A Knack for Finding Ghosts

By: brandeew@pacbell.net

I have so many "ghosts stories", I seem to have a knack for finding them, or
perhaps they have a knack for finding me.  In any case, the easiest way to
tell my tales is start in the present and work  my way back in time.
I currently live in a Victorian house built in the late 1800's in San
Francisco.  This house has a long and varied history and has been converted
from a single family home, to apartments during WWI and WWII, to a crash pad
in the 60's, to one of the largest drug trafficking houses in the 80's, and
finally to two flats as it is now.
I have known this place was haunted since the day I moved in eight years
ago.  At first, there were only the tell-tale "mysterious" sounds and
footsteps that I have been accustomed to my whole life, regardless of my
A year after moving here, I had a vision - someone was being dragged across
the floor of the kitchen area, leaving a trail of dark liquid in its wake.
The image faded out (for lack of a better description) as soon as I was able
to focus on it.  I was able to make out two forms though, both definitely
I never had a sighting quite as strong as this was, but on a *daily* basis I
catch out of a corner of my eye something (someone?) moving back and forth
down the hallway.  I am very used to it now as it is so commonplace.
My fiancé has never been one to believe in ghosts, and would scoff at my
insistence that our flat is haunted.  Two months ago while eating dinner, he
dropped his fork mid-bite and spun around to look behind him.  I had to prod
to get him to tell me what was wrong, but he finally admitted that he had
seen someone come up behind him in the reflection from the darkened window
he was facing.  All I could do was smile and say "I told you so".
Recently, we had a new flat mate move in.  Within three days of her moving
here, she asked if I knew that the place was haunted.  Our ghosts are not
shy in letting their presence be known.  She now has seen them wandering the
halls and will often hear them walking around as well.
Before I moved into the Victorian, I lived in a flat in the Outer Sunset
district of San Francisco.  I don't know the history of that house, but I
had some interesting experiences there are well.
I was 19 when I moved into this house with my best friend who had moved up
here with me from Los Angeles.  The night we moved in, we heard a strange
sound coming from the bathroom.  It sounded as if someone was scrubbing the
tiles with a brush; a rhythmic *scuff scuff scuffscuff* sound.
We sat on the couch terrified.  This was our first time out of our families
homes and the first though was that it was an intruder.  We looked at each
other, and tried to think of what it could be.  We even went so far as to
think maybe a rat had crawled up the drain pipe into the shower.  We finally
worked up the nerve to venture into the bathroom to have a look, holding
onto each other.  I think we had armed ourselves with a shoe and a broom -
really funny to look back on it now, but it was really scary at the time.
As soon as we flicked the lights on in the bathroom, the sound stopped, and
of course nothing was in there.
That house had a lot of misplaced items, mysteriously opened doors, and
footsteps as well.
I also had the experience of waking up in the middle of the night to find a
dark shrouded figure standing over me.  The first time it happened, I got
the distinct feeling that the presence was male, and was not "good".  He was
simply standing next to my bed looking down at me.
The second time this happened, I awoke gasping for breath.  I felt a great
weight pressing down on my chest and an almost cool, but minty feeling over
my whole body.  This time, the figure was over my body, and I felt as if it
was female.  When I was fully awake, and the presence had gone, all I could
do was cry.  I still don't know why I had that reaction.
The final thing that happened in that house, about a month prior to us
moving out, happened late one night as we were leaving to go to a club.  We
had a third roommate by that time, and my friend and I were down at the car
waiting for her to come out.  We both looked up into our second story living
room window and saw the roommate looking down at us.  Almost simultaneously,
my friend and I yelled up to the roommate to hurry up.  It was then that we
realized that the roommate had already exited the house and was in the
It is occasions such as that one, when you have someone next to you who has
seen and heard the same things that make you realize you aren't crazy, you
don't have an active imagination.  It is confirmation that something other
worldly has just taken place in your presence.
The house I spent the majority of my childhood in (from about six until I
was 16 or 17) belonged to my grandparents prior to my family moving in.  I
have memories of before we moved in of my grandmother using the Ouija board.
She used to write poetry from what the board told her.  I have recently
learned that my younger brother got a hold of that board and had many scary
encounters with it when he was in his early teens.  In fact, he recently
shared with me that he had such negative (of course, I would label it
powerful from what he has said, not negative) experiences, that he and his
friends had a bon fire and threw the board in.
In any case, my memories of what happened in that house are vague.  I do
have a very clear recollection of feeling a presence in the house, going
into my bedroom, and sitting in front of a mirror calling to something.  A
presence manifested itself in the reflection as a blue shining light, and
was gone as soon as it came.
I have memories of not liking the stairway AT ALL.  I would not go up and
down the stairs there without something over my head (a coat, a laundry
basket.. whatever was handy).
Some years ago, my brother and my cousins and I were sitting around after
Thanksgiving Dinner talking about that house.  We had never shared our
experiences about that house and ghosts before.  As it turns out, we all
hated the stairs and had different strategies about how to navigate them
safely.  For instance, my brother would "crawl" up the stairs, kicking his
leg behind him to stop from being followed.  My cousins would only go up the
stairs while holding each others hands.
Although it is his tale to tell, my brother also shared at that discussion
that he and an (adult) uncle of ours had distinctly seen a couple "waltz"
across the living room, and disappear through a wall.  They just looked at
each other and never mentioned it to anyone, until the night of the
It also came out that night that our grandmother (the one with the ouija
board) had visited us (the cousins, my brother and I) in our dreams around
the same time, or at least, as far as we could tell, it was about the same
time as it was recent to that discussion.  We each told the exact same
story.  In the dream, Gramma came and sat on our bed. She was wearing a blue
and green flowered dress.  She told us that she loved us, and was watching
after us, and that she was proud of us.
There are more stories of that house, but they are not my own...
I am moving again next month.  I wonder if I will be able to add to my
collection of tales

Ambassador Hotel L.A. CA.

By: BAYRIDGITE@aol.com

In August of 2002, we where shooting an episode of the "Power Rangers," at night at the Ambassador Hotel.  Trust me when I say, that place is haunted.  While I am not a psychic, that place has an aura that cannot be denied.  During the four nights that we where there I had several minor incidences that seem trivial, however when you put them together they add up to a very strange experience.  The one thing that really freaked me out was a dream I had while dozing off in my van.  I was not quite asleep when I dreamed I was shot just behind my left ear, (R. F. K.  was shot in the right side) I felt the the hair blow away in a circular pattern as the bullet made its impact.  I then felt such a sense of peace, I was afraid that if I didn't wake up instantly I would be gone for good.  I have never had a dream like this before and the details of it defy the imagination.  I would really like to see someone do some kind of seance there.


Banks Middle School --aka Banks High

By: oden_d@bellsouth.net
I was a student at Banks in the early 80's, when it was still a high school. There were more than one strange place in that school. The band room that was  in the section known as "G" at the far end of the school had some strange things to happen.
Music would disappear only to show up in the uniform room. There would be strange noises that would come from the instrument storage room when there would not be anyone in there.
When we would have band practice after school no one would stay in the band room by themselves they would either stay outside with other people or they would wait until there was a bunch of folks going in.
The day that I had my ghostly encounter was the day before homecoming one year. I had to check out to go to the dentist, and I needed to get my flute from the locker in the band room, as I was getting the combination started on the locker there was a strange scratching sound coming from the closet behind me. It did not sound like a rat or a small animal it sounded like someone was scratching on the door with their nails. The hair on my neck started to prickle and then there was a sudden cold that came over me. I  grabbed my flute and slammed the locker door shut, and the scratching stopped. But the cold lingered in the air.(And any one from the south will tell you
that it is still hot here clear on up to December)
A friend of mine was coming in the door just  as I was leaving and she said that I was pale and asked what was the problem and all I could tell her was that she wouldn't
believe me if I told her.
The other place that has some strange vibes to it is the main building where the stage and the dressing rooms are.
My sister is a few years older than me and she was in a play and I had to go and sit through rehearsals as she was my ride home. I would wonder around the back stage
area and into the dressing rooms and where they had old props and costumes stored. The drama teacher Mrs. J  was cool with it, cause she would get me to look for stuff that they could use for the play.
One day I decided to go sit in the balcony and just listen to the rehearsal. From there you could get a real good look into the wings when the curtains were all the way open. There is a hall that runs on the right side of the stage that leads to the dressing room. I saw a girl dressed up in a early 1900's dress. I know that it was not from the
play that my sister was in because they were doing M*A*S*H.
I took off down the stairs to warn who ever it was that they were in the wrong costume, that they were supposed to be in fatigues. I never did find them.
When I asked Mrs. J. about it she didn't know what I was talking about. When I described to her what I saw she just laughed and said that I had seen "the lady".
I never did find out who or why "the lady" was seen at Banks.
There were only a few sightings at Banks of the "lady" while I was there. I moved away in my jr. year and I didn't keep in touch.
I don't know if she is still there or not.


