The House


hi  seen your web site and would like to tell u about a haunted house in Pembroke Ontario  the people living  there said that they have seen  black and white shadows walking up the stairs and seen coming from the basement  doors open and close and bang noises are heard and no one is up stairs candles slide off tables and no one  is near them and there dogs stare into the hall and bark and growl and nothing is there the hair on the dogs back stands up  computers come on by them selves and cold spots are felt in the kitchen and the bath tub is always full of water and no one filled it up thanks for your site I love it but this is a house worth mentioning


The Chair


I was staying the night at a friends house. When her parents went to bed
we went down to the livingroom to watch a movie. Her dad has this old
torn up brown leather chair that sits in the corner of that room, but
nobody is allowed to sit in it. The first time I ever went to her house
she told me, "never sit in that chair." When I asked her why, she told
me that  it was her grandmothers favorite chair.(her dads mom)I never
thought much about it, people can be very sentimental about belongings
left behind by someone that died, especially if they were really close
to them.So anyway we were watching our movie and their dog(a bassett
hound) came wandering to the livingroom. He went and sat right in front
of the chair and started making this kindof whining howling sound, like
he was upset. I asked my friend what he was doing and she said that he
does that sometimes because he misses his mom, the bassett used to be
her grandmothers dog. So I really paid no more attention after that
until I heard a sound coming from that corner of the room. I thought it
was just the dog but when I turned around the dog was gone. I told my
friend I was spooked so she told me to turn the light on. The light
switch was next to the leather chair. I got up and walked across the
room to turn the light on and when I did I saw an imprint in the cushion
of the chair as if someone had  been sitting there. Then the chair
rocked forward slightly and then fell back into place and as it did it
rocked a little. I told my friend and expected her not to believe me but
instead she said, "oh That's just my grandmother, she likes to come and
sit there every now and again." I didn't really belive her but how else
do I explain what I saw. I spoke with her mom the next day and she said
it was true. I've never been able to go back into that house at night

The Big Bird


this story is shared by our worker who always drunk and tell stories to us, meet Ambrosio, a 46 yrs old beer drunker, who work as farmer in our farm, he is always alcohol drinker it is because he almost spends his life drinking those alcoholic drinks, many even says he is crazy it is because he is always drunk and even not to go to work, well here's his story, in our barangay in nagrebcan luna la union philippines, there was a vacant house that leave by a family who are now in hawaii, the house was located at the most forest area in our barangay sorrounded by many trees and plants or bushes, it is scary to pass by there it is because many of my friends and other residents are scared to walk and even to live there even one night, it is because they believe that it was really haunted, it happens that ambrosio leaves the house of his friend because hi has many guest and he did not want to disturb them and decided to build his own house, it happens that he found the large space located at the haunted house so he built a mini-house made up of bamboo and decide to temporary stay there till his friend's guest leaves,  after the few days he leaves and transfered to other place it is because he always heard bird's sound that disturbs him and he can't sleep at night, when he go out and check it out he saw a huge black bird who made the noises, he is scared so he return to his friend and never return there anymore, today the house was rebuilt and there was a family who leaves there already and blessed it, from now i never heard ghost stories about there anymore

St. Augustine Fort- entombed alive


Hey! I live in sunny Florida and have visited St. Augustine (which is my FAVORITE place in FL) several times. I  I was happy to see the Fort Castilla de san Marco on your list of haunted places in Fl. You left out on of the most famous and creepy ghost stories about the fort though.  A few years back one of the enormous cannons fell through the roof on the fort.  The workers noticed a sickly-sweet rose odor coming from the cavern through which the cannon fell.  When investigated, they discovered the remains of two people, a male and a female. Through a little research historians discovered that the wife of one of the Spanish captains that had once commanded the fort had had an affair with a solider. The pair had mystriously disappeared. The wife, as it turns out, used to wear a strong rose smelling perfume. It is now widley believed that in punishment the lovers were sealed into the small room and left to suffacate. The room is now opened to the public. The first time i visited, back in '99, I refused to go into the room before i even knew what it was. I was about to duck down into the small entrance way when i got the worst case of chills i have ever got in my life. To this day, i haven't gone into the room. next time youre in St. Augustine, ask the people at the fort to tell you this story. It's incredibly interesting.

My lover, Raymond...


 About 2 years ago, my first love was shot to death and died instantly. I was devastated when it happened but one night he came to me in a dream and told me he loved me and he didn't want to see me cry over him anymore because it hurt him. It was really strange because I woke up immediately after that and I just started crying SO HARD, but I only cried for a few minutes because I remembered what he said and I stopped, I didn't want to hurt him. I remember the dream feeling so real that when he held me and kissed me, I felt so safe and secure like he was really there with me. I never really cried over him again after that day, sure a few tears here and there when I visit his grave but I never cried uncontrollably again. I never forgot about him but I moved on and tried to make happiness in my life without him. Then a few days ago, a really good friend of my mothers came to visit us for Thanksgiving. Now, I never knew this before but she has to power to feel the presence of ghosts and spirits. She can talk to them, hear them and see them, she was scared to tell my family about this gift because she thought we'd call her crazy. Finally, she just couldn't take it any more because she said we had a ghost in the house that was influencing my thoughts when I would sleep. She said it was a man and he lived in my room and his favorite place was at the foot of my bed. I was a little skeptical at first because I had never really heard that sort of thing before. I asked her if she could see him and hear him and she said yes. She told me that he had black hair, sharp brown eyes, olive skin, a mustache and he was about 5'8. The way she described the man sounded exactly like Raymond (my decease lover). She asked me who that was and I told her the story, she got this freaked out look on her face and I then asked her how long this man has been living in my room. She said that before I could even finish the question, he answered me "2 years" and she repeated his answer to me. I then got goose bumps all over and I said "he passed away in 2001" (now being 2003, which makes that 2 years ago.) She asked me if I had any pictures of him and I showed her one, she only glanced at it when she said "that's him, that is him!" I still didn't know if I believed it but I was freaked out by the thought of a ghost living in my bedroom for 2 years. She said she had asked him what he was doing in my home and he replied that he loved me and was there because of me. She then told me that since he was "my ghost" I was the only one who could make him leave. She told me to light a white candle and tell him to go to the light and that God was waiting for him in heaven. I felt like a lunatic talking to myself but I did just as she said and then I left my room with all the lights off and the door shut, and nothing but the candle light on. She went into my room about an hour later and she still saw him there. She then asked him " What are you still doing here?!" He told her that he couldn't go to heaven because he's done too much bad in his lifetime and God will never forgive him. She assured him that wasn't true and that God loves all of us and will always forgive us, no matter what we do, as long as we ask for his forgiveness. She then told him to think about that because God was waiting for him and she left the room. About a hour after that, I returned home and we went to check if he was still there, sure enough, he was there, at the foot of my bed. I told her that I wanted to talk to him and ask him why he was there. Raymond was a gang member and was killed by the cops for reasons unclear to me at the time. I just knew that he was too good of a person and had too big of a heart to have done anything to deserve death. I never really had any sense of closure regarding his cause of death and I felt the real story was being hidden and no one would ever find out what really happened, only the people who were there knew the truth. Well, he started out talking about a teen named Joey that had gotten killed about a week before Raymond. He said that he wanted me to know that he had never hurt Joey but Joey had tried to hurt him with a blade of some sort. Raymond's uncle Eddie (who was the gang leader) ordered the gang to go after Joey (who was from a rival gang), they did and they shot him to death. Raymond said he had nothing to do with Joey's death but that Joey's ghost had come for Raymond to get revenge on his uncle Eddie. Raymond said he was done wrong by his own family because his Uncle Eddie and Aunt Christina knew that Raymond was "going down" and they never warned him or said anything to anyone to help him out. They just let him die. I didn't really understand what he meant by this since he was killed by the cops and not a rival gang member, but I knew it was really him because of all the names he had said. I knew that my mom's friend could NEVER have just known those names or made them up and for the most part in made sense except for the part about his aunt and uncle knowing that he was going down. They were both present when he was killed though, so maybe that had something to do with what he said. He said they had betrayed him and they were no longer his family because family wouldn't have done that to him, he just wouldn't tell me exactly HOW they did him wrong or what they knew that they never warned him about. He said he was very hurt to find out that 2 people he had cared so much for had done such a heartless thing to him. He said he just wanted me to know this so I would know that he didn't deserve to die and he never hurt anyone or tried to hurt anyone, that he was set up by his own uncle and aunt. He also had said that if his friend had known what was going on, he would have still been alive today. Leah (my mother's friend) couldn't make out the name of the friend he was talking about so he said " the one with all the kids" right then, I knew he was talking about his best friend Javier. He said he only told me all of this so I would know the truth and would never think of him as a bad person. What he didn't know, was that I NEVER did think of him as a bad person and I KNEW deep down inside that he didn't deserve to die the way he did, or at the time that he did. Before he passed away, we were going through a lot of problems because he had cheated on me with another woman. He told me that she really never meant a thing to him but that she threw herself at him and "guys will be guys", He said that we were supposed to get back together and get a house together and I was supposed to have his son. He said he wasn't ready to go yet and he had plans for us and that was why he chose to stay with me all this time, he just felt comfortable with me there. Leah had told me that since he died so suddenly, he never knew he was dead and therefore had not crossed over yet and had been trapped here on earth. He said that he never meant to hurt me in any way and that I was his true love. What was really weird was that about a year ago (2002) I had a new boyfriend living with me and he broke my heart. I still get sad about him and miss him occasionally, and Raymond knew this. One of the last things he had asked Leah to tell me was that the man I was so heart-broken over wasn't even worth my time or tears and that he could just never be good enough for me so, not to hurt over him anymore. He said he didn't like that guy and that he never deserved me, he was just no good. Well, he was so right about every single thing he had told me in that whole conversation. At the time, I didn't know it for sure, but I just felt it inside, and I knew he wouldn't stay around for 2 years just to tell me lies. After he told me all of that, he said he didn't want to talk anymore because I should be able to figure everything out from what he already said. Leah and I then asked him to go to the light and go with God. I promised him I'd pray for him to be forgiven by God and let into heaven, but I already knew God would take him without my prayer. Just then, Leah's eyes moved across the room as if she was watching someone walking. He said one last time " Please tell her that I never meant to hurt her and I'm so sorry" I said I forgave him a very long time ago. He then asked her to tell me that he loved me and would wait for me in heaven. Then Leah told me to watch the candle and  just at that moment, the flame grew very tall and all the blue of the flame disappeared and it was all white. She told me he said "good-bye! I love you!" and he was gone. He just wanted to tell me those things and wouldn't leave until he got the chance. I felt really happy after that because I sent my love to heaven, where he belongs. This is a true story and it was honestly the best experience of my entire life (which isn't too long since I'm only 19). Even though I couldn't see him or hear him I KNEW for a fact that he was right there with me, just from what he said and all the names he mentioned. I know I will never experience anything like this again so I feel very special that he chose me. It really was CRAZY to go through but once I knew it was him, I wasn't so scared anymore, I actually felt happy that he stayed all that time just to tell me how he felt and what really happened when he passed away. I felt even happier that I was the one who sent him to heaven to be with God and be happy again. It may not make sense to you, but it did to me, because he was my first love and I knew him so well. I had tried to follow his case and dig to find something on what really happened when he was killed but never could up until he told me. Soon after that experience, I spoke to his mother and we put the whole thing together to find out that his "family" had betrayed him, just as he said. His uncle Eddie is now standing trial for the death of Joey and he is looking at 25 to life with no chance of Parole, but for what he did to Raymond, he deserves that, he actually deserves to be the one laying in that casket instead of Raymond, but I'm just glad Raymond is in a better place and away from this cruel world. He deserves to be happy for eternity

My Haunted House


chatsworth georgia- smyrna circle i lived there when i was 10 and all kinds of crazy things happened. the doors would open and close there was always a cold spot by my bedroom window no matter how warm it was outside...a tricycle would roll across the yard untouched and something would pull the covers over my mothers head and tickle her toes during the night.......and in the grape orchard when you would leave there would be a boy standing there in a 50's car coat.....also after we moved a lady across the street said the house had been empty for like 6 months but mysterious sounds lights and music would iminate from the house..... thank you

Amity HAll Hotel-my most frightening experience


This happened over a span of time from June - my last visit on October 31.
When I first did a search on The Amity Hall Hotel in April 2003 I read
about how back in the days of the PA Canal system, canal travelers used to
stay there, then in the civil war days it was used as a hospital. Then only
internet, which I thought odd. I have looked on the internet many times for
historical information on Amity Hall.
The first time I went there was June. My friend had been telling me about
it, so we went with a group. I brought my camcorder and was outside with a
girl that was scared to go in. My battery went dead in about five minutes.
I thought it was wierd because a relative had put the battery in the
charger while running the camera off of house electricity , but later the
battery charged and is now just fine. That night we saw, in the corner of
the L-shaped building, very small bluish lights. They went inside, but
reported nothing out of the ordinary.
The first time I went into the house (1 week later) was during the day. I'd
wandered around it many times, during both day and night, and the most
creepy place on the outside is a door at the end of a hall which is locked
shut. We (me and that same friend) were walking around it looking for a
door that was open and I went around front and was standing on the porch
looking at the door. It was completely shut and suddenly, which seemed odd
to me, I had the notion to try it. It seemed ridiculous, especially because
it had always previously been locked, but I reached for it and it easily
swung open, revealing to me the beauty within. There is a hall that runs
down the middle of it, on either side, very large rooms. There is a bar on
the left and a kitchen beyond that. There are old fireplaces in the rooms.
The L-shape to this building  comes from the attachment of the hallway of
hotel rooms to what I assume is the residential part as well as the
Strangely, the worst room in the house is upstairs, the trophy room. This
room is filled with a giant feeling of "GET OUT OF HERE". Nothing has ever
been seen or heard in it by me, but I went in it once and I will never go
in it again, that is how strong the feeling is. I'm not sure if the anger
felt in this room is some ghost , all the glass and mirrors are broken and
you walk on a crystalline floor about an inch thick. We were walking around
and checking the doors.
We opened the heavy metal back door and were lingering around in a small
awkward room. I looked down the hall into an ominous darkness and said "I'm
not going down that hallway." We kept checking other doors and came, not by
MY request, back to the door. When I looked down the hallway this time it
was well lit and I could see everything. There is a small rectangular
window in front of the front door at the other end of the hall that let in
a great deal of light, but before this could not be seen, before I couldn't
see even halfway down the hallway because it was so dark. We continued
around checking doors because we didn't want to climb around the fallen
antique soda machine that lays at an awkward angle, stuck between the steps
themselves and the railing of the upper part of this staircase. It looks
like it's ready to fall. We went to the door right in front of the stairs,
which was locked before, and my friend, for whatever reason, reached out
and opened it. She was also so very determined to get into the hotel rooms,
so we were climbing across the little porches, separated by railings, and
after we had already tried all the doors she, without rhyme or reason,
walked right up to the third one in and opened it with ease.
Throughout the summer we went back with equipment trying to get footage but
nothing works correctly arround it. I have seen, one night, the very faint
white figure of what appeared to be a woman in the attic window facing the
parking lot. I have seen white flashes of light in the attic windows facing
the road. But the worst time ever...I am getting Goosebumps and watery eyes
thinking about it...was October 11. It wasn't that cold, but I remember
wearing my winter jacket. Me, my best friend since childhood, and my
boyfriend went driving up. We talked all about it on the way there and then
when we parked we just couldn't bring ourselves to get out of the car. For
some odd reason we were all scared to death. That night there seemed to be
a battle going on, of energies good and evil. (because believe me, the
place has both) You could, at time, actually see in the window, the
swirling of something that is hard for me to describe as anything other
than something out of this world. There were faint glows fading in and out
of the windows, as well as small but somewhat bright points of light coming
from the corner of the L-shape. The driver (my best freind) got out of the
car and basically was so scared she just stood there and then quickly got
back in. I'd heard of 'hounds from hell' chasing people from sitting in the
parking lot like we were; maybe that's what she saw, I don't know, I was
watching the house, but suddenly my boyfriend in the passenger seat freaked
out and pointed to the front left corner of the car and just as he did I
was so suddenly scared I cried a scream that came straight from my soul.
"GO NOW!" We spun out of the parking lot and parked on the other side of
the road (each time the car was still running) My boyfriend was talkign
about what he saw, which was a black figure, not the shape of a dog, but
about the size of a dog, lingering around the front bumper where the driver
was standing. We were talking about how still, from this far away, the
house felt creepy and strong. This may sound weird to some, but I don't
care. I was sitting in the backseat on the right side, the side of the car
that was facing the woods. Suddenly I got this creepy feeling that
something was outside the window. I knew it was watching me. In the front
my friends were talking and JUST as I was turning to look out the window,
in a split instant my boyfriend the passenger started freaking out
screaming the driver's name and to start driving. I was, somehow, too slow
for this, the timing was just right that I never got to see with eyes what
I already knew to be there, just outside the window, not just watching, but
GLARING at me. I hadn't even begun to describe what I had experienced when
suddenly it started coming from my boyfriends mouth. He was TREMBLING and
telling about how something was outside my window looking in at me and it
wanted to hurt me. He said there was a woman outside his window silently
screaming at him which is why he screamed.  I started crying and going into
near hysterics because what he was describing was what I FELT, and at the
height of MY terror, he was the one who freaked out. It was one of the most
horrific paranormal experiences I have ever had. He said he could clearly
see her and that it looked like the female was bleeding alot and that her
clother were from the 1800's.
The last time I was there (October 31), it seemed like respectful party
people had taken up part-time residence in the house because furniture had
been all moved to one room and there was no further damage to the house. I
later found out several of my friends went later, and the house is now
inhabitted by a cult of somesort. They have told me that they spoke with
Whatever case, I don't think I'll ever go back at night, there is something
there that is angry with me for some reason. I'm still looking for history
to figure who the woman and man(?) were outside of our car.  I would
appreciate any ideas you might have for why the male gave off the feeling
toward sme and no one else inthe car. My boyfriend is also wonderign the
same thing about the female.  To be honest I don't think I'll go ghost
hunting anymore either, becasue I have beeen so frightened by the above

A Friendly Ghost


i live in prospect bay in nova scotia canada.we have lived here for a little over 10 years. since we've been here, we have had many experiences, but the one that takes the cake was 2years ago while my parents were at work. my youger sister and i were home from school and at about two o'clock in the afternoon we heard footsteps on the stairs. we turned off the t.v. so we could hear it better.knowing we were all along, we knew it was not alive.the foot steps got closer, then it sounded as if someone was running up the stairs. when the footsteps got to the top we heard a little girl's giggle and she ran back down the stairs and so did we right out the front door and stayed there until my parents got home. we have had many other things happen like seeing an old woman in my mothers mirror and a man dressed in black that just stares at you for awhile then goes away. these experiences no longer scare us. we call them our roommates.they don't bother us they just let us know they are there.

The Helping Spirit, Wabuska, Nevada
by Eddie Ann Miller
"Wabuska" is the Wahoe Indian word for "White Grass". The natives appropriately named this area for the chalky white alkalae soil, which dusts everything, including grasses that grow near the hot springs. According to local Indians, the mineral rich, red hills which overlook Wabuska, provided the dye for the red paint used by Wavoka in his Ghost Dance, which he introduced around 1889. Already established by the time of the Ghost Dance, the Wabuska Bar in Wabuska, Nevada was built in 1881 by Edward Lovejoy. Edward was the son of Elijah Lovejoy,  a famous abolitionist and newspaper editor, who was killed by a pro-slavery mob in Alton Illinois in 1837. The elder Lovejoy is considered to be the first martyr of the free press. Edward was an infant at the time, and was whisked away by his fleeing mother, as the story goes. Thus began a saga which eventually took Edward by ship around Cape Horn, to San Francisco and the California mining towns, to Virginia City, and eventually to Wabuska, Nevada. Wabuska, at its height, had a school, several saloons, brothels, businesses, and houses. It was a railroad town, and like many towns at the time, many of its buildings were moved from towns that were in decline, such as Virginia City. The Wabuska Bar's back bar (where bottles are stored), and part of the front bar (where you sit) were moved from a saloon in Virginia City, but no one knows which one. The building itself is a jigsaw puzzle of several different buldings assembled into one. The front section was the bar, and in it's earliest days, a post office, store, barber shop--the original mini-mall. The upstairs was a hotel, and very likely used as a brothel in later years. The back section provided living quarters for the proprietors. Edward Lovejoy ran this establishment for 10 years until his death in 1891. He is buried in Dayton, NV. I visit his grave from time to time, and tell him news of Wabuska and his bar. After Lovejoy died, a man named Feeney ran the Wabuska bar for, I believe, 30 years or so. His legacy is an huge safe that that bears his name. It ws around this time that the place was a "hotel" (and by many indications it was a brothel too). During prohibition, liquor was hidden in a secret room behind a closet under the stairs. Feeney sold the bar to Mary And Al Veil. The couple raised their children there, as evidenced by the  marbles and pieces of a childs' arrowhead collection I found in the dirt. Al  Veil ran the bar for many years, and then after his death, his wife Mary took over. She worked well into her eighties, bartending until she was no longer able, and it was widely known that Mary Veil loved the Wabuska Bar. Mary's nurse claimed that during her final, lengthy hospital stay, Mary had repeatedly talked about going home to Wabuska. She died in the hospital in nearbyYerington, Nevada. The bar was dormant for 10 years r so after Mary's death. Vandals broke in and used a cutting torch on Feeney's safe in an attempt to get it open. In the mid-90's, my brother bought the bar, and I took up residence in the back living quarters, and oversaw an extensive interior remodel in preperation for my stint there as live-in bartender. I was immediately taken with the place. It was rough, shoddy, dusty, wild-western and deliciously spooky! One my second visit to the bulding, I was exploring under the staircase, and jumped back and gasped when I saw what I thought were two huge eyes staring back at me. It turned out to be two old ceramic wire insulators, part of the old electrical system. At that point, I decided to aknowledge that I was a bit uneasy, and to just relax and enjoy any spirits, if they were present. I was actually more scared of transients because there was no way to completely secure the building. The bar is right next to a highway, and there were signs that various hitchhikers had flopped there for the night during its dormancy. Each day when I arrived to work on the remodel, I would first run my dogs Coach and Nigel through all the rooms. Later, I was joined by a building crew, and we worked for over a year to get the bar ship-shape. Many who saw the finished product said that Mary Veil would have loved it. She had always wished she could afford to fix the place up. But business was slow in the later years. The town of Wabuska was now "population 5", and other buildings that had once stood there were hauled off to Yerington to be recycled one more time.The train station which had stood across the road, was taken to the state capital, Carson City to be featured in a train park at the Railroad museum. Wabuska had mostly disappeared, a piece at a time. Times were changing, but those who remembered Mary said that they just knew she was still there. After her death, and during the time the bar was vacant, people had claimed to see her in the window as they drove by. O patron claimed that after the reopening, she saw Mary behind the bar. Mary told this customer to go back behind the bar and help herself. If true, this was a typical "Maryism", because as she aged, Mary would sit by the woodstove and instruct patrons to pour their own, and leave the money on the till. Myself, I've always been sensitive to paranormal occurances (Pisces). I had an immediate affinity for the bar and for the woman whose photos still lined the wall. I felt like her protoge', and I accepted that Mary was there in many ways. The experience was like "The Shining" as the place really got under my skin.  To this day, I still dwell on it, and am sad that  things are no longer done according to my vision. However, to be fair, the current residents have their own appreciation, and I feel that my sadness is due to the level of psychic comfort I drew from the place. As far as ghostly activity, I experienced a few things. The light over one of the pool tables turned on and off now and then when no one was around. I also found the same light swinging wildly when there was no breeze, nor anyone to give it a push. During the remodel, there were still lots of items left over from the previous occupants. Initially, I was the only person going to the bar to clean up, and in effect, clear ground for the remodel. I was pretty unprepared for the job in the beginning, and many times found myself looking for an item to make into an impromtu tool. For example, I was taking apart some drawer handles to clean them. I needed a flat head screwdriver to take them off. The first drawer I looked in had just the type and size of screwdriver I needed, but nothing else. Later, I  needed some sandpaper to remove the rust from the drawer handles. The first drawer I looked in had a little piece of sandpaper, just perfect for the job, but again, nothing else. This went on  for days u il I got wise and brought my own tools and supplies. I always remembered to say, "Thanks Mary". I truly felt she was helping me get the job done. Sometimes my needs were a really strange tool, but it was provided every time. An awl to punch a hole... a piece of steel wool... One day, I had to pull up the old carpet in one of the bedrooms. I had always heard that it is common to find newspapers in old houses, sometimes used for insulation. I always knew I would find one too. As I pulled up the carpet, I found an early 1900's San Francisco Chronicle. I was flabergasted. I knew it would happen, but was still shocked when it did. Years later, I found other newspapers, but these were from the WWII era. One was from December 8th, 1941, the day Pearl Harbor was attacked.Many other things happened to me there, but the actual contact with Mary was one I would never forget. It happened during a time when I was trying to sort out a bad relationship with my then boyfriend. It was a slow night. I was alone, watching t.v. From nowhere, I felt a hand touch me on top of my head. The hand stroked me from my head all down my back. It was as plain as if someone else was really there. It was a most comforting touch, like a mother silently saying that everything will be o.k. It startled me, of course, but I quickly came to grips with it. I didn't run screaming. Instead, I silently acknowledged the touch like, "Ohhhh o.k. I love you too Mary". Well, everything did work out for me. Soon, I met the man who would become my husband, and I moved away from Wabuska. My Dad and his wife are the current proprieters of the bar. My visits are short and bittersweet these days. I don't know if Mary is still around or not. Perhaps an investigation would yield more information. I am curious to know, and would love to go along and say "hi". If you are experienced in this type of investigation, let me know. Maybe I can arrange something. Thanks for reading.

