My Rabbits Lily and Clover's Ghosts


I love animals. I have had them most of my life. Birds, fish, cats, reptiles

and rabbits. Having so many animals, I am also used to their deaths. But none

broke my heart more than Lily and Clover. She was a white Netherland Dwarf

with red eyes, and chocolet colored feet, nose, ears and tail. I loved Lily

very much, and she gave me another rabbit, her son Clover. He looked just like

her except his markings were smoky blue. They had cages next to each other and

were very close.

After many years, Clover came down with a disease. It is a disease that

cannot be cured, but I treated him with antibiotics. He got a little better.

After a few months, the disease hit him again, and it hit Lily too. The

disease can cause abcesses in the jaw of the rabbit, and there was a huge one

in Lily's. The abcess was so big it, caused her eye to protrued so much she

couldn't close her eyelid, and her eye dried up on the side of her head.

Despite my attempts to help her I finaly opted to put her to sleep. I have

never had to make that desicion before. But even after I set the date for the

next day, I got the feeling she didn't want to be put to sleep. She was still

eating, and tried to be lively. I wanted to be with her when it happend and I

watched as the vet gassed her up so she wouldn't feel anything. But when he

injected the needle into her heart, she convulsed and made a tiny squeal of

pain. Oh God she felt it!

With that haunting my mind, I went home, buried her body, and tried to move

on with my life. But soon at night, I began hearing thumping noises, like the

ones rabbits make when they are scared and warn the others. I would also

sometimes wake up hearing that same squeal Lily had made that day. I would

look at my cat that sleeps at the end of my bed, and his ears would be perked

up. He heard something too. For months I would hear these noises at least

twice a week.

I cared for Clover for those months but he wasn't getting any better. And

sometimes I would see the shape of two rabbits in his cage for instant and

then see one. Clovers cage was in the TV room and when the lights are off it

gets very dark. But I could swear seeing the figure of a small rabbit running

across the floor. But Clover was still in his cage. In fact he was so weak he

couldn't even move much. Clover's illness got to the point where I decide to

put him to sleep too. But he too didn't seem to want to be put to sleep

either. He wanted to live despite the fact he couldn't move even to groom

himself. I went to sleep that night thinking about it. I finally decided to do


That night I woke up to the thumping noises, louder than I ever heard them. I

went downstairs, my cat was no where to be seen. I went into the TV room and

saw Lily. She was standing near Clovers cage, growling at me.(Rabbits do

growl.) I could hear Clover moving in the cage and went towards him thinking

about how scared he must be. Lily's ghost then rushed forward and bit me in

the ankle. Scared out of my wits, I flew back upstairs and under the covers

of my bed. For the rest of the night I heard the thumps and squeals, but I

didn't dare look for the apparition. But I got the message loud and clear.

DON'T put Clover to sleep!

Finally, Clover died by himself. Now both he and Lily's ghosts are running

around here. But I don't hear any more squeals or thumpings. I have a small

scar on my leg where Lily bit me. And I sometimes see two dark bunny figures

hopping through the house together, and sometimes, I can still feel two warm

tougues licking my hand when I am asleep.

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Ghosts in an Old House


My coworkers and I feel that at least half of the mansion that we work out of is haunted. It's a big old place that was built in 1869 in Philadelphia. We work in half of the house and the other half is used for storage. Now one guy who is a skeptic of all things occult distinctly heard children playing on the other half of the house. When he got up, it stopped. There were no kids around the outside and none inside. He was alone. Other people have complained of a toaster oven that used to turn on when it was unplugged. The shutters used to open every morning on the other half after they had been closed the night before. I myself distinctly heard a man's husky cough when I was alone in the house. Just lastnight myself and another girl I work with were getting ready to leave, about 10 PM and we heard what sounded like running and a cat's scream, stuff being knoecked over, etc. The sound was coming right towards us from the other half. We were standing in the doorway to the outside, jumped out and slammed the door shut. Then we heard nothing. Not a single sound, you could've heard a pin drop. It scared us to death. When we went back inside we saw nothing out of the ordinary, except a light on up on the third floor in that other half of the house. The problem is that there is no electricity over there. What do you think and what should we do?

We've tried to get info on the house, but we don't know much about the guy who built it other than that his name is George Thomas and this house was built for his second wife. He had a cottage on the same property with his first wife who died. We'd appreciate any help!

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2 Visions


These two stories were told to me by my mother back in 1985, after the death of my grandmother. When I was a child, my grandmother mentioned to me that she liked the song "The Impossible Dream" from Man of La Mancha, and wanted it played at her funeral. When I asked her what would happen if the song wasn't played, she said that she would come back and haunt me. At the end of July 1985, my grandmother died. The first thing I told my mother while still in the hospital was that "Grandma wants "The Impossible Dream" played at her funeral." I am glad I remembered that because a few months later, my mother told me this story: On the day after my grandmothers death, my mother, and her 2 brothers were making funeral arrangements. My Mothers twin brother Bill was going "nuts" looking for the "grandmothers ring" (it had her birthstone in the center, surrounded by the birthstones of her 4 grandchildren). Bill was desparate to find this ring, and would not rest until it was found. He told my mother later (after the ring was found), that that morning before he left to meet my mother and their other brother John, Bill had been on the telephone with his girlfriend, the line had a "bad connection" and suddenly the line broke up and Bill heared my grandmother say, "I want my ring!", after that the phone line was fine, and Bill continued his conversation with his girlfriend (who had not heared what my grandmother had said). The thing is the ring was taken off at the funeral home in order for it to be returned to the family, so that hte family could decide what to do with it. Nobody knew that the ring had been removed from grandma's finger until after my uncle had started his search, nobody that is, except for grandma.

That same day my mother shared at story with me about my great-great grnadmother. My great-great grandmother Robertson was a Cherokee Indian (married to a white man). My grandma Robertson was once seriously ill, and it was thought that she may not live. One night my grandmother's illness reached a crisis situation, but she lived. A few days later when she felt better, grandma went out side

and found red feathers in the yard. It then that she revield that on the night if her crisis, an Indian wearing red featehers came to her and told that she would live.

