The Bootie Story



In 1967 we built a new home. My mother died a few weeks before we moved in August. I found out that we were expecting a new baby shortly after that. This would make number four and there was seven years between this one and the last. I had long since given away and gotten rid of any baby things that I had. After we had lived in our new house for about two months I began wishing that I had some of Motherís little booties that she always made for all the babies. They were pretty little things that she put tissue in and they stood up so nice when she gave them as a gift. They had tiny little pompoms on them. She always made mint green or yellow or white if she gave them before the baby was born as we wouldnít know if it was a boy or a girl thirty-five years ago. One day I went into the linen closet in the hall and on the middle shelf, right at the edge where it would catch my eye was a little pair of mint green booties, complete with tissue paper. I asked my sister-in-law about it as she had helped put things away and there were no booties then. Mother had surely come and put the little things there so I would know that all was well, I suppose.  It was a very sad time as I couldnít share things with her about the new house and the baby and I always felt like she wanted me to know that she already knew all this.




The Phone Call

My father remarried about two years after my Mother died and the lady he married passed away after they had been married about two years. She had liver cancer and didnít last long. She had been married to a man who had emphysema. I was talking to her daughter one day after that and told her about a dream I had about Jeanieís death.  I dreamed that I kept getting a phone call from a man who sounded very weak and breathless and he would ask for Jeanie. Finally he called again and I told him that she had died. When I told him that he didnít seem upset at all and seemed quite fine with it. She had such a strange look on her face when I told her and finally she told me that that had to be her Dad. She said thatís just how he sounded on the phone. To this day I wonder if it was a dream or if he really called me. I saw a show once after that about how sometimes the dead will communicate through the telephone. That experience was enough for me!!!

Is It the Train Wreck?


Hello. A friend of mine sent me your link to Arizona haunted locations. She is a skeptic--or was, until learning of what has occurred at my home. We live down the street from Vail High School, listed as one of your haunted places.
To give a brief background, my husband and I are well-educated. I have three college degrees and am a college-level instructor, and he has a B.S. in computer networking and is a highway patrolman. We have two toddlers and are members of a local interdenominational church.
We live in a community called Rita Ranch. Rita Road is about 4 miles long and has small subdivisions along it. While the housing is new (ours is only 2 years old this month), the area has history. In walking distance from our home was a deadly train wreck in January 1903.
Over a year ago, our eldest toddler awoke, crying. He NEVER does this. We awoke at the same time, only to see a group of roughly 15 people walking silently past the foot of our bed. All slowly disappeared, except one: a young woman around 19-21 years of age, long wavy dark hair, wearing a wide brimmed straw hat and a dark dress with white polka dots. Her back was turned to us, she faced our bathroom. Slowly she faded.
After repeated visits by her (none of the rest of the group though), we came to name her Dottie because of her dress. After a month of little sleep we came to realize she meant no harm, or else something would have happened already.
We have had countless encounters with Dottie, and occassionally a couple of other "visitors." One came up behind me where I currently sit, scaring the daylights out of me and disappearing. Another pushed on my calf one day while I was in the restroom. Most of our visitors seem to concentrate near our bathroom or the hallway near our toddlers' rooms. Our son at age 2 was already pointing out "Dave" in the hallway. I think this is who touched my calf that day, as Dave seems to be a child visitor. Neither of my own children were in the area at the time. Upon learning of the train wreck a hundred years ago, I did some research and learned that a little boy was among the dead, though no name was ever learned.
I don't know if the terrible train wreck (14 died) have anything to do with what happens at our home, but we have come to terms with these visitors. Our faith in God has not changed, in fact it has only helped. We figure there are things out there that we as humans are just not yet meant to understand. Visits with Dottie and others are just part of our lives any more.

 The Basement Ghost


One day a few years back I was sleeping over my cousins house and me, her and her little sister were hanging out in their basement. We had been down their for awile and never before had I experieced something so strange as this. We were sitting on the stairs when all of a sudden one of the lights in the basement went of and we didn't know why. I asked her if it was an old lightbulb but she said that it was just replaced.  Her little sister went over and turned the light back on and then came back over and resumed on what she was doing. Then about two-five minutes later it happened again. We got spooked so we went back upstairs. Then we realized that we left something down stairs in the basement. So we all went down together and saw that the light was back on. We screamed  and ran upstairs. I had always wondered why her dog never went into the basement and now I think I know why


Figure on the Wall


I don't really have a name for this story. it's just it happend a few months ago, i was taking my girlfriend home after going to see a movie, she invited me in for a while, for the rain to die down i went into her room, and she brought out a digital camera and said " I wanna take a picture of you, just incase i ever loose you". I agreed and let her take it then, after she took it on her digital camera, she showed it to me, and there was a huge white marking, of a person on the wall, it looked like a lamp light, but the only light she had on was her light bulb on the cieling, we then, took photos of every room in the house, and the same figure appeared, in different places doing different motions, me and her father then went and got some information on the house from the local council, it turned out, the place were she lived, aswell as a huge area arround her was once a graveyard, one of the biggest graveyards in the country, actually as i recall, i still thought it could be just dirt on the lense, but she had lately bought a camera phone and took photos with that, no matter how many photo's you took, that person of light, still appeared in different places in different positions, we broke up a few months later, so i dunno what it's like now.. and thats all i know
 Thanks for listening to my story. and remember that somthing that real could happen to you.

Ghost Chaser


I myself have been a ghost chaser since I was about 12 years old.  I am 23 now.  one of the places that I have been to  will always stick out in my mind.  I was 19 and I heard about this house from one of my friends that lived there.  He swore that it was possessed.  Being of religious nature I went to check it out.  I had two video cameras, one digital picture camera,  an E.M.F. recorder  and a old cassette recorder for E.V.P.  I had set up my stuff and began my "hunting".  The first try,  I didn't find anything on any of my equipment.  As soon as I was ready to leave I heard a faint voice that said "I'm tired of running".  I turned to the direction the voice came from and I didn't see anything.  The only people in the house was my friend and me.  The house is out in the country and it is an old farm house with wooden floors so you would be able to hear if someone is walking around.  So I turned my equipment back on and set it up in different places in the house with the most reported activity.  After two hours of the first sign of haunting I saw a shadowy figure walk into the room where one of my cameras where and I heard a different voice that seemed like an older womans voice saying "I will find you I promise"  When that happened,  the camera I put on a tripod was on the floor.  After viewing the video you see me walking out of the room  ( of course)  but the womans voice was heard and you could see a puff of smoke that moved to one side of the camera lens to the other side and back again.  As being a ghost hunter this is what I like,  but I try to find the harder stuff like polterguiest like activity.  Well, I gave the proof to a priest,  he told me that I was lying and to get on with my life.  I couldn't believe he said that so I told him If he didn't believe me the house was just two miles away.  Come see for yourself.  he did.  When he got there,  we all smelled this horrible odor.  It made the priest vomit.  Then the pictures on the walls started shaking and we heard voices yelling and screaming.  It sounded like they were in pain.  After almost three minutes everything stopped.  Through the whole episode, I had all my equipment running.  I have the proof still.  In the back of the house we heard heavy footsteps and heavy breathing.  I took my picture camera and went to the back of the house.  I had opened the back door and I was pulled out of the house and thrown on the ground.  At that time I heard a child say"it will be ok now"  I fired a picture in that direction and after viewing it you could see a outline of a little kid standing near the door.  I heard my friend and the priest screaming from inside so I ran around to the front and through the front window I saw a man choking the priest.  My friend was still screaming.  I kicked down the door and I saw the priest but couldn't see the man.  As the priest got back on his feet he ran for the door as did my friend.  Upon leaving, we heard what sounded like loud screams.  And they were not coming from us,  and noone else was around.  I went back two days later with two priests  to get my stuff and all of my equipment was already packed up just the way I like it.  In a certain order.  thank you for letting me share that.

