The Shaking Door


My own mental picture is still as vivid as though I had just lived it. The

last faint beams of the November sun shown through my bedroom window

illuminating the dust in the air and giving it the image of lightly falling

snow. The prisms on my windows refracted the dim rays and turned them into

bright kaleidoscopic ornaments of colour splashed upon my wall. Usually in

the pristine hour of twilight the house was full of the aroma of my mothers

cooking and stories of the day's events, but that night I was the only one

home. The golden hour of twilight had slipped away into the void of

darkness, replacing the beauty of the prisms with the silver distortion of

moonbeams through the twisted bare branches outside my bedroom window.

Sleep was beginning to drug the air about me and I was rhythmically

drifting in and out of slumber. The sound of my father's footsteps

resounding hollowly through the stairwell woke me from my repose. I heard

him light on the top of the stairs and awaited the familiar creak of the

stairwell door, but the door remained closed and a gentle constant tapping

began. I assumed the door must be locked and this was my dad's attempt to

wake me so I stood up to unlock the door. Up to the instant I unlocked the

door the rapping continued gradually rising in intensity until I could see

the reverberations shaking the oil-stained wood. "Just a second!" I yelled

over the violent knocking. Finally I unlocked the door and it flew open to

reveal a rush of cold air and the emptiness of a dark stairwell. Terrified

I shouted for my dad but was answered by a harsh silence.

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We live in a house built in 1836. Since the day we moved in we have

experinced strange things. We have often heard foot steps coming up our

stairs at the stroke of midnight.

so much so that a babysitter heard them to and remarked that we had come in

early that night, right at the stroke of midnight. We informed her that we

had not arrived until two am. A large dish placed in the middle of our

kitchen table was smashed on our floor one night with no one in the room.

My brother came to our backdoor one night to see no one in the room but a

large rocking chair rocking away. No one had been in the room for over an

hour.Shortly after that we bought a dog who would bound off the bed after

we heard the foot steps and grawel at the landing.Our cleaning lady would

often get the feeling some one was watching her while working in an up

stairs bedroom. My last story will make me sound really off the wall, but I

am going to yell you anyway. One day my husband brought home fresh liver

and rye bread. He put the bread in the cupbord and the liver in the fridge.

The next morning both the liver and bread were gone. Years later we spoke

to a women who was born in this house, she told us she thought our ghost

was her father who always came in at midnight and his best meal was liver

and rye bread

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The Spirit in the Basement


When I was a senior in high school my mother remarried. We had

to move to another town and I was not very happy. During the first

months of the summer I met a girl and fell in love. Now I have never

believed in the supernatural until something happened to me that would

change my aspect for the supernatural for the rest of my life.

One evening I was Home alone talking on the phone to my girl

friend. A freak thunder storm occurred (considering it was cold and

late in the fall) and there was a power outage. At the time of the

outage I was in the kitchen on a phone, suddenly I heard the door to the

basement,also my new bedroom, open an somebody walked through the house

into my parents room. I told my girlfriend to hold on because my mother

was home and I wanted to ask her a quesion. The power came back on and

when I entered the room noone was there. I could not explain this and I

am 100% positive that I heard the door open then I heard footsteps

walking into my parents room.

The story does not stop here. The next day my parents left and

I was in the house alone again. While sitting in our living room

watching, I heard movement in my parents room. Suddenly the door burst

open and a black circular ball came rolling across the floor and burst

into the door going outside. to let you have an idea of what the ball

looked like, try looking into a light for a second and close your eyes.

When you do this you will see a ball, and this is what the ball looked

like. After I saw the black ball my life became a living hell! I woke

up one morning to a bright light. I thouhgt the light was coming from

the window and I kept staring at it. It was odd because the time was

5:00 a.m., and noone was awake in the house. The window was located int

the basement underneath the steps leading inside of the house. I

continued to stare at the light in the window until i realized I was not

looking at the window because the window was located 20 feet to my left!

Every night something would tap on the walls,and one night I was awakend

to something hitting the brick wall beside my bed. This was odd

considering I live in a basement that is 15 feet underground. Every

night when I would start to doze off the tapping would occurr and keep

me awake all night. My friends started to worry about my sleeplesness,

but I would never dare tell them why. One evening my family was home,

my mother was down in the basement(my room) exercising and my stepfather

was in his bedroom and I was in the living room, when all of the sudden

a something started to growl and snarl at me. I could hear the thing,

but I could see nothing. The sound was only 5 feet away from me and I

was scared to death. Finally I got my courage up and proceeded to get

my stepfather hoping he would hear it. When I reached his bedroom door,

the sound quit and I never heard it again. I was really getting fed up

with my little problem. I had not had a decent night sleep in months

and started to get angry. I found that I would stay out late drinking

because I was scared to go home, and I was to ashamed to tell anybody.

