Apartment Dweller

By: spiritualist@tds.net

Back in 1985 I was living in a one bedroom apartment in Norcross, Georgia.
I was going about my daily cleaning and was in the bedroom when I heard a
noise come from the living room.  I went in to see what it was and saw that
my speaker had apparently lept off the table beside the entertainment center
and onto the floor.  I thought it odd but shrugged it off, picked up the
speaker and placed it back on the table.  A little while later I heard
another noise and went to see what it was.  This time the lampshade on the
lamp that was on the same table had fallen straight down around the lamp.
The little screwcap that holds the shade in place had been missing so it
didn't seem like a big deal at the time.  I lifted it back up and placed it
back on the upright screw at the top of the lamp and went back to whatever
it was I was doing at the time.  A few more minutes and another crashing
sound.  Only this time it was the sound of breaking glass.  I ran towards
the sound which this time came from the dining area.  In the dining area
against the wall that led into the kitchen I had a bookcase which contained
mostly knick-knacks, picture frames, vases, etc.  On the bottom shelf was a
mirror that had rock-and-roll stickers on it (a sentimental item).  It had
been slid in upright as one would place a book on a shelf, with the top of
the mirror leaning against the left wall of the bookcase.  To the right of
that was a large clear glass shapely vase with a decal of a rose on it.  The
crash I had heard was the mirror falling over to the right and crashing into
the vase.  I found it strange that the top of the mirror was leaning to the
right and on top of the now broken vase.  It would have made sense had the
bottom of the mirror slid out to the right hitting the bottom of the vase
and knocking it over.  Well this being the third item to fall within what
seemed like under an hour (I assure you at this point I had absolutely no
sense of time)  I ran out of the apartment and waited outside for my
significant other to arrive home from work.  When he finally arrived I told
him what happened and asked him to take me down to the rental office.  When
I walked in I must have looked like I had seen a ghost (sorry folks but I'm
glad I didn't actually see a ghost, although years earlier I did, but that's
a whole other story).  When I got to the rental office I asked the lady at
the front desk if anything had happened in my apartment.  She looked puzzled
and asked me why I would ask such a thing.  Without going into details I
told her I wasn't going back into that apartment.  She asked me to wait
there and went into one of the back offices.  When she came back she looked
like she had just seen a ghost and proceded to tell me that the previous
tenant had hung himself in the shower.  She gave me his name which I
immediately recognized as I was still getting his mail.  Needless to say
they gave me another apartment immediately.  I honestly don't remember
packing up and moving out, but almost twenty years later and I still
remember his name.  I guess some things you just never forget.
On the lighter side:  Knowing what "WE" know about the other plane of
existance, do you ever feel funny about who might be watching when you get
naked?  ...lol

1st tym...

By: kathy_santiago15@yahoo.com

I was six years old when I began seeing spirits...I was in school one rainy afternoon waiting for my school bus, but it was already 5:00 pm and the bus doesn't arrive. So as a grade one student and because Im bored, I went on classroom to classroom and play with the things that I found there. I went to the third floor, the rooms of the High School students were there. And when I passed by the music room, I heard the piano playing all by itself, because of innocense I decided to take a look at it but it keeps on playing. I wasn't scared that time but i felt that something is going wrong. Then an old guy with a weird outfit(because of his hat and gloves) and began to talk to me, I didn't ungderstand what he was saying because he's saying it in English...a weird English....like in the Romeo and Juliet dialogue....He played the paino and so do I. I told him that i was getting tired and we stopped playing, I just yawned for seconds but when I look at my back he disappeared. I kept on looking for him til my grade five, hoping that he will play the piano with me, but he didn't. At my grade six, our room was tranferred beside the music room, and i found out to my classmates that the old man playing the piano, died so many years ago...I got scared because i never thought that the old guy playing with me is a ghost.


By: fredromero72@yahoo.com

On April 16,1997 12:00 midnight my most horrible experience happened to me. . Although most people will not believe me it happened . I worked at a meatpacker in Logensport,Indiana and had been working there for a couple of months . I had second shift which was from 3:pm till 11:30 at night on that 16th of april a couple of friends and I where on our way home we rode a company van which droped us three blocks away from our home . My friends lived closer to the van drop off than I did so I said my farewells and took off for home .As I walked home I destnctley rememberd that I look down at my watch to see what time it was only a couple of minutes till midnight . As I walked I knew my wife would be waiting for me as she always did . I was nearing my house only two houses down when a man dressed in black called to me  . he was behind a tree and asked if I had a cigerette and me being a smoker I said , sure and handed him one as I brushed against his hand I felt the most nullifying chill run down my spine then he asked for a light as I pulled my lighter out  and lit his cigerette but as I did I could see that all the light that came from the lighter was engulfed by total darkness . That was it for me I felt very frigtened all of the sudden and bid him a good night .He than asked me what I was doing a night such as that I quickly told him I was just going home from work  ahh he said, that is good for you would not like to be doing anything else on this night for you never know whats out here waiting for you . Alright sir thankyou for the advise I told him but I must relly be going . I turned around to leave hastingly when he called after me by my real name which is Fernando I turned around to see him knowing well I had not given him my name and he said, Truely these are some sad times when man does not fear Devil and laughed a most horrendous laughter that I had ever heard and ran as quickly as my legs could move as I did I could'nt help turning to see if he was behind me he just melted into thin air . When I got home my wife asked if there was anything I felt alright she said I was very pale I could,nt answer at that moment.. Later on without me telling her anything she asked why was I standing there talking to the tree  she said she looked out the window to see if I was almost home when she saw me talking to myself . I told her about the man and what he said,to me and she went pale also for she had heard that same laughter but thougt it was my drunk niegbors. I'll never forget that frightful night when I think I had words with the Prince of Darkness himself . Believe me or not it happened . I just wanted to share one of my many expiriences with you all

The Weird Noises at a Theme Park

By: cadillac_016@hotmail.com

When i recently went to a Theme Park a couple of mile from my house me and my parents decided to go into one of the rides alone and the manager let us and he assured us that nothing was going to be run at that time so as we were walking down the ride we started to hear footsteps coming towards us and the footsteps  stopped and to are suprise noone had came into that ride so i did a little reach after and it was haunted so i had found out the name of the ghost and it was the ghost of CLOGGY he wore clogs to the theme park everyday and he has been doing the same thing to people but i was strange though because the footstep noise stopped a bit back and i felt a cold hand touch my head
so i ran out and the only time im going back is on the daytime.


Weird Stuff

By: lastmanstand1ng@yahoo.com

Hi my name is Gil and I live in VA moved here bout 3 years ago from CA. Well I have a few stories for you guys which are all true they are mostly about these shadow type things I saw since I was a child . First when I was around 8 or so I was a my godmother's house and my cousin at the time was bout 13  or 14 he wasnt home so I helped myself to his Atari so im playing and I see this shadow on my right  thru the corner of my eye so I turn quickly I thought I saw my cousin so I turned back and kept playing Atari I turned back to tell him something, but he wasnt there anymore  so I went out to the living room where everyone was at and i asked my godmother I belive it was , I asked here where my cousin went when he left the room, she told me he had not gotten there yet. The second time was here in this house we live in now, we moved in this house bout 6 or 7 months ago. I was alone one day with my son and daughter which are 6 and 4 im 22 now, and it was my day off so  we where alone and I told them play upstairs in the livingroom while I make you guys something to eat downstairs. So im gettin everything ready when I see i small shadow child size figure run down the stairs and into the laundry room. So im thinking its my daughter  her being the smallest, so I go in the laundry room and say " I told you kids to stay upstairs " walk in the door and no one was there so I yeall to my daughter "karina where are you at " and she responds tp me from upstairs "im up here daddy "  didnt realy freak me out but I thought it was kinda wierd. Third time , and Ill try and make this as quick as i can. was in the this same house bout 2 months ago my wife and I a in bed getting ready to sleep so I turned the light off , its now pitch black and im laying on my back with my eyes open , andI see this long blanket shaped thing above us waving around like a flag when its windy like that kinda I thought it was my eyes getting used to the night , then I saw it get up close to my face and back away in a wavey motion, I didnt make much of it. So the next morning I wake up  and my wife says to me  that she was a little scared last night and I tell her "why is it because , so I explained to her what I felt and saw. She said she didnt see anything but she felt a presence of something floating over us and getting close to her also, That was wierd. Last one im ganna tell yall was today . Today I actually saw your web site for the first it rocks.but anyways i was at work looking at your website when I looked thru this little window we have in my dept you can see the cashiers desk thru there, so I looked and i saw a black shadowish figure standing in front of the cashiers file cabinet, I looked quickly at it but I thought it was the other cashier , there are only 2 cashiers and I hadf saw one of them from where I was sittin , so I walked over just to chat with both of them thinking they where both there , when I walked around here desk she was the only one there. I didnt tell here anything  they prolly think im a nut case , they do already , so I didnt say anything. Well thats it for today I have more stories to share with yall. I read somewhere about these shadow people or shadow beings of some sort , that they do exsist and are far more advanced than we are , or something like that, and that they move too fast for us too see, thats why youll see them thru the corner of your eyes sometimes. Let me know what you think of these stories.you  can contact me if you wish at lastmanstand1ng@yahoo.com  with a 1 not an I  for the stand1ng part . Thank you for reading about my experiences.

Upset Ghost?

By: Keywizard@comcast.net

When I was in high school I would go around my town and the surrounding towns and look for hauntings.  I have found a lot of places that are inhabited with ghosts, but one experience happened in my own room.  It was about 9 p.m. and I was finishing my homework for the weekend.  It was a friday night and I was supposed to go to a friends house to spend the night.  She called a few minutes later saying that I couldn't come over because she had to leave for Salt Lake City because her sister went into labor.  I decided to read a chapter from my book and then go to bed.  While I was reading my book I kept getting weird feelings like someone was sitting on the bed next to me and when I turned to look there was no one there so I continued to read.  I half-way through my chapter when the feeling got so strong it made me feel really uncomfortable and irritated so I closed my book and turned off the light.  I told whatever was in my room the I just wanted to read my book and whatever it was was bothering me and that I'd just go to bed.  I leaned over, put my book down on the floor and laid on my bed for a couple of seconds ( and I'm not tired at all) when I heard someone say have look down here.  The sound was coming from where I put my book down so I leaned back over to see what "it" wanted and a crumbled up piece of paper flew and hit me right in the face.  It really starled me because I wasn't expecting it.  I turned on the light and looked around and I saw the wad of paper on the floor not to far from the bed.  I grabbed the paper and opened it up and it had been a piece of paper that I had thrown away from my homework. I've seen ghosts and heard disturbances at one of my friends house, but that was the first and only time one had thrown something at me.

