I saw a Ghost

By: Niknik74@aol.com
hello my name is nicole and i came across this website on jeeves.com. anyway when i was about 6 my mom and i were in browning montana, it was real late at night and we had just pulled into the back yard of my grandmas friends house. she had this big multi level house and in the back was an old old graveyard, it was about 50 to 70 feet away from her back door. (my mom later told me this ) so my mom and i were waiting in the car for my grandma to come out , i remember i was in the back seat looking out at the back of the house it was on my left hand side. she had a porch with cement steps leading up to the back door.it had beams across the sides like to hold up a miniature roof.there were hangers hanging there. i remember looking at the door and a girl was there, she was about a foot and a half off the ground and looked like she was outlined in a bluish white light. she was a young looking girl with dark hair and pale skin . i remember turning away to ask my mom why is that girl hanging from that hanger? she said what are you talking about? i said there was a girl over there on the porch and she looked like she was hanging by her hair from a hanger. she just said i must have seen a ghost. so lucky for me my mom believed me. she also saw a ghost when she was little. in montana by my moms old house ( as told to me many a times over the years) there where some old burial grounds and my great grandpa took my mom and her sisters there to play and look around one day . so they all went up into this old cave and were writing their names on the walls . she said that there were alot of old bones and rocks in there. my great grandpa told her that this was where they used to burry the people who died from consumption in the old days. so she had found this rock that she thought was pretty and took it home with her, that night she said she woke up from her sleep and standing in the doorway of her room was a girl with long dark hair and she was kinda see thru. she said she could''nt even move so she woke up my aunty and told her to get her some water.she said my aunty walked right through the girl. the next morning at breakfast she told my grandpa what happened and he said that a dark haired girl came and sat on the edge of his  bed in the middle of the night.so when my mom showed him her pretty rock he said thats not a rock its a bone. it turned out to be  an elbow bone.so they went and brought it back. these are real and true stories .so i do believe in ghosts and montana has lots of ghosts. thank you

Many Experiences

By: lakeju@rochester.rr.com

I wouldnt normally do this because im not really sure if someones going to actually see this, but ive had several experiences with ghosts/spirits & im curious about it.. See the only thing is I havent seen one completley.
One time when my friend was over she said she saw feet go by my bathroom, not a body or nething just feet? and also my sister has seen hair no head just hair? and many things have happened to me like i will see a figure but its very faded like it doesnt want me to see it but i do, and also i see flashes & orbs alot or i will see someone walk by me but usually it happens out of the corner of my eye and by the time i look its not there. One time me and my friends where playing the ouji board in her attick just trying to have some fun cause it was a sleepover and my one friend saw something crawling towards us and it got really cold to the point where we were shivering and then a big flash occured right above the board in front of all of us so we all got up fast and ran into the other room freaked out ofcourse, and nothing happened after that.. Also one time my friend that is a medium communicated with my mom for me that passed away then i was little and every since then i feel someone rubbing my back once in awhile or holding me when im about to go to sleep, and my mom always used to rub my back until i fell asleep which leads me to believe it is her so i dont get scared about that but once I was shooken awake and i was so scared to open my eyes because i didnt want to see anything but it kept shaking me until i finally did open my eyes and when i did there was nothing there, still i stayed calm although i was wondering even if it is my mom why is she waking me up, i think i was more scared of what was going to happen next than of being shook awake ..im still not really sure why that happened but it never happened after that..i kind of try to ignore things if i see them or i feel them, also i have a motion light thing that blinks in my kitchen when someone walks by it and one time i wasnt near it and it was flickering then it stayed on which means someone was standing right in front of it and then it went off. Located in the room my mother used to sleep in i have a touch light when u touch it it goes on and off  well one night i was walking by there and it was flickering but when i looked it stopped and i said mom if thats you do it again and it happened again and then i said ok stop, just to make sure it wasnt a coincidence, and it did stop..also we have a plant in the kitchen and i saw someone standing by it out of the corner of my eye, it looked like a little boy..which the medium said my mother takes care of because she was always like a neighborhood mom who loved kids.. when i tryed to look closer it dissapeared and there was leaves of the plant falling off the tree one by one as if he was picking them off.. i tryed to ignore it but after awhile there was so many leaves on the floor my step mom would be upset and think i did it or something so i told it to stop..so it did..also my stepmom sleeps in the same room as my mom used to and she had told me that she has had her leg pulled when she was in bed a few times..alot of little things like this keep happening i just thought i would share them with someone if some one reads this please write back to me! thank you

Who was It?

By: jnittler@oakwood.com

Hello, I wanted to tell of an experience that my mom and I just had the other night.   I have emailed other stories of what else goes on in her home before.  My mom lives next to a cemetery in Santa Clara, and we always say that the ghosts are coming and going through out the house as they please.  They knock on bedroom doors while you sleep, they open every cupboard in the kitchen, things disappear and reappear all the time, things get tossed across the room. The other night was just another one of the incidences to put down in the book.
I was visiting my mom since my husband was on a business trip. To set the stage I will tell you where everyone was in the house.  My brother was asleep in my moms bedroom upstairs along with my baby.  My cousin was down in the garage watching TV and my Mom, brother-in-law and I were sitting in the living room upstairs watching American Idol. All of the sudden the front door opened and then slammed closed.  The dogs started barking (as they always do) and my mom got up quick to hush them so they didn't wake up my daughter.  She looked down in the foyer and there was nobody there!  So she walked down the stairs and opened the garage door and my cousin was sitting in a chair with a blanket covering him while he watched TV.  She asked him "was that you who just came through the door?" and his reply was "No, I was just about to ask you who did"  So my mom opened the front door and there was nobody on the porch, so she walked out a little further to see if she could see anyone down the driveway, or down the street.  She saw nobody walking and nobody driving away.  She came upstairs with this blank look on her face.  And I asked her "who was it?"  and she looked at me and said "Nobody."

Little Boy Sitting on the Rock


This really happened to me, but you don't wanna believe me then thats your way! I was about 9 or 10 years old this happened to me, I am now 15 and a hafe year old
dy and it was blowing my hair all over. The school bell ring to let the kids get out of school. I walked home from school. I was thinking about what I was doing when I get home. I saw the hill to walk up on. My shoe was untied. I got up from the big hill and stop and tied my shoe. I bended down to tied my shoe. After I tied my shoe I looked in the woods and saw a little boy kid sitting there on the big rock and looks like he was dead. I looked at him and didn't saw him move or breathing at all. I could feel the feat of death in my heart bumping so hard. I couldn't believe from my eyes that sees this happening. I looked back of behind me to see if anyone was going to come up on the hill. I didn't see anyone behind me nor front of me. I looked all around and feel more of the beating blood in my heart going faster. I started to run so fast that I didn't stop to take a breath. I thought to myself that I was seeing a ghost. And I did see a ghost. For one thing no one thats's around 5 years old would go in there and try to scared people. I know those woods by hand. I had been in those woods like 50 times or more. I looked back to see if someone was coming to get me. Could feel the horror in my blood. I got home and locked all the doors and sit in the living room and thinking about what I just had happened to me. I didn't tell my mom or my brother because they won't believe me at all. I could remember that he had light brownish hair, little boy's clothes and a little light from him. Later I told my cousin Tina and she believes me and I believe her Ture ghosts stories. I would always have that fear of death in my memories. I still thanked God to let me be alive when I can hear or see ghosts. I do hear and see dead people. Its a life thing when I think about dead ghosts.


The Evil Spirit

By: mamiko@imbris.net
 This is an experience that was not mine, but my grandmother's. She is a
person who is lucky, and can in fact see spirits. My mother told me this a
year or so ago:
 My grandmother sleeps in her own bed, and often she sees black figures at
night. One night, she awoke to find a heavy, stifling feeling on her chest.
She soon realized something, or someone was choking her. She had seen many
ghosts before, but never an evil one like this. It soon ceased. I was very
interested in this story, and wonder who it was and why it was so evil. It
may have been not evil, just mischevious or desperate to get attention. I'll
never know.

 The Cat That Will Never Leave
 Here is another one of my grandmother's seeings:
 She used to have a cat named Maru. My aunt found the poor kitten being
pecked on by crows in her school yard when she was walking home. My
grandmother has kept the cat as her own ever since. The cat died a year or
so ago because of a problem in her body. My grandmother loved that cat very
much. Now she has two kittens, very different from the grumpy old cat she
had. My grandmother states that at night, she can hear and feel the purring,
and can see the cat's spirit walking around her room, as if to protect. The
cat had a wonderful, full life, unless my cousins and I were there. I
believe that the cat doesn't have anything to finish, but it is just
reluctant to leave her one owner. She is probably, watching, waiting, until
my grandmother joins her. Then, she will leave. But now, she will never
A foot note: My grandmother doesn't let the kittens into her bedroom because
that was Maru's place. And now it is like her sanctuary. Not to be bothered.
Thank you.

Stuffed Animals

By: Dpastorem@aol.com

    One day, a car was speeding down the street and hit two little twin boys,
who happened to live across the street from my friend, Lacey, her husband,
James, and their twin girls, Jaimie and Alexis.
    The mother of the twins that died was having a garage sale of her twins
old toys. The twins loved these two stuffed animals, a dinosaur and a Barney.
Lacey bought the stuffed animals from the mother and gave them to her children.
The children loved the stuffed animals. They would play with them every
night. One evening, Lacey went in to clean the kids room and then they went out to
    When they got back from their dinner, Lacey was putting the twins to bed,
and found that the room was a total mess. She had figured that the twins had
been in the room before she got there. So, as she put the twins to bed, she
cleaned their room. The next morning, she went to go wake up the twins, but they
were already awake, and the light was on (they cannot reach the lights).
Suddenly, she started seeing a few blocks floating in the air, next to her
children. She grabbed the twins and ran out the room, shutting the door behind her.
    Nothing happened for a few nights. But then, suddenly, she went into the
room and saw the twins playing with dolls and two dolls floating in the air
and moving by themselves next to the twins. Then Lacey grabbed the dolls, and
threw them in the toy barrel. Then they had to leave to the store. When they
returned, they tucked the kids into their bed, hoping that the nothing like that
would happen, again. She walked out of the children's room, shutting the door
behind her, and walked into her room. She got her nightgown on and fell asleep
beside her husband.
    Lacey woke up to laughter outside her sliding glass door and looked at
the clock beside her bed. It was exactly 12 o clock a.m. Then, she heard some
more laughter. She thought it sounded like two children. She got up from the bed
and looked out her glass door. She saw two ghostly figures that she
recognized as the two twin boys that have been hit by a car. She heard them laugh some
more, then soon woke up her husband to show him the two little boys. When he
looked out the window, he saw it too. Then, they both moved out on to the pull
out couch and fell asleep.
    The next morning, after breakfast, Lacey realized that she started seeing
ghosts when she bought the stuffed animals from the mother across the street.
She asked the lady if she had seen anything in the last few days. The lady
answered no. So then, on a Friday, when a dump truck came, she pitched the two
stuffed animals in with all of her other trash. After that, there were no more
sightings of the two little boys again.


My Father

By: Roses3319@aol.com

When I was 10 going on 11 my father died unexpectedly. As I grew up, I always knew that he was with me.  When I was 14, I was in the the bathroom getting ready for school in the morning.  My mother was beside me, brushing her hair, while I was looking in the mirror putting on my make-up, my father's face appeared in the mirror smiling back at me.  It lasted for a few minutes and my mother's face turned pale and I thought she was going to faint.  My mother doesnt understand why I'm not scared to death to see him. She divorced him when I was three and I knew that I shocked her to see him.  I'm 25 and I'm a mother of twins.  I Know that he watched over me when they were born.  One night when the twins still slept in their bassinets in our room, my husband slept on the couch because he didn't want to wake us in the morning, I woke up at 4:00 in the morning.  I saw someone standing at the foot of the bed and then he walked towards the babies in their bassinets.  At first, I thought it was my husband and I asked him "what are you doing, Please don't wake them" Then he smiled at me and walked through the window.  I ran downstairs to find my husband sound asleep on the couch.  When I went back upstairs, the twins were cooing in their sleep.  As started to fall back to sleep, I heard my father say good night.  Now that my twins are 2, I notice them talking to someone that is not there.  I have a feeling I know who it is, But the only sad thing is that they will never know my father, except his spirit.