One night I came home intoxicated. I was not so drunk that I could not

comprehend, but I was drunk enough to where I was not afraid. I layed

in bed when the tapping sound started, I jumped up cussing mad and

started to yell and challenge whatever it was. This was not a good idea

because I dont know if I fell or was pushed but I found myself on my

waterbed. Suddenly a light flew slowy across my chest and the light

bulb began to flicker, next I blacked out and did not wake up until the

next morning.

My senior year was almost to an end and my life was a living

hell. While I was at school I had a carpentry class. One day the

teacher sent me and my friends down to the baseball field to work on a

two story building that they used for storage. We started to work

upstairs and then proceeded down stairs. There is only one entrance

into the building and I was standing in front of It. We then started to

hear someone tapping on the outside of the building. My friends and I

thought that it was one of our classmates, but the sound started to

sound familiar to me. I turned white as a ghost because I knew what it

was. the thing had followed me to school. I told my friends while we

were still in the building everything. I told them about the first time

my hauntings started and some other things to. The did not believe me

until we heard somebody walking up stairs beating on the floor and the

walls. THe ran up the stairs and I followed, but noone was to be found.

When I looked at them I knew that they believed me now and we fled the

building only to keep our experience to ourselves. The teacher was mad

because we did not finish our job, but we did not care. That was the

last time I was ever bothered by it,and I like to think that I left it

back at my old highschool in the baseball building. I am now 25 and I

live in another town. If anybody could give me input on what they think

was pestering me I would appreciate it...

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Family Ghostly Experiences


I am a 30 years old technical professional and like many technical

people, I prefer to explain thing logically, but what I am going to tell

you is beyond any logical explanation. These are my family experience,

not mine.These are the real things.

My family, especially on my father side, has been encountering ghostly

experience over the years and I was told these stories that make me

scared but at the same time I would like to be the one who experienced

them. The descriptions are very short because I don't remember the

details, just the jest of the stories.

1 st encounter (according to my memory)

My grandparents used to live in an old building in Hong Kong, it was

built before the second world war. They moved into this unit in this

building a few years after the war ended (after the japanese invasion of

the land). Like many old building built around the war time, it had long

hallway and dark corners. My aunt (my father's younger sister) told me

they always got this old chill in their bathroom which was very small

compared with western standard. They always felt there was a presence

there, and they never spent more than a few minutes there (even for a


Second encounter:

Another encounter was thi bright light suddenly appeared in the kitchen,

like an explosion. According to what I was told, the light was seen from

one end of the long hallway and the kitchen is on another hallway. It

lasted a second or so, but it was observable. When my grandparents went

inside the kitchen and checked, there was nothing and nobody. The

location of the kitchen was not at a place where bright sunlight would

shine through. The light was certainly not a reflection and more than a

bright light similar to a nuclear explosion, there was no sound.

Third encounter:

But the more scary one would be this crying sound coming out from the

wall at one of the dark corners. At around 12am most nights, the sound

came out from the wall. I forgot whether it was a male or female sound

but it was definitely a human crying sound. My uncle's bed was opposite

to this wall. Surprisingly ,my uncle got angry instead of being scared,

he used to shout at the wall or threw one of his slippers at it, saying

"Shut up" (in Chinese of course), then the sound would stop.

But he got very frustrated doing this almost every night.

Several years after, they moved to another building and again built

around the war time. On one of this Chinese halloween nights, when

families are burning stuff (for-the-dead-money, paper cars and house, it

is a tradition for the deads, hoping the dead ones get them on the other

side) for their love ones on the street, there was one such ceremony

right at the entrance to the building where my grandparents lived.

Around 12am, everyone was retired in their rooms and suddenly, all of

them heard this crying noise of a man running across the long hallway

which ran through the length of the unit , there was windows in the

living room which was one end of the hallway and the other end would be

the balcony. The dog was barking very loudly as this noise was running

from one end to another end. Everyone came out from their rooms which

ran along the length of the hallway.

