Saratoga Battlefields


I live not even a minute from Battlefields, they surround me pretty
much. The woods near the Battlefield, are very haunted as well. The
Whistling Soldier wanders throughout those woods. My father has
encountered him a couple times during deer hunting season. Once he
felt the soldier breathe on his face and another time he thought he
heard his friend right behind him, turned around and no one was to be
found, he is pretty sure it was the Whistling Soldier because he heard
whistling, but nobody was present. My brother and his friend went into
the woods when they were young. They found raw pig heads hanging from
the same tree where my father went to and felt the soldier breathe on
his face. Up the road, where battlefields are located there's a fork/y
in the road. Cops have said that they have seen sightings of soldier
ghosts at night and scenes of the battle going on. When you drive
through the entire battlefield area, there is nothing but fog at night
no matter how the weather is or what time of the year. Only in that
area though. It is awesome I think. I hear booms and bangs at night
outside my window, all the time.

Scary Place


I am so excited to find this site.  I couldn't find anyone who remembers this place and how scary it was.
West Milford, NJ............Clinton Road
This used to be a great party and date road in the 70's.
I heard that a couple ran out of gas on the road at night, not knowing the Clinton Road stories, he left his girlfriend in the locked car while he walked to a gas station.
She fell asleep and woke up hearing a noise on the top of the car:   ding......ding.....ding.....
When she got out of the car her boyfriend had been killed and hung above the car and the noise was his blood dripping.
The legend was that there were yiddies in the woods.  The were half man and half animal.  They hid behind trees and were virtually invisible in the woods.  They waited for you to get out of the car to "get you".
I remember a date taking me there.  We talked about the stories on our way.  When we got on Clinton Road, he parked and went to get out of the car.  I could've sworn that I could here and see movement in the woods.  I screamed until he got back in and made him keep the car moving.
I never made it to the castle, out of fear!!!
Everytime I was on that road (always at night), I never saw another car coming the other way or behind us.

My  Great Grandmothers Ghost and Red Orbs


I have had a couple of ghost expeireinces ok.
At first i was walking to my room.When i heard my mom talking in the other room she said that after my grandmother died and my granddad.Ok they were all at my grandmothers house and  they were inheriting stuff cause they died.When suddenly they heard a big crash in the garage it was a big box of my grandmothers stuff nobody was there and it was stuff they hadn't found it was all really cool stuff cause I didn't really hear that part.
here's my next story this is about my expereance with orbs. i was at my house and i was brushing my teeth when i was done i whent to my room to sleep i opened the door and saw red orbs fling across my room it scared me  i ran down stairs and called my freind up really fast i asked if i could stay at his house for the night he said sure so tghat night i stayed there that was the scariest time in my life

My Experiences


Hi there. My name is yuri and I'm korean.
I like ghost stories so I enjoy this site.
I had two experiences about ghost or something ( I believe it was ghost ).
I'm not good at english but please understand me.
I have been living this house since I was 15. now I'm 21. I don't think my
house is haunted until now.
One day I stayed at home without my family, it was night. I tried to sleep
in my bed. I like sleeping but that night, I couldn't sleep easily. I
didn't know why. anyway, I closed my eyes to sleep. when I was thinking
about something, I heard something " why don't you sleep? " near my ears !
It was woman's voice so I thought my mom called me, but there was just me
alone in my house. I couldn't sleep.
and after that day, two month ago from now, something happened to me again.
It was summer night. my mom and dad was sleeping in their room. I sat down
in sofa and watched TV in living room. suddenly I felt cold ( it was
summer! ) so I back to my room and went to sleep. at midnight, I awoke with
a start, then in my room, I saw somewon's passing by my bed. It was black
thing but seemed like ppl.
I thought that thing tried to go to veranda.
( veranda's door is in my room so if somewon want to go to veranda, must
pass my room )
Then, suddenly, the thing stopped, turned back and came to my bed. then it
said to me " close your eyes and go back to sleep.." It was my mom's voice.
I thought it must be my mom. so I closed my eyes. then the black thing
muttered something to itself near my ears. It was like  magic words or
something like that. I couldn't understand. so, I opened my eyes and said "
mom, what are you doing? what did you say? " then the thing said " close
your eyes and go back to sleep.."
so I did close my eyes. then I heard muttering again. I felt it wasn't my
mom ! why mom was in my room and something to do at midnight !  so, I was
frighted and opened my eyes again, then the thing was disappeared. It was
ghost !!
I don't know what it was...all I remember now is the thing was tried to act
my mom. what was the muttering thing means? I don't know...

Being Lifted around on a Mattress

By:  anonymous

but when i was going threw my divorce   i lived on my own for 12 MTh, and one night the first time i ever bought any one back home  he went. i went bed at 1 o clock and then it started? a small person was lifting the mattress up and i was in the middle of the matters. i pulled the quilt over my face and it went very cold in deed. next morning i went to the bath  room and the mirror came up off the wall and went back when i lookout in it. i went work  so tired to. been up all night, then next night i took the dog bed with me it happened a gain the dog started to snarl in which she never does she is a plosive dog in deed. then the curtains went funny waving and it went the house i lived in was 18 16 i think i no it was 18 something but i will never for get it i put it down to the state of my mind

British Columbia


When I lived in a small house in Surrey, B.C,
There in the upstairs bedroom lived evil spirits which use to come at all times of the day & night, Banging on the walls , slamming doors and turning on hairdryers up in the bedroom. Also this ghost or evil spirit attacked me while I was reading in bed one night. very glad to have moved out of that house. I have since experienced others but never to the extent of that house, that was a very active spirit.

House of Shootfelt street.


I used to live in a house with my mother, and it was very old, made in the early 1900’s, during ww1.It was a two story house, but very small. There was only one bathroom, and that was upstairs. My bedroom was upstairs also. Well, I always hated going upstairs, ever since I lived there. You always felt like you where being watched and always wanted to look behind you. I always kept my door closed when I was sleeping, I had no Idea why, but my instincts told me to. My parents both told me leave your door open one night, so I did. That night, something woke me up. I had no idea what, and it was really, really, cold. I looked at the door, and I saw a shadow there, a shape of a person, tall. I turned around in my bed, paralyzed with fear, and forced myself to go to sleep.  Nothing else happened, except the being watched part. Sometimes my mother would go to the gas station and pick up some things. I hated that, I felt like there was a presence with me. I tried to ignore it by watching T.V, but it was no use. So instead I went outside and played there. Time rolled on, and by the time I was eight, My parents got a divorce. My mom met another man, and we where going to move in with him. And by the way, my mom never felt these “presences” .  My mom was cleaning out the attic, taking out all of the junk. It was always really, really, hot up there. She said it was cold, and felt a very uncomfortable presence.  She said it felt like someone was behind her, and he/she was very mad. She ran out of the house and swore she would never go back in. She left all the stuff in the attic, and never stepped in again. We moved out of the house, and never returned. I believe that those so many years we lived there, the spirits never wanted us to leave, and so they got angry. There are also many other haunted houses on that street.  We sold it to another family, and they will experience the hauntings of the house on Shootfelt Street.