Morningside Apparitions

By: Zedek03@aol.com

This happened to me many years ago but folks still tell me the same strange happenings go on to this day! I lived in Sioux City, Iowa as a young girl, in the Morningside area on a hill north of South Ravine Park and about a mile east of the river. It was a farm house then although now there is paved streets and houses. Anyway,  long before we moved into the farm-house up on old Coral Road,a house had stood on the hill below us. It had burned down one winter niteand all that remained was footings and stone remnants (stove, part of a wall, iron gate post),  A mother and her children,( I don't know many children there were) died in the fire. All the neighbor kids in the area were afraid to walk down the hill at night because they said the mother's ghost still cried out for her kids! Although I was young then, I still remember clearly seeing and hearing strange sights and sounds from below the hill where the house had stood. My mother told me she saw an old lady with her face covered with a cloth walking around the old remains calling for her children, but did'nt tell me until we moved away because she did'nt want to frighten me. I still have relatives who live in that area, and even though there are houses there, to this day they see and hear the same woman wandering about at night, calling for her lost children


By: Aprils13angel@aol.com

  I was born in Wilmington N.C.My parents,sister,brother and I lived in a small 1story house off of Hwy 421 on a road called Masonburrow about 3 miles before crossing over the main bridge to Carolina Beach. I'm telling the location because it is a place that has haunted my memory for many years and if there is anyone out there who may know the history of it.
Heres my story.......When I was around 7 years old I was playing hide and go seek with my brother and one of his friends.We were in the woods next to our house [on the other side of the woods was a drive way that lead to a 2 story house] I was standing at the gate which lead to the house from the driveway.While I was standing there waiting for my brother and his friend to hide I was staring at the 2 story house when all of a sudden a lady appeared on the left front of the house and FLOATED to the right side of the house and disappeared. She did not  look at me nor did she even act like she knew I was there.She wore a long white flowing dress with a hat, which covered the sides of her face.I know it was a ghost because I could see through her. I ran home and told my mother. I'm not sure if she beleived me or not at the time.I have since found out that there were rumers that the lady who lived in the 2 story house practiced which craft.Also I've heard that the land which our house was built on was a Indian graveyard. Weather these stories are true or not I may never know. But I do know what I saw was real and I would truly love any feedback I could get about this area. The house I lived in has been torn down years ago and another house has been built there. The 2 story house is now up for sale by the same lady who lived there when I did 25 years ago.............IF YOU KNOW ANYTHING PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT aprils13angel@aol.com



By: babyduff_6@hotmail.com

Ok....this is pretty weird, but Im someone who has had quite a few ghostly experiances. The most frightening experience was when we lived in a very old house which was obtained because of my dads job. The house itself was on his workplace grounds and was over 200 years old.
Anyway, myself and my family lived in that house for around 5 yrs, and often I would hear random things but never paid alot of attention to it. As the apparition got stronger, or thats what I believe, I started to see flashes of light, almost like camera flashes, out of the corner of my eye all the time. When I was playing by myself in my room with my dolls or when I was just going down stairs, I would see these frequent flashes. As time progressed, It got much more apparant that there was a ghost in that house. I was watching the childrens tv in my room, and when Id finished i went to remove the plug from the mains and go downstairs. When I turned round I saw a fairly tall black figure stood looking at me  {or thats what its body language was depicting} leaning against my wardrobe. I remember just standing there for a few seconds looking at it. It wasnt transparent, It was just totally black. Once Id blinked it went away. I stood dumb founded for a few seconds, and then I started to panic. I ran downstairs and told my sister who, typically told me it was my imagination. I dunno why but it took me a while to tell my parents, but a few years later I told my Dad and he wasnt suprized at all. Infact, he told me he had had a weird experiance to. He said that one afternoon, he had gone to bed for a quick power nap, when he felt something trying to pull the quilt from him. He said it was pulling really hard, and my Dad was holding onto the quilt too, not daring to see what was pullin it from the other side. When my Mum came upstairs he said the thing had let go, and the quilt went flying.
Iv asked my Mum loads of times if she can remember anything weird in that house, anything at all, and Shes always said that she didnt ever experiance anything. Neither did my sister. The whole atmosphere of that house wasnt good, and fallouts pursued us while we lived there.Once we moved, it was different. I still heard stuff tho.
I was in my room in my "new" house and I was singing to my favourite song of the moment, when I heard someone {male} shout at me to shut up. When I enquired into this, no one had said anything. Furthermore, often I heard loads of "snoring" sounds,{which sounds ridiculous i kno} but when I went to see, once again nothing was there. I could here my whole family downstairs laughing at the tv.
Im at uni now and nothing that weird has ever happened since. I thought I saw a girl walkin through a wall, but I dunno. As Im getting older, its easier to rationalise things, even when you know deep down that you know what you saw, even if other people doubt or dont believe. I guess being put in their position of not being able to stand as a witness to these things, I wouldnt believe either. I have loads of dreams wich contain ghosts, and those really freaky dreams where you've woken up, but only in your dream, and then things take place of the supernatural kind, but those {seemingly} are in the unconsious mind. Perhapps brought on by all the consious occurances. I dunno, but these things keep happening, but as long as they dont actually hurt me, I can live with it!


Weird Events

By: coli_0023@yahoo.com

All my life my parents have told me stories of hauntings some of my dads marine buddies experienced. My parents were even there for a few of the events. My parents and their friends lived in an apartment complex. Well in the guys apartment they had a parachute hung up on the celing, and when you walked through the living room there was an indention as you walked along ( it was wind you put off as you walk ) that followed you through the living room. Well my parents were visiting their friends and as they were drinking coffee sitting in the living room they would see these indentions crossing the living rooms, and no one was up and walking around. So the only explanation was a ghost. Another time my parents were visiting they were all down sairs and from the bathroom upstairs they heard the toilet seat banging up and down repeatdly, when they all went to check it out the banging stopped. One account from my parents friends happend with the door that lead out to their balcony/patio. Well one of guys was going to go out on to the deck and the door wouldn't budge. So his buddie tried to open it. They described it as though a very strong person was on the other side of the door holding it closed so they couldn't get out there. They waited for a little while and tried the door again and it worked just fine. The st bizzare thing that happened in that appartment according to one of the guys he came home from work a little late one night and as he went up to the door he heard fighting in the apartment, things getting thrown around, yelling, glass breaking. He said it sounded like the place was being torn apart. When he opened the door, everything stopped, and everything was normal. He ended up staying at my parents appartment that night. He told my parents that the ghosts were mad tonight and he didn't want to stay there alone that night, because his room mate was working that night. Like I said I have heard these stories since I was little and my dad is very convinced it could have been nothing else besides the super natural. Thanks for reading!!


The Kids In My Room

By: cadys_angel@msn.com

Hey! i'm Cady (pronouced a KD) Here's my story......
When I was 6 years old, me, my 2 sisters, and my mom & dad lived in the very old house in Colorado Springs, it was haunted by 9 ghosts, 2 kids where in my room. I was reading a story in my room, and i have, how some people call it, a "power" to hear & see ghosts.
Anyways, i was 6 and reading a story to my stuffed animals. I had a Mother Goose nightlight (it had a neck where you can move it around to some positions) and it started moving, i was a little scared, but i just ignored it and went on reading. Then 2 little kids about my age, a boy and a girl, appered out of no where.
i was too scared to scream for someone, and then the boy asked me "Were is my mommy, we can't find her anywhere and we're scared."  My dad was into the supernateral, and he knew EVERYTHING about ghost, he can also see and hear them, he told me before don't talk to ghost, it's really bad.
So i shook my head and the girl said "Can you help us find her? please, i really miss her!" So i then said, "No, i don't want to talk to you, so don't talk to me." The boy's eye look at me like he was really P*ssed off. and he said, "Help us find our mom now, or you'll have to face the consequenses!" i was really scared by then, so i slowly sat up and pressed my back against my back board on my bed (I had a day-bed) and i took my stuffed bunny and held him really tight.
The girl sat on my floor in the corner and put her head in her hands and cryed, the boy said "Now look what you did!!" the boy turned around and i saw his back was all torn he got in a bad fight (the girl was wearing a white saten dress with brown curly long hair, and the boy was wearing a white shirt and a black bow tie, and black short, and his hair was a hockey cut, both kids had bron hair and brow eyes) I gave up the courage and asked what happen to them, how did they die. The girl mummbled something about their father and the bathtub. i was really shocked and said, "Did he drown you?" and she shook her head 'yes'. the boy took the girls hand and said "Don't tell anymore Jess" and they just faded away.
The next day i told my mom what happen, and she said i was dreaming. i know i wasn't dreaming, i was wide awake because it takes me a long time to get to sleep, and it was only 8:00 (i fell asleep at 10)
Now I'm 14 and weird things are happening to me, like i hear voices and stuff. we moved out of the house and now live in Security Colorado, i'm going through a stage. both my sister April and my dad went through it when they where 13-14. i'm getting used to it now....

My Scarey Life at School

By: boarder_gurl_@hotmail.com

This is a story about my school. It was recently built, but there were many
accidents concerning its construction. Many wierd things have happened to me
and my friends. Here is the most I can remember.
The school
My school was recently built near a small town. The land was a wheat field,
before it was cleared for our school. A story told by the old timers around
this area say that in the early 1900's a very wierd family lived on the land
the school was built on. The dad killed all 3 children, and the mother, the
story goes. The father ran off, and was never heard of again. The family was
buried near the house, which is on the same land our school is on. During
the excavating, many accidents occured. Many workers would not work there,
because of the story. Others were injured, mysterious equipment failures. A
jackhammer malfunctioned and seriously hurt a worker. When the school
started to go up, many of the workers brought in from offisland saw ghosts
of three children and the mother. 2 different construction companies had to
be brought in, because workers were scared and refused to work on the
building. There were also many injuries, and before each one, a holohgraphic
image was seen lurking around the building site. Finally the school was
finished. Sometimes at school, we see wierd things. I have seen ghosts of
the kids moving around the area, and the dad chasing them with a pitchfork.
It has been very disturbing to me. One of my best friends has seen the
mother, beaing hurt by the dad. This activity occurs at night, or on the
aniversary of the killings. It was in march 27, 1902. On the 27th of each
month wierd things happen at school. On the 27th of January a kid in 9h
grade named John tripped on something, which was never found. He broke his
collar bone, and his elbow. On months before, other things have happened.
Experts have been called in by the school, after several kids have withdrawn
from school, going to a private school. The experts have not come up with
much, but they have been in and out for the last few days. I hope they can
get to the bottom of this, but I have my doubts.

My Dad's Incident

By: knights.03@att.net

This incident happened to my father about 2-3 years ago.That day he was cleaning out his bedroom closet,and he came across some ald pictures (from the 70's and 80's)and out of the blue he said to himself that he didn't have a picture of his deceased cousin.Around a
minute or two later he came across his deceased cousins picture.That same night after
my mother had finished eating(in bed @around 11:00)she turned off the t.v. Less that 5 minutes after that she saw a white shadow(by this time my dad was asleep,face down)and it was going towards my dad.The white shadow touched my dad on his calf,hamstrings,
lower back and his right shoulder,while my dad(still asleep)in his dream screamed "don't let them take me" .Ever since my mom first saw the shadow she had a bad feeling.then my mother touched my father on his left shoulder and the white shadow backed off making it seem as if it was going towards my mom(but it didn't),but it vanished right before her eyes.
Then my dad woke up and asked "what happened?" and my mother said "nothing."  Because if she would have told him he wouldn't of have gone back to sleep.They talked about it the next day and my dad was amazed.


Julies Ghost Followers

By: ylike_cheese@yahoo.com

Well, my dad's first wife, Julie, (not my mom) and him lived in a mobile home. My dad and her were sleeping one night, and someone violently ripped my dad's pillow from beneath his head. When he turned to look at Julie, She was sound asleep. There was nobody else in the room. When my dad was a little kid, he got out of bed to get a glass of water. When he got to the kitchen, There was somebody there. It was dark so he could not make out who it was. They were taller than all of his family members, so he asked who was there. He didn't get an answer so he went back to bed.


By: sue-allyson-doggies@msn.com

This story was at my dads yesterday (Feb 1st 04).I was playing playsation, and I went on the internet to get some cheats for the game. When I came back in the room, It was colder than any other room. And that wasn't all. When I was watching TV, the TV turned off. The remote was right next to me, ( I was using the buttons on the TV.) I looked at the plug, and it was out. Someone unplugged the TV. I think its maybe Gabby (normally at my moms house) that followed me.

