Threatning Ghost

It all started on Thanksgiving week. Me and my family drove to Las Vegas because we were spending Thanksgiving with some relatives. They live in a two bedroom apartment but there's just something about it that seems a little wierd. Everytime I enter the apartment it's warm and welcome but when I enter my cousin's room it's very cold and
it just gives me the creeps. Everytime we spent the night there I would always sleep in
the living room because I just didn't feel comfortable sleeping in that room. (The other room my parents slept.) But this time my aunt was trying to be nice so she made me
and my two sisters sleep in there just to be polite. She told us not to worry because she
said she was tired of us sleeping in the living room everytime we visited. So anyway I layed on the bed very uncomfortable. It was a very hot night so I threw the covers off and
tried to go to sleep. It must have been an hour later when I heard something dragging on
the floor. Like if someone was dragging their feet. It was really soft but got louder and it
got closer to the bed. I kept my eyes wide open looking in every direction yet I couldn't
see where the noise was coming from. I looked at my sisters but they were sound asleep. The dragging had stopped so I tried to go back asleep. I then heard it again
seconds later. I saw a shadow of a person coming into the room walking very slowly.
I shut my eyes, too afraid to open them. Too afraid of what I was going to see. I opened
my eyes slightly but there was no shadow, like if I imagined it all. The dragging of the
feet continued. I was too afraid to get up to see what it was. So I closed my eyes and
just layed there hoping it was all a dream. Then I felt this rushing air pass me. It was
very cold and it scared the crap out of me! Then the cold air landed on my like a body.
The air I felt was moving slowly. It felt really cold and I was getting goosebumps all over
my body. The air somehow was forming into two arms. The arms were now grabbing my
arms and holding me down. I was so scared that I was shaking and I was too scared to
open my eyes. but with my eyes closed it seemed like if I could see who it was. It was a
tall man looking at me. He was standing there with evil eyes just staring at me. The arms that were holding me down were his and he started shaking me. I couldn't yell. Then my
body became paralyzed. I couldn't do anything. I was too afraid to do anything. I tried yelling for my sister who was next to me but my mouth couldn't say the words. I then started saying a prayer. I tried to move my mouth to my prayer. I tried yelling. But nothing
worked. I just kept saying my prayer as best as I could but it only came out a murmer. But when I said, "Please God, help me!" The arms came off my body. The man ran and
I opened my eyes. My body was very tingly because it was paralyzed. I was crying,
shaking and very scared about what had just happened. My mom came in and hugged
me telling me what had happened. So I told her. Then my stepdad came in and said, "The
same thing happened to me last night, but I didn't want to worry anyone." We spoke to
my aunt and she too had felt the same thing I had experienced. I didn't sleep at all at night but when It was time to leave I was so relieved. I packed my things got in the truck and thought to myself, "What a wierd experience."

Cowboy and Others


I'm 12 years old and not many people believe me but it is true. I'm not going to use real names because of personal reasons but i was wondering if you could post this. Anyway, my best friends cousin, Tracy,  got married to a dude named greg. Well a few weeks after the wedding greg died in a really bad car accident well, how he died was he called tracy, tracy answered "hello?". greg said, "Hey  trace?" and they cut off so it was that exact moment he died. any ways, one night, tracy was at her house a while after he died and she saw a shadow in the kitchen and so she got scared and turned on the light on her fish tank and there was no one  there. all of the sudden the channels started to change on the tv. so she went to her cousin Annie's house ad annie said she could spend the night ad gave her advice. the advice was that is was probably greg ad that she should try to talk to him. well the next night it happened again. so she said "greg if  you wanna watch tv you can" and the channel stopped on disney, Chad's favorite the next one is that one night while i was sleeping i woke up and saw a cowboy standing at my bedroom door. i closed my eyes and started crying and wen i opened my eyes, he was gone. can anyone explain that  if so e mail

Cemetery Gates


I don't know if this counts as a ghost story or not, but my friends and I went to White Cemetery on Cuba Road at like 10 pm yesterday, but when we drove by the gate was closed.  so we pulled into a driveway and turned around to go home and a black car was in there and the gate was open, so we turned around AGAIN and drove back.  the car was gone but the gates were left open.  me and one other friends stayed as lookouts at the gates and our three other friends went in and took pictures... i tried to close the gate on them but it wouldn't move, even when i pulled as hard as i could.  i just don't get who would visit the cemetery so late at night who could open the gate that quickly (or at all) and then just leave right away with the gate open.

Demon Night


The story I'm about to tell is true, This happened to me when I was about 11  years old in the house I grew up in. This is a three story  row house converted into three apartments.
This house is located in West Philadelphia. My family rented the first floor.  One night while laying in bed trying to fall to sleep every else was already asleep, it was around 12:30am. I had to use the bath room which is located  in the hallway next to my bedroom door. I always kept my bedroom door sht and locked at night. anyway as I was about to get up I heard this shuffling sound coming from the third floor apartment at the time the 2nd and 3rd floor apartments was both empty  our family was the only one occupying the house.
As I listend the sound became more frightening I remember being very afraid, as the sound continued down the 3rd foor steps making its way to the 2nd floor landing with a thump sound as it hit. as it made it's way along the 2nd floor it sounded  like this...thump draaag , thump draaaag, thump draaaag. At this point I was terrified because we did not own any pets plus this did'nt sound like any animal for the sound was to heavy.
My body broke out in a cold sweat I was frozen with terror as I listened to it make it's way down first floor steps , Thump draaaaag, thump draaaag, thump draaaaag then a heavy thump as it made it's way down the hall towards my bedroom door and stopped. silence for a long time but it was only a few minutes, The hallway light is very bright at night we always keep it on . As I looked down at the bottem of my door which was a open gap betwin it and the floor I can see  and hear the shadow of clawed feet walking back and forth. As if that was not bad enough then it proceded to scratch , claw and moan at the door very loudly. At this point I was hoping one of my parents would get hear i or something , But it seemed like I was the only one hearing it.  I layed therer listening to thre most horrible sounds I ever heard in my life, No animal  could sounds so frightening . I new that whatever was on the other side of that door was evel and not of this world.
After what seemed like an eternity my mom came out of her room to use the bathroom, as soon as her bedroom door opened all sounds stopped. I was still to terrified to call out to her because I was not sure if that was her or something faking to like her so I can open my door to it. Eventualy I fell asleep in the morning I put the incident behind me and went about my day . I didnt think about the incident until later that day as I was walking to my bedroom door which was shut I then noticed the scratch marks all over my door.
I never told any one about this until I came across your site. by the way I am now 50 years old I have been holding this and many other stories which are true experiences. My first story has not been posted yet . So I hope you liked this one enough to post it.
If you would like to email me you can at........( )

Ghosts of Monterey


I had this experience in 1979-but it is still burned into my memory!
My husband and I had rented a house from Tom S., it was on the corner of David and Foam street, before Cannery Row became so commercialized. In fact it only was $200 a month!   Eager and cash-poor, we agreed to clean out the house from it's former occupant for such a low rate with a view of Monterey Bay.  Tom had told us that the former tenant had been found dead on the rocks of Big Sur not 2 weeks ago, he had been waiting to see why she had not paid her rent for 6 weeks.
No-one ever found out what happened to her, plus she had a 13-16 yr, old son that just left when that went down-was he a victim too? Records show she liked to party at nearby  bars.
My ghost story is that we lived there happilyfor 3 years,  no bad vibes.
In 19? we were forced to move because our wholeblock was being plowed under for the "Monterey Bay Aquarium"- We had signed a lease up on Monroe , no hard feelings about having to move. By that time, tourists in buses were picking Datura lilies out of our front yard!
Two days before we had to actually leave our house, I was suddenly awakened by the slidiing of our closet, it was very loud!  One of those ceap closet doors on rails.  I sat up. and there was MARCIA, she gave me a "go to hell " look , I got up and said"Thatss MY stuff NOW"  As I got up , she ran off, not thu the door, but  out the wall!          I ran out after her, but nothing!  I recognized her because pictures I Had to go thru to clean up the house.
This all happened 20 yrs  ago

Go Away!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Anonymous

When I was about sixteen years old I had a terrifying encounter. I have no idea if what I experienced was a ghost or not. Please let me know what you think.
It all started when I was upstairs in my bedroom doing my homework. A very strange feeling came over me. I felt as if something was in the room with me, and it was not a friendly feeling. I became very uncomfortable and went downstairs to finish my homework. By the time I got ready to go to bed I had brushed the experience off. I had decided that it was just my imagination or I had felt that way because I had been sitting with my back to an open window. But I still felt uneasy..
Two and a half hours after laying down I still had not dozed off even for a second. I couldn't shake the uneasiness. I had the strangest feeling. I  was laying on my stomach when I felt a sharp pain in my big toe. It felt like someone had pricked me with a needle. Then the covers started moving and I had this tingling sensation all over my body. Something was in the bed with me!!! It felt like it was sitting on my back and pushing me down into my mattress!!! I tried to push myself up out of the bed so I could get out of there but the thing had me pinned down!!! As this was happening, the lamp on my night stand ( I used it as a night light ) was blinking on and off kind of like it was shorting out and I had a terrible sharp pain in my chest. Finally I said " Go away! " very firmly and it was over just as suddenly as it had started. I whirled around in the bed half way expecting to see some kind of intruder but nothing or no one was there. I slept downstairs on the couch for weeks.
A few months later I had another similair experience, but this time I was laying on my side. I felt arms wrap around me from behind and something nuzzled the back of my neck. But this was not a friendly hug. I got the distinct impression that this thing was evil. Again, I said " Go away " and it was over instantly just like before.
I still feel uneasy in that room and there has always beem unexplained noises, but at the time I played around with witchcraft ( as most teenagers do at some point ) and a friend and I had recently "performed " some kind of ritual or spell ( I don't remember what kind now ) in that room. Could I have invited some unwanted guest into the room that way or do you think the place is just haunted? You are more than welcome to post this on your site but please don't use my name or email address. I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Just telling this story scares me all over again! Thanks!!!!!!!

My Aunt


Hi. My name is Courtney, and I'm only 15 but I've had enough happen to me in my 15 years to last me a lifetime. And I'm writing because I want to share my story or stories.
It all started when I was in about the 4th grade. My aunt had just passed away and it hit me really hard, because she was like my own mom. My mother, her fiance', and I all lived in a two bedroom apartment in Rincon, GA. One morning, about a month or so after my aunt passed away, I had gotten up really early for school. I don't know why I did this, but anyways... I was getting dressed and all of a sudden I heard a knock on my bedroom door. I opened the door but no one was there, so I closed it back and went on about my business of getting ready for school. Then I heard the knock again, this time when I opened my door my cat was sitting in front of me. Now i know for a fact that there is no way that my cat could have knocked on my bedroom door.  Not too long after that happened my mom and her fiance' broke up and we moved in with my grandparents. Well I had to start out sleeping on the couch. I remember one night I woke up in the middle of the night and I barely opened my eyes and I saw a light, it was like it was hovering, I closed my eyes for a split second and opened them again and it was gone. I got this sudden feeling that I was not alone, but yet I wasn't scared it was like I was comforted.  That was about a year or two ago. Now my mother and I live in a house all to ourselves. Last year in December a really close friend of the family passed away. and some of his belongings are in our house. Well about a month or two ago I was laying on the couch watching a scarey movie, that isn't so scarey b/c i've seen it so many times, but I was almost asleep when all of a sudden the sound on the T.V. turned off, it like stopped completely. It scared me soo bad. And not even a couple of days ago I was sitting on the couch and my mom was on the other side of the room, when the chandeleir in the kitchen started flickering for no reason. It was really creepy. But I've learned to not be afraid, that they can't hurt me. Well I've got to go, i hope that you enjoyed my story. It probably won't be the last.

