My House is Haunted

by OB

Hi I was very happy to read that I am not alone in this whole "Haunting" thing. My name is David I am 23 years old and am Haunted by "ghosts". It all started when I was about 10 years old the Dog we used to have would stare at a corner in my living room for hours and just sit there and bark we always thought that was weird but never thought about it. Then that was all for years until I started messing around with Books on "ghosts" and things like that when I was 16. Things started to happen. I had "dreams" or "Visions" if you will, of three Victorian lady's in old dresses They were ghostly figures floating in my house! well They would only appear until you realized they were there and then when you blinked your eyes and looked again they were gone. So for a While I just thought I was going crazy I didn't tell anyone about it Until one day My sister woke up in the middle of the night crying and ran into my niece Hayles room and said There were 3 Victorian Lady's In Long Dresses Trying to get Hayley they kept saying "They just wanted to hold her" And My sister prayed and then they were gone. She Didn't tell me this at the time it happened so I still Thought I was The Only one going through it. Until One night me my sister and my mom and brother in law were watching a show on ghosts and they showed some "Victorian Ghosts" And My sister said to my mom" That looks like those Ghost lady's I saw trying to get Hayley" At that instant I freaked out Then My brother in law said "What ghosts I had a dream about 3 Victorian ghosts in long dresses" I never said anything but just heard all of them comparing story's and describing what I saw personally and never told anyone about!! Well a few years went by and I still never said anything but did alot of research and started trying to communicate with them I got all of my friends into it and when I had the house all to myself I would try to establish contact and did successfully a number of times in the form of things moving,sounds,tempeture change,and just plain old gut feelings. After a while I started to get very "uneasy about the whole thing" and just wanted it all to stop,but it didn't it just got worse. I was 20 years old and engaged to be married soon and me and my wife to be were in the living room and started messing around and calling more ghosts into the house taunting and teasing them until my Fiancee started to freak out to the point I thought she was possessed. It was a long night and to this day I am not sure if she was faking but I really think it was for real. she said a name when I had an old paster come and pray over her she said the name "Asmodious" over and over again kind of scary but still dont know what that means sounds old to me but anyways she still denys the whole thing and doesn't remember a thing about that night. After that she changed alot she just wasent herself we got married and then 6 months latter separated then divorced. I blame it all on that one night. Anyways I now live in Victorville With my Dad Stepmom and Stepsister And I feel Like the ghosts are coming back for me I am starting to feel that gut feeling again and starting to notice weird things. <U><B>Can Anyone Help me I am very serious and Would like to talk with someone about this! please write me back!! If you know anyone that has comments or questions or any help for me tell them to write me back PLEASE thank you very much

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by David.Zumbrun@Ebay.Sun.COM

This is an experience that my wife had with her son years ago

before I met her. I'll try and tell the story to the best of my knowledge.

She doesn't like to talk about it, and her son now 24 yrs. old doesn't really

remember much about the experience, but it is true. He was about 3 or 4 at the


They had rented a trailer and moved in nothing out of the ordinary, until

one day her little son announced that he had met a friend. His mother wasn't

sure what he meant because she knew that he hadn't met any kids in the

neighborhood yet. She kind of let it go as children have great imaginations.

He mentioned the friends name "Tommy" and asked if Tommy could eat dinner with

them. She figured out that he had an imaginary friend and his name was Tommy.

Not strange considering alot of kids have imaginary friends as children.

This is where things start getting weird. At night she would put her son to bed

and close his bedroom door. Some time would go by and she would be watching t.v.

and all of a sudden hear the sounds of laughter and noises that sounded like

kids playing with there toys, rolling toy cars across the floor and just the

noises you hear as kids play with toys. She would think that her son got out of

bed and was playing. She would go down the hall open the door only to find her

son asleep and the room silent. The next morning her son said that he couldn't

sleep very well because Tommy kept waking him up and wanting him to play. She

asked where Tommy was and he took her in his room and pointed at the closet. His

mother opened the closet and of course found nothing, except when

she moved some clothes that were hanging in the closet she saw what appeared to

be a childs hand print on the back of the closet. The kind of hand print when a

child traces around the outside of the hand with a crayon. Over the next few

weeks at night things started getting worse. She would put her son to bed and

then the sounds would start after she left the room. By now her son would not

sleep and was getting scared of Tommy. Her son would sit in bed and start crying

for his mother to make Tommy go away. Her mother experienced the the noises and

grandson crying also. It kept getting worse, so bad in fact that when she heard

her son screaming and crying and all the noises from inside the room because he

was so frightened, she could not get up the nerve to go and even open his door

to see what was going on.

One of the mornings after this she asked her son what Tommy looked like. He said

a little boy but he is green. He said that Tommy was getting madder because his

parents were outside the window and wanted Tommy to come with them, but he

didn't want to go because his parents were mean and hurt him. She didn't know

what to do so she went into her son's bedroom and said is this the window that

Tommy see's his parents through and her son said yes. The mother threw open the

window and shouted "Tommy if you can't play nice with (her son) then you have to

leave, you have to leave anyway your parents are waiting for you. The strangest

thing then happened, she looked at her son and said where is Tommy now? The

child looked at his mother and said he jumped out the window and his mom and dad

have him now. The incidents ceased and they never heard from Tommy again.

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Pastor Bob


This is a true story that happened to my friends priest.I'm assuming he

didn't lie to us when he told it, because he's a priest.