Haunted Places Checked Out

       I am writing to you to tell you about some personal experiences
I had at a few of the sites listed on your website. First one is
Damian's Grave located in Moon Twp. Pa. My boyfriend and I found the
listing for the haunted grave about four months ago, and went to the
site about two weeks ago. Whenever we returned home from visiting the
site, we checked your website, and noticed that the listing for the
haunted grave was gone. We were just curious as to why you took it off
the website? We took pictures of Damian's Grave at night with my
Digital Camera. After view the picture, we saw little floating circles
about the grave or as you would call them "orbs." Next and our most
recent experience is "Beyond the Creek" located in Pitcairn Pa. We
walked back the trail a good mile if not more and did not run into any
type of bridge or drop off point that would indeed be labeled a cliff.
So, we believe that the source of Information on that listing is

Ghost in my House


Hello, my name is Kaila, I am 14 years old and live in New Castle, Pa. My first exprience was when I was about 9 or 10. I lived in a home in New Wilmington Pa, and I loved it very much. After about 2 weeks of living there, a neighbor was mowing her lawn and stopped my mother and I to say "Welcome to the neighbor hood". My mother invited her over for something to eat. I was sitting in the living room when I over heard the neighbor telling my parents a story about the house. Appeantly, a man had built the house for him and his new bride, but a few days after they moved in she disappeared and was never found...I payed no attention. A few months later my room was being painted so I had to sleep on a couch in the basement, which I had no problem. But, as I was sleeping, I saw a black figure standing over me...I couldn't make out a face, I didnt have time...I screamed and the figure vanished, my mother came downstairs, I told her what i had seen...she told me I was full of it and I was just seeing things. A few nights ater I woke up because I had heard somthing. I walked around trying to see where the sound was coming from, it sounded like banging. I walked by a closet, and heard it louder, I opened the doors, but saw nothing, so I closed them...then heard what i beileve was a young womens voice wimpering "help me", fightened, i ran under my covers and tried to ingore it. About a week later, Cable man were there to hook up the tv downstairs. I walked downstairs to get somthing and watched. They had to break through the back of the closet (for some reason) but when they did, instead of brick or somthing, there was another room...but they just left it alone. I begged my mother time and time again to break through the walls of the small room, because I heard bagging. Again, she told me I was crazy and now hearing things. A year later we moved, but time and time again I saw that figure and heard the womens voice. After we moved into a new home, I studied ghosts and sightings, I became obbessed with the paranormal. When I am older, I want to become a P.I. I want to talk with them, figure out how to set them free from where ever they still roam...or if they even want to be set free. Thank you very much for reading my story, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Capital high school


I attended Capital for three years and I can attest to the validity of this
I was in the band my sophomore and freshman years, the practice rooms and
the main class room for the band sits beside the theater.  I often felt I
was being watched while in the practice rooms.  I mainly practiced after
school and not many people remained in the facility.  A friend, who was
involved in the theater/drama classes at capital would often catch a ride
home with me when I finished practice.  He told me several times he thought
he heard me walking across the stage to see if he was ready to go, but it
was never my foot steps he heard. The other section of the school I know is
haunted is the "400 wing" we called it B.F.E. or Egypt because of the long
walk from the courtyard.  I had a computer class there in which I would go
to other rooms to trouble shoot the network (the entire school is networked
with Novell) and many times walking from Egypt  to the various other class
rooms I felt I was being followed.

This was Your House




I Believe



The Pink Lady


I have just gotten back from a trip in Asheville, NC. And, I stayed at the Grove Park Inn. There is a story of a girl that haunts that hotel .... It is said that she haunts the 5th floor of the Main Inn building ...........well i was on the 4th floor and the temperature in our room *my mom and I* never got above 68 degrees..... well me and my mom were talking when all of the sudden the window just flew open by itself and it got deathly cold in there making my hair stand on end.....The lights were flickering on and off .... I just said "The Pink Lady is in here" and my mom just looked at me like I was kinda crazy but I do believe it is haunted.....


Southern Oklahoma Ghost


Ok now I've spent most of my life dealing with supernatural things occuring.
  As far back as I can remember I'd be at one end of the house and my mother
would be at the other and suddenly I'd see something flutter past my door.
I'd think it was just a sheet, so I'd go ask my mom and she would always say
"Jason I didn't wash any sheets today" So I just kinda got used to it.
That was all background information to set the stage for the story.  I'm 22
now and 2 years ago I was laying in my bed asleep.  I woke up at 3:30 I know
what time because when I wake up I always shine my flashlight on the clock
so I know what time it is.  I laid back down and when I did I was facing the
window.  Suddenly a young teenage female figure floated in over my bed, her
feet hanging about 2 feet above my bed.  She was very thin, looked like a
corpse in all actuality.  She had black hair down to the middle of her back,
and was wearing an old, white, tattered nightgown.
She didn't say anything but she did leave me with one impression.  I don't
think I'll go into that, let's just say it wasn't a good impression.



Shortly after my father died, strange buzzing noises were heard on small
electronic devices, on was a walky talky which he liked, and a hand-held
fishing game which he played regualarily.
Also my mother heard footsteps in the kitchen and taps going during the
night, but nobody had gotten up for a drink.
I thought this would have been of an interest to you.

Uncle Jacob


Here is my story. My brother Jacob died in an automobile accident when he was 16 years old. We were extremely close, and I believe he visited me after he died. At the time of his death my brother was living with my parents about 14 miles away from my husband and I. My brother used to spend a lot of time at our house, like I said we were very close. A couple of months after he died was when strange things started to happen. The first occurrence happened one night after I had just put my son to bed. At the time my son was a little over a year old. My husband and I were in the living room talking about my brother, and how we missed him. All of the sudden every electronic toy in my son's playpen, which was in the same room,  started going off at once, and the lights in the living room started flickering. It went on for about 10 seconds and then stopped all at once. The next occurrence happened a few weeks later. Again, my brother was the topic of conversation that night. My husband and I were sitting on the couch in the living room, from there we could see directly down our hallway. As we were talking all of the sudden we heard someone stomping down the hallway towards us. We both looked at each other with huge eyes and then both of us looked down the hall. Nothing was there. After that little things would happen, like objects being moved, or light footsteps, the opening and shutting of doors on their own and the feeling that I was being watched. Then one day I was dressing my son in his room after a bath. He was about 2 years old at the time. My son was 11 months old when my brother died, so of course he would not remember him. I have told my son about my brother though and he can recognize him in a picture. Well, my son's bedroom was at the end of the hall and if you were to stand in the middle of the room you could see directly down the hallway. My son was standing in the middle of the room as I was dressing him. I was sitting on the floor facing my son with my back to the doorway. All of the sudden the hair on the back of my neck stood up and my son was pointing down the hall, shouting "look, Uncle Jacob, Uncle Jacob! Look Mom, he's right there!". I could feel his presence and it scared me. Now you may ask, why be scared of your own brother? I can't explain it. I just picked up my son and left. After that day, nothing out of the ordinary happened. We lived in there for 2 more years and then moved. I can't explain why most of this was centered around the hallway though, maybe someone a little more knowledgeable could explain it to me.


