The House in Tustin, Ca.


  When I was about thirteen years old I moved into a house in Tustin, California The house was built in 1912; one of those Victoria style homes.  It had a basement even though houses in Southern California don't usually have them, which I thought was very weird.  My room was above the basement.

  My cousin Dave lived in the house before us, and moved to Pennsylvania where he eventually died of heart problems at the young age of 23.  When I was about sixteen years old, my best friend was spending the night.  As teenagers we were up very late talking girl-talk.  In the corner of my room I saw a shadow which looked like my cousin Dave.  I asked my best friend if she saw the same thing I saw.  She said did.  He had curly brown hair and was in a light blue shirt and dark blue pants.  My cousin was an auto mechanic.

  I didn’t tell anyone in my family until years later.  My brother and I were talking about our cousin Dave and I told him about seeing him in the corner of my room that night long ago.  My brother said he saw Dave in the corner of his room too.  I though it was weird because my cousin Dave died in Pennsylvania, but I guess he came all the way to California to see us.  I think he had the best times of his life in that house, and that is why I think he came back. To this day when I drive by the house in Tustin, Ca. I think about my cousin Dave.

  I also have other ghost experiences.  When I was 27 years old, I was renting a room in a house in Costa Mesa, CA.  One night my roommate had a party and some of the people there were talking about "the ghost".  I asked them, "What ghost you guys are talking about?" and they said "The room next to yours has a ghost in it."  I just said, "O.K.".

  A few weeks later I was home alone, cleaning my room.  I went out to the kitchen to go through the door that leads to the garage.  I opened the garage door to take out the trash and was about to close the garage door, when all of the sudden the garage door opened and closed about five times all by it's self!  I freaked out and went into my room.  When my roommate got home I told him what happened and he said, "I guess you met the ghost."

  That night he told that a man killed himself in the room next to mine back in the early eighty’s.

  One night as I was sleeping in my bed, the bottom of the bed started shaking.  I woke up and went to the end of my bed, but no one was there.  I woke up the next morning and asked my roommate if his drunk friends were playing games with me.  He said that no one was over last night.  Not being sure if I believed him, I asked him to put a lock on my door.  That night the bed shook again..

  One night I finally got so upset that I yelled at the ghost to leave me alone.  Well, he didn't leave me alone, and he would violently shake my bed every night after that.

  The next weekend I moved out the house - clear across the other side of town.  I got my own apartment, with no one above me or below me, or on the sides.  I got myself a kitty named Rodney to keep me company.  One night I was sleeping in my bed at the new apartment and the bed started shaking again! I though to myself that the ghost was back! Eventually the ghost went away after about a month. To this day I think about it and wonder if the ghost will come back to me.

Real life experience


Hi Im am a 15 year old babysitter from Ohio. Just recently I was babysitting 2 girls ages 7 and 8 (Meghan and Demi) and heard a little girl calling the puppy. She just kept calling out "Here puppy come on puppy" and the dog (Monolo) started to go crazy barking and growling and he usually doesnt do that thats how I know I wasnt the only one that heard it. I went upstairs thinking it was Demi or Meghan but they were both sound asleep.
Then, I just ignored the whole thing and thats when I heard someone in the kitchen moving things around. I went to bed after that thinking it was just my imagination. The next morning I made Meghan go take a bath since she had markers all over her hands, she was only up there for a few minutes when I heard a loud bang and a scream from Meghan, I ran up there not knowing what to think and  found the attic door open and wood all over the floor. Meghan told me that someone threw the wood at the door so it would open, I didnt believe her so later I told her aunt that lives there also. That is when she told me that her house had ghost and some old man died up in the attic (I think he killed himself) and does alot of stuff like that. That night I had to babysit again and called EV to tell her to come home since I was scared, she asked me if anything happened yet and I told her not yet as soon as I hung up the phone I put the phone on my lap and than the phone started turning off and on for about five min. that is when I decided it was time for bed.


Haunted Beach House


It was about 10yrs ago during the Thanksgiving weekend, My cousin and I were on Thanksgiving break from college, after we celebrated Thanksgiving our families decided to take a trip to Atlantic City for the weekend me and my cousin both being in the same college and taking the same economics course did not go cause we had a paper due the following Monday so we both stayed home.

It was around 3 O'clock on Friday afternoon when I got the call from my cousin to drive out to Northport Long Island.his family had a beach house there. he told me that the alarm was going off, it was picking up motion from inside the house. the police had gone and drove by the house but everything looked good from the outside so my cousin had to go out there  and see what the problem was and he wanted me to go along for company. I did not think nothing of it at the time so I figured working hard on the paper I could use a break so I went along.

We got there around 4:30 we pulled into the drive way of the house, everything looked fine, I always remembered the weather that day it had become overcast and it looked like we were going to get rain but it never rained it was just windy, I remember standing on the porch facing the beach and watching these huge waves crash on the shore line. It was Erie the beach looked deserted most of the homes had been boarded up I had never been there during the off season I was so used to visiting during the summer when it was busy with people, I decided to walk along the shore line it was strange but at the same time I thought it was cool, anyway getting back to the house.

My cousin had done a walk through the house and everything looked fine. he found nothing wrong, he called the alarm company and told them that, so we reset the alarm and were about to had back to the city when something triggered the alarm again the motion detector picked something up, we reset the alarm and it would happen again. my cousin called the alarm company and it was concluded that there was a mal function and they would send a man out in the morning to inspect in the mean time my cousin did not feel comfortable leaving the house and suggested we spend the night since the alarm repair man was coming in the morning it made sense to him that we stay so I agreed.

It was not until later that evening that I started to sense a strange feeling in the house it had become dark and we could not see much outside we turned on a few lamps in the house we had finished eating Chinese food that my cousin and I picked up all we had was a radio the television set was not working so we were just hanging around listening to the radio I can't tell you how weird that was we called our families at Atlantic City to let them know where we were and as my cousin was on the phone we heard a door slam from one of the upstairs bedrooms we both looked at each other then went upstairs, the house had 4 bedrooms upstairs and 2 down stairs when we got to the 2nd floor the door to the bedroom facing the north east part of the house had closed.

we inspected the room all the windows were closed my cousin explained that the entrance to the attic was in the closet of that bedroom and he explained that a rush of wind must have got in slamming the door closed and also what might cause the motion sensor to trigger the alarm it made no sense to me cause the door to the closet was closed and I failed to understand his logic on how a rush of wind penetrated a closed door to close another door, I did not argue I went along with it.

I don't know what was wrong with me that evening I don't know if the Chinese food I had disagreed with me but I had a weird feeling like someone was in the house. I always had the sense that someone was watching me I told my cousin this and he just dismissed me as paranoid, so I decided to call it a night he went to his bedroom and I went to mine which was upstairs on the 2nd floor. I made sure the night light in the hall way was on in case I needed to make a dash for the bathroom I did not want to crash into anything, and I did not feel comfortable with my door closed so I left it open.

I had trouble getting comfortable but I remember it being 11:18 on the clock radio in my room when I believe I fell asleep, Then I had this bizarre dream I was sitting in a house with people I did not know I wasn't frightened until I had seen the face of someone I knew who had passed away this jolted me from my sleep and as I opened my eyes to focus I could see standing at my door way the silhouette a black fog of a person I wanted to yell but I could not I know I was seeing something cause I was awake and there was light coming from the night light in the hall way so I did see something well I do not have to tell you I never went back to sleep that night and no one believed my story, I believe there was a ghost in that house and that was what was causing the motion detectors to go off.

The next day the alarm repair man came to the house and nothing was found wrong. I told people my story and of course no one believed me except my uncle who had the house blessed and for as long as they owned the house nothing unusual happened after the blessing. So I don't know what to think!

Salem Room


While in Salem Massachusetts, I was staying in a  motel just out of Salem and little ways.  Well, when I had checked into a room the lady at the desk said to me "oh, you have the "haunted room"." and Im like "the haunted room?" and shes like " oh yea that room has a ghost that sleeps in the bed every night, I had lots of poeple say they thought they felt someone come a lay down next to them during the night".  Soo... since I had already paid for the room I kept it, that night after I got home from wondering around Salem, I went to my room and laid down. during the night at about 2:00 I slightly woke up and flet someone sit down next to me on the bed I look over and I saw nothing but that the bed was indented like someone sitting next to me, I quickly got up and turned on all the lights. I coulndt belive it happened. then in the morming when I woke up I found a note that was lightly writen with a pencil that said "thanks for sharing the bed with me, JH." I quickly got dressed and packed up.  I took the note out to the desk lady and showed it to her and ask what the intials JH meant, but she didnt know and told me that other people have had similar notes with the intials JH, I try to research who used to live around the Salem area with the intials JH but never found anything.  i've never stayed at that motel again ice I was just viviting friends, I had asked them if they had heard anything about that room and they hadnt heard of it before.  Whitney Gindt

Some interesting encounters


My name is Dan and I have a few stories to share with you and your readers. One night my friend Paul and I were up at my town's communtiy center. We've believed for a while that something wasn't right with the place. So we went up to go take some pictures and stuff at about 1:00 in the morning. After a 20 min photo session we were about to give up.....until I went to the back doors of the complex. I took my digital camera and placed it up against the window and snaped a picture. I took a few steps back and looked at my friend....we waited for the picture to come up on the L.C.D. screen. Once it came up we saw what seemed to be the head of a young girl. The head was cocked to the side and what looked like blood was running from the side of her mouth. After that we ran....really fast.

Another time Paul and I were up at the same place with my other friend, Jason. We wanted to take some pictures inside the building. We were able to open one of the windows. Jason slipped through and opened the door for us to get in. We noticed a light behind one of the doors, but no cars were parked outside. Jason, who was wearing sandals at the time, told us to feel what was coming out of the cracks in the door. We put our faces down near the floor and a burst of freezing cold air washed over us (now this was in the middle of july and it was at least 70 degrees in the building). We tried opening the door. The handle turned but it wouldn't open. We then noticed the door was unlocked but something was stopping us from entering. Paul and I went back out side and took a picture of the room the door led to. We aimed the camera at the door and snapped a picture. When the picture came up on the L.C.D. screen, we were scared s**tless. There was a large white figure standing on the other side of the door that Jason was pushing on. We told Jason to get out of there asap. After we showed Jason the picture, we ran back to my house.

We have several more stories like this, but I thought two stories would be enough for now. Tell me what you think of these experiences.

Something Weird


I have had a couple of different experiences. I have no idea why they have happened or what they're connected to.
     my first experience that I can remember was when I was about 9. I was living in the house that my dad now lives in by himself but at that time my parents were still together. I was watching tv at night in my living room  and I had a perfect view of the hallway I just happened to look down the hallway and I saw a figure standing in the hallway. He looked like a red coat from the revolutionary war but his face was faded I was really scared but for some reason I couldn't move I was scared stiff. but he just turned away and walked into my dads room but I never saw him again.
    my next story was at my moms house when I was about 12 . we lived in a two story house and my room was upstairs, well I was doing some homework on my bed and my door was open. I saw something move past my door and I assumed it was my little sister her room was also upstairs and pats my room , so I called out her name but when she4 answered her call came from down stairs so I went to investigate but no one was there!!!
    my next came about 1 month later in the same house I was sleeping down stairs and me and my mom suddenly woke up because we herd a fire alarm. We ran up stairs  and me and my sisters fire alarms were going off and they wouldn't turn off so my mom ripped them off the celing!! I have no idea if this is supernatural or not but it was wierd this happened again about 3 years later in a new house also     but my last stoy is when I was about 14 and I was up at about midnight and my stepdad ran upstairs and nocked on my door and asked if I was screaming and if I had been running back and forth upsairs . I said no and he tod me that he had heard a girl screaming and heard someone running upstairs I was so scared that I slept down stairs. I am now 16 and nothing weird has happened since . YET!!!!

Sorry here is more!


I wanted to update a story and add yet another two. They are short though.

I wrote recently about how my old house was haunted by the previous owner who died there. He died next to the telephone in the family room. I told my neighbor this all the time when I lived there. Well I was hanging out with my neighbor when she told me this little story.  She was babysitting the new inhabitants daughter. She was putting the little girl to bed when they both heard a large thud. She thought someone had broken in when the dog ran in suddenly. The dog is a tiny poodle. So she went into the family room, and stopped dead in her tracks. A picture on the wall had fallen and knocked the answering machine off of the table. It could not have been the dog because the picture was too high. My owner got someone to join her as quickly as possible.

I also have recently said that my new house is haunted my by late uncle. Well I have been waking up recently in the middle of the night for no reason with an eerie feeling.I was talking to my mom today and she had told me that she was too, and then this morning when she woke up she saw my uncle walking around her room. She was scared, but cant wait to see him again because she misses  him so much.

My friend also told me that she was at a friends house and for some reason felt like an old lady was staring at her from the corner of the room. She later found out that the house was a museum for an old lady. At her old house a friend was waiting for her to come back home and for her dad too. She went to the bathroom and while she was there she heard footsteps down the hall and then the radio turn on. She called out to my friends dad, but no one was there.

Finally my last and longest story:
My friends and I went into a graveyard one night and one of my friends told us how her mom and her had a bad feeling about a certain mosaleum. We decided to drive past it. Whatever was in there seemed to have attached to us. We could feel a presense while driving. We got out of the car and sat down at some swings and started swinging slowly while talking. I felt a weird presence behind me like someone was staring at me. Suddenly I saw a picture in my head of a teenager with blonde butch cut hair in a red lettermans jacket with white sleaves, bleached jeans, and tennis shoes, standing right behind me staring at me. I told my friends that whatever it was wanted us to leave. My other friend felt it too even though no one else really believed me. So we went to my car and looked back. Only one swing was still swinging, and it never stopped until it was out of sight.

Story submission


Hi.  I enjoyed looking through your website and thought I would submit my own story for others to read....
I live in Illinois, and in 2002 my fiance and I moved into our first apartment together.  He had always been pretty skeptical of the paranormal, but I have always been a full believer in the supernatural, having had many experiences myself.  Most of my experiences have been harmless - there were random times when I felt presences, but none that really scared me.  We had been living in our apartment for several months, and throughout that entire time I really didn't like going to sleep there by myself.  Whenever my fiance wasn't home and I was getting ready to go to bed, I would dread the whole process of turning off all the lights, and going from room to room in the dark, because I always felt like someone was watching me, or following closely behind me, and it made me nervous.  One night, on a weekend, my fiance was out, and I was home alone.  I had finished watching TV and then figured I should go to bed.  I went into the bedroom, put on my pajamas, then proceeded to the bathroom to do the regular "getting to bed" stuff(brushing my teeth, washing my face, etc.).  I did all of this BEFORE I turned out all the lights, because it had gotten to a point where I was too scared to do anything with the lights off, or even walk into the next room.  Once I turned all of the lights off and was ready to get into bed, I immediately started having those nervous feelings again, but being normal, and me assuming they were unnecessary and paranoid fears, I ignored them as I always tried to do.  All I remember is laying in bed, and my fear slowly subsiding as I eventually started to fall asleep.  I'm not sure why I wasn't completely asleep, but I know I was in that state where I was half asleep and half ake, where you can sometimes hear the TV but can sleep through it.  At that point I had a thin cotton blanket covering me, and my feet were sticking out at the bottom.  All of  sudden I felt something grab my left big toe and pull on it, hard, which such force that my entire leg shook.  That woke me up in an instant, and although I had been almost asleep and wasn't perfectly aware of what was going on, I knew what had happened, and the fear in that completely woke me up.  I remember being so startled that I kicked  my legs wildly, in turn kicking the blanket off the bed.  I sat up quickly, and immediately turned on the lamp on the nightstand.  I sat in bed for several seconds looking at the foot of the bed, at the place where "something"  had grabbed my toe and yanked on it.  I half expected to see something, but not seeing anything at all made it even more frightening, because I could only imagine what it had been.  Needless to say, I ran out of the bedroom so fast it was almost funny, considering I had been almost asleep not even one minute before that.  I called my fiance and asked him when he would be home, and I ended up turning on all the lights, turning on the TV, and sitting on the couch until he got home.  I didn't tell him what had happened that night, I just told him I was scared to be there by myself.  The really eerie thing is, though, I told him about my experience months later, when we were living in another apartment, and he looked at me incredulously and said he had experienced the same thing.  I was shocked, and I started asking him questions, so he explained his whole experience to me, and it was similar to mine.  He had been home by himself this time - I was out for the night.  He said he had almost fallen asleep when something pulled hard on his toe, and jerked on his foot.  He said he also freaked out, but obviously his fear wasn't as great as mine, because he was able to go back to sleep.  I asked him which foot it had been, and he said his left, just like mine.  I don't know if there was bad energy in that apartment or not, but that was not the only experience I've had there.  I have also woken up in the middle of the night with an uncomfortable feeling.  I have felt as though someone has restrained me in some way, like I can't move when I want to, and I have even sensed that someone was standing right next to my side of the bed, staring down at me from only a few inches away.  I'm glad we don't live there anymore.  Thank you for listening to my story. I have more I am not able to explain, and if you would like to hear those I would be happy to submit them.  Thank you!

Strange Ghostly Occurrence


A weird but interesting story a friend shared with me...
My fiends older sister was visiting a magnetic hill with some friends, and they got in the car and stopped it, and they began to go up the hill, when they got down off the hill, the got out of the car, all over their car was child sized bone handprints, all different sizes, the got kind of creeped out, and decided to find out some more about what have gone on, the soon found out that years ago, near that spot,
a school bus had crashed, killing many of the children aboard, they are said to de fettered to the spot.
Being a believer myself, I decided to send I the story...might be found interesting by some...

South Carolina Hauntings


My grandparents leased and ran a motel in Bamberg, SC in the 60's and 70's.  The Pioneer Motel, located on Highway 301, was apparently built over an Indian burial ground.  As a child, I often saw things that others didn't: a woman in a wispy white gown walking behind the motel, a man in a hat from what looked like the 50's in a room where no one was registered, several nuns getting into an abandoned car and disappearing, a man going into the attic and never returning (my brother saw this one, too, though.)  Odd sounds, moaning in the coffee pot, and the blinds tinkling when the widows were sealed shut, doors without handles "locking' closed, pots and pans flying around in the kitchen, were occurrences that my grandmother, grandfather and mother also experienced.  I felt handprints on my back as I was pushed off the kitchen table with such force that I landed several feet from the table.  I also saw a cow in the field that no one else saw and had two 'imaginary' friends, Keet-keet and Pikon, that were good and mischievous, respectively.  One day, I reported that the cow had been run over in the busy highway and Keet-keet and Pikon were never heard from again.  Apparently, an exorcist was brought in to evaluate the apparitions and occurrences prior to my grandparents' acquisition of the place.  The spirits were determined to be mischievous in nature and not harmful.  There was an article about it in a paper that was shown to my grandmother, but my recent research into that has turned up nothing yet.  The building was converted into a nursing home in the early eighties I believe.  The employees and elderly residents were still reporting strange happenings about ten years ago when I last asked about the place.  Just thought you might like to hear about it.  Let me know if you turn up any more information on the place.  I am a Christian now, and thankfully have been relieved of my ability to 'see' these things. However, occasionally, I still sense things around me and feelings of despair I don't always understand.  Weird, huh?  Anyway, hope this was of interest.  Lynn M.

The Haunted Villa (catchy name, huh?)


         Hey!  Thank God I finally found a website in which I could share some ghost experiences!! Ok here goes....
         We had moved from Brooklyn, New York to Boca Raton, Florida in 1989.   After a long time of searching for a house, we  found one up for rent.  We quickly moved in any furniture that we had left (we sold most of our furniture before moving). and settled in.  Then, it started.
         My room was located  in the front of the house and my bathroom was right across. IN between my bathroom and bedroom was a wall.  When we had moved in, I was always afraid of sleeping in my room. I would play, get dressed, etc... in the room but never sleep in there.  It was just something about that room that I didn't like.
         Then one night, my mom was watching tv and she had the urge to look in my room.  When u sit in the living room, you could look right into my room.  When she looked in, she saw the shadow of a little boy running and then dissipating along the wall of my room.  My mom wasnt really freaked out by it, but thought it was her eyes playing tricks on her.
         Then, in 1990, the real stuff happened.  One night, my mom had gotten up to use my bathroom around 3:00 in the morning. It was one of those half awake- half asleep things.  My mom has the habit of leaving the bathroom door open.  Then, all of  a sudden, this man, he must of been about seven feet tall, walked by the door and disappeared through the  wall.  He was dressed in all black and had a big top hat on. Now my mom was really AWAKE!!!
         Another time, my mom was sleeping in my room one afternoon.  She was in one of those sound sleeps, where nothing could wake her.  Suddenly, someone slapped the back of her ankles.  It felt like a man's hand. Now, let me get something straight.  Nobody was in the house at the time.  Now, the weird thing was that everything that happened in the house was in my room.
         We finally brought a priest in to bless the house and after that, nothing happened.  We lived in that house for ten years and moved out.  I never really went into the history of the house.  Now that I think of it, I should of.  Well, Thanks for listening.

The Voice on The Line


  Hi there,
  I'm guess this probably isn't a ghost experience as such, but it's a couple of pretty interesting occurrences which happened to my family.

  In the early nineties, my brother was in the British army, serving in the gulf. On night, as my mum was watching the news, we saw that his unit was involved in some heavy fighting near the border. Obviously she was really worried, but around 10pm she had a phone call. She didn't recognize the voice, but the person said not to worry, your son is fine. He'll call soon.

  Ordinarily, a call like that would be pretty scary, but for some reason my mum found it really calming. She slept really well for the first time in ages, and sure enough, a few days later we got a call, and my brother was indeed fine. Shortly after that, the fighting ended, and he came home unhurt.

  Later, I joined the Police, and after a number of years, was involved in what turned out to be a very serious riot, lasting several days. My mum, again, was at home, watching it all on the news, and worrying. Sure enough though, the night of the worst violence when a lot of officers were badly injured, the phone rang. The same voice she had heard almost ten years before told her, don't worry, your son is fine, he'll call soon. Again, the voice was completely calming and she was able to sleep well again. And I did get through it all pretty much unhurt.

  I'm glad to say that neither of us have been in a position to cause my mum so much worry since, as we've both left our respective services, and my mum still can't think who the voice could have been.

The visitor at the door


One night when my husband and I had a break from our three kids, and we had a chance to go out for the evening. we were partying and didn't get to bed until about 5:00am..
when we finally did get to bed we fell right to sleep. I think maybe about a half an hour or so all of a sudden a loud beating at the door, BOOM BOOM BOOM, I woke up and my husband was already at the door asking who was there but no answer!!!!!
i asked my husband who was there and he had said he opened the door and no one was there, but we both heard it and we were both wide awake after we had just woke from a dead sleep....after we knew no one was there, but we knew what we heard, we fell back to sleep... When just to be woken again to a presence in the room that made my husband very aware for us to never party again or death would come to one of us.
My husband has a lot of strange things happen to him like the sort.. but this time I was there to witness it. Now every now and then when I tell someone about this something weird happens.. Like one time the tv flashed on and off.. Or me and a friend were standing by the lake and when I told her about it all of a sudden a couple of fish jumped....
Now that could be just a coincidence or something of the supernatural but whatever it is it is not normal everyday occurrences... My mother died and my husbands father also has passed and this is not the first strange thing to happen to us and I’m sure it won't be the last.....



My Name is Adam. I used to live on Wilson St. in Augusta, for about a year and a half, anway, here is my story.

I moved in that house 'round 90 and left about  '91.
It all started about two weeks after my sister, my mom and I moved in.
I had just gotten home from middle school and I was by myself, my mom was at work and so was my sister.
Well, I was extremely tired from the long day-so I decided to just chill on the couch and call my girlfriend who was supposed to come by and see me, anyway-I had just sat down to watch TV when all of a sudden I heard my name being called from my sister's room.
i got up to investigate but found nothing ,so I go back to sit down when I heard it again-
ADAM=ADAM COME HEEEERE, Didn't know what to make of it, so I ignored it.
Wait, it gets worse.
I hear the voice again thinking it was my girlfriend at the time-but she was at the store,
Then I heard the refrigerator door open and slam shut, went into the kitchen -- nothing.
then I walk through the whole house -not a thing, two hours went by-
around five o'clock my girl showed up-we decided to watch a movie that she had rented

that's when things started up again-all of a sudden the air conditioning kicked on by itself-
then too my girlfriend heard her name being called ever so softly-Dawn-Dawn where are you
she thought it was me but I was outside getting the mail. she had asked if I was trying to call her for something I said no. coming back into the house I entered the front door and walked by the fireplace and I noticed something eerie on the rug by the fireplace in the black soot
There were words -- help me please! And all the candles that were in candle holders were out of the holders -- on the mantle. then we could both hear footsteps walking through the kitchen and through the front room and suddenly stopped. I tried to call to whatever or whomever it was but got no response until an hour later -Dawn, who had some problems at home got kicked out of her house- had asked my mom if it was OK with her to stay there
for a while-of course she agreed, anyway Dawn had fallen asleep with her head on my lap
then I decided to ask again if there was anyone in the house and if there was if I could help in some way which I knew I could not. then a face appeared on the TV I asked her if she shut the TV off and she said that she had-I told her well, there is the face of a woman on the screen, of course she woke up and saw it too, we both froze. Just staring back at this thing.
The hair on the back of our necks stood straight up. And in the kitchen the fan started by itself.

this is a long story -can't tell it all. a few days later I called  friend of mine that used to own
The house and asked him id he knew the history of the house -- he said that he did.
he told me that about three years ago-a family that lived in the house had passed away suddenly and their spirits were trapped. the husband was very abusive and drank just about every day ,well, the wife couldn't stand his behavior and started having an affair -
He found out and one day shot and killed her -- the children too-reason unknown.
he died of heart failure. anyway-the face I saw on the TV was that of the young lady who was shot-and the footsteps were that of the Husband - the two children were the ones calling
our names the two shared the bedroom that was currently my sister's. same thing happened to my sister. my mom said that on one occasion she could see two children playing in the backyard. especially on Halloween things really get into an uproar-if you have enough guts to walk past the house  in the dark   you can see a man and  a woman fighting in the front room and every night 'round midnight you can also hear gunshots coming from the shotgun and hear blood curdling screams.

