$50 Dollar Offer


 This was a story told to me by my father of something that happened to him years ago while he was a young man.
There was a house just outside the town of Maryville Tennessee that had the reputation of being haunted. My father never was one of those people who believed in ghosts and regularly made fun of people who did.
As I said, this happened a good many years ago when $50 00 was a whole lot more than it is today.
 The owner of this house, which was said to house hundreds of slaves during the civil war, was so sure that he had a haunted house that he advertised that he would give $50.00 to anyone that could spend the night, from midnight to 6:00 AM, in the house. This piqued my fathers interest because he was short of funds at the time and, being a nonbeliever, he figured it would be an easy way to get him some money. He went to the owner and made arrangements to spend the next night in the house but, before he could do this, the Aluminum Company of America, where he worked, contacted him and told him that they needed him to come in to work on that day.
He had a couple of buddies in the apartment with him when ALCOA called him to work who were in the Marine Corps. He had been telling them how he was going to make some easy money by spending the night in that house, so, when he told them that he was going to have to cancel they told him "Oh no you're not." "We are not afraid of ghosts and we can use the money too so we will go in your place."
 The arrangements were made with the owner and, promptly at midnight, the two marines arrived at the old house. The owner told them that the rules were fairly simple and all they had to do was stay in that house, without coming out the door, until six O'clock, AM, he would give them both $50.00.
 The two marines went into the house at midnight right on the nose and the owner was to wait out the night and pay the cash the next morning. He settled down right outside the door as there was no other way out of the house, his having sealed the other exits before he advertised.
 To make a long story short, at about 2:00 AM, both of the marines came flying out of the front door and didn't even stop to tell the owner what they had seen. They didn't even slow down and they never did want to talk about their experience to anyone from that day forward.
  This greatly affected my Father as he knew both of them well and he said that neither of them was afraid of anything. The owner of the house kept his house advertised for a while after that but he had no takers because that town is fairly small and almost everyone knew the marines and no one wanted to experience whatever it was that scared them so badly. My Father told me that maybe the best thing that could have happened did when the company called him in to work that night.
 He told me that he could have made further arrangements to stay in the house but he never did. I think that maybe he was afraid of having his opinion changed.


By: baxlee2@yahoo.com

In 1999 my brother David started telling me he felt like someone was is his room.  While he was sleeping he would feel someone sit on the edge of the bed (water bed! no mistaking that!).  As the weeks passed this feeling became stronger, so he started waiting at night to see if he could actually see something.  He described it as a heat vapor, like you would see on a blacktop road on a hot day.  It would come down the hall and into his room.  Eventually this, whatever, started becoming very, very friendly.  Putting pressure on his body in certian areas...  We did take a picture of me sitting on his bed and received some sort of shadow (white and black) behind me.  He moved out of our moms and swears the, whatever, followed him to his new home.  He dosen't feel frightened, just wonders what exactly it needs.

Stories from Guatemala

By: babie_devil788@hotmail.com

hey everyone..now this story didnt happen to me but to my dad...just by hearing it gave me the creeps..it took awhile for me to sleep.
Ok well when my dad was a kid he lived in guatemala. he had a good childhood but he wasnt an angel. one night he decided to tag along with his to older borthers and friends of his brothers as well. So, it was dark  around 11 or 12 at night and they  were up for trouble. They saw a woman and two men together go into the cementary, and being who they all were they chose to follow them. When they got into the cementary they had lost the peopl they were following. But they weren't gonna let that stop their fun..they decided to stay at the cementary for a while. When they began to get bored they thought that maybe they should hed home. but when they started to walk to the exit they felt something evil behind them and when they turned around their worst fear was right there. They saw something coming closer and closer very fast. My dad said it was shaped like a huge bull. Their first instinct was to run ..but they couldnt their feet weighed do much! As hard as they tried they could omly move a couplr of steps. at that point they were crying and terrified as the thing got closer. Then one of them started to pray and before they knew it they were running and jumping over the fence. Thats where the cops found them and took them home.
second story:  now this happened to my aunt i have to say it sound like a terrifying night mare thta no one want to go through.
When my aunt was 8 she to lived in guatemala and she was the oldest of the girls her mom told her to go help out her aunt at her house because she had no one, she had a huge house and was alone most of the time. so my aunt walked to her house but to get there she had to cross a small bridge to get over a pond, so when she got their she help hey aunt out alot till about 9 pm that was when her aunt told her to go home and get some rest. So thats what she did....but as she was walking on the bridge she saw something that haunts her today she saw the Llorona( for those who dont  know what that is, shes supposed to be a lady who let her children drown in a lake and now after ealizing what she had done she roams the streets and has an awful scream that no one wants to hear, anbd she is said to have a face like a horse and long black hair that runs down to her feet.)She was terrified...the llorona kept coming closer and closer. My aunt bent her head and began to pray as hard as she could  and when she looked up she was gone. She ran home as fast as he feet could take her and when she entered the home she turned on everylight in her path..the hallway..kitchen...living room...staitcase all the way to her bedroom. She locked all the doors and windows and when she got into her room she locked her door and turned all the lights on. She jumped onto her bed and prayed for her der life as she heard the screams of the llorona outside. Then when she looked at her door she saw a shadow move across outside her room this scared her even more becasue she knew no one was home and they wouldnt be home for hours. She began to hear footsteps outside and saw more shadows..she prayed all night until hey mom and sisters cam home. When they went to her door they were tel ng her to open it but she wouldnt budge(it is said that the llorona can become anyone and imitater their voice) she didnt know if she opened the door she would see the llorona standing there but after a good hour of begging her to open teh door my aunt managed to get up and unlock the door where she saw her mom and sisters. They said when they saw her she was the most pale person they had ever seen and she was crying hysterically. She never forgot that day.

Maybe We have a Ghost?

By: tialynn82@msn.com

We live on a beautiful 40 acre ranch in the mountains of southern New Mexico. We moved here a little over a year ago. The first night we stayed here my husband felt someone pushing on his leg while laying in bed. Our cats were still at our other house. The next night I thought I saw someone walk into the kitchen. We saw a few other shadows move and stuff but nothing really serious. Then one day I was sitting on the couch waiting for the menu screen to come up on my sons movie. We have a glass door on out entertainment center and it was facing the front window. Anyway as I was sitting there I saw someone in a white baseball cap walk past the window. I thought my husband was home but wondered when he got a white baseball cap. I got up to see if it was him and it wasn't. My son and I were the only people on the ranch. We have also seen someone walking through the ostrich pens My son will laugh like someone is playing with him. I will wake up in the middle of the night to him laughing so loud and hard like someone is tickling him. He use to look between the refrigerator and the wall and just laugh. That I think is the only thing that really weirds us out. We moved into a different house on the ranch and things have been strange here too. We will hear knocking on the side of the house, my brother said he would hear footsteps on the deck at night, and the front door will open and close by itself sometimes. Nothing has ever really scared us it has just been strange. But the strangest thing we have seen happened last fall. We were out late and driving along our road we always see the "black dogs" run across the road. But we got to our driveway and I saw a big thing walking down the road. Sorry I don't know what else to call it. LOL But anyway I said "What is that???" My husband didn't see it until he was turning the truck. It was a very bright outline. It wasn't a cow or horse or person because we did not see definite legs, arms, nothing. It just kinda looked like a blob walking down the road. I wanted to go back and see if maybe it was a person and they just looked strange because of the headlights but was to afraid. I had thought it was a horse at first because it was so big. But I think we would have been able to see legs and a tail or head if it was a horse. I know there is a grave on the other side of the road on a friends property that is the grave of a woman that passed in the late 1800's. Maybe its her. We are not going to ask whoever it is to leave, because maybe they had a home here first. It never bothers us just makes us say "whoa" sometimes.

"Are you my Mother?"

By: HookedOnWesties@aol.com
Hi I love your site.  I have had many experiences happen to me, but I had to share this one.  About 20 years ago, we lived in a suburb of Chicago.  We had just moved to this house.  I started making friends with the Moms of the children that would come to play.  I made a friend that lived a block away.  She told me this happened to her.  One night she and her husband were sleeping.  She woke up suddenly to find a little girl standing at the foot of her bed, and she asked her "Are you my Mother?"
They had just bought the home.  They asked their sales lady if anyone had died in that house.  They said before they moved there, a swimming pool was in the back yard,( now covered up with dirt and grass).  And a little girl had drowned in that pool.
She must have been looking for her Mother.  I still have chills whenever I tell this story.


By: cynw71@yahoo.com

   First of all this happend many years ago. My
parents still live in the house that I believe was
haunted, as do many people people who have stayed
   The first experience was when my parents were
fighting so my mother decided she would sleep on the
couch. She awoke to her dog growling and barking at
nothing she could see, then a chill went thru her and
something touched her neck. Ofcourse she went to bed
with no further thoughts about what happend.
  My older sister had a knee surgery and was sleeping
in the living room fold out couch when the dog started
growling yet again at nothing. She took it as though
the drugs that were prescribed to her and she was
tripping out.
  My Aunt stayed over probably a year later, we still
had the same dog and he began growling, and she felt a
chill and something touch her kneck.
   I was young around 6 years old but these are things
you never forget. One night my bedroom door began
opening and closing very quickly but never made a
sound. I was playing with my dolls an early afternoon
and I had this 70's green baby carriage, it flew out
my window and ofcourse I was in trouble, I NO I could
not have had the strength to do it.
    Then my second summer our house caught fire, A
very dangerous fire since inside of the Garage we did
Bullets, which would go off towards the fireman,
Thankfully no one was injured.
   We moved to a rental home and when we returned to
our home nothing ever happend again. I just thought I
would share this since ive been to your website for
quite a few years.... Thanks for your time.


The Boy at camp

By: solidcrust@hotmail.com

I’m from Kuwait so don’t judge my English,
I’d like to share something before I begin my story, some people believe that the devil “Satan” is the opposing force of God, and that he’s got powers comparable to God’s, but let me inform you that there is no power even close to god’s power, and “Satan” is just a demon and he’s God’s slave like all beings, such as humans, animals, plants… etc, and the most important thing you must know is that the strongest power Satan’s got over you is to trick you into committing sins, nothing more, so don’t overestimate who’s not worthy of such power, this has nothing to do with my story but I felt responsible to tell you that, due to what’s written by some people.
Here’s my story: this happened about 4 years ago when I was in winter camp (Kuwait is a very hot country so winter is the most appropriate season to go camping), one night we were all just sitting in our tents waiting for the lights to turn off (usually at 10:30 pm), the tents are very big that there is room for 6 people to sleep, so we were 6 in this tent talking about the usual spooky ghost stories, freaking each other out, I’m the kind of guys who almost never gets scared so obviously I was the one who’s doing all the scaring, after a while the lights went out and we got to sleep, I woke up about 2 hours later (which is not strange at all) from the light that’s coming from outside through the open tent door, then I thought “who opened the door for the mosquitoes?” when I opened my eyes and looked to the door, I saw a little boy about 10 years old, he was wearing the usual winter gear, I remember him very pale, “what does he want at this hour of the night” I thought, I didn’t say a word, I was just looking at him without him noticing me, then he grabbed  what seemed like a small chest from the ground and lifting it up then disappearing in his place!, I was shocked like hell, the next day I didn’t remember that event until after breakfast, I started looking for that boy in the junior’s camp (which is right next to our camp) to see if I was imagining the disappearing part, but I didn’t find him. Thank you for your time.

