A Soldiers Ghost

By: Christieandpete@aol.com

Hello I encountered the paranormal once.I was in my room sleeping(at the time I was about four or five years old and trust me I was sleeping hard)and I woke up and then sat up and I saw a it looked like a soldier of some type.I never saw it again.I recall that my dad told me that the appartment I live in was built over some WW2 barracks.



By: BFFArmy@aol.com

Now I don't exactly remember this but my mom swears it's the truth. I'm 18 now, and when I was 2 or 3 my mom took me to the cemetary to see some relatives. I started wandering around like toddlers do and began pointing and talking gibberish about babies. My mom figured it was just baby talk, and as she picked me up to leave she noticed that I had wandered into the baby section of the cemetary. Needles to say, she left totally freaked out. I've never had any paranormal experiences since than, but to this day that story intrigues me.

Boarding School Night Mare

By: adowl1@eq.edu.au

I have hade some really weird things happen to me, like hearing people call my name when no one was around I have also dreamt some scary stuff like to dream a girl’s death and in the dream your there watching but no one can see you and then the next day find out that the same girl you had dreamt about actually died in your house and then to also find out she died exactly how you dreamt she died.
But nothing has been as scary as what has happened to me at boarding school.
My boarding school is in the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta,Canada.
from the beginning I knew something wasn’t right I would be absolutely terrified to go walking in the hallways by myself then when I was 13 one night I was staying up late finishing off some homework when I heard a girl start screaming at the top of her lungs so I quickly ran out into the hallway surprised that no one else was getting up there was a girl who was screaming and looking at something at the top of the stairs as I ran towards her she just disappeared I stood there for a bit not believing what had happened then I got the feeling that the thing at the bottom of the stairs was going to kill me if I did not get to my room right then . So I turned and fled to my room.
I didn’t go to bed that night.
Then when I turned 14 I got my first boyfriend his name was jay and he also went to my school (it was a    co-ed  school ) I was sitting on his bed one night when I heard someone whispering very faintly I turned around to see if it was jay but he was sitting across from me I told him what I was hearing the whispering got louder and I under stood what the male voice was saying even thou it was speaking in French .this is what it said “ please forgive me I did not mean to soil your daughter…. Please let me out of hear or I will kill you all.” I was very scared and explained what I was hearing jay calmly said that the presence must leave now and the whispering stoped.
Then this year (2004) my year eleven class decided to go to lands down on a school excision. We stayed at a little old hotel, on the third night of our stay I was falling in and out of sleep when I felt someone sit down on my bed the y began streaking my back and then my hair. Thinking that it was jay (were still going out) thinking he had just snuck in to spend the night with me I just fell asleep.
The next morning I rolled over expecting to see jay but he wasn’t there I panicked but decided I had just been imagining it. then later that morning as I was getting changed I felt some one put a very cold hand on my bare thigh then on my back that was it all I could take screaming I ran out of the room people came rushing to see what all the screaming was about I explained about the last night and then about getting changed a lot of people didn’t believe me but a couple of girls told me that they had experienced the same thing .jay came back into my room with me because I was to scared to go back by myself as I got changed he joked that he was tired of sharing me with the ghost and that he wanted me to himself I laughed then jay started to make a funny noised like he was choking I turned around thinking that jay was joking but when I turned around his face was a deep shade of red something was actually choking him I could see finger marks around his neck I was screaming bec
ause my boyfriend was dying infant of me and there was nothing I could do then out of no where I decide to shout god is here and it stoped choking jay .
Jay gasping for breath grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the room.
After much pleading with teachers they finally decided to let us leave early after the jay incident. It had also happened to a couple of other girls staying in my room .
As we left the keeper told us a story that made everyone go silent.
Once there was a boy who stayed at the hotel he was deeply in love with his fiancé but while they were staying there she fell in love with another man and left her fiancé for the other man.
Well the fiancé went mad and hung hi self in the dorm I was staying in.
Ever since then he would hit on every girl that stayed in that room trying to find his true love.
Why did he try and kill jay you may ask, well I think the ghost was also sick of sharing me.
You can believe me or not but I would go into a church and swear that this really happened .


By: knights.03@worldnet.att.net

I want to tell you something that happened to my parents nearly two years ago. One day my father was cleaning out the closet and he came across some old pictures my parents have. Then my father started thinking about his deceased cousin,and tought to himself that he
didn't ahve picture of his cousin.Then all of a sudden a picture of him
pops up. That night after my mom finished eating (she works the afternoon shift) and her soap opera finished, she turned off the T.V.
She said that around 5 min. later she saw a white shadow comig towards my dad.My dad was asleep by that time,face down.He says that he felt someone touch him from the calves,to the upper leg, to
his waist. He says that he was (in his dream) screaming "don't let them take me,don't let them take me." Then my mom puts her hand on his shoulder,my dad wakes up and says "what happened?" and she says "nothing, go back to sleep"

Cridersville Oh.

By: suga_baby_928@hotmail.com

Hi...My name is Ashley I am from Cridersville, Oh I found your site
and took a look at it... I am writing because you ask for personal
experiences...Well my older sister worked at the Dixie Ley Diner...for three
years and told me of the story...a man followed his wife suspecting that she
was cheating and found out she had been meeting a man for lunch everyday and
in the parking lot he shot himself...If you go in to the diner later at
night you can hear unusual sounds things move and lights flicker... the
people at the diner know the story and have a picture that is said to be the
ghost of hector....the people who have lived in cridersville their whole
life say  if your a cheater don’t eat at the dixie ley diner

