Old City Cemetery in San Benito, Texas

By:  AlbeRey9@aol.com

I use to be a police officer for the city of San Benito, Tx.  One night my shift was working 11 to 7 (graveyard shift) when i heard one of my fellow officers call out over the police radio at about 2 or 3 am that he was going check out what appeared to be a fire within the fenced area of the old city cemetery which is located on old Sam Houston street. I then advised our dispatcher that i would be enroute to back up my fellow officer. I was across town so i had travelled about 2 to 3 minutes tops when i heard the officer say 10-8 which means back in service. I then thought to myself why didn't he call for the fire department so i then called him over the radio and told him to meet me at the parking lot of the Block Buster video store. When he pulled up to my police unit with his patrol car i could see that he had a scared look on his face. I asked  hey what happened at the cemetery and he said defensively " I dont want to talk about it". I again asked him what happened to the fire and he again said " I don't want to talk about it" and drove off in the police unit. I thought to myself that i would give him the chance to clear his thoughts from his head so i waited to the end of the shift to ask him what had happened. He told me that he was patrolling on north Sam Houston street when he saw a small fire in the old city cemetery. He then stated he went around the railroad tracks to old Sam Houston street . Since it was around one of the holiday's when they sell fire crackers or fire works he thought someone might have set off one of the firecrackers and it had landed in the cemetary causing a grass fire. He then called the dispacther over the police radio and advised her that he was going to check out the fire. He then told me he exited his patrol unit and walked into the city cemetery towards the fire. He said that the flame from the small fire was about 8 to 9 feet high.He then told me he noticed as he was walking towards the fire that the closer he got to the area of the flame the smaller it was getting. He said to me that when he got up to where the source of the fire was it suddenly disappeared and he noticed that there was no smoke or traces of anything burning. He stated that when he looked down where the flame had disappeared he was standing in front of a grave where some had just been buried days or a couple of  week's before. He then stated he felt scared and that is when he got back in his patrol car and left the area.

Ghost Experiences

By:  Rebbit83@aol.com

Have had a few experiences with ghosts in my house so I thought I'd
share them.  My house is very old (probably 50 to 60 years).  The first
happened when I was probably about 8 years old on Christmas Eve.  My
oldest sister and I were so excited about the fact that it was Christmas
that we decided to sleep on the couch right next to the Christmas tree so
we could be the first ones to see the presents in the morning.  At some
point in the night (I think it was about 3:30 or so) I woke up for no
particular reason.  Our living room opens up into the kitchen and we
always leave a small light on above the sink so you could see everything
in the kitchen.  Well when I woke up in the middle of the night I
thought I saw someone standing in the kitchen  right in front of the counter.
But then I noticed that it wasn't a person, it just looked like a white
figure of a person.  It wasn't doing anything...just standing there,
and I figured that I was just seeing things.  My sister woke up at about
that time, and before I even said anything or asked her about it, she
said "Do you see that in the kitchen?"  I told her that I did and she
told me just to ignore it and try and go back to sleep. So I closed my
eyes and tried to fall back asleep...but got curious and looked again,
and the figure wasn't there anymore.  Talking about it later with her, we
both agreed that we at no time felt afraid of whatever it was, but
there was definitely something there.

More recently, there have been other things happening in the house.  I
was standing in the bathroom at the sink washing my face, and I bent
down to rinse my face off and when I came back up, one of the light
fixtures that hangs in front of the mirror was swaying back and forth.  I
was the only one in the room and I hadn't touched it. Coincidently, that
light always seems to flicker on and off.

The one thing that I seem to see on a regular basis is someone walking
from one side of the room to the other in our hallway entry way.  From
the living room you can see into the kitchen and through the other
doorway leading to the hallway entry way.  So as you sit in the living room
facing that way you will see out of the corner of your eye someone
going from the bathroom area to towards the hallway. Other members of the
family have seen this also.  I personally always get a really bad
feeling walking through the entry way at night.

The last thing happened just the other morning.  I had just woken up,
the sun was already up, and right outside my doorway I saw what looked
like a shadow of someone standing there.  But the shadow didn't look
like it was on the wall, just in front of the wall.  I could clearly make
out a head and shoulders, and the shadow had a sort of thickness to it,
not flat like everyday shadows that you see everywhere.  I looked at it
for a few minutes before I even realized what I was looking at, and it
just kind of disappeared.

My recent experience

By:  joldread@sangera.com

06/11/04   I am 24 years old, and some things are certainly harder for me to believe now that I'm older. When I was about 19 years old, I had an experience that I look back on now and think, man, that was probably a dream. But what happened to me the other night, was far from a dream. I live in a little town called Alpaugh located in cetral california. This town literally only has like 500 people. When I first moved there, there were all sorts of stories told to me about haunted railroad tracks, haunted houses, pastures, etc., nothing I really took seriously. I work an hour from where I actually live, so I ttry to get to bed early so I am well rested by the time 4:30am comes around for me to get up. I remember that night, I had a hard time falling asleep and remember looking at the clock and it was only 11:00pm. The next thing I knew, something was making my bed shake, as if someone was kicking it. At first I thought I was dreaming. I kept my eye's closed. I was fully awake when it hit my bed again but I continued to keep my eyes closed. This happened twice more when I finally decided to open my eyes. At the instant my eyes opened, the bed was kicked once more and then stopped. I turned on the lamp and looked at the clock. It was 2:00am. It completely stopped. Her daughter then told me that sometimes she can feel someone watching her in her bedroom when everything is pitch black. And all she does is pray really hard and eventually the feeling goes away. This had scared me so bad that I told the lady that I live with about it. Her face turned red and she told me that sometimes she see's "shadows" walking through the house at night when she's in the kitchen. This woman is known to have some "Psychic" abilities and she says that there is definitely a presense in the house. But mine is the first that she's heard of making actual physical contact. Ever since this incident, I'm scared to go home, and I often wonder how many of those "Ghost" stories I've heard about are true. If they are, Alpaugh will probably be the new most haunted place, at least in California. P.S. Any advise on how to keep my ghost away would be very deeply appreciated.



By:  LRBB83@aol.com

I have e-mailed you to tell you about my experiences. My first was about a month after my uncle died (which was two years ago), I heard strange deep breathing noises under my bed. Footsteps in the hall. I was afraid to get out of my bed, that something might be there. We live right behind a church and the bells were ringing all night. My brother who was two at the time had a potty that when you go in it, it goes dundadadun, well we heard that dundadadun and nobody was on it and the batteries were out. A couple of weeks ago I heard a tape recorder sound like it was rewinding behind my dresser.And my most recent experience was just a few days ago, I heard really weird noises in my room.Most of my experiences I heard the ghost and felt it, but I also saw one once: one night I turned around in my bed and saw an old-fashioned lady in her mid-thirtys.It feels good to tell someone,thanks for listining.I would appreciate it if you posted this with the rest of the stories.

The Emily Morgan Hotel-San Antonio Texas

By:   dpettis@gchd.org

My family stayed at the Emily Morgan .  Right after getting there I  took a shower to relax (I was very pregnant).  I kept looking out of the  shower curtin because I thought my kids were in the bathroom trying to mess  with me.  I didn't ever hear anything, but I had the heavest feeling like  someone was in the bathroom.  When I got out of the shower the door was locked.
The security manager told my kids about a room on the 9th floor that you  could hear people talking and kids laughing in.  My husband is very much a non-believer and didn't want to go to that floor at all.  The kids persisted!  We got off the elevator and spoke with the maid who told us stories about that floor and another floor.  The girls wanted to see if  they took a picture of the room the security guard told us about so my  husband did so they would leave the floor.  When we got back to the room, he  went to the bathroom.  He had the camera in the pocket of his jacket (this is a  deep pocket) with the the cord hanging out.  The camera fell out of his  pocket and broke into several pieces.  We were able to get the chip out of the camera and load our pictures onto our laptop.  The pictures are on the  chip as they would be on a roll of film, in the order they are taken.  The pictures of that door were in the middle of the group of pictures.  The pictures that were around the pictures were taken the day before!  We checked out right after that, and my husband refuses to go back!

Thank you,

Experiences i had

By:  Tellie0925@aol.com

Experience 1
  I live across from the Washburn cemetary in Pa. Most people I know say that they would be afriad to live there and that they heard that it was haunted, but that never bothered me. I always enjoy taking a walk through the cemetary. Nothing ever "weird" happened on any of my walks except the one time while me and my boyfriend were taking a walk around it. I was having one of those "open your mind days" where  I let everything go. As we were walking on the right side by PQ, I heard voices. To me it sounded like two young black childern. I couldnt make out most of what they were saying because there were whispering. I asked my boyfriend if he heard anything and he said no. I told him then to open his mind and listen carefully. When he said that he too heard them. In the beginning i thought they were ghosts or spirits or something, and he was all against it. But i wouldnt listen to him. And I told him if he was right then we would be able to see who was whispering. So we went off to look for the voices. It seemed like they were all around us, because no matter where we looked we couldnt find the voices. But where ever we went, there was a cold spot and the voices sounded like there were right there. I started getting a pounding headache and  the hairs on my kneck started standing up. I decided then we should leave them alone.
I'll never for that and everytime I walk by I listen for the voices and remember what happened. I havent heard them since, but I'm still curious.
Experience 2
    It was around 3:00am and I was washing clothes and watching T.V. in the kitchen. I was watching mtv and my favorite song was comming on. The next thing I know the T.V shuts off. So I turned it back on with the remote and the same things happened three seconds later. I used the remote again and the tv turned on and then turned off in a spilt second. I was starting to get annoyed and i tried the remote again. This time it didnt work at all. So I got up and went to the tv but i was blocked. it seemed as if someone was standing in front of me, not leting me through. Plus i started getting very cold and fast. Then something told me that it was a ghost or spirit. My first thought was asking politely if I could Watch T.V. So I blurted it out, and the T.V came on. I was like ooohhh kay, and i turned around and sat back down. amd watched mtv for the rest of the time i was downstairs, it never turned off agian that night. But i remember a couple of weeks ago when my grandmother was making dinner and watching her soap oprahs the same thing happened to her and I told her it was the ghost, just ask him if you could watch the tv and she told me there was no such thing and the tv would come back on for her.

My ghost encounter

By:  mistofdeath96@yahoo.com

I have either had one or two ghost or paranormal encounters in my life... I cannot prove that they REALLY were ghosts.... or demons.
 My very first paranormal encounter happened when I was about 3 or 4. I slept in my parent's room at that time on my own little bed next to theirs. My mom had gone to her parents' house and i was alone with my dad which is a very heavy sleeper. On the right wall of the room next to the door which always remains shut, there is a big old armoir. I woke up in the middle of the night and heard heavy bumping and knocking noiser behind the old armoir. I was frozen with terror for about 3 seconds. I gathered some courage and hugged my pillow. With it against my chest, I got out of bed and started walking towards it. I was frozen with terror and a great chill came down my back that I could barely concentrate on. When I reached the side of the armoir where you can see the space behind it, I was almost face to face with a blurry skull-like figure floating in mid air that had a long stem like a ghost's tail in scooby doo. The figure was giving off flurry rays of light throughout the part of the room. It just stood staring at me hovering above the air. I immedeatly ran back with the pillow over my face back to my bed and pulled the covers over me. I never saw it again, or heard the strange sounds.
 The next ghost experience I had was with a friend. We like to go in a dense woodland near our houses at dusk before nighttime. We go there oftenly and we see weird flashes of light, or black and gray blurs move over from the corner of our eyes. This time when we went, the original symptoms were not so dense as they use to be. My friend had his cellphone with him so his mom or his brother could call him back to the house. Suddenly we stopped when his cellphone rang. He answerd the cellphone and even I could faintly over hear the strange noise emmitting from it. It was simmilar to a crackles and screams and static. I thought I didn't hear it right so I asked him who the heck it was. He panicked and looked back at his cellphone pulling it from his head. "I have no idea" he said. "It sounded like this crakle sound... like gibberish." Then he tried to play the message back. But the caller return where it said if you made a call or not said that there wer no calls at all made. Later that same night I stared at the celing like I usually do to fall asleep. I saw a fast bright orb fly by the ceiling and there were no windows near by at such an angle to emmitt any light from cars.
Thanks for letting me share with you.

