Personal Experience




My name is Anne.  I have only had one significant encounter with what I

would call a spirit.  It was back in the summer of 1994.  My boyfriend (now

my husband) and I were visiting his parents at their home in San Jose, Costa

Rica.  It was my first visit there, and I was very excited about our trip. 

We arrived on a wet, and rainy afternoon in the middle of June—rainy season

in Costa Rica.  After chatting for a bit with my boyfriend’s mother, both of

us retired for a nap to our respective bedrooms.  The room that I was given

was towards the back of a very large house.  Luckily for me, it connected my

boyfriend’s bedroom, with a bathroom in between.  Anyway, after a very good,

but short nap, I awoke to a figure standing over me.  I never saw his face,

and I say “his” because he was, unmistakably, a male presence.  I blinked a

few times, disoriented, and then ran to my boyfriend’s room.  I told him

that I was never going to sleep in that room, especially by myself!!  Upon

retelling this story to his mother and other family members, I was intrigued

to learn that the house had been “haunted” for years.  Since my husband’s

childhood in fact, young children and other guests, have reported weird

visions, spirits, etc.

Although this spirit seemed rather benign, there had been another entity in

the house that was anything but friendly.  My sister-in-law says that as a

young girl she was afraid of going up and down the stairs, because a

man?/woman? In a black cloak would chase after her with a long knife.  When

my in-laws finally acknowledged the presence of this spirit and had a priest

come to exorcise the spirit, he found something strange.  Behind a painting

that my mother-in-law had, he found another painting  of a witch slicing the

neck of a goose.  The painting had been recently purchased on a trip to

Spain or France (although I have never been sure why they she bought this

painting, or stuck it behind this other painting!!).  The priest said that

that painting was associated with many hauntings.  Do you know of this

painting?  And can these kinds of hauntings occur through artwork?  Also, I

have not sensed nor seen the other spirit in the house.  We now live fairly

close to my in-laws, and my 2 girls play at their house often.  They also

have not said anything to me.  Should I worry about these spirits?  Or have

they moved on?

Thanks for reading this.  Any insight that you could give me would be

greatly appreciated.




South Weymouth, MA





Not sure if this would be private residence or not...but in South Weymouth, MA  there is an apt that is haunted by a baby that had been suffocated to death...when no one is in the apt, you can hear the baby crying all night long, it seems that the mother couldn't take the crying anymore and smothered the baby to death. I heard the baby crying all night since that wall was our bedroom mom and I thought it was just the baby who shared the same nickname I had crying 'cause she was was not until later that we found out that the family had not been home and we heard the tale of the smothered baby...this was during the late 1970's......




The Roof





I had my best friend, Brittany, over. We were both sitting on our giant couch in our den. We were watching t.v. when the wall opposite of us started to shake. We first looked at each other and asked the other if they say that. I mean you could literally see the wall shake. We had a candle holder mounted on the wall and it fell off. At first we thought it was an earthquake. But it wasn't since it was that one wall and only that one wall. We just shrugged it off not knowing what it could have been. Well I told my parents and they said it could have been our dogs. Now I know that couldn't be false because we have 3 huge dogs. 2 akitas and a st. bernard and they fight and rumble sometimes which causes things to bump. But I knew it wasn't them because there was a banging on the roof and they couldn't have hit the house so hard to knock the candle holder off. From my friends and neighbors on our block we've heard that someone jumped off our roof and killed themselves. But that was never disclosed to us, only that the previous owner was an elderly woman who had a heartattack and was rushed to the hospital where she later died. I still don't know what to believe, but I think that it's a possibility that it was the ghost re-enacting his death.




They're Everywhere




I've experienced many things over the years in different homes.... My first recollection of something odd was in the apt building we lived in for 13 years.....the basement was divided into 3 sections: there was a small apt for the superintendent, an area to wash clothes for the tenants and the boiler room...the superintendent was a quiet man ..he kept to himself; in the summertime he liked to sit in the boiler room -(which had a small back door that led into the alleyway) -, smoking his cigarettes and listening to the classic oldies radio station...long story short: he passed away in the local hospital but still liked to visit his favorite spot.... from time to time you could smell cigarettes;  hear the music faintly and if you were quick enough you could catch a  wisp of smoke in the air from those cigarettes but as soon as you turned on the light there would be nothing

Later on we moved to a one family house that was located over an embroidery...there were 2 presenses: I could clearly hear 2 sets of footsteps padding on the carpet..I never really "saw" them...more like sensed that one was small or young in age and a bit mischievious...he would bump the end of my bed when I was laying on it listening to music....the other was larger...I was not quite sure what to make of this other one; just that it scared me...the hair on my neck would stand up and my skin would get goosebumps when it was within 10 feet of me...also it seemed to" reside" in the family room at night...right above where the heavy cutting machines in the embroidery where kept....My family went on vacation and wasn't able to go with them..although I arranged to sleep over a family member's home there were 2 occasions where I wound up having to stay home  My room was always a "safe haven" for me; whatever was in the family room never ventured into my room...on those 2 nights that I had to stay home I was suddenly stricken with such a fear...such anxiety...I felt that if I did not get out of my room at that very moment I was going to die...of course I didn't actually believe this it was just the feeling I had at that moment...and I wound up sleeping in the family room -of all places! However from my room I heard noises such as the boards creaking and the closet doors moving back and forth...  Walking home one night I noticed the light on in the family room window and saw someone leaning on the window sill ..I assumed it was my mother waiting up for me to be sure I got home safe...but when I came upstairs I found that the lights were off and that everyone was asleep--I know this for a fact because I had to wake them to tell them I was who was in the window?    On another occasion  my mother decided to sleep in the sofabed because the bedroom was too hot...she started calling for my father frantically.......Later that morning she would tell me of how she heard footsteps and then felt the sheet lift up and feel the mattress sink in where someone had gotten in .....she thought that it was my father coming to join her on the sofabed and reached over to put her arm around him only to feel cold air and nothing else and then started calling for my father convinced that someone was in the house with us and a search of every door and window proved that it was impossible because they where locked

Eventually we moved to a new home...brand new central jersey  For the first few years things seemed fine...well they still are fine... however I am sure that we have had a few passersby...I have felt that bumping of the bed on occasion...and there had been a knocking in the wall for a while first I was the only one who noticed it....then one morning around 5 am  the knocking started with such force that my parents jumped out of bed and came running thinking that it was me trying to call for help by banging on the father searched everywhere but could not find the source or a cause for the sound. On another occasion my little sister came home from her ccd classes and she had been chosen to bring a statue of the virgin Mary home to" visit".  We had Her for a week until my sister's next class at which time Mary would go home with someone else Every night during that week we would sit around Her and recite the rosary and every night I would feel that there was another being in the room aside from my family ...I had the distinct feeling that the visitor was a she and that she seemed to take comfort in hearing the prayers...I have also heard footsteps across the floors....However nothing has happened since then...incidentally..the house over the embroidery burned down to the ground  2 years after we moved out ...with the exception of the intruder in mom's bed and that horrible banging noone else has ever noticed dad says I have a vivid imagination and he refuses to believe in such things but I'm pretty sure my mind's a little more open to things because it has happened on a few occasions where I have "known" things before they happened... I guess that is also why I've sensed these things as well.... my mom has also had visits from her grandmother...once on the last night of her viewing  ( she passed away ) many years ago when mom was in her early teens and then again 5 years ago....I feel that both times were because she sensed the my mom was going through some emotional crisis...the first time obviously due to her grandmother's passing ....The latter has an interesting twist to was again going through much heart ache and grief during a family crisis and she told me that one night she as though there were a cold hand on her back squeezing her spine and she remembers feeling very scared and paralyzed...unable to move even if she tried to.....then she saw her grandmother at the foot of the bed but she looked very angry almost furious and mom says she remembers thinking that maybe her grandmother was mad at her...however she says that when her grandmother appeared she felt warm and safe again and that cold, squeezing feeling was gone.....another family member said in response to this story that maybe mom attracted some negative energy with all her sadness and grief and that her grandmother came back to protect her    What do you think??




My Brother's Story




I have never personally had a paranormal experience, but my older brother has, this is his story.  First you have to know that my brother is a very practical person, an engineer in the Army to be exact.  No one in my family really believes in ghosts, but I believe this story because he called me the next day really freaked out and said "you're never going to believe me, and I think I'm crazy, but..."  He lived in TX (is in Iraq now) and his apartment complex was located on the same road as an old cemetery.  This is exactly how he told me what happened:

One night he was laying in bed on his back, having trouble sleeping (so he says he knew he was wide awake.)  He said the covers on his bed started getting tight as if they were being pulled down from both sides.  The covers got so tight that he could barely breathe.  He was wondering what was going on, but couldn't move.  Then he got really HOT and then really COLD.  All of a sudden, he says he felt tingling and then his mouth flew open and a long rush of air was like being forced out of his mouth.  He said it didn't even feel like it was his own breath.  He felt like it was coming from someone else.  After that, the temperature returned to normal and the covers loosened.  Then he heard footsteps going towards the door of his bedroom, and he heard the sound of a little child giggling.  After that, he said he laid awake for hours just scared and trying to make sense of what had happened to him!

To me this sounds almost unbelievable, in fact I'd never believe it if it wasn't my own brother (who would not make something like this up).  He was really afraid when he told me and I just have to believe that it happened.  Now that I've read all the other stories on this website, I can tell him he definitely isn't crazy... probably just had a ghostly encounter!



Ghost in the Chair




I've had many ghosts experiences through the 14 years I've been on this earth. But my first happened at the 2nd house I lived at. My younger sister and I used to share a room, she's always rocked and made noise. Well 1 night I was asleep and she started crying and rocking in her crib. I couldn't stand the noise and needed my sleep for school the next day. So I grabbed my blanket and pillow, went into our "living room" and crashed out on the couch.

I awoke to a strange presence that something was watching me. I opened my eyes and across from me on our brown chair  was a hazy  yet solid figure. I can only describe him as well dressed. A gray suit, a tie, buzz cut, and a mustache. He sort of looked like my grandfather (who had passed away) I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I shut my eyes and opened them again. He was still there. He just sat there staring back at me. After awhile I started to fall asleep again. I didn't have any nightmares. But I woke up to the door of our garage being opened. I looked around and the figure was gone. I later discussed it with my parents. They said that wierd stuff happened in that house to them too. They told me that they woke up to our back door being shut. That they thought it was me letting out the dog. But I was sound asleep in my bed. Out of all my experiences this one I can't forget. I found out later on about the history of the house. The old man who lived there before us died of a heartattack. He was kind to all the kids of the neighborhood, his wife had already passed on and he was just waiting for his time to go.




Amity Hall and Gettysburg, PA





HI!  I just wanted to give you an update and my most recent experiences ghost hunting in the area.  I looked all over Middletown for the cemetary with the brick wall  round it and had no luck.  Is it the obvious one that's right in town or is it outside the immediate Middletown area?  Anyway, starting about two weeks ago, here is what went down at Amity Hall....

Three friends and I went up late after checking out Middletown's cemetarys.  I guess it was around 1 am on a Sunday night.  We sat in the parking lot and killed the headlights and the engine.  We saw a few orbs but the most significant one was bluish and near the car.  It was changing shape, sometimes disappearing, and flickerking, becoming brighter.  We were also pretty sure we were catching the "imps" refered to on the shadowlands site out the corner of our eyes though we can't be too sure. 

I went back a few days later with another friend and the one guy who was with us when we saw the orb.  I have a Chihuahua puppy and he goes everywhere with me that's legal -so he was on my lap sleeping.  Not much was happening, we were all talking about stupid stuff, non -ghost related and my puppy, (Tito) woke up and started to look around.  While my friends were talking, I heard a noise in the distance, at first it seemed like dogs barking a few miles away but then it became clear that they were voices!  My friend noticed as well and we'd heard the voices again, and then again right after, each time getting closer to the car.  I wasn't driving this time so my friend decided to pull out of the parking lot and get outta there.  When we pulled out of the parking lot the voices stopped.  Then as we were at the stop sign right by the place, we heard RIGHT OUTSIDE THE CAR what sounded like giggles.  It was so loud!  It was like they were right outside the window!  It sounded like teenagers but definetly a young woman and some other muffled voices that were less obvious.  We peeled away from the stop sign, the giggles followed along side the car for a few more yards, then were gone.  I've been back up, trying to witness or hear more but have had no luck.  Those were the only times ever in the years I have been checking the place out, that I'd ever noticed anything out of the ordinary.  I recommend checking it out soon!

