trying to get in. The knocking was hard. It was freaky.


By: jjecp@hotmail.com

   Hello Tina  I would love for u to put my story in shadowlands. It
happened in Los Angeles California at my house and use my other name Monica.
Now I understand the diffrent meanings on ghosts, etc, I was sort of
confussed about it, I have never been through something like this before and
yes my situation was a haunting. Before I start let me explain alittle bit
about my husband Rob, ever since he was a young boy he could see spirits he
said it runs in his family his sister Irina sees the dead also. He can speak
to them and they speak to him. Lot of times when he feels there presences he
gets goose bumps, cold or even his bones start hurting real bad.
     Ok, here it goes, it all started this year about march or april. my
husband was asleep I was in the living room watching tv about 10pm, when my
husband got up walked in the living room sat on the couch and started having
a conversation with noone, he was asking about his dead grandma and aunt and
talking about me and so on then he turns around and says" hi nice to meet u
Nancy, i have seen u somewhere i just dont remember where I seen u" you are
so beautiful. then he said" Oh yes now I remember I seen u on the highway to
Las Vegas" after that some other person came it was a young man by the name
of johnathan he came to call the other one because he was needed. Then my
husband went to the room and went into bed, so I followed him and woke him
up and asked who was he talking to and he said noone why, I said u were so
he remembered  and told me. I told him to describe the person he was talking
to he discribed my dad from head to toe, keep in mind my husband had never
met my dad, he died about 6 years ago. Then I asked him who nancy was and he
yelled at me " how do u know about her" I said u were talking to her, and
thats when he said on the las vegas highway he and some friends were driving
when they see this pretty young women walking along the highway so they
pulled over to ask her if she wanted a ride she turned around to them and
said no thank you turned and vanished.
    Another time was about a few months ago when ca nights were still cold
to where you need to sleep with a heater on, well me my husband and baby
were sound asleep when we hear his closed door open little by little sort of
like creaking then all of a sudden his duffle bag was thrown out onto the
floor it made a BIG BOOM SOUND, we both jumped up so high, the next morning
I asked him where was the bag and he said it was on the bottom where his
shoes are, now I thought it was on the top shelve cause thats how it sort of
sounded but it was not and one more thing it flew by the crib which was 10
ft way from the closet.
     My husband kept having restless nights because they would bother him at
night, then it started through out the day. Diffrent ones each night was bug
him.  In may and in june 03, I would be alone in the house and as soon as I
enter my husbands office his floor lamp would turn on by itself.
     So we both were affected by all of this so thats when I decided to call
the paranoral people and explaim whats going on in my house so they made an
appt and came over in june, and when they came with there equipment they
started getting readings and one other lady was taking picture with a
digital camera and orbs would show up, about 7 pm my husband gets this bad
headache and starts holding his head and says stop im tired of this then he
sits on my rocking chair and all of a sudden he is stiff with his eyes huge
with no expression on his face, well he was channeling the spirits, they
were going into his body and speaking through him.
   The following sat after that they came back but this time with a pshyic,
and thats how we found out about the vortex in our bedroom and about the
little girl in our bedroom she said the girl looked between 7 and 8 by the
looks of her dress it was about the 60-70's she has pony tails and that she
is attracted to my middle child who is a girl and about 7 she wants to play
with her because she is lonely.
And the pshyic did say that the girl never lived here or even died here she
is just attached to this room and my husband,  its not a puppy love but a
father type. My husband says she wakes him up when noises are heard outside
he warns him and even saved his life. The little girl wanted my husband to
adopt her and he said he cant do that she even asked if our baby was her
little sister.   The pshyic had a talk with the little girl and told her she
can send her to the light if she wanted to.  she also had a talk with the
guy dave who loved to bug us.

Hallway Apparition

By: shanebungay@hotmail.com

My Grandparents dont believe this story but they werent home.....
I was home alone one night about 2 years ago,watching Tv in my room when I heard sounds like walking in the attic. Curious, I stepped out into the hallway. The light was on in the kitchen but the hallway was dark. I looked out into the hall and was scared out of my wits at what I saw. Halfway down the hall I saw the spirit of an older man with a suit and hat. All I saw was the back of him as he walked down the hallway and disappeared. I told this to my grandparents. They told me they used to look after an old man who liked to tease and carry on. The next night I was alone I heard more footsteps and what sounded like laughing. My grandparents insist im just hearing things But I know what I heard. I havent seen the hallway apparition since but I do sometimes still hear noises in the attic and basement.



I had just woken up one night, and it must have been about 2 in the morning. I was still really drowsy so I'm not sure if I imagined it, but when I turned over and looked towards my door I saw a dark figure standing there. Because it was right next to my door it was like it was guarding it so I couldn't get out. I've never been so scared in my life. I kept blinking hoping it would go away, but it didn't, so I pulled the bed covers over my head and screamed as loud as I could! lol, I bet I woke the whole of my street up. Then my parents came running in, and it had vanished. Whether it was a ghost or not I don't know, but I do know that it was terrifying!

Dealings with Ghosts

By: secndtwilight20@optonline.net

Hello! My name is Maryalice, and I'd just like to share my ghost
experiences with you.
Over the summer, I enjoy staying up until all hours of the night just
occupying myself with various things, such as painting, writing, and
reading. About two summers ago, I was sitting in what we call the Den. If
you sit on the far right end of the large couch, you can see straight down
the hallway and into one of the bedrooms. I was sitting there when I looked
up to see a figure dash from the front door into the kitchen. It was a
girl, probably about eighteen or nineteen who was dressed in this navy blue
gown. The style reminded me of the Titanic, so I figure from about the
1920's or so. She had dirty blonde/light brown hair that was pulled up on
top of her head. I went into the kitchen but nothing was there.
On a separate night in the same summer, I was going to bed and walking down
the hallway when I saw this extremely bright blue light glowing outside of
the main bedroom at the end of the hallway (the one that is visible from
the Den). I stood motionless for a minute and then finally turned on the
hallway light to see what it was. It disappeared and didn't return even
after I turned off the light again.
My Aunt has just recently gone into the hospital. She had been sick for a
little over a year, and had recovered from cancer through it all. On late
nights when I would be downstairs on the computer and she'd be in the Den,
she would have this hand-rung bell that she would ring if she needed my
help. A few days after she was taken into the hospital, I was sitting in
the Den and watching the TV when I heard her bell ringing distinctly from
her room. I got nervous, thinking perhaps my grandmother, her sister, was
ringing it because something was wrong. I ran down the hall to find my
grandmother sleeping and the ringing subsided. Then, a few nights after
that, I was sitting in my basement on the computer. At about 1:00 AM I
heard the ringing again, but this time it was far away. So, once again, I
made a dash up the stairs and to where my grandmother was but the ringing
stopped. When I told my sister, she believed that my aunt was dreaming of
being home and ringing the bell, which is why I heard it.
When it is extremely quiet I can hear the distant voices of children and a
man. The children are often on either side of me, whispering and laughing.
The man is harder to understand. It always sounds like he's telling the
children to do something, but I can never understand what he's saying. The
children also talk, but I can never understand what they're saying either.
I just hear their laughter and muffled whispers. My sister also hears
voices such as these, but she can actually understand what they're saying.
I just thought I would give my input and my dealings with ghosts. Most of
my family, almost all, don't believe in a word I say and tell me it's my
imagination. My sister believes me, though, and she's the one who sent me
your site. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who has dealings with ghosts!

An Unseen Presence

By: plturner2@insightbb.com

    This is perhaps an unremarkable ghost story and I'm still not sure
exactly who or what it was.  But it did happen to me.
    My husband's first wife passed away June 2003.  She had lived in
Louisville's West End, while my husband and I lived in the South End.
 Their son was staying at the house to watch over it until the estate
could be settled.  After her death, he mentioned that at night he would
often hear the television, even though he hadn't turned it on.
    One evening we took S. home after an afternoon visit.  It was dark
and the street was quiet.  Across the street from the house was an
abandoned cemetery, now overgrown with man-high grass and weeds.
    I was standing by the side of the car, watching S. go to the back
gate.  Suddenly, I felt something push against my side.  It wasn't a
shove nor was it a mere brush.  Whoever or whatever touched me wanted to
make its presence known.  At first I thought it was S. but he had
already gone into the back yard.  Then I thought it might be one of his
dogs, but none had come outside.  Could it be my husband or daughter?
 No.  They had been on the other side of the car all that time.
    I didn't feel the presence again, but I won't forget it either.  My
husband thinks it was the ghost of his ex-wife.  I wonder if it wasn't a
spirit from across the street -- unhappy with the conditions of that
ancient,  abandoned cemetery.

The Boyd House


I saw this site and could not resist sharing some of the paranormal experiences that I had growing up in the 250 year old Boyd House. As if being 250 years old isn't enough to provide plenty of ghost stories, there was also a cemetary about 500 feet from the house.
My whole family has had experiences in this house and I would like to relate a few of them. The first happened to my step-father while the rest of the family wasn't home. He was down in the basement working on the furnace and heard someone walking around upstairs. Thinking that we had come home, he came upstairs to talk to my mother only to find that nobody was there. He no sooner got back to the basement and the footsteps started again.
The next event happened to my little sister. My parents had gone out one night and my other sister and I were at my father's house leaving my youngest sister at the house by herself. She was taking a bath and thought that she heard footsteps in the kitchen. She got out of the bathtub and walked into the kitchen to see who was there and all she found was our cat staring at an empty space in front of the cupboard with her back all raised up. My sister got scared and called me at my father's. While we were on the phone she thought she saw a car pull up and a couple seconds later, I heard someone knock on the door over the phone. She looked out the window and said she had to go because our grandmother was there. We hung up, but she called right back to tell me that when she opened the door, nobody was there. I called my grandmother and she had never left home. Not to mention that it took a good 15 minutes to get from our house to her's and this all took place in about 3 minutes time.
The next event took place while we were off school one day because of the snow. Our parent's were at work and we were in the living room watching TV when I saw someone walk past the window on the side of the house. I could see him clearly. He was a man of about 35 years of age. He had a full beard and moustache and was wearing a black/red flannel jacket with jeans and heavy work boots. I walked outside to ask him what he was doing there and saw him going into the woods behind our house. I thought maybe he was a hunter so I went after him to tell him that we didn't allow hunting on our property and he disappeared at the edge of the woods. I should tell you now that the cemetary is about 20 feet from where he disappeared. There were no footprints in the snow beyond where I saw him either.
Over the next several years, I moved away, got married and started having my children. During this time, things continued to happen to my mother and sisters. One thing in particular was the voice that they would hear outside. Always after dark and always when they were alone. Just all of a sudden they would hear a voice clearly telling them to "hurry, get back in the house!" and it was coming from right beside them, with no presence to go along with the voice.
The last two events that took place in the house that I know of involved me. My husband was in the Navy and had been stationed on a ship that was going overseas for 6 months. Not wanting me alone with a new baby, he sent me home to stay with my mother while he was gone.  While there, my 2 year old daughter and I slept on the pull-out bed on the couch. It was around 2 am and I was watching a movie when my youngest sister's boyfriend came downstairs to leave and said he was glad to see that my daughter had made it back to bed. I asked him what he was talking about and he said that he had heard someone coming up the stairs a while before that. My sister's full length mirror was positioned so that you could see the stairs from her bed and when he looked in the mirror to see who it was, he said it was my daughter and he told her to go back downstairs with me. The thing is, I was laying right beside my daughter the whole time and she never moved. Also, the stairs are in the living room and I never heard any footsteps on the stairs and nobody else went up or down the steps.
The last thing that happened to me was while I was visiting my mother at the end of summer. At the time, we lived in Indiana and we had come to visit for the weekend. I was 8 months pregnant with my fourth child and on the day that we were scheduled to leave I got up early to pack our stuff for the drive home. I stepped down onto the first step to go downstairs and felt hands on the back of my ankles. Before I could grab the bannister, the hands pushed forward and down I went. I fell the whole way to the bottom. I broke three bones and was quite sore for awhile, but remarkably, the baby was uninjured.
Since then, my sister's have both moved out and started their own lives and my mother and step-father are divorced now. My step-father still lives in the house, but hasn't had any other experiences. I think maybe it was just us girls. My husband always said that my family was weird anyhow because we only have female children and the women in my family are very domineering over men. Maybe the ghost is a man and decided to teach us a lesson.By the way, the uninjured child that I was carrying was a boy.