Prison Ghost(s)?

By:   No1Shadowgirl@aol.com

Wonderful site. Anyway I've worked in a youth prison for about 6 yrs now. 3yrs ago, we went to 12 hr shifts. I work the night shift. OOOH. The prison is more like a high rise with 16 used floors and the 17th floor is the maint. floor used to help fix the elevators and such. Floors 5&6 connect, 7&8 connect, 9&10, 11&12, 13&14 and floors 15 and 16 are seperated.13,14 and 16 are the segregation floors. This may seem meaningless right now, but it will help you to better understand later on. I worked on 13 for 3 yrs. Right after we went to 12 hrs. An officer died on 14. He had an anuerysim(?) and died instantly in the officers station. On any occasion things would move, be seen, or you would hear noises. One in particular was way freaky. The officers on 14 had just finished giving showers. There are for hallways. A&B on the northside and C&D on the southside. Each hallway has two showers which can be locked. As custom, after showers are completed and they are cleaned, they are locked. The officer that was out on the floor was going to each hallway and locking the showers. When he got to C hall, the inmates on B hall started raising cain. We heard this on 13 and ran up the steps to see if they needed any help. Both officers were out on the floor and I ran out of the officers station to make sure no one was hurt. My partner stayed inside. The shower doors on B hall were standing wide open with the dead bolts in the locked position. The officer had to unlock them, close the doors and lock them back. The inmates said that they just opened up. Weird, huh? And just recently I requested to be taken off of 13 because I was beginning to get "burned out" I was the only female that worked on seg, and honestly, I got tired of having to be "one of the guys" I was moved to the 7th floor, and some nights I'm used to relieve officers on other floors so they can go home or take a break. Last week I was sent to 11 to relieve an officer to go home. Me and the 12th floor officers were sitting on 11 when we heard someone knock on the window up on 12. The windows are double plated with chicken wire running through them to make themĒ unbreakable" and make a distinct sound. Kind of like a hollow thudding. Almost like a bass drum. It knocked twice. The 12 floor officers ran upstairs to make sure someone hadn't come off the outside elevators and wanted to come in. I went up right behind them. There was NO ONE there. That's when they decided to tell me that they had a ghost. They have seen it on the camera monitors many times. I stayed up there all night to see it. Never did. I've seen the one on 13&14. Just kind of takes you off gaurd. Well I have more, But I've written a book already. HAHA. But this is a truly wonderful site. I've been soming to it for about 5 yrs now. I hope that you find this good enough to add to your site


Greetings from my deceased pets

By:  KyraMizuno@aol.com

Okay I didn't get to witness this, but my mom told me about it and I know she would never lie to me.

My grandfather has a little farm about five or six miles from where he lives and it's where our 'Pet Cemetary' is... we've buried one dog and 5 cats there and it's where we plan to lay all our animals to rest.Well we also have this little pond about 25 or so yards away. We had recently decided to introduce our new bull dogs to this pond to let them get some exercise and fresh air. My mom told me that as they ran down the path towards the pond she witnessed something happen at the little cemetary. A huge pile of leaves that she'd planned to rake up had been laying on my German Shepard's grave. As our two new dogs ran by, the entire pile lifted straight up and it was still flat from where it'd been on the ground on its underside. The dogs paid little attention to this but my mom did. Then as soon as they passed the pile settled right down again

ghost experience in anchorage, Alaska

By:  donttrustradio@austin.rr.com
hi! my name's ashley, and i'm from anchorage, alaska. i found this website when i was searching for haunted places in anchorage. i was soooo excited when i saw the 4th Avenue Theatre listed.
i worked there during the summers doing The Alaska Show, which is a touristsong and dance and dinner show. before and after the show, the place was pretty much empty. only the cast, and theatre clean-up crew were there.

i had an experience with the ghost of a little girl one day before theshow. it was in the upstairs womens bathroom,the same one talked about in the story you have listed. i was sitting on the toilet (pardon the graphics), when i heard the clicking of little girls dress shoes on the tile. i thought it was kinda weird, because all the attendents of the  show had already left, and there were no children there that night. all the sudden, the clicking came into my stall, and i could feel her standing right in front of me. my leg got really warm, like someone was standing...in it. it was the weirdest feeling. then i got up, and ran  out to tell the theatre director.
the theatre director had also had an experience with the little girl,  in the bathroom as well. it was a stressful time for her, because some of our tours had cancelled, and she was worried the show wouldn't make enough money to keep going. so, she went to the bathroom to chill out. one of  the actresses from the show stood in the main doorway of the bathroom. The director was talking to herself, and letting off steam about the  situation. suddenly, the little girl runs into her stall, and says "don't worry! everything's gonna be ok!" and then she ran out giggling.
when the director came out of the bathroom, she asked the actress where that little girl came from. she had no idea what she was talking about. creepy! there have also been experiences in the mens restroom. a friend of mine had the toilet paper roll start spinning, as if someone had spun it with their hand.
so yeah. i hope those accounts help anyone, because finding the info on the theatre sure makes me feel a lot better about the whole thing! thank  you!!

The "dreamlike state" or "forced sleep"

By:  Seraphiminlove@aol.com

I have been reading some of the stories you have, and I believe I have experienced that "dream like paralysis" and the "forced sleep" that some are referring to. I am not sure if it is something that is physically wrong with me (like petit mal seizures) or if it is ghost related. I have had many ghostly experiences most aren't as vivid or active as others. In fact there are only a handful that I can say are true hauntings as far as my experiences go. However I started to experience this dream paralysis when I was a teen and I thought that I had something wrong with me. I told my mother but she did not believe me.  This is how the story goes. I was baby-sitting for a neighbor who had two young sons. He would have to go into work at 4am, so I would go and stay with his kids during the summer while he was away. When I would arrive it was still dark outside and he would say just go in and make yourself comfortable, if you want you can go to sleep on the couch because the boys won't be awake until about 8 or 9. The first couple days I would not fall asleep on the couch because I felt if I did I would not be keeping an eye on the kids (who were 11 and 12, not exactly babies). By the afternoon I would be exhausted. So after a while I would go to sleep on the couch in the mornings. One morning after my neighbor left I got comfortable and was asleep within seconds. I started dreaming (I think it was a dream), I was lying on the couch and it was extremely dark, I could barely make out where I was. From where the couch was positioned I could see down the hall to the attic stairs. I could see that there was a light on in the attic. I would try to get up and found I could not move. I couldn't speak, nothing. I could hear someone moving around in the attic, and I could hear a man sobbing and cursing. Then I could hear him on the stairs and I would be terrified. All I could think was that someone was upstairs robbing the place and if one of the boys should wake they would be killed by this burglar. I would just lay there helpless and I would see the man's shadow on the stairs and I could see that he had a gun. Then I would watch as his shadow raised the gun to his head and he would shoot himself. If that was not enough to send me into hysterics, I would then hear a sound that reminded me of someone rolling a smashed pumpkin down the stairs. And I watched horrified as I seen parts of the man's skull hit the floor in the hall. I would drift off into that "forced sleep" that has been mentioned and when I woke the kids would be in the kitchen fixing cereal and it would be 9:30. This happened more then once in that house and I would be so scared that something was wrong with me that I would cry over it. Some time later when the boys were older one asked if I remembered baby-sitting them while they lived there. I said yes that I did. He replied," I hated that house. Did you know some guy blew his head off on the attic stairs?" Talk about freaked out! I've experienced it a few other times since then and I wanted to know if anyone who has been through it have felt like they were being shocked or electrocuted during it. One time in particular I can remember the feeling of something like electricity running through me. I know it sounds weird, I was just curious.

Haunting in a New House

By:  dessources@cgocable.ca

i'm a french canadian, i live in drummondville Quebec.I always thought that hauntings were just in old houses but i was wrong.My house is only about 6 years old but it has nothing to do with my house but with me.One of my guy friend died a couple months ago of a heart attack he didnt have a lot of friends so someone found him only about 3 days later.He was in love with me but i wasnt but he was a good friend that i didnt visit anymore anyways.the week i found out he died things started happening.the first thing is i was lying on the floor with my 18 month baby watching television in the afternoon and i heard a loud bang on the front wall of my house(i live in the country)i let it pass its daytime so i wasnt too nervous lol but 15 seconds later there it was again i went to check outside but nothing was there.couple days later my 12 year old son and i were sitting in the kitchen and all of a sudden the water starts running in the bathroom sink 5 feet from us so i turned it off and in the same evening lights would turn on and off by themselves and every day after that too and lightbulbs would burn all the time(maybe a coincidence).We bought a baby cat and had him for only 2 days because i found out i was allergic but me and my son would hear him meow for 2 days after that.The scariest thing that happened that made me cry because i was so frightened, my boyfriend decided to go sleep in the basement one night at around 1 am because he had a huge headache which by the way never happened before, so i was going back to sleep by myself(no not yet sleeping)lying on my back when all of a sudden i heard coming from the kitchen aloud buzzing sound like big electric wires coming closer to me and it got on my side and it was pushing on my side and it felt like hands touching my arm and it felt like it was going to climb on me.I was terrorrised i couldnt open my eyes move or scream but i gathered somehow strength and i screamed really loud NO!!!! and it all stopped .I ran downstairs to tell my boyfriend to come back to sleep upstairs and i was crying but he still doesnt beleive me.Since then its been a couple months and i feel the presence(my friend?) is totally gone.Trust me i'm a regular hard working woman and mother and i am not weird at all so this all true.


Hello Again!!