Today, the same usual friend I go ghost hunting with, Nate, (who was with me both times at Amity Hall by the way), was along with me and Tito to check out Gettysburg.  We got there around 6 pm and it was getting dark pretty fast.  We drove around the battlefield then decided to get out at Devil's Den.  I was walking with Nate and holding Tito on the street above the boulder formation.  The three of us heard something strange behind us in the woods, apart from the people we heard below us on the rocks.  Just as we turned to look in the direction of the noise, we heard what sounded like a body or maybe a canon ball? crashing down through the trees.  I ran! haha  It gave Tito a start too.  I decided I'd already had enough so we walked back down the little path by the area where the dead soldier was "posed" for a picture.  We were at the corner of Devil's Den that is further away from Little Round Top and I looked over beside me to see a bright blue light between two sandwiched boulders.  It was a very obvious shade of blue and just as I was about to comment, Nate confirmed what I'd been looking at.  Again, all the times I have been ghost hunting in that area, and this was the first time I'd experienced anything.  Maybe it's just me lately, being more in tune or something really has the spirit world stirred up!  I called yet another friend to tell her about the orb and she told me that after the last time she and I had visited Gettysburg, her digital camera stopped working completely.  

Anyway, those are my stories and I will keep you informed if you'd like.  Please let me know if you experience anything new, especially in the Amity Hall area.  Bye!



Dragsholm Castle, Denmark





As a start, I'd like to say that I've been a frequent visitor for 2-3 years, and been very interested in what I've read.

Personally, I've never met a ghost... I think...?

But to start my story; I will need to give you a bit of background knowledge of the place. Dragsholm Castle is one of Denmarks most haunted places. There are 3 famous ghosts, and an unknown number beside these. The first one is the Earl of Bothwell, who was a captive at the castle, and died there. The second is a white lady, who was trapped in a little room in the wall, as she had gotten pregnant with a man from the local village. The third is a grey lady, who keeps the place in order. Besides, the halls are haunted by a white stallion, who - the history say - was taken to see it's owner, who was dying. But it went berserk in the halls and had to be shot. In the castle, there is also a theater (this is not related to the story, but pretty interesting...). Back in the days when it was used, they would use people who had been convicted for crimes and had to be executed, if they needed some fighting on stage. This meant that a lot of people were murdered in the theater, and the staff in the castle claims that there are at least 20-30 ghosts in that area of the castle.

Now, the story... I and my GF was at a medieval-party in the castle, which is now a hotel. We went to bed early (around 01.30) in our room in the northern wing of the castle. The castle is surrounded by a moat, and was only open towards the north side. Unfortunately, the swedes attacked from the south some time in the 17. century (I believe), and was able to cross the moat and get in to the castle's courtyard.

The room we were staying in was directly at the top of the staircase, which was no more than 50-70 cm. wide (two people couldn't pass eachother), and was one of three entrances to the north wing. As I told you, we went to bed early, and the rest continued their party. During the night, we heard people walking the stairs several times, and in the end we got quite annoyed - we thought that it was some of the other guests going to bed, and being quite noisy. What struck us, was that we never heard anyone talk, just the footsteps on the stairs.

The next morning when we got up, we found out that we were one of only 3 or 4 couples who lived in that part of the castle, and at least two couples lived on the ground floor... We did not see any thing, but we sure heard it...




True Ghost Experiences




Hello! My name is Teela, I have several stories that I have experienced over the years. My first one was when I first moved to Indiana, from Florida. The people that my husband and I bought the house from had a little girl of about 7 or 8 years old. She choked to death in my youngest daughters room. After a couple of months of being here, everything was pretty normal and after that it started changing. The first incident I noticed was, I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower and I was just getting in there, and i was taking off my jewerly and I noticed the door knob kind of jilting back and forth. I dismissed it, thinking that my oldest daughter(4 years old) at the time, was playing a trick on me. All of a sudden I heard a tapping noise that of tap shoes, when I started for the door the noise in a way kind of took off running. I went to check and see if it was my oldest daughter, when i checked she was fast a sleep. I asked my step son if he had heard that noise and he said that he never heard anything. The 2nd incident, I didnt see but my daughter and step son saw. They had taken are dog,Peanut, outside to use the restroom. When the 2 came back inside they walked in through the back door and where they were standing it went straight threw into my office. Well the dog started barking like crazy, and the two of them said that they had seen a little girl, in a foggy white color, look directly at them and then took off running through the wall that lead to the outside of the house. The 3rd incident happened  fter my family and i returned from eating out. The ceiling was dripping with water from a leak in the roof. I had placed a bucket on the top of a cabinet and there was no way the buck could possibly fall off, we were all standing in the kitchen and all of a sudden the bucket just flew and slammed onto the ground. This is a few of the things that had been happen around my home. 




My Dad's Experience




My dad was in the army in the sixties and seventies.  After he was out of Vietnam he was assigned to Okinawa in Japan  to guard a chemical weapons storage there.  Each night him and four others would patrol the area.  My dad and two others had guard dogs with them.  One night one of the other ones that was patroling called for back up that he had spotted someone on top of one of the chemical weapons mounds (they are buried underground).  The three with the dogs led the way and as they approached the mound the dogs would not go one more step.  These were German Shepards who were mean and were never scared and none of them would go past a certain point.  They decided to tie them up and go ahead without them.  The plan was the guy with the shotgun would go up the back of the mound and flush the guy down the front toward the other three.  As the guy headed up the back this thing that they said was misty and dark colored came running down the side.  All of them started chasing after it.  These are 19-20 year old guys and the thing they said was moving in slow motion and was pulling away from them.  One of the guys yells at it to stop and pulls out his pistol and puts 5 shots right in the things back from point blank range.  It did not even phase it.  They were headed toward a 10ft. fence with barbed wire on the top.  The thing just glided up and over the top of it like it was not even difficlut. On the other side there was a big muddy area and by the time the patrol got around to it the thing was gone and there was no footprints.  Okinawa was the site of a major battle in WW2 and this is only one of many expierences that he had while there. 




Hauntings at My House





When we first moved in my house on Navajo in San Francisco , everything seemed normal . We all felt safe and nothing seemed off or weird . On 2000, we started to encounter odd sightings and sounds at the house. My mom was doing laundry in the garage , usually she only has one light on but this time she turned both of the garage lights on . As she was getting the clouds from the dryer , she saw a young teenage boy standing near a parked car we had inside . He slowly moved toward the garage door and disappeared . Later on a few weeks past , we didn't make much of it . One night , my sister was sleeping alone in her room . It was just me and her at home . I had been watching tv with the mute on waiting for my parents to come home . Then I saw the door knob slowly move , I had the door locked and  I could look under and no one was there . The following day I woke up with bruise marks on my arm. After that , my sister had felt and saw someone all in black sitting at the edge of her bed. My brother had seen  the same young boy my mom saw downstairs in the guest room we have . After my sister got married , she and her husband stayed with us . Everynight , she recalled being awakened by someone . She would feel like someone was laying next to her on the opposite de of where her husband was and touching her . It got worser that we had to call a spirit channel person . She took the ghost away . But it wasn't over . Everynight in my room , I see objects changed from place or things on the floor when i havent touched anything . I've heard repeated voices calling my name , knocks on my door , someone walking in the kitchen , turning on the faucet . The last sighting i saw was at night . It was 10 pm . No one was home but me . I was doing exercisese and I turned around and I saw a women standing at the doorway for my kitchen as i winked and blinked , i saw the faucet running and i felt a cold chill , when it was REALLY hot weather that day too .Whatever it is , it just wont leave til it gets its message across.




Haunted House




The other night me, my daughter, and my little sister was walking around town. On the way home, about a half of a block away there is a supposibly abandoned house. when we was walking past it i looked up at the upstairs window and i saw a figure in the window. i told my sister to look and she saw it too. we stood there watching it. it was a human shape but you could see right through it. I started to get a very ad feeing and just at that moment it moved its hand like it was pointing. i began to leave, i told them to come and i looked back up at it and it just vanished! it did not take us long to run to my house. People that i tell this too laugh at me but i know what i saw and it wasn't a living person.

  I have a few other stories of things that are going on in my house, if you want to know of them let me know i don't want to bother anyone. i like you am very into hauntings and such but it is a different story when it happens to me. i have come to find out that i really didn't have to go far to exerience  ghosts. My area is quite good for that thing.




Experiences in Wisconsin




I was reading your site and I used to live at the Delta Zeta house in Whitewater Wisconsin.  I had a strange experience in the attic there.  I was pulling out random items for one of our sorority functions when I heard boxes moving in the opposite corner of the attic.  I saw a box move and figured on of the other sisters was already up there.  I went over to see who it was and if they needed help and there was no one there and it was really cold.  It was opposite the window and it wasn't like a draft it was just cold.  All the hair raised up on my arms and I figured it was just something wierd so I went to go back to what I was looking for.  When I went back to where I was just at, the items I was looking for were sitting on top of the box I was going through and I didn't put them there and no one else was up there with me. 

In another incident I was trying to move a dresser downstairs when I was moving in and it got stuck so the girl that was moving it with me went to get a guy to help and when I was up there, trapped behind a dresser mind you, I heard someone walking down the stairs.  I was on the stairs already and looked up and saw no one.  The steps kept coming until they were right next to me, stopped for a few moments and proceeded to go "through" the dresser and out the door.  The door never opened it just rattled a bit.  I just figured I was crazy so I kept it to myself.

Also in Elkhorn, Wisconsin you might want to look at some stories concerning the "Beast of Bray Road".  I have no personal information to offer on this, however.




Experiences on a Haunted House





I am submitting this story to be published on your website at

I and several friends and family members have come to believe that my house is haunted. These are a few of the incidents that have occured in my home just over the past few months.

My house is very old. Dates back to the 1800's. After a short time we started to notice strange happenings and sounds. Footsteps, whispering, thumps and slamming doors. Let me first say that these things are unnerving for other reasons then the obvious, that it is a ghost, but is also frightening because you can never be sure if it is ONLY a ghost or that someone is actually breaking into your home. Which is something I fear more than the dead. The dead aren't going to steal your t.v. or kidnap your children. Ghost I can live with, I just hate it when they are so damn noisey.

Ok, story time. My husband works 3rd shift, so I am often alone at night in the house. When I can, I opt for company, usually a family member will stay with me. One night my husband was leaving for work and with our children away (remember that part) I asked my cousin, Nicole to stay with me. Eric, my hubby, was doing his usually routine of running about getting ready and saying his goodbyes. As he was leaving he kissed me and said "Bye baby, I love you, I'll see you tomorrow morning.", which I said right back to him. He said "Later Nicole" and she waved good bye to him also. This was the normal run of things EXCEPT for the abscence of our daughters who are usually the last to say good bye to their daddy. Eric exited the backdoor. A few seconds later Nicole and I heard the voice of a child eminating from upstairs say "bye daddy". It was as clear as a bell and as real as me or you. I looked over at Nicole who was just staring ahead with a frozen look of fear on her face. I of course said "Did you hear that?!?" even though I knew she did just by the look on her face. She said "Yeah I did, but I don't want to talk about it until morning." I think we were both a little freaked out for the rest of the night. We had known that the house was haunted, but we did not expect actual interaction with them.

