Haunted Cemetery

By: jamminj20052001@yahoo.com

i remember one night about 5 yrs ago me and 3 friends wanted to go check out this place that my friend had told me about the place was called rea cemetery in between jackson center oh and lake view oh so we went there and of course the 2 girls chickend out so me and my buddy went in he wanted to show me the grave of a relative that was buried thereand we went and looked at the grave no big deal then on the outer part of the cemetery were the car was parked and i had noticed 3 pine trees when we went in and me and my friend was walking towards them and i saw a man resting up aginst the tree as we were walking by and he looked right at me  and was watching us walk by and i remember the look on his face it was a what are u doing here look and i was so scared that i pushed my friend down and took off running down the hill towards the car and he came running behind and we left in a hurry and i had asked him later about it and he said he didnt see anything but i shure did end of the story right wrong i had told anouther friend about this place and he didnt believe me so i took him there and i was really scared about going back but we did and we went in and was walking around and i honestly didnt see any thing this time but he did he looked at me and all the color just drained from his face and i remember the exact words he said to me he said we got to go we got to go right now cause i didnt see any thing but i got this weird feeling so we got out of there fast and to this day he wont tell me what he saw but it was deffiently somethi and i remember when we first pulled up we herd like partying going on quiet wispers and there are no houses around this place for miles and as soon as we went up to the place the wipers stoped so if u can find it and arent afraid u might wanna check it out i know i wont go back again


By: grlintrupt@yahoo.com

This story may get long so please bear with me here. I live in northeast Indiana and have had several experiences while living here. Some I'm not sure if it was my imagination or if it was actually ghosts. It all started when I met my boyfriend back in 1997.Now please keep in mind that these may not have happened in this exact order, just as I remember them. He lives in a very large house that is located near railroad tracks. The house used to be a hotel back in the early 1900's? I'm not positive on the date, and across the street was the depot where the trains would drop people off and they'd come stay at the hotel. Anyways the house was badly burnt in areas when they bought it and have had to restore a lot of the house. I remember I went to their house one night and was watching movies in the living room with my boyfriend while his parents were out to dinner. As I was sitting there I had this weird feeling and looked out towards the kitchen. I saw a man standing there in a white short sleeved shirt, but could only see the top half of his body. I couldn't see the face very well either. I freaked out and told my boyfriend that someone was in the kitchen. He got up and looked and found nobody out there. So I guess this was my first experience in the house. I later just blew it off and figured I had imagined it. But I had never felt the sensation before that I did in this house. I can't explain it, just an eerie feeling. Well once I got older I started staying the night there, around my senior year of high school. For some reason I could not go downstairs by myslef if no one was down there. I would always make my boyfriend go with me, even to the bathroom as crazy as it sounds. Well needless to say he started to get fed up with it and said he wouldn't go with me anymore. So if I had to go to the bathroom I would run down as fast as I could and turn on every light and come flying back up the stairs. That was the only way I'd go down. Well now to move on with my story....on another night e were once again watching movies and he had fallen asleep on me, and I swore I saw something small and black go running across the living room out of the corner of my eye. I figured it was nothing and continued watching the movie. A few minutes later I seen about 3 or 4 black shadows