Angela Updated



You posted my story "Angela" on 8/1/97. I have an amazing update to

that story. Actualy, these events took place even before you posted my

story, but anyhow... here goes.

Somewhere in the area of June... Angela appeared in my room. Keep in

mind that I no longer live in Richmond, where I first met her. She

informed me that she had been "released" from the house she had haunted,

there. She was basically given a choice, move on to the other side, or

stay here as a spirit guide. When I say "spirit guide", I don't mean a

spirit who guides people. I mean a spirit who guides other lost spirits

to the other side. She chose to stay, and visits me on a regular basis.

So... my old friend is back :)

Ocassionaly she brings other spirits with her. Often it's ones that

feel a need to communicate with the living, one more time, before they

go. So far, none of them have asked me to do anything for them

(although, years before I met Angela, the ghost of guy who drowned in a

nearby river asked me to go find his body... that was kind of creepy).

Anyhow, that's it for now... two friends reunited in a happy ending :)

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My House is Haunted


Hi,my name is Christopher Bohar and Ibelive that my house is

haunted.Since I am only 12 years old nobody really wants to believe me

but I'll tell you right now that there is ghost in my house.That house

freaks me out sometimes.Alot of inncidents have happened in my house

ever since we moved in.My brother Eric and I are the only ones who

really believethatthehouse is haunted.A few of my friends believe me

too.I'll tell you a few inncidents that happened in my house over the

years.One night Patty who used tobe one of my neighbors was at my

house.She told me that sheand my brother were sitting on the basement

steps and were talking.Patty said that she saw a black shadow shaped

like a man walk to the side of the staircase.When it dissapeared

sheasked my brother if he saw what she saw but my brother said that he

didn't see anything standing next to the staircase.Another time my

friend Geoffrey came over my house.We began to walk upstairs where my

bedroom is and we saw a black blob-like figure moving down the

stairs.Well,me and Geoffrey ran straight out of the house and half-way

up the block.We don't know what it is but it scared us.My dog Muttley

will sometimes get up and bark and growl like something is near her but

I don't see anything near her.Sometimes lights get turned on and off

which I can't explain.Things will get lost like they were hidden and

then show up again.The ghosts only seem to be in certain parts of the

house.Sometimes I feel like somebody is watching but nobody is there.I

also feelcold spots in the house where there are no vents or open

windows.I makesurethat my dog is with me so that I have some company.I

also took a photo of what seems to be a ghost.That day my brother and I

went fishing and I took one of those disposable cameras along to take

photos of the fish we catch.We were fishing down atthe canal at the time

and my brother caught a big Trout so I took a photo of the fish as he

held it up.We got the photos developed and the one with my brother

holding a Trout was weird.Next to my brother was a blob of glowing

light.It couldn,t have beenthe sun becauseI remember it was a hazy day

outside.I havehadmany other encounters with whatever haunts my house but

Ican't possibly tell them all at once.I don't know if I am seeing things

but I know that there is something in my house.

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Grandma's Watching!


My maternal Grandmother passed away when I was five years old. She was the

embodiment of the stern-faced

but always cheerful German woman. She and my Grandfather lived in the

farmhouse across the road from our

farm. A short jaunt along the beaten old driveway would bring me to

Grandma's house. The half-mile trek was

worth it for the fresh-baked cookies, lemonade and all the love a five

year-old could handle. My Grandfather

had a penchant for the bottle, but Grandma still gave him all the love she

gave us kids.

One night, when I was about eight or nine years old, my brothers and I were

awakened around 3AM by such

a commotion as we had never heard. My Mother was yelling for my Father to

wake up. The dog was yelping

and whimpering. Then we could hear my Father yelling to my Mother "Stay

with the boys!" My Mother is deaf

and does not sleep with her hearing aid, so he had to yell. But where was

he going?

We three boys came charging out of our bedroom to see what was going on.

My Mother was a nervous wreck

and would not or could not tell us anything. My Father had already gone out

the door. The dog was still

whimpering and hiding behind the sofa. She was scared to death!

