Pine Ridge

      I am writting to tell my experiences with the ghosts at Pine Ridge Old Auditorium. I live at the Pine Ridge School area and i have had some scary experiences. Sometimes i walk to my friends house at night and i always take the path throught the school. Some times i hear screams from there and when i play basketball and i look towards the place i always have a feeling something is loking at me. When i was little i went into the building (before they closed it up) and i droped a ring inside a hole and the story was told to me that there were 16 high school students having a play and all fell down the hole besides 1. She was a staight A student and never missed a day of school, now i know this because my grandfather was in school with her at the time is is still alive today. well all the students died besides her because she was so hated that she had her only chance to kill her classmates and to this day she roams the building looking for students who roam her place. She is a danger to me because she stole my ring and someday i hope to go inside and get it back because that was my great grandmothers ring!!!

My Incident


Hi, I am 13 years old and I live in upstairs,Tennessee. I was writing to tell you about a incident that happened to me when I was 12. My grandmother owned a cleaning service before she died. I used to go to work with her to earn some extra money. I liked working at all of her houses except for one of them. Jane owned this house, which was in Collerville. Jane's husband's mother had recently died. But for some reason her ghost still lived there!I should have known this because the house was always cold even when the air wasn't on. Plus, I always felt unconfortable there because a gust of wind would always hit me as I came through the door. His mother was a very wonderful woman. It didn't occur to me that there was a ghost in the house until last summer. We were almost finished cleaning down stairs and was about to leave. When all of the sudden the water upstairs turns on. Now this wouldn't be strange if we weren't alone, but we were. My grandmother went to turn off the water. [because i wasn't going to do it!!] She came back downstairs and we were about to leave when we heard someone run across the floor upstairs and turn back on the water! By now I'm really freaked out!! So being the hero that she was, my grandmother went back upstairs to turn off the water again. When she comes back downstairs, we don't wait for the water to come back, on we leave! The next day, my grandmother received a call from Jane asking her if she knew why the upstairs restroom floor was soaked with water. Every since that day I've been afraid of that house and I've never been back.






Back in the mid to late 1960s I was employed as a carpenter's apprentice on the Constellation. I had heard about the stories of ghosts onboard, but did not think much of them until I actually experienced a few encounters.
During this period the curator at that time, Donald Stewart (who was also a descendant of one of the ships later captains of the same name) had a motion detector system installed. Not for ghost hunting, but for intruders at night. One night around 1968 the sensor was activated and the police were notified. When they arrived they had with them K-9 dogs. Along with them was the curator, and some of the ships workers who were on alert for such an instance. The police proceeded down the ladders to the gun deck and found nothing, they then proceeded down to the berthing deck and still nothing. But when they started down to the orlop deck, the very bottom of the ship, the dogs hesitated and had to be coaxed down. After some doing the dogs were physically carried down. Once down there they became very spooked and nervous. In a flash of an eye they ran back up the ladder to the berthing deck. When the attending officers got to them the dogs were staring back down to the deck below and shaking. Then suddenly they began to snarl viciously and barking. The police thought the dogs had finally seen and smelled something. But as hard as they tried, they could not get the dogs to go back down. They were shaking so bad the police thought they would lose control of their bladder. After a few minutes the dogs suddenly stopped barking and a look of surprise or was it fear came across their face. The dogs took off, up and off the ship completely.
Another occasion involved the self-proclaimed witch and psychic Sybil Leek. She was asked to visit the ship and do a séance. Walking each deck from stem to stern she told what see was feeling and seeing. On the gun-deck and port number seven on the left side of the ship a cold area of air could be felt. Thermometers were placed at several different gun ports, each thermometer recorded the same temperature except port number seven. It was 10 to 15 degrees colder. Thinking the thermometer may be faulty, one was taken from one of the other ports. And the same result was record, a very distinct drop in temperature. Sybil and the group proceeded to the captains quarters at the stern of the ship on the gun deck. A presence was felt there and made Sybil very uneasy, and wanted to leave the area. They then moved to the berthing deck. The center of most of the hauntings seem to be on that deck, since this is where the crew slept and the surgeon would be located. Aft on that deck is the officers quarters, which people mistake as a jail due to the design. Here also was a source of evil presence. Finally the group went to the orlop deck. Here there is a similar configuration that resembles a jail. But these compartments were used for ships storage of food and other supplies. This is where Sybil finally conducted her séance. Everything was very quiet as she proceeded. She began relating stories about Neal Harvey, the crewman put to death by Truxton, and other ghosts onboard. Harvey's ghost is there because of his circumstances and execution; Captain Truxton is there because it is said before Harvey died he condemned Truxton to wander ship forever. This explains why there is such an evil presence on the aft part of the ship. It is Truxton's ghost, and he is angry because of this curse put on him. It had always been said, it you feel a presence on that part of the ship you should immediately leave. Because Truxton is searching for Harvey to remove the curse or kill him again. As the séance proceeded things started to become apparent, a change in temperature and the feeling of other presences. While Sybil was relating certain things a very disturbing occurance happened. The doors on one of the storage compartments where the sail maker would work, were nailed shut some years ago. Suddenly they blew open with a tremendous force. When this happened one of the group urinated himself. It was advised by Sybil that we should end the séance and never attempt it again. Because there is such evil in that part of the ship.
As for the mysterious tour guide, it is believed either it is Neal Harvey or Carl Hansen a night watchman that died. I am not sure just who it is, but tend to believe it is Neal Harvey. While I was employed on the ship there were a number of times that people would come up to me and say that was the best tour they had ever had. And the gentleman in the period clothing was a nice touch. This would happen when there were very little visitors or late in the day before closing time.
I had my doubts for sometime about all this. But then I experienced it myself a few times. Once when working by myself on the gun deck and needing more supplies, I was walking to the supply area and passed a gentleman dressed in a very old, white, bloused shirt. He just nodded and kept walking. I went topside to ask if we were letting on visitors yet, no, the gate was still locked. I told my boss what had happened, and he said don't worry its just Neal.
Another time, about a year later, I was working on the orlop deck in one of the storage compartments. For some reason I looked up from what I was doing and saw someone in a uniform standing outside the barred window just standing and looking. At the same moment I spotted this this person proceeded to walk to the rear of the ship. I called out to them and asked what they are doing here. But when I turned the corner no one was there. They could not have gotten out that way, because there is no exit at all, they would have to come past me to the nearest ladder.
My last experience was in 1969, my last year of work on the ship. I was asked to come in early and open the ship for viewing. While on board by myself I again had a brief encounter with Neal. Not long after that I could hear the faint noise of moans and walking. By this point in time I was used to all this, and would just greet them with a friendly good morning.
You may read this and think it is all made up. I assure you, this is what I know happened and happened to me. I was there during the séance and the K-9 incident. A time in my life that I will never forget and feel somewhat privileged to have experience such a thing.

Dark Hooded Figure

I was about 8 years old at the time. It was a mild June day. I was living at my old house which was built in 1922. Well it was night time and everyone was asleep, including me. All of a sudden I awoke and instantly sat up. I looked into the hall and through my doorway you can see the whole hall. Well at that night I looked at into the hall toward my parents bedroom door. Standing there was a figure. It was dark, hooded and was about as tall as the doorway(7 ft i guess). I looked at it for about 5-10 seconds before it noticed me and looked directly at me. When it looked at me it sort of looked like those things from Lord of the Rings, except for the metal hands. When it looked at me it had red eyes and that is all i could see of its face. I got instantly terrified and fell back into my bed. After a few seconds, I got up the nerve to look back into the hallway but the creature had vanished from my sight. I fell back into my bed and instantly fell asleep.
The next night, as my mother was tucking me into bed, i saw something white and little, like a dog,run past my doorway and into the bathroom which was right beside my bedroom. I got up to check it out and there was nothing there.. This happened until about a month before we moved out of the house

Grandma's House


I was 17 and living with my grandmother and my mom's
brother when this very scarey incident happened to me.
My uncle slept on the couch downstairs of grandma's
home because she only had two bedrooms one of which
she occupied and I the other. The first night I slept
in that bedroom I felt an uneasy feeling,like someone
or something was watching me. It was in the middle of
summer in Northern Michigan and the weather was very
warm at night. Every evening when I went to bed I
regretted it because I was very uncompfortable with
this uneasy feeling.   On this particular evening I
jumped into bed after changing into my night clothes
downstairs in the bathroom. I ha                   d
the very strong feeling I was being watched and was
very afraid to close the door before jumping in bed,
but Grandma's rules! Only moments after I climbed into
bed and raised the covers over my head. this horrible
stench filled the room and it became very very cold.
The room was so cold I could see my breath through the
very dim light shining through a small crack in the
blinds from the moonlight outside when I peeked out
from beneath the blankets. All of a sudden something
started  ramming me very hard from undernieth the bed!
It felt just like a very big man was under it laying
on his back and kicking the middle of the bed with his
big heavy feet. The force  was so strong that I felt
myself flying off the bed. I began screaming
"Grandma"! Just as Grandma entered the bedroom it all
stopped! The room was back at normal temperature and
the stench had dissapeared! Needless to say I moved
back into my parents home the very next day. never to
sleep in that room again!