A Couple of Hauntings

By:  candymonsters@hotmail.com

 i lived in a very old town called Lynn Valley... My first haunting happened with my baby sitters daughter and my sister who was presently 5 or 6... we were staying up late in this house we had just moved in the house a week ago (excuse the spelling and grammer im taking to my parents at the same time)  we werent evan done un packing!! Well we were just about to go to sleep when my sister got really scared and we asked why?? she pointed to the door and there were two glowing green figures on the door... it was either 1 short guy and a tall one or a short women and a tall guy....  well we started screaming at the top of our lungs and my parents couldnt hear us... finally we started pounding on the walls crying and they finally heard sumthing and came in...  as soon as they opened the door the spirits went away.... now i never sleep with my door closed... well for my second haunting.... my dog threw up in my bed.. and for some reason all 4 dogs were in my room... anywho.. like i said my dog threw up in my bed.... soo i went in my sisters bed and she wasnt there... soo obviously she snuck into my moms room and slept with her... and who i was almost about to get to sleep and i coulpe feel breathing and it was very very heavy and scarey.... i coud also hear this very scarey voice as if it had been running from somthing....  i pretended i was asleep until i got the nerve to go into my moms room and i stayed with her for 2 weeks untill i got the guts to go sleep back in my own room.... my third haunting was wen i was alone in my room singing ( i luv to sing i do it all the time) the lights turned off than on really quickly... i was scared soo much i started to cry and ididnt go into my room for ever.. i got my mom to go in there pic out my cloths and everything!!! now i moved in to a new house in Coquitlam.... its kinda better.. i sitll feel that people are looking over my shoulder.. but i kinda like it i call them my "gaurdien angels" because i know there good..
well if you can find anything out that will help my please dont hesitate to email me at candymonsters@hotmail.com

Something's Following Me

By: Vladimir.Kouznetsov@verizon.net

For about two years I have been having strange paranormal experiences. They are surely not as extreme as some of the ones I've read about, but all are kind of eerie.
In my moms old apartment, a hallway ran from the bathroom, past my room and my brothers room and then into the living room where my mom slept (trust me, the place was small). There was also a bookshelf on the wall facing my brothers doorway. It was about waist high and had a wide range of books on it. I remember once walking past the shelf and as I was about 7 feet away from it, I heard a very loud thud. I turned around and saw one of the books lying face down on the floor. I picked it up and saw that it was a Russian cookbook. My dad is Russian and his grandfather had recently died on my brothers birthday. We all thought it was him. The book was so heavy that someone walking past it could not make it fall.
My mom told me that once she was walking past my door at night (it swung inward and was held in place by a thick carpet) when it closed. She never touched it and I was asleep.
I can also recall looking at photos and seeing white-ish orbs in the background. They were usually surrounding me. Last week, I was looking at pictures from Halloween that I hadn't seen before (we had moved to a house by then) when I came across a picture of me in my devil costume (I'm a 12 year old girl, what do you expect). All across the photo was a white, semi-transparent thing that looked like it was swooshing from the ceiling. Creepy. There are also times when my cat will stare at something and follow it. An experience that happened in my dads apartment was when I looked from the bathroom into his bedroom where his office is and saw the rolling office chair spinning. I got really freaked out when I discovered that nobody was in that room at the time. And lastly, yesterday when I came home from school, I was alone as always, but something just wasn't right. I had this awful feeling that there was something evil there that was following me. That was the first time I had ever felt that. Please email me if you have had similar experiences.

Our House

By: rbriggs4@tampabay.rr.com

i used to live in a house that had a ghost. it was owned by an old lady who had killed herself. she  haunted her room which was mine. she would wait until i was almost asleep and pull the covers up under my chin. she threw a book at my brother and he swears he heard giggling and felt someone poke him. as this happened he found himself picturing a   little girl. one night i was doing my homework and i heard the radio on full blast, i looked up and it stopped. i turned on the radio and it was playing hte song i  had heard.


Old Classmate

By: [midnightparti2000@yahoo.com

Hi. My name is James, and I'm from Sutton, Massachusetts. Ever since I was young, I've been obbsessed with the idea of ghosts and paranormal ativity. I always wanted to find a ghost, or to meet one. One time, I believe I did experience a ghost encounter, but first i want to tell you my friends story.  But last year, I was in 6th grade, and 12. My friend, Abby, was in my class. She wasn't your everyday person, she was into ghosts and different things. Well, Abby would sometimes fool around and make up stories, but by the way her voice sounded when she told us her story, we believed her.
She said that earlier that morning, she had gone to her locker to get her science book, like always. She had walked by a few of her friends, and said hello to all of them. She followed a few kids into the science room, but out of the blue, a young boy appeared. He was wearing a letterman jacket and looked something like a Jock, as some people call them. Abby wasn't afraid, even though she had never seen him before, and by the description she gave me, I hadn't either. She said that she attempted to go around him, but he moved in the way, and he blocked the entrance. Finally she tried to push him out of the way, but her hand went right through him. Just then he disappeared.
Now we didnt expect to get this kind of story from Abby, so me and my friends believed her, because she wouldnt make something up like this out of the blue.
Now before, I told you I had experienced something myself, this is it:
It was the summer after Abby's experience, and as a matter of fact, she was a part of this one, too. It was about 6 months ago, when me and Abby were talking on the phone. We did like to fool around sometimes, and it was funny. Well Abby screamed as loud as she could, and it hurt my ear a little. once it felt better i told her not to do it again, and i decided to do it to her, but i heard something upstairs so i told her to hold on a minute and i tried to listen to the noise. It sounded like two men, older men, were talking to eachother at the foot of the steps. i thought i was hearing things, so i went back to my conversation. when i told abby i was back, she asked me who i was talking to, and i told her no one, because i was home alone, and she told me she had heard someone, too. so i knew that i had heard something, and i became scared. but once my mom got home, and me and abby were off the phone, i searched the upstairs and nothing was there, absoulutely nothing. i didnt encounter anything after that, but it was a creepy experience.
If i encounter anything or get anymore info, i will contact you. hope you enjoyed these encounters.

 Maybe My Grandfather

By: gmendezsj@yahoo.com

Hi, my name is John and I am a 21 year old college student. My ghost experienced happened when I was 16 years old. My grandmother and I decided to go spend a week at my cousin's house out in the old mining town of Sonora California. My cousin lived at the time in a house in the hills, kind of secluded although they had neighbors. I had been to the house many times before and had heard stories about a ghost on the road leading to their house and one actually in their house. My aunt reported seeing something that kind of looked like a cowboy in the rear view mirror of her car one day as she was driving up the dirt road leading to their house. And each member of the family had at one time or another seen out of the corner of their eye a face leaning over the stair case and looking at them while they were watching TV. I had been to the house many times and never felt uneasy or cold like I have experienced in some other places reported to be haunted. I had never experienced anything out of the ordinary until late one night. I was asleep in my cousin's room on a bed with my head at the opposite corner of the room from the door. The door was open and I could see into the hallway. At around 4 am I woke up and saw someone standing in the hallway. It looked to be male and he had a blue glow around him, I could see from the top of his head down to his legs, his body just kind of was cut off a little below each knee. I immediately rubbed my eyes, thinking I was dreaming but after I rubbed them he was still there. I next closed my eyes tight and when I opened them he was still there. After starring at him for the next 30 seconds or so he just disappeared. Aside from the blue glow around him, he seemed like what I would imagine a spirit to look like, he didn't look solid. I also was convinced he was wearing b e jean pants, it just really looked to me like he was wearing blue jean pants. The whole time I saw him, he didn't move, he was looking into the room on the otherside of the hallway, the one my grandma was sleeping in. Once he disappeard I thought, he must have been watching my grandma sleep. I was not scared at all when this happened but when I started to think about it I got scared, I thought whoever I saw looked like my grandfather. My grandfather is still alive, he just decided not to go with us for that week during the summer. So I got scared thinking my grandfather had died during the night and was watching over my grandma. So I next got out of bed and went right into the hallway and into my grandma's room and told her what I saw. I then called home and my grandfather picked up the phone and said everything was fine, he was asleep. By this time everyone else in the house started getting up and I told my story to everyone and they weren't really surprised, they were already convinced a ghost lives in their house. To this day I still remember it very vividly but I'm not sure if it was the ghost that my cousin's had seen in their house or maybe it was my grandfather somehow in his sleep having some kind of out of body experience watching over my grandma (he worries about her a lot when she's not home, she's had numerous health problems). What surprised me most is that I wasn't afraid at all when I saw the spirit. My cousin's no longer live in that house, I had been there many times after that experience and never experienced anything out of the ordinary. That's my story, this is a great website and I'm happy to share it with everyone.


 I Felt Safe

By: Xo1SLS1oX@aol.com

It was about Sept. 15, 2001.  I was 16 and scared to death about the horrible tragedy that had happened four days before.  I couldn't sleep alone or even be in a room alone.  I slept in my mother's room the past four nights and one night (the 15th) I was scared to the point of shaking.  I was never a religious person, nor was my family, but something made me pray.  I prayed so hard, "Dear God, please make this all go away.  Keep everyone safe, please give me strength, I don't want to be afraid anymore."  I will never forget that prayer because as soon as i ended it, I felt fine.  The shakes had left me, I was warm again, and no longer afraid.  I got up from my mother's bed and went to my own room.  My father had died two years before.  When I got to my room it was cool, not too cold, but much colder than the rest of the house which was unusual since my room was the warmest of the rest of the house.  I looked at a picture of my father and it was blurry.  I thought it was just my eyes so I shut off the light and go to bed.  As I am dosing off, I feel arms around me.  I jolted up and took a fast, deep breath.  My curtains were swaying and I could see an indention in my bed next to me.  Then I heard a whisper..."Shhh, shhh..."  It was my father

Dreams and Stairs

By: crystalhaze@sbcglobal.net

Let me start by saying I am very skeptical when it comes to paranormal activities.  With that I will telll of two instances.  One involves a dream and the other a "ghost".
The first happened when I was in high school, I don't quite remember the year.  I lived in a tiny room and above me was a ceiling fan.  I was dreaming that I was laying in bed staring at the fan.  I began to feel a tightening in my chest.  I felt this presence.  Now when someone says pure evil, well that does not begin to describe what I felt about this presence.  As I watched the shadows about the fan became thicker and thicker until they had spread along the fans arms.  Slowly they began reaching toward me, and somewhere inside of me I knew that I did not want them to touch me.  I remember trying to scream for my mother.  No sound, not even a peep came from my mouth.  As they came closer I thought of God, and I knew he was with me.  So I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was awake staring at the ceiling, and my throat was sore.  To is day this event haunts me.
The next happened in my good friends house.  Now both her and her mother have told me of sightings they have seen in there house.  Chairs at kitchen tables moving when they have gone, a figure in the doorway at night, the mother even experienced having her toes pulled while in bed.  I stayed over many a night at this house and never experienced anything remotely supernatural.  Well that all changed.  One evening I had come over to visit and it was very cold outside.  My friend went out to feed her horses while I stayed warm in the house with her dogs.  I was sitting in the family room which was right next to the door of the basement.  The two dogs, one being a doberman, where sitting with me on the floor watching television.  I began hearing the distinct sound of footsteps coming up the stairs.  These were not soft footsteps of someone sneaking, they were loud.  The dogs looked up and began barking and looking at the door.  I was terrified either it was someone who had broken in threw the basement, or something else.  The footsteps stopped, and the dogs quieted.  Like every other idiot I had to go open the basement door and look to see if anyone was there.  Thank God there wasn't, because I don't know what I would have done if there was something there, ghost or human.  And that brings an end to my experiences...

