By: fissure13@chilitech.net

First I think that I should give you a little bit of background information. My mother and my father split up when I was two. So wanting another man in her life, she found a new boyfriend. He wasn't what you would call a nice person. He was very abusive... one night he stole a hundred dollars from me and my mom decided that that was the last straw. She called the police, and he was sent to jail.
He always told us that there was a male ghost that followed him around... but no one ever believed him. As time passed while he was in jail, our belief in his ghost grew. I was now about eight years old and I can remember these days like they were yesterday. Everyday, when my mom and I got home, the cat scratcher, it was one of those really tall ones, was in the middle of our dining room floor. This was eerie for several reasons. The first being that our cat was not large enough to even move the object, the second was that the cat hated the toy, and the third and most important was that the cat scratcher was put at the bottom of our stairway which was three rooms away!
I was now afraid to go anywhere in the house by myself so where ever my mom was... so was I.
One night, my fourteen year old cousin decided to spend the night. My mom didn't want to scare her so she didn't tell her anything about her recent happenings. I left her have my room and I slept in the bed with my mom. About ten minutes after she was in the room by herself , she ran into the room that my mother and I were in screaming. She claimed that she saw an old man playing with the chain that hung from the light. My mom went in my room to see if anything was there. There was no man. But the chain was still fiercly spinning.It then started to slow until it stopped.
When we entered the house about a week later... the cat scratcher wasn't in the dining room, but it also wasn't in the stairway. We proceeded up the stairs. My mom was ahead of me, and I was quivering behind her. As my mom flicked on the hallway light, she jumped. After  I questioned her about what it was, I noticed it without her answer. Greasy hand prints slid across the top of our ten foot wall. For some strange reason my mom followed them. To afraid to be left by myself... I followed her. My hearts beat shook my entire body. We were now approaching her bed room. Sure enough there was the cat cat scratcher next to it was an enormous hand print. And when I say enormous I mean enormous. It appeared to be a foot in length.
My mom tried to clean it up on countless occasions, but it never lifted. Until her boyfriend was released from jail that is. He was immedeatly kicked out and everything stopped happening. The next time my mom tried to clean up the stain, it dissappeared and nothing happened again.

Grandma Ruth

By: Ellabrinkley@msn.com

this ia about my grandma ruth that passed away in 2002. I loved her so much. Things have been happening up intil this day ever since she passed. The strange occurence that happened to me was that at the time I was living in portsmouth,VA with my father. My grandma said that I can have her bed when she passed, so now I have it.  This happened on a sunday, Me and my other grandma  was going to church, but at the last minute decided not to go. I went back in my room and layed down on grandma bed. That's when I thought I heard someone call my name. I knew it sounded like my grandma, but I dismissed it kind of. When I did'nt respond to her calling me, I heard her call me again. That's when I looked up, and she was sitting at the foot of my bed, dressed like she would always be, not how she was at the funeral. Now, this part I don't understand why she said this to me-- she asked me did I want her to fix me something to eat!  I was so startled I screamed and started to kick my feet like a child that was having a tantrum. With me doing that, she just started to fade off  and disappear. A lot of things have happened to my mom, but she will have to write up here for herself. Other things have happened to me. When I was about ten years old one night I wont feeling good and I was laying in bed. I went to sleep, but I woke up when I felt someone tucking me in. I thought it was my mom so I turned over to see her, but it wasn't her. I just saw this large dark shadow at the end of the bed.  I was scared and just put the covers over my head.  Now this next thing that happened to me, I have been looking on all sorts of sites to see if anyone has ever had this happen to them.  Whoever reads this, if this has happen to you or you know someone that it did happen to would you write it down to this site? I would gladly appreciate it. Here goes.....  When I was seven or eight , I was in the bed at nightand all the sudden I felt like someone was in the bed with me. I turned to my side and I saw this man that looked like a troll! he had no color to him at all he was just straight white. I started whimpering, and he told me to shut up. He was so scary to look at that I turned away and just stayed in bed. I was terrified to move. I didn't go to sleep, I could still feel him near.  when light came into my room from it being morning, I got the courage to look back to see if he was still in the bed and he was gone. What was that? growing up after that incident always had me putting teddy bears in the bed with me so that he wouldn't come back. but as I got alittle older I got braver and I said to myself that if he ever came back, I was going to get him. he  hasn't come back, I'm nineteen now.  Well that's all that I want write right now. Thank you for reading

Ghost in Texas

By: Friendz214@aol.com

I would like you to hear about my horrible encounter with a ghost or unseen being. We were on vacation in Oklahoma visiting some relatives that I had never met before. They lived in a thickly wooded area. That evening after supper, and the sun had started setting, my mother and I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful new scenery we were in. We had been hiking for 20-30 minutes so we were several miles from the house. Suddenly a breeze swept over us, and before us was a small pond. I looked over into the water and saw a bright face staring back at me. I know that it was not my reflection. I jumped back and turned around and my mother was no where around. I began yelling and calling my mother, but got no response. I finally got back to my relatives house and ran in. I asked everyone if they had seen my mother and no one had seen here. This alerted my relatives because they had 100 acres of wooded area and there were snakes and other dangerous animals and the sun had already set. Me, my uncle and his wife, and 2 of my older cousins headed into the dark woods all carrying flashlights. We walked toward the pond in hopes she'd still be near by. I looked up and behind two trees was a bright shining light. I walked toward the light and looked behind the tree. There was the same person who I had seen in the water. But he wasn't easy to see. It was almost like you could see right through him. I freaked out and screamed yelling for my relatives to come see. when they arrived they stopped and watched the "ghost" float away over the water and into the darkness. Everyone stood in shock of what they saw. After several hours, the woods became draped with heavy fog. We could hardly see what was in front of us. We decided to head back toward the house and call for help. We called the Sheriff and he arrived with 3 other police. All night long we spent looking and scanning the dark pond water. No sign of my mother. I was so worried. Oddly, no one mentioned to the police what we had seen earlier. I didn't know whether or not to say anything. I didn't want to seem crazy to the police but I wanted to do anything to find my mother. I asked my older cousin Charles if we should say something about the sighting we had at the pond. He shook his head and said, "Come on, we didn't see anything, that was probably a fire fly."
I was totally confused. I knew I had seen a person's face in the water, then again behind the trees. I knew that everyone else had seen it too. I finally said,
"Sheriff, I think there is someone or something in these woods." Then he asked me to explain what I had seen. At sunrise the family decided to go back to the house and let the police continue their search. I was hesitant, but my family talked me into coming home with them.
We walked in the house and I sat down at the table. My aunt made me hot chocolate and asked me if I was all right. I couldn't believe what I had seen and everyone else seen and no one was talking of it. I was confused and started hoping that this was all a nightmare. I drew myself a bath and climbed in. I cleared the vapor off the window and stared. I didn't even know what to do. I wanted to feel hopeful, but the demonic stare of the ghost haunted me. I didn't have a good feeling. I kept imaging horrible things happening to my mother. I cried and rubbed water over my face. I prayed that God would help us find her.
Several days had passed and no sign of my mother. I missing persons report was made. I was starting to lose all hope. I felt like I had lost the most important person in my life. I wanted to go look for her myself, but the police refused to let anyone else into the woods.
Late that night I heard some footsteps. It kept coming closer. Then I saw a bright light at my door. The door slowly opened and the same face was standing there. It scared me and I screamed. It came at me fast and suddenly I felt a burning sensation over my body. Then it felt wet. I couldn't breath. My throat felt like it was closing.........
I woke up in a hospital bed. My aunt was asleep in the chair next to me. I looked up at the end of my bed. I was so confused. I couldn't remember how I got there. My aunt awoke and told me that I had passed out the night before and they couldn't wake me. They said I had bruises all over my body and hand marks on my throat, like I had been strangled. "Oh my God, it was the ghost from the pond!"
My aunt looked at me strangly, then ran to hit the nurse button. She looked down at me and said, "honey, you have been through a lot of stress, you need to relax, we found your mother. She can't remember anything, but we found her lying next to you. She's here in the hopital too only 3 rooms away." "What! I want to see her now!" I got up and ran to the hall but was stopped by two nurses. "You have to stay in bed honey," they explained. I sat down and told them that I needed to see her. They began injecting me in the arm with a shot. I started to panic and asked my aunt what was wrong with me. Then I got very dizzy and relaxed.
I woke up to a nurse bringing my dinner. She brought to sedatives and a glass of water. I asked her where my mother was and they said the police were investigating her. Then she came into my room and slowly walked over to my bed.
She put her hand on top of mine and asked me if I was feeling ok. I asked her if she was ok and she told me she was fine, she just doesn't remember much. I asked her if she remembers our walk from the night we were out on a walk together. She said she did, but didn't remeber what happened to her after that. I asked her if she saw the face in the pond. She said no nothing at all.
Still to this day no one knows who or what had happened the night of my mother's disappearance or her reappearance. No one knows what really happened. I believe that a spirit had taken her. I don't know why or what he did it for. It could have just been an evil ghost causing chaos. Police think there is someone behind it. Like a kidnapper, and when he tried to return my mother he saw me and panicked and tried to kill me. The police had me describe the man's face that I saw. They have yet to find a person. I wish that I knew what had really happened that night. It would ansewer so many questions for me.

Different Ways


I wasn't going to share this story because I didn't think it was an actual ghost story..but I thought I about it and I guess it could be,and if not it's still kind of weird and interesting.
When I graduated High School in 1998 I went up to Ohio to visit a friend who graduated a year ahead of me and went up there to go to College.I graduated on the 6th and left on the 8th and stayed there for 10 days.Well about 3 nights before I came back which would have been the night of the 15th morning of the 16th I had a dream.In this dream I woke up in my bed back home and there was this man sitting on my bed.He had dark brown long hair and was clean shaven wearing a white robe.I was kind of startled at first then it turned to curiosity.I asked who he was.He says something like you know of me but don't know me.And then goes on saying how we are alike and that we would be the same and just a bunch of stuff like that.I was still confused because he never said who he was.He was telling me not to worry that everything will be OK.and just a bunch of stuff that I couldn't figure out.Well to make a long story short I just passed of the dream as a weird dream.That was until I got home. I told my mother about it and she asked when was the dream..and I told her the night of the 15th. She had this weird look on her face and then showed me this letter. It was dated June 16th 1998 and it was a letter she wrote to a brother that was born before me and died after he was born.I knew about him but never knew exact details like his birthday.She thinks it was my older little brother coming to visit me on his birth a death day.And when I heard that then all that he said made sense.So I guess there are different ways of spirits contacting you.


After Moving In

By: jamiehood@cox-internet.com

This is my story....
After all the stories I read I wanted to tell my own.
It was 1990 we moved from one small town in Southeast
Kansas to another.  To tell you the lay out of the house
so you'll know what i'm talking about on the front of the
house was a large screened in porch. That's where the front
door was to the house.  When you walked in that door there
was stairs that led up to the second story.  That's where my
story begins.  When we first looked at the house my sister
(who is two years older then me) went up stairs to look at
the bedrooms where we would sleep.  As we walked
through the second door we saw someone go through the
wall.  That's where it all started.  After we moved in things
started to happen. At night my dad would hear someone
open the front door and walk across the hard wood floor
(That had carpet on it).  He would get up and look
the front door was still dead bolted.  I would hear someone
walk up and down the stairs all night long. I mainly slept with
sister after that.  After about a month my dad ended up in
hospital, so me and my sister where home alone for a while
with out our mother there.  That's when strange things really
started to happen.  The enity would start scaring us. It would
knock on the back door, open and slam the cabinets closed.
Walked across the upstairs floor, slamming doors.  Our poor
dog would not even go up stairs it would sit at the foot and
bark and whine.  To make a long story short, after my dad
got home from the hospital the thing tryed to smother my
mom to death (my mom always slept on her stomoch) it sit
push her head it to her pillow, until she got free and woke
my dad up and told him.  The next week we moved.
Someone bought that house and remodeled it, I wonder if
they had the same problem we did?



By: fireball120@bellsouth.net

My sister and her family lives in a place that appears to be built on a grave yard.  There are stone markers all over her yard.  Yesterday I was over there and accidentally knocked over a large marker and attempted to right it.  I could not budge it to get it back in its place, and yet when I visited today, the stone was once more erect and there was no signs that it had ever been otherwise.
My sister also has spoken of a lady that used to live there in the 1800's.  The lady's name was Inez.  Reported to me by my sister, Inez told her that she was glad to have a family living once more in the house.
My mother has reported feeling someone patting her on the back, and no one actually being there.
I personally have saw a white form in the house, and a darker gray form speeding by the window outside.  After bolting the door to the crawl space to the attic securely, the door opened by itself.  That happened just yesterday.  My brother in law reported that when he went into the attic via the crawlspace in order to access inside roofing beams, he was pushed down and fell out of the attic.
About a month ago while my sister and her husband were asleep in bed, the small air conditioner that was securely bolted into the window was thrown inward into the bedroom floor.
My sister has also reported an instance in which "Inez" told her of a hanging suicide that occurred in an old barn structure on the property.  My sister was also told that there was an evil  person buried on the property underneath a tree outside of her bedroom window.
These are honest statements made by various people with no mental delusions or anything that would indicate a seperation from a reality state.


Haunted Passage and Others

By: the_griff59@hotmail.com

i have 3 stories which might interest readers of this sight and the first happened to my granddad, as a young man he lived in a small town in the north west of england called widnes, one night he was walking home from the pub when he reached an ally that took him through a short cut . as he was walking down it he noticed to figures a little ahead of him (a man and a woman ) both were dressed in victorian clothes and at first he thought they must have bin at a fancy-dress party and didn't take much notice of them, but then as they turned a corner he got a funny feeling and knew that as he turned the corner himself he would find them gone, and sure enough there was nobody there, this ally had no other corners it was strait brick walls on either side so my grandfathers only explanation is that the ghostly old fashioned couple literally vanished.
my second story is one that happened to my dad one night. he was a heavy goods driver, doing the night shift and was driving across the country. it was the middle
of the night and the motorway was quiet, he hadn't passed any one for a long time when he noticed a man a little way infront of him lit slightly by his head lights but mostly in shadow at first my dad thought he mush have broken down and was preparing to stop and offer some help, but as he got oser he realised that the man had not moved a muscle, not even blinked just stood and stared at the lorry, he freaked my dad out a little so he decided that he wouldn't stop but just as he was about to drive past him the man stepped out infront of the truck. my dad realised what had happened and hit the breaks. he took his mag-light and went to see if the man had survived, he walked around the lorry and couldn't see any one so he had to get down on the ground and look around the wheels and the wheel arches at this point he was really scared of what he might see, because by now he thought that the man was all mushed up under the vehicle but he still didn't find anything, so he walked along the motorway in both directions and checked along the road side but he didn't find any thing, when he was sure there was no one out there he got back into the lorry and tried to think it through rationally when it occurred though him that he had not felt any thing as the man had disappeared under the truck (as you would if you ran something over) . when he reached the truckers cafe he asked some other men to look over his vehicle but when they didn't find any thing and he told them what happened, one of them just said that there have bin strange occurrences on that road for a while now and nobody's ever been able to explain it.
i have other stories of my own experience but shall save them for another time.