Guardian Angels


When I was 9 My best friend/cousin died in a car wreck on her way to see me and the rest of my family.  My parents had just seperated and as the oldest I was takeing it harder than my younger sister who at the time I dont think really understood what was happening to our familly.  My mom had decided to take a vacation and get us away from home for a while...she invited my Aunt (her sister) and my cousins Lauren (8) and Matthew (6).  Lauren was my best friend in the whole world even though we lived well over 8 hours away from eachother...her birthday was on March 8th, mine was on the 12th and for 4 days outta the year we were the same age...Lauren had just turned 8 and I was about to turn 9...We've always had a weird twin like connection, like if I skinned my knee she would feel the pain at about the same time, our parents never believed us and choose instead to believe we were just makeing up stories together to fool them.  We were so close...closer than Ive ever been with anyone and closer than i think i ever will be with anyone again....anyways, we were to meet on March 10th at the condo in Hot Springs that our parents had rented for the week...we were going to have a week long birthday party for the two of us and I was SOOOOOO excited.  When we t to the condo, they weren't there yet and I got this HORRABLE feeling that something was gonna happen, but I knew somehow that it hadn't happened yet.  I told my mom that she needed to call Aunt Judy and make sure she was okay, that something horrable was going to happen and my mom just told me i was crazy and that she had just talked to her and they were about 20 mins away.  I begged but my mom just wouldn't listen to me so i dropped it and continued to help unload the bags...all the sudden i got a sharp pain in my stomach, the worst pain ive ever felt, EVER!  I fell over on the floor and my mom moved me to the couch, the first thing that come to mind was Lauren, something was wrong with lauren I just knew it!  I kept saying "lauren mom, its lauren, somethings wrong, mom youve got to help her, mom please, lauren its lauren, mom shes in pain, somethings happened" I just kept repeating myself over and over, mom still wouldn't listen, i glanced at the clock and its a wonder i remember this, but the exact time was 2:37 in the afternoon, I dont know why that stayed so vivid in my mind, but it did...About 10 mins later the phone rang, weird cause mom hadn't told anyone where we were staying and hadn't had a chance to call my grandparents and tell them the number.  anyways it was a lady on the phone, she said get to the hospital as quick as you can theres been a horrable accident just hurry, then she hung up, no name, no nothing, about this time mom was starting to think maybe i was on to something so she put me and my sister in the car and we went to the nearest hospital...turns out They had been hit head on by an 18 wheeler, Aunt Judy had a broken Hip and a shattered leg while Matthew was fine, and visibly so was Lauren, however she was in alot of pain and the doctors took numerious test but couldn't find if they needed to operate or not with out operating, so they were going to air lift her to the childrens hospital in Little Rock where they would know what they needed to do.  s was in ICU and noone was allowed to see her, however the doctores kept saying that she was yelling for me so they let me back with her for 5 mins alone...being only 9 this was a huge thing for me and everyone was quite upset that they weren't allowed back to see her.  I went into her room where i remember her rolling around on her bed in SO much pain, she was cluching her stomach and just crying.  I walked over to her and took her hand and told her I loved her more than anything and that everything was going to be alright, she kept shaking her head she said no its not, I'm gonna go be with Ducaine (her dog that had died the year before) then she said I love you Nikki and I will ALWAYS be with you (keep in mind she had just turned 8) the doctors came in and dragged me out...Lauren died during surgery, they said her last words before she went into the operating room were...tell nikki to remember what I said.  I fell aslee crying that night and ever since then I have always believed her to be my guardian angel, I never believed that she was really there with me untill about 3 years ago.  It was her birthday and I was feeling really sad and depressed, but decided to carry on like normal, I went to dance class and when I came home my light was on, strange because i had turned it off and noone else was home, mom was outta town and my younger sister Kelsey was at my grandparents house. I didn't think much of it at the time, just that maybe i was mistaken and so i proceded to take out "our" photo album full of pictures of us as babies all the way up to about a month before the crash I held onto her favorite doll (the one my aunt gave me after her funeral) and just cried...I remember this one pictre of her where shes in her dance outfit right before her last recital, she looked like an angel, just this presence about her, anyways that my fav. pic of her.  I closed the book and put it away with tears in my eyes, proceding to go down stairs and make dinner all the while talking to her and yelling t her saying "you told me you would always be there, why aren't you ehre, why arent you here!" I preceded to have somewhat of a nervous breakdown, hyperventalating hysterically, unable to breath etc...then i herd something upstairs...slowly trying to be quiet although that task was HARD at the time i went upstaris and heard something/someone in my room....I grabbed one of my moms golf clubs at the end of the hall and slowly opened my door....terrafied because my light was on AGAIN and this time i KNEW i had turned it i opened my door noone was there but i felt this warmth and since of calm come over me, as i looked down the picture of lauren at her dance recital was laying in the midle of my floor and the album was still on the shelf, and her doll was in the bathroom, its all very strange, even now when i think about it, but now i know shes with me and I can feel her when i need her.  When i'm scared I always say "Lauren I'm scared are you here, please protect me" and ever since that night shes always given me a sign weather a flicker of a light or a hand on mine or the more common "seat imprint" on a couch or bed somewhere around me.  I know shes there watching over me and will alway be protecting me!  Shes my guardian angel and shes not afraid to prove to me that shes there.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

To start off I just wanted to say I'm kinda disappointed that more people in Central Pennsyvania aren't submitting their stories. I know for a fact it's a pretty haunted area. Here are my experiences with the house I grew up in in the Union Deposit Area of Harrisburg. Locals will know where I'm talking about when I say, "the house on Spring Creek."  Here goes.  My Grandparents, Mom and I moved in to this farmhouse when I was about 4 years old. It had sat vacant for awhile.  As early as I can remember, My Great Uncle would come over and sit with my Pap and tell him about the old man and old lady that he used to see in rocking chairs on the porch facing the road.  (Keep this in mind.)  I'm still not sure if the old couple was "living" the times he'd seen them. Years passed, but as I got older and I got a bit better at expressing myself, I would run to my Nan and tell her I felt like someone was watching me, particularly on the stairs. She smiled and told me the Catholics would say it was my Guardian Angel. I just looked at her funny, not thinking or knowing to tell her  whoever was watching me was making me pretty uncomfortable and at times scared.  I was always terrified of my bedroom as well. I never slept there. The night was particularly terrifying, especially when you are a little kid. I slept in the pull-out bed in the living room until I was about 11 years old and we moved out. My bedroom was always ice cold and there were always dead flies on the window sills no matter how much we cleaned them.  I do remember one particular day watching a movie, nothing scary or anything (Troop Beverly Hills) haha and eating popcorn.  When I looked up ahead of me at the wall I could see in the mirror that a black shadowy figure was passing right behind the recliner where I was seated. I dropped the popcorn and ran about a mile up the road to meet my Nan on her daily walk. I used to constantly ask my Grandparents if they had ever seen any ghosts there and they would say no- at the time.  We moved to Duncannon, PA when I was around 11 or 12.  That's when I found out what was up.  My grandma said to me one day, "Jenny, I hate to tell you this now but I think our farmhouse was haunted."  Turns out she'd seen an old man herself, very pale, in a white tee and overalls. She said she'd been hanging curtains when she'd seen him resting against a car parked in our driveway. She thought nothing of it until she went to see what he wanted but then he was gone.  She also told me every night before she fell asleep, she'd hear whispers.  It became so routine to her she said it was odd not to hear them in our new home.  It sounded to her as if a radio dial was being turned, a lot of static and both constant male and female voices. My Grandfather, however, hadn't experienced anything, though he did believe her.  The house has literally haunted me in my dreams for as long as I can remember, power of suggestion, I 'm not sure but almost every dream was consistent. In the dream the home was haunted by a plump, short, old lady who kind of kept to herself, a tall , thin, grouchy sometimes angry old man, and a little boy. The little boy I remember very clearly though he only appeared in my dream vividly once. He had brown hair, blue eyes and freckles across his cheeks. He was wearing a newsboy cap, a white shirt and suspenders.  In that dream he was peering out of my bedroom window at me while I was driven into the yard by the old man.  I got the feeling he was lost, or in despair. Over the years,  as my interest grew in my dreams and the paranormal in general I decided to make several trips back to my old farm house.  (The house again, sat abandoned for 10+ years after we'd moved. )  One day my Mother and I went back and found some of my old Jem coloring book pages in the middle of the floor of my old bedroom.  I thought nothing of it until one day when I went back a few months later to show some friends where I grew up.  I joked, "I wonder if "they" left me anything else?" We all ran out of there when we reached my bedroom and in the same spot as the coloring book pages were on my previous visit, was now the cover of that Jem book which I have in my possession to this day.  It came to my attention that it was quite a party house for only a short period of time, the vacant house was vandalized, and home to a runaway for a little while as well.  Apparently others had gotten the vibe that they weren't totaly alone there either.  Some aquaintances were stunned that I had grown up there since it was so notoriously haunted, though no one knew any history of the place.  Finally, someone else had suggested it!  At any rate, some friends and I began cruising by on occasion to check on the place.  One night when we were riding by, we saw a steady orange glow eminating from two bedroom windows on the second floor.  This was the room next to my old bedroom. This glow was very vibrant, an orange-red, and it was much too big and controlled to be a fire- it didn't even flicker!  On another occasion when we went back, we got out of the car in daytime and went to walk around the outside. We all felt as if something menacing was watching us and quickly left. We knew we didn't belong there.  In the house I am living in now, I woke to a sound one night out of deep sleep. I listened carefully because it sounded like a heated, WHISPERED, conversation.  I was curious until I recognized the sound of static, at that point I'd realized I was hearing the same thing that my Nan used to hear at the farm house but that is the only current experience I have had.  It scare d the crap out of me at the time so I moved my bed, just to comfort myself. About 2 years ago, the farm house was torn down to make way for a new development. To this day when I drive by the now vacant lot I get this awful feeling. I pity whoever buys the new house built on that land. It's almost as if the ohouse itself is a ghost. I wish I knew the history of the place. That is a work in progress.  Please, I know Central, PA especially Harrisburg is extremely haunted. I'd love to read some other local stories.  Thank you for listening to mine...