Several anxious hours later my Dad came home blackened by coal soot and

still visibly shaken. My Mother,

nearly hysterical, smothered him in hugs and kisses. He then proceeded to

tell us what happened. Here is

the complete story:

My Mother woke to a light in their bedroom. Again, since she is deaf, her

alarm clock has a flashing light to

wake her. She is regimented to awake to light. She awoke to see the glowing

figure of my Grandmother

standing at the foot of their bed, motioning "Come with me" with her hand.

That is when my Mother started

yelling to wake my Father. Once they were awake, the apparition walked

past their bed out into the living room.

That is when the dog caught sight of it and went screeching behid the sofa.

It went through the living room and

dining room and through the front door, all the while motioning "Come

along!". Yelling for my Mother to stay

with us boys, my Dad followed the spectre of his departed Mother out into

the night. He follwed her all the way

along the old driveway, to my Grandfather's house where she disappeared at

the front door. Upon entering the

house, my Dad found it filled with oily, black coal smoke. My Grandfather

was unconscious on the kitchen floor,

with his dog, also unconscious, beside him. My Dad managed to drag the both

of them out into the fresh air.

It appeared that in a bout of intemperance, my Grandfather had knocked the

flue off the old pot-bellied coal stove

in his kitchen. The carbon monoxide would have taken him shortly had my

father not arrived when he did.

My Mother later confessed that when my Grandmother was motioning "Come with

me", she construed it to mean

"Come with me to the great beyond!" All the while we were waiting for my

Father to come back, she was thinking

she had seen the last of him! We went back to bed in the grey light of

dawn knowing Grandma's watching!

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A Strange Story


This story is not my story ,My friend's brother told it to us one night

10 years ago.I didn't belive the story until recently and it goes like


One night 10 years ago ,I spent the night at my friend's house.

His older brother had gone out to a pub and came back late at night


Altoogh we were supposed to sleep ,My friend and I didn't and so we

heard the story he told his parents :

My friend's brother and two of his friends went to a pub in the city.

While coming back home (a bit drank...) they have spotted a naked girl

on the road.Now you have to understand that this is a main road but it

leads to far places and remote areas.They stopped the car because they

wanted to help her.They thought she was raped or something.

My friend's brother gave her his coat and she asked them to drive her to

a near by kibutz.All the way she didn't talk.When they got there she

said thank you and ran into a house.They wer about to leave ,When hr

remembered she still had his coat.

So he knocked on the house door.

An old man opened the door...

My friend's brother asked about the girl.

The old man said he doesn't know much ask him to come with him.

They went to the kibutz cemetery.

There on one of the graves lied the coat.

Of course he took the coat and ran like hell from there.

I didn't belive it until recently i heard on a late night radio show the

brother telling the story.

So I went and asked him.

He took me to the place where they have found her.

To the house.

To the grave...and on the grave was a coat...I don't know whose

coat...probably another guy who forgot his coat and never came back for


that's it...maybe you could tell me what it is.

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A Childs Ghost, After the Fact


I know the content of the previous posting, happened years ago, but since the day I posted the story of"A childs Ghost", all of sudden, my daughter feels there is "something" here. I heard a strange noise from upstairs. kind of a "Mmmm, mmmmm.mmmmm" sound, in repetition, picture a child rocking back and forth and repeating this sound, thats what I heard. I checked, though I knew I was the only one here, I peeked out doors, and asked my daughter if anyone had made that sound<though I know it came from indoors> she was playing alone. My dog Katie <who if dogs can be soulmates, shes mine, Id swear she was a person in a past life!::grin:::>, ran up the steps, we have a loft, the only room upstairs is Jennifers <my child>, and the dogs arent aloud up there, because we also have a cat, who's litter box is up there,<dogs like to get into litter boxes> So when she ran up there, and didnt even glance the litter box, I knew I had indeed heard the sound from up there.

