My Sisters Place


This happened in Portage La Praire, Manitoba, about 7 years ago:
My sister had moved to an apartment, and had asked me to spend the night after she had moved in and settled.  Which I did so, because we are quite close, and I enjoyed being able to talk to her, and visit my neice.  On this particular day, I felt wierd in her house.  It is hard to explain, it was like I was being watched, and not wanted there.  As the day progressed I kept catching glances of movement from the corner of my eye.  It stared off as just small "shadows" but that soon changed as the day progressed.  As night came I began to see more and more movement, and shadows.  They were getting bigger too, almost more bold.  I was seeing them more and more.  At first I tried so hard to ignore them, I wanted to dismiss them as nothing, but after a while I couldn't.  I finally, told my sister that I was going to have a bath, and then get ready for bed...  She told me that she would put my neice to bed while I was bathing.  I guess I thought that if I got out of the living room, maybe it would get better. There was no corners to peek around, or shelves to hid behind in the bathroom.  After my bath I came in to the kitchen, and something felt so wrong.  I noticed that my sister was not out of her bedroom and I felt worried.  I opened the door to her room, and all of a sudden I heard my sister, she was in trouble.  I could tell she was trying to talk, but couldn't, then she was up...  She rushed out of the room, she was crying... I went in and grabbed my niece.  After a few minutes, she calmed down and told me what happened.  She said that she couldn't move and her legs were elevated in the air, and that there was a huge eye, looking at her from above.  She then said that when I entered the room, there was a very bright light surrounding me, and it all came to an end as I entered.  My sister told me to call my Mom and our Aunty, because they are "gifted" people.  They immediatly got a Medicine man to come to the house, and he told my sister that she could not stay in the house, for there were many angry spirits, in the house.  We moved her out that night.  I asked the medicine man, if there was many different sized ones, and he said yes, and then I told him that I had "seen" them all night, but they stayed hidden from me, just watching me....I cannot explain why, they stayed away from me, or why I was surrounded by a bright light, I was just very happy that nothing happened to my sister or my neice.
After she moved out of that apartment, we drove by it a few times, and it was odd, because it felt so threating to us.

Cat Loving Ghost


I had completely forgotten about my friends ghost until I was reading through some of these stories.  I only went to this friends house a few times, but it was really amazing.  Every night about 5:00, her TV would turn on and change channels.  Even if she was watching something.  It drove her crazy because that is when the best shows are on and they only had one cable outlet.  The TV would just channel surf by itself.  It would stay on one channel for a little while and then switch to a different channel.
I can't remember what they called their friendly ghost (I think it might have been Earl), but they were completely comfortable with him.  I was there twice when this happened.  I never felt scared or nervous, which is a little strange for me.  I actually found it amusing.  Especially when their cat would jump up on the couch and rub up on thin air.  It would even raise it's butt in the air like cats do when you pet them.
I am very interested in ghosts and hauntings (just not in my home!) and I read everything I can about them, but I don't remember any other story where the animals actually liked the ghosts.

A Few from Downunder

I thought I would write and share a few of my stories with you some ghostly and some just strange, all springing from Australia.
The first is from when I was young. I'd say I was around eight or nine years of age when I had the first experience. I awoke late one night for no apparent reason, as I lay there I could here the bathroom tap dripping every couple of seconds. Listening to this I became aware that the tap began dripping faster, shortly the water was blasting through and then nothing, a complete stop. From my bed with the aid of the streelight outside my window, I watched to see who it was that had gotten up, as I could see the other bedroom doorways. My brother shared my room and he was asleep, so that only left my sister or my father. I saw no one go back into their rooms. I can say that I did get a little anxious, not freaked just a sort of "umm this is a little weird...." feeling. I made myself get up and I stuck my head into my dads room... asleep, checked my sisters room...asleep. I hit the light in the bathroom and found there was water all over the vanity and on the floor. A strange experience to say the least, and as a postscript my mother died in the house and I had another two sisters that had also died, though not in the house. For many years my father and stepmother would swear that whilst watching TV downstairs in the rumpus room they would here footsteps walk down the hallway into the kitchen and then walk back, they would assume it was one of us kids and then when they came up to check they would find us all asleep.
The second, is a recurring dream, this dream I can say plagued me for around three to fours years and began around the age of nine. It is a follows; I am in a old Holden stationwagon sitting in the backseat beside me are two girls probably around the ages of seven or eight. They cannot see me and don't know that I am there I am just a third party watching but involved. There is a man driving, somewhat grizzled in appearance, stubbly face short unkempt hair. We are driving this dirt road, it is dusty and I can see the trees and scrub moving by quickly. The cars stops and the man comes round and opens the back door, he has a rifle, the girls are crying and I am also crying. The man drags one of the girls from the car the older one,  she starts screaming and tells the other to run. The next thing we are running in the bush, everything is whirling around, we're crying and breathing heavy, exhausted, scared,  a gunshot makes us start, we look back.... now we can hear him coming, we take cover behind a fallen tree, we can see the his legs walking toward us through a gap. The last thing I see is his boot take a step onto the tree and the gun barrel comes down to point between the eyes of the other girl and then blackness. Strange......  Now  eventually the dreams stopped and upon reflection I placed it in the category of some internal angst about the deaths of my older sisters. I hadn't thought about this dream for many years ( I am in my thirties now ), until it all came back to me in about 2002. Except this time it wasn't a dream. I just happened to pass by the TV when a news bulletin came on, a man had been arrested in North Queensland and was being charged with rape and murder charges of minors during the 70's. His face was covered by his coat by police as he was led away, the story went on to show photographs of the mans car, an old Holden stationwagon and also talk about the young girls he had taken into the bush which he then raped and shot. The massive jolt to my system when I saw the news story was unbelievable, and for the first time I related the dream to a mate who was also watching the news.
This next little episode is a little kooky, I was at a mates party when I was seventeen, his house has three vacant lots surrounding it one directly behind and two either side. We were forever shortcutting through the back lot, as on the walk to my grandfathers house where I was living, it saved around ten minutes. This particular evening I had said my good byes and decided to head home and, as usual, cut through the vacant lot. At night, in the dark it is a little eerie as the streetlights only hit the far corner of the lot, I began to walk through and started beelining for the far corner. I noticed something moving on my left and I kind of froze, I turned further toward the movement and breathed a sigh of relief...a dog. Thankfully it wasn't a large dog like a German Shepherd, more like a Blue Heeler or Kelpie, nonetheless I figured it best to try and make friends as dogs at night, well you just never know. So here I am at two in the morning in the middle of a vacant block going "come here boy, come on, come on, there's a good boy". What did I get, nothing, not a thing, this dog didn't even flinch just kept standing there staring at me from a distance of ten feet. Now I am a little worried, I started walking slowly, watching this dog out of the corner of my eye. Every ten paces or so I would stop and face him and try calling him over, but it just kept the same distance, when I stopped it stopped and when I started it started. I quickened my pace a little to hit the mental safety of the far corner, as I breached the lit area I turned for a better look at the dog that was.... no.. where.. to.. be.. seen. Now there was nowhere for it to go as the nearest hiding place was a house 50 -60 feet away and the grass in the lot only came up to your shins so it wasn't sitting down. I looked for a few minutes then let the matter go and continued home, about one minute from home I was walking up toward a block of units and when I was almost alongside I noticed this girl standing outside on the porch. I wondered why someone would just be standing there on a porch at two in the morning and when I looked again... nothing. Well that was enough for me, I think I sprinted the rest of the way home to my grandfathers house. Now I am not one for fanciful thinking, I saw what I saw. I related this to my friends mother the next day and her explanation was this, the dog, it was a protector, there was or had been something of a nasty nature happen or happening within the vacant lot and the Dog was making sure I got through ok, me thinks .... cooolll, protector Dog....  The girl on the porch well that was her.. apparently she was astral travelling, me thinks,.. hmmm not so sure about that one. Fast forward about a year and I am at work and, in a general conversation with on of the girls it turned out she had lived in the same street as my grandfathers house.
She then says to me " Do you remember a really burnt up lightpole outside the powerstation"
I said, " vaguely, why".
She says" well there was a couple living across the road and they had this huge argument and then broke up, the girl freaked out and went across the road to where the car was with a can of petrol, poured the petrol on herself and the car jumped in and lit it up, suicide... burnt to death"
A strange weird feeling came over me and I then went into some more detail with her and, Yes, the girl on the porch of the units I had walked past a year earlier were the same ones......
Ok last one..  About three years ago I was living in this old busted up house which had an old butchers shop adjoining it. When I say busted up I mean busted up, the footings on one side of the house were sinking and as a result things were on a bit of a lean, I could put my hand through some of the cracks in the place. Apart from that she was ok, we tidied her up and well it was tolerable. Given that, everything in this is centred around my room, high ceilings one door and one window. The walkway to the old butchers shop went straight past my window and my view was the old freezer...charming. Basically there were no problems for around three months. The first I knew of anything was when I said to my housemate I didn't sleep well the night before. After that there was a change albeit a subtle one, the energy was different and I could tell. My sleep started to deteriorate even more and then I began sensing and hearing things. There were times at night when I felt I was being watched from outside my window, even though I couldn't see anything. From there I would here things walking on the roof of the house, I thought it was possums at first, but the tread was deliberate. On more than one occasion it had me out of the house with a flashlight looking up to the roof to find nothing. I started getting a little stir crazy, and even my housemate was concerned, as he had known me for a long time and my behaviour was way out of character. To further amplify this point, I am the type of guy that can stop people with a look, and if I point they know they have done something wrong and if I head in their direction they know they are in trouble. So my housemate knew something was seriously up. This pattern of problems continued for about two months on a nightly basis. Through discussions with another friend I started to use feng shui to try and change the energies surrounding my room. That and the use of some other Chinese beliefs for removing bad spirits (no I am not Chinese) with the use of mirrors to deflect bad energies etc. The change was pretty much immediate, over the course of two nights things started to return to normal. After about a week there was almost nothing, there were some slight feelings every now and again but I could deal with that. I will finish by saying I moved out after about another three months so I cannot comment on the ongoing effects of my method.