It came to ME!?!


I had an experience about 4 years ago when I was 17 years old.  My older sister had just left for the Army and I moved into her bedroom which was an addition over the garage with a set of wooden stairs leading down to our kitchen.  This incident was my first experience with the supernatural.  During the first few months I had moved into that bedroom, I had alot of stresses in my life.  I had gone to school full time, worked two jobs and lost about 3 loved ones and 4 co-workers in a short time apart.  One night, I was lying in bed with my back to the door and I remember waking up suddenly.  My eyes just opened and I lay on my side wide awake.  I remember looking at my alarm clock which said it was about 3 a.m.  I had this urge to roll onto my right side but I had this deeper feeling that made me not want to.  For a couple of moments, I juggled in my mind whether or not to turn over.  I just laid there until the urge to roll over became stronger and stronger.  I recall turning just my head to the point where I was looking at the ceiling and saw out of the corner of my eye a gray figure.  My bedroom door was kept open that night but there were no lights on down in the kitchen to cast a glow and my bedroom window was dark which made me think the moonlight wasn't shining through.  At the point when I saw the figure, I wasn't scared just startled and I remember hoping it was just my mother.  Hoping she woke up early for work and wanted to borrow clothing or something.  I can't remember if I actually spoke or just thought about what I wanted to say but I said "Mom what do you need?"  No response.  Again I said "Mom, it's 3 in the morning can it wait until later?"  At the point the figure said very softly "You have beautiful jewelry.  I'd love to take this necklace."  I said, in a frustrated tone for waking me up, "Take whatever you want but get out of my room."  At that point, the figure turned it's whole body toward me and I recall it was wearing a long robe with a hood over it's head (like that of a monk) and it had no arms, no legs, and the scariest of all--no face whatsoever.  I said "Please leave I'm very tired."  At that point the figure turned for my door and floated slowly out and down the stairs.  The creaky wooden stairs never made a sound.  Sometimes thinking back on that night, I wonder if it was one of the loved ones I lost considering the hard time I was going through.  I felt no harm that night, just perplexed by it.  To this day, I feel guilty for being rude to it.  I wish I had communicated with it a little bit more because it obviously wanted something.  I believe that spirits come to you in a time you need them whether you realize you need them or not.  Or maybe the stress in my life caused me to conjure up this figure.  I don't know the reason "it" came to me but after it all happened, I went back to sleep not thinking about it again until I woke up the next morning.  It was then I realized that a necklace I was given for my 16th birthday was missing off of my dresser and has yet to turn up this day.

Jonathan's Angel


When my little brother was first born he was pronounced dead by the doctor's. I was 4 years old at the time and I remember that day clearly. I remember seeing my family crying, and of course I also was feeling very sad because I knew I wasen't going to have a little brother like I was hoping for. But only 10 min. after the doctors' said he was dead, it was like something told me to look over at where my brother was laying and the strangest thing happened! There was this man standing over Jonathan and he had a white outfit on and it had like a glow to it. (Well I do have the gift of seeing ghosts ever since I was 3.) I felt this good feeling overtake me and all he did was touch Jonathan on the arm and he starting breathing again. I remember watching and I felt a tear rush down my face. I was so happy. I yelled LOOK LOOK ! HE'S ALIVE! And my family and the doctor's were shocked. They said it was a miracle, and I said that love is what saved him. Jonathan is 10 years old now, and I am 14. I also have a little sister that's 5. I'm the oldest, and my name is April my sis is Samantha.

We had to Move


Well, This story is frightening.  My boyfriend, our 3 little girls and I moved into a townhouse apartment in Albuquerque, NM about 4 years ago.  Everything was fine for 2 months.  Our oldest daughter Marcelina was 5 and the second daughter Charly was 3 1/2 years old, and then Mary was 1 year old.  The apartment was a 2 story and the bedrooms would be upstairs (of course).  Anyway One time we experienced something, we had come home from work (We all leave and come home at the same time, One car) there were perfect muddy foot prints from a L-shaped closet in the kitchen to the back door (having to pass through the kitchen to the door)  I called the landlord (Debra) to ask her if anyone was in the house she told me no, Me and Charles (My boyfriend)  looked around to see if anything was stolen.  Nothing was touched.  We ignored it.  Then while all of us would sleep at night Charles would get up to get Mary a bottle, and he would come back into the bedroom telling me that I left the TV on downstairs, I would tell him that I didn't and he would tell me I did.  That would happen a lot while we lived there.  And every night when we would put the girls to sleep they would cry so bad because they didn't want to sleep alone.  And Mary would sleep in mine and Charles room and she would literally grab my shirt as if not wanting to sleep in there by herself.  She would scream so loud that it would hurt me inside, I would get so frustrated before and thinking it was just the girls wanting to sleep with us (well all of us wouldn't fit in the bed) and they had to learn to sleep in their own room.  Once I found out what was really happening to this day I feel horrible, having to put them through that and not believing.
Anyway, I would feel weird, I would either take a shower or a bath and feel someone watching me thinking it was Charles at first, I would open the shower curtain, and no one was there.  I went to the Debra and asked her if anyone had died in that apartment and plenty of times she would tell me no.  Until I had to sit and tell her about what was happening.  She looked into the business files of the past residence and found out an old lady had passed away and that the granddaughter of the old lady couldn't live there anymore because of the memories.  (is what was written on the form) We both gasped she called the owner the next day and he said we could move into another apartment in 3 weeks when it was available.  Well, that's when it really got bad.
I was interested in the tarot cards and wanted to learn how to do them, well as I was learning I didn't bless the cards before I started, to keep away dark spirits.  (stupid/dumb me)
A lady in another apartment came over and said that she helps a priest that helps families in this situation and wanted to come in.  I said yes of course and she walked around and told me about the old lady and her name was Linda.  She talked to me and told me she would get her son who was about 12-13 and he had a gift, he could sense spirits.  Well, he (john) came in and walked around the house and he told me that she is a nice spirit, likes the peace and quiet, and doesn't like it when the kids are loud. When me and Charles went up stairs to talk with john he told us that Linda was in the room with us sitting on our bed.  I didn't believe him at first but sure enough we could see an imprint of her sitting on the edge of the bed me and Charles touched the area and it was cold.  John told us that it was her turning the TV on at night. And that it was her that charly saw in the middle of the night in front of her door way.
One night my sister Denise came over and the Johns' mother (Susan) was there helping me talk with Linda.  Susan said that when she is talking to Linda she doesn't know what Linda is saying, that Linda is talking through her.  Anyway found out more about Linda, she loves our cat Daphne and pets her a lot, Hates Charles and says I should leave his "lazy butt", and that she sees how he hurts me (and to let you guys know so that way you understand, He cheated on me and I took him back -stupid) and that she would see me crying and feel my pain.  and then she told Denise that she was funny with a cross in her pocket and sure enough Denise had my grandmothers cross in her pocket.
And now the scary stuff started to happen, that night Susan told me that there was another spirit in the house besides Linda and that Linda was afraid of it. Susan didn't understand how it got there.(at first).  that night, the girls all started to cry and scream, we ran into their room and put them to sleep in our room with us.  They did OK. until the next night.  Marcelina said that someone kept poking her hard and couldn't sleep.  again we got the girls and put them to sleep with us, and from then on we would just let them sleep with us.  Well, in the middle of the night Charles was yelling at me telling me to leave him a lone and let him sleep I asked him what he was talking about and he said that I keep on poking him hard almost like a slight push on his shoulder and he couldn't sleep I told him that I was already asleep when I he was yelling at me.  We told Debra that we couldn't stay there anymore and we helped the people that were moving out with their stuff so we could move in that afternoon.  We couldn't stay there anymore since is was only getting worse.  There is a lot more that had happened while we lived there