Our haunted house in New Zealand

By: ytwich@hotmail.com

I lived in a haunted house for 13 years and to be honest I was so young when we moved in I had no idea anything abnormal was happening.
Every night when I would go to bed as soon as the lights would go out I would wait for this strange light which used to hover in the corner of my room just below the ceiling it was about a foot in wide and could have not been coming from anywhere.
One morning when I was about 7 I woke up and looked straight at my wardrobe doors as I did this they slammed shut with such force that I just about stopped breathing , then about 3 seconds (which felt more like 3 hours) they clicked as they locked themselves.
From that day on strange bad smells would appear and disappear, lights would go on and off and doors would casually open then shut as something would enter the room.
These are just a few of the things we experienced in that house.-

Old Stoco

By: johnsdaughter@msn.com

I live only 50 ft away from the  old stoco jr highschool in west Virginia Raleigh county  I have attended the school before it was closed down and I can defiantly say there is something going on in their from personal experience I have heard growling sounds coming out of the wall that is made out of brick it scared the crap out of me and one night me and my grandmother was coming home from church and it was around 11:00 pm and I looked up at the old school and seen a basket ball hitting the window now the school was closed down and know one was their  I went up their to look to see what was going on and know one was their  just the basketball hitting the window and bouncing off the bleachers like someone was throwing it but know one was their when I was around 7 years old and the school was opened I had went to the restroom which was in the basement of the school while I was in the bathroom I was alone I heard foot steps begin to walk and they stopped right in front of my stall but their were no feet and I was alone I have many other stories of personal experience and so dose my brother here is one of his
my brother and his friend were walking on the second floor of the school and one of the medal doors slammed close  by its self they were the only ones in the school they took off running down the steps and out the door

My Uncle's Ghostly Experience

By: AlabamaPeg@aol.com

Acutally, my Uncle Buddy had two seperate and different experieces.  These stories have been told to me by my uncle.  Both happened to him when he was a young boy.  So, without further delay I will proceed with the first as follows:
1.  When Uncle Buddy walked to school he had to walk down railroad tracks  This was the shortest way back and forth.  One afternoon as he was walking home he noticed a little girl walking behind him.  He was aggravated with her following him so he sped up his pace and so did she.  He began to run and so did she.  He finally got home. Later on to find out that this little girl had been killed on the railroad track some months before.
2.  Uncle Buddy had went to visit an aunt and uncle of his and my father's.  He was spending the night.  He had been told about the house being haunted but had never saw a ghost before this night.  Now, this was a long time ago when people sat by fireplaces and talked.  There was no television.  Something knocked on the front door.  Uncle Buddy told them he would answer the door.  It was almost time to go to bed ( night).  He answered to find nothing there.  He shut the door and sat back downs.  Something knocked on the back door.  He thought someone was playing tricks on them.  He answered it to find also nothing was there.  This time he thought he would be cunning and wait behind the door the next time.  So, he waited by the front door and sure enough something knocked he swung the door open quickly and a black casket floated through him and through the room and out the back door.  He never forgot that night ever.  He said he thought it was some kind of a warning that someone in the family was going to die.

My Aunt's house in Alabama

By: AlabamaPeg@aol.com

My cousins told me about a house they lived in located in Empire, Alabama.  I spent the night there with them, but I kept my head under the covers all night long.  They had been told the house was haunted before they moved in, but poor people sometimes do not have a choice.  After they had moved all their belongings in they proceeded to unnail the kitchen door leading into the living room.  On the wall behind the door was written "She shot him in the back".  Sometimes at night they said they could hear shooting across the bedroom.


By: cmeltr@sbcglobal.net

  I love ghost stories, being from New England, I think everyone I know has seen a ghost, or some sort of unexplained phenomenon.  Some of my experiences freaked me out but this one I have always found humorous.  When I was 15 I went to live in a group home in Portland Maine.  When I went to the interview... and to spend a trial weekend there, everyone started telling me about Maggie.  From what I remember them telling me, is that Maggie was an older woman who owned the house... at one point it was a funeral home( I am not sure if that was before or after maggie, but there were some artifacts left in the house that led me to believe that the funeral home part was true)  Anyways, the girls there, and the staff as well told me about employees who had quit because of Maggie.  They told me about the pantry light that comes on by itself, (it came on while we were chatting about Maggie) they told me also how Maggie hated locks... and she would set off the alarm at night.  Some of the things they told me I thought was a little far fetched, but the stories were amusing.  I moved in a few weeks later, and aside from the pantry light I didn't see any other evidence of her for some time.  I started to think the light was just a symptom of living in an old victorian house.
         A few months after I got there a new woman started working at the home, she was the first person to opt to sleep in the third floor apartment that the group home had... I didn't even know there was an apartment up there since everyone else slept downstairs on the couch...  Her first night there after we had all went to bed, she opened the door to tell us to quiet down.. we thought she was a quack because we were all in bed.  She did the same thing the rest of the weekend... we hadn't said anything to her about it until the next time she was on.  She was telling us how she didn't mind us talking but we needed to stay quiet at night, we finally told her we weren't talking at night.  She stayed up there a few more times, and soon she moved to the couch like the others, and eventually quit... someone said she quit because Maggie had freaked her out in the bathroom one night.  She was going to the bathroom and the window started opening and shutting by itself, the water in the sink and shower came on and the lights were flickering.
     It was about a month later that I had my first 'unusual' experience.  All of us girls were rushing through our chores so we could go out.  I had walked through a hallway where we kept speakers to the stereo, it was quite common for one of us to turn it on during chores.  I was a little irritated with it this time, because I thought someone had turned it on and not put it on a channel... it was making that am radio dead air buzzing sound.  It was driving me mad... I stomped into the parlor yelling at whoever might have done it and I saw that the power button wasn't lit.  I hit it anyway and went back out to the hall, the sound was still there, I hit it again and no light.  I was a little spooked and decided to unplug the stereo, only when I kneeled down to unplug it, it was already unplugged.   Everyone in the house laughed it up for a while since I had yelled at the other girls for it.
     The best one happened at about 10 or 11 o'clock one night.  All of us girls were hanging out in one of the bedrooms talking.  The staff had let us know it was 5 minutes until bedtime.  We all knew that it was our last chance to smoke that night.  We all bolted out the bedroom door, and the R.A. was at the bottom of the stairs, we got to the banister and the girl at the front stopped dead in her tracks, when we looked at the stairs we all saw her.  An old woman walking up the stairs, she was almost clear, she looked distorted like if you were trying to watch her through the steam from a boiling pot.  I thought I was hallucinating, until I looked away from her and realized everyone saw her, seven girls and the RA. We of course screamed and ran down the back steps.  but there was Maggie after that we all knew Maggie was real...Thanks Maggie for launching my interest in ghost investigation


By: JIMMYJD@webtv.net


Ghost in driveway

By: DerangedState@aol.com
I live in the bronx and I'm not sure how many places would be haunted, but here is my story anyway. I very recently went out to ride my bike around my neighborhood. I ended up meeting some friends and we went on a bike ride. My friend informed us of a empty house that was surrounded by a large track. We went to the track and rode our bikes all day exchanging different stories until about Twilight. Around this time we noticed alot of different things in the house going on and off behind the boarded off doors and windows. I'm a teenager and as all teenagers we're stupid among ourselves. We soon all decided to investigate this house. When we did we hadn't gotten close to the house when in the driveway I saw a boy. He was dressed in old fashioned clothing and staring at me. I thought it was another person when he went around a corner. When I went to investigate he was gone. I asked my friends if they had seen him and they thought I was trying to scare them. We left after that and I spoke to a man who had a similar experience with such things and I wanted to find out more so he guided me to this site.

Florida Home

By: mhouse4@earthlink.net

Here is a story a co-worker told me about her experience.  A few years ago her family moved into an old house in Florida.  It just so happened that this was one of Thomas Edison's assistants, former home.  As soon as they moved in they heard a baby crying.  They could never really quite tell where it was coming from and thought someone that lived near by must have a child.  As time went on and they met their neighbors they realized that most of these folks were retirees and no one had a baby.  They continued to hear the baby cry off and on.  One time they woke up to strange drawings and letters on the windows of an inside door.  They heard other unexplainable sounds in the house also.  When they investigated the history of the home and its former owner, they found out that they had more than one child who had passed away.  Eventually they moved and as they were all tired and it was late at night, the children and their mom were laying on her big bed just talking.  She got up after a bit and got her last suitcase and opened it up.  When she did, the baby's cry came out with a whoosh of air.  It was loud enough to be very startling to everyone, but that was the last they heard of the baby.


Dad's visits

By: Stewarttm66@aol.com
This isn't a story, just basically an expierences that I've had since my dad passed away in 1999.  The first experience was shortly after the funeral it was only a ceremony at the local church, there was no viewing as my dad's body had been sent off for cremation a few days before.  I never got the chance to day goodbye to my dad and it was bothering me.  Anyway I was sitting in my car by a river with my ex fiance' and we were talking about my dad and his life.  I remember talking about how he loved the outdoors and takingh his family camping and fishing.  All of a sudden I felt a presence and the lights came on in my car and all the windows rolled down.  The keys were in my hand and not in the ignition, the car was not running!  It really freaked me out for  a moment until I realized that it was my father.  The expierence lasted just a few minutes.  My exfiance' agreed that it was just my dad saying goodbye.
I didn't think much about the previous experience until about a year later.  It was the weekend and I was still in bed lounging, while my exfiance' was in the kitchen making coffee.  I suddenly got the feeling that I wasn't alone in the room.  I was afraid to move so I laid as still as I could.  I saw the mattress sink as if someone sat down and the room was filled with the scent of Old Spice cologne.  I tried to stay in the room for as long as I could, but it was just a bit too much and I got scared and ran out of the room.  My exfiance' asked what was wrong and then went into the bedroom and he too smelled the cologne.  We both agreed that my dad was letting me know that he was okay.
I now look forward to the next time my dad comes to visit.  I hope I won't freak out this time.

Louisiana South Shreveport Elerbee School

By: Wifeofbilly@aol.com
I just wanted to share with you my experiences of the school.  I have been there on 2 different occasions, once about 6 years ago and then again about 2 years ago.  The first time I went out there I was with 3 of my friends, we were about to stop the car and get out when we saw a vehicle coming (it was around 9:30 pm) so we decided to turn around and come back in a few minutes.  The car came racing up behind us flashing its lights behind me and kept getting right on my bumper everytime I would speed up.  As luck would have it, there was a full moon out and I was able to get far enough a head of the other car to pop my head lights out and drive by the moonlight where I cut down a side road and lost them.  We then returned to the site and were getting out of the car and walking up to the gate when we heard someone scream and saw what appeared to be some one lighting a cigarette.  We then decided to leave.
Then about 2 years ago, a different set of friends of mine and I decided to go back out there.  We decided not to stop this time.  We went to the end of the road to turn around, at the end of the road there are railroad tracks.  It was a very clear spring almost summer night and as we crossed the railroad tracks, a white apparition went across the hood of my car (this was also a different car from the one I drove out there the first time but I had just recently put the transmission of the other car into this one) We got turned around and was about to pass the school again irronically in almost the exact spot where the first inncodent occurred, we saw a car flying up on our tail flashing its lights in my rearview as it had done a few years before.  Once again I was chased at a high speed and almost didn't loose them until we got close to the rural neighborhood about 5 miles up the road and then the car was gone.

The White Light

By: MiracleMetsfan1@aol.com
This summer i attended a socialist kibbutz-style sleepaway camp in upstate new york. The story I'm telling takes place on a Friday night. I was sitting around in my cabin with my friends, and it must have been around 11:00 at night or later. All of a sudden, two boys in my kvutza  (which is an age group, sorry for the hebrew) named Benno and Noah burst through the door, obviously very frightened. They claimed to have seen a "white light" in the forest that was right behind where the cabins stood. Being more curious than afraid, I went out with some of my friends to look for this light, and i saw...nothing. I was quite dissapointed. I had heard that two other boys in my kvutza had seen this light, so I went to talk to one of them, whose name was Adam. Me and a friend of mine found him in his cabin, and he told us the whole story. The previous year he had seen the light between two of the boys cabins. He described it as a blinding white light. He looked behind him to see if there was anyone else around who could see it, but when he looked back, the light was gone. He saw it again a year later in the same forest, but 50 or so yards away from where he saw it the last time. This time he ran, though it followed him and remained opposite him in the forest before dissapearing. I thought this was probably just the boys scaring themselves, but some of the boys who had seen the light got some counselors to go into the woods with them to look for it. That night they all requested to sleep in different cabins, far from where they saw the light. Though i didn't see the light myself i think there must be some truth to the story, since all four of them who saw it were very frightened and obviously not faking.


The old woman

By: Sandruliukas@aol.com

this story might be a little short but this is a ghost story and i am telling everyfing i saw that night.
When i was about 6,i was in my room and it was around 9 in the evening at a really hot summers day so it was boiling.The nxt minute everything seemed black to me and i felt really cold in my room,i went to my mums room to get a jumper and it was hot in there but when i got to my room it was like i was in the north pole.So i decided to go to bed with my jumper and socks on.
In the middle of the night i woke up and when i opened my eyes there was an old woman lying down next to me on my bed.It was a human becouse i could see through her,and my posters were visible aswell!.She was wearing bright red lipstick and she had lots of pearls around her neck and hands and she was wearing really rich and beautifull clothes.
She looked around 65 and i wasn't scared at the time becouse i did'nt know what it was but now looking back and i'm 13 now it was one of the scariest moments of my life and i'm glad the woman didn't hurt me.
In the morning it was like another normal day and it was boiling in my room,my mum came in and asked me why i had my jumper on but i said that i was really cold,i tried to tell her what i saw but she wouldn't believe me as allm parent do.

The Dog

By: kats_89@yahoo.com

This is my first story and probably not my last. Well, in 4th grade I had lost a dog that was my best friend and had grew up with. Naturally I was real sad and cryed almost every night. That summer, I was alone in my room (My mom was off doing errands) and I was thinking about my dog. Just then I got a chill up the back of my neck. After about 5 seconds (the chill still there) I heard a barking outside of my window. Now I kind of recognized it because that was just how my dog barked. But when I went to look under my window, there was nothing there. Yet the barking continued, this time in my room. I remember that all I felt was a chill and sadness, as if something was saying goodbye or something. I saw nothing, and felt no fear. After about 3 minutes of the barking my mom came home. As soon as she opened the door, the barking stopped. Since then I hadnt heard the barking since. But the odd thing now is that we have a new dog (about 1 year) and he will never go to the same spot that my old dog went (she had a certain spot she would go to the bathroom, and she liked it in my room).