Ghost in the Laundry Room

By: rachelle.rogers@cox.net

For a long time I had experiences where I would write off as my imagination.  I always heard bunch of my family members talking about seeing the spirit of someone close to us after they died.  My first job was at a nursing home and of course there was a lot of ghost stories about the place.  A bunch of times working the evening shift by myself, I'll always freak myself out from a noise.  One night my best friend and I was working in the laundry in the evening time.  Around that time of night the resident were asleep, lights were out in the rooms, the hall were dim, and the nurse shifts were like a skeleton crew.  Sometimes you did kind of feel alone in a loud isolated laundry room back of the building.  One night my friend and I was about ready to take a smoke break in the middle of our shift.  She had to pass out linens and other stuff around the building.  While I was waiting for her, I was watching the wash machines spin clothes around it.  Then it felt like someone was standing behind me.  I thought it was my friend trying to sneak up on me.  As I barley turned around, I saw a white smokey like human shape figure.  A split second I turned around and the figure disappear.  A few seconds later my friend walked seeing me standing there speechless.  I asked a weird question where I thought didn't make sense.  "Did you come in here right before you just came in here"? as I said to my friend walking in the room.  She gave me a weird look as she walked in.  I told what I thought I saw behind me a few second before she came.  She said one night when she was working by herself she said she walked in the laundry and was looking at the wash machines and I a reflection of the same thing I just saw.  I needed a cigarette after that, so we started walking down the halls.  The hall lights where dim enough where we can see are shadows on the walls.  She looked at my shadow on the wall and said " That ghost is the same height as you".  I was really stunned then because I never told her that, just what it looked like.  When I saw whatever I saw it was like my height about 5'3.  When I told everyone about the weird experiences said it was my own shadow I saw.  Then I ask about my seeing my shadow in mid air and disappearing when I turned around, and my friend was just saying she saw it too.  I would write it off as my imagination, but I never told my friend about the ghost being my height and when I was describing the figure to her she was talking ahead about it like was really saw it with her own eyes.  I no longer work their anymore, I think it's been way over 5 years now.  I quit there to find a better paying job after high school and I was getting attach to some of the residents that lived there.  The emotions started getting to me when a resident died that I was very fond of, somehow it felt like losing a bunch of grandparents.  However, when it's time to talk to family and friends about ghost stories, this one is the one I can say and believe that it wasn't my imagination.  I wonder sometimes if it was someone letting know in a way that they are alright now.

Different Place and Different Times

By: kristasanford@yahoo.com

Ever since I was a small child funny things have happened around me.  My first memories are from my parents house in Northern California when I was between 5 and 10 (I can't remember my exact age).  I have always had a hard time getting to sleep at night, one night I was lying in bed awake trying to talk myself to sleep and I was overcome with a feeling of fear, fear so crippling that I was afraid to move, scream, get up or even close my eyes.  When I looked up from my bed into a dark corner where the walls and ceiling met, I saw a pair of red eyes staring at me, projected out of a dark cloud in the corner.  At times I would hear footsteps in the hall even though I knew that everyone else was in bed sound asleep, I would get up to check and of course everyone was asleep in bed.  The hall was just outside my door and had the squeakiest floor known to man until my parents tiled it recently.  The most frightening experience of all was another time when I was around 10, was lying in bed trying to get to sleep and I looked up at my dresser against the wall on the other side of the room, and I saw what I can only describe and a little demon with horns, it was maybe 8 inches tall, striding back and forth on the top of my dresser and staring at me laughing, it then proceded to sit down on the edge of the dresser, with its feet dangling down from the edge and stared at me.  I got the distinct impression that it was laughing at me because I was afraid.  It evetually disapeared much to my relief but I don't think that I slept that night.  Even when I got older, if I was ever up late at night when there was no one else there, or everyone was asleep, in certain rooms I would have the distint impression that something unseen was watching me, and again that horrible paralyzing feeling of fear, so intense that I couldn't make myself move, even to shut my eyes, or utter a sound.  I always had the intuition that I didn't want what I was feeling there to do more than watch because it was very dark and very evil, and I was afraid to move because I didn't want to give it any reason to note my presence anymore than it already did.  Whatever it is in my parents house, it has lessend greatly, because I don't feel it anymore when I go back home to visit.
The next time I would encounter something like this was after I left college and moved in with a bunch of my friends into a house near Seattle.  A two story house with four bedrooms, I think it was built in the 70's.  Anyhow, many times when I was getting ready for work in the bathroom (the mirror in the bathroom was placed along one wall such that, if the door was open that you could look into the mirror and see down the hall behind you and a little into the two bedrooms at the end of the hall, one on each side), I would see a man reflected in the mirror, behind me and down the hall, but only just out of the corner of my eye, when I would turn to look he would be gone.  I didn't get any feeling that he was malevolent, and I didn't feel fear when I saw him, I just knew that he was there in the house, living along with us.  Sometimes I would be downstairs watching TV, and I knew for certain that there was no one else in the house and I would here foot steps on the second floor just above me in the living room area.  And one time I was just getting up from bed after a good read in the morning, and again, no one else was there, and my door had been open just a crack, and just as I was about to get up the door opened itself, of course there was no one there, my window was closed as were all the others in the house and it would not have been possible for air currents to open the door since it drug against the carpet enough that you had to push it open.  When I brought it up to one of my roomies, who I knew wouldn't laugh at me because she also takes this stuff quite seriously, she said that she also had seen the ghost haunting our house and heard the footsteps upstairs when the house was empty and she was downstairs using the PC.  In this house I never felt the crippling fear like in my parents house though, perhaps a difference in the nature of the ghost haunting this house.  I never doubted what I have een or heard since I saw the door open by itself, in a circumstance where there are absolutely no other explanations for it.

Regarding Ghosts

By: unit0012000@yahoo.com

    I have a couple more pointers to add regarding ghosts. Every August, there is what the Japanese call Obon season when the spirits of ones ancestory returns home... reports of family ghost has been made during that time. i have a incident of such a case. it was about 11:00 on a monday night... I was watching X-files on TNT in the living room. I was in the mood for a good scare or so i thought... where I was sitting from i have clear line of sight of the kitchen and thats when the sink light turned on its own!!! I was at a lost for word. my mother told me that it happens all the time but than I asked my grandpa (a contractor) and he said that the light tuning on its own never occurs unless the light was already on due to the fact that sometimes the light turns on but its real dim. That is not the case though because I can see when the light is dim... we have white flooring in the kitchen and light reflects very well on the flooring. besides....the only light on was the living room lamp. I ask myself how the light turns on on its own.... than it hit me that its august and its obon season. It could be my recently past great grandmother saying hello.... :)

NE Kent County, Grand Rapids Area

By: ChrstSchutt@aol.com
I grew up in Cannon Township, outside of Grand Rapids, MI, in an area that had been abandonned as productive farmland much due to the sharpness of its hills and sandy bitterness of the soil. Hardwood forest had reclaimed much of the land though there remained fields tucked away in the woods. There are legends of Indians and frontier lumber era trechery that took place in the area but these are vague and largely unknown to those who have recently made Cannon a bedroom community. It was the late 70's or early 80's when I spent much time in our woods which lay between the unconnected dead end of an East-West road and the North-South road it had always been meant to meet. Well, my friend lived on that North-South road and I on that East-West road and we travelled through woodland tractor trails between eachother's homes and adjoining properties. One Summer, late afternoon around dusk were headed from my house to his house. My father, a truck driver, had not yet returned from work and I had chosen his tractor as transportation. Coming through out of the woods into a small field, (the "Little Field") I turned off the trail an flored the tractor through the middle of the weed choked field. Several bumps and I had knocked something loose. The tractor stalled and stopped. My friend and I, knowing that we had to get the tractor back in the barn with no evidence of rowdy play, tried to find the source of the problem to effect repairs.  It was now growing dark and very difficult to see. Closer to his home than mine, we decided to climb the hill toward his house, get his father's tractor, a tool kit, a flashlight, and return. This we accomplished. Now we were back at the stalled tractor,  his father's tractor's nose up to mine. The dim lights of his tractor shining to create a halo around us. My friend was working with some tubing while I held a flashlight when I percieved a man at the edge of the light, maybe 15 feet off to my back left shoulder. He wore bib overalls and a tractor cap, had his hands in his pockets and was watching us. Thinking he was my father having come to scold us, (which afterward made no sense since niether my father nor my friend's father had this stature or wore bib overalls) I ignored him as teenagers sometimes do when caught in the wrong by their parents. "Go away I've got it," I thought. After perhaps a minute my friend said, "Give me that flashlight." He took it and shined it out into an empty field. We were out in the middle, far from the woods. Then he said something like, "Who was that guy? Did you see that guy?" That anyone should be out there on my family's property in the middle of the field at that time of night and observe us with no greeting is highly unlikely. Then to dissappear in the middle of the field, how? We both described this apparition in the same way,clothing, cap and stature all matched up. Who was he? someone from the family that had farmed this land way back in the 30's, '40's and '50's? By the way, we turned the crank and the tractor started right up. We weren't quite clear if we had really moved or repaired anything but there it was, ready to go. This has long remained a mystery to me. I was seldom afraid of the woods. I even often walked the nearly three quarter mile path back from my friend's house and mine at night with no flashlight. There was no light pollution in Cannon at that time and I navigated by the feeling of the sand beneath my feet and silhouettes of large trees. Sometimes (not always) however, for no reason, when feeling perfectly safe, a feeling of sudden dread would come over me. I fealt as if someone had just joined me in my walk. Amidst August night sounds of ciccadas and tree frogs I would think I heard the nearby snort of a horse. The trail, coming into the woods from the Little Field dipped into a cove. This cove always seemed to have a presence in it. There have been many times in that spot, regardless of time or season, that I have turned around, expecting to greet an approaching neighbor walking dogs or out for a stroll and have found no one. I was by all visual evidence alone.

Possibly still Skeptical

By: ivory_tusk@hotmail.com

I've lived in the same rental house for about a year, and just felt like it
was like any other home I'd lived in before--somewhat old, with its own
history, but nothing out of the ordinary.
I am a single mother with a two-year-old daughter.  When she was still
considerably young, about eight months old or so, her dad and I began to
have some serious problems.  Since we were not married and he had no
interest in really being a part of her life, I left the house we had all
occupied.  That started a series of moves that finally landed us in the
rental house I have already mentioned.
The house was originally built sometime in the '40s, and stands in the NE
area of Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I'm still not very clear of its own
past.  The only thing I knew about it was that the landlord had lived there
himself for quite a few years, and that various family members of his had
lived there for quite some time as well...But the people who lived there
right before me had some ties with a notorious bank robber in the
Albuquerque area.  With them, however, the only thing the landlord worried
about was drug dealings and other shady behavior going on.  They were
evicted, and seven months later, I moved in.  And as I mentioned before,
I've lived there for a year now, and am still quite happy there.
It wasn't until March of last year, that I had thought of anything strange
going on there.  I had a roommate move in at the time, who was rather a
fanatic about going out to haunted places and looking for ghosts.  He told
me that he felt the presence of a young-ish boy in the house, but that he
wasn't a bad spirit.  I really just kind of laughed it off, thinking the guy
was a nut job, but I still enjoyed his stories as cheap entertainment.
A few weeks after that, I was sitting in a chair in the living room,
watching television.  My daughter was spending time with her dad, and I was
tired from work.  I had just begun to drift off, but I was still hearing the
television.  And although I had brushed off what happened later as a dream,
now I'm not quite sure.  I saw a sandy-blonde haired boy, maybe about 11 or
twelve standing right in front of me, laughing.  When I really tried to look
at him, his smile became menacing and he raised his fist to punch me.  All I
remember is his fist coming toward my face and then I jolted straight up in
the chair, my eyes wide open.  There was no sign of a boy, the room was
still quiet except for the drone of the television, and I was still feeling
rather groggy...So I really did just decide that I had dreamed the whole
thing and nothing was going on.
Then, there was one night in June when my boyfriend, my roommate, and I were
up talking really late into the night, and we all distinctly heard footsteps
in the hall.  We didn't see anything, but we all heard the floorboards creak
with the weight of someone's feet.  This time I didn't laugh it off so
easily...And although I know nothing about spirits and such, I did what I
could to fill the space with positive energy and quietly asked, although I
was feeling rather abnormal and freakish, that if anyone was there that they
be at peace and leave the area.
My roommate left in July (financial difficulties kept him from paying the
rent), and the house was entirely re-arranged so that my boyfriend could
move his stuff in.  No incidents of anything "out of the ordinary" occurred
for quite a while.  Then, about a week ago, I was exhausted and had had a
difficult time with my ex, so I had gone to sleep considerably earlier than
usual...Right after I had put my daughter to bed, so a little before 8:00.
At three o' clock in the morning or so, I was awakened by my boyfriend who
was visibly shaken.
"I was playing video games," he said, "and I saw someone in the hallway.  It
was a woman, so I thought it was you.  I called to you, asking if I was
being too loud, but there was no answer...I just saw what I thought was you
walk from the bathroom to your study (right across the hall from the
bathroom).  But when I opened the study door, it was dark there, and nobody
was in there."
As I said before, he was shaking, and he kept repeating that it was a woman,
not much taller than me, dressed in pale blue clothing.  She was solid, she
made footsteps, and the floorboards creaked.  He saw her walk into my study
area.  The dog apparently saw her, too, because he was growling and pacing
like I've never seen him pace before.  Before he had woken me, my boyfriend
also went in to check on my daughter.  She was lying in bed with her covers
pulled tightly around her, her eyes wide open and looking around.  When I
went in to check on her, she was drifting once more into a comfortable
sleep...But her eyes would still jerk open and look around from time to
time, until her eyelids got too heavy to hold sleep back.
Now, there was no doubt in my mind that something...Someone was there who
really shouldn't be.  Once again, I really didn't know what to do...If this
really was an entity from another plane of existence, I really didn't want
to tick it off...Heck, I've seen enough horror movies to know what happens
when a spirit gets angry!  :)  So, I turned on some lights, and walked all
through the house trying to create as peaceful an atmosphere as possible.
Although I was also a little shaken, I didn't want to scare my boyfriend
anymore by also appearing frightened...So I asked in a calm voice that
whoever was there to go in a good and peaceful way, to find rest and
calmness, and to leave this space that can no longer hold it.  But at the
same time, when my alarm clock went off the next morning, I couldn't help
but wonder if I had dreamed it all...
Since then, nothing out of the ordinary has happened here.  My former
roommate even dropped by at one point, just to say hi, and after a few
hours, commented that the house felt lighter, that the ghosts had apparently
decided to leave.  I didn't say anything, just laughed the way I used to
when I considered his comments cheap entertainment...But there was more
significance now to what he said...And I hope that if there really was
something there, that it was able to find some peace and understanding, and
was able to leave with no regrets.
I really don't know what to believe, but I have a feeling that something
happened in that house that was considerably more serious than some drug
dealings and some shady behavior of bank robbers...Whatever happened, it was
a long time ago, and now I'm just trying to figure out the history of the
place to see if there really honestly could have been something more going
on than what I want to believe.  Although in all honesty, sometimes it still
feels like all of these occurrances are all due to a simple case of an
overactive imagination.

