The Ghost Light Of St.Louis


This is not The St.Louis in the U.S. but the one in Saskatchewan. This 

is a very small town about 30km out of Prince Albert and all the locals

seem to know about this ghost light.

My cousin decided to take me out and see this light for myself, I was

excited, many people have seen it but no one knows where it comes from.

We finally turned off the highway and drove down a gravel road for about

15km then on the shoulder of the gravel road is another road. Now this

road is narrow and horrible to drive into, but you can. Tree's are

always brushing the car and bumpy as hell not to mention pitch black, so

my cousin took me to the spot where he said he saw it last, now I was

getting nervous. At first we waited in the car (engine off) and looked

out the back window to see if something was coming, nothing so we got

out with flashlights in hand and waited. I would say about 5 minutes

later a faint light appeared down this road.

Now this road is narrow and is very hilly and bumpy but I could see this

light slowly coming towards us. It was like a single headlight and very

bright, what this light would do is come up into view and then disappear

out of view as if someone was carrying a lantern walking down the road

towards us. We both started getting freaked out and ran back to the car

and sat there and watched this light get closer and closer, we finally

got the hell outta there and drove back into Prince Albert.

From what we know this light has been there for quite some time, we

later found out that the road was actually a railroad at one time.

Another story we heard was that a man was walking on the tracks along

time ago carrying a lamp and was struck by the train and his spirit

still walks the tracks at night.

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Haunted House in Liverpool


Hello out there my name is Robert, I was born in and grew up in a haunted house, all of the events you are about to read are quite true, though not in any particular order just as I remember them. My parents bought a quite large semi detached house not long before I was born, It was on the market for a very reasonable price which was down to the property being in a very dilapidated state, having been abandoned for some time. The fact that a good quality house had been left to decay in a growing suburban area of Merseyside in the middle of a middle classed street is in it's self odd. But the house soon became habitable with a lot of hard work, though with little assistance from contract labour, delivery men or even other family members. Some just plain refused to go near the place, some turned up made their excuses and quickly left, not one delivery man would cross the threshold, and by all accounts the house did exude menace in it's own suburban way. I should explain that the house was fully furnished, nothing had been looted or even thrown about a bit, all was as it had been. The roof and windows were shot and the rains and weather came in so the furniture had been soaked through, quality furniture abandoned with the house now decayed beyond redemption. My parents as they worked in the house often found the air turn chill and the hairs on their heads raise for no xplainable reason and many items, screwdrivers, pliers etc. seemingly vanished without trace, I think they were mad to have stayed but they did. The furniture had to go, broken up and burned mostly though some of the items were quite grand I'm told they were all beyond repair. One large chest of drawers which had seized solidly shut defied all attempts a being opened had to be dismantled with a lump hammer and crowbar. The drawers when smashed apart contained all of the missing items lost since my parents first took possession, including a still wet and warm window cloth my mother had lost just moments before my father destroyed the chest.

Some time later, when the house was habitable I arrived, delivered in the front bedroom nothing too remarkable about that but with my birth returned the ghost. My room was fitted with a baby alarm, so that my parents could listen to me screaming (only kidding, you know what baby alarms are for). For a wile after my birth renewed sounds of heavy footfalls had been heard upstairs and an odour of burning candles was often commented on by isitors though my mum never used them back then. Also the icy patches had come back and now with the baby link in my nursery my parents had a voice. A kind voice of an elderly lady, usually singing "rock of ages", my father tells me it used to freeze him to the spot but my mother would run up the stairs hoping to meet our ghost.

She never did, the voice would go as she reached the stairs and all would be as it was before. The voice came regularly, and my Mother inquired with neighbours as a way of ruling out interference from neighbours' televisions and radios, no link could be found with them and the singing voice. I think my parents just got used to it as time went by, people got more relaxed about the house and the feeling of dread about the place went away. The house looked nice and visitors used to treat the stories of haunting with great scepticism, my Nan my Mum's Mother was the greatest sceptic of all, but I feel that her story of all that I have heard from the house remains the best.It was Christmas, I guess 1970 or 71 I was still little more than a baby and both of my Grandmothers were staying over for the festive season. I must have been out of my old nursery room because I know I was supposed to be moved back to the nursery (box room) to make room for the two old ladies. I also know I wouldn't go I was adamant that the box room belonged to "the Lady" and not for anything would my three year old self sleep in there. My Mum's Mother ended up taking the room in my stead, laughing at my parents foolishness for believing all this haunting rubbish. Anyway I don't know how many nights she had stayed but on one of the Christmas nights my Nan had an interesting experience. It must have been fairly late and my Nan was getting undressed in the box bedroom when another old lady joined her in the room. The other lady looked at my Nan and said "hello Amy (my Nan's name) love, I haven't seen you in ever such a long time." My nan fled, can't say I blame her, it's a small room to be cooped up in with someone who you know is dead. It later transpired it had been the previous owner of the house, a woman my Nan had known in the past, a woman who died under quite tragic circumstances in the house.