My Very own Ghostly Experience

By: ktd7@yahoo.com

About 3 years ago my cousin and I were driving back from a concert at the Mayerson theater in Dallas, Texas. It was at night when we passed by White Rock Lake to get back to his house. He started telling me the story of the lady of White Rock Lake. Of course I was thinking this was just another stupid take-off of the lady of the lake but I listned anyways. He said that about 15 years ago a boy and girl were driving around the lake around the same spot we were at right then, and that they swerved off the road to avoid another car full of drunk drivers and ran straight into the lake. The boy survived and ran off leaving the girl to drown. Supposedly they never found her body, but on nights like this some say they can see her walk around the lake like a glowing angel not paying attention to anyone or anything thats surrounding her. After he finished I was thinking yeah right but right then a lady dressed in white walked across the road carrying a candle covered in  moss, and walked right in front of the car and into the trees not even paying attention to us even though we were inches away from knocking her down and disappeared into the trees. He elbowed me in the chest saying mockingly "maybe thats the lady of White Rock Lake." and snickered at his lame joke but when we drove by the spot that I her walk through I discovered that if what I had seen was real then she had walked right into a very thick willow tree trunk. I have shared my experience with many other people but none have believed me but I hope there are believers and others who have witnessed the same type of unusual experience out there for I don't think I imagined it.


By: shawn_f74337@yahoo.com

   This is a short one. there is an old mission cemetery near a place called mission bend (named for the old Christian mission for Indians where all the students and teachers died from some illness in the 1800s) mission bend is located near mazie Oklahoma. I sometimes go fishing at the river on mission bend  state park. on only one occasion while driving home after dark I drove slowly by the cemetery that is located literally right beside the road. the teacher was not buried in the ground she was buried in a tomb above the ground. anyway while I was driving past I looked up to see a woman in a long dress (it looked white but I couldn't tell for sure) and she was walking holding an old lantern. I watched her for about 3 or 4 seconds as she slowly disappeared near the rear of the cemetery. I have drove by there many times since but I have never seen it again.

ISU Frathouse Hauntings

By: moose187@comcast.net

Hello,  I've been visiting this place for some time, and have now decided to tell my story.  (This is not the Frathouse in your haunted places index)
In the late summer of 99, I had to make the trek
from the Chicago burbs to Illinois State University in order to prepare my room for the upcoming semester.  The day started out normal,  I made my way to Kingsley CT. and pulled up to my Frat house that I would be living at.  I was one of only 6 or 7 cars in the whole Court that day.  The court during the school year is a very busy place with a lot of traffic and movement (the occasional Police breaking up a party, or the Freshman vomiting on the way back to the dorms was just the tip of the iceberg in the Court).  At my frat house, there was only one car in our parking section.  It belonged to my friend who had come to get his room finished and refurbished like I was doing.  We did our what's up routine and talked about each other's summer.  We then proceeded to look around at the other unoccupied rooms, because this was our chance to snoop around without disturbing other peoples privacy.  An hour or 2 passed, and I decided to get to work on my room.  My room had for as long as most people that I've spoken to could remember, was always a  game room with a pool table in the middle of it.  I had another room also across the hallway, but it was too small and windowless, so I used it as my closet and computer room.      After  cleaning up my new room, I began to paint the walls, and gloss all the wood trim in the room.  As I was about a third of the way complete on my painting,  I heard a loud noise like someone had jumped down to were my door was from up stairs.  This was possible, it was only six or seven steps above my floor.  (My room was the only room on this floor, because this room was between the first and the second floor,,,,we also had a third floor and a bedroom above my room).  After I heard the noise, I continued painting thinking it was my friend from earlier.  Not ten minutes later, the same thing happened while I had my back to the door, and to the landing where this person might have jumped. ( I couldn't see the landing, because there is a fire safety door that stays closed unless propped open.)  A little weary at this point, I decided to turn on the radio and get back to work,  Just when I was forgetting the previous incidents, I heard what sounded like a stampede of people fighting and banging around on the walls only ten to 15 feet behind me.  This commotion was extremely loud and had me nervous.  So I exited the fire door and went upstairs to find out what was going on.  After checking the upstairs with no luck, I went downstairs to do the same.  No One.  I then went to look at the front of the Frat house in the parking lot.  I looked in the parking lot and realized I was the only one parked in the Court.  The other Frat houses in the Court had no movement.  I then got a little worried, and began to pack up my stuff for the night, not staying overnight like I told my family I would.  As I was packing up,  I got the feeling that someone or something was waiting for me.  I looked out my window and noticed the wind and lighting in the distance.  The weather wasn't  that bad when I went to have a look in the parking lot, but minutes later it looked like it would rain cats and dogs.   After putting away my supplies, I made a quick exit out my fire door, and down a half flight of stairs and through the main levels fire door that had been propped open, which promptly closed itself as I walked out the main entrance and to my car.   Early in the semester. I came back from Labor weekend and was telling my friends how my weekend was etc,  when a couple of them started joking around about the frathouse being haunted.  They didn't get into much detail, because these stories were told to them by older members.  One had to do with blood dripping on someone in a bedroom upstairs while they were sleeping, and the other story had to do with Christmas break when people stayed their and thought they heard a party going on and familiar voices talking.  Other then that all was calm until the end of the school year.  The last day of school and the last party of the year another event happened.   I had brought a girl I was dating up to my room to be in the air conditioning (the only air conditioned room in the frat house other then the Chapter room) , and to get away from the crowd.  While we were talking, she got a strange sick looking expression on her face, and started to panic.  After calming her down she began to tell me that she saw a girl being beaten in the corner of the room, and she told me a girl had been raped where we were standing.  At this point I wanted to believe her, but I didn't see anything in the area she was talking about, and she started to cry.  At about that same time my alarm clock started going crazy!!    When I went to shut it off, it wasn't set to go off.  So I unplugged it and hurried her out of the room hoping that we could forget about this and enjoy the rest of the evening.  Later that night I had a couple people stay in my room and nothing happened.
 The next year I had a roommate in the same room I had been staying in, and nothing happened until mid October.  It had been a long night of fun,   Before going to bed, about 5 or 6 of my friends were in my room talking about the night, when all of a sudden we heard my fire door open and saw a shadow being cast onto the ground from the light outside my door (my room was pretty dark at the time)  I called hello and said come in, but nobody answered, I then got up and looked in the hallway, and my door was shut and the shadow and the light was gone.  A couple of my friends thought they felt or heard something also, but nothing was there.  We tried to recreate the shadow, and the closest we got was when someone would crouch down as far as they could go, to make a similar shadow., so what ever it was, was probably only a few feet tall!  A couple months later, my roommate and I were messing around taking pictures with my digital camera, and notice a lot of little orbs moving to different locations,  We joked about it, and I told him all my ghost stories (which I probably already told him).  Not to long after, my roommate and his girlfriend were spending an early Friday evening laying around and cuddling. (I had went home for the weekend).  While my roommate and his girlfriend were sleeping my roommate woke up and noticed a green smokey cloud in the corner of the room by the door.  My roommate was no chicken sh-t, he had survived a drive by shooting, and was an all around tough kid who wasn't afraid of much.  When I got back that weekend, he told me what he saw and that he was so scared he closed his eyes and just held on tight to his girlfriend who wasn't a witness to this spooky mist that seemed to be observing them.   Around this same time, I had been hearing people jumping on our ceiling from the third floor,  I just played it off as people being drunk upstairs, this happened every once and a while, usually when I was the only one in the room.   One time I was messing with my DJ equipment in my room one afternoon when I felt the bouncing of someone walking right up behind me.  No one was there.  I felt this a few times that day.  I continued to hear the banging and jumping upstairs, so I decided to check it out.  I ran to the bedroom that was usually kept open during the day, hoping to catch someone in the act, and was surprised to see no one was there.  I went down the hallway and found someone studying and asked them if people had been up here, or if he might have heard any jumping or banging, he replied no with a "what kind of question is that look".  So I left it alone.  That was my last year living in the frathouse.  During the summer, I came down to school to watch my friend's band play.  After the show, some of us met back at the frathouse to have a couple beers.
 We were all outside when what looked like a bright flash of light came from the frathouse's foyer.  I even remeber a couple people saying, who took the picture, and nobody had a camera, we were a little freaked, but people just wanted to party and forgot about the incident quickly.
 When I moved back for my last year, I moved into an apartment complex near railroad tracks on the southwest side of campus.  During the first couple weeks, my "troublemaking roommate" would all of a sudden have his radio turn on and his cd player play song # 6,  my two roommates and myself thought it strange and didn't rule out the possibility that it was a ghost.  Still early in the year I saw one of my apartment neighbors walking from class, so I offered her a ride.  She joked around about ghosts in her apartment, and I told her I believe her.  She asked me why, and I told her that we kept having electrical problems and the radio would go on.  She looked surprised and said no way, because her roommates radio would do the same thing, and it would blast song number 6 also.  Crazy Crazy.  After having a few minor questionable experiences that year, and having pretty much kicked out my slacker bad news roommates, it was calm and quiet (maybe the ghost moved into one of their vacant rooms ha ha).   With a week left before finals,  We had our usual Saturday night after-hours party at the Frathouse.  It was a good time, but people left a little early do to Finals.   While packing up my DJ equipment in the Frathouse basement, a friend and I being the last ones to leave witnessed a 50lb loud speaker that was set on its side (the stable balanced way) slide off a file cabinet and crash onto the floor, for no reason at all.  It seemed as though my friend ran to me or got pushed to me so he wouldn't get hit by this moving object.  We looked at each other kind of confused, but thinking that what we had just seen was impossible.  There was no way it could have fallen like it did, no one was there to push it.   In away, I felt that whatever happened there that last night was the Ghost/House 's way of saying goodbye, and keeping the the stories alive for the younger generation of memebers.   Thanks for reading, hope it was entertaining.


 He Doesn't Want Us Here

By: cordonez1@nc.rr.com

I moved in with my sister before she had her baby.  Well after my niece was born thats when things started to get werid. My sister put the baby in her basenet or crib. She closed the door so it would be more quite for her.So we were in the living room talking about stuff and all of sudden we hear a crash in the room were the baby was. We screamed "The baby!", we ran to room and open it, and my niece was quitely sleeping in her crib and we looked around to see if anything had fallen but no everything was were it was supposed to be. We weren't scared just really mad that what ever it was, it was trying to mess with the baby.
Another thing was when my sister woke up and it was freezing in the house she went to see if the air condition was on, and it was. It  was weird because it was the middle of winter and she asked her husband but he didn't  turn and I wasn't home that time, after that I blessed the house with holy water.

Do Not Disturb

By: E4matter@aol.com

Hi, I would like to share with you an experience i have witnessed. It may not be scary, but the after thoughts had me shaking. One time, me, my younger brother and my 2 cousins were hanging out in my living room. There were the only four of us, everyone else including my parents went next door to my neighbors house for a party. As we all sat there in the living room, we ran out of subjects to talk about until i brought up the subject about ghost. My cousin then asked me if my house was somewhat haunted. Me being unsure whether if it was haunted or not ask a question out loud. I said in a loud voice "If there is a ghost in this house, let the picture on the wall fall down". We waited for 5 seconds after I said this but nothing happen. But then the door upstairs (which is my sister's room) bang shut really loud. Me, my brother and my 2 cousins ran as soon as this happen. We went outside to talk about it and figure it might be my sister playing a joke on us (please note that that day was a very hot and humid day with no wind whatsoever). We then went to my neighbor's house to see if my sister was there. Turns out that she was there the whole time. This is very freaky to me because the owner of the house before died of old age in the hospital (as i heard). I'm just guessing that she gave us a sign as not to disturb her. Thanks for reading.

Child's Play

By: E4matter@aol.com

This experience happen to me in Detroit Michigan. Back in Michigan, I lived in a house with a pretty big backyard. Before I have moved into this house, I was told that right down the block, there was a kid who drowned in a swimming pool and died. Me being the skeptic that I am, didn't mind the whole situation. One night while i was in the back patio drinking and talking to my family, I heard a baby crying. I wasn't so sure the first time that i heard it so i kind of ignored it. Abut 2 minutes later, I heard the cry of the child again. This time I was pretty sure that my mind wasn's playing tricks on me. I tried to trace the sound of the cries as where it was coming from. The sound led me under the tree further in the backyard. As I look under the tree, I saw a little boy at the age of 2-3 looking at me. I wasn's scared or anything, but I knew it was the little child ho drowned so I kinda shook it off and went back to the patio to talk some more. I sat there for about an hour then I went in. When I went in, my brother ask me where is johnny (johnny is the little kid who lives there with them). I said Johnny is the room sleeping with his mom. My brother said he just saw a little child sitting on my lap as I was sitting there talking. I told him no one was near me at that time nor did any child sat on my lap. As soon as I said this, my borther knew that the story about the child drowning was true. I told him I knew it was the little child because when i was sitting there, I felt as if someone was near me and I was cold as ice. Then there's this tme when both of my parents went to the casino with me and my siblings at home. As I was taking a glance outside my window towards the backyard, I saw a little kid betweent he age of 2-3 playing on my little newphews playskool basketball hoop. The little kid's appearance was exactly as i was told, he was a little Lao kid (lao is a type of asian people).