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Birmingham, England


having seen your page i feel prompted to answer with an experience that

happened to me several years ago in Birmingham England.

I am the greatist sceptic in the universe but events that day made me


It was a very warm day I had the contract to paint and decorate what the

English call an out door but has been called a bottle shop basicly a

booze store,in the English sense of the word a building of some 90 years

the only people in the building that day was the owner,of some 60 years

and both her parents of some 80 plus years,both of whom had'nt been up

stairs for at least ten years,the owner lived on the premises and

upstairs at that,so the building was not in a real state of disrepair

more untidy.

I was removing wall paper from the bathroom walls standing in the bath

radio playing sun shining thru windows,singing along to the radio ,when

the back of my neck became very <icey> cold the radio, well time stopped

Iknew that there was something present in the room by the door,initially

I was confused but I felt that what ever it was it was enjoying my

discomfort,a dark shape a heavy squeeze on my right arm and it was over.

I went down stairs and the old lady who owned the shop said "are you all

right noel?as you look a tad pale" I questioned her as to any one having

been upstairs she laughed and asked where i had been working I told her

the bath room and she explained that George had been around for years

and meant no harm. well thats my story. the address was Bets outdoor on

the corner of war lane harborne Birmingham.

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The Cup in the Bathtub


I spent my teenage years in a house in Winchester, Massachusetts, a suburb

of Boston. Two or three times during that period, probably about midnight,

after my parents and younger sisters were long asleep, I heard the plastic

drinking cup from the bathroom sink fall into the adjacent bathtub and

bounce around before coming to a stop. Upon investigating, the cup was

where it was supposed to be, by the sink. I never mentioned this to anyone

for fear of ridicule. About ten years later, my youngest sister and I were

talking about ghosts and, unprompted, she told me that she used to hear the

sound of the plastic cup falling into the bathtub late at night... Of

course, when she investigated, all was as it should be...

There were other oddities as well. Once, when running up the stairs from

the first to second floors, I saw what appeared to be a

translucent foot, but it disappeared in a heartbeat and I never saw

it again. The time 1:18 PM seems to have been connected to the

phenomena... One day my pocket watch stopped at 1:18. Sure,

BFD. The next day, it did it again. Well, coincidence... A few days

later, it did it again, 1:18... and the clock by my desk _also_ had stopped

at 1:18. I soon replaced that old wind-up clock with an electric alarm

clock. A month or so later, my pocket watch stopped at 1:18 again. Quickly,

I looked at the electric clock, then caught myself and laughed--electric

clocks don't just stop! Sure enough, it was still going. I stopped

laughing, though... it was running backwards, the second hand going


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I have experienced many things in my life that most people would describe

as some sort of encounter with ghosts/spirits/the supernatural. We've

lived in haunted houses, some with pleasant spirits that made the place

very comfortable and peaceful, some with very evil presences which

effected our entire family and were quite frightening. However, I've

always treid to explain these incidents try and force the

supernatural peg into a perfectly natural hole. My whole family, for

generations back, has had a belief in and a connection with the

paranormal. I have tried to deny that such things ever hapen to me,

because in short, I was afraid. I didn't want to acknowledge anything for

fear that these things would keep happening to me. I didn't want them to.

However, two instances occurred that forced me to believe in these things

and, though it didn't allay my fears entirely, it did alleviate some of

the sheer terror.

In July of 1994, my grandmother died suddenly. I was extremely close to

her and her death hit me very hard. It was especially difficult for me

as, the day before her death, I was to have gone to lunch with her but,

not wanting to drive across town in the 114 degree heat, I'd cancelled. I

had these horrible feelings of guilt and those, coupled with the

tremendous sense of loss, made me feel as if I was buckling under this

enormous weight. For months I walked around in constant pain and anguish.

I felt terrible that I'd never been able to tell her goodbye and I

wondered if she knew how much I loved her. I tried very hard not to cry

or be sad, to think that she'd surely gone to some better place. My

family holds the old Scottish/Irish belief that to keep crying for or

calling to a deceased loved one keeps their spirit here and won't let

them go to a better place. So, one night I called out to my Granny and

told her to please try to come to me and tell me goodbye. I promised

that, if she did, I'd stop crying and let her go on.

I went to bed that same evening with the hope that my Granny would appear

to me or send me some sort of "signal". I was also very afraid that I'd

called sometihng else to come out. I had a strong fear of "pretenders"

since I was six and my aunt Vernita passed away. The day after she died I

was asleep in my mom's bed and woke up to hear the doorknob rattling back

and forth. The door opened and two figures walked in. Both looked

very..dried out, almost decayed and the approached the bed and tried to

talk to me. I refused to talk with them, but I couldn't move to get away

from them. The one in front was bad, I knew it, so I looked at the second

figure and she said, "Don't be afraid, sweetie, I'm your Aunt Venita". I

told her, "You aren't my aunt, you don't even know how to say her name."

At which point the two figures shrieked, "She's in hell! She's in hell!"

and faded away. So, I was afraid that, in calling my Granny, I'd call

some pretender.

That night I awakened to see my Granny across the room, in the doorway.

She was wearing her pink nightgown and sort of glided toward me as I sat

up woth my arms out. I was crying and talking to her and telling her I

loved her and missed her andwhen she got near my bed, the smell hit me..a

cold, dirty smell. As she neared the bed, her arms came up as if to grab

me and her mouth dropped open and the most awful, horrible moan came out

of her. It was so ugly and evil and it really looked for all the world as

if someone was holding up a dead body and it's jaw dropped open. I

screamed and woke my boyfriend, who saw nothing. I jumped under the

covers and eventually the vision faded, but the moaning continued until

it dissolved into this really mirthful, tinkling laughter. After that, I

tried to not think of my Granny. I didn't want to disturb her and didn't

want the pretender to come back. I also tried very hard to pretend that

the whole incident had been a dream.

In the fall of 1994, I was at my parent's home the night before

Thanksgiving. It was very difficult for me to think of the approaching

holidays as I didn't want to celebrate without my Granny. That night, my

mother reminded me to wake her at 3:00 AM to put the turkey in the oven.

