My Grandmother


I wouldn't say that my story is a haunting, just a presence that I
feel.....   Everyday.
My grandmother died in Jan. 2003. At that time, my daughter was only 14
mos. old.  My grandmom just lived and breathed her grandchildren.  We
always use to say that the love was so strong that she will probably come
back and see them.  Well, I think that is exactly what is happening in my
house.  I have never seen her, but I feel her presence.  My daughter, I
would think, would not remember my grandmom because she was so young when
grandmom died.    It has been over a year now since her death, and my
daughter is now 2 1/2 yrs. old.  She constantly talks about GG visiting her
in her room.  (GG meant great grandmom, and that's what all the kids called
her).  She tells me things that she wouldn't know.  She sees pictures and
knows exactly who she is.  She tells us that GG visits her in her room at
night with a flashlight, or she will say:  tell GG to stop waving at me.
Last night, as I was tucking her in bed, she looked at me and
said....Shhhhhhhh.  I said why?  She responded that GG was standing right
there.  I casually just said... oh yea?  and she again responded.... yes,
she is right there and she is waving at me with a ladybug in her hand.
Then she proceeds to tell me that GG plays with her (and her toys)  all the
time.  After she said that... she looked over to the area where she said GG
was... and smiled and laughed.  I said to her... what are you laughing at?
Her response was:  GG, she told me that I have to start using that Potty.
(Jamie is still potty training).  Another time, we were driving in our car
on our way home from shopping.  It just so happened to be my grandmother's
birthday that day, but it was not mentioned at all.  It was just in our
minds that today was her birthday.    My daughter said to me:  Ya know what
today is mommy.  I said, No what?  She said... today is GG's birthday.  I
was shocked.  I asked her how she knew that, and her response was.....  GG
told me herself.. she is sitting right next to me (almost as a matter of
fact sort of way).  Different things like this happen since she died.  I
don't feel that she is haunting us, I just feel that she loved my daughter
so much that she likes to see her.  Do you think that is the case? or am I
going crazy

Living with Spirits


   I've resided in two separate homes that were housing spirits, none of them malevolent.  One just made noises and one would occasionally thump the floor, turn ashtrays over when no one was around, or announce it's presence with the smell of automobile exhaust.  I currently live with a thin dark shadow that roams my front rooms.  I feel no fear or anxiety; go figure!  Just thought I'd let you guys hear from another believer.

Ghosts In this House


When I was ten, both my grandparents died. Before them, my aunt and uncle died also. They lived with us.  both nights after we found out, my sister and I both woke up in the middle of the night to feel our beds shaking violently while every thing else in the house was still. Then, after coming home from the each funeral, The door to their bedroom was seen opening and shutting. About 7 weeks after the door, lights went on and off in our basement when noone had been down there. When walking into our rooms, one of my sister, brother, or my belongings would fall off a shelf. My cat was seen chasing a string hanging in mid-air, as if my aunt was playing with her. Creepy feelings of being watched while watching TV in my living room were also felt. When outside, You can hear your name being called softly in a little girls vioce, then childish laughing. Random cold spots can be felt around my house, even near heating vents while the heat is on. Computers randomly turn on and so do faucets, lights, TVs, and radios. Sometimes footsteps can be heard in my house, hurring up and down the halls. Once I even heard childish crying, like the little girl ghost who calls your name and laughs.




Hi,here is a story I swear has haunted me for years and still does;I`ve
always been sensative to "ghosts"my whole life and have seen several.when I
was nine we moved into a house my mom,little sister&step dad.I was excited
at first about the new house.from the first second I walked thru the front
door my hair stood up and chills ran all thru me.I felt we were on
display.when you walk in you in the living room.connected to a small dining the right was the kitchen,then a family the family room
there was 2 doors opposite from each other one to the garage the other a
back door.from the living room to the left was a halway.shaped like an
L.bathroom on the right 3ft into the corner of the hall on the
right was my moms the end of the hall my sistsers room to the right
mine to the left.also a den between moms &sisters rooms.
you`ll see why I`m explaining the mom rented the house because it
was cheap for a 4bdrm house.I hated that house and always complained.nobody
believed me,that there was something evil there.there was a spirit that
either knew what I felt or chose to pick on me I`m not sure witch.usually I
didn`t see it with my eyes but got pictures in my head at first.
I saw it usually only about 2ft tall a black silouette with all its bones
visible it`s face moved like someone with skin but had none.
it never came past the hall.accept for outside the windows,or above the used to follow me one of those 2 ways all over the house.all the
time(continuously)I was always aware of where it kept a continuous
eye on me.              after a couple weeks it got worse in the hall it had
free rain.used to run down the hall &jump into bed pull my covers over my
head &never looked out til morning.I could feel it waiting for me to look.I
had nightmares everynight .used to wake never bothered anyone
else at liked the ceiling &stayed up there most of the time
when I was in the bathroom it locked me in there and I started screaming
until my mom came and couldn`t open the door it jumped down onto the counter
next to the door between my mother and myself,it scowled at me for a minute
then jumped back up and hid from my mother who was pounding on the door.the
lock came undone & I ran to my mom pulling her out of the hallway.I told her
what happened but she dismised the idea and told me to quit playing
around.after that it got other time my sister& I were in the
bathroom I started screaming to sister "can you  see it " it was in the
corner again crouched on all fours.smiling evily at me.but she never saw
it.I used to pull the droor out by the sink so it couldn`t shut &lock me in
anymore.        everyday it waited above the hall for me to enter down the
hall.I remember it was excited with wiggles of delight for me to aproach the
hall like a puppy that`s excited only there`s nothing cute about this
thing.we had a contest of sorts because I would get ready (one for the
money,two for the show,three to get ready,four to go!)and run fast I could
down the hall trying to be faster than it was.                         upon
my entrance of the hall,(sorry I`m shaking telling this story.)it would jump
down on my back holding on to my shoulders screaming and generally have a
blast terrifing the time I reached my bed under the covers I dove I
seemed to be alone but I knew it was in my room,laughing vishiously at
me.then one night I woke up from being to hot under the covers(I slept under
the covers all night,everynight.)I wanted to pull my covers down but was
unusually afraid to.I was sweating so bad I couldn`t take it anymore so I
slowly pulled the covers closet was opposite my window and the
closet doors were mirrored.              I saw two red lights a few feet
away and said to myself those have to be parking lights from a car across
the I got up to see if my blinds were open when I was out of bed
unprotected and realised the blinds were closed I froze afraid to turn
around.slowly I turned and about one foot from my face were two red eyes at
the top of an oval shape about the size of a bowling`s bulk was
transparent like a ballon filled with smoke.the smoke was moving in a
circular motion but eyes became intense and sharp.I jumped into bed and
prayed all night under my covers.      that's the last thing I remember at
that house, I don`t recall very much from living there really only what I`ve
shared with you.I can`t recall moving out,school,friends or even family time
at all.we lived there only four months.I recall my mom saying rent was cheap
cause no one ever stayed more than three months.I do recall that what
usually harassed me was one of three that reside there the other two stayed
in my mom`s room mostly.and to this day I can`t remember ever going in her
room.I don`t even know what it looked like.other than that I remember little
stuff like knocking on the outside door when our sitter was over weird
banging all around sister who was only five thought I was crazy cause
she remembers me screaming stuff like,leave me alone!it`s trying to get
me!it`s going to hurt me again!and it`s driving me crazy!but she never saw
what I was yelling at.      the house is about five miles from where I live.
I`m 33yrs old now but refuse to go down that road.acidently about 10 yrs ago
my husband drove that road with me in the car he never knew it was so close
and people were living there I wanted to tell them my story but I don`t
think everyone see`s the things I did when I was 9.       please respond to
my story,print it,share it,whatever you need,I would love some feedback on
this one,I think it`s unusual.

Recent Incident


When I was a young boy, I have seen ghosts at many occasions. It had all started around when I was 5, when we moved into this very large western style mansion back in Japan. My very first encounter was during one of our family supper. It was very strange. I could see the presence approaching our dining room and then looking at us through the window (no glass) of the dining room door. What so strange about this is, I did not actually see any physical form approaching the dining room door, yet I could see the presence without any form approaching towards the door. This was happenning almost every evening.
A year later, when I was 6, around late evening while passing by my oldest brother room,  in order to go down the stairs. Then all of a sudden, some of his clothing that was lying on top of his bed came flying towards me. Of course, I panicked and I falll down the stairs.
Like the family before us, my father also passed away in that same house,  when I was 7.  Shortly after his passing, I saw my father in white silouette form (only his profile) walking away from my line of sight. That was the last time I have seen any ghost in that house. Maybe my father had chased them away.
Few years later, we moved to Canada. It has been 42 years since my first encounter until last night.
Something strange had happened. About 1 hour into my sleep, I was awaken from a strange feeling. The room was dark but had enough street light penetrating through my curtain. Just as I gave a fast glance around the room, before closing my eyes to go back to sleep, I have noticed something was different. Something had obstructed my view from above me. There was cylindrical shape object looked like gaseous vapor, about 6 feet above me near the ceiling and was just floating there.. It had this greenish color. Of course by that point, the panic feeling from my past  which I had completely forgotten came rushing back. By now, I became wide awake and I looked straight into this levitating object with both of my eyes wide openned.
It was actually strange and beautiful at the same time. It had this sparkling membrane, which looked like scales from a snake.  As I became wide awake, it was literally vaporizing in from my eyes and lasted for about 5 secs. Behind this object, I could see my ceiling piercing through as it vaporizes.
I would like to convince myself that I was dreaming and possibly been awake at the same time, but it was so real and I was wide awake when I was staring at this object.  Maybe it was my "3rd eye" that was looking at this object without being aware.

Hot Lake Hotel


My name is matt wilson i used to live in eastern oregon, Me and a friend went to hotlake hotel because we heard it was haunted. Well i have to admit i was kind of scarred but still sceptical. When we got there we were amazed at this place, it was huge and creepy. The whole time i walked around i felt some kind of presence i knew there was restlass spirits there and i pretty much was a believer that this place was haunted. When me and my friend stopped to see if we could hear anything, we were completly quite for about two minutes before we started to hear what sounded like very faint talking as we listened longer, i was so fucking scared i almost pissed my pants. The talking we were hearing was starting to sound like two people arguing yes that sounds fake but this place was abanded and empty and were the arguing was coming from was where we were just at and there was nobody up there. And we were miles from anywhere. After we were done in the hotel we went outside to take some more pictures. So we did and left. Well when we got those pictues back there was orbs all over them! And that is not even the crazy part, out of all the pictues we took the only ones with orbs in them were the pictures with my friend lydia, the orbs were all around her face and behind her head. it is freakincreepy and im not sure if i would ever go back there again!!!!!!!!

Wasn't of this World


One night in the early 90's my two sisters and I took a walk not far from our house in Bucks County Pa. We were walking down the road and saw a brite lite up in the trees at first we thought it might have been headlights from an on coming car, but there was no car. I thought maybe one of our neighbors was fooling around with a flashlight, but the light didn't seem to be coming from any where. It was just there. When we got closer we saw a face of an older woman in the light. It was the scariestface I have ever seen. We all screamed and ran like we were running for our lives. We were brought up very religiosly and taught that there are no such thing as ghosts, that was over ten years ago I saw what ever it was and I still don't know what to make of it. But I think that it has changed my beliefs alittle bit, because after seeing that womans face, I know whatever it was, it wasn't of this world.