The Native Battle Ground

By: princeoftorture@msn.com

Ok well I don't know if I'm going crazy or something but here's my story.
Me and my family moved into a place. Near the outskirts of town. It was a
nice place because my father bought the land. Well first few nights it was
ordinary, We spent awhile unpacking our stuff. We were halfway done after
our 3rd or 4th day, and we decided to call it a night and continue unpacking
the next day. Well we woke up the next morning and almost half our things
were packed up again. My parents of course thought it was a sick joke that I
did, and I had no proof to convince them I was innocent. But it just started
to get weirder and weirder, at night I would hear drums outside. The drums
would get louder then sounds of males singing. Well chanting or something I
never could tell what they were saying, it sounded like it was a different
language. Then I would hear wolves howl while dogs barked. I found it weird
cause I didn't have a dog, so I thought it was a neighbors or something.
Then one night I woke up hearing that song again. But this time it seemed
different, There were no drums no wolves nor dogs. But it wasn't the same
voices who sang it. It was a single female voice and I knew instantly as
well. The voice was inside the house. Me being stupid I went to check it out
I saw a young girl. I couldn't tell the age but I remember seeing her back
turned to me in a brown dress with beads and long black hair in braids. I
was terrified at first then she looked at me and suddenly her voice turned
to a hard screech and I screamed with her. My parents found me unable to
stop shaking, and I barely slept after. I only remembered that face it was
weird. A childs body, but not a childs face it was like... older I guess
decaying features pain etched in her ugly features. I can't really explain
it. But not long after our neighbors told us, our house and land was build
under a native battle ground and many men, women and children were buried on
that spot. We moved from there after and I look at natives with a new high
respect. But never forgeting that's child face of sorrow

My Uncle Vern's Ghost

By: lil_katie_xoxo@hotmail.com

I love the stories on this site, and hopefully you'll all like these stories! The first thing that happened was to my grandparents.  They were living in a house, across the street from where they live now (and where I lived for about 13 years), and my grandmother's brother Vern used to visit my grandfather all the time. My grandfather had a woodworking shop in the basement, and Vern would come over pretty much everyday, for most of the day.  My family started building the house they live in now, probably about 17 or more years ago. One day my great-uncle Vern had a heartattack, and passed away.  The rest of my family finished building the house, and my grandparents moved in not long after it was done. It was a duplex, and a few years later, we (my mom and i) lived in, but that's for later in the story.  Once the old house was purchased from my grandparents, the people who bought it started to complain about strange things happening..  There was a woman who was really sick one winter (we live in northern ontario so we get a lot of snow) and she had the sofa couch pulled out and she was looking out of the huge window in the living room.  Then she noticed a man with brown curly hair looking at her through the window. She got scared, so she went to the door to see what he wanted, and when she opened the front door he was gone and there were no footprints in the snow (they never used this door, so footprints would be very obvious).  There was another incident with Vern in this house (that we know about) and it involved the homeowner's son, whose bedroom was in the basement (where the woodworking shop used to be). The son was sleeping one night with the basement door closed when he heard the doorknob rattling loudly and banging on the door, Vern trying to get in. We figure  rn was looking for my grandfather. When we heard all of this, we knew it was him because he had brown curly hair, and was always in the basement working with my grandfather.  Now I'll talk about what happened to me, when we were living in the duplex with my grandparents, I was probably about 11 or 12 at the time. We lived in the upstairs portion of the duplex, and my grandparents in the bottom.  I was asleep one night and something woke me up and I felt a presence in my room that bothered me, it almost felt angry.  So i went to my mom's room, and got into bed with her. When I was laying there, just staring at the ceiling, I heard the sound of someone walking on the carpet in my mom's room, right near my side of the bed. It startled me because my mom was still in bed, we dont have any pets, and there was no one else in the house with us.  That was the only thing that really happened to me, except for seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye.  Now this is what happened to me recently, I was asleep in our new house (we've only lived here for about 3-4 years) and i woke up and saw a shadow that i assume was a man, standing at the foot of my bed. It scared me, and i was just lying in bed staring in horror when it started walking around my side of the bed, and when it got about 3 feet away from me it disappeared.  I was terrified, and i told myself it was nothing and went back to bed.  I woke up again to hear a man's voice say something, i dont remember what exactly, but he had a really deep voice. By this time i was scared out of my mind, so i didnt really get much sleep after that. But since then I've been hearing someone walking around my house when no one else is home, mostly on the main floor, in the kitchen. I'll write again if anything else happens, but feel free to email me!

My Scary Experiences

By: paulheron453@msn.com

The following two stories I tell here happened in the
house where I have lived all of my life thus far.  I live in
Scotland just a few miles outside the centre of Glasgow.
The house I live in was built around 1947, I was born in
1977, so this house is only about 30 years older than me.
It also has to be said that the area isn't the spookiest in
the world.  I mean if you hear any spooky stories from this
part of the world, you tend to think of very old stately
homes etc.  My house isn't very old and is certainly not
what could be described as stately.  There is a mention of
accents in these stories although that shouldn't worry
anyone.  Although it is kindof strange that a country with
a population of only five million people should have so
many variations in the way people speak.  I'd like to offer
my heartfelt thanks for giving me the oppourtunity to
post my stories through this website.  I feel it is great
that we can share our experiences with a much wider
audiance that was previously possible.  Anyway on with
the stories.
Around 3 years ago, I was lying in bed one Sunday morning,
after having a few pints the previous evening.  The time
was between about 10:30 and 11:30 and if I remember
correctly I was in that state where you're fully awake but
not quite full of energy.  As I mentioned I'd had a drink the
previuos evening.  Feeling not quite hungover but still a
little weary, I sat up in bed and considered whether or not
to get up and do something such as get a coffee or a cup of
tea, perhaps something to eat.  I then sat on the side of
my bed and had a cigarette, in order to try and focus a bit
more.  By this point my eyes where feeling a bit sensitive
(I've got naturally sensitive eyes and they're not at their
best in the mornings), so I decided to lie down for a bit.
After a few moments lying on my front I decided against
more sleep and ascertained that the best idea would be to
get up and do something.  I didn't have anywhere to go
that day but I knew that if I went back to sleep, I'd
probably not get up until well into the afternoon.
As I was about to start moving from a position where I
was lying face-down but awake, to a postion where I would
be out of bed and standing upright; I heared a voice
muttering something in my ear.  The voice only lasted for
a couple of seconds and I couldn't work out one word that
was said.  The voice was not masculine enough to be
definately male nor feminine enough to be definately
female.  All I could work out was that the voice was adult
and had an accent that could be vaguely described as
belonging to somewhere in the west of Scotland.  It was
impossible to work out anything more specific than that.
Of course I thought this was weird but decided that
dwelling on it wouldn't be good for my sanity and that the
best idea would be to get out of bed and forget about it.  I
was still lying on my front at this point and started to
move so that I could get out of bed.  Suddenly I felt as if
something was holding me down!  I could only manage to
move about an inch or two before it felt impossible for me
to move any further.  To be honest I didn't put up much of
a struggle after the first couple of attempts to move.
This was mainly due to the fact that I was scared shitless
and simply couldn't work out what the hell was going on. I
was fully awakened at this point so there is absolutley no
way I could've been dreaming any of this.  The sensation of
being held down by some unknown force seemed to last for
about two minutes (which in a situation like that seems
ages), before I was finally able to move.  This was an
extremely scary experience for me and not one I wish to
ever repeat.
Of course having said that I never wish to repeat the
above mentioned experience, something similar happened to
me only a few days ago, (this is written on 09 February
2004), although this was at night as opposed to the
morning.  If my memory is accurate enough I would say the
time was around the early hours of wednesday morning,
circa 2 or 3 am.
I was trying to get into a comfortable position so that I
could fall asleep (it takes me a good while to dose off),
when suddenly I felt what can only described as a WEIRD
feeling.  I was lying on my front, when I suddenly noticed a
sensation of being held down by what felt like some sort of
shadowy force.  The air around me seemed to change in
quality, if that makes any sense?  By this point I was
feeling very scared and somewhat bemused as to what the
hell was happening.  I made an attempt to scream at the
top of my voice but could only make a pathetic little
wheeze of noise, so low in fact that even I could hardly
hear it.  I tried to shout again and this time the results of
my previous effort was replicated, i.e. a pathetic little
wheeze.  I still had the feeling of being held down but I had
somehow managed to free my right arm.  I decided that I
would thump the wall to my right hand side as hard as I
could.  This is quite a soft wall so in theory I should have
made a fairly loud noise without any risk of hurting myself.
 With every ounce of stregnth I could manage, I clenched
my fist and with a feeling mixed with fear, rage, confusion
and even a little bit of curiosity, I WHACKED my hand
off the wall.  THe sound that followed can only be
decribed as feeble.  Think of hitting a paper tissue with a
feather and that should give you a good idea.  By this point
I felt like what seemed like an arm om my back.  Out of a
mixture of curiosity, a sense of wanting to fight back
(probably stupid I know), I attempted to grab hold of this
arm.  What I would've done if I had managed to grab this
arm I'll never be able to fully ascertain.  However, all I can
say is that when I look back, I glad that my efforts were in
vain.  The arm seemed to have quickly moved out of the
way and I was no longer within reach of it.  By this point I
could feel the pressure on me begining to diminish and I'm
absolutely positive that I heared a voice in my ear saying in
a west of Scotland accent:  "Therr eh is." (that is: "There
he is." for anyone unfamiliar with the vernaculer).  I
managed to work out that the voice was adult, male, and
probably belonged to Glasgow or somewhere fairly close.
Ater that the feeling of being held down stoopped entirely
and I was left in a cold sweat wondering what on earth
had happened.  I sat up in bed and smoked heavilly while
trying calm myself down and didn't manage to get into a
sleep until around 5:30 am.  All I can say is that this
wasn't the most welcome experience of my life and not the
sort of fate that I would ever wish on anyone else.


My Haunted House

By: Tigger1454@aol.com

Hello. When I was little I lived in a town called Fenton just outside of the city of St. Louis. My brother always told me that the house we lived in was haunted but thought he was just trying to scare me. Boy was I wrong. The happenings started happening when I was around the age of 7 this was the time I had moved in to my brothers room. Every night I would get scared and go in to my mom's room, when my brother lived in the room he also sleeped in my mom's room. The first time I got really scared was when I was sleeping in my room, I was woke up by this pounding on the closet doors I was so scared I didn't want any body to think that I was crazy I didn't tell anyone. Do you want to hear something funny? When my brother lived in the room he used to hide in his dolls so what ever it was that was in the room couldn't find him. The down stairs of the house was also haunted. After my brother moved out of his room he moved down stairs. One night when he was slepping he awoke to a sound like someone banging the airvent with a hammer. He thought it was me. So he came up stairs and woke me up and yelled at me for wakeing him up. I told him it was not me and he told me the story. He was so scared he sleeped on the foor beside my bed. The ghost wasn't always scary or maybe there was another ghost in the house. When I got really mad I would hide in my closet. It what ever it was that was there kind of held me in it's arms and when I can out I would be so happy. Well that is the end of my ture life story.

My Aunt Visited

By: Jn2Harr@aol.com

When I was 15, my parents decided that they were going to retire in Newport News, VA.  My father was in the Army.  In 1989 they found the "perfect" house.  It was in a new subdivision that was being built up.  In fact, the house they chose hadn't even been finished being built.  Well, towards the end of 1989, the house was finally finished, after going through 5 different builders, as each one went bankrupt.  I was told that the subdivision was built on consecrated ground, I am unsure of this fact.  We moved in and all was fairly quiet for a few months.  My Aunt wanted to visit but she had been diagnosed with leukemia early in 1990 and was unable to visit.  She would call my mom every weekend for updates on the house and what color we were painting this bedroom and what border was going into that dining room.  She was extremely upset that she couldn't visit and see the house, we had lived in Europe for 10 years prior to my parents decision to retire, she would cry and get upset and soon came a time that my Uncle refused to let her call my mom.  My mother was extremely upset and never forgot that her best friend promised to visit and prayed for a quick and speedy recovery.  The time came to pass that my Aunt finally passed away.  We didn't receive a phone call that day, as it was too late in the evening, my Uncle explained.  We never told him that the phone call was unnecessary, my Aunt had already told us in so many words that she was gone.  The night that she died, my mom and I were up and watching old Abbott and Costello movies, hers and my Aunts favorites. She just felt like watching them that night.  Anyways, halfway through one of the movies, my mom turned torward the kitchen and told me to wave to my Godmother.  And standing outside the kitchen door, outside, was my Aunt.  She was waving to both my mom and I. She had a smile and you could clearly see her, she had tears running down her face.  My mother was so thrilled to know that her best friend kept her promise, even in death.  There is a water mark in the room on the ceiling in the room I used to sleep in when I lived there, it showed up the night my Aunt visited, and it hadn't rained for a few weeks.  There are other water marks there that showed up in the time that I lived there as family passed away.  When my grandfather passed away a water mark appeared the length of my bed.  All the watermarks were investigated by the builders then because of the home warrenty and no leaks were detected and my mother has tried to paint over them and they reappear.  None of my siblings will sleep in the room when they visit.  I gladly stay in that room, I feel protected.  I just wish that my Aunt had been able to visit in real life, but am happy that she kept her promise to my mom.  I have just recently, myself, bought my first house and eagerly await my first experiences in this house.  Thank you.

Was It a Dream?

