Ghosts in a camp in  AZ


My name is Kaycee, I live in AZ and I am 11 years old. Last Thrusday I went on a feild trip to Whispering Pines Camp in Prescott, AZ. I was with four friends and our teacher made us sit in different places. I was amazed when i saw two ghosts. The first one I saw was a wolf. I was very surprized when I saw it. The wolf jumped at my friend Branson, Jackie, and Haley's face and dissapeared. It did not jump in my face, but it was standing in the trees looking at me and then dissapeared. The second one I saw was a pregant woman with a wedding dress on. She spoke to us and told us that she commited suicide. That was all she said to us and the rest of the time she just stood there and minded here own business. At the end i shined my flash light at her and she dissapeared. As you see i had and exciting trip at Whispering Pines Camp. If you want me to tell you more details please e-mail me back.

Robby and the House


i recently visited my dads house up in texas and i had a pretty good time that is until my dad informed me about the house. I had been there about 5 times because my parents are divorced. Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to occur and if anything did i would just brush it aside. as i got to the house i settled in and some of my dads girlfriends kids asked me what i was intrested in. i told them about what i liked to do and then i told them i liked hearing ghost stories.... and i guess i really wasnt ready for what i got in return. the kids jumped up and said oh great! i looked at them puzzled and then they told me that the house was haunted. but of course i didnt believe them because they were only kids. so later on while i was there i brought it up when it was just me and my dad. i told him what the kids said and he took a deep breath. he told me about his friend Robby and how he had been my dads friend since childhood. but ten years ago had mistakenly been shot in the head. my dad told me he'd seen him around the house as if he were watching over him. then my dads girlfriend walked up and i asked her about it.. she told me that one time when she was doing laundry her daughter (which is 15) had called her into the room. she walked in and looked out the window to find a white apparation walking down into the woods. i freaked!!! the other little girls had seen him when they were sleeping standing at the foot of there bed and also when watching t.v seen him in the reflection of it. those were the worst and scariest 9 days of my life! as i got home i found a box sittin in my garage. it was my baby stuff from when they cleaned it out. so i decided to look through it.. i got freaked out when i found a gift from my dad. it was a cross that robby had been wearin the night he died.. is that  a coincidence or what?

Sounds of Footsteps


Hello, my name is Anthony. I'm using girlfriend's email. My story takes place 15yrs. ago in Wash., D.C.. This is only time it happened. And it happened pretty quickly in the time of 20 sec. Thus far I've not experienced anything else. My parents were poor and as such our heat was turned off. We had an elec. spaceheater which could not heat an entire 3 bdrm apt. on the groundfloor. So in order stay thru winter my parents moved their bed into our room(I'm the 1st born of 4 siblings. I have 1 bro. and 2 sis. There was a 5th but she died a baby.) 1 nite round 10pm. I was being a bit noisy and my dad was trying to get some sleep. He told me to take my noise elsewhere. So I went out into the dining room to finish. From where I was I could see the backdoor in our kitchen which also had a screendoor. We've only opened the kitchen door and screen maybe 3 times in the 10yrs. we lived there. And never in winter. I'm on the floor doing whatever when I heard a sound. I looked towards the kitchen door only to see it slowly open as far as it would go. That's when I heard the moan. Once I heard that I stoped what I was doing went back into the room and watch tv for rest of the nite. I've never said anything about that nite to my parents until about few yrs. ago. My dad tells me that when we lived there he used to hear the sound of someone walking up and down the hall. He would getup to see who it was thinking it was one of us kids going to the bathroom or something. But we would all be in our beds sleep. And it would happen every 2-3 nites. So that's my tale. I do have others to tell told to me by friends. Which I will share at a later date.



i dont live in this house anymore but my grandparents, father, and other family members used to. this house is in patterson, louisiana. the house is about 100 or more years old, maybe.this house is known for many strange happenings . when my sister and i would play upstairs , we would get a strange feeling. when my dad was my age (around 15) he and his brother was sleeping and all of a sudden my father got lifted up off the bed, and then the spirit just let him back down gently. as he got older he started hearing babies crying upstairs with no children living in the house any longer, you could hear a little girl crying for her dolly and children running down the stairs , going into the kitchen , and then running around the table while nobody was home. they are friendly ghosts just wanting to play .

Several Encounters

Hi my name is ana. I have several stories to tell here goes:
My first story happened in california. I was about 12 when this happened.see evevry weekend our family would gather round and play card games.Well that knight me and my 9 year old sister where cleaning the kitchen we could'nt play untill we finished. So we finished cleaning and we picked up all the trash and whent to throw it in the dumpster. The apartment cumplex we lived in where big the dumpsters where all the way in the farr end of the building.Well as i was saying we whent to throw the trash and as you know little brothers are allways whanting to go every where whith you ,so we took him with us. (BY THE WAY HE WAS ONLY 2 YEARS OLD). Wfhen we reached the dumpster i told my sister to whait for me,naw she was standing in the hallway of the apartments laundrymat it was about 40 feet away from the dumpster.I whent and threw the trash and as i turnd i noticed my sister was pale, eyes wide open like if she where looking at a ghost. I callled to her but she just kept looking strate. i walked twards her and turned and look to where she was staring and there next to the dumpster not far from where i was standing before, stood a white shadow it kinda looked like a lady dressed in white,she was floating. we did not whait around to see nothing els we were so scared that halfway back we realised our brother was'ent whith us we had forgotten him back at the laundrymat so i whent back for him.There he was sitting in the hallway playing with the white whatever it was i ran grabed him and ran. told my parents as soon as we got back but as you know they never believed me.People in the building said they had seen that same shadoww when they where whashing close in the laundrymat.
This other one happened when I was  14 years old and my stepfather decieded to move the family to utah ,utah is a nice state to live in just some places give it a bad name. When we arraived a fraind of the family
had a house and a job for my mom and stepdad.The job was at a cow farm, there job was to milk the cows whith this big machine. We would help by feeding the calfs. This place was big and old it had lots of ruined houses, the property belonged to an old kinda meen man my sisters and i hardly spoke to him he gave me the creeps some times.The house that he lived in was the bigest one in the property  it had three stories and a deck in the third floor.One day my sister and i whent whith our parents to help them, but to get to where mom and her husband where we had to pass the owners house threw the back. We where passing threw the back when we noticed, well my sister noticed it first then told me to look and there in the third floor in one of the windows we saw a small boy he looked like he was banging on the window but there was no saund, he also looked like he was screaming for help. we then ran tward the front and started knocking on the door very hard.The owner opened the door and asked if there was anything wrong. My sister who of course was the oldest (SEE I HAVE 4 SISTERS AND 1 BROTHER IM THE SECOUND OLDEST) as i was saying my sister told him that why did he have a child locked in the third floor. He looked at us and said why would you aske me that if i live all alone here with my mom. MY sister said"Than why did we just see a small boy up in that floor it looked like he was crying for help"Than the man told us on how a family lived there and  how there father killed his children and then killed himself his wife had died a year before and that  he whent crazy because of that.The owner let us in and walked us to the third floor which was just a big whide room like a big wharehouse there we saw nothing no child but just this coldness like if you where walking in a big freezer.WE told our parents What had happened and my mom said she had seen the same boy but standing outside in the deck of the third floor and that he just waved at her she thought that maybe it was the old mans grand son. We saw lots    of weird things after thaat but on to my next story.
We lived in utah for about 5 more  years then i met my husband and move here to oxford, north carolina. we've lived here naw for 9 years i have four children of my owen ,( TWO WHICH ARE TWINS) I'm naw 28 years old and live in my own house which we purchased last november 2003.when we had berly moved here nine years ago we were renting an old house it was realy nice big and lots of closets there was a basment that could be another room there were four rooms and two bathrooms .Well on to my story ; see my husband worked at night in the job he was at back then. We lived with my brothers inlaws 4 of them two who were married.They also worked in the same place as my night  we were sitting watching tv me and my friends which were my husbands brothers wifes all three of us where watching tv spanish soaps. I was pregnant with my first child. well we were sitting there when we herd some one crying down in the basment we looked at each other and then twards the basment wich was all the way at the end of the hall way.We ignored it because to our noleg we were alone in the house. So we whent on waching tv .Then the crying stoped and we herd footsteps comeing from outside then we herd knocking we thought that it mite be our husbands and they had forgotten there keys just as we got up to open the door we herd realy creepy  laughter comeing from outside we looked out the window but nothing was there.In another ocacion we saw a big black shadow  comeing from the basment and out twerd the front door.Well i realy would love to tell you more but some other time i have to go.


This is my story. My name is Cora and i am 14 years old, almost 15. This story accually begins before i was born though. It starts with my grandma on my dads side. My dad has five other siblings making a total of six including him, but there would have been seven but my grandmas seventh child died before birth. The seventh child was a girl and was to be named Marybeth. My grandma took it really hard but eventually got over it. Then years later when my mother was pregnant with me my mom had a strange dream and called the next morning to tell my parents about it. She said that in her dream she was in this place filled with fog and this young woman walked up to her and started talking to her very friendly. My grandma kindly introduced herself and asked what the young womans name was. The young woman replied easily that she was Marybeth. My grandma said a little shocked that she couldnt be Marybeth because she had died at birth. The young woman smiled and said I'm comming back though, i'm comming back as Mike and Eileens daughter. This news was even more eary for my parents sense they had found out the day before that i was to be a girl and hadnt told any one yet. Then when i was younger and got angry at my family would talk about my other family, how i had three sisters and three brothers and they loved me more than they did. My fathers family consists of three girls and three boys, one would think that i was just a child acting out or telling lies but i was only three at the time, and thinking back i can remember believing ever word i said. Another thing that i find very interesting is that growing up my mother and my father would tell us stories about when they where younger and i would always ask to hear certain stories that my brothers did not recall ever hearing before. When questioned to how i knew about these stories i would reply simply that i remembered them. Thinking of them even know i can vividly remembering them happening as if i was there. I can picture my aunts and uncles as childeren as easily as if i had known them then. That is why i strongly believe even to this day that i am Marybeth re-incatnated. That is my story.

Long Beach Island NJ Ghost

By: Anonymous

I was surfing the web one day here at work and came across your web site and started reading some of your "true ghost stories" and though I'd share a story of mine with you.
A few years back I went on vacation with my friends family to LBI (Long Beach Island NJ). I was in my teens then and am 28 now. My friends family was pretty well off and use to rent very nice houses right on the beach every year. The house we were staying in this year was very nice and the whole back of the house had huge glass windows looking out onto the beach and ocean. One night my friends father had given me a book titled ( Legends & Ghost Stories of LBI) and the next day while we were sitting out on the beach I was thumbing through the book and came across a story called (The Whaling Ghost). It was a story of a young women that had lost her love to a ship wreak off of the coast of LBI (bare with me it has been years since I've read this book). The story said that this women would walk the beach looking onto the horizon looking for her loves ship to return from their trip and after finding out that the ship had wreaked and no survivors had turned up she killed herself by jumping into the ocean off of a jetty (the rock formations that go out into the ocean from the beach) on a very stormy night when the ocean was very violent. At the end of the story it said that her ghost has been seen walking the beach on moonless nights still looking for her loves ship and that when the ghost is near the wind will pick up and start to make a howling sound. So later that day my friends father had been telling us how it was supposed to be a moonless night that night and that he was going to spend some time on the deck star gazing. After he told us about the moonless night I decided to tell my friends about the story I had read earlier and we decided to stay up late and see if we could see this ghost. Hours went by and we had forgot all about the ghost and were just messing around in the living room of the house which over looked the ocean & beach, when all of the sudden my friends mother ( which had no idea that we were looking out for a ghost that night ) came running out of her bed room saying what the hell is that out on the beach! At that moment we all got up ran over to the windows at the back of house and we heard the wind pick up and start to howl! As soon as I heard it, it sent chills down my spine but we didn't see anything out behind the house on the beach. Then my friends mother pointed to our left and said there it is! What ever this was...I don't know...but it appeared to be a person or in the form of a person and had a somewhat glowing light blue tint to it and seemed to just glide down the beach. As it got closer to our house my friends mother started to get pretty upset and just kept staying what the hell is it, what the hell is it! We watched it come down the beach for about a half mile and when it got to the jetty out in front of our house it turned out onto the jetty and disappeared into the ocean. I was speechless the whole time this was going on as was everyone else there but my friends mother. ( there were 6 of us all together ) After the  "ghost" disappeared into the ocean my friends mother swore it was a drunk that fell into the ocean, and then I commented that she'd better call the cops because he/she isn't going to last long with the waves pounding on them like that. She didn't say anything after that and went back to her room. To this day she refuses to talk about what we all saw and I believe strongly that what we saw was no person. I am a pretty religious person and do believe in spirits but not "ghosts" so to speak but do believe if you let spirits into your life you will have "hauntings". I also believe that there is no such thing as a good "ghost" only familiar spirits here on earth and from my under standing from the bible they are a form of demons. Whatever it was we  saw that night will stay with me forever.....


Knock , knock!!!

This was around the begining of the month May 4th i think... I had just  got out of the shower and was upstairs getting dressed.   Anyways i heard someone pounding at the door. I was like oh man and ran down the stairs and right before i got to the door it was ponding again.   Before i decided to open the door i peeked out to see who it was and it was no one..   I quickly opened the door and walked out and looked down the street and no one was around.... I had told my step dad about it and he said the same thing had happened to him one night a few weeks back......  I love this site yo!!!!!!!!!!!!!          im excited to see or experience another weird moment....

