I am Glad I get to Experiences these Things

By: kalaschi@comcast.net

         I am from massachusetts and  I have had experiences with ghosts all my life but never really thought of them as such untill a few years back. the earliest experience I remember was when I was 6 years old.1982  My room had 2 windows one facing the middle of town and the other facing my back yard (no lights) well my bedroom door faced the backyard window so no light would shine in at night, well one night i thought i heard something so I looked up and looked at the door and saw a white figure peeking out from behind the door. at first I thought it was a light from my window that faced town because of the lights so I dismissed it. The next night I didnt see it and I never thought about it untill a few nights later when again I herd a noise and looked up and saw the same figure well being so young and brave I got up and went to the window (facing the town) and figured my shawdow would block the light well to my surprise it didnt so I went to the other window and again my shawdow did not block the so called light needles to say I jumped in bed and covered myself up. After that I wouldnt sleep in my room anymore. We moved shortly after and we lived in a 2 family home(1983-1985 on the first floor the owner lived upstairs alone with his miniture poodle well about a few months there i started hearing this howling noise comming from our stove all the time and my room was off the kitchen so i heard it all the time. I told my mom and she just said that it was the landlords dog and I believed her because it kinda sounded like a dog well aboiut 6 months later the dog was put down and about 2 to 3 days later I heard the same howling noise again well I was so scared I could barelt sleep at night I again told my mom and she dismissed it and told me not to tell anyone. well we then moved to No. woodstock NH to my grandfathers house . I had never seen anything there but my mother had seen a ghost walk from her bedroom acroos the kitchen turned and looked at her at that moment she ran to turn the light on and it was gone. What really scared her was that when he looked at her he was standing behind a ladder that went to our loft it had a board behind it so when you put the ladder up it covered the ceiling well she saw his face through the board. Come to find out while we were going through old pictures and it was the origional owner of the house. We moved a few more times and nothing really weird happened untill 1991 when we moved to methuen and the house we lived in used to be an old milking barn. Well Late at night when I would use the bathroom when I looked in the mirror I would see my face but very distorted a few time i just thought it was because I was out drinking with my friends but a few times it happened when I wasnt. My dads camcorder would turn off and on without the battery in it. My sister who was 3 or 4 would see glow in the dark people she called them walking around in her room. My brother and sister would always end up sleeping in my parents room. When I moved out I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment. I had a spirit that would turn my water in the bathroom on and twice it turned my gas stove on. I used a oija board to see what it was and supposedly his name was Zachary and he was a little boy well he never really bothered me again but I think he followed me again to my next house I lived in. well thats what I figured because small things would happen like the apartment before. Well for the next few years I was spirit free untill 2002 the house i am in now I havent heard or seen anything but I always have that feeling of someonethere, things go missing then reappear in weird places I have experienced sleep parylis I am not terrified but I get scared and nervous at times. So far everything is fine and Im gld I get to experience these things. Thank you for this site and letting me have a place to write my experiences.I love your site I always visit it.

Haunted Places - Nebraska

By: chrism@acton.com

I was checking the list of haunted places in Nebraska, and was shocked to
read that my son's former place of employment was listed.  He'd worked at
Speed Indoor Racing for about 9 months.  He'd never mentioned anything
happening there, so I asked him if he'd ever experienced anything.  Not
being the kind of individual to take events too much to heart, he started
telling me that on the 2nd floor where the offices were located it was
constantly cold.  He said it never mattered how hot the rest of the building
was, the office section was cold.  He said there were 2 offices that were
locked and no one ever entered them.  No one would ever give him an answer
as to why they remained locked.  One night he and several co-workers were in
the employee break room after hours playing games, and they heard someone
run down the hallway pounding on all the doors and walls.  They were all
there in the room, no one was ever located inside the building besides the



When I was stationed at Fort Benning we lived in a large old house on main post in an area called the "Iron Triangle", built in the 1930s.  Every night between 11 PM and 1 AM we would hear someone walking down the stairs.  At times in the large bed room you could feel someone looking at you, and on occasion, when sleeping, you could feel someone pressing their hand to your back.  At night on some occasions the door to the small bed room would slam shut.  A very spooky house.
I have been told by the Post's Commanding general's wife at the time that the old mansion is haunted by the daughter of a former commander whose daughter committed suicide in the house in the 1950s.

My Guardian Angel

By: blondgirl8@netzero.net

First let me tell you how much I love your website. My story is not so much a tale of a ghost sighting, it's more about love reaching out from beyond the grave. My sister in law Lisa & I were extremely close from the first time we met. She passed away very suddenly at the age of 30 ( 8 years ago in November). My family was devastated, we were very close as I said, I felt like I had lost my best friend.
About a year after she had passed I had gone to the cmemtary to visit her & as always was talking her, telling how things were.
Before I left her I told her I just needed her to give me a sign, something anything to let me know she was ok & happy & that she was at peace & was where she was supposed to be. I told her if she could just do that for me then I would be ok & I could go on.
About a week had gone by & nothing happened, no sign, nothing out of the ordinary. I was beginning to tell myself to stop looking for things.
The Saturday after my trip to the cemetary I was at work ( I worked in a bank at the time ) we were closing & one of the tellers had a difference so I went over to help. I began counting her cash drawer & when I got to her singles she had a bunch of them so I ran
them through the money counter. The pile of singles got jammed & as I took them off the counter one bill lay face up on the machine, it had two words written on it ( in strangely familiar writing I might add) it said.....ANGEL LISA .
I never questioned that angels exist after that, and I know now that love stays with you even after death.
Thanks for letting me share this...

My Real Haunted Story


Hi my name is Halea from Indiana, and I was looking at your web site.  I have always been very interested in paranormal activities throughout the United States all   my life. I am only 19 years old but love to hear real ghosts stories, even my family knows I do. When I was 11 years old my grandmother died of cancer, my fathers mother.  My father grew up in Haubstadt Indiana, a little town near Evansville and Princeton.  On the night of my grandmothers memorial service  in 1995, my sister and I was sleeping in her house on the sofa of her living room.  It was a sectional couch and I could see in the hall way and somewhat in the kitchen, my sister could only see toward the front window in front of her.  My grandfather was sleeping in his room down the hall, which I could see perfectly and my parents were sleeping in the next room.  I never saw anyone come through the hall way, but suddenly I heard foot steps in the kitchen, a chair scoot out from the table, and a coffee cup being set on the kitchen table.  I also heard playing cards being shuffled as she did every morning when she played solitaire.  I was really scared at that moment.  I told my mother the next week and she told my father.  My father informed me later that my uncle heard her voice one night telling him that she was alright and don't worry about her.  This is not my only encounter with paranormal activates.  I will write more about the other experience later.  Thanks for your interesting web site,

 Sensivity Passed

By: tryche517@hotmail.com

I am so glad that I am able to talk about the crazy things that have happend in my home that my family lived in.  My husband and my three children were living in an older apartment in Santa Clara,Ca.  First of all, when i had my youngest I hemmoraged and was told NOT to have anymore children for 5 years, as I would not be able to safely deliver.  But within a year after my daughter I became pregnant.  About this time I started to REALLY feel a negative entity around me and my kids(my husband just ignored things).  My 4 year old daughter at one time was being choked, where she ended up with marks litterally on her throat.  Soon after that my son(2 yrs old) was forcebly knocked off his bed while I was trying to get them both to sleep.
I had always felt it in my apt, but I am a sensitive so I basically just got used to it.  When I did end up getting pregnant again, after talking with my husband and doctors, I reluctantly opted to terminate it.  Within three days after I was being physically thrown from my bed(my husband worked third shift so he wasnt home during this time) and punched and scratched and litterally sat on.  I finally decided to tell it that I would not allow it to harm me and my children and that I was in control of everything and that I w ted it out if it wasnt gong to be a positive force.
 Things got better for a while and then I ended up having a child(in spirit) popping up in the apt.  THis one used to hide toys, mess with my shower curtain(I always lock my bathroom door when I am in the shower-PSYCHO got to me eh?) anyway, it would throw my clothes all over the room and flicker the lights to where I just wanted to hurry up and get rinsed and get out.  He was facsinated with my husband- he would yank at his shorts and pull his beard and at one point slapped him on the butt while he was getting changed.  He would play with my kids and they would talk to me about him(how I know its was a "him").  This one I just left alone...
We moved out and things are still crazy around my family.  My 12 year old(the 4 year old from before) is clairyvoyant, and actually finds delight in answering MY questions about" who and what" when I encounter a spirit.  I'm not sure if its her age or my open mindedness about all of this.  but I'm glad that my sensitivity is passed to her.  thanks again.