Michigan Haunting

By: Anonymous

  I am a resident of Clarkston Michigan, Clarkston is located in Cental
Oakland county just North of Detroit. The building that is event took place
in is the Hamburger Mansion located on Pine Knob hill. Pine knob is also a
sky hill in the winter and has an ampitheater in which concerts are held in
the summertime. But the hauting seems to be just in the Mansion.
The mansion is now used as a banquet hall, weddings, busniess events, things
of that sort. I am a personal friend of the owner of the catering company
that the masion uses, and my brother was an employee of this catering
service for several years while he was in high school.
  Now just to be completly clear, it was my brother that had the encounter
that I am going to tell you about, but from local lore I have heard that the
mansion has been haunted for quite sometime. Let me share with you all that
I know, some of the details are sketchy but I take my brothers experinces as
the truth. You see my facination with ghost stories dates all the way back
to grade school, but my brother never believed in or was intrested in ghost
until his experince at the mansion.
  The mansion was buit at the turn of the centery by a wealthy land owner.
The hill on which the mansion is built is the tallest natural land form in
the area, on a clear day you can see the buildings in Detroit over 30 miles
  The ghost that is said to haunt the building is that of a young women that
was murdered in the mansion sometimes in the 1930's. This is the local lore,
but to date I have not been able to find a name of the girl, or a record of
a murder occuring at the site.
  This is what I do know. While my brother was employed there these are the
phaomana that my brother year. Silverwear and jewlery has materialized from
now where in the main dining area. Doors would close by themselfs and
electrical equipment would start and stop on its own. My brothers manager
refused to work in the mansion by herself after dark. Her fear apparently
began after she saw the apperation of a young women cross from the main
house to the carriage house one night.
  Most of the pictures taken during wedding receptions have orbs in them, I
have seen some of these pictures from several different weddings and
different photographers, but have been unable to obtain copies for myself.
To my knowledge there has not been a picture with an apparition in it as to
  The event that conviced my brother of the prescen of this ghost occured in
a corridor that runs underneath the main dining hall from the kitchen to
behind the bar. This was put in so that staff did not have to cross the main
dining area with bottles, dirty dishes and the like. One night during a
wedding reception, my brother was walking through this corridor with a tray
of food, as he walked down the corridor, he heard high heels behind him, he
turn once to see who it was but there was no one there, he started walking
again, and again heard the high heels. Again, there was no one there. At the
end of this corridor was a swinging door, the kind that are used in
kitchens. This door had a waist high brass kick plate, my brother said that
has he reached the door, in the reflection was a womens dress with high
heels, as if someone was standing behind him. Again he looked back only to
see nothing in the hall way behind him. She said that he has never climbed a
set of stairs so fast in his life.
  Now I know that some of the details of this haunting are hearysay and
vague. But I believe the word of my brother, this has been over ten years
from when this event occured and has not changed his story.
I hope that you will find this story worthy to place in on your web page. If
needed I would be willing to do more research in order to try and verify the
story. I might even be able to gain acess and perform a basic investigation
since I know the people who run the catering company

My Grandfather

My story takes place in June of 2004.
My name is Carin. A little over a year ago, my grandfather became ill with cancer. I am fifteen years old, and have always been very close with him, especially since I lived with him. My family and I watched him fight for his life, but he lost his battle on June 2nd of this year. I watched him take his last breath. The odd thing was, when I entered the room, there wasn't a since of cold that I expected, but of overwhelming peace. The night after he died, Me, my cousin and my grandmother were all sleeping in the same room because there were so many people in the house that there was not any more room. My cousin slept next to my grandmother, where my grandfather always had, and I slept on the floor. Any way, the funeral was the next day and I could not sleep for te life of me. I somehow managed to sleep for a little while, and then I just opened my eyes for no reason. I saw standing a little bit away, the outline of my grandfather. I was not scared, but I just turned the other way because I had no idea what to do. Suddenly, I felt a slight pressure on my shoulder. I immediately realxed and was able to sleep throught the rest of the night. I knew that my grandfather was there comforting me. The next day I talked to my cousin and grandmother. My cousin told me how she felt a presence in the room as well. The weirdest thing was that we all woke up at the exact same time that night, the same time I saw the outline.

Pink Lady Spirit


I just found out about your web site.  I thought you might be interested in my experience at the famously-haunted Room 545 in the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina.  Here's the email I sent to the Grove Park Inn on June 3, 2004, letting them know about my experience:
My husband Patrick and myself heard about the Pink Lady ghost on the internet several months ago, while we were planning a visit to Asheville, North Carolina. We have been fascinated by haunted sites for years, and always try to visit or stay in one. Among others, we've stayed in a haunted castle in Ireland, visited a poltergeist inhabited cemetery in Scotland, even stayed 2 nights at the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana. But we have always been disappointed and not experienced anything we would definitely say was ghostly, not even at the Myrtles, which is supposedly the most haunted house in America.
Because of our interest in ghostly sites, we booked Room 545 at the Grove Park Inn. On Thursday, May 27th, we checked into our room. In the room I read aloud to Patrick some of the stories I found on the Internet about the Pink Lady. I went to sleep around 10:20pm, Patrick went to sleep later and turned out the light. Several times throughout the night I woke up, lifted my head off the pillow and looked around the room, just checking to see if I could see anything "ghostly" in the room. Around 3:00am I woke up, and for about the fourth time I lifted up my head and looked around the darkened room. I saw nothing unusual. I heard my husband snoring in the double bed next to my bed. I laid my head back down on the pillow and closed my eyes. My eyes had been closed for only 2-3 seconds when I felt my pillow being pushed up from behind. It felt like there were two hands pushing the pillow, and thus my head, up and forward. It lasted several seconds and the pillow and my head were moved up 1/2 a foot or less. As I felt myself being lifted I immediately knew what was happening. That is the most frightened I have ever been in my entire life. I tried to scream and I was so terrified that no sound came out of my throat (I used to think the frozen scream only happened in movies). But thank goodness I wasn't able to scream, I might have awakened half the people on our floor! Then the pressure behind me stopped and my pillow and head slowly were lowered back down to the bed. I'm an extremely logical and analytical type, so as I lay there with my heart pounding, I thought, "OK, Wendy, think about this carefully, because you know you're going to second guess yourself in the morning and wonder if this really happened." So I laid there for a few seconds and confirmed yes, I am definitely awake and not dreaming, and no, there is no way I could have imagined that and felt such stark terror.
So that's what happened. Nothing too dramatic, it was very subtle. I didn't see anything in the room or experience any of the other things people sometimes do with ghosts, like cold spots or the feeling of a presence. It took me two days of reflecting on the experience before I realized what the spirit was doing: four times in the night I lifted my head from the pillow, and she must have seen this and decided to "help me out" by lifting my head up for me!!
My husband slept through the whole thing and is now very envious that the spirit visited me and not him. He wants to go back to the Grove Park sometime soon and stay 2 nights, so he can have a chance to experience the ghost also. Thanks so much for letting me share what happened. It was a night I will never forget!