Fourth Encounter:

This happened to my aunt (my father eldest sister). When she was

preparing dinner in the small kitchen, she suddenly felt a cold chill

coming from her back, she turned and then saw this woman watching her,

like many chinese ghosts (my impression with all stories that I heard),

you can see the face, not fog or just shape, chinese ghosts usually have

very well defined shape, almost like a real person. As an experience

person with this sort of thing, my aunt did not care or respond and

pretended she was not there, it was believed that if you communicate

with the ghost, it will grow attach to you and never leave you alone.

But on one occasion, she got very angry as her cabinet in the kitchen

were opening and closing like crazy, she slammed on the kitchen bench in

frustration and said that she had had enough, the whole thing stopped


I guess my family had a way with ghosts.

Fifth encounter:

In the same place as in encounter four above. While watching TV behind

which was the balcony and where my aunt's dog was, my cousin suddenly

jumped and asked my aunt who the person head was, flying around near the

balcony, the dog was barking at the same time. My cousin was very scared

as he could clearly see the blood was dripping from the neck. The head

was floating around. My aunt did not see it this time but believe my

cousin right away as her family had been encountering ghostly experience

for years. She tried to calm my cousin, but it was a very scary

experience for him.

Sixth encounter:

(Same place as above)

My eldest cousin was sick (he was just a kid at the time)and had been

sleeping in the bed. One day (during the day)when my aunt brought in

some lunch for him, he asked who this boy was and said he was drowning,

he could see this image near the ceiling. The boy was drowning in water

and seemed to be screaming. Without any disbelieving, my aunt asked her

neighbour who was in the apartment building for a long time, about any

prior incident in the neighbourhood. The building was at a very

residential area, not downtown apartment building.

The answer she got was , there was a boy drowned a few year back in the

buiding swimming pool. Well, what else....

I was a kid at this time and spent time in their apartment a lot, but

never once I saw anything, I would say now it is a disappointment for


Seventh Encounter:

My aunt (as above) moved to another buiding with larger living area. I

had been there many times and I did not like it as it was dark even with

a lot of sunlight outside.

One day, as she was doing some dusting around the apartment and was in

her bedroom, she suddenly saw all this fog around the whole apartment, I

would say it was like the Victorian London type of foggy. She smelt this

rodden meat smell,(this was new to her), as she turned back, she saw

this giant pair of hairy feet(just the feet, no upper body or head or

anything), walking across the fog which was very close to the floor.

then suddenly the feet disappeared.

As the smell thing was new to her, she asked my granddad what would that

be as my granddad was the most experienced with this type of thing. His

reply was "Oh, it was just dead people smell", meaning her apartment was


Once again, with all the time I spent there, I saw nothing.

Eighth Encounter:

My mum was visiting Taiwan. She was sleeping soundly in her bedroom in a

hotel, until she was awaken suddenly. She then saw this figure in the

dark with a giant pair of eyes approaching her, she could not identify

whether it was a man or a woman, as she screamed, my dad got up and

turned on the light, nothing there in the room.

Nineth encounter:

At the same place as above. Around 1am, my mum was still up but my dad

was asleep. My mum heard this noise coming from outside the hotel

building, she looked out down from her window, she saw a group of people

outside seemed to be having a party, the noise was so loud, it could

easily be heard even inside the hotel room. My mum, however, could not

figure out whether it was a group of men or women or both, the image was

so VAGUED,even at this short distance.She did not take any notice and

went to bed.

The next morning , she asked the management whether there was a party

outside last night. The management replied there was no party and

certainly not at 1am at night. But the noise was also heard by several

people in the group. Ghosts ?????

Tenth Encounter:

I was visting England with my brother and was staying in one of my

families house, it was a modern house. One night, when I was out and my

brother was alone in the house and was sleeping in his room with the

door completely closed. He suddenly heard footsteps on the stairs. They

were spiral-shaped stairs running all three floors. The footsteps were

clearly heard and were coming from bottom to top floor and was

approching his room on the third floor. My brother thought it was me

(the owner was gone for a trip), so he did not care, suddenly he heard

someone was talking outside his room (the foot steps stopped at the same

time, what he heard was someone speaking in Victorian English, it was

certainly not modern English. my brother recognised that it was not my

voice, he got a little bit scared. He did not open the door to find out.

By the time I came back, I asked him what was wrong as his face was


Once again, I was there for a year on my own, I never heard or

encountered anything.

