KY ghost


     My name is Terri and my son is Tom.   On 1-31-04, his car broke down on Palatka Road near Iroquois Park.  He was leaning under the hood on the drivers side (by the tire) when he felt a cold sensation on his right side.  Thinking it was only cold air going up his shirt, he ignored it.  It continued and then gripped his side.  With that, he turned around to see a man.  He described a man in his 40's who had a mustache.  He said the man had "kind eyes".  Thinking the man was there to help him, my son started to say something.  It was then he noticed that he could see through the man and the trees of the park beyond.  My son said that with that realization, the man suddenly vanished.  My son slammed down the hood of his car, got in the car and noticed that the car was no longer overheated.  It was now cold, and would start.  He came home and told me of the experience.  We researched on the web, looking for accident victims, thinking maybe someone was killed in the area having similar car trouble.  Having no luck, we researched murder victims.  It was then that we found an article relating to a man who was murdered while helping a friend.  Before the article photo fully loaded, my son said "that's the man I saw!"  I tried to reason with him that the half loaded picture could be the reporter of the story...imagine my surprise when the caption below the man listed him as a victim of murder....The man was known to "tinker" with cars in his spare time.....Coincidence?  I am not sure, but I know that my son has been permanently changed as a result of this.


Late Night Haunting?


hello again . i was reading some more of the ghost stories i guess i like being scared. the most scariest one was about the boy in the Jesus picture , i couldn't sleep forweeks. anyway i read about someones grandma felt something and i remebered my encounter late one night.when i was 18 i stayed with my aunt (didn't want to move out of town) my aunt owns a four  bedroom split level house with a cousin and i had rooms downstairs. the basement door was right across the hall from my room(which had a door to the backyard) and my cousins door was at the foot of the stairs down the hall from mine. i have always loved scary movies so i slept with my blankets tucked under my feet.( so monsters couldn't grab them) sometimes in my sleep i would feel like someone was pulling the covers off my feet and i would wake up . so this night i had went to sleep and i remember waking up because i felt like someone was laying on top of me on my right side. the pressure was so heavy i couldn't move or yell or anything. then it felt like it was humping my leg. so i freaked out and tried to punch what ever it was but  i couldn't move i remeber trying to yell but i could not hear any sound so i just prayed . i prayed the Our Father prayer and instantly it went away. i flew out of bed and down the hall to my cousins room. i banged on her door and she let me in. needless to say i slept in her room for  weeks. then last summer i was listening to the radio and a woman called in the story she told the docter was exactly what i went through. it brought chills down my spine. he called them night terrors(when we dream that were awake and because its dark we think were awake but were not) i dont care what he says i was awake how else could i have prayed?this also happened to my friend and to me once before tho not that extreme. i am honestly telling the truth , that was so terrifiying to me.

Lawrence Cemetary, Brown County, Wisconsin

~Me, my fiance, and my fiances brother traveled to this cemetery to visit an ancestors gravesite. We arrived there around 6pm. We traveled throughout the cemetery to see the rest of the nice gravestones, but my fiance noticed a light in an unoccupied white shed. Noone was working the grounds of the cemetery at this time and we were alone, but when my fiance saw this light, we noticed at this time that something strange was happening. The light was on for about a minute and 30 seconds then the light went off for about five minutes in which it went on again for about 30 seconds. Then it went off and stayed off. On the way out of the cemetery, we felt strange negative energy/presence and had the feeling of not being welcomed. At this moment we were spiritually attacked and we could feel them charging after us, telling us to get out. We started feeling numbness, partial convulsion symptoms, tension, butterflies in stomach, weakness, internal organs hurting, migraine headaches, pain in neck/whiplash,  partial paralysis of the left side of body, slight nausea, in which lasted of about an hour to about 2 hours, In which after the 2 hours we were back to our normal selves. We feel that this places is haunted and not safe for the unspiritually intuned.


Looking After the Family


Hello my name is Deborah. I would like to tell my story, i have had and still have, a spirit that is with me. but ffor some reason I believe that it is my father, but i do know it is a man. i heard it when it cries. my doorbell would ring every day at 8:30 am and 8;30 PM and when i look out the window there is one there. but i do feel as though someone is looking at me. when i'm in my bedroom i always hear walking in the back in my living room. i have a very long hallway in my apartment and when i get ready to go the bathroom or towards the back of the house. i always see a shadow but when it see's me it disappears. and this spirit has came with me to my every moving when i moved. one night i just closed my eyes no i wasn't sleep, but while my eyes were closed slightly i seen a white form of light in my eyes and my eyes were closed slightly. i couldn't make out what the light was, but it seem very strange for the reason i had my eyes closed and this form of bright white light appeared within my eyes while my eyes were closed. at night i smell a strong scent of flowers, and also i hear lite tapping on the back of my headboard. and i say to this whatever it maybe. i say i know you are here. and in all i was dealing with this man and my smoke alarm would always go off all times of the night when this man was living here. and i would get up and go to the back of the house to see if there was  anything wrong, and it was never nothing wrong. so one day i just gotten a ladder and i checked the smoke alarm to see if it was the battery but there was no battery i found out my smoke alarm was electric. and eventually this man robbed my whole house.and since this man is no loner living here the smoke alarm have not went off since. and i checked it to see if it still works and it does, i believe my spirit was trying to warn me of this man. i believe this spirit is looking over me and my sons, thats why i believe it is my father. because one day a 3 year old boy came into my house and this boy said to me Miss Deborah there is a man sittingon your toilet, and he came back the next day and told me the man was now in my litchen waving hello to him. if it is my father or who ever i would like to put it to rest. people told me to talk to it. but i'm afraid i will get and answer.people think i'm crazy when i tell them this. but i'm not crazy my son even witness these things i'm teling you. one day i was playing the radio and this spirit just started turning the dial to other stations and me and my sons just looked at each other and told the spirit to turn the radio back to what the station it was on. we cursed it and it left. for awhile that is. one day i was coming into the building and at my back door to the hallway part i saw a shadow of a man with a gray suit come from out the corner of the hallway and as i was proceeding to put my key in my room door i just stood there looking in astonishment. but i believed it was my father because it was the build of my father and we buried my father in the year of 1974 in a gray suit white shirt and a gray tie.but as i said i believe this spirit is looking over me and my family. i have other altercations with spirits that i did not mention.

My Experience


Location:  Auburn Washington,

My boyfriend at the time and my  3 year old daughter moved into this apartment July of 1998.  I didn't notice anything right away and of course if something strange did happen I would play it off as my eyes or my mind was playing tricks with me.
I really don't know where to start It however things did progress over time.
My computer desk was in the dining room up against the wall.  In the corner a brown spot appeared on the tile on the floor.  We would mop it and it would appear again after a while.  We owned a cat we nicknamed "crack kitty" because it would take off tearing out of the room acting as if something would chase it. (Its litter box and food was in the dining room).
I'm not sure if my boyfriend at the time noticed anything strange.  I had brothers and sisters stay the night and they would get creeped out and say that they'd see things over by the dining room.  My daughter also didn't like staying at the apartment.
My boyfriend at the time was a former dj and owned many electronic equipment.  We had huge speakers we used as end tables.  They were extremely dead, and had no cords anymore.  One night I was sittin in the living room relaxing and I heard static and a muffled mans voice talking fast and it cut out quick.  I couldn't understand what he said, but he definately was a man.  Thats when I called him buddy.
I would be sittin at my computer playing computer games late at night, and I'll feel a gust of wind in my face, which smelled like stale man breath.  He would try to get my attention by doing crazy stuff like knocking pictures off the wall,  knocking window fans out of the window,  knock things off of shelves,  he even knocked over one of them huge heavy economy sized packages of cat food sending cat food everywhere.
He must have not liked my boyfriend because he would do things to annoy him (which I would get in trouble for)  My boyfriend at the time would always hit his bald head on the corner of cabinet doors when left open.  One day I was on my computer in the dining room and he walked into the kitchen hit his head on the cabinet and yelled at me for it.  He slammed the cabinet door shut and went into the other room as i continued to play on the computer telling him that I didn't do it and that he must have forgot and left it open.  He came back into the kitchen to yell at me some more and every single cabinet door and shelf door was open.  I hadn't heard it or even left my computer to complete such a task in such a short amount of time.  Of course the boyfriend figured I was just doing that to test him.
The bathroom light would flicker one day and be completely fine the next.  There was always a strange tapping sound coming from the wall in my daughters closet.
A few instances which made me realize that perhaps we needed to find somewhere else to live..
We have a strict rule that the cat was not allowed in the rooms and in order to enforce that we would have to keep all the bedroom doors closed.  I was tucking my daughter into bed one night and closed the door of her room.  I saw the cat in the hallway and went into my room and closed the door.  My daughter and I slept against the wall that seperated our rooms.  I did that so I can hear her if she needed me.  I heard my daughter sit up in her bed, so I got up to check on her as I opened the door she had this look of terror in her eyes and whimpered that the cat was in her room.   How the cat got in there puzzles me til this day as if my daughter had opened up her bedroom door and closed it again I would have definatly heard that.  That was the last night my daughter spent in that apartment,  she would talk of the "devil" coming to her at night and having nightmares and such.  I allowed her to stay at my mothers house a few miles away.
Near the end of my stay in that apartment things started to get a little more creepy and more disturbing.  At night as i worked my way to my bedroom turning off lights I felt like someone watched me from the dining room making my way towards my room.  The feeling was so creepy that I told myself "dont turn around stupid"  I swear I haven't seen buddy's form but If I did,  I think i would have had a heart attack.
The last straw..
I was sitting in my dining room playing on my computer and I heard a tap coming from the floor.. it was subtle at first and I ignored it as the apartment was settling.  then it got louder and louder, sounding like someone was knocking on the floor trapped underneath it.  At the climax the banging was so loud and strong that my chair and area in the dining room was bouncing.. I jumped out of my chair and ran to my room and tried to wake my boyfriend who just rolled over and slept.   I went back out in the dining room and continued with my game.
We eventually moved exactly 3 years to the day in July of 2001 to a bigger apartment.
For years I've wondered if what I experienced was for real or if I was crazy.  I wonder what events could have occured at that location.   I wonder if anyone who's lived there knows about the history or has experienced the same.
The apartment complex itself is right next to the Green River in Auburn.  My apartment itself probably sets about 200 feet off the river bank.  Perhaps back in the day when settlers followed the river to get them places and their sick died or they were attacked by indians or something grisly happend.  They perhaps buried them off the river?  The knocking on the floor made me think that perhaps "buddy" is burried underneath the diningroom.  The apartments are one story.  We have no downstairs or upstairs neighbors.
I certainly would love to find out the story about that place and that area.
Hopefully my story could be of some use.

My Uncles Ghost


hi, my name is Richard Carnie and i live in Hertfordshire England
i Used to live in Aberdeen, Scotland till i was 16, (im 20 now)
my uncle berty lived with next door to us, but when my aunt was at work he spent most of his time at our house helping my parents or Jamming on the electric guitar with me, his favourite Band/Singer was ozzy osbourne..
he got diagnosed with cancer when i was about 14, and sadly died in hospital a few months later.
but a about 5 months after his death, i was in the garage, where me and my Newly formed band practiced,we were in the middle of a song when we heard a strange noise, like heavy banging on the door
we stopped and listened for a few seconds and all of a sudden Ozzy osbourne started to play on my cd changer
and my old electric guitar fell from its half a year long position of leaning against the wall.
i cudnt explain this but i went to turn the cd player off (at the wall)
and we carried on playing, when i went in to get us all a drink from my house about 30 mins after, my Dad said to me, hey, the cd player in the kitchen went off about ten minutes ago, it sounded like your music, can u put it sumwhere else? i just pressed pause.  when i went to get it, it was paused on the ozzy osbourne album, on the exact track that had played in the garage,  track 4-hellraiser
i still think it was my uncle who did these to events, just trying to tell me to keep on with my rock and roll spirit, and that it also hadnt died inside him.

