Ghost in the Bedroom


my mom goes to these things with my aunts every year. this time they went on vacation to a hotel from what used to be a house about a hundred years ago.
so anyway she was sleeping there on the 1st night and she woke up all of sudden to see 2 shadows that looked like a girl in an old dress with braids and a little boy with trousers and a cap. she looked at them and they smiled at her, she jumped about a foot in the air. then the little boy and girl skipped out of the bedroom silently...........................................

The Girl In The House


Hi my name is Catherine and im going to share an experience with you that happened not so long ago.  About two years ago me, my husband, and my 4 year old daughter moved to a new house.  The house was around 50 years old.  Anyway one night my daughter Scarlett came into my bedroom crying.  I asked her what was wrong and she sais she was scared of the other girl.  Iasked what other girl and she said the one that has bruises all over her.  I had no idea what she was on about i thought she had a nightmare or something.  I told my husband about this and he said that she must have an invisible friend or something.  About a week later my daughter came to me again in broard daylight saying " mummy come into my room the girl is in there ".  I followed my daughter into the room i didnt see anything but the room was absolutely frezzing cold ( summer at the time ).  Then one day my daughter had a friend around for tea they were playing in her room and i was talking to jane ( my dauhters friends mum).  She asked me if i had seen a girl in the house i said i havent but Scarlett keeps going on about a girl with bruises all over her and shes very scared of the man.  Jane carried on telling me a man and his daughter lived here about 20 years ago and one night he got very drunk and beat his daughter to death.  I was so shocked i later told my husband and so was he.  We moved from that house about six months ago because my husbands job.  But i cant help feel sorry for the poor girl that once lived there.

4 Stories


Crawford Rd. in yorktown VA
Last Saturday about 2:00am in the morning me and a few of my friends decide to go down Crawford Road. We go down this road often looking for something to happen, but we dont really have much luck.. except for this night. We were driving down this road and well we got to the bridge and 2 of the guys I was with got out and wanted to stand under the bridge so they did.. Of course we were scared there were 2 of us left in the car.. so we kept driving.. the drivers side window started rolling down by its self.. and she tried to get it to go back up but it wouldnt, then at that moment something tried to grab at her arm. We screamed!  So then we rushed to the end of the road and we got the 2 guys that were with us. The 2 guys saw a ghost in white on the bridge stairing a them. They were scared! We got of the road and decided to double back and go back down the road.. We all look on top the bridge and we see the ghost standing there in the middle. We leave.. and we still go back. Another occurance we had was when we went down crawford and we parked under the bridge at 1:00am at night.. the car was off.. no lights were on.. nothing! We stayed til 1:10am then we were like " well nothings going to happen so lets leave" so we started the car and when we were pulling off we hear *BOOMBOOM* on top the car.. you could feel it too. We hurried and left we were all scared. Now for some reason the car is messing up.. every car we take down that roads gets messed up.
The Moore House in yorktown VA
We heard some stories about the Moore House.. so we decide to check it out. We get there its about 1:00am in the morning. Wr get out and walk to the house. We stand in the back yard facing the back of the house.. We look in the window and there its a white eye-like figure. We see its move about the window. Then we run off screaming. Then we get the courage up to go back and it wasnt there. We just wait a few and it appears again. We were Scared! We walked around seeing many shadows and we go in to the graveyard and we heard cannons going off. We saw a white figured walking about the side yard. We get scared and leave.
The Nelson House in yorktown VA
We heard of the stories of the Nelson House so we check it out. We go in to the yard scared cause of the stories we heard. We look at the shades in the house opening and closing every so often. I go and knock on the door and something knocked back at me. I run off the 7 ot 8 steps. We go into the garden and we walk the paths that are in it. I felt something grabbed my arm twice.. I then said "what is that" and it wasnt anyone that was HUMAN.. it got cold very cold and it grabbed my arm once again and I said "Stop it now" and it did it again so I said "Please stop" and then it stopped. Then my friend saw a soldier hold a rifle way in the back garden. The garden is very cold.. even in the summer. My friend looked up while we were in the garden and saw a man with a rifle on its back in the top window on the side of the house. We leave.
Cohoke Crossroads in west point VA
We drive down this dark dark road. We see the railroad tracks and we park on the railroad tracks.. car turned off and no lights on. We are face the road. We sit there patiently waiting for a light to appear we sit there for 20minutes and the we see a light way down the tracks that seems to be floating down the tracks towards us. We are then starring trying to see if the light is getting closer.. it does start getting closer and it when it gets right beside the car it fades out and disappears. Then the car rolls off the tracks. We figure that the ghost light pushed us off the tracks because it was scared we were gonna get hit by the train like he did. So we think that this ghost is a nice ghost. We then leave and go home.

Being Watched


ok, im not sure what im saying here is an actual haunting or whatever, but it is all true.
the first part of my story has to do with my old home where i lived when i was younger. it is extremely old and has been standing for over 100 years. normally it was perfectly fine nothing out of the ordinary, but every now and again when i was alone i would get the overwhelming feeling that i was not alone in the house. often i would have no reason to be frightened but still i would get this strong sense of malevolance or just a funny presence. other times i would have just gotten into bed and i would feel some sort of animal jump upon my bed and walk around. at first i would think it was my cat but when i would turn on the light and look nothing was there, and i slept with my door shut to keep my cat out. other times i would here shuffling in my room or get the sense that something was leaning over me... i never had the nerve to turn around i would just pull the covers over my head until i felt whatever it was leave, or fade away.
one night i had my door open and was watching it before i shut off my light and the door slammed shut as i watched it. it looked like someone slammed it. i did not have any windows open so it could not have been a draft. also, idont know if this means anything but i never dreamed in that house. i know sometimes you dream and can't remember it but i literally went to sleep and woke up and i never slept well. my mother always complained of noises such as scratching or the like  and strange lights in her room as she tried to sleep. all this was troubling but the most terrifying part wasn't in the house at all. behind our house was a large planted forest of pines at was bordered by state forest on three sides. i liked to explore and walk the trails in the woods as i felt a very strong presence or awareness there. im not sure when that awareness began to change but slowly the forest felt colder and had a strong malevolent presence almost as soon as you walked in it. a few minutes after entering a light mist covered the ground  and the strong sense of fear made me run back to the house on many occasions. i brought freinds and they too felt the presence and saw the mist. once i tried finding the source of the feeling and it seemed strongest by an old abandoned saw mill. once i tried to get whatever it was to leave and shouted for it to go. the presence in the air pulsed and i was driven to my knees the mill seemed to have a shadow cast over it and i prayed on the spot. as i prayed i was able to stand and ran as fast as i could home.
that night whatever i had disturbed in the woods visited me in my room. (i know it sounds cheesy but i was scared out of my mind) i grabbed a cross that i had on my night stand and held it out as a talismen before me. nothing happened for several minutes the "entity" didn't leave but didn't seem to grow in power as it did in the woods. i prayed the entire time and slowly the presencce ebbed and faded. about a year later we moved away and the first night we spent in the house i had the best most restful sleep ever and i dreamed vividly. lately i can't sleep again and i no longer dream and if i do they turn to nightmares. there is no evil presence but i at times feel like im not alone.
if someone can tell me if this is true or not or if you have had similar experiences please email me at thanks! and once again i am telling the truth.

Childhood Hauntings


Way back when I was in 3rd grade, my best friend at the time would scare us all by saying that she was being terrorized by a 3 foot killer clown named Chuckles. Well, not long after hearing her tales, I had two experiences.
I shared a room with my 2 sisters, so to make room, my parents installed 2 bunk beds in the room. I slept on the top of one with my sister Jamie below, and my sister Brandy slept on the bottom of the other, leaving the top reserved for friends who wanted to stay the night. When I got scared, I would crawl into bed with Brandy.
One night, I was sleeping down there when something starting tugging at the blankets from the bottom of the bed. Brandy was snoring away beside me, and we had no indoor pets. Unsure of what it was I screamed bloody murder for my dad. He came in, turned on the lights, but all I saw at the foot of the bed was a giant teddy bear. After not seeing anything else that could have tugged the blankets, I begged him to leave the light on. I put the cover over my head as soon as he walked out the door, and the tugging began one more. I passed out from fright and did not wake up until the next morning.
During the 2nd experience, which was only like a week or so later, I was once again in the same bed as Brandy. This time, my older brother Paul had gotten scared and was in the "guest" bed above us. We lay there, listening to our parents play card games and watch "Saturday Night Live." Suddenly, something started walking around the floor, practically stomping. All 4 of us freaked and began screaming for our parents. They never came. To this day, my mom swears that she never heard us scream and believes that we're making the whole thing up.
Whatever it was, never bothered us again. Thank God!!!!