Just One of Many


In 1999, I worked in a bar and grill that use to be a church. The church had long since been abadouned when the owner bought it and remodled it into the restruant. The bar had been made of the pews and the confessional booth turned into a storage closet for liquar. The parking lot was located where the graveyard had been. To my knowloged most of the graves had been moved to a larger one up the street that had just been built. From the day I walked in for my interview I had the willys about the place. The upstairs had been the office for the pastor of the church and was turned into the office for the resturaint. Everytime I walked up the stairs I would get a sudden cold chill and the hair on my neck would stand up. Often when I sat at the end of the night counting that nights earnings I felt like someone was watching me, most of the time I would just scoop my stuff up and go down to the bar and finish, then bribe a waitress to go stuff it in the safe for me. My mother in law worked as a waitress there and was greeting customers at the front door around 2pm one afternoon and she keep feeling like somone was standing over her, watching her. A good friend of our family stepped in and told her that there was a man and a woman standing behind her and to help them first that she could wait, she turned and found no one there. Our friend said, "Thats odd, they just vanished." Needless to say my mother in law returned to waiting tables and told me she wouldn't greet anymore. However the oddest things that happened were in the storage closet that use to be the confessional, I would stock and record all the bottles every morning before opening, I was the only one with the key and every single morning the bottles would be rearranged to where the sliding door wasn't blocked. At first I assumed that someone had gotten a hold of my keys an was trying to spook me. So got the locks changed. It kept happening. On the day that I put in my two weeks notice was the morning I opened the closet and saw a tall man standing in front of me wearing priests robes, but I could see the bottles of liquar he was standing in front of as well. I slamed the door shut, locked it, then promptly wrote my two weeks notice and turned it in.  The day before my notice was up I was walking to my car in the parking lot around 3:30 am with one of the dishwash boys, he looked at me and said, "whos that guy standing at the dumpster?" I quickly looked and saw a tall black misty figuare hovering beside the dumpser. I turned my head to look at the kid with me and looked back and it was gone. I didn't return the next day for my last day of work. Since then the building has been sold many times to different people and all have closed down with in a year of opening due to things dissapering, and the priest scaring the heck out of people!

Crying Baby


I have never experienced anything so eerie in my life as I have the past several months in our new house. I came into the whole move very much excited, with no idea of what was already waiting in this place.
My husband is in the military but we had never lived in on-base housing until September of '03, when we were offered an old two bedroom house. It was made in the late 20's, so it still has the big old heaters jutting out from the walls, tall ceilings and a very large basement.
I ended up making the move myself with our (at the time) three month old son, since Ryan, my husband, was out of town training. I always waited until the baby was asleep until any serious unpacking was done.
 I remember how upsetting  it was  the first time I heard it. Unpacking the kitchen on the second night, I was cheerfully humming when out of nowhere a baby's cry broke out loud and clear, screaming and wailing, extremely upset. I tripped twice, tearing out of the kitchen to run and check on our son, thinking he had fallen off my bed while sleeping. Stopping myself in the doorway of the bedroom, I looked down to see my baby curled in the same ball I had layed him in on the bed. He was in a deep sleep, slightly snoring. The crying continued. I couldn't move. It was so loud and close, coming from the direction of the dining room, but I wasn't going to go check it out. It went on for only a few more seconds then just simply stopped as suddenly as it had started. I reached over, slammed the bedroom door shut and layed down with the baby for the night, giving up on unpacking (or even going to the bathroom for that matter!).
I heard the crying a few more times before my husband came to the new house and learned it was coming from a pantry in the dining room, though I would never get too close. It was a very sad  atmosphere when the  baby cried-the most lonely feeling to hear it continue crying, catching its breathe, then continue to wail. It would only happen in the evening or the middle of the night, when I usually avoided the front part of the house, not wanting to feel that awful feeling of hopelessness for not being able to help a baby's cries. And yes, I was VERY scared to be alone with it too.
Ryan finally got home from training about three weeks after I'd moved in. He didn't really believe me, saying I had just been scared and imagined it or mistook it for our son. He found out soon enough. That night, after I'd put the baby to sleep, we sat in the living room watching television. The crying started. Ryan jumped up and hurried to the bedroom. He came out slowly with a cautious and upset look on his face. As he entered the living room the crying stopped. "WHAT was that?" he asked me. I felt so relieved that he had heard it. He went to the basement to see if it was anything like maybe the water heater making such a noise. When finding nothing to make  a sound so clear as we had heard, we went to bed.
Since those first few weeks until now, the only other occurrence was the loud stomping that Ryan and his friend heard while in the basement. It was the evening, and I was rocking the baby to sleep while my husband and his friend were in the basement. Mason, his friend, came running up the stairs and came into the living room where
I was rocking the now sleeping baby. "Ryan wants to know what the heck you want." he sort of whispered to not wake my son. I had no idea what he was talking about. "You weren't just stomping or banging on the floor a second ago?" he asked, slightly louder.I just shook my head, curious but trying to be quiet. He left the room and a few seconds later both of the guys were out of the basement. I had heard no noise at all upstairs where I was. A few weeks later I was on the phone with my sister and doing laundry in the basement when I heard a loud crash above me, which would be the nursery, then loud banging and stomping in what sounded like the dining room. I felt my face and body grow warm with fear and I almost couldn't move, but I had to run up there to check on my son. It was perfectly silent when I entered the kitchen from the basement. The baby was awake in his crib staring at the wall, and just smiled when I walked in.
We are still currently living at the same residence, and still hear the baby crying, though not as often it seems. I don't want to be any more terrified than I already am, but I really want to find out the history of this lonely old house.

We call it the Evil House


I am Jason Sullivan and with me always is my cameraman Jacob the Ghost Hunter, and we have a small PBS show called Midwest Haunts. We went out to this house which is located between Indiana State park and I 80 out by Michigan City. the farmer who owns the land built his house on the other side of the property and this small farm house. Its a two bedroom home with a basement and a cellar. Here is his story and then I'll tell ours.
When he first built his new home he thought the old house could be fun for his girls to play in. At the time they were 13, 10, and 7. he was checking up on them one day and found them playing tea party and a broken plate on the floor. The old home was left somewhat furnished and still had old cups, plates, all on display in the kitchen.  So he asked who broke the plate and all three girls sad "it wasn't me." Mad he grabbed one of the girls by her arm and yelled at the three "who did it." It was then his life changed. A plate from the cabinet flew and struck him in the back, not hard, but the girls were in front of him and no one was behind. Then just has he was questioning what happened in his head, another flew and struck him in the face. Again not hard, but he saw it clearly move from the cabinet and right at him....So he grabbed his girls and ran. He came back with a little help, his shot gun. He looked around the house, nothing, he went downstairs and nothing. But as he walked up there stairs, he felt himself leave the ground and slam on the stairs. Not a trip, but up and fully horizontal for a second or so, then dropped down about three feet. He got up and ran, and never went back in.
We met with him, and made arrangement to go inside, this is 15yrs after he last went inside. He had since then boarded up every window and bolted the door. He unlocked the door and let us inside. We took in our film equipment and explored the upstairs, it was dirty and on the floor were two broken plates. The whole place was covered with a thick layer of dusk and just yuck. no one had been in here, not even vermin, so we headed downstairs. On the way down I found something interesting. A shotgun, somewhat rusted, loaded, and laying on the stairs! My cameraman and I couldn't believe this. We went into the basement and started setting up, I took some EMF readings and a temperature reading of the room. 68 degrees and no activity, there was no power in the house, so the EMF reader would work perfectly to find a signature. It was quiet for hours, then scaring the hell out of me the EMF reader went off, slightly at first, then was at a half reading, the strongest reading I have ever even heard about. We look and nothing, we were both in a panic in the room, it was dark our lights were dim, we weren't ready. My cameraman screams and I hear a slap of skin on concrete. I shin my flash light and Jacob is on the ground rolling over holding his chest. He then got up and ran out! I went out after him, asking "What happened?!" He says" I was turning on the camera when it felt like I was lifted up and spun around then dropped!" We talked for a while, I was trying to bring down his panic state, but nothing was calming him down. So I went back inside alone, to get our equipment. I walk in slow and brought the big spot light from the car and my 500,000 volt stun gun. I walk downstairs and I didn't even make it to the bottom when I felt it. It was as if someone poured ice cold water down me from my chest to my feet, I felt a pressure on my rear, like a bored was being placed behind me. this all happen in seconds, I felt my feet give and then I hit it!! I hit the trigger in the stun gun, I was let free and a shriek rain out of no where. A loud shriek that sounded like steel on steel grinding. I ran downstairs and gathered what I need and ran out. the thermograph show 35 degrees as I check it before leaving. I felt a fear that not many people could understand, but I had control. I was outside, safe, and we left.
What happen there? We did our homework on that house. It use to be a rental property, it was very poplar in the late 60's early 70's. Between the freeway and the beach, it made a great hide away. Bikers and gangs use this house, and 13 women were rapped there and one killed.
The house has bad karma and we haven't been back. I know, and we are supposed to be Ghost Hunters. I have gone back, but not inside. My cameraman never stop thinking of the house after we left. Later the next week he had a stress related Heart Attack, and was admitted into the hospital. After the angeogram, he explained what ever touch him still terrifies him and was haunting his dreams. It took 7 months before he calmed. We name the house the Evil Bitch House. A real haunt. This is a true story told by Jason Sullivan of Midwest Haunts.

She calls herself Jenny


My name is Ryan, and I am 19 years old. When I was a little younger I had a bit of an anger problem. Well, to be perfectly honest i was a nightmare, and it was believed that the only way to fix this problem was to send me to a live in facility where there was constantly counselors and the like to try and calm me down. I lived there for close to a year. Now, this facility used to be a hospital long ago and there was a cemetary on the property with nothing buut numbers written on the stones due to the confidentiality laws and such. The records of whos name was with what number were burned in a fire 50 years ago. Thus causing these graves to be unmarked. I encountered many apparitions there, but the one i wish to tell you about was a girl name jennifer. She appeared to me one night as i was conversing with my roommate about the ghosts. We had all seen them. She seemed very surprised that I saw her however and to be perfectly honest i never had before. As it turns out she was about 15 and a half years old when she had died in the late 1800's from a case of yellow fever. She stayed with me my entire time there and would talk to me, calm me down when i was angry. Sometimes i could feel her and she would hold me when i was depressed. She followed me from that place, and still is with me to this day. I was nervous at first but now, she is my constant companion. She leaves for a while at times and then she is back. I saw her just a couple days ago at work while i was on a roof. She is very pretty and other people see her sometimes, only they dont realize she is dead. I know this sounds odd, even for this website but i swear it is the truth.

Strange Experiences

In the house that I live in now - I have had experiences in since I was young. I am currently fourteen. It all started since I was about 2 or 3. Well, when I was little I was scared to sleep in my room to the point of me getting very sick. I would hear giggles and whispers and often see "things" the times in which I accually slept in there. This went on until I was about 6. I finally slept in my room, but my father came in and slept in there with me for months. Finally as I got older I started to mature, and be less afraid of these things. One night my friend came over to stay the night. We were in my room telling ghost stories in the dark, and all of a sudden I got this very weird feeling. I then told my friend to be quiet for a second, and at that moment all the games on my closet shelf fell and made a huge crash. We were scared. This was when I was about 9. Another time when I had my best friend over, about 4 years ago, she was telling me about this clown-looking figure that she always saw when she stayed the night over at friends' houses. We got so scared that we slept in my parent's room that night. Besides the usual footsteps, shadows, door closing/openings, feelings of being followed/watched, whispers & voices, things are kinda normal. Two occurances happened last year. My older brother (15 months older) and I were in the kitchen (home alone) eating Oreo cookies, in which we weren't supposed to touch. We were eating them and we heard the garage door open. [there is a distinct sound between the garage door opening, and closing] We hurried up and put the cookies away and went in the computer room to play a game. A few minutes later (thinking my parents had returned) we went downstairs in the garage to see what was taking them so long to proceed in the house. When we reached the garage, looked in, we got a very scary feeling. The garage door was shut, completely, and no cars were in the garage (or in the driveway, when we checked out the window). We ran upstairs and locked ourselves in a room until my family finally returned. I told them what had happened, but my brother refused to admit to it. Another thing similar to this happened again a few weeks prior to this. My brother and I were home alone playing a video game (PS2) downstairs, when once again we heard the garage door [distinctively] open and we figured it was my dad (we heard someone walking around and fooling with tools. My mother was at work). We brushed it off and continued to play. Eventually we went out to the garage and discovered the garage door shut, and then my dad called from the car telling us that there was a traffic block, and that he would be home soon. We asked him if he had been home before, but he said no.  We were scared out of our wits. One other experience that I have had was when I was 12 I woke up in the middle of the night (I knew that I was awake) and saw a little girl dressed in Dutch clothing. Her hair was braided, and she was very pale looking. I was paralized with fear, and drifted off to sleep (about 2 hours later. The girl had faded away). The next morning I leaped out of bed and told my mom what I saw. She didn't believe me, and thought I was dreaming. I knew I wasn't, and everytime I bring it up [to this day] she gets rather upset, and doesn't like to talk about it. I told my friends about it, but they just tease me. Sorry for the length, but I have alot to write about. Thanks for reading. Nothing major, just a few stories of why I believe in ghosts.

Stone Lion Ghost


Before my stay at the stone lion inn in guthrie, i guess you could say i was a skeptic. I grew up hearing my mom tell stories about my dead grandpa visiting her, but it scared me and i blocked it...
Well last weekend my husband and I stayed in the Stone Lion Inn. We first went to the basement. I became very scared here and ran into a cool draft. I snapped a picture, and obtained an orb! We continued down the stairs, and we continued to see appraitions (misty like half figures) in the basement. We quickly ran up the stairs and DID NOT LOOK BACK.
We then went to bed. About 2 a.m I awoke to hear light footsteps on the wood floor. Then it felt as if a child had cautiosly climbed onto the bed. (being a mother to a 2 year old and a 3 year old, it didnt really register in my head that my  kids were not with me at the time) I laid there, with my hair hanging in my face. I felt fingers in my hair, and watched it be moved on top of my head. My head and cheek were rubbed in a gentle like manner. There was no breeze nothing, no logical explanation. I elbowed my husband and he told me someone just kissed him. Like a child like kiss. I believe this was the ghost of Augusta. I felt her...Around 6 were awoke to what sounded like a ball rolling down the hallway...then i heard heavy whispering at my door.
I fully believe augusta visited me, i dont know if she thought we were her parents, or she knew we were somebodys parents. As i left, i felt like i was being watched. almost like she wanted a goodbye....the feelings here were amazingly strong.
Thanks for reading my story. If you have never been to the stone lion to meet augusta, i highly recommend it!

