I am Watching You

By: mummiehead@yahoo.com

My story started when I was around 7 or 8 years old. One night, while sharing my room with my 2 sisters I awoke up abruptly! Now I have always been a HEAVY sleeper, in fact, my mom would always tell me that it was like I would die when I fell asleep because no one could wake me up without some effort. Anyway, this night I woke up startled. I looked around my room with my eyes half open, pretending to still be sleeping. I didnt see anything so I fell asleep. A while later, I woke up again, but this time I was so startled that I even sat up in my bed! My heart was pounding as I looked around the room.  I looked toward my closet first because I always thought some monsters were going to come out and scare me, but I didnt see anything. A little relieved I decided it was my imagination and started laying down to fall back asleep. Now, my room had a big sliding window that spanned the length of the room, but the curtain wasnt long enough for it so there was a space of about 2 inches that wasnt covered by the curtain. My bed was next to that section of the window. As I start to lay down (I was facing towards the window) I noticed a man looking at me from outside of my window, through the 2 inch space of missing curtain!!!!  The scariest part is that this man was right underneath a light but all I could see was a black shadow and the white of his eyes! He had a "Dick Tracy" hat and everything else besides his eyes were a black shadow. My heart started pounding SO hard that I felt the "man" was going to hear it! I slowly laid down and closed my eyes. A little while later I opened my eyes again and thefigure was still the , just looking at me. In the morning I told my mom but she told me it was just a dream.

House Guest

By: s.rygula@comcast.net

We rented a home for 3 years every year around thanksgiving we had a little visitor every year.
I always saw things when I was little and felt presences in my homes even till this day I still see things and feel things my daughter must of inherited that gene of mine she also has had experiences. She was taking a bath and would talk to the ghost that I later found out that it was a little girl and she was mean very mean my daughter would take a bath and come out with bruises and red marks she said the little girl did because she was mean . She would watch TV in my bedroom and said the girl lived in my closet and she didn’t like me because all moms were mean and didn’t need to live she told my daughter. One night I was sleeping and would feel myself sliding off the bed and my body would tingle like it was paralyzed and I couldn’t move at all I couldn’t even talk it would surpass and I would say please God help me and the feeling stopped as if it didn’t like the name God. Until this day my physic said it was an adult ghost trying to kill me and trying to have my daughter kill me it was pretending to be a child so my daughter would trust it but she didn’t so it would hurt her so it came after me alone

Haunted Land

By: GreenAjah21@aol.com

Let me start by saying I never believed in ghosts and even now  I still have a hard time with the idea. Although I do admit that now I am not as fond of where I live as I once was three months ago and do not like to be home alone. I should start by saying I live in Dalzell S.C. which is a tiny suburb of Sumter S.C. My husband and I live on a large piece of land that his parents own and have lived on for years. My husband has lived on this land all of his 33 years and instead of leaving he was so attached he built a house here and I have lived here only a few months. This first started over a year ago now when we were first dating. I was at his house alone sitting on the couch, when a white cat shot past my vision down the hallway. I am positive it was a cat not only then but now because I saw it more than once. I was so excited to see he had a cat I jumped up and went to find it. Well, I didn't and when he came home and I asked him about it he said he didn't have a cat. Well, I saw that white streak of fur about four more times right after we started dating, I was freaked but I never saw it again so I kinda forgot about it until recently. I just put it up to my imagination. Well, it wasn't until right before we got married that the subject of the white cat came up again but how it came up is what really freaked me the most.
Our house is just a short walk from my husbands parents and we eat lunch on Sundays and spend a great deal of time at his parents house. Well after lunch one Sunday my father-in-law told us he had to tell us his latest, "haunting story". Well, I was shocked to hear that he was watching T.V. and was facing the hallway when the bathroom light came on. Well, no one else was in the house except my mother-in-law and she was in the bed asleep. Not only did the light come on but someone walked into the bathroom and closed the door! Being the commando he is he jumped up and ran to the bathroom opened to the door and the light was on and no one was there. Well, everyone at the dinner table got completely serious after the story but they also looked a little guilty when they saw the horror on my face. I was then informed that this isn't the first time stuff like this has happened.
It started with my husbands parents first night in the house. They went to bed and when they were both almost to the point of sleeping a person screamed right underneath their bedroom window. They said it was the scream of a woman who was not just letting out a yell but screaming like she was getting beat or attacked. No words were spoken just screaming. So, my father-in-law jumped out of bed and went to run out the door but was stopped by my mother-in-law and just a few seconds later it quit. Well, he wasn't brave enough to go searching that night but they didn't get any sleep at all that night. Nothing else happened until my husband was a child and then there were three things he and his brother say happened. The first is that my brother-in-law when he was a teenager was sitting up late at night in the kitchen eating when a man who looked Latino in origin walked down the hallway. He was wearing a large hat and one of those things that wrap around your shoulder that you use to hold bullets. The man stopped, looked at Jimmy, nodded his head as if to say HI then turned and walked into the refrigerator. The next thing that happened was to my husband. He was playing cards with his sister when she got up to take a shower. He started reading a comic book when someone entered the room. Thinking his sister had finished her shower he looked up and it was a little boy older than him with blond hair.  He said he just stared when the boy just disappeared in thin air. Ummm, of course he ran into his parents room and had to be talked into sleeping in his own bed for about a week later. The third thing that happened was when my husband was older and a friend was over to spend the night. They were almost asleep when a large bang was heard in the kitchen and everyone came running in the house not just my husband and his friend. They got to the kitchen and every drawer and cabinet was opened not just open but all drawers were open the same amount of length and every door was opened the same degree.
So now to what happened to me recently, well we have a cat now. So I haven't seen any ghost cats but about three days ago, I was sitting on the couch with the cat in my lap. She was asleep but for some reason looked over my head and her eyes opened wide. Well this shouldn't have suprised me except that the lights were out in the living room and were on in the hallway behind me. So I looked into her eyes which are huge and I saw movement above my head in her eyes. I jumped up because I was the only one home and ran as hard as I could for the door, but looked behind me on the way out and nothing was there. Maybe it was overreaction. That is what I keep saying and my husband says. I still do not like being home alone now because I swear what I saw in her eyes was the figure of a man leaning over to pick something up off the floor in our hallway and straighten back up again.
So I do not think our house is haunted but I will bet our land is by something.

Ghost in Humboldt Iowa

By: lukesky242000@yahoo.com

i have witnessed seeing a dark figure that is said to haunt a house on sumner ave in humboldt iowa. u can see someone walking around outside the house latre at night. he dresses like a cowboy from the old west or atleast that is what it seemed to me to be. me and a few friends were out late one night and we saw a figure walking around it looked suspicious but when we checked it out there was no one there. this figure is said to be the ghost of a man who died there during the founding of the town. i dont know if that is true or not but it was really scary. me and my friends call him ole' charlie.

Camping at Hanging Rock

By: RCTW4@aol.com

Me and my husband and our 2 young children love camping up in Hanging Rock State Park North Carolina. One day we gathered a couple of friends and our kids and headed out for a weekend of camping. The first night we stayed it started raining at about 7:30pm and my husband told me and my friend to go to the store to get some extra firewood so we would have enough just in case. So me and my friend left to go to the store and as we were leaving the gates we looked over and saw a man standing by the gate in a small parking lot close to the road. I observed that he had no means of transportation and he was right up close to the road on the drivers side. He stared at us and his whole body turned as we passed and I can't get the look in his eyes out of my mind. He honestly reminded me of a killer to know the truth but I figured he was a ranger or something. I looked at the clock and my friend asked. "He isn't closing the gate is he?" I looked in the rearview mirror and saw him turn and walk towards the woods which was out of the way away from the road across the parking lot. I glanced for just a second at my friend to tell her no and when I looked up again he was gone. She even looked and saw nothing and we both at that point agreed that there was no way anyone could run that fast into the woods from where he was standing. Imagine you are in a car going about 10 miles an hour and you pass someone on the road you can see them if your driving maybe to the back part of the front window and then to see them you have to look straight up into the rearview mirror or the side mirror and you glance down for a split second and you should still see that person at least until you turn on a curve. We were still on a straight way when he disappeared. I told my husband that when we got back and he said to me that he wouldn't doubt it one bit because he had something happen to him when he went fishing there at night. He was standing on the pier fishing minding his own business when he saw what looked like a flashlight shining in the woods behind him so he moved to another spot because he wanted to be alone. When he started fishing again he saw the light coming towards him again so he called out "hay who's there!" and he paused and waited for a response and then he said. "Are you the park ranger? If you are I just want you to know I'll be leaving now." Still no one responded so he decided he would go towards the light to see what it was. Every time he got a little closer it seamed to blink off and then blink on in another spot. It made him afraid because he had an overwhelming sense of terror run through his body. All he could think about is I better get out of here cause what if its a crazy person messing with him. So he headed back towards the path that leads out of the woods around the lake and he swears he heard footsteps coming behind him and he looked behind him and he saw the light coming towards him going at a fast pace so he started running. and when he got up to the road the light went out. At that point he came back to the campground but he didn't tell me because the raccoons were scaring me and the kids enough as it was. And we have also talked to quite a few rangers and volunteers there we asked them if they have seen anything strange at the park and a lot of them say that there is a white deer with albino red eyes that had been spotted by a lot of people and quite a few workers there, but they believe that the deer is either really old or it is albino. This deer has frightened campers there so the rangers on occasion will full warn campers about him and they say he is an actual live deer. I myself have not seen him but maybe one day And hopefully I will have my camera ready.
Thank you for reading this and please don't be afraid to go camping here because this is really a great place for family camping. And If anyone has had any interesting experiences camping here I would like it if you share yours too. And if there are any legends about this State Park I would enjoy knowing them. Again thank you for allowing me to share this true campfire story with you.

