The Copper Bowl Ghost

I live in the town of Anaconda, Montana and I used to work at the Copper Bowl.  We all used to joke around about "Wilbur" the previous owner who haunted the place.  At first it was just little things that would happen, casino machines would all of a sudden have credits on them when no one was there, which could be a mechanical malfunction.  Things would move from one place to another but nothing was as horrifying as what happened one Saturday morning.  It was earlier in the morning and it was just the cook and I.  He was telling me about the reflection of a woman he had seen a few nights before in one of the windows but when the spot where she was supposed to be was investigated, no one was there.  These kind of scarier stories where becoming more and more common place and we knew that Wilbur wasn't alone.  That morning we had gone over to the bowling alley which is next door.  It was always dark in there until the owners came and always cold.  In the dark you could here someone walking across the boards which makes a very distinct sound.  Now what I mean by walking across the boards is that someone is walking in the gutters or on the lanes themselves.  You could hear the footsteps coming towards us but there was no one there.  You could also hear jingling of keys.  A little while later we were alone in the restaurant and you could hear things next door getting louder.  Not just footsteps this time but other noises that we just couldn't explain.  The cook had to go over to the bowling alley to get ice and was gone for what seemed like a very long time so I went over to find him.  As I walked through the door there was a really intense feeling, one that I've only had a few times in my life and it was the feeling of 'get the heck out of here' but I had to find my coworker.  When I called his name the first time I got no answer so I walked up toward the bar.  As I walked up the stairs I heard what sounded like a gurgling noise that comes from deep in the back of the throat and I got the chills.  I called his name again and this time he answered me but it sounded very faint.  I called his name again and this time it was as loud as it should be considering he was only 4 feet from me.  A little while later we went over there again to have our cigarettes and I saw a black figure at the other end of the alley walk across, my coworker saw the panic in my face and turned around, he then turned to me and told me we had to "get the hell out of there."  I found out that Wilbur had died when he had drown on a fishing trip.  Needless to say, I quit not long after that.

The Little Ones


My better half and I were looking for a larger apartment to rent.  Because he works mornings and I work afternoons I ended up doing a lot of our house hunting alone.  I went to look at around 5 different houses and apartments one day.  They were all far to generic, little boxes in apartment complexs, until the last one.  This last house was an old mill house, made into a duplex.  It was huge, the ceilings were 15 ft.  the rooms were massive.  It was a great house, about 90 years old and "oh so cool".  My boyfriend came to look at it the next day and also liked it, so we moved in.
It was little things at first.  An odd pounding on the wall that we attributed to our rambunctious neighbor.  Cold winds that that we thought were just the usual drafts of an old house.  But the cat, we couldn't explain the cat.  Our kitty is a smart little beastie, more so than the average feline.  He wouldn't go upstairs without one of us.  If he was asleep on the bed and you left the room he would go streaking past you down the stairs.  He would sit and stare at something in the corner.  He would leap up from a nap and chase his tail, like someone had pulled it.  We didn't even really think about, we figured the cat was weirded out by the move.
Then more concrete odd things began to happen.  I would see little figures out of the corner of my eye, quick shadows that were gone before I could turn my head.  Or I would hear laughter, but it would vanish just as quickly.  Sometimes I would hear crying as I walked up the stairs.  But these things were always short and soft enough that I would think it was a trick of my mind.
My boyfriend and I were sitting watching a movie one night when something happened that convinced me I wasn't insane or overly imaginative.  My boyfriend (who does not believe at all and is incredibly pragmatic) suddenly stopped the movie.  He asked me if I heard that.  "What?" I replied.  He looked at me and said, "Children screaming."  I hadn't heard it, but I could see how upset he was.  And more odd things have happened since then.  My boyfriend and I both love kids, especially me, it's a running joke that I'm a baby magnet, kids love me.  We have several friends who bring their young children over to visit or for me to babysit, so I have toys all over the house.   Our kitchen and living room are connected by a doorway with no door, so you can see straight through.  I was making a tuna fish sandwich a couple of days ago and happened to glance into the living room.  A small, brightly colored ball rolled across the floor.  At first I thought the cat must be playing with it, and then I realized the cat was sitting next to me, hoping to catch some floor bound tuna.  I was the only one home.   My boyfriend swears that he saw a blond haired kid in our kitchen hiding under the table.  I was babysitting our friends toddler that day and he figured it was Mikie.  So he snuck over, planning to lift up the tablecloth and play, "Peek a boo", but when he lifted the table cloth no one was there.  MIkie and I were two blocks away at the park.
I know I've gone through all this set up and nothing really freaky's happened, so here's the clincher.  It happened this morning, that's why I'm writing this now.  I woke up late, my boyfriend had gone to work and I was planning to laze around the house and maybe do some yard work.  I laid down on our couch and decided to watch a movie, I apparently dozed off.  I woke up because someone was crawling up onto the couch.  Seriously.  To anyone who has kids or spends a lot of time with them, you know what this is like.  You're napping and feel tiny hands on the couch, then a little body crawls up and snuggles down next to you.  This has happened so many times that at first it didn't even faze me.  Then I realized that none of the munchkins I take care of were in the house.  No one was in the house.  And when I sat up, the weight was gone and no one was there.
None of this scares me.  We rented the house because I told my better half that it felt happy, like a home.  The only thing I can come up with is that the children of whatever mill worker lived in this house are still around.  And that's ok.  I hope the like us and our home, I'd rather have happy little ghosts than not so nice other ones.   I'm so glad this site is here and I can tell someone about these events.  Our friends just laugh.   Great work Shadowlands!

Suicide Bridge Project.


My name is Trip. I'm a filmmaker and owner of a small independant
film company in Altadena, CA. I relocated to CA. from OH. about a year and a
half ago to pursue writing and film making full time.
Recently, I finished a paranormal documentary film titled "Suicide Bridge the
Documentary" set to hit the festival circuit mid/late summer.
When we started this project, I'm the first to admit that I was sceptical of
ghosts and what the word ghost means. Now, after a year of being envolved with
Suicide Bridge I'm the first to admit that what comes after this "physical
life" is a passage to innumerable dimensions, and SO MUCH  hangs on our mental
ego in physical form.
Last March 2003 my writing partner (Misty) and I were in pre-production on an
entirely different genre and film. One night, after working until the wee
hours of the morning. Misty stopped to take a break. Thinking, some fresh air and
a early morning walk would do her good she put a sweater on and told me she
would be back in a half hour. I wasn't really worried due to Altadena being a
very safe suburb of Pasadena.
After she had left I fell asleep in the cozy quite on the living room couch
it was 2:35 AM. I awoke to the cordless phone ringing... ring...ring.. Glancing
at the clock the time was 3:45 AM. I called outloud to Misty as I reached for
the phone that was laying on the living room floor. "HELLO" I said... no
answer replied. The wrinkles on my forhead tightened. I said again "HELLO..." This
time I heard a tiny voice on the other end it said. "Can you come and get
me?". I said, "Misty?..."looking at the clock again "Its nearly 4:00 A.M. where
in the hell are you!?" In a distant voice and completely out of character for
her she said. " I walked across Suicide Bridge...I think its haunted...
something or someone is trying to comunicate with me..." The words Suicide, Bridge,
instantly hit me, I had never heard of such a bridge. I ask her where she was
and she gave me directions on where to find her. When I picked her up she had
lost the natural olive glow in her skin complection and she was extremely
dispondent. Out of the ordinary things began happening immediately. Starting with
the T.V. and other electrical appliances turning on & off by themselves.
Electrical surges that would fluxuate the lights in the house from dim to bright.
Our cat disappeared into the air conditioning unit casing outside on the balcony
and it would not come out. There were three seperate occasions returning home
when a dead bolt was locked that could only be locked by someone on the
inside and no body was there or had been there,  I had to break in through a
window. A couple of nights I thought awoke to a lady obseving us asleep from the
hallway. But perhaps the most ironic paranormal evidence we gained by this
encounter is a script we have written for a feature film. I know what your thinking
how can a script be evidence? Let me explain... The day after Misty paranormal
encounter I ask her to take me to this Suicide Bridge on the way there she
explained that alot of people jump from the bridge and theres alot of suspecious
death that surrounds the bridge as well. I thought WOW what a spooky place
this must be... and it was, We arrived on the bridge the following night around
12:30 AM. I don't know how to explain it really but the air was heavy and its
almost like I could sence a presence but there was obviously no one else
around. I walked the bridge alone that night, Misty was still shaken from the night
before and declined to walk with me. When I return to the car I had a
revaluation. I said "We have to make a movie about this place." That very night we
put the other project on the back burner and began writing "Suicide Bridge".
Strange occurences continued for the next 4 weeks as we wrote. When we completed
the script it came to mind that there had never been a documentary film about
this bloody bridge and making a documentary would be a great way to introduce
the bridge and possibly find an executive producer for the feature film. This
is where the SHOCK comes in. Starting in the archives we wanted to know as
much as we could about the history of the bridge. We were flumixed to find that
our script had factually dated the year the bridge was built, 1913 and a man
who had been buried alive in the bridge during its construction and details of
the accident that we could not have known without extensive research. I could
fill up another page if I explained all the coincidences in the script that
took place in real life over the last century...
Things have returned to normal now, but for a while Misty and I experienced a
true haunting with energy and thoughts revealed to us from some other plain
of existance beyond our comprehension. The Documentary portion is complete. The
incredible talents of  Paranomal Pysicic Peter James shines in this film as
he communicates and locates many spirits on the bridge not all of them are
suicides. He confirms that Misty was haunted by a spirit named Myrtle who threw
her child off the bridge and then jumped herself in 1937. Ironically the baby
survived the 180 foot plunge unscaved  she is know as the "Baby the Angels
Saved" as there is no explaination how or why she survived the fall. Peter said
that Myrtle somehow knew that Misty would be instumental in finding her daughter
who is know 74 years old and bringing her back to the bridge. Misty was
succesfull in locating the woman out of state and bringing her back to the place
where her mom died and attempted to kill her as well. Suicide Bridge the
Documentary captures happiness and tears and traggedy of this cursed crossing and
brings it to life. The film will be for sale on line mid summer also look for it
on cable T.V.

Shaking Bed


this did not happen to me, but i was over at my aunt and uncles house the weekend it happened. so it all started when my aunt and uncle were sleeping the night that i was over and their window kept opening and closing all by itself. my aunt thought that it was very strange considering that there was no wind at all that night. so she got out of bed and before she could shut the window it shut all by itself. so then she went back into her bed thinking that it was quiet weird, but forced herself to sleep. then about 20 minutes later my uncle wakes up to find that their bed is shaking. not the house, but just the bed. the bed wasnt just like shaking calmly, it was basically have a seisure. and its not like they live in california or anything, they live in illinois and as far as i can trace back illinois hasnt had any earthquakes. so the next morning my aunt was putting new sheets on the bed, but before she could finish putting the sheets on she decided to go see my uncle who went into the hospital that day for kemo and she had took me with her. when we came back about an hour later, she went back into her room to finish putting the sheets on, but when she went into her room the sheets were set perfectly onto her bed and the pillows were all put into place as well. our family thinks that this spirit that is in their house is my aunt and uncles dead daughter that just died about 1/2 a year ago.