Scratches in the Night

By: lucky_duc@hotmail.com

I'm not sure if this qualifies as a ghost story but it sure freaked me out.
About a year ago or two, I use to have scratches on my body when i woke up.
People told me it's just me itching and not knowing i scratch myself. As
time passed i began to believe it was a ghost who was doing that to me.
Later on, maybe a couple of months, i had this incident where i heard this
voice calling me. It was around maybe midnight. My brother was sitting in
the liviing room watching tv and i was in the kitchen reading a book. All of
a sudden i hear this voice calling my name. I freaked out but didnt scream.
i just looked up to see if it was my bro playing a joke on me but he was
just staring at the tv. I go back to reading and the voice calls me again
the second after. I freeze still staring at the book trying to listen to
where its coming from. It calls again. I look to my right. No one. I look
back at my bro. Nothing. Then recently, very recently (last night, August
8th 2004) i was alone downstairs using the laptop around 11:20 pm. All of a
sudden i hear this clicking on the ceiling towards the wall to my right. I
thought it was maybe a bird or something outside but i've heard woodpeckers
before and they didnt click they thumped. This sound was clicking maybe 4-5
times in sessions of maybe 4 or 5 times. Everytime i looked up, it clicked
its 4th or 5th one then stopped so i went back to using the laptop waiting
for it to click again. Bam. It happens. After maybe 4 times i get freaked
out and decide to go to sleep, hoping i dont see a ghost as i take a drink
of water before i go up to bed. That's my story. i didnt see anything but
hey it freaked me out.

The Steps

By: asmail2004@hotmail.com

hi this is Ash, and i have a place my friends and i like to check out at
different times of day and night.  everytime we go we get freaked out.  it
is called "the steps"  well thats what we call it anyway.  it has been there
for along time.  grandparents told us about it and they themselves will not
drive by it and have not for 20 yrs or so.  and it takes forever to find it,
lol.  down alot of country roads, small rock ones at that.  and off to the
side you will se two pillars and a set of steps inbetween them.  and kids
have spary painted alot of devil stuff on them.  but that does not take away
from the feeling you get.  personally i have never gotten out of the truck.
when i get close to this place i get this closed in feeling, and when the
truck is stopped and whoever wants to go check it out gets out.  i get this
feeling that if i look at the steps something terrible will be there.  i
cant bring myself to look at them when my friends are up there.  there is a
foundation up farther into the woods that the "steps" lead to.  the house
was burnt down, story has it that the husband came home to find his wife
with another man, and killed him there in the bed and chased his wife down
into the cellar and killer her there.  my friends say that every time they
go up there to the foundation they can hear something fly thru the trees and
every time they look up there is nothing there.  but they say it sounds
bigger than a bird alot bigger.  and they can hear someone talking to them a
mans voice and the first time they heard it they thought it was the other
one talking to them.  back at the truck they asked eachother what they said
and no one spoke a word up there.  but the celler is where they get the
worst feeling. they said it was like someone was wanting to get out and they
couldnt.  they could feel whatever it was struggling.  i thought you would
like to hear about this place.  also there is a church about a 1/4 mile up
the road that is said to have unmarked graves next to it, my friend said all
they want is to be noticed and remembered.  email me back for further
questions. Thanks

Wolfinger Cemetery - Toledo, Ohio

By: RUaGhst2@aol.com

Wolfinger Cemetery
Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio
Wolfinger Cemetery actually sits in the middle of Swan Creek Park. Once in the park I found the side road that leads to the Cemetery. You are welcomed in by a huge arched rod iron gate. It is a very old Cemetery with Tombstones that date back to the late 1700s. It is a fairly small Cemetery. I was driving through looking for the five graves sites of the Family that had died within weeks of each other. It didn't take long to find them. They are buried along the fence to the far right side of the Cemetery. I got out of the car to read the names on the Tombstones (My wife wouldn't leave the car ). They are the Ford Family. The Fathers name was Wallace and the Mother Elizabeth. The Children's tombstones read Wallace, Eliza & Infant. They all passed away in the late 1800s. I couldn't read the Tombstones because they are weather'd fairly bad but made out the names. I didn't see anything Paranormal but felt an energy of some sort while standing over the graves wondering what the true story of this Family might be. I just had this strange feeling that they knew I was there looking for them. I began to have a stronger feeling that they were waiting for me. I said a short prayer for them and asked if any of them wanted to communicate with me. Well, that's when I really got chills and felt as though Eliza was with me. I tried to communicate with her but didn't seem to get a visible response. After a few moments I went back to the car where my Wife was waiting. She said she didn't like the Cemetery and wouldn't want to be buried there herself. She was ready to leave. While starting the car and we began to drive away, I felt as though Eliza didn't want me to leave. I just felt her strong presence even in the car. Well, that's when she made her presence known. My headlights began to turn on and off by themselves. My wife asked me how in the world was I doing that with the lights? I stopped the car and took my hands off the steering wheel as my wife and I watched in amazement as the headlights and dashlights continued to turn on and off more then a dozen times. I then backed the car up to the Ford Family graves and thanked Eliza for the communication and told her that she couldn't attach herself to me and that she had to stay with her family. I also told her I would be back to visit again. My wife and I then drove out of the Cemetery and drove about a mile down the road when all of a sudden the car began it's light show again. Headlights and Dashlights turning on and off repeatedly. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and we watched again in amazement as the emergency flashers began to blink as well. I told my wife that Eliza must still be with us. My wife then said we had to go back to the Cemetery. Funny coming from the same person that couldn't wait to get out of the Cemetery in the first place. I turned the car around lights going off and on all the way back to the Cemetery. I stopped at the Family graves again and then asked Eliza this time to stay with her Family. By this time the Lights had stopped performing there Paranormal light show. I drove away and back home without another single incident with the headlights. It's been several days now and I haven't had an electrical problem at all with the vehicle what's so ever. Although my wife and I never saw Eliza in a human form, If you stop by her graveside you'll definitely know she's there.

Voices Down the Hall

By: jenniferrapier18@yahoo.com

When I was a very little girl I could never ever sleep with my door closed
One night when my door was open as usual I woke up and heard my name calling me
down the hall. So, I got up and looked down the hall to find every light on in the kitchen,
it was just glowing. I decide to walk down the hall because I thought it was my mom.
While I am walking down the hall I hear my name being called louder and louder and
louder, it became so loud it started to hurt my ears. It also seemed that the kitchen was
getting brighter and brighter. When I finally reach the kitchen it turned pitch black, there
were absolutely no lights on at all and my name had stopped being called. Since i was a
little girl I started to cry and my mom came out from her room to comfort me. to this day
she still thinks I was sleepwalking.

My Grandmothers Message

By: Oliverdawn5@aol.com

about 3 years befor my Mum and Dad meet my Mum's, Mum died.  The night before her death, she said to my mum "Goodbye Dawn", instead of her usual "Goodnight pet!" As my mum was tried she didn't really think twice about what her mum said until she died early the next morning
1 year before i was born my brother, Mark was upstairs playing in my parents room while my mum went down stairs to get him a drink and a toy he left down stairs. My brother was 2, and never seen a picture of Grandma or even knew she exsisted, however when my mum returned upstairs, my brother was curled in a ball in the corner of the room, looking quite scared and shocked.
When my mother asked what was wrong, he said he'd just been talking to a lady in a wheelchair and started to describe the old lady to my mum, and Mark said she said "hi"! my mam knew who it was, she raced down stairs and grabbed a picture of Grandma and asked Mark "is this the lady?" and he said yes and in an instant became scared again!
To this day my mother belives it was her mum saying she was ok, and her finally farewell to my mum.

Little Brother

By: Chad.Favinger@penske.com

When talking to my great grandmother about her ghostly experiences, she often talked about her grandmother who was full blooded American Indian who was very spiritual. My great grandmother told me that when she was little her brother had gotten decapitated in a train wreck.  A few days later my great grandmother and her grandmother were sitting in a room together and out of nowhere her grandmother just starting moving her hand around in circles, ....curious, my great grandmother asked what she was doing and she said that Johnny had come to her and asked his gran gran to tie his head back on.


By: Virginia_Gamboa@ccsn.edu

I live in Las Vegas. This didn't happen to me but it happened in my
home. I was in my room brushing my hair getting ready. My mom was in the
kitchen cooking and my niece was walking down the hallway to my room. I
was listening to music when all of a sudden my niece ran to my room. I
looked at her and she was pail and looked scared. I was like what's
wrong with you? she said aunt Virginia I was just chased by a group of
kids I was like your kidding right and she said nope so I go in the hall
way but I didn't see anything. I told her it must have been your
imagination and she said auntie I'm not lying. The next day my sister
was at my house and she said she saw a little boy running around the
house. I have 12 nephews but none of them where at my house at the time.
She said he was dressed in short overalls, a white shirt, long white
socks, brown shoes, and a newsboy cap. My same niece said he was one of
the kids that was chasing her that day. I was also told by another
sister that she seen a guy outside my window when she went out to see
who it was he was gone. She also said she seen him standing by my door.
I have felt a presence in my room before but I never saw anyone. We told
my mom about this many times but she thinks we are all crazy thanks my
we still love you.  I no longer live in that house. Thank you
shadowlands for having this web site.