2 stories

By: MYbLoOdHuRtS16@aol.com
i was spending the nite at my friend's house. the room was lit only by the television. my friend was in the bathroom brushing her teeth and trying to get her retainer to fit, and i was sitting on the floor in her room. her door was half way open and i could see into the hallway. as i was watching t.v., i saw a tall white slender looking figure walk in the hallway past her door. i thought i was just hallucinating but i was a bit shaken. my friend came back into the room minutes later and saw a scared look on my face. she asked what was wrong. i told her that i could have been hallucinating but told her anyway that i saw a tall white figure walk past her door in the hallway. she looked frightened and told me i was not hallucinating. i got scared, and she closed her door and put a blanket underneith it. she jumped on top of me cuz she was scared and minutes later  we heard a loud bang. nobody was awake except for us... she said that her house was haunted and she's seen stuff like that all the time. Another one of my experiences was at my sisters work.My sister needed a couple of supplies from her work. she made me go with her, and i took her cat with me. we went into a room in the back of the building. it looked like a regular work space, but it was extremely cold. i put the cat on the floor, and suddenly the cat started arching its back and hissing. my sister and i looked at each other and she grabbed waht she needed. i picked up the cat and put it in another room and it stopped hissing. i went back inside the other room with the cat, and it started hissing again. i went back outside and she stopped hissing. i was so scared. the room was the coldest of them all. after we left the building my sister said that she didn't like to go in that office alone because it was haunted. those are my experinces . i hope u enjoied reading them..


By: Mdslay1951@aol.com

The Dunaway House .... A large two story home on top a hill is the home of several "spirits".  This house was owned by my grandfather FJ Slay.  He and my grandmother lived in the lower section of the house and over the years they rented the upper portion to various family members.  My mom and dad rented from them for many years in my adolescent years.  There are MANY stories of different happenings in the house in which the entire household would and could hear.  One event really raised eyebrows when a "spirit" strolled through the hallway and into the kitchen.  A storage room door (which was VERY hard to open) opened and partially closed causing it to "creak" from rusted hinges.  My dad investigated (with gun in hand) and nothing was there !!!  Many occasions footsteps are heard walking the stairway. Many occasions "breathing" could be heard throughout the house.  Many occasions shadows could be seen watching over us and would turn and move away when seen.  There are three large houses in a one block area and "folklore" has it that there had been a family in the area that had a child and by unknown means the child died.  The parents were said to have buried the child underneath one of the houses in a well.  The only thing we do know is that the spirits only live in the one house

My Dog

By: M0rph6@aol.com

I live with my parent's an i am 17 years old as of the 27th an my dog died maybe half a year ago an maybe a few months ago i turned quickly an thought i saw her, before that there had been times when i was changing an i would notice that it was extreamly quiet an i would not notice but i would turn thinking something was watching me only to see a women or something in white with no face turn an run, it would be like her face was scribbled out with pen or something, before that i was camping out with my grandmother an where we were at their were other campers an usually they party late at night an i had a good sense of time an it could not have been past 11 or 12 an they part till  at least 2 in the morning but when i woke up everything was silent an so i sat up, i think i was in a cold sweat an i looked out the window an everything was pitch black where their should have been campers an it was close to a full moon an a cloudless night so i really should have been able to see things but all i saw was black an then a white wolf stood their next to where a camper an tree was an this thing was rather big an then it turned into a women with flowing hair an in a white dress like a wedding dress maybe but maybe close to a very old dress like a ball room dress but it looked as if it had holes torn in it an at that time i instantly shot back down to my pillow an went to sleep,

I Have Seen Shadows

By: anonymous

I have seen shadows.....
Most recent story...
I mostly see the spirits as "shadows" feel them sometimes. I have seen them in a child hood home, in Germany when I lived there and here in Houston.
all of them at the homes where I have lived.
 The last one was at my home. After for some inexplicable reason went to a cementary to look for a grave, don't ask me why. I just felt like going and found the gravestone of a SON. I knelt and pray and while praying I heard footsteps getting closer where I was, I raise my head and turn around but no one was there. I figured out, HE came to see who was praying for him. Later, I would visit him once in a while. The last time, I heard in my head HIM telling me in a sad tone, "You are not going to see me anymore". I haven't been back although I had passed by that cementery. I saw a shadow in my home once, I think it was him.
Another story...
My parents lived in a house in Corpus Christi, when I went to visit them I could feel someone watching me in the hall. My sister noticed 'someone' sitting next to her in the bed, she could even seen the imprint of someone sitting in her bed. My other sister would run to use the bathroom because she didn't like the feel of the hall. Later, after they sold the house, which by the way it was so close to the beach and couldn't understand why they sold it. She told me that it got to a point that my sisters, parents and everyone else would sleep together in one room!. It was not a scary 'ghost' but they were afraid.
Second story...
I saw another shadow when I lived in Germany in the house where I used to live. It was scary because I wasn't able to get up from bed I felt that something was keeping me there and I could not get up. I saw the shadow of a boy (maybe a teenager) at the corner and when he noticed me he just move closer to the corner. I prayed inside my head, since I could not even speak. My mom felt something in that house too. Everyone was afraid of the hall. Even a friend of ours was afraid to use the bathroom unless someone was in the hall while he used the restroom. The hall was always cold and dark. I felt being watched there all the time and sometimes afraid even though nothing scary happend to me with the exception of seeing the shadow that night.
My first time seeing a shadow...
was when I was a little girl in a house that we used to live. It was a tall man. He was walking by the wall and disappear when he got close to my grandma's casket. She had died and left her casket in our living room overnight instead of a funeral home. The shadow seemed familiar. I could have swear that I saw him previously on roof of the church located across our home. It was said that our house (actually the block) was part of the cementary located in the next block. My mom would see underneath her door shadows of someone walking by the hall, which she always make sure to leave the light on. She would hear whispers and when my grandpa went to stay for vacation, asked my mom why she was washing dishes in the middle of the night. Of course, my mom wasn't washing any dishes. Also, my grandpa would feel or hear someone walking in the hall and stopping at the frame of his bedroom door.
Hope you enjoy reading these stories and thank you for all of you for sharing your stories.

Ghost in my Bed

By: gazallyandrew@tiscali.co.uk

My name is gary and I live in portadown  N.IRELAND.my encounter
happened on a Saturday morning about 5 years ago after my wife had gone
to work at 9am and had took her son with her witch left me alone in the
house. I was in a deep sleep until 10 33am I suddenly woke up with a strong
feeling of someone in the room starring at me but when I looked around the
room it was empty. I layed back down feeling uneasey because this feeling
of not being alone was so strong. I sat up again and looked around the room
again but it was still empty. I layed back down looking at my alarm clock
to give me something to focus on and to make sure I was awake when all of
a sudden I felt pressure on the bed behind me. I have to say at this point
that I felt terrified but knew I was in no danger. The pressure on the bed
moved directly behind me and then snuggled in to me very tightly. As I said
I felt no danger and at this point I felt this person knew me  and I felt
safe but after about 5-6 seconds I was so terrified of this new experience
I squealed but not loud and the feeling died there and then. After I caught
my breathe and started to think about it, I felt as if I had let this person
down and have felt very bad about it ever since. I would love to know who
it was and why they came to me. My last encounter that I know of was months
after that, I was sleeping and two people came walking towards me but the
vision was very hazy and I do not remember to much of it but I got the feeling
that one of them was introducing me to the other one. Are these two events
linked and is there any way I could find out who these people are. I would
be so grateful for any help or advice.
      I have only just come across your site and what I have seen so far
is mighty.