My Haunted Farm House


hi! My house is a very old farmhouse. it is over 160 years old. it has the original chicken coop, butcher cellar (for when they would make their own food off of pigs) and the original room where they hung the pigs to smoke. that room is now my parents bedroom. Note: we have recently done remodeling and they tore down the ceiling to add a new one. but the old ceiling actually still had the original nails in the wood. but now those are gone but their bedroom is still there.  Also there is still the cold cellar where the original owners stored their food. now here are my families encounters. first is my mom. she has seen while in bed a old lady in a night gown walking with a lantern out of my moms bedroom into the bathroom. my step-dad has seen his great grandfather at the top of the stairs where his room is (which is actually my room now and my bed is his great grandmothers bed). my yellow lab used to stare at the ceiling and growl because that is where they hung the pigs. also in my room i have a touch lamp that turns on by itself every morning. i have tested the lamp to see if whatever was next to it could have bumped it and turned it on. nothing will. it only turns on for the touch of a human hand. another day my friends and i were playing hide and go seek. Sabrina was down stairs at the time and we were hiding in the bottom of the attic stairway. all of a sudden while we were waiting for her to come get us, we heard above our head in the attic was an old mans footsteps being heard. and the sounded like he was a farmer with big boots on. so we ran out the attic door and down the upstairs stairs and to the first floor. nobody had gone up any stairs and they were all down stairs at the time. also note that there were no animals around and no animals ever go up into the attic because we have a door there and nobody opens it for that purpose. one other story was when my step dad was a little younger he was coming home one night and it was getting dark and he looked up at the barn roof and he swears upon his fathers grave that there was something sitting on that roof that looked like a gargoyle or something with wings. and the last story is that my mom was in the living room and she saw something black on the couch. she didn't think much of it but then she looked twice and there jumping off of the couch was her favorite cat which was then at the time deceased. also she saw her old dog running around in the yard all happy acting like normal and having fun which would be fine but the catch is that that dog was deceased also. as you can tell my house is fairly haunted. but i would never trade in my house for the world. and i feel like all the ghosts are protecting me and protect the house. i hope u enjoyed my encounters. thank u for taking the time to read this.

Minnesota Ghost Story


in Lake beauty Minnesota, There is this camp. My church goes there every year to get away. So my friend and I went around to explore during free time. In every cabin there is a picture of a dead guy that helped pay for the camp or something. During Free time no one is allowed in the cabins(but sometimes you can sneak in) So we were looking around and then in the window of one of the cabins was this man's face staring back at us. We looked inside of the cabin and it was empty. so we decided to move to a different side of the camp. Over on that side there is a bridge. We went on it and suddenly we felt something pulling us down. It was like the gravity had suddenly increased. (warning:you need permission to stay there and there are two guard dogs who are actully to friendly to guard but there is no trespassing

Life After Death


It may not be very creepy, but when my grandma died, she was suffering from her 3rd year of ALS, of Lugerigs Disease. A few days earlier, she had troubles breathing, so she was taken to the hospital. Hours later, she was taken home, because the problems had faded and they were casual with the disease.
Two days later, Which was New Years Eve, the problems got worse. We decided not to take her to the hospital and that it was maybe time. We had no clue that she would pass away that night, we had thought she would live until maybe my 12th birthday, June 2nd.
Everyone came over that night, not just for new years eve but to say good-bye to her and all that. From 6:00 PM to Midnight we sat crying. Well I did. Some of us had left and went down stairs. I hugged her and just talked to her. Keeping her company, so she wouldnt feel alone.
That night, was the first time I ever saw my Dad and my grandpa cry.
Later, we were all there, in her room. We figured she would be fine in the morning, though the breathing was hard on her. So we all went to bed. I slept with my mom, since my uncle and aunt were in my room.
i had troubles falling asleep but when I did I slept like a rock... Not hearing my mom sobbing at about...1:00 AM. 'Gaugee', my grandma had died.
That morning she was gone. Not just dead but gone. They had taken her to The Morgue.
I didnt even go down stairs, I stayed in my moms room, crying.
It was a hard time for the rest of the year.
The next new years, She was back. My brothers Carbon Dioxide Alarm went off.(He lived in the basement since my grandpa moved in.) It went off for no reason. Literally. We soon found out, that it happened at 1a.m.
The next new years, I had moved into the room where she had died. That same chair was in there, too. I loved to sit in it, but it felt cold. And sometimes damp.
My room then became the hottest room when hot out, and the coldest when cold.
Now, most holidays, The lights around our house go out.
But the one that freaks me out the most, is the one in my room. In the corner. Next to the chair. Of where she died.
This happens every year now, and i'm waiting for it to happen for the 2005, which was her lucky number. Number five, the same as mine.
It may not be the creepiest, but it is to me. Sometimes, late at night I wake up. And its not from snoring, I got my toncles out. I sometimes imagine her sitting in that corner, reading or sleeping.
Recenty, I had that chair moved out of my room, because I continued getting freaked out at night, and loosing sleep, because I kept waking up for no reason.



We lived in a haunted house for about 12 years. It was built in 1983, and we were the original owners. Most of the activity was in the spring and fall. We had two ghosts in the house, but never saw the little girl in the east end, or the young man in the westend. We and many friends and relatives shared most of these experiences.
- heard a young child (sounded like a little girl) call "mommy, mommy" . No children home, TV off, windows and doors closed tight, and the house had walls 9" thick... so it wasn't coming from outside.
-through the crack of the hinged side of a partially opened door, would see a little girl sitting crossed legged on the floor, looking down at something in her lap. When you looked behind the door, no one was there.
- saw the little girl standing at the top of the stairs. We looked at each other long enough to notice she was about 4-5 years old; dark long hair pulled back at the sides and "secured" with ribbon; pink dress with a white pinafore; white stockings; not sad, not happy; every detail was clear, and yet I could almost see through her too.
- we would wake at night to find her standing either to the side of our bed (I would hear her calling mommy, and think it was one of my own children needing me.  When I reached my hand out to her, she disappeared), or right next to my husbands side (standing over, and looking down at him, then turning and walking out the door into the hallway and disappearing).
- the shades were open and the light from the street light was shining on the hall wall. Something walked/passed in front of that area of the wall and caused a shadow.
- the door to the vestibule would unlatch and open/close by itself ..... again and again
- the young man only appeared once: he looked about late teens/early twenties; clean shave; blonde, shorter cropped hair; wearing a "harvest gold" colored, casual, vest; white shirt with large collar (no buttons) and blousy sleeves partly pushed or rolled up; shorter brown pants (britches?) that ended just below the knees.  He looked at me for 3-5 seconds, turned and walked into a hallway. he, like the girl , really had no expression .... he just "was"
- we started hearing a lot of noise in the garage (directly under our bedroom) at night. It would sound like someone was searching for something.  We thought we had mice at first, but it was much to loud. We put extra locks on the doors, and installed motion detectors thinking we'd catch someone. If we went down to check, everything stopped.
- the pictures above our bed kept falling off of the wall.  They were cheap, light weight pictures that didn't even have any glass. No matter what we used (3" spikes into a stud, screws, 25 lb. test wires etc.) they'd fall down every so often.
-someone shouted "who" or "boo" at our daughter when everyone was already in bed
- the TV would turn on by itself, full blast. We couldn't turn it down, change the channel ... nothing worked, except unplugging the TV.  It was bad enough when it would happen in the middle of the day, but it happened in the middle of the night too. That TV has never done it again, since we left that house (about 9 years ago)
- we were all upstairs when we heard a loud crash in the basement.  Two of us went down and found a very heavy bookcase had fallen over, and all the books were strewn everywhere.  We went up to get my husband to help us lift it back into place.  When we came back down, the bookcase was standing and all the books were in it.
- someone used to "push" or "tap" my husband on the shoulder when he was sitting at the diningroom table (hard enough to knock the fork out of his hand once)
- we called in a priest. He said he was on exchange from LA , for two years. He said he had never before, in his career, been called to as many violent hauntings as he had since coming to our city.....and they were all in the north
- after we moved, we took pictures of the house to a psychic. He picked up on pretty much everything that happened ... and even mentioned things we had completely forgotton about or dimissed at the time it happened (eg. we'd forgotten all about the pictures falling off of the wall, and the noises in the garage, until he reminded us) He said:
... the little girl used to live on a farm a few blocks south of our house, and the rear of our garage was over her grave. When work was done in the area, someone unearthed something of hers, and tossed it aside (a tiny toy?) and she's looking for it.
.... When we brought some sort of item into the house, the young man came with it. The psychic stated that we took the young man and the item with us when we moved, but that neither was with us in our present house. (we actually have kept many items elsewhere in a storage container, ever since we moved from the haunted house)
- we don't know for certain if the people who bought the house ever saw or heard anything, but we were told that the little girl used to complain that when she woke up in the morning, her barbies wouldn't be where she left them the night before.


A few years ago I went on a family vacation to New Orleans. Being a huge believer in the paranormal for as long as I could remember I was very excited when planning for the trip to read that the Crescent City was often called "One of the most haunted cities in America." On one of the last days of the trip I went on the "Haunted History Ghost Tour" with my mother. It was a great tour and we were spooked in many of the places we visited. After the tour was over we hung around to buy a book from the tour guide, and people were sharing experiences with him. Before us in line there was a large family. The grandmother started to tell a story to the tour guide which we all listened to. Her story took place at the Myrtle's Plantation outside of New Orleans, I had seen the story of the plantation on a ghost program on TV when I was 10 so her story peaked my interest. I'll summarize the story of the plantation before I tell the grandmother's story:
The plantation was built in 1776 on a sacred Indian burial ground. In 1818 the Woodruffe family was living in the plantation. The family had a young slave named Chloe, she was also the husband's mistress. He caught her eavesdropping on him and cut off one of her ears as punishment. From that time on she covered her head to hide her ear. Fearing she would be sent away by her master she hatched a plan to prove that she was still useful. She was asked to bake a cake for the oldest daughter's birthday. Chloe laced the caked with juice from the oleander tree, which is poisonous. She intended to make the family sick so she could nurse them back to health. Her plan backfired, and the wife and her two daughters died. Chloe confessed to what she had done and angry mob lynched her from a nearby tree and threw her body into a river.
The grandmother's story:
About 10 years ago I came to New Orleans with two of my girlfriends and we decided to drive outside the city to see the plantations. We were able to tour a few during the day, but we pulled up to the Myrtle's Plantation and noone was there. We decided to knock on the door just on the chance that there was a caretaker there. The door was answered by a young black girl dressed in a period costume with her head covered. We explained to her that we were interested in touring the plantation and she informed us that they were closed that day but offered to give us the tour anyway. She took us through every room in the whole house and was very knowledgeable about the house and it's history. We left that day very happy with our special tour. About three years later I returned to the plantation with the same friends, plus a few more. The house was busy that day and we took another tour. It was much shorter and less informative than our first. After it was over we approached our tour guide and asked her why they had changed the tour. She looked very confused and said they hadn't changed the tour since the house opened many years ago. We also asked why the tour guides stopped dressing in period costumes. She replied that the guides had never worn period costumes. We were very confused at that point and explained to her what had happened 3 years before. As we told her a little smile spread across her face. She asked us to follow her and she led us to a painting of a young black woman that was hanging in the house. 'Is this your tour guide from before?' she asked. We replied yes it was. 'Congratulations' she said, 'You've met our ghost, Chloe.' "
The grandmother's story was so interesting to me that I had to share it.

Aladdin Hotel Las Vegas


I just wanted to report a strange experience that happened last week
while staying at the Aladdin Hotel. I was with my friend Nolan  and
during the course of the 5 day stay several occurrences seemed to happen.
Twice while showering i sensed something was in the bathroom with me and
out of the corner of my eye a  ghost zipped by. In white I presume
female, shoulder length hair. This happened on 2 different days. One
night after RA I wake up to use the bathroom, I see nolan laying down on
the other side of room but an apparition laying on top of him. I didnt
say anything to him until the last day when he told me the exact same
things happened to him in the shower. He then told me a long haired
apparition was looking over me when I was sleeping on the 1st night. It
seems like Las Vegas is more haunted than ever. I have a story about the
tropicana that I will write about soon. Thanks for reading

Honey Are You Home?