 Places in Rhode Island

By: Ramtail@aol.com

Deep in the woods of Foster, Rhode Island, along an old road lies the remains of the Ramtail Factory. This once thriving woolen factory was Foster’s largest attempt at a waterwheel driven mill so prominent of its day. Now, just stone foundations, the area still marks its place in time as Rhode Islands only officially haunted site as recognized in the 1885 State Census (page 36).
If one is traveling down Route 6 west from Providence, soon you will come to the Historical Hopkins Mill District. Ramtail Rd cuts across the thoroughfare and it is just before the Bridge, on your left you will see a field where the old road picks up to this most haunted locality. But! dare not venture alone or after the suns rays have fallen beyond where earth meets the sky for darkness cloaks the area with a sinister uncanny pith. It is there, in the eerie darkness, where the sounds of footsteps and the swinging of an old lantern can be heard as the ghost of Peleg Walker makes his eternal rounds watching over the decrepit ruins of the factory the same as he did in
The factory was founded by William Potter as a fulling mill in 1799.  Local farmers took their wool to be cleaned and prepared for cloth. It wasn't until 1813 when Potter bought more land to the south of the mill and took on a partner. That man was his son-in-law, Peleg Walker. Together they established the Foster Woolen Factory, more appropriately known as the Ramtail Factory, along the banks of the Ponagansett River.
It was now designated to weaving and spinning cloth. Every day  wagons rolled over the little
bridge which traversed the river laden with deliveries to and from the bustling complex. William Potter ran the business by day and Peleg was given the task of night watchman. As soon as the twilight hours reached the land, there was Peleg Walker, lantern in hand sauntering from  building to building keeping the nights concerns in harmony. When the sun began to rise, he would then finish his shift by ringing the large bell of the factory which beckoned the workers into their new work day. It was a good partnership until one day.
Somehow Potter and Walker had a dispute. There is no written record of what the argument was about although it was said to be over money. Whatever happened it was also known that the disagreement had enough impact on Peleg that he was quoted as saying that they would someday soon have to take the keys to the mill from a dead man’s pocket.
His promise was fulfilled when, on the morning of May 19, 1822, the echo of the work bell failed to permeate the air. The curious workers, along with Mr. Potter, arrived at the mill only to find it locked up. They broke into the main building where a grisly spectacle awaited them. There, hanging from the bell rope was Peleg Walker. In the pocket of the 35 year old Walker were the keys to the factory.
He was given a Christian burial in the family plot overlooking what is now Hopkin’s Mill Pond. Everything could continue as before, or so they thought.  A few nights later, the bell began tolling at the stroke of midnight. The awaken little hamlet apprehensively approached the mill. When they entered the building, the strange tolling ceased. After a search turned up nobody else in the structure, it was once again secured for the night. The pealing of the bell filled the air again the next night at the witching hour and, as before, with no evidence of foul play. The Potter’s, now in dismay, removed the rope but this did not stop old Peleg from his nightly succession. The phantom ringing invaded the dead of night once again and the Potter’s were forced to remove the bell once and for all.
One night, however, the villagers were awaken by a frightful disquiet. It was the mill running full tilt. The frightened inhabitants ogled in disbelief as the factory ran by its own volition. Every wheel, spindle, and loom was turning at  full tilt. Even the giant water wheel used to run the mill was turning opposite the flow of the stream!!! When the same incident took place a few nights later, the workers began to leave the cursed grounds for fear of their lives.
The ghost of Peleg Walker was soon to be seen by a few men walking by the factory one night. They witnessed the glowing nightshade walking about the mill buildings with a lantern in its hand. The men knew by its distinctive features that it was the spirit of Peleg Walker.
By now the struggling business was too far in debt to continue. No one would work in a haunted factory where the specter had hung himself. By 1850, the Ramtail factory was no longer open. The factory's demise is credited to the haunting of Peleg Walker in the Foster Historical records book in the Rhode Island Historical Library. The whole mill complex was burned to its foundations in the 1880’s by an immense blaze. It is these very foundations that still sit portentously in the thicket of Foster even as you read this narrative.
My investigations with the ghostly site began on a fall day in 1993 when I, and a friend visited the site via the old road which still runs passage through the forest. After crossing over the remnants of the old bridge, (now a flooded out  beaver dam) we came upon the ruins. Laid out precariously were several foundations and some small rusty artifacts. One foundation was very large in area. This was the main building. We now knew what to expect on our late night return.
It wasn't until several vigils did we witness a most hair raising spectacle. My friend, John, and I stood on the old road overlooking the main foundation when it happened! About 45 minutes had passed when we witnessed a glowing oblong ball of light emerge from behind the trees and hover in the air within the foundation. It stirred about within the foundation for about 40 seconds then continued on its way back into the trees. Later I would realize that the specter of light was hovering at the height of what was once the first floor of the factory.
Another nightly visit turned a few skeptics into trembling believers. As we stood in the eerie blanket of darkness, there slowly came near, the sound of a lantern swinging to and fro. Now it was right beside us passing by us and returning towards us again yet there was no visible form to be seen carrying the phantom torch as the creaking filled our ears causing the very hair on our necks and arms to stand tall. Another night at the coveted sight would give me the same show as before. Peleg was still making his rounds in the old factory just as he did in life. All were truly convinced that the Ramtail Factory is truly haunted.
We all think that Peleg still makes his eternal rounds of the same place he so lived in life. On his stone the inscription reads “Life how short eternity how long.” Has he been fated to follow those very words forever by haunting the site where he took his life? If so, then Ramtail factory will always be guarded by its watcher and even if you don’t see him, one visit and you yourself will be convinced that the factory is indeed still alive and full of spirit

UNCLASSIFIED other experiences.

By: Gemma.Cox@defence.gov.au

Hi I thought I'd send you some more of my experiences,
(last story insights into my future) well this all happened a few years
When I was going into my senior years of high school I was starting to feel
as though I didn't fit in. Don't get me wrong I had loads of friends but it
was more within me that I felt I needed some answers and to meet like minded
I joined a meditation group, we would meet once a week and each member of
the group would have a turn in giving a lesson. (we had healers, psychics,
naturopaths, hypnotherapists, counsellors. You name it we had all sorts)
over the span of the year we would learn about and experience crystal
healing, natural therapies, past life regression, tarot readings, astral
travel, aura photography, we learnt heaps everyone would contribute I was in
my element.
I also think this is what opened me up to what I am now.
When I began working for a company called global treasures, I had no idea
how many amazing people and non-physical people I would encounter.
I began to study healing (hands on and through the will of my mind) my boss
would help me by ordering in all the books I needed, I think the more I
learned spiritually ( tarot, crystals, palmistry, interpret aura's) must of
opened a gateway of some sort to the other dimensions.
I had a customer come in and tell me I needed to learn to defend myself, he
could sense many beings around me. My guardians were always close by, but
because the more spiritual I would become, the more attractive my energy
would be to more needy, less powerful spirits, and that could be potentially
dangerous because I was so spiritually advanced for my age, I could be taken
advantage of. I was sixteen turning seventeen and although some my age might
think this guy was crazy it made a lot of sense. I think my fun-loving
nature made me seem some what powerful to them but my customer was right  I
needed a lot of training for what was a head of me but I didn't think I
would so much practice so soon.
this is in no way a scary story
I woke up early in the morning and noticed what I can only explain as a
shadowy figure in the top corner of my room. Being half asleep I passed it
off as a dream, as I was tossing and turning to get comfortable I got a
glimpse of it again but this time I noticed what it was, it was a baby
floating in my room. A overwhelming sense of calm swept over me as it smiled
at me and I felt so much love, it was like as though I knew it, as if it
were a soul mate coming to say hello. I slowly drifted back to a deep sleep
and when I awoke for breakfast I thought it was a dream. I sat down watching
TV and my nephew who was visiting ( only two) with his mum from Britain
pointed at the ceiling and said "baby, baby" I then knew I wasn't the only
one to have seen the little baby.
Two weeks later my brother and his fiancee were playing with the digital
camera and when my brother looked at the photo he took there was a
translucent baby sitting beside my brothers fiancee on the couch smiling.
I've looked everywhere for the photo, we printed about atleast ten from the
camera but it was about two years ago now so I wouldn't even know where to
start looking. All I know now is a couple of days after the photo was
discovered my mums good friend lost her baby, she was six months  pregnant.
This is one of the more full on stories of mine some people might find it
hard to believe and some might not. Either way I'm going to tell it,
Like my boss had advised me I began to read about angels, how to contact
them, ask for they're guidance that sort of thing. I've never been religious
as such, I don't believe in the devil. I think that's something the church
made up in the middle ages to have power over people by making them fear
anything paranormal or the unexplained (eg all the people who have died by
the hands of the church in history because of ignorance) don't get me wrong
though I do believe there is a creator but I think there's no need to have
to go to a church to worship and share beliefs. There's one thing I do know
and that is there are a lot of confused spirits who die unexpectedly ( war,
murder) who choose to roam the earth. When they are ready to accept it they
will pass over, depending on the way a person dies I think depends on how
friendly a spirit may come across. Some spirits didn't want to die, and
instead of crossing over and beginning a new life opt to hang around earth
until they can communicate they're story either to loved ones or to anyone
who will listen. Often people that are sceptic and closed off might not hear
or see spirits, but they have a lot of ways of communicating with the
living. (that can sometimes mean by destruction of property) and there are
also spirits that loved there lives so much they continue to live it out
even though they are dead and I think this is frustrating for them to not be
able to communicate with the living the way they would like. Which then
results in them trying to control, and sometimes destroy our lives eg
It was around 3:30 am and I was really restless that night I got up to get a
drink then went back to bed it seemed to be really windy in my room all of a
sudden but I didn't have my window open due to the storm earlier on that
evening. I closed my door and got back in bed I started hearing noises like
faint whispers, I dismissed it as the wind out side, but then I felt a
overwhelming sadness in the room I opened my eyes and at that second my door
opened with such force my whole body filled with such fear. My heart was
beating so fast at this point, it was as though a cyclone was in my bedroom
my blinds were bashing against the window really hard. My room filled with a
bluish-white light and that's when I could see the outline of atleast twenty
or more figures surrounding me. They were whispering my name but they're
voices sounded muffled (sort of echo's) they all asked me to help them cross
over they said "gemma , help us please help us we want to cross over" and
that's when I remember what my customer said so I simply replied "I'm not
ready to help just yet I don't know what to do I need some training before I
can help you". I then closed my eyes and asked for guidance from archangel
Michael to protect me and take over the situation. almost instantly a
outline of a well built man stood beside me and white light filled my room
all was now quiet. As the light slowly dispersed, above my bed were a pair
of outstretched wings.
Now I know that if I hadn't asked for guidance I could have been in trouble
I wasn't properly trained to handle the situation and being so young the
spirits could have well over powered me. Now before I go to bed each night I
always imagine a white bubble surrounding my house and that of family and
friends and haven't had any problems with them since, but that's not to say
they aren't going to try again they may wait until I'm older

Sec. Unclassified


In 1987 a friend of mine moved from Melbourne to a country town called
Kickatinalong in Australia,  .  It was a one horse town with lots of
history behind it with outlaws (bushrangers), drovers(cowboys) and
drifters.  It was on a main cattle route for selling and transported by
train to other places.   But in later decades due to droughts and recession
in the economy lots of people had sold up and moved to the city.   Those
who stay are retired farmers or local aborigines from the Flagon tribe.
He bought the hotel/pub(bar), as the town was on a come back with the
tourism boom, he thought it was a good investment.   The hotel was called
the Wheelabarrow which consists of a one level building with a verandah
running around the outside.  The bar area had  some tables and barstools
around, and a kitchen behind the whole floor was wooden.   It had a history
of fights, murders and deaths through the years.   The first week he shut
the place down for renovations, which when ahead without incident.
After the first night of trading as by law was at 1200 p.m. until 10 am the
next day.  He cleaned up and locked the place up,  making sure to check the
toilets so no one was hiding there that might rob the place.  Then went
back to one of the shacks to the rear of the Hotel, two rooms in each,
there were seven of them and he used one as a house and the others as hotel
rooms for the tourists.
The next morning he came in early to do  breakfast for the tourists staying
in one of the shacks
As he walked into the bar from the kitchen it looked like a fight had taken
place as three tables were laying on their side and some bar stools knocked
over.  Three bottles laid on the floor empty and two classes on the bar one
half full.  He called the police they checked the doors and windows with no
sign of break in either inside or outside, and they filed a report.  One of
policeman suggested he get a dog, and lock in up in the bar at night and it
would scare off anyone.   The same incident happened every morning for
three days so he brought a dog from a local half Germansheppard and
dingo(Australian wild dog).  He lifted it locked up overnight and the next
morning when he opened the door he just about fell over when the dog bolted
out the door with its tail between its legs.  It was the last he saw of it.
He walked into the bar again and the same sight as before with the chairs
and tables.  So he thought he would get to the bottom of it and sleep in
the bar over night.   He closed the bar at 1200 pm as usual, checked the
windows and toilets.  He set up a stretcher to sleep on behind the bar and
then read a book for a while.   Then turned the lights off.  Two hours
later he woke up to go to the toilet as he stood up he saw a white mist
floating around the entrance to the pub door it looked like smoke he
thought to himself shit fire but when he looked again it had a green tinge
to it and it started to float towards the bar the hair on his back started
to raise as he stood there unable to move in shock and as the mist came
closer it started to form into a human shape.  Then it stopped in front of
the bar he saw it completely form into a complete human form of what looked
like a drifter with a old hat and old clothes with tatters and rips.  The
face half shaven but he could see through it.  Before he could do or say
anything it spoke saying give me a drink.
Standing there scared sh*****s!, and unable to move because of shock !,and
horror of at having a ghost in front of him! damaging a drink, no one  but
him and on the verge of fainting !  He could only say one thing Sorry mate
no serving Spirits after 1200 pm.