Encounter with a Ghost


My name is Cassandra and I had a really scary experience at my Grandmama's house once. I was lying in my mum's old room reading a book. my grandparents were downstairs watching the news. so after about an hour of reading the room when really cold even though the heating was on. then the light started to flash. I got under covers at this point and carried on reading. then next to me a really gruff voice whispered, 'Cassandraaa'. I swear I've never screamed so loud in all my life. and that is my scary encounter with a ghost.

The Unknown Cemetery


I have been reading stories on this site for a little while now and I just feel like I need to share what happened to me. I have commented before about Sweet Hollow Road in New York but this is something totally different. I go to school in Rhode Island, and it just happens to be that I live in Xavier Dorm, which is also haunted. But one night in April 2004 me and my roommates and our friends decided to go on a little search. There weren’t any parties or anything going on that night so we decided to go for a drive. I was driving. We knew someone who lived on the border of Connecticut and Rhode Island so we went out toward him and asked him if he knew of any scary places that we could go to. He and his friend did. They knew of this cemetery that was right on the border so I don’t know if it was in Rhode Island or Connecticut. His friend was warning us not to go in there because bad things have happened to people who go in there. People have come out with cuts all over their bodies and things like that. This place wasn’t very big and it was in this little neighborhood. There was a long driveway and it led up a hill where it ended and turned around back down to the entrance/exit. Our friend’s friend told us that when we went there, if we felt the little thing wrong or if we felt the hairs on the back of our neck stick up something was wrong. His friend refused to go in so we dropped him off on the way. The story behind this place was that supposively a group of kids or someone was doing a séance at the very top where there is a concrete platform. Well while they were in the middle of doing this some kind of force threw one of the kids out of the circle. And it is said that if you break the circle during a séance that it causes evil to surface. Well since he was thrown out of the circle it was never closed.  SO bad things happen there. We didn’t believe it especially the boys. It was me, my roommate and 3 of our guy friends. When we first got there we didn’t feel anything bad. None of our hairs stood up or anything. So we continued to walk. We got about 15 feet into the cemetery when my roommate started to freak out. She let go of my hand and ran back to the car. So I continued with the 3 boys. I was holding on to one of them when all of a sudden I couldn’t move. I was starting to see things at the top of the hill. My legs would not move. SO I decided to head back. As I turned to run my legs regained strength and I ran. As I was running I felt like I was in slow motion and I could hear someone running with me right next to me. I assumed it was one of the guys. When I reached the car I turned around and no one was with me. I waited there with my roommate and our other friend who didn’t go in. And one by one everyone came running out. Once all but one of us was out we felt better. And then we realized that our friend was still in there. He thought he was hot ****. SO we figured he was trying to prove something. When all of a sudden he was walking out. He got about 10 feet to the gates and started running. He told me afterwards that he felt as if someone was right behind him. Afterwards we discussed what we had seen and things like that. MY roommate and I both agreed that we had see a shadow of a man at the top of the hill squat down stand up wave to us then squat back down. My roommate and the guy last out had agreed that they had seen a girl in white kind of dancing and floating down the hill toward them playing with something like a ball. I decided to drive in at that point because I was disappointed in myself for not staying in there. I drove about 30 feet in there and all of a sudden something dropped onto the side of my window and the top of my car. I freaked out. I drove out of there so fast. And what scared me the most is that there were no trees or anything above my car. Once we finally got out and we’re back on the highway we realized that one of my friends had come out from there with a scratch down his neck. I will never forget that night for as long as I live. If anyone knows where I’m talking about or has some info on this please e-mail me.

Haunted Room


My name is Ian Mullen. When I was 10 I lived at Coxhoe and I often woke in the middle of the night. I can't remember when exactly this was but I know that it was sometime around summer.
One night I awoke to find a man leaning over me. I screamed and ran out of my room. The man was soaked in blood which was, at the time, really scary. When I returned to my room, the man had gone!!
After that, for about 3 months, every two or three days I would be eating my food or watching the TV when something would fly across the room. I was petrified!! This all stopped for about a week and then the man returned. He was sitting on a chair. I just froze!!
Fortunately, he left and since then, I have been fascinated by Paranormal activity. The man never returned and I never had anything flying across my room again.

my story


I've often felt intensely aware of what I can see and or not see in my surroundings.  I live in Waterville, Maine, and there are a few different sections of town. There's the old part and the newer remodeled part -as it is with most towns.  I have had more than a couple experiences with the supernatural here in Maine.
One event gives me Goosebumps every time I think about it.  I was in the old part of town in a second floor apartment building that I had never been in before.  I had used their bathroom to splash some cold water on my face.  After doing so, I realized there was no towel in this bathroom to use to dry my face.  Now, this was a large bathroom still having the original sink and claw foot tub in it.  There were two doors in this bathroom, the door I used to enter, and another doorway that was opened directly diagonal from the entrance door.  I walked over toward the second doorway to try and find a towel.  It looked like it was a small room someone was using as a bedroom.  There was a fan facing the doorway at an angle and it was turned on.  Beyond the fan along the same wall was a small stand and large stereo system.  The room was dark, and I really didn't want to go in, first of all I didn't know who's room it was and didn't want to be rude, second, it gave me the creeps.  However, I was dripping wet and was desperate.  As I cautiously stepped in the fan slowed down.  I really didn't think much of it, thought maybe I had stepped on the cord or something.  I became alarmed when I took another step toward the fan to investigate and it sputtered to a stop. I followed the electrical cord all the way to the wall and it was fully plugged in.  Instinctively I quickly stepped back, and the fan turned back on and sped up again.  It seemed the more frightened I became, more things happened in this tiny room.  I stood there in the middle of the room and suddenly some papers ruffled and flew up in the air a bit.  Then I was suddenly hit with a chilling gust of cold air and instantly froze in fear. This had never happened so blatantly to me before.  Before I knew it the stereo system when nuts, all of the buttons were getting pressed quickly and randomly.  The radio came on, stations kept switching, then the cd player came on.  I was, as embarrassing as this is, on the verge of peeing my pants, I didn't thank goodness.  I took a deep breath, grabbed a towel, and ran as fast as I could out of that room, out of the bathroom, through the kitchen, and into the living room.  I tripped and fell three times along the way.  I jumped into a chair and huddled there, clutching my knees and shaking.  Two stunned people were staring at me like I had gone mad.  I stuttered out the story of what had just happened to me, and they just smiled, laughed and said "Yeah, this place is really haunted.  The ghosts are always messing with our electrical appliances and door locks."  I had a hard time ever staying in that bathroom for very long.  I also heard that those small rooms off of the bathrooms were often built and used for children nurseries.

it follows


This is gonna sound kinda crazy. But bear with me. I have always seen kina funny little things. But in November 2000 I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter and things started to get outta hand. It all started when my At the time almost3 year old daughter used to sit upstairs and I would hear her talking to someone. I heard this one day and I asked her who she was talking to she said the Baby I thought awww how cute she is excited about the new baby. Well this stuff went on for the next month than one day she  came down and said mommy the baby's crying (she said this often) Itold her to go pick it up thinking that she was pretending She said I can't mommy it's up. At the time this diden't seam important. Anyway as we eased into December I had my baby girl. I first noticed things starting to happen a few days befor christmas. I satrted hearing noises foot steps when no one was up stairs. I dismissed it as an over active imagination. Than one day I was down stairs and I heard this very loud pounding up stairs no one was up their. I told my husband and he said i was a nut.Well when I got the babys first day home pic's back. the first 5 pics taken in the span of 10 mins their was black half circle lines and light circles all over the first 3 pics. But it was the last 2 they were cvered with blue balls of light that looked like it had blue spider webs around it. the rest of the roll was fine. Again I was alittle freaked out I sent the pics to my father he said they were weard but not to be concerned. Well the noises and stuff contiuned for the nexted few months alway when the kids and I were home alone I got so scared that I would not be alone their. Well one day my husband and I were in the living room ond the utility room door handle started turning by it's self and the door started shakeing. Well my husband freaked we checked it out their was nothing in their that could have done that the kids were in bed. afew weeks later we were once again sitting in the living room and out of nowear we heard the loudest sound of finger nails going down the back of the same door. we both screamed and ran. Now we had no pets at the time and this sounded like finger nails on a chalk board it sounded like people finger nails. My husband nolonger called me crazy. The noises got so bad all my kid talked about was the baby on the wall in their room. The foot steps got louder we finnaly moved. Everything was good 4 about the first year or so then one day my daughter comes down stairs with her sister her speech being much better now she said mommy theirs a baby on my wall. I had just had another daughter. but my blood went cold I said no honey the babys in the living room. She said no mommy not that baby it is a scary baby its on my wall and it's crying. I wasnted to cry I was so afraid to go upstsirs when I did their was nothing their. I thought okay they made it up. But not 3 weeks later the footsteps started again. The banging  so again we moved. It has been quiet for the last year and  a half I think its beacuse we have moved 3 times due to finacal problems. But we are going on 6 months here an I am afraid that the next 6 will bring a very unwanted visitor.Have u ever heard of this before is their anything I can do if it starts again