The White Thing


Hi Shadowlands staff!!!! My name is Derek and me and my friends have been experiencing some weird things lately. I'm fairly new in my neighborhood and my friends and I got interested in ghosts just over the summer. We got into this conversation one day about some stuff we saw and when we were talkin we both brought up somethin about seeing a "white thing". We have seen it many times and we dont kno wut 2 think. I remember one day that he had to go inside his house and get something and he told me to wait on his deck. So I just stood there and took a glance at the woods. I saw something COMPLETELY white just walk bye and it was about as tall as a human. The odd thing is that we only see it when we're alone. We forgot about it for a while and his friend had mentioned some time later about a haunted house that was ironically almost right next to me. We investigated and found lots of paranormal activity. There were no cars at the house except for the one in the backyard that had vines growing on its wheels. Each day we saw the the shades would be up or down, different from the day before. My friend Zach had been in the friend yard while his brother and I were in the back and he said something weird had happened when he said bad things to the house. (dont ask) So I tried it while they were in the backyard at night. When I said, "You're worthless" to the house (I didn't mean it) the lights just suddenly turned on. It scared the s**t out of me! I then saw the white thing glaring at me from the attic. I ran to the backyard and told my friends. Well, the neighbors caught us snooping around so we stopped going there. To this day, we still talk about the many weird things that have happened to us.

Tiny Footsteps


I truly believe that there are ghost amongst us, although I don’t think I would be able to handle seeing one directly, here is my story; My boyfriend, now fiance, and I have been living in the same apartment in South Eastern Pennsylvania for about 2 years now.  He, being the fearless sort, on more than one occasion asked me if I saw something strange…I never did.  He has said to me over and over that he has seen things out of the corner of his eye, or when he enters a room, he gets the feeling that someone/thing has just left.  Just recently, around 3 am, we were sleeping and I heard our 3 year old come into our room.  Whenever she comes in at night there is the unmistakeable sound of her little feet shuffling across the carpet.  I did hear that shuffling sound, and it came into our room and then stopped.  I thought that maybe she came in to use the bathroom, so I did not pay it any mind (and it was 3 am so I was exhausted).  Then I heard my fiance say, come over here and lay with me babe, I heard the shuffling go from next to my head around the bottom of the bed and up the other side to where my fiance lay.  This is where is got strange, I felt him lift up the blanket to let ‘her’ lay with him.  At this point, I woke up and asked him if she was all right.  He did not answer, so I reached around to feel her forehead (thinking maybe she didn’t feel well), and she was not there!  I got out of bed, went into her room…. she was lying there sound asleep.  I came back into our room, lay back down, and noticed a dark shadow on the wall.  Now, there was no lights on, so I wasn’t sure what was making the shadow cast against this wall, but was too tired to really think about it until I started to get comfortable again and opened my eyes for a second and saw the ‘shadow’ stride across the room and into my closet.  I told my fiance about it in the morning, he did not remember our daughter coming in or me trying to wake him up.  I asked my daughter if she got up in the night, she said that she did, but “I” told her to go back to bed…

Tormented Spirit


      I decided to add a few stories to your archive. I have several known experiences and a few that may have been possible experiences (not sure, happened many years ago as a small child). I grew up always feeling like I was being watched in my parents' home that had been built back in 1911. I dismissed it as paranoia because I believed these things didn't exist. The experience that rudely awakened me happened in 1999. I was 19 years old and had moved into my first apartment. It was an old house in Seward, NE that had been divided up into 4 tiny apartments and I was in the upper floor. After a few weeks I began to feel eerie whenever I walked up the staircase at night. I bought those flashlights that hook onto your keychain to feel safe, thinking I must be losing it. After a while, it must have followed me into my apartment because I began to feel these strange feelings as I walked into my door at night. After a month, things started happening. At night while I slept, I would be awakened by what seemed like someone punching me in the shoulder. On some nights this would happen whenever I was on the verge of sleep so that I wouldn't sleep all night long. I would show up at my college classes the next day looking very drained. I started getting worried looks from my professors in several classes because this was unusual for me. Also, on more than s eral occasions, I would hear and feel a person crawling into bed next to me. I saw the blankets move around me, could feel the movements in my mattress like someone was crawling in bed. By this time I was terrified. I was terrified from the moment I entered the house every night after coming home from my part time job at the grocery store. On some occasions I could swear that I felt like I was several inches in the air above my mattress and would fall back down just as I fully awakened from my sleep. I was so scared (because I knew it could grasp objects if it could touch me) that I would move all sharp objects from my room and lock my bedroom door at night. Finally, I bolted upright in bed one night, I was fed up. I screamed at whatever was torturing me that I was no longer afraid and to show itself if it dared. I threw open a Bible in front of me and screamed that I was a child of God and that it couldn't hurt me. Every night after that I would go to sleep with my bible clutched against my chest and chanting the Lords Prayer in my mind as I drifted off. From that night onward, all I heard was low pitched growling noises, nothing else.

      Another experience that I had was in an apartment in Lincoln, NE, about a year later. It was a basement of a house that was converted into an apartment. For a while I felt a presence there. Things would up and disappear on me and I would find them in a different place later. One day I had a friend over and out of the blue she said that there was a presence that had been following me around for a while, that she knew about, and it was in the room with us. It was communicating with her. She vividly described scenes from a house where I cleaned for an older lady for extra money, a house she had never been in. She described the pictures on the walls and the three dogs that kept the lady company. Apparently that is where the presence followed me from. He told her he was a 19-year-old boy who had died in the 1980's while driving past a target shooting range a stray bullet hit him in the head. He was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt the day he died. He told her that he followed me because he knew that I knew he existed. That I sensed he was there, even though I didn't know what I was sensing. He apparently liked me. He told me, through her, that I had certain psychic abilities. That I could feel the presence of spirits, but could only actually see them in my dreams, because of a certain level of psyche that was only present while I was in a state of deep sleep. He told me the people who don't believe in spirits are the people who don't have these abilities and don't have experiences. Not long later, I began to feel a very hostile presence in my apartment. I invited my friend back and she told me there was a second presence there and the first one was trying to drive it away but was unsuccessful because he wasn't as strong as this second presence. She said she could sense that it was a young person, a female child, who died from some sort of physical abuse and was very angry. Another friend gave me a syringe filled with rosemary and instructed me to put a drop on every wall and under every doorway of the apartment and chant a blessing as I did so, and to fall asleep with a white candle lit, so that the bad would be driven away without driving away the good presence. It seemed to work. I no longer felt the hostile presence. Then one night not long after this I experienced a dream that I somehow felt wasn't just a dream. I was in a white room with no walls or ceilings or floors, just white. A young man approached me wearing blue jeans and a very white shirt, pale features, sharp European facial features. He told me his name was Michael and we had a conversation about something I can't remember. I felt positive upon waking that I had met the 19-year-old entity that kept me company.

I have other stories but my hands are getting cramped from typing. I hope you enjoyed these stories!

Uncle Russell


I ran into your site and would like to share my ghost story with you.. We had moved into my gramma's house when I was like 16years old.  My sister was
13.  We were in the house a few months and my sister was talking to my mother about seeing a man in her bedroom and I said DONT tell me or talk about it in front of me because I wont sleep upstairs, I will be too afraid.
Weeks went by and I was laying in my bed on the outside of the bed and I opened my eyes and I was facing like up at the ceiling and I cant quite exactly say what it was but it looked like a blackness in the room like a black cloud up on the ceiling and I closed my eyes, I must if been half awake and half asleep.. A little bit went by and I opened my eyes and I was facing now towards the inside of the bed more and there was a man laying on my bed, like with his feet at my head of the bed and he was just leaning back on his elbow watching me.  He was in a light blue button down shirt, sandy brown hair, very good looking around 20-25 years old maybe.  He started to lean forward off his elbow towards me and I heard this like buzzing in my head, I was petrified and started shaking trying to wake myself up and in a blink, he was gone.  I hd forgotten all about what I saw until the next day when I got home from school and my mom got home from work and my mom said to me she got no sleep last night because I crawled in bed with her and between me and the dog, my mom was sleeping against the wall all night, no room, lol.. I said OH MY GOD, mom I saw a man in my room.. She asked me what he looked like and it was the same man my sister had seen in her room.. My sister then said one night she woke up from a nightmare to that man standing at the bottom of her bed holding her leg as almost to be comforting her.  One night she woke up to him having one knee on the bed crawling over her.  Now that would of freaked me out, oh my god.  So we called my Aunt who knew a woman that was into this kind of stuff and she said to try the automatic writing, but to make sure we bless ourselves before we do it.. She also said the spirits are there to hurt you unless you have a restless/mean one so when I feel scared just say leave me alone, your scaring me.. SO that night we slept my mom, sister and myself with the dog and cat, lol, in my moms bed and all that night the room would get real cold and then back to normal and then real cold.. Well the next day we sat in the kitchen and started the automatic writing, my mom tried it and nothing, my sister tried it and nothing.  I tried it and the pen started moving, the first picture it drew was of what it looked like to us 2 people in a bedlike with cirlces for their heads and the covers up their neck and then perfectly drawn was the front view of a dogs legs, totally bowed like a pitbull, in which our pitbull Babe always slept with my mom and then there was like an arrow going down in which really looked like a devils tail with the point at the end curving around the dog pointing down SO we didnt know what to make of that and we did it again, this time it wrote
RUSSELLLOVESYOUEVERYONE... Russell Loves You Everyone.. My Uncles Russell, my moms only brother, died when he was 48 of a heart attack, I was very young, but I remember him.  Weird thing was the guy in my bed wasnt him, someone said if someone is gone a long time, they arent strong enough to
come back themselves so they send someone else for them, is this true, have you ever heard of that?  Then my mom said my uncle when he was in his 20'sworked at a local factory and wore light blue button down shirts all the time, so maybe that was him younger, can they change age once gone to appear to you in?  Funny hing is when my gramma was alive, my aunt and cousin lived with her to help her and my aunt said my gramma used to say every night GOODNIGHT RUSSELL and we all thought she was just getting old and she made no mistake of letting us know how much she missed her only son.  Maybe he was with her the whole time?  Well thank you for taking the time to read my story.. We moved from NY to NV about 2.5years ago and I asked my mom to leave the auto writings back home, just incase anything was attached to them.  I didnt want to bring anything into my new home out here.. She buried them back home at the grave of  my Uncle Russell.  Well thank you again and any input you have will be nice to hear..

The vanishing cat


I just had to send you this story. I couldn't believe it happened let alone keep it to myself.

I had been invited for a Thanks giving lunch in the retirement home where I used to work at. It was a buffet and there was a variety of food to select from. I chose a roasted whole chicken leg together with other food stuff and turkey, of course. Having finished, I went into the kitchen to dispose of my trash. The place for this was a small closet in a corner with a little folding leaf table which was immaculate with deep reddish brown shiny finish. I was walking towards this closet when I was met by a large cat with black and white fur. It got in my way, almost getting stepped on, rubbing and wrapping its black tail on my legs, looking up at the plate of trash and meowing as it walked with me just like a pet cat would do. It looked like it was very hungry. I understood what it wanted so I picked the chicken leg bone out of the plate and not having the proper cat dish on which to put it I laid it on the table. In a flash the cat jumped on the table and began attacking the chicken bone. To get a good grip on the bone, it had to lay its right ear on the surface of the table as it grabbed on the hip joint. It chewed on it for a little bit and then began shoving the whole piece into its mouth. It made a mess on the immaculate table and I was already thinking how to clean it up when the cat stood up, leg bone in its mouth. Then it jumped down from the table. Now this was when the unbelievable occurred.

On jumping down, the cat vanished just before landing on the floor. Just as the cat was vanishing, I saw the hazy figure of the chicken leg bone for may be a couple of seconds in the same space where the cat had vanished then it too vanished into thin air! Not expecting anything ghostly or paranormal at a time and place like this, I was just so puzzled I even tried to look for the possible places where the cat could have run into. From where I was standing I could have seen the cat run away in any direction. But it didn't run away. It just vanished in its space just before hitting the floor and the chicken leg bone with it!

All hair raised, I did not forget to clean up the mess left by the vanishing cat.

I asked one of the helps who was busy filling up some glasses with juices if she had seen a cat. She said yes, black and white tom sitting right by the closet door early that morning. I just thought, my gosh, that was even before I had come to lunch! I asked if the cat was a pet here. She said she has never seen the cat before. I couldn't say anything more. I already knew I had a secret to keep.

I went back to the gathering and never said a word about what I had just witnessed. I did not want to cause a scare neither be looked at as one of those possessed with a dented brain.

If anyone has any credible explanation to or knows what this occurrence is, please email me right away.

Walk By


I was about six at the time, living in Dallas, Texas, but I remember it clearly.  I was using the hallway bathroom when a man that was all white, clothing and all walked by the doorway.  Needless to say I finished my business and went to ask my mother and her friend if they had just walked by or had seen anyone walk by.  They both looked at me like I was crazy.  I saw him on more than one occasion.  He never bothered anyone or anything but it always freaked me out to see him.  He was always solid, all white, and never stopped to look at me, just walked right by.

Another experience at that house that has never happened in the other two places of residency was that time would seem to speed up or slow down.  It was really weird because I didn't skip ahead or black out, but I would realize that things were moving in literally a fast forward motion, even talking.  It only happened when I was really upset or getting punished.  Time would speed up while my mother was yelling at me or I was furious.  I don't know if I was imagining it or if it is some psychological thing or really was a spirit but I know I was conscious and fully knew that time was going faster than normal and thought it was strange but nothing more.  If you have had any experiences like that please write to me.  I want to know what really happened there.

Why they crawl


I am an avid believer in the paranormal, always have been, I am not a psychic and I can't talk to the dead like so  any claim they can.... but what I hear in my room at night is all too real. I always keep my closet doors closed because I believe that they are a passage between the world of the living and the world of the deceased, I feel a little safer knowing nothing can get in. We moved into this house 4 years ago, and for 3 years my bedroom has been in the basement, this year it was moved up to the old master room. I make sure the closet doors are closed everynight before I go to bed, but some mornings I awake to find them open. Also, the crawling. A sound on both the left and right side of my bed that sounds like people crawling on thier hands and knees, as if they are playing a game, I get a very femenine feeling when I hear it, which is almost everynight.All my freinds are hardcore skeptics.... so this is the first time I have told the story. I never try and get a look, or try and talk to whom ever it is.... fear always gets the better of me. I can tell one is a grown up and one is a small child about 5... the feeling I get anyway, they crawl in circles around the bed, sometimes even giggling softly. Once I even watched as my closet door first twitched a bit, then slowly creaked open, two seconds later the crawling began. I spose they are harmless (never hurt me in anyway yet) and I just leave them to thier games, they seem happy in thier own way. It will happen tonight, and tomorrow night... just as always. Thankyou for listening to my story, glad to know I have people in which I can put my trust to believe.

Why I didn't want to leave


    When I was little I had a ghost. It was my ghost, and only mine. I knew this because no one else in my family saw it. There were two ghosts in my house, but the one of the man who owned it before us was the nice one. I saw him all the time. Always out of the corner of my eye. He would wear a yellow shirt and khackis with a black belt. He was an old man with gray and white hair and he had a beer belly that looked a lot like my dad's. He used to watch me play barbies. I always used to play in front of my closet because thats where my barbies were. Sometimes he would get mad and yell at me. He would shake his finger, but I could never hear anything just see him talking. He would slam the door shut in a specific way to. He would wrap his hand around the wooden door like some people do their car doors. I was always scared he would get his hand caught. Often I would see him walk past my door. I always thought it was my dad, so I would call for him. My dad, however, would be at the other end of the house. I always felt that he was protecting me. He was like a friend and a grandpa. At night I felt that my closet was haunted too. I once saw slaves in their. I could describe their clothing to the day. The man had brown overalls and a white shirt, and he was standing right next to the woman, facing her. She had on a white apron and brown dress with tiny white flowers on it. She was holding a broom. I was terrified, but I am now intrigued as to why these were centered around my door and closet.
    The second thing, or third rather, in my house, was a very bad feeling down the hall near my sisters room and  bathroom. I never really saw anything in there. It was just a feeling as if I was NOT welcome their. I would vacuum backing out of her room and standing in the the bathroom bc I refused to have my back to that room. I wouldn't go into the bathroom alone other than this.
    Finally, my uncle died recently. I moved into another house. He has knocked over our Christmas tree when my mom was mocking him and thrown things at me. Once, after we moved here, I was walking upstairs. I stepped on the last step and the tv in my room snapped on. The screen hadn't even lit up yet so I knew it was not my imagination! I ran really fast to my mothers room. She took me up to my room, and the next day she told me that she had seen my uncle in the mirror in my bathroom. Then after that the light in my room made a shape of man. He was always kinda a jokester, and I'm sure he still loves teasing me.
    Still, I don't understand why only I see these things. My mom has only seen it once, I dunno. At least she believes me!

Two that Happened to Me


My first experience was when I was very little. I was living at my house in the country at the time and there was a small old cottage out the front. I never really thought of it as much. One night I was about to go to bed and I couldnt reach up to close my curtains so mum said she will do it later. During the night I woke up and saw a lady with short brown hair dressed in a white gown closeing my windows so at the time I thought of it as mum so I said "MUM" and it turned around and walked towards me with its hands out like it was going to stungle me so I quickly covered my face with my blanket and waited till morning. In the morning my mum said she had never closed my curtains she forgot and dad never did. So it was unexplained untill my grandfather said about 100 years ago a lady was murdered in that cottage by her husband.
Another experience was when I was in grade 6 I decided to stay up on Chrismas Eve wanting to see who would put the presents under the tree and close to midnight I saw a headless turkey as big as me walking up the stars towards my room. I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep and the next thing I know I could feel it go into me. Till this day I have no itention of staying up on Christmas eve and have no idea what it was.

My Grandfathers Visit

I am in love with this site!  I am writing to tell you
of one of the experiences that I have had with the paranormal.
Alittle back-ground first.  My Grandfather was a very good man.  He loved
to supervise everything that you were doing, even if he had no idea
about it.  About a year after his passing my grandmother decided to do
a little cosmetic work a few of the rooms in her house.  Me being a good
grand-daughter I went over to help with the job.  It
was early in the day (before lunch time) and I was on a ladder with a
spatula scraping old wallpaper from the corners of the room.  All of
the sudden my hair stood on end and a cold rush of wind came into the
room.  Immediately following that rush of wind was the overpowering smell
of Old Spice aftershave.  It was the only scent that he ever wore.
I could understand if we were using steam to lift the wallpaper and
residual scent was coming out that way but I was not!  My Gram was there
too.  She said "He's just here to check on you. He's supervising just
like always."She says that he comes to her in dreams sometimes and
he does things like chang the channell and close windows at night.
But there have been a few times where she dances with him and wakes
up when he touches her face.  We all miss him but these things
make going on every day a little easier.  Thanks for letting me
share my story.

New Home

By: Anonymous

I've submitted stories to this site before, but they were always things that
happened to me when I was younger.  I haven't had any experiences for a
while.  In August I moved into a new home with my mom.  I am 27 years old,
educated, with a good career.  My father recently passed away and I moved in
with my mom to help her out with some things until she was ready to live on
her own.  So we got this little house, and I lived there for a week alone
without any furniture.  The place had such an intense, odd feeling.  And
even though it has only been 4 months since we have lived there, so many
strange things have been happened.  My first night there I fell asleep on
the floor, only to wake up because I felt the floor shake as someone walked
up to me and stood over me.  My eyes flew open and sat up - no one was
there.  Figured I was dreaming.  But I felt an intense....I don't know how
to explain it.  Just that someone was invading my space.  I had goodbumps
everywhere.  The next day was Saturday, as I got ready for the day I felt
like someone was watching me.  And not just watching me, but watching
intensely and I felt uncomfortable.  So I left.  And as soon as I was gone I
forgot about it and enjoyed my day.  Until I came home that afternoon and
the door opened for me...weirdness!  I "heard" in my mind "Where were you?
I've been so lonely without you..."  Now THAT was STRANGE.  Like I said, I
fancy myself to be rational and sane.  I don't usually hear "voices" in my
head.  Finally the feeling of having my space invaded, and someone with me
so close all day to the point where I couldn't breathe....I just said "Look,
you're welcome here if you want to stay or whatever.  But please oh please
just give me my space!"  Nothing happened for a while.
After my mom moved in I told her everything that I experienced.  She of
course is a skeptic to the core and didn't believe me.  Whatever.  Then one
week she was fidgety and nervous all week.  I finally asked her what was
wrong...she told me that she had been hearing voices...a man and a woman in
deep conversations and she was picking up  phrases such as "she thinks..."
and "this one here...." and she often heard a woman weeping but could never
find the source.  Sometimes when in her homeoffice at the computer she would
feel someone rush up at her from behind and breathe down her neck...only to
turn around and no one is there.
One night I couldn't sleep.  I was up watching television when I got a
chill.  The stereo turned on, switched to cd mode, and started playing a cd.
The next night the tv in my mom's room turned on and started flipping
Sometimes I smell odd smells in that house.  Sweat is the one I smell the
most.  I smell a sweaty man often.  Especially in the hall from the living
room to my mom's room.  Very strange.  One night I was lying in bed.  I
couldn't sleep again.  I was awake, just staring at the ceiling when I heard
a commotion outside, followed by our front door opening.  I thought "Oh Mom
must be checking to see what that noise was..." no sooner had I thought that
when I heard someone running up the stairs toward my room.  Then it sounded
like they fell down the stairs...I thought Mom was hurrying trying to get to
me for some reason and then tripped and fell down the stairs.  I jumped out
of bed so fast - that's when I heard a man's voice right outside my bedroom
door - he sounded upset.  I jerked that door open not sure what I was going
to find - nothing.  I stepped out into the hall and stood at the top of the
stairs.  Nothing.  Not a sound.  Not a shadow.  Nothing.  The nightlight was
on, it's bright enough to see...  everything was TOO quiet.  I crept down
the stairs to my mom's room.  She was sound asleep.  Everything was so still
and quiet.
There was nothing and no one there and yet I couldn't explain what had
happened.  So I just went back to bed and had the best sleep I've had in a
long time!
I finally saw something recently.  I was on the phone when I heard my mom
frantically moving around in the living room.  I went out and said "What's
up?  What are you doing?"  She said "Did you hear that loud crashing noise?
Did you hear that?"  She was looking everywhere for the source of the noise.
I never heard a thing.  So I went to the front door, she said "I looked out
the peep hole but it was all foggy and I couldn't see anything."  When I
opened the door I had the oddest feeling.  Something was obstructing my
view, it was just misty white and before I even had time to really process
it - *pop* - it was gone.  Weird.  I shut the door and said "Oh don't worry
Mom.  It's just the ghost."  I was half teasing, figured I was seeing
things.  Until later that night when I went out to run an errand....I
stepped out and headed for my car, when "something" stepped out from the
bushes.  It was that white misty "something" again - just standing there.  I
got the impression it was leaning up against the wall between the wall and
the bushes, just waiting for me to come out.  And when I did - it stepped
out and I saw it and *pop* it was gone again.  All very strange.
I've woken up in the night to see two faces smiling at me and floating
around - a man and a woman.  The man is bearded and the woman has her hair
piled up on top of her head.  I am not afraid of them, but I don't know what
they want.  So I just let them do their thing.  They come and go and we'll
go a couple of weeks with no activity, and then all of the sudden something
will happen out of the blue.  I think they are harmless.  In fact, they've
even warned me when my dinner was burning....  I kind of like having them

Australia Haunt


We lived in an old farm house outside the town of Bordertown in South Australia.  At the time my husband and I only had two children then  they were aged about 9 and 6 at the time.
The farm house was probably about 80 years old and we rented it from the farmer on the property.  As soon as we moved in strange things started to happen in the middle of the night my husband and I would both hear a baby crying and sometimes we would wake up to the sound of two people in the kitchen and it sounded as if one of them was pounding bread dough and you could hear a muffled discussion.  We had an outside toilet in the backyard and sometimes when we went in the middle of the night both my husband and I at times heard the sound of coaches coming up the drive.
What was interesting was that we spoke to the owner we found out he had a baby brother that died not long after birth and was buried in the local cemetery in an unmarked grave.  My husband and I investigated and went to the council and they gave us a map of the cemetery plus old records so we were able to locate the grave so we both went there and put flowers on the grave and the babies crying stopped.  I truly believe the baby just want recognition that it was once alive.
Other things happened during our stay sometimes I could hear old fashion music at night and one day I came home after shopping a felt a warm breeze on my face like someone blowing on it no windows were open and it was in the middle of winter.  All in all eventhough it was an unusual experience we never felt threatened.