Ghost Hunting Reversed

By: MoonPrince2416@aol.com

Well after reading alot of the stories i found i could relate to alot of them and it helped erase any doubt that i have previousaly had.
My mom, sister, & I, moved out of my aunts & Had moved in to our own apartment. It was in a area known verry well for the gangs, drugs & murders goin on. All that negitivity must have atracted something. Our apartment was up stairs and was a 3 bedroom apt. nice size too.. I was given the smallest room at the end of the hallway. My window looked out over the alley. I could also see most of the apartment from my room.
I remember for some reason when i felt scared being able to see my mom in the liveing room made me feel a lil more comfortable. At least untill she went to bed.
At first things where minor in experiences & i never belived there where ghost. I would here foot steps when the apartment was empty & i was there alone. The dishes would start moveing & makeing noises in the kitchen while i was in my room still home alone. I would here my name being whisperd and called. A couple of times when it happend and my mom & sister where home o asked  if it was them and they said no. I started feeling a pressence or at times a couple and would get scared.
At night i started seeing shadows floating threw the hall way in to bedrooms & bath rooms, And this was with the lights on! Parts of my room would get darker and more eary at night. & the pressence i felt was stronger and more darker. Many nights i stayed up frozen in terror. I started seeing things crawling on my walls day or night that would disapear in seconds with out movieng. I looked but they where nowhere 2 B found.
My sister started seeing things in the bathroom wich was across the hall from her so she started hideing under the covers. If or when she stopped i don't know. One night i just finished a shower in the creepy bathroom & went  to the mirror to brush my hair. i was sitting on the sink then all the sudden blackness apeared infront of my eyes...I herd a loud screem then found my self on the floor. No one ealse herd the screem though.
I started sleeping with a nightlight so i would feel safer. It was proven that even that wouldn't help. I was laying in bed durring a stormy night,then out of no where a lil lightning bolt looking thing went threw my window and struck my night light wich was about 10ft away. I screamed and ran in to my moms room so she let my sister and i sleep there that night.
One night i fell asleep with the radio and woke up to hearing a demonic female voice calling my name from it. I woke up & jumped to the raido to turn it off.that time it worked. a lil while after i fell asleep with the tv on. A lil black and white tv with knobs instead of buttons. I woke up to a demon flick being played, i paniced and tried to turn it off but no mater what way i turned it or what knob i turned it just got louder.
Another night woke up & was surrounded by blue stuff and floating. Wide awake i freaked and before i could screem it disapeared and i landed softly on my bed. Another time i woke up on a clear night to thunder and when i looked up i had no ceeling.. it looked like a upside down tornado with thunder and lightning and lasten for a few seconds. I was wide awake durring the last couple of seconds so i knew it was real.
Enought to tramatize a kid.
After about 13 years of liveing there we moved cause we couldn't take the neighborhood any more. The new place was verry nice and a peacefull three bedroom condo in a quite comunity. Things there got quite. for a lil while. All that would happen there is just shadows changeing shapes but nothing major. And when we got a dog it stoped. Now threw all of this my mom thought I was crazy and my sister thought her couple of experiences where just bad dreams. One day though my mom told me she see something in the apartment. it looked like a white sheet that flew around the corner. After hearing that i only seen it once and it seemed to end things.
About two years ago i movied out in to my own apartment. Nothing happend for the first while that i was here. Then things started up again.More visuals this time. I would see animals running across my floor, cats and rabbits. I started feeling things, more cold spots more energy and emotion. One night i woke up to a odd feeling. My dineing room light was on and there was smoke comeing from my microwave. it was turned on and cooking something. When i opend it to see what it was i couldn't identify it, wasn't even burny. the next day it was gone. Another night I woke up to a figure in black standing at my bed stareing at me.. I woke up, sat up and stared at it. It looked alike a tall pale man with bright orange eyesand fugly teeth and ears. then he disapeared.
Freinds and family that came over to my place said they got weird feelings and wouldn't stay long. Some would feel cold spots. Some said they felt a deep saddness and a deep darkness, others said they felt unwelcomed or like something was trying to make them leave.
I never been touched my a spirits hand or any other body part untill one night i had just turned out the lights and before i get all the way under the sheets i saw a females face out of the korner of my eye and then a hand came out of no where and touched my face leaveing it cold with chills and the feeling of energy passing threw it.
With all this stuff happining i found No matter how many charms, or religious things i put up, they still never went away. But all the crosses and pictures and charms are just material things after all and have no power.
You know i don't know why i am so sensitive to this stuff but nothing i can do about it. I now can communicate with the spirit relm. I guess i have always been able to but didn't know it. Pepoles dead relitives show them selfs to me threw visions and have me pass messages for them. I can feel when they are around at times and have a telepathic like ability whith them if needed. I have found that spirits have seeked me out or called me to help or do work with them. This is why i titeld the story the way i did. No mater how many ghost hunters i have seen, i have always seen an equal amout of spirits that do the same thing we do and hunt the liveing, Not to kill us or hurt us, but to find us so we can help them. How ever some of them are just bord and wanna talk your ear off lol. To all ghoast hunters out there.... just becarefull that the hunter doesn't become the hunted.

 Gracious Ghost

By: elsa_ida@yahoo.com

My husband and I moved into an apartment with our only child at the time, and one on the way. We are sensitive to energies and all, so when we moved in we were happy with the feeling of the apartment. Life went on normally for about two months and things were good. The only thing was our neighbores were not happy with the thought that we moved in there and not thier family that applied for it also.
One night my family and I were all asleep, it was a quite night, peacfull as far as we could tell at the time. Sometime in the night early morning hiurs when it was still dark out, I awoke to my Daughter screem. I was about seven months pregnant with my son, so I was showing good. I jumped up and got to my bedroom door....our daughter's room was directly across from my husbands and mine...but as I got to the doorway of my room I saw this dark figure pass me by and make a aharp left down the stairs. I grabbed my hunbands night stick and followed it, but as I got half way down it disapeard.
I then turned my attention to my daughter and told her it was ok, as the hair on my body rose up I looked and say him standing in the doorway of my daughters room. I did not feel bad energy comming from him. I turned back to my daughter and told her that it was a ghost and she scared him as much as he scared her. She was fine with that, and driffted off to sleep. I had spoken out loud to the fellow to not scare her and to leave her alone if he was intending to do harm. To my surprise he offten played with her in her room during the day and I my husband and I would see him around once in awhile.
I consider myself lucky that he was a gracious ghost and never caused anyone harm

I Saw Them

By: candymaddy13@msn.com

I have had a lot of experiences with what you guys call ghosts. The first time was when I was 6. We were out camping and everone was gathered around the campfire. Everyone except my two year old cousin Nicole who was sleeping in the tent aways away. I was really close to Nicole and was of course really worried about her. I kept looking over at the tent to make sure that she wasn’t crying or something. Well one time I looked over and saw an old man trying to fight his way into Nicole's tent. What scared me the most though was that the man was a stranger and completely white. I jumped up and got Tara, nicole's mom, to look over at the tent. She kept telling me not to worry that their was no one over there. I knew at once that no one else could see the old man. I inched towards the tent and the man disapeared. My older brother Nathan told me it had to be a ghost.
Another time about a year later We were out camping in the same spot. There's an old outside theatre near our campsite and me and my cousin Ayana loved to play over there. We were jumping all over the stage, playing like normal kids do when suddenly we looked up. There in front of the little stage watching us play was a little boy. he was completely white and wearing old fashioned clothing that we'd only seen in movies. We could see that the boy was floating a few inches off the ground. Ayana and I ran screaming back to the campsite, never to play there again.
After I went home I would see the same little boy in my room watching me in my bed nearly every night. I was terrified and even at times slept on my brother Jeffrey's bedroom floor. After a while the little boy who I'd named Fredrick, stopped coming my room and after camping Ayana never saw him again. But soon after Fredrick left glowing outlines would appear in my room at night. I was once again back to the old routine of sleeping on Jeffrey's bedroom floor. After a while those glowing outlines to stopped coming. I didn’t see anything for another year.
Then when I was 12 I was at my grandmothers house shooting baskets in the backyard. Now behind the backyard my grandparents have a barn full of my grandpa's tools and junk. I felt something watching me and immediately looked at the barn window. There watching was an young woman with long brown hair. I ran inside and told my grandma. She was the only person I told. The next day Jeffrey was mowing their lawn for some money. Jeffrey who was 13 by then came inside saying he'd seen a ghost in the barn. He discribed the same women I'd seen the day before. What baffled us the most was that I'd never even told my brother what I'd seen.
For the next few days Jeffrey and I saw the women. Nicole who was four by then was playing outside by herselfr. I came out to find her only to see that same women standing behind Nicole watching her play. I grabbed Nicole and pulled her inside. We never saw the ghost woman again.
I'm 13 now and I've only seen one ghost since then. The face of an old man in an empty house. I believe that these are not actual dead people. I've been raised to believe that ghosts are demons sent by satan to trick us and I will stand by that. Thank you for listening to my stories.