2 days pass, I hear the sound again, but this time, outside, at my backdoor, I look, but no one is there, and whether related or not, I got a nosebleed during both times I heard the sound.

I consulted a friend, who knows more of these things than I, and he says this is a bad thing. He feels there is no way its Karen, and feels strongly, that after saying goodbye, Karen went to the light. His fear is, that somehow, in my retelling the story, dwelling on the ghosts, Ive opened the door, and a new ghost is here, likely not a child, but pretending to be, in order to find my weak spot, and allow it to truly come in.

This all so strange, Im not sure what I think.

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The Indian Summer


This is my personal story about what happened in my house almost 14 years ago. For me it was the start of a life time of experiences.

It all started in the fall of 1981 I was 10 or 11 years old at the time, it was a nice day and my father had gone out to the garden to till for the fall and prepare for the next spring. I remmber ( like it was yesterday) sitting at the table looking into the back yard I saw my father stop and lean down and retreive somthing from the dirt. A few min later he came in and showed us a rare find... It was a perfect and I mean PERFECT arrow head ! It had no chips and no signs of age we all thought it was real neat!

A few days later after the arrow head was forgotton I was sleepong in my room my parrents were both on the sofa in the living room when they heard footsteps comming up the basement stairs. Now, on the stairs my dad had a colection of License plates from around the states so when you walked up the stairs it was noisy to say the least.

My father thinking it was me told me " Go back to bed" when the steps did not stop he got up and opened the door to the basement... Nothing, he than when to my room I was sound asleep.

Not long after that things got worse, Objects seem to have minds of their own and would fly off and nearly hit people. Strange disembodied voices would call my mothers name and would often say "GET OUT".

The worst thing was when my mom ( who was a neat freak) would clean the living room or other rooms ( seemed to happen in the living room the most) she would move stuff and be hit with the worst smell as she put it when asked " It smelled like death or decay" ( she would know for she worked at a med school )

She had, had enough and brought the arrow head ( now knowing that it our haunting friend had somthing to do with it) to a psyic freind of hers . Nancy held it and as she did ( i know this sounds wierd) she felt a pulse in it and right before everyones eyes it started to chip.

My mother not long after that now fearfull and just wanting things to stop thought if she put it back it may stop ( IT being our ghostly presence). She took it out to the spot and put it back but only after a few hours she went back to get it for she could not stand leaveing it out there. She said aloud that she ment it no harm and then put it up. After that we had no more BAD things happen it seemed that the ghost had somhow trusted my mom.

Things though did happen after that for although i was never the "butt" of the hauntings from that ( the arrow head) I was the "butt" of other things. Most good but some raised the hair on my neck.

Over the years I had married and moved around a lot as my husband was in the service and it seemed that where ever we went I had some kind of experience. Agian most were good .

Now If your wondering, Yes we did TRY to find out about the arrow head and the ghost the most we could find out is that Indians did Inhabbit the area and about 3 miles from the location of my home over the years many skulls and bones are recovered as well as arrow heads ect. So who knows we may never know but I do know that this is TRUE I would have never belived any of it had it not happened to me.

Oh one short side note, several of my freinds over the years have experenced the ghost/ ghosts in the house and many wont stay inc my husband who always felt "funny" about it.

The house is located in Michigan by Lake Erie.

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Mom's Stories

by deborah.wasserman@Sun.COM

My mother told me these stories, she said there true.

My aunts verified that they are true, when I asked her about it.

(I was checking)

#1 (1940's)

When my mom was about 15 teen years old, her and her sisters

needed to use the bathroom, they lived on a ranch out in

Biola, California, my grandpa was a ranch hand. Anyways

my grandma used to feed just about everybody who lived

close to them, mostly the weekends she'd make big pots

of meats, tortillas etc (we're hispanic). On this one nite,

after all the neighbors left to go home,

my mom said it was about 1 in the morning, they had to

go use the outhouse, no indoor plumming, which was alittle

ways from the main house. She said the moon was out just

enough to lite the way, It was a little windy too.