My First Story..


I have had many experiences.  I have seen ghost.  I have seen shadows.  I have even been attacked by what I believe was some kind of shadow thing as told in the story I recently submitted.
Here I will share MY FIRST STORY. From what I remember that is. And I say this because my Mother and older brother have both told me that since I was a small child I would scare them because I would always refer to someone who they could not see. They only remember feeling something Evil was around...Well here's my story.
Summer 1989
I once lived in a home in where I got a visit by a ghost.  We had been living there for a while when I had decided to MOVE MY ROOM AROUND.
This is when it started.  At first a Rosery I placed at the head of my bed kept getting tampered with.  I kept finding the Cross torn from the chain.  Not in a way in where it looked as though it were pulled off while I slept.  It was different.  Like somebody actually tore it from the chain.  And everyday I would put it back together only to find it torn off.
A week later is when the man began to visit.  An old man.
I was asleep and he woke me up.  I looked at him and what I saw was my stepfather.  He said “wake up, you’ll be late for work.”  He then walked away and closed the door behind him.  I looked at the time and saw that it was 5:00 a.m. so I jumped out of bed and got ready for work.  I then went to my stepfather and told him I was ready for him to give me a ride to work.  He woke up asking what I was talking about, it was a little past 1:00 a.m.  I ran to my room and looked at the clock to find it was a around 1:15 a.m. and so I asked him why did he wake me…He said he never did.  I went back to bed.
Next night (Tuesday) The old man woke me up again and said “wake up, you’ll be late for work.”
I first saw my stepfather but this time I forced myself to focus…what I saw was an old man.  I sat up on my bed in fear as he closed the door behind him.  I looked over to my clock and saw it was 5:00a.m.  I jumped up fast to get to the lights and when I did I turned to the clock again to find it was 1:00 in the morning.
(Wednesday Night)
The old man woke me up.  The moment I opened my eyes I saw him.  He looked like he was about 80 years old.  He said the same thing as other nights and walked out of the room…I just laid there petrified. I looked over to my clock and saw that it was 1:00 a.m.  I think I stayed awake the whole night.
On Thursday I did not bother going to bed until after 1:00.
On Friday our neighbor came over to visit my Mom.  I asked her how long she had been living in her home and she said for some twenty years.  I then asked if there was ever an old man that lived in my home.  She said yes.  Whatever happened to him I asked.  She said “about ten years ago some paramedics came over and took him. We never did find out what happened to him.  We just never saw him again.”
I then walked to my room and moved the bed to the other side.  I never saw the old man again.
I have only told this story to few a close friends.  I believe the place in where I had moved my bed was the actual place in where the man had died...I assume.
Now that night is when I began to have what some have called Night Terrors or Anxiety Attacks or whatever... I call then InSane Dreams in where you know you're awake and you see all around you but you can't speak or move because some unknown evil presence is moveing about your room either growling or laughing.  And you may even experience somewhat of a vision in where you see people or places you have never seen before only to visit them later...I apologize but no one has ever been able to explain this and I only mention it here because It All Started after this Old Man crossed my life. If anybody at The ShadowLands has an answer it would be much appreciated...
I have seen and sensed ghost or shadow people ever since...
Feel free to edit anything out if you decide to post this...

Kansas Haunting


Kansas City- 12Street Heritage was owned by the first black millionaires to live in Kansas city it was an old mansion. He killed his wife.. soon after he died. then they turned it into a morturary.. then to a non for profit organization.. when i worked there my co workers told me the history of the place and that it was haunted. To not stay in the place alone. I never seen anything. The admin assistant who worked there told me one night she stayed in office late to finish up some work she brought her son with her and let him play in the office room with a remote control car,, she later decided for him to stop playing with it,, that it was driving her crazy to turn it off...... He told her Mom I am not playing with it. Well she got upset because she knew her son was lying to her.  she could hear it.. When she went in the room to repremand him {he said see mom im not touching it.... She said it was moving by it self in the middle of the floor in circles. she picked it up and went to take out the batteries and there were none in It.... I think she said she left after that... I know i would.. also the boss tried to tell me some stuff about that place.. lots of weird things going on there. I didnt want to hear it.. I never stayed late enough or by myself. but i felt something there very strongly... check it out.. thats the name of the place too. 12th Street heritage. development corporation .. but thats where it is.. I know its haunted. look up the history on it.. spooky as hell.. You may edit this if you like.. I would like to see it in the category here with the others..

In the Living Room



Oklahoma Legend


There is a sleepy little town on the tip of the oklahoma and texas border south centrel part named terral. This town is very small we are talking less than 200 people. My grandmother lives there we use to visit when i was a kid. I heard a very good story camping out there on the red river. There is an old train bridge that crosses the red river. The construction of the bridge happened years ago. There was a worker who fell onto the rebarb of the support for the bridge right before they started to poured the concrete. The tried to get his mangaled body out but could no they decided to just pour the concrete on top of him and keep building. They did so. They say that when the river is low and the sandbanks are visable u can see a man running of the sand. Dont know if its true but it's scary late at night around a campfire.

Quite a Few Experiences


I happened onto your website by partial accident, but happen to have some interesting stories for you.
#1. This happened to my brother in the 1st house my family was in. Before he had gone off to college, in 1976, he was in the throne room, and the towel on the rack started to move end over end, and, there was no heating vent in that room.
#2. Same house, middle of the night, my sister had seen a parade of something coming out of my room, past hers, and into my parents room. I think she said it was sometime around 2-3 in the morning.
#3. Different house. My sister had moved out of the 2nd house, and was out of the city so I know she wasn't playing a trick on me. But, I was taking a shower, and on the mirror in front of me was a drawing, rather strange.
#4. 3rd house. It was late summer, I was cleaning up some dishes, and my parents were coming back from there vacation the next day, it was also past 8 p.m. so it was dark outside. There is a bay window overlooking the rear neighbors house, which happens to be at the base of a hill, and one can not see the back door of the house. But, all of a sudden, I noticed a shadow on the window. The shadow was behind me on the wall. 1st time I saw it, didn't pay it any mind, 2nd time, it concerned me, 3rd time, I was walking through the house with a 10" french knife in hand.
#5. Same house. It was before my parents had changed the front hall from tile to carpet. I was walking over to the t.v. and I was standing in front of an old stereo, when I heard my name spoken as clear as day. I stopped, said what, because I thought that my mother had called my name from the kitchen, she was confused, and at that point a cherry wood candlestick came jumping of of the bookcase at my feet.
#6. Happened to my wife. We were in the small old mining town of Alma, Co. and we were about to have lunch in the hotel dining room, I had just come out of the restroom when an actual apparition appeared to her. It was a boy in Victorian age clothing, i.e. velvet knickers, velvet over shirt, and collar lace. She only saw it briefly, and it was coming down the staircase.
#7. Also happened to wife. It was in historic east Denver. We were caretakers of an elderly couple, and on Thanksgiving Eve, my wife was making a pumpkin pie to take over to my families Thanks. day dinner, and the can that she was using, while she was turned around, turned around itself. Then a few moments later, flew off of the counter, across the room.

Quite Ordinary


This is now the third story that I will post to this excellent site. Ever since around the age of  10 I have always been able to sense ghosts and spirits, believe me this is not by choice and I actually do not enjoy the encouters. The story today takes us to around summer of 1988 when I used to live in a bedsit with adjoining kitchen. Over the months before I had had some experiences but the most dramatic happened one Sunday night around 11.00pm shortly after I had gone to bed. Not being asleep for maybe longer than 10 minutes I was awoken by a strange tingling sensation all over my body, I at once knew that i again was not alone. The sense of being in the presense of something else became quite over powering and started to fear and actually hid under the covers, then the horrible happenings started. Firstly the covers seemed (I say seemed because to this day I try to refuse to believe what had happened) be pulled from me from the base of the bed, I actually had to struggle really really hard to keep them on me. It was as though a mysterious force was trying to get them off me. this went on for what seemed like hours ut in reality was about 3 minutes, then the worse happened  a horrible whisper was being whispered in my ear it was like no language I ever ever heard and to accompany this there was a horrible smell, it was rancid. I was either going mad or this was very real. (I to this day have actually never ever seen a spirit or ghost). The experienced lasted what seemed like ages, then a paralysis set in and I was completely at the spirits mercy, then as quickly as it started , it stopped,, I literally dived out of bed and switched on my light, but (this is as true as i'm sat here) the light never gave any light to the room, I dived back to bed and just lay there terrified. then for no reason the light became normal. I then thought yes it's over, I got out of bed went to the kitchen which was the only other room to my flat, (this was a very small room maybe 8ft by 4ft), but to my utter horror and surprise on opening the door the kitchen wasn't mine, to this day I remember it being a different layout like older , I didn't pay that much attention as the fear again set in. I got in bed and lay there till morning. that next day I actually moved out and went to live back at my parents as I could not stand another night there. the flat to this day is still there and i have been around the back alley where my rooms were just to look and take photos, they seemed quite ordinary considering.

Red Man


My previous house was newly built making us the only residents ever living there. There were two floors to our house, our rooms in the basement and the main level was the kitchen, living room. Before I would sleep at night I always make sure that I lock my door. Im always afraid that someone could just easily walk in. Since I sleep by myself I have a teddy bear that I sleep with as a comforter. I woke up one night noticing that my bear was missing, so I lend over to the side of my bed to pick up the bear. As I was grabbing him I noticed a red man standing at my door smiling at me. His fingers were long and his teeth looked almost sharp. I stared at him for a few seconds thinking that it was my eyes playing tricks on me. He was still standing there, smiling. I grabbed my bear and pulled the blanket over my head. I couldnt sleep at all that night, I was afraid it would have came over to me and pull the blanket away. The next morning I had told my dad what Ive seen. He informed me that it was him. I just thought to myself "There is no way that it could have been him, Im the only one with the a set of keys for my door, and I always have my door locked"