I Wanted to see one

By: ccregor@pacbell.net

This is my first time ever shareing this story outside of my family. I'm now twelve years old and this happened when I was about 9. It all started when I read my first ghost story on the Entirnet, and I started to pray to see ghosts. Now I'm Mormon, and that may sound almost sacreligeous, but I din't know any better at that age. I continued to pray for months just to see a ghost. I think after a while the big man upstairs got A little annoyed after a while because then......IT HAPPENED. My sister had just started to take piano lessons, and she left with my mom to her lesson. It was just me and my 4 year old brother. I was watching the movie Jungle2Jungle, when I heard one of our cuboards slam shut, so hard that it made me jump. I quickly opened the door thinking that my brother might have fallen trying to get something out of our food cabinet, so I open the door....and across the hall is my little brother sleeping in his bedroom. I looked into our kitchen to see nothing. I ran back into the bedroom that I was watching the movie in. My chest was pounding with anticipation, I was just waiting for something else to happen. A few minutes later I hear a chair around our kitchen being dragged accross the floor(Our floor is lonolioum so it was very loud) I open up the door again to find my brother sleeping. I look ionto the Kitchen to see one of our kitchen chairs in the living room. I was in tears by now. The second my sister, and mom got home I wouldn't let them out of my sight.
There was only one other thing that happened so far in this house, and it only happened 3 months after the first incident. My sister, and Mom left for piano lessons again, but this time they took my brother. I was doing H.W. in the living room when I heard loud sounds, and sounds of what sounded like boxes being thrown around. I sunddenly felt an evil presence that drove me from the house until my Mom and sibblings got back. The wierd thing is that our house isn't even that old. This is the entire story. It is true.

Life of Seeing

By: roglitza@adelphia.net

Well, I think before I start this I should first of all explain about myself. I'm a 15 year old girl who's moved around alot, and in almost every house I can remember, I've "seen" or "felt" something. I know it sounds like it may just be an over-active imagination, and perhaps some of it is, but there are some things that have happened that can't be written off as a child's (or teen's) imagenings. I know I've always been able to "see", as my mother told me that when I was little (around 2) at meal times, I would stop talking to my mother, and turn in a seemingly possesed what to what was apparently an empty space by the wall, and start chatting with it. I know it might not seem like much proof, but there was something in the way my mother described it to me that convinced me it wasn't normal baby chatter. My first real memory of anything paranormal was when I was around 6. We had moved into a 3 different houses since then and nothing unusual had happened that either my mother or I remember. But in this new 4th house, things got strange. I would wake up and see orbs, although I just thought they were pretty lights then, floating in and out of the hallway in front of my room. My bed was facing the door, and it definatly wasn't lights from the street as the windows in the house weren't positioned that way. At one point in time I even saw one go into the bathroom, flush the toilet, and then enter my room. This scared me because there was no one in the bathroom! Sometimes these "pretty lights" or "fairies" as I called them, would enter my room for long periods of time, shifting my bed around or messing with my night light. They never hurt me though, and I normally felt protected when they were around. When I was 10 we moved to make room for my new little sister. An old couple had lived in the house before us, and the woman had died in it. Her name had been Myrrel, although we didn't know this for a while. Well, at first, nothing strange happened, but then things would disappear and end up in obvious places. At one point, my mother's keys disappeared, and we couldn't find them for nearly three hours. When we did, they were in the back pantry which we had checked and rechecked. I would often her, and sometimes see Myrrel, mostly coming up the stairs when I was alone to turn off the t.v. and even to remind me of my homework. My mother had been redecorating the house through out all of this, and once when she was painting a cabinet door, she had laid it flat on the floor. She and her friend and my step-father were talking as the paint dried and mom painted another cabinet. Suddenly, one of the paint drops on the flat board started moving to form the letter M.  We never knew who this ghost was until her daughter stopped by once, to see the house she'd once lived in. When she was there Myrrel apparently made some sort of contact ( I wasn't in the house and don't know what actually happened). It was enough for her daughter to know who it was. She left quickly. After that house we moved into 2 others, the second being the worst experiance of my life. I was 13 when we moved into it, and we stayed until almost my next birthday. The house was over 100 years old, and I have no idea who lived in it or anything like that. I hated the house upon stepping into it, but my parents wanted the house, and the other house they were considering had been host to a murder, the room in which it happened would have been my room, had we bought the house. But the house we ended up moving into was possibly more evil. I never wanted to be left alone in that house, but it was inevitable, because my step-dad had to leave before I got home from school and my mom wasn't home til a few hours later. I would normally lock myself in my room, or the living room and have things as loud as possible, to prevent hearing or seeing anything, not that sound had anything to do with it, but as long as I was distracted I never noticed anything. But when mom got home, all the noise had to be turned off. And after only a few hours awake, she was off to bed. I believe she did experiance some things in the house, because often at around 1 or 2 in the morning she was up, I was still up at those times, normally scared out of my wits. You see, I could never rid myself of this extreme sense of evil. Once or twice I spotted a little girl's sky blue dress floating around, I never saw the girl herself. My friends also felt things, but hardly had to deal with the daily terror, as whatever was in the house didn't bother too much with guests. But when I was alone, if I didn't have something blairing I would hear odd sounds. Water running, people walking up the stairs, my bedroom door would open and close as I was sitting on my bed, at which point I would either dive under my covers or leave, depending on the time of day, or night. Always when "it" entered my room I would go cold in fear. Sometimes I'd wake up in severe pain, either across my left leg or my ribs, and find cuts that bleed severly. I'm not sure my mother believed me, I think she thought I was doing it to myself for a while, until she started being woken at 2 or so. She never told me she was, but I always heard her talking with my step-dad when he came home at 3. At one time I saw a "vision" of a young man, around 18, standing in my doorway. This I told my parents about, because as soon as he disappeared I ran to their room, and jumped in bed with my mother. This was almost a nightly ritual, and when he started appearing in my mothers doorway, we moved to my sisters room. For some reason, I felt protected around my 3 year old sister. Maybe she had a gaurdian? We moved out of that house before it got any worse. I don't believe that the house we're in now has any paranormal happenings, but the area itself is somewhat haunted, it's an old New England area. It's hard to go anywhere around here with out "seeing" something, as any Seer in New England knows. I never researched the last haunted house, I've almost been afraid to write this, as I sometimes have the idea that the man might follow me, because I know he can. He would follow me to school, or to my friends houses. And one of my friends had the unfortunate experiance of getting in his way as he tried to get to me. This man would have violent episodes in which he would randomly slash at me. Why I was his target I don't know. But after we moved this stopped, although everytime I think about it I get an evil feeling and writing almost seems like a dare to get him to follow me, but it's not. I have no idea why he was there, he never tried to talk to me, or do anything but slice at me or stare at me. Needless to say, this experiance has me paranoid about even talking or writing about it. Has anyone heard of a spirit following someone to torture them for no reason? I do believe I need some closure on this subject, but I'm afraid to approach the house, or even walk near it. I cross the street when I have to be around it. If anyone could help me with this I would appreciate it.

My First House

By: dadies_girl_4life@yahoo.com

my 1st. home was a marriage present from his family, this house was owned by his family for generations.well one night my husband had called to tell me he had to work late so i went to bed and around 1:30 or so in the morning i woke to a tapping at my window,figuring my husband forgot his key i went got up and opened the door and found no there. as i climbed to back to bed i had the tapping again but this time louder so i yelled out who there, i got no answer, so i walked over to the window to see no there. out of fear i called my husband, he told me to go next door and wait for him.slipped on my shoes as fast as i could and ran to the door but before i there was 3 bangs at the door, then the swung open but there was no one there. today this day i don't know who was at my door.