Rhode Island Haunting


Hi...I just read your description of the ghost
"George" at the University of Rhode Island J Studio.
The one where a teacher was pushed.  If you don't mind
I'd like to correct you, you see I was a student of
that Theatre Dept and though I wasn't there when the
incident happened the teacher who was pushed told me
the story herself.
Yes there is a ghost(s) in "J" studio but it's not
George. George is a very friendly ghost who hangs out
in Will Theatre which is the main stage theatre.
Usually George turns lights on for people when they
walk around backstage and if he's in a playful mood he
will turn them off but nevers leaves you in the dark.
"J" studio has a number of presences that normally do
not interfere with classes or productions.  You can
feel them around you but it's just the feeling of
being watched by several pairs of eyes.
The event you described actually took place in a
theatre space located on the 3rd level above the scene
shop.  There are several entities in this area but one
in particular is quite malevolent.  If he does not
like you or your production he will let you know.
This studio is used for student productions so there
is always a group of students in the theatre and he is
simply known as the ATS (Afternoon Theatre Space)
ghost. He will completely shut down shows right in the
middle of performance if he is disturbed. The teacher
you mentioned was walking up to the 3rd floor to
evaluate a student rehearsal when the ghost stopped
her from climbing all the way and then tried to push
her down the stairs.  That teacher no longers enters
that part of the building.  She told me the stroy
herself after I had my own encounters in that space
and tried to book another studio for rehearsals.  She
said as far as she knows she was the only one who was
physicaly stopped from entering the area and to keep
working up there. (And knowing this teacher I'm not
surprised!!) As it turned out the spirit liked my show
and we had a great performance.


It had a hold of Me


Hi all
heres my story,about 25 years ago we was at a reception,"engagement",this was held in a pub room upstairs,quite a large room with a stage at one end,where the disco was we sat down about 10 people to a table,about 1 hour in to the event the music became very load i turn to people and ask has the music got louder,but these people just carried on talking,as if i wasnt there,,just then it felt like there was hands on my shoulders i was being ripped out of my seat,and all the time these people were carrrying on talking,i felt very sick,and fightened i was crying and trying to get away,as the music stopped i ran out of the room,still no one noticed,what ever had hold of me wasnt letting go,i ran down the high st in to the light of the shop windows,and eventfully it went,i visited my brother who helped me with breathing to re control myself,we found later that the hall had been used for demon worship,it no longer exists its a car park,
strange eh,not long after that we came in to spiritulism,thru my daughter who was messing with the dreaded board,and something attached its self to her,so we went to the local church,and the rest is history.

Native American Spirits


My name is Joey. I want to share with you about what it was like living in a house with Native American Spirits.
Ever since I was a young boy, my dad has always looked for arrow heads and other "Indian" artifacts. I would walk behind him as we methodically walked the freshly plowed cotton fields of north west Georgia; our heads down, constantly scanning the dirt for treasure. We would gather broken pottery and small flakes of flint. If he found large amounts of pottery, then it was a pretty good sign that there had been a village there at one time. A village meant large numbers of Indians and the Indians of north west Georgia buried their loved ones like we do today. My dad would then go to the car and bring out a tool called a probe rod. He would push this metal instrument into the ground about every 3 feet hoping to push through a grave. Once a grave was found he would start out with a normal shovel and then work down to small dental tools and paint brushes. Everything inside the ancient grave would be taken. (Beads, Arrow Heads, Flint Blades, Pottery Bowls and yes, Skeletons). We could tell if they were male or female because of their hip bones. Women's hips are wider for bearing children and their over all bone structure is smaller. He would look at their teeth to determine their age. Over the years my dad, his brother, and a few close friends managed to excavate over 30 burials. Most of the skeletons would be in very bad shape due to the constant wet soil, but a few were salvageable. My dad ended up carrying 3 men and 3 women back to our home for reassembly & display. Once the skeletons were put back together my dad placed them in a room that was in the back of our home, that we all called the "Rock Room". It was like a small museum. It was wall to wall with artifacts. Show cases full of things he had personally found and bought from other collectors. Our neighbors called us the Adam's Family...
A few years passed and nothing weird ever happened. Then one night, while us children were asleep (me, my brother, and sister) it all started. My dad said that he and my mom had just finished watching Saturday Night Live and were getting ready for bed, when something began to pound on our home's front door. My mom and dad thought that someone was trying to beat the door off of the hinges. My dad said that it was a very strong person and the beating lasted for about 10 seconds. My parents bedroom was directly across the hall from the "Rock Room" and my dad said that once the beating stopped, it was then followed by heavy footsteps that were sliding & dragging down our home's carpeted hallway. Once the footsteps reached my bedroom the steps stopped. My dad thought that whom ever it was, was looking in on me and my siblings. My dad grabbed a metal softball bat and peaked out of his bedroom's door to see who it was. There was no one. Then the dragging footsteps continued. He was looking down the hall, but there was no one there for his eyes to see. As the sounds reached the "Rock Room", they stopped. So much paranormal activity continued afterwards. Everyone in my family eventually heard the Indian. We figured it was one of the large, male skeleton's spirit, due to the sound of it's heavy footsteps. As the footsteps would pass by the refrigerator in the kitchen, all of the magnets would fall off. Rooms would have a chilling cool breeze in them as the walking spirit passed through. A neighbor came over one day and brought her little, poodle dog named Peanut inside. The small dog ran half way down the hall way and began to bark feverishly in the direction of the "Rock Room". Our neighbor walked down the hall and picked up her pet and she asked my mom what we had in that back room. My mom answered that it was only my dad's Indian stuff. We all walked down the hall and entered the Rock Room. One of the show cases was holding the heads of 3 women and 3 men. Their gaze constant. Peanut was still barking and the lady said, "See Peanut, there is nothing in here", and she tossed her dog into the center of the floor. As soon as it's paws touched the carpet, the little dog ran out of the room screeching and crying all the way down the hall. It then busted out the screen on our screen door. Our friends stopped spending the night with us. One by one they would wake up in the middle of the night crying and saying that they heard the heavy dragging and sliding footsteps of the Indian. None of us ever saw a visible figure, except for one night my mom woke up to see that we had left the lamp on in the living room. She said that she began to walk down the hall and as she almost cleared the darkness of the hall way, she looked and saw a huge, bald man with his arms crossed sitting in a chair in our living room. She described him as having huge shoulders, no shirt, and nothing visible below his waist. All she could see was from his waist up. She said that she began to chant Psalms 23 as she walked into the living room. She said that she could feel this being watching her as she crossed the floor. She said that her faith in God's protection never faltered and right before she flipped the switch on the lamp, she turned to look directly @ him, but he was gone. We many times heard mumbling coming from the Rock Room. It was a man's voice and it seemed to be a deep chant of some kind. My mom always said that It was a friendly spirit because it never hurt any of us, but I beg to differ. I was constantly having dreams of demons attacking me in sleep, and my only defense was the Lord's Prayer. They would cringe and scream as soon as I uttered, "My Father who art in Heaven"...
The owner of the property where my dad was digging came to my dad one day and told him that he could not dig on his land any longer. He told my dad that he awoke one night to see Indians dancing around his bed. My dad and his friends continued to dig against the farmer's will. They would sneak in at night with lanterns and shovels. They would dig under the cover of darkness and they loosely joked that they were digging up vampires. Modern day grave robbers they called themselves. They said that they heard a woman scream one night as one of my dad's friend uncovered a female grave. The sun was starting to come up and they all knew that they needed to be gone before day break or else face being shot at by the farmer. This friend of my dad almost had this female skeleton out of the ground but didn't have time to be slow & meticulous. My dad said that his friend seemed to be possessed as he raked back hand full after hand full of cold dirt. My dad said that his friend kept saying that, "I've got to get her out". As the sun was turning the sky into a light purple, my dad's friend in his haste, accidentally pushed his index and bird finger through the eye sockets of this young female's skull. My dad said @ the same instant a woman's scream pierced the early morning silence. They all immediately jumped into the car and couldn't seem to get warm until they were far away...
My mom and dad began to fight and fuss uncontrollably during these years and eventually divorced. The anger and rage in my dad's eyes were like the flames of Hell. I always felt like the Indian spirit was evil in nature, and even after my dad left us and carried all the contents of the Rock Room away, things still happened. I had brought back from one of the earlier digs a complete hand of finger bones and had it wrapped in an University of Georgia cloth in my dresser. Some sort of souvenir I guess?(ha-ha) 2 different nights I found myself waking up, gasping for breath while something had a tight grip around my neck. I then threw the hand bones out in the back yard. The dirt in the burial's was always very rich & black. My mom always carried back bags of this burial dirt to spread over her flower beds around our house. There was so much negative energy in and around our house in those days.
All of that happened between my 8th. and 22nd birthday. I am 36 years old now. We have since sold the house and my dad has sold all of the artifacts....well almost everything. He still has the 6 skulls, and I still feel negative energy when I enter his new home. And the last 2 families that have moved into our old home place have left because their marriages too, ended in divorce...