Finally, Eleven encounter

My brother used to study in a boarding school in the UK. One night, he

was the only one in his domitory (room), suddenly he heard this female

crying noise, it was like she was in pain, a very ugly sound. It sounded

very distance at the beginning but eventually it sounded from somewhere

next to him,like someone whispering at your ear, he got very frightened

and ran.

Thank you for reading this long description of my family encounters.

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The Rider in Gray


When I was a child I grew up in Chesterfield Va. It is a small southern

town south of Richmond. During the War between the States the

Confederate defenses ran all the way down from Richmond through

Chesterfield and on to Petersburg. Some of those earthworks are still

there today and were right in my backyard. There were woods behind the

house I grew up in and my Dad built a tree house for me and my brothers

to play in.

One summer evening around 6 or 7 when the sun was going down my brother

and I were up in the tree house goofing around. When my brother told me

to be quiet that he thought he heard something. When I sat still I heard

what he was hearing. It sounded like a galloping horse and it was

getting nearer and nearer. We both looked at each other and jumped up to

the tree house window and looked down toward the dircetion of the sound.

That is when we saw him, it was a large man on a horse galloping really

fast and he kept looking behind him like someone was chasing him. He

wore the Confederate Gray and had a large brown beard with a long saber

at his side. His hosre was white with gray around the hooves. He sudenly

came to a stop and reared the horse around in circles like he did not

know what way to go. Then he turned back and rode in the direction he

had just came and then disapeared as he rode into the trees. This is

when my brother and I took off towards our house more excited then

scared. My father told us that many people have seen the ghost and that

it always appeared at dusk. They called him the Rider in Gray.

The woods where we saw the ghost has since been developed with houses

and from what I understand nobody sees the ghost any more. But I'm sure

if you talk to a local they can tell you a story about the Rider in


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Cemetary Ghost Attack


After reading several of the stories on this page, I feel that I

can share mine. I am a college student planning to graduate soon.

For my last spring break, a group of friends and I decided to take a

road trip. Our first overnight stop was in Delta, Colorado which was

the home town of one of my friends.

My friend told us about a nearby cemetary that was supposed to

be haunted by evil spirits. Apparently a black cloud could be seen

moving around the cemetary by people who believed they were psychically

aware of such things. Feeling brave and wanting to see some

ghosts, we took a Polaroid camera and headed to the cemetary around

10:00 PM on a night with a new moon.

The cemetary was on the top of a steep hill with a rickety old

fence around it. The path to the gate was steep but easy to climb. We

entered the cemetary and started snapping pictures. It was a small

cemetary with small headstones at the heads of mounds of rocks which

were over the graves. There were three very large cast iron headstones

at the back of the cemetary. One of the headstones had some eerie

scratches on it. They looked like they were gouged into the iron but

the iron was smooth. We all started getting scared so we decided to

leave. I was the first one to the gate.

As I started down the path, I felt something pushing me in the lower

back. It felt like someone with their hand on my back but my closest

friends were five feet back. Then the pressure increased and something

scratched my back. I fell down the path and hurried to the car. My

friends practically ran to catch up with me.

Later, after my more squeamish friends had gone to bed, I told my

friend who had suggested going to the cemetary what had happened. He

asked to see my back. There were scratchs exactly where I had felt them

form while falling down the path. The scratches exactly matched the

scratches on the headstone in the cemetary.

I've got pictures of the scratches on my back and the scratches on the

headstone. I intend to go back to the cemetary during the day to get a

better look at the headstone.

Also, we had some really strange things show up in the Polaroid

pictures we took in the cemetary that night. I definitely want to take

more pictures in that cemetary.

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Century III Mall Ghost Story


This is a true account of my experiences at Century III Mall in

West Mifflin, Pa. My friend Stacy and I worked in a bakery that her

parents owned. One Friday the mixer broke and the part needed to fix

the mixer could not be shipped to us until Monday. With a busy weekend

coming up and barely any product to sell, my friend and I decided to stay

overnight handmixing dough.

Everything started happening around midnight. We were sitting in

front of the store drinking coke and smoking cigarettes. I was facing

the railing where I could see down to the first floor and Stacy was

facing toward the rest of the food court area. Near the stairs going to

the first floor I saw a 2 foot tall, black, cylindrically shaped object

with legs. It would appear on one side of Stacy, disappear, and then

appear on her other side. This happened for about fifteen minutes before

Stacy asked what I was staring at. After I explained, she mentioned that

she had been seeing the same object behind me except that what she saw

was running into the wall, appearing behind me on my other side, and so on.