My second experience happened just a few weeks ago. I told you my husband, Eric, works the a late shift and so he usually sleeps during the day while our daughters are in school. On that particular day I had a few errands to run, so my sister, Maggie, decided she would tag along and we would go have lunch together. We were away from the house for about 3 hours and when we arrived home we entered the backdoor that leads to my kitchen so we would not disturb my husband who was fast asleep on the couch in our living room. As it happens our kitchen is seperated from the rest of the house by a big wooden, swinging door that leads to our dinning room. Now please note that when we shut the back door in the kitchen the air from it will cause a suction and make the swinging door swing back and forth on it's hinges. I am used to this seeing it happen so many times. As I said we entered the backdoor, Maggie going in first and sitting some groceries down on the kitchen table, I came in last, sat down my things and proceeded in shutting the door behind me. I automatically look up (as did Maggie) to see the swinging door moving on it's hinges, no biggie I knew what caused it, but as the door swung outward I saw a man standing about 6 inches away from the door frame. He then grabbed the door and held for about 3 seconds and just stood there looking back at me. I gasped and he let the door go. I told Maggie to get out of the house, that I saw a man in the dinning room and without a phone in that room (there is no phone jack there due to the fact that my dog decided to eat it) I did the dumbest thing I could, I grabbed the nearest object which was the frying pan I had fixed scrambled eggs in that morning. I then did what came natural and holding the frying pan out in front of me I pushed through the swinging door using every stealthy move I had ever seen on all those cop shows! I know it sounds funny now but I was so scared, all I could think was there was someone in my house and my hubby was asleep on that couch! I pressed my back to the swinging door so if anyone was standing behind they would be flattened to the wall, in which case if they were I guess I could've smacked them one with the frying pan, but who knows, I was running on pure adrenaline! I then ran to the living room looking all directions at once and woke my husband. We searched every room and found nothing. I told Eric exactly what the man looked like, I seen him plain as day. There was no trace of any forced entry of any kind. I have never been so terrified in all my life. It was like the man had vanished. I am still not sure what to think of it.




TV and the Baby




My son was about 9 months old when this happened.  He was fighting sleep, didn't want to take a nap, although it was his usual nap-time.  He was crying, and I was frustrated.  We were both stressed.  I laid him on the couch.  And I was wondering if maybe one of his videos would help him calm down.  As I was thinking about which video he would like, I noticed the tv came on behind me.  At first I thought I had stepped on the remote.  Or maybe the baby was laying on it.  But no.  The remote was sitting on the table and had not been touched in any way.  I thought this was strange, and have tried to find an answer for why the tv turned on.  A stray signal from something.  Maybe a garage door opener, or cell phone, or something.  But this level of our home is below ground, so very little could penetrate the walls from the outside.  A few months passed, and my wife, son, and I, were all busily assembling a bookshelf.  We were having a good time, and I thought that it was nice that the tv wasn't on.  Just good old family time, together.  After we were finished with the bookcase, we sat down and started to watch tv.  Then I realized the tv was on after all.  And had been on for quite some time.  This is a different tv than before.  Neither my wife or myself had turned it on.  And there was no way my son could reach the remote, or the buttons on the front of the tv.  Twice.  My son, and myself, and 2 different tv's.  Not sure what to make of this.




This is Our Story




We lived in a house in the country in Frederick OK that was most definitely haunted. We lived there for two years before moving here to Sallisaw OK. The way to get to that house is pretty easy as the dirt roads are in mile sections. Right across from a store called ALCO is a paved road. You take it to the first intersection and turn right onto a dirt road. You take it down to the following intersection and turn left. At the next intersection you turn right again. The house sits on the lefthand side of the road. It is now abandoned, as I am sure no one dares to live in it. We are not ordinary people, as we have seen and lived in haunted houses before, as we go back to Frederick on a regular basis, we keep up with the old house.

Some other people know about it, but few are brave enough to enter it. I'm just curious as to what tragedy happened there to cause such violent spirits to inhabit it. We know it was a family home for generations, and that the kitchen was redesigned for a crippled woman at one time, so the counters are shorter than normal. We also know it was abandoned for 15 yea before we found it and renovated it. When we discovered it, it was in very bad shape, no running water, windows broken out, it was in severe disrepair, but we worked on it a bit and moved in.

 The very first night there I heard a sound in the attic like a child would make of about two years old. This wasn't no squirrel, man! The kids heard it too and were scared.

We saw a small child periodically with blonde hair and very blue eyes. He is very pale and I sensed evil coming from him.

There are seven spirits in all in the house, at least that's what we believe, whether there are more or not, we don't know.

My son saw a car driving down the road that looked like it had been underwater. He said it was rusty and it had a devil head on the license plate. We believed him because he was frightened very badly.

 We also saw demonic looking creatures in the girls bedroom. They had bodies like men but hooves like a goat, I am not joking about any of this, you could check it out for yourselves, their eyes were red and they were pure evil, some of their heads looked like deer heads, others looked like partial skeleton cow heads with big thick rounded horns. They terrified the girls and they said they couldn't wake us up when they saw them.

Sometimes the gas to the propane heater we had would be turned on full blast when we woke up, or the stove. Sometimes they would hurl objects in the dining room, open drawers, throw knives and forks and spoons, whatever they felt like doing.

 I know I may sound crazy, but I am not lying.

The most trouble was in the attic. We were going to make our room up there, but never did, because the hauntings were the worst up there. You could also feel things touch or tap you. There were very cold spots in the house even in summer when the temperature was 108.

 The year we moved out (we left a lot of our stuff there when we moved, as we moved in a hurry) we went back to see what stuff we might retrieve and the house looked like it was well cared for (there were even new cars in the driveway) the house looked painted, looked like it had new screen on the porch and everything. So I thought somebody had moved in, but I found out later that the house was never inhabited again after we left it.

That was five years ago. Just recently we went back (my brother lives there and we got a group together and went out there together after dark) and took some sceptics with us, about nine o'clock. I wasn't sure if anything would happen that early because when we lived there things generally didn't happen much until about eleven at night or later, sometimes they did, even in the daytime, but mostly after eleven.

When we got out there there were lights on in the house. One in the dining room and another in the living room. They went out as soon as we drove into the driveway. We were afraid that someone else might be out there, so we cautiously walked around the house shining our flashlights into the windows. There wasn't anybody there. It was empty and there was nowhere for them to go that fast.

When we entered through the front door ( it was standing wide open) it was eerie because most of the stuff we left was still in the house. In the closet that leads up to the attic, my youngest daughter's name, Alysia, still remains in crayon.

When we entered the dining room ( a real hot spot ) something touched my ear with a force. I thought it was my sister in law just messing with me, but she was scared and said it wasn't her. She felt something slide in between us when it happened. They will never go back to the house. That's what they said. We all felt pretty freaked out, and to tell you the truth, I felt I was in mortal danger. I don't know why they wanted to hurt me so bad, but I know they did.

Also, before we moved out, my son, then twelve, saw an army of what looked like zombies around our house. We could hear drums, like BOOM, BOOM,BOOM, BOOM, and then a drum roll and then over again, outside the house. He says he could hear them marching like an army around our house. He says it sounded like a battle when they got there. All we heard was the drums, but they were pretty scary by themselves.

 Well, that is all I can really remember about it, at least all the major stuff. We took pictures the night we went there, but I don't have them developed yet.

We might have a good photo, I don't know, but as we were leaving, we took a picture of the attic window because all of us saw a man standing up there by it. Also, my niece has a vcr tape they made at an earlier time in the house, and they claim you can see little white things floating around in the dining room, but I don't have the video of that.

I swear that every bit of this, as unbelievable as it may seem, is true. If you don't believe me, go to the house. I gave good directions on how to get there




Radiator Cat Thing




     When I was a young boy, maybe 3 or 4, I had an experience that I cannot explain.  My mother was up early in the morning.  She was a farm girl, and to her, getting up at 2 or 3 in the morning was not unusual.  I was awakened by the sound of my mother sweeping in our kitchen. 

     As I sat up in bed, I looked out of my bedroom door to the hallway beyond.  The sweeping sound was steady and grew louder.  Then I saw something move in the dark hallway. 

     A flicker of light, at first.  But it quickly took shape.  Moving into my bedroom, in time with the sweeping sound, I saw a transparent creature, shuffeling through my doorway.  The creature was see-through, with a white outline.  Kind of like Wonder Woman's invisible jet was drawn in cartoons. 

     It's body looked like a radiator.  Long, thin, and segmented.  It's head looked something like a cat, with big almond shaped eyes.  Imagine a radiator, with a cat's head attached to the side.  And it had 4 feet sticking out of the bottom.  It had no legs.  I could see right through it.  It came steadily towards my bed, looking directly at me.   Needless to say, I freaked out!  I screamed for my mother, who stopped sweeping, and came running towards my room.  The cat-thing stopped, and stared... motionless.   As my mother burst into the doorway, she moved THROUGH the thing.  As she did, it faded like smoke in the wind.  My mother told me I was dreaming.  But I'm not so sure.  I have never seen the Cat/Radiator-thing again.  But I will never forget it.










I moved back to my hometown in Michigan after being away for many years.  I have many stories to share, but this is a recent one that stands out.

A fixture in my town was a burly guy named Bronco.  Bronco was the typical bar bouncer-type (not surprisingly, this was his usual job).  When I was younger, he used to drive this Blue Ford Bronco.  My family knew him well, as my mom ran the after bar breakfast restaurant, where all the party people congregated when the bars closed.  Since I had moved away years before, I lost touch with the old 'party crowd.'  I DID hear, however, that Bronco sold his beloved truck a few years after I moved.

Anyway, it was June of 2002 (I think) and I was driving on I94.  I saw Bronco's old blue truck driving on the opposite lane and mentioned it to the person who was in the car with me.  I hadn't seen Bronco in a few years, but knew I would undoubtedly run into him at our upcoming 'Venetian Festival' and would mention the sighting to him then.

A few nights before the Venetian Festival, a friend and I went to a local bar to hear the bands rehearse.  As I walked into the place, I spied Bronco on the far side of the bar.  I raised an eyebrow at him and he acknowledged me in his cocky way from across the room.  My friend and I went to look for a place to sit--once we found a table I told my friend that I saw Bronco and wanted to go say hi and tell him that I spotted his old truck the week before.  As I made my way thru the crowd to the bar, I heard the band dedicating a song.

They were dedicating it to BRONCO and said he had PASSED AWAY!  I was sure it was a joke.  I finally made it to the bar, where he was sitting.  NO ONE WAS THERE.  I was absolutely perplexed.  I walked around trying to see where he went, to no avail.  Finally, I questioned a ton of mutual friends and they confirmed that he had died of a heart attack or something the previous April.  I was in total shock!  He was only in his early 40s when he passed and one of those muscle-bound types.  Even now, when I look back on this incident I am so amazed, because I SAW HIM CLEAR AS DAY.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty nice of him to remember me after he passed like that.  I guess he knew I would appreciate the drama and the irony! 







As I read a seemingly whimsically titled book, “The Everything Ghost Book”  by Jason Rich, I feel compelled to document personal occurrences, both psychic and paranormal. I did not realize until this moment that they are, in all likelihood, related , at least in as much as I have a “connection” or ability, or any number of  adjectives to describe the occurrences in my life. It seems to be all about energy and about  opening one’s awareness of the energies around them. Well I don’t know about that but what I do know is that since I was a child I was convinced of the “other world”. I did not have many experiences but they were profound. I remember them as if they occurred last week. I wish to document them in this personal account, if for no other reason than to have them, perhaps in their place. For a sense of continuity I will describe them in chronological order, to the best of my ability.


Let me preface this story with this fact that there have been many tales on both my mother’s and my father’s side of “ghostly” sightings or occurrences but because I did not witness any of them first hand I believe that they really have no place here. However, if these things are familial, ie: run in families , all the more reason to believe that my experiences were valid.