Yet More


There have been a few more expiriences yet. Weve gotten lost in the woods off of caranza. we were going 4 wheeling in a friends Expedition and the bottom got stuck in the mud in a deep deep puddle. No one had reception and we did not no where we were. I was freaking out of course. I finally got reception when I stuck the antenna of the cell phone to the antenna of the car and got in touch with the state police. THey actually told us there was nothing they could do and we would have to find our way out by ourselves. We proceeded to walk down the desolate road filled with no light other than the night time sky. Long story short we finally made it to Caranza road where the state police greeted us along with a truck that had picked up the call on their CB. THey towed the Expedition out in their gigantic monster truck.. I thank those people daily still. Noises were heard but we didnt think a thing of it. A close friend had many other incidents there but never told us until recently, as in tonight. I cant believe this is the first time on your page and Ive seen not one but 3 expiriences at three different locations on your list.
THe final one was Lambertville High. I myself have seen the apparition on the third floor. I went in the daytime before I decided I would go at night. The place is scary as shit in the daytime and I was in it for all of 10 minutes. Later the same night we went back with about 10 people and I seen it. BUt it didnt look like an apparition as you normally hear it. It had long white hair and a very ghastly looking face. Hadnt I seen it myself I would never believe it hearing from someone else. I haven t been back there since and sitting here right now typing this I want to look over my shoulder.

Supernatural Event


My mother was a superstitious person, but I have never been.  I haven't doubted other people's strange stories, I just never had a strange experience myself.  My Mother passed away in May of 2004.  Her birthday is July 23rd, and that happened to be the day that my wife and I left for the weekend to stay at the Mt. Charleston Hotel in the mountains.  My wife brought candles to light in celebration of Mom's birthday, our first without her.  My wife fell asleep about an hour before me.  When I began falling asleep I felt the sheets by my feet moving.  I felt it several times and woke my wife up to ask her if she was moving her feet, and she said she was not.  I rolled back over, and the sheets began moving again.  It was as though someone were tugging at the sheets, and they were being tugged away from my wife, so I know it couldn't have been her moving.  I felt concerned, but not afraid.  I rolled onto my other side and was now facing my sleeping wife.  I felt something like a hand brush down my leg.  Now I was scared and my entire body became chilled and tingly.  I felt that brush on my leg two more times.  The second time I swatted my arm, fully expecting to hit someone's arm, but there was nothing there.  I woke my wife and in a panic asked her to turn on the light.  There was nothing there.  I slept with the light on that night, the first time I've done that since I was a child.  The next m ning we had breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  I asked the waitress what year the hotel was built and she said 1985.  I asked if there were any spooky stories like at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, and she said the hotel was supposedly built on ancient Indian burial grounds and that women who work in the gift shop swear they see ghosts walking around.  So, I don't know if I had a visit by my Mother or an ancient Indian, but I know I had a visit.


The Two Ghost


Hi,my name is Kaylene I live in Bakersfield,CA.And this is my story I was asking my grandma if I could stay the night at my friend Tiffany's house when I see a light,thats not the last time I will see it,my grandma said yes so I start walking to her house I hear some restaling in the bushes so I run all the way to her house with my stuff.when I get there we watch 7th Heaven and we go to sleep.Right before I go to sleep I see her porslin doll and I get scaried and hug up to my Teddy bear and go to sleep.I had a dream of a women getting mudered by a guy in black.I wake-up sceaming Mrs.Coleman comes in and asks whats wrong I say I had a dream of a women getting murdered.She says its just a dream and says do you want to help me make breakfast?(it was moring) I say sure so I get up and help and after breakfast we go to my house and talk about my dream all day that night I go to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night and se a man strangeling a women at first I thougt that it was my granny then I nodicted that she was to young and I also nodicted that they looked like they where pale so I also noditced they where ghost they saw me watching them and they disappeared I stayed up the rest of the night scaried and also I was in shock intell my sister kept saying Kaylene,and i finally woke-up and I never told anyone but the next night I was looking for my cat in a tree and saw a shoe and a walet I never toke it down it might still be there, so the next morning my family woke-up and found out that my cat had been hit  by a car even though we put him inside and looked the doors how he got hit I thought it was the ghost, but I never found who the ghost are. But they always come back even to this day

Never Know


Hi, I'd like to start off by saying that I really enjoy your site, it just shows me that I;m not crazy and other people see things like me. I don't think my house is haunted but I do beleive that it may be a portal of some sort that different ghosts pass through. I've beleived in the paranormal since I was a child and I've always been able to see or sense things that other people don't. When I was 5 years old my maternal grandmother passed away. We were very close and I think she still visits me to this day. Wehn I was younger I had a rocking chair in my room. Every night before I went to bed I would put the rocking chair in the corner with the seat facing the wall but every morning when I woke up it was sitting right beside my bed. I told my mother and she said maybe it was my grandmother visiting me, One night I woke up and I saw the chair rocking needless to say for a ypung child this was a very scary experience. When I was around 9 years old I was driving past a cemetary with my parents. I looked into the cemetary and saw a young woman dressed in black kneeling beside a grave and crying. She looked up at me and smiled, I turned to tell my mother but when we looked back she was gone. There was no way she could have gotten out of there before I turned around and looked back, there is only one exit and there was no one on the street, my mother told me I was just seeing things. One time I was alone in my house, I was in the kitchen getting a drink and when I turned around there was a small boy standing there looking at me, after about 5 seconds he vanished. I saw the boy again in my basement a few days later. He looked at me and then again vanished. One thing that really scared me is that sometimes when I'm in my basement out of the corner of my eye I see a man standing beside me and I can feel a cold hand on my shoulder. I told my aunt about it and she told me to describe the man to her so I did. She told me that sounded exactly like her father, every detail was the same. The scary part was I had never met my grandfather, he died a few years before I was born...I had never even seen a picture of him so when I told my aunt what the man looked like she was really scared and so was I. There are several other ghosts I have seen in my house but they never seem to stick around. I've seen a woman but I have no idea as to who she may be. I also have seen my dog that was put to sleep. I don't know, I may be crazy or I just might be seeing actual ghosts....I guess I'll never really know for sure.


My Uncle

From: Barrett Funmaker

My uncle was in the hospital and he was dying my mom and auntie was staying at hotel(he was so sick that they had to go to a hospital a couple hours away).My auntie and uncle had stayed there before and (my mom always gets up in the middle of the night) she was sitting there watching tv when my auntie got up and started taking to her self and then she went back to sleep. A couple hours later the hospital called the hotel to tell my auntie that he had died. He had died the same time when my auntie woke up. My auntie told my mom that she was having a dream that my uncle came to her and told her he leaving. After that during the burial the grave ,before we put him away, out of nowhere caved in (my uncle was always sayin g that when he died he make us laugh) and we all couldnt help but laugh. thats just a little story that happen to us.

My Swinging Door


My name is Stephanie,  I'm 15 years old  and I have never really believed in Ghosts. Angels but never Ghosts. Well, My parents have had me and my two brothers move from about 5 different houses. But at each house my parents pray and bless the walls, the last house I lived in they did the same routine, mostly because there was witch craft books in my youngest brother Jacob's room and candles over the window sills when we came the. Well, my best Friend Tiffany came over one day and was going to spend the night. We were in my room playing Monopoly and laughing when suddenly the door started to move back and forth...Tiffany started screaming at looking at me. I'm a very religious person so I just said that it could have been the wind ... but the window was closed. we both looked at eachother. I went out of my bedroom and into the hall and said "JACOB! Stop trying to scare us!" I didn't hear a reply I went to the backyard and found my Mom pulling weeds from the garden. It turned out that my little brother was at his friends house. I have no explanation for that night, but since then I have been having recurring dreams. I hallucinate sometime, or at least I think I do, I have went to my room and the light has flashed on and off then off, same with my bathroom light. My dog scruffy at first refused to go in the bathroom as if he was scared... I have put him in there and he will wimpier and run out. My tia recently died. I saw her twice since then, maybe not the same person but a definite look alike, my Mom was with me and saw the first one. Whenever I see shadows or I start to hallucinate and see people, I look strait at it and say ... "In the Lords name, I rebuke you!" Then the fear is gone and something or someone like my Mom will walk in and all will be right with the world again.