Under the Deck

My mom was taking my dog out to do her business, and we have a deck that she goes under and snoops around all of the time. So after a while, she wandered under the deck and came out tail-down, and she was very scared. She did this many times after, too. Tonight me and my mom went under the deck looking for anything that may have scared my dog, but we found nothing. And after all of the hauntings I have had, I am thinking It could be the same person (I hate saying "ghost" Just disrespectful, right?) doing all of the "hauntings" that did this one, too.

Grandfather Saying Goodbye


This story happened in 1998, it involves my grandfather.  He and I were very close when I was little.  I always knew when he was sick or hurt.  I would get "feelings".  My Grandmother used to call it my "radar". My Grandfather died November 15th. 1998.  He died at 4:30 am.  How do I know this ?  He came to say goodbye.  We were all expecting it.  He was just too tired to keep going.  My Aunt, Uncle, and my Grandmother were with him when he died.  He just said "It's time for me to go Butch."  He meant my Grandmother.  He closed his eyes and that was it.I was in Winnipeg in bed at 4:30 that morning.  I woke up and sat up because I was getting that "feeling" again.  I know I was awake because I remember hearing the furnace kick on.  Standing at the end of my bed was my Grandfather.  He was kind of glowing.  I know it sounds like I am making it up.  I'm not.  He looked me in the eyes and smiled.  I felt rather than heard that he was at peace now, he wasn't in pain any longer.  He said "I love you, I'm ok. I love you."
He faded away and that was it.  I found out the next day that he had died at 3:28 am in Edmonton, Alberta.  We are an hour ahead here in Winnipeg.  I lay back down and whispered, "Goodbye I love you to."  I cried a little and then went back to sleep.  Thanks for listening

2 Possible Ghosts
My mom has told me stories of when she was younger. The house she lived in had 2 possible ghosts; a young boy who fell into a fire place while he was alone and died, or it could be the old lady who hung herself in her garage. The hauntings mostly happened during times when they were doing renivations. For example, one time while they eating, the curtain flew half way across the room and hit my grandfather on the head. At the time they were renivating the kitchen.

Something in Red
I wrote to you before about legends of Oakwood Cemetery. Now I want to share something that happened to me.I am a member of the local Historical Commision and our monthly meetings are held in one of the oldest houses in the county, dating from around the 1840s. It was built by one of the early families in the area. I have always heard stories about the house, but never experienced anything there myself until a meeting last year. The meetings are held in the front entry way. On one side is the entrance to a bedroom with another bedroom further down. On the other side is the parlor and little dinning room. The larger dining room was added later and the porch converted into a hall way.I was sitting across from the small dining room when I saw something in red go by. At first I thought it was just someone coming out of the bathroom that was connected to that room or someone going into the parlor. There were about 10 to 15 people in the house at the time and as the meeting hadn't started yet, many were in other rooms.I later realized that only one person was wearing red that day and at the time I saw the figure she had been no where near the dining room or the parlor. Besides, she was wearing red pants and the figure I saw was definitly wearing a dress. Although some of the ladies were wearing dresses, none were wearing one in a color that could be mistaken for red.I like to think it was one of the ladies who had lived in the house when it was new who was just checking on things. Many families had lived in the house over the years and the last ladies to live in the house had given piano lessons.I haven't seen anything since then, but I hope that one day I might.

My Walk through the Graveyard

By: Anonymous

well I know loads of people send in stories about grave yards and they never sound true but this one I encountered was so scary I didn't want to go out of my house for 5 months!!basically my two friends, Ursula, nikita and I were sitting on the wall of this graveyard we used to hang out in when I decided to take a visit to my friend (who is dead) in the cremation garden and have a talk to her. nikita and Ursula knew I liked to spend time on my own so they left me too it, after all they were still in view. well Asher (my no-longer-with-us friends) flowers were dieing so I went into the back of the graveyard to pick some flowers. Then all of a sudden I heard a voice. I thought nothing of it at first, just a hushed cooing in the background. I presumed it was some mourners coming to visit a loved one but it stared to get louder and more distressed. the person sounded Latin! they were getting louder and louder until it hurt my ears and I had to turn around and tell them to stop. but when I turned around nothing was there. I strained my eyes but all I could see was a graveyard and flowers!!!! quite startled by the experience I decided too tell urs and keets about what just happened. Then I heard a scream...things were getting stranger and stranger!!! I was scared now! I ran and ran but my surroundings were unfamiliar! I hadn't a clue where I was I couldn't find my way out of this whirling blur that I was trapped in! and the Latin voice was getting louder and louder. all of a sudden I appeared to wake up. I was in the middle of the graveyard in the pitch black! I panicked-like you would! I was so utterly confused!!! I looked up to see a blurred figure and I screamed! the figure was about my height and my size but it had no face. it was nothing- it was just...there. and as I stared at it it came closer and closer until I was practically inside it. and it stopped, stopped dead in front of me. and then the latin voice came back, quiet at first but louder it grew louder and louder. i let it. the next thing i knew the figure was fading and fading into nothing...until thats all it was...nothing. eventually police found me and rushed me to hospital. they said it was just my anxiaty hulusinating me. but im sure it was something more... something that wont leave my head, you see every noght when i go to bed i say a latin prayer in hope that the figure i saw will rest in peace. but that didnt stop it from scaring the hell out of me. please make sure you don't wake up at exactly 3.12 because i do and i hate it. i see the figure at the foot of my bed, with a face and everything. shes a little girl. and she screams- silently but she still does it. and it scares me. she hasnt hurt me though...yet.

After my stepdad's accident


I came across the web page a couple of weeks ago and thought I would tell of my sister's experience.  My mom and her husband had just built a brand new house about 20 miles outside of St. Charles, MO where they were going to live with my sister and stepsister.  The road that leads to their new subdivision is kind of an old country road that had not been redone to fit the growing population in that area.  This road has many twist and turns as you make your way to the house.  Well about 3 years ago my stepdad went out with some buddies of his to watch the football game at a local restaurant.  After the game he had called my mom and asked if the family wanted pizza because he would swing by and pick some up bacause my mom and my other two stepsisters and their boyfriends were already over at the new house.  Well, as he traveled down the curvy road, we think his phone rang or he dropped something on the passanger side floor and leaned over to get it because this distraction caused him to loose control of his car and spin out into the oncoming lane.  As he spun out a truck coming the other way smashed into the side of his car and made him die instantly. My mom found out because he never showed up back at home when he should have so she went to see if he was still at the pizza place, but when she got to the entrance to the subdivision she saw the police there. (He lost control on the turn right before the entrance to the subdivision).  There she saw the tarp draped over his car to block the view of his body. Needless to say she was devistated.  So time passed and their new house went up for sale.  And thats when the wierd things started to happen.  The way the house was situated my sister's room and my stepsister's room were on the other side of the house than my mom and he husbands room so you had to walk through the living room to move between the rooms.  The strange things only happened to my sister though.  She was in her bathroom one day getting ready for work when out of nowhere she saw all these (she can only describe them as twinkling) lights around her and there are no windows or any way other lights could have come to make this happen.  She wasn't really scared just kind of curious as to what these were.  She was in her room right across the hall when watching TV when her door slowly started closing to the point where it almost clicked into the door frame, then opened slowly again. No windows or doors were open to causes even a draft.  On her 19th birthday she was walking from my mom's room to her room one day when she passed right in front of my stepdad's Lazy-Boy recliner that he loved.  All of a sudden the lights appeared again.  She describes these lights as peaceful and have never caused her to be scared or to panic.  We figured it was Ron, my stepdad, saying happy birthday to her.  The only time I was ever in that house alone I heard creaks and moans and clanking that scared me so bad that I actually left at 2:00 am and went to my dad house instead.  One other thing happened to her but it was at my moms new house, she had to move.  One night my sister woke up to give my niece her bottle and when she went downstairs she walked straight into the kitchen.  She started to hear the baby seat rocking back and forth, as it makes an inmistakable noise.  She walked into the family room and the seat was moving back and forth on its own.  No windows open or drafts were going through the house and the only way to get the seat to move is to press one of the buttons because its battery operated.  SCARY!!!

I Think It's Real....


Well, my mother doesnt believe me, but I think it was for real.
When I was little, I used to stay alone in my house sometimes, and ussually
my father would get home around 9, we'd fix dinner and I would go to bed.
So this one night I was alone and I heard the front door open, then I heard
the fridge open and close and the silverware drawers as well.
I ran down the stairs thinking my father had come home, but I was suprised
when I found the lights out. So I went into the kitchen and turned on the
lights. Everything was just fine. So I turned around and started to go
upstairs again.
I was halfway climbing the stairs, when I heard the front door open again. I
sprung around and heard the fridge door open and close several times. I was
frightened to death, so I couldnt move.
Even though the sound had ended I stayed on the stairs until my dad came
home and asked me what happened.
Itold him and  was sent to bed, but the next day my father comented to my
mother what had happened to me, and told her he had found silverware
spattered aroun the kitchen floor when I came home.
The odd thing is that the silverware fournd on the floor wasn't the one
inside the drawers.
It was our special-silver set which we kept on top of the fridge.....I
couldn't reach to it, not even wiht a chair.




Hi! My name is Amanda. I am thirteen years old and I used to live in a house that was haunted, but we rented it and the owner sold it to someone else who knocked it down. Now there is a store there. The adress of the store is 115 West McClain Street in Scottsburg, Indiana.{in case you think you may want to look into this.} I've been reading books about ghosts and have learned that digital camera's pick up orbs and you can't see them(actually you can, my uncle saw an orb). I also learned that Voice activated recorders pick up the voices of ghosts, I used to talk to him(this may sound funny but when my mom asked who I was talking to, I replied Judge) Also I hear that apperations are rare but he took this form. I hope to study more about them, and I hope this helps you with your research. You may send this information to others if you like and can post it on a website, just don't use my name there.

My Father


Sorry it took so long to write, but I've been busy.  As I stated before, I
inherited the father's ghosts and he from his father and so on.  It really
made for quite an weird childhood.  And a lot of strange stories! The story
I am about to tell happened to my father.
When he was young, in his early teens, he had horrible dream.  In this dream
he saw a young man at the foot of bed.  The man he saw was covered in blood
and his head was twisted at a strange angle, as if the bones in his neck was
snapped in two and he couldn't support it.  It lay to one side resting on
his shoulder.  If that wasn't horrible enough, the man's arms were
outstretched reaching towards my father, as if the man was silently pleading
for help.  My father was frightened, to say the least, and woke with a
start.  Years later, the dream all but forgotten, my father met his best
friend, (we'll call him Mike) and they became as close as brothers.  My
father thought nothing of the fact that Mike resembled the horrific man in
his dream.  He shrugged it off as mere coincidence.  One night my father,
his then girlfriend, and Mike went out.  On the way home something horrible
happened.  My father isn't sure exactly how it happened, because the events
that night occured so fast.  It was the middle of winter, it was a beautiful
night.  It was one of those nights where the air is crisp and clean and the
sky is so clear and lovely, it looks like it goes on forever.  They were
chatting and laughing in the car.  My father was in the back seat while Mike
and my father's girlfriend sat up front.  Mike was driving.  All of a
sudden, (he believes) they hit a patch of black ice and Mike lost control of
the vehicle.  They plowed into tree and totalled the car.  My father was
thrown around and banged up, the other two weren't so lucky.  My father's
girlfriend suffered severe brain trauma that put her in a vegetaded state,
and was never to recover.  Mike died.  What is really disturbing is how Mike
died.  He had a broken neck.
That story gives me shivers today.
Please if you have any questions or comments email me at  More to come!

She Knew


I have had experiences with the "unexplained" since I was about 4. My
family lived in a huge house that was a mortuary before it was turned into
a house. I'm 34 now and am still popular with the spirits. Like many
others, my stories could go on for days. But I'd like to tell you about a
little girl I've come to know. I was living with some friends of mine,
sleeping on the floor of the guest room on the main floor. We are all
amateur archeologists and this happened to be the room that housed boxes
and boxes of rocks and bones. We had laughed, knowing my experience with
ghosts, that with myself and all the bones in one room, it may turn out to
be quite a party.  The first night I was there, I was awaken in the middle
of the night to heavy breathing right next to me. It sounded heavy and
labored, as if someone had a cold. My friends own a couple big dogs and
half asleep, I said "Bach, be quiet", thinking that one of the dogs had
gotten in to snuggle with me. When the breathing continued, I rolled over
to push the dog off of my air mattress. As I realized I was only pushing
covers, I sat bolt upright and flipped the light on. The door to my room
was shut tight and no dogs were present. I told this story the next morning
and I knew by their smirks that they thought I was dreaming. A few days
passed and I was home alone with the dogs. Around 1 a.m. one of the dogs
who was outside in the run started going off. I looked out to see who was
here and no vehicles were in the drive. We lived in the country with a barn
about 50 yards from the house and the creek another 50 yards past the barn.
As I walked outside the dog was pointed at the barn and barking like mad. I
knew that fisherman occasionally came to the creek at night and thought one
of them had ventured to the barn to see what was inside. As I walked
towards the barn to scare off the curious fisherman, I suddenly felt a
quick breeze overtake me from behind. It felt as if a semi had driven by.
It had the same force, the same duration, but was silent. It stopped me
dead in my tracks and my senses went on super alert. I realized now that
the dog had become silent and taking a big gulp, started towards the barn
again. about 3/4 of the way to the barn I heard very distinct child
giggling. It sounded like a little girl, maybe four or five years old. That
was the one that made me do an immediate "about-face" and head back towards
the house. As I walked past the dog run, the dog was now peeking out of his
doghouse, ears drooped.
A couple months had passed and my friends and I were trying to come to some
logical explanation to what might have happened. I found myself home alone
again close to Christmas time. I was watching tv. Next to my chair was a
small tree on an endtable. It was decorated with typical decorations; small
ornaments, bells, lights, tinsle. One of the dogs was asleep at my feet but
woke up, stretched and turned to head out of the room.  As he came to the
doorway he stopped and cocked his head. I looked in the direction he would
have been looking to see what he was looking at, but saw nothing. He stared
there for maybe a full minute, then walked backwards far enough to turn
around and come back into the room. This time he layed at the far end of
the room and looked at the doorway with those sad puppy eyes. As I was
thinking about what he might have seen, the phone rang and I about jumped
out of my skin. It was my friends who called to relay some information. As
I sat in the chair talking to them, one of the little bells on the tree
next to me dinged. Then again. Then suddenly began to ring loud and fast. I
froze, my eyes glued to the bell as it twisted back and forth, ringing
frantially. My friend on the other end could hear it and was trying to
figure out what was going on. As suddenly as it started, it all stopped
with the bell dropping to the floor. Although I'm used to paranormal
activity, and always feel a need to peek around one more corner, I couldn't
get out of that chair fast enough. The dog was frozen behind the couch now
and would not come out. After I got calmed down, I told my friend I would
be waiting outside in the cold until they got home. I did just that. When
they got home, we went in to examine the evidence. He put the bell back on
the tree, got the dog to come out from behind the couch(these are pit bulls
we're talking about)and tried to get me to tell him "one more time" just
what had happened. As I told the story, from outside the window a little
girl was giggling like she had witnessed the funniest thing ever. We all
sprinted out the door to see who was there, but of course, it was nobody.
I eventually found my own place and maybe a year later, was able to come
back to town to visit. I brought my fiance who was becoming more and more
used to strange occurances. As I pulled up, I noticed the new sidewalk
leading to the front door and a fence surrounding the concrete.Being in the
middle of the country, the sidewalk was quite long and the fence
surrounding it was chicken wire maybe 4 feet tall to keep the dogs off the
fresh cement. It was fastened tight, as the dogs are able to find a small
spot and go through it. My freinds knew I was coming and ran out of the
house to greet me. I knew we would be excited to see each other again, but
wasn't expecting quite a welcome. Before I could get out of the car, they
were yelling "come here. come here, you have to see". As we walked towards
the house, still not sure what i was "supposed to see", I was filled in.
Evidently, the hauntings had stopped once I moved out. Everything had
become quiet. They just poured the new sidewalk two days ago. (not sure why
he was changing subjects in mid stream). "you have to see, you have to see"
is all they could say then. He went on, "we came out this morning to clean
up before you got here but saw this and needed to leave it for you to see"
he pointed to the sidewalk and there they were. Right down the middle of
the dry sidewalk. Little kid's dusty, bare footprints. The started by the
house. Didn't crawl over the fence, or underneath. The dirt would have
shown it. They just started and continued all the way down the sidewalk,
inside the fence. Sometimes walking, sometimes it looked like a hop,
sometimes they looked like a run, and at the end, they were just plain gone
again. I could feel the goosebumps start to rise and I looked at my friend
and he simply replied. "she knew you were coming".

My Friend Scott


Hi my name is Sarah Thomas, I live in Perth Western Australia. I'm 24. I had an 'experience' a few years ago when I was sixteen. This is true I promise you, I think about it so much and feel the need to share it because I have no explanation for it other than a Ghost or telepathy. A good friend of mine, Scott, committed suicide by hanging himself from a ceiling fan when I was sixteen. He was a year older, 17. Nobody saw it coming. It was devastating for everyone. He asked that this song, (I don't know the name of it) be played at his funeral. It goes: "Oh yes, I'm the great, pretender..." I think it might be an Elvis song or something.There was a gorup of friends that I hung out with who were also friends with Scott. one of them, Vickie was my best-friend (still is) and she was also close to Scott. Anyway here goes... I was asleep. I had a dream that Scott and I were sitting on this grass hill that we always used to sit on to have deep and meaningfuls, not just me and scott, everyone in our group used to sit there, it was peaceful, any way, having a chat, I remeber it word for word. I said: "So anyway, I was at your funeral the other day, and Scott says, Yeah? how was it?" and I said yeah it was OK, but Alices brother was there and he was wearing rollerskates which I thought was rude, I wore really nice black shoes though..." I looked up at him and he looked frustrayed or upset, or angry at what I said, I was just about to say whats wrong when I woke up from the dream. A wind started in my room. My window was open but my door was shut and there was a lot of wind, cirular like a tornado, but slower. I could hear this intense, fast whispering, like a million different voices that seemed to be part of the wind. My curtains were  moving a lot with the wind. I tried to listen to what they were saying but couldn't make anything out, then I got the feeling that if I understood them something bad would happen, like they might possess me so I stopped trying. the whispering got louder unitl it was right next to me trying to get in my ear. I was so afraid and covered my ears. Suddenly the wind stopped and the voices stopped. There was a loud noise, sort of like a bang or clap, I didn't so much hear it as felt it. In the corner of my room was a shadow or a black sort of cut out of a person. It had a presence, a denseness. I closed my eyes hoping it would go away, When I opened them a second later it had moved slightly closer. I panicked and ran for the door, trying not to think so it wouldn't read my thoughts and stop me. I ran to my parents room and banged on the door, crying saying that Scott was here, he's in my room.  I was Hysterical. They trid to calm me down insisting I had a bad dream. I told them it was no dream I was awake! Eventually after much arguing they went back to bed, I went and laid on the couch in the living room refusing to go back to my room, and eventually passed out with all the lights on and the TV. Heres wher the bit I can't explain comes in. I went to school the next day, exhauseted and shaken. I saw my best friend Vickie before class started and she looked as bad as I did. I said listen I had this fucked up thing happen last night... and she said me too! I said Ok Calm down. I know what happened to me, I wanna know what happened to you but I want you to tell me firts so my account doesn't influence yours. She told me she had this dream, that she was sitting on top of 'our hill' with Scott having a conversation, but she can't remeber what it was about. Then she said she woke up and her room was full of this wind and whispering. She said she felt the whispering and wind around her ear, then it stopped and she saw this shadow, which she knew was scott. She didn't freak out like I did, but was still afraid and covered her head and said out loud "Go away!" she said she looked up and he was still there but eventually went away. I told her what happened to me and she didn't know what to say. We talk about it every now and then and can't come to any conclusion except for that it was either Scott ot some other ghost of one of us had a waking nightmare, and the other has telepathy or its oo-incidence that we both had the same dream and hallucination. I don't know. One last thing, the shadow had a menacing dark feel to it. Scott was not an evil person but he had a very dark demeanor. sometimes cruel sense of humor though I doubt he meant anything by it. The voices its what gets me. What was that? I saw it years later in a horror movie, Rose Red I think, and It reminded me of that night. If they use it in movies I'm guessing it must be a commonly reported thing. Anyway, I don't know if you find this interesting at all, it might not be scary, because its true and not suspenseful like a story, but I find it perplexing and evidence of something, I don't know what. MY email is if you want to reply. Thanks.

Rome - Hotel Locarno

By: Anonymous

I had a really scary 2 months of staying at Hotel Locarno. I was filming a Mary-Kate and Ashley Movie called "When in Rome" All of the cast and some of the crew were put up at the Hotel. It is located in Piazza del Popolo.  For the 2 months I stayed there alot of very un-natural and weird sometimes scary things occured. The window would open and close at its own leisure when i wasn't in the "immediate room" (Taking a shower, going downstairs for a drink or food) even if it was locked. One night I was awakened by a force pulling my covers off of me and tossing me to the floor. When I came to be I was unable to speak and pulling myself back onto the bed spending the rest of the night talking to my mom who was in San Antonio, TX, USA.  The night when I was leaving I remember the feeling of being threatened by whomever or whatever was lurking in that room. It was a force I have never experienced my entire life. It was telling me "Get out and don't come back"  our Still phoptographer who was staying in the room next to me came out crying one night because something was screaming in her shower and woke her up. When she went to the bathroom a bar of soap was thrown at her reflection in the mirror. When we spoke she blamed it on sleep deprivation. She was unable to talk about it. It was an experience that changed my life. I now believe in the SUPER NATURAL!!!  You should add this one cause its pretty freaky. If I can findout what room I was staying in I'll email you and let you know.