Comfort even in Death


The following story is not so much an actual ghost encounter, but more of an encounter with the spiritual realm.  About seven years ago, two very dear members of my husband's family became very ill, and within a week of each other passed away.  Great Grandma and Karen, her grand-daughter, were very dear to everyone in the family and were very dear to each other.
Karen had become very ill from her diabetes that had plagued her all of her life.  One night as she lay sleeping, a blood clot in her head ruptured and left her in a coma.  She was rushed to hospital where she was treated in intensive care.  She was visited by many people that week, and it was only days of her being admitted to hospital that she passed away.  Great Grandma was in the same hospital, and she too was close to death.  Because no one wanted to upset her in her final few days no one told her about Karen's death.  Everyone attended Karen's funeral, and then the family continued to visit Great Grandma until finally the day came when she took a turn to for the worst.  She looked over to the one side of the room and was apparently talking to Karen.  She had made mention of how good she looked and that she was so happy.  It was that day that Great Grandma passed.
That same year was the year that my husband and I got married.  In an effort to help us out, my husband's grandfather renovated Great Grandma's house so that we could live there after we were married.  While we were moving in, I was taking boxes up the stairs and out of the corner of my eye I saw an older woman walking through the halls.  (Everyone laughed at me).
Just two years ago, a psychic was invited into Great Grandma's house.  She was a stranger who knew nothing of the history of our family.  She sensed the presence of two women, who were very close to each other livng in the house.
Finally, just this past year, another dear member of my husbands family passed away.  This time it was Great Grandma's youngest daughter.  She was young still and what we remember was that no one expected her to pass when she did.  She had been ill for a very long time, but she had been getting better and stronger and her death had come as quite a shock.  The days before she passed, she communicated with Grandma (Karen's mother) that she had dreamed about Karen and that she looked good and happy.  And then suddenly, she died.
It is of great comfort to us to know that Great Grandma and Karen are close to us and living peacefully in the house that carried so much joy for this whole big family of ours.  I know that they are at peace and I know that when my time comes, Karen will be there to guide me on to the next life.

Dad Survived

By: Anonymous

This story is about an amazing event that happened to my Dad several years ago.  He was working in a chemical manufacturing plant early on a cold December morning, when a large explosion occurred.  Several men were killed and many more were wounded, including my Dad.  He had been on a 2nd story catwalk when the explosion happened but was knocked down to the first level.  The explosion ruptured an ammonia storage tank which caused the fumes to flood the entire area.  Imagine taking a whiff of household cleaning liquid. You know how that takes your breath away, and that is watered down product.  The ammonia in this tank is full strength and will kill you by burning your airways. This stuff would drop most people to their knees gagging at the first whiff. My Dad had worked at the plant for 30 years and was accustomed to breathing this ammonia.  This actually made it possible for him to survive longer than most people.  He tried to find his way out of the plant but due to the darkness, the debris in the air, and lack of oxygen, he was disoriented and didn't know which way to go. He tried crawling, but kept running into dead ends.  He told me later that he was on the verge of giving up when he called out," God, you brought me through the explosion for a reason, don't let me die now."   At that point, he saw a bright light about the size of a small flashlight coming towards him out of the darkness.  A voice spoke to him and he immediately recognized it as his Father, who had died 14 years earlier.  His Father said to him" Son, you have to keep moving, you can't stop as it isn't your time yet."  Dad said" I'm trying but I can't see."  His Father told him" follow me, I'll lead you out.  Now get off your butt and keep moving!   The light started moving slowly and Dad crawled on his belly trying to follow.  Many times he would stop from lack of oxygen and exhaustion but his Father would keep him moving by yelling at him.  After 54 minutes of breathing in fumes that should have killed him in 5 minutes, Dad made it to the front gate and help from the Rescue teams.  Dad said that right as he saw the lights of the rescue vehicles, the small light he had been following disappeared.  He was rushed to the hospital where he spent several days on a respirator and his lungs have been permanently scarred by the ammonia.  This forced him to retire.  Everyone told Dad what a miracle it was for him to have survived, but he was reluctant to tell anyone how he got out of there as he didn't think anyone would believe him.  Even now he keeps this a secret except for his family.  That is why I have requested this to be anonymous.
For those skeptics out there that say this was a delusion caused from oxygen deprivation, I submit the following:
My uncle worked at the chemical plant as well.  When he arrived on the scene shortly after daylight, he went in to help search.  He found my Dad's tracks in the snow from where he had crawled.  He followed his tracks from start to finish and couldn't believe what he saw.  It was not a straight path.  In fact, it was just about as crooked as could be.  But it was the only path for him to have crawled out with and survived.  Remember I said this was a chemical plant.  The tanks had been ruptured and there were pools of acid all over the ground.  Dad's trail skirted around all of these pools, coming within inches on both sides of him.  In fact, my Uncle said he had trouble navigating the trail in broad daylight and staying out of the pools.  Later in the hospital, my Uncle asked him how he was able to see these pools of acid in the darkness.  Dad's reply was, "What pools?"

End of their Journey

By: Anonymous

Hi There! I would like to share a rather strange tale that happened to and my friend...back in the early 1980's. We loved to hike at the Harriman State Park... which is located in Upper New York State near the New Jersey border. The tale happened during one of our hikes. We hiked up to one of our favorite sites...which was located on top of a hill. It was late autumn and all of the leaves had fallen. This allowed us a clear view of the surrounding hilly area. We were sitting around and talking. I was looking across the hill...enjoying the view. Suddenly, I noticed movement across and I tried to look more carefully...I couldn't believe what I saw....It seem to look like there were several people on horseback moving down a trail....They looked like Indians...about three men and a woman...I remember that the woman was wearing some kind of shawl...They were moving very slowly and carefully....It just seemed to go on forever...I  turned around and noticed that my friend was looking at the same senerio...We sat there with our mouths open....The people didn't look to be solid...wispy and sepia they were faded looking...The funny thing was that we weren't scared...we just sat there in awe....Maybe because they were some distance from us...We watched them as they traveled down the hill.We watched until the whole thing faded out. What can I say? Noone was in the park near us.....and certainly noone with horses....and the clothes that they were wearing came from some other era....We were happy and excited that we were shown an extaordinary sight. The only emotion that we felt emanated from them was one of sadness and longing.....Our only hope at the time was that those weary ghostly travelers found some peace and the end of their journey....Thank you for listening to my tale....

Freaked Out


I wrote the story about the abandoned house in Evansville, IN. Where my boyfriend and his friends explored and got scared to death. Well, me and 3 of my friends decided to go check it out and see if anything happened. We get there and all the windows were busted and the doors were completely off. We walked around the house first and looked at the condition of the house. The house is in bad shape and looks like it would fall apart anytime. Well, we went inside and saw all the dishes and stuff that was left behind. We checked out the main floor first. Nothing happened there. But we could tell that people had been there lately cause there were beer bottles and medicine bottles everywhere. Then we went upstairs and started checking out every room. The first room we looked at had a bunch of stuff in it. We wanted to find out the year that they left. We found a magazine that had the year 1979. We looked around the room and there was old pictures and suitcases, a shelf and a lot of stuff. We went into the room next to it and there wasn't anything in there. We went to the room down the hall where my boyfriend checked out first. Really nothing in there but old pictures. While we were in there it got really cold. Colder than it was outside. We went into the room where my boyfriend checked out where he freaked out. The door was still shut and still wouldn't open. We had to kick the door in just so we could get in. I started to freak out cause of what he told me. I had someone stand by the door so it wouldn't slam shut. At that point I wanted to leave. They wanted to keep exploring the house cause they wanted to get it all on video tape. We started to walk down the stairs when I look up and saw someone had wrote get out. Then we all went downstairs and saw the busted light bulb and the hole in the ground. I saw the cellar door start to move and I was outta there. I ran to my car and was out there for a little bit when one of my friends came out to see if I was okay. Well, we went and checked out the barn. Nothing really to see cause it was caving in. We started to walk around and we saw an old tractor under a fallen tree. Well, being stupid idiots that we are we decided it would be fun to stay the night. We stayed in the living room where the matresses were. I didn't want to fall asleep cause I was scared something would happen. Eventually I started to doze off. That was a big mistake. I woke up cause one of my friends shook me. I looked at her and she told me to be quiet and listen. I started to hear footsteps comin down the stairs. I grabbed a hold of her arm and would NOT let go. Next we heard a loud bang on one of the walls. My other 2 friends woke up really quick. We heard more footsteps and more banging on the walls. We all looked at each other and ran out of there. I refuse to go back in that house. I wont even drive by it that's how freaked out I was.

Ghost In The Cellar (The Old Hospital)

This story isn't really about me. My friend's sister's flat (apartment) is in an old hospital. As she is on the ground floor she has a cellar underneath her flat. I dont know what the cellars were used for. Anyway, my friend's sister has a 3 year old daughter who liked to play with her dolls in the cellar. One day while I was there we were all in the living room just talking when we heard Alisha (her daughter) running as fast as she could up the steep cellar steps. We all got up and went to see what was wrong, thinking she had seen a huge spider or something. She was as white as a sheet and when her mom picked her up she started to cry softly. When she'd calmed down a bit she managed to say in her little 3 year old language that a police lady was sitting there watching her play!!! (She knows the uniform from a UK TV series called "Balamory"). We all rushed down there wondering why a police woman would be down there watching her. It's not usually cold down there as there is a large boiler that heats her flat and the next, but as we got to the third step a wave of freezing cold air hit us and we started to shiver. As we searched around we found Alisha's dolls had been put away neatly (she usually leaves them strewn across the room) and we could see our breath in the air. There was a distinct smell of perfume. Alisha refused bluntly to go down there again and wouldn't touch her dolls for weeks!!! We couldnt see anything but it freaked us all out and we all got the feeling that someone was watching us.
After this we all got talking and on a previous occasion my friend's sister was asleep when she heard Alisha crying and when she went into her room Alisha was fast asleep. When she turned to go out of the door the crying started again and when she turned back to Alisha she was sat bolt upright looking at a corner in her room. My friend's sister just grabbed her and ran out of the room. Nothing like that has happened again. It's already scary because it's an old hospital, but after that previous incident they never used that room again.

Grim Reaper


On May 7, 2002, I was working as a graphic designer for TNT Fireworks. My computer sat in the curve of the desk where one side of the desk faced the wall and the other side faced the copy machine. I was making copies, my back to my desk, which was nothing unusual. For some reason I turned toward my desk and saw the grim reaper (without sickle) sitting in my chair. He was looking at me and smiling. Chills ran through my body and I was terrified. I am used to ghost sightings and things like that, but I had never experienced anything like this. I walked outside to regain my composure. After work, I called everyone to see if they were okay. Turns out, nothing out of the ordinary had happened to anyone else and everyone seemed to be in good health. I just could not shake the vision of the reaper. Three days after the sighting (May 10, 2002) my cousin's two best friends died in a one car wreck. My cousin was supposed to have been with them, but was delayed and told them he would meet them at a party later that night. I will never forget the day I saw the grim reaper, and I hope never to see anything like that again. Since then, I have survived many people who were close to me, including my son dying. I have yet to see the grim reaper again.
Thanks for reading my story.

Godfather's Pizza, Story City.
1625 E. Broad


I have heard this story many times, living in Story City for 13 years I guess these stories just circulate.  This was how it was told to me by a man named Alan, who used to be a manager there.
These occurances took place at Godfathers Pizza in Story City. I worked there 1993 to 1995. I was the daytime kitchen manager. Strange happenings: Lights being turned off and on in the restroom when nobody was in there. Mops and brooms being knocked over. I would set them up again, and the second I turned around they would go down again. I would even prop them back up so they couldn't fall over on their own. At least once furniture got moved. And in the kitchen I found cold spots. These would show up near the pizza oven as it was going full blast. There weren't any drafts in the kitchen. And for me the biggest occurance was when I saw the ghost. I was putting pizzas in a holding cooler when I saw the reflection of a man in the glass door. I watched it for about 10 to 15 seconds. When I turned around he was gone. He looked to be in his early to mid 40's. We was wearing a short sleeved dress type shirt and tie. I noticed that from the waist down he was a foggy blur. There were only two of us in the store at the time. I turned around to see if the gentleman needed any help, when I realized that both doors to the resturant were locked. This location used to be a truck stop and cafe. After this sighting I was talking to a lady who used to be a waitress there in the 1970's. She told me that a salesman came in off the interstate and went into the restroom. He didn't come out. He had a heartattack and died."
Also when you were there, mostly when you were in the reservation-only party room, you felt like you were being watched.  There was also a couple of cold spots in the dining area.

Lewis & Clark Community College Ghost - Godfrey, IL


Godfrey, IL - Lewis & Clark Community College
A few years back I was attending Lewis & Clark and was an employee of the school newspaper. One evening a friend and I were staying over trying to get the issue done before the next days print date. We were sitting in the newspaper office, which at that time was on the 3rd floor of the Main building, when my friend decided to go downstairs and get us a couple of sodas. While she was gone I heard something in the connecting office and felt a breeze come through the cubby hole between the two offices, so I decided to check and make sure the window was closed. When I opened the door the window was closed and everything looked to be in the same place as it was earlier that day. So I just figured I was hearing things as usual. When my friend came back I told her what had happened and she just laughed at me. Later on that same night we decided to go down to the second floor and use the restroom next to the Library since there isn't a restroom on the 3rd floor by our office. When I finished I went out in the hall and got a drink of water from the fountain then leaned up against the wall while waiting for her. When she came out of the bathroom she kept staring passed me towards the library. When I looked there was a white figure moving in the library and then the automatic doors (which get turned off every night when they close the library) opened. We both took off running upstairs grabbed our stuff and ran all the way down to the parking lot and left. After that night we never worked at night unless there was a large group of people with us.



Hello. My name is Marlene and I am 32 years old. I live in a part of Montreal, Quebec., Canada called Lasalle. I live in an apartment with my husband, my son Mark, my daughter Hannah, and our cat Wimzie. We moved to this apartment when my daughter was 6 months old. My daughter was born December 31st, 1997. I had my son February 11th, 2000 and we have had our cat since October 3rd, 1999. Anyway, the building we live in has 3 floors and an elevator. We live on the 3rd floor.
Margaret didn't make herself known until around 2001. I should probaby mention how I know her name is Margaret,etc. Well, I am friends with a woman named Ang who goes to's how we started chatting)and Ang is what is called a sensitive. She told me our apartment is haunted and that the ghost's name is Margaret and that Margaret died here in a fire. Margaret is thankfully a good ghost, not an evil one.
When Margaret first made herself known, she did it by causing my leg to feel cold and wet. I was lieing in bed reading and all of a sudden my leg felt cold and wet. It was not cold in the bedroom nor anywhere else in the house. As for wet, I was not sweating or anything like that.
The next time something happened, we were all sitting in the kitchen eating lunch when all of a sudden, an empty container that was on the counter, fell on the floor all by itself, it was as if it had been pushed off the counter. Neither I or anyone else was anywhere near the container nor that part of the kitchen, and our cat was nowhere near there.
Other things have happened since then, which I will tell you about. I don't remember in what order the events occured, except for the last one. As is typical for some ghosts, Margaret likes to take things and hide them. She always gives back whatever she takes though. So far, she has taken the carrot peeler, and my daughter's white slippers.
One thing happened that was really creepy. It was the middle of the night and I heard my son calling to me saying he wanted water. So I went to the kitchen and got him water and then went to give it to him. Well, while he was drinking the water, it was as if he was in a trance or something. He kept looking in my direction but not at me. His demeanor, etc., never changed the whole time he was drinking. Then, when he finished drinking, it was if he had been daydreaming or something, he just snapped out of it, just like that. That really creeped me out.
Something else that happened is that one day I was home alone and I was in the bathroom and all of a sudden the light in the living room went on and off. Just like that. Just once. As if someone turned it on and off.
I saw Margaret once. I was in the bedroom (my husband's and mine)and I was doing something(I think I was looking for something, I don't remember now) and I was standing near my side of the bed and all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw something white go by really fast. I saw it go by where the wall is. I instantly knew it was Margaret.
There is one other thing that happened. One day, I was in the living room and I heard a noise, like something falling on the floor, coming from the bedroom. So, I went to look, and the globe that we keep on the dresser was on the floor. The cat was with me when I heard the noise and so were the kids and my husband.
That is all that has happened so far. Oh, one more thing...Ang thinks there maybe a vortex in the bedroom that ang uses to come here and go whereever it is that she goes when she is not here. The reason Ang thinks this is because of something that happened to me not that long ago. I was asleep and I went to change positions and all of a sudden I was awake(but still sleepy) and I happened to look at the wall where the window is and I saw what appeared to be a hole. It was shaped like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle sort of and it was as big as about 4 or 5 times the size of a fist. It wasn't too deep. Anyway, I thought to myself, I should tell Saeed(that's my husband) about the hole so he can fix it. I was going to go and tell him, but for some reason I could move and I couldn't stop looking at the hole in the wall. It was as if I was in a trance or something. Finally, after about maybe 1 or 2 minutes, I just went back to sleep. Weird huh?
Well, that is my story. I wish I could find out the history of the building I live in and also the land it is on, but I have no idea where to start.
P.S. According to Ang, the building we live in is haunted as well.
P.S.S. I love the shadowlands. Keep up the great work! :)

Never Again


This didn't happen to me but it happened to my boyfriend and 2 of his friends. There is this abandoned house out in the country that is supposed to be haunted.  All windows were busted out, the doors were taken off the hinges. The family that lived there left everything behind. There were broken dishes in the sink, an old shower curtain in the bathroom, matresses everywhere, chairs, everything you can think of. The way they had to get into the house was to swing on this rope into a window, cause at the time all the doors were boarded up. They get in and Joe (one of my boyfriends friend) decided they all should split up and check out the house. Chris (my boyfriend) was to take the upstairs, Zach (their other friend) was to take the basement, and Joe was to take the main floor. Chris got to the top of the stairs and there were 4 rooms. He went to the last room down the hall first. While he was in there he started to hear noises in the next room. Being curious as he is, he went in there. There was a closet shut, a rocking chair, and a matress. Well, all of a sudden the door to the room slammed shut. He started to freak out cause the closet door started to open and the rocking chair started to move. He ran to the door and it wouldn't even open. The door didn't have a lock so there was no reason why it wouldn't open. While he was pullin on the door knob to open the door, he heard scratching noises outside the door. He got so freaked out that he jumped out of the window which was a 12 ft drop to the ground. He ran to his car and yelled for his friends to get out of there. All of a sudden he saw the cellar doors fly open and Zach came running out. He was covered in dirt. Then Joe came out and didn't look afraid at all. They got in the car and took off. Joe asked them what happened but they wouldn't say anything till they got down the road. Zach asked Chris what happened to him and he told him. Then Joe told him that when he got downstairs he turned on a light and half of the light bulb shattered. After that he heard someone talking and he thought it was either Joe or Chris. When he asked if it was them no one answered. He started walking around again and fell through a 2 ft hole which caused him to get dirt all over him. After that he heard someone yell to get out and that's when he ran out. Nothing happened to Joe and didn't believe them. They said they would take him back and make him go in alone. He said it was fine and he believed them. They never stepped foot in that house again.









I lived in a house in Quinton from 1976 - 79 where from time to time, especially if it were raining, you would hear voices, laughing, and music, as if a dinner party or something going on.  My mother would often think someone had left the television on, think to go to turn it off when she had finished the breakfast dishes and then a few minutes later, there would be no noise.  We also heard this same type of noise when we coming home from shopping or whatever, then when we approached the front door, there would suddenly be silence.  There were two ghosts actually seen one of an older man, always wearing a black suit and derby type hat.  We later found out that the owner of the house back in the '20's was a banker and had been found dead outside of town near railroad tracks...Cause of death listed as suicide, but most thought that was not really the case.   The other was that of a woman.  as i came in from school one day I approached the door, and looked into the window and there she was, wearing a long orange dress, talking on the phone....The next day at school, my friend said she tried to call me about 20 minutes after school was out, but the line was busy.  (there was no one home!)

Several Personal Hauntings

Thank you for writing back to me. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my message and respond to it. I would love for my stories to be included on your website, but I'm not sure how much they all really tie in with each other and I'm not sure if some of it is just possibly my imagination. So I'll type out the different stories that I have and let you decide what you think of them and if you think that they could be something, feel free to include them on your website! I'll apologize now if this email is quite long in length.
My first story: When I was younger, about four or five years old, I used to sit on our kitchen floor playing with little Matchbox cars while my mom was talking on the phone. I remember quite a few times I would be very content, sitting there playing with my cars, then all of a sudden something would feel...wrong and out of place. My mom's voice would sound kind of far away, like I was sleeping in my room and just hearing her voice come back the hallway to my room from the kitchen. I would slightly glance up from my spot on the floor and look out to the little entrance way from our kitchen to the living room and stairs to the basement to see a dark gray, hazy blob zip past me. I never felt physically threatened by this thing, but I always felt as if it shouldn't be there and that something was very wrong by its presence. I stopped seeing it when I was about six years old and I never saw it since then, so I never thought much of it. Then a few days ago I mentioned it to a friend of mine during a lengthy talk about ghosts and haunted places, and she got somewhat concerned and said that she's heard stories of things called "Shadowmen." I remember vaguely hearing about "Shadowmen" before, but I don't recall anything about them. What do you think it was that I was seeing, if anything?
My second story: I'm not sure if there's anything to this story I'm about to tell you, but I'd like to have your opinion on it. Rumor has it that there are many Indian burial grounds near the area I live in; my neighbor thinks that her house is haunted and many of my friends have also had strange and unusual things happen in their homes. Ever since I was about twelve or thirteen, I have thought that there's something a little unusual about the land I live on; the reason I say about the land is because my parents built our house about twenty years ago, and we're the first family to live in it, so I think that if it's haunted around here, it's most likely the area and not my home. I don't notice things all that much while one of both of my parents are here or if I have a friend over; I notice them more when I'm by myself, probably because I have no one else to pay attention to, so I'm more alert to things that seem a bit odd. When I'm home alone, I sometimes (not all the time, but pretty frequently- I'd say about 45-50% of the time when I'm home alone) hear noises that make me sit up and think, "What in the world was that?!" Most of the time after I hear them, I realize that it was just something normal, like the wind blowing against our house or the water conditioner starting to run. However, there have been some noises that I just can't find an answer for. I remember one time a few years ago when I was home alone that I heard footsteps in our attic. Since I was home alone, I knew that there was nobody up there. Even if someone would have been home with me, I would have known that nobody was up there; there is no way to get up to our attic, no stairs or anything, and even if you could get to our attic, there's no way that you could stand up and walk around because it's very close to the roof. Then I heard something walking down a set of stairs, which doesn't sound all that odd. However, I was on the top floor of our house, so whatever I was hearing was walking down a set of stairs that just didn't exist. Also, a lot of the time when I'm home alone and not really paying attention to the television, the radio, or talking on the phone, I get that creepy feeling that something or someone is staring at me and is in the room with me. I've never ever felt physically threatened and I've never felt any violence or anger towards myself, but I just feel uneasy because I can't see anything. I also remember a few weeks ago, I was home alone and downstairs in our basement (it's half finished and I have my radio and a book shelf and some furniture down there) talking on the phone, and it sounded like someone was walking around upstairs. There's a spot on our floor that creaks every time someone steps on it and I heard that exact spot creak while I was downstairs. I thought that it was probably my cat running around, but when I stood up to go see, I found my cat sleeping by the stairs. I'm not sure if I was just overreacting to things, but I seriously felt like I wasn't alone.
My third story: Over the summer I had something extremely weird happen to me. I don't remember any exact dates, but I do remember that this happened over about a two week period in late June/early July. One night I was laying in my room watching TV and I heard a car go by and start beeping the horn like crazy. I didn't think anything of it, just for the fact that people go by and beep at our house all the time; my uncle does on his way home from closing his store that's down the road, my friends all beep at my house, and sometimes people will beep at any deer that decide to walk across the road. So I just shrugged it off and went back to watching my program. Then, the next night, I was laying in my bed watching the same program on TV, when the same thing happened again. This time I thought it was a little weird, and when I looked at my clock, the time said 2:45 AM. I raised my eyebrows and once again went back to watching my program. Guess what? Yup, the same thing happened the next night as well. This time I looked at my clock right away, and the time again said 2:45. I thought things were definitely getting weird at this point. The next morning I called my mom at work, and I asked her if she'd heard a car go by beeping around three in the morning, but she said she didn't hear anything. So I just shrugged it off and didn't think any more of it. Then...the next night I was in bed once again, this time reading, and a car goes by beeping at 2:45 yet again. This time, I heard the car slam on the brakes and I heard two car doors open. About thirty seconds later, both car doors shut and the car sped off. I was definitely starting to get a little creeped out by this time. I started to think that maybe it was some of my friends playing a prank on me, but I knew that any of my friends would have told me by that time. The next night I decided to do something. I sat in my room at about 2:30, turned all of the lights off, and decided to watch out my window to see if I could see anything. (My room faces the road.) At 2:45 nothing happened, and I soon decided to lay down and go to sleep. I was just about ready to fall asleep when the car drove by and beeped again. This time I sat up in my bed and noticed something rather strange; I didn't see any reflections of headlights coming into my room. When a car drives by, you can see some of the lights from their headlights coming into my room, but this time I didn't see any. I was extremely creeped out by that time. However, nothing happened for the next few nights, so I just tried to forget about it and finally get a good night's sleep. Then, at about the end of the following week, the car returned. At 2:45 I heard a car slam on the brakes outside of my house, and I heard three car doors open and shut. Then I heard what sounded to be a pretty violent struggle between a girl and someone else. The girl was repeatedly yelling, "No, stop! Don't hurt me! Stop, please stop! Leave me alone!" I thought that something bad was really happening, but I was too scared to get up and look out the window. Then something else very strange happened. One second the voice sounded like it was coming from out on the road, the next second it sounded like it was right under my window, and seconds later it sounded like it was coming from across the road, kind of far away from my house. This went on for about five minutes, and I finally sat up and whispered, "Please just stop this nonsense!" and I heard three car doors open and shut, and I heard a car speed off into the night. Nothing happened after that. I told my one friend about it, and he said that possibly some girl really was being attacked, and I agreed; but nothing was ever on the news about it and deep in the back of my mind, I really didn't think that's what happened. I asked my parents if they heard anything going on at all, but they both said they'd heard nothing. Around Halloween at cheerleading practice, we were sitting there talking about haunted houses, the fake ones and actual ones. My neighbor brought up the fact that she thinks the land around here is haunted, and I told her what I just wrote to you. She said that she never heard anything, and that she would have called us right then and there that night if she thought something had happened. Til this day, I honestly don't know what went on for those two weeks this past summer.
I do have another story that I'd like to share, but I'm pressed for time at the moment. If you'd like to hear that one, I'd be more than happy to send it to you