Playing with the Radio
  it was about nine thirty p.m. and i was in bed, watching TV. Well the radio was on very low and I didn't hear it, and when there is a commercial i hear a noise from my AIM (you kno wut that is rite?). Well i look over to the computer (there is my bed against the wall and then the radio and then the computer by the door), and I realize I have the radio on. "Oh i left the radio on" i say out loud.  So i lean over to turn it off, (and Im wide awake.) and rite b4 i hit the power button, the radio goes off by itself. The power didn't turn off because the TV was still on  and all. There is NO WAY anything explainable could hav turned it off. I hit the power button, which normally would hav turned it on again, but it didn't. The radio cable was out because the radio wouldnt turn on or off. So, not being scared, and used to it, I say out loud, "Thanks Gabby." and i finish watching my show and go to bed. Well now im typing this and I turn on the radio. Working again. And when the radio is shut down, and when you turn it on again the volume goes all the way back up to 12 wich is loud, and it did. I think when i was either sleeping or at school she must have plugged it in again! When I said "oh i left the radio on" i think Gabby was probably saving me thr little trouble of turning it off and did it for me. Thanx Gabby! And I think it was her because I had actually been complaining (lol) about nothing ood happening. (not in front of anyone so they would get ideas.) So i think she wanted to make me happy and stop complaining. Which she did! ;)

Things that Happened to Me


After studing Tarot Cards, (and everything that goes with it) for many long years ,I, as the rest of the readers, had some weird happenings to myself.  It started about twenty-five years ago and lasted for about two years straight.  My four daughters, Mother and myself, rented a house in Bensenville, Il., it was on five acres of land, and a cute three bedroom home.   Almost immeaditly strange things started inside and outside the house.  The water would turn on outside, after we all were in bed.  No matter how many times we would change the outside light by the back door, it would be shattered within a few days.  Our lights inside would click on by themselves even our mixmaster turned on by itself spewing whipped all over the kitchen.  My sister stayed over night and had to leave for home before anyone else had to get up and our Ghost scared the heck out of her, it clicked on th back porch light, she even checked to see if any of the girls were playing a prank on her, they were all sound asleep and snoring.
I used to meditate every night before I went to sleep, sometimes I fell asleep with the candle still burning. (Keep that in mind as I finish my story of what happened before the candle incident.)  The first dream I had was like instructions, I was riding a small bike with an ex-boyfriend, we made a turn into the most beautiful area I have ever seen.  We had to cross a old fashioned cobbllestone bridge onto a path in a forest, the forest animals were  the cutiest and smallest animals, almost like babies.  We got to the end of the path and there was a cobblestone house with a pourch on three sides. Alone, I walked to the side door  and went itto the kitchen  which was a dirty yellow room.  I walked into the next room and it looked like a scrungy librury it had shelf atter shelf of old books and in the middle of this room a tiny, tiny shriveled man was laying on a couch.  He jumped up and said,"  It's about time you got here, I've have been waiting for you".  He led me to a desk with a bright desk lamp, then pointed to a book that lay opened on this desk.  It was a picture of a ship sailing on the calmest of seas, then he tald me to look deep into the picture and I was suddenly on the ship.  He than told me to look out into the horison and asked me what I saw, when I told him I saw nothing except the sea and the sky meeting on the horison, he then said," You see nothing and yet, you know that there are people, airplanes and cities beyond the sea then, Why can,t you believe in the EGO, the Id and the self?"
I had many more dreams during the two years time but that last of the pranks and instrucional dreams, came when I questioned my teacher.  I fell asleep with my medition candle burning, and again I was being taught something, but this time I was told to stop going out with men, I just asked why, and my answer was ," YOU DARE TO QUESTION ME?"; and my candle smashed to smitherens as he was demanding not to question him.
Now, I can't read cards,there is no more hauntings and no more dreams.  I'm sending this to find any other readers that had the same experiences I have had


My Paranormal Experiences-Trenton


This is something that happened in an old farmhouse my mother lived in quite a few years ago in a little farmtown in Ohio.  When she and my younger siblings moved in, they would call and tell us things that were happening around the house.  The first thing was the lights either coming on or going off.  I told her to tell her landlord because it was faulty wiring.  However, when my daughter went to spend a week with them, they were sitting watching TV and the light was turned off.  My sister had to actually get up and turn it back on.  So, we knew things were really going on.  Then my mother told me about hearing cars pull up the lane but when she would get up to go look, nothing would be there.  This went on for a while and then she called and told me that one night when she heard the car, she thought it was my brother coming home and she just rolled over and went back to sleep.  Later she heard water running in the tub but it didn't go off.  She got up and went to check thinking my brother turned it on and went to sleep.  When she went in, the tub was almost running over and my brother had not yet come home.  This happened quite often after the first time so they made sure to check the tub whenever they heard water running.
So, we went to pick our daughter up one summer and I was laying in bed by the window and everyone else was asleep.  I heard a car pull into the driveway and saw the lights flicker on the window and go off.  I raised up to look but nothing was there so I had proof of that part of their story.  However, after laying back down and trying to go to sleep, all of a  sudden I felt someone or something, lay their arm across my waist just like laying with spouse spoon fashion.  I screamed so loud I woke the whole house.  We figured whoever this was, my husband and I were in their bedroom.  It scared me really bad at first knowing no one else was in there, but after the initial shock, I was not afraid because I did not feel threatened by their presence.
These things went on until my family moved out.

Young Boy's Voice


As a teenager I lived in Emory, Texas in Rains County and had a very strange experience when we first moved there.  Our first residence was in an apartment building that had at one time been the old Rains Co. School, when the new school was built the old one was abandoned until someone bought it and decided to turn it into apartment's.  During the renovations a group of local children were in the old school gymnasium playing in what was being used as a storage building to hold the chemicals and supplies being used in the work and repairs.  Aparrently there was a large drum of flammable liquid in storage there, reportedly paint thinner, that was ignited by the children playing with a lighter or matches.  In the ensuing explosion and fire one of the boys was killed and the others injured to varying degrees, the gymnasium was destroyed but this building was connected to the part of the school that was being turned to apartments.  The renovations were completed and the apartments were ready to be occupied hence my family enters the picture, we were the first occupants of apartment # 12.  The first night we were in the apartment we heard a lot of movement in the attic area which my mother put off as some type of animal being up there even though it sounded awfully loud to be a small animal to me.  The next day I was talking to my next door neighbors son and asked him if they had heard anything in the attic the night before, he said he had heard something every night since they had moved in and said his parents too had tried to explain it away and something simple.  We talked to some of the other people in the building and found out that a lot of them had heard the same thing, we also found out  that the ceiling directly over the apartment's were a drop ceiling so that it would be easier to keep the apartment's cooler in summer and warmer in the winter.  This was very distressing to me because that would make it impossible for someone to be walking on this but to us it sounded like heavy footprint's directly overhead, but that  isn't the end.  After about a week we kept noticing little things like objects aparrently being moved around from the places they were being left, the strangest occurance to me was a music box belonging to my mother that had a baseball on it and played "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" somehow kept moving off the shelf it sat on and on to the living room table.  Besides being moved around we would wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of it playing in the living room, my mother kept blaming my little brother and me for this until she was home one night alone and woke up to the sound of the music box playing by itself and sitting on the coffee table even though she knew that it was on it's shelf when she went to bed that night.
We finally got used to this happening on a regular basis and even started joking around with each other when we couldn't find something by saying the ghost must have moved it, even though to my brother and me it was still a little creepy.  Finally Christmas time rolled around and the fun really began, we put up our Christmas Tree on Thanksgiving Day right after dinner as is our family custom and took great care in placing the ornaments as many of them were hand made ornaments from our mother dating back to the time we were born.  The next day we were up bright and early to head out for our other family tradition, the day after Thanksgiving shopping spree which was always an all day affair for us.  When we returned that evening we unloaded the car and were dividing up tape, wrapping paper and bows to go into our rooms and start wrapping gifts when we noticed that all of the ornaments on the tree were completely rearranged for how they had been when we left that morning.  We then moved them back to where we wanted them and went on our way wrapping presents and didn't give it a lot of thought, after we finished this we placed our gifts under the tree, made hot chocolate and listened to Christmas Music and sang our personal favorites and went off to bed.  The next morning we woke up only to discover that the ornaments had once again been rearranged and not only that but the gifts under the tree had also been moved around by someone during the night and the music box was once again sitting on the table in front of the couch.  By this time we were all pretty well freaked out but resigned to the fact that no matter what, our guest had a definate opinion on how things should be and we were fighting a losing battle.  During this time I somehow began to develop an attachment to our guest and started thinking of them as a member of the family, in my mind this was the young boy who had been killed during the fire when the renovations were being done and he was lonely and looking for a friend.  I even started asking our friend where things were when I couldn't find them and it was almost like something would tell me where to find them, I even began telling our guest goodnight when I would get ready for bed at night.  This continued throughout the Christmas Season and even though I had learned to accept things my brother and mother couldn't and she decided it was time to look for some place else to live, shortly before the end of January my mother announced she had found a house for us and we would be moving the first of Feburary.  While we were packing for the move we kept noticing that the things we were boxing up kept appearing back where they had been like someone didn't want us to leave, which was very disturbing to me because by now I  felt a real attachment to our guest.  One of the saddest moments of my life was when I closed that apartment door for the last time because I felt like I was leaving something or someone very important behind, the strangest part was I could have sworn that I heard a young boy's voice telling me goodbye.

Haunted Life

I’ve been a fan of your website for a couple of months, and I connected with
some of the stories that have been listed, although I felt some of them were
far-fetched.  I’ve always been drawn to ghost stories and understanding the
paranormal, even considering taking college courses in paranormal studies.
I never really thought about why I was drawn to it till my older brother and
I were talking about all the different houses we’ve lived in.  Throughout my
life, half of the houses (maybe more) that I’ve lived in have been haunted.
Ever since I can remember, there was always “something” going on in my
house, whatever house we were in at the time.
One of the first houses I lived in, the first I can remember, the previous
owner’s grandmother passed away in the house and decided to stay.  Most of
the haunting, from what I remember (I was 3 – 4 years old at the time) was
centered in my older sister’s bedroom, but the grandmotherly ghost liked my
closet too.  I figured she liked it because my sister’s closet and mine
shared the same wall.  I was often tucked in by her too.  My memories are
hazy, but I don’t ever remember any harm or maliciousness coming from her.
Nine years later, the worst haunted house we lived in, well that one had a
reputation of being spooky.  It sat on a double lot, the plants and grass
overgrown and neglected.  Many of the neighbor’s reactions to us moving in
were… “Oh my God, you’re moving in THERE?!?” No one ever wanted to tell us
WHY they reacted that way, or they would come up with some lame excuse for
their reaction such as… “We were just surprised…it’s been empty for a
while.”  We soon found out why, with good cause.  It wasn’t a gradual
haunting, starting off small, it was as if we disrupted someone’s routine,
and were unwelcome.  I still get shivers when I think of that house, and
living there.  The atmosphere was stifling and oppressive. I was so
frightened I couldn’t get a handle if the spirit was male or female, but
looking back, I think it was male.  He liked playing with electricity,
flickering the lights, and sometimes turning them off completely, leaving us
in the dark until he found it to his benefit to turn them back on.  My
brother and I usually were the only ones to experience these things, while
our parents continued to be skeptical.  They preferred to ignore the
unexplainable, and hired an electrician to check the breaker panel.  Nothing
was found, no surprise to my brother and me.  I was stressed, trying to stay
out of the house as much as possible, getting by however I could.  Then I
had THE nightmare. To give you a little background on this, at that time I
had a Winnie the Pooh giant stuffed bear that I had since I was 3.  In my
dream, he grew claws and teeth and flew through the air, chasing us from the
house.  We needed to get away from that place, that was the message in the
dream, loud and clear.  Waking up from the dream, I looked across my bedroom
to see my Pooh bear looking at me.  I could have sworn I had put him in the
back of my closet!  That was enough for me!  I ran to my brother’s room and
dived in his bed.  I sobbed and begged him to let me sleep with him, and he
held me and calmed me down.  Soon after that, my father lost his job and we
lost the house.  Thank God for miracles in disguise.
A few years after that, we lived in a house where the owner died in MY
bedroom.  The haunting was slow and gradual, and it was my first experience
with night terrors.  I wrote it off as being stressed, and at this time I
was a little more well-read on the subject.  I knew that being a teenager, I
was more susceptible to poltergeists and high anxiety paranormal activity.
But then, my brother experienced the presence too.  We were laying on my
bed, talking, and this… “thing” came in through my window, traveled between
us, and circled the room, exiting from where it came.  I say “thing” because
it was invisible, but we felt it, heard the energy in the form of a high
pitched ringing.  I felt more relieved I wasn’t alone, or crazy.
Since then, I’ve experienced many more spirits, night terrors and déjà vu
experiences…I seem to be sensitive to these things.  I would appreciate any
and all feedback.