Don't Wake the Dead

When my mother took my brother and sisters and I to visit the cemetery on Memorial Day is when I met him.
We were warned to behave and not to wake the dead. Our father didnít even go with us even though it was his own parentís graves that we had gone to put flowers on. Mother just said that he being ď funnyĒ about going to the cemetery. He acted like he would go then backed out at the last minute, strange.
She also said that we kids made enough noise to wake the dead and that we had better behave at the cemetery.
There was some little old lady whom we encountered at the cemetery. She told us that we should not wake the dead, that they were in the grass and in the trees and in the birdsong and we had better respect them. They were her own ancestors who had come up the river from Mississippi to Missouri in search of good farmland.
One of my sisters called her a Ďstupid old batí and my brother said they were just bones and not real people anymore anyway and I declared that if the lawnmower didnít disturb them already there was little we kids could do that would!
In the cemetery we children, (I think I was about 8 years old) put dandelions and clover on graves of people we didnít even know. We made prayers for them. We ran around and I eventually decided to try to wake just to test it out some to see if there was any truth to it and if it could really be done, like the smart A I really was. I kicked a gravestone hard enough to stub my toe. I said some insult and there was a flash of yellow white light and suddenly there was this young man standing in our midst.
He was wearing something like bib overalls, but they were really just pants with suspenders and a white button up long sleeved cotton shirt, and a straw hat with straw colored hair. He growled in a thick southern accent ďWe donít need you carpetbaggers coming around here! We donít need your dandelions we donít need your clover and we donít need your prayers! So you had better pack it up and head on down the road!Ē
At the time that he appeared I felt an icy chill and it was a hair-raising experience and we all ran back to our mother. I asked her what a carpetbagger was and why that guy was yelling at us. She said she didnít know.
As we drove away there was music from some car radio it was Three Dog Nightsí Just an old-fashioned love song, blaring and no one was even in that car to turn the radio on. Mother said that whoever owned that car they were doing more to wake the dead than her own kids, and how dare that lady talk to her about her kids that way! I knew though, that no one was even in the car at the time the radio started blaring.
Mother said that she had thought we could behave but she should have known better. We never went back there again. However I did develop a pretend friend Steven who had drowned in the river after falling off a boat at age 17.
When I was 17 I did not drown as he had at 17, but I had an accident with a lawnmower and it cut part of the toe I had stubbed on the gravestone off.  I felt afterwards that there was some connection some otherworldly retaliation against me for kicking a grave and waking the dead. I feel guilty for it still even now.
We started a new family tradition of going camping  in the Ozarks for Memorial Day instead. We discovered an ancient Osage burial ground and found souvenir stone tools and clay figures. I was often in tears as we did so although I was the one who found the first arrowhead, and in doing so, let the family know that they could be found there. I felt cold spots, and like I was being watched the whole time we were there picking up arrowheads axe heads spearheads and clay figures. I laughed and cried and went through a whole spectrum of emotions and I knew of a great many things that hadnít happened yet. Like time was laid out before me in such a way that I remembered both the future and the past. Even things that happened before my own time. I kept one of the clay heads which evidently had broken off a body we never found in my fish aquarium for some years and I felt as though he were a friend or guardian spirit who watched over me. I eventually gave it to my sister who lost it. The reason I know they were Osage is because I once saw the same face from across a smoke filled bar and so I went around and asked him what ancestry he was. The face could not look so much the same if they were not related. He was half German and half Osage Indian. Now there is a No Trespassing sign that says Archeological  Dig Site  and some warning about a big fat fine if you go there.    It really is not right to wake the dead. They wonít appreciate it. And they really can and will retaliate. Please just donít do it

Pilgrim Girl


I have only had a few paranormal experiences in my life. This one that I am going to talk about happened about 1 year ago (2003). One night i was sleeping in my bed and the way that my bed is faced is where if I was to open my eyes i can look directly into my bathroom. So i suddenly woke up for no reason at all, I just did. So when i woke up it was chilled in my bedroom and i rubbed my eyes to make sure that i was really awake and not sleeping. when i looked over into the bathroom, i saw a little girl that was dressed in colonial 1800 clothing. the little was semi-transparent and had her hands reaching out towards me. the little girl started coming towards me and i hid under my covers because i was freaking out. then a few seconds later i took the covers off of my head and looked out to see if the little girl was still there, but she wasnt. when i told my parents the next morning they surprisingly believed me saying that my brother had seen the same little girl about 2 weeks prior to me seeing it. i have never seen the little girl again, but my brother still has occurrences with this apparation. i guess this means that our house now has a ghost.

The Haunted Hotel Room


I was surfing the web and came across your site.  I am very interested in ghosts, but a little afraid of them as well.  I have one experience of my own and one story of my sister's experience.
My husband and I live in Rapid City, SD and occasionally we like to take a weekend vacation up to Deadwood, SD.  We decided to go to Deadwood one Saturday and just gamble for the day, not expecting to stay there.  A winter storm came in and we got stranded up there without any reservations at any hotel.  We checked around and found the only room available was at the Bullock Hotel.  Me being fascinated with ghosts thought this was great, as I have always heard the Bullock is haunted by Seth Bullock. who was the sheriff there in the 1800's.  When we got to our room, we opened the door and right away I got a very uneasy feeling (I'm getting goose bumps now as I'm remembering this).  I chalked it up to excitement and we proceeded into the room.  My husband started checking out the bathroom (as that's the first room he always checks) and we both noticed alot of dead flies all over the room and in the bathroom. We went to the front desk and told them about all the dead flies and they assured us that the room was just cleaned.  We went back to the room and at this time my husband started getting a very uneasy feeling as well and we decided we didn't really want to meet Seth after all and we went back to the desk and begged for another room.   That was about 2 years ago and we haven't been back to Deadwood to stay since then.
My sister's story as she's told me goes like this:
My sister works at a gold company here in Rapid City and she has recently been visited by the ghost that haunts the building.  She works in the mold section of the plant and she often hears footsteps and sees shadows when she is working in the room by herself.  She said she was working on something one day by herself and all of a sudden the room got cold and the hair on her neck stood up and she felt someone tap her on the shoulder, of course she turned around and no one was there.  She also said sometimes her and her coworker will be looking for a mold that was on the table one minute and gone the next.  They have turned the room upside down looking for the mold and can't find it anywhere, the next day it will be sitting in the middle of her desk.  The night guards have also reported that when the plant is closed at night they will often hear footsteps going up and down the halls but when they look on the security camera's there isn't anyone there.  She has said the she isn't the only one who has had experiences and that other people have felt cold spots and have heard whispering when no one was there.
Thank you for letting me share these stories, I have told people about my experience before and they all act as if they don't believe me. I am glad that there is a site out there like this one for people to share there stories without having to be afraid of not being believed or made fun of.

Lady In Black


Where do I start.  I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school.  My
nationality is Laos but I was born in Thailand and we moved to america when I was only
4 or 5.  If you guys dont know by now asian culture believes in
ghost,supernatural,black magic and etc.  I've had many encounters with spirits or ghost if
you want to call them that.  When I was growing up I would always fall asleep
and sunddenly wake up and not be able to move,speak,or open my eyes.  The only
thing i could do is listen to whats going on around me.  My culture calls
this "Pee Um"  which means alot of things.  It means when a ghost is messing or
playing around with you while your sleeping, it also means that a ghost might
be tryin to posses you.  Sure I know what your thinking if a ghost can do it
while your sleeping why cant he just do it when your awake.  Well we believe
that when your sleeping you let your gaurd down and that lets them do whatever
they want to you unless you have a dead loved one looking over you( but thats a
story for another day).  I'm pretty sure this has happened to most of you but
didn't think much of it.  But if this does happen and you feel like something
isnt right and most of the time it isn't.  FIGHT with all your might and try
to move while praying to whomever you believe in and do not give up until you
can move again.  This has happened to me plenty of times when i was growing up.
 I would sometimes fight it until i could move but sometimes it would be so
strong it can hold out for a 1/2 an hour at times and i would just relax and
fall back asleep and then be fine again.  But just recently when i was 15 when
this "Pee Um" happened i was in the living room watching t.v. when i dosed off
but i was used to it by now so i just started to fight it.  But the wierd
thing is i notice i could open my eyes and it didnt have any weight on it.  But i
was kinda scared because this is the first time i could ever open my eyes and
i didnt want to because i didnt know what i was gonna and plus if i did see
anything i wouldnt be able to do anything.  But i slowly opened it and as i did
i saw someone pass by me in a long black dress but i could only see her foot
and parts of her legs.  I just thought it was my mom and i finally broke free
and screamed my moms name over and over till my brother came out of his room
and asked me why i was calling her because shes still at work.  I told him what
happened and he kinda believed me but I know he did but he just didnt want to
think about it at the time because he didnt want ot scare himself and he just
went back to sleep.  I went back to my room and fell asleep thinking if i was
dreaming but i knew wasnt.  I never had another "Pee Um" until about 6 months
after my 16th B-day.  I was lying in bed and i fell asleep and woke up and
here it goes again i cant move.  But i can still move my eyes.  I slowly opened
and saw the lady in black sitting at the edge of my bed with her back towards
me and her head turned facing me.  I didnt get a good look at her face because
i quickly closed my eyes oh and i forgot ot mention the t.v. was on and thats
why i got such a good look at her body.  I quickly prayed and fought to move
and it didnt take long until i could move my body and she wasnt there anymore.
Terrified that it would happen again i went to my brothers room and slept on
the floor and didnt tell him why i was sleeping in his room.  That was the
last time i ever saw her but i did have other encounters but thats a story for
another time.  If you have any experience with "Pee Um" feel free to contact me

I Have a Haunting Sighting

By: The HSPVA Vocal Student

I attend HSPVA ((High School for the Performing and Visual Arts))in Down town Houston, Texas. Just off the art hallway in the outdoor classroom there is some kind of presence. The outdoor classroom is a large stone courtyard with an old basket ball backet and an small wooded stage that the theatre students use ocasionaly. It's said that before the school was built a young women was burried there. I don't know if I believe that's ture or not but when ever i walk through the outdoor classroom bymyself I feel like somone is watching me or somtimes even follow me but when I turn around no one's there. I've talked to some of the other students and they feel the same way when they take that short class to the other classrooms. So most students and even some of the teachers avoid taking it as a short cut and walk all the way to the other side of the building to get in. Some of the Art students are freeked out about the ghost and wont even go out there when their teacher tells them to go and draw a still life picture of the tree branches that extend out over the classroom putting it almost compleatly in it's shade.

Experiences: True Life


I saw the shadowlands talking about the Travelers Rest area ghosts. The only insane isylam(sp?) or TB Hospital or prison that was haunted in or around the Greenville, South Carolina area WAS the one off of Rutherfordton Road. I have personally experienced it myself; before it was burnt down by a homeless man trying to stay warm. Or at least that's what the police told the public. Since I was 10 I went to that place to try and be scared. One of my best friends lived about 5 blocks away. We would walk over there and get goosebumps just by feeling the cold breeze you feel as you walk by. Then a few years ago it had been awhile since my friends and I had been in there. We decided it was time to test our fears. That was the wrong idea. It was Halloween at 12 a.m. We were dumb. We were so scared from the lights and noises and shadows by the time we got out we never went back; until the day I turned on the news and saw it burning to the ground. It wasn't reported but a week before that one of the neighbors told me that a small fire started and it had to be ghosts because cops were patrolling like always and there could NOT be homeless people living there. Then it burned down? No investigators or ambulances were ever there to take the alive/dead homeless man to the hospital.