The House I grew up In


There are several stories regarding my old residence.
When my sisters and I were very young or Grandfather died in our home of a heart attack. As we grew up there were a few unexplained happenings. There was a voice calling our names (very clear), but this would only happen when we each were alone. The chair my grandfather died in would rock as if he was still sitting in it, etc.
After I moved out of the house my sister inherited it. She and her son lived there and there were voices, shadows that moved around the basement and livingroom, but the most bizarre "ghost",  of what appeared to be a woman, very short/small about half the height of a doorway. (Note: they were not the only people to see this woman or seem to notice a presence in the house.) She would stay in front of the middle bedroom but was not standing on the floor but suspending herself in between the upper part of the doorway, with hands and legs holding herself in place. We had suspicions on who or what this ways. My sister was friends with a woman who had brittle bone disease she was very small and lived in a wheelchair. We suspect she was the "ghost" because they were very close  all through their lives and up until the day the woman died. The ghost never really bothered them but was a bit intimidating at times.
Now the house is sold to new owners we do not know if there have been any sightings or experiences since.

Hauntings in Woburn, MA

By: CELEXLORI@wmconnect.com

Back in the 70's-(1976) This was a private residence that my family rented.
The grass was so tall in the back yard, we needed a sickle to cut it down.
The house is directly beside a rail road track and across the street from Friendly's Restaraunt. Today, the house is a Real Estate Company.
Right from the start I knew this house was "different". Psychadelic lights were installed in the living room ceiling, and my bedroom had pink and lavender leopard wall paper. This was strange enough but things started to get eerie right away.
The back room was my parents bedroom. There was a blood stain on the wall. Or a red stain that dripped partially and then stuck on the wall paper. It was dried. Not brown, but the color of fresh blood. we couldn't remove it. At night, out side my parents window a harmonica would play. Or, what sounded like a harmonica, would play some whinning melody. My father, a devout catholic who didn't believe anything he couldn't see, would yell out the window. "For Christ, sake will somebody shut that guy up?" And my mother would repeatedly tell him there was no one out there.
Our english setter's hair would go on end and she would bark at the couch when no one was sitting on it. this happened in the living room outside my parents bedroom.
Also, the rocking chair in the same room, rocked on it's own. My father worked late as a security guard and since we only had the one car my mother would pick him up. On one night, my sister and I decided to stay behind and watch the only tv which was in their room. I don't remember the show, I think it was Mission Impossible, but right in the middle of the episode, the tv started to act funny and this hideous face appeared. I can't even describe it but it wasn't normal looking. Or mortal looking. This scared us so much we screamed until our parents came home.
By then the show had resumed and the face was gone. I think it important to tell you that I am not easily swayed to believe things, but ever since that night I have researched and watched every episode of Mission Impossible I could find and haven't yet seen that face. I was 14 at the time of the experience.
the house at 78 Washington St. started to "live on it's own" that's the best way I can put it. My mother lost her lazy susan when we moved in. A lazy susan is a plate on a revolving platform. She inherited it from her mother. We couldn't find it but we all heard it spinning, and one day my sister found it in the cellar on top of a box. Right out in the open.
The cellar was extremely creepy. A place you'ld be afraid to go into alone. The floor was only partially finished with concrete and the rest the size of a plot was literally a mound of earth. Like something was buried there. We (my brother and sister and I) wanted to dig it up but our mother went crazy which scared us from doing so.
The back room of the cellar had it's own door and my sister and I used it for a play room but often were driven out by an over whelming sensation of being watched by a menacing force.
As a trio, my brother, sister and myself were pretty ingeniouse. We thought the house was haunted and decided to leave a tape recorder running in our parents room to catch the harmonica playing.
What we heard when we played back the tape the next day was a lot of distorted noise like wind, broken harmonica notes and a deep muffled (male?) voice clearly saying "Help Me" in a drone. We were facinated and played it for everyone, who of course thought either my brother (who was 15 and didn't have a mature enough voice) did it, or our father. (The devout catholic). Well we knew the truth.
The last act before we moved out of 78 Washington St. occured one night while my sister and I were sleeping in our pink and purple leopard room. She woke me asking in a terrified whisper if  I had just put my hand on her. I said no. She said something was holding her down. The room was dark, but I saw nothing. No glowing light, no orb. Nothing that is talked about as being a ghostly apparition. Regardless, she started screaming "it won't let me up!" then I started screaming and finally a cousin rescued us. (She liked to drop in late) and my sister was free. But, when we retold the tale no one believed us. Today my brother denies everything. My sister is a professional psychic and I am an empath. Our next experience was in the house we moved to at 2 Valley Road, in Woburn.
The attic of 2 Valley Road was a hole in the master bedroom closet. Everytime the closet door was open the person holding the door knob would be rushed with anxiouse whispering. Again there was an ominous feeling about the place, but the most interesting experience occured the day we moved out. We had moved early, before our lease was up and my mother felt unsure of leaving the empty house alone so she made me stay with her in the living room. Just the two of us with our blankets. We went around the house shutting and locking all the windows and the back and front door. Then just as we settled into our "bed" on the hard wood floor in the living room, a door slammed shut up stairs. My mother decided right then the house could take care of itself and we left never to return. I have always wondered about this experience, as people have told me the wind blew the door shut. But, where did the wind come from if all the windows were closed? All the doors had a wide girth so they actually touched the wall. It seemed to me the door would have to be pushed.
I hope you have enjoyed my experiences. I firmly believe the whole town of Woburn, MA is haunted. I have never passed through without feeling an eerie presence no matter what part of the town I am in.

Good GHosts


I've read most of the storys on this web site and only a few have been nice. My exsperience comes from when my mother died. It was miday in 1976, and i was casualy looking out of my window when i saw a figure that looked like my mother, she was the same hight and same in every other way. Just as i took this all into my head she tured around and smiled and gave me a wave and then just carried on walking down the road untill the end and then she turned the corner and that was the last i saw of her, on the occasion. Now see here my dad beleved every last word i had to say about the incident because he saw her many times aswell, the sight was comferting. Now my dad works as a comunicator with the dead.he always talks with ghosts, and often with my mother, only a few of the ghosts he has talked with been bad, and the only reason they are bothering you is because they are annoyed because they are traped on earth instead of going onto the afterlife like they should do, so they are forced to wander the world untill someone sets them free to go to the afterlife. They annoy you because they think you can free them, and you can if you try.


By: amanda_sissons@yahoo.co.uk

I've allways been interested in the paranormal but tried to be sceptic about most things i've experienced.
I'l try to desribe my experiences but find it hard writing it down than just talking about them. We've lived in our house (me, my husband & 4 kids) for 8 years. things pretty much started off straight away with the feeling of a cat rubbing itself against me while cleaning my kitchen we didn't have any pets at the time. Not long after that me & my husband had been argueing one night i went up to bed he slept on the settee at 04:17 i woke up sensing someone at the foot of my bed, thinkin it was my husband i told him to F**** off but looking over at the door it hadn't opened an inch, looking back at the figure realising it wasn't my husband cause of the clothes it was wearing(trousers,shirt hanging out with a knitted tank top over it) trying to figure out who it might be working my eyes up its body i couldn't look above his chest something was stopping me from looking at its face, i felt at ease that i just lied back down & went back to sleep didn't feel threatened at all. we later found out talking to a neighbour that the previous owner had died in the kitchen of our house. Things seem to happen when me & my husband argue, in bed again on my own thinking i was woken up, (cause i cant work out if i am awake or asleep) with somthing lying on my back pinning me to the bed so i feel paralysed i cant turn my head to see what it is. What worries me is when my kids wake up in the night shouting for something to move & leave them alone but that doesn't happen often which i'm glad. A couple of years after moving in we did get a dog a staffordshire bull terrier had a fantastic temprement but on some days/nights would look in the kitchen going ballistic at something that wasn't there then he would switch direction to the Hi-Fi unit & do the same. At the beginning of this year the stafford ran off. 6 months ago we bought a chihauhau ven though he's a puppy he does exactly the same, he sleeps on my pillow at night & when we're asleep he'l sometimes wake up barking at something that isn't there. To this day things go missing then turn up in the most ridiculous places that you now they wernt there when you looked for them.

The Town House Ghost.

By: Martiniquejc@netscape.net

Hello I live in Norfolk, Va. I have a very interesting story to tell. I've
been living in this Town House for 4 years. The first experience was when my
then 3 year old saw a "man". We were all upstairs my fiancee,son,daughter
and myself. My son asked where his sippi cup was? I said its downstairs in
the kitchen. So he proceeded downstairs to get it. Well not 30 seconds later
he came running upstairs screaming and crying. I have never, ever seen my
son this upset. I asked him what was wrong. He said that the man was
downstairs. My fiancée asked what man and my son said the mean man. Well my
fiancée picked him up and went downstairs with him and said show me. He
guided my fiancée into the dining room area by the window. To this day I do
not know what my son saw. Well another incident happened when my fiancée's
friend stayed two weeks with us. We woke up one morning and went downstairs.
His friend asked us why my little boy was downstairs standing by the front
door at 2:00 a.m? We told him this was impossible because my son was still
sleeping in his crib at this time. There was no way for him to get out
unless we got him out. Well I don't know who these ghost are? They never
seem to do any harm though. At times we will hear someone walking around
upstairs or hear doors slam. Well thank you for letting me share.

The Little Man

By: rsturt@cox.net

Hello My name is Alex B. I am from Virginia Beach, VA.  I was on your site
and thought I would share my ghost story with you.
My parents had recently gotton divorced and my mom and I  were living with
my aunt and uncle in their small one story house.  A lot of problems were
going on with the house and it just had a bad environment to it.  My aunt
deceided to move to Norfolk, VA and we were to help clean and pack the
house.  I was in the little laundry room getting clothes and what not when I
heard a man calling to me from the attic above the laundry room. (the door
was right on top, over the dryer).  I looked up to find a short man hunched
down looking at me.  He said "hey little girl, come here".  Of course I
didn't go, but I did run away.  I ran to my mom in the kitchen and told her
what had just happened.  She told my aunt and they kind of laughed at me not
beliveing me, I was just a silly nine year old with a big imagination. I
begged them to go look and so they did.  When they got to the laudery room
and looked up the attic the door was still wide open and the lights in the
attic were all turned on.(the only way to turn the lights on were to actully
go into the attic.)  And I was way to short to open the attic door even if I
stood on the dryer.  Needles to say we finished up the packing that day and
left the laundry room alone. We still talk about it to this day, it's really

The Devil Hunters

By: Frankie.Granillo@greenpoint.com

I remember this like it was yesterday I'm not sure if you're going to
believe me, but when I was in
the fourth grade me and my friend use to joke around about ghosts and all
that good stuff, being
young I never really took that kind of stuff serious, (being 20 now it's
pretty different) but me and
my friend started this thing about called the Devil Hunters, little school
boy stuff you know, we just
started investigating around the school yard, about 2 or 3 days later I
started having nightmares
about demons and ghosts but that's nothing out of the ordinary, but what
really got me was one
day I was sitting at my desk doing some work when out of no where my pencil
just fell to the floor
so I picked it up and when I turned back there was a folded up piece of
paper so I opened it and
the writing was so funky that I thought it was a joke by my friend but then
I realized my friend was
out sick that day, and we told nobody about are little group that we had,
and that night I had a
nightmare where I was sleeping in a big white bed and I wake up look around
then for some reason
I look up to see an all white ghost with a skull like head just flying
around and around, the only
reason I even woke up from the dream was because my mom woke me and she was
I was screaming
so I told her about the dream I just had and she gave me a weird look and
she blessed me with
Holy Water and that was the last time I had a dream but still til this day I
can tell you exactly what
happened during the week of being in the Devil Hunters.

The Dark Moon

By: Kfdragonfly12@aol.com
My name is Kailin, I'm only twelve years old, and I have a story that will chill anyone's bones right down to the marrow.
It was two days before I started school, Mom, and me were sitting on the big corner couch. I was getting my stuff ready for Thursday, (my first day of seventh grade), Mom was chewing on her nails, and my little sister was running around the table pestering me.
We all stopped what we were doing when we heard metal buckets rattle in the back room and then fall (keep in mind, we are doing construction on the house). I told Mom to go check it out, she decided to be a big chicken and have us follow her. We walked over to the dresser so Mom could grab a flashlight that had no batteries, she walked over to the bed and turned on the night-light, as soon as she did that, the buckets fell harder into the floor. This time we were all chickens, I grabbed my sister, Mom grabbed her purse and we all ran across the street and pounded on Weizie's door. Her fifteen year old daughter, Sammi, answered the door. Mom, and I were both about three shades of white. Weiz came running down the hall in her night gown and asked what happened. Mom told her and Sammi both, so then Sammi wants to go check it out. Weiz handed my mom a flashlight, she grabbed a knife, and Sammi grabbed her cel phone, my sister and I were left at Weizie's. Mom told me what happened when they got back, " Before I even stuck the key in the hole the hair on my arms stood up, so when we get in there, Weiz went in your room and peeked into the basement through them little holes in your floor. Sammi and me were standing over by air vent, we could hear something heavy across the concrete floor down in the basement. Weiz walked into the kitchen and started stomping on the floor, that made whatever it was in the basement, mad. It started dragging it even faster across the floor. So Weiz grabbed her knife and headed downstairs followed by me and Sammi, we checked in every possible place you could think of. When we finally got back up the stairs, Sammi sat on the couch, Weiz leaned against the fridge and I stood over by the rocking chair. I was talking to Sammi, then stopped because I heard light footsteps on the stairs,I said 'well, whatever it is, its on the stairs!' we all ran out the door, followed by the dog, and went to the front of the house. The thing in the house started to pound on the front door, the rest is just too spooky. I'll tell ya later." That night we didnt go back home, but the next day we did, nothing ever has happened since that one night. We've had spooky things happen before, but never like that. After all, it was the dark moon.