Big Fan of Hauntings


I have many ghost stories to tell from around here. I live in Hutchinson Kansas and I am 16 years old. My favorite experience and the most terrifying is of when I lived in a small one horse town called Abbyville when i was 7. Me and my family lived in a house right across the street from an abandoned church. From my experiences I would gather that the ghostly aperitions had come from that church.
The first strange happening from what I can remember was when i was sleeping. I heard i strange noise comming from the bathroom that was located right next to my room. The noise was a kind of scratching sound mixed with a slight splashing noise. At that age I was fearless so I got up to see what it was and of course nothing was there. That same noise continued every night after that; I just learned to ignore it.
At a nother night while we were watching tv we could hear a tapping noise on our glass table in the kitchen. When my mother would turn the tv down the noise would stop and then continue when the tv was back up again. That same night, as I remember perfectly, I was playing in my room by myself. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in my lower back like something had punctured my skin and I cried to my mother. There was blood everywhere. It was running down my legs and mad a trail behind me as I ran. My mother cleaned me up and calmed me down, but after the blood was cleaned off my back she could not find any type of wound at all and the pain had stopped completely. After that we could not get the blood stain out on the floor in my room, ever.
After that bloody incodent my mother was terrified of that house and her being some what of a ghost hunter herself, decided to take as many pictures of that house as possible. When we got the pictures developed we found a number of disturbing photos. Most of the pictures of my room had one single red orb in certain parts of the picture. Also the red orb appeared in 1 of the bathroom. Later on I decided that something terrifying had happened to my mom while she was in my room sometime becuase she would not go into it and would run past my door when she walked by and that must have been her breaking point. She hired a priest to come bless the house and even the priest seemed a little anxiouse to leave when he was done.
3 months later we moved out when we realized that our efforts had failed. It seemed for a while that everything was fine, until my little brother flew backwards out of his chair in front of everybody and the event was followed by a high pitched yet faint scream that came from the back of the house which we knew that no one was back there.
Today the church is gone and so is our house but I still get goosebumps when i visit that town and have to ride past the place where the church had been. I still cant believe that i used to play hide and seek in that church.


Grandparents Farm


My grandparents farm, Southwest of White Oak, Oklahoma, was the scene of some really strange occurences for me when I was a teenager. My great-grandfather had been a spirit medium, but as far as I know, he died long before my grandparents got married. On several occasions when I would spend the weekend with them, I would sleep on my grandmother's sofa. Around 2:00 a.m., the lights would come on by themselves, and the radio would begin to play. This was in the early 1970's, and the local radio station went off the air at 8:00p.m. every evening. Then the telephone would ring. I would get up and answer it, and it would ring again with the receiver still in my hand!!! Cars would come up the hill, which is still a dirt road to this day, and suddenly vanish without a trace. My grandparents always had at least 2 dogs and a bunch of chickens, all of which would raise cain if a car came up the driveway regardless of what time of day. None of them would make a sound. And the strangest thing of all was that my grandparents would sleep through it! I would hear voices talking to each other, and everyone would be asleep except me. I never stayed out there again after the last time it happened. I could hear people calling my name, but no one was up but me. I never told my grandparents because I didn't want them to think I was crazy. But that house was spooky at night

Haunted High School


In the fall of 2002, I was offered a job as a Residence Life Coordinator for a private all-girl high school in San Antonio, which was operated by one of the local universities. Essentially, the position was that of a Dorm Mom. I do need to do a little set up for you.
One of my perks was an apartment on the floor. All of the my girls and staff lived in traditional-style dorms; however, my room was an actual apartment. If you entered my door you ended up directly outside my bedroom door with a hallway running off to the right. That hallway led to my living room, kitchen and bath area.
The residence hall itself was a giant L, with the entrance on one end and my room at the other end of the L. At the end of my hall, was an entrance into the high school. No one was ever allowed to enter or leave that door for security reasons, so an alarm was installed on it. My staff and I were the only ones with keys to the door. During the school day, I would be the only person in the building with the exception of our cleaning woman.
I had moved in over the weekend, but had yet to unpack more than my bedding by the time I stayed the night for the first time. That night, I crawled into bed, exhausted and nervous about starting the new job, mainly because I had one other staff member and a third who was volunteering just through my first weekend. I "awoke" to my door bounding open and a boy of approximately 10 years of age jumping on the bed while another older male watched from the door way. I woke up the next morning thinking that it had to be a dream. Yeah, my door had been closed when I went to sleep and was wide open in the morning, but I could have just not shut it tight enough.
The following Tuesday, when I went to bed, I made sure that both of my doors were shut tight. When I awoke, both stood wide open. After the girls left for school, I let in the cleaning woman, who asked me to make sure all the doors were left unlocked since she did not have a key. I then left to run some errands, leaving her alone. I returned at about 3 p.m., literally minutes before my girls got home from school. My one employee, Marissa, had been out all day and wouldn’t return until closer to 6 p.m. One by one, the girls trudged in, ready to change out of their uniforms and go roam around the college campus. Each one came back to the lobby where I sat waiting to check the girls in, and asked me to unlock their doors. Every single door on the floor was locked from the inside. As I had said before, the cleaning woman had no keys, and I had been the only other person on the floor.
Two nights later, I once again found myself to be the only staff member on the floor. Marissa had decided earlier that day that she would move to another room because it had a private bathroom. She moved a couple of boxes into the room, which was located at the corner where the two halls intersected. She didn’t leave any windows open, nor had turned on the air conditioner. When she left, she locked the door behind her, so that there was no way anyone could enter. About an hour after she had gone, I sat on the floor near her door talking to one of the high school girls, Yassi. I was telling her about all the weird stuff that had happened to me in the week I had been living there and how my friend Amanda, who used to work for the university, said that people had complained that the floor was haunted. No sooner had I begun telling my tales then Marissa’s door began shaking as though someone was on the inside wanting out. Yassi screamed and practically jumped into my lap. Out of fear, I began laughing nervously. Yassi looked at me and screamed, "Why are you laughing?" I was so scared that it was the only response my body made.
Other little events happened to me throughout the school year. Some of my girls would call me mom, and after they had gone to sleep, I would hear a voice say, "Mom." Each time I heard it, it sounded like a different girl. I would stick my head outside of the doors, but saw no one. There’s no way someone could have run off, because I would have either heard them run off, saw that their door was open or I would have heard them shut it. That never happened.
In November, for a period of a couple of weeks, whatever it was would flick the blinds in my living room. They were made of metal, so I would hear little ping sounds. One night, I had been asleep, but it must have been making a real racket, because I awoke screaming, "For the love of God, stop it!" I never heard it again.
Twice, I had been in deep slumber and awoke to something terrifying. It was almost as though someone had snapped their fingers, instantly waking me up. The first time, my eyes flew open to see a large black shadow looming at the end of my bed. I was instantly filled with fear, threw the blanket over my head and began praying. I eventually fell asleep. The second time, I had moved my bed from the foot of the bed being by the door to it facing the eastern wall. I woke up, instantly filled with fear, and looked over by my door to see a black cloud begin to form. Knowing that I would probably see the shadow, I once again threw the cover over my head and began praying.
The other frightening event I had happened in late November or early December. Marissa and I was asked to inventory the rooms on the first floor of the building (we lived up on the third floor). Everything was okay until we went into this huge storage room that was located directly under my part of the hall. It was a dark intimidating room filled with all sorts of junk. As soon as we managed to get the door open, Marissa said it didn’t feel right. We closed the door and moved over to the laundry room that was directly below my room. At the back was an S shaped hall. Each wall was lined with huge storage cabinets. When I stepped into the hallway, unimaginable terror took over. My knees shook and my chest tightened almost like I was having a panic attack. I looked at Marissa; she didn’t feel it but didn’t argue when I said, "Let’s get out of here."
Toward the end of the school year, my neighbor Cata and I began having a similar event occur. At 12:30 a.m., I would hear 1 individual knock on my bedroom door. No ne had entered my apartment—I know because my door had a VERY loud squeal. The same thing would happen to Cata 5 minutes later. She would open the door to find the hall quiet and empty.
As one of the girls was moving out, she heard a woman’s voice saying a prayer in Latin. We had always heard that the floor was haunted by a nun, but that was our first run-in with her. No one had mentioned the other 2 ghosts, but after everything that had happened and the stories I heard from others, I knew that there had to be a little boy that liked to play practical jokes and whatever that evil entity was.
After all the girls had gone home for the summer, I had the building to myself. At first, I was really intimidated to be in a haunted building alone, but after a while grew comfortable with my surroundings. But something weird started happening at night when I went to bed. I’m the type of person who cannot sleep without a cover over my feet. With such an active imagination, I have always feared something grabbing my feet. As I would lay there on my stomach trying to fall asleep, I would feel the covers flatten against my legs and feel a depression form between them. Whatever it was would then begin to lightly stoke my calves. Instead of being frightened, I felt soothed and would usually fall asleep pretty quickly. I like to believe that it was the nun helping calm me down with all the stress I was dealing with in my personal and professional life.
Since then I’ve moved away and have not heard any of my girls complain about ghosts. Funny, but I actually miss it. It was always exciting, and I usually had a great story to tell the next day. 80)