The Landlord's Son


My friend was at home, by herself and she was watching one of those shows on the travel channel about haunted hotels.  She had to go to the bathroom, and when she was washing her hands, she saw in the mirror some guy standing behind her.  She was scared and confused so she turned around to tell the guy off for being in her house, but when she turned around, he was gone.  She looked back in the mirror and he vanished.  Well, I can honestly say that I didn't believe her when she called me right after that.  She wanted me to go over to her house because she was scared and I thought "Man, what has she been smoking, there's no such things as ghosts."  But I went over there anyway.  I told her she was probably imagining things after watching that show.  Later that night, as I was putting on my pajamas (I had the door opened because her house is freaky and I wanted to be able to run.), I saw this dude standing next to me and he looked very angry about something.  I thought he broke in and was going to kill me, but when I looked next to myself, he was gone.  I didn't look in the mirror to see if he was there, I just ran to my friend and told her what I saw.  It turns out that we saw the same dude, and we thought it was best not to stay there anymore so we ran accross the feild to her landlord's house.  When we described what we saw to him, he told us it was his son, who had lived there previously, but he wouldn't tell us how he died.  To this day, I don't go to her bathroom by myself and if I walk by her bathroom, it looks like someone else is walking next to me.
She has a very haunted house.  In the kitchen, if you stand in a certain spot, you can smell the faint smell of some kind of perfume, but only for a second.  Her baby sister died in the bathtub and I can kind of feel her in there.  Her grandmother, who is full blooded Native American, once told once told my friend's mom that she could see this guy hugging her, and in the hallway, in a certain spot, it feels very cold, colder than the rest of the hall.
When my friend was younger, she was sleeping next to her dad (mind you she was about four or five when this happened and she still has nightmares) and she had to use the bathroom.  On her way back from the bathroom, this figure grabbed her, she couldn't see it's face, and it dragged her to the back door, which has no porch, just a five foot drop, and tried to push her through it.  The more she struggled, the tighter it gripped her.  Finally, she broke free and she went to th kitchen window.  She saw the white figure, but when she blinked, it was gone.
In a house that I used to live in, I always felt like I was being watched by many people and sometimes I could hear strange whispering, so I would get scared and find my mom. but her room wasn't any better, in fact, it was worse, and I could feel people walking past me and I would suddenly feel very cold, no matter how many blankets I was under, my mom could feel them too.  If you want to ask questions about these things, send your questions to, my name is Katie.  Thankyou.


Several New Encounters


It's great to be able to share a few new stories with ya'll. First is a
story about a distraught teenager, who killed himself a few years ago.
His friends and family visit his grave site on a regular basis, so
there is often activity there. We here at Ghost Hunters of the Last Frontier
have become convinced that he very much regrets what he's done. Last
Halloween, while we were wacthing the local cemetery, which we do every
year, to guard against vandals, we were taking pics when some of his
friends showed up to visit, with thier permission we took some pics of
them all, and were thrilled to get 2 great pics of the boy himself. The
detail in the pic was outstanding, we could see his whole form very
clearly. Even his mother was amazed at the detail. When he died the top
of his head had been distended due to the exit wound of the bullet, and
it showed up in the pic, which I'm going to post in the near future. is
friends started to play some music, and started to dance and when we
took another pic, we caught him dancing as well, again very clear in
the pic. Shortly after this, his mother arrived for the party, and when we
took a pic of her next to the headstone, there was an orb on her
shoulder, which she was sure was him. She related that she had felt him
next to her, and said that she had felt his hand on the exact spot that
the orb had been. We have been back there many times since then, and
always get an orb or two in the area, as well as a sense that he is
there and aware of our visits.
Right across from him is another friend I knew before his death. He was
working on one of the oil platforms here in Alaska, when his head was
crushed by a piece of heavy pipe that broke off. His spirit is also
very evident, and also always shows up with orbs in the pics we take there.
One of the members of our group is so in tune with the other side, that
whenever he is photographed, anywhere he is, there is always an orb(s)
or somethng in the pic. In one pic there were 319 obvious orbs around
him. We call him an orb magnet!
I have many other enounters to share but will add them later. If anyone
wants to visit South central Alaska, we would be happy to show you

Ghost Story


I really enjoy your site and it got me thinking about something that
happen to me when i was 12 years old. I was staying at my friend's gran's
house. Her gran was very religous and had a cross on her wall above the
fire place, recently the cross had been falling off the wall every
night at 7pm. I didn't beleive in ghosts at that time, and when my freind
told me this i didn't believe her, i thought she was trying to frighten
me!. Just before 7pm i was looking at the cross when i felt something
or someone brush pasted me but there was no one there!. Then the cross
was hurled across the room and landed on the floor at the other end of
the room. I didn't sleep a wink that night and now i beleive that we
can't explain everything that happens in our world.



This is a story that has happened to me recently that I would like to

I have been dating a guy for almost a year now and not long after we
started dating, he confided in me that sometimes he feels like
something follows him...something evil and depressing.  I asked him if
he had done anything to open a door to let whatever it was into this
world or give it a reason to follow him and he said no.
We dropped the conversation at that and never spoke of it again.  About
four months later, we were watching tv at his apartment and I fell
asleep.  While I was sleeping, he got up and turned off the television,
and then laid down beside me and fell asleep too.  I woke up suddenly
about thirty minutes later and looked around the room in the dark,
thinking I had heard some sort of loud noise.  That's when I realized
that right in front of me, about two feet from the foot of the bed, was
a shadow--an outline of a human shape.  It didn't have any facial
features, it was mainly just a dark grayish silhouette that was
hovering just over the top of the foot of the bed.  As I watched, it
reached out an arm and began to reach for me.  I instantly felt as if
it was going to kill me and I screamed for Josh.  He jumped up beside
me and turned on the light.  The form disappeared instantly.  I was
shaking and told Josh that I had seen something there and he asked me
if it was a gray form that hovered over me.  I was in shock, because I
hadn't described what I had seen to him yet.  I told him yes, and he
said when he was younger he saw the same thing, only he reached out and
touched it and it flew out a window.  I was shaken up badly after that
moment, and I made him take me home.
Recently, we at my house and we were both asleep in my room.  It was
probably about 11:00 at night.  I woke up again like I had before,
thinking I had heard a noise and looked up to see a long white vapory
looking form floating across my room. As I watched it picked up speed
and started floating right at me!  I screamed "NO!" and put a pillow
over my head.  Josh woke up and grabbed my arm. I took the pillow off
my face and looked around, but the shadowy thing was gone.  Before I
could tell Josh what happened, he said "I know...I felt it go over us."
I'm not sure if there really is something that follows him, or what,
because it only seems to happen when he is with me.  I think it is
really strange, and whatever it is, doesn't seem to be very friendly.


Dark Hovering Man


I live in Maine, and one night, while staying at a friends house for the night, a very, scarey event occured. My friend, at the time lived in Clinton, Maine.  She was staying with her Aunt and Uncle who lived on a dirt road drive in an old, old farmhouse that had a set of railroad tracks next to the house.

My friends room was on the second floor of the house in what was more like a fiished of attic.  It was divided into two sides.  There was the finished side, and then there was the unfinished side.  We never set a foot in the unfinished side because that was where they new most of the ghosts that they were well aware of, stayed.  They told me about how the ghosts would climb down the old staicase in that half of the atttic, and they would always find that doors that they had locked were unlocked, or just the opposite.  They also set they often times could here footsteps on the old staircase and up in the attic,  it was right above the kitchen.  They said, for the most part, they had friendly ghosts.

One night, her Aunt and Uncle were out for dinner, and my friend and I were at the house babysitting her cousin.  He had gone to bed, so we climbed the ladder that lead to her room, and got ready for bed ourselves.  A little while later, we were still up, lyinging on the mattress on the floor and talking on and on, as young girls often do on sleepovers.  It was a moonlit night, but clouds were rolling by, causing the moonlight to blink on and off.  As we lay on our backs facing the ceiling and talking,  it happened.  I remember it so clearly too.

The moonlight was fully comming through the window like a nightlight.  Suddenly what looked to be a tall, all black man, was hovering above us.  I couldn't make out any feet or any kind of facial figures on this man.  It looked like he was wearing a large trench coat.  My heart started racing, and I didn't say anything to my freind untill I checked out the window to make sure the clouds weren't playing tricks on my mind.  The sky was cloudless.  Turning my gaze up again, I whispered,"Do you see that?" to my friend.

She said "Do you see that too?"

"Yes!" I answered.  That was all the confirmation either of us needed.  She counted to three, and on three it was still there and appeared to be moving down toward us,  in sinc' we pulled the covers over our heads, held eachother and and screamed and cried at the same time.  When we finally did come out from the protection of the covers, it was gone.  My friend was convinced this was an evil being, that was trying to hurt us.  I really don't know what to think.  All I know is that I was thirteen or fourteen at the time, I'm 20 now, and this event still gives me goosebumps to think, write, or talk about now.

my story


I just moved into an apartment attached to a house that was claimed to
be haunted...
I came  home one evening and put on my night gown that I have had for
atleast 4 years, when I went to the mirror I saw that a small button
had been sewed onto my nightgown it was not centered it was hand sewn.  As
I said I just moved in, I did not have a sewing needle or thread in the
house...the next morning I got up and was ironing and walked across the
carpet in to the bathroom which is tiled and heard a clicking noise.
there was a blue button stuck to my foot.. I have never seen either of these
buttons before.  usually I would be freaked out and scared, felt a calm
and I am not scared... I am going through a difficult time and my life, is
someone reaching out to me?

Real ghost story


My best friend told me this true story during a sleepover. She went to a lake in Minnesota a couple of years ago.She was with alot of her family and the kid's had to sleep in tents.She shared a tent with her aunt who was 10 or 11 at the time.Most of the adults slept in the cabin; except for the grandma.The grandma slept in a old sliver bullet camper.One day my friend and her aunt were in the camper. Whenever they walked into the back which was the bedroom they would get bad uncontrollable chills.They became scared of the camper and stayed away from it.That night they were telling ghost stories and they heard strange sound from the camper.About 5 minutes later they heard a splashing sound from the lake. It sounded like a human jumped into the water not a beaver or something. They thought nothing of it until it happened again. They were so frightened that they made sure that every inch of their sleeping bags were zipped up completly and couldn't sleep for the rest of the night.