By: DustC2@aol.com

When I was four years old I had recieved a barbie doll for my birthday.  That night I went to bed as usual and I placed the doll at the side of my bed so I wouldnt break her in my sleep.  I locked my door from the inside so my little baby sister couldnt get in and I went to bed.  In the middle of the night I saw a lady dressed all in white come in and kiss my forehead, tuck me in, and then she took my doll and left without a word.  I woke up, thinking that this was just a dream until I looked down and my doll was gone.  I asked my mother why she came into my room (thinking that it was her) and she said that she didnt.  I told her that she was wearing a white night gown and that she kissed me and tucked me in.  My mother then pulled out every night gown that she owned and the closest she had to a white was a green one.  She told me that maybe I dreamed it all up.  I told her that my doll was missing and that the lady took it.  But she never believed me......until now.
We had moved out of that apartment in Sioux City, Iowa and into a house where I remember growing up until I was eighteen.  I moved back into that very same apartment thinking that it was just my imagination when I was younger.  That was until the third night after I moved in.  I lived on the top floor and yet I could hear something on the roof.  I found an attic door and inside I found a chest with a painting in it.  The painting was of a woman that looked exactly like my little sister who was now 16.  The only difference was the style of clothing.  The woman in the painting was dressed like she was from the 1700-1800's.  I couldnt understand it so I took the painting to my mother.  She had asked where I got it.  I told her where I had found it and she said that was impossible.  She said that the painting was hung up in my grandmothers house when they lived in Adams, Tennessee.  But the house burnt down in the 70's.  The painting burnt up for all they knew.  She had no clue on how it had come to be in the attic of my top story apartment.  Then she told me about all the wierd things that had happened to our family in the past 40 years.  My mother is convinced that a ghost had "piggy-backed" with her all the way from Tennessee.
I see ghosts sometimes to this day.  I am 24 now and I am living in Bellingham, Washington.  I now share my apartment with my husband Jeff and ghost I call Emily.  She is a little girl about six years old and she is very playful.  She doesnt scare me but she loves to mess with me.  My husband hasnt seen her yet but my neighbors have.  She likes to turn off the tv and surround sound system while I am using them.  She also loves to misplace my remotes that I leave on the end tables.  If I move them to the entertainment stand she doesnt touch them.  She never talks but always laughs.  I have gone out and bought some toys and a toybox to put them in.  When I go out she plays with them but leaves them on the floor.  I just gently say "Emily, I am going to the bathroom now and when I get back I expect all of the toys to be back in the box"  and by the time I get back, they are all in the box.  I treat her just like she was my own child.  Sure, I cant feed her or hug her or anything but even at Christmas, I get her a gift.  I think she likes that.
This is my "partial" story of my experiences with ghosts.  If you would like to hear the rest of my story (when I was growing up -between the ages of 4 and 18) please, feel free to contact me at this email address.  Thank you for your time.

Haunted Hotel in the Rockies

By: cordiggity007@hotmail.com

All my life I've believed in ghosts, but I've never had any strange experiences until I started working at the Banff Springs Hotel a few years ago. The hotel was built in 1888 and has a long history of paranormal activity that the management will not confirm. I worked the graveyard shift for almost two years though, and I've seen and heard some strange things.
Its not unusual to hear someone say the hotel creeps them out. In the dead of night its like being in an old castle, and when you're alone, you're imagination can run away with you. These, however, are not stories of imagination.
Most of the things are trival. I would be working alone, waxing or buffing a hall and perhaps I'd hear voices or echos coming from the next room. Upon investigation I'd find nothing amiss. Sometimes when I'd buff the Mt. Stephan hall I'd see the lights of a room that overlooked it (the Strathcona Room). I'd be buffing, looking around because I'm bored and I'd note that the lights would be off. Minutes later I'd look up and see that they were on. Perhaps security doing their rounds? Minutes later they'd be flickering on and off. This unnerved me, but not enough to simply quit a well paying job. Besides, I was always within at least fifty yards of another custodian or security employee.
After a few months we got a new security guy. After a few days he voiced his discomfort with the Strathcona Room. Many agreed(myself included) that there was definity a "bad vibe" in that room. Later that week I was in a playful mood and with the help of a few co-workers, we unlocked the room and proceeded to rearrange it to look scary. We put chairs on the floor in the shape of an up-side down cross and hung some crimson graduation robes conveniently found the closet off the light fixture. After we surveyed our work, we agreed that it looked truly scary, especially to one who was already afraid of the room. My buddies went off to lunch, and I called security pretending to be a guest and reported strange sounds coming from the room. Then I ran down the hall to a vantage point that gave me full view of the doorway. I knew that the new guy would be sent alone, having already let his friends in on the joke, and I was looking forward to watching him open the door and freak out.
The minutes ticked by, and finally I heard footstep approaching. The new guy was certainly taking his time and in no hurry to investigate the "strange sounds" that were reported from the room. I watched as he slid his key card in the lock and open the door. I couldn't see inside the room, but I saw him standing in the doorway. I watched him look around for a few moments and calmly close the door and walk away. Now I was confused. There's no way this guy could've seen that room and not have lost it. When he was gone down the hall, I left my hiding spot and unlocked the Strathcona Room. I hit the lights and found the room to be in the exact condition it was in prior to my redecorating. As if nothing was moved in the first place. The chairs were neatly arranged against the wall, and the robes were back in the closet. I suddenly became aware that I was very alone in the terrifying room and got out with little delay. I know that no one entered that room between the time I left and the time the new guy stepped in because I never got out of sight of the door. After that I never stepped in there alone again. Many other strange things happened in that area of the hotel. Doors opening in front of me, strange odours. Perhaps I'll share them with you another time, but right now the chills in my spine are too much to dwell on the disturbing events.

Fremont N.C The Tracks

By: jennifer_1986@ripline.com

Well, the first night me and a friend went at about 11:30  and we parked the car in front of the tracks and got out. We were going to walk the tracks but as soon we step on the tracks the light turned on and it started moving toward us very fast. But, when we stepped off the light stopped. We had a flash light and we shined it down there and it went away. Then we went back the next night we went back, with two more friends.Three of us walked the tracks and one was in the car. The person in the car saw the light the whole time. We never saw it walking, the people walking along with myself saw shadows crossing the tracks but only from the waist down. We all turn around  and the air smelt stale and it was ice cold. The person in the car call me on my cell phone and said the light was ten feet behind us so, we turn back around and it was behind us again. Then we heard the train and something like footsteps walking about five feet behind us so we stopped and it walked in front of us.

Florida Ghosts

By: Anonymous
For several years dating back to my childhood in Pensacola, Fl I knew that ghosts existed. There were haunted forts and lighthouses and cliffs named for "warlocks". There were far too many weird experiences there that led me to believe otherwise.
The first memorable sighting  of a ghost occurred as a young boy of 7 . As I sat in the living room of our tiny 3 bedroom block house I looked back into my parents' bedroom only to see a man in a dark suit of about 25-28 years old staring at me with a piercing glare. He was non exisitent moments later. Pictures later revealed that he was the ghost of my mother's first husband who had several years died years before of leukemia. He had suffered terribly before his death and had been seen by my older half sister several times outside her window after his death , waving her to come with him.
Several years later as I was visiting that same home from college in Gainesville, I was lying in bed fully awake in my tiny bedroom and heard what I thought was my mother walking in the room on terrazzo floors. It was pitch black and I heard the person/ghost walk right to the edge of my top bunk bed lean over and whisper jibberish right into my ear.I yelled and my mother came in but no one was there.That was very vivid and still sends chills up my spine.
Several years later I moved to Boca Raton, Fl and bought an older home in west Boca that came complete with regular weird happenings. Once I awoke to see an elderly man in a suit leaning over my wife. Another time I saw a green mist as I awoke that hovered over my abdominal area. As I moved my hand past it the mist fled like a trail of smoke quickly out the bedroom. Another time we arrived home to find several snakes in my little daughter's bedroom.
The thing that capped it all off in that house was predicted by a psychic who told me several months before that the house would suffer a fire in 2 rooms.Well, that happened, and happened right before my eyes as a wall outlet shorted and the  wall curtains went up in seconds to create a total destruction of the wicked bedroom. I have often wondered why these ghosts were there and why there was such an evil end to that bedroom and the adjacent room.
Bottom line here is that there are definitely ghosts out there and the things I have seen were not the by-product of hallucinogens or depression. Ghosts exist and perhaps some mortals are better conduits than others for their communication.I suppose I am one of those.

Sheperd My Dog

By: Edamarsall@aol.com

I had a few weirdo things happen to me in my life that I could not explain. The one thing that happen was when I was about 12 yrs old. I lived on Stevenson  Ave in Louisville, Ky. It was early summer and an old lady across the street was building a house and she kept a dog chained up to perfect her house during the week. The only thing was that in a few days the dog did not have enough water to last the week. I was a dog lover so I started to bring water to her so she would not go thirsty. The dog broke her chain an began to come to my House and no matter how many times I tried to bring her back she would return to me. I loved her much and she loved me. About a year later she dugged up my dads flower garden and my step dad got so mad that he made me take her to the dog pound. I cried but I thought that I would see her soon. I went there ever day to feed her my lunch until the 3 day when they tool me that a farmer had taken her home to live with them. I was happy about that. About 2 months later when I came home from school I started to hear sounds like shepherd walking on the sidewalk like she always did after school to meet me but right when I thought I would she her she.,was not there. I thought It was my imagination. One night as I was going to bed I was looking down at the floor when I heard shepherds feet clicking on the floor and when I looked up I saw Shepherd wagging her tail at me and then she disappeared before my eyes. I think she came back to tell me good-bye because I realized that she was dead.  I had some other strange things happen to me over the years but I miss Shepherd the most.

Restless Summers

By: Hurleygurlie0227@wmconnect.com

This all takes place at my aunts old house in Atlanta, GA.
When my aunt and uncle first got the house they thought it was a dream come true they had just had a baby and later would have two more while living there. The previous owner was an older woman in her late forties she took off in a hurry leaving alot of her stuff alot of it my aunt and uncle sold off later but it was just odd how she just took off.
Well shortly after my aunt and uncle moved in  they noticed strange things start to happen. The Basement extra room later transformed into a guest room , never felt quite felt right there was just something there.
When me and my sister would come for the summer we would have to sleep in the basement bedroom. Well one night there was this huge mickey mouse doll that was sitting in the rocking chair in the room well the next morning when me and my sister woke up ( we were always the first awake ) the mickey mouse doll was sitting in the bed. The t.v. downstairs would turn on and off by itself we just thought it was a shortage but my aunt said it would only happen when someone stayed downstairs.They had it checked for shortages and it was fine. Lights would always turn on and off by themselves it scared me so bad.
My aunt never had problems with her first child but with the other two after moving into the house she had tons of problems with their births. Myself and my sister would always see shadows moving on the walls and stuff. Then this had me convinced , after my aunt had her third child my uncle said one night that he was sort of out of it but he knew what was going on . He told me that do you know when someone sits on the edge of your bed they're weight holds the bed so your body rolls toward them then he said his body rolled but later back into his original place like the person got off the bed. The next day my uncle asked my aunt why she had gotten up with the baby and sat on his side of the bed she said i don't know what your talking about the baby slept all night so i never got up. He told me later that what was ever on the bed was too heavy to be one of the little girls.
They later moved to another house and im glad becuase now me and my sister have no more restless summers.


Cemetery Footsteps

By: ryanpam2000@yahoo.com

About three years ago, my friend Mike and I decided to go to Old Sheldon Church(the same one listed in your haunted index). We went in the summer around 5 oclock, so it was still very bright outside. We were the only ones there at the time. We were walking around for about a half an hour looking at all the old tombstones. The church is in the middle of the cemetery, mostly burnt down. When we walked through the church, on our way to the right corner of the cemetery, we both suddenly got very cold. Once we got to the right corner we both immediately stopped about five feet from each other. At first, I heard steps coming from my left, and Mike heard them from his right. We could tell it was steps and not pine cones or twigs falling from trees because you could hear twigs cracking on the ground. At the same time we looked at each other and we heard the steps coming from both sides of us. The steps were corning us. We took off in a mad dash for my car and left with a quickness.