He's Still Here


My friend and I moved into this older house that has been made into apartments, When we first moved in there we felt something in the house, but never really gave it much thought until one night we started hearing things move up and down the hallway and go into the living room. One night me and some friends went into the storage room, (which has no electricity) lit some candles and just sat there. We heard something walking down the hallway, then something was breathing really heavy through the crack of the door, then the door opened, nobody ways sitting by the door. that’s when we all jumped up and ran into the kitchen to find out all the doors were slammed shut, we didn’t shut any doors. then we seen the front room door slowly opening and the mirror fell of the wall.
Well the next day we asked our landlord about the house and he didn’t have any history on the house. Then we went to the city office and found out a little there like the house was built in 1865, and we also found out some of the old owners, from there we went on to talk to the older people that has lived around the house, and found out that some guy died in the middle part of the apartment and it all used to be one house, and we live in his attic.
Its really creepy, and we have talked to a lot of people about it, but he is still there, which I have never seen him, but I can sense him and hear him. We have gotton a lot of advice but nothing seems to work!!

Crying Girl in the Laundry Room


Hey, i was browsing your site, and decided to send my experiance.
This happened in about September 2003. I was spending the night at my best friend Leanda's house, and she was upsairs getting another movie (her house is 3 stories) and i was in the family room, rewinding the movie wee just watched, and i heard something in her laundry room (we where the only ones there) nd also her dog was barking at something in there. I peeked in there to see what the noise was, and i saw a little girl sitting there with long brown hair, wearing a white dress with little flowers on it (like a flower girls dress), and she had her head in her hands sobing. I was a little spooked, but i'm used to seeing ghost (i have a sixth sense). So i just ignored it, but went upstairs to get leanda.
 when we came back down as i passed the laundry room, i glanced in there and the girl was gone. we turned out the lights to watch our horror movie, and about, 15-20 min. later i saw someone walk by the stairs and then down the stairs. i noticed it was the girl. she started to walk towards us, and i put my feet up and under my blanket, cuase, well, i was scared... and she sat down on the rocking chair right next to me. i wispered to leanda if she see's the little girl in the rock g chair, she looked at me like i was crazy and went back to the movie. when we went to bed, (we slept in the family room) it was about 2-3 in the morning, and i was kinda sleepy. i looked around the room just because, and i dosed off. i woke up cuase i had to go to the bathroom, so i went upstairs and i saw the girl go into leanda's room, and as she turned i saw blood all over her back, like she was stabbed. so i went to the bath room real fast and ran downstairs and went to bed.


Shoe Factory


hello i wrote here earlier about my experiences at my house, but when i looked at the postuing for haunted places in illinois about shoe factory road i was a little creeped.  a buddy and me went in evey house and bard that was abbandoned and alot of weirdthings happened that we couldnt explain. from the sound of a faling ball in the upstairs. The slamming door which i got on camera. but when we were in the basement we expeirneced the weirdest of all. There was a pile of ashes on the concrete floor and there was one window that was broken adn the light was seeping through.When we saw it on camera it lookedl iek a face in the ashes.  But when we were snooping around hte basement there was an old dart board wit had a green and a blue dart in it. We picked it up and we searched for cool things to take home, we decided to drop the darts and when we were walkign out those darts were stuck in the back of the door that we came in. Which were not there before. And the last experine on show factory road was the old silo that was mentioned in the listings. we were messing around in the silo and we loked up and a huge rock fell from the top, and almost killed my brother by barley missing his head.  I didnt realize this untill rite now when i read all the lsitings on the Shoe. Factory Road.  But all those houses are really weird and unexplanalble and should be investigated bc these things are really freaky and everyone should expeience it.

Odd Death

By: Anonymous

It was July 19th 1993. We were sitting in our Honalulu home just south of Cancun.I was giving a customer a job interview when suddenly the customers eyes turned a grousom black colour.I raised my eyebrows, staired at the customer confused and the customer rouse from his seat, held up his hands, screamed and fled from the scene. I looked around the room and for some reason the room was giving off a deadly scent, this scent was so horrible that i had to leave the room. i slept in a motel for the night and in the morning i went back to my home and found that same person who i was giving the interview to on the floor i turned him over and his face was a gastly blue colour , his eyes were white , pure white, immediatly i called the police, they came over and put the body on the stretcher.
A few weeks past and i hadn't left the house. Friends and family were beginning to worry. They came over to my house one night and questioned me. Since that night Ive been hearing creepy noises coming from that room that the customer died in"HELP,HELP" screams was what i heard. I would hate to think that because i stayed in a motel that night i had something to do with that death.
My family and I moved out the summer of 96. Since then the house was knocked down and is now believe it or not a cemetary.
Thank you for listening to my story. I want you to remember my story was not exadurated in anyway this really happened to me.

The USS Frederick Ghost

by Dragon

You know, every ship in the Navy has a ghost, or at least that's what they
say. I've been in the Navy for 11 years now and I'm on my 4th ship. I
haven't noticed a ghost on all of them, but that doesn't mean they weren't
I did notice one though, a few times. The ship was USS Frederick (LST 1184)
it's decommissioned now, but when I was there, I met the ship's ghost before
anyone even told me there was one.
But for the sake of the reader, I'm going to tell the story about how the
ghost came to be first, and then I'll tell you how I met him.
All Navy ships have a compartment called a Sea Chest. This is a void on the
bottom deck of the ship that is used for quick ballast. It can suck in
water, or force water out by creating either a positive or a negative vacuum
in the space. Needless to say, you don't want to be in one when it's
Well, this poor soul on the ship went down into one of the sea chests one
day during his watch. He didn't have to be in there, but he wanted to take a
nap and not get caught. Well, nobody knew he was in there, and nobody
bothered to check, and they engineer lit off the sea chest pumps creating
the vacuum in the space. Within seconds, the poor kids head imploded as the
air got sucked out of his body.
Now his ghost haunts the ship. It travels from space to space (mainly in
engineering) looking for people that are sleeping on watch. If he finds you
sleeping, and you're on watch, he will violently wake you up. This could be
anything from making a loud noise to what he did to me.
I was sitting in my shop; it was around 2300 (that's 1100pm for those that
don't know 24 hour time). I was technically on watch, but my watch was an
"on call" watch where they just needed to know where I was in case I was
needed. I didn't have to stay up, or even stay in my shop, but I was up and
in my shop and I got tired, so I leaned back in my chair facing the door and
closed my eyes for a quick power nap.
Now, my desk was against the bulkhead (wall) to the left, and was facing the
door. The only way into and out of my shop was through a large metal-gated
door that squeaked and rattled when it moved. Along with that, the only way
to get to me was to walk around the right hand side of the desk, which was
at that time a maze of broken equipment that I was working on.
I was sleeping for maybe five minutes, and I was by no means, sound asleep.
But out of nowhere I felt someone punch me on the left hand side of my
chest, really hard. I had a bruise there the next day. No, I didn't see him,
but I know it was the ghost for a few reasons, 1. There was no way for
anyone to get in my shop without me knowing it. 2. No one could have hit me
as hard, or where I was hit without first coming around my desk, and second
breaking my pen which I kept in my left chest pocket. The final reason I
know it was the ghost was because I immediately opened my eyes and saw no
one there.
The next night was the kicker about that ghost. He never went into the
berthings (that's where everyone sleeps). Some say it was because not enough
people on the ship believed in him, but I think it was simply because people
are allowed to sleep in there. But that night, he went into my berthing. I
was in my rack (bed) and I had that feeling that I was being watched. So I
woke up, opened the curtain on my rack and looked out to see who was there
and what they wanted. There stood the ghost, I knew it was the ghost because
he had no head. He was standing there facing my rack, when he noticed me
looking at him he gave a small bow, which I took as he was sorry about the
night before, he hadn't known that I wasn't sleeping on watch.

Helping Hand


well it all began when i was little, i have always wanted to expirence things of the supernatural.  this was soon to be answered.  It all came in a one year period.  i was very young and i had trouble sleeping in the hot humid summer nights.  And when i was just about to doze off i would hear noises down the hallway.  (My room at the end of the hall) When on day i heard a loud bang and i was suddnely awake and sweating.  When i was about to fall back asleep i heard lound footsteps running down my hallway and my door flew open and crashed against the wall and there was no one on the other side.  It broke the lock on my door and it is still there today to remind me of my frightful experience.  But that was the first of the many things that happen.  After abotu a week after that i started to hear a sound from the bathroom around the corner from the hall. it sounded like someone would drop a hammer in the tub and i would be the only one to hear it,  and when the noise started to fade away it came back again,  out of curiousity i said a random number and then a few seconds later the banging did the same number and i was amazed.  I started to get used to it so when little things would happen i would go along with it like it was nothing.  But this was the most recent one which scared the bagebbers out of me.  It was a late night and i jsut got off the computer and was making my lunch for school thenext day,  when i was done with that i made myself some lft overs from dinner.   I took out the porkchops and set them on a plate and then took out my silver wear,  once i was ready to eat o grabbed a napkin and when i turned around the porkchop was cut up into 12 peices and the silverwear was in the ceiling.  i sat there in awe for a few minutes and then they fell at the same time and when i pick them up there was notihng on it and no marks in the ceiling.   But the porkchop was good.

Help from the Other Side


My mom has always told me that my dad and my uncle looked like twins. But what was funny was that my dad is they youngest out of 4 childeren and my uncle is the oldest. Well my uncle looked after my dad since my dad was born. Well, after my uncle died my dad could still feel his presence around. It is odd is that my mom was the one that could feel my uncle the strongest. My mom told me that when my uncle was around she got this staticy feeling, ya know, like when you touch the TV and it is all staticy? Well one night one of my other uncles were spending the night. (This uncle likes to cause misschief while over) And my mom woke up with the staticy feeling. It lasted all night and she didn't get once ounce of sleep. Well the next morining my uncle looked really tired and when he left I asked my mom what happened. She told me what he said. My uncle woke up in the night to 'go to the bathroom' (or so he says) and he saw someone sitting in the rocker across from him. He thought it was my dad but the person was taller and alot paler, he looked like a mist almost. He also noticed that it was deadly cold in his room. As he got up to 'go to the bathroom' he got this feeling of emense anger and hurt so immediatly he sat back down. As he lay back down he kept staring at the figure in the chair. But the figure just gave him a cold, evil, hungry stare. My uncle got really scared he thought that the figure was going to get up and attack him. But the more my uncle looked at the figure he realized that the figure looked alot like his oldest brother. Now he got REALLY scared. Suddenly he became very cold, almost like the figure was touching him. The figure watched him all night. The next  morning my uncle couldn't wait to get home. That's what I call help from the other side.

Still on the Stairs


I wanted to share my story with you.  My family has been followed by the
same 2 or 3 poltergeists since I was born.  They moved with us when my
parents moved from their apartment where I was born, to our old house, then
our current home.  For the most part they are benign, and like to play
harmless pranks, such as hiding keys, toys, moving chairs, etc. But they can
turn mean if you reprimand them.  I remember one time I was upset and had
yelled at them for taking my purse; I wasn't upset with the prank.  All of a
sudden it got really cold in the room and I felt this sharp pain on my arm.
I rolled up my sleeve and saw scratch marks that fit the form of finger
nails.  That was the only time in my entire life that I ever recall them
reacting violently against me.  For the most part we don't mind having them
around, but we don't know who they are or why they've stayed with us all
these years (almost 30).  Until recently, we've never really physically seen
their presence. However, I've started seeing shadows cast on  the walls of
the house, when I'm the only one in the room, and they are distinctly male.
When I look back, the shadows are in a different location.  However my
daughter sees them on a regular basis. She's even described one as being
very tall with red eyes.   In addition to the poltergeists, we have reason
to believe my grandfather still walks around the house. He died in the house
when my mom was 3.  He's the only one who does not try to communicate with
us, and we've stopped trying to speak with him. He doesn't really do
anything to let us know he's there, but my sister sees him every once in a
while near the bathroom or the stairs.

Smooth Cool Hand


my grandad died 3 months ago, and my nan took me to his grave while we were there she took my photo with me next the the marble headstone when the pictures were developed my nan thought she was facing the wrong way, but i said she wasn't because i knew it was my beloved grandfarther saying good bye!
i felt a smooth cold hand touch my hands then my chin which is how my grandad always said goodbye, i smelt my hand and it smelt of roses!