One night when I was 12 years old my mother , my sister and myself  were alone in our house . It was not a typical place for a “haunting”; it was a typical 50’s  three bedroom ranch built three years after I was born. My sister was sound asleep in one of the bedrooms; she was 5 years old. My dad was out for the evening at his monthly card club meeting. It was around 8pm and my mom and I were sitting in the kitchen enjoying some spareribs. Our dog, a poodle named Tessie, was asleep at our feet.  We began hearing a noise from the living room which was adjacent to the kitchen. At first it was not discernible but then it became clear that it sounded like someone in our overstuffed chair was snoring. It was very localized to that chair and crescendoed into a very loud snoring sound. It was not like any other sound. It went on for several minutes and my mom and I were very frightened. I started crying and the sound immediately stopped. For several minutes we were simply stunned. Then we started trying to “explain” what had happened. We checked on my sister who was quietly sleeping in her bedroom. The dog had never stirred. We opened the front door which was not far from the chair and hoped against hope that the neighbor’s dog would be found there sleeping. We checked the HiFi stereo which was off. The TV was off. We simply could not figure it out. We went back into the kitchen and the cold ribs were just not appetizing anymore. Several minutes later, as we were talking about what had happened, it started again. Only this time it became very loud very quickly and this time the sound seemed almost deafening. It again was very distinctively that of a person snoring coming from the same chair. I became hysterical and grabbed my coat, screaming that I was getting out of the house and going to the neighbors’. As my mom tried to stop me and my hand was on the doorknob to exit, the snoring suddenly stopped. We never heard it again, nor did anything more ever happen in that house that was significant to me. She told me the next day that she was convinced that the snoring had been that of her deceased father who had always had a propensity for snoring loudly and she told me that that was the chair that he had sat in during the one and only visit that he had made to my mom and dad in that house. My grandfather’s relationship with both of them was strained to say the least so I never remember him visiting with us. He had died a few months prior to this “haunting”. My mother and I both occasionally recollect that night with the same vivid details and we are both grateful that there were the two of us to validate the story.


I was working as a nurse on a medical-surgical unit at Greenville Hospital. I was always the “charge” nurse on this unit and often worked the evening turn. As I made my drive to work on afternoon in 1981 I suddenly “knew” that I was going to be “pooled” to another floor that evening. (If staffing was low on any unit the administration had the prerogative to reassign nurses to that shift to accommodate the staffing need.) I , however, had never been pooled and I had no reason to believe that I would be that night. But I knew. I also knew where I was to go to: 3 West. I walked into my unit and sure enough the nurse in charge for dayturn apologetically informed me that I was to report to 3 West for the evening shift.  She was a little perplexed by the fact that I took it so well. (Nurses do not like to other floors which are unfamiliar to them.) I had had plenty of time to mentally prepare.


In 1985 I was working as a head nurse in the Va Medical Center in Bay Pines, FLA, a government facility in St. Petersburg, FLA. On the night prior to May 31st,1985 I went to bed as usual. I had a dream about a tornado in my hometown . I must admit that I have , occasionally, throughout my life had dreams about tornadoes. Perhaps it was the damn Wizard of Oz scene that affected my psyche. Regardless, I had never had one as vivid as the one that I had that night in my dream. I omnisciently knew that a tornado was coming. I went to warn my parents but when I went to their house they could not see me. In my dream I could see all that was happening and felt helpless to do anything about it. My parents were on the back deck which was just off of their two story bedroom. They were pointing to the woods in our backyard and were hearing a tornado, or the typical “train” coming. They seemed very frightened and I kept trying to tell them to get to the cellar but , again, my attempts were futile, as they could not hear me.  Finally, as the “train” got closer they went to the cellar . I woke from my dream shaken. I was in a cold sweat . I thought that perhaps I was just homesick, as I was 1200 miles from them and that fact had contributed to this very troubling dream. I went to work on the 31st and at lunch I sat with an acquaintance (whose name I have since forgotten) , a man who worked in the social service section and who was a psychologist. As we had lunch together I felt very compelled to share my dream with him. He was very supportive and I recall feeling better having gotten it off of my chest. That evening I was watching TV in my townhouse with my roommates Sheri and Jeffrey. The news flash was terrifying: several tornadoes had ravaged the northeast, particularly some towns in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Specifically Niles , Ohio and Wheatland and Hermitage PA had been hit the hardest along with several other remote towns. The casualties were mounting and no more specifics were coming out of the area as communications were down. My entire family and friends lived in Hermitage and the surrounding areas. I tried in vain to call and call. I was about to go out to the Tampa airport and buy a ticket home when I finally reached my mom late that evening. She was extremely shaken. The massive tornado had touched ground literally a few blocks away. In fact its path had been directly behind them west of the woods in my dream and cut a swath to the south of them. I believe that they did not know what was hitting them at the time but I believe that they did go to the cellar. The first indication that they knew that something really bad had happened was when they described hearing hundreds of ambulance sirens all around them. There were at least 38 deaths in their immediate area. The tornado had occurred hours after my dream at 5pm on the 31st.  That had been a Friday. All whom I loved were safe so I staying in Florida. On Monday I saw the man with whom I had had lunch with on Friday and he immediately asked if any of those tornadoes were close to my hometown. He was incredulous when I told him just how close they had come.


I was living in Pittsburgh,PA  having moved from Florida a couple of years before. When my roommate and I got to Pittsburgh we discovered a yearly event which was the Regatta. It consisted of several events over a few days in August, culminating in a high speed boat race on the last day of the Regatta.  (I believe that we had seen the previous two year’s races in 1986 and 1987.) I believe that it was 1988 that we were positioned on the bank of the Allegheny River with some other friends for the final race. I remember saying to everybody as the boats sped around the course that it made me nervous that the boats were so close; it was a wonder that no accident had ever happened. Not two minutes past that statement we became aware that that the boat race had suddenly stopped and there was a lot of commotion at the area to the left of us. A boat had lost control and had exited the water only to land in the Regatta audience not 80 yards away from where we sat. We went to see what had happened but we couldn’t get close. Ambulances came and went and the Regatta was cancelled. It turned out that several people had been critically injured as the boat had literally ripped through the audience. Sadly a boy had been critically injured as well. This was naturally disturbing to all of us and we went home as there was nothing else we felt like doing. About a week later I awoke and had had a dream. I called to my roommate Sheri and told her that in my dream I had had a vision of a newspaper headline and it had read “BOY 7, DIES FROM REGATTA INJURIES”. She became visibly shaken. She had just gone outside a little earlier and to get the paper and there on the front page was the headline exactly as I had seen it in my dream (even the comma was there). How could I have possibly seen that exact headline in my dream?  This I swear to be true.


I was on my way to work at the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh,PA in the late 80’s. The exact year is unclear to me; I would guess 89. I worked dayturn in the VA in the capacity of a vascular clinical nurse and was associated with the vascular lab nurses because I remember calling them , quite upset by what had happened that morning. I was driving down Route 88 towards work when I came upon an accident. It had apparently occurred just moments before I had arrived, as there were no people gathered and certainly no emergency vehicles. In fact, my car was the “first responder” so to speak as it was the first to encounter the accident. There was a large commercial truck stopped in the road with writing on it denoting a plumbing company. To my horror I realized that under the truck was a woman pedestrian who was pinned under the vehicle. I quickly got out of my car and immediately went under the truck to the aid of the woman. She was conscious and obviously in shock. She seemed to be partially crushed by the underworkings of the truck but she was still alert. I heard people around me indicating that emergency personnel had been summoned. She was very frightened and all I could think to do, being a nurse, was to maintain a patent airway and to reassure her. That is what I did. I did not leave her until the emergency personnel arrived and I was quickly dismissed and frankly quite relieved. I got into my car and had a strong knowledge come to me that her name was Mary and that she was 51. She had not been able to talk while she was under the truck so she could not have told me her name and age. I called work and told them about my experience, including the fact that I “knew” her name and age. The next day in the paper, sure enough, there was an entry that a pedestrian had been critically injuring on Route 88. The pedestrian was identified as Mary (last name forgotten), age 51. To this day I do not know if she survived but I know I will never forget her.


Since the late 80’s I have really had no memorable experiences other than normal ones such as marrying in 1994 and having two very special children in 1994 and 1997. I spent 14 years at the same address in Bethel Park, PA and as much as I would have welcomed a “sign” from my long deceased grandmother, nothing came. Nor did I have any more psychic experiences (although the girls at work still ask me to pick their horses, to no avail!) In August of 2001 our family of four moved to a larger home about ½ mile away from my previous address. This current home is a lovely Craftsman style ranch with a twist of Frank Lloyd Wright in the design especially with regard to the corner style windows. It was custom built in 1950 by one of two brothers who raised his family there. The second of the two brothers had also built a home on the homestead property about 200 yards from ours. After the original owner (husband) died on a golf course, the home was sold to a young family of four who lived there for about 10 years. They in turn sold it to me as they had been offered a job promotion in Harrisburg.

From August of 2001 to the beginning of 2002 I did not notice anything unusual. In late January of 2002 I was wiping down the hardwood hall floor which is a dead end to three bedrooms. I started at the bedrooms and in my typical fashion scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees (husband calls my strong Hunkie woman!), backing up towards the floor in my living room. I had finished the hall and was about to start the rest of the hardwood when I noticed footprints on the hall floor. They were very distinct and heading in the direction of the bedrooms, in other words, away from me. I called for my husband to come and look and he agreed that they were footprints but attributed them to my son. I had never left the hall and certainly would have noticed my son walking in front of me as I was scrubbing a floor!  Besides he was not in any of the bedrooms, nor was anyone else. I found this to be very curious and a few days later I wet down the hallway floor again to try to reproduce the prints, thinking that perhaps someone in the past had walked on a waxed floor. I could not reproduce the prints.

One day within a couple of weeks of the “prints” I was sitting on the commode in the bathroom (where else would a commode be?) . The light was on and suddenly the light turned off. It was daytime but it was dreary out. There is a small hallway that precedes the bathroom so it wasn’t a child prank. I would have seen them flicking the switch on the wall. The light switch was down in the Off position. The switch was not loose; you have to push it down in order to turn the light off. Nor were the bulbs burnt out. The light switch was able to be turned on and off as usual.


I had hired a babysitter Sheila who had come to our home that school year and she spent the days there with my then 4 year old daughter Samantha and her own infant son Christian. She was a lovely girl about 23 years old and was very reliable and mature. My daughter loved having them here. In March of 2002 I came home from work and Sheila proceeded to relay and experience that they had had that day. Sheila had heard some commotion in my bedroom and went in to investigate. Some items on my highboy had been disturbed : my grandmother’s picture and some knickknacks. She assumed that the cat had done it, although the cat was not in sight. She stated that she was busy tidying the dresser and had both children in the room with her. She described an intense feeling of someone else in the room with her and she felt that she were being watched. This was a very unusual sensation for her, one that she had never experienced. At this point she told me that she had never believed in ghosts. She grabbed her baby and my daughter and led them down the hall. As they were walking toward the living room the TV suddenly turned on of its own volition. The remote was secure. Sheila was very frightened and my daughter can validate this story to this day. Incidentally I had never told Sheila of either of the prior events. It was at this point that I realized that there may be an entity in my house. Because the picture frame was that of my grandmother I speculated that it may be her. But why here and why now?

During the summer of 2002 I remember that my son would notice that the electric burners were on on the stovetop but noone had turned them on. It was erratic. One day it would be the left back burner; another day it would be the right front burner. I did not make much of this except that I was concerned about a fire. I did call a maintenance person who “fixed” the left back burner and there have been no incidents since.