Pastor Bob was walking home from the school where he studied to

become a priest. He felt this strange presence, like someone was

following him. He turned around and saw a man dressed in sixteenth

century clothing walking about twenty feet behind him. He hurries to the

dorms and told his room mates about it. They just shrugged it off and

told him to go to bed. The same thinghappened to him the next night he

was walking home. This time the man was closer and the young priest ran

home frightened. His room mates thought he was just seeing things because

of the demonic classs he had to learn about. The next night he turned

around and the man was staring into his face. He ran home and his friends

still didn't believe him. That night the priest had a dream that a

skeleton was standing over his bed with a dagger held over his heart. He

said,"In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to be gone." The

skeleton vanished and he went back to sleep. His friends woke up and woke

him up to, he was talking in his sleep and they told him that they

believed him now. Because when they woke up they saw the skeleton staning

over his bed with a dagger in his hand, held over the young priest's


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3 stories


In the late 1980's my husband and I were vacationing in New

Orleans. We tend to walk alot in new citys so we can get the feel of

life there. This happened in the french quarter. We were walking on

the sidewalk and it was crowded. About 12 feet from us we both noticed

an interesting young man--the very sort of person you would picture

living in New Orleans. He was tall and thin, wearing a medium grey suit

of a light wool. His hair was a sandy shade of red, cut in a punky

asymetrical 'do. His skin was pale and very freckled. He had an

angular sharp feature face. As he came level with us, he stared at us

and gave us a smarmy, snarky grin. We went a few feet down the sidewalk,

and suddenly, there he was again, the same distance from us as before,

and as he passed us he flashed us the same know it all grin. We turned

to follow him with our eyes in the crowd but he nor his twin were in

sight. We wondered if he had somehow doubled back to play a trick on us

but there wasn't time between the first time we saw him and the second.

Would there have been twins? Maybe, that seems most likely I guess, but

the whole thing was a bit of a brain teaser.

Next story; The apartment we lived in in 1980 in Denver had been the

sceene of a violent murder--a gay woman named Rosalee Trujillos was

stabbed to death on Christmas Eve by a bi-sexual woman who was her lover

in some sort of jealous quarrel. The case was news at the

time--1976--and the apartment which was in a building on Layfeyette and

18th that I lived in, had always been vacant. We were extremely broke

and our rent was more than we could afford. Our landlady let us have

that apartment dirt cheap. It was much better laid out than our

previous one, and I was happy there. Everybody we knew said they heard

stuff---singing and dishes breaking in the kitchen, and interestingly

enough, my 7 year old daughter awoke from a night mare screaming I've

got Aces and Eights, which, of course is Known as The Deadman's hand.

Once, a witch-y friend came and tried to communicate with her , and

said she wanted to talk to me, but I didn't accept the charges--ha-ha!

One night my husband and I were asleep and we heard a big huge bounding

noise all the way down the narrow hall. My hubby said it sounded like

the noise in that great old film the Haunting--anyone who hasn't seen it

you are missing out. It went down the long narrow hall and came back up

again. We both heard it, but Shane woke up completely, and I stayed

half asleep. He was scared and ask me if I could hear it and I told him

that it was just King Kong playing basketball in the courtyard. Then he

made me wake up all the way of course. I didn't scare me, maybe because

I gave my sleep fogged mind what I thought was a rational

explaination--noise esplained I could then go back to sleep. But I

think maybe it wasn't meant to scare me. By the way we thought there

might be big fireworks on Chistmas Eve, but All quiet. The woman who

killed Rosalee escaped from Fort Collins, a Colorado mental institution

while we lived in that apartment with the help of a female orderly. We

were on the lookout but she didn't show, thank heavens!

Last Story: In 1974 I wasn't quite 20. I am from the south but am not

close to my Flauknerian family. We had been living in Denver for 2

years. My husband decided to move us back south. I was pregnate,

scared, and we were staying in a small town on the futherest outskirts

of Atlanta--though anyone who knows Syrmna now will hardly belive how

small and isolated it was. We were staying with a married couple who

were friends of his . The girl was nice, but we had little in common.

the man was ok too. He just thought women should stay at home. He and

my husband would go out after work and I wouldn't see him again for

hours--I had no transportation. I was bored and lonely and very nervous

and insecure. We were arguing alot. The house was small and old

fashioned. There was a hot little room with one window that we slept

in. I would lie in there and read and feel sorry for myself when he was

out on the town late. I began to hear a constant hammering sound from

the wall beside the bed--more like a mattress on the floor--Everyone

could hear it. My husband and his big buddy looked in the crawl-space

and in the attic. They found nothing that seemed to be causing it. I

became use to it. it happened so much and went on forever when it

started. I called it the Builder. I miscarried twins on

April Fool's day and soon after we found our own apartment. the Builder

moved with us and tapped on the wall behind the couch for a couple of

weeks, and then went away forever. Even at that young age I thought

the banging to be a manifestation of my own fear and feeling of being

trapped. I guess I haunted myself!

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My Cousin's House

by name withehld by request

I was having problems at home so, my distant cousin asked me if I'd like

to stay with them for a while until things cooled off. I asked my mother

and she thought it would be a good idea. I would be moving from my

reservation (Wisconsin) to another which was located about an hour away.

My cousin was renting a house from an old friend of hers. The house was

fairly new, it had a nice yard, and was somewhat secluded and private

from our neighbors.

I remember the kids at school asking me where I was from and where I

lived. After I would tell them where I was living they would always say

something like, "Oh yeh, I heard about THAT place."

I didn't understand what they were talking about so, I ignored the

stories and rumors.

A couple of weeks after arriving, my cousin was planning a trip to go and

visit her boyfriend who lived a few hours away. I had to much school

work so, I told her I'd stay behind and keep an eye on the house. She

didn't see a problem so she packed up her and her two daughters and left

for the weekend.

I got off the bus and started to walk up the driveway. I remember

looking up at the house and seeing the living room curtains moving

around. As if the windows were open and a harsh breeze was blowing

through the house. I stopped dead in my tracks, I felt an uneasy feeling

come over me. For some odd reason, I didn't want to go in the house.

But, I didn't believe in "stuff" like that...