Many Experiences

I first wanted to thank you for having such a great site. I really enjoy the stories and the advice.
I am 28 years old, married and have two children. My husband is and always will be a skeptic, know better. I have been able to feel see and hear things that I can't explain for many years. As a child I heard voices that nobody else did. Our school had more than one spirit but no one believed me. I was a poor kid and nobody took me seriously. My mother and I lived in a very old 4 unit apartment building in the suburb of Ville Lasalle in Montreal Quebec. There we're many instances in that apartment but one stands out more than the others. My mom and I we're sitting at the kitchen table and she had just finished putting the plates and knives and forks on the table with a small glass for each of us. Suddenly, the lights flickered and the plates started spinning on the table. They didn't go anywhere, they just spun around on their bases in front of us. The lights flickered again and then they stopped. We had both seen dark shadows and had some pretty weird dreams. I never liked that place.
While I was in high school my best friend lived in Richmond British Columbia in a house that had frequent phenomena. My best friend's brother was dying of aids and the family often needed a sitter for his little sister so that they could visit him without traumatizing her. I was alone in the house with the little girl and the family dog. I was sitting on the couch when I heard a loud creak behind me. I turned around to see a large shape directly behind me. It was dark yet see through. It was tall and bore the silhouette of a man. The door to the fridge was also opening of it's own accord. There was no tilt to the floor and there was no way the door could open without force as it was an old fridge and had a tight seal around it. I was also in the bathroom the same night and the  lights kept going on and off. I left as soon as my friend got home. I ran home.  I told him the next day about what happened and he wasn't surprised. Apparently he and his mother we're sitting in the living room and they heard what sounded like cans and metal being thrown around in the pantry. It was really loud and couldn't be ignored. When they went downstairs and checked the pantry everything was in place. When they got to the  top of the stairs it started again. They didn't check it out a second time. His mother had also seen a man in a grey housecoat standing in her bedroom doorway on numerous occasions.  A few weeks later I was attending his little sisters birthday at their house and for once, I actually didn't feel see or here anything unusual. We all took pictures and some people brought video cameras.  A few days later my buddy called me up and said I had to come over right away. He had something to show me. When I got there he showed me a picture from the roll he had just developed from his sisters birthday. It was black except for two very large, very red eyes in the middle of the picture. When he took the picture originally it was of his sister with all of us around the kitchen table and all the lights in the kitchen we're on. There was a cake on the table and presents around the cake. I didn't believe him at first. I thought he was messing with me. I could tell though that he was genuinely scared and I have to admit, I was really creeped out myself. I wouldn't visit him after that.  Seeing dark shadows is one thing but that's a bit too much for me. His brother died shortly thereafter and they moved away.
While I was pregnant with my daughter, I lived in a house next door to a Jehovah's Witness Hall with 3 roommates. They lived in the upstairs and my boyfriend and I lived downstairs. There we're two rooms downstairs and one creepy little closet. My boyfriend and I we're asleep in our room one night and I woke up rather suddenly because I felt that someone was watching me. I had my 3 year old son in the next room and I thought that maybe he had gotten up and was standing near the bed. I sat up and there was a little girl, maybe 9 or 10 at the foot of my bed . She had long blond curly hair and deep blue eyes. She had dark circles under her eyes and was very pale. She looked so sad. I was petrified so I poked my boyfriend in the ribs but he wouldn't wake up. I closed my eyes and opened them again and she was gone.  I told my roommates the next day and they didn't believe me. They all believed in ghosts but didn't think there was one in this house.  They changed their minds a few days later though. There we're 5 of us in the basement  and we we're talking about ghosts.  A friend of ours said that we we're nuts and that we needed to get a grip. There are no such things as ghosts. At the time I had a large collection of small porcelain masks that I kept on the wall. Slowly, they started to fly off the wall. They slowly crept off the nail as if someone was deliberately making a point and then we're flung to the floor next to my feet The guy who said that ghost don't exist thought it was funny and started laughing. The door that led up to the upstairs part of the house slammed shut with such force that is almost ripped off the hinges. There was no breeze, no wind, no open doors that could have caused a draft like that. I guess Our ghost was not impressed. I left the house and stayed elsewhere for a few days.  My female roommate was also pregnant at the time and eventually had her baby. The baby died about a month after it was born. Apparently it had a seizure. I don't know if it had something to do with that little girl ghost but sometimes I wonder.
It doesn't seem to matter whose place  I am at, sometimes I wake up with a figure of a man standing over me. It leans in very close and I feel like it's looking at me, Some times I reach out, to touch it and see is It's actually there.My husband thinks I'm dreaming and shakes my shoulder but I know I am awake and I know it's there. It's in my dreams too. It doesn't scare me in my dreams It warns me about things that are going to happen. And they usually do.
I was sitting in a hot bath about two weeks ago and I was alone in the house. I was hunched over trying to remove the plug when I felt something sitting behind me. Like a man who has his arms around you. I was alone in the house and knew that there was no physical thing there. I asked it to go away and slowly it did.  I didn't have the gumption to turn around and look at it either. I have only been living in this place for 6 months after moving to Edmonton From British Columbia. I didn't like the vibe of this place but we didn't have a choice in locations for housing.
I have spent allot of time in Hospitals over the years a and have come close to death on a couple of occasions. There was one hospital room that  stands out. I was in St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver BC after having numerous seizures while I was pregnant. The room was ice cold, you could almost see your breath. I always felt like there was someone else in the room with me. Especially at night. Everyone that visited me commented on it. The nurses wouldn't even come and look in on me at night. I think it was the ghost of a nun(s). The hospital used to be a nunnery many many years ago. The presence was very strong.There was a whole wing that was boarded up and my room was very near it's old entrance at the farthest corner of the building. I kept seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye. I was very happy to be transferred to a different hospital. It was just too creepy.
I was in BC Children's Hospital for 3 months prior to having my daughter. I was in a section reserved for mothers who are ill but not terminally. I often took walks along the halls and visited the palliative care unit. There we're many children there with cancer or leukemia, some had aids some needed transplants and others we're ill with various terminal diseases. I noticed that there was a kid there that never seemed to talk or say anything. He didn't interact with the other children. They never noticed him. He looked very sick and tired. He just looked around him and seemed to soak up the scene. His eyes we're alive, but his body looked so pale and weak. One day I started to feel curious about him (More than normal)  and decided to talk to him and find out more about him .He wasn't there so I went up to the nurses counter and described the little boy I had been seeing. I wanted to know what room he was in and if I could visit him. She went a little pale and told me that they had a patient that matched that description but that he had died weeks earlier.  There are many  children there that are not necessarily human. I guess I'm privileged enough to have seen one.
When I was younger (I don't remember how old) My mom and I we're staying at a friend of hers. I was dead asleep in the bedroom when I woke up, screamed and ran to the back door. My mom couldn't figure out what the problem was and she put me back to bed. She figured that it was just because I was in a strange place and It was probably just a nightmare. We went home a few days later and my mom thought nothing of it. We received a letter shortly thereafter notifying us of the death of my aunt. It occurred on the same night at the same time as I had my screaming fit.We didn't have a phone and the only way to contact us was to write. She had cancer and died a painful agonizing death.
I have had so may different experiences that it would take me hours to type so I'll leave you with this for the moment. I am grateful for people like you and for your website.



even though my story is not as amazing as the others on this site i thought i would share it anyway. i have always believed in ghosts and spirits and this experience confirmed my belief. althouhg i cannot remember this it was related to me by my mum and dad (my dad is the biggest sceptic in the world!) and even he believes it. when i was about 3/4 mum and dad took me for a day trip to Chislehurst Caves in Kent, England built by romans in BC. i was in a push chair and we were given a guided tour round the caves which are very cold and spooky. we had just about entered the caves when i shouted out "Hello Elizabeth!" quite loudly. Mum and dad thought nothing of it until the guide took us to a pool named the "haunted pool". here the guide told the group that a lady had been murdered by the pool and her name was Elizabeth. mum and dad were shocked and there was no way i knew anything about the ghost beforehand - i was only 3/4! The caves used to hold a competition every Hallowe'en where a person had to stay the night by the haunted pool on their own. one man became seriously ill and another saw a mist rise out of the floor which looked like a lady. one man was lying in his sleeping bag and he was found with his arm twisted up his back and out of it's socket and he was still in his sleeping bag! not suprisingly they decided to stop the competion!

Dead & alive..... at the same time?


It was 8:30pm on a weeknight me and my girlfriend J were in our bedroom watching a bit of tv, halfway through watching a movie i seen her leave to go to the kitchen to do something, so i waited for 5-10 minutes for her to return back to the room, after waiting i decided to go down there myself to see what she was doing, i walked down the hallway and i looked in the kitchen and she was not there, so i go through the dinning room and then through the lounge room and into the kitchen from there, and there she was, getting some wheetbix;
so i walked over to her and said you gonna have something to eat, and she turned and nodded, so i turned around and back again to see her making her way back to the bedroom, she just got the start of the hallway door when i ran up to ask her something, but by the time i got to where she started to walk, she had just vanished into thin air.
 So i walked back to the room and there she was watching the tv again; so i asked her if she'd finished eating her wheetbix she had made herself,
and she said what wheetbix, and i said back the ones you just had, and she kept trying to tell me she did not have any, so i told her i had seen her waiting for the kettle to finish boiling , and she told me she did not so i walked back down to the kitchen and sure enough the kettel was stone cold,
after i stood there for 2 minutes wathcing it boil away, seeing the steam hearing it bubble, that's when i knew i had a very close encounter with a GHOST.
So there is me thinking it was J when it was not.

Sandy, Utah


When I moved to Sandy about four years ago strange things started happening to me, mentally and visually. It seems like the whole neighborhood is haunted. My first experiances started while attending school at Alta View Elementary. Toilets would flush, papers would fly into the air, chairs would move, and sometimes you can hear a terrible crying in the bathroom along with running footsteps. All of my friends and aquaintences that live in "white city" tell stories of their haunted houses. Rumors have been spread about the neighborhood being built on some kind of satanic ground. At first I was skeptic, but that was until things started happening to me first hand. I started hearing noises coming from my attic: singing, crying, and screams. The attic door is in my closet to make things worse. After a couple months of living in my house the closet would start to shake and things would fall mysteriously like clothes flying around and stuff like that. That lasted a while but then suddenly stopped and transfered to the basement. Things would fall, break, move mysteriously and as soon as you step down to the basement floor a rush of cold air would come over you. I tried not to pay any attention until I saw a large male figure standing before me one night. This happened many times, along with strange dreams and visions. Well to make a long story short Sandy Utah should be added to the haunted places of Utah, ask anyone...

 Out of the Wall


i was walking down a long walkway through a local council park.
it was dark no lites wen i come 2 the bottom of this walk way saw this white figure walk out of this wall which was a small plastics firm.
this is ard 2 believe but honest truth.
this thing walked rite out of the wall honest i.ll never forget it even if was 17 years ago stil remember it 2 this day it freaked me out cos i remember legging back through the park truth

Here is My Story


I found your site and was browsing through all your pictures and was surprised to read so many stories and see pictures that are similar to mine.  I am inclosing some pictures that I took at my house recently while some friends were over.
Since my husband and I have moved into our home 5 years ago, I have always felt as if there was someone else always there with us.  One night I woke up at one in the morning for no reason.  I was trying to go back to sleep when I heard many voices talking downstairs as if there was a party happening.  I saw my husband next to me asleep and so I  knew there was no one downstairs.  I began to really become alert and wide awake and the voices continued so I decided to go down stairs and see if the T.V. was left on or something.  When I opened my bedroom door, the noises stopped and I could see that all the lights were off.  I walked down the stairs about half way to look out at my living room to find nothing.  Everything was in order.  I went back to bed and went to sleep.  This has happened several times to me.  I can even hear people walking around, laughing, music playing.  My husband does not believe me of course.
My mother was staying at our house for a night along with my little brother.  I have a guest room so my mom slept in it while my brother slept on the couch.  The next morning I asked my mom how she slept and she told me that she woke up in the middle of the night to someone walking into the bedroom and standing at the foot of the bed.  She thought it was my brother and asked him if he wanted to share the bed with her.  The figure did not say anything, but walked up next to her.  She said that she got scared because she realized that it was not my brother. She said that she became paralyzed and could feel the figure touching her chest and stomach area.  She said that as quickly as it came it was gone and she slept the rest of the night.  My mom is a pastors wife and has never said that she believed in ghosts, until she stayed in my house.
A few months past and I never shared the story with anyone because no one believed me.  My friends came over on a weekend and we took some pictures up in the guest room, just being silly.  My girlfriend and her boyfriend spent the night as they have several times.  Well I went to bed first along with my girlfriend who slept in the guest room.  The guys stayed up late that night.  The next day, my girlfriend told me the exact same story that my mother had.  She woke up to find someone coming into the room and thought that it was her boyfriend and told him to go to bed.  The same incident happened.  Now because I had not told anyone about my moms story, I knew that it was no coincidence.  I have many more things that have happened since then. I don't know if there is more than one spirit in my house or not.  Sometimes I get a real negative feeling and other times its not so bad.  We are going to by a digital camera soon and it will be interesting to see what shows up in the pictures. I know that this house was built in the 80's and there has been about 3 or 4 owners before us.  No one has died here to my knowledge.  I have always been sensitive to the super natural and have always had a fascination for the subject since I was very little.  Thank you for all of your research that you have shared and all the stories that you put on your site.  It comforts me to know that not everyone thinks I'm crazy.  If you would like to talk to me about anything you can e  mail me at . Thanks again and maybe I will have some more to share with you soon.