The Moving Swan


I live in a subourb area just outside Birmingham, England. We moved to our
house in 1994, when i was only 7 years old. An old lady died while having a
bath, 2 years before we moved in. Its only over the last 2 years that i have
experienced 'weird happenings'. The first being that taps turn on, by there
own, at first i thought it was a problem with the boiler or water works, but
even when i squeezed the tap nob tight, i always came back later on to find
it loose and running. I find it coincidental how the old lady had died in
the bathroom where the taps turn on. At first it 'freaked' me out, but i got
used to it. But, soon the unexplainable happened,.
We had this 'scary' looking antique swan that sits by the bath. We found it
under the sink when we moved in and my mom fought it would be nice. About
9:30 pm one night(cant remember when), i was having a shower, and when i
opened my eyes, fear struck me when the swan was more or less next to me
staring at me, i was scared stiff, i shouted my younger brother and asked
him if he was playing a sick joke, but he, who was also freaked out, sed he
didnt. None of my family had moved it. It was a tuesday night, about 4:00
am, when there was a violent banging on the bathroom door, i refused at
first and froze stiff in bed, i got up and opened my door, and the banging
stopped, i called my mom and she opened the bathroom door, to find the swan
at the foot of the door, that was it, i had continueous nightmares about it
and eventually moved into my dads house until my mom finally got rid of the
I dont know why the hell the swan moved, it definately was not my family,
the only reasonable explanation was the old ladys ghost, moving it and
playing around with taps.Or some other phenomenon. There have been no
paranormal activity since the swan has gone.

The Voices


The story I am going to tell you is a true story that happened to my daughter Christy in our home.  We bought our house in Central Florida in August 1993, and we have lived there over 10 years.  It's just your average 4-bedroom, 2-bath, one story house.  It was a rental house before we bought it so several families lived in it before we bought it.  My daughter was diagnosed with A.D.H.D. (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in 5th grade and had difficult time with school.  She was constantly fighting with me, my husband and her little brother.  She reached her "teen years" and thought that she didn't have to listen to us anymore.  We were going through some pretty hard times with her behavior problems.
This incident happened in February 2003, and Christy was 16-years old.  We made the kids go to bed at 9:00 pm during the week because they had to get up early for school. After they went to bed, I was constantly telling Christy to turn down her radio & turn off her light. She had a hard time going to sleep and an even harder time getting up at 6:00 am to get ready for school.  I went into her room one night to tell her to turn down the radio & go to sleep and she said "Mom, I need to talk to you."  I said okay & sat down on her bed.  She was reluctant to tell me what was wrong but finally she did.  She said that the reason she keeps her radio up loud & her light on is because for the past several months, she hears voices when she turns them off and tries to go to sleep.  I asked her if she could tell what the voices were saying and she said it sounded like several people talking but she couldn't tell what they were saying.  I said "Let's say a prayer to God that he will make it stop" so we did.  I was a little freaked out to say the least.  Not really sure if I should believe her or not but I could tell that something was really bothering her.  During this time, my son would not stay in his bed at night.  He would wait until my husband and I were asleep & sneak into our room.  He never mentioned anything in particular happening to him, even when I asked.  He was just scared to sleep alone.
I asked Christy the next day if she had heard anything that night after our prayer and she said no.  Unfortunately, it didn't last long. The next night, the voices started again and she said they were mad at her for telling me. Christy told me that the voices came closer to her this time.  She said that a voice was right beside her ear and told her to go get a knife from the kitchen and at the same time, she saw a vision of my husband, myself & my son stabbed to death in our beds.  We always sleep with our bedroom door open so that we could hear the kids if they needed us. She came into my bedroom crying and was visibly shaking.  I told her she could sleep with us.  These voices were bothering her every night, telling her the same thing, get a knife and kill your family.
The following week, Christy took a pair of scissors that were in her bedroom and cut her writs.  She said she was tired of figting the voices and wanted to take her own life.  I did not know that she had done this until the Police showed up at my door at 11:30 pm.  She had called a friend and told him what she had done and he in turn called the police.  They took her to a mental facility for a mandatory 5-day stay.  They put her on medication for the "voices" and said she was suffering from depression.  The doctor said the voices were "in her head" and obviously wouldn't consider any other possibility.  She stopped taking the medication when she came home and started attending church on a regular basis.  She was baptised and since then, have had no other problems with the evil voices.
I truly believe that these voices were evil forces preying on someone that they saw as a weak person.  They sensed that she had some emotional problems and were trying to get her to do evil things.  I thank God for his protection and am a believer that evil can be defeated.  All we have to do is ask.  If anyone else has had any experience like this, please feel free to e-mail me.

Sleep Over


Hi, just wanted to share my recent paranormal experience. I will start by saying that until five months ago i did not believe in Ghosts or an after life, but what has happened to me has changed my mind completely. I am currently living in a 100+ year old house and have done for the past fifteen years, and I always felt that I lived in a safe and very *unhaunted* house, hence my not believing in the paranormal. About 5 months ago i agreed to let my daughter have friends over to stay for the night. They were two girls, both 14, lets say their names were charlotte and kerry. It was about two o'clock in the morning when I was woken by my daughter who told me that her friends were crying and that they wanted to go home. At first I thought they must have had a falling out (as many teenage girls do), so i went down to try to sort things out. I asked the girls why they were crying and Charlotte said that she had just seen her grandfather in my daughters bedroom watching them sleep, however her grandfather had been dead for two years. The other girl, kerry, also said she saw a man but she did not recognise him, they both described the same man. I dismissed these claims completely and actually asked the girls if they had been taking drugs. However they both said no and demanded to be let home. I gave them a lift home, and when i returned me and my daughter shared a bed because we were both rather shaken by the affair. Nothing more happened until about two weeks later when i was sitting at home reading, suddenly i just got the feeling i was being watched. This feeling came over me very suddenly and for no apparent reason. I carried on reading for a further twenty minutes however the feeling did not pass, i put my book down and just happened to glance up at the cupboard above the tv. What I saw terrified me then and still does to this moment, i saw a mans upper torso and head (no legs) bobbing or floating in mid air. Although the man had no legs his head was in the correct *place*, as in the same place it would have been had he had legs. The expression on the mans face was what scarred me the most. He seemed to be staring right in my eyes and he had an evil smile on his face. I felt as though this evil man was going to harm me, however, after about five seconds of me staring at this man he just disappeared. After this it became regular for sounds to be heard around the house and things to be moved, etc., which was not only annoying but terrified the hell out of me and my daughter. I moved my daughters bed into my room so that this man could not harm her when she was sleeping (and also because I did not want to be alone!!!). My daughter was often woken in the night for no reason and (she did not tell me this for some time) she felt like she was being pinned down to the bed, she would also not be able to make any sound, e.g. scream for help. The house then started to affect our emotions, we would come into the house feeling happy and then after about half an hour we would feel drained and have to sleep. This affected my daughter more than me and she started sleeping allot more than usual. She would come in from school feeling ok then she would soon start feeling tired and she would sleep from about 4 o'clock till 7, the weird thing was she would also sleep at night. This was weird because she was normally a very active girl and she suddenly changed from this to a lazy and drained girl who always looked ill. She would tell me she felt groggy. Anyway, I would often feel this mans presence however, I would not see him. I think this scared me more because I could just imagine his evil eyes watching me and that smile...... Anyway, after about 2 months since I first saw this 'man' i began hearing his voice. At first it was very quiet and i couldn't really make it out. Then when it got louder it appeared to be a song, a sailor song perhaps. I couldn't always make out the words however, I did once hear 'and when the wind blows we'll all stick together.' The scary thing was that it would happen right next to my ear, as if he was right next to my ear whispering this song to me. This was the last straw for me, and I went to seek help from a priest, although I am not christian and don't believe in God it seemed like the only option and I just needed to get this evil presence from my house. The Priest came and did a *service* type thing and blessed the house. Since then I have not had any problems from the *man*, I have not heard, seen or sensed anything and much to my delight my daughter has stopped sleeping all the time and the house seems to be back to normal. I pray every night now and thank God for helping me and I ask him to continue to keep an eye out for me and my daughter.
I am very thankful that I have found a professional web-site and would like to hear what you think about my experience. I personally feel that one of the girls that stayed that night left a kind of evil or presence in my house. What do you think? Thank you for your time

Our welcome Guests!!


Let me start about three years ago, when I moved into my now husbands home. I never mentioned to him the things that I was seeing. I would occasionally see shadows move in front of the door of my sons room. This would happen in daylight and at night. There would be no one in the house but my two sleeping children and myself. I would also occasionally hear the sounds of a dog or cat collar in the room. I didn?t pay much attention to this until I saw the white shadow of a cat dart across the living room floor. I became a little inquisitive after seeing these things happen and put some things on the mantle of the fireplace. I spoke aloud and said if there was anything there to move the object that I had placed there. I never saw anything, and just marked it off to being my imagination. Later I went to find the object and it was gone, I don?t mean moved, but gone! I have also noticed I cant keep cream colored almost yellowish candles. Everytime I buy and place them out, they dis!
 appear, never to be found again. I have bought red, green, orange, any other color candles and put them out, and nothing happens. The cream candles also have a tendency to go out on their own. This always happens with the windows shut and no fans of any kind running in the house. I have also heard voices over the baby monitor. I would place the receiving end in the part of the house where the children were, so I could hear the
wake at night. On several occasions I would hear chatter, go to check it out and the kids would be asleep, no radios on, windows down, and tv off.  Again I had ignored the fact that anything could possibly be going on in my house, and eventually forgot about the happenings, and let them go.
About a year later, a friend asked to move in with us from out of state until he could find a place of his own. Of course we said yes being as eager as we were to help out a friend. He and his children came to stay with us, which brings me up to date. I have not seen or heard anything in the house until his teenage daughter comes to me and says she is afraid to sleep in my daughters room because she hears voices at night and the water bed moved like someone was touching it, but the dog was no where to be found. It couldn?t possibly be her jumping up on the bed to sleep with her. She also told me that one particular night the computer room moved to an almost closed state, but never shut completely and swung back open. It was at this time I revealed to her some of the things that had happened to my husband and myself. We told a chat friend about this and she gave us the site, and we ventured on there about a week after these things occurred. We looked around th!
 e site and pictures, and learned what orbs were. It wasn?t until then we got the idea to look over some pictures we had taken only a few days earlier with my friends digital camera. Low and behold we have counted as many as seven orbs in one picture. Call me crazy, call me stupid, but we now believe. We believe to the point we are going to do some purposely posed pictures with 35mm and digital camera, turn on the monitor, and do several different types of audio recording. I hope to capture some kind of proof that Tiffany, my husband and I are not crazy. My husband and I started thinking about the history of the land, because we have been the only owners of this house. However, the land we live on is only a couple miles where the original gold rush
egan years before it hit the west coast. And still today if you do it correctly and look long enough you may find some gold in the mines of Gold Mine Road.

Our Lost Little Girl

we have an extra child in the house. She has long dark curly hair, an ankle length yellow paisley dress and button up shoes. She turned up the tv really loud on my teenage daughter and when my daughter turned it down the attic door slammed open and shut like she was mad at her for turning it down.She has appeared several times to my children when they are up in their rooms. and once to my husband who spent the night up there while the kids were gone just to see if it wasn't just the kids imagination.She doesn't seem to mean anybody any harm. she's just there. When everyone is out of the house except me, I hear footsteps coming halfway down our wooden stairs and stop. when i look no one is there.We've come to the conclusion that she is trapped upstairs or was made to stay upstairs in life.but recently i caught her down in the livingroom a couple times which leads me to believe she's becoming more trusting of us. Recently my teen daughter came running down in the middle of the night saying she could here the girl crying. she was more upset that the ghost is so sad then anything. so we sat together and prayed that God show her the way home to heaven and free her from he ties here. we talked to the girl telling her to go towards the light. she doesn't have to be trapped here. that there are her people waiting for her in the light.Since we did that we haven't heard or seen's been about a month now. do you think even though we have no paranormal abilities our simple prayers and talking to her helped. I'm thinking she is gone. but I'm not sure.She just seems so lost. I hope that she has moved on.