This story was told to me by my mother and father. It takes place at my Grandfathers house in a small northern NY town.  First off let my explain the layout of my grandfathers house and where it s located at. My grandfathers  house is set way back off the main road and his closest neighbor is about 500 feet away, he is surrounded by trees and fields, and his house is set up so that as you drive up to it you can see the picture window and front door. As you pass by the door you come to a two garage type place that is used as a shop type area. Once you enter in through the shop there is a room that is used as a storage/ guest room. Once you go through the door connecting the kitchen and garage you are in the main part of the house. The  living room with the picture window and three rooms and bathroom can all be seen from here.
Ok now to the story, my mom was at home alone one night because my dad had gone off with my grandfather. He called my mom around midnight and told her that if my grandfather didn t want to leave right then and that shortly if my grandfather didn t want to leave he was going to walk home. So my mom waited and my dad called back at 1:00 and said that they would be leaving at 2:00. So at 2:00 my mom was standing at the picture window in the living room looking for my dad when she saw a light coming down the drive. Thinking it was my dad she continued to wait. Well as it came closer she thought it looked strange but continued to watch anyways. As it approached and became even with the picture window she realized what was wrong. It was floating off the ground. There was nothing nor nobody around but her, and this light that was floating by itself outside the picture window. She went to bed scared of course, and my dad came home thirty minutes later and she told him what had happened.
Well a couple of nights later as my mom and dad lay in the room in the garage used as a guest room trying to go to sleep my mom noticed she could vaguely see the outline of he furniture in the room. She thought this was odd because there was no light on in that part of the house, but she shrugged it off and attributed it to her eyes adjusting to the dark. Well the next night as they lay trying to go to sleep again she noticed she could see the outline better she told my dad and he said it was probably the light shinning in from the kitchen as my grandfather often left a light on to see where he was going if he woke up. My mom didn t think this was possible because the door connecting the shop part of the house and the main part of the house was closed, but she decided to listen to my father and went to sleep without giving it much more thought. Well for three more nights the same thing happened each night the light got brighter and each night my father would try to explain it off. My mom deciding she liked my fathers  explanations rather than the thoughts going through her head would go to sleep with out giving it much more thought. On the fourth night she could see the furniture clearly, and the furniture was even casting shadows on the walls. My mom was a little scared because she kept seeing a couple of shadows shift, knowing that her and my dad were the only ones in that part of the house and both of them where in the bed she couldn t figure out how those shadows where moving. Well being as scared as she was she shut her eyes so she wouldn t have to see anything else. She slowly drifted off to sleep Shortly after falling asleep she thought she heard my dad whispering to her so she rolled over to talk to him. Well he was asleep as soon as she realized it she wen to try to wake him up still laying down facing him when their covers where snatched off them and they were yanked out of the bed by their feet. My mom fully awake at this point noticed that the room was so bright that she couldn t even see her hand in front of her face. Well she screamed and my dad was trying to help her up thinking that some one was playing a joke on them. They made it to the door and opened it as soon as it opened the room turned pitch black. My dad cut the light on and searched the room. The window was still shut locked from the inside and there was no one hiding in the room. Needless to say they were both freaked out and never slept in that room again.
This is a true story told to me at two separate times by my mother and father and they both told the exact same accounting of what happened.  Other bizarre things have happened to my parents in that house. My dad more though because he grow up there. But this story is long enough, will write more of their stories later.

Condo in Cocoa Beach Florida


In June of 2001 my husband and I moved to a condo in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  It was a two-bedroom condo that you could get a glimpse of the ocean from the living room window.  Our landlord told us that the lady who lived there before us died of cancer leaving behind a husband and two small children.  I don't know if this lady had anything to do with the experiences there or not.
My first experience was one night we had gone to bed.  I was still awake and heard a loud crash coming from the kithchen.  I jumped out of bed and went to investigate and found nothing that could have made the loud noise.  I decided it was probably just the neighbors and went back to bed.  The next day I found out that all the condo's on our section of condo's were all vacant.  The owners were all gone for the summer and only a few condo's that were not very close to us had people living in them year round.
I started to notice a mist in the corner of the kitchen.  I wasn't always there and at times there were cool spots in the condo.  I wasn't working at the time so I was at the condo a lot.  One day I was typing at the computer and heard a woman sigh loudly right behind me.  The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I looked around knowing that I was the only one in the condo.  I even looked out the windows and didn't see anyone around.  A few days later I was againg typing at the computer and I heard a stack of papers fall over right near me.  The only problem was we didn't have any stacks of papers anywhere and I had just cleaned that morning.  I investigated but found nothing to have caused the noise.
During the night I would hear a ting ting noise.  It sounded like the living room light pull chain hitting the light.  I would look to find that the pull chain to the light was not even moving.  One of the most scariest things that happened was one night I was staying up late watching TV.  My husband had gone to bed hours ago.  All of the sudden the bedroom door started to rattle like maybe my husband was having a hard time getting the door open.  I walked over to the door fully expecting him to open it and be heading to the bathroom which was right across the hall.  The handle rattled and then the door creaked open but he never came out.  I felt a little creeped out by this and I took a deep breath and went into the bedroom to find hubby asleep.  I felt uneasy and worried that something had just been in the room with hubby and the air felt chilled.  Another night I was in bed with hubby, he was sleeping but I was very much awake and the door rattled at opened again.  I had chills running up and down my spine.  It took a lot of courage for me to get up to shut the door.
Many nights I would hear is loud crashing noise that sounded like a pot or pan crashing onto the tile on the kitchen floor.  I would never find anything that would cause the noise.  The ting ting noise was also heard a lot.  I finally decided that if I just went to bed earlier and kept the bedroom door closed then I would usually not hear these noises.  I would never get up to use the restroom at night because I felt that there was something there.
In the spare bedroom I had a desk that I liked to sit at and write or do paperwork.  Sometimes I would hear what sounded like someone walking on the roof overhead.  I would call my husband into the room and it would stop.  He would leave and then it would start up again.  At first I thought it was the vibrations of the overhead fan but the noise should still be there whether or not hubby was in the room or not.  I finally quit asking him to listen to the noise because it drove me crazy how it would stop once he walked into the room.
Another weird thing was once in a while we would get these weird scents of Lysol.  I never used Lysol for cleaning and I don't think we even owned a bottle at the time.  You could never determine where the smell was from, but the scent would disappear as fast as it appeared.

Finland Stories

By: Anonymous

First a little bit about me. I'm 20 years old and live in Finland. I guess
I have something of an active imagination, but still I'm sure that what I
have experienced really did happen.
This story takes place at me godfather's summer home. It's a very
typical old Finnish farmhouse I guess from the 19th century or something.
I have visited it almost every summer with my family and I've always felt
a bit uneasy at night and I've always hated to go outside during the
night time while there. This is bit of a problem because there is no
toilet in the main building. Later my parents told me that there
actually were ghost stories telling about a woman wandering the premises.
Well, last fall we were there once again having a crab feast. There were
lots of people and the party was going on and on and finally it was clear
that we were going to spend the night there and leave the next day. At
some point one of my cousins (probably something like 10yrs. I'm not quite
sure) had to go to the toilet, which is located some 100 meters from the
main building next to an old shed. The night was pitch black and she was
too afraid to go there alone so I had to go with her to make her feel
safer. Actually it was me who got really afraid of something when we got
out. It was the strongest feeling of being watched and not in a friendly
way. Well, we got through it without any real encounters anyway.
The next night I was sleeping in an old children's room with my two older
sisters. I had never slept in that room before. I got to sleep ok, but
then at some point of the night I woke up without any reason. I hadn't
seen a nightmare or anything, but what I then saw was nightmarish enough.
I saw a figure of someone I couldn't recognize approaching me floating
over my sister, who was sleeping on the floor. I literally gasped for air
and pulled back. Then the figure suddenly seemed oddly familiar although
it didn't change its form in any way. This caused me to say "Oh it's you.
You really got me scared." The next thing I know, this thing just vanished
before my eyes and I still don't know who it was, just that it seemed
familiar. It took a couple of hours before I could sleep with my heart
Then on to the next one
I moved to an apartment in the centre of the city of Tampere with my
parents four years ago. From the beginning I had constant feeling of being
watched. Nothing really, really serious has ever happened, but enough
however to make me want to move out as soon as possible. Once I was
browsing the net probably chatting on irc or something when I heard a
single hard knock on my room's door, which was closed. I knew no one was
about to enter since everyone knocks more than once if they want to enter.
I thought it was just my parents telling me to go to sleep, but when I
went to see who it was, I noticed that my parents were asleep. Also once
my shoulder was pretty roughly shaken when I was trying to get to sleep,
but again there was no one there, when I looked over my shoulder (I was
sleeping on my belly). A few times I've heard the bathroom closet's door
being shut rather nicely (not banging) without anyone being in the
bathroom. And finally I've once heard an unknown female voice call out my
name while I was alone in my room. I swear that voice came only a meter or
so away, but no one was there. I've been living in my own apartment for 7
months now, but I still regularly visit my parents and stay overnight
since from there I have much shorter way to work and also all the weekend
action like night clubs etc. are there. I still don't sleep there without
having the lights on all night. That seems to slow all the activity down
to just that feeling of being watched.
If you wish to divide my stories into two separate entries since they are
quite long, that is ok. Also if you wish to contact me, that is ok, too.
Just don't publish this email address on your site, thank you. And I hope
you didn't get bored reading them :)

The Old Lady and Little Boy


one night i was going up stairs to my room. i saw a shadowy figure that looked like a woman. but this is the thing, my whole family was down stairs. i quick looked behind me and there was an old woman. it was strange tough, i could see the door behind her. i blinked and she was still there i knew i wasnt dreaming. the next day i saw a little boy around the same time in the same spot. but my house was built just for my family, no one had died there so i was confused. i mean, what are you supposed to think when you see a mysterious person? well, the next afternoon i was down stairs and home alone after school. i was sitting at the piano practicing my songs before my lesson. all of the sudden i heard someone say" that was very good, can i hear it again?" i looked over toward my mothers chair, there she was, the old woman. i looked at the floor and there was the little boy, he was playing with some little toys. now i could see what they were wearing. they were wearing 18th century clothes. i hurried up and grabbed the phone, the woman talked to me. i called my best friend at the time and she wasnt there. so i talked to the woman to ask what she wanted. as the woman spoke again she said" this little boy and i have lost our home and his mother which is also my daugter. while i am taking care of him we need a place to stay so we decided to come to you." i asked how they knew me, and why me? this is what she said," a friend of mine told us that you could talk to people who needed help. i didnt know what she was talking about. then i realized i had seen a ghost a week before and told it to go to its original home. then i told the old woman to take the little boy to a farm down the road, there was an abandoned barn there, or shed or something. the woman told me thank you, i looked away and she was gone, and that was the end of it.

The Maid Hasn't Left


I live in Vancouver Canada and when I was 13 years old I was a bad kid and my parents put me in a group home. In case you don't know what a group home is, it's a kind of halfway home ran by social workers where kids can stay for up to 6 months before being moved to a foster home or back home. Anyway this group home was a huge old stone mansion which had two stories plus a massive basement and below that a crawl space that ran the leangth of the house, as well as, an attic which used to be the servants quarters. This house was very imposing and gothic looking from the outside but was open and bright on the inside because it had windows on all sides. Dispite the sunlight coming in, the place had an oppressing, sad air that could be fealt as soon as you walked in through the heavy wooden doors. I had been there for two days and was the only kid in the house at the time because the last  foster kid was moved out on the day I was moved in. My room mate was rearly ever home I was told by the staff so I would have the whole room to myself. They told me that she goes to stay at her moms alot but might be back by the weekend. On the first night that I was there I heard people walking around upstairs and doors being opened and closed, as well as, the water running like some one was filling a bathtub.
The next day the staff member on duty showed me around the house and told me about my chores and rules to follow. Beecause I was new I just assumed that the noises upstairs were made by  staff members so I didn't mention it the next day. Everthing was fine until he showed me the basement where I could do my laundry. The basement was actually one huge room with no walls that ran the whole perimiter of the house. It was only drywalled and not painted and was used as a storage/ game/ laundryroom. Because it had no windows it was very dark and only had one light at the bottom of the stairs to illuminate it, which didn't do much but cast creepy shadows on all the junk piled against the walls and left the whole opposite side of the basement pitch black. There was a pool table down there but the guy laughed and said no kids ever go down there to play. I could understand why as soon as I went down there I had an uncofortable feeling like I was intruding on some ones space and they were inraged with me for doing so. Even the staff member who was a 6 foot 3 happy go lucky bear of a guy seemed edgy and had his foot on the staircase ready for a quick getaway at any moment. The next night was a repeat of the first night with walking, doors slamming water running etc..
 On the third night which was a Friday I went to bed at lights out (11pm on weekends) but couldn't get to sleep. Finally after tossing around for an hour or so I began to dose off. I was in that stage between asleep and awake where I could still hear what was going on around me but my eyes were closed and I was very calm. Suddenly, and I mean literally all of a sudden, I realized that I was not alone in the room. I hadn't heard the door to my room open but I fealt that some one was standing right by my bed watching me. I didn't open my eyes but I was sure that it was probably one of the night staff just checking to see if I was sleeping. A moment later they walked past my bed to the closet at the foot of the bed. Then I heard my room mates clothes on the hangers being moved around as if some one was looking for something behind the clothes and just before I fell asleep I thought 'Oh it must be my room mate home early!' The next  morning I looked at her bed and it wasn't slept in.  That evening I finally met my room mate and told her to make sure she stashes her drugs well because one of the night staff was going through her things the night before but she told me that it wasn't the night staff it was the ghost of the house maid that I heard. She told me that one of the former staff members that had transfered to another house because she was too freaked told her the tragic story of the maid. Around the turn of the century the house belonged to a doctor and his family. They were an old snooty couple that were very rich and respected in the community and they only cared about their status and money. They had a son who was about 16 when the maid (I don't remember any names unfortunatly) who was around his age became pregnant by him. The story goes that the old doctor found out about it and locked her upstairs in the servants rooms. He sent his son away to a private school but his son who cared about the maid as well tried to write to her. He had the house boy pick up his letters from a post office and slip them under the door to her. Anyway, several month went by and I guess the father found out about the letters, intercepted and burnt them. A month before she was due she got really sick with the flue and probably madness from being locked up for so long and died while giving birth to her premature baby. My room mate that told me the story said that probably the doctor didn't try too hard to save her and was relived when she died and gave the baby to an orphanage. She thinks that the presance I fealt was that of the maid looking for her letters. Well this whole story sounded too melodramatic to me so I didn't buy it and asked her to prove it to me that it was a ghost. We decided to talk to it that evening. There was this smoke ditector on the ceiling in our room right between our beds so we both had a good view of it and it had a small red light on it that stayed solid the whole time. We decided that to communicate with the ghost we would ask a question then ask the ghost to make the light flash once for yes and twice for no. We waited until around 1:00 am when the nightly walking started up and asked the smoke detector/ghost if she was the maid who lived upstairs. For a minute nothing happened so my roommate asked again. Suddenly the footsteps stopped right above us and a second later the light on the smoke detector blinked once. My room mate and I were stunned but still not convinced of what we heard nd saw, so we asked if her name was ....... A moment later the light blinked twice so I guess we had the name wrong either that or it was all in our imagination. I asked if she was the one who was in the closet the other night and the light blinked once. This little game went on every night that my room mate was home (usually only on weekends) until one night we started playing the game but we had smoked a joint earlier so we were a little giggly and started asking dumb questions like was her lover (the son) any good in bed and was it all worth it when suddenly the light on the smoke detector went out and the temperature in the room dropped to so cold we could see our breaths. Then the ceiling above my room mates bed started pounding as if some one was hammmering on the floor above so much that little peices of plaster from the ceiling fell down on our heads. My roommate freaked out and jumped in my bed and we were crying and saying we're sorry, when finally a night staff member burst into our room demanding what all the noise is about. As soon as she came in the noise stopped. We ran downstairs and told her what happened over tea. She said she didn't belive us but yet she didn't make us go back upstairs but let us sleep in the tv room. Even if she tried we were not going up there that night. There were alot of other things that happened in that house as the months went by that were experienced by myself as well as the other kids and staff that lived there most of which took place in that horrible basement, the upstairs bedrooms, the back staircase and in the smoking room on the main floor but my story is getting too long so I will save them for another time. I hope this story wasn't too boring and it's 100% true.
Thanks for reading!