South Yarra, Melbourne Victoria Australia

By: paulimac770@hotmail.com.au

I lived in a large house at the above address. a week after moving in i had strange dreams of leaving my room and the house was furnished in 1940's style. One of the rooms that we used as a bedroom was once probably a dining room . In my dream i entered the room and saw a woman in a dark blue dress with silver earings she had dark hair and red lipstick. She was at a desk , lit by lamplight speaking on the telephone ( gossiping about someone) Next I saw a shadow on the wall of a hand holding a large knife, then i heard the sound of material ripping. Next I saw blood fingermarks on the wall leading to the bathroom. I awoke in terror and could hear noises in the hall. Although i was desperate to go to the bathroom, something told me not to leave my room at that time, The noises continued for about a half hour , finally i felt it was ok to leave my room. Later i removed som wooden sheeting from one of the doors in this area of the hall and found a lot of marks like the marks of a large knife having stabbed the door . around the lock the door was almost destroyed. Many  other inhabitants of the house heard strange noises from this part of the hall in the middle of the night. Others entered the house and immediately felt uneasy. One who was never told of the experiences walked in the front door and pointed to that area of the hall and said "There is something evil in this house and it is there" Noone ever felt really comfortable in the house. I hung a crusifix in the hall and no occurrences of a major sort occurred but the cold feeling in that part of the hall , the noises and bad feelings never stopped in the 3 and a half years i was there. We never found  out the house's history but were relieved to eventually leave. The house still stands

The Evil

By: pbldgreceptionist@bv.com

 hey what's up? I have been reading these stories for about a year now. Out of 7000 stories I have probably read about 3000 of them and counting. Being fascinated by the unknown has propelled me to endless nights of reading at work. Most of the stories I have read consist of the same things, strange tapings, dark figures, glowing eyes, and cold spots even in the dead of summer, but some have more content than the usual paranormal activity. For years now I have been able to see and feel more than the eye can see.  I'm 21 now and have experienced quite a few activities that are considered unknown. The first ghost I can remember was when I was about 2 or 3 and we lived in Kansas city, mo. I had major problems getting to sleep (still do) when I was young. A ghost came to me in my room one night, and told me his name was grandpa bowers. He looked transparent, but I could still see details about him.  He stood about 5 ft tall, but was bent over with a cane, as alot of elderly people are. He had long white beard and was very kind and I can remember the bright light that surrounded him.  to this day I am unsure if grandpa bowers was a ghost or an angle.  He would periodically come to me in the night when I was scared to read night time stories until I would fall asleep.  My folks have told me when I was young I would talk to an imaginary friend that they could not see or feel. He stopped popping in when I was around 5 and we moved out of that house to Lee's summit, mo and I have never seen him again. But the reason im writing hear is a ghost I have seen in my buddy's house. When we hang out there strange things happen. We hear someone walking up stairs when we are downstairs.  the sink turns on by itself and doors open and shut  at certain times of the day. but the scary things happen the spare bedroom.  In here I believe there is a evil or very sad and angry spirit that wants to harm us. The strange thing is that the closet has a box in it. Not a ordinary box, but one that has been carpeted over and takes up most of the room in the closet. It stretches about 4ft vertical and about 5 ft long and is about 3 ft deep. Now a number of things run through my mind when I think what could be in that box.  One day I was in that room helping move a bunk bed to my friends storage unit. I was alone unbolting the bed with a screwdriver when I heard some whispering coming from the closet. Thinking that it was my friends downstairs I just ignored it. Then in a heartbeat the room became dreadfully cold and I could see my breath. about a minute later I could feel this presence walk out of the closet even though I could not see the door open. almost as if it walked through the door. I stopped unscrewing and felt this presence right over my shoulder looking down at me. I looked up, but saw nothing. two seconds later I was being thrown across the room into the opposite wall. I hit the wall back first and fell to the ground. I had no idea what the hell had just happened, and my friends came running up thinking I had dropped the bed on the floor and found me looking at them horrified.  I was asked what happened and I told them everything. They sure as hell believed me too. Rob  told me that one night he was sleeping in that room and felt something rubbing on his crouch. Thinking that it was his girlfriend he thought nothing of it, but the rubbing turned into a scratching and then into a clawing until he ripped the blankets off and ran downstairs. his girlfriend was asleep in the couch in the living room. Something locked his 5 year old son in the closet and we could hear him screaming from out back. when we ran up stairs josh was in shock and had bruises all over his body. we got a priest to come and bless the house but he was terrified to enter that particular room and said there was something in there that had red eyes and was waiting for him to enter so it could try to eat his sole.(or so he told us hysterically) so he left screaming at the top of his lungs until he got into his car and left the driveway. We decided to put a digital camera in the room one night with infra red and night vision. After reviewing the tape the next day we were horrified of the thing we saw. A dark figure walking out of the closet that turned and seemed to have noticed the camera. It picked it up and looked straight into the lens and all we could see was red eyes and a devilish grin with jagged teeth protruding from within. Almost as if it were saying I SEE YOU WATCHING ME. Needless to say I have never returned to that house and my buddy has since moved out. I could tell you ghost stories all night but I need to get to work. later on.

The Kid

By: Orfx2003@aol.com

I, as well as almost everybody who probably looks at this site, am a strong believer in ghost. I have had a few ghostly experiences. Most of them happened when I was a little kid and I don't remember them to well. But lately I've been seeing this kid at my school bus stop. It's only happened like three times so I'm still a little skeptical he's real. The first time it happened I just passed by him on the school bus. He just kept staring at me. I didn't think anything of it then. I turned around to talk to my friend for a second and when I turned back around he was gone.  But the second time it was a little bit weirder. It was in the morning time like at 6 or something. I thought it was a little strange for a kid his age to be out that late (he looks about 8 years old, and he is always wearing the same clothes red T-shirt blue jeans). And today while I was waiting for my Mom to pick me up I saw him walking up the street and a car drove by him he was gone. I got up and walked to where he was, but I didn't see him I didn't even see any footprints where he had been walking.

One of Many

By: TCaric@aol.com

When I was about 35 years old I stayed over my mom's house and I slept in my old room. My young daughter and my mom slept together in another room and while they were sleeping, I was watching television but I was not too interested but I was watching it anyway suddenly, I heard coming from the balcony behind my bed board someone knocking glass window behind the bed board. Whoever was knocked three to four times, but I didn't  try to see who it was since I knew that there wasn't anybody awake at the time, especially that I knew that it was impossible to be someone out there since my mother's appartment is up on the 27th floor. The knocked continued but I still didn't answer then, I heard a lady talking while knocking; she called my name more than three times while saying "Are you there? It's me. You don't recognized me? I want to see you." I still didn't respond to the person or thing. I slowly low down the television so she won't know that I was there, but she continued knocking while calling and telling me what she wanted. finally, I got up and went to sleep with my mom in the other room. My mother asked me what was wrong and I told her I talked to you tomorrow about it.

Traverse City, MI update

By: deiskull@famvid.com

I personally have been up that way and though i don't personally have a story to share, i will say that even being in the driveway in a car on a bright sunny day gave me the chills. since my visit (with a friend who has his own stories of the place) i have kept an eye out for other peoples' stories. i have read a few entries of people online who go Geocaching there. One even mentioned being freaked out. You may want to visit the webpage and read through the entries and see if there are any stories of interest.
When i was there two summers ago with my friend he was shocked and i was scared at the sign we seen up... they were planning on turning it into a residential and commercial complex. I haven't looked into the matter since my return from the vacation a year and a half ago; until tonight. ...they are going through with it! *faint* I feel sorry for those people.
If the porch didn't scare me into screaming, driving by the basement thingy sure did. I was certain something was watching from the darkness. Sure, the grounds and building are stunningly beautiful... but the past and the aura of this place far outweigh the visual splendor.

A Son's Return

By: knights1from5@hotmail.com

About 20 years ago, my mother was going through a very difficult divorce.
With 5 boys and the future of single parenthood, she had a lot to worry
about.  She lost what would have been son #6 in 1966 to what can easily be
managed today; born three months premature.   The last few nights she spent
in our old house prior to us leaving on the couch.  She had my younger
brother who was 2 at the time sleeping next to her.  It was especially hard
for her to drift off because the end of her marriage was near.  She finally
was able to go to sleep, but not for long.  She was awoken by the sound of
shuffling feet in the footed pajama bottoms we used to have as kids.  She
opened up one eye, then two.  Standing right there before her was a small
boy with pajama bottoms and a striped shirt.  She wondered how my little
brother got up and got dressed without her knowledge.  She reached back
behind her, and he was still there asleep.  Her heart was pounding!  She
blinked long and hard, only to open them again and the little glowing boy
was still there.  She did this two or three times, then didn't dare to look
again until daylight.  She believes it was definately her long lost son, my
brother, who returned to her that night to bring her comfort for the days