Little Boy


In my town we have a park that is pretty big, behind it is a brick house
that was knocked down and a shed. My bestfriend was talking about something
about a boy who lived at that house that died in the river that flows from a
creek in the center of the park. Me and my friend decided to go down there
and see if any thing strange would happen. (Ghost hunting if you will) We
weren't down there for that long and the whole time I had the feeling like
something was watching us so I told my friend I wanted to go back. (I forgot
to mention this but along the side of the river and tree grew outward
instead of up, this is a key part of my incounter.) We started to walk back
when I felt some dirt slide from under my foot. I look down when I started
to hear a crackling noise and noticed that the tree down there was breaking
off and started to drift down the river. I was a little freaked out about it
and started to move faster when my friend warned me not to run. I was pretty
scared and when I looked back I could see that there was a little boy
dressed in a green shirt and faded blue jeans. As soon as I turned around it
ran behind a tree, I thought is was my imagination when I started to hear a
faint crying and a little boy screaming for his mommy like he thought that
one of us was his mother. The farther we got from the house the louder we
could here it. As soon as we got out of the woods we started running towards
the other end of the park. We met up with one of our friends and asked him
if he could hear the crying because we still could. He said he could and we
left the park as fast as we could. Me and my bestfriend did go down there
again and I did feel a presence but nothing happened. I've been down there a
few times since, once in the middle of the night but I haven't heard from
the little boy since then.

Michigan Ghost


THE TOP.----

Joshua The Romantic


There has always been a history of hauntings in my grandmother’s waterfront San Francisco Bay Area home.  The most popular one is "the romantic ghost".  The house was originally the first home on the entire block, built over 100 years ago.  Then, as the century progressed, more and more homes were built.  Several different families had lived in that house over the past 100 years.  My grandmother acquired the house in the mid 60’s.  She bought it from a couple whose 18-year-old son had been working on the roof, slipped, fell and tragically died the year before.
When I was a child, my parents, siblings and I lived in that house with my grandmother for a couple of years.  I remember many times, my parents would be at work, grandma would be out and all us kids were sitting down in the living room, with Aunt Krissy watching us.  We were constantly hearing all kinds of footsteps and doors opening and closing upstairs.  You couldn’t walk anywhere in that house without feeling like someone was following you.  In the back bedroom, upstairs, there is a trap door in the closet ceiling, which leads to the attic.  We never used the attic; it was the only untouched place in the whole house.... In fact, my brother is the only member of my entire family who has ever been up there.  Every now and then, someone would look in the closet and the trap door would be slightly open.  We would always close it, but we kept finding it open again.
Many years later, when I was about 18, I had my first encounter with "the romantic ghost".  I came down to my grandmother’s house for a visit during the summer.  My two teenage cousins Nichole and Amber were visiting there too.  One night, I was getting ready to go to sleep on the couch, out in the game room.  Despite the fact that I was born in the early 80’s, I have always loved 50’s and 60’s rock and roll.  I set the radio on an oldies station and snuggled down into the couch, under the blanket.  I started to nod off, but I jolted awake when I felt something brush through my hair.  I sat up and looked around, but saw nothing.  After a minute, I nervously laid back down, keeping my eyes open.  I was a kinda freaked out, so I tried to stay awake as long as I could.  However, the music slowly but surely began to lullaby me back to sleep.  I finally closed my eyes and drifted off.  A few minutes later, I actually felt someone kiss me!  I immediately sat up again and the feeling went away.  I assumed the old love songs must have been making me have strange dreams or something.  But then my heart jumped up into my throat when I felt it again!  Yes, it happened again, with me sitting up, WIDE awake!  I screamed and backed up against the arm of the couch.  A couple of seconds later, my grandmother came out of her room and flipped the light on.  She looked worried.  She asked me what was wrong.  I didn’t think she would ever believe what had just happened to me, so I told her that a big spider landed on me and I smacked it away.
The next night, I told my cousins Amber and Nikki about it.  I was shocked to hear that they had experienced the same exact thing, several times, over the past few years!  II asked my grandmother about the young man, but she didn’t now much, except that he was 18 and he died.  So I decided to go down to the city library and check the old news papers.  After an hour of searching, I found  his obituary.  It said that his name was Joshua and he was a bright young man, who was planning on being a doctor.  There was also a photo of him below.....He was pretty handsome!  Well, the "kiss" incident happened again, every other night that summer, until I left.  After hearing that it was a common occurrence, I wasn’t frightened by it any longer.  I actually thought it was kind of sweet AND sad.  A young man’s life ending so suddenly and now his ghost lingers, his human contact and love life limited to an occasional kiss.    If anything, I was a little flattered.  Besides, not to sound like a weirdo, but I have yet to meet a living guy who kisses better

Freaky Story


A few years ago i used to live in an old trailor. My babysitter used to
watch us all the time, her mom and mine were best friends. Alot of freaky
stuff used to happen when we lived there. The Babysitter was spending the
night with her two little brothers, one at the time was very young, around 4
years old maybe. well she was tucking him in in my moms room, the attic
entrance is in the ceiling. You have to pull a set of stairs out of the
attic, well anyways, she looked up and made sure the light was off. then
looked back up and a minute or so later and noticed light peeking out of the
craks in the ceilng. She of course was freaked out, and left the room to get
her other brother, and they all slept in the room, along with my two other
siblings and I.
Another time she was watching us, there was a thunderstorm. we were all in
my room at the time and we hear something crash, like glass breaking on the
floor, so we went around the house and looked to see what had broke, we
found nothing, and all the windows were closed. Freaky

New House


I have had several experiences throughout my life that I could only describe as unexplainable, but generally they were isolated incidences in friends homes, or once in a hotel room (whole other story). In one house my family and I lived in though, there were ongoing unusual things happening quite frequently, and here is a brief account of those things.
This house that we lived in my dad built from the ground up, when he bought the property, it was part of an apple orchard, so obviously the house has no prior tenants. It is far out in the country and my parents considered it their dream home and we did as well. I was about 15 y/o when we moved in, I have two brothers as well and one was 16 the other 19. The first few incidents we all experienced, usually when we were home alone. It was a three story house, and the front door located on the mid ground level was this heavy mahogany wood. We would be home alone and clearly hear the door open and close. It had  a very distinct sound. It happened to me twice and everyone else at least once. Sometimes at night, sometimes broad daylight. We would get up to see who was home and there would be noone there. On one occasion I even saw it briefly from the upstairs landing and by the time I walked downstairs the door was  locked!
This alone could be explained. On another occasion I woke up around 2 or 3 in the a.m. because I heard footsteps coming down the hallway, very slowly and quietly starting from the stairs on down toward my room. My first thought was my brother (who's room was across the hall) was trying to sneak in from partying, so I quietly got out of bed to surpise him, but there was no one in the hall, so I opened his bedroom door, and he was standing by his bed in his boxers, obviously still groggy from sleep about to punch me because he was awoken by the footsteps too, and then as he saw the doorknob begin turning it really freaked him out. We were so scared, we woke my parents and they checked the whole house for an intruder...nothing.
Another time my 16 y/o brother was taking a nap in his room after school one day, when he said he felt as though somebody was attacking him. He felt barely able to breathe as though a very heavy weight was on his body, he said he tried to scream but couldn't. He said a quick prayer in his head and the weight was lifted, but he couldn't deny the evil presence he felt. I saw him just after this happened and he was very shook up, pale and sweaty.
Another time me and my other brother were playing Monopoly until the wee hours, we noticed throughout the game that we would roll the dice and sometimes when we looked back at the dice they would be showing something completely different. Well on one roll, we actually saw the dice roll over on it's own. When this happened the dog who was sleeping on the floor beside us got up and ran upstairs, needless to say we were right behing him.
The fire alarms  were wired throughtout the house so that if smoke was detected anywhere in the house all of them would go off. Our entire family were pulled out of bed on about 3 occasions where in the middle of the night or early dawn all the fire alarms would go off. We all came running out of rooms thinking there must be flames or something but there was never anything. My parents searched high and low and never found the source. They even brought some inspectors in to see if there were problems with the wiring. Nothing.
The final chapter in this story was that we all went out of town for a weekend and when we came home, the house had burned completely to the ground. They were never able to fully conclude the cause because the damage was so extensive. All in all we lived there not even a year. We talk about the strange things that happened there alot, but wonder how it could be haunted since it was brand new? Maybe something happened on the property a long time ago? I am 24 now and still feel unable to explain any of it



In 1991, while working on a script with Seth , I
first heard of Greystone.  His roommate (Jarred
), Toby  and another guy (Max), left
Seth to have fun with a chick.  They took me to
Greystone.  At the time, you could get into the
grounds at night by hoping a two foot high stone wall
on the eastern side of the property (it's closed off
When I got inside, without knowing anything of the
history of the place, I saw two amorphous figures
appear out of the darkness.  Jarred and Toby went on,
but Max and I stayed where we were.  I could not go
In 1993, Seth, Kaela (his sister), Jarred and a couple
of others, went back.  We actually walked the property
at night.  As we were getting ready to leave, I saw
the same forms walking toward us on the southern
walkway.  The figures walked past us as if we were not
Later, a friend who knew the guards, got us an invite.
 We toured the place.  We saw many strange things
there.  I would tell that, but I have little time.