Josephine’ House


A friend of mine, Andrea, and her boyfriend, Dave, moved into a 1950’s
blockhouse in Saint Petersburg, Florida.  I live in Jacksonville and drove
down to see their new place.  When I arrived I couldn't help but notice that
they are directly across the street from an electrical switching station.
Massive electrical equipment was constantly humming.  There were literally
hundreds of beautiful parrots that were lined up along the wires making so
much noise it was almost unpleasant.  Not long after I arrived we were
sitting in the living room talking when I said “You know, ghostly phenomena
is sometimes associated with electrical wires, maybe this house is haunted.”
Andrea said something along the lines of possibly.  We did not discuss it
further, at least not that afternoon.
That night I was to sleep in the room at the end of a short hall.  There is
a bathroom door on the right, a bedroom door on the left and the door at the
end of the hall led into the room I was staying in.  I must tell you that I
have to have my box fan on to sleep.  I am a light sleeper and without that
white noise, I have a heck of a time sleeping.  So I set my fan up on a
cardboard box.  They still were in the process of unpacking but this was the
only box in the bedroom.  I turned in early and went straight to sleep.
Around two in the morning, I woke up having to answer the call of nature.
After I had finished I lay back on the bed and was almost asleep when I
heard plain as day, the cardboard box sliding across the tile floors (they
had NO carpet).  I looked up expecting to see that one of their dogs or
perhaps mine had followed me back into the room.  I saw nothing, the box was
still where I had set it and my fan was still running.  So I lay back again
and again, just when I was about to drift off, I heard the sound of a box
sliding across the floor.  A little quicker now, I looked up and no, it was
still in the same position and nobody was in the room with me.  I lay back
again and low and behold, there it was again, the distinct sound of a box
scooting across the tile floor.  Now I was awake, I sat up and smoked a
cigarette then went into the living room to just chill a little.  After
about an hour I decided to give sleep another try.  So I get back into bed
and just when I was about to fall asleep, I swear that I am telling the
truth, “somebody” or “something” gave me a raspberry in my ear, you know,
PPPPSSSSBBBBTTTT!!!  I actually felt the warm air against my ear.  It
sounded wet and it scared the you know what out of me.  I jumped up and
yelled out to nothing:  “STOP THAT, THAT’S NOT FUNNY!”  I knew I wasn’t
going to get much more sleep that night and went back to the living room to
sit up and wait for somebody, anybody to get up so I wouldn’t be alone.  The
dogs, it had turned out, had gone into the bedroom with Andrea and Dave so I
was on my own, no living thing to comfort me.  When Andrea finally woke up
around seven in the morning I was never so happy to see her in the twenty
plus years I had known her.  She said she had not heard me yell out, which I
found hard to believe, but I proceeded to tell her about my night.
Then she told me their story.  It turns out that the very first night they
were in the house they had some experiences of their own.  In the course of
their unpacking boxes they were putting the empty boxes in a small den
addition that looked like it used to be a one-car garage.  They just stacked
them up in there and intended to dispose of them later.  Well, they went to
bed that night and were woken up by the sound of dozens of boxes falling
over in the den.  They thought perhaps one of the dogs had gotten in there.
When they investigated, the boxes were as they had left them, all stacked
up.  So they went back to bed perplexed.  As soon as they lay down, they
heard pounding on the outside of the house.  It sounded like it was going
around the house banging not on the sides of the house as they were concrete
block, but it sounded like someone banging on the eave of the house.  Dave
grabbed his bat and went to investigate.  As soon as he opened the front
door, the banging stopped.  He went around the house and saw no one.  As
soon as he lay back in bed it started again, bang, bang, bang going around
the outside of the house.  This time he stayed put.  At the same time Andrea
was looking at her cell phone that was on her dresser.  It was not turned on
and it was not in the charger but the face of it was glowing, bright and
then dimming to black.  She watched this for several minutes before taking
it and putting it in a drawer so she wouldn’t have to witness this
particular phenomena.  Needless to say it was a long night for them.
Andrea spoke to the landlord and asked him if anyone had died in the house.
He said no, of course not.  But according to her new neighbor, a woman,
named Josephine, had had a heart attack and died in the hall where she was
found days later.  Dave decided to cleanse the house and tell the spirit
that they could both share the dwelling as long as she “behaved”.  After
that the banging didn’t happen anymore, but there have been more incidents.
For instance, I was visiting for the 4th of July and we were sitting in the
living room talking about Josephine.  I have made a habit of saying out loud
to Josephine that I am just visiting and for her to please let me sleep.
While were talking, a table lamp proceeded to go on and off several times.
Andrea tried to say that the bulb was loose so I went over to it and it was
screwed in tight.  It had one of those knobs that you have to turn for it to
come one.  It happened a couple more times before the lamp stayed lit.
Sometimes I will hear what sounds like voices whispering, I can’t make out
the words but it definitely sounds like whispers.  Andrea has a pet peeve,
she hates it when someone leaves the shower curtain pulled back.  Every
morning when she leaves for work the shower curtain is pull closed and many
times, in the afternoon when she comes back, the shower curtain is opened.
Also Andrea’s beloved black lab, Bubba, had to be put to sleep after a long
illness.  She swears that she hears him snoring at the foot of her bed at
times since he died.  She also had a cat, Ashley, who passed while living
there.  Dave’s uncle swears that he sees Ashley going from the bathroom to
the bedroom clear as day.  Once, while visiting, I was sitting on the side
of the bed when it started shaking, not violently, just vibrating.  I said
loudly, “Don’t start that **** with me!” and it stopped.   They still live
in this house and there are still strange things that happen at times but
not very often.  After my first visit there, it was a YEAR before I would go
back.  Now I go every couple of months and it seems that for the most part
Josephine is content for Andrea and Dave to live there.

Middletown Pa

By: Emeraldirisheyes@aol.com

Yesturday my boyfriend and I went on one of my usual "bored out of your mind"  ghost hunting days.  We visited a fews places I have been before like the Moonshine church, and then came home and visited your website for more places.  We noticed the listing of the old cemetary in Middletown and it was very close to our home but neither of us have been there before.  Me being the brave one couldn't wait to walk around the wall to see if the story was true.  So my boyfriend, his cousin, and I took off in search of our ghosts.  When we arrived there it was about 9:30 pm and very dark.  When you approach the cemetary you just get an uneasy feeling.  After some coaxing I talked my boyfriend to pulling into the little dirt road inside the cemetary.  He didn't get very far inside when a strange yellow/white light appeared deep into the cemetary.  He scares easily and immedately wanted to leave.  I on the other hand already had one foot out the door when something started running around.  We saw a little shadow moving around so fast amoungst the headstones, and when I announced, "do you see that", it changed into the same yellow/white light we saw earlier and disappeared.  At this point I'm being yelled at to get in the car, but still had my mind set on walking the wall.  I started to walk away from the car when a a scream pierced right through me.  I froze and my boyfriend was yelling that he was going to leave me if I didn't get back in the car.  It was a woman's scream that turned into a laugh like I have never heard before.  Even with all my ambition to go inside I felt like I was being pushed towards the car.  The laugh continued as we started to pull away and could even be heard as we got down the street.
Like I have mentioned before I don't scare easily.  I have been to Moonshine and had my engine stall and a cross break in my bare hands.  I have also been to Resurection Cemetary in allentown(not listed on your site) and have seen apparitions, and what looked like real people as you or I but the eyes were something black and lifeless like not of this world.  I could go on but out of all those experiances I have never felt more scared of or more pressured to leave a place before.  I have every intention of going back during the day light and have a look around, and then possibly after that returning at night time.  This place has such a force feild around it that I felt like I was going to be push right through the earth.  Then the womans scream as I approached and the way she laughed as we were leaving.  There is deffinatly something going on in there other than to do with the wall(which I never even made it too), and I thought you would like to know.
I enjoy your website and enjoy my ghost hunts as I have for years.  No scare could ever make me stop exploring.  I hav intentions to visit the house in duncannon you have listed next.  Thank you for your website and for taking time to read my e-mail.  I hope to see more listings soon.

Sweet Ghost Blood

By: sezzacaruana@hotmail.com

I am from Melbourne, Australia. You don’t hear much ghost stories coming
from down here. Well I can tell you properly because they all come and annoy
me. Since I was around 3 or 4 I have had a weird connection with
ghosts/spiritual side.  Apparently at about 4 years old I told my mum there
was a ghost on the wall? Anyway I’ll cut all my experiences short into
First when about 7, I was asleep in my room, I woke up to see my tissue box
floating. It was quite dark. It took my eyes a while to adjust to what it
was but I could see something bobbing up and down. At the same time I was
experiencing the hold hag. So I couldn’t move, but I can tell you I was
frightened to death.
Another time in my room I was putting on a jumper and had my back facing the
door. As my face was covered by my jumped which was stuck as I was trying to
pull it down, my dad(or what I thought was my dad) stood at my door and goes
“Sarah!” which startled me enough to say “Dad you idiot you scared me”. When
I turned around noone was there. I ran around the house trying to find my
dad so I rang his mobile(cell) and he told me he was in St Kilda (half an
hour away from the house)
My mum was at work and my brother was with my dad.
Then few years later I was getting out from the bathroom after having a
shower. I remembered that I had left my mobile in the bathroom ( I was in
the lounge at the time) I said this to my self out loud, when what I thought
was my brother in the halway go I’ll get it! Im like ah thanks. I waited a
few mintues and when he didn’t come back I went up to go see what he was
doing( I expected him to be looking through my sms msgs) there was noone in
the bathroom. After looking around I walked down to his friends place(few
doors down) were my brother was playing with his friend. I said what the
hell was that about? You can’t get out of our house without going through
the lounge where I was sitting. He swore he had been at his friends for a
god half hour. I even asked their mother to be sure(my bro was only 8 at the
time, I believed him)
My unlces house is haunted across the road( the whole street knows that) his
fiancé and roommate saw a grey man walk through the front door into the
first room. They rang into that room. None there. It was a big thing when it
happened. Whole suburb knew about it. Story of the month. On my holiday, at
my grandparents holiday house huge 8 bedroom house. Upstairs we heard(while
we were sleeping down stairs) someone walk in from the balcony into the
house and then this bang. We were so convinced someone was up there we
grapped baseball bat and a shoe(don’t ask) ran upstairs. The balcony was
locked. There is no possible way of getting up stairs unless you walk up
from downstairs. My friend still won’t mention it. Poor thing. Then we have
a photo of our other cabin in the snow, my brother took of my mum, where you
can see a dark figure in the room behind her, which I no is haunted by
something. My brother rekons he saw a old man in the corner of the his
bedroom at the cabin. My brother is a loser. He wouldn’t be smart enough to
make something up they way he described him and I have never seen someone so
convinced. What happened to me in the cabin was properly the most recent to
happen to me. I was having a fiesta (it the summer it gets really hot there)
I was staying there with my boyfriend and a few friends. I was laying on the
side, back to the door. I had been asleep for a while when someone started
to scratch and tickle my back. I thought it was my boyfriend, so I said
scratch near the shoulder its itchy there. And I went to grab my boyfriends
hand to show him where to scratch and there was nothing. I turned around
startled and there was noone there. I thought my boyfriend had rolled back
and was hiding on the side of the bed, but I could see everything in the
mirror robes and there was noone. I screamed everyone ran in and I told them
what happened and my boyfriend goes omg that happened to me the other day I
thought you were breathing down my neck and I turned around and noone was
there. Then later that night we were resting again, when the others went to
the gaming room down the track(about 5 mins away). After about 10 mintues,
we heard then come  back (the main bedroom is located so the window that we
sleep facing is where the verander ends, so basicacally, who sits out on the
table ouside we can see and hear them directly) and as it’s a small cabin,
you can hear the footsteps of who walks in, it can get really loud. Like
this time for instance. Then we heard them all sit down, the chairs make so
much noise. We could hear all this moving and laughing. We decided to go out
and join then. (it takes us about 5 seconds to walk outside to them from
were we were) we walk out to see noone is there at all! Not a chair has been
moved. We rang one on their mobile to see if they had left or something.
Nope still at the games room. We freaked. Well my boyfriend did he doesn’t
believe in this stuff at all. Well no he had no choice. I could write a book
on everything that has happened. I think my fridge is haunted. Every house I
go to something always follows. You can just tell it is there. I have been
told ghosts like fear. So when I am having and old hag moment or I now there
is something there I have been told not to show them I am scared. It can be
a nbit hard but I like the excitement. I am not sure what got me this in my
head but for some reason Ihave been told they can haunt you and stay with
you if you let them Evil ones. I would like to find out who they are but I
don’t want to be involved with the wrong ones. My mum is a very spiritual
person. I carry crystals around with me and I have saged sticked my house
away. But yeah.