The Lady


this story was shared by our maids brother who experience paranormal, let us call him romulo our co-residence in our barangay in nagrebcan luna la union philippines, this story happens to him few years ago since he was young and single. one day when romulo and 3 of his friends planned to drink beer and have a good time that day but they had no place to have a good time so they find places and they found out the old house that believes to be haunted but romulo and his friends never believe it and never mind about ghost that they heard appers there that was told by our co-residence, the house is really haunted it is because it is vacant and unoccupied for about many years and the family who is known as the owner of the house never comebacks until today, they are presently  lives in hawaii,it is really dark and dirty inside the house and really scary to go inside of it,so romulo and his friends continue to drunk beer and play in the old haunted house,they are happy and had a good time in the house until they had consumed more that 1 case of beer, romulo feels sleepy and he went upstairs and telling his friends that he is sleepy and need to sleep, so he sleeps upstairs and hile he was sleeping, he was awaked by someone who is feeling that watching him while he is sleeping, when he wakes up, he saw a beautiful tall lady in white standing in front of him, at first he was amazed because the lady is beautiful but after a few seconds he realized that no one is living in that house and remebers that he was drunk at last time with his friends so he was scared and also realized that he saw a ghost, he quickly run downstairs and trying to find all his friends but they are all gone already without notice, he is very scared and when he told it to his friends they all laugh and told himthat he was in the influenced of alcohol,today the house was rebuilt and used by the new transfered family residence and they never experinced paranormal experince since they move there. that's all. thanx for reading take care always. have a nice day hope you will shared also your own ghost stories...

My Guardian Angel



I was reading some of the shadowlands ghost stories and figured, why don't I send my story in. It's not all that creepy or anything, but it really makes you think...
Once, when I was very little, around 4 or 5, I was having a vacation at Virginia Beach. My mom was watching me and all my cousins while my aunt and uncle went to shop or something like that. We didn't eat at all for about seven hours.  Around a couple of hours later, my aunt and uncle came back and my mom left to shop. I wasn't too fond of my aunt and uncle, and to this day, I'm still not fond of them, so I wandered down the beach to try and find her. After fifteen minutes of wandering, I came to a huge chair thing, the ones that lifeguards sit in. And, of course, up on top was a lifeguard dressed in a blinding white suit. He asked me if I was lost and I said yes. He invited me to sit on his big chair thing, so i climbed up and sat down next to him. He gave me some of his turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, my favorite kind! I gobbled it up in thirty seconds. He said he already knew my name and why I was here, but I didn't think about it at the time. I pretty much blacked out after that, but I remembered waking up in my mom's arms in a restaurant. My mom screamed, "She's awake! She's awake!" and my whole family came to my side. I was later told that there were no lifeguards on duty and that I was lucky that my aunt found me UNCONSIOUS in the sand, but I knew, and still know, that there was a lifeguard who fed me and took care of me.


White WIng


I am a 14 year old female, and reading the ghosts  stories
on this site has made me remember the five experinces I
had in my old house on White Wing Drive.
I was 10 at the time, and one night I awoke around 1:00
a.m. I couldn't tell why I had awoken so suddenly, because
when I'm asleep, I'm asleep. Anyways, when I tried to get
back to my dream world, I heard tapping on my window. I'm
pretty brave, so I grabbed a knife (I collect knifes) and
looked outside. No one was there, and yet the tapping
countinued. This countinued for about 25 minutes, and
suddenly stopped. By that time, I was so scared, I was
crying. I stayed up and cried for an hour before I could get
back to sleep.
Well, I tried to forget this, and mentioned it to no one, my
brother and sister teased me a lot, and I didn't want them to
know about this. A few months later, I had gotten a little
disco ball thing the had many colors on it. And I had
discovered that you can hold it down, and it would make a
funny sound, then change directions. It would only do this if
someone would push down on it. Anyway, after a while, I
would have a very hard time getting to sleep. So I would just
stay up for at least an hour, looking at the colors go round
and round on the ceieling ( sorry if misspelled). One night,
as I was watching it spin, I heard the sound that only
happens when someone pushes on it, and the colors
started moving in the opposite direction. This scared me a
great deal, so I shut my eyes and soon fell asleep. This too,
I didn't share.
Now, when we first moved to White Wing (as I know call it),
my older sister and I shared a room, we fought a lot, so
Kayla (my sister) got her own room. This happened when
we were still sharing a room. (The top two things happened
after she moved into her new room). We had a bunk bed,
me on top, and one night, near 5:30, I awoke to someone
violently pulling my hair. I looked, and no one was there. I
climbed down and the only thing in Kayla's bed was her doll.
I slowly searched the house, only to find Kayla in my mom's
bed, and everyone fast asleep. I slept in the living room for
the remander of the night and told no one.
Next, on my 11th birthday, two of my best friends came over
to spend the night. Anyways, we were on the top bunk,
Kayla in the next room (we asked her if we could have the
room to talk). We were just chatting, and it was around
midnight when, for some reason, I looked over at the door. I
could see two shadows over under the door as if someone
was standing there. I pointed it out to my friends, and I
yelled that Kayla didn't have to evesdrop, and that she could
come in. The shadows, moved, as if running away. We
laughed and went into the next room. Kayla was laying on
the floor asleep. I smiled and got down beside her and told
her that we didn't care and stop pretending, but she didn't
stir. One thing about Kayla that you have to undrestand is
that she cannot keep a striaght face after doing something
like that. We got scared and searched the house, but found
nothing. None of us said any thing about it agian.
Last, and most scary, around 11:00, I was trying to get to
sleep, and I heard a sound like someone running up and
down the hall way. Kayla was asleep, my little sister could
not yet walk, my brother (Ryan) was in the shower, and my
mom at work. That freaked me out, but I tryed to ignore it. I
had a half bathroom in my room and hated it. I would all
ways feel unconfterble in it and keep the door shut at all
times. In it was an opening mirror that creacked when you
opened it. After the running stop, a sound like the mirror
being opened and closed came from my bathroom. I got
really scared, and finally, after an hour had pasted got to
sleep. The next morning, I got tired of not saying anything,
and told Ryan and Kayla. It was then that Ryan said that
the night before, around 11:30, after he got out of the
shower, he heard a sound like something the size of our
little sister run into his door. Kayla the spoke up and told us
that she, at 12:00, had heard something that sounded like
something running across her dressor, and that she had
heard it many times before, mainly when practising her
trumpet. We told our mom when she got home from work,
around 6 am (she worked nights) and she simply said that it
was the cats under the house, but none of us really believed
So there's my stories, and I'm truly thankful that we moved
out of that house about 2 or 3 years ago.

Walking Down the Street


When i was about 13 or 14 i was walikg on the oppisite
side of a street at night of a cemetery with all the
street lights on it was clear and i could see the
grave stones in the cemetery. as i was walking i saw
what appeard to be human with no features and all
black and i couln't see threw him or her and when i
noticed it on the other side of the soon as
i saw it .it jumped behind a tree.what ever it was it
was not of the livingand after that i just turned
around and walked the other way.away from what ever it was.......


The Trailer


hi i am 23 yrs old now but when my bad experience happened i was only 14 but it didnt stop until i moved away. at the time i lived in boise idaho in a trailer. i have always experienced presences for quite sometime and when i lived in the trailer next door to the one i had the bad experience i did something stupid with my sister. we played with a ouija board and there was this one spirit who seemed very nice so we enjoyed communicating with him but one night we got ahold of one who wasnt so nice and he said if we didnt communicate he would make sure bad things would happen. well we put the board away and got rid of it permanately. we ended up moving next door because at the time my mom was a single parent and we needed more room.
well when we moved in to this trailer, everything seemed fine at first but then things started to happen. my mom worked a lot and never noticed anything happen and decided to get roomates who could watch us and help pay rent. they noticed odd things too. the t.v. would come on all by itself and the volume goes all the way up then down, my sister and i would see things moving in our room and my sister and roomates would see black shadows on my bed. i would wake up with panic attacks quite often, my heart would race and i felt as if someone or some ing was watching me and was going to pounce on me any second and hurt me. then one night it was just my sister, ome of the roomates and myself, my roomate was in my moms room on the phone, i was in the hallway talking to my sister in the kitchen who was pouring some water to drink when 2ft to my right something pounded 3 times on the wall very hard it shook the lamps on the wall my sister and i screamed, i ran to my moms room where our roomate was and my sister was close behind. my roomate asked us what the heck that was and we looked at her and shrugged.also one night my moms friend came over with her 2 sons and my mom and her went out for awhile and left the four of us home. well, dont ask me why but we decided to play what we called midnight tag but it wasnt midnight, it was just very dark. well we noticed my mom had shut her door before she left and forgot to turn her light off, we could see it under the door so all of us went in her room and shut off her light and went back out to play our game. maybe five minutes after we shut her light off we looked at her room and the light was on again, i freaked out! i turned the main lights on and we all went in there and shut it off and ran out and shut the door and sat on the couch til our parents came home. we told them what happened and of course they didnt believe us. so i asked mom how do you explain the tv turning on by itself, she said that it probably had a short in it. the most scariest thing that happened to me was my mom was at work and it was at sunset, my sister had a friend staying over and we were in the livingroom well there was something we had forgotten in my moms room and now i cant remember what but i went to go get it. i opened my moms door and to my horror, i saw what appeared to be 7ft tall blacker then the shadow around it, it absorbed the blackness around it! it had red eyes and an evil grin with gleaming white fangs! i screamed and ran backwards to the livingroom and my sister asked me what was wrong and i told her. we didnt towards my ms room that night and never did we go in there by ourselves after that. to this day i have never figured out what that thing was and at one point thought that i was imagining it but i talked to friends and some are druids and ive heard a range of things that it could of been from spectators,imps playing jokes,etc. but then i have been reading your website and the stories i realized i wasnt the only one who has seen some off the wall things so i feel somewhat relieved that im not losing my mind. when we moved we moved to rural idaho in the eastern area and i think it was haunted as well but that is another story i will tell you some other time. can someone tell me what i saw? and if anyone has a story they would like to share e-mail me at thank you and i hope you liked reading.

"The Bell"


when i was born, my parents rented an house in washington, we lived there for about a year. one night after putting me to bed, my parents went to bed. about midnight they both woke up to a sound of a bell. not just an ordanary bell, but one in which they had gotton for a gift on their wedding. it was in the livving room across they house, my parents scared, it had sounded as if it was right in the room with them. the bell, didnt sound like someone was just swinging it back and forth, but like someone had swung it in circles to make  an erie constant ring. it finally quit, they both were like, did you hear that?! neither of them got up to see what it was. shortly after that, we moved.

Spirit Stories


i live in sacramento california. im a kind of person to have to see things in order to believe them. well I am not sure how much ones instincts is but I must say that when i was driving down Sloughhouse Rd. with my friend around 12:30 midnight we had entered to this parking lot by an old restaurant my friend had used to work at, and he was telling me that it was haunted because he and other emloyees felt something odd was in that restaurant and wierd things would happen from time to time. Afterwards, we were driving down this old road by it and it seemed so eerie because it looked so alone, so empty...abandoned. leaves were blowing around and it was raining which is kind of ironic. i all of the sudden felt as if we were being watched, like some negative energy was running through our bodies, i felt like something bad had happened in that area or something evil still presently haunts that area. i dont know what made me feel like that  but a little afterwards, he had stopped the car and pointed towards the darkness on my right hand side and said that there was an old abandoned cemetery that has been there for years. i wanted to get out of there because i thought it was wierd that i had already been feeling something bad before i even knew where i was near or at. i asked him to turn around and he did, we were both freaked out and we drove over the bridge from that old road and i felt better that bad feeling was gone and i never ever want to go down there again.

She Disappeared


my mother saw a ghost one time -o.k. here it goes:my mother was shoping at Myers House and Barn,wich is located at ,Florssisant,MO,she was walking on the second floor when she spoted a women in a black dress.she wanted to ask where she got it.the dress. The woman walked into a different room with no exit.  She just disappeared!  My mom asked a worker who she was, they didn't know.  My mom thinks it was Mrs. Meyers, the owner of the house.  But I don't know.  This happened in 1982.  This story is true.



I always thought that there was something out there but I never have been completely sure. When I was younger we lived on a farm. We built our house and no it was not built on a Indian burial ground or anything crazy like that but for some reason I would always feel strange in certain parts of the house. This could be due to my vivid imagination so I would just chalk them up too watching too many scary movies. One night when I was almost asleep I suddenly opened my eye and standing right in front of me way a man. I knew it was a man because of the outline. It was so real that I though that my dad had come into my room to tell me good night, so I called out and said Dad but he didn t answer me I sat up and rubbed my eyes and looked again and it was still there. It was like a shadow but it was solid like someone was standing over me. I said again Dad and still nothing after I called out the second time it just disappeared. I am not sure what it was but it was real enough for me to call out to it.
If anyone has anything that they would like to ask me or say its ok to post my email address. Thanks for your time


Not Dreaming

When i was, i was lying in bed one night when i woke up. I opened my eyes and saw flashing lights bouncing around my room. i sat up to look out of the window and my room shook. a black figure came out of the wall and walked over to my bed. It was small and it looked like it had a pointed hat on. I lied down and closed my eyes. I pulled the cover over my head and pretended i was asleep. When i opened my eyes again it was gone. I screamed as loud as could and my mum came running through. She told me i was just dreaming and stayed with me untill i fell asleep. I went to school the next day and my best friend, jenny, had exactley the same experience. we both knew we weren't dreaming but no-one else believed us. We don't usually like to talk about it because we are afraid it will come back!!!

Never Forget Her Smile


4 summers ago my family and i visited oahu, hawaii. we passed by the court, i could feel something, it didnt feel bad, but it was a pleasing sensation that made me smile. the next day we walked pass the court again. i again felt something, which was also pleasing. i looked out to the stairway of the court. There was a woman, not too old, walking slowly down the stairs. she was looking out to the countryside. she was a large woman and looked like a native. she was dressed in a long old-fasion dress. she held a fan in one had and was fanning herself. her expression was very sad and hopeless. she noticed me and smiled, waving. i waved back at her and also smiled. my mom tured to me and asked who i was waving at. i didnt answer and continued walking. she watched me for a few more seconds then continued observing the country side. last year i was searcing the internet about bostons history. a topic showed up about the boston missionaries who arrived in hawaii. the topic continued onto the story of how hawaii was obtained my america. they spoke of the last queen, Liliuokalani, whose home was taken by force. i wanted to learn more. i found a page on her wich included her picture. shocked the woman in the picture was the same woman i met by the court. she had been dead for years. she must have been observing her home for the final time. her story is prety sad, but i will never forget her smile and the amazing feeling i gotin her presance.

My Ghost Exp....


I have only lived in this house for about a year and I have never really felt that anything was going on. My brother and grandma are both convinced that they have seen and felt something that they coudl not explain. My brother for example says that one night he woke up and saw a child in the corner of his room that looked at him a disappered. I attributed this to the fact that he had just worken up and his eyes were playing tricks on him. My grandma for example says that one day she was sitting upstairs at the kitchen table and says that she saw someone run past the hall. I of course attributed this sighting to the fact that my grandma being old was just crazy! (JK) Well the other night I came home at about two or three in the morning and was walking down to my room. My room is located in the basement. As I walk down into my room I turn on the hall lights so I can see where I am going. When I got down to the last hall of my house that goes into my bedroom and went to turn on the light I found that the hall light had been burnt out. I started to walk down the stairs and as I was doing this my eyes adjusted to the dark then when I got to the bottom of the stairs it got dark all the sudden to where I could not see anything at all. I stumble thru the dark into my room... It was like there was someone standing there. I dont know what it was, but I know im not crazy
Thats my story.

Knock , Knock


Over the summer  i was an R.A. at my University, now living in the big city of Chicago there is quite a bit of history, people even speak of hauntings going arond the city.  As for me i am a firm believer in Jesus, and a great big skeptic when it comes to ghosts.  But after this summer i am not sure anymore.  I had my own room and i was in charge of a floor of about 60 girls, i have no problem being alone i rather enjoy it until this summer. it all started about 3 weeks into the summer, I was sleeping and i heard knocking being an R.A. you are on duty all hours just incase someone is locked out of thier rooms, so i opened the door, no one at all was there.  So i went back to sleep, not thinking of anything. But as time passed this began to happen at least three times a week or more, i did n't want ot tell anyone because i thought they might think that i was crazy.  But one night my boyfriend was over and he heard the door open and he looked up just as the door swung open , the strange thing was that the door was locked from the inside and there was no breeze, we also witnessed knocking and no one being there either.  At least i knew i wasn't crazy but it was getting increasingly hard to sleep at night because i never knew when i was going to hear footsteps or knocking.  I started to ask questions about who had lived in my room, i found out that someone had died in my room form a heroin overdose over Christmas break and that they had found him three days later, he had been clean for a year so he had a tragic relapse.  Well after i heard this i was really freaked out but it was getting really close to the end of the summer and things had been real calm for about 2 weeks.  The last week before vaction ended i was doing my rounds most of the residents had moved out, i made one ast sweep and looked down the hal it was pitch black except for the exit sign, so i decided to turn in. less than 5 minutes i heard knocking i opened i looked out of the room, and saw no one but what i did seewas far worse.  the very last room in the hallway had eerie light streaming out of it, i walked down to it it was locked from the inside the windows were open and the blinds were banging loudly from the window, three things that make this worse is that no one had been living in the room for two months, i checked them out my self, there was no breeze and the door had been closed andlocked 5 minutes prior, even worse i am the only one who had a key to the room how did it open and have the light on? i do not know all i know is that i called my boyfriend and made him pick me up immediately, i do not know what it was but i know its gone from my life and i thank God for that but i 'm not sure about   the people who live the now.

I Am being followed by a Ghost


I was about five years old, when my parents and I moved into a house in a small town, called Soda Springs Idaho. The owners told us that a few years before they moved in, two guys had killed themselves in the living room. But my parents thought nothing of it and we were settled their within a few months.
Now this may be a long story, because we had quite a few inccidents that happened. I dont know exactly what order they happened in though (in saying i was only five and my parents told me most of the stuff that happened)
Some of the storys my parents told me was that pictures would suddenly fall off the wall, although it was impossible for them to, because the nail would still be diagnally upward, the only way for it to come off was by lifting it up and dropping it......that happened a number of times. They also told me that one night while i was asleep, The VCR started. It was a very old VCR and no remote to it, the only way to turn it on would be to go up toit and push play. My parents began to get scared. The most horrifying one, to me, is my mom told me she sat me on the counter to tie my shoe, no one was in the house but her and I, i looked in the living room and pointed over by the dorrway and asked "who's that man?" my mom said she looked into the living room and there was no one there, so she asked me "what man", and I said "That man" and continued to point at the doorway. So she quickly tied my shoe, picked me up, and ran out the back door.
The encounters that I actually remember were, it was Chirstmad eve, it had been about 3 weeks after we had put up our Christmas tree. We all went to bed, when we heard a crach out in the living room. (by that time i had, had a new baby sister) she started crying, and I opened my bedroom door, to see my parents run out of the bedroom (there bedroom was directly across the hall from mine) my dad ran out to the living room to se what the noise was and my mom came in the room to comfort my sister. I just went back to bed. On christmas morning, when i woke up  i found out what the loud crash was. Our Christmas tree had been tipped over (or pushed) but my parents couldnt think of why, in saying it had been up for three weeks and nothin had happened.
Another night my closest cousin stayed the night. He slept in the living room. When he woke me up. He ran into my room screaming. This scared me so i began screaming and my mom rushed in. He told her that he had, had a dream of tow men killing themselves, turning into wolves and killing him. This scared my mom and she wouldnt let anyone go in the living room for the rest of the night.
Another night was when i was sick and i was threw up in my bed so my mom put me out on the couch. I had almost the exact same dream my cousin had. I dreamed about a man swearing to kill himself if the other man didnt give him what he wanted. but then i remember my mom waking me up.
The last wncounter I had was right before we decided to move out. I was sitting in my room( I think I was like playing with my barbies or dolls or something) When i suddenly leaned forward, for some reason I looked above me, (I was right beneath my dresser) I had a HUGE bucket of crayons that weighed up to five pounds in the very center of the dresser, I saw it slide sideways to the edge of the dresser and the fall off right behind me.
We moved out a few months after that to Lewiston Idaho. Nothing happened, until we move to a differet house, a small duplex. My little sister began sleep walking. One night my mom told us she went to give my little sister a goodnight kiss when she suddenly sat up screaming and pointing at the door, my mom kept looking toward the door, but nothing was there. So she shook my little sister awake.
My little sister only slept walked a few times after that. Then just a few months ago, my parents bought a house. It seemed as if wierd stuff began happening to me, after my friend stayed the night. She went in my room to change into her pajamas and ran out a few seconds later, she said she had heard whispering in my bathroom (My room is attatched to the bathroom which is attatched to the kitchen, by the backdoor, so when you open that backdoor, my bathroom is right next to it then the kitchen on the other side and in the very fromt a staircase going down) So, we wated awhile before we went in my room again.
Then just about a week ago, I was doing my makeup in my bthroom, I left all the doors in my bedroom and bathroom open, when I heard my bedroom door slam shut. I thought maybie i was just hearing things, because no one was awake but me. So i went in my room and the door was actually shut. Then I heard my bathroom door slam shut then running down the stairs, i thought maybie it was my little sister playing a joke, but when i went in her room she was asleep, then i went in the basement and no one was there.
So i dont know, my friend and I thinks that the ghosts from our first house have been following my family around, but who knows.

I was Locked in the Closet with a GHost

By: Anonymous

    It was just last night. My older sister (about 3 and a half years older) had a friend over. We were in my bedroom talking (we have only lived in this house for a few months). When they grabbed me and locked me in the closet,(Its a double door closet and they used ropes to tie the two doors togethar, so i could barely open it a crack) just playing around. They told me i couldnt come out, unitl I sang a song. So, I began singing, they ran out of the room and came back in a few seconds later, and began tape recording me. I pushed open the door as far as i could and began telling them to knock it off, they only continued to record me. I got mad and started banging on the door to let me out but they wouldn't. Then my sister stopped laughing an her eyes got really big. She looked scared. She kept glancing from the video tape to me, and then above my head. Then she yelled for me to quickly get out of the closet because someone or something was behind me. I began banging on the door and began screaming and crying. My sister dropped the video camera and ran over to the ropes tied around the doors. The closet got very cold and this scared me more, so i kicked at the door, but it wouldn't open. It seemed as if it took her a LONG time to get the ropes off the door and open it so i could get out. I couldnt stop crying. Now I'm afraid to go into my room. Last night i slept on the couch. The video camera is still lying on the floor and no one dares to look at it, because no one wants to go in my room and get it.

Haven"t seen Him again


I just sold my home but it was not because of our ghost. My husband woke up in the middle of the night and saw a man standing at the foot of our bed he closed his eyes and opened them again and he was still there. He turned and looked at my husband and disappeared. He told me about it that morning and I believed  him because he does not tell tales. As the weeks went by I and other house hold members kept smelling this odor of  a man, s underarm pit. It was really bad, it would come and go. I told my neighbor about this. The ghost had black jeans and a black and red plaid shirt on and a black cowboy style hat on. And I told her about the odor. She told me a man named Bill had lived and died there and that was what he wore everyday and that he only bathed once a week. When we moved in there was blood all over the bedroom wall. Me and four other people cleaned it off each time it would come back. So my husband took the wall down. one night he was in the shower and the lights was turning off and on. Well, he asked me to stay in there with him so I went and got my gown and walked in the bathroom as soon as I entered the light switch was moving up and down turning the light off and on and then it night I was laying on my bed writing a letter and I felt a hand rub across my hair. Needless to say it scared me. then one day I just finished vacuuming and out of nowhere a gold coin appeared right where I just vacuumed. It never did anything bad until a friend moved in with me, She was walking down the hall and her hand split wide open well she moved out. That was the only bad thing that he did. long story short we sold our house and haven't seen or heard from him again.