Shaking Bed


Well, this is a story from Dublin, Ireland. My experience began when I =
was staying over in my sisters house doing a spot of painting and =
decorating for a neighbour of hers two doors down. I was given the back =
bedroom of my sisters house to sleep in for the three days. Her house =
was built in the mid-1970's. The first night I was in bed I could hear a =
noise in the room but could not figure out where it was coming from. It =
room was dark.  It's hard to describe it but this noise could be heard =
as if something was moving around the room.  One second you would hear =
it, and then a pause and 2 minutes later again, the same noise. At this =
point I sat up but could not see anything because the room was in =
darkness. I could hear the noise coming from the corner of the room and =
the next minute it would be to my right. Then my bed began to vibrate. I =
began to think that I was going mad. How could a bed vibrate by its own =
accord? I thought to myself. Was it the beating of my heart?  The =
simplest thing to do was to get up and put on the light but I have to =
admit, yes, I'm a wimp and the idea of standing watching my bed shake =
with the light on did not appeal to me. Eventually it stopped but =
vibrated once or twice after that.  I crawled under the covers and hoped =
that what ever it was would take a hike. The next thing I heard was the =
floor boards creaking outside of my door. The board creaked for quite a =
while and I tried to rationalize what it was that could be causing it. I =
eventually fell asleep with mental exhaustion. The following morning I =
asked my sister if her husband had been up to the toilet during the =
night and she said no. Her husband put it down to the wind blowing the =
fence in the garden. I don't think so..this noise was in the house.
The following night I brought my sister's dog up to the bedroom and =
nothing happened. Thank God. On the third night my girlfriend came over
to stay and I suggested that it would be wise if she took the back =
bedroom and that I would sleep on the sofa. I didn't tell her about the =
shaking bed but I let her believe that my sister would not approve of us =
sharing a bed together in view of the fact that we were not married. I =
know, I'm cruel but I wanted to see if she experienced anything. To my =
shock the following morning she came down the stairs and said "I don't =
know what the hell is going on in that bedroom but my bed was shaking =
a lot during the night"! I told that she was imagining things and not to =
worry about it. At least it confirmed that I was not losing my marbles! =
I always felt uneasy in that house. I wouldn't say that I'm tune into =
the paranormal but I always felt a presence whenever I was in the house. =
 The story eventually had a bad end as my brother-in-law dropped dead on =
the kitchen floor with heart disease at the age of 42 a few years later. =
My widowed sister eventually went to a medium who nothing of the death =
of her husband and warned her that her house was evil and that she =
should get out and no good would ever come to her while she lived there. =
 Two years later I happened to be talking to two of my other sisters and =
the subject arose on ghosts and I began the above tale only to be =
interrupted by one of my sisters who informed me of the vibrating bed in =
the back bedroom. I had never told them or anybody else for that matter =
this story and it just went on to prove that I wasn't the only one to =
have this experience.......

Real Life Experiences


My name is SE. I have always been somewhat aware of another realm, even as a child. There have been several strange and unexplained experiences for me and my family but the most concrete have been since we moved to a rural site where the area was originally established in the 1870's.
On December 6, 2001 my Mother, daughter and I were sleeping in separate rooms of the house.  The security alarm was on and my husband was at work. About 3:00a.m. in the morning, I was awakened by my Christmas carousel playing loudly with all the red, green and yellow lights flashing in the Living Room. The volume was turned up as high as it would go. We had not played the carousel the day before. I ran into the living room to check on my Mom and daughter who were staying in rooms on the other hallway. I observed our Border Collie was running around barking in circles in the Living Room and very agitated.
Mother quickly came to meet me, we were standing in the dark and felt a presence as I tried to call my dog to my side and reassure her everything was okay.  I turned off the carousel, turned on the lights and realized it was my birthday.  I was quietly sad when I went to bed the night before as I thought about my father who had passed away in 1998 and wished so he could be with us that birthday.
As Mom and I talked about the wake up surprise, she said it is odd and odder still you were born at 2:45a.m. in the morning.
All I could guess is Dad wanted me to know that he was aware it was my birthday.
2. During the winter of 2002, I was home on a weekday. My husband was working days and my youngest daughter was in high school. It was on a Thursday and my Mom was to come stay with me for the weekend. I was watching daytime soaps curled up in a blanket i n the chair in the large living room.  I heard a brushing noise, glanced up at the door-just in time to see a small red and gold picture frame fly off the large stereo speaker and over to  hit the backrest (hump) in a loveseat which was several feet away. I couldn't believe my eyes and after a few minutes I got up and walked over to see which frame flew.  The photo was of Mom and was one of two matching frames with my parents when they were quite young.  I mulled over the situation as I realized there was no way the frame could have fallen over because it would not have flown several feet.  I asked whoever threw the picture to not throw it again. To respect me and my home. Nohing else happened that day. I was disturbed by it.
3. During the Winter of 2003, my Mom, Husband and daughter and I were watching an interesting show on television.  My Mom was sitting at the dining room table watching the  tv in the Living Room.   My daughter was on a loveseat in the living room and my husband and I were in our matching chairs.  I saw my daughter get up and walk down the hall to the bathroom, then I observed her sit back down on the loveseat.  I returned my gaze to the television. I thought she got back up and was obstructing my view of the tv for an instant and even moved so she wouldn't block the tv. Then she didn't walk in front of my husband. Although I thought it strange, I didn't say anything. A few seconds later my Mother put her hand on my shoulder and in a thin voice said, did you just see what I saw. Our daughter was looking straight at me too! I said you mean Jess bouncing around in here in front of the tv. Once Jess sat down on the sofa, she did not get up again. She and Mom confirmed this.   We all saw someone walk in front of us and disappear.  Mother said she saw jeans. a belt , very tall, a bare chest and dark hair. Later, after the chills wore off, we all realized we saw a ghost. Our new house was built on land near Towanda Kansas, which was settled in the 1870's.

Scary Face In The Window


   My parents house that I grew up in (long torn down now) was sorta
spooked. It was said the house was built in the exact spot that a
saloon/ cathouse was back in the 1800's. There had been a few killings
over the girls there, etc. I come from a family of eight children, five
girls, three boys. They have all had their own odd experiences in that
house but I will only tell you mine. One night my baby brother who was
4yrs old and myself who was eleven, had to sleep on a couch in our
living room . The kind that makes a bed. My grandparents were visiting
and there was no room. I thought it would be fun sleeping on the couch.
Not! My brother was closest to the window and I was lying in front.
Everyone was in bed and Dad had all the lights out. The only light was
from the pole light outside. My brother fell asleep before me and as I
was trying to get comfortable I rolled over to face the window. There I
saw the scariest face looking straight at me. I will never forget it if
I live to be 100! It had glowing red eyes, red flaming hair that stuck
out in fiery wisps and it's mouth was open in an evil sort of smile. I
could see its white pointed teeth, which seemed to have either bloody
gums or blood dripping down the teeth. I was so scared I couldn't scream
or anything. It was as if I were paralyzed! My Dad had forgotten to set
the alarm clock for work so he came into the living room with a
flashlight to set it. I wanted to tell my Dad to look at the face but I
couldn't open my mouth. And the face was still smiling at me, baring its
teeth! Dad went back to bed. I pulled the cover over my head and just
lay there, scared stiff. Finally after what seemed like hours I slowly
peeked out and  it was STILL THERE! Now I started shaking my little
brother so he would wake up. He wouldn't wake at first but I kept
shaking till he woke and he wanted to know why I woke him up. I said
"Look at that face in the window!" He was  right next to the face and he
couldn't see it. He said he didn't see a thing. He fell back to sleep.
It seemed the hideous face was smiling even bigger now with more pointy
teeth showing. I pulled the covers over my head and stayed there till
morning. I told what I saw but no one believed me. Later on, that same
horrid face was seen by my older brother and my grandmother. I never saw
it again and can't imagine why I saw it in the first place, but no movie
monster has ever looked as frightening as that face I saw all those
years ago.