By:  christine.e.braden1@jsc.nasa.gov

have written a few stories here before. I haven't read any in a long time. There has been much that has happened to me since my past few stories. I have come to realize that like my sister and grandmother I too can tell when spirits are around. It just scares me too much so I try to ignore it. Only allowing myself to feel it when I try to. So here is my story. Beware... this is very freaky and very long so get ready for a read..... Here are the people involved. My cousin Michelle (who only believes in the paranormal because her close friends and family swear its true and she knows we wouldn't lie to her) told me that her best friend, Jami, had a horrible ghost living in her rent house. Jami also lives with a gay couple, who are very much in love. Well one night I was hanging out with Michelle. This night was filled with paranormal experiences for me. We first went to a bar in downtown Houston called La Craft. This bar is actually known as a historical landmark. Supposedly it is haunted by the owner (that's what I was told when I first got there). My cousin said that she goes there often and her friend works the bar. She was hoping that her friend would let us go upstairs because its upstairs that is haunted. So I figured I would try and be open-minded, and try and sense what I could. Well I could feel it right as I walked up to the front door! That whole street feels eerie! So we were not only able to go upstairs but we actually got to have our drinks up there. Well we were sitting at the far end of the bar. I really couldn't pick up on much. Just the usual I'm being watched feeling. Also the feeling like the owner was just content with how the place was being kept up. Not happy, not sad, just content. I needed to go to the bathroom and so my cousin decided to go with me. As we head toward the stairs and are about to go inside the bathroom door at the top of the stairs I glance to my right. I see this bartender standing there watching us head toward the door. We hit the door and it's a storage closet. We laugh and I feel stupid (no wonder the bartender was looking at us crazy) and look back (to give the bartender the look like I'm stupid, this isn't the bathroom) but there was no bartender. Actually the bartender was all the way on the other side of the room not even wearing the same clothes. That bar is a long stretch and this all only happened within a few seconds. So I think about it (thinking did I just see what I think I saw) and proceed downstairs to were the real bathroom was. There I told Michelle what had happened. She wants me to tell her bartender friend downstairs. He asked me where I saw him and what did he look like. Which was the typical black vest with a white shirt under neither, black pants and brown hair. Kind of country western looking. I told him and he said that there was also a bartender who haunted the place along with the owner. After we had a few drinks we decided to go to another bar, but first we would drop our cars off at her friends house which was very close to this other bar. As soon as we pull up to her "friends" house I kind of freak out. I ask Michelle who's house it is and she said it was Jami's (which she has told me about before).....My sister has gotten freaked out when visiting this house. Michelle has told me that when she was in Jami's room something was thrown from the shelves at her...... So I try and get the courage to walk in. The feeling in this place was so much greater than what I had felt at the bar! I go into the living room and Jami's roommates greet me. Right away Michelle says that I can sense things. The roomies got very interested. They wanted to show me around. I was hesitant at first but I thought I was just being stupid (thinking this isn't real). I could feel it throughout the house! Michelle wanted me to go into the bathroom because that is where my sister said it was the strongest. I didn't go in, just stood at the door but I really didn't feel anything. Then Michelle told me to go see Jami's room because it was really cool. Which it is! She has an old-time 20's type set up where you first walk into a parlor and then into her bedroom. As soon as I stepped over the threshold into the parlor I felt this heavy wait on my chest. I felt like I couldn't breath. I just kept telling myself, "Your stupid, this isn't real." I felt like this guy was pissed off!!! He wanted me out and he hated me. He wanted to kill me. I started to try and look at some pictures on her wall and then I just freaked. It was like I was having a panic attack. I ran out of her room just freaked out!! We quickly went to the next bar and Jami and her boyfriend came along with us. She said that it is a man named Henry. This Henry is in love with her and is very jealous of the boyfriend. She said that she thinks it hates that there is so much love in the house (because her roomies are very much in love). She also said there is more than this ghost. There was also a lady in the house, but she didn't think they were connected. I asked if she has tried to get rid of it. She said she has done everything that she could think of. She doesn't believe in God so she has tried other ways. She even called in a Buddhist Monk. I told her that she should try praying anyways. "What could it hurt." I myself am very much into Christianity (but very open minded). I said, "Just give it a shot. I have learned that the only way to get rid of this stuff is to call for God's help." A lot of you probably may thing I'm crazy for saying this but in every case I have experience that is this bad this has been the only thing that has worked! Well about a month later I had a very very scary dream. So scary I woke my husband up and was crying!!! I was in Jami's house in the living room. I felt like I was a College girl and I had a girl roommate. It was in the 60's time period. The door to Jami's room was shut and there was a shadow that I could see under the floor crack of the door. The shadow was pacing back and forth. I said to my roommate, "There is someone in the house." I felt like maybe it was a homeless man lost and needed help. As I look back at my roomy she is no longer a girl but is now my husband and I am his wife. We are in the 70~80 time frame. He said, "Well maybe we should help him." I'm then in Jami's room (as myself) with the homeless man. He is very angry and pacing back and forth. Like he is just sooooo mad that we are in his house! I ask him, "Is there something I can help you with? Are you lost?" These type of questions. He just keeps replying with," NO! No one can!!! GET OUT!!" And he is scaring me but I'm trying to remain calm and reassure him that I can help him. Then all of a sudden I'm in the bathroom, sitting in the bathtub. I am naked with my knees up to my chest and my arms curled around them. I have my head down. As I raise my head, the homeless man is kneeling beside the tub. He is staring at me like I am his next victim. I say to him, "You don't want to be clean. You HATE to be clean. You like things that are dirty!" And then he turned into a demon. (I'm shaking as I write this because it still scares me). I told Jami about it. She told me the things I was saying was very close to what she had experienced. She didn't give me much detail but she said that it gave her even more of a reason to get rid of the ghost. I even told her that he was skinny with over sized cloths and brown hair that fell in his face. He looked like a crack attic. Then she tells me that they had just purchased a puppy lab last week. Well they had to leave the puppy in the upstairs hall wall when they left because they could close it off and clean it up very easy. She got a phone call from her neighbor who had seen the puppy jump out off the roof of the house ad broke its leg! When she got home, she found that the window was had been opened. They had made sure to close it securely. After bringing the puppy home, Jami was at home went she couldn't find the dog. She went upstairs and the dog was on the roof again. Jami and her roommates had made sure to lock the window and that there would be know way for that to happen again. Yet the window was wide open and the dog was about to jump. The dog also did the typical barking at walls for no reason. About a week later I had another dream. I was viewing a beautiful sunset in a open field. Just beyond the view I felt that the same man was trying to get to me but he couldn't. He was very hatful toward me but I felt that he could no longer hurt me and I was safe because God was protecting me from him. I know that Jami got rid of him but I just don't know how. I plan on going to New Orleans with my sister and Michelle this August. Maybe I'll have another story to tell.

The Los Alamos Ghosts

By:  tquare@crossvalleyfcu.org

When I was about thirteen my family and I went on one of our regular family trips, that ended up not being so regular.
We traveled from Tucson Arizona down in to Mexico by car.  It was not our first trip thru the country or the last but it was the most scariest.  We ended up in a town called Los Alamos.  The night we arrived it seemed so quaint.  The coble stone streets,  low lying flat adobe buildings,  bognvilla in the air.  We had rented a room in a hotel that was the former home to a rich family of the town.  It had a beautiful court yard full of plants and the rooms surrounded it with a large arched entry way which had a huge metal  gate closing us in at night.  My sister and I were terrified of the bathroom.  The ceilings we very high in both rooms but the bathroom was very small.  We would only go if my mother came in with us. It was very eerie with a yellow hughes.  As you walked into the room the two beds were on the left a double and a single,  A fire place in the back right following with a built in wall closet and then the bathroom.  We had a single bed brought in for me that was placed in front of the fireplace along the closet.  That night everyone awoke at different hours to hear a heavy breathing coming from the closet by my head, towards the fireplace.  My father, sister and I all assumed it was the dog and went back to sleep. But my mother investigated it when she awoke and figured the location. And it was not the dog sleeping along side their bed.  That night everyone but me had horrible dreams.  My father dreamed that along time ago the people of the town were all at the front gate screaming, blood curtling screams, and clinging to it in fear. It seemed they were all being attacked by something but the owners of the home would not let them in.  My mother dreamed that the door to the room opened and a man and son dressed in the era of 1700's entered the room and the man says This is tu' hermano.  This is your brother and he points to the wall by my head were a man doubled up in the corner chained to the wall is hairy, deformed, naked and breathing heavy.  My sister to this day will not discuss what she dreamed.  When we awoke in the morning all of us dazed and confused, none of us talked about the night before.  My mom attempted to console my sister and soon we were on our way.  It took us another three days to reach the border and the whole time my sister and I felt we were being watched. We were traveling in a truck with a camper on top and me and my sister sat in the back. A few times I opened the door while we were moving cause I know we were being followed.  Finally at the border all subsided and we had our first few conversations of what we had experience.  Years later when my dad was working at the U of A he spoke with someone familiar with Los Alamos as being a very good place for paranormal activity. Particularly the hotel and room we stayed in I remember it was 7 or 11.

My Friendís Sister

By:  iluvbutter@hellokitty.com

Hi, I've been reading all these stories and finding them really interesting. I've got a story that happened to my friend's sister. I don't think it's as scary as the rest of these stories but it's true:
My sister' friend, Susan, lives in Ireland like I do and one night she suddenly woke up. Staring down at her was an old woman. She wasn't doing anything, not doing anything very frightening, just staring. At that point Julie freaked out and started screaming. Her brother came into her room and she explained to him what she saw. He said it must have been a banshee (typically Irish, I know). She didn't know what to think about this but her brothers suspicions were confirmed when their mother was killed in a car accident the next day.
Another thing happened my friend, Joanne. Her and her boyfriend were sleeping on the couch when she heard someone whisper:'Jessie'. She asked her boyfriend if he had heard it and he said he didn't. She heard 'Jessie' again, this time a little louder. They had both heard it that time. The scary thing is, is that her friend was killed 3 weeks before and used to call her Jessie.
Okay, one more story. My granaunt (she's a nun) was walking down a road not far from my house one day when she was a little girl. A nun walked past in really old-fashioned robes with the weird head thingys (excuse my descriptions). My granaunt found this strange and looked back at her only to find that she had disappeared. Later, my granaunt asked her parents if there was a convent nearby and they told her there was one years ago down that road but it was burned down. Since then, people out walking in the evenings have claimed to see this nun appearing out of nowhere and then disappearing into thin air.
Not very amazing, are they? But it's scary for me, considering this road is very nearby...
Thanks for reading this,


Children and Spirits

By:  Meredith.Moore-Flores@CITIZENSBANK.com


I read your article online and found it very interesting.  While in  Georgia visiting relatives.  My daughter said she met a new friend - never telling me her name.  She said it was a women not child.  She was very insistent when she was talking about her and questioning why we couldn't see her.
Hearing my daughter speak you couldn't help but think there was someone there because she was so convincing.  Then after the entire conversation with my cousin present- a door slammed shut in the room.  My daughter said she saw her while visiting but never since being home.  We live in NH  and my daughter is 3 1/2.  The house in which we were visiting was brand new  and nobody had ever died in it.  The only thing I can think of is that my daughter is named after her grandmother on my father's side.
She died before I met her.  She "my dad's mom was named after her mom "Savilla".  We did visit the graves while we were down.  Is it possible that my daughter did see someone and it could have been them?  My family in  Georgia are gathering pictures to send to me of both Savilla's.  I thought  maybe she might recognize someone?  Is that far fetched?  I would love for Savilla (My
Daughter) to be able to communicate and meet her great grandmother and  great great grandmother.  Any suggestions?



By:  jutzy@worldnet.att.net

I live in a former funeral home. I have been experiencing hauntings
when waking up and i go into a paralized state. Befor today I have
experienced these hauntings, but I really haven't paid this much attention until
I was awake, but no one else in the house was awake, and I was thinking
about the death of my neighbors dog and i heard a panting noise behind
my head and I turned my head to see what it was but nothing was there. I
laid back down and I heard it 2 more times and I thought that it might be
the spirit of the dog that had just died. I laid down and listened to the
panting, and then felt and heard a licking on my head, possibly a dog.
Then I tried to move, but couldn't I was put into a paralized state. I tried
to more to see it, so I faught the paralzation and i moved my head a
little and I saw a blurry shadow, and it growled at me then disappeared. Later
that day I laid down on the couch to take a nap, and I saw a shadow
float across the room towards me. Then I was put into a paralized state again
and I saw a face beside me. And it began to nibble on my shoulder and
fingers, but it didn't hurt. I tried to fight it but, couldn't get up. I saw the
eyes on the ghost, and a black womans face. It has come before, but
when it has come it has been a comforting feeling. And it only comes when I am
in a doseing off state, and I am vonurable state.
Please send me any information that may pertain to my situation .