Canton, Mi Denton road bridge update

By: shugababy1902@sbcglobal.net

Hi. My name is Ashley. I grew up in Ypsilanti, Mi and my friends and I have been to the Denton Rd Bridge many times. Most of the stories you hear are true, when I went there with 3 of my friends quite a few years ago we got out of the car turned it off and we were trying to hear the baby crying (there is a story that says a women threw her baby off the bridge and it drowned and if you listen you can hear it cry.) We did not unfortunately hear the cry of the baby but we did however see an extremely bright red light hovering in the trees. At first we thought maybe it was just the stop light at Michigan Ave & Denton Rd but then we realized that was too far away for us to possibly be able to see it. Then the light started to move closer and got very low almost like it was coming at us. This of course freaked us out and we jumped back in the car to get out of there, but our car wouldn't start(mind you this was a newer car with no problems that we were aware of) After about 2 or 3 mins(which seemed like forever) the car finally started and as we drove away the light was still very low and seemed to still follow us. Very weird experience! I also wanted to let you know that now they have built a ton of new houses out there by the bridge, and yes it is still there but it is very lit up and you can't even tell it's the same bridge, there used to be spray painted poems and names all over it and those have been removed

Ghostly Animal Clinic

By: swampsprite@hotmail.com

I have to start by saying that I grew up in a haunted house, and my family and I were forever looking for proof and answers in that house, basically turning ourselves into amateur investigators before the term was popular.  So ghostly experiences are nothing new to me, but neither am I the type to assume everything odd can be attributed to a ghost. I look for the "rational" explanation first.
Two years ago, I was hired on as a veterinary technician in a small animal hospital, located in Ocala, Florida. Because it was a small, rural facility, the other technician and myself doubled as kennel keeps on the weekends. We alternated weekends, and this particular Saturday evening, I went in to do just that.
We had a few dogs in the kennel, and one dog in the neighboring treatment room that had been hit by a car.  I took care of the boarders first, and then went to tend to this injured animal (check catheter, clean wounds, TLC, etc...) and clean out a cage that was filthy, as he had let loose with all manner of bodily funtions in there. Taking advantage of the fact that the dog needed his stool analyzed for parasites, I took a sample to set up in the lab, which was a long hallway area beyond the treatment room.
The entire building save for the treatment room was dark. Not only was it nighttime, but the vertical blinds throughout the small building were closed.  The light switch on my end of the hall was behind a blood analysis machine and hard to get to in the dark, so I began to walk to the other end to reach the more easily accesible switch, my sample in a napkin.  At this point, I heard the very distinct sound of a large animal with long nails walking across the terrazzo floor.  If you have a dog, and aren't on top of the nails, you know what sound I mean. It's hard to mistake that for a thing else, and though I /sensed/ that it was coming from somewhere behind me, to this day, I could swear that I wasn't sure where the actual /noise/ was coming from, because it seemed to come from all directions. Doing what any brave technician that has experience with ghosts would do, I ran back into the treatment room, dropping the sample along the way.
So now I had two problems. There was this ghostly sound, which had stopped by the time I started to run, and a stool sample somewhere on the floor of this pristine animal hospital. I calmed myself by taking care of the injured dog, setting him up in a clean cage, and cleaning him up, etc, etc... Figuring that it wouldn't be in good form to leave this smelly sample somewhere between the treatment room and the lab, I made myself walk back for it. I could wait for another bowel movement from this dog in order to check him for worms. I planned on throwing the sample away and going home!  There was no way that I could have made myself stay in that lab area much longer than needed. Heart in my throat, I walked back out there to retrieve the offensive sample.  As I picked it up, I glanced down the hall, and saw this ball of white light about ten feet ahead. It was not a reflection of any kind. It did not have a defined shape, so calling it a ball is even sort of a term I use loosely.  Then, it was gone. Could it have belonged to the animal I had just heard walking the hall?  I doubt that I will ever know.
Another incident occured during working hours, where two of us saw a gray striped tabby kitten in one of the exam rooms that vanished before our eyes.  The receptionist and I were about to raise the "loose animal" alarm when it was just no longer there. There were no cats in the clinic at the time.
Everyone that has worked there has a ghost story to tell, and most of the time, it is very similar to my own experience with the long nails on the floor. Doors opened and closed on their own, animals appeared and disappeared, and things would get moved around and lost, only to be found in the most unusual places later. We have yet to figure out how the Small Animal Dermatology book got into the morgue freezer.
Just goes to show that animals sometimes have a hard time letting go too.

What is in my house?

By: donyah@thesafehome.org

I'd like to share my experience(s) with you:
The home that my husband and I share with our two toddlers is only 3 years old and we are the only family to live in it. The property that our home is on, as far as I can tell, has not been used in a very, very long time. (when we were clearing the land off, the trees were quite large) We have just a tiny bit over an acre of land and the property behind us is used by a private hunting club and the rest is owned by private residents. While I was pregnant with our first child, I didn't work and was home in the evenings alone while my husband worked. I would get spooked sometimes but never enough to really be concerned. I guessed it was just being alone and watching too many ghost related programs on tv. I asked my husband if he'd ever felt uneasy in the home and he would always say no. I think this changed for him the night we were laying in bed and heard three very hard, distinct knocks coming from somewhere in the house. My husband jumped up, thinking that it was someone at the front door. There was no one on the property. (this has happened on three occassions) I stayed there in the bedroom waiting on him and while he was checking the house and realized the knocking sounds had come from our room and I had it narrowed down to either my closet which was on my right or the wall behind the bed  (they are adjacent walls). We never did determine what had made the noises and didn't hear them again until after our son was born. As our son got older and our second child came along, I began to feel that we were not alone in the house sometimes. Nothing really extraordinary happened (yet) as the oldest began to walk. When he was first walking, my son loved to play in the kitchen. There have been many times I would turn around from the sink knowing someone was behind me and find no one there. Just the occassional sighting off the corner of the eye such as thinking I saw my son walk past but in fact he was in his room playing the whole time or seeing a faint shadow where there should be none. Recently, my husband and I were talking late one night and he asked if I had noticed anything strange in the house. I asked what he meant and he began to tell me that sometimes when he is alone in the house, he doesn't "feel" alone. I asked what he meant and he began to relate the same things to me that I'd experienced when the kids were small: seeing movement from the corner of the eye when no one was there, faint shadows, odd noises. A few nights ago, I was in the bed with our youngest child and my husband was in the bathroom. I saw him come out of the bathroom, pass the foot of the bed, pass my side of the bed and go out of our room down the hall. Seconds later, he came out of the bathroom. I was shocked to say the least and when I asked him about this, he said that he was in the bathroom the whole time but thought he'd seen me leave the bedroom and enter the hallway. We were both pretty spooked by this and said nothing more about it. Then, a couple of nights later, I was again in my bed with our youngest child and heard movement in the bedroom. I sat up to see what it was and saw a dark shadow pass by the foot of the bed. I could hear my husband in the living room with our son so I know it was neither of them. I don't know who or what is in our house but I'd like to think that it is harmless. I am going to research our land and see what I can find. At the present time, the presence in the house doesn't seem to mean any harm but it is still unsettling.

Moravian Falls Ghost

By: Mandjlove9676@aol.com

Hi my name is Jenn and I thought I'd share one on my many ghost experances with you. About 4 years ago me, my husband and our daughter who was about 2 at the time moved in to a new reantal mobile home in Moravian Falls, NC. We thought we had hit the jack pot of reantal homes, it was new and had evey thing for the glamor bath to lots of space so we were very happy with the thought of moving in. Well as we all know apperances can be deciving.
Our first night staying in the home, my husband had to work night shift at the reaturant he was a manager at, so it was just me and my daughter there unpacking and so on. About 9 pm I put her to be and went to take a bath. I left the doors to the bed room and bath room open and had the baby monitor on so I was sure that I could her my daughter if she woke up. Now for any one who has been in a mobile home if you stand on one end with the doors open you can see stright to the outer side. (Yes there is a point to my saying this, so keep it in mind.) Anyway I had just gotten in to the tub when I heard voices on the baby monitor, I couldn't make out what they were saying but voices all the same. So to be safe I went to check on the baby and see if I had left any thing on TV readio ect... I found nothing baby asleep and nothing on. Thing I was going nuts or had been up to long I went back to the tub. No sooner than I got there the voices started again. By this time I was mad being in the country by ourselves I thought I had teenagers messing around outside. So I put clothes on grad my 38 and my flash light and out side I went. Nothing not an animal not a person nothing. Well I went back inside with the parting shot of if someone is out there and I find them there going to wish they were dead. Back in the tub I heard the vices again only this time I understod what they said "She thinks we're alive, she thinks we're human." after that (keep in mind all doors in the house are open) I hear pad pad pad acrose carpet, pad pad pad across the lino in the kitchen, then the carpet in my bedroom and stop at the bath room door. I heard what ever it was but never saw a thing.
I told my husband what happened and he blew it off to nerves in a new house and nothing else happened for about a week. I staeted having nightmares, things would dissaper, you would see thing floating, and so on. It would never happen with my husband there only when he was gone. So he thought I was cracking up untill one night he woke me up saying a lady just broke in to the house and chased her to the pantry where she dissapered. Doors locked and no fored entry when we checked the rest of the house. Another time the voices on the monitor started when he was home I woke him up to here but no soner than he woke up fire came out of the monitor and fried it. He saw the fire. Other than that for a time nothing went on other than feeling like you were being watched.
My husband had to work a night yet again and thing went from bad to worse. I had learned to blow thing off by now with the thought of oh well here we go againg. So when the tv went on and off I just cut it back on and told it to stop. Same with the lights. Well I was folding clothes and had put my daughter to bed about an hour before, She started screaming a sound I never knew a child could make, as a mother that is a sound I never want to here again in my life, it made my blood run cold I was sure something was trying to kill her. I ran for her bed room. This is the scene I found, I daughter standing up in her crib screaming in the face of this "big black thing" I don't know what else to call it. It was as wide as the crib taller than the ceiling it was bent over with its back touching the roof and its head hitting the wall. As a person I was scared out of my mind as a parent I was pissed. All I remember thinking if this "thing" is trying to hurt MY BABY!!! How to explain what happened next it took one look at me and I don't know if it ran or gave up or what happen. But I got the distinct impression it didn't want to mess with me. It melted in to the floor and was gone. That was the last face to face challenge we got. (Any one whit any tips on what might have happened that night let me know)
After that we started having power surges where every one else would have power and we wouldn't and the power company couldn't explain it. It would goo of then come back on after about 20 min. Well, we had gotten to where we just about expected ti. Flash light on the counter and so on. One night while yet again my husband was at work, and yes by this point I hated it when his true on nights came around, the power went out. I went to get the flash light that was on the counter 2 seconds before and it was gone. Then I heard my daughter who had been playing on the floor start screaming and running and this booming sound go after her here I am in the dark and can't find her. She trips over one of those toy phones kids have that light up make sounds, I see her and the phone bend down grab both. As I grad her this thing crashes in to my back and it felt like I was being washed over by evil. Yet again as soon as I'm there it goes away. I used the phone as a flash light to find my keys and went to my husbands job in my pj and stayed until he went home. That was the last night I stayed in that house. My husband and some friends packed it up and we moved in with my mother until we found another place.
About a year later my husband who grew up in Moravain Falls fainaly offed with the fact that he knew all along that most of the area near the falls was haunted and that was why his parents had sold out and moved to Charlotte because his sister was having trouble with a "big black thing". Strange huh???  Many other things went on outside off that house and in the area that are just to many to name. I'm always shocked that I never find Moravian Falls list as a haunted place in NC.
When we moved out from my mothers we had unpacked every thing and I had left an empty box in the bath room closet just in case I needed on. Well I did about a month after we move guess what was in it ......the missing flash light. And my daughter started say there was a "big black man" in her room.
Needless to say we moved from the county and didn't move back until recently. So far nothing has happened and I hope it wont. Thank you for your time sorry the story was so long I have plenty more but this was the one I think will stick with me for the rest of my life. Feel free to email me if you have any thoughts on this story.