I walked into the house and imediately checked to see what the heat was

on-it wasn't. The dial pointed to "OFF". So, I went over by the window

to see if the windows were cracked open, but I had remebered to shut and

lock them that morning, before going to school. I double checked anyway,

and they were shut and locked.

I looked around the house wondering what in the world would make the

curtains move like that. I even thought about searching the house for a

cat-there were no cats that I knew of around the neighborhood. So, I was

stumped and gave up thinking, "Oh well."

I cooked dinner and sat at the table with all my attention fixed on the

T.V. Suddenly, I heard a horn "honking" outside of the house. I got up

and looked out kitchen window but, there wasn't a car out in the

driveway. Then, I saw headlights turning off and on. I imeadiately knew

where the headlights and "honking" were coming cousin's old

station wagon which was parked on the side of the house. I thought

someone was sitting in the car but, when I ran over to the door and

looked out the window to see if anyone was in the car-nobody. Seconds

later, the "honking" and flashing lights stopped. Soon, it was

completely calm and quiet outside.

I was so afraid, I called a friend of mine to come over and visit for a

while. She said she'd be right over.

About 20 minutes later she pulled up. I let her in and told her what had

happened. She just looked at me and stared. With the blank look on her

face, I knew she wasn't telling me something. I questioned her and she

simply told me that about a year ago a man and his wife died in the

house. The man died in his sleep from cancer, and the woman died of

lonliness. I was floored.

The weekend came and went with things starting to happen right and

left. Unexplainable things, like objects being moved from one room to

another. The bedroom I was staying in was always extremely cold-due to

the fact that it was summertime and seeing your breath in my bedroom

isn't very common. As soon as you'd walk through the doorway, it would

be normal summer, humid temperatures.

Now to rule out the fact that I wasn't going crazy, I didn't tell my

cousin our her older daughter what had happened to me during the weekend.

I kept a smile saying everything was quiet and I just talked with friends

on the phone and watched T.V. until two in the morning.

I wasn't going crazy, things kept on happening. My cousin was getting

frustrated because she kept "misplacing" her thesis paper. A box

containing about 260 pages of hard work, along with her Webster's

dictionary and, her 5 other text books. I helped her carry it to the car

before, and it weighed about 15-25 lbs. I knew she wasn't misplacing it,

how can someone misplace something that big? A few times she found it

outside her daughter's bedroom window-dumped all over. (her daughter was

grounded a few times, constitantly saying she wouldn't do something like

that-I believed her) We even found it under my bed, I know I didn't

shove it under there and my cousin's older daughter wasn't even home

during the week that happened.

My cousin finally sat us down and talked to us about the "weird" stuff

that was going on in the house. I confessed to the scary events that

happened during the weekend they'd left to vistit her boyfriend and the

unusual temperature in my bedroom.

My cousin reported to me the stuff her younger daughter (2 yrs.) was

doing. She'd laugh at "invisible images" in the closets. Or she'd wake

up screaming staring at the air in front of her and telling "it" to leave

her feet alone. She was even playing hide and seek and being "tickled"

when she was "found".

Many other stories were exchanged in that conversation. Completely


It wasn't more than 2 days later we had a medicine man travel from out of

state to come over to the house and "chase" out the bad spirits. The

medicine man didn't know the history of the house, he didn't ask

questions and was never briefed about who lived there prior to us.

One of the spirits was hiding in my closet. (maybe that's why my room

was so cold...) The other spirit was hiding behind the couch in the

living room.

Before the medicine man left he spoke in broken english and said, "You

know, he was a good man-loved to play with your daughter. The woman on

the other hand, she was mean and didn't like your family...that's all I


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The Boy in the Basement


Hi, my name is Brad. I live in Minnesota. I am 18 years old. This story is from when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My parents had just divorced and I was caught going back and forth every-other wekend from my dads and my moms. My father lived in a town called Farmington. All of my memories of this ghost are very clear considering I was 5 or 6. When I would go over to his house on the weekend, in the basement, where I would sometimes play, I could see a small boy, about my age at the time. He would be jumping across the boxes, like he was playing in his own way. I would sit down there and talk to him like nothing was wrong. My dad would come down and say "who are you talking to?". I would say "the litttle boy over there, can't you see him.?" I distinctly remember pointing at him jumping across the boxes. "No, I can't" he would say.

There are 2 reasons why I am absolutly posotive that this wasn't just a 6 year olds imagination. The first starts off with my father telling me to pick up my toys because it was time to go back to my mom's house. Now, my dad is a perfectionist to this day so I am absolutly positive that my toys were picked up when we left. When he came home my toys were scattered over the house. To this day I can still remember telling the little that he could play with my toys.

The second reason is perhaps the most convincing. My dad wrote a paper on this story also for college. I got to read it. In the paper I found out that my dad was talking to a neighbor about what I was seeing and talking to nothing and stuff like that. And told him that I was seeing it in the basement. My dad told me almost fainted when the neighbor told him that a while back there was a fire in the basement and a little boy, about my age, had died in it.

I have since become very intersted in ghosts and ghost stories. I went to the city hall in Farmington and got a copy of the fire report. I would scan it and send it with this letter but I have no scanner. If you would like me to tell you more about this story drop me a line. I would be happy to go into more detail for you

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SUNY campus


Until about 1 week ago, I worked in the oldest, I think, kitchen on a

SUNY campus in Central NYS. I had heard that this particular building was

haunted, but didn't believe it 'til I saw the apparitions myself.

I might add here that I worked in this kitchen for about 10 years. For

the first couple of years I never saw the ghosts, but saw evidence that

something odd was happening. At first, I would see footprints on the

grill in the A.M. when I was preparing to cook breakfast -- I was one of

the first people to arrive and it was my job to clen and season the grill

before we started -- at least 3-4 times a week I would end up trying to

clean the foot tracks off the grill. It happened so often that we began

to expect to see them -- when we didn't, we thought that not seeing them

was odd.

