haunted prison

By:  txgregory@bop.gov

Let me start by giving some background.  I worked in a large maximum security prison in California (I can’t reveal the name or location).  As you can guess, there is a lot of sorrow, negative energy, and outright evil inside a prison.  This particular prison had experienced several fights, assaults, and killings in it’s time.  We had a saying that ****** could go from 0 to insanity in a microsecond. When staff would get together, the topic of ghosts would always come up.  There were several stories about the place, usually centering around where an inmate had been killed.  Some stories were ludicrous, some really made you stop and think.  I even had a supervisor that would not go into the administrative building after midnight.  I am not what you would call a skeptic, but as a rule I need to experience something to understand or believe it.  It so happened that my office was on the third floor of the administrative building.  On this particular night, I was working 2 p.m. to 10 p.m..  It was about a quarter to ten when I locked my office and started down a semi-dark hall.  My mind was on several reports that were coming due and the last thing on my mind were the ghost stories about the administrative building.  It was a fairly warm night and the air conditioner was keeping the hallway cold enough to “hang meat in”.  As I got about halfway down the hall, I hit a pocket of really warm, moist, dank air.  I also noticed the aroma of sweat, urine, stale tobacco smoke, and an unwashed body.   The sensation was unbelievably revolting and I immediately broke out in a cold sweat.  As quickly as the pocket appeared, it was gone.  My skin prickled and I exited the building rather quickly.  Only later did I realize that the area where I had this sensation was adjacent to our evidence room.  Earlier that afternoon, my assistant and I had been in that evidence room retrieving the personal property of an inmate that had been killed about 10 years before.  As the inmate had been killed in his cell, all of his personal property had been placed into the evidence room.  To this day I do not know what that pocket of funk was or what relation it had to the evidence in that room.


my experience..

By:  rethagec@msn.com

I once had an experience with a ghost calling out my name. I didn't see it, but I sure heard it. I was over my grandfather and grandmother's house. My older sister lives their, her room is in the attic. So I was in the attic by myself, and no one was home,  except me and my grandfather he was in the living room.  So out of no where, I hear a women's voice call out  "Chelsea, come here". I went down stair's to see if my sister came home, and called for me. No one was home except me and my grandfather. So I went back to the attic, not thinking it was a ghost till 5 minutes later I hear "Chelsea come here". I was so scared, I ran down to my grandfather, on the way down I didn't see no ghosts. I think it might have been in a bedroom. I told my grandfather I was going home. I never heard nothing call out my name again, that was the only time.

my grandpa

By:  BARXB2@aol.com

I'd like to tell you a story that happened to my familly about 3 years ago.  My grandpa became ill and was sent to the hospital.  His condition kept getting worse and the doctors told us to spend as much time with him till the end.  Well one night about 10 members of my familly crowded into his room (including myself). We talked one topic after another untill grandma mentioned how grandpas dog (husky/wolf) casper kept getting in the house looking for him and would lay down in the bedroom looking sad.  Well everyone there went silent watching that image in our minds when suddenly grandpa said "who's taking pictures" we looked around confused. Again he said "who's taking pictures" in a more demanding tone.  My aunt said nobody. Grandpa then looked at the end of his bed and his eyes widened slightly and exclaimed "there's casper" pointing.  We didnt see anything. he kept trying to convince us that his dog was there with him.  latter that night after everyone went home grandma called me and said that casper was acting happy and energetic.  We are still not sure what happened that night.  But about two days later grandpa passed on.

My Fathers Ghost.
By:  i_am_liz6@hotmail.com

Alright...this is a true experiance that happened with me through ghosts that seem to love to hang out in my house. Well..this one is about my fathers ghost...
One night I was getting ready for bed and everyone else at gone to bed before me..it was about 3 in the morning..I stayed up late on the computer...well...while getting ready I heard something or someone call my name..I turned around and looked at the door and saw no one there. So I shrugged it off and then finished getting ready. As I crawled in to bed, I heard my name again...I started getting scared and I yelled out " Not tonight..." And I could feel it approaching me ..I had this vibe there was someone there. Within moments..my whole room fell in the sent of my fathers after shave....and on my door I heard two knocks. I knew it was my dad and when I rubbed my eyes and laid down...I looked over at the door way, and I saw him...as plain as day..walk right by my door. I knew my father was still protecting us from harm as I rolled on to my side and fell asleep.

Some ghost happenings

By:  Evildragonx4@aol.com

I have lived in this house that I am in now since 1996 with my mom and dad. Nothing strange seemed to happen until 2002.

I thought I needed more space so I asked my mom if I could move to the basement. A few nights after I got moved down in the basement I decided to watch the 007 moive on. I got bored and turned the TV and lights out and tried to go to sleep.

About 5 minutes went by and I heard whispers in a corner of the room. I thought it was my uncles TV. My uncles room is right above mine. I heard this again and I got a little scared because it was daylight and my mom, dad and uncle were at work.

Then my bro and his family moved and needed a place to live at. I traded rooms with him. My bro's girlfriend told me she had heard whispers and the chilling feeling that someone was watching her.

When my bro and his family are gone, I am over in my room which is about ten feet from his. Sometimes I'll be reading and I'll here the sound of a light switch being turned on and when I look to see if he is home, the lights are out.

Since then I have seen little black figures out of the corner of my eye and heard someone shout something when I am trying to fall asleep.

Then in early Apirl I slept on the couch because I had to hear the mailman knock on the door in the morning. When I woke up I was in my bed!

ghostly figuers at friends house

By:  ALNMARY@peoplepc.com

One night my friend victoria and i spent the night at our other friends house.We had made a paked to pull a all nighter our friend (the girl i spent the night with)has 2spirits in her house so we wanted to make contact with them so we ask her sister if we can use her ouiji board but she said she has it at her friends house.her sister said theres another way we can make contact with them is by using playing cards and the red cards are yes and the black cards are no so we waited till late late at night and lite some candels and formed a circle and greeted the spirits and sat their asking them questions in the middle of the session we hadher a loud tapping noiseson her heater all around the bottom of the wall we begin to get scared and had asked the spirts if they were doind that and the guy spirt had said that the little girl was doing that because she wanted to see if we were scared.they said that they usally are down stairs in the basement so we had to alie candel and went down stairs when we got down stairs i had saw a ghostly figure in the middle of her play room and bathroom i freaked out so bad i cried the whole night. now every time i go to her house i get a really creepy feeling scared out my wits.

Ghost in the attic

By:  farah.khateri@ntlworld.com

Hi my name is jess and i thought i would tell you my story.  Around this time last year i moved into a new house with my husband Daniel and my 5 year old dughter Scarlett.  About 2 weeks after we moved in we heard strange noises coming from the attic. At first me and my husband put it down to birds or mice so we got an exterminator to come in and take a look but he found nothing.  A couple of days after this my daughter woke up in the night and went to the toilet she said that when she walked past the door that goes up into the attic it started to shake she was so scared she came crying into me and my husbands room and told us what had happened.  My husband grabbed a torch and went to investigate but found absolutuly nothing.  Over the next few weeks the noises and the bangs from the attic got worse so one day we put and camera up there.  Me and my husband would go up there every day to check it but for the first 2 days nothing happened then on the third night as we were bed we heard very loud bangs and voices i was absolutely petrified.  In the morning we checked the video and saw old chairs and books being thrown all over the place by some invisible force.  I was very shocked and told my husband that i wanted to move but he said no because we love the house so much.  Anyway nearly a year on we do hear noises and bangs but not so often the ghost doesnt harm us or anything like that so we are happy for it to stay there.  Sorry this is so long.