The Railroad Line


Last night (about 9:15pm) I decided to cycle from my house in Meonstoke, Hampshire, to my friend Pippa's house in Droxford, the neighbouring village.  It had been a long time since I had last cycled there using the back route.  I took a wrong turn and ended up going down the railway line.  I thought I could get off the railway line, but then realised I had gone far too far and decided I had to turn back.  As I started cycling back up the track, even though Id past no-one apart from a middle-aged couple on the way down, I could see a black hooded figure coming towards me.  I was cycling quickly, but I know what I saw was a ghost.  It was completely covered in a black robe, apart from it's face which was pale.  I find it very difficult to recall any features, only that it had quite a large nose, and smokey eyes.  It didnt make eye-contact as it went past even though I looked at it.  Also, it seemed to almost glide or hover, and almost slid to the side to pass me.  There was little movement in its robes, which covered everything apart from its expressionless face.  I couldnt even make out hands or feet.  I just cycled non-stop until I came out onto the main road again.  I must have been somewhere near Newtown when I saw the ghost-a long way from Droxford.  My dad refuses to believe me, just saying that it must have been a tramp and that my mind was playing tricks on me.  But believe me,I was there and I know what I saw.




The Ghost in the Basement


I live in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, which is north-east of chicago. the neighboorhood i live in was built in the late '70s as summer homes, but are now occupied year-round.
Since the house on the north-west corner of the intersection of Heather Ter. and Williams Ave. was built, every family that's lived there has had someone living in that house die. The belief here, is that those people haunt at least two of the four houses on that intersection, the one that's in the north-east corner, and the one in the south-east (my house).
There are three known deaths that have taken place in the house on the north-west corner: an older man drowned in the bathtub, a baby fell out of a second-story window, and a little girl, whose death is unknown to any of the people in the neighboorhood now. Each family moved away shortly after each death occurred.
(note: the family currently living there has a son, who tried to committ suicide, and would have succeeded, except he recieved a phone call, and a family member went to look for him. they still do not know who called for him; they have been unable to trace the number)
My family has lived here for 5, going on 6, years, and we perchased the house from other family members. We were told then that there was "something wearing parachute pants" in the basement. We were told of doors opening and closing without anyone around, things falling over, strange things of that nature. We thought nothing of it.
Soon after we moved in, my father went over-seas for work, and, at the time, i was not living int he house, so it was jsut my step mother. At night, she would hear the swooshing of parachute pants, and see lights going on and off. She called the police more than once, only to have the hosue and perimeter searched to find nothing, and no trace of anybody having been there.
My father and i, after he returned, witnessed it, too. Both of us were upstairs, and hears our VERY HEAVY garage/basement door open and shut. It was during the day, so the idea of it being an intruder didnt even cross our minds. He searched the house, i searched outside, we both came up with nothing.
Our house is not the only one that has experienced things like this. The house north of ours, directly across the street from the home where each family has a member die, has a little girl in it.
Shortly after we moved in to our home, the owners of the home north of ours, on the other side of the street, sold theirs. I befriended the daughter of the family that bought it, and her and i had many sleep-overs together, always hearing a little girl laughing, and whistling, in the middle of the night, wihtout a tv on. As it turns out, the previous owners had experienced the same sort of thing, as well as toys being moved, and their dog barking wildly at idle children's objects.
perhaps the most convincing thing to happen lately is the energy that can be felt in my basement. there are also cold spots, and when candles are lit, they flicker wildly, no matter how new or old, hot cold, anything. they always flicker. i spend a lot of time in the basement, and often hear parachute pants, and it seems to correlate with lighting candles, like that's what makes him come out to say hello. recently, a very close friend of mine who didnt know about our haunting spent the night. we were sitting quietly in the basement, with candles burning, and one began to flicker. suddenly, my friend began crying, as if moved our touched emotionally. he then said "don't be afraid, he's not mean. he's facinated with you. not with humanity in general, but you in particular. he comes when you're writing, and when you light candles." a few seconds later, the flickering stopped. i asked my friend what he was saying/doing, and if it was some sort of prank (although he's not the type to do that). he said that he felt as if he were being "told" to say that, like he was channeling a thought. to this day, i have not told said friend about the guy in the parachute pants in my basement, nor have i decided whether or not it was actually himt hat was speaking through my friend. taht can be for you to decide.


Struck by a Ghost


In the mid 1970s I was about 1 1/2 years old my parents rented an apartment in a small town in upstate NY called Pavilion.  My mother was never a believer in hauntings and ghosts but that all changed.. The young couple who lived there prior to us had a new baby and the father worked nights.  Being it was an old  house converted to apatments the living room in our apartment had a door with a chain lock.  The young mother thought the house to be haunted and while her husband worked  she would lock her and her baby in the living room until her husbands shift was done.  Well of course my mother thought she might be a little nuts and thought nothing of it.  Until one night my aunt and uncle and grandparents were over playing cards.  They were all in the kitchen dining room area at the table.  That is where the entrance door to our apartment and the outside door for both apartments was, our door was all plate glass and beyond that was the stairway leading to the upstairs apartment.  Well as they were playing cards they heard walking accross the floor and dishes rattling in the upstairs apartment no one thought anything of it.  That is until they saw both upstairs tenents walk in the front door, my father called to them before they went upstairs and asked if they had anyone upstairs and they said no why? My father then proceded to tell them about all the noise they had been listening to.  So my father and John that was the guys name , went and checked everything out
and found nothing out of the ordinary.  I began to talk when I was nine months old and could talk full sentences by the time I was 1 1/2 years old.  Well I had developed an "imaginary" friend named Steve.  I would talk about Steve to my parents and they shrugged it off as nothing.  Sometimes I would come to my mom and say Steve hit me tell him to stop and my mom would do so jus to make me feel better.  Well one day I was in my playroom with "Steve" and my mother was doing dishes she could see me perfectly from where she was when suddenly I screamed "no Steve please don't hit me" and jus then my mother seen my fly backwards as if I was struck.  She ran in to pick me up and I wouldn't calm down and begged her to yell at Steve and tell him to never hit me again.  So my mother yelled "Don't you hit my daughter again"  and I calmed down.  She told me I never talked about him again.  Some years later she told me the story and I had memorys come back to me of the apartment layout etc that proved the memorys were real (not immagined cause she told me the story).  And I discribed to her a man in a dark coat I wanna say leather with glasses and yellow teeth leaning over me in my crib.  She had no recolection of any family or friends who fit that discription.  I get chills whenever I drive by that house to this day.




My Own Experiences


I love your site its really awesome!!!Well i finally convince my self to write all the experiences I had have through out my life.My name is Tommy and I am from Chicago Illinois.It all started when i was around 7 or 8.I live in a apartment with my parents and my older brother.Everytime I went to sleep it was always something new that I would dream about but the ones that really scare me back then was that one night I had a terrible dream.I woke up sweating I was so scare from the dream I had when I turn to the wall.I saw the most ugly thing in my life which I think it was the face of the devil because it was red and it had 2 horns.I look at it for a moment and then cover up my whole face until the next day.Then it was another time when again the same thing happen i woke up having a bad dream but this time when I look around I saw in the corner of the wall someone dress in all black just staring at me.Also its another thing that happen to me in that same room.I woke up one night screaming and crying because while I was sleeping I felt someone poking my face with needles over and over again.I told my parents but they told me to go back to sleep they didn't believe me.Then years pass and we move to a house of our own.Now I'm 15.Well the first weeks the hou was fine I like it.But then at night strange things used to happen.One night I was sleeping when I started to hear foot steps, like if someone was walking around my bed.Then all of the sudden they stop.But a few minutes later I hear the foot steps again but this time they  were heading towards the side of the bed  where I was.They stop right where I had my pillow.Then I felt this cold hand touch my shoulder.This hand felt right if like the one from old man kind of heavy.I was so scare I didn't want to turn around to see what was that.I felt like I was going to pass out.Then again every night after 12 I heard foot steps around my bed.A couple of months later I remember it was a sunday morning and it was around 7am.I was half way sleep when all of the sudden someone touch my right hand and kind of pull one of my fingers.Thats when I woke up so scare and look everywhere but saw no one but my mom putting some make up and looking at the mirror.I ask her why she did that and she say and swears that she never touch my hand while I was sleeping.Then weeks pass by I still kept hearing foot steps and one night I was looking at the wall for some reason I couldn't go to sleep and all of the sudden I saw a red circle on the wall but I didn't pay much attention to it.A few seconds I look at it again and when I gave it all my attention it started to move all around the wall like in a pattern but I was surprise at this because I didn't felt scare at all.Everything stop as time pass by.But then last year I started to get scare again when my older brother who is always serious about things and don't believe in ghosts or anything like that woke up in the middle of the night screaming in this weird way.And he stop until my mom went to wake him up.This keep happening.But he never mention nothing about this until he finally one day told me what he felt everytime he scream.He says that he saw this black shadow of a man standing there looking at him.When all of the sudden this man starts to choke him and his find h self trying to fight against this man.To be honest everytime he screams in the middle of the night he sound just like if they where choking him because thats not a normal scream, I mean you can tell the difference of the way he screams at night.He also told me about the old apartment where we used to live and he says that he always used to see this white person standing right on the corner of the wall and look at him but he never pay much attention.My mom never believe me until this year when I told her everything that used to happen to me as I grew up.Thats when my brother talk about his experiences.Well thats all I have to tell.If there anyone that can really help me out and explain me why I had always experience this weird things as I grew up.Thank you.

The Prank


On my 20th birthday, my best friend Laur and I decided we would go out to celebrate. So we did what we had to do, and then we just went out and had some fun. Then around 11 o'clock, a friend called us up and asked us to a party. Of course we agreed, and went happily. When we got there our friends said we would play a little game. So they took us in the basement, and told us a whole bunch of crap to freak us out. Then the three of them went up stairs, leaving us alone. By this time it was already 2 in the morning and we were'nt tired at all. We waited for about ten minutes before deciding to go see what the girls were doing. We went up the stairs only to find the door locked. Out of no  where the electricity went out, and we freaked. So we went down the stairs, and sat down. A storm had risen and we were just waiting for them to end their prank. But it seems not only 15 minutes after we had been down there, a shadowy figure appeared in the window. We didnt think much of it, cause we figured it was just our friends. Then we noticed, we could see through it! We ran as fast as we could up the stairs and tore down the door. Only finding no one in the house.
The next day we congratulated our friends on spooking us, and asked how they did it. They looked at us puzzled and asked "did what?" We told them to stop playing around and that we know it was them that was standing outside the window. They seemed stunned at what we had just said, and told us that every last one of them had left the house about five minutes after they had went upstairs.