Our kitchen was on the ground floor of the original cafetieria --

actually the second floor with the dock area and a snack bar on a lower

level. One day I was making a pot of coffee when i had the strange

feeling someone was watching me. I turned to see a man standing at the

head of the stairs leading to the lower level. He stood there long

enough to let my eyes focus on him. He turned to his right and walked

down a very short hall toa break room which was right off the kitchen.

Not recognizing him, I followed him into the breask room to see what he

wanted -- he was not there!! This break room was about 12'x15' and

furnished with a desk and two sets of cabinets and there was nowhere he

could hide!!!!! Now, there are 2 door to this room, so I proceeded to

the other door thinking he had exited that way and gon into a smaller,

faculty dining room. That door was locked and can be opened from either

side without being unlocked. Thinking that he may have gone into the

rest romm which is right off the small hallway, I went in THERE to find

him, but he wasn't THERE, either.

On other occasions, a ghost has moved utensils around the kitchen,

turned equipment on and off, TALKED loud enough so that my co-workers

and I could hear him, jimgled keys, etc. and made all sorts of other

noises. I'm sure there are more than one ghost in the place -- I have

seen at least three. I recognized one of them as the deceased former

executive director of auxiliary services.

These hauntings occurred so often that we just started taking them for

granted and didn't even worry about them. When they happened we didn't

realizw what was going on 'til they were all over. For a while, I was

the only person in the kitchen to see them. Recently 2 other co-workers

began to see them also.

While these hauntings don't seem to be very dramatic or sensationalistic,

they did make it kind of eery to be working alone in that kitchen.

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Our House

by MM22877@SWT.EDU

I'm not sure if I really want to believe that there are other beings

sharing our earth with us but I guess I have to because of some

unexlained occurences that has happened to my family. We believe that

the house that everyone grew up in(where I still live) is haunted. The

reason for this is that everyone in my family has had something happen

to them.

I think I'll start with the experience my mom had. Some time ago I

guess about ten years ago we had my brother and his wife living there

with us. My mom was you usual early bird, up at five starting in on

her housework after getting ready herself. Well, one morning she had

gotten up at her regular time and everyone else was still asleep. She

had gotten ready to do the dishes from the night before when she heard

someone walk across the kitchen floor and into the living room. When

she turned she caught a glimpse of a white night gown. Thinking

nothing of it she continued to do the dishes. She thought that it was

my sister-in-law, at the time, that had gotten up to go to the

bathroom or something. She was expecting to see her walk back across

but after 20 minutes of doing her kitchen things she realized that my

sister-in-law hadn't returned. She then went to look for her in the

living room and the bath room but didn't see her. About two hours

later my sister-in-law got up and my mom asked if she had gotten up

and she replied "No." This was only one encounter with someone in a

white night gown.

Another experience that my mother had was a few years later. We had

some stairs that went up to the attic. My mom was sitting on one of

the steps while talking on the phone. The rest of us were in the

kitchen talking. I was there with my two brothers and my sister. We

heard my mom yell "Stop pushing me!" and told whoever she was talking

to on the phone that my brother, who was in the kitchen, that my

brother was trying to come down and was pushing her. We heard her and

told her that it wasn't my brother because he was with us. She stopped

talking and hung up the phone without a good-bye. Her face had lost

all its color and she was speechless. As she started getting up she

felt another push and when she got up and down the stairs she turned

and saw nothing. She had terrible time after that and so has everybody

else, sitting on those stairs again.

We have all had something strange happen to us like hearing footsteps

in the attic or hearing someone calling from outside or seeing a lady

in a white night gown. I still live there and get spooked only when

I'm by myself or real late at night. Nothing really bad has ever

happened, or at least I don't think or nobody has told me. Any way

whatever is there has not really bothered me or I it. So far we've

been living in peace together. Well that's all the time I have for now

hope to write some more later.

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My husband's and My Experiences


My husband and I have some experiences that we can't quite explain but feel that no matter where we move each place has a different kind of spirit with us. We are not sure if one of us is welcoming these experiences or if it is a coincidence that they happen to show themselves whenever we are around. I have always been open and have read about ghosts, poltergeists, my psychic abilities etc. for years. My husband seems to be naturaly very psychic in many ways. Anyway on with my experiences: In our first apartment together 5 years ago we started to experience some activity. It was quite playful and never harmed either of us nor did I ever really feel scared but this spirit or poltergeist would turn our fan on in the middle of the night while we were sleeping and face the fan on us, we could not hang any kind of picture over our bed or it would come crashing down in the middle of the night, three times in the 3 years we were there there was this horrible stench that came from where all the activity took place.....our bedroom. It was unexplainable we even pulled up the carpet but found virtually nothing. As quick as the smell was there it would be gone! Poof!! Our cat of course sees whatever it is and stares at it and chases it. There was another time a glass of wine was teetering in a circle on the table but managed to not fall over. I called our landlord and asked if they knew about any murders or deaths in our unit or building and they did not know of any. The wall that the picture would crash off of was a wall to the street so we know it wasn't our neighbor.

