Ghosts at the Retreat


We we're having this retreat for graduating students every year. We sleep in a dorm for one night. On the night we we're sleeping there we had many strange experiences:
1.. We could hear children playing out side the dorm but we're the only ones in there with the nuns and our teachers.
2.. The electricfan of me and my room mate turned off while we were sleeping. But there was no way our body parts accidentaly hit the switch because it was far from us and our door was locked from the inside that's why no one could enter.
3.. The group before us experienced the same as #1 and, in addition, on the ventilation of their doors they saw walking shadows (see it's pure shadow, there was not a feet or anything) and the toilet flushed by themselves one by one.
People said that many died here during one of the World Wars. They seek for freedom continously.

Related Enemies


There sits a bunch of fairy ornaments on two hanging plants. Also some on plants on countertop.One afternoon as all was quiet I happen to hear a small crash in the kitchen. I ran from my room to see one of the ornaments that resembles myself as a child lying in the drain with its wings broken off. The thing is, is that this ornament was lodged between two plants on the counter and the hanging plant above it is so long that it would have stopped its path of flight. It actually had to JUMP off and UP to be tossed into the drain. Two or so days later the fairy ornament hanging above on the long hanging plant also is Dropped from the plant into the drain. I was in my room when I heard the crash and said oh oh not again. This time the fairy was broken in three. She is the one that resembles my sister who hates me and she has three young children?

My True Ghost Story With History Link


Do you believe in ghosts?   I use to be like many of you.  I was a true skeptic.  A true disbeliever.  That was me until three years ago.  Now I do believe.  I wish I didn’t.  It would be easier for me to sleep at night.  Even now, three years later, I am still woke up in the night by the memory of the screaming man, the child in pain, and the dark ghostly image that turned my world upside down and changed my beliefs forever.  I do believe in ghosts.
It was in May 2001.  I needed desperately to find a place for myself and three children to live.  Our lease was up at the apartment where we had lived for two years.  I was a single father, and I was about to find myself and my children homeless.  Like many, I had answered just about every ad in the newspaper for rentals.  One evening I received a call from this woman telling me about this house.  She said it was a rather large old house that was in very good shape.  She invited me to an open house  which was to be held that coming Sunday.  Sunday rolled around .  You can’t imagine the surprise when my daughter and I rolled up in front of this large old white house.  We walked in.  The smell of cookies baking hit us immediately upon entering through the front door.  To our surprise we were standing in a living room with cherubs surrounding the top of the walls all the way around the room.  All of the original wood work was intact and a large wooden pole ran to the ceiling causing a divider which would later find out separated the living room from the family room.  The house had two floors.  Three bedrooms.  A large family kitchen with a mud room that lead to the back door.  The upstairs bedrooms had a breezeway that could be accessed from either room.  The basement had an old butchers shower and a fruit cellar.  It was more house than we ever imagined for the price and immediately made up our minds that we had to have it.  Anyone who has lived in an apartment for two years with three children would understand our desperation.  We had to have this house.  We spoke with the landlady and she gave us an application to fill out.  There were many people there looking at the house so we knew we would have to compete to be its tenants.  I handed my application to the landlady.  "You understand the responsibility that comes with living in an old house such as this?" she asked.  "Oh, yes  I understand .  It’s beautiful.", I quickly replied not really understanding to what I was agreeing to.  "Well then I will get back to you." she quickly retorted and was off to peddle her wares to another of the visiting house hunters.  She was a strange old lady and the way she showed the house wasn’t in a real estate type manner.  She showed the house as if she were showing a museum.  We had felt like we were on one of the house tours often given each year for charity.
A week went by.  The phone rang one evening.  It was the strange landlady overly excited to tell me that she had selected myself, my daughter and two sons to live in the old house.  I was to meet her that following day  at a restaurant not far from my work to settle all of the paperwork and payment.  I thought this was  a little strange and I was a little disappointed because I couldn’t wait to see the house that would now become our home.   The papers were signed just has planned on the following day.  And we were all set to move in at the end of that week which was Memorial weekend.
It seemed like years before Friday came that week, but we were finally here.  Moving day.  The move was your normal move and before we knew it all of our belongings  were hidden safely inside the old white house.  I was removing the last few items from the moving truck when a car slowed way down  almost stopping  in front of  our new home.  The passenger  said from the window of the slow moving car, " Hope you get along  okay here," and then sped up and drove away.  "What do you think of that dad," my daughter slightly  puzzled asked.  "Friendly neighbors I suppose,"  I replied as I shut the  sliding door to the truck.
The first night in the house went by without much fanfare.  Maybe because we were so tired from the move or maybe because the house wanted to draw us in a little closer before beginning its series of attacks and assaults upon myself and my family.  The next morning started like most any other day.  Except I did notice one strange thing about the house.   Each of the houses interior doors had an old fashioned hook and eye latch, but not on the inside of each rooms doors to keep someone out.  The latches were on the outside of  the rooms doors as if to keep something in.  "What is it dad?" my youngest son asked from behind.  "Oh nothing." I replied and went about the business of unpacking our things.
The first incident happened in the living room.  I was hanging  a large picture of two angels.  My daughter thought that this would compliment the cherubs that surrounded the room.  I hung the picture and turned to walk away.  Crash.  I turned to see that the  picture had fallen to the floor.  I hung the picture once again.  Turned away.  Crash.  The picture on the floor.  I hung it once again.  This time when I turned and started walking away I felt a rush of air and something hit the back of my ankles.  "What the hell…"  I turned to see the picture laying at my feet.  More determined than ever I hung the picture again.  This stately loudly,  "Stay there dammit."  I had to laugh because I was alone.  Who did I think I was talking to.  The kids were playing on the front porch.
"Dad come and see this," my daughters voice rang  through the front door.  I stepped out onto the porch.  "Sit down and watch this." she said excitedly.  "Watch  what?"  No sooner than the words came out of my mouth  my daughter pointed to a n old man walking down the sidewalk toward our house.  But when he reached our property line he quickly crossed the street  and continued his walk on the opposite sidewalk. "They don’t like walking in front of our house dad.  Isn’t that weird?" my daughter still breathless with excitement stated.  And  right she was.  I sat on that porch for a good three hours watching our neighbors cross the street away from our house on their walks.  A couple of times I motioned as if to say hello and they just dropped their heads and continued on their way, but this time a little faster.   "Maybe they are uncomfortable with new neighbors?"  I rationalized trying to make sense out of the senseless.  We went inside for dinner and the rest of the night went normally without incident.
Sunday.  The kids came home from church excited because we had set aside the whole day  to work on our yard.  This was a big deal for us because the only  outside our apartment that we could call ours had been a front balcony.  We mowed the grass.   Cleaned out  the leaves from under the porch and in the front yard.  Strangely enough the trees seemed to be shedding their as if it were fall.  Strange tree behavior I thought and made a mental note to mention it to the landlady when I talked with her next.  I asked my youngest son to go inside and bring out the garden hose that was in the basement so we could clean off the walkways and was down the weathered white of the house.  A few moments passed when I heard him screaming from inside the house.  I ran in frantically to find him.  He was standing in the middle of the kitchen  shaking.  Standing in a puddle of  urine.  "What’s wrong?  What  happened?"  Looking at me with the scared eyes of a child, "Something chased me up the basement steps."  "What chased you?" I asked already thinking the over active imagination of a little boy was at play here.  " I don’t know daddy, but it was big."  Me and my other two children checked the basement, but found nothing except for the garden hose that had been dropped on the scared run.  "Let’s get you cleaned up."  Of course there was teasing from my other two children about the proverbial basement monster.  "Better watch out when you go into the basement because…"  The glare of my eye finished my middle boys sentence.  The rest of Sunday and Monday went without anymore incident.  We were so happy those first  few days in the house.  My daughter was making plans about gardens, decorating , and my boys thought it would be easy to just walk to their baseball games because the park was just right over there.  A normal time which didn’t last for long.
Monday came.  The last week of school for my kids and a long week of work for me.  Each day we would leave the house.  Each night we would come home to find every light in the house turned on.  And each night I would blame the children for turning on every light in the house before leaving that morning.  On Friday my daughter and I sent the boys to the car  while we purposely  toured the house looking for any forgotten light.  All lights off.  That night we returned home to again find every light burning.  I walked into the house that night a little shaken.  I had no logical reason for all of the lights being on other than that there was someone in our house.  I searched the house in a panic, but found  nothing or  no one.  "Daddy, its cold in here." my daughter stated from the living room.  What was she talking about?  Sweat was pouring  down my back and across my brow.  I stepped into the living room.  The temperature dropped what seemed a good thirty degrees.  And that was the first time I felt its presence.  I can’t describe it to anymore than an electrical current running through my body that brought tears to my eyes and bumps to my arms.  It passed quickly.  I remember thinking, "What the hell was that?"  "Daddy its getting warm in here." And sure enough the temperature was rising as I watched the thermostat climb.  That night my children slept with me.  What little sleep I got.
Sunday night.  We were sitting in the living room talking.  The kids had their backs to the living room which I am still thankful for.  Because the memory of what was to happen still haunts my dreams to this day.  I was getting ready to take a trip the following morning to Indianapolis for work.  We were discussing the plans that had been made for the children’s stay at Grandma’s.  I noticed it first out of the corner of my eye .  A quick glance.  Something moving, standing at the kitchen doorway that led into the family room.   Not something some one.  I looked toward it again.  It was a dark figure of a man even though there was full light.  He was solid in form except there was a moving, churning  of what appeared to be dark gray, black smoke or mist that made up his form.  I looked down because I was sure I wasn’t seeing this.  My eyes were playing tricks on me.  I was sure that when I looked up again that it would be gone.  One or two good rationalizations and  we could go on with our lives without incident.  A few moments passed.  I looked up again.  He was still there.  And he began to move.  He moved into the family room pausing in the center of the room his form still a mass of churning turning  blackness.  He stood there for what seemed an eternity, but in actuality it was only a few moments and then he  melted into the air.  Gone.  I remember  the thoughts that were racing through my head.  " I have two choices.  We could run out of the house screaming  into the night like those crazies you always see in the movies.  You know the ones that are always based  on fact. Or, the other choice, we cold get up quietly leave the house and figure all of this out."  My hand was shaking uncontrollably.  " That’s what we’ll do.  We will go quietly, orderly, as if nothing was wrong. "  I stood up shakily.  And in my nicest, calmest daddy voice I said, "Let’s go get a soda  and see grandma. "  My youngest instantly excited at the prospect of a soda  before bed  and the older two looking at me as if I lost my mind.  "Come on guys it will be fun."  Thank God my car keys were on the coffee table in front of us.  We moved orderly out the front door.  I turned to lock the door when a loud painful scream of a man came up from inside the house.  A man voice screaming in pain.  So loud that it could be heard through out the neighborhood and the neighbors dogs began to bark.  To hell with orderly.  "Get in the car!" I screamed at my children.  We were on a dead run now.  The drive to my Mom’s house is still a blur to this day.  I was in a panic and I knew that we had to get away from the old white house.  I do remember as we were driving away my youngest son very scared now saying, "Daddy the basement monster is standing in the upstairs window."  I looked back and sure enough the black form was there standing in the window watching us leave.
That night we stayed at my parents house.  Early the next day, I gathered my things and left for my business trip.  I had a whole week of rationalizations by the time I returned home to get my kids.  Where else were we to go?  I had put everything I had saved and then some into the move.  We had to go back to the big  old white house.  What else were we to do?  Besides, after a week of talking myself out of the events of that night I was ready to return.  So on Friday night we returned to the house.  The weekend went by without  incident and very little sleep.  I was taking another extended weekend  to make up to my kids for my week away.  On Saturday we explored the big shed at the back of the yard and in it we found all of these different peoples personal belongings.  My parents convinced me that maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to call the strange old landlady and ask her some straight forward questions about the house.  The most awkward phone call of my life and the strangest.  Once I was able to reach her I asked in my most normal of voices and  my most careful choice of words if she had known of any of the previous tenants mentioning perhaps a ghost.  Well of course she said at first not that she could remember.  Then there was this one tenant.  A girl.  Who claimed that her dead father came to visit her, but the old woman always thought she was crazy.  Some of the stuff in the shed that girl had left behind, but she couldn’t get her to come pick it up.  The other stuff in the shed belonged to this guy that had  lived there and had left in the middle of the night leaving behind his things.  But, no she had never heard of anyone talking about the house being haunted.  I asked here how long ago did these people live there?  And she said, "Not much more than a year honey, why do you ask?"  The phone call wasn’t of much help.  And it didn’t calm my fears much, but what else could I do?
The rest of the long weekend came and went.  I actually had convinced  myself that it was just a one time ordeal because nothing was happening now.  That was until Monday night.  I was on the phone with my mom.  The kids were off playing in my bedroom which was also located on the first floor.  While talking to my Mom, I heard the doors rattle.  Not the outside doors, but the inside doors of the house.  I listened.  They rattled again.  I yelled at the kids to quit playing games.  I told my Mom that everything was okay just the kids playing tricks.  The rattled again, this time harder.  So , I scolded the children this time louder to behave and stop playing tricks.  At this time they rattled louder, but before I could scold my daughters scared voice cut me off.  "Daddy, I’m in here reading and my brothers are asleep."  Now I will try to recreate what happens next to the best of memory.  Some of it I remember clearly.  Other parts are still to this day a blur.  Just has soon as I heard my daughter the temperature in the house dropped a good thirty degrees.  Instantly.  With it that electrical charged feeling running through my body.  Along with its energy a horrible stench that I can’t  goes beyond description.  And then the screaming started softly at first, but building in momentum.  I screamed through the phone at my mother to come help we were getting out.  The whole house at this time began to shake and come alive.  From the above I could hear something large coming down the stairs.  Boom.  Boom!  BOOM!  The screaming of the man over and over.  The screaming of my daughter, "Daddy what is happening!"  And the thought that one of my two bedroom doors connected to the stairs.  BOOM!  BOOM!  It was coming down those stairs!  I had to get to my children!  The whole house was alive with noise.  The floor beneath me was shaking as I made my way to opposite bedroom door.   I felt something behind me and I knew I didn’t want to turnaround to see it.  BOOM!  SCREAMING! A new scream mixed into the mans scream this one of a child.  BOOM!  SCREAMS!  BOOM!  I make it to my bedroom door.  It won’t open.  By this time I am screaming myself.  Throwing myself against the door.  It won’t open.  Throwing myself against the door again and again…it finally slams open.   My daughter is in shock by this point.  I instruct my middle son to grab his brother and run out the front door and head for the car.  BOOM!  BOOM! SCREAMS!  My daughter won’t move.  I finally slap her to bring her to life.  She responds and I grab her and head for the door as  I hear the other bedroom door slam open behind us.  I was on our trail and I new I couldn’t let it reach us.  The whole house still shaking and alive with noise  and something big on our heels.  We reach the front door and out onto the porch.  I slam the front door behind us.  We get to the car noise still coming from the house.  I drive away and park at the top of the street where I can look into the house and wait for my parents to arrive.  While there my children and I see it searching through the house.  Searching!  Searching for us!  It’s blackness moving from room to room methodically.
That was our last night in the house.  My children never returned.  I returned to get a few of our things when needed and everyone I brought into that house with me would witness something happen .  A scream.  Whispers.  Pounding from the floor above.  It was not selective anymore at who it let hear its fury.  About a year ago, someone I know saw a police car race up to that house one night and saw a family running out of its front door  in their night clothes.  I remember what the old lady said to me as I turned over the key.  Standing there,  the whole side of my arm and torso still bruised from throwing myself against that bedroom door.  "Some people are meant to live in an old house like that.  And some people aren’t.  I never thought you were the old house type."  And I guess she was right.
About a month after moving out of the old house a friend sent me a web site address that she wanted me desperately to see, " Put John T. Crowe, Union, Missouri into your search engine."  I did.  The face of a man came onto my screen.  The same face that showed up in a picture my brother took in the fruit cellar one afternoon while I was packing for the move.  The man was famous. The land itself famous, with a history dating back to the civil war.  Go there.  See for yourself.  As for the house.  The old lady turned it into a dog kennel this past fall.  I guess she ran out of people that could live in a old white house like that one.
You see I do believe in ghosts.  I still drive past that house every once in awhile and when I get enough nerve I look up at the upstairs window and it there.  Watching.  Waiting.  Angry.  Sometimes its screams still wake me from my sleep.  Its infectious scream creeping into my dreams turning them into nightmares.  I still don’t sleep very well.  In my dreams I see a faceless man standing in that basement washing away blood from his naked blood covered body.  Grunting.  Panting.  Breathing.  The breathing you’d hear when you were alone with it in a room. The breathing you would hear when you knew it was there.  Heavy.  Labored. Breathing.  Yes, I do believe in ghosts.  I do believe in ghosts.  And maybe you should too?