When they were half way to the outhouse they looked up

and saw some one walking towards them down the path that

lead from the road, thinking it was their neighbor, who had

left something at their house earlier that nite. My mom & her sisters

stopped to wait for him, they even waved to him. She said the

figure was wearing a long coat,with the lapels up and gloves,

also a big black hat, with a wide brim, they couldn't see his face.

they stood there chit chatting, wishing he would hurry up,

it was cold. When the man got closer they all turned to say

hi and got a good look at him. they still could not see a

face but when they look down at his feet, there were none,

the leaves were just swirling around where his feet were

suppose to be. They screamed and ran home with the figure

following, as fast as they could. My grandpa checked and

found nothing. My grandma said the rosery that nite.

My mom said they still don't know who or what that was

and will never forget it.

#2 Different house...(1940's)

My grandfather, who liked his beer, used to drink

from what I hear alot, my grandma used to make

homemade beer to try and keep him home. Ok, even

the cops knew him, instead of jail they used to

bring him home "Mrs Juarez, we have Ireno again".

Anyway there were also times that my grandfather

would drive himself home. For about a year in

this one house my grandfather said he would be driving

along and about a block from his house he would see

fire engulfing the house, he would get sober real fast

and drive home faster, he said once he would get to

the house the flames would move to the backyard, when

he would walk/run to the back yard the fire would disappear

into thin air. My grandfather would come in the house

chalk white and scare. My mom said that finally my

grandfather couldn't take anymore and they moved,

he thought it was a omen of some kind,

nobody else would see this, they thought he was just drunk,

So of course he was not believed.

A year later, after they moved, they heard that the new

owners were digging in the back yard for a well or something

and they found 2 kegs (little) full of old coins worth a

mint in those days. To this day my mom believes that

the ghost fire was trying to tell my grandfather to dig

in the back yard, instead they moved.

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Our Move into a 1820 Circuta Home


Until our move into this lovely old house in Southern New Hampshire we

never thought about ghosts. But, did we have them.

Prior to moving into this old colonial home, my mom stayed there and was

along with an old friend, helping us get the wall paper stripped and

painting done. Our move into the house was late May, it was warm and no

need for heat. However, one morning very early, which is unusual for mom,

since she was a late sleeper, she called us at the house we were moving

from. To ask if we had left the forced hotwater furnace on. No, we didn't

mom, why? I'll tell you when you get here. Well, she heard the water

going through the pipes and the pipes were hot, then she noticed a very

tall woman standing next to the thermostat, she turned slightly and looked

over at mom and disappeared.

Later when we moved in, there was a lot happening, involving myself, and

the children.

The youngest child when we moved was only 2 months old, by summer we would

have the windows open and the cool breeze would help us sleep. One

evening, around 7 or 7:30 I had just put the youngest to bed, and his crib

was on the driveway side of the house, he began crying. Mom, was outside

and tried not to let the crying bother her but kept commenting on how he

needed to be picked up or changed or maybe a drink of milk or water would

help. I told mom, just leave him alone, he has been fed, and changed and

he would have to go to sleep.

Mom, disappeared and I could hear, shhhh shhhh shhhh. Oh, boy, mom is

in the room after expressly telling her not to bother with the baby. As I

approached the bedroom I could hear the mattress squeeking as it would if

someone was gently pushing it down and releasing it, this continued until I

rounded the was outside (ground level - I was on the second

floor) talking with my husband. She could not have gotten downstairs,

without me seeing her.

Another insodent, my oldest son asked his friend to stay over. The next

morning at 5:30 I had got up and there was my son's guest standing outside

on the driveway. Come on in and I'll make breakfast. No, tell James that

I'll call him later.

It was years later, before I ever knew what had happened. We had an old

adding machine in the rear bedroom, one that you had to push the buttons

then pull down the handle to make it work. Well, all night long, the

adding maching was being made to work, and the guest waited until it was

light enough outside so he could see to leave the house.

There are more stories about this house, that I just do not have time to

write about now.