By: chaz2571@yahoo.com

 Hi.My name is Chana and I have a wierd and spine chilling story to tell.
  It was a regular night at my grandma's house and it was a little after 10:00 p.m
My grandma and I were going to bed.Shortly after getting into bed I heard the t.v. in the living room.I walked into the living room and cut the television off. Then I heard something that sounded like a voice in my aunts room. I walked in and a card flew at my head.
This story is FREAKY. You might not believe it but it's true.A couple of weeks later, my grandma found out that her house was built on indian burial. The house was torn down.Now I have other freaky things to worry about.

Old Friends Trying to Help?

By: mambocatz@yahoo.com

My husband and I had two very dear friends, Simon and David, who died from AIDS in the mid-1990s, a year or so apart from one another.  They were partners.
One night in the spring of 2002, just before bedtime, I was standing at the kitchen sink, drinking a cup of water, looking out the window and thinking about nothing in particular when I saw something yellow reflected in the window, as though someone were standing behind me.
When I turned around,  there was my dear friend David, with a happy expression on his face, leaning slightly forward, with his arms stretched out as though he wanted to embrace me.  He was wearing a light yellow polo shirt and khaki pants.  He looked solid at the top, but was very indistinct below the knees.
Although this apparition was not fearsome -- after all, it was my friend -- it startled me terribly, causing me to yelp loudly.  As soon as I made a sound, David vanished, and I found that I had somehow landed on the floor on my butt.  My eyeglasses and the cup landed on the other side of the room.
Realizing what I had seen, I immediately felt terrible for scaring off the ghost of my friend.
I felt tears come to my eyes, and I called out, "Come back, David, you just scared me, don't go away!"  But of course he did not return.
My husband raced into the room when he heard all this, and I told him what happened.
Just a few days later, my husband had a stroke at the age of only 48.  He was hospitalized for a month, then recovered enough to drive a car and go about a fairly normal routine within a few months.  Our lives returned pretty much to normal.
That December, I came home from work after dark one day.  When I got out of my car, I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  This time it was Simon, standing behind a small bush against the wall of our house, wearing a blue shirt, and smiling.  He was in the circle of light cast by the porchlight and I definitely recognized that it was Simon.  I looked at him for a couple of seconds, not believing what I was seeing.  I said, softly, "Simon?"  He vanished.
After I gathered my wits,  I looked behind the bush, and no one was there.  It had been drizzling all day, so the soil was wet but it was smooth and undisturbed.  No living person had stood there.
A few days later, my husband had a second stroke, worse than the first one, and he is still recovering.
I often think our dead friends were trying to communicate with me prior to these events.  Perhaps they wanted to warn me that a health danger was imminent.  Or perhaps they just appeared to say, "you'll be going through a tough time, and we are here if you need us."
I don't know, and I can't explain it.

My Mothers Experiences

By: Sublime042056@aol.com
Hello, I am a big fan of your site....I always read the stories posted on your web site and find them very interesting. Well any ways I never really could say that I've experianced a ghost first hand (that i know of), but my mother on the other hand has. Today after I got home from school (I am 16 and a sophmore in high school) I was talking to my mother and she told me that she had the weirdest dream, that she had "found" her parents in Sprindfield Ma. that is 2 towns away from Ware (where we live, and mind you that my gramma had been dead since before i was born and my grampa died when I was about 3 or 4) . She said that she went in the house and he was sitting in a chair just talking to her like he did on any given day (well when he was alive) and she noticed that his body was in rough shape like his arms were boney and long and just looked really frail and skinney, not like he used to be, and he looked as if he was all withered like that of an old man, but his face looked young like in his middle 20s. Then after "visiting" with her father she "found" her mother and saw her sillowet in the window. She went in and told her that she looked great (she said she looked young and in good health). After talking to her for a while my mom said that she found her dad across town and that she wanted to bring him over but my gramma said no, i dont want to see him right now. My mother said it was just like when they were alive when she was mad at him she would say that. Well now to the freakey part. When I got home from my boyfriends house like an hour ago(I got home at 7:30pm) my mother came up to me and said that when she was sitting here on the computer my uncle came up stairs (my mom and uncle inhearted the house we live in from their parents and they divided it so my uncle and aunt live downstairs and my family lives up stairs) and my mom started to tell him about her dream then all the sudden the take out menues that are ontop of my fathers gun cabinet were whipped across the room and scattered every where, then my mom heard a crash in the living room and the computer rebooted by itself. When my mom went into the living room to see what fell, it was an old portrate of 2 children in a field with a black cat that my grampa bought her before he passed away. Sorry this was so long and thank you for your time.

My Experiences at the Family Farm

By: dragynnblayde@yahoo.com

This is an expereince that happened to me about 5 years ago.  I'm what some people would call a " sensor" you know that people who can either feel or sense presences.  I have I have been like this since I was young.  Well I never felt or sensed anything like this before so here is my true account of a hostile presence............
    It was about 5 years ago in Durbin, WVa which is in Pocahontas County.  Me and my mom were going to a farm (which has been in our family for about 100 years) to pack up some furnishings and such for storage back home.  Well anyway when we pulled up to the side of the road to park as soon as I got out of my car I "felt" something was very strange but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  So I told my mom and she told me not to worry about it that nothings wrong.  So we made out way to the front porch area and I could feel yet again that someone or something was watching us from inside and whatever it was making me uneasy.  So we went into the house and the first room as you go in is the living room and to the right is a bedroom.  So my mom had me start pack some things up and stack them up in the living room area as she was going to go through the dining area ( which is off the living room area) and into the kitchen to pack some things up also.  As I was packing and ll I thought she passed right behind me and into the other bedroom that is off the dining room area.  I then went into that room and she was not there but still in the kitchen.  So I went back to my businees of packing blankets and the like up in the living room is when I "felt" eyes upon me.   I couldn't quite figure out where though it was like all around the room and then it just stopped.  But what I felt was hostile.  So I went back doing my thing minding my business and then it came back but made itself more known to me and how it did was when I was bent down to pick up a box I felt this presence circuling around me like it was walking circles around watching me menacingly.  I looked up but couldnt see anything but I knew it was there and I asked " who are you what do you want" as soon as I said that it vanished yet again.  I knew at this point whatever this presence was or who it was toying with me.  So yet again I went back to doing my thing and this is when it got a little scary as I was doing my thing I stood back up and as soon as I done that the presence made itself known again but this time it was more intense and right behind me like it was breathing down my neck.  Something in my mind told me not to turn and look what was there so I didn't but whatever it was I remember to this day I felt it scream out in my mind " GET OUT AND GET OUT NOW!!".  I dropped everything right then and there and went out the door literally running.  The feeling was so intense that it actually gave me a extremely bad migraine headache.  My mom heard the commotion  and came out to see what happened and I told her what went on so she locked up and she ended up driving home because I was unable too because I fell ill.  I have not been back inside the farmhouse since that day.  Yes I have went over with either my mom or dad but I will not step foot in the house because I can still sense that presence there and well quite personally I dont thin it likes me a whole lot either and to this day I feel that it made me fall ill that day whatever it was or is.
If any questions about my account feel free to email me at dragynnblayde@yahoo.com . I have other experiences I can tell but this one sticks out the most.

Grandpa's House

By: jmhredzak@alltel.net

When i was visiting my grandpa's house,  we were watching tv after we had supper.My dad was telling facts  bout his brother and how "smart" he was. When in the back room we heard a big BOOM! We all jumped.My dad asked wat that was.No one knew. So my grandpa when to the back room where the boom was and there was his wife sitting on the bed with the broken tv.My grandpa's wife died 2 years ago in a car accident. My grandpa rubbed his eyes but then she was gone and the tv was broken. My grandpa told us about what he saw i didnt believe him cuz he sometimes makes things up. Well anyway 1 year later that vision happened but this time it was outside. My grandpa paused for a moment then she vanished. I knew thsi couldn't be true. But it was on my 10 b-day {march 2nd} my mom made a cake for us.We only have 5 people in my family my brother was in college.When my mom cut the first piece for me i saw my grandma outside on the back porch smiling at me on my b-day for the first time.I was surprised to see her i didnt scream or point i just stood staring straight back at her. She dissapeared. And that was the last time i ever saw her since. This may sound fake and un realible but it was true.

Favorite Riding Hat

By: bhill@falcon.el-tejon.k12.ca.us

One time I was taking a shower and my sisters thought it would be funny
to turn off the lights in the bathroom. I was so scared becuase it was
10 o'clock at night. Well to get to the point I had seen  the door of
the bathroom open and then close. the strangest thing was that I saw
this shadow of this young boy he seemed to have been wearing riding
pants. well then heducked down. About ten minutes I got the curage to
open the sliding glass door and turn on the light. But there was nothing
there but my great-grandpas old favorite riding hat.