Curious Ghost


About 6 months ago my partner and I were spending the night at a family
friend's house.  It was about 11pm and we both saw a human figure standing
by the bedroom window looking out.  We had both seen ghosts in the past,
and it wasn't being disruptive, so we both just went to sleep.
This weekend I was back at the same friend's house and had been asleep for
a few hours when I woke up to see a man kneeling beside my bed, looking at
me.  As I was not expecting it, and the figure looked very real, I
screamed.  The man appeared startled and disappeared.  My partner also
felt the presence of the ghost, but didn't open her eyes because she
didn't want to see it.
At first I chalked it up to being a dream and that I was overreacting, but
I realized that had I been dreaming I wouldn't have been able to scream,
as I have never been able to scream during a dream.  This was very real.
I don't think the ghost was evil, I just think he was curious as to who I
The owner of the house has heard noises coming from that room, but hasn't
spent the night there, so has never seen anything.


Mobile Home


Hi, I live in Texas.  I lived in a haunted house.  It was a mobile home.  The mobile home was built for us.  But the land where we put the home on was suppose to be on a ranch that was owned by a family for over one hundred years. (I never checked this out, so this is just a rumor.)  But we had incidents of lights coming on when we turned them off.  Radios playing when they were off.  My daughter  was 10 years old at the time and dealing with some issues.  She would smart off to me and she would be pinched or hit right after the incident.  I would hear footsteps in the home and would assume it was the house settling.  One night I was up late and I saw a man's shadow on the wall.  I also assumed I had imagined it.  I really did not accept any haunting until one night my girlfriend, my daughter and her friend, and my husband were sitting at a table talking.  My microwave door was opened and this microwave oven was old and the door was heavy.  As we were talking the door just started closing on its own.  This happened twice.  One Saturday morning,  I was cleaning my room, my daughter had left the house to go to a friend's house. I heard the breakfast dishes being moved. & sp;I thought it was my daughter doing the dishes but I never checked.  I could hear her moving chairs and opening and closing the pantry door.  After a few moments,  I heard the front door open and I heard my daughter yell she was home.  It was then I realized that she was not the one moving the dishes, she had not been in the house.  I walked to the kitchen and all the dishes in the sink had been moved to the cabinet by the sink.  The glasses that had been on the table also had been moved.  All the paper towels that had been on the table were now in the trash can and all the chairs had been pushed under the table.  I also was in my room when I felt someone put their hand  on my shoulder, I assumed it was my daughter, but when I turned around there was no one there.  I was never really scared until those two incidents happened.  My husband and I  eventually moved from that house to move to the city.

Everywhere I Go


it seems that after my stay in Japan in 1989-1990 I've several encounters with the unknown. i was 13 years olds and very curious about the super natural. some friends and i would play around with the Ouija board just for fun until one a couple of friends decided to make their own. it was in thick about 21 inches wide and 2 ft long. the letters were burned into the board. the symbols were their own designs. we played with it not knowing the actual power that it really had. after playing with it for awhile things started to happen. we just started seeing things acting different, funny. we couldn't explain why. one night we were playing with it and my friends were asking it questions and it seem that whatever was answering the questions was getting mad. i wasn't even touching the board when it yanked me across the board. it also said that it wasn't going to allow me to leave Japan, but i thought it was lying because i was leaving in a week. the day before i was to leave i asked my dad what time was my flight home and he told me that i wasn't leaving because something was wrong with my paperwork. so when i finally did leave things were quiet for a while. about a year later something happened that had me really spooked. i was telling one of my best friends a little of what happened in Japan and she interrupted me and told me that the night before while there was a storm, there was a calm during the storm there outside was a voice that was asking for me. she told me that she didn't want to tell me because she didn't want to scare me. things got a little funny for a while. i thought that if i get away that maybe things would change. well they did for a while, shortly after my 21 St. birthday things got strange. one evening i walked into my livingroom and the glass plate of the last supper i had sitting on the table across the room shattered into pieces. no one was in the room but me. then at night i would hear footsteps in the house. one night i got up to get a drink from the bathroom and on my way back i passed the kitchen. there was something in there and was watching me.  everywhere i went in the house i was being followed. so i moved from the house. again things stopped. about a year after i moved into the new house things started back up. i could be in the house by myself and i would hear upstairs footsteps, doors opening and closing, and toys being moved across the floor. that went on for a while and i was getting use to it, but one night i had my little brother over for a couple of weeks before he moved out of the state. i took a shower about 12am, the house was completely dark so i had to find my way. as i was going down the hall i seen a dark figure standing at the top of the stairs, thinking it was my brother coming up i stopped. i told him that it was late and he needed to go to bed, but he didn't move. so i told him that i was going to bed and walked to my room. when i got there i found my brother asleep in the bed. so ever since then i knew something was in the house. for about five years i just dealt with. i would get up at night to turn around and run back to my room because of the uneasy feeling i would get that i was being watched. i would drive at night and get images of dead people walking down the highway. so i moved again but this time it didn't stop. i was in the kitchen one evening cooking dinner for my family and i turned around to catch a glimpse of someone standing behind me then disappear. now i am 28 years old and i can say that I've just about seen it all. strange things still happen to this day that i can't explain. i haven't told u everything but I'm pretty sure you know the rest.



I'm Alex, I'm 16 and I live in Wales, in the UK. About a month ago some friends of our family asked me to baby-sit for their two young kids (Sioned is five and Iola is just about one.). I got there and the mother of the two kids showed me the baby monitor, told me when to put the kids to sleep and then left quickly, as they were already late. I wanted to make sure I did a good job of this, so I asked Sioned to go upstairs and yell into the other end of the baby monitor, just to be sure it was working. Sure enough, lots of yelling and we had some fun passing messages back and forth through the monitor. Sioned came back downstairs and we watched some videos. Iola fell asleep, and so I carried her upstairs to her cot in Sioned's room, right by the baby monitor. Sioned followed me upstairs and quietly got into bed. I took myself downstairs, after bidding the kids a good night's sleep. I sat in their lounge room and watched some war movies and nearly fell asleep a few times. At one point I was jerked out of sleep from hearing Sioned get up to use the bathroom, and could hear her every step of the way by the baby monitor (I had turned the volume up to be super-sure of myself). Anyway, after a while there was some creeping upstairs. It was only about eight or maybe nine o'clock, so I thought it was probably one of the kids coming down to complain about a nightmare or something. As I went up the stairs, I could hear that the movement was on the landing. However, from the stairs I could see all of the landing, and there was nothing there. I thought about the baby monitor, and how it could hear things all over. I found it in my jeans pocket and listened to it very carefully, but I couldn't hear anything. This was more confusing than scary, so I went to see how the kids were, seeing as I was already a half way up the stairs. As soon as I stepped foot on the landing, the creaking stopped, and all I could hear were my own footsteps. I stuck my head into the kids room, and checked on them, then went downstairs. I listened for the creaking again, and sure enough it came again, loud and clear. It went on for the rest of the night, up to and past when the parents came home at about one o'clock, when we sat down for a drink. I asked them about the creaking, and they weren't phased by it at all, as they were very much used to it. They showed me how the footsteps never go into their room, which was an extension added only in the last few years, and how they must be quite long footsteps, and quite confident, going by the regularity and the distance between them. We also listened for where they stopped, which they did once in a while. We listened very carefully, and we figured that they stopped in the bathroom a lot, which was odd (Maybe we have a ghost with bowel problems?). When we went to stand under the bathroom to listen to it, we realised that rather than being on the floor above, the creaking was definitely originating from somewhere about a half a foot down from the ceiling, which would mean they were in mid-air. Anyway, what inspired me to write to you was this: Our friends were looking through the history of the house, and found that in the late 1800's, the house had undergone a significant overhaul and all the floors on the upper level had been raised about 8 inches. They used to think that this ghost was one belonging to the previous owner, who died at quite an early age. His early death was attributed to how much coffee he drank (Which would also explain the regular toilet stops) and the high amount of sugar in his coffee (Which would explain all the anxious walking around aswell!). Whatever it is, its definitely a pacifist ghost, as it has never bothered to interfere any more than walking around mostly on the landing and in the kids room. Thanks for reading!

Dead Mother Visits with Friends Dead Mother


This happened during the month of Nov.2004... I got a phone call from my best friend, who informed me of her mothers death. I went to sleep that night feeling down and remembering when my mother died two years prior to this. My life was in turmoil at the time and my toxic family made everything worse. For starters I have excommunicated them from myself and feel much better ...As I slept I entered a 3d dimmension where I saw my friends mother with short hairstyle and looking much older, but still her bright eyes were happy. Only where her feet should have been there was mist. She swiftly glided away to return with my mother whose eyes were bright and happy! Not at all like when I had seen her at the hospital suffering. My friends mom had her arm around the back of my mom, she said go ahead tell her.... My mom suddenly made a flash with her eyes then I could hear her voice say I AM PROUD OF YOU! Then they both turned to mist and I was awake. I did not remember the entire dream only that I had dreamt of my mom.
I readied myself for the funeral parlor and when I saw my friends mom in the casket. She was exactly like I had seen her in the encounter. I had not seen her in many years and the hairstyle and aging of the face were identical. I blurted out she looks great just like the dream.... my friend said Oh My God What? She knows about my weird abilities through dreams. We left the room to go speak in the hall. As I was relating to her about seeing her mother happy and looking like she did I was able only at that moment to remember what her mother brought my mother to tell me. I blurted that out and we both cried in each others arms.

A White Figure


Me and my friend Emily like to go on this really big dirt hill. It's in a field where new houses are being built, there are only a few houses right now.
Once when we were there we just got off the dirt hill and it was getting dark so we had to go home. While we were walking we saw a big wight figure behind us. We both looked back at the same time and it vanished.
I could have swore it was a van but Emily didn't say anything on our way home.
Now there are more houses and Emily and I wanted to go inside one.(it wasn't finished being built) I went upstairs and Emily went in the basement. After about 10 minutes she came running up the stairs. All she said was can we go?
We started walking home when she finally told me what she saw.
She said that she heard a little girl cough then she turned around and saw her there was a glow around her the little girl said,"I'm lost help me."
Then the girl disappeared.

A Musical Experience


I have an experience I would like to share, it happened last night in the
basement of our new house. I have been living in this house with my husband
and two room mates for about two months now. I have felt absolutely nothing
in the house (our last house had a presences ). The reason we loved the
house was there was two floor plus a finish basement with a bar that was
built in the 70s, all original 70s decor. At our opening party one of the
guest said there was a evil presence in the basement, and a nice presence in
the upstairs bathroom. I disagreed with her saying that there was nothing in
the house, then two weeks ago another friend said they could feel something
in our basement. Again I got anger, and disagreed.
Our basement is divided with the bar area on one side and a very basement
area on the other with washer and dryer, heater ect. That is also were my
stain glass studio is with the work bench. You get between the two area
through a door. When working on my bench I face the concrete wall with my
back to the heater and to my left is the door to the other room which when
standing at my bench I can see the door out of the corner of my eye. Under
the stairs is a closet with a door that we have push a table against (for
space reason), so we do not use that closet. I have a black cat name Sammy
who enjoys coming down to hunt for mice when I work. Last night I was in the
basement working on my glass with the radio on a hip hop station ( the radio
is located on top of the bar in the other room ). I caught a glimpse of a
black shadow moving across the door way in the bar room coming from the
closet going into the bar area.   I turn around and looked for Sammy cat,
thinking he decided to join me, but he was not there. So I blew it off as a
over active imagation and started working again. About two minutes later my
radio in the other room changed station and turn it self up. It changed to
an oldies station on which Mister Sandman was playing. I flew so fast out of
that room, through the bar area and up the stairs it was funny, screaming
for my room mates. My male room mate came around the corner and I had him
come downstairs, while we where still upstairs the station changed back to
the hip hop station. My room mate who was in the living room had heard the
radio change stations also. We went downstairs to investgate together, but
everything was just how I left it.
I gather my stain glass work and continue to work on it upstairs, I will try
to go back down there tonight. I do not mine if there is something down
there, and "I will listen to the oldies, just don't touch me or mess with my
glass." I stated this on my way up the stairs last night to the bar area and
I hope it was listening.