Horror on Elm Street

By: scjr03@yahoo.com

So to give some background information, i go to University of North Texas and i just recently moved into a house off of Elm Street. (yeah go figure it's haunted) The house is VERY old and is all wood,walls floors and ceilings. Anyway, when me and my roomates moved in we didn't really notice anything. We were creeped out by the house a little but that was just because it was old and it was a new place. It didn't take long for things to start happening throughout the house. One morning my roomate, lets call her Ashley, came to me and said she had had horrible nightmares. She then went on to tell me how she had woken up and saw a mans face very close to hers watching her. she closed her eyes and opened them and he was gone. She refused to get up and eventually went back to sleep. later in the night she woke to find him standing by her fireplace watching her. this scared her even more because the first time she thought it was just a dream. she forced herself to go back to sleep and hasn't seen him since. She later described him as a young man with no hair dressed in modern clothes. after her sighting we started having things being moved. bottles were thrown from our fridge and cds were pushed off of the tops of cd players. we couldn't figure out what was going on so we had our friends mom come. (she can 'sense' things) she told us that in the room attached to our kitchen there was a little boy residing. she told us he liked to play and didn't mean any harm. of course we were all skeptics until we went in the room and found child handprints high on the windows. too high for any child that size to reach.She then told us that the man Ashley saw liked her room and loved watching us and looking at our pictures.A couple weeks later i was in bed and had woken up because i felt someone was watching me. i rolled over and it felt as if omeone had place their hand over my ear and whispered 'hey'.of course i freaked because it was pitch black in my room.i woke my boyfriend up and made him check the room and he eventually got me calmed down. that next day he had just walked out the door and i was walking up the stairs when i heard a little boys voice say 'hey Lauren'. i responded thinking it was my roomate home early from work and when no one answered back i ran out after my boyfriend and left with him. i told my roomates about it that following week and the girl whos bedroom is upstairs with mine said she has reoccuring dreams of a man standing over her and choking her. She hasn't had them before. Ashley has also heard them talk to her. she was in the upstairs hallway and heard a man say 'hi' to her, when she turned around no one was there. Besides those direct episodes we have only heard random banging and we often hear someone walking up the stairs. doors will sometimes be open when they shouldn't and every once in awhile things will get misplaced. We are used to them now, they are like a part of our everyday life.they haven't harmed us and we like them around, they kinda make us feel like we are being protected. we are now currently trying to find out the history of our house and we aren't having any luck at all. thanks for reading this and sorry it was so long. :)


Haunted Family Stories

By: nycedarworks@hotmail.com

Hi! first of all I want to say that I love your website, & second of all I'm
not sure how to do this, so I'm just going to send you this e-mail.
I have never seen a ghost. But I love a good ghost story, so that's why I
love this website so much. These are my stories-
This one happened to my aunt.  She was working late, and the janiter had
given her the keys to lock up when she was done, since he was going home for
the night. So my anut was in her offilce working, when her phone (with 3 or
4 lines) started to flash, (now remember, no one else was in the building.)
so she was like "whats going on?" So she picked up the phone to see who was
talking. Nothing. So she was freaked out and locked up every thing as fast
as she could & got out of there!  She found out later the old building had
been used as a jail in colonial times and people had been killed there.
This story happened to my grandmother. She was playing cards with her
firends at this pretty old building & she had to go to the bathroom, so she
got one of her friends to come down with her to the basement, (were the
bathroom is) & she found the light on. "Thats weird." she thought, but did
not think much about it. Well she went to the bathroom & all of the sudden
the lights went out! so she turned the light on and dryed her hands.  Then
her firend had to go so she went in. When she came out she asked my grandma
if she had left the light on. (I don't know why she did) But of course my
grandma said "No. Why?" And her friend said "Because they were on!" (now
this is an old building, you have to turn a swich) My grandma looked at her.
They started up stairs & my granmas firend asked her if the lights had gone
on & off with her. They looked at each other, then ran up the stairs as fast
as they could!
My next story is weird, it happened to my firend; She was in her room at
night,doing her home work, when she glanced at her lamp next to her. She saw
her big sister (when she was little) in the lamp! It's weird!

The Man in My Room

By: electriceyesly@cox.net

How do I start? My name is Sly, and  here's my story.
My brother had just recently purchace a home with a granny flat and asked me if I wanted to it rent from him. I gladly accepted the offer, and soon me and my three year old daughter moved in.  The first six months or so were very nice. Things were peaceful, but soon little things began to happen. Doors began opening and slamming by themselves for no apparent reason. Then as time went by, lights would start flickering and going off at times. I had an electrician friend of mine come out and fix it, bringing the ampage up to code. It started all over again and never got better. Then as time went by, pictures that I hung in the home and were properly secured, began falling off the walls by themselves.
I had experienced things like this my whole life, so when things got worse, I knew something was up. One afternoon, I was home sick, my daughter was in school and I lay down for a nap. I was not asleep yet, when I heard someone call my name. I knew the house was locked and I was alone. The voice came from inside the house, it was male and he was whispering, but very loud. I thought it was coming from my music room but it was as loud as someone sitting next to me. I sat up and answered, but got no reply.
I lay back down and blamed it on my flu. As I was starting to drift off, I heard the back door open and slam with such force, my house shook. I sat up in bed. I heard distinct footfall on the hallway carpet. It sounded like wooden floors though. It was heading for my room and I sensed a presence, but could not see anyone. I sat up and began to pray out loud, it soon went away and I lay back down. Later that hour as I slept, I was awaken by someone pulling on me, I woke up and felt someone actually yanking me off the bed. I screamed for it to stop and it did.
Later that weekend, it happened again, only this time, it managed to pull me off the bed, I fell off and slammed into the wall. Luckily, I didn't get hurt, but I was pretty tired of this thing bothering me.
Things had been building up for a while by now, and finally one very cold winter night in 1995, my daughter was with her father and I was alone. An old boyfriend of mine dropped by very drunk, and we got into a terrible argument, so bad that he refused to leave the property. My brother came over and told him to go to sleep in his travel trailer until the booze wore off. When he left, I felt a little guilty because I knew the trailter was freezing cold, so stupid me went out to the trailer and told my old boyfriend he could sleep in the livingroom so long as he left me alone, then he could leave in the morning. Well he was sound asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.
I went to my room and closed the door. I was very angry and couldn't sleep. It must have been fifteen minutes later that my doorknob began turning. I sat up as the door swung open. I saw what I believed was my old boyfriend standing in the doorway. The night light shone around his body. He was a big man with long hair, but I couldn' t see his face because it was dark. Anyway, I proceeded to yell at him and told him to leave me alone. He simply ignored me and started to move around the other side of my bed. Then without warning, just fell on the floor and out of my sight. I was so mad that I switched on the light and got out of bed. I walked over to shake him and get him out of my room and was quite stunned to find the floor empty. I looked under the bed, then ran out to the livingroom to see if my old boyfriend was there. He was very much passed out still.
That's when I had my first visual encounter with this ghost. I told my family about it later and they sort of rolled their eyes politely. My old boyfriend was freaked out and decided to leave me alone after that.  Well, atleast this ghost did me a favor. As time went by, things continued to happen. Like when I was working on my computer, my hair would be stroked from behind, or my shoulder touched as if a hand were laid on it. When this would happen, I simply asked him to stop it, that I was busy, and he would. I can only assume it was the same guy.
Well about a year before I moved, my next door neighbor was talking to my brother and told him a story about the property and mainly, my little flat. Come to find out, the last person who lived there had built the granny flat and put up a huge wall around it because he was so paranoid. He turned the flat into a Meth lab and was selling to scores of people. There was one particular biker who had come up on several occasions to buy. Then one day, an argument was heard from both neighbor's closest to my home. Several shots were fired and then it was very quiet after that. The neighbors came by to see if he was ok, he was, but chased everyone off the property. Then a few nights later, he rented a backhoe and was digging up the whole property late into the night. The police were summoned later that week after the neighbors got tired of the noise, but soon left with only warnings. The guy was soon busted and his lab shut down.
The interesting part to the story is that many people remember the biker going up, but never leaving the property that day. There was no way to prove a thing so it was soon forgotten. All in all, the neighbor tried to get my brother to tear up the grounds on the property, because he had a bad feeling that his body was buried near or under my home. My brother refused to do this because he didn't believe the story, and he wasn't about to take on a task like that without solid proof. He claims this person is probably good fertalizer anyway. I just wish I could find out if he's buried there, I'm sure his loved ones would like to have some closure. Or maybe, nobody is buried, only God knows for sure.
Anyhow, I was finally glad to be out of there. I heard my sister-in-law got a bad spooking while doing her laundry about the time I was leaving. She didn't see anything, but felt someone watching her. Then all the wind chimes went crazy at once, only there was no wind outside. She screamed and ran out. Finally someone believed me.
When I think back, I believe this person, ghost, whatever he is, was trying to tell me something. Oh, I also found out that the shooting took place in my room, where several shotgun holes were found, exactly where my bed had been positioned. It was repaired before my brother bought the property. Well, that's it, I hope I didn't bore you too much.


By: kathryn.brown15@btinternet.com

I was 11 years old when this happened, i am a twin and shared a bunkbed with my twin sister who slept on the top bunk.  It was early hours in the morning when i suddenly awoke to hear the voice of a lady.  I didnt understand what was going on but i knew this was something paranormal.  I  squeezed my eyes shut, and covered my ears so tightly to drown the noise  but could just hear her.   She said there would be 3 men in my life and to make sure i made the right decision.   This seemed to be going on for ever and i was absolutely petrified, i was kicking my sister's bed so hard to try and wake her up but she didnt .  Then  there was a thump on my pillow and she told me to listen.  I still kept my fingers plugged in my ears even though they were really aching at this point and could hear what sounded like an audience clapping and then it just seemed to fade.
I have had a few strange experiences once i was sat watching television with my elder sister and she asked me to shut the door to the living room as there was a draft,  i got up to shut it  and saw half of a white hand on one of the glass panels and the door closed on its own.  My sister said thanks as i sat back down, i just stared at the door shocked and didnt say a word, i thought i was seeing things.  I have never said anything to this day.

Animal spookes (Taffy's Gift)

By: Love4TaeKwonDo@aol.com
this is a experience with a ghost who was part of our family... the family dog. Taffy my collie/sheltie retriever was 14 years old when we had to put her down. for over 2 years her spirit we believed stay with us though i have seen her but Taffy left when she gave us her gift of moving on and i'll explain it all.
Taffy use to lie by our front door. that was her spot, taffy's spot. Taffy would lie on a vent and her big collar would get stuck in the vent and when she got up the vent would be caught onto her collar. also when she slept she had a doggy snoar that you can hear and it was loud.
* Alot of times when no one was home i could hear her getting up and hear her getting her collar stuck in the vent.
* At night time if you were really quiet you could hear a doggy snoar coming from the spot where she slept.
* I have seen her once in the spot where she slept she was standing up with the vent caught on her collar. this was at 1 a.m. when all was dark. it vanished less than 5 seconds.
* At times i could smell her doggy shampoo and the smell would become overly strong then fade.
Like, i said her spirit left our family and gave us her gift. heres the story... my mom always said she didn't want another dog unless if she could have another clone of Taffy. my mom had to go to petsmart to get a fish tank light bulb and my little brother matt went with and they went over to look at the dogs up for adoption. matt screamed mom its taffy! and to my mom's surprised there was a clone of Taffy... the same breed, the same gender (female)... Taffy sent us her gift. we adopted her and named her Halley. my mom was crying saying that taffy brought halley to us and that halley is a clone of taffy and its true she is. now that we have Halley in our lives the spirit of taffy is no longer in our home but now living in our hearts,mind, and soul.

Central High School

By: Light1angel@aol.com
People say that Central High School is not haunted but I know it is. One day in my freshman year I was sitting in my Alg. 1 class doing my work when all of a sudden the class room door opend slowly. My teach thought that it was a drought so she closed the door. A few minutes later the door opend again real slow all the way and hit the lockers and then without any warning the door slamed shut. It slamed so hard that the windows on the door rattled and the windows are at least 2 1/2-3" thick. My teacher thought that it was student playing a joke on us but then when she looked out into the hallway no one was there. People tried to say that there was a drought in the hall but our class room was at the end of the hall. There was no way there could have been a drought that strong.-- When you are walking in the hallways alone you get the feeling that someone is behind you. You can even see someone out of the cornor of your eye if you pay attention but then when you turn around no one is there. Sometimes during the winter time when you are walking in the warm hallways you would walk through a cold spot in a certain part of the hall. Some people say that that is why the janitors do not stay past dark all by themselves.