By: LrPapillion@aol.com

I would visit my aunt and my cousins every summer. One year they moved into a new house with a huge basement where we all used as a play area. At first I couldn't stand going down there. I felt cold and unsafe just whenever I happened to be down there. I would never stay there by myself. One night we all decided ((not me)) to sleep in the basement under tents made out of old sheets.  As I was about to drift off to sleep I heard music playing (( some oldies tune)) and assumed one of my cousins turned the radio on. I got up and for sure the radio was playing. I switched the knob to the off button but it was still playing. I wasn't alarmed cause the radio was really old and we used a screw driver to turns stations. So I grabbed for the cord and pulled it and then I realized it wasn't plugged in.  Feeling panicked I turned and notice that the unfinished bathroom door was opened and with the light was on. My uncle kept the door locked at all times due to some electrical work that needed to be done. I stood there frozen even though my instincts told me to run.  I felt paralyzed. I couldn't keep my gaze off the bathroom. All I saw was a toilet seat and the sink that was placed on the floor and one bulb that hung suspended off the ceiling. Slowly the bathroom door began to close. Once it was shut I was able to move and boy did I! I ran up stairs and woke up my aunt.  terrified I could only gasp out alligator. For in my young mind I visioned something scaly and low to the floor with lots of teeth.  Still to this day I refuse going down in that basement.  My Aunt and Uncle claim they can hear music playing in the basement when its late at night even though that old radio was thrown away years ago. It isn't a scary experience but it was terrifying to me!

The Land Of Moses and Gypsy Hill

By: l.schippers@mchsi.com

While reading the information that is listed about haunted sites in Indiana, I came accross a place that I recognized.  The listing on The Land of Moses and Gypsy Hill is close to where I live.  I had no idea that it was haunted.  When I read the article, the hair on the back of my neck began to stand up.  Thats when i told my friend that we had to go there and try to find the remanes of the old house where the gypsy supposedly lived.  When we got there we found a dead white dog.  We ventured off into the woods hoping to come accross some sort of siting.
Upon walking through the woods and feeling the constant erie feeling that we were being watched; we kept coming accross places were our hair would stand up on our necks at the same time.  At these points, our bodies would be engolfed by freezing cold spots.  When we no longer felt that we were being watched it would become warm again.
We saw various places that it looked like someone had made camp.  There were lots of old tarps and rusted sheet metal hung from tree to tree.  Once to the other side of the woods, we were standing along side the tree line when we heard shrills and shreeks, but they were low pitched.
We rushed to the front of the woods and were saying, "show us that you are here."  We were also whistling to her.  We reached the edge of the woods and was quiet for some time hoping that this would be my first siting.
Though we didn't see anything defanant, we heard about seven high than low pitch whistles in intervals a few times.  Along with that, we heard a series of gunshots than an engine bogging out.

The Wife

By: london.production@tns-global.com

This actually happend to an ex-girlfriend of mine a couple of years ago.  She had just got a job working for Virgin Atlantic as one of the cabin crew and was very excited to be on her first trans-atlantic flight to America.
About seven hours into her shift, the supervising staff gave her the clear to take an hour break.  Un be known
to me, these new very large aircraft have bunk like sections in the down stairs part of the plane for staff to go and get some shut eye or just relax and have some rest.  When she entered the rest hole, to her surprise, she found an elderly American lady sitting on one of the bunks looking a bit sorry for herlself, my ex, Janey, explained to the lady that 'these are for staff only and would she mind going back up on deck and find her seat'.  The woman explained to Janey that she didnt feel well atall after quite a hectic trip to the UK and would she mind fetching her husband, Mr Berkenshaw, who was upstairs in seat 14c.  Being a very kind sought, Janey comforted the woman, who did seem to be in some distress, for a minute or two and then went up on deck to inform her husband.  On getting upstairs, sure enough, there was an elderly gentleman sitting in 14c. 'Excuse me, Mr Berkenshaw?' 'Yes', replied the man, 'Sorry to bother you sir but your wife is down bellow in the staff quarters and she appears to be in some discomfort, she wants you to go sit with her'.  At this, the man looked at her in absolute disgust and then started to lay into her shouting and swearing.  'My wife? My bloody wife? Yeah, she is down stairs, I bloody know she's downstairs!'  At this point more air staff came to her assistance to try and sort the situation.'This idiot girl is sick in the head, saying my wife spoke with her down stairs, my wife is downstairs, I know, in her coffin!'   Janey was now crying and confused, really in a state of shock, panic and the rest.
The old lady she had just spoken to previously was infact a ghost and had come to Janey to ask to speak to her husband after dying of a heart attack on their trip to the UK.  Six months on, Janey is still recieving counselling paid for by Virgin to try and sort her head out.  It is not everyday that you converse with the dead especially when they appear to be in human form.  As a result of this experience, our relationship suffered and Janey is still trying to get a grip mentally but she has never been the same since.
The qustion that I have after being involved in somthing like this is the rule factor.  I am sure that what ever governs the actions of the dead, that they shouldnt be alowed to converse with the living as this creates confusion and dispair, as I have seen.  The effects this type of meeting can have on some people, especially a young innocent girl is devistating.  Did the old lady not yet know the rules because she was a new ghost? did she even realise that she herself was dead?  Many more questions pose to this true, but facinating story.

Out of Body Experience?

By: ETippett@fortisproperties.com

This happened about 20 years ago when I was 14, camping with my parents and
brother in our motorhome.  I was asleep on the big bunk overhead with my
brother.  I could hear my parents calling us to wake up for breakfast.  I
was having this dream or so I thought. I was walking along this busy city
street in a city I did not recognize, all I knew is that it was way busier
and bigger than my home city.  There was a lot of traffic, almost looked
like rush hour. This little girl was walking with me. She was blond and
dressed in 70s style clothing, a coat with a fake fur collar.  She was
playing in traffic, running out into the street and dodging cars and
giggling. She ran back to me and I told her not to go in the road, she would
get hit. She said "that's all right, I don't have a body to go back to
anyway" and went running out in the  road again.  I started being able to
hear my parents louder but I still couldn't move. I felt myself passing
through the thin cold metal wall of the trailer and going back into my body.
It felt like sinking into warm marshmallow. Then I could wake up and answer
my parents. I have never had an experience like that before or since.

My Mums Perfume

By: pk003g3270@blueyonder.co.uk

my mum recently died and I moved houses and I now live with my dad. I have always believed in ghosts but I had never experienced a presents until a couple of weeks ago.I was upset about my mums death and I was trying to get asleep when I smelt a perfume and it was the perfume my mum used to wear. No one wears it in my house so I knew it couldn't of been anyone spraying it. I tried to forget about it and go asleep and when the smell became stronger I opened my eyes as I felt like I was being watched.  As soon as I opened them I knew someone was in my room, I opened my eyes and I saw a out line of someone's face near mine when I looked closer it looked like my mums face when I started to cry it went. I haven't seen it again but im hoping I will.

Just Minding My Own Business

By: zandor_8@hotmail.com

I had just woken up from a good night's sleep and was now lying on my side
facing the wall, I was just thinking 'mundane thoughts' (as you do).  I
suddenly got the feeling that I wasn't alone, that there was something over
by my bedroom door (at the foot of my bed), I couldn't look towards the door
as I couldn't move my body or head- my eyes were open and I could move them,
however I couldn't move my head so was resigned to watching the wall.
In the space of a few seconds, I heard a most pitiful moaning sound coming
from the door, at the same time I felt a weight press down at the end of the
bed behind me.  The sound was like nothing I have ever heard before (I felt
just an immense sadness and pity for this thing, as I had the feeling it was
in such enormous pain).  The weight on the bed seemed to suddenly shoot up
the bed and come to rest behind my head, than the sniffing began! it felt
like a dog was breathing on my neck and sniffing it quite frantically (like
when a dog finds an interesting smell - it tends to go into a frenzy of
sniffing!).  This was over as quickly as it started, nothing else happened
after that and it's hard not to put it down to imagination as it was such a
strange incident.  However I definitely know it wasn't my imagination.
I thought to myself when it was sniffing my neck that it was exactly like a
spirit dog might behave, but I knew in my mind that it wasn't a dog and the
moans were unlike anything I've ever heard before.

Haunted Pittsburgh Hotel

By: JMD2735@aol.com

I worked for a hotel in Pittsburgh for eight years. Many odd things would happen at night while I was working the graveyad shift. The automatic revolving door would spin all night long even though it is motion activated. You would hear someone walking down the hall behind you even though you are alone.
One night while working the 11pm to 7am shift I had a guest call me requesting to switch rooms, he was shaken up a bit and did not care what room I moved him to. He said he woke up to find a man standing next to his bed. When he asked who he was the man walked thru the wall and disappeared. Sometimes this ghost is seen holding a baby. We would often times get a complaint from other guests about a baby crying, when we get to the room that the guest says the crying is coming from the room would be empty.
We had a room that no guests liked to stay in, they said the room would have cold spots or sometimes the room would be freezing. This room is 421. The TV in this room would turn on in the middle of the night, change channels, then turn off. The engineers could not find anything wrong with the TV.
One night while the auditor was walking near room 421 she felt someone tap her shoulder. When she turned around no one was there so she continued on walking. When she neared 421 she felt a hand on her shoulder, again no one was there. Suddenly the door to 421 slammed shut and she heard a voice in the room speaking a language she had never heard before. She quickly ran to the front desk and refused to go near that room again. I thought she was joking, so I went to check out the room. There room was vacant except for it being so cold I was shivering in August.
I do know that over the years since the hotel opened in 1973 that there have been some deaths on property. I think they don't know that they should have checked out.