about 1 foot high out of the corner of my eye again go running around the corner and up the stairs. I was really scared and I knew what I had just seen wasn't right. I never told anyone and to this day still haven't. I don't know what they were and don't want to know. Well I ended up moving in with him and his parents for about a year and our room was located upstairs. My boyfriend worked in the evenings so I'd be setting in there by myself all evening until 10 or 11 at night. I hated it and always kept our bedroom door locked because of the hallway. It was a really dark hall and I would always hear things. It would sound like someone would open the bottom door, walk up the stairs, then down the hall into a vacant room. I had looked out before and never saw anybody there. Sometimes I'd forget to lock the door and it would open about 3 inches by itself at times, and I would slam it shut and then hear running down the hall. I would be so scared that my heart would pound so fast and I wouldn't move until my boyfriend got home. You'd hear the same sounds of walking at night while laying in bed too, yet I was the only one to hear them. Well now move forward to about 2001. In this year my boyfriends father had finished building an apartment on the back half of the house, they said we could live there for pretty cheap rent so we took it. It was a huge relief because I didn't have that feeling anymore of being watched, and no longer heard things. Well that didn't last long. My grandmother died in August 2001 of cancer. After her death I started having things coming up missing. Things that she had given me, like jewelry and what not. My jewelry box that had a bracelet in it that she gave me would always get opened up for no reason, and he braclet would be moved around inside the box. I got tired of it and one day I told her that I knew she was there, and that I loved her but that she was scaring me and for her to please stop it. Well she did and it hasn't been moved since. But that isn't the end of all this crap. My cat constantly stares at things that I can't see. He'll move his head and eyes from side to side like he's following something. My dog barks at the hallway door which has the furnace in it, but used to be part of the hall leading over to his parents side of the house. So maybe there's a connection there, I don't know. Sometimes that door opens by itself as well. No breeze, or fans on either. I still feel like there's something there, just not as strong of a presence. Yesterday when I was in the shower I kneeled down because I had dropped my razor and I looked over towards the shower curtain and saw a shadow go by. I hurried up and looked out the side of the curtain and nobody was there. I don't bother to mention these things to anybody because I know no one would believe me anyways. I've tried that before only to get laughed at. Another thing I might add is that ever since I've lived in this house I always have very vivid dreams that seem so real. I have woken up crying and in weird positions before. I also always wake up with bruises or scratches on my back, legs, and arms without any knowledge of how they got there. I hung up a dreamcatcher but it hasn't done any good. I have 2 bruises on my right arm now that looks like someone grabbed me and squeezed real hard. Also ever since I've lived in this house it's like I have premonitions of things. Not big things though, just little things. I think about something then a few days later it will happen, or I'll be thinking about something then someone will say it. And it's things that these people couldn't possibly know I was thinking about. Well I know this has gotten long now, and that it's nothing scary. Just some strange things that have happened to me here in this house. Oh an one last thing I have a photo of my cat standing by our entry door with what looks like a cloud of smoke around him. I took the picture with a Kodak disposable camera, no one else was home, and I was not smoking, nor was there anything that could have been creating smoke. Was this a ghost? Also could the fact that the house had been burned in many areas have anything to do with this? Thank you for your time!