When I was about eighteen years old a friend needed a roommate, so I moved in. his name was Justin and he was always doing silly things or making up stories. Well not long after I moved in started telling me about the ghost that lives in his house, he said it was a young girl about fifteen or sixteen with long black hair, and she always wore a long white dress. He told me that she never said anything she just would walk through the rooms of the house very fast then disappear. Now if that didnít freak me out already, he told me that the girl looked just like me. I didnít take him very seriously and blew it off.
One night I heard a scream in the middle of the night I ran into his room and he was lying there in his bed with the covers up to his neck pale as a sheet. He said he saw someone standing at the foot of his bed and thought it was me , when he asked her what she was doing she just disappeared into thin air. That night Justin would not sleep in his room he kept insisting that I trade rooms with him. So that night we stayed up and switched bedrooms, it took us all night. By the end of the night I was convinced that he pulled this little show so that he could have the bigger bedroom.
One night my boyfriend and I were suppose to meet up after work, but I had to stay an extra hour so I told him to go to my house and wait for me while I finished up. When I got there Sean was sitting outside, I thought maybe that he couldnít find the key I had hidden outside. When I got out of the car and walked up to him I noticed the worried look on his face. I asked him what was wrong, why hadnít he went inside? He said that he did then got the crap scared out of him, I asked him what he was talking about and he said that he went in and was laying on the couch watching TV when all of a sudden the door opened up and this person walked in that he didnít recognize. He couldnít make out their face. He said hello to the person but they just ignored him and started walking towards the back of the house. He said he got up and went after them since they didnít say anything he thought it might be some kind of burglary or home invasion. When he caught them he put his hand on their shoulder and tried to stop them his hand went right through the person back. Then they just faded away and  no one was there.
Nothing more happened for a long time after that. During the winter that year our heater broke. One night the temperature went down to 20 degrees it was freezing in our house. My boyfriend stayed over and we were sleeping on our sides I had my arm and leg draped over the side of him trying to keep warm. in the middle of the night I woke up because I was really hot I was sweating and I could barley breathe . I started to tell Sean to get off of me that I was hot he didnít move so I said it again and told him that he was suffocating me . When he didnít listen I threw back my shoulder and rolled over when I looked over my shoulder a girl was standing there, not a really girl but a shadow of a girl she was all black. She yelled ďNancy itís only me, itís only me Nancy.Ē Then she took off across the room and jumped on to the wall, then ran up it and blended with the shadows, and was gone. I could not believe what had just happened I have never seen anything like that in my life, I thought I must have been dreaming, but I looked over and Sean was still lying there sleeping. I convinced myself that it was a dream and went back to sleep but deep down I knew it was real, I thought people would think I was crazy.
Shortly after I moved back in with my parents I told my mom and sister what happened they thought that maybe she was my guardian angel trying to keep me warm or that it was the ghost and that she liked me or that I was dreaming thereís just no telling



I'm 12 years old turning 13 in September. I've always wanted to have a ghost experience because my mother was enthuisatic about ghosts. However she died three days before my seventh birthday. I had a dream about her the eve of my birthdate. We were in a attic of a resturant on Block Island, RI. She was wearing her favorite outfit, a black wolf shirt, and a pair or cut off jean shorts. A light was around, I asked her "Where are your wings?" She smiled and said "Honey, I don't have them yet. Don't worry about me, I'm happy now." Then I woke up. That was my first meeting with the un-explained. After her death we moved into a old house, built in 1776, it's had many renovations. A creek once ran through the basement, but the people who owned it before got it covered with cement. There is a large tunnel that extends a ways also. The house had many purposes, in my father's room it was a corner store owned by my great, great, grandfather. In the kitchen and den it was a tavern. The tavern was said to be haunted by the devil, because a man saw the apperation and died shortly after. A man who lived in this house also got decapitated in the mill behind my backyard. Now, I believe something haunts here, actually two, one evil and one friendly. When we first moved in, me and my friends were petrified to go past the basement door, we couldn't speak loudly in the den, we whispered. Whenever they would sleep over we would have to huddle together, scared out of our minds, it was near halloween too. A odd smell would hang around also. Five years later, I always here walking upstairs when I'm alone, even my cousin has heard it, she ran outside almost in tears. Our story is the same; large footsteps walks across, and then a sudden crash, then more foot steps and a sudden crash. Then I hear something fall and break like glass, but when I go upstairs there's nothing broken, a eerie silence fills the air and I'm forced to run outside. One time, I was feeding my ferrets in the den, when I froze with terror, a white orb flew from the stairway around my head, and into the basement. Once it vanished a felt a sensation of someone watching me and I fled up the stairs because I thought someone was chasing me. No adult has ever heard anything they've mocked me, but you can ask any child thats been in this house and they'll tell you.


A Junction of Hauntings

Iíve always been aware that my house was haunted, the first time I saw anything was when I was 7 or 8.
I think Itís just unfortunate where my house is situated, it seems almost unreal actually. I live in a house that is nearly 200 years old, it is built on the grounds of an old prison, at the back of my house are fields where there used to be an abbey but at one time the abbey was raided and the monks were hung from trees round about, some of these trees are still standing.  On either side of my semi-detached house are 2 churches and one graveyard, across the road was an old hospital, since demolished but renowned for how haunted it was, just up from the site of this old hospital is a famine graveyard that wasnítí discovered until some unfortunate people built their house on it.
I believe there are at least 3 different spirits in residence in my home.  One is a lady, dressed in Victorian clothing.  Iíve only ever seen her on the stairs.  We have wooden bars running down my stairs so you can see all the steps. To go from the kitchen to the living room you have to pass by the side of the stairs.  One evening I was going from my kitchen into the living room to watch the T.V. when I felt the hairs stand up on my neck and for some reason got the urge to look over my shoulder onto the stairs, there right beside me this lady was coming down the stairs.  I know these spirits wont harm me but it didnít stop me running out of the house into the back garden in the middle of winter to wait for someone to come back before Iíd go back in.
When ever Iím in the hallway at the foot of these stairs I always fell like there is someone behind me, the phone is in the hall and I canít sit and talk unless my back is against the wall or I spend the whole time looking over my shoulder. The second spirit I have never actually seen, he is a regular in the house noise wise.  We have a room at the foot of the stairs where we keep our piano.  We know at one time a german man lived in the house probably the 3rd last person before us.  He apparently also used to have a piano in that room but at a different wall.  Every night at around 10 minutes to one oíclock the scrapping of wood on wood can be heard in this room, Iím assuming heís slowly trying to change the position of the piano.  Its been happening since my parents moved into the house which was before I was born about 24 years ago.  Iím assuming heís been doing this for a while because when my parents got the house after the old lady who had lived there died that door was sealed shut with paint and had to be broken in.  This fellow is not very scary as this is all he does.
The third resident that Iím aware of is not as pleasant as the other two.  Maybe he was one of the residents of the old prison I donít know but I do know that it is a man.
I have encountered him on many occasions mostly in my bedroom.  Once while I was about 12 I was standing in front of the mirror in my bedroom pulling faces, as kids do, having tired of this I started to leave the room, just as I did so I heard a man hoarsely whisper for me to stay.  The rest of my family were downstairs.  He only succeeded in making fly down the stairs faster then I ever had before. The next time I heard him wasnít until about 2 years ago.  It was in the middle of the night and I wasnít really listening to him since he was only whispering so I couldnít make out what he had said.
I had 2 scary encounters with this man.  Once while I was in my brothers bedroom playing on his computer the hairs on my neck went up and I felt a shiver, I recognised ďthe someones comingĒ feeling I suppose you could call it and got up to leave the bedroom.  When I tried to open the door it was shut tight, strange since my house is very old so even if a door is closed and locked it still rattles loosely.  I got very scared and started to scream and shout while flinging myself against the door, after about 5 minutes the door swung open and I fell out since I was banging against it.  At the bottom of the stairs (which is directly infront of my brothers bedroom) stood my brother, he was telling me to shut up as he couldnít hear the television down stairs with my screaming.  I ran down convinced that he had locked me in and told my mum.  She however insisted that he had only left the room once and that was when he went to the bottom of the stairs to call me.
The second scary incident was when I was asleep.  I dreamed that a man was standing over me and was leaning on my chest restricting my breathing but not choking me.  Suddenly I woke up and everything was how Iíd dreamt it except I could no longer see the man but I could still faintly feel his hands.
Apart from all this Iíve experienced the usual, lights being turned on and off, footsteps, televisions being turned on and off etc.
I do think though that their presence makes my old rickety house way more interesting.

My Mothers House


-This story isn't about me, but it's about my mothers childhood home. My mother and I are very close and she often tells me stories about a house she lived in when she was my age. She lived with my Grandma and her 6 sisters. This house is located in Honeybrook, Pennsylvania. It's a big 3 story house. My grandma  now lives in Virginia. My family (my cousins and aunts and uncles) goes to visit her for 2 weeks every summer. I have a big family since my grandma had 7 daughters. I have 19 cousins all together. My cousin Josh and I are both 15 and are very close. One night last summer my family went out to eat and my cousin and I stayed at home with my grandma. We played video games for a while then I asked my grandma about the house they lived in. She said at night she would hear tapping sounds on the wall above her bed, and that the bathroom sink in her bedroom would often turn on by itself.  My aunt Loretta (Josh's mom) said that she used to see a little girl in her room at night playing with her toys and told my grandma about her. My grandma told us that she let Loretta sleep in her room, and she slept in Loretta's room. The first night she didn't see the little girl but the second night she did. She said she wasn't scared of the little girl at all. After that night more weird things started happening. There was only 4 girls living with my grandma at this time because my 3 oldest aunts had moved out and got married. My mom and my aunt Tracy shared a room, and my aunt Loretta and my aunt Rose had their own rooms because they were older. One night about a week after my granda seen the little girl, my aunt Rose came downstairs crying and asked if she could sleep downstairs. So my grandma let all the girls sleep downstairs that night and play since it was saterday night. At about 1:30am they all went upstairs screaming and woke my grandma up. They told her that they heard the pots and pans in the kitchen being moved around. Then they said the curtains in the living room started to open and close. So they all sat on my grandmas bed or awhile and they listened to the sounds downstairs. When my grandma heard them she decided it was time to move. She looked around for a new house and found one she liked. About a month later she was packed and ready to move. It was their last night at the house and my grandma was laying in bed trying to fall asleep. Then she heard he door creek open but it was to dark to see who it was. She figured it was one of the girls coming to lay with her so she waited for them to get on the bed, and about 15 seconds later the cover flew off her. She turned the light on but no one was there and the door was closed. I believe this story is true because my grandma is a very serious person...and I've heard the same exact story from all my aunts.

How can I ignore and trash the Unknown?