Wolfinger Cemetery


Central Ave.
Toledo, Ohio
Wolfinger Cemetery actually sits in the middle of Secor Park. Once in the park I found the side road that leads to the Cemetery. You are welcomed in by a huge arched rod iron gate. It is a very old Cemetery with Tombstones that date back to the late 1700s. It is a fairly small Cemetery. I was driving through looking for the five graves sites of the Family that had died within weeks of each other. It didn't take long to find them. They are buried along the fence to the far right side of the Cemetery. I got out of the car to read the names on the Tombstones (My wife wouldn't leave the car ). They are the Ford Family. The Fathers name was Wallace and the Mother Elizabeth. The Children's tombstones read Wallace, Eliza & Infant. They all passed away in the late 1800s. I couldn't read the Tombstones because they are weather'd fairly bad but made out the names. I didn't see anything Paranormal but felt an energy of some sort while standing over the graves wondering what the true story of this Family might be. I just had this strange feeling that they knew I was there looking for them. I began to have a stronger feeling that they were waiting for me. I said a short prayer for them and asked if any of them wanted to communicate with me. Well, that's when I really got chills and felt as though Eliza was with me. I tried to communicate with her but didn't seem to get a visible response. After a few moments I went back to the car where my Wife was waiting. She said she didn't like the Cemetery and wouldn't want to be buried there herself. She was ready to leave. While starting the car and we began to drive away, I felt as though Eliza didn't want me to leave. I just felt her strong presence even in the car. Well, that's when she made her presence known. My headlights began to turn on and off by themselves. My wife asked me how in the world was I doing that with the lights? I stopped the car and took my hands off the steering wheel as my wife and I watched in amazement as the headlights and dashlights continued to turn on and off more then a dozen times. I then backed the car up to the Ford Family graves and thanked Eliza for the communication and told her that she couldn't attach herself to me and that she had to stay with her family. I also told her I would be back to visit again. My wife and I then drove out of the Cemetery and drove about a mile down the road when all of a sudden the car began it's light show again. Headlights and Dashlights turning on and off repeatedly. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and we watched again in amazement as the emergency flashers began to blink as well. I told my wife that Eliza must still be with us. My wife then said we had to go back to the Cemetery. Funny coming from the same person that couldn't wait to get out of the Cemetery in the first place. I turned the car around lights going off and on all the way back to the Cemetery. I stopped at the Family graves again and then asked Eliza this time to stay with her Family. By this time the Lights had stopped performing there Paranormal light show. I drove away and back home without another single incident with the headlights. It's been several days now and I haven't had an electrical problem at all with the vehicle what's so ever. Although my wife and I never saw Eliza in a human form, If you stop by her graveside you'll definitely know she's there.
PS My wife isn't used to witnessing this type of Paranormal activity. It made it all the more exciting for me that she witnessed it all first hand. I think we found another believer. Below is an article I found on your web site that got my interest in this story
Wolfinger Cemetery - Toledo, Ohio
Toledo's Wolfinger Cemetery contains graves which date back to the 1800's. Along the wooded edge of the cemetery there are the graves of two parents and their three children, all of whom died withing days of each other. The children have been seen playing around the graves, particularly a girl of about ten or twelve.

Growing Up

By: anonymous

I don't have questions or concerns ... I was just browsing the subject of "ghosts" and stumbled on to your website and it reminded me of some "things" I had encountered growing up.
For years I have felt that my parents home in downstate Michigan was haunted.  No one would believe me when I would tell them the things that happened to me so I quit telling people.  My parents never believed me either until one night they heard something that couldn't be explained.  They were laying in bed when they heard a crash that was extremely loud; Dad said it sounded like a huge dresser had toppled over.  Because he's paranoid about security (and because the alarm was on but was not going off), he got up to investigate.  He searched the entire house including the garage, attic and basement and did not find anything out of place.  Now, I should add that my parents were in their early 70's when this happened and my Dad doesn't make up stories plus they were the only two living in the house.  He finally told me that he more or less believed the things that I had said happened, did indeed happen.
The most frightening thing as when I was about 17 or 18 and was home alone.  I had met my parents on their way out of the house when I came home and knew I was the only one home (I was the last of my parent's children living home at that time).  It was summer and mid-day so the doors and windows were opened, but locked (again, Dad's paranoid about security).  As I stood in the kitchen at the counter separating it from the dining room, I heard footsteps POUNDING up the basement stairs which open into the dining room.  Knowing that I was alone, I waited to see who came up.  When no one did, I got a funny feeling and just stood there.  Seconds later, more POUNDING - DEFINITELY footsteps.  Again, I waited - no one entered the room (you cannot come up the basement stairs without coming directly into the dining room and being seen plus the footsteps sounded like whoever was coming up the stairs came running full force up them ALL THE WAY to the top of the stairs).  I decided to be brave and go see who was on the stairs - plus I just had to know.  I walked over and looked through the open door - footsteps had sounded only seconds before, but there was no one there!  I decided that I would mow the lawn and quickly left the house.  I told my parents about it when they got home, but they didn't believe me.
Another night, I was again alone in the house and standing with my back to dining room slightly bending over the counter reading the newspaper.  Since I was alone and no radios or T.V.'s were on, it was quiet in the house.  Then I heard a slight "swishing" sound.  Not immediately understanding where it was coming from, I looked up and saw my mom's spoon rest gently swaying on the wall.  It continued swaying until I grabbed the phone to call my sister-in-law because I was scared.  As soon as Janet answered, it quit.  I told her what had happened and she laughed.  We spoke for about ten minutes then I hung up.  As soon as I started to read the paper, the spoon rest started swaying again!  I quickly got Janet back on the phone and refused to let her go for 45 minutes until my parents came home.  I told them what had happened and it scared me so much, that that was the last time I was alone in their house - I refuse to go there without someone else being there.  I'm now 43 and I still won't go into the house alone.
Many other things happened to me as I was growing up.  It was nothing for me to put my brush down on my dresser, turn my back, and it would be gone when I turned around (NOT having moved my feet, just turned).  Then the brush would "fall" out of the air and drop onto my dresser.  For a long time this frightened me, but I basically became used to it.  Another time, I remember going to get something from under my bed when marbles came rolling out from under the bed (almost like someone had thrown them).  I KNEW no one was under the bed because I had just lifted the bedspread and looked under and there wasn't anything there (plus everyone was at the dinner table).  Since I was quite young at the time (about six or seven), I ran like a bat out of hell for the dining room.
Just writing about these instances makes me uncomfortable, but I thought I'd share my experiences.  I believe in ghosts and actually had some other experiences away from my parents home, but thankfully, nothing for at least seven years.  I had enough growing up ... I don't want anything else.
Thanks for letting me share this!