Noises in the Canning Room

By: jdandtc@chartermi.net

well i was in my basement when i heard a sound then i looked around and noticed it came from the canning room then i heard the sound of dishes clanking around so i stood still and heard kids gigling then i heard the sound of struggling then a dark laughter so i ran upstairs and the next day i went down there i saw broken dishes and my neighbor said that there was an old man that died in the house and a week later we moved out.

My Best Friend's Hauntings

By: raingoddess_72@earthlink.net

I went to stay at my friend's house in East Wenatchee. She had just moved into the house so she told me about the history of the land that it was on. She said that it used to be an ancient Indian burial ground. One night we were standing in the kitchen talking. I saw a weird shape walk behind me. I got a little freaked so I asked my friend if she saw something just a little taller than me walk behind me. She said that she didn't want to say anything about because she thought that it was just her imagination. Then, the next day, her mom had to run to the store so my friend's sister went with her. I was watching TV and my friend was finishing a painting. Then I heard the hair dryer in her mom's bathroom turn on. I told my friend and she said that the electricity in there doesn't work. I was getting kinda scared so I asked my friend if anything else weird happened before I came over. She told me that sometimes when they want to watch a movie the TV won't work if a certain spot on the couch is occupied. The lights also have to be out. She's had other experiences like seeing someone in her closet at night. Before she moved she also had ghost problems that even some of her other friends could see.


Miscellaneous Ghost Questions

By: Anonymous

Hi. These are my ghost experiences up to now. I ve always been interested with ghosts, always. My father had this one story, as a young man out of college he rented a tiny apartment that was the second floor of a very old 2-family house, it had one time been a single family farmhouse, but it had since been converted to a 2-family place. So my father lived in the second floor of the house with a roommate. My dad would often wake up at night to someone tapping him on the shoulder, in a angry rage he d run across to the hall to where his roommate slept and would wake him and asking him why he was awakening him with these tappings...the roommate knew nothing of this and would yell at my father from waking him up. Sometimes it was vise-versa, my father would be awaken by his roomate demanding to know why my dad had to wake him, of course my dad didn t know anything of this. Then one night, my dad s roomate had eventually gotten married and moved away, so my dad was all alone in this place, so one night my dad s lying in bed attempting to sleep, when he feels pressure at the bottom of his mattress, like someone was standing on it, he rememembers hearing the creaking of the mattress as whatever it was walked across the bed, then he could feel great pressure on his back as if someone was kneeling on him, then a great whack over the back of the head followed by a woman s voice yelling "LIE THERE AND CAKE!" it makes no sense, to this day my dad doesn t know what it meant but he swears he was not dreaming because he stayed wide awake the rest of the night until some sunlight came through his room. That s my dad s story of ghosts. Perhaps that ghostly message is some old-fashioned term for something? Is the whole ghost hearing and seei thing genetic maybe? Anyway here s my little ghost experiences, though not as extreme as my dads. We live in cape, it was built in 1954 and as far as the history goes we know an old couple lived here before us. The old woman died from taking care of her husband hand and foot, I ve heard people say she died in the house, my parents said it wasn t true. When my parents bought this house back in 1985 it was a wreck, it had been deserted for a year, and on top of that the old couple didn t take good care of the house at their old age. I heard tales of the old couple, they always wanted children but couldn t have them for whatever reason, well my parents bought this house as a starter home but they never left, they had 3 children (myself included) and we ve expanded a lot to this house...and sometimes I just get the feeling that the old woman is still here, and she s happy children are finally living in her house. I don t know it s just that vibe I get. So this one time I was about 11 years old I had my friend P.J was sleeping over we slept in our living room. In the morning P.J told me that he heard footsteps keep running up and down the stairs, the staircase ascends from the living room, I didn t believe in him, but he swore it was the truth. It was later on I learned that P.J s mom could talk to ghost s too, she said T.J has had ghostly expereinces but he was embarrased of them and didn t like talknig to them, thats when I remembered the stair incident! Maybe P.J was seeing things about the house that I never could because he had that  gift . Anyway to make this thing short, I want to know what people thing of my ghost tales, and if someone out there...might know how to contact dead people, like somehow spark the gift of hearing them. I would want to know so email me at blinkidDFP@msn.com. Thanks for reading my story.

It was all Black

By: buffy_returns2002@hotmail.com

  My family and i and our next door neighbours went to marrysville, Australia. We stayed at a small bungalo hotel thing, there were more than 10 rooms with two bunks in each room. my family chose room number two and our friends took room number one. Now there are six rooms in the fiirst half of the bungalo seperated by two coridoors then there is a door and the rest of the rooms and a male and female toilet block.
  When you walk in the main door way you look left and there is room five and the door seperating the coridoors. As our familys took only two rooms the rest of the bungalo was locked and he door was closed. LAte that night my dad and his frind were having a barbeque along with my sister, and our next door neighbours two kids. I wen't up to the bungalo with my mum and her friend. We walked in the front door and for some strange reason the lights weren't working,  so i stayed close to the door, ( i have a fear of very dark places, and my belieif of ghosts also kicked in) and when i finally mustered up enought courage i let go of t door handle and walked in the complete darkness to fing my mum and her friend, i looked left and the light under the door of room number five was on. I got really scared at this poiing and waled faster and bumped into the back of my mum's frind. She finaly found the light switch and turned it on. When i loked back to see if i had really seen the light, it was off.
  I didn't tell anyone untill the morning i didn't want to scare my self anymore, after all i had to spend the night there. And did i mention that room number five was locked? In the morning i walked down to the toilets at the far end of the bungalo and had a weird feeling as i passed that room, i felt preasure on my chest in that half of the coridoor, so when i got back to my half i felt a lot better. I asked my sister and her two young friends to come to room five with me and i took photos of them in there, nothing came out , it was all black....


By: stubbornmule92@hotmail.com

I'm having to send this to you on my dad's e-mail, but my name is Holly, and
I am 14 years old.  My story is about my mom's dad, well it all began when
she was 14.  Her dad was out in the backyard with a friend of his, and they
were shooting guns.(target practice)  My mom was watching them out of the
window, when all of a sudden her dad shot himself in the head.  No one knows
why he did it.  2 years later she got married and had my brother,Alan, and
she says when he was 1 year old she woke up in the middle of the night to
see a hazy figure of her father floating at the edge of her bed.  She calmly
asked him what he wanted, and he said that he wanted Alan. My mom said no
and got up and ran into Alan's room, she picked him up and held him.  He had
followed her in there, but when he saw her hugging him, he disappeared.  I
myself see things all the time, ghost people, and animals.  I was also
wandering if you have heard of the Crosset, Arkansas light.  If you haven't,
and are interested, e-mail me @ stubbornmule92@hotmail.com (I don't want to
fill up this whole page)  I hope you believe my story.


A Personal Haunting

By: kokomolady@hotmail.com

All my life I have lived in haunted houses and I am not scared of the haunting just curious about why they are still there.
I live in Kokomo Indiana and I first noticed this woman when I was 15.  We lived in the silk stockings neighborhood on West Taylor Street in a duplex.  And that is when I first met the Lady.
The Taylor Street House was an extremely haunted house.  You could have the fire place on in the dining room along with the heaters and still see your breath and thing would go missing, only to be found where you knew that they could not have been.  That was at first then Doors would slam and light would turn off. Then thing started to get more personal.  I was walking down the stairs and felt hands on my back and I was pushed.  I know that I would have went through the window at the bottom if it had not been for the Lady.  She was all of a sudden between me and the window, and gone the next second.  She wore a white night gown and had long black hair and sad eyes. She was a younger woman about 26-30 at the oldest.
My best friend said that he heard a mans voice yelling at him to get out.  And the only men that lived at the house was my little brothers.  Then after the voice ordered him out he felt ice cold and ran home.  During the time we lived there my middle brother took on some character traits that are not at all like him. He became extremely violent and wanted to try to choke people when he was angry.  After we moved he went back to "normal" and is the best young man.
Even after we moved though I have still seen the Lady.  She has been seen by a few people besides me but she does not do any thing.  A friend of mine said that she attached herself to me.
But moved 2 years ago back to the same neighborhood one street over, on West Mulberry Street, and the lady has been more active as of late.
This house is not as bad as the other one, but there is a little girl that walk around.  She is between 5-9 years old, and has brown hair and it is pulled up in an older style.. She will just walk around and stare at you.  She does not do anything, usually, when she is up set she knocks things over.
But now my sisters claim to have heard a man voice.  And he tried to get my one sister to come into a closet.  And the Lady has been active more than usual.
I am not sure why the Lady has followed me all these years.  Any one who would have an idea I would love to hear it.
email me at

A Few Experiences

By: jasminh88@yahoo.com

hi my name is jasmin i live in Saint louis missouri. Once when i was eight years old I was in my grandmas house and i was tryin to fall asleep in the living room on the couch. I looked into the dining room and i saw a white figure in the shape of a woman. the figure looked  as if it was trying to speak to me and while she was talkin she would move her hands. i couldnt understand what she was saying. i went back because i was scarred and i tried to go to sleep. I covered my face with the cover and asked the woman politely if she could please go away. I fell asleep while asking her. A couple of years later my grandma told me she had also seen the woman various time and she told me that before she lived there a crazy woman lived there and died there.
Another time when i was in my home i was sitting in my sisters room in the dark watching TV and i was home alone with my dad, Iooked into the hall and i was a little man( maybe a boy ) Walk in to the bathroom. I only told my brothers and sisters I didnt tell my parents. And a few years later I overheard my mom talkin to someone and she said that everytime shes in the bathroom she feels a presence and feels like she is being watched. I feel the saome thing still even though that happened about two years ago.
About 9 months ago my mom had my aunt come bless the house because my mom felt something evil in my home So my aunt came and as soon as she walked in the door she felt a strong presence and she said she had to leave and she would do it another time and she went running out the house and didnt look back. Later that day my aunt said she left because she was soo scarred she felt she had to run. She said she felt as if something was going to attack her so she ran out the house and couldnt look back because she felt she would see something she wouldnt want to see.

My grandfather's spirit

By: mariloubonilla2002@yahoo.com

This was the first time I've seen ghost or spirit and it was from my grandfather's. The story I will tell you still gives me chill but I'm trying not to think about it as much. I believe in superstitions and that's the reason why my grandfather passed away.
My mother received a phone call from her brother-in-law and reported that my grandfather died during friday the 13th of January 1989. I was eleven years old back then when I found out the tragedy. I believe on friday the 13th, and my mother got into an accident during friday the 13th also. Back to the story, we went back to our place where I grew up . There I was standing and looking at my grandfather lying down on his coffin on his way to heaven. There was a black out that night and the only light they used during the funeral was the generator lights. I was pretty young to be involved seeing ghosts. I was also a pretty brave girl during my age. I wanted to get something upstairs in my father's room where we stayed for awhile but then I didn't wanted to go there myself because there was no lights at all. I asked my sister to go upstairs with me but she was pretty scared going up there because there was no electricity. I told her, "Fine, I'll just get it myself". I didn't thought about ghosts at all but I knew it was dark up there. When I went upstairs with just a flashlight's on but then it went out when I felt a cold air touched the back of my neck. There was no lights at all, when I noticed the door was closed and seemed like it's locked my itself. I tried to unlocked it but it seems like it was sealed. Then all of a sudden there was this cold air again touched my hair and I turned around and I couldn't believed my eyes of what I saw. I saw a white surface kind of like a reflection. It was cold when it was near me. I wanted to s eam so loud until someone spoke right infront of me. I looked up and trying to see what it was, and there I saw my grandfather standing there smiling at me. I couldn't recognize if it was really him until I looked down and saw him holding a cane which he was using for him to walk when he was alive. I had the mixed of tears and joy with fears but that was the first time I ever saw a ghost in my life and this time was from my beloved grandfather. When I saw his spirit that night, he told me, "Don't be scared, I'm just looking out for you". I saw his half of his body all the way up to his head but I didn't really see his legs or anything. The only thing I remembered always be remembered was his smile and his thoughts he said to me. That really touched my heart even today. By the time he was buried, I will always remember his smile he gave me that night. When i went back home where my grandfather's lived, I saw his cane on the side of his rocking chair where he used to sit all the time.  From now on, when I think of him, I smile all the time. I know his hear watching over me. I love him very much. Every year of his death anniversary, we always celebrate it by going to church and pray for his soul. I love you Grandpa.


Wet Little Girl

By: 2200754@smbstu.ballarat.edu.au

I have had many supernatural experiences but this is a very intrigueing one. I was living in an old house in Maryborough in Victoria, Australia. one morning I awoke and from where my bed was I could see into the hall to the kitchen. When I looked to the kitchen I saw a little girl in a white nightie and she was dripping wet. I dont remember going back to sleep so I think I might have fainted. When I got home that afternoon a friend was over and when he sat on one of the Kitchen chairs it was soaking wet, all the chairs were, if you put your hand on them water would come up out but they were not leaking on to the floor( though that may just have been the hard underside of the chairs) Their was no way water could have gotten in through the windows and nothing else was wet, except for the chairs.