Farm in Idaho story

By: mrjeff39us@yahoo.com

I've enjoyed this site and the stories shared here. It's time to share my own.
In 1967 at the age of 5, my father and mother decided they wanted to try the farm life. We already had some relatives living in SW Idaho and they thought the country lifestyle would be a good healthy environment to raise their 6 children(3 boys, 3 girls). We moved from San Bernardino, CA (So Cal) to a little town called Marsing, pop. 610 at the time. We lived with an aunt for a couple of weeks until my parents could find a house. They found an abandoned farm through some goverment authority. Many had applied to buy the place cheaply but my parents case won, I guess because they looked the most needy and deserving. Anyway, the farm had a small, derelict house(2 bdrm, 1 bath with a full basement) on 110 acres about 9 miles out of town. The entrance was down a long dirt road(about 1/2 mile)off the main road with power poles running along the side. The place was really isolated, nearest neighbor about a mile away. My father had us 3 boys sleep in the basement while the girls got the bedroom upstairs. We bought some calves to raise up hopefully to start a dairy. One of them died and we buried him across the dirt road from the house, next to a power pole. Being good little Christians, we fashioned a cross out of wood to place on the calf's grave. My father told us this was not a good idea as a previous resident of the house had died on that spot trying to connect power to the house, electrocuting himself. A couple of months later in the dead of winter, I was awake listening to the wind blow outside while in bed in the basement. All of a sudden the doorway at the top of the basement stairs leading in and out of the house flew open and slammed shut! At first I thought it was the wind but then I heard Bam, Bam, Bam..footsteps c ing down the stairs. I closed my eyes in Fright. Then STOMP, STOMP, STOMP...footsteps back up the stairs. I opened my eyes to see if it was one of my parents(I could see straight up the staircase from my bed) but no one was there! Then the door flies open and slams shut again! I was frightened more than anytime I can remember since. We lived in that house for 2 1/2 years and after that I would never go to bed alone or even go down in the basement alone. This activity happened a couple of more times but on those occasions the footsteps were slower, softer and less frightening, more like an old woman walking up and down the steps. I asked my mother later in life if she thought that house was haunted. She said yes but she didn't think it was a presence that would ever harm us. Tell that to a 5 year old boy


The Ghosts in the Park

By:  outremer@earthlink.net

To the least, it had been a strange trip but nothing was as damned odd as what happened in that military cemetery in Thailand.  It was 1996 and I was in Bangkok in the third week of a month plus stay in Asia, seeing friends, making contacts and collecting data for my research.  Trying to get as much done as I could in the limited time I had, I did little beyond meetings and working on my notes in my hotel room.
After several days of that I realized I needed a break and decided to do some exploring.  Asking myself what I had not seen on my other trips, the answer that came to me was “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” Although it was common knowledge the film had practically nothing to do with what really happened there during World War II, I was curious to see the reality of it.
The tour arrangements were easily made and the next morning, off I went.  It was a routine bus trip 180 kilometers west from Bangkok to the town of Kanchanaburi where the bridge is a major tourist attraction. The first stop was a military cemetery for the Commonwealth soldiers whose remains could be located after the war.  Although it was of limited interest to me at the time, it was part of the tour so I went along with the rest.
The entrance was a white memorial arch with large bronze plaques mounted on either side of the interior, one a dedication and the other a map of what is called the “Death Railway” from Bangkok to Rangoon in Burma.  Built by the Imperial Japanese Army with the blood of thousands of Allied and Asian slave laborers, it is considered by many to be the greatest POW atrocity of the Pacific war.  I looked them over and started through the arch; wondering if there really could be a place named “Thanbyuzayat,” I entered something that was very real and yet unreal at the same time.
I walked into the cemetery and was instantly struck by a strong feeling of agony coming up from the ground.  This startled me and, after a moment, I checked myself to see if I was imagining it, but I was not. There truly was a feeling of agony emanating from the graves but I was not in pain; it was a single thought message.  I do not know how else to describe it.
I looked around to see if anyone else was affected as I was but the other tourists were behaving as if they were in a park, taking their shirts off, sitting or laying on the grass, or walking around talking and laughing. The feeling stayed with me as I passed through the rows of graves and I was deeply moved; it does not take much imagination to understand what they experienced.  Eventually, I stopped at one and said out loud “rest easy, we got more revenge against the Japanese than you can imagine.”  Believe it or not, that was the way it was.
Then it was time to move on; as we departed the cemetery the feeling immediately left.  Lost in my thoughts, trying to make sense of it all, we traveled to a nearby POW museum of sorts and then on to the bridge.

Ghost Child

By: melissa@newmoongrafix.com

My husband and I moved into a great old Victorian house when our son was
about 6 months old.  We lived in the first floor apartment which had the
only  interior door to the basement. We noticed nothing unusual when we
first moved in, in fact I really enjoyed the space and thought it was a
great apartment.  My husband worked long hours and I was usually home with
just my son.  One night I heard the basement door knob rattling, I thought
that maybe one of the upstairs neighbors had come in from outside and
needed something so I got up to check.  I unlocked the door and opened it
to nothing but a dark staircase, I checked the outside door and that was
locked.  A little on edge I went back into my apartment and a few moments
later I heard the bathroom faucet turn on.  Seeing that my son was only
about 7 months at the time and he and I were the only ones home, I began to
think that we might have a "guest".  Things of this nature happened often,
we would also feel warm and cold spots around our knees and legs.  As our
son got older he seemed to notice that their was someone else sharing our
living space.  He would smile and wave at what appeared to be nothing.  He
would also talk to whatever it was he could see.  We never really felt
threatened by this presence but it did play a lot of jokes on us, some
could have had the potential of being dangerous.  My son had a large framed
picture hanging in his room from the time we moved in, one day about a year
later we came back from a walk and my son who was barefoot went running
into his room.  He came out a few seconds later carrying to big shards of
glass.  He had walked over a pile of broken glass from the picture that had
fallen and smashed on the floor.  I was quite scared because as I said this
picture had been hanging for about a year or so and was secure on the wall,
and the glass was in a pile away from the picture not scattered around.
In the fall of that year we noticed an increase in "activity".  We had
company for dinner one night and at around 12:30am we heard a knock at our
back door, one of our friends said she would see who it was and came back
claiming that no one was there, we heard the knock again while we were
standing next to the door, no one was there.  That same night after our
company had gone home my husband and I went to bed at around 3:00 am.  We
were laying in bed when we heard giggles coming from the outside of our
bedroom.  We both thought that maybe some kids were playing a trick on us,
so we went out and checked, no one was there.  Back in bed we heard the
giggles again.
A few weeks later we were getting ready to go out and my husband was
looking for his suit coat.  We could not find it anywhere.  We rechecked
all off our closets several times.  After giving up I went to our closet to
get my dress and saw his suit coat hanging on top of the clothes facing
out, not how we keep them.  I assure you that it was not there before.  I
grabbed the coat and took it to my husband.  We then noticed that the coat
had a small child size handprint on the left breast pocket.  Our son was
not yet big enough to get into the closet or manage to reach where the coat
had been.  The handprint was slightly yellow and was perfect.
We think that the ghost or presence was that of a small child whom our son
named, I can't recall the name today but remember him calling this odd name
and not knowing who he was talking to. We moved a few months later, and
bought the home we live in today.
 Our son has since had a "sight" for odd and out of place things.  About a
year ago when he was 3 1/2 I was in another room and he was talking to
someone.  I came into the room and said "Who are you talking to?"  He was
sitting at his little table and said that there was a little girl with him
but that she ran away when I came in the room.  He had a habit of saying
strange things about people so I got in the habit of asking him what color
hair they had,  I would know if he was kidding if he said "purple, or
green", this time he said" She doesn't have any hair mommy, she was sick".
I believed him.
I believe in spirits and beings from other places.  I also believe that
children may have an easier time seeing them than adults.


A Creepy Story

By: LopElzb2@aol.com

my aunt died a year ago, and in December my parents went to mexico to visit my aunts, and one of them had a creepy story to tell: she said she was driving to my grandpa's town to see him, and there's this long lane were you drive to get there, and this old lady popped out of nowhere from a bush, like magic, and waving her hands like pleading for a ride, she barely had skin in her face, and she only had eye sockets were her eyes were, and yellow drool was coming out of her mouth, while she was opening and closing it, and there was a cross behind her; my aunt didn't stop to help her!!! but she tought that somehow she knew that lady, then after an hour, she was heading back home and stopped to see were the lady was she wasn't there........neither was the cross behind her, and the creepy part is that the lady didn't have eyes, and my aunt decided to donate her corneas before she died, so she didn't have eyes in the burial.........some of us think it was my aunt back from the dead, some think it's just a random lady what do you think?
congrats on your website, and I think being a ghosthunter is a brave job!

Who was in my Room?

By: metis03@bellsouth.net

Hi my name is Tina, I am a 28yr old mother of three, and have strange experinces for as long as I can remember.  I have managed to live in a total of 3houses that have not have paranomal.  And I have lived in a lot of houses in my life time being as I was a military brat.  Well the storie that I would like to share with you at this time took place in NM.. when I was 17.  A lot of scarey things happend in my bedroom in this house. And it was just my room.  Well one night I was in bed trying to go to sleep.  I was in that state where you aren't awake, but not yet asleep.  When I saw the shadow on a man come out of my closet area walk up to my bed, put his hands on both of my sholders and gently push me into the bed.. The hands felt so real and warm.. He then bent over and kissed me... stroked my check and was gone...  it was a very tender gental kiss and everything, but it still scared the crap out of me... I didn't like something I couldn't see touching me... I slept out in the living room for a couple of weeks after that... I have had many ghostly expernices in my life but I have never heard of one kissing anyone... any ideal on who or what it could be?   Maybe I will tell more of my exprinces at a later date... thanks for listing

The Stairs

By: dianemogie@bigpond.com

my ghost story is short but true

i live in Australia and when we visited england we went and visisted my aunt and uncle whos daughter just had young toddler. When at there house the boy had a cast around his arm. we asked the uncle how he got it and he replied that the young toddler jumped down the stairs. We were surpsied at this and asked why. The uncle said that the boy always points at the top of the stairs and says that the black woman tells him to. i thought this was creepy


Really Strange Story

By: joshwhisenand@hotmail.com

Hi.  I have emailed you before under a different address and i am sending
this story and all my future stories thru this address.  First off i would
like to say that i have had weird occurances all my life.  Most of them I am
unable to explain.  Here goes:  I moved into a house that was built decades
ago and i have no clue how old it is.  The house has been made into two
apartments.  I moved into the house July oF 2003.  I am currently renting
the lower apartment and there is one upstairs.  When i first moved in, there
was noone living upstairs.  The first few nights i heard nothing.  Then it
all started.  I would hear sounds of walking and creaking upstairs.   At
first i thought that it was just all in my head and that it was jitters from
moving in.  I soon realized that it had nothing to do with the jitters.  My
cats (I have 2) Neelix and Hercules started to act weird when the sounds
happened.  There were times that it sounded like someone heavy walking an
you could feel the vibrations thru the house.  Other times it would be on
the stairs outside my window that lead to the other apartment.  I called the
landlord and told her that it sounded like people were getting in and she
came over.  No one was there and i asked her if anyone was ever here and she
said no.  Well when i felt vibrations of walking, neelix would start to hiss
at me!! I was confused and for a long time he would hide behind my bed, i
have a water bed.  I put the litter box downstairs and both cats act funny
when u hold them doiwn there in the basement.  Neelix hisses and Hercules
whines.  If one of the cats are down there and you walk down there they run
a bee line upstairs.  i have heard my name called.  Very softly.  Whenever i
type like now on my computer about ghosts, or see a website about ghosts, it
will get unusually cold and my fingers go numb from the cold.  right now it
feels lik someone with a very cold hand on my back and that my fingers aare
in a freezer.  I feel a draft on my legs!!  I have the heat turned up to
almost seventy.   i do not get it.  I feel that i am being watched all the
time and that it may be mischevious but not necessarilly evil.  There are
times when i try to sleep but i cannot move and i freak out.  i can see and
think and hear.  i just can't move and i hear someone breathing deeply and
heavily it will freak you out.  well thank you for reading this  Anyone who
liked this story feel free to email me.  Joshwhisenand@hotmail.com  In the
subject heading put Ghost Story on Shadowlands.

My Families Stories Part 1

By: Ymaqyhtan@aol.com

Hi I am Alex and I wish to tell you all about the experiences me and my family have been through with paranormal experience. Ill tell as much as I could remember. When my mother was a lil girl living in Cuba. Now the houses in Cuba are rather old. It was more like a long hall and one room was my mothers and the nexts room was her mothers which connects from a door from they inside of the room . My mom would awake up and see and old man walking down the hall and she would run and tell her as he passes throught the front of the room doors then moments lady they would hear the sound of the rocking chair rocking. Later found out that my grandmother never saw the old man. ( at early age my mother would see ghost very clearly not anymore tho) another she was sleeping and since the beds have a masqito net she saw a hand reach down for her and she screamed for her father and the hand dissapeared. At age of 6 my mother and her parents and brother moved to America into a house. Now we had this house for like 40 years and there are about 9 ghosts in this house they are very welcomed they dont bother us much. One day my mother was laying down with her eyes closed and she felt a finger move across her neck and she thought it was her brother,"stop it a****le!" then she opened her eyes and saw no one in her room. she looked around and her brother wasnt home at all.  Ill tell you more another time.