2 stories

By:  jaronby@yahoo.com

I got two stories to tell.
The first is about the experience I had with my
I was about nine or ten when she passed. She was in
the hospital after my grandmother found her in her
appartment. Apparently she severed a stroke.
After a couple of more strokes she finally passed.
In the time since my grandmother found her she didn't
came back to consiousness.

When the time was right the hospital called and the
whole family went up there. I was the only one not to
attend, I guess also because of age and it was already
late at night.

A couple of nights later I woke up in the middle of
the night and there was my great-grandmother.
She was sitting beside me on the bed, put the cuilt
back on me and went. Everything was in a haze of
I told my mother the next morning and she said that
probably my great-grandmother came to say goodbuy.

The other story is more recent and deals with my
grandfather. I emigrated to Israel and since the rest
of the family remains in Holland I again wasn't
present with my grandfather's passing.

It was a couple of weeks after his passing and I had
at that time serious doubts how everything would go in
the near future.
Again I woke in the night and there was my grandfather
standing at the end of the bed. I can't remember if he
said it or made me feel it, I remember him saying me
not to worry and everything will be allright.

My Ghostly Encounter

By:  dannyvorhees@hotmail.com

My name is Danny Vorhees. I'm a 20 year old paranormal investigator based in England. I would like to share with you one of the most disturbing cases I have ever encountered. In my two years as a paranormal investigator, I have never come across a case which has scared me more.

I live in a small village near London, which is a popular spot for ghost stories, due to the large amount of public hangings/beheadings etc. that took place there. One particular place, Pudding Lane, is extremely famous. 338 years ago, the Great Fire of London broke out in a shop in this street. And this is where my story begins.

After the fire of course, the street was rebuilt. The houses built in those days still stand now, and my client, one Mrs Gemma Clarke, lived in one of them. Mrs Clarke and her family moved in around 5 years ago, in 1999. Their first year or so in the house was peaceful, but then on 7th August 2000, odd things began to happen.

At first, it was just one or two objects moved every night. A pen for instance, that had been left next to the pad on the telephone table, was found in the bedroom of Mrs Clarke's oldest child Leah. Although nobody could explain this strange happening, the family thought nothing of it. Bread was also mysteriously taken from the bread bin. Only bread though. Nothing else in the larder or cupboars was taken.  Seven days after the objects began to move in the night, they stopped. They were replaced by a faint smell, a curious smell, all throughout the house. I still remember the smell to this day, a kind of light burning, mixed with the smell of freshly-baked bread. Strange I know, but it will become apparent later on.

Strange things were also beginning to happen in Leah's bedroom. The smell was strongest in this room, still faint, but noticeably stronger. Light black marks appeared all over her walls, although once rubbed with a piece of cloth, they vanished easily. Leah was woken virtually every night to a loud roaring sound. After a few nights of this, Leah moved into her brother Alex's room.

The strange occurrences didn't follow her, but they continued to happen
in Leah's room. An enormous black mark (which remains there to this day I believe) appeared on her ceiling, stretching from corner to corner. Mrs Clarke, admitting there was something strange going on, called local paranormal investigator Bryan Lewis.

Bryan is one of my good friends. I met him at college, and found out with great astonishment he was interested in the paranormal as well. When we left college, we vowed to stay in touch, and we still do. Bryan and his team (two photographers and a machine operator) spent a night in Leah's room. All four men were repeatedly dragged out of bed throughout the night, and all heard the roaring sound Leah had described, accompanied by a loud crackling. Bryan documented every strange activity, and took some photographs of the machine operator being dragged out of bed. The next morning, he gave yours truly a call.

I arrived in the house later that day. After meeting the family and Bryan's team, I was shown up to Leah's room. The huge black mark was looming on the ceiling, and the faint smell caught in my nose. We agreed that we would all spend the night in Leah's room, Leah included. She was reluctant at first, but after we promised we wouldn't let anything harm her, she accepted.

That night, we were all dragged out of bed again. I would feel something cool brush my arm, then I would be lifted clear of my bed and dumped on the floor. This time, however, I was recording everything. Three hidden cameras were set up in the room. One in the corner, one peering out from underneath Leah's bed and one on the door. The roaring sound gradually grew louder
and louder, particularly just before Leah was dragged from her bed. The
roaring sound started to fade, and we were dragged from our beds less
There was a loud hissing noise, and the roaring stopped completely.
Leah rolled over and promptly went to sleep, while we sat and discussed the
night's events.

The next morning, everybody looked tired. After a cup of coffee each, we all sat down to discuss what had happened. Bryan and his photographers were sent to the local library to research anything to do with the house. The machine operator and I went back to Leah's room to take some readings.  We discovered that the area exactly half a metre around Leah's bed was a huge sixteen degrees colder than the rest of the room. We also discovered that the camera underneath Leah's bed was totally wrecked, due to the severe temperature change. On the other two films, however, a dancing wisp of light could be seen, hovering above everybody in the room.

Bryan returned two hours later with some interesting information. The house in which we were standing was built near an old bakery. But not any old bakery. The bakery in which the Great Fire of London started, over 300 years ago.This explained the smell of baking, possibly why the bread went missing too. The roaring sounds we had all heard the night before were the roars of flames, the hiss may have been the sound of water extinguishing the fire.Bryan also learned that one of the maids that lived inside the bakery had died in the fire, after refusing to climb out onto the roof to safety. Could this be what was haunting the Clarke family?

We called in the local priest, Reverend Timothy Wighte. He explained he would try to contact the ghost, and ask it to leave the Clarke family alone. He set up the table. Everybody took a seat around the table, and he asked for quiet. Then he called upon the ghost to enter the room. He asked the ghost two make two knocks if it was within the room. Two loud knocks echoed around the room, clear as a bell. Leah looked suddenly scared, but her mother put her arms around her and she buried her face.
The Reverend continued to ask the ghost whether she knew Thomas Farynor, who
was the owner of the bakery. Again, two loud knocks could be heard.
Then the Reverend asked the question:
"Are you the ghost of the maid who died in the fire?"

There was a pause, and then two knocks. The Reverend looked over at Mrs Clarke, and she nodded. The Reverend continued to ask the ghost to leave the family alone. He said they would gladly share their home, and they might all live together happily. He asked whether the ghost would like that, and was answered with two knocks. The Reverend looked at the family, and smiled. For the first time since I had met the Clarke's, they smiled.

To this day, there have been no reports of disturbances in that house, or any other house on Pudding Lane. The Clarke's, I believe, still live in that house. They all remember what happened, although they wish they didn't. I send them the occasional letter to see how they are holding up, Bryan does too.

I can't explain why this case scares me. Out of all the cases I have ever been involved in, why should I say this is the one that scares me most?
The answer to that one, I don't know. But I have to say that being dragged out
of bed at two in the morning by something you can't see might just have had something to do with it.