Is it my imagination or something paranormal


Hi, my name is Jessica. At my mother-in laws house weird things happen.  Ive heard stories from my neice and my husband about little things they and the family has expereinced, and I would think to myself WEIRDOS. Stories went on a couple of years, until a few months ago I expereinced something.(well actuall when I went to their house for the first time I was sitting at my mother-in laws computer and very faintly I heard a man and women talking, almost like it was through the walls.At first I didnt think nothing about it, and then the next time I was sitting there, and I was alone in the house and I heard them again. I started thinking thats strange it sounds like its coming from the walls, so I went outside to see if anyone was around and there was nobody there. I told this to my mother and father-in law and they told me it was just my imagination. (oh did I mention that my mother-in law is a Jehovas witness, she doesnt believe in ghosts, just demons. And she says no way that Jahova will allow that in HER house.) Well time went by and didnt here it again and I just went on with my life, then a few months ago I stayed the night at their house and slept in my sister-inlaws room, door open. And down the hall I heardscuffing noises. Like when an old person is wearing slippers and they scuff when they walk. Well I got up to see who it was and I saw nobody. My mother in laws door was closed, and my neice and sister in law were fast asleep in the living room. Si i went to bed thinking it was my imagination. Well I heard it again, and again, again. I kept getting up, again, again, and again, and saw nothing. It went on all night, until i fell asleep aroud 4:30 am out tiredness.  When i got up about 8:00am with droopy eyes my family asked me why I couldnt sleep, and I told thekm. Again my mother-and father-inlaw told me it was my imagination, and all my neice could say was told you so.  And I told myn husband about it when I got home and he said its possible, he expereinced some things in that house, actually all his siblings have. And he also told me about the old couple that luived next to him that died. One died in a hospital, and the other died at a family members house.

ghost or imagination?


hi!  i really enjoy your site.  i have a story for you.  my dauhgter
has experiences with the unknown.  the ghosts seem attracted to her.  she
wants  to know why it always picks on her and no one else in the house.  i
told her  that some people are more sensitive than others and they don't notice
odd  things that happen and that she needs to not let it bother her as much
as  she does. they don't seem to be evil, only mischevious.  the first time
she  noticed anything was in 1999.  she was 12 and i had left my husband and
moved in with my parents taking her and her brother whom is 2 years
older  than her.  anyway, my mother had told us for years that the house that
they  now lived in was haunted and strange things had happened over the last
10  years.  we had only been there for a couple of months when one night my
daughter was fussing with her brother as most sibling do, and finally
they  lay down to sleep.  we were sleeping in the den(used to be a garden
years  ago before the previous home burned down with the old couple inside).
anyway they had finally went to sleep.  well my daughter screamed and
came  crying into the kitchen saying that her brother had slapped her on the
back.  i went into the den and her brother was fast asleep.  i talked her
back to  bed and she came screaming back into the kitchen and said something was
sitting on her feet and it was really cold and i felt her feet and they
were  ice cold.  needless to say i woke her brother up and we slept in the
living  room that night.  i went into the den with the bible (i wasn't a real
religious person), but i read a prayer to that room and told the
spirits  that if they were going to mess with anyone it better be me not my
children.  anyway, nothing else happened for a few weeks until my mother had to
take  my father to the dr and the kids were at school and i was all alone.
now  all this time in my mothers home i never felt uncomfortable or
anything.  i  was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee that morning and all of a
sudden  i heard a puppy crying in the living room, i automatically got up and
went  to check it out when i realized my mother doesnt have a puppy and the
dog  she does have was in the laundry room asleep.  i was creeped out and i
went  back into the kitchen and acted like i didn't hear it, and soon my
parents  returned.  i told them what happened and they laughed at me and told me
that  was nothing.  that for ten years they had put up with the sinks turning
on  by themselves, the cabinets opening on their own, seeing black shadow
people  walking down their hallway, having pictures rotating on their walls so
much  that they nail them to the walls to keep them from moving, my brothers
when  they were younger would wake up and go to the bathroom and come back
and  find a knife in their beds or their closet doors which were sliding
doors  would slam open and shut on their own.  one time my yougest brother
says he  had just laid down for the night and a purple ball of light came at him
and  zapped him, he couldn't move and when he could he ran screaming down
the  hallway to my mothers room and she says he was petrified and the hair
on his  head was sticking straight up.  he did not sleep in his room for a long
time.  these things happened off and on over the years and they just
got  used to all this wierd crap going on.  they had freinds visit from out
of  town and the wife refused to come back because she swore she saw a
black  shadow figure going up and down the hallway all night.  other people
have  came over and have mentioned seeing someone going down the hallway, but
noone would be there.  they still live in this house to this day.  they
investigated the land and found out that their side of town was
originally a  lake and when they dammed part of it up homes were built and the
original  house was a tiny shack with an old couple living their with their
daughter  and her baby.  they had a garden right outside their back door and
would go  work in it every day, this garden was where the den is now.  there was
a  fire an it killed them all.  my mom and dad have seen an old woman
standing  in their closet grinning at them.  and they all have heard the baby
crying  in the closet many times.  my mother says sometimes she hears frogs
croaking  in the closet and their is no way under the house unless you take the
metal  grill out of the concrete that is all around their home.  me and the
kids  moved on to kansas with my new fiance, now husband, and it is now 2003.
my  daughter has had some experiences in our new home that we purchased. it
was  built in the early 1900's and other families have lived their and as
far as  we know no one has died there.  after we had lived there for about six
months i would go downstairs (my bedroom at that time was upstairs with
my  daughter and sons, our 8 yr old only came on the weekends and slept on
the  couch, the rest of the time she was at her mothers thru the week) to
the  kitchen after my son and daughter were gone to school and my husband
gone to  work, the kitchen cabinets would all be wide open every morning.  i
have a  galley style kitchen with floor to ceiling cabinets, counter inbetween.
some of these cabinets were so high that i couldn't shut them without
jumping to shut the door and i am 5'9.  i accused everyone of leaving
them  open out of laziness and all denied leaving them open.  this has
continued  to this day about 5 or 6 times a month instead of every day.  i also
would  come home for my hour lunch every day and see a black cat run from the
dining room to the den, and at that time we had a chocolate colored cat
named ruby, and i would follow it to the den(that is where i kept her
food,  on top of the floor to ceiling shelves in the den to keep the dogs from
eating her food) and call her, here ruby and she would not be in there
at  all.  i would look all over the house and puzzled because i always
found  ruby outside on the porch or in another room not even close to the den
and   because i cleary saw a cat run from one room to another.  this happed
about  3 or 4 times.  my family thought i was nuts so i tried not to mention
these  occurances to anyone but my daughter whom beleived me.  any way, me and
my  husband got to keep our youngest daughter for the entire summer and we
moved  down to the basement and gave her our sons room and he got our old
bedroom  upstairs, due to it having a walkin closet.  he has slept in that room
and  never had his bed shake in there.   during the time i saw the cat and
the  cabinet were opening my daughter ran screaming into my room one night
saying  that her bed was shaking.  her stepfather told her it was probably the
furnace down in the basement making it move.  she wasn't convinced that
was  it.  this continued off and on.  one night she cleaned her room and
shut her  closet door which was the shutter sliding type and it ranalong an
entire  wall.  she heard rustling noises in the closet and figured it was her
brother in their getting ready to jump out and scare her.  she was just
about to tell him to get out of her room when he knocked on her door
and  told her she had a phone call.  needless to say she slept downstairs in
the  living room that night.  she says she will shut her light out, go
downstairs  or go across the hall to the bathroom and when she gets back to her
room the  light will be on.  or she will leave her light on and when she gets
back it  will be off.  the bed still shakes occasionally but now i think she is
used  to it.  once i asked her brother why he would never sleep in his room
upstairs and he said he was tired of his bed shaking (this was before
he got  to move into our old bedroom) his sister and i told him our experiences
and  he did not beleive us and neither did my husband.  6 more months go by
and  my daughter has another experience.  she was in bed and had just laid
down  to go to sleep when she saw a tall black shadow block out the night
light  shining from the bathroom across from her room, it crossed her door way
and  went into her younger sisters room.  she saw lights flickering in there
and  thought the tv was on.  then it hit her that she had turned her sisters
tv  off before going to her own room and the shadow she saw was too tall to
be  her 8 year old sister, then her bedroom door started to slowly shut by
itself, she ran screaming down the stairs, fell, ran screaming thru the
house to the dining room where the basement door was(our bedroom) and
begged  me to come upstairs.  we turned all the lights on and checked
everywhere and  noone was in her room or her sisters room, because her sister was
asleep  downstairs on the couch and her brother was asleep in his bed after
working  harvest until 10 pm. so he was fast asleep.  she got her blankets and
fan  and went into the den to sleep on the couch, i left my basement door
open in  case she needed me. she is 16 and was petrified.  anyway, the next
morning i  found her in the living room sleeping on the couch with her sister
instead  of in the den.  she told me that the bathroom door which is in the den
was  open only about 2 inches, when she looked at it later it was open all
the  way, that freaked her out and she took her fan and blanket and got on
the  couch in the living room with her sister and just about the time she
was  going to sleep she heard someone walk thru the living room and they
walked  in front of the fan, that noise it makes when someone is in front of a
fan  and then someone or something blew gently in her ear and made her hair
move.  she said she shut her eyes turned to face the back of the couch and
finally  went to sleep.  she refuses to go to her room unless someone is with
her.  i  am waiting on the next episode to happen with her.  i told her to tell
it to  leave her alone and she said she did and that is when it came into the
living room and blew in her ear.  my husband thinks we are nuts and
told us  not to say a word to the youngest or she would never sleep in her room
upstairs.  so i told my daughter that i would stay in her room or
wherever  she dicided to sleep, and i would stay until she fell asleep.  that is
my  story for now.  is this a ghost or ghosts or our imaginations?  bye for