My Story (One of the many unsolved mystery of my room)


     My story takes place at my house. Of coures all
stories like this usually take place at home.
     I'm home alone, to many people, it was a
beautiful day. I have a bookshelf with five shelves on
it. At the bottom was my soccerball, I have no idea
why it was there in the first place. The bookshelves
were by my closet. Both my closte doors were closed. I
hear something outside. I run outside to see that it
was just people closing there car doors. So I go back
in. I go in the direction of my room. When I get to my
door , it's closed with the soccerball on the outside
of my room and the door is shut. I run in my room and
found that both my closet doors were wide open.
     Now I know what your probably thinking. What if
someone came through the back door and thought they
can scare me, no the back door was locked and it's not
the kind where you open it with a key. Or maybe
someone quietly went pass me when I ran out to see
what the noise was, no beacuse someone would have to
be invisible to get pass me. I tried to think of many
things that could have happened, but none even made
any sence.
    This is just one of the wierd things that have
happened to me in my room. None of which i can't
explain. If you would like to hear more, please, if
you have time, email me back or something. If you have
a logical explanation for this experiance, please tell
me beacuse I don't think mine are going to convince me
at all.


My Old School

When i was in the fifth grade , i used to stay with this progran after school with a bunch of other kids thats parents used to get out of work late. Well, one day while me and my two best friends were the only ones left to get picked up. We were playing a game in the library with the teacher when the janitor ran in. She said that while she was sweeping she could have sworn that she saw a lady in a wedding gown with long black hair standing in the middle of the hall. She was so scared that she just stood still watching the lady. The lady started walking towards her then suddenly disappeared. After hearing that story my friend and i got hungry and asked if we could go to the teachers lounge and buy some chips. The teacher said yes so we went. When we got there ,we saw plates, forks, and spoons all over the floor. The chairs were all moved around and it was just a complete mess. We got our chips and went back to the library. The janitor was still there and we told her about the mess. She thought we were kidding aroun and said ''But i just cleaned the lounge and were the only ones in the school''. We told her to go look for herself and so she did. When she came back she was all freaked out. The next day after school again our teacher told us that at 4:00am when she came to school the security and her were the only ones there at school. As she was about to open the library the security went up to her and asked her if she'd been in the 2nd through 3rd grade hall. She said no and asked why he'd ask. He said that while he was opening one of the classrooms something was thrown at him. When he turned to see what it was there  was a Coca-Cola bottle on the floor. They say that the school was built over a really old cemetary. But we still dont know what was haunting the school.

Morning of Tragedy


During the month of September 2001 I was going through very depressing time. I awoke with eyes wet with tears and the faint reminder of death and escape. When I brought my children to school I returned home and turned on the radio, only to hear about the towers. I immediately remembered the dream that I had that morning. In the dream I see peoples spirits like mists asking for help to escape dark smoke. I led them down theese ducts in the walls. Down and out of the building.The sorrow was overwhelming.

Short Ghost Story


this is going to be a short story but very true one night i was staying again with my grandma the same one with the old wooden house with only one bathroom ,anyways
I was in a different room this time but no matter where  u stay in that house you are not alone I was reading a book to keep my mind off of the house and well it didn't work my lamp wasn't working right at that time and happened to go out no light but the hall light that was ok but when i was tryin to get it back on i looked toward the door and i saw this shadow of a grown man in my doorway by the outline of the man he was wearing a long coat with a hat he was just standing there i was 15 at the time so i put my covers over my face for about five seconds i looked back at the doorway and he was gone thank god for that but you see i'm use to it now and they don't mess with me i think it's really cool to have something like that happen in your life ,, thanks again and i'll write more stories later ..



My family and I moved into our house about 5 years ago I was 7, I am fourteen now and have some strange stories. Is happened about a year ago. I was in my room reading like I have always loved to do. I really don’t know what made me look to my bedroom door witch was open. Well what I saw scared me big time. Ok in my house we always leave a light on in the kitchen but that night it was burnt out. Well when I looked at the door that was something standing there. It was Tall, at first I thought it was my dad but my dad may be tall but nowhere near as tall the thing that was there. To say the lest I was scared out of my mind but I didn’t scream it was like my voice was going and it was cold ice cold. I watch the thing move to the bathroom and I heard the door shut and the light switched on. I waited and then move out of my room to my sister’s room. I woke her up and she opened the door. There was nothing there. But something I have hated about the bathroom is the wood door. I have asked to paint it but my mom said no. I hate it because there is a face on it. I will get a photo one of these days. My house is small and not overly old I don’t know what that thing was I just call it Shadow. Because I know it was a man how I don’t know I just somehow know it was a man. I think I’ve seen it again as well but in the day. I was getting something from my room witch I now share with my sister and I looked into the mirror and there was a man in it. My mom has seen it as well though she was not to sure about it. They all think I am insane. I wonder that myself



I had been collecting fairy figurines and reading about the topic, when family problems were about to erupt. The figurine I had recently acquired had its thumb broken off in the cabinet for no apparent reason. I searched the box it arrived in, the cabinet shelves and the floor ? No resin thumb anywhere? Yet it had been there when it arrived. Saturday morning following I received a phone call from a visiting sister who informed me that on Friday afternoon my brother inlaw had cut off his thumb with a saw while renovating.I remodeled a thumb for the fairy out of papermacher and glued and painted it in place. The following day I called and found out that the brother in laws thumb was a total loss but the neighboring fingers were saved.

Ecto Lady


One night I was sleeping soundly on my living room sofa when the side door  flew violently open! I ran off the sofa from a lying position with my heart in my mouth. I did not wait to look outside, instead slammed and relocked the door shut. Swore and went to sleep in my room. Four nights passed on a Sturday morning myself and my spouse awoke at exactly 5AM! We both could not pinpoint the reason for being so fully awake. We sat at our kitchen table when suddenly he spots a rolling Ecto Mist of a woman with wispy like limbs at the side door! He says who or what is that?I then related the prior incident.

Here's a True One


Back in 1998 I worked as a Security Patrol Officer for Pacific Security (then a family owned business worth working for)
By this time, I have worked Security for some 10 years in 2 states.
I was assigned to the Sergeant who was in charge of Site Guards, though my primary position was Security Patrol.
When the SGT. went on vacation, I was pulled from patrol duty to cover is shift at a somewhat person sensitive site in North Seattle, Vencor Critical Care Clinic/Hospital.
It's just North of North Gate Mall.
I would work from 23:00 Hrs to 7:00 Hrs, and had the keys to most of the rooms in the hospital, including the kitchen. In fact, I had the only key to the kitchen between the hours of 18:00 and 08:00 when the Administrative people came in.
On more then one night, while making rounds, I would notice either movement in the kitchen, or a light would be on that was not an hour before.
One night, while checking out the kitchen, I observed a frying pan swinging (just slightly) back and forth on its hook, just as I reached out to stop it, it flew off its hook, hitting me in the face.
It was several weeks before I would reenter the kitchen, as I was posted there on a temporary weekend basis on top of my patrol duties.
There were other things that I could not explain, like the feeling that someone would be right there, yet no one was.  There were, on two separate occasions, an unexplained ball of light that I saw inside the hospital, lasting several seconds in duration, just floating in midair. (first floor, where the patient's family/on call doctor were allowed to stay the night over.  Not on the same floor as the patients.)
Others that worked there had reported strange events, and two employees absolutely refused to go into the kitchen regardless of being escorted or not.
That place definitely has something/someone still there.
The place ceased operating as a "Critical Care Hospital" shortly after I pulled duty there, and I no longer know what the bldg. is being used for now.