My ghost story...by Midnights_misty_moon

By:  midnights_misty_moon@yahoo.com

Hello to all,  My name is midnights_misty_moon and ever since i was a little girl, i started experiencing paranormal stuff.  I am what you call a ghost magnet.  I can sense things when they are there and usually i can tell if its male or female man, woman or child.  I have come across many spectral ghosts in my lifetime.  Some are good and some have been very bad.
     I dont know that i could ever help a spirit but i know how to keep them at bay away from me and my children.
     I have the ability to see spirits, I have had them to touch me and call my name.  When i was a little girl, you can only imagine that this terrified me to death.  I thought i was crazy.   As i got older, however, i learned to accept what it is that i have.  I know when someone is going to die in my family and even strangers.  I have learned however that sometimes its best not to say this to others because they just dont beleive.
     My mom has the gift, as does my sister and my grandmother and both of my greatgrandmothers have the gift.  So i guess you could say it runs in the family too.
   It affects mostly the women in my family although some of the men in our family have the gift but they dont see it for what it is.
     Anyway, my earliest memories are the house that we lived in.  Here in south georgia, there are a lot of confederate graves of unknown soldiers and im sure there are northerners planted here too...We also have a lot of indian burial grounds.  My interest is also in Native Americans.  I have Cherokee and creek in my family.  I use to love to collect arrowheads.  I have a great collection that is until they seem to disappear, i only have one left todate.  I was always finding them.  The strange thing is that i begin to see weird things that i didnt understand.  I would hear children crying, I would always hear someone in our house and outside as well.
     I seen strange eyes out of my bedroom window that seemed to glow.  It always scared me to death.  There would be someone scratching someone outside my window and i would usually end up scaring my mom to death and she would take a flashlight and go outside and there was no one there.
     On the land where we lived which my parents owned, it was given to my mom by her stepfather.  Every house that had been on that plot of the land, the houses always burned down.  I had dreams of our house burning down.  It always scared me, because i felt like i was really there.  I could feel the heat and feel the walls coming down.  I kept telling my mom that our house would burn down someday.  She said that was not going to happen...
     Anyway, I started having these dreams of this woman, she was standing in the house and she was pounding her fists on the windown screaming.  She had long brown hair and was wearing a white dress.  Well we had a long road that we had to walk down to get to the school bus.  One morning in particuliar, i had to walk down the road by myself because my brother was sick.  I started walking and i heard someone call my name, i turned and looked around, I noticed at the end of our driveway, I could see mist swirling upwards and fog started rolling in.  I started getting scared.
     Then a woman appeared before me, she was the woman in my dreams....I froze with fear...I couldnt move.  She pointed at me and then pointed at our house and shook her head no over and over again...I finally ran screaming back to our house and my mom said there was no woman there and she made me go back down the road.  I seen this woman quite frequently...I told my mom about her because i kept on seeing her and she thought for a moment and said it sounded like her cousin who committed suicide and a long time ago she use to live in a house that sat on that plot of land.  My mom showed me a picture and asked me if that was her and i said yes it was.  Her name was Joanne and she was my mom's cousin who killed herself, she was very young when she died.  She killed herself because she had a lot of health problems, she was 20 years old or so. bsp; I asked my mom why would she be appearing to me and my mom said that perhaps she couldnt let go because of what she did.  Well the dreams continued. as i got older the dream seem to go away.  Well the night before my high school graduation, I had the dream again and again Joanne appeared to me and told me that our house was going to burn down...I said ok ill be sure to get my things out and thats exactly what i did and i told my mom and dad oh the house is going to be on fire, just thought i would let you know because i have myself have no intention of staying here if that is going to happen...Of course my dad told me that i was crazy and my mom said i was over reacting...well i had my graduation the next day that evening...after the graduation i went out with my boyfriend at the time.  We were partying and celebrating have a good time.  Then as we were driving down the road, i big fiery flash went over our car and something exploded and these flames appeared to me and i could see our house on fire.  I could feel the heat and i started screaming no no no, my boyfriend asked me what the hell was wrong with me and i said our house is on fire and he said you are crazy, it seemed everyone was always telling me i was crazy and i said ok damn it, ill prove it to you so we went out to my house and sure enough our house was on fire burning down to the ground.  I freaked out naturally i remembered the woman in the dream but my mom was there and my sister was safe, so i took it to be that my moms cousin Joanne was trying to warn me that our house would burn up and for me not to be in it when it did happen and for that i am thankful.  Believe it or not...
      So since that time, my gift of second sight has gotten to become more so.  I can sense how  a person is within the first ten minutes of meeting them.  I can sense danger and i can sense if that person is going to harm me or not...also if i go to someone's house, i can sense if something is there or not.  I can see ghosts in photos and near certain objects.  One time i had one to get in bed with me and let me tell you ok that was unnerving...My dog went nuts and chased it out, i could see the imprint it left on the bed.  As long as my dog was in my room it didnt bother me and it didnt bother my kids as long as they were sleeping in the room they were in eventually i had to sleep in the same room with them because the spirit didnt seem to want to go into that room.
   Another time i had some children over of my cousins and they were eating in my dining room and they all came out screaming saying that my table had lifted and started shaking and when i went in there the table was against the wall not where i had put it so i knew they were telling the truth...ive got so much to tell you about what ive experienced, i should write a book....anyway happy reading and if you have a bad spirit you dont want in your room put salt across the threshold and make a invisible doorway, they wont be able to get through....later midnight

My father-in-law

By:  lharrington@bozzuto.com

My father-in-law passed away in October 1997.  He had 13 children and many friends and relatives who loved him dearly.  He was a marine and a master electrician who had a tough exterior, but was one of the kindest and dearest people I have had the pleasure of knowing.  The funeral was probably the largest I have ever seen.  My eldest daughter was espeically close to him and was so saddened by his death that we worried about her emotional state for quite some time.  She said that he promised to dance the first dance with her at her wedding.  She was only 13 when he died, and felt upset and betrayed when he "left."
At the funeral service at the church, my husband, so very grief-stricken, prayed to his father to show him some sort of sign that he was with him.  Suddenly, a large flock of birds emerged from a small tree outside of the church and flew off into the distance.  My husband felt that was his sign.  Now, when my  husband talks to his father through prayer, he sees a bird or birds that fly before him.  When my eldest daughter graduated from high school in 2002, before the graduates filed in, all of the seats were empty.  There was a bird that caught the attention of my husband, his brother and I.  It was flying around in the auditorium and it landed on a chair and remained there until the graduates filed in.  My daughter sat in the chair that the bird had landed on.  There were several cousins that graduated after her and the bird has shown up at the ceremony every year since then.  I'm sure he'll be at my youngest daughter's graduation in 2005.
Also, about a month after he passed away, our phone rang around 3:00 a.m.  It was dark, and I reached over and answered the phone, but there was nothing but static on the other end.  I figured it was just a prank or a bad connection, so I hung up.  The next morning, I checked the Caller ID to see where the call came from and it said "Fort Lincoln Cemetery," which is where my father-in-law is buried.  It happened again about a week later, with the same static and the same info on the Caller ID.  My husband just said, "Hi, Dad," and the calls never came again.  But we still see birds when we think of him.  And I know he'll be dancing with my daughter when she gets married.

Ghost Story

By:  schmeisj@mscd.edu

I have always noticed strange things going on at my house, but the only
time anything strange ever happend was only in one room of my parents
house.  It was my old room when I was in middle school and high school.
 Well one night when I was sleeping I woke up around 3:00 am and saw a
little boy sitting in my closet next to my laundry basket.  I didn't
really think anything of it, I thought I was dreaming or just seeing
something.  I didn't think anything of it until another night, I fell
asleep with my TV on and I woke up again around 3:00 am and when I woke
up I heard someone who I thought was my sister scream my name, it
sounded like it was coming from the basment.  Right when I sat up to
see what was wrong my tv shut off.  I was really scared and turned the
TV back on and laid in my bed with my blankets over my body and
couldn't move.  Then, what sound like a gust of wind, blew over my
right ear and my TV shut off again.  I turned my TV back on and when it
shut off again, I heard a voice in my ear saying "dead people, dead
people, dead people, dead people."  After that it all stopped and I was
able to turn my TV back on a go to sleep.  I moved out of my parents
house right after high school and one night I had to stay the night
there and I had to sleep in that room and I was just having a weird
dream where I was sleeping but I knew I was trying to wake up and
Now I sleep in a different and the only thing that happens is I have
those weird dreams and every now and then my radio or my TV will turn


my mums experiences

By:  farah.khateri@ntlworld.com

Hi my name is Kate and i live in wales in the uk.  Anyway one late nite me and my mum stayed up late watching a scary movie ( i was 15 at the time ).  We got on the subject of ghosts and all the experience shes had with them.  Shortly after her dad died her mother and her two sisters were in the kitchen when all of a suddun the living room door started to shake very violently.  As they stood in the hall way watching my mother walked up to the door and opened it as soon as she did this the shaking stoped.  They all knew this was there recently deceised father because he always hated that door being closed.  Another experience that happened to my mum was when she was asleep one night she woke up suddenly for no reason as she tried to get back to sleep she fely someone sit at the bottom on the bed and then the smell of her aunties perfum she was to scared to look so just laid there with her eyes closed until she fell back to sleep.  Anyway in the morning the family got a phone call saying there auntie had died of a heart attack that night.  Sorry this is so long but thats what really happened i know my mum is telling the truth becuse she has never lies to me.  Thanks for your time.