One really strange thing that I could not understand....when I first

entered the house with the real estate agents, I wanted to hug the that's strange. AND, no one married couple has been able to

remain there for more than 7 years without going into divorce court.

Incase my e-mail address is not on here:

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Ghost Happenings


First of all, the stories about my home. There were several of them. 1st:

about 4 or 5 yrs old, I had had a collie who died. Several months later, I

was playing outside with some cars when I heard a dog panting. My home is

on brick pillars, about 2 ft off the ground. I looked around, but didn't

see anything. The panting continued until it sounded like it came from

right behind me. Needless to say, I fled in terror. 2nd: My grandfather had

died about two weeks before this happened, and I was still in shock and

mourning. I was up late on night, and i noticed mist coming inot the house.

After it seemed like there was a couple of inches in, I observed a humanoid

shape to appear rising out of the mists. This happened 2 or 3 times.

3rd: I had a cat who I loved and who died of a derivitive of feline

leukemia. He used to sleep at the foot of my bed. A couple of days after he

died, I was in my room missing him, when I felt something about his size

jumping up on the bed and starting to purr. When I looked down there, there

was nothing visible. It seemed like he had returned to say goodbye and to

ease my pain.

For the second story, I wasn't there, but I heard about it from my pastor

and various others at church. My church was the second one of its name

built, and the first one had been turned into a museum. Where the altar

once stood however, there was a plaque marking three priests burial places.

They had not been given a proper funeral because they had died of smallpox

and just quickly buried so the disease would not spread. My church pastor

decided to rebury them, this time in a graveyard with a proper funeral. At

the funeral, several people noticed them standing at the back just watching

their funeral. It seemed like the were giving their approval. Email me if

you have any questions, comments, etc. My address is,

call me corsair.

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Ghostly Sounds


I have some very vivid memories of things that happened to me

when I was a youngster. In these occurences, there were always


My dad was killed in a train/truck collision in 1968 when I was

ten. A week after his funeral, my mom and I were staying at my maternal

grandparents house but on this particular night, they were out runing

some errends. I was in the living room where the TV was and my mom was

in the kitchen writing a letter to my dad's mom when all of a sudden I

heard this scream that was right in my ear. It was a man's scream that

was short but sounded as if it lasted forever. I walked into the

kitchen where my mom was and she said I was white as a sheet. She told

me that she had heard the scream also and that she somehow thought it

was me because she had told me to "shut up" but I didn't hear her say

that. We both stood in the doorway waiting, cowering, until my

grandparents arrived.

But now the kicker. About two years later, same house, my mom

and I were there along with my aunt and cousin. It was nightime again

and my cousin and I were in one of the bedrooms in the back of the house

listening to a conversation that my uncle and aunt were having over the

phone. My mom and aunt were both in the kitchen. Then, just like in one

of the movies, we heard this loud ooooing. My cousin and I looked at

each other with eyes as big as sausers. I slammed down that phone and we

both ran into the kitchen as fast as we could. When we arrived, my aunt

asked me why I had made such a noise into the phone when of course, I

hadn't. But as soon as she asked the question, it happened again. We

were scared to death, all of us. We had a Manchester terrier in the

house at the time who was standing there it the hallway stiff as a

board, growling bigtime with the hair on his back standing straight up

as he looked into the bedroom from which my cousin and I had ran. The

oooing was just like you would expect a ghost to sound and it sure

didn't dissapoint us. The sound happened two more times for a total of

four and you knew that you knew you were hearing a ghost. Needless to

say, all four of us stood in the doorway waiting for the same

grandparents to come home. These are not the only things that happened

to me from the paranormal but when I became a Christian, they all

stopped. I am not going to preach to you but I am going to give you an

option to think about. I believe that these things people believe to be

spirits of the dead are not that at all but are demons. Being that they

have been around for thousands of years and they are able to be present

throughout your life they are more than capable to convince you that

they are some long dead relative or a civil war soldier. They are

intelligent and they are evil. If they can take you off course from God

with a few parlor tricks, they will.