A Haunting from My Childhood


I am a 27 year old female from England. When i was 7 years old my parents, myself and my brother moved into a new house. The lady who lived there before told my parents that one of her relatives committed suicide in the house. Obviously it didnt bother my parents as the were very sceptical. And me and my brother were obviously too young to be told this. After a few months went by, weird things were happening to me. I would start to stay up in my room, even when i didnt feel like it, something just kept me going in there. The house was always very cold, even with the central heating on. You could always see vapour coming out of our mouths as we were breathing, like on a cold day outside. I had lots of toys in my room. I used to put them in one particular place, and come back into my room to find them in another. I dont remember but my parents tell me that at one time i came downstairs crying because i had seen my toy ponies fly across the room, they didnt believe me. Then my brother woke one morning to find pictures of cars drawn on the window in the condensation. It couldnt have been him because they were too good. I also used to have a life size doll that i used to put in a pram at night. The next morning, occasionally, it would be stood lent against the wall. I kept on at my parents, telling them all the strange things that were happening but they just didnt believe me. We used to have a german shepherd dog, he used to sit at the bottom of the stairs and he used to look up them and whine all the time. Then one night, my mother believed me, my dad was working on the night shift, and she was in bed alone, when the bed lifted up on its own while she was in it and it shook. She ran out of the house and left me and my brother asleep, she  went to the neighbours house and phoned my dad from work. She didnt tell us this at the time. My dad was still sceptical, but was closer to any belief that something was going on. Then one night when both my parents were in bed, a loud noise at my dads side of the bed was banging against the floor, as he described, it was like someone hitting a shoe on the floor. Then they really started to believe. After that, the presence made itself known. Our toothbrushes in the bathroom would rattle all night. All day we heard noises, as if someone was walking around upstairs, the dog didnt move from the bottom of the stairs, as if he was guarding us. My parents decided to go to the local church to see if anything could be done. They sent us off to their friends house. The vicar and some of his members went to our house and put their hands on my parents heads, and a photo of me and my brother in every room of the house and blessed every room.  After that, we were amazed, we had never felt the house to be so warm, there was no more vapour when we breathed, the house was so quiet and the dog disappeared from the bottom of the stairs. After it all ended. A few years later my mother told us that the man who committed suicide in the house, actually did it in my room and the lady that used to live there was my age when he did it. We think maybe, he thought i was her.

The White Ghost Camp Man

In 1998 our school went on a camp trip to Arbury Park Outdoor School (it's located in Australia, Adelaide). On the second night there while everyone was still in the 'kitchen' my best friend, Kathryn, and I decided to go to our dormitory (by the way it was 9:30, late at night )... which was the furtherest from all 6... Anyway we were walking very slowly because we were tired from the "activities" we done, and suddenly we heard something, we turned around but no one was there... we kept on walking then it came again a weird sound.. Kathryn turned and froze, so did I because there was the most weirdest thing ever... there standing near us was a white man fully dressed in white with a white hat.. then as fast as possible we saw it disappear like a little "zip" then we RAN to our dorm' really fast... We told all of our friends what we saw, most of them laughed but some looked worried... the weirdest thing of all was that it was white.. because we couldn't even see each other it was white and so clear... the memory of it is still in my brain and i believe....
.... the most thing that made me believe even more is that I read a story like mine on this site but it was said to be infront of a house with 3 acres of wood and the "white man" ran down to the creek.... There was a house with a creek near it just next to the campsite... when i told my friend this she was so shocked...... Do you believe??

Odd Things


last year a number of strange things started descending over my household and my father was very unwilling to accept it, i have allways noticed odd things but they had never been strong enough for anyone else to pick up on.
me and my family live in a brand new house on a very old landscape next to an old boarding school where there have been many hauntings that i have recently found out about but this house that im about to talk about doesnt have any history that i know of with anyone dying here.
so i will start from the begining, there have allways been lights flikering and candles swaying, and strange smells that originated from no where in my home but i was fine with it and still am to this day.
but when other people strated to know was when my best friend was staying over and we had both gone to sleep and she woke up at about 5-6 AM and she was about to wake me up and ask me what my baby sister was doing in there............but with a closer glance she noticed it wasnt my 2 year old sister but someone who looked a lot like her and she was looking straight at us, she was very shaken up because a few seconds after she just disapeard.
the next day i was interested in finding out more about are residential guest which i was very pleased to know that my mum now belived me about alot of the things happening.
she then reminded me about her miscariage that was about 6 years ago that week and the baby would have been a girl..........about the same age as the girl that apeard.
over the months passing this experince tv's and lights were switchd on and off, my brother and his friend were in my room playing a playstation game and the tv just went off scaring them.......this happend 2 more times to them that day.
the smells that i have smelt were very pretty and we have connected this smell to either my mothers best friend who tragicly died almost 4 years mum knows it was her because of her distinct perfume, we have also felt her pressance on numorous times.
in the summer holidays last year we went away for 2 weeks and left a key for the cleaner, she was listening to some music and as it faded out she heard the voice of a little girl humming the tune........the tv in the living room then turned on downstairs, there was no-one else in the house apart from her she speedily finishd the job and got out as fast as possible.
she hates being alone in the house now.
this year things have calmd down but there is still smells and things being moved and then turning up where you left them, i can still feel the pressence of things here and sometimes it can be scary but i know im not in any harm form them and they are watching over us.
at first when i started noticing these paranormal happenings i was very sceard and thought about polterguists.
but if i could ever get my next door neighbor that lives in the school house to write a story about what happens there..................i know you would all be very interested because there is so many spirits there and i know because there have been a number of times i have been there with her cousion who s very sensative to these things............but another coninsedence is that the smells from what we belive to be my mothers best friend, she used to live in that house until her and her husbund moved and just before they wer going to move into their new house she died of a blood clot in south africa.
thanks for reading my story i hope you enjoyed it......and if you can help it never be scared of what you dont know becasue most of the time there is nothing to be scared of!!
thanks again

Never Believed Until Now


When I was living in Georgia with my ex we rented this trailer, at the time I did'nt know about the history of it.  One night me and my ex were laying in bed the lights out ready to go to sleep.  I had my head on his chest and could hear his heart beating, a few minutes later the door slowly started to open.  I thought at first it was my daughter but it was'nt, I seen this shadow of a man and it started coming toward the bed. I tried to move off of my exes chest but he pulled me back down toward him and when he did his heart was pounding harder than mine.  I reached back to flip the light switch on our headboard and it dissapeared.  I asked him what he saw and he wanted to know what I saw, then we both started discribing the same thing.  The man was an older gentleman with a flannel type shirt and overalls on. I could'nt believe what we had just seen. We found out later that the man had died on the property in another home that had been torn down and they made a small trailer park out of it. This man was around 80 years old when he died and the house was torn down about 20 years after that. Well I can say now that I truly believe in ghost after that night and no one can convince me otherwise.

My Scary Ghost Story


This is my ghost story it all began when my best friend moved in to this creepy lookin apartment buliding. Every weekend I and 1 other friend would sleep over her new house. It was one of those nights when theres nothing to do mostly because it was about 2:00 in the morning. So we thought it was best if we hit the hay. As a tradition we always would make tents out of blankets. So we walked in to the living room to get the blankets, just as I was about to wak back to the bedroom I turned bcause I thought I had seen another blanket just as Idid I saw this white thing floating in front of the door. I stared at it for a few seconds then it took the form of a young women. She had no legs, she was wearing an old fashioned dress withan apro you might say she looked like a pirie girl. She also had a big bow in her hair. My friends that had slep over before told me they had seen something matching the discription. All I could do was stare.I really didn't think anything of the other things that had happened before, like doors slaming shut a huge mirror falling from the walls, my friend's dolls would end up in different spots than she put them in. Slowly as I watched she just disappeared as fast as she had appeared. I was left there staring at an empty door way so I just ran back to the room and couldn't speak a word. The next day I was outside waiting for my friends to come out the landlord came by. So Iasked him"had there been any  deaths in the apartment he said before it was bulit there was said to be an old house there he said there had been a romor that a young women was murdered there." So I said thankyou snd went home. About a year later my friend moved away and her apartment was left empty to this day some people would move in then right back out again so it's still empty even today.



2 years ago one of my best friends cousins died (kelly).......she had a brain tumor and was only 16 years old.
they were all very distraught, and they were visting their aunt who is very very sensative to spirtits and other htings and knows things about the family no one has ever tole anyone!
during their vist she said "kellys alright you know"
they were al stunned and they just looked at her "i know.......she talks to me, she wnated me to tell you that shes on a journey"
kellys parents were stunned but happy that their daughter was ok.
then their aunt put her hand out over kellys mums head and said "kelly wantd you to feel how she died" it simply felt like a tingling sensation over her head and her eyes closed.
one thing that strikes me as odd about this tale is that kelly died with her eyes open......i think that when her eyes closed that was her leaving her body.
the last bit of this story was when they went to the hospital with kelly's body she was there.....atleats this is what the aunt was telling them.
kelly didnt know she was dead and was wondering why everyone was crying...............thats all of the story i know but i blive it with the whole of my heart as the aunt is a very wise women and has helped me with a number of things that have happend in my house........the story of which i have already posted.
thanks alot......i just thought i would post this story because its very interesting.


Child Ghost


I live in a block of maisonettes and some of us residents have encountered spooky goings on!
I moved in here 5 years ago. The bedroom my daughter slept in seemed to generate bad vibes at night but happy (though strange) during the day.
If my daughter was playing in her room, she would often tell me there was someone sitting on her bed with her. She said it was a little girl but she didnt know her name.  In the night, my daughter would awake screaming that a man was trying to get her.  As she was only 3 years old, I thought she was just having nightmares, until a neighbour told me a very similar story about her child.
This worried me a bit but I just dismissed it, but then I started hearing things, footsteps, someone running up and down the stairs when everyone was asleep.  A few times I heard someone calling 'mummy' but never saw anyone there and could rule out it being either of my children.
I bought a talisman to protect the room and had it 'cleansed' and have since never had a problem in the room though I still hear the footsteps occasinally and only one 'mummy'.
Meanwhile, my neighbour has recently started experiencing things again so she called on the help of a Medium.  She didnt tell him whats been going on so as not to influence him in any way.  He told her there was a little girl who liked to come and play with the children. She wasnt grounded to her property and he felt she visited the whole building rather than just my neighbour's house.  Though the child was kind and nothing to be scared of, there was someone who scared her terribly and he felt it would occur at night. He also picked up a presence of a young boy who was quite harmless but very mischevious.  He felt the boy was grounded to that particular house and the girl liked to visit him.  My neighbour then explained to him that a few people that had stayed in a particular room in her house had said they felt as though they'd been kicked or pushed.
Anyway, after hearing what he had to say, I think that the girl and the man my daughter was seeing are the same ones that the Medium had picked up on in my neighbours house.  My daughter was terrified him so maybe she was 'reliving' almost what the girl had experienced.
Other neighbours have said they thought they heard someone calling though they were home alone and often thought they could hear footsteps on the stairs etc.
I just hope the girl (and the boy) are at peace and that the man never comes back.