Hospital Ghosts

By: 4676357@earthlink.net

I live in a small town in Florida, I work at a hospital as a nurse there, we have many stories, but the one that seems to stick out in everyone thoughts is about the nurse all in white and dark black hair, we had a patient who bedbound and who could not take care of him self without help, everytime the cna would pass the room the patient was in there would be a pad by the door, the cna would pick it up and not think anything of it and put it in the right place, but about the 3rd ot 4th time the cna asked the patient who has been changing him all night, the patient told her it was the nurse, when the cna asked the nurse the nurse replied that she has not changed the patient she thought that the cna was doing it, the cna then went back into the patients room and asked which nurse was coming in to help him, he said the nurse in all white a dress with the darkest black hair but there was noone in the hospital as a nurse that fit that figure he was talking about ever since that this mystery nurse has helped when needed, we even a nurse in the hallway she a nurse in a white dress with dark hair then dissapeared, thought it was a neat story, i truely believe, hope you enjoyed it


In Fresno Cali and kennett Mo

By: caraann06@yahoo.com

I was at Kearney Park with my boyfriend i kept feeling as if someone was around me or that someone was watching us i told him that i felt that we needed to leave he thought it was nothing but a joke and laughed it off tell i really started to get kinda worried about what was going on.  so we went back to our car and he opened my door let me in the car and walked around to his side by the time he closed my door i saw somneone standing behind him and it scared me he jumped in his side and said " we need to leave i felt someone standing behind me" i told him i saw something standing behind you it looked as if it was a man or something we drove off but as we were driving i felt as if someone was in there my hair was being pulled backand i kept saying it my boyfriend looked and seen that it was being pulled back and it was really starting to hurt  \ but when we got to kearney street it stoped and everything just ended it was like they couldnt leave kearney park
i have had other experiences before i have had them for as long as i can remember. sence i was a very little girl. i can feel them around me and then even sometimes i can see them and its like they are comming to me for some reason.
i have also had an experience in a small town called Kennett in MO at the middle school it was on the 3d floor after school and i seen a boy walking upto the bathroom go in the bathroom but the hole time he kept looking back then about 5 seconds after going inside i heard screaming and yelling i ran into it the bathroom i was up on the floor for about 30 mins before he went in there no one else was inthere when i went in there nothing was there.
One other story was in the same town Kennett i was in my bed room listening to music and writing a letter on my bed, my dog was on the bed with me looking at my dresser i seen two red dots like eyes coming at me my dog jumped up looking right were they are started showing his teeth got on top of me was barking and grawling as they came closer and more and more my dog layed on me i didnt understand what was going on but it was like he was pertecting me from whatever that was soon as they left he jumped off of me started barking at me and i left that room i never again slept in that room.
In that same town at a different house i had seen a women standing over my bed that my cousin sleeping in the same room as me seen that same thing as i was sleeping before.this house someone was killed behind the shed but they said it was suicide but everyone else believes it was murder of a man, no one knows about the women in this house and who she is or anything about her but she is there i also seen a young man walking around my back yard but when i yelled at his he dissappered i went back inside after that.
and also in that same town in a different house a very well known house to be haunted i seen someone standing at my bedroom windown, someone standing infront of the fireplace and seen someone on the out side of my 2 story bed room window hanging from the tree. i found information about that house someone died in the fireplace after being overly drunk and a young man about 17 hung him self from the tree out side my bedroom window i believe that the person i seen standing infront of my window was the boy that i seen later hanging from my tree.

Little Girl's Ghost

By: paredesr@lisd.net

One of our friends grandfather owns some land behind where we live in
Texas, so sometimes when we wanted to get away where we couldn't be
found we would go back there to do whatever we wanted.  After a while,
our friends built a little shed for us to sit at, but one day it
accidently caught on fire so last summer we started walking into a small
wooded area right off the property and found a very old house that
couldn't be seen at all from the road.  So we decided to sort of fix it
up and make it ours.
 Well we didn't know much about the house but we helped them clean it
up. Since we us girls hadn't really seen it we didn't know what to
expect. It was a small house(one bedroom, one bathroom, a closet, and a
kitchen). But we started noticing all the "DO NOT CROSS" tape around the
house in the trees so we asked our friends about it and they really
didn't say much. Well after about a week we sort of had our own little
party there, we were all drinking, but after a while some of us left,
since we just lived a walking distance. Well after most of our friends
left, we were at the houe sort of passing out on the couches. It was me,
my sister, 2 of our friends that were still awake with with us, and 2
that were completey passed out on the couch across from us. We were all
siting on the couch next to the door, blocking the one of the windows, I
was siting right infront of the window.  Well after a while, I heard a
little girl say really, really loud "HELP ME!" I got so scared I jumped
up and asked did anyone else hear that or was that just me. But just
like I thought everyone else heard that. In the beginning we thought it
was one of our friends that had left home and maybe came back without us
noticing, trying to mess around, but once we heard some other noise our
friends went to go look, and no one was there. We all got really scared.
A couple minutes passed by and our friends that had left came back to
take us home so that we didn't have to walk home. But when I asked him
about it he wouldn't admit to it, so I got mad and I screamed at him and
I left. The next day when I told my other friends about it they said it
couldn't have been him just playing around because they were with him
the whole time. Also, when I started to think about it it couldn't have
been him or anyone because the house is surrounded by twigs and leafs we
would have heard walking around the house and we didn't hear anything at
all. The next week, our friends finally told us that once while they
were at the house a couple came and asked if they could burry their
daughter on their property because she had died. That freaked us out
even more. Sometimes they even hear someone walking around the house and
giggling or running around. Other times they hear some one walking
around the outside and then someones bangs on one of the walls very
loudly, but no one has ever stayed pasted the loud bang.