Another Story


I recently started working at a dog grooming facility that is located at the owners home in her basement. She purchased this house after the old owner died. I didn't know until recently he died falling down the basement steps breaking his neck. Now, it was a Tuesday one of the slower days and I was taking my lunch break sitting on the basement steps reading a magazine. The owner has a teenage son who likes to come down stairs and play on the computer and he usually comes down the stairs loudly like a stamped of elephants. So I was startled when I saw his legs brush by me silently. I didn't really look up but I gave my usual greeting of "hi" not really listening for a greeting back I was so ingrossed with what I was reading. When I went back to lunch I was a little surprised to see that Kevin wasn't at the computer and I casually asked if he was in the bathroom. Well, my boss looked at me strangely and said "No, Kevin's at camp this week. He wont be back until next Monday". At first I felt like she was playing a prank and he was in the bathroom but when I checked the bathroom I realized what I've seen, It was the old man coming down the stairs.

A Strange Set of Occurances


I had an experience that was shared with some friends back when we were all around the age of 16-17 (I am currently 31 years old). The experience was actually broken up over the years into a couple of incidents.
This took place close to the San Jose area of California. Three friends of mine and myself used to head up to Saratoga Springs from San Jose to play paintball in the surrounding forest in the mountains along Highway 9, it is a single lane highway that runs through the Santa Cruz mountains and connects San Jose to Santa Cruz. We used to drive over this road numerous times a week to the point of the mountains and look over the entire San Francisco bay area, also at the point of the mountains is a place called Castle Rock, where it is an outstanding place to go climbing, the odd thing about Castle Rock is that the rock formations look to be completely alien to the area, almost like they were picked up out of the ocean and dumped directly on the peak.  And for those who are interested in dropping it in a search engine there is a place called the "Santa Cruz Mystery Spot" where gravity does not function the way you would expect, water flows uphill in one spot and there is a completey flat area that no matter where you stand in it you are constantly leaning towards the center. All of that aside, they are just interesting aspects of the area that kind of add to the overall strangeness.
Back to the original story, myself and my three friends Ray, Dane and Bob, decided to park at a small camping spot called Saratoga Springs and go play two man paintball teams down in the forest. (Keep in mind these mountains are completely covered in pine forests.) we messed around for about an hour this way and then Dane decided that he wanted to check out the dirt road that heads up the mountain directly across from the entrance to Saratoga Springs. I can not tell you how many times we had looked at it and wondered what was up there, it had a small gate, almost like you would see on old railroad crossings and just a small placard that stated, "Mount Cinabar, trespassing is forbidden" The gate was somewhat rusted and had clearly not been used in what could have been years by the look of it's condition. You could actually just step over the gate it was that low. We decided to head up the road just to see where it went, simple teenage curiosity. There never was any notion in our heads of anything sinister or even remotely supernatural.
We joked and talked as we walked up the road until we came to something that was very, very odd, there was a full grown pine tree right in the center of the road. Now what is really strange is that the road is constructed for vehicular traffic, there were even deep grooves from tires that could have been construction vehicles at one point. We all remarked on this and walked on past the tree. As soon as we stepped past this rather unremarkable tree with the exception of it's location we heard what sounded like a dog running and panting just below the road through the trees to our left, (the right side was mountain wall at this point). There were a few barks that sounded like a typical playful happy dog. We looked for a bit and did not locate the animal at all, we could hear it clearly, but could not see it. We continued up the road for a little ways and rounded a turn and the seemingly playful dog decided that he was not so friendly anymore. We started hearing the deep growl and furious running and panting sounds, it was just starting to get dark, we had about an hour of daylight left at this point and Dane being the great tough guy that he was decided that he was going to find this dog. The forest was the twilight type dark where the sun has moved behind the mountains but it was not yet quite dark and Dane walks off the road down into the woods to "find" this crazed animal. Why in the world we thought this was a good idea I will never know, but we all went along, after all we were armed with state of the art paintball guns, hahaha.
Bob was the first one that noticed a pattern, a very disturbing pattern, no matter which way we faced or started walking we started hearing that dog-like growling and shuffling in front of us. Bob also pointed out that there seemed to be a very, very faint light source in those instances. This was enough to creep us out so we made our way back to the road, now it seemed that the animal was in between us and the road, Ray started randomly popping off shots in the direction of any little bit of light we saw, I need to clarify a point now, although Bob, Ray and Dane saw the light areas I did not, so when Ray said that it moved from one point to another very fast when he fired I just agreed. This whole aspect of some of us seeing or hearing something strange and the others not became part of the mystery of this area.
We reached the road and I remember Bob about going nuts saying that he "saw the dog" and that it looked "evil" we started back down the road completely plagued by the dog's growls and barks that were loud and clear to all of us until we got to the tree in the middle of the road, we passed the tree and it stopped completely and suddenly. That aspect in itself was more frightening than anything that had happened to me up to that point in the whole road exploring fiasco. Turning around and looking up the road we could see the bend in the road where things had suddenly turned grim and all of us felt like something was just up ahead and really was waiting.  We went back down the road, very few words were said at all. I was kind of thinking that if we did not talk about it we would get back without incident. Just as we reached the base and the gate off to the right there is a large flat area of forest before the mountain starts, it is about 3 acres in size, there was the sound of barking coming from the far end. We crossed the highway got in the car and Dane pointed out that he could see something, Bob's car was parked facing the flat area and entrance to Mt. Cinabar. This time I did see something as well, a couple of somethings, the only way to describe them would be to have you look up Yeti or Bigfoot and take away all the fuzzy, grainy and badly exposed pictures and make it crystal clear but solid black, kind of like a shadow with substance. Completely black but moving through the twilight trees, two of them. If they had not been some sort of strange shadow people we would have been able to see color and detail as it was still just before complete nightfall. This was major creepout number two. We went back into town, and directly to Dane's house where we talked about it with his mom, who of course laughed it off.  No one spoke about it again for a few months and then we had a party at Ray's house, not really a party but a get together, it was now early autumn and still nice and warm out at night. We kind of compared notes with each other and Ray and Dane both had their girlfriends with them and there was one other kid that had started hanging around with us who was new to the neighborhood named Jon. Well it turns out that Jon ended up convincing us that it would be a good idea to head back up there and find out what it was beyond that stretch of road that successfully thwarted us from going further, this kid was the kind that read all the occult books and was an "expert", he was convinced that something went out of it's way to stop us from going further.  We piled into two cars and now there were 7 of us, the additions being Jon and the two girls. We parked at Saratoga Springs and walked across the road, stepped over the gate and proceeded to hike up the dirt road, nothing really changed or looked different from the months before, everyone was in high spirits, this kid Jon kept going on and on about how he could "feel" all the energy around this area, and other esoteric things, the kid really was a freak, he was a fun guy, but a freak hahaha. Anyway it was about an hour till sundown again, very odd how things work out, and we came to that tree in the middle of the road. This was the point when Dane's girlfriend decided this was no longer fun nor funny. I think she did not believe us about the first time around, but something about actually seeing that really strange tree unnerved her. It took a little coaxing but we got her to step beyond the tree and we were on our way again, completely without incident. There was no dog this time, nothing out of the ordinary happening at all. We reached the bend in the road walked beyond it and the moon was out, it was not a full moon but close and it was nice and bright. Jon looked off to the right and I remember him exclaiming some expletive about a hidden road. We looked at the left side and could see that there really was what looked like a pathway that would otherwise go unnoticed that branched off from the road, the moon was in the perfect position to light it up a bit. It was not an actual roadway or trail, just the trees lined up in a nice tight little alley that ended at the peak which was only about 100 yards up at a walkable incline. Dane decides that he wants to see what is up there, and even I felt a very strong desire (pull) to head up there. Dane started up the path with his girlfriend, Ray and I started up behind him, Ray's girlfriend began having a fit about leaving this place, we should not be here, that is not natural and she feels that something is wrong or out of place, etc. etc. Ray stayed behind with her, I caught up to Dane's girlfriend about halfway up and she is really, really nervous and starts in on the whole, something is not right thing as well.  Ray started yelling up to me that he can barely see me and what is going on? I can see Dane crystal clear at the top, I can see Ray crystal clear at the bottom the moon is bright and lights up the whole area so it made no sense what Ray was saying. Dane's girlfriend headed back towards Ray and his girlfriend and they were all calling me to come back down and Dane's girlfriend started freaking out cuz she cannot see Dane at all. Now on the other side of me, I could hear Dane all excitedly calling me to come up it is awesome, he has never seen anything like it in his life. I wanted to go up there sooooo badly it was an overwhelming feeling, but I finally convinced Dane to come down towards me and "help me find the way up" he gets to me and the kid litterally had tears in his eyes and was going on and on about how awesome it was, but he could not tell me what he saw, when I asked what it was he would change the subject to how I needed to head up there with him. Finally I got him convinced that we needed to go down and get the others. We reached the bottom where everyone was waiting, the girls were having a fit because Jon was missing, nobody saw him anywhere or saw which way he went. We called out for him for about 20 minutes and Bob, who never left the road in the first place decided that we need to head down and call the authorities and tell them that our friend may be lost in the forest.
We walked back down the road and get to the tree (now infamous) and I remember looking at my watch, it read that it was 3 in the morning!!!  This whole incident took place to us in no more than an hour, and we started up just before sunset. How in the world did more than 7 hours pass in that space of time. This was major creep out factor of the area number 3. We got down to the car and there is Jon, crashed out in the back, snoozing away. When we woke him up he told us that he turned around and headed back at the point where we hit the tree in the road cuz he was severely frightened. Now for major creep out factor number 4, if that is the case, who in the hell was with us after that point and who was it that pointed out that path? This second trip to Cinabar was by far the most strange, to this day, Dane does not talk about what he saw, Ray insists that he could "barely see me at the halfway point and that Dane was simply not there at all at the top even though he could see the whole terrain.
The third and final incident of the Cinabar Chronicle here happened many years later. I had joined the military and my ship was about a month outside of coming home stateside after being deployed for 5 months, when a couple of my shipmates were talking about strange things they had seen or experienced. It came to me and I related the incidents above to them and of course they insisted that it was the most irresistable of all and one that sounds like a great adventure, so we made plans to revisit Cinabar when we pulled into port, afterall we all had 30 days of leave coming up. Our home port was San Diego so we decided to make a road trip and drove up the coast to Santa Cruz. We messed around for a few days, taking in the sights as tourists for them and as home for me. We finally go ahold of my buddy Dane and his younger brother Justin wanted to come along. This time it was only my two military buddies, Chris and Eddie, Dane and his little bro Justin and myself. This one ended up being short and sweet, we drove out to the familar parking area of Saratoga Springs and got out and walked to the entrance to the Cinabar road. We went over the small gate and started walking up the road, talking about this and that when there was the most nerve wracking sound I have ever heard in my life, the only way to describe it would be if a large metal machine could scream in anguish. It was so utterly foreign sounding and terrifying that we all took off and back over the gate, to the cars. The sound bellowed out again and we could see something like inky blackness forming on the opposite side of the gate. Then what was the most innocent looking cat walked out of that darkness, jumped up perched on the gate and just looked at us intently for awhile jumped down and walked back up the dirt road and out of site.  It was enough to frighted grown men and war veterans into not wanting to explore the issue any further.
One day I would like to explore this phenomenon further, find clues or answers to these strange occurences.  If any of your readers out there have any other information about this area please forward their comments to me.