I have witnessed several incredible paranormal occurrences.  They continue to the present time and I can't describe enough how bewildered I am each time they occurred.  However, I still do not know what is in these occurrences for me.  Not knowing the why and the what for, my indifference and loss of interest in them have begun to set in.  But how can I completely ignore these occurrences if they are so bewildering!  On May 22, 2004, I had just installed a new lock to a damaged door.  To complete the job, the plywood skin at the bottom of the door which had peeled off the frame had to be glued back on.  I applied some glue, but the plywood skin stubbornly kept prying off.  I was able to hold down the skin at the corner of the door with a clamp but not along the width; there was not enough space between the bottom edge of the door and the floor for the clamp.  So it needed to be tacked in with at least three finishing nails.   In this work place, we buy materials as needed and do not stock supplies such as nails, so I did not know where to find the nails that I needed as I entered the shop.  There was a plastic bin about half filled with wall (sheet rock) nails which looked like newly bought.  They may have been an excess or left over from a recent wall repair job.  I was mumbling to myself I'd be lucky if I find three finishing nails in this bin of wall nails.  So I grabbed the wall nails in the bin two or three times, laid and spread them on the table and started searching for luck!  And luck there was!  I picked one piece of finishing nail after another three times during the search!  I was thankful and said I was glad you are with me again!  I set aside the three finishing nails, then grabbed the wall nails on the table and returned them into the bin may be two or three times.  I went back to the job with the three precious finishing nails and nailed the stubborn plywood skin.  However, the minute I removed the clamp from the corner of the door, the plywood skin would still pry itself off, glue and all!  So I needed one more finishing nail for the corner which was about 4 or 5 inches away from one of the three nails I had just hammered in.  I was already talking to myself where I would find this last piece of finishing nail as I again went downstairs and entered the shop.  I was sure the three nails I was so lucky to find after searching the first time were all there was among the wall nails.  So I said, you have to give me this one last nail if you are really with me!  Again I started grabbing the wall nails in the bin.  After two or three times doing this, the bin was almost empty but for a few pieces of wall nails.  As my fingers grasped these remaining wall nails, there it was, one lonely, last finishing nail was between my fingers!  I could not believe this incredible episode!  I was thankful and really bewildered (again), but had to go back to the door and finish the job.
To this writing I am still trying hard to convince myself that this incident is nothing out of the ordinary.  However I have yet to answer some questions lingering in my mind to do so.  Why is it that there were exactly 3 nails when I was looking for 3 nails that I needed the first time?  Where did these three nails come from?  Why were there no other kinds of nails in the bin?  If there had been, this would have meant that the bin contained all sorts of left over nails thrown into it - a very common way hardware materials, particularly nails, are kept in any residential or commercial maintenance shops and therefore, the presence of the finishing nails would leave nothing to ponder over.  What about the last, lonely finishing nail that I desperately needed to complete the job?  Could it be that I did not look hard enough in the bin the first time I searched?  Why didn't it appear the first time?  And here again, why were there 4 finishing nails in the bin, exactly what the door needed, and not 0 or 5 or more?  Lastly, if the wall nails that were in the bin were newly bought, what is the probability that 4 finishing nails would be mixed with them at the time that they were bought and sacked at the hardware store?  Wouldn't it be perhaps 1 in 4 million or more?  What answers to these questions will convince me that this episode can be nailed as nothing but an uneventful coincidence?  Please email me some answers.  It will help clear uncertainties and anxiety.  So, how can I ignore and trash this incident and the Unknown?

Fullerton Ca Ghost


Having graduated from college, I moved to Fullerton, CA to take a new employment position with an
engineering company.  I moved into an apartment just south of Cal State Fullerton and started experiencing things immediately.
The weirdest room in the apartment was the bathroom.  Everyone who went into it
jokingly commented that they felt they were being watched.  It was so bad that you really didnít want to close your eyes while in the shower.
On two occasions, there was an outbreak of flies in just the bedroomÖthey would not go into any other room.  There was no trash or fruit left out or new plants brought in that might explain such
an occurrence.  I killed the flies and cleaned the carpet and drapes but they returned once again about three months later.
The next thing that began happening is the gas wall heater would seeming come on by itself in the
middle of summer.  About three times a week, I would return home from work to find the heater knob turned to high and the apartment blazing hot.  This went on until I moved.
A friend of mine moved in temporarily while he was looking for a job.  Since it was only a one bedroom apartment, he was sleeping in the living room  on the couch.  One night I heard him talking and went out to investigate.  I asked him who he was talking to and he said ďyouĒ.  I told him that I had been in bed and he said that I had been standing right in front of him in the darkened living room.  Because the room was so dark, he thought it was me and was asking what I wanted.  On a couple of other occasions, he would swear that he saw a shadow moving by the dining area and going
into the kitchen. I didnít own a kitchen table and put a desk in the dining area by the front door.  There were two wall lights behind the  desk and I would put my small drafting board on top of them to get it out of the way.  Because the walls were so flimsy,
the board would fall down onto the desk periodically when someone used the front door.  On one occasion, two friends of mine joined my roommate and I on a weekend outing.  As we left the apartment, the drawing board crashed down onto the table and I commented not to worry about it.  When we returned later, my roommate and I went upstairs and the other two people were in the parking lot.  When we entered the apartment, the drawing board was back up on the wall on top of one
of the lights.  We ran to the window to get the attention of my friends and tell them what happened.  As we called down to them, a pillow on the couch located on the adjacent wall was thrown across the apartment toward the front door.  The apartment manager was not very helpful and I didnít want him to think I was crazy.  I moved out very shortly after the pillow incident and have never experienced anything even remotely similar.

My Aunt Came Back


As children growing up in Texas, we had a great Aunt we called NaNa.  She had no children, so she treated us like we were her own.  She lived in Laredo and we lived 150 miles north in San Antonio, so anytime she came over for her monthly visits was a grand treat in itself.  We always knew that as long as she was there with us, our pockets were always lined with change and our sweet-tooths were always satisfied.  About 9 years ago, it was determined that she was getting too ill to be making trips back and forth, so we arranged for her to stay at my parent's house the remainder of her days.  She took over my room and I happily resided in the living room.  By this time I was a Junior in High School, so I was able to research the illness that took over her.  In the end, she died peacefully of her complications due to Diabetes, but it was still a tremendous loss.  The funeral was in Laredo about a week later.
This past Friday, Memorial Day Weekend '04, I was in San Antonio from Dallas visiting family and friends. On Friday, my buddies decided to go to Mexico to enjoy cheap drinks and relive old partying rituals.  The trek down to Mexico was fun as always.  Old stories and beer cans were passed around as we made the 2 and a half hour trek south.  As we passed through Laredo, a somber feeling came over me.  I started to remember my Aunt, for whom I never came to lay flowers on her grave.  It had been almost 9 years since she was buried, and I never once made the effort to come pay my respects or lay a wreath on her grave, and now here I was, at a moments notice, loaded in a van with friends to enjoy cheap drinks and women.
On Saturday morning we were enjoying breakfast at my parent's home.  My parents, and my two younger brothers were talking and enjoying each others' company when I caught a white headed lady figure walk from the living room to my old bedroom.  I even heard the sounds of her slippers rubbing against the hardwood flooring.  What is strange is that my brother heard it too. At first I thought it was my grandmother, who like my aunt Nana (they were sisters), had white hair.  I got up to see if it was my grandparents, and realized we were alone in the house!  My aunt Nana must have come back home! The next night while trying to fall asleep on the sofa, I heard dragging footsteps all night long, from my bedroom to the kitchen.  My Aunt Nana had come home, and apparently, she was very thirsty!

Several Encounters


Hi, I am 20 years old, and my sister is big into the "hauntings" and "spirits."  She works as a Haunted Tour Guide for Houston and tells me stories about several feelings she came across while at work.  Being the way I am, I became very interested in listening to her for several reasons.  My first real encounter, I would say would be when I lived with my mom over my senior year of high school.  My Mom and her husband at the time would tell me about people seeing colored children and mothers standing in the hall way.  They said that before the house was built, it used to be a plantation.  Well, one night I was up late and I thought I saw a figure of a little girl wearing a run-down dress in the corner of the livingroom.  Then, when I looked back, it was gone.  So, at the time I just shrugged it off.  Well, I have not had any encounters since about 6 months ago, when we moved into a rental house.  It is a highrise home with outside stairs to get up to the front door.  Come to find out, it was our landlords house when gro ng up.  The downstairs portion where our washer and dryer is, used to be a slaugther house for cows.  (kinda creepy if you ask me)  Well, after we first moved in here, late at night we would hear footsteps coming up the stairs outside.  One night, my husband was watching tv in the livingroom and he woke me abruptly to get a shot gun, because he heard foot steps coming up the stairs and onto the porch.  The top stair is very distinct, b/c it is partially broke, so it creaks when you walk up it.  He went outside and saw nothing.  Then, a few days later, the light in my bedroom burned out.  I thought nothing of it but was out of money and lightbulbs, so we just did not use it and used the lamp in our room.  Well, it was burned out for about a week, and around early morning, not sure of the time really, the light turned on flourescent waking up my husband and me.  It was unusual, because I could sleep through a tornado or sunlight, but it woke me up.  Chris turned the light off and looked and it was indeed burned out.  Could a ghost be doing this?  Now for my last encounter.  This one is really special to me due to the circumstances.  My husbands Cat of 10 years died earlier this month due to bladder complications.  Chris brought him home after taking him to the vet to be put to sleep for they could not help him.  Chris loved on the cat and buried him in the front yard toward the fence to the pasture.  I was very torn apart since this cat was my bestfriend over the past 2 years.  He would always love on me and paw my bed when he wanted to be loved on.  Later that night, Chris was on the couch, and I was laying in the bed crying, and all of a sudden it felt like a cat jumped on my bed.  I looked to see if it was the other cat, and nothing was there.  The other cat was in the livingroom with my husband.  I called my sister and asked if it could be wee wee.  She talked to her boss and said it pr ally was.  Well, after telling my husband, he got upset and told me to just let the cat go and be in peace.  I have done so for about a month now, and last night my husband and I got into a fight, and I was sitting on the bed toward the headboard and crying.  All of a sudden I felt a pounce on the bed and it felt like a cat walking and pawing the covers.  I turned around to pet Bubba, the other cat, and he was not there.  I all of a sudden got a rush of happiness and I emailed my sister to tell her my story.  She told me it could really be my husbands cat trying to comfort me like he always did when I cried.  I am not the only person who has felt his presence.  My mother in law has felt it on her bed too... she lives with us.  I now really believe that ghosts are about this house and that my husbands cat is still here


An Ethereal Presence


 Ghost Story


Though I have not have a paranormal experience in quite awhile, I wanted to
write about a few that I have had in my lifetime. When I was younger, about 8
or 9 I suppose, my Mom and I use to hear a baby crying in our old house (not
where I live now) When everyone would go to bed, I use to hear a tapping noise
every night. When I told my parents, they thought it was due to an overreactive
imagination, but I defintely know that I heard it. I never did investigate it
though....suppose at 9 I was a bit to scared to go down into the basement
where I heard it!! Supposedly Indians lived where my old house was built, so who
One of the best experiences I had was one afternoon I was sitting in the
living room with my Mom. I was sitting on the couch so that I could see down the
hallway. At the time I was not looking at the hallway and I heard my Mom say
'Oh look, we have a visitor' and I thought she meant someone in the drive way.
When I turned around to look at her and looked down the hallway, I saw the
white, misty form float from my Mom's room to mine. It didn't really have legs or
even a body really....just a misty white form. It didn't even seem to notice
us. My Mom (as well as other women in my family) had the ability to be
sensitive. Relatives have visited my Mom, Grandmother and my Aunt.
When I was in college, I remember one night I was driving my boyfriends car
back to his house. It was about a 45 minute drive and it was the dead middle of
winter. All of a sudden, the car just filled up with the smell of fresh
flowers. As if it was the middle of summer!!! This happened a couple of times as
well in my apartment.
In the fall of 2001 my best friend was killed in a tragic car accident and I
took his death very hard. But the interesting thing was, about four months
after his death, my room in the apartment would always be very cold. Every other
room would be warm or comfortable. I remember saying 'Ok Harley, I know you
are here...could we make it warm now!' And instantly the room would warm up.
I've had other experiences with him as well, but that's for another submission.
Thanks for listening.