The Old Man


When I was about 14 years old, the duplex apartment we were living in had a
ghost.  The bathroom of the apartment was midway in the hallway between my
room and my mother and stepfather's room.  On the wall of the bathroom,
facing the door, was a wall length mirror, under which, was the vanity.  In
the morning before school, I would sit on the toilet (lid down of course!)
in front of the vanity and use the mirror to put my make-up on (so my back
was to the door).  I usually left the door open, until I started seeing this
man pass by the doorway...i could see him in the mirror.  The first couple
of times it happened, I assumed it was my stepfather, so I didn't think
anything about it.  But one day it happened when I knew my stepfather wasn't
home.  Thinking that he had come home and I just hadn't heard him come in, I
got up and wandered through the apartment calling him.  He didn't answer,
and he was no where in the house, so I thought I was just seeing things.
This happened several more times where I would see this tall, older
(elderly, gray hair, kinda gray-ish skin, but completely solid-looking) man
walk past the doorway.  He never looked at me, or into the bathroom, he
always just walked right past the door looking straight ahead.  After this
happened quite a few times, I started thinking maybe it was a ghost or a
spirit or something and it started to scare me, so I started closing and
Locking the bathroom door every time I was in there putting on my make-up.
I wanted to tell my mother, but at this time in my life, I was getting up to
no good (partying, etc..) and she and I weren't getting along too well, and
I was afraid that if I told her, she wouldn't believe me, or would think I
was having hallucinations from drugs or something! lol  Well, this kept
happening the rest of the time we lived there, until we eventually moved
out.  But that's not the end of the story...
After I was an adult, one night me and my mother and brother were sitting at
her house, just visiting and we started talking about ghosts and spirits and
things.  I spoke up and said, "well, that duplex apartment we lived in on
So-and-so St..." and before I could finish what I was saying, my mother's
eyes got big and she looked at me and yelled, "YOU SAW THE OLD MAN TOO!"  I
almost passed out! lol...It turned out, that She had seen that man walk past
the bathroom door too!!!!  BOTH of us had seen that man, but neither of us
had said anything to the other about it in all those years!!!  I told her of
course, Why I hadn't said anything about him, and she said that she had
never said anything because she was afraid that, at that time, it would
scare me too bad.  It was really creepy, but neither of us had felt anything
"evil" or bad coming from this man, he just kinda wandered the hallway, i
guess.  I've wondered since then, if the new people who moved in, ever saw

My Grandfather


Several years ago, my infant daughter and I lived in a mobile home near my Grandmother.  The land had been in my family for years and had been occupied by both myself, my father and my grandmother at the time of this incident.  I had needed to dry some laundry on the outside clothes line.  My daughter was sleeping soundly in her nursery so I decided to take care of this particular task while she was napping.  I had made my way to the back yard area and began hanging the clothing when I saw a man out of the corner of my eye.  It was just for a moment but he was very visible.  He was a tall, dark haired man wearing a brown and yellow  checked coat.  He was holding a bundle close to his chest as he would a baby.  In a blink of my eye, he was gone.  I decided that was enough laundry for the day and went immediately into the house.  When I stepped through the door, my daughter was crying.  She seemed to be fine other than a wet diaper.  I mentioned the man to my grandmother later and she was stunned.  She said my grandfather had a coat just like the one the man had on.  There was absolutely no way I could have known this.  You see, my grandfather had been struck by lightening when my dad was 11 years old and he did not speak of him often due to the sadness it caused him.  This particular incident happened on the same farm were he died.  My mother seemed to think he was warning me that something was wrong with my daughter but I don't know.  It is kind of strange, as my daughter was named after him.