I finally decided to write about the experiances that occured or are occuring in my home. I am very intrested in ghost and enjoy reading and learning from the various accounts. I live with my husband and children in a home we rent from a cousin. Ever since we have moved in I felt that the house is full of a warm and loving presence. My daughter who is now 2 years old occupies a room were my aunt used to reside, and often over the baby moniters I hear her talking to someone. My son who is four months, who is now sharing the room, has been heard babbling as if someone or something is playing with him. I recently had him baptised and in one of the pictures where there are no reflections present it appears as if my son is wearing a halo. After carefully reviewing the picture several times it is the only way I could describe it. Now for a little history on the house, my aunt lived there with her parents, her mother passed in 1993, her father died in January 2002, and my aunt passed in December 2002. I have always believed that it is my aunt who cares for my family and home because my entire family became closer to her, especially my mother( they were like best friends). Recently I had a house guest who has that "6th sense" and jokingly I was explaining that I thought my aunt was in the house and she said yes I feel her. After a further discussion she explained she had seen an older women walking through the hall into the bathroom; and that she got the sense that she was there to watch over the house.I guess I should explain that we are not related by blood but we were close friends that grew into family. If it is her in the home I just wanted to say that I am glad she i there and she is always thought of. Thank you for listening.

Upstairs at the School


Everybody had always said that they heard laughs in the upstairs part of the old Thomasville School behind the city hall.So last fall I decided to take a walk and examine the school.I heard something one time, but I just thought that it was the pigeons that fly in and out of the broken windows of the old locked up building.the sound continued for the next few minuets.So I decided to go up the outside fire escape stairs to see if i could see anything.All I could see was a white figure mixed with green through the mildewed glass.So I ran home and I called the police because i thought that some child might have climbed through one of the few broken windows and  be trapped in the locked up building and couldn't get out.When the police got there they cut the locks and searched the school for a person but could not find anybody or anything.Until this day I am still convinced that the upper part of that school is haunted.

The Voices


My grandmothers story  By:Magali Rosas
My grandmother used to live in a little town in Durango,Mexico.My grandfather would always mistreat here. He would leave to work out of town and come back every month.He would waste all thier money and tell he dropped it or he burned it  with  his cigar.
My granma started hearing rocks at her windows and when she would go outside to check who it was no one would be there.After a while the noises got louder and she would hear them call her name.
In the town there was an old house that was told to be haunted.In the house people would say there was a treasure,but when people would try to go in there they would here voices and run out.One day my grandma's father told her the voices asked for her,that the voices siad the treasure was for her.She went to the house and her father told her to go inside.When she got in she got the chills and said every single hair on her body stood up.She heard a voice and she started to pray.The voice told her to laeve her husband and the town. They told her that she would have a better life in that town.They also told her to pray for them.Well she left the town and really did have a better life.
She is now 97 years old and still prays for the voices she heard that helped her.



My boyfriend and I recently are in the process of moving out to his grandfathers farm. In which there are two houses. The house, which we are moving into and than there is the old house. We know that the old house is over one hundred years old. My boyfriend would be the forth generation to live on the farm. But moving on.....
My boyfriend and I have had three encounters. The first encounter took place in summer in the afternoon. I had gone into the old house for the second time to look around. I walked into the kitchen and into the living room. I senced something but I didn't feel it was a bad spirit.  I heard a womans voice " I am here", " I am here". Suddenly, I got this bad feeling. Like a voice inside me was telling me to get out of there. So I, who can only sence them thought it was my boyfriend playing tricks on me. But when I went outside to tell him nice try. But he was no where near that old house, I found him comming out of the other house. I didn't tell him what had happened until the next day.
The second encounter was not more than a week or so after the first. My boyfriend has to go down into the basement of the old house to fiddle with the water pump. It was dark out by the time he went up the ladder. When he came to the house. He told me that he had caught a glimps of an woman in a long black dress from the 1800's or something. He proceddded in telling me that this woman had dark eyes and looked to be very angry at him for being in that house. That gave me the chills to here that.
The third encounter took place just in the middle of August. My boyfriend and one of his friends were in the basement fixing on the pump when they heard footsteps walking around in the old kitchen up above. When they went to haul water from town it was around ten o'clock at night. I was standing outside on our deck and all of a sudden the screan door of the old house started to open and close. The springs on that door are very good and there was no way that door would open by itself. I can hardly open it. There was no wind all of the cats and dog were up by me. But I didn't feel scared, well, maybe a little. When my boyfriend returned I told him about what had happened he said that him and his friend noticed and heard the same thing. We did take some pitchers and are waiting for them to come back. My boyfriend keeps telling me that the spirt is my great-great grandmother. My family has photos from both sides that we can date back to the 1850s. When he saw the pitcher of her he told me it reminded him of the old woman he saw.
I have not been out to that farm for two weeks now and my boyfriend has not senced, seen or has heard her sence I have been away. Maybe she was my great-great grandmother, perhaps a passer by, or the spirt of someone who lived in that house long ago. I have yet to see if see is gone or if she is awaiting my return. If the spirit returns we plan on doing a more indeph study on this matter. We plan to do an update story if any more spirits return. Thanks for listening. If anyone want's to ask questions, please feel free to contact me at the e-mail above.

The Locket

Hi my nam eis elle and i live in england, uk.  First of all i came across your site a few weeks ago and thought i would add something that happened to me.
Well my first ghost i ever saw was when i was 5 years old and i can remember everything that happened.  It was about 8.30 on a saturday night and i was in my room playing with my dolls.  When i heard a voice call my name from the hallway.  I went out to see who it was then i saw a white figure say i want to give this to you.  I didnt feel the need to run away and the presents seemed really nice as soon as it had come it was gone and just vanished before my eyes.
When i went to the spot where it had stood there was a neclace on the floor it was a very preety gold locket that had a picture of a women inside it.  I ran down the stairs into the living room and told mt mum, dad. and two older brothers who were all sat watching t.v.
I told them and they all went silent then my mum started to cry i asked her what was wrong and she told me to keep the locket close to my heart.  Not until i was 10 my mother told me that i never got to meet my grandmother and that the day i was going to see her when i was a few days old, when we got to the hospital the nurses said she had passed away.  My mother was very upset and she told me how my grandmother her name was Grace would have loved to have met me.  Also the neclace she gave me was the one my mum picked out to be buried in.  This story isnt scary but thoughtful. Thanks for reading.