Grandmother's ghost

Hello Shadowlands. My daughter has apparently sent you many stories (she says they're all called Gabby now) that I am afraid are very true. She also reminded me of an experience that I have had and here goes:
I was only a little girl, no more than seven. My grandmother had died recently. Me and my six other sisters were getting ready to go to bed, when we heard this knocking from upstairs. We all were downstairs, even my mother. No one, absolutely no one was upstairs. My mother went upstairs with a bat, just in case it might be a robber. When she came back down, her face was pale and she had left the bat upstairs in fright. She told us no one was there, but the knocking continued. Also please note we had no mice, we had set traps all over the house, and yet the knocking was from the floor, nothing was there. When the knocking finally stopped, the rocking chair was rocking by itself. We got out of the house and stayed in my mother's friend's house for a week. When we went back, the knocking started again, and for the last time when it stopped, the rocking chair was rocking and we heard singing. My grandmother used to sing the same way.  The next day was the last day of the "haunting" as when my mother left to get groceries, she turned and walked toward her car, and when she was about four feet away from the car, she screamed and told us she saw her mother. Later she told us that when she screamed it was of shock. She says in her heart she was saying goodbye to her mother. And since my mother saw my grandmother, nothing has happened. Thanks for your time!

Grande Prairie


You have some haunted sites listed on your web page on Grande Prairie,
Alberta, Canada. There is one about an old theatre. I was wondering if you
were talking about the Gaiety theatre downtown GP because that theatre has
been turned into a youth centre and an old man has been living above it for
years. I have spent much of my time there and i have seen nothing nor gotten
any vibes from it what so ever. Perhaps the spirits have left.
I also have a couple of other haunted sites for you to add if you want.
First there is the old Wedgwood flu victim cemetery. It is in a secluded
area and the graves you will find up a hill and in the trees. All of which
are wooden crosses. No names, no way of identifying them. It's not what's in
the ground that makes it haunted though. A few years back it is said that
there were rituals that went on there at night. A very good friend and I
went there one day to find a brown paper bag on the ground by a tree.
Naturally we looked inside but to find a dead mutilated cat. I did not set
foot in the cemetery for months maybe a year after that. I was enticed to
again not too long ago. Of course it was night and raining to set the mood
all the better. I returned to the site of the tree to find strange marks
burned into the bark of the tree. I turned around to tell a companion about
my findings only to face the tree again to see they were gone.
Second there is a train bridge in the park that goes above the river. I use
to go jogging every once and a while and i would pass under it. I have
always had an uneasy feeling about it. My feelings were confirmed one day
when I had decided to take pictures of the bridge. It was winter and the
days were getting much shorter. The time was only about 5:30pm. As I got
closer and closer to the bridge I felt more and more like someone was there
watching me. I took a few pictures as the sun set between its beams. To the
right of me I heard a sound that resembles keys jingling. I automatically
looked to my right. To see nothing and the sound to stop. I looked back into
the lens of my camera only to hear the sound again. I did the same as before
and the sound stopped as before. I yelled "hello" no answer. I yelled again
and heard the crunch of show beneath someone's feat and the jingling again.
Then I heard a knocking against the beams of the bridge. This is when i
decided it best to leave. Last year a homeless person died under one of the
bridges in the park it is not said which one though. I captured nothing on
my camera and I only have my story to tell. Although I plan to conduct a
further investigation.
Thank you for listening. Please pardon any spelling mistakes.



Hi my name is Litsa I live in Australia.
In  mid july 2002 my neighbour came over to my house and he brought along a few beers to drink. I was getting my work clothes ready for the next day. My heater's thermostat was not working well so my place was like a hot house. I had to keep all bedroom doors open so the heat can circulate. About 7.30 pm i felt chills up my spine and had a feeling someone else was in my house that was not normal. My next door neighbour got up to go too the toilet. When he had finished washing his hands I shouted out .F**kin , what is happening your house is freezing? I seen him he was white as... I said to him Rob i think someone died that i know.. I feel death, he replied I will be dead if house dont warm up.
Geez Litsa I feel that something is here... I ran and got my holy water from kitchen, lit up a holy insence what they use in church and i started praying. My house started to warm up. Rob felt a little better, then he went home.I slept after that cause i had an early start.
When i got to work, a few ladies that i know for many years came up to me with sad faces. They asked me if i knew? I asked know what? They told me my ex motherinlaw died last night in hospital after 7.00 pm. Then I put 2 and 2 together and i felt at ease. She had not ask for forgiveness, she made me go through living hell, when she was alive.
If i knew she was that ill i would of gone to hospital to see her. But too late but she came to see me after in spirit.... Didn't feel good at all.

"Falling Backwards"


one time in washington, we were looking at an old vacant house in which was about 100 years old. once my parents followed the realiter up the stairs, they both at the same time felt someone try to push them backwards, they almost fell. needless to say, we didnt buy it nor stay long after that inccident.

Children in the Street


I have submitted a story before, but as I was skimming through some stories on your website I came across one that reminded me of an incident that I had pushed to the back of my mind.
2 years ago (when I was 14), my mum, brother and I had been in our new house for just a few weeks. One night I awoke from a deep sleep at about 3am to the sound of children laughing and playing in the street. At first I put it down to me just being half asleep, so I listened for a little while longer. The sounds contiued. They were the kind of sounds that seem so distant, yet so close, if that makes any sense. They were the eerie kind of childs laughter that you hear in horror movies. By this time I was very awake and very freaked out. The sounds paused for a moment but then started again, louder, as if they were getting closer. I couldn't stand it any longer, I ran out to my mum who was asleep in the loungeroom in front of the TV (she is a night person) and told her what happened. I was so distressed that I started crying. Mum went onto the front porch to see if anyone was out there playing (which was pretty impossible considering it was nearly 3:30am on a school night) and came back in telling me what I really already knew- noone was out there. my mum is not the kind of person to tell me that I was dreaming or that it was my imagination, so she simply gave me a hug and escorted me back to bed and stayed with me for awhile. I eventually went to sleep. Maybe I was just stressed from the move or something but I'm sure that i have heared children playing and laughing in the street at around the same time twice since then, and they never fail to unnerve me and send me out to my mother.

I Live Alone I think


This happened to me last night 11-7-03. I went to bed around 11pm like
normal. And like normal I shut off all the lights locked all the doors and
unplugged the Christmas tree. Around 5am I woke up to go to the bathroom
before coming back to bed I went to the kitchen to get a granola bar. I took
it back to bed with me and ate it while I was sitting up in bed. I was
finished so I leaned over to throw away the wrapper and I saw a real quick
flash of light throughout my room. It was as if someone had flashed a
flashlight or something through my window. So I got up and walked around and
looked out the windows but no one was to be found. So I fell back asleep
until about a half hour later I was awaken to the same thing. By this time I
was really scared so I just laid in bed awake starring into the dark house
out my glass french bedroom doors. This is the crazy part. My Christmas tree
is right on the other side of my glass bedroom doors so it is about 2 or 3
feet infront of me. So I laid in bed and starred at a dark Christmas tree
until I fell asleep. My alarm went off this morning about 7:15 like normal
so I rolled over and stared out my bedroom door for a minute until I could
get awake enough to get up. I was laying there looking at my lit Christmas
tree think how nice it was when it hit me! Why was my tree on? I jumped up
and ran out of my room and unplugged it. I know maybe I left it on or maybe
I was sleep walking or maybe the flashing lights were just a passing car.
But if I was awake enough to eat a granola bar and lay in bed and see a dark
tree then someone turned that tree on and It wasn't me and it wasn't my cats
and I live alone. At least I think.

Some of my Experiences


I'm 15 years old and I live in the Philippines.My family moved to the Philippines from the U.S almost 6 years ago and it wasn't till I was in the 4th grade when I saw my first ghost it was overnight camping at school (girl scouts). It was about 11 or maybe past 11 when our troop leader told us to sleep,our troop leader slept beside me...We slept in the grade 4 classroom..yes,it is my room during school our room there's a corner with broken widows which lead to  the Home Economics room, I had this freaky feeling that someone was there and to my surprise there was somebody.the ghost was a "she",
in the Philippines there different kinds of ghost white lady,black lady, red lady,etc.That night I encountered a black lady.I did kinda bother me but I thought that was it,the next morning we had to get up at 2:30 to do exercise at the local basketball court.When we got there everybody was doing stretches except me, i was looking around it was a bit foggy and while looking I saw a lady in white in the back of my mind i was saying "damn,whats wrong with me" then I noticed she was floating I said some bad words which I could only cause it really scared me,I couldn't forget that. after 2 years I thought it was over ,nope guess not.In 1st year high school I joined the GSP again hoping to get a good experience,I did but then I had another encounter with ghosts... Everybody talked going ghost hunting,there were only four 1st years who joined and we were all classmates.The seniors asked if we'd join we said yes.So everybody did what they had to before we started.A one of the 2nd years asked if we'd join her to make a call first,we joined her. the phone booth was near our room so me and my other friend checked it out I looked up to the second floor at on of the window.I cant remember what room number it is one thing i could remember was that our section took our exams there (quarterly& monthly exams) the window i was looking at had lady looking down at me I remember telling my friend "Cathy,can you see her?" she asked who her? and where was she.because i must've scared her she told me she could and later admitted she could not see a thing.Then the ghost hunting began..Did I tell you I am currently attending a private catholic school which sits right beside the church...GOSH! we walked by the high school library and I noticed someone reading a book  i told my friend "what in gods name is that man doing,reading at this time at night'' she told me "lucky you,you see a man and a book I see a book turning its pages by itself".We went up stairs,I was tired of thinking of what I saw so me and my classmates looked while the seniors started to giggle and scream we went toward the room where I saw the lady and I was freakin cold wind was blowing so hard my was all over my face... sadly the seniors got scared and asked us to come back,there was something weird only that part of the second floor was that cold and windy.Well on Monday morning I did my own research about the school,I asked my  classmates who attend elementary there and told me that had a past.some say it became a base for the Japanese who were based in the province some say it became a hospital during the war. Now it doesn't bother me anymore cause my classmates told me I wasn't the only one and I know why the school is so haunted.maybe its okay to see what other people dont...

Little Pink house


Every summer I go spend some time with my brother. My sister-in-law has nieces and nephews my age so I spend some time with them to. We usually stay out at their farm, but this year we decided to stay at my sister-in-laws mom's house(their grandma)they have a very big house its two stories tall but very wide lots of rooms to hide in for hide and seek. while we were playing the game I hid in one of the back bed rooms in the closet. I heard footsteps and assumed that it was the person who was the seeker so I was really ouit. but the air in the room got really cold.
All the hairs on my neck stood straight up .And I could have sworn that you could have seen my breath I shook it off because I wasn’t about to  start believing in the ghost stories that I’ve heard about how cold a room gets when a spirit is present. But then I heard a faint voice I couldn’t make out what it was saying and as it got closer I could tell that it wasn’t the voice of any of the other kids in the house, all of the sudden it stopped, and all admit by this time I was scared. Every thing was real quit except for my heavy breathing for just a few seconds then the closet door flew open and their was no one their it literally scared the Hell out of me and I ran for the up stairs.
     I figured it was best I didn't say any thing so I didn't scary any one else because that was one of the rooms we had to stay in. later when we went to bed I insisted we sleep with the lite on (I said it was so I could find my way to the bathroom, but we know the real reason I had the light on for). I had trouble falling asleep but I finally did I awoke in the middle of the night to find that it was really cold again I started to get out of bed when the light went out I was scared out of my mind I couldn’t move, then the door flew open. and with very little hesitation I ran to the living room and slept there for the rest of the night.
      in the morning at breakfast I told every one what happened and they all laughed at me except for my sister-in-law's mom she old me that the same stuff happened to her. we looked into it and we found out that the original house wasn’t as big their were two separate houses the big house and a little pink house. It belonged to a family who lived in the big house and their grandma lived in the little house where she died shortly after her death the tore the little house down and connected the basements together to make one big house. And we discovered something else the old lady loved people with blond hair, me and my sister-in-laws mom are blonds. shortly after one of  her grandchildren died their hair blond they got a visit from the little old lady from the pink house. before we were the only ones she bothered.









Here is my story


Hi, I am not sure if I am sending this right, I sure hope so.  The following are the things that have been going on in the condo that my fiancé and I rent.  At first it was just little things like cold spots in rooms and smells, however it became more.  I firstly have to say this, well whatever it is, does not scare either me or my fiancé.  One night when we had just went to bed we could here noises downstairs, the noise got louder and louder until we realized it was our stereo and the volume increased to its max when no one was touching it.  We do have a pet cat but it was upstairs with us.  Another night I was home on my own and I was making homemade chicken noodle soup, the pot was on the stove boiling and I fell asleep on the couch.  I woke up and darted for the kitchen, when I got there the liquid had boiled down a lot, but the burner was shut off and I did not do it.
    My parents were up visiting and we were in the living room chatting and we heard cupboard doors slamming in the kitchen, I thought my fiancé had got home from work and was upset or something, I ran into the kitchen and there was no one there and the door was locked.
    We were watching TV on a Sunday afternoon and something caught our attention in the corner of the room.  It was one of my candles and it just lit!  The wax in the container was not melted so I knew I had not left it burning on another night and forgot to blow it out, not that it would last days anyway.
    I was spring cleaning and washing walls in one of our spare bedrooms, there were all of these little finger prints around the lower part of the walls and the word "cry" was scratched in the wall (and still is).
    I was in the shower and I thought I heard something and when I turned around one of my shampoo bottles was sliding down the wall and settled on the ledge of the tub.  Believe me that was a quick wash.
    I was home alone and in bed reading, I could hear a noise from downstairs in the kitchen area, it sounded like the closet door was sliding open and closed real quick, I could hear the hangers hitting each, there was also the noise as if one of the kitchen chairs was sliding back and forth and making noise on the linoleum.  I got up to check but when I would get as far as the landing it would stop and then when I got back to bed it would start again, it was a long night.
    The most recent was when I was getting ready for work in the morning and I actually saw someone walk down the hall past the washroom into the living room, it was in the reflection in the mirror, I looked into the living room, and not surprised found it empty.  Who ever it was it was hard to tell, it was a cloudy looking shape that was a little taller then me and it just walked by, I say "walked" because I do not know how else to explain it.  My newest cat (I have 2), was on his way down the stairs at the time and he turned around and ran back up the stairs and stood peeking around the corner down into the living room.
    We have had these experiences happen over years of time.  Nothing bad has happened, and as I just mentioned I have 2 cats and there behaviours support my belief that there may be something else here with us.  It is behaviours that I struggle explaining, a lot of staring as if watching something, hissing at nothing, freaking out for no reason.  Standing at the spare room door and meowing at it or just staring at it.  My fiancé things constantly are going missing and then turning up days later.  I know this may sound really dumb, but I do have an opinion on what is happening.  I actually think there is 2 beings here.  A woman and a child.  The aroma I smell now and then in my bedroom is a very soft gentle smell which I actually find very relaxing, and I believe that to be the woman.  Obviously I think that the prints on the wall were from a child.  And a lot of the pranks are against my fiancé and the things that happen to me are actually quite helpful.  I could go on forever about my thoughts, but I won't but I hope this makes it to you and makes sense.
 Jodie, Calgary, Alberta




Grandma in the forest


    One day, I visited my grandma in the hospital. I was told that she had a tumor. She had a tumor before. I think that some of the cancer cells from her old tumor were left inside her. I was visiting my grand-mother in the hospital. We (my whole family) knew she was going to die. We hated the thought of it but we knew it was true. But her courge kept her alive for the longest time. Some people don't belive in their selfs, so they die soon. But my grandma wasn't like that.
    While she was in the hospital, on her death-bed. She had many experices.
   One the first day at the hospital she saw three little girls, singing to her, while holding holy flowers. We belive that those three girls were her sisters, which her mother had lost in three different miscarges.
  The next day my grandma claimed that she saw the Virgin Mary.
  Then the very next day, she saw Jesus who spoke and told her that she was going to die. Now, nobody could see him, but only my grandma. She unfolded her arms facing upward and begain mouthing something. We belive she was speaking to Jesus.While all this was hapenning the hospital light out side her door was flashing on and off. My Aunt tried to call during this but no one heard any rings. After the light was flashing a nurse rushed to the room my grandma was in. She asked if anything was wrong and my mom replied no.
That night my grandma's mom came to her. She had died in 1996. Her mother had come to visit her and later take her to heaven.
  Later that night, unforchatly, my beloved grand-mother had died.
   About 115 days later, I was going camping with my parents and my two younger sisters. We always go camping together. One night, at about 2:00 p.m., I was awaken by a sudden niose. I left the pop-up, got my shoes on, and ran out-side. The noise was the sound of singing. I was eger to find who, or what, was singing. I ran to the woods, and to my surprise, I saw my grandma. She was dressed in a white robe... And said,"Hi."

Ghosts in my house


I just moved out of my house that I lived there for 2years.  Ever since we moved there strange things were happening.  Lights going on & off.  Footsteps in the hallway.  I saw a man a few times looking around the corner at me.  A different man walking out of my sons room in the middle of the night.  A middle eastern women standing in the hallway next to my sons room. Shadows walking back & for worth in front of my sons night light.  Well just recently my son which is 6 was telling us that he was so happy to move out of that house because every night there would be a finger at the corner of his bed motioning for him to come to it. He said he was so scared that all he could do is shut his eyes so he wouldn't see it.  My 3 year old has seen a man & it scared him so bad that one night that he will not sleep in the same room as my 6 year old son.  The house before that we lived in things would happen too but not as much as this house & the ghosts seem to be different than the other house.  I don't recognize any of these ghosts to be family so I don’t know what's going on.  If you might have an idea please let me know.  Plus I don't know if this will help but I have had outter body experience before where I think I'm awake & can't get up.



my grandfather told me this story.  it was one night returning from a days work working in the mine.  as they took the hayride back to their homes, it was about 10:00 pm.  the moon was shining brightly over everyone’s bodies.  as they were traveling everyone had left the ride except for my grandfather, and one other man.  as they were traveling, he noticed that the other man didn't have a shadow!  their wasn't anything in the way that could of blocked the light.  he couldn't explain what he was seeing.  the next day, he didn't see the man anywhere!

Ghost stories


A few years ago I was working as front desk clerk at a small motel. The motel was situated directly across from one cemetery and down the road from another.  My mother would come and pick me up when I worked nights as there were no buses. I was doing closing up paperwork for the night standing at the reception desk. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a female form moving towards the office window. The next part happened very quickly.
In a few seconds, many thoughts flashed across my mind. The first was "Oh, Mom's early". I was confused when I realized I had not heard her van drive up and it had a distinctive whine to the engine.  Then I realized with horror that the figure was walking directly AT the plate glass window. Then with even greater horror I realized the figure was gone. I ran outside of the office and looked around but no one was in sight. I went back in and tried every which angle from behind the front desk to see if I had merely seen my own reflection but the desk was set far off to the side of the office and the only way I could even catch a glimpse of the top of my head in the window was if I were stretched half across the desk and I had been working at the desk, not walking around at all when I saw her. 12 years later and the hair still stands up on my arms when I retell this story.  At this same hotel, I was also having lunch one day with another staff member when  I saw what looked like the edge of a long black skirt whisk around the edge of the door. The other girl was a very no-nonsense sort but I believe she saw something too at that moment because she jumped, although she refused to say anything. She got her comeuppance one day when she yelled upstairs tome to ask if I kept turning her dryers off-apparently all day she was putting laundry in, setting the machines to 70 minutes and starting the machine, going out of the room for 5 minutes and finding them both off with the timers not wound down. Even then she refused to admit anything was odor wrong but I could tell she was afraid. I often had the feeling of being watched and one day while folding laundry I felt as if something ran at me-the air shimmered like heat off a car hood and it was enough to make me jump back. I would lecture the "presence" and tell it I was busy and stop bothering me. It never seemed threatening, just like a child being curious.
Sometimes I would explain what I was doing-filling cleaner bottles, checking sheets for worn spots etc. One day I foolishly decided to run down the hall and I tripped over nothing, went flying through the air and landed with one leg twisted up under me. I couldn't feel my legs for about 2 minutes and could not get up for about 20. There was no pain, just no strength either. I went to the hospital where they could find nothing wrong. The next day I was fine as if nothing had happened. The point in the hall at which I tripped was also a spot that I felt particularly stared at from.  The motel itself was the first thing that had been built on the land-it was originally a huge farm that had covered the whole area, but the land did have native history for fishing and clam digging and in fact the street's name was Miqmaq in origin, loosely translated to "place of many clams". I should note that we began experiencing these events only after the owner excavated to expand the basement and add more rooms out back.

Gettysburg experience (slightly revised)


I've been intrigued by ghost stories for the past several years, thanks to shows like "Unsolved Mysteries" and various programs featured on some cable channels. A program shown a few years ago on the History or Travel Channel (or another such channel) about ghosts of Gettysburg (that may even have been the title) really incited my interest, especially an account told by two women (I believe they were nurses, but not positive) of an experience they'd had at Spangler's Spring in which they believe they saw the "Lady in White."

  In the summer of 2001, my husband and I went on a cross-country trip and decided to drive through Gettysburg on our way from Rochester, NY, to Washington, D.C. I really wanted to go there to see if I could observe anything paranormal. The date was July 6 or 7, I believe, and happened to be during the prime time when Gettysburg is full of re-enactments and people dressed in period clothing.

  When we finally found the road that led to Spangler's Spring, it was dark and the park area was about to close. I drove slowly on the narrow, winding road, stopping occasionally to look at grave markers. As we approached an open area where we could see parked cars, I stopped to get my bearings and scan the area for a parking spot. In the distance ahead of us I could see an RV and some people dressed in period clothing standing in the light of the RV's headlights. I then moved my gaze slowly to my left and out my driver's side window, where I saw a woman in period clothes moving across the grassy area toward the woods. She looked more like she was gliding than walking, I thought probably because her dress billowed out so that her legs were undetectable. Her dress appeared bluish-white, as if glowing in the moonlight. I commented to my husband, "Look at that woman. She seems as if she's trying to look like a ghost with the way she's dressed and seeming to glide as she walks." As we both continued to watch her, I drove slowly ahead to a parking space. I only took my eyes off her while I turned in to the parking spot, and then relocated her in the rear-view mirror. My husband never took his eyes off her. I think we were transfixed because we'd been talking about ghosts on the way to Gettysburg, and this woman just seemed a bit odd.

  I grabbed the camera as I got out of the car, intending to snap pictures of darkness in hopes of later finding something anomalous in them. (It hadn't even occurred to me to take a picture of the woman as I had watched her moving toward the woods because I just figured she was another re-enactor.) All the while, I continued looking at the bluish-white dot in the distance that the woman had become as she headed further from us and toward the woods. Without discussing it, we were both curious and instantly began walking quickly toward her. After several steps, we both stopped and realized that the bluish-white dot we were headed toward was a reflection on a signpost. "Where'd she go?" I whispered to my husband with an uneasy giggle. "I don't know," he replied. "I never took my eyes off her, but she's not there now." We then hurried in the same direction she'd been going, to the woods. When we got there, we saw nothing but woods. We then began walking back to where we had seen the RV, which had left a few minutes earlier. We realized that the woman couldn't have covered the distance from where we'd seen her to the RV before the RV had left, so we knew she couldn't have been with those people. However, there wasn't a woman like the one we saw anywhere in sight. We couldn't explain where she went and that, coupled with the way she looked and how she seemed to glide so smoothly, led us to conclude that perhaps we'd seen a ghost.

  A couple of weeks later on our way driving back west from eastern PA, we decided to drive through Gettysburg again and see the same area in daylight. I wanted to see if those woods had a path that this woman could've taken that night. Our daytime visit to Spangler's Spring revealed that the woods around that area were rather thick and there were no paths or even spaces where someone wearing a dress (especially such a billowy one) could go. To this day, we wonder if we saw the famous Lady in White.