Interesting Addition

By: torino1975@comcast.net

I recently told you of my experience of the house I had lived in when I was younger…and this past Christmas my own father told me the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard from his lips (I told you in recent experience that he heard/saw something at the “Willis Street” house, etc) and when he told me this, I simply sat and stared at him.  For him to have told me this tidbit just proved to me just how far he has come to having “things” happen around him, and I am kind of excited, scared, and a bit shaken.
My family moved to the state we are living in now July, 1992.  We were 1 ½ hour drive from my parent’s house, my old hometown.  Because of us being gone for many years (military) we were excited to be back around family, even if it did take us an hour or so drive. We’d go home every weekend and every chance we could!  My parents enjoyed having their grandchildren around and I enjoyed being back home and seeing old friends, old hangouts.
Whenever we visited, my two boys would sleep in my old bedroom in a double bed that belonged to my grandmother.  The first six months to a year that we’d visit on weekends and holidays, it seemed to be normal visits.  But then my middle child would suddenly request to bring his sleeping bag and sleep on the floor.  I thought it was because his older brother would thrash around in his sleep and kick at him.  He only said, “No, it is too crowded.”  I took it to mean that my oldest son took up too much room.  It got to be so bad, that I finally made a pallet on the floor with blankets, sheets, and pillows for him to rest.  He didn’t like that, either.  It kept happening until he started to sneak downstairs at night to sleep on the couch, we’d wake up the next morning to find him sound asleep with his pillow and blanket.
The only explanation he’d give us was “it’s too crowded.”  And naturally, we thought it was because he wasn’t used to sleeping or sharing a bed with his brother and was used  to “spreading out” without touching anyone else.  It wasn’t until two years after we moved here and started our weekend visits home that my oldest son started to complain.  There’d be many nights I’d “check on them” before going to bed and find both boys on the floor, blankets and sheets and pillows around them, sound asleep beside each other.  This truly baffled me as the mattress wasn’t too hard or too soft.  (I am getting to my Dad’s “confession” I am just now putting the “starting bits” or the baffling parts of the puzzle into place!)  I always made sure the bed was fresh, spraying Lysol on the mattress (no one slept on it as it was now used as a guest room and sometimes it was musty or “smelled funny”) along with fresh linen, etc.
Well, the boys grew older and they stopped coming down on weekends with my husband, daughter, and I.  My dad has health issues and has to wear an oxygen mask when he sleeps and the machine that delivers his oxygen to him is extremely loud so now he sleeps in “my” old room while my mum still sleeps in their room.  My husband and I have my brother’s old room and my daughter has what used to be the “TV” room my brother and I had when we were young.
ANYWAY…we were recently home for the holidays and we got to talking around the dinner table and I had mentioned that I had written about my “Willis Street” experiences and submitted them to a haunted house site on the internet.  Of course hubby rolled his eyes and made his usual wisecracks and my mum just nodded and my brother looked like he was trying to ignore me.  My dad kept on eating and my son looked at me and said, “You ever experience anything in this house growing up?”
I said not really, except once or twice having the icy-cold fingers of fear that someone was again watching me or standing near me, but nothing to really verbally express.
Then (this simply amazes me to this very second that my dad admitted this!!!)  my dad looked up and said to my son,  “I now know why you refused to sleep in my bed.”
My son just laughed and said, Why is that, Pops?  And my dad said, “When I first moved in ‘that back bedroom’ I was lonely for your grandmother.  We hadn’t slept apart since marrying in 1963.  But one night, I had settled down and taken my pills and put my oxygen mask on and was almost asleep when I felt the side of the bed go down as if someone was getting in bed with me.  I thought it was your grandmother so I reached over to pat her hand and there as no one  there.”  (I must have been gaping like an idiot at this!) and I looked at my son and he was just staring at my father.  He went on to say that it didn’t happen all the time, but from time to time he’d be almost asleep and the bed would creak and sag as if someone was getting in bed with him.  Then he told us at the table Christmas Day that the only thing he could figure out is that it was his mother, my grandmother and my children’s great-grandmother climbing into bed with him as the bed he was sleeping in was hers and my grandfather’s marital bed (new mattresses of course *heehee*) from when they were first married, that is how solid the bed and bed frame was built!
Now, like I said, it simply amazed me to no end that my father would tell us this, and be so honest and straight forward about it and so nonchalant.  I mean, I expected him any second to laugh and say, “Gotcha!” but he didn’t.
Needless to say, I won’t go in that bedroom at night and sometimes when I am in the upstairs hallway getting ready to use the upstairs bathroom, I’ll get this “feeling” not scared, icy cold with fright, or anything to concern me, but it is a “feeling” just the same.
Thanks for letting me share.  See?  There are some things in this world that happens that we just can’t explain!

My Friend and My Experiences

By: jossy57@hotmail.com
OK, my friend and I have had several ghost story experiences together.
Where we live, is by a small forest, at the edge of a clearing.  My friend was coming to visit me at my house (which is a good, 10 minute drive) from town.  That night, my parents were out, and we were watching some movies, and eating *too much*.  Now, I have always felt uneasy in that house....and for nights, even at the age of 15 I would sneak into my parent's room at night, and sleep on the floor, just like a small child, so, you could imagine how scary it was for the 2 of us, alone in the house.  In the middle of one movie, I heard a strange noise upstairs...after jumping in my friends lap, we finally worked up the courage to go upstairs and check it out.  As I got to the top of the staircase, I looked out the window, and from it, it looked like a strange figure running across the yard, and into the forest.  The only problem, was that the figure was running on all fours, the way people do *spider walking* and I literally went into hysterics!  My friend, who isn't as skeptical as she was then, did not believe a word I was saying, but called my parents and told them to come home.  I don't understand why she didn't see it, but I do know that I did, and I will not EVER to this day, live in a secluded area again.  It has been 4 years since this event, and I'm in college now.  There are times when I look off into space, or into a dark hallway, and I still think I can see the silhouette of the figure..running past me.


Haunted House Latham NY


I have new information from the local Methodist church in the area about this house.  One of the
residents who lived there was a insane man who went around and broke everything inside.  I have
also noticed there is no mailbox or address numbers at the house.  A church member told me there
are a lot of wild cats living in there too.  Today, the garage now has a tarp over it, the boat
that used to be in there has been taken away and a front end loader now sits in front of it.
There were windows on the side facing Johnson Rd. that would stand open all day and all night but
now they are closed and locked.  The house has also been sold to a new owner so it looks like the
house is finally going to have someone living in it again after several years of being vacant.
The house must have sold quickly because I saw a realtor's sign for about a week but the following
week, it was gone.  The person who bought it may have bought the land instead of the house so it
may be torn down and a new house may go up in its place or as I can tell by the presence of the
construction machinery, the existing house on the land may be restored so it looks new again.  I'm
not 100% sure of what is going to happen to that house.  I'll give you more details when I see
activity occurring at that house.

Hotel Room

By: kellidawn@union-tel.com

I have recently started traveling alot due to my job.  I stayed in a hotel in Wheatland, Wyoming from Sunday, Jan. 11 until this morning, Jan 15.  The first night I was there I felt as if someone was watching me soon after I got checked in.
I got settled in and turned the lights and tv off to go to sleep.  I had just gotten comfortable when I felt something lightly punch me in the center of my back.  Of course I jumped up and turned on all the lights and searched the room.  Nothing there.  I decided it must have been a muscle spasm (not many muscles on your spine, but it was as good as I could come up with).
I turned the lights back off and heard someone walking back and forth upstairs.  It was annoying since it was after midnight at this point.  I could not sleep.
After some time I began to wear down and decided maybe there was something there I can't explain.  So I actually began speaking to it.  Keep in mind I am a very stable person who handles stress the way most chew a piece of gum.  I sat up and told the air "Whatever you are, if you need something from me tell me now.  Otherwise please leave me alone so I can sleep.  I have five children to support and have to rest for work tomorrow."  The footsteps subsided and I did get to sleep without further incident.
The next morning I got brave and told the cleaning girl about it.  She told me that most of the staff will not go into that wing of the hotel.  She said I was not the only person who has had wierdness in that room.  (Then WHY rent the room to begin with???)
Anyway, the manager offered to move me, but I declined.  Partly out of curiosity, partly because I have this strong desire to never be controlled or manipulated.  So I stayed.  The manager told me that she believes the older part of the hotel and the kitchen in the restaraunt are both haunted.
Basically the question I have is about my four days in room 41.
After the second night, my bed would be bumped or the footsteps would start as soon as I began to stretch out to sleep.  I began to experiment a bit.  As long as there was any activity in the room, whatever it was would leave me alone.  If I would turn out the lights and tv, it would start in again.  I could sleep undisturbed if I left the television on and I could even mute it.  Otherwise, my bed would be bumped or my hair would get tostled or the footsteps would start.  Oh, and about the footsteps..............I didn't realize since it was dark when I checked in, but this was a single story building.  There is no upstairs.  The manager told me that the footsteps is the biggest complaint she has heard from other people who have stayed in that wing.
Okay, my question.  It seemed to me that this, whatever, was bored.  As long as there was activity in the room it was pacified.  When the room was quiet, I got disturbed.
I know nothing about these things, but it seems almost logical.  If I were trapped in a room that was usually empty, I would want to take advantage of the rare times there was anything happening.  Any opinions?
By the way, I went so far as to leave the tv on when I was out of the room.  I kinda felt sorry for it.  And yes I will stay at that hotel again in a few weeks and in room 41 if I get assigned that room.  What, am I nuts!!

Monroe and Adrian Mi

By: joefsiegel@msn.com

Hi, I'm writing this because I have experience with two of your haunted places and I know of another two, one unconfirmed that I didn't notice on your site, the river raisin battlefield and an old house on Macomb St.  I grew up in Monroe, Mi right on Elm street down the road from the old burnt down paper mill and down the road from a River Raisin battlefield.  I remember when the paper mill burnt down and I'm not sure why it seems so haunted because I don't know of anybody actually dying in there. But I have to say, I've seen shadows moving in there and not animal shadows and I've been in there once and the feeling was enough to make you never want to go back, but on top of that I heard voices and shouting and felt taps on my back and shoulders.  At the River Raisin Battlefield if you go back in the woods you can hear voices and if you take pictures you get those weird little balls of light.  At the house on Macomb St. I personally have seen ghostly figures moving upstairs when the house was uninhabited also I've heard plenty of stories about the place such as things moving through the garden at night. Another weird thing with that house is that it's constantly up for sale at least until the last people who bought it, it might be up for sale again. As I was growing up someone would by the old house then two weeks later they were selling it, it went on like that for years and years.
The second place I have first hand experience with is Siena Heights University in Adrian Mi. I went to college there.  I had friends in Room 211 and the place does still have strange things happen there.  Plus a few friends and myself had ghostly experiences in an old bomb shelter in the building. We heard footsteps and things moving when nothing else was there.

My Imagination

By: pamabbott03@aol.com

I lived in this house for five years, in Desoto, TX. This was when I was about five but the happenings at that house are still new on my mind. In this House a feeling of uneasyness. I always saw the lights flicker on and off in the bathroom, even though no one else could. Also, one night I saw something I will never forget.
Me and my sister shared the back room ( which was actually a garage but we turned it into a bedroom),  In this room we had bunk beds I slept on the bottom, she slept on the top, but that night we both slept on the bottom. I always had trouble sleeping, and that night was no different. I was still awake, while everybody else was asleep, and I happened to glance up to a pair of red eyes staring right at me about  30 feet from my face. I told my sister to wake up, but she told me I was dreaming and told me to go to sleep, so I put the cover over my head and fell asleep.
We used to have a painting of a girl sitting on a chair holding a bunch of daisies, but she was looking away. One night I had a dream, it was late at night and I was staring a the painting. I saw the girls eyes turn and look right at me and she started. The dream seemed so real I was starting to have doubts on whether it was really a dream or not.
we never researched and today I can't help but feel that maybe everything that happened was maybe it was my immagiation runnind away with me. Or maybe not.