My mother is notorious for oversleeping. In fact, my Granny always used

to wake her on the holidays so that our holiday dinner was cooked on

time. At any rate, everyone went to bed and I stayed on the ocuch

watching television. At about 1:30, I saw a commercial that said the film

"Tower of London" was coming on. Since I enjoy that film and it was

nearly time to wake my mom, I decided to just stay up until the film was

over and the turkey safely in the oven. I remember looking at the clock

at about 2:15 and then returned my attention to the film. I dozed off and

woke at 2:45. I recall looking at the clock, I recall hearing the movie.

I felt myself beginning to fall asleep again and tried to make myself

stay awake for a few more moments, just to wake my mom. I felt scared all

of the sudden and wished I'd left a light on. At that point, the hal

light came on and I thought that, miracle of miracles, my mother had

managed to wake up on time. I watched the hall and saw a shadow advancing

down the hall very slowly. I was spellbound, just watching how very

slowly it moved, how long it was taking for someone to walk the 15 foot

length of the hallway. I could still hear the movie, but the voices were

droning, like a 45 record on 33. I felt afraid and shut my eyes, which

was quite an effort. The next thing I recall was a hand on my shoulder. I

opened my eyes and first looked at the clock, which read 3:15. I looked

up and there, with her very real hand onmy shoulder, was my Granny. She

was wearing her favorite red and white dress and said, very clearly, "You

have to wake Mommy up, it's time to put the turkey in." I sat up and

jumped to my knees and leaned over the back of the couch to try and give

her a hug. I ws thinking how happy I was, how much I loved her and she

smiled and sort of nodded, like she knew just what I was thinking. But

she wouldn't let me touch her. When I trie dto , she backed away. At that

moment, our cat jumped on the sofa and looked right up at my Granny. I

looked at the cat for just a second, but when I turned my head back, she

was gone.

I know I was awake. I heard the movie, saw and heard the cat and was

fully aware of what was going on around me. I know in my heart that it

was not a dream. When I woke my mom, she was dismayed that she hadn't

herd her alarm (again) and asked how I'd managed to wake her up in time.

All I said was, "Granny woke me up."

I know it is wrong to want my Granny to still be here with me and I know

if I thougt htat she wa around all of the time, it might frighten me,

but, since that Thanksgiving encounter, I no longer discount the things

that happened and continue to happen to me and I am learning the

difference in feeling between the spirit of someone who loved/loves you

and the spirit of someone or something who is out to trick you or hurt


If anyone is interested in further discussion or has any questions, they

should feel free to email me.

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Movie Theatre


My name is Jason, I work at the only movie theatre in operation in

Paducah, KY. A few I started working there Al came to me and told me he

thought he had seen a ghost in theatre #12. (Al is normally under the

influence of something, so I really didn't believe him.) He told me that he

saw a grown man sitting in the 3rd or 4th row, on the left aisle, in the

seat against the wall. He said he saw him when all of the lights were off;

even the aisle lights were off the only light that was on was the exit sign

light above the door on the other side of the theatre. It was basicly

pitch-black in there, He also added that it did not look like any special

F-X ghost he had seen on TV, he said it didn't glow or anything like that

but it was visible in the pitch-dark.

During that same week, one of the managers told me what had happened to

them the other night. She was down stairs talking to a consessionist after

the theatre had closed,so those two and the projectionist,(Mike), were the

only one in the theatre besides the janitors. Well anyway, the two down

stairs were talking and mike came down stairs and asked if anyone had been

upstairs. The manager said no, and then asked why. Mike told her what had

happened. He was up there shutting down the projectors when he went around

the corner to shut off #12 he saw someone standing in the doorway to the

stairwell that leads to theatre #12's Exit door. the man staired at him

just for a split second then vanished. The manager assured him that no one

had been up there, because all of the janitors had been cleaning in the

lobby (that where she was sitting and talking).

Later more people were getting freaked-out by all that stuff. So one of

the other ushers asked his older brother that use to work at the theatre

about 6-7 years ago. He found out some scary info. Theatre numbers 11&12

were added on to the building much later after the rest of the theatre was

built. (numbers 11&12 are built differently than the others they are also

sort of away from the rest of the building) And one of the construction

workers died of a heart attack while working on it.

One man has heard his name yelled from directly behind him and turn

around and no one would be there while he was upstairs by #12. And many

have said they have heard footsteps around the stairwell and around the

projector of #12. And many other employees say they have seen him sitting

in the seat against the wall in the 3rd or 4th row on the left hand side

and always while all the lights are off.

Personally I have never seen him but I do usually get chills and/or goose

bumps when I walk into that theatre, I also noticed that the projector for

number 12 screws-up alot and when it screws-up its really bad.