Old Gunn Church


 Old Gunn Church in Georgetown, SC, is also the place
where Alice Flagg's Niece, with her identical name
"Alice Belin Flagg" and her brother,"Albert Flagg(I
think that's his name) are buried. Alice Flagg is the
young lady who lived at the hermitage in Murless Inlet
and has the grave with only her name on it. She is the
one who is said to still haunt the hermitage. My uncle
has wealthy friends who built a new home where the
hermitage once stood. It has been moved and his
friends built a beautiful, huge house with an
elevator. The couple who own the house on the property
were having a party and my uncle and mother were
there. My mom remarked to the little boy that it must
be so fun to have a house with an elevator in it. He
told her he was scared of the elevator because it had
ghosts in it. My mother asked him how a new house
could have a ghost and he told her,"They came up into
it out of the grass." Very eerie. And this came from a
very small child who I am sure knew no history of the
 I use to love to visit Old Gunn Church because I
think it is beautiful. I had always gone in the middle
of the day, but I was riding around witha guy I was
dating and talked him into taking me there. We sat in
the car for a minute because there was just a very
eerie feeling about it at night. Then we heard what
almost sounded like a dig barking, but much more
shrill and high pitched. It made every hair on my body
stand up. This "tough guy" who had been trying so hard
to impress me respectfully asked that we not get out
of the car, which I didn't mind a bit. It was the
freakiest thing I ever heard. We left immediately.


My Family's Haunted house.


I was reading some of the stories on your website, and got chills. I could seriously relate to some of these people and their stories! I thought that I was going crazy at the time. About four years ago, my family and I all lived in the small town of McBain, MI. We had moved into this house in this town called Lucas about 5 minutes from McBain. It was a beautiful house, nice and spacious. I have two younger sisters, and they claimed the two upstairs bedrooms and I ended up with the basement, which was a huge room surrounded in concrete. I loved it. After moving in we all settled into our new rooms, made it our own, and enjoyed school and work etc. Well one night, I came in late and went on down to my room and got in bed. My bed was facing away from the wooden stairs and it was pitch black in there. I had just started to fall asleep, when it sounded like someone was walking down the stairs. I figured it was my sister who would sometimes come and crawl in bed with me, and I asked her if she needed me to turn on the light. When I spoke, that someone went flying up the stairs, LOUDLY! I jumped up fast and turned on the light. Like I said the room was huge, so I started walking around looking to see if my sister was hiding. I then walked upstairs and checked in their bedrooms, to find them sound asleep. I checked in my parents bedroom and saw they were fast asleep snoring and all. Thinking it was an intruder, I went and checked all the doors only to find them locked. Very confused, I went back down to my bed and crawled back in. bout 10 minutes later, the same thing happened. Let me tell you, you have NEVER seen me jump out of bed that fast and run upstairs! I slept on the couch the rest of the week. The next couple of months, everything was back to normal when My grandma ended up moving in with us and into my little sister's room, so she moved down with me. One night there was a really bad thunderstorm and we lost power in the house. Grandma was asleep in her bedroom, so we all just sat in the living room watching the storm and talking. We saw a light coming from the hallway and my sister went to investigate. It was coming from my grandma's room, and she was talking to someone. My dad went in and found her talking to thin air. Her room was the only room not to lose power! On the entire road! She claimed to be talking to God. We didn't think anything of it, and respected it. This happened three more times. Months later, Grandma died, and it all calmed down. Then one night, my best friend and I went out with two of our guys friends and got back late, like 4am.  We crawled into bed and fell asleep. About 20 minutes later, Jess woke up shaking and shrieking. I jumped up and saw it too. In the distance, there was a face. Just a face, glowing. I turned on the light and it disappeared. My little sister was in a deep sleep. We laughed it off thinking it was a reflection of my sisters glow in the dark stars for our own sanity and went back to sleep. Around 9am, Jess and I woke up to find my entire family standing over us. They claimed they were all outside and heard blood curdling screams coming from our basement and two guys yelling. Jess and I were confused and told them that we were asleep the whole time, and that our guy friends didn't even come in the house last night. They thought we were joking and got mad at us for scaring them like that. We shrugged it off, not wanting to admit that we were scared. A couple weeks later, Jess and I worked at a bar and got out around 4am and she decided to crash at y place. We walked by the basement steps and into the kitchen. We saw all the lights on down there, and heard voices, so we assumed that my little sister was down there watching movies like she does every night. We got some food and went into the living room to watch TV, and Jessica tripped over my sisters, who were camping out on the floor with their friends. We went down to the basement to find all the lights off and the TV and radio off also. We went back upstairs and decided to camp out with the little kids also. We swore on our lives we heard men talking!! A few days later, I was asleep with my sister in our room, and I woke up to Brittany screaming standing on the stairs bawling! My mom ran down to comfort her and Brittany was pointing to the back of my side of the basement where all my clothes were hanging and shaking badly. I ran upstairs and we tried to calm Britt down. It took a while. She swore she saw a black being floating over me and my bed. Just hovering. She said that she woke up earlier that morning to see the same thing going into my closet and then floating upward coming towards me. She said she thought she was dreaming and just rolled over and went back to sleep. I got real scared and mom proceeded to tell us that there was no such things as ghosts. I met Jess and my other best friend Adam for coffee and told them. Jess said that animals can sense ghosts and paranormal activity. So we attempted to take my aunt's dog to the basement, only to have him flip out. He was whining and yelping. Adam carried him down there and by the time Adam came back upstairs Boomer was right behind him, Shaking violently. He flew into the back bedroom and stayed there until my Aunt left. We were scared. Badly. My sister and I slept upstairs in the spare bedroom until we moved out a few weeks later. When we moved to NC, my mom admitted to us, that she thought the house was haunted. She told us she didn't want to scare us, but she experienced some weird things also. The TV and lights going on and ff when she was alone in the house. Weird noises, water faucets going on and off by themselves, the heater turning off by itself, and the temperature dropping to almost freezing. That was the first and only time, fingers crossed I had ever experienced anything like that. It was the scariest time also.