The fall of 2002 was uneventful as much as I could see. However in December of 2002 something happened that seemed more divine that ghostly. My children had played for years with large alphabet mat letters that measured 12x12 inches and had the letters such that they could be punched out. They were interlocking pieces that could make a floor mat. Over the years we lost pieces and the children had tired of playing with them. I recall throwing several of the pieces away just to debride the pile of toys that they had. Only a few of the random letters remained and I was unaware what those letters were. On December 10 of that year my mother went into the hospital with recurrence of seizure activity that she had had during a hospitalization in September of that year. On December 11, a Wednesday, I received a call from my sister that our mother had gotten dramatically worse and was in the intensive care unit. I was to be at work that day so I planned on calling off to go the  90 miles to the hospital. Except the weather that morning was so treacherous with ice that the roads were impassable. School had been cancelled and my babysitter could not get to my house. I was stuck and felt as helpless as ever. I called my sister back and told her about the weather. When I hung up the phone I was feeling frantic. I remember walking into the gameroom in the basement just then and there on the floor was the word HOPE spelled out vertically on the gameroom carpet by four of those alphabet letters. I was stunned and just stood there looking at them , trying to understand how they could be there. I called the children to the basement to ask them if they had been playing with the letters and they said that they don’t play with them at all anymore. I am pretty tidy about the house and so I know that they weren’t laying there the previous evening. I could only believe that the word was for me, for me to calm down and keep up my hope that my mom would be OK. I did start to feel a sense of calm and began to pray. She did go on to suffer a stroke two days later but has recovered well since. I did take a picture of the letters to document this incredible occurrence.

The year 2002 ended and for the better part of 2003 I did not notice anything unusual. In September of 2003 my mother-in-law took a fall which eventually led to her demise. Shortly after she was hospitalized she unexpectedly had a severe stroke. My husband received a call from his sister that night and the outlook was grim. It would only be a matter of days before his mother’s death. We went to be as usual and in the morning my husband woke me up and asked me, “Why did you do that with my keys?” I had no idea what he was talking about. Dan is a creature of habit; he rarely deviates from his routine. He had placed his keys in a bowl in his drawer in the basement as he always does. His keys are on a sturdy solid chrome ring and consist of a car key, a house key and a work key. When he had gone to the basement to get his keys to go to work he found that they had all been taken off the ring and lined up in the drawer. We drilled and drilled the children (again) who looked pretty perplexed that we were asking them about Dad’s keys. I do not believe that the children were ever in that drawer. I keep pretty close tabs on them and if they were in the drawer I would have known it.

It seems like the keys incident was the beginning of many more.

I was cooking some lasagna one day in late September. I still have the same oven that was mentioned previously. The interior oven light has not worked for as long as I can remember. It may have been burnt out; I simply did not check it. Too busy. Anyway I was checking the progress of the lasagna and I thought to myself, “Boy I wish I had a real oven with a light in it.” I turned my back and when I faced the oven again the oven light was on. I was able to turn it on and off at will, as if it had never been broken or burnt out. The next time I went to use the oven light, it would not work. Who didn’t know that?


On a Sunday morning in October my husband was out early doing his weekly grocery shopping. I had just gotten up and both of the children were in bed sleeping. I was busy tidying the house and looked at the clock, realizing that I should get the children up soon so that they could get ready for Sunday school. I went into the bathroom and began to get my toothbrush ready when I heard footsteps of someone walking down the hall towards the living room. My first thought was, “Good, at least one of them (the children) is up.” Immediately I followed the footsteps into the living room, dining room and noone was in sight. I looked into the bedrooms and the children were still sleeping soundly. Desperate to explain it I rushed to the window to see if Dan’s truck were back in the driveway and that somehow he had gotten past me to walk down the hall. Dan was still at Shop and Save.

Sometime in October it became very cold. I had bought a good winter coat for Joey the previous year and it was navy with bright orange trim. I bought it at Kids R US for 60$. We started looking for his coat one day and it was nowhere to be found. We looked in all the obvious places: his closet, downstairs closet, drawers, floor of closet, etc. I personally went through his (small) closet at least four time trying to find the damn thing. I was very frustrated because 1) he had lost a practically brand new coat and 2) he need coat to wear! He looked at his lost and found at school. We checked the daycare lost and found. It was not to be found. Then one day early December on a Saturday we had our first big snow. I think it was December 13. Joey came out to me in the kitchen with a very odd look on his face. He almost looked scared. He said, “Come here, that coat is in my closet.” There in his room in the front part of the closet that we see and use every day was his winter coat. With the bright orange trim that noone could have missed that many times searching the closet. The obvious thought occurred to me that Joey had found it and placed it in his closet. But after talking at length to him I do not believe that to be the case. It just reappeared. Just in time for the big snow.

One weekend in November there were two unusual events. The first one occurred on a late Saturday afternoon. I was out in the garage contemplating dusting off the exercise machine called the Nordic Track. I had not used it in years. I pulled it into the middle of the garage and tested the skis of the track and they were still working fine. (Damn). However I realized that the device on the bar of the machine that always documented the time of torture and distance skied was not working. I took off the plastic lid of the device and set it on one of the ski tracks. Just then my daughter entered the garage and asked what I was doing. She never touched the machine. I told her that I need to find batteries for it and took her by the hand to go upstairs for batteries. Joey and Dan were upstairs at the time. We easily found two batteries and set off to go back to the garage. When we got there the device was not on the track. In fact it was nowhere to be seen. The garage door was closed and noone else had access to the garage. This frustrated me to no end.  I asked Samantha if she remembered me putting it on the track and she said that she did. I traced my steps upstairs,thinking that I was losing my mind, and maybe I did take it upstairs with me. No, I had not. I expressed my complete frustration to my husband who followed me down to the garage. He stood there looking at me as if I had lost it. Seconds later he was walking around the garage and reached into a bin full of baseballs and there it was. He asked me it that was what I was looking for. The bin was at least 10 feet away from the Nordic Track. He was as amazed as I was. There was the device that had apparently moved itself 10 feet into a bin of balls. This was November 22.

The next day November 23 another strange thing occurred. The children were outside riding their bikes and I was in Joey’s room running the sweeper. It is a rather small but cozy room and has a sizable TV. Dan had come to Joey’s doorway to ask me a question. One of our pet peeves with the children is discovering that one of their TVs is on when they have gone off to do something else. At the point when Dan came to the doorway there was no TV on or we both would have gone ballistic about it. He left and joined the children in the driveway. I finished running the sweeper and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I then heard loud voices coming from the bedroom area. I quickly went down the hall to find Joey’s TV on full blast. They were all out in the driveway where they had been. That TV had not been on . And then it was.

December of 2003 was a really active month. It seemed like the incidents were escalating as the time intervals were becoming shorter and shorter. During the week of December 8  ( I had become acutely aware of dates and started documenting them) I was in Joey’s bed reading and trying to get him to go to sleep. He is 9 but still needs an occasional backrub to get to sleep. Dan and Samantha were sound asleep and had been for about an hour. Joey and I both heard what would best be described as a loud “boom” in the house. Almost like the furnace ducts expanding or contracting (like someone pounded on one of the ducts). We had been in the house for 2 ½ years and I can honestly say that I have never heard that sound. I checked the house and found no source of the sound. It was around 10pm at night. The very next night I was in bed with Joey again at around the same time and Joey said, “ I hope we don’t hear that sound again.” Not two minutes later we did. Again I checked the house, outside the house and assured Joey that there was no danger. We have yet to ever hear that sound again at this house.

On December 12 I was home alone as I had called off sick with cold symptoms. Later that afternoon I became compulsive and guilty, (as working mothers do) and decided that I shouldn’t waste the time off; there is so much to be done around the house. I proceeded to straighten up both Joey and Samantha’s rooms. I had been in Sam’s room for almost an hour sorting papers, throwing nonsense away, folding comforters, and making sense of the menagerie of stuffed animals. I felt satisfied that her room looked tidy and went to Joey’s room. All that his room needed was a little pickup and the sweeper. Their rooms are within a feet of each other. I finished the sweeper in Joe’s room and for some reason I had one more thought of something to do in Sam’s room. I quickly passed into Sam’s room and as I passed through the doorway I was struck by a profound coldness, almost as if I had entered a walkin freezer. The most sensual memory I have of that split second was feeling like there was condensation on my face as I went into her room. I stopped dead in my steps and didn’t move. I turned around as if to expect that I would see something. I was stunned by the experience. The furnace was actually on as you might expect in December and I could feel the contrast of the heat coming from the duct and the coldness around me. I stepped back and forth through the doorway to validate the coldness but it was gone. That was the first time I felt fear.

On December 13 the aforementioned coat appeared in his closet.

During the following work/school week of 12/16 the children and I were preparing to leave to get them on the school bus. We walked into the kitchen and Joey said, “There is the stove light on again.” Sure enough, the stove light that seems to have a mind of its own was on. He asked me if I was going to be afraid to come back after the bus stop. I said that I wasn’t scared of that silly stove light and proceeded to take them to the stop. I had turned off the stove light before I left. When I came back it was still off but there was a hell of a commotion going on in the living room. My cat,  (who, by the way, really never seems to react at anything at all) was in the living room on the Persian rug and he was carrying on like I had never seen him. He was howling and crying as if in pain. He did not seem to notice me and he seemed to be following something in the room with his head and eyes. He was very distraught and I have never seen him like that. Then he just stopped . It was over but the worst of it was the howling and crying that I can still hear.


The most convincing event of all for me and my son occurred on 12/18. I had fallen asleep with my daughter Samantha and was awakened by a trepidatious Joey who said that he had heard footsteps in the hallway. I got out of Sam’s bed and went into Joey’s room to offer support. He said that he had heard footsteps in the hallway adjacent to his room and then again in the living room. I tried to calm him and reinforced the fact that he was safe and no harm would come to him. I laid down beside him in the dark and we both heard footsteps in the hall. I jumped up to investigate the house. No one. Nothing.  The cat had been at our feet so he was not the culprit. We laid down again and again heard footsteps only this time they seemed to be more localized to the livingroom/dining  room area. Again I investigated and found nothing. Joey stated that that was what had scared him to wake me up in the first place. We were both nervous but again tried to go to sleep in Joey’s bed. It was then that we heard distinctive LOUD knocking on the wall just adjacent to Joey’s bed and coming from the hall. There were six knocks and could not be mistaken for anything but what they were. We were very frightened by this experience. In the morning I asked Joey to reiterate the details of what we had heard without any coaching from myself. He relayed the story just as I had recalled it without any error to detail. That night has been a turning point. Joey and I both know that there is something here and we try our best to cope with that. We are both a little nervous at night but we do believe that the entity is not here to harm us. We just wish that the entity would not scare us at night anymore.

Christmas and New Year’s passed without event. (Gratefully).I recall feeling somewhat secure and attributed it to my foolish request alone in my living room the day after the knocking. I asked that whomever was responsible to please stop frightening my child. (And me). I almost thought that it was gone. And then one Sunday night January 18th 2004 my son and I were alone on the couch watching TV. Dan was in bed sleeping and Samantha had gone with a friend to the movies. It was about 9:30pm. We expected Sam home at any minute. We were pretty comfy, wrapped in blankets and enjoying a story about Noah’s Ark. All of a sudden Joey looked at me and stated that he was really scared and nervous. He said that “something is wrong” and he sprang from the couch. I panicked a little, as Samantha was not home yet and I feared that he was premonicient. I asked him if he was nervous about Samantha being out and he said no, it was not about Samantha. He continued to pace in front of me with a worried, severe look on his face., marking his forehead with concern. He seemed for a while to be inconsolable. I asked him to sit back down on the couch with me and he refused, stating “No, that is where I started feeling this.” He went into the dining room and seemed to calm a bit. As soon as he came back in front of the couch he continued to have that same unnerving worry on his face. This went on for at least 10 minutes and again I felt helpless to help him. I felt nothing extraordinary and continued to try to calm him. At last the feeling went away for him and thankfully, Samantha arrived shortly thereafter. Joey felt something that I did not. I am convinced that he and I are more receptive to the “energy” that is here, as Dan and Samantha never report anything independently. But of all the experiences, the above one was the most frustrating because I felt so helpless to help my child. Incidentally, since that event, Joey avoids the couch.  (Note: there is a history to the couch that is interesting: belonged to the brother of the original owner of my house. He had died and I had ironically bought it at the estate sale months before I purchased his brother’s house!)