Shadowlands Stories Listed

By: RivershimerKell@aol.com

This happens to be true Both My daughter and myself have been there and one night  a Friend of My daughters was badly Scratched by an unseen source of fingernails
Des Moiness Iowa- The Haunted Bridge Past Greenfield Plaza - It is believed that A young woman was leaving a party and going to go pick up her baby daughter from the babysitter's house. It was winter and snow and ice had covered the ground, causing it to be slick outside. Just before she had crossed the bridge, she went over a slick spot in the road causing her to lose control of her car. The car fell off the bridge into the river. Her daughter died instantly and she didn't want to live thinking it was her fault. She decided to hang herse from the bridge with rope she had in her trunk. Every Friday night at approximately midnight, if you park right in the middle of the bridge, you can hear her baby screaming and see formations of her hanging from the bridge
Madrid - Mt Hope Cemetery - Toward the back of the cemetery there are five graves of children from the same family. One of them is Sara. She likes to follow visitors around and several have said they hear a child's voice asking for Ree. If she is not answered she will tug at clothes and touch people.
come to find out I live on the same Highway as this cemetery is, I stopped there this morning around 10 am Luckily it is a small cemetary, I did indeed find Sarah I knew it was her as with the story she is last in a row of a family with other dead childern they are that old sand stone stuff that after yrs you can't read but oddly while two have fallen and only one you can make out the word infant Sarahs is still standing and her name is clear, Possibly with a Rubbing the rest of her marker and the others might be read, I did not feel or hear anything butwsa early and the  there were people preparing a sight for a funeral today. Well just after dusk My daughter and i went out to mount hope to visit the Sarah site. I took several pictures, my daughter is more receptive then i am  she kept asking me if I knew how she died, which i have not been able to uncover that and finally she admited she felt the girl had been shot. and one does have to wonder why this family lost what appeared to me out of the set four chilern one an infant. But also in a cemetery she could have been picking up anyone soul's vibe. I will be going to town thursday afternoon and will drop the film off at a one hour shop lets hope it yeilds something, i took several with my daughter in the shot since she seemed to feel someone was with us,

My Haunted House

By: harrod6@hotmail.com

a few years ago me and my family moved in to our new house it was a really nice big house the owner of the house seamed to be glad to move. at fist eavery thing was ok in the house but after a few months wird things started to happen the house turned really cold and at night you couldent sleep that was only the begging. one night my brother and sister went to my grans my mum said i could have a friend over to sleep. i told my friends about the house but they dident belive me they thourght i made it up to get attention and they all laughted. that night me and sarah (my friend) were up stairs talking when the bed started to shake when it stopped emma went down stairs and phoned her mum up to take her home . after she had gone home i dident want to go to bed so i stayed down stairs with my mum and sleep in her room that night. a few weeks latter my mum seen a woman in the bath room she told dad and he addmited that he had seen a figure of the same woman mum had seen . dad went over to the people who lived next door to us and told them what had been happning in the house. they said that about 30 years ago a couple moved in to the house and they were really friendly the woman had a child . they said that he had an afair with another woman and when his wife found out she said she was going to leave but he wanted her to stay. when she told him she was going to stay with her mother . one night he went up in to the bed room and suffercated the baby the woman woke up to see him doing this and she tried to stop him but it was to late. he then dragged the woman in to the bath room and killed her. that was why the people who lived here before us left that night wird things started to happen me and my sister were sitting in the living room when a woman appeared in front of us and reached her hand out. me and my sister ran out the room and told mum what happened. we got use to it and after a month it stoped ever since we havent seen the woman i think that she came back to the house to check that we me and my family were safe.


Little Girl

By: LAXDispatch@amadotrucking.com

My son is 19 years old and last year he had a scary experience.  Unlike my other 2 children he never really believed in the super natural until he found out the hard way.  He went to take care of my mother and father who just got out of the hospital.  Now to top it off my father had dementia.  He would tell my son that he heard a little girl crying for help.  In fact he told me and of course we figured it was his condition since my mother never heard anything.  Well one night my son was watching television it was about 10 or 10:30 at night when he heard a voice call him.  He thought it was his grandparents so he went to check.  They were sound asleep. He figured oh I'm hearing things and went back to watch television, he sat down looked up and there stood a little girl in a blue dress long hair around 8 or 9 years of age.  He rubbed his eyes and she was gone.  He ran to the phone and called me and he said mom I'm really scared.  I thought that was strange because my son does not scare easily.  He explained what he was and told me to talk to him to clam him down so I did.  A few days later he mentioned it to his nephew who then described the little girl.  My son asked how do you know?  His nephew replied I saw her reflection in the television when it wasn't on she was standing behind me, when I turned around she was gone.  Then later on he and a few more of the nephews were over and you know how boys are they were talking all kinds of things when the little girl subject came up.  Suddenly the room got cold and my son in front of witness got pushed. Everyone asked him what the heck was that?  My son looked up and said she pushed me.  Then his nephew began to tease him about it saying you know when a girl pushes you, you know they like you.  Oh great he says now I've got a little girl who's a ghost that likes me.  Later my older son's girlfriend move in with my parents to help out.  She has a baby who was about 6 months at the time.  I personally witness this you would hear whispering on the monitor when the baby was in the crib asleep and no one else was in the room and at times when the baby was in her swing she would be laughing and moving as if some was tickling her.  My older son hung sage threw the house and told all the sprits to leave since there was more then one.  Since then there has been activity in the house.    Thanks again for letting tell another story


Lambertville Highschool

By: Tortorello@turnpike.state.nj.us

My buddy called me up tonight and asked if I wanted to go ghost hunting. I
was quite intreaged seeing how I've been following this thread and reading
way to many ghost stories lately. So he tells me we're going up to the old
Lambertville High School.
A little back ground first. The place was built in 1854, but burnt down in
1926. It was remoldeled in 1927, only to burn down again in 1982 (or
possibly 1992, i've heard different reports). Anyways the building still
sorta stands there all burnt down.
Another local legend is that of "Buckeye". There is actually two`versions of
this story, but with the same basic back story. There was a championship
football game between Lambertville and New Hope (PA). An intense game was
going on. During a normal play, one of the New Hope Buckeyes was tackled to
the ground. When all the players got up, this boy was left lying still on
the grass. His neck was broken and his head was doing a 180. Because of this
tragedy, the parents of the New Hope students had football removed form the
schools extra-curricular activities. Urban legend #1- You are to stand on
the landing between the first and second floors, just inside the front
doors, and say out loud "I challenge Billy (or Buckeye, depending on who you
ask) to a football game!" Then, out of nowhere, a football is supposed to
fly straight at your head, breaking your neck. Urban Legend #2- While on the
football field, located somewhere further up the hill, one is supposed to
say out loud "Buckeye, I challenge you to a race!" A wind blows in, then
either a mist arises or a pair of glowing, red eyes appear at one end of the
field. A voices is heard saying "Run to the other end of the field or die!"
Ok, most of the sites that I found this on had stories from "a friend of
mine" who always swears it's true.
Well regardless. We made our way up the creepy hill to the even creepier
building. This place just begs for people to come and investigate it. The
front is closed off by a screen door...so in other words useless. The first
floor is kinda boring. Its all burnt out and nothing exicting but some
entertaining graffitti.
So we walked up to the 2nd floor. 2 of my friends walked into the first room
on the right. Nothing spectacular in there. A few of us heard something
moving around in the rooms across the hall. Unfortunatly the supposed
mystical chalk boards that should have drawings of burning/cryin children
were gone. I looked straight ahead instead of in the room and I swear I saw
2 red eyes looking right at me from the top left window. I though, "it has
to be a reflection or something..." You know how windows have the cross
beams in them? Well I moved to the rigth a bit and sure enough one of the
eyes appeared to be hidden by the beam. I moved back over and felt the eyes
watching me again. I told everyone I saw something, my friend tried to get
it on camera. He didnt get anything but a few seconds later they just
That was it for me, I totally freaked out. We all just made our way out fo
there and headed back to the car. Regardless of what my friends migth think
I know what I saw. It was not a reflection, and it was deffently not an
animal. I cannot explain where those red lights came from but I wasn't about
to stick around long enough to find out. We never made it to the football
field, and I don't think I'll be going back there any time soon. Hope I can
get some sleep tonight...

Haunted Staircase

By: n52@hotmail.com

        When I was about 13 my family moved into an old house in the
countryside.  We hadn't even lived there for 6 months before my sister and I
started to feel like the place was haunted.
The first event happened during a long rainstorm.  The roof leaked, so we
were all staying in the living room where no water was coming in.  Lightning
struck and hit our fusebox.  My mom was worried about the house catching
fire so she made us all move to one of the rooms closer to the door.
After a few hours I had to go upstairs to check on our hamsters.  I headed
into the hallway that leads to the steps.  As a bolt of lightning flashed I
noticed what looked like a man's shadow heading for the steps.  It was not
my own, because the shadow crossed my path instead of following it.  This
creeped me out, so I hurried upstairs and back down.
Almost a year later I was home by myself.  I was upstairs in my room.  I
thought I heard my mom come in the kitchen (which was right below my room)
and start going through the pots and pans.  I looked out my window and saw
that her car was not there.  Whatever was down there was not my mom.  So I
grabbed a pocket knife off my desk for protection and went to investigate.
I found nothing.  I was spooked, so I decided to stay downstairs and just
watch TV till mom got back.
About 30 minutes later I heard noises in my room.  Again they were like
someone was searching through my stuff.  I grabbed my knife again and went
back to my room.  When I got there there was no trace of anyone having been
there.  At this point I had had enough and stayed upstairs until my mom came
back.  I heard noises in the kitchen again, but did not investigate anymore.
Several years later I started feeling a presence on our staircase.  The
staircase was split into two sections, with a small landing in between. I
hated this landing.  It always felt like something was there.  My sister
also felt it.  She refused to even use the stairs unless all the lights were
It just happened that my sister was friends with the daughter of a lady
that worked at the real estate company that had sold us the house.  The lady
said that there were reports about the house being haunted.  She herself
would not go in the house.  I never was able to find out anymore details
about the haunting or the house's history.  To this day I still wonder what
was there and why it was there.