We began feeling hot and then cold to the point where we could

see gooseflesh on our arms. A rush of noise like a crowd in a football

stadium was heard coming through the food court. I noticed a glint of

light on the metal of the railing and I watched as it rose and fell.

Considering that I could see no moving light source that would enable

this glint to achieve its varying degrees of height, I was quite

disturbed when eventually an impossibly bright ray of light shot up from

the glint of light to the ceiling. I gestured for Stacy to quickly look

behind her but, as soon as she turned, the ray shot back down with an

audible whoosh, which we both heard.

Next, we were treated to a light show in the air above the first

floor. Pastel colored lights launched through the air as if a couple of

monkeys had gotten hold of some flashlights and were partying on the

first floor. We we quite delighted with the light show and although it

was unexplainable, it was not unpleasant.

I happened to glance down at Horne's, a department store on the

first floor which was closed for the night. There was a clear glass

partition over the entrance, no lights were on, and there should have

been no one inside, no one alive that is. An old man was kneeling on the

floor near the lower right corner of the store entrance. Inside the pet

shop, which is right next door to Horne's, dogs began barking. ( I guess

animals can sense apparitions )

Anyway, I asked Stacy to look down at Horne's and to tell me what

she saw. She immediately described the old man. I wondered if he were a

night watchman but after checking out the man from differing angles,

I noticed that, unless you were facing him from a direct angle, he could

not be seen, except for a white light where his head would have been.

Stacy and I decided to retreat into the back of the store to get our work

done and to try to clear our heads of what we considered too much

bullshit going on.

In the back of the store we had our tape deck playing very

loudly as we wanted to drown out the sounds of scratching and growling we

heard at the door. Over the loud music, I could hear the ching of an old

fashioned cash register opening. Considering that we had an electronic

cash register that was locked up for the night which did not make the

same type of noise, we knew that something unseen was playing with us,

trying to lure us to the front of the store. Being the curious person

that I am, I opened the front door and said, "All right, what's going on

out here?" Of course there was no answer and we could no longer hear the

noise so we went back inside.

After about an hour of mixing, we needed a break and, chronic

smokers that we were, a cigarette. We went back out front and sat at our

little table determined to ignore everything that was going on around

us. Of course, I could not help but to glance again at Horne's where I

noted that the old man had disappeared and in his place was an old woman

who was rotating as if she were on a potter's wheel. I,

once again asked Stacy to turn and describe what she saw at Horne's. The

old woman appeared to be aware of us because she stopped her spinning and

stared right back up at us. Our hearts immediately dropped into our

stomachs and we felt frozen with fear.

There was a mall employee who was on a riding carpet cleaner. He

was cleaning all the red carpeted ramps that led up to the major

department stores. We noted that he completely bypassed Horne's and

watched as he continued on to the rest of the mall. Once he was gone, we

walked down to the front of Horne's.

We stood in front of the glass partition looking for some

evidence of the old man and woman. We neither saw, nor heard anything.

As we turned to go back to the store, I noticed white powdery footprints

on the red carpeting. I sampled a bit of the white powder and it tasted

like the flour we had been using in the back of the store to mix dough.

The footprints were of a man's dress shoe with the

chuck heels and they were going in the direction from which we had just

come. Almost as if the thing was trying to get away from us. Anyhow,

the footprints went all the way up the stairs and they stopped at the

entrance to our store. They did not continue on further into or away

from the store, they just stopped as if whatever made them had

disappeared into thin air, which no doubt, it had.

All through the night until 8:30 the next morning, we were

bombarded by scenes shown on the glass partition of Horne's. We saw a

couple sitting in a park and a small ballarina doll which was 6 feet off

the ground and spinning a pirrouette. There was also a bright red light

above the doll's head.

If anyone has heard of anything similar happening at this mall,

please let me know. Thank you.

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I Didn't want to Die


My mother's father was an alcoholic who drank himself to death. He

wouldn't drink in big quantities, but he would take a glass of wine and

sip it all day, he did this for years. He died and left my mother, her

brother and her mother. One night, my grandmother (my mother's mom) was

laying in bed reading a book. She tells us to this day that she was

wide awake and not dreaming. She felt a strange feeling. She looked up

to her right and his head was floating in the air, but she could see

right through it. He began to speak to her: "Dolores, I didn't want to

die, I'm sorry and I love you", he said. That's basically it.

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