The Devils Backbone Story

I was born and raised in the Gas City area. If you leave Gas City, headed to the east on Hwy.22, you will run directly into a cross road. This is 500.Turning right will take you south to another cross road named, Wheeling Pike. If you continue south, in aprox.4/ 10, of a mile, on your right hand side, covered by trees and plant growth, you will see a large pond.The name of this pond is, Galatia Lake. This is where many old box cars were thrown in, in the attempt to construct a foundation for a railroad crossing. The box cars could not be found. Divers were sent down to acess the situation. To their amazment, there appeared to be no "true" bottom. Silt so dense that the divers could not see. Samples where taken of the lakes silt matter. Years later in about 1957, a skeleton was found by the farmer who owned the lakes property. This skeleton was quite unusual, in that it was an almost perfectly preserved skeleton of a mastodon. The farmer, being a simple man and not understanding the value of this find, sold the mastadon to the Smithsonien Instatute for $1000. There were in earlier years, mounds that were found in this area. These mounds were built as ceremony spots by a prehistoric tribe of indians known as, the mound builders. In one of these mounds near Upland, there was a human skeleton that measured OVER 9 ft. tall. One other intresting tid- bit you might be interested in, is that the court house in Marion is sitting on what was a very large mound. The mound was excavated to plant the court house, and many other skeletons of grand highth were found. But, back to the lake. The Lake Galatia, according to geologists, had a 99 mile shoreline, and was left here from the the glaciers melting from the ice age. As you could see today the lake is no more than a medium- sized pond. But there is much history to the area. Now, the other place of intrest, Devils Backbone. This is one place I know all too well. Devils Backbone, as it's named, is actually called Reade Road, and extends out of Upland. I have not personnaly ran into any ghostly appearences, but, it would not suprise me if someone has, or soon will. This road has claimed many lives. Due to two large dips in the road. Dips don't do it any justice, you would have to experience it yourself. But I can tell you from my experience when I was riding shot- gun in my friends 74 Scottsdale. We hit a speed of 115 mph, launching ourselves into the air, and landing at the T in the road in one hell of a crash! We had 4 other friends of ours in the back, and we all lived through it. That was AMAZING! It was as if the old road was tired of the blood. This has been a common spot for years for this sort of racing down the Devils Backbone. Most never as lucky as us. But there has been stories of people walking along the road and dissappearing. I guess they may be looking for lost articles from their crash. Most who had died were young cats, much like myself at the time. I was 17 then. But Upland would be the actual location of the infamous Backbone.

 The Woman


i was at my uncle toms.he is a prist.i was up stairs one night and i heared  something in the house so i went to check if anyone was one was in the house so i went back up stairs and i hears someone walking towards the living room.i was looking in the hall and i could hear it comeing closee.then this woman walked bye and stoped and looked at me.I was frozen in fear,she had a scare across her face it looked like her body was slashed repedily and she had a knife in her hand.after she looked at me and walked away i got off the chair and looked down the hall and no body was there.i couldnt go to sleep for the rest of the night

 Cross house ghost


On mothers day 2003, I went to the cross house which is in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There where people who had died inside. There was a mom,dad and a 4 year old girl named Amelia and a baby boy named Edward. All this occured about 200 years ago.
The mother had died giving birth to her son only to be followed soon after by the death of her loving husband.
A year later, Edward and his sister both received diptheria and both passed away aswell.
All there bodies are now burried behind the Cross House.
The Cross house is now a family restaurant.
When I was looking for the bathroom I came across a picture of the family and like any other 8-year-old, was curious.
My mom informed me that Amelia adored daning infront of the fireplace which was situated down the hall from the eating area.
Still trying to find the bathroom, I heard a startling noise. Tracing the noice, I found the room which I guessed the noise was comming from. The room which was once apon a time Edwards. Reluctantly, I looked inside.
There, in the corner of the room, I saw an empty cradle rocking.
I approached the fireplace to see if the was a picture of his beloved sister there. Instead, in the deserted room, I felt a sift movement rub against my shoulder.
I tured around but no one was there.
Concerned, I went to my parents who didnt believe me so as any concerned coustomer would, I went to the manager to see if the had been any previous complaints.
Infact, there had been over five preceding this encounter.

My Christmas Tree


This happened to me about four years ago, and yet the thought of it
still scares me.
I was sitting on my recliner, which faces the spot we always put our
Christmas tree.  It was the night we had first bought and decorated it.
I was staring at the lights and ornaments, thinking how pretty they
were, when I saw something move at the top of the tree.  When I looked
up, it didn't seem like anything was wrong, but then I realized that the
angel was facing the wrong way.  Because I was skeptical about ghosts, I
returned it to its proper position facing forward, then went to fetch a
book to read upstairs.  When I came back down, to my horror, the angel
was facing backwards again.
I fixed it, then began reading my book at the computer desk.  Suddenly,
ten minutes later, there was a loud "CRASH!" from the tree.  Running to
it, I saw the angel had fallen, and the lights were out.  No one else
was in the living room at any time the angel moved!

My Mother


i dont know if i had an experience or not but i figured i would tell you about it anyway. i will give you a little background information.  my stepdad and i didnt get along at all.  we were always fighting. any way my mother was the only person who could calm me down after an argument with my stepdad.  well my mother died in 1996. i moved out of the house and i didnt go back to visit for about six months.  when i did go back of course my step dad and i got into a big argument and i left the house crying and hysterical.  well on my way home i was just so upset i was all over the road and all of a sudden i felt a sensation in the car with me.  it was as if a calming mist had filled my car. i stopped crying and was very calm after that.  i kept sensing someone saying calm down... everything will be alright.  almost as if my mother was there giving me a hug and telling me not to cry.  the feeling was undescribable.  i dont know if i had an experience with my dead mother or if it was my imagination.   you tell me what you think.

My Stories of Haunts


I just found this site this pm and read some of the stories and looked at some of the photos and found them very interesting.  Here are three stories I would like to share.  First, this one would have happened in 1986 when I was living in the downstairs apartment of a two family flat that was about 100 yrs old in St. Louis, and my grandmother lived upstairs.  My uncle had died a year of so before in the exact bed in which I slept.  He also died in the apartment in which I was now not living.  I lived with my dog and 2 cats.  The evening in question I came into the apartment to gather my animals and pack an overnight bag b/c I was supposed to stay at my parents to watch their house.  I packed the overnight bag got the animals, put them in the car and then noticed that I couldn't find my keys.  I had just used my keys minutes before to open the door, so I knew they had to be in the room where I was staying (the rest of the apartment was being restored so I was living in the spacious kitchen w/the bathroom off the room and my bed in the corner), or they were on the walkway to the car or in the car. I didn't panic and knew that I would find the keys b/c they had to be somewhere, right?  Wrong.  I looked everywhere, including (I got this desperate) the litter box, in case the fell in and the cat scratched over them, I felt my dogs stomach in case he ate them, and opened and repacked my overnight bag 3 times.  I stubbornly was refusing to give up but eventually I fell on my bed exhausted and fell asleep crying w/frustration.  The next morning I woke up early and to my surprise, the keys were laying on top of the overnight bag that I packed and unpacked 3 times which was sitting right next to where I was sleeping.  I am a very light sleeper and did not hear a sound.  My grandma is old and elderly and would have no reason to pull a stunt like that and besides, she goes to bed very early and this all was taking place b/w 11pm and 2:30pm when I finally fell off to sleep.  I felt it was either my the spirit of my Uncle Larry (a real prankster) or some other spirit.  I promised myself I would never selectively forget this story b/c I couldn't explain it away.  Thanks for giving the opportunity for sharing it.  The second story happened in 1990 when I was in the Peace Corps in West Africa.  I saw a blue glow over the room of a friend of mine who laid in her sick bed with a high fever.  I was sitting up in the other room, it was very late and I was drinking (need to add that) with her boyfriend who also saw the blue wavering light.  We were sitting vigil with our friend and tending to her with wet rags and fluids.  The next day her fever had broke.  We told her about the blue light over her doorway and she nonchalantly said, "Oh yeah, that was the blue lady"...she went on to describe how that blue lady has been with her since she was a child.  She said she doesn't see it as often as she used to, but she will see her from time to time when she gets really ill.  Interesting, hugh?  Lastly, I had a very uncomfortable tangible experience in another very old house in St. Louis, about 100 yrs old.  It would have been 1993 and I was living in an apartment w/another woman and one night I was asleep on my bed and then a man (I felt) came in, with a very heavy and strong, malevolent presence, and sat on my bed.  I become highly aware and wide awake, terrified, but could not open my eyes, I felt myself drugged, I couldn't seem to force a  scream, or force myself awake, and in fact, I felt like I was being seduced asleep.  The man had his had on my right breast holding me down and I felt the bones of his fingers through my clothes.  Even though my body wanted to fall asleep I forced myself to scream out and as soom as I heard myself murmur my roommates name, who I was calling out for, the spell was broken.  I was wide awake and the spirit was gone completely.  I didn't feel his presence at all any more and I felt safe.  I felt strong.  The next day I told my roommate and she was very quiet at first, then said that she had had the same experience in this same apartment.  She didn't want to talk much about it and neither she nor I had the experience again after that night.  Those are my ghosts stories.



   I was recently at a friend's house in Jay, Florida late one night in room
that was deemed a 'computer room'.  My friend and I were talking back and
forth about normal adolescent things.  I had to go to the bathroom so I
decided to step out through the back door of the room to go to the bathroom.
  Then I heard an odd tapping noise and told my friend to be quiet.  When we
were both silent we heard the distinct sound of a person with boots on
walking through the kitchen, which has a tile floor.  We both froze and
decided to go through the other door to investigate what had happened in the
kitchen.   We both though in the back of our mind's that perhaps it was his
cat or his sister.  But upon turning on the kitchen light we saw that their
was nothing in the kitchen and both his sister and the cat were sound
  Later that same night we went into the kitchen to get something to drink
and I observed a nail sticking out of the wall and asked my friend why their
was a nail in the wall for no apparent reason.  My friend then told me that
something was hanging there but we couldn't place what it was so we assumed
that his sister might have moved it earlier.  He asked his sister the next
day if she'd moved what had been hanging there and she said that she hadn't
and when they began to look for the object they found it neetly tucked away
beside the breadbox.
   There have been other strange reports from my friend such as one night he
was trying to sleep and had the covers pulled up over his head and he kept
hearing someone clearly say his name.  He then pulled down the covers and
looked around and no one was in the house.  He then tried to sleep again
with the covers over his head and the same thing happened.  This happened 3
time and my friend became un-nerved by this and left the house.

Carla -Ghost cat


My friend, Mandy, Lives with two men in and old house in Melbourne, Victoria. She and one of her housemates, Aaron, have seen a cat in the house when no one in the area has a cat. The cat, Carla they named it, is black with white around her eyes. Then one day Sam (other house mate. He's all cocky and believes there's logical answer to every thing.) Woke up with scratches all over his face. Carla still hangs around their house but now they're used to seeing her. One thing that's weird is the fact that Aaron pointed Carla out to Sam but he couldn't see her! I've seen Carla 3 times and she's very beautiful.

Cave Springs, Benton Co. Arkansas Ghost


I gotta tell this; I went to  Ark. and stayed with relatives, the upstairs
was rented to a couple family friends but  it was all one house. They told
me about a ghost that walked around the house at night. I believed in ghosts
I just didn't believe the people that was telling the story, three of the
men said they talked to the ghost. Everyone was working 2nd or 3rd shift.
One day in the spring of 1994 we had a minor wreck going to work so we went
back home. I lay on the bed in the middle of the stairs, and at the head of
the bed was the stairs to the 2nd floors. I went to sleep and didn't know
everyone had left. I heard a truck with loud motor pull up to the front
porch and thought one of the men upstairs was home. I heard him walk pass
me, pause for a minute, so I said "Hi Bryan" He said, "I'm not Bryan." then
he went up stairs, went thru drawers and I heard a couple of thumps so I
thought he was changeing shoes. He came back down and I looked and the house
was dark but no one was there. So I screamed and run to turn on lights, I
heard the truck start and run to the door. There was no one around on that
country road, no truck no nothing. So I waited for someone to come home and
told them  what happened, they said they already told me the place was
haunted by the old man that owned it. The old man bought or built a house
about a 2 miles away and a friend was liveing there.  About 3 years later I
went to the friend and said I want to sleep on the couch that I wanted to be
country for awhile. He said OK but you're going to hear footsteps. All night
I could hear footsteps in the kitchen like a woman walking around. So I
stopped by there one day and saw a old lady with a blanket over her
shoulders sitting in the upstairs window.  I went in and said" I see you
have company did they rent the upstairs?" He said no so we went up there and
it was empty. Come to find out the old man and woman that owned both houses
were husband and wife, the husband ghost stayed in the first house and the
wife ghost stayed in the second house.

Cousins Cat


I just came across your web site, and had an interesting story to tell myself.
about two years ago my uncle died, so his daughter, (my cousin) came to live with the family. she brought along her personal belongings as well as her cat and her dads ashes. One day we were in her room and my dog, whom very seldomely growls or barks, started snarling and growling, and her cat was hissing, both of the animals hairs were standing on end, and they were staring off as if following something. They followed this thing or what ever it was, staring as if something was moving around the room. My cousin and I were freaking out, we have never seen the animals act like that, and they followed what ever it was and stopped, staring right at the closet, where my uncles ashes were. but there have been no such problems since my cousin moved out and took her uncle with her, but just talking about it puts shivers down my spine.

Dream House


I am 49 now, but back about 30 years ago I used to have this recurring dream. I dreamed a house, it had a staircase on the left as you walked into the foyer. On the back was a screened in porch, coming in from the screened porch was a big kitchen. I would have bits and peices of this house come to me each time I dreamed it. A dog in the fenced in yard. Or big bushes in the yard. A hugh living room area. It had high ceilings and a big front porch. In 1976 I was married and my husband and I started looking for our first house. We looked at maybe five houses around Carroll and Haralson county Ga. We found this big two story frame house in Tallapoosa on Kiker street in about 1980. I fell in love with the house right away, and my husband and I almost divorced, partly because I had to have this house. I didn't realize until a little later that I no longer ever dreamed about the house. I was living in it. I lived there for about two years. A short time. I met a friend while living in this house and she and her family lived with us with their six children while they buildt thier house. I have always thought the only reason I dreamed the house was so I could meet my new freind and help her family when they needed a place to live. I later moved across the road from my friend on the property she gifted to me and my family. I have never dreamed about the house again since I lived in the one on Kiker st.

Encounters or not?


Well I am not gonna say ive had encounters for sure cuz im still yet not
positive but hopefully after you read this you can be the judje and see if they
were encounters or not.
        It all started when I was 9 years old (im 10 right now), that was
ayear ago i guess and i remmember clearly that one night i was lying in bed
facing my sister who (i share a bed with her)was sound asleep, and i also remember
that i had afeeling some one was watching me/us and one part of my mind was
telling me to turn around and see who it was and another was telling me to not
even dare to turn and look. I was so scared cuz then I heard someone breathing
and trust me im sure it was not my sister cuz she does not breath like that!
So then i decided to pack up some courage and turn around but when i turned ,
jumped out of bed and turned on the light as fast as i could there was noone
            Ok now this was not an expierince i had but 2 stories i have
heard my aunt and my parents tell me.This is my aunts story:One time she, my
uncle, and my 3 year old cousin(she was 1 back then)used to live in this really old
one story house who would really creep me out. Any way, one night my uncle
had to work on a night shift so theonly ones who were int the house at the
time(quick note:my aunts house was in elkton, kentucky and where they lived they
only had about 2 or 3 neighbors so that was aplace you could see many
apparations.)was my aunt and my cousin so first my aunt watched tv with my cousin
sprawled on the floor drinking her bottle and for some reason it turned off by
itself and sure the house had many electrical problems but she sure knew it was not
an electrical problem, not when she saw right before her eyes that the power
switch had been pushed!!! And also when they went to bed my cousin(Ana)
crawled to the window looked out side and started saying "man!" "man!".It wasa lady
she saw its just that she confused man with woman when she was 1.So my aunt
said "what?!" and she looked out the window and she saw nothing. She didnt get a
chance too locate information about that hause because they moved over here
with us in bowling green,kentucky. WEll i guess thats all. Thanx,

Former Coworker

Hello---I would like to start by saying that I came upon your site after reading the news article of the recent "ghost" capture on security film at the Hampton Court palace in the UK Dec 19. My eldest daughter and I were searching websites. I thought I'd share this with your website. I have been having paranormal experiences since I can remember and that's at least back to very early childhood. I'm almost 50yrs old now and have adult and young children and I'm married. I come from a family that's had lost of paranormal experiences on both sides of the family. My husband thinks I'm kind of looney when I tell him of my and my familys' experiences. Even some of my children have had this. I've experience premonitions, dreams, ghosts, whatever and to tell you the truth most times I wish I couldn't. But this experience unnerved me the most to the point where I almost had a nervous breakdown. This happened in 1994. It was a difficult year as my eldest brother died when I was moving into a new home. And, at my job there were several employee death in that year alone more than any other year since I've been there---23yrs. There was a woman I worked with several times--we would leave work at the same time mostly, and leaving out the same exit. Her son would some and pick her up from work--at times she had to wait. Well, I noticed this particular year that she ahd been losing quite a lot of weight--I was thinking--boy am I jealous!  I also noticed that she had a look of attitude on her face--I wondered what was the problem. When I left the building, I'd turn around and look at her---she'd be looking right at me like she was angry or something. Well this went on for about 2 weeks or so but I had been seeing her all that year up to that point. After I had returned to work on funeral leave, Some co-workers and I were discussing all the employees that died---I work in a hospital and these were nurses--and another one I knew quiet well had just died as well. Well when they were naming these people, the one I had been seeing was mentioned. I didnt catch that at first but then a chill when over me. I asked when she had died and they said in March of that year---this was Sept already!. I couldn't say another word! I became very nervous, shaky--and I mentioned privately to my friend and co-worker I  had been seeing that woman all year!! Being a nurse I started recalling looking at the surgery schedules as we commonly have to do---I then remembered seeing her name on it! She had very extensive surgey for breast cancer---and she died at that very same hospital where she and I worked! I really became sick after hearing that. I told my husband, family or whoever what happened. They said to me it must have been someone who looked like her---but i knew her well, what she looked like, etc. And--after finding out what happened to her I never saw her again! I've had my share of aparitions but, boy this REALLY got to me!  Thank you for letting me share this!!



Well if you have read my stories, most called Gabby, I have just one last story for everyone.
Just yesterday, me friends and I were looking in a baby names book for "Gabby". (Gabby was the spirit's name.) Well, what we found is that (in 1999 version) Gabby meant God's heroine, God's messenger. Well, about maybe a year earlier, I had found a pin that I had never seen before, sitting on my kitchen table. It was an Angel with a heart on it that said I (Heart) u. Now, knowing that Gabby most likely put it there, (because my mom hadn't even seen it.) and Gabby's name meant God's Messenger or Heroine, I know Gabby is my guardian Angel. I still haven't talked to Gabby yet, but maybe someday I will be lucky enough to.

Ghost animals and people

I am a 13 year old that is very interested in 'ghost'. I have a few experiances i'd like to share with you.
1) I was sleeping over at a friends (Betty). We went to bed ,but at like 11:00pm I opened my eyes and found Betty by the window. She looked scared and suprised. I stood beside her and looked out the same window she was staring at. When I saw was outside, my jaw nearly hit the ground. I saw three men come out from the woods that were behimd bettys house. They were pale and looked dead.
2) Betty spent the night at my house and we were sleeping in the front yard. I woke up from a strange noise outside, When I stood up I saw the most buetiful white coyote ever. I woke up betty and she got so scared she ran in the house.
3) I read a story about Berry Sharrocks grave to my cousin. It says that if you visit his grave late at night dogs would growl and bark warnings. My cousin (Bob) didn,t believe it and decided to check it out himself. Him and a friend went to the town where it is,got a hotel room,ate, then waited till midnight to visit his grave. They found it and snuck over the fence. and only got a few yards when they heard dogs barking. They went closer the dogs got louder. Once they got close enough to touch the grave stone dogs came from the woods snarling acting like they wanted to eat them. They ran for their lives, they left in such a hurry they forgot to pay the hotel bill. LOL

Ghost of Japanese soldiers in the Power Plant.

1) The old Meralco power plant in Isla Provisor in Ermita (Now owned by NAPOCOR) was a scene of fierce WWII battle. Thousands died in that battle when the American forces tried to recapture it from the Japanese. In the post-war years, a new power plant was constructed there. During the construction stage, remains of Japanese soldiers, their weapons and other battle gears were uncovered.
There, in the deaerator section of the power plant, Napocor employees often see the ghosts of the Japanese soldiers in the errand and preparing for battle then will disappear suddenly. One employee even claimed that he met face to face one of the ghosts (an officer) when he was in the washroom.
2) In another power plant formerly owned by Meralco in Sucat Muntinlupa,  A figure of a soldier in full battle gear was reported in many occasions. A witness's first indication of the ghost presence is a drop in temperature followed by hearing of heavy boots steps.
 I experienced that signs and saw that ghost too when I worked as a material controller in that power plant during its rehabilitation project in 1990. It was 2 A.M. while we were resting in our field office there. (We were two officemates doing a night shift and we were certain that we locked all the doors.) Suddenly, in the dark corridor, a black figure appeared, and started to walk heavily like a marching soldier toward us. It continued  marching for 10 full minutes with a loud sound every time the ghost's feet hit the wooden floor until it vanished like a bubble. Its caricature was a WWII Japanese soldier. I can not say that I met the ghost face to face because it (he) had no face.