The Spy House, Port Monmouth, NJ

By: nfitton@juno.com

I really enjoy your website.  A lot of great stories and it is really nice to know that these experiances are shared throughout.
I am sure you know a lot about the Spy House in Port Monmouth, NJ.  There is a lot of background to it.  I won't spend the time going into it now, except that it is really really hauted.
About 2 years ago I took a trip to the spy house with a couple of friends from work.  I had heard that this was a great place to get really freak out.  After about 20 minutes we found it.  Now this isn't the typical looking hauted house.  It looks brand new with a big gravel and dirt parking lot, and a pier off to the side were people fish off of.  Well needless to say as soon as we pulled in to the parking lot I got gossbumps all over me.
It was about 2am in the morning.  He really had not seen anything.  Disappointed my friend picked up his cell phone and called his g/f to tell here we were on our way.  Well in the middle of his conversation his hair on his arms stood straight up, goose bumps ran up and down hir arm and neck.  And he became died quiet.  We all got a little freak out by this and starting asking him what happened.  Mind you his g/f is still on the phone.  He put the phone down, not turning it off, and turned to us and told us that someone on the phone  asked him why he had come here...and that did he understand what karma was?  Well this to me just sounded to be a buch of BS.  So I said give me the phone.  Which he did.  At that point I heard it, a lot of static and then a Child Screaming, and falling down stairs.  It wasn't just me who heard it, it was loud enough that the his g/f heard it on the phone, and everyone in the car heard it, about 5 of us.  Well I didn't want to stick around to see if this was someone messing with us or just a bad connection.  So we turned the car one and started to make a u-turn in the driveway.  He hadn;'t turned on his front head lights yet.  Well as we turned we looked straight ahead of us and there were about 6 little kids, in revolutionary style clothing playing and tauting each other.  We could see them clear as day.  Well the tough guys that we are, we all screamed, a
 he turned on the lights and bolted out of there.
The next night we had to go back.  It become an obession to see it.  And to see if we weren't all going crazy.  Well we got there about 1am.  Got of the car and walked around the house.  Peering into windows, and every window we looked into had a really creapy feeling.  Then we heard music start to play.  Well we  had enough of that and got back into the car.  We postioned the car so we could look directly at the back of the house into the windows.  We sat there.  And sat there.  Then we saw it, a latern going across the windows at the top of the house.  Mind you the place is not accupied and heavly locked down.  It went from one window to another stopping for a second and then continuing until it faded.  Well next thing we know, my friend is screeming and telling us to look at the bottom left hand wind.  There she was, all white, tall, long flowing white hair, and here eyes were as black as night.  Like big black port holes just staring at us!  We all screamed and then in a flash she was gone.  We thought maybe this was a mirage.  And convinced the driver not to move.  Well another 10 minutes went by and she appeared again!  Just staring at us, longer this time.  Like telling us to leave.  This happened TWO MORE TIMES.  Each time it got more and more scary.  Well having enough of just about pissing our pants we decided to leave.  But I wasn't statisfied.  I got out of the car.  And yelled "I'VE GOT YOUR KARMA RIGHT HERE!!!" And then IT appeared.  A huge black floating head.  About 6" off the ground near the window where the women was.  And then we heard a horrifing SCREAM.  Scratchy, deep, and loud.  Well that was it, I jumped in the car and we hauled out of there.  Actually I haven't been back since I tauted whatever that was.  Sorry for such a long story but I am proud of it since I have never believe in ghosts until that point in my life.  Anyone else with similar experiances can email me anytime.

Germany Visits

By: gladysc@alexanderclassic.com

There is another things that happened to me in my home back in Germany.
I told you about feeling paralyzed and not being able to get up and the shadow that moved closer to the corner of my bedroom.
I was scared sometimes being along in that house. One day I prayed for my godmother, she died several years earlier, and suddenly the whole room light up. It seemed the light came from the lamp, but the whole living room was illuminated, have you ever seen so much light yet it didn't bother your eyes? well, that is what happened. Suddenly, I felt comforted, peaceful as by being hug by this light. Then, it occurred to me that probably I would see her. and then I prayed, "Please godmother, do not appear to me, I am not ready to see you" the light vanished. But I felt at peace.
Also I had several dreams about angels. Most of my dreams, they take me to a higher area and I see a beam of light coming from the sky and see angels, small angels coming and going to earth, one thing I remember the most is several small angels caring this big person, he looked like a monk, and also a car with people inside. In another occasion I was in a big room with two people talking to me, I don't remember what they were telling for some reason I knew what would happen next. The room had like three large windows and when looking out of one of those windows a large angel materialized He was probably two stories high, he had a book and read from this book. I don't remember what he said.
Another dream, it seemed like I was actually awake or aware at the time. I was sleeping and in the ceiling appeared a cloud and then an angel peeked out of the cloud and was giving me this baby and placed it on my tummy. I look at my tummy with this newborn child on top of my tummy. I held him and gave it back to the angel.
The angel gave it back to me and the child was getting attached to my tummy. I told the angel that I wasn't ready to have the baby and gave it back to him/her.
That was all. I awoke and I didn't know what to think, later I was thinking that probably I should have accepted the baby. But as I told the angel I didn't feel ready to have a child.
Those were dreams. I have a dream of someone I have never met but somehow I assumed he was my brother. I was in this place sitting in a bench and there were so many big, fresh roses and he emerged from one of those roses and sat with me and we were talking.
This is not a dream, but it actually happened to me while awake. At my school I could not see them but I felt angels, and I heard them calling my name in several occasions. One day, when I was coming home from school, I was crossing the street and I felt someone touching my shoulder I turned around and I didn't see anyone, I don't remember if the following event happened the same day or another day, but when I was going to cross the street, someone pull me from the back of my blouse and literally pull me out of the floor and was placed back in the sidewalk I turned around and no body was around. It certainly saved me from being run over by a car. I wasn't scared at all, I knew and felt protected.
Feel free to include these stories if you like.
When I lived in Germany, there was a church close to my home. I went to visit the church once and I could feel someone inside the church, even though I was the only one inside I felt 'people' in there. This small church had a graveyard with gravestones dating back the 1800's.
Also when I went for a walk by a hill in a small town in Bavaria, I could definitely feel 'people' there. It was very strong. For some reason, I had the impression that it was during the WWII. I could feel 'people' around the place. I didn't see any 'shadows' except in the 3 homes where I lived.
Some other people close to me have some personal experiences. I will ask them if they want to share them with you.


Spring Hill College

By: irbwilleo@yahoo.com

The story is that there were these two students who
were rooming in Room 214 of Toolen Hall (the freshman
guys dorm) Both of the kids were from Atlanta. One
night, the two friends went to a party and got loaded
drunk.  When they came back from the party, they were
found in bed toeghether naked.  The next morning
everyone mocked and ridiculed them. So they decided to
leave the school and eventually killed themselves. To
this day, the students in rooom 214 have reported
feeling manly hands rubbing thier genitals and sucking
their nipples.  ITS NOT A LIE.  I talked to one of the
students who was staying in the room, he said he felt
it. Noone stays in the room now, but if you go to the
school, and go inside the room, you can hear the two
boys slobering all over each other, and if you stay
long enough, they begin to come after you!