First Time

By: jamminj20052001@yahoo.com

i saw my first ghost at the age of 13 i was at my brothers house he lived on clover four rd in st mary oh in an old farm house i remember beeing outside as well as the whole family my brother his wife and there 2 children there were 3 bed rooms up stairs witch they never used there was also 2 bed rooms down stairs any how i was out side mowing and i happened to look up at the bed room i was gonna be sleeping in that night and i saw a figure i couldnt tell if it was a man or a woman but it was standing there in the window just watching me and then it moved away and that was all i could think about i didnt want to sleep in that room all alone so i told my brother that i didnt want  to sleep up there but i went any how and as soon as i was in bed i covered my head up and couldnt get out of my head what i saw eariler that day and i felty as if some one was watching me but may be it was in my mind but i know what i saw in that window  so any how i fell asleep and awoke the next morning safe and sound and i only spent one more time there and nothing happened that time but fear of whatever was in the window would return but it didnt they have since torn the house down and built a brand new brick house i hope the new home owners like there new friend i also have more experience to share with you all and i will be sending them for all of you if you want me too jason

The Paranormal

By: Anonymous

We built our home and have lived here for 7 years.  A few times I would wake up in the middle of the night and the bedroom would look "cloudy" or "hazy."  My head would feel really heavy and I would think it is just because I awoke from a deep sleep or something and I would get up and turn on the light and the room would still look a little hazy to me.  Recently I am beginning to think that all along it was something paranormal because just this past year other things have started to happen.  I have heard knocks on doors when no one was on the other side.  Also one afternoon when I was in the bath I heard my 6 year old saying "Mommy" three times progressivley louder and I opened the door and came out and absolutley startled him.  He was pearing into my bedroom and said he saw something all black and about my size walking slowly through my room.  He had thought somehow that it was me because he said it had hair like mine.  As I am typing this I hear something sliding back and forth on the top of my computer cabinet though the only thing up there is a plant!  I see nothing up there at all and now the sound has stopped.  Any way, earlier today I was upstairs cleaning and the kids were downstairs watching TV.  As I came down the stairs I smelled something that smelled like chemicals.  It was very strong and not knowing what it was I made the kids go outside while I threw open the windows and investigated.  Soon I traced it to our utility room where I heard a hissing sound.  I started moving cleaning supplies around and found a can of wasp and hornet spray sitting there surrounded by these other bottles just spraying away on its own!   Very strange to say the least, and upseting since I worried about my children breathing those vapors.  Since my son saw this dark thing in my room I have started leaving the hall light on at night.  The other night I flipped on the lights and all the bulbs popped!  There are 3 bulbs in each overhead light and they all blew out and need to be replaced.  Over the years I have experience a few random paranormal things but not ever in my own home.  This is making me feel uneasy and I don't really know quite what to make of it.  My son also told me one evening he saw a blue light with a face in it go into our fireplace, but this was last winter before he saw the thing in my room.  I told him his eyes must have been playing tricks on him and blew the whole thing off because I do not want him being worried and dwelling on anything like this.  I have a friend who told me the more you speak of things like this and the more interest you convey then the more active ghosts or whatever they are will try to make you notice them.  I have not really noticed this though since my family is full of old ghost stories that we have told many a time and it never seemed to make a difference before.  That's the end of my story and hopefully the end of all the weird happenings also!

Little boy Blue

By: Elsii121@aol.com

My brother and I have heard ghosts since we were young. He started when he was about 5 same age as I was. Out of the many ghosts we've came in contact with there is one that stands out the most because this young ghost followed my brother to our new home. When my brother was younger a ghost appeared to him in my room. The Ghost was a young boy the ages of 4-6, dressed in clothes from the early 1900's but he had a blue aura so the boy was blue and pale, he motioned for my brother to follow him, my brother was scared and woke me up. He told me this and so he would not be scared I told him he was dreaming. Though I knew he wasn't. Now years later my brother is 16 the second summer we spent in our new home the little ghost boy appeared to my brother once more by his window but the boy looked a little bit older and my brother had the feeling the ghost was asking him " Why did you leave me?"

Sweet Hollow Road

By: KPER@uswebinc.com

I am writing to comment on the scary place in Huntington, New York. Sweet Hollow Road is one of the scariest places in Huntington. All of the stories you have on this website are true and I would like to let you in on some more. This stuff has never happened to me but one of my best friends. She drove back and forth a couple of time on that road because it is said that if you drive back and forth down the road whatever is in the woods will become angry. After doing this one night a couple of time a car appeared in front of her and when it got closer it swerved into her and the driver was holding a shrunken head out the window at her. Another time my friends saw a dove nailed to one of the poles with blood dripping down it. And this is probably one of the scariest stories of them all. My friends were all packed into a car and they were driving down the road. At one point along the road they saw two men dressed in black with their backs to the road staring down at a duffle bag. The duffle bag was long and wide. When my friends saw this they instantly turned around to go past it again and the two men have moved about a half mile down the road within that 10 second turnaround. But they were still there. There is a rumor that cults live in those woods on both sides of Sweet Hollow so if you drive up and down the road enough flashing your lights and beeping your horn youíll make them angry and then they will do things to you. Either chase you off the road or just appear out of nowhere and scare of the crap out of you. Now the overpass on that road is legendary. Iíve gone underneath it a couple of time and nothing has ever happened. And itís not true that you have to beep before you go under it or someone will jump out. The story is, is that if you put your car in neutral and turn your car off and sit underneath it your car will start to roll because spirits of the kids who were killed there will push you. Now it looks like there is a hill underneath so none of us believed it. So one day my friends decided to put flour on the trunk of the car and see if it was really true.  They did start rolling and they thought nothing of it. But this time was different they were pushed pretty far down the road. Further than usual. When they drove away into a parking lot down the road they checked the flour and there were sets of handprints on it. They say your not supposed to look behind while under the overpass because nothing will happen. Both of friends that have done it have looked behind them and both of them have seen shadows behind the car or on the back window.