Getting it off of my chest


Well…ever since I was small, I knew I was “different.”  At first I thought something seriously was wrong with me…as I always heard “mumblings” like I was under water and hearing distorted voices.  And…the most disturbing thing was seeing something “out of the corner of my eye” as it was disappearing through a door, around the house, behind a car, or tree.  I am now used to these things and have accepted them for what they are, whatever they are.  I am now used to sitting on the couch with a roaring fire in front of me reading or watching TV and getting this god-awful chill to where the hair stands up on my arms and neck and literally know I am being watched from someone I cannot see.  And how did I come to this stage where I simply accept this?  Because of experiences I had when I was younger:

We had moved to the United States from England in 1964.  We had to live with my new stepfather’s family until we could get on our feet.  I had to share a bedroom with my baby brother and it was then I began to notice the “white thing”.  I’d be sound asleep and suddenly be awakened by this “white thing” floating at the foot of my bed.  Sometimes it would be hanging around the window at the top of my bed.  Once, I remember having to go to the bathroom and I glanced out the living room window and it was outside the window, just behind the TV.  I used to see it on the front porch at night, just outside the front door just before you went down the steps onto  the front lawn.  Once, I even saw it in the back yard near the old shed, but whenever I noticed it and concentrated on it, it would simply go away.  I would hear voices, and always ask those in the house, “What did you say?” and they’d look at me and say, “No one said anything, child.”  People would always come to visit my grandmother and she had this one friend named “Mabel.”  Mabel was a hefty woman with iron gray hair and big blue eyes.  She worked at the dry cleaning place and always had a lollipop in the pocket of her smock when she came to visit. She knew my favorite was cherry, and soon began to bring me “barley suckers” shaped like animals.  She was the nicest, sweetest lady ever.  She’d always take the time to stop and talk to me, hug me, and really listen to what I had to say.  I remember once I caught Mabel staring at me with this funny look on her face.  She looked really angry, but with a sad smile at the same time.  I remember asking her what was wrong, and she said, “I won’t be coming back anymore.”   I thought Mabel had died, because she never came back and I never heard anyone talk about her.  I thought this odd, as she seemed to really like my mum and grandmother and they seemed to really like her too.  It wasn’t until a few years later that we were visiting an old family friend Christmas Day when he leaned over to me and said, “Would you like a lolli?”  I said yes, and he produced a barley candy lollipop in the shape of an animal!  I was so excited as it had been many years since I had had one from Mabel that I ran to my mum and grandmother and said, “Look! It is the same as what Mabel used to bring me!”  I was way too excited and shook with happiness.  Later, when we were home, my mum and grandmother sat with me on the couch and asked me about the candy and “Mabel.”  I thought they were teasing me and said, “You remember Mabel!”  I went on to describe Mabel and how she’d stop by on her way home from the dry cleaning to bring me a cherry lollipop or the barley kind and how she’d wander in the kitchen and sit down and talk for awhile.

I kid you not when I tell you my mother shook her head trying to figure out what I was talking about but my grandmother gasped loudly and started shaking and crying.  That scared ME and my mum didn’t know what to do as we’ve never seen grandmother cry before!  My grandpa and stepfather came in from the kitchen to see what in the world was going on when my grandmother cried harder and explained,  “Mabel died before you came to America, Shari.  Mabel has never met you or your mum or baby brother.  She knew of you, she knew of your father trying to bring you and your mommy and brother here to live but she never got the chance to meet any of you.  She has been dead now over a year.”  She blew her nose and said, “Cherry suckers were her favorite.”   Of course, being a little kid, this didn’t bother me any because I didn’t understand dead and I didn’t know why everyone was so excited and upset and crying.  I do remember after that my grandmother would look at me funny sometimes.

We had moved into this ramshackle house on “Willis Street” when I was 10 years old.  The owners were so old their wrinkles had wrinkles, and they lived across the street.  Back then, the rent on this pathetic house was $80 a week.  I always had to run the money across the street and wait impatiently for a receipt.  The people always smelled of moth balls and scared the creeps out of me.

Anyway, this house had a living room, dining room, and two kitchens:  on the left was where you ate and the right had once been a back porch so that is where the stove, sink, and washer were kept.  Then there was a downstairs bathroom.  Upstairs were 3 bedrooms (no heat) and a hallway closet.  In the winter time, the old oil heater in the middle of the dining room would send up what little heat it could to my brother’s room through an old iron grate that we had to kick open with our shoes and kick close it was so rusted.

We moved in this house in the spring…and enjoyed living 4 houses from the river.  Life was good, and once in awhile I would catch myself stopping whatever it was I was doing and looking around, surely knowing someone (or something) was watching me.  I’d shake it off as the fact we were no longer living with my grandparents, 3 cousins, and my aunt and uncle in one house and now we were just the 4 of us in our own home now.  It really takes some getting used to going from living with 11 people down to 4.

Things started getting really weird in the fall.  We’d hear stomping upstairs and of course being the oldest I was always sent up to investigate.  There’d be nothing.  I was brave and searched the 3 bedrooms, my brother’s closet and the hallway closet.  Always nothing until I would turn my back and start to walk down.  That is when I had this eerie feeling that I was being watched.  I would then haul ass downstairs only to be told by my father to “march right back upstairs young lady and walk down!”  It was really bad when he knew I would start running from my bedroom to the downstairs hallway, as I’d have to go back to the bedroom and walk painfully slow back down with him watching me.

I remember one night, it was an Indian summer and we had the windows open for one last hurrah of warm air when I was awakened by Mrs. Bonnie’s voice.  (She lived across the street and was the mother of my two friends Billy and Kelly).  Plain as day her voice woke me up saying loudly “Shirley, you know you have to get up now and get to work.  You’ll be late!”  I remember sitting up in bed and there was Mrs. Bonnie standing in my bedroom wearing this pathetic old green ratty house robe and smoking a cigarette, which was strange indeed as Mrs. Bonnie never smoked.  I remember opening my mouth to say something and just like that she was gone.

We lived in a home where there were no such thing as “storm doors or windows” and we always had to purchase thick plastic at the hardware store and I’d help my dad staple it up at the windows and exterior doors we wouldn’t use for the winter.  Also, mum always hung ‘winter curtains” that were so heavy and thick, to this day I am amazed they stayed up at the windows at all.  So, it was indeed strange when on this last, hot day before the winter we had opened all the windows in the house and stuck those little sliding screens in them and left to go shopping, we came home to find every single window closed tight and the screens on the floor beneath the windows.  Luckily I didn’t get blamed (as I was opting to do when these things happened in the house) as I was of course out with them shopping when this happened.

I also noticed when I got older that my friends wouldn’t come in my house to play, either.  Oh we’d sit on my front porch or in the back yard and play Barbie’s, Twister, The Dating Game, etc. but never inside.  When I asked, they’d always say, “Your house is haunted.”  I’d laugh and think they were insane.  But now I know better.

The night I started to really take notice of the house being “different” was one night I was in my bedroom at the back of the house doing my homework.  I was content, getting the bulk of it done and I had my Coke transistor radio to keep me company.  Suddenly, the radio held static and I kept losing the radio station.  Then, as if on cue, I felt the icy coldness surround me and the hairs stand up on my arm and neck.  I only remembered one thought going through my mind (RUN!) and I raced out of my room, through my brother’s room and down the hall and stairs.  Of course my father was waiting at the dining room door, and said sharply “Go back and WALK!”

Another instance was I was home sick from school. I was on the couch under a heavy quilt when I saw a shadow cross from the left kitchen into the right.  I honestly thought my mum had come home from work (she worked across the street…I could stand in the kitchen and actually see her desk, etc. through the window) to see how I was doing.  I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew the grate in the ceiling above the oil stove was flapping open and shut.  Now this scared me to death as the grate was broken, we couldn’t budge the lever no matter how hard we kicked at it.  (And I was always the one who had to go upstairs an hour before bed time and turn on everyone’s electric blankets because of no heat upstairs!)  I laid there watching the dust mites and soot fall and then there was this horrific bang and immediately I was off that couch, through the dining room and into the smaller kitchen on the phone.  I could see my mum pick her phone up and look over at me.  I was hysterical.  She came home and together we went upstairs and checked the grate and of course it was open.  (We didn’t have an explanation for this).

Another instance was one night I was awoken to someone coming up the stairs.  There were 14 stairs straight up, turn left and a tiny landing and then 3 more steps to the second level.  The last 3 steps creaked awful when someone stepped on them.  I remembered wondering if it was mum or dad coming up and when no one went by the bedroom door; I just hid under my covers.  This little instance would happen almost nightly, to where my father suddenly one night hollered, “Whoever is out there playing on the stairs better get their ass in bed before I come out there with the belt!”  I cringed in my bed, wondering who was out there.

Another night, I heard the creaking of the stairs and the next thing I knew, my dad was standing in the darn hallway in his underwear, the black belt hanging from his hand.  He stared into my room and my brother’s and must have known it wasn’t us, as then he went downstairs and I could hear him opening doors and making sure they were locked tight.

A few months later, things started happening in my room.  My black marker, crayons, colored pencils vanished.  Didn’t know where they went and never found them.

Anything the I found to be my favorite was either missing or broken.  I had been given an old, used typewriter and I loved to play with it and I came home from school one day to find it in the floor, cracked and useless.  I was a joke at the library because there was this one particular book I always checked out to read over and over again. The librarian always told me, “You have to have that book memorized by now!” every time I took it out.  Anyway…I checked it out and I laid it on my bed to either wash up or eat or go do something and when I came back, it was gone.  Yes, I had to do extra chores to pay the library fine AND pay to have a new book put in its place.  Everyone said I kept the book but I never did.  Never saw it again, either.

Then my younger brother started complaining about “someone messing with my stuff.”  He too started missing his black markers, colored pencils, crayons.  Our uncle had given him a Matchbox car of the “Bat mobile” and that turned up missing.  He had a black rabbit’s foot that he kept on a small chain on his book bag and that came up missing.  Things were just starting to get weird around there.

One hot summer night we were all outside playing in the back yard.  My mum came outside and told me if we all (the gang) stayed in the yard while she went to the corner store, she’d get us a treat when she came back.  Well, we were all out there playing and suddenly my friend ran up to me and said, “Your mom is home!  Let’ see what she got us!”  I ran inside and made it as far as the dining room before I realized no one was in the house but me.  I got the icy chill and felt someone watching me and hauled ass out of there.  I ran up to my friend Norma (who told me) and demanded to know why she lied.  She looked at me and said, “I saw the face of a woman in that window smiling and she waved at me, and I thought it was your mom.”

Things just kept happening we couldn’t figure out.  One night, I was sleeping in bed with my brother when I heard a knocking at his bedroom window. (It was my neighbor Norma, our houses were so close together that I could sit on my brothers floor, open his window, lean out and knock on hers).  I got out of bed and Norma sat there, wanting to talk.  We heard her mother start hollering so naturally we closed our windows and I climbed back in bed with my brother.  (I had taken to sleeping with him at night because I was just too damn scared to sleep in my room by myself).  During the night, I heard what I thought was Norma tapping on the bedroom window so I turned over and got the shock of my life:  the entire bedroom wall, window and all, was moving in and out as if it were breathing.  THAT scared me to death and I remember starting to scream.  That brought my parents in and of course scared my brother so bad he wet the bed.  Naturally I got slapped and had to change my brother’s sheets, etc. and then be restricted to my ROOM for a week!  Talk about harsh punishment!

One night, it was cold and the ol’ winter curtains were up and the thick plastic was trying to keep the wind out.  The electric blanket wasn’t keeping me warm no matter how high I set the control and I was nestled down deep in the covers.  Suddenly I heard this noise by the window and I peeked out of the covers.  There stood this boy about 5 or 6 years old and he was dressed in a plastic cowboy vest, holster, and red plastic cowboy hat and held two cap guns in his hands.  He had brown curly hair and freckles and a big smile showing two missing bottom teeth.  He glanced over at me and said, “Guess what?  I am here to shoot you.”  I don’t remember anything else because he aimed those cap guns at me and I started screaming.  Naturally that brought my parents to my room for another good slap.

As things started to progress, I then started sleeping with my parents.  I waited until I knew they were either dead asleep or too tired to protest and I’d climb in bed beside my mum and try to make myself as small as possible.  Needless to say, whatever or who ever were making my life miserable wasn’t afraid of my mum or dad, for one night I was curled up against my mum’s back when I heard this noise.  I got up on my right elbow to look over on my dad’s side of the bed and saw this thing standing there.

I don’t know what it was, but it was like a fog, or mist.  There was no particular shape to it, so I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a person or animal or what.  But I do remember my dad suddenly snored and it slowly went away.  But the one night that broke me from walking that lonely hallway to my parent’s bedroom was the night I was about to climb out of bed and make the trip when I suddenly heard my dad say rather loudly and sharply, “No, you are NOT getting in bed with us, Shari.  Now go back to your own bed!”  (He swore the next morning it was me trying to get in bed with them but of course it wasn’t.)

One summer night, I had finally talked one of my friends to spend the night.  It was hot, and all the windows were open.  The old fire alarm on the telephone pole at the end of the street started going off for a general alarm.  From where I laid in my bed, I could see the yellow-orange glow of the fire in the distance.  It was nearby!  By the time the first police cars and fire trucks had gone by, me, my brother, and Erica were racing to the end of the hallway to stand in front of the big floor to ceiling window and watch the fire, smoke, and emergency people.  We soon learned that it was the old high school, and that the janitor had died because he couldn’t get out.  Meanwhile, out on the street all the neighbors were standing in their robes and various stages of dress watching the excitement when I saw Erica’s sister Darlene, and the rest of the gang standing on the corner with their families.  We hollered down and waved, but they wouldn’t wave back.  Yeah, they’d keep looking up and all but wouldn’t wave or holler.

The next day me, my brother, and Erica demanded to know why they were so stuck up the night before and Billy said, “We saw you in the window and all, but behind you guys was a lady in black and she kept pointing her finger at us.  We didn’t know who she was.”

Things just kept happening that we couldn’t explain.  We got a Shetland Sheep dog and I even observed her never going upstairs in my room or my brother’s and she’d always stop and stare at the hallway closet.  One night we were all watching TV in the living room when Lady suddenly looked up and I swear to God she “followed” someone or something’s movements from the corner of the dining room to the downstairs bathroom.  I mean this dog literally watched as she turned her head slowly and her ears were pricked up.  Talk about icy coldness!

We finally moved, and the first night we were in our new home, we left Lady behind in the old one to guard what little things we had left behind.  The next day, when we showed up with the truck to  pick up the rest of our stuff, Norma’s father met us on the porch and said, “Lady had a rough night last night.  She has been growling, barking, and whimpering all night.  I went in Norma’s bedroom and shone the flashlight and saw her racing from downstairs to the upstairs and through all the bedrooms.

When I went in my son’s room (his bedroom window was even with mine) I saw a woman with a broom trying to either hit Lady or she was playing with her.  But when the light went back to see who this woman was, she was gone.  At first I thought Shari had stayed behind to keep an eye on the stuff and dog, but when I knocked and knocked, no one answered.”  I almost passed out from fright when he said this.  True enough, we unlocked the door and Lady literally fell out onto the porch, panting.  She was exhausted.  We put her in truck and I made it very clear that I was NOT cleaning up anything in any room by myself that someone had to be with me.

Many, many years later when I was pregnant with my first child, I was asked to baby-sit for the family who now owns the ‘haunted house’ I had lived in as a child.  The woman was the oldest daughter of the family who owned it.  I was a little scared, but I said, “I am an adult now.  This happened when I was a kid.”  SO I showed up at the damn house and went in, shaking hands and meeting Alicia.  (Our families knew each other, you know how it is…small community and all).  Well, the parents finally left and I made it a point to stay downstairs.  Finally, Alicia climbed up on the couch with me and said, “Wanna tour or your old room?”  I freaked out, as I couldn’t remember if I had told her I had ever lived there.  But we went upstairs and I felt this real queasy feeling in my stomach.  For old time’s sake, I pulled back the curtain and looked out my brother’s window over to what used to be Norma’s bedroom window.  My dad always said if one house caught fire, the entire block would go because the houses were just too close together.  We toured the house and when we got to my brother’s closet, she grew real serious.  She asked me, “When you lived here, were you ever afraid of this closet?”  I said no, not really.  We had played hide and seek in it, but it was too small for anything but a few clothes and shoes.  She sighed and said, “One time, I was playing in here and a little boy came out with two cap guns and said, “Guess what?  I am going to shoot you.”  Needless to say, I almost threw up.  Tears stung my eyes and that icy, dreaded feeling covered me like a wet blanket.  I grabbed her a little too roughly and we went downstairs.  And, just like when I was a child her age, I raced down the stairs, thankful that my father wasn’t around to make me go all the way back up and walk down.

To this day, when I am home visiting, I cross the street before I reach this house as I do not feel comfortable walking on its sidewalk.  I always get the feeling that someone or something is watching me from this house as I pass by.

I am now 43 years old and the mother of 3 grown children.  To this day, without warning, I will “see something” vanish out of the corner of my eye.  Or I will be out back at night admiring the stars, etc. and suddenly feel the icy fingers of something nearby, as if I am being watched.  I know things happen in this world that we can’t explain, and that souls wander looking to either find closure or loved ones or for some reason just can’t make the transition to “the other side.”  Who or what are these things I see fleetingly?  What are the garbled sounds I hear as if I am in a room full of people talking and I have ear plugs in?  I don’t know.  And I am not sure I want to know, either.

From Max, with love


It had taken us almost three years of research and looking but we finally found the perfect puppy-a blueheeler male who joined our home in November of 2002.  We named him Max and from then on he was as much a part of our family as our son.  He went every where with us, slept in our room, and was so much a part of us.  In May of 2003 we had him neutered, then in June he became sick.  We live on a farm, and he became ill with Leptospirilla, a disease most common in cows.  He was hospitalized for a few days and then the fight at home began.  The fight for his life.  We gave him shots, medicine, special foods, anything that would make him better.  He got sicker all the time but never lost his spirit.  After three months of fighting for his life, watching him lose weight, refuse to eat but still having the spirit to live and be with his family, my husband and I decided to let Max go.  What is so weird is that Max is not, and never has been, a friendly dog with other people.  We were his family, and that was as far as his friendliness went.  The day I took him to the vet there was a woman outside with two dogs.  Max and I went and checked in, then he began acting weird.  He pulled his leash to go out, which we did.  I figured he needed to relieve himself but his goal was the woman outside.  She and I began talking, about what was wrong with Max and why we were there.  I cried a bit and told her I would most likely be leaving without him.  When I told her his problem she commented that usually all dogs were vaccinated against the very disease that was killing Max.  She then informed me she was the manager of an animal shelter and as soon as she got back to the shelter she would be looking into their injections.  Just then the receptionist came out and called her in.  On her way in she stopped, looked at Max, and said, "You know, it's really funny, but we just got in a blueheeler male who looks an awful lot like Max."  We were called in shortly after and the vet agreed that we had done all that was possible, and more, and that Max was dying a very slow painful death.  I held my puppy when he died.  Shortly after I mentioned the "lady" to the receptionist and she told me who she was.  I called my husband and let him know that Max had died and repeated my conversation to him.  I had NO intention of visiting that other dog.  No way.  But...something drove me to do it.  I went to the animal shelter and as soon as I pulled in a lady walked out, over to me, and hugged me.  She told me how sorry she was about Max.  I didn't tell her he had died.  I never told anyone I was going to that shelter.  But she KNEW.  I found out that the shelter was closed that day, but they had been expecting me ALL day.  I had gone right after Max had died, but they knew I was coming that day.  I entered and the lady from the vet was there, on the phone, with the vet.  She had called them to get my name and number as I walked in.  I didn't see the dog at that time, as he was being neutered.  I did see pictures.  He looked like Max.  He was also the same age.  Later, at home, I cried and cried.  Suddenly, I felt a cold spot, right next to my leg where Max always sat.  My cat, Kit, sat up and pawed the air at the spot.  And Max's ball rolled. Max was home.  Neither my husband nor I were ready to see this dog, but the feeling was right.  It was too odd the way things were happening.  We went to see this dog, both of us knowing it was too soon.  When they brought Bandit out to us, everyone could feel the "click".  He acted like we were his, and the weirdest of all?  He has the same traits, habits, characteristics of Max.  He took up right where Max has left off.  That day, when we visited Bandit for the first time, it was sunny and warm.  When we all gathered with Bandit, in our family fold, just hours after Max's death, we all felt a very cool breeze.  Bandit raised his head, sniffed the air, and raised his tail.  Did Max know?  We think he did, and he did what he knew we would be needing.  We still miss Max, and when we do, Bandit will do something at that precise moment that is totally Max.  We still feel Max, and Bandit does too.  Why else will he go find Max's ball, drop it on the ground where Max used to lie and chew on it, then wag his tail and yip?  Because he wants Max to play.


Footsteps on the stairs


I was sitting in the living room of our homeplace in kentucky and my great grandmother was upstairs asleep I was reading a book and I heard grandmommy coming down the stairs I turned my head to speak to her and noone was there I heard the footsteps come down the stairs and the front door opened and closed and I went out the back door as fast as I could with my hair standing on end needless to say I didnt go back in the house until everybody else got home that scared the s**t out of me

Flagstaff NAU Dorm Story


I just ran into your website after searching on Google and figured I'd drop a line about an experience I had at NAU when I visited a friend of a friend there.  I am in Phoenix.
I went to the door where the girl stayed in the dorm that ended up killing herself.  It's now a storage/maintenance area I believe.  We walked upstairs to the floor where it was and the girl that lived in the building and we were talking about supernatural experiences.  She told me the story about the girl and told me to place my back firmly against the door.  I did and the instant I did my heart started racing anywhere from 2-3 times as normal.  As soon as I took my back off  the door the pounding went away.  But I put my back on it again and it happened again, my friends felt my chest and pulled me from the door as they feared I would have a heart attack.  It was also extremely depressing being there, everyone felt extreme sadness.  Thought I'd drop it to ya,

Eerie happenings


    There are a couple of things I would like to relate to you.  The first is an event that didn't happen to me but to someone very close to me, my mother-in-law.  I would also like to state that I do not know if ghosts and the like truly exist, but I do have an open mind.  I also do not know if what happened to me can be considered ghostly phenomena, but anyway I'll begin.
    My mother-in-law lived in St. Albans, WV and near the high school and across the street from a large cemetery.  She had just had a major surgery and was sleeping in the living room on the sofa since it was more comfortable.  She woke to see a boy standing at the bottom of the stairs (if you walked out the door of the living room the stairs are on the left and the front door is on the right).  Thinking it was the eldest of her two teenaged sons she harshly asked what he thought he was doing fully dressed and not in bed because it was the middle of the night and she was having problems with both her boys, running away and the like.  The boy just looked at her and she then realized that the boy was dressed in '50s style clothes.  She turned around to tap the lamp to make it come on, and with that done, she turned back around to find the boy gone.  She never saw anything else but felt things and had several dreams there that later came true.
       On the event of my eighteenth birthday, I was released from state's custody and moved from my foster home into her house where she resided with my (then) boyfriend, with whom I had a six-month-old son.  One night my boyfriend was sick so she took him to the doctor and I was there with the baby.  I went to the kitchen to get some water and as I started back through the dining room toward the living room.  I very distinctly heard someone(or thing) say my name.  I ran back to the living room where my son was and turned the stereo on and up and didn't move until they got home.  I didn't even go to the bathroom.  That happened to me on two other occasions, and all three happened in the vicinity of the "back room".  The back room was situated between the kitchen and the back door and ran the whole length of the back of the house.  It housed the washer and dryer and bookcases and so on and so forth and it was also the rumored location of the previous occupants death.  An elderly lady had lived there alone and died there and wasn't found for several days.
       My boyfriend and I also played with an ouija board there and it was the only and last time one had ever worked for me.  I will never touch one again.  My mother-in-law had it on the coffee table in the living room and we took it to our room to try it and I won't go into details but it worked and we put it back and after that the room was always "too cold" and I never liked going in there after that.  I might just be crazy but the room just didn't feel right with that thing in it.  The television was in another room so I didn't have to go in there unless it couldn't be avoided.  That's all I have and these events are not nearly as horrifying as others that I've read on this site, and I might just be crazy but oh well.  I really enjoy reading the stories on this site, especially the ones about the haunting at Aquia church.  I now live in Stafford, VA right a couple miles north on route 1 from the church.  My mother-in-law and I have been debating for a while as to whether or not we should go and see if we witness anything, but we haven't yet.  Maybe we'll go and check it out.  Thanks for reading this not so scary account.  Happy reading and ghost hunting to all of you!

Children and ghosts.