Experineces I have been Through

By: Dragonfly8105@aol.com

Hello, my name is Crystal, all my life I have delt with things that other people would swear I was crazy for but now being 22 going on 23 I know that I'm not. I believe in an after life and of ghost .when I was 18 I had just gotten married to my husband when he came back from basic training. Let me tell you the first time I laid eyes on my husband I was only 13 and some one told me a man anyway said "that is the person you are going to marry "it was really weird and at the same time I knew it was the truth. I even turned around and told my sister ,who was at the city pool with me and she said "no your not you had better stay away frome him, hes one of the bad boys "you have to know I didn't even know his name. anyway 5 years later when I married that same boy at 18 I'll start. I talked to a phsycic on the phone and they told me I have 2 spirit guides that watch over me and that while I was alone in my home I should ask them to either turn on and off the light or knock on the wall for me to show me they were there. Well I thought about this for about three weeks and decided to do it so while my husband was at work one day I sat on my living room couch with no tvs on or any thing and said if you are there please turn on and off the light or knock on the wall I waited and nothing happened so I repeated myself still nothing happened so I got fusterated and said yeah right I knew you couldn't do it and turned on the tv about 15 mins later some thing knocked on the inside of my living room wall three times I was really startled I jumped up and ran into my kitchen right behind my living room wall even though I knew no one was in my apartment it was only one bedroom and I was in the room with the only enterance so anyway I went back into the living room and thought man that was weird did it really happen sure enough about 30 mins later it happened again three knocks like before Well this happened continuently for around six months about three times a day thats including every night when I went to bed the same three knocks in the wall infront of the foot of my bed I was constantly asking my husband do you hear that an he really thought I was crazy. Finally one day I told him what I had done and he looked at me and said "well did you ever ask them to stop "I said "what "and he said "well did you" and I stopped and thought about it and started laughin because I had never thought of that and it was so funny. So needless to say I asked them to stop and it did. Now a year later we had moved to a two bedroom apartment across the apartment complex because I was pregnant with my daughter , well I was like 4 months along and one day I got up and felt so awfull it was like I had no energy whatsoever I sat on the couch in the living room not eating or anything not wanting to move well it was like 7 something in the evening and my husband was in the second bedroom working on the crib and I just felt like I had to get off that couch because something was definitly wrong, I went to my bedroom and laid on my bed when I did some grayish smokey object started flying from the ceiling like swooping down on me I felt like I was about to die I literaly felt like I was sinking down into my materress and tears were coming out of my eyes I started screaming my husbands name and he was only across the thin hall in the second room but he didn't seem to hear me I just knew I was dieing when he finally came in the room and said "what" I said "just lay on top of me "he came over and layed on my feet and I said "no get on top of me all the way "and he came over to me to lay on top of me and he had either hand already on either side of me coming down when he jumped up and grabbed me off the bed and ran with me out of my apartment when he sat me down outside on the stairs I just started bawling and didn't quit for about an hour I felt so much better but it had scared me really badly.I asked him why he had done that and he said when he bent down he felt something go over his neck and all his hair stood up and he knew it wasn't good so we left for awhile when we came back to the apartment about 3 hrs later I didn't feel anything anymore. Well the rent was going up 100 dollars a month and we couldn't afford that on a e-2's salary with a baby on the way so I went house hunting well I found this old house on 8th street in killeen tx . Let me tell you it looked really bad from the outside but when I went in I was amazed everything was great It looked great I brought my husband to see it after he got off work the walls were white and the wood floors were all polished and looked brand new I looked through the cabinets and drawars and they were all clean I went into the bathroom and it was spotless The kithchen tile floor was awesome I had always wanted white and black tiles. And it was only 400 amonth. My husband kept looking at me like I was crazy the whole time I'm sitting there telling him how great it is and can he believe our luck and he asked me if I was seriouse I got mad and said I really wanted the place because I just had this feeling like I really needed to live here. Well let me tell you the day we got our keys for the house was the next time we went into the house and I was in for a big shock I walked in and right away noticed the yellow walls I looked around and went and touched them and said what happened did she paint the walls this is awfull my husband looked at me like I was nuts and said no they are the same color they were when we were here the other day I went through all of the rooms the hard wood floor was scratched and spotted with urine and poop spots that hadn't been totally cleaned up from a animal I was discusted the drawars and cabinets were stinky and had rat poop in them and candle wax and trash I said were did this stuff come from it wasn't like this the other day and my husband said I don't know whats amatter with you but its just like it was. The kitchen floor with the nice tile had gashes and slices in it and was stained beyond repair the toilet in the bathroom was really gross. Well we had already paid so I just put all of this down to maybe I am going crazy and started cleaning. Well let me tell you the first thing that started happening My husband and I would be in bed and I would have this weird feeling and couldn't go to sleep after my husband had already fallen asleep and at the same time every night I would hear some one with boots on walking back and forth on the hard wood floor in the living room and I would wake john up and tell him some one was in the house to go check he would get up and go look around the house and come back and tell me I was just imagening things to go back to sleep(he had no idea I'de never went to sleep in the first place it got so bad after about a month he told me not to wake him up any more unless it was life or dead because he had to get his sleep to go to work in the morning . I stared having these dreams about A really nice big man that told me and showed me this mean lady with long brown hair that had done mean things to him and a little brown haired boy that couldn't have been older than 5-7 and he told me not to worry he would keep me safe he showed me this woman locking this little boy in the bathroom and keeping him there and he said she had done alot worse things. Well this freaked me out So I got to thinking about it and went and looked at my bathroom door after the first dream I had . The door was the original door it had a hole drilled through it like someone had put it there to look in . There was also and old loup for a latch lock and a hole for it to go in on the frame I was really freaked out then I showed my husband and he said there had to be some kinda explaination Any way it was like the second month that my husband decided to see what was in the old duplex in the back yard . Well ,what we found in there was really weird and creepy There were about, at eye count ,30 babycribs old ones and ones dated up to about 1997 or 96 when they had gotten those white cribs and all the addintical sides were tied together with wire so 2 peices pere bounding there was and antique baby potty seat It was wooden and when I touched it with my foot it fell apart there was a dumbo toy also and we know how old that had to be well anyway it was really freaky and I had this awfull feelling our land lord had told us to stay out of there that she had nailed it up and didn't want us in there. So anyway I refused to go back there again. Well I was taking a bath one night and the steaming hot water turned itself on full blast and I couldn't move it was like I was paralized well my husband said afterwards that he had this stange feeling to come check on me that something was wrong and he had heard the water come back on so he came in and said that he actually saw the water knob turn itself off and said it was like I was paralized and scared to death he grabbed me out of the tub and ran with me out of the house and ran back in and got the car keys and some clothes for me and we went and stayed at a hotel that night thats when he finally started beleiving me.He said when he came in the bathroom he had this awfull feeling and when he went back in the house he had the same awfull feeling. Well another night I was watching tv in the living room and my husband was in the bedroom with the door shut playing nintindoe and i heard a man in the hallway say hey in a deep husky voice I looked torawds the hall way and no one was thereI got up and went into the bedroom and asked my husband if he had called me and he said no I asked him if he had opened the bedroom door at all and he said no. another time I walked into the den and as I walked across the floor something walked right along with me but on the ceiling I could hear their foot steps so I looked up at the ceiling when I got to the other side of the room and turned around and walked back across the room and the footsteps followed me I just shook my head and walked off. The next thing was when my husband was at work I went in my room to watch tv and had just turned it on and sat down on the edge of my bed when I felt something jump up on the bed with me it felt like the weight of a cat. I looked around and there was nothing so I thought well I'll go take a bath to relax and I got the water in and got in about 2 mins later the same feeling of being paralized came over me like there was a big weight on me and I was being pushed down into the water and couldn't do anything about it , My husband just happened (thank god) to get home right as my nose was going under I had already started holding my breath. John was home early and it must have distracted what ever it was because I was able to jump out and run an tell him what had happened I told him we needed to put crosses in every room of the house and say prayers because I didn't know what else to do. well 2 days after we put the crosses up they all dissapeared and we couldn't find them. About a week after that I was up at about 2am getting a snack and then a glass of water when something hit the window pain in front of the kitchen sink I looked up and dropped what I was doing and ran for the bedroom were my husband was sleeping when I hit about the middle of the room something flew over my head and hit the wall on my husbands side of the bed then fell down on the cord to the window airconditioner the thing buzzed on an off for the rest of the night I was so scared but I didn't want to wake my husband up incase he thought I was crazy. In the morning I told him what had happened and he looked at the cord to the ac and one of the crosses was laying on it then I took him in the kitchen and told him I wanted to show him and let him hear how hard the window was hit he went and stood at the patio door and I hit it well the pane I hit with my palm went flying out onto the patio and not even 20 seconds after that something else hit the oppisite pane. There is a convenient store right across the road from that house and I knew the guy that worked there Well I was over there one night after the store had just closed and he locked up and we sat on the curb infront of it facing my house . My husband was at the house on the computer in the den and I could see him through the open blind. But I could also see a big man walking back and forth in my living room when my husband was the only one in that house. I looked at my friend and asked him do you see john on the computer he looked and said yes and then I asked do you see that guy walking back and forth in my living room and he said yes and then I told him john was the only person in my house he said na ha and seriousely thought I was playing he said well lets go see. So I took him across the street and he came in and there was no one in the living room I called john and the guy asked him if there was anyone else there and john said no why and the guy said he was just wondering and then said he had to go. That guy would call me a witch every time I went into his store after that I guess it had some thing to do with his customs he is not from the united states and he said he had to give me something everytime I visited him from then on out . It really made me feel weird, because he actually did it he wouldn't except money from me he even tried to give me money I told him no. Anyways This is now about 1and a half months until my daughter is due I've been pregnant the whole time. We found out a couple that had lived in the apartment complex we had recently moved out of couldn't afford the rent neither and hadn't been able to get another apartment yet. My husband worked with her husband and both of our husband name was john her name is cindy well I told them they could spend a week at our house until they got paid and then they had to get their own place so they came over and stayed in the den on a blow up matress I had. I got so mad while they were there but the weird things stopped they were there almost 3 weeks and My husband an I were getting into fights because I wanted them to leave because they wouldn't clean up after themselfs and cindy was using up all of my bathroom products that I wouldn't even let my husband touch you know that specail stuff that women buy just to smell good and feel good plus they had a cat and a dog that they insisted on keeping in my house that kept using the bathroom in the house and it was getting on my last nerve. I kept telling john he had to do something that they hadn't kept their end of the bargain and that it was upsetting me well cindy came to me one morning and asked me if anything weird had ever happened to me in the house that I just couldn't explain and I said what are you talking about she said last night I woke up and there was a lady with red eyes at the end of the matress looking down at me and I was scared half to death she closed her eyes and when she looked again the woman was gone she said she thought maybe she had imagined it and was almost back to sleep when something started beating on the patio door but nothing was on the other side she woke her husband up and he said she was imagining it and to go back to sleep but she said there was no way so I let her in on what had happened and she said you need to get a preist or some thing in this house and they moved out the next day. I got a dog after that and things died down and we moved out when my daughter was 4 months old. Well the next time I started having experiences again was when I was pregnant with my son I was 4 months when I went back to my home town and sat in my grandmothers hospital room for 3 days until the doctor told me to call the family that she would be gone by the time the night was over. I did and when they got there my sister took me outside to smoke The whole family was really worried about me because I was pregnant and I was the second closest person to her and she was the first for me she was the best woman or person I have ever know Well when we came back in I was washing my hands in the waiting room and I felt some one behind me then I heard my grandma say everythings going to be alright Your my little girl and she Squesed my hand like she always did when we sat at the kitchen table at her house I knew before I walked back into intensive care she was gone. And she was. I took it really bad About a month after when I was back home I was greiving and my husband had a freind over I went upstairs into my room to get some clothes to put on after my bath and both of them came into the room and asked me who my freind was I asked what they were talking about and they said A woman in a white dress had followed me into the room but it didn't look like she was actually walking and I got mad because I had been really upset thinking about her all day they swore they were telling the truth so They described the woman to me and it was a description of my grandmother in her 20's they had never seen a picture of her like that Well I went into the bathroom to take my bath and I started crying and once again she squezed my hand to let me know she was there I felt better after that. Then my phone started ringing when I was downstairs and my phone was upstairs or when I was upstairs and my phone was down stairs it was realy weird because the caller id didn't even show some one was calling at all and I started to get really mad about it after a month and I got this weird feeling like it was grandma and she thought I needed to loose weight I know its funny but its the truth Other things have happened but hopefully I"ve told you enough to make a believer out of anyone. It is all true as I sit here today.

Boon Hutch Cemetary experience

By: hbeard@hotmail.com

Greencastle - Boon Hutch Cemetery - A ghostly police officer from the 1950's
sits inside the graveyard along with a blue light. There is also a cave
under the cemetery with a grave near the entrance. People have reported
seeing a strange figure standing in the cave when going in. Some witnesses
have even reported that bodies will fall out of their caskets into the cave.
One other occurrence involves sinister looking dogs with red glowing eyes
that chase people to their cars, then disappear.   THAT BEING SAID....
I have gone to several "haunted" places, but this was by far the freakiest.
I went with my boyfriend and our best friend, and I was a little nervous, as
an intelligent person would be venturing into something new. BUT I was in no
way prepared for this at all, for what would happen. I seen no police
officer, no blue lights, and definately no cave entrance, and definately no
doggies with glowing eyes. It was all feelings. As soon as we passed into
the cemetary (think of an invisible wall, or an invisible line) I felt
TERRIFIED. not, oh my god its goin to get me terrified, but oh my god it
already has me. i could barely breathe, let alone speak. the guys with was
worried, but could do nothing since they didnt know WHAT was wrong. then,
after a few minutes of that, it immediately became grief. I've never felt so
sad in my life. think of all the saddest things in the world happening to
you at once- it's nothing compared to what I felt. It was another hour
before I could stop sobbing, and tell them what it was... The spirits were
not happy that night, to say the least. thought you'd like to know my


By: CONTESSA727@aol.com
GREETINGS :  My name is Ida, and for sometime now before i get sick of anything, around 6 or 6:30 am I always feel the massaging of some warm hands that massage me where it will hurt soon. My legs have been massaged,my head, has been massaged. When my legs were massaged....later on that day i sprained my ankle !  And boy was i in pain.  Then i came down with a terrible flu and i had a bad fever. That explained the massage on my head.  One night i opened my purse and took out  my poweder compact to see what was wrong with my contact lense.  Behold ! I saw at the edge of my bed but on the side where i lay my head.....a healthy stong faced black lady....which appeared to be in her late 50's she looked like a slave the way she had her hair done.  The lady just looked at me and i only saw her head that was all. As of this day the massages still go on and i never ever opened my makeup compact again......and this my fellow friends is the SOLEM....TRUTH..peacefuly, ida

The ghost of Cylus Tedrow

By: rebecca@IowaTelecom.net

I had been hearing about an old cemetary called Tedrow Cemetary for about 2 years before I had actually went. I had went with a few friends of mine at about 11 p.m. at night. While we were on our way, my friends were telling me about a man who started the whole cemetary. A ghost who was the guardian of the cemetary at night and who didn't like visitors by the name of Cylus Tedrow.
Apparently the story was that he was a very evil man and that he was killed and his coffin was placed on top of a tree for everyone to see. Now he just watches over the cemetary and waits for visitors to come by.
I was also told that the first timers that went into the cemetary were the unfortunate ones that he liked to target. Now I felt at the time that they were just playing a joke on me but I found out soon that I was wrong. We didn't even make it to the gate when stuff started to happen. My friend started to freak out and we turned around.
I said that we would be safe in a minute but that's when one of my friends said that it wasn't over because he was going to follow us all night long. I was starting to laugh and that's when all my friends looked at me with looks of fear.
I asked what was wrong and one of my friends said that the ghost of cylus was looking right at me. That's when the car got cold. Very cold. I started to turn around and the cold feeling stopped. We finally got to the house that I would be staying at and I was told to run into the house because cylus could not bother me when I was indoors. But I was not to go to sleep because he would haunt me in my dreams.
For some reason, there was a feeling of fear when we started to run to the house and when we got inside we had a feeling that something was outside and we were not alone.
For a while nothing happened and I felt like this was starting to get stupid so I told my friends that I was going to sleep. They didn't want me to go to sleep but I wasn't able to keep my eyes open anymore.
I layed down and was about to go to sleep when I looked up at the window. Suddenly the fear in my body started to rise high when I saw the most gruesome, demonic face in the window staring at me. It had sharp fangs, and pure white eyes. The breath of it was fogging up the windows.
I continued staring when I asked my friends if that was cylus. When they looked up at the window they all started to scream.One of them said that it was cylus tedrow himself. I got so scared that I ended up driving home. When I was on my way home I saw a figure up ahead with it's thumb sticking out.
I thought to myself that it was a hitchhiker, but that's when I noticed that the person was floating in thin air. I quickly locked my doors and Cylus followed right beside my window and just kept staring at me with those evil eyes. Finally I reached the house and ran inside and I was not bothered by him again. Since then I've went back several times to pay my respect to the guardian of the cemetary and nothing has happened to me. But every now and then I hear people telling stories of being terrified of a man that was following them and when they describe what the ghost looks like. It is the exact description of Cylus Tedrow.

Oddfellows Home in Liberty, Missouri

By: bluekrystal21@yahoo.com

My Friend is a security  person out there at oddfellows home. And we have had alot of things happen to us. Well, there is a bible in one of the buildings and my friend decided to move the bible in his hallway that he stays at. he locked all the doors around him when he brought the bible with him. All the lights started to flicker and heard kids run and giggling. He shut his bedroom door. and then he open it up again. the bible was gone. It was back where hey found it. We Found out that building use to be a church and they tore it down and kept the basement and built a Nursing building on top of it.

Ghost in my House

By: nicole197698@juno.com

It started just after my 3rd child was born, about 2 days after he came
home from the hospital. I noticed one chilly december evening, i believe
it was the 10th or 11th, anyway, i got up to check on my son asleep in
his car seat and noticed a welt had formed in the middle of his forehead.
I called my sister immediately and told them what was going on, during
the course of the conversation, it got very cold in the house, as if my
house was frozen in ice. I put on my winter coat and i was still cold,
had goosebumps up and down my body. Anyway, this particular incident
continued for some years, whatever was making these welts was following
me where ever i went. I had started to notice some other things happening
the following year and thought maybe it was my imagination until i
started talking to some people around the complex and found out that my
complex was built over a graveyard from the 1800's.  Weird things started
happening around the house, and to myself. Such as my steam vac being
plugged in and running at 6am when myself and my baby were sleeping, the
volume on my stereo being turned up and down with no one but the baby in
the house, the tv being turned off when I'm not in the room. I have felt
hands on my butt and hands on my legs, i have felt someone kissing me.
There is alot more but i'm not going to get into great detail only b/c
this email would be about 5 pages long. Finally in late 2003 I contacted
Lone Star Spirits here in Houston, TX and got a response telling me they
would like to investigate. So December 13th, 2003 the investigation crew
comes over, brings a tv crew and they begin to investigate. The psychics
had found an area in the farthest corner of my living room that would
make them nauseous and give them headaches, they were both equally
attracted to my wall of mirrors, particularly the one right next to the
kitchen. In the bedroom we found a little boy named Bobby, 6yrs old, died
on pneumonia in 91, he's lost his mommy, doesn't know her name or
anything about her. Bobby has said that he used to live in my condo, this
used to be his house, its' where he grew up, unfortunately i cannot
contact the previous owner to find out any information.
We also found Bobby's grandmother who died in 92 from pneumonia as well,
she hasn't said anything yet but she keeps bobby company. She has offered
to take bobby to the other side but he wants to stay b/c he is my son's
protector and likes playing with my son.
We also found residual energy in the kitchen, the psychic could hear
things being thrown around or being dropped. Since we've found out about
the ghosts in the house, some strange things have happened, bobby loves
xmas,it's his fav. holiday. well xmas came around dec. 2003, and i had
decorated the house and the tree. Well bobby took it upon himself to be a
mischevious little boy and decided to redecorate the tree himself and to
also play with the xmas lights. I have also heard and so have my
neighbors, "bumping" around the kitchen, I can only assume it's the
energy in the kitchen, but it's residual energy from a man and a woman
constantly arguing. So to this day, bobby keeps my son company by talking
to him and playing with him all day long, I talk to bobby but sometimes
the house is so quiet i tend to forget bobby is here and that's when
bobby will make something move or something disappear, just so i know
he's still around. He's a friendly little boy and I've told him he's more
than welcome to stay if he likes, so i guess this is his house after all!