Ghost story from Illinois

By: ~Anonymous

I'm absolutely sure that my two story home on my small street is haunted and has been for some time. The house is at least a hundred years old and probably more, and although I have checked the background of the homely estate I have no idea why the spirits that haunt the place do so. I have lived here going on five years around Christmas and was told by my children and their friends that "Chelsea" a six year old little girl haunted the place from almost the very start. I flat out didn't believe them even though I acted as though I did. I figured it was my thirteen year old daughter, Christine, and her two best friends telling the younger kids stories and they had gotten a little over-imaginitive. I had to believe this because how else could I explain it? For the last four years, at every one of the kids slumber parties there had been frightened children that claimed to have seen ghosts in my house. Especially on the big slumber party that combined both the kids birthday parties every year. How else could I explain eleven or twelve children all saying they had witnessed seeing a ghost or two or three in my house every year? One year when it was just Christine doing her birthday party/slumber party all of the thirteen girls present had claimed that a green light had enveloped my house, flown through the window, pushed a girl across my living room, and disappeared. They claimed two of the girls had gotten possessed, one being my daughter and another being a close friend of hers. Yeah right, I thought. I figured it had been the stories and my daughter and her friend playing a mean prank. They were jokesters through and through, I told myself, and both were excellent actresses. My daughter had been taking acting classes for quite a while now. With a few more exuberant stories from the children through the years, I still managed to throw them all off. My daughter, it seemed, had become used to acting possessed and blah, blah, blah. That kind of thing. My daughter was an odd child when it came to the paranormal things. She was the one who was always stubbornly insistent that our house was haunted, that fairies and things were real. She'd say to me, "Mom, if you'd ever stay up as late as us you'd have your proof, I swear." When she was little she used to talk to people who weren't there and once claimed she'd had a premonition of the church by our house catching fire, which it had the afternoon she told me. And then there was the claiming that she got possessed constantly. Nonsense! Lies! When she had stayed up alone sometimes she'd asked me if I'd woken up about five times during the night and paced the hallway, which seemed absurd and entirely untrue. Shed ask me, "You really didn't?" "No!" I'd answer emphatically. Sometimes alone or not she'd claim something had fallen down the steps during the night but upon inspection nothing, not a thing had fallen down our steps. She'd claim she heard voices and people calling her name. Doors and windows supposedly rattled during the night and the lights flickered. Not even just one light sometimes but it seemed anything and everything electronic in the house flickered. Pacing in the upstairs hallway and dainty footsteps on the stairs made by "Chelsea" were often told to me. Bloody Mary had supposedly truly shown up in our bathroom mirror and was on a first name basis with my daughter and left a deep cut in my son, Zachary's arm. One time we were at Borders the book store and Christine was telling Zach and his friend stories about Chelsea who seemed to be one of the most seen ghosts in me house. I asked her about Chelsea, and immediately and without hesitation she replied, "Chelsea, who is real, Mom, is a six year old girl from sometime in the 1700 or 1800s. She says she was beaten to death by her mother who was a maniac or mentally disabled or something but they didn't really know that then. Sometimes her eyes get red or yellow and she goes really freaky and she's a hopscotch girl." Upon further inspection a hopscotch girl was a young child's spirit who had died a gruesome death and hummed a song while skipping as though there was a hopscotch square etched beneath them. Supposedly if you saw them or heard them someone was going to come close to death. If you saw them and heard them and they said a loved ones name the person was going to die. They told me about a lot of ghost: Andrew Giovanni, Diana the Goth ghost, Allisay the child, but none seemed as interesting or as often seen as Chelsea. I could write a book about all the spirits that inhabit my home! I learned to believe my children when I made the mistake of saying that there were no ghosts in my house late at night trying to convince a frightened child not to call his mother to pick him up because our house was full of ghosts. I saw my first sighting then. A girl wearing a very old fashioned nightgown who looked about six and had very long, blonde braided pigtails with piercing blue eyes stood blurrily and transparent in my room. My daughter later announced that the little girl had been Chelsea. I've been seeing ever since.