Pine Hill Road, Duncannon, PA

By: Jennyl3al3y@aol.com
I have yet another short ghost(?) experience from the Central PA area. Anyone familiar with Perry County I'm sure knows about the Dellville covered bridge and Pine Hill Road. Many strange things have been reported over the years up on the road that goes over  that mountain.  I live about 5 minutes from the area and have for about 13 years. I remember the neighbors talking when we first moved in of "satanic cult" activity in the Pine Hill Road area. Locals were seeing strange things and their animals were turning up missing or frightened, hiding in strange places, terrified.  My neighbor had family in that small area who happened to have an old family plot on their land. Someone knocked on their door one day asking permission to dig in the plot for "skulls."  When they were sent away, they snuck in and dug up/ stole what remains they could anyway.  Another very close friend of mine was also witness to a kind of ceremony at the bottom of the mountain, the Marysville side. Her mother told her never to speak of it, but I had the priviledge of being a good friend.  They saw people dancing around a huge  bonfire. Around the same time, the same girl's father saw a strange girl walking on that road with an enormous black dog. He was so frightened he wouldn't let my friend or her brother walk on that road.  When asked later about it, he simply said, "I've seen a lot of very weird things on that road over the years."  Then our turn came.  I didn't think to submit this story until I vistited IGHS' website and read about the shadow people.  I'm positive that I was a witness to one on that road.  One carefree night after we'd graduated high school, my friend and I were out headed to a friends house to dye her hair.  Heading south, toward rt. 850 over Pine Hill we were laughing and singing loudly to a cd.  We suddenly became very quiet, and my friend turned down the radio.  She asked, "did you see that??" I stammered, "yes."  She asked me what I saw, I replied, " I dunno, it was like a tall man but he wasn't solid, he was more of a shadow.  He started out on my side of the raod and ran across in front of us.  It was so weird, he was a shadow but he split the beams of the headlights!."  She said, "so you'd call it a "figure??"  I agreed. She hit the gas and we took off as fast as we could down the rest of the mountain.  This wis exactly as I remember it. I was laughing, I looked over and saw a large figure to my right (I was the passenger), and it ran across in front of the car and stopped to face us on the left hand side of the road.  I could definetly make out that it was the silhouette of a very tall man with large shoulders. I later drew a picture of it, and she confirmed that she'd seen the same thing. I've been going over that road now looking for it to happen again for years and never have I seen anything close again.  I just thought I'd send my experience in hope that someone else could honestly say they were witness to something similar. Maybe even on Pine Hill Road. Thank you for listening.

Visiting GHosts

By: auntkaren21@yahoo.com

  My father died March 16, 2000, and my brother
followed him in August 4th of 2000. I was given my
brothers home to live in. We moved in the 1st of
December and with my younger brothers help, remodeled
a lot of it.
  My first experience here, was feeling a hand pushing
down on my pillow as if wanting to see my face, I was
not asleep, but laying with my eyes closed. A week or
so later, I felt a hand on my behind as I was laying
in bed, again, I wasn't asleep and had just laid down.
My brother had died in this bedroom. I don't know who
it was for sure, but, I don't think it was my brother.
Because a year later I found that a man I had chatted
with online died about the same time as this happened.
He knew he was dying and told me he would visit.
  I really didn't think too much about it, and, it
would be hard to say since I am not phsycic who it was
for sure. But, almost a year after being here, my sons
and their g/f's were here and we were taking pictures.
Nothing looked out of the ordinary on them, until, my
younger son blew them up, he was interested in how the
pixels looked. He called me over and said he thought
he could see my brother. On enlarging it more, and
looking, it became obvious that it was my father
standing in the hallway. He was in his suit we buried
him in. His hands were at his side, and you could see
his legs. Other than being able to see his legs, just
down past the knee's and seeing his arms down at his
sides, he looked just like he did in the casket. His
eyes however seemed to be hollow. I had taken the
picture, and you could tell he was looking right at
the camera. I am sorry to say that my 3 year old
granddaughter threw away the picture since she didn't
like my sons g/f that was in the picture, and I think
my son who was in it was happy to see her throw it
away. I don't think he cared for having a picture of
him with a ghost in it when you blow it up.
The area my son blew up was dark, the hall light was
on, but it was still dim. Yet my fathers bald head
from his kemo, and his white shirt, and red and blue
striped tie showed up very well. We had shown it to
several people who never knew my father, and they said
the image was a man, but could be anything, until I
showed them the pictures of my father in his casket. I
just wish I had it still to send to you to see. I am
hoping that maybe someday it might happen again. We
have tried, but it never worked. We were using my
brothers poloroid that I got as well.
  Now we scan and enlarge all of our photo's just in
case. I wonder how many others are being passed by who
don't have a computer and have never blown up their
pics and checked out the background.
  My father died on a Thurday morning 3am, and I had
seen him that monday before. During my visit, my
father turned to me at the kitchen table and said, "
Well Karen, I haven't climbed the mountain yet, and
seen the otherside, so I don't know what there is
ahead."  I think it was meant for me to see. I think
my father who had believed before that when you die,
it is the end, nothing more. I think he wanted me to
know it wasn't.
  I do agree though, that they will let themselves be
known when they feel the need and want to be. And now
that I know about this site if I ever run into a photo
like that again. I know where to send it. I think this
site is great. I hope you all keep up the good work. I
think it will help others to open up and to realise
they aren't alone, and to not be so afraid.


Will you Move On?

By: auntkaren21@yahoo.com

  I have already submitted my encounters from the
ghostly side, even before reading others you have
here. I see now many are young and afraid of what is
happening. It is scary, but as my mother used to tell
me, " Have you ever heard of anyone being killed by a
ghost?" I must say I haven't except in the movies.
  I wanted to add to some of what I have read.
  My father had a twin sister they called May who died
when she was 4. One day out on her swing, she told my
father she was going on a long journey soon. She died
the following week.
  My fathers dad was dying from cancer at the age of
65, and shortly before his death, he told everyone
that his daughter in law and his parents were there
waiting for him. He also said that Jesus had come and
was preparing him a place. He kept asking everyone if
they didn't see them too.
  I also had a 7 year old cousin who had told her
mother she was leaving on a trip, one week before she
died. They were treated her for ADD, she actually had
a huge hole in her heart they didn't detect until her
autopsy. Her older brother and sister both passed away
years later, and both knew days before that they were
leaving. Mike, her brother, had told other employee's
he was going on a trip to visit his father, brother,
and sister. They didn't know they were deceased. Joan
had told everyone that her father and siblings had
visited her in her hospital room. They were waiting
for her to join them. She died from Cancer.
  My own father was dying from cancer. He found out
just months before he died that he had it. I went to
visit him on a Monday, he was staying with my younger
brother. He told me not to sit in the chair across
from him because there was an animal that looked like
a big rat who didn't want me sitting there. He then
said never mind because he had left. None of us new my
brother had had a dog that looked like a giant rat. It
was ill when he bought it and died soon after, but the
chair I had ended up sitting in was his chair when he
was alive. My father also carried on conversations
that night and the next with deceased friends wanting
him to come with them. He died at 3am that Thurday
morning. I know that you are thinking that he was on a
lot of meds, but he was on very low doses. He knew who
I was, and even told my son how to remove a
transmission from a car the right and easy way. He
didn't seem to be coming and going like you think
someone would who would talk normal and then seem to
be somewhere else. He talked as though they were right
there and we all should see them too.
  I also used to work at a rehabilitation center when
I got out of high school. I had one woman who was a
patient, whom could take care of herself very well. I
had figured that her family like most others, put her
there so they could divide her property and not be
bothered with her. One morning I took her her
pre-breakfast roll and coffee, she told me she was
going home that day. I didn't know anything about it,
and told her that I would check at the nurses desk,
and then if she liked, I would help her pack her
things. She smiled and said "Thank you honey, I would
appreciate that."  When I went to pick up her tray,
she was laying as I left her, almost sitting up with
her eyes closed. I thought she was sleeping, but then
as I got closer, she didn't seem to be breathing. I
took bp's (bloodpressure's) every morning, so I had
the cuff and stethescope on me. So I checked it, she
never woke, and there wasn't any bp. I got a nurse who
verified she had died. She had to have died shortly
after I left her room about 30 minutes before. She
hadn't even touched anything on her tray, and her
coffee was still warm. She went home alright, but not
the home I thought she meant. I had told a nurse what
she had said, and she told me that it is very common
in hospitals and nursing homes. She said so many
strange and unexplained things happen in them all the
  After my father passed away, which was March the 16,
of 2000, which happened to be the day inbetween my
grandsons and my older sons birthdays, my brother
died. He apparently had a massive heart attack. He
died on August 4th of 2000, the day after my daughters
birthday. I now live in his home. And things have
happened here as well, but I will write about that
later as it is a little lengthy.
  But, I just wanted to let everyone know, not to be
so afraid. I think their imaginations sometimes will
make them think things they see are evil, sometimes
yes, I believe they can be, but not in general. After
doing a lot of reading on the subject, I tend to
agree, that many are here, not knowing they are gone.
Some because of a tragic death, others because they
feel that they have left something undone. For
instance, I live across the river from the Rock Island
Arsenal. It is still a military base, and used to be a
prison for the soldiers captured from the south. Many
died there. Battles were fought all around this area
between the north and south, and many people have seen
civil war soldiers in their homes and even at the
arsenal. Many people living here, don't realise that
the civil war was fought here. I guess it was so long
ago, they don't pay attention to why we have
reinactments here. But no one to my knowledge has ever
been killed or hurt by one. Even a few stories of the
bad polterquist, they seem to be bad at aiming when
they throw things. And in general, if you ask them to
leave, they usually do. At least for those of us who
have had these experiences, we can now know that when
our time comes, our life here is over, but our spirits
live on. Death isn't the end, and we all must die, and
if there are ghosts, then our deaths are the beginning
of a new journey, a new adventure. Will you move on or
will you stay around?