My Experience


Me and my family have lived in this house for about two years now, and
when when we first moved in I started getting these weird feelings like
someone was watching me. Well last week my mom woke up early one
morning to see a dark shadowy figure standing at the foot of her bed,but when
she turned her lamp on it disapeared and then last night I was sitting
on my bed when I heard what sounded like a loud whisper coming from our
kitchen and I really couldn't make the words out, but when I turned and
looked in the kitchen there was no one there, and I know it couldn't of
been my mom or my dad because both were in the bed asleep. But that was
my first ghost experience and it totally freak me out to say the least,
but i've always believe in ghost.

happenings in my house


A lot of wierd things go on in my house. Not one or two weeks pass without somthing happening. A five or six months ago when we first moved in my mom just got done putting all the pots and everything away in the cabinets and she had one open that she forgot to close and this coffee pot that was sitting in the back of the cabinet where it could not have possibly had fallen out but a few minutes later the glass pot fell out and sdhattered on the floor. then the next week when i was sleeping i starte hearing scratching on the walls like fingernails scratching on it. we did'nt have a cat at the time and my stepdad was sleeping in the other room. Then two weeks after that my baby sisters little bathtub was wedged in the corner of the two walls where it couldnt have fell and it fell. Then two weeks later i had to go to the bathroom around 11:00 p.m. and the rest of the house was dark and so was my bedroom next to the bathroom. So when I turned the bathroom off a few seconds later my touch tone light turned on by its self.
Then s couple of weeks after that the light in my baby sisters changing room turned on by its self. And both my mom and stepdad were asleep. Then nothing else wierd in the
 house happened for a while until just the middle of last month and the begining of this month when i got a camera for graduation. I told my mom it wasnt working right. When she was checking it out the light on the camera was not on and niether was the kitchen
and my mom told me an orb flew across the screen. Then that early that morning when my mom slept in my room she said that the strobe light in my room turned on. She went and checked it out and the knob on it was on off. She then was almost back to sleep when it turned on again so my mom unplugged it. Earlir this week my playstation 2 turned on by itself . Also when you are in the basement of the house you get the sensation of being watched from the back room down there. I would like to video tape my house but I keep forgeting to. My friend has a book on his house which used to be Colonel Harmon's plantation house and the area that him and i live in about every house has a story and is haunted.

i got a story


For the end of the year my class had a dance in the gym. They turned off ALL the lights (except the D.J's corner) i thought this would be the perfect time to take pictures to see wat i would get...i always thought my schol was haunted doors open and close by them self, noses are heard from the back of the art room and bathrooms.
Anyways i took out my Digital Camera (best for taking pictures of ghosts) and took acouple of my freinds and of walls. When we sat down to look at what i got there were bright with circular things in the air....i figured they were orbs..but my freind thinks it is dust.but i dont think dust is that big or bright...i would send you pictures but my freinds are in all teh good ones soo i dont think they want everyone to see them....Thanks.

My Haunted House


I live in De Soto Missouri the house we live in is on north 3rd street and many of times we have heard things, on 2 particular insadences we were woke by our alarm clock that my ex husband had to go to work we were waken at 4:00 am and at aproximately 4:15 we heard a car pull in our driveway whitch is located along the side of our house that our bedroom is on, we heard a car pull into the driveway the moter shut off 2 doors open and close footsteps and talking and walking up ontpo our porch whitch we had 2 door entrances on the same porch on one to our room and one to the livingroom we heard keys in the front door and my ex looked out the window to our door witch faces the other door and no one was there, on the second acation it happened with 3 doors opening and closeing and talking and walking up onto the porch and my ex opened the front door but no one was there. There has been other accurances to, i have been at my desk as i am now my son was at his fathers and my daughter was taking her nap in her room and clear as day right behind me i hear a young childs it sounded like a boy say hello mommy. Another incadent happen when i was gone with my sister and my boyfriend was home the kids were in bed asleep and he heard voices and walking up onto the porch this happened at around midnight and he opened the door thinking it was me and my sister but no one was there.Allso on easter morning at 3:15 in the am i was awaken but did not know what woke me up but my boyfriend said he woke up to the sound of 3 heavy footsteps walking across our bedroom floor coming from our outside door going into our livingroom my daughter allso woke up crying within second of the sound i did not hear it but my boyfriend did. There has been alot of other accurances here to, way to many to go through on here i have been here for 8 yrs now and its never a dull moment.

Cold Hands


Well, my grandma died about 3 years ago from lung cancer. Soon after, her mother-my great grandmother- died from a heart attack. Soon after my great grandma died I was just sitting at the lunch table at school when suddenly I heard someone call my name. I quickly looked up to my friends and asked,"What?" They just kind of stared at me. And said "We didnt say anything" So I put my head back down. Then I heard it again but this time it sounded more like my grandma, her old soft worn voice. I was totally FREAKED but my friends didnt believe me. A couple months ago, I was sitting in my living room when suddenly my bedroom door just flung open! I thought it was just the wind but then it shut again and the knob turned and closed all the way! I started shaking and nobody was home! Then oneday we where at church (my grandma always went to church with us)  at the end of the service we all hold hands and sing. Nobody was holding my left hand and my mom was holding my right hand. Suddenly I felt cold hands grab my hands. We were praying so I had my eyes closed and thought someone had just come up and held my hand. But when I looked up, no one was there and I could smell my grandma's perfume. And just yesterday I was sleeping in my room, when I heard footsteps walking around me but no one was there! I'm getting shivers just thinking about it!!!

I love the idea that my grandmas' are watching over me but they could at least warn me when they come! LOL!

Don't tease the dead


This is a true story and it taught me about respect for the dead, very quickly. My family and I love to visit historic sites and we decided to take a ride to Valley Forge. It is a beautiful spot in Pennsylvania but many sad things happened there due to the Revolutionary War. Many men lost there lives there because of starvation from lack of food-they even ate bark off of trees or chewed on their leather shoe laces (those who still had shoes/boots) it was that bad. Plus the severe cold and deep snow of that particular winter, the lack of warm clothes, blankets, and boots brought about a desperate situation where many good men died. They also lost their lives due to only a few doctors being able to help the sick, wounded, diseased or dying and not enough bandages and lack of medicine. They have a museum you can visit that goes into detail and then you are free to walk around. Well we took advantage of this lovely day, it was still winter and brisk but the sun shone brightly and was melting the snow. Due to the snow melting here and there it left the fields and buildings you had to walk in a rather muddy place with patches of snow here and there.
I have always been a logical person even though my family has many superstitions because they come from the old country and brought with them the ghost tales, evil spirits stories and much more- and have always taught me to respect the dead. For instance be respectful in cemeteries-don’t laugh or make fun of a person’s name. We also were taught don’t walk on a grave and if you did to explain out loud that you meant no harm and no disrespect, and similar things like that. I did it too basically appease my elder family members as a child but grew up to think that such things were just old wives tales. Boy was I wrong. I think our ancestors knew a lot more then we do sometimes about these types of things but we shake it off in these “modern” times as fairy tales.
We had been visiting many of the cabins in which the men lived and died, and taking in all the history. Evening was coming upon us because we had been there all day. I had on a brand new wool navy winter coat and I buttoned it a little tighter because it was getting chilly with evening falling upon us all. We entered this one cabin that was just the basic rustic log cabin and I decided to joke around, laughing and having fun. There were 6 of us in this little cabin and I started to grab my ankle and pretend that I had been wounded in the original “war” at Valley Forge. I was limping around just in fun and pretending when I said out loud “Ouch Ouch I am hurt, it’s my ankle- is there a doctor in the house?” The words were no sooner out of my “big” mouth when all of a sudden I felt a hand on the base of my back and yet no one was behind me I was the only one standing in the back of the cabin all the others were in front of me standing on the sides. This unseen “person” then pushed me with such force that I was lifted a little off my feet and thrown from the back of the cabin right out the door passing all the other people in my group who screamed because they saw me basically being thrown out of this log cabin but couldn’t see the “person” doing it. I landed right outside the cabin in the middle of a big mud puddle with some snow around me in my new winter coat. The group of people came running out still in disbelief with how they saw me thrown from the cabin and making sure I was fine. Now here is the odd part and the sense of humor this “ghost” had. I was in the middle of this mixture of mud and snow and some of the ladies said “Oh no your new coat will be covered in mud.” I stood up to get out of the mud and brush my coat off but when I stood up there was not one speck of dirt, mud, or snow on my coat- completely like new. My family from the ages of 60’s to my children pre-teens couldn’t believe it because I had landed hard on my backside in the middle of this mud puddle. Yet my coat was as good as new and DRY, not wet from the puddle at all. But, remember earlier in the story I had joked about needed a doctor because I pretended to have a bad ankle. When I stood up I now had a painful, sprained ankle to teach me my lesson I guess! The ghost must have been laughing to see me limping away yet was also kind enough to not have ruined my new coat. I then said out loud “I am sorry for my teasing, I meant no harm.” I have learned whether we are here in the flesh or betwixt and between in the spirit realm to respect everyone the living and the dead.
This is a true story as I have stated before and the witnesses still mention it to this day at family gatherings.
Enjoy and don’t poke fun at those of us who have gone to the spirit realm-they just might make the joke on you!

Providence, RI...Haunting on Federal Hill


I attended college in Providence.  I lived in the dorms for the first
two years, and then moved out for my junior year with a bunch of friends
into this big old five bedroom house on "the hill"-Federal Hill to be
exact-an old-style Italian neighborhood.  The first time I walked into
that house, I had the feeling of a presence, of someone watching me.
Before we moved in, we cleaned up a lot, painted and what not.  One
afternoon, I was painting the baseboards in my bedroom, while my friends
painted my walls.  They were across the room, against the outside wall.  I
was near the inside wall, near the hallway.  All of a sudden, I heard a
faint knocking sound coming from the wall, and a garbled voice, and
what I heard was my name.  No one else was in the house but us.  My
friends were talking amongst themselves, so I know it wasn't them, and they
heard nothing either.