Ghostly Presences


Living in a flat built in 1990 and myself being the first and only tenant,
it seems an unusual location to have Ghostly phenomena but that's what we¹ve
got. We¹ve had the usual stuff like things that we¹ve just put down go
missing and turn up days later, a spate of light bulbs blowing, the
occasional barely audible disembodied voice etc., but over recent weeks it
has been getting stronger and more often and now we are getting actual
manifestations. It doesn¹t seem to be evil or malevolent, the cat often
looks at things we can¹t see, but never raises it¹s hackles (I know that
cats often seem to look at things we can¹t see and that's normal cat
behavior but our Bearded Dragon does the same, moves her head as if someone
has just walked into the room) The main Ćthing¹ is a ĆPresence¹ that stands
near our bedroom door, basically it¹s just a shadowy figure about 5¹ tall,
it gives us (myself and my partner) the impression of being female, it just
seems to watch us while we¹re sleeping, it doesn¹t seem to want to harm us
but it just feels uncomfortable and creepy. Then myself and my partner have
both seen a humanoid Ćshape¹ pass our bathroom door heading to the front
door of the flat, I have had this experience many many times, and have
always shrugged it off. Until yesterday when my partner Sarah said she had
seen it while brushing her teeth, (which is when I usually see it) However I
have only got a very brief glimpse of a indistinct shadowy figure passing by
rapidly, Sarah had a much better sighting and gave me a fuller description,
a woman, possibly the same figure that stands by the bedroom door, early
middle age, about 5¹ tall and in monochrome like black and white television.
Who this figure is I can¹t explain, It does not appear to be a family member
or friend who has gone on, not one we can identify anyway. There has been no
previous buildings on the site, it was waste ground on the edge of a housing
estate built in the Ć70s and had been orchards before that. The only idea I
can come up with is that as Sarah is pregnant, it may be some kind of
ĆGuardian¹ for the child, it is also well known that ĆSpirits are drawn to
children as born out by the many many photographs of children with orbs and
suchlike in them. This is not the only ghost we have, I have seen my dog,
who died back in February aged 14, sitting on our bed as I walked into the
bedroom, I didn¹t think this was strange at all, I was used to Ceilidh
sitting on the bed, I didn¹t really take much notice, then I suddenly
remembered that she was dead, and of course she wasn¹t there anymore. Sarah
has also seen an indistinct but colourful apparition on our ceiling right
above my head, which she described as being Goblinlike. While these
intrusions are sometimes a bit uncomfortable, I do not feel scared (yet) and
only want to see if they intensify in the coming weeks.

Great Aunt and Uncle


I purchased a home that my great uncle had owned for more than 70 years.
Two years later I was helping a neighbor fix their bathroom. My
neighbors wife went to my house to use my bathroom  because hers was not
available. When she came back she described a man that had been standing
in the hallway. She described a young version of my great uncle, and
since he was young years before I was born I wasn't sure was to say to
her. Later my mother found a picture of my great uncle that exactly
matched the man my friend had seen.
Later on when I was gutting the for the house, prior to restoration,  I
met my great aunt. I was tearing out the plaster above the space where
her sewing machine was. Anyone who has  bashed  plaster knows that it
has a bad smell, but when I was hammering the ceiling and dust and dirt
was flying, I smelled a strong perfume smell and I knew my great aunt
was there.
The house is in Frenchtown, NJ , and the ghosts never appeared after
those two incidents

Haunted Church


I am a thirteen-year-old kid from a small town in the North East of England. Everyone who I've told my ghost stories to have told me I'm weird, but they are true.
At the bottom of the estate where I live, there is a methodist church which has been abandoned for roughly five years. The inscription on the front reads 'Primitive Methodist Chapel 1886' (I think it's 1886) and primitive is the word. It is in a very poor state of repair. Anyway, there is no graveyard directly connected with the chapel, but next door is a bar, then there is a street down to some more houses, and then a river. Just along from the river is a graveyard which is upon a site where there was a church until World War 2 when it was demolished by enemy fire. The graveyard is the only connection I can think of as to why ghosts have appeared. I have to pass this chapel every day on my way to school and almost every day I see a ghostly shape looking in a frustrated way at the surroundings. I always sense that it is angry, but do not believe that it is an evil spirit. I remember when the church was open that there was a ghost in the same place, but it had the shape of a young woman looking sadly at the graveyard. After the church closed and it started to deteriorate, the figure slowly diminished to just a smoky form, and it's attitude definately changed, but it is still there as strong as ever.
Once, some friends of mine broke into the old church as a dare. They forced me to come with them. They led the way right up to the top and all seemed ok. Then in the topmost section, I saw the ghost looking out of the windows. None of my friends could see it but they all muttered that they felt uneasy. Suddenly and with speed impossible for any ordinary being, it turned, saw us and shouted in a deep, scary voice that echoed around the room to get out. All of us felt our hair stand on end. The ghost kept shouting and I am positive there was a force pushing us back. I never wanted to be there in the first place and quickly ran out, with one of my other friends following. We got out and ran all the way up the estate to my house and stood in my bedroom shaking. Soon another one of my mates came in white as a ghost and said that the other kid had been picked up and thrown around the room, and then dropped out of the window. I did not believe him (well, would you?) but as I went to school the next day there was indeed a hole in the window big enough to have a person come through. The kid was off school for weeks with severe head pains but x rays said he was ok. I don't know what he told his parents. All three of these other kids refused to talk about this except the first time we all met up again, just talking about what happened. All three have since moved out of town so I can't discuss it more.
My house I believe is not haunted. However I do think a ghost occasionally visits it. Sometimes there are inexplicable cold spots. I don't know if any of you know of the TV show Robot Wars (or Battlebots). A year or two ago me and a friend were really into it and were building robots for fun out of cardboard, and battling them by ramming into each other etc, using pens and fake bullets for axes and two fake bullets on a circle bit of cardboard for a spinning disc (quite powerful). Well one night I propped up a cardboard panel to be used for repairs to Megalomaniac 2 (one of our best ones) by the side of my bed. When I woke up it was at the foot of my bed, under the covers. Neither of my parents had been in my bedroom that night. Also one of the 'robots' had been slashed by the spinning disc during the night time more than once.
There are some other stories which I haven't time to describe. No-one knows about these (especially not my parents - I don't think they'd approve of me breaking into the church) but I guess you lot know now.

Finally Got My Chance


All my life I have wanted to "see" something supernatural, well, I got my chance--finally!  On May 30,2004 I was in bed alone I started to hear a "hissing" like noise and thought it was the fan that was on in the room.  I looked at the fan and focused my hearing on it, it sounded normal.  I layed back down and began hearing the "hissing" again, this time it grew louder and more frantic.  I looked up and saw a dark, shadowy type being with a band of glowing orange around the top of it's head.  The being was about 8 feet tall (my ceilings are 9 feet).  The hissing grew very lound and frantic, almost changing to a growl.  Was this a ghost, a "shadow-person" or a demon?  My only explanation was that I was halucinating.  See, I enjoyed a glass of Absinthe before retiring.  But, it was TOO real!

My First Ghost Experience


I have been seeing ghost since I was at least 9 or 10. But I have many experiences but I will tell you the first time I saw one and the dream that I had which I believe was what opened my mind to that side. I will try and tell this as short as possible.
We just moved my new bedroom set down from my grandparents house and my grandma gave us a old box full of pics of family members from back when to now..but anyways. I was sleeping one night and I had this very intense dream..I had a dream that I was walking through what looked like a mine shaft or some big industrial building, and I remember seeing all these workers working on the side and I remember seeing at least 5 or 6 of some of the faces and they were all men and I remember on looking up at me and he smiled and went back to his business and well one of the guys pulled my arm and told me not go through that door cause it was haunted.. but I ignored him and kept on going and the hallway that I was in was never ending it seemed like. And in front of me I could see what looked like a hazy figure. And as I kept on walking it seemed like I could never reach her. And then the figure started to get more and more clearer and finally it shaped into a women, and she was floating and e had no feet and she had a white dress on and she had her hair pulled back and it was wavy and she had these big brown eyes and her face was shiny and pale..and then she started coming to me and she grabbed my arm and she was trying to pull me with her and then she started screaming bloody murder! And I was trying to get away..then I woke up.. A couple of night later I always had my lights turned off and well I woke up and I was sleeping with my head away from my bathroom but I could see that the light was on and so when I turned around I saw the same women that was in my dream floating in my bathroom and the light was coming from her and she had this peachy white light around her and she was smiling at me and I was so scared so I closed my eyes and she would not leave until I was asleep. And so after that I would close my bathroom door at night and well one night I was crying and I cried myself to sleep (I can't remember why) and well in the middle of the night I woke up and I saw her standing right by my bed and she was rubbing my leg and telling me that everything is ok! I could feel her hand on my leg rubbing my leg! and she smiled and stayed there until I went to sleep. That is the last I saw of her but I always feel like she is always there. Bu that is not the end of  her....
After all of this happened I told my mom and she thought I was crazy and was just making it up cause hey I was 9 at the time...and well she wanted me to go and get that old box of pics so we could look at and so I did, well when we were looking through them I saw this pic of the same women I saw in my dreams!!! I have never seen the pic before and I did not know she was related to me.. anyways I told my mom and she was like are you sure and I was like yes! and we kept on going through and I came across the pic of these 5 or 6 guys and well they were the guys from my dream in the hallway working on the side and the pic is of them with my great great grandfather and in the back ground they worked in a found y and in the back you could see a hallway that was like in my dreams and my great great grandfather was the guy that looked up and smiled at me....(I did not know that at the time until I told my mom that he was the one that smiled at me and she said that he was my great great maybe 3 greats grandfather and come to find out that the women I saw was his sister!) So I still have those pics and I love the fact that they watch over me.
Sorry this is long but I will send some more stories if you want... Thanks for reading (you can post this if you want :) )

Was it an Accident?


My name is Wouter and I live in Belgium.
I have stumbled on your page in search of some relaxed reading about interesting stuff. I must say that your page is very interesting to read and even though I am very sceptical about ghosts and paranormal things, doesn't mean I deny that they exsist.
I might interest you with a story that has just happened. it's about ghosts but not about a haunting. I told it to a few friends and they all thought it was either 'freaky' or 'silly'.
ANyway, here it goes,:
I am 26 now and in januari my two best friends died in 2 weeks time. The deaths were completely unrelated, one committed suicide, and one died of a natural cause (a coronary vain attack). At least, that's what the family, the police and his friends wanted me to believe. The person's boyfriend, he was gay, and me, for knowing that he was gay, were kept away from everything cause the friends and parents hated him. The night of my friend's death the boyfriend had horrible nightmares of the boy shouting for help and dying.
We all accepted the facts even thought we had a feeling something was not right. In march, two months later, In a completely unrelated conversation I received the business card of a policeofficer whom I had to do an interview with concerning my dissertation (I am a last year student). Unfortunately I lost the card and couldn't contact the officer anymore.
This seems unrelated, but here it comes. begin may I start having dreams about my deceased friend again, nice dreams, but somehow preparing me for something. In that week the businesscard falls out of my diary, even though I've searched it completely after I've lost the card, and never found it back. I've contacted the officer and asked him to have the interview he promised me 2 months earlier. He was more than happy to talk with me, so we made an appointment the day after.
I went to talk with the man and it was a good interview, but, like it always seems to go, we wandered of the subject and started talking about other things. I still don't know how we got to the subject about my friend, but he turned out to be the officer who was leading the research concerning his death. The officer allowed me to read te policefile (which is of course strictly forbidden, but he saw that I still suffered and missed my friend so much) and I found out what really happened. His death was not a natural cause at all, but a mysterious accident of which they didn't find out whether it was murder of suicide. Me knowing my friend very well, knew that it was not suicide, as he lived for the day and really worked at his future.. Unfortunately the officer didn't believe me as my word is no proof and that was the end of the interview.
Being back home I could call his boyfriend and informed him about what really happened to our friend, and for us both it was some kind of relief to know what really happened.. But we will unfortunately never know who did that to our dear friend, who was the sweetest, nicest person I have ever known in my life. Even my girlfriend couldn't comfort me in this difficult period.
Being a pragmatic mind, it's difficult to think about what happened.. but it all seemed to fit too well to be a coïncidence. Did my friend try to let me know what happened so I could inform his boyfriend? this is a haunting, as you can read.. but just a true story about ghosts and real friendship I suppose.
I mailed this to you cause you people are interested in this. I wish you all the luck with your investigations and with your homepage/community.