The House in Fort Washington Maryland

By: Claudia.Carreon@opco.com
In 2000 I was dating my husband at that time.  One night after going out to a party we headed to his house in MD, he was living with his parents. It was a beautiful big house with huge 4 bedrooms, a huge kitchen, dining room, play room, study and it had 3 1/2 baths.  It was very eye catching.  And yet I had a funny feeling something was watching me as we walked into the study.  Darius and I decided to take a quick nap before he was going to take me home. As I close my eyes,  I see this black shadow by the door way looking at me.  I look at Darius and see that he is alseep and when I look to my left towards the door the dark shadow is still looking at me.  I try to move and all of a sudden the shadow turns to smoke and starts coming towards me. I feel numb!  I feel it wrapping itself around my neck like a snake.  I was trying to scream and I couldn't and at the sametime I kept looking at Darius, but he kept sleeping...somehow I made a noise and he woke up and the shadow somehow disappeared.  He asked me what was wrong and I told him that I wanted to leave right then and there.  Leaving that house gave me the chills that night..then in 2002 we got married and I moved into the house to save money.  One night as I was sleeping that black shadow returned, and this time it was in the bedroom!! I somehow started praying  and telling it to go away and that I was not afraid of it anymore. So the thing disappeared, but it did not stop there, it decided to go to my daughter and make itself look like a little girl and starts harrassing my child! My daughter came into the room the next night saying there was this little girl in her room not letting her sleep, kept telling her lets play, lets play.  I prayed again that this THING would go away..and it did.  I don't know how, but it was gone for a long time.  My husband was very quiet when I was telling him what was happening, and he had confirmed while growing up, something was always at the foot of his bed or bothering him in the middle of the night.  Still to this day when I go visit the house, I still feel it watching me, and yet has respect for me.  I guess this ghost knew I was much stronger.

The Ghostly Maid

By: sassykitten3190@yahoo.com

When I was younger always went to my grandparent's house (which was very old and very large) and would stay there for a few days. I loved their house because there was always a warm and happy feeling that you had when you walked in the door. That is until you got to the second story.
My room was on the second story at the top of the stairs. Well one night I was about to fall asleep and I heard footsteps out in the hallway. My door was open so I decided to step out and see if someone had woken up. But everybody's doors were shut and the footsteps had stoped. Well I thought nothing about it and I went back in my room to try and go back to sleep. About an hour later the footsteps started back up again and this time when I stepped out there was a figure walking down the stairs. It didn't look like anyone who was staying in the house. Only my cousin, aunt, grandparents, and I were there. So I waited until it got to the foot of the stairs to follow it. There was alot of noise and I thought it was a robber or something so I grabbed something to defend self. When I got close enough to see it I relized that it was a woman who was carring a bucket and a mop. She turned around and got a frightened look on her face and disappeared. I screamed bloody murder and woke everyone else up.
I didn't tell them what happened I just said that I went down to get something to drink and I saw a spider. Well it was about a week later and my grandfather called me and said he was scared out of his mind because he was at the house alone.... or so he thought. He told me that he was working in his office upstairs and heard footsteps. He said that there was a maid walking down the stairs and she had just disappeared into the dinning room. I told him what had really happened to me and he went and did some research on the house. It turns out that the house had belonged to a very wealthy man who had hired some maids and one of them had been shot in the house.

The Figure in the Doorway

By: higmaster2000@yahoo.com

ok this is a weird story, first i never really believed in ghosts, then one night i think it was about 3 or so in the morning and i looked in my doorway and i see a black figure standing there, i didnt really think much of it i was tired and just kinda tried to go back to sleep but then it started moving towards the botom of my bed, at this time i realized this was no one that was supposed to be in my house and i got really scared so scared i couldnt speak, then it went to the side of my bed and got a hold of my neck and started choking and like pushing down on my chest i couldnt breathe or yell for help then al the sudden it stopped and i have never seen any type of ghost since.


That Night

By: Cuk1234@aol.com

I thought I would post my story and see what everyone thinks.
Quite a few years ago (1985 to be exact) while in the US army I was stationed at FT Carson in Colorado.
A few months after arriving there I bought a motorcycle for transportation and enjoyed riding all over on my time off duty.
One early fall evening I decided to take a ride to Canon City, which was about 40 miles away from FT. Carson. I wanted to check out a motorcycle shop there and get some dinner.
One the way back to base it was probably about 11pm, clear with some moonlight and with very little traffic out. I took the opportunity to enjoy the roads at a, well let's say faster then legal pace.
The road (actually highway 50 if I remember right) was cut through some hills and mountains.  When I entered one area with hills on both sides of the road I heard a loud metallic bang. I was traveling around 80 miles an hour and thought I had hit something or that maybe a part had somehow fell off the bike.
While I was pulling to the side of the road as safely as possible something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.
It looked like a person standing for a moment but then fell down.
I was thinking that maybe there was a car wreck and I had hit debris in the road from it and that person was part of the accident.
By the time I stopped about 100 yards past the figure I had seen and checked the bike over quickly and turned around to go back so see what had happened and if I could help.

I noticed a red tint to the ground and surrounding plants but didn't see the figure any longer. I got off the bike and went a little into the brush looking for something but couldn't see much from the moonlight. I got back on the bike and wondered what had just happened on the ride back to base. What did I just see? I know I heard the loud bang that had started this whole thing.  Couldn't say I had really seen anything since it all seemed kind of fuzzy or kind of out of focus.
I didn't mention this to anyone and didn't think anything of it until a few weeks later a friend and I was heading back down the same road towards Canon City. He had been stationed there much longer than I and was pretty familiar with the sights and things.
He pointed out a lone white cross up on a hillside and said under it there was the body of a traveler who had been murdered by robbers in the late 1800's. It was in the same canyon that I had experienced the sights and sound!
I didn't believe in ghosts or anything like that till that day I found out about the cross on the hillside.
I had forgotten about the whole thing until stumbling upon some ghost sites one day while checking out the Internet on my new computer a few years ago.
I did some reading about ghosts and such on the sites and that night came back to me. All of everything I saw that night like I was there all over again!