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Apartment 3B


I usually dont tell anyone of what has happened to me and my family, I stumbled across this page doing research for a show on the paranormal and well I felt compeled to share this with all of you....I dont know how or why this happened to us, all I know is once a happy flourishing family has been utterly destroyed and the home we once lived in is in complete disarray, many things have happened there and though it is still being financially kept everyone refuses to be there never mind spend the night.....When we first moved into the apartment my children were all small , I have four, two girls two boys...the girls are older . We were a young couple and you could say we were all growing up together, both of us raised in the catholic religion, though we were not practicing Catholics, we did believe in the catholic traditions yet we hardly ever went to church. we moved in the apt shortly after my fourth child was born and everything seemed wonderful, for years we lived peacefully and nothing was happening..I must say that I as well as my Ex husband did experience paranormal activity when we were children and growing up....premonitionary dreams, ESP, ect...but nothing concerning hauntings untill that in anything having to do with the paranormal society considers it as hokey and usually just stories that are made up for one reason or another, I assure you this was not the usual "fun" stuff people entertain themselves actually destroyed us and the reality we called our lives....sometime around the mid 8o's things began to happen...physical things as well as dreams and disturbances....the very first occurance that I recall was one afternoon while my three children were in school I was cleaning the apt while the baby was asleep in his crib, I heard our dog howling in a peculiar way in the babies room and rushed in to see the dog standing on his hind legs looking up at the ceiling and howling...this totally freaked me out and I quickly called out his name to no avail...the dog continued to howl and after about a minute he stopped and walked out of the room like if nothing had was very light in the room I did not see or hear anything...I just told my husband when he got home from work and we chalked it up to just something the dog mustve heard outside....shortly after that within days , one evening I decided to clean out the hallway had been cluttered with christmas stuff and old toys...I began to take things off the top shelf of the closet and came across a ball my Grandfather had given me as a I held the ball in my hands I felt a sensation of heat and slight vibrations...I quickly dropped it on the floor and didnt handle it untill I had no choice but to....that night around 3 in the morning I awakened from a bad dream as did my husband, we were both having nightmares at the same time and awoke at the same time...what we witnessed infront of us was a remarkable seemed like a ball or a fist shaped object to the consistency of what I can only describe as Jello , light blue in color just floating in mid was translucent and it floated up to the ceiling untill it dissapeared...I felt total peace as I watched this thing and I was not frightned at all, I was thrilled that i had witnessed something not of this world and happy that it was something good because of the way it made me feel...I was already starting to believe we had a visitor and it was friendly, I welcomed it and I felt privaledged to say the least...but things did not remain the same, it seemed that around this period of time things were happening within days of the other so three days later as I was in my bedroom with my children and my husband I was leaning against our dresser and talking, there was a dish on the dresser next to me, my arms were crossed and I was in conversation with my husband when all of a sudden the plate flew against the wall behind me and shattered, we all looked at each other and my husband asked me why I had done that...I told him I didnt that my arms were crossed as they still were....I knew I was in trouble then....nights passed with something happening almost every night I awoke again at 3 in the morning to hear foot steps in the hallway, the next night I awakened to hear my sons musical cho cho playing and I thought he was awake...I went into the room to find him fast asleep and in the same position I had left him hours ago...and the choo choo was still in the same position as well, and it had stopped playing when I walked into the room....another time I was awakened by the phone ringing at 6 in the morning....I had to get up and walk to the kitchen where the phone was, when I answered it all I could hear was static...I hung up and went back to bed...15 min. later it rang again, I got up walked to the kitchen and ans. it...again static...I hung up and stood there in shock for what I was hearing in my kitchen were actual moans...I was frozen, couldnt move..I managed to get back tobed and stared up at my ceiling untill everyone else woke up...I did not tell anyone of this untill years later, but I did call a place that was refered to me by the NY public library as the society for pychical research, and I spoke to a Dr. Osis who helped me with thse disturbances at the time...unfortunately it did not get any worsened to what I now describe as pure evil, my daughter began to see an old gentelman dressed in a brown siut pass bacvk and fourth between the babies room and the bathroom, she would tell me and there really wasnt much I could do but to be in complete denial and not pay attention to anything else that was going started affecting us physically and mentally...I was one of its first victim and the first to leave the household....I began to sense something that was telling me to kill myself...over and over I would sense this on a daily basis...I thought I was going insane, I went through therapy, medication, I locked myself in my room because I thought I was dangerous, I went down to 95 pounds and was classified as having a nervous breakdown....after a year of this i began to recouperate but things were definately bad in the apt...everyone who would come to visit could sense darkness and eventually our friends just dwindled son for no reason at all and no family history began having convulsions, after examinations and test there was never any explanations of why this happened to him....I left the household in 1990, my children would go and visit their father and would spend the night...once my son and my daughter were watching tv in the evening...the door was locked and the chain was on...they began to hear the lock of the door being played with and they both looked over to the door, they saw the chain on the door physically lifted off and fall and the door fly forcably against the wall...needless to say they ran out of the apt...there has been too many things that have happened for me to mention it all...but my Ex husband did suffer a break down this is how it was explained clinically...actually he began to hear voices telling him to kill himself and that they were going to get us all, my daughter once while sleeping over was held down to her bed while she heard a voice taunting her that he had her now...everything that goes to that apt seems to break and theres an infestation of roaches even though the apt has been fumigated countless of I said stands alone one goes there no one sleeps there..its just there...whoever wanted it for themselves, achieved it to its greatest power....I tell you this because maybe there are other families who have been or are going through this now...maybe the end result will not be like ours, maybe someone will be able to help these victims from whatever it is that is out there.

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Personal Tormentor


I have been tormented, scared out of my mind, and had jokes

played on me for years on end by what I and friends/family

believe to be some kind of entity or spirit. I don't wish

to become anyones school paper or test subject, I would

just like some advice to mabey deal with the problem.

It all started when I was nine years old an my father sent

me to bed. I was never really scared of the dark so my

father would allow me to tuck myself in an that night was

going to be diffrent. My room was on the top floor of a

three story house an I never made it to the third story.

I thought I saw something move in the darkness of the third

floor an then I heard verey clearly someone say my name.

By the secound time this happened that night my father had

to carry me kicking and screaming to bed, this started

happening at least twice a week. I became very afraid of

the dark an one time when my father made me walk down a

dark hall way something brushed agenst me. It scared me so

bad Dad found me curled into a ball on the floor.

Then things started happening around the house like vases

being broken, or stains on the floor that no one ever saw

happen so naturaly they were blamed on me. I spent most of

my childhood in trouble for things I never did, an the more

trouble I was in the more things would happen to get me

into more trouble. I was convenced that the house was

haunted an whatever was haunting the house didn't like me

at all.

Finaly I convenced my Father to allow me to move in with my

Mother in the next town. For two weeks nothing happened an

I thought I had escaped, but one night my cousen spent the

night an it all started again. We were watching television

an suddenly it just turned off. I got up to turn it back

on an when I did as soon as I sat down it turned back off.

This went on several times an then my cousen tried to turn

it on an when he got up something pushed him back into his

chair. He didn't even have time to scream before the

television started turning itself on an off rapidly an then

the power to the whole house went off leaving us in the

dark. My mother took him home an he never spent the night


I am twenty years old now an if I wrote everything that has

happened I'd be here for two days. I can tell you that

this has so far ruined my life. I even failed college

beceause It wouldn't let me sleep at night an it wouled

drive all of my roomates away. My first week there I had

to get eight copies of my schedule, even if I wrote it down

in my note book the paper would be missing th next day.