In Christ,

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Mystery Knocker


One night last week my husband and I both are resting together on the couch

at about 12:30am. We had all the doors locked and almost ready to go to

bed when I heard a faint set of knocks on the inside of the front entrance

door. I ignored it at first thinking I must be crazy or very over tired.

I then noticed that my cat was asleep and woke up and studied the door as

well. I then looked at my husband who also heard the same knocks. The

outside screen/storm door never opened or closed. We didn't open the front

door but my husband hurried upstairs to see who was on the porch and nobody

was there. My husband's mother died front post surgical problems as she

locked into a stroke in August last month and we live across the street

from a very large beautiful cemetery which has never given us any scare or


Tell me how one can knock on the outside of the front door without ever

opening the screen door? I acted as it was his mother and replied "Hi

Anna" because I truly believe I had a ghost at that time. I have been

feeling very insecure since this time. I don't sleep well and don't like

to be alone where I've never felt like this before. I am even afraid to go

to the bathroom at night by myself and my husband is going through the same


Tell me what you think?

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Hi everyone! I will start first by introducing myself. My name is

Melanie, I am 20 years old and live in Toronto, Canada. There are many,

many experiences that have happened to members of my family. Most of the

experiences have happened to my Mother. I guess spirits are attracted to

her, who knows. I have had a couple experiences myself but I only remember

one particular incident. Well, here goes.

I remember this as if it happend yesterday. I was about 4-5 years old

visiting family in Croatia. I was staying over at my Fathers parents

house. This house was built by my Grandfather when my Father was very

small. My Grandfather passed away in that same house before I was born,

but I do not know if this has anything to do with what I am about to tell


I was staying in my Grandparents room with my Grandmother. I had a hard

time falling asleep because my Grandma could sure snore!!!! Anyway, I was

lying in bed with my eyes open when I saw this black, shadowy figure shaped

just like a man. I could not see his face or any other detail, it was as

if you were looking at your own shadow. I am just watching this shadow

wander around the room. It seemed as if it were looking around the room.

This went on for awhile and I do not remember being scared. I guess I

eventually fell asleep and in the morning I told my parents what happend

and of course they thought it was just my imagiation, but I SWEAR I was

wide awake and I know what I saw.

I used to live in Vancouver B.C. in a fairly new house. There was no

known history of that house, meaning no one passed away in the house or

anything. I even asked my mother recently if she experienced anything when

we lived there and she said she did not. Well, my parents had a business

and had to work late at night and my brother and sister being quite a few

years older than I was usually went with them, so I was home alone a lot.

Anyway, I remember being scared of going to my room to sleep by myself so I

usually fell asleep in front of the TV.

The house had two floors. The top floor was where my parents room was and

the living room, kitchen, etc. Downstairs was where my room was as well as

my brother and sisters rooms. I had everything a little girl could ever

want in her room. I had a million toys, a cool bed full of stuffed

animals, but for some reason I did not like going in there so I always

slept in the extra bed in sisters room. She was so much older but she did

not seem to mind. One night (everyone working) I was so tired and decided

that I was a big girl now so I should be able to go to sleep downstairs (in

my sisters room). No one else was home, just me and buttons (my dog) so, I

picked her up and took her downstairs with me.

Just as I got myself all tucked in and buttons was by my side I started to

hear footsteps walking across the ceiling (if you know what I mean). I

just stayed in bed, my eyes moving in the same direction as the footsteps.

It continued untill I decided I was too scared so I ran upstairs to the TV

room. For some reason I felt better when the TV was on, so I fell asleep

there until everyone got home.

I went for a visit to Vancouver last July and whenever I go there, my

cousins and I get together and usually end up talking about everyones

experiences. I have never told anyone about the footsteps incident because

I thought it was my imagination. This time I brought it up and since one

of them is a couple of years older and the other is the same age as I am

but has a better memory, I thought I could get some answers. Maybe they

remember me saying something or maybe hearing the same footsteps, who

knows. I always thought it was strange that I did not like going into my

own room. So I asked if they remember anything at all, they both thought

about it. The older cousin said that she remembers never playing in my

room when we were kids because we were too scared because I told them that

there were people in my room. Thats all they remember but it still freaked

me out.