The Young Girl in the Apartment


I am origanilly form Argentina, I came to the US, with my parents and my two sisters, when I was 8 years old and moved to Arlington, VA. The apartment comlice is called Buckingham village. I was a two level apartment, we live down stairs and upstairs lived a couple, I really don't remember them, I do remember they had a black dog. A couple of months or so after moving there the woman of the house dies, where she died was right above my parents bedroom. I really don't recall but that was what my mother told me. Anyway years went by and the 1st time I sensed something was weird was when I was home alone and there was a rain storm, I had locked the doors like my parents had asked me to. I was watching t.v. when I heard the the lock come undone and the door opened all by itself. I never told my parents about it, because at that time I was not sure what it was all about. As years went by I was in high school, while I was sleeping I awoke with a woman with long stringy hair looking down at me I tried to scream but couldn't, funny thing was I thought it was my youngest sister trying to scare me, when she finally disappeared I screamed and my sister, who's bed was near mine woke up and asked me what was wrong. Well she didn't believe me at all. Then couple of months later I am in the kitchen, in the back of the apartments there was this tree. While I was preparing lunch for my sister I saw a woman, like the one that woke me, standing there, funny thing I would only see her from the corner of my eye, but once I looked her direction she would disappear. At first I thought it was the kids around the neighborhood playing. I freaked closed the window and just forgot about it. Then it all stopped. Years passed and I had my daughter and I was living with my parents. When she was a baby we slept in the room where I had first seen the lady..which for some wierd reason I named her LISA, well my daughter was hungry and I was reading a magazine, so I put the magazine down and went to the kitchen with my daughter when I come back the magazine was gone, and all of sudden I just started talking out loud and said "Lisa I am going to leave now and when I come back I want my magazine back!" I left the room came back five minutes later and there was my magazine right where I left it and at the page I was reading!!! Funny thing about all of this was that a girl friend of mine didn't believe me, until she came over one night, all the lights were off we were watching t.v. and LISA decides to show her self and walks right pass the t.v.!! I look at my friend and she was pale white, and she looked at me and said.."Did you see that?", and I said yeah, and she was quiet, she never stepped foot in that apartment ever again. A couple of years later I tell my mom about this woman I was seeing and at times sensed her being around me, and my mom was like oh so you too have seen her. I couldn't believe my ears!! She had been seeing her all along, she told me that could see what she looked like, where as I only saw her shadowed figure. We moved out in 1996, not because of her, but that the it started getting worse with gang activity. Funny thing about all of this is I feel that Lisa came with my parents, because at the new house, I know I saw her at the top of the stairs, my mother looked and me and asked me what was wrong, I told my mom I think she is here, and my mother's response was, I know me too.
I also have another story and this happened at my husband fathers house..that I will tell later, it this one is much worse, this person was not as nice as lisa was.

The Figure!

When I was 14, I had just finished reading ghost stries when i closed down the internet and went to bed. I awoke with a stranger eerie feeling over me it was like someone was staring at me. I opened up my eyes and saw nothing. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. At about 2:30 I awoke again with this same stranger eerie feeling. This time when I opened my eyes I saw a outline of a human body standing in the doorway. I freaked out and ran to the kitchen thats when I felt a hand upon my shoulder.I turned around and saw that strange outline standing behind me. Then, what felt like 20 seconds later the outline vanished. To this day I see the figure walking and pacing or even standing at the foot of my bed or in the door way

My Son's imaginary friend


My son at the age of 2 1/2 started to play with his "imaginary friend".  I was confused the first time I had ever heard him talking to himself in his bedroom. I went in to see what he was doing and he was laughing.  He was as naturally talking to the air as if he were talking and carrying on with me.  I asked him who he was talking to and he responded "it's Beeko mommy".  I said "Beeko, who is Beeko?"  He said "don't you see him mommy?  He is right here"  I was amused by the whole situation and just laughed.  I thought that I would humor my son and asked "well, what kind of name is Beeko for a little boy anyway?"  He replied "Beeko is not a little boy, he is a man."  I swear at that time I felt cold air run all over my body.  At that exact moment the chill went away when my son said, "Mommy, Beeko will come back to play with me when you are gone."  I was a little freaked out but I said "ok, well let's go watch a movie buddy."  On several occasions my son would be alone in his room just giggling, laughing, playing his heart out.  The moment I would walk in the room, I would go COLD!  My son always responded that Beeko would come back when I was gone.  My son is now 6 and we no longer live in the same house.  He does not talk about Beeko anymore at all.  When he was 5 he started to get irritated with Beeko.  I would hear him in his room now arguing with Beeko and telling him he did not want to play with him.  I would go in there and Beeko would leave. My son started to complain that his room was always cold.  He would wake up in the middle of the night sobbing almost every night.  One night, my son was asleep in bed.  He started yelling for me so I ran in his room.  He said "mommy, tell Beeko to stop talking!"  I said "Mommy does not hear Beeko talking"  He started to cry " Mommy you don't hear that man talking and laughing"  I said "No"  However, I could feel him.  My son started to cry harder, "please mommy, tell him to stop talking, he is scaring me"  I was petrified for my son as he was scared.  I yelled "go away, leave him alone.  He does not want to play with you anymore.  In Jesus name I command thee to leave"  At that moment, my son stopped crying and the room was not cold.  I laid with him for awhile and he slept sound.  He never talked about Beeko again!  I am not sure what was going on but something was there.  I don't understand why Beeko was nice at first, but then started to scare my son.  I guess we will never know.  I am just glad we do not deal with him anymore.  If your children ever talk about an imaginary friend, ask a lot of questions!!!!

I Believe!

By: Anonymous
i have believed in ghosts and spirits ever since i was 5 years old. My first experience came around my 6th birthday shortly after my grandfather had died. I had a dream where I was holiding my grandmothers hand looking up at the silouhette of a man standing on a hill with a beautiful classic sunset from my cottage (where he and my grandmother had lived). I could not see this mans face but I knew it was my grandfather and it was his way of saying good bye to me. Later on I have felt his and other presences sittin on my dresser in my room as i sleep (I cant see anyone but it is always darker in that corner when i feel someone watching me).
My second experience happend about 3 years ago. I've always been interested in ouija boards and me and my friends were sitting in  my room at my cottage doin ouija talking to one of 2 spirits we normally talked to. Kate was the one who would tell us that she had a crush on my boyfriend at the time. when we talked to Kate she would tell us that she was in the room and in the middle of 30 degree weather you could feel a cold spot wherever she was, sittin on my boyfriends lap or between me and him. This led to the most convincing event of my life. A little later that summer, mid to late august i was staying th my grandmother and had gone to my cottage to turn on the lights for my parents who were commin up that night when i heard the distinct sound of the heavy and sticky old drawers of the dresser in my room. Me being the only one in the cottage and the noises comming from my room frightened me and i took off, then after about 15 minutes i regained the courage to go back up to the cottage figuring if i heard noises it was just spirits. As soon as i turned on the first light i began to hear the antique saws, that we had bolted againsts the wall, being played with, as if someone was running their fingers along them and banging them intentionally against the wall. This spooked me but determined not to let it bother me i turned on my music and sat facing the door and that wall untill my friends met up with me. A few days later me and my friends decided to use the ouija board again and we spoke to both spirits, Kate and Henry. My friends had always asked for a 'sign' and never recieved one, so we asked if it had been Henry who had done either act and he had told us that yes he had moved the drawers to give us a sign and to frighten me. Later on we spoke to Kate who had been playing with the saws on the wall.
The third and most reecent encounter I had was at my grandmother's (same grandmother i had stayed with and who was married to the grandfather i mentioned earlier.) funeral. She had been cremated and my father carried the Urn up to the cemetary. As he placed infront of the grave i saw her face flash in the Urn for maybe 5 seconds, she was looking out at me and look healthy unlike the frail sick woman she had been in her last few months.
I know for a fact that none of these are facts of my immagination, they have truly happend and helped to convince me, even as young as 5.
Feel free to edit this for spelling and grammer etc.. as you see fit, however I would appriciate it if you would not publish my email.

Lying with the Dead


one day i was fixing up my room a little,it got to be around 11:00 pm, i got
a little tired so i was going to take a rest. I ended up falling asleep. At
about 3:00 am I got woken up because of a strain on my shoulder, almost like
someone was lying in my arms. as i turned to look I could see a faint image
of a guy or girl, not really sure. looked like a guy. as i stared right at
it i could see it lifting and as it was lifting i could feel the pressure
coming off of my shoulder, and then it vanished. this is one of the many few
experiences that i have experienced. and every experience that i have ever
had i was never on bit scared.. I think they are trying to tell me something
and hopefully one day i could find out....

Gone Forever Bro

Let's start at the begining. My name is Sara Stonecipher and I am 14 years old. I am not really very imaginative. I had a 28 year old brother, Kenneth. We both lived in the same town. He was married and had his own house. We still remained in contact alot. But begining in March of 2003, we started to notice that something wasn't quite  right about him. He started getting unnaturally high temperatures all
the time and was sick alot, he had past heart problems when he was a kid, but it had not given him any trouble since he got older.  One rainy day late in October, me and mom stopped by his house. my mom talked to him about what was wrong with him. " why don't you change doctors? that old man is a quack." my mom told him. " forget it mom, im a dead man." he told her. no ne could convince him to get differrent help.  It was too late the first week of November, right before my birthday, he was admitted into the hospital. At the end of that week, he passed away due to blood clots. This happened the day before my birthday and I was shocked and devastated, when I get sad and upset, I tend to eat. my mom and I went down to the hospital cafeteria and got something to eat. me and mom were sitting, eating, and crying. The cook came out all of a sudden with a tray everyone which there was only us a few other people all looked up at him, he said  " Anyone order a pepperoni pizza slice with extra cheese?" I thought nothing of it until he said this guy was wearing black and had a black trenchcoat, he was very quiet." I froze, Kenneth was always kinda alternative and dressed in black alot and one of his favorite possessions was a black leather trenchcoat. Kenneth was also very quiet he had a very whispery-like voice. It was also about eight or nine and there wern't very many people of that description around in the hospital at that hour. and no one had seen anyone of that description around there all the time they were there. I have always wondered whether or not if that was Kenneth trying to see us one more time before he crossed over. Many other things of the supernatural has happened to us since his passing. i'll tell ya about those later.

It Happens A Lot


In the past, I have had many ghost experiences. The two most recent & biggest ones are explained below;
The first was actually a dream. I'll just skip to the part of the ghost though, so as not to make the paragraph too long. I saw this one girl she looked about 8 or 1o & she was very, very torn up & bloody & I saw some of her insides, the girl was staring at me & when I ran out of the room I closed my eyes & put my hands out so I could keep my balance. I felt sticky blood on my hands & face. Then after i left the building, the scene flashed back to the girl. It showed her at the place I was in, & then in a hotel with all these people, it kept going back & forth. When I woke up, my hands were red & my face was paler than normal. Throughout the day I heard my name being called by a little girl, & once I looked at the stairs, I saw a blue green & purple mixture type thing in the form of a person peeking around the wall.
The second encounter; {still happens periodically.} In my room there is this one corner I am absolutely afraid to go by, because I keep seeing a man standing there, blood all over the place, & forever creeping forward into the rest of the room. He is holding an axe, various deep wounds & small wounds & a noose around his neck. He looks like he went through hell or some type of suicidal rampage. I walk around the room; he follows me with his eyes, I cant tell his expression because when I look closer he fades away. Only once he moved away from that corner, I was at the door putting heavy stuff in front of it {because of the big scardy cat I am when I'm alone.} My bed is against the same wall as the door, & the headboard is straight across from the area this guy stands at. So anyways...he comes over to me & stands by the bed, shaking his head at me. Then all of a sudden blood appears on my bed, & he lays down on it on his tummy hands under his chin, like a child. I move away & walk towards the playroom door {I have an attatched room to my bedroom, its like a sunroom} I stood there even though I was still hearing the noises downstairs.
Actually I just remembered one more experience but this is already too long, if your interested in any more please contact me or whatever, thanks for your time sorry its so long.

2 Stories To Tell

Hello, Im Nikki. I am in highschool. I have two stories if that's ok. They're short. Well one, when my mother was just married to my dad they were living upstairs in my great-grandma's house. One night my mom woke up and saw a figure standing in front of her bed. She said she thought she was dreaming. She said the "thing" looked like a person with a sheet over them but a sheet you could sort of see through. She saw that it was moving towards her so she sat up and tried to wake my dad...he didn't budge. She started cusing at it a few times and then it went away. P.S. she moved out 3 weeks later. My Aunt saw the same thing in that house years earlier. This was about maybe in 1988 aroung spring. My grandma was very old and said she didn't experience anything, but it only appeared when my mom, or my aunt was in the house. I get chills just thinking my mom actually saw something. Thanks for reading. You can email me to respond to my story.





In 2002 it was the morning of the 12th of July and as I woke I noticed someone on the end of my bed!!
This was six days before my birthday and I wondered for a second if they had come 2 say happy birthday!!
The woman sat with her hands in her lap and stared staight forward as if she was in a trans I wasn't frightened at all I was more curious. The woman was in her late 40's and was only visible from the knees up as I rubbed my eyes 2 make sure I was not sleeping the woman stood up and disappeared.This all happened in the time of 5 mins but 2 me it seemed alot longer.