On January 30th , against my husband’s wishes, I got yet another dog. This time a puppy 5 months old, a chocolate miniature poodle. Things were hectic here as I desperately tried to housebreak a dog without my husband noticing any of the accidents. I was in considerable better spirits , having found another doting dog  like Wally who passed away in November, so time went by without event. I remember (again) thinking that maybe the ghost is being upstaged by the poodle, but so be it, things were going well. I did not notice anything unusual to speak of. On the weekend before St. Patrick’s day my son casually mentioned that his teacher had left a note in his bookbag regarding his inability to see the board from the back of the room. I was not surprised, as it seems that Joey’s vision is on a path worse than mine or his father’s. On that Sunday night I suggested that we will probably make an appointment to go to his eye doctor again. Within the last year he went and obtained a new prescription which we placed in his old frames and I also purchased a rather pricey frame for his new prescription as well. He always preferred the old frames so the new glasses were unused. I asked him that night where his newer glasses were as it was obvious that I would just change the prescription in those. He stated that he had not seen them in some time. I was more than annoyed, recalling that the frames were well over 100$. He stated that the last time he remembered wearing them was for the formal school nurse eye test two months prior and that he had changed them as soon as he got home. He denied having ever seen them again. That Sunday night a full search ensued. I become somewhat maniacal when I can’t find something. I did a preliminary search of his room and all the suspect areas in the house where you might expect to find eyeglasses. No glasses. I instructed him to look in the lost and found at school on Monday even though he was insistent that he wore them home after the school eye exam. On Monday night I searched the room again to no avail. My frustration was escalating as I was looking at yet another expense for frames. On Tuesday morning I asked him where he would likely have put them the day of the exam when he came home. He stated that he would have put them on his dresser or on his trophy case. Tuesday morning I put both of the children on the bus and obsessed with finding the glasses, decided to come back to the house for one final search before I went to work. I tore his room apart and specifically searched his dresser and trophy case. Incidentally, two weeks prior, Joey had totally rearranged his trophy case as he had just won three trophies at a tournament. I had little hope of finding them in the trophy case because I had witnessed the dismantling of the case two weeks prior and I would have noticed his glasses when I helped him put all of his trophies back. I gave up , frustrated, and went to work and even relayed the story to my coworkers. When I cam home that night Joey announced that they had good news: that they had found the glasses. Apparently they came home from daycare with their dad and when Joey and Dan walked into Joey’s room there the glasses were big as day , on the second shelf of the trophy case, visible from the doorway. I interrogated my husband, thinking that perhaps he had found them and placed them there. He denied it and seemed as mystified as myself as to how they had gotten there. Then I did my best light bulb interrogation of Joey, thinking that perhaps he had found them in an irresponsible location and he too could have placed them there. He was very defensive and stated that he absolutely had not and that when he saw the glasses there, where we had looked so many previous times that he was “creeped out”. He made reference to the coat incident, stating “Mom, the coat appeared out of nowhere too. I thought the ghost was gone but maybe it is trying to protect me cause Dad was really mad about the glasses.” Of note, the glass lenses appeared quite damaged with significant scratches over them. Joey denies having ever seen them in that condition. I believe him because he trusts me and knows that I will protect him as long as he tells the truth. The glasses seemingly appeared from the “other side” and I for one am grateful.






Sharing my Experiences





For the past 20 yrs I have felt the house that I live in may have "others" that inhabit my space. I am not afraid of the activities that go on for i don't feel it is one that wants to hurt us I feel it is there to watch over us but it is just uneasy at times to "know" things happen and I am not ashamed to tell people of the activities that go around here. My daughter who is 19 has also experienced the "others" , we have shut doors and then to hear them open again with in just a few minutes of closing them. I burn alot of candles and one day I was getting ready to go to work, I finished my shower and came from my bedroom only to have all five candles blown out.. these candles were all spaced around the living area  and in the kitchen so I have dismissed the possibility of a draft going through the house. When I am here alone I can feel a presence and also my daughter has felt this as well. I will tell you of this story and not take up any more of your time, I often visit the cemetary to visit my mother ,father ,brother , grand parents ,uncles and aunts I usually take my daughter but only once before have I taken my 2 yr old son and he was just a baby then not even a yr old. I pulled through the gate of the cemetary on this particular day and my son starts saying nanny papa see over there and pointed to the direction as to where they are buried... my parents died before my son was born. He does not know them and has not even seen a picture of them I had a house fire, not this house, but all the pictures were lost in that fire.

This may seem trivial to you guys but it has helped me alot just by talking about it. I know I am not crazy but these events are true and I wanted to share them with others that would not be skeptical.. Thank You for such a wonderful web site.




The oddities I have encountered in the Olive Hill, Kentucky area


By: [


First, let me start by saying that I am one of those people who get really odd feelings anytime I am near what i believe to be ghosts, now, let me tell you about 2 of the haunted houses I have been in that both belonged to family members.

When I was about 5 years old, my Uncle was living in a house on Brineger Road in Soldier, Kentucky which is just a couple of miles out of Olive Hill (on a side note, the house has been through I think 4 owners in the past 13 years or so, no one stays there for very long.)  This house had a history that went with it that I did not find out about until my 7th grade year of school when we did our local history studies.  Even when I was young, I got very odd feelings in this house, like I was being constantly watched, ESPECIALLY when I was in the basement.  Everytime I would turn around and try to see what was looking at me, I would catch a glimpse of someone running out of my line of sight, from what I could tell, it was a young boy.  This, as well as hearing odd noises during the nights and the midget closets in the houe assured that I didn't spend much more time there than was necessary.  Fast forward to 7th grade now, and what our teacher tells us about this house:

A young boy named Roy Ricky lived in this house.  His room was in the basement and he was abused very badly by his parents, so badly that they beat him to    

death and left his body to rot under his bed in the basement.  After a couple of weeks the smell became untolerable, so, the parents hung the body from a tree in the

woods and reported the child missing,  there was a search party for Roy Ricky, and every night the parents would move the corpse to a section of the woods that

had already been searched.  Finally hanging it in the mouth of a mine where the body was found and the parents were prosecuted for it

Now, as far as I know, this information is historically accurate, I have been unable to find much information on it, but the other local history things we studied were accurate, and I have found documentation on them.

A few years after my Uncle moved out of this house, a person who worked for my father at this time rented thehouse from him and lived there with his wife and 3 kids.  I happened to be dating his daughter at this time and was spending some time at this house once again, needless to say, I wasn't thrilled.  The feeling of being watched was still there, as well as the glimpses of the young boy when I turned around.  The feeling in the basement was much more menacing now, menacing to the point that I actually refused to go down there anymore, and normally these feelings don't bother me.  Now, as for my ex-girlfriends story about the occurences at this house.  I was not there then nor did I see any evidence that it happened, but, I will include it anyways because her father confirmed that it was true as well as her brother and step mother. 

    Supposedly they  were awakened at near 4 AM by a noise downstairs, they kept hamsters in a cage and when they got down there the door was open on the cage and tehre were blood droplets leading into the basement.  They followed them down and found them leading to the furnace, one half of the mother hamster had the skin removed from it, and she had been thrown into the furnace.  None of her offspring were found in the house.  I do not know for certain the accuracy of any of what has occured in this house, except for what I saw, heard, and felt.  The feeling in this house is not pleasant in the least bit.

As for the second house, I believe that it is heavily haunted, because I get all sorts of different feelings in this house depending on the area of the house I am in.  There are many other stories from family members that were raised in this house, and I will try to include a few of them, but first, let me try to describe the house. 

It's a large victorian house with a tin roof and old wood burning firnace with a large brick chimney, a porch out front and a yard full of trees,  inside this house, there is a large basement and a large upstairs, those are the 2 areas of the house I get the most feelings in.  In the basement I only get feeling of good spirits, one that I believe is my grandfather, he was always putting wood in the stove, or cracking walnuts, or fixing something in the basement, and I really believe this spirit is his, however, the upstairs of the house is a different story.

I don't think there are any evil spirits on the upper level of the house, but I believe there are some angry spirits that reside there.  One room in particular gives off some funny feelings.  It is the room at the left end of the house upstairs, and it has a closet attached to it that spans the length of the house, we'll call it the long closet.  This closet has many many many items that belonged to people who have since died.  My great grandmother's clothing is in this closet, as well as an 8 year old child's clothing, this child was hit by a car, and I believe that this could be one of the angry spirits, trying to cope with the passing of the body, I know I'd be upset if my life was ended that early.  Also there are clother pictures, and various other articles that belong to someone who got shot on a hunting trip.

I have never really seen anything in this house, other than flickers of movement occassionally, but I have heard many things.  Not limited to breathing coming from the upstairs, bed springs creaking upstairs, and the sound of the furnace having wood packed into it in the basement.  I don't place a lot of stock into what I see and hear anyways, I place most stock into the feelings I get.

This house was home to at one point, 8 kids, my grandfather and grandmother, and my grandfather's mother.  Plus, innumerable other children that would stay with them.  It was not uncommon to have 15 people in the house at any given time.  That I believe is why there are so many accounts of people hearing things in the house.

My mother and grandmother have both told me about heaqring deep breathing coming from upstairs.

My Aunt once heard a sewing machine running upstairs, and she was the only one in the house, it was a foot operated sewing machine, not electric.

Even my grandfather has heard what my family calls knocking spirits, which I should probably go into this a bit more, because it could explain a lot.  Supposedly my family was cursed by a witch over a land dispute.  My grandfather and every single one of his children has been victim to these knocking spirits, including my mother.  I myself have heard knocking in the walls before, but I'm really not frightened by them. 

I guess I could just be crazy, but it really doesn't feel like it to me, I get these feelings in a lot of places, only to find out later that people have seen ghosts in that same place. None have ever tried to communicate with me.



The Governor Hotel




  I came upon this site by accident, and I am really impressed and awed by all the stories and research done here.

 I guess I am ready to tell this story, now that I won't be judged a kook.

 The Governor hotel is now a senior/special needs residential apartment house in Harrisburg Pa. Back in 1987, the 6 story building was abandoned and had been for many years. The building was structurally sound, with no roof leaks, so it was in great shape when I started work there.

 A little background on the building. The building is built like a U, the front and left side exposed to the light (a corner property), the right side, a 10 story building was built flush with the wall, effectively sealing the windows on that side from light. The center courtyard of the building had fire escapes, both sides roof to pavement, with entrances on each floor at the rear of each hallway at the back of the building. The windows were sealed shut with sheet metal all the way up in this area to keep vandals out, thus sealing out all light in the right side of the building and all the rooms on the top 5 floors, right side. The first floor was set up as a lobby/storefront in front with white marble steps leading up to the front desk and down to the basement. Following back you went through to the old kitchen, then the old bar, then to the old walk in fridges.

 The basement, in the front was an old work out area with floor to ceiling mirrors that ran the length of both facing walls. Progressing rear you go through storage rooms, the boiler room, the old beer storage room and I found under the left side main stairwell an old maintenance storeroom sealed with drywall and holding the records for the building. These are in the city archives I was told a while back.

 The second thru sixth floors are built in a U shape, with rooms on both sides of the corridors. There were 5 rooms in the front, with the corner room, street side, having a curved glass cupola in the corner, very classy, all 5 floors.

 the side corridors had 6 rooms per side both sides of the hall. the left side was in the light since the outside windows facing the street were not covered, but the right side were pitch black and hadn't seen sunlight for 10 yrs. Those 5 hallways gave me fits the 2 mths. I worked there.

 The building was built at the turn of the century, and had last been used as the YWCA. when the new Y was opened, everything was abandoned in the bldg., beds. linens, dressers, clothes, paperwork, journals,....and diarys.

 Some of the beds were made, some dissheveled, some strewn about, and for a young guy with a explorer spirit, a goldmine of stuff to explore. At first..

 My job in the building was to expose the beams in the buildings 2nd. thru 6th. floors. That required me to cut through 1 1/2 inches of horsehair plaster, reinforced with steel mesh in a 2 foot by 2 foot square area in four or five areas in each room, in the ceiling, on a ladder, with a 8 in. hand held elec. grinder. Coupled with this is that I started the job in January when it was 15 degrees outside.