Prayers at Night

My religion is Islam. and it's not an extra-ordinary things for a Muslim to sometimes wakes in the middle of the night to pray to God. we call this habit 'Tahajud' or night-prayer. we believe that our God likes it for His follower to pray to Him when no one sees them but Him. and, my family is trying to be a good God-follower. and this makes it not unussual to me to find one of my family still awaken in the middle of the night. so, i didn't realize my first ghost experience because of this custom.
 one night, i fell asleep in my older sister's room. she was still watching TV and woke me up on around 11 pm. the house was already dark. the only light from my living room is a single old(my house is full of primitive handicraft) desk lamp that my father placed on top of an old drawer. suddenly, i felt someone walking behind me. still sleepy and because of the dark surroundings, i took a glimpse and saw a woman that i thought was my sister. i thought, "yeah, your ro is hot. join me and my fan". we don't have air-conditioner in our house. every room is attached with a ceiling fan. that night, the ceiling fan in my room and her room were broken. my father just bought a standing-fan an i monopolized it.
 then, i reached my room and pull the second bed in my room. i've told you that the people in my house sometime are still active even in the night. so, i haven't realized the condition yet. that the woman behind me was a ghost. i turned my fan on and layed in the main bed. than, that woman came in and sleep in the second bed under beside my bed. in one o'clock that night, i woke to pray. with full conciousness, i saw my sister(although her face was covered with her hair) still lying in the bed.
 at about 3 am, i woke up to prepare myself for the early-morning prayer(take a drink, go to the toilet to clear my stomach so i can pray with full concentration). at that time the bed where a woman that i thought was my sister was already left out. i thought she was already left after did her night prayer.
 in the morning, jokingfully i said to her, "where's the money to pay your rent for my fan last night.". she looked at me with a confused stare. "What do you mean?", she asked. i laugh and said, "i was still awaken when you went to my room". she looked more confused and refused that she were at my room last night. then the hair in the back of my neck rose and i realized that it was not her who followed me last night. after that i tried to confince her that i saw her last night in my room. she sweared that she didn't go to my room(she's not a liar t e of a person), in fact she said that after i left her room, she was still awake untill midnight, reading a book. so, we changed a scared look and try to forget it.
 ps: that room was her's before. and she told me that a couple of years ago she too saw a young girl there with the face covered with her hair. well, we muslims belived in gennie(jinn/ djinn), an concluded that the woman was one of them(and we concluded that what american call a ghost is a djinn which makes an appearences)... at last sorry for my English


Not Welcome


My mom told me a story,a true story that really gave me the creeps.She
told me that when my brother was a little boy ,around the age of 5,he
used toplay with a boy in the shed.You see we used to live with our
grandparents and i wasn't born yet and my brother really didn't have
anybody to play with.My grandparents built thier home so i don't think
its haunted,but the things that went on the house you never know.Anyway
my brother would always go outside to play but whenever my mom went out
there to check up on him he was in the shed.Then the time finally came
when she really paid attention to whom it was that Marty was playing
with,but when she looked nobody was there.But,Marty kept on playing and
rolling his ball, and frightenly,the ball kept coming back to him,but
still nobody there.
    Another story i tell,i tell this one because i know what
happened,well because i was there.You see a couple months before i
moved,i lived in a[n] apartment.I grew up there but i just moved to a
different apartment,not complex.So my cousin Rachel was staying the
night as usual and we're both the same age and both get scared
easily.Well we were sleeping under the table and my 4 year old sister
was asleep on the couch a few feet away.We were trying to go to sleep
with a carousel on with its music playing just like a music box and i
was trying to scare her by telling her to put it back or a ghost would
get her.So she got out from under the table and was placing it on my
entertainment center and began back towards the table.When she was
coming back to the table she was crossing our bar-counter and there sat
a small calendar,a calendar that is supposed to tell dreams and what
they mean.So I looked at her as she came back And I yelled to her,"WATCH
OUT!" But she didn't listen to me and said"No i'm not falling for that
again."So screamed out to her again "WATCH OUT"     and she turned to
her right and the small calendar came flying at her she squirmed and
ducked as the calendar nearly missed her head!Then I looked up and I
just saw something draped in black clothing or something which i think
is a representation of evil.But Rachel saw something different,she saw
something white and i think that white is angels.We stayed under the
table frightened like hell and just layed with our eyes tied shut and
yelled for my mom.When my mom came out i started looking around as she
picked up my sister and told the what ever was there,"Go away you are
not wlcome in this home."

Demon Poster


I would like to introduce myself. My name is Drifter. I have had many ghost experiences in my life, sometimes I can tell if a house has a spirit or not. But to the one story that I am going to tell is true and not made up. Its about a poster named The Demon. I bought it at a mall. It was a picture of the devil. I brought it home and hung it on my bedroom wall. The way it was made it looked like the eyes followed you. After I hung the poster up the wall would vibrate late at night. So after three days I moved it to my bedroom door. My grandfather told me I had to move the poster so he couldn't see it or get rid of it. I asked him why and he told me that the bedroom door would swing shut so it could see him. I told him there was in no way the door would swing shut just because of my poster. But two days later I was in the bathroom with the door open and the bedroom door shut slowly so the poster could see me. So I came out of the bathroom and opened my door again. It did not move until I went back into the bathroom. The door went half way shut so the poster could see me  once more. That's when I gave my cousin the poster. He lived in his family's basement. After I gave it to him he told me he would hear someone walking around late at night while he tried to sleep. So I told him what happened at my house. He took it down and we went outside and burned it. When we did we saw two red eyes in the flames of the fire. After that nothing ever happened again. This is just one of my  many experiences of the paranormal.

Haunted House


A cousin, Rachel, and I were vacationing out in El Salvador to visit some
family. The house that we were staying at, owned by our great-grandmother, was
said to be haunted and alot of different ghostly occurrences happen there. Being
the ghost-lovers that Rachel and I were (and still are) we decided to test
out the house and see if it was truly haunted. One night while everyone was
asleep, about 12 am, we got up the courage to walk around the house (the house has
over twelve rooms!). So Rachel and I went to the little balcony just outside
of our room and we were about to go downstairs when we heard something.
Connected to the back of the house is an old, big paper factory which is also owned
by my great-grandmother. Well while we were standing on the balcony we heard
footsteps all over coming from inside of there...then they grew louder and it
sounded like footsteps were coming all around us. Me and Rachel kind of looked
at each other in a spooked out way and as we were walking down the stairs we
heard moaning coming from all over below us so we ran back to our beds and
didn't say a word at all for the rest of the night! Later on after the trip we had
told my aunt, Rachel's mom, about what had happened and she said that she
wasn't suprised at all because the story goes that a long while back the fields
the house was built on had alot of deaths that occured there. One woman was
raped and killed there and alot of people were hung or hung themselves on the
trees there. She also told us of a story when she was a girl and she was getting
up to turn off the bedroom light to go to sleep the light swith clicked off by
itself. Well she fell asleep and later on she woke up very cold and she got
her covers from her floor and as she was doing that she saw an old-fashioned
man standing at the doorway with a cigar in his mouth. My cousin that lives
there told us a story about once when she was laying in bed at night and all of a
sudden her bed started to levitate. There are alot more stories about the
house and to this day it is said to still be haunted...

I THought I was Alone


I am 31 years old, for the past 19 years I have lived with the image of something I know I will never ever forget. It is burned into my memory forever. My parents bought this house in Vienna Ohio in 1973. I was 1yr old when we moved in, & from as early as I can remember, I seemed to be the target for this 'thing'. The house is on a private drive & the man who built all these houses (there are 10) on this drive lived his lonely life out in our house. He died in the doorway between the kitchen & living room. The early 80's seemed to be the time most of this stuff went on. My sister who is 5 years older & I had to share a bedroom. I had constant horrible nightmares just about every night that I was sleeping in my bed & the floor would fall in & I would be hanging on to the edges of the floor watching my bed fall into a fiery pit below me which I am sure this was meant to be Hell. I was awoken many times in the middle of the night by someone, or something, massaging my shoulders but when I looked no one was there. I couldn't sleep at night, my mom would try all kinds of 'remedies' to help me sleep like eating a banana before bed, hot milk, hot tea, etc. Of course, none of these worked. I  would lie in bed for hours before falling asleep only to be tortured with a nightmare of the devil & of Hell. I was so young & so scared, I would tell my mom about it & she would say its just a bad dream, nothing would hurt me, until things started getting physical. I would wake up in the middle of the night without a shirt on, stuffed under my bed, I had no memory of how I got under my bed & it happened a lot. My sister would be sound asleep in her bed. At one time we had bunk beds & I was awoken by falling out of the top bunk, head first in my sleeping bag, with the strings tied in a knot at my feet. Can you imagine what it was like to be between the ages of about 9-13 & stuff like this happening to you?  The most horrible of things happened to me when my sister spent the weekend with our grandparents in West Virginia & I was there in our room, alone for the first time. The night began by the usual way, laying in the bed waiting to fall asleep, my bedtime was about 8 & it would be about 2 or 3 in the morning before I would be asleep. This night I was laying there on my back, my blanket would be tucked all around me, under my feet & up around my neck. This is how I felt the safest, I would never have my feet dangle over the bed & I would jump into bed as I was convinced that there was something under it. I stared past the doorway into the hallway, then it happened, white glowing fingers came around the top of the doorway, then the face, all I could see was big yellow evil looking glowing eyes staring at me. When it came around the corner of the door, I saw a small figure, like a midget or a child size, it's whole body had a white glow around it. It wore a blue pilgrim hat with the black buckle on it, it had the pilgrim style clothes, the blue velvet like jacket & just under the knee length pants with the white socks underneath & the black buckle shoes. The body came around the doorway so fast, I froze & tried to scream but nothing came out, It flew at me so fast & all I could do was pull the blanket over my head just as it got to me. I don't know how long I laid like that, I was so afraid to peek out from under the covers. I just knew if I looked, it would be right there in my face to get me. When I got brave enough I looked but it wasn't there & I flew out of bed to my parents room & woke them up & told them something tried to get me. They just kept saying, you had a bad dream, go back to bed, nothing is going to get you. I was crying & screaming & they new something was different about this time, it wasn't a dream. So that night they let me sleep in their room, I just remember holding onto my mom, refusing to leave them, I would not go back into that room. The next morning, my mom talked to my grandparents & described what I told them I saw. They came over immediately with their bible & my grandfather went into my room & said things from the bible in a different language & my grandmother hung crosses she knitted above my bed right where the thing went through the wall. I never saw it again, the nightmares stopped. Things still disappeared around the house or got moved mysteriously to another location, but nothing like before. I know we had several ghost's in the house including the mean man who built the house & died there. Whenever I told people about my experience they just thought I was crazy, I was quiet, withdrawn, very backward & always nervous. I am convinced that this thing torturing me for whatever reason it picked me, ruined my childhood.
 One other experience that wasn't mine but happened to the newspaper delivery driver was that my parents decided that they were going to get the newspaper delivered. The woman got the directions & since we didn't have to be home for her to come out & put up the box, we left for a short time. During the time we weren't home, she came out but when we got home later on, way after the time it should have been done, there was no box. My mother called the newspaper office & the woman was to come back out, she said she couldn't find the house. We stood in the yard when we saw her coming & when she pulled up she said she was at this house earlier & there was a  man who was raking leaves in the yard. She said she asked if the Frame's lived there & he turned to her & said very evil like, No Frame's live here, & went back to raking the leaves. She said he scared her & she left. Our neighbor who lived behind us was of some relation to the man who used to live there & who died in our house, when my mother was telling her about what happened & described what the paper lady has said he looked like, she went white & said to my mother, that is Mr. Brunswick. We all got freaked out about that one & the funny thing is, when the paper lady said he was standing right there raking the leaves, & she pointed to the spot & when we all looked, the leaves were not in any piles, they were scattered around the yard exactly as they fell off the trees.
My parents still live there & I dont like to be alone in the house especially at night. I hear noises & it has an overall creepiness about it. My mom calls it the "hellhole", she always said from the time they looked at it that there was something about it that wasn't right.
You have no idea how strange I feel telling this, my stomach is turning, my body is actually aching as I re-live these experiences in such detail. I am sure that when I am 80 years old, I will still be able to recall every detail of that horrible night that I thought I was alone.