The Ghosts in my House


Hello. I am 17 years old, and i have been able to sense spirits since i was
8. I currently have 3 male spirits living in my house. i found out about
them about three years ago...i was stitting, by myself, in my living room,
when i got the feeling i was not alone. Suddenly the closet door opened! I
caught a very quick look at a young mans face. Then, a few days later, while
in my room, my closet doors opened. I thought perphaps that it was the same
spirit but it was not. The one that lives in my room also likes me. He will
sit on my bed, pull my hair, and follow me around my room. The third spirit,
who is also male, likes my hallway and kitchen for some odd reason. He does
not come out very often, and he is more of a protector then the other 2.
However, all three of them like to joke around..they flash the lghts, make
noise, make stuff float....they have also scared two of my very close
friends the first time they slept over. I really dont mind them, but i wish
i knew who they are. I have done some reasearch on my house, but i have not
yet found anything....I also have a mysterious spirit that will occasionaly
come into my basement. I cant tell if that one is male or female though. But
all in all, my house is a very interesting place, especially at night!
If you would like to know more, or ask any questions, feel free to email me

Uncle Tommy


I was 3 years old and my uncle had just passed away,his name was tommy. A few years later I had a imaginary friend his name was tommy too. the weird part was that I was able to see him,he had died in a car accident and got scratched up pretty bad.                     my mother would have never even guessed that my imaginary friend could have been my dead uncle until I told my godfather's girlfriend that he looked strange because he' dead.

Unseen Protector

By: Anonymous

I use to work in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  One day I was crossing a very busy street at a crosswalk that did not have a light.  There had been a couple of times when people had been hit by cars here in the past.  Traffic was of course expected to slow down but for the most part it seemed people would much rather run you over or swerve around you than stop!  I was always very careful crossing and tried to wait until there were no cars near, but one day as I was in the midst of crossing a car pulled out of a pay lot and rushed right towards me.  I was like a deer froze in the headlights. I could not move.  As I remember it I saw the car come and when it was within inches of me it was jerked to a stop.  I felt what I can only describe as a cushion between the car and I, against my legs.  I physically felt something soft and of volume between the vehicle and myself.  The guy behind the wheel looked dumbfounded and scared to death.  As soon as I regained my senses I walked on across and he just went on also.  I wish I would have asked him if he put on the brakes or if something shoved his car, because to me it looked like the car was pushed back away from me just a little.  There was also a little bump when the car hit whatever was between us.  I felt it ever so slightly. There have been other times when I felt protected and  I feel that my kids have been looked after a couple of times also.


This might not be one of the most interesting experiences, though it completely freaked me out.  This happened last night actually, and it was so real and it was like a slap in the face.  As I was drifting off into sleep (in that state of 1/2 sleep so to say) I dreamt that I was an old 1850's bedroom and talking to a man about the ghosts in his house, including a little girl (I can't recall her name).  However, though this whole experience started out as a dream, it did not end this way.  As I was trying to recall the girls, name, I turned around to see a little girl with brown pigtails and I heard her talking from behind me.  Yet, as I suddenly woke up, and was staring at my pillow I realized this was not only a dream...I could still hear the girl's voice bright and clear saying "My name is (can't remember name) and I'm right behind you.  And, while hearing this voice, and staring at my pillow, wide awake, I felt suffocated, and this feeling remained a few seconds after the voice stopped.  The temperature suddenly changed and became boiling hot.  And the thing that shocked me the most was the realization that this was not a dream and I was still hearing the voice behind me.  Let me finish by saying that though I never doubted the existence of ghosts, I never really TRULY believed that it was possible for me to encounter one.  However, since last night, I certainly don't believe this anymore.  I know this was an encounter, because I was wide awake and even started panicking a little as I felt the temperature immediately rising and the voice continue talking behind me.  I hope never to experience an encounter again.  I have never been more shocked, than realizing last night that there was someone standing behind my bed talking to me that was not of this world.

Across the street from the Hotel Vendome

Our old house which is across the street and over 3 houses from the Hotel Vendome on Cortez St. in Prescott Arizona was said to be haunted. Our house was built before the Hotel. Let me first say right off, that we never experienced anything unusual. Except once when I as a child of about 8 years of age along with 3 other little friends saw a huge black cat passing our window it stopped and peered in. The cat's head came up to the middle of the window where the locking mechanism is.  The windows were the old floor to ceiling kind of windows. The adults in answer to our screams assured us that it was our imagination. But was it? Who knows.
I digress, I meant to tell about the haunting of the old house. The haunting of our old house manifested itself as whistling, the kind that has the "come hither" sound to it. Many an "Old Timers" said that the house was vacant a long time before we bought it. At night people cross the street rather than go past the house because you always heard the whistle that beckoned you to come on over.
We purchased the house in 1939 and our family lived in it until 1989 and sold it in 1997 and not a single note of a whistle was ever heard.  The address was 333 So. Cortez. The new owners tore down the old Victorian and the other Victorian next to it.  Now that house had all kinds of freaky things of the paranormal variety going on, or so it was said. Pity, the old houses were really nice the lots are now used as a mechanic repair shop.
I lived in Prescott across from the Vendome Hotel until 1960 and then left to marry and in all of that time I did not know the hotel was haunted. I remember that the hotel had little cement benches close to the sidewalk and at night after the dance, just to prolong the evening we would sit and talk quietly on those benches then cross the street and come home. Had I known it was haunted I would never have gone near that Hotel!
Cortez street is very interesting historically.  Senator Berry Goldwater's old home is on the corner 4-5 doors down from the Vendome Hotel Across the street is the old Ruffner home a beautiful Victorian built during Prescott's heyday now both homes are funeral parlors.  Down the street heading north on Cortez are 2 more houses said to be haunted. Maybe it's just that whole area that's kinda freaky in the spirit world sense.

Experiences in West Texas


        I grew up in a small west texas town called Kermit. When I was about 16 years old, we moved into a small 3 bedroom house. It wasnít a very old house. I think it was built sometime in the 50's or 60's. It was there that I started having some unusual experiences. I have always known that I had certain knowledge of things that no one else seemed to know about, and I mean things that were happening right at that moment or things that were going to happen. On the side of the house, there was a shed that ran the length of the house that was built over a sidewalk that used to run along side of it. The roof of the shed was about 6 ft high. I used to like to go up there at night and just sit. I liked the cool night air, because out in west texas, the summer days are usually very hot. Anyway, one night I was sitting out on the shed and I felt as though I was being watched. I tuned around very quickly and noticed a black object, about the size of a panther jump off the roof into the back yard. I am not quite sure why I did this, but at that instance, I got up and pursued it. When I jumped off the roof into the back yard, I neither saw nor heard any evidence of anything being there and I cannot recall hearing anything when it jumped off the roof even though my yard was full of dry, brittle weeds. I also remember that it had  no discernable features. That was the only time I ever saw this creature. I also used to love sitting on my front porch at night and every now and then, I would all of a sudden become very afraid and knew beyond all doubt that I did not need to be outside that night. I would go inside, load my rifle and keep it next to me. Thatís how unnerving the feeling was. On a number of occasions, I would be lying in bed and it felt like a line backer ran from my bedroom doorway and slam into my bed, and I would hear what sounded like someone punching the wall right next to my head. It happened so often that it just started to make me more angry than scared. I started saying the lords prayer every night before going to bed and it never happened again. Although, I still get my "you donít need to be here feelings" every now and then. I moved out of that house when I joined the service. I now live in another part of the state and I study the ways of the Wiccan warrior. I have different ways of dealing with unwelcome visitors. Feel free to e-mail me at

Find My Keys


i have always had the other side around me ever since i was a little girl and have numerous stories but as i got older i got tired of it all messing up my every day life so i learnt to block it all out, but then out of the blue we lost our van keys and after searching all day and they were no where to be found my husband was walking through the bedroom doorway and they dropped in front of him to the floor then only ten min later i had gone down to a neighbours to tell them i had the keys when my husband was sitting on the door step and our heavy wooden coffee table flew over with such a force that my deaf dog came flying down and stood furiously barking at the living room, this frightened my husband so much he had difficulty ringing me on my mobile when he got through i could hear he was shaking and flew back home, there on its side was the table and perched on my computer screen was a photo of our wedding day and my husband tim was so frightened he could hardly breath.i can only think that the table was to get our attention and that the photo was a reminder to us that we married each other and that we should stick together through these very trying times we are experiencing, thanks ghost for helping us

Glen Ellen Tracks

Last night My friends and I went out to the haunted tracks. We first put the car facing the East and nothing happened. So we drove up past the bus graveyard and made a u-turn. There was a car about a mile off so we decided to make it quick since nothing happend the first time. We put it in nuetral, then someone that was in the car decided to hop out and get this ratty basketball that is always laying on the side of the road there. She ran back to the car, and said she heard a thud outside by the tracks. As soon as she said this the car began to move. I didn't feel a cold chill, but I knew something wasn't right. I don't think those spirits are too nice. As we drove away we threw out the ball.  We didn't check for finger prints, we knew what happened.