My Experience

By:  cmccord1863@netzero.net

Me and my family have lived in this house for about two years now, and
when when we first moved in I started getting these weird feelings like
someone was watching me. Well last week my mom woke up early one
morning to see a dark shadowy figure standing at the foot of her bed,but when
she turned her lamp on it disapeared and then last night I was sitting
on my bed when I heard what sounded like a loud whisper coming from our
kitchen and I really couldn't make the words out, but when I turned and
looked in the kitchen there was no one there, and I know it couldn't of
been my mom or my dad because both were in the bed asleep. But that was
my first ghost experience and it totally freak me out to say the least,
but i've always believe in ghost.

ghost or imagination?

By:  fmoseley2003@hotmail.com

hi!  i really enjoy your site.  i have a story for you.  my dauhgter
has experiences with the unknown.  the ghosts seem attracted to her.  she
wants to know why it always picks on her and no one else in the house.  i
told her that some people are more sensitive than others and they don't notice
odd things that happen and that she needs to not let it bother her as much
as she does. they don't seem to be evil, only mischevious.  the first time
she noticed anything was in 1999.  she was 12 and i had left my husband and
moved in with my parents taking her and her brother whom is 2 years
older than her.  anyway, my mother had told us for years that the house that
they now lived in was haunted and strange things had happened over the last
10 years.  we had only been there for a couple of months when one night my
daughter was fussing with her brother as most sibling do, and finally
they lay down to sleep.  we were sleeping in the den(used to be a garden
years ago before the previous home burned down with the old couple inside).
anyway they had finally went to sleep.  well my daughter screamed and
came crying into the kitchen saying that her brother had slapped her on the
  i went into the den and her brother was fast asleep.  i talked her back to
bed and she came screaming back into the kitchen and said something was
sitting on her feet and it was really cold and i felt her feet and they
were ice cold.  needless to say i woke her brother up and we slept in the
living room that night.  i went into the den with the bible (i wasn't a real
religious person), but i read a prayer to that room and told the
spirits that if they were going to mess with anyone it better be me not my
children. anyway, nothing else happened for a few weeks until my mother had to
take my father to the dr and the kids were at school and i was all alone.
now all this time in my mothers home i never felt uncomfortable or
anything.  i was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee that morning and all of a
sudden i heard a puppy crying in the living room, i automatically got up and
went to check it out when i realized my mother doesnt have a puppy and the
dog she does have was in the laundry room asleep.  i was creeped out and i
went back into the kitchen and acted like i didn't hear it, and soon my
parents returned.  i told them what happened and they laughed at me and told me
that was nothing.  that for ten years they had put up with the sinks turning
on by themselves, the cabinets opening on their own, seeing black shadow
people walking down their hallway, having pictures rotating on their walls so
much that they nail them to the walls to keep them from moving, my brothers
when they were younger would wake up and go to the bathroom and come back
and find a knife in their beds or their closet doors which were sliding
doors would slam open and shut on their own.  one time my yougest brother
says he had just laid down for the night and a purple ball of light came at him
and zapped him, he couldn't move and when he could he ran screaming down
the hallway to my mothers room and she says he was petrified and the hair
on his head was sticking straight up.  he did not sleep in his room for a long
time.  these things happened off and on over the years and they just
got used to all this wierd crap going on.  they had freinds visit from out
of town and the wife refused to come back because she swore she saw a
black shadow figure going up and down the hallway all night.  other people
have came over and have mentioned seeing someone going down the hallway, but
noone would be there.  they still live in this house to this day.  they
investigated the land and found out that their side of town was
originally a lake and when they dammed part of it up homes were built and the
original house was a tiny shack with an old couple living their with their
daughter and her baby.  they had a garden right outside their back door and
would go work in it every day, this garden was where the den is now.  there was
a fire an it killed them all.  my mom and dad have seen an old woman
standing in their closet grinning at them.  and they all have heard the baby
crying in the closet many times.  my mother says sometimes she hears frogs
croaking in the closet and their is no way under the house unless you take the
metal grill out of the concrete that is all around their home.  me and the
kids moved on to kansas with my new fiance, now husband, and it is now 2003.
my daughter has had some experiences in our new home that we purchased. it
was built in the early 1900's and other families have lived their and as
far as we know no one has died there.  after we had lived there for about six
months i would go downstairs (my bedroom at that time was upstairs with
my daughter and sons, our 8 yr old only came on the weekends and slept on
the couch, the rest of the time she was at her mothers thru the week) to
the kitchen after my son and daughter were gone to school and my husband
gone to work, the kitchen cabinets would all be wide open every morning.  i
have a galley style kitchen with floor to ceiling cabinets, counter inbetween.
some of these cabinets were so high that i couldn't shut them without
jumping to shut the door and i am 5'9.  i accused everyone of leaving
them open out of laziness and all denied leaving them open.  this has
continued to this day about 5 or 6 times a month instead of every day.  i also
would come home for my hour lunch every day and see a black cat run from the
dining room to the den, and at that time we had a chocolate colored cat
named ruby, and i would follow it to the den(that is where i kept her
food, on top of the floor to ceiling shelves in the den to keep the dogs from
eating her food) and call her, here ruby and she would not be in there
at all.  i would look all over the house and puzzled because i always
found ruby outside on the porch or in another room not even close to the den
and  because i cleary saw a cat run from one room to another.  this happed
about 3 or 4 times.  my family thought i was nuts so i tried not to mention
these occurances to anyone but my daughter whom beleived me.  any way, me and
my husband got to keep our youngest daughter for the entire summer and we
moved down to the basement and gave her our sons room and he got our old
bedroom upstairs, due to it having a walkin closet.  he has slept in that room
and never had his bed shake in there.   during the time i saw the cat and
the cabinet were opening my daughter ran screaming into my room one night
saying that her bed was shaking.  her stepfather told her it was probably the
furnace down in the basement making it move.  she wasn't convinced that
was it.  this continued off and on.  one night she cleaned her room and
shut her closet door which was the shutter sliding type and it ranalong an
entire wall.  she heard rustling noises in the closet and figured it was her
brother in their getting ready to jump out and scare her.  she was just
about to tell him to get out of her room when he knocked on her door
and told her she had a phone call.  needless to say she slept downstairs in
the living room that night.  she says she will shut her light out, go
downstairs or go across the hall to the bathroom and when she gets back to her
room the light will be on.  or she will leave her light on and when she gets
back it will be off.  the bed still shakes occasionally but now i think she is
used to it.  once i asked her brother why he would never sleep in his room
upstairs and he said he was tired of his bed shaking (this was before
he got to move into our old bedroom) his sister and i told him our experiences
and he did not beleive us and neither did my husband.  6 more months go by
and my daughter has another experience.  she was in bed and had just laid
down to go to sleep when she saw a tall black shadow block out the night
light shining from the bathroom across from her room, it crossed her door way
and went into her younger sisters room.  she saw lights flickering in there
and thought the tv was on.  then it hit her that she had turned her sisters
tv off before going to her own room and the shadow she saw was too tall to
be her 8 year old sister, then her bedroom door started to slowly shut by
itself, she ran screaming down the stairs, fell, ran screaming thru the
house to the dining room where the basement door was(our bedroom) and
begged me to come upstairs.  we turned all the lights on and checked
everywhere and noone was in her room or her sisters room, because her sister was
asleep downstairs on the couch and her brother was asleep in his bed after
working harvest until 10 pm. so he was fast asleep.  she got her blankets and
fan and went into the den to sleep on the couch, i left my basement door
open in case she needed me. she is 16 and was petrified.  anyway, the next
morning i found her in the living room sleeping on the couch with her sister
instead of in the den.  she told me that the bathroom door which is in the den
was open only about 2 inches, when she looked at it later it was open all
the way, that freaked her out and she took her fan and blanket and got on
the couch in the living room with her sister and just about the time she
was going to sleep she heard someone walk thru the living room and they
walked in front of the fan, that noise it makes when someone is in front of a
fan and then someone or something blew gently in her ear and made her hair
move. she said she shut her eyes turned to face the back of the couch and
finally went to sleep.  she refuses to go to her room unless someone is with
her.  i am waiting on the next episode to happen with her.  i told her to tell
it to leave her alone and she said she did and that is when it came into the
living room and blew in her ear.  my husband thinks we are nuts and
told us not to say a word to the youngest or she would never sleep in her room
upstairs.  so i told my daughter that i would stay in her room or
wherever she dicided to sleep, and i would stay until she fell asleep.  that is
my story for now.  is this a ghost or ghosts or our imaginations?  bye for