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My First Apartment


After one year in a fraternity house and a second year in the dorms,

I'd had it and lied to my college so I could get an apartment (you had

to have 60 credits or live with your parents in order to be excused

from dorm life). It was an old building and I just happened to work in

the music store on the first floor. I don't remember the exact order

of the events, and they weren't frequent occurrences.

The first thing I remember was my bedroom closet light. Because my

roommate had an unending parade of people that I didn't know over at

all hours, I decided to keep my LP collection in my closet, out of

sight. On a given evening, I might have gone to that closet 3 or 4

times to replace one LP and get another. Typically, I'd turn on the

closet light, replace one album, get the other, turn off the light,

and leave the bedroom. I usually closed the bedroom door because it

was adjacent to the living room and the bedroom was usually a mess...

this is college, remember.

Anyway, I'd go back to get another album and find the closet light on.

I'd get friends to witness my actions. We'd leave the room, play the

record, and when we returned, the light would be on. The switch was

up, too - this wasn't just a short circuit. In addition, the light

never went on while I was in the bedroom - asleep or otherwise.

<%-3>This would happen one evening, then not again for weeks. Toward

the end of my 5-year occupancy, it stopped completely.<%0>

Three other occurrences happened only once each:

I was in the bathroom "reading" one evening. I kept a bottle of

shampoo and a bottle of conditioner on the towel rack in the tub area.

The bases of the bottles rested on the square bar of the rack and the

tops of the bottles rested against the wall opposite the shower head

and faucet. For some reason, I suddenly looked up at the bottles to

see them fly off the rack, one at a time. The tops of the bottles

resting against the wall moved away from the wall and they fell into

the tub.

Another event happened to my roommate. He woke me up one morning

and had me come into his room. We had very deep window sills and he

used his as a bookshelf. He was able to store books 2-deep on the

sill. Anyway, every last book was on his bed. He'd been woken up by

the books which had been dumped on him all at once.

This one is probably the best. I had recently received a kitten -

Dodsworth. We had a ratty old chair with short legs, about 6 inches.

The chair was in bad shape, so we covered it with a tapestry-like

sheet. Dodsworth liked to get under the chair and I'd play with him

through the sheet (sitting in the chair with my hand between my feet).

One day we were engaged in the usual playtime when I looked up to see

Dodsie across the room, hissing at me with his hair standing on end

and his back arched. I got severe goose bumps, put Dodsworth in my

jacket pocket (he was just a kitten) and left the apartment for

several hours. In fact, I got a good case of goose bumps just writing

this story.

There was a tavern next door and after I told the owner about these

events, he told me that an entire family had perished in a fire in

that building many years earlier. Hmmmmm.