The Basement

By: lilasia1920@yahoo.com

My story begins.....well I'm not really sure when it began.......it went on for as long as i can remember, but i can tell you it stopped after i moved out of my dad's house.  Growing up i lived in the same house from the time i was two till i was 16.  It was haouse in a nice neighborhood and it couldn't have been more than 20 years old.  My earliest memory of the ghostly going ons was when i was younger, 5 or so, and i'lay in my bedroom at night and swear i could hear someone in the kitchen doing dishes.  I could hear the water running and the dishes and the silverware in the sink.  I tried to tell my parent but they thought i was crazy.  Also at night i swear i could see dark shadows moving, it may have been my imagination but i saw them during the day too.  Then there was the basement.  You would be down there by yourself and always feel like someone was watching you and creeping up on you and just when you'd turn around to check them there would be no one there.  In the basement we had this room under the stairs called the cold room ( it was like a pantry) and the door would never shut and the light would always stay on.  One day when it was just me and my dad home alone he asked me to go get some veggies from the cold room.  I remmeber making sure i shut the door and turned off the light because me and my brothers were constantly getting blamed for leaving them on and open.  I went back upstairs and he asked me to get somthing else for the cold room.  when i got back downstairs and reached the cold room the door was open and the light was on!  i hated that basement and it always felt so unwelcoming.  my bedroom was at he end of th hall way up stairs and evry now and then my door would pop open .  No open windows, no one else home nothing.  To make sure it wasn't my imagination i would latch my door and make sure it was shut and it still popped open.  One day it popped open as i was changing there was no else home and i was getting annoyed with this so calmly said " listen im changing could you please shut the door?" and just like that the door shut and latched.  Everytime after that i'd simply ask it to shut and it would.  My mother said one night while she was up late watching tv she caught the figure of somone in white walking down the hall to my room.  she thought it was me sleep walking so she went into my room to check on me but i was sound alseep and i wasn't wearing anything white.  Then there's the light going on and off on the stairs to the basement all by itself.  The switch that turned this light on made a loud pop every time you flipped it and we'd hear the pop and the lights would turn on then we'd hear it again and they'd be off.  The most intense one happened to my father.  He woke up early one moring and went out to the kitchen to find the microwave on and a bowl of the soup from the night before's supper in it.  He thought it was my mother so when she awoke he asked her and she had no idea about the soup.  My brothers were both too little then to operate a microwave and i had not done it.  My dad figureed it had been left in from the night before by me and i was just too scared to tell the truth then my mom reminded himn that after she cleaned up dinner me and her had made cookies and used the microwave to heat up brown sugar so the bowl could not have been put in the night before.  After my parents divorcedand  i moved out into my new apt. i didn't experiance anything.  My brothers said they still had wierd things take place in the house though.  My dad and brothers moved out a month ago and it was then that my dad old me that the two oener pervious to us had been a man who killed himself in the basement.  maybe that explains everything.

When I was Little

By: nanettestein13@yahoo.com

I sent a previous story titled A Story From My Birthplace~England, and I have a few more personal experiences from when I was little. The house we lived in after we returned to the States was my Great-Grandmothers house that my father was born in and my Great-Grandmother died in. She was my favorite of all time, I was about three, and I loved her so much. She couldn't see any longer, but when I crawled into bed with her, she would "read" me my books, and she always had a little dish of candy next to her bed, in a false teeth cup, right next to her actual false teeth cup, with the teeth in them.. Anyway, I don't remember her dying, at all. Not anything afterward or anything. I just remember her being there for my young years, and then not there anymore after a while. She walked with a walker, but this I also did not remember, but my older brothers did. While they were watching Saturday morning cartoons and eating their bowls of cereal, they would hear her walking in the kitchen with her walker, for a while after her death. I never had any experience with her, but I had several weird things happen in that house anyway. One morning, I was lying bed between my parents. It was morning, but it was bright outside, and it seemed to be early-ish in the morning. My parents had a picture of Christ above their bed. They weren't overtly religious, but I did grow up going to Church every Sunday. Anyhow, that particular morning, I heard a man call my name. I thought it was Jesus, in my young mind. I told my dad, and he questioned my brothers, thinking it was them. They teased me unmercifully, and would be punished for it, but they swore it was not them, that they were in bed. Then one day when I was a little older, my best friend and her mom were watching me at their house, and I wanted to go over to my house across the street to get these two play sets that were my favorite. They were in the attic, and the attic door was like a little trap-door in the wall of me and my sisters room. I opened it and went inside a little, just far enough to get my toys, and I saw what my little mind thought was the outline of the stereotypical "witch"--pointy hat and all. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that I heard a series of moans and groans, quite comically like something out of a movie. I ran back to my friends house and told her mom, who came back over with me all the while telling me it was probably "Mr. Mouse." Like that was supposed to calm me down. Anyway, she looked and there was nothing, not even the shadow. Our dog, who was an exceptionally smart beagle, would stand on her hind legs and hop in circles at the living room ceiling and bark at the light fixture there, just below the attic. Also, I had a stuffed Pink Panther doll with plastic yellow, white, and black eyes, and when I was laying there and supposedly taking my nap, I would see the eyes move or blink, and, my favorite, my brother's or sister had some Frisbee's on the wall for decoration, and one was white with a purple cartoon-like mermaid on it, kind of sitting on a rock with water around it. I would stare at it until the mermaid would move and splash. Now, I'm not unreasonable, and I alwa thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me. I would even tell myself this as a kid, to keep calm, and it worked, but the stuff would still move. I have always dreamed about that house, not in a while though. When I was twelve, (and at the peak of my puberty, which is significant because my mother blamed this for my next "problem"), I was at work with my much older sister. She worked at a nursing facility. We were in the kitchen. She was preparing meals and I was sitting at the counter. When I got all dizzy, and sort of blacked out, and had a 'vision' (and I feel so stupid saying that, but it's the I only way I can describe it.) In my 'vision', my Great-Grandmother was in the attic of that house, that we no longer owned or lived in--for some time. She was in the attic, cowering beneath something large and dark. It upset me terribly and I cried. My sister called my mother, and she blamed it on my uhh-humm-'time-of-the-month', which both embarrassed and ridiculed me. Like I said, I had always had BAD dreams about that house. Dreams that involved the Devil. I always had an overwhelming need to return to that house to find out what was in there. I had dreams that a Devil was living in a trap door in the floor or ceiling, and I would have to try to get past it as quickly as I could, I had a recurring dream that I had to go down into the basement of our new house where the devil lived in the trap door of the floor, but the floor was covered with the carpet of the first house, and I carried a silver tray of food and drink. I could only see its hideous eyes peeking out. I knew it wouldn't hurt me, but I was still terrified. This was only one recurring dream. I always knew it was linked to that first house. The other one was with a devil in a trap door above some attic stairs, all made of fresh pine wood. The door remained closed until I got right up on it to go around the banister, and it would start to open. I had so many dreams like this and of haunted houses or possessed houses. They would terrify me. always knew as a child that I was different, and that my beliefs were different than my parents. I had these dreams as an adult, not a kid. I just turned 29 this July 23, and have not had any of these dreams since I have become established in my religious beliefs, its been close to 9 years. I always believed in the Natural Way, the Old Ways of the Ancient Ones and the Craft (please do research to understand this religious system  before passing judgment-mine is a pure and natural belief system) . The ironic thing about this my almost fear of the unknown, even with my knowledge of the otherworld, as moderate is it may be. If anyone out there knows about any of my experiences or has had similar occurrences, please write me back. I do see the links between the first house, the attic 'trap-door' and the dream trap-doors, as I have knowledge of dreams, but, this still all happened to me, and any insight would be great.I appreciate the opportunity to post this. Thank you.   Happy Haunting.