#1 Side Road


Iíve always had a healthy respect and interest in the spirit world. Iíve been reading the stories on the web site for many years now and never thought I would have a story to tell. Although throughout my life Iíve secretly wanted to have ghostly experiences, I also feared the unknown and wasnít sure how I would react if I every came face-to-face with a spirit. I can say that I still donít know the answer to that question because I havenít had a face-to-face experience, as of yet. Anyway, on to my story. Just this past February (04) I was driving home from work. I was using the country sideroads as I often did because the traffic in this area is always heavy and slow. Let me also mention that I grew up driving these sideroads and used them frequently during the last 7 years going to and from my work and have never seen anything out of the ordinary until this evening. It was getting dark as it does in February in Canada between 5:30 Ė6:00 p.m. but not yet pitch black. I was driving behind two other cars and only going about 60 km (40 mph for you yanks) when I noticed something come out of the field on the passenger side just in front of the first car. I know that they saw it because their brake lights came on. As it reached the side of the road I initially thought it was an animal but then it seemed to be very tall, skinny and black (shadow). I saw it reach the side of pavement and commence to cross the road but did not see it cross in front or into the first car in line. I have to mention that this happened so quickly that it was only when reviewing the sequence of events in my mind I was able to determine exactly what I was seeing. I didnít think too much about it except that I did mention it to my daughter when I got home that I saw something strange on the drive home. It was only a few days later that I was reading more stories on your web site when I came across another personís experience on this very same road - #1 Side Road, Burlington, Ontario. You see there is an infamous serial killer here in Canada by the name of Paul Bernardo who dumped the body of one of his victims in the brush at the side of this road. I think what I saw that night was her spirit maybe revisiting the scene where she was dumped by that brutal animal. Kristen rest in peace, we love you.
Thank you for letting me tell my story.  Your site is wonderful.  Don't stop now!

Ghostly Cats?and Spooky Music


This is about some wierd experinces my family and I had In an old house we rented from1985-1988.This house was over 100 years old and was one of the oldest homes in EastLynn.It had not been lived in for three years before we rented it.Not long after moving in,my husband and I began to notice these small cat like animals drifting around low to the floors and usally hanging close to the walls.
At first we thought they were rats or opossoms but when we would try to get close to them they would dissapear.Sometimes they would go behind the TV or other fufniture and no matter how fast we would run after them they would be gone when you looked into the're hiding place,even though we never saw them run out.
They never made any noise,even a little mouse will make a small scurring sound when it runs.I knew for sure it was ghostly the day I was rocking my two year old son to sleep and one of them drifted right across the living room.I got a clear look at it this time,it was a dark blackish brown color and it was shaped a lot like a cat.It just floated right by us,its feet touched the floor but seemed to skim over it,not making a sound.There was no gait or body movment,like shoulders swaying or tail swishing.My son saw it and yelled''A doggie'' as he called all animals doggies.So I knew it was'nt my husbands and my imaginations,it drifted on into the kitchen doorway and vanished right before our eyes.
We lived there for about four years and we saw these things quite a bit.For the first two years our only pet was a large elkhound mix then we added a solded black cat to our family,She did not look like the cat thihgs we had always seen,She was much bigger and her pretty,shining black fur was nothing like the dull mottled colors on those things,so there was no way we could have just saw our pets moving quickly threw the house and thought they were something else.
Another interesting thing about this house is that the lower back part of it is built into the cliff behind it.Thats the reason we moved,water started to trickle down the back part of the living room and kitchen wall.It got so bad that the floord stayed damp all the time.Anyway,I've read theres something about rock and water causing portels and elemental spirts use them.So we moved and an old man bought the place,I don't know if he saw anything or not.He was a recluse and did'nt have anything to do with anybody.The house burned down in 2000,nothing is left but the outside storage building,by the way ,we never saw those cat things in there or outdoors.
The other spooky place we lived in,in EastLynn WV was on the left fork of LynnCrk rd,This all happened in 1996-99.Behind this trailer we rented was a hill and on this hill was the Lewis Cemetery and there was also another cemetary that was removed when the East Lynn Lake was built because the goverment bought that part of the mountain.Well,not long after moving there I started to hear muisic coming from upon the hill.I didn't think much of it at the time,I figured it was kids partying and hanging out up there.I did think it odd that the music sounded like gospel and bluegrass,most kids like rock or rap for partying.My husband said it was probably coon orfox hunters so I didn't think anymore about it,other than wishing they;d shutup.[I cant sleep when any kind of music is playing,]
Then winter came and even though it wohld be below 0 and snowing so bad that the roads were even closed a few times we could still hear that muisc.Then one evening my oldest sons friend and his girl friend came over with a ouja board she'd gotten for Christmas.They knew I had had previous expierinces with the ouja and they wanted help working it.So we began to work the board,we imedatly made contact with a liile girl named Cassie Ramey .She said she died at age three because she was shot or didn't have her shots[later she said it was no shots]she gave us her birth and death dates,they were in the early 1920s but I cant recall the exact dates.The next spring we were all walking our dogs on thehill behind the house,We took the road on the left,oposite direction of the Lewis Cemetery.None of us had been this way before as the road is pretty rough and muddy most of the time.Not far into this area signs proclaiming it to be part of East Lynn Lake appeared,then we found where the old cemetery had been.There were deeep indentations in the ground where the graves had been disintered and filled back up,pieces of old gravestones were lying around and over the bank we found Cassie Ramey's complete headstone.The dates matched the ouja had told us,next we tried to find where she had been moved to.The ouja kept spelling Vaughn but when we went to the Vaughn cemetery she wasn't there.Then I remembered that the new gov.cemetery was near a garage owened by Vaughns,so we went there and after a long while of looking[its a big cemetery]we found it.Shes on the right half of the cemetery near the drive about half way up.Quet a few other children are burried near her,it makes you wonder if there was some sort of epidemic back then.If anybody knows anything about this little girl or has simular experinces please email me



To preface this experience, I am psychic and have experienced paranormal events since childhood; below is one that I think would be of interest.
North Carolina / Smokey Mountains 1961
My Mother and I moved to a home that was built by her Father in the late 1920s.  It was built on the side of a hill where there had been an Indian massacre in the 1800s.  The whole property was considered holy ground by the Cherokee Indians.
My Grandfather died in 1940; my Motherís step-Mother died in 1948; there are no other records of any deaths in the house other than these individuals.
August of 1961 I arrived in North Carolina and my room was located on the second floor in what was my grandmotherís bedroom.  During the night, my bed was pushed and a voice said, ďWhy are you in my house?Ē  Knowing only my Mother and I were in the house I said, ďBecause I belong here, I am a Keys.Ē  Whatever it was left the room.
After getting settled in the local school, a group of us decided to have quilting bees every Friday night.  One Friday night the weather got bad and the other girls stayed over.  My Mother was out of the house that evening and had called to say that the roads were bad and she was staying in Asheville.  All of us were having after dinner coffee and all of a sudden footsteps were heard coming down the stairs.  I went to the staircase, turned on the light and no one was there.  I went upstairs and looked through all the rooms and nothing was there.  Went back downstairs and our conversations continued, but this time I left the living room door open to observe the staircase.  Well, we were all talking and again the footsteps started down the steps and a female voice said, ďToni, itís time for bed.Ē  I got up and looked up the staircase and no one was there, but the hallway and staircase were cold.  I looked at the clock and it was 11:50PM  which was on normal nights past my bedtime.
This was, needless to say, unsettling since rumors about the house were all about hauntings.
Well, brave hearts that we were, we decided to have a séance.  We used a break board and it commenced tapping yes and no answers, but when we asked if the house was haunted, the bread board lifted up and came down hard, 2 paintings fell off the wall and the hallway light went out.
All of us left the house and slept in our cars.  My Mom came in the next morning to find us in cars and inquired as to why; we told her.  She smiled and said that nothing can hurt you and we should have gone to bed.
I eventually got married much to the disappointment of my Dad (parents are divorced).  After I had been married for 6 months, my husband and I were living in the house with my dog.  The house was big and required constant cleaning which included the wrap porch.
The day was August 24, 1963 and it was a hot day.  The house was built that if all windows were open, the house had a constant cooling in the summer and was warm in the winter.   I was mopping the porch and my dog came running outside screaming and the smell of fear was beyond comprehension.  I immediately thought, mouse.  I picked up the broom and went up the stairs.
At the top of the stairs, the hallway went around the staircase and every room opened off the hallway.  At the rear of the staircase were windows and my desk.  The windows were closed.
I reached the top of the stairs and it was ice cold and I immediately thought, ďokay, here we go Ė itís too hot for it to be this coldĒ.  I turned around and saw a shadow of a man literally moving papers around on my desk.  The shadow set one paper aside.  I said, ďHello, what can I help you with?Ē  The shadow turned and looked at me, pointed to the paper and disappeared.  The hallway became hot and I felt that that paper was very important so, I went to the desk and it was a letter from my Father telling me he didnít approve of my marriage and said he didnít think it would last a year (it didnít).  That night, my husband was awakened by something shaking his side of the bed and a manís voice said, ďGet out of this house, you are not wanted here.Ē  This went on for several weeks and my husband moved to his Motherís house.

A Story from Delaware


Hey. My names Jenna. I'm 15 years old and I live in Delaware. I have had a couple of experiences with ghosts. I'm only going to share a few with you because I'm sure you have many other stories.
-As some of you will notice from my E-mail address, I'm a huge fan of the band Insane Clown Posse. My room is covered in posters, I have all their CDs and I have 5 different T-shirts with their logos on them. I only just moved to Delaware recently and I just got my room set up. Well anyways, I was sitting in my room listening to ICP and playing X-men on my playstation one night and I had my window open half way and I had some of my ICP cd cases set up on the seal sort of like a display. Somehow the window closed by itself and basically ruined my cases. So, I moved them onto the second shelf in my closet. I went to get them a couple days later to see what number a certain song was and they weren't there. I asked my dad and my step brother if they had them...which i highly doubted because both of them hate ICP. They told me they didn't so I went back to my room to look around. Then about 4 days later on a Saterday night my step brother, Chris took me to the movies and out to dinner. We got home around 10:30pm. I went up to my room to find 3 of my ICP shirts in the trash can and my favorite poster ripped off the wall. I was kind of freaked out by this point, but I cleaned it up and layed down. I had my headphones on listening to ICP of course and I looked over to see my closet door swaying just a little bit. I didn't have my windows open nor did I have the fan on. I turned my light on and went over to see if maybe my dog was in there and when I opened the door...there layed my CD cases. I'm not sure if this is my imagination or if I have a host who doesn't share the same interest in music as me.
-Okay this it the last one, I promise. Anyway...I've never really been a girly girl. I've never played with barbies and I've always had a fear of dolls. I used to think they were possessed and on a mission to get my soul. My family and friends knew this and never joked about it. Well like I said I just recently moved to Delaware and the only people living in this house is My dad, His new wife, My step brother and myself. My step mom doesn't have any dolls and she knows that I hate them. Well I went in the basement one day to wash my laundry and there was a glass doll with blonde hair and bright blue eyes sitting on the dryer. I screamed and ran up the steps to yell at whoever did that to me. They all promised me that they didn't put it there, and when my dad went to get it and throw it away it wasn't there. He came up the steps and asked me if I was positive I saw one because there was nothing on the dryer. So I thought maybe I was seeing things. A couple days later I was getting a towel out of the hall closet and there she was again. So I said out loud if there was someone else living in the house with us..if they could please knock it off with the doll thing. I never seen it again, but every now and then my step mom finds little toys in the strangest places. So we know that this ghost is a little girl...and besides the whole doll thing I'm kind of happy to have another younger girl in the house with me. If you have any comments or advice for my first story you can email me at

Florida Haunts


We moved here when I was 7, going on 8yrs old. We ALL would see shadows of people walking down the hall, a man in a suit in particular.  I always felt like something was chasing me down the one end was the air conditioner closet, at the other end was the bathroom with a huge mirrored cabinet.