The Blone Lady

By:  Princezzb1957@yahoo.com

Hi........ I've told very few people about this experience because they don't tend to believe me.
When I was about 25 years old ( I am 47 now), so it was 1982, I moved to a home on the corner of a very busy intersection in Clare county MI. For several months it was only my then 5 year old son and myself and things were fairly "normal".  We had a presense in the house but "he" was non threatening, infact "he" was kind of entertaining in "his" pranks. Relocating my address book, rolling up window shades unexpectedly, things like that. We would just laugh and blame it on "Harvey".  It never occured to us to be afraid of "Harvey" or to want to be rid of him. In January of 1983 my husband moved in with us (now ex).  Still things were fine for a while.
In the early spring of that year I started having this reoccuring dream. It was of a blonde woman that I only saw from the back. She was always facing a wall ....... kneeling...... face in her hands..... crying unconsolably. I felt so bad for her, and wanted to help but could never get her to hear me.  I never approached her, I stood off about 20 feet and tried to talk to her to see if I could help.  She never turned or acknowledged me in any way. I would wake up and tell my husband about my dream because it bothered me. I am not one to have reoccuring dreams. So this one seemed odd in that respect besides leaving me feeling so bad for the woman in the dream.
Later in the spring I began to have bad feelings in my basement ( where the laundry facilities were). Then entrance to the basement was outside and down a set of steps. I would go down to do laundry and would feel like I wasn't alone.  As time went on I would be so uncomfortable I would litterally run out of the basement. I just couldn't stand the feeling of being watched. Finally I started to refuse to go to the basement alone at all. Still the dream continued, unchanged. I was having this same dream nearly every night.
Not long after not wanting to be in the basement alone I got to the point where I couldn't even open the back door of the house without a feeling of intense fear.  So I began avoiding the back yard whenever possible.
One night in early summer of 1983 I had to go to let my dog inside, she was in the backyard. It was dark out and I insisted my husband stand by the back door and watch as I went to get the dog. I opened the back door bracing myself for the fear to hit, but I was definitely not prepared for what happened. I saw the Blonde Woman kneeling on the ground in front of a small barn just 30 feet from my back door. And she appeared just as she had in the dream. Face in her hands crying. I could see her clearly even though it was dark outside. The long blonde hair was very clear, although the rest of her was kind of wavy like seeing through some heat source.  I felt a wave of sympathy wash over me at that instant...... but it was short lived.  Suddenly the woman turned and flew at me. All in what seemed like one motion. Just flew straight at me. She didn't appear to have a face exactly just the impression of a face, and wild hair flying all around her face, and she was screaming. It all happened so fast and I slammed the door just before she reached me. Needless to say the dog spent the night outside. I never opened that door at night again. And we moved away from that house not long after. "Harvey" moved with us BTW, and lives with us til this day. Somehow I believe that Harvey kept the blonde woman out of the house its self. I was never afraid inside the house.
Thank you for listening

Is My House Haunted?

By: Anonymous

Im just curious. I dont need help or anything I was just wondering if maybe my house is haunted. We have lived in our house for about 8 years or less. It all started when i was about 11 or so, my first year in middle school. I would be alone in the mornings because my school started later and my parents had to go to early jobs and my sister had to go to school that started early. I would wake up in the mornings, roughly around 8:15 am. I would walk around the house doing small tasks like getting dressed making breakfast, etc, and out of the coner of my eye I would think I saw the shadow of a elder man. It never bothered me or threatend me, but no one else seemed to see it. Then about December or so the fire detectors would just go off for no reason, we would replace the batteries and even bought all new ones for the house. There was one that is located between my sister's room and my own that would go off the most.I dissmissed it all as "mechanical malfunction" and went on. It stopped when my sister started going to middle school. Then the summer I started high school around June or so, I started seeing the man in the shadows again, and the fire detectors started to go off at odd times again. Then my grandfather died. A week before he died odd things happened to me in particular, anything electrical I would try to work would malfunction and I would have to get my mother to work what ever the appliance happend to be. Then the morning that my grand father died, I awoke at about 3am, I knew he was dead, but I went back to sleep. I woke up at about 6am and my parents were gone. I knew were they were so i went back to bed. An hour later my parents woke us and told us that he had passed. The shadow became more prominent after that and now appeared with a little girl. It wasnt threating I would just be alone and all of a sudden have a feeling and turn around and in a corner see it. Then at 12am the day of my 16th birthday all the fire and alarm clocks went off simotanioulsy for about 2 mins.I have felt different ever since. I have started to have dreams about small things like my mom going to the store and buying something and the next morning it be there.And if my mother and I or my sister and I get into a fight something will fall or a fire detector will go off. Like I said, I dont feel threatend or worried, I just need another opinion on whats going on. Also I am interested in using a ouji board, but my mother doesnt think this is such a good idea given my past. I just need some advice.

My haunted house in Vancouver, Washington

By:  baileygirl21502@yahoo.com

Here's my story.....
My husband and I were living in Vancouver, Washington from June 1996-Sept. 2001 and the last 2 1/2 years that we lived there we rented an old house in the town of Washougal, Washington which is just a few miles east of Vancouver. It runs along the Columbia River which has allot of history..besides all the "haunted" history of Fort Vancouver...now the house was about 80 years old, it was a 2 story house that at one time had been made into  a "duplex"...the upstairs had been made into a 1 bedroom apt, with a little kitchen and living room, bathroom...but they had taken the appliances and all that out and the landlord was renting it out as a 2 story, 1 family house.....anyway, the day I got the key to the house I took my friend out to see it and it was empty, the previous renters had moved out. We were in the living room and I heard a woman's voice say something...I couldn't hear exactly what was said but I asked my friend if she had heard it, she said no...I felt kind of weird but just ignored it, excited to move into my cute "farm" house....the very first night we spent there I was having trouble sleeping...the house was 1 block over from a railroad track, which we were not aware of when we agreed to rent the place or I would have said no. There was a railroad crossing on the next road so the train always blasted the warning horn and would do this at least 2 times every night...very annoying...so the first night I am lying there, my husband is asleep beside me..I hear a woman's voice talking in a different language for at least 30 seconds, sounded french maybe?? freaked me out!  I am so scared and my heart is pounding so hard and loud in my chest I think that is what woke my husband up!...he sat straight up in bed and looked at me with this weird look on his face. That's when we noticed our dog, who had been in the back yard, was at the foot of our bed. We got up and the back door was open. We just thought it hadn't been closed tight and he had pushed it open. The other weird thing is that for the first couple of months we lived there, every night when I would just be drifting off to sleep, I would feel the top of my hair being stroked...it was really an uncomfortable feeling...I finally asked "her" to stop...she did.   I did not like the upstairs at all. My cat would bolt upstairs at lightning speed and stay up there for hours, one time I followed her up there and she was in the room the farthest away (of course) and was in a corner just staring at me...all of a sudden all of the blinds on all the windows blew out like a wind passed thru the whole house..I was out of there fast!....Since our bedroom was downstairs I had no reason to go up there..I literally went up there 3-4 times in  the  2 1/2 years we lived there. I was very uncomfortable being alone in the house and eventually forced myself to get over this. I started to talk to my husband about the feelings and weird stuff that was happening  and he was having the same things happen to him. One night he was asleep in the living room on the couch, facing the back of the couch and he said he felt such a strong presence of a woman he turned around because he thought I was standing behind him... I saw the outline of a person walk out of my bedroom into the kitchen one night while I was watching t.v., my husband was in the bedroom at the time watching t.v. He also said sometimes he would wake up in the middle of the night and hear talking in the living room like he left the t.v. on or something. Our bed would shake like how it does when a cat jumps on or off, but the cat was nowhere around......I had had a couple of unexplained things happen to me in my teens but this was the weirdest, and scariest. My brother is also sensitive and has been having night terrors at his home as well as in a motel a couple of times when he has had to travel out of town for work...one night, In motel,  he woke up, unable to talk or move, d there were 5-6 people walking around his motel room...how scary is that?! one time he was driving in the early morning to work, he had to cross a railroad crossing that has only signs, no lights. it was foggy, just barely light....he said there was an old man  swinging an old fashioned lantern in the road, so he stopped...all of a sudden there's a train going by...when the train passed, the old man was gone...he couldn't see him walking down the road, nothing..maybe he jumped on the train?

My apartment complex

By:  spoiledbrat6988@yahoo.com

The apartment complex I live in is 50+ years old.. The apartment to the right of me, has been vacant for some time.. And downstairs (underneath the vacant apartment) is my neighbor Annie. Annie has been telling me for the past few months.. That she has been hearing stuff going on in that apartment (the floors are really old, and creaky.. So one is able to hear very easily if someone is walking around in the apartment). She has told me about how she hears people using the bathroom, walking around in the living room, she has heard people 'doing the deed'.. The list goes on & on.. At first I thought she was making it all up.. Until a few weeks ago, when I was down at her apartment.
That night, her mom, aunt & grandson were staying at her place, along w/her brother & son.. So, I was down there with them, eating dinner & talking. Her grandson is 2 years old, and is VERY light, and very small.. He was doing some kung foo fighting with her son, and all of a sudden I heard someone running from the bathroom all the way to the front door.. They were almost stomping on the ground. Well, I immediately looked up at the ceiling, and then looked at her grandson to see where he was at. I asked her mom if she heard that, and she said yes.. Her mom had gotten there the day before, and she told me that (even though the apartment is empty & NO ONE is living there) she had been hearing it from day 1 of her being there...
About 2 weeks ago, I was laying in my bed.. Playing a game on my cell phone, it was around 1am or so.. The vacant apartment has the same layout as mine. My bedroom wall, hits the vacant bedroom wall (well, bedroom # 1).. So, our bedrooms are right next door to each other.. Oh, and.. The walls are just about paper thin.. You can hear almost anything that is louder then a whisper.. Well, I was laying here, and all of a sudden, I heard what sounded like someone opening up the (empty apt's) closet door (it slides open).. Immediately after that, I heard what sounded like someone either entering or exiting the closet.. THEN.. lol The following totally freaked me out.. I was kind of freaked by the closet noises.. But, I thought it was my imagination. Until, I heard someone KNOCK on the wall. 2 knocks. I jumped out of bed.. Grabbed my cell phone, called Annie, and asked her if she heard anyone in the closet.. And, told her that someone knocked on the wall. Well, being me.. I just had to knock back.. So, I did. But, no one knocked back.
After her mom & family left, I was down in Annie's apartment talking w/her & her son one night around 2am.. And, all was quiet in the apartment, (except for us talking & the tv), and all of a sudden I heard what sounded like.. Someone thumping around in her kitchen. Apparently her son Tony has been hearing someone moving glasses around, someone sitting on the bed when he is trying to sleep. Her brother Raymond.. Hears someone in the closet, moving the coat hangers around. They once put a recorder in there, and recorded whatever was in there for a few minutes.. When they played it back.. They heard what sounded like someone moving the hangers, and moving around in the closet.
A few yrs ago, 2 maybe.. There was an old lady that moved in, and she eventually died in that apartment. Another apartment is supposidly haunted.. The family that used to live there -- eventually moved right next door -- but, one of the daughters that lived there, told me a few months ago, how she has been having these dreams about finding 3 people dead in the apartment.. And, how some guy named.. 'Timmy' or something, talks to her.. She hears whispers.. The heater turned on, and just about burned the couch.. Glasses break, phone calls & no one is on the other end, etc. etc. etc.
I know I have felt things in my apartment. I hear walking.. Which, even though the walls & floors are really thin.. I can easily tell if it is my downstairs neighbors walking in their bedroom.. Or if it is coming from MY bedroom.. I have sensed a face VERY VERY close to mine when I am sleeping (which I am always too scared to open my eyes and see if anyone is there.. So, I keep them shut really tight..). Hear people walking around. See things (lots of things) out of the corner of my eye.. Some times, it gets so bad, and I get so tired of hearing & or seeing things that I cannot really fully see.. (if that makes sense), that I just yell at them to stop..
I can only imagine what kind of things have happened here in the 50+ years that this complex has been around. :)