Ghastly Feline


Well hello there. Heres the story. Back in my parents first bought house in a little but ancient town in Michigan, I started having some paranormal expiriences. This story is the only one I could remember. I was about 2 or 3 at the time and I was sitting in my bedroom on the floor playing with toys. So as I'm playing with my toys I notice something black out of the corner of my eye. I turned my head and saw a black cat look at me and then run under my bed. I was fascinated with this because being the little kid I was, I loved animals. So I crawled over to my bed and peeked under it to see nothing at all. I didn't think much of it then until later on in my life.



Me and my family moved into a big old queen over looking the golf cause in Brisbane Australia this was about 3 years ago. when I fist walked into the house I knew something was wrong I got a cold chill that swept the back of my neck and never liked it. my family moved there for me so that I could get more practice in for golf so I never told my mum or dad how I felt about the house it was the first night that weird things started happening I was lying in my new room trying to go to sleep when I saw my mum standing at the door or watt I thought was my mum and asked her the next morning watt she was doing up so late she said she never got up. I caught buses home all the time and when I would get home I would here people talking calling my name and even my dogs name "tiffany" so every afternoon I waited out side from 3 to 6 waiting for someone to come home so I didn't have to be by myself. as the weeks went on the presents of some or something got stronger and stronger a nether such incident happened when I was home by myself at night and was down stairs all the lights up stairs where off I saw my parents light go on from up stairs and shine on to the back yard being down stairs I saw this and thought that my parents where home so running up stairs I started yelling "mum, dad" I called for my brother no one answered so I went into my parents room wondering why the light turned on no one was there then I went into there bathroom looking for a sign that my parents where home then while I was in the bathroom the toilet light started clicking on and off several times I didn't know what to think. so I just started running I ran out side to my next door nabouirs house who then went over and checked it out they said no one was there I stayed with them till my parents got home though. that night when I went to bed it was about 12:00. and I heard banging down the hall way on the walls I was half asleep and thought I was dreaming till it got really loud and I sat up and new I was awake and not imagining it. I heard a little girls voice screaming Tamara over and over again I had no idea what it was or what it meant I just started screaming and ran into my parents bedroom and woke them both up crying and screaming at them. the next morning they said I was white as a ghost when I went into them. after that little things started happening walking down a hall way walking past pictures hanging of the wall seeing some in the glass walking the other way or just looking at you i made a habbit of closing my eyes while walking threw the hall way. i started makeing everyone in the house uneasy my mum new somthing was in the house but never liked to tell me so she said that she would try and comunicate with the girl or who ever was in the house with us. she asked them to leav. after that day i never got a cold chill never saw an other thing and sleep very easy. we checked out the history of the house and found out that a little girl named tamara lived here over 50 years ago with her grandmother and grandfather it never said anything else about anything bad happening in our home.

Short Story


Good day to you from Sunny South Africa.
I have been reading up on your webb page and decided to give you my story.  Not a ghost story but strange all the same.  I am 46 years old and remember it very well.  I can not remember for how long this continued but it had to be for at least a couple of months.
I must have been about nine or ten years old when my mothers youngest brother was killed in a motor vehicle accident.  He was a young man of 30+ years and I remember all the family saying what a waste of such a young life being taken.  It was a Sunday morning that the accident happened (he was on his way to play golf).  My Mom and I were outside when a baby white dove landed on her chest (true as anything) we knew it was a baby because the beak was still pink.  At that stage my mother had an aviary with wild birds that she was breading.  She folded her arms around the dove and said that we should keep him until he was stronger not thinking anything strange until a long while later.  (I just thought shame the poor thing is small, cold and hungry and just picked her (mom) to land on) no big deal.  Later that morning we heard about his (momís brotherís) death.  After that if seemed as if everything in our family started going wrong.  From the conversations between my parents I gleamed that they were even having financial and personal difficulties, but as a child it did not affect me or my life so I never gave it a thought.  One Sunday morning some time later Mom and I were outside giving the birds food and suddenly Mom said.  ďThe bloody dove, it is that bloody dove.Ē  I had no idea of what she meant but watched as she walked into the aviary, caught the dove and set it free.    Somehow after that things just seemed to come right.  My parents have been married for more than 50 years and are financially sound.  It has been many years (at least 30) since but now and then Mom and I talk about the time we had the snow white dove in the aviary and how it did not like being kept in a cage.  Maybe it was coincidence or maybe not.  I canít tell.   Hope you enjoy my little story.



I have never had any experiences happen to me except
for two times one when I was pregnant, I will never
forget. I was lying in bed at about 6:00 A.M. I woke
up because I had gotten to sleep earlier the night
before and I wasn't sleepy, but rested there with my
eyes opened. At this point there was a car that passed
by and the light reflected my wall. All of a sudden I
look out the window to see and with the corner of my
eye I saw a shadow pass by on the wall and I saw it
moving across the light from end to end and let me
tell you it was a very big wall, but it wasn't one of
those shadows that you know it would be there because
of a tree in front of the light or some object in
front of it, no , it was a creepy shadow moving in
slow motion and getting bigger. Suddenly I felt a big
force that pushed me down and felt pressure on my
chest, I tried yelling but as much as I tried I
couldn't. I felt my lips move and tried to move but
somehow the force holding me back was stronger. The
next thing I remember is that I just kind of went in a
tranze (excuse my spelling) and couldn't snap out of
it. It's like my body was dead yet in my mind I was
still trying to yell and move and run and get out of
there. It was also strange that while my mind was
telling me to do something my baby started to move. It
bounced like a basketball being bounced back and forth
in there but I still couldn't feel the movement. In my
head I panicked even more. I felt like a zombie. I
started getting this tingly feeling in my fingers (the
sort of feeling you get when your leg falls asleep and
you feel that tingly feeling afterwards) That'a how my
whole body felt for about 5 minutes I was able to feel
the force leaving me, and as it did I ended up hearing
my self yelling but after a while. The funny part is
was I already yelling but was not realizing it? It's
like putting a CD you pause and then resume My
question after that was I yelling and didn't hear
myself and how long did I yell? Did my baby feel the
same way I did? And what the heck went on? I told my
friends about my experience. Some say that maybe since
I lived next to a nursing home and a lot of the elders
would die there that it might have been a spirit
trying to mess with me but I find it hard to belive or
maybe I should start believing in this kind of things.

School Day


I am one of the belivers even though i have only had 1 experience.i remember exactly what happend it was around 2003. one day around last year when i was 14 i stayed home because i didnt feel good.i woke up for about an hour around from 7-8 but i was tired so i went back to sleep. when i woke up i couldt move and i i could barely see anything.i remember trying to shout at the top of my lungs but not a word came out and i heard some one trying to talk but they were mumbling,and i was the only person home because both my parents were working and my sister was at school.i was lying on the ground because i didnt have a bed at the time because i broke it, so i was laying on the ground for about 5 minutes i could barely see anything i couldnt move or talk and i heard some one mumbling when i was alone.i kept trying to move but it felt like if i had no energy at all to move all of a sudden i broke free i could talk and i could see and i didnt hear no one talking to me any more then i didnt wait for one minute and i ran into the backyard i waited in the backyard with my dog untill my dad got home i waited around 3-4 hours and when my dad got home i told him he has hade many experiences before in his life but he told me nothing happened and he told me to go back to my room from that moment i didnt go in my room for about 3 days and ever since then ive never had another experience.

The Book

By: name withheld by request

This happened when I was at university. And I swear it happened just
as I am about to describe.
A friend of mine, who in retrospect I've come to believe was/is
unbalanced, turned me onto a book called "The Mothman Prophesies."
The friend had previously intrigued me with spooky tales of uncanny
events which he swore to have experienced while spending nights in a
makeshift bedroom in the loft of his parents' sheep barn. I no longer
remember his paranoid stories of the sheep barn, some drivel about
liquid or blood where it should have been, lights or sounds of odd
nature, I don't recall. I'm fairly sure it was all his imagination or
invention, but that isn't what my tale regards.
Tales of spooky happenings, even when legitimacy is suspect, are
still great fun late at night with a group of college peers.
Readers of the book, "The Mothman Prophesies," often experienced
unnerving phenomena, said the friend. Electronic devices emiting
static, or strange sounds, or phonecalls from a mechanical voice
reciting a series of numbers. A girl he knew who had read it burst
into tears one night at its mention, he claimed. And so when told
about how the book was nearly impossible to find--gone missing from a
multitude of libraries--and that the book's sequal, as well as its
author had gone missing as well, it piqued my interest enough for me
to inquire about it at our own university library the next day.
All of the library's copies were missing.
I asked about inter-library loan, and though several of the libraries
we checked also claimed to no longer have the book, we did eventually
find one with a copy at hand.
Two weeks later I had that copy, took it to my dorm room and settled
in for an afternoon of reading. I don't recall all that I read, and I
only read the beginning chapters, but it seemed to have to do with
various monster legends throughout history being explained by a
single source of disturbance. An alien visitor which the author calls
"The Mothman." This alien being (or race of beings, I'm not sure) has
terrorized humanity for so long and in so many places that various
cultures have come up with their own explanations for what it is. The
alien is larger than a man, is covered in black fur (i think that is
what the book said), with wing-like shapes upon its back/shoulders,
has glowing red eyes, is drawn to the smell of blood and has been
known to drain livestock dry. Cultures have explained this alien as a
vampire, as bigfoot, as werewolf, etc. Many of the monster legends
throughout history were the result of different cultures trying to
explain away the same thing, The Mothman. This is what I got from the
book to the point where I stopped reading for the afternoon.
I told my roommate about the book and it's unnerving reputation and
what I had read so far. She scoffed, and I laughed. We went about our
Later that night I went to my room and she to hers, and I began to
read once again, but it wasn't very long before we were both running
into our dorm suite's hall and screaming, for the phone was ringing
one long and continuous ring which would not stop. We stood there in
our sock feet, nerves jangled, eyes wide and glancing from each other
to the phone and back ... and it just kept on with that one long
ring. Finally I reached out, picked up the receiver and slammed it
back down on its hook.
The dorm quiet once again, I went to my room and grabbed the book,
flung it out onto the floor of our suite's living room, swore I would
take it back to the library the next day (I did), and my roommate and
I slept in the same room that night. Though it took a very long time
for us to shake our fear and fall asleep.
I've never rented that book since. I've never before or since heard a
phone ring in one long, continuous ring. My mind tried to reconcile
things by considering that my unbalanced friend may have somehow
telephoned me in a way that the phone would ring like that. He knew I
had rented the book, and it would be just his thing to try to scare
me. But I don't think anyone could cause a phone to do that from the
other end of the line.
After writing this, I find myself once again nervous.