Time Warp?

By: moondancers72@webtv.net

After reading many stories on your website, I've decided to share an
experience I had in 1974.  I had been dating a great guy for a few weeks
when he invited me to spend a week-end camping with a large group of
friends.  It was thrilling to sit out under the stars and talk.  Of
course, the talk turned to ghost stories and each of us  telling of
unusual events.  On our way home, we took a wrong turn onto the freeway
and found we were heading from a campsite in WA state to the Oregon
border.   J and I  decided to continue onward to OR on an unscheduled
drive down the coast highway.    As we drove south the weather turned
from sunny and warm to stormy, rainy and cold!  After driving  on for
several hours we chose to stop at a motel.  The one we stopped at looked
a little worn around the edges but nice.  When we got into our room I
remember thinking that nothing had changed much since the 1940's or
1950's, but at least it was warm and dry.    We fell into bed and went
to sleep.  Several hours later I woke up and through half sleepy eyes
had an UNUSUAL experience.  It was if the view I was looking at went
wavy like a stone dropped in a pond.   I thought I was just tired but
then I heard the MUSIC  playing.  I just lay there and then it was like
my rational mind took over.   I started looking around the room and the
first thing I noticed was that the curtains had changed from a plain to
a checked pattern.  MY mind told me that everything was okay .  Then I
noticed the old radio on in the corner, glowing an amber light.  I kept
looking around with my head still on the pillow, and saw some things
that stopped my breathing for a moment.  Drapped over the chair was a
man's white navy uniform and the hat was on the small dresser.  Also on
the dresser was a big, flat 1940's type purse with a gardenia coursage
on top.  These things were NOT there when we went to bed nor was there a
radio playing.  I looked over at J and he was asleep but his t shirt had
changed to like a tank type or BVD and he had Dog tags around his neck.
Also his moustache had changed to a neat trimmed one.  I kept looking
and then I saw my left hand.  There was a gold WEDDING BAND on my hand
that had definately NOT  been there before.  I kept looking at J in his
altered state and he just blissfully slept on.  All I wanted to do was
close my eyes and so I did and then quickly opened them and everything
was back to normal.  I held my eyes shut for the next couple of hours
too weired out to sleep.  The next morning, I noticed there was no radio
in the corner, etc.  As we left the motel. J  remarked that he felt like
he had been there BEFORE.  I didn't tell him of my experience but it
haunted me for a long time.  HAD he been there before in the 1940's
before he was BORN???  Me too?  Sorry this is so long but I've always
felt this was very paranormal.  Oh by the way, J had just gotten out of
the navy the year before...oh yeah

The Water

By: jomal20012000@sympatico.ca

hi i had ghost around me for a while now every time i move they come or it comes now where i live theres a ghost one night my husband was fixing the water because it was to hot and he turn the water on he comes up stairs tells me it okay now so i go to take my bath and when i went to open the water theres none coming out of the tap so i tell him he goes back in the basement ........guess what
the water shut off and he said it was cold no windows open and sometimes my door to my house opens and shuts wild

The Swing and the Red Eyes

By: Beebop573@aol.com

this happened in a house my husband used to live in.  he woke up to the sound of the swing on the porch, he knew this because his bedroom was right there at the porch, when he got up there was no wind and noone on the porch but it still moved. just then he saw two big red eyes and he just froze. as he watched the eyes dissappeared.

The Rushing Man

By: b_wenzel@wideopenwest.com

Well I have had many experiences as a lot of people here... my is kinds unnerving and helpful.. It all started about 3 years ago when my husband and I first started dating... I stayed at his apartment and could hear someone running back and fourth from the living room to the bathroom. after about 10 min he then ran in the room and stopped right over me just staring......after about a month I started to get use to it... well now we are married and he is serving over in Iraq.. I had to pack up his apartment and movie everything to storage....About a week after I started to hear someone run from my bathroom to my room and it would get faster and faster to the point where you could almost hear them breathing heavy... well one night I thought it was my son getting up and down from bed because it started out really slow moving to the side of my bed.. so without turning over I would tell him to go back to bed it was late.. this happened about 3-4 times and stopped for awhile. well about 230am someone ran to the side of my bed stopped and stared down at me. as I went to tell him to go back to bed I felt a hand on my shoulder. now this was a large hand not the hand of a 2 year old.. very very cold and a sense of extreme fear rushed through my body..... now so you know my son's room is on the other side of my bathroom and there is a door on both side to walk through.. I jumped up out of bed and ran to check on my kids.. as I got to my 2 year old......the closer I got to my son the more I felt scared.. when I had gotten to him he began to have a seizure........there was another time I was home alone with my kids my niece and nephew......it was about 10pm and I began to  hear knocking but down stairs on a window.. it got louder and louder. I went to the top of the stairs to see if I could hear exactly where it was coming from... now I had checked on all kids about 5 min prior and they were all fast asleep... as I stood at the top I felt someone walk up behind me and push. I caught my self but I slipped down about 2 steps.... I then went to recheck my kids and my 2 year old had stop breathing..... after that night it has calmed down all I know is that whom ever the rushing man is has helped me but has terrified me at the same time..

The Person Peeking

By: madd_killah419@yahoo.com

I used to live in the Philippines last 4 years ago. I live in a simple and nice place. I was about 12 years old and I was taking a shower outside our house. Well it was a pump where you have to pump just to get some water. I  was taking a shower and it was around 10 or 11 at night. The weather is pretty much fair. Our house is close to the cemetery just few blocks away however this didnt stop me taking a shower that night. When i was taking a shower the water is pretty much cold. I notice someone is looking or peaking at me when i was taking a shower in our house. I thought it was my uncle because he always do this jokes just scare me. I called his name out however there was silence and noyone answered. I just ignored it for a while and i just look at it quickly when his head up to the wall. I was shock because the figure of his face is different from us. He has long hair and his eyes are like hot flames. His skin color looks like its burnt. I just look at him without moving because i was to scared to move. Then he slowly put his head back and then puffed his gone. All of my family in the house saw this supernatural being.

The Ghosts that follow Me

By: LuVnMeLnRiChArD@aol.com

Well, let's see where do I begin. Ever since I was little I've always had experiences with the dead.I used to live with my grandparents in a doublewide trailer in california and everynight there would be four people leaning over my bed, staring at me and talking to eachother, they were a misty whitish blue. You could see through them and it began when my mother bought me my own bed( that she had gotten at a yard sale). Every morning I woul;d be in the living room watching t.v. and I would have this feeling that something was watching me, so I looked to my left and there is this very tall man, with long hair and a long beard, wearing overalls staring at me. That would last about 10 to 15 sec. before he disappeared.
There was also this one time I went into my parent room into the big walkin closet( I used to play dress-up with their clothes). And the door shut on me and in on section of the closet the clothes and hangars started shaking. I was terrified. I tried to get out but the door wouldn't budge, then I looked at the shaking clothes because I heard something growl, And this big face jumped out from behind them at me! Just then, my grandpa opened the door and everything stopped. He started looking around the closet and told me to stop making so much noise. But, it wasn't me. I tried to tell him but nobody ever believed me. It all stopped after that until just recently. I went to work with my mother, (she works at a elementry shool) I wa helping her so I went to clean the kindergarten bathrooms. As I was cleaning the mirrors ( and this was around midnight ) I saw something run across the room. I thought I was just tired. But I did feel as if I were being watched. I quickly finished and started out the door. As I was walking back I looked down and saw a shoe. I looked behind me and no one was there. I started moving faster and something pushed on my shoulder I didn't dare look back, I dropped my stuff and ran for my life! I told my mom about it and she didn't believe me. About  a week later. My mom came back from work and told me she believed me now because she was  cleaning in the same bathroom when the lights shut off, she went over to the door ,stuck her key in the light switch and tried to turn the lights back on, she couldn't so she headed out to clean  somewhere else. That is when she was also pushed. I don't know why they follow me. If anyone can answer my question, feel free to e-mail me.

Singing in the Hallway

By: kstampfli@lionelsawyer.com

You know before I begin to tell you this story, I have had a lot of
experiences happen to me when I was growing up in my parents house for a long
time I was the only one who was seemed to be bothered and I could tell you
hours of stories but I chose just one because I am now able to finally talk
about it amoung all the past it has taken me a long time because I never told
a soul anything and with some things I still refuse to share but here is one I
will tell you.
 When I was about 8 or 9 years of age my grandfather was going to take me to
his cabin at the lake to spend some time with him we had some other family
members up there aswell but none in my family because I wanted the time with
my grandfather. After I had gotten all settled in up stairs in the bedroom
with the bunk beds which I was not to happy about to be up stairs anyway
because it was filled with energy that gave me a tummy ach and everytime you
would turn you back you would feel a brush of cold air or see people going
into the other bedrooms out of the corner of your eye. It was always hard for
me to sleep the first night of arrival at the cabin so I layed in bed and
waited and finally fell asleep but was woken up to hear a baby cry in the
kitchen and a man talking to him/her so I remembered that a couple of our
family friends were up there with there daughter Paige. I went into there
bedroom to see if they were awake and they were all in a deep sleep including
the baby and all the lights were off in the kitchen and down stairs area, no
one was there. So I crawled back into bed and fell asleep once more and was
woken up this time to see a group of children standing in a circle in the hall
way right infront of my bedroom but I could only see an outline of them not
the face or entire body they were singing "Ring Around The Rosey" and I could
not speak nor scream nor move I was frozen and all I could feel myself do was
go completley pail and when I felt my breath come back I screamed and our
family friend Karen came into my bedroom and I was shaking and histarical and
was not quit sure at what just happened so she stayed up with me until my
grandfather awoke in the morning and everyone thought I was crazy and that I
was dreaming. I will tell you something I am about 12 years older now and I
remember that night like it was yesterday my mom and dad beleived me because
they to have had things happen up at the cabin and to this day I am truley the
only one who still hears children, but my family is the only family meaning my
dad, mom, brother, and sister who pays attention to these encounters in this
house and my last visit up there was about a month ago it seemed quiet but I
can always feel the energy but I do not show fear anymore I realized that all
these children who choose to wake me up in the night come for a reason and yes
it is heart pumping and scary but they are lost. It took me a long time to
understand why these children would constantly visit me all the time when I
was sleeping until I went to a wonderful women who I have become attached to
who I sat down with and I did not share anything with her I let her see it and
she told me that In a passed life I owned a shelter for children and I took
care of them all and there were tons of children everywhere and they are
trying to find me. I could go on and on with you but I did want to share just
one story with you. Thank you!

Real Ghost Encounter

By: Sentfrmabove02@aol.com

Once, my friend xavier and my boyfriend lalo and I went walking in this old abandoned lot. The kind of lot where scary stories take place. It was pitch black outside. It was a lil cold but not too bad. We were talking, telling stories...some funny, some scary, and all stupid. Then all the sudden, the night got darker outside, the wind blew harder, it got colder, and the place just seemed to get over all scarier...We kept walking when all the sudden the scariest thing happened...we saw a ghost...yea...it was scary

My Ghostly Experiences

By: jill@sitegadgets.net

Hi!  I just wanted to say, that it the website is amazing! I can't stop reading the stories!  :-)  I hope that you can use my story on your website!
The house that I grew up in, has for as long as I can remember, scared me. It was just a regular, two storey house but I could never go to bed on my own, or be upstairs alone. I heard pots and pans being moved around,  voices, the stove drawer being opened and closed...
My Dad worked Monday to Friday from about 5am until 6pm. (He worked out of town)  So after school my sister, brother and I had to fend for our selves.  I was the  youngest,  and I “had” to watch cartoons after school; while my brother and sister, being older, often hung out with their friends.  On one particular day, I got home, turned on the TV, and waited for my cartoons to start.  That was when I heard footsteps up stairs.  I thought that my sister or brother must have gotten home before me, so I paid no atttention to it.  Then I heard it walk from my room, through the other room, to the stairs.  I heard the banister creak from the weight of someones grip and then the footsteps coming down the  stairs...  I sat there, waiting to see who it was. There was a wall so I couldn't tell who it was right away. I could only see the last 2 or 3 steps, so I waited. The footsteps stopped at the end of the stairs, and I could see no one.  I sat there like I was in a daze, then it was like my brain suddenly realized that I should have seen SOMEONE! Or SOMETHING! So I jumped up and I ran out of the house.  I was so afraid.  I stayed outside until my Dad came home.  I never told him, or anyone what happened that day.
Another part of the house that always freaked me out was the bathroom.  I hated being in there night or day.   Now this only happened to me once and I am very glad.  As I was sitting on the toilet doing my business, I felt something drop on my right shoulder.  I thought right away that It was a spider or some kinda bug, and I quickly tried to brushed it off my shoulder, but as I was doing that it suddenly turned to a burning pain.  I jumped off the toilet in a panic, thinking that the house had to be on fire, and now so was I!  I started to look at my shoulder and the roof to see what it was that was burning me  but there was nothing.  Then it just stopped.  I had no marks, but the pain felt very real.  I didn't look into the history of my house, but I know that there is definitely something there.  For some reason it made itself very known to me but not my sister or brother.   A couple of years ago, me and my sister inherited the house, and we both decided to sell it.  The  new owner of the house, is a friend of the family, and he said to me,  after he lived in it for a while, that  there was some spirits here, but he wouldn't go into details....