My Children's Births


Hello, my name is Elizabeth Nichols I live in Corry PA. I have a two stories I thought I might share with you, though there are many more(some people call me a magnet). These two though have a special meaning to me.
I'll start with a bit of backround information. Eight years ago, my grandfather became uncontrollable with dementia. My mother, my grandmother, my cousin, and I went to see him every day, my cousin and I were his favorites of all the grandchildren. That was our routine every day, wake up, go to school, then come home and go to the Manor to vist my grandpa. We did this for a year until my aunt decided to move to South Dakota. the following year, my cousin became ill with Lukemia. He had a tumor on his spine, right above the tail bone. The day my aunt told us of this, is the day I found out I was pregnate. By this point, my grandfather could only reconize two people, my grandma, and myself. On May, 7th, 1998 I went into labor. My cousin was schedualed for Radiation on the 12th. My labor was long, and complicated, On May 11th, 3:15 am, My fiance' put metalica, the black album in the tape player. he started to rewind it, and then went to put something in a drawer. The tape mysteriosly stoped at the unforgiven and started to play it. I g really cold, and started crying for apparently no reason, I was numbed at this point with an epidural, so it wasn't labor pain. In South Dakota, my cousin Rod, Undergoing Radiation treatment, turned pale white, and his body tempature lowered. this feeling lasted with both of us for at least 5 minnutes. The next day, My daughter was born, My dad came to the hospital and told me than my grandpa died at 3:15 in the morning. when My cousin came for the funeral, he told me about his radiation experience. The whole family belives that he came to say goodbye. One of the most Ironic things is, my cousins cancer went into remition two months later. MY daughter, almost died from stress of long labor. He still watches her. Before he died at the Manor he used to flip through the channels on his tv., and he used to turn the tv on and off randomly, part of his condition. Before he was sick he used to play battleship with us. When my daughter was brought home from the hospital, Cory(her father) saw my granpa standing over her crib, watching her. When she was 2, I went to see if she was taking a nap yet, and she had the battle ship game out. She would move a piece, and the peice on the other board would move. She was only two, and we never taught her how to play. She still to this day, calms down and relaxes to Metalica's the unforgiven. When ever you take a picture of her, even profesional ones, there is a strange "glow" around her. If you turn the tv. off at my Fathers house, it allways turn back on if there has been a "dispute" recently. We know, that he is allways going to be watching her, and making sure she is allways safe.
The second one takes place only a year ago, April, 2003.
My mother fell ill with Ovarian Cancer. She had been strugling with Lukemia in her childhood, and it came back to haunt her again three years ago, only ovarian this time. The day she died was 4-18-2003, my 21st b-day. She was very confused, and didn't reconize anyone in the room with her, but about a hour before she died she looked right at me and said Take Care Of Your children. We thought she ment child, because I only had my daughter at this point. A month later, the day of her memorial service, I had a hunch and took a pregnancy test, it was possative. I was not suposed to be able to have anymore children, or if I did get pregnate, I would miscarry, and I did miscarry 3 times previous to that. My husband and I were in utter shock. The doctor calculated the conception date to the day before my mother died, that day, she was doing well, in fact, she was supposed to go home on the day she died at the hospital. Several times thoughout my pregnancy I almost lost the baby, and it was a mirical that I was able to carry her. Every time I went to the hospital with a complication My husband felt my moms distinct presance with us. My father woke up one night and she was laying in bed beside him, she told him to be happy, and then she left. The day I went into labor(the last time...had several times but labor just "stopped" for no reason) It stopped again. I begged with my mom for this not to be another faulse one, and suddenly labor speeded up and I had my newest(now 7 mo.) daughter an hour later. That night, My husband woke up and saw my mom standing there, she looked at him and told him that she was glad we named her "angel". Angelique Lynn was what my mother was going to name me until my dad changed it. As with my granpa, my mother is watching angel. I had a friend babysit, she tripped over a baby toy and came about two inches from stepping on the baby, she sais she felt as if something shed her in mid air. My mother, when she would get mad had a habit of throwing things, one day, my brother's girlfriend said something of an insulting manor about my mom, and a picture flew off the wall, there were at least 7 wittnesses to this.
These are just two of the Many I have had, but these to hit home hard, I'm irish, We are suposed to have a family Banshee, never seen her, but it seems as if in my family, when a new birth comes, someone dies, with shanie(my oldest) MY grandpa, and Cory's grandma died, with Angel My mother and my husbands grandfather died. This seems to happen with everyone of my generation of the family that has a child, Conincedence? I don't know..nor does anyone else for that matter.
There are also a few other places in this area that are haunted, at least, this town thinks so, and many have had encounters with the unknown. I even have a few pics(we think) of something in Mead could be just the camara was messing up though. and don't forget Bear Lake.
Well, I thought I would just share two stories with you...

Ghost Following Brother


I am convinced that a ghost is following my brother around and I have a few ghost stories that happened to him. They are not real scary but they are true. I know cus i was with him during some of them.
It started when he was about 8. By the way he is 25 now. Anyway, he and a freind were playing around with one of those boards you use to contact spirits. I forgot what they are called and they never work for me, and it started spelling kkk. They asked who it was and it spelled out G-R-N-D  W-I-Z-R-D. They were confused because they didnt know what a Grand Wizard was and it really did leave out the A's. It was probably a few years later he realized it was one of the leaders of the kkk.
Thats about all that happened when he was younger but later when he went to collage he was on the baseball team. During the trips somthing would wake him up really early in the morning by touching him on the back or the head. One of the times in particular it kept touching him throughout the night. He kept checking to see if a roomate was screwing with him but they were fast asleep.
Another time at his house he was sleeping and he woke up because it felt like he had been slapped in the back. He laid there for a minute and somthing slapped him on the back again. Pretty hard too.
The times I was with him was when we were camping. We were staying in a 1 room cabin with a freind. One night i woke up and heard talking. It was my brother and that freind talking to each other. I asked them was going on and my brother said he could here breathing outside the window. I got up and walked to the window by his bed and sure enouph you could breathing like something was right on the other side but there was nothing out there. Then the next night we were at the main lodge playing ping pong. This lodge had thick, heavy, wooden doors that were about 9 feet tall.It was about 1 in the morning so we decided to leave. When we started going to the doors both of them flew open and banged against the side of the lodge like they had beed kicked. There was nothing there and and was perfectly calm outside.

Ghost in Mom's Room


well one night my friend was going to spend the night so we went to her house to get her stuff as we were walking up stairs i looked in her moms room and i saw a ghost i thought i was just seeing things so i dident say anything to her well she saw the same thing to and she thought she was seeing things to so she dident say anything so on our way back down i saw it again and so did she well we still thought i was seeing things so i dident say anything so we got down stairs and she had forgotten something up stiars so we went back up ther and saw it again so filally i said something i was like omega me I just say something that looked like a ghost I saw it so she said so I screamed like heck cusp it started walking her mom was like what the heck is rung we told her and she's like there is no such things as a ghost  we told her what it looked like it was wearing a white dress and holding a candle and was saying help me find my boy over and over so we went to my house  and woke up the next mooring  and we to take her stuff back we say it again I didn't scream that time I just looked at it and it started walking toward us say help me find my boy pleas pleas so I went over to it and said (GO AWAY!!!) so all of a sudden it just was gone and ever since I said that we have never saw it again so tips up ever see a ghost just yell go away!!!