Hello my name is Laura Munro, I have already told you about my visits from my gran but we live in an area of germany that was used by the nazi party. we are posted to a little place called fallingbostel. here the jews were carted of trains to make there final journey to Bergan Belsen consentration camp. The camp my husband works in is right beside the old train staion they arrived at. ( these were used in shindlers list the film) every time we pass these buildings my 18 month old daughter just will not look and quite often cries her heart out till we are past them. i often see the figures stepping from what seems to be mid air on to the platform then through the trees they go or a figure of a few german soldiers. i am not the only one who sees these people the ammount of brits that will not drive past there after sertain time is unbelievable. Sometimes when we have to go to Hohne camp we have to travel on the range roads these are the roads only for the military we see and hear lots of things. there is a piece of road that is cobbled that is part of the road the jews had been marched up to belsen a soldier broke down there once and was found by a passer by crying because he heard the cries of women and children begging to be left alone this sol er had been in the army for 19 years. not that long ago my husband and i had to go to hohne about 9 at nght on the way back it was getting dark. when we traveled through a group of people dressed in 40's clothes my husband thought it was that "real" he braked and when he did so they dissapeared. he will not travel that road after 22.00. My gran always seems to appear if we are on that road she tells me its "just in case" what ever that means. nothing happens when she is there.

Grandmas House


My grandma's house is kinda freeky. One day I had my best friend over at my grandma's. It was sorta like a bbq. Anyway, we went upstairs to my grandma Margerett's "old" bed room. It's really freeky, it has brakeable dolls, about 82 (I COUNTED!). It also has a bunch of scary pictures from a long time ago. They are black and white, the days were it wasn't wright to smile (my grandma told me). we (y friend and i) wre looking around when we kept heering these -boome!!- noises in the other room, the first room on the right.  We tried to ignore it, but it kept on happening. We finally got the sragnth to go see what it was. I walked in first there was nothing there but... the light in the walk in closet was on and the door was open. I took a peek, but nothing was there. I figured the house was just setteling. As I walked out of the room the door started to close! i was about to go baserk, but desided to test what I saw. I opened the door and pushed it all the way back to the wall, and it closed again. I pushed it back again and put a trash can in front of it.............It closed. I ran out of the room with my friend right behind me. I tried to tell my parents but they wouldn't listen. After com'ing inside...(keep in mind, every1 was outside) i came in and the table was sett! it was so scary but no1 believed us. from that day on ive been really scared of her house!!!!!

Hope Street School

hi im 25 years old i lived in woonsocket ri for a long time im not sure but i had a very creepy experience one day my friend and i visited hope street  one day at night it is located on a hill on hope street it is a very old school that has been codemmed for years so when we went there the door started vibratning i heard clicking and one side of the school was ice cold and the other side was burning hot like there was a fire there many years old i m not sure but it was creepy if you find out anything please get back to me. it was scary

Made me a Believer


My experiences happened a few years ago in New Zealand. The house where we
lived was the same one where my mother had grown up and had returned to
after her wedding. My first sighting was when i was about six i had gotten
up and was coming back to my bedroom and standing at the foot of my bed was
a very beautiful woman in a beautiful blue dress. I ran past her and hid
under my pillow. The next occurences didn't happen until a few years later
when we started to renevate. I would often wake up to see a man standing on
the other side of the room he was wearing blue jean overalls and had no
head. But it wasn't until the renevations were finished that it got worse.
We added stairs from the first floor to the second as the first floor had
only been used as storage and one of the rooms was still dirt. That room was
converted into the starwell, and the main room was a play room for me and my
sister. The bottom of the stairwell was inhabited by an old lady dressed in
calonial style clothes and her hair in a bun. My sister and I saw her many
times , if this wasn't scary enough there was the feeling of evil at the
bottom of the stairs even when she wasn't there those stairs made you feel
terror. There was also another young lady who I saw a few times standing at
the doorway of my sisters room watching her sleep. Other things also
happened like my camera being thrown off a shelf and hitting the wall across
the room breaking it. The radio turning itself on and off, other things
falling or moving.
After my grandmother died i heard her call my name on two different
occastions . My mother came home one day to find all of the pictures of her
parents lying face down. Most of these hauntings I could manage until one
day my family was away leaving me at home for a week or so during this time
i would go to the garage daily to do the washing or so forth then a few days
before my parents were to return i walked into the garage and sitting in the
middle of the path around the car was the old goats head my father had shot
and stuffed that had not been there earlier that day. The hauntings didn't
worry any of us except that lady in the stairwell i will never forget that
feeling that came over you at the bottom.
The hauntings lasted about ten years and then ubrubtly stopped we have since
moved and the old house has been torn down. I never did find out who theses
people were that visted us but it was enough to make me believe.


My Story!


Hey  my name is Stephanie. I am a big fan of the paranormal. I am 14 years old. I have had ghost experiants since I was 2 years old. We built a new room on our house for me. I moved in about the 1st of May. Ever since then I have been seeing a little girl in my room. She is around the age 8 or 9. She wears a white dress and she has black hair. I have seen her many times but she has never caused any harm. But one night i was upstairs in my new room listening to Blink182 and i heard a young girl talking. I ecnored it and then my dad yelled for me i got up and went to the top of the stairs and said what and he asked if i had been downstairs? And i said no. Then i asked why? And he said that he had heard some thing. I went downstairs and sat down and said what did you hear? And he said I heard a young girl talking I jumped up shocked to know that he heard it too. He said it was talking and that he had been asleep and some thing woke him up and he shot up and then he heard a girl talking. I was shocked to know that i wasnt the only one who had heard this. I wish i could have made out what she was saying but i couldnt. But if any thing else happens i will send that story in. I swear to god this story is true!

Looking Out For Us

Hi my name is laura, I am british but live in Germany due to my husband being in the armed forces. my ghost experiences first starterd when i was 13 years of age, My gran died when i was 10 and we were very close. The first time she ever came to see me was when i was when a few friends were playing the wegi board she came and told me not to get involved as it was going to turn bad, well right enough it did and the people involed had to be seen by a priest. se comes to see me most times but i always know she is there. Another time she helped me was when my husband was on a live firing exercise and was due to be driving a bedford truck i was in colchester and my husband was in scotland, she told me not to let hinm drive the lorry. Normally his phone isnt on during the day but this time it was, i told him to check the lorry before he drove it. well he did and it turned out it had faulty brakes. she helps us all the time my daughter now 18 months calls her big granny and she sits and plays with "big granny" and babbles away to her. its quite nice to know she is looking out for us.

Railroad Tracks


Tonight (Sunday, July 11th), my friend, her brother, and I went out to
Wayne, Illinois to the Powis. Rd. railroad crossing where rumor has it a
woman driving a bunch of kids' car died and a train came, killing all of the
children inside. We decided to go out there. We turned the car off right on
top of the tracks, and rolled up our windows. After just a few minutes,
Sabrina heard a clank to her left as if something was hitting the tracks.
Moments later, all three of us distinctly heard a train horn blowing. We
immediately turned the car back on and drove off, simply assuming a train
was coming. However, even minutes later, there was no train anywhere close.
We realized that none of the warning lights had gone off, and there was no
train coming from either direction. A train never came. When we got home, we
looked at the trunk of her car and this is part of what we saw. There were
tiny fingerprints covering her back bumper, all of them kind of shiny as if
they were cold and wet. If we looked hard enough, we could see actual

The Devil in the Night


My first experience was when I was 16 and I woke up at least I thought I was awake or I didn't know what I was. But I heard pictures on my shelf flying off and like evil voices speaking really loud in my room. But I couldn't focus on anything, I couldn't move, I couldn't even breathe. I was terrified and then finally came to my senses and everything was quiet but I was so weak and scared I couldn't get up and tell any one in my house what had happened. The second time I felt paralyzed and felt like I was floating off my bed and I was trying to say something but I don't know what I was trying to say. I couldn't breathe but finally yelled, "I believe in god". I didn't understand why I yelled it all I thought was that some kind of demon was trying to get to me. Another time I felt someone grabbing me and holding me down, I was terrified but couldn't scream or move.  All I could think was to breathe and to call my mom to help me.  Right after I was thinking that I heard a voice very distinctly in my ear saying "Yes try to move your arm","Call to your mom, breathe!!". I couldn't tell you how terrified I was or how crazy I thought I was.  As soon as I could move I got up very weak, and ran to my mom and told her what had just happened.  She kept telling me I was dreaming but I knew I was awake. I am scared to go to sleep sometimes but have to tell myself it's some kind of sleeping disorder or a sleep paralysis.