  The building had NO electric in it, so everything had to be run off of a generator we put in the main stairwell and moved up the stairs as I progressed up the floors. No heat. No light, lots of extension cords. I did most of the basement exploring with a flashlight, by myself because I couldn't get anyone else from the crew to work in the building for more than 2 days, because they got creeped out whenever they worked with me. When I had to cut the holes,

the grinder made so much dust in the room You couldn't see your hand in front of your face, even in the sun lit rooms. I was on the ladder cutting and the guys were to hold the ladder. Once the dust started flying (we wore dust respirators and goggles) the guys would say they saw people watching us from the doorways, beds or wherever In some rooms. I would joke that it was 'my buddy the ghost' to freak them out, not knowing that they were serious. This usually happened on the dark side because the generator powered the clip light and the grinder and when I turned on the grinder the light dimmed to almost nothing till I was done cutting.

  I have always, for some reason, been the focus of 'phenomona' since I was a kid. If a spirit was around, it would let me know, usually scaring the crap out of me, until a psychic lady my mom knew told me what was going on.

 After that I didn't pay that much attention to that stuff as much. But the other guys that worked with me couldn't handle it and would quit rather than go back in the building. So I spent a lot of time in the building by myself Grinding holes ad reading the letters and journals left behind.

  My boss hired a guy to work with me That was, as I am, a former Marine, mainly because he scared the crap out of my boss during the interview, and he percieved him to be tough and grounded enough to work in the bldg. with me and not be 'scared by Bills' ghost stories'.  We worked together for two weeks, 1 week before I was done.

 This is why. We had to move the furniture  to cut, and about 3 days into his employ, we moved a bed and found a diary. I read the diary of a lady that was put thru Hell and continued to put herself through Hell almost on a daily basis. The final page stated that she was going to commit suicide. Whether she did or not I don't know.

 I read it and he read it and from that point on I felt watched every moment I was there. My mom called that night and her psychic friend had told her to tell me not to take anything home from 'your job', that I didn't want anything following me home" I wanted to take that diary home so bad. I'm glad I left it there where I found it. We always chained the doors from the inside so burgulars, and the boss couldn't come in on us. We were halfway down the right 5th floor hall cutting a hole when ken tapped me on the leg and said , I thought,  "There is someone on the bed"! I stopped and looked after the dust cleared, standing on the ladder, to the point we could see, and on the bed was a clean area on the sheet shaped like a butt where someone had to be sitting . We both got shook up on that one.

 His final straw came at the last room when we were cutting the last hole. Dust was flying , the noise was deafening and all of a sudden the generator that we had just filled and oiled, stopped, dousing the light and the grinder, and we both heard someone walking down the hall with a heavy tread with keys rattling with his every step. He said burgular, lets get him!  We ran out in the hall in the dark , looked to the left toward the direction of the footsteps, also the direction of the lighted end of the bldg. and ....No one there. He screamed "check the stairwells'. I went to the right Into the dark to check the fire escape entrance and the dark back stairwells, and he went to the main stairwell and neither of us found anyone. We went down to the first floor and all the chains were intact. He Was DONE! He had me open the door, , The boss was pulling up with the foreman, and as he got out of the truck, Ken started screaming and cussing out the boss about all the stuff he saw and that he was never ever going back in there and that he would be over to get his check. Then he started running and I never saw him again. I ended up finishing the job myself, and my boss never set foot in the building after that.








Hi my name is Sarah I live in a small but, popular town called Fort Myers in the sunshine state of Florida. I never really believed in ghost or spirits up in tell about two years ago. I was living with my mother and two siblings in a small but, very old florida style home. It was all built out of wood hidden in trees and was creepy at just the looks of it. We had only lived there about a month when my great grandfather had become ill with cancer. All of the family decided to come togther at the hospital while he spoke his last words and drew his final breath. He wanted us to know it was okay to let go. WELL that following night for some reason my mother , brother, sister and I decided to sleep in the living room together ,mostly because we were so upset. My sister , brother , and myself had fallen asleep but, my mother just couldn't seem to sleep. Just a few minutes after we had zoncked out mom said she heard some one walking around. We had a front room you had to go through to enter the door that led to the main part of our house. She knew for a fact she had locked that door though. So she laid there a little longer and the handle began to slowly turn and open the door. My mom wondering how to defend us three kids and her self began to worry, as she stood up to await the intruder we all woke up. My mom went up to the door bravely and no one was there so she walked to the front room and the door was still locked and pad locked. shocked the next morning we thought about it and figured it was my great grandpa coming to visit and watch over us.




 Haunted House




in mount holly, I lived in a house that was haunted by a young girl (approximately 8 or 9) and an entity which we came to know as "the bad man"  the young girl would play jokes, hiding items and such, and would occasionally be seen crying or heard calling out a name of a member of my family.  the bad man was always seen as a black shadow form with an old fashioned type of hat.  not only have I seen these, but my family has also, and even the next door neighbors and their children        




Boarding House





About 3 years ago I was at my Grandpa's house getting ready in the bath room for school. I saw a woman walk down the hall towards the living room. I just thought it was my Grandma so I just brushed it off. Then a few moments later i was looking out the door into the hallway and I saw her again. I didnt recognize her. I ran into the living room screaming at the top of my lungs, "There's someone in the house, Hurry". My grandpa took off into the house searching for an intruder. He looked in every room, under the beds, and in the closets, he even looked in cabinets big enough for someone to hide. There was no one there. Later that day he said an old boarding house used to be on the same spot as the house was built a long time ago. He said that I more than likely saw the woman who owned it. He took out his picture box and showed me an old book that had the towns history in it. He turned to the page where it had information on the boarding house. As soon as i saw the picture of the owner I was speechless. I took me a while but after i caught my breath i told my grandpa,"Og my God, thats her




My Own Midnight Visitor




hello my name is valerie, and this happen maybe 10 or 12 years ago,but it is still fresh in my mind even today.i had to have surgery. and my husband was a shrimper at the time and had to stay away for days,Well he did not want for me to be alone because our daughter was only about 1 or 2 at the time.So my sister that is younger then me, which i am the oldest, Ask me to come and stay with her. she lived in a 3 bedroom house, oh the name of the place in which we lived is called Port St.Joe Florida,In Gulf County.well,anyway, after i came out the hospital, my husband dropped me off at my sister's house he had to get back on the boat.I guess i stayed there for bout 3days and i came down with a fever.well she had put me in the very back bedroom,my daughter, and my sister's daughter slept on pallets on the floor next to my bed.ijn case i needed anything during the night.Well this perticular night it was bout 2:00am and i felt someone touch my forehead like a mother would touch a child to see if they had a fever, then at the end of the bed i felt like the sofetest touch on my legs, then the blanket i had on me was pulled up.then i felt them touch my forehead again, well, at the time i didnt think much about it.the next morning i ask my sister why didnt she say anything to me when she came into my room last night....well she said i never came into your room...well that scared me so much i called my mother for her to come and get me.My sister finally told me that she and her husband have had alot of experiences with that house,she also told me the room i was in is where a gentleman had hung hisself.she finally had to move but to say the least i never went to her house again.




My Backyard





I live in an area of Los Angeles that is very old, the

streets are adorned with old victorian mansions and

i've lived in one of them for almost 20 years but it

wasn't until june of this year that things started to

get strange for me.  Since i was small i always feared

being alone in that house because it was so old and

big and i was always told it was haunted.  In 20 years

i've only stepped foot in the back yard alone at night

a handfull of times because it is huge and dark and

many people in my family have seen strange things

there mostly a old woman dressed in white with red

eyes but i have never seen her. Then in june of this

year i had gone to bed really late doing some late

night studying and as much as i tried to sleep i just

kept tossing and turning until i heard very clearly

someone saying shh. very loudly in my ear and since i

was alone in my room and being that it was so late

that everyone else was asleep i got scared and hid

under my blankets and fell asleep then when i woke up

the next morning i dressed for school and when i

opened the front door to leave i heared a child's

voice clearly say boo right behind me, i looked behind

me and up the stairs, around the living room but no

one was around so i ran out of the house, for the rest

of the summer nothing happened until labor day, i was

alone in the house and in my room watching tv when i

got up and went downstairs for a sandwich as i passed

by the living room i saw the tv on so i turned it off

and went to the kitchen made my sandwich went back

through the living room and up the stairs to my room

when i noticed the channel had changed from channel 51

to channel 4, i didn't get scared, just changed it

back, then i heard a noise downstairs and went to see

what it was when i got there i saw the tv was on, even

after i had turned it off, then i got scared but went

back to my room frightened.  A few days ago i was in

the kitchen washing the dishes when i heard the radio

turn on in the living room, i went to see and not only

was it on it was changing channels by itself which was

not possible, i thought that maybe my brother was

using the control to change it from the stairs but the

control was on the table and i checked on my brother

who was asleep.  Then the scariest thing yet was when

i went downstairs for a glass of water late the other

night and as i was walking past the dinig room the

parrot that we have started swaqking loudly, i turned

to see what was happening and the parrot was hanging

upside down and clearly something was trying to pull

it out through the bars of the cage by its wings,

needless to say i ran upstairs screaming,the parrot

hasn't been the same since.



Dumping Ground





I have always been fascinated and terrified of spirits. I would be the first

to turn on a scary movie, but the last to even go to the bathroom by myself

afterwards. So I knew I never wanted to experience a real spirit. But I

did...  It was in the middle of the afternoon on a beautiful Sunday and I am

lounging on my bed talking to a old friend.  Deep into our conversation, I

became suddenly startled as my two dogs jump up and race to the end of the

bed, growling and barking showing teeth! It was as if they could see someone

standing at the foot of the bed!  My friend asked what was going on from the

other end of the phone and annoyed ( and shaken) I yelled for them to quit.

But when my cat jumped to the bed and started to "sniff" the air..I then

knew that I was not alone.  Shivers ran through me and because the door was

on the other side of the room I dare not go past the "spirit".  Telling my

friend to hold on, I called my husband who was down the road and asked him

to come home quickly which he did. The animals had settled down, but I

hadn't.  We lived in the town where Al Capone was buried and I had heard of

all the Mafia "activity" in the Chicago land area, but I was very unnerved

when my husband, who had grown up in the area, told me that our apartments

where built on top of a filled in Reservoir that use to be a favorite "

dumping  ground" for the active Mob.  I was always on my guard for another

encounter and never felt very comfortable again there.




Blue People


Hi Dave and Tina,

Here is one of my many ghost stories.

It was 1996.  I lived in a house nearly 102 years old.

I had an unfinished basement where I did the laundry.

Whenever I was down there I would here someone calling my name or movement upstairs when No One was home.

My son Chris, who was 2 1/2 years old at the time would not come in the basement he would sit on the steps and watch me with his hands over his ears.  I thought the washer and dryer were too loud for him.

My son Chris would draw pictures of these blue mounds.

I asked what that was he always colored and he said

"oh that's the Blue People who live in the basement."

I asked him one day why he sits there with his hands on his ears?  Chris told me the people all talk at once and ask too many questions.   I said are they scary?  He said No Mommy, they just all keep talking at once.

So I told Chris to tell the blue people to follow the white light and go home to God.  And they did.

Chris said Mommy did you see that?  I said No, what?

He said all the blue people left and there was a rainbow of colors following them.

I still think this story is amazing...








i am a strong believer in ghosts, considering the fact that i used to see them alot in my old house when i was a kid.  When i tell people my stories, they do get very scepticle.  So i am going to tell the story in which to me and to alot of people proves that ghosts do exist and it is unexplainable. 

I had found a stray cat back in 1996 and his name was blacky.  Any how, my grandma didn't like my cat at all (considering that she hated animals) and she used to kick him every chance she could.  (of course i would have a fit about it and try to protect him every chance i got, but it was inevitable) So if blacky was around her she would kick him away and as a result, every time blacky saw my grandma he would hiss and run underneath the table in the living room,  All the while stairing at my grandma and growling until she would leave.