Grandma, and the ghost car

I have two encounters that I will tell you about.  The first happened when I was thirteen and involved my grandma.  My maternal grandma, (my mother's mom), died a few days before my thirteenth birthday and was buried on my birthday.  Needless to say, this did not make for a good birthday to celebrate my becoming a teenager.  Anyway, a couple of weeks after my grandma passed, the family had finished sorting out her belongings and we ended up with several items, the most prominent being my grandma's favorite rocking chair.
A couple of days after my mom had placed the rocking chair next to my dad's recliner in the front room, I was up late on a Saturday night (about one a.m.) watching t.v. when the chair started rocking back and forth.  I didn't have a fan going, and no windows were open so there wasn't a draft or any wind sufficient to make the chair move.  I was a bit frightened and I scrunched myself into the couch and pulled the cover I had up to my chin while telling myself I was either seeing things or that there was a breeze from somewhere that caused the chair to move.
A few days later I told my mom about seeing the chair rocking, (this had happened a couple of times by then), and she said in an offhand manner, "oh, that's just gramma visiting us."  She then told me that she had witnessed the chair moving herself and that she just knew that it was her mother coming to visit us.  She also told me at that time that after her dad had died seven years before and her mom was living by herself that grandma would see grampa's favorite recliner kicked back and the t.v. turned to football games on Sundays.  Grandma would put set the recliner up and turn off the t.v., only to have it back on and the chair reclined a few minutes later.
The second experience I will tell you about involves a ghost car and happened when I was eighteen.  I was with several friends hanging out around midnite on a Friday on a bridge in our hometown.  I had drove and we managed to cram six people into my cutlass.  Well, we were doing things that teenagers aren't supposed to do, but do anyway.  In this case, we were shooting off fireworks that are considered illegal in our state, Indiana.  The bridge that we were on is in the middle of nowhere, about six miles outside of town so we figured that nobody would be around to hear the small explosions.
After we had been there about twenty minutes, one of our friends saw some headlights about a mile down the road and coming fast.  Thinking it was the police, we crammed into my car and I bolted out of there.  At this point I should give a description of where we were at.  The road we were on is a dirt road and goes for about two miles south from where it comes off a main road to the bridge.  About twenty yards south of the bridge, the road makes a 90 degree turn to the right and runs in a straight line another two miles to a paved road so the dirt road makes half of a square.
I hit the curve doing forty and my car fish-tails around the curve.  You definately do not want to be going too fast when you hit that turn.  Anyway, two of our friends are looking out the back window and keeping a running commentary on the headlights.  Saying things like "still going fast", "coming up on the curve", "they just hit the curve."  All of a sudden, Frank (not his real name) says "oh no, they just went off the road, and they were going fast."  We are about half a mile from the curve at this point and I turn around and go back.  When we get there, no car off the road, no trees bent or knocked over.  I go over the bridge and turn around in the road so my headlights can shine on where the car went off.  There are tire marks in the grass that lead to a big tree and that's it, nothing else.  By now we are all thinking that maybe Frank was mistaken, but Jeff, the other friend who was looking out the window, confirmed that the car went off the road.  About five minutes later, as we were still puzzling over this, Frank shouts that more headlights are coming down the road.  Again we take off, only to have the same thing happen.  We have finally had enough and head home.  Later we ask around and find out that in the late fiftes or early sixties, two cars were racing on that road late at night and one of the cars went off the road and hit a tree, at the exact spot where we saw it, and the crash killed the driver.  Several people told us that they have had similar experiences on that road.  Sorry for this being so long, but I thought they were interesting stories and I have studied ghost phenomena for quite some time because of these encounters and learned a great deal about different types of hauntings so if anybody has questions, feel free to email me at

Grandma Visits Again

My first encounter with my dead Grandmother occurred the morning of her
funeral, I was 10 years old.  The details of that are recorded in "The
Beginning".  My dead Grandmother visited again when I was 16, this time at
our house in Lincoln, Nebraska.  My parents built this house on a lot that
used to be part of a City park.  There had at one time been an ice skating
rink where the house sits.  We'd lived there about 4 years when this
happened, but the details of that night would not be truthfully discussed
with me until I was 33 years old!  What I recall of that night was being
very snug and sound asleep on a dark winter night.  It was one of those deep
sleeps that feel like you've been wrapped in the best comforter in the
world.  Therefore, I was not happy when I was pulled awake.  When I pryed my
eyes open, I couldn't see anything unusual and couldn't figure out what made
me wake up.  Then it dawned on me there was this deep golden glow of light
in the hallway, like a hundred candles were burning out there.  Since I'd
long ago given up a nighlight, it puzzled me.  While I was noodling away on
the light dilemma, I was shocked to my very being when my Mother screamed in
the most harsh, gutteral tones I'd ever heard, I almost didn't believe it
was her voice.  What she screamed was, "Get out of here and NEVER return!"
Seconds later the light disappeared, the house became extremely dark, and at
the other end of the house the garage door slammed shut hard against the
pavement.  I yelled for my Mom, asking if she was OK and what was this all
about.  She told me nothing was happening, did I have a dream?  The next
morning over breakfast I asked her again, it just seemed too real to have
been a dream.  She became fairly stern with me, and said absolutely nothing
had happened, so let's just drop it.  The topic was dropped for 17 years.
I don't even recall the conversation we were having, but for some reason my
Mom decided it was a good time to finally come clean with me about what had
happed in our house those many winter nights ago.  Apparently, she had
gotten up to use the bathroom, and when she returned and closed her eyes to
go back to sleep she thought she heard something rustling at the foot of her
bed.  As she opened her eyes, she too saw the deep golden light in the hall,
and was shocked because she'd turned off all lights when she returned to her
bed.  As her eyes adjusted more, she realized there was a figure of a woman
standing at the foot of her bed, and that woman was her Mother.  My
Grandmother was crying and finally said to my Mother, "Elsie, I am so, so
lonely.  I need to take Chrissy with me."  As soon as she said that, she was
suddenly not at the foot of the bed, but my Mother could hear her in my room
and she was telling me, "Chrissy, wake up, it's time to go."  That is when I
must have pulled out of my deep sleep, and when my Mother was screaming to
have her leave.  My Grandmother has never returned.
Interestingly enough, years after my parents had sold the house, moved out
of state and later moved back, we have learned more activity has occurred in
the house.   The house was sold to a cousin of one of my high school
girlfriends.  They'd lived in the house for about 7 years.  They had 2 young
boys.  The husband was a bank officer, and while out on bank business was
killed in an auto accident on the interstate.  The young widow remained in
the house, and about 3 years after her husband's death was remarried.  She
married the brother of my dentist's wife.  Almost immediately after
returning from their honeymoon things started to happen.  Doors would slam,
things that belonged to the new husband would disappear only to be found in
the trash.  Actually, they tolerated the activity for quite some time, but
finally found another house they liked, so they moved.  The new house does
not apparently have any activity.  They sold the house to the new husband's
mother, who is a very well-known realtor.  The house continues to have
issues with doors slamming, but no other activities.  We'd not been aware of
these activities until the dentist began to tell me during a visit that the
holiday had been very interesting due to the stories provided by his
mother-in-law about our old house.  He was laughing it off, right up until I
told him to sit down and hear what happened with my Grandmother!

Great Grandmothers House


When my great grandmother moved into her house back in the 40's, a window at the bottom of the stairs kept breaking.  It is said that the man who owned the house before her shot himself at the bottom of the stairs.  She had a priest bless the house, and the window stopped breaking after that.


Hanson Ma Plymouth County Hospital

Good Evening,
I have a few stories to tell about the Plymouth County Hospital, the old turberculosis hospital in Hanson, Ma.  I have been there with friends on a few occations.
The first time we went there, my friend Debbie and I went.  It was about 12 in the morning.  As building is boarded up, we needed to use questionably illegal means of getting in.  I do not recommend this at all.  My brother and his friends recently tried to get in and got caught, recieving a $250 ticket for their efforts.  Debbie and I went around the building several times looking for a way in;  a loose window, an open door, anything.  Several hours passed and we could not find a way in.  We spent the time going around and aaround the building searching.  We were just about to leave when I spotted a window that was completely unsecure and wide open!  This is a window we had passed several times before.  We got in and explored the building, searching through various files and paper work, exploring room upon room until the sun started peeking through the clouds.
I found many files on patients that had been in the hospital dating back as far as the 1960's.  They were not medical records, they were lists of perscription orders that the nurses were given by doctors.  Many included drugs such as Halcion, Valuim, and other psycotropic meds.  I took these files home and kept them in my bedroom where I would look at them more closley.  The following night, my television began to turn off randomly when I was watching it.  It had never done this before.  Honestly, I began to get the creeps and began to become paranoid that someone was always in the room with me.  A few nights later as I was walking downstairs into my bedroom, I heard someone say, "Go Away" very quietly.  I became panicked and ran upstairs.  I was so afraid to go back downstairs that I couldn't sleep in my bedroom for weeks.  I eventually returned the stack of files to the hospital. I put them on a stair way outside because I couldn't get back into the hospital upon returning.
Another occation that I visited the hospital, with 2 friends, Heidi and Debbie, something more frightening occured.  We entered the building through a small window in the basment.  We had to crawl through the window, and drop down into a small staff bathroom; using the sink as a ladder, and then stepping down onto the floor.  From there we found our way to the top floor where we had never been before.  While in the hallway, I looked quickly and saw a young man standing in a doorway.  Then, he was gone when I looked again.   I didn't say anything to my friends, instead, I just kept walking.  The hallway was freezing cold.  A few minutes later, I felt extremely sick to my stomach.  I couldn't walk anymore, instead I got sick in one of the bathrooms, and so did my friend Deb.  We were all feeling extremely uncomfortable, but I still hadn't said anything about the image I saw just a few minutes earlier.  As we continued down the hallway, I thought I saw the same man again.  Immediately after telling my friends, we all looked at each other and ran.  We ran, and ran until we found ourselves back at the window we entered; feeling as if someone was chasing us.  We did not feel ok again until we were half way down the street.
I have not entered that building since, but I have been on the grounds recently with my fiance, my brother and his girlfriend.  We walked around the grounds and were taking pictures.  My brothers camera would not work.  He went back again, and took pictures, and none of them came out.  I have attached 3 pictures that were taken inside and outside the hospital, you can see orbs everywhere.  These particular pics. were taken with a digital camera.



hello my name is eric , i have seen something that appeared to be a ghost and i remember it like yesterday.      i was around 7 or 8 years old, me and my brother michael slept in the same room, my oldest brother jamison had his own room, jamison had spent the night with a friend, so michael my other brother went to sleep in jamisons room for that night. michael and i had a school desk in the middle of our room that my mom had got when she was a teacher,  well i woke up about 2 in the morning from not being able to sleep well, and i opened my eyes looking into my room and i saw it running around my desk in circles( a man that was transparent and with white flames glowing around him and following him wherever he ran), i was so afraid i couldnt scream, all i could do was hide my head under my pillows and rub my eyes thinking it was a dream, so i pulled my head out from under the pillow slowly to peak out and prove to myself  it was a dream, and then i saw him standing over my bed looking over me so i just covered my head and eventully fell asleep again. now im 23 years old and i still remember it like yesterday, and after all the people that have laughed at me for believing that, i still know its true and not afraid to tell anyone.

He Took My Mom Home


In 1990, my mother was dying of cancer.  The night before she died, there was a man standing on my back porch, tall and thin, waving at me.  Being scared since it was 2:30 in the morning, and living next to a mental health institution (thinking one had escaped) I called the city police.  They came by and said they saw nobody there. While talking to them St. Mary's Hospital called and said my mother was dying and they couldn't get ahold of my dad.  I hung up and went, and she later died that day.  Two months after the funeral, my sister had went to mom's childhood homestead and gotten picture of the family years ago.  I looked at one picture and screamed.  That man on the back porch was my mothers father, who had died in 1937 when my  mother was 18 years old. Since I was born in 1951 I had never seen the man or seen pictures of him.  THE MAN OF MY BACK PORCH WAS MY GRANDFATHER WHO DIED IN 1937, COMING TO TAKE MY MOTHER (HIS DAUGHTER) HOME!!!!

Idaho City Cemetery


My partner and I went to visit the Idaho City cemetary.
It was not my first visit as I was raised in Boise, but it was his.  I had not wanted to go as I am a sensitive and had previous experiences there, but because of the history, he wanted to see it.  We found a horrible poem that had been written and covered in plastic (weathered) and left on a baby's grave.  As usual, unseen eyes watched and followed us.  We could not stay but took the poem and destroyed it. There is dark energy there..and a lot of it.  There is more to the story, but it suffices to say that it is not a place to go and hang out.  THe cemetary is located on a hill high above the town and is an unpopulated area.  Many of the graves are in bad condition, and it is very, very old. It would be interesting to have paranormal testing done there..I can guarantee that there is a lot going on there

Kristen's guardian angel

One night I was working out of town, my wife was at home pregnant. The guys I was staying with were all asleep, I got down at the foot of my bed in praying position. I asked my sister Kristen, deceased for two years, to look after my unborn child Kristen. Later that night I was awakened by the feeling of someone sitting on the bed beside me. I quickly turned over and grabbed at that spot, nobody was there. I began to weep, not because I was scared but because I knew my sister Kristen was there. I like to think that it was her giving me the sign that she would be glad to look after my unborn child.

Mischievous Spirit


About 5 years ago, my husband and I were living in Charleston, West Virginia.  We lived in a hundred-year old townhouse on the west side of town for two years.  During this time, we experienced several unusual ghostly incidents.  Certain objects, most notably keys, would mysteriously disappear.  We kept our keys in the same place:  the coffee table.  But somehow they would vanish, only to reappear on the coffee table after an extensive search throughout the house.  My husband had several antique pocket watches, all of which he kept in the office upstairs.  One day he pulled out one of the boxes containing a watch, left it on his desk while he went downstairs to give music lessons to a student, and returned afterwards to find it missing.  At first, he suspected his student of theft, but I assured him that I was alone in our bedroom (studying) and didn't see or hear anyone come upstairs.  One late evening as I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I felt the fur of my dog, an australian terrier named T-bone, as it brushed against my leg.  I turned and reached down to pet him--and found nothing there. Shaken,  I walked into the office where my husband was working, and I saw T-Bone curled up under the desk, next to his foot.  I told my husband what happened in the bathroom, and he confirmed T-Bone was with him all night with the door closed.  The last incident occurred as my husband and I were getting ready for bed another evening.  We were chatting and cleaning up, when suddenly we heard a loud crash from our bedroom.  We ran to the bedroom and found our professionally framed picture of "The Lady of Shalott"  on the floor, the glass shattered, the frame broken.  It had been mounted on a hook above the mantle of our fireplace--the only way to remove it would be to lift the picture off the hook.  It would have been impossible for the picture to "fall off".  Plus, the hook was still in the wall.  The early incidents were fun and harmless--almost as if a child were teasing you.  My husband remained something of a skeptic until the picture crashed on our bedroom floor.  He was very puzzled and came to the conclusion that our teasing child was becoming more like a mischievous brat.  We moved to a new city soon afterwards, but every now and then, we remember our little "imp" and have a good laugh.

Mommy My Bed Shook!

Hello, my name is Alicia and i am 15 yr.s old. I am currently living in Indiana and i am willing to share my story with you. It all began at the ripe age of 5-6. I was in my bedroom sleeping and my mom was also sleeping in the same room because at the time there were two beds. Well, this incident took place probably late afternoon because i remember it was light outside and my mother probably got home from work and she was talking her daily nap with me. Well, i was in the middle of a good sleep when suddenly my bed started shaking! I looked up and saw nothing, but i was certain i had heard a voice trying to scare me. I remember i was just laying there and did not know what to do. By instinct i got up as fast as i could and ran to my mother waking her up saying  mom a ghost shook my bed...a ghost shook my bed!!!! She was half asleep and she was saying go back to bed..and she was practically ignoring what i had just told her.  Later that day i had approached my dad and he actually thought i was making it up! My mother did not believe me and my father did not believe and i was just a kid wanting to be heard. Nothing really happened after that, but since then up to about the age of 12 it was really hard for me to get to sleep...i mean like really hard. Like 4-5 hrs it would take me to fall asleep. Also, sometimes in the morning i always do the same daily routine and i left the bathroom door open and i look and it was practically shut..i heard the crack in the door when it had shut and that really freaked me out.Not to mention my cat always smacks at the air! I always learn from my experiences and i believe there is something out there..something unexplainable. This is the conclusion to my story..and if someone has had similar experiences would you please send me an e-mail Thank you.

My Dad's Place

By: Anonymous

Hi! I don't wanna give my name, but im a girl from alberta. Ok, Ever since my dad bought his house, I knew something besides us,       ( My dad my brother and I) lived in the house. The "thing" wasn't evil, but i consider it to be my pal. One time, I was down stairs playing pool with my best friend brittany. Something scared her, so she kept her back to the wall on the far side of the pool table. I told her not to be afraid. I was leaning over to shoot, and a shadow apeared on the green pool table. It was a tall man, and I thought it was my Dad, but I turned around and nobody was there. My Brother, Reece was at the skateboard park, and I was freaked. My friend Brittany said she saw the shadow too, but her face  went pale       and she knew my dad wasn't there.
On the far side of the room, there is a rocking chair that rocks a little without touhing it or anything. I decided to name my "ghost" Geroge, because when my Dad was renovating he found a picture of a man dressed old fashioned clothes that said Geroge on the back. A few weeks later, my friend Britt slept over again. My blinds on my window slightly rocked in the morning, wi the window shut completely.
My Dad kept this old gate in the basement that was from his old house when he was a boy. It it was rusty, and looked like belonged in a jail cellar. I once walked by it, and the swich opening thingy on it opened, I was Freaked, so I went upstairs. I do believe this house is haunted, because a girl named Chrissy in my neighborhood has weird things happeningto her. she hears footsteps, taps turn on when no one is home, and we hear partying up in the attic when her mom isn't home. (She lives with her mom). Any way I hope you understand, And I know george treats me nice, almost like I'm His daughter, and I wanted to share this with you ! thanks.  P.S: yesterday I found a old fashioned wedding dress in my attic that fitts perfect and when I wore it, the rocking chair rocked liked crazy!

My Encounter


I've always been interested in the paranormal.  I grew up reading ghost stories where I found them -- usually in very short paperbacks.  I'm not really sure what attracted me to the stories.  Maybe just the whole mystery of it.  Maybe it was the adventure into an unknown realm.
Anyway, the story I am about to relate is true.  It's not your average one-on-one ghost story that most people don't believe because it can't be corroborated.  This "encounter" was witnessed not only by myself but also two other people.
I live near Harpers Ferry, WV.  During my younger, wilder years some friends and myself would go to the railroad bridge, cross over the Potomac River to the tunnel on the other side and wait for the eleven o'clock train -- reason being: to try and launch rocks up in the air to hit the cars in the automobile carriers of the railroad.  Of course, we'd also get something to drink before going.  I suppose it was to boost our courage.  I know this must sound like general hoodlum stuff, but believe it or not, there isn't that much to do in WV unless you're of age (that's a joke).
One Saturday night, three of us shared a six-pack.  No one was by any means drunk.  We sneaked onto the bridge in typical commando fashion and were waiting by the entrance to the tunnel.  For some reason, either we were early or the train was late.  At the other end of the tunnel were two red RR signal lights.  One of my friends got this burr up his butt to go "get" one of these lights.  Ever the realist, I pointed out that all we had was a little keychain squeeze flashlight and a multi-tool leatherman; neither of which were strong enough to dismantle a RR signal light.  But then "the dare" happened.  We all eventually dared each other to walk through the tunnel.
The lights from the town behind us shown through into the tunnel about halfway.  Basically, we all got behind the guy with the mini-flashlight and slowly walked through the tunnel.  The shadows inside the tunnel were incredible.  Even stopping to let your eyes adjust couldn't penetrate the gloom.  Water dripping from the ceiling of the tunnel was hitting the large gravel rocks underneath and between the tracks and it sounded just like the sound we made as we walked on the rocks.  Finally we got to the other end and to our objective of the light.  Relaxed that we had made our way through, I stood lookout to watch back through the tunnel.  The lights from the town lit up the tracks but made some serious shadows along the sides of the tunnel.  I kept hearing sounds as if someone was walking towards us in the gravel, but couldn't see anything.  I was actually worried that maybe there was a RR person on duty who had followed us.
As I went to see the lack of progress on the light, the sound of footsteps on the gravel close to us caught my hears.  I turned quickly and saw an elderly man in a checkered shirt coming towards us in a stumbling sort of walk.  His right hand was stretched out as if he was reaching out for help.  The immediate and most weird thing was that he was almost luminescent.  I mean it was as if the lights from the town were giving him shape, but shining through him as he moved from the shadows.
I yelled, "RUN!" to my friends who both turned to look at what I had seen.  I know this because I ran in front of them to the small bank leading up to the road and remember seeing them looking at what I saw.  As I made it to the surface of the road and ran across to the other side, I realized that if I didn't turn to stop my friends we'd all fall a considerable way into the old C&O canal that ran parallel to the road.  I turned and could tell even in the dark that my friends were as afraid as I was.  I think I yelled something about the canal and we ran down the road toward the other entrance of the tunnel where we had initially started.
When we got to the other entrance, we had gotten over our fear from the run and were looking to figure out what it was we had seen.  After some discussion, we all agreed that we had seen a guy in white coming towards us.  We waited at the tunnel for him to come back and figured we could ambush whoever it was either on the road or at the entrance to the tunnel.  No one came after us.  Another discussion and it was agreed that we get out of dodge.  The rest of the night is a blur but I do remember that we all went home early (early for us at that age).  No one mentioned the word ghost, but we couldn't figure out how this person seemed to look transparent.
The next day, Sunday, my family always went to my grandmothers house for lunch and to spend the afternoon.  After the dinner, my mother, aunt and grandmother would stay in the kitchen reading the Sunday paper, listening to the radio and talking.  I walked out into the kitchen to get something to drink and an announcement came on the radio.  Seems that the authorities had been searching the river at Harper's Ferry for an elderly man with altzheimers.  He had left his home in the town when his nurse left for groceries.  A train had come through and had hit him.  The engineer had reported it and the rescue people had spent most of the afternoon looking for him in the river.  Turns out that his body was discovered in the tunnel early that Sunday morning!!!  We had walked right by his body!!  I never saw a picture of the man, but I know what I saw that night was most likely his ghost.
One of my friends who witnessed this has since died in a plane crash.  My other friend and I always see each other at least once or twice a year now.  Invariably, one of us brings up the story.  What we saw really happened.  I only relate this story if someone ever asks me if I ever saw a ghost before.  I figured it would make for an interesting note to you guys.  Let me know what you think.

My Ghost Experiences: Family Visits


This is my spirit experience.
My mom had always said that I would dream of meeting my Grandfather from her side of the family because he died before I was even born.  She always talked about him to.  He was Veteran.  Although according to her, he was always drunk and everything.  But to her he was still a hero.  She said that when I was three or four I would come out of my room and say that 'I had a visit from Grandpa' or I would point at a picture of him and say 'He came to visit me last night.'  I remember it.  And I thought it was just a dream because that's what my mom told me it was.
When I started getting older I had these strange feelings.  They were bad feelings.  Like something bad was going to happen.  I wasn't feeling these feeling's.  It felt like someone was actually whispering them in my ear.  Telling me what was going to happen.  That I needed to get away or something.  It was really strange.  One day I listened to what they were telling me and I got out of my room.  I ran to my mom and she brought me back to my room to go back to sleep because it happened to be around 2 in the morning.  We wen't back in and the bookshelf that was connected to my bed had fallen down. But then I woke up.  It was a dream.  I didn't even have a bookshelf. My friend did.  And it had fallen onto her bed when I was playing over at her house.  It would of hit me if I didn't get up in time.  I didn't tell my mom about that one.  It was just too weird.
My mom was making me stay in my brothers room because he was afraid to sleep alone.  He didn't say why but I guess it would be fun.  He actually had a TV that worked.  Mine was broke.  I was sleeping when I saw ,what I just learned after reading about them, was a Ghost Light.  I heard a strange noise coming from the bottom of my bed.  I looked down to see this strange floating white light.  I screamed as loud as I could and it disappeared.  My mom came running into the room.  She believed me, I could tell, but she said that it was just my imagination.  She was hiding something from me.
About 2 years later I learned that from my mom's side of the family we have strange supernatural experiences.  Ever since she told me I have been having small things happening.  And every once in awhile something big will happen.  Like sometimes I would see indention's in my bed, or a human shadow on the wall.  And then some seriously scary things started happening.
I don't really want to say but it scared me so bad that my mom told me to pray to god and ask him to stop my dead family from visiting me.  That's what a few people in my family have done.  I did and everything stopped.  No more indention's or human shadows or even Ghost Lights.  It all finally stopped.
But I actually miss the visits that I was getting from my Grandpa.  My Grandmother and Aunt Diane had just died.  And we are going through some family matters dealing with Aunt Diane's son.  My mom said that she could feel both my Grandmother and Aunts spirits with us.  My dad who never even spoke of any ghostly experiences said that he could smell my Grandmother. She would always wear the same perfume everyday we saw her.
And now I am really starting to miss them all.  But I'm afraid if I do pray to God to let me see them one more time everything will start up again.  And I mean everything.  Even the things I did not mention in this e-mail.  Terrible things.  And I am also afraid that I will not be able to deal with their loss.