  Toys-R-Us- Sunnyvale, Ca


I was reading on your famous hauntings part about Toys R Us. ANd it had mentioned stories submitted by other people. Well, I went to the one on page four and read it. And it remind me of something a friend of mine told me back in 1994.
Now, first off, let me say my friend never lied to me. He was a honest person to a fault. Just a wonderful caring person. Well, one day a couple of us are walking along at school and my friend, Art, started to tell me about what happened to him the night before. What stands out the most about him telling me this is that he was totally perplexed.
He went to the Toys R Us the night before. Nothing happened for a while, but he started hitting cold spots. Then he was on the aisle with the toy guns. He was well past the toy guns, with his mom and brother farther down the aisle, when they started coming off the shelf. He told me that him and his family were the only ones on that aisle, as it was late at night. Well, he went and picked them up (that's the kind of guy he is) and started to leave. When he got under the sign saying the aisle number and stuff he hit a cold spot. His mother and brother had stopped to watch him pick up the guns, and they saw the sign start swinging when he got under it. They pointed it out to him. So, he just casually walks away, it stops swinging. But when he was about to exit the aisle, all the guns he picked up fell off the shelves again. This time he just left them there and the store.
Well, as I said, we were walking with other friends. One of them, Josh, gives us this look, and asks if he's talking about the store on El Camino. Yeah, it was. Josh asks if we didn't know that that was the haunted store. I had no clue about it being haunted. I had been there many times before and after that day and nothing has ever happened to me. Which sucks!
Well, seeing as we were in high school and loved to talk, Josh starts telling us about what happened to a friend of ours who worked there. Now, I know he was telling the truth, cause one, this story was too simple, and two, Josh never lies about certin stuff- supernatural being one.
So, he is telling us how Shane worked as a stockman there. He would have to go up to the stock room and send down boxes and such. This was sent down a chute/slide thing. Well, Shane wore big ol combat boots that clomped. So everyone working there would know when it was him up there.
Ok, so Shane would be up there, waiting for orders on what to send down. And he would be the only one up there. Yet he would here footsteps and voices. And the workers below would here it too. And they all knew it wasn't Shane, cause of the boots. It got to the point he was always up there doing this job, and everytime he would hear stuff. He always joked about it.
Well, that's about it for that store, that I know of. As I said, I've been there alot, and nothing ever happened to me. So sad


They come back....My haunted house


I have lived in my current home for 6 years now. It has always been haunted. All of my family has heard and seen things. The ghosts at my home are always messing with anything that is electronic. We have 3 radios in my home, but they only mess with 1 of the radios and only in certain rooms. In 3 of the rooms in my house, the ghosts turn this radio on atleast once a week. Right now the radio is in the living room where it turns it on. In my little brother's room, they turn his television volume up. One night I woke up to the T.V. blairing, so I got the remote and turned it down. Just a few minutes later I heard it getting louder, and I looked up to see the volume bars on the tv turning up. We have had 2 different T.V's in that room and it has done it to both of them, but only in this room. We have a computer in the kitchen. We were all eating Thanksgiving dinner when the computer by itself sighned on to AOL. To sign on to AOL, one must put in a pass word, well the computer did it on its own. My whole family saw that. I have been on the computer when a loud voice told me to "get off". Ofcourse I signed off and immediatley left that room. They have turned on our fan light when my parents were watching television. I have seen a woman with dark hair wearing a white dress, I have seen a little boy with overalls on, I have also seen a black dog. My mother has seen all of these ghosts. My little brother has seen the most, though. He has seen all of the ones i've seen, plus he has seen a bawled man wearing a dress, a burned man, and a headless man wearing a tuxedo. A psychic came to our house and without us telling him anything, he named what we are seeing and where we see them at. He even saw the balwed man in the dress. He said that man is crazy and was really mean when he was alive. We hear footsteps all the time. Our two dogs bark and look around when there is nothing there. We came home after X-mas shopping and one of the dogs was shaking hysterically and would not leave my side. My grandmother has ran into one of the ghosts thinking it was me because she had blonde hair like mine. It was not me, however. I was asleep.  My grandmother woke up one night and a man was in bed with her.She said it looked like his skin was sinking into his skull. She does not live in my house anymore. She rarely stays the night. My mother and I have both been laying on the couch a different times and the couch has started shaking. We have had guests that have been staying the night who have left because of seeing ghosts and hearing things. The toaster in the kitchen was slammed up and down on the kitchen counter. Recently, my mother, brother and I have all felt blowing in our ears. My mom felt someone breathe cold air on her leg. I was laying in my bed and someone slapped me on the head. Our neighbors have also experienced things. One night my parents were home alone and heard someone going through the silverwear drawer. My father checked the house and no one was there. The next morning my mother asked our neighbor how she was and she replied "I would've been a lot better if I hadn't been kept up all night to someone going through my silverwear" . One day a cable man came to hook up the cable when pictures started flying off of the wall and bedroom doors started to slam. My father yelled for the ghosts to get out and the cable man got up and left without charging us for his work. My best friend was changing in my bedroom and heard laughing, but she and I were the only people in the house. I was not the person laughing. I have a box full of hair stuff, I left the room and the next thing I knew I heard the box go flying into the floor. I did not leave it on the edge of the dresser, but someone pushed it off of my dresser. I have a friend who everytime he came over his truck would break down or not start. One time he came over and his truck rolled out of park and ran into our neighbors house. We couldn't figure out why it did that, he even had the emergency break on. When the police arrived my grandmother said "maybe it was the ghosts" and the officer said "I am so sick of hearing about ghosts on this road, don't even mention them!" That right there tells me that there have been other reportings of ghosts on my road. My house has been  haunted since we moved in, and it probably will always be this way. Sometimes we do not hear anything for weeks, but just when we think that they are gone. They come back........

Strange Things


One night my roomate was sleeping in the room across from ours and he woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. He started screaming. We ran to his room and he was terrified. He said that a man with a derby hat was standing next to his bed. When we entered the room the man disappeared. (We refers to my husband and myself)
For 4 years we had strange encounters!
Something would always open a cubby hole at the top of the 2nd floor stairs where my sons room was. Everyone who came over was so creaped out by this so one day a friend of ours nailed it shut. When we woke up the next morning the cubby door was wide open and the nails were on the floor as if they never were nailed into anything at all.
That was probably the strangest thing!!
One morning i woke up to use the bathroom. i just glanced up the stairs and noticed that the cubby door was closed. When i was done in the bathroom i went and checked on our new daughter. I left my room to wake my son up for school (he fell asleep on the couch because he was afraid to sleep in his room because of that cubby) When i walked past the steps to get to the living room i looked up the steps again and the cubby door was wide open again.
Another time i went to bed and im the type of person who makes sure the house is cleaned up and in order before i go to bed. Everything was nice and neat when i went to bed and the coffee pot was ready to go for the morning. I woke up the next morning and every cubbard door in my kitchen was open and the coffee pot was already started like it had just been turned on. Now im always the first one up in my house so i checked to see if anyone was up. Just as i figured everyone was sleeping soundly. I woke my husband up to go to work and asked him about it. He said had no clue!
Weve moved from that house and almost been in our new house for a year. We hear strange thing at night like someone stomping around through the first floor of the house. Then one night i was up late and the timer on my bedroom television had turned it off so i was trying to fall asleep when i heard some whispering from under my bed. so i woke my husband up and made him look but nothing was there. I made him listen and we both heard it like 20 minutes later. Nothing else has happened since but im sure it will!

Strange Things


  My name tommy and on 2/29/04 ( my birthday) i saw a whole bunch of supernatural beings.  it started when i was with my cousins in the kitchen and something e=was caught in the corner of my eye. it saw me and iguess didn't wan't to be seen so it literally fled down the stairs.  i said "hey did u guys hear and see that ghost by the stairs". they replied "no". i said that it must be the ghost that always pops up and so i paid not a big deal about it.  then another time  i was filming my room with the vidio cam. And then i saw a white figure just looking at me.  The wierd thing about it was that it dissapeared into my dresser.    those are only some of my many, many , many encounters with ghosts in my house, but i will tell you people some more stories and some about my house.  i hope that you will read this message and post them on your web page.




we used to live in a house a couple blocks down from the hutchinsom public library.  One time when i walked up into my brother and I's room he was talking to some one and he had my barbies and his GI Joes out playing I thought that I saw one oof my barbies moving (standing up and walking like little kids make them)  but when i said "Bubba who are you talking to?" he said the little girl, and pointed to where the movement was, but the movement had stopped.  He also told me later on that there was a man named Red in another house that we had lived in a couple years later. One morning i woke up and he was eating oatmeal and i asked him "Is mom up?" "no "he said  " Then where did you get the oatmeal"I replied. "Red" he said like i already knew who red was Who's Red i asked   "He's the man who lived here before he died"  he said "Well where is he" i asked
"He went to visit hiswife he'll be back later"he replied "How do you know that?" i said  then my brother said "Red told me "  So there is no doubt that I belive in ghosts.



This story is tied to the one I already sent in regarding the poltergeists.
I was about 5 or 6 years old and we were living in our old house. I loved
the movie Superman, and always thought it would be cool to actually fly.
Well, my sister and I always used to jump from the top of the stairs and
slide down on a mattress.  Well one night I had to get up to use the
bathroom, and I figured I pretend to fly. So I jumped. The weird thing is,
instead of falling down the stairs I actually floated down.  I thought I was
dreaming until about 2 nights ago when I finally had the feeling that I was
carried down the stairs that night. Every night for the past few weeks I've
been asking the ghosts or poltergeists who they were and why they are
following my family and I. I've never gotten a response. I asked why I felt
like I knew them, then this memory popped into my head. Now I know that I
was carried down the stairs Superman style by one of the poltergeists. Now
my 4 year old daughter is seeing the very same poltergeists in the house.
She describes one as being very tall with red eyes and being funny.  I have
reason to believe that this is the same spirit from when I was little. Why
they are here I'm not sure if I'll ever find out. I'm a practicing witch, so
I'm extremely sensitive to the spirit realm, mainly empathetically.  I can
sense emotions. This weekend I've been getting the feeling of severe
nervousness, but not in the extreme I feel for myself. I'm mostly nervous
because of the increase in spirit activity in the house.  But it's as if I'm
feeling someone else's emotions on top of my own.  I don't sense anything
malignant, how ever I get the feeling that the poltergeists will attack if
they perceive to be threatened.

Little Boy and Others

Well I have a few, But I think I will tell you this one. we no longer live there.. About 13 years ago when our Son was four, my Hubby and I had an argument, late one night, so I slept in the spare room, I left the side lamp on as I didn't like this room.. I was facing the wall and was just about a sleep when I felt the Quilt Ruffle, so I opened up my eye's expecting my hubby to be lying next to me, but when I opened my eyes it was a young boy with blonde hair, at first I thought it was our Son, I realized it wasn't and I sat up and screamed, this scaring the young boy, he jumped up and run across the bed and at the same time the wall opened up and it was like a grey stone wall and when he ran through, it became our wall.. The little boy would visit me quite a lot after this when ever I was sad or up set, one time I just got out of the shower I was in my room and was looking for some clothes to put on, and I said yes Luke, then I looked and it was the little boy... He looked up at me and smiled and faded away, he use to play with my son's toys at night, but he never was nasty, one day I looked at this child and I thanked him for being there for comforting me, and then asked him kindly to leave explaining to him that Luke can comfort me, and I never saw him again..
One More...LOL ok about 8 years ago, I lived in this housing trust house near the Para Para Mansion which is Haunted I would hear horrible noises all the time Girls giggling men yelling, lady's screaming..this one time I was lying on my back in bed and I heard a Pig squealing, I sat up and thought what the!!!!!and then this Bore came running in my room, jumped on me, pinning me down, it was squealing in my face, my heart was in my throat, and I was frozen in fear, but I looked at it and said you don't scare me go away...and then it was gone..