I Heard the Sound


Hi. I would like to submit a story about an
"experience." It's not too interesting but I thought
maybe you'd like to hear about it anyways. Now
assuming what happened to me last night was real and
not a hallucination or my mind playing tricks on me
then this would be the first "paranormal" experience I
have ever had in my life.
Last night I was in my room, sitting at my computer,
browsing the internet when suddenly I hear a sort of
"ringing" sound from behind me. It sounded like a
chain rattling or something metal being dropped on the
floor. When I first heard it I turned around, took a
quick glance behind me, and thought nothing of it. The
second or third time I heard it, it was louder and
more clear. At that point I jolted, grabbed my
butterfly knife that I had sitting near me on my desk
next to my tv set, and as I spun around in my chair I
got up and went to look for the source of the sound. I
couldn't figure out what caused the sound. Afterwards
I decided to just turn off my computer and leave the
room to go to bed (I sleep in a different room, mind
I told my grandma about it (I live w/ my grandma. I've
been living with her since my mother died going on 6-7
yrs ago. And my father is dead to.) and she said the
sound must've been caused by the neighbor working on
this bus they keep in their back yard. (my room is
rectangularly shaped and in back of me is a window
facing the neighbor's yard across the street). I told
her she was wrong - I heard the sound INSIDE my room...

The Baker Hotel


Back a few years ago, I was told about the famously haunted hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas called the Baker Hotel.  A few of my buddies had been there and had told me some of their stories.  I of course was a huge skeptic at the time and I had to go take a look for myself.  I had it planned for a week with my best friends Craig, Dale, and Heath.  On the way we were all joking about getting caught by ghosts and about getting lost and not being able to find our way out.  Just being dumb.  When we finally got there, the reality started to hit us that it may really be haunted.  We entered the rear of the hotel that led into the old gym. We immediately could feel that we were not alone in this place.  We made our way to the lobby that the mezzanine overlooked.  Then we heard the footsteps coming from the Brazzos room.  The huge old wooden door that separated the Brazzos room from the lobby was closed none of us had the guts to open it.  The footsteps only lasted a few short seconds, then disappeared. We then went to the second floor that the staircases were located.  We began up the stairs and heard our first "growl".  We all almost tumbled back down the stairs it startled us so badly.  I say it was a growl, but it was more like someone clearing their throat. But it was as if it was done to signal that we were not supposed to be there and to get the hell out.  I believe that it was Mr. Baker himself.  We made our way to the Seventh floor.  I was told that it was were the mistress had stayed in one of the suites.  We get up there and Craig turns to me and says, " Is there someone up here with us?" I told him that it sure did feel like it.  We went to her illeged room and we noticed a fresh arrangement of flowers in one corner.  And on the same table we saw a very old ring.  It looked like silver or maybe pewter, I wasn't sure of it except that it was ancient.  Heath being the jokster and non-believer that he "was" he grabbed the ring and started to walk out of the room with it.  I said, "Hold on a minute, what do you think you are doing!?" He said, "Im just taking a souvenir." I said, "She might not like that too much." So as we were walking out of her room, I heard a light rustling of something in the deadend wing to our left. I told them to shut up and wait a minute.  The noise became louder.  Ill never forget what I saw when I looked into the next room.  The blinds on the window were opening and shutting, not the whole thing going up and down, but the blinds opening and closing.  It was doing this as if someone was running their fingers up and down them.  Then before I could move, all of the blinds in all of the rooms surrounding started doing the same thing.  Then as we turned to run the hell out of there.  The silouette of a woman in a flowing white gown started to come at us from the end of the hallway that the dead end was.  She was not running, she was gliding or floating towards us very fast.  I don't think ive ever ran down seven flights of stairs that fast in my entire life.  Craigs brother Dale was taping the whole ordeal and we watched it when we got home.  Aside from the woman, we also noticed many orbs of light throughout the building.  No wonder we felt like we were being watched and followed!