My Grandmothers Haunted House

By: tameek69@yahoo.com

I have always lived in haunted houses, and I never really told any one about my own experiences.  Everyone, even strangers tell me about theirs.  Mine started when I was about 5.  My brother was 8 and his were even more vivid and frightening.  That was at our first house.  That isn't really what I want to talk about.
We moved in with our grandmother when I was ten.  She lived in a huge old farmhouse in rural Western NY.  She was a scary woman to me.  She was half indian, and was very into anything that had to do with the spirit world or mysticism (some years after she passed away I found out the she was Wiccan and very psyhic).
Her house was frightening from the moment I walked in.  My brother didnt think so then, but he was older and being 13, he had to be cool.  I remember most that the upstairs was scary beyond anything I could ever imagine. I slept up there alone.  In my room there was a huge armoire, that my brother was terrified of, he would never look into it, or walk by it if he could help it (he never told me why).
To go upstairs there was a narrow hallway, that opened into a wider hall.  She had a green light bulb there for some reason.  There was a bedroom to the left, a storage room (where something watched me all the time) straight ahead, then a long hall to the right that lead into a big bedroom and into my room.  The larger bedroom had a door to the attic, I was forbade to ever open that door.  Upstairs was where they stored a soldiers chest, the soldier had past away and I was told if I ever opened that door I wouldn't like what I saw.  I did, even now I can't be sure if it was fear induced, but I opened that door and saw a soldier (army) from the 60's in his uniform, and he had been so badly burned you could not see his features.
Downstairs was the spirit room.  My grandmother's mother-in-law slept there. If you slept in that room spirits would come to you in the night and talk to you, they would tell you what was going to happen next in the family.  The dining room was safe if you did not look out of the windows.  There was alittle game room that was once part of my brother's room, that too was safe.  The living room was ok, but my cat would be overly protective there.  She would attack anyone that came near me, but only in the living room and my bedroom.  My brothers room was always cold.  Colder than the rest of the house.  He was scared half to death one day.  He was getting ready to go out one night, and in the corner of the room, he felt something watching him.  He said that it was in the orner of the ceiling.  He turned on the light and could see a dark shadow on the ceiling, he tried to find where the shadow was coming from and could not find a logical reason for it to be there.  Neither could my grandmother or her husband.  It moved around alot, to different corners of the room, but it was always there from that day on.  I would not go into his room. The cellar was puzzling.  There was a railroad track peice (I don't remember what they are called, but they are the heavy iron rail things)  it was used as a support down there.  One day my brother and grandfather came upstairs all excited, they could not understand how a peice of iron that heavy and that thick could have been bent into the perfect shape of a horse shoe. But it was.
Then my cousin's came to visit.  I was in the house, and they had gone outside to sit by the bonfire.  My grandmother was braiding my hair, I remeber this very well, and the four boys came flying into the house hysterical.  They were telling stories, and something came running through the woods at them, they saw red eyes and they took off before they could see what it was.  I found out about six years later that they were burning a ouiji board that they had played with earlier (that was when they heard the thing in the woods).  The ouiji board never burned.  My grandmother laughed so hard at this, but she did not let them reutrn outside and sat guard on the front porch almost all night.
There was more outside, there was a pond outside about a mile away from the house, there I saw a lady in white.  She used to talk to me, but I can't remember what she said.  There were packs of wild dogs in the woods, that were there one seconds chasing you and barking on your heels, and then gone.  There was a man you could see standing in the corn fields, that would appear and then be gone.  There was a graveyard next door that we were chased out of one night.  There we 101 things about that house and the property but what finally made me leave, after only five months, was.....
I had lightening strike my room, right outside the window facing my bed.  We went outside and the there was no damage to the house or the tree beside my window.  It was raining so hard, I tried to connvince everyone that I knew what I saw, they would not belive me.  I was sent back to bed.  Lightening hit the same place (lightening is not supposed to strike the same place twice).  I ran downstairs, we all went outside and again there was no damage.  I slept in the living room the rest of the night.  The next day the tree was lying in the driveway, and there was a scorch mark on the house near my window.  It was only a matter of days before I moved.  My grandmother breathed a sigh of relief when I did.  Things calmed down after that.
I returned when I was 17 to visit.  My brother and his wife came too.  I stayed in the other bedroom this time.  My brother and his wife stayed in the larger room.  They were heading downstairs, and my brother stopped to knock at my room door, because he heard the radio on and saw the light.  When he waited a second, the light went out and the radio shut off.  he knocked again, and there was no answer.  He was mad because I didnt answer and came downstairs, half way the light came back on and so did the radio.  They came down and I was sitting in the living room.  They told me what happened.  I went up and nothing was on.
We were all talking later that day and my brother asked me if I knew who was in my room, and I very honestly told him that it was a middle aged woman.  I did not know who she was but she wouldn't hurt me.  He just nodded and it was never brought up again. Years later, after living in several haunted houses afterwards, I have dedicated my life to being Wiccan.  I am a clairvoyant, I can speak to ghost through thoughts and they answer through visions and images.  I am 90% accurate.  I am not sure that any of these things would have developed if I hadn't lived in that house,and later learned that my Grandmother was a witch.
At the moment I live in a ghost free house in KY and am looking for easily accessible haunted places in the Bowling Green, KY to Lavergne, TN areas.  If any one knows of any please contact me at Tameek69@mywicca.com

Ghost at the University of Minnesota in 1987

By: kristinbarton2003@yahoo.com

I happened upon your site, and I thought I would share my story.  I was a student at the University of Minnesota in I987.  I was helping my boyfriend move into an old rooming house there.  The house was over 100 years old.  My boyfriend had gone downstairs to sign some papers with the caretaker while I worked on unpacking some boxes in his room.
We had left the door open to facilitate moving stuff in, and I stopped working, resting with my back against the room's doorframe.  I saw a young woman walking down the hallway.  She was wearing a light pink robe that buttoned down the front, a shower cap, and some slippers.  She carried a small bucket with toiletries.  She looked at me and smiled as she let herself into a room a few doors away.  I assumed it was a shower or bathroom.
My boyfriend came back with the landlord.  They were still talking about the rules of the house.  My boyrfriend asked where the shower was, and I volunteered that I had just seen someone enter the shower room.  I indicated the door that the young woman had entered.  The landlord quickly told us that the door I indicated had been a women's bathroom thirty years ago, but had not been used since.  He walked over and showed us that the door was locked.
I told him that I had just seen someone enter the room, and he just smiled and said that the room had not been used in thirty years.  He told us he had been born in the house, that it was perfectly safe, and that "they" would not bother us.  He was about 70 years old.
My boyfriend lived in the house for several years without incident, but I never forgot that young woman.  I wondered if she knew she was dead, and if she ever found her way.
I could pick her out of a line-up today, her face was so clear to me



By: Cogan_Heather@emc.com

When I first moved into my apartment (The Village) in Michigan, I always felt like I wasn't alone in the living room and my room.  A couple of times a week I would take a bath and would listen to the radio.  Almost every single time I got in the tub and got settled, my radio would be turned off!  That always freaked me out.  I thought it was just an electrical problem.  Until one night, I took a bath, turned on my radio, started shaving my legs, and the radio station was changed to the song "she's got legs, and knows how to use them."  I was so scared I called my boyfriend to come stay with me that night :(


By: houghirish2@msn.com

     During the Gulf War I heard about tank members seeing little black
shadows of people in times of stress. (they thought they were angels because
they offered soothing advice).  One night in Japan, I saw many little black
figures in the shadows of the hardened aircraft shelters I was working in, I
just had no idea what it was.  When I got home that night there was a note
on my door to call home, my father had died.  I have not seen these figures
since, but I know they were real.