My roommate Lindsay moved in before all of us, and swore she saw white
apparations in the bathroom and her bedroom.  She too felt like she was
being watched.  She also said she heard someone calling her name
faintly more than once.

The foyer downstairs was the creepiest, even in broad daylight, it held
an ominous darkness, the wallpaper bearing pictures of old time men and
women, who appeared as though to be looking directly at you.  The weird
thing was, we found a religious statue in the foyer before we moved in,
facing the corner.  We were so freaked out by it, we moved it to the

After we were done painting and we were settled, the occurrences seemed
to dissipate, as though whatever spirits had settled along with us.  I
never felt a malovent presence, but almost like discontentment...if you
can understand that.  I found out later, that my roommate had a friend
come in and do a "cleansing", with mirrors and what not.  And she said
she felt a presence there, of a man named John, and the most activity
was in the foyer!!  I learned all of this after the fact, mind you.
Because we were curious about the foyer, another roommate, Lauren,  and I
decided to measure the house.  The first floor was exactly 60 feet end
to end.  We went down into the basement and measured again, accounting
for the thickness of the wall we could see the diameter of, and lo and
behold, the house was 5 feet shorter!!  Now the intelligent college
students we were, we deduced there must have been something on the other
side of the far wall, which happened to be directly under the foyer!  No
wall would be five feet thick, and why would they start the basement
like that?  The other side appeared to be normal...

As for the basement itself, my two other roommates Jeremy and Sean were
down there one day, when all the lights in the basement went out
simultaneously, while the rest of the house stayed lit.  They quickly ran
upstairs, and the lights promptly turned back on...coincidence?

Now, after we moved out, my friend Jason (who also lived there for a
short time) claims he saw a man in his room several times while he was
half-awake.  I don't know whether to truly believe him or not, but this
is his version.  He usually went to bed late, and left the TV on to fall
asleep to.  He had the largest room, so the light from the TV shrouded
the room in a eerie blue light at times.  One night, he awoke for no
particular reason, only to claim to see a man near his doorway, shrouded
by this eerie blue TV light...his back was turned, he was wearing a
flannel shirt...Jason either said something or the guy just turned around,
and Jason said his face was completely lit by the blue light, and it
was a messed up, scary face, not normal at all...then the guy just kind
of faded away into the blue light near the door.  He said it happened a
couple times in one month, and then never again.  He ended up moving
out, but not because of the ghost encounter.

Jason also said he saw this white haze in my closet before we moved
in...he told me later, after I had already felt something odd about that
very same closet, and always kept the door closed to it while I slept,
and my back always toward the wall, because I felt like I couldn't turn
my back on the closet.


haunted house in strafford Missouri


my story is about a very haunted house so haunted that it led to us moving finally from this home  it starts like this my daughter kept telling me  she saw a woman looking out the up stairs window after school and that she was giving her mean looks and i didnt believe her i thought she was just trying to get out of doing her home work until one day i was lying in bed with my eyes closed i opened my eyes and i screamed there before my eyes there stood a woman in white i saw her hands her neck  she was looking at me i yeller at my husband and she disappeared well a few days later i was cleaning the top of my cabinets when out of the corner of my eye i saw her float over terry and at that time he hollered she droped something on me its freezing cold it was a clear substance  later that day we were watching tv when all of a sudden doors started to slam back and forth over and over again she even lifted a 300 pound cellar door and slamed it back down so hard that it broke of of its hinges this house was on the left side road in side exotic animal paradise you go in side the main  follow the road  around to your left keep going till you come to the  end  there it is  to your right this is a house that has a slave grave yard just out side the back door rocks with xx on them down in the basement there are    slave rings where they  fastend the slaves to to punish them this cellar is the one she broke the door off of  it weighs 300 pounds it took my husband and i both to strugel to get it open this house is very haunted  this place needed to be studed by parapsycologist even thay would be leery to stay for long here something terrible must of taken place  i even to this day cant git it out of my mind

my great uncle's truck


My name is Chase Jones. My great uncle's name was Halley Garret, he was born 75 years before me, on the year of Halley's comet (his first name and my middle name) well, my family (mom, dad, 2 brothers) used to go to aunt grace's and uncle halley's a;; the time, however, in 1993, uncle halley died. some bunch of heart problems and what not. ANYWAy, the truck went to aunt grace, and after she passed in 2001, me and my mom went to mebane to say goobye tro everything, and to got to the funeral, anyway, we wal;ked around tjhe pasturee, the lake, and back to the house, my mopm was 25 yards away from the house, and i was walking into the garage with my hand on the siderail of the bed, when i heard the door to thae house slam. the wood door, not the screen one, after the estate was handled around for a while, the truck was given to me by my parents for my 17th birthday, now, after all that, keep in mind, i am the youngest, so naturally, i was not interested in some old truck (at least while we were visiting them)so i had never driven that truck with either halley or grace, but i HAD ridden on halleys lap on the tractor (dad has an old truck, big woo, a tractor is cool when youre 6)
the first time i drove that truck it felt like i was 6 again, sitting ion his lap, with his hands over mine, just like when we drove the tractor. i have tried to hotrod the old truck, but i have screwed up royally, however, i still have it,. and i am quite proud of it.