My Dog


hi every one ive sent one story but i dont know if it was posted and i was reading the animals are ghost to story and i rememberd that this year i used to have a pet dog named firulais and he was my favorite dog and was very smart and i would walk him with out a leash because he would always stay near me. well one sunday afternoon my mom told me to take out the trsh so i went to the back and my dog always loved to go with me to take out the trash so i took out the trash and i took him thrugh the front door and he went to the backyard but i didnt know i forgot to close the backdoor since my dog loved to go to the front he went out with out any one we never found out how he died we dont know if he was hit by a car or some one hit him with stick all we know is that his mouth was bleeding and he died because he was laying near our driveway.from that day my sister said that she could of sworn she saw his tail waggin because his dog house was right next to the door and he would wag his tail when we opened the door i belived her but my parents said she was just imagine things but the same happend to me besides that i could always here him barking and i no for a fact the was the same bark my dog used to make because none of my neighbors have dogs exept 1 and they have a pitbull so it sounds more deep.all that happend in the 3 days after he died. then since then every night i would pray to god to let him R.I.P and ever since then i never heard him bark and we would never see his taill wag when we opened the door

Lady in white

Hello.  My story happened to me a few years ago and it still gives me the chills.  My parents still live in the house but nothing too weird has happened in a while.  It started when we moved into the house, I was in 7th grade and it was the first time that I had my own bedroom.  I was terrified being alone so I slept with the door open and my TV on.  One night I was too scared to sleep so I was just staring out my bedroom door down the hallway out of nowhere a woman in a white dress, or nightgown, walked into my room over to the television and turned it off, I thought maybe it was my mom or sister, but when I called out, she did not respond but rather walked out of my bedroom.  I was terrified but I had to know who it was so I jumped out of my bed and ran into the hall, no one was there.  I went into my sisters room and she was sound asleep, I checked my parents room and my mom was also asleep.  I was terrified but I did not want to wake anyone up so I turned my TV back on and sat up in bed until my parents woke up.  In the morning I asked everyone if anyone had come into my room and they all said no.  The only other person besides my family that I told was my best friend who promised not to tell anyone because I was embarrassed that I had been so scared.  A couple of days later I had a friend over and we were watching TV in the basement.  He kept looking past me at the stairs, finally I asked him what he was looking at and he said he kept seeing a lady in a white dress come down the stairs, but she never reached the bottom.  Now I had never told him about what happened to me and him and my best friend had never even met.  This freaked me out and I told him my story and he got so scared that he did not want to stay in the basement any more,
The weird happenings do not end there though.  After that night I often slept in my sisters room because I was scared of being alone.  One night we were woken up by hangers flying out of her closet at us.  When we got up to turn the lights on it stopped and we sat up terrified for the rest of the night.  My brother also had an encounter with something.  He is a big movie buff and collects posters of his favorite movies and had them hung all around his room.  One night he was woken up by a rattling noise and noticed his posters start to violently shake.  He sat horrified and watched as one by one they started to shake, when the shaking got to his last poster the frame exploded off the wall and the glass flew out.  This noise woke everyone up and we all ran in his room.  When we got there we saw the frame bent in half and the glass on the floor.  This was beyond enough to convince me that something was not right in the house.  My parents often came up with excuses as to why these things were happening, but none of them came close to explaining what really happened.
While those are the biggest things that happened little things always came up.  I was always (and still am) scared to go into the basement alone for any extended amount of time.  I always feel like I am being watched by something and it feels like a heavy evil weight on your neck.  Recently my parents started to remodel the basement and when they pulled off the wood paneling of the walls they uncovered a creepy wallpaper that I have never seen anything like.  It is repeating sentences from floor to ceiling that says things like "Do not mutilate, Do not trespass, Do not kill, Do not drink..." this only adds to the creepy vibe of the basement since my parents have not gotten around to finish the remodeling.
The house is not that old, I believe it was built in the 40's.  I asked my parents what they knew about the history of the house and the only family that they know of was a priest and his family who lived there when it was built.  My parents dogs also bark at the walls and wont go into what was my brothers room (later my bedroom when he moved out).  I don't live with my parents anymore but the stories still haunt me.



I was about 12 years old and I heard from someone that a house 2 houses down from mine was haunted. The house burned down before I was even born and nothing paranormal happened around it before so I didn't believe him.
I got my sister and friend to go in the house with me. When we got in the stairway to the house the basement stairway was the first thing we seen so we went to the basement. my friend threw a pebble on the ground at the wall and it just disappeared. We went to the wall and touch it and nothing happened. I looked at a dresser at the end of the room and had pictures on it. I took one stack of pictures and looked though it. They where all of the same person and all had a bloodstain on the same spot.
We started to go upstairs, and then my friend yelled that he saw something. I could tell he wasn't lying because he total pale. we went into a room and saw these beautiful dresses and my sister took some of them then we left because we where scared.
My sister hung the dresses in her room and left. When she came back the dresses where all bloody. She made me go with her to put them back and we never went there again.
Two years later out of nowhere an image of the boy I saw in the picture appeared in my head and I heard a very loud screech and past out. Then I haven't been bothered by that house ever again.

Haunted House in Denver


I recently moved from a house built in 1904,  Denver, CO.,  All the stories I have heard about this house have been true to the point.  It's been a bar, store, stay-over for the railroad personnel (railroad located maybe 100 feet in front of the house.) Motel,  rented private rooms etc..... At one occasion, someone would cook or bake cookies, bread or just deserts, that you can smell all the way upstairs to the second floor. Sometimes, when myself or my husband would be in the restroom, and we know no-one else was in the house,  we would hear children playing on the staircase, but they would never heard them pass the kitchen.  Then we heard through a source that a lady had been left with her children at this train depot, but by the time the father got back, the family got an illness  and the mother died first.  The kids were instructed to stay upstairs, as far as I know, until somesone camefor them.
Any way, when they left , they left there old granny sack dresses on top the stairs,
I saw shadow,heard voices, and fought with  things disappearing.

Haunted Farm House


When I was a growing up we lived on a farm beside my Grandma's farm.This was in Wayne WV in the Genoa area.Strange things often happened there,exspecially at Grandma's.
I used to hear this deep male voice but I could never understand it,except once when I was about six years old.I was watching cartoons one mourning,when this disembodied voice said,''Thats impossable''.I was a little scared but mostly currious.I wondered what it could be,I told my Grandma and Aunts and they just said it was my imagination.Well I wasn't thinking of anything scarey at the time or the other times I'd heard this voice.
My Aunts Lucy Racheal also had a freaky experince there,this happened sixteen years before I was born and at the house my parents owened at the time I was a child.My Uncle Roy had just come home from Germany,where he had been aWW2 POW.He was very sick,I never did hear what he had wrong with him.Anyway,my Aunts were awakened by the sound of a neighbor lady walking down the road and singing[Roy loved to here her sing]they looked out the bedroom window and saw her going down the road,past there house but she wasn't realy there.She was only visible from the waist up,she had no hips or legs.She made it to a creek bank,then she drifted up and dissapeared.That same day Roy died.
Another strange thing that happened to me ,was when I was about fourteen.I was in Grandma's kitchen listening to the radieo.I was geting bored so I decided to go and see what my friend next door was doing,no spooky thoughts were in my head.I reached out to shut off the radio and a tall man dressed in tan work clothes steped out from the space between a large chest freezer and the wall.{There was'nt enough room for a cat to fit in that space]This figure then walked into the bathroom,reached out and pulled the door shut.I could hear a shuffling noise for a few seconds then silence.
I was so stunned I couldn't move,Lucy intered the kitchen a few minues later.I told her what I saw and ask if anybody besides us were in the house,she said no,so I went to the bathroom door and opened it,it was empty and there was no way to get out of there except back threw the door and i never took my eyes off it.There was a tiny window in the bathroom but it was locked from the inside and the seal was lined with knick knacks,it was also way to small for anyone so big to get though.
Years later I was helping Lucy go though soom old papers and photos,and in one of the pictures was the man I saw that day.Lucy said he was FJ Grandms second husband,who died there from a bee sting the year before I was born.There had been a barn where the house stood then and he had gotten stung while working in it and died before anyone could help him.Grandma found him when she went to call him for supper.
Other strange things have happened there and even though the old house has been torn down things still happen sometimes.I live here in a small house now and sometimes I will hear a dog bark right in my ear when Im in bed.The first time it happened I thought it was my little JR but he was sleeping at the foot of the bed.I've heard it bark through the matress and pillow right into my ear that was against the pillow.Once I was playing with Ozzy,the JRT and I heard what sounded like my chow,Lady coming into the room and going under the bed.Then thought,'The beds to low and shes to big to fit under there.I looked and nothing was under there I went to look for Lady and found her out on the porch.Another time I was talking to my brother on phone and I glanced toward the hall leading to my room,there for a second was a medium size red mixbreed dog,then it dissapeared.I've also seen a black and white cat appear and dissapear,my son has seen it too.Thats about all  have time to write about for nowbut other things have happened here and in the surounding area.I hope somebody finds this interresting or helpful

California Additions


I have a couple of new additions to your haunting list you may want to add.
And, if you have the time, I also have a couple of questions about some of
the things I saw. First off, thank you for your acceptance of the
occurrences and not judging anyone when they tell you about them. It was
hard enough getting myself to accept them and not think I was losing my
The first one took place in an area I only know as Lemon Hieghts. At that
time, it was still an unincorporated portion of the county,so it was
technically part of Santa Ana. It's up in the hills behind my high school
(Foothill High). This took place in 1982-83, when the area was still very
rural, lots of dark windy roads thru the hillside. It was a common place
where we would go to park.  One night, my boyfriend and I were driving back
down the hill, and it had to be somewhere close to midnight as my curfew was
0030. The street we were was Peacock Hill, and at that time had no street
lights and is very steep at the top. which is where we were. He was driving
kinda fast so I wouldn't be late getting home. It was downhill still and we
were moving way too  fast and I had just asked him to slow dowm when from
the drivers side of the road a man appeared and ran directly in front of the
truck. I know I screamed and Im pretty sure he did as well, He slammed on
his brakes causing us to skid, and we held our breath, waiting to see if we
hit him. Well we never hit anything and no one ever emerged on my side of
the truck.  We both very clearly saw the figure running into the trucks
path, until the headlights hit them, then nothing and no one appeared on my
side of the road. Needless to say several things took place. First, we got
the hell out of there and never parked there again. And, he never drove fast
on those roads again. He and I didn't even say a word to each other about it
for at least a week. We discussed it once and never again. I do know for a
fact that a man had died in a gully off that road the year before when his
truck rolled off the road and no one found him for a few days. In fac,- my
best friend and I (not the guy I was with that night) are the people who
found his truck in the gully and are the reason he was found, tho too late.
We never saw him, but called the cops to tell them about the wreck.  Any
chance he was returning the favor and helping me out by making him slow down
that night so we didn't wreck?
I have a couple of others, but, they are long and 'Ill write and send them
Thank you for your time

The Presence and Much More


The web site mentions a "presence" on the steps of the Keith Albee, but honey, it's more than a presence, I can promise you that!
I've had a personal encounter there twice in my life.  The first took place back in the 80's when I was about 5 or 6.  It happened when I, along with my cousin and two friends thought we were "gonna go pee".  We saw and heard some crazy, crazy stuff down there that night.  It honestly traumatized us!  My cousin can't even talk about it to this very day!  Try to get her to, and she freaks!  I, myself had blacked it all out...but then, I had the second encounter and that took me right back to the very first night.
The second time took place in '88 when I was a 5th grader.  My Gifted class went on a trip to see "Babes In Toyland" there.  I had no idea when I agreed to go on the trip that I would be visiting the same theater that had haunted me for so many years.  Even once I was there, it still didn't occur to me right off.  My friend Adrienne and I went to the bathroom and everything just seemed like deja-vu at first, (which scared me enough) but once I saw the fire place at the end of the stairs it all hit me at once!  My knees buckled, I hyperventilated, I couldn't quit crying.  I was hysterical.  I wanted out and bad!  My friend wanted to go get the teacher, but I wouldn't let her.  I pulled myself together and returned to the house to watch the play.  The whole time I sat there I could feel eyes upon me.  I never could find the person who was watching me, though.  Then, I felt compelled to go back down to the restroom again.  Adrienne asked what my problem with the place was, but I couldn't tell her.  I just told her I needed her to accompany me one more time.  Together, we made it down to the bottom of the steps and we stood there looking around in silence as I took it all in and pieces from my past started putting themselves back together.  Just then, from out of nowhere, a woman appeared right beside us!  She scared the  **** out of us!  She was just standing there looking with us, then turned to me and smiled.  I was scared, but couldn't run. (Plus she was between myself and the stairs.)  Ade started to talk to the woman, to tell her we were there because of my fear, but the woman already knew.  She called me by name, told me exactly what I had experienced there in the past, and even included that I had been there with three other girls!  Now, I was scared, sure, but looking into her blue/green eyes, I felt calm, protected...I felt peaceful and light.  I knew we were okay and that she hadn't intentions of harming us.  She took us on a little tour of the rooms down there and told us the history of the place.  She explained just why I had heard what I had when I was younger and why I had seen what I had.  She made everything make sense and I wasn't afraid.  Adrienne...who knows what she was feeling inside, but outside, she was excited.  Actually, she was still talking about it when we graduated!  The woman asked me if I felt better and I told her I did and I thanked her...but it was too late...she was gone...
I'm 25 now and I've been writing a book about growing up with ghosts my entire life and how I didn't fear them...but that chapter was hard as hell for me to write.  I've done some research on the theater and not much to my surprise, I found an article in the Huntington paper that confirmed everything the woman told me that day about the history of the place.  Sure, it didn't mention the people who were buried out back and under the addition later built, but then again, why would it, right?  Anyway, I'm still searching to find the identity of the woman who came to me that day.  I suspect that by the way she was dressed, she had died in or around the 40's era, and I also suspect that she was an actress there because most of what she talked about was the life the actors had in the downstairs quarters.  The woman stood about 5ft 7in-5ft 9in in height and was slender, yet curvey.  Her skin was flawless and caucasion with rosey cheeks.  She had blonde hair she wore in an up-do and wore a green dress suit like the women did during war time days.  THe thing that stands out the most is that she had a gold rose pin on her jacket.  If you come across anyone else who has met the lady face to face, or should you ever come across some info that might be helpful to me on my search, would you please please contact me?
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.  I'm sorry for making it so long.  I do hope to hear from you soon!


Scary Encounters


I was born in Costa Rica and one day when I was  having a nice walk with one of my friends It was about 6:30 PM the sun was setting.
It seemed so romantic.
But as we walked towards home there was a part in the street I had to go through and it was supposedly haunted.
The story goes that some guy had been killed there.  I really didn't believe the story ... but I still got the shivers. As we walked by there the sun had already set so we could barely see. Then we encountered some guy wearing a white hat, white  unbuttoned shirt, and black jeans.
I thought it was just a man going home from work.
But boy I was wrong as we passed by it, it gave us this weird look and then disappeared.
My friend an I took off running just a few more minutes and we would be home.
Little did we know there was this big light following us...
We ran so fast it was scary.
As soon as we reached the front gate of my fathers house we looked back to see if it was still after us. Gladly it wasn't.
I decided not to tell my parents about this, they would probably think I am crazy.
Later on that night around 2:00 a.m. in the morning we heard something walking on out tin roof, "s**t was I scared" my mother had woken up to the commotion and asked my 18 yr old cousin to go see what it was. As soon as he looked it all stopped.
But when he came back inside the house you could hear someone running on the roof.
He went again but didn't see anything.
This went on all night so we just ignored it.
Finally my dad got sick of the noise and decided to talk to the family who had sold us the property.  They told us that long before the grounds we were living on were Indian graves.
I don't know to this day what it was...
Was it an animal?
Maybe the dead guy I had seen before?
Or Indians?
We never found out.