Over my Shoulder

By: injaxiam@earthlink.net

Well, it seems that everyone has a story to tell.  Whether scary or good they all have one.  I have one too, good or bad, I'm just not too sure, I have that uneasy, uncertain feeling about it.  You see, I'm not one of those who have had these experiencing all their lives.  In fact I can't even remember most of my youth and am not certain why.  I was about 9 at the time and I had family visiting over for the holiday.  It was great, people I hadn't seen for years so I was excited.  Can't remember what I did that day, like I said, alot of my early past is a mystery, but I do remember that night pretty well.  I was feeling sick and couldn't sleep at all, it was a sick feeling in my stomach and I had a throbbing headache.  I was set on the couch just watching the blank TV because I didn't dare to turn it on and wake everyone up so I just sat there.  I'm not sure what time it was really because we didn't have a clock in the room, but I guess it was around midnight because everyone had gone to sleep.  I was just sitting there, unable to sleep, when I got an eerie feeling.  I just froze there, I don't remember moving or anything, and from the  llway I saw a figure that was bright white come into the room.  It had seemed to have been shrouded in a cloak or robe and had its hood up.  It was walking across me when it just stopped directly in the center of my sight.  Thats when it pulled its hood back, (I wasn't sure if I was scared or now.  I didn't scream or anything, like I said, I just had an unsettling feeling inside.) ..........I have to dig hard for this image, its such a blur now.  I vaguely remember there not being a face where it should have been, but in place of the face there was a skull shape instead with what I believe was dark long scraggly hair hanging from it.  I'm still not too sure what went through my mind, but I broke into a cold sweat.  I remember everything going black, then my aunt came sleepily out of her room to go to the bathroom, on her way back she saw me.  She thought I was sweating and holding my stomach so she sat there with me till I fell asleep, thinking I was just feeling ill.
I myself even believed that to be my imagination, I was always advanced with my years so I didn't have much of an imagination.  Then a couple days later I was staying the night over a friends house.  He seemed a little unsettled all night so we just played video games.  Just before we went to sleep he asked me who was up so late over my house.  I asked him what he meant.  He then told me that a couple days earlier he saw someone in white standing in my front yard, walking slowly to the front door.  Even as I write this I get a cold chill all over, I get a feeling as if someone is reading over my shoulder...........Well, that passed.  I still feel as if I have someone looking out for me, not sure if they're still with me because its been a while since anything had really happened, but I do remember that about 5 years back I was running down the stairs of our house to watch my Sunday night lineup on the living room TV when I felt my footing slip at the top step.& sp; I was terrified, it was a feeling of dread.  I somehow had missed every step and ran softly into the front door, I often seen a shape standing there at the top of the steps whenever I watched TV after that.  Well, thats all of the experiences I've had as of yet...............that I can remember anyway.  I hope I didn't bore any of you and would love to hear of some responses.


By: mcsarellis@bigpond.com

As a child, I lived in a run down Edwardian in the heart of Northcote. I remember very clearly when I was the age of 3, I stood out the front porch on a blistering hot Melbourne night in December & I just knew that all our spirits were recycled, that is, we are re-incarnated (though I didn't know the word).
When I was aged 7, I was getting ready to attend Greek school when I had an out of body experience. I hovered over the top of my bed and I could see myself (body) down below. Up near me were 2 women dressed in black (I thought they were witches) and they were see-sawing over the top of my wardrobe (a very old piece of furniture, purchased 2nd hand by my father, it now graces the entrance of my house). I became very ill, it took me nearly 2 weeks to recover. When I was 16 I went to visit relatives in Greece. After landing in Athens, my mother and I made our way to my Aunt's apartment. I told my mother the lay-out of the rooms before we entered. Once inside the apartment I told my Aunt that I knew the layout of each room. She sat stunned when I was able to pick out each room (all the doors were closed) and her mouth fell open when I made my way into the room she had set aside for us! Today at the age of 34 I wonder about these  experiences but am very grateful to believe in a power greater than all - God.

My Cat and Others

By: zachary@twcny.rr.com

The Ghost of my dead cat and my house a few other ghosts in my house.
My name is Zachary Brady and I live in canral New York State.  Right now I'm
13 and I have been reaserching ghosts for about three years now and have
seen a few myself.  One I have seen I feel is the ghost of a dead cat of
mine.  The cat died when I was eleven and was very attatched to my dad.  She
died do to feline locemia (sp).  About a year ago, when I was in my rome
changing clothes, my legs suddenly chiled to what seemed like below freezing
and it was a pretty warm day and my window's were closed.  I let my arms
hang below my hips and my hand froze.  When I raised my hands again, a white
orbs began to circle around one of them.  When I moved my fingers the orb
chaged it course slightly.  The orb lasted for about ten seconds then
I have seen a few other ghosts but it seems as if they are not the same as
the orb and each one is a diferent being except for one.  One ghost seems to
float around me every night.  Ontop of that I seem to have dreams that are
related to ghosts, alot of ghosts.


By: MattressDancin7@aol.com

well we bought the house about 4 years ago......we bought it from hud for really cheap. we just figured it's cause it was a fixer upper.well a couple of months into living there we started noticing things. one night i was the only one awake and was watching tv and there was a loud bang like a gunshot.well i jumped up and woke my parents we went although the house saw nothing we went out side still nothing...wellto back up a lil bit when we were remodeling the house (it had shag carpeting can you blame us) there were really dark reddish stains in the carpet padding and even the wood underneath. we really didn't pay much attention to it at first. but then as we were talking to the nieghbors they started asking us if we had any problems with the hiouse when we asked they let us in on the history. apparently the fisrt family that lived here the woman was named karen was killed by her brother and buried under the closet in the master bedroom the same closet once a year has a putrid smell coming from it that lasts about a months long. her brother was found in gatlinburg dressed like a woman and using his sisters credit cards. the second family that lived here the womans husband was quite the ladies man and would cheat on her often one day she got fed up with it and shot herself in the head right infront of her 4 y/o son who ran outside screaming when that particular neighbor who was telling us the story came to see what was happening the kid was drenched in blood. well her name is also karen. the reason i mentioned the name is because 1 we know their names cause we still recieve mail for them and 2 my mothers name is also karen. the expierences i've had in the house are kinda weird i'm not sure if the ghosts are mean or just kind of playful but i've seen 2 apparitions of 2 different women the first time i was walking out of the kitchen and noticed a woman looking through the sliding glass door at me so i went to open the door and when i started walking torwards her she walked off. when i went outside i didn'
t see her so i started walking around we had lumber piled up from the remodeling that had been there and not moved in 2 years and it tumbled on top of me. the second time i saw something i was walking out of the kitchen yet again and i saw a woman standing there and she kinda smiled at me then went to turn around when i started to walk towards her all the lights went out. the only other stuff that happens is we hear doors open and shut stuff falls everyonce in awhile nothing else major has happened though. i'd like to get a reply on what you think about my situation. and i would also like to have it maybe posted on your webpage

Knock, Knock!

By: STEFm444@aol.com

Hi, My name is Stefanie and I'm 17 living in southwest TX.
When I was about 13 yrs of age my twin sister (Melanie) and I were up late in her bed room watching some movies "no, not horror films" We were up watching these movies around 12:00 or 1:00 am and we heard a thumping noise on her wall. We turned the TV's sound to mute and listened. Her bed is by a big window and the headboard was against the wall. We herd the thump again and this time is sounded more like someone was knocking. The funny thing about this was that there is nothing that could have knocked on the wall because on the other side of that wall is outside and there are no trees or twigs of any sort that could have hit the house and also our house is brick and her bedroom is on the second floor (two story house).
Well, we heard this noise again and decided to be curious and knock back.
Every time we knocked the wall would knock after us. We tried to trick it with various patterns and it would copy them. We then got really creeped out and decided to get my parents. My dad came in the room and we knocked on the wall and nothing happened. He stayed in there for about 3 min and then left. the knocking started again and we then ran to get my dad for the second time and then, like before it didn't knock while he was in the room. Well, after about 5 min. passed he left and it started again. Melanie and I were determined to figure this out. So, we knocked back and it repeated softly then we knocked again and it got louder the third time we knocked soft and it started banging on the wall as if it was trying to get through it to attack us or as if it just went crazy! we were so scarred and we both decided to stay in my room for the night and haven't heard it ever sense. But we have had some pretty freaky things happen such as waking up and not being able to move or speak as if forces were holding us down and we hear sounds like beasts are growling or breathing hard. that hasn't happened for about 2 years now and I hope it never happens again. If anyone else has had this experience or anything similar to it please email me

Hard Fact

By: dkmccormick@cox.net

Hello there,  I'll first start off by saying that I am an open minded individual and have never doubted the existence of ghosts and other spirits.  However, in the past few years a belief that was just blind faith I suppose has turned into hard fact for me.  I am 22 years old now and was 18 when I started getting my proof.  I had moved from my home in Carbondale, Kansas, a small town about 15 minutes away from Topeka, to my then fiancée's house in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  It was December 31st 1999 we had left Kansas on my mom's birthday so that I could start a new period of my life, in a new state, on the new year.  Kind of a sentimental thing but that's me.  Anyway everything was normal for the first couple of months and filled with me getting settled in and learning how to find my way around a city that was 2 or 3 times larger then the one I grew up in.  Then weird things started happening with my new step-daughter's toys.  They would turn themselves on and off,  sometimes even when the switch was shut off they would come on.  In our bedroom there was always a chill in the air and I never felt at ease in the hallway connecting our bedroom to the bathroom and my step daughter's bedroom and often would refuse to walk down it with the lights off.  I was sure that there was a spirit in the house but couldn't tell if it meant harm or was nice but I did know who it was.  You see my wife had been married once before and had kicked her husband out shortly after we met, he wasn't happy about this and eventually ended up killing himself in our bedroom just a month or so before I moved in.  Well we learned to live with the toys going off and on and even told my stepson that he was just imagining things when he would see shadows and hear things at night.  Sometimes he'd even smell his dad's scent.  Life went on as normal and then in 2001 my father passed away.  The day he died my family was gathered around him at home and holding his hands and talking to him,  he had been in a coma for about 2 weeks and was having seizures,  the hospice nurse told us that the seizures were due to his brain dying but when they started getting really bad before he died he would open his eyes and try to speak.  Finally during his last seizure he opened his eyes looked around and told all of us that he loved us then the seizure stopped and he lay still but he was still breathing.  Now during this period my stepdaughter had been very quiet which is highly unusual for her and on occasion would ask to lay in bed with my father and we'd let her and a couple times I swear that he smiled when she was in bed with him.  Anyway after his last seizure I went into the bathroom because I had, had about all I could take and I looked up towards the ceiling and told the lord and lady (I'm a Wicca so basically I was telling god) to either take him now or to heal him.  Right after saying that my wife came into the bathroom and told me that my father's heart had stopped and he had died.  After that my daughter started perking up and became her usual noisy self.  My dog was also acting funny and when he died she went and laid in front of the front door but didn't want to go outside when we opened it for her.  At the funeral I delivered his eulogy (excuse the spelling) and then my family and I stayed for a few days and went back home.  We decided that we'd move back to Kansas to be with my mom and got our house ready to sell then moved in with my mom.  My daughter would frequently speak to my dad and sometimes I would feel his presence around me.  Anyway to make a long story short we lived with my mother for a few months and then moved into the house we're in now.  Shortly after moving in my daughter started complaining about things coming down from the ceiling and hitting her, and also told us about a little boy that she would play with who had died at some bridge presumably near here.  Well I found a psychic and she confirmed that our house had numerous entities in it one had come to the house with us (my father) and the others most of the entities were friendly but there were some that we needed to tell to get out.  So anyway we performed a banishing ritual and have had no problems with anything hurting my daughter though my father is still around and he likes to tickle her and just generally harass her that's the kind of guy my father was and he's just having fun with her,  I haven't researched the history of the house we are in much but I do know that it was built as part of a base housing unit for an airforce base that is close to here but was closed down.  Sometimes we hear doors slamming, see things out of the corner of our eyes,  there are white lights that can sometimes be seeing flying around in my wife and I's bedroom and the hallway is still home to something that doesn't seem to want to bother us and doesn't us to bother it.  It's just something that we can feel.  Once a year we do another cleansing and put up more barriers around the house and have no problem letting the friendly entities that also call our house home stay here the way I look at it is that they were here first so I have no right to tell them to leave unless they try to harm me or my family.  Anyway these are the experiences that we have learned to live and have also made me a firm believer in ghosts and other spirits, while at first it would make me uneasy and sometimes still does for the most part I have learned to live with them and sometimes even enjoying hearing stories from my daughter/stepdaughter about my dad meeting her on the school bus and most of all when things are real stressful in my life I enjoying smelling my dad's deodorant letting me know that he is with me and helping me along.