Psychic Impressions

By [pugsly@nep.net

My story began when I was still in diapers. I use to see things. Not ordinary things but horrible things. Till this day I can still sense an evil spirit or whatever label you want to put on it. I am not a professional with this type of thing by any means but I have been dealing with this type of things for 37 yrs. now.
My first experience was when I was in my crib. My mother kept me in her bedroom. One night I woke up and saw what looked like a giant teddy bear sitting on the edge of her bed. It did not speak to me. I watched it sit up and lay back down. It kept repeating this over and over. The last time it sat up it leaned close to me. I let out a horrible scream and my mother came running. I remember her putting me in her bed and trying to reassure me that all was well. I just cried uncontrollably. Mom would try to get me to shut my eyes and not look at these things I saw. I cannot explain it so you can fully understand it but these things would not allow me to ignore them. If I tried they came closer to me and just stared at me. Another time in the same house I saw three bear like things. They were laying on a little pile of clothes beside my mothers bed. She turned on the light and tried to show me nothing was there. By this time they vanished. I know what I saw and mom always tried to convince me it was a "figment" of my imagination. These things always showed up at night. Always after everyone was alseep like they were only meant for me to see.
Next stage in my life that I can remember seeing something evil was when I was 8. My sister thought it would be fun to have a seyonce (spelling..?) I stayed in the room till she started calling to spirits and lit candles. I got a terrible fear and ran from the room. My sister was only 9 at the time this happened. She was going by what she had seen on tv one time. Though I saw nothing that night. It was shortly after that that I began to wake up (once again at night when everyone else was asleep) always the weekends. I am not sure what woke me up but it happened at the same times. I would open my eyes and there standing at the bottom of my bed was what looked like an old coal miner. He was a solid thing and not something you could see through. His skin I will never forget was a very light tinted green. His black suit was what stood out the most. It looked like something from the 1800's and very heavy looking. His body shape was that of someone who had severe osteoporosis and his body was haggered like someone who had worked the coal mines all his life. He was tall, about 6ft I would say. To me at the time he looked like a giant being only 8 yrs old at the time this occured. His hair was coal black. He never spoke to me once. I remember I prayed that God would not let him speak to me or touch me. I believe it was because of this prayer that he never did those things. The vibes I got off this man was terrifying. I knew he meant me harm if he could have done it. Once again I chalk this one up to God and praying. I saw this man regularly on the weekends. I tried to tell my mother of these night terrors but she merely told me that it was a "figment." Later she gave me advice that I regretted ever trying. She told me to close my eyes, rub them and then open them again and it would be gone and that would prove I was seeing things. So I closed my eyes and rubbed them but when I opened them, instead of this man being at the bottom of my bed. He was standing beside the bed and leaned right down into my face. I was so terrified I tried to scream. When I screamed it was like someone had turned the volume down. My mouth was open and nothing came out. After this I watched this man fade out the same way he came into the room. Many nights I laid in my bed and listened to the man walk up and down the hall. It was carpeted but his shoes sounded like heels in the hallway of a hospital. I know there was more than one "thing" in the house. I was awakened one night and heard a squeeking sound. I leaned across my sister (as she slept on the outside of the bed at this time because I refused to sleep on the outside anymore) and saw the rocking chair in the living room rocking all by itself. I laid down really fast. I could never shut my eyes as these things were going on around me because I knew these things would come up into my face and refused to be shut out. They demanded my attention and would not take NO for an answer. My eyes shut naturally on weekends. If I fell asleep it was without my knowledge. When I woke in the mornings it was as if I had been transported back into the land of the living.
To this day I can walk anywhere and be able to tell you where these things are at. I don't know how I am able to do it. Maybe it's the vibes they put off. I don't know. I surely do NOT see this as a gift or anything like that. I wish I knew of a way to rid myself of picking up on things like that. Never one time have I felt a "good" spirit around me. They have all put off horrible, terrifying vibes. I cannot see them with my eyes or hear them with my ears but I know when they are there. I can tell you where they are standing and when they move I know where they are at in a room. Sometimes I think I am crazy or something. I have never been into any sort of witch craft, ouiji boards or anything like that. This came to me when I was still in diapers

 My young cousin.

By: Katanasevenfidy@aol.com
I was asleep in my bed, and I woke up from being cold.  I had already had trouble sleeping cause my parents had been fighting!  I was only seven and didnt understand why they had to fight.  As I opened my eyes I noticed a light gently caressing the room.  I rolled over to see where the light source was from.  I can remember as good as it was yesterday,  my cousin, Summer, was sitting in my window sill, and said " dont worry, it'll be ok."  My cousin died when she was five and she would have been 1 month older than me.  So she had died 2 years before this.  The light was from her, it was a very soft glow about her.  Not bright but a dull light.  The window was up, and it was shut before.  She said that and she simply faded away and the window was shut.
I know I was not dreaming, and I know what I saw was my cousins, "ghost" or "angel".  That night was and is the clearest childhood memory I have.  She was not a "mistly" ghost, but very detailed.  It looked JUST like her.
I just thoght I'd share this with you and your site.

One of Many

By: LuvShak120@aol.com

I live in South West Florida. In the area that was hit by Hurricane Charley. The day the storm was to hit I had a visit from our friend that past. I was changing sheets on our bed in the master bedroom. My Mother in law was on the computer, my husband was outside getting our yard in shape for the coming storm. As I bent down to tuck in the sheet I saw a figure in the door way.
Having had my abilities all my life, I knew exactly who it was. I greeted him  with a smile and a question. That question being about the coming storm. The answer I got was that it would be a bad storm and that we would be OK. I asked him to "hang out a second" so I could get my husband to come in for the visit. At this point my Mother in law left the room. I've been married to her son for 11 years, so she is quite familiar with my abilities. She just gets a little funny when it happens. I went out and got my husband to come inside. He wasn't too happy to do so being that there was so much to do. I told him we had a visitor. ( I had long ago taught my husband to "feel" these presence) When he walked though the door his hair stood up and he could "feel" his old friends presence. He requested that he protect our home and family. We told him we loved him and missed him. With that he was gone.
The storm at that point was only a category 2. In the coming few hours it turned into a 3 and in the last half hour into a 4. For those of you who don't know about these storms, a four is deadly. Major damage, lost homes and lives. In that last half hour I emptied the master closet and we all got into it. Even our 150 lb. dog.
The storm lasted only a short time but we could feel the walls shaking on our backs. With 145 mile an hour winds that is what happens. When it was over our house was still standing, and no one was hurt. I have kids, a 4 year old and a 15 year old. It is the most frightening thing to go through.
I KNOW our friend was there for many reasons. The biggest was to let us know that this storm would be life changing. I also knew that we would be OK. Once again it's nice to know he's still with us


Abandoned Insane Asylum Mist

By: aiko_kitty@hotmail.com

For the past few years, my brother and a few other people have told me of an
old abandoned insane asylum that is in a town about 45 minutes from where I
live. They say this place sits way out in the middle of the woods and has
been abandoned since the 50's. Well, I have always been fascinated by urban
exploration, so one night, a group of my friends gathered and we decided to
go see if we could find it. My brother gave us the directions and we set
out. We got lost a few times, but finally, we ended up finding the building
that was about 15 minutes into the woods on a dirt road that led off the
main highway.
The building was huge, being made up of 2 floors. All the windows had been
knocked out and the place had been vandalized. As we entered the basement,
there was a small hallway with a large room at the end of it. We noticed as
we looked down the hallway, a strange white, smokey mist started to appear
and come out the doorway. At this point I started to get nervous, but my
friend insisted it was probally just from the dust we were kicking up, yet I
found it odd that this mist was becoming thicker by the moment. There was no
way that much dust could have been created in that little amount of time. So
we went into one room at the front of the hall and stayed in there for not
even 2 minutes. During this time, I was getting more and more scared and
just wanted to leave. So, we stepped out of the room and they started down
the hall towards the room. But by now, the mist was coming out of the
doorway and was so thick, that when the flashlight was shined through on it,
you couldn't see through it. Suddenly, we heard a loud banging noise from
the other side of the room that this mist was in and at that point, we all
turned and left.
I won't be returning there again.


By: bfblackwell@comcast.net

I wanted to write about my friend Tammy.  I am 28 yrs old and recently the mother of a premature infant who fought for her life and was close to death several times but has pulled thru so far.  she is 10 months old now but born at 24 weeks, so the size of a 5 month old.  anyway... since her birth I have been dreaming awful dreams about my childhood friend tammy and remembering things that I once promised to forget.  When we were eight years old Tammy and I were best friends.. often spending the night at one anothers houses and our families were very close.  We lived in a small florida town and her mom was a sunday school teacher and elementary aid my mom was a stay at home mom and my parents had recently divorsed makeing my mom  go to work and leave me with my friends family for safety when she was working.  They were nice christian folks who always sat around the dinner table and talked about the days events and seemed like a good family. Tammy had 2 older sisters and her mom had just delivered twin baby girls, when her dad got transferred with his job to a promotion that they could not refuse in west virginia.   Of course we were heart broken and vowed we would write and call.
they moved within a month of my ninth birthday.  On thanksgiving day Tammy called me and sounded very distressed.  she said she hated her new house and her baby sisters and her parents for makeing her come there. It was almost six months later in the summer when my mom got a phone call from tammys parents wanting to see if it would be ok to send tammy down to stay with us for a couple of weeks.  I was so happy to see my friend again I didnt realize how freaky she had looked upon arrival.  Her mom looked like she had not slept in months, her dad was angry and had taken up drinking, her oldest sister had ran away, her other sister was taking medication for depression and tammy was in what we look back on as her "black" time.  she had only black clothing even underpants.  her parents bought other colors but tammy would steal dye and dye all of her clothes black when her parents were sleeping.  remember we were just nine years old and she was like this.
that first night tammy told me something and taught me something that haunts me now.  the home that they moved into was the location of a slaying. when they moved in the first week they heard a drip, then subsequently water running. (when no water was running) then they would hear cries of an infant in pain.. high pitch wailing.. then water again. Tammy would not take a bath and she would not look in mirrors. she told me that she was in the downstairs bathroom and had washed her hands and had looked into the mirror when she saw a baby's bloody face, looking back at her. According to her dad they had bought the house seven months after a woman, who suffered from post partem deprssion killed her 4 month old daughter with a strike to the head  from a hammer after the baby sopposatly deficated in the bath water. then the woman sopposetly killed herself with an overdose of pain killers and alcohol. I have no proof of this story and it has been 20 years but he told my mom this story and said that strange things seem to be happening with the girls since he moved them there..Sue ann ran away. tonya tried to kill herself and tammy insists on wearing black has will not take baths and started pulling out her hair. the babies were fine unless they were in the bathtub and they always deficated in the water, which they didnt start doing until they moved up there.
tammy said they had the house looked at by a medium and then a priest.  that after 4 months of seeing the baby in bath water or in the mirror that she started hearing a womans voice say ugly things like "hit them" "kill them" referring to her baby sisters who at the time were about 6 to 8 months old. tammy told me how the "psychic" that they brought in told them the place was haunted by several spirits but they only saw and heard the 2 most recent. and she showed me Candle talking.. which she did in my house and it blew me away... she lit a candle (any candle) and then said something to the effect of " i invite my gardian linda to speak to me, left is yes right is no" and the flame would shift to the left. she went on to ask all sorts of kid questions like does tony like me to are we safe and the candles flame always shifted very noticbly one side or another. we had to do this in the bathroom of my moms house because the cat would attack the candle if we were in the room with him.  I once tried to contact "linda" and to my suprise all i got was a shift to Yes that someone was there and a shift to no when i asked if i was safe. needless to say i am too chicken to go any further and i blew out the candle. anyway I am getting off subject.  The family continued to live up there after a Priest blessed the home until a year later when tammy's grandparents in FL became ill and they moved back. They weren't the same though.. they were stressed all the time, eventually divorsing she and i promised to forget about all of the ghost stuff because people would think we were nuts and i never tried anything like the candle thing again ..thier family was ruined. Tammy now lives across the ocean in Germany (she is in the armed forces and has a family of her own) we lost contact in high school unfortunately ... now I keep seeing images of my baby in my dreams beaten and dying  and have thoughts of my own that maybe this new house and the circumstances in my own childs birth have somehow made me conjure up the imagination or the sub-concious of tammy's horrors.  I hear a baby cry when my baby isnt crying. Maybe i just need sleep. Maybe I am just over sensitive to my friends nightmare..she never gave me a reason not to believe her,
My boyfriend and I moved into this house where the old woman passed away in her sleep in what is our office where i am sitting right now. I notice the doors to the closets are open almost every morning when I shut them. I dont feel any presence and have written it off to being an old house with crappy doornobs, but these dreams have me wondering otherwise.  my boyfreind has started sleep walking just in our bedroom- goes to the tv. goes to the dresser. then back to bed.  weird huh?  anyway..I wanted to submit Tammy's story. I am sorry I dont have details like the name of the town she lived in in WV I cant remember right now.