The Gardens


I suppose I should start from the beggining.
Well, I was talking to my mom the other day. She was in her room reading a book and I got bored so I went in and asked her if she wouldnt mind telling me some stories of when I was real little. After I while we agreed that if she told me a few stories, I would leave her alone so she could finish her book. She told me about little bumps and brooses I got and annoying sounds I use to make. And then she told me about this one time....
She was out working in our garden. Its right next to the house. A big old tree towered over it. I was sitting in my playpen (and for all you smarts mouths out there, yes I had a playpen, and Im proud of it.) and I started talking to someone.
She turned around and there wasnt anyone there that she could see. But I was sitting right near the edge of the pen and looking way way up at someone. By this time Id expect that she thought I was some kind of pre-mature
She asked me who in the world I was talking to.
"A boy." I said.
I guess she was somehow creeped out by this, I would have been if I was my, but continued on with her gardening-thinking I had an imaginary friend, I suppose.
I think it was just a few weeks later that I was again in my playpen upstairs while she was cleaning the bathroom.
I was over near one of the huge windows we had in our house. Theres a great view of our....sideyard???lol....and the garden. But at that angle, she couldnt see me from the bathroom.
I started talking to someone out there. And since she couldnt see me she thought someone had broke into the house. Only the two of us were there to begin with so if you heard your child talking to someone in the hallway what would you have thought? So out pops mighty mom with her disinfectant spray in hand and her trusty paper towels in the
Again she asked me who in the world I was talking to.
"A man." I said.
This time she got really nervous.
"What does he look like?" She asked me.                                         She told me that I had described an Omish man, as wierd as it may seem. Now, I should have said this at the beggining of this story. It would have made much more sence.
At the time, we lived in a really big farm house. It was a light blue with a pretty red door and a lot of porches all around it. Probably like three.
So the person and the house kind of went together like none of my socks do. Sry. Just noticed that
But anyway...
When I was about 18 months old, our neighbor, Erric, came over and showed my mom a picture of the house a while back. He had once lived there before we did. But this picture was of before he lived there.
But the wierd thing is, that in the picture, at the bottom, standing infront of the house, was a boy and his..... father? More specifically the boy I had seen and the man I described. Wearing just what I said. A tall black hat and a black suit like thing. Well that just scared the crap outa my mom.
Later that day she told my dad. He rejected the whole story and thought nothing of it. He still does.
Well, I was probably about eight or so when I was sitting in my room watching t.v. I was sitting on my bed with drawings all around me. The colored pencils I had been using were everywhere. Im surprised there werent any on the cieling or walls. Well I was about ready to crash for the night, when I spotted something in the hallway. I turned completely but there was nothing there. A minute later I felt the need to look again. It felt like someone was telling me to. I dont know I just felt like it was absolutely neccessary to look again. So I did and at first I didnt see anything. After a moment or two, I saw a little girl walk right across my doorway. As if I wasnt there. She simply walked right by. As stiff as a soldier. She didnt have much of a frame. Just a frail white laced nightgown.With two pail feet at the bottom, two pail thin arms at the sides, and a pail featurless face at the top.
I never figured out who she was but for some reason I nick named her Kazzad. Dont
I never saw her again but Ill tell you I never went to sleep that night. I was so tired but I felt like if I turned the t.v. or lights off she would come in and kill me or something awful like that.
So I stayed awake as long as a could until I guess I fell asleep.
When I woke up my t.v. had been shut off and so had my lights. But it was morning so it didnt really matter. I had it confirmed that my mom had turned everything off but I knew that had not been her walking around last night. I dont think I ever told them. I dont remember telling them at all.
We moved out of that hosue when I was 11. And tomorow, July 3 2004, will be our 1 year anniversary. Erric and his family moved into our old house and now we live in Bellefonte. Its very nice but our new house is small and as far as Im
If youre reading this you either skipped ahead to the end or you read my story. I if you did, I very much appreciate it.
My friends our coming up tomorow to stay a few nights and were going to keep an extra eye out. Ya know...for

The Well


After my husband and I divorced I was given full right to keep my 3 year old son Matt and my Ex-husband was given the house! My son and I moved to a old home that was always rather drafty and nothing very welcoming but  no doubt about it the only we could afford that had a back yard that my son could play in instead of a cramped apartment! I worked almost all day and a close friend of mine came to my house to watch Matt. After about a month of her looking after him she made a  sort of funny remark “your son is so imaginative he wonders around with a little ‘imaginary’ boy named KC it’s the cutest thing!” At first I thought well he’s a little boy it’s normal to have imaginary friends! Months past and apparently he still was communicating with this ‘imaginary friend’ it was Christmas time I was given off work, I was doing laundry one day in the basement, and I saw my son come n from playing outside in the snow, He was talking to somebody as he started to climb the stairs he talked to KC saying “it’s all right KC u can go upstairs with me” I quickly asked my son who he  was talking to and he said “KC” I giggled! That night I asked my son to help mommy set the table, he did so but  set a place for KC as well, I decided to play along and put some food on KC’s plate as well, As we were eating I was shocked when the plate of food I set before Matt’s imaginary friend vanished. Stuttering like a moron I asked my son, “where did that food go?” my son looked at me like I was crazy “KC ate it” a week l8r in the middle of the night I heard water running in the bathroom, I decided it  was just my son washing his hands after the bathroom but 3 minutes l8r the water was still running, No one needed t wash their hands that long, I walked down the hall I heard someone quickly turn off the water, I find the bathroom flooded!, then I saw my son standing outside the bathroom yelling at somebody, I quickly scolded my son for leaving the water on for so long!  He told me “ mom it wasn’t me it was KC” I decided this KC thing was going to far! As I was about to scold my son some more I saw that the bottom of his pajama’s were not wet if he had  run in there as I was walking down the hall to turn off the water his pant legs would be soaked! Now we had a well outside our house, and every time my son would go near it KC would appear and start talking to him. I decided to take action, I went to a local place where people help you with your ghost problems, I told them what was going on and they told me he was trying to warn us, I went back home and asked my son to find KC, he said KC was hiding in the closet! I found a small ball laying on the floor I picked it up and sat down in front of the closet! I said to KC, KC I’m going to ask u some questions if the answer is yes role the ball back to me if the answer is no then don’t role the ball back to me,” I decided since he was always by the well it had something to do with that, I asked “are you trying to warn us?” I rolled it is and to my shock the ball rolled back out,  “Did you die In the well?” the ball rolled back out again! Then I asked “ were you murdered?” the ball rolled back “ do you want me to keep my son away from the well?” the ball rolled back, then I asked one more question “is there anything else you’d like to tell us?” I rolled the ball in but it didn’t come out, I asked my son to check if KC was in there and he said “no, there’s no KC” my son never saw KC again so I assume the boy moved on to heaven! My son is now 5 and we live in a new place! So it is true the ghosts haunt the living for a reason!

Demon Face


Hello my name is Chelsea.  I have been a visitor of this site and a few others for quite some time now.  This is the first time i've submitted anything and i chose this site because it was the first one i found.  Before i tell my story i just want to say that, i've only had a few experiences spread out through my lifetime.  I am only going to tell one.  When i was a very little girl back in the 70's i dont remember what age i was at the time. One night i had a very hard time going to sleep and it was a very hot night.  The whole family was alseep i shared a bedroom with my brother and i slept on the top bunk.  I just happened to look at the foot of my bed and see this face.  I'll try to describe it as best as i can.  The face had little dark beady eyes and a pig snout for a nose.  His face was green and there was a green mist surounding his face.  He just was staring at me my heart skipped a beat.  I turned to my side and lay there motionless before i got up the nerve to look again.  The face was gone but the mist was there for a little while.  I never screamed or yelled for anyone till after i finaly fell alseep then woke up the next morning.  It was still dark out but our living room light was on so i screamed for my dad.  He came in and i told him what happened.  He looked around for me but nothing was there.  I never saw this thing again.  But its always been on my mind and have wondered if that thing will ever show up again to me or my children.  I am now 31 yrs old.  I have prayed to god to keep me and my children pr ected cuz i dont want something like that to happen again.  I never see or hear anything anymore.  I've never realy had big experiences anyway.  The rest were quite funny.  Thanks your listening

New Orleans


I live in Louisiana. My family and I went to New Orleans  last year for the Helen Bret Show. While we were there me and my dad went on the ghost tour by the Irish pub. One of the places we stopped at was the Lalaurie House. While the guy was telling us the story of how Mrs. Lalaurie killed and rearranged her servants faces in her shed, I started to lose my sight and couldn't think straight anymore. I didn't know what was happening to me. I leaned against an old garbage can that was in front of the house. I started to feel like I was going to throw up. The wierd thing is I normally don't start passing out when I hear gross stuff like that. It got to the point where I couldn't even hear what he was saying even though I was standing two feet in front of him. He acted like he didn't even notice what was happening. I decided to leave right there. When I went to tell my dad I wanted to leave I couldn't get myself to walk. My dad realized what was happening and called a taxi. He had to help me walk all the way to the cab. Once I got in and drove away from the house everything came back to me all at once. I felt fine.
Just recently we went back to NewOrleans. I finally talked my dad into taking me again so that I could the rest of what happed to Lalaurie's. We had a new tour guide this time. Before he started to tell us the story he gave us a warning that freaked me out. He asked everyone to stay at least five feet away from the old garbage can in front of the house because strange things start happening to the people standing by it. He said over 78 people have passed out on that spot. It sounded stupid at first until I realized that was the exact same place I was standing last time.The tour guide said it's almost like they become possessed. They start to get really cold.
So if you ever decide go there, don't stand next to the house.