Hi Dave,
I've just finished reading your theory on ghosts and children and would like to say that I think you're absolutely right about the part where you say if children are taught to believe then they grow up to be open minded.
  When I was a child I was always told that i'd just had a bad dream, etc.. untill I was 6yrs old.  My gran was staying over this night and when she stayed she slept in my bedroom with me.  Anyway, I woke up in the middle of the night, the room was dark but there was some light shining in from tha street and as I sat up I noticed what I thought to be my gran sitting next to my bed, as I looked at her she smiled to me but inside her mouth looked black, not like my gran's nice teeth.  It was then that I looked across the room and noticed my gran fast asleep in the other bed.  My heart missed a beat and I dived under the covers shaking like mad and the next thing I knew it was morning.  The next day I told my gran and my mum what i'd seen, and my gran just sat me down and told me about her experience the night before.  She had woken up too, but when she saw it, it was standing by the door and she would have swore that it was her mother.  I felt if my gran hadn't saw it on the same night as me then I would have been told like all the other times that it was just a bad dream.
 I've since had many experience's and even have photos of me at my cousin's wedding and all the one's with me in them have either an orb or a misty patch around me.  I've been told that there is someone with me all the time and I often wonder if it's the same ghost I saw that night with my gran.  I would love to know 1 day why, but it doesn't bother me at all and in a way makes me feel kinda special.

Black Angel and Van Allen Hall in Iowa City


okay, my experiences with the Black Angel are different than the one I heard in your 'ghost experiences' area.
Growing up in Iowa City was kind of odd. Always feeling something is flowing underground, like darkness and evil may be near. In my house, everyone got the creeps of our very own basement, I swear I would see shadows upon the concrete walls downstairs. But anyway, when I first visited the Black Angel (that I can remember), I was 3, I remember seeing in like a cream color. I sat on it with my brothers to take a picture. I looked up at her, seeing these eyes looking back at me, I screamed and cried, and wouldn't stop til we all left.  Later on finally finding the pictures of my two brothers and I, I realized the black angel was indeed Black, but everytime I saw it, it would creep me out. I remember in the early ninties, that they would have all these coins placed at her site, which by the way I don't see any when I visit her now, like it was sacred or something, and I was told that if you take them, you will die, or vanish without a trace, and if you touch it, you will die in seven years if you don't go back and touch it within the time period...but throughout (now my interest) these years, now I have heard so many myths, like if you kiss it you will die in a month, or instantly, so in a way, I'm tempted to go and kiss it to see what will happen and document it.
Van Allen Hall in the long run was a little more scarier to me than the Black Angel though. Okay my mom worked the late janitor shift at Van Allen Hall (alone from 10-2AM) when I was 7-8, and sometimes me and my brother(s), and a couple of my oldest brother (which is greatly into paranormal activity) friends would go there and 'investigate'. Well before this incident that I'm going to share, there was a homicide/suicide in that building. Some foreign student didn't get high enough credit from a professer so he was going to be sent back to his home country, so he went balistic, and killed I don't know exactly who, or what they did except for his professor and himself and a couple others. Well anyways, my brother and his friend, decided that they wanted to go on a 'ghostbuster investigation' thing one day, and it was even daylight out, just empty, and told me to wait by the elevators by the south doors and that they would be right back.  Well time was passing by, I was alone, and I swear I was hearing noises. I was calling for my mom, and my brother, but no one answered, which made me even more scared, so I decided that I would try to find out where they went and got in the elvator, and went up...between floors, the elevator stopped and it got cold, and I just started to cry, I was so scared, but eventually after about a minute, it finally it continued to proceed up. Then I immediatly got off that floor and went calling for my mom. No one was there, and I felt like something was behind me so I quick got back in the elevator and went back down to the main level where I was at and started to walk around in the hallways searching for any open doors, then eventually I found my mom, and stuck by brother and his friend returned about a half an hour later...but my mom to says when she was alone in there, esp. coming from the main floor, the elvator would stop, so she kind knew how I got scared, and she also recalls seeing things, and hearing things too. That place might just be a place to go to learn things at, but to me it's like hell, and I will not go in there alone, anymore.

Barton Land

By:  Anonymous


I have written before, congrats on your site, its fabby.
Please no names and addresses my family already think I am mad.
When I was young, the only job I could get was to look after the elderly in an old folks’ home. It was hard work and not very glamorous, wiping bottoms, cleaning false teeth, and preparing the odd poor soul for their final taxi ride after they died, a profoundly depressing thing, all that they had usually fitted into two black bin liners. But in those days you didn’t require any training and the money was good.
In the course of time I managed to get a job at a place called Barton Land, on Barlaston downs, in the English midlands. It had been a home for the blind for many years, then the elderly and is now a plush hotel.
Legend had it that it had been built by Josiah Wedgwood, who disliked it once finished so he had sold it to the Johnson family, and built Wedgwood Hall further down the road. Whatever the truth it had obviously been a very grand house at some stage.
The ancient, rippled glass of the nursery windows had the initials of the Johnson children scratched in with a diamond, the story was that they had all died of something infectious, again I’m not sure of the truth of it.
I, on the whole, don’t have a lot of time for your classic, my hair stood on end and they were dead within a year sort of ghost story. I see ghosts all the time, I am rarely afraid and long given up trying to get anyone to believe me, I know what I see if people believe me great, if not oh well.
This place was fairly unremarkable, made spooky by its isolation rather than actual haunted, until we opened the top floor, the old servants quarters.
The building was three storied with a mezzanine floor to boot; there was a bleep system, each floor having a characteristic set of bleeps. The carers carried the receivers so if someone needed assistance say on the first floor, all they had to do was press a red button on the wall and a slow intermittent bleep would sound and we could go there, the bleed could only be silenced by pressing the green button next to the red one.
This system was extended to the top floor, and assigned a rapid set of bleeps. Almost from the word go it would drive us demented, the only access to the top floor was the old, narrow back stairs and the lift, we would race up there, the second your foot touched the top stair it would stop. There was never anyone there and the lift, which was noisy, you would hear if it had been used, empty and silent. We naturally assumed that the system was faulty and called the company many times, who in turn could find no fault. Eventually it stopped as suddenly as it had started.
The lift also started to go up and down of its own accord, frequently getting stuck up there, as I said it was noisy you could hear it all over the house, again we suspected faulty wiring, again the company was called, and again they could find no faults.
I was always uncomfortable up there, not afraid, just wary, even before it was opened up, and we had used it as a store.
One night after the bleeping stopped I was putting out glasses of water for people who had to take medication in the night, I was the only one willing to go up there alone at this point.
All the original plumbing was still in place, as I walked past a room with a particularly fine sink I saw to my amazement that both taps were turning, they squeaked as they turned, at precisely the same time both poured out powerful streams of water. I told one of the male carers what I had seen, he said it was probably pressure in the pipes, which seemed sensible to me, they were very old after all, it was only on the way home that night, that I remembered that the hot and cold are different systems, I don’t suppose its impossible but it is quite a coincidence for both systems to build up enough pressure to turn both of the taps in exact unison, don’t you think?
There was also the small problem of the back dining room, residents to a person refused to sit in one particular corner, most of our residents were deeply disturbed people, many with psychiatric disorders, but by no means all of them. I eventually asked one lady why she refused to sit in the corner; she said it was because of the breathing. After this we all listened, and yes clearly audible, but only in that corner, was a deep, laboured and very asthmatic breathing. It was always there, and became quite famous, we even had people with tape recorders investigate it.
One night as I was putting one of my, mentally stable, residents to bed, a dear sweet old lady of 99. She looked at me and said that she wasn’t complaining but was getting a little fed up of the little girl who sat on the end of her bed, laughing at her, and poking fun at her and would I kindly have a word with the little devil. I looked at the end of the bed, I could not see anyone, but there was a marked depression in the bedclothes, and it moved. This room always felt happy, you see it was the old nursery, the one with the initials on the window.
Many other things happened over the years, the usual corner of eye thing, also there was a Saxon icehouse in the grounds, and a passage from the house to it, local archaeologists were very interested in it. I have to say I never found the entrance, but our ferocious matron kept us pretty hard at it. She was in my opinion a cruel and unfeeling woman, who treated some of our residents terribly.
In the end, depressed with the constant cycles of death and black bags, and sick of being bullied by that awful woman, with all our complaints to the council seemingly unheard, I left. Many years later I met the former caretaker, he told me that the matron had taken her own life. I have never wished ill to anyone, but I have to say, I hope the spirits in that place gave her as hard a time as she gave to some of those poor old people.

Another one in my room!


Hey there! I've submitted one of my ghost sightings before, I believe. The one about Ghosty the horse. I just had to share this one as well.

It was 26.10.03 (my 13th birthday) and my friend Rebecca ('Skypaw') was sleeping over. This was around 1 AM. As we were falling asleep, we looked up to my bedroom (her bedroom is in the attic [where I saw the horse] and we were sleeping in the room below it for some reasons set by silly parents!) and what did we see? A big black shadow. Me and Skypaw, when we turned the light on in the room below and looked up again, could not find a cause for it. I think it has something to do with us watching '100 greatest scary moments' on the TV. ("I'm never gonna watch The Exorcist" - Me) A quote from The Matrix kept ringing in my ears- "Your mind makes it real." I knew I wasn't imagining it because Skypaw could see it too. I didn't want Skypaw to know how scared I was, so I just squeezed my My Little Pony, Sweetberry, tightly and said into myself "Go away, go away, go away..."
Perhaps the thing knew I was scared. Perhaps it knew I was holding a My Little Pony toy. Perhaps it was the horse, Ghosty, again. All I can tell you is that the shadow never came back.

An Old House


In the fall of 1978 I moved in with my girlfriend (later my wife).  She lived in an old red brick house in southwest lower Michigan between Niles and Dowagiac.  The area was named after an Indian chief by the name of Pokagon.

The house consisted of three floors all connected by a mahogony spiral staircase and an additional set of back stairs that led into the kitchen.  At one time the house had been crowned with a very ornate widow's peak that had since been walled off with a large piece of plywood making that area totally inaccessable.  The top flight of stairs began just outside of our bedroom and continued up right into the plywood.  At the top of these stairs was a light.  There was no lamp shade or globe,  just a single light bulb screwed into the fixture and a small chain to turn it on and off.

Frequently, while sitting in the living room or kitchen,  you could hear something climb the spiral staircase, go from room to room on the upper levels, and then descend down the back stairs.  The light bulb at the top of the staircase was always left on making it easier to climb the large spiral stairs in the center of the house.

We were never frightened, although visitors were at times rather disconcerted by the experience.  They would ask questions regarding what or who caused the noises and we would have to tell them that we simply didn't know.  Even though the house was listed with the local historical society there was very little information concerning previous ownners or who had built the home.

Anyway, to make a long story short,  we were lying in bed one night and neither of us could fall asleep.  So I decided it was the fault of the light at the  top of stairs.  I went up,  all the way to the plywood,  where I turned the light off and then as an after thought, I unscrewed the bulb from the fixture.

I went back to bed and said "Much better huh?"  She thought so too.  We laid there for a few minutes trying to relax and fall asleep, we both had to be at work early the next morning.  Then clearly, we both heard someone coming up the stairs;  in fact we heard it so clearly that we both sat up and watched the top fo the stairs waiting to see who it was.  If it was an intruder he was about to meet God with a bullet in his head.

As it turns out there was no intruder unless it was she and I.  Footsteps sounded on each board as it came up the stairs where it immediately turned left towards our bedroom and began up the last flight to the old widow's peak.  We heard the steps stop at the top and in an instant the light was shining bright again.  Whatever it was came down, went through the rooms upstairs and then descended the back stairs to the kitchen as was the pattern.  All we could do is stare at each other.  Neither of us felt threatened or as if there was some unknown evil in the house.

I got up and went upstairs where sure enough, the light bulb was back in the fixture and was turned on.  The noises continued but never anything as blatent as the light bulb incident ever occured again.

A Ghost named Mae


Hello, I am an armed guard in the City of Jacksonville, Florida. I have a very interesting story about my experience with a ghost.
     In October of 1990 my two sons, and I , and my now ex husband, had been on the road traveling and playing music and we were between jobs so to speak and had really fallen upon hard times. To shorten the story, we rented a small house in the woods with no electricity, or water turned on, but by this time we were just thankful to have any kind of roof over our heads besides that of an old van.
      We had been there only a few days when our van also broke down. We were in the middle of nowhere and did not know anyone in the area.
      It started to rain and turn very cold. We still had no electricity, and the house was so cold, and damp. I was very sick by this time, with the flu. So sick that in fact I thought I was going to die that night in that cold house.
      We had no furniture, except for two mattresses that we put in the living room. We had blankets, sleeping bags, and pillows. The food supply had all but run out except for some noodles and soups. Because of the rain we could not build a fire outside, so we gave up and went to bed early, mostly to try to stay warm. We had been talking and I was feeling worse by the minute. All of a sudden, I started smelling homemade vegetable soup, and started getting warm and dry feeling. I thought I was so sick that I was hallucinating. Then one of my sons said they smelled something.  We decided that we all actually was smelling soup, and it continued to get warmer and dryer until we all drifted off to sleep. The next morning the rain stopped and the sun came out. We knew we had witnessed a miracle of some sort, but what? And no one would ever believe it.
      Things slowly began to pick up for us and several months later my ex was out looking for some extra work when he went in to a little cafe about ten miles from us.  The owner of the cafe asked where we lived and when my ex told him about the little house we had out in the woods, he said " My mother used to live there years ago!" Her name was Mae, she was so kind and compassionate towards others. He said she used to cook on an old wood stove, and used to make big pots of vegetable soup for the road crews and workers in the area, even the chain gang when they would be out on the road working in the cold. Well,  the wood stove certainly explained the sudden dry warmth, and even now when I smell vegetable soup, I know in my heart Mae was trying to help.

A few Spirit Encounters


I have been connected to spirit all my life, ever since I can remember.  When I was five I lived in a haunted house on Elmwood Street in Buffalo NY.   It was an old Victorian style house with maids quarters in the attic, two converted apartments on the first level and a large apartment on the second. All apartments shared the unfinished basement.  My grandparents owned this home and rented out the front downstairs apartment to Mrs. N, a kind older lady who took all sorts of pills for various ailments.  The back downstairs apartment my grandparents allowed their family and friends to rent on temporary basis from time to time.

I lived there with my single mom when I was five years old.  I had 'full run' within this home from basement to attic, as well as in the larger apartment of my grandparents' and the smaller apartment of my mom and I.  Mrs. N even opened her door to the middle hallway when she heard me on the stairs, to offer my a treat from time to time.

I often wandered the home alone.  I don't remember actually seeing ghosts on a regular basis, but I started drawing two of them for my grandmother.  They were the same pictures over and over: A lady with a bun in her hair and a little girl with curly locks and big blue ribbons.  My grandma put one of my sketches on her white T-shirt and she wore it around for years.  I never told her that these were the ghosts in our family house; she thought this picture was interesting and wanted to preserve it.

Sometimes while alone in the attic, the powerful aroma of sweet flowery perfume would fill the air. My aunt saw the door knob one of the attic maid's room doors turn back and forth like someone was trying to enter, but then it stopped.  My uncle heard frantic laughter under his window (in the back yard) and could see nobody out there as he heard the noise.

One night I awoke to see a blue light near my closet and a woman standing in the middle of my bedroom.  She looked like Scottie was in the process of beaming her up as her substance was made up of shimmering, moving little lights . . . causing her look as if she were glowing in the darkness of my room.  And she stood like a statue, 'stuck in profile' with cane in hand, bun in hair, long slender neck slightly bent; and long dress with very slender waist, body poised slightly above floor level.

The blue light faded in and out until it reached my bedside, and there was this little girl about my age (5 years old) with big blue ribbons in her locks, a blue dress and very pretty features.  Her eyes looked as if they were closed in the darkness and she stood right over me as I lay in the bed.  She put her hand up over my face and I swear I still remember every line on her palm!

I realized quickly that these were ghost and began to scream out for my mom.  When she entered the bedroom she walked right through the woman without even seeing her!  she came up to me, I jumped in her arms and then she stood with me in the dark talking to me and trying to convince me that there was nothing to be afraid of.  As she was standing again IN this woman, she didn't convince me and I dug my fingers so hard into her shoulder that she turned the light on.  I blinked at the empty bare room!  She put me right back to bed.

I sensed them for a while after this but they didn't show themselves so directly from that time on.  I began to convince myself this had all been a dream.  Then my Uncle Andy, wife to my mom's sister, several years later moved into the house and lived in the upstairs apartment once occupied by my grandparents.  I was in seventh grade when he told me his story, and  he had no idea of what I'd seen as a young girl living there because I'd not told anyone about it, yet.

His story to me about the house was that one evening he lay in bed (6'7 tall man) and his feet were hanging off the end of his mattress.  His eyes were closed and a picture popped into his mind of a woman in profile with a cane in her hand.  When he opened his eyes the same picture in his mind was standing there at the end of his bed, facing him.  It was night and he was not yet even close to falling asleep.  His wife was in the bathroom off the room across the hall, and he yelled out to her that there was a ghost woman standing right there looking at him in the bedroom.  She peeked in the room and didn't see the ghost.

He began shooting questions at it, being a very curious and brave New Yorker (lol).  He asked her if she were a relative and she sent a 'vibe' as he put it that he translated at 'no'.  He then asked if she were there just to let them know she was there.  A 'vibe' of Yes was her answer.  Just then, their son Cori began to cry in the next room and my aunt didn't want to walk through the woman Andy was talking to.  So she went the long way around to the nursery through another bedroom.  The spirit began to follow her, like a gliding profile, slightly bent with cane in hand.  She paused and then turned around and went straight into the nursery going the short way.   Cori stopped crying.

Mrs. N had died by that time and her son had moved into her old apartment in the downstairs front.  He was an odd character who began to lose his mind in the weeks before his own death.  He started to knock on the door and tell my aunt and uncle that they were making too much noise and the kids were running up and down the halls bothering his sleep. The funny thing was, he'd tell them during times when the kids were napping and all was quiet in the house.

One day John (her son), actually called the police because he claimed to have seen 'three men in black trench coats' walk right out of his clothes closet and when he asked them who they were, one of them told him that they were the 'grim reaper'!  The police wrote up a report and then left the house, convinced he was another 'nut case'.  However, John suddenly disappeared and the mail man reported a horrible stench coming from his apartment.  He had been dead from a heart attack for over a week by the time he was found.  My aunt and uncle had been on vacation that week.  It was quite a discovery.

A Family Tradition


      I don't care if these stories are posted or not it is just good to share them with people that will understand

      My Mother's family is an old southern family and it is fully of ghost stories.  One of the most persistent stories is of the knocker (that's what I call it anyway).  There have been three major incidents in my mother's life time.  A little over twenty years ago, my great-grandmother was on her death bed.  My grandmother and great-aunt live next-door to each other and their mother lived across the street.  A day before my great-grandmother died my grandmother, great-aunt, and my mom all heard three knocks on their respective doors throughout the day, and every time when they would go to the door no one would be there.  My mother told me that whenever someone in the family died other family members would hear the three knocks at the door and the person would be dead within three days.
     When I was fourteen the knocker appeared again.  This time it was my grandmother who was dying of a brain tumor.  My great-aunt and my mother's sister both heard the knock several times throughout a day while my mother and I had gone out to take a break (my grandmother was receiving at home care).  They were both very upset when they told us about it later, and the next day my grandmother died.  Then again when I was nineteen I had gone out into the garage to get a soda from the refrigerator we had out there when my mother opened the door and asked me in a panicked tone if I had just gone around to the front door and knocked.  I told her I hadn't and she actually got made at me and told my it wasn't funny.  I got upset and said that the only way I could have gone around to the front door would have been to open the garage door with its loud electric motor and she would have heard it.  Once she was convinced she called everyone in the family to make sure no one was dead.  Two days later we got a call that my father's aunt and uncle had died in a head on collision.
      On top of that we are all convinced that my grandmother never left the house.  My aunt lives there now.  After my grandmother died we bleached every wall and cabinet in the house and my aunt got new carpet and furniture because my grandmother had been smoking in that house for thirty years, and my aunt quit smoking so now the smell bothered her.  A few years later my aunt started talking about how she'd come home after work and it would smell like someone was smoking in the house.  I have a key to the house and twice I've stayed there when I was home visiting from college over the past two years and I have smelt the smoke when I walked in the door.  I am twenty-two and no one has smoked in that house since I was around sixteen (that's when my aunt quit).
      I guess you could say that my mother's family is psychically sensitive. When I was about thirteen I started having experiences of my own.  The first time my mother, father, and I were visiting Gettysburg and when into the basement where the only civilian had died from a stray bullet wound (for some reason I can't remember her name right now).  The table she died on was still in the basement and as we all walked up to look at it I suddenly felt very strange.  This oppressive feeling came over me.  It was like there was something pushing down on the top of my head.  I became really scared and started backing up against the far wall, but the feeling got more intense so I ran out onto the street and was shaken but fine. Years later I showed my father a picture of the woman (she was very young and involved in a tragic civil war love story), and even he seemed a little unnerved when he saw it.  She looked remarkably like me.
      When I was fourteen, a few months before my mother's mother died, my father's mother died.  She lived in South Jersey on the "farm" with my uncle.  It isn't really a farm anymore.  It was built in 1870 or so and my family has owned it for around 100 years I think because my grandmother's grandfather bought it.  Anyway, the upstairs hall way always scared me when I was little, but I figured I was just being a kid.  Then while my grandmother was still in the hospital (she quietly passed only a few hours after she was brought home since my uncle promised her she wouldn't die in the hospital) I was left alone at the house to have a rest while everyone else went back to the hospital to see her.  It was about eleven o'clock in the morning and I think I was watching Jerry Springer or something like that in the living room when I heard what sounded like someone coming out of the far bedroom and walking down the hall upstairs. I know old houses have creaky floorboards, but these were very deliberate definite footsteps.  My first thought was that my mother or father had come home to take a nap before I had gotten up and I just did realize they were there.  Then I remembered that I had poked my head into their room before coming downstairs a getting the note that they had gone.  Then I got scared because I thought maybe someone was trying to rob the place or something.  When the footsteps stopped I forced myself to move and went to the kitchen.  Both of the cats were staring at the pantry which is under the stairs at the exact place where it sounded like the footsteps stopped, and their hair was a bristled - I was literally frozen in fright.  Well, when Morris, one of the cats started hissing I came to my senses and ran out the door.  I spent the next couple of hours in a tree of to the side of the house so I could see if anyone was coming in or out (I wanted to make sure it was supernatural and not a psycho killer or anything).  No one ever came out of the house and when my parents came home we looked through the house and didn't find anything.  However, my uncle told me that my great great-aunt had died in the room that the footsteps had seemed to come from.
      When I was eighteen my boyfriend and I had a friend that lived in an older home who we spent a lot of time with.  One night she told us about how her and her boyfriend had heard a child call mommy the before.  She had a four year old son so they went to check on him, but he was fast asleep.  Both of their eyes started watering.  A few hours later when our friend was up alone she swears she saw a little girl in a white dress with curly blond hair poke her head around the corner and laugh.  She was still shaken up by the incident.  A few hours later the topic of conversation had moved on (in the interest of full disclosure I had had one drink earlier in the evening, but I was in no way drunk) when I got a chill down my spine.  Then I heard the voice of a little girl say mommy.  It was like she was whispering in my ear and inside my head at the same time.  My boyfriend and friend didn't hear it but both of their eyes had started watering.  A few nights later I heard the little girl in the bathroom, but the sound was much less distinct than the previous night.
      There are a lot more stories I could tell, but I think this email is long enough as it is.  Sorry, I tried to be concise but I'm not very good at that.  Maybe I'll write another time about my poltergeist experience.  Thanks for listening.