Hawaii Stories

By: Anonymous

1) The Type-writing ghost of Farrington High School
    In 1987, I graduated from Farrington High School in the Kalihi District of Honolulu, Hawai'i. This school, for generations, has been known to be haunted. Particularly, in the "green" room of the auditorium. That is the one place known for hauntings in this school. The school also has a long history of gang violence and stories of deaths caused by violence have tainted the school's, and the neighborhood's, reputation for decades.
    As a skeptic, I wanted evidence; I wanted to see if the whole school was really haunted. So, my friend Stephen and I decided to go and check out the school one night. It was the middle of summer and he was going to spend the night at my place. I lived up on a hill called Alewa Heights, which was below another school known for hauntings- Kamehameha Schools, which encompassed small part of the top of a mountain in Kalihi.
    To get to Stephen's place- which was in lower Kalihi- we had to pass by, or walk through, Farrington High School. As with most kids back then, we decided to travel through the high school grounds. Despite the stories of hauntings and the school's history of violence, many kids did this. The groundskeeper lives on the school grounds, next to the cafeteria on the west end of the school. We entered through the east end, pass the tennis courts, walked across the football field, and pass the gym and swimming pool. We walked under the library, which was upstairs of a sort of U-shaped, two-story building. We then walked across the courtyard to where the typing rooms were, at the opposite end of this odd U-shaped building, and at the west end of the school. We were in no hurry, at ten o' clock at night, in the middle of summer, what was the hurry? We were talking about how we'd go and get his clothes, some money, and then come back to check out the school grounds. We couldn't figure out how we were going to check out the haunted auditorium.
    As we passed the typing rooms, we heard someone typing rapidly in one of the rooms. We stopped. We both heard the type-writers without a doubt. The room was dark, and so was the hallway we were in. I whispered, "I think someone's trying to break in." He suggested that maybe it was a teacher staying late. But, at ten o' clock at night? Incidentally, the typing rooms were used for summer school classes, through out the summer. So, his suggestion was plausible, but highly unlikely- what teacher would stay pass ten o' clock at night to correct summer school papers when those classes got out early in the afternoon? We ruled out the janitor and the groundskeeper for basically the same reason, why would they clean this late into the night? The whole time, the rapid typing continued.
    We decided to go around the building and look into the classroom because these ground level classrooms had big windows that could be looked into. Also, where this building was, across from the cafeteria, there was a road at the west end of the school from which cars could enter so parents could drop off their kids. It goes through the school, pass all the other two-story buildings with classrooms.  It passes portable classrooms, shop classes, and then the gym, the swimming pool, the auditorium, the basketball courts, and the parking lot. Everything from the shop classes to the parking lot are on the east end of the school, and all of which are supposedly haunted. The road finally opens onto the street at the south end, which is the front of the school. The road was well-lit for there were lots of street lamps, and thusly, the typing rooms could be peered into very easily because of the light provided by these street lamps.
    As we resumed our steps, the typing stopped, but not completely. It was more like whomever was in there knew they'd been discovered, but they were intent on typing, and every now and then we'd hear a few keys being hit, as if they were trying to sneak in a few more letters. We quickly walked around the two-story building and snuck up to the windows of the classroom from which we heard the typing. The groundskeeper was nowhere to be seen; the lights in his house were on, though. We both looked into the classroom and saw nothing but a darkened room with covered type-writers. We were dumb-founded. There was no one in there. The street lamps offered enough light to see that there was no one there.
    Ever skeptical, we decided to go back into the hallway just outside the room. Again, we heard the rapid typing. At the sound of our shuffling feet, the typing stopped, just like before. What was going on? It never occurred to us that this could've been a haunting, we really thought someone was trying to break in.  We wanted to catch the perpetrator. So, we sat on the low wall across from the classroom and silently waited. As before, we heard a few keys being tapped, as if they knew we were there.
    After a few minutes the typing resumed. We looked at each other. Stephen whispered something and the typing stopped. We decided to go back around the building and look in the room again when Stephen said, "I just saw somebody." He was pointing to the window above the door. Now, in order for someone to look out of that window, they'd have to be very tall and standing on a chair, a very tall one. We ran around the building and looked in. From the time it took for us to run around the building and to the window, it was really not possible to drag a chair back to its original spot, cover a type-writer, and then hide. It took less than a minute to run around the building. Same as before, not a sign of anyone in there- no chair up against the door either.
    Once again, back into the hallway to sit on the low wall across from the room. And sure enough, the rapid typing coming to a halt. Now, we didn't whisper. "What the Hell is going on?" I asked. Then, of a sudden, Stephen shouted, "There!" he was pointing at the window above the door again, and this time we both saw a white silhouette of someone looking down at us. Only the upper chest, head and arms- as if resting its elbow on the top of a counter- were visible. We saw it clearly, for it didn't quickly vanish, it just watched us for about twenty seconds then it dropped out of sight. We ran around the building again to look in the room once more, just to be sure that we saw what we saw. Then, we left the school, too dumb-founded to even be scared. We felt no fear, but it was eerie. We saw a ghost, actually saw one! And, heard it, too- typing.
    But, being a skeptic still, I returned a few nights later with a girl I was seeing at the time, and her two cousins- who were from the other side of the island and not familiar with the school. I didn't tell them what really happened, I just told them I thought the room might be haunted and that we should go check it out. I didn't want them playing any tricks just to get out of it- most local people of Hawai'i do believe in ghosts. Just like with Stephen, the same thing happened. A week later, still not believing, I returned with two friends of mine, they're brothers, who lived across the street from the school. I didn't tell them either about what I'd actually seen and heard, twice. And, as both those previous times, the experience was the same. These two guys ran, and fast.
    Both times I took these people around the building, and just like with Stephen and me, no one could be seen in the darkened room, until we went back into the hallway and heard the rapid typing and waited on the low wall until the white silhouette showed itself.
    Later that summer, Stephen and I told this story to one of my younger sisters and her friends, plus my two brothers and their friends. We all sat in a circle in my living room telling ghost stories. My other younger sister came home right when we were telling this story; she'd never heard about my experience before that evening, but she said the same thing had happened to her and her friend one night as they walked through the school and pass that same typing room. She told us that my cousin also had the same experience. But, neither of them went around the building to look into the room. They just heard the typing, saw the white silhouette, and got out of there.
2) Ghostly experiences at Kalakaua Intermediate
    These few experiences happened on the same night as the "Type-writing ghost of Farrington High School" experience in the Kalihi District of Honolulu, Hawai'i. In fact, they happened just minutes after it.
    After leaving Farrington High School, my friend Stephen and I walked down Kalihi Street, a four-lane street that ran from lower Kalihi and up into Kalihi Valley and connected to Likelike Freeway, which leads to the other side of the island. A half a block down from Farrington High School is Kalakaua Intermediate. We had to pass through this school to get to Stephen's apartment which was across the street from this school, at the south end. We entered at the front of the school which was west; we came from the north. As we passed the offices and the portable classrooms, we could hear voices coming from R building, which was across an open field and to our right. At our left was the principal's office and the health room. The street lights of Kalihi Street and the lights from the tennis courts behind R building provided sufficient light for us to see into the stairwells of R building.
    These voices did not sound like people playing tennis, especially since in Kalihi most people didn't really do such things pass ten o' clock at night. Kalihi was a very rough neighborhood back then, and for generations before that, was reputed to be one of the worst neighborhoods on the island of O'ahu. Also, these voices seemed to be made up of both male and female voices laughing and speaking all at once. No single language could be discerned. And to hear them with such clarity over the open field made no sense at all, either. They were disturbing to hear.
    Despite our most recent experience at the high school, we still remained skeptical about ghosts. We knew of, and had heard many stories, hence the reason for us being out- we were ghost-hunting. But, we weren't hunting for them here, just the high school. Our nerves weren't shot, nor were we afraid. Excited, yes, but not afraid. We were having a good time. Until we heard the voices coming from that stairwell. It was then that we decided to search this school before going to his place.
    After a few minutes of listening to these voices and seeing no source, we pushed on. There was nothing paranormal as we passed the two portable classrooms which were on our right, R building was also to our right, but at the front of the school. We were between the two portables, and the library- which was at our left. Finally, pass these buildings, Q building was at our right. Now, this building was reputed to be haunted by a ghost just outside of it. We were expecting to see the ghost of someone who committed suicide hanging from a tree right in front of the building. No ghost. We turned left, around the library and now had the cafeteria at our right- which was across from the library and a very small field- about twenty yards. Still, nothing.
    As we turned left again around the library to head back toward the front of the school, we were now between a two-story building and the library with two more portable classrooms just ahead across from the principal's office and health room. But, as soon as we turned the corner, a very pungent, tangy/sweet smell hit us. We stopped dead in our tracks. It was also cold right in this spot. A cold spot on a hot summer night with no wind, in Hawai'i? We didn't move from it, instead we started recalling things that we'd both heard about the presence of ghosts. I asked him, "Eh, can you smell that, I mean actually smell that? I'm not paranoid am I? This smell is for real, yeah? And it's cold, yeah?" Stephen said, "I can smell 'em. It's cold. It's for real." We both knew that ghosts sometimes left a sweet smell or the smell of something rotting and that often times if a ghost was present, the spot that it haunted would be very cold. So, walking right into a cold spot, out in the open on a hot, windless, summer night in Hawai'i made us wonder and we really questioned the peculiarity of it all.