Friends House

By: michael74346@brightok.net

Hello I've got a stories that involves 3 of my friends and my self and is 100% true it all started when my best friend moved in to a trailer out in the middle of the country. She lived there for about a week or two before things started to happen she had two kids that were afraid to go in to the hall way. they would here knocking on the windows and loud banging in her bedroom when she and her kids were sleeping,as if someone was trying to get out of the room not in? than she got a dog that would be ok lintel about 12.00 to 1:00 in the night when it would bark and growls at nothing then the banging would start. Wellone night her brother was there visiting here the knocking on the windows stated again well her brother not believing in the supernatural thought her was going to caches the person playing tricks on his sister thinking it was a nabor in the trailer park that she lived in that had about 4 trailers there at that time. well the window was about half a foot from the back door so when he heard the knocking flung open the door to see who was out there and found nothing but a empty field used for cows. But the first person to see anything was her cousin Angie who had been spending the night there with Amy( the renter of the trailer) and Amy's x-boyfriend to wake up and find a man starring at her but she could see the big bay windows in the kitchen throw him she said she covered her head and after awhile of that she looked to see him still there so she jumps up and runes to amys room and sleeps on the floor and has since then. She told no one about it but Amy and Amy told no one until one night I was visiting her late at night and happen to look up to see a gray man in the window walking by he had a civil war uniform on and had hair down to his shoulder and I could see the well house throw him when I told Amy this we went out side and aggie stayed in and said she could only see the very tops of our head we had to stand on a bucket to see us from the cheast down and that's id what we seen of the gray man was from head to waste, well that it fore now I have another stories about a light that chased me and Amy but that well have to weight

Does She like His Company?

By: chris_nunley2004@yahoo.com

When I was 16 my Aunt died in her home which was right across the street from our own.  No one has ever been sure if it was from natural causes or foul play.  Though it was unofficially ruled from congestion.  The day after her funeral I was at her house cleaning it up and putting her things away when all of the sudden these bells began to ring.  This place had no doorbell or a chime clock.  There was no logical explanation for it.  They struck seven times then quit.  Later that day my father went over there and the phone rang, but the phone was unplugged, he answered it and there was static for about a minute and then nothing.  My cousin, her son, was still living there and he had the bells ring on him but they would not stop.  He moved out right after.  So since my family owned the place and alot of their stuff was still there my sister and I took to staying there at night as sort of a camp out thing.  One night we went over and the t.v. was on we knew we hadn't left it on and so we looked through the window on the door and saw feet.  I was spooked so I swung the door open and the t.v. went off that quickly and there was no one on the couch.  No one at all  in the house.  Since then my family has rente out the place and each person or family that lives there reports a presence.  One family had a small boy and he told his mom of a lady who would tuck him in at night and check on him through the night.  I've come to believe that this is my aunt.  She makes herself known on occasion but rarely tries to frighten anyone.  To this day she still lives or haunts the house.  My brother lives there now and we'll see how she likes his company

Creepy Hidden Room


Hey, I just thought It'd relate a ghost story told to me by a high
school friend of mine, who I've lost contact with. However, if you'd
like to verify the story, you can contact the Durham Regional Police of
Ontario, Canada, and they''ll probably have the case on file somewhere.
Basically, my friend's parents are second generation Polish immigrants,
who shortly after having thier daughter (my friend, of course) moved
out of Toronto to one of Durham's growing towns.
They bought one of the very few older homes, and having moved in they
were quite comfortable for several years. Different strange things were
heard in the house, and things would go missing and reappear from time
to time, but this was all written off as the house settling or things
just being misplaced. While some of the locations where things turned
up were odd, the young coupe didn't think much of it (After all, they
did have a growing toddler in the house, and over the course of thier
life in this house they had two more children).
The children were the ones to notice straneg things. They had frequent
nightmares of being trapped in a small space, and in one part of the
house heard knockings on the other side of the walls. Sometimes they
would wake up with the sensation of being suffocated. They eventually
began to fear the basement because they constantly felt malevolent
presences there, and occasionally heard someone muttering.
However, the biggest thing that happened was when the house was being
renovated in order to add an attached garage, a small room that was
never finished was discovered. Though really weird, this wouldn't
normally be something ghost related. The creepy thing was the fact that
there was a box freezer wrapped in chains and embedded, face down, in
the concrete of the foundation. The family was obviously really scared,
and lived in a motel until a contractor had it removed. The reason why
the police was contacted was because when the freezer was opened
afterwards, a skeleton was found inside.
The family only returned to the hous elook enough to pack up and leave.

A Fatherly Figure

By: hidden_thoughts@sbcglobal.net

This is my first time writting any of my so called experiences.  Im pretty hard to scare or convince.  I hear sounds and noises all the time, and its usually something u can make out or understand just by listening and studying the sound or sighting. It honestly happens all the time to me and im quite used to it, because as i said i can usually make out the sounds or things i see.  Yet there have been a few things that even spooked me before.  As I've said, in ways i dont care if things happen to me and thats why i usually don't get scarred.
There was this one time that when I lived in Dunlap Illinois,when my mother and father where still together, they got in an argument during the night and my mother took off.  I remember that before the arguement and I asked my father if I could sleep in his bedroom with him that night; as always he said no and I ended up sleeping in my sisters bedroom, which is located right next to the front door.  The bottom of her bed was close and facing the doorway.  I woke up at the end of the bed and and saw my father standing in the doorway r l bright and wearing a red flanal jacket.  I had just woken up and I was still grogy, but I AM CERTAIN THAT I WASNT DREAMING.  He kinda signaled me to follow him. I thought he meant that I could sleep in his room.
I got and left the room and right as exited I didnt see him anymore.  There was a good distance between my sisters room and his and I got up fast enough to at least see him still walking.  I walked into his room got into his bed and went to sleep.  He woke me up the next day and asked me what I was doing in his bed. I told him that he came and got me last night and he swore up and down that he didnt even get up.
Now I honestly dont know what i saw that night and that was probaly 7 years ago.  Im the type that can distingiush between reality and fantasy or dreams.  I know that this story isn't that big of a deal, but it has honestly been some what of a myster to me ever since it happened.  I just want to know if anyone has ever experienced anything similar.

 Can Animals attract ghosts??

By: LrPapillion@aol.com

Hi My name is Lindsay and I live in Silver Spring Maryland. Last May I adopted a 50 yr. old Macaw named Captain Bly. His original owners passed away. I was told that the lady died first and Captain would walk around the apartment calling her name and the ladies husband took him to her wake and he stopped calling her. The gentleman died soon after and Captain was left alone with the deceased man for a few days until they found him.  My family owns a kennel and I have kept him there until recently.  He is an extremely aggressive bird specially towards me if men are around.  We are renovating the house and I have started sleeping downstairs where captain is kept. One night I was having difficultly sleeping and I notice Captain was "aaaahhhing" like he usually does when I pet him.  I glanced up and Captain had his head down as if someone was petting his head. I didn't really become concerned until he started saying" Roger Come here" and "Roger gotta go." Captain also acts like he is getting petted. If I get close to his cage when he is "aaaahhing" he lunges at the cage as if to bite me. A few nights ago as I was drifting off to sleep Captain start to mutter the word "Roger come here and aaaaahhh." Now my Cat Cece was laying next to me and I notice she had her attention glued toward Captains cage her tail twitching with agitation. Usually I would just close my eyes but I kept them trained on captains cage. Sure enough Captain had his head down as if he was being petted.  Now he behaved that way for at least 15 minutes and the he raised his head and said quit clearly "Roger gotta go." Now Cece whose eyes never left captains cage slowly turned her head as if she was following someone. Her gaze seemed glued toward the hallway. A few minutes later she jumped off the sofa and went into the hallway. Now I gotta tell you that incident really unnerved me. One thing I don't know any Rogers and Cece isn't a brave cat. She runs and hides when someone knocks on our door. I was thinking that maybe its Captains deceased owner paying him a visit or he attracted a ghost named Roger or I'm imagining things but I doubt it. Has anyone had something similar happen to them?

Cold Spots

By: Alela125@aol.com

I live in Cartright Towers in Bridgeport and i see glimpses of shadows and people all the time....in my apartment in the basement ad when i get out of the elevator.
I had a guest over one night,they were asleep in the living room and i was in my bedroom and could hear someone walking down my hallway towards my room but i could also hear the dragging of a hand on the wall so i thought the person was headed for the bathroom and used their hand to guide them along the wall because it was dark....well,as i lay there i could sense someone standing there so i opened my eyes and nobody was there....so i close my eyes again but was still listening because nobody had gone into the bathroom,as i 'm laying there in silence i could feel someone sit on my bed next to me and put their hand on my leg...at this time i sat up quickly and was very very cold......the entire room was ice cold for a good 30 seconds
It was the middle of July!!!!
There are other stories if you would like to contact me via email


Dad's Spirit

By: sjohnsd@optonline.net

After my dad died a few years ago, my son, 8 at the time, kept insisting that "grampa Candycane" was checking on him.  We had trouble with faucets going on by them selves, toilets flushing and lights going on and off randomly, without regard to what we did with the switches.  Later that year, I was standing at the door waiting for my son to get off the bus and I felt a distint push that actually propelled me against the door.  I must say that I never felt in danger, just disconcerted.  A few months passed and I was in the kitchen making coffee when I heard my father's voice call me by a pet name only he had ever used.  There was an urgency to the voice, so I spun in the direction from which I'd heard it, and in doing so caught a glimpse out  the front door.  Some one was stealing the motorcycle my father had given me years ago!
My son insists to this day that "Grampa likes the shower, he's in there a lot at night' (He was a master plumber, but my son didn't originally know this).  My sister, a ghost hunter in Pensylvania brought her digital camera to my hose and got quite a number of orbs in it, mostly small, but one fairly large one in the basement(where the electrical dificulties were) and 6 or 7 on the small patio my son and I built.  Those I doubt that the orbs are my father I think it singularly interesting that both occurrences are happenning here, and only sinse my dad died.
I have a couple of orb photos I'll send along seperately as I'm not great with the computer.
Thanks for listening.

Ghostly Experiences

By: LLVC99@aol.com
My dad is a builder, and for a number of years, he has been buying old dilapidated houses so he can tear them down and build a new house on the property. My family and I ended up moving into one of these new houses a few years ago...it's Victorian-style with three stories. However, the house originally on the site had burned to the ground, killing the owner, a reclusive old man by the name of George. For a few months after moving in, everything was normal, but then the weird stuff started happening. I should point out, by the way, that my dad was not really a believer in the supernatural at this time...like if he couldn't see something, then to him it didn't exist. However, he had begun to have nightmares, something he had never experienced before. On a number of occasions, he even woke up in a cold sweat, screaming! He said the nightmares always had to do with him being chased by something he couldn't see.
Around this time, one of my sisters, whose room was on the third floor, said that she had heard something in her bedroom that sounded like whispers, coming from what sounded like 2 people having a conversation. Needless to say, she was sufficiently freaked out and extremely reluctant to sleep in her room for a while afterwards.
There were a number of incidents after this; for instance, around midnight one night, everyone had gone to sleep except my dad and brother, who was still in the library on the second floor doing homework. Before going to bed, Dad told my brother to make sure all the lights were off downstairs and that the doors were locked. (Why he couldn't do this himself, I don't know). Anyway, my brother swears on his life to this day that he shut off all the lights and locked all four doors downstairs, and went to bed around 1 am. My dad had another nightmare that night, which was weird because he hadn't had any in a few months...this one involved him trying to keep a ghost out of the house by locking the doors. He woke up trembling, in a cold sweat, at about 4 am, and knowing he wouldn't get back to sleep, decided to go downstairs and watch TV. As he descended the stairs, he saw, to his shock, that all the lights were on and the patio door was wide open. Of course, he assumed that somebody had gone down in the middle of the night. Yet my brother had been the last one to go downstairs that night, and he swore to Dad that he had done as he was told. Creepy, huh? Dad's a believer now:)
There are two more incidents which happened after this; one occurred one night while my brother was watching TV on the third floor. Up there, we have 2 bedrooms (one of which the whispering noises came from), a bathroom, and the rest of the floor is an open area with a TV, computer, stereo, etc. Anyway, it was pretty late and he had fallen asleep on the sofa. My stepmom, who was the only other person in the house at the time, heard the TV from downstairs and went to turn it off. She then turned to wake up my brother, and as she did, the TV went back on, this time with a lot of static. Thinking it was a power surge, she unplugged it. But as she and my brother were walking down the stairs, it came back on AGAIN, as did the radio downstairs in the kitchen, at full volume. All the lights started flickering, and my stepmom finally lost it and started yelling at whatever was doing this, telling them to quit it. The noises finally stopped, but she, like my dad, is now convinced there is something in the house.
The final incident happened to my youngest sister. (I have 2). Because she is 9 years old and scares easily, we managed to keep all this a secret from her, and thankfully, she hadn't been affected by it until one morning when she was in her bathroom (yes, the one on the third floor) getting ready for school. My stepmom was downstairs packing her lunch when she heard a bloodcurdling scream from upstairs. My sister came running down the stairs practically in tears, saying there was something in the bathroom whispering to her. Keep in mind she knew nothing about what had happened to our other sister a few months earlier! Very weird. We've pretty much decided that it's probably the old man who died on the property who is doing all this. However, he doesn't seem malevolent, it's more just that he wants attention, I think. Either way, it's made believers out of me and my whole family!!

Grandma Visiting

By: lane@mountaincable.net

Hey, My name is Katelyn and I'm 13 years old and my best friend Jodi is 12 . On the night of my grandma's death I was at Jodi's house and we were having fun by watching scary movies and screaming. When my Dad came to pick me up he told me that my Grandma had passed away. I was terribly sad and when I got home I went straight to bed. When I just slipped under the covers my room became inmensly warm when it is usually very cold and I felt like i was being hugged and watched, but I didn't see anything until I lay down, I saw a streik of light out of the corner of my eye that went in to the hallway. The fallowing morning my Mom came down stairs and went in to the dinning room/ living room to watch T.V. She saw the picture of my Grandma & Grandpa at the bonfire was balencing on the little pyramid that was a insence holder and it didn't stop there. That night I had Jodi over. Around midnight she woke up and saw a lady that looked like my Grandma standing in my closet and when she turned wake me up the lady was gone. The next moring Jodi told me all about it but I didn't really beleive her until I started seeing streiks of light from the corner of my eyes and the feeling iIwas being watched!