Rhode Island Hauntings

By: ilscumming@yahoo.com

Hi..I'll start by saying the usual things I'm sure you
have heard time and time again; it's nice to come
across a site that a person can tell these sorts of
stories and not be considered a nut case especially
since I have been able to see, hear and speak to
spirits for as long as I can remember.
I have moved around quite often in my lifetime. I have
always been of a transient nature and when I felt the
desire to explore another state I would pack up and
go.  I had moved to Newport, Rhode Island and decided
to go back to college.  I enrolled in the Theatre
Department at the University of Rhode Island and began
my sophomore year at the ripe old age of 26.
For anyone who has ever participated in theatre will
know that many theatres are supposedly "haunted".  I
disagree (to a point) simply because in order to put
on a show of any kind a great deal of energy is
expended.  Most hauntings I have experienced within a
theatre has never been more then residual pictures
left behind.
I had previously stated 'to a point'.  I was a
returning student studying for a B.F.A. in both Acting
and Directing and I was required to spend a lot of
late night hours in the theatre building as both an
actor and as a director (oh yeah...and as a student).
I had been cast in one of the Mainstage performances
and at the same time was directing a one-act play for
my directing class. My rehearsals for the mainstage
normally concluded around 11-11:30 pm and I had booked
the small theatre I was using for my one-act for
12:30am. This was to give the students already in the
space time to finish and clean up (plus time for me to
get a cup of heavenly, life saving coffee).
This small theatre space was named the ATS: the
Afternoon Theatre Space and sat no more than 35 seats.
It was a typical black box theatre with 2 entrances to
the stage and a decent sized back stage area. It was
situated on the 3rd floor above the scene shop and at
this time was used only for student productions.  The
second floor had several showers no longer in use and
was used for prop storage.  It was my understanding
that at one time the 2nd and 3rd floors had been a
kind of "crash pad" for the students who couldn't
afford housing sometime in the late 60's.
This was to be my 1st production in the ATS (though
not my last) and I was not aware of the history of
problems that students encountered during rehearsals
and shows. It was a rite of passage for all new
students so it was the best kept secret of the
department (lucky me right?) On the night of our 1st
rehearsal in the ATS I was standing backstage with my
stage manager discussing the nights agenda and my 2
actors were were standing in the doorway to the stage
listening and waiting for the rehearsal to officially
begin. All of a sudden I heard my name called out in a
loud sing-song voice. And without looking up I
answered "What?" in the same loud sing-song tone
thinking it was someone downstairs in the scene shop
trying to get my attention.  No answer. I shrugged it
off thinking friends were messing about downstairs.
Then it happened a second time and this time when I
answered I walked to the railings to look down into
the scene shop. There wasn't anyone there so I turned
to the other 3 and asked if they had heard a voice
calling my name and they all said 'yes, they had'. I
decided at 12:30 in the morning I was not going to
waste any more time on games and asked for everyone to
enter the studio and get started. I closed the doors
to the backstage and settled in the 2nd row of seats
with my stage manager and started rehearsals.
Approximately 30 minutes into rehearsals I felt a
strong presence sitting behind me, so I turned and
looked into the seats and saw a dark male figure
seated in the last seat next to the wall in the last
row audience left. Since I wasn't nervous or uneasy
about this guy I didn't mention it to anyone. The 2
actors finally got a comic bit right and very softly,
but audibly we heard a laugh coming from that area.
The actors and my stage manager looked at me with a
"you're the boss and the oldest...what do we do?"
expression. I told them to keep going since they were
doing something right.
Rehearsals continued for about another 15-20 minutes
when I decided to call a break and grab a cigarette in
the backstage area.  When we entered the male figure
audience left was gone but was replaced by a larger
and darker male figure pacing the back row but
audience right this time.  This entity was by no means
easy going or appreciative of our being in his space.
I told them to ignore this one completely and just
play to me. Every time my actress would start to try
and say her lines a nasty voice would hiss from the
back row and call her names like slut or whore. This
happened twice and without turning around I told "it"
that he was not welcomed and we had the space and to
leave and leave now. He then hissed at me and said I
will leave before he did. That had never happened to
me before!! They were supposed to leave when not
invited so I turned to my stage manager and had
planned to tell her to start cleaning up but before I
had the chance my attention was caught on stage by the
image of a young girl bloodied and bruised being raped
while being held down by another student. I knew it
was just an image frozen in time but the thing behind
me started laughing like it knew what I had seen. I
told everyone to pack it in and leave. The other 3
were already frightened by the 2nd spirit so they
didn't hesitate to grab their things when the sound of
a young woman's scream began. We couldn't tell where
it was coming from since it sounded like it was in the
theatre and in the scene shop below. I told the others
to head downstairs and out and I would turn the lights
off.  As they ran down the stairs the screaming
stopped and I heard the voice say to me "I told you
you would leave 1st" and laughed. I ran out and down
the stairs when I had remembered I didn't turn off the
lights.  As I debated whether or not to go back up
when the lights turned off by themselves and a voice
floated down the stair well and said "See you
The next day I went into the chair person's office and
asked if I could reschedule my rehearsals/performances
into a different space but without telling why, I
didn't want to appear crazy! I was told 'no' because
of so many student productions at that time there
wasn't available space.  I was then told that whatever
I had experienced is normal and everyone has to deal
with it and since I was the older student it was up to
me to keep the younger ones calm.  And I was told in
no uncertain terms that this is departmental and no
one outside the Theatre Dept. needs to know.  End of
story as far as she was concerned.
I would like to note that my show, which was in a
line-up of 3 shows in a weekend, went off without a
hitch. The other 2 shows had electrical and sound
problems, cast members became ill on stage and such.
This is quite long as it is so I will not go into
other stories related to this theatre. However if
anyone is interested in hearing about them feel free
to contact me.
Good night and pleasant dreams!