    We decided to walk back around the library. Again we heard the voices coming from R building. We didn't go and investigate like we did at the high school because we didn't want to be seen from the main street by the cops, not in Kalihi. We went back to the spot with the smell and the cold. Sure enough, it was there, just like before. Now we decided to head to his place, it was getting late, and he had to get there before his grandmother went to bed. So, we walked pass the cafeteria and headed for the basketball courts- Q building on our right, the cafeteria on our left.
    Now we were near J building, the basketball courts in full view, and the lights shining very brightly onto the asphalt we walked on. I stopped because now I heard a third set of footsteps next to me, at my left. Stephen was on my right. He heard it, too. Standing in the glow of those bright court lights, we saw no one next to me. I think I asked if someone was there. I know I said to Stephen something to the effect of, "Dude, who's walking next to me? We're in the lights of the courts, there is nobody next to me." He said, "I know." After about a minute of trying to find this third person we walked across the courts and to his apartment. The footsteps followed until we actually walked across the courts.
    Now, once we got what he needed, we decided to go back through the school-not to look for ghosts but because traveling through it was a shortcut. Which was the reason why we came into this school in the first place. So, back across the well-lit basketball courts and onto the asphalt walkway that lead to the cafeteria. This time no footsteps. But, now we were in the dark again and behind the cafeteria, and between it and two old stone buildings, heading toward an open field northeast of where we were- it was only ten yards from the path we were currently on. Now we were at E or F building, and the huge open field before us. The far end of the field was partly lit because of the street lights but there was very little light here, yet we could still see better than on the walkway that brought us here.
    Right before I got off the concrete walkway something small walked right in front of us. Stephen saw it first, but I was the one who said, "Dude, what the Hell was that? I just saw something black walk right in front of us. It looked like a cat but they have four legs!" This thing I saw was as tall as a house cat, black, had no tail, and walked on two legs. Its head wasn't like a cat's, though, nor did I see any eyes. In fact, it was more like the silhouette of something small and bipedal. In Hawai'i, we don't have raccoons, possums, porcupines, squirrels, moles, or any of the other wildlife found in the rest of the 49 states. The only thing indigenous to the islands are birds. Anything else would have to be brought there from somewhere else.
    Once this thing passed me it disappeared, not around a corner, but right into the shadows. It disappeared right into the wall of the building. We walked hurriedly across the field and toward the well-lit street that was lined with houses, cheap apartments, and businesses. Finally, after all of what we experienced, fear set in, and now it wasn't fun anymore. We both had the same experiences, questioned them because we were skeptics, but nonetheless knew that what we had gone through really did happen to us. Most of us locals of Hawai'i are taught that Hawai'i's ghosts are to be taken seriously. We both respected other people's belief in ghosts though we were skeptics; now we were taking ghosts seriously.
    We still had to walk pass Farrington High School, on the east side, the side we had entered an hour or so ago when we began our ghost-hunting adventure earlier that night. Where we were now at, taking a short cut through the high school wasn't feasible. We were on Houghtailing Street, and like Kalihi Street, it started in lower Kalihi and passed the high school but on the eastside of it. The street ran up the hill to Alewa Heights, where I lived. In fact, I lived on this street, and going through Farrington was an unnecessary detour and a waste of time. We wanted to get back and report to my family, and whatever friends were spending the night, about what we'd just experienced.
    The street was lit, not very well, but at least it had street lights. On Houghtailing Street, this part, the southeast corner of the school was raised and stood twenty feet above us, then leveled off by the stairwell at the north end. As we walked along this wall, something or somebody followed along with us, but above us and outside of the fence that ran along the parking lot, the basketball courts, the football field, and the tennis courts. We heard the footsteps in the fallen leaves from the trees growing out of the sidewalk we were on. When we looked up at the top of the high wall there was no one there. We walked faster and it matched our pace. Finally, we ran. It did, too. When we got to the stairwell that we entered the high school from earlier that night, we stopped and looked up. There was nobody there.
3) The Hawaiian Press
    Many people that visit or move to Hawai'i from the "mainland" or "the continental U.S.," if they stay long enough, hear about the ghosts of Hawai'i. Many people don't take the local people very seriously. The people of the islands are unique in one respect, for ghosts are taken very seriously by many who live there, even if they've moved to the islands from somewhere else. For, sometimes things happen to make people, if not fully believe, at least come to respect the locals' beliefs in, and customs about, their ghosts. This story happened to my friend "D" and his then girlfriend, "J"- a local girl. They told me this story the next evening, when I saw them again. I'm not going to give the real names of anyone involved as I just mean to protect the people I care about.
    "D" was an Irishman from New York and was stationed on the island of O'ahu at Wheeler Air Force Base. He was not a skeptic, but he was not yet ready to believe in the superstitions, legends, and stories of the locals, either. Mind you, not everyone believes in ghosts there. I'm a native of Hawai'i now living in Washington State. I was a skeptic for many years and still, at times, am not ready to believe a ghost story when I hear one. Most times, I need to experience it for myself before I believe.
    About ten years ago, when I still lived there, my friends and I were drinking and partying at a friend's house in an area known as Aiea- on the island of O'ahu- which over looks Pearl Harbor. The question came up about certain types of ghosts in Hawai'i and my friends decided to ask me about them, being that I am part Hawaiian. A lot of my friends were white, or had "mixed" ethnic backgrounds, as many people do in Hawai'i; they figured that I would know about such things, and I actually do.
    I answered their questions and a lot of what I told them just sounded like superstitious hodge-podge and strange customs, though they all respected the "rules" when it came to going to certain reputed haunted areas; many were born and raised in Honolulu or on the island of O'ahu. "D," the New Yorker, even respected what I told everyone. We were partying at my friend "O's" house because his parents were gone. Now, where "O" lives is up on the top of this mountain near a national state park. Apparently, this park was once the sight of a heiau(hey-ow), an ancient Hawaiian temple, and a very sacred place. It is considered sacred to this day by many people of Hawaiian descent, myself included.
    Anyway, when the party was over and everyone had gone home, "D" had no way back to Wheeler Air Force Base- no problem, "O" said that he and "J," "D's" girlfriend, could spend the night. It was the weekend anyway. So, "D" and "J," and a few others slept on the floor in the living room, or anywhere they could find a spot. "D" says that he was sound asleep when all of a sudden he couldn't breathe. He opened his eyes and felt as if he were choking and as if something or someone was crushing the air out of his lungs. "D" was a big guy and had the strength to lift someone off of him, if there had been someone to lift.
    "J" says that she woke up and could not help him, though she tried. According to "D," he said that when he opened his eyes he looked at the ceiling. The room was very dark, almost pitch black, but he said that he saw a sort of cloud moving across the ceiling right over him. It had no distinct shape. And, it was darker than the darkness of the room. "J" urged him to wake up. "D" said he was awake. He couldn't move his arms or anything else. He couldn't call out and the air was being crushed out of him by someone or something extremely heavy, sitting or pressing down on his chest. It scared the Hell out of him because he could see the cloud-like shape that was darker than pitch black hovering above him on the ceiling, then it was on top of him. I don't recall if "J" told me she had seen it but I think she did; she did say she had an inclination as to what it was, she being a local girl. She kept trying to shake "D" and eventually the thing lifted off of him, and he could get air back into his lungs. Frightened, they eventually went back to sleep.
    Upon waking he told those there, and "O," what had happened. "J" had an idea as to what happened, and "O" said that he thought the house was haunted. "O" told them about the national state park and about the heiau. He also told them about some things that had happened in that house but nothing like that. Another friend, also named "D," also saw the black shape on the ceiling sometime before "D" from New York was attacked. I spoke to one of them on the phone about it, and when they all saw me the next evening I had them tell me everything. Over the phone "J" told me what she suspected, and I agreed with her. But, when we were all together I told them it was something we islanders call the "Hawaiian press."
    It is a spirit that comes while someone is asleep and crushes the chest of that sleeping person, forcing all the air out of the lungs and asphyxiating its victim by the crushing and choking of said victim. It is something that has happened to a lot of people for generations. I told them it probably had to do with the location of the house and how it was so close to the heiau. I didn't think it had anything to do with any of them not being of Hawaiian descent.
    But, I did tell them that it might have also been the passing of the Night Marchers. These are the spirits of ancient Hawaiian warriors, royalty, or gods traveling to a sacred place- like a heiau- or they are one their way to gather the spirit of someone who is about to die. These spirits are usually seen by people of Hawaiian descent, not always but usually. People of other ethnic backgrounds have reported seeing them.
    The Night Marchers' trails are many and sometimes go right through peoples' homes. They are seen on almost all of the Hawaiian Islands. Many people say they float above the ground and their feet are not visible. It is said that if they see you, you must strip off all of your clothes, and lie on your back as they cry out how shameful it is for you to be found in such a manner. Usually, if this happens, one of them will kill you with a spear. They've also been known to crush people just by walking over them. Sometimes a person can be saved, if he or she has an ancestor in the procession. To hide, to not be seen by them is the best anyone can hope for, if they are seen.
    Incidentally, we had talked about the Night Marchers the night before when everyone asked me about Hawai'i's ghosts. Some of them kind of laughed and joked about the Night Marchers coming, after I said not to. "D," my friend from New York was not one of those who laughed, but he was interested in hearing about them.
    I think it was the "Hawaiian press" and not the Night Marchers. Whatever it was, many of my friends now believe and now have a greater respect for Hawai'i's ghosts and the beliefs and customs of us Hawaiians- strange as they may seem to others. Though, I can be very skeptical about ghosts, I do believe in the "Hawaiian press" and do not wish to experience it, nor do I ever joke about the Night Marchers. Ever. Being part Hawaiian, it's the one thing I won't do.