Seeing things


 Thanks for encouraging us to share our stories.  I have long
gotten over my shyness about sharing my experiences with the
paranormal and have found that just about everyone has had an
experience that they can't fully explain.  Unfortunately, I have no
pictures, video, or sounds to share.
 I began seeing things when I was quite young and, of
course, was told that I wasn't really seeing anything, that it was just
my imagination thereby negating my reality.  But, that's ok, my
parents didn't know any better so it wasn't until I was in my late
teens and into my twenties that I began sharing my stories.
 There are several that overlap.  The first happened in my
late teens.  I always had a strange and persistant feeling of being
watched and was very, very uncomfortable being outside after dark.
This was at home, in my own yard!  I didn't say that to anyone in my
family having already learned that I would just be told it was my
imagination.  However, one night, a young man I was dating and I
were sitting outside and I had the usual feeling come over me and
he looked at me with a strange expression on his face and
suggested we go inside. We did and I asked him what the problem
was and he said he felt like we were not alone.  During the course of
about a year, I had many strange experiences, like if I came home
after dark, I always felt like someone was running up behind me and
was walking in my footsteps as I walked, usually ran, to the house
from my car.  I hated getting out of the car because it always
happened.  One night while discussing this with my friend, we heard
a howling coming from a distant part of the property but from the
same general direction that the follower came from.
 A night or so later, I had been out for coffee with some
friends.  As I pulled in our driveway, my headlights caught two red
eyes, about five feet off the ground, standing by a pole barn off to
the side of the driveway.  While pulling in I continued to watch them
because I thought it was a deer.  Well, they turned away but there
was no body.  Needless to say, I didn't know what to do.  Somehow I
found the courage to park the car, and run into the house.
 Some time after that, however, it was worse.  I had come
home late, about midnight, and went through the same routine.  I got
into the house alright and heard my dad snoring, which was
soothing to me.  We also had a 95 pound German shepard who
always greeted me and would follow me into the bathroom and then
the kitchen for a treat from the refrigerator.  Well, that night, the dog
didn't wake up, which I thought was strange, even though he was
sleeping in the kitchen in his usual spot.  So, I walked through the
kitchen and heard a low growl so I figured the dog was dreaming.  I
walked into the bathroom and then back into the kitchen to turn off
the light over the sink.  I stopped in my tracks because I heard a
louder growl coming not the dog, but from the laundry room off the
kitchen.  Needless to say, I was petrified and ran into my bedroom
which was located in the basement.  I felt OK, though, because my
parents were upstairs and my brother's bedroom was next to mine
in the basement.  With a housefull of people and a giant sleeping
dog in the kitchen, what could it be other than my imagination?
 I heard the door to the basement at the top of the steps
open and thought that my parents were checking on the light
situation since I had not turned off the light in the kitchen. They were
big on making sure unused lights were turned off. So, I was trying to
rationalize an irrational situation.  I tried not to think anything more of
it and went to sleep.
 At 3 a.m. I heard my bedroom door closing and someone
stepping onto the bottom step to the basement stairs.  There is a
screen-like skylight over the bedroom door for air circulation so I
knew the basement lights were not on.  I turned on my light, sat up,
looked around, and thought, man, I must have been dreaming.  So, I
laid back down and turned off my light.  As soon as the light was off,
my bedroom door threw open with a ferocity that I have yet to
duplicate and someone stepped into my room.  I didn't know what to
do.  The way the room was laid out, the closet was built out into the
room and therefore blocked any light coming in from the two
windows so the door area was pitch black.  I laid there in a total
panic until I passed out.  I woke up at 5 a.m. and it was light enough
that I could see that my bedroom door was completely shut.  As
soon as I heard my parents up and moving around I ran upstairs in
what I believe to have been one giant leap.  My parents saw me and
said, what the hell happened to you?  I was white and visibly
shaken.  I told them what happened and my dad, in his own unique
way, sent my brother and I back into the basement to check it out.
Of course no one was there.  I do not know what visited me that
night and I am not sure I want to know.  Of all the things I had seen
and experienced in my parents house, which I am currently living in
by the way, that was by far the most dramatic and unexplained
 While living in Pennsylvania, I experienced a real ghost, the
kind you can see that walks through your house and causes loud
noised to occur.  I had just bought the house and I could have lived
with this man there but I didn't want to freak out my kids.  So
because of that, I called a woman in the Cleveland, OH area that
was known to "bust ghosts."  She came to my house in PA and also
came to my mom's.
 In PA, the ghost I saw was with the house when I bought it.
He had adotped us as his family.  The previous owner was also a
divorced mom with two kids so we were the new family.   However,
there was another ghost who was attached to a table I had. She just
wanted to know where the rest of the set was and I told her I had no
idea.  The table was my ex's and I think it may have been his
grandmother.  Needless to say, he got the table back!  The third
ghost that was there was actually with me.  His name was James,
and he had been with me since I was an infant living in the
converted attic at my grandmother's house.  She thought that
perhaps James was related to me somehow.  She asked me
several times if I wanted her to send him on and I said yes.  She got
this weird look on her face and said well, he has a message for you.
She asked me if I had ever fallen and broken a leg or something
and I said, no, why?  She said that James wanted to tell me that he
was sorry he couldn't have protected me.  Well, all sorts of things
rans through my head of the ways in which he would have been
frustrated in that arena.  I told him it was OK .  So Maryann sent him
on but at that very moment, it felt just like someone had lifted their
hand off my heart - like my energy heart, not the actual heart, and I
got instant tears in my eyes and almost started sobbing.  I told
Maryann about what I was feeling and she said, hey, he's been with
you longer than you were with your parents!  So even though I had
never seen James, at least that I know of, he was with me all the
 At my mom's she told me that there was an opening next to
the barn and that there was an entity there and an opening through
which it traveled.  And it had red eyes - so at least it solved the red-
eyed mystery.   I told her that it had to go and was not to be
anywhere near my family and not to come back to this house or
property.  Before it left, it wanted to know if I wanted to send it
somewhere in particular, like to my ex-husband's house.  At least it
had a sense of humor!  I refused since I have two children that visit
there.  My son had already seen this entity at his dad's, and my
sister-in-law had seen it at her house so apparently it either traveled
with my mother or it just liked my family as a group.  But we didn't
like it.  She sent it on and closed the opening and it has not been
back since.
 We are currently living at my mom's house and althought I
continue to hear things here and my children, my siter-in-law, her
mother, and I have sensed things here, we believe that the only
ghost here now is my dad and he's hanging around until my mom
makes the transition.  Yeah, I still don't like the basement and we
rarely go down there.  I think the only thing there is my dad, that was
really his domain.  My kids don't like the garage either, but then
again, that was also my dad's domain.
 There are more stories here from different family members,
like my nephew stayed here and had a door opening experience,
and my son has too, but I don't think it's anything other than my dad
making himself known.  He's still here, he's still watching over us,
and he let's us know if he doesn't like certain things - like my son
cranking certain music on the stereo.
 So, yes, people can blow this off as scary stories, but I had
the full blown experiences of these - wide awake, completely lucid,
not under the influence of any hallucinogens (who needs them when
reality is so interesting!), alcohol, etc.  If anyone has an idea as to
what the growling thing may have been or if you have an insight or a
jolt in your gut that says "hey that was a ...." please let me know.

Some Strange Things


I have only had a few very small experiences.
One being when my grandma was dying- we brought her home because that is where she wanted to be- things started to happen like we were all sat around her bed and by her bed was a firle place and on the mantle piece was a candle snuffer( it was made of iron) all of a sudden it flew off the mantle piece on to the floor, a few ather things happend like lamps falling over on their own and so forth. The starngest thing was that my mum and her brither hadnt got on for years and they were outside the house talking about things and putting differences to rest- at the exact time they hugged and made up my grandma died- i mean the exact same time.
The place we live now i live with my mum and my boyfriend- we live in a flat and apparently someone died here but i am not sure- things go missing like a bellyring went missing for weeks and then just turned up on our glass dining table( there is no way we could have missed that). I am a shoe lover and my favourite pair of shoes went missing for a good few months, i had looked everywhere for them and i couldnt find them- then one day they just turn up on my wardrobe.  The wierdest thing that has happend is me and my boyfriend were in bed falling asleep( we had just tu ed the light off)- and all of a sudden i felt my boyfrind jump and lash out- i asked him what was wrong and he said a bad dream- the next day he told me that he had been lying there just driftinf off to sleep and he flet someone poke him in the eyes, both of them. I am telling the truth.
I do sometimes feel abit wierd or cold but that could just be my imagination!