My Cousins House

By: Anonymous

My cousinís house has many hauntings; itís possibly because her grandfather died in her brothersí room.
One thing that is eerie is that at night doors open, lights turn on, their dog at night growls at the open door of her brotherís bedroom. I have even seen the mysterious Ďgrandpaí.
I was walking down the hall, and in the middle of the hall, there was Guss barking and showing his teeth at me, I then turned around and in the darkness there floated a figure, just standing there, floating six inches of the floor. Then slowly it evaporated into nothing, Guss stopped barking, but put his tail between his legs and slowly walked past me. When I walked out of that hallway, out of the corner of my eye there was the figure walking down the hall into my cousinís brothersí bedroom.
You no what makes me shiver is, now I see him all the time.

My Twin


My twin sister died befor our Birth in 1980. i wasnt even told about my twin tell age 14 yet I always saw a littel girl who came to me to play she looked so much like me . i was a wake when i saw this girl and we would play and have fun and giggel like any girls only  she wasnt there but she was no one could see her but me . At 14 i found i had a twin sister Who died befor our birth in 1980 I wasnt all that socked but now i new why i was seeing this girl that looked like me it was as if she was tryen to reatch out to me from where ever she is ( heaven ) and tell me she was okay i never truly told alot about this i dont want any one thinken iam a nutt but i no its safe to sure with u i have no photos or Vidos just a Memory of her she stoped comeing to me when i was 14 and i found out about her from my mother So i dont think its her ghost i no it was her soul her spirt witch  came to me Ti ket me no she was okay and give me a peace about her death .

Large Old House


I don´t know how to start, well I grew up in a very large old house in ohio set in about 4 acres of woods, surprisingly also in the middle of a city. It has four floors, and eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, and when we bought it we thought we had found a great treasure at a bargain price. We had exorcisms twice, both with different outcomes, and many people ,not just us who lived there,but our neighbors, visitors, and the current owners, have had experiences. i was very young when we moved there, almost 2, we lived there for 10 years, and every one was full of strange things and stories that people would deny or not talk about. I only remember doors slamming, hearing footsteps circling my bed whilst i was asleep, and the occasional object managing to throw itself to the other side of the room or drawers opening and closing by themselves. All of which i learned to ignore, or just act like it never happened. Everyone was very tight-lipped about the 'goings on' until t got worse and other people started to notice. My mother regularly experienced hearing a man open the front door, with keys, walk up the main stair case, down the hallway into the ma er bedroom, and start to get undressed next to the bed, taking off his suspenders one shoulder at a time, go to get into bed, and then disappear. However, this only occurred when my father was away.
 A man also used to stand in the corner of my eldest sister´s room and watch her whilst she was in bed. Once her light bulb exploded, it was not switched on, and a ball of light moved it´s way across the room towards her and another sister of mine. My mother heard them screaming, entered the room, saw whatever it was, and took my sisters out of the room and shut the door. Sometimes when you stood in the living room looking through the glass doors into the dining room a woman in black appeared walking past. I got locked in my closet of the when i was young, even though there was no lock on the door, my mother had o pry it open. My father was also locked in the garage for about 5 hours. The door closed by itself. We called people to get him out, and no one could, so he ended up breaking through a two-foot thick brick wall with a sledge hammer, in the dark. After he finally got out, the door opened with ease. My friends were scared to spend the night because of the noises,the floorboards creaking, and footsteps, noises that i thought everyone had in their houses. Our neighbor once came to feed the cats and just check the house, she was screamed at by a high voice that said 'we´re going get you, get out!!!.'' She refused to ever step foot in our house again. I went to be nosy when i was about 12, and visited the new owners to see what they´d done to our house (we moved out whe i was about 11), the woman, whose husband is often away on business, mentioned the same experience of the man coming up the stairs and into the bedroom. She also told me that her mother refused to stay there because she insists it´s haunted. We lived there for about 6 years before one night things got so bad we had to call a priest. The whole family was a home, my father was in bed, my 3 sisters, my mother and i were watcing a horror movie. It started with my mom going to the bathroom, and the wall heater turned itself on up to full power. She turned it off, and then observed the knobs turning again and the heating coming back on. she came out looking terrified, then the drawers in the armoire in the living room started opening and slamming, over and over. This was the only time i witnessed anything so tangible, normally things hapened subtly, to me, things i would think up excuses for. But that was all i remember, i ran out of there so fast and up to my father. We were all so hysterical that he thought someone had broken in, so he grabbed his gun, and ran downstairs in his underwear. Soon after he came running upstairs like, grabbed the phonebook and called a priest. I still don´t know what else happened that night to make everyone realise it was serious. My mom won´t talk about it and my sisters were very young also. The priest said he would come right away, but we waited until the next day, he performed the exorcism and things got worse. Instead of having a home we had a empty building that felt angry and evil. They performed the exorcism a second time, this time with 3 priests instead of one, and with a car full of gallon jugs and spray bottles of holy water. it still didn´t seem to help. After the exorcisms more things happened. My sister models and we had photographs of her in the dining room. The priest was now a constant visitor, having dinner at our house at least 4 times per week. One day after i had gone to bed. A large photograph of my eldest sister had started smoking and the figure and face changed to another woman, and she started moving. The priest, my mother, father and sister all witnessed this. The priest said he was very surprised because spirits normally don´t do things in front of priests.  Also another time my eldest sisters name clearly appeared in the grain of the wood on the panelled walls in the living room and ayed permanently, and my mother, who is an artist, left her paint brushes in the sink and came down in the morning to clean up, saw her name clearly written in the paint, but it wasn´t brush strokes, but in the paint streaks running down the drain. Also a number of smells, and freezing cold spots, even in the summer heat, (we didn´t have air conditoning). Also a couple of people who died suddenly, some people think that their deaths could be connected to our house,one was a priest who was taken seriously ill the day after he helped perform the second exorcism. But i am not sure if they are connected. Ok i could go on rambling for hours, but i´ll stop. i´m sorry it´s a bit disorganised. I wrote as i remembered. Normally if i ever start telling people these stories, they laugh and don´t believe me, or think i´m lying. I hope you found this interesting.



hi im 15 and my dad was born in sauayho,michucan mexico in 1948.when i was smaller he would all ways tell me what happened to him. his family was very poor and lived in an old house when he was young he told me that that house would always leak blood thruogh the cracks it had in the wall or ceilng,one time when he was sleeping something pulled his sheets down he looked up and saw every one in their beds.he would always hear moans or people talking later when they moved out they knocked the house down and they found out that people were burried in the walls.
then later when he moved out to his new house that was in the same small town, he went at night with my uncle(his cousin) to get some thing to eat in the kitchen  and the kitchen was in the back and there was a door leading to the backyard and some one was knocking and it couldnt have been a real person because first of all the lock was inside so they couldt lock it from the outside second of all the fence for their back yard was about 15 feet high and was wooden so it was impossible to jump. and when my dad asked who it was a couple minutes later some one answerd and said death.

Gravity Hill and Dead Mans Park


hi im 15 and i live in whittier california wich the uptown part is haunted because its from the 1800's. i am a full beliver because ive had experiences before.there is a famous cemetery in my town called rose hills and one day me and my cousins went up their and their is supposed to be a hill that u put your car in neutral and the car drives up by it self. at firs i dindt belive it but we went and the car was moving by it self and then my sister was behind us with her car but she didnt belive us and so my cousin jumped out of the car and every one was like o S***!!! and it was steering by it self but since i was in the passenger seet i pulled the parking brake. and while my cousin was out of the car he was walking down the hill and something pushed him and he fell but their was no one behind him so we all got scared and left.
later around 11:00pm we went to a park that used to be a cemetery and they just built a park over it wich every one knows as dead mans park we took a video camera with night vision and we started walking around the park.there was a man who was walking a dog that looked like a rottwiler and both the man and dog were all black. we didnt really pay attention to them and we just kept walking around. later around midnight we relized that they were following us and we thought maybe hes just walking truogh the path we recorded him with the camera so later we started running towards the car and he followed us up to the car we got in and he walked in the middle of the street so when we left we could see him trough the rear view mirror.

Dark Cowboy Haunting my Daughter


Okay this is the third story I have sent and this is the most recent events in our new home.
We have lived in this house for two years she was built in 1904 and is half a block down from an old pioneer cemetary.  The cemetary itself is a nice a peaceful place where I usually walk with my five year old daughter and my dog just to get away from busy city streets.  They just recently found many graves with no stones paupers graves I believe.
Anyways like I said this house was made in 1904 and is a renovated farm house into a duplex home.  My parents live in the upstairs part and me, my husband, and daughter live in the bottom.  My daughter's bedroom wall is located where there used to be stairs going to the upper level of the home-you can see them at the basement steps.  Well nothing really happened until after a year of living here.  My daughter began to wake up at between 3-5 am every morning crying and running into my room.  She never wanted to tell me what was wrong until one night she refused to sleep in her bedroom.  After a bit she looked at me and said the black man was trying to get her.  Thinking it was just a bad dream I let her sleep in my room.  Time went by and she finally slept in her room, not much later the same thing would happen but this time she revealed more about the black guy, I found out he was a cowboy and when I asked her where he came from she pointed to the wall directly where the steps going upstairs would be and said he goes upstairs!!  She never knew about the remaining stairs going up!!  That's when things began to get interesting.  My sister's daughter who is four was upstairs with my father in their dining area which is right above my daughter's bedroom.  She suddenly got scared and pointed to the wall saying there was a black guy in the room! Nobody ever told her about him!!  That's when at night everybody upstairs would hear a loud bang noise near that area.  Then up in the attic my mother began to hear heavy footsteps a door opening and someone talking. Other things would happen like  when my husband was in the kitchen cooking he saw a cup right in front of him move an inch and then stop!!!!  I tried to do the same thing with the same cup in different situations and it should have never moved.  My daughter had a premonition about a fire that began across the street not long after she told my mother, now she's scared to death of fire.  Our dog has become so afraid of shadows that he whines when he sees one on the wall. We had to remove two smoke detectors from above my daughters bedroom door because they would just go off for no reason, new batteries or not. A tool that my husband placed on our coffee table ended up disappearing and reappearing in a box of my old stuff I haven't looked at in four years.  And it seems that every time I take a picture of my daughter there is one large orb around sometimes atleast five show up. I use a digital camera and took the infrared test on your site, and it picked up the light from the remotes. Now when I take pictures of my horse figurines nothing shows up.  As a precaution I took a picture of a horse in our living room and there was nothing in the picture a then I had my daughter step into the picture and sure enough there was an orb.
To tell the truth  I finally got fed up with the black guy scaring my little girl so I told him that she's so frightened of him and if he would leave her alone.  Well he didn't leave her alone but now he's her black guy and she says he's her friend. She tells me he's sad because he can't find his kids and mother and he can't ride his horse and the funny thing about them is that they all don't have eyes!  He's the only apparition that has become a regular, I think that the land itself has something to do with the haunting my next door neighbor has thought about calling paranormal investigators to come to her house, I guess the ghosts are busy at her place!!
I'm not completely happy at the fact that we've got visitors but as long as they don't bother me I guess I'll deal with them. I have given them explicit instructions on where they are not allowed like the bathroom!!

Who Was Our Friend?


During my sophomoer year of college, my 3 roommates I were asked if we would
ilke to move into a new house the univesity had just bought(that used to be
a hotel, we found out later) for 500 dollars less then living in the dorms.
The idea of no RA's and security guards intrigued us and even though it
would be 4 people in a one bedroom apt. we took the offer. We were there for
about three weeks before things started happening. Like the door lockig by
itself and things moving from where we were sure left them. But, we just let
them slide. Until about 2 weeks later. I had opted to go to bed early and my
roomates were still awake in the other room. At about 12:30 i heard a
rustleing over by one of my roommates dressers. I looked over and it was her
looking for somethin in her dresser but, strangley there was a tall blond
haired man looking over her shoulder as she looked. I said "Hey, whos that
guy?" thinking perhaps some of the guys across the hall were over for a
drink. But, she just stared at me blankly and said "um...theres no one here
but me and the girls." (Meaning our other roomates) And then preceded to
make fun of me for a month. But, somethig else had been happeneing all this
time that we never took notice of. See, our apt also had a back door with a
little porch. But, the door was located in our bedroom so we never used it.
But, somehow this door would be open all the time when we would come home or
wake up. This caused plenty of raised voices between us that we needed this
door locked and closed cause who knows could come in. But still it was
always unlocked and open. But one day, me and one of my roomates were
walking back to the apt and saw anita (roomate) sitting on the front porch
smoking nervously and shaking. We asked her what was wrong and she said that
after we had left for class that morning she had walked into the bedroom to
get her things to take a shower and the door was unlocked and open again and
she was pissed and slammed the door and locked it and then put my laundry
bag in front of it. But, then she turned around and the same man I had seen
weeks earlier was standing right in front of her, and she said he wasnt
looking to happy. She quickly ran into the bathroom for about 10 minutes and
when she came out the door was open again and my laundry was spread around
the room...
From that day we named our friend Mark and moved a bed infront of the door
and though no one saw him again, he still made himself known by locking us
out and moving our things. Though we moved out at semester everytime I walk
by the apt. building I still wonder who our friend was and what was so
important that the door had to be open.