Night Mist


this happened when I was still in high school a few years ago...
I live in Houston, Texas, and a few days before graduating from high school
one of my best friends commited suicide. We were all supposed to go to the
University of Texas; the group of us have all known each other since grammer
school. The reasons behind my friend committing suicide was still unclear at
the time, not even his girlfriend knew why.
The night after graduation, the remaining friends really didn't have any
spirit to celebrate, and so we just hung out at the pool hall and sang on
the karaoke machine. I left around 2:00 am, and went home. Now comes the
really odd part.
Going home, I had to take this really long stretch of road. The neighborhood
that I lived in was in development, and was situated in the middle of no
where. If anyone knows about Houston, from Dairy Ashford, break a right on
Eldridge and just follow the long stretch of road for about 10 to 15 minutes
and you'll see my old neighborhood on the left: Twin Lakes.
As I was saying, on Eldridge, it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes, and
there's no street lamps, and the road winds left and right, with your
occasional road-kills. I remember that night, it was clear, and the air felt
crisp and humidity-free. (Those of you who've been to Houston, or down
south, will know the significance of a humidity-free day.) About a quarter
of a way down Eldridge, a heavy mist seemed to envelop my entire line of
sight, and no cars were on the road, which was odd, even on Eldridge. For
some reason, I had a chilled feeling about the whole scene.
All of a sudden, I couldn't hear too well on my radio, and all I heard was
static. I just turned off the radio and used my cd player instead. As I was
driving, I felt as if I was driving in circles, because I kept on seeing the
same road-kill. I got real scared from here and turned the volume real high
and just drove faster. But still I saw nothing different, and still no one
on the road.
In Asian culture, this sounds mist that I'm seeing, and the fact that I'm
seemingly stuck in a loop is called being blinded by ghosts. I've never
experienced this before, but have heard about this before.
At this point, I've been driving for the better part of half an hour. I even
tried driving in the other direction. In my own defence, I haven't been
drinking, and no, I don't do drugs. =) I kept on praying and praying.
Suddenly, I saw this bright light on the side of the road. Because of the
mist, this light appeared more like a halo. As I drove near this light, it
appeared like a white car, with a person standing beside it wearing white
clothes. Once I passed by it, the person staring back at me was my friend,
the one who committed suicide just weeks ago. He was just smiling back at
me, and I heard the words "wake up."
Once I heard those words, the fog broke, and my car was spinning in circles,
still on Eldridge.
I don't think that I fell asleep on the road, because I've never fallen
asleep while driving. I don't know what happened, and to this day, I still
do not understand.

Never Knew Who


My name is Emma and i live in england.
my experiences started when we moved into our new house.
The first thing that happened was that my mum, sister and me returned home after shopping one day to hear a wisphered voice saying "Emma, can you hear me? can you hear me Emma?". We didn't think anything of it, thinking maybe I had pressed a button on my mobile phone or maybe one of my friends was in the house. We discovered there was no one home and my mobile phone was off!
The second thing that happened was a few months later, I woke up suddenly in the night when hearing someone shout my name to see a black shadow of a man at the end of my bed.
The latest thing that has happened was that my mum was looking through one of my bags to discover an 18 carrot gold diamond ring in my bag, not knowing how it got in there we rang my friends to see if it might be one of their parents or family memebers rings. We never found out whoes it was!!




These encounters happens during the 90's. I was 20 then, working at a fastfood restaurant (known worldwide) and proudly say one of the pioneers.The first encounter happens on August 1990, it was about  2am when the closing team finished their job cleaning up the store. Lights off. Doors locked. Everybody's out. Then the lobby person remembers that he forgot his cleaning materials at the play area (playland) which located outside the store.He went to fetch his cleaning materials but also immediately return, shaking and frightened. When the other crew got him calmed, he said that he saw the apple pie tree (made of concrete) get alive, with fiery red eyes looking at him. The crew then went to see the tree but they only saw the concrete figure of it. The next day the poor lobby person didn't able to go to work, so scared that he had a fever and he requested a working schedule anytime except in a closing shift. A few weeks later another closing-lobby person experienced a scary encounter at the playland too. While cleaning the area, he saw a bloody disembodied  arm crawling on the floor. With all these encounters at the playland, most of the closing team refuses to be assigned as a lobby person.
The second encounter: On the first anniversary of the store March 1991. We the "openers" or opening team came to work very early than the usual time, due to the preparation of the anniversary.It was 4am and we are waiting for our managers when suddenly I saw a lady wearing an old, long immaculately white gown (old because of its style) came in or I should say came through the front entrance door (we're near the side door) walking going to the store's front counter, then she just disappeared. I just kept silence, passing it off as lack of sleep since I woke up 2:30 am. But at the end of our shift my co-crew told me that she saw something while we are waiting for our managers, before telling me what she saw I told her about the lady in white gown and she was so shocked how I knew about it since she kept her silence too. That confirms that I, we, really saw a ghost.
It was my first month as a Management Trainee when the third encounter (and my second) happened. Still an opener, my shift was about to be finish so I am preparing for a turn-over for the next shift manager. I'm doing an inventory on the frozen products at the crew room when I asked one of the kitchen crew to count the products inside the walk-in-freezer, since I am not feeling well that time. So I gave the freezer key to Susan and proceeded to what I'm doing at the crew room's table,alone,  my back facing the freezer door. After a while I heard someone  coming and asked me how am I feeling. Without looking and judging
by his voice, it was Sir Rainier, i replied to him " a little bit bad". I heard him came in and got out of the freezer without looking at him again. Then I heard loud bangings coming from inside the freezer and when I turned around I saw it was locked, and the freezer door handle is moving, like for whoever was inside tries to open the door. So fr   there I called Sir Rainier for the key and told him that he locks Susan inside since he is the last person I knew who came inside the freezer. Then Susan pops up behind me saying "I'm here", and handling me the keys. We open the door, look inside and there's nobody there. We hurriedly stepp out of the freezer,frightened. The temperature of that freezer normally reads 0 up to -2, but on that moment it reads -11. And also Sir Rainier told me that he haven't gone to the freezer yet for the whole period of our shift since he is the Counter Manager on that day.
These occurrences were reported to the owner-operator of the store of course, and we learned from her the history of the lot or ground where the restaurant is standing.They bought the land (1000 sq.m wide) including what's in it. Trees and very very old house from the Spanish Period (way back from 1940's) When they torn down the house to start the construction of the restaurant, they discovered a secret door at the basement leading to an underground tunnel, some human skeletons, old newspaper (from the early 1900). The house was said to be first occupied by Spanish Officials and soldiers and the underground tunnel was served to be a torture chamber of somesort. It was also once lived by the town's most beautiful maiden and found out that the store's anniversary was also the exact birthday of the said beautiful maiden. Which I believed to be the lady in white gown we saw on the store's anniversary day. From the torn house they had salvaged some good wwoods and ballusters. The woods was used as store's beams and the ballusters were also made to be a perfect decorations at the store's side lobby.
I am 34 now, married with two kids and happily residing here in Japan. The fastfood restaurant have 3 other chains on the same town now. Everytime I take a vacation in the Philippines, I never fail to visit the store and asking the crew and managers (which are all new faces to me) if they are encountering weird things,which they confirms but I will not elaborate on it since I was not working anymore at the store of what we called M01( I worked for 8 years) when those encounters occurs.

A Spirit


well this happen not that long ago mayb like it was in december of last yr.
We were on vacation @ mexico. So after xmas we decided 2 take a tour of Jalisco and Guanajuato. On the way 2 Jalisco we had 2 go through many areas which were desserted. Since my cousin is able to c dead ppl and can wat has happen in the past she started telling me about wat was going on. At 1 point we had a spirit follow us it was so scary cuz i was using a camara 2 c it. It didnt stop chasing us until like 10 mins later. We got pretty freaked out. Another thing was that on the same place there was somthing that was not human and was a threat 2 humans good thing i did not ask more questions on that. In Guanajuato it was full w/ paranormal  activity. We had a few experiences w/ cold spots specially in the dungeons.
In the room I was staying we also had another xperience which was quite funny. We had a spirit in the room and 1 morning it decided 2 make its presence known and dropped somthing on my sisters head.

 Biltmore Hotel

My husband and I stayed at the Biltmore for two nights recently.  We toured the hotel our first night there on our own and decided to see how far up in the tower we could travel.  Only one elevator goes all the way to the 15th floor so we got in and hit the button for the 15th.  We went all the way up and got off the elevator.  There was only one room at the top and I could hear a TV playing.  We didn't want to disturb whoever was staying there so we headed for the 14th floor.  My husband held the elevator while I took a look around.  There was only one door on that floor as well.  So we went to the 13th floor (and we both thought it was odd the hotel even had a 13th floor).  I got off again while my husband waited inside. Another door and that was it. We continued down to the 10th floor and then on to the lobby area.
The next night we sat in on some storytelling in the lobby and found out that unless you have a special access card you cannot get to the 13th, 14th or 15th floors. According to the storyteller, there is a ghost on the 13th floor (the 13th and 14th are one room) and sometimes "allows" people access. He's also been known to turn the sprinklers on people when he doesn't want them there.
I tried for the remaining two days to gain access to one of the top three floors again, but with no success. I did however have the crap scared out of me by a maintenance man. I was in the elevator when it started going up. I hadn't pressed any buttons so I was a little freaked. Anyway, it stopped on the 14th floor and there was a maintenance man standing there.  What can you do at that point but laugh.

Amber and Doug

March 26, 2004, me and my cousin Amber were walking through the field near our houses. It was daylight and we were near the woods. Then we stopped to take a breake from walking and sat on a fallen log. When we got up we heard something fall from a tree behind us. When we turned to look, we saw someone run away and they just seem to dissapear into the woods. It kept on happening for about half an hour. When we were walking back to our houses and we saw something come out of the woods and fly away.
About a month later, we were walking in the same field and we saw it again but this time it was just standing there but as we got closer it disssapeared. Now, in the place that it was standing, there is a fallen tree that resembles someone standing there. Just last night as we got near the tree we heard someone talking and then someone or something jumped out of the woods and ran away. We have never gone back there since.

Many Strange Things


My name is Kevin Savage. ( 47 )  I'm average in every way,  happily married with children,  a craftsman gardener by trade and a very keen motorcyclist.     Back in 1982 I was living with Beverley,  in Swinton, Lancashire UK.  Bev was the double of the lovely Carolyn Jones, who played Morticia Addams in the old black and white, television show,  The Addams Family...
Bev was a practicing witch,  very spiritual,  very much a free spirit.  I always joked that she put a spell on me when we met,  curse that gypsy wench !   We were very happy.
Several strange occurrences happened during our several years together.  Lights would go on and off, sometimes when we were in the room,  sometimes when we weren't.  The electric cooker would turn itself on also.  None of these things phased of worried us,  it was just strange, interesting even.   One day in the winter of 82, I was working on a Godforsaken, windswept field,  high in the Lancashire hills.  The sky was grey and the temperature was well below freezing.   My college and I,  ( Gary Sofield, )  were cutting a hedge.  I said aloud, around 2pm,  " This is mind-numbing.  I wish to God I was home, in the warm,  away from this stupid job...'   With a sigh,  I simply carried on and forgot all about my heartfelt plea.
I arrived home at around 5pm,  to be greeted by a wistful Bev,  who asked,   ' Did you come home today ? '  She answered her own question by saying that at around 2pm, she was making the beds,  and she heard the front door open.
She knew it was me,  ( no one else had a key, ) but was surprised not to have heard my motorcycle.  I apparently walked upstairs, clearly heard with my heavy bike boots on,  and looked round the door into the bedroom.  I smiled.  Bev said Hi,  and asked what I was doing home so early ?  I went out of the bedroom and went into the bathroom.   After a few minutes, Bev wondered what was taking me so long, and came into the bathroom to see if I was o.k.   No one there !
The bathroom was empty...       I have no recollection of actually going home,  I wished to be home at that time,  but in my mind, I just carried on working.    I believe Bev implicitly,  if she said I was there,  then I was there. I was solid, and make noise, I even moved the bedroom door, and was heard to open and shut the bathroom door. All we ever said about it,  was,  there are more things in Heaven and Earth,  and left it at that...
Other lesser things happened.  Our cat died, yet came back and was seen by friends,  ( but curiously not by us, ) walking at our feet.     One night I was again in the bathroom,  cleaning my teeth and running the bath at the same time.
It was pretty steamy in there,  and while I was bending over the sink,    Bev came in and affectionately squeezed my shoulder.  I smiled and carried on.  The only thing was,  when I turned around, no one was there !   I asked Bev had she been in the bathroom at all, and she replied no...   This happened again,  within a few days, but the second time I had my back to a wall, and unlike the first time,  I jumped out of my skin !   I was only shocked for a second, and as with each and every occurrence or happening,  we were curious,  not frightened.
More recently my father died.  He was ill with cancer and in a hospice.  Despite his illness, he was on very little medication, and was able to walk around and was perfectly lucid.   A week before his death,  we were talking and he mentioned,  very matter of factly,  that my grandfather,  ( his father ) had come to visit him the other day.  I replied that it was just as well it was my grandfather ( who had been dead for 20 years )  that came to visit,  because if it had been someone else's grandfather visit,  why, that would have been silly !!!   I have no doubt at all that my father met my grandfather again,  the day before.
For everything I have written,  I can vouch for it's factuality.    I wouldn't presume to have any answers however.
Several other things have happened over the years,  all of which are interesting.
I don't intend to go anytime yet,  ( assumably shot in bed, aged 97 by a jealous husband )  but when that time comes,  I'd be very happy to see both my father and grandfather again.      Who knows...