A Ghostly Warning?

By: A Ghostly Warning?

My family and I are now convinced that we were being warned that a tragedy was about to strike our family.  In the course of 2001 we were ‘contacted’ on a fairly regular basis by some ghostly beings.
The first contact – I woke up to see a shadow moving from our open plan lounge down into the passage area by the bedrooms.  The curtains were closed, all the lights were off.  There was no way that there was enough light in the house or even outside the house. We lived on a nature reserve, and at night the outside it pitch dark.
The second contact – Late one night I was to collect my children from a party in town, we live about 30kms outside of town.  When as I stepped off the patio onto the driveway, I felt a definite presence to one side of me.  I got such a fright I ran back into the house and made my husband walk to the car with me.
The third contact – Again late one night fetching the children from another party, I got to an intersection, when out of the corner of my eye I could see somebody reach for the door – as if to open it.  We have a rather high incidence of hi-jacking so I just drove forward a few meters, looked in my review mirror, but the intersection was empty, it is well lit and I swear there was no one there.
The fourth contact – I was sitting reading my book outside one beautiful winter morning, when I heard singing, but not a band or music on a radio, just what sounded like some local woman singing.  Please note that the nearest house from us was over a kilometer away.  And when I got up to find out where it was coming from the voices stopped.  I then carried on reading my book and after a while became conscious that the singing was back. This happened approximately 4 times before it faded completely.
The fifth contact – Late one night – fetching the children from a party, I was driving along the driveway when I looked into my rearview mirror and I saw a definite silhouette of someone sitting in the middle of the back seat blocking my view.  I spun around to see who was there.  There was nobody there!
The last contact – my husband woke me up one morning to tell me he had a visitor during the course of the night.  A lady in a long red dress was standing by his bed, and when he went to wake me up so that I could see her, she disappeared.  I subsequently felt someone sitting at the bottom of the bed, but when I looked there is no one there.
My son died on the 21st of September 2001, we have had no contact since then, nothing strange has happened.  Our lives while shattered have not been visited by other beings.  I have come to realize that maybe these sightings were meant to be taken as a warning, most of the “sightings” manifested themselves on the way to pick him up from a party late at night.  My son was killed late at night whilst at a party.

"Paranormal Experience?"


            I am a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania, born in
August 1966. My father, Donald Haskins, made a living
by painting houses. While on his way home from work,
in July 1968, he was killed in a horrible truck accident.
Almost three years later my oldest brother Larry came
home late, about 10P.M. Not expecting anything out
of the ordinary he went up the stairs to his room.
There he found a most unexpected surprise. My father
appeared, to my brother's astonishment. He asked my
brother about how the family was doing. After the
initial shock wore off, momentarily, my brother managed
to tell my father that we were all well. As quickly as he
appeared, my father disappeared. The next morning,
Larry told my mother. She told him that he was imagining
     A few months after my father's death, February 1968,
the Johnsons moved into the house behind the one we
my family was renting. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson and their
daughter Marie became our family friends.
      In June 1974 my family moved to another town, some
26 miles up the road. In August 1974, Marie and her husband Wayne, they married in May 1972, moved into
the house we had been renting.
     In April 1975 Marie was ironing clothes in her kitchen.
Suddenly, Wayne came charging downstairs, telling
Marie that he had seen a glowing man in their bedroom.
She went upstairs to see what was going on, she thought
that maybe Wayne was drunk or something. In her own
words, she said she saw "a strange glow coming from the
bedroom." Then she saw "an older looking man in painter
overalls with his hat cocked sideways on his head." Marie
had never met my father, but my mother had told her
family that he had been a painter. She figured it must be
him, so she told him where we had moved. Before she could
say another word he was gone.
     In June 1975 Marie and Wayne came to visit my family.
Eventually. she talked about it with my mother. What
caught my mother's attention was the way he wore his hat.
     I never met my father and I have no personal memories
of him. I never saw my father's ghost either. It could
simply be a great story to tell the kids.

My Stories from a Few Years


Experience 1
I was 14 years old and I had just experienced my first death of a loved one, little did I know it would be my first encounter with a ghost.  My mother came to me and told me that her best friend and my godmother had committed suicide after battling with schizophrenia for many years. On Mother’s Day 1993 I laid in my bed crying, the door to my room was closed and the light from the television in the next room flickered through the small opening under the door.  I sat up wiping the tears from my eyes to see the door to the bedroom no longer there, and my beloved friend staring back at me.  She floated a few inches above the ground and her beautiful red hair danced around her head from a breeze that surrounded her. I sat there stunned and amazed as she looked upon me with love in her eyes. With one look I understood that she was happier, and that she needed to escape from an uncontrollable and painful life.  I kept this experience to myself for many years, believing that my heart was giving my mind comfort.  When I was 20 years old I returned home from Basic Training, and decided to tell my mother about the incident.  After I told her, she looked at me with amazement.  She asked me what she was wearing, and I told her I remember a long ruffled cream colored dress, and then a smile came over her face. She said that she visited her too that night and she thought that it was her heart playing tricks on her too, but now knew that it was real.  My dear friend has yet to visit me again in body but I know that she is with me, because I can feel her presence all around me.
Experience 2
I was stationed on an Air Force base in Altus Oklahoma for many years and I had occupied a dorm room on base for over 2 years.  It was a small dorm room and I shared a bathroom with another girl.  I decided that I no longer wanted to live on base so I rented an apartment off base, but soon that became too expensive and moved back into my room.  During the six months I was gone something must have happened because I did not return to the same room that I left.  The signs started out real small. The first sign of something out of the ordinary came the first day I moved back in. I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor and I had placed the remote to the television right beside the mattress, I started to drift off and went to grab the remote to turn off the TV and it was clear across the room.  The presence of something supernatural grew with each day that passed.  My stereo would turn all the way up, the VCR would start fast-forwarding or rewinding a movie that we were watching. I would tell my friends of the small ghostly signs that I was experiencing and every time someone didn’t believe me right then and there something would happen.  One night my best friend came to visit me, while we were talking she screamed then ran right outside the door. She said that she saw a thick white light swish into my bathroom, and then the next night as another friend and I were leaving he said that when he shut the door he saw a thick white light swish into the room from the outside.  We started calling the ghost Bob whenever he would visit us, and we all just got a good laugh out of it, but soon it became to hard to handle. Bob, became violent.  One time he knocked all of my picture frames off of my window sill, he dropped a phone that was bolted onto the wall on to a friends head and at night he would slam my wall locker doors open and shut.  I started to sleep in another friends room because it was causing me to lose sleep.  One day we were hanging out and there were people sitting on my bed and all of a sudden the edge of the mattress lifted up like someone just came up and kicked the bed.  I had asked around to see if there were any out of the ordinary incidents that had occurred on the base but there was nothing.  After months and months of harassment my visitor left as quickly as he came.  To this day I don’t know what caused him to come spend sometime with me, but I do know that he made a believer out of a lot of people.