 Haunted Home


When I was about 5 years old, we were building a new house, and we rented a house in Comstock, MI.  We rented it for a cheap price.  Little did we know the house was haunted.  My mom was home with my 2 year old brother alone all of the time.  My dad wasn't there alot, during the day he was at the site of our new house.  When we moved out, our landlord told us that the rented house is haunted.  They told us that one time Mrs. Smith* went down to do laundry and found a horrifying site:  her deceaced grandmother was folding laundry and then disapeared leaving Mrs. Smith horrified.  The clothes had just came out of the dryer and was supposed to be warm, but this load was freezing cold!
Another incodent was: The TVS, radios, alarm clocks, phones, ect..., would be activated at various times, and when ever they came home, the dryer would be runnung.  They had 2 dogs that barked all of the time, and I think I know why..., they senced the grandmothers presence.
The wierd thing is..., when we lived there, nothing to out of the ordinary ever happened in the 4 months we lived there.  We think it is because we are such strong Christians and we would pray out loud, and we think that is why they left us alone.
hat is my story.

Haunted Cabin

I had the pleasure of living for a few months in the cabin   with my sister.  My understanding is that it was used during the Civil War in the underground railroad.  Part of the attic has been left in orginal form where the former slaves stayed.  While staying there many unexplained noises were heard.  One night I heard what sounded like stomping and moving furniture upstairs.  I was in the downstairs bedroom, my sister was upstairs.  I thought she was having a fit of some sort but I remained in bed.  The noises continued and I heard her running across the floor and sliding down the stairs and she threw my door open...she told me "he was stomping on the floor above her bed".  The noises continued and I got up and met her in the hall when we heard something hit the tin roof of the porch ...I told her to get me a flashlight and she opted to stay in.  I went out and looked.  Nothing was out of place.  She slept on the couch the rest of the night.
One day when I was alone in the upstairs bedroom  I was bent over reaching into the bottom drawer of the dresser when a cool breeze went across my ear and I heard a moan from a male presence.  I stood up and told him we had to share the house so he would have to be good.  He didn't bother me further that day.
I was in Charleston working and called my sister at home to see if I needed to get anything before coming home.  I could hear pots and pans banging in the kitchen.  The phone was two rroms from the kitchen.  My sister laughed and said  "we must have woman now or someone is hungry".  She was home alone at the time.
It seemed he acted up more after we had had any male visitors in the house.  We figured he thought he was protecting us.
Men who have worked on the house have told tales of tools shaking, a blood stain on the steps that has to be painted dark brown.
I enjoyed my time there and would live there again if possible.  People would stop on the one lane road in front of the house and just look at it.  We never had any trick or treators.
Once I had to have my car towed and when trying to give directions to the house to the tow driver, I had to finally ask him if he knew the haunted cabin on poole road.  He did.  He drove right to the house.
There are other experiences we had there and I am sure there are others who can tell you about it.  Its a great place to live.


Angel or Ghost

Hello my name is Sam and I'm a daily visitor to your site. Anyways I have read so many experiences of so many people that I think it's time for me to share my personal experience.
I was sitting down at the salon to get my hair done. My hairstylist (Shelly) had already shampoo my hair and we were talking about what has been going on in our personal lives. When the bells rang, another customer was walking in. Shelly and I turned around to see who was coming in and we (Shelly and I) saw a lady with two children. She was about in her early 30's, a boy at the age of 9 or 10, and a little girl at the age of 7. So Shelly told her she would be right with then when she was done applying the color on my hair. It took her about 5 minutes to finish me up and then she asked the lady who was going to be first. The lady said just her son because she wasn't going to get anything done. After Shelly asked her that she also asked about the little girl we both had seen. The lady said that no one walked in with her but just her son.
We described the little girl to her and her eyes just got very watery. We told her she was wearing a white dress, white hat and shoes, and looked like at the age of 7. She told us that we were not the only that see this little girl with her that her sister also see her. She told us that about five years ago she had a daughter that was 2. Her little girl needed a heart transplant and never got one and past away. They buried her in a white dress, white hat and with white shoes. Just the way Shelly and I had describe her. At first when she said that I could feel my hairs from my back just standing up (like when a person gets cold and gets goose bumps) I felt that. Why because I saw the girl and felt her presence in the salon. I was scared but then I think the little one is looking after her mother. The only think that got me scared was why did she look like if she was 7 when she past away when she was only 2. Do people that past away also continue to grow in the after life?

The Doll

By: Anonymous

When I was little I held a doll, like most little girls, and this doll meant a lot to me.  When I
got older I abbandoned the doll.  I moved out of the "Old House" that I had lived in for years.  In my new house things became strange.  I saw "shadows" everywhere.  One day I was with my friend and it was her last day in Iowa (she was moving to hawaii the next day) and she slept over cause she was like my sister.  We had fun and did girl things.  We stayed up well past 5:00 am and my parents usually got up to go to work.  (unfortunately for me i can't remember the days of the week because i have a short term memory thing)  I heard footstep runnin garound upstairs and I pretended to be asleep cauz my parents would have killed me if they found me awake.  So me and my friend closed our eyes, but the footsteps proceeded downstairs and I heard me name.  I opened my eyesw and I saw the doll that I had abandoned in my old house i sat up.  I reached for the lights and turned them on where the ghost disapeared.  I turned to my friend and she stared at me with the widest eyes ever and then she began to cry because she had been so frightened.  Later that morning my friend left and we gave a hug and had an emotional moment, but when we hugged my friend whispered in my ear, "I don't cry becauseI will miss you.  I cry because I remember that doll of yours and I never liked it.  You did right to leave it there."

That '70s Ghost


There is a nightclub at 2183 Highland Road in Baton Rouge, LA.  It is
currently a "techno" dance club called "Icon," but over the years it has
been known by many names, under different owners, and has hosted many
different styles of music.
Back in the 1970s it was called "The Common Ground," where it hosted live
music and the popular dance tunes of the times.  I'm in my 40s, so I
remember the club from those days.
It is a two-story club, with an upper balcony and upstairs bar, looking down
upon the dance floor.
In the 1970s, it was the scene of a tragedy in which more than 20 people
were killed when the upstairs balcony collapsed due to being overloaded for
the number of people it was designed to accommodate.  The fallen balcony
crushed many patrons on the first floor.
In addition, a subsequent owner or manager committed suicide in the bar
A friend of mine bartended there in recent years.  The building is haunted
by strange noises, and occasional apparitions of people in 1970s attire.
The bar office is often intolerably cold, and people alone in the office
report a feeling of being watched by someone unseen.
My friend witnessed a young blond man in bellbottom jeans walk across the
dance floor after closing time, only to disappear as he approached the wall.
Another tme, he saw a young woman in a red dress behind him in the mirror in
the men's room.  She disappeared when he turned around.  Back in the '70s,
the current men's room was the women's bathroom.  Ladies' feet are often
seen in the men's room toilet stall, but no one is in the stall when an
impatient person taps on the stall door and says, "How long are you going to
be in there?"
Other people have heard ghostly voices in the bathrooms, and in a certain
spot on the dance floor where several people were killed in one area
(crushed by the falllen balcony), patrons often report being touched or
brushed against by invisible persons.
There is also a frequent report of a female voice asking, "Where's Steve?
Where's Steve?"
Glassware is reported to go flying around the bar, and patrons sitting alone
sometimes report their glass being empty when they have only had a few sips
of their drink.
Most interestingly, my friend relayed a story from a young bartender, who
was stocking the beer coolers behind the bar before the club was open for
business one day.  He watched a young man in bell-bottom pants and a blue
velour shirt silently approach the bar.  As the young man, who looked real,
walked toward the bar, this bartender said, "Hey dude, great '70s outfit!
Sorry, we're not open yet, and besides, '70s dance night isn't till
The young man silently turned, walked away, and began walking up an
invisible stairway near the bar.  He disappeared into the ceiling.
The young bartender quit on the spot.
I had the opportunity to interview the young bartender.  He was only 23, had
only been working at the bar for a few weeks, and had moved to this city
when he was 20.  I asked him some detailed questions.  Due to his youth and
the fact that he is not from here, he had never heard of the tragic incident
at the Common Grounds, nor did he know that the bar had been redesigned in
the '80s, and the spot where the ghost walked up the "invisible stairs" was
the exact spot where the staircase was located back in the '70s.  Back then,
the staircase was near the bar -- now it is at the far end of the building.
There are many other hauntings along Highland Road, including another bar,
Spanish Moon, 1109 Highland Road, which harbors the ghost of a young man in
1950s attire.  He likes to turn on the beer taps, make noise, and throw
small objects such as ashtrays around.  People who have seen him report a
young, dark-haired man with a duck-tail haircut, in khaki pants and a white,
sleeveless undershirt.

Experiences I have had...


Ok, well, where do I begin?  I have been psychically sensitive my entire
life, from being able to predict things that will happen, to being able to
communicate with "the other side".  I am certainly no Sylvia Browne or John
Edward, but I do have my own abilities, however trivial they may seem in
comparison to either of the forementioned.  I have had my own experiences
with both ghosts and spirits, which, by the way, are two TOTALLY different
things, and I have also had experiences with something that I am not sure is
either a spirit or a ghost.  I have been seeing them for the past thirteen
years.  I do not know what to call them, and I have been searching in vain
for people that may have seen what I have.  I call them shadow creatures, I
have nothing better to call them.  They appear to be shadows.  They come to
me at night, when it is dark.  I can sense them long before I even see that
they are in the room with me.  The first time I saw them was terrible.  I
was laying in my bed one night, unable to sleep when i suddenly got the
feeling that I wasn't alone.  I looked around my room and I noticed a shadow
in the far corner.  I watched it for a moment, trying to figure out what was
throwing the shadow when it suddenly moved.  I froze in terror.  The thing
moved across the floor and came to sit at the foot of my bed.  In my terror,
I lost my voice and was unable to scream.  The thing sat at the foot of my
bed staring at me.  Where there should have been eyes, there was nothing at
all.  I could not see through the creature itself, but I could see the back
wall through where it's eyes should have been.  It had either very pointy
ears, or horns, and there was no discernable shape to the thing.  I felt
more in the room and as I looked around, I saw three or four more kind of
melt through the wall and appear inside my room. In my terror, I passed out.
  I awoke the next morning to an empty room, just me, all by myself.  That
was not the last visit from these things.  Over the years they have visited
many times.  Sometimes briefly, sometimes for extended periods of time.  I
told a family member who is highly psychic about them and he told me they
are good spirits and that they come from the Earth.  He told me about his
own experience with them and how one lifted his grandson right from his bed
while the child slept.  He told me to talk to them and ask them what it was
they wanted from me.  He told me not to fear them.  I tried his method, but
I doubted what he told me.  I tend to go with my gut feeling on things of
this nature and my gut told me these things were absolutely NOT good
spirits.  The only time I was able to overcome my fear was in early 2000.  I
woke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.  I left my sleeping
infant daughter in my bed.  When I returned to my room, I instantly knew I
was not alone.  I felt them everywhere.  Terror took over and I froze.  Then
I saw one next to my bed.  It was leaning over my baby and appeared to be
reaching out to touch her.  I felt a surge of anger and I flung myself onto
the bed and laid over my daughter.  I hissed at the creature to get away
from my baby.  It kind of cocked it's head and looked at me before it
finally withdrew it's hand/claw and eventually faded from the room
altogether.  About a year after that my older daughter awoke one night
screaming in terror.  When I went to see what was wrong she said there was a
shadow watching her and it was on the wall next to her bed.  Instinct told
me it was one of "them".  Over the years I have learned that they do not
like light.  They seem to run from it, but that does not mean they go away
entirely.  Sometimes they linger, like in a theatre, they wait off stage for
their cue, and their cue is for the room to go dark again.  I have no idea
what these things are or why they come to me, or what they want from me.  It
worries me since my younger daughter is psychically sensitive as well.  She
clearly sees and talks to the dead.  Recently we went to Bachelor's Grove
cemetery and after visiting there she told me about a couple she had seen
there.  They had told her how they died, when they had died, and that they
had been brother and sister.  She claimed they died in the '20's.  My
daughter is only 4 years old.  She does not even know there was a 1920's.
She has spoken to other ghosts and spirits as well.  She even had her spirit
guide appearing in pictures with her for awhile, until I kindly asked him to
stop.  He did.  I could send some of these picture to you, but I don't have
a scanner here at my house.  I would have to go use a relatives.  But if you
are interested, I can scan a few and send them. You want to know about
ghosts and spirits?  I can tell you tons.  I hope you find what I wrote at
least mildly interesting, and I hope to hear back from you guys as I find
your website quite interesting.  Have a great day!