My house
By:  richardsgrl@hotmail.com

I just want to know really if I should be concerned for my family here in our house or if we should just accept our houseguests that I believe were here before us anyways.  We have been in our house for about 4 years.  The house was vacant for a couple years I believe.  It is an old house built around the 50's from what I have heard from our neighbors who are original owners of their houses.  There was only one family that lived here.   I don't remember the realtor telling us that 2 people died in our house.  I heard about it from our next door neighbors after we had been here for a few months.  They said the lady that lived here had a husband and they raised two kids here.  She  took care of her sister in this house until the sister died.  She also took care of her husband when he was old and sick until he died also.  The kids grew up and moved out.  She was left here alone for quite a few years from what I have been told.  A few people told me stories about her because I have been so curious about what went on here ever since things started happening in our house.  My neighbors tell me that she was a great lady who everyone liked, and she did things for her neighbors all of the time.  Then when she got a bit older and was alone she started getting alzheimer's and nobody realized that was happening to her.  Everyone in the neighborhood just thought she was getting old and senile.  She used to do all kinds of crazy things like go in to their backyards and try to get into their houses.  After a year of her getting worse and worse her kids finally put her in a home and she died in there.  So she did not actually die in our house but her sister and her husband did.  The first things that started happening here happened in our kids rooms.  My son's bedroom door would shut by itself.  We would all be in the livingroom and we could hear his door shut.  The carpet is thick in our house and the doors are old and you can hear the hinges really well on everything in this house.  We never open his bedroom windows really so we couldn't figure out why his door would shut.  It wasn't anything violent either, it would just shut.  Then in our daughters room her bedroom light would come on by itself.  She has a light switch by her door, it isn't a lamp.  At first we thought she was just leaving her light on and she was insisting that she wasn't (she's 14).  After we came home one night and her light in herbedroom was on again we kinda got mad at her but she still insisted that it wasn't her.  So I started making it a point to check it myself whenever we would all go out for the evening.  Then I knew for sure it wasn't her.  My kids and I have never actually seen anything unusal.  My husband though has seen something and he would never admit that it was a ghost.  Out of the three of us I truly believe he is the most psychic and the biggest non believer in this stuff.  A few times we have come home at night and he would freak out and make us all stay in the car while he would go in the house and look for someone because he swears he saw someone walking thru the house.  He has done this to us I think about 3 times.  Finally he would come out and give us the ok that everything was clear.  He swears he saw someone just walk thru the kitchen.  He tells me he checks every little spot anyone could hide and he never finds anything.  Another thing that has happened to him was one night in the middle of the night he felt like someone sat on our bed by our feet.  He said he could feel the blankets push his feet down.  I have heard some different things happen and I can't explain them.  I woke up one night and I swear I heard someone knocking on the wall.  I was too scared to get up (I'm a chicken) but I sure was awake for a long time after that.  Another time my family was watching television in the livingroom and I was just down the hallway and I heard someone banging on the wall.  I thought one of them was trying to get my attention and they didn't know what I was talking about and they didn't hear it because the tv was too loud anyways.   So it is just things like this that I wonder about.  What is your opinion on all of this?  My cousin told me to burn sage around all of the doors and windows and tell it that it could go away now that we will take care of the house but all that did was stink up my house..  Thank you.

My Series of Personal Hauntings

By:  wildkatrep926@yahoo.com

My family and I moved from Hawaii a few years back. I remeber when I was in Hawaii I had a constant fear to go to sleep while at the same time having a constant fear to move. Normally a boy of my age at that time would have felt safe because our Dad slept in the same room as me and my younger brother. We lived their in that small apartment for only two and a half years before we moved to the town that we now live in. At first after moving we lived with my grandparents for awhile. After two months we rented a place of our own. Our house was built in the mid 50's and the basement which me and my sister ( who was constantly alternating rooms with my brother who slept upstairs) slept in was very inconvenient. The house was cheaply made and from where my "area" that I slept in was I could hear any movement upstairs because the flooring was so cheaply made. The stairs made a thunderous sound when ever one were to walk down it. It would make this sound because of the boarding on the wall would pop in and out when ever you would take a step down them. The area" that I slept in is considered an "area" because it had no fourth wall and was merely and attachment to the basement living room. The place was constantly picking up dust and had an eerie feeling to it. When we were first checking out the house I had called the basement before I had even got down there. As soon as I looked down the steps I felt an eerie, strange and unexplainable feeling. My sister was too afraid to even go down there at first so I made the first move. Without telling anyone of my strange feeling we gave the landlord our first rental check that night. After that I would feel a strange feeling and sense someone was in my "area", and whenever I would look up I wouldn't see anybody so I would lay back down only to hear footsteps on my carpet walking away. I soon bonded with this presence because I was getting so used to it. Something in my mind was telling me that its name was Sara. After about two years I had to share my experience with someone so I told my closest friends and a Camp counselor (only because I badly needed to get it off of my back). Then after I told my last friend something strange happened. I woke up at 1:30 a.m on the mark to a dark figure hovering above me. It was saying something indistinct, bent over as if to say goodbye and then left and went through my "invisible fourth wall" (I called it that so I had a sense of privacy) and up the stairs without them making a single sound. After that I had no experiences until my grandpa had died. Me and my grandpa were very close because I resembled him when he was my age more than any of my cousins or siblings did. My dog (who howls whenever something with a siren on is near) started howling one morning and my brothers friend who was riding to school with us asked our mom what bsp;my dog was doing and she explained it to him. Little did she know was that the ambulance was going to pickup her father who had just died a few minutes ago. The death of my grandpa triggered the divorce of my parents (personal reasons) so my dad moved out a little while later. Before my step dad moved in we had no fatherly figure in the house. My dog, who slept in the laundry room which was right next to my room, would just start crying at night. He would make a strange and unusual cry which he had made whenever I felt the presence of Sara. When he would cry I would here the voice of my grandpa telling him to calm down. After my stepdad moved in these experiences stopped. A few years later I graduated on to High School. In my freshman year a senior girl had died in a car crash. We arrived to school to see police cars out front and an emergency staff meeting beeing held in the auditorium. The police were there to help keep order from students going enraged from being so upset. Later on that year during midterms I had to arrive at school during morning exams when I didn't have one. So me and a friend went roaming around the halls of the school and came upon the locker of the girl who had died. I gave into a personal dare and opened it. Oh how I regret that moment. The girls personal items were still in there because I had no idea that her friends were trying to preserve them. When I opened it a voice in my head said that I had put a curse on the school. At first I didn't beleive it but exactly one year after she had died I arrived to school to see a police car out front and an emergency staff meeting had been called. I feared the worst remembering the day that I had opened the girls locker. It turns out that one of the students in the special needs program had run away. Knowing that he was mentally disabled&n p;I realized how dangerous the situation was. I was releaved when they found him two days later unharmed. That scared the crap out of me enough however it didn't end there. Around a year and a half after the girl had died (and just under a month of this writing) another student tragically died a horrible death in yet another car crash. He had lost control of his car and crashed into a tree early in the morning. This kid was the starting goally for the school lacrosse team and the day he died they were supposed to play in the state playoffs. This story gives me the feeling that I have some sort of connection to the other side because since then I have had strange occurances. We have since moved from the original house with Sara and my Grandpa. I have felt nothing strange in my new house until this boy from our school had died. I have been unable to sleep at night and I have been dead scared to move at all when I am in bed at night. Now I have done nothing to upset this soul unlike the girl who died. I only know of the boy through his relationships with my friends and pictures. I never remember seeing him in the hallways even though I am sure that I have. I feel that he is trying to get a message across to me though I am not sure what the message is. I didn't do this writing for any attention at all which is why I have chosen to be left anonymous. No matter how unbelievable these stories seem to be I swear that they a real and that I am not lying to you. Thank you for your time and reading my lengthy story. I am sorry for it being so long but this is the best that I could do.

Laura's Story

By:  mmisfeld@mitec.net

Way in a big girl scout camp in the 1940's a new trail was made. Only 13 year olds where allowed on this trail. Laura was so excited she lied and told the lead leader she was 13 but she was only 11. Well they went up about mile they would sound off 1-20. They did 3 sound offs until 20 was gone. Well Laura was a small thin girl so they thought she went back to camp. So the campersw went back and asked around if Laura came back. Every one said no. They went back to look for Laura After they got a little more then 3 miles they saw a clear off that went about 400 yards. They saw drag marks all they way down they trail. Then doom stuck there bodies. A 500 feet drop off is where the trail stopped. They supposed LAura fell off to her death but to this day they haven't found her body.

The Forest of Doom

By:  mmisfeld@mitec.net

One night a brother and a sister ( brother age is 10 and sisters age is 6) were walking in there camp territory. The brother was complaining he had to go to the bathroom for most of the hike so they went threw the forest cause they knew there was a bathroom right in the middle of the forest. The brother had heard many stories of this camp so he told his sister to stay right by the bathrooms. But you know that 6 years olds don't really listen so she decided to go on. She left without warning her brother. SHe walked on a trail blocked gby barbed wire. She was so small she crawled under and she was starting to hear noises. She called for his brother but it was so many hours when she left.Then she heard something and she turned around to look. A large man with a black beard had a huge knife in his hand and sliced off her head.
6 years later
Jamie and Kara where going threw the same trail as the little girl where she was murdered. They also heard something in the forest. They had heard the stories about the little girlfriend but they didn't wanted to be treated like little kids evn though they where 13 they where very good at telling ghost stories. They heard the sound closer and closer. The girls say a white girl crying for heer brother. HSe saw them and started screaming " RUN FAR AWAY HE IS BACK."  They girls say the man with a knife and Kara fell down and the ghost caught her and slit h throat to. 21 years from 1934 she told the stroy until she died.
Remember never go to the forest with less then 2 people unless an adult or u might be like the 6 year old and Kara

My Sisterís Story

By:  sexy_dancer15@hotmail.com

I don't know if I should be sharing this story because when my sister
told  it to me, she told me not to tell anyone.  Even thinking about it gets
me scared out of my mind.  My sister and her friend both have birthdays in
October, so they decided to have a sleepover party together.  Late into
the night, they started telling ghost stories.  One of their friends
"Stacey"  (name has been changed) told them of a man who sits on her bed every
night.   She said his name was "Todd" and that he was a good ghost.  He talked
to her  and stuff, and I think he did other stuff to her, but I'm not quite
It was almost two years ago.  Anyways, the other girls at the sleepover
told her that "Todd" was not good, and that he was really evil.  She
wouldn't believe them, and told "Todd" to come.  They all told her to stop, but
it was too late.  There was a hanging flower pot or something where they
were sleeping, and it started to spin around and the stuff on the walls was
shaking.  All the girls got frightened so "Stacey" told "Todd" to go away.
You may think this story is just crap, but when my sister told it to
me, there was such an evil feeling about it that I knew it had to be true.
There are a lot of details that I can't remember, but that's the basics to it.


Kalioka rd plantation

By:  Theunknown874757@cs.com

one night me and a couple of frieds were board and we decided to go to a place called plantation it is , across crybaby bridge is the road called oak grove. the main house is about middle way down the road. so we parked in the bushes so we would be seen and made our way to the main house we walked in and immediatly we had an errie feeling as iff we were being watched. we only had a cigarette lighter for light so we proceded to go through the house. we exited through the window we came in and explored for a grave yard that we had heard about. in the midst of the search we stumbled upon another house. it was equal in size but had a banister. we were going to enter it but when we found a broken window my friends and i screamed in horror , a ghostly white arm protruded out the window. we went back yesterday and took a shit load of pictures.  anyway we plan to go to cry baby bridge. it is said that you only hear the child cry but you can see them both swimming along the river. it is also said that they can only be seen by the moon light .