My Old House

By: michaelkennedy@sasktel.net

well this all start when my mother and i moved into a new home well not new but new to us.anyway it wasn't that old about 30 years old (this was back in 1987). we moved in with not problem but i started to notice things about this house.Things would go missing only to be found days or months later in the same spot, i'd see darts of movment out of the corner of my eye and when i was alone it felt like i wasn't. I spent alot of time alone in the house which was fine until dark them the house would not feel so warm and inviting as it was in the day but nothing ever came of it .Until many years later when the foot steps started in the kitchen they would come to livingroom carpet and stop.As the time wore on the came closer to and closer until one night i was lying awake in bed like most children do. They began to walk up my stairs to my room and i know it wasn't my mom i could hear her snoing down stairs. Know don't say it was the house settling becuse my stair made a very distinct squeek when some walk up them.Anyway once they reach the top of the stair i peek, being curious and all, to see a shadow standing at the door to my room.I froze and a few seconds later it turned around and began it decent down the stairs. This happend once in a while but only during stressful times in the house.The shadow it self look like and average male with nothing really standing out but when 'he' look at me it was a mixture of complete terror and a strange comfort like he wasn't there to hurt or scare me.Like i said i see him once in a while checking on me but eventally he became a part of my life.The one that did scare me lived in the basement again it was a man as far as i could tell .he was he was very angry and his feeling see to fill the basment air.You could actually feel it as you walked into the basement that was just the beginning of 'him'.Mostly he would just sit in a corner and glare at you as you did whatever you had to do and he always kept as far away from you as possible.Its weird becuse you would see him move as you move which was at the time very scary.Even though i was a brave child i rarly finished my choir  there even in the day time.Evently my mom refused to go down there anymore after she was tripped by something fell and broke a couple of toes.As time went on the basement became less and less used to the point were if you could not do it in the day time it didn't get done even laundry.But after a while we forgot about the 'guest'down stairs until one night when we heard a loud wooooosh we look a each other in terror as we knew something was wrong in the basement and we would have to see what it was.So we braved the basement to see a waterpipe had broken which in it self wasn't weird but it was the fact that alot cherised family photos and items that had previously on a shelf across the basement where under this pipe that broke.My grandfather soon came over to help fix the pipe and the clean up the six inches of water we currently had in the basement.Everything was ruined the drywall,the shelves not mention all the pricless family photos etc.when we finally cleaned out everything the last thing to go was the afore mentioned shelf behind which we found draw in chalk a pentagram and various other strange drawings and large wooden ouija board.Which again was strange because my mom had never owned one in here life and i was to young to even think about that stuff.Anyway fast forward 12 years to 2002.My mom had met a great guy and had moved to another town to be with him and i was moving out too so i could live on my own.I was just staying in the house until my appartment was ready which was 2 weeks away and cleaning the house for the next owners.Are other housemate had stopped making his presents known many years ago  except for the glaring he did in the basment and he was the furthest thing from my mind and i was down to the last 3 boxes of stuff in the basement .In the basement there was four lights every time i came back for a box 1 light was burnt out as i went to get the last box and i see i'm down to one last light and i know whats coming,but i need that box! So i grabbed the box and stand up and look in horror to see 'him' standing in the darkness in his favorite spot.Two things i noticed this time he was huge standing around 6'4'' and some thing i never notice before he had red eyes and it seemed like he had a nasty smile on his face but i wasn't sure.I stared at him for what seemed like an eternity but he did the strangest thing ever he waved to me but i didn't stick around to say my goodbyes and somehow managed the strength to run yelling some very colorful language as i stumbled out the door.I jumped in my car and sped off and i look in the rear view mirror to see him standing in the kitchen glaring out the window at me well needles to say i never went back.
An interesting side note the previous owners had been avid ouija board player and said that they knew of the entity i had spoke of he only identified  himself as "J" and never nwered questions about who he was and what happend to him.They said he was fun to talk to until he moved in.(thanks for telling us now!!!!!)

Farm Presence

By: teacherolf@earthlink.net

this happened about 4 years ago when i was 15. i was working at a farm in connecticut at the time and it was habit for myself and my coworkers to have night time b-b-q`s throughout teh summer. on this particular occasion, we had killed 3 of the chickens we had and grilled them(nothing better than fresh chicken) as the night was winding down  and we were getting ready to clean up, i noticed a very potent sweet smell. to note, we were next to a sugar shack where maple syrup is made and this smell was much stronger than the strongest syrup ive ever smelled. as i smelled it i noticed my friend glance at me with a perplexed look on his face and suddenly a very thick fog drifted in. he got up quickly an declared  "we`re leaving now". we of course left leaving everything to be cleaned up the next day. we went to teh farm office and the fog was still there along with the smell. it seemed to have followed us. i was a bit spooked an i knew my friend was experiencing what i was but the woman with us had no idea why we started acting strange and was a bit confused at the sudden rush to leave. as we were leaving, it seemed as if teh fog ws thickening however when we reached the chain link fence that is the border of the farm the fog stopped abruptly.  i looked out and saw that the fog followed the length of the fence which was about 50 yards. we left an proceeded to the womans house and my friend told her to walk in her house backwards(my friend comes from guyana in south america and is very superstitious, his grandfather had been a voodoo doctor of some sort, i heard numerous stories of him healing crazed peopel who talked in odd languages) anyways apparently she did not walk in her house backwards as we found out the next morning, however when he told me to when he dropped me home i did so with no argument knowing that sometimes you just dont ask why people tell you to do things. my friend picked me up for work the next morning and i asked him why he had me walk in backwards. he mentioned the smell an the fog and said if it was a supernatural presence it would not follow you into your house if you faced it because it would think you knew it wa sthere.  we got to work and the girl was there before us and she looked very disheveled and tired. she immediatly said she barely slept because things in her house kept falling and waking her up all night, she even said her door opened twice that night. she then said how it was odd how she had smelled something sweet and seen the fog and then strange things happened to her. my friend and i had not said anything to her about the smell or the fog the previous night or yet that morning so we both looked at each other in amazement, she noticed and told us to tell her what happened to us but instead of telling her that we had the same experience, my friend just asked her if she had walked in her house backwards, she said no.  we could only guess why the strange happening went on in only her house an not ours.   i have other stories that happened to me  feel free to e-mail  teacherolf@earthlink.net

A Ghost in our APartment

By: SingingSheri2@aol.com

My name is Sheri Lenz and I live in Loves Park, Illinois.  Loves Park is located right outside of Rockford.  Well, about four months ago I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend which is located off of Perryville Rd.  There are three of us who live here, Bill (my boyfriend), Adrian (his son), and myself.  All of us have had some odd encounters with some kind of presence.  Adrian is 15 years old and has called us hysterical by things he has witnessed while he was home by himself.
Adrian's experience:  One day while home alone in the apartment, Adrian was on the computer. He said that Bill and my bedroom door opened and closed by itself. All windows and doors were closed at the time, so there was not a draft moving through the rooms. About a week later, he was home alone again there was a knock on the door, Adrian went to the door and no one was there. He has also has seen gray blurs run from the bedrooms to the laundry room. Noises have also come from the kitchen while he was by himself.
Bill and Adrian:  In August of 2003, we had family over. While sitting there Adrian and Bill were staring off toward the bedroom. All of a sudden they both looked at each other and said,"Did you see that?". They claimed they saw what looked like an old man or woman hunched over running and looking towards them into the laundry room.
My experiences:  My experiences pretty much consisted of only hearing noises like things in the kitchen opening and closing on there own and blinds rustling with nobody around.  That was until two nights ago.........Two nights ago, my mom and younger brother came over to visit.  We played UNO and watched some TV.  They left at around 12:30 a.m.  After they left, I got on-line and Adrian and Bill went outside and took the go-kart and mini-bike for a ride over to Rock Cut State Park.  I was just sitting at the computer, looking at items on Ebay, when I started to feel like I was being watched.  I looked around and didn't see anything, but I was uncomfortable so I went and got my cell phone out of my purse.  I walked back over to the computer and set the phone next to me.  I continued my search on Ebay, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I immediately looked over towards the hallway, and standing between the bedrooms and the laundry room I saw a grey-ish figure of a man.  A shiver of ultimate fear shot down the back of my neck.  I have never been that frightened in my entire life. He stood there for about two seconds and then disappeared into the laundry room.  I grabbed my phone and bolted out the front door.  I tryed to call Bill on his phone but he didn't answer.  I remained on the front porch until he called me and said he was on his way home.  When they got home, I told him what happened and they said "Now do you believe us?".
I always believed, in a way, but now that I saw that I know that it's real and it frightens me.  The ghost however has not harmed us in anyway.  He is just sharing our residence.

A Couple of Stories for you

By: craz_ygirl21@yahoo.com

    I'm not sure where exactly to start.  All of my life I've had feelings and happenings around me, some I remember and some are still a bit hazy to me.  I have a couple of true stories that have happened to me that I would like to share with everyone.  I grew up in a small city in California called Pico Rivera, but moved in 92 to Colorado.  Growing up in Cali I had my three sisters and my mom and dad.  The house we lived at was on Maris ave and from what I was told it was originally the first church in Pico Rivera, but was torn down to make a home for an elderly couple who, I believe the husband died of old age.  There house was then torn down and ours was built.  I was 8 I believe when I really started to understand what I was experiencing.  I remember that I would always see horrid faces on the wood paneling in the house, by that I mean on the doors, and the kitchen cupboards.  I remember that only my older sister and I would be the ones who experienced all of the happenings.  Her and I would have recurring nightmares.  I would dream of trying to run away from what I believed to be the "devil" chasing me, but the more I ran the closer he would get.  My sister would dream of a young girl in a checkered red and white dress trying to kill her.  Every night I would hear the same things, stomping on our roof, or a stampede of running feet right above my head, and just as fast as it would start, it would disappear.  One day I was alone in the house, my parents and sister had gone to the store, and my two other older sisters where at work.  I was peacefully watching TV and playing with our cat midnight, when a feeling of being watched came over me.  Thinking absolutely nothing of it, I went on watching TV but noticed that idnight had ran off somewhere.   I though it odd that she had just ran off, but I still didn't care, I just kept on watching my cartoons.  My mom has a habit of putting this plastic rug thing on our carpets to keep the dirt off, and we had one, so if someone is walking on it you can hear them.  So what I started to hear was what I thought the cat running back and forth, so I yelled out her name to get her kitty butt over to me and stop making all that noise, when I heard her meow from behind the sofa.  I found this strange wondering how she did that so fast so I went behind the sofa to take a look, sure enough she was huddled in the corner hissing and meowing with her eyes wide open.  I of course tried to get her out, but she wouldn't let me get near her.  I left her alone and figured that she would come out when she's good and ready and went back to my TV.  Then all of a sudden I heard the noise in the hall again, I put my TV on mute thinking that maybe it was the cartoon I was watching and the noise stopped for a second, but then went right back at it.  I started to listen really carefully and what it sounded like was foot steps, heavy footsteps.  With this, I decided to do the same my cat was doing so I hid in the little tiny opening that was behind our sofa, and I listened very carefully.  Then I noticed that whatever it was making that noise, stopped, as if it new that I was aware it was there.  I could feel my heart beat in my throat and then it started up again, but this time it was faster, and then the doors and windows were opening and slamming shut.  I really didn't know what to do, I just remember that I was concentrating on how close the passes were, and they were coming closer to me with every beat of my heart, until I couldn't hear it on the plastic anymore, my cat took off from behind the sofa so I took it as a sign and did the same thing and ran out my front door screaming thinking that whatever it was would grab me from b ind.  I made it safely outside my house, and I sat on the sidewalk waiting for someone to come home.  I felt something burning a hole in the back of my neck and when I turned back to my house the front door slammed shut!  Finally my parents came home and I was so happy to see them, my mom scolded me for being outside alone, and so I proceeded to tell them what had happened.  My dad said that it was probably an aftershock or a small earthquake, but none of the neighbors experienced anything.  My mom on the other hand said that I was being punished for being a naughty kid.  A few days later my older sister had came home from work to an empty house, and she experienced the same thing.
    Our home out here in Colorado has a strange "feeling" to it.  I can't describe it, it's just something that's always been there.  I remember one night it was myself, our neighbor and my twin sister were home alone, our parents' had gone up to the hill for some gambling, so we decided to watch movies, and just be the normal teenage girls.  Well my sister had gone in the shower and my neighbor and I were just sitting around gossiping, waiting for my sister to get out so we could watch a movie when the phone rang.  Of course I ran to pick it up and I said hello, but the other side was dead.  So I put it back down and went back to our business, when it rang again.  I got up, ran to the phone, again no one on the other end.  I hate prank calls, and two is enough for me to get agitated with, so I unplugged all the phones in the house and left it at that.  About five minutes later there was a knock at our door, now I wasn't a stupid girl, I looked out the peep hole and there was no one there, so I looked out my window and there wasn't even any feet print in the snow coming up to our door.  Well we both found this to be strange, and feeling a bite uncomfortable, we went around the house making sure everything was locked and overed all our windows.  We stood looking out the front window making sure it wasn't one of our neighbors trying to play games when my sister came out of the shower and had a confused look on her face.  We asked her what was wrong and she asked us if we had gone into the bathroom during the time she was in the shower, I told her no, there is no way for us to even get in if we wanted to because there is no key for that lock.  Again we asked her what was wrong and she proceeded to tell us that before she got in the water, she took off her rings and had placed them on top of the toilet seat cover so that they wouldn't fall into the sink, but when she had gone out, they were on top of the toilet and the seat cover was up as if someone had removed them to use the restroom.  At that same time both the phone rang and there was another knock at the door.  We looked out the peep hole while my sister ran to get the phone, again there were no foot prints in the fresh snow, and no one at the door.  My sister came running and said that it was for me, so I started walking to the phone when I remembered that I had unplugged all the phones, so I told my sister to hang it up she said that it sounded important, but I told her to hang it up, finally she did.  My neighbor and I both turned white and my sister asked what was going on when I told her I had unplugged them so there is no way they could've rang, let alone anyone talk on the other end.  We still talk about it to this day, and even in my own apartment, I wake up to hear my toilet flush on it's own, or things vanish and I find them in my cupboards.  Crazy, crazy!


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