In the second apartment one week after we moved in we had all the lights off and were watching a video on tv. I was on the couch and my husband was sitting beside me. All of the sudden my husband says look at the cat, what is he doing? My cat had all of his hair sticking up on end and was sniffing like crazy walking sideways toward me really slowly obviously very disturbed by what he is seeing. I kept trying to snap him out of it by calling to him and snapping my fingers etc. He never blinked but kept coming towards me, the next thing I knew the hair on the back of my neck was sticking up, I got this overwhelmingly scary feeling and began to cry not knowing why and my body went sort of limp and tingly, I got up really fast and started walking around and my husband could see something was happenning to me and was freaking out asking me what was going on. Then the feeling slowly went away and the cat seemed normal again. I really believe something tried to pass through me or something. Well I was always frightened of it happening again and since it happened the cat would not go anywhere on or near the couch. Well almost exactly a year later my husband was home by himself and he saw the cat do the same thing toward him and he remembered when the cat did that before and got up and started walking around and he too felt tingly and very scared. When I got home that night he was white as a ghost and I asked him what happened and he said I think the same thing tried to pass through me too. We tried not to think about too much while we lived there but you constantly are wondering if it's ever gonna happen again. Onto our third place together a house, a couple of days after we moved in while we were sleeping we had this fan on that was sitting in the middle of an armoire and for no reason whatsoever it completely came flying off of the armoire onto the hardwood floor and scared the crap out of us. Then a few days later.....we were sitting in the living room watching tv and my cat's hair stood up on end again and he was sniffing looking straight at the stairs and trying to touch with one of his paws very gingerly at the bottom stair but was looking up at about the 3rd stair. Again we couldn't snap him out of it and he stayed their staring for about an hour and a half and my husband and I just stayed where we were and didn't dare go near the stairs. Since then, nothing has really happened. By the way the cat will now jump on the couch periodically and even lay there. Before if you tried he would quickly run away. We can't explain it, but I have been doing a lot of research lately and have been trying to deal with the option of maybe having the house blessed or confronting the spirit or whatever it may be. Im afraid of making it angry. We don't even talk about this spirit in the house outloud any longer for fear that this thing can hear us. We feel like by us just talking about it or thinking about it one of us is welcoming it into our house. We are open to this world however I am also very scared. I am about to have a baby in a few months and do not want to run into something in the middle of the night and be caught off guard. I think its fascinating yet kinda scary too. We keep wondering if it could be my father trying to contact me or one of my husbands passed on relatives. Anyway, I was hoping from some of the details you may be able to tell if it is the same spirit following us? Or, if we are sensitive to what may already be there wherever we move. At this point Im not sure what to do. Do you have any guidance or clues as to what these may add up to be? Thanks for your help!

If you write back please address your letter to Attn: Jennifer.

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Baby, Come Upstairs


This is a true story, and the only experience i have had with the

supernatural which other people can verify; When I was two years old

i was at my cousin's house located in New Milford Ct., a nice 18th cent.

relic of a house. It was the holidays and my whole family was gathered

in the living room, I was playing on the floor by myself. I vividly

remember crawling to the two folding doors which opened to the hallway /

staircase. I passed through the doors into the darkness and that is where

my memory draws a blank. What I do remember is running back into the

living room and jumping behind my aunt, terrified, and crying. It took

a couple of minutes for me to come to my senses. When my family finally

got me to talk, the only thing I could say was "goken yellow people";

this translates into "broken white people" (in my primitive stages of

language, goken=broken and I often confused white for yellow). Upon

furhtur interogation (ie, "What happened?",What did they say to you?")

My reply was "Baby come upstairs". Needless to say my mother and I got

the hell out of there.I was too young to lie, and too young to know what

a ghost was, this experience wasnt a figment of my imagination. Furthur,

the house has also found it's items rearranged or misplaced, and dogs

have been known to bark at the same corner of a downstairs room on

several occasions. Unfortunately I am the only person to have seen these

ghosts, and was too traumatized by the event to clearly recollect wether

they were white or actually yellow.

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The Shadowman


When i was 4-5 years old, i had just learned how to talk. We lived in a

Very small house in Sacremento,CA, I started telling my mom and dad that

there was a "Shadow Man" in my doorway every night, according to my

description, he was tall, wore a trench coat, and a short top-hat. At

first my parents dismised it a gibberish, but every morning for months

i would tell my parents about the "Shadow Man" they were starting to

discuss it more seriously when my father saw the shadow man too.

He had just gotten home from a softball game and he was on his way to

the dentist, when the phone rang. It was my uncle, then while they were

talking, my dad saw a shadow of what looked like a man, he then realized

it was the description of my "Shadow Man" He picked up his bat and charged

the shadow, in an instant it disappeared, reappearing as it ran up to the

attic. My dad followed it, he was scared out of his wits but he followed

it. He said it was like walking through a dark horror movie scene.

However, there was no trace of the man.

That was all we ever saw of the "Shadow Man" After that, we moved to the

sierra navada's, I then found your webpage and i decited to write this.

I hope you believe this, because it is all true, my parents often tell

me this story and although i don't know what it means, i know it is true.

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Deceiving Angel


My husband and I lived off campus in a fairly new subdivision , our

house was only about 10 years old at the time . The occurence happened to

both of us , in differing fashions . I had fallen asleep but Dan was

still up reading in bed when he noticed that our bedroom door , which we

kept ajar , pushed open as if someone had just entered slowly . The

clothes on the rack at the foot of the bed swayed as if just being

brushed past as well .

At precisely the same time he is observing this , I began whimpering

and mumbling in my sleep , so he naturally dismissed the oddity he was

winessing to check on me . I awakened from a disturbing ,though brief

"dream" and proceeded to tell him about it . I "dreamed" that we were in

bed , him reading and myself just watching the room , and I saw a

beautiful cherub-faced boy enter the room and stand by the clothes rack

near our bed . He seemed about 5 yrs. old , had on a striped shirt , had

the most precious , rosy , chubby cheeks , beautiful blue eyes and golden

curly hair , that tussled on his forehead . But as I admired this

beautiful child , I noticed that under his curly bangs were two grey

horns protruding near his hairline (I just got the darned goose-bumps I

always get when relating that part of the story !)He "smiled" at me at

that point - and his angelic features took on almost a maniacal quality ,

which seems like an excessive description but is quite accurate ! At this

point I was already frightened in the "dream" and began the whimpering

which made my husband wake me . Of course he told me what he had just

witnessed at the same moment that my "dream" was taking place , and

needless to say , though we didn't run screaming in fear at the time , we

did leave all the lights on that night!