White Thing

By: Shafer740@aol.com

Hello i am writing you in concerns to something i seen when i was around 11or 12 im not positive on my age actually this story begins long before this with my sister and as recently as last summer.Let me start at the beginning and see if i can tell this to where it makes some kind of sense.
We live in ohio (Lawrence County) we grew up in the country up a hollow ,now that we are grown we still live in this hollow.most of our family on both sides live in this hollow,my dads family has lived in this hollow for years and years back,and he was born and raised in the hollow the same as me & my sister.so needless to say there have been many ghost and haunted tales past down through the years.
As kids my dad and hes brother and sister played in the woods constantly.
As kids my dad would take me and my sister and mom for walks in the woods and show us things and stories that went with them,He showed us several times the old cemetary thats back on the hill it was hard to even tell that that was what it used to be its so old there only about maybe 5 graves and most of the stones are missing there is maybe one left and it is cracked and fell over on the ground any how that was always something we as kids would discusss this old graveyard,wich by the way there were stories that we all had heard that one of the graves had been dug up a long long time ago no one knows who done it but it was told the man that was buried there had money and it was rumored that back in those days sometimes they buried there jewels or money with them .
any how a long time ago i was maybe 4 or 5 then not sure and my sister who is 4 years older went with 2 of our aunts for a walk it was a bright summer day,and we ended up close to the old cemetary ,my aunts asked my sister if she knew where it was cause they had always heard of it and wanted to see it. She said sure we are close to it ,she explained dad had took us there several times ,shed then said stay right here and ill find it ,So she walked away not far just had barely got out of sight and then she came back running and screaming get out of here get done to the road
my aunts start  yelling whats wrong with you, what happened shes still screaming get of the hill get to the road i saw something up by the cemetary on the rocks its white looks like it can hardly get around like its old but it took of over the rocks almost like its floating its horrible how it moves and i dont know where its at it like it has disapeared it could still be here somewhere,shes explaining all this while we are all running as fast as we can of the hill to the road,mind you the road is in the hollow it dirt and no houses around .
alright so years go by everyone pretty well had forgot about the incident,i was young when it happened so i pretty much went on with playing and forgot about it mostly i guess and then everyone else just figured my sister had saw some kind of an animal or something i guess cause she was a kid when she saw it.So it was just kinda forgotten about
But then about 5 to 6 years later when i was about 11 12 13 like i said not for sure on  my age but it was close to my sisters age when she saw it ,me and my cousin where walking in the woods aproximatly the same place my sister was on a bright sunny day in the summer just talking and getting closer to the old cemetary when i happend to glance up on the hill,and there it was standing there watching us,i have no idea how long this thing had been there or if it had just appeared,it was white looked kinda like matted long white ,silver hair every where it seemed to stand almost upright like a person,it then looked like it was moving away from us its movement was almost as horrible as its sight it moved like and old bent over person almost like it couldnt get around like hobbled or and old shaky person bent over using a can ofcourse there was no can but it moved horrible,but it was gone quick or it just disapeared.all of this happened within seconds ,just a glance but it was so frightening that i turned pale white and just about passed out i went totally blank heres the crazy part my cousing walking beside me never saw this thing but she remembers this walk to this day ,she says she well never forget the way i just stopped dead in my tracks stopped talking to her and went white and blank she swears i about passed out ,she had to shake me to get me to come to my senses ,and ofcourse she had no idea what was going on and that scared her ,when i finally came out of it with her shaking me i told her i saw something get off of this hill now we ran all the way home ,and when we busted in the house out of breath i started telling mom and dad and my sister what had just happend and to my suprise my sister started finishing  my sentences before i did,and then she said do you rememeber a long time ago when we took a walk and i came back running that is exactly what  i saw.
So thats when we named it the white thing.
Ok so years go by no other siteings nothing,untill last summer my mom calls and puts my nephew on the phone and says let him tell you what he says happened to him and my neice his sister the other day so i ask him what happened to them and he starts by saying  me and sissy took the dog for a walk back on the hill keep in mind they live in the hollow still to.he sayed they had stopped to take a rest when they saw somthing standing watching them white matted hair kinda like a person but kinda not they said the dog was laying on the ground and this thing seem to walk right over the dog the dog never moved or barked like it didnt even know it was there.they said the way it moved was weird and it took of up the hill  fast and seemed to dissapear,then for some un godly reason my neice decides to scream at it and tell it to come back? then they say they never saw it again but they could hear it and see and hear trees branches snapping coming back down the hill after them they say they took of running home my nephew swears he thought he could feel something breathing down hes neck,they told this story they had never heard the story of me and their mothers and they were never told anything untill they told their story ,they hit a lot of facts perfectly so now me and my sister are convinced they have seen the same thing they where about the same ages we were it was summer also but they were not in the spot where we saw it but they were in the hollow in the woods.
After the kids encounter it got us all talking and stirred up about this white thing again.
one day one of my freinds was here and i had been telling her this whole story how my sister had seen this years ago and then i to had seen it years later and now her kids have seen it years later,and she says wait till my husband gets here i want him
to tell you a story of what he says he saw when he was a kid in the woods,So when he shows up she says tell her the story of the old wild women ,he acted embarassed and asked why and she said just tell her ,now keep in mind once again like with the kids i just let him tell the story before i ever mentioned anything.now he was not raised up in this hollow but not far away just over the hill where all the woods run together.He starts of by saying when we were kids we played in the woods all the time and we could play in the same spot for hours and never see a thing and then the next thing we would know their it would stand ,as if it had been watching us the whole time im not sure what it was we didnt stick around long after we seen it but it appeared to be standing upright like a person maybe a little slumped over it was white matted hair looked like an old woman with ratty hair about down to her but,and and old mangled dress in shreds white,he says they were not the only kids to see this in the woods they named it wild women like we had named it the white thing  he also went on to tell that he sister who at the time was a teenager saw it once,he says he and his borthers who were little was out  playing in the yard their was hill behind them woods and a big rock cliff his teenage sister was out on the porch sweeping it and starting screaming at the kids and mad them get in the house and she locked them in the house and said she had seen the most horrible thing beent over the rock cliff looking down at the kinds watching them play
i LOOked at him in disbeleif it seems they had seen it to when they were kids
So know im wondering what is it ,why does it seem to like to watch kids,at first i thought it had something to do with the cemetary because thats where me and my sister saw it then after the kids saw it but not in that spot i thought maybe it has something to do with our family being it was my sister me and her kids that had seen it .but then with my friends story im thinking maybe it has something to with kids i just dont know.My dad played in this woods alot more then we did and he never saw
anything? one more fact everyone that has seen this does not remember a face,but we seem to be in agreement that it is not an animal of anykind more like a person or something maybe a ghost the only thing that we do know is the instant you see it it there is something so wrong and no right about it that it chills you to the bone and scares the hell out of  you and cant be explained ,if it wanted to hurt any of us im sure it could of  but that doesnt seem to be the deal.
there are so many old story of things that went on in this hollow  that it make you wonder .we know indians lived in this hollow there are old idian wash basins ,that carved out still in the woods ,there are stories of hangings ,and a story of a man shooting himself years ago at the head of the hollow not to mention and old cemetary that the grave has been dug up so i just dont know
so if you have heard of any similar stories like this or have any ideas pleas let me know

What Happened to Me

By: ghlbeyerlein@verizon.net

the house I grew up in was ~130 years old and was on the Gettysburg march line for the Union Forces. Many-a wounded were treated around the old Grist Mill that "our" farm house was built near. Some of the things I've heard at night, the shimmering that I've seen at night & daylight, the piles of dead flies in the window sill, and the scampering noises in the attic. Some can be attributed to natural noises: birds, squirrels, sun / cloud / tree and the lighting change effect on the house, etc.
Used to have a little boy in a white "sun suit" who would look out our attic window at us when we were playing. I'd see him looking in on my room and my sister's room every now and again. His sister would also visit, especially whenever my parents had a really big fight.
My mom saw the original farmer and his wife outside the window one day. Confirmed it with photos on file - "yep, that's them".
One day when I was at College, my stereo turned on by itself. I had it set so that it was not on stand-by and none of the input selectors were selected - if it would have turned on, it would not have played anything. It turned on and was playing on of the CDs that I had left in the CD player.
On of my mom's friends from the local College was very much into the Occult (think Voodoo, but not evil). She swore that she saw Death standing by my window one day - middle of summer; the rest of the day, my room felt like a Refrigerator.
Chairs and tables and pictures would always be in slightly different places. Doors would slam shut every once in a while.
In the farm house that my mom grew up in (back in Indiana), there was a room that no one (4 kids nor her parents) would go into. It was always locked. According to her parents, someone was killed in that room - never "felt" right afterward - always cold by that door.
If ever you've seen the movie "The Haunting" based on a true story during the 1970s (I think in PA). There is a scene where the ghost follows the family on their "picnic" to get away from their haunted house. In that scene, there is a black "blob" hovering in the air in front of the daughter and then the rest of the family. Something similar to that would come out of the attic into our rooms - talk about cold and tingly and scary as F***!
One day we found 5 dead mice in the one trash can by the garage - probably put there by someone playing a joke - but freaked my mom out something fierce. They were put down in the five points of a star and circle - pentagram (not a Pentacle).
Most of my friends were a bit spooked to come out for long, especially after dark. They heard things, didn't see things very often. One of my friends did though, she welcomed the experience - wanted the chance to connect with her dead grandfather.
One of the weirdest things to ever happen to me though was when my girl friend (now wife) and I were in college. We were watching American Gothic in her room. I was holding her hand and all of a sudden her hand felt much bigger and rougher - just like I remembered my grandfather's hand feeling when I was kid before he passed away (I was ~4 or 5 when he died; used to ride his farm tractor with him and "help" him with chores). Freaked me out a bit - still get tingles from that one.
There was a "town-house" on campus that was supposedly haunted. The doors would open on their own. Things would fall off shelves. It was an end unit, yet you could hear people stomping up and down the stairs (no one was on the stairs and no one was on the stairs on the other side of the town house).
There was also a path down by the "log cabin" on campus that no one would walk down at night. Granted, the campus is on a mountain w/~650 acres of mountain woods and associated wildlife, but there weren't many of us who handed heard wildlife rummaging around at night - this didn't sound like that. You could almost feel "it" - you ever get the feeling like there's a blanket or towel about to be thrown on you or someone watching you - that's how it felt down that path - twuz always colder and windier on that path than the others, even those that connected with it or ran parallel.
One thing I won't forget, I had just turned 16 and had a hellaciously bad staph infection in my left leg (still have the scar). Had a 105+ degree fever. Granted, the Doctors were 100% sure that I was delirious - @ 260+ and 105+ degree fever, they were wondering how I lived. However, I saw Death sitting by my bed. Pointed at me and said "not yet", got up and left.
Those are my ghost stories. Think of you what you will, but as best I know they are real. "Any recordings or pictures?" No. No proof as such. Just what I saw and heard and felt - could be that I dreamed all of it; could be that it was a really bad trip, bender or relapse. Could be a lot of things, but at the time they all seemed real - still do seem real when I think back on them.

Try and Forget It


i don't know how to explain everything i ever see, i don't even bother to question it..simply because the thought gives me the chills.. one moment in time i remember in relation to actually seeing something unexplainable was the figure on my boat.. my family and i used to take these boat trips out to conneticuit, my dad loved my boat, and before he bought his new car, the boat was his favorite toy.. after a while money problems arose, as well as marital problems, and my father didn't have the heart or the money to renew our slip, so he set our boat on bricks in the backyard, and left it there.. a summer or two ago we held a couple sleep overs.. one in particular we decided to hold on the boat since that was the only sleepover spot in convenience.. it was a little chilly outside, but nice.. after a night of movies, reminiscing, story telling and games everyone completely passed out, except for me, of course.. maybe around 3 or 4 o'clock i began to fall into slumber..a couple hours before that my sister who slept beside me left to go sleep inside, she was uncomfortable..now, as i was beginning to fall asleep i turn on my side to the spot that is supposed to be vacant, under the blanket i saw a curled up sleeping body..only a couple inches apart from mine.. at first i thought nothing of it, then i realized my sister went inside and i had been awake so i know nobody crept beside me to take my sisters spot in the first place, the room was too cramped as it was, i would have seen or heard them..staring at this figure thoughts were flying through my head, who this could be, how they just appeared beside me, i anybody was really there..i was too afraid to touch it though if i had moved my arm just ever so slightly my hand would have brushed up right against it.. i was too scared to move, to afraid to make a sound, i didn't even want to breathe.. i closed my eyes and forced myself to find a way to fall asleep, convincing myself that my sister had come back and i just didn't notice..i awoke in the morning, the only one awake.. it was only about 6 or 7 am.. but reasonably light out, i looked to my side and there was no blanket and no person..later on i asked everyone if anyone slept beside me that night, and they all said no..they all told me they were out cold all night..i still don't know what to make of it, it's just one of those things you have to let go and try to forget..

 The Picture


Well this may sound weird but it happened. One day we were at my friends house in her basment {jordan's} we were all talking about things that we like at school. Well after a while jordan's cat came down to join us. Chloe {my other friend} said she was going to go play pool {jordan has tons of cool things in her basement} Well anyway my other friend {alexa} said she was going to play pool with chloe also.So they both left Jordan said she was going to go online i went with her to the room. Its seperate from the other rooms.  Now in the main room in her basment where the couches and the tv is my other 2 friends {Sammy and Becky} were still talking bout school and other stuff.  Well sammy was going to the bathroom when all of a sudden the cat hissed not at her not at becky at nothing.well Alexa told us that when cats hiss at nothing there are spirits in here that you can't see but the cat can. We all didn't belive her thinking she was trieng to scare us. But my one friend, Sammy started turing pale really pale almost white when she sawl a ghost standing behind me staring at my head. I asked her whats wrong? she said there was a tall red ghost standing right behind me. I didn't turn around i belived her because i sawl the shadow of the ghost from the light. I SCARED MY BUTT OFF!!!! it was so scary jordan was in the other room still online. Alexa told me not to move and dang i was even going to breath.  this sounds fake but if this happened to you you would know this was true. The man had dark brown eyes with black circles around them like he was tired. And his was filled with blood we all screamed and ran upstaris to her mom's room. we told her so she got up and when we turned around he was there staring at Jordan the me then sammy then Jordan's mom then alexia then Chloe but he didn't stare at Becky. So the next morning we went to the local library and looked up car accidents on the internet or murdering. We looked mostly all over the place to find out what this guy's name was. Then under 1934 September 5 a guy named Charles Nelson was killed in a plane crash on the way to Idaho to see his parents. They showed the list of all the people who died that day and we clicked on Charles Nelson and they showed his picture and it looked exactly like the ghost we sawl at jordan's house.we printed the picture and showed her mom. She believed us since we went through all this just to find one person. So that night we didn't have a sleep-over. We decided we would keep the picture at my house. So i went to bed before i was just bout to fall asleep i heard tearing paper i opened my eyes turned on the lights and sawl that picture torn up into tons of pieces. Then with no one in my room something opened my door and slammed it shut. I have two dogs and they started barking in the kitchen. I was terrified so i went back to sleep. In the morning when i went to get breakfeast my mom holded up the picture and asked "is this yours?" i said yes i couldn't believe it. It wasn't torn or anything. It was exactly the same before. now this may sound fake once but im telling you this is true.  Ever since i didnt see anything else ever since neither did my friends

The Confederate Ghost

By: blue_angels9188@yahoo.com

When I was younger my family and I lived in a small house in Artemus, Ky. There was an old lady who lived beside us named Opal Miracle. She was a friend of the family and often came by to visit and bring us things. One day, not long before we moved out of the house, she brought my mother a jar of old buttons. She said that the buttons had came from her grandfathers uniform. She told us he had been a soldier in the Confederate Army during the civil war and the buttons had been keep as a family heirloom.
So when we moved we took the buttons with us. Not long after the move though strange things began happening in our new house. We began seeing a man dressed in a gray uniform walking up and down the halls at night. Gun shots and screams could also be heard coming from outside of the house. Then one night, the most awful noise was coming from the upstairs attic. Clothing, books, papers were all scattered around the room. The window of the attic had been opened, as had many boxes and trunks that had been sealed and locked only months before.
At first we believed it to be the house, but everywhere we moved, the story was the same. One day when we were cleaning out the closet, my mother came across the jar of buttons. That's when it hit us that the buttons were the cause of the hauntings, not the houses themselves. The next day, we dropped the jar along with the buttons into the nearby river. We haven't heard or seen a thing from the Confederate ghost since.