I'm Not Alone Anymore

By: lady_thorn2002@hotmail.com

I have recently began viewing this site and reading the stories that various
people have sent in and I decided that I would like to share my own
experiences as well. The stories I have read have their own titles, so I
assume I must come up with my own as well. I think something along the lines
of “I’m Not Alone Anymore” because I usually felt very lonely in my
childhood, but the spirits that came around made me feel like I wasn't
really alone. I will describe these occurnces to the best of my ability and
in the other that they happened.
When I was no more than 5 years old, my family lived in a small house in an
area that was very secluded and quite a ways out from town. I don’t recall
how far away we were from any civilization, because I was only a child. I
remember my older brother, Keith, looking at the house and saying, “We could
be murdered out here and no one would ever know!” That one thought made me
quite uneasy, though at the time I wasn’t overly sure why. As my family made
their way to the front door, my sister (Jen) and I were having a look around
the outside to decide if the fields would be a worthy play place, and that’s
when we saw a little boy run behind the house. We of course became curious
and decided to have a look because no one lived around for miles and we
wanted to know how a boy could possibly have been there with no one else
around, save for our family. Naturally, we didn’t find him, and turned to
join the others. Everyone was already inside, so Jen and I had to fuss with
the door, because it wouldn’t open. My father heard us trying to get in and
helped us open the door. This house was fairly old, its age I don’t
remember, but it was definitely before the good flooring because right in
front of the door was a good sized bump. The door had to be lifted a little
and pulled over it, but given some time and practice it became a second
nature. Our arrival must have stirred the spirits because things began that
very night. Around midnight (typical things would begin around that time) we
all woke to the sounds of pigs squealing and trotting around in the pen
outside. We didn’t own any pigs and when looking out the window we saw
nothing, however, the sounds continued. This happened every night and would
end with the sound of an axe ending the pigs’ cries, but once again, nothing
could be seen. In the morning, my father asked if any of us had been outside
during the night or early morning. All of us had been too frightened to go
outside, or even to leave our rooms until the sun came up. Apparently (my
father was always the first to wake up) he had found the door wide open, and
had found it that way many mornings afterwards. After living in the house
for about a month, my father and brothers (Keith and Jason) were
investigating a strange chill house that seemed to come from below the
house. After digging up some dirt and exploring the underneath of the porch,
Jason came bolting out saying that he had found some a skeleton that looked
like it belonged to a child. I knew then that it must have been the little
boy. They removed the skeleton, which was a mistake. That night things
became far worse then they had been before. The pigs were now visible,
though the wielder of the axe still could not be seen, the front door had
begun to open and slam shut relentlessly through the night, and the little
boy came to pay my siblings and me a visit. He had a sad face and a
depressing feeling to him, he just sat in the middle of our bedroom floor
(Keith, Jen and Jason all shared a room with me) and he started to cry.
Jason asked if the boy was ok, and he just looked at him, making him cry a
little as well. Jay got up to go over to the boy, but as soon as he was too
close, the boy disappeared, but the sound of his crying remained with us the
rest of the night. My parents didn’t wasn’t to stay in the house (no one was
getting any sleep) so we moved back to the city. After that night, Jason
felt guilty for leaving the boy, so he looked into the history of the house.
The police were very helpful and told him that the house used to be a pig
farm and that no one had lived there since the last family moved out 20
years before. They had been called to do a search, but found nothing. The
family moved out once they believed their son would never come back; they
didn’t know that he did come back, and repeated to do so every night looking
for them. My father hadn’t gotten rid of the bones (not that he hadn’t
tried) but they kept returning, so when we got this information, we still
had the boys’ skeleton. We buried him with his family in a nearby cemetery
the next day and he never visited again.
Another sighting came when I was 8 years old. I went to a camp for about a
week, nothing odd about that except I hated the outdoors and my family made
me go. I was put in one of the younger girls cabins and then my nightmare
began. Everything was fine until my final night at the camp, there was a
storm. It was a very strong storm; wind, rain, thunder and lightning. I love
storms like this and I was really enjoying myself until I felt the odd
sensation of someone watching me. I am sensitive to that feeling, so it
didn’t occur to me that it wasn’t out of the ordinary until I rolled over to
find a mist in the middle of the room. The other girls obviously felt
something odd and began to wake up, the apparition, of course, disappeared.
Once everyone had gone back to sleep (I was the only one who saw it) I felt
the sensation again, only it was on the other side of me, the side that was
against a wall … and a window. I looked out the window to see a girl that
looked no older than I was, but she was no longer watching me, she was
floating away. Ever since my first encounter, I had loved ghosts, and I
wanted to see if I could help (not always a smart thing to do). I followed
the girl down to the docks, but because of the time of night, the tides were
rising, she had led me into the water and she wasn’t letting me leave.
Fortunately, Jason, who was a camp counselor, had seen me go down there and
had rushed over. He usually patrolled by the docks at night to make sure no
kids wandered down there as I had. He told me he often saw the girl, though
no one would believe him. I told him what happened and he only said, “Well I
suppose she must have been staying in that cabin when she was at camp here.”
The next day I was on the boat home, but Jason had to stay at the camp for
the summer. He was fired that year after a boy from his cabin had followed
him out and almost drowned by the docks.
My brother and I seem to be the ones in the family who attract all the
ghosts, but in these next two stories, I deal with it a little more on my
About 3 years ago, my father and were living alone; my parents had a divorce
and my siblings were old enough to move out on their own. In this house we
had a bit of a playful spirit. Two of my best friends came over one night
for a sleep over, and they were dancing. It was just the three of us,
because my father was at work, and I guess the ghost decided he wanted to
dance to because he pulled me up off my bed and started to dance with me. It
wasn’t scary, in fact it was kind of fun, but none of us could see him
(although we could hear a soft male laughter). It was all good fun until we
started to get tired and wanted to go to bed, but he just wanted to keep
dancing. So he became violent and threw the CD player at us. We went to my
godfathers, who lived right next door, and waited for my father to come
home. I told him about it the first chance I got, and because of that “pig
farm incident,” he believed me. The ghost didn’t bother me for a while after
that, but one night he decided to play a joke on my father and me. The
doorbell rang at about 10:30 pm and my father went to go answer it, but of
course no one was there. This continued, even when he waited to open the
door the second the bell rang, he found no one. He decided to do as he had
done on the farm, and ignore it, which wasn’t the smartest thing he has ever
done. The bell ringing became louder and more frequent until we heard the
door fly open, slam against the wall, and we heard a crash downstairs. This
ghost really didn’t appreciate being ignored, so he had gone downstairs and
turned over the coffee table, scared the cats, and torn down the living room
curtains. We moved out of the house soon after.
That was the last house I lived in before this one, and I am now 16. Before
I go into depth with my final story I will tell you a bit about my
Grandmother. She used to always joke that she was a witch, not a Wiccan, but
a Halloween type witch and growing up I had believed her. She told me that
when I was old enough, she would get me a broom and teach me to fly. After
my grandfather died, I spent some nights at her house when my parents were
out (before they divorced) , and I would hear her talking, it seemed, to my
grandfather. I knew he could very well be a spirit keeping her company, but
I didn’t hear him, and I never asked her about it (something I now regret).
At the retirement party at the post office they had for her, they gave her a
broom signed by all of the other workers there because she had always said
she was a witch. When I saw it I asked, “When do I get my broom?” I was old
enough to know she had been joking, but then she looked at me in a serious
way and said, “When you are ready.”
When we moved in to this house, we were glad to find in the first year and a
half we lived here that there was no ghost. We moved in with my grandmother,
who had become ill and flat out refused to go into a retirement home. She
lived in the downstairs apartment. She passed away this last January 21st. I
was at school, in my Career and Personal Planning class. We were watching a
movie and I saw my grandmother in the room and she was waving at me. I
looked around at the other students, but none of them seemed to see her,
when I looked back she was gone. Then the classroom phone rang and I knew
what it was, so I began to pack my things. The teacher hung up the phone and
turned to come towards me, but I was beside her and at the door. She looked
puzzled and asked how I knew I had to leave. She had told us months earlier
of her own ghost experience and I told her what I saw. She understood and
let me leave. I went to the office where my fathers’ girlfriend was waiting
for me, she only looked at me, and she could tell that I knew. The whole way
home I didn’t cry, the reality hadn’t hit me yet. Not until I had got home,
I looked in the house, and it already looked so empty. She was cremated and
her ashes were put in an urn with my grandfather. Things didn’t become too
odd until things started going missing and we kept finding them on her
kitchen counter. My dad moved his bedroom into her old one so I could have a
computer room up here, in his old room. After that little move, he started
to smell cigarette smoke in the early morning. Both my father and I are non
smokers so out noses are sensitive to the smell. We also found old books of
hers open around the house every now and then, she loved to read. When we
started to get rid of her things, my father used that as therapy, we found
in her closet a broom with many signatures on it. I then saw her again, and
she whispered to me, “Take the broom, you are ready, and I can be your
wings.” Now whenever I cry I can feel her watching over me and she has
helped me through a great deal. It really makes me feel better that she is
still at home when I need her.
So those are my stories, I know they went on forever, but they took me a
while to type up and I’m happy with them. I hope if anyone finds my stories
interesting they will contact me and share some experiences, it would be
interesting because I love to hear about it. Until then I will continue
reading the contents of this page.

My Old Home

By: servandob@earthlink.net

 i just moved into a new house and it's great  but i've had my own weird expeirences at the age    of  13. in my old home the rooms would suddenly become very cold and i would always feel as if someone was watching me. i spoke with my mother about it not to long ago and she said that she felt the same way,she told me that when we first moved in (i was about 3 years old) cabneit doors would open and close violently and that when she showered she felt as if someone was also watching her . she told me that once she and  i were watching t.v. when we heard th garage door open we asumed it was my father trying to scare us because he always enters from the front door but when noone came in. my mother went to check it out and found noone. the weird thing is that my father nor my sister would ever witness any anything. one night iawoke because i felt as if someone had poked me really hard in my right hip i asked my parents if they had done it but both said no . that never happened again but i would wake up in the middle of the night to the feeling of someone watching me. i would sometimes find myself at home alone after school ,d my homework then watch t.v. though i've never seen a ghost before i've always felt it with me when i use to live there. one more thing my mother and i always felt safe and never unwanted.

My Own Personal Ghosts

By: rhonda685@shaw.ca

my house is  over  50 years old.the women  who used to live here  husband  died in my  house in my room.alot of werid things have happened but the scairiest  was  one  about    8:30  i was home alone i kept  hearing  strange sounds but  ignored them  finally i went to check  and there was nothing there as i came  back into my room  i    got a strange chill and a  small wooden dall chair the was   sitting  on a shelf   flew at me  a few  min later    cds   flew off my stereo i though it  was a maggnet or something  until it happend    3 more  times and  each happend  when i was at a different spot in the room at about 10:30 i was laying in bed  trying to sleep i  closed my eyes and when i opened them a  skull was starring back at me  it was on  fire and    it apeared to be screaming even though i couldn't hear  it  i   jolted  out of bed and it was gone i never saw it again

Haunted Summer was the Start

By: kminker@msn.com

It started the summer before I started High School.  My parents had bought a new house in Port Saint Lucie and we moved there.  My parents would often work the graveyard shifts of their jobs and I didn't really see them all that often.  I was the only one home with my little brother and sister, and I'd often be up until four or five in the morning, usually watching re-runs or reading a book.
When I first moved into this house I told my dad that it was uncomfortable for me.  He said the only reason was because of the simple fact it was the first actual house that I was ever living in.  Which was true, so, I believed him and just dealt with the uneasiness I felt.  A couple of weeks after living there, I was up one morning and saw something walk behind me from the hallway by my room and into the kitchen.  I thought that I was just losing my mind, I was up late and I was the only one awake, you know, that type of thing.  Well, as time went by I saw it once a month and always around the same time, about two in the morning, and it always did the same thing.
Christmas time came and a friend of mine I'd made at school was staying over.  We were the only ones home and well, we were up watching Disney movies when my friend went pale.  I looked at her, keeping my calm and making sure I didn't get nervous because I'd seen the figure again.  When I asked her what was wrong, she described the figure that I'd been seeing for the last few months exactly, and I just pretended like she was crazy.  She told me she'd seen a man, with a yellow shirt and jeans on, walk right behind me into the kitchen.  These sightings continued for a few years, only they started to change and new things would happen around the house that I thought were related to this figure.  I would be on the phone with a female friend and know that my parents were out doing their karaoke thing and my siblings were in bed, yet, I'd hear two men talking.
It wasn't until three years had past that I told my parents what I had seen and heard.  That's when whatever it was woke up.  Now that my parents knew it was there, it allowed itself to be known.  My mom is one of those people where a tornado could go through the backyard and she'd sleep right through it as long as she's in her bed.  She sat up in the middle of the night, awakened by the sound of what she described as someone dropping coins on her tile floor in her bathroom.  She also one day walked into her bathroom because she had to pee, and she heard her shower door shut.  This door that shut, was tricky, you had to pull with your might and slam it shut to open and close it, so you can imagine.  We only lived in that house until the following summer.  We didn't move because of the entity which we named Bob, but because it was being foreclosed on.  I feel that this house has some kind of curse on it of some sort because that was the second time it was foreclosed on in one decade.  I'm not really sure what it was but something was definitely in that house, it never hurt us, and it never tried to communicate at least not to my knowledge.  I just hope that the new owners have better luck with it than we did.