Indian Guardian

By: RhineRidge@aol.com
I live on a farm near Elkhart Lake, WI. This farm is near to the Sheboygan River and the Sheboygan Marshlands. It is the perfect place for an ancient Indian Village. Plenty of fresh water, food, and wild life.
I was not born here but moved in when I married my husband who lived here all his life. At night when I would go out to the barn to check and see how far he was with the milking, I would feel the presence of someone following me. Turning I would see a flash of light. Now, I have been psychic as long as I can remember, and had a great deal of experiences, so this didn't bother me too much. I kept walking, and this heavy feeling started to overcome me. I got very cold. I started to speak to the spirit that had me immobilized.
I asked him what he wanted? What was he doing here when he could be on the other side with his friends and family? He told me that he vowed when he died that he would guard the land from newcomers and make sure they didn't destroy it.
I was very impressed that he would give me this information. He then let me go. I saw him float up to a tree that overlooks all the property. I have seen him sitting there many times.
Then this summer, my sister-in-law had the tree pulled out of the ground. I was horrified! No one had mentioned doing this to the yard.
Since that tree has been pulled out of the ground, we have had nothing but bad luck. So I called a holy man friend of mine. He is a man with nature. He told me I had to give something back to the ground where the tree used to stand.
I took about a handful of my hair and placed into the hole I dug and buried it and asked the mother earth to accept my gift for taking her tree.
Our luck hasn't improved much, but there were many more trees taken out than I have hair. I will keep giving gifts to the Mother earth until things become settled again.


By: Jerrykristinstu@aol.com
well i will tell you of incredible pictures that i have compiled over a life time after i knew what i was looking for. and that these pictures have disappeared not once, but twice. but better yet i will tell you what i have seen with my own eyes. on a farm that we lived at many years ago, there was a storm cellar door like you see i the movies,(2 doors at ground level at the edge of the house). one night ,while playing ball with my brother, the back of the yard was well lit, but the side by the cornfield was dark. as the ball rolled that way, i ran for it. as i approched, a perfect figure o f a boy jumped out of the cellar doors, and ran towards the ball. although his shape was perfect, the consistence of the apparition was like bright static blue. and as he reached for the ball, by the cornfield, he dissappeared. needless to say, i was shaken. I know what i saw. and that wasn't the best sighting. a couple years before that, we lived at a farm that had been plagued by disaster in regards to our family for years. there was a room that our three brothers slept in that bad things manifested. on one side of the room my youngest brother woke in terror on night with the image of snakes on him. nightmare perhaps, but never before in any aspect had he been so terrified so deeply or intensley. so the beds had been rearranged at one point, and my older brother was at the same end of the room. well when i looked over, there were lazer beam looking lights dancing all over only under his bed. i looked around at the possibilty of reflectivity of the wall paper, but deep down i knew how ludicrious that was. i sealed that away for many years, but totally by accident my younger brother and i bumped onto that subject one night, and he had seen the exact thing that i had seen. what was it?

War Burials

By: Preschoolrocks@aol.com

Alright..I've been having experiences with the super natural for as long as I can remember. It seems I always sense someone's around, feel the air get cold then hot, and in almost every picture that is taken of me, there are orbs floating all over. Now, these experiences never really bothered me up until about 2 years ago, when I moved into a house in central Illinois, near Chicago, New Lenox, to be exact. For months I felt a constant cold, even when the heat was blasting. Whenever I'd walk into my basement, there was a quick pang of dread in the pit of my stomach, then it faded. I always hated going into that basement, and to this day I still do. I never really thought anything of the things that were happening because I'd known them all my life, and it didn't seem to cause me any real harm. That was until, the night terrors started up. For as long as I've known, I've had insomnia, and the nights I could sleep, I'd have the most terrifying dreams, making me wake up screaming for nights upon end. For a while they stopped, until I moved into that house. Then they suddenly became more intense, more real..I'd see people looming over me, screaming silent words that were too lost for my ears to hear, then running into the closet of my room when I'd turn on the light. But as soon as I looked into that closet, nothing was there. Then the sensations starting coming- almost like I'd black out for a moment, then come back to reality. I always felt like there was a memory out of my grasp, something I needed to find. When one night, I finally found something. I was staying over at friend's house, and we began discussing matters of the super natural. I casually mentioned everything I was going through, and she gave me a grave look, then asked me if I knew where my house was built. I said, "Right down 30..Why?". She stared at me for a moment, and replied that my house was built over a historical landmark of where the Underground Railroad for the Civil War was at one time. Not precisely over it, but moved up a few hundred feet back. And I came to realize that during the time of war, people didn't bury the dead in grave yards. They buried them in the backyard. Directly where my house was. Not only that, but my house is also built upon an Indian burial ground, which I had a vague knowledge of. Ever since I've found this out, it seems like more things are going wrong within my home. Things turn off, disappear for days, then reappear. I hear running in my basement, doors slamming, unlocking themselves and whispers. And just recently I've been feeling someone playing with my hair, tying it in knots and then something always falls over in my kitchen. But for now, it doesn't feel angry anymore, it's more of a sad, desperate energy. Except for the area in my basement, which I still refuse to go in. The intensity of the fear I have can't be pretending away, unfortunately. I honest do not know what to do in this situation. I just pray it gets better.

Valhalla Cemetery

By: chaos3_diablo@yahoo.com

I live near a Valhalla (i think that's how it's spelled) Cemetery in Burbank, CA.  To tell you the truth, a above ground vault is right behind my house, and it's window is aligned with my bedroom window.  Anyway, one day me and my brother were playing catch out in my backyard, then during the game we hear this weird old music.  We check both of our next door neighbors back yards, and nobody was out in there backyards.  We could even see in the backyards of people who live 2 houses away, and still no one was out there.  The music was still playing when me and my brother were walking to look in the cemetery, then when we got to the fences separating our house from the cemetery, it all of the sudden stops.  we look at each other for a sec and just go back to playing.  Then the music starts playing again.  By that time we were a little freaked out, so we just went inside.  Later that day i went outside and started to throw a tennis ball around, when it starts up again. All of the sudden i feel really cold and my dog starts barking at the fence.  I went back inside after that thinking why the hell would it be cold and music start playing w n I'm outside.  my dog always barks so i didn't really see any connecting at the time between the cold and music with the barking.  Then at around 8:00 PM my mom asked me to go take out the trash in the backyard.  So i go out and put it in the trash can, then when i looked up, there was lights in the vault's window.  So i think it's just the security walking around. But then i hear the music again, but really faint like it's behind a wall or something.  So i walked up and the lights were be coming brighter.  Then my dog starts barking again, and all of the sudden just runs to my back door and sits there all shaking.  Then i heard someone like pounding in the vault.  I don't know what it was so i just ran toward my back door and got into my house. when i looked out my kitchen window, i saw a black figure out there, just standing.  Then i turned around to call my mom, but when i looked back it was gone.  That was the only time i saw it.  Scared the crap out of me.


By: AngelsRWatchingMe@msn.com

Hi, this is Allison again. (My email is usually sue-allyson-doggies@msn.com but I got a new 1 so..) Yeah I have all of the 1s with the name Gabby...anyways, I thought I'd share a little story with u. Well, I know our house is haunted; it has to be! Because All of my little pets, like fish, bird, and guinea pigs, when they died, we buried them all around this one tree. Well my two guinea pigs we best buds, ands probably still are; where ever they r now. Well I got a picture of two parallel  vortexes, (i kno they're real cuz I see all of the orbs making the vortexes up...and I was inside, and they sort of dissappear at the top, so it couldn't be hair or fingers..)
going right by me. The guinea pigs were also quite attached to me in life, too. So I think they were runnin around the house and they happened to get in the picture...Oh, well! (and it was a good picture too..!) This is a true story like all my other ones

Dyers Lane

By: perdypinkprncss@yahoo.com

Hi, my name is Rachel  and I'm 15 years old and live in North Highlands, Ca. Here's my story.
I don't know how spooky you all think my story is, but it is sure to be a night that me and my best friend Ana shall never forget. It was Christmas night 2003. It was about midnight. We had been to the movies earlier in the evening and were looking for something to do to occupy our time. So I suggested that we go to Dyers Lane. Dyers Lane is a very scary road in the middle of nowhere, where the KKK used to do rituals. I had heard stories from my older brothers and their friends, and had been there a few times with them. But nothing out of the ordinary ever happened, yet we still managed to scare ourselves like "Is that a tree or a person?" More often then not, it was a tree. The previous time we had been there though, we did see some deserted cars. That's actually a normal sight in North Highlands though, so we just let it go. But back to the actual Christmas night. This night it would be the first time that Ana and I had ever been there by ourselves. So she agreed to go and we proceeded to drive there. On the way, I noticed an unusually large star, and I pointed it out to Ana, and she agreed it was a little odd. But was a pretty clear night, so we didn't have any concerns. But as soon as we turned onto Dyers Lane, there was this really thick fog. We could barely see. But this just added to our anticipation of getting scared and being tough without "the boys" around to help us. So we drove really slow on the rural street and when we came to the part where the deserted cars should be, all we saw were huge mounds of dirt. That was a little odd, but we thought nothing of it. Then after a few minutes of nothing happening, we turned around to head home. But then we saw a car coming That's always scary because sometimes people from the KKK or gangs still go out there. So I told Ana to get the hell out of there. Then as we were leaving we counted eight cars that went by, all going onto Dyers Lane, all in a row. Because Ana was drving she couldn't look back, but I could, and what I saw was scary. The cars had all stopped so it looked like one red light, and the odd star that we had seen before was directly above the cars, so it was like one red light and one white one. But then one of the cars started to follow us, so I told Ana to floor it! I was looking back the whole time. We eventually got to the main road and the car was still following. Then we went over a little bump. I turned away for a second, then when I looked back, the car was gone. There was no place to turn off at that point, and it didn't have time to turn around before I looked. It had just disapeared into thin air. What happened to the car? Lets just say we've never been back there, and don't plan on it any time soon.

Yoda's Last Goodbye

By: gross363@bellsouth.net

In September of 2003, right before the equinox, my cat, Yoda died. When she died, she was 18 1/2 years old. We had her from the day she was born (in my mother's lap) till the day she died (in my mother's lap).
The day she died was really odd. At the time we had 4 other cats besides her, and one dog. Well, half way throught the day she came out into the formal room and layed down under a skited table. Now, we had known for a couple days that she was about to die. She was nothing but skin and bones, didn't eat, and smelled horrible. But we let her die on her own time. My mom says the stress from taking her to the vet would have been too cruel.
Ok, so she is under this table, and throught the day all the cats and the dog came and sat with her, like you would with a person on thier death bed. Even my cat, who hates all other cats.
Well, she died that night after my mom got home. We didn't really morn her death because she had a long, wonderful life. We knew it was her time. We did miss her around the house though.
Over a month later, on Halloween, I was walking throught the house. Now, this is kinda weird. I was in my room, but needed to go to the other side of the house to get something from my mom's room. As I was walking out of my room, i glanced back at my bed. I noticed my cat was on it, sound asleep. Even heard her snoring! So, I go to my mom's room, get what I need, and then glance at her bed. On it where the three other cats, all fast asleep.
Now, I want to say, I never look for the cats in my normal day to day. They are just there, and I know it. But for some reason, this day I felt like I HAD to know where they were. So, as I am walking back from my mom's room, I get half way across the house. And I hear clear as day a meow. A couple steps later I stop dead, hearing my self say "Hi, Yoda."
See, she had a very distintive meow, and it was her I heard. I had seen all the others asleep. I guess she just wanted to say she was fine now.
I told my mom when she got home. She said she had a couple experiences where she would be half asleep, yet she would know Yoda was in bed with her. I think it's really cool she came back to let us know she was ok.

Whistling Ghost

By: KempCheerHoney9@aol.com

About six years ago my mom, brother, little sister, and me moved into my moms boyfriends house. We weren't there very long because my parents got back together but we were there around 3 weeks. After about a week my mom's boyfriend had gone to work and we were all downstairs when we heard footsteps and someone whistling upstairs. It scared us all pretty bad so my mom got us all together and we stayed at a friends house till my mom's boyfriend got home. When my mom relayed the story to him he said he'd experienced the same thing several times. He also said that once our twice he'd been sitting downstairs and looked up to the second floor landing and seen a man in a nice dress suit walk by. When he got upstairs noone was there.