A Deer Valley Ghost Story

By:  jmhredzak@alltel.net

This story happened in 2004, night of May 26th. It was a trip to Deer Valley for all of 5th Grade students from 3 schools to go on a field trip. We have assigned nights or "nightime activities" as they call them and we had cabins to stay in and our days were all made by activities. Anyway, we only stayed for 3 days at Deer Valley and on my first night at Deer Valley i had "Twilight Tales" which is a nightime activity to tell kids about the ghosts at Deer Valley. Now from what I heard our ghost telling teacher Mrs.Bekeljia told us this story now let me get to the point of this whole thing.. It was one day when there was this little girl who was 13 years old and she was living with her parents. Now this is a time when all the cabins weren't made and there was only one big one at Deer Valley. The father was looking on the internet to move someplace. He found a cabin in Deer Valley. So they moved there about 1 month later.The little girl LOVED the place they stayed at she would always go in the forests and look at everything there. One day she went to the forest the whole afternoon. When she came back her parents didnt answer to her call. She searched the cabin to see if she could find them. The cabin was destroyed it was all messy and it was too much of a mess for an animal to make. She went into her parents room and there they were dead blood all over the floor. She screamed so loud it could b heard 1/4 of a mile away.She ran out and looked for help she couldnt find anyone.. She decided to live on her own and take care of herself. So she fixed the cabin,went to school and graduated. She found a new husband and she had two babyboy twins. They lived together for about 3 months and she was taking care of the twins very well. About when the twins were 3 years old she decided to teach them how to swim. She went into a lake right beside the shores of Deer Valley and taught them how to swim. The father of course was helping too. It was beginning to storm and the water was getting feirce. When the mother tried to leave the lake with her two twins she lost both of them. They were in the lake and she and her husband were on shore. The mother dived in to save her two twins. She and her two twins drounded so the father dived in to save them he too drounded. The whole family died that day. About 200 years later all that was left of them were bones dug deep into the dirt under the lake at Deer Valley. There was a man who owned Deer Valley so he got tired of all these tales of what happened so he decided to bring kids here and let them explore Deer Valley and have them do fun activities. So he called in some co-workers to build more cabins and set up activites. There were about I think 38  cabins total in Deer Valley. The co-workers dug up the lake to see if they can clean it out for the kids to swim in and as they were digging and putting dirt back in one of the co-workers looked down and found an upper thigh bown of one of the twins.So he told the other co-workers and they began digging up where the bone was. And they found the mother the father and one of the twins. They thought they found all of the people and they didnt know that there was another twin so they began to dig up the lake and began putting water in the lake. To this day kids every year at the Franklin Regional school district elementry schools the 5th grade would go to Deer Valley and be asssigned to cabins. Me i am in 6th grade now im sending this in the summer to 6th grade. also the year of 2004. They says cabins 6, 16, 26, and 36 r all haunted since they have the #6 in them for some reason i do not know why. And they say the mother searches those cabins once in a while to try to find her lost babyboy twin. And they also say that when you wake up in the morning your bed would be wet and moist and you can know that while you were asleep the mother searched your cabin that night to find her baby twin. I was in cabin 16 and have never expiernced the wetness in my bed but it has happened to a women before ,a friend of Mrs.Bekeljia. Mrs. B teaches 6th grade now  and has said this wet bed has happened before but I have never expiernced it. And the place where Mrs.B told us this story was a place deep in the forest and has been a place where other kids have heard ghost stories for 15 years.  And Mrs. B says if you can hear enough you can hear the screams near the lake of Deer Valley. And the Lake at Deer Valley is now used for fishing. I was quite scared when i heard first that my cabin was haunted but now that its over im relieved but i hope the kids in the future who got to Deer Valley will soon be excited to go to Deer Valley and here different stories about the mystrious ghosts at Deer Valley.

My story

By:  kimberlybrown74@yahoo.com

I have grown up in a family where half of us are sensitive to certain experiences.Wether it be the occasional visions in dreams of thigs to come,strong gut feelings we must follow,as well as experiences with ghostly things.I say things because there are so many different types of "hauntings" that we have experienced,and in so many different places.Though I can easily figure which ones have been evil and which ones are merely poor souls trying to find their way or wanting to visit.Sometimes there are animal forms,and sometimes there are merely noises,whispers,and the occasional mimicking of a familiar person's voice.
The one I'm really curious about,happened at my boyfriend's(now husband's) old apartment that he shared with a roomate about 5 years ago.I have tred to research this but have always come up short.Hist apartment was extremely haunted.Things happened daily,though when it was just the boys they tended to not be too scary.When their friend(a female)or I came over things tended to get creepy.Sometimes it would just be them shaking the boys awake gently or sometimes it would be the feeling of an icy cold hand running down my back while I was in the shower.Sometimes an evil sounding curse word would be muttered and sometimes it would be very old fashioned music sounding as if were played on a record player would gently play while hearing a small whispering of friendly sounding voices.The one thing that really scared me once though happened while I was lying in bed trying to sleep.My boyfriend was in the living roo with his roomate and some friends talking for a few minutes,and shut the door to help keep the noise and light  out for me.The only light in the entire room was the small amount peering from behind a thick black curtain and the glowing green of the alarm clock on his computer desk.Something about the clock caught my eye.I noticed that the lights seem to flicker slowly off and on.and as i allowed my eyes to focus on the clock I realised that something was waving back and forth past it.The more I got my eyes to focus the more I began to see.A large black mass was wavering back and forth in front of the clock and seemed to be moving forward towards the bed(which i was in)I froze in fear as the mass began to spread across my feet,It was thick and actually felt heavy.It inched i's way slowly up my entire body until it got to my chest..I finally found my voice and scrame as loudly as I could.Whatever it was seemed to release me immidiatly and dissapate into nothingness as I jumped off the bed and turned on the light,and without looking back ran into the living room and told my boyfriend what had happened.
I did however go back and there to sleep,but only with my now husband wrapped around my waist and it took me a long time to actually fall asleep.It never visited again as far as I know,other things continued to happen...but that one scared me the most.
My big question is..what was it?

Imaginary Friend

By:  redtalker27@yahoo.com

This story is not actually about a ghost as such because we really never "saw" anything.  The story starts back when I was a small child (I am 28 years old now).  We lived in a big house in a small town in Pennsylvania.  I had a bedroom to myself and my brother had the other bedroom.  Only weird things happened in my bedroom.  My mother said that she would hear me moaning and crying in my sleep at night.  She would run upstairs and find me sound asleep but with no blankets on me.  This happened several times a night up until I was about 4 years old.  She just assumed that I had kicked the blankets off.  I always feld in odd precense upstairs but never thought anything of it and I eventually moved out to go to college.  The only other weird thing was that my mom was home alone in a downstairs room cleaning out an old desk with lots of papers in it.  She said that she felt like someone was watching her the entire time.  My brother and Dad had left hours earlier and just came in the house with dinner.  My Dad said to my Mom: "Oh sure, you saw us come in with a bucket of chicken and came running downstairs."  My mom swore that she never moved away from the desk and my Dad and Brother both swear that there was "someone" looking out the bedroom window (mine).  Now for the real story.  I ended up marrying and having a daughter at the young age of 19.  We were pretty strapped for money so we all moved into my parents house.  My baby daughter used the same bedroom that I had as a child.  The same things started happening all over again.  We would hear strange noises on the baby monitor only to run upstairs and find Jennifer sleeping soundly with all of the covers off of her. We would cover her back up only for it to happen again and again. Sometimes we could faintly hear a lullaby being sung.  Up until Jennifer was about 3 years old she would talk to her imaginary friend "Tina".  Jennifer told us one day that, "Tina" does not like to share blankets! My mom and I believe that the same "thing" who shared that bedroom with me as a child was also looking after my daughter.   My parents eventually moved out but Jennifer claims that Tina did not want to move to a new house so she stayed home.  She has never talked about Tina since then. Was it an imaginary friend or was it a young spirit who loves little girls?  The family that lives in the house now has all boys and they claim that there is nothing out of the ordinary in that bedroom or any part of the house.

House of Screaming Lady

By:  brokenstarz00@hotmail.com

One day in a small town close by Georgetown,Missouri,many years agothere lived a lady who nobody knew.She lived in a huge house with
many stairs that led to a tower.She was murdered
on a full moon on a very humid night.At midnight of that night you could hear a very frightening scream.
Every full moon night to this day you supposovly hear a scream at exactly 12 midnight.I havn't yet experienced it but my uncle has.He said that one time him and some of his friends went into the house.At midnight  they heard a noise.They started to run out
when the house started to cave in.They got out alive
and unharmed.So if  you go to the house of screaming  lady on a full moon night,look at the windows.There will be candles that light up 1 by 1,
when they all get lit,you will hear a scream. Just be careful.

Shadow ghosts

By:  krusty1@iprimus.com.au

Hi, I'm Ali & today at 3pm I had a weird experience. I was falling asleep when I could see this dark shadow hovering over me, even though my eyes were shut I could still see it. Ii could feel and hear it sniffing me, I thought it was my black German shepherd dog, I was even saying help me Sal, over & over. It wasn't till about 30 seconds later I realised Sal was outside! I panicked and started to thrash my arms around but then I realised my arms weren't moving even though I could feel myself thrashing and fighting, it was like my body and soul were two separate entities. I finally managed to snap out of this really weird state of black nothingness & flick the tv on, that's when it disappeared. I am left feeling very strange, run down , out of it and quite freaked out! Please e-mail me back as I'm not sure what to do, and I've been studying the supernatural since I was 3.Thanks, Ali.

Sleeping with Fear

By:  esalinasz22@panam.edu

One day when I was in my parents house where we lived when me and my brothers we small, I used to hear voices and steps at night I was terrified and had alot of fear seeing someone in the kitchen when I also used to hear someone in the cabinets of the kitchen playing or getting some plates.  Every night it was scary for me to go to sleep, because it seemed that I was the only one hearing the steps and noises in the house.  But, now that I'm older my brothers and my other sister have expierence the same things that I did, but they have heard voices and knoking on the door.  Two weeks ago my brother that lives in that house was asleep and he smelled the stove on so he got up and went to the kitchen and all four buttons of the stove were on.  He got so scared so now he sleeps with fear.

My tale

By:  liquid_fire583@hotmail.com

This isn't a haunting so much as my brush with the the unexplained.  My
dad and step mother were married in 1993 and it was it was one of the
greatest periods of my life. Along with my Step mom and step brother I also
inherited Amy's (my step mom) wonderful family, I was particularly close to Amy's
mom my Grandma Brandts.  About 3 years after the marriage Grandma developed
Lymphoma (malignant cancer of the lymphnodes) and became very ill going
through radiation and chemotherapy regularly. By my sophmore year in highschool grandma was bedridden, frail, and dying. My eldest Step cousin,
Adam, and I were the only two grandchildren who could handle seeing grandma
like this so we helped out as much as we could. I remember the last week of
her life being particularly odd.  Monday of that week I remember talking
with Amy and saying "Amy I need to be with Grandma this week, please let me
stay here and help" and miraculously she did, she let me stay home from
school and help with Grandma. I have always been a private person and it's
hard for me to express my self in a crowd, there was so much I wanted to
tell Grandma but I couldn't because someone or other was always in her room
with us. Somehow on wednesday night the first time in weeks, everyone left
except me, and I was able to tell my grandmother how much she touched my
life and how much she meant to me, She couldn't speak by this time but she
squeezed my hand lightly and cried. Later that week My grandmother's heart
rate shot to 200 beats per minute and the hospice nurse said she wouldn't
last long so my uncle's wife Diane and I ran out to find my Amy's youngest
sister Liz. Liz had taken all the younger grandchildren to the park to
get them out from underfoot and Diane was so worried that Grandma would
pass before Liz could say goodbye since Diane had asked Liz to take the kids. I
just sat calmly in the car while Diane fretted and said "don't worry, Grandma won't
go until she has all her children and her husband with her" I don't know why I said it,
I just knew should wouldn't leave until she had all those she loved with her;and she didn't...
Friday  about 2:30 in the afternoon my grandfather, aunts, uncles, stepmom, dad, Adam,
and myself were all gathered in my grandmother's room. Suddenly knew she was going to
leave and I sprinted out of the house towards my highschool 2 blocks away.
School had just let out and as I ran into my Junior ROTC classroom I felt a wrenching pain
in my chest and I knew she was gone. My teacher who was like
a father to everyone in my unit hugged me and let me sob then I called
my step mother and she told me grandma had passed on.  That day which had
been warm enough for short sleeves suddenly turned thunder stormy and later
the night it snowed. I remember sitting on the front porch of my grandparents'
house with Adam, he looked at me and said "do you know why this weather
is special?" and I said no. "thunder storms and snow were Grandma's
favorite types of weather, she's telling up she's alright."  he said.  I have
never understood whether it was all premonition or devine assistance but it
was comforting whatever it was.