The House I live in

By: mitchelanette_99@yahoo.com

I have to tell you about the house I used ot live in! I don't know the history of the house at all, all I know is that it was built in the 1980s. It all started when I was around 10 or 11. The first incident I remember was one day when I was looking for my father. I have horrible vision without my glasses first of all, and I thought I saw my dad going down the hallway. I followed him back there only to find that nobody was there. i went back in the living room thinking maybe he passed me in the hallway, and I found him in the backyard asleep in his hammock. The closet in my parent's bedroom is always cold and we're from Texas so it's really strange. If you close it and leave the room it is always open when you come back. I've closed it and pulled on it with all my weight and cannot get it to open without turning the door nob. Their dog will sometimes growl at it and run away with her tail between her legs. My mom one time saw a little girl running around our front dining room. I didn't really believe her at first, until one day I was in their room doing my hair and I looked behing me in the mirror and there was a little girl standing in the corner stairing at me with her hand on the closet door.

The Old Man

By: linzibaby21@yahoo.com

i am recounting a story that my mum has told me because at the time it occured i was too young to remember.
there are many incidents that happened all based around the same house, my mum and dad had been waiting for a house to become available for months as we were living with my nanna at the time and my mum and dad wanted a house of thier own. they were offered a house in south yorkshire and they jumped at the chance to live in their own house, as soon as they went to look at the house thats when strange things started to happen.
they were walking down the path towards their new house when they realised that the bathroom light was on, they thought that this was srange because they had the only set of keys for the house, they soon forgot about it as the went round their new home for the first time planning their new life in their new home, they soon remembered it however when they finally reached the bathroom and the room was in darkness, my dad tried to switch the light on using the switch but it wouldnt work investigating further my dad soon realised that there wasnt even a bulb in the light, they werent going to let this one incident spoil their happiness in their new home though and soon forgot about it, that is until while moving some things into the home the next door neighbour remarked that my mum amd dad should get someone to look at the bathroom light as she had seen it flashing on and off the night before, again my mum amd dad were puzzled because they hadnt had chance to put a bulb in the bathroom yet.
once we were moved in even stranger things started to happen, in my mum and dads room there was an air vent in the wall which they could remove and look down the landng if they heard any strange noises or if they thought that me or my brother had gotten out of bed and were wandering round the landing ( i was only 1yr old at the time and my brother was only 4yr old) one night my dad heard something on the landing and taking out the vent to have a look he saw a figure coming up the stairs he described that the figure was only visible from the legs down they looked like an old mans and were walking straight towards his and my mums bedroom, it scared my dad that much that he was going to jump out of the window with no clothes on!
my mum and dad decided that this wasnt going to chase them out of thier home, soon after this encounter my mum had another one this time with the top half of the old man! my mum and dad were decorating in the front room when she suddenly had the urge to go into the kitchen to get a drink, once in the kitchen she recalls that all the room went dark she could here no noise or anything, then as she turned round she saw the head of an old man, he had a bald head and round glasses on and he smiled at my mum then kissed her on the cheek! then disappeared, all the room came back and she rushed into the living room to where my dad was and told him what had happened he got me and my brother togeteher and they rushed out of the house, finding safety at a neighbours.
recounting the incident to the neighbour they told my mum amd dad that there used to be an old man that lived in our house not long ago and he had died in the back bedroom of a heart attack, his widow had moved out of the house because she was being visited by him too. on the strength of this my mum looked up the woman that had the house previous to us living there and went to see her, the woman showed my mum a photo of her dead husband and my mum confirmed that, that indeed was the old man tha she had seen in the kitchen, the old woman revealed also that my mum looked uncanily like her own daughter and she had a son the same age as my brother so had come to the conclusion that the old man had mistook my mum for his own daughter and that is why he had visited her in the kitchen.
my mum and dad decided that they could no longer live in a house that they had to share with a ghost so decided to move out, but then the 'old man' became aggressive.
while taing down bunkbeds of my brothers, my dad and his brother felt a presence my dad shouted for him to go away when all of a sudden something smacked the window so hard that you could see the pane of glass still shaking minutes after! lets just say that my dad said it was the quickest set of bunk beds he has dissembled in his life!
also they were carrying their double bed down the stairs, once at the bottom they had got too much to carry out the door so they left the headboard at the foot of the stairs only for it to stand up by itself, fly down the passage way and smack on the back door!
my dads friend came to help the moving and he brought hid dog with him, they say that dogs can sense something that we cant and my dad recalls that no way would the dog set foot in the house, it cowered outside the door with its ears back, wimpering.
the whole story was quite popular it was in a tabloid newspaper and they wanted my mum to go on tv and talk about it but she wouldnt as she just wanted to forget about it, this was virtually impossible however as she was bombarded with letters asking her to join supernatural groups an communities, she even had police protection for several months as in one of the letters the group said they would kidknap her if she didnt join voluntarily.
the strange goings on didnt stop there, after being moved out of the house for several weeks my mum and dad went back to collect any post that may have been sent to the address, as they were still shaken they looked through the letterbox into the passageway to see if they could see the post first and the whole passage way was in darkness even though it was in the middle of the day, they then went to lok through the windows where they discovered their post resting in the kitchen window, no one had been in the house since my mum and dad had moved out so how could it have got there? ive seen the articles in the newspapers that my nanna had saved on it, also ive seen the letters that my mum recieved and even though i was too young to remember im in no doubt that it happened.

Unexplained Experience

By: FrankKubiak@outdrs.net

In the fall of 1967 I was a Chief Warrant Bos'n in the United States Coast Guard stationed on board the CGC Citrus, a Buoy Tender based in Kodiak, Alaska, I was subsequently transferred to the CGC Mackinaw based in Cheboygan, Michigan. I drove the ALCAN Highway to my new duty station, Upon arriving I was informed that the Government was to furnish me quarters ashore for my family, but because of some illogical reason the Command had me arriving later than expected, consequently my quarters were not ready for occupancy. The "Landlord" was a very nice person and allowed me to use his furnished summer home on the beach overlooking the Straits of Mackinaw, while he was refurbishing the home I was to reside in. I visited the house and was very disappointed at its rundown condition, he and his wife were working to remodel and clean the place up. It had been vacant for a long period of time and the walls were covered with green mold the floors were rough and worn if soft pine and painted, but I had no choice.
Eventually the place was done and I was to move in, We contacted the moving company and they delivered our furniture which was in storage. The movers set up all our furniture and the day was very tiring and we were happy to get to bed.
Upon arriving at the house I sensed an dreadful feeling, but brushed it off. That evening, my new Lab Puppy that was constantly with me, followed me everywhere and my sons Cat that slept on his bed , they were inseparable. We started up the stairs My son in the lead and his faithful cat "Scupper" directly behind him. When "Scupper arrived at the last step, he hunched up, his tail grew fat he swore, and immediately flew down the stairs refusing to go up. At the time I gave it little thought. When I arrived at the top, My little puppy let out a squeal and went yelping down the stairs, again I paid little attention, I was just too tired to really take note or care.
I can't say when the major occurrence happened. My memory has it some time in November of 1967. The children all went to the local theatre to see a movie, the wife and I were alone and we had just furnished a small odd sized room off the living room and were sitting on the floor thinking how we could furnish it with perhaps a love seat as it was a very small room. I had hung My trophies on the walls and we were just gazing at the walls when a side board in the next room fell over and crashed, the noise was deafening, you could hear crystal breaking, plates running along the floor, it was so very loud and easy to know what had happened by the noises. I thought I was losing my mind, I asked my wife what did you hear, she stated, a side board full of dishes and glasses fell over spilling its contents on the floor. There was one problem, we did not own one, when we managed to get  the courage to get up and look. there was nothing disturbed in the house. The only thing we heard was  the house creaking from the cold winter wind. There was and as far as I know no logical explanation for this.
The next serious incident could have been a nightmare, but it is not what I thought I experienced. I fell asleep on the couch and my wife went up to bed and did not awaken me. All of a sudden I awoke with a horrible looking old hag lying on top of me clawing on my chest and screaming in my face, and suddenly the apparition vanished. I was terrified, I got up walked around the house, I  thought about   just getting the hell out of there. But logic took over, I was in the Military, I could not leave. I could not even tell anyone about if for fear of being labeled insane. Can you imagine if I told My Commanding officer these stories, they would have had me committed. Some time later My sisters visited me and one evening My older sister asked me if some one was ill that night as she heard some one walking in the hall moaning. I did not dare reveal to her the previous experiences we had, but sort of ignored her question. They left and when they did The dreaded feelings I had about house disappeared. The dog and the cat freely ran up the stairs, and we had no further incidents, My brother in Law died of a massive stroke after he arrived home, although I don't think there was any connection to this house. I decided to retire from the Coast Guard shortly after. I also found that the children at school told my children that they were living in a haunted house. I also heard that some time while the house was empty, a young child was found floating in the basement (The basement would flood in the spring from melting snows and heavy rains) He had been raped and murdered. I wanted to confirm the story with local police but never did.
Just recently I met a person from Cheboygan who was a long time resident there and knew all the local gossip and she told me that the house was noted to be haunted. She gave me a phone number of a local historian who could enlighten me, but I lost the number. I would like to find that person and see if I good get some info on the history of that house. I estimate the house was probably built some time in the early1920's.