Spirit Dwarfs

By: cprado@email.com

I’m from Sydney, Australia. I have a couple of “weird” stories but I only have time for one.
When I was around 1 years old (1985ish, I’m 19 now), my parents bought a new house in one of Sydney’s brand new housing estates. The house was located in a circuit-like street and on an up-hill incline with no other houses in the back except for a swamp but there were houses infront and on its left side. Anyway, when the house was being built my dad and mum visited it one time at night and brought my brother and I along. Apparently, my mum said dad placed me on top of some rocks on the house’s land and said “this is your very first steps on our new home”. A couple of days later on a hot day in our apartment before moving into the new house, I started having convulsions but the doctors and my parents could not find a cause. The convulsions got worse when we moved into the new house.
In the new house strange things started happening with my brother. At night during the same time he’d wake up and stand up on the bed pointing down at the ground. He’d do this nearly every night my parents said. The neighbourhood kids were also strange towards my brother. They’d bully him and vandalise things in our front yard. My parents didn’t know why.
After telling our relatives what was going on, my aunty referred us to her mother who was a renowned spiritualist/faith healer/future-reader back in the Philippines. After a couple of years later when I was 3 or 4 years old, we went to visit the Philippines and also went to see my aunty’s mum about my excessive convulsions and my brother’s strange dreams. She said that the land the house was built on  was Sacred Aboriginal land and that there were spirits present. She also said that I had struck 3 small dwarf-like spirits with rocks when I was playing one time with my brother in the yard and that had upset them so they made me sick. My brother’s dreams were also caused by those dwarf-like spirits which he was pointing out at in the night. She gave my mum a remedy to do when we get back to the house, which included some prayers and chicken offerings. Everyone thought the remedy was weird and laughed about it, but my mum did it anyway. Freakishly and luckily, I stopped having m
 y convulsions and my brother didn’t have his weird wake-up calls at night anymore.
We don’t live in that house anymore, we moved out when I was about 5 years old, and we’ve never been back, not even to look at it.

Sarasota Fl. Haunting

By: fms2001@earthlink.net

Back around '92 or '93 in Sarasota, Fl., a young blonde womans
decomposing body was found in a backyard pool. What was interesting was
that she was found stuffed inside a rubbermaid trash can in pieces. The
pool had been abandoned months earlier and was in the condition of a
pond with frogs and tree branches in it. The girl was found to have two
different caliber bullet holes and a fetus in her and had previously
been buried for a while before being moved to the pool. The property
owner was in prison when body discovered and nothing was ever proved
although he knew victim. To this day in the summer you can hear frogs in
the pool although there are none. Next to last house on right, Gallup
Ave. This case never solved and some involved supposedly had knowledge
of a subsequent abduction/ murder near Sarasota Square Mall.


By: sundog_279@optusnet.com.au

It was about the year 2000, in the midsummer.
I was using drugs during this period, amphetamines and Heroin. I was actually addicted to the heroin, I had been using it to cope with massive pain as I tried to cope with three part time jobs and it had bitten me (just some background)
It was about 2am and I had decided to go fishing. I was planning classes for a disabled art class as well as a program for the local neighbourhood centre, working on a cartoon for a magazine and trying to plan the next day so I could be in place to shoot their front cover when they were ready. I needed a break from work.
I drove to a beach near where I live now. North Entrance Peninsula. The spot is on a spit of land that faces the sea on one side and a lake on the other with the third side being the lake’s inlet.
It is virtually a sand dune with a small town down the middle. On this night I was about 200 yards from the houses, on the beach, facing a boiling storm swept ocean. The waves would come in and rip the beach away taking about a yard wide by a few feet deep of the sand each time.
There is a mighty fish called the mulloway that love these conditions (so I’m told) and grow up to sixty pounds and more. I wanted one or something like it.
It was a moonless night and that spot on the beach was hit by gusting 20 knot wind (speed?). Had one static rod about ten feet away and was holding one. The beach deterioration was driving me back about ten yards every few minutes so I was constantly shifting my gear and trying to keep ahead of the waves.
They were unforgiving waves that would not have let you go if you were caught.
In the middle of this I saw a man approaching, he walked along the windswept beach towards my static rod so I shone the light of my tiny torch onto the rod and let him see it. He walked up and stood about two yards from me so I just kept fishing.
He looked out to sea with his arms crossed for half an hour or so and moved back as I did each time.
Eventually I got tired and the wind was cutting into my clothes so I pulled my little thermos, poured coffee into my only cup (the lid) and offered it to him. He leant in towards me and asked, ’are you offering me your drink in your only cup?’ I answered yes. ‘And before you yourself have had any?’ I said sure, that was only being polite. He smiled and leant in closer, ‘the good jewies(this is what those fish are called locally) are out there.’ he said and pointed to the boiling ocean. I laughed and nodded, ‘yup,’ right out there.
He said, ‘No, you have to stand on that sandbank and cast outwards’ he pointed to a faint silvery streak in the boiling ocean. ‘Right about there.’ he said. I smiled and looked at him to see if he was joking.
It was his face that first made me think, but not till later. His face looked like parchment and seemed to be stretched across his teeth so each one was clearly outlined, his eyes seemed to disappear into the shadows (remember this bit) and I never saw them at all. The colour of his skin was yellowish and almost see through. Did he have hair or a hat? It is in the file doc but no idea now.
He wore breaches or pants that seemed badly made and were rimed with salt. His old gumboots reminded me of the rubber over string type we used to get when I was a kid as they were turned down at the top. There was some reddish colour in his shirt so maybe it was flannelette. He seemed about my height, (5’11”) and was very thin and of upright stiff carriage. He walked slowly and stiffly.
He looked back and said, ‘you have to be careful of who you talk to on this beach son’
I looked to see if he was smiling but his face hadn’t changed since I met him.
‘Yes, son,’ he said, ‘there is at least one man on this beach who is best avoided, he is very strange and dangerous one’ (unsure of exact wording but close)
I didn’t worry about that, there are many oddballs in the world and I have made a bit of a hobby of meeting them, they are after all, the salt of life.
I remember he had not drunk any of the coffee before he tossed it to the sand. Imagine the wind is ripping into us and we had to get close to talk. His voice was a creaky whisper. That was the second thing I later noticed.
He handed me back the little cup and  said ‘ you are all right though, you have naught to fear, y’are a good man and he’ll pass you bye’
I remember wondering how this person would know I was a good man. And why I should worry if he passed me bye or not.
He said he had to go before the tide changed and walked off up the beach. And I went back to fishing for maybe ten minutes before my brain suddenly worked and I yelled. ‘shit!’
Here is why.
It was absolute darkness, the sea spray and clouds even cancelled the stars . I saw him from about twenty yards before I even had my torch turned on. As soon as he passed the static rod, I turned the torch off. And yet I could see him clearly. I had to turn the torch on each time we moved and also when I reached for the thermos. The thermos wasn’t even visible as a blob of blackness.
Each time he turned to talk, I could see his face clearly and even the colour and fine detail of the skin.
His voice was whispering and yet I heard him over crashing waves and blustery wind. I had had to yell just to make sense in my own head because it was so loud. His eyes were in deep shadow and yet no light.
As I though about this I turned my little torch to a part of the sand not yet destroyed by the gouging surf and where he had stepped as he left. Instead of footprints it was empty. I thought maybe the wind but it was moist sand. Something should have been there
I was too chilled to stay any way, I really didn’t have warm enough clothes so I left.
Later I remembered him pointing into that killing surf and telling me that was where I should stand to get the best cast to the fish. He pointed twenty yards or so into the surf and yet a few feet out into that water and it would suck you out to sea with no hope of survival.
His skin, yellowish, almost transparent and tight across his teeth but most of all I saw him coming and going in total darkness. And by the way, he had been standing by the static rod and when I went to move it away, no marks. Nothing but bare wet sand.
Ive got cold chills just talking about it but it was his fucking eyes. I never even saw a glint of one and yet I saw his skin so clearly in total darkness.
Final analysis. He said a bit more than I have written. For instance he was facing away from me and was a few feet away when he first said about who was to be avoided on the beach, he said it a couple of times when I did not seem to be impressed and there were more words to his attempt to get me onto the sand bar. Many more. But this is the essence and as much as I can be reasonably sure of.
I have always felt guarded from really bad things (psychic) and one of the things that came into my head at the time he spoke of avoiding on the beach was that it was also OK because I had that kind of protection. I don’t know why that would come into my head before I recognised him but I wont analyse anything here.
That is all of that encounter and I make no analysis and say I have no evidence of any other event linked to it. It was not drug-induced psychosis, I have had enough experience to recognise when the mind starts running it’s own reality to know that.
So this is story two. Old Man of the Sea

Odd Fellows

By: kdeverter@hotmail.com

Hi, my name is Nicole and I live right by Odd Fellows in Liberty,MO. The rumor about Odd Fellows being an insane asylum is false. But is was an orphanage which I find just as creepy, since some of children are buried in the graveyard on the property. ive yet to experience any sightings but I will contact you as soon as I do. I have heard so many rumors about Odd Fellows, the insane asylum one is really common. I'm curious to know, when did you go into Odd Fellows?  Some of my neibors have told me stories of  hearing little girls talking late at night in their homes and have experienced toys moving and floating during the night, probley the orphans. I have heard stories of some of the cruel things that were done to the orphans when they misbehaved such a tounge cutting and many other weird things. There was an article in the KC star recently that talked about the orphanage and the orphans who lived there. Liberty is a haunted town all togeather it may seem all clean cut and nice on the outside but the people who live here know, its any thing but that. there is probley at least 16 haunted houses,buildings,ponds and land places that i can think of off the top of my head. Liberty has many haunted areas, there is alot of history behind this small town.

Mysterious Footsteps and a Shadow Ghost


Please put "anonymous" instead of using my e-mail address.  Thanks.
I've had a few stories on your website so far (I forget what pages they're
on), and here are a couple more.
The first one happened back around 91 or 92; I was visiting a friend who, at
the time, lived in Burtonsville, Maryland.  One afternoon we took her 3 kids
to a park, which I believe was called Wheaton Park.  We were walking on a
trail through the woods, when all of a sudden we heard footsteps like
someone crashing through the leaves towards us.  We looked around but
couldn't see a thing.  We kept on hearing it, and were wondering what it
was, maybe a deer or a large dog or something, but we still couldn't see
anything.  One of the kids said, "Maybe it's a BEAR!" and we all took off
running, still hearing the crashing footsteps behind us.  We never did find
out what it was.
The other story I have happened just a few months ago.  It started out with
a strange dream I was having; the only details I remember now is getting
some sort of ominous e-mail that said something about being "killed by an
accidental hurricane" and there was a picture of a guy who looked somewhat
like Kelsey Grammar, only he was dressed as a terrorist!  The next thing I
know I was in my parents' kitchen dressed in this beautiful gown that in
real life I'd just bought for my 25th anniversary renewal of vows ceremony.
In the dream, I'm standing there and this scary looking guy comes out of the
living room holding a lit cigarette in front of him like he's going to burn
me with it.  All of a sudden, he threw it at me, and it went down the front
of my dress!  I got all frantic and was trying to get it out and keep it
from burning me and the dress, then I woke up.  I saw a shadowy form
standing over me, which I thought was my husband, but then I heard him
snoring and realized he was asleep.  This shadowy form straightened up,
backed away from me, looking straight at me, and then kind of faded away.
The wierd thing was he looked somewhat like the Kelsey Grammer guy from my
I felt spooked, so I turned on the light, grabbed my bible, and read Psalm
121, and then didn't feel scared any more, just kind of fascinated.  I was
wondering, was it just a hallucination (I sometimes see "things" after
waking up suddenly from a dream), or had I seen some sort of spirit?
Whatever he was, I haven't seen him since!