Spiritual Friendliness

By: bmx4life892000@yahoo.com

Hey guys, i might be only 15, but i am a strong beleiver in the supernatural. I am not so much afraid as fascinated by it. Actually, im not afraid at all considering the times that i have encounterd a spirit, it wasnt bad, it just showed me the way to fixing some of my problems. For instance, my friend was extremely angry with something i did that i would rather not repeat. I didnt know what to do. I was certain that she was going to dump me. I was home alone and it was just after school. I have a white board in my room that was completly blank. I took a shower and when i was done i walked into my room to find my whiteboard mounted on my wall and it read TELL HER THE TRUTH AND YOU WILL BE FORGIVEN... i thought something was wrong but i told her the truth and everything has been incredible with her since then! I have been visited by this friendly spirit in my many times of need, and i greatly appreciate it, if you guys could find a way, please give the spirit my deepest thanks and please tell her that i enjoy her help and want it in the future


By: sroberts5@stny.rr.com

This happened in the late 70's in a house that belonged to the Navy, located in Brunswick, Maine.  The house was two stories and most of the activity took place on the second floor.  My oldest daughter had the front bedroom and there was a perpetual cold spot in the area of her closet.  She always felt uncomfortable in this room.
My youngest daughter had the bedroom on the opposite side of the house.  This is where things sounded like they were falling on the floor.  A trip upstairs to investigate always yielded nothing out of place.
My bedroom was at the bottom of the stair and on one particular occasion I had just closed to door in preparation to going to bed.  There came the sound of a crash bang and thumping as if someone had fallen down the stairs.  The dog we had at the time was a clumsy thing and it was always possible that he had misjudged his footing.  I immediately opened the door to make sure no one was hurt and to my shock found nothing there.  With some hesitation I went up the stairs and made the rounds of the bedrooms, counting all the noses, both children and animals.  Everyone was accounted for and sleeping soundly.
We never had the thump down the stairs again, but the sounds of a book or some such hitting floor continued until we moved out the following year.

The Haunted Cottage

By: firecadet_70@hotmail.com

      When I was eighteen, I rented a small cottage in my hometown. It was down the street from the daycare I worked at and also the firehouse where I was a volunteer firefighter. On the day I moved in, I was sitting in my living room unpacking when I got the strange feeling I was being watched. I glanced up, but saw no one. I couldnt shake the feeling and finally decided I just needed to take a break and get out of the house. As soon as I left, the feeling went away. As the months went by, the creepy sensation happened more and more often. Usually when I was alone and it was often followed by goosebumps on my arms and the back of my neck. About a month or so after I moved in strange things started to happen. The first one happened when I was working out on my exercise bike. I had a large fan that i would set up near the bike to keep me cool. It was the kind on a stand and had ossillation, but it was turned off. I placed the fan on the tile floor of the kitchen to make sure it didnt move or fall over. A er pointing the fan at the bike, I walked across the room to turn on my music. When I turned back around, I noticed my fan had been turned 15 degrees to the right and was now pointing at my wood stove. I shrugged it off and moved it back. I got on my bike and started my workout. About five minutes had passed and I was feeling no air. I stopped and turned to look at the fan. It had again been moved 15 degrees to the right. I checked the fan and saw nothing that could have moved it. I turned it back, got on my bike and started my workout again, but kept my eyes on the fan. It never moved again. After that, I started hearing noises. My doors would open and slam shut, I would find cabinet doors open and things moved around. More than once, I would find the toilet lid up in my bathroom. This seemed strange because I am a girl and the only one who lives in the house and nobody had been to visit. One night, as I lay sleeping, I was  awoken by a sudden chill. I heard a mans voice whispering in the dark. I looked at the end of my bed and suddenly my covers were ripped off of me and thrown on the floor. I screamed and quickly turned on the lights. Nobody was there. I got up and quickly searched my entire house and found nothing. I started shouting for whoever was there to leave my house. I heard nothing but slept the rest of the night with the light on. The following day, my friend and I were sitting in my living room talking about the previous night when suddenly the sugar bowl in my kitchen flew off the counter and crashed to the floor spreading sugar all over. I became very frightened because there was nothing anywhere near the bowl, yet it had flown three feet across the room and smashed on the floor. That night I went down to the firehouse for our monthly meeting. I described what had been happening in my house and a few of the guys looked at each other. When I asked what was going on, one of them told me about five years before, a man had died in my house. I went back through the call records at the rehouse and found the report about the man who had been found dead in the very house I was now living in. I became very upset and moved. Nothing has happened to me since.

The Light

By: gfroeoadt@hotmail.com

     Good to know you guys won't heckle me. Alright, I do have a ghost
experience. I live in Verona, NY, but the incident happened in Sherrill, on
Middle Road. There are cemeteries behind and in front of my friend's house.
I've spent the night there a couple times, and whenever I do, sure enough
something is there. These aren't modern cemeteries. They date back to (I am
NOT kidding) the Revolutionary War. In the early a.m., I would peep out his
window, and the air would, I don't know how to say this, move. The light
would bend, like a refraction in the fabric of our planet. It would kind of
bend around this one point, which was by a grave. It is always by the same
grave. However, when I observe the "distortion," if you will, of the light,
I am all of a sudden freezing to death. It gets so cold, you wouldn't
believe it. The thermostat reads 72, but I am freezing. My friend doesn't
bother to look out the window, and he feels no effect. By the way, the
location is approximately 3 miles away from the Mansion House, which
according to your site, is haunted. Thanks for your time

Old York Hospital

By: joshcrosscountry@bigpond.com


By: D34MotoXGirl@aol.com
Hi, this encounter I had was very well the scariest of all of the ones I have ever had. I am 12 right now and when I was eight, my family and I lived in a very small house in a town called Montrose, New York. Since the house was tiny, me and my brother had to share the upstairs storage room as a bedroom. The whole upstairs was one room, so it was fairly large and the stairs came up the middle of the room. I had the right side of the stairs as my room and my little brother had the left. I had two vanities in my room, and they were exactly opposite of each other. So, if you looked into one mirror, you could see the other vanity across the room. One day, me and my friend who had lived across the street were playing upstairs when she had to go home. We both went downstairs and then Christin, my friend remembered she had left her bag upstairs. I went back upstairs to get it, and it was on one of the vanities. I went to grab it and as i glanced in the mirror, what I saw was unforgettable. There were a pair of two semi-transparent white hands moving things around on my other vanity. I was scared to death and stood still, staring at the hands through my vanity mirror. They were phisycally moving things around on my dresser, I could see the objects moving. At that point, I ran back downstairs, my adrenaline pumping. As i shot into my living room I asked my friend, panting, if she happened to be upstairs when I was getting her bag. She said she had been downstairs the whole time talking to my mom. Then, I told her what happened and ever since, I was afraid of my own bedroom. I always had to have a pet or person up there with me wenever i was to even go up there. Whenever I was alone upstairs, I felt a sense of lonelyness and helplessness up there. I could feel a chill and I'd instantaniously get goosebumps and would run downstairs as fast as I could. Sometimes, I would run downstairs ain the middle of the night because I got that feeling,  and I would sleep on the couch, downstairs. I don't know if there really was a ghost or spirit, or whatever upstairs, but I am positive that something deffinetly happened.