More Happenings in FL


Hi there. It's been a while.  It's been calm for some time ,but my Husband had twice a very nice experience all by himself only a few weeks back. I was at work in the Morning(5 am, yeah really sucks).So he was up early too and had to use the Bath. As he was in the Bathroom he saw 3 lights floating in the Bathroom around his head .He watched them for a while and he said that there where blue and orange and then there where just gone ,It happened to him again when he was alone and sitting by the PC, same floating lights or Orbs and same Colors. He was not afraid, but he told me what he saw because he knows that I am a strong believer in these Things. On the other hand ,my older Daughter had a scary experience in her Bedroom. She woke me up very early in the Morning and told me that she awoke to see a Baby laying on the end of her Bed looking at her. It was the same Baby, that I have on one of my photos(it's in "Ghost in Florida) on this Web, anyways she told me that she was scared and she covered her Face with her Blanket, hoping that it would be gone .But it was not .She said that it was still there as she looked again. Then there was a shadow coming into the Room, or this shadow just appeared out of nowhere and all of a sudden it had the Baby by the Hand and they where both gone. She said that the Shadow was a grown up because she thought I was coming into her Room ,but I was not because I was still Sleeping. Myself I had a very frightening Thing happening to me. Again it was early in the Morning , and I was laying on my back, when I felt something or somebody holding me my Arms, holding me down more to say. Then covering my whole Body. I was trying to get up or to lift my Arms or Legs ,nothing worked . I also tried to call out to my Husband , who was sleeping next to me, nothing . As the Pressure was getting more intense, I just gave in and in my Mind I told myself ,:okay that’s it " and I was thinking about my Family. When the Pressure went away, and I was breathing like crazy and my Husband woke up from my Breathing and asked me what is wrong . I told him what just happened, and he  was like ;"wow". It has not happened again so far. I have another Story : Where I work , there also worked a older Lady as a "Sample Person" .We all loved her a lot . But she was a Diabetic and got sick and passed away.2 Days after she passed away , we where getting the Donuts ready and they where sitting on the pan, we where all busy doing things to get ready to open up the Store, when my Boss said "Hey there is one Donut missing". I know for sure that no one took it to eat , but I know that it was our "Sample Lady". Because now she did not have to watch herself eating the thing she was not allowed to have. That is all so far ,as always  I will update u on new things .Thanks for listening

Mine did things on command - the ghost that is


To Whom this letter may concern,
I just want to let you know .before this all began I was like if I see it, I will believe it is real, kind of attitude. I had just gotten into my own place before Christmas and my 7year old wanted to know about baby Jesus, So I read him the first two pages of the bible. I finished and turned out the light Then my son sounded a little scared he said "Mommy whats that?" I turned to look at him and I could see his face? {preveously I had put a sleeping bag on the window to keep the cold draft out, it was pitch dark when I turned out
the light.} I looked at to what he was staring at, it was this pearl white light on the wall I could see it was moving but I was not scared for some reason. That was the first time I spoke to it. I said if your a good spirit I will read the bible again but let us see you again. after I read another page
i turned out the light and then we saw two , the first 1 and the second was smaller but both were moving. The second thing that got my attention was we owned a little cat and it would just freak out! like as if it was running from something, the cat would swat at whatever it was. The day before our cat went missing it scared me, well of what the cat did. I was getting ready for bed and my son was at my sisters for the night. I was in my sons room and we had a mattress against the wall and I could hear the cat freaking out. So I called for the cat to come and it was hissing and bouncing ,like something was behind it. Then the cat ran and jumped on me cowerng behind me and squeezing in between the bed and the wall. It just hid there and wouldn't come out. Then came the trances I would be awake reading a book or lying in my bed and next thing I couldn't move!!! A real nasty smell would follow it was rotten. Then I started to say let me know if your here and it did things to let me know. it even yelled at me and my ex boyfriend when I finally decided to move out actually it was the day I left. I moved because it dragged my son from my bed while I was in a trans and couldn't help him it didn't harm him. But that was it for me it was not fun anymore. I used to bring my friends over and freak them out a bit, well they got really freaked out!!!! if you want to know more contact me, because there is alot more it did

Many Times



I stumbled onto your site and after extensive reading of all of the available materials, I felt that I should submit to you my own experiences in hopes of getting some type of feedback. I do this for several reasons. Firstly, some of the accounts of Dave Juliano’s stories struck strong chords with me. Secondly, I am curious to hear what experts have to say and lastly, I just enjoy the paranormal and would like to tell my story.

Everything all started when I was a child. My first home was a renovated jail, and the small two-story building was inhabited by my five brothers, one sister, my parents and three dogs. I do not remember much from this home, so my accounts here will be brief. I do, however, have strong memories of people calling my name when only myself and my mother were present. My little sister recalls an elderly woman in a rocking chair in one of the children’s bedrooms, rocking and beckoning to her when only she and my parents were home. My brothers recall whispers and movements emanating from beneath their beds. Lastly, I recall very strongly of waking and sitting straight up in bed, hearing a terrible yet soft wailing coming from within the bathroom. It was a hair-raising noise. I kept pinching myself and thought, ‘I’m awake. I’m awake.’ And then my father climbed the stairs and upon his appearance, the so ds stopped never to be heard again.

We moved out of that house when I was in grade six, so when I was around eleven or twelve. My grandfather had died and left his large, Victorian-style home to my family. On the very first night, my little sister (who was sleeping my grandmother’s old room) complained of terrible nightmares concerning Nanny. When my mother bought a bunk bed, I moved into that room with my sister, and then things got strange.

On the first night, I had a vivid dream of my grandfather. I dreamed that I got up, walked downstairs and he was sitting in his kitchen just as he used to when I was younger. He was petting our old German Shepard dog Chip and smiled comfortingly at me. He just said, "I’m fine, Amber. I just wanted to let you know that I’m fine." And then I woke up.

Around this time, I hit puberty and it was during this while that I began to notice that I had an uncanny ability at foreseeing things. I can’t explain it, really, it was just a lot of small things that accumulated. Such things as:

I was in the kitchen with my mother when I began to sing a song for no reason. The television show cut to commercial and the song I was singing was the theme song for the particular product that was being endorsed.

I woke up from a dead sleep one night and as clear as day I could ‘feel’ a question form inside my head, ‘Are needles as bad as you think they are?’ The next day it was announced that my class was scheduled for tetanus shots.

One morning as I was preparing for school, a image of a girl from my school popped into my minds eye as clear as day. This girl and I did not get along, and she had moved away several weeks before. I was pleased that she left and had not thought of her since. But that morning, I couldn’t get her out of my head. When I went to school, she was sitting in her old seat and explained to my friends and I that she had decided to returned to live with her mother the night before and hence, return to our school.

I frequently dream of something or someone, only to see it or them the following day. When I am daydreaming I frequently have a strong picture come to my minds eye of a person, or of a television show, or of a game only to have that person come to my home, or have a sibling bring home that movie or game several hours later.

One time I was preparing to sit down and watch my all-time favorite television program The Pretender, which was supposed to be a new episode. As I was sitting there, it was like I was dreaming. A picture came to mind of a certain episode that I had only seen a part of several years ago. I put it out of my mind, but when the episode came on it was with a notice trailing across the bottom which read along the lines of ‘The new episode of the Pretender had been rescheduled for next week.’ And sure enough, the episode that was on was the one that had come to mind.

I often finish people’s sentences. I often pick up the phone knowing who it will be. Once I took a pack of playing cards out from my mother’s cupboard. Then I held the deck face down and pulled a card from it one at a time and guessed whether or not it would be black or red. From three trials my scores were: First trial - 27 correct, 25 Incorrect. Second Trial - 34 Correct, 18 incorrect and the last trial (which was conducted several hours later), 42 Correct, 10 Incorrect.

I got a great kick out of this whole E.S.P business. However, things slowly began to steer away from just ESP and towards something... stranger.

The first ghostly experience that I can recall has to do with my teddy bears. My little sister and I got two bears in Christmas of 1993 and we slept with them and loved them dearly, as they were a parting gift from our Godfather, who was moving away. My sister Jaide and I loved those dolls dearly and slept with them every night. My bear was a green calico bear and Jaide’s was a fiery red bear with coal black eyes. I never liked her bear; from the moment I saw it, it put me off.

Nothing came of it, until we moved into my grandfather’s home. My little sister Jaide was a very meticulous little girl. When we came home from school she would clean the room from top to bottom and then place her teddy bear on the top bunk beside an ancient teddy bear of my grandfather’s and a small panda bear that she had won at a carnival. Then she would shut the door and sit on the computer, which was right beside the door to our bedroom.

I would like to take the time to point out that there is no way anyone could get into that room of ours while we were on the computer without our knowledge. In addition, there is no other entrance into the room and while the window was open in two of the accounts, we are on the second story and there is no way anyone could have entered.

One day, just like every other, Jaide and I cleaned up the room and then shut the door while we sat on the computer. However, when we went back in the room, Jaide’s red teddy bear remained on the top bunk while dad’s ancient bear was across the room in a corner and the tiny panda bear was under the mattress.

This happened three more times, and the last time we even shut the window and checked in the closet to ensure there was no one in the room. Yet, this time like every other, we went into the bedroom and the bears were in the same eerie position. I was very religious at this time and I grabbed Jaide’s bear ((When I look back, I have no idea why I assumed that it was the red bear of my sister’s, but I just felt that that was the case at that particular time)) and I ushered Jaide out of the room. I held it and I stared into it’s eyes, and then in my most authoritative voice I said, ‘This is a house of God. I am a child of God. This is my house, not your house and I command that you leave us alone immediately!’

The bear went missing and was never found again. My sister -loved- that bear and there is absolutely no way she would have misplaced it. In addition, we have scoured the house and have come up empty. I have no explanation.

Things were quiet for several years until I was in grade ten. Then, things got worse than ever. It was Christmas and I was listening to music when something struck me in the face. It was a barbie pencil and because it was my sister’s, I accused her of throwing it at me. She denied it and I tossed the offending pencil across the room. Several minutes later I was hit in the face again. I turned on the light and saw that it was the very same pencil.

During the course of the next several months, many things began to happen.

- One night I was listening to music when the tape player shut itself off. It had never done that before and it never did it again. The tape was not faulty, the tape player was in perfect condition, everything was just as it always was. I was phased and a little frightened, but I pushed the play button and continued to listen to music. Several songs later, it shut itself off again. I turned on the tape player again and said "If there is anyone in this room with me, shut off the music." Immediately, the tape shut off.

Several nights later I was downstairs in my brother’s room. He has an old-fashioned, battery-powered style alarm clock with a hammer that goes back and forth between two bells. As I was sitting on the computer, the alarm started ringing. I jumped, cursed and then refused to move. I knew that the alarm would shut itself off after fifteen seconds or so. Yet, as the time stretched on, the clock just kept ringing. I stood up and walked across the room and right before I reached for the clock, it stopped ringing. I pick it up and turned it around to pull out the batteries, only to find that the batteries were already missing. That scared the living day lights out of me.

But the most scary occureances were yet to happen. One afternoon I was sitting in my bed listening to music when I saw a tall man who I can only describe as looking like a three-dimensional shadow walk across the room and as he passed behind the post that connected the top and bottom bunks, he disappeared.

I cannot stress enough how much this frightened me. Even though the figure seemed perfectly harmless, I was terrified. Then, before my eyes, the face of an old man with a beard appeared on the doorway of my room. I ran downstairs to be with my mother.

During this time, I could hear footsteps walking from the stairs, down the hall and into my room... but when I opened my eyes, there was no one there. Many times I was lying in bed half asleep when I would snap wide awake with a feeling of absolute, utter terror coursing through my whole body. I felt as though there was something else in that room with me. I couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t hear anything, but I FELT it.

One time, and this is the only time to my memory that someone else witnessed anything strange in the home other than myself, I was having a sleep over during a storm. There was a tiny little girl on the top bunk and three of the heavier girls, my sister and myself included, on the bottom bunk. As I stared at the top bunk I watched as the impression of a body slowly sunk into the mattress beside Lindsey’s body. I nudged my friends and pointed before telling her to ‘get off the bed right now and get down here!"

Lindsey jumped from the top bunk onto the bottom bunk and we all watched as the clear imprint of the body slowly lifted itself out of the mattress. As the impression vanished, my little sister’s Tickle Me Cookie Monster, which was sitting untouched in the drawer began to laugh. It laughed slowly, as though the batteries were running low. I grabbed it and threw it out into the corner of my room with all of my strength and then we all ran downstairs to tell my mother, who laughed and didn’t believe the fo , frightened fifteen year-old-girls.

Then the final night of the hauntings was in July of 2000. I was studying for exams when my cd player turned on by itself. It played and I waited for it to turn itself off (by this time I was quite use to these things) and when it didn’t, I stood to turn it off myself. As I reached for the ‘stop’ button, it stopped itself. Irritated, I went to sit back on the bed and as I did the cd player snapped back on. I was quickly losing my patience. I stood up, marched across the room and reached for the STOP button. Again the cd-player shut off before I could hit stop. Then, the television turned on.

I lost my temper.

I balled my fists and yelled, "Look here! I don’t know who you are or why you’re hear, but understand this: THIS IS MY HOUSE. My grandfather left this to me and my family and my mother is Roman Catholic. This is a House of the Lord and you are not welcomed hear. Get out and never come back!"

Then, as calmly as I could for I was shaking on the inside, I walked over and pushed the power on the television set. I turned, walked towards the door and as I was reaching for the handle a small, class cat that sat on top of the television flew across the room to strike the floor near my feet.

I told this story to friends only to have them accuse me of:

1) Slamming the button on the television so hard it knocked the cat off -- I do not think I pushed the button that hard, but even if I did, the cat didn’t fall until I was at the door which is on the wall exactly opposite of the television. There was a good four meters between the television and I.

2) I stomped my feet and henceforth knocked the cat off: – I do shuffle my feet, but I can guarantee you that my footsteps did not bother the television which sat on top of a large, heavy, solid oak desk.

The cat may have fell, but it landed several feet behind me, which means that it ‘fell’ over a meter and a half.

That was the last strange occurrence that happened in my house, with one exception.

One night in grade twelve, I remember waking up from a dead sleep and staring at the roof of my room.  On the ceiling was a row of faces.  I remember thinking 'I am awake.  No matter what, Amber, remember that you are awake'.  I said this to myself because I have had a lot of vivid dreams.  When I am dreaming I cannot tell I am dreaming, but when I am awake I CAN ALWAYS tell when I am awake.  I do not remember much of this experience, but I DO remember a voice telling me that these faces would some how affect me in the course of my life.  Some for good and some for bad.  Then I was told that I would forget the majority of what I was told.  Then the faces all faded.  I wasn't scared at all, I was just incredulous.  I am very religious and I will swear on a Bible in front of God himself that that is the truth.

Several years later I moved to University and though I still have some mild ESP, I feel that the majority of it left with my ghost.

Well that’s it. That’s my extremely long and boring story. I hope to hear from you soon as I am extremely interested in hearing what you have to say.

Minnesota Haunting


I had an experience in a house that I lived in, in pipestone Minnesota. The house or apartment rather was just outside of town near the baseball fields. Things happened all the time like hearing dishes falling in the sink when there wasn't any thing on the counter, footsteps on the steppes just outside the door. Things like that. those things I got use to. The things I didn’t get use to was being woke up in the middle of the night because something was grabbing at my feet. When I would turn the lights on everything stopped and I was completely alone in my room. Another thing that happened was after a foot ball game a friend of mine was over and we were on the computer recording music off the radio. When I was starting the computer up I asked my friend to turn the T.V off. The T.V we had at the time was really old and very few people knew how to work it. She asked me how to turn it of and I pointed and said " right there." She asked me where so I got up and did it myself. That was all that was said until after we played back the recording and when that was said the computer hadn't even finished turning on yet. After recording three or four songs I hit the playback button. About twenty-seconds before the song started playing there were two voices. both male. The first voice on the recording said, " Turn it off." The second said "where?" And the first said " on there." My friend and I were the only two in the building.
     Another thing that happened was when the cable guy hooked up the cable. Before he got to the house I had been putting new candles in the candleholder on my dresser when I heard him knock. I had set a tea light on my stereo because I was going to put it in on of the candle holders. It was brand new. I hadn't even cut the wick yet. After the cable guy left I went back in my room and the tea light I had set on my stereo was melted all down the side of the stereo and the wick had been burnt all the way down. I was a little freaked out. I looked around the room for a possible heat source but there wasn't one. The stereo hadn't been on all day, none of the other candles were burning, I had blankets over the windows. It was winter but I had the vents in my room closed because I cant sleep when its warm. I couldn’t find any explanation for the candle melting. things like that happened a lot. We only lived there for a couple years and now live in Newulm. We lived in to other houses before the one we live in now and I haven't had any other happenings.

The backrubs


one time about 1999 I had a boy friend 4 two years and he would cuddle me at school give me back rubs when it was saw (he always he this welcoming fell to hi hands that I love!) and stuff and one night , I was in the shower singing away and my back was really hurting and I said to my self I could really do with a back rub and a bout ten minuets later I felt his hands rubbing my back and I said that was really nice thanx and then they stopped so I turned around and no one was there and then the phone rang I picked it up and it as his mum and this is what she said "I’ve got some bad news your boyfriend passed away in a terrible accident just half an hour ago " and I felt as though he’d just come to say goodbye!

The Family Pet Forever


I had always been afraid of dogs.  I never got along well with them except for the family dog because I grew up with him.  The dog's name was Butch and he was more like a sibling than a pet considering the fact he was older than me.  We had to put Butch to sleep because he was too old and couldn't get up and down the stairs by himself.

One day I was walking along the sidewalk in front of the new house which we had moved into a few years after having to get rid of Butch.  We still had his ashes with us because we were planning on burrying him with my mother.  While I was walking a neighbor's dog stopped about 5 feet in front of me.  It turn towards me and began to snarl and growl.  I just stood still and patiently waited for the dog to leave.  Everyone told me to do that because it was said that if you stayed still the dog wouldn't attack.  So there I stood and out of nowhere I felt a slight breeze brush against the back of my right leg.  I moved my head slowly and looked down only to see Butch, or at least the figure of Butch, standing beside me and snarling right back at the neighbor's dog.  The dog backed up a few steps, put its tail between its legs and then ran off.

To this day, I still think that Butch will always be our family pet forever.

The boogyman


As a kid, I grew up in a house that was definately haunted.  There were cold spots, the felling of not being alone and years later I was told that my mother would see demons in her bedroom.  Most of the time I was afraid to be in the house alone.  There were all kinds of things happening, but only two that I'm going to write about.  First in my bedroom weird things would happen.  I had a vintage style radio/ tape player.  There were times that the radio would turn off or on for no reason.  When I would be listening to it the volume would be turned full blast or muted.  For the longest time I thought there was a mechanical problem with it, even after it would turn on when it was unplugged.  Denial, I guess.  The second was a lot more terrifying, but it's ok to laugh.  I guess it was comical- after the fact.  When I was thirteen, I was an avid Steven King reader.  I love his work, even now.  Well at the time I was reading a book of short stories, and there was a story about the boogyman.  For some reason that story stood out in my mind, it creeped the H-E double hockey sticks out of me.  My bed was up against the wall with the head of the bed facing the closet door.  That night before I went to bed I was so freaked out by the Steven King story that I pushed a chair up against the closet door.  The back of the chair was shoved under the doorknob.  There was no way that door could have been opened.  In the middle of the night I woke up, for what reason I don't know.  But I was laying in bed and I heard the legs of the chair scaping the floor (hard wood flooring) and I felt the closet door being opened.  I was frozen in bed, I couldn't move.  I screamed for my mother- the only time I have ever called out to anyone when I was sleeping.  My mother came into my room, she told me that it was just a dream, but she SHUT the closet door before she left my room!!!  The next morning I pulled all of my clothes out of closet and pushed my bed against the closet.  I kept my clothes on my bed and I started sleeping on the floor.  I was told later that a little boy had died in my house,  and a man had hung himself in the dining room.  I think the little boy had fallen down the stairs or was abused, I don't really know.  Looking back now I realize that I was never afraid in my room, except for that one night.  I think it was the little boy trying to either get my attention or playing a joke on me.  But for years it was a family joke that I was afraid of my closet.

The figure


    I used to live in a neighborhood as a child and it was very cozy and friendly. There was never any crimes or such there. A few times I  would be playing in the yard or on the back porch and I would always see visions of a young girl about 12 to 15. I'm not to sure. The vision wasnt to clear most of the time. She would always be wearing a black dress and she seemed to be in a black fog of some sort. It used to scare me and I would usually run away but after awhile I turned curious and would stare at this young ghostly figure. And every single time she would appear she would be staring straight at me with no expression maybe a sad or mad look on her face but I never could really tell. I moved 10 years later and the last 2 years I had lived there she never appeared. I never found any accidents or such in the history of the house so I'm not to sure why she appeared around that house. I also found a name carved in to my close door one time which I remember being bare. It startled me because I had never seen it in the 13 years I lived there and I wasn't sure how it appeared. After awhile I just didn't think of it and moved out later that year. I never understood what the figure was or if it was just part of my imagination but I'm quite certain it was really there.

The Ghost that Could


hey my name is Darcy and this story is all true and all too frightening. when I was about 6 my family and I lived in a house that was haunted with a helpful ghost. you couldn't get hurt in that house. it was like there some other force there. it really scared me because sometimes when I was sad or when I was upset with someone, a voice would comfort me and something would pat my back and tell me its all right. it got very scary sometimes and other times it was good to have around. that was just the start of all the craziness. we moved out of that house not 5 months after my first encounter with the "spirit". then we moved to a different house that had a very evil presence. things would fly off the shelves and hit my sister in the head. it was funny at first but once you had to look out where and when you walked it got kind of annoying. then there was the incident in the basement that freaked the hell out of my sister and I. we had a big toy chest that took 2 able men to carry just picked up and floated out of the room. after that I complained and complained we moved. my parents didn't believe me until the voices. my mom was the one who heard them and insisted that we move because she did not like the words I am going to kill again being said all night.