Basement spirits?

By:  cbpoindexter@msn.com

I live in Cincinnati. My room is in a basement. It isn't a typical wet, damp, and cold basement, although it is dark; especially at night. I don't know whether I would go as far as saying my room is badly haunted, but I have had presences felt, as well as incidents before (some similar to ones I have read about on this site) where my electrical appliances will go haywire. Sometimes, it can just be related to fuses and whatnot, but I have had cases where my stereo will go on by itself around 1 or 2 in the morning, and the tuner will scan (it usually will stop on either oldies stations or talk radio stations...). Also, as the building is old but new enough to have fuses that can be reset (rather than fuses needing to be replaced), there is a tendency for the fuses to reset. However, on occasions, lights of MY room circuited through a fuse that is out will go on and off before the fuse is reset (usually smaller lights like small lamps and plug it lights). What makes the entire situation odd is a presence a LOT of people get in my room. A lot of my friends say they feel like they're being followed by someone in my room. Sometimes when I go and bend down, I expect for the scene to be like those on movies, where someone who wasn't there before is there when you stand back up! Usually whatever spirit or ghost that is on my floor gives more of a "vibe" or presence, but I have had pictures come back with things that look like orbs or swirls. As of yet I haven't seen any manifestations or apparitions. The closest thing to one may be things in pictures.

Ghost of a baby bird?

By:  davida9_2@msn.com

I think I'm being haunted by the ghost of a baby bird. Yeah, lame, you may think, but it's creeping me out! About 2 days ago, my dad woke me up by holding a cheeping baby bird in his hands. Some other birds had attacked it's nest. My dad and I guess that the little bird was about a day or 2 old. It had one or two feathers coming in on it's wings, couldn't really stand, and the most startling thing about it was that, this small baby bird that could fit in the palm of your hand, made a BIG cheep! Constantly it would cheep for food. I fell in love with it instantly. For two days I went out and dug up worms and cut them up and fed it with tweezers. I even made a cheep to pretend to b its mommy. But at around noon today, all the bird wanted to do was sleep. So I let it be thinking it was full and needed to rest. I was playing on the computer and it was in a ziplock container and I noticed that it was in a strange position and it hadn't woken up to eat in awhile. Worried, I woke the bird and held a bit of worm to its mouth trying to make it eat; even cheeping like it. It just didn't want it and so I left it alone and it went back to sleep. About 45 minutes later I had to go out with my step-mom and step-sister and I tried feeding it again and still, it wouldn't eat. I let it be again. When I came back, I found the bird on its back, softly cheeping, eyes open, but not really focused. I knew what was happening and I was standing above it, trying to cheep it back from death. I sat above it crying and cheeping, watching it struggle for its last breaths. Finally it stretched its wings and laid still, and I burst out in more tears. I felt a real connection to the bird and I still remember the smell of its container and the way it used to cheep for food. One of my step-sisters and I held a funeral out back and buried it. The strange thing is that I think the ghost of it is back, because I hear the EXACT same cheeping that I was hearing last night at this time. I know it's not my imagination, because it had short cheeps to get your attention and longer ones when it wanted to eat. I've mostly been hearing the short ones, but I've been hearing some long ones lately and I'm too scared to go up and open the door to get out of the room! it's seriously freaking me out! my step-sisters have a parakeet, but I doubt it's that because it's outside and I'm not. There's one other possibility: the second-hand on the clock here. Sometimes I hear the cheep, and I strain to listen, but all I hear is the "chick...chick" of the second-hand, which sounds relatively similar. I just heard it again! It's currently 3 in the morning and I plan on staying up until daylight breaks, because there's just something about night that creeps me out. there is goes again...
Another incident that happened: there's a closet in the computer room here that I feel uneasy about. I always feel like something is watching me from it, but I don't have any proof. Just a strong gut feeling. Next to the door to the closet is a window. I was pulling down the blinds because it was dark out and the door was shut. I started reading some of the stories here and about a half hour later I look at the reflection of the door in the screen and it's open about half-way! It creeped the bah-Jesus out of me! I shut it and made sure that it couldn't open again and sat back down. About an hour later I left the room and when I came back it was open again. My step-mom had been sleeping the whole time, my step-sisters weren't home and my dad and brother were outside and hadn't come in. It was open to how it was before, when I MADE SURE it was shut and couldn't on its own. I propped a paper-shredder against the door and it's been ok since. Lately I've been hearing tapping from inside it though.
An incident a long time ago: I was home all alone talking to my boyfriend on the phone. My mom was picking up my brother from boy scouts. I was in her room and the door to the hall was shut. All of the sudden I got this really scared feeling, like something of pure evil was behind the door wanting and waiting for me. I got so scared I started crying and shaking and I told my boyfriend (who lived right up the street) to come over. When he did I open the window to talk to him, but I wouldn't leave the room to let him in. The thing was still there and no way was I going into the hall with it there. I was lucky though, because right then my mom came home and it went away as she walked up the stairs. I've never felt that scared in my life about anything, but this I was TERRIFIED of. It hasn't happened since. Thank God...

Canberra Australia Haunting

By:  trin4kurbz@hotmail.com

I am from Canberra Australia and i believe that my old house back home
is haunted. Both me and my friends as well as my mum have had some
unexplainable strange things happen to me...

I would hear my name being called several times.. when i am home alone
and noones there.. One time my mum heard it as well and dad was home too
but he said he didnt yell out to us. I would also walk past a room in my house
and feel like someones watching me. My ex best friend said she felt
something go past her in the hall way and felt it go into my brothers old room. Our
house is quite old so i am thinking it might be the original owners or
something.. i dont know but i do strongly believe in ghosts and spirits and believe
that they are here for unfinished business or are just here because they
dont want to leave and dont believe they are dead.

Jennifer's story

By:  hurstjennifer@sbcglobal.net

One of my experiece's was when I was about 12 yrs old. I was sleeping over at my godparents house. I was in my cousin's room and she was sleeping with her sister in another room. I was sound asleep and all of a sudden I just woke up. When I got the soot out of eyes I saw a mist by the door. I rubbed my eyes again and it was still there. I screamed then it came towards me. Then I ran to the door and it was locked. I know I did not lock the door. And you can only lock it from the inside so there was no way someone else could have locked the door. I pulled the door and it would not open. I then screamed for help and my godfather was banging on the door and told me to open the door. I told him that I couldnt get out. The mist was just floating in the air. To this day I am still not sure if this was actually real. My godfather told me to go out the window which i did. I am just grateful that I was on the first floor. I climbed out the window and then my godfather met me outside. He asked me what happened and I told him. He then said I was making it up. All the times I spent the night over there, I never stepped foot in that room again. I am now 28 yrs old.

i can feel him

By:  rmessina@stny.rr.com

I was at one of my friend's sleepovers and we decided to go to a cemetary and see spirits. All of my friends didn't believe in ghost except for me and my best friend. The cemetary we went to had woods in the back and beyond the woods was a water fall. We started to head to the water fall and I felt really strange like someone was watching us. When we got to the falls we saw a man. He was just staring at us. All of my friends ran except for me and my best friend. We watched until something pulled our hair(no one there) and when we looked back the man was gone. I told my friends that I felt him and they wouldn't go back there at night.

My Story by Pat

By:  varota@cyberhotline.com

I've lived at my current residence for over 30 years, and I can say
with certainly that I've experienced some strange things.  A year or two
after we moved in (1973 or 1974), for I while I heard a strange sound at
night, as if gravel was being poured down our rain gutter spout.  I
heard this on a number of evenings when I was alone in my bedroom and my
parents and sister were in another part of the house.  Once I went
outside to investigate and found nothing, and after the sound faded away.
Another time we had an old cat who died; she was the only cat we had had
at that time.  A month or two after her death, my sister and I and our
poodle were startled to hear what sounded like an angry "meow" from
directly underneath the cot where my sister and the dog were lying.  The
dog pricked up his ears at the sound.  I dropped to my knees and looked
under the cot - nothing.  Still another time, my dad commented about
something weird; he caught the odor of lilac floating around the house.
The smell gradually faded, but it wasn't until years later that I found
a tiny perfume bottle belonging to my late grandmother - the fragrance
of which was lilac.  After my parents' death and my sister moved away,
I still continued experiencing some strange things.  Before I say what
they were, I want to say these things did not happen consistantly; a
thing would occur and then there would be a span of some years before
anything new happened. Once (in 1995, I believe) I was sitting in the den
when a large brass wall plate hanging on the wall (this wall plate had
belonged to my parents) suddenly started rattling by itself!  I jumped
to my feet and shouted, "Cut that out!"  And it did, almost
immediately. I promptly took it off the wall and placed it in a c
set, where it's been ever since.  A few years later, what I could swear
was a disembodied, unintelligible, creaky-sounding voice made its
presence known.  This went on periodically for about a month; once I tried
to banter with it, and it responded! Then came some more weird stuff..
By that time I was occupying my mother's old bedroom.  In February 1999,
while I was lying on the bed resting one afternoon, I happened to be
looking at the full-length mirror attached to my closet door.  All of a
sudden, I saw the brown, transparent shadow of my cat in the mirror,
running at a fast trot; the very next afternoon the cat entered the room
in exactly the same manner and with the exact same body language!  One
evening in August 1999, I was again in my bedroom, with my cat lying at
the foot of the bed.  As I gazed at the ceiling, I was startled to see
a golden, glowing transparent ball (I now believe this to be a spirit
orb) suddenly appear out of nowhere and then vanish two seconds later in
a little upward spiral.  The latest incident took place in my bedroom
on June 7, 2004, just before 9 in the evening.  By now my cat had a
companion cat.  As the three of us were lying on the bed, my older cat
suddenly started slowly looking around him and then up and down, his eyes
intently following something I couldn't see - but he could.  He wasn't
the slightest bit frightened; in fact, he even casually snapped at the
darn thing!  Invisible Irv (my nickname for our unseen guest) then
apparently floated over to the second cat.  This cat, too, calmly started
looking around him intently, and then gazed straight up at the ceiling.
"Just what the hell are you looking at?" I thought somewhat nervously
as my gaze followed the cat's. After a few moments our unseen guest
disappeared, anad the cat went back to his  normal behavior.

my experience

By:  ejw91690@yahoo.com

know this might sound creepy, or you think I'm joking,but really, I'm not. I was about 11 or 12 when this happend. Before me and my mother moved to Vermont, we lived in a house in New York. The first night we stayed there, I slept in my own room. It was good and all, then I started to dose off. I was half awake and half asleep. All the sudden I heard horrible screams comming from our attic. And our attic was a very large attic.. My brother's room was up there but he did not sleep in there. Anyways, when I heard these horrible screams, I didn't think of anything else to do, so I screamed back as loud as possible. My mother came running up our stairs and I was still screaming by the time she got into my room. (she was sleeping downstairs because her room wasn't finished painting). So I asked my mother to sleep upstairs with me. In the middle of the night I had to go to the bathroom and so I asked my mom to stand by the bathroom door. I did what I had to do and got out fast. I asked my mom if we could keep the bathroom light on and I did. So me and her hopped back into bed and I was dosing off again. Then more screaming happend. I didn't know what to do again so I took a pillow and put it over my head. My mom asked me what was wrong and I told her I was hearing more screaming. The weird thing about it was, she didn't hear anything. I'm not a hypocho riact or anything, and I wasn't telling myself to hear these screams. The next day, I told my whole family about what had happend. And our house was connected to the next door neighbors, and my mom asked them if they heard any screaming and they said no. We asked the other next door neighbors if they heard any screaming and they also answered no. Now this only happend to me once and I have moved into alot of houses and nothing like this ever happend to me. If you could, please take the time to read this, and help me out because it's been over two years and I still wonder about the screamings.