Personal Experiences with Spirits or Ghosts

By: Aikidoman666@aol.com

I have two first hand experences that I feel are worthy of sharing My name is Daniel Hulley and these are my two best stories even though I have others
First I would like to strart off by saying that I dont always see ghosts but I do feel them, the air around me changes when there is a ghost around I can feel them. Why i can I dont know but it has alway been this way. I do see them occasionaly to. The house I grew up in is in Warwick, Rhode Island they house was built in 1878 and is ripe with spiritactivity. I do not know why they are there just that they are. My parents bought the house before disclosure laws were in effect with real estate so I have no idea what might have happened there once upon a time. There is a hallway in the upstairs of the house that both mine and my brothers rooms are on and in that hall way there walks a Ghost that we have named Emma(it just fits with the feeling we get from her) she used to open our (mine and my bed room doors) and tuck us in at night. We both would feel a weight sitting on the edge of our beds than slowly the sheets would get tighter around us until we were infact tucked in, the doors to our rooms would never stay shut through the night even if we were the only two home. This was not a frightening ghost but a very plesent one, I never got bbad feelings from Emma but she did enjoy mischeif once in a while she like to shake the glasses in the cupboards but if my mother yelled emma cut it out they would stop shaking instantly. That is my first and the nicer of the two experences...
The second  occured two thanksgivings ago. I went out to arizona to visit mygirlfriends family, she was going to school out there and her Grandmother lived there as well. One of the nights I was set to stay with her grandmothers boyfriend at his house. As soon as I walked in I felt a dark angry feeling that permiated the entire house. I knew instantly that somthing bad had happened ther at one time or another. I didnt know what at the time, I could feel a presance in the house, as I walked down the hall to what was to be my room for the night I felt as if I steped on carpet and I looked down and the entire hall way was tiled. as i ran my ahd along the was I felt bumps, but the wall appeared to be flawless. As I stepped into my room I felt the anger and the presance again. I shook it off  completely figureing I was only stay the night no big deal.Well I went to sleep around 1:00 that morning and as I crawled into bed I felt the presance start moving around the room, it felt like i was being stalked by a predator. The feeling was so strong i could track his movements with my eyes, i followed the presance over to the bed that was oppasit mine and watche the matress depress as if some one sat on it buit there was no one there at least not yet. I did not sleep that night, I do not spooke easly cbecasue i have felt and seen ghosts as long as I could remeber but I was scared the feels I was getting were so angry so hateful that it nearly made me physicaly ill. I watched that spot as the hours ticked by finaly at aroun 4:00 in the morning i saw him..just vaguely not enough to describe him just a vague outline but there was no mistaking the large knife in his hands. The morning finally came and he appeared to finally move out of my room. The next morning I asked the owner if somthing odd had happened there. He proceeded to tell me the he got a great price for the house because the previous owner had killed his wife and than killed him self he even showed me a newpaper clipping form years before that proved it had happened. I also later found out that the hallway was carpeted where the women was killed but the carpet was staind with blood that they had to tear it up when he moved in and that the walls were blood stained and that painted over, also I found out that the room i was staying in was the room in which the man killed himself. I know this sounds like a work of fiction but i swear to you that it is one huindred percent true,  so please do not dismiss this as some kids fantasy

One of my More Recent Ghost Experiences

By: Rick.Dearbin@HarmonSolutionsGroup.Com

I’d like to start out by saying that my story can hardly be considered what people now recognize as a “ghost story,” however I still find it amusing to this day.
The house that my now ex-girlfriend and I used to live in was built sometime in the earlier 20th century, so it’s not an exceptionally old house, yet old enough to definitely not be considered new.  It was the typical mid-western house (especially for the time it was built) with two stories and a basement.  By the time we moved into it, the house was a rental property with the upstairs converted to another apartment.  We lived in the first floor so we were the ones that had the access to the basement.  The basement wasn’t finished and, of course, full of dark corners, due to the poor lighting downstairs.  There was an additional room where the coal used to be kept (the house still had the original coal chute that was used when it was first built), but had been converted into two smaller rooms – a small storage area and the other had the large oil tank, which was used to heat our house.  We hardly ever went into either of these rooms, as they just plain gave us the creeps.
Neither she nor I ever really felt comfortable in the basement, though we felt that it was more relative to unresolved childhood fears than there being an actual presence in the basement.  For the most part, nothing ever happened.  There were times when it felt like something was watching you, or at least in the room with you.  Occasionally, the light would turn on in the middle of the night, after both she and I made sure that it was turned off before going to bed…but the activity was mainly confined to that.  (Now that I’m writing this, I remember a time when I was telling people about this at work.  One of them suggested that I leave a tape recorder in the basement and let it record while I was asleep – unfortunately, I was too freaked out by the idea of hearing something that I really didn’t want to hear…so I never did.  Apparently bravery is not one of my stronger points!)  There were also cold spots that moved throughout the room, but considering that this was a basement – there was really no need to try and explain the “phenomenon.”  Eventually, it became a running joke with me, her, and our friends that would come over.  I would “talk to” the ghost, always addressing it as “Ghost,” (I never said I was the most original person with names…besides, I didn’t want to address “it” with the wrong name!).  Of course, I never expected a response of any sort, and except for one specific occasion, I never received any reciprocal communication.
Eventually, my ex-girlfriend and I broke up (hence the “ex”), and my best friend moved in to help share the financial responsibility of paying the rent.  Since he used to come over all the time, he was already used to our “shared resident,” though he never really believed that anybody else was there and that I was just plain stupid for even considering that there might be.  Typical for two bachelors living together, one of the most commonly used and highly coveted items in the house was the remote to the TV.  And naturally, that was the one thing that was consistently getting lost.  There were so many times when the entire living room, the kitchen, and our bedrooms would be tore up while searching for the accursed thing – only to find it afterwards in the most logical of places, to where we could have sworn that we had already checked there.  But we excused this to lack of attention on both of our parts.  Finally, the dreaded day came - we could no longer find the remote to the TV!  NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  We looked for it for several days, but eventually gave up, thinking that somebody took it as a party favor (did I mention that we were only 21 & 22 at the time – people taking stuff from our house wasn’t completely unheard of!).  Jokingly, I said that the ghost took it – since he (eh…what can I say, it felt like a male presence!) was obviously a huge fan of wrestling and Jerry Springer.
A year and a half passes.
My roommate and I (along with my new girlfriend) were packing our stuff up, as we had been evicted so our landlord could give the place to his daughter and her new husband.  Kellie (my g/f at the time, now my wife!) and I had just finished packing up the kitchen – cleaning out every single drawer and cupboard, and had completely cleaned the countertop as well.  Everything was in boxes.  After a long day of this, all of us were hungry and when my roommate popped his head in the kitchen saying that we should head out to eat, we were more than happy to leave for a bit.  As we were walking out of the kitchen door to leave, I turned around – completely on a whim – and yelled, “Okay Ghost, we’re taking off for a bit now ‘cause we’re hungry…and tomorrow we’ll be gone and completely out of your house.  It would be REALLY, REALLY cool of you to finally give us back the remote, since we won’t be back anytime soon to get it, and the other people moving in won’t be able to use it…would you please just let us have it back?”  I turned around and we left after that, the two of them laughing at how stupid I could be at times…granted, I was laughing at myself too.
After our delicious and nutrient-rich meal at the local Chinese Buffet, we returned home, ready to resume the mundane job of packing.  I walked in last, Kellie and Kurt (my roommate) were already heading into the living room, engrossed in their conversation of how to “attack” the rest of the house.  I turned around to set my coat up on the rack, which was to the left of the kitchen door.  “NO WAY!!!!  You guys seriously need to stop f**king with me!  Who did this!?”  As I turned around to hang my coat up, I noticed the long-lost remote to the TV sitting on the counter, right next to the spot where I had asked the ghost to give it back to us.  Kellie and Kurt came in the room and had the same reaction that I had.  They thought it was something that I did, just to mess with them…to which I still vouch for my innocence.
Now, just for the non-believers (because I know that this seems HIGHLY explainable), the door that we had exited from was locked behind us, the front door was locked (which it almost always was), and the neighbor that was living upstairs was not home at that time.  All three of us have gone over ways this could’ve been possible…but so far, we haven’t come up with a truly logical explanation.
Like I said, not a scary story by any means…just one big fan of the WWE who is stuck in the afterlife, probably bored and thought it might be fun to play some pranks.

My Friends Grandmas Ghost

By: alexander.duxfield@ntlworld.com

I live in anorth east town in england. a place called Hartlepool.
I am now 36 and believe to have a rational head on my shoulders. but let me tell you this.
When i was about 12 my best friend paul lived up the street from me and one dinner time we went to his house for some lunch . He went up stairs leaving me in his front room. as i walked into the main room i saw his grandma stoking the fire, she turned round said hello and carried on placing logs on the fire. Nothing scary about that . but after we left the house, i mentioned that i said hi to his grandma and she was making the fire up. He then told me that his grandma had died the night before. I told him that  i had seen her at thefire and he just burst out crying.
That was only 1 of two encounters i had which was strange.