I just wan't to be normal an live a normal life please

help if you can. I have not read what has happened to you

yet but I will before I leave this site. I hope this is

real an not a lark sight, I would hate to have written all

of this to you for nothing. Thank you for your time.

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She Took My Breath Away


Let me assure you, this is true, this is completely true. I wish it wasn't.

My Grandparents owned a older home, it's approximately 200 years old now.

This home had a small apartment within it. My parents had lived in the

apartment when they were first married. At 16 years old my Grandparents

allowed me to live there... alone.

There was always a uncomfortable feeling about the little apartment, like

someone watching you. It was eerie, and everyone who had been there had

sensed it. No one liked to be left alone there, myself included. I would

frequently invite my friends to spend the night, just so I wasn't always

alone there. My best friend Barb was spending the night with me one cold

winter evening. So cold in fact I had dragged my mattress out to the living

as the living room was the warmest room in the apartment. My friend Barb

was sleeping on the couch, I drifted off moments later.

I was sound asleep, flat on my back. I felt it before I saw it. Before

opening my eyes I was aware that someone was laying on top of me, and quite

heavy at that. For a split second, the moment before opening my eyes I

thought "Has Barb lost her marbles" Then after a few blinks I saw it. A

woman, completely white from head to toe, I could see her white hair

floating about her. She was somehow, ghastly. I can't explain it really,

she just was. I was overwhelmed with fear, I had to, needed to, wanted to

scream! I opened my mouth to draw in breath. I felt my lungs empty, like I

had fallen on my back and the wind was forced out. I could not scream

because she had sucked the life breath from me.

Then the weight began to lift, first from my chest then mid section. I

began to gasp for air, starring wide eyed at her face. Finally she

completely raised herself off of me, and then.... she smiled. I will never

get the picture out of my mind, the most horrid smile, a look of

satisfaction. She was gone. As soon as fear had subsided enough for my

breath and my speech to return, I did scream! Barb awoke from her place on

the sofa. "What's wrong" she said. I told her my story, crying as I spoke.

Barb told me I was dreaming, and to forget about it. Well, I tried.

10 years later at 26, it still bothered me. I still can't sleep on my back.

On night a few months back I was visiting my Mother. After a few glasses of

wine, I began my story. The story of how I once thought I saw a ghost. You

may recall at the beginning of the story I mentioned my parents had been

tenants in the same apartment before me. I had got to the part in my story

where I first felt it laying on me. Then my Mother piped up nonchalantly

and said "Oh, she's the one that takes your breath away" My heart sank or

maybe it was in my throat, I don't recall which but I do know I was pale.

This moment when I knew for sure that it really happened to me. You may

recall at the beginning of my story, my Mother and Father had lived in the

same apartment when they first married. As it turns out my Mother had the

same experience 3 times while living there. Well, like I said..... I don't

sleep on my back anymore.

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Ghost Train


I live in Williamsport, PA, about an hour and a half north of

Harrisburg. This story happened to Nancy, a co-worker of mine. She was

seeing a guy named Dave who had heard stories about an old abandoned

house north of the city where strange things were said to have

occurred. It was set back at the end of a dirt road, quite a distance

from the highway, next to an old railway track. This old brick house

was supposed to have been used as a temporary hospital for Civil War

soldiers. I don't know whether these soldiers were Confederate

prisoners or wounded Union soldiers on their way north. Word of mouth

had it that a group of people went inside to look around. When someone

commented on the view from the bathroom, his companion led him back to

the room and showed him the same window which was, in fact, bricked


Dave convinced Nancy that they should check it out. They drove out the

road, over the railroad tracks and parked in front of the old house. It

looked so forbidding that Nancy, who was driving, decided she didn't

want to go inside, so she turned around to head back.

They didn't get far, because the car stalled on the railroad tracks.

Surprised and half jokingly, Dave asked Nancy what she was doing.

"Nothing," she said, as she frantically tried to re-start the engine.

"I'm not doing anything!" Nancy turned the key over and over, but the

engine wouldn't catch. Suddenly, they were surrounded by a fog so deep

they couldn't see in front or in back of them. Nancy panicked and

scrambled for the door handle, but Dave restrained her, saying, "You're

not going anywhere!" Then they heard the train whistle. Nancy and Dave

looked to the right and saw the glare of the single headlight coming

directly toward them. Nancy put her head forward, closed her eyes, and

gripped the steering wheel as tight as she could. She screamed and

braced herself for the collision. But all she felt was a

something going right through her. She described it as an energy force

passing right through her body.

Immediately afterward, the fog blew away as if by magic. Nancy grabbed

the key in the ignition, turned it, and the engine started up with no

problem. Nancy jammed her foot down on the accelerator, and the tires

squealed as she drove away as fast as she could.

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A Strange Feeling about My House


I have a feeling that something is going on in my house. I don't know if

you would say it is haunted, but some unusual things happen here. My

mother tells me it is coincidences, but I don't think so. You be the


My parents bought the house I live in in 1987. They moved in 2 days

before Christmas, that in itself was a mess, but we had a family

Christmas there anyway.

The following July my mother was transfered to Washington D.C. Since I

was the only unmarried daughter, I was told I needed to move into the

house, help pay the bills, and take care of my father. With that my then

boyfriend Bill who I had lived with for 4 years before my parents bought

the house, moved in.

From the moment we moved in, something did not feel right. I would see

"something" out of the corner of my eye, but when I looked towards it,

nothing would be there. My dog Wrinkles, a Bassett Hound, would sit in

the familyroom and all of a sudden look upstairs towards the bedrooms

and bark and growel, every hair on her back would be standing up. I

would go upstairs and again saw nothing.

I would hear noises at about 2:30am, a loud banging sound, like someone

took a sledgehammer against the side of the house. This of course would

wake both my dog and myself up. I would go into the kitchen, where the

sound seemed to be coming from, and nothing was out of place. No one

else would hear this, except one time my sister Penny. She came to visit

me and was in the familyroom watching T.V. At 2:30am she too heard the

noise. It scared her so much she wanted to call the police.

Anyway, the uncomfortable feeling continued. I was home most of the time

by myself, my father would leave for work between 4:30am - 5am and come

home about 9:30pm - 10pm. Bill was self-employed and would stay at his

parents a lot since his father worked for him, and he would pick up and

drop off his workers who didn't drive.