Westwood /West New York, New Jersey

By: Bernamcn @ yahoo.com

When I was a small girl our family lived on Lafayette Avenue, and there was a farmhouse on the corner of a dead end road.  We lived in that old
farmhouse and it had property going half way into the woods with a
brook running through it.  The house has been torn down about 22 years
ago and there are a few " new " houses on those grounds.  My 2 sisters
and 3 brothers had heard and seen spirits there , which my father claimed was the farmer who used to live there.  In especially the cellar he was seen.  I seen a spirit of a man walking towards me wearing black with a tall black hat.  I still remember that frightened feeling, despite over 40 years have passed.  He was walking toward me but I
couldn't make out his face , it was shawdowy.    My mom had seen someone while she was putting coal in the furnace ( this was the '50's)
and often  at dawn the sounds of dishes being taken out of /being put in the cabinets could be heard , despite our family all being in bed.  My
father would tell us it was the spirits of the farmers who had lived there
how farmers rised early in the morning.    When I went to those grounds
about 22 - 24 years ago and seen only the open basement left and a
few bricks here and there, I was saddened.  I took a brick with me for
sentimental reasons.     Whether it has to do with the taking of the brick
of a house we knew was "haunted", or not  I don't know but, everywhere
I seem to move there are  " visitors" here with me.    I have heard them
call out my friend's name while I was still in bed early in the morning.  I
thought it was my imagination until with his eyes still closed
replied " Huh?'     I have heard my name called out as I lain in bed in
the early morning.     My son has heard his name called too.    Almost
every time I enter my home, it sounds like a conversation going on in
the distance.   Like you would hear if someone had the T.V. on a room
or two away.   Once I step into the apartment start to close the door
behind me , it stops.     It is freaky knowing they know our names, especially since I have no idea who these people are.    A week ago ,
a fan I use to help me sleep at night , creating a gentle whirring sound
(which needs to have the button depressed and pushed over to start,)
suddenly turned on.      My friend thought that can't be so, as he withnessed it, and tried to make the fan go on by tapping it or trying to
have the button on halfway.. .he couldn't get it to turn on .     He was
speechless, he does not believe in visits by spirits.     Another time he
was asleep on a folding bed in the living room, and he thought it was me, when someone sat on the bed and pressed up against his back.
He is a scientific type of person, but it seems even he is beginning to
be convinced that there are people , who for some reason after they
leave their bodies still remain here to walk this earth


By: harry.wiwer@ns.sympatico.ca

My parents' house is haunted.It has three ghosts that are there constantly and two more who visit.Every pyschic my mom talked to,said there were three ghosts and two visitors.The only thing is that only two of them are supposedly good.They said 3 were men,one is our dog,and the other wasn't human and wasn't friendly.A lot of things have happened there.For example,every night between 2 and 3 am,you can hear someone walking up the basement stairs,through th kitchen,dining room,living room,down the hall and stop at the door that was my room.Quite a few times my dad would come storming up the stairs asking us why did we feel the need to go in the furnace room every night and then go back to bed.For a long time he didn't believe my brothers and I that it hadn't been us.At least my mom believed us.Different things would happen in the house,lights would go off,the TV and stereo,once I walked into my brothers' room and his video game was on  and it was playing by itself,I don't mean the demostration part,I could see the buttons being pressed down.My old room is above the furnace room,and on occasion I would feel like I just had to get out of my room.The air would seem really heavy and the room would get cold.I would end up just running out of my room.Once I tried to stay and see what happened and my door flew open and my light shut off,I got the hint and ran into the living room.I hated going into the basement as a kid,for a loaf of bread or whatever,because when you went back up the stairs someone would walk behind you or run if you were running and sometimes your hair would get pulled.Lots of things like that would happen.What finally got my dad to believe the ghosts were there was that one day when my mom and I were talking about them my dad got mad and said "There are no ghosts in this house!" then his coffee cup flew off the table and smashed against the wall.He doesn't say that any more but he won't listen to us talk about it.I think the worst things that happened in the house was that my mom was pushed on the basement steps when she was pregnant with my youngest brother and when I was shoved off the top bunk bed.Both of us were fine except for small bruises.The events seem to go in cycles.Once it was quiet for a year and then for 8 months things were happening almost every day.Right now my mom said it is pretty quiet, the only things that have happened is that my brother's stereo has come on twice when she went in his room to put away his laundry.My own kids don't like going to my parents' house.They are just small children and they cry if you take them into the basement.They love my parents but they won't go to their house.When my son was just a baby I was downstairs with my mother and my son seemed to be looking at something in my mom's room by her closet,he seemed to track it around the room and then all of a sudden he recoiled like something had come up close to him and fast and then he started to scream and he wouldn't calm down until we left. Well that's it

The Sewing Machine

By: Millergirl180@aol.com

Hey! I am 15 years old and I have been in to the supernatural since I was like 10. My mother doesn't believe in spirits that much as she used to. All my grandparents are dead and my father recently passed away last April. Okay so heres my story. Okay well as you know I have always believed in the supernatural thingy and I have had some experiences with them. When my grandmother died like 3 years ago she owned a cottage in Michigan that we would always go up to. Now that she is dead and her four children own it, my mother being one of them. We go up there every summer. Well, the summer after she died we were up there and I was sewing some barbie clothes one hot summer day and the sewing machine was my grandmothers. (the kind that are like tables but can flip out into a machine) We have a long slender kitchen up there because that used to be the porch before we bought it. Also our cottage is very small!! we have only two bedrooms. And an unfinished basement. Anyway I went to sleep that night and forgot to put the machine away thinking I would do more sewing tomorrow. That night at around 12 I got up to go get a drink of milk. I turned the corner to go into the kitchen, the machine was at the beginning of the kitchen, and I walked down to the fridge and took a sip of milk. I then turned around and walked a ways then looked up to see my grandma sewing a turquoise dress. I knew exactly what she was wearing and everything! I just stood there and stared. She obviously didn't notice me for several seconds. She then looked up and smiled at me then took her hand and waved. While she did a huge wave she then started to disappear. I was in SHOCK!! I then ran as fast as my little legs could scurrying back to my room. ( which wasn't that far). I jumped on the bed next to my sister and hid under the covers. Oh, yeah by the way, the dress she was sewing....was mine when younger.

The Fire

By: debbie.hynes@btopenworld.com

Me and my friends thought it would be fun to go camping in Scotland in the Christmas holidays and planned it down to every detail. when our parents said yes we where really exited and happy. we got to the caravan site where my friend Abbies parents would be to keep an eye on us. we were there for a week and on the third night we slept by the cliffs so that we'd be right under the stars. At about eight o'clock we started to regret it because it was freezing and really dark and we were in the open. to have some fun we told each other secrets and ghost stories. none of us thought ghosts exisisted so it was all a laugh. we finally fell asleep at about eleven but I woke up for some reason really scared. I woke up Kelly and Bethany so that I could go to the toilet. on the way we felt like we were being watched and so we started to run to the caravan site. We saw a light up ahead and started to slow down thinking it was the caravans. when we got to the light we saw a fire with two very pale ladies and a baby ON THE FIRE!!! Kelly ran forward to grab the baby and it vanished with the women into a whispy grey light. we got to the site about an hour after that and the others were there. when we told them about the women and the baby they laughed and said they took the short cut with abbie and they didn't see any thing. We told them we wern't lying and they laughed harder. we didn't tell any one else because Abbies mum said it was the night playing tricks on us.


The Bus Accident

By: monkey_gurrl13@yahoo.com

I was asleep in my second story bedroom when i was awoken by the sound of a boy crying. I got up out of my bed to see what it was. I walked into the hall and opened the mini blinds.In the distance I saw a small boy that was blue. He had just gotten off the school bus. In his hand there was a piece of paper I wasn't sure what it was. I kept watching the scene when it all disappeared. I remember going back to bed and being awoken a second time an hour or two later. I returned to the window to see if I could see the figure again. This time the scene was more clear and it told the more than what happened before.I noticed that someone was standing beside me but thought nothing of it. This time the boy was holding a drawing of himself and his mom. The wind picked up and the picture flew out of his hands. He bent down to pick the picture up. The bus driver did not see him and continued on her route. The boy got hit by the bus and was killed. I wasn't sure what this meant until the next morning. I went downstairs to eat breakfast when my brother stopped me and told me that he was the thing that was standing beside me. He did not know what the scene meant either. I went to say "Good Morning" to my mom when i saw her crying. She was on the phone to my Great Aunt. When she got of the phone I asked her what was wrong. She replied by saying that yesterday was the day her nephew had got hit by a bus. This suddenly brought back memories of the sight of the night before. When I thought about it I got a closure to he story that was unsuspected once the boy got hit. You saw a crowd around the body. But the strangest thing was I was there. I was much older and was very shaken by this. I have had many more scenes about this issue but none of them have made sense. In one scene I saw the funeral of the boy. The weirdest thing was it was my child!

My Max

By: TheHouseofKent@aol.com
I had and interesting unexplainable encounter.  I was about eight months pregnant with my son and my now ex-husband was very abusive as well as the woman he was having an affair with.  I had to move into my mothers house for my own safety.  I came home one evening and laid down to take a nap for a while.  I dreamed of a man sitting with me watching me sleep as you would watch over an ill child or the woman he loved.  When I woke up from my sleep I could smell the distinct aroma of cigarette smoke and I felt this overwhelming sense of love and sadness.  This happened two different times.  I was standing in my ex-mother in-laws kitchen and I told her about what was happening and that I thought I was slowly going crazy from the abuse.  Turning around to me she said I think you need to talk to Charles (my father in-law).  I went in the living room with them and it was all quiet and she told him what was happening excluding the part about the smoke. Charles began to tell me about his younger brother Max.  As a young man Max received his draft notice he was very distraught about it and didn't want to leave his beautiful young girlfriend they were deeply in love.  His mother Gladys was a cruel woman when it came to men in general especially to Max.  Gladys told him he needed to grow up and prepare himself for Vietnam.  Knowing he would die before he returned or that she would marry someone else Max locked himself in Gladys's garage and asphyxiated him self to death.  I looked at Charles and asked him if Max smoked and his face went white and he quietly said,"Yes!"  That was the explanation to the smoke smell and I described the young man to him and he stood up and walked away and came back with a picture.  That was the young man that had come to sit with me.  I will forever more carry Max in my heart.  Thank you for your time.



By: lynatron@shoal.net.au

Hey! I have sent 2 stories of my experiences to you before, now I want to tell you about my step-sister's house.
I live in NSW, Australia and last summer holidays I stayed with my step-mum in QLD (even though my dad and step-mum have broken up, I am still very close to my extended family). Now even though my step-mum's mum died in the house I stayed in, if something was there I never felt it. I wish I could say the same for my sister's house. The first time I stepped into her house over a year ago (the summer hols before the ones just gone) I just felt something not pleasent there. It didn't exactly feel all out bad, it just gave me a really uncomfortable feeling. I wouldn't say i'm like a psycic or anything like that, I guess I just have a good intuition ( same as most of the women in my family on mum's side), and I have learnt to listen to that intuition because it is usually right. But, I must admit, when I was invited to spend the night at this house, I threw my intuition out the window! I was fine up until bedtime when I found myself in a dark room by myself. It took me forever to get to sleep, and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I found myself in a cold sweat feeling very ill. I also felt uneasy in my surroundings. I eventually fell asleep.  I was glad to go back to my step-mum's the next day.
I pretty much refused to stay at my sister's at my recent stay in QLD. I finally told them (my step-mum, sister and her husband) that I really felt an uncomfortable presence in their home. They told me they weren't surprised because they have had quite a few experiences in that house. They have a main bathroom and an ensuite off their bedroom. They don't use the main bathroom shower but one day when my sister came home from work she found that shower running full ball. It wasn't a leak, the taps were turned right around as far as they could go. The house is one level and on many occasions my sister and her hubby have heared loud footsteps on the roof when they were in bed, at one point it was happening every night. And no, it wasn't people playing tricks or any kind of animal, these options have all been checked to no avail. The funny thing is that the house has never been lived in by anyone but my family, it is less then 5 years old!
Sorry this was so long but I just wanted to show you that you don't have to just see something supertnatural to experience it. As a last note, I think everyone have an intuition and they should listen to it