My Sighting

By: bob@curran101.fsnet.co.uk

It happened two tears ago me and a group of friends were all 16/17 yrs old. it was late autumn. we decided to take a walk through the grounds of the old rectory in Coupar Angus, Scotland.As i recall it was about 10.30pm darkness had just fallen. To get towards the old house you need to walk through an apple orchard, we had just entered the orchard when we all suddenly looked at a big oak tree to the forward right of us it was so weird how we all focused on that tree without anyone saying "look at that" in front of our very eyes appeared a young girl on a swing she seemed to be dressed in i guess to be Victorian dress. I only hung around for a matter of seconds but that was long enough to see her dress blowing behind her as the swing came forward. Now being a coward i left quickly but my friends stayed a final few seconds after me and all four of them saw 3 adults appear in front of them. Two men pushing the swing and a lady watching and laughing at the side of the swing. We all met up on the road out side the rectory and discussed what we had seen. Theres Just no rational explanation for what we seen that nite other than a ghost. Ever since i can remember i thought if i saw a ghost it would scare me to death. but when i did it was a totally different experience. It was kind of calming, quite and peaceful for those few seconds.

The Cemetery

By: lunarshape31@yahoo.com

 I notice you accept true ghost reports, so I thought I'd share mine...
It's not overly dramatic, but it's interesting:
Back in 1998 on a June night, my girlfriend Adrianne and I were driving around looking for something to do. Since it was a full moon, we decided to go visit the local cemetery. It'a a Catholic one titled "Our Mother of Sorrows" (located near the university*). It was about 11:00 at night and the place was closed. However, we managed to park in front of the church and find an opening to the left.
Adrianne was nervous about entering, but I simply strolled in ahead of her. We both heard dogs barking behind a fence and so I made a werewolf joke which was enough to send her back to the car. However, I continued walking around the headstones until the barking got to me also, then I headed back.
After we were back inside my Taurus, we talked about how chicken we were about the barking. Then, suddenly, we both heard a sturdy rap on the car. I thought my girlfriend had made the noise with her boot, but she flatly denied it and she had thought I did it. Once, we were convinced neither of us made the sound, I looked behind the car to see what it could have been. There was nothing there and no wind present either.
At this point we decided to leave the cemetery right away. However, Adrianne felt uneasy the rest of the night. I was fascinated by it.
In later months, I returned to the cemetery and brought a mini-recorder with to see if I could snag any spiritual dialogue in the silence. I played back the tape but found no results.
So we didn't see a ghost, just heard something unexplained that strange night.
*University of Nevada at Reno
Feel free to list this report on you're sight. I also have a sort of phantom photograph which shows a glowing sphere in the background that I may send you (taken recently).

The Woman in White

By: IKKI8@msn.com

I have had unexplainable things happen to me since the age 2! This one is the one I remember the most! Over the summer of the year 2003 I was 13 years old.  my parents was asleep! I was in the living room and my daddy was on the couch. For some reason I woke up! I sat up and looked at the clock it was about 1 am, so I layed back down. I opened my eyes and saw a women in a white dress looking down at me! I rubbed my eyes to see if I was just seeing stuff and it was still there, and it was! The weird thing was I felt no harm. So I went back to sleep! I have not seen her sense!


By: honiggirl92@sbcglobal.net

  Well I have a very CHILLING story to tell.When I used to live in Indiana I swear my house was haunted.Well when you came in the front door there was the living room and right by the closet was my room.Well in the living room was a big stereo system.So one night I was sleeping with the stereo on...then all of a sudden it just shut off I was so scared and to scared to run to my brothers room that was down a different hall.The next morning I told my mom.Then in the afternoon on top of our TV we had to bobble heads. I said stupidly if there was a ghost knock the heads off. With in 2 minutes they were on the floor.I ran screaming and crying.Another very scary sighting was seen by both my brother and me. One night we were in my room when all of a sudden there was a little girl standing in front of my door.At first I thought I was imagining it but then my brother started screaming.To this day I still believe that house was haunted.Just before we moved my mom helped me pack my room.There was this piece of wood that could be lifted up.When my mom lifted it there was a picture of this family that was standing in my room.I asked a neighbor about a previos family living there he said that something happened ther in the early 1900's.This story is all very true

Families Stories

By: flyday@bellsouth.net

My family has had several incidents that we believe to be paranormal. About twenty years ago, before I was born, my Mom was driving to work when she saw a little boy in the middle of the highway. She says that he looked very solid, and can still describe him. He was wearing a red shirt with white stripes and blue jeans. He had brown hair and blue eyes. My Mom swore that she thought she had hit him, but when she slammed on the brakes, no one was there. Later that day, she was driving home on the same road, and the same thing happened. She never saw him again, but she never forgot. A couple years later, she was living in a house that she thought was haunted. At night you could close all of the doors to the hallway, but the hallway was still lit up with a strange glow. When she got a new puppy, she put the puppy into the dining room the first night. At about 2 'o clock, she heard a crash and ran into the dining room. In the dining room was a fireplace. On top of the mantle was a box that had a set of wine glasses in it. The top had been taken off of the box, and all of the wine glasses had been smashed in the fireplace. My Mom believes that whatever was in the house just didn't like the puppy.
Later, after I was born, we moved into a different house. No one in my house smokes, but you can smell cigarette smoke in certain rooms sometimes. Also, about two years ago, I started to feel scared whenever I walked thru the small hallway beside the kitchen. If I had to lock the backdoor at night, I would do it quickly and then run. I told my Mom that there was something there, but she didn't believe me. Then, one morning, she was packing lunches when she turned around and saw a figure in the doorway that leads to the hallway. She yelled for me in a voice that told me that something was wrong, and when I got in there, she asked me if anyone had been in the hallway. I told her no, because I was in my room, and my little sister was still asleep. When she told me what she had seen, all I could say was "I told you so.".
A couple months later, my cousin Q moved in with her son Shawn. At their last house, Shawn kept telling his mom that the house was gonna blow up. Whenever she asked him why he said that, he said that Ben had told him. Shawn didn't know anyone named Ben, so she put it down to a little boy's active imagination. A while later, she started smelling gas. When she called someone to come check it out, she found out that their house had a gas leak, and that the house could have blown up.
Since Q moved in, some strange things have been happening. For example, a week ago, Q stayed out late one night. When she got home, she fell asleep almost immediately. She woke up at about 3 or 4. It was really dark, and at first she didn't know what had woken her up. Then she heard a voice tell her to go to the backdoor. She went and found the backdoor wide open. When she went back to bed, she realized what had just happened. Earlier that night, before Q's incident, I had been laying in bed, when I felt something in the room. I couldn't tell wether or not it was harmless, so asked it to be good to us and to protect us. Suddenly a name popped into my head. Ben. So I guess that Ben decided to follow Shawn. But thank god that he did, because we found out later that our neighbors house had been burgalarized that same night



By: telapedersen@yahoo.com

I never really believed in ghosts until my fience died suddenly. Two nights after his death I was sleeping when my woodstove caught fire. I was literally picked up and carried into the living room and shaken awake. When I awoke I wasn't even touching the ground, seeing the fire then, I quickly put it out and sat in shock. I know it had to have been my fience watching over me.
Now it is 10 years later and I am living in a new house. Ever since I have moved in I have noticed things being moved around and have heard odd sounds throughout the home. I came home one day and every cupboard in the house was wide open, this is only one of the strange things that have happened. My son told me that in the early mornings he can see a figure standing in the kitchen. Not anything too scary has happened until recently though to make me afraid. I was in a very deep trance like sleep and was aware that I was very cold, like being wrapped in ice. I awoke to see a dark figure standing at the edge of my bed but all I could do was close my eyes and fall back asleep. I realized that I couldn't move because it fealt like I was being weighed down by something very heavy. I couldn't yell out because it fealt like my mouth was being covered and it was very hard to breath. When I was finally able to awake completely I didn't want to fall back asleep, this is the third time a dark figure has stood at my bed and I'm not sure of what to do about it, and it is getting a bit more frightening each time. I haven't told anyone about this because it would all be a joke to them but I saw your websight and figured, why not tell them

Stranger Things

By: linaforever@cherry-bubbles.net

My name is Ashley, im almost 16 years old (January 27). I live in Plymouth, Massachusetts. I have lived here in the same house all my life. (Im going to a thing called ghost theatre for my birthday, what a coincidence). :) Anyways... Me and my family have believed that there was something in my house with us for a while now. Little things would happen all the time but only four or five really strange things have happened here. Let me just start by saying that ghosts really really do scare me A LOT. I have always believed in them even since I was very small. To lighten up the mood in the house me and my parents joke about it and call the ghost "Bob" or some other silly name like that... I just hope im not upsetting it. Anyways... on to the stories.
The first really weird thing I ever experienced was when one of my best friends candace was sleeping over. Her and I had been hearing weird things through the night and we had decided to go on the computer in the morning. I was playing on the computer and she was sitting in another chair of to my right side sortof behind me. I was typing or something when i felt a hard poke on my right arm. Imagine someone had taken their index finger and kind of ... dragged it down your arm from just below your shoulder to just above your elbow.
I turned around and asked her "What?", thinking she had poked me to get my attention.
"What?", she replied.
Me: "Didnt you just poke me?"
Her: "No... I didnt."
Me: "But I just felt you poke me."
Her: "I didnt touch you...Ive been sitting right here the whole time."
Me: "Holy CRAP!"
I also have a picture of my boyfriend playing a guitar sitting right next to where I am now. He was sitting on the bed next to me and in the picture is a brown figure that looks like its sortof reaching for the guitar while hes playing it. Its not a shadow.. it is an opaque figure. Also it has a head and another arm. I have taken pictures with my other friend Leah in the same exact spot trying to see if we could catch something else weird and we got a bunch of orbs, not as scarey as the guitar picture but still strange.
Once when my friend Aurissa slept over we could here the benches at my dining room table moving around (these are big wooden benches i can only pick up one end at a time to move them and im a pretty strong girl). Well... being the scaredy cat that i am, me and her decided to put on my lava lamp to give us a little light in the room so we didnt have to sleep in the dark. I got up out of my bed, went across the room to my entertainment center, turned on the lamp, walked back, and layed down. The lamp turned off. So I got up again, walked back, turned it on again, and layed down. It turned off again. I thought there might have been a problem with the wires or something. So i got up to turn it on again and right before my hand touched the little switch on the cord we heard this strange noise that seemed to be comming from right where i was standing. I want to say it was almost like a scream... but a soft scream and then i heard a weird voice that said something, I dont really know what it said but I assume it was something along the lines of "Dont f***ing mess with my lava lamp". So I layed down and we left the TV on all night :).
My brother(Sean) and his fiance (Lissha) lived with us for a year or two, in this room, with their daughter Morgan. This was quite a while ago because Morgan was probably 2-3 years old and shes almost 7 now. Anywho, My mom came downstairs to get their laundry or something, the door to this room doesnt close all the way... I dont know why... it just never has. And usually Sean would throw his towel over the door anyways so it would be even more open. Well when my mom came down here and looked through the crack in the door she thought she saw something moving in here. It was in the afternoon so she thought Lissha might have gotten home from work and was changing. She also saw long brown hair about the same as Lissha's so she disreguarded it and went upstairs.
My brother was sitting on the couch watching TV and my mom goes, "Why didnt you tell me Lissha was home from work... I would have started dinner."
Him: "Shes not home yet... she wont be home for another hour."
Her: "... Then whos down there NOW?"
Another very strange experience i had was in my bedroom upstairs. Me and my boyfriend had just gotten home from school together and he came over on the bus. We got back to my house and went to put our stuff down in my room when i walked in.. pretty much all of my underwear .. panties... bras... socks... two swimsuits.. ect. was scattered all over the floor in front of my dresser. Now if any of you knew me in real life, you would know i was a neat freak. i hate it when my stuff or space is disorganized. So i went downstairs to ask my mom what the hell was going on. and when i showed her the mess she said she had been in my room probably like an hour before and it all wasnt there. Also when i opened up the dresser it looked as if someone had just grabbed a handful and just dropped them one by on all in random places on the floor. In the drawer there was just a big open space and all of the other underthings were left undisturbed.
Finally another thing that happened before I was born. My mom and dad were in their room talking in front of their vanity and all of a sudden a little jewelry box lifted off the vanity and projected itself to the floor a good few feet away. My parents were in shock because my dad had given the little box to my mom for christmas a few years before. His mother had died recently and he had failed to tell my grandmother that he had gotten the exact same box for her too. Think she might have been a little pissed?
Well i think that pretty much covers the stranger things that have happened in my house.. so adios.