Is it my imagination or something paranormal

By:  Jjessi1971@aol.com

Hi, my name is Jessica. At my mother-in laws house weird things happen.  Ive heard stories from my neice and my husband about little things they and the family has expereinced, and I would think to myself WEIRDOS. Stories went on a couple of years, until a few months ago I expereinced something.(well actuall when I went to their house for the first time I was sitting at my mother-in laws computer and very faintly I heard a man and women talking, almost like it was through the walls.At first I didnt think nothing about it, and then the next time I was sitting there, and I was alone in the house and I heard them again. I started thinking thats strange it sounds like its coming from the walls, so I went outside to see if anyone was around and there was nobody there. I told this to my mother and father-in law and they told me it was just my imagination. (oh did I mention that my mother-in law is a Jehovas witness, she doesnt believe in ghosts, just demons. And she says no way that Jahova will allow that in HER house.) Well time went by and didnt here it again and I just went on with my life, then a few months ago I stayed the night at their house and slept in my sister-inlaws room, door open. And down the hall I heardscuffing noises. Like when an old person is wearing slippers and they scuff when they walk. Well I got up to see who it was and I saw nobody. My mother in laws door was closed, and my neice and sister in law were fast asleep in the living room. Si i went to bed thinking it was my imagination. Well I heard it again, and again, again. I kept getting up, again, again, and again, and saw nothing. It went on all night, until i fell asleep aroud 4:30 am out tiredness.  When i got up about 8:00am with droopy eyes my family asked me why I couldnt sleep, and I told thekm. Again my mother-and father-inlaw told me it was my imagination, and all my neice could say was told you so.  And I told myn husband about it when I got home and he said its possible, he expereinced some things in that house, actually all his siblings have. And he also told me about the old couple that luived next to him that died. One died in a hospital, and the other died at a family members house.

I dont know what I expereinced is authentic, or just things that can be explained.  All I no is all the grandkids get scared going down grandma and grandpas hallway every once in a while.  What I want to know is can this be possibly something paranormal!!!! there is more to this story but its alittle long .

Dark Hovering Man

By:  spectral@adelphia.net

    I live in Maine, and one night, while staying at a friends house for the night, a very, scarey event occured. My friend, at the time lived in Clinton, Maine.  She was staying with her Aunt and Uncle who lived on a dirt road drive in an old, old farmhouse that had a set of railroad tracks next to the house.
    My friends room was on the second floor of the house in what was more like a fiished of attic.  It was divided into two sides.  There was the finished side, and then there was the unfinished side.  We never set a foot in the unfinished side because that was where they new most of the ghosts that they were well aware of, stayed.  They told me about how the ghosts would climb down the old staicase in that half of the atttic, and they would always find that doors that they had locked were unlocked, or just the opposite.  They also set they often times could here footsteps on the old staircase and up in the attic,  it was right above the kitchen.  They said, for the most part, they had friendly ghosts.
    One night, her Aunt and Uncle were out for dinner, and my friend and I were at the house babysitting her cousin.  He had gone to bed, so we climbed the ladder that lead to her room, and got ready for bed ourselves.  A little while later, we were still up, lyinging on the mattress on the floor and talking on and on, as young girls often do on sleepovers.  It was a moonlit night, but clouds were rolling by, causing the moonlight to blink on and off.  As we lay on our backs facing the ceiling and talking,  it happened.  I remember it so clearly too.
    The moonlight was fully comming through the window like a nightlight.  Suddenly what looked to be a tall, all black man, was hovering above us.  I couldn't make out any feet or any kind of facial figures on this man.  It looked like he was wearing a large trench coat.  My heart started racing, and I didn't say anything to my freind untill I checked out the window to make sure the clouds weren't playing tricks on my mind.  The sky was cloudless.  Turning my gaze up again, I whispered,"Do you see that?" to my friend.
    She said "Do you see that too?"
    "Yes!" I answered.  That was all the confirmation either of us needed.  She counted to three, and on three it was still there and appeared to be moving down toward us,  in sinc' we pulled the covers over our heads, held eachother and and screamed and cried at the same time.  When we finally did come out from the protection of the covers, it was gone.  My friend was convinced this was an evil being, that was trying to hurt us.  I really don't know what to think.  All I know is that I was thirteen or fourteen at the time, I'm 20 now, and this event still gives me goosebumps to think, write, or talk about now.


By:  wmorgan1@tctc.edu

This is a story that has happened to me recently that I would like to

I have been dating a guy for almost a year now and not long after we
started dating, he confided in me that sometimes he feels like
something follows him...something evil and depressing.  I asked him if
he had done anything to open a door to let whatever it was into this
world or give it a reason to follow him and he said no.
We dropped the conversation at that and never spoke of it again.  About
four months later, we were watching tv at his apartment and I fell
asleep.  While I was sleeping, he got up and turned off the television,
and then laid down beside me and fell asleep too.  I woke up suddenly
about thirty minutes later and looked around the room in the dark,
thinking I had heard some sort of loud noise.  That's when I realized
that right in front of me, about two feet from the foot of the bed, was
a shadow--an outline of a human shape.  It didn't have any facial
features, it was mainly just a dark grayish silhouette that was
hovering just over the top of the foot of the bed.  As I watched, it
reached out an arm and began to reach for me.  I instantly felt as if
it was going to kill me and I screamed for Josh.  He jumped up beside
me and turned on the light.  The form disappeared instantly.  I was
shaking and told Josh that I had seen something there and he asked me
if it was a gray form that hovered over me.  I was in shock, because I
hadn't described what I had seen to him yet.  I told him yes, and he
said when he was younger he saw the same thing, only he reached out and
touched it and it flew out a window.  I was shaken up badly after that
moment, and I made him take me home.
Recently, we at my house and we were both asleep in my room.  It was
probably about 11:00 at night.  I woke up again like I had before,
thinking I had heard a noise and looked up to see a long white vapory
looking form floating across my room. As I watched it picked up speed
and started floating right at me!  I screamed "NO!" and put a pillow
over my head.  Josh woke up and grabbed my arm. I took the pillow off
my face and looked around, but the shadowy thing was gone.  Before I
could tell Josh what happened, he said "I know...I felt it go over us."
I'm not sure if there really is something that follows him, or what,
because it only seems to happen when he is with me.  I think it is
really strange, and whatever it is, doesn't seem to be very friendly.