My Uncles House

By: JRBall@stewireless.com

First, let me give you the back story. I always wanted my uncle Bob to be at my wedding. For some reason he seemed to be the most important person I wanted there. I never had a day in mind until I started dreaming about my wedding day. I just woke up one morning with the date in my mind.(I have a habit of asking for help before I fall asleep. Thinking the answer will come in my dreams.) The day came and Bob did show up. Exactly one year later on the same day, the same time as my wedding my uncle Bob was pronounced dead. That started it. My mom had bought her house from him. And my husband and I eventually moved into it with her. My husband, John, worked the midnight shift at work, and everynight after he would leave for work I would wake up with the sound of a mans voice yelling HEY.  That happened for about a week, then it stopped. One night, it was a weekend, we all got started talking about strange experiences that we have had in the house. I dont know how the subject came to be but thats what we were talking about. Getting bored with the subject we decided to take our kids and go to bed. Shortly after falling asleep we both got woke up by what felt like someone kicking the bed. We put it off as one of the kids crawling in bed with us and rolled over and went back to sleep. I slept the restr of the night. However, John got woke 2 more times in the middle of the night by some one yelling his name. I should mention that when he told me this he also said that he got up and searched the house and there was no other man in the house much less awake. This happened several times before we eventually moved back out.  My mother moved out last year and told me of some of her experiences, along with my 2 younger brothers. Mind you, this is not first hand. As they were moving things out of the house they had everything out expect what was left in the room my husband and I used. They went up the stairs to get the bed and the door closed behind them. That wasn't so bad the door had closed several times before, but when they went to open it, it was stuck it would not budge. They went to the window and yelled down at my mom to come help them but all she saw or heard was them waving. They tried the door again and it opened without any problems. As they were walking down the stairs they felt like some one was shoveing them the entire way. They heard loud banging footsteps on the stairs, even the bathroom light came on and the toilet flushed then they saw the sink water running.. What turned my mom around from not believeing to believeing in what we said was she was home alone one night sitting at her computer in her bedroom and the lights went completely out she turned around to see if anyone was there and all she told me was she saw a large shadow standing in her bedroom door. As soon as she saw it the lights came back on.  I should mention she says she has also seen people with knives running thru the house, eyes following her and the smell of smoke when there is noone in the house that smokes.  On a final note the house is old and we don't know much about it. Bob only sold it to my mom if she promised not to move out or to resale it. There was always an uneasy feeling and that someone was watching you all the time. Since then we have moved into different homes, and she says that still at times she feels like someone is watching her but doesn't feel so uneasy about it. I however moved completely out of state and sometimes feel like someone is watching me but I also feel uneasy too. My uncle and I were close. He said he would always watch out for me and be there for me when I needed help. I like to think that he is the one I feel watching me. Please let me know what you think. Even if you think it's all in my head. But I should say that I am a healthy, happy person.

My Mother

By: angeleyes20usus@yahoo.com

I have a story that happened to me last year. My mom
died from cancer. At the time she died, my son was
almost 2 years old. Now, my mom really loved my baby.
I think he was her favorite grandchild. A couple
months after she died, my son was playing around in my
room. I had a full lenghth mirror with a big picture
hanging over it. And I had a nightstand over to the
side. we were the only 2 people home and I was trying
to cook supper. My son kept playing with the mirror
and everytime he messed with it, he would knock that
picture. I kept telling him to stop. But anyways, his
dad came home and we all ate supper. Afterwards I went
in my room. I noticed that the picture was gone off
the wall. So I looked and it was sitting neatly behind
the nightstand. Now if it would have fell, there's no
possible way it could've landed behind that
nightstand. ESPECIALLY not as neatly as it was
sitting. At that moment, I knew my mom was still
around watching after my baby. The weird thing about
it is that the night of my mom's funeral, I was really
upset and I kept asking God to please send me a sign
that my mom was still around. I guess that was my sign!

My Dad's Demons

By: abernathy541@aol.com

I have written before about the same house, but I wanted to write about some stuff that happened while my dad was dying.
My dad was an alcoholic and for the last 6 months of his life was very out of it. His liver stopped functioning and so the toxins (he continued to drink until a couple of days before he died) in his body were basically pickling his brain. Now I believe that my dad had a lot of demons and all through this time period he was dealing with them. He would sit in bed for hours and talk to "a little boy" who sat in the corner of the room. Now we just thought my dad was hallucinating so we got creeped out but tried to remember what was happening. Well, that all changed one morning when my sister and I were getting around for school. The bathroom was right next to my parents bedroom, and we were standing in the bathroom getting around for school, my mom was gone at work, and we were fixing our hair. My dad called out and said" What time is it?"  I called back and " 7:30 dad". Well, a few moments my sister and I heard my dad say" What time did she say it was?" well we knew he was just talking to "whoever" and ignored it, then as clear as day we heard a small rather soft voice say" they said 7:30". My sister and I looked at each other and almost screamed, it was such an eerie feeling and then we heard my dad reply "oh." WE went running out of the house telling my dad bye that we were leaving early for school.
A lot of other stuff happened too. My dad had several people he talked to, there was an old man who sat on the dresser and he also said he would see shadowy black figures running around the bed. In fact one night he slept on the couch because he said they bothered him so bad. He would also sit in bed and scream and yell at people and tell them to stop talking to him.
My bedroom was right across from theirs and some nights I would go sleep in my sisters room because my dad was so scary and loud. One night my friend spent the night and she woke me up at like am because my dad was just yelling and telling everyone to leave, well I got mad and told my friend that I had had enough and asked her if she would start praying with me, so we did. We prayed and asked God to protect us and keep us safe while we dealt with whatever. So after we had prayed we stared saying "Go away Satan and leave my dad alone, he might have demons but that they were not allowed in this home. We did this for over an hour when suddenly we realized that all was quite. now this had not happened since my dad had become really sick. He usually screamed all night and then slept during the day. I got the courage to go in and make sure he was still alive. He was sound asleep and he looked so peaceful. He said the next day that he felt really good because everyone in his room finally left.
Well, a few weeks later it all stared back up and he said the little boy would hide under the bed and shake it and that he was seeing more and more things and that some people would come and show him scary images and he was starting to get scared. Well, it was during this time that one night I was asleep in my room, now I always kept the door shut and so it was very dark but I did keep one a night lite (I know but when things like that happen you can get scared) for when some nights were really bad. Well, it was one of these nights that I had a night light on and I woke up sometime around am or so looked toward my door and next to my dresser I saw I dark shadowy figure and I felt so much hate and evil. I stared to get scared but I continued to stare at it, it didn't move but I felt it there in my room. I was scared, but then that turned into anger and I yelled out loud "GO AWAY" YOU have no power here." I told it that I was protected by Jesus and that it had to go away. I suddenly felt no fear and felt as though everything was very peaceful. The figure went away and I went back to sleep and didn't have a problem again.
It was after all this that my dad was taken to the hospital, my mom stayed with him the whole time and finally my dad came to know God, he finally was at peace and didn't have anymore visits from any more "people". Now while my dad was gone we went through our house and prayed and we spent a lot of time in the bed room. When my dad came back he was sent with a hospice nurse and we were basically just getting him comfy and getting him ready to die. He didn't have any more hallucinations after that, and a couple hours before he died I went into his bedroom to be with him, at this point he was basically comatose, to say good bye to him, and he was kind of leaning up in bed staring up at the ceiling and smiling he had a look of pure joy on his face. Now he had not moved in days and he had not opened his eyes for days so this was a real shock, he didn't respond when I said "Dad" so I went and got my mom. Well, he was back to be basically comatose when everyone got there. It made my feel better because I feel like he was looking at heaven or something. I told him I loved him and then my sister who had been away for a few weeks for a school trip called and said she would be home later that evening and that she loved him. Well, my dad never made it and he died an hour after she called.
It was sad but I know he is in a better place now. After all this my mom lived in the house for another three years some weird stuff happened every once in a while but not like before but then it was sold and now we are all sharing an apartment, well the other day something happened that made me feel really good, I was giving my son a bath and he was like 12 or 13 months and he looked up at the ceiling and was smiling and laughing and then he said as clear as a bell "Michael" that was my dad's name.
He has never said it again and there is no one else we know named Michael. It gave me a good feeling to think that maybe God was letting my dad catch a glimpse of the grandson he missed out on.
THankyou for letting me tell you this story, I know it is not about ghosts but what happened was really weird. I know lots of people ask how they can deal with these entities this is how we dealt with it and it seems to be pretty effective

Mean Man

By: littlesue49@sbcglobal.net

 in 1983 my husband  kill himself  at the time i dont know why he did it he kill himself in fround of my 2 year old son and me we didnt have a place to stay so we had to stay there my kids would stay with me at nite the 2 yr old would sleep in bed with me my 5 yr son sleeped on the side of the bed about 3 weeks after he died we was in bed talking my 5 year old son said mom help me some thing was hold a pollow over his head and i could not get it off then the bed came off thefloor i could not move the bed was about 6 feet of the floor  i knew we had to do something to get away from this i started to say the lord prayer  in my mind i knew he had come back for us he was a mean man and he all way told me he would be back for us after the pray ever thing stop we never went back because i know he is still there

Loving Ghost

By: mellswor@sfwmd.gov

One year ago today, February 13, 2003, my fiance passed away from a
brain tumor. Although he is not here in a physical sense, he remains in
the spritual sense. Caressing me as I sleep, making the children feel
safe when alone, speaking to us "mentally" when we are worried or trying
to make difficult decisions. At first it was eerie, the feeling that I
could turn around and he would be standing there, but I have gotten used
to it and although I wish he would move on to his rightful place, Heaven
I am sure, I like having him here. I guess this e-mail is really for
those of you who are frightened and don't understand why you are being
"haunted". In the case of my children and myself we do not see it that
way at all, we see it as being guarded and protected. A responsibility
my fiance took on gladly in life and, considering the fact that hes
still here, takes on gladly in the afterlife.

Little Story

By:  julie_scott@hotmail.com

Hi.. my name is scott. I just want to tell a story about an experience my uncle,grandmother,and my mother ended up having at my grandparents current house.
I was just one at the time and my brother (ken) was about three. My uncle,grandmother, and my mom were in the den of my grandparents place when they heard my brother comming down the stairs. My brother was crying, and started to call out, "Mommy I'm sick." So my mom told ken to go up the stairs and she'll follow. Then he said it again,
"Mommy I'm sick," and again my mom said ok, and started to get out of her chair when he said "I'm going to throw up." and then he ran up the stairs to the bathroom and slammed the door.
My mom ran up the stairs to take care of him, and when she got to the bathroom he wasn't there. She looked at all the rooms and noticed that they were all locked.She then realized that there was no way for ken to unlock the doors since all five doors had hooks as locks, and being three he could't reach them.
There was no way ken could of ran down the stairs since there was only one set to up and down.My uncel searched all the rooms including the attic and there was no sign of him.
So as my mom, grandmother and uncel returned to the den to understand what had happen about ten minutes later my grandfarther comes in the house from a mile walk with me and ken.
They realized that there was no way ken could of been in the house...since he was with my grandfater.
The reason why I belive this story is becaue, my grandmother, uncle and mother told me about this haunting at different times of my life and all three matched word for word...
Hope you like my little story..