A Ghost in Church

By: Spoiled3016@aol.com
Well this was my first time going to this church I was in the 8th grade and I've had a few expierences with the paranormal. Anyways I went to this church with my best friend and when we got there she never told me anything weird that ever happened at this church well after the assembly or whatever you wanna call it. My best friend at the time ( Kayla) and her friend ( Amanda) and me Natalie went back to the sacuary because we were waiting for Kayla's mom to finish with choir practice as we sit there 2 of the regular guys who go to church there come in and we start to talk.
I really dont remember how Kayla and Amanda started 2 chase the guys and the guys were chasing us. and where we were sitting right in front of us was a flight of stairs and it was really dark and I was curious and I was like " Whats up there?" and they said just rooms for the kids for church. and i wanted 2 go up there so we went upstairs. When we got up to the second floor it was dark and the only lights on was the Exit sign one of the hall lights at the end of the hall. And i wanted to go over there so we went and we were talking on the way and it started 2 get really cold and i started 2 get kinda scared but very curious. We turned the corner and we just saw a bunch of things in the way and the restrooms and the light was off so we just decided 2 go back down stairs as we turned the corner we saw some kind of fog at the end of the hall and i just staired at it  and was getting kind of worried as we got closer to the flight of stairs I saw a little boy about 10 or 11 yrs old leaning against the wall on the other side of the stairs  with these bright eyes and you can see right through him my blood started 2 rush and i was in shocked but i didnt say anything niether did anyone else when we got closer to the flight of steps i turned 2 the side and then turned back looking straight and he was gone as we headed down the stairs we were going pretty fast and sat down on the couch. and i was so paranoid i just staired at one thing for a long time so we started walking again and we went outside then Amanda said " did u guys see something up stairs or was it just me?" and then we all started talking about and got really scared the guys came back and we told them what happened and we demanded them to go up there and see wats up there. they we up stairs and came back down about 3 min later and said there was nothing there

The Jewelry

By: XxRiotGurl1345xX@aol.com

When i was 1 years old [i am 13 years old now],my Grandma had passed away, and believe it or not,she passed away the day before my 2nd birthday. so its a day after my grandma had passed away an my mother had told me this. that she had left out all her jewelry on the coffee table. and my aunt had came to visit, my aunt had me sitting on her lap an my mother was in the kitchen,my aunt had picked up some of the jewelry and started looking at it. [keep in mind i was only 2 years old] and my aunt swears to her grave that this happened. that i said to her that the jewelry that she was holding was my grandmas. an she kept insisting that it was my moms jewelry....until my mom came in the room. my aunt had asked "is this your jewelry?" and my mom said that it was her moms[my grandma]. my aunt freaked out and asked me if my grandma talks to me and my mom had said that i looked the other way and nodded my head no and my aunt asked "did your grandma tell you to say no?" and i nodded yes.thats why i believe toddlers have a sixth sense.

My Great Grandma

By: AnGeLeYeS33089@aol.com

When I was in second grade my great grandma passed away. I didn't really know her that well but my mom was very close with her through her whole life.  The first incident that happened that made us realize she was still here with us was at her house.  My mom went there with some other members of the family to get some belongings from the house.  While standing in the dining room her favorite music box (it was in the shape of an angel) began to play from her bedroom.  There was no explanation other than it was her because it was very hard to turn even by hand and nobody else had been in that bedroom yet.   Then we moved into a three-story house in Cleveland Ohio and are almost positive she was there with us. There were many things that would happen. For example there were numerous times when we were just sitting there and the rocking chair would begin to slowly rock for a couple of minutes and then stop.  Very often when my mom was by herself she would feel a presence in the room with her.  She knew she was not alone. Every time this happened, the feeling was accompanied by the smell of my great grandma's perfume.  Another time my mom was laying in her bed and she felt the other side of the bed push down.  She thought one of the cats had jumped on the bed but when she turned around there was no one there. My step dad would also have things happen to him.  The most common thing would be that every so often he would feel someone put a hand on his shoulder but no one would be there.  This happened once when my mom was watching TV.  He told her he felt it again and when she turned around and looked at him she saw a ball of light floating above his head that vanished within seconds.  She was not bothered by this however because she knew who (or what) it was.  In fact she didn't even tell him until the next day.  Another instance was when I had about four of my friends spending the night at my house.  The whole night we smelled something that we couldn't place.  Finally someone suggested it smelled like old perfume and I remember that my mom had said she would always smell my great grandma's perfume so I then told my friends about it.  Soon after that the doorknob on the door to my room began to slowly turn and my door slowly swung open.  We all got scared and went out into the hallway and it was freezing in there.  There were no doors or windows open to explain why it was so cold and there had never been a draft in there.  That was one of the last occurrences and we eventually moved out and into an apartment.  Very shortly after we moved my mom had a dream that she saw my great grandma in a restaurant and she was crying.  My mom asked her what was wrong and she just kept repeating that we wouldn't tell her where we lived.  We assumed it was because we left the house where she knew we were and she couldn't find us.  We have lived here for about two years now and nothing has happened.  We assume she still doesn't know where we went.

Hawaii Hauntings

By: unit0012000@yahoo.com

Hello....I'm a Manoa resident in Honolulu, Hawaii and i would like to tell you some stories that you never added yet +, personal accounts. All the accounts occured in Manoa. first of all... the manoa Chinese cemetary has some chilling stuff. first thing is a burned tree which is said to be a porthole for spirits. that tree was also famous when supposedly someone set himself on fire on that tree hence that burned look. The next thing was pointing... I heard that pointing at the grave stones over there (something that no one should be doing in the firs place) will make the spirit "clench" your finger and haunt wherever you are... i also heard that if you have candy or food when you are at the cemetary than you must leave it at a grave stone or else the spirit will follow you and haunt you. the last thing regarding the cemetary is fireballs. fireballs are always seen at the cemetary. some say that they could see fireballs explode on the Burned tree. Others say that they are floating around grave stones and it meant impending death. The next thing I would like to tell you about Manoa is the chest presser ghost that has been lurking around all over manoa. also known as the choking ghost as you put it.. a choking ghost lurks manoa valley as well. I should know from personal eyewitness accounts  of the incident. Early morning, I was sleeping on a bed that i slide under my sisters bed when i heard my sister groan for a long time. I told her to shut up and when she stopped, she trned and told me that she couldn't move and she felt like someone was sitting on her!! The next personal experience is family related and i seen it on multiple occations. some female entity lurks both parts of my  house (which is two houses connected together). the first time I seen it was summer of 2002 when i was falling asleep hands crossed over and my head resting to its side when I saw legs walk by my visual path. I thought it was uncle coming in from the other house but when i looked up the door was closed and no one on that side wasn't even home!!! the next two occations i seen an appartition was days before the death of my great grandmother (RIP 12/30/03). i seen something approach me when i was lying down in my uncles loft balcony in his house. the day after my great grandmother was in ER, i seen it again and the night my grandmother past away, i seen it again. even when I came back for spring vacation, I seen it on the loft. well thats all the stories i'll share for now... later


By: jackwhitwell666@msn.com

my name is jack and i have a chilling story to tell.
2 1/2 years ago, I was up in my bed watching england lose against brazil in
the world cup. after the match i was angry that we was knocked out of the
world cup, so kicked the wall in anger. then turned and saw a  face glaring
at me. The face had thick glasses and black eyes. i froze of shock and
horror. it was there for only about 10 seconds, then it faded away. from
that day i have always tried to controll my temper incase the face returns.
thank you


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