 Lifetime of Occurances

As a child, I always thought strange things happened around me. Now that I’m an adult, I’m beginning to understand that the women in my family have a very strong psychic ability, which has been getting stronger through the generations.
Before I describe my experiences, I want to give some background. From the time I was a child, I would say strange things or answer questions that had not been asked. More than once I woke from a sound sleep and would tell someone “don’t go to _______” only to later find out there was an accident on the road they would take or some other accident had occurred.
For most of my life, I grew up in the house that my great-grandparents (my Ma and Pa) had bought back in the early 50’s. This house is still in the family and stands in Orange County, CA. For my family privacy’s sake, I won’t give a closer description than that. I lived there off and on until I moved out as an adult.
Although I don’t remember it, my mother says my first contact with a ghost happened in that house when I was about three years old. I had been put down for a nap in my Ma’s bedroom. My mom and my Ma were in the kitchen when they heard me running down the hall calling for help.
My mother jumped up to see what was wrong. Crying, I kept telling her it wasn’t me, but to come help “the man”. I dragged her by the hand down the hallway and pointed to the doorway to my Ma’s room, saying “don’t you see him lying there Mama?” After some careful questions, I was able to tell my mother where he was laying, what he was wearing, what he looked like, etc. I was very upset and kept telling my mother there was blood everywhere.
(I found out when I was seventeen that my Pa had committed suicide in the bedroom and had fallen partially into the hallway where I had pointed.)
At the age of seven, I used to sleep in that same room. Often, I would wake up with the feeling that I was being watched. I usually assumed that it was my Ma checking on me as she was a terribly restless sleeper and usually was up and down all night cleaning or puttering around. On more than one occasion, I woke up to see what I called “the man” peering around the doorway, watching me sleep.
I found it uncomfortable, but not scary, until I realized that I could see him very clearly, right down to the wrinkles on his knuckles, except that he was a pale pearly white. (I remember later seeing the movie “The Frighteners” and thinking how accurate the ghosts had looked to me.) I would blink a few times, tell myself I was dreaming and he would be gone. I never mentioned it though.
At about ten, I was again laying in that bed when I heard the floor creak as though someone were walking up the hall. Nothing unusual – again, Ma was often up and down all night to wash dishes, etc. I felt someone enter the room and the floor creak as the footsteps came to the side of the bed I was asleep on. I felt something cool brush over my cheek, like a kiss, and the footsteps retreated to the doorway. Expecting it to be my Ma, I woke up the rest of the way and sat up in bed to ask her if I could get up and sit with her. When I looked at the doorway, the man was standing there, smiling, and he raised his hand to wave at me. I froze, then finally I screamed and he disappeared.
My Ma came running down the hallway and asked me what was wrong. I told her what I had seen and she held me and rocked me for the longest time. Then she went to the closet and took down a box of old family photos. She removed one and it was a younger version of her standing with the man I had seen. She told me he was my great-grandfather, who had died in the house eleven months before I was born. She told me it was obvious he had come back from Heaven to watch over me and I was not to be afraid of him.
After that, I often saw him out of the corner of my eye, or heard him wandering the house. When it got too frightening for me, my Ma would stand in the hallway with her hands on her hips and say “Howard! You stop it this instant and stop scaring that baby!” and it would stop and stay quiet for weeks or months. Often in that time period, things would go missing and would not come back unless you asked him to return them and then left the room. I can’t recall how many times I had to ask for my homework back, only to leave the kitchen and have it appear sitting on the table as if it had been there the whole time.
Oddly, the mirror on the door at the end of the hall had a set of 3 fingerprints in the corner that were imbedded in the silver backing. The wall and ceiling in the master bedroom had a dark, spattery pattern that would not go away no matter how much we scrubbed. That spot in the hallway was always cold, and people who had never been over before would often remark on how odd it was that it was the only spot in the house that was so cold – any day of the year.
I was thirteen when my grandfather, my Papaw, died. I had often been shuttled between he and my Nana’s (my grandmother’s) house and my Ma’s growing up. He passed suddenly and I was very angry with him for dying. My mother and I were being abused by her (now) ex-husband and I felt like my Papaw had left me in Hell, unprotected from all the emotional abuse I was going through.
After two weeks of being bullied after my Papaw died, I decided I’d had enough and was going to kill myself. The strain I was under was so heavy that I had lost 15 pounds, my hair was falling out, I was developing an ulcer, I couldn’t sleep at night, I was passing out at school…. I waited for a few weeks until I had a day home from school for a teacher’s conference. I lied and said school was in session and snuck home after my mom and her ex left for work.
I was in the bathroom ready to take the pills I had stolen from her husband’s bottle of Valium, the razor on the counter and the bathtub full of hot water. I undressed and was raising the first of the pills to my mouth when I heard my Papaw’s voice in my ear as plain as day.
“What in the hell do you think you’re doing? Look at yourself. Do you honestly think I would want you to die just to join me? And how do you think your mother would feel, coming home to find her only child like that. How could you even think of leaving her like that? I trusted you to keep her sane till she leaves that asshole. Now get yourself together. Go take a shower and wash your hair. Go make yourself some soup before you fall down. If you throw up, clean it up and eat again. I don’t want to see you on this side for a long time.”
I stood there crying and shaking for the longest time. I could feel how angry he was at me for hurting myself like this and I knew he was disappointed in me. I did what he said and put the pills and razor back where I had gotten them. I never told anyone what I had heard. I was too embarrassed that I had gotten so low and I was afraid that I’d end up in a hospital or something.
When I was fifteen, my mother divorced her ex and we moved back to my Ma’s house to help take care of her. I came down with pneumonia and was bedridden for about three months. My Nana came down from her house in Ventura to sit with me as my Ma was in the hospital for the final time.
Several times, I would be laying in bed, hear the floor creak as someone walked over to my bed (which had been placed in the living room so I could watch TV), feel the side of the bed dip as someone sat down and feel fingers stroke my hair comfortingly. I would open my eyes, expecting to see my Nana and she would be asleep in the chair about six feet away. I would look down and the bed would still have a dip in it as if someone larger than me was sitting on the edge.
I eventually recovered and my Nana went home. My Ma was still in the hospital and I was just starting back to school. My mother and I had planned to go visit her since the nurses said she didn’t have much longer and she had been asking for us in her more lucid moments. We were getting ready to go and were standing in the living room getting the last minute-purse-keys-etc. together.
Suddenly, the screen door at the front of the house opened and then the front door. Both slammed shut again. We heard a set of heavy footprints go into the hall and through the kitchen. Then the back door and back screen opened and slammed shut. My mother and I, being used to this by now, looked at each other and said “Pa’s mad….”
We watched as all the kitchen cabinets swung open. My mother went in and shut them. When she turned around, the chair at the kitchen table had been pushed up against her legs and she tripped over it. She yelled at me, thinking I had done it, and then pushed it back to the table. As she pushed the chair in, the cabinet swung open again slowly, the corner of the door almost in her hair.
She spent almost fifteen minutes alternately pushing the chair to the table and shutting the cabinets as I stood in the living room crying. He had never acted like this before. Finally, my mother was in tears and she started yelling at him that he was scaring her and called herself by his childhood nickname for her. It instantly stopped and we both felt like the house had just emptied of all warmth. We both said “oh no” at the same time and ran for the door. I remember looking at the clock as we left and noting the time. We got to the hospital and my mom left me in the waiting room at the end of the ward. Having been sick recently, I wasn’t allowed into the patient area. After a few minutes, my mom walked back, and her steps were really slow. She said “we’re too late,” and I knew she had passed away. According to the nurses, the time she passed was the same time the house went silent.
I swear to this day he was angry with us for leaving her alone in that hospital room to die and was trying to get us to leave to go see her.
The house was silent for several years after that, and I moved to Arizona at age eighteen with my ex-husband (who was my fiancé at the time). We were living in our apartment in Arizona when my ex woke in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and yelled that someone was in the house. He dashed into the living room and no one was there. I asked him what he had seen and he perfectly described my great-grandfather, right down to the red checked wool shirt he always wore. I laughed and said “Oh that’s Pa. Next time say hi.” He thought I was delusional until we came back to California on a trip and saw his picture in a box of family photos.
Things again started to disappear and reappear in strange places in the apartment. More than once I would find my wallet or house keys in the freezer, even though I know I had left them on the pegboard in the kitchen. I was talking to my mother one day and she remarked how silent the house was. I laughed and said, “That’s because Pa is here.” My mother went deadly silent and she said, “What did you take from the house? He can’t leave unless you took something that was his with you.”
I tore the house apart and found nothing. I called her back and told her so. She said “He must be attached to you then.” She went silent again and said, “Oh boy, I guess we have a commuter ghost.” I asked why and she said, “Because he just stomped down the hall and slammed the bedroom door. I don’t think he likes us laughing at him.”
I moved a couple of times after that and each time, he would show up in the new apartment, usually after everything was unpacked. It was not uncommon to feel a cold spot in a warm room, have the cat hiss and arch and stare at empty corners, feel “not alone”. We lived across town from my mother (and the old house) at that time and I was pregnant with my oldest son.
Our apartment was two stories and had carpeted stairs in it. As I got pretty far along, I got incredibly clumsy and slipped on the stairs more than once. One day I slipped again, near the top and felt a hand grasp my ankle and my foot pushed back onto the stair behind me. I righted myself without falling and said “thank you Pa,” and a warm breeze blew over me.
While I lived there, my landlady – a cantankerous, mean, chain-smoking old woman, had a heart attack in the office below my apartment. She had never liked me while I lived there, mostly because I was always in her office demanding repairs. I was bathing my son in the tub one day and saw a dark gray shadow form in the corner near the mirror. All of a sudden the electric space heater I had on the counter (to keep it dry) flew off and hit the side of the tub with a loud thump and fell to the floor. All around me was the heavy stink of cigarette smoke.
I panicked and yanked my son’s bath seat off the tub bottom and ran out of the room, staying downstairs until my ex got home from work. When I told him what happened, he dropped the briefcase he was carrying and sat down with a thump. He looked at me and was pale as a sheet. “Did you know Geraldine died last night?” meaning the landlady. I got so upset I nearly threw up on the spot. It was my only encounter with a malevolent spirit and I pray I never have another.
After that was a long period of quiet, with the occasional thump or bump in the night. However, any time I would go visit my mother at “the old house”, things would happen. One evening, my stepfather was lying on the couch when he started to shiver and complain it was freezing in the house.
It was July and the house had (still has) no air conditioning. My mom and I were both in shorts and tank tops and still sweating. We both looked at each other and it was unspoken “he’s back”. We both walked over to the couch and ran our hands in the air about chest high along where my stepfather was laying. Sure enough, right around his head was a cold spot. I ran my hands along the cold spot and it was about six feet high and 18 inches across.
My mother swallowed hard and her voice shook. “Sit up and move over there,” she told my stepfather. He thought we were both nuts, but sat up and moved to the other end of the couch. I felt again and the cold spot had seemed to move. I asked my mom to feel it and she confirmed. The once six foot high spot next to the couch was now 3 feet high and directly over the cushions. My mom stumbled back to her chair and sat down with a thump.
I stood there and blinked a few times then started to giggle insanely. My stepfather was like “What the hell is wrong with you both?”
I finally stopped giggling and pointed to the cold spot. “Pa wanted to watch TV with you and he was mad at you for hogging the couch. But he sure got you to move so he could sit down.”
Needless to say, he became a believer. After that, it got noisy again. My stepfather’s Marine Corp uniform and cover would not stay on hangers, his dress saber would fall off the wall for no apparent reason, pictures he had taken on his different tours would wind up scattered on the floor as if someone had swept them off the table. (Pa was a Navy man. We figured it was the Navy-Marine rivalry rearing its head.)
After both my sons were born, they would often giggle and point at empty corners, nod and smile, laugh…. And always at the same corner. Our cat used to stare at that corner and bristle, almost daily. Eventually the cat ran away. That corner is always dark, no matter how much light you shine on it and I often have the feeling someone is in that corner watching me.
Again, it’s never a malevolent feeling – more like curiosity or bemusement.
I’ve had other experiences in town – I live in an old town that was built during the Gold Rush days and we often hear about people seeing things here. I worked in a fast food place in town and would often hear children playing in the locked lobby after closing or see reflections in the glass windows of someone standing behind me, only to turn and not see anyone there.
The other night, the night before the eclipse, my youngest son woke up screaming bloody murder. I sprung out of bed and ran to his room. He came running to me and said that his room was full of colored lights, “circles of light” he called them and they were moving his bed.
I brought him into the room with me and he was burning up with fever. I, at first, dismissed what he saw as fever. After all, a small child with a fever of 103° can sometimes hallucinate, and a lot of small children have nightmares. Laying in bed and holding him, I had the distinct feeling I was not alone and my eyes kept being drawn to a spot on the wall between our rooms.
I got both kids up and took them downstairs to watch a movie, staying up past sunrise and then hustling everyone back to bed for a nap as my eyes were burning. That evening, I was talking to a friend online who has a very strong psychic sense, she asked me what was wrong. I told her what my son had seen and she asked if she could do anything.
Having never had an experience like that in the house before, I told her that I had always been followed around by a “guardian spirit” and asked her if she could tell who was with me.
Immediately she said, “it’s not one, there’s four” and started to give me details. One matched my great-grandfather, my Pa. The second, she said, stood near him, and matched a description of my great-grandmother, my Ma. She said the third was standing over my shoulder and went on to give me a number of small details that matched my Papaw, my grandfather. She said the fourth was vague because he was weak. From what details she could give me (mainly the curly hair, kind eyes and pinky ring), I discovered it was my ex-husband’s uncle – dead for over 5 years.
I asked her why the lights had appeared and she was silent for a moment, and typed back. “They said they were playing with the boys, like they used to do when they were little. They didn’t mean to scare him.”
As I was sitting there processing that information, my son tugged on my arm and said, “I don’t want to go to bed Mommy. The lights are going to come back.” My older son was behind him and nodded. “Yeah Mom, the lights are scary. I thought they were aliens like in ET.” I asked them to tell me again what they saw and I got a lot more detail the second time. They told me that the youngest had woken up to his bed being lifted off the ground and the walls were covered in colored circles of light. He screamed and the older one woke up. He said he saw his brother screaming and the lights on the walls.
The younger then piped up and said “And Mommy, four of the lights followed me when you told me to come to you. They went in your room and they stayed there till you carried me downstairs.” I asked him where in my room he had seen them and it was the same spot my own eyes had been drawn back to.
I’ve been a student of Wicca for several years and I decided that I was definitely renewing the wards on the house that night. I had planned to do so already, thinking that a full moon and an eclipse would be auspicious timing, but that sealed it.
I walked through the whole house, marking the walls with symbols drawn with water and salt. After I was done, my youngest son tearfully refused to go to bed unless I went into his room and told the lights to go away. My oldest son told me “make them die Mommy. We don’t want them here.” I explained to my sons that I couldn’t and wouldn’t kill the lights, because they weren’t trying to hurt or scare us, they just had something they wanted us to know and it was okay.
I stood in their room and looked around and said, “Okay, I got your message. We know who is here. Thank you for coming, I will be listening for what you have to say. But stay out of this room, they are just babies and they are not ready for what you have to say. All you’re doing is scaring them and I know that’s not your intention. From now on, this room is off limits.” After my son piped up again to do my room, I added. “And don’t enter my room either. I am willing to listen, but I need a place to rest peacefully at night.”
After that, my son smiled and hugged me saying that the lights had gone. I reminded the boys that if they came again to yell and tell them that they were just little kids and it was too scary, that they needed to not be so rough with them. I told them that sometimes the ghosts forget that we’re only people and we get scared when they just pop in on us like that.
Since then, I’ve had the odd feeling of being watched, even seen a reflection in my computer monitor of someone behind me for a moment or two. I felt a hand brush up my leg or across my arm as I’m trying to go to bed. I tell them if they keep it up, I will start ignoring them and they won’t be able to make me listen anymore and it stops.
I hadn’t seen the lights during all this time, except last night. I was laying in my bed talking on the phone to the man I’m seeing. I looked over in the corner and this tiny pinprick of vivid blue light started to form. I told my beau to hold on and looked at the corner, and said, “no no, you’ve been told this room is off limits,” and the light blinked out like it had never been there at all.
The ghosts in my apartment seem to come and go as they please. Right before this last Thanksgiving, the activity was so bad that I had trouble sleeping at night. Talking again to my friend online, she was able to relay a message from my Papaw about a wreath my mother had made many years ago – saying that it was too pale and needed color. She then described the wreath right down to the color ribbon woven through it.
While visiting my parents for Thanksgiving, my mom and I decided to visit the cemetery that my great-grandparents and grandfather are interred. We brought a digital camera and a tape recorder, as well as some flowers. Before the visit, my friend made several comments about what I would see – including the fact that there was a stone “4 away” that would be important, as well as another “7 by 7 from the front door” and one “covered in 7’s”.
We went into the mausoleum where my great-grandparents and grandfather are and laid out our flowers. I burned some sage and smudged it around their markers while my mother set up the tape recorder and took some pictures.
I began counting markers, moving 4 rows up, down and to each side of their markers. Four markers to the left was the plaque for a little girl. She had my first name, my initials and had lived 28 days. I am 28 years old.
Outside the front door of the mausoleum is a set of gravestones flush with the grass. My mother and I started walking the rows, pacing out seven stones. As we came to the 8th row, 7th stone, I tripped and stepped on a grave. My mother grabbed my arm and said “oh my god…. Look down.” I did… and realized that I was straddling the grave of my other grandfather (my father’s father) who had died before I was born. Standing at the foot of his grave and looking toward the mausoleum door, it looks exactly 7 rows away and 7 graves over.
Those are the experiences I’ve had at places I’ve lived – I’ve also had some at famous places. Unlike my mother, who says she’s had her (blond) hair pulled on the People Mover and seen the little boy in Pirates of the Carribean, I’ve never felt anything there – except I always remember being uneasy when I looked at the windows of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.
I went to Alcatraz about fours years ago. San Francisco is always cold to me and it was a cold wet day, so I was bundled up pretty well. I remember walking into the C block and I started to shiver. I exhaled and could see my breath. No one else with me could see theirs. I turned to a friend of mine (my son’s godmother and a practicing shaman) and I said, “Can’t you feel it?” She agreed that she felt uneasy and I shook my head, “No, it’s more like I can hear a thousand voices in my head and they are all so sad and so cold. This was a hateful place for them.”
I turned off the tape player for the tour, the recording only making me feel worse. We got to the solitary confinement cells and my friends and my ex dared me to go inside. The sun was just peeking through the clouds and all the lights were on, so the cell was fairly well lit, but it seemed very dark to me. I remember feeling this cold chill at the base of my spine and something told me ‘if you go in there, you will die,” and I panicked, backpedaled and flattened against the opposite wall, flatly refusing to go in there.
I also had dinner at the Keg Steakhouse in New Westminster, BC. We were having dinner on the patio outside and I excused myself to the ladies’ room. On the second floor, I remember feeling odd. It was too quiet for such a busy and wonderful place to eat. On the third floor in the ladies’ room, I knew I was being watched. It was so strong, I looked around several times and called out to see if someone else was there. There wasn’t, so I shook it off and went back downstairs.
Sitting back on the patio, I felt like I was being drawn to look at the windows on the upper floor. My beau, who is native to the area, asked me what was wrong. I told him about the feeling I’d had on the third floor and that was when he told me the restaurant was reportedly haunted. People said they often saw faces peering out of the third story windows when it was closed.

Prankster Spirit


I have had little contact with anything out of the ordinary or supernatural in my life, until that is, I moved from my home in West Texas after I married my ex-husband seven years ago. My ex-husband was enlisted in the Air Force, and we were stationed in Oklahoma. I've never lived anywhere else but Texas and thought this was a grand adventure, finally I would get to see our great nation. Our first year in Oklahoma was normal, and even boring. We were on the waiting list for a house on the military base there, and were very glad to finally get to move into a base house one month before our son was born. The house seemed normal, clean, and very "military". That is to say, plain. Nothing to fancy, just your basic house. That first month before, my son was born, we went about the house putting things away and getting the nursery set up, and life seemed perfect. I tended to take a short nap in the middle of the day during my last month of my pregnancy. It was during one of these naps that things started happening. I lay down, fell asleep and woke a couple of hours later, nothing seemed out of place until I looked at my dinning room table, that was directly behind the couch where I was napping. All of my dinning room chairs were neatly placed upside down on the table. As I would normally do when I mopped the floors. I thought perhaps my husband (now my ex) was playing a joke on me, because of a conversation we had had with a friend that lived on another block. (She told us she heard scratching noises coming from her living room one evening.) I called my husband to see if he had come home for lunch while I was napping, but he said that he hadn't had time that day. I thought maybe, since being pregnant, I had forgotten that I had put them on the table. A couple of days later, I came home from the grocery store and walked into the house to put my purse on the counter before I went to get the grocery bags out of the car. I unloaded the car, then put the groceries away. Then I turned to get my check book out of my purse, but it wasn't on the counter where I knew I had left it. Again I thought I was just suffering from pregnancy absent mindedness, and I searched the house. I looked and looked but couldn't find it anywhere, so I just gave up, and started making dinner. When my husband got home he noticed my purse sitting on the lowered cabinets in the kitchen, above the breakfast bar. He asked me why I would put it up there. I told him I hadn't. He didn't believe me. But I knew I hadn't. I was eight and a half months pregnant at the time and I would have had to stand on a kitchen chair, then step up onto the breakfast bar itself before reaching the top of the lowered cabinets to place my purse up there. I had heard MANY stories from people on the base, and off the base, about hauntings, or strange things happening in their houses. Many people clamed that the base was actually built on land once belonging to Native Americans from that area, and that the land held a special spiritual meaning for them. Since nothing truly terrifying happened in the house I never gave it a second thought, and just took the spirit in house as a prankster. Mostly the spirit, would move things around or a misplaced item would suddenly reappear in a place it was never at in the first place. A funny example of this: My birth control pills came up missing one day, and frustrated, I actually spoke out loud to the spirit asking it to please give them back to me. Then walking into the nursery to change my sons diaper, I found them hanging in the baby supply basket next to the change table, where the diaper rash cream should have been, and of course the diaper rash cream was in the medicine cabinet where my birth control pills were kept, but it hadn't been there just moments before when I was looking for my birth control pills. Things continued harmlessly for almost a year, and I even gave the spirit a nick name; Mr. Sneaky-pants. A couple of months before my sons first birthday however, things started getting a bit more frightening for my husband. One evening we heard the blinds over the living room patio window being slid back and forth. We thought our dog Tyler might be playing in them but he was snuggly resting on the floor on my side of the bed. I casually said, "Oh, it must be Mr. Sneaky-pants playing then." My husband didn't think it funny at all and seemed very agitated. So I called out to the living room, "Okay, that's enough!" and the sounds stopped. Well that apparently freaked my husband out and he spent the rest of the night locked in the bathroom and wouldn't come out till breakfast. Noises and sometimes whispering continued, although, Mr. Sneaky-pants decided not to bother my husband too much. It seemed rather harmless to me. I never had an uncomfortable feeling while I lived there, and when some months later my husband and I separated, I found myself missing my sneaky spirit. I have had several encounters with spirits in Oklahoma, good, bad, and creepy, during my five years in residency there. I am truly convinced that Oklahoma's old west past, and rich Native American history has made it one of the most haunted places in the nation. It seems that every field, or home, or business has its own story, and its own spirit to go with it. Although some of the experiences I've had while living there, after Mr. Sneaky-pants, where quit eerie, and sometimes down right evil, I wouldn't have traded it for anything in the world. It really opened my eyes to the possibility that there really could be something more after we die.
Thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.