Personal Paranormal Experience


I am a native of Middlesboro, Kentucky; a small recreational town nudged up against the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.  Although I have been interested in the paranormal my entire life, I've only had one genuine experience with things of this nature.  One of my favorite things to do for fun is to take my sport utility off-roading.  Several of my friends and I take to the mountains at least once a week to get a good fill of the serenity of the nature that surrounds us; most of them owning SUV's as well.  One particular night, my friend and I, whom I will call Jeff, decided to take a little ride up to one of the strip mining jobs that surround our town.  The going isn't that rough, but you're still engulfed by the forest.  It was somewhere in the neighborhood of nine o'clock, and we were making our way around one of the more difficult trails that branched off from the main trail.  We had decided to turn around and head back, so he spotted a side road and began to do so.  As his headlights swept across an open field, he hit his brakes sharply, and we both sat motionless for a few moments.  There, in the middle of this field was a black silhouette of what looked like a large man wearing a broad-brimmed hat.  It looked to be about eight or nine feet tall, and very broad.  We tried to shine our lights on it, but it was as if the entity sucked the light up into itself.  It was almost like it was made of shadows.  I asked him if he saw what I saw, and replying that he did, he promptly put his Jeep in reverse, and we sped down the mountain as speechless as two statues.  The big black shape we saw never moved as we hastened to relieve ourselves of its presence.  It just stood and seemed to watch as if amused by our fear.  Needless to say, we haven't covered that area in a while...

What was It?


I have never seen or experienced anything paranormal, except this once...I was 20 years old.  My younger sister and brother and I were rough housing one night in the kitchen/family room area of our small three bedroom house.  I forget what we were doing, but we were being really hyper and noisy.  Our mom came from the hallway and quite angrily told us to be quiet...she and our dad were sleeping.  Not two minutes went by and we were back to our antics.  At one point I pushed both my siblings onto the small couch sitting against the wall and window.  Just then, it sounded as if a very large person slapped the window as hard as possible without breaking it.  The curtains shook...the three of us were so scared we tried to squeeze down the hall to our parents room all at once.  We woke up our dad to investigate, but he found no one.  There wasn't a trace of anything having hit or been thrown at the window.  A sonic boom would have shaken all the windows and made the news.  I think whatever it was wanted us to obey our parents...scary!



This experience goes back to when I was at the young age of 4 years old.  My family of 2 sisters, 3 brothers, mom & dad moved into a small one bedroom rented house.
Times were hard and all of us kids slept on a full sized fold out cot/bed mama would fold out in the kitchen for us kids to sleep, while her and dad slept on separate sofas in the front room.  All us kids lay side by side in the fold out bed like sardines.  One night, after everyone had gone to bed/sleep, I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep.  As I lay there I saw something come through the kitchen window.  It was the shape of a baby, but it was full of different color sparkles, and it was not really flying, more like floating around in the dark,  high in the air, between the kitchen and front room where my parents were sleeping.  I kept looking at it, as I discretely covered up to my eyes with my blanket. I became very frightened.  It floated towards where my parents were sleeping.  I said aloud "Get away from them!" and then it suddenly turned and came right at me.  I screamed out a shrill scream and it made a quick turn behind the stove.  Needless to say I woke up everyone in the house. I explained to mama/dad what I had seen and what happened.  They turned on all the lights but could not find anything.  I lay back down but kept my head covered with a blanket,  I did not want to see anything any more.  As I lay there, covered, I heard my mama whisper to may dad......"I told you it was not a good idea to rent near a cemetery'.  I did not see it ever again, and we did not live inn that house very long.

The House in Eastdale


hello my name is David. This happened a few years ago and nobody believes my wife or me. I found your web site and now maybe someone will believe us. Here it goes:
my wife and I found a apt to rent in Baltimore co. It was one of those apartments where it is a town home where we had the first floor and the basement and someone else had the second floor.So we called to look at the apt. and all seem well with it. After about 1month and a half strange things started happening and it came from the basement of all places because that is where we slept. we were sleeping and my wife woke me up and she was crying and I was half asleep, she said I heard voices and I didn't believe in ghost or sprits at that time. I would say about a half a hour later my wife woke me up again yelling didn't your hear them get up,get up. So I got up a she said she heard voices that sounded like they were under water laughing, I told her it problem was a nightmare and go back to sleep. The next time the same thing happened so she refused to sleep in the basement anymore. So we started to sleep up stairs and I even heard strange noises coming for the basement,banging and laughing. It sounded like a old man and old women. We called the landlord and he came over and I tried to tell him about the voices and ask did a old couple die in this house and he looked at me with this strange look like he knew something and how did we know,but he laughed and said no,got mad and said if you don't like it here just move and he left. A couple days later we were talking to a neighbor and we figure we will tell her, and she replied that is what the last couple of people said that lived there said and no one lives in there long. One night my daughter my a mess on the floor and I got her out of her high chair and got down to clean the mess up when all of the sudden the basement door flew open and she started running towards the steps.Lucky I made it there before her.Sometimes I would be in the basement and I would her my wife call for me and I would answer her and she would reply what do u want I didn't call you and this happened every time I was down there. If I was down there taking a shower the shower curtain would blow around me tight and there was no vent down there. So what made our last few nights there was my wife making comments to me about me changing. I said to her what do you mean she said I wont shave and I'm acting alot different and saying I love this house. And to this day I do not remember any of that. Before we moved we got a dog and he was about 2 years old and we put him in the basement to sleep .He woke me up in the middle of the night howling and banging against the door wanted out.So I put him out side and he wouldn't come back to the door so I went out and picked him up he was fine and carried him towards the basement and he tried to tear me apart and ran outside so I left him out there. Our last day at the house we checked to make sure we had everything and my wife was standing there with me and I yelled see you house and a old man replied get out. I looked at my wife and she looked ate me and I yelled go to hell and we got out of there. So we thought everything was fine and we were driving to our new home and all of a sudden a car came from no where and ran into us. That car was no where in sight so was it the house???? No one believes us to these day.

Hot Lake, Oregon/Union County

I know the Hot Lake Sanatorium.  I have been inside many times and personally know people who have worked there in the past.  Several times it has been rented for other business purposes.  A spa, camp ground, restaurant, dried fruit company.  It actually had a very bad fire back in the day which killed many people (I think around 1909 but am not sure I will have to read the book I have at home) .  I have acquired several pieces of artifacts from Hot Lake.  A picture of Dr William T Fey(and nursing staff), who was the original Dr. who did ground breaking medical procedures on many patients that were at the sanatorium.  I also have an invitation to the "resort" and a canceled check from a patient made out to Dr Fey.  At one time it used to be a gathering place for tribes in the area.  It was a non-violent place at the time.  The tribes of the area who were always fighting made Hot Lake a neutral place because of its natural springs were thought to be sacred.  When I went there you could find masses of dear and animal antlers/bones almost as if it were a "dying grounds".  If you go into the barn just south of the main hotel you can see all of the old wheel chairs and strange operating tables the Dr Fey used in his glory days.  If you go to the north east side of the hotel you can see a "caldron" that goes to down into the water of the underground part of the lake.  It is actually from what I have heard starting to sink into the hot lake.

Haunting for PA


back where my i grew up on polish hill of pittsburgh, there lurks some kind of energy. My parents still relate to the sotrie that have happened in the house while my mom was takin care of me as a child and my dad renevating the apartments there. One of the stories is that our old dog, a cairn terrier named cheech, would never go up to the third floor alone and she would bark continously up the stairs.
One of the best related to stories though is one of our poltergeist up in the third floor of our old place. One night when my dad had finished painting upstairs and my dad and mom purchased a large framed picture with glass over it. It had been leaning on the wall across from the windows. Just as my dad finished cleaning up he and my mother had heard a large crash, they ran upstairs and found that the picture had been thrown by "something" across the room, it couldnt have been the wind cause it was across the room and broke the glass in one of the windows and the glass on the frame. No one was upstairs cause my father had just finished cleaning up the paint brushes and paint splatters. We still try to think of what it could have been besides our ghost.
Another very good story of the old place is when my dad was on his way home from work one night my mom satyed up waiting for him and heard a door slam, knowing my dad for being in bad moods when he worked there she walked down to see if he was home, turns out someone or something had slammed to door shut, i remember my mom saying that was the last time the ghost bothered us before we moved.
What makes this even more awkward though is that even in our new house out here weird things happen, nothing violent or of the sort but just lights flicker and short outages and yet when we called our neighbors or my aunt and grandma about it (they live down the street from us now) there power was fine, nothing happened, so i think in my head that one of ghosts had followed us and just plays pranks here and there.
so these are the few stories i have to tell about our old house and few in the new, currently we found out that someone else has bought the place and renevating it since it was vandalised and painted over my dads work.