By: YeahResident@aol.com
Eloise is listed but I would like to see that me and my friend Daron have gone ghosting (ghost hunting) since last summer and have probably been to like 20 or so places on the list.  Of all the places we had never seen anything, after driving all over. Until me and my girlfriend Tiffany went to Elois. Then later me and Daron went back
The Insane Asylum may be torn down but that place is definately haunted. Probably the only place I can say is definately haunted (maybe Butler cemetary or Goodrich Graveyard).
But Eloise I know for sure.

by Kris Kurz
It is truly weird. Especially the first time I went there with my girlfriend. I would like to write what happened....at Eloise
Out front it is called Kay Beard Building. You drive around to the back. First as I was driving with my girlfriend we saw cats in the road (black cats, no less), my girlfriend suddenly got out of the car like she was possesed and went up to the cats who ran away. Then she got right back in the car. As we drove around to the back, there is a smokestack and bunch of broken glass windows. We think it may have been the crematorium,morgue for the insane asylum. The first time we went there we heard a banging, like a loud banging on pipes. Even though there was no one there. Then we both saw a white light. Later I could have swore I saw something move in the windows!
At the same time, my girlfriend saw glowing red eyes! Two giant glowing red eyes staring at her! Then she told me they turned off and then on again.  Like this things with the red eyes had blinked at her. But when I looked over there it was gone. Then she saw something moving from tree to tree.
We heard moaning and other weird noises as well.
The second time I went back with my friend Daron. This time was freaky as well. As we sat in the car staring over there. We heard weird noises. We both saw a white light (I guess you could say it was an orb). I saw an orange light as well. We heard footsteps as if someone was walking by. Then later the weirdest thing. I had my car turned off and we were both quiet. When all the sudden we heard this weird "whooooosh" sound in the car! It seemed like a spirit had went through the middle of my car- from the back to the front of my car.
Now I have gone back many times. And have not always had things happen. But about half the time that I go there I see a white light somewhere. And I once saw an orange light as well. I don't know the difference, but the orange light definately seemes weirder and freakier.
Other ghosting experiences.
The first time I went to Butler Cemetary (aka William Ganong Cemetary) in Westland.
Me and my friend Chris Grant both swear we heard a loud crash. So loud that it sounded like a tree falling over. Then looked and absolutely nothing happened at all. Nothing was there. Near the entrance where we heard it. Oddly enough, with how loud it souded, my other friend Daron said that he didn't hear it.
When me and my friend Daron went to Goodrich Graveyard in Romeo.
He said something to the extent of let me hear you ghosts, let me see you or hear you. I thnk not exactly sure what he said. But he swears after he said that it sounded like he heard weird voices.
Trodes Bridge. Although me and my friends never went down below there for fear of being cought by the police. We did go on the bridge itself a coupletimes. got really weird feelings, but only the first time we went there.
One other cemetary, a small cemetary in Westland/Garden City area . Don't know the name. My friends and I were walking through there and it sounded like I heard footsteps behind me.
My girlfriend's dad died when she was little like 6 years old. Each house she has been in she has seen her dad once in that house. In 3 different houses. It is as if her dad felt he had to watch over her or had something infinished with her. I remember her telling me one time at he house in Eastpoint see saw a figure walk by her room. And she could tell it looked just like her dad. But the third time she told her dad that she was ok. That she didn't need him to watch over her and that he could go on.

Hell Dog

By: Foxsk8ter41@aol.com

hey i have a true ghost i thought would interst some people.It takes place in Virginia on Exlax road. My brother and some of his friends decied to go to exlax road and see the "hell dog" that is there and go to Potts Mansion which is off of that road.It was during winter so they had the heat on and they had also brought some blankets along.they pulled up on Exlax road and stopped the car . they waited for a couple of minutes and some of them decided togo to sleep cuz it had gotten so boaring. then they heard deep breathing and growling noises comming from outside the car. they heard branches snapping and the leaves started crunching so they decied to just leave and go to potts mansion. By then some of them were sleeping. The pulled through the drivway of the mansion and the car turned ice cold even with the heat on , all their blankets and their coats and jackets on the car windows had started to fog up. They heard a loud banging noise  and  wanted to leave. the drove away and stopped once they had gotten off of exlax road to wake their friends that were alspeep and tell them what had just happend. His friend who was in the front passenger seat woke up and moved his head. they then noticed the  huge handprint right where his head was resting on the window. They then wondered if that was the banging noise that they had heard.  ok so thats what really happend there i hope yall enjoy reading this.


By: Shelbydoo2003@aol.com

Well.I am not really sure where to begin.I guess I should start at the beginning.We moved into our current home in October of 2003.We still live here.I am sure that we are not alone here as well.We have had quite a few experiences and were not sure at first what was causing them.Not until one particular night when I picked up some pictures from the photo place.I will begin.We had been moved in for less than a month when strange things started happening.The first feeling that something was wrong came to me around three o clock in the morning.I have a baby that is now ten months old.She woke me,as was her fashion at the time,crying very loudly for her bottle.I went into her room and found the bottle,not daring to turn on the light,fearful that it would only add to her growing irritabilty.I went into the kitchen and as I was waitng for the water to boil so I could warm her bottle I thought I seen aomvement out of the corner of my eye in the dining room.I walked into the room and looked arounf(we do not have any pets)and found nothing or no one.Telling myself that I must be half asleep still I finished with the bottle and wandered back into my daughter's room.She was still crying for the bottle and I lifted her out of her crib and sat down in a comfortable chair to feed her and send her back to sleep.She soon drifted back into a peaceful dreamy sleep so I layed her back down in her crib.She turned over to her side and continued to sleep.I began my way back to my own bedroom but stopped dead in my tracks as I reached the hallway.This time it was not my imagination or being half asleep.I knew I had definetly seen something.I just did not know WHAT I had seen.I have always been frightened of ghosts or anything out of the ordinary,yet I have always believed in them.I had always expected to feel very cold or odd at the moment tha a ghost was close though.I did not feel in any way different at the minute.I began to follow my instincts and grabbed the closest object at hand to use as a weapon.This turned out to be a screwdriver that my husband had absentmindedly left lying around.I was under the assumption that perhaps a rat or some other animal or person had unknowingly gotten into the house.I did not want to wake my husband because he had to get up very early the next morning.I strode toward the dining room and before entering called out.When no one answered I thought that it was probably just a rat.I turned to go back to bed and found myself face to face with a young girl.She was about eleven years old.She was a beautiful little girl but not breathtakingly so.I tried to speak to her but could not seem to find my voice.She stood there looking almost mischievious.I then thought that perhaps this was a favorite spot of some of the neighborhood kids to play.After all the house had been empty for quite some time before our purchase.She smiled at me and turned to leave.I felt a little better all of a sudden and decided to ask her who her parents were and where she lived.When I did not recieve an answer I tried to follow her but by the time I reached the spot where I had last seen her she was gone.I must have honestly not known what I was thinking.I decided that she had simply crawled out of the house the same way that she had entered.I gave up and went back to bed.Morning comes quite early when you have young children.I fell back to sleep quite easily and did not dream.A few days went by and I finally remembreed the events of that evening and told my husband about them.He stood and laughed at me when I told him that perhaps we had a ghost.He is always joking me about being scared of my own shadow.I simply laughed with him.How could we have a ghost.They arent even real?Well time went gby and about two months after our move in my husband and I decided to stay up late one night and watch movies on pay per view.We were watching a pretty good movie when we must have dozed off.I was awoken by not my daughter but my husband.He was pulling on my arm telling me to look in the dining room.I looked but did not see anything.I asked him what I was supposed to be looking for and he told me that he had just watched a tiny pair of feet glide across the floor heading for our attic.THE ATTIC!Of course.The girl must have been hiding up there for quite some time.I told him that it was probably the girl I had seen not long ago.We found a flash light and after checking on our daughter proceeded to go up into the attic.We did not find anything.Just some old junk left by the previous occupants.We had already looked through all of these thoings when we moved in so we simply descended the stairs.We went to bed and did not talk about it any more.Some time has passd now and we are positive that we have a ghost.She loves to play with our childrens toys and let us know when she is not happy.If we do not keep our house clean to her standards she gets furious and breaks things.If we do not leave the bathjroom light on at night she will not let us sleep.She will continuosly flick the switch so that we finally just close our bedroom doo.We had to move our youngest daughter into the bedroom with us due to the fact that one night I was woken by her screamin and not for a bottle this time.I ran down to her room and threw on the light.She was not in her crib.I yelled for my husband.He came running as though he knew something was terribly wrong.We searched the entire room for her and could not find her.We could still hear her screaming though.My husband pointed towards the living room and said that it sounded like she was in there.I was dumbstruck.How could she get into the living room without someone to carry her?She could not crawl at the time.Needless to say we moved her into our room and now we continue to live with the little ghost that we have come to refer to as Lila.She is here and always will be.

Little Boy in the Night

By: ashesashes03@yahoo.com

This is in fact a true story. I had never before believed in ghosts, until one year while I was still in high school. My sister, who is 14 years older than I am, and has 3 kids (2 girls and a boy), was living with my mom and I for a couple of months. (Note that before her arrival, I had barely spoken to her while I was growing up, therefore, I hardly knew her at all, or any of the experiences that she had had previous). One night, I'd say about 3am, everything became dealthy quite. They say that human beings have a natural sense of someone or something else's presence. This, I suppose was my sense. Normally at night, where I live anyway, you can hear the sound of a train passing by, as we live near the railroad tracks, and you can hear several cars driving up the street. It's not a quite neighborhood. On this particular night though, there wasn't a sound; no train, no cars. The three kids were all asleep, I was asleep in my bed, my mom in her bed, and my sister on the couch. For some reason, I was pulled out of a dream, and when I awoke, there was a little boy standing next to my bed holding my hand. Now, I thought it was my nephew, the same sandy blonde hair, the same height, and what appeared to be the same age. Only, he was wearing a hat and overalls, not his pj's. But at that time of night, no one would think anything of it. I asked the boy what was wrong, and he told me that he had had a bad dream. So, still half asleep, I told him to climb into my bed, and that I would protect him. He soon fell asleep, my arms wrapped around him; hugging him tightly. I too soon drifted off to sleep.
In the morning, after I woke up, the boy was gone and the kids were all downstairs having their breakfast. When I came downstairs, I went over to my nephew and asked him if he had had any more bad dreams. He looked at me as if I were crazy. My sister, had then come into the room, and was curious to know what we were talking about. I told her about the night before, and the boy's description and she too looked at me as though I was crazy. She then filled me in: my nephew had gotten up a little after they (the kids) had gone to sleep, and went downstairs to sleep with my sister, where he didn't get up until the next morning.
Strange enough, but ok. I let it go, thinking that I could have dreamt the whole thing. Come to find out later on, that my sister had been pregnant a while back, planning on it being a boy, but had had a miscarriage 3 months before her due date. And the boy, her miscarried son, grew up in her house, and had followed the family when they had come to stay with us. Two months later, when my sister found an apartment and was moving out, the boy, followed her out the door

May the spirits be with you.......

By: mrripclaw@msn.com

Throughout out my childhood to the age of 21yrs I lived in a Victorian town
house in the town of Wrexham, North Wales, UK.  I lived there with my mother, who was
divorced, my sister and my grandparents whose house it was.  It was a big five bedroom
house with the original Victorian fittings such as pull cords for bells to summon servants
etc.  I loved the house and the area and had a very sheltered and idyllic upbringing.  It
was a very old part of town quiet oozing with history and not far from a country park
with a mansion which also has alot of history.  As you can tell thats I loved the area and
I am going tell you several stories I have encountered in my life.  As a
child I was fascinated with history and loved the thought of ghosts.  My Grandmother was
given a church blessing and that her house would be filled with spirits due to the
peacefulness and love in the home.
My first sighting was when my sister and I came home from church and we saw
a boyin a flat cap in the front window of one of the the front bedrooms, this happened
to be my room.  I was used to various children in our house as my Grandma was one of
those lovable people who used to look after everyones children.  I asked my Grandma who
was here she said she was the only one.  I went upstairs and there was no one there.
A few weeks later we were playing out the back around my grandads garages.
He owned an old Victorian Coach house which had coach wheels ladders huge wood cutting
saw and tools  hanging from the wall.  It was always locked and we never really went in
there.  Whilst we were playing we heard the voice of a man shouting and the crying of a
child.  I ran to get me grandad.  when we arrived my Grandad shouted warningly threatening to
call the police.  He then opened up the garage an  out ran a scruffy boy in breeches
cyring be followed by a man who can be described as looking like Mr Bumble from Oliver
Twist.  They very quickly vanished.
There is the ghost of an old lady who sleeps in my Grandparents bed when its
been freshly made, only my sister and my Grandmother have seen her.  There was an old man
who lived with my Grandparents about 40years ago who regulaly would be seen in his
room always in a suit.  I have seen him on several occassions then he has turned looked at me
then disappeared.
I have never felt threatened by any of these experiences and have learned to
live with them.  I have only have one bad experience which will follow.


My Earring

By: vijayuss@batelco.com.bh

hi my name is sarah. its funny you know ....i never believed in ghosts till i experienced it my self  .
i live in bahrain. i was with a group of friends at school talking about ghosts. thats when my friend rita had an idea to visit a haunted building  that exists nearby our school. it was less than half kilometre away. we decided to go during our break time. everyone was scared except me.i was confident  that there would be no such thing called ghosts and neither would that building be haunted.
we walked and walked till we reached our destination.i was quite short among all.two of my friends entered the building. i thought it would be better to stay out. soon all of them entered. i was left behind.
i waited for some time .suddenly i found foot prints next to my right leg. when i turned around only one legs footprint was found. i laughed thinking those girls must of played a trick on me.
all four of my friends looked dissapointed when they came out.rita asked me-sarah when did you come out?you ought to be more careful about your jewellery(extending her hand i saw my diamond earring ).
i put my hand over my right ear  , my earring was not there. scared i said- hey you guys when did you remove it? it was tight this afternoon. the four looked at each other and smiled. vivian said- look is this some kind of joke?besides why do we even want to remove your earring?
they said that they found it over the stairs. but how could that be ..i mean i didnt go in and besides it was there till they all went in.we stood there talking until rita said that there was an oldman with only one leg who lived in that building. that struck me. when we all were returning back to our school i turned around and saw that an oldman was looking through one of the windows  at me and showing his toothless grin.