Extreme Hauntings

By: M

Last week I went into my uncles house for a barbecue, my uncle, aunt, 2 cousins, and mom were there. And there dog. So to help you better understand the story, the layout of the house is this:
1st floor: front door right next to staiirs, living room, leading to hall dining room, den, kitchen, bathroom.
2nd floor: small not even hallway, 2 doors on right one ahead one left, ahead is the bathroom which has a door leading to a dressing room from the mster bedroom. So oneday after i eat i need to go, so i run to the first floor bathroom, whaddo you know its locked from the inside, no one in there, so i say, no problem just go upstairs. So i head upstairs and as im going up i hear bangs and think nothing of it. I go in and lock both doors,  (habit), and i sit down. As im in there i hear rapid knocks and i scream someones in here. then i hear the masterbedroom door open and in less than a second i hear the door to the dressing room being pounded on and the knock non stop jiggling of the doorknob. Im terrified so i look out the window, the dogs in the yard, and everyone else is on the deck eating dinner. Then i mumbled Oh S___. i finish up wash my hands and i count down, the door is now being pounced on, like an angry bulldog smelling meat in the room im in. So i unlock the door as soon as i get to one. Then i run, i ran as fast as i ever did. But of course i tripped on the stairs. then i saw the bathroom door open, then a loud, loud moan and a white figure very faint, it looked like a maid, staring at me, i stood up and glanced at it unable to move, shaking. I screaamed im sorry, then it looked at me with somewhat mad eyes and it just started how do i say this, hovering above the stairs , then i ran, i could feel my legs being kicked and i almost fell, then it said why did you kill me, or a mumble like that, but i didnt look back. I just made my way out the back door and ran into the yard where the dog was. It was going crazy. A pure sign of a ghost. Then i told everyone, and they didnt believve me. This may sound fake but by all means its true. I did some research and there was a house that burnt down in the 1800s, a colonial one. That explains the maid. I made a promise to myself that id never go on the second floor again, and i never have.though sometimes when im the only one in the house i can hear footsteps and rattlign upstairs, and whenever i hear that im directly below the area of the bathroom. Late one night when i was sleeping over my cousins (SAME HOUSE) i was trying to pull an all nighter. Suddenly the house alarm went off. everyone scrambled, i grabbed a baseball bat along with my cousin who was sleeping on the couch, i was on the floor, she grabbed a pellet gun and ran for the door. Guess what we saw. The same figure i saw standing in the middle  of the door. my cousin shot the pellet gun and it bounced of the cement on the porch. it went through the figure. Then it dissapeared. we got some blankets unlocked the jeep  got everything inside we turned on the heated seats and reclined the chairs. We locked the doors and set the alarm. Later the alarm went off and every few seconds when the lights went off i could see the figure  but my cousin said i probably garbbed the door handle  and that she didnt see anything. This is not a joke. This is a true story.

Convulsions as a Sign?


alright i'll bite, i was reading the personal experiences, it all is not only entertaining, but extremely interesting. but then i came across a story that freaked me out.. i had one way similar to it.  They were explaining convulsions at night, and weird feelings and things of that nature. well, here goes
we moved into my house when i was in 5th grade, and now 5 years later im still in the same house. its not old, it was built no more than 20 years ago, and no one to my knowledge has died in it or anything like that. but, stuff went down. even now im getting dizzy and foggy-minded.
i was lying in bed maybe one or two years ago, and i had just fallen asleep. almost immediately i woke up, and i couldnt move for the life of me... it felt like i was being held down, and there was this incredible pressure on my whole body pushing my into my futon. it was intense, i cant explain it. i started shaking and convulsing like something was inside me trying to break out, and i could feel this feeling of panic... and i think it was really cold. i couldnt talk, or breathe even, and i thought i was having a seizure or something,... i'd never had one before and i thought i might be epileptic and not know it or something stupid like that... the convulsions lasted like 20 seconds, and it was pretty painful, but not to the point of death. the whole time, there was this squealing in my ear, peircingly loud, and it made my ears ring... that scared me to no end.. after it was over, i layed there stunned, and i didnt know what to think.... it was a new experience and i didnt even consider it being a supernatural thing at all.
so a week later the same thing happened... it mightve even been the next night. anywho, i had just fallen asleep again, but yet again i was jolted awake by those darn convulsions. again i couldnt move, the pressure was even MORE intense, so much so that as i was being pressed down, i could feel the bars on my back from underneath my futon! it hurt even more, and i couldnt breathe at all. the squealing was even more intense, and as this was happening, i felt like something had grabbed my ankles and started dragging me off of my bed... i couldnt scream.. im just amazed to myself right now that this happened. but i swear on my life it did.. i felt like whatever it was, was literally dragging me off of my bed. like seriously, after it was over, i had moved from the top of the bed to the mid-bottom of it... my body had moved like 2 or 3 feet. my god... i had free thought through all of this though, it wasnt mentally controlling me, just physically... i started saying to myself... "oh GOD whats
ppening?" and maybe 2 minutes after it started, it subsided. needless to say, i was FREAKED OUT. i just layed in bed sweating and panting for like 10 minutes, looking back and forth from my clock to the door, and finally worried myself to sleep. it happened for about a week, maybe even two, possibly 5 or 6 times... i told my parents but they didnt really believe me, they kinda just said "well... keep an eye on it"
thats the most physical of my experiences, other than that, i just have... feelings i guess, that something is here with me, or theres a presence. sometimes i get dizzy and distracted, by SOMETHING, and im pretty damn sure that its not my brain, that its something in the room, or even scarier, in me. but all i can say, is thats what happened to me, and i havnt ever told anyone about it, aside from my parents... and even then, i didnt tell them that i thought it was a "ghost" thing. it was the most terrifying thing i've ever felt in my life, it was a state of total and complete panic.. well,, thats all... i hope someone emails me back and tells me im not insane.
and im 16 too... that all happened when i was 14. im really surprised that i took that little experience as well as i did lol
thanks for reading

This is my Story

By: name is scott. i have been fascinated with gohsts and the paranormal for as long as i could remember. growing up, we lived in what was said to be a 100-150 yr old house in pennsville nj. it was across the street from riverview beach park(an amusment park was there in the early 1900's)so this house was in the center of town and alot of activity. me and my younger sister remember being young, i was about 5 she was about 3. and we chase these orbs from the landing of the stairs in the dining room to the front of the house and back.we called them as i write this i can actually see them in my mind.
when my parents first moved to this house in 1978 they fell inlove with it.after living there for several months, they decided to have a house warming party. after the guests had had the tour of the house ,my parents started getting asked about the lady sitting at the base of the stairs. (now growing up i learned how to believe what my dad told  me and how to believe what my mom had told me) so when hearing this  from my moms mouth i knew it had to be true.ok back to the story. so when my parents asked about what lady they were speaking ,she was never there. my parents were approached with this question numerouse times that evening,and every time she was not to be found.
growing up in this house was never boring.t.v's would turn on when no one was in the room. lights would always flicker on and off. me and my sisters would always feel as though we had to sing to the ghost when we went up the steps. this may sound wierd, but if we didnt sing we would always slip up the steps. not to say something actually tripped us, but if we didnt sing we would miss a step or just barely hit the next step and ip off of it as we walked up. we had a picture of jesus that was hung on the wall that was on the other side of the stairwell. every year on a certain day and time the picture would fall off the wall.....
after some research of the house my parents found out that ayoung lady,about19-20 yrs old named isabelle had once lived there and had fallen down the step and broke her neck on the way down. she was said to have died right there on the landing of the stairs.after putting the instances together my parents found out that she died on the same day that the picture would fall off the wall. my parents dont beleive she was an evil spirit ,they think that the picture of jesus would because of the vibrations of her falling down the steps.
they also dont believe she was evil because whaen my younger sister was about two weeks old,she came down with serious illness. it is family tale that she died in my mothers arms. supposedly both my parents saw isabelle come from the landing and towards them. as she got closer, my parents claim to have felt a sence of easiness and calm.just then my sister started crying. she was not dead anymore. when the emergency personell came and took her to the hospitol my parents were not about to tell them what had just happened. who would.
on another occasion. i had a friend sleep over one nite. he did not want to stay in my room because i would talk about was ghosts. my bedroom had the entry way door to the attic in it. so this made him even more uneasy. so we decided to make a ghost trap. i took my wwf wrestling ring apart and used the ropes to tie the door shut. along with the deadbolt, hook-latch.and lock on the door knob it self. each color rope was tied to a different lock and wrapped around as tight as possible.(as tight as an eight yr old could tie)this had settled hhis fears so we went to sleep. when we woke up the next morning every piece of rope was on the floor and the locks all unlocked. my parents had not been in ther because we woke up before they did. and even if they did go in there for what ever reason,,rule number one was to make sure the door was locked so the cold draft wouldn't
come into my room. needless to say he never spent the night again.
well i hope you enjoyed my story . it was a thrill just writing it because it brought back so many memories of the old house.
my mother is coming home from kentucky this weekend for a family wedding, but i had asked her to bring all the photo albums she has with pictures of the inside of the house. after seeing the pictures of orbs and ectoplasmic activity on your website, i'm hoping to find some interesting pictures. if i come across any pictures of strange phenomenon i'll be sure to send them your way. so keep an eye out for them. see ya.-