Late Night Rounds


  I've had a couple of ghostly encounters, but the one that I'd like to share with you happened to me while I was in college.  I attended Northeastern State University in Tahlequah OK for a while, and my room was located on the third floor of Wilson Hall.  My older brother happened to be attending college at the same time, and his room was in the basement of Wilson.  According to rumor, Wilson Hall was supposed to haunted by the ghost of Florence Wilson, who reportedly died in a fire in that building, which was then named after her.  I think she actually died in her home, completely unrelated to a fire, but that is neither here nor there.  Anyway, I had never paid much attention to the stories- after all, aren't all dorms "haunted"??  However, I will admit that there was an occasional creepy moment in my room on the third floor- one night, while at my desk listening to the stereo, I heard my door open and close.  When I looked up, no one was there, but the atmosphere in my room had changed.  I felt like someone was there with me.  Everything seemed a little darker, though every light I had was on-- then the volume on my stereo started going crazy!  It would go from soft to loud to soft again.  That, coupled with the new feeling in my room, made me leave and go down to my brothers room for a while!   The most dramatic encounter happened one night around 11:30 pm or so.  I had been in my brothers room that evening, playing videos games, talking with friends, you know, hanging out.  Around 11:30, I decided it was about time to go to my room, so I said good night and left.  I got about 8 feet from his door when I realized that someone in heels was coming down the hall towards me.  Now, I know its not unusual to hear footsteps all hours of the night in a dormitory, so I didn't pay much attention to it at first...but then I realized that the footsteps were about 3 feet in front of me, and there was no one there!  I could actually track the steps coming towards me, walk past me and fade out further down the hallway, and I never saw anyone.  It happened too quickly for me to get scared, but just the same I promptly went back into my brothers room.  I don't know if it was Flo or not, but I believe someone was making their rounds that night.

Little Boy Ghost


once in the middle of the night i woke up and saw a little boy sitting by my tv,he did not turn around but i think he was angry,i kept looking at him and then he stuk out his hand and he had a piece of paper and he crumpled it up,i closed my eyes then opened them and he was gone.

Finding my Dad Behind Me


 my dad just recently died at are house from a heart attack and we new are house might be haunted from mom and i just finished playing i board game and my mom was tired so she went to bed .I went and took a shower and everything was fine i went out to the living room  and sat down and turn on the t.v. all of the sudden i started to smell smoke like someone was smoking behind me,The t.v.  just all of a sudden turned off so i turned around and there was my dad who died 15 days ago smoking  i was very freak ed out i ran to my moms room and got her and she came out there and was choughing really badly like someone was choking her  and all it was was the smoke was clogging her lungs but then my ghost dad just vanished and she was breathing fine. That was a very scary time for me.

My First and Hopefully Only ENcounter


 About two years ago my husband and I moved into a two bed two bath apartment on the second floor while I was 7 months pregnant.  The apartment was made for room mates so the rooms were on opposite ends of the apartment. We decided that the babies room would be the one with the bathroom in it, and we would take the one without. We went ahead and closed the air vent in the room since it wasn't being used at the time and shut the door. Since we first moved in my husband kept telling me that he had a weird feeling about the front room (the babies room).  After our daughter was born things started happening. Since I was nursing she stayed in our room for the first few months, but every time I went into her room I always felt like I needed to get what I came in there for and get out of there quick.  One day I came home from dropping my daughter off at my mom's house and I noticed I still had the baby monitor on from earlier that morning. When I went to turn it off I accidentally turn it up instead of off, when I did this I could hear a baby in the monitor, it wasn't crying just googoo gaa type sounds. It sounded so close that I actually went into my daughters room knowing she wasn't home and looked in the crib. The other piece of the monitor was on but nothing was there. At first I thought okay someone has a baby near by and I am hearing their baby in my monitor. But I don't see how if both pieces were turned on at the same time and no one near us had a small child or a monitor. I never thought anything of it until my sister came to stay with us. We let her stay in the babies room until she could get back out on her own. Needless to say she only stayed for a few weeks. After about a week she was telling my husband and I that she hasn't been sleeping well and that she felt like she shouldn't be in that room. We just chalked it up to her having to stay in a new place and all that kind of stuff. One day when I came home from work my sister and husband were sitting on the couch talking about the kitchen. I was not really paying any attention until I heard my husband say, "yeah I hear it all the time". It turns out that my sister heard the dishes in the cabinets being banged around like some one was putting them up or taking them out. She said that she could hear the cabinets opening and closing but she was too scared to check it out. We all started joking that the apartment was haunted and that it was trying to tell us that it was there somehow. I just blew it off until one night I got so scared I almost started crying. I was home alone at night, my daughter was asleep and my husband was out with his friends. It was about midnight when I heard a loud thump coming from the kitchen, I got up to check it out but I didn't see anything that could have fallen or anything. While I was in there I heard it again but it sounded like it was coming from the front bedroom. On the other side of the wall in the kitchen is the front bedroom bathroom I put my ear to the wall to see if I could hear anything. It sounded like there was someone in the bath tub, I could hear the water being moved around and thumping like their knee or elbow was bumping up against the tub wall. First I thought someone was in my apartment and was in the front bedroom, but in the bath tub? I couldn't figure it out, I called my husband and told him what was going on and he said that he heard the same thing the other night after I had gone to bed. I was terrified I didn't even attempt to go into the bedroom I just listened for awhile trembling. I talked myself into thinking  it's one of our neighbors and that they will get out soon and it will stop. I waited for my husband to get home and about two hours later he came in and asked if it was still making the sounds, I told him I didn't know and that I was thinking it was a neighbor in the tub and that it probably stopped by now. When he went into the kitchen to listen he looked over at me and asked when I first heard it, I told him around midnight, by this time it was about 2:15am. I asked why and he said that who ever or what ever it is, is taking a very long bath because he could hear the bumping and thumping and the water still. I told him to go into the bedroom and check it out but he wouldn't I think he was just as scared as I was. After that night we didn't hear the tub thing anymore at lease when we were there, so we just left it alone and never talked about it again. About five months later my husband got laid off from his job so we had to move out and into his mothers house. It took us about three days to pack up and move. On the third day my husband and I went to the apartment to clean and get what ever was left, I had remembered that I left a few boxes in the front room and needed to get them. I went to open the door but it was getting caught on something, I called my husband over to try to push it open, and when it finally opened we were shock to see the boxes that I had left in the room were stacked up against the door from inside the room. Someone would have had to stacked the boxes then climbed out of the window for that to have happened. We just grabbed the boxes and left. On the drive to my mother-in-laws house my husband look over at me and said, "something was going on in that apartment, I don't know what but it wanted us to know it was there".  We never really tried to find out what had happened if anything in that apartment, but my husband did ask one of the ladies that worked in the office and she said that the previous occupants lived there for four years and that she didn't know of anything strange going on. Because they did live there for four years the carpet and tile in all of the rooms was replaced before we moved in, my husband says that it was to cover up what ever happened. It could be true or maybe not. Thanks for reading.

My Grandparents


Part of this has been related to me through my late grandma and parts have been experienced by my mom and myself. This is what happened to my grandma before she passed on:
My Grandpa died a few years before her of cancer, and my grandma never really got over it.  ONe incident occurred right before he died.  My grandpa never wanted to die in a hospital so he was moved back home on a Monday in September 1999 [i think thats the right year].  My grandma kept a vigil at his bedisde the whole day and well into the night. Early Tuesday morning, about 4:00 AM in Illinois, she awoke suddenly, just in time to hear my grandpa's final breath.  Soon after he died she began to smell cigarette smoke around the house, as he had smoked his entire life.  Deer would always appear in the cemetary whenever her, my aunt, or my mother would visit the grave.  Misty, their cat, would sit in his bedroom and meow at the top of her lungs in the middle of the night as if she sense he was gone.  Other times she would run straight for his bedroom ignoring everything else, and walk out later purring [which she rarely did].
In March 2003 my grandma passed on, but not before seeing her kids one last time.  My aunt and uncle were already in Illinois and were jsut waiting for my mom to arrive from Arizona.  My grandma seemed to be a comatose state not really recognizing anyone around her.  My mom immediately rushed to the hospital upon her arrival as it seemed my grandma would make it through the night.  They all stayed at the hospital until about 10:00 PM [again i'm not sure].  A couple hours later they recieved a phone call that she had died.  My grandma had stuck it out to see all her childern together a final time.  When my mom was driven back to airport by my aunt, they saw two deer side by side as they passed the cemetary.  My mom believes that it was her parents telling her that they were both ok and happily together again.  We have had many other weird signs including finding pennies from the years they died all over the place, me dreaming that they still watch over me and are still a part of my life, and bobby pins.  This one took us by suprise.  My mom and I came out of CVS one afternoon and upon getting into the car, my mom found a bobby pin sitting on the dashboard in a crack near the windsheild.  Now neither of us wore bobby pins and didn't leave the windows open or the doors so no one could have placed it there. ALso it was the same color and type that my grandma always pinned her hair up with. I sincerely believe that they are my guardian angels.
Has anyone else had such contact with deceased relatives?

My Keys


I just wanted you to know how much I love your website.   The more I read it,the more I know I'm not crazy.   I visit my fathers' gravesite very often.  And there is a grave close to his,where the flowers,or vase is always lying on the ground. Well, you know as I walk by to see my Dad I fix everything,pick things up,and what not. One particular day, I could not find my car keys out there. I looked all over my car,almost tore the car apart too!!   Then I walked around where I had been.  NO KEYS anywhere!!!   I figured I better call someone to bring me my extra keys.  Out of the blue, I got so cold,and it was an 85 degree day, and  heard a car door slam VERY loudly. When I turned around there were no other cars on the same road in the cemetery,other than mine!!!    When I went to check, even though I was a bit hesitant to do so, my keys were laid out on the front seat,like someone positioned   them   perfectly there.  For a minute or so,I was really scared.  I almost wasnt going to touch them.  It was almost as like I heard someone telling me it was alright,and it was for helping them.   All my way home I was thinking about that, what the hell happened out there ???    Then it dawned on me. I know it was the man who's things that I was always fixing,that found my keys,and put them there. And then he slammed the door so I would know .  Now when I go, I really have a good and peacefull feeling,no matter what I hear or feel.  Its as though I can feel his,and my fathers' presence.

My Only GHost Story


I've believed in ghosts for quite a while now, but I've only had one wierd experience.  I lived in a ranch style house in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI.  My mother bought it when she was still pregnant with me.  She brought a friend over to see it and right when she walked through the front door, said she could feel a presence.  I had never felt anything and thought my mother's friend was just imagining things.  But when I was about fourteen years old, I think I heard something that was a ghost.
I was home alone, it was the middle of the afternoon, and as I was watching T.V. in the living room, I heard a piano playing.  I turned off the T.V. and listened.  It was very faint.  I thought maybe the cats had accidentaly turned on my keyboard downstairs and pushed buttons so that it played some of the prerecorded music.  I went down to the basement and found the keyboard off and unplugged.  I went back upstairs and followed the sound of the music.  It led me to my sister's room.
I put my ear to the door and could hear it more clearly.  I thought she had left on a radio or something.  When I opened the door,  the music stoped.  After I closed it again, it played for a little while longer and then faded out.  I still don't have an explination and I don't live there anymore so I can't run any tests.