My real ghost story.

By:  dualityslipknot@hotmail.com

It was a cloudy June night and my dad, his fishing buddy and I went camping on the St. Croix river which makes the border between Minnesota and Wisonsin. Its about 2:30 AM and my dad and his friend went out catfishing while I sat by the fire and wrote a story I had been working on. It was a normal camping trip the occasional russle in the bushes and fish jumping in the water but I managed to keep my wits about me expecially good for an 8 year old if I do say so myself. But then I heard screams for help from the river and the frantic splashing of water. So I ran to the shore and looked out over the river but didn't see anything. Thinking it was me ;etting my imagination get the best of me I went back to the fire and back to my story. At about 3:30 I started dozing off into a quiet peacefull sleep when I heard a blood curdling scream from the sand bar about 30 feet off shore. I ran again to shore and saw a wet woman in a large dress kneeling beside a body on the shore of the sand bar. I yelled to the woman "Are you alright?" But got no reply. I yelled again "Are you alright?" But again no reply. I waded out into the water about 10 feet when I heard the sound of my dad's boat motor comming around a large corner of a cliff. When my dad saw me he was ferious, with the occasional f word he chewed me out bef e I could even explain the story of the woman. I told him I had seen a woman crying on the sand bar. He pulled up beside me and I managed to pull myself on into the boat we drove over to the sand bar and began looking for any trace of anything or anyone but there was nothing. Not even a depression of a foot print or a piece of cloth. Since then I haven't done any research into and drownings on the St. Croix because there are a lot because of cliff jumpers and them hitting rocks and drowning. No one has believed me except my friend who showed me this site, my dad said I was tired and his friend laughed at me.

The Haint

By:  mbenham@grandecom.net

There is an old house in my home town in Oklahoma, where we used to visit.  We would share some great home cooked old style family meals with our friends and afterwards we would play dominos at the kitchen table.
You'd need to know that the old house had been sitting there for many years and that there were stories of a possible murder (a violent death at least) and buried money associated with the house.  The house was one of those that sit up off the ground on foundation pillars or rocks and had a wooden front porch with steps leading up to it.
One evening after eating a great meal cooked by the lady of the house, four of us were sitting around the kitchen table playing dominos when someone came into the house and walked into the front bedroom that was off the living room.  I assumed that it was their son who had come into the house and I called out a hello to him.   Everyone else at the table was quiet and when I looked at my friend, he said, "that ain't Larry, that's the haint."
You see, that front bedroom was where an old man had died in his bed years before.  That same man had stories associated with him that someone had been killed on the property and that maybe buried money was involved.  They say the old man wore cowboy boots and that is exactly what it sounded like that evening, someone wearing cowboy boots walking across the wooden porch then the wooden floor of the front room and going into the bedroom.
A short time later my friend had the old wooden porch torn down and replaced it with a new cement porch.  The haint with the cowboy boots was never heard again.

Our other boy....

By:  Countrymomr325@aol.com

I am a mother of four and a down to earth honest person. I have always been gifted when it came to the paranormal, weather it be dreams, or just encounters. I remember when I was a child I saw an angel, but other than that, up until recently, I saw nothing.
     My husband and I bought a house back in 2001. We are not qiute sure how old, but we knew that just a month and a half before we moved in and signed the papers, the previous owner passed away, right in the house. This never bothered me, but I always wondered it mabey we jumped in to quickly. While we were painting one afternoon, before we moved in, the front screen door opened and closed. I poked my head around the corner and expected to see my husbands aunt, and no~one appeared. This didn't bother me, I figured Sam came back to see what we were doing. (Sam is the name of the guy who owned it before us.) Some people tried to brush it off as the wind, but an old wooden screen door won't open cause of the wind. Anyhow to get to my story.....One late winter evening, I was painting my two son's bedroom, while my husband ran an errand. I was perched up on top of a chair painting above their doorway. While I was doing this I was talking to a girlfriend on the phone. Not paying attention to what was going on around me, I heard footsteps coming up and knew that it was the dog. What I didn't expect was to see a child, a boy, mabey 4 yrs old walking in front of him. I didn't exactly look right at the child, because at first I thought it was one of my boys. Then it dawned on me that all of my children were in their playroom, playing a game. The phone got quiet and I told my friend that I thought I had just seen a ghost of a child. I got down off of my chair and proceded to follow where the child had went and he was no longer there. From the looks of it, he seemed to be headed to my baby's nursery, where just a monther earlier on Christmas eve, I noticed something heading into the nursery. The nursery seems to be the focal point of our visitors. My baby girl hasn't had much luck sleeping in there, and to be honest, before the little boy incident, when I would rock my little girl to sleep in there, I always felt uncomfortable, like someone was watching me. Our other boy just confirmed what I felt.
     Now to sum up this story, I don't think I am the only one in my family to see our visitors. My youngest son who is 4, and also Autistic, has mentioned fearlessly that he has seen a ghost during the night. He doesn't seem to be afraid in the least, but has come to sleep with us often. He just says, "I sleep with you....I see ghost" "Nite nite" Anyhow, I bleieve I have passed the gift of the 6th sense to my children. I got it from my mother and so did my twin sister. My other son, is 6, who is also autistic also has told me that he see's colors around people...I assume it is their aura, and has told me that he also see's different colors that float around in the air....now what this is I don't know. Well I know I have said what I had to say. I know that no one is really alone. We are surrounded by spirits of the unrest, some happy and some not so happy. I know that in my house I have 2 here, and I'm not really afraid. Only a few time's I have been freaked out. Like when I wake up during the night freezing cold, even thought I'm under the covers, and when the lights would constantly flicker. Believe me when I say.....you need to put forth the authority.....Just stay "Knock it off, or stop" Ususally within a short time they will stop. Anyhow I think I have said more than enough....I'm glad I had the oppertunity to share my encounter.....


Ghosts sight: Baltimore city(Canton),Md

By:  harryq1972@hotmail.com

I grew up in Baltimore city in a cummunity called Canton. And for years
cantoner's had seen shodowy figures walking the streets of O'Donnel St.
900-1100 S. Curley St. But there was one that I we had seen the
most,and we
called him the Street Walker. You could never see his face. He was like
black shadowing figure that walk pass and fanishes behind light posts
cars. He wared closes same as the founder Captain O'Donnel. Some of us
that the this might be his spirit?

A lot of us don't live there any more,sience the middle class bought up
place,and we could no longer afford to live there any more. And they
have no
idea the streets they walk at at night are haunted by spirits.

personal story

By:  yenznjen@yahoo.com

it all started in january 2004 when i moved to this apartment complex called park parthenia apartments in the san fernando valley. this area is its own section 8 gated community. it is made up of 100% latinos. every day people come and sell tameles candy corn popsicles and other things. therefore they call it tijuanita. because of its own gang its known as bryant st or the barrio. there has been an average of 2-3 deaths a year just in this one tiny block. the police sworm the place about 2 times a day... you could call it the ghetto. well in january i moved down here with my boyfriend. he had told me things would happen in that house but i didnt believe in ghosts at the time. well the first thing that happened was that he would tell me about how satan would appear in mexico and he was telling me a scary story and the candles starting flickering around. there was no wind or anything. then during the day i would here a little kid running around and would think it was his little brother but i would go out there i was all alone. then i would start seeing shadows and here banging on the walls. i would run outside and wait for his mother to come home and i would tell her she said alot of the things happen in the living room where she sleeps. one night yenz and i were halfway asleep when i heard him kind of whimpering i thought he was dreaming so i kept my eyes closed and tried to sleep. then he started screaming i jumped up and asked him what was wrong he said a demon like women with wings was kneeling at his bed side staring at him. so we did some investigating and found out that the lady that lives down stairs moved because she saw a women with a baby staring at her. a couple days later my boyfriend saw her. after that not much happened and i had to move 3 apartment buildings down. they told me they too h ghosts. a little girl and a tall guy. little things would happen like noises and such but nothing big. but it all got bad when i watched the exorsist.it didnt really scare me even thoough i watched it at like 11 at night. but then things started happening the broom would fall. the closet door would shake and things would grab you. then a week later my roomate took  a sideview picture of herself and a front view picture of a girl showed up. it scared the crap out of me so i went and showed my boyfriend and we put on the exorsist and paused it at a face she makes it looks just like her. when i went home the door started slamming open and shut. my boyfriend called me half an hour later to tell me things started happening in his house too. these things are still happening and they wont stop. i dont think they're ghosts i think they're demons.


By: Anonymous

I cant tell you my name I dont want to anyway. I will call myself F and thats about all you need to know about me. I lived in an old house. I better not tell you any more about it. I would prefer if you would just stop reading this story now before its to late and I cant control myself like last time. If you are still reading I would pray for mercy before what happens to me happens to you. I F had a  sister will cal her Hannah thats all you need to know about her.Hannah was killed in a freak acident. I cant tell you how but you can bet your life that she hated me . every night since then fr the next for years Hannah would hurl me across the room and gag me and tell me how much shec hated me like she had in life. I became afraid of night very afraid.I would hide under my bed and pray for protection but then she would grab my ankle and she would yank me out. She tried to kill me more and more. She hurt me so bad once I had to be hospitalized. Stop reading now i know she is watching me tpe my story i better sip some parts if thats okay with you. I am trying to make my story a tad less vil. One time she pulled me to a terrible placeof death and fire. i cant tell you exactly what happened there. I knew me and Hannah didnt get along but I thought about all the laughs we had together she had been my closest friend i was 7 i didnt understand why she was trying to kill me until I realized She was being overpowered by demons. I would say Hannah remember me Your brother F. She would tell me she loved me and she never wanted to hurt me. but then one night She ct off my finger. Why are you doing this I asked her we were friends we loved eachother remember when we were friends. Then she smiled sadly and said I love you F. Then she hugged me and I could feel her desolve into me. I really am Sorry I have to kill you she made me say. She took over my body but I was completely aware of what was happening. I tried o speak but I couldnt. I wanted to cry but I couldnt I had never been so scared. Then She made me hold my breath for two minutes. No I shouted I couldnt breath I was so scared. I knew I was going to die. She refused to let me breathe she let all the air out of y lungs. Sorry She mde me say I care about you F please dont be scared I would die a thousand times before I would take one life preciously and tear it off. I didnt understand. God exists she said call him he will help you. i prayd for god to help me and suddenly i could breaythe i was okay. Hannah was all white. Thank you she said and I love you. You and I are protected by God she said. Thank you thankyou thank you than she flaoted up. But then I heard a terrified scream My Baby sister Tina! But thats another story besides it would be like repeating the whole story so anyway I hope it wasnt to long that you actualy enjoyed it.


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