Strange Things Anywhere I go


At about age  7 or 8 I was in my moms room and I looked at the curtains which were a cream color, the sunlight was hitting them and shadows that were shaped like people were walking across. I asked my mom  and she said its nothing.Then at age 14 or 15 I would start having nightmares, I'd  wake up about 2 or 3:30am. The dreams were about sprits or like once a cat attacking me, I even dreamed I was playing with tarot cards, that a bad sprit picked me up into the air, and I yelled Jesus please help me , (sometimes in my dreams I could remember this and I would always wake that instant). When I woke up from the bad dream of a wild cat attacking me with blood everywhere I went downstairs, the curtains open and that same cat I dreamed of staring at me outside the door. I normally woke up went downstairs to calm down  watch some TV, I couldn't go to sleep being so scared. I was sitting on the couch, I would hear a loud pound on the wall in back of me. I would get up turn on the light to look there was no one there all the windows were closed. The bad dreams and the pounds on the wall happened routinely. Some nights the windows were closed with my blankets pulled over my head I would awake to a cold air blowing in my ear. One time I was laying in my bed trying to go back to sleep and I had heard pins dropping and I tuned to look and I seen one floating in the air and fall back down. It was some bobby pins my sister left on the dresser. My dreams have not been all bad sometimes about angels. Once in a dream I was looking at the sun and there was a ring around it and turned out it was angels coming down to earth, once here the ground begun to shake terribly.
IBy age 20 I had a 2 year old daughter, I lived at home still and was dating a guy who was no good. Anyway my brother had gotten some tarot cards and I would ask questions about the guy and the death card would come up and the devil card. This guy and I dated for 6 months and stupid me I didn't take care of myself and got pregnant. I love children, babies very much I could never give up a child, but there were just to many reasons why I couldn’t have it, so I had an abortion, this was the hardest decision in my life. To this very day I regret it and feel so bad. So this guy was always cheating on me he wasn't a very good person, he did not want to give up his partying and playing to get married. Strange things started happening like every other morning exactly at 6:00 am. My daughters little Elmo kitchen phone would start ringing by itself. There is picture I have with a little kid shadow also.
My My mom heard a baby cry,. One time she asked if my daughter got up and was crying at he door, there was no way. One night I think I was sleeping but I seen myself sleeping and my daughter, I felt scared as
to the door I seen three sprits standing. They were a light bluish color they looked evil and they were coming closer and closer then my daughter only 3 started screaming mommy monsters get me. I got up
turned on the light and tried to get her to wake up, she did and I was praying and we felt better. My family all moved away to another city about 2 years later and the house we moved into was
brand new. About 3 months after living there I would hear the bang on the wall and no one would be there. Bad dreams still there once in while. Then I would dream about a little boy.
it wSometimes a baby or little boy. One night I forgot to turn the cartoons off, and fell asleep and awoke to hearing a child saying why mommy why, it wasn't my daughter, I looked at TV it was all black, then
cartoons came back on after a minute. At the time I was dating a nice guy and we were planning to get married but I got pregnant and we got married sooner than expected. We moved to an apartment I still         had bad dreams but they were decreasing and so were the objects moving. I gave birth to a little boy almost on Christmas, which was a gift. A few months later we bought a house and not to much has         happened just the blinds made a crunch sound, the window were closed. And just last year there was knocking in our bedroom on the wall that faced the back yard, my husband checked  but there was no one. I
cant remember if I was asleep or wake but I did see something it looked like shadows of people on the wall lined up, and  was feeling like I couldn't breathe like a pressure on top of me . I looked up on the         ceiling and there was a shadow with a sneaky smile and I said leave me alone go away and they were gone. I am Catholic and I believe in god , Jesus and it seems like when I go to church a few days later is            when I have a bad dream, or I awake with an uncomfortable feeling, I feel scared like someone is watching me, and when I try to go to sleep and turn my head towards the left I hear like a light flick on the wall        wall when IIturn my head the other way and I hear it on the other wall. I haven't gone to church in months, but I still pray and believe.  Strange. maybe this is all in my  mind, maybe I am nuts.

Somewhere In Sissonville

Ok I have sent one story here but this is another one cause stuff like this likes to happen to me. I'm from Sissonville which is in Charleston , West Virginia, I don't know the name of the place that this thing happened to me but if you live out this way it is down the road by Dolly's Market. So here I go, I went with one of my friends at the time to her house mind you it is out in the middle of no where she had told me about her dad and brother and many other people seeing a coffen floating in the middle of the road at night and sometimes a person walking in the road, it only happpens where the gates are where you enter a cemetery that is way up on a hill. So me and her got bored and said why not go up there it was right down the road and it was like 2 in the evening so we had lots of time. We headed up the road and to the gate and started to walk up the long dirt road( we had her sister with us and a camrea just in case) after a while we got to the top of the hill and the graves we started taking pictures cause me and my friend felt something, we had a new roll of film and everything but after only 4 or 5 shoots of the camera it said we had no more. At this point we were just laughing and  then her sister said that we should go up the hill more to where other people have seen some things, so we did. Once up there we show some strange rocks made in a triangle formation don't know what made us do it but we started to dig in the middle of the triangle. After about a foot there was a layer of sticks like someone had put there, so then we dug another foot and found rocks but not like they had been there like they had been thrown in there to hide something. Right when we were about to dig again that is when it started we heard someone talking to us and the animals went crazy my friends sister had rocks thrown at her and also so did we then I started to hear things but just me. Need less to say we started to leave, we got are stuff and walked out of the middle of the rocks and right when I was getting out of it I was picked up and thrown into a rock( my friend and her sister can back this up) . I blacked out at this point and woke up on my friends back we got down to the graveyard and I had to be put down cause I keep hearing screams and my legs and body were on fire. Finally we started to make it out of there and the only thing that was keeping me awake was ice that we had keep in a sealed cooler, we sat down so I could get some ice but when we opened it there was nothing not even the drinks we had in there and their was no trail of water licking out or any sign that water had ever been in there. Ok so we got to the gate thanks to my friend holding me up cause I keep hearing the screams. We got over to the other side of the road and when we looked back we all saw I white thing going back into the woods. Till this day I haven't went up there and I still have the scare and the bad ankle form it so no one can tell me this never happened and that I am crazy.



Hi, I was reading some of the other post and thought I might try to find some others who have had a simular experience:
My mother passed away in 1998 and before she died I kept telling her to somehow come backand let me know that she was okay. After she died I prayed everynight for her to come to me and let me know all was okay, but nothing this went on for alomst a year. Then one night ( out of the blue) I had a dream that my mother called me on the phone ( but I could see her and her surroundings)  she was in like a "Hall" ( likewhere one would have a wedding recpetion) and there were all these tables and there were several other women and it looked like they were working on something. My mom looked beautiful and healthy. I asked if she was okay and she told me that it was so beautiful there. and I asked her why it had taken her so long to come see me. she told me that you have to work to get your voice  and the more work you did the more the stronger your voice was and that would explain why she was whispering. I woke up immediatley and just knew that it wasn't a dream because of the way it made me feel. I knew i woke up with a smile on my face. I felt such peace. anyway it is now 2004 and I was telling a lady at work about it and and said that when her mother died that same thing happened to her, there were variations to the setting and such but it was still described as a "hall" and that her mother wouldn't talkto her ( but this happened right after her death) as mine was a year later, whuch is what I think they she was trying to convey to me not that they had to actually work but "work" on themselves so to speak. we both started to cry because how could two people have the same dream years apart and have not even met yet. which makes me think that there are more people out there with the same experience, if so please contact me I am so fascinated by this topic.



There is a house in Toquerville that my sister and I lived in for a year or two.  While in this two story house, we would hear people running up and down the stairs, the window would open even when locked, and the light in our parents bedroom would often turn on and off unexplainably.  You site is great, and i just thought i would share my sister's and mine experience.  Thank you.

Haunted Residence


I had a poltergeist-esque when I was in fourth grade. I lived in San Antonio, TX then (since people live there, still, I won't disclose the address) it was a new house, no one we knew of died in there so the events that happened to me there are unexplained. I was sitting on the floor throwing a suction cup ball on a table and then I'd pull it off and do it again, when I had thrown it and it rolled off the table. Within maybe a second my window shade went all the way up with a clapping sound, and my (locked) window slid all the way open. A toy or something flew by my head and hit the wall. There were a few other things that would slide off level surfaces or just randomly fly off the surface and hit the wall. Needless to say, I was really scared that day, but didn't really think much about it.
Well. that's my story.

Friends in Spirit

I wrote to you last year about the spirit of Elizabeth, my wife from my past life. I now know why she was here, guiding me along with other good spirits who have come into my life.  She is leading me to my true soulmate - my Twin Flame.  I had had many dreams and visions of this girl over the years, plus an attraction to the Muswell Hill area of north London.
Last June, before Elizabeth returned to the Light, she told me that she had found the one who would make my life complete. She showed my a girl very similar in looks to her - tall and slim with dark hair, pale skin and brown eyes.  As I went through another relationship, these visions grew stronger.  I consulted a psychic, or rather Elizabeth took me to see a psychic, called Richard Lawler, who spoke with Elizabeth and confirmed everything she had told me.
Richard said that the girl is will marry lives in the Hampstead area and and described her exactly as Elizabeth did.  (This was last November)  He said I would first meet this girl on March 13th and them see her again when we would get together.  He said that her name began with "E", just like Elizabeth, and that her surname has "Rose" in it. He added that her father is a retired GP.
Afterwards, the name "Evelyn" kept cropping up in books, newspapers etc. I kept seeing "EVE", "EEV" and "EAV" on car registration plates.
Spirit activity intensified when I moved into my new flat.  A Star of David appeared on my cupboard door with a heart below it.  I spoke with Richard again, and he said that the Star and Heart was an apport from Evelyn's grandfather in Spirit.  Evelyn is Jewish, and I found out that her surname is Rosenthal.
Elizabeth returned to the Light shortly after I contacted Richard, and other guides made themselves known. My "main" guide, who has been with me all my life is a Samurai Master called Jinoko.  I can feel when he's with me, Sometimes I can feel his kimono brushing against me as he walks past.
Master Jinoko told me that he has been trying to get me and Evelyn together, but she doesn't listen to him.  He says that she has been hurt in the past, and that he and I must help her.  Master Jinoko has been with my nan in spirit and she had been with me a number of times.  The most vivid apparition of my nan was not so much like a ghost, but more like a window into the Spirit World.  My nan looked so much younger than when she died, and sunlight up there was very warm and loving.   She showed me images of me being with Evelyn.
A great change is taking place in my life at the moment, a change for the better, and I am so thankful that I have all these good spirits looking out for me.  With their love and guidance, there's no need for me to be afraid of ghosts.
Love and Blessings,

The Spirit Infested House


Well this is a story that was probably one of my most terrifying experiences
ever. Me and a group of my friends went to spend the night at one of our
friends house and though everyone else was excited about the fact that it
was haunted, i was nervous because i am a believer, plus i get these
feelings sometimes when i go places. If a house is haunted i can usually
feel if it is haunted by a good spirit or a bad spirit. soon as I
walked in the house i got this weird almost suffocating feeling. like
someone was pressing down on my whole body. Let me tell you a little history
on this house. In the basement there was a very well known mobster shot. the
bullet went through the door and there were very obvious blood splatters all
over the door. That door was sold on ebay for A LOT of money. The tree
outside was used to hang slaves that got out of hand for the owners. There
is a bathroom in one of the many bedrooms in the house that a woman was shot
by her husband while she was getting ready for a party. It is said that she
was accused of having an affair, after the murder it came out that there was
no affair and that the servant that accused was jealous and hated the lady. that you know the history of the house i will go ahead and tell
you what happened to me and my group of friends when we went there. All of
the boys were thinking it was a joke and just wanted to scare us, but
finally they got one of us to go down to the basement. Her name is Summer.
She tried to get her dog to go with her, but he wouldnt budge past the 4th
step. She got downstairs and was down there for maybe 1 min. and then we
heard a bloody murder scream and she came darting up the stairs. She was
histerical and didnt even say anything before she got in her car to go home.
Before she left she said that he warned me once and that no one was to go
down there. we tried to calm her down to tell us what happened, but she took
off. Then we were a little scared, but we brushed off enough to stay the
night. When we slept that night it was all in the same room. Me,Jessica, and
laurie slept on the floor and Niki and her boyfriend slept in the bed. All
we could hear all night was blood curteling cries and then a strangling
sound. it was faint and hard to hear at times, but i knew what it was. that
tree outside the window.then at 3:30 am the bed started levitating. it shook
about 4-5 ft. away from the wall. niki and her boyfriend were so terrified
at that , but then right afterwards we saw an insanly bright light from the
bathroom. it was reflecting off of the mirror right into mine and jessicas
eyes. then the lights outline took form of a woman. she had no face. it was
all light, but i could definetly see the outline of a woman. after that we
all left that boys house. none of u could understand how he could live in
such a haunted spirit infested house. he told us that it bothered him for
awhile, but him and the spirits came to an understanding after the 1st week
of living there. he wouldnt bother them and they wouldnt bother him. he told
us not to sleep in that room, but i guess we took it as a joke.i learned
that day that it is not smart to play around with the emotions of spirits.
They are already confused, they dont need to be angry also.