One incident will haunt me forever. I was always the last person to

leave the house in the morning. One day when I came home, I was standing

in the kitchen and out of the corner of my eye I seen something move. I

looked into the familyroom and the T.V. was on with the mute activated.

Needless to say I was scared. I grabbed a knife and ran out of the

house. I went to my neighbors house and called the police. They checked

my entire house and found no one there. No one was at my house that day,

an no, I did not leave the T.V. on, I did not watch T.V. before I went

to work.

I spoke to some of my neighbors, but never told them any experiences I

was having. I was told that the couple who lived there before us ended

up divorcing. They told me that the man who lived always thought someone

was trying to break in the house, so he put rodiron stormdoors in the

front and on the patio doors. He even went so far as to brick in the

windows in the basement. As far as I know, no one ever tried to break in

the house, it seemed to be "all in his mind". In hine site, I wonder if

he was experiencing the same "feelings of uneasiness" as I had.

I was transfered to Pittsburg in January 1992. We moved my father into

an apartment, and rented out the house (that in itself is another story

altoghter). Bill bought a house and lived between there and staying with

friends. I was gone for 1 1/2 years and hated every minute of it, I

missed my family and friends. I did not have any uneasy feelings while I

was there.

I was transfered back to Cleveland in March 1994. Since we had evicted

our tennants we (my father, Bill and I), moved back into the house. The

feelings and sightings came back again.

In January 1996, after living together for 11 years, Bill and I married.

My mother was transfered back to Cleveland the day before my wedding.

Bill and I decided to live in the house until we had a new house built.

His parents were living in the house that he had purchased a few years

earlier, and we did not want to rent an apartment.

Bill was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver on August 9, 1996. I

buried him one day before our 7th month anniversary. The uneasy feelings

and sightings that I had had seemed to be stronger after my husband

died. I don't know if the sounds I heard were part of my grieving or

actual sounds.

Our bedroom was above the kitchen. After he died, I would sit in the

kitchen and hear sounds like he was getting out of bed. I had the

feeling he was watching me, but I never seen him.

My mother had a few experiences after Bill died too. Keep in mind that

she never seen or heard anything unusual in the house. The first

incident she had was when she was in the kitchen cooking. She had the

feeling Bill was standing next to her, and she even turned around to

talk to him, but of course he was not there.

Another incident she had was a few days after that. She was up alone

very late one night, in the familyroom watching T.V. and got up to go

upstairs to bed. She turned off the lights and was immediately afraid.

She said it felt like someone was there watching her. She said she ran

for the stairway to turn on the lights and ran upstairs. She did not see

anyone. She said that was the 1st and only time she has every been

afraid in the house. I told her maybe it was Bill, she said, "No it was

not Bill. Bill would never scare me like that".

I started to date again. My family had a party at my house and I invited

the man I have been seeing to the party. Jim and I had pictures taken

together and every picture he and I are together in has a white smokey

clouded area over us. The other pictures of family members are clear.

I showed these pictures to family and friends and jokingly said it was

Bill, a lot of them thought maybe it was.

I asked the camera shop where I have my pictures developed what the

shadow was, they told me that it was in the picture and they could not

remove it, they could, however touch the pictures up, but that would be

very expensive.

To close, somethng happended to all of the families who lived in this

house. The first couple divorced. My parents did not divorce, but my

mother was transfered out of state. Bill and I moved in and I was

transfered out of state. I was transfered back, Bill and I married, then

he died. My mother transfered back and my father did not die, but ended

up having a stroke and is now unable to work. He was forced to retired

from a job he loved, after 35 years at the same company.

I don't think what has happened here is just coincidence. What do you


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My Cat Returns...for One More Night


Being 25 years old, I have been a follower of ghosts stories since I

was able to walk. There is something exhilerating about the intense

feeling of fear that comes along with a ghost storie....TRUE GHOST

STORIES. In my earliers, my friends and I did everything we could to

find a ghost. It ranged from taking tape recorders into a forbidden

Indian cemetary, to using Ouja boards on top of tomb stones. We did

everything we could to experience an "EXPERIENCE" that we could

officialy say....."we saw a ghost"!!! Although many strange events took

place, nothing ever concrete made shape in front of us that we could

fullfil our dreams. Eventualy we all grew up and went our own ways to

college, and our Ghost Hunting days came to an end. And it was in then

that my first ever "true experience" happened. It was over Christmas

Break in the winter of 1996, my last year of college at Central Michigan

University. I was back home with my family, and pets. Pets have always

been a huge part of my brothers and I growing up. One night I woke up

to this horrible banging sound, only to find our cat, who was 13 years

old and is quite old for a cat, was falling into convulsions. She shook

for an hour when she finaly fell asleep in my arms. You see, her normal

sleeping spot was on my bed when I came home. The next night it

happened again, so we contacted the vet. He informed us that at her age

it was a simple matter of her brain deteriorating, and the only thing we

could do is put her to sleep. My mom loving that cat as much as she did

, did not have the heart to do so. So for two more nights I would feel

her jump on the foot of my bed, and then in the middle of the night I

would wake up again to her having convulsions until I comforted her

enough to fall asleep in my arms. Finaly my mom had here put to sleep

after that third night. It was so hard for all of us to let her go,

afterall she had been with me for most of my life. That night, after

putting her to sleep, I had my first experience. After all these years,

it is not what I expected my first encounter to be like, but it was one

I will never forget. I went to bed early that night, it was a long day

for all of us to let her go. At about 1:30am I woke up to feel "momma

kitty" jump up on the bed. She made her usual round on the end of the

bed to find her "cumfy" spot and settled against my legs. It didn't

take long before I realized that this should not be happening on this

night, we had just put her to sleep. My first reaction was to freeze,

and a cold swet swept up my back. But after that I realized I shouldn't

be scared, and a great feeling of comfort swept over me. I smiled, and

reached down where she should be and patted the area and told her I love

her and will never forget her. Although not the "horrifying" experience

I thought it would be, it was very special. It was her way of coming to

me and thanking me for helping her all her last nights, and to let me

know she would always be with me....... "I LOVE YOU MOMMA KITTY"

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My Grandmother's Death story


Hi. my name is Diana and day before my grandmother died in April,

something peculiar happened which I was told days later. My grandmother,

had suffered from a couple of brain hemorrages which left her in a very

bad state. He could not speak very well and had memory lapses. She had

nurses in her house 24 hrs. a day who did everything for her and who

eventually grew very affectionate for my grandmother. One particular

nurse, Lourdes, had grown especially attatched to her and was the nicest

of all the nurses. during this time, mu grandmother's health was not

progressing, but was pretty stable.