Phantom Phone Calls


One night, when I was home alone studying for a Math test I heard the phone ring. So I went to the kitchen to answer it. On the other line I heard a piercing scream. I got really freaked out and asked the person on the other line what they wanted. Another scream, but this time it carried the word "help." I questioned the person again about what they wanted but it was dead silent. So I hung up the phone. I sort of thought, like pretty much everyone would, it was a prank. Though I had convinced myself it was a prank I still had that chilly feeling that someone really did need help, and that blood curdling scream didn't help me to calm down. So I went back to my studying, and about 3 minutes later I heard the phone ring again. So I got up to answer it again. I was hoping that it was someone I did know, someone I could confide in and tell what happened, but it wasn't. It was that same person again. This time I decided to tell the person off. So I started to say what I was feeling, pretty angry, yet at the same time scared to death. Then the person replied in a hushed sort of voice:"I need your help, I need your help, I NEED YOUR HELP!" I decided to get to the bottom of this. I asked, "What's wrong, why do you need MY help, why have you been calling ME?" Then the voice faded out, I heard the address of the distressed being was, but they said something else after that that I will never forget. What they told me not only scared me half to death but ended up to be true. This was what they said: "Someone very dear to you will lose their life tonight, the same way I will lose mine, they will be......" What will happen to them, I said. Then I heard the other line click off. Personally, in my heart I knew that this person was telling the truth, but I did not want to believe it. So again I convinced myself into believing it was another prank phone call. Then something even more terrible happened. I heard the door bell ring. I went to answer it and saw that it was the Police standing outside my door. I opened the door cautiously, I just knew they had something terrible to tell me. What they told me was not only terrible but utterly shocking because what the Police told me was what the person on the phone had told me. My brother had died in a shooting at a New Year's Eve party. To this very day I still can't figure out why that person knew that something terrible was going to happen, but I am thankful that they're people out in the world that will try to help you, no matter how scary it seems, I know now I should have listened and had a little faith.

Poltergist or Apparition?


Eighteen years ago my husband. children, and myself moved into a house in Santa Ana, CA.  The woman leaseing
the home had just lost her husband a little over a month before.  Already she had meant and married a man she meant in Las Vegas.  I myself thought that to be kind of a
short time to met and marry another man.  She said she wanted to move out and start over elsewhere, where there werent so many memories of her late husband.  Now it was obvious to me that the late husband had taken great care of everything there, so we signed the lease for six months.
Now I made the couples masterbedroom into a room for my boys  My husband and myself took the family room with the fireplace for our room.  Their was a large window that opened between our rooms.  The house was built to be long instead of boxey, with the liveing room and kitchen at  the front and the big bathroom inbeteen.  From the very beginning I found the house to be colder than normal.  I would be in the front of the house doing something when I would get thouroghly chilled, and it seemed like it happened the most in the livingroom and the kids room.  On our third or forth night I was in bed and I started hearing pounding coming from the kids room.  When I investigated it tured out to be my seven year olds headboard of his bed, but the strangest thing was that headboard was bolted to his beed tight and the bed was shakeing so badly I was amazed my son hadnt awoke.  So I moved the bed away from the wall and went back to bed.  No sooner than I got under the covers then it started up again.  The kids room was freezing and the bed was back near the wall with the headboard pounding.  This time I took rolled up bath towels and put between the headboard and the wall.  When I went back in my room the noise started once again.  So I went back in again and this time I said out loud that I wanted this stuff to stop instantly, that I liked his house and wanted to care for it now that he was gone and that these were my small kids and how I felt he should bother me instead of them.  Well the pounding stopped for the night, but in the morning my husbands clothes that he left on the floor and my clothes which I had left ofn a chair were wet and kind of slimy.  This occurrance contined nightly.  The next thing to happen scared me to death.  Our bathroom was long and there was a large mirror on both of the walls, so when you llooked in the mirror you see behind you.  Well I got out of a hot shower one morning having left the door open to let out the steam.  When I got out of the shower I was toweling dry when I felt suddenly chilled, I was looking at myself in the mirror when I saw in the mirror behind me an elderly man frowning at me, I froze for an instant and then looked again


Quite the bizzare thing to read, I'll admitt, but it happened, believer or not.


At the time that this account of my own took place, it would be from the dates of June/July 1992-December 13 2002, where I grew up in eastern Ontario.
The house was owned by my mother's mother( my grandmother) who had 12 children and moved them all into this house through the 60's and 70's, if Im
exact. Subsequent speculations I have heard from relatives and people who've been around this house, I can only call speculation, as I've never encountered
anything valid. So anyways, me and my family, an older brother and sister, and my father, moved into this house in June and July of 1992. It's a two story,
not quite victorian model with wooden brick imitation exterior and a black shingled roof. It has a wide yard surrounded by a circle drive way because of
the seperate apartments. We lived on the upstairs where my father often tells me to mentally retarded sisters died of starvation and hypothermia sometime
during the depression years. The room they died in was first my sisters, and she often told us how uncomfortable the atmosphere seemed. I remember coming
home from school on one afternoon for lunch with the entire apartment to myself, and sitting in the silence I hear my sisters music box coming from where I think is her room. So I go in, turn on the light, and sure enough, the music stops. This bothered me, as it was puzzling and unknown to me. I hit the lights and closed the door. Leaving the door, the music starts again. I searched for the music box till I freaked out and ran up the short distance to my school. I can remember telling my teachers( bad move ). Other things happened as well, like the famous ' foot steps' you hear in the middle of the night in the kitchen and the living room. Not auditory halluncinations. Real. My father remembers falling asleep on the couch one evening near Christmas and awoke in the middle of the night to see the silhouette of what he said looke dlike a small boy walk across the living room and actually go in behind the Christmas tree in
the corner. He turned on the lights and saw nothing. Sometimes in my own room at night I would be sure I would hera coat hangers dangling together. I  did
open my window alot, but the closet was in such a position where it is impossible to get a draft. The impending sense of being ' obsearved ' was present, even when alone, you'd think you'd hear ' whispers ' or whatever. Bottom line is, everyone who came in contact with my old house agrees, it's negative big time.
The summer we moved intothe house I developed a fixition with detah and horror films, drawing highly articulate but graphic ' satanic ' art work, and playing various degrees of tortured noise on a guitar in extremley irrate states( only this house ). My brother and I becoming depressed and starting bad
habits. ,my sister as well. My dad seeming more irrate, which is odd for a white collar collected man like himself. An aunt I had who lived there shortly became a paranoid schizophrenic screaming at the top of her lungs, accusing the occupiers of the home of being pornography fiends and psychotic and all this type of stuff. It went on for 8 years, right below my room, everynight, loud as heel. She had to be 100 lbs soaking wet, deep angry eyes, booming voice like a man, rolling her eyes at my dad until they where wide and white( Yeah, like the Excorsist * shrugs * ). Cat's seeing and reacting excitedly to seemingly
thin air, usually the upper left corner of the living room. The television would come on in the middle of the night blaring at maximum volume. My door shook
a few times. One door slammed. Wierd dreams, of seeing the house a long time ago, which I know sounds ' surreal ' to say at the least, but this really happened. My mother & father, while having coffee together on an afternoon in late 1976, when the upper apartment was brand new and just furnished,
and reported hearing furniture being dragged across the rug up there. They heard this periodically for ten minutes until they decided to go see what was going on, and sure enough, they found an empty apartment, and while in the living room heard the furniture from downstairs sound like it wa sbeing dragged, so vice-versa, they did the same, then it stopped and has never been reported since. So there's a few people in the neighbourhood with stories of there own, my friends as well as others, of impening senses of being watched ect. This house was built on soil at least half a mile from the lake in the southern district of the town and is estimated to be at around 150-200 yrs old.  The town was first occupied by Iroqios,mic macs, nootka's, and other
native cultures, and was invaded by Sir. Samuel De Champlain in the late 1600's. Champlain was french, and from what I understand there was only mild
violence between his men and the natives, they're usual insentives of industry being trade markets and construction. There are now at least 30 000 people in this town and sometimes I can sense that the whole entire town has a really gloomy and negative vibe. The western area, Patrick st. mainly, is said to have paranormal activity occur there, as well as the famed Leacock museum( Stephen Leacock, english writer, 1800's )who occupied a house on the shores of the towns smallest beach and took care of a disabled son, who is said to be angry due to these circumstances, and still haunts the residence today. They do tours there, but I haven't gone since I was a child, and am not sure as to whether they actually mention the occurances, but as i understand there was  a brief  cable/ 30 hour broadcast about the hauntings some time in the 90's. But you should definatley check this town out. It's called Orillia. It's in Simcoe County in central Ontario, north of Toronto, half an hour from Barrie, and can be reached on the 11 route from Toronto about 250 miles. Check out the
House in the southern district it's pretty much the eeriest looking one, it's in the southern district. Im being kind enough to ensure the identity confidentiallity of it's current occupants. Perhaps we could elaborate on this via e-mail. Pureley socratic methods by all means



Hi, my name is Ashley. I just found this site where
people have had strange incounters with the
paranormal. I had the weirdest dream about 17 years
ago, I am now 34. I was about 17. In my dream I was
walking down a dark road to my house. When I got home
I got into bed and went to sleep. In my dream I woke
up and found myself floating about 2 feet off the
ground. I tried to scream for my mom but I was
dreaming. My bed also started to bounce about 4-5
inches. I guess my parents heard somting because I
heard them yelling at me to tell the ghosts to leave.
When I woke up I fell from the top of my room, my bed
was actually bouncing. My parents and boyfriend (my
boyfriend stayed the night, we were both in the same
bed, he said he tried to wake me up after he felt the
bed starting to bounce. He tried to grab me when I
started to rise into the air.) were in there trying to
get me off the bed. I was to scared to move so my dad
yanked me off the bed and got me out of the house. I'm
still freaked out by this.

Watching Me


I'd like to tell you of my experience.  When I was an adolescent, about 13-14 yrs. old if memory serves me right, one evening after arguing with my mother and once again threatening to run away, I left out of our 5th floor apartment in the Highbridge section of the Bronx to go sit up on the stairs to the roof.  After a short while, I heard the lobby door open and heard simeone coming up the stairs.  I looked over the banister but couldn't see anyone, got a little scared because the stairs were constructed in a square, so you could see anyone coming up or down them unless they were flattening themselves against the wall.  I thought it was a junkie so I went inside and locked the door, and laid down on the livingroom floor, my mom was on the couch.  All of a sudden there was a loud bang on the door and the door started to open.  I was amazed because I had locked the door.  This dark opaque triangular shaped "cloud" came inside, but I could feel it watching me.  I thought I'd lost my mind, but I was really scared of this thing.  It kind of "sat" in the chair for a moment, watching me, but I had a very bad feeling out this thing.  I started saying the "Our Father" and the prayer to Michael the Archangel but this thing came over to me and looked me in the face and I fainted.  I was so scared I passed out from the fear.