Don't mess with Bell


Some time ago I was on a cross country trip with my friends Brian and Josh. We were traveling to New Jersey from Oklahoma. The closer we got to our destination, the more ghost stories and spooky happenings we heard about. Most of them were from slightly balding, midddle-aged men with no teeth and overalls. About twenty miles into tennessee, Brian became extremely excited about a ghost story about "The Bell Witch". I had heard a few things about this story, but really never paid attention to it. We got to this town called Clarksville and stopped for gas. Just to see if there was anything to this story, I asked the clerk at the counter if he had heard of The Bell Witch. He quickly perked up, and launched into a story about his encounter with her. A customer behind me tried to outdue the clerk with his terrifying adventure into the ghostly beyond. They told me that if I was interested in seeing the cave where she still "lives", I could go visit it. They gave me directions and I raced back to the my friends. We jumped into the car and we made our way to Adams, Tennessee. We reached the former farm and took a tour of the re-creation of the Bell's cabin and then they took we went to the cave. All three of us became interested in this story. We decided to get a hotel and come back after the cave is closed to get a closer look around...BAD IDEA!! We collected our flashlights and headed back around 1 a.m. found a back road and decided to walk the rest of the way. We found the cave entrance but this area is not easiest place to get in. So the trip wasn't an entire loss we walked around the grounds to see what we could find. After about thirty minutes of endless searching we made our way to the top of a hill and sat down to take a rest. I guess Josh was fustrated at the failure of our trip so he said so very bad curses about The Bell Witch. He wanted to go back to the cave to get a rock to remember our experience. We snuck down to the front of the cave and grabbed rocks and headed back. When we got back to the car we stuck the rocks in a sock and piled into the car. I tried to start the car and nothing happened. There was no reason for us to have car trouble. The car we were driving in was only a few month old and had a full tank of gas. I popped the hood an got out to see what the trouble was and was eventually joined by the other two. As we stood over the engine guessing what the trouble could be. From behind us came a horrid laughter that was accompanied by gust of wind. Josh was knocked to the ground and the car started up with no one inside. Brian and I rushed to Josh's aid. We helped him to his feet and he kept holding the side of his face. He removed his hand to reveal a handprint across his face. We raced to the car and reached the hotel room without saying a single word to one another. In the morning, Josh had fully recovered and we found that our sock full of rocks had gone missing.



My name is Alexa and I have a stiry to tell. It has happened many times now, and I believe that my house may be haunted. The first time, I was sleeping in my mothers room on a oull out bed, and I started to hear something that sounded like someone knocking on the door. I got fraeked out, because the next thing that happened was footsteps walking across the hall floor. So I just sqwenched my eyes together and went to sleep. And that has been going on for about a year now, but thats not as freaky as the next thing. One night, I had just woken up from a scary dream that ended with a murder opening my door, the next thing that happened was my door, that I had made sure I closed before getting into bed, starting to open up by itself. So, by instint, I ran as fat as my legs could take me to my mom's room. We had one of those "spirit" people come in to check out the hiuse and he said that he did find some stuff "floating" around. He even tried to take any evil spirits out of us! But then again, those guys will always say that they found something. And I have the feeling, that those little hauntings, are just the begining.


The Janitor of Bell Gardens

i read the story of the janitor that committed suicide in Suva  intermediate in bell gardens and how he haunt's the school, i live 2 blocks from that school and i never saw nothing but like a week ago me and my friends were passing by the school in my friends car and we started searching for the ghost we didn't see nothing, not until when my friend started to pull away from the school that we saw a man standing next to a hall. The man was around normal height and he was holding something I looked like a shovel I'm not sure but he was there but we didn't see his face, when we went around again and he was gone, true story.

Large Eyes


When I was a small child we lived in an older home. My bedroom was very
small and on the second floor, one window, two doors. One to the attic
the other to the hall. One evening I was sleeping in my bed and I had
woken up and was trying to get back to sleep. I turned onto my stomach
and closed my eyes. A few minutes later all the blankets on me flew onto
the floor at the foot of my bed really fast. I was petrified. I layed
there scared to move. Finally I turned over and saw to large yellow eyes
in a dark corner. I sat up on my bed and looked at them. They were as
close to me as two feet. They were also the same height as me sitting on
my bed (about 3 feet). Very large eyes with black slits going down the
middle. I was very scared though I began to talk to it. I don't know
what I said or how long I talked to it. Suddenly I got really terrified
and yelled for my mom to come in. I never took my eyes off of them for
fear it would get me. My dad opened my bedroom door and the eyes quickly
went underneath my bureau. I told him what had happened and he said I
must have had a nightmare. This happened over 30 years ago. It was not a
nightmare. I have had many other experiences in my life to know there
certainly are strange things in this world but I have yet to have one so


Hauntings Revised


My studies of my ancestors, Nick McGrath and Milwaukee Harbormaster Martin
Dooley (aka, Doorley), reveal terrible hauntings from Milwaukee's past, where the
schooner 'Augusta of Oswego' rammed and sank the USM Lady Elgin with many
members of Milwaukee's militia companies on board.....the Union Guards, the
Light Guards, the Green Yagers, the Black Yagers, Milwaukee City Band, etc,
on Sept 8, 1860. Within a month, the Guard's warehouse was burned down, and
according to the Milwaukee Sentinel of September 4, 1892, per the Lady Elgin
Survivor's Society, which formed to recreate records lost in the Great Third Ward
Fire of 1892, "one man, named Nick McGrath, who lived on Erie Street, in the Third
Ward, floated into the mouth of the Milwaukee River, a month after (the shipwreck),
and went ashore on his own place (Dooley Martin, Dousman & Company,
Forwarding and Commision Agents, South Pier, Foot of Erie Street)."
Talk about ghosts!
At the time the militia companies were being recruited for Democrat Senator
Stephen Douglas's Federal 'manifest destiny' policies of stopping secession
in the vast Western Utah territory, secession in the Southern States, and
plans to annex Canada, Cuba, and Northern Mexico. Douglas was the de facto
President of the Territories of the USA, during the administration of Democrat
President James Buchanan. Republican pacifist lawyer Abraham Lincoln defeated
Douglas in the 1860 Presidential election, but rapidly formed a Union party
with Douglas to join the 'manifest destiny' movement to crush Southern rebellion,
right after Lincoln became President of the USA, at the direction of John Henry
Jordan's popular Republican cartoon tabloid 'The Rail Splitter'.


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