Hario Housing Sasebo

By: Dccswrtd@aol.com
Just outside the back gate of Hario housing there is a shrine dedicated to all the  WWII Japanese soldiers who died while overseas.  Sometimes at night (more often in August) you can see the faces of these soldiers in the tree directly behind and on the sides of this shrine.  One night while waiting for my wifes friend to be picked up there (it use to be the main gate when the housing first opened.  I believe it is closed now), we both got a scare when out of nowhere faces started to appear.  Luckily my wifes friend was picked up after the second face was seen and I got out of there as fast as possible.  After the war the housing area was used as an area where returning wounded soldiers were taken to die.  There has been many sightings/hauntings on this base.  My friends son was attacked and bitten numerous times by an unseen entity (you could actually see the teeth marks appear on the screaming childs chest and arms, we were helpless and could only pray for it to stop).  I lived in two different houses and have woken up to an evil entity (white flowing tattered dress. I could not make out facial features) many times.  When this happens you could actually feel the electrical static (ionization) in the air.
I lived there for three years and delt with this almost on a nightly bases

Weird Stuff

By: dreamocalyptica_@hotmail.com

When I was about eight years old I experienced something that changed my life. This one night I was just sleeping in my Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house, it’s nothing special and nothing ever freaked me out there, but this time it was different, when I stepped in the room chills came over me like I don’t know what and I felt really weird. When I had a fun day with my Grandma and Grandpa I went to sleep and my Grandpa tucked me in, I was happy at this moment and nothing gave me the chills. It felt like I only slept two minutes and something or somebody woke me up. I looked and it scared me much, there was a girl about the age of fourteen or so standing there with her mouth open and her eyes closed like she was screaming. I said nothing standing on the bed and just looked at her, she then stopped after a minute or so and looked at me, stretching her hand. I was so scared but I had nowhere to go, it was like she wanted me to take her hand or so, then she started screaming again and I started to scream back like she did. She then stopped and looked at me with big eyes then she vanished into thin air. I fainted or so and then w n I woke up in the morning I came downstairs and my Grandma looked at me saying that I looked very pale. I didn’t say to her that I saw a girl, but I did asked her if she heard anything weird the night, I screamed and so I should’ve woken up my Grandma and Grandpa, because I can scream, very loud. But my when I told them I screamed very loud my Grandma and Grandpa just looked at me strange and said they didn’t hear anything.
More things started to happen after that, I was constant haunted by dreams of people dying just out of nowhere, and it was all in English, When I was eleven my mom died and I know my mom’s ghost is somewhere in the house. Now this year, I keep on having weirder interactions with the supernatural or so. This one time I came out of school and I saw a very old man he looked like he was from the 50’s or so, a really nice suit on and a hat and he stood in front of my school, looking up. I frowned and stood beside him, he smiled at me, and I just looked at him, then I walked away, then I looked behind me, seeing the man going away around the corner, I chased him and then when I came into a street that was empty he was nowhere to see.
Also in my house I have weird things, when I walk around the house sometimes I get chills out of nowhere and sometimes it feels like time stopped for a second when I walk somewhere, it’s like I walked through a ghost, it’s like time stops for a second and then puts you back into this. But that’s not all what’s happening in my house, when I sleep in my bed and wake up, mysterious scratches over my back are for all to see, but I don’t cut myself there and I don’t wear any jewellery in bed, so how can I get those scratches? I also bit my nails so I can’t scratch my self.
Some other examples that happened to me, I had a fight with my dad, when I opened the door  to throw away the garbage on the door knob was a package of tissue’s those small ones you know, bound to the doorknob. When I search for something in the right place and then look for it somewhere else where I don’t find it, I want to search it again, and then find it lying where you can just meet it when you walk into your room, like somebody is helping me with searching it.
I also have weird encounters with gargoyles, you know those statues, when I walk to school, I always see some, on houses you know, but those are statues, but you know, statues normally don’t wink
But experiencing this doesn’t make me feel scared or something, it always makes me smile, it’s like I somehow know something about the world that many people haven’t been showed trough, it doesn’t make me feel special, but it just takes a closer step to knowing and not knowing. After the incident with my Grandma’s house and the death of my mom, I’ve become very interested in the supernatural and such, but you never know when you’ve gone way too far.
But I can go on for a while with sightings and weird stuff that happened to me.


Unexplainable Happenings

By: ranae4u@hotmail.com

Let me start off by saying this that nothing like this has personally happened to me until now. We just recently moved into a house that possibly could be haunted. It is the month of September 2004. We were living in a 3 bedroom 1 bath apartment and with a family of 5 and 4 of them being girls we knew it was time for something bigger. The population in this small town is about 1200 people so rental property is hard to find and when you do find it you better jump at it as soon as possible or you lose out on it. The house that we found is a 3 bedroom 2 bath house with a large living room, a large kitchen, a pretty good size laundry room and it has a 2 car attached garage and a cellar in the back yard which is good being that we live in Oklahoma and the weather is the way it is here, LOL. Well before actually moving in my oldest daughter who is 18 wanted to paint her bedroom before she moved in, so she was up there late one night and when she came back to the apartment she said Mom there is some weird stuff going on in that house, and i said what do you mean she said well i kept hearing doors open and close but when i went to check i found nothing out of the ordinary, well i brushed it off as being that the house was just an old house and the fact that maybe she got to thinking about her being there alone and thought she was hearing these things happen. The next day we started moving in and all was well for a few days and then i got to noticing things not being where i had left them. (just odd and ends things being moved.) I also at times could smell something like rotten eggs usually at the end of the kitchen going into the laundry room but the smell wasn't there all the time. I have had on many occasions had my daughters tell me different times that they felt like someone was watching them and i had never said anything to them but i have had the same feelings about being watched also. I'll start off by saying what really freaked me out and till this day i still don't know how to really explain it. Well one morning i got the kids off to school and i was getting ready to take my shower but let me say this before i go further i usually leave the door to the bathroom open when my little dog is on her leash out side so i can hear the phone if it rings but when she is in the house i always close it because i don't like her coming into the bathroom while i'm taking my shower. This paticular morning she was in the house so i closed the door to the bathroom i wasn't in the shower maybe 5 minutes and i hear the loudest noise outside the bathroom door, i set there for a moment then i heard the door nob shake very hard the next thing i knew the door swang open and then closed faster than i could think. I jumped out of the shower and while i was doing this i could hear whatever or whoever it was walk away from the door down through the kitchen into the laundry room and the reason i say i could hear it is because this house has old hard wood floors and when someone walks on them you can hear it and i actually heard when they got to the laundry room the door opened and then it closed back. When i got out i checked everything and i found nothing out of the ordinary, but what is really weird is that my little dog was still in the same spot she was in when i went to take my shower, it was like she heard none of this going on and everyone that knows my little dog knows she will bark at the sound of wind. (LOL) Well that freaked me out so i called my husband at work and told him what had just happened and of course he just laughed at me, then while i was talking to him i came back around to the kitchen and when i did it was like i seen something swish real fast from the kitchen into the bedroom and when this happened my phone went completely dead. I finally called him back and told him what else had just happened and he laughed again and said i'm sure there is an explanation for it. I honestly thought i was just going crazy. Then there was a time that my 15 year old daughter had a friend over and they were getting ready for the big fair that we have every year we had already left and they were still getting ready and they said that they heard someone come in the house they heard the door slam and heard someone walk across the living room floor but when they got into the living room they found no one there. They met up with us at the fair and asked if we had come back to the house for anything and we said no and thats when they told us that someone had come into the house. Then there was a time that the kids had went to school and i hadn't been feeling to well so i slept in that day and i felt like someone was pushing on me telling me to wake up so when i came to i just brushed it off as to me dreaming i laid there for alittle bit thinking that i would get up in a few minutes and i don't no if i fell back to sleep or what but i remember this tall guy came from my daughters bedroom into mine and when he seen me there he said Oh Mam i didn't know you where in here and he said pardon me and he turned around and walked right back out. When my daughters got home from school i was telling them about it but didn't realize my little one was in the room when i was telling them and needless to say she heard me and she said oh mom that old man won't hurt you he is a nice old man. (I FREAKED AND DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.) I finally asked her to explain to me what this man looked like and she explained him down to a T what this man looked like in my dream or i thought was a dream. (What do you think.) Then there was a day i had an appointment at the beauty salon to get my nails done and i have a habit of making sure that all the doors are locked before i leave i don't know why because this is such small town and everyone knows everyone but it has always just been a habit with me. When i came back from the salon i came into the house it was about 10 minutes till 12(Noon) and i came in and the frigerator door and freezer door was standing wide open and there was ice from my ice maker all over the kitchen floor. I new it was weird for the doors to be wide open but i thought maybe the reason the ice was all over the floor is because maybe my ice maker was full and since the door was open it was shooting it out of the tray. (NOPE) it was only half full, then i noticed the back door was unlocked (not opened just unlocked) and it was locked when i left but the screen door was still locked so i new that it wasn't an intruder. Then there was a sunday morning i got up to take my shower i opened the shower curtain and found the tub to be half full of water but the water that was in there was not your typical bath water it was like someone had put something in there that was really dirty and cleaned it off. I called my husband again at work (thank god he has a cell phone or he would of already gotten fired because of me LOL.) he said he never went into that bathroom before going to work and so when the girls go up i asked them about it also and they didn't have a clue how it got there either. My oldest daughters bedroom is right next to that bedroom and she said she heard nothing the night before. I have one more thing to tell before i go I was having trouble with the washing machine one day and my husband said when he got home he would look at it and with a family of 5 i do laundry quite often so i really needed it fixed. He came home started messing with it and at the time my oldest daughter, my husband and i were the only ones home that night for supper so i decided to send my daughter up to the grill to get dinner for the evening because i didn't want to cook anyway. She left and was gone about 10 minutes or so we heard the door slam and heard who we thought was our daughter coming back from the grill and when we both heard this we looked at each other and said lets go eat and then we will work on the washer when we get done eating. We went into the living room and found no one there. I looked out the front door and seen my daughter driving down the road and pulling into the drive and when she got up to the porch i asked her if she had come and then left again for some reason and she said no i am just now getting back. I was so glad that my husband was there when that happened because he finally had something happen to him too that he could not explain and he still doesn't know who it was that night and we still don't know who it was that evening that came in the house when my daughter and her friend was getting ready for the fair. But i can say that whatever or whoever it is apparently doesn't want to hurt us. Thanks for listening