I'm not really an avid believer in ghosts but I have had some incidents that are telling my conscious otherwise. After several years of trying to scrounge together money, my parents finally saved enough to buy their dream cabin/house in the mountains. When we moved, I was in 8th grade. The house my parents bought were recently owned by rich Texans who used it as a summer house, and various other people like that. The original owners built the house and had seven children. I never understood where they put all of the children because the house only has three bedrooms and a small room, like a pet's room which is now used as my mother's office.
Anyway, I always had a sense that there was an evil presence in my house. Every time I would go up to the third floor, which is the loft, I felt like there was someone laughing at me, or constantly watching me. That place and my brother's room in the basement were the only places I really didn't feel safe sleeping in. So, one day, I was upstairs sleeping in the loft because my uncle was staying in my room for the night. My mother was sleeping on the couch, and I was on the floor. I'm not good at falling asleep, it usually takes me like 2-whatever hours to finally be asleep. So I was lying there on my side, trying to fall asleep with my mom snoring in the background. That was when I started to hear what sounded like two young girls whispering to each other. I could definitely hear what they were saying, but I couldn't understand it, I thought it was strange, but my blood wasn't rushing like i was scared. Then, louder, I heard giggling and I began to get scared. I called my mother's name and drowsily, she asked "what", and I asked her if she had just giggled, but she started yelling at me because i woke her up. I was in tenth grade then.
Here's another one that happened in my brother's room. I'm not telling these in order, but they don't really have to be in order. My sister, before she moved out, and I (in 9th grade) shared my a room that is now my brother's room, because it was large and was called the family room. I was alone in my bed watching television when I heard someone calling my name so I muted the volume and didn't hear anything. Then, all of a sudden, a hand slapped down on my bed next to my feet and i heard a voice laugh like someone was excited or happy. I don't like to be scared at all, so I ignored it completely and turned up the volume on the tv and turned the lights on.
Years later, like a couple of months ago, I was trying to get to sleep in my bed when a loud thumping sound slammed into my pillow right next to by bed causing my head to move from the impact and my hair to flow from the wind. It felt like someone was trying to hit me really hard but missed. I thought for awhile that it was my brother, because he's a brat, but i realized that he was over at a friends house. Again, I decided to ignore it.
Since I have fallen down the stairs many times, like my feet have been pulled out from under me, along with my father, who broke his ankle walking down the stairs, i try to ignore whatever is in the house, or not to anger it. I believe it is the original owners of the house, like the father and mother, and their children.
Here something that happened to my mother back around 1994-1995. she claims it was true.
my grandfather died in 1994 and was loved by everyone who knew him. My mother was asleep in her bed and she said she dreamed this. Her father was standing at the end of the bed looking over her and smiled and my mom sat up, amazed to see him because he was dead. He told her that the Denver Broncos were going to loose the game the next day. She woke up and thought it was the weirdest dream. Anyway, being a diehard fan of the Broncos, my mom watched the game and guess what, they lost. This may seem like a fake story, but she said it was true. But it makes sense to our family because my grandfather was a big sports fan and often took his children to baseball and football games.
so here's some stories that are true, even if you don't believe in ghosts, like me


Ghost Hunting for the First Time

By: .

I had always been interested in the super natural, but never really experienced anything so crazy, . However, after my trip to St. Augustine....I AM A FIRM BELIEVER.
About a year a ago, my friend and I visited St. Augustine, In Florida ( the oldest city) for vacation. We ended up going on a ghost tour during early night..7:oo pm. on the Ghost tour we learned about a haunted Bed-and- Breakfast and a few houses down was a small cemetery. The cemetery was blocked off so you could only walk around  the front of it ( it was also on Indian burial ground) but you could easily see the whole cemetery.
After the tour my friend and I decided to go back to to the Bed-and- breakfast and the cemetery later that night by ourselves with a video camera and a regular camera and do a little ghost hunting ourselves.
We ending up going at 4:oo am in the morning and it was a full moon. Before we even got their we were both nervous.
We were desperate to see something, we were standing on the side walk in front of the Bed-and Breakfast, it was two stories and the second floor had a porch with a door right in the middle. Where we  were standing we could see the whole front of the house including top porch. and every window.
My friend was video taping ( we were taking along shot to get something on film). We were just filming and we weren't seeing anything so I began talking out loud... I began asking, is it true what they say about this house? Is Someone their? We are not hear to hurt you.. stuff like that, but nothing happened.We didn't see anything.. not even a movement. We both began to feel as if someone were watching us ( maybe a guest staying their) .
We were also bored because we weren't experiencing anything, so we walked down to the Cemetery. Once in front of the gate, I was taking pictures of the cemetery and my friend was complaining that the video kept getting blurry and than the battery died ( we charged the battery fully before we left that night and it never died that fast ever).
We  both began to feel like we were being watched again so we left
When we got back to the hotel, we charged the battery again because we wanted to watch the film..
We watched the film and to our amazement, the film had something totally different than what we saw!! The Bed-and Breakfast, on the second floor their was a little boy peeking out of the glass door, the camera than showed me talking to the house and when it was focused on the porch again the boy was outside on the porch walking back inside, you could see the back of his head and it looked like he was floating back inside and the door closed right behind him, You could even hear the door shut on the video!! We were standing right there didn't see ANYTHING!!. There was no way if anybody came out the door window anything we would see, it was a matter of a few feet.The boys clothes looked brown and old and was a little blury.
By that point we were so shocked and scared..
When the camera turned on by the Cemetery, from what we saw with our eyes was darkness. There were no lights in the Cemetery at all. The video showed  bright white human figures and  it looked like they were carrying something over their heads into a even brighter light.. and than shut off.
It was the crazies thing I ever seen, because I was their and we didn't experience or see anything but when we watched the film their was sh*t on their that we didn't see at all. I can't figure it out.
Your probably thinking what about the pictures I took. When I developed them I have a few with Orbs ( learned that after researching  about it) in the cemetery, and one big reddish-orange over my head from down the block of the bed-and Breakfast.
If you want to experience or physical evidence..visit St. Augustine. It's unbelievable!!
Or if you can explain or had a similar experience please please email me.



A Strange Voice


This incident happened in 1979.  I had been on vacation and had arrived back at my home in Oakland, CA.  There were two houses in our complex and my apartment was in the back.  My neighbor Dan lived in the front house on the top floor.  I had to pass under his window to get to my apartment.  It was a very still day,  It had just rained and was warm and humid, unusual for northern California.  When I passed under my neighbor's window it suddenly got very cold.  I was chilled to the bone.  I looked up to see the curtain in his window waving in the wind.  I thought that strange since there was no wind.  Then, a  voice in my head said, "He's dead."  I'm not psychic or anything like that, so I ignored it.
I did knock on my neighbor's door, but he did not answer.  I wondered about this for a few days.  His car was parked out front.  Well, I got busy with my life, school had started again.  A few days later I came home to see people in front of his apartment.  I spoke to the woman there who turned out to be his sister.  She told me he had passed away and was dead for about a week.  To this day I wonder if I should have done something like call the police, although, I know he was already gone.  This taught me a lesson though, and that is to listen and follow your intuition.  I had  sensed something wrong and did nothing.

A Trilogy of Ghost encounters at Dad's


 Okay, I was staying at my Dad's a month ago. It
is an old house, built in 1795.
  At dinner he and my Step mum told me that their
house was haunted. As a staunch believer in the
supernatural, and ghosts I was excited and a
little scared. They told about a man in a trench
coat they had seen and spirit in their room which
was not of this plane.  And of course, I was told
the ghost would not harm me in any way.
  That night of course, I was on edge about
anything specteral. As I watched TV around
midnight or one AM, I saw a tan colored streak
dart into the bathroom out of the corner of my
eye. I gave the spirit(s) a small warning about
scaring me. Eventually, I continued writing and
watching TV. Though, by the time I went to bed on
my little cot, the spirits were back for an
encore. As I tried to sleep (seething with
paranoia and fear) my dad's cat curled in the
small of my back I felt something. Something was
touching my foot, then pressing down on the edge
of the cot. I jerked my foot away and buried my
head under the covers.
  The night passed with no more event.
 But then, next morning the Phantom Trilogy camt
to a peak.
   As  iwatched, The Lord of the Rings: Return of
the King with my dad, I saw a most bizarre thing(
not onscreen). Over head a black thing, shaped
like a dove, flew overhead and out the window. I
told my dad and he replied:
 "Oh, you'll see that one"
 So ends my Triolgy. I have many more stories to
end, for in my short fifteen years of life I have
encountered a few strange things. And I may have
many more in the future.


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