Late Night Visitor

By: brownyboo2000@yahoo.com

My mother, two of my brothers and I have always had experiences with the supernatural. The most recent being last night.
When I went to visit my mothre today my son nugded her to tell me what happened last night and even though it's nothing new for her, it gave me chills.
My mom is 69 years old. She is a devout catholic. She was lying in bed when she felt someone settle in the bed beside her. since my 9 year old nephew sometimes crawls into bed with her, she thought it was him and moved her hand in order to feel him, the body she felt was much bigger and feminine so she turned to see who it was since no one like that lives with her, it's only her my brother and his son(my nephew).
She said it was a girl about 17 or 18  of light complexion. She asked the girl what she wanted and my mom got very heavy and the girl answered but in a strage language (my mom said it was in tounges). She then began to pray and admonished the girl and she disappeared and my mom felt like herself again.

Knock Knock

By: cprado@email.com

This was back when I was 6 years old. My had grandfather passed away and after the burial the family had a gathering at my aunty’s house where my grandfather and grandmother lived for about a year. During that gathering there was a loud banging on the front door, so naturally my parents and relatives went to see who it was through the front window, but no one was there. Everyone just dismissed it for the wind and went back to talking and eating. But then there it was again, the loud banging as if someone wanted be inside the house. Everyone in the house got really scared and my aunty’s and uncle’s began scaring my grandmother saying that “ooo, dad’s come back for you already ma”, but I remember my mum being really skeptical so we just kept sitting in the lounge room near the front door. But again the knocking became even more apparent and then everyone even my mum ran to the kitchen where everyone else was. I cant remember but I think the door knocking only happened on that d
One year later, my healthy grandmother died so suddenly after strangely having an anuerism. The weird thing was that before she died she apparently heard noises and people, coming from upstairs of her and her son’s TOP floor unit. I don’t know what it meant, maybe it was a sign that she was going to pass or something.

 Grandmother's Haunted House

By: vols919@earthlink.net

I just wanted to tell some stories that have happened in my mammaw's house.There are many different ones so i'll start at the beginning.Once my sisters were spending the night there and it was just them and my grandmother there.My grandmother was in her bedroom and my sisters were on the couch in the living room which is right below the most haunted place of the house.My oldest sister kim woke up first hearing something walking back and forth in the above room.So she woke up Jessi(My other sister) and asked if she heard it and she did. That was just the beginning.
Most of the time in my family when someone gets married like a cousin or my aunts the couple would stay upstairs at my mammaw's house until they could get their own place. I have heard many stories like once my aunt was upstairs with her husband and she said something sat on her legs.My uncle told about an alarm clock that kept going off even after he threw it outside breaking it.That same uncle told me about a time when he was sitting in the living room reading the newspaper and he put it down getting ready to get up but it was like something was sitting on top of him not allowing him to move. Then my cousin Lori was asleep with her husband upstairs and she woke up and saw a very tall figure in the doorway which disappeared after she had seen it. My step grandfather was actually asleep once and he swears that something pulled him out of bed giving him a wedgie which i actually think is hilarious. Then as i said before my oldest sister kim was now 23 and she married and she and her husband were living upstairs in my mammaw's house and she said that she was the only one there and she heard the screen door slam shut. Then she heard someone call her name right afterwards. She yelled downstairs cause she thought it was one of us and asked what we wanted. Well no one answered so she finally went downstairs and checked it out but no one was down there so she immediately got her keys and ran to her car riding up the road to our house but mom told her that she hadnt been up there...scary! my mom has been there countless times alone usually sewing or something and she said that she hears things walk up and down the stairs and the doors slam open and shut. But she says if you just leave it alone and carry on with what you were doing it will stop.So thats most of it...i just hope that whatevers up there is something friendly.

Girl in the Sleeping Bag

By: e.rogers@adm.leeds.ac.uk

Hello here's my encounter
About four years ago (autumn 2000). I was living in a shared student house, there was four of us in the house three being original housemates and I moved in when one of our friends dropped out of Uni. It became apparent that my room was the focus for some spirit as my housemates reported that the saw strange lights in my room, very creepy feeling when they walked past etc. My room was on the first floor, next to my room was the bathroom and directly across from that room was Caroline's (My Housemate).
When in my room alone at night I often felt a presence of something quite sad, the presence was often felt more strongly  around the window area, but I never saw or heard anything peculiar until the night in question. On the night the two housemates who had the rooms above mine and Caroline's had gone out clubbing and both me and Caroline had decided to have early nights. I'd got into bed and turned the lights out but kept the radio on. When I heard a strange rustling noise which I couldn't pinpoint. I got out of bed and turned the radio off to investigate. The noise sounded to me at the time, like a long dress, one which had been made out of a heavy material being dragged along the floor. As I put my ear to the door I could hear that there was someone outside my room passing back and forth as if they maybe were waiting to go to the bathroom. But as there was only me and Caroline in the house, there shouldn't been any need to wait.
I stood back and opened the door quickly but there was nobody on the landing or in the bathroom. When I closed the door a few minutes later the noises came back. I left light on and switched the TV on and fell asleep eventually. The next morning when I got up my housemates had just come back from an all night session were sat up in the living room being quizzed by Caroline. During the night Caroline had got up to the toilet and was quite shocked to find someone lying in the doorway of the bathroom,  in the dark, after her initial surprise she concluded that it must have been Sarah or Becky, our clubbing housemates, who had come home because she was ill.
The figure had pyjamas on and was inside a brown sleeping bag, Caroline got the impression that is was a young girl, maybe late teens. It was making a lots of groans and moans, She described her making vomiting sounds. When she asked if 'it' was ok, assuming it was Sarah or Becky, it just nodded it's head. Though the strange thing was that none of my housemates had come back to the house that night. Quiet spooky. The sleeping bag may account for the noises I heard.
I didn't hear anything or see anything for the next few days, whether Caroline did or not I cant say, I think she would have been very tight lipped about it if she had, as the whole episode had spooked everybody out. But around four nights after the meeting. A strange wet patch began to develop on the floor of our bathroom. It was an L shaped and quiet large, to the eye it immediately looked like an out line of a body. Trying to stay rational, we called our landlord, told him about the wet patch. The plumber duly turned up and pulled back the carpet and floor boards to search for the leaking pipe, though there was no leaking pipe. He concluded that it was only wet from people getting out of the bath and dripping on the carpet!
This was ridiculous, the wet patch had been there for days, and was absolutely soaking the whole carpet through. We took matters into our own hands. We pulled the carpet and left it to dry outside on the washing line. Then refitted it in the bathroom, but over the course of the afternoon the wet L shaped patch was back. It eventually faded and dried up about two weeks later. But there really was something strange about that house and first floor.

Ghosts in my Trailer

By: bryancastille@cox.net

Here is another experience I am sharing. When I lived in my grandparents trailer I had some odd experiences like feeling an arm drape over me before I fell asleep in bed one night, it only lasted for a few seconds. And sometimes you could feel someone sit on the side or end of the bed but of course no one was there. I never had a bad feeling or felt scared with these situations either.

Nobody There!

By: 2002.bc@sympatico.ca

  I'm fascinated with ghost stories and enjoy a good scare from reading other people's experiences yet I remain skeptical (or cynical, not quite sure right now) with regard to the spiritual.  Anyways, I have had my own experiences that at one point or another I have deemed to be supernatural and involving spirits that have passed away.  At this point in my life I even doubt whether my own experiences are real in the sense that I saw a ghost.  I will not deny that I saw something, or felt something however what exactly happened I cannot say for sure.  I grew up hearing a story from my mother about a visit she had from her father, so even at an early age I already had an interest in ghost stories and ghostly experiences.  The first experience I had was when I was about 8 years old.  I was playing alone by the side of the house I grew up in.  There were three small trees nearby that had a small gap in between each.  I was facing the house and I got the feeling that I should turn around.  Of course I did, and to my surprise I saw my grandmother sitting on an old sofa of ours with a cat that we had recently had euthenised.  I got scared seeing her and in a split second I ran to the other side of the house.  I told my family immediately and they assured me that it was probably just my grandmother visiting me to tell me that the cat, which I had been very dear to me, was alright and with her.  I wonder now what would have happened if I didn't run away as quickly as I did.  Anyways, shortly after that experience I had another visitation from my grandmother.  This time I was sleeping in my bed when I woke up and looked down at the foot of my bed.  It was dark and the blanket obstructed part of my view and I saw what looked like my grandmother's head floating at the end of my bed looking at me.  I closed my eyes because I was scared and feel back asleep shortly after.  She didn't say anything to me or even make any movements.  I should mention that my experiences with my grandmother were with her in a younger state than I had ever known her to be.  She looked quite different than I remember her while she was living yet I knew instantly when seeing her exactly who she was.  It was later, after talking to my mother about seeing her mother, that she brought out an older picture of my grandmother and I realized that they looked almost identical.  I knew my grandmother as a 70 year old woman but she visited me as if she were in her late 30's or early 40's.   This fascinated me because I wondered what determined the age she would look when she died and what I would look like when I died.  Anyways, several years later we moved and I hadn't received any more visitations from my grandmother or any other spirits in that time.  Our new house seemed to be haunted.  I don't know the history of the house we moved into but I had several odd experiences there.  I shared the basement with my brother as a room and at night it got quite dark down there.  One night, I had a dream that a spirit, an evil one, had enter the house through the basement wall and actually had passed through my body.  I awoke immediately after that dream to find my entire body had the pins and needles feeling of a limb falling asleep.  The feeling passed but the dream suddenly seemed very real to me and I couldn't help but think that an evil spirit had entered our house at that moment.  Later, once again in the dark basement, I was having a hard time falling asleep.  In a dark place the eyes have a tendency to search out light so mine were focussed on the small window on the other side of the room.  As I watched the window, I noticed shadow start to develop at the window and move inside the basement.  It flowed as if a wind was blowing it and moved along the ceiling.  The basement had already been nearly pitchblack but where this object was it became even darker.  It moved closer to me and got really close, to the point where the darkness had enveloped me and it felt thick.  Suffocating me with the darkness and then suddenly it vanished.  The basement was also where we had our computer, which meant that I was down there a lot on my own as well as other members of our family.  Occasionally we would come up out of the basement and ask my mom was she had wanted, thinking that she had called our names.  This happened to my sister, dad and myself on several occasions.  It seemed odd to my mother that we kept responding to her like she wanted us to do something.  My sister concluded that there was a ghost that mimicked my mothers voice and was calling our names.  Finally, my last experience was while I was alone in the house with the haunted basement.  I was busy doing dishes while my parents and siblings were out somewhere.  The house got hot in the summer and we often opened the front door to let in a breeze.  The kitchen window was directly opposite the front door and you could see the reflection of the front door in the window.  As I was doing dishes I noticed was looked like a small boy enter the house and run into the living room.  I was sure that there was going to be a boy in our house and I went to confront him in our living room.  There was nobody there!  I thought it odd and just went back to washing the dishes.  I'm still not sure what happened that night with the boy and had never seen him before or since.

Ghost of employee at Holiday Inn

By: rperez3@swfla.rr.com

I used to work as a security officer at a Holiday Inn in Fort Myers,
Florida. One night, I went up to the 5th floor to do a routine
patrolling. When I got out of the elevator , there was a window panel in
front of the elevator, and on the far left of the window, I could see
the reflection of a woman walking towards the hallway. I did not see her
face, since I saw only her backside, but she was wearing a white robe
and had short gray hair. I immediately rushed towards the spot where she
was supposed to be and found nobody around. I know every inch of that
floor, and I can assure you there was no way someone could dissappear
that fast from where she was standing. The next day, I was talking to
one of the employees that make breakfast in the morning for the 5th
Floor concierge area, I told him about what I saw and described the
woman. He told me that not too long ago, before he started to work,
there was a previous employee who worked on the 5th Floor Concierge,
who  in this story, shall be referred as "Cathy". Cathy worked on the
concierge for years, until one morning, she did not report for work.
After 2 days of "No show", her manager called her home and no one
answered. The manager then called the police to check her apartment. The
police checked her place and found her body lying on the floor. She died
of a heart attack at the age of 67. One curious thing is that she was
wearing a white robe and had short white hair.


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