Pet Hauntings

By:  Anonymous

I believe I'm seeing and hearing our dog Tuppence who was a yorkie we had her for 18 years..She was put down right after Mother's Mom was heartbroken and still is...She had a tumor the size of a baseball in her stomache area..the vet looked at it and knew that it was from the size of it..She was fine for a couple of months til about late March early April she was getting really sick and losing weight..finally she was soo sick that she was have sezuries she had her first one at my feet ..she made this yelp and I knew something was wrong  I took her to my dad and he held her til she came out of it she was fine than as weeks went back she would have more and more each day..finally my parents took her too be looked at and the vet said he was going to put her down she wasn't going to get better and why let her suffer so they put her on to the appearances.. it was two nights after she was put down and my dad buried her in the back yard I was talking to my best friend about the dog and how she was put down...and was typing away finally was about to send it and something fell at my feet well that totally freaked me out...than the next night I was thinking about how I didn't have to watch were I was stepping since the dog would lay were she wanted was about 10:30 pm and out of habit I looked down well ..Well I thought I stepped on her I saw her plan as day looking into my parents room watching my Mom sleeping...she was her younger self standing there I sorta hopped not to step on her but when I looked back she wasn't there no more...than a couple of days later I got up and I was in the bathroom and I heard her yelp one tiny one to say I'm still here cuz I thought there Tuppy yelping and than I thought wait she isn't here no more...than things stopped til about three weeks ago....I was in my parents room shutting down their computer and I thought I saw movement like a small dog shaking in my daughter's room it happened twice and my daughter was napping at the time it happened so it wasn't her...than I was moving a lawn chair in our screen in porch and I thought I saw her for a split moment under the chair  than the last time was about week or two ago I was standing in my parents room talking to my Mom and my daughter was in the doorway well when I looked down at my daughter I saw her right behind her but for another split second.....she was 18 when she died and I think she would have last a few more years if she didn't get sick....That is my story!

The Dead don't hurt Us


I have always been facinated by ghosts and thing that seemed unexplainable it was 14years ago when i had my first child that things happened to make me a true belever as a single mother i was like all the rest over protective of my first child one night i put my son to bed and sat down to watch tv i must have dozed off for i heard my son crying i thought i would let him cry for a few minutes to see if he would go back to sleep on his own but then i heard some one singing a lullaby i knew i was the only person in the house so i went to see thinking i was still asleep when i opened the door i froze in both shock and fear my son was floating above his cot as if somone was rocking him and i heard a lullaby my son was going to sleep and didnt seem to worried about this ghostly thing when i could finally move i went to take my son and it felt like another person handing him over to me that night my baby slept with me and i got the house blessed after that nothing else happened .
Some years later i moved in to another house  witch was haunted i could feel the presents in the house my self  one night lying in bed i heard the bedroom door open and felt a weight get in to bed besid me thinking it was one of the children i turned over to see but the bed was empty and the part that was still weighed down was freezing i quickly said a prayer and asked it to leave witch it did    some time later i had become accustomed to the ghost by then my partner and myself were in bed when the door opened i said to my partner that it was the ghost and he laughed so i told it to get out and the door opened and closed as if someone had just left the room my partner has never laughed at me since.
I went to get a card reading and was told that i had a ghost but he was there to protect me that he had become attached to me and that it would be hard to get him to cross over in to the light they said his name was Allen James that he was 45yrs old and that he died on the 4 of may which scared me as that is my birthday.
Now i live in a house where people pass you but there is no one there and a name less child roams at night but they have never harmed any off the family or visitors so we can live with that.
well this is my stories i hope you find them as interesting as i do
my grand mother always said its not the dead that hurt us but the living and i believe thats true.

Office Ghost


My paticular experince has only been going on for the past month.  I
recently started a new job at Apex Cleaning Services in my home town of
Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.  I work a cleaning night shift at, what
we people in Smithers call, the "Nora" Building.  I clean the first and
second floors.  On the first floor is a back entrance.  Now, the lighting
system is controlled by hand (by light switch).  I am at this building after
7:00p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  By now, the building is clear
of everyone else, except for me and another cleaning lady who does the third
floor of the Nora Building.  The last person out of the building has to turn
off the lights.  Now, before either of us go home, we let the other one know
that we are going.  I'm normally the last one out of the building.  Exactly
between 7:30 p.m and 8:00 p.m., on the days that I mentionined above that I
am in the Nora Building, the first floor back room lights are turned off.
This has happened to me at least 6 times in the past month that I have been
at the Nora building.  Also, I've had a few occasions as if someone were
watching me.  The Nora Building was, I believe, built in the late 1970's or
early 1980's.

Strong Psychic Lines


I have had many experiences throughout my life. My family have very strong
psychic lines on both sides and because of this i think maybe i tend to be
more sensitive to the paranormal than most people. All my family are either
witches, tarot readers, palm readers or just naturally psychic or
clairvoyant. My first experience started when i was about 3. I was an only
child and had what my parents thought was an imaginary friend but my Mum now
swears that it must have been a spirit. She says that she would come and
check on me playing in my room and would walk through cold spots in my room.
When she did this i would cry and say she had stepped on "Arthur". Other
things happened to make her think that Arthur was real. For exmple one day i
was very bad and my mum punished me by taking away my favourite doll and
putting it in the top of the hot water cupboard. I was really upset and sat
inside the cupboard crying because i couldn't reach it. My mum came to check
on me becuase i had stopped crying and found me sitting in the cupboard with
my doll. When she asked me how i got it down i told her "Arthur" got it down
for me. We moved out of that house when i was about seven and i haven't seen
"Arthur" since.
When i was about 12 i was in a major car accident and ended up in a ditch
full of water. I was knocked out and the water was up to my neck. Usually
when you are unconscious your head falls onto your chest but when i woke up
my head was tilted back out of the water as if someone was holding it and i
felt a complete calm. If my head had fallen onto my chest when i was knocked
out i would have drowned. Lucky something was there to look after me.
When i was 13 i was staying at my friend "Sarah's" house who lived down the
road. Her house was built in 1903 and was the original farmhouse when all
around was farmland. We were sitting in her room talking when suddenly the
room went cold and Sarah started acting real wierd. Her eyes rolled back in
her head and she knelt down on the carpet and started raking her fingernails
through the carpet making a circle around herself and rolling her head
around on her neck. She kept making these horrible moaning noises that
really hurt my head and made her dog Toby whine and scratch outside the door
like he wanted to be let in. I didn't know what to do so i ran to the door
and let Toby in coz he was a huge dog and made me feel safe. He ran up to
Sarah and knocked her onto her back so hard that she hit her head on the
floor. Suddenly the feeling in the room changed and Sarah seemed to be back
to normal. She said it was like someone had taken control of her. She said
she could see everything that was going on but couldn't do anything about
it. We went outside and sat in her pepper tree which was one of our
favourite places. We looked back towards her house and saw a little girl
staring out of the bathroom window which is right next to Sarah's room. We
couldn't see many features but she had these piercing dark eyes and big dark
ringlets. We decided to check it out so we took Toby, her dog, and went to
the toilet. I know it may sound silly but when you think about it when the
house was built it wouldn't have been the toilet. Toby wouldn't go near the
toilet. He started growling and all the hair on the back of his neck stood
up. Me and Sarah stood together and covered ourselves in white light, which
is a trick my aunty who is a high priestess taught me for protection. We
then told the spirit to go away and not to bother us. We never saw her
again. But when Sarah moved out about a year later, we were cleaning out the
attic and found heaps of old books. I picked one up and a photo fell out of
it. We both got really freaked out because it was a picture of the girl we
had seen in the toilet.
I would really like to hear any feed back ytou have on these. I have lots
more stories too.
Its really cool to be able to share these and i think your website is a
fantastic idea.

Ghostly Friend


When I was little I had a ghost for a friend. He got me into a lot of mischief. For instance I  remember playing house in my bedroom and he pointed out we didn't have any play money. So he stood as look out in the hallway as I took a big wad of my fathers cash from the top of his dresser. The funny thing is that my dad thought my mom just took and never asked about it until she found it at the bottom of my closet inside one of my purses. When she asked me where I got the money from all I said was "The ghost did it!"
Another time he got me into to trouble was on my birthday. I had a huge cookie monster birthday cake and he thought we should have some of the frosting. I remember taking the cake into my living room and sitting in the corner behind our couch. He 'the ghost' ran his finger from one corner of the cake to the other and stuck it in his mouth. Then he told me it was my turn and I did it too. When I was asked about it I said "The ghost did it!" (My mom took a picture of the cake and there is only one finger mark through the frosting)
Those are the two most vivid memories of my friend. My mom said that I always blamed things on "the ghost," and up until I moved out of the house we always kept in touch. For instance one day he through the potatoes down the stairs to get my attention. He would turn my T.V. off all the time. At night he had a ritual; You could hear him walking up the stairs to my bedroom, then I could hear him walking around the bathroom for a while, after that he would walk up my stairs into the attic. I could hear his footstep everynight. In an erie way I was comforted by him.
Recently, my parents sold the house to a couple with 2 little boys & 1 little girl, I think he'll be happy with his new friends!