It wasn't until we moved out a year later that anything else occured

in relation to that single event . As we were clearing out the basement ,

Dan came across a box wedged under the stairs - it was packed with little

boy's clothes ....

We do not know any history of the house , so are still curious to

this day . It was a repossessed home , so we can only speculate on the

circumstances that the previous owners left under . Nor do we have any

children of our own who that "spirit" might be attached to somehow . My

questions are: how could one so young seem so malicious ? Why the horns

hidden in the cherubic features ? Any ideas ? -

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Show me the Upstairs


I was house sitting for a family of friends and i allowed myself to fall

asleep on the couch in the living room after studying and watching tv.

Around 4 o'clock I was asked by this stranger to show him the upstairs.

I thought that I must be dreaming and tried to go back to sleep and told

the guy that there was nothing upstairs but the usual--a couple of

bedrooms and a bathroom. He would not let me go back to sleep and kept

insisting that I show him the upstairs. I began to get impatient when he

changed his request and said that he had something he wanted to show me

upstairs. Although light was just beginning to show in the morning sky

outside, when I looked up the stairs I could see absolutely nothing.

I told this apparition that I was very tired and that I was going to go

back to the sofa and lie down and go back to sleep. He followed me from

the foyer at the bottom of the stairs into the living room and when I

laid back down and tried to hide my face he touched me on the foot. At

that point I was fully awake and began to try and scream. He moved

toward one of the windows as though he was backing away from me and

slowly faded away.

Although he had no visible features--he was just a mass of gasses it

seemed ("fog" or cold air), I knew that he was the young man from the

farm house behind the property where I was. He wanted to show me

something about the way he died and I did not want to know.

Later that day I realized that all the times I had spent in the house

staying with my friends and housesitting for them on other occasions, it

had been almost a regular behavior for me to wake up at the about the

same time every morning--between 3:45-5:00 a.m. I usually felt some

noise had woken me and I was often upset. The night before this incident

when I had slept upstairs, I woke up terrified and sweating from head to

toe. I do not consider myself nor does my family consider me to be a

person who has night terrors. And since I have not stayed in that house

since that incident I have never again woken up sweating like that.

On other occasions I have felt and heard various presences, but this was

the only time I have ever seen a ghost. I have often thought about this

experience: how it started out alright and that I wasn't afraid of the

young man; how I became frightened from his insistance that I go with

him upstairs. I hope that if I do indeed have an experience in which I

actually see another apparition that I will be fair and do it and myself

the justice of being open minded and unafraid.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. Each time I do I gather

a little more understanding of the incident and what happened.

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The Frisco Townhouse


My favorite cousin was raised in a typical SanFrancisco townhouse -

typical in every way except the haunting I suppose ! The ghostly

occurences happened to just about every member of the family that stayed

there , so I'll give you some individual accounts .

My Uncles experience :

It began with the "usual" sighting - a shadow seen on several

occasions standing at the foot of the bed . Yet it intensified with time.

Eventually , the shadow manifested into a stronger image (how? why?- did

it gain power ,or did they become more open to that other plane of

existence ?...) My uncle was finally awakened not just from the usual

discomfort that accompanied the presence ,but because he was being shaken

violently by his legs from what appeared to be a heavy-set sailor who

seemed not simply angry , but malevolent !

Well , as if that incident hadn't already scared the heck out of

Uncle Romy , the presence began manifesting in other intimidating ways .

He would come home from work (earlier than every one else) only to often

see the same man glaring at him from the living room window . He must

have been successful at ignoring the presence initially for it resorted

to another tactic which finally worked .Uncle Romy let himself in from

work this last afternoon , and headed back to shower and relax from his

day . Once in the bathroom with the door closed behind him , a series of

horrendous pounding began on the walls of the hallway , accompanied by

the sound of angry stomping down the hall and towards the bathroom . His

first instinct was to get out quick , only to find that the door would

not open , and seemed to be held tightly shut from outside ! After about

15 minutes of the poundings and stompings , the house went quiet and Romy

took the opportunity to flee from the house - he sat in the driveway in

his car for two hours until the rest of his family came home , and made

sure never to be there alone again !


Rommel was only 5 when the family lived there , and this was the

only time in his life that he had the "problems" that were so frequent in

this house . He became a chronic sleep walker/talker - so much so that

you couldn't tell he was sleeping . Often times he was found in the

living room talking to someone , or just whimpering with the front door

open . He never remembered what he was dreaming , and of course was

always disconcerted when awakened and finding himself not in his own

room. The scariest occurence of this type took place in the middle of the

afternoon . My aunt , my cousin Rachelle and myself were in the kitchen

making sandwiches - Rommel was out playing in the living room . We were

panicked by the sudden sound of his boyish voice hitting the high pitch

that hysteria causes as he screamed "HE'S IN HERE ..HE'S IN HERE ..THE

BAD MAN IS IN HERE...!!!!!". My aunt dashed in to grab her son , despite

the fact that obviously someone had broken in , only to find Rommel

sitting straight up on the sofa in the otherwise empty , with front door

locked ,room ! She tried to shake him out of his hysterics , for he

seemed wide awake , but it literally took a slap to the face to snap him

out of it .(No , she is not an abusive parent !). Of course he was calm

upon waking , with no recollection of the "dream" , or remembrance of the



My cousins had a small dog during the time they lived in the

townhouse , who of course was ALWAYS "barking at nothing" - the walls ,

the hallway , the bedroom door ... (No wonder considering what manifested

to the people of the house !). It died under highly unusual circumstances

in that townhouse . The family had all gone out for the evening , and

upon returning home were surprised to not hear their pet yipping at their

arrival . The doors and windows were all locked , nothing was out of

place - except that the dog was gone ! They searched all the rooms ,

under beds , anywhere he might be within the house . Finally by uncle

chose to open the door to the basement to check it out too , only to find

that "the dog" had somehow managed to open the basement door , put it's

leash on it's collar , and wrap the leash around the banister in order to

hang itself from the stairway .... Obviously the dog could not do any of

these things , yet the house was entirely secured . I just figure it's

lucky that the presence so bent on scaring my relatives didn't find a way

to put an end to them and not just the dog !