My child hood house and current haunted house


Hello im back but with the goodies of all the stories I could remember at this time Ok first off I still believe im beginning to open up to see the unknown because when im not concentrating on anything I would see familiar figures walk around me I would sense it's presence my hair would stand in on end and all the noise around me would go quiet to me anyways I grew up in a extremely haunted house in Hayward California some religious people say it's because the house number has 666 in it but I lived there the first 14 years of my 16 year life and I of full doubt do not believe the address had anything to do with it I think it's because my mother and the houses history, when I was about 10yrs old I had constant dreams about a child my age I had that dream whenever I would take a trip alone to the garage and then go to my bedroom to sleep I had the dreams with the child in them for about a week in my dream we did alot of stuff alot of talking then at the end of it all I asked my final question before I woke up by that time I knew it was a spirit I asked as I remember "Where did you die?" and the child looked down then up at the room of the garage over the punching bag and said right there then I woke up, my mother lived at the house since her first husband in the 1970's and she said small things would happen during those times like odd light's out of nowhere numerous colored orbs and figures at night's, in the last week of our presence I had a sense that the spirit did not want my family to move out so the paranormal things would begin with full extent in telling us to stay like the stereo would turn on it's self atleast 20 times a day on different radio stations mostly celine dion songs, I used to sleep in the bedroom across from my mother's master bedroom from the hallway and the other bedroom no one slept in was mine I slept in there twice out of the 3 months it was mine because the first time I tried I could not fall asleep because the thought my grandmother died in the very spot 11 years ago at the time scared me and unusual sounds like muzzled growl and cold spots and a few times I would feel someone lay on the other side of my bed and you could sense when your not wanted in the room so I did not want to piss off the spirit the first time I slept in it I was very tired and I guess the spirit knew it so it let me sleep peacefully the next night I attempted I slept for about 3 hours then awoke at 4 AM  the bedroom with no lights on very dark but I could see a man's figure standing on the foot of my bed I pretended to sleep calmly knowing it was not a intruder I watched it in the corner of my eye as it paced back and forth from my dresser back to the foot of my bed then it stopped and stared me for a minute then I seen it move it's hand slowly up as waving me to leave so I obviously terrified but I am a very calm person I pretended not to see it grabbed my flashlight and turned it on afraid to see the figure in full I did not flash him I kept it on the floor and walked to my sister's room at the end across of my mothers room before I walked in the door way I glanced back seeing my door slowly close and I almost broke down and cried of fright on my old side of the bed next to my younger sister I do not remember anything else of that night, the last few days of the house me and my sister were trying to sleep and I heard a little baby cry about a year and a half old then at the foot of our black metal bunk bed a short child about 2 feet tall all black showed up in the door way leaning on the door panel watching us I whispered to my sister to not look at it because she was whispering "ALAN YOU SEE THAT?" then I remember seeing it turn around and walk into the bathroom and I finally got some sleep,at the last day of my family's vacancy I was sleeping on my side of the bed with my sister on the other side as my mom told us the morning she was in her bed and her bed is HUGE I mean it's a queen sized one but the bed itself is custom made and cost well over $4000 about 13 years ago so theres fake mirror's on the top with a mirrored head board with 2 side glass cabinet's with a rose painted on them that connect to the large roof with the built in mirrors going over the bed anyways my mother was sleeping when she heard someone walk up and down the hallway infront of her partially shut door she got up expecting to see me and my sister walk around but no we were sleeping she thought it was all in her head as she went back to bed but this time the sound was in her room she heard foot steps walking around her bed she looked around no one then laid back down staring at her dark shadow in the mirror over her bed then the foot steps continued she was scared for the first time by then and would not look then after about a minute she felt someone climb in to bed next to her then she looked and seen the side pillow crease down then she ended up spending the night in my sister's room with me and my sister know we live in this house and paranormal things are beginning to happen over here but not the same like when I was at school my sister cutting school sleeping in her new room my mom in her room infront of the house and my aunty's on the side with her friend sue they all hear the same thing like one of the kitchen chairs dragging across the floor then 30 minutes later my aunty walks out to the kitchen to find all the chairs re- arranged and to microwave some hot dogs then at the end of the microwave session my walks out for a refill of her coffee then my auntie confused asked her why she move all the chairs my mom looking around says I didnt I thought it was you but it wasnt any of them, then around 4-5pm sue walking through the kitchen see's a lady in a maroon colored victorian velvet dress standing in the door way unusually pale she did a double look thing and the 2nd time unsuccessful then about a week later I see the same figure striding across the living room then when I told my auntie she said sue seen the same thing and sometimes when im in the dinning room with my laptop I heard someone walking behind me going towards my left side then in the corner of my eye I see someone stop I look to see fully who it is and there's no one and several times we would hear someone run or walk through the living room in one point I seen a lady's figure in the glass china cabinet in the dinning room and everyone here felt someones presence even the Atheus non believer of spirits my older sister Anna so I think the spirits are following my mom or do not like my dad re building the house I lived here 4 years before my mom moved in I lived here with my dad  ::::::::::JUST KNOW I FELT SOMEONE SET THERE HAND ON MY SHOULDER!!!!::::::::: and about a month or two ago when it was HOT here in cali I would have the A/C on in this room and it would be hot outside of it and scientifically the door would try to stay open and one day I had it open then it just closed and locked it's self then 3 pounds rang out like someone slamming the body against the door very slowly about 2 second halt between it did it about 3 times in a single week first time around 1PM no one home 2nd time 4AM no one awake 3rd time 9PM could have been someone but doubted since I didnt hear no foot steps following it and I did look on all occasions and there were no one in it's range of running everyone here would not of done it like my aunty is old she cant run no more neither can my dad, uncle or mother there all in there 50's and my older sister is to much of a serious person to play a joke and my younger sister couldnt of since she is slow and very over weight if she would of run it would make very loud stomping noise through the house..... CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHAT'S WITH THE POUNDING PLEASE?

My Daughter


My daughter was 10 years old and passed away from a prolonged illness.
One night about 8 years after she passed I was staying with my mother who was in a bad situation and it happened.
I was sleeping in the upstairs bedroom and I heard someone say "Mom wake up, I need to talk with you."  Having 5 other children (now grown) I turned over thinking one of them had come over with a problem.
When I opened my eyes there she stood in a soft light of blue haze my deceased daughter. I didn't feel the least bit afraid as this was not the first time someone had visited with me after they had passed.
Anyway she wanted to say something to me so I said what is it?  She said you need to get grandma out of here or she won't be with you much longer.  I asked what she meant or what was going to happen. All she would say was that I needed to take her away from this place and now.
The next day after my horrible stepfather had left for work I told my mother what my daughter had come to me and said. (My mother also had experiences of her own)
She looked at me and said that she wanted to leave her husband because she couldn't take the cruelty any longer.  So we packed up and left Neb. and moved to where my sister lived in Indiana.
We found a home of our own and got settled into it and started our new lives.
I thought that my daughter was telling me that my stepfather was going to hurt my mother and that was why we needed to move but that wasn't the whole thing.
My mother became ill and I took her to the hospital and that is when we met her wonderful doctor  here.  She was diagnosed with liver failure. Her doctors in Neb. had been treating her for the wrong thing and had we not moved here I know she would have been gone.  This was 6 years ago and my mother passed away recently and I am thankful that I was able to have this extra time with her.

Signed Grateful

My encounter


My name is Amanda and I am 15 years old. When I was about 10 or 11 years old I believe I had a few ghost or 'spirit' encounters.

This one night I woke up because I heard some voices. There was both a guy and girl talking (well more like screaming). The guy was warning the girl If she didnt shut up he was going to kill her. I was concerned so I looked outside to see if anyone was out there. I didn't see anybody in sight. I started screaming for my mom and dad cause I didn't know what to think. They of course came running in my room and asked me what was wrong. I told them the whole story and my dad told me that it was probably just a nightmare but to me it felt so real.

This other night I woke up because I had a nightmare and I had to go to the bathroom. After I did my business, I came back in my room and laid back down. I was still scared from my nightmare so I wasn't making a sound or any movement. Then I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a black figure walking into my room. It was almost like a shadow, not a full person.  I don't know, maybe it was just part of my dream and I was hallusinating (however you spell that). I guess I'll never know.

This other night I woke up and saw my mother sitting next to my bed telling me something. I can't remember exactly what she was saying. She was speaking too quietly. The only weird thing about this is that It wasn't my real mother. What I saw is not easy to explain. She almost looked like she was being projected from one of those light projectors. She wasn't really a full person......It was like a ghost......

Many other times I would see things, like when I looked at one of my stuffed teddy bears. Instead of seeing a stuffed teddy bear I would see a scary looking troll. I would see things like that all the time.

A lot of the things that happened to me are very weird and are very hard to understand. I, myself, don't know what they were or why it or 'they' were there but it did scare me. Nothing has happened to me for like 3 or 4 years and I am thankful. Ever since I moved out of that house nothing has happened since.

My experience.


November, the 20th was my best friends birthday, we had a normal day from school, and I came home from tennis, and started reading ghost stories from this website for my english homework. It was around 11:00pm at night. My parents were already asleep. My brother was at camp. So, I was reading the "My Story" by Dave Juliano, I was very scared, I had goosebumps all over me from the fright, for I was a kind of scardey cat when it comes to ghost stories. I got really scared, so I started to put on some quiet rock music to calm me down, in fact I am writing this now 2 days after the happening. All the lights were off, then suddenly I heard slow footsteps, happening every 10-12 seconds. I turned around to see if it was my maid/helper, but I couldn't see that well, so I rolled over on my wheely chair and fell on to the floor in shock. There was a woman with a half rotted face, and behind it jumped out a baby with blood leaking slowly out of it's eyes, I crawled over as quickly as I could to my brother's bed, I covered myself in the covers next to my brother's bed, suddenly the bedsheet flew off of me and the baby was staring right at my face, grinning violently, I just ran as hard as I could in to my parent's room, but misteriously tripped over in the dark hallway, something seemed to be grabbing on to my legs, my dad burst out of the room in rage when he heard the thump on the floor, I was only 12, my dad told me the next morning that he had watched something he couldn't see scratch holes right in to my legs. I went to the doctor's the next day and they didn't find any fingerprints or marks that could help solve this problem. They had never seen any scratch like this before, it was kind of scratched like squared paper, but with some kind of writing in the squares, the next day, my mum read in the newspaper that the doctor that touched my cut and tried to research for it, was found dead in his chair in front of the computer, his mouth had been ripped off and his eyes had gone missing, in front of him on the computer was an instant photograph of him taken before he had died, the police discovered in the background a baby with leaking blood coming out of it's eyes behind him showing it's rotty yellow sharp nails punching through the doctors eyes. I never saw anything or heard anything else about this.

My home


I have lived in this house for 18 years. There are 3 "other" people who live here with me and my 2 daughters. The most active one is Steve. He is a very nice spirit. He has told me that as long as we live here he will always protect us. This was his land during the time of the Battle of San Jacinto. I live about 5 miles from the San Jacinto Monument. He was killed by squaters taking over his land. Several people have seen him here and if he doesn't trust you he will make you feel so uncomfortable you'll leave. Many have seen a quick glimps of him and felt him touch them. Some people who have spent the night here have felt him touch them.
The other two who live here is a small child about 4 years old. When my kids were small you could hear him(it's a boy) playing with toys and laughing. Now all he does is hide things in crazy places. I have to scold him sometimes to give back the missing objects.
The other is an older woman who is very quiet. The only way you know she is around is by smelling her perfume. She came with me since I bought her antique necklace several years ago.

My keys???


Hello there, I’d like to start off by telling you I find your web page very interesting. I'd like to tell you about what happened to me in the summer of this year 2003. I came home from work one evening and placed my 2 sets of keys on the kitchen table and they are separate from each other ,it was pretty late already about 10:30 pm I watched a little TV then went to bed. I heard my Fiance come home from baseball a little while after that, now I just want to say I can here every thing that he is doing in the kitchen, the bedroom is not very far from  the kitchen. He came to bed shortly  after he got home. We woke up the next morning and had to get ready to go to the Dentist. I went  to go pick up my keys and  I was very shocked to find that both sets of my keys were  all linked together and not only all linked together but they were mixed up . I asked my Fiance if he knew any thing about it and he denied having any thing to do with it, and I believe him cause I would of heard him from the bedroom. I was thinking to my self why me, what did this, who did this. I told one of my Sisters about it and she said to me " Why does only happen to you". Now I have had a few strange experiences but I will have to tell you about it some other time .Thank you for your time and reading my story. Kellie ,Winnipeg, Canada

My old houses


Hello My Name is johnny and I used to live on a Indian reservation in the state of Maine which was rumored to be an old Indian burial ground. I have seen many apparitions and felt many presences on my eight years  I lived there. One of the events took place while I was sleeping on my couch I had fallen asleep watching a movie and I look to see mist rising from my kitchen floor. it began taking shape like bones and looking at me pointing at me like it wanted something I screamed and ran it I passed through it and fainted I awoke and found myself in my bed all tucked in. Incentdant number two I was awake because my parents were arguing and I looked down at my door and saw a tall black figure coming out from behind my door grinning its green teeth at me slowing offering me its hand as I reached out my cat jumped through the ghost and the cat and ghost disappeared. Number three the final thing I saw was on my twelfth birthday I had moved off the reservation and into an apartment with my mother I was staying up late on Halloween because thats what I do and I saw my grandmother appear to me she has been dead since I was 1 month old and she said someone was gonna fall ill if I ever lived on the reservation again I took it stride. I did move back on the reservation when I was 14 while I was there my grandmother had a stroke and died so I guess she was right. There have been many other little things I have seen but I'm 20 now and haven't seen anything for a while thanks for reading.

My On Going Story.....


Hello My name is Maria and I would like to share an ongoing experience with you. Since I was a little girl I was always able to sense danger (which of course is normal in every human being),feel and see spirits, and even interact with them. It seems as though no matter where I move to, this one particular spirit follows him, I call him Michael.

I was five years old the first time I saw Michael. I was in our basement sitting at a snack table (the kind that fold away) and I was coloring. My mother worked from home at the time and was in the other room sitting at her sewing machine. Anyhow, I felt this presence behind me, yet when I would turn, there was no one there. I continued to color, about a half hour later, I still felt this thing jumping up and down behind me. I turned quickly and saw this little boy dressed in black and white stripes, with blond hair with a matching black and white striped cap, and the bluest eyes I've ever seen. And he was just there jumping gaily behind me. He seemed to have been laughing. Yet, I was scared and ran over to my mother tipping over the snack table and everything fell, I know this because I saw it and heard it fall.

When my mother came back into the kitchen with me, the table was not moved and everything was on it. That was creepy, but the little boy was nowhere to be seen. My mother who has believed in ghosts all her life, because of her own experiences, told me that it was probably my guardian angel. Of course I wasn't going to believe her, as far as I was concerned he could have been evil.

As I grew up Michael made various appearances, even talking to me at times. Each time I see him, he's as old as I am at that point in time. I do believe now that he is afterall my guardian angel. It is because of him that I am still alive today.

A few years ago, I attempted suicide, I was overdosing on Valium. It was just me and my sister at home, my mom worked nights at a restaurant, and my father lived in a different town. I was laying on my bed, and I looked to my side and there was Michael crying, his big blue eyes were dark and blurry, and his pale cheek tear streaked. I felt this pain inside me, or more like guilt, because he said to me, "Do you think this will really work? If no one loves you, then why do you feel this way? And if no one loves you then why is your mother the first one to run to your side all the time?" I started crying heavily now, but not loud, I didn't want my sister to hear me, I was adamant to make this work. About an hour later, my sister bursts into my room, and sees the empty bottle on my dresser, and I was semi-unconsciousness. Needless to say, she called the ambulance, my mother and my father, and I was saved that night.

After a while, when all this drama had passed, I had asked my sister how did she know that I was doing something so stupid, and all she said was that as she was sitting on the couch watching TV she felt something jump up and down behind her, (my sister is a skeptic). She disregarded this to the movie she was watching, but then she finally turned around and behind her was this boy dressed in stripes with blond hair and blue eyes, and all he did was jump up and down and point to my room.

My sister had this sick feeling and that was when she ran to my room, and saved my life. I am still alive today thanks to my sister and Michael. He is my guardian angel, and I know he is watching me right now, because my hairs on my neck are all on end. Not all ghosts are bad. They all have a meaning and a reason as to why they are here. Just take the time to understand them and to see why they do the things they do. I am 20 years old and I thank Michael for scaring the heck out of me that day. He's my comfort and my best friend.

Last year, I was looking through some old family pictures and on one of them was this beautiful little boy dressed in stripes, with the same features as Michael. He is my aunt's deceased little boy. He watches over me because my aunt asked him to when I was born. But that's a different story, I'll save it for next time.

Blessed be.

My story


From 1979 to 1982, I was stationed with the US Army in Panama.  In the fall of 79 I moved with my two young daughters into government quarters on Fort Clayton.

I had a couple of girlfriends who would come over and we would play with the Ouija board.  A few months later I began hearing scratching noises above my bed.  They would usually start around midnight and continue until morning.  I would call to my live in babysitter to come and listen, we would bang on the ceiling with a broom handle thinking some kind of animal, perhaps bats were nesting up there.  The scratching would stop for a few minutes but then start again.

This went on for a couple of weeks so I called the housing office to arrange to have someone go up in the attic to find out what was nesting up there and how it was getting in.  A couple of days before they came to the house I was sleeping on the couch, it was a very warm evening and I was more comfortable there with the cross breeze coming through the living room.  I heard something moving across the attic towards my room and thought that I could now at least tell them where to look for an entrance.  After a couple of minutes whatever it was moved back across the ceiling and stopped above me and began its scratching.  This really unnerved me!  I wondered how it could know I wasn't in my bed!

When the men from the housing office came to investigate, they went up into the attic.  The babysitter and I could hear them walking around the entire ceiling.  They came down to announce there was no where anything could have come in, there were no tracks in the dust, and there were no scratch marks to indicate anything had been nesting.  Also unnerving since both the sitter and I knew what we heard on several occasions.

About a week after that, the scratching stopped but now almost every night at the same time my bed would move.  Just slightly as if someone had bumped against it.  I would lay there terrified, not wanting to open my eyes, feeling as if someone was standing over my bed.  This would happen three or four times a night.  This went on for a few weeks then other things began happening.

I would hear bare footsteps on the tile floor coming towards my bedroom door.  I would wait thinking is was one of my daughters coming to get into bed with me.  The footsteps stopped right outside my bedroom door, but there would be no one there.  My daughters were asleep in their beds as was the babysitter.

I would catch a glimpse of someone passing by, long flowing white gown, usually going into a room, when I would run to that door way and look in, no one was there.  I would smell flowers or perfume suddenly, then it was gone.  Friends who would visit would also see and smell these things as well as hear bare footsteps coming to them as they slept on the sofa only to open their eyes and find no one standing there.

Then it started getting bold.  My oldest daughter went back to Michigan to spend the summer with her grandparents leaving my youngest to sleep in their room alone.  She was two at the time and slept in a crib with wheels on it.  She would call out to me in the night usually around midnight or shortly after.  I would go to her and find her bed had been moved to the middle of the room.  She would tell me a black man was pushing her bed.  This happened a couple of times before I took her to sleep with me every night.  One night while laying in bed she said to me "look mommy there's Vilma" (the babysitter).  She was looking out the bedroom door at a table with the phone on it and two chairs under the window outside my bedroom.  It was a very bright night and I could clearly see both chairs were empty.  My daughter insisted she could see Vilma sitting in one of the chairs talking on the phone.

I lived in those quarters for about two and half years.  I and others saw or smelled or heard these two spirits several times during that period.  I was too embarrassed to report it to my priest or the housing office thinking they would think I was crazy.  Strangely enough the events were more annoying than frightening, but I would never put up with it again I can tell you that.  I wouldn't care who thought I was crazy, I would at least have a priest come in!

Odd Fellows insane asylum


I  worked there one summer at the nursing home, a lot of people there would not go to many places by them selves. The first building was laundry and main office, second building was nursing home, third was where old people could live on own and ate together but had their own rooms also where people that worked there (some of them) had rooms upstairs. I was told that it was orphanage at one time when I worked there. There is a grave yard, up on the hill behind it also. When I was there we where cleaning up the attic and two of my coworkers where scared because they found a skeleton in a baby's or child's coffin. They refused to clean up there anymore. I know that the elevator would go down on its own without anyone pushing buttons. Or open and no one there. It has since closed down and has a gate that blocks the drive.

One of my encounters


Well how should I begin?.   I have always been an open person to unexplainable things, so to me this was'nt to unusual for myself, but for my wife she was alittle disturb by the outcome.
I have enjoyed spending time in strange places, from old abandoned houses with my mother, to cemetaries, but this was a chance I couldnt pass up. A friend of mine is a supervisor of a security guard company in Pontiac Michigan, and I asked him if he knew of any supposed haunted sites that he had guards at. He said since the closing of the Clinton hospital he knew of one, a home for the aging, he let me know where and said that he would let me and my wife in to take photos and explore. He didnt believe that it was but his other guards that work there said that they seen things and that they wouldnt work over night there. He wanted my opinon so that he could put this problem to rest.
We got there about 4 pm armed with our digital camera ( they are easier to analyize after photos are taken) and a digital voice recorder, some flash lights and some clean underwear.. ( always be prepared!).  When we got there my friend let us in and told me that they had a small fire in the guards microwave and that the fire alarm was buzzing on the second floor at the far end and not to pay any attention to it.
My wife and I started down the halls .. most which were dimly lit from the outside light, but was fading so we were glad we brought our flash lights. We started the voice recording, later noticing that my wife had held it close to her making for a bit noisy recording but most every word we said was very clear. We traveled down each hallway on the third floor, with nothing but empty rooms, closets, bathrooms, and nurses stations. With seeing that my wife and I agreed that most elderly patients that dont want to stay in there rooms would gather at the nurses stations for company, so I started to take a few pictures. My wife (Cindy) thought she seen a cat at the end of the second floor corridor so we went to check it out. Nothing was there we figured that it may be the fading light playing tricks, so we continued on.  A few moments later we heard a door slam shut, HARD! at the far end of the second floor, after we looked at each other we were glad for knowing we had clean undies just in case. We checked it out no doors were closed that we could see. Also that door slamming was not on our recording we later found out. Pressing on we checked every bathroom, shower room, linen closets, med rooms, and in one patient storage we found unclaimed clothing from various patients, including many religious medalions we thought was strange.
I seen a picture on the floor, so I picked it up and it was that of a old woman in a wheelchair giving the easter bunny a hug, I showed my wife and she of course sighed (that was on the recording as well)
with that we went down to the first floor, so far nothing really strange happening, my wife asked if I could hear any music, I didnt, nor did it record, so she ruled it out as with the cat.
After we checked all patient rooms (300 in all ) and all closets and bathrooms and so on we found nothing here of any consiquence, no cold spots, no static charges, no feelings of dispair, no sounds (except for the slammin door we both heard).
The only visual sights where a light on the third floor by the med room outside of the nurses station was flickering.  This could be ruled out as old wiring beings that this place is almost 70 yrs old and had been empty since 2000.
As we left I found my friend and told him that all was clear and that we both walked down the halls, checked the rooms, and there was nothing there and by this time it was after 7 pm and was quiet dark outside and inside.
We thanked him and left.
Later that night I analyized the photos and thought I seen something in one photo that looked like an orb. I changed the gama to make up for the dark nurses station and got quite the pic out of it. Several orbs ranging from small to large in different places around the station. Some close to the floor and some by the roof. I checked for reflections and there arent any. I know there was not any dust because I took the photos before we went down the halls and there wasnt any wind or drafts to kick up dust that would cause this to happen. Almost all photos have these orbs in them in various places.
But the most disturbing thing was on the recording. On the third floor by the flickering light by the nurses station in one patient room we entered in between my wife and my conversation you can clearly hear a man (and not my voice) whisper abruptly and with question "SARAH?". By most nurses stations you can just make out whispering in the background. As we left one med room you can hear (although it is not completely clear) "not past the door". At another nurses station you can hear a man moaning long and hard. Further in the front corridor on the second floor you can hear what sounds like a couple of long notes played on a organ.
But the most disturbing thing on the recording, in that room for patient storage when I picked up that photo, between when I pick it up and Cindy sighing and saying "aww how cute" is as clear as a bell an old woman say quite loudly "HELLO!" and on the recording it even had an echo like the empty room. We both didnt hear anything but us in that place, but now on the recording all this.
I still have the photos and the recording on my comp for further checking and I did tell my guard friend that there may be some merit to what his other guards have said, although I dont think they have any ill intentions, they are there,

On a closing note, I have always enjoyed my adventures but I would like to find others, (groups) who study and go on these types of adventures. If you know of any organizations please let me know.

My Sister's House


   My sister and her husband brought a house in West Hemstead, Long Island. I remember it was in the month of July, 1993. It was a heat wave that day. There are 3 entrances to the house. When you walk in the through the front there is a big room that was made into a den as you walk ahead are stairs to go upstairs. On your right is the living room, as you pass the living room is the dinning room which has a sliding doors which lead to the deck. On your left is the kitchen at the end of the kitchen are 2 steps, then a small foyer which has the door for the side entrance, then there are step that lead down to the basement which has my nephew bedroom at the end and bathroom. Then there is a laundry room and the boiler room and an extra room that my sister used to hang up clothes to dry. When you walk up stairs facing the stairs was a guest room as you walk down the hall was my niece room and to your right was the door to the attic as you walk over is the bathroom and last my sister and husband room. When you look out of the kitchen window which was the side of the house, was the garage. Now that I gave you the description of the house let me get on with the story. Well my husband and I help my sister and her family move in, I was happy for them. My brother –in law and my husband went to return the truck to Brooklyn and took my nephew and niece with them to stay over their friend’s house. My nephew put up his bed and hooked up his t.v. before leaving and that’s where my husband and I slept (in the basement). The next morning my husband had to go to work.  When he left I couldn’t go back to sleep so I starting to watch T.V. Then I felt like someone watching me. At first I thought it was my imagination, and tried to ignore this feeling, but then I knew that this house had a spirit. The feeling was so strong and I felt uneasy.  I didn’t say anything to my sister.  I was not working at this time so every weekend and holiday I would spend over my sister’s house. Everytime I went there I would feel lightheaded, and my hands would get ice cold even in the summer. I would tell my husband and my brother inlaw  that there are spirits in the house and they said I was nuts. Also my sister and my niece starting to experience things in the house.


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