Our Little Girls


My wife and I along with our two kids, moved into our house in about 1998. It is an old house...I have tried to look for a clue to who she is on our deed but really have not had any bites...She doesn't really do any thing very malicious,and has actually helped us out a time or two...
Once she threw a pillow from the front of our bed and hit my wife and I in the heads with it...Another time, a friend of ours was over for a visit and she hit him in the face with a stuffed animal that was hanging off of a shelf across the room...
She doesn't seem to be here all the time, I have actually caught her peering around corners at me, and the rest of the family have had several similar encounters...She has knocked on our front door several times, and our dogs seem to sense her too, because they often follow something invisible with their eyes...
I am not afraid of her,she is child like and not harmful to us...It seems that she tries to get our attention about things..
I also have a little dog who recently died in our house...We see her quite often on our bed or trailing along behind us like she used to in life...
For those of you who have bad experiences with ghosts,(I have had them too), I can surely sympathize... But I can truly say, without a doubt that I believe in more than what we can physically touch or hold, and I believe that they are curious about us too

West Sumatra


This story is my father’s story happened about 40 years ago. He’s not a big hero in this story, just one of the witnesses of maybe the most shocking and clear appirition(do i spell it right?) that ever happened in this world.
The location is a village called SARIK in West Sumatra, Indonesia. If you accidentally bump an Indonesian he/she might not know this valley because of it’s remoteness. The village lay beside mount Barisan(in the mount’s valley).. Sarik can only be reached after a couple hours of  a  4-wheel-drive-car ride if you don’t wish to walk a shorter pass-through path through woods and rivers. Now, after most of the next-generation(including my family) moved to Jakarta to seek for better life, this village, my home-land, looks like a dead-village, only be lived-in if all the dwellers come home together(pulang basamo’) in a wave from big cities in Indonesia.
My father told me that appirition is not a very un-ussual things that can be happened in this village. People are ready to be scared at anytime. My father half jokingly said that i can meet my great-grand-parent if i walk in the right time at the right street in the right night. He said that some of the first generation of the villager sometimes appeared like people who don’ know they’re dead yet, calling their families(ask them to ‘sit and talk for a while’), who maybe came home too late, when they pass a road in the night. So this great appirition had to be something ussual for the villagers, right? Yep. But that time they didn’t just close their eyes and walk faster while praying to God. Everybody were running for their sake that night.
The story started in a fine normal day. A villager(i forgot his name) died that day. Normally die in a normal death. And that day, it rained a normal rain. But, we got this person to be burried, my father said. So, the villagers sat in the dead’s house waiting for the rain to stopped to take their fellow vilager to his final resting place.
Sadly eventhough it’s normal, the rain poured by God for a whole day. For your information, muslims(Islam believers) are restricted to bury a man after the sun sets. So, it’s must be done this afternoon or they should go the next day.
About 4 pm, the rain stopped, so the villagers went to the village burial site. My father is one of the teenagers who carry the corps(the palbearer). My father told me that the villagers were shocked when they found the whole to bury the corps was full of water. So, some men were appointed to took the water out. When the whole was almost empty, the rain started to poured down again. And the whole was starting to once again filled with water. The sun was almost finish it’s setting. So, the palbearers were instructed to bury the corps in the half-full whole.
Another fact that you need to know is, muslim don’t use a coffin. We’re buried only with the accompanion of a couple of white sheets to cover our body. And when the body is taken to the burial site, the fabric was tied in three places: above the head, on the hips, and at the ankle. We tie the body for two reasons: to keep the sheet attached to the body and to maintain the body to a praying position(if you see an asian muslim prays. The position when he prays in the first part o the prayer—standing—is the position he will be buried. We will be buried with our arm on our belly and feet close to each other. We will be lied like that on our right with our body facing mecca).
Back to the story, they take the body down on it’s right, facing mecca. Some woods are used to keep this position. When the palbearers took the wooden board, suddenly the body floated in the surface of the water. Working in a rush, the palbearers must kept the body in the ‘position’ and also took the board. So, they use the feet. They took the body down again with their feet and took the board with the hand. After the body in the position, they got the board in place. Now, the body would stay in position. The soil digged in again. Everything was settled, everyone was happy. Not yet...
Between the ‘positioning’ of the body and the ‘positioning of the wood, there is one more ritual to do, untied the corps. They forgot this...
Everyone went back home but soon got together again in langgar(little mosque). One more ritual after burial. In mass, they read surra Yassin, one of the surra/chapter from the Qur’an. The use is separated into two: some say we read it so the dead’s condition in the cemetery will be full of light, but the more modern muslim says it’s for the one whom left by the dead, to give spiritual and psychological help to ease the pain. Everyone were reading their own holy Qur’an.
Then, one man stopped. Followed by the person next to him. They were freaked out. The corps(oh, yeah. A body which is wrapped by the sheet is called pocong. And some old stories is told about a ghost of this pocong came back to life) was standing in the front of the room. “almost transparent”, my dad said. The pocong stood there with the tie in the ‘three places’. Everyone runned from the room. Except those old people who was to weak to run and the langgar keeper. My father said that the keeper although scared to death managed to stand in front of the ghost of the corpses. “untied m I can’t rest easily with this rope.”, the ghost said, witnessed by the villagers whose looking through the window. The mosque keeper said yes, then the ghost disappear. Yes, almost forty people saw the ghost.
In the next morning, the villagers went back to the cemetery and open the whole again, untied the corps and nothing bothers the villagers in the form of this pocong anymore.
When i heard this story or re-telled it, the hair behind my back are always raised. Like now. It’s a glad i’ve finished this story although no one is in my house when i started. My parents are in the city beside Jakarta to look one of the witness who will passed out soon(no relation with this story).
Conclusion: muslims don’t believed in ghost if people told it as a spirit which come back to world to spoke what they wanted. The soul of every dead are rest in peace after they die. We(my dad and I) believed that that pocong was a geenie which we muslims(islam believer) called an accompanion geenie. An accompanion geenie is a geenie which accompany each human in this world. The geenie and the human gives effect to each other. If one is so bad, than it’s company can be bad, vice versa. Because this geenie is borned everytime a human is borned, they sometimes take a same shape with the human it accompany. And sometimes it doesn’t realized that they are different individual with the human before they die and some times after the human’s death. So, if you see one of your family in your house when they are supposed to be far from you, you are seeing your family’s geenie. That’s what happened too after someone’s death. The geenie’re sometimes felt lonely and go to the people it known. Like this case, the geenie knows what happened to it’s company and want it’s friend(maybe it thinks themself) to be free from the rope. Because a tied muslims are believed to be rest un-easily.
Sorry for the english.



I live in rural Indiana. My house dates back to the late 1800's, it is an old farmhouse. But the focus isn't on the house, it's on our rather large barn. A while back, probably in the 70's, an old man lived out there. They even put a bathroom out there. When he died, the literally through all of his stuff in the hay loft, even his medication. I feel he is unhappy. My friend and I were exploring the barn on new years day. All was normal except for the occaisional "odd" feelings. We were coming near this hole in the ground that goes under the barn, when I was violently pushed, I then fell over a small gated  with my ankle wedged between it. It couldn't have been my friend. He was in front of me. My house also has some paranormal activities, but thats a different story.

Motorcycle Angels

It took me a long time to finally write about this because I hate to think about what could have happened to my husband. We got married on January 25, 2001,  but had our ceremony on February 23, 2001. Well, on our ceremony day I bought him a brand new motorcycle to give to him as a present. Bad thing was that he did not know how to ride and fell in the parking lot. So, he called his friend "B" and he came to deliver the bike to the house. He was like a best friend to Mike (my husband). I remember Mike was driving his bike up and down the street and he told me "He has to be careful on that thing, people do not respect bikes anymore." I was like, "I hope he is careful on it." Well three months went by and in May "B" died on his bike. Now the funny thing is that Mike was with him at the stoplight waiting to go north on main street, but at that time we had a DJ service and he had one that night. I called him on his cell telling him off and threatened to leave him when he got home. He came home all mad and said, "As soon as I take a shower I am leaving with "B" again, and I was like fine, go." About 10 minutes passed when his cousin Tony called from the DJ and said that they had canceled the party, but we could keep the money. I told Mike and he said OK I am on my way. Well, he left at 9:30 PM, and when he came back to unload the fire department siren went off (both "B" and Mike were Captains at the time). Mike took off in the rescue truck and asked what was going on, all they told him was motorcycle accident, man down. Well, when he got there his buddies from the police station did not want to let him through, but he managed to get in and that is when he saw "B" on the floor. A 16 year old drunk driver was making a left turn on the main street and though he did see him, he thought he could beat him, but as he was turning "B" stuck his passenger door and flew forty feet. He was not wearing a helmet.....but that is not what killed he landed his pelvis tore a main artery and he bled to death. B told Mike, "Tell my wife I love her and take care of my kids" and "Mike, I will always protect you where ever you are." At 1: 30 a.m. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Mike was devastated and his funeral was so sad..they paged him on the fire department pager one last time.....everyone was crying by that point.  Come two months (July 1) later Mike and I had just gotten home from a bike ride and he said I will be right back I am going to put gas and then we will get a bite to eat. I was like OK, but do not take long. There are two ways to get to the gas station, one is through old 83 (we live in the Rio Grande Valley, TX) and through a back road. Since he had left I went to my grandma's and waited for him to call me. Not even five minutes had passed when he called and said he had been in an accident. He crashed half a block from my grandma's house, so I took off and when I got there the bike was standing up and he was on the side, bleeding from his elbow and then he said "Nicole, I cannot feel my legs." At that point I started crying and went up to the 16 year old girl that had made and illegal U-turn just to look at some boys at the park..."If my husband dies, you die." Well, we went to the emergency room and we were there 12 hours, most of them he was in cat-scan. Two Christmases ago (2002) we went to my dad's house and there he told me, my dad, and my grandmother an amazing story. He said he knew he was going to hit the car and fly over...he down shifted to third gear (he was going about 30 miles per hour) but all of a sudden he felt two hands on his shoulders and he flew off the bike towards his right side and the bike hit the car. He fell on his elbows and knees and then he landed on his butt. At that point he got up and saw two bikers coming from west and he said they looked like the old bikers (something like the guys from the movie Easyriders). They had big old motorcycles with no license plates...he said that the bikes made no sound eventhough they were on. They helped him cross the street and picked up his bike and told Mike that they had to go because they had no license plates and the cops were coming. By that time he was already calling me on the phone, and I remember that I heard in the background some weird noises, but I can assure you it was not human..just a bunch of static. He says that they took off fast towards the East, but they made no noise.......I was coming from the East side and I saw Mike on the curb but I did not see any bikers or they did not pass me or I heard no sound. Mike says he clearly saw me in the truck and he saw the bikers zoom by me. I asked around to see if any one had seen anyone pick up his bike and everyone said that all that they remember is Mike hopping 3 feet in the air from his bike and then saw him and his bike on the other side. It is like time stopped and these angels came and saved his life. I know it was B and another fellow biker named David who had recently died in a motorcycle accident as well. I was going to be a widow at 18. I cry just thinking what could have been and it makes me realize that life is precious and it could be gone so quickly. I am writing this to honor B and other bikers who have died riding motorcycles..and to thank them for saving my husbands life. Thanks for giving him a second chance at life............GOD sent them to help him and realize that angels do exist.