 Just a Couple of little Incidents I've Experienced

By: jenny_bering@hotmail.com

From the time we moved into our 230+ year old farm house i've had a few odd experiences. When I was young I remember seeing what i thought to be "ghosts", hearing things - the typical "haunted house" characteristics you see in movies.  All this time i assumed it was just my imagination so i ignored it.  If i saw something, i'd close my eyes.  If i heard something, i'd plug my ears.  I was too afraid to accept the possibility that maybe something was going on.
Soon after we moved into the house my grandfather passed away after a long battle with cancer.  During his last couple years of life we had moved into the house (which is nextdoor to my grandparent's house) and after school my brother and i would go and spend a few hours with them until my parents came home. During these couple years i developed a very close relationship with my grandpa - when he was really sick we would spend a lot of time laying in his bed watching television together, i would draw pictures for him, etc.  When he died, i had a really hard time dealing with the loss. I would cry every night when i went to bed and would sleep with my parents (or on their floor) almost every night.  After a few months of this my parents started t get a little annoyed (understandably) and started forcing me to sleep in my room.  One night, after a particular rough evening of crying my mother finally came into my room to lay with me until i fell asleep.  After cuddling with me for a while she rolled over so we were laying back to back.  At this time i was still crying and quite upset - i was laying on my right side with my eyes closed and my right arm stretched out across the bed.  All of the sudden i felt someone stroking my hand and then squeezing it reassuringly.  I opened my eyes and no one was there.  I rolled over and looked at my mother, assuming it was her, and she was fast asleep.  I knew my grandfather had been there, and i remember feeling a sense of peace.  I woke my mother up and told her she could go to her bed and from that day on i was able to sleep on my own.
Things stopped for years- then we started to hear random noises, which we figure were attributed to the settling of the house.  One day, when i was about 14, i was feeling sick so i stayed home from school (alone).  I was watching tv in the living room and my dog (a 5 year old golden retriever) was laying in the adjacent room (the kitchen).  All of the sudden the dog, Jack,  jumped up and started barking at the wall.  Now anyone would think that maybe there were mice or something in the walls and the dog was just reacting to the noises, but the walls in the house are only a single layer of brick with a layer of plaster over them.  Also, you have to understand that Jack is quite possibly the most docile dog i've ever seen.  Until that time we had pretty much never seen him bark at anything, and since then the only time he really barks is when he's barking at (what appears to be) just the walls.
For years this continued to happen when i was home alone, and during that time we all just assumed that Jack was crazy or something - that is up until about a year go when I was 'dog-sitting' my cousin's 6 year old black lab, sheba.  I was home alone, sleeping in my bedroom when i was awakened by growling.  I opened my eyes and saw Sheba standing at attention (hair raised) growling at the corner of my bedroom.  I immediately got goosebumps and felt like i couldn't move.  Sheba proceeded to bark and growl for about a minute until i finally got up and ran out of the room.  She followed me, tail between her legs until we got outside, where she proceeded to run around and act like a normal dog.



By: bridalpassions@hotmail.com

my earlier accounts of the house i grew up in are vague. i was told that
when i was a baby at night my mother would wake and see a woman standing
over me while i was asleep. when my moms brother stayed with us at same time
i was a baby he had accounts of her standing over him when he would move she
would dissipate not disappear but dissipate. she slowly faded as if she were
still there but invisible. when i was 3 she said that when she would wake it
would be like a fog lying over my father she would push through it but never
had it went away till she had awakened my father. after a few more times of
this we went without seeing her, never knew what happened just that she was
gone and things were at ease or so we thought. when i had turned 12 my
cousin and i were playing with a Quija board we really didnt know what we
were doing but it was a game to us. i had asked things like is there a
spirit in this house and it had said yes asked where it was said under bed.
we ran out of room as if we were being chased but it was not like that at
all was just fear of unknown i guess. from that time things got worse! house
guest had been bruised from where something had hit her and marks on bottom
of feet where she had said it felt like nails were being driven through her
feet. my older brother and i were sitting in living room and watched her
walk through dining room to the upstairs where my father was. it wasnt till
after my parents divorced that i realized this spirit of woman was attracted
or protecting my father. she would taunt my father in his daily routines one
time he was using restroom he sat coffee cup on sink where it was flat and
had said now dont touch my coffee he turned to use restroom and coffee went
crashing into wall. he knew it was not evil but more like playful. we would
have beds shake and cold air that felt like it passed through our bodies. in
my bedroom at the back of house was a cold spot it could be 100 degrees out
and still felt like freezing winter weather in this one spot of my room. in
the same room we had a stain on wall that wouls not go away no matter how
many coats of paint you would apply. it was seen there and in room below my
bedroom which was kitchen and again in room below that which was cellar. we
went to clerk of courts to find out history of house. we learned mormons
made house into church, through civil war times it was a house for wounded
soldiers then sold to 2 sisters. the 2 sisters had divided house into 2
homes by building walls up to cut home into 2. anna mae dorner lived in one
half and louise dorner in other half (the half we lived in) found out that
the house was sold illegally by anna mae dorner. where the bill of sale was
to have two signatures there were only 1 anna maes and we  cross referenced
to only find that louise dorner never left the house never died never moved
nor married but we did learn anna mae did. come to find out the two were in
love with same guy and we gathered a jealousy thing broke out and one did
the other in because after we learned the info we used her name and we spoke
to her called her out. she was enraged by what we spoke out in the air we
began smelling foul odors and basement was off limits there was a spot down
there that was a foul smell of death and we never smelled it before. as i
think about it i believe her death took place in my bedroom where cold spot
was and i believe the stains on wall are only the trail of her own
bloodshed. and the basement under steps where there was an entry to sub
basement (also a part of underground railroad) we believe this to be where
her body was buried. we put house up for sale and as our days grew shorter
on how much longer we would be there worse it got. voices shadows breathing
on neck all to scary for us kids. dad stayed and moved us out with relative.
my father wont relate anything of his last two nights there but i will say
this i never seen a man so scared. the preacher who was looking to maybe buy
our house came one day and took 2 steps inside our home only to complain he
fellt very sick and had to leave. we never saw him again but he left as if
he felt her presence and that made us then seek other shelter till house
sold. to make a preacher that sick presents evil to me. the house is located
at 346 east king street in chambersburg pennsylvania 17201. my only hopes in
this is after 14 years it still baffles me and i am one who likes to see a
soul trapped released to move on to the final destination. she is still
trapped. i really would love to see this resolved as i know many families
who lived there after have suffered. things like lighthing striking more
then 3 times in same place of house lil boy being called to lunch by grandma
only for her to learn something was pushing him into couch not letting him
up a force so strong as to feel like weights were on his chest. i sincerely
claim this to be all true as well as letting you know the franklin county
courthouse has records to verify these claims as we admitted hauntings to
person selling and one buying. i dont think it is an evil as in a entrance
to hell but it is a domain of a hell someone created for the victim still
roaming the place disturbed by her presence.

My Haunting Experiences

By: sweetness@bubbajunk.com
This really isn't very hardcore or typical ghost lore, and this isn't your every day run of the mill ghost story either. This is just my account of the everyday normal occurences in my own household. I live in Batesburg, South Carolina, pretty much a dot on the map and nothing more. So that being said it should come as no surprise that medical care, police and fire services get here at considerably less than the speed of light.(We'd be lucky for the speed of a Galapagos land tortise). Anyway, my great-grandmother and my grandfather both died in my home, which my grandmother and grandfather built with their own hands, so to speak. After my great-grandmother died (which was in the early 80's) my grandfather would often sit in her antique rocking chair in his room and talk to her. If anyone would come in the room he would get rather upset and tell them to get out. After he would finish he would tell the children that he was done and they could go in if they wished. Often times i have walked in that room and, contrary to what i so often hear, the room would not be colder,but rather warmer. I don't know how to explain that. But that's not the end. After my grandfather passed on, my mother and I moved in with her to take care of the yard work and heavy things. Bless her heart she thinks she can still do things she could do when she was 20 and for the most part does. I would love to say "one night" or "while I was" but I have to say,"On many occasions" I would walk into a room, get the warm sensation, and the weirdest thing, I could actually smell my great-grandmother's perfume. Easily explained, right? Wrong, the perfume that my great-grandmother used is no longer produced. Hasn't been for about 16 years. The last drops of it were used on her body at burial. And to wrap up this uncreepy tale, if you lay in bed at night, you can hear my grandfather walking around the house. The door to his room often opens or shuts on its own, same as the bathroom door. The floors in this house creak pretty awful, and so you can hear when something is moving down the hall way. And sometimes in the middle of the night, when i feel like I'm being watched, if I look up fast enough I can see my bedroom door closing gently. Some people have told me that my imagination is running wild, but I am not the only one who has experienced this. Anyone who has stayed a night in my house will tell you. No, my house isn't haunted, I don't think. I think that my house is watched over.
There is a house in Batesburg-Leesville, SC that is rumored to be extremely haunted. The name of it is Hartley House. I've never been inside and I don't know the whole story behind it only bits and pieces of it but I think someone should check it out to answer all of our questions. Plus I was wondering if anyone's ever heard of it?
Contact me at sweetness@bubbajunk.com