Ghost in my Window


One day I suddenly awoke in my old apartment. At the time I was 10 Years old, I look at the window and see the outline of the Devil. Im scared so I call My mother who also slept in the same room she gets up and looks at the window and cant see anything but the outline was still there. I decide to close my eyes and ignore it but then im awaken again by a sound and the outline is still there. Im thinking theres no possible way this can happen since we were located on the second floor. Anyways I kick my borther to wake him up and he sees the shape and he jumps up to the top of the bed after making some gestures and the outline dissapears suddenly. Then I found out that vefore we moved into this apartment in the Bronx a guy had been shot in front of our door and had asked for help but noone opened their doors and alot of weird things happen in tis building every year.

Friends Apartment


        My story all starts out in my friends apartment in Holyoke. My friend had mentioned that an elderly woman had died a while back in the kitchen. So all of a sudden he heard the door to the apartment slam shut. The door is at the bottom of the stairs leading to the third floor. So he asked me if I slammed the door and I said no. Then it was 11 at night and earlier we had put a bunch of beer bottles on an air conditioner in the kitchen. One was sitting on a towel. So when it fell to the ground, we thought maybe it fell. Then we heard a scraping sound from the kitchen which was about 30 feet straight ahead from where we were. So we noticed that it was the bottle moving towards us. We sat there and watched as it continued to move toward us. So then my friend picked up the bottle and put back in the kitchen. We were both laughing yet scared at the same time. So he asked it to give us a sign if it was real. All of a sudden we heard the toilet bubble up and water everywhere. That was no coincidence.  It was everywhere. So the next morning we woke up and put all the bottles in the six pack things. So at about 9 PM that night the same thing happened. We heard the bottle hit the floor and it moved towards us again. We knew it couldn't have fallen out because it have had to be lifted out. There for someone or something in the apartment lifted it out. But it wasn't me or my friend. So we started to ask it questions. Everytime I would ask it a question it would turn towards me and go towards me. The same with my friend. So then we asked it to give us a sign if it was real. The next I know in the bathroom I hear what sounds like a sprinkler. My friend went o go look and it was the sink spraying water everywhere again. Another thing that would happen is one of us would be in the kitchen and it would feel like you are being watched from around the corner. My friend always would ask if I was there and I would say no. I was in the living room everytime he would ask. We assume it was the old lady. We would always hear noises from the kitchen at all hours of the night. Like for example I would hear a clicking sound. It sounded like a refrigerator but it wasn't though. We would only hear it at about 12 in the morning when we would try and go to bed. It was creepy. Another time we heard something in the kitchen thrown across to the other side. I think it was a salt shaker or something. That's my story. if you have any questions or want to know More Email me.



We have a strange anomaly here in the inland northwest, that s been going only for the last year or so. The locals refer to them as the "Devil Lights," and the back story behind this supposed supernatural aura, are quite interesting in its own right. About a year ago, a group of college kids at a local university (Eastern Washington University) who are tied to some environmental organization, disappeared out there, and though no trace was found, many believe that they just relocated themselves to the Oregon coast, where most seem to inhabit. They are considered "Eco-terrorists," sabotaging logging equipment and spiking trees etc. Well, some people believe, that they are still out there, somewhere, and are tied to the actual "Devil lights" themselves. Rumor has it that it was a mass suicide, or quite possibly even murder (though there is nothing to substantiate these allegations) and the "lights" are tied to their restless spirits. Or, is possibly some cult, or something like a coven.
I have seen them, or at least "I think I saw them." It happened fast, and I must say, they do have an aura of "evil" about them. It almost resembles a red glow of eyes and a mouth, hence the term "Devil Lights." People are as scared as hell to venture out after them. Could be Bonfires? Could be the Northern lights? I really can t say. But I do hope they investigate further as to the true origin (if any, I m still skeptical).
I m sure they ll be more info on this within the months to follow.  This area is in Spokane Washington.

TRUE Ghost Story


When I was about age 4, I was called "psychic" by my mother. We lived in a large house and my room was up two flights of stairs and down a narrow hall. One day I was playing in my room and I hollared to my mother to make me one (a sandwhich) she said make you what? I said a sandwhich. I was in my room for hours and I didnt know or smell her cooking. A few years later went by and we moved to a new home. I was about 7 now, this house was so far up on a mountain there were no misquiots and we couldnt bake brownies otherwise they would burn. Anyways, I when I would fall asleep at night I could sense a someone in my bedroom, in my brothers room and in the lower part of the house. One day a woman came to the house, a random woman who heard the news that we moved in. Nobody knew who we were in that town, the woman came to the door and said to my mother. Hello Elaine, you were born April 11 1960. My mom was stunned and invited the woman in, this woman was a nurse as well. I just got bitten by the dog the evening before I came downstairs and before my mom could tell the woman I got bit, she knew. She felt the back of my head because I was knocked down and she could sense that I had ESP. I was pronounced psychic. The woman said that the house was haunted badly. A pregnant woman was pushed down the stairs and lost her baby and was killed there. Two boys were blown up with dynamite in the backyard and a little girl was buried alive in the basement. I later on would start playing with this young girl and my mom became concerned. Because I was later able to speak to the spirits, we later moved because it became "to freaky" for my parents to handle. I recently have been visiting graveyards, and have made a new spirit friend through nightly meditating.

  3 Ghosts in My Life

By: Anonymous

I am 29 now and when I was about three my parents and I (I'm an only child) lived in an old house that was condemned way out in the country, 2 hours from anywhere and  I  used to walk down the road to the farmers cowshed to get milk, I can still remember milk being warm and bits of grass floating in it,anyway I can't specifically remember this but my mum told me that during the night I would wake up and chat away,as if I was talking to someone who was sitting on my bed. My parents though I had an 'invisible friend' and thought nothing of it. When my mum put me into the spare room, my friend came with me and mum and dad thought nothing of it until one night they had a party and a friend of theirs heard me talking and came to check on me and asked who I was chatting to, I said her name was Kathy and she lived here before me, so the friend went to mum and dad and asked them who had bought their kid with them and when mum and dad said no-one, she said someone did because she had seen her in my room talking to me.A few weeks later we moved, and mum went through the newspapers the library and found out that about 5 years before we moved there a girl about 2 years older than I was had been killed there by her father.
Then when I was 21/22 my boyfriend and I along with his parents moved into a house that one a small street, only about 10 houses on it, that was off a busy main road and not long after we moved in things would move around and disappear.
I usually cooked tea( still do) and I would put down a spoon or a fork look away, and it would be gone! the same with lighters, keys any cutlery, ashtrays, most things that were small.
We all used to hear  footsteps walking up and down the hallway late at night but thought it was one of us going to the toilet or kitchen.
We used to experience cold spots  and our bedroom( mine and my partner's) used to be very cold all the time even in summer.
One night I was in the living room reading and someone walking past the door caught my eye but all I could see was the elbow, it was a green leather patch on a jacket and I didn't think twice until a day later I asked who owned the jacket and no one did and that led to a conversation about
 the noises and disappearing objects( which would be found later on the other side of the house) and held a séance around the dining room table.
We all jumped when the glass moved and all accused each other of moving it, and when it moved on its own, we quickly stopped!
My boyfriends mother was friend with a next door neighbour, a women of about 70 who had lived there for about 50 years, and found out that the person who had lived their was an old guy who had lived in the house all his life and named Norman, Norman's father had built the house and lived their until his death and so did Norman who had died in the house a few years before we moved in, incidentally in the room I shared with my boyfriend.
Norman's daughter had taken care of the house until we rented it of her.
So after that when things went missing we would ask Norman to give it back and he usually would a few minutes later.
A few months ago we were talking about the house and Norman and we all agreed we never felt threatened or scared when Norman played his tricks, although when I was cooking tea it would get a bit frustrating.
My last experience was actually while I was living in Norman's house but used to work as a nanny on the main road. The house was in front of a wood mill ( now closed) and night and day there would be the sound of machinery and the thumping of logs which I quickly got used to.
The wood mill was well known for accidents and a odd accidental death.
The house I worked in was only about 20 years old and before the house was built, it was an empty plot of land used by the workers as a shortcut to the mill.
 One night just afar I had put the boys to bed ( two year old twins) I was shutting the curtains and checking the locks, when I saw someone walk past the door. The door was a set of French glass pane doors that opened to three steps that went onto to the drive way.
I opened the door and called out " Hey" I could see the person was a man wearing a red plaid shirt, he turned around and I swear to god he turned to look at me and he disappeared into thin air. I was so scared I have never moved so fast to check doors and close the curtains since!
I haven't had any ghostly experiences since but often know who is on the phone when it rings and when I get hunches or have ' a gut feeling' they are ALWAYS right. I often know when visitors are going to drop in unannounced, and now I am a student at the I.T.,  always get a feeling when classes are called off with no notice.
Well those are my experiences, thanks for taking the time to read about them , I hope they were interesting,


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