Bennet College

I used to live in Millbrook and have been exploring there. In the auditorium, there is a short rope hanging from a rafter. Someone told me that a girl who attended there had a boyfriend who was killed in a ski accident, and she was so upset that she hung herself there. Also while in one of the dorm rooms I heard the footsteps of someone wearing high heels (that distinct clip clop sound) walking towards the room. Since it's illegal to be in there, we ran out of the room and out of the building. The whole time we heard the high heels behind us, which sounded like they were running after us when we started running.


Here's one in Rhinebeck

My boyfriend's parents' house in Rhinebeck used to be a schoolhouse in the 16 0r 1700's-- I'm not sure which. Thomas Wolfe went there when he was a child. It's on East Market Street. We often see a little boy looking out of a second floor window at us or hear footsteps.
Also, at my house in Hyde Park, which was built in 1769, I have seen a man dressed in 1700's clothing (a brown burlap-looking shirt, boots with brass buckles, and dark green knickers with dirt on them) coming down the stairs. He walks bowlegged, like a person who rides horses alot. Also, I've seen the face of a person with ice blue eyes in my hallway, and have heard several strange voices. We also have a problem with the electricity in my house--it flickers a LOT, and our house is a dead zone for cell phones, which is strange, because as soon as you set foot off my property, it works at full power again.
Also on my property, there used to be a Dominican Boys Camp in the 70's, which for some reason was abruptly deserted. There are still clothes and other personal effects in many of the cabins, and what looks like blood ALL OVER one of the bathrooms. Our landlord says he doesn't know what happened, and I haven't been to the historian yet, but I thought you might find it interesting. We have seen  and heard many strange things in the buildings back there.

Help Me!


As my friend and I were walking, we saw a young girl in the middle of the road. She walked into a building that has been recently torn down. She walked into what seemed to be a door, and then she walked up an invisible flight of stairs. When she got to the top of the "stairs", she rolled back down and all that I can remember is her screams. I walked to that spot and suddenly got very cold as there was a message that said HELP ME written in the dirt. I was so scared. I never go to that place again. I won't ever forget that time.


On Holiday


hi my name is craig i had a GHOST walkin with me and my mate anyway ill tell u
what happend. i was in jamaica for a holiday and there was a rumor about this one hotel been haunted but nobody beleived the pepole who said this so everybody stayed thre even me and i met a mate there and we became good friends so on the night when everybody was enjoying the entertainment we went up to the very top floor of the hotel we were walking talking and looking at the nice veiw of the hotel when in the corner of my eye i seen a shadow of something holding what seemed to be a dagger of some kind as i turned to look my mate turned to and i said what was that, he explained what he had seen and it was what i had seen so we both ran as fast as we could to the lift and it was sayin it was out of order but when we came up in it, it was fine we got outside and never said a word to anyone and enjoyed the rest of the holiday

I Never Wanted a Girl

By: daddy's_lil_girl

my dads grandpa was never the one to like kidz he hated everybody really. he died b4 i waz born. one day i had a dream 'bout him. i recingnized him from pictures. he came up to me and said "you know, i never wanted a girl".  i was about to say something.  i asked my dad about it and he waz amazed!  He told me that when he was seven his baby sister was born and as soon as his father came out of the delivery room he said "you know, I never wanted a girl.  i had many dreams like that about him including him like dissing me!  i guess his disliking of kids lived on after death!

Little Boy and the House


Hi, I'm from Greece and sorry for my bad English..:)
When I was younger, about 16 years old I had a strange experience.....We lived with my family in our sommer house and from my bed I could look out my door to the livingroom. One night, while I was sleeping, I feld  like I had to wake I opened my eyes and as it was dark, I saw in the livingroom a little boy dressed in white clothes just standing there looking at me .....I thought it was my imagination and I turned on the light. Of course it vanished......I waited for 5 minutes thinking that all this was my imagination,   I turned off the light....and then....the little boy was standing at my bedroom door. I screamed, turned on the light and ran to my brothers bedroom asking him if I could sleep with him.  I heard his footsteps for a while in the livingroom and then it was quiet.
I can't explain this....I didn't regognized the little boy and the house was built new.
I had and other experiences but with diseased family members and friends.  But maybe it was only my imagination....

Charlie was my ghost!


My house was haunted by a old man whose name was Charlie. We found this
out because one day when my parents were building our fireplace and my uncle went in to
get something to drink and he seen an old man in farmer jeans just standing there in front of
the fire place with his arms crossed over his chest just shaking his head no... My uncle told us
exactly what he looked like and the people next door from us had a picture of him. They told us that
he had died in a fire.
We had the noise at night, tv and radio turning off and on even one day
the saw down in the cellar turned on by itself when we were sitting have
supper together. My sister said she heard something in the cellar and my
dad didn't believer her at first then he want down there and it was on.
The saw you have to pull the lever up to turn it on so it was really weird.
Charlie didn't like my dad who's name is also Charlie. I think it was because my dad was mentally abusive
to my mother and sometimes to us. He would hide his tools on him all the time and he
would go out and buy more tools just to have the old ones show again. One time my sister and
I heard the dogs barking so we looked outside and we seen the latch go up the gate open
and then close and the latch went back down with no one there! Another time I was going
down the hallway to go to the bathroom and our dog wanted to get out of my sisters room
because it was scratching at the door. I asked my sister if she wanted me to let her
out and she said no because she was scared and wanted her in there. Well she had a sliding
door and right before my eyes the door slid open and the dog walked right on out! She yelled
at me until I told her I didn't do it! Then she made me stay with her
because she was even more scared. Another time she came running into my
room because you know the charms if you light the candles under them  it
makes them turn, well she was in the living room and it started turning
on it's own and it went faster and faster and faster she said it was
turning so fast that she thought they would just fly off! Another time
the dogs were barking and this was in the winter with new snow that had
fallen. My dad went out to see if there were any foot prints in the snow
because the dogs were just going crazy and all
he found was one set of prints facing looking into our window! My dad
when he was in Germany he was talking to this lady and he said he was
from Pepperell and
she said she knows Pepperell really good and he told her our address and
she said you bought
that place? That place is haunted!!! My dad was like you don't have to
tell me that! She said
when it was a junk car lot that the cars would be moved around and they
would be in different places in the yard and no one had moved them (that
was alive anyway)! The people next door had asked my mother what my
father was doing up in the barn at night and she's like nothing why and
they said they seen lights on and someone up there walking around!!! I
wasn't afraid of him because when I was little and having nightmares so
I went in my mom and dads bedroom with my pillow and blanket and laid on
the floor because I didn't want to wake them up. I was still scared
because of the nightmares that I had and then I feel a hand on my back
at first I was afraid because there was no one there but then I feel
safe as if I knew he was trying to make me feel better and then I feel
asleep. Our ghost Charlie liked to scare my sister though for some
reason and really didn't like my dad! One time he was sleeping and he
said he felt something on top on him and then it started to strangle
him! My dad couldn't get up and he started to cry because he was so
scared. He held onto his cross that he was wearing and started praying
and then it went away. My mother and father got divorced and he came
down to visit us and was going sleep on the couch but didn't want to
stay out there alone. He said the ghost doesn't like me can one of you
sleep out here on the other couch with me? I said you big baby I'll sleep out there
with you. Well sometime late in the night or early morning (not sure) we woke up to something
banging on our door. It was so loud that I thought our door would be broken down! I said you
going get that dad, he said hell no, you get it. Of course we both didn't go to the door.
When it finally stopped we both looked out and didn't see anyone leave! One time I was home by
myself and had the radio blasting and he shut if off on me so I told him, you don't
live here anymore this is my house please don't turn the radio off! He
would leave it alone then. My mother had someone pray over our house so Charlie finally has gone into the light and our >ouse has no more haunting. I almost kind of miss him. We still have Charlies picture in his farmer jeans!

My New Found Friend


A couple of days ago, I stumbled on this wonderful website while sitting on hold at work...  I was really bored.  Anyways, after reading so many fabulous encouters(I spend a lot of time on hold at work), as well as the nasty ones, I feel as though I have something to contribute.  Despite numerous situations that I have undergone through out my life, this is my favorite.
About 2 years ago, I moved into a small duplex apartment that was conveniently located about 20 feet from the back fence of a huge, and very old, cemetery.  The girl I was to be roomates with had lived there for  quite a bit as well as the neighbor downstairs.  Never did I hear them speak of anything out of the ordinary but I am inclined to think they just kept any strange occurrences to themselves.  The room that I had had a window that faced the cemetery.  I could barely see it due to a large number of trees as well as the steep hill that led up to its back fence.  My then boyfriend stayed with me for the first 3 nights I moved in since I didn't feel comfortable staying by myself (the roomate was out of town).  At first I blamed my discomfort and lack of good sleep on being in a new environment.  The first night my boy wasn't there, I didn't sleep at all.  I sat up all night staring out the window watching shadows by the back fence.  The shadows moved as though they were a beautifully composed melody - soft, graceful and yet at some points with defiant maneuvers that I had never seen before.  I think it was the first night I saw them that this place began to have a special meaning for me.
I am convinced that one of those "shadows" came down to the apartment to play sometimes.  Things would go missing, then reappear on the coffee table in plain site (this was not a big apartment).  The instance that seems most bold to me was my license.  I misplaced it the 3rd week after I had moved in.  It was nowhere to be found despite the fact that I had placed it on my bureau when I got home the night before.  I know I put it there because my money, my ATM card, as well as the receipt from the grocery store were all still there.  I searched that apartment for 2 months.  We tore everything apart... including my car, the roommates car, the garage, the laundry.... everything.  The one night I was on the phone with my mom who was furious at me for losing it and didn't like the fact that i was using my passport as my photo ID.  When i got off the phone with her, I lay on my bed staring up at the moon wishing that my mom and i could get along better and making a promise to myself to be more careful with my things (stop misplacing them)
The next day, frustrated and tired, I opened the door to my car and stopped....  there, on the drivers seat, was my license and a gorgeous orange leaf (i like pretty leaves almost more than i like flowers).  My car had been locked, in the garage (locked), no windows open, and I had the only set of keys.  I went upstairs to ask my roommate if she had found my license and somehow gotten it into my car when I realized that yet again, she was out of town.  I sat on the couch for a few moments staring into space trying to rationalize, then headed into my room to grab my sunglasses.  This is a room I had left no more than 20 minutes earlier, only to find a picture, 2 rings, and another orange leaf sitting on my bureau.  I had not been able to find this picture or the rings while unpacking and believed I had left them at my parents house.... I smiled, looked out of my w dow to a beautiful fall day, and said thank you to whomever had made my day.