My Honeymoon Story


Hi Dave and Tina
I would love to share this experience of a  haunting I
had with you during my honeymoon in 1982.Its endings
will ,scare and suprise you.
I had always loved Lousiana and wanted to visit
someday when I grew up. My husband knew of my love and
unbeknowst to me had purchased tickets for us to visit
in May of 1982. We were only a young couple and I had
originally thought we would not be able to afford a
honeymoon. It was a different and unique vacation for
me and would be packed with many surprises.
I vividly remember the date of my experience as such
things become engrainned in ones mind and seem to
become more pronounced with time. It was May 28, 1982
and a  beautiful balmy Lousiana day with the sun
shining and the heat in the nineties.There was a
parade in the early morning in New Orleans which we
attended , then my husband packed me up and told me we
were going to a beautiful picknicking paradise that he
had heard of from other toursits-a place called
Frickies cave. This place was just outside of New
orleans and was suppossed to be a beautiful oasis  of
nature and birds. It was. It was the most beautiful
sight I have ever seen.
We picknicked there unitl dusk when my husband decided
to go for a  walk.I followed him and began to feel
uneasy as we walked along the banks.At that time I
chalked it up to uneasiness of not knowing my
environment.I began to feel an incredible sense of
evil, desperate fear. He laughed and told me I  was
being silly. I begged him to go back and began packing
up, he relented and headed back to the  main
picknicking area  where we packed up and headed to the
Whe we got to the car we realised we had spent the
entire day there and that it was already 10:00pm !!!.
We had tickets for a dinner and dance that evening at
a hall in New Orleasn and did not want to miss it. My
husband looked on our map and decided the best route
to take to get to New Orleands the fastest wuld be
along the banks of the Pontchartrin River which is
only 30 minutes from the central Square in New Orleans
where Mardi Gras is held each year.
I was only to happy to get out of there becasue the
feeling of fear I felt seemed to follow me right out
to the truck.I had a feeling something bad had
happened there,very bad.
On the ride into New orleans I dismissed the fear and
seemed to temporarily forget about it. As we entered
one of the Parishes of Lousiana which hosted the
Pontchatrin River  I suddenly began feeling an
incredible sense of fear again . I dont remember
looking at the clock perse but it was most likely
around 10:45 or so. Suddenly I felt someting or rather
someone looking at me. Gliding along the side of our
truck with her hands held open was the figure of this
incrediby frightened women,she had terrible wounds it
seemed and her face was etched with fear .My husband
screamed and  stepped on the gas. I dont remember
hearing her say  anything but feeling as though she
was crying out for help, begging and pleading for
help. She wasnt walking or running rather gliding and
following us at an  incredible pace, not humanly
I prayed to god to please help us please make her go
away. I looked away not wanting to look at her
terrible disfigurement. Suddenly I looked back  and
she was gone. I ddi a quick hail mary (being devout
catholic) and breathed a sigh of relief. Needless to
say we did not go to the dinner and dance that night.
It took all my effort to convince my husband to not
get on the next plane home.
I have always been a curious person Tina so after my
inital fear passed curiousity  and the  need to know
what happend at Frickies cave, if anything happened-
took over my fear. Iam a doctoral research fellow at
my university so research is my expertise. I got up
early th next day and headed out to the main library
in the town. I asked for information on Frickies cave,
history of the place and if any happenings had occured
there in the last 100 years. The librarian looked at
me and asked if I had heard of the Hathaway Murder. I
said I  had no idea. She told me that yesterday (May
28_th) was the two year anniverary of the brutal
slaying of an eigtheen year old woman found with her
throat slit in Frickies cave. She found the archived
article about the young girls murder. The next few
things I will tell you are bound to freak you out.
Faith Hathaway was an 18 year old girl who had just
graduated from highschool days before. She had said
good night to her mother before she left to say
goodbye to some friends at a Disco  as she was leaving
to join the army. At around  9:30 she headed out and
was kidnapped by two men along the Pontchatrin river
and taken to Frickies cave where she was raped
sodomized and murdered. The date? May 28 1980. A mere
two years before my husband and I went pickniocking at
Frickies cave. Coinicidence?I dont know but I can only
explain the terrible negativity i felt that night and
her frightened face. I have never forgotten this .It
has stayed in my mind forever. I have no idea if her
killer was ever brought to justice. If it hasnt
perhaps she is still haunting Frickies cave? If anyone
knows of this case please let me know.This has haunted
me for 20 years you have no idea.I ask that you please
put this on your website so anyone with any
information could perhaps contact me.
I truly hope her soul is at peace!!.
Thankyou for letting me share Tina and Dave.

My Personal Weird Experience


I am Timothy . Once, during summer, quite a while ago, I had a very strange experience. Truly, I thought it was one of the strangest things that happened to me. Probably, (like everyone but myself) you will think it had some explanation. It might have, but I can see none. Here is my story:
I was at my great aunt’s apartment, and my age was around 10at that time (I’m 12 now). My great aunt lives next to a broken down, abandoned house, with a courtyard filled with weeds. From the floor where my aunt lived, you had a very good view of the place. My cousin Niki Caruana, my sister Alexandra Alden, and me myself were talking about ghosts and, of course, making it all sound weird, with talk of old floating ladies. That was all rubbish of course. Now comes the real thing.
Nik and I closed the curtains of my aunt’s room, overlooking the broken down house, and we made sure that there was NO light.
We waited for the unexpected. The unexpected really did come. Believe it or not, in the lightless room, I thought I saw a purple light, slightly shaped like a skeleton without legs, or a proper shape. I do not really know what it looked like, because I could not describe it. In the corner of the room, near the shut door it hovered. Somehow I was not exactly scared, just mystified. Seriously, I had no idea what was going on. Then I got up, and it vanished. If my cousin had not said he saw the same thing, I would have said it was my imagination. To make sure he was not lying, I got paper, and told him to draw it if he really saw it. So if the drawing did not resemble what I saw, it would mean he was lying. Surprisingly, his drawing of a floating purple light, shaped like a disabled skeleton was what I saw. So we both had seen the thing. Alight, maybe it was just something explainable, but I cannot think of anything. How could I have imagined it if my cousin saw it and drew it?
Just because I was quite young when I saw the light, does not mean I am a liar. I was born at midnight…

  My Shadow-


I came over to the US in 1990, when i was 7 years old. we were lucky to have some friends over here that we used to know in Vietnam. one of my parents friend let us rent thier house. the house was on a corner of a busy street and in the "projects" area, but the house looks very decent and clean. after a year of living there i start to see a shadow (to be exact, 6ft tall shadow) on the corner of my eyes. it appear everywhere in the house. i was so afraid that i told my parents, they didnt believe me of course. on and on i would see the shadow unexpectedly and everytime i have a glimps of it, my heart would stop for about 2 seconds. we live there for four years, i've complained about the shadow so much that my parents brought me to a psychaitrist. of course that didnt help me very much.
we later moved to another house. i never saw the shadow again. after living at the second house for a year or so, my parents divorced, me and my siblings live with our mom. again, we move to a different house, this time i saw the shadow again. the same 6ft tall shadow. but i didnt tell anyone. there's something special about this house, it's just a block away from a cemetery that dates back to the 1700s. in this house, the shadow makes itself noticable to every member of my family, even to guests. our house is a bit small, from the living room you can overlook the hallway that leads to three bedrooms. my bedroom was in the middle. likewise i was the first to see the shadow. it would appear at my mom's bedroom, and would make a quick dash over to my room. in this ho e, it's the only place that i saw it. by now i'm so used to seeing it that it didnt bother me. sometimes i would feel safe just to know that it's there. so i keep quite about the shadows for some months, until my little brother and sister saw it too. reminder that i didnt tell anyone about seeing the shadow over at this house. i caught thier reaction when we were watching tv in the living, they turn thier head towards the hallway with "what was THAT?!" look. later my boyfriend would come over and same scenario. but he wasn't sure what he saw, so he told me "your little sisters are entering your room again" (knowing that i HATE my siblings going in my room) so i march into my room and yelled out "get outta my room!" to realize that they were playing video games in my mom's room. more and more the shadow would make itself visible. it was then that my mom realize that i was telling the truth, there was a shadow that was following me!
and so it followed me until i'm 20 years old (present) it only appeard when i least expected it too, and never did any harm. for the past year it surprise me by answering my prayers. instead of praying to god, i ask the shadow for help, told the shadow my feelings and asking for guidance. i later called the shadow My Shadow. my heart doesn't stop or skip anymore when i see it. but there are times when my heart does, and everytime that it does, it's telling me that something bad is about to happen.....
recently my mom told us about our grandma (dad's side), it's awkward to hear about her until now, because we dont have any picture of her, nor hear my dad talks about her when we were little, we dont even know her name! overall she's a mystery for me and my siblings. my mom told us that she's very tall and slim, in ALL of her grandchildren I was her favorite because i LOOK like her. my mom also told us of an incident, a few months before we were to left for the states my grandma stop by to visit us (she live five hours away from us) what she said startled my mom, she id she will be joining ME over to the US. a month later my grandma dies.
my little brother ask my mom what she looks like, my mom looks at me and says, 'exactly like your sister'
we all think the shadow that had followed me throughout these years is my grandma. and oh, i know her name now, i had her name....


Prominent Experiences


Reading through these stories have brought back a lot of memories for me that I've tried to supress for years.  It hasn't been easy, and I've become more comfortable with talking about them as time goes on.  I've had strange things happen every since I was very little, I believe starting around the age of 2 or 3.  I used to have awkward nightmares for a child that age, one where the devil was chasing after me and every time I woke up and went back to sleep (no matter how long I stayed up for) the dream would start right back up.  I had tried to dispell a lot of my experiences as a result of over-active imagination or physiological/scientific explanations.
As a young child, my bestfriend and I would play with the ouija board relentlessly.  We often went into my closet if it was day out and light candles for light to play.  We had some awkward moments in there.  One time, just as the indicator began to move, all 3 or 4 of the candles blew out at once and it became cold in the closet.  She was easily scared, but for some reason she found that episode humorous. We often "spoke" with my brother who had died in a car accident 8 years prior to my birth.  I had always felt some strange connection to him.
I've been surrounded by a large number of deaths, starting at age 4, when a best friend of my sister and mine died.  That has spiraled into 25+ deaths (I'm only 22).  I've always seemed to know when someone was about to die.  I begin having these thoughts about people I know dying.  They usually consist of how this person dies, how I'm told, and how I feel about it.  The catch is, they're never the people that actually die, I just have these thoughts and then someone always seems to die.  My grandmother was in the hospital and deathly ill.  My father and I visited every day for her last several days.  My sister was uneasy about going, and one day I knew she had to go.  That it was going to be her last chance.  It wasn't until that day that I finally say "good bye".  We got a call that morning and she had passed away.  I had thoughts of my father having a serious heart attack.  A couple of weeks later, his only sister had a heart attack.
I was an awkward child and teenager.  I used to sleep in my closet for a period of time with tons of blankets and pillows (it was a walk in closet).  I was on the phone with a friend.  Suddenly I heard a male voice from behind me (where only a wall was) tell me to get out.  My friend on the other line asked who that was.  That confirmed it wasn't my imagination, as she had heard it too without my mentioning it.  Of course, I never slept in there again.
There was always a dark figure at the bottom of our stairwell.  I never spoke of it, until two friends of mine mentioned it.  They came forward one night and mentioned how scared they were of my house.  I'd always feel like I was being chased up my stairs, but believed it was only my fear that mad me run.  Then again I remember always feeling a presence at my back.  Our TV would turn off and on.  I was making coffee in the kitchen and a friend was at my side, we were alone.  Spontaneously a cap flew off a medicine bottle and landed all the way at the other side of the counter (about 3 feet).  We sat there stunned, confirmed the other had seen it, and ran to my room.  We had a few dogs over my 13 1/2 years living there (my parents still live there).  They all would flip out and bark and growl at unseen things.  Sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for half an hour or so, and we could never find the source to their discontent.  I've had episodes of my bed shaking.  I've also experienced the paralysis several times and once recently.  It's so terrifying, you feel your mind is perfectly awake, but you feel weighted down, you fight to move or scream but can't do anything.  It's like your body has become a lead weight.  I believe that is why I have a terrible phobia of being held down.  Lastly, in regard to the house.  Our dog at the time was flipping out, barking at something around the dining/kitchen area.  He must have gone off for over half an hour.  My mother and I attempted to move everything in the area to try to come to the source of his displeasure and nothing helped.  I finally tried to sleep, then began these voices overhead.  It was almost like a good vs. evil fight over me.  The word that comes to mind here is 'thunderous,' that's the best description of it.  Finally, it was like the good won and all became quiet and things started to calm down around our house, though they haven't completely quit.  As a side note, this is a relatively new house.  We are the first owners who've ever lived in it.
I will tie this down with mentioning a few more inexplicable experiences.  At my grandmother's, who lived in an old house, built in the early 1900s, I was having trouble sleeping.  My sister and I shared a bed.  I turned over and looked up and right next to my sister at the side of the bed was a ghost of an older woman in old fashioned (earlier frontier style) clothing with her hair loosely tied into a bun.  I was momentarily frozen by fear and then quickly turned over and closed my eyes and refused to open them again and finally fell asleep.  I was at a movies theatre watching a movie with my bestfriend in a nearly empty theatre.  I saw a young boy, short, medium brown hair, clothes fashioning the 50's.  He was 'standing' on a seat in the middle row (we were towards the back) and he was facing us.  I then saw him again outside the movie theatre in the empty building next to it.  She didn't see it though.  Maybe I was seeing things that night, but it was so real and still burnt into my memory.  My heart races as I recall this one.
Those are some of my most prominent experiences.  I am not a person who believes in a god or anything religious.  I feel I am a very grounded, realistic person.  I've fought for a reasonable scientific or psychological reasoning to all of this.  But, ultimately, I haven't found any feasible explanation.  I'm beginning to have experiences at my apartment, and I live 2000 miles away from where I grew up and that house.  I've been in this apartment for two years now and it's all seeming to just be starting.  Am I sensitive to these sort of things?  Are these real?  Do any of you know what all these means?  Do I have a psychological problem?  All I know is I don't want this to continue. I don't want to deal with sleepless nights as I did as a child (they drove me to become an insomniac).

When I was Young


I don't remember this, since I was only four years old, but my mother tells
me this story all the time.
My great-grandfather died on Hallowe'en in 1988.  He lived in Scotland, and
although there was a great distance between them, he and my mother had a
really strong bond between them.  I can vividly remember my mother getting
the call about his death, because I was so excited about going out trick or
treating, and seeing my mom crying on the phone really upset me.
Anyway, according to my mom, about a week after she got back from Scotland
for his funeral, she was cleaning the house and was walking past my room
when she heard me talking.  She found it odd that I would be playing with my
door closed since having it that way frightened me, so she opened it up and
looked in.   From her description, I was sitting on the edge of my bed
facing my dresser and talking to thin air.  She thought this was weird, so
she asked me: "Katie, who are you talking to?".  She says that I was
startled, but I promptly and simply (like it was obvious) answered "Great
Papa" and pointed at the dresser.  This took my mother back for a second,
but she finally said "I see, well, what is Great Papa saying?"  She says I
looked her in the eye and with a straight face answered "He says that he
loves me, and that he loves you too."  My mom says she cryed in her room for
hours that night.
What I find special about this story is that my first memory is of a visit
with my Great Grandparents in Scotland when I was two, and what I distinctly
remember is playing with my Great Papa.  I find it touching that he would
have chosen me to give my mother this message.

My Visiting Uncle


one night, my parents went out for dinner.... this was nto too long after my uncle had died. see, he took care of the papers for my adoption. well that night, i was looking through this album that i have of my family with his picture in it and i had taken it out to put it on the first page. i went in the other room to go get something and i was walking down the hall way back towards my room when i noticed that the album and teh picture was on the floor where i hadn't left them. i noticed there was a letter nest to the picture and it said, " dear sara, sorry i never eally got to see you. i'm also sorry i never got to say good bye, so here's my chance to say good bye. good bye and i love you. love, uncle mark."
that night when i was sleeping i heard someoen calling my name.... it wasn't one of my parents. i looked up and saw my uncle standing there and i started to cry. my parents rushed ina nd i told them that i had just seen uncle mark and they were like, "he was just visiting you, so that he could say good bye, we already got our visit from him."

Over and Over


Well, this is just one of the encounters I have come accross in my life.  Not so much of a story as things that happened when I was a child.  Now they are a little less foward with contactingme.
When I was from ages 10 until 13 or so, the same thing happened to me over and over.  I go to sleep at night, and I would keep on waking up in the middle of the night.  You know how you can feel someone looking at you, well I always had that feeling.  When I would wake up there would be a man standing over the foot of my bed just watchingme.  I am getting chills just thinking about it.  he was wearing a top hat and a long london fog type coat.  I never made out a face, I just always knew he was kind,  and wasnt scared.  I would just go back to sleep.  Only to be woken up by someone smaking me on the top of my head or grabbing my toes.  This terrified me, and to this day, I will not go to sleep unless my feet are tucked in and my head is against the wall.  I never could see anyone there but I would still feel the presence and feel thenm tugging on me.  Very scary things for a child to encounter.
I have lots of stories to tell.  However I am at work and will have to write more later.  Also, I have strong preminitions.  I am not sure what they mean, along with extreemly colorful dreams that have places in it that I dream about over and over and then one day I meet the person. Or see them on the street.  I have a lot to talk about on this subject, and hope to hear from you guys soon.

Nursing Home Haunting


At the nursing home for the elderly I work at, it always seemed odd to me that we can go several months without any deaths, then, without warning, we will be hit with several losses within a short period of time. (Sometimes having five deaths in the space of a few weeks).
I always believed that this was just due to an illness being spread among the residents that the weaker cannot survive. However, I found it quite odd when having lost a couple of residents ina  short period of time, one of the staff members I worked with said "looks like death is back again."
When I asked her to explain, she said that according to rumors, there was a ghost that would come and take the lives of the residents in groups of 4 or 5.  I dismissed this as nonsense. Afterall, there were far more logical explanations for the deaths of the residents.
A couple of weeks later, I overheard a friend's mum (who works at the nursing home) sharing an experience she had had a couple of nights before. Now, I never saw this for myself, so I'm in no place to judge whether what happened or not was real, but I will tell you what I heard:
During the night shift at the home, things can be slow. The residents are asleep, so there is often little to do. In the lounge area, my friends mum, Mary, was talking to another carer to pass the time. They were sharing a joke over a cup of tea when Mary noticed the lights go out in the corridor. Assuming that the cause of this was just a resident wandering the corridors and playing with the switch.
She headed into the corridor and switched the lights on. There was no body to be seen. She took a look around the area to make sure that there was no resident wandering the corridors lost. After confirming the coast was clear, she headed back to the lounge area and continued to talk to her friend.
About five minutes later, the same thing happened. The lights went out in the corridor, and then when they were switched on, there was no-one to be seen. Again, Mary sat down and chatted to her friends dismissing the incidents as someone having a joke.
When it happened for the third time, Mary was understandably beginning to get annoyed. As soon as the lights went off, she ran through and switched the lights on. However, this time, she was not faced with an empty room. Down the corridor, she swears she saw a shadow slipping into the room of one of the residents.
Mary knew that whoever was doing it, it couldn't have been the person in that room, because she had a wheelchair and therefore could not have possibly gotten back to her room that quickly. She ran to the lady's room to get whoever went into her room out.
When she entered the room, there was nothing to be seen. Just to old lady, sleeping peacefully in her room. Mary said she didn't feel right just leaving it at that, because she saw the shadow enter her room, clear as day. She turned on the lights and searched the room only to find nothing. By this point, the resident had awoken. Mary asked her if she was feeling alright. The woman said she felt fine, and so Mary let her get back to sleep.
The shift continued as normal, until it was time to get the residents up. Mary says she was getting the tables set for breakfast when her colleage came through and told her what had happened. The woman who'd had the shadow Mary saw go into her room had died in her sleep.
Now, I don't know whether to believe this or whether it was just a coincidence, but if there's one thing that's for sure, Mary is certain of what she saw...

Pounding in my House


Me and my friend were alone at my house just hanging out and he stayed over night.  We were playing with my cat.  I have heard that animals can see or sense paranormal stuff.  We heard a loud pound downstairs, so we went down to check it out.  We did not find anything but while we were looking my friend heard a newspaper slap against the table.  We went upstairs to find to newspaper spread all over the table.  My cat was freaking out staring in different places like there was someone walking around supstairs.  We walked to the entry way to go back downstairs to my room and lound, violent pounding started happeneding upstairs like there was someone running around and knocking on the walls, or 2 people fighting.  We were too scared to leave the kitchen so we slept in the kitchen til my parents got home and everything stopped after that.  That is not the first time something like that has happened, to this day things still happen to me like that, like doors opening or hearing people walking around.  I was even chased once.  But that is my story about the pounding in my house

Kingston, NY Experiences


Kingston, NY

Although the local historical society had no records on this, I am almost certain that the house I moved into in 1982 had or has a marker indicating that it was a historical landmark.  I was under the impression that it was part of the original stockade during the Revolutionary War but I was not able to substantiate this. My search in January of 1984 for some background information on the house was prompted by a series of unusual events in 1982-1984.
When I moved into the house in late 1982, I immediately felt at home although the apartment was perpetually dark. The darkness was due to the geography of the house in that the only windows faced north and the bedroom’s southern exposure was limited because of trees. No matter the time of day, a light would need to be on in the downstairs but there was nothing ominous or scary about this.  As I said, I felt very comfortable there.
In contrast, the upstairs was well lit but was the most intimidating, spookiest place and I dreaded going there. It was only used for storage since there was no heat or electric although it appeared to have been living quarters at some point. I think what made it eerie was the faded wallpaper and old style linoleum and you would get the sense that it had been children’s bedrooms because of the size and decor. It consisted of one long room and two smaller rooms to your left as you reached the top of the stairs. My memory of the upstairs was that if I needed something from storage, it would have to wait until daylight. No way would I go up there at night. Also, in the two years that I lived there, I never set foot into either small room and never even looked into the second room. I was a man in my mid-twenties and not given to fantasies but upstairs I would get the sense that someone was waiting to jump out at me.
The description of the upstairs has nothing to do with my experiences in the apartment but is necessary to get the feel for the house and my mindset. I should stress that my discomfort about the upstairs did not carry over into my daily living and I never put any thought into upstairs unless I had to go up there. Basically, I loved living there since I was two blocks from work, shopping and bars that I frequented. Life was good.
On those rare occasions that I would spend the evening at home, I would be ready to sleep about 11:00 and go to bed. From my first night there, I would lay in bed wide-awake and be unable to drop off. The only thoughts or feelings I had at the time was that I just wasn’t tired anymore and went back to the living room which usually resulted in my falling asleep in front of the TV soon afterwards. There was not a feeling of insomnia just that I was awake and alert. It became routine that unless my girlfriend spent the night or I had been out partying and could fall asleep easily, I would just sleep on the couch since sleep in my bed was hard to come by.
On one of those evenings that I fell asleep in front of the TV, I awoke in the middle of the night to static/snow on the TV channel I had been watching. I didn’t find this unusual since any little interference affects cable reception whether it’s the weather or equipment failure or whatever. I got up to turn off the TV and found that the coaxial cable to the back of the TV had been unscrewed and was lying in the middle of the living room. I had been living there for several months and if it had been improperly connected I probably would have lost reception before I did. In addition, the cable was in the middle of the living room. It didn’t just fall behind the TV. I reinserted the cable and reception returned.
Several weeks later, I woke in the morning to get ready for work. After showering and shaving, I dressed and reached into my closet to get my dress shoes. I picked them up only to find that they had been filled with water. I was shocked and tried to apply some logic as to how this could happen. A roof leak? No, I remembered there was a second story plus there was no splashing around the shoes as there should be if water dripped into them. Was it something other than water? Uh Oh. But no, I poured the liquid into the bathroom sink and it was definitely water. To this day I don’t know how this happened.
Sometime later, weeks or months, I’m not sure, I was awakened by the phone ringing about 5:00 A.M. It was my landlord who lived next door asking me if I had water running because the gutter in the street was filled with flowing water. I checked the bathroom and sure enough, I found that the cold water was on full blast. I avoided telling my landlord the truth and explained it as the toilet running. How long the water was on, who knows except that it was long enough to be running in the street. Could I have left it on accidentally the night before? Unlikely. This would be another unsolved mystery.
When I moved in I had two 10 gallon aquariums with a variety of tropical fish mostly of the cheaper and sturdier type. There were even 2 fish that a friend had given me two years prior when he moved away. They were all well and thriving. My routine was to walk in the front door after work and turn on the aquarium lights and feed the fish since the tanks were right next to the door. I did this because they were in the living room which was dark during the day as I have mentioned. The last thing I did at night was to turn the aquarium lights off. One morning on my way to work, I went to the door to leave when I noticed a horrible odor and it appeared to be coming from the fish tanks. I turned on the lights and saw that all the fish were dead and the water was very cloudy. I was flabbergasted. It had only been about seven hours since I turned the lights off and the fish were fine. What could have caused this? I had fish for a few years and of course some die but I had never seen an aquarium of fish die overnight especially since there were different kinds and size of fish. The smell was so bad that I didn’t dare leave it until that night and I had to take the day off to clean the odor and mess.
Some time later, again I’m not sure how long, I found out that I would be relocating to Rochester, NY and was preparing to move going through clothes, utensils, etc. All day long I was going from the living room through the kitchen into the bedroom and back making many trips. On one of these trips I stepped into a small puddle of water in the kitchen. How could this be since the kitchen was about 8’ X 8’ and I was on my umpteenth trip through the kitchen. The room was so small that the refrigerator was outside the kitchen near the back door. Here though was a puddle of water about 5 inches in diameter and again I tried to explain it like the other things and came up empty. I wasn’t drinking water to spill it, no roof leak etc.
The only other thing I found strange was the coldness of the linen closet. From the time I moved in until I moved out, the closet was noticeably colder than the bedroom which I found very strange since the other side of the closet was my landlord’s apartment. Because he was in his eighties, he always kept both our places warm. It always stayed cold in the closet even though I kept the door open to warm it. The alternative was to dry off after a shower with an ice cold towel.
It wasn’t until the end of my residency that all these incidents came together and out of curiosity I tried to do some research on the building. Some people may wonder how I could live there with all the things that went on and the only explanation I have is that at the time they were separate incidents and I never dwelt on any of them and never made any connection. It never occurred to me that all the things (except the TV cable) were water related and I don’t recall tying any of these events together to indicate a general trend.
Believe me, I am not the bravest person and if I had seen anything supernatural I would have left immediately never to return. Even now, I have to almost think that there must be rational explanation because I am not convinced by any measure that there are really such things as ghosts. I loved living there and if I hadn’t had a job transfer, I might still be there.