 One of Many


I was taking a class on mediumship when I had this experience. For those of you who don't know what mediumship is, it's the act of communicating with the dead. I wanted to chat with passed family members. Just to see if they would come through during the class.
Nine months earlier a close friend of mine and my husbands died on his motorcycle. It was totally unexpected and we were devastated. Our friend came thought that night. He wanted to let me know he is with us. Always keeping any eye out for our family. The funny thing is that while he was being channeled the energy between myself and the "teacher" was so great that it knocked me out of my chair. It felt like the room became a tunnel, with everyone disappearing except myself and the medium. That energy pushed me backwards. I did not feel myself hit the floor. I did not get hurt. The whole class needed a break after that. The medium told me it was a first for him. He said he felt my friend move past him to try and grab me. I think he did. I didn't get hurt.  To this day I can "feel" his presents in our home on a daily basis. I love that he is still with us. It warms my heart.

Ghosts in my House


I lived for 20 yrs in a home in Bettendorf Iowa on 23 rd street at the top of the hill from the Mississippi River. I knew when my husband and I first moved in that it was haunted.  The only bathroom was downstairs, it was a small 4 room house upstairs. One bedroom off of the kitchen, and another I used off of the living room, it was meant to be a dining room I believe, because it was separated from the living room by a large open archway. The house was built around 1900. My father helped us purchase it just before we married. When you went downstairs, you came into a big room, and if you turned to your left there was a door next to the steps leading into the utility room where the furnace and hot water heater were, and a place for a washer and dryer.  Behind the furnace area was a bathroom consisting of a toilet, sink, and shower. Right above the bathroom is the doorway between the kitchen and living room. At the bottom of the stairs and after taking a few steps and to the right you are standing at the door leading outside. You have to go up a few steps to the yard, and in front of you to the left is a big fir tree.
Now that I have described the house as it was when I lived there. I can tell you all that happened in 20 years of living there.
I worked through the summer months of March through December, and my husband worked for the telephone company as a repairman. So during the day the house was empty most of the time. One day I was sitting at home in the living room, it was probably one of my days off, I know it was the middle of the day. I heard the kitchen cupboards shut, and the sound of glass tinkling together in the kitchen. I got up to see what it was, but there wasn't any glass or anything on the counter. Nothing was on the counter at all, and nothing was moved in the cabinets.  The next time I had a day off, I again was sitting in the living room, and I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The door to the basement stairs was closed, but upon opening it, there wasn't anyone there, and I never heard them going back down the stairs. This I would hear many many times over the 20 years I lived there. When I told my husband about the steps on the stairs, he said I was nuts.  But it was only a year or so later that he woke me up in the middle of the night because he too had heard them. While at work, my younger brother had gone to the house to call our mother, he had torn his pants in school, and wanted her to bring another pair. The school was right across the street from our house.  She said when she got there he was sitting outside, and refused to go back in alone. He had heard the footsteps going up the stairs too. I nor my husband had ever told him about the footsteps. He was a sophomore or Junior in high school, and a big kid, but scared to death to go into my home anymore alone.
  After 3 1/2 yrs of marriage, my husband and I were blessed with our first daughter. I got used to the noises of the stairs, but then, I would lock all the doors, and go downstairs to shower, and while down there in the shower, I could hear footsteps of someone walking from the living room into the kitchen. They sounded like someone was pacing about 5 steps each, back and forth. The first time, I ran up the stairs draped in only a towel and soapy hair, only to find the doors still locked and no one there. I searched every room and the one and only small closet. After the 4th time of hearing this from the shower I stopped bothering to go look. For the whole rest of the 20 yrs, these 2 things happened all the time, never at the same time of day, or on certain days either. My husband and I had another daughter. And when she was 18 months old we divorced. I stayed with the house, and ended up living with a guy I had gone to school with. We had 2 sons as well. He never mentioned hearing anything ever. But, the kids and I had more coming.
My youngest daughter was around 12 when she told me that she was laying at the end of her bed when something yanked her pillow out from under her head. Nothing like this had ever happened before. And she knew about the stairs and the steps from the shower, so I chaulked it up to her imagination until it happened to me as well. I had a daybed in the living room, and it was over 100 degree's outside. I had put a fan in one of the living room windows, and pulled the bed out into the living room to lay on. The boys were in the bedroom sleeping on their beds, and their sisters were in DesMoines visiting their father for a few weeks. I had just laid down for a nap while the boys were having theirs, and had been dozing when I felt a tug at my pillow. I looked up and all around and no one or nothing was there. I laid back down and not much later it happened again. I grabbed my pillow and folded it tucking it under me a little more. I dozed back off and the next thing I knew it was yanked hard out from under my head. I yelled at the ghost to knock it off and it never happened again. Not to me anyway, but later my younger son said it happened to him as well.
I also had gotten a LHasa Apso right after my first daughter was born. And after the birth of my 2nd son, his father let him out without chaining him up. We never saw him again. He was old and had already lost some of his teeth, so I knew he might have gone away to die somewhere. He was around 5 yrs old already when I got him. It was about 1 year after I last saw him that I was laying in bed almost asleep when I heard the same sounds I had heard so many times before. Sarge, my dog, running up the basement stairs, sliding around the corner in the kitchen, and the tapping of his nails on the tile. I heard him go to the foot of the bed like he always did, and I felt him tug the blanket off the end of the bed to make him a bed on the floor. He always pulled just enough down to lay on.  Forgetting he was gone, I scolded him by name before realising he wasn't around anymore. I got up to check, and he wasn't there.
My sons father believed it was haunted too, but he never said if he heard or experienced anything. I just know that for the 20 yrs I spent there, the foot steps on the stairs and between the rooms never stopped. I split up with my sons father as well and sold the house and moved.
I had found out though years ago that a polish couple had lived there. He had walked out of the basement door and died from a heart attack under the tree. His wife married someone else and moved not long after. Another couple bought the home, and she left him for someone else after living there for a few years. We bought it from him, and our marriage ended as well after 7 yrs. The man I sold it to, lived there for about a year and his wife left him as well after many years of marriage.  I heard that everyone who has rented it from him since has gotten divorced or had a lot of problems. No one stays there for long. I think I lived there longer than anyone had for many decades. It almost makes me wonder if the house was cursed.
My daughter went to school with a girl who lived there for a short time. When my daughter asked her why they didn't stay, she wouldn't answer her. Like she was afraid to say. I know I am not nuts, because not only did I hear these noises, but my own brother, my ex husband, and all 4 of my children. And the tugging of the pillow happened to my daughter first, so after it happened to me, I had to believe her and then my youngest son when he told me too.
Well thank you for letting me tell you about my own experience. And as for seeing anything, it never happened, maybe if I had I wouldn't have been there for 20 years. Hearing it didn't bother me though.

Black Shadow at Bedside

By:  Anonymous

When we first got married, my husband and I rented a house from a friend.
I hated this house from Day One.It's just incredibly ugly and inconvenient in it's layout.
Our second night there, I woke with a start, to find, bending over me and looking close into my face, a tall black shadow.
Looking back now, I don't know why I said this, I think maybe it was the gangly way it was standing, and the ironrod way it held itself-  it's butt didn't stick out to counterbalance it's weight as it bent over to look at me-
but I pulled my fists to my chest, like a boxer, and said, "Nasfaratu!" (yes, I know, not Vampire, not Dracula, but Nasfaratu...) And it vanished.
At this point my husband leaned over into my face and asked me what was wrong.
Remember, I'd just been scared, and had my fists up ready for a fight.
I socked him one solid on the chin without thinking.
I dismissed it as a nightmare until about a week later, when my husband was sitting in the livingroom, and I was asleep in the bedroom.
He at first thought that I had walked out of the bedroom, and into the kitchen,
"Until," he said, " I realized you weren't seven feet tall, and didn't own a solid black robe."
Later, I found out from people in the neighborhood, that there's about three whole blocks just littered with these things, whatever they are, just roaming about through people's houses.


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