Things got weird. It would get cold. It all started when I was 8 and continued until age 18 when I finally moved out.  I'd turn on every light. I'd see things quickly go under or out from under my bed...couldn't make them out. I'd see something in the mirrow reflection when going to the hall bathroom...chasing me...I actually screamed and slammed the
door (I was 16 and a girlfriend was with me babysitting my younger brother...she came running). ALL of my friends..even from church... felt very uneasy in the house.

One time we went on vacation to MO, and the lady next door came over to feed our animals. She stayed the night one night ( can't remember why...) and she awoke to see a spirit looking over her. She said it got VERY cold when she went into the house to feed our dogs....   she ewas so scared, she filled two huge bowls with dog food and refused to ever go into our house again, even if we were home!!

I had a dream one night in which I was awakened by voices coming from the A/C closet... a female saying, "Should we do it now?" and a male answering, "No, not yet." I awoke with my hand numb.

AFTER my dad passed away, things got worse... except the only place that felt "SAFE" was the masterbedroom where he used to sleep.  It was the only room in the house that felt safe. I used to have weird nightmares about demons and supernatural stuff, too...and would frequently awake sitting straight up or screaming....    The people who bought the house after us still live in it... I've never ventured back to ask if they've had any problems like that.   We did learn that a man hung himself in one of the rooms.

Virginia Haunts


When I was about four years old, I shared a room with my baby brother.
He had one of those punching bag clowns with the sand-weighted bottoms
(they call them "boppers" today). I used to feel like something was following me in the halls (this happened to me again when we moved to another state).

I went to bed (I had those child safety rails on my bed) and the clown punching bag was about 6 ft or more from my bed--nearer to my brother's crib.  I was trying to go to sleep, but was scared, and saw the bag start to sway. I covered my head. I then heard scraping noise (we were in an tile-floor apartment) and I looked from under the sheet and saw the bag CLOSER to my bed! It happened again and was only about 2 feet from my bed. I turned to face the wall and covered my head with the sheet, scared to death.   I then FELT something rub my left side. I tried to scream but couldn't. I started praying for God to protect me and it finally went away.

I have not allowed those things in my house since. I am grown and have kids of my own, and they have never had a clown punching bag. To this day I do not like clowns and don't have any type of knick knacks or anything with clowns on them.

Michigan Haunts


When I was a child I lived on a base in MI. My older brother and I would always hear voices calling our names. I'd go to wherever my mom was and say, "What?, Did you call me?" and she'd say, "No." I used to see shadows of people walking by or sitting next to me and when I looked, they weren't there. My father told my mother after a couple years that HE saw them too, but he didn't "go for that" kind of stuff, so he had kept quiet about it.

I saw a black cat jump from couch to chair (we had no cats, I was allergic to them).  I awoke one night to see my dolls playing catch with each other!!  I always felt like something was chasing me down the hallway.

Shortly before we moved (or after my dad confessed he was seeing things, too) my father did some investigation and was told that our housing (base housing) was built on top of an old Indian burial ground.  None of the spirits there ever harmed any of us, just made us feel uneasy and like we were "losing our minds" seeing things and hearing things.

My Familyís Experience


I don't even know where to begin.  I guess I will start out by saying that in 1979 my family moved into a house....2xxxx Lehigh in Michigan.  My mother said that the first strange thing she remembered was having some friends over late one evening and there was a loud steady knocking noise that lasted about 5 seconds that came from the upstairs (which was my parents bedroom).  She said that she looked at my dad (who heard it also) and hoped no one would ask what it was because she had no idea.  That was the first strange thing.  Over the years many other unexplainable things happened.  My mom would feel someone lay there hand down firmly on her shoulder when she was doing the dishes ( this would happen on a regular basis) , she would feel something touching her leg at night while laying in bed.  She would often see something out of the corner of her eye while in the living room, like someone was standing in the hallway.  She said this is the only place that she would think she saw something, it was always in the hallway.  We always had electrical problems in our house.  I know this sounds sick but there was an area in the hallway where a group of houseflies congregated and would fly in a tornado like pattern.  We could not get rid of them.  The furnace broke down nothing ever worked right.  My mom was in the kitchen with a friend one day and a glass coffee cup sitting on the counter burst and shattered by itself.  It was not touching anything and it was not near anything that was hot or anything like that.  I remember as a kid being in the basement with my mom doing the laundry, my mom went upstairs and I stayed down there by myself, I was on my way back upstairs when I saw a shadow of what looked like a old woman in a rocking chair rocking back and forth.  I was crying so bad for my mom to come and get me I was so scared.  I remember looking away from it and then looking again hoping that it would be gone but it  asn't.  It just kept rocking back and forth.  I will never forget that image.  Late at night if we were up (there was always someone up late in my house) you could hear what sounded like when you shovel snow and the shovel scrapes the concrete.  You could hear this while in the living room.  I remember numerous times just thinking what the hell is that!  Everyone was always trying to figure it out.  Also another thing, my mom had called a repairman to the house because of a high pitched noise coming from the fridge.  He couldn't find anything wrong.  He had it unplugged and said nothing was wrong.  While he was there and had it unplugged the noise started up and he said the noise appeared to be coming from the wall and not the refridgerator.  Everybody heard it.  We heard it all the time.  There was never an explaination for it or for the "shoveling noise".  I remember when I was about 2 or 3 years old waking in the middle of the night and walking to my parents room for my mom and seeing my mom elevated off her bed (about 3 feet) and she had a glowing blue-ish light on her.  I always assumed this was a dream until I got older.  I remember it vividly and why would a 3 year old dream about something like that.  I now believe I really saw this.  She was not awake during the elevation, she was sleeping.  My family moved out around 1990.  We have friends that still live on that street and see the house when ever we are over there.  Since moving out numerous people have lived there and quickly move out.  Nobody has stayed there for more than 6 months or so.  No one who has lived there had been told of our families experience.  One woman told a neighbor that she went upstairs one day and it looked as if someone had vacuumed a circle around the entire room.  She moved out shortly after.  The house has remained empty for the past 3 years. The owner who rents it out can't get anyone to sta there very long.  The first people to live there after we moved out got a divorce and filed for bankruptcy after a year of living there.  My family had troubles too, my parents divorced, had financial troubles, and my mom got sick and eventually died.  Not sure if I there is a connection but I have heard that ghosts try to destroy families.  One other thing I remember was we had a cat who one day we found in the basement in a violent rage.  She was an otherwise healthy cat who one day curled up in a ball and hissed and spit at anyone who came near her.  My mom described her as seeming like she was possesed.   She had to be put to sleep.  I will never forget that house and the horrible memories I have of living there.

Man in Black


OK i hope you will still read this but this thing that happened to me does not make a good story..
Ok. My grandparents owned a video store about 4 years ago. My friend and I were Watching a movie and we left the room for a drink when we were stoped by what at first looked like a shadow but i started to freak out when i looked a little harder. It could not of been a shadow it was in the shape of a man but a he had a hat and nice suite witch were both in black. Whin I turned to run I saw my friend jaw dropped. I asked him what he saw and he said "a man in black!" I said me too and we ran as fast as possable. We ran out of the store and to the animal vet... We sat at the the side walk talking about what we saw when on a nice day the lights in the vet went out.. I believe that it was this man in black that we saw.
Thank you for reading this! I have wanted to get this out of my mind for 3 years now! See my mam believes in ghosts but my dad and everyone on his side of the family does not so they thought i was making up stories so I would sound cool but I AM NOT making up stories! This is true!

My Grandpaís Ghost


When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I saw my grandpa's ghost. I was laying on my couch and my mom was outside talking to my dad because the portal to my attic was open  but no one had been  in the attic at all that day. All of a sudden I saw a pair of feet come down from the attic. The figure was in the shape of an elderly man with glasses, dress shoes, and a pair of dress pants on too. I wasn't scared because I could tell that the ghost wasn't going to hurt me. The figure came over gave me a kiss on the forehead and then went right through the front door. When my mom came in, I told her about the incident and when I described the figure, she went and got a picture of my great grandpa. When I saw the picture I got all excited and said "mommy mommy that's him, that's who I saw." I'm 11 now and I find it very comforting because my grandpa had died when I was just a little baby and it's nice to know that he's watching over me.

Ghost story in Bruning, NE


In the 12 years of my life I have never experienced anything this scary.  I was visiting my cousins in Bruning, Nebraska and they're town is very small. Around noon, I was in thier basement and I passed nearby the farend and I felt a sudden cold wind come over me. It felt so strange espically because the heater was on. I told my cousin but he did not believe me. I just thought it was a chill, but then later at 5, my older cousin came home and she noticed that her notebook was gone from her room, and it was found in the computer room (which is on the other side of the basement), I remembered, when it was noon, I had seen her notebook on her bed. Now her bed was messed up. It really started to scare me. Espicially because no one was downstairs. Then at night, my cousin and I were playing and then we felt a cold rush. We turned towards the end of the basement and we saw a pale boy that we could see through. We screamed and ran out. Then we were forced to sleep in the basement and we were sleeping peacefully. Until we heard around 2 am, we heard the keyboard from the CPU. Nobody but us were there in the basement. We got so scared we ran upstairs screaming and jumped in bed with our other cousin.

Brookside, Indiana


Hi here is my 1st ever (there have been many) ghost experience. From the time I was born until I was 10 we (my grandparents and I) lived in a house on Parker Ave. on the East side of Indianapolis in a neighborhood called Brookside.  It was a 4 bedroom house and mine was 3rd from the back. Well EVERY night from the time i was 4 until we moved i would be awakened at like 11:45ish with this feeling that i had to get out of my room and into my grandparents room. well when i was 6 i got the nerve to look behind me and there at the end of the hall was a hovering lady in all white with crazy hair and red eyes. she would slowly come down the hall towards me until i was almost to my grandparents room when she would speed up and on some occasions scratch me across my back (yes it left marks) well until recently i disregarded these as half ghost story half childhood imagination...until i met someone who was telling me about a house on the OTHER side of Indy where he had the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. when i told him that i had the same experience he hugged me and thanked me for proving that it wasn't childhood imagination.


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