Red Indian


I once saw a ghost or a supernatural being. I was walking to my room, and I heard a strange sound. It was my cat meowing furiously. I checked to see where he was. He was in my closet. I didn't know what it was meowing at, I figured it was a mouse. When I opened the door, there was a Native-American man, with glowing red eyes, and a glowing red bow and arrow. I was scared so I ran. I've never seen it again. –

Finally an answer


When I was around six years old, I took a shortcut through some woods with a friend of mine.  I had never been through those woods before that time, but I knew they ended.  In the middle of the woods, for some reason, I looked back to see a small house and a man dressed almost like a pirate wearing a mask, and holding some kind of a sword or blade of some kind.  He started chasing me and I yelled to my friend to run because someone was chasing us.  She ran, but she didn't see anyone chasing us.  When we got out of the woods, I looked back and saw nothing but those beautiful woods, not looking fearful in the least.  My father laughed when I told him about that scary experience, that only I had seen.  He was sure it was due to my vivid imagination.  Over the years when I think of it, I have wondered what it could have been.  After reading the "Shadowlands Haunted Places", the Clinton - George Hill example, I'm sure I must have seen a ghost!  But my ghost appeared  in Canonsburg, in western Pennsylvania, not in Connecticut.  It only took 76 years for me to find the answer to that ghostly mystery!!!

The Beautiful Woman


I work noc shift as an RN in a hospital.  One noc I was sitting by the desk and I saw a beautiful woman walk past the desk.  I realized that we only had male pts. on the floor and we are on a locked unit.  I immediately jumped up to follow the woman when she went "thru the wall."  I recognized her as a pt. I took care of many years before.  What she wanted I don't know.  She had a white night gown on

The Beginning


My first experience with a ghost occurred when I was 10 years old.  The
event occurred the day of my Grandmother's funeral.  It was about 5:00 a.m.,
and I was sleeping in the bedroom I usually occupied when visiting my
Grandparent's home in Windsor, CO.  I remember coming out of a deep sleep,
because I felt something gently touching my right forearm (the side away
from the wall in the bedroom).  I felt like I had to pry my eyes open, but
when I opened them no one was with me.  What I did notice was a very strange
light coming, I thought, from the bathroom next door to my room.  I tried to
remember if I'd gotten up in the middle of the night and had forgotten to
turn the light off.  I sat up in bed and started to get up to go turn that
light off, when I heard someone in the hallway crying.  I expected it to be
my Mother, but the more I focused in I realized that the person I was
looking at was my Grandmother, and I could see the wallpaper design on the
opposite wall through her.  She was wearing one of her favorite dresses, not
the one I knew my Grandfather had taken to the funeral home.  She then spoke
to me, saying, "Chrissy, I am so lonely.  I am just so lonely.  I don't want
to be away from you."  Then, she started to cry again.  My brain finally
clicked, and I was horrified.  I remember pounding the wall that separated
my bedroom from the room my parents were sleeping in.  As I did that, I
finally was able to regain use of my vocal chords and started to scream for
my Mother.  Of course, the household rushed into my room and everyone was
very alarmed.  I was crying by then, and while my Mom was trying to comfort
me, my Grandfather was furious with me, feeling like I'd blasphemed my
Grandmother with all this uproar.  I cried harder, and tried to tell him,
tell them all, I was not making this up, and it wasn't a bad dream.
Nevertheless, being adults they were convinced it was a dream and that I was
upset because Grandma's funeral would be in a few hours.  Everyone left the
room, and after sitting there crying for a few minutes, I finally layed down
and closed my eyes.  I felt my Grandmother move past me, touching my arm as
she left the room through the window over my right shoulder.  I had no idea
that this would not be the last time I would encounter her.

The Book

About two years ago I was haunted by my granddaddy Kent's ghost....In
2001 my grandad died I was his favorite grandkid...well one night a book
of mine that my grandad used to read to me fell  off the shelf in the
hall and my room was in beside the shelf so when I heard the thud come
from the antique bookshelf I got up out of bed to see what had happened
thinking that a robber was in the house and so trying to be brave like i
brought my sleeping bag down from yhe hall closet wit a flash-light and
a Edgar Allen Poe book but before I had got the chance to open the cover
of my sleeping bag a noticed a quick movement from the corner of my eye
and quickly grabbed my flash-light ready to swing at random and all of a
sudden looking toward the hall noticed the page of the fallen book flip
ten pages ahead now you might think the reason for the page flipping was
of the air conditioner or something ,but five minutes later I realized
it could be a paranormal force so not long after it stopped I
half freaked out half realived it wasn't a robber put my things away
ready to get back in my bed and on my way back from the closet  I
stopped dead in my tracks there on the floor was a picture of him and my
sister and I on the floor and the next morning I was going to readthe
book when I looked up I screamed My mum came rushing in and asked what
had happened so I lied and said I had stepped on a sewing needle my mum
bought it but my sister knew the difference in my screams,so that night
after the lights went out my sister snuck in my room begged to find out
why so I had made her swear not to tell and told her exactly what had
happened that night and she said but why on earth did you scream and I
said when I reached up for the book it wasn't there so I stood on my
pile of school books and looked over it and saw that the booked was

"The Dude"

whats up shadowlands.  my name is Tony and i just sent an email stating a previous experience of mine, which reminded me of another.  i am loaded with stories.  this one is a bit more personal, as it involves my apartment.  i moved into the second floor of this building, not knowing why it is the only 2 decker on a street of 3 deckers.  there is a 3rd doorway on my floor that i thought was just a closet.  my landlord informed me it is the stairway leading to what used to be the 3rd floor.  a few years ago someone fell asleep with a lit cigarette, thus igniting the building.  only the 3rd floor burned, and killed the occupant.  when i first moved in, i noticed an overwhelming sense of dread in my kitchen.  being a paranormal buff i was ecstatic to learn i moved into a haunted place.  i spent a lot of time talking to it and making it feel comfortable that i was willing to except it.  since i have done so, the malevolent feeling is gone.  he is more or less a roommate, dubbed "The Dude".  he just makes his presence known.  my faucet turns on and off, the refrigerator door is always opening, the tv turns off, packs of cigarettes end up missing, things like that.  a while ago i ran into some money issues and was in peril of being evicted.  i worked it out and walked into my kitchen telling "The Dude" that i wasnt being evicted so he wouldnt have to worry about some new person moving in.  my statement was replied with a whispered "awesome".  my friend Clayton was sitting watching tv and someone was blowing on his ear, and just last night i was sitting at the computer and i looked into the living room and saw a big wisp of what looked like cigarette smoke.  all of my friends call me crazy because i speak to him like he is part of my crew.

The Old Woman


In my old house, before my mom and room mate and I moved in, and old man and his wife lived there He was out one day and the old woman had a heart attack and died, right there in the house. he called the emergency room when he got home, but it was too sometimes when youre in the house, you'll turn and see an old woman, in a house dress and bare feet, with short hair.. she'll disappear after a few seconds.  when I would have friends stay over at the house, and we watched movies, when we were done we would trun off everything in the living room, move stuff around, then go back to my room and wait. after about 15 minutes we would go back out into the living room and the tv would be on, the vcr going, and the movie playing.. the coffee table would be messed up, like some one was sitting at it; stuff like that..thing is, we DIDNT rewind the movie, we left it sitting in the Vcr slot but not  going, and we had moved the coffee table!  It was such an awesome experience, I'll never forget it!

The Rulers


my dad and my stpemother were wrapping our books for school, we needed to flatten out the bubbles in the wrapping wiht a ruler, never could we find rulers in our house, they were as rare as balck diamonds. then suddenly a small hidden cupboard that blends into the wall popped open, "don't tell me there is a uler in there" debbie asked my dad pulled out 2 and asked wich one she wanted. i think that the presence in our house is my great aunty who died of double pneunomia in 1996 i think it was, and i like to think of her as a helping ghost, i always feel presences in my bedroom and i get real scared but then i fell better thinking they help me

The Voice


Here is my story of a ghost that came for a whisper to a lond shout that could be heard next door! My mom and I were getting the table ready for dinner when we both heard a man's voice say very softly "That is wrong". I was so scared. But my mom calmed me down and we went back to putting the plates,forks,and knifes on the table. The next day was even worse. The whole family was sitting just minding their own bussness until we all heard "Stop it! You are hurting me" just as plain as the nose on your face. We went into the room that the sound was coming from and found it to be so cold ( This is in early August). The next day was the last day and the worst. My brother and I were playing Candy Land when I heard a loud yell as if someone had taken our house and kept shaking it! I was crying and my brother would not let go of me. My mom and dad told us all to get downstairs to try to run from whatever was in our house. It was cold all over and I crabbed all of my fuzziest blankets. Finally it stopped and we came unstairs to find everything in bits and pieces.-

 Haunted Church and Others


I work for a Senior Center located in a very old church. The church is
like a castle with many hidden places. One day while I was alone, late
afternoon, I was sitting at my computer and looked up to see a man
standing in front of me. I told him I would be "right with him in a
minute" and when I looked up from my computer again---he slowly vanished
right before my eyes.
I told this story to several seniors and co-workers, takers, so
to speak. Although everyone who really knows me is aware that I have an
affinity for ghosts and premonitons.
So, several days ago I was calling Bingo for a group of seniors. They
were playing for a "full card"---the entire cards must be covered with
bingo chips to win.
I excused myself to go get a cup of coffee from the kitchen. I was
absent for about 4 or 5 minutes.
I returned and began calling again--saying "I only have a few numbers
left to call....isn't anyone close to winning?" The whole group was in
disbelief. In my abence ----about 10 bingo balls had been placed on the
calling board. The caller's table and baord are up on a stage in clear
view. So if any person had climbed up on the stage to play a
prank---they would have been seen.
I seem to attract "prankster" spirits. Thankfully---

Many years ago (about 30 to be more exact) I lived in my family's old
Victorian homestead...built by my ancestors.
One afternoon I saw a tall man standing next to me in a navy blue
uniform with gold colored buttons on it. He was wearing a sort of
cap....but I could not see any features in his face. I heard him say, as
he reached out a large hand to MY face.."I just want to touch your
blonde hair"...then he vanished.
I was paralized in fear and could not move or speak. After he
disappeared---I found my voice again..and SCREAMED! My mother, who'd
been downstairs watching TV, came running upstairs. When I told her this
experience, she said that many of her ancestors had been Sea Captains
and that they would not hurt me if their ghosts were there.

When I was 15 I had a friend staying overnight. We were listening to the
new album from the Doors. We heard this painfully sorrowful crying above
the music and it continued as my rocking chair began rocking all by
itself a few feet away from us.
We turned off the record player (gee-remember THOSE?) and the rocking
and crying continued. So we called my parents who w ere downstairs and
asked the if there was someone crying on the TV. They yelled at us and
told us to "knock it off"...
Later, my mother told us that her great-great-grandmother had lost many
babies in the 1800's to childhood diseases. That was her rocking chair
and she rocked her babies to their death in it.

TV Experience, true story


When i was a little girl and in eigth grade, there was a big house across the street from mine. People were costantly moving from this house. Well a family moved into it, and had a daughter my age, i went to her house to stay the night one evening because her family went out. We was watching Dimention 6 together, and all of a suden the TV went off. Then the rocking chair by the fireplace started rocking by itself, rocking really hard. Then the TV came back on and all that was on was a picture of Satan, or a demon. The scariest thing i have ever seen. We tried to change the channel, and the picture was on every station, same picture and everything. The family moved and a week later, the house burnt down

Walking Down The Street


This story takes place in Ontario Canada...I was
walking down the street on the oppisite side of the
street of a cemetery with a chuch that my
uncle,aunt,mother,father,brother and his wife were
married was dark out on one lane each way
street but the street lights were on and i could see
everything clearly that night..the grave stones
everything.well when i was walking i saw a dark figure
that i couln't see threw on the side of the street of
the cemetery it was by a tree and as soon as i saw it
it jumped behind the tree it did that as soon as i saw
it like to jump me when i walked by that was the
feeling i got from it even though i was on the
oppisite side of the street..i just turned around and
walked the other way.....away form what ever it
was.....the figures out line was that of a humans body
and it was definitely not of the before
death anyways......

My Great Grandfather


I have been reading true ghost stories on the Net and I now feel it's only
fair that I post one of my own.
Here goes.....................
On the night before my fourth birthday I was very excited (as most children
are before Birthdays or Christmas!) I think my Mum, June tried to put me to
bed at least three times but I kept getting up to see if it was my Birthday
I had a Bagpuss alarm clock at the side of my bed and I remember waking up,
looking at the clock and seeing that it was just after 5am.
I looked over to the other side of my bed and saw the shape of a man. I say
shape because that is the only way I can describe it. It was like the
outline of a man. It was dark and I remember thinking that it was my Dad
just making sure that I was still in bed.
I didn't feel scared at all.
I lay back down in bed and as I closed my eyes I became aware of the
'outline' moving. It felt like it came to stand beside my bed to just look
at me. Again I must state that I felt no fear at all even after realising
that it was not my Dad. The 'outline' felt comfortable if that makes any
I felt what I imagined to be a warm hand on my head and I heard a voice in
my head say "Now Summer, get yourself to sleep and I'll see you on your
Birthday". I say I heard this in my head because I did not hear the voice
through my ears, It just went straight into my head.
I got out of my bed and went up the stairs to tell my Mum about the man that
was in my room. At first she thought that I had just had a nightmare so she
took me back downstairs to put me back to bed.
When I was in bed I told her about the voice I had heard in my head. She
started to cry.
She told me that her Grandfather used to call her Summer because she was
born on the day after Summer Solstice (hence she was called June). Her
Grandfather had died in a car accident on the morning of her fourth Birthday
on his way over to see her. He doted on her because she was his only
Thanks for taking the time to read this. To this day, twenty-two years on my
Mum still talks about the night that my Great Grandfather came to wish me a
Happy Birthday.

Firm Believer


I've been reviewing your website for a few hours now, and not until I started reading others stories, did I feel compelled to share mine.  Even though I am a firm believer in ghosts, I am also skeptical.  I always question my story when I share it with others, however with the first two, I can't exactly put an explination to them.
About two years ago, my grandmother passed away.  We never had the best of relationships.  I remember hearing a story of her talking to one of her friends who was going to visit her grandchildren, and my grandmother questioned why she would want to use her time in that way.  So, I am not surprised that she doesn't come to visit my brother, sister or myself.  However, I do believe she was there one day.
I had just recently moved into a basement suite by myself, and this was after a breakup with a very serious boyfriend.  I was feeling sad, and alone, and lying in bed.  The whole suite was dark, no windows were open, and it was in the summer.  I always kept the door to my bedroom open.  I was laying with my hands on my stomach, and suddenly, I felt a gust of cold wind come through the door, and someone holding my hand.  It scared me.  I remember breathing funny, and then it went away.  I sat up in bed, and looked to my window, but it is across the room from the door, and there would be no way the gust of cold wind could come from that direction.
The next time, I was alone again, and was cooking dinner for myself.  The refridgerator was next to the oven, where I was standing, and the fridge just started to shake, like there was two people on each side of it pushing.  I jumped back startled, and went to the fridge doors, and flew them open, and nothing was moved inside.  It was all where I had left it, like the fridge hadn't been moved at all.
The last experience I had, is the one I question the most.  I was coming home, and had my sister with me.  About a few days to a week prior, my hair dryer had stopped working.  I had left it plugged into the wall, but it was in the off position.  I had been meaning to throw it away, but just hadn't yet.  As we walked through the front door, I could hear a noise.  We both agreed that it was my landlords vaccuming, however I wasn't convinced.  We sat down to eat dinner in the living room (the farthest room away from the bathroom) and I could still hear it.  I got up, and went looking for the source, and when I walked into the bathroom, the hair dryer was on, and set to low, a setting I never use.  It was slowly heating up the rubber duck that was sitting next to it, and I'm thankful there was no tissues, or hand towels on the marble counter because it was hot to the touch.  I turned off the hair dryer, called my sister, and told her.  My landlords called me shortly after, asking what that noise was, and thanked me for locating it.  They said that it had been coming from my suite for a few hours, and that they could never pin point where exactly it was coming from.  My hair dryer has been working fine ever since.
I have grown up in a family of believers.  My mother had grown up in a home where an old man used to live in the closet and read books.  He would never show his face, and was fond of my aunt.  My aunt says that if I was to go to the now apartments, he would be good to me too, and take a liking to me, because we both can sense things, and she knew this from the second I was born.
I have experienced other things as well, such as knowing when my uncles father had passed on, when he lived quite a distance from us, and I was away from a phone the whole day, and didn't hear about the death until about 30 minute after I returned home.
I thank you for your website, and for your time in reading this e-mail.  I have passed the link onto a co-worker who has shared some extremely chilling experiences with me.


The Figure


Hey i am 14 years old my name is Sophia and i would like to share a story about when i saw a ghost. I was eight years old. one night i couldn't fall asleep. It was a quiet night, with no wind so i was alarmed when the door to my room suddenly flew open. it wasnt the kind of force the wind or a draft would fact, the door was flung open so fast it hit against the wal and bounced back and forth a few times. when the door finally stopped, i saw a white, tall figure standing in the doorway. i stared at it for about thirty seconds before i hid under the covers.  after that i loked up and it went away. a couple of months later i saw the same figure leaning against the stairs loking at me. for years afterward, i was scared of my own room so u can imagine the relief it brought when we moved!

Lacl a Biche ghost


Ok, I went to Lac La Biche 2 years ago with with my grade 5 class to study the history there. We went to the old settlement there, where people got feelings of hauntings. After lunch we were allowed to wander around. About 7 of us thought it would be funny to go over to the "haunted" house. We were all really scared, but my pal moses got dared to go up to it and knock on the door. He knocked, and took off like lightning. I got a picture right after he knocked and If you look on the 2nd floor you can see a white body with hands on it's hips and it's wearing an old preist outfit. I  was freaking scared beacause No tour guides were in the house, it was locked, and and you can see a cross on the outfit! I don't have a scanner but I will try to send it! My name is steph I am 12 and live in Edmonton, Alberta and I swear Im a ghost magnet!

The Indians were still there


Bug-eyed and scared-stiff, she watched the squaw walk straight down the main hallway,
turn right, step through the solid wall and dissapear. After regaining her composure
somewhat, the office employee then cleaned out her desk and took an early leave of
absence - a permanent one.
That's just one of the many ghostly incidents I was informed of by my new co-workers
soon after starting my job at the southern California clothing outlet. Their stories also
included phantom footsteps and mysterious rappings.
But my own experiences with the paranormal in and around that place were still to
come. And they would top any and all of the others.
To begin with, constructing buildings on top of old Indian burial grounds, as you might
expect, is never a good idea. My new place of employment, however, just happened to
be in one such building.
My first of four separate incidents occurred in the store's warehouse section. At
approximately 10 P.M. I was walking across the loading dock when I heard what
appeared to be someone's knuckles rapping on one of the metal roll-up delivery doors.
Although we didn't have late night deliveries, I assumed it was and that the driver was
announcing his or her arrival. Upon opening the door I saw that no one was outside.
No truck, no driver, just the cool night air and the deserted dock. I shrugged it off
and put it out of my mind.
Sitting at my desk later that week, my train of thought was suddenly interrupted by
the "ping-ping-ping" sound that would be made if you were to strike something on
the metal railing of the cement steps just outside the door.
After a minute or so of this racket I went to investigate. As I approached the door
the noise stopped. Just as before, I saw no one.
My third experience took place just before dawn one morning after propping a door
open with a heavy piece of metal. As I stepped outside for some fresh air the door
slammed shut behind me with incredible force locking me out.
Fortunately, I was able to let myself back in through another entrance. The other
employees wouldn't arrive until 7 A.M.
I had been alone in the building.
Not long before my departure to a better paying job, I was walking outside near the
loading dock area one morning when completely without warning the hoofbeats of
an approaching horse along with Indian war-whoops broke the dead silence.
I saw nothing at all, not even a shadow. But I heard it, plain as day, clear as a bell.
It only lasted for a few seconds, but like my earlier experiences, it was enough to
convince me that the Indians were still there.

Did You Know?


it was around 2:30 AM. On Decemeber 5th when me and my wife had a long hard day of moveing this was our first day in are own home, i had put the beds up first so when we got tiered we could at least sleep in a bed ,
Sarah ( my wife ) had gone to bed around 12:30 she had worked hard and was so tiered. our 1 year old boy had been in bed and fast asleep seince 8 or so.
I satyed up working so when my wife got up most of the big stuff would be in place and she wouldnt have to work so hard.
I didnt notice the time but when i seen it was going on 3 i had to get some sleep i had work mysekf inabout 3 hours.
I started turnning off the lights around the house and makeing my way back to our bedroom i stoped to look into my sons room.
the only light now on was the hall light where i was satnding looking in on my son.
his door was open and i could see he was breathing alright and he was safe and coverd.
the house was quite when i heard someone walking up behind me than stop right behind me since it was only was three in the house i thought it was my wife so i didnt think to even look back becouse i thought she was going to try to scare me but after a few seconds i thought it was strange that she had done so the hair on my neck stood up i turnd as fast as i could there was no one there i was sure i heard the foot steps i walked across the hall to our bedroom my wife was out cold eyes rolled all up in her head and everything
i never told my wife about this the next day i just thought i was tierd and needed some rest.
the next night again we had been up late and i had been asleep for i guess what might have been 2 hours when my wife shook mee awake and in a sleepy voice told me that the baby was on my side of the bed and for me to get him and put him in bed with us,
still trying to focus my eyes in the dark i sat up in bed on one elbow and looked where my son should have been there was no one
i told my wife he's not here she said yes he is i just heard his footsteps come into the room and they walked up to your side of the bed now look again because i know his there !
i looked there was no one there i told my wife again and she started getting angry thinking i was just saying that because i didnt want to get the baby any ways she got out of bed and walked across the floor to turn on the lights the whole time saying she knew what she heard and she heard footsteeps walk up to my side of the bed and it has to be the baby ?
the light went on and the room was empty no one else in the room but me and my wife she ran to his room thinking it must have been him but it wasnt he was sound aleep in his bed.
for our new house i got a new stove my wife wanted to try it out so she got a roast and had just put it in the oven when she came back into the living room where i was when we heard  something explode i thought we had a gas explosion but the whole house would of went up we ran into the kitchen and there was broken glass everywhere it looked like car glass my wife looked at her brand new stove and the oven glass had blew out all over the kitchen when the guy came out to fix it he told me he had never heard of any stove ever doing that before the was no reason for it ?
the next thing that had happen was that the bread that my wife had just put up on the refrigerator in the kitchen we were both cutting stuff up for dinner and had are backs turned when the bread some how flew off the freg opened it self and fell to the center of the kitchen floor my wife always ties the bread in a tight knot how it untied is beyond me?
than a few nights later i woke up again i was hot sweat was running down my forehead around the hair line i kicked the blankets off and sat up i had to get a drink of water this is strange for me i never get up at night after i pass out im out but i walked to the freg i needed a drink bad i didnt care what was in there i needed a drink
when i got back to bed that when i noticed how cold it was it must have been around 40 degrees in that room it was December so i just got back into bed i was just about to put my head down and try to get back to sleep when my wife who had been laying with her head facing the other way rose her head and looked me dead in the eyes with this look on her face the tripped me out because it wasn't her id didn't look like her at all it was as if someone else was laying in that bed with me than in a voice that wasn't hers it was deeper like a raspy guys voice she said did you know i was the devil!
than slowly she closed her eyes and went back to laying just like she was when i came in it was hard to get back to sleep but i told my self i know i love God and he is on my side even if i haven't been to church in years and if you are the devil God will slap the hell out ya !
well i didn't mean to bore you with this its been only three weeks here in our new home got some good picks of orbs and lights here also me and my wife both like ghost hunting and where pretty lucky .
i hope to have more soon and i hope to let you all know whats going on thanks if anyone wants to e-mail me please do


Ghost(s) experience


Once, on a 6th grade field trip to a place called Nature's Classroom, up in the Adirondacks.. Half of the girls had to stay in practically the oldest building there was there. I think it was the first or second night there... I was laying in this cruddy bed, looking around because I wasn't anywhere near being sleepy.. And suddenly I spotted these two skeleton figures. One was sitting in the chair just opposite me, by the window. The other was sitting on the edge of my friend's bed. They were pulling this red and white striped cloth back and forth, looked at me, and then grinned with these purple glowing eyes and mouths. Next, I spotted, just perched on top of the pipe above my bed... What appeared to be as a demon-like creature. I only saw the back end of it, it was small, and almost looked bat-like. It's tail was like the devil's, long and thin, with a point at the end. If it moved at all, I think it was the swishing of its tail. The next thing I saw, was I guess a spirit sent to protect us by my friend's aunt. It looked like the Grim Reaper, though without the reaper. It was floating above the tub in the bathroom, which was right across from me. Needless to say, I finally fell asleep, wide-eyed, shocked to death, and sitting up still in that crummy bed.
...Turns out, I'm not the only one who saw/heard things that night.