Ghost Story

By:  1SBFK3CS@drumchapelhigh.glasgow.sch.uk

I really enjoy your site and it got me thinking about something that
happen to me when i was 12 years old. I was staying at my friend's gran's
house. Her gran was very religous and had a cross on her wall above the
fire place, recently the cross had been falling off the wall every
night at 7pm. I didn't beleive in ghosts at that time, and when my freind
told me this i didn't believe her, i thought she was trying to frighten
me!. Just before 7pm i was looking at the cross when i felt something
or someone brush pasted me but there was no one there!. Then the cross
was hurled across the room and landed on the floor at the other end of
the room. I didn't sleep a wink that night and now i beleive that we
can't explain everything that happens in our world.

Several New Encounters

By:  pauleew@webtv.net

It's great to be able to share a few new stories with ya'll. First is a
story about a distraught teenager, who killed himself a few years ago.
His friends and family visit his grave site on a regular basis, so
is often activity there. We here at Ghost Hunters of the Last Frontier
have become convinced that he very much regrets what he's done. Last
Halloween, while we were wacthing the local cemetery, which we do every
year, to guard against vandals, we were taking pics when some of his
friends showed up to visit, with thier permission we took some pics of
them all, and were thrilled to get 2 great pics of the boy himself. The
detail in the pic was outstanding, we could see his whole form very
clearly. Even his mother was amazed at the detail. When he died the top
of his head had been distended due to the exit wound of the bullet, and
it showed up in the pic, which I'm going to post in the near future. is
friends started to play some music, and started to dance and when we
took another pic, we caught him dancing as well, again very clear in
pic. Shortly after this, his mother arrived for the party, and when we
took a pic of her next to the headstone, there was an orb on her
shoulder, which she was sure was him. She related that she had felt him
next to her, and said that she had felt his hand on the exact spot that
the orb had been. We have been back there many times since then, and
always get an orb or two in the area, as well as a sense that he is
there and aware of our visits.
Right across from him is another friend I knew before his death. He was
working on one of the oil platforms here in Alaska, when his head was
crushed by a piece of heavy pipe that broke off. His spirit is also
evident, and also always shows up with orbs in the pics we take there.
One of the members of our group is so in tune with the other side, that
whenever he is photographed, anywhere he is, there is always an orb(s)
or somethng in the pic. In one pic there were 319 obvious orbs around
him. We call him an orb magnet!
I have many other enounters to share but will add them later. If anyone
wants to visit South central Alaska, we would be happy to show you

The Landlord's Son

By:  george103188@hotmail.com

My friend was at home, by herself and she was watching one of those shows on the travel channel about haunted hotels.  She had to go to the bathroom, and when she was washing her hands, she saw in the mirror some guy standing behind her.  She was scared and confused so she turned around to tell the guy off for being in her house, but when she turned around, he was gone.  She looked back in the mirror and he vanished.  Well, I can honestly say that I didn't believe her when she called me right after that.  She wanted me to go over to her house because she was scared and I thought "Man, what has she been smoking, there's no such things as ghosts."  But I went over there anyway.  I told her she was probably imagining things after watching that show.  Later that night, as I was putting on my pajamas (I had the door opened because her house is freaky and I wanted to be able to run.), I saw this dude standing next to me and he looked very angry about something.  I thought he broke in and was going to kill me, but when I looked next to myself, he was gone.  I didn't look in the mirror to see if he was there, I just ran to my friend and told her what I saw.  It turns out that we saw the same dude, and we thought it was best not to stay there anymore so we ran accross the feild to her landlord's house.  When we described what we saw to him, he told us it was his son, who had lived there previously, but he wouldn't tell us how he died.  To this day, I don't go to her bathroom by myself and if I walk by her bathroom, it looks like someone else is walking next to me.
    She has a very haunted house.  In the kitchen, if you stand in a certain spot, you can smell the faint smell of some kind of perfume, but only for a second.  Her baby sister died in the bathtub and I can kind of feel her in there.  Her grandmother, who is full blooded Native American, once told once told my friend's mom that she could see this guy hugging her, and in the hallway, in a certain spot, it feels very cold, colder than the rest of the hall.
    When my friend was younger, she was sleeping next to her dad (mind you she was about four or five when this happened and she still has nightmares) and she had to use the bathroom.  On her way back from the bathroom, this figure grabbed her, she couldn't see it's face, and it dragged her to the back door, which has no porch, just a five foot drop, and tried to push her through it.  The more she struggled, the tighter it gripped her.  Finally, she broke free and she went to th kitchen window.  She saw the white figure, but when she blinked, it was gone.
    In a house that I used to live in, I always felt like I was being watched by many people and sometimes I could hear strange whispering, so I would get scared and find my mom. but her room wasn't any better, in fact, it was worse, and I could feel people walking past me and I would suddenly feel very cold, no matter how many blankets I was under, my mom could feel them too.  If you want to ask questions about these things, send your questions to george103188@hotmail.com, my name is Katie.  Thankyou.


it follows

By:  Carebearmomma4@aol.com

This is gonna sound kinda crazy. But bear with me. I have always seen kina funny little things. But in November 2000 I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter and things started to get outta hand. It all started when my At the time almost3 year old daughter used to sit upstairs and I would hear her talking to someone. I heard this one day and I asked her who she was talking to she said the Baby I thought awww how cute she is excited about the new baby. Well this stuff went on for the next month than one day she  came down and said mommy the baby's crying (she said this often) Itold her to go pick it up thinking that she was pretending She said I can't mommy it's up. At the time this diden't seam important. Anyway as we eased into December I had my baby girl. I first noticed things starting to happen a few days befor christmas. I satrted hearing noises foot steps when no one was up stairs. I dismissed it as an over active imagination. Than one day I was down stairs and I heard this very loud pounding up stairs no one was up their. I told my husband and he said i was a nut.Well when I got the babys first day home pic's back. the first 5 pics taken in the span of 10 mins their was black half circle lines and light circles all over the first 3 pics. But it was the last 2 they were cvered with blue balls of light that looked like it had blue spider webs around it. the rest of the roll was fine. Again I was alittle freaked out I sent the pics to my father he said they were weard but not to be concerned. Well the noises and stuff contiuned for the nexted few months alway when the kids and I were home alone I got so scared that I would not be alone their. Well one day my husband and I were in the living room ond the utility room door handle started turning by it's self and the door started shakeing. Well my husband freaked we checked it out their was nothing in their that could have done that the kids were in bed. afew weeks later we were once again sitting in the living room and out of nowear we heard the loudest sound of finger nails going down the back of the same door. we both screamed and ran. Now we had no pets at the time and this sounded like finger nails on a chalk board it sounded like people finger nails. My husband nolonger called me crazy. The noises got so bad all my kid talked about was the baby on the wall in their room. The foot steps got louder we finnaly moved. Everything was good 4 about the first year or so then one day my daughter comes down stairs with her sister her speech being much better now she said mommy theirs a baby on my wall. I had just had another daughter. but my blood went cold I said no honey the babys in the living room. She said no mommy not that baby it is a scary baby its on my wall and it's crying. I wasnted to cry I was so afraid to go upstsirs when I did their was nothing their. I thought okay they made it up. But not 3 weeks later the footsteps started again. The banging  so again we moved. It has been quiet for the last year and  a half I think its beacuse we have moved 3 times due to finacal problems. But we are going on 6 months here an I am afraid that the next 6 will bring a very unwanted visitor.Have u ever heard of this before is their anything I can do if it starts again


Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

By:  Jennyl3al3y@aol.com
To start off I just wanted to say I'm kinda disappointed that more people in Central Pennsyvania aren't submitting their stories. I know for a fact it's a pretty haunted area. Here are my experiences with the house I grew up in in the Union Deposit Area of Harrisburg. Locals will know where I'm talking about when I say, "the house on Spring Creek."  Here goes.  My Grandparents, Mom and I moved in to this farmhouse when I was about 4 years old. It had sat vacant for awhile.  As early as I can remember, My Great Uncle would come over and sit with my Pap and tell him about the old man and old lady that he used to see in rocking chairs on the porch facing the road.  (Keep this in mind.)  I'm still not sure if the old couple was "living" the times he'd seen them. Years passed, but as I got older and I got a bit better at expressing myself, I would run to my Nan and tell her I felt like someone was watching me, particularly on the stairs. She smiled and told me the Catholics would say it was my Guardian Angel. I just looked at her funny, not thinking or knowing to tell her  whoever was watching me was making me pretty uncomfortable and at times scared.  I was always terrified of my bedroom as well. I never slept there. The night was particularly terrifying, especially when you are a little kid. I slept in the pull-out bed in the living room until I was about 11 years old and we moved out. My bedroom was always ice cold and there were always dead flies on the window sills no matter how much we cleaned them.  I do remember one particular day watching a movie, nothing scary or anything (Troop Beverly Hills) haha and eating popcorn.  When I looked up ahead of me at the wall I could see in the mirror that a black shadowy figure was passing right behind the recliner where I was seated. I dropped the popcorn and ran about a mile up the road to meet my Nan on her daily walk. I used to constantly ask my Grandparents if they had ever seen any ghosts there and they would say no- at the time.  We moved to Duncannon, PA when I was around 11 or 12.  That's when I found out what was up.  My grandma said to me one day, "Jenny, I hate to tell you this now but I think our farmhouse was haunted."  Turns out she'd seen an old man herself, very pale, in a white tee and overalls. She said she'd been hanging curtains when she'd seen him resting against a car parked in our driveway. She thought nothing of it until she went to see what he wanted but then he was gone.  She also told me every night before she fell asleep, she'd hear whispers.  It became so routine to her she said it was odd not to hear them in our new home.  It sounded to her as if a radio dial was being turned, a lot of static and both constant male and female voices. My Grandfather, however, hadn't experienced anything, though he did believe her.  The house has literally haunted me in my dreams for as long as I can remember, power of suggestion, I 'm not sure but almost every dream was consistent. In the dream the home was haunted by a plump, short, old lady who kind of kept to herself, a tall , thin, grouchy sometimes angry old man, and a little boy. The little boy I remember very clearly though he only appeared in my dream vividly once. He had brown hair, blue eyes and freckles across his cheeks. He was wearing a newsboy cap, a white shirt and suspenders.  In that dream he was peering out of my bedroom window at me while I was driven into the yard by the old man.  I got the feeling he was lost, or in despair. Over the years,  as my interest grew in my dreams and the paranormal in general I decided to make several trips back to my old farm house.  (The house again, sat abandoned for 10+ years after we'd moved. )  One day my Mother and I went back and found some of my old Jem coloring book pages in the middle of the floor of my old bedroom.  I thought nothing of it until one day when I went back a few months later to show some friends where I grew up.  I joked, "I wonder if "they" left me anything else?" We all ran out of there when we reached my bedroom and in the same spot as the coloring book pages were on my previous visit, was now the cover of that Jem book which I have in my possession to this day.  It came to my attention that it was quite a party house for only a short period of time, the vacant house was vandalized, and home to a runaway for a little while as well.  Apparently others had gotten the vibe that they weren't totaly alone there either.  Some aquaintances were stunned that I had grown up there since it was so notoriously haunted, though no one knew any history of the place.  Finally, someone else had suggested it!  At any rate, some friends and I began cruising by on occasion to check on the place.  One night when we were riding by, we saw a steady orange glow eminating from two bedroom windows on the second floor.  This was the room next to my old bedroom. This glow was very vibrant, an orange-red, and it was much too big and controlled to be a fire- it didn't even flicker!  On another occasion when we went back, we got out of the car in daytime and went to walk around the outside. We all felt as if something menacing was watching us and quickly left. We knew we didn't belong there.  In the house I am living in now, I woke to a sound one night out of deep sleep. I listened carefully because it sounded like a heated, WHISPERED, conversation.  I was curious until I recognized the sound of static, at that point I'd realized I was hearing the same thing that my Nan used to hear at the farm house but that is the only current experience I have had.  It scare d the crap out of me at the time so I moved my bed, just to comfort myself. About 2 years ago, the farm house was torn down to make way for a new development. To this day when I drive by the now vacant lot I get this awful feeling. I pity whoever buys the new house built on that land. It's almost as if the ohouse itself is a ghost. I wish I knew the history of the place. That is a work in progress.  Please, I know Central, PA especially Harrisburg is extremely haunted. I'd love to read some other local stories.  Thank you for listening to mine...

my story

By:  spectral@adelphia.net

I've often felt intensely aware of what I can see and or not see in my surroundings.  I live in Waterville, Maine, and there are a few different sections of town. There's the old part and the newer remodeled part -as it is with most towns.  I have had more than a couple experiences with the supernatural here in Maine.
  One event gives me Goosebumps every time I think about it.  I was in the old part of town in a second floor apartment building that I had never been in before.  I had used their bathroom to splash some cold water on my face.  After doing so, I realized there was no towel in this bathroom to use to dry my face.  Now, this was a large bathroom still having the original sink and claw foot tub in it.  There were two doors in this bathroom, the door I used to enter, and another doorway that was opened directly diagonal from the entrance door.  I walked over toward the second doorway to try and find a towel.  It looked like it was a small room someone was using as a bedroom.  There was a fan facing the doorway at an angle and it was turned on.  Beyond the fan along the same wall was a small stand and large stereo system.  The room was dark, and I really didn't want to go in, first of all I didn't know who's room it was and didn't want to be rude, second, it gave me the creeps.  However, I was dripping wet and was desperate.  As I cautiously stepped in the fan slowed down.  I really didn't think much of it, thought maybe I had stepped on the cord or something.  I became alarmed when I took another step toward the fan to investigate and it sputtered to a stop. I followed the electrical cord all the way to the wall and it was fully plugged in.  Instinctively I quickly stepped back, and the fan turned back on and sped up again.  It seemed the more frightened I became, more things happened in this tiny room.  I stood there in the middle of the room and suddenly some papers ruffled and flew up in the air a bit.  Then I was suddenly hit with a chilling gust of cold air and instantly froze in fear. This had never happened so blatantly to me before.  Before I knew it the stereo system when nuts, all of the buttons were getting pressed quickly and randomly.  The radio came on, stations kept switching, then the cd player came on.  I was, as embarrassing as this is, on the verge of peeing my pants, I didn't thank goodness.  I took a deep breath, grabbed a towel, and ran as fast as I could out of that room, out of the bathroom, through the kitchen, and into the living room.  I tripped and fell three times along the way.  I jumped into a chair and huddled there, clutching my knees and shaking.  Two stunned people were staring at me like I had gone mad.  I stuttered out the story of what had just happened to me, and they just smiled, laughed and said "Yeah, this place is really haunted.  The ghosts are always messing with our electrical appliances and door locks."  I had a hard time ever staying in that bathroom for very long.  I also heard that those small rooms off of the bathrooms were often built and used for children nurseries.


Ghost Story.

By:  bsbgirl7@optonline.net

This isn't mine however this is my friends story.

My friend Kim lost her dear Great Aunt when she was about ten years
old. About five months after the loss of her Great Aunt she took a picture
of her great aunt and put it on the table next to her bed. It was put
closest to the wall and farthest from the bed as it could be.