Don't Like to Talk about It


I thought that I might let you know how wonderful I think
your sight is, first off. Secondly I thought that I might
share with you a story of an experience that scared the
pants off me! (If you know what I'm saying)
It was the middle of late fall 1999 and me and two of my
best friends where hanging out at my house. My sister and
brother were gone and my mother was no where in sight! The
house was our play ground! My friends and I spent the
night talking about stupid girl stuff, like who are our
future husbands were going to be. The night was running
smoothly until we began to feel a strange aire (feeling)
come over the house. We ignored it and decided that it's
best not to play into these strange feelings. We went
upstairs into my sister's room, because I was living in
the study, which was far to small for me and my two
friends. We began a game of poker when my friend Falisha
looked over at my sister's porcilin dolls, and grabbed my
arm. I thought that she was acting and playing a game. But
when I looked at those dolls I realized that some of them
had moved, others looked as though they were glaring! I
chuckled and thought that it must be the soda playing
games with my mind; but then my friend Tina noticed the
erie feeling in the room and she took hold of my other
arm. I smiled and told them that there was nothing to
worry about. I was wrong...things got stranger by the
minute, I began to think that something was in there with
us, and they didn't want us there! Finally my friends and
I had, had enough and we called my mom, and waited for her
down stairs. Needless to say we didn't enter that room
again until my sister got back the next morning. Even then
we didn't enter the room. None of my two friends want to
talk about the experience, to tell you the truth neither
did I...

Working Ghost


This is not a personal experience, but my brother told me the story and I can vouch for his credibility. My brother made artificial rock work for water features and pools. He went to go do a job for a guy on a farm near Tabazimbi, South Africa. He wasn't staying in the main house but was staying in a sort of servant lodging outside the house, which was a big old house in itself. He woke up in the early hours of the morning to the sound of somebody very hard at work. If you know my brother you should know that it takes a BIG racket to wake him.
Any way he tried to ignore this noise and go back to sleep, but it wouldn't go away. Till the point where he lost his temper. Who the hell works at this time of morning anyways when people are trying to sleep? He said he could distinctly hear the sound of sawing wood, as well as someone hitting in nails and all sorts of sounds associated with wood-work. When he got up to quiet the person, he could not find the location of the noise. At first he thought it was the foreman in his room but when getting to his room he had already passed the sound. When he walked back the way he came it sounded like it was coming from his room. And getting there he passed it again. After about 15 min of searching he decided to give up and go back to bed.
The next morning at the breakfast table he enquired the house owners to who was making that noise last night, and what they were building at that time? To which they answered "oh, you heard Him"! Apparently there is some ghost that shows up all over the farm in the old buildings, doing some sort of woodwork. Nobody has actually seen him but they hear him quite often, working away. Maybe it's some person who really wanted to build something but died before they could complete it, and is now restless to complete their project.
I do believe that there is a spiritual world that we don't know anything about, except that it's there. All religions on earth believes this to some degree or another. I also believe that there are other spiritual beings in existence, good and evil. Ghosts? Maybe some of them are ghosts, but there is also beings that never lived lives on this planet, that were "created" in spiritual form. All religions talks of them too. But I think my brother's experience, and most of those written on these pages are those of ghosts "ex-living people".

The Suicide !!

I'm a police officer and responded to a suicide in Houston Texas in April of 2004. It involved a young man who hung himself in his garage over family and finances.  When I arrived the body was laying on the garage floor and like any investigation I cleared the house to conduct my investigation.
My shift sergeant and leuitenant was also in the house with me while a took photographs and measurments of the crime scene. The house was sealed off and the front and back doors were locked to keep out the family.
The door leading to the garage was half open and no one was in the garage but the deceased.  My sergeant and Leuitenant and I were standing in the kitchen area discussing my report when all of a sudden we all felt a cold chilly breeze and the half open door to the garage slammed shut.
We all got real spoked and my sergeant decided to wait out in his patrol car.  It was really weird and the whole time that I viewed the body until I completed my investigation I had this feeling that someone was looking over my shoulder but there was no one there.



When I was about 7 or 8 I saw a little boy that was at least 6. He Had Brown Hair And It Was Short But Old Fashion. He was all white and glowing white. he stood at my door faceing me while i was sleeping. The thing that is odd about is that I don't know how I woke up in the middle of the night.
I was toooo frightened to look at the boy, so I pulled the Covers over my head and tryed not to think of it and fell asleep and kept the cover's over my head till I did.

Hope She's Moved On


I am in my early teens, yet already several terrifying encounters with
spirits seemed to have happened to me.
The first time I think I ever heard of ghosts, I was four years old.  We
were driving through Atlanta, near to where I live, and I noticed the
graffiti seemed to be heavy that year.  One thing that really caught my
eye was "Mary Johnston in the mud," sprayed on an overpass.  When I
blinked, the words vanished.
When we returned home, I heard my parents talking and telling jokes
about how my father found our house- getting his truck stuck in the
mud!  I didn't think that much of it, being very young.
That night, I heard crying.  I searched the house, but found no one.
It seemed to be coming from the backyard- in the "mud"- so I looked
outside through the sliding-glass door.  There was a tar-paper shack
where my trampoline should have been, and a little girl was crying as
her father walked away, tattered with a gun slung over his back.  I ran
back into my bed and pulled the covers over my eyes.  The next morning,
it was gone, save for a trace of a foul smell where the "house" had been.
Then, when I was nine, I heard the crying again.  Memories flooded back
to me.  But this time, I realized the sound was quite close- in my room,
in fact.  There was "Mary," at the foot of my bed, reaching out to me.
She reminded me so much of myself, I reached out to take her hand.  I
brushed right through her like she was only air, and she vanished into a
wisp of smoke.
While other odd things have happened, these stood out the most.  I hope
others knew what I was going through, and while I sort of wonder if I'll
see her again, I hope she's moved on.



It was on a highway late at night when i about the age of 10 or 11. I was in the back seat up sitting in the middle so i could talk with my father who was driving and my brother we occupied the passenger seat. All of a sudden I look out the window and see a bit white dog standing in the middle of the road starring at us. I screamed STOP! But it was too late. by the time my dad was able to come to a complete stop we would have run over the dog, but we didn't feel any dumps or anything. My father jumped out of the truck and looked around but there was no trace of the dog anywhere.



Really very simple, i havent had the misfortune of seeing my "GHOST", but on two seperate occasions, while sleeping in my sons room I was awakened unable to breath.
And it felt like something was wrapped around my neck. Once I got my composure It went away except for an eerie chiil the air. Noone else in the house has had any unexplained expeiriences other than myself, needless to say I dont sleep in my sons room anymore. little Entity....


As a child growing up in Robbinsdale Mn, I lived in a old haunted farm house. The first time I saw an apparition, at about 5 years of age, I screamed bloody murder. There were two such apparitions in the house (that I knew of at that time), and except for the occasional visitor on the end of my bed, or moving things around during the night, there presence was only frightening. However, something NEW arrived. I was 7 years old at the time. One winter night my father came up the stairs to use the bathroom.. I slept with my three brothers in a large room, and the door way was open to the stairway. As my father turned on the stairlight, I opened my eyes, and at the ceiling I saw what appeared to me as a "flash", or an explosion type of light. It didn't seem as if it could have come from the stairlight going on, but not knowing what I saw, and being tired...hmmmm? My father went back down stairs and turned out the light. I closed my eyes, still thinking about what I "thought" I'd seen. It became quiet there was actually a noise (can't explain). It became so black...the blackest of black (almost a substance) and then I couldn't move, or just barely (almost like I was almost paralized.) My eyes were open, yet there was only this blackness. Then came the light toward me...the brightest light...most perfect light...and then it slowly faded away. After that, I heard the most horrible noises (screams maybe?), but I can't describe them because I've never heard anything like it before (sort of like seeing a new color?). Then slowly they faded away and I could move again. Now...try to tell this to your mother the next morning. Bad dream? Imagination? Too much TV? The next night I'm in bed. I turned on the stairlight because I was afraid. With the covers up to my opened eyes (and laying sideways, so as to face the doorway). The quiet came again (it's calling card), and them the light started t ard me from somewhere in the back of the room (this is with my eyes OPEN). I managed to pull the covers over my head, before the paralasis took over, yet it was so bright, it was as if there was no covers at all. Something told me NOT to look at the light again, so I clenched my eyes shut. The noised appeared again, then faded as before. Well...this happened night after night after night...for years. My mother eventually believed what I was telling her, but do you exPLAIN something like this. One thing was one else in the room could see this. WhatEVER it was, was coming for me only. I eventually discovered that it would attempt to attack me right in that period between being awake and going to sleep. I also eventually was able to "sit up" when I felt the presense arriving. Over the years it has lessoned to almost nothing, although I can still tell when it's around. (I figured it grew bored, as I would never "look" at it, or give in, or that I'm no longer frightened.). What ever broke through (that's my theory) back then was certainly trying to "get" me, and had I continued to look at that light, I hate to thing what would have happened. Incidently, the time period for these "attacks" would seem like minutes. Yet, I found out one night that a couple of hours had gone by. I've thought of bring to light just what I DON'T remember about those attacks. But...I'm not going to give my little ghostypoo and "fuel for the fire" so to speak. I don't think I WANT to know....and don't want it coming BACK!


Fathers Ghost


I started my family at a very young age.I was alone with my first pregnancy while my husband worked untill late into the night.The house we moved into was the house my deceased father-n-law and his brother had built 15 years earlier.I never got to meet my father-n-law because he was killed 8 years before my marriage.Late one night i fell asleep waiting for my husband to come home when i heard the locks on the front door click open.I heard the large solid wooden door swing open slowly and i didnt bother to look at the clock thinking it was my husband coming in quitely so not to wake me up.i walked into the living room to greet him but the room was empty. The door was standing wide open and fear struck me thinking it was a burgler that ran off when he heard someone home.I quickly closed and locked the door then called my husbands uncle who lived nearby to check around the house for me.When he was unable to find anything he lightly joked that it was just his brother keeping a watchfull eye on me and the  baby while .I assumed  he was trying to calm me down or keep from getting another late night call,so I thanked him for checking around and siad goodbye.A few moments later my bedroom door swung open and footsteps walked across the livingroom,they sounded like they stopped infront of me.I could have closed my eyes and sworn someone was standing there.I felt them,
i heard them and I smelt a cologne that was unfamiliar.
i was unable to move.After a few agonizing seconds the footsteps went to my bedroom door,stopped,then the door swung open and shut right in front of me.I I felt dizzy and sick so i sat down.Everyone i told in my family siad it was a waking dream brought on by high sugar or lack of sleep ect.But everyone in my husbands family took it seriously and told me stories of their own that they felt involved my father-n-laws spirit.This set of footprints would echo through the house opening and shutting doors for everynight i was alone.When our baby was born visitors claimed they smelt flowers in his room,we always felt safe and i eventually started asking the spirit to entertain the baby for me while i made a bottle or ran the bath.Our baby was always looking around,smiling and reaching for some invisable object.

Ghost Man


Hi am 23 yrs old and I had no idea of this website until I was looking up ghost stories on the internet. I have always beleived in the supernatural, I have had a few freaky things happened to me but the most recent one just realy freaked me out. I have never been so scared I am convinced that it was a ghost. It happened in this house last summer. I had just moved to Dallas and found a roomate. This house was so awesome, it was huge, 3 bedrooms a living room, dining room, a seperate little room and then our kitchen. I had the bedroom in the back of the house. My roomate chose the bedroom in the front. We made the 3rd bedroom into a art room and it was in the middle of our rooms. There had been some burglaries recently so we always kept the doors and windows locked. We even put boards on our windows so that it was impossible for anyone to get in. This particular morning my roomate had already gone to work and I was all alone in the house. I got out of bed and took a shower (which was right next to my room). Well we had a a big closet in one of the dining rooms that we kept some of our clothes in and I was walking thru the house undressed to get some clothes and I saw somebody that looked like a regular human being walk down the hall from my roomates room to the art room. I was terrified and embarrased because I was naked and I thought that it was her boyfriend and maybe he had slept over and was still here. I ran back to my room and got dressed and walked back in there I looked in the art room and nobody was there, I then went to my roomates room. It was locked. I knocked and called out his name but no one answered. That was when I got realy scared because I thought that somebody had broken in or something. I went to all of the doors and windows in the house and everything was still locked up tight. I called my roomate and told her that I thought maybe her boyfriend was still in her room and wouldn't answer because he was embarassed, then she told me that she had taken him home that morning on the way to work! I did not see the face of the person I just saw them walk by in a plain white T-Shirt and jeans. I left the house immediately scared to death. I have always had wierd feelings in the house like someone was watching me but I never thought that there was a actual ghost in my house! After a couple of months I moved out because I was so scared.