The Huron Mountain Club

By: pixxyape98@hotmail.com

The Huron Mountain Club is located in BigBay, Its an Appartment complax split into thirds where one part would be for waiters, hosts, ect, where they would sleep and live,the second part was the egsact same but for men,than the third part was for tourists and customers to come and eat at the family restaurant. My sister was a waitress who worked there for 1 year, During the time she worked there, she heard plenty of stories about ghosts walking through the halls or things moving on there own, she was always a beleiver but never thought that it would happen to her. One night she decided to sleep in her boyfriends dorm, although she wasn't alowed, everyone did it all the time. Anyways, She was sleeping and than when she turned over at 4:00 in the morning she had a sence to open her eyes and  there stood a teenage boy about 17 looking at her with a blank face, pale with a tint of blue, wearing blue jeans,a blue shirt, blue eyes, than blonde hair. He just stood there about 5 feet away from her, stareing. She emedietly got scared and turned over hopeing he would be gone when she looked back, instead, everytime she took a glance back, he would appear closer, and closer, she tried to wake up her boyfriend but he didn't. She turned over once again and pulled the covers over her h d, made herself fall asleep, than when she got up, nothing was there. She never saw the boy again.


 My First Encounter with a Ghost

By: gw_nva@hotmail.com

Me and a friend were walking to a graveyard one night. It was about 9:30pm. I saw a sign by the grave yard and i wanted t make sure that i would not be breaking any laws by sneaking into the graveyard at night. Next to the graveyard there is a girlscout campsight. We had to walk past that to get to the graveyard. As we were walking back from checking what that sign said, something made me look into the woods. When I did I remember seeing a pair of legs walking in the shadows. Of course I started walking faster and then ended up running back to my car. After we left I asked my friend if he saw anything. He told me he saw a shadow in the same area i saw the legs. Later in the night we both agreed after just leaving the sight, i felt as if somebody was sitting in my lap. We both felt something messing with our hair and touching our arms and legs. The story still freaks me out when i talk about it.


Picking Things Up

By: Catwomen3d0@aol.com

      I have always been able to pick things up.I have had dreams  that have later come true. I feel cold spots, one night I awoke to see threw a crack in my curtin a bird pecking my window and their is no window seal and I have no idea how the bird was hanging on to the wall outside(its said to be a sign of death). so I am no stanger to this stuff.
      my story is when I was a little kid I was in my room at night and my curtain was open. i walked over to it to close it and just as i began to close it I saw the reflection of someone standing in my doorway i turned around and noone was there! and i was the only person up stairs!! I ran downstairs and told my parent and nethier of them belived me. I was so scared I slept with a crack in the door for over a year. my mom only began to partially belive me after the oijia board answered my moms question of had i seen a ghost and it said yes but i think she still doesnt really belive me.

Kingsport, TN haunted house

By: ba.sanders@charter.net

Hello, my name is Angela Sanders. I grew up in a haunted house on Patton Street.  My family moved there when I was three years old.  The first night there I had a horrible nightmare that woke my mom and dad up.  Things always seemed to be happening to me and me only.  When I would turn out my lights and go to bed, as soon as I would lay down I would hear a scooting sound in the floor on the carpet. I would either scream for my mom or run to the light switch myself.  Either way we never saw anything and the sound would stop as soon as she entered.  When my dad worked the graveyard shift, our power would always go off right after mom put me in the bathtub. This would happen several times throughout my years there.  Our toilet would flush by itself  but only in the middle of the night and brand new batteries would go dead mysteriously.  Throughout all of this my parents would always have an "explanation".  I was always frustrated that they couldn't see what was happening. One day my brother and sister were gone riding bikes and my mom and dad were outside mowing and weedeating. I was inside alone watching TV and I got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom.  When I got in front  of my bedroom I looked inside and my waterbed was moving wildly like someone just jumped on it.  I ran outside to get my mom.  I was terrified.  A few days later, while all of us kids were at school and dad was at work, mom was washing dishes and something grabed her shoulder.  She said no one was there.  She finally changed her opinion and soon my dad would too.  One Sunday he was asleep in his room after working graveyard,  and everyone else was gone to church.  He heard the front door open and close, and he wondered why we were home so soon.  He then heard someone coming down the hall to the bedroom and he suddenly felt afraid.  He didn't move or make a sound and then it came into the bedroom.  He said he didn't dare open his eyes when suddenly something slapped his face. He sprang up off the bed and no one was there.  One night while my mom and dad were sleeping, their atrium doors to their bedroom burst open for no reason. I never actually saw a spirit or ghost but I did see its evidence.  I was home alone early one morning and heard a rattling sound.  I went in search of  it and found the door to the basement shaking and the knob turning rapidly back and forth.  I left immediately and never allowed myself to be alone in the house again.  By the way,  I had my boyfriend to check the basement and there was no one there and the only way in was to break a window.  All  of the window s were intact. I've never been able to get any history on the house. I did find out that before we moved in the house was empty a long time and the neighborhood kids were afraid of it.  We left it in '94 and I have never experienced anything like that since.  Thanks for reading my story.

Haunted Building

By: Wreckmobile@aol.com

i am a 15 yr old boy who looks 17 but owel. I go and help my dad clean since there is alot to do plus i get payed for it. But the building that my dad cleans, (not giving name to it since conifedental). Its a 7 storie building and its kinda old with alot of history behind it, anyways wel its haunted, The real people who work there on a 8 hr day dosent believe us. The most active floor is the second floor. You can see doors shut, hear cupboards close, feel cold presences, feel like something is staring at u. If your on the first floor which i clean and sometimes im there late til like 8 oclock in the dark killin time u can hear pounding noises, chairs moving from the floor above, sometimes see stuff just depends. I have had some of these experiences, it dosent really bother me cause its there place first and were just here taking care of it. Also on the 4th floor there was a night light that someone put in the hall, well my dad was waiting on the elevator in the dark and this light thing was like 45 ft away and it started goin off by itself with no one there. Then someone said that they seen a woman on that floor. At least i dont need a fake haunted building to go to i got one right there.

Ghosts By My Window

By: Karen3690@aol.com

When i was younger about 7 or 8 i once woke up and saw two men by my window. i lived in a house with an upstairs and downstairs. im 13 now and i moved out of it about 1 month ago to move to the u.s.a. the house was in north england. the two men frightened me even though they were just waving. I screamed and remember waking up my mum and dad it took them about 2 minites to get up.they probally came cause its never happened to me before.or maybe cause i was only 7. It happened at around half 9 in the mornin . they came with me to my room but there was nothing there. They told me that it could of been a dream but i know it could not of been one because im not like that. i know when im dreaming. the two men looked a bit like window cleaners they weren't holding anything in there hands  they was just waving. they had blue or possibly purple uniform on (i can't really tell cause im a little color blind) after that i have always thought about what i saw. they weren't see through they loooked like real people. i've always believed in ghosts and U.F.O's  for some reason i sometimes believe im being watched. When i  went to the bathroom in that house i always felt cold all over. it wasn't even a old house it was built in 1995 august time. when i go to my grandma's house in Manchester i go to there bathroom and im exacly breathing out cold air and shivering. thats when i feel im being watched. when i was in england i always used to watch most haunted where you need to be 15. That scares me they go around haunted houses. but when im watching it i never feel like somethings watching me anymore.


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