A week before she died, Lourdes had not been able to nurse my

grandmother because she became sick. Immediately, my grandmother's

health decreased rapidly. She developed a bad case of pneumonia and had

a very hard time breathing (she had to have all these machines connected

to her all the time). The night before she passed on, Lourdes was in her

bed praying for my grandmother. She was praying to God, and in a way

speaking to my grandmother, whispering the words "Everything is going to

be just fine", "God is with you", etc. Now there is some kind of prayer

which includes 7 "Our Fathers", which is supposed to represent something

with Jesus and before he died, or something of the sort. Anyways, on

finishing the seventh "Our Father", she felt an incredible cold wind

come over her, making her still for about a minute. She then felt

someone come over her and lay in bed besides her. This feeling did not

last very long, but then the "spirit" or whatever it was sleeping

besides her went away along with the rush of cold wind. The next

morning, my grandmother took her last breath and passed on next to her

three sons sitting besides her bed. (my father and 2 aunts were sitting

next to her bed holding hands).

The incident with Lourdes I wa told in her funeral and just completely

shocked me. And after reading some of you're true ghost experiences, I

just thought you'd might like to hear about this.

Thank you for your time.

Diana C.

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One of my friends committed suicide about 5 months ago. She killed herself early one morning before school. That night when I was just about to fall asleep I saw her standing in my doorway with the hall light on behind her. She came and sat on the end of my bed and I could feel the warmth of her through my covers. She said something but I couldn't hear her. Then she just vanished. The strange thing is I was the last one to go to sleep that night and I turned off all the lights and closed my door before I went to sleep just like I always do. After she left I got up and closed the door again, I know it wasn't a dream because the door to my room was oper and the light was on when I woke up the next morning.

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When I lived in North Carolina, my ex-husband and I recieved a letter

in the mail that was addressed to the people that used to live in the

apartment that we were occupying. I shouldn't have opened it because it

was clearly marked CONFIDENTAL in big red letters, but the name on the

letter was very simular to my husbands so I opened it and I was shocked

to see that it was an autopsy report. Apparently there was a baby that

has died of SIDS and being that I was pregnant and about ready to

deliver any day, I found it terribly disturbing. Well, I had a girl and

she was healthy beautiful, I never took my eyes off her, keeping her

near me at all times, often thinking of that baby that passed away.

Strange things started to happen when my daughter was born. For

instance, I always kept my daughter on her side with a big towel rolled

up behind her afraid that she would go on her back and choke or go on

her stomach and not be able to breathe. Everytime she would roll in an

awkward postion something would shake me awake. Then things started to

be misplaced and I would feel a presence in the apartment, also my hair

dryer would go on by itself. I got so shaken we moved down the street,

but it came with us. I would hear a crying child in the night and could

never tell where it came from. As my daughter got older she played by

herself for hours and I would hear her talking and laughing by herself.

I often asked her who she was talking to and she would say that she was

playing with "Choppy" Well, Choppy was a huge part of our lives, my

daughter said he was a blonde little boy who didn't have feet he just

floated around and he was very kind. My dog could see him, so could my

daughter. Doors would open and close, toys would move by themselves,

water would turn on and off, I thought I was going to go crazy! Then

choppy started scaring me because he would let the dog out of the yard

and try to get my daughter to go into the woods to play, I wouldn't let

her and choppy got mad and started breaking my personal items.

We moved again, this time out of the state, and it has been a couple

years since I have heard anything from choppy, I even thought my

daughter forgot about him, until now, it seems choppy has found us and

is back. He doesn't like me very much and is breaking my personal

belongings again. My daughter says it is him. I don't know what to do.

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2 encounters


When I was about 13 years old, I was standing at the top of the stairs

at my stepmother's house. From the top of the stairs on my right was a

bedroom, on my left was a bedroom, down the hall where I was facing

there are two bedrooms one on each side of the hall. There were two

lights on, the one behind me in the bathroom and the one at the end of

the hall in my bedroom. Otherwise it was dark. I saw a figure, black,

standing in my bedroom doorway. It was an old woman her hair was

obviously frizzy and she was wearing a shawl. It was told to me a few

years previous that my greatstepgrandmother died in the very house. My

guess is that it was her, I was sleeping in her old bedroom and she

never liked my stepgrandmother. I think she was trying to tell us to


Another time my mother told about an apparition that scared her very

badly. She was lying in her waterbed, it was 3:25 am, she remembers

that because it was the only thing that she could see. The reason for

that was a colourful tornado like apparition pinned her to her bed for a

full 30 minutes. My mother also had many other encounters with spirits

in her home, little things like lamps being moved, it would flick her on

her shoulder etc. It was really funny, in an ironic sort of way, one

day my mother stood in her kitchen and said really loud, "I wish this

fucking house would just burn down!" And well, a week later it did burn

down. A few years later they finished rebuilding a new house, it was

not in the exact same sight as the first house, but a portion of it was

still on the old sight. The same ghost, which my mother believes was an

old man who died there, still haunted her house, but could only go in

one half of the house. Just thought you might be interested in a few

more stories.

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Fairchild, Wisconsin


On a trip to Fairchild, Wisconsin we had the most terrifiying experience

of our lives. We're 23 and 24 and both hunt on my uncle's property. We

usually stay two or three

nights. We are completely surrounded by woods. We have a generator in

back so we have electricity. It was late at night when we finally got back

from bar hopping on the second night. For some reason( This is where the

ghost comes in ) we saw a bright light in the trailor. We couldn't hear

the generator running so we knew it was off. We thought it might have been

our imaginations, we had been drinking quite a bit. We ventured closer to

the trailor and saw something moving. We ran and grabbed the .22 rifle we

had left out. Dominik ran in with the gun while I went to get our cellular

phone and call the police. Just as he entered the door the light went out.