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My 2 Stories


I have two stories to tell, the first happened when I was still with my

husband living in Calif. We had the usual experiences of things

dissappearing and reappearing months later in places there was no way for

them to get where they were found. Well, one day I happened to be home

alone with the dog and cat watching tv when the dog (who never left my

side) jumped off the couch ran into the hallway toward the kitchen stopped

dead (pardon the pun) in his tracks at the corner of the kitchen staring at

the shelf behind the sink , growling, barking and trying to protect me from

this thing, (the only way I know this is he tried to scare me back into the

living room by trying to bite me). I looked around the corner at where he

was focusing his attention and saw a fog sitting in the triangle formed

behind the sink. When I told my husband about it he informed me that he

had an excorcism shortly after we met but the excorsist told him it was a

very powerful demon and would follow him the rest of his life. We moved

shortly after that while we were moving we found a photo album that had

been missing between the soft-sided waterbed mattress and the box spring,

now we had been sleeping on that bed for months and it was a queen size

there was no way for that album to get in the center of that mattress and

us not feel it. We had other minor occurences after that, we split up and

I have never been bothered by that spirit again. The second spirit was

when my mom was in intensive care following an aneurysm i went to visit her

(she couldn't speak very well this was only a couple of days after her

surgery) she looked at me and asked me "where did she go?" I asked her who,

and she replied "mom" my grandmother had been dead for about eight years,

so I asked her if she meant grandma she said "yes she was standing right

beside me until you came in" Needless to say I was freaked out and tried

not to show it, thaen mom said gramma had told her that everything was

going to be alright and to tell me not to worry if I couldn't be there all

the time. There are my two stories both true

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My Friends Haunted House


Hello My name is Scott. You asked for some real ghost stories,

Well I have a real Ghost story For you. And believe it or not it is a

true ghost story that happened to a friend of mine. In a way it is mine

too,sence I experenced it with her.

On August 7th,1997 I was awakened from my sleep by a pounding on my

front door. I looked at my clock and it read 1:36A.M. I thought who in

the world is punding on my door at 1:30 in the morning. I got up to

answer the door, and upon answering my door I found one of my longest

friends standing there. I could see by the frantic look on her face that

she was very frightened.

I quickly invited her in and sat her down on the couch to talk. As I

asked her what was wrong she started crying. I quickly got her a glass

of water to calm her down. She was sobing uncontrolebly as she tried to

speak the fear in her eyes told me whatever she had to tell me was

indeed real. After she calmed down for a while I again asked her to tell

me what had happened that had scared her so bad.

She began by telling me that as she was going to sleep she felt a

sudden chill enter her room. She saw that she had left her window open,

so she mistook it as a cold breeeze and went to sleep. Around 1:00 A.M.

She heard footsteps come across her floor, and sence her dog usualy

slept on her floor she didn't think anything of it. then things started

to get worse. She felt the sheets being pulled off of her bed. She

turned over on her back to see who had pulled the sheets off of her when

she saw no one but the sheets being suspended in mid air.

One of her books started floating at her very slowly. she was so

terrified that she just watched the book float untill it stayed

suspended infront of her. She started screaming and ran out of her

house. sence she lived up the street from me she ran to my front door.

As I sat there listening to her I had a lot of mixed emotions running

through my body. Part of me wanted to believe her, yet part of me

didn't. I didn't know what to say to her I wanted to ask her if she was

kidding, But the seriouse look in her eyes answered the question before

I could ask it.

The next night I staye at her house up stairs from her room, yet close

enough so that if anything happened I could rush down there to whitness

anything thatwas happening. As I sat there In the spare room I kept

running her story over and over in my mind trying to make sence of what

she had told me. Close to around 2:00 A.M. I could hear someone running

up the steps so I walked to the door way the led to the hall(which I had

left open purposefully) when the door suddenly shut with a loud bang

that startled me and scared her.

As I was fighting to open the door My friend started screaming from

down stairs. Hearing her scream was like a bolt of energy that ran

through me. I finaly managed to pull the door open enough for me to get

out of the room. As I was running down the hall toward the stairs I ran

into something that I can only describe as being as hard as a brick

wall. As I was laying on the ground totaly stunned I could hear her

screaming my name and screaming for help.

I final got over my daze and ran down the stars. As I reached the

bottom she was standing there completle frieghtend out of her mind and

utterly speechless looking toward the hall way to her left. As I asked

her what happened she pointed toward the hall and to my astonishment I

saw a golden cup floating towards us. As I stepped forward to comfront

whatever it was that was carrying the cup it (the cup) vanished.

We ran out of the house and ran over to my house where she stayed on

my couch untill morning. To the day being the August 18th she hasn't

experinced another haunting. Althought we both can feel something there

in her house. I ask her if anytrhing has happened when I see and the

answer is always no-not yet.

That is my little story I know that it seemsa litle hard to be true.

But believe me every word of the story is true. I promise you, infact I

would even swear my life to it.

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