Little Girl


hi, well I've only had a few  experiences throughout my life. i'm 12.
Don't let my age fool you,i'm telling the truth. Let me give you the backround of
my first experience. in the apartment my cousin used to live in,a couple killed
each other. At first when she told me,i didn't believe her. she said that when you were in the bathroom,you'd see the shadows of the couple on the wall. If you were a girl, you'd see the shadow of the man. if you were a boy you'd see the shadow of the girl. i didn't believe her until i experienced it myself. i was in the bathroom and I saw the shadow of a man. I freaked out, so i got out of there and i never went to her house again. My second experience took place in my brothers room. he was at school and it was a week before Valentines Day. i decided to make his valentine cards. i was in his room(my room is across from his.)and i had the door open. so, i could see my room.i had little cousins inthe house so i locked my room and i had the Key in my pocket. before closed it i made sure that no one was in my room. i checked every inch especially where little kids could hide. then i locked it. 30 min. later i was in my bros. room. then thats when it happened. someone kicked my door from the inside. remember no one was in my room before. after 5 min. i gathered up the courage to see who was inside. i saw something i would never forget it was a little girl. she was about 5-6 years old. and she was not one of my cousins. iclosed my eyes,when i opened them she was still there. iclosed the door when i opened it again she was gone. that night i asked my brother to trade rooms with me. he did. he never saw anything. my last experience was about a year ago. i was asleep. my cousin was next to me cause she had slept over.then, ifelt a hand caress my face. for some reason it made me feel very happy. it also made me wake up. i looked at the clock and it was 6:00 AM my cousin was fast asleep so it wasn't her. later i found out nobody was home except my cousin and me. they had left about an hour before some one touched me so it wasn't them. well thank you for listening, i apreciate it.


Ghost sighting from long ago

I have something to share that happened to me years ago, 1973 when I was 20 yrs old.
I was on vacation traveling down the East Coast going from
Virginia to Florida. Interstate 95 was not complete and I had to get off and follow U.S.17. It was probably well past mid night and I was some where in between Myrtle Beach SC but definitely before Charleston SC. My friend that was with me was sleeping. We were taking shifts on the driving.
I was listening to my 8 track player and all of a sudden it quit playing (I tried multiple tapes). I could get nothing on the radio other than faintly WLS in Chicago. Anyways i'm clipping along the 2 lane road and the travel looked very errie, it sure looked like I was in a marshland or a swamp.  All of a sudden to my right I saw what looked like a woman in a dress in white. I swerved the car and hit the brakes and the car spun. I was able to get the car under control. I remember looking back and saw nothing. It momentarily woke my fried up. I was just interested in getting out of there. We stopped at Charleston it was probably around 4 or five in the morning for coffee and breakfast. I told my experience to my friend and also to the waitress. The waitress just looked at me and said nothing much other that I was crazy for traveling that road in the night.
It was my friends turn to drive he popped in an 8 track and it worked fine. (he did'nt know about it not working eariler).
I was looking at you sight and it's possible that it could of been Alice of Hermitage? Who knows. I'm not necessarily a believer but I did see somehing that night. Has any one else ever reeported anything similar

My GHost Stories

By: Anonymous

Occasion One: My Friends father.
My friends father was having a tough time, he lost a lot of family members at a young age, he crashed his car and found out that insurance didn't cover it, he lost his job because of a lie and a whole range of other bad things, which all made him contemplate committing suicide.
He drove up to the mountains to a place outside of Sydney called Warragamba, which is famous for having a huge water damn.
He found a newly made wooden jetty further up the river, and walked out on the jetty, till he was at the end, and attached a heavy object to his leg and through himself into the dam.
When he was sinking he looked up, and he could see a man bend over (the man was standing on the jetty) and quickly reached down and pulled his arm and pulled his whole body up out of the water and back onto the jetty. He turned around to thank the man, and there was no one to be seen, and this place is pretty desolate (surrounded by bush etc).
Occasion Two: My old holiday house.
(I hadn’t been born yet)
In the mid 1980's our holiday house which is Approx. 300 kilometres away was fairly un-used, and so my parents hired a local person to carry out maintenance on the property (mow the lawns, clean etc). He wore a trademark hat and everyone new him for it. Campers on a near by camping site were in the path of a torrential flood which was stirring up and was going to strike them, and after the police had contacted him, decided to drive down and warn them. He was crossing a creek in a four wheel drive and underestimated the power of the gush of water which had become because of the rain, and was washed down stream. He was screaming for help, but the people ran in the opposite direction (they were mistaken as to which direction he was calling from) and he drowned.
My parents had no idea of this event and arrived at the holiday house the next day.
Both parents said that during the night, when they were in the hall, they would see a figure with the trademark hat running backwards and forwards, trying to lead them to something. Both Scared witless went to bed and left the lights on. The next day they found out about the tragedy, and when leaving decided to check the cupboards to see if they had left anything, and in the cupboard which they saw the ghost running toward, they found a stereo and some jewellry and some other belongings, and which they found out belonged to him, he had left them there because he was having a dispute with his wife.
Occasion Three: My old Holidays house (2).
Once again, the ghost decided to confront my parents, and not me (thankfully!).
My parents were asleep in there room and the door was shut, when all of a sudden there was a trampling (Excuse the onomatopoeia) which sounded like patter patter patter bang! .. Something was running towards the door and bashing into it, and it woke my parents up.
This happened in 2 minute cycles, every 2 minutes, the same sound would happen.. patter patter patter patter.. BANG!! The rage behind the attacks was increasing. They made a quick conclusion that “it must be our cat wanting to sleep in the bed tonight” and after around 50 times, my dad got out of bed in a fit on anger and screamed “im going to kill this F**king (*(^(*&(*^( cat” and opened the door.. To see the cat asleep on the lounge.. They think it is the same ghost, but they don’t know.
Occasion four: My personal experience.
I had stayed on the internet till around 2:00 AM in the morning, when I finally decided to get off. I walked out of the computer room and around the corner to the hall where my room is situated at the end, and saw this tall black figure of what I assume to be a man (because of its size) but I couldn’t make anything out, standing and looking into my parents room. I thought it was my dad, and when walked passed I stumbled into it, and walked straight through it. And there was this sound so loud words cannot express and it said really fast “GET OUT” (so fast it was like one word) and a feeling came over my body like I was going to collapse and the feeling that you get when someone screams in your ear at close range was all through my head and I looked around and it had gone and my father came out and said “what did you yell get out for”.. And we looked at each other blankly.. I didn’t sleep easily that night.

Uncle Homer

By: Anonymous
I would like to ask that you not put my email on your page with this story please.
My mother, used to tell me that my uncle, at the house thay grew up in (that my grandmother grew up in too), that my uncle used to say he saw a man in a black rain coat and used to have noghtmares about him too. We have a theroy that this "man in a black rain coat" is my great-Uncle Homer. Well one time my mother was sleeping in this house because it was the day before her birthday. She awoke at about 6:00 AM and her cat was at the foot of the bead. She could see into the living room from where she was and saw a shadow go across the wall. She saw the cat sit up and put her ears up as though she had seen someone or something. Then her mother said that Uncle Homer was just cheking on my mother.
More resently, in my lifetime, this New Year's Eve, at about 2:00 AM, I was outside on my front porch when I saw a person in a black rain coat staring at our house. It was very foggy too. He walked on and set off a neighbor's motion detecter light. I instantly thought about my mother's stories. We circled arounk the neighborhood in our car and found no one.
At a family gathering, just a few months ago, my aunt (married to my uncle), after we told her about New Year's Eve event, she said that she thinks my uncle still has nightmares about Uncle Homer.

The Little Girl


it was last year and i was sleeping in my room and i got up to get a glass of water like i always do in the middle of the night well i got out to the kitchen and look in the living room i seen a little boy sitting there so i thought it was my brother travis but it wasnt because he wasnt answering me so i thought it was david, wrong my mom came out yelling at me because the boys were in with her, i told my mom there was a little boy sitting on our couch and she didnt believe me and told me to go back to bed.
i never been that scared in my whole life...

The Creepy Pictures


One of my good friends and i were talking about weird supernatural
experiences today and she told me one that i just have to share with fellow
believers out there. She had just moved here from a different town and a
friend of her's decided to let her move in. This friend of her's has this
weird obssession with collecting all of her past relatives (and when i say
"past" i mean like before her great great great grandma was even thought of.
Like when black and white pictues just came into style. Well when she first
moved in her room mate had all of these pictures in her room on these
shelves above her bed. Well...ever since the first night that she stayed in
that room she has felt this overwhelming presence, like someone was watching
her. And if you have ever experienced things like this you know that there
are different feelings of presences. Some make you uncomfortable, some make
you scared, then others are kind of nice and comforting. It all depends on
what kind of spirit you have in your house. Anyway...she was very
uncomfortable. She couldn't sleep at night. She said it was like someone was
watching her and knew that she knew. Like it was taunting her. Finally she
came to the conclusion that those pictures might be the source. She looked
at them one day (I have seen them also) and a couple of these pictures
really stood out to her. There is this one that is of a really old man
sitting on top of a horse in a huge field. In the background there is this
barn. She said that every time that she looked at that picture she got the
creeps. She said that she just knew that that old man was evil in one way or
another. Also she told me that she just knew that there was something very
bad that went on in this barn. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but
she knew for sure. Then there was another picture that really creeped ME
out. It is of this couple with a child in a long white old fashioned dress
(all of them were wearing white) The woman has a very unhappy, almost
mean/mad look on her face. Her eyes have this dead dark look to them. I mean
every inch of skin surrounding her eye is black. The man looks mean, like he
is ready to punish someone. Then there was the little kid. It was standing
on a chair. It had the head and face of a 7 year old, but the body of a
toddler. All of them had this creepy evil look on their face and i just got
this horrible feeling looking at it. Like they were staring into my soul
looking to take me over. Bad enough to where i probably will never go back
to that house as long as that picture is on display. Anyway, she took all of
thos pictures out of her room and she never got one of those feelings again.
Now these pictures are in various places throughout the house and i know
that there is something wrong with them because i had no idea that they were
even there, but i got the same feeling she was talking about as soon as i
stepped in that house. Not in her room, just in the livingroom, kitchen, and
her roomates bedroom. It was so weird. I would really appreciate it if
someone who knows a little more about stuff like this would email me on
their thoughts. I would also like to hear from anyone else who would like to
email me with any questions or coments. Thanks for reading.

Some Short Stories


I have some short stroies And last night gave me something new to add,
I was reading everyone's story's last night and my boyfriend had just gotten home from work, He was watching Tv an I was in the computer room
When I heard him say in a scary voice "I'm alright" I told him to stop trying to scare me an he had no idea what I was talking about He said I was proubaly just hearing things I thought it might have been on the tv but he was watching car raceing,
Then after we were in bed I heard a whisper, He asked me if I was trying to freak him out. But I know what I heard.
One scary encounter that sticks out in my mind Was a story I was told by my mother,
My aunt an her husband had moved into the house her husbands father killed himself in,
My cousin was only 3 or 4 at the time he asked his mom if she would get him a cookie because she sat them on top of the fridge, She told him he couldnt have a cookie then he came walking out of th ekitchen with a cookie she asked him how he got that an he said the man in the kitchen gave it to him she went and looked an found the cookies on top of the fridge where they have always been.
I have a few more but Ill send them in another time.

Falk Theatre in Tampa


Oh my God, I saw the listing for the Falk Theatre in your Haunted Places Index and I got goosebumps.  I did a show there when I was 18 and I remember a VERY unforgettable experience.  Here it is.
I was starring in "The Snow Queen" and one night I was in the third floor Dressing Room...we did have women in the cast, but the Director decided to have them get dressed downstairs.  One night, I was getting ready and I noticed a young girl in the mirror looking at me.  I was so convinced that she was real that I started talking to her.  I asked her what she was doing there and then she didn't say anything.  I finally looked back and saw nothing there.  I looked back in the mirror and there she was!  I screamed and ran down the circular stairs and told everyone I saw what I saw.  They believed me and said they had seen her too.  In a different situation in the same Theatre, I saw an old couple in the back of the Theatre while I was rehearsing my lines on stage.  Everyone else was behind the Theatre smoking.  I saw this old couple and told them that they weren't allowed in the Theatre.  They didn't move so I walked up to them.  As I started walking up to them, I noticed that they were entirely transparent.  This was the first time I had EVER seen ghosts this close!  I was frozen with shock and fear.  It was an older man and an older woman, both dressed in what looked like late 1800's or early 1900's clothing...I'm not sure about the fashion-year comparison.  Well, that wasn't the scary part.  While I was standing there frozen in fear, the woman looked at me from her opera glasses and lowered them.  She turned to me and put her index finger to her mouth, as if shushing me.  I have never run so hard in my life.
Also, I know the owner of the Royalty Theatre in Clearwater personally and have seen all of their pictures and have been through a lot of very interesting experiences at that Theatre as well.


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