I had a little sister the following year, and things got loud again footsteps and candles but no singing just sounds, clicks on the baby alarm nothing specific just wrong. That was that, things calmed down or seemed to I guess the noises just became normal background noise to us and we just stopped noticing them though visitors still found them disquieting. We were feeling our ghost must be getting used to us, as I grew up and entered junior school I can only remember one incident that was even remotely unusual, and that was a glass vase which decided to move along a window cill and then be flicked onto the floor, something I watched while having my breakfast before leaving for school one day.

It was much later that I saw "The Lady" and I still hardly trust my own senses, but it felt as real as it could be. I was a teenager and my room was in an attic conversion (a new room that was never accessible to the previous owner) reached by a wooden ladder staircase. On this night I was in bed it was fairly late, am rather than pm but I was awake maybe only half awake but aware. Anyway I heard a sound, it was the sound of shuffling feet on carpet it was unmistakable I knew I was not alone in the room. To reach the room you had to climb the bare wood stairs, which creaked and thumped however hard you tried to be quiet, I had not heard anyone climb them. Anyway I summoned the courage to peep from under my bedclothes not expecting to see anything at all, but I was disappointed. In the gloom I could see a woman in a dressing gown standing at the entrance to the room, she was old and she was moving though very slowly into the room. Oddly I was not too terrified though I did not sleep that night, after I popped back under the covers. I never mentioned it to anyone, I often wondered why I would see her in that room as it could not be accessed in the houses past. I did have a theory well two theories, the first was to do with an item of furniture. In my room was the only salvaged item of furniture from the old owner, the lower section of yet another chest of drawers. I wondered if that had been the draw, but I also wondered if she was curious of the new room and just decided to explore I guess I'll never know.

About the same time that I saw "the Lady" my father saw her too, he never told anyone either, it was years later that he told me about it. Like me he had been in a semi doze, and he was lying on the sofa in the rear lounge and he was facing what was at the time the doors of a built in cupboard. He says that he was just staring into space relaxed and cosy when an frizzle haired old woman strode out of the cupboard doors and through the end of the sofa he was lay on. He says she was as clear and solid as any person and he was able to give a fairly good description of her. He later visited our elderly neighbours and he told them about the ghost he had seen and he gave his description to them. They were supprised to say the least, my fathers description had been a perfect match of the previous owner.

Anyway time strode on the noises had long since vanished the candle odour was a memory and the house was bar one spot a happy house. And the spot on the first landing is now the only place that won't get better. I wondered if it was just me, until last year, I have my own house now which I can only describe as 100% happy I never feel uneasy there. One evening we had a group of friends over and we all started on ghost stories, and a theme arose. Had I started it I could dismiss it but it wasn't me that mentioned it first and I sat back amazed as agreement spread through the room. Of all the places that any of them had been going up my mother's stairs was the worst. None could explain it further than a gut feeling that something they did not want to be any part of was hiding there, so people tend not to linger or look just in case. The first landing is a junction, from there the stairs go straight on and right and to the rear. There is something about that space, you have to check right you don't want to but it's almost a compulsion.

Just one last thing, my little sister had a baby six years ago, her and her boyfriend lived at my mothers at the time and her bedroom was one of the two old hot spot haunting rooms. With the new baby came footstep sounds again and something that never registered at first were clicks on the baby alarm, we'd forgotten the ghost. The clicks we began to realise were at the same time every night, 10 after eight and again a little after eleven, after the click the baby would wake every time it wasn't until the family used a baby-sitter one evening that we paid any attention to the clicks as not being anything other than interference. It was my then girlfriend now wifes 21st birthday I arranged a big suprise party at local restaurant, all the family would be there so my sister got her boyfriends mum to come over and look after my niece "Lucy". Jenny the sitter knew very little about us she had only met us a few times she had never heard a thing about our ghost that was for sure. Cutting a long story shortly after a very pleasant evening we returned to my Mothers to find Jenny by the front door, at just after eleven she had heard a sound on the Baby alarm, a click it was followed she says by a womans voice which said "come on come on Lucy love" Jenny was terrified when we got to her the poor woman but we have never heard a peep since, other than the click's which went on for more than a year afterwards. Well that's all I suppose, when I was about 22-23 my mum was telling me some things and she mentioned a scandal involving the old lady who lived in the house, which involved her son leaving the country in a bit of a hurry. She hung herself soon after, I. think I know where.