my life and ghosts


This is a very personal story and I am aware that the whole point of the website is to tell other people stories, but i wish that at least my personal data remains undisclosed. I didn't include names or places. Ever since I was a little girl i have had feelings that i can see and feel weird things, i have told parts of my story to many different people, but no one has ever believed me and therefore i have never told anyone the whole story. When I was two years old my mother and I had no place to live and were renting a small room that was too far from when my mom worked, one of my mother's friends told her about this old lady that needed someone to take care of her and she would let us live with her for free. The lady in question was a schizophrenic who had lost her mother and father, and shortky after her workplaced had been burned down, she also smoked more than 2 packs of cigarettes and day and her apartment smelled like feces and the walls looked like they were covered in them. She freaked me out. her furniture was old and had a deep smell of something that was being burned alive. The room where she slept was a dark room with a window and inside backyard in the building and a other to another backyard on the inside fo the building. They were both shut and smeely with humidity. The lady would always stay up all night smoking sitting on a rocking chair and it would keep me awake all night with the stench of her cigarettes and the sound of the rocking chair sliding on the floor tiles until my mom stood up and asked her to go to sleep. She died a few years later from her smoking and i inherited her room. My mother and I cleaned the whole house( which she wouldn't allow us to do while she was living) andpainted the house white and fixed and opened windows. Most of her furniture was taken away by the la 's relatives. Her bedroom furniture remained and I inherited it. Shortly after her death I started hearing the rocking chair in the middle of the night and the house started smelling like cigarettes again, even when my mother wouldn't allow anyone to smoke there. I started developing a paranoia and would only be able to sleep with my mother, i told her about the rocking chair sound and she told me it was just me. But invaraibly when i couldn't sleep from the sounds, they stopped as soon as my mom stood in the living room doorway. Many years later i overheard my mom telling a friend that she did hear the sounds but wouldn't tell me because she was afraid i would get even more paranoid. The lady left me a doll behind, an antique doll from the twenties that closed its eyes when it was lying dow. One night its eyes stopped closing and i always had that feeling that it was the old lady staring at me through the plastic pupils. I threw the doll down the balcony and enjoyed my short lived victory over her spirit. I was around three at the time. My grandmother on my moms side lived in another province, she is a high priestess of Santeri (an afrocuban religion that deals with spirits). She is kinda like a medium and can read tarot card sand do a whole lot of witchcrafts and stuff. She told us when she visited us that the ladys spirit didnt mean any wrong, but that we were the only ones that ever treated her right, since her family had abandoned her and that that was the reason why she had stayed to watch over us. My grandma also told me i had the sight. I laughed at this and swore to myself that spirits were not real as my mom had so many times told me. After this, my mother placed a glass of water and a pack of smokes on top of the dresser and put the rocking chair in the balcony where we couldn't hear it. The next year I visited my grandmother in her house and one day she went to do one of her channeling things at on of her clients house. I stayed in her house looking at all of her clay saints her altar and playing with her tarot cards. A man with white clothes came in the door which was opened, i sayed hi to him and he asked if my grandmother was there calling her by her first name which nobody called her by since evn i called her by her nickname. I replied that she wasnt home and offered the gentleman to sit and wait, he asked my for a glass of water and told me that i looked a lot like my greatgrandmother whom i had never met. I went into the kitchen and took a glass of water and when i came back he was gone, i thought this was rude and told my grandmother when she came back. she got very agitated and showed me a picture and asked me if it was the same man. It was a picture of her dad whom i had never met either. I saw the spirit of my greatgrandfather who usually visited my grandmother in her dreams. I ca still remember that today even though i was only 4 years old. The memories i have of spirits are the only ones i remember of my early childhood. After that my grandmother started taking me to her sessions and I would talk to people who no one else could see, and i used to think that everyone was crazy because they couldn't see them, and everyone thought i was crazy because of what i could see. My mother got scared over all of this and changed her religion to christianity, trying to find a "cure" for my problem. My grandmother was the only one that believed in me at the time. I stopped seeing spirits when i was around 6 but I could still feel their presence and hear them. I basically stopped seeing them because I didn't want to, i got scared after i finally realized what death was and that those people that i saw were dead, before i just thought that adults were blind. The old lady kept visiting me and I would talk to her until I moved from the house 2 years ago, she would never reply ofcourse but i could feel her and here her moving in the house, that didn't scare. But around when I was 7 years old i could eel a second presence which to this point i don't know what or who it is. Its dark an doesn't like me. My grandmother can't feel it and I seem to be the only one who can, since other priestesses and priests of my religion visited the house and couldn't feel it. A really old friend of my grandma told me it was my own strong presence that was scaring me. Whatever it is always woke me up at night, and i started sleeping with a light on. I could feel something laying on my bed at night and i wuld wake up but keep my eyes close, afraid that i would see what i didn't want to. While it was laying next to me i would have dreams but i would be conscious at the same time, and in those dreams i couldn't wake up of i would be with my feet and arms bound,and to this day i am terrified of anyone binding or even holding my arms and feet for too long. When I was in grade 9 , the grade nine class went to this 1 month camp in the country side. One of the girls who i didn't know left home the day before we were supposed to, she was picked up in a car. Someone asked why she had left because she was in my dormitory, and without knwoing what i said i replied that the girl's stepmother had died of cancer. Everyone shushed me and i wondered why i said that. Next day when we went back I found out that what i had sayed was true. That was just the begginning of my premonitions. I stopped talking about the weird things that happenned to me after that, I would think that horrible things were about to happen, and they would shortly after adn i started to feel guilty, like i had killed those who died after i thought so. All my premonitions weren't about death, i would have thoughts like i was going to meet someone new and picture them in my head, and it would happen, and i would get this feelings of deja vu, or i would dream of a place and would visit it soon after. I moved to my stepfathers home with my mother when i was fourteen. As soon as i went through the door i could feel a very mischievious but not bad spirit. It followed me wherever I went in the house and would close and open the basements and front ors whenever i went downstairs, it didnt scare me, but i was surprised taht even in another country i still had the same abilities, before i just thought that i lived in a really old neighbourhood full of spirits. So i asked my stepdad if someone had owned the house before, especially and old man, i had the feeling that it was an old man. He sayed yes, and got surprised when i told him about the doors, because that never happened to him before. One day while sitting at the computer chatting at night i saw his reflection on the screen but turned around and couldn't see him. Like i sayed before, im not able to see spirits anymore for whatever reason. My mom got scared when i told her this and asked my stepdad if we could move. My stepfather owned the house next door, so he announced that we could move as soon as the tenants moved out. After they did, a week before we were to move I was feeling really sick and had this really bad feeling around me. My dog felt it too and started yelping for no reason, and i started to cry for no obvious reason too. This was last november. That night i couldnt sleep, at around 12 oclock at night we heard a big noise and the lights went out. We ran outside the house with a flashlight and saw that a car was smashed against the light post in front of the house next door. I grabbed my digital camera which i usually have close by and ran towards the accident. When i got around 10 feet of the accident my heart started racing and i stopped breathing, i dropped to the ground but because it was dark my mom and my stepdad couldnt see me since they were trying to help the girl in the car. I felt as someone had stepped on my neck and was choking me. the energy from the girl was so strong i couldn't get close to her. I knew she was dying then and was trying to hold on to my energy so she wouldn't have to go. I finally was able to stand up and heard my dog barking, i got close to the car but couldnt get closer than 5 feet because it sucked me in. I took some pictures and tried to get my brea back. I went back home and layed in the couch with my dog and some candles while my stepdad and my mom were outside. I thoughed that she would survive because i could feel her energy. the paramedics told us the next day that she died within five minutes of the accident, when i felt i was choking. I guess the energy i felt after was her spirit lingering around. I didnt tell anyone about this since they wouldnt believe me. A week later we moved to the other house which is directly in front of the place where she died. My first night in the new house I was sleeping when around three in the morning i had the feeling that my chest was being pulled up and at the same time that something was pushing my chest down. It was the weirdest thing, because i was semiconscious at the time, then i would force myself to wake up. I made myself think that i was just dreaming, but as soon as i was starting to doze off again i would experience the same thing. After and hour of this ( i looked at my clock) i went to sleep in my parents bed, something i hadnt done since i was three and felt my first spirit. I somehow knew that this was related to the dead girl. It was ok after that. On the new light post that was placed where she crashed her family placed a picture of her and flowers and teddy bears. Every day when i walked by there i could feel her presence and i cried, this continued happening for about a month. I finally bought her some flowers and sat close to where her picture was ( i cant approach her spirit too cloes, it is too strong for me still) and i talked to her, saying that i was sorry about what happened but that i couldnt do anything to change it. I didnt feel her again until april this year when one night while sleeping i got the same feeling again like i couldnt breath and i was semiconscious but couldnt move, i woke up and moved to my parents room, but this time it didnt stop then and i could feel myself dragged out of my body again by my chest and i tried to scream for my mom but i couldnt i was just screaming n my head, i started shaking and my mom started asking me what was wrong, as soon as my mom touched me it stopped. Next day, my stepfathers mother passed away. I went to see her body before it was cremated but i didnt feel her there. At the funeral i felt her and heard her walking around her children hugging them while they cried, at one point she even touched my hair and asked me to take care of my stepdad for her and to put pink roses on her grave later, they are her favorites, then i couldnt feel her any longer. Meanwhile when i returned to my house the spirit of the girl started tormenting me again, I stood across the road and yelled for her to leave me alone and stop blaming her death on me. That night i dreamt that she was talking to me and telling me that i couldve died for her if i wanted, and i got really scared at that point, i started sleeping with my light on again. A week after my stepgrandma's funeral i found my budgie bird dead at the bottom of his cage, and he was only 2 years old and really healthy. I buried him in the backyard and can still hear him singing sometimes. A month ago i bought a ticket to go visit my family back in where i used to live and called my best friend to tell her the good news, we started planning on all the things we were going to do, a week later she had an accident in a train and died from a head injury, she was the only one that died in the train crash, everyone else got only scratches. I cried and screamed at the post where the smiling picture of the girls remain and called the cops so that they wouldnt allow the girls family to keep putting flowers and teddy bears in front of our house. It may sound horrible, but i had the feeling that she was killing everything i love. Last week, my dog was runover coming from the light post when she was crossing the street, she died five minutes after in my arms right in front of of the stupid girls face, and aftyer i buried my dog next to my bird, i when to where the picture was and tried to rip it but my mom prevented m from doing it, i got closer that ever to it, but the choking feeling was too strong anyways for me to have even touched the picture. I told my mother and stepfather about this and they think im just traumatized for all the deaths close to me on the past 2 months, no one believes me and im just desperate for help, i feel her presence all the time now, always strong and always the choking sensation when i walk by like i have to everyday. i believe that she is coming for me next...i was never really scared of spirits except for that time when i felt a dark presence, but this time is worse, i have seen and talked to spirits amny times. why is this one trying to hurt me?? can a spirit or ghost really kill those around you?? or then what is it? am i really crazy, please reply to me because i really need help, i am only sixteen and feel like im insane

Strange Occurences in Apartment


My experience takes place around March of 1994. My ex-wife and I had just started dating a few months before. We had moved in with a friend of hers to help out, as her friend was a single mother. This takes place in the east part of town in Phoenix, Arizona. This was a 2 story townhouse with two bedrooms, and the main bathroom upstairs. With the livingroom, kitchen, and a smaller bathroom downstairs. Well, wierd things started happening almost right away. The faucet in the downstairs bathroom sink would turn on all by itself, and the toilet would also flush on it's own, too. And no one was in there. We all began to think that there was a ghost in the house. One night, my ex-wife, her friend, another friend, and I decided to use a Ouija board to see if there really was a ghost in the house or not. Very stupid! Don't ever do that! They are real, not a toy! You never know what can happen! Anyway, we had all of the lights in the house off. We used a few candles for light. My ex-wife's friend had a little boy, who was upstairs sleeping in his room. I really don't remember what questions we asked the spirit on the Ouija board, but I know we asked it's name. I cannot recall what it's name was, but it was not friendly at all. The more questions we asked, the more angry it got. Eventually, it stopped answering questions altogether. The candles blew out, and there was no air conditioner on, and there was no fans on or windows opened. And no one blew them out. We lit the candles again. We decided to put the Ouija board away, and just forget about the whole incident. Soon after, my ex-wife's friend's room upstairs was always freezing cold. Again, even with no air conditioner on, no fans blowing, and no windows open. For some reason, this was the only cold room in the whole house. I mean it was very cold, like going into a big walk-in freezer. One day, my ex-wife and I were the only ones home. She was in the house somewhere else, but I swore I heard her call me from her friend's upstairs bedroom. So I went upstairs, and when I got to the room, the door slammed shut real hard right in front of my face! I opened it, and looked inside. Nobody was there, and all of the windows were closed. So it was not a gust of air or air pressure or anything like that. But, the room was icy cold. So cold that I could see my breath. My ex-wife came upstairs and into the room, asking me what was going on. She said that she was downstairs in the kitchen. I told her what happened, and she noticed also that the room was very cold. We let it go, and went back downstairs. Things got a lot wierder after that. On one night, my ex-wife and I were downstairs in the livingroom watching TV, and her friend was in the upstairs bathroom giving her son a bath. Out of nowhere there was a loud banging coming from upstairs. My ex-wife and I didn't pay much attention to it, thinking it was her friend's son playing around or whatever. The banging went on a few more times. Eventually, the friend came downstairs and asked us why we were banging on the bathroom door. We told her that we had not even been upstairs at all, but we had also heard the banging and had thought that it was either her or her son. And no one else was in the house, just the four of us. The friend had said that the bathroom door was closed the whole time, and that it was not her or her son banging on the door. Later that night, she was putting her son to bed. His room was across from hers, with the stairs separating the two rooms. She came out of his room with him in her arms, terrified. We asked what was wrong. She said that she had put her son to bed, and was laying down in bed next to him until he fell asleep. She saw a bright blue light flashing and spinning around in the room. This light was not on a wall, it was moving in mid air. There was only one window in the son's room, and it faced the parking lot downstairs. The window was always closed and so were the blinds. She even had a dark blanket over the window to keep out light during the day so her son could take naps. So there was no way that this light came from outside or from a car or anything. The room was pitch black. She said the light even hovered above her for a few seconds, then left. That is when she came downstairs. She got up enough courage to tell her dad what was going on. He was a minister, so he came and blessed the house. He found out that we had used a Ouija board, and he was pretty upset with us over that. But after the blessing, nothing more happened. This is a very true story, and I will never forget my experiences in that house! I have a few more stories that I would like to share, but I will save them for another time. Thank you for letting me tell my story.