Cold Pockets

By: spotlight@iw.net

This story has to do with two ghosts. Many years ago a lady died in our house ( my parents told me ), One night  I came down the stares to see an orb the shape of a person and its ora ( I  can see oras ),
Also when I was sitting in my house I felt a cold pocket which is not normal because I don't really ever get cold, when I left the room it was gone, I told my friend and she said she had the same thing happened to her once in that room. Every now and then I see an orb, and I will know it's really because my cat will turn her head to see.
The other story is about my grandpa who had past away. My grandpa was a really nice man who was to think he would not watch over us. The night he died was at the Heart hospital because his aorta exploded, Right after the funeral, my sister, her friend, and her boyfriend brought me home. They were outside and I heard footsteps in th house I turned and looked and saw nothing, Also the other night I had a dream that he was walking down the sidewalk after his death. My mother and I went up to him. I looked him in the face and tried to talk to him he looked at me but could not speak.

The Rug

By: Anonymous

Not sure what you would title this, but this was one of the craziest things we
have ever experienced.
We moved into a two story house built in the early 1800s on Metcalf street in
New Bern, NC in 1980 when I was 18.  We spent an entire day getting everything
moved in, and all of the boxes and furniture sorted into the appropriate
living areas.  On the first floor of the house, as you walk in the front door,
there are stairs about 10 feet from the door on the right, and the hallway
continued parallel to the stairs which led into the dining room.  On the left
of the hallway on the first floor was a small parlor which we used as a music
The dining room was one of the first rooms we set up because it was an artery
of the house, basically the central part of the house which had to be entered
to change rooms.  The kitchen and den was on one side, the rest of the house
was on the other.
We got the dining room set up on the first day.  We put the oriental rug down,
put the dining room table on top, and placed the chairs in position.  We had a
leisurely evening that night, and went to bed.
The next morning I awoke to my parents freaking out downstairs.  They were
yelling and running around checking locks on windows and doors.  I went
downstairs, and the dining room was exactly as we left it, except the oriental
rug was rolled up neatly beside the table.  The dining room table and chairs
were exactly as we had set them up the night before.  Talk about freaked
out!!!  My parents thought it was me just messing with them, but I assured
them it was not me.  After talking about the possibilities of what or who
could have rolled up the rug, we moved the dining room table, rolled out the
rug again, and put the dining room table back on top.
That night, we went to bed again after checking all of the windows, making
sure they were all locked, and double locking all of the doors.  The next
morning, I got up as my parents walked down the upstairs hallway past my
bedroom.  We all walked down together and saw the exact same thing we saw the
previous morning.  The carpet was rolled up but the dining room table and
chairs were in the exact same spots as we had left them.  My parents were
furious, and really went off on me asking me why I was doing this to them.
They told the neighbors what we had experienced, and asked them if the people
who lived here before us had ever said anything out of the ordinary occurring
in the house, but they were unaware of anything like this happening to the
previous owners.
That night, my dad nailed the rug to the hardwood floor with 8 nails, and
placed the dining room furniture back on top of the rug.  He was thinking that
if it was me, he would hear me pulling the nails out of the floor with the
We all went to bed at the exact same time that night in my parents room, with
the door shut and locked.  None of us really slept that night, but we woke up
together.  We walked downstairs, and were dumbfounded.  The rug was rolled up
beside the diningroom table and chairs, which were in the exact same locations
that we had placed them.  The nails were still in the floor, and the rug had
not been ripped in the places where it had been nailed.  It was like someone
had pulled the nails out, and hammered them back in the floor.
We gave up that morning, and did not try to put the rug back in it's
position.  We arranged the dining room furniture the way we wanted it, and
decided to put the rug in a different room.
Since then, we have heard a few wierd noises, had several items go missing,
only to show up in random places days or weeks later, but nothing that has
been a true nuisance.
My parents have never tried to put another rug in the dining room.

Something in the House

By: ryslas2@mail.sdsu.edu

It was one evening in the early part of Fall in 1998 that my girlfriend
(now my wife), her son, and I were seated at the dinner table.  It was
during the meal that I noticed a light dancing on the ceiling of the dining
room.  I studied it for a while and tried to figure out where the light
source was coming from.  I checked for reflections off the
utensils...nothing; looked out the kitchen window...nothing; looked out the
family room windows...nothing.  It was then that I realized that we had
a"visitor."  It seemed quite friendly as it would dance along the ceiling
of the dinning room for about 15 minutes...and I didn't get any sense of
ill will. Just as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone.  I decided not to
spook the rest of the family while they were enjoying dinner; but I did
tell them about it after we moved from the house.
On a somewhat related story...I know there was something in the house
because every time I entered the garage, I would get this feeling of dread
and chills.  I can almost describe the feeling as being very negative (I
still get chills thinking about it to this day!).  The rest of the house
was fine, except the garage.  My wife tells me that when she first moved
in, parts of the house had dark black drapes and red walls and she felt a
weird vibe...who knows what was going on!  I recently was talking to my
wife's brother-in-law and he mentioned that he would get a similar feeling
whenever he entered the garage.  Interesting!



By: JENSEN968@aol.com

I have had a lot of experiences in my life, but I will list just one.  I will be cutting out a lot of things that happened, but the story covers a very exciting two years and I don't want to take up too much of your time.
In 2000, my husband and I moved into an old house that had been made into a duplex.  Our friends (Emily and Sam) lived upstairs and we lived in the basement.  Soon after moving in Emily's 2 yr. old, Cierra, started talking to an imaginary friend she called Demby.  We thought nothing of it until she started describing things about Demby that she was too young to understand or make up.  She told us what street she used to live on and that Demby was upset because she couldn't be with Jesus.  Now none of us are religious so I don't even know if Cierra had the slightest clue who Jesus is.
We still did not let this upset us until strange things began to happen.  Pans would fly across the kitchen, doors would open of their own accord, our friends would hear footsteps walking around their bed and thumping on the wall.  We called in a ghost hunter because we were curious.  He caught hundreds of orbs on his video camera.  We decided to go down into my bedroom where Emily's little boy was sleeping.  As the ghost hunter put his hand to the door, it flew out of his hand.  He caught that on tape so we looked it over to make sure he wasn't pulling our leg.  When he video taped over the bed there were several orbs circling over Gavin.
My husband and I got a cat right after we moved in and we thought there was something wrong with him because he was always chasing nothing.  When the ghost hunter was filming, our cat started moving his head around in a circle, watching something we couldn't see until we played the tape back.  It was an orb!
The craziest thing that happened was when Emily and Sam were throwing a party one of their friends went in to use the restroom and when he came out he was pale and spooked.  He said he saw a girl in her early teens standing in the kitchen.  She was wearing a white sweater with a white skirt.  She had brown eyes and brown hair.  Nobody really thought too much about it because he had been drinking.
A few hours later, my husband came home from work and went up to the party.  He used their bathroom and when he came out he asked who the girl in white was.  Everyone was spooked then, especially because Cierra always described Demby as a girl with brown hair and eyes, wearing a white dress.
We decided to do a little researching and experimenting of our own and we discovered that the house had been moved from 2nd St. to that property after a nursing home burnt down to the ground.  Unfortunately, we never found out what date it was so we couldn't investigate it further.

More Ghost Hauntings

By: Evildragonx4@aol.com

I've had some more experiences that aren't really about ghosts or might be.
The other night I was working on my computer, trying to get caught up on things. My computer and its desk are on the left side of the kitchen door, and to the right of the door and down the hall is the bathroom. I'd got up to go to the bathroom and when I passed the kitchen, I thought I saw a little child look at me. I thought "What the...?" and turned back to it. Whatever I must of saw was gone. Another experience I've had it seeing a person sitting behind me when I'm on the computer.
My other experinces are hearing and seeing things that are scary.
I was on the computer around 5 pm. It was getting ready to storn like hell so I'd thought I'd wrap up. I heard someone call my name and as I turned to look I saw a  man in 50's cloths vanish. I got shocked and acted like I never saw it.
All my other happenings are voices and bad feelings. Unseen people would carry on a convo and I would get the felling someone was watching me when I was trying to sleep. I get bad vibes from this so I would sleep on the couch. Other things include hearing my name being called and the screaming of a cat.

My Encounters

By: ghola@comcast.net

I found this website the other day and it really piqued my interest. I think this may be the only outlet (aside from my wife) that I have for this story. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in ghosts, but my mother did and she seemed to think I had some sort of ability. She said I do very good job of blocking it out though (which is a good thing for me if it's true.) Be that as it may, here are the only two paranormal "encounters" I believe I have ever had.
The first encounter is a little vague as I was extremely young, maybe 4 or 5. I had a wooden toy box that sat against a wall and I remember sometimes seeing pictures, like a movie, as if they were projected from somewhere onto this toy box. I don't really remember what the pictures were, perhaps because I was so young? I can only remember this happening a few times.
The second encounter I remember in detail. (unfortunately.) I was 12 or 13 and had switched bedrooms with my younger brother. I went to sleep one night and just woke up for no apparent reason. I remember feeling as if someone's hands were on top of my feet and ankles. I looked toward the foot of my bed and saw what I can only describe as something with a small child's body, but with a head the size of a basketball. It was crawling toward me. The thing was hairless, pale white, and had veins all over it's head and sharp looking teeth in it's mouth. For a moment, I was so terrified I couldn't move. When that passed, I did the only I could think to do. I told myself that this was a dream and I laid down and closed my eyes very tightly. When I got the courage to look again it was gone. That was almost twenty years ago. I tell myself that it was only a dream and nothing has happened since.

My Different Experiences

By: ginther3@tmcranes.com

I have had a few different experiences with ghosts.
The first one was when I was little. I used to go to a friends house in Ada, MI and visit.  Well I guess there was a little girl that lived there many years before my moms friend did and this little girl died in the closet in the attic.  The ppl that lived in this house would see this little girl but only in that room in the attic.  She would never come out of that room.  The guest room was the other room in the attic where me and my mother slept when we came to visit.  I was always scared to sleep up there for some reason.  Well I finally learned why.  One day my friend that lived there was up in that room in the attic and I could hear her talking.  I went up there and she was sitting there talking to a white apparition that looked like a little girl with blonde hair.  She was talking and playing with her.  When I came in the room the little girl got very very mad and disappeared.  She didnt like it when I came to visit because my friend would play with me and not her.  Whenever my friends' parents would leave and go on vacation or go out to dinner...when they got home all the lights would be on, or the garbage knocked over, or there would be bats flying in the livingroom.  It was very creepy, but the little girl didnt want them to leave or leave her home by herself.  The ppl that moved into that house after them had the same problems.  I dont know if anyone ever reported it or if anything was ever done about it but it was something that I will never forget.
The next experience was by my daughter.
She told me that she seen a blonde haired boy walking up and down the staircase in a house that we rented for 4 years.  She never told me until we moved out. She said he never did anything to her or even looked at her but she seen him.  She said that he had blue pants, blue dress jacket, white shirt, and shoes with buckles on them carrying books up and down the stairs.  That is all she told me.  We used to hear the stairs creaking but never got up to look and see.
The last experience is the house I am in now seems to have lots of noises.  I will hear thumping and thunking on my ceiling in the livingroom but when I go upstairs my kids arent anywhere in the area and are sound asleep.  I have found my attic door standing wide open.  I have put my cigarettes down on the coffee table and then they disappeared and when I start to look for them and come back they are there.  This has happened with my shoes, purse, keys, and cigarettes.  I hear noise all the time and it is very definate sound and not something that can be explained by anything else happening.  I know that the guy that owned the house before me had a daughter that died and her shoe prints are in the cement in the basement.  All i can think of is it is her and she just died before her time.  We call her sally....we have not seen her yet....but we hear her all the time.