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Hauntings at an Ambulance Co.


I work as a dispatcher at Med-Stat ambulance in Erie PA. Since I've 

worked there I've heard many stories of how the building has been

haunted. One paramedic said that she saw a man standing by the main

second story picture window by the bed in which she was laying one night.

The man stood there with his back toward her, and he just dissolved.

People have heard noises and other strange things. I have been up all

night in the dispatch office many, many times. I had never experienced

anything odd or strange until last month. I was working the midnight to

eight shift when about three in the morning I started hearing the door

downstairs open and close violently. Then I heard something being thrown

around. I ignored it a while, but I heard the noises again so I

investigated. I went downstairs opened the door, and turned on the light.

Nothing was there, nothing out of place. I looked around for a while and

then went back upstairs. As soon as I closed the door to the garage, the

door slammed again and adn the rustling started again. I just went back

upstairs and tried to ignore it. The noises continued for a while, and

then a new sound started. Someone was coming up the stairs next to the

dispatch office. I waited for the door to open, but it did not. This time

I did not have enough balls to investigate. I just kept on working at my

paperwork and tried to ignore it. This happened again and again. About an

hour later I decided to sit on the floor and read, and as soon as I hit

the floor I heard a distinct breathing. A heavy wispery breathing. At

first I thought that it might be the wind, but it definitly was not. It

was breathing. Needless to say I got back into my chair. After a few

minutes, I went to the bathroom, and when I sat down on the toilet, the

doorknob shook violently back and forth. I've been around some strange

stuff but this was weird. I never felt a presence persay, but i knew what

I experienced was not natural. A ghost?

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We May Have a Haunting


We have only lived in this house for 6 weeks and really were enjoying the house.The house is nestled neatly in the woods of Tennessee in Hickman county. However for many reasons we are sick of it by now. To start with the house was built in 1955 with logs from the 1800's which was kind of neat to us it really has a special charm. Across the road there are open cavern wells in the ground that have claimed several cattle over the years, of course we had intentions of filling the wells and have discussed some modernizing. The house sets on 76 acres. Let me explain first of all we are new to the Internet and until a few occurrence's never ever looked at this news group. The very first event was on our first night in this house my wife, myself and 2 little girls were sleeping in the living room on the floor because we hadn't put up our waterbed yet. When our chow chow puppy started barking at about 3: am my wife was awakened, looking at the puppy which was behind her at her head she noticed the puppy looking at the window directly in front of us. my wife looked at the window and seen the shape of a man with his arms folded. She screamed there is a man at our window I jumped up and saw nothing he just vanished without a trace. I went outside no one there. Well she was very sure of what she had seen but the logical thing to do was to dismiss it as a dream. Event #2 While sitting in our home office playing on our computer my wife and I smelled a strange odor like fresh cut grass and ripe bananas. There was also a cold spot under our desk. We looked every where including outside the house and could not find the source of the smell which lasted appx 20 minutes. Event #3 my wife was washing her hair in the shower with the standard head back position when she felt someone tapping her on the neck, she accused me but I was in the other end of the house. event #4 was involving our children they had just been put to bed and dozed off when we heard them crying they were scared oh well they have been known to do that when oday we were going away for a few hours and as we got in the car we heard the chow whining we went back in to investigate we went in the basement and they were running and whining. We stood there and observed and listened for about 5 minutes that is all we could stand there were no dogs or children in the house but we heard a lot of running in all areas of the upstairs it sounded like children running, It continued until we went up the steps. Well we were pretty scared and concerned I went to the kitchen and said to the wife you are my witness I am Turning these lights out and I shouted if any one or thing is here these lights had better remain off. Well upon our return some 4 hrs later it was dark as we came down the road my wife said oh my god the lights are on again I replied no way.. Guess what they were. We left the chows upstairs this time the basement door which we usually dead bolt was open and there was a broken Christmas tree ornament in the middle of the office floor 2 rooms away. Can any one tell us what the Sam hell is going on. Are there any signs of a true haunting here. Where can we find out the signs? Please help, are getting very frustrated. thanks jt anxious to hear what we can do ....