My Family Tree

By: mrripclaw@msn.com

When I was sixteen life was great it was fun and I was having a
great time with friends, girl friends and family.  My life
changed the day after my 16th Birthday.  I was walking home from
school after a drama production rehearsal so it was dark.  I know
this sounds a bit cliche but I walked through the Graveyard of
the town cemetry as it was a short cut.  I did this every night
unfazed, I even knew the caretaker.  On this particular night I
walked past one of my family graves down a different path,
convinced it was quicker and decided to time it for future
reference.  As I walked past my Great Great Grandfathers grave I
suddenly uneasy and yet defensive as if being watched.  Being an
accomplished fighter as I studied Karate and Martial Arts and had
a series of high ranking belts and lots of experience I prepared
myself for attack.  The Adrenalin was pumping and senses
hightened but nothing was to prepare for what followed.
I started to smell a very earthy smell as if from nowhere, it was
musty and began to get stronger as approached my relatives
grave.  I saw the body of a man standing be a tree by my GG
Grandfathers grave.  I suddenly became rooted to the ground
unable to move and then for the first time terror hit me.  I
struggled and as I struggled the figure seamed to walk towards
me.  As he got closer I began dripping in sweat and became very
hot, which is odd for mid December.  As he approached I began to
hear him whistling a tune that I did not recognise.  He was
filthy in a really shabby top hat and tales and the smell of a
decaying body(although at the time I did not know what that was)
was sufficating me.  He smiled at me and then said hello to me
and said that I am now of age.  My heart was racing I thought I
was going to passout.  He stretched forth his hand so touch me,
his hand was rotten and dirty.  As soon as he touched me he I
fell to the ground.
I started to see a bright light and began to pick out figures
walking towards me.  I felt loved and comforted.  The figures
began to speak words of comfort to me and telling me my time was
not yet.  Then I began to smell that earthly smell and then
amongst the figures appeared him the figures then started to
retreat from him he got right upto me and said he will have what
is his when the time is right then I awoke suddenly gasping for
breath.  The Graveyard was quiet as if nothing had gone on.  I
then ran home.
When I arrived home my mother and Grandparents were horrified to
see my state.  When they sat me down I tried to explain to them
what I had seen, but it had all come out jumbled.  I evenually
calmed down and told them what had happened my granddad and
grandma look grief stricken and scared.  My mum and I asked why
were they so upset.  There answer did not seem to make much sense
to me as it is something that movies are made of.
My Grandad then proceded to tell about his older brother who at
the age of sixteen started to see the man I had described and
that the figure haunted him for next four years.  My Grandfather
recieved a letter whilst fighting in WW2 in France telling him
that his brother had been killed, although the circumstances were
odd so they were not sure whether it was murder or suicide.  It
was eventually forgotten as the war raged on.  My Grandad never
told me the circumstances in which his brother was found.  The
same thing is reported to have happened to two other relatives in
our family tree my uncle was missed, my Grandad suggested that it
was due to his continual ill health.  I was then told that there
was nothing I could do except go and see the Bishop of our
I went to see the Bishop and my Grandfather had a lengthy
discussion with before I was summoned into the room.  I was given
a church blessing although I felt as it the Bishop did not
beleive my Grandad or me.
That night I lay in my bed reassured with a blessing and started
a deep sleep.  When I heard a scream from my mum.  She had come
into the room a worried mother, at the disturbing news to check
on her son only to see the man I described looking through the
window towards my bed.  She said he looked at her smiled an evil
smile and glided away out of sight.
I stayed at my friends a few weeks later and was just about to go
to be when I realised that I had not my lock my nifty fifty
motorbike.  I went over to the bike that was a in a dark corner
of my friends drive and I suddenly smelt the earthy rotting smell
of the man that seemed to have haunted my family.  He seemed to
glide at my very agressively shouting at me that he would wait
and that he would get me to.  I was absolutely terrified.  After
that visit I was ill with something for about a month, I was in
hospital for about two weeks, as I just could not breath and I
would halucinate and pass out.  In that time he seem to be in all
my dreams no matter what they were so much so I did not want to
go to sleep which made matters worse.  This all seemed to come a
dramatic end when I stopped breathing for 3 minutes and my heart
had stopped pumping aparently I was brought back from the edge.
I have not seen him directly since although I know he is watching
me as the smell still comes to my senses and I do begin to panic,
I still see him in the corner of my eye and when I turn he is
I know how this sounds as I am not an illogical person I base
everthing on facts there seems to no explanation for it at all.
I currently work in close protection which is not a job for the
light minded as everything is procedure procedure procedure and
fact.  My oldest is six and wants to be a policeman he is already
half way to his first black belt in Karate and he seems to be
very athletic, but there is a deep dark concern as I watch him
growing up.
There are good spirits and I have come into contact with them
throughout my life and have had the one bad experience which has
changed my life.  This is true and not something to be triffled
over it is serious and dangerous and I am sharing this to see
whether anyone has an explanation or similar experience.



My mom was single after I turned 9. I grew up in Stockton, California, but we now live in Nevada. When I was 10 we moved into a small rental owned by a friend of my grandma's. My sister Lara and I became afraid to sleep in separate beds in the room we shared, so we'd both usually sleep on the top of our bunkbed. One night I woke up feeling like something was watching me. Sitting at the end of the bed was a glowing blue woman wearing an old-fashioned dress. She had a horrible evil face with long fangs, and her clawed hands were raised up like she was going to pounce on me! She was blocking the ladder down to the floor, so I just jumped over the rail and ran to my mom's room, leaving my poor sister still sleeping behind me. I woke my mom and told her there was a ghost on my bed. She went into the room with me and I wasn't surprised to see that my "Blue Lady" as I call her was gone. We both said a prayer over the room, and then I was able to go back to sleep. I didn't find out until years later that my mom has no memory of getting out of her bed to pray with me. However, she says on the night that I saw my ghost, she was unable to wake and felt like something was sitting on her chest and suffocating her.
Lara woke up screaming one night not long after that. I don't remember anything except for her screaming and screaming, but she says that there were two skeletons with glowing red and green eyes staring in at her from the bedroom window that faces a dark and creepy alleyway that ran along the middle of each street block and connected each street to the one beyond it. None of us could see the skeletons, so my mom told us all to go back to bed. Lara stayed awake the rest of the night and says that the skeletons didn't fade away until dawn. At another time my mom was brushing my sister's hair, and Lara looked down the hall into my mom's room and for just an instant saw a woman sitting on the bed brushing her own hair.
My mom knew the family who moved into that house after us. She ran into the mother at the store one day and jokingly asked her if they'd had any experiences with the ghost there. The mom said, "Oh yes!" She had two daughters the same age as Lara and myself, who shared the same room we did, and they were always having nightmares and were afraid to sleep by themselves. And the mother would often wake up during the night to hear loud footsteps going up and down the hall, only to find nobody there.
We lived in the haunted house for about a year, then we moved into a big old house, the first two-story house we'd lived in since I was a baby. It had lots of personality, all kinds of neat cabinets, doo dads, window seats, a huge concrete porch for roller skating, a balcony, and the garage was converted into a room that we made a playroom. It was like a mansion to us. The house was almost 80 years old and we loved it. This house didn't have a ghost, although my 6-year-old brother did wake up screaming on Halloween night saying that there was a hand floating just above his face. I'm posting this story mainly because of the "feeling" that my mom and I got that I firmly believe was God saving our lives from a dangerous criminal.
My mom's room was downstairs, and there were two bedrooms upstairs. I shared the room with my sister at the end of the hall, across the hall from the bathroom. My brother's room was across the hall from the stairway. The stairs were spiral, bare wood and enclosed, with a door at the bottom.
One night my brother was spending the night at my grandma's. My sister and I were having trouble getting to sleep. We were scared for some reason. Lara heard a noise that sounded like a screen door slamming. She thought it was in the house, but I assured her that it was probably the neighbors next door. A minute later, we heard a hacking, smothered cough in the bathroom. Someone was in there, and trying to cover up his noise! Our dog's ears were up and she was staring out the bedroom door towards the bathroom. We decided to get downstairs and tell our mom. We had to pass the bathroom door on our way to the stairs. The door opened inward, and it was half-open. Everything was dark and quiet. For some insane reason I headed for the bathroom to turn on the light and peek inside. Then I had this overwhelming, almost physical, feeling to get away from the bathroom and get downstairs as quickly as possible. The light in the stairwell was burnt out and it was pitch black. Our dog Peaches' claws made a huge racket going down the steps. We were freaked out because it was so dark, we had wanted to make no sound as we went down, and we were scared to death that the intruder had already left the bathroom and was waiting for us in the stairwell. But we didn't have much choice, we wanted to get to our mom right away.
Well, we got downstairs safely, and woke up our mom and told her that someone was coughing in the bathroom upstairs. She told us it was our imagination and to go back to bed. We insisted we were right, and Peaches looked pretty freaked out too, so she got out of bed and went to the stairs to see for herself. She started to go up, then had the same overwhelming feeling to shut the stairwell door and lock it. She did and then called the police, who came over and found nobody in the house. We slept with our mom that night.
A couple of weeks later we were cleaning upstairs and my brother found a cigarette butt in the toilet. My mom was getting pretty freaked out by then, and she asked me to see how easy it was to open the bathroom window. It tilted right open, and was big enough for someone to fit through. When I let go, it tilted shut with a noise that sounded just like a screen door slamming.
My mom called my grandma to tell her we needed a place to stay right away, but my grandma was downplaying the whole thing and didn't want us to move in. So my mom called a high school friend of hers who was a detective and he came over that day. He listened to our stories and checked all the locks on our doors and windows. He told us that the house was so old that the locks were useless. They could be unlocked easily by just jiggling the windows enough. He said that if our grandma wasn't going to let us move in, we were all going to move into his house immediately until we found somewhere else to stay. Well, my grandma didn't like that one bit, so we all moved into her house that day. We left all our stuff in the house and just took some clothes and toothbrushes.
What we didn't know, but it came out over the next few years, was that the guy had broken into our house several times while we lived there and had been in our mom's room. He used a tissue with some kind of drug in it to put over her face so she couldn't fully wake up. One night she woke up to see him standing right over her. She thought she recognized him as our next-door neighbor's son. He sometimes would be staring in the kitchen window while my mom was making dinner. I don't know why we didn't move out before we did, I think my mom was thinking it was a dream or something because of the drug he used on her.
After we moved out, my mom went back a couple of times during the day to water the plants and pack stuff up. We went with her one time and saw that the doorknob to the side door was smashed off, and the garage door that led into the playroom was bent off its hinges.
A few years after that, the neighbor's son was arrested for rape and attempted murder, in a case(s) unrelated to ours.
There are several spots at my grandma's house that have inexplicably creeped me out: the windows looking out of one of the back bedrooms, the kitchen at night, the garage, the rear of the backyard, and the side of the house next to the garage. I've asked my sister and she says the same areas scare her too. I recently asked my 10-year-old daughter if there was any spot at great-grandma's house that gave her a creepy feeling. She replied "the backyard" without hesitation. When I was 15, I lived there for the summer and did work for my grandpa cutting upholstery in the garage. Most of the time things would seem fine, but every once in a while a dark, creepy feeling would overcome me and I'd go running from the garage. About two years ago my uncle walked into the garage and saw the ghost of a long-deceased neighbor standing there, who looked startled and then faded away. I don't think he was the evil spirit though.
Right after that, my family was visiting my grandparents and I was watching TV in an old 5th-wheel that they keep at the side of their house. It was just starting to get dark and the TV reception was getting bad, so I left to go back into the house. Everything seemed fine when I left the 5th-wheel. It was a beautiful early-summer evening. I headed up the side of the house towards the back gate. Suddenly a dark feeling and an intense dread overcame me. I couldn't see anything different, but it was like a smothering black cloud had been pulled over my mind. I couldn't make myself take one step further towards the back gate; although it was closer to the house that way, the evil was coming from there. So I turned and ran as fast as I could around the side of the house and past the garage to the front lawn. The evil feeling disappeared as soon as I passed the front of the garage, but I kept running until I got to the front door. It was locked and I repeatedly rang the doorbell. My grandma answered, took one look at me, and said, "What, did you see the ghost in the garage?"
Yesterday I asked my mom yet again about that house. She always answers, "Yes, there's an evil spirit there, but the only thing anyone ever saw was the ghost of Mr. Adams in the garage." This time I pressed, "But why is the backyard is so scary, the garage, the back gate, the side of the house..." She interrupted with, "Yep, yep!" But she couldn't answer my questions, because she doesn't know anything more than I do about it. My husband, who is not sensitive to scary places, told me that at one time he also felt that feeling of dread just outside the 5th-wheel near the back gate; he too turned tail and ran around the side of the house and went in by the front. We're going to visit them soon, but I don't want to spend the night there anymore. Every time we do, I end up bickering cruelly with my husband about petty things that we'd normally not fret about. It puts my mom and sister in foul moods too. I think that whatever is in that house has a negative effect on us, but it doesn't seem to affect my grandma's always cheerful mood. She must be used to it.
When I was 14, I went on a week's vacation during the summer to Lake Tahoe with my best friend in junior high school. We stayed at a cool A-frame skiing cottage near the woods. We loved the place, but the downstairs sitting room was always very cold, and we didn't like to be down there alone. One night one of us, either my friend or I (can't remember), woke to what sounded like pots and pans crashing around downstairs. I only remember talking about it the next day, but not who actually heard it.
What I *do* remember was the hike my friend and I took in the woods one day. We got a little ways up the trail and came upon a small pet cemetary in a clearing. Many of the grave markers had laminated photos and stories of the cats and dogs buried there. We stopped for a few minutes and read some of them. We thought it was touching and sweet. But just as we were leaving to continue our hike, we both got an unsettling, creepy feeling. We joked it off and went on up the trail. A few minutes later the day was starting to get hot and we were tiring, so we turned back around and had quite forgotten about the cemetary until we came upon it again. We noticed with horror that in our absence two of the graves had been dug up! They had belonged to two Doberman pinschers from the same family. They were big graves, about 3 feet deep had been dug out of each, and there were no bodies inside. We had only been gone from the cemetary about 10 minutes! We were up in the mountains and there was no way to drive a vehicle among the hills and trees. It was very scary thinking that some freaky grave-robber could have been hiding in the woods while we were there, and in an impossible amount of time had been able to dig out two big graves and take off with the bodies! We ran the rest of the way back to the cabin.
A few years ago I lived in Carson City, Nevada. The Carson River and a nearby place called the American Flats are full of creepy tales about cult sacrifices, Indian ritual grounds, and teenagers getting killed by falling down abandoned mine shafts. I've only been to the American Flats once, with my ex-husband. A lot of kids go there to shoot guns at abandoned cars and old mine buildings. It's an ugly place and has a definite dark feeling even in the middle of the day. One time my ex, his brother, and I took innertubes and floated down the river. It was shallow, muddy, and sluggish in the middle of the summer, so we had to paddle most of the way. I was not having a good time. The same dark feeling at the American Flats hovered over the river and was stronger in some places than others. We got to one part where the river widened into a deeper pool. Broken mining walls and dams and twisted rusty cables tumbled over the banks and into the water. The water itself was muddy and completely opaque, but where it got deep the bathwater warm suddenly turned cold. I was getting horrible feelings that there were bodies under my feet, and I wanted to get my legs up out of the water, to get my whole body out of the water and sit on top of my innertube. My ex and his brother just wanted to float along, but I panicked and paddled away from there as quickly as I could. It got better once I was away from that pool, but I have never been back since.
My brother was camping at the Carson River with some friends a few years ago. He woke during the night and heard babies crying some ways up the river. He woke his friends, but the crying stopped. He later heard about the legend of the River Babies, which I can't completely remember, but they say babies were drowned there over a hundred years ago and people sometimes hear babies crying at night.
At one time I lived with my sister in a condo near a small mall in Reno, Nevada, called the Park Lane Mall. There is a lower level with some shops, a diner, and a hair salon, accessible by a big staircase. For some reason I was always scared to go down there, I'd always stop at the top of the stairs. Well, one time I decided to stop wimping out for stupid reasons and I went downstairs. There was a definite creepy feeling down there. I walked around a bit, and when I got close to the women's restroom I got very creeped out and I hurried back upstairs as quickly as possible.
Just a few night ago I was going through this web site, searching for haunted places by state, hoping to find something on that house in Stockton with the Blue Lady ghost. I didn't find anything on that, but I was clicking through Nevada stories when I saw Reno - Park Lane Mall. I read and found out that in the 70s a woman was murdered in the downstairs restroom and supposedly the whole lower level is haunted. It was then that I finally realized I must be sensitive to haunted places. I'll listen to my inner voice from now on, now that I have plenty of experience of what it feels like to by near an evil presense.
I've also had a few episodes of what they call "Sleep Paralysis," which is one of the most terrifying experiences that's ever happened to me. I'll be sleeping, then I am jolted awake by a sense of evil, and it usually looks like a dark shadow has come into the room. I feel like a demon or Satan himself is standing just beyond my sight. Then I'll feel unable to breathe, like something is sitting on my chest. That must have been what my mom experienced the night that I saw the Blue Lady. At these times I've tried to pray, but it even feels like my mind is paralyzed and I can't find the words. I am a strong Christian and I think that in the end, even though I can't pray, my faith drives the evil spirit away. The last time this happened was 6 years ago in an apartment my husband and I lived in before we bought our current house. I was sleeping in the living room because my husband snores loud enough to wake the dead - pun intended! I woke to the usual feeling of darkness and dread, but this time I wasn't facing th ceiling. I could see the living room floor clearly and there was a red glow spreading out from the middle. In the center of this glow, it looked like a head and shoulders were pushing up out of the floor! I was scared to death, but then a fog went into my mind and I fell asleep. The next morning I felt fine, and I've never experienced Sleep Paralysis again. *knock on wood* But since for most people, including me, this is known to happen mostly when you're sleeping on your back, I avoid sleeping on my back at all times.
This is my last story, I promise! This actually happened to my oldest, in our current house, when she was 8. She woke up to use the bathroom and saw what she describes as the black silhouette of the grim reaper standing in the hallway, with a sharp scythe that went all the way up to the ceiling. She says she had to walk through him to get back to her room (who knows why she didn't just scream?), and as she rushed by, the air turned freezing cold in the spot he was standing in. That's the only time anything like this has happened in this house, and I myself have never felt or seen anything evil or out of the ordinary here. Let's hope that was just a one-time thing! Right now as I type, our house is warm and peaceful, and there are no bad feelings - besides my 5-year-old daughter, who is shaking my desk right now because she wants to play a computer game! Hee hee. Thanks for listening.