Bastogne Belgium WWII

By: purgatoryranger@hotmail.com

Hello! During this time in WWII the Battle Of The Bulge
was taking place throughout the Ardennes Forest when the German Army launched it's last major offensive. 80,000 American casualties are said to be the final tally of which i am unclear as to how many were fatal.
fierce fighting also took place in the Hurtgen Forest as well
during that time.
I have spoke with various people over the years that have visited Bastogne and the surrounding area and have camped out and roamed around the Bois Jacque Woods where many casualties occurred during intense fighting and artillery shellings from the German forces. A few claimed the wooded areas have a sense of "forbboding" to them or an "unnatural energy." Most shrug it off as nonsense or whatever. I personally have yet to visit the areas, but wonder why more European battlefields are not listed?
Search results always yield the usuall Civil War sites.
I always thought that it would be intresting to know from an experienced person what the level of paranormal activity would be in such a place.
Thanks for the great site and work.

Ghost and Newspaper Story

By: anaangelsfan22@yahoo.com

This is a true personal experience that I had back in the summer of
1997. I was sitting at the dinning room table cutting out some articles in
the sports pages from the week. I would cut the pictures out and place
them in a folder. I had several stacks of newspapers set out on the
table neatly. I got up to go out side to tell my mom something in the
garage. I came back about 2 minuets later to find one stack of papers by
the front door, another stack underneath the table, another under the
chair and another in the middle of the livingroom floor! I ran outside to
tell my mom. It was only my mom and I home at the time. Although I had
2 cats, they couldn't have done something like that. The stacks were
placed neatly too! I was 14 years old at the time. A few years later I
was told that back in the late 50s or early 60s, there was a chinese
family that lived in the house and they had a 3 year old boy. They also had
a Koi pond in the backyard and apparently the boy fell in and drowned.
I have asked some neighbors about the story but they say that they have
never heard it before. I am still trying to check the records and city
newspapers. For the past year I have noticed things missing, being
moved, nioses in the night and orbs showing up in photos. I guess now I am
more sensitive to ghost than I was years ago. He bugs my brother a lot
to by shutting his computer off while my brother is using it and
knockings on the windows at night. Also about a few months ago. I was just
getting out of the shower when on the steamed mirror, I saw writing that
wrote "R.P." It was some sort of initial. I guess it was the little boy
giving me a clue on his name. I just wish I knew more about the story.

Haunted Home

By: BobnDebsplace@aol.com

I know of a haunted home in Gilmanton, WI. The house is no longer there anymore. The people who owned it were talking about it one night in a Tavern in Gilmanton. There names were Lenus and Connie. After talking with them about their frightening experiences. A few friends of mine decided we would go and see for ourselves. I remember that day. We all do. Something was there you couldn't see it, but we knew it. You could feel her. I knew it was a female. I just know. This place really had something going on. The rumors were the place years ago used to be an old stage coach drop off. They supposidly had it bulldozed down due to the fact so many of the towns kids would throw party's there and they were afraid someone would get hurt. I am not sure if you are interested in this, but I thought I would tell you about it. This isn't the only place in Gilmanton that was haunted. There were always more storys.
Mondovi WI also had a haunting in the old Motel. The Mondovi Police Dept. told me they was involved in the search of the Motel. Rumor has it that a traveling Salesman came through town and was seeing a woman. Woman happened to have been married and her husband supposidly killed the man. He told me this was all documented years ago in the Police logs. Take it or leave it. I thought I could add to your haunting list. I am sure who ever publishes books would need witness accounts. These people I have named above are still alive and maybe would tell you their stories.
Just for your information.


By: snowboardbune69@yahoo.com

My names Becky And from Sioux City, IA. Me and couple friends of mine heard about a church out in Turin, IA that is said to be haunted. We all went out there...U come to a gravel road and the church is on the left had side of the road. The story behind the church is that is was built in 1818 and a little boy was up in the bell tower because he was getting punished and that is where they sent him and one day they forgot the little boy was up there and they went to ring the bell for church service and the little boy fell out and he died. So now people said that he now haunts the church. Well me and some friends got up enough guts to go into the church and take a look around. Well we didnt see anything at first but then we just kept getting weird feelings that someone was there in the church so we started taking pictures of everything in the church and we also took a picture of the way up to the bell tower. We went outside the church and was looking in the bell tower and there we seen a bluish color.....it was pitch dark outside so i know it wasnt any kind of street light or something. We left the church and we got out pictures back and there were SO MANY messed up pictures. The picture of the way up to the bell tower we seen a face of a little boy plain as day!!! I will have to scan those pictures and send them to you guys. Well anyways Thanks for letting me send in my story! keep up the good work about all the haunted places! Thanks again.

Weird Stuff

By: savannahnodskov@hotmail.com

Hi there well where do I start... well before i was born my great
grandfather had past away when he was using the restroom one evening. well
some years passed and my father and my mother moved into the house where my
great grandfather had passed away in. My father and mother were in bed one
night and my father decided to tell my mother about how his grandfather had
passed away. when he told her that he was using the restroom they started
giggling hysterically and they were'nt stopping for breath, then the window
in the bathroom slammed shut and my mother could never get the window opened
ever again!
     Finally skip some more years (like two) and I was born and when i was
little I would always star into the bathroom when I was trying to fall
asleep don't ask me why because it always scared me to death but I would
feel something staring at me back, but nothing too big happened at that
    Now when i was 12 or 13 I cant remember which age I was at we were
living in omaha (well I have been here for my whole life) in the historical
district of omaha. we lived in an apartment off dodge street. and by that
time my parents had gotten a divorce. I was asleep one night and I had woken
up to get a drink of water We didn't have any air-conditioning so everyone
was sleeping in the living room and i happen to be the only one awake. well
I look over at my mother she was sleeping on the couch and I was on the love
seat and I see a little boy in maybe around the turn of the century clothes
on(1899-1900) reading a book I got really scared and started humming really
loud. and I rubbed my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing anything and he was
still there so I started screaming for my mother to wake up and she did and
he wasn't there. Man I was so freaked out that night that I didn't move
until my mom got up at 4 am to get ready for work.
           Another time with the same little boy I had moved when I was
almost 14 into my mothers  friends house and I was watching television one
night and one of my friends had stayed the night over there Nicki had fallen
asleep on the couch and I was sitting in a chair. well I look over at nicki
and she hadn't started snoring and I was going to say something ( this girl
had like super snoring powers she is loud) like why are you faking it but
when I look over that little boy is there again  I am freaking out again and
I yell for nicki to wake up and she does and he is gone.
      In that same house whenever you would walk up stairs from the basement
you felt like someone was chasing you up the stairs I have never seen
anything at that house but you felt something there.
           On night my friend and I (christina) are just up stairs in my
bedroom watching television and I go down stairs to get up some pop and
popcorn and she starts hearing scratching on the walls across the room from
her and she tells me to knock it off but when I don't say anything she yells
at me to stop because she is trying to watch something I heard her in the
kitchen and went to the upstairs door and said what and she started
screaming and running for the door and I said what is going on and she tells
me what happened and I tried to convince her that there is nothing up there
even though I know that she heard it because I have heard it myself and came
down to the main floor I had to up there and for like 10 minutes by myself
to show her that nothing was up there. Boy was I scared up there but I made
it through with out anything happening to me. All sorts of weird  stuff had
happened to me at that house and I have many stories but  they are for
another time

Occupied House


I am not one to believe... but this has gone on far too long for me to just dismiss it.
In November 1998 I bought a house in Douglasville Georgia.  I was getting out of the Army (going into the National Guard).  My then future wife was pregnant with our first and only child.  From the minute we moved in, I noticed strange things happening.  I would loose things and suddenly find them in places that they would have no apparent reason for being.  I once lost a hammer for six months and suddenly my then wife found it in the dryer, and trust me, we did clothes in that time.
We would leave the house and come home to find ALL the faucets running.  Lights would be on in the morning, and the front door would be standing wide open.  This might be a little strange, but I passed all this off as forgetfulness and being a non-believer it seemed perfectly ok.
My wife and myself had a falling out and I was being deployed to Saudi Arabia for six months.  While I was gone I had my parents get my mail, attend my bills, and basically take care of my house while I am gone.  When I came home I found my house completely destroyed.  I have a lot of movies and kept them on the bookshelf next to my television.  They were all over the floor.  All the mail my parents had been bringing in was all over the kitchen table like someone had read it and newspapers were strewn around the house.  They were dated for the time that I was gone.  During my investigation of the house my parents called and asked me if I had someone else looking in on it and getting my mail.  Ofcourse, I said no.  They said sometime between the first and second month I was gone things started happening and that my dad had originally thought I had been robbed.  But nothing was missing.  The air conditioner was turned off and they said while I was gone it was a daily occurance for them to turn it on because someone else had turned it off.
Not being there for six months, I was willing to pass it off as something weird that just happens.  Well, me and my wife were going to give it a try again.  I wanted to surprise her by painting the living room and asked my family to help.  So they all came over (Mother, Father, Brother-In-Law, and Sister).  It was around 4:30am and we were just finishing up when all of a sudden the computer turned itself on and was playing all the login sounds I have configured for it.  I might have passed this off as something weird, but the volume on the computer was turned ALL THE WAY UP.  For the software to do this, it had to have happened AFTER the machine was turned on.  We were all in the living room at the time painting.  I came out of my office looked at my family and said that the computer had just turned itself on.  No sooner had I gotten the words out of my mouth than my entire family had left me standing there.  Kind of comical when I think about it.
Fred" as I have come to name "it".  Has been there as long as I have.  I continue to live in the same house and now have a new girlfriend.  I tend to think Fred was mis-named.  Simply because since I have gotten a new girlfriend, it has become more active.  My girlfriend's daughter has a half bookshelf that is in her closet.  Every once in awhile while my Girlfriend is in her room a book will be thrown at her from the closet.  Fred will turn off the water heater, and not just blow out the pilot light, physically turn the switch to off.  Funny enough, most of the activity happens while no one is home.  I have been gone for a week at a time and come home to find the entire contents of my refrigerator on the coffee table.  Clothes that had been folded and put away, hanging from ceiling fans.  Now I might have forgotten to fold them but I certainly didn't hang them on the ceiling fan.  In the 5 years I have lived there, I have never once felt threatened or felt like something was going to harm me.  Although my girlfriend has been hit several times by flying objects, I don't think they are meant to hurt.  I have never seen Fred or any of these events taking place in real time.  I almost feel like I am a real forgetful person had it not been of the other people involved to remind me that these things really do happen.  It is a rather daily occurance for me to go home (as I get off at 3pm) to find a faucet running.  I have in times tried to communicate, lightheartedly, by simply asking Fred what he wants or if he needs help.  Most of the time I simply joke with him and ask him to have the laundry done when I come home.