The Tall Black Figure

By: nocturnal_84@hotmail.com

Hello, My name is Hafsteinn  and I just read your incredible
story. Of course as many I do  have my doubt's that this story is true,
untill you spoke of the Tall Black figure. I belive that i saw one at my
friend's house but i'd rather start from the begining.
I am a (wanna Be) writer and a artist, im trying to write a ghost stories
and stuff, i just love stories about ghost's. Why? Becouse i grew up in a
haunted house (still live there) every night when i went to sleep I allways
heard voices and people walking around downstairs, you could belive it's was
really hard to fall asleep. Then one day my mother was standing in the
stairs talking to my father, she was going to walk down the stairs when
suddenly something pushed her down the stairs. The really strange things was
that she felt nothing pushing her... my father saw her suddenly fly from the
spot she was standing on and fall to the ground...
After that, they decidet to call a priest and let him "clean" the house.
But suddenly every thing stopped, nothing happend after that. Like that
"they" or "he/her" heard that they were gonna call a priest and stopped...
Years later i was going to brush my teeth and i was looking at the ground
the whole time i was walking to the bathroom, and as i was walking in i saw
a... well a foot, a foot of a man and i dared not to look up i coulnt i
woulnd look at what or who that was in the bathroom, i keept looking at the
ground and walked out in a hurry i whent into my room where my family was
enjoying the company of my fishes (we had just bought fishes) and i just
stood there and say'd nothing. After a while my father put his glasses on
the tapel (That same night) and then he was going to put them back on when
he noticed that they were gone. Nobody had taken it in the family it just
Months later after my father had bought new glasses. He notices that the his
glasses were back... with alot of dust on them.
Years later i was sleeping at my friends house and i just coulnt sleep i
didnt know why i just was there lying on the floor and staring into the dark
hallway... after i while i looked back at the Hallway and i saw a tall black
figure that walked up to the doorway and looked at me, my only reaction was
to put my pillow over my head, after a while i took my pillow away and saw
him still standing there, this was a strange being it was like his body was
crawling with something, i couln'd see his eyes...
and he walked away into another room,
i builded up a courage to follow him but when i went into the room there
were only my friends parents sleeping, im not sure what that was a evil
spirit or my friends father, but he is not that tall
and he was sleeping all the night. When i read your story i remembered that
creature that i saw when i were young.
But i have a feeling that they are still here, it has been silent for many
years.. but still i hear sounds like papper falling when every window and
door is shut, and objects disapering from places it's wierd..
should i do something or just let them be?
p.s. Im from iceland, you can find so many ghost stories here in iceland,
like when you said that you didnt want to banish them out of your home
insteed letting them stay under the stair case?
it reminds of a story here in iceland when a man was trying to banish all
evil from a cliff, then when he was at the last rock he heard voices talking
to him, and after a while he came back up and his assisant ask'ed him why he
had'nt blessed the places, he awnsered i a cold voice "Somewhere Evil must

The Old Spaghetti Factory in Duarte

By: AJCastillo@fnf.com

Down the street from my home in Duarte, CA is the building which now is a restaurant. The actual building was built in 1909 and for many years it was a school for Monrovia, Arcadia, and Duarte (K-12) then made into district offices and then closed and boarded up for years until 1992 (i was about 9) when it was made into the restaurant. I worked there for five until march of this year that i quit......anyway, the when i first started alot of the emloyees have seen, felt, or experieced hauntings. The stories which are all true range from pots fliying, trashcans sliding across the room, images of kids swinging on the shandeliers, to voices of kids crying or laughing.....ive only had one thing happen to me in the 5 years i was employed there. Two co-workers and myself were in what is now the bar. One of them was standing next to me counting change and dropped a dime (I was sitting). We both bent down to pick up the fallen coin and as both of our hands came within a couple of inches from the coin.......it moved about 2 inches away (granted there are no open windows in the bar, and what gust of air can move a dime on the floor indoors anyway) i freaked and junmped up...he just stood there laughing...as if he didnt want to believe what he just saw....anyway i do believe that building is haunted.....when it was still a school it is said that the principal hung himself in his office (which is a room with a table that seats 8, which is called the principals office), and there was a fire that killed children and teachers. There are also tunnels that begin under the school and go to city hall and to the wash. I have grown up in Duarte my whole life and everything ive typed to my knowledge is true.....i would suggest some ghost hunters or phychics check this place out..I would love to see something on this old building ,   thanks for your time


The Night My Mom Passed Away

By: crazylady@i-is.com

I went to Florida where my mom and dad were living to help take care of her while she was sick and dying of cancer. During the time I was there my youngest child got injured I had to fly home in a mad dash. I had been there for about three weeks and to tell you the truth I could do about anything but I was having trouble coping with the fact of her passing away while I was there. I just could not deal with the cornor comming and them taking her away in a body bag. I returned home from Florida very late on a Friday night or should I say early on a Saturday morning. That night when I went to bed I awoke out of my sound sleep, but yet I wasnt able to move, I was laying on my stomach but both of my legs were straight up in the air. I could not move the rest of my body it was like I was frozen, then I heard my moms voice. She was talking to me, I could see her out of the corner of my eye at the side of the bed holding my legs up by my feet. She said well its about time you heard me, she then dropped my feet and said now that I have your full attention I want to tell you something. I still could not move any part of my body, my husband was laying not more than two inches at my side, I was trying to talk, scream, move or anything to get his attention but froze stiff is what I felt like. As I looked at my mom I seen standing in the shawdow behind her another figure, the figure turned out to be that of my nephew who had died some time ago, at the young age of 12. I think my eyes may have been bulging out of my head but my mom just contiuned to talk to me. She told me that she was fine now, that she loved me and that she knew I was the strong one out of all of us children and that she wanted me to promise her that I would take care of my dad and tell him that I seen her and she told me this. She said there would be some things comming up that my dad would need my help dealing with and she wanted me to promise her I would handle all of this for her. I could talk to her mentally she could hear me and answer me but my mouth and voice was not working it was all in my head. I made all of these promises to her told her I loved her and then poof she was gone and all of a sudden my body was no longer in that frozen state. I woke my husband up and told him all of this, now you have to rememeber I still did not know that my mom had passed away. I got that call in a about another half an hour. After my sister called me in Florida and told me my mom passed away and I asked her when and she told me the time it was not much more than a few minutes after my moms death that she paid that visit to me. Other strange things seemed to follow with that night every now and then too. We have caller ID on our phone and it rang about four or five times my husband answered it got this strange look on his face and said honey I think it is for you, I said who is it as he handed me the phone he just looked at me funny, I said hello into the phone and all there was at the other end was music playing like that of a little music box, it was playing the song "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" the weird thing is before my mom became to sick she hand crocheted me a doll with a music box in it and the music box plays "Let Me Call You Sweetheart", so I guess my husband was right it was for me. We looked at the caller ID which did not register that a call even came through on the phone, we tired the call back feature and other methods and nothing showed up. Every now and then to this day some strange things will happen like that and during this time I know that my mom is with me. I will have to write some of the others in the future for more stories to relate to those of us who believe

Haunting on the Job

By: Komal.Gordhan@nwlh.nhs.uk

My dad works as a builder and repairs houses etc..
When he was doing the tiles for a flat which was 4 stories high and had several flats, he noticed someone's presence for 2 days when he was working. He asked an older person living on the street and found out that there was a graveyard at the bottom of the flats and they were built on top of a graveyard.
He said he kept turning around because he felt cold and that someone was watching him, but did not see anyone.

Presence in a Pub

By: Komal.Gordhan@nwlh.nhs.uk

A lady I work with used to work in the Green man pub on Dagmare Avenue in Wembley.
She said the pub and the area around this is haunted.
On one occasion, she went to visit a friend's house, whose garden overlooks the pub. He was sitting in the garden stroking his cat, which everyone could see and realised that his cat died over 20 years ago.
On one evening, the lady caught the landlord's son talking to himself at the beginning of a corridor. When she asked him whom she was talking to, the boy said he was talking to an armoured soldier that was standing in front of them which she could not see. The boy was 6 years old.
When she was working at the pub many years ago, she had to take a few stock items from the cellar to the pub upstairs and found broken bottles every morning in the cellar. On one occasion as she was about to open the door she felt cold and that someone was behind her, and left the job.
On night she was their with her friends and she left early. Her friends phoned her the next day saying that a hand appeared from behind the pub just before closing time and that a murder took place that night.
The pub is still open until today and I plan to visit it soon.