The Shadow

On Friday Dec.19th my mother spent the night at my apartment. In the morning she told me she felt a presence and saw what appeared to be a shadow by my front door. She said she saw this thing twice.
Well my mother and I have felt and seen things for years so as usual I made nothing of it.
Then two days later I was sitting in my living room looking at a movie at about 10pm when a very black shadow the size of an adult head stuck its head out of my dining room window. Now my apartment is pretty small so I didnt have to turn my head. I just glanced at it and it jumped back behind the curtain causing it to move. I dont like black shadow people! and yes I have read the article "Black or Dark Apparitions"  by Dave Juliano.
In my thirty years of life and in the many places I have lived I have been beat up visited or left alone yet allowed to see and witness ghost or whatever they were. But the only one that scared me was the one that jumped on me in 1994.
Around the time of the Northridge Earthquake I was healing up from a head on collision I got forced into by some other driver. So I was pretty much bed ridden for a couple of months.
Well one day a Shadow Man stuck half its body into my bedroom window. It looked down at me with some wicked smile and then up to the door to see if anybody was coming and then back at me.
He suddenly pushed himself in and on top of me. (And I was not on any heavy medication!) Well this thing then sat on my stomach and held me down with its left hand. I just laid there confused thinking "I never knew these things could do something so physical!"
At this point the thing with the most wicked smile began to slap me really hard and really fast and he continually looked behind him toward the door to see if anybody was coming.
Well my mother must have heard or felt something cause about 10 to 20 seconds into this slapping this thing jumped off me and out the window. It stood there a few seconds until my mother and step-father ran into my room. My mom jumped on top of me screaming for the thing to leave.
Freaked out of my mind I asked how she knew and she said she could feel something demonic was attacking me.
Well this was only two of my stories. Im glad I can come here and lay my story down because most people I know would consider me crazy for what Ive seen.  There was also the time 3 to 5 ghost came to me and beat me pretty bad....all I got was a swollen face but my goodness.....

A Few Stories in Canada


Hello my name is Sean and I am only 10 years old and I have a few stories to
tell ok.Every day almost everyday I look at the time and it's :11 like 6:11
OR 7:11 u know it's strange and another one is sometimes I get a cold spot
when I go to the Laundry room and one time I was one the computer in fact I
was on your awesome website and I heard somebody whisper Hi Sean and I was
home alone it was scary and one more once I was walking through my schools
park one day and I felt someone kick me and I turned to see a Skeletal Image
of Looked like a 8 year old boy as a skeleton sort of but the next day I
told my friends and one of them Michael said he had a similar experience I
hope u enjoyed my story it bye oh and SWEET COOL GREAT AWESOME WEBSITE I
love it bye.


I've always been able to communicate with spirits, speak to them, see them, hear them.  Etc.  It's a gift my mother was told I'd always have.  I've sent in a few stories,I love the site, but as I am trying to read all of them, have yet to get to any of mine.  This is my newest experience.
A few years ago when I was 17, I am now 19.  I would fill in for a teacher at the local dance school.  Not everyone agreed due to my age, especially the older students.  I guess they didn't like the fact of having to learn from someone younger than them.  But, I kept going, no matter what was said about me.  I was friends with most of the girls and we would hang out together and just do teenage things.  There was one girl that I became close with, named Andrea.  We had a lot in common, the same dreams, the same goals.  Everything in our friendship was great.  We were both at the top of our class, special honors mentioned, special awards, we won all of our competitions.
A few months after meeting Andrea, she was in a car accident where the other driver had been drinking and fell asleep at the wheel, she was thrown out of her seat belt and through the windshield of the car.  I of course, was very upset and decided to do a solo memorandum dance in her honor.  I danced my heart out to *I Will Remember You* by Sarah McLauchlin.  I remember balling my eyes out the entire time I was onstage.  But, none the less had to finish my dance, so she could be happy, even though, I knew she was right there onstage with me.  For the past year and half, I always thought that her spirit was at rest, but I guess I was wrong.  Just the other night, she decided to visit me while I was dancing in my room.  I no longer take the classes and I dance at home in my room late at night when my fiance is at work.
I remember having my light off as I always do and turning on the version of *All That Jazz* Catherine Zeta-Jones does in Chicago...remarkable I may add, and I felt a warmth around the room all of a sudden and a slight bit of weight on my shoulder.  I thought in my mind who it could be, but when I felt the sudden urge to dance, I knew it had to be Andrea, no one else would ever give me such a beckon to dance.  So, as I began to dance, I could feel her dance with me.  I just hope her soul can rest easy now.  And, hopefully she'll come back to dance with me every so often.

Trailer Park Ghost


The year was 1968.I was in the Air Force stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base in Jacksonville,Ark.Amongst our group of friends was a guy named Ben,who lived off base with his wife Terri in a rented mobile home.Larry,another of our friends was leaving soon,so Ben invited him to spend his last week staying in his spare bedroom.After Larry left it was my turn to leave.Ben invited me to spend my last days staying at his mobile home.One night I woke to see a woman standing in the door.It wasn't Terri,Ben's wife.I just laid there,a little scared,and confused about this figure.Slowly she just faded into the dark.That in itself was strange enough,but whenI told Ben the next morning what I had seen ,he justed stared for a minute,then ran and woke his wife.As I related to her what had happened,they both just gaped.It seems when Larry had stayed in the spare bedroom,he told them the same thing happened to him.Haunted mobile home???

The Lights


This isn't incredibely scary, but kind of interesting. Three years ago we moved to a very rural area in southwestern Missouri. As the realtor showed us around, she told us how a man was in the back field farming on an extremely hot day, and died of heat stroke and wasn't found for a few days. Not long after that, my father went scouting for good places to hunt deer at, and me and my brother followed out of boredom. We were sitting on the pond bank in the semi-darkness. I was trying to do my homework in the dim light, and looked up to see two bright lights coming at us through the woods. They were the right distance apart to look like a car coming at us, but there was no sound, and a car could not get through the trees. They went off, and no one was there. We were both quiet, listening for foot steps. It was deer season, and trsspassers were not uncommon, but we neither heard nor saw no one. I looked at my brother, not sure if he had seen it too. He was the first to ask me if I had seen the lights. We got up immediately and went looking for my dad, who we found a long way away from where we saw the lights. The rest of the time we were in the woods, I kept feeling like someone was watching me. I frequently take walks in the dark around our place, but unfortunately have not seen anything since

Private Residence


In  AL is an old house that has been refurbished. There is a face in the smallest bedroom in this house. We have wallpapered and paneled to try to get rid of this face, but so far it stays. It is a very protective face. It is a mans' face. It is a very old haunting. It got mad at me one time. I do not feel comfortable in my parents' house. If I have to go back to that room, it is ice cold always and I had my teen years in that room. Scary

Lincoln Street Hauntings


When I was younger my older brother, mother and I shared a house with my mother's best friend & her son. We live in a little town called Gloversville, NY.    This house was a very large house with all of our kids bedrooms upstairs.  My mother & her friends bedrooms were downstairs.
From the time we moved in I did not like the house.  It was just a feeling that I would get and I hated being upstairs alone.    There were a total of 3 bedrooms upstairs, a closet & one very large storage room that also led up to the attic.
I would always hear strange noises at night, mostly from the attic.  When I told my mom she said it was probably squirrels.  I'm thinking "not".  The sounds were more like someone moving furniture & walking around.  I wasn't a stupid kid & knew the difference.
For awhile we had Mickey living with us.  She was the older daughter of my mom's friend.  She was really cool & I was glad to not be the only "girl" in the house for awhile.  During this time I shared a bedroom with my brother, however, Mickey would often let me come to her room & we'd have slumber parties.
That particular bedroom was the worst room in the house as far as eerie & scary feelings.  There was a fairly large closet in that room that had no door.  At night if I rolled over & looked at that closet door I would always see a creepy evil looking face sneering back at me.  It didn't matter if there were other people around & the lights were on or not.  To a 10 year old it scared my half to death.  To this day (and I'm 36 now) I can not sleep in a room that has no closet door & every night I make sure not only my closet door is shut tight but that my daughters is as well.  My boyfriend thinks I'm a bit of a freak about it but I don't care.
There would also be tapping outside that bedroom window.  Almost as if a tree was scraping against that side of the house.  However, that was in the front of the house & faced the street.  There wasn't any trees in the front of the house either.
We moved out a year or so later & I was ecstatic about getting out of there.  I often have to drive over in that neighborhood & as an adult still get the feeling that something is just not right with that house.  I don't know if the people that live there now have had any experiences & I certainly have no intentions of stopping by there to find out.
One thing I did find out some years later was that a man had hung himself outside of that bedroom window.  I'm not sure if it's true or not & have never done any research on the home.   Maybe I should.....or not.
This is just a couple of the stories about this house.   It was very frightening.
I do have a couple about the house we live in now, however, this is a good spirit & someday I'll write them down too.
Thanks for listening & I hope you post this on your website for others to read.

My Son's Sighting

By: A True Believer

I have been a believer in spirits since I was young, although I never has seen one before.  I have had the experience of  being wakened up on night when I was around 12 with someone pulling the covers around me as if they were tucking me in.  I believe it was my Grandma.  This is were my son comes in, he has seen her.  When he was around the age of 4 he asked me one morning why his Auntie Alice was in his room.  Auntie Alice lived in Texas and we are in Ontario, Canada, and she was still alive.  She had visited us many times however, and my son knew who she was.  What the strange thing is, she resembled my Grandma.  They both were short and stout and had grey short curly hair.  We obviously know it wasn't Auntie.  We all believe it was my Grandma.  My son's room was the only room in the house or in any place that I have ever livedthat I had the feeling that someone was in the room with me.  Other relatives have also said this about the same room

Haunted House


      it all happened when i was at my stepdads grandmas house. i was there with my grandma and step aunt. my mom had gone back to our house to get my swimming suit so it was just us three left . i felt safe at first but then again something didnt feel right about the house. we had been house sitting fer my stepdads grandma and we werethe only ones there and all of us were outside by the pool. i was swimming and i lifted my head from the water and looked at the front yard . i saw two figures of people , they looked like a mother and a daugher holding hads and they didnt look bad at all , i can still remember every feature  of them. they both had long curly red hair and their outfits matched. they smiled at me and then at eachother then back at me . i didnt think anything of it at first , so i just dunked my head under the water and back up to get a better look at them but they were gone when i came back up . i had only had my head under the water for less than a second . i couldent belive what i had just saw. i asked the others if it was just me or had they seen the two people in the yard. none of them had seeen a thing.just then my experience must have started a chain reaction , because right after they told me they hadnt seen any thing my grandma said she had just heard the  large dinner bell at the side of the house  ringing. we went to go check it out but there was no way the bell could have rung because it was rusted stiff and we tried pushing it to see if the wind had lown it but  all together we couldent move it then we noticed something that made it even more impossible , the stick thing  that you needed to ring the bell was tied tightly to the side of the bell with a large heavy rope that was connected to it. i was getting freaked out cause after we checked out the bell my step aunt tina said she had heard people talking inside the house but e were the only people at teh house and we were all outside  we went in the house and found no sine of anyone in the houseit was compleatly silent. we got out of there as fast as we could . i have never gone to that house ever again.



Hi my name is gemma and i am a carer in a mental health residential home. I have been working there for 1 year and 3 months and before it opned as a mental health home it used to be and old peoples home. And there is one corridor and the nurses office which i think has a sprit in. Many people have asked me if i thought the corridor was haunted and my answer was "yes" because on a day i was at work i was walking down that same corridor and i constantly felt someone tap me on the shoulder and i knew that there was'nt anyone there because i was on my own. The same has happned to a few of my worf coleuges and they allways happen down the corridor or near the nurses office. A few people have gone upstairs to sleep on a sleep in and heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I know sprits or ghosts cant hurt you but its weird how they seem to hang around one place.

Fire Station Ghost


i have been a explorer with a ambulance compony in colorado for about 2 years now, there  are many ghost stories i could tell but ill just say a few. In one of the districts we cover we have the quarters in the old fire stations in the area. in one of the stations roams the spirt of a old fireman or fire chief. the basic sounds of walking, talking in the bay, and the occassional door closeing are all present. one time i was watcdhing TV in the liveing area and i started hearing talking comeing from behind the ladder truck, when i went to investagate there was nothing there. Another time i was refilling the oxygen bottles after we had ran a call (note the station i am refering to is the restock station for the ambulances in the area) the unit at that station just left on a call and my crew was outside in our unit cleaning some things off. I had just finished refilling the bottle when i heard a man call out my name, i turned around and saw a shadow run behind the ladder truck, upon investagation there was no one there.

East Los Angeles


I have to say that 4th St. Elem. is in deed haunted. I have lived within a
one mile radius of the school my entire life and have been told countless
times by diffrent people that the restroom that is on your web site has
some scary crap going on inside. I went to 4th St. from 1988-1994 (K-5th
grade) and that restroom was only open 2 times that I know of. I went in
one time and had the ugliest feeling in the world. I ran out because I was
scared to turn around. Peers have told me that they too get a sick gut
feeling in that restroom. I personally have seen what looks like someone
walking in the restroom only to grab the knob and the door be locked. This
is in broad daylight. In the later evening hours the restroom windows get
illumenated by the setting sun and red shines under the door. Even when the
sun turns everything orange. I used to think that I had all this in my
head, but once I read about it on your site I knew that it was true. My
younger brother is going to that school currently and his peers speak of
the haunted restroom. And no one goes into it at all now.

A House


A house Kerrville, Texas, is reputed to be haunted. A young blind girl once lived there, but died on the front steps after being assaulted, sometime in the 1940's. The family that moved in afterwards claimed that her hand prints were still on the inside walls of the house, and that the shadow of a hanging man was seen in the garage (a suicide took place there). There are feelings of being watched, a sense of dread, and the sound of the front door opening while footsteps run down the hallway.

Shadowy figure


I am sending another story that happened just recently.
Now the problem is I don't know under which category this story would fall under, but--here goes:
Just this past summer I had a very scarey experience (at least it was to me).  I was in bed late one night and I had awaken just long enough to turn over onto my right side.  I was adjusting the pillow when I happen to glance at the retangular-shaped, orange light that the outside swimming pool light casts into my room (I had also just glanced at the time, it was 2:58am).  There, within the left-side of this light was a shadow.  The shadow was of a "person's" bust but this bust was disproportionately thin.  As I stared at it, it moved slowly to the left and out of sight.  I jumped up out of bed and at the same moment, had a very, very, VERY, strong feeling like someone was in the room with me.  I gathered my strength and walked out of my room (determined not to let this get to me, I am a 45-year-old woman, ok?), to give the apartment the once-over, checking to see if anything was out of place, so to speak.  As I walked back into my room, I saw, through the window blinds, a yellow light dancing in front of my window.  It was there for only a few seconds then shot immediately to the right.
I have always had 'encounters' throughout my growing-up years and I feel this encounter was just another in a long line of them.  I guess that is why I now feel the need to remain calm, but each one is still scarey just the same!




Plantation house

hello, i am  15 yrs  old and  from the Southern part of the U.S. My parents got married and moved to a plantation house in the middle of the countrybefore they had me. The house was in a town b/w both of their jobs. They rented this old plantation house out but it was very strange because the 2nd story of the plantation house was closed off. Anyways my parents had a few friends over one night eating supper, my mother was using the restroom when suddenly she looks out the window and sees a face. My mother i guess could u say is a ba++ss and is not scared of hardly anything but she freaked out and ran out of the bathroom! So my dad and his buds go outside and look for someone but cant find a thing. But the thing is like most plantation houses they r built up, so someone would have to be on a ladder or could possibly be in the tree close to the window and would not have time to run and my dad or anyone miss them. So my dad goes to work the next day and tells his co workers about the incident, come to find out the horse trainer of the farm way back when had a heart attack and died at the tree by the bathroom.....Kinda freaky ehhh!!! My parentals also would tell me stories about how they would put the  fireplace stopper(used to keep the cold air from getting in)in the fireplace before they went to sleep and when they would awake it would be on the other side of the room, they also said they couches and table would move all the time! So my parentals got the HELL OUT of there lol!
I myself have only(thought 2 have)had one experience. I was 12 years old and my close cousin was in a very bad car accident, he was in a hit and run with and 18 wheeler. He was kept in the hospital for about a week, still thinking he would come to. My family didnt want to give up on him, he had been on his death bed many times before but always pulled through. Anyways i was a week with out my parentals, and a week with babysitters. My parents failed to tell me my cousin had passed until my babysitter let it slipped that they wouldnt be at the hospital b/c he died. That night after i found out my cousin died i was pretty restless, i would close my eyes but couldnt go 2 bed, i opened my eyes and i swore i saw my cousin just standing there with his rocker look(he always dreamed of being a rocker on mtv, he was in the big hair band era). I have failed to tell anyone this, mainly because i dont want 2 upset anyone, but everytime i see those homemade videos with my cousin in there i just get the chills. So i dunno if it what kind of state i was in but i know he was there with me.
Please fill free to email me  your stories or questions about mine.......Thnx

 No One There


I am a believer in ghosts but, with one exception, have never had an unusual experience. (I know how cliche this a girl was killed on my senior prom night of 1987. She and her boyfriend were driving around a bend in the road and a car coming from the opposite direction came across into their lane and hit them head on. She was killed instantly. This I think can be verified. I went to high school at Widefield High school in Security Colorado. Security is a small town maybe 10 miles outside of Colorado Springs. Anyway, the prom theme was "Tender Love." It was also a song that was out that year. A month or so after this happened I was at home in our rec room which was an addition on the back of the house, watching MTV and the video for the song came on. Our house was a typical one story ranch style. The old kitchen had been turned into the dining room but still had the window opening so I had a clear view of the front door. Suddenly I heard the doorbell ring. I naturally got up and looked through that window as I was going to the door. I didn't see anyone there nor did I see anyone running away. I went to the door anyway thinking that maybe they were standing close to the door and I just couldn't see them through the front window at first glance. When I finally got there, there was no one there! Furthermore, I went outside to look around to see if maybe it was one of my friends or one of the kids in the neighborhood playing a prank and didn't see anyone. This happened in the afternoon, daylight. The strange thing was this; the "latch" on our gate was broken so we secured the gate closed with a piece of wire that went over the top posts of the gate and the fence itself. It was a typical chain link fence with a typical gate except for the latch being broken. The coat hanger was still on the top of the gate. If someone had rung the bell and ran away they would have had to lift that wire/coat hanger piece up and put it back on in maybe 20 seconds AND run someplace that I couldn't see i.e; the side of the house or something. That is the only thing that ever happened to me personally.
I've been to cemeteries many times and I even went to Gettysburg a few years ago and took pictures. Nothing showed up much to my dismay. For a believer like me it was One of the most haunted places in America and I couldn't get a ghost on film! That still makes me nuts. I've looked through the pictures quite a few times hoping that I would "see" something in one of them but I never do. Besides, if you look long enough at a picture you can trick your mind into seeing things that are really not there.
I realize that it's a possibility that someone may have rung the doorbell and ran away but I don't see how they had enough time to run completely out of site. So, that is my story. I know it's not much but it's still creepy. That's all that's ever happened to me. Thanks for your time,

Care Facility


About 14 years ago, I used to work the second shift at the Wheatridge Regional Center, the state home for the developmentally disabled, in Colorado.  The facility was going through a downsizing of it's residents by moving them out of the facility and into the community, with hopes of eventually closing the entire facility down.
I worked in a building that contained 4 different areas or halls, that housed residents.  As time went on, these halls began closing down one by one, as the residents were moved to different areas of the state home, or to different facilities.
I worked in one of the last halls remaining open in that building, and whenever another hall would be closed, our supervisor would send us over to the newly closed hall, in order to bring over any left over items, such as furniture, for use in our area.  We (the employees) would always hate it when we were chosen to do these tasks, and would refuse to do them alone, we insisted that another employee be appointed go with us and for good reason.
Whenever you went into one of the abandoned living areas of the state home, you would hear and feel the strangest things. You would always feel like someone was watching, and/or following you as you walked through the area.  There were noises that could not be explained, such as footsteps or doors being heard as they opened and closed, the occasional sound of rattling keys, and you could even hear the faint sound of voices sometimes, but usually no one had enough courage to stay in the area long enough to listen to them.  You knew that the person chosen to accompany you on these trips to the abandoned halls, wasn't responsible for the sounds, because you were always sure to remain close together while you were there, and you knew that it couldn't be another employee playing tricks on you because they were all busy working in another area of the building at the time.  Some people even claimed to have felt someone put a hand on their shoulder, or hear the sound of someone breathing in their ear, while they were in certain areas of the building by themselves.
I can assure you that there was very little left over items brought back to the active residential halls in a single trip, from these newly emptied residential halls, since we would normally just grab up one item from the area and then run back to our work area as fast as we could, then refuse to go back for anything more.
There were also some very old buildings left standing on the lower end of the state home campus, that had been out of use for several years.  There was one building in particular that had a set of curtains hanging in a second floor window, sometimes you would notice the curtains being wide open, then other times you would pass by and notice the curtains being pulled tightly closed.  It became a game of sorts for me and some of my coworkers to drive past the building and note the position of the curtains each day.

Haunted In Bastrop


i have a little experience that you might be interested in... i live in bastrop texas in a place called oak grove day i came home and there was powdered footprints on my floor.i can be gone to the store and my neighbor would hear the radio in my apt.come on and go up real loud.there has been several deaths at the oaks and i believe the souls are still night my neighbor reported seeing my daughter walking out of my apt,she walked right passed several people,and when they called her name she never answered them.a few minutes later i walked out of my house and they said my daughter just went by and i told them that she was in the house we ran down to the end of the apts to see where the girl went and she had vanished.we also hear footsteps and tapping on walls.

A TRUE Story About A House I Used To Live In

When I was younger, I lived in a house that everyone knew was haunted. There were very strange and paranormal things that had happened to support this theory.
The ones I can remember were the most scariest of all the things that happened. Here they are:
This is an experience I will never forget! Anyway, there was a phone in the basement and in the upstairs of my old house. Well, one night, I was home alone and I was talking to my friend on the phone. I was in my room (Which was in the basement at the time). And while I was talking to my friend, I heard someone pick up the phone upstairs. I was sure that no one in my family was home, but I had to go up to check just to make sure. As I knew, they weren't home. And so I went back to talking to my friend. Pretty soon, I heard it again. So I asked my friend if she had heard what I had just heard. She said "No." Then I asked her if anyone was home at her house. And again, she said "No." At this point, I was getting scared. I never thought at the time that my house was haunted, so I thought that maybe someone had broken in. I told my friend that I had to go, and that I would call her back the next day. As soon as we hung up, I went upstairs to see what was going on. I went straight to the phone that was up there. I was terrified to see that the phone was off of the receiver, when NO ONE was even home! My heart started to beat really fast. I was just about to call the police when finally, my parents got home. I was relieved! But still to this day, I wonder who it was that picked up the phone that was upstairs.............
One night, I was watching a movie with my mom and sister on out hide-a-bed. We were watching the horror movie "Jeepers Creepers." Well, anyway, we were just watching the movie, when all of a sudden, we heard a switch turn on and off in the basement. If it wasn't for the switch sticking, we probably woundn't have heard it. At this time, we KNEW it was a ghost.............
Well, luckily, we have moved into a knew "un-haunted" house. LOL! But still, I will never forget what had happened!!!


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