  Reassuring my father-in-law

By: cfoxrun@wildmail.com

Hi!  I adore your site.  I'm not the one in my family who usually has
ghostly experiences, but I did have one.
A year and a half after I got married and moved to California, my
husband's father died.  My husband and I flew back to New York for
the funeral and when we returned, my husband brought back his
father's gavel (he was a federal court judge.)  A few days after our
return, I was home alone in our two story apartment, doing dishes
downstairs.  I started carrying on a "conversation" with my dead
father-in-law, reassuring him that I would take good care of his son
and not to worry.  I started to get this very clear feeling that
someone was "listening" to me, that my thoughts were being heard.
Then, I hear a loud thump from upstairs.  I dried my hands and headed
upstairs.  I had no fear which is amazing to me since I am usually a
real scaredy cat.  When I went into my husband's upstairs office, I
found his father's gavel had fallen off the desk and onto the floor.
The gavel had been securely on the desk, set back from the edge by at
least six inches.  I think that my father-in-law wanted me to know
that he had heard me and that he was okay too

The Russian Ghost
by Anonymous

I saw a ghost while I was away on holiday in Russia. I was traveling by coach in a party of eight to 12 others. We had been traveling most of the day to get to the town of Kostrumo, in the Golden ring outside of Moscow. The countryside consists of vast expanses of Siberian Silver Birch and forests. As we neared the village I noticed out of the window on my left a graveyard. Standing next to a grave was what I assumed to be a woman in a black cloak, who was a widow, mourning the loss of her husband. It was strange, but not unusual to see this.
I noticed that in the graveyard was an orchard of cherry trees. I did not think too much about this and looked away. I then took a glance again over my shoulder. As I looked back through the coach window, the figure had moved and was now standing next to a low wall and the wrought iron gates, the main entrance. The figure was ominously tall, looking much more than normal, and took on a threatening presence or shape. I noticed that there was no face in the hood of the cloaked figure. Far more disturbing, though, was that it seemed to be watching me and its hands were rested upon the top wall. I got a glimpse of its hands - it was not human! The hands and fingers on them were very long - over a meter in length and were skeletal, long and bony.
As I continued to look back at it, a skull appeared in the hood and two orange eyes looked back and it grinned at me. I looked away instantly and did not look back, as I figured that it represented death. I thought I must be imagining things, so I tried to put the whole thing out of my mind and get on with the rest of the holiday.
One thing that did strike me as odd was that the graveyard was completely run down and overgrown with long grass; no one had been there in months or, in fact, years. So what was this figure doing there? I did not think too much about the incident and had forgotten about it. Two days later, I arrived at a new hotel and had sat down to eat dinner in the main restaurant along with other Japanese guests. As I ate, I looked up into the corner of the restaurant, and it was decorated with pots and other antiques. But what drew my attention was a large wood carving by a Russian artist of a figure from Russian folklore. My Blood chilled to the bone. For there was a carving of a hooded figure - a man who looked like a monk. His arms were completely outstretched and its fingers were long and bony, at least over a metre long. This was exactly what I had seen in the graveyard.

Spooky Going Ons!

By: rach_price@hotmail.com

This isnt actually an account of what i have experienced but what my family have experienced in my nan and grandad's house.  I don't know the history of the house or anything, but i know that my dad and aunt moved in when they were very young, they were still at primary school ( we live in Birmingham, England)
My nan and grandad told me this story;
On night at my nan and grandad's house they had a few family members over, so althogether there was my nan, grandad, dad, aunt, great uncle and his son (my dad's cousin).  There had been a power cut in the area and my nan had put up 2 candles in the living room, where all the family were, 1 at each end of the room.  My grandad was trying to scare the children so he was telling them about ghosts. ( my great nan, grandad's mom, had died a few years previous) My grandad said that if there was anything ghostly in the room with them to blow out the candle, sure enough 1 of the candles went out, which could be put down to a breeze, but then shortly afterwards the other candle went out @ the other end of the room, there wasn't a breeze to be felt going through the room.
Another story my nan and grandad told me was;
One day when my nan was in the house by herself, my dad and aunt were at school and my grandad was at work (he was working mornings until late afternoons at the time).  My nan had just got in from shopping and decided to start cleaning the house, she went to open the bathroom door, but it wouldnt open, so she thought my grandad was in there and called him, he didnt answer, she called again and said that if he was playing tricks on her he would pay for it! shortly after my grandad walked through the door, so my told him about the bathroom and he tried to open it himself and couldnt, they decided that there was a burguler in there so they called the police from a woman who lived down the road's house, she also came to try the door and couldn't open it.  Finally the police arrived and just when they went to open the door, it just opened by itslef, the window was shut and everything.
A event that my dad experienced, he doesn't like to admit it because he 'doesn't believe'.  Before he met and married my mom, he was sitting alone in my nan and grandads house with his dog, shep.  He then felt as if someone was standing behind him watching him and all the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end.  Shep, his dog, sensed something and started to act paniky and started to whine and jumped onto my dad, as if he was scared of something there.
Finally the last event that i know of in my nan and grandad's house is when my aunt married my uncle and they were in the dining room of the house, from which you can see out the kitchen window.  They both saw an old woman looking throught the kitchen window and my aunt recognised her as my grandad's mom who had died years ago.  Both my aunt and my uncle (who had never even seen a picture of my great nan before) identified the woman in pictures which my grandad showed them of her.
I havent yet experienced anything like this is the house, but i am only 16, so may yet experince something.

The Chaney Beast

By: BobnDebsplace@aol.com
I was reading about the Trempealeau Co. Wisconsin Chaney Beast with green eyes. I know of a man who saw these eyes more than once in Augusta while with his friends. He told me it was like they were hoovering over the river. The boys were camping out and didn't stay long after the eyes would move but not far. They yelled out and no one answered, but the eyes remained. I wasn't sure if my friend saw the same green eyes. All I know is in the mans article about the Chaney Beast he stated there were sitings in Augusta and Gordon. Tell ya what it sounds like the same thing to me.
Just for your info

A Couple of Stories
By: Anonymous

First one...
My grandmother passed away Sept of 2000 around 12 'o clock noon..I was 30 years old and very pregnant with my daughter..the nursing home called my mom to tell her and she went to be with her body and my aunt...Well my older brother and I are adopted and my younger one isn't...well my younger brother was at work and he got this strange feeling and he said to his co worker..."Dude I think my grandmother just died." this was around noon too..everyone didn't want me to get upset that much so when her viewing came I didn't get to say good bye but she came to me in dream a couple of months later...smiling which she rarely did....
2nd one...
This just happened last night Jan 20, 2004...my daughter has been having trouble sleeping this past year in her own bedroom the first couple of month of 2003 my daughter was sleeping with my parents because she made a deal out of it and my parents didn't mind with in June my mom had a back surgery and my daughter couldn't sleep with them so she was with me in my room on my waterbed...there wasn't that much room so we went into the livingroom and sleeping in there...now that the AC isn't on we were force to her room me on a air matteress and she in her toddler bed well the last couple of weeks she has been getting upset about the monsters as she calls them..she won't sleep in my room without a light on in broad day light...well last night she spent the night with my parents again and I went to her room with the air mattress since I have not cleaned off my bed..well I went to bed around 10:30 and had the door shut and the night light off I tried to fall asleep and I was reading your site yesterday and so I was still thinking of some of the stories and finally went to sleep, I woke up around 11:45 cuz my feet were very cold even though I have two comforters and afghan on me...I heard my mom coming out of the bathroom and heard our very loud water heater on I knew it was her cuz I can always tell by the way she walks she is heavy footed than she went into the kitchen..while she was in the kitchen I thought I heard my daughter start walking down the hall but than I heard THREE BANGS which shook the air matterss and me..my heart was pounding and than I heard my Mom walk about to her room...I got up to use the bathroom and get a pair of socks..so I asked my mom if everything was ok and she was like yes everything is fine and I told her what happened and she said "Your were dreaming honey...nothing is wrong." and the baby was sleeping right next to her....that's my story.