I ran in with a flashlight and nothing was there. Dominik took the gun

and went and turned on the generator. We still saw nothing. The weirdest

part was our doors and windows are locked tight, so nothing could get out,

yet the "intruder" managed to get out through locked windows and doors

without unlocking them and without breaking anything. We were at the

tavern the next day and described our story to the locals.They asked us

where our place was so we told them. A man came and told us about a hunter

who had died there. He was in a tree stand when he stood up to shoot a

deer. He slipped and fell out of the stand. He supposedly died of massive

head injuries. They say he comes back during deer season to get the deer

he missed that day. I don't know if that story is true, but it does

explain a lot.

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Haunting of My House in Tennessee


You know people I have told this to think my husband and I are a little

crazy, but I can tell you things really did happen to us. Weird things,

like our ceiling lights falling out of the ceiling in the middle of the

night or my husband thinking I was calling out to him when he was in one

room and I was at the opposite end of the house asleep. He swears it was

my voice.

Also, one night, not too long after my last child had gotten married and

left the house, I got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom,

only I went to her bathroom instead of ours, as I sat down on the toilet I

saw an image. It was kind of like you see right after you turn off the

television and it's dark in the room, only this was of a little girl

dressed like a period in the 1800's or earlier. It only lasted a couple of

seconds, so I didn't think anything of it until a couple of weeks later I

was talking to my daughter and mentioned jokingly (for the first time)

something about our resident ghost. She said something that made my hair

stand on end. She said when she lived there she kept thinking she heard a

childs voice. I had said nothing about the ghost being what I saw in the


There were also other things that happened like door knobs being unscrewed,

my mother thought she saw someone walk past the living room door (which is

right across the hall from the bathroom). Also, my husband and I were

sitting in the living room one day and we heard the closet door my

daughters old bedroom slam.

There are other things that happened in that period (approximately 6

months). The one thing I thought of was we lived right on the Mississippi

River and maybe some child had died and was buried on our property.

Anyway, that is my theory.

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Our Haunted Parsonage


We moved into this house in Walkertown, North Carolina in June, 1996.

The first week, Lou, my husband, was out side on the porch where you can

see the tiny fellowship hall above the church and next to the cemetery.

He was out on the porch one night and saw 2 of the windows had a red

glow. He looked around to see where it was coming from, but there is

nothing that around that would cast a glow like that. He could not

explain it.

And another time, Lou was in the bath room, which is right next to the

kitchen where the front door is. While in there, he heard the screen

open, close and three heavy footsteps. He checked the house, and no one

was here. We live in a parsonage, a house for the preacher of the

church and there is a small cemetery on the same property.

I have smelled smoke throughout the house, and no one smokes in the

house, I have seen very detailed lights that are unexplainable. Once I

was going into the basement to bring up the clothes from the dryer, and

I felt very cold and got goose bumps on my arms and legs while walking

down the stairs. I sensed that someone was walking very closely behind

me. When I turned around, no one was there. I felt panicked and didn't

know what else to do, so I half-way screamed, "Please stop walking so

close behind me!" And the sensation immediately went away. That same

night, the kids went out to a friend's house for the evening. I was

cooking dinner and I got that same chill and the goose bumps. I heard

the screen door open and was thankful that the kids come back, thinking

they had probably forgotten something.

I leaned over to open the door for them, cause they didn't have a key

and there was no one there, but what ever was opening the screen door

must have gotten too close to me or something, because I felt like I

received some kind of a wasn't like an electrical shock, or

static. I have been thinking of a way to explain this feeling, and there

are absolutely no words that I can think of. Afterwards, I felt drained

of all my energy, and still, two days after, was still sluggish.

The night before, I saw a light come in from underneath the kitchen

door and go into our pantry. This was not a light that could have been

a reflection, this was very small and well defined, like a cylinder that

was narrow at the beginning and flared out at the end. It was maybe 8

inches long.

After I had gotten off the computer that night from writing a letter to

Hauntings Today, about the parsonage we found out was obviously

haunted, I popped a video tape of Forrest Gump and tried to unwind.

Near the end of the movie, about 11pm - about a half an hour before my

husband got off from work, the door in the living room began to open and

close by itself! I wanted to run out side, but I was new to the area,

didn't know my way around, besides, where could I go? Of course I was

in a panic. I stayed in the kitchen, near the front door in case

something else started. That way, at least I was close to a door that I

could run out of. (Like that was going to do any good!)

A few months later, my daughter Julie and some of her friends went

outside on the porch and were talking, it was just before midnight on

New Years Eve. Across from the porch is the graveyard. She and her

girlfriend saw what looked like a man leaning on one of her favorite

grave stones. She frequently walks over there and places flowers on his

grave and spends time talking to him. She calls him 'Grandpa'. He was

a W.W.II Veteran. She told me that this `see-through' thing that

resembled a person was just watching her, smoking a cigarette, and he

waved at her. Her friend saw him too. Kind of makes me wonder if he

wasn't the one in the house, smoking. Julie said that she felt as if he

was just watching over her.

A few months ago in the living room, (next to the door that was opening

and closing on its own accord last summer) the lamp on the table began

to `dance around'. First the shade started moving, then the base of the

lamp was kind of hopping...? I thought maybe the cat was tangled up in the

cord, but he was asleep near the couch, well away from the cord.

One night my daughter's friend was spending the night. They were laying

on the bed talking late that night when the door opened from a latched

position for a few seconds, then closed and latched again.

I don't think that it wants to hurt us, if it did I guess it would be

throwing things at us or something. That summer was the scariest and

most intense thing I have EVER been through, and this summer, even

though there are many paranormal things going on, I'm not as scared

about it as I was.

I have had many experiences with this sort of thing since I was a child,

but nothing so obvious as it has been with this house. Everything has

been quiet for the past few weeks now, but as most paranormal happenings

that occur in my life, they will no doubt begin again. It seems to be

just a matter of time.

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