Morning Visitor


My house in Duncan, Oklahoma is haunted.  Im 16 years old.  My parents bought a old house where an old lady use to live. Her daughter moved her to a nursing home. Then we bought the house. When we moved in we found old bank notes, and school books, calendars and newspapers from back in the 1930s.  We have lived here for almost three years now. One night my family went to bed and my little brother spent the night at my oldest sisters house. I stayed up to play my ps2. It was about three in the morning and I was getting sleepy. I thought I saw something from the corner of my eye . It looked like the shadowy figure of a woman. I didnt think anything of it cause I was tired. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me cause it was so late. I then went to my room to watch tv. when I heard a noise like plastic bags being shook around. I looked towards my bed where the noise was coming from. I saw a glowing orb on my bed. It moved from my bed which was the bottom bunk to the top bunk. I then quickly left the room and shut the door and went to my parents bedroom door and I started to bang on the door. The orb followed me out of my room  through the kitchen and then through the dining room. Then it vanished. when my mom woke up I was at her bedroom door. I could hardly speak. All i could do is cry. I finally managed to tell her I had saw something. She thought I saw someone peeking in the windows. she woke my dad up and he started to look around the house and yard. nothing was there. I described what I had saw to my mom. We were standing in the dining room and we both felt a cold chill. I was so scared I slept in my parents room on the floor beside their bed. My mom told me it was probably the old woman that use to live here just checking on her house. we were starting to remodel the house and we had tore out the carpet. We found old wooden floors and old linolium. The house probably looked like it did when she lived in it back in the 1930s.  She must have been satisfied that it was being taken care of because she hasnt come back since.  We later learned she had died a few months earlier. this really is a true story. thank you

What Happened to my Father before He Died

By: wendy.taylor@fdl-law.co.uk

I don’t know if this is of interest to anyone, but I remembered it whilst reading some of the accounts on your website.
My father became ill in March 1983 and had been bedridden for several days.
I was 14 at the time and my brother, Robert, was 26.
When I got home from school and Robert got home from work our father told us about an experience he had had that day.
He said that he awoke to find his father and his brother, who were both dead, sitting on his bed.  One of them said to him “You know we’re coming for you soon don’t you?”.
My father was disabled, having had his right leg amputated some eight years previously and he said “What about my leg?”.  Their reply was “You don’t have to worry about that where we are going”.
My brother and I just laughed it off – I suppose you never really believe that your dad is going to die, especially at 57.
Sadly, I never had a close relationship with my father.  My parents had me when they were both in their forties and my brother and sister were a lot older, 12 and 8 years respectively.  After I was born my mother suffered from post natal depression.  I was born in December 1968 and I suppose not a great deal was known about it then.  My father was the kind of person who would have said “pull yourself together woman” and not been very sympathetic.  My mum used to leave and then come back on a frequent basis and she eventually left for good to live on her own when I was 12.  There was never another man involved and they were still married when my father died.  I always felt my family blamed me for what had happened, rightly or wrongly, and I still do.
Anyway, I’ve gone slightly off track here.  I just wanted to explain what sort of a man my father was.  He never showed any affection and I suppose could be classed as a cold person.  He was a man’s man, an ex Royal Marine, who had been in active service.  If anyone had told him about seeing their dead relatives he would have been the first person to laugh it off.
That was the point.  My dad looked very worried so it was real enough to him to make him frightened.  He turned to my brother and said “I’m dying Robert”.  He was very serious and convinced he was going to die.
Needless to say my father did die a few days later.  I can’t remember the exact timescale from his dead relatives visiting him as it was such a long time ago but it was within days.  He died on the morning of the 18th March 1983.


The Naughty Boy

By: wendy.taylor@fdl-law.co.uk

This is a story that was told to me by the girl it happened to and I have no reason to believe she is making it up.  A lot of it was corroborated by her mother who, when she was a child, took her to see various psychologists due to what she claimed she was experiencing.
During this time, Angela’s mum was one day discussing this with one of her friends as she was very worried about what was going on.  The friend’s advice was to “leave her alone and let her enjoy it while it lasts”.  She obviously believed that Angela was a sensitive.
I met Angela (I won’t use her real name) when I moved my horse to a new stables in 2001.  She used to see to my horse in the mornings for me in the winter because I worked full time and it was difficult for me.
As time went by we became very friendly, despite the age difference (her being 13 and me being 32 at the time).  She was very mature for her age and did not seem the sort to make things up or tell tales.  Not only did she look after her own horse but she used to do jobs for other people as well.
One day we got on the topic of ghosts and I told her that I had seen a ghost myself.  After this she seemed to open up to me and began telling me about the strange things she had witnessed.  I think she was very wary of telling people because of her mum taking her to see various doctors because she thought she was delusional.
It started when her grandfather died when she was very young (about 8 years old).  She was very close to her granddad and after he died she said he used to come and visit her when she was in bed at night.  On one occasion he elevated her over her bed and kissed her.  She says this went on for a while and then one day it just stopped.
Another occurrence that was witnessed by both Angela and her mother was that they would be in the house and they would smell the grandfather’s aftershave.  He used a particular aftershave and it had a very distinctive smell.  No-one else was in the house at the time so it could not have been someone else using the same product.
Angela also used to see a lady in the house she lived in previously.  From the description she gave she appeared to be dressed in Victorian clothes (which she described as a rose/burgundy coloured dress with “creases” in it.  I took this to mean the skirt was rouched).  This lady was aware of Angela because she used to smile at her.  Apparently, she only ever appeared when Angela’s parents were out for the evening.  Again, this stopped after a while.
There was also an occasion when she was out playing in the garden of her former house with one of her friends.  They both noticed the figure of a young girl who appeared to be playing some kind of jumping game.  She was dressed in “old fashioned” clothes and appeared as if she was partially buried in the path – they could not see her lower legs.
Angela told me that she was not seeing as many things as she was getting older and the last experience she had was this.
There was a boy at her school who had died in a tragic accident.  She did not know the boy very well as he was in the year above her, but she was friendly with his sister.  During the Christmas holidays this boy (I don’t think she mentioned his name) was out sledging.  It was a steep hill with a road at the bottom of it.  He sled down the hill but was unable to stop at the bottom so he went into the road and was hit by a car.  Needless to say, he died as a result.
His parents arranged to have a memorial bench bearing a plaque placed in the school grounds and there was a special assembly attended by the boy’s family on the day the bench was unveiled.
That night, Angela was sat in her bed reading.  All of a sudden her bedroom light kept being switched on and off.  She assumed this was her younger sister messing around and told her to stop it but it continued.  Angela had had enough by this time so she chased what she thought was her younger sister down the landing.  The lights were off at the time but she could see a figure running away from her.  Just as the figure got to the end of the landing, it turned around, pulled a scary face and ran towards her.  This was when Angela realised it was the boy from her school.  He was very distinctive looking as he had bright red hair.
Angela’s parents were downstairs in the living room and she bolted down the stairs.  She described to me that she was in so much of a hurry that she nearly fell down the stairs.
There is no doubt in my mind that what she says is genuine.  Despite her age she is very mature and perceptive.  But more than this it’s the way she describes things.  Regarding this particular incident she said “I bet he (the ghost) got into trouble with the people in charge of ghosts for what he did” (namely pulling a face and running towards her, scaring her so much that she almost had an accident on the stairs).  It’s like when she was describing what the Victorian lady was wearing – she found it hard describing the exact shade of her dress but said it was a kind of rose/burgundy colour and had “creases” in it.  She did not know what rouched meant.
I’m sure Angela would not mind me sending this to your site – I think she would be relieved that someone took her seriously and understood what she had been through.

The Dead Brother

By: wendy.taylor@fdl-law.co.uk

In June 1990 myself and my sister, Penny, went to stay with her friend, John, for the weekend in Barnoldswick, Lancashire.
He came to collect us at the coach station on the Friday night and took us back to his mother’s house, a large three storey Victorian terrace.
After a hearty meal prepared by his mother, we went out to meet his friends.  After an evening in the local pubs we went back to the house at about midnight.  We had a cup of coffee and sat chatting downstairs until about 1:00 a.m.
We were given the choice of sleeping on the second floor or in the attic room.  Penny wanted to sleep on the second floor so I opted for the attic room.  It had no window in it, just a skylight.  By this time it was pitch black and so when the light was switched off there was no light in the room whatsoever.  You could not see your hand in front of you.
I was very tired and feel asleep almost immediately.  All of a sudden I remember waking up.  It was not like when you normally wake up and feel a bit groggy.  I was wide awake.  I found this strange in itself as I am bog-eyed when I first wake up.  I was lying on my side (as I usually do) and had my head resting on my left arm.  I looked up and saw a young lad bent over the bed staring at me.  I got the impression he was in his late teens and had curly hair.  He was standing on the left side of the bed (the bed was against a wall to the right) and was glaring into my face.  The feeling I got was of curiosity, almost like “who are you?”.  He was not glowing but was like a chalky white image.  I was so startled that I jerked back and banged my head on the wall.  I did not know whether to make a run for the door or stay where I was.  I decided to stay where I was.  After a few moments the figure faded away.
The next morning Penny asked me how I had slept.  I remember saying to her “there was a young lad in my room last night”.  She just laughed and said “you should have sent him down to me”.  I told her what had happened and made her promise not to say anything to anyone.
The Saturday night passed without event.  On the Sunday John’s mum took us in the back room (a room just used for guests and special occasions – a very old fashioned tradition) and was showing us some family photographs.  There was a photo of all her children together.  Penny pointed to one and asked who it was.  John explained that it was his brother, Simon.  Penny asked where he lived as John had never mentioned him before.  John explained that his brother was dead.  He got killed on his 17th birthday in a motorcycle accident.  His parents had got him a motorbike for his birthday.  He was out riding it, took a corner too wide and was hit by a truck  coming in the opposite direction.  He died at the scene.
The impression I got of the figure in the attic room was of a lad in his late teens.  I knew nothing of John’s dead brother at that time and can only assume it was Simon that I saw.
The strange thing was that when Simon was killed they were living in a farmhouse and not at their present address.  However, they do say that ghosts can move with the living.
I confirm that the above is a true account of the experience I had.
I think I must be one of those people they call “sensitive”.  I used to live in a flat which had a presence in it and I’ve had three premonitions.  I can also tell whether there has been a lot of happiness or sadness in a residence, although some are neutral.
One of my friends thinks it’s because my father’s, father’s mother was a North American Indian!  Strangely enough I own a coloured (paint) horse, a German Shepherd dog (similar to a wolf) and my favourite stone is amethyst, which comes from Canada (I have this stone in my engagement ring).  Just a coincidence?

The Austin High School Ghost


Hi,my name is Ted Strong,I found your site while
surfing the web for a former hotel in Madison Indiana,
I couldn't find the one I was looking for but found
something that was even stranger.It was about the
ghost of Austin High School. This was the first time I
had heard about the haunting as I know who the ghost
is and what happened to her. Her name is Betty Myers
she was a Spanish and English teacher, I had her as an
English teacher. We often butted heads as I guess her
being sort of an authority figure and me being a
rebelious teenager. But we agreed one one thing we
shared a love of The Beatles' music and we talked
about it quite often. Also she was my neighbor for a
while before her death in 1978 or 79,and I was shocked
and sad at hearing she had died.  But anyway, we heard
she was in a car accident after leaving a party, but I
dont'know too many details other than she was
decapitated. If she is haunting the school I think if
someone as to play some Beatles music late at night in
the hallway where her classroom was it might stir her
up, but you never know. I hope this information is
helpful and you can contact me any time if you have
any questions or if I can help with any research on
the haunting.

Strange and Scary Experience

By: domeano@ev1.net

When I was 16 my family moved into this house in Santa Fe, TX with my mom's new boyfriend. One night, shortly after moving in, my mom, my sister, and brother, and the boyfriend went out to get something. My youngest sister and I were left at home. I was unpcking things in the kitchen and my sister was playing the nintendo 64 thing in the front bedroom. While I was unpacking I heard someone laughing. It scared me at first but I told myself my sister was having fun so I went to see what she was laughing at. She said that she hadn't laughed. I went to finish up in the kitchen and I heared something fall in the back room and something banging around. I ran in to the room where my sister was and asked if she heard that. She was confused so I told her what was going on. Then I thought maybe my mom and brother were playing a prank on us so we opened the front door and called their names and nobody was around. I went to go shut the dooor and someone tried to push it open. Both my sister and I finally pushed the door shut and had our backs against it and it was shaking and almost came open a few times because it really felt like someone was trying to kick it open. Finally it stopped and after a while we took our back off the door to lock it and then stood with our backs against it looking both ways to make sure nothing was comming. We were both crying and my sister was convinced that this was happening because she was misbehaving my mother a lot around that time. We waited until my mom got home before we left the door. We told her what happened and I think she believed us because we were both so scared and shaken and you can't get that scared over nothing. We had a lot of other strange things happen in that house. My mother would come running out of her room scaeming at night over what she says were bad dreams and one night I woke up and there was this black staic like stuff surrounding me, I couldn't move or scream and finally when it was gone I ran to my mother's room. My sisters also said how they would see things and one night my youngest sister looked into the face of her pooh bear and she saw a strange face smiling at her. She never wanted to sleep with it again.