Never Truly Alone

By: dragonrider13@lycos.com

I've lived in two haunted houses thus far.  The first one was in a nearly brand new two-story house at the time (built in '92 and we were moving in it in '94) in Ypsilanti, Michigan.  Sometimes the house made me feel uneasy, but I was usually unaware.  However, it was our dog that was the clue.  He would often watch the top of our stairs intently and flick his ears slowly back and forth, as though listening to someone as he watched them.  My brother and I would follow his stare and see nothing.  My dog would trot along, wagging his tail, going from room to room, then suddenly stop and spin around to sniff his tail as though someone pulled it.  Nothing out of the ordinary ever happened to our family, though I often woke up in the middle of the night to feel like someone was around when no one was.
The second haunted house in Novi, Mi was much older in comparison, built in the 1940s and having been added on to several times.  Even from the night we moved in, I could tell there was someone with us.  As I brought boxes in from the U-haul, I felt someone following me with idle curiosity.  I would often look in the windows at my reflection, hoping to see whatever was following me.  This spirit wasn't malevolent in the least since the house always seemed to have a special warmth about it that made us enjoy coming home from school or work.  My mother even said it was "like the house greeted us" as we returned.
However, I don't doubt this house had several different spirits residing in it.  The previous owner's fiance had died 9 months before we bought it, and we were less than a block away from a place that was on the list of the 10 Most Haunted Places in Michigan.  The original mansion a block away was converted to many sorts of offices and restaurants, trading hands often in a shifting economy.  Everyone I spoke to who worked there talked of strange incidences, particularly around the bar, but they knew Michigan's past.  A strongly religious family had owned that mansion and most of the surrounding area, including the property our house sat on.
It was also no surprise that our house was rather "lively".  Friends we invited over had their qualms.  One friend didn't want to go anywhere near the detached garage.  I couldn't blame her.  I always felt uneasy and threatened in there as well.  Something malevolent WAS in there, but it was either dormant or unable to do anything since it was quiet.  My brother's friend never even wanted to come over since just looking at the place gave him the creeps.  Another friend of mine who spent the night complained she couldn't sleep in the living area because she was too uncomfortable.  She couldn't explain her uneasiness about the room, but she had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.  Another friend was in my room once at about 3 AM.  She was showing me new CDs she had bought while I was looking up something on my computer.  She went over to my stereo to change CDs and suddenly paused, crying, "Hey!  I saw something move!"
"It's 3 AM," I replied.  "Our eyes are tired."
"No," she insisted.  "I saw something move out of the corner of my eye!"
I outwardly brushed it off calmly, but inwardly felt myself getting uneasy at her confirmation of what I'd been denying all along.  Denial is a strong thing.
Our house had all the classic problems: erratic electricity (sometimes an outlet worked, sometimes it didn't); lights flickering; fixtures trembling; cold spots; rhythmic knocking on certain walls; cold chills that'd sweep across the room; plain ol' sensations of someone else being in the room; seeing things move out of the corner of one's eye.  We had a logical explanation for everything.  The knocking and scraping in the walls were trapped animals and birds (sometimes this was the actual case).  The electricity was bad since the house was old and the wiring needed to be redone.  The house needed a second heater and wasn't properly heated, and that's why there were temperature extremes.  If you saw things, your eyes were tired.  Sometimes, though, things happened that we just couldn't explain at all, like the reactions of our friends or some of the freakier events that occurred.
I never communicated with the ghosts or actually saw them.  Then again, my mother engrained much wariness in me about the beyond.  She said, "If you talk about it and think about it, it'll come to you.  The less you acknowledge it, the less problem you'll have."
This was only somewhat true.  This attitude I kept up was a drain on my sixth sense, but it also kept the ghosts from directly communicating.  However, one night as I was dozing off to sleep, I got my closest encounter I cared to have.  It was about six months after we'd moved in and I'd been talking to a Wiccan friend recently about her religion.  She had told me about how Wiccans use a lot of visualizing of energies in their minds to help them with spells.  This night, as I tried to sleep, I felt the familiar cold chill that often seeped into my room.  Over time, the spirits had gotten bold with us and now entered into my room in particular since it was the first bedroom off the hallway leading in from the main rooms.  Unlike usual, this chill actually approached me rather than go by me and began to ice my toes.  The chill slowly crawled up my legs, getting to my knees, while the cold around my feet never receded.  Realizing I was actually being targeted, I visualized this wh
ite energy in my mind exploding at what was approaching like a firework.  I projected out a warning with it and I felt the chill immediately recede.  In fact, the sensation I got was equivalent to knocking something across the room.  I "felt" it fly back to my wall, stunned.  I received feelings of hurt and shock and an apologetic, guilty air that weren't mine - the closest I'd gotten to actual communication - and I suddenly felt semi-guilty for what I now realized to be a rash action.  However, there was a determination and firmness for me to stand my ground and that it'd better respect my personal space.  Though it stayed around, the presence was cautious and wary and never got within four feet of me up until I moved.
For the last two and a half years I've lived in this new house, it's been completely quiet.  It's been a vacation on my sharpened sixth sense at not feeling a new, unseen presence in just about every room.  Needless to say, when my grandfather decided to visit me just hours before he died last year, I was completely surprised to have my sixth sense go off.  I came right out of a deep sleep at 2 A.M., literally jerking my head up and gasping, immediately awake.  My first conscious thought was, <i>someone's in my bedroom</i>.  My eyes flew over to the door, where I felt the presence was hanging around, coming in from, or leaving.  I couldn't quite tell.  I was initially scared, thinking of burglars and the like.  Even though I saw nothing, my sixth sense was sure something was there.  I scanned the area around my door for another moment before assuring myself I wasn't in danger.  I tried to shake off the feeling and go back to sleep.  When I woke up the next morning, my mom had a
lready gotten the call about my grandfather's death, though she already knew beforehand.  He'd paid us all a visit that night and his presence woke my mom up as well, just with less intensity.  She says even now she can sometimes smell cigar smoke - his favorite thing to smoke - and feel his presence.


By: GotMilk3390@aol.com

One night i had a dream of my sister having a baby and the baby was a boy. The husband wasent there, but i could clearly see the baby and my sister. I thought well this could be just some of her friends babys. Later to find out, my sis was pregnat, so i just blew that off saying "oh wow"..But on October 3rd 2003 my sister had her baby and it was a baby boy and matching the same description.



By: Crystal12780@aol.com

One night around 1:am. I had awoke to something standing infront of my bedroom door. I wear glasses and didn't have them on at the time. I was looking at the black figure that looked like it had a black hooded robe on. I sat up in my bed to make sure it wasn't my mom. I yelled, mom, Is that you!? But there was no answer. all of a sudden the hooded black figure just jumped towards me. I fell back on my bed in shock. I layed there while the figure flew over me. It's hood had flew off and it revealed it's face. It looked like an older figure that had a long nose and a black swiffle mark on his face. It flew really slow over me. Looking at me. But it looked scared like something was after it. It had red eyes that was round. really strange. I was told never look a ghost in the eyes if they are red. Well, i was in shocked and didn't think about it then. It kepted looking at me then at the wall behind my bed. Then he was gone. I could see the figure but yet see through him to my ceiling. It was very weird. Then something told me to look at the door again . There was another black hooded figure just standing there. But he didn't stay there long. He flew past me really fast. Then after he diappered i looked at the door 2 more times and there were 2 more ghost standing there the same way and flew off the same way. Except the lost 3 when they flew away they're hoods flew back and there were no faces. After they were gone for good i layed in my bed for a long time thinking about what just happened and if it was real. Oh, they were real alright. I also realized that they seemed to have been chasing that first ghost. But i have no idea why and why they were there.


A Black Shadowy Figure

By: jmhredzak@alltel.net

 One night I was going to go to bed {the usual 9:30 time} and I was about to close my eyes when all of a sudden I hear a scream in my kitchen.Now my bed is on the same floor as my kitchen and that scream sounded like a women suffering or dieng.I continued to stay in my bed and closed my eyes saying to myself, "It's not real it's not real" but that scream happened again and at that one I knew i wasn't dreaming.My sister woke up and had heard the scream too. We both went to the kitchen with a flash light and we saw standing in the middle of the kitchen a tall shadowy figure standing there staring at us in a mean nasty sort of way with his/her red eyes.Me and my sister stood there staring at the ghost but I couldn't move I was way too scared. My sister dropped the flashlight and screamed towards her bedroom. I followed her screaming as well. So we both went to sleep in the same bed so we can keep ourselfs comfortable. My mom had heard the yelling we made but she didn't get out of bed thinking we were having a bad dream or something. I wanted to get out of bed and go across the hall and tell my mom what me and my sister had saw.But I was too scared to even move.We heard that scream for the last time before me and my sister fell asleep.{My sister is 15}.And we just couldn't figure out why and how that figure was here and how it got here but we were terrified and from that moment on I havn't saw any ghost or scream since. So the next morning I went to the kitchen to make myself a bagel with butter on it for breakfeast. Now i'm not scared at day time where there is light so I was able to go to the kitchen that day. We had a drawer of where we keep all of our silverwere.And when i opened that drawer to get a knife, there was only one knife in the drawer and it had blood all over the blade. And it wasn't going to come off anytime soon

Childhood Exorcism

By: ETippett@fortisproperties.com

When I was a small child I was terrified to be alone in our basement. I
always felt watched from one particular corner. This irritated me as I was
dying to create a playroom for myself down there that I could go to get away
on my own.  The basement was huge, 50 feet by 30 feet completely open and
mostly unfinished, a child's clubhouse dream. But I could not stay down
there and play alone like I wanted. My brother used to tease me and run
upstairs ahead saying "I'm going to lock you in!", which in retrospect was
very silly as there was another exit at the far end that he could not lock,
but the thought of having even one exit temporarily barred scared the heck
out of me and I would shriek and scream at him. Once he turned off the
lights and pretended to hold the door shut. I scared him with how
desperately I clawed at the door and went into hysterics. He never turned
the lights off on me again. I always felt like something was following me up
the stairs so I used to run up them as fast as I could and slam the door and
latch it as if the devil was on my tail. I got tired of being scared and one
day I grabbed my children's bible and a wooden cross (at the time I was a
practicing Christian) and I walked around the whole basement saying
something like I had read in the bible, "In the name of Jesus Christ I
command you to leave this place."  After that I was able to play down there
at least in the daytime.
I find I have had many of the same experiences that others on this site have
had, my name being called by a female voice when only my father was home,
hearing footsteps behind me all the time, phantom cats leaping on my bed,
waking to see "something" standing by my bed etc. I have never experienced
being held down or unable to move though and I hope I never do.

My Desk


This is January 23rd, 2004. I am 56 years old and of all mental faculties.
Three evenings ago I was sitting at this computer on my old roll top desk(top part missing, obtained years ago at an auction) and laughing heartily at some jokes from friends coming across the mail.
I accidentally knocked something off the pullout to my right elbow and bent under the desk center opening while seated to retrieve the item(didn't know what I had knocked off). Well..., I did not find the item, BUT I heard a female childs voice laughing and talking. SO I sat back up and made another 'dive' under the desk to look for the item again. Hearing the same or similar, it sounded like a little girl teasing while playing hide and go seek. THEN I dove under desk once again and heard the same thing! So I got off my chair and crawled under the desk and did not hear the child again. I was NOT afraid. It was the voice of just little girl I estimate around 5-6 years of age or possibly up to 8 years of age. I don't know if I'll ever hear her again. A  lifetime of explanations connected to this old desk will never explain my experience.
My little dog, a miniture pincher had previously been going under the desk, digging in the rug a bit and sitting in the same corner I heard the sound emmanating from. Maybe my baby has a friend in the child and vice versa! He is very special to me an so is the little girl from wherever she is and the desk! I have no grandchildren and no other sound device nor implant did I find.
Perhaps the little girl's voice is a friendly haunting who responded to the hearty laughter at online jokes I read; I don't know.
This desk MAY have belonged to a banker or bank he worked at. I found some documents dated around 1900-1910 in linings and cracks way inback of the inside of the desk. I know the bank and may contact them to see if they have any pictures from that time frame for me to view. I'd like to match up the desk, if possible, to the man(or woman) who worked behind it and see if possibly he or she brought a little girl to work that played under their desk. Time will tell and my efforts, maybe.
I don't know what to make of this experience.


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