Very Strange

By: cheekymonkey_136@hotmail.com

Hi this story may seem very strange as i still seem to remember it like it happend yesterday. I am now 13 and i have had quite a few expiriences with spirits. My ever first expirience, so i have been told was when i was about two years old. My dad would be woken up between 2-3 in the morning by me screming. When he got to my bedroom he would ask what the matter was and i would point to the window and then to myself. Thease happenings stopped after a couple of months and wasen't bothered again until i was about 3.
Before i was born my dad went to a fortune teller for a bit of fun whilst he was out with his mates and she told him what i would do one night. And that is exactly what i did. I went downstairs whilst my dad was watching telly and i through my favoroute teddy in the bin and i shouted "i don't like that teddy anymore dad!" Then i walked over to the conservetry in the back and the glass door suddenly opend by itself. It was then i screamed and fell to the floor. I can remember my dad running over to me and as i looked back into the conservetry i saw somebody or somthin smiling at me then it just dissapeared.
The last expirience is quite spooky. My gran moved into a new house that a man had died in a couple of months before. He had a dog that died shortly after him. I read my grandmas take a break magazines somtimes that she keeps in her bedroom. I was on my way out of a bed room and out the corner of my eye i saw i little dog run round the corner and dissapear as it went into the front room. I'm sure people have expirienced simelar things and i have enjoyed reading your stories so please keep sending them in lv me!

Haunted Cemetery

By: NightPanther7867@aol.com

I wanted to tell my true story. It all started when a me and a friend were talking about a Haunted Cematry. We were told that a young girl was buried  in a glass coffin. Well we decided to go and take a look. The cematry is a road called Crooked Mile Rd. We got there at Midnight, and we waited at least 6 minutes before we got out. We got out and stood in front of Cematry for about 2 minutes then we walked in about 15 steps, Then I aked her if she felt someone watching us. She repiled yes, then we heard footsteps walk up beside her. Then she told me to look at the tree on the right about 50 yards from us. So I looked and there we both saw a shadow of a man standing next the tree. Well she got scared and said she wanted to leave. I replied to her are you cold? She said no, then I said I'm frozen. As I looked she was running out of the cematry. She Then turnned around and said come on lets go, I told her that could not move. Something was holding me back, and I was to frozen to move. It felt like something had jumped into my body. I finally was able to get out. As soon as I did I was not frozen anymore and the migrain that I had was gone.(It was very bizzar). We stood there for about 10 minutes andthen went to the car. We sat there for another 15 minutes just watching and listening. She told me to turn the car around so that the cematry was on my side not her's. So I did that. We sat there for another 15 minutes, and we heard people walking around and a man moaning. Then it got quite, all of the suddenwe heard a baby crying. That really got to us but we stayed fro another 5 minutes.The a hissing sound came up out of the ground and I thought it was a sprinkler system. The listening closely it was not a sprinkler system, because there was never one there. So we moved away then went back to the entrance and waited again for somrthing else to happen. Well something else happened. We also was told about a woman in a white gown floating around. Well towards the back of the cematry she was floating around a grave. The this woman was waving us in. We said no way. Where out of here. When we left my friend noticed something and she asked me what time was the clock saying and I said 12:30am why. She said we lost at least an hours time it should be 1:00am. The as I thinking about she was right, we had lost 1hrs time. Where did it go?
Before my friend moved away we went back there. It wasn't all the same, the trees wern't moving, and I was frozen again but not as bad. Then we left and haven't been back.
I would go back if I could find someone to with me. One other thing, every grave is back in that late 1800's

Too Many WHat Ifs

By: soberhammerhead@msn.com

Hello! My name is Maranda. I have had a couple of stories that have happened to me as well as these other people. I used to live in Martinsburg, W.V. and I remember hearing all kinds of weird things as I grew up in this house. One day, my mother asked to get me some tea for her. So I went downstairs to get it for her. I am a reasonable person, but what happened... I just don't get it and I know I'm not supposed to GET it, but... Well, there was a cup she liked using because it was big, but it was hollow on the inside so it had a detachable bottom. I filled it up with water and micro waved it I took it over to the counter next to the refrigerator and put some sugar in it just for the simple fact that when you do, it sizzles. I stirred it, stopped the spoon, and went in the fridge to get some milk Then I heard the spoon stirring. I remember shutting the door and looking at the cup and seeing the spoon spinning faster than I had stirred it before. I shrugged that off. I have heard many weird things in this house, mind you. So I poured the milk and went on the other side of the kitchen to get the tea bag. Then I heard a dragging noise. I turned and saw the cup moving across the counter! I quickly ran over to it and picked it up, thinking it was something under it. Nothing but the detachable bottom. So then I thought it was water in the inside of the cup... maybe the pressure of the heat and water on the inside was...pushing it? But when I took the bottom off, it was bone dry. So I put it back on the counter. To my surprise, it continued to move. It was like it was being dragged and the thing that was pulling it was too weak. Real jerky movements. I watched as the cup move on the counter. The counter itself is shaped in a "L". It moved up one side and turned down the other. It completely changed direction. At that point, I ran to my mother and told her to never have me make her tea again and asked her if the house was blessed. She said yes. I had a ghost board thing (like the exorcist) when I was little. I remember playing with it all the time too. My friends and I always ended up talking to a little boy. He said he had died from falling down the stairs in my house. There is a lot more to these stories but I am cutting them short. Anyway, I burned the board after that encounter and never had another problem again. My mother and I were talking about ghost stories with some family friends I started to tell this one. When I got to the part where my mother told me the house was blessed, her face looked different. I looked at her and ask "what?" and her reply was that the house was never blessed and a little boy really did die in the house. Every time I think about this, it puts shivers down my body. So many things this boy told us and we thought it was a joke. Why move a cup? He was definitely speaking to me through the board. This is one of the stories you can't make anything out of it. He acted like he wanted a friend. ALWAYS hiding things and moving things. Only I noticed. I think it was because  I was kind of young as well. There were too many "what if's". Thank you for reading this. Love, Me.

Hotel in Davenport

By: Stylist7111@aol.com

  I had worked at a hotel In Davenport Iowa, while I was going through School and that is where I met my Manager Jake. He was A nice man kind of odd and kept to his self, he lived in one of the rooms while his family lived in Chicago. He did seem kind of deppressed and he hardley ever went home to see his family. Well may of the following year i quit and went on with my life, and i would say about 6 or 7 months later when my fiancee came to town we stayed at the hotel wher i had worked, and the gave us room 131 , wich was Jake's old room when he was manager. well when we first were carrying our stuff in i bent down to open my bag and out of the corner of my eye i thought i saw someone in blue behind me and when i spun around nothing was there.  Well i didn't think much of it, well the next day My fiancee went to work he builds towers , i just hung out in the room, i went to get my razor out of my bag to shave my legs and it wasn't there. I tore the bag apart and i remeberd packing it and it was the last thing i packed so i know it was on top and it wasn't there.  So later that day are room Phone kept ringing with calls from other guest trying to reach the front desk and i really thought that was odd!! well later that night a girlfriend of mine still worked there and she saw my name on the room folio and called me and told me to vcome up to the desk to see her, and i did. and that's when she told me Jake had killed himself in that room by hanging himself with a kneck tie from the bathroom door knob, and i just was froze, she also told me she was the last one to talk to him the night before and he came up to the desk to ask for a razor and then i freaked and wouldn't go back to the room, we did switch rooms but i couldn't sleep i was to scared and the nxet morning when we wnt to leave my razor was laying back on top of my bag and i have never been back since!!


By: Shylock1041@cs.com


Something In The Mirror

By: LegendSalforand@aol.com

I am 15 and moved into my house three years ago or so. Well anyway I get scared easily when it comes to horror films and what not but I am sure I saw something one night. It was 2 am or so and I had to go to the bathroom. Well our bathroom in our ranch was currently out of service. My mom told me if I absolutely had to go before it was fixed to either use the sink if you need to go 1 or go outside. So at 2 am I wasn't that nuts about going outside in the pitch black since we live on the outskirts of town. So I went into the bathroom and starting going in my sink and then when I was finished I looked up and if you look into the mirror. Well with my mirror if the door is open you can see the hallway behind you. So I look up and see this face that should've been in the hallway. I didn't get a good view it looked tore up or something. Well a backed up into the door and a high pitched soudn not a scream really but like a screech filled my ears. I clutched them hard and sunk down shaking in fear. I sat there for several minutes until I turned on all the lights in the house and since then I always turn on the kitchen light at least to fill some light within the house and the hallway. I always keep the door shut when I go to the bathroom also and if I had the chance again I would go outside!

Taunton State Hospital (Howland Detention Center)

By: DrunkardDaZe@aol.com

As a juvenile I sent 6 months at the Howland Detention center. The first night I was there someone woke up in the middle of the night screaming and in cold sweats saying he saw a girl in the room. The next night they put someone else in his room and moved him. The same thing happend!! The kid said he saw a girl in the room. Over my six months there I witnessed many unexplainable things, like how in August at 80+ degrees with no ac certain places would be freezing cold. And almost like moaning sounds coming from the vents in every room. Inside the detention center it doesnt look like much has changed from the days of it being a mental hospital. It is by far the scariest place I have ever been to. Oh yeah and as far as tunnels underneath the entire complex, they are there! Ever since i've stayed there ive been very interested in getting more info on the old asylum if you have anything on this place please send it to me!!

The Mountains

By: GreyDaemonKnight@aol.com

I have recently stumbled upon you site and read some interesting stories. Well I have one to share with you. Im 14 years old and have a few experiences outside of my house. One was earlier this year when I went to visit my moms friend in the Appalachin Mountains. We got there after about a 5-6hour trip and I was tired, so i took a quick snooze on their couch where I had dream about this guy wanting to hurt me, so I awoke and felt my head and it was sweaty, so i just shook my head and went to the kitchen. I learned we were all going to the farm a couple miles away, so we got their and it was HUGE about 70+acres with trails for Quadding (ATV's). So my friend Shane and I went up around 7 at night, and I reached the top of the mountain and looked down where I saw this shadowy figure come charging at me from about 150yards out. I quickly continued down the trail to where it U-Turned and went back to the main trail, I went down the side of the mountain at about 40-50mph when I noticed this figure was standing about 30yards away from us. I tried the brake but it wouldnt work and the next thing I knew a force collided with my face and I flew off the quad and landed in a patch of dirt where this thing was leaning over me, after about a minute it vanished as Shane brought the quad back up and asked if I was ok, i felt my face and it was severly bloody, I knew whatever it was it didnt want me to stay.

The Big Black Figure and the Brick House

By: Light1angel@aol.com

I have had a lot of experiacnces with the supernatural. All I know is that I am psycic but I do not know what type I am. I can see and feel the presence of ghost and/or spirits. I have been able to see them my whole life and I am sixteen years old now. I am not going to say all of my experiances cause that is to much to type right now but I will tell you about three. One of them still happens now at my mothers house. There is a spirit there and I have no idea what it is. He only comes out at night when I least expect it and when I am all alone. I am the only one that can see or sense him but I am not the only psycic in the house. The spirit shows up in the form of a tall black man and is sorta transparent. He is at least a little over six feet tall. When he shows up he only stays in the hallway. He appears at the cornor by the living room and when you sense him or see him he disappears and reappears right in front of my bedroom door. He has never harmed me but I get a bad feeling from him. I have not figured out what he wants from me yet or why he is coming to me in the first place and I am afraid to talk to him or try and get rid of him..
I use to live in a brick house and the grounds that the house is on is part of the area where the civil war was held. So naturally the house is haunted by civil war ghost. You can hear the ghost walking up and down the hallway at night. You can also hear them turn on the faucet in the master bedroom. My dad would walk in there turn it off and tell them that we are trying to sleep and they would stop for that night anyway. My closet door in my bedroom would open and shut all by itself and so would my bedroom door like someone is coming in.
One time my dads ex-girlfriend was cookin dinner and she seen a cowboy walk from my brothers room to my sisters room. She could not describe what he looked like. She saw him only one time after that.
I have had a lot more experiances since then and even though I have been able to sense the all of my life they still scare me half to death and I still run and get under the covers. My sister and I use to share a room in the house that we are living in now and i use to see a teenage girl about my age laying in the bed with me. I would turn to my left side and she would be laying right there staring straight at me. All I could see was her face but I can tell that she was some where around sixteen. I could also see the imprint of her body laying in my bed. She use to come almost every night then I prayed to God and told her leave that I am blessed and so is this house. Ever since that night I have not seen her but I can still feel her presence even though I have my own room now and my sister got our old bedroom. To this day I fall asleep laying on my left side.