Ghosts Houses

By: amber_johnson91@yahoo.com

8-10-04 I use to live in a house in Michigan. It all started when I was little. My parents said that when I was little I use to play with a ghost. I remember it he was bruswed and had stab wounds in him. I would never see his face though. We come to find out that a guy killed his son then killed himself and his newborn. They never found the wife. Well when I lived there everytime someone would get punished you would see things fly around the house you would hear someone running from one side of the house to the other when everyone was downstairs. And I am not the only one who see's or hears it my family does to.Our most resent experience was a couple of weeks ago. I was in the house by my self and I heared footsteps and I turn around and no one was there. So I'm waiting some more and I get the feeling that some one was staring at me. So I look agian no one was there . So I run out and it was my sisters turn and the same thing had happened to her.


By: Candy3553@aol.com

Hi, my name is christina, i am 18 yrs, I had a cat named dandy that was very speacial to me that died in may right after his 13 birthday, i loved that cat so much he was like my best friend. i had a speacial connection with this cat almost like he was another person,  i grew up with him and we were always close, he meant so much to me. when i came back fromk my vacation, i noticed he lokoed a little bit pail, like he didnt look healthy at all. my dad said he has been sick so i brought him to the vet where i work and they said it was only an absess and otld me how to treat it. but the next day he started throughing up and vommiting and we drove him to an emergancy vet


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