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A Family History of Hauntings


My family has a history of paranormal experiences.
My maternal grandparents house has what I would call a poultergeist, 
but I'm not really sure.  My grandfather calls it Herbie, and all 
it seems to do is like to knock on the walls and the doors on 
occasion.  My paternal grandmother lived in coal mining Kentucky 
for a while (it's where my Dad was born).  They even lived in a 
company town, which I loved to hear about when I was little.  But 
a friend of my grandparents who worked in a mine with my grandfather 
when there was a cave in.  A few weeks after the funeral, the friend 
knocked on the door.  My grandmother answered the door, and fainted 
when she saw who it was (being a good, southern lady).  Later, in 
a mass sighting I guess, the friend showed up at a church meeting
(where most of the town met), dressed in the torn rags he had been 
dressed in when the cave collapsed.

Also, one of my aunts lived with my grandmother until she died.  
When she turned the room into her own little library a year or so 
later, she was reading one night, and she looked up and saw my 
grandmother sitting in a chair across from her, sewing.  She even 
spoke, says my aunt, saying, "Go on reading, honey." 

I am 19 years old, and have lived in three houses since I was 
about 2.  The first house we lived in had a ghost cow. (Don't laugh.)  
We lived next to a dairy farm, and every once in a while, my parents 
would see a cow out in the yard.  At first, they would think that 
the cow had gotten loose from the farm, and they would go out to 
chase it back into the pasture, but it wouldn't be there when they 
got outside, and they would find no hoof-prints.  (Cows leave 
obvious tracks, in case you don't know.)

We moved when I was about 4, we moved to a house in a subdivision.  
Here was my real first encounter with a ghost, only I didn't know 
it at the time.  There was a little girl that I played with, but 
since my mother never saw her, she thought the girl was my imaginary 
friend.  However, she finally saw her one day when Mom was working 
in the garden, and I was in the back yard playing with the girl.  I 
went in to get something, Mom says.  A couple of seconds later, Mom 
turned around and the girl wasn't there.  Thinking that the girl 
might have gone next door, where they were building another house, 
she went looking, but never could find her.  When I came back out, 
Mom said the girl had gone home.  Mom says she didn't think about it 
again until three years later, when she saw the same girl, wearing 
the same clothes she had been wearing when she played with me playing 
with my little sister.  She went out onto the deck to look at the 
girl.  As she came out the door, the girl looked right at my Mom, 
and Mom says she could see through the girl.  Mom called to April 
(my sister), and when she did, the girl disappeared.  

When I was about eleven or twelve, we moved into the house I lived 
in until I came to school.  The first incidence in this house came 
a couple of days after we had settled in.  My Dad, our dog Molly 
and I were sitting in the basement TV room, watching a baseball 
game when all our attentions were drawn to something moving past 
the door in the basement.  I didn't know what it was, but I just 
rememeber it being big and red, but Dad swears it was some lady 
wearing a white satin gown.  Whatever it was, Molly saw it too, 
and went out into the basement barking.  I went out a couple of 
seconds later, and like the dog, I couldn't find anything or anybody.

Our ghost(s) in that house also likes to move things.  Food 
disappears out of the refridgerator and reappears.  One time I had 
lost my keys, where I knew I had put them on the counter (I was home 
alone for the weekend.)  I looked right at the place where they had 
been, and they weren't there.  Five minutes later, I found them, 
right where I had just looked.  Then there's the cat.  The room I 
sleep in at home used to be my sister's room.  She had been begging 
for a trade for a long time, so I finally digressed and let her have 
my old room.  I thought that it had been because she just wanted the 
bigger room, but every once in a while, I'll wake up in the middle 
of the night, look up on the bookcase and see a pair of cat eyes 
looking at me.  I sleep with the door and windows closed, so there's 
no way for a cat to get in, and no light for the eyes to reflect.  
Plus, if you're in the house alone, you can every once in a while 
look up from where you are and find the cat (it's a black cat) 
sitting somewhere staring at you.  I'm sure my sister's seen it 
(although she won't say anything), and my mother's seen it a couple 
of times and my dog has even taken off chasing it.  (That's the 
strange thing, we have 3 cats (none black) and the dog doesn't 
chase any of them.) 
The final occurrence came this past Christmas Break.  My parents 
and sister had gone to relatives' house for New Years, so I was home 
alone the night before New Years.  It was about two in the morning, 
and I was in my bedroom reading or watching TV, or both, I don't 
really remember, but I heard somebody coming up the stairs.  
Caffeine and fear taking hold of my system, the first thought was 
burglar.  I picked up a baseball bat and stood just hidden inside my 
room, ready to take the head off an unexpecting bad guy.  As soon as 
it got to the top of the stairs (and the steps came up slowly, like 
somebody sneaking), I heard something run down the stairs, and I mean
run: big heavy steps coming in quick succession.  When I heard them 
coming up the stairs again, I went out into the hall, hidden by the darkness.  I couldn't see anything.  The steps had stopped when I 
came out the door, but they started up again.  I turned on the light, 
and the steps stopped, and there was nothing there.  It was then I 
decided I'd had enough of ghosts for that night, so I got in the car 
and drove around for about eight hours (something hard to do in a
small town.)  The strangest thing, I'd left my TV, lights, hall lights 
and stuff on (because the chicken in me had taken over) and I'd just 
left.  However, when I got there, everything was off.  That night, I 
went to a New Year's party and stayed the night at my friend's house, 
even if I wasn't too drunk to drive.  