The Experiences at my House


Many things have happened at my house, but no one has ever died here on this land.
When I was younger the door in my bedroom that leds to my bathroom would open when no one was there to open it, and sometimes I'd hear a laugh.
When I'm on the computer in my mom's office I see a siver light reflection next to me with no one behind me.
I get sivers a lot and my dogs stair off into space, and when I take a picture things show up. I always feel someone watching me.
I see things that have happened in the past or will happen. Like one time I saw a blond girl get kidnapped by someone, then it happened.
In my past life I think I might of been a goth because that's all I dress like now, but I'm not a really big fan of goths.
I always know there is something in a place I look at but no one is ever there that I can see.
My grandpa slept in my bed the day before he died.

  Guardian Angel


I was three years old when my first encounter happened.  My older brother and I shared a room together, my bed was on the other side of the room under the window.  I had just woken up,  sat up, looked out the curtains.  It was a bright sunny day perfect for playing.  I shut the curtains, turned around and right above my brothers bead was a witch's head and it was laughing at me. I got freaked out (of course) ran out of the room and into my parents room.  Jumped up on the bead in-between my parents and stared out the door thinking that this thing was coming for me. My dad woke up but my mom did not. My dad noticing that im very freaked out is asking me "whats wrong, whats wrong". I didnt answer him, I just kept looking out the door. then all of a sudden from the other side of the door, opposite of the way I came in.  This beautiful lady peeked her head around the door.  She looked around the room, looked at me, smiled and walked past the door  towards my room. She was dressed all in white, with a very bright glow around her. I knew at that time that she was my guardian angel.  My dad later had told me that he had also seen her


Ghost Story from South Korea

By: Anonyomous

I am in the army and was recently stationed in South
Korea.  I was stationed in a town called wonju.  My
job often required me to work late into the night.
During the Korean war several major enagements were
fought where the instalation now sits.  In fact there
are several grave sites on the post.  Anyways I was
walking home from work one summer night at around 3
A.M.  There was a kind of fog, not uncommon, and there
was a full moon or close to it, and I could just
barely make out the shapes of about a dozen or so
soldiers walking across a field.  I know for a fact
that there was noone out at that time of night
especially on that night.  Plus the soldiers just
didn't seem to be moving like normal people.  I just
kind of picked up the pace a little bit and made it
back to my barracks.  Take it for what it's worth, I
know what I saw.


The Negative Energy


Me and my Family live in washington,an old house. weve lived here for over 6 years.Ive been sick all that time, mentally or physically.My husband found an old headstone next to the house.stories are different about it,this house has been in the family ,from the time it was built.The house belonged to my step Dads Aunt.The headstone is her first husbands,she first had him buried in the city,then dug up moved to the country,she bought a new headstone and brought the old one home,there it stayed,still there.The lady remarried,this husband,caught her cheating,she told him to move out.He was found later laying in the garage entry way,Dead,He locked himself in the garage with running vehicle,intentions suicide,apparently he changed his mind and was exiting the garage, but it was to late.He was buried with the first husband,She then married the man she was having an affair with,He also past heart attack or something.He was cremated we dont no where his ashes are.later she was killed in a car accident in Idaho.I got very ill at one point,suicidal,just went crazy.they tell me depression.I have a beautiful family,I had no answers ,then I started some reseach,I believed Walter the man which commited suicide,wanted my company,I no that sounds crazy,but that I was crazy.At times while on the flooring,crying and in unbeleivable pain.I would just yell at him to l ve me alone.I had no one else to investigating,turned up some odd things.I went to the grave yard,where the first husband,second husband,and the lady ,were supposingly buried all in the same plot.First odd thing,the headstone was backwards.The ladys name was not her real name when she died.First husband was creamated Walter was not,then she was creamated,all three names on the headstone,where is the third husband?I called the care taker,they checked records,said the lady was not buried there,shes over with a family member.Grandma says she was there and she nos they buried a yurn ,right there with the men.Where is she?Our house has been spiritualy cleaned,helping all pass over!My Husband sees the spirits,Ghosts.I get glimpses from the corner of my eyes ocasionaly,my oldest daughter has felt like shes being followed,but nothings ever there.I believe Walter is at piece now.He was stuck,and needed help.I have felt a great deal better,but not completely hole.Imagination?Im not a proffesional ,so I cant say!

The Haunted Farm House


Here's another one. When my husband and I were first married, we rented a farm house while we were looking for a place to live in Minnesota. The farmer still had cows on the property, and all we had to do was let him know when a calfing was starting. We had a black cat and a black Labrador Retriever, and everything was pretty cool there, except I didn't like the feeling of the upstairs or the basement, which had a root cellar, and was kind of dank. We had very little furniture, so settled most of our things on the main floor and the bedroom there. The first thing that happened was the phone kept ringing. This was in the early 70's when they still used the four-pronged phone jacks to plug in your phone. The phone was in a little nook by the entryway and was NOT plugged in. The phone in the bedroom was. This particular phone would ring and ring (not the one in the bedroom), and when we picked it up there was nothing but dead air. We threw it out. The next thing that happened was I would hear a loud thump upstairs above the livingroom at odd times during the day or night. The only things that were up there were my husband's two six foot tall speakers that he used for his gigs when he sang at local hotels and with his friends. I would go up there to see if one of them fell over, and they were still upright. I would hear footsteps on the stairs and in one of the bedrooms upstairs at times, and hear footsteps walking up the stairs. We always kept the door to the upstairs closed, because I didn't like it up there. One night, I was sitting in the bedroom downstairs with the dog and cat watching TV when my husband came in and asked me what I wanted. I asked him what he was talking about, and he told me I was just in the bathroom and he heard me sigh over his shoulder while he was combing his hair. I told him I hadn't moved, and neither had the animals. The next thing that happened had to do with the lights and the front door, which we had never been able to unlock. It was worked with a skeleton key, and the key would never budge, so we used the back door by the garage to come and go. One day, I was driving into the drive (it was about 5/8ths of a mile long), and when I turned in, all the lights were off in the house. There was a bend in the driveway, and there was a barn there that blocked the view of our house for a second when you went around it. When I saw the house again after rounding the barn, all the lights were on in the entryway (that we never used because we couldn't unlock the front door), which kind of scared me. I had my dog with me, and we went in through the back door, and went through the house into the entryway. Nobody was there. I checked the light switch, which was in the "on" position, and turned off the light. We checked the rest of the house. Nobody was there. The dog wasn't acting weird, and was kind of curious about why I was a bit scared. Then for some odd reason, I tried the skeleton key in the front door, and it unlocked like it was supposed to. Like it had never been stuck. From that day forward, the door locked and unlocked like nothing had ever been wrong with it. I found out later that the woman that used to live in that house with the farmer we rented it from had gotten cancer and had had to move into town to be closer to the hospital, before she died. I think her spirit went back to the house (the farmer had built it for her), and it was she who was messing around with us. I think she came to like us there, and the door was finally unlockable after she saw that we cared and were taking good care of the place. I wasn't afraid of the basement or the upstairs anymore, and the vibes had changed from eerie to acceptable, like we were living in sync. After the door unlocked, nothing more happened. We moved from there after living there for about seven months, and all that stuff happened in the first three months we were there. If you want to Email me about this, please use "Shadowlands" in the subject line or I won't open it.

The Albino Farm


i am going to tell you one of the scariest experiences of my life. many have
experienced the same thing that i am about to tell you.
in my home town there was an old farm that was owned by a family with the
disorder in their pigments in which we would call them albino. they were
tormentedand made fun of which i guess made them do what they did which was
kill a number of people. i had never heard of it until 2 of my friends
wantedto go there. i had no idea what was going on while we were there
because they waited until after we left to tell me where we were and the
story behind it( i guess as an experiment to see if it was all a mind game).
well we went to the bridge at the base of the hill that goes up to the house
and they put the car in neutral. we waited there forever and it took a long
time for this to happen, but i swear it did. the car started moving forward
up this hill and you could hear weird sounds. like someone was straining and
then all of a sudden the car stopped and shut off. we tried forever to get
it to start back up, but it wouldnt turn. it was silent like the starter was
out of it( even though she had just installed a new one)
we tried to call one of our friends to come help us, but all you could hear
on the phone was fuzzy swquealing sounds and every once in a while you would
here weird deep chanting voices. the radio was acting really screwy( fuzzing
out and what not.we finally got out and in front of the car and pushed it
til it was off of the bridge. it then started back up. the next morning i
went to put something in the trunk of the car and i saw 6 handprints on the
back, but they were much larger than any of ours and her father lives in
another state so it wasnt him. i had no idea of the story of the albino farm
or even where it was til afterwards so there was no way that my mind was
playing tricks on me. it was so scary. feel free to email me your thoughts

My Ghosts


i have had a few *ghostly* experiences.
my first one was when i was very little. about 4.
(i dont remember but i have been told)
i was at my grans staying for the night because
my parents had gone out somewhere. when it was about
11 pm (my gran spoiled me horribly and let me stay up veery late
when i was so little)
we went up to bed. my mum always insisted i sleep in the front
bedroom alone. but my gran liked having me in her room when my
grandad was away (he was in the navy.)
anyways. i was at the top of the stairs. they have the kind of stairs that,l they have
the stairs at the bottom. then they have a small landing with no doors on that floor
then the stairs turn and go back the way they came but going up and there
is a balcony type banister veiwing over the first stairs
(if that made sence at all)
i was looking over the banister and saw a man,
walking up the stairs.
i said *gran, who is that man coming up the stairs*
my gran answered that she could not see a man
i insisted that there *is a grey man walking up the stairs.*
after that my gran was so scared that she had me sleep in her room.
another night, me and my mum where alone in the house.
my dad was away (he was also in the navy)
and my mum was in bed reading. she
heard footsteps coming up the stairs. she went to investagate
and saw that it was me, walking up the stairs....
she went back into her room and i followed. she asked
me what i was doing going down the stairs at this time of night
and i said *i had a nightmare. but its ok cuz the man took me down
and got me a drink. he was singing.*
my mum was quite freaked out by this and asked what man was that
*the one standing in the door.*.......
usually i would put this down to imaginary friendism but
my younger cousin (now nine)
when she was four sat on my grans stairs to get her shoes on.
and she used to look up and wave at someone.........