Well one morning Kim arose and found her Great Aunt's picture right
next to her in the bed face up.

Another time after her grandfather died a pack of cigarettes were found
in her home. The weird thing was no one in her family smoked and it was
the same kind as her grandfather smoked. The freakiest thing is the
grandfather has never visited their house while he was alive.

hey i got a TRUE story (school orbs)

By:  no_bodys_angel77@hotmail.com

My school had a dance in the gym for the end of the year :) they turned off ALL the lights (except the D.J's corner). I always thought my school was haunted cause werid things happen there ALOT....like the doors open and close by themself...things are heard at the back of the art room and the bathrooms ALWAYS sound like some one is walking in circles, but when you go in a check eather no one is there or the person in there didn't do it.
Any ways,i decided that this was my chance to take pictures and see what would come out, i grabbed my Digital Camera (best for takeing pictures of ghosts) and started takeing pictures of my freinds,and of walls.When we all sat down to take a look, in EVERY picture there were about 10-12 round,circular,bright things in the air, they were kind of see threw but not really, when i looked over all the pictures i thought that maybe i caught Orb's in my pictures..or "Will-O-Wasps" as some people call them. When i asked my freind, she said that is was dust but i really dont think dust is that round or bright.

happenings in my house

By:  ghosttank14@yahoo.com

A lot of wierd things go on in my house. Not one or two weeks pass without somthing happening. A five or six months ago when we first moved in my mom just got done putting all the pots and everything away in the cabinets and she had one open that she forgot to close and this coffee pot that was sitting in the back of the cabinet where it could not have possibly had fallen out but a few minutes later the glass pot fell out and sdhattered on the floor. then the next week when i was sleeping i starte hearing scratching on the walls like fingernails scratching on it. we did'nt have a cat at the time and my stepdad was sleeping in the other room. Then two weeks after that my baby sisters little bathtub was wedged in the corner of the two walls where it couldnt have fell and it fell. Then two weeks later i had to go to the bathroom around 11:00 p.m. and the rest of the house was dark and so was my bedroom next to the bathroom. So when I turned the bathroom off a few seconds later my touch tone light turned on by its self.
Then s couple of weeks after that the light in my baby sisters changing room turned on by its self. And both my mom and stepdad were asleep. Then nothing else wierd in the
 house happened for a while until just the middle of last month and the begining of this month when i got a camera for graduation. I told my mom it wasnt working right. When she was checking it out the light on the camera was not on and niether was the kitchen
and my mom told me an orb flew across the screen. Then that early that morning when my mom slept in my room she said that the strobe light in my room turned on. She went and checked it out and the knob on it was on off. She then was almost back to sleep when it turned on again so my mom unplugged it. Earlir this week my playstation 2 turned on by itself . Also when you are in the basement of the house you get the sensation of being watched from the back room down there. I would like to video tape my house but I keep forgeting to. My friend has a book on his house which used to be Colonel Harmon's plantation house and the area that him and i live in about every house has a story and is haunted.

True story

By:  haglersmaru@yahoo.com

All my life i have been sensitive to the paranormal. have experienced  things in my life that only be told to people that have shared my experience. my first memory was when as a child of about 5 or 6 in Amarillo Texas i had a real fear of the closet that some thing bothersome was tormenting me from the closet. i believe as young children fear is brought into our existence at a young age to keep us off guard as to these manifestations that will introduce themselves at a later date in our life's. growing up in an Air force family we moved around a lot to many different homes some with a history some without let me go on to explain while we lived in murfreesburo Tennessee i as a child of around 11 heard a conversation going on in our living room as if people were talking over a meal yet this didn't cause fear since i slept in a room with my there brothers. then my father received orders for Vietnam and we relocated to Ozark Alabama to be near his family so that we could get rides to fortrucker since my mother didn't drive . we moved into Scott's trailer park and nothing  ever happened then we had to move about 3 months later down the street to a house that was nothing less then torment for me. at the beginning i had no fer of this house i slept in the middle bed room in a top bunk unti i awoke with a startle when i heard heavy solid sounds as someone was walking down the hall way from the kitchen to my bedroom i was so scared this happened every night with out a break.i also could hear chairs sliding in the dinning room.and like someone was walking across the roof of the house. the bathtub dripped and splashed echoing down the hallway. i would have to sleep on the side of my brothers bed on a ironing board just to get sleep and every chance i had i would sleep at a relatives home i hated that house . my mother tried her best to calm my fears i would go to church and pray for relief often reciting the lords prayer. i stayed up one night watching TV when the lite bulb in the living room exploded for no reason and before this i had been seeing things go on in my peripheral vision such as movement and when i looked towards the motion it would be gone. i really wasn't enjoying this at all. then one night i slept in my older brothers room and it was day lite out side the morning lite coming thru the window i was contemplating the days adventures fully awake and to my despair i heard those horrible footsteps coming towards my brothers room stooping short of the room i normally stayed in.i knew then that this wasn't about my imagination this was really something i was experiencing regardless if i wanted to or not.after experiencing this for to long i was sleeping again by my brothers bed on the same ironing board and i heard someone call my name tom tom i woke up and this time it was my father he was back for good from Vietnam standing next to him was my mother what a joyful occasion i would soon no longer stay in this house.a few days after my fathers return it felt good to sleep in the top bunk again and not be fearful of what i couldn't understand.knowing my father was there to rescue me from my torment.it was not to be a few nights later i awoke in a cold sweat and to my despair i heard those same tormenting foot steps coming towards my room i actually became angry and fed up for not having b n given any peace I just didn't care i bolted up in my bunk looked to the right foot of my bunk suspended in the air an apparition molecular lites in the shape of a man human cararestics yet transparent. i sat on the side of the bunk and said in the name of Jesus i don't want you here i slid of the bed to the floor rebuking this apparition as i was told to do. i went to my parents room and that was that. i was never bothered again.we then moved to California were i now still live.my mother made an iquire to our landlady about these disturbances and found her husband had built the house and was killed in f freakaccident were something fell off a building he was workin on and hit him in the head, and later to loose her son who also had lived in the house who was deciest.

the lady in white

By:  jresendes@sympatico.ca

This all started when i was about 5 or 6(I am 16 now). i used to hear a lot of noise n weird sounds durin the night time in my house. as i laid awake in my bed at night i used to hear people walkin up the stairs, and i knew it wasnt my family members becausre they were all sound asleep. my brother used to hear things as well. one night he said he heard drawers opening and closin in the bathroom. he went to see who was makin the noise and to his surprise no one was there and everyone was asleep. then one night while my father, my brother and myself were eatin dinner the hallway light suddenly turned on. no one else was home so the way light turned on was a mystery to us. then a few years later my brother was home alome and makin a sandwich.  he said he heard the cupboard behind him open and close. a few weeks after that i was in my kitchen, then i went to the washroom, and when i came back to my kitchen the micorwave was running(no one else was home at this time).
Now here comes the weridest part. my brother and i shared a room at the time. and i was still awake and it was around 1 am. i thought my brother was asleep. as i was lookin around the room i noticed a figure dressed in white with really long black hair. the figure walked across my room and stopped in front of my bed. i closed my eyes in fear and when i opened them she was gone. i thought maybe the figure was just my imagination. but the next morning my brother asked me if i saw someone in our room the night before. i said yea and gave him a description of the woman, and my description was the exact same as his. that sighting of the ghost happened when i was around 7 or 8, and its been 8 years later and i havnt really seen her. the only other mentionable sightings have been i have noticed people walkin down my hallway while i watch tv at night, and everyone is sleepin in my house. and one night my brother was brushin his teeth and he noticed something walk across the hall behind him. he went to see if it was our sister but no one was there. to this day i havnt seen that ghost yet, but id like to get another chance to see her and maybe communicate with her.


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