Even now, when I go home, I get really weird feelings when I'm in 
a room, especially the basement, alone at night.  I guess that's the 
way things are for my family.  So far, I've not seen any other ghosts 
here at school, although they say there are a couple.  If they're here, 
I'm pretty sure they'll find me somehow.

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Gettysburg Ghost


This is an old story. I am a civil war reanactor. The most haunted place in this country is the battlefield  of Gettysburg. The story has it of two of my fellow reeanctors near the Wheatfield. It's broad daylight.  They are standing there in full period dress with their muskets  at hand. Out of the brush comes an old grizzled Union soldier with musket and full battle gear. He stank bad of rotten eggs (hydrogen sulfide or H2S) A deep cold descended on them in a July heat (thermal energy being transferred from the subjects into mass). He walks up to them and says very clear.."Tough day eh boys?"He hands each of them a paper blackpowder cartridge. They each take the cartridges. Then the old vet disappears. They still had the cartridges. Later examination of them reveals them to be authentic.  ie: archaic gunpowder mixture. What is unusual of this sighting is the broad daylight and the physical evidence.Theory: Both reanactors were in full period costume.  They became a link on this plane from the plane of the old vet.  Turning mass from energy is easier at night when most sightings occur since the energy is localized and dark time is cooler. But the mass is not permanent. I beleive ghosts are a thermodynamic problem among others. Making permanent evidence needs more energy, the heat of a July day. And a more receptive ghost "talking" in this case (so he (it) thinks) to his bros. The period costume of the reeanctors made it easier for the vet to do since he was targeting his (it's) energy to a recognizable target, ie: the reeanactors.  Key: focused energy conversion Biological mechanism unknown.  I have more ideas since I have been doing this likewise for about20 years..

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Animals are ghosts too !


I have a real deep believe in the paranormal. I believe animals like humans can be ghost too. For example if you see a cat run across the street and chase and you are unable to see it you think "Oh well it is pretty fast" but if you did the same with a person you probaly say" Holy ...".

One day last year one of of my families old cat fell ill, we soon elected to put her to sleep to help ease her pain. I was soooo upset until that night. I was lying in bed when the cat walked right though the door. She was healthly look'in and much younger looking too, she turned right and headed to my sister room. That mademe feel so much better.

When I was little I had a cat I loved so much. Like the prevousy story we put him to sleep and I upset. Starting a few years ago while tring to sleep i would feel a cat on my back I would look back and see no cat but still feel its wieght right where he like to sleep.   A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night to the bathroom. In the bathroom there was a cat near the door. We had some strays in our house that night so I thought it was one of them. I was blocking the door way and I reach down to pet it. It dis appeared right in front of my eyes. The odd thing the cat in the first story would always stand there. This incident started my interst in ghosts.

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Fire Victims


About three years ago, my wife and I were doing some casual house hunting, knowing we couldn't afford anything right then- but wanting to learn the market fow when we were ready to buy a house. We were in a nice neighborhood when we came across what could be a beautiful two story house- but it was seemingly under construction. The property was a nice size, and the house was about 75% complete (all the walls were there, no interior walls or paint, and the plumbing and electric were in). We called the real estate number to see if we could look around- and the agent said feel free to go in on our own and have a look. There were no doors or fences. My wife and I began to go up towards the house when fear grasped me and I opened the door to the truck back up and sat down. As I looked at the house, I clearly saw, where before there were empty paneless windows, two children and a middle-aged woman leaning out- reaching between windows. I saw fire. It was not crystal clear- but very definately the top of the house was on fire and those people were trapped. I called to my wife to leave immediately- I was so shaken that I had her drive. I we drove away I HEARD screaming. My wife saw nothing but said that as she watched me looking at the house she could definately tell that I saw something. She also said she thought she heard a scream- but wrote it off to a squeeling tire. A few days later, I decided to call my cousin who works in the fire department. I asked if he could get histories on properties from his records- since he worked in the information office. He was able to pull the file on that address- and I told him nothing of what had happened to me. His records indicated that ten years prior that house was badly burned and the family died in the flames. He mentioned that it probably wouldn't be a good investment. To this day I have avoided driving past that house again.

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