Evil Ex

I'm not the best story teller, but I have quite a few ghostly experiences. I've been sensitive to spirits since a young age (probably 10 or so). The experience that I want to tell you about today is the scariest I've had so far in my life. It is always un-nerving to sense a spirit around, but this scared me. At the age of 24 I married and evil evil person. He had evil lurking from every corner and it followed him around. The spirits especially loved when we would get into a fight. When we would fight the room temperature would drop to freezing cold and the heater would be on. I could also see dark shadows all around the room. They really liked to stay in the closet and watch us. The closet door was always open, and it was a direct shot onto the bed. One evening as we were sleeping my ex-husband woke up to the sheet all around his body, and I was still fully covered by the sheets. We were in a new apartment and you could hear the noise of the people above and below us. We could always hear the sound of cupboards opening and closing. Sometimes it would be soft and sometimes it would be loud. I just chalked it up to being other apartment noise until one night my ex yelled out "knock it off". The noise stopped and it didn't happen the rest of the night. I'm going to go off on a tangent so I can go on with my story.... When I was between the ages of 16-21 I played on owjia boards and I happened to pick up a female spirit that I call 18. She is a good spirit and protects me. She is my guarding angel. So back to me and my ex. He told me one night that he was going to work on his car. I started to do chores around the apartment. I was cleaning the bathrooms and all of a sudden the whole apartment went ice cold. I started to see two spirits out of the corner of my eye. One was male and he was laughing at me and mocking me. The other was a girl, once I got a better glimpse of her I realized it was 18. She was there protecting me from the male spirit. I found out later that my ex cheated on me that night.


East Dundee


I lived in this home for 2 ½ years.  In East Dundee, on Edwards Avenue stands the original Lakewood Estate hunting lodge built by the architect McIntosh.  Originally Lakewood Estates was going to be an area for recreational hunting, but these ideas never came to fruition, as the depression came and people had less money to spend on frivolities.  Later the lodge was renovated into a home.  From the year 1919 when it was built, until 2004 it has had a total of 20 different owners live in it.  That’s a lot of owners, considering that back years ago people did not get transferred around like they do today. We have seen or experienced the things mentioned.  We’ve seen shadows move about; lights turn on by themselves, heard knocking on windows in the early morning hours, footsteps in the attic above the master bedroom, heard loud clanking noises in the great room, like fireplaces utensils being knocked over and clanging on the stone floor (only to run into the room and find nothing amiss).  Small items are sometimes moved around, such as watches on night stands or bathroom toiletries are changed from one side of the room to the other in the morning when one wakes up. Footsteps are heard coming down the stairs into the great room around 11pm in the evening.  After only living in the home a few nights, I dreamt about a young girl, dressed in a white billowy night dress, who falls over a balcony to her death.  It is rumored that the house is haunted by a young child.  The sound of a child crying has been heard coming from the bedroom at the top of the landing on the second floor.  Another owner heard the piano playing a familiar tune that her daughter was trying to master for a recital, but her daughter was not home at the time, she was at school.  The home’s property is also said to be located on an old stage coach stop.  If you wander into the woods behind the home you can still make out the ruts in the ground from the stage coach line.  The home is very unique with 5 fireplaces and has had many additions added to the original structure.  It’s a very unique home, yet a bit creepy too.  In the main large fireplace there is a small brass figure of a devil hanging on the chain that is connected to the damper.  It’s called a “devil damper”, yet when I moved from that home, I chose to NOT take that item with me, I think there is something either very sad or evil in that home.
The best story was when my husband came home from work one day and pulled into the garage with his car, he came into the home and heard crying coming from upstairs.  He said he immediately became furious at me because he had noticed that my car was not in the garage and he assumed I had left our daughter up in her bedroom napping while I left the house to run errands  (which I would NEVER do), but when you hear what sounds exactly like your child crying and you don’t see your wife at home, what else is there to think.  He walked through the house and up the stairs to her room (hearing the crying all the way) and as he opened the door to her room and looked toward her crib the room went silent.  He said the hairs on the back of his neck just stood up and he went out of the room shouting in the to home, “Leave, get out!”  “You’re dead!”  Later when I got home he never mentioned it to me, in fact he didn’t tell me about that incident until two days after we sold the home (a year later).  He said that he was afraid that if he told me, I would have taken the baby and left to go live at my mothers.  And he’s right, but I was relieved to hear him validate my questions,  his experience meant that all the odd things that I was experiencing and relaying to him were not so nuts after all.  While we were living there he kept making up excuses for these things I would tell him about and I was beginning to feel like I was going crazy.
I tried to do some history on the house and its past occupants.  You can get a list of the owners from the Kane county assessors office, but the historical society said that there was a fire around the 1930’s and all the newspapers etc. from before that are gone.  I’d love to know more, it was cool living there even though it was strange at the same time.

This House is Haunted


I have a story or two to tell.Well the first one was something that happened to my mother when she was around 14-15 yrs. old when she lived in Ohio. It too has something to do with a rocking chair like one of the other stories.Well here it is as she told me.
When my mother was younger(14-15 yrs old) her Aunt(my Grandmothers oldest Grandma is the youngest and her sister was the oldest of 7 children)..would come over on the weekends and would always sit in this rocking chair in the family room and just sit there and talk and rock in the chair.My mother and my aunt(her younger sister) would clean the house on the weekends and when she go to sweep and mop the floor in the family room she would tell her aunt to lift her feet so she can sweep and mop underneath.
Well this is where the experience happens.My mothers aunt died and my grandparents went to the funeral and my mother and aunt stayed at home to clean it because the family and friends were going to go there after. Well when my mother was sweeping and mopping the the family room she was working her way over to the rocking chair..which was rocking..she thought nothing of it because her aunt was always in it when she was cleaning and was used to it.well when she got to the point where she told her aunt to lift her feet..she asked her to lift her feet and the chair went back like someone was sitting in it and lifted there feet..well this is when she relized there was no one in the chair and ran to her sister and was freaked out..they both ended up sitting outside until my grandparents got home..I guess my great aunt was still there rocking away..
This next story happened to of my best friends named Dean moved down to Florida when we were in 4th grade.(I am now 24 yrs. old.)And all through growing up he would say he would here strange noises in his house and his stereo would go on in the middle of the night and also the TV.He also said one time he woke up and a glowing ball of light was hovering above his head and he just layed there frozen then after a couple of seconds it darted off towards the window and dissapeared..he always thought it was aliens or something..but me and are other friends would always laugh at him and tell him yeah right.
Now here's my story in all's not that scary like the other stories on here but it freaked us out.About a year ago before he moved back to Cleveland his father, mother and sister were in Cleveland looking for houses and he was home alone for about a week or two.Dean,another friend named George and myself were sitting in his living room watching TV..the only light was from the TV as it was he starts on one of his stories again about how the radio in his mothers room went on in the middle of the night and he went in there to shut it off and checked the alarm on it and it was not on nor was it set for the time it went on.Then he said when he went back into his room his computer was on..and it wasn't berfore.So he told us this and me and George are like wow that's my head I'm like here we go again..well anyway after about 5 seconds of him telling us this story his kitchen light goes on keep in mind we are the only 3 people there and the kitchen is right next to the living room and you can see the switch and it was down.Then about after 10 seconds it went off..all 3 of us just sat there staring and after like 10 seconds of silence he is like did you guys see that? And we are like yeah...he like I told you this house is me and George were like see ya..and Dean ended up staying at my house that night.

St. Margarets


Hi, I graduated from St. Margarets School, in Lowell, in 2001. And I have my own little haunting story.
I had stayed after school after one of the events, , my mother is a helper at the school, (it was about 9:00 )and I had been recruited to go to the top floor and make sure all the lights were turned off. So, I went upstairs from the side where the boys bathroom is and went into each of the classrooms in turn and shut off all the lights. So, I made it to the other side where the girls bathroom is and began walking down the stairs. I got to the landing in between the top floor and the 1st floor and looked up towards the hallway I had just came from, because I thought I heard a noise. So, I yelled 'Hello', thinking it was someone looking for me and when I looked up I saw a girl I had never seen before leaning far over the balcony type thing. I ran all the way to where everyone else was, terrified and I have never seen her since. That happened in about 8th grade, so 2000-2001.



When we were renovating our house I walked out to our new kitchen. I looked in the door and saw (what I thought was a builder). I walked in to make a sandwhich and started talking to him but he just stared at me and walked out of the room. I walked out the door and looked round the corner but he wasen't there. The next day I told the old woman next door and discribed him she said "Thats my uncle Phillip he died there 30 years ago."
I think he must just be coming to see how the house was going.

Indian Friend


I have been reading this site for quite some time now. I like reading all of the different stories that everyone puts in, they are all great.  Well I finally got up enough courage to tell my story.
I lived in a house in Central Jersey for about 10 years. I loved that house, you would walk in and just feel so comfortable like ya didn't want to leave.  When we first moved in people from the neighborhood would walk by our house and tell us that a spirit was there but not to worry because he was very friendly. We thaught it was a bunch of bull.
The night I first had solid proof that the house was in fact haunted, I was watching T.V. late at night, I always would watch TV real late.  I heard someone come down the staires, walk around the kitchen table twice into the kitchen and back through the living room and stand at the stairs that lead into the living room (there were two steps into the living room).  I thaught it was my brother sleepwalking, he did that from time to time, so I yelled at him to go back to bed (didn't turn around to yell, just yelled :) ) He didn't move just stood there swaying back and forth staring at me. ( the entrance way to the living room was behind me I just heard all of this.) I finally turned around to really yell at my brother but when I did no one was there, but the foot steps continued down the staires right in front of me and through the front door. I was alittle freaked but not scared, I took it as my sign to go to bed.  So I did. Th
 became a ritutal, when "he" thaught it was time for me to go to bed he would always let me know.
We call him our "Indian Friend" thats because we had a friend come over, she is clairvoient (sp) she saw him and said that he was an Indian who was murdered for the land the house now sits on. ( house built in 1840) He liked it so much he decided to stay.  She also said that he like us being there. it showed.
I was not the only one who new he was around my mom and brother both have their own stories to tell.  He was always full of pranks and jokes, he would do the usual hide things, move things, disturb you when you are watching TV. I think he found it funny. But we would just ask for our things back and he would give them back to us. We would feel him sit on the couch or at the foot of the bed, sometimes see the indent, We would say good night or good morning and he would get up.  But he would watch tv for awhile with us.
One story real quick, we had a fire place room in the house, we never used it execpt to put our christmas tree in,  well... every year we were finished putting the tree up, we would sit down... and down came the tree, every year.  One year we even tied it the wall and it still fell! we finally started putting the tree in the living room, it never fell. I think that was his room and he didn't want it in there. :)
 He had two rules from me, I didn't want to see him and I didn't want to hear him (talk) because I told him I didn't want to ever be afraid of him.  And he listened. Now I kinda regret not seeing him. I have in my dreams though. He was and is truly part of our family, he stayed behind to pick on the other people who moved in but he still comes and pays us a vist now and then.  I always look foward to his visits.  People who move in there never stay to long, the guy who lives there now has those guargoils all over the place, I think they are to ward off evil spirts but it won't work because my Indian Friend is far from evil. I have alot more to tell but it would take up to much of
our time.  I have a few questions to ask, just things that I can't figure out, yet, if you guys ( David and Tina) wanna e-mail me back feel free! I'd love to hear from ya.

Haunted House on Eside of Des Moines


I lived in a small house on the east side for a few years. It was about 4 blocks north of the fairgrounds. I was told the owners before me lost a baby and got divorced therefore selling the house.  At night things would get noisy sometimes.  It always sounded like a distant radio or tv announcer was talking in the furnace area in a running monologue you could never quite hear. Pizza pans would roll off a counter top for no apparent reason, a bag of junk in the basement owned by former owners containing photographs and odds and ends toppled over in a big crash.  The most unnerving incident was when I filled a prescription and had the pills on my bathroom sink.  For some reason I was looking for something in my desk drawer in the extra bedroom and found one of these pills in that drawer.  The hair on the back of my arms stood up as I realized no one else had been in the house since I had bought this prescription and I had no reason to "hide" the pill in there.  My first thought was that a child had done that.  The room I was in was probably where the toddler died and he was sick, I learned for quite a while, so probably had to take lots of pills.
I had another night in the house when I woke up scared sensing something in the room with me.  I was so scared I was afraid to move.  The room seemed bathed in a blue light and something round and fuzzy flew up under the covers next to me and gone quickly.  It took a long time before I could move and return to normal.  I finally realized whatever was in the house wanted me to know it was there and meant no harm.
When I moved out the house it seemed to go haywire for the new alcoholic owners.  Apparently the ghost child liked me better since I had made many improvements to the home. I noticed I had blond hair like the former mom in pictures I found. In the first few weeks the Realator called me and said they thought I sold them a lemon.  It sounded like the Amnity Ville Horror.  They had water in the basement, the central air broke and lights quit working.  I guess water even poured down the inside wall of the livingroom.  I had never had any of these problems.


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