possible haunting in Oklahoma


   My name is Jana, and my husband and I have reason to suspect that we have purchased a haunted house.
    Both of us are sensitives in general, and it is my opinion that houses attract people, not the reverse, if you know what I mean. Anyway, we bought our first home last July, a 1918 two story home with a basement. I am going to go to the courthouse to see if I can find any information concerning our home. I will give you a description of what we have encountered.
    We cannot take pictures without orbs appearing in every room.
    We have cold pockets in the house that fluctuate.
    Two days ago I saw a full vapor in the hallway, in the middle of the day. I was the only person in the home and had not been smoking or burning candles. The vapor was large enough that I doubt it would have mattered if I had.
    The sightings and energy seem to be increasing, which troubles me somewhat.
    We hear crashing noises at times, regardless of the time of day or evening, or the relative humidity or other weather conditions. This happens rarely. If a song is played over and over again on a CD player, and then the unit is turned off, the song can be heard in the opposite end of the house, very faintly, but clear enough to determine it is the same tune.
    We hear muffled conversations.
     I was cleaning out the closet under the staircase and immediately got the emotional sense and mental images of a Christmas Party that occurred in the late Forties or Early Fifties. It was not unpleasant. In fact I "caught" the Christmas sprit for a few minutes. In August.
    I am a decorative painter and we have been renovating this home. I know that disturbing a home lends to the possibility of increased haunting activity, but at this time I am not working on any areas.
    I have seen a man in a top hat and spectacles. There is also a woman with long skirts. I also sensed a very old woman last year, as I began the renovation on the house. It was late at night and quiet, yet it was enough to cause me to halt work for the evening and leave the house.
    Late into the evening, at approximately three or four a.m., I was awakened by a very loud knocking on my bedroom door. I was not alone in the house. My stepchildren were soundly sleeping before I went to bed. The knocking was hard enough to rattle the door in its frame. The doors all have a three inch air space and the hall light was on. I could see under the door. Thinking at first it was one of the children, I looked to see if I could see someone standing in front of this air space. There was nobody there. I knew on a visceral level that it was a supernatural occurrence, so I went back to sleep. In the morning I asked the children if they had heard the knocking. They had no idea what I was talking about.
    The strangest occurrence happened when I was alone in the house. My dog and I were jolted from a sound sleep at approximately four a.m. on a Friday night. We could hear someone trying to use a key to get into the house. The person succeeded and we heard him walking (I say him because the tread was heavy and sounded male) up the stairs. The bedroom door was locked. My first thought was that I should have had a gun in the room. The second thought was that I should have had my cell phone. Halfway up the stairs the footsteps were silenced, but I had the feeling that the steps were continuing, we just no longer were able to hear them. A few minutes later I heard a faint knocking on one of the doors down the hallway.
    Atmospheric conditions were at 100% humidity and had been for two days. When my alarm went off at 7:30 a.m. I turned it off but got back into bed until the sky had lightened enough to see outside. I cautiously opened the bedroom door and my little dog and I went to investigate. There was no sign of entry.
    The Sunday paper had a front page story about a man mistakenly going into a house that used to be his home. The man was drunk and was shot halfway up the stairs by the current homeowner. The homeowners' wife called via cell phone to notify the police. The house is situation two blocks from ours.
    There is a powerful sense of energy in the basement. It is very uncomfortable.
    When we moved into the house I kept getting this mental picture of a very large spider. The spider was black and had a soft body that was shaped like an egg standing on its smaller end. The spider had many legs attached and skittered sideways for mobility. This was an extremely disturbing image, and something I have not shared with anyone until now. I used prayer and dismissal techniques to move the image from my head. This phenomenon has gone from being extremely frequent to very rare. This phenomenon was greatly curtailed after "the housekeeper's dream" (see below). I have not asked my husband or stepchildren about this particular event, as it seemed "out there" even for me.
    This home has had several owners. At one time it was the rectory for an Episcopal church, for twenty-five years. I suspect that services of all natures may have been done here, weddings and funerals and counseling of all kinds, although it makes no sense, as the church is less than one block away.
    We live next door to what was a Lutheran church. Now it is a  Baptist Church, and has a handful of members. I wonder if we are getting some kind of overspill of energy emanating from the church next door.
    We have the sense of time stopped in the sunroom. I don't know this for sure, but I suspect that this is where the priest in residence wrote his sermons and counseled parishioners. The era in that room "feels" in tune with the Christmas party I encountered in the coat closet, Forties or early Fifties. I was born in the late Sixties, so I have no personal reference as to the feeling of the Forties and Fifties. I just somehow "know" that this is the time span.
    We have sensed the energy of a little girl sitting on the stairs. The spirit seems to just watch us, and we get the impression that she is staying up past her bedtime, peeking at a party or such. The little girl does have a habit of tripping people as they go up and down the stairs. Our housekeeper informed me that there was a presence on the stairs, and I had not told her anything about our suspicions. She appeared uneasy about the situation. When our dog goes up the stairs, he stops every time at the area in question and pauses before completing the trip upward.
    My housekeeper came to me excitedly the next time she was scheduled to clean. She informed me that she'd had a dream about our home, and told it to me in great detail. This woman is of average intelligence and not very imaginative. Her eager and the intensive descriptive quality of the dream leads me to suspect that she was on the astral planes while sleeping. She said that the dream went like this--she was washing the windows on the upper level, on the front of the house. Suddenly she discovered four  large drawers built into the front of our home. She said that she found wedding clothes in each drawer. From left to right, the clothes became older, more elaborate, and in even better condition. Her excitement grew with each discovery, and she insisted that the fourth set of wedding clothing was the best by far, and she felt certain that these items were in the house, and were worth a lot of money, so much that we would become famous.
    This dream was so clear to her that she made me stand in front of the house while she told it to me. I have found no evidence of the wedding clothing in this home.
    One night I woke myself up fighting off a small curly headed child who was trying to get into bed with me. I was alone in the house. It was pitch black in the room so I didn't see the child. I only felt it. I successfully pushed it away and when I opened my eyes I was left with a sense that I was not in spiritual or physical danger. This scared the shit out of me.
    Due to the positive nature of the housekeeper's dream, I am not so scared that I think that we should leave the house. However, I would like very much for this activity to be verified by a qualified ghost hunting team. I want to know if you can advise me on someone relatively local, as we live in a small town in Oklahoma, and the closest team posted on your site is in Oklahoma City. I've thought of purchasing a compass or a reader you have available, but I feel my conclusions would be biased, so I think an outside party is necessary. I have no problem with the spirit activity remaining as long as it means no harm. I want to be certain that this is the case, and we are not dealing with something malevolent or darker in nature.


The Man in a Trench Coat


This particular event occurred in a small town in Kentucky called Beaver Dam. About five years ago (I was in High School) my friend came to spend the night with me. It was really late and it was right after a strong storm hit. We were setting in my living room having a girly chat. I told my friend (We’ll call her Betsy) that I was going to bed. Betsy told me that she wasn’t tired so she was gonna stay up a little while longer. I was all rested into my bed when Betsy came running in my room and jumped under the covers. She was terrified!!! I asked her what happened and she refused to tell me about it until the next morning. When we got up I asked her what happened last night. She made me promise that I wouldn’t tell my parents. She said she was setting on the couch when she looked into the kitchen and saw a man in a trench coat. She said he looked like he was holding a baby.  She was scared to pieces!!!! The unusual thing about this event was that the previous owners said that they had seen the man in a trench coat also. (I get goose bumps just thinking about this.) About four weeks later my cousin and I were talking and I told her about this. Her eyes became wide and she told me that she had a dream that a man in a trench coat was standing at her front door. She got up to ask her dad who it was and he (a preacher) told her to leave him alone that he was Lucifer. Every time I would vacuum the living room I would see this man out of the corner of my eye. He would stand outside the front door. All of this is true, I PROMISE!!! Can you give me some information or something??? Thank you!!!!

Man in the Yard


When I was younger, about 12, my room was downstairs on the far right corner
of the house. My dad had asked me to get ready for bed. I went to my room
and put my pajamas on and decided to look out the window to see the new snow
fall, (it was Thanksgiving time). As I cupped my hands around my face and
looked out the window, I suddenly saw a face staring right at me. He was a
tall guy with a beard and had on a trench coat. He wore a tall black hat. He
didn't really make any face. He kind of looked sad. I, of course jumped back
from the window and called to my dad to look out. Of course when my dad
came, he was gone. Well, my dad went outside even to see if he could find
footprints in the snow. There were none. It had stopped snowing, so there
should have been some! Then on another occasion, my sister saw the same man.
She was having a sleepover in the loft of our barn and had to go to the
bathroom, as she was climbing down the stairs, she happened to look down and
see him staring up at her, needless to say she waited til morning to go down
the stairs. Also there were other instances where people saw him roaming
around our yard. I never found out why he was there. He never made noise,
but we would see him occasionally.

 Midnight Ghost


this all happened about six years ago after I moved into my new house I don't know if it was dream but i,m pretty sure it wasn't. One night at around 1 or 2 am I got out of bed to get a drink of water. well, when I went into the hallway I noticed something out of the corner of my eye and when I went to look I saw a person mabey. but he appeared to be a dark glowing blue color.but I was standing there watching it for about a minute or so, but when I tried to move closer to it it took a step back and dissapeared in a light blue flash.the next morning I told my mom what happened that night but she didn't really beleive me.that was the only time I saw that ghost.


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