The Legend

By: cerberus_989@yahoo.com

This happened in the winter of last year. I can't remember the exact date. Before I tell my story I need to tell the legend. I live in a rural area with a lot of woodland and a few Indian burial grounds. The legend goes that on a Friday full moon night if you call out to the wolf spirits they will come to you. I've always wanted to try legends like these but this was the first time I actually had a chance to do so. Near my Grandpa's farm is one of these burial grounds and to say the least there has alway been strange events. It was a cool night and was walking slowly to the place. I was thirteen at the time and had to wait until about midnight for my grandparents to go to sleep. As I got closer I started saying things like "Come and show yourself spirits!" or I'd howl. I got there and waited. After a few minutes nothing happened and I lost my temper I started yelling things to them and when I was done I let out one long, deep howl. Everything went silent, even the crickets stopped shirping, and from the other side I heard two howls and the air rapidly grew cold. I saw two wolves. One was white, the other was black. They came closer and I couldn't move. They were close enough for me to tell the color of their eyes. The white wolf had a l ht blue and the black had a dark yellow. They stopped about a foot away from me. I was scared but I didn't feel threatened. I reached out to touch one of them and it made no attempt to hurt me. I sat down and they came closer and sat down beside me and I petted them. After a few minutes I got up and left. They followed me until I got home then the just stayed at the edge of the woods. A cloud covered the moon light and their eyes glowed in the dark. But when the cloud left and the moon light shined down again they were gone. Not to this day have I seen them again. Though sometimes I hear a howl or two come from that burial ground and on those nights I see them in my dreams. In those dreams I'm a wolf like them and the dreams are always in my point of view. The scary part about all this is that sometimes since then I've woken up with a little bit of black or white fur on me.

The Man in the Dark

By: play_girl_4_eva@msn.com

I am 14 years old , when i was 3 years old my little sister passed away 2
days before she passed away my mum awoke to find a tall man standing in her
doorway (she believes him to be her guardian angel)
he just stood there even when she put the light on then he nodded and
2 days later my sister died , cot death , and my mum saw the man again at
her funeral and he nodded again and dissapeared she believes that he came to
tell her she was going and came back to tell her she was safe.

The Other Night

By: Gwa1122@aol.com
about 12 or 1am... I woke up to the sensation of someone gently squeezing my foot. By the time I opened my eyes, and could focus, my attention was drawn to the bedroom door that leads to the hall.
I saw someone who looked almost exactly like my wife -- except for being almost a head taller, and her hair flipped up at the ends. She was wearing a dress that reminded me of a nautical style, with a bold stripe on the collar.
The apparition then turned to look directly at me, and smiled at me. My mind was filled with a happiness. amd a sense that everything was OK.
Thinking it was my wife. I turned over, expecting her side of the bed to be empty, and there she was -- sound asleep. I wgispered hello to the spirit, wished her peace on her journey, rolled over, and went back to sleep.
Maybe it sounds strange; but I wasn't at all daunted by this experience. Rather, I was comforted by it... like being tucked in.
I would appreciate any comments or psychic impressions. Have a great day!

Families Ghosts

By: ylimenna@comcast.net

I don't even know for sure if I believe in ghosts, but I have always been senstive to the feelings and impressions of houses, and I can tell just by looking at a house that it is "haunted".  I have several ghostly stories that all happened in the metro Detroit area.  These don't represent the sum total of all the paranormal happenings in my family, that would take much too long to write down, but suffice it to say that no one in our family disbelieves in the paranormal world, we know just enough to say we don't want to mess with it.  The first happened when I was about 10, and I was sulking in my bedroom because I had gotten in a fight with my brother and sister.  It was the 1980's and our house in Detroit was at least 80 years old, a quirky old farmhouse that was built by the farmer that had originally owned the surrounding properties.  My bedroom was upstairs at the front of the house, and my bedroom door was in the center of the back bedroom wall and overlooked the short hallway and the landing that led to the stairs.  I could hear my family talking and laughing downstairs as I sulked, and I sat up in my bed and saw, on the landing, what I at first thought was my father, since it was a tall man.  I soon realized that it wasn't a man, but an older teenaged boy, maybe 18,dressed entirely in light brown clothes, with sandy colored hair and freckles.  He looked as real as anyone in my own family.  I don't remember feeling scared or upset, but I closed my eyes and when I opened them the boy was gone and my entire family was rushing into my room.  Apparently, unbeknownst to me, I had let out a bloodcurlding scream. (I'm told I have a good set of screaming pipes)  When they got upstairs and saw that I was okay, they refused to listen to my story, thinking that I had done it for attention because I felt left out, or that I was just working myself up into hysterics and imagined the boy I saw.  The truth of the matter was that I was more upset that no one believed me than I was that I had seen him, in fact I never really thought of it as a ghost until my family said it, only telling them that I saw a boy.  My father was the only one who really listened to me, but I could tell even he was skeptical.  It wasn't until years later while studying WWI in high school that I was a photo of a young man in Army uniform, very different from the uniforms of today, and a little tickle went right up my spine.  It was what my young friend had been wearing on the landing that day.  I told my father and showed him the uniform in my textbook and he recalled how I had described the boy's clothes and agreed it matched my description that day.   He suggested that the old farmer may have had a young relative, son or nephew, who fought and died in WWI and that is who I saw.  The next strange circumstance was when I was sixteen and we moved across town to a new house, this time a lower flat that had an extremely large basement that had four cellar rooms that branched off the main basement.  We called it "Freddy's Basement" after Nightmare on Elm Street, because anyone who went into that basement felt a menacing force when they were down there.  Everyone ran, not walked, up the staircase, and we made sure we went down there as infrequently as possible.  One night my sister and I were upstairs, heating a can of nacho cheese soup for chip dip and preparing to watch TV together.  I had just opened the lid with the can opener, and placed it on the counter cheesey side up while I poured the cheese into a bowl and put it in the microwave.  Before I could throw the can and it's lid away, my sister called me into the next room to see something that was happening on our television program.  I was gone for maybe two minutes, and we returned together into the kitchen to find that the soup can lid was flipped over and smeared up and down over the kitchen counter in large zig zags that could only have been done deliberately.  My sister and I were the only ones home when that happened.  We were very relieved when our mother and brothers finally came home.  Another time in the same house,  a bowl of sherbet was on the counter and left for a couple of seconds, only to find the bowl clear across the room in the center of the kitchen table as if it had always been there.  As with most of the odd things that have happened to me, I was more confused, curious and intrigued than scared by the experience.  We did follow the advice of an uncle who had ghosts of his own once, and proclaimed out loud to the house that we were protected by Jesus Christ's love, and that we did not want any more contact with any spirits, that it was our house and they should not scare us anymore.  We had no further experiences in that house, but the basement was still ooky.  I've been told by a psychic that I'm a medium and that spirits will continue to seek me out, that I could choose to develop my psychic abilities if I cared to, but I believe that world should be left alone as much as possible.

I hear Ya Knocking

By: jjmmaa6@hotmail.com

This is a story that is not mine.  It actually happened to my boyfriend, Nic
many years ago.
The only reason that I truly believe that this happened to him, is that as he told me the story, he had this look of terror on his face and I could see it in his eyes that he wasn't lying.  Coming from a tough 6'1, 250 lb. former football player, it had to be believed.
This is the story as it was relayed to me.......
Nic's parent's house is situated in a small community in Southwestern Ontario,
smack beside one of the communities graveyards. Rather fitting for a ghost story, wouldn't you say?
By all accounts, the graveyard is kept up beautifully and is not creepy at all.  I remember thinking when he first told me that his parent's lived beside a graveyard, that I wouldn't be too keen about visiting, but when I did, I didn't get any negative feelings at all.
At one time the house was thought to have been either a church, school house, and/or even a barn.  The house is so old, that no one quite knows exactly what it was built as.  After extensive renovations, the house became quite livable, and comfortable.
The first floor has been renovated to take on an open concept.  This renovation is still in progress, and soon to be finished.  Off to the side of what is to be part of the living area, are the very steep stairs heading up to the 3 bedrooms.  The stairway going up is very narrow and dark from the oak wood paneling that was installed 10 years ago.  The rest of the upstairs is decorated in the same fashion, making it dark and very hard to see.
As you step up on the landing, directly in front is his bedroom, to the left are the other two bedrooms and a very small bathroom.  The way that his bed would have been set at that time, is that the headboard would have been located on the other side of the wall that faces the landing, then there's the doorway.  This is important to note as part of story.
This one particular night when the rest of his family was out, Nic was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep.  He told me that the time was around 1:00.  Pretty normal time for a 16 yr. old to be up.  All was quiet for a long time, when he heard a noise that sounded like a knock at the bottom of the stairs.  He really didn't think much about it, house settling, animal perhaps, the knock was very faint anyway. So he forgets it and is waiting for sleep to come.
A few minutes later the same noise is heard. and it is definitely a knock.  This time it's a bit louder.  Once again, he brushes it off, thinking that there was some logical explanation for this to happen.  Then again, a bit later, the knock is heard coming from the stair wall....it sounds as if this knocking is continuing up the stairway...this time it's even louder than the previous two times.
Now Nic is scared, thinking that someone has broken into the house and is slowly making their way up the stairs.  After a bit, all is quiet, and there are no more knocks or noises.  Nic relaxes, thinks how silly he is for being afraid and is trying yet again to fall asleep.  Just as he's almost asleep, he hears the knock again...and this time he figures it's about at the top of the stairway.  By now, he's fully expecting to see someone pop their head into his room...maybe one of his crazy friends that likes to pull pranks...anything that he can think rationally.  Once again there is silence...this time it holds out longer.
Nic still doesn't know what to think about all that's going on.  All he knows is that he's not going to be leaving his bed for anything!  Just then. as things have calmed down yet again he hears the knock again, but this time it's directly above his head on his wooden headboard!  He knows it was his headboard because he could feel the vibrations from the headboard.  All he could do at this time was to look to see if someone was around the bed...playing a joke, but no such luck.  There was no one there.........
That was the last he heard of the knocking that night, and for the rest of the time he spent living there.  I do know that he was scared to sleep in that house for many months after the incident. When he told me that story, I was almost in tears I was so creeped out.
I hope you enjoyed my story

The Cogdell Light

By: CMoosiejc@aol.com
I have been to Cogdell Georgia, and I have seen the "light" there many times.   One night while we were there waiting to see the light, we saw what we thought to be the Cogdell Light, but as we watched it we soon realized we were looking at car lights coming toward us , so we backed up to the cross road behind us to let the approaching car pass.  We were sitting there waiting for the car to  pass us ,when all at once there was a "light" over the car  we were watching, and the "light" was staying right over the car no matter how fast it went.  The car finally got down to where we were and as they turned to the left onto another road, the light went out.    That light was so bright that you could see the color of the car and it was  a very dark night.  My uncle use to work for the State of Georgia, and he told  us that one day the crew that he worked with had to go to Cogdell, and work on that road that the light appears on.  There was three bridges on that dirt road, and from time to time they would have to go out there and do some work on the road or one of the bridges there.  He said that one day (on over toward three or four oclock the crew was down there working on cutting a big stump from under one of the bridges (apparently the stump was stopping the water from flowing under the bridge ,and had to be removed), they realized that they needed a piece of equipment that they hadn't brought with them, so my uncle said he would stay down there and wait for the guys to go get the equipment , because they had removed some of the boards from the bridge, and someone needed to stay there to "warn people" that the bridge was out.  He said thet he sat there on that bridge until dark, and he said he never saw anything but some tail lights once in  a while, and ever so often he'd see some car lights.  We told him that he was seeing the Cogdell light , but he never believed it was there.   That light  got over our car one night, and you could have picked up a needle off the floor of the car, that's how bright it was inside the car.  As soon as we turned off that road, the light went out like you'd turned off a switch.   There was no sound from it at all, just this big, bright light over us.   We were told that years ago there had been a train wreck there.  The train was used back then to haul logs out of that area, and that the train wreck was caused by some dogs being on the tracks, and a couple of people were killed .  I don't know if that is true or not, but I do know that the "light" is there


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