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Grandpa Rides Shotgun


I'd like to share an experiance that happened to me many years ago. I haven't thought about it much lately, but after reading through the stories on your page it's been on my mind lately. I was 17 at the time, I'm 29 now, and living in North Dakota, where I had been born and raised. I had just purchased my first car, and part of the deal I had made with my father was for me to take a job to pay for gas and anything else the car needed. The job I got was at at a recreation hall in town (my parents farm was 16 miles from town) Most weekends I worked the late shift, closing the hall and getting home around 2:30AM.

About two weeks after I got my car, a 1978 mustang, some friends of mine borrowed my car and smashed in the drivers side. Well, in order to get the car fixed and keep my job, I needed transportation. I ended up borrowing my gradfathers 1966 oldsmobile while my car was getting fixed.

Let me give you a little background about the car. It was purchased by my grandfather new. He loved to go driving around in his "hot rod" as he called it. My grandad would go for long drives every Sunday until 1974 when he got cancer. He was VERY ill and wasn't able to drive due the medication he was on. Fortunately, the illness didn't last long and he passed away in the early part of 1975. Now some people might not view this as fortunate, but with the amount of pain he was in, death was actually a release for him. As a matter of fact the only joy he said he had was playing with his grand kids and when my dad would drive him around town. After grandpa passed on my grandmother mothballed the car. She wouldn't drive the car, but every once in a while when we came to visit we'd find her just sitting in the car. She said she felt closer to him in the car.

Flash forward 10 years. After a little tuning up, the car ran great. My dad was amazed that it ran so good, considering it hadn't been started in 10 years. About the third day I had the car, I had to close at work again. As I was driving home I was very sleepy. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow in the passenger seat of the car. Thinking it was just a trick of light I didn't pay much attention to it. But to keep myself awake I started talking to the shadow and pretending it was my grandfather riding shotgun with me. I told him what was new in my life and how my day went. I asked him how he was and basically just talked to the air all the way home. This started to happen every time I drove home late night. I'd just start a conversation and keep "grandpa" up to date on what was happening with me and my family. Some nights I don't remember most of the drive. It was almost like I'd fall asleep, but I made it home safe every time. It became a joke with my friends and myself. If someone else rode with me I'd always tell them to ask permission before sitting in grandpa's seat. We'd all get a good laugh and go where ever we were going. I even started talking to grandpa when I drove alone during the day. Jump forward 3 months. My car is repaired but I haven't paid my parents back for the repair yet. It really didn't matter as I was growing to love that old 66 Olds. I was at work until almost 2am one night. As soon as I got into the car I noticed that grandpa's shadow was darker than normal and no matter what angle the lights hit the car the shadow never changed. Not that this really bothered me. We started our "chat" and I headed for home. Here's the freaky part. About 5 miles into the drive the shadow's head turned and looked straight at me. I then heard someone tell me to STOP! Needless to say this scared the hell out of me and I hit the brakes. About five feet from where the car came to a stop, a friend of mine had ran his car off the road. He was walking up out of the ditch just as I hit the brakes. If I hadn't stopped the car I would have killed him. There is no doubt in my mind that grandpa saved my friends life that night as well as my sanity. If I would have killed my friend I don't know if I could have lived with myself. After that night my friends and I didn't joke so much about grandpa's seat in the car.

A couple of last things.

1. My grandfather came to America with his parents when he was 6. He would lapse into german many times when he was talking, especially when he was excited. In the last paragraph I said I heard "STOP". After I thought about it later, what I actually had heard was "HALTE". Guess what language that is.

2. Everyone in my family I've told this story to has told me it was just my imagination, except for one person, my grandmother. She's told me she saw and talked to my grandfather constantly from the day of his death. As a matter of fact, the only time she said he wasn't around was the six months I borrowed the car. He returned the same day I returned the car.

From the day my grandfather "talked" to me I felt his prescence with me almost constantly up until 3 years ago. 3 years ago last January my grandmother died. I had been living in California for 4 years when I got the call informing me of my grandmothers illness. I made plans to go back to see her, but the next night I had a dream. In the dream my grandpa came to me and told me he was leaving. He said he was proud of me and what I'd done with my life. Suddenly my grandmother appeared beside him. They told me they loved me and I'd see them again someday. And then they vanished. My roommate woke me up saying I was yelling in my sleep. The time was 130am pacific time. My grandmother died at 325 central standered time. The exact same time I was having my dream.

I've only had one other instance where I've experiance the paranormal, and it was definitely not a nice experiance. Maybe I'll share it with you later. Thanks for your web page. It's nice to share my story with other people who've experiance the type of thing I have.

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About 5 years ago, my then husband and I moved into an apartment. Our

bedroom was directly over the livingroom which had a back door that we

used instead of the front door. My husband always went to work at

5:30am and I would stay in bed until it was time for me to get ready

for work. One morning about 10 minutes after he left, I heard him

come home and turn on the tv. I then heard him come up the stairs and

at the top of the stairs it sounded like he was scratching the rug

like a dog. I was not asleep, but I was unable to move. I can't

describe what I felt. I was terrified and there was a feeling of

evil, like I'd never felt or imagined before. When I finally could

move, the scratching had stopped and there was no one in the

apartment, just me. The tv was not on and the back door was locked.

Every morning after my husband left for work, I would have these

"visitations." And each time I was unable to move. One time there

were 3 tall, skinny people dressed in black standing in the doorway

whispering and looking in my direction. The final straw was the same

3 people visited again and one came and stood directly over me. He

looked at me and finally whispered to me, but to this day, I can't

remember what he said, I just remember it being threatening.