Ghost Stories

By: jhaveron@sisna.com

Hello!  I have been reading the stories on your site for quite sometime now.  I have a real fascination with ghost stories.  My family gets slightly mad when I talk about some of them.  They don't believe and think that I should not read tese types of things.  I have had quite a few experiences of my own I have been hesitant in sharing them but my daughter said that I should so I thought that maybe I would.  When I was younger around 8 is when I first had experiences.  When my brother, sister and I were home alone.  We were all upstairs and we heard noises down stairs like that someone was going through things, we went down stairs to look and there was noone there while we were down there were started hearing someone upstairs so we all went upstairs to look and see what was going on, when we were up there looking we all heard it comeing from down stairs so we all went back down again (of course by now we were all scared to death) my brother who was 17 at the time told me and my younger sister to go adn check it out he said that he would stay up stairs and keep that secrured, now of course my sister and I were not going to go alone so we all went down stairs the doors to the rooms that were always closed like the storage and play room were both opened and there was no one in the house but us three, they were not opened before and we had not opened them.  We all took off running up stairs as that was the only way out of the house, when we got upstairs the cupboards were all opened and we were all scared to death, needless to say we all ran out of the house adn stayed out there until my mom and Dad got home.  Later when I was about 10 my mom put my sister and I in piano lessons.  The only catch was that we didn't have a piano.  In order to practice piano we had to go to my great-grandmother's house.  My great-grandmother's house was just through the yard from our house my aunt lived there part of the time and part time in her condo.  My great-grandmother had passed away several years earlier well any way my sister and I would go down to my great-grandmothers house to practice.  We would open the door which we had the key to and go in to practice, we would start to practice, we would not go there alone and things would start to happen.  Sometimes the rocking chair would start to rock by itself, the keys on the piano would play by them self little things that you could chalk up to the wind occasionaly because that is what you do right?  You start to think alright the wind is doing that so you move the rocking chair only it feels slightly heavier then what an empty rocking chair should feel.  We would run out of the house and back home.  We would tell my mother what had happened and she would tell us that we were full of it and go back and lock the door.  So we would go back scared to death and lock the door.  Next day we go back, (calmed down because we had talked ourselves out of being scared).  So then I was sitting there while my sister would practice, you would feel a  cold breeze and then you could see in the big chair that was in the front room the impression of someone sitting there, it was not there before adn then you could see it, the place where someone was sitting arms, legs, back, the whole impression of someone sitting there only ther was noone there so we would run out and be sent back again scared to death as usual.  NO one ever would believe us doors would creek all kinds of things then years later when I was 19 I had been married 2 children and I moved in to live in my great grandmothers house, my sister now owned it and was renting it to me for a great price.  I was there for quite sometime I could always feel someone watching me and my kids only not scared now but like my great-grandmother or whoever it was was watching over us.  One night I had a friend over watching movies with me, were watching a horror movie and all of a sudden the T.V. shuts off all the rest of the power was on in the house but the T. V. went off it didn't just go off the plug was pulled out of the wall.  I guess that great-grandma didn't want me watching that.  Things would come up missing and like I said I always had this feeling of being watched I told the rest of my family who had never believed us fromm before and they still thought that I was crazy.  Now later my sister and her family moved in, wasn't long though that things started to happen to them also, one morning they were all fast asleep and their game station came on all by itself and started playing games.  No one had touched it the panel was still titting by the T.V. and no one had touched it.  They were scared to death and finally my family believed, yeah finally.  There have been other people living in the house now, non-family members and I have asked them if they noticed anything they have told me that they know that there is someone there but they are not scared they say that it is a little unnerving at times but not so much that they can not live there.  One other experience is that at a friends house where they have a ghost in their home he likes to play tricks on people.  I was there with my friend we were getting ready to go out.  I was in the bathroom doing my hair and stuff she was in her room, (so I thought) I heard her radio com on and then I told her to turn it up I could hear it and I liked the song, it went up louder then I asked her a question andthe radio went up louder, I yelled to her to turn it back down and asked her the question again the radio still went louder so I walked into her room, the radio shut-off and she was just coming up from down stairs, I just about ran into her when I was running out of her bedroom.  I calmed down adn went back into the bathroom to finish getting ready although I told her she was not going to go anywhere she had to stay in my sight because I was scared to death, the little door stop on the back of the bathroom door started to bounce up adn down really fast making that springy sound and I just looked at my friend, she told the ghost to stop and it did.  That is when she told me about the ghost, they figure that it was her step-fathers father because most of what happens there happens to him like all of his things coming up missing.  Sorry that these are so long but I have been dealing with all of this for a very long time.  There are more but I think that i have probably kept you long enough.  I know that these might not sound like much especially after reading some of your stories but I know that this is all true.  Thanks for listening.

Cruise Ship

By: meagan192004@sbcglobal.net

last year i went on a cruise with my hole family . we were having a blast and everything but one night i was having a bad dream and i couldn't sleep. so i decided to go to the bathroom.after i got done and everything I made sure the door was closed.i went back to sleep and all of a sudden i hear someone grab the handle and they started to open and slam the door until i woke up. when i woke up i closed the door and while i walked over there i could feel a cold spot. My sister and my cousin were sleeping b/c i made sure that they were asleep.I couldnt tell my parent's about it b/c they don't belive in ghost.but for some odd reason i do. was the ghost trying to tell me something  or just waking me up in the middle of my bad dream. but i'm glad it happend because in my dream i was about to die.

A Multi-level Haunt

By: dkorba@cox.net

Hello, fellow ghost hunters.  I'm not sure if this is worth telling, but I'm fairly confident it was haunting related...
My story dates back to about 1980 when I was still in grade school, but I recall it vividly.  This took place in NW Indiana in a city called East Chicago (just west of Gary).
In my neighborhood, there was a large 4 level (counting the basement level) apartment building that had 2 units per 3 levels and a large attic which must've been used for management's storage.  Between the front and back units was the main entrance hall and stairway.  The building was vacated (reason unknown) and scheduled for demolition.  I didn't realize that at the time, but it disappeared shortly after my several trespassings.  The only evidence of former life in the building was a few pieces of furniture: a stove, a mattress & box springs and the sinks.  I also found a recently deceased cat who probably made it home for awhile, among some scattered newspapers.
I visited this building with a friend on a few occasions and my cousin on one.  I can't say something supernatural was experienced with every visit; however, there were 2 occasions that come to memory.
The first tale was with my cousin.  Being typical children, we would sneak into the building with markers and doodle on the walls to leave our marks.  We chose a small bedroom to leave most of our marks, which was off the kitchen of the rear 2nd level.  One day, while we were in the bedroom redecorating the old paint, we heard a few sounds, but they would only get our attention for a moment and we'd check the main entrance door, which we left open, to make sure no authorities were coming.  We went back to 'work' and then heard the sound of metal sliding across the linoleum floor.  The stove had obviously moved on its own.  We walked into the kitchen cautiously and looked at eachother dumbfounded.  Of course, we became a little nervous and decided we might get the hell out of there.  We grabbed our stuff and then realized the entrance door was shut.  There was no wind that day and it could not have shut by itself as it was a heavy wooden door that always stayed open before.  We left in haste.
Somehow, I got enough courage to visit again after that experience.  However, it was with a friend of mine this time around.  We ventured all over the building to see if there was anything to find.  We finally made our way up to the top level (the attic).  As we wandered towards the rear of the apartment, we heard some footsteps coming up the stairs.  We panicked, as we were mostly good kids who never got into trouble and thought someone called the police on us.  There weren't many places to hide, but we cowered together in a small hall on the side that led to one of the windows.  We squatted down and remained quiet.  We could still hear the footsteps.  Then we could tell the footsteps were on the same level.  They began to come closer and closer.  This made us incredibly nervous.  Finally, the steps were right around the corner from the end of the wall we chose as a haven.  At this moment, I realized we were just plain 'busted' and might as well face our fate.  I stood up and walked towards the last footstep.  No one was there!  The footsteps stopped and there wasn't a living soul around except for the two of us.  There was no place for anyone to hide either.  Needless to say, we ran to the stairs and down all 3 flights as fast as we possibly could.
That was the last time I visited that apartment building.  A few weeks later, it was leveled and only a vacant lot remained.  Perhaps the spirits knew the fate of their home and were hoping to find new life that might alter its future.

A Few Ghostly Encounters

By: ayla@ec.rr.com

                    I have encountered quite a few things, in my life,
Im 15 now, and  would like to share some.One is, my grnadma had died
April 1st, 2002. And we were all very sad, were not sure exactly how she
died, we think it mightve been grief, because her daughter had died the
previous october. Anyways, my grandpa, didnt, and hasnt slept in their
bedrooom since she died, mainly because, he slept in the same bed with her
for 40 years. He said my parents could, but my dad said no, he wasnt allowed
when he was younger, and it wouldnt feel right now. So we stayed in my aunts
room, which we usually do. MY aunts bed, doesnt exactly fit both my parents,
mainly because they both like open space on either side, and my dad has
sleep apnea so he needs to sleep on the edge ,so my mom slept in the beig
bed, and my dad in the twin, I slept on the floor. According to my mom the
next morning, she was woken up by a bright ball of light, it couldnt have
been a car ,because the way it came through, the angle wasnt right. She said
that the ball floated above me, from the wall floated through through the
room and out the oposite wall, my dad had seen it too, luckily I hadnt other
wise Id be bunking with my grandpa in his office, needless to say. We think
it was my grandma saying goodbye, were not sure, but we do get spooked at
times. Another one was, it was July '02 (I cant remember and neither can my
dad) but friends of ours and my family went with us to my grandpas house.
And like the second night, our friends were staying i nmy grandparents room
and their youngest daughter was on the couch in the room. Well, sometime
during the night, were not sure what happened, but a picture of my dad fell
on her, from the litttle table, and she woke up by this, and she said she
saw a lady by the bathroom door, she scremaed, and woke up her parents and
sister and told them what had happened, they were leary, but comforted her.
WE think what happened was, my grandma was checking out to make sure they
were ok people, and my friends hand moved back and knocked over the picture,
and then saw her, but who knows.Another story is, before we
moved to NC, we lived in a little PA town called Sayre, we lived there about
4-5 years. Well this house, we knew something was up with it, it was always
chilly in there. Anyways, one night, we had some friends over, I was about
10-11 and they were telling adult jokes, so I was sent upstairs, like the
obedient child I was, I did so. So I was hanging out in my room, reading,
when I hear the stairs creakign like someone was moving. So I peeked out my
room and stand on the little platform, and look down, my mom comes by the
stairwell and asks if that was me, I knew it wasnt me and it wasnt her, so I
cover up I say yea, and shes like, you can come down now, so I run down the
stairs. I think she knew it wasnt me, but just played along anyways. If you
would like to hear more stories (i have tons) Just write me back

2 True Accounts

By: lk010b8644@blueyonder.co.uk

Story (1).
My grandfather Lewis Spence stayed at a small guest house in Wales, UK,
having planned for a three-week stay. He returned after three days, very
upset. He had wakened in the morning to see, on the adjacent bed in his
room, a young man lying dead with his throat cut and blood all over the
bedcover. As he gazed unwillingly at this spectacle, the image gradually
faded  along with the blood and indeed the bedcover which had been different
from the one actually on the bed in the first place.
Naturally he complained, and was apologised to besides being told that
indeed exactly a year beforehand, a young man had committed suicide in the
His holiday had been decisively ruined.
Story (2).
I met a David Robb beside a loch in Orkney, UK, while there on a fishing
break. We got talking and agreed to share a caravan & continue fishing. At
night he wouldn't let me leave the curtain open on the tiny caravan window &
when pressed as to why admitted that he was still afraid after an experience
he'd had. He had been touring with other people and was asleep at night in a
youth hostel. He woke up to hear his friends all happily snoring but he was
feeling far from happy as he felt icy cold and the hairs on the back of his
neck were rising. He noticed that the dormitory door was open whereas it
hadn't been earlier. A white, glowing shrouded female-looking form drifted
in and stood looking down at him beside his bed but disconcertingly with no
actual face. By then all his hair felt standing on end and he was terrified.
He buried himself under the bedclothes but knew the thing was still there
because of his persistent cold and hair problem. Eventually the feeling
subsided and it was some time before he dared look, and it had gone. In the
morning he complained and was told that the dormitory was a converted
medieval wing, and that he'd seen the "White lady" that was supposed to
haunt the place.
I always closed the curtain after being told that.


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