Saying Goodbye

By: Kleynschoorel@aol.com

My mother is one of 14 children and she grew up in a small town in Tennessee called Wartburg.  My mother's youngest brother died when he was 2 years old. At that time I was not even born yet, but my first cousin Michael was and one day he was standing outside of my Grandma's house he was 5 or 6 and my Grandma decided to take his picture.  When the film was developed standing in front of my cousin  was my mom's baby brother who had died years earlier. He was fully materialized and was transparent as well. He was wearing a blue shirt and a diaper exactly what he was buried in. We had the photo's looked at and the conclusion was that there was no possible explanation for the results of this photo. Strange huh !? I think so too

My Husbands Visit

By: manju.kumar@hqspd.sahara.co.in

My husband was suffereing with severe depression. Treatment was going on, but it was very slow. Gradually it lead him towards the worst. One day, one of our neighbor died from Liver Cerhosis, my husband , who was under depression and medicines, went to see his body, which was lying in his house, and his family menbers were collecting there. That night, I did not know that it was the last night I was spending with my husband. Next morning, he went out as ususal for morning walk, atleast I thought. And tragedy struck me when at about 10 o'clock, I came to know that he had committed suicide by throwing himself under a running train. Anybody can understand my condition, i was broken , shattered and helpless.
My family members started collecting and consoling me. That same night, I felt the smell of smoke and iron rail track , a strange smell of diesel oil and all that comes from rail engine,very clearly, as if my husband is trying to come near me.  I also felt a starnge sensation for 5 days. It was as if, something is trying to enter my body when I was asleep, but I myself could feel  slight tremors, while my own people used to ask me ... 'why are you trembling?' I could feel his presence . On the day of last ceremony, while some 'puja ceremony' was going on, the wall clock that was hung behind me, both the hands of clock stopped for full 7 seconds, the time was 6.35, and my husband had finished his life at 6.35 in the morning. This thing many people had witnessed, and we all belived that my husband was  very much there.
I then went to my sister's place with my two daughters, just to get peace, The same night, I went to bed with my younger daughter, who was 15 years old then. It was 9.30 p.m. I was lying with my eyes closed and drifted into relaxed state. All of a sudden, I felt as if I am taken  to a place , a long verandah where my husband was sitting , wearing dark brown pajama suit(it is still with me) by a table. I was made to sit on a chair across the table. He was very sad and looking very helpless. I started weeping and asked himm' why did you do that, why did you leave me...?' He kept quite. There were many people around him, but I could not see them, I felt their presence only. Suddenly two girls came there and told me that ' today we all have come here to meet our own people, so meet your husband.' I was just shocked and wanted to know  why did he go. Then I asked my husband 'where did you go?' Those girls said'come with us, I will show you where do we live.' And to my surprise, in very very high speed, say within a fraction of a second, I was taken to a new world. It was very serene and divine, The blue sky was so cool and place was very very peaceful. There were many trees, I did not see the trees, but I could make out that green trees and greenery was existing.Cool breeze was blowing. There were lots of people, I could not see any face but I could feel thet many people were there. In total that place was very good and peaceful. I suddenly said,' oh, it is so good over here, do you live here? It is so peaceful'. Then within a fraction of second, we all came back to the place where I was sitting. My husband was also sitting with very sad face. It is to mention that he had not uttered a single word till that time. I was just holding his hands and was crying.Suddenly, He stood up and said in a very very sad voice, ....I had to go... I was with you but my time was over... I had to go.' I also stood up and held his hands in mine and I was just crying and crying and was requesting him to stay back or take me with him. he said' ... leave my hands... I have to go.... leave me.... dont stop me... leave me.... other wise I would have tremendous pain, I cant be here now... leave me...' I was crying bitterly and was holding his hand, suddenly I saw that my husband's face was getting distorted with acute pain and he started writhing. I got so scared, I left his hands and shouted loudly ...'oh.. go... go...' and at that very moment I was awake. I felt as if I had come from somewhere else where I had gone to visit, i was feeling as if now was the timeto sleep. I looked at the clock, it was 3.20a.m. and to my surprise, my daughter who was lying beside me, held me tightly and said,' mummy... papa was here with me... he had come ... he banged the door when he was leaving, did you hear? ' I said. let us sleep I will talk to you in the morning. I slept for 3 hours and when I got up around 6.30, I narrated this to my daughter and other family members. I strongly believe that he had come from the other plane and visisted me. He wanted to tell me that since his time on earth was over he ended his life, he wanted to tell me that it was his natural end. He showed me the place where he had gone to stay.... was it heaven... I dont know. And after that I never even dreamt of him, nor he visited me.

 I'll Bang and Bang til I bring the Church Down

By: David@Lightinguniverse.com

I learned more than twenty-five years ago at a Christian camp near the Pocono Mountains that there is sh.. out there that most of us don't know about. It was my last time going of to summer camp with my two brothers Stephen and Brian. We had just been dropped off by my Mother and I was jumping on the trampoline when I noticed a lot people running towards the admin building. I followed the crowd up the hill to as close as I could get to where all the commotion was. A councilor told us all that we need to go to an area away from the site so we could be out of the way. We got our cabin assignments and were told to go to our cabins. We could see that a ambulance was pulling up to the building and it left quickly. Soon we were all told to meet at the chapel for some unknown reason. On the walk down the hill threw scattered pine trees I saw my two younger brothers. That was a relief because I hadn't seen them since my mom left. Gossip started to travel amongst us kids that someone was hurt real bad. When the different groups met up my brother waved to me that he was alright. He had a very freaked out look on his face that I had never seen before. We made our way inside a very large church for being at a summer camp. There was about 150 of us including a few parents who had not left yet. The camp minister also the camp director stepped up to the microphone and we all went dead silent. "Today tragedy has struck as one of our fellow campers was killed accidentally". I found out after that my brother Brian was in the same room with the little boy who had been playing under the piano when a leg snapped falling and crushing his head. The Minister continued saying we should all pray when suddenly the loudest banging you could imagine was coming from the roof of the church. I mean it sounded like we were ants inside a drum and someone was beating Boom,Booom,Boooom! We all looked up to the very high ceiling in the church expecting the roof to cave in when the minister started shouting " Demon be gone from this house of God" he kept saying that and I knew it was time to jet out the church we got up and started running for the exits. This was really scaring the sh.. out of people. The parents who were still there packed their kids in the cars and bolted down the dirt road. As for me and my two brothers our Mom was already in New Jersey at that point. We stayed the next two weeks at camp with only a fraction of the campers that came. Can someone please tell me what really happened? I know there must be someone out there who also was there that day. Please get back to me. Sorry for the length of story,

1880 Mansion

By: jenndrew@yahoo.com

My mom recently moved into an old mansion built in
1880. The mansion is the second of two mansions built
next to each other by the founders of the small town
she lives in. The houses have a very interesting
history. They, of course, were family homes first.
Then they were turned into an orphanage. My mom's
house is the smaller of the two and was used as an
overflow house when there were too many kids in the
main house. My mom's house was also a bakery and a
funeral home. Most recently, the houses are being run
as a bed and breakfast. That is until my mom bought
one of the houses. The main house is still a B&B
though. I have yet to go into the main house but it
really looks spooky.
Anyhoo, my mom was told that the house is not haunted
but what I've experienced may prove otherwise. Also,
my mom's best friend is "sensitive" and can feel a
presence in the house. There is a room at the top of
the stairs that my stepdad uses as his office that she
is apprehensive of. I just recently had a baby 6 weeks
ago and while I was pregnant I was really
uncomfortable in the house. Everytime I would visit my
stomach would tense up the whole time I was in the
house. I would also get bad headaches. I would feel
fine after I left. Then, one night I stayed over and
at approximately midnight I heard someone walking in
the hallway. It sounded like someone wearing boots was
walking on a hardwood floor. They walked around for
about 5 minutes and stopped. I just thought it was
rude that someone would be so loud when they knew we
were all sleeping. I strugged it off and went back to
sleep. Then, at about 5am I heard it again. I thought
that my mom must have woken up and was walking around.
I still thought that it was rude that she was being so
loud and who wears boots at 5am around the house? It
again went on for about 5 minutes and stopped. About
two hours later my mom walked into my room to wake me
up. (curiously enough we were going to a funeral that
I asked her who had been walking around with boots on
and she looked at my like I was crazy. (She was
wearing slippers) I blew it off and got up to take a
shower. On my way I noticed that the hallway, the
stairs and all the rooms except for my mom/stepdad's
were carpeted. They didn't hear anyone walking and my
son didn't hear anything either. (My mom is a very
light sleeper) I also realized that the room I slept
in was directly across from the room that my mom's
friend was scared of. The walking sounded like it came
from the hallway in front of that room.
Also, the other day I was at my mom's with my newborn.
I laid him on the floor to change his diaper. He kept
staring at the ceiling in the corner and all of a
sudden he smiled and started laughing. Now, this is a
newborn. They don't do that and he hasn't done it
since. Other than in his sleep that was the first time
I had heard him laugh. At least it is hope that the
spirit is friendly.
The other day my mom asked me to housesit for her
while they go out of town. Maybe I will have more

Dog Dream

By: kelso_rulz@hotmail.com

One night, I was about 10 I think, I had a terrible dream. Now I say it was terrible because it just had one of those spooky feelings.
My dream...
It was about 8 at night and me and my sister were walking down the drive to get the mail. Weird, seeing as mail is not delivered at night! Anyway, we were going down our drive, and it was really dark. Our drive is long, so me and sis were holding hands coz it was scary. This beautiful white labrador came up the drive and began sniffing round our feet. I thought "Nice doggy" and bent down to pat it. It leapt up and began to savage me.
Ok guys i know that not a ghost story but the dog attacking me made me wake up. I sat up in bed at thought "Only a dream Kelsey, only a dream." I lay down to get back to sleep when i saw my sister standing right next to me.
"Rachel, what are you doing? Go back to bed!" I said irritably.
She didn't move.
"Rachel!" I said, and pushed her.
My hand went right through her. That freaked me out and i quickly his under my blankets.
Now I've seen the same thing with my parents "standing" at the foot of my bed. I'd kick them, but i wouldnt connect with them. All three are alive and well, and were all sleeping during the times i saw "them".
Since, Ive talked to my Dad about the spirit life, and have come to the conclusion that when a person sleeps, their spirit goes walkabout, and this is what causes some dreams. Of course, some dreams are caused by memories and the such. So i guess what i saw were my parents and sisters spirits. Interesting. I like this story, but it gives me the creeps thinking about it. its a pity i couldnt ask them what they were dreaming those nights, just to see if my theory is correct. Then again, maybe i was just dreaming. It was a while ago, I'll never know!
Thanks for reading



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