New Hope


You know, I wish I would have known about you guys 3 years ago! I was living in Florida at the time with my daughter and husband. For 2&1/2 years we lived in a very haunted apartment. I guess the excitement kept us there, but after awhile it got to be too much. My daughter picked up on the activity before I did-I didn't believe her at the time. It started out with knocking on the front door, then on the bedroom doors. I set a fork down and when I came back, the tong had been bent way back. Both my daughter and my husband saw me standing somewhere when I wasn't there. The A/C would be turned to the coldest setting many times, dark and red moving shadows would appear on the walls, footsteps, smells, doors opening, and being tapped on the shoulder or touched happened all the time. I saw clearly once a baby crawling through my stopped, looked at me, then crawled through the wall. That freaked me out so bad-I thought I might be going crazy. I very bad spirit tormented my daughter quite a bit. Once I walked up to the bedroom door to open it and when my hand was an inch away from the knob, it turned and opened on its own-my husband saw this. I saw with my own eyes, my husband's boxer shorts being pulled down like 4 inches from his waist-he had goose bumps for like 20 minutes! My daughter constantly heard what sounded like someone digging through her toy box. Our cat went crazy on us and we had to give it away, even our bird flew away. One time, my husband saw me move unnaturally-kind of like in fast motion-and at the same time it was happening, I felt really strange like a long period of time had lapsed. We had 2 different teams of paranormal investigators come to our home. One team came on 3 different occasions. During the course of all of this, we learned that the apartment complex had been built over an old cemetary...the remaining cemetary lies 2 blocks away. It's called New Hope. There are many old and infant graves there.

My Personal Experience With My Son's Ghost

My name is April, and this happened while I was living at my house in Fenton, MO. On March 1, 2003, my 2 1/2 month old son died from SIDS. He was in his crib in his room. I lived in the same house for about 10 months after. In the room where he slept, the light kept getting turned on. I never went in there, but probably 5 or 6 times after he died I would have to go in and turn the light off because I would notice it on. I'd also wake up in the morning and the tv in the living room would be turned on, or the computer, which I always left on, would be turned off. There were also numerous times when I was sitting in the living room, on the couch and it would get really cold where I was sitting. Cold enough to make my nose and fingers cold. I could reach out and feel it a lot warmer. I also had a feeling of being at ease, like my son was with me. I never got up, and the temperature would return to normal after 10-15 minutes. Also, none of my animals would go into the room. I had two cats and a dog, and none of them would go in if the door was open, even though they used to.



I used to work at the subway at the train depot in Fayetteville, North Carolina from 2001-2003.  At nights we would often close by ourselves.  Sometimes even with another co worker i would be standing at hte counter and think i saw some one and i'd go "can i help you" and it was nothing, other times i'dlook and see a man in an orange shirt and when i go to do a double take he would be gone.  One night one of my co workers came up to me and asked me had i heard or seen anything and i said "no" because I didn't want them to think i was crazy to which they said "it's weird but i see a man in an orange shirt every so often".  Other times i would hear what sounde dlike loose change being shuffled in ones pocket, or whistling, our old  assitant manager would hear faint singing, but the man in the orange shirt you would see every day.
Thank you for letting me share!

Graceland Cemetery:

By: Andrea

I love going to cemeteries.  I think that the big old ones in Chicago are gorgeous.  I'd been reading up on them online and I thought Graceland would be a fun one to go to.  So I grabbed my best friend Lauren and another friend and we all went there one afternoon.  It's a beautiful cemetery and many famous people are there, like Marshal Field, Allen Pinkerton, and John Kinzie, the first permanent white settler in Chicago.  We were drive around and I was looking for the grave of this little girl Inez.  She died when was six because she was struck by lightning (or so the stories say) and rumor had it that her grave was haunted.  There was a giant statue on top of her and people said when it was dark and stormy the statue would disappear and you could see a little girl running through the cemetery.  I had to see this for myself.  We drove around forever when all of a sudden, Lauren shouted, "there it is".  It was about 100 feet from the driving path so we pulled the car over and put it into park.  Now, let me state for the record that we had the radio on but we actually had a CD in and the volume was turned all the way down.  I was also on the phone with my dad.  Well, we had just put the car into park when we heard a horrible loud noise.  It sounded crackly and it came from every speaker in my car, which is impossible because the front two are broken.  We all heard this noise but beneath the crackling, I heard a man scream "get in the house", Lauren heard a little girl talking and Lettie, our other friend, heard a little girl laughing.  We each heard something different but we all heard the crackling noise.  It was almost deafening.  We freaked out and sped away.  I was still on the phone with my dad, and he had not heard anything in the background even though the sound was so loud I couldn't hear him talking on the phone.  We finally got our courage back and went to the grave again, only this time Lauren and I got out while Lettie waited.  It was the middle of July so it was a hot, breeze-less day.  We stood in front of the grave and I kind of apologized out loud if we had done anything to offend her (it couldn't hurt to apologize).  Just then a huge wind picked up behind us.  There was nothing there except for a tree and we could see that there was no wind over by the car or anything.  It was only where we were standing.  Lettie could even see it from the car.  We decided that we didn't want to mess with the spirits so we drove back up to the front of the cemetery by the visitor's center.  We sat in the car and tried to figure out what had happened.  Our first thought was that it might have been some kind of crossed radio signal or something, but then we realized that it would've affected my cell phone too.  Then we thought it was the CD, but it was New Found Glory, and if you've ever heard them, you know they don't sound anything like this.  I decided to go into the visitor's center and ask the woman if anything like this had happened before while Lauren and Lettie waited outside in the car.  The lady didn't look surprised when I told her what had happened but she did tell me that there are no electrical interferences in the cemetery, so it couldn't have been my radio.  When I got back to the car, Lauren told me that when I had been inside, she and Lettie had decided to listen to the CD over again to see if they heard anything resembling a crackling noise.  She said that after the last song, there seemed to be a hidden track and it was very crackly and there was a man's voice saying, "do not be afraid.  This is not a normal disc.".  Well I figured that was what we had heard so we went back to listen to the last track again and there was nothing.  No voice, no crackling, just normal NFG.  We went back and listened to the whole CD from start to finish and we didn't hear anything out of the ordinary.  We have no idea where the noise we heard came from .  I even checked my front speakers and they still didn't work so there is no reason why we heard sound coming from them.  To this day, we have no idea what happened out there.  My mom had a theory that maybe what we heard were Inez's last memories being replayed.  Maybe she had been playing outside and her father had yelled for her to get in the house and she haddn't and that's how she died.  We may never know.  I've been back to Graceland several times since then and nothing has happened.  I don't know exactly why we heard what we heard, but in a way, I feel kind of honored that we heard something that no one else has.  I always make sure that when I go back, I leave a little bundle of flowers or a small toy or something...just in case.



Many years ago my wife and I were coming home after spending the night at her brothers in a small dusty town in South Texas.    We were about half way home around ten or eleven oclock in the morning.  It was very, very hot that summer morning.  We had just past a blinking light and next to it was a large caliche pit surrouned by wood and brush.  That is in the middle of nowhere and there are no homes, ranches or farms in that area.  As soon as we pass the caliche pit we, my wife and I see this woman dressed in black with an umbrella walking on the side of the road.  Her clothes were like those from the 1800s.  Her dress was long with long sleeves.  Her hat was black and she was wearing a black scarf.  Very little of her face could be seen.   I asked my wife, "what in the world is tht woman doing in the middle of nowhere"?  Where is she going? And why is she dressed like that?    I told my wife, "lets turn back and go help her maybe her car broke down and needs help.  I turned my car around and I could not find here anywhere.  There was no where for her to turn or go.   It was a very heavlly wooded area.   She just vanished.  This happened during the day.

Flickering Lights


I do not know for sure if the following story is actual signs of a presence, but I don't know how else to explain it.  My nephew was killed in a car accident almost 1 year ago.  He was only 17, and it was just 2 weeks after his high school graduation.  Our entire family is extremely close and this is incredibly painful to deal with yet.  I always felt a special bond with my nephew, as I babysat him from when he was a baby, throughout grade school, and we share a common sense of humor, both of us are kind of practical jokers.
My husband, my son & myself live in the house that my nephew grew up in, his parents built a new home, and we bought theirs.  In their new home they have a ceiling fan with lights that can be controlled by remote control, and he loved to goof around with that remote control and try and fool people that it was doing it on its own.  Ever since his passing, we have a ceiling fan in our dining room (not remote controlled) that whenever we have it on, the lights flicker.  And also, throughout the house it seems as if we are constantly replacing light bulbs.  They just seem to burn out much faster than they ever used to.
Like I said, this may be absolutely nothing, but I kind of feel that it might be my nephew letting us know that he is okay where he is, and that he is still "with us."  What do you think?

Dorm Story

By: Andrea

I have two stories for your webpage!  The actual stories that you can post are in red!
This is actually something that happened to my roommate this year, but she told me I could submit it:
I sent in a story last summer about what happened to me in my room in Grier Hall at Monmouth College.  This past school year, I lived in the same dorm but a different room with my roommate Rebecca.  One day, I was at class and Rebecca was trying to take a nap.  She heard the door open and then close again, but she figured it was just me and she didn't say anything.  Then she felt someone climbing up the ladder to her loft.  She knew that I don't go up there so she got really scared.  She didn't roll over because she decided to just pretend that she was sleeping.  She felt a really cold breeze blow over her and then just vanish.  She finally looked around and there was no one in our room.  No one had left through the door and there was no one anywhere.  Our room was pretty small so no one would've been able to hide.  She got pretty freaked out and would not stay alone in the room for a while.  I maintain that it is the ghost of the girl who died in the elevator shaft in Grier.  My room last year was next door to the elevator (which doesn't run) and my room this year was across the hall from it.  Our room was very strange.  You always got the feeling you were being watched.  My pet tortoise, Tolstoy, was always calm and he never panicked when he was at home, but while he was living with me in my room, he would be digging at the corners of his tank trying desperately to get out, and he would do this for 6-7 hours straight sometime.  We found an abandoned cat outside our dorm and we brought it in, and it was such a sweet cat but when it was in our room, it hid under the futon and would not come out.  When we took it out of the room, it was perfectly fine.  I know animals like cats can sense things, but I'm not sure if reptiles can too but I'm assuming something scared Tolstoy to the point of almost having a heart attack.  No one really liked rto be alone in our room, and even I didn't like spending too much time awake late at night because you would hear strange noises all over the building.  Every single person I met who didn't believe me last year ended up convinced that something was weird in my room.  I don't know what the deal is but I am not living in that dorm again next year, so come next June, I'll let you know what happens.
Second Story:
The very first week I moved back to school this past year, there were no classes.  I had to move in a week before classes because I'm in a sorority and I need to prepare for recruitment.  Anyways, one  night a bunch of us (including my RA) got bored and decided to go the local cemetery.  The Monmouth cemetery is huge and within walking distance of campus.  We actually have 2 cemeteries right across the street from our campus at opposite ends.  Anyways, there were about 11 of us that went and someone had the brilliant idea of bringing a Ouija board with.  I'm not a big fan of those things because A: I think it's kind of disrespectful to the dead; and B: you don't know what what you are messing with.  But I was feeling excited so I went along with it.  We picked a place in the back of the cemetery so if a cop went by they wouldn't see us.  There was only enough room for about 6 of us to use it at once so the rest watched.  Most of them were too scared to do it but I was brave enough.  We started asking the normal questions like, "are there any spirits here" and so on.  We got a few responses and we asekd for their initials and their age and when they died.  We actually went back a couple days later and checked this out and we were sitting right by people who had the initials and deathdates that we had gotten from the board.  We got to one spirit who said they were a little 4 year old boy.  They asked to speak to us individually and they told us each something important.  They told me that this one guy I knew who I was pretty good friends with was going to try to rape me at a party in exactly 90 days.  I looked at my calendar and exactly 90 days from that night was a huge Christmas party at the frats so I was a little wary but not too much.  Anyways, everyone got a little bit of information when we all of a sudden felt a really cold breeze blow over us.  We looked up and the area around the tree we were sitting under was pitch black.  We had been able to see the lights of the highway past the tree before, and it looked like someone had put up a huge black sheet or something that blocked out all light.  All of a sudden the pointer on the Ouija board started going back and forth between the letters E and V.  We couldn't figureo ut that thay meant until my friend Nick said, "are you trying to say EVIL?" and the pointer shot to the word yes and the went back to E and V.  We decided we had over stayed our welcome and besides, we were freezing by now, even though it was late August and about 90 degress out at night.  We walked out of the cemetery and immediately got hit by a wave of hot air.  It was like walking out of the freezer section of a supermarket.  The change was amazing and we could actually still feel the cold radiating out of the cemetery.  My friend Pat was carrying the board when he all of a sudded dropped it.  He said it burned it him and his hand was actually bright red.  I decided to carry it to see if he was right, and within 2 minutes of picking it up my hand felt like I had touched a lightbulb or something.  I felt like I had been literally burned.  My hand turned bright red and you could actually feel the heat on it.  I was all for leaving it there but my RA's boyfriend owned it so he wrapped it in a jacket and brought it back to my dorm where he was sleeping.  We thought we were all safe now but no sooner had I gone to bed than the fire alarm went off at 3 AM.  The fire department came and found that my RA's room had been the one to set the alarm off.  However she and her boyfriend had been sleeping and the only thing in the room was the Ouija Board.  We threw it out.  Exactly 90 days later, I was at the frats at the party and my guy friend that I had been warned about was drinking and he cornered me in his room and tried to get me to sleep with him.  Fortunately my friends found me and I got away from him.  I remember thinking later that night that the Ouija board had been right, and I got realy scared.  Things have been fine since then and we all kind of joke about being scared but let me tell you this much: it will be a cold day in Hell before I go back to that cemetery at night.  And I don't go near Ouija boards anymore.
I hope you can use these on your website!  Thank you!


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