Live Oak Inn Restaurant


Hi! my name is Nichole. I have worked at the restaurant called Live Oak Inn for several months now and all the employees have been talking about our ghost lately. I have been interested in ghosts a long time and am extremely interested in this specific haunting. There have been a few things that have lead me to believe that our waitress ghost is real and she is mad. I have heard the story but would like to read it myself. If you could send me the information you have on this haunting I would appreciate it very much so. Well, that poor girl was murdered by the cook and another man is in jail for the murder. She was left in a car trunk, dead, for days, I would be pi++ed of too.
My experience with her is not too intense, but interesting. The first thing that I noticed working there was that she still walks around the dinning area. We recently brought in a door bell thing so we know when our orders are up and I don't think she likes it very much. On the other hand she could really like it because there may be no one in the kitchen and the door bell will go off in a little chime song instead of the normal "ding dong" that it does when someone is back in the kitchen and pushes it. Lately that has been happening a lot more. Ever since there has been more talk about her and the happenings around the restaurant. The second thing that happened was with one of the old fashion soda cans that we have up on a shelf thing. I was standing there with a group of friends and siblings and all of a sudden there was a loud noise like a baseball bat hitting one of the soda cans. Then, one of the soda cans almost hits my little sister in the head. When I picked up the soda can there wasn't a dent on it. I put it back and we went on with our business and all I could think about all night was what is going to happen next.

Vengeful Witch


In 1990 my aunt went on a trip to the New England states. Now I feel I must
explain that few people on this earth are less "sensitive" than her. Martha
Stewart is a Hindu guru compared to my aunt F.  She and her husband stopped
for lunch in a small town in New Hampshire at this bed and breakfast. They
ordered coffee and some sort of pork in cream sauce. Their coffee arrived,
he poured the cream into his cup, it was fine. She poured from the same
pitcher into hers, it curdled. The waitress brought her fresh coffee.   All
through the meal the candle flame on their table kept going up and down, up
and down. Their lunch arrived and again the sauce on hers was curdled and
his was fine. Other little things kept happening until finally my aunt
demanded an explanation. The girl said "It must be our ghost. Funny,she
usually only bothers men." My aunt left thinking "What a bunch of hooey."
Then outside they stopped to read the historical marker outside the B & B.
It told the story of Eunice "Goody" Cole, who was tried as a witch in the
1600s. Goodwife Cole was not executed, but she was imprisoned for years and
her property confiscated. The monument listed the town's elders or
magistrates or some such thing that were responsible for Mrs Cole's trial
and it included the name Moulton . Nanny B, my aunt's mother, was a Moulton
. Our Moulton ancestors  were United Empire Loyalists that fled to Canada
from the New England states. Goody Cole is apparently quite well documented
on the web. My aunt was very glad she had not decided to spend the night in
the inn.


Swan Lake Cemetary

Back in October of 2003, myself and two others investigated Swan Lake Cemetary in Hibbing, Minnesota.  We arrived at the cemetary at 9:30 p.m. and we walked around the cemetary asking ghosts if we could take pictures of them.  We heard footsteps walking in the grass next to us but we couldn't see anything.  We brought camera's and a tape player with us and although we didn't get anything on audio tape we photographed several star-like images up to a dozen in each picture.  It is unlike anything we've ever seen in any books or online.  the stars actually have prongs that stretch out from the center.  Have you ever seen anything like these before??  We heard about Swan Lake from this site and are looking forward to investigating this place more thoroughly.  Please feel free to email us if you'd like me to send you copies of these pictures.



Well somthing weird is going on in my house and I need to know what is going on....FIrst of all, I probably know what started it. It was probably the coolest, not to mention kinda stupidist thing I have ever did. I tried out a ouiji board with my friend, and it didn't work, but afterwords when I did it alone, which I know I shouldn't have done, it worked. But the only ting that happened was the glass thingy moved to the moon. When my mom woke up and her buzzer was going off, she got up and her another buzzer ringing. She walked into the kitchen to find that the microwave timer went the exsact time she woke up. Then I called my mom the next day to let her know I was home, and I then hung up the phone on the charger, I was home alone. I then went to go take a shower and got ready. Then I opened my bathroom door and there was the phone on the ground...then it rung, it turned out to be my mother and I told her what happened. The next couple of days were fine, and I thought nothing of anything that went on, but then my friend came over again, the same friend that tried the ouiji board with, and we were reading magazines on my bed in my room,then my c.d. boom box went off along with the fire alarm....freaky huh?


Minor Experience


Right, first of all my story's not that great or scary but it did happen and nothing was there to have caused this so here goes.
One night in january, It was late and i had nothing to do so i stay up late. Around 1:00 a.m. I was getting bored and decided to go to sleep. I like leaving the blinds open so that light gets in, and the blinds were closed. I got up tp open the blinds, and after I open them, I hear a really loud SHHH! coming right next to my ear! I was a bit spooked by this so i just think nothing of it and went to bed. About 10 minutes later I heard voices coming from the living room. I went to see who was there, but everyone was asleep. I was getting freaked out so I sleep with the ight on. I awoke at around 5:51 and as soon as I woke up I felt something wasn't right. It was feeling that someone was staring at you, And when I turn on the light to see who's there, everything seems fine and the feelings no longer there. I see this as strange because in the past 2 years that we've had this house noth
g like this has ever happened before. Maybe it was one of them wandering spirits?


Jaybees Experience


this experienced was told by a young kid named "Jaybee Rogando" in our barangay in nagrebcan luna la union philippines, this 11 yrs old kid usually a friend of mine said that when me and he were in the front of our house, we are telling stories and having conversation it is getting dark that time and when he noticed that it is getting darker he decide to go home and permission to leave because his mother might looking for him so i let him go and tell him to take care, my house and their house is little bit far, he will ussually walk and pass through the forest, it is scary because it is believed to be haunted told by our co-residence, when i left and when jaybee is on his way to home,when he pass through the forest he is preety scared  and think he was watched so when he turned his head in the leftside of the forest, he was shock, he saw a lady in white standing in the center of the trees and woods, he is scared and run fast as he can, when morning comes, he told me his scary chilling experienced to me and he also pointed the actual place where he saw a lady... i don't know who is the lady but i heard from my grandfather that many ladies were raped and killed by the japanesse armies in that forest when japan invades philippines... that's all thanks for reading...

I Have Seen a Ghost


My name is Tara and I live in Plymouth Ma.  Although many people dont believe me or think that it was just simply a woman I randomly saw walking the beach I know it was a ghost.  For many years I have been interested in ghosts and paranormal activity I would take pictures of my house and around my yard randomly just trying to find orbs.  My friends aunt is an astrologer and in her spare time she also reads tarot cards ( so does my friend Christin) who told me that I could feel when things were out of place or when I wasn't alone.  One day I was doing my normal Friday Family thing at Marc Anthonies Pizziera in Onset.  I walked out to the terest(sp) as ussual and sat down but the thing that was diffrent about today was there was already a lady sitting there.   She wa very beautiful and dressed in all white.  I asked her a little about her and she said she was supposed to get married but the plans were changed.  The woman told me she had to go and started walking toward Onset beach I said good bye and looked away and no sooner did I go to ask her name before she left and she had vanished.  As soon as I got home I quickly started seaching webpages for haunted places in Onset a few places listed Onset beach and tell of a lady wearing all white walking the beach and talking to beach goers

Headless Ghosts

This happened to me when I was four years old.  We lived in a small house in Robbinsdale, Minnesota.  While I was in my bed sleeping I would wake up around one oclock in the morning and see headless figures walking around the bedroom.  I shared this room with my older and younger brother.  Niether of them ever saw these figures.  One night my Mom came into the room to check on my younger brother who was still in a baby crib.  I could see the figures coming into the room and standing by the crib.  I told my Mom they are right there and would point to them with my finger.  She would look around and tell me it was my imagination playing tricks on me and I should lay down and go to sleep.  This continued for about a year until we moved to Coon Rapids.  Once we had left the house I stopped seeing these figures.  For years I thought that I was just imagining things until I found some friends who like you have an understanding of the paranormal.  Although, I've never been back to this home I have driven past it a couple of years ago.

Florence Ky


I would just like to let you know about the authenticity of the claim that Yaley Elementary School is haunted.  This past summer my father was on the remodeling crew that helped remodel that caffeteria... No one was decapitated during this job.  And if this was a previous remodel that this accident had taken place, I personally know the leader of the Boone County School Maintanence Dept. and he has been the leader for several several years and he knows of no such thing... Plus when my father was on the remodeling crew at Yaley I helped run security for it at wee hours of the morning because due to the remodeling the school had several holes in walls and was easy to access from the outside... most of this time the maintanence crew was outside patrolling the area, I on the other hand was inside the school ALONE... for several nights and many times was in that part of the building and heard and saw nothing... The only reason I am sending you this is because I take stuff like this very seriously, I started ghost hunting early as a kid after watching ghostbusters... If I want people to take me seriously I would want my information to be accurate... As for the supposed things happening on Big Bone Rd... Well sir I will tell you this, my aunt and uncle live on that road and have about 3 acres... I have been going there several times a year since I was born and never have heard or saw anything out of the ordinary... I have lived in Florence all my life and I can tell you that both of these are false...  I dont mean to critisize but like I said if you want people to take you serious, you have to make sure that your information is accurate.



i have a ghost that my friend and i have discovered recently. We were taking a walk in the area i keep my horse. It's about five acres big. There is a fence that seperates mine and my neighbors property, but he opened it over the summer so that my animals could walk back and forth. My friend and i reached the fence that seperates the land and she stopped. "What's that?" she asked me. all i heard was my neighbors dogs and i told her it was nothing, but she claimed to hear a mans voice chanting and another noise, really close. After another two steps or so i thought that i heard something that sounded like a drum. My friend told me that was what she heard earlier. It sounded like it was coming from a big drop off that used to shelter a civil war railroad. We crept over to the very edge of the dropoff, and it seemed loudest there. We couldn't see anything so we left, but we continued to hear the drumming. After we left the area it stopped. I want to go and see if anything is there, like a rune on the walls of the ditch (they're made of rock).

Work Ghost

This is my third story entry and it's about a ghost? where I work at.  First a little background.  I work at a convenience store just outside of town.  Although the store is no more than a mile or so from town, the area around it is fairly quiet and deserted at night, which is of course the shift I work.
The store has been around for quite a while and used to be a full service station.  Some of you may remember them.  Attendants actually pumped your gas, cleaned the windows, checked oil, things like that.  They also had two service bays for working on cars.  The station has been around since the late fifties or early sixties and in the mid seventies a large company bought the station and remodeled it into the c-store that it is now.
I worked there once before in the mid nineties and found myself back at the station a little over three years ago.  The first time I worked there I didn't really pay attention to anything that happened there that might have been considered strange, mainly because I hadn't heard any stories of any strange occurances from my co-workers or the customers.  That changed a year and a half ago but it is also why I put the question mark by ghost at the beginning, I'm not sure if it's a ghost or just very weird coincidences.
Well anyway, a friend of mine happened to stop in and we had been chatting for a few minutes when the subject of ghosts came up.  I had told her that my abnormal psych professor had made the comment that possessions couldn't be ruled out in all cases of apparent mental problems and she said "oh yeah, and what do you think about Charlie?"  I must have gotten a confused look because then she said "you know, Charlie, the ghost here at *****."
She told me that she had heard that one of the workers from back when the station was still full service had suffered a fatal heart attack at work and ever since then the station had been haunted although Charlie's appearances were few and far between.  "So" I replied, "there is a ghost named Charlie that haunts this place?"
"Yeah, haven't you ever had anything happen while you have been working?"
I shook my head and said no and no sooner did the words leave my lips than an oil bottle fell off the shelf.  My friend went over and picked it up and was smiling as she walked back up to the counter.  "See, Charlie is letting you know he's around."
I indicated that with the way the bottles were stocked on the shelf that it could have been unbalanced and finally tipped over at just the right time.  "Purely a coincidence" I indicated, "they happen all the time."
Me and my big mouth.  Right after I said that, once again a bottle jumped off the shelf, only this time it was a bottle of power steering fluid.  After that I had to admit that having the same coincidence happen twice within a couple of minutes had astronomical odds.  My friend left shortly after that and ever since I have heard odd noises and had things fall off the shelves that shouldn't have been able to fall, at least not three times in a row like has happened a couple of times.  Four or five times since then I have been standing outside checking trash and could have sworn that I heard the phone ringing.  I make a mad dash inside to answer the phone only to find nothing.  No phone ringing, dial tone when I pick it up, everything normal.  Other times I have been in cleaning the bathrooms and heard the door open like someone walked in and went out to find the store and parking lot empty.  I'm still working there and I still have things like that happen on occasion.  So what do you think, ghost or really strange coincidences.