The Bridge

By: DirrtyBluEyes@aol.com

Joppa - Jericho Covered Bridge - This bridge is the last covered bridge standing in Harford County, built in the early 1800's. Legend has it that several lynching occurred at this bridge during and after the Civil War, in which the captured people were hung from the upper rafters, sometimes many at a time. If you stop your car on the narrow bridge late at night, and look in your rear view mirrors, the image of a swinging body can be seen.
This is the story my friends and I checked out. We went late at night during winter, it was November/December if I remember right of 03, this past year. 1st my friend went without me and told me how there jeep wouldn't move off a 2nd bridge. They found this bridge while looking for the one above, this was an old iron bridge big enough for one car. I'm not sure of the name of it, but it was over the falls and was fairly old. They stopped on the bridge and when my friend tried to drive again his jeep wouldn't start! Then if you look down to your right to the river you can see what appears to be a soldier hunched over on a horse, the horse looks back at you and you can see his eyes and he contiues to walk. If you keep drivin and look to the left into the fields you will notice someone walking along. They are dressed in what I guess could be civil war era clothing. The whole time you see numerous orbs and what not. Then we contiued to look for the Covered Bridge and found it. On the way to the bridge you could hear whispers in the woods and see what looked like cigerttes bein lite. Once again you saw plenty of orbs. Remember this is late at night in a  very off the road area without street lights and lamps. During one point I glanced out my window and saw a face right next to my car window! Needless to say it scared the crap out of me. Then we reached the bridge and drove through, turned off the lights and checked to see if we could see anything and we could! We actually saw 2 bodies, perhaps 3 hanging. From under the bridge we could see a light that appeared out of nowhere. Each time we went through we saw the bodies and all you see really are the legs, the lower half. If you try to look for more you simply won't see anything.  My friends have gone back numerous times and on the last trip after they did the bridge, someone appeared behind the car and was chasing them. It just seemed to be a faceless being. I don't know what else you would call it.
I hope you find this story interesting. Everything seems to be more "awake" during a cold night.

Strange Expieriences in England

By: GeorgeMeigh@aol.com
I have a few "strange" experiences but not all have happened to me so here goes
I awoke one night at around 3:30am and realised that i couldn't move at all. My eyes felt as though they were glued shut and my body was like concrete stuck to the bed. I felt as though i was flat and my hands were across my chest. for a while I was stuck like that. Then slowly, my breathing deepened and became so loud that I thought my parents could hear me in the next room, as I breathed in, I felt as though I was rising and as I breathed out I felt as I was lowering back to the bed. I managed to get my lips to move and I cursed the thing that was doing this to me but no sound came out and I couldn't stop breathing so heavily. I then awoke properly and was able to move but I didn't sleep at all for the rest of the night.
Another story was when my grandma and auntie went to Alton Towers for the day. (I know it sounds strange but my cousin does adverts,my grandma and auntie have to go and be escorts). This particular day they were advertising the new water park at Alton Towers and had to wait until everone was home before they could set off.  This just happened to be at around 8ish and as it was winter the nights were darker quicker. So they got in my grandmas car and drove away following the arrows that are clearly marked around the theme park, talking about how they needed to be home for the last 15mins of Eastenders. They had been in the car for no less than 3 mins when they realised that the arrows had dissapeared and they were driving up the drive of a castle with great big gargoyles (sp?) around it. As soon as they had realised it, a fog fell right in front of them, not gradually but it just shot down in front of them. After that a feeling that all my Grandma can explain as pure fear came upon them both and none of them dared speak but after they had sat petrified for many minutes, my auntie spoke "whatever is it?" she asked and as soon as my grandma knew she could feel it too her fear doubled. Now, my auntie is a very very strong catholic as they have lived in Ireland nearly all their lives and going to church an awful lot so she was praying so hard. My grandma just put her foot down and went straight through the fog and after a while the arrows were clear again and everything was normal but they still didnt speak until they got into the village of Alton.
My mum has also heard stories at work and one of them is of a man she knows who got a new job in the mines. He went down on his first night and realised that someone else was working with him and so they got talking. The next morning he went to his new boss and asked him why he needed another man to work there and the boss replied because there was no-one else to do so as if it were a stupid question. He explained that he had been talking to someone all night and described what he looked like. The bosses face went white as he heard this because apparently a family man of that description had died down the mines earlier that year.
The last story was told to me by my friend,  who went to her friends house in Leek, Staffordshire, England. They had not been drinking that much because when I suggested if it was the drink she said it couldnt have been because they hadnt had much. It was around 4 and danni had woken up feeling freezing and a little sick. She looked up to her friends bed and saw a figure sitting with its hands resting on its face. She later told her friend who said it was probably her grandma who apparently regularly visited them.
My other friend,  her da died when she was only 10 and she had always been very close to him as had her sisters. One night when her ma was out and her and her oldest sister were left in the house, Her sister went into the kitchen and came back in with a really shocked face on her and my friend was so worried and couldnt get her to talk so she rang her mum who came home early and tried to make her talk. Eventually she murmered something about her father being in the kitchen with her and he meant no harm. She was terrified even though he was a nice spirit and goes white whenever anyone brings it up.
Thanks for reading this its on my grandas pc so its on his email, my name isnt G.Meigh its Sinéad lol :)

That's not Mom!


I guess I should mention first, that I am a skeptic, but I have no explanation for what happened. I've always had this thing about people being in the room or watching me when I sleep, it just wakes me right up. Well one night I was awakened by this feeling of something being in the room. I had always read in a paranormal situation where people describe things as being blacker that black. Well I opened my eyes and there was a blacker than the darkness; figure in the room, it seemed to be examining my humidifier. I thought it was my Mother, who was visiting and I called out to her. The shape seemed surprised that I was seeing it. I realised quickly enough, it wasn't my Mom. I turned on my bedside lamp and whatever was there was gone. I wasn't scared by this. I was more curious than anything else. Thank you for letting me tell my story.

My Dead Father

By: JagCheergurl3@aol.com
When I was about 2 1/2 years old, my father killed himself on Christmas Eve. I can still remember the funeral and how my mom was crying. Now everytime I think about him I cry. I really don't know why, but tears always come down my face and I can't help it. Well, about in the next year, when I turned three, my father came back. I just now figured out that my dad used to come back from heaven, teach me songs, and talk to me. I would sometimes be singing a new song, (I was only three years old, and my grandma was at work so no one really taught me any songs at that time.) and my mom would ask me who taught me the song, everytime, I would say, daddy. My mom said that sometimes, I would stare at walls and start laughing. I would be talking to them and singing sometimes. In the car, I would be in my car seat and I would be talking to the back of my seat. My mom would sometimes wake up and see a shadow of a man in front of her bed. She would sometimes say, not now, or leave me alone and he would go away. All of this my mom told me is really weird. While I am writing my story, I feel that my dad is watching over me now. Like he is telling me not to be scared and not to cry, because as I said, when I start to think about him, tears start to build up, but I don't nessisarily start to cry. I am 12 years old writing this and it is all coming back to me. I can't remeber any of the songs he taught me, but I still think about him.

Lonely Ghost

By: faries007@yahoo.com

Hi, my name is Alicia and i have a true story of what happened to me. About four years ago and husband and i lived in a townhouse in southern Virginia. He worked on the road alot and was way for home for weeks at a time. I have always been scared to stay by myself, but i soon got over it, when i learned i had a "friend". One night after we just moved in, as i lay in bed alone (door locked-of course) i couldn't fall asleep. It was a new place and was a little nervous( ok alot nervous) as i was laying there awake, the door to room made a creeping noise(remember the door was locked) i think i screamed but it was a silent one. A coldness came beside me and i felt someone touch me. I was frozen with fear, i jumped up quickly and turned on the bedroom and  as i did i voice (man's) as clear as day said "it's alright" it sounds like it was in the room. I ran down stairs and turned every light on in the house. But after that night for some reasons i can not explain, i felt safe there. A year later we were getting ready to move. (I had told my husband of what he happened) As we laid in bed the the night before we left ( are boxes packed up down stai ) we heard bagging . We stayed up quietly and listened. It would stop and go. then we felt a cold rush come in are bedroom. what happened next you could not even imagine. again a loud voice SCREAMED" don't go, please!" Then the cold left the room. " "he" went down stairs you could hear our boxes being moved, thrown, closet and bathroom doors where being slammed as he scream "no" repeatably. It was so loud our neighbors called 911. This went on for about 5 mins, my husband got up and went down stairs and yelled, "we are leaving, we having too! now stop it!" It stopped, you can imagine how hard it was to explain to the cops my husband wasn't beating me up. When i started to close the door to lock up the next day, i hear "him" say "please"  For some reason i started to cry, a deep sadness came over me. I spoke with a neighbor weeks later and she said for a few nights after we moved out, she could hear someone crying in our house. I often think of the friendly ghost, i think he just wanted company and didn't want to be alone like me. Just thought i would share. Thanks.

Military Man

By: Moonwolfspirit65@aol.com

Hello,my name is Christina. I am a young mother of two and married to an Army man. We had just moved to this small town so that my husband could be closer to where he was stationed.My young son (he was 4) and I were watching T.V. on the couch. My husband had gone to bed early and I was a night owl. My son had woken up and came to snuggle with me on the couch and watch T.V. My husbands' and my room was down at the very end of the long hallway.There were no lights on except the T.V. light. I saw something move in the hallway out of the corner of my eye. I saw it was my husband dressed in his uniform, or so I thought.I asked"honey,what are you doing up and dressed?",then my son looked and said"daddy,what are you doing up?" No answer. I sat up and looked at the figure closer,realizing it was not my husband at all but a man in uniform. It looked like a soldier in one of those old movies. I got real scared. My son did as well. Then he was gone just like that.I went down the hall and my husband was sleeping soundly and snoring loudly as usual and sleeping in the nude as he always did. I was afraid to be alone nights after that. I came to find out later that this town was built right over an old military place

Buda Texas


One day my boyfriend, his bestfriend and myself decided to go fishing. We knew of this wooded area in Buda Texas that my boyfriend had been to once before.  When we got into the woods the walk to the creek was a ways down.  The woods themselve looked very eary but at first I thought nothing of it.  When we got bored of fishing we got adventurous.  We were already pretty deep inside the woods, but we went even farther, the sun had started coming down and little did we know that the darkness was catching up with us.  We walked by this one area in the woods seeing the first visual which was an old wooden shack.  Now I wanted to run the other way but my boyfriend and his friend were rather interested in this.  They went inside of the pitch dark shack, and nothing. Nothing at all was there, we were almost on our way when we noticed that about 20 feet to the side of the shack stood a home.  We noticed the house only because of the smoke coming out of the chymney.  But you couldnt see the house at all because it was covered thick with trees all the way around; the top of the chymney was only visible.  A long road layed ahead to what appeared to be an old field.  We decided to check it out for ourselves and started walki down the old road that had once been plowed. Before we even got to the end of the house we heard the strangest noise.  It sounded like a bird would sound if it flapped its swings in the tree branches, only you could also hear a pitter patter from the feet of this unknown creature.  As we slowly looked into the woods and walked a few feet we stopped.  And it stopped with us.  If you listened really carefully you could hear it pace back and forth.  Now if this wasnt bad enough we tested it by walking and running back and forth the house. and it followed flapping and pitter pattering alongside the trees.  We ignored it at first and tired to see if maybe we could get inside of the house, but the trail leading to it was almost not seen; weeds and tall grass now lay over the once new path.  Things were getting interesting and we wanted to know more about this thing so we walked to the end of the plowed road and nothing but a huge open field lay infront of us.  Thinking that this is lame we turn around and head back.  But not before seeing an unknown figure crowch right to the ground as if it were hiding from us, following us to see what we were up to.  All we knew at that second was that we were not wanted at this home.  And even scarier as we walk by the house you can hear it again as it swooshes infront of us and stops. Lets just say we got the hell outa there.
 Now i do not really believe in ghosts and such but having experienced this makes me wonder what it could have been.  Now from the look of the house. location and what not it very well could have been a witchs home and i do know some about witches.  One possibility for the unexplainied bird creature could be a bruja which is when a witch turns herself into a bird, now as crazy as it sounds, it could be possible, but whatever it is, was a little too spooky for me.  I don't think I'll be heading to Buda anytime soon.

Hotel Ghost

By: apoohneicie@bellsouth.net

    When my husband and I took a quiet vacation to Raleigh to visit the museums the last thing we expected to find were ghosts, we were very wrong. We decided to stay at a moderate hotel instead of taking the 4 hr trip back home. The place looked fairly new and we quickly got unpacked and headed out to get a bite to eat. When we returned the room's windows were wide open. We figured we just hadn't noticed them before, shut them and got ready for bed. We went to bed and fell asleep. About an hour later I woke up and looked in the bathroom mirror which reflected the bed. Above my head I saw  brief camera flash type light. Immediately I awakened my husband and being the amateur ghost hunters we are got out the camera. I tried to explain that we were just there for the night and we meant them no harm but they didn't seem to be listening. The flashes continued and the area towards the floor got ice cold. The ghost seemed to like my husband because his feet were so cold I had to rub them to keep them warm. I think my husband was somewhat unconvinced about the whole flash thing until he started to see them. Convinced to stand my ground we laid down and try to go back to sleep. As I was cutting off the light I said goodnight and a cabinet in the kitchenette slammed hard. Still we tried to go to bed. We laid down a few minutes and my husband jumped up and said something tapped his shoulder. That was it for us. We walked down to the front desk in bear feet and pajammas. I told them if they did not give us another room I was sleeping in the car. They said they could but it would cost extra, I didn't care if they charged us $100. We went back up to the room to get our things and the room was so cold you could feel it coming out from underneath the door. The windows were open again and though there was no wind that night the cutains were billowing out. My husband went in and threw our things in the hall. Though we went to another room I still didn't sleep a wink and my husband said he dreamed all night someone was asking him where we were. Remember how they were going to charge us more for the room? They never did. I have to wonder if we weren't the only ones thrown out our room by a ghost.

Ghosts and My Daughter


I am positive that my daughter sees ghosts in our home and out. One night while she was brushing her teeth with the hand holding the toothbrush in her mouth she waved her pinky finger and smiled while looking directly in the upper corner of the bathroom. I asked her who are you waving at? She said "him" I said who? She said "him" and poimted to the upper corner of the room. Later I asked her who he was and she said "I dont know but he likes me, he's nice." I asked her what he looks like and she said he wears a tie. Thats all the information she wanted to say. She was 4 at the time. Now she is 5 and we went to visit a friends grave and when we pulled up she said " whhat are all those sad people doing here?" I said what sad people? She said "oh there are lots of sad people here, I dont like it here, why are we here?" We stayed for a few minutes and my daughter spent the time looking around. When we were pulling away a song came on the radio and she said " oh this is a good song for them it's a sad song and they like it." Today in our house a cuboard door shut while my daughter and I were in the other room. I said what was that? and she said "that was grammie she shut the door, shes wearing her pajammas the ones she had on when she died in her sleep, they have flowers on them." I'm not sure what my grandmother was wearing when she died but she did die in her sleep. Anyway thought it is interesting. Thanks for your time.


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