My husband and I were in the middle of getting ready to move. After

the last incident, I broke down and told my husband what had been

happening every morning after he left. I told him I was scared

because I felt that if the people ever figured out we were moving,

something horrible would happen to me. He laughed at me and said I

had imagined it all, but luckily we moved the next day. Maybe he was

right and I did imagine it, but I don't think I could imagine how I

felt, and I hope I never feel that way again.

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The Basement


I don't know whether this is a haunting or not, but a lot of things have

happened at my grandmother's house that we (my family and I) can't


First off, there's the basement. When my grandfather was alive, he

was an alchoholic, and would spend most of his evenings in the basement,

drinking and smoking cigarettes. Anyways, one time i went into the

basement to get something from the downstairs fridge, and all the sudden

I smelled cigarette smoke! It really freaked me out, so i called my dad,

and he came downstairs, and he smelled it too. the basement's walls are

cement, so its not like they are wood and can absorb the smell. another

thing, when my grandfather would get drunk, instead of going to the

upstairs bathroom to throw up in the toilet, he'd throw up in the

stationary tub downstairs. Well, a couple of months ago, my grandma went

downstairs to do some laundry (the washer's in the basement) and found,

um, throw- up in the stationary tub! The doors had all been locked, and

she hadn't gone out recently, so there's no way someone could have gotten

into the house.

also, I swear i've seen things- shadows- out of the corner of my eye. Of

course, this could be just imagination, but you couldn't pay me to spend

a night in that house alone! My mom (who is 45 years old) won't even go

into the basement during the day!

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The Slamming Door


I personally have had two paranormal experiences in my life, and both of them occurred in

1978. Before I relate the first story, I should explain that my paternal grandfather died of

cancer in 1967. I was four years old at the time, and I remember missing him terribly. I

wondered why he had left forever without saying goodbye. My family lived in the country, and

my grandfather's property was nearby. In his will, he asked to be buried on a hill above my

house. From there he had a great view of the valley, and the backyard where I always played.

In 1977, my parents divorced, and when our property was sold in August of the following year,

my grandpa had to be moved to a cemetary 30 miles away. The trouble started the night after

he was exhumed. My father had moved out of our house several months earlier, so my mother and

I (and my cat Tasha) were living alone. That night, I was awakened just after midnight by the

slamming of the front door. My bedroom window was adjacent to the heavy wooden door, and when

it slammed shut the impact rattled my windowpanes. My cat almost jumped out of her skin.

The noise also woke my mother, whose room was on the other side of the house. I heard her

come out of her room and walk down the hall to investigate. When I joined her, we searched

the place, and found the doors and windows all locked. We could find no one hiding inside or

outside, so we went back to bed. The slamming door continued to wake us up at the same

time for the next four nights. On the fifth night, we waited in our rooms for the door to

slam, expecting to go to sleep afterwards. But after the noise died away, I heard another

sound: footsteps. Immediately, my cat jumped down off the bed and hid underneath it. This

scared me even more. Someone was walking down the hall. I heard the boards creak in front of

my mother's bedroom, and the footsteps continued on down the hall towards me. I couldn't

breathe at this point. Whoever it was stopped right inside my doorway. I could feel the

presence in the dark and knew I was being stared at. I was just about to say "Grandpa,"

hoping it was him, when my mother opened her bedroom door and turned on the hall light.

Nobody was there. We searched the place again and found no one on the property. After that

night we were not bothered again. No more slamming door or mysterious footsteps. We decided

it must have been my grandfather. He was just letting us know before he left that being moved

from his chosen resting place had made him unhappy.

The following November, my mother and I moved into the new A-frame house she had had built.

Right away strange things started to happen. At first we thought that my grandpa had followed

us. But we soon gave up this notion. This ghost -- if that's what it was -- was different.

It didn't seem to like me. I was constantly being locked out of the house. Every time I

walked out on our high front deck, which had no stairs, I couldn't get back inside. We had

all our doors and locks checked and changed a few times, which didn't help. One day, my

friend Pamela came home with me after school to spend the night. We went out on the deck

together for awhile, and then found ourselves locked out. We had to wait an hour for my mom

to come home from work. I never told Pam about the other weird stuff that was going on. We

also had to have the wiring checked and rechecked. (The electrician and locksmith thought we

were crazy, or paranoid.) All our lights kept going on and off by themselves. And always in

the middle of the night. We saw the side door, which led into the living room, open by itself

many times. Right afterwards, the living room would be filled with the smell of cigarette

smoke. (My grandpa never smoked.) All these occurrences continued for about a year, and then

gradually stopped altogether. To this day, I think about the haunted new house and wonder

who, or what, my mother and I were living with.

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Christmas Eve


This story is very personal, but it left me with a greater sense of what

is beyond this existance. The Christmas of 1990 heading into 1991

proved a very trying holliday for me. A very close friend of mine died

of Meningitice which spread quite a scare throught the town. He was

only 12 or 13 years at the time of his death which was the day of

Christmas eve. That day I spent my time getting shots and taking pills

and being stuned with my friends. That night I went to my grandparents

for supper. I Left their house befor my parents. I just wanted some

time alone to think about my friend. I got changed and went to bed at

about ten or eleven and quickly fell asleep. about and hour later I sat

up in my bed and opened my eyes and there he was. Just standing across

the room from me. I said nothing and I made no movements. I geuss I

was just too afraid to move or even yell. He looked at me turned to

face the wall beside me and walked out of the room. I quickly closed my

eyes and feared what would be there if I opened them.

I've never seen him since. I guess the only time I ever do is in my

dreams. After that experience I've opened my mind to spirits and the

world beyond. I anticipate and fear the next time I experience


That is If I live to experience again.

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