It's been a long time since I've even talked about this, so please bear with me...
It is not uncommon in my family to see ghosts. My Aunt, Grandfather, and I are all what you would call "sensitives" although we do not call ourselves that. Until I was about 8 or so, my mother, younger brother, and I lived with my grandparents in an old house above what used to be an appliance store.
Now, to understand these stories, you must first know what I know about the history of the house. The woman who lived there before us died on the toliet. I am not making this up. You must also understand the layout of this house. Since it was above an old store, you would have to go around the back of the house, up the steps to the porch and enter the house through the kitchen. From the kitchen you would enter the dining room (although we did not use it as such) and then the living room. Off of the livi room, there was a strange little room that was made into a play room for me that was made of nothing but windows on 3 sides. The stairs to the third floor were in the dining room and right at the top of the steps was the bathroom. There was a small landing and two doors - one that led to the bedroom next to the bathroom and one that led to my grandparents room. You had to walk through my grandparents room to get to the third bedroom.
The room next to the bathroom was set up as my bedroom, but I refused to sleep there for as long as I could remember. Everytime I would try, I would have a dream where I was being attacked and wake up screaming - running through my grandparents room to get to the room that my mother slept in. Finally, I was moved in there with her, but the dreams didn't stop. I had scarlet fever when I was 5, and that was when things took a strange turn. I remember waking up and seeing the face of an old woman sitting next to my bed, watching me nervously. She wasn't my grandmother, but her friends had been in and out, so I just thought she was one of them. Later when I woke up I asked my Nana who had been here to see me and she said no one.
After that was when I first remember hearing the voices. There were two of them at first - male and female - and they came from the dining room area. Now, this was where we kept these dolls that my father (who was in the Navy) had sent me from Spain. I had always been afraid of these dolls (I still am, as a matter of fact - so much so that they are packed away in my grandparents' basement) and hearing the voices coming from where they sat didn't help matters. They would tell me things or just talk amongst themselves. Eventually, a third voice joined the party - the voice of an old woman. I was about 6 or so and sitting in the living room while my Nana was out in the kitchen. I asked her a question and heard someone answer me, but I couldn't make out what was being said. So I got up and went to the kitchen (performing my ritual of squashing myself gainst the wall to be as far away from the talking dolls as possible) to ask her what she said. She hadn't even heard me ask the question. I went back into the living room in time to see the door to the playroom open and close, as if someone was walking through it.
I am not the only person who had strange experiences in that house. As I said, my grandfather is also sensitive to these things. One Christmas, Poppop had fallen asleep on the sofa in the living room and was woken to the sound of the train under the tree turning itself on and running around the track. Years later, when I was a teenager, he told me he saw an older lady one night in my room next to the bathroom when he got up to go in the middle of the night. My Aunt live d with us when she was pregnant with her first child and felt someone grab her by the ankles and drag her out of bed right before her water broke. She also heard someone singing to comfort my colicky cousin - it was the voice of an old woman.
My mother and grandmother never experienced any of this - at least not that they admit to. My mom does tell stories of finding me holding conversations with people who weren't really there and she still questions my fear of those dolls. After we moved out of that house, we lived in another for about a year where I would nightly see a figure all in white walk into my room, past my bed, and right into the closet - whether the door was open or not, and it rarely was. My step father worked third shift while we lived there and one evening after he woke up, he asked my mother who had been slamming the door all day. My mother replied no one, because none of us had been in the house all day - in fact, we had walked in only 5 minutes before he woke up. He said that he had had trouble sleeping all day long because he kept hearing someone slamming the front door. We have been in our current house for about 14 years now and I have not had that feeling I get when there is "someone" else around - and trust me, I can tell! I have spent the ni t at friends' houses and not been able to sleep because I have that feeling.
I hope none of this sounds weird to you. Writing it down has made me realize how strange some of this sounds, but I swear that it is all true to the best of my memory. Thank you for listening.



My husband often tells the story of his early dating life. He was seeing a
young woman, we'll call her Jan, who lived in a home with her parents and
sisters. One night, my husband was visiting and the family had gone to bed
The only stairway to go upstairs was in plain view of the living room, so no
one could have come downstairs or gone to the kitchen without being noticed
by the young couple.
He and Jan were sitting on the couch smooching when a sound came from the
kitchen. The two went to investigate and Jan found a hand-held crank-style
can opener on the floor next to the table. She muttered something about
"Cedric" and placed the can opener on the kitchen table.
The couple resumed necking in the living room when the noise was heard
again. On returning to the kitchen, the can opener was found under the
kitchen table. Jan searched around the entire downstairs, talking to her
younger twin sisters and making threats about them playing jokes on her and
her boyfriend.
But there was no one there. Everyone was upstairs sound asleep.
Jan placed the can opener in the precise center of the kitchen table.
My future husband, by this time, was quite nervous, and asked her what was
going on. Jan explained that Cedric was their ghost and he had lived in the
house with her and her family as long as she could remember. He was
harmless, she explained, but often did odd, disturbing things, banging
things around, hiding things, being a nuisance.
My husband returned reluctantly to the couch with Jan, but they weren't
there but a few moments when the sound of the can opener falling from the
table was clearly heard.
He made an excuse and left the house. I don't believe he ever visited there

Childhood Memories


I grew up in this very old 2 story house in Coldwater Mich. This house had the upstairs converted into a small apartment. My bedroom was a small porch on the backside of the house. The porch had this open doorway that went into the kitchen and a concrete stairway that led into the basemet. My age was around 6 or 7 when most of these problems occured. Many nights I was awoke by howling sounds coming from the registar grate near my bed. This was very strange because the heating system had been turned off. One night this sound came through the grate and as it stopped I felt someone sitting along side me on the bed while I laid there wide awake. I slept with my head covered because I was very scared.I laid there awake and didnt move an inch. Finally I tried to move but found out my arms were being held down. Then I felt this terrible pain as something was grabbing my sides. I tried to scream but nothing came out. The howling sound started again and I knew that whatever attacted me was now leaving. I woke very early just around daylight one morning to a stange noise. I looked over a the open doorway that led into the kitchen area and noticed a lady standing in the doorway spraying something out of a can . The person had no facial expression and apeared to be part of a cloudy haze. I watched as this figure stood there motionless spraying that stuff. The figure staired strait ahead without moving an inch. I covered my head and a while later I got the nerve up to uncover my head and noticed the image had left. I questioned my mother that day and she told me it wasnt her and that I must have had a bad dream. I told her I was wide awake at the time. My father drank a lot and always made fun of me when I tried to explain what I saw. My parents converted the upstairs apartment back to a bedroom. I then moved upstairs and this put an end to my problems. I remember what happened like it was yesterday and often wonder what might have happened in that house to make the spirits so active. I often wonder why I was the only one who had these problems in the house. I have been visited by othe spirits in other houses I have lived in but they were short term events. This isnt something I wrote to get your attention. These things really happened to me and I am a firm beleiver in the spiritual afterlife. I sometimes wonder if im going to be one of those lost spirits myself because I seem to be magnetic to them. I know that im not alone because some of of the stuff I have read comes very close to what happened to me.




My Name is Sherry, I live in Georgia and have always believed to a certain point of ghost etc but I have NEVER experienced anything personally until now.    The last few days I have been floored to my findings.   My neighbor directly accross the street from me (Denny) had huntington desease and has recently passed away.   His family has been dealing with cleaning out his home and removing his belongings etc, Denny was a huge antique collector and they were everything to him make a long story short.....several people including myself have felt brisk air run through us in his home and I began taking numberous photos with my digi camera and couldnt believe my 1 photo to left is this VERY bright figurene  type light that Ive seen on ghost sites and to the left was CLEARLY Dennys face.
clearly there is the eye sockets but no eyes and his nose teeth and his long ruff grey beard...everyone in that family as seen this and began to tremble for they too saw it and says its exactly him.....this was in the open doorway outside on his porch with no lights.......I and others are now a true believer.....also in the house in his bedroom and favorate rooms theres hundreds of orbs.    If you have any intrest I will gladly share my photos with you.   My husband who has never believed in ghost etc ....does now for seeing it himself.

Hauntings at my nan's

I live in guildford just like my nan and spend every weekend at her house.The only problem is that it is haunted by unknown sprits. It would all date back to before I was born.
It was late one night about 30 years a go and my nan was downstairs (my grandad was at work and my Mum and 2 uncle's were upstairs in bed asleep (they were between 12-7). When she heard footsteps coming down the stairs. She thought it was one of the kids and shouted for them to go back to bed then they stoped dead. She left it for a second or two before going to check who it was. She looked and there was no one there. She went upstairs to check they were all awake and messing around but they all were fast asleep.
The second  haunting was about a year later and my nan was down stairs in the living room and again my Grandad wasn't there. In the room above her she heard a loud thud like something heavy or big being thrown across the room. She went upstairs into what at that time was my two Uncle's room, only one was there (the other at a friends for the night). She went in and he was sound asleep and nothing appearred to have moved.
The next recent event afterwas when my Mum was in her late teens. She was playing basketball with her mate out the on the pavement in the back garden when she just happened to look up into her bedroom window (now the study) . There glaring down at her was a girl wearing a white frilly night-gown about 7-8 years of age. She remained there only about a second or so before disappearing.
Most recent events have been the volume bar on the T.V in the living room going down. My Nan thought my Grandad was sitting on the romote control when she spotted it was on the other side of the sofa next to her. She turned it back upan remained watching then the volume bar came up and start to go down again, she turned it up again. After that it did not do it again.
Another recent event would be me and my friend doing and experiment in the Study to see if the mouse clicks by it's self. We set up my karoke machine with a tape and placed the mic right in front of the mouse buttons. We both left the room and went into the loft conversion, this was so no one could creep in there and ruin are experiment. When my sister came up stairs we went in there and stopped recording. We  listened to the tape a heard the mouse click numerous times. This freaked us out a bit.
Other things have been hearing people walk across the landing when there is no one there, Sensing someone is there (spirts ?),  heavy breathing coming from a wardrobe ( Now has stopped), a dead cat found under some floorboards decopsing (looked like it had been there months) there was no way it could have got there). My dog also used to bark behind the T.V and up the stairs at nothing.And finally my Nan's now deseased dog used to stand at the bottom of the stairs growling and then shoot forward barking.
Things aren't as bad but we still have are sightings and goings on. Hope you injoyed this, I certainly did finding out about these.



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