My Cousin's Claims


 Well, this is a bit odd coming from a skeptic, but here it is. Last Christmas I went with my family to Miami where we stayed at my cousin's house. She and I shared a room, and late at night we were sitting around when I felt the impulse to ask,"What is the scariest expirience you've ever had?" She smiled and began telling me of three things. Story 1: In Miami, there is an old two or three story  house lost in the fields and country roads. The windows are boarded up, the paint is chipping, and the house has an eerie structure that will set your heart thumping with one glance. She told me that her sister, Musa, and some friends had gone to the house to check it out, having heard it was haunted. They went at night, of course, and once they had gotten out of the car they stood there and looked at the house. Musa wanted to leave, and as they were just about to leave they saw a figure on the balcony: a nurse. "Thank you, have a nice day,"she said. The house used to be a hospital for children, but not all patients who went in ever came out. We drove by the house the next night because I wanted to see it, thinking that it wouldn't phase me, but as we passed it Patty stopped the car and I looked up at the old house. I wanted to scream as a shiver ran through me and my heart skipped a few beats. I closed my eyes, uttering,"Patty, go. Please go. Come on, go!" Story 2: In Orlando, there is a hotel with 13 floors. An old elevator leads to the forbidden 13th floor, which has a presidential suite and some other forgotten halls. As Musa and her friends went up there, only a few dared to get out of the elevator. Those few stood in the hall when they heard voices coming from the presidential suite. Placing their ears to the door, they could faintly hear the sound of a party. That was when the voices stopped, and the door began to become wavy. It continued to wave, and, scared to death, the teenagers leapt across the hall and into the elevator just as the doors slammed shut. Story 3: Story 3 takes place in my cousin's old house. The house was new, and she lived there with her mom and her sister. Her sister's room had a closet next to the bed, and from here a dark esscence loomed about. As it turned out, Musa soon found that this strange feeling was an evil spirit, or so she said, was unable to sleep in the room by herself.

Me and the Paranormal, We're Like Old Buddies, Without Beer.


Okay, so I'm one of those people--you know, the one of the annoying ones that always seems to have something wierd happen to them no matter where they go, or what they do.  That's me.  I had originally decided to check out your website per my husband's advice and see what kind of wierd stuff happens to others-- you know, the whole voyuer vibe.  But now I've caved and decided that I do want to share a few of my experiances after all, something I almost never do. Mostly because I don't like getting the stink eye and the pitying cluck from some good, God-fearing citizen who believes in the holy ghost, but not normal "Hi, my name is Joe" ghosts.  That, and the fact that after over 20 years of seeing a whole lot of things that most people don't, or won't, I've trained myself to be quite the cynic--I even question and discredit myself on a regular basis (it's the stuff of identity crisis, I know).  Anyway, all that aside...
My family lived in a typical, tri-level house in quiet suburbia, Colorado.  The house was built specifically for our family in 1975, thereby making us the only ones to hve ever lived there untill the day they sold it.  We lived in that house for 18 years, and from the time we moved in untill we sold it in 1994, there was paranormal acvtivity.  My mom, who utterly, and totaly denies the possibility of ghosts, like to tell a story of being alone in the house with my 2 year old brother and myself (still a newborn) and hearing what sounded like someone breaking into the basement.  She knew she couldn't get out of the house with two little ones in tow, so she barricaded us in the master bedroom and called the cops.  When they arrived, no one was in the house but us, and there was no indication of anyone having had been anywhere near the house.  At the time, ours was the only house in about a three block area, so it would have been real obvious had there been someone in the near vicinity.  That was the first occurance, that I know of.
By the time I was 6, I was seeing "things" throughout the house, the typical corner of your eye glimmer, but also, I would see a man standing at the end of the hallway directly down from my bedroom.  He always looked like an sillouhette of a man, with a dim light behind him.  I would watch him for awhile and then he would just start to dim and fade into himself.  As if he was being pulled into an orb-ish shape, then he would be gone.  This man appeared to me about once or twice a week for as long as I lived in the house.  I was the only one who saw this particular apparition, or spirit.
However, my father and brother were aquainted with another spirit in the house.  This spirit was obviously a woman and she liked to spend her time making rooms smell like old, dusty perfume and calling out members of the family's names.  Even my mom would get called occasionally, but she always claimed it was one of us playing jokes on her.  This lady spirit was always announced--to me anyway--by the sound of a few notes of orchestral music, kind of like an old phonograph sound.
My father also had alot of problems with another vocal, olfactory type spirit (maybe the same?) who didn't approve of his sleeping habits.  My dad is a horrible insomniac, with an ugly snore that sounds like a bullhorn, or a jake break.  So, whenever my mom could take no more, my dad would have to play musical beds--going from couch to couch.  After my brother went to college, my dad usually found himself sleeping in my brother's room on those nights.  Well, apparently this particular ghost didn't like anyone but my brother in his room and my dad had several bad occasions when he would wake up to a smell that he described as "bad eggs, B.O. and something dead, all at once" followed by alot of grunts, low moaning and the bed shaking just enough to scare him out of the room.  We laughingly used the "beans for supper" defense, but it was no joke, it really scared my dad.
There was also another spirit, ghost, being, or something in the house that I actually rarely talk about with anyone but my husband because it really scares me, now and then.  Whatever this one was, it didn't like me at all and it let me know physically.  I was pushed down stairs, when no one was even on the landing with me.  It also liked to push my head down while I was sleeping, so that my face would be smashed into the pillow.  This only happened twice, but that was enough.  It slammed doors, turned lights on and off, threw glasses off a wall mounted shelf behind a wet bar in the basement.  It even moved a knife in front of a highschool friend who was (ironically) carving a pumpkin for a Halloween party.  Usually, if this presence was going to start messing with me, I would first hear kind of a low growl, or grumble.  I learned to run like a bat out of hell (no pun intended) when I heard that noise, let me tell you.
Since I've moved out of that house, I've had plenty of other expieriances, like a skipping, singing , see through, 6 year old apparition that scared the living daylights out of my poor three- year-old nephew, and (what I call) a "psyhchic residue" spirit that liked to do ghostly (and loud)woodwork at three a.m. on a hundred year old woodworking table in the basement of a rental house I lived in.  I also see, on occasion a spirit of a woman who likes to carry a stack a books around my husband's work.  Where I live now there is a very mellow presence that likes to touch my back and likes the house to be kept in order.  He likes the computer screen just so, or the t.v. remotes put out of site, and if I don't do it--he will.   But he, or she is very calm, and doesn't seem to want much, so we get along just fine.  I also saw alot of other stuff as a kid, in schools, or hotels, or other's houses.  But I think the house I grew up in was definately the "spookiest".  I tried, a few years after we moved out, to see if the new owners had sensed anything wierd since moving in, but when I asked they got real quiet and said the typical--"they didn't know what I could be talking about".  I didn't get the stink-eye or the pitying cluck though, so who knows.

Haunted Trailor


This haunting seems to have started in 1997-98. It is located in a trailer park called Penland Park, space #107. My ex-girlfriend and I were living there with our 3 sons. We had first moved in in October 1995. It wasn't until either the summer of '97 or spring '98 that I noticed something sinister had arrived, or was there all along, and for some reason decided to show itself. Let me start with a description of the inside of the trailer. It pretty much runs from east to west, with the front door on the southern side of the trailer. Starting from the east end of the trailer you would find my bedroom and located right next to it was the big bathroom. There was two doorways into that bathroom. The other door led to our sons room. As you continue west through the trailer, through our main bedroom door you would be facing the living room and to the left( about 8 ft.)  would be the front door. Now if you had gone through the boys' bedroom door, you would be facing the diding room with the kitchen just past it. In between the kitchen and living room was a wall. On the west end of the living room was the wall that divided a third bedroom I had converted to a weight room. On the west end of the kitchen was a wall that divided the kitchen and a small second bathroom that the cats had their litter box in. The last room in the trailer was the laundry room, with a door leading out to the west end of the trailer, into the yard. We had three cats, and I always made sure that I closed both doors leding to the big bathroom, so that the cats would not go in there and use our bath tub for their litter box. It was morning time and I had woken up a few times because of the early morning sunshine. I had fallen back asleep, when all of a sudden there was loud crash coming from the big bathroom. I never got along with the cats ( the only reason they were there was because of my girlfriend at the time), and I automatically thought it was one of the cats that I had maybe accidently trapped in the big bathroom. The crashing noise was very loud, loud enough to make me practically jump out of my skin. My girlfriend had also woken up. I went stomping into the bathroom expecting to see one of the cats as I opened the door. Instead, there was no cat or cats to be found, only our bathroom shelf with our bath towels scattered on the bathroom floor. I looked under the sink which had doors to it, but found no cats. I thought it was really weird, but just shrugged it off. The second incident happened when I was home by myself. I was playing video games. I was using headphones that were hooked up to the entertainment system because I had gotten used to using them when my boys were trying to sleep. For some reason, even though I was home by myself I was using the headphones while playing the video games.
It was then that I felt a small gust of wind pass by me. At first I thought maybe either the backdoor ( laundry room) or the window in the small bedroom had been left open. Of course I  checked and found no open doors or windows. I was sitting there trying to figure it out and then thought maybe it was a blast of air coming from the heater vents. It wasn't that either. I decided to walk through the trailer to investigate further, only to find that whatever had caused the gust of wind had also blown a picture of one of our boys off the wall, without it knocking down any of the collectibles that were stored underneath it. That was when I was convinced there was something strange going  on in that trailer. Shortly thereafter, these episodes intensified. There were times when all the lights would flicker and make a buzzing sound, not to mention all the lights being turned off at night for bedtime only to wake up with all the lights on. My brother-in-law witnessed one of those mist type apparitions one night when he was watching movies by himself. According to him this is what he saw. "I saw a mist with a round shape with tentacle like arms extending from it. I could not take my eyes off of it. It was about ten feet away. It felt like my hair was standing on end, my heart was beating from the rush of adrenaline that was fueled by intense fear. I watched this floating mist trave to the laundry room door and open it and this dorr was not the type to open easily due to the dryer being such a tight fit in the laundry room. This didi not end yet, as it closed the laundry room door until it 'clicked'. It started to open again, and that is when I broke out of my state of shock and ran into the weight room where my mom and dad were sleeping."
There were many incidents that happened at this place ranging from strangers walking in the front dorr and disappearing into my bedroom, to weird voices coming through the speakers that were hooked up to the entertainment center. I don't know the history of this trailer, or thius trailer park, but will soon research that in the near futurre. Maybe i will have more info in the future to share.

My True Ghost Stories

My aunt passed away in October due to Pancreatic Cancer. I have always believed in ghosts. She was in a coma shortly before she dies. My mom was with her in California. While my sister and I were home in Massachusetts we kept getting weird feelings when we were home. Sometimes I would see something out of the corner of my eye. When my mom called we told her about it and she didn't believe because she knows I read ghost stories and my sister is afraid of everything. When she came home she went to her psychic. She said that while my aunt was in a coma her spirit was at our house because she never got a chance to see it. Next time your kids tell you somethings different, believe them!

2 Experiences


I have 2 experiences to tell you about, the first regarding my mother - She was sat at home, a few days afetr her father had died, and we were all sat watching tv.
Suddenly, my mums hair 'ruffeled' on its own, she looked at me, went white and started crying saying that someone or something had just 'ruffeled' her hair as if with a small child!!!
My experience was very strange, on New Years Day 2003, i had been to visit my father, he wasnt there, and a neighbour came out saying that the police had been!!!
I went to my mums for dinner, and called the police who said he had been taken to prison - I called all prisons in the UK with no avail.
Later that night, myself and my boyfriend were sat at home, when i felt very stange indeed and started to cry - at this point, i didnt know that my father had died - 2days later there was a appeal in the local paper appealing for me to come forward, i then found out that he had died christmas day - I belive my father came to me new years day knowing i was looking for him, to prompt me to keep looking.
A few weeks later, i went to a spiritual church of which my father came to me - He told me to stop playing my new eminem cd that my sister had bought for me for christmas on my way to work - The thing is, i worked at huddersfield at the time, and no one was ever in the car with me so no one could have known this - I actually said on a few occasions to my mum that i could smell and sense my dad in the car with my.
At the spiritual church, he also told me to cut the silly tie i had with my mum since he died - I was feeling guilty for not visiting my dad more often, and felt i had to speak to my mum every day after he died incase the same thing happened to her!!!


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