To make a long story short, i live in Illinois and my grandma had taken a trip to see her daughter in New Jersey and ended up passing away their.  Then the day finally came when they brought her body to IL for a final funneral.  Of course my grandmas body was at a funneral home, but the very first day that her body had arrived in town my cat began to act as if she was around again.  It all started when me and my family were all sitting down in the living room with blacky and getting prepared to go to the funneral, when all of a sudden blacky got up and looked at the door way.  His whole body arched as he hissed and ran underneath the table. The very hairs on my neck and back rose up and i tried to ignore the thoughts of thinking that my grandma was in the very room with us. however it was hard to ignore because he kept growling and hissing and watching something that we couldn't see!  He would stair at the very chair she would sit in and hiss at it and avoid it as much as possible!  Like i said before, he was acting as though she was their and his eyes would be moving about as if he was watching her walk aroun the room.  He did this for exactly 3 days.  He didn't stop untile they finally shipped my grandmas body to her original home in Europe.  After that, he never fussed over anything ever again. 

So blacky proved to me and my family that ghosts do exist and their is no doubt in my mind that she really was their with us.




The Sights in My Study








Whitewright TX:




It seems that this place is only active when Christmas time comes around. In a very small town called Whitewright Texas there is a very old house that now belongs to my uncle. The structure of the house is very stable as a matter of fact it has been lived in alot longer than usual but is now used as storage by various family members of mine. The first experience was when I was 11 and two days before Christmas it was late into the evening and instead my parents driving back home 27 miles my grandparents offered their old house for us to stay the night in. It had been raining a little and it didn't take long for the three bedroom house to warm up so we went to bed. I had two younger brothers, one of them was still a little baby so he slept in the same room in a little crib that my grandmother had still left put together for all of the grandchildren. I was quite tired and almost fell asleep immediately when it started thundering and lightning. The first loud crash woke me up and precisley the loud crash the outside screen sounded as though someone had kicked the door. The house had a horseshoe shaped porch and at each end of the porch was a door to the house another door was for the living room. I screamed and my mother came in. I had woken up my baby brother she had claimed but the thunder had woken him up. My mom picked up my brother and took him with her to get him back to sleep. I tried to calm myself to go to sleep and convinced myself that it was just a cat that got scared and jumped up against the door. Many times though to convince myself I would check outside through the window of the door. and then run back into the bed. I was starting to drift off again when another thunder blast went off and lightning followed but what I saw next terrified me even more so because I saw a figure outside the window through the window curtain. I screamed out again and scrambled off the bed to look into the next bedroom and tried to tell my mom that someone was outside, she didn't believe and upon the suggestion of my father I was escorted to the living room to sleep on the couch which made the very front part of the porch even closer to me. All the windows were huge and pretty much most of the living room was halfway nothing but windows but had dark brown curtains. The storm subsided a little bit for another hour or so and I tried with everything to stamp down the fear that wouldn't let go of me no matter how I tried to shake it off. I forced myself to close my eyes. At that moment someone or something stepped up onto the porch stomping and then started walking. I stepped into my parents bedroom and asked my father if he heard the walking on the porch he said it was the house settling. I know I was just a kid but settling of the house didn't sound like a heavy man with big boots either. I pleaded out of the window, I threatned, when I threatned it would stop for a while but start up again. My last resort was praying to God for this to stop to make whoever or whatever to go away. A few minutes later the rain drizzled and the walking faded away. It didn't stop immediately just as though someone had stepped off the porch but as though it was going away slowly. I fell asleep and the morning came. I stepped out on the porch and the whole porch was covered in mud clumps from one end of the porch to the other side. I talked with my aunt and she told me that the only knowledge of the house was an old lady had lived there and that some neighbors had found her dead in her bed and her dog was missing. But that no one really cared about the dog anyhow. So the missing dog wasn't much thought of after the lady's burial. The second activity was when I had moved in with my aunt in the same house. She moved into the house a year before I moved in with her and my cousins. My parents and I had very considerable disagreements. Anyhow, as usual just a little before Christmas one of my cousins and I were just about to go to sleep on the couch in the living room which is the center of the house when my cousin rose up off the couch and told me that someone was standing right beside and I got up off the couch and made a mad dash to jump on the other side of the huge circular couch and jumped right beside her. At that precise moment that I jumped up at the corner of my eye I saw a very faint light move very fast in the center of the room not on the wall or on the floor. Dishes were knocked over in the kitchen and my aunt turned on all the lights. To explain this away so that we wouldn't be scared and for all of us to get some sleep my aunt told us all that a cat and found its way into the house and we scared it. The next morning my aunt went and talked to my grandfather and a few weeks later they were digging in the back yard and discovered a well and the remains of a dog. They filled the well with rock and concrete. The activity stopped. Later it was told to me that the Christmas before I moved in my aunt was alone at home in the same house and she had been watching TV. Someone stepped up on the porch very heavily and tried to break into the house by first turning the door knob and then trying to force themselves through the door. She threatned whomever and they went away. The house is now being used as the family storage house and whose evers friend of the family storage as well. It is now not been lived in since my cousin Shane last lived there.




Disturbing Nature




The story I'm about to tell is one of a disturbing nature. It absolutely chokes me up every time I tell it. If my grammar or language skills are not up to par, it's only because I'm caught up in the horrid memories of that night.It was Newyears eve.My cousin and I waited for our girlfriends to arrive, as we were having a party that night.Yes there was alcohol, and say what you want, but I know what I saw. The same thing we all saw. Anyway. Later that night we were all in my room, drinking and singing,just having fun. It was a party. Time passed and more time passed, and it began to get late. Something startled my cousins girlfriend. She quickly eased her mind with the though that it was a household pet. A large dog she thought. Little did she know we had no pets. When she later confronted me about it, I told her just that. A little shaken, but mostly tired she and my cousin went to lay down leaving my girlfriend and I alone in my room. We watched TV for a while and just talked. We brought up how drunk my cousins girlfriend must have been, and laughed. Well, it wasnt funny long. As we sat there on the bed, half paying attention to the television, a "thing" slothed across the floor in my room. We both sat stuck with fear holding eachother as tight as we could. When it got to our feet it stopped, looked up at us and almost smirked at our fear. We got a better look at it then. It was a bloody, bludgeoned mess. It seemed to be walking on nubs of his knees and elbows, and finnaly donned with a bashed in skull. It made my poor gilfriend sick to her stomache. It continued its path to my closet and dissapeared. We didn't sleep one second the whole night. If we hadn't all seen the god forsaken creature I wouldn't have believed it my self. The next morning the black lights were still on music was still going and bottles were every were. So I decided to clean up. When I moved the speakers back to the other wall, the blacklight shown down on the wall. Streams upon splashes upon steaks upon hand prints of bright green trails were on my wall. It looked as if some one with green blood was "bludgeoned" to death. Then I remember watching  forensic files and the luminol that they put on surfaces to detect blood showed up green werever blood was. This really choked me up. So finally I went and asked my stepdad if  he knew this houses history. His exact words were, " No. Why? Is the house HAUNTED?"




The Man with the Horns


By: Anonymous


This is the first time I've ever publicly shared this story. I've only told

two of my closest friends and sadly, they looked at me like I had gone

crazy. I've never even told my family this. It happened when I was very

young, so that could be a reason why my friends looked at me like I was

insane or something, but the weird thing is that the memory of this strange

encounter has stuck with me until now. I don't even remember half of what

happened to me at that early age but THIS experience is so vivid still that

it makes me BELIEVE that it actually happened. I was 3 years old, turning 4.

I was living in a province in the Philippines and my dad had come to visit

me and my mom (He left 2 years earlier when he moved to California to find a

job)from the United States (a year and a half later I moved to the US also).

I have a big family with a lot of aunts, uncles, and cousins. My dad coming

to visit was a BIG deal so the WHOLE family slept over my grandma's house.

My cousins and aunts and uncles occupied the available rooms, so me, my mom,

and dad had to sleep in the living room. The living room is on the ground

level so if you opened the window, you'd be looking straight towards the

street. It was around 10pm that night when I fell asleep and I don't know

how long it had been until I woke up because I needed to use the restroom.

Some restrooms in the Philippines are located outside next to the house, and

since I was only 3, I needed my mom or dad to accompany me. I sat up and

asked myself "who should I wake up?". As soon as my eyes darted from my mom

to my dad, a figure caught my attention. He(or IT) was tall, but I can make

out a shape. It was a dark shape, but the scariest thing about it was that

it was just there leaning against the window looking straight at me. I could

make out two distinct points where its head was. Horns, maybe? I don't know

but how could he have opened the windows without waking anyone up, I

thought. I didn't panic or anything. I just sat up and watched it looking at

me for about a minute or two and then layed back down. I forgot that I had

to use the bathroom. I pulled the covers over me and went back to sleep,

HOPING that I was just dreaming. Since I never really mentioned it to my

parents, I can't be sure what it was. It was either a demonic figure (hence

the pointed horns) or maybe a drunk relative who couldnt open the door so he

had to go thru the window. Why did he stare at me though? And shouldn't he

have had a FACE and maybe some color to him? No, that figure was straight

black; like a shadow . Some people might argue that I was dreaming and if I

was, then that was a pretty vivid dream that STILL makes me remember what

happened 16 years later. It gives me goosebumps everytime I think about it.




My House




I have been reading all your stories for a while now and I have to say that

90% of them are great and very interesting although the other 10% are a bit

stupid especiall the one where all Catholics were blamed for all the trouble

cause a Catholic tried to do an Excorsism but ended up enraging the spirit.

Firstly that is not fair cause as a Woman from Ireland and a Catholic you

cannot blame us for somebody else's mistake and sometimes it is really hard

to get rid of an evil spirit.  Anyway on with my story.  The house I live in

in Dublin was bought by my Grandparents nearly 40 years ago now when my

Grandmother died 17 years ago form Breastcancer I have always gotten the

feeling that I was not alone I was only 4 when she died but a lot of the

time I can feel her presence around me and get her scent (I sound like a dog

there but you know what I am talking about) one time while I was getting

ready to go out I was in my room doing my hair and watching tv when one of

my cd's went flying across the room now I now a lot of skeptics out there

will say that the wind done it but with the force that it was thrown you

could tell that someone was after doing it and there was only my sister in

the house with me and she was downstairs watching tv.  Then my grandad died

in January of theis year at 70 now when he first died when I walked into my

home I would get his smell and a lot of the time when I would be lying in

bed I would always get this pressure at the end of my bed as if someone was

sitting at the end of the bed I was never frightend cause I new it was then

also another thing the street I live on is built over a grave yard so a lot

of the houses are haunted.  Thanks for listing




Unusual No More


By:  Tina






My ghost experience occurred at the trailer home that my family and I use to live.  Several weird things happened to us.  Often both my husband and I would be sitting on the couch watching tv and the hallway light would be on and out of the corner of our eye we would see a shadow in the hallway that would briefly walk through the light causing a second of darkness as if it was passing directly in front of the light bulb.

My husband usually sleeps on our couch because he prefers to have the room icy cold so he’d sleep on the couch in front of the living room.  One night in the middle of the night he hears someone stomping through the living room, the sound woke him from a deep sleep.  He woke up yelling thinking it was one of our kids, yet he found no one there.  Another time he heard someone stomping once again and then he heard the beads on our daughter’s door shaking like someone walked through them.  He turned around to look at our daughter’s door and the beads were perfectly still.

Several times items such as toys, clothes and jewelry would come up missing only to reappear at a later time long after you decided you would never see them again.

My daughter once saw a figure in the hallway.  My daughter and her brother are very close so one night her brother and her made a ‘tent’ in my son’s room.  This tent was right in the doorway of my son’s room and his room was down the hallway that my husband and I frequently saw shadows.  My daughter said she woke up in the middle of the night and saw a tall, thin man walk in front of the doorway as if he was walking towards the living room.  At first she assumed it was her father until she started thinking about it and realized that her dad is a much larger man than what had just walked by the doorway.

We have since moved out of this place and we have not had any unusual experiences at our new home.




My Four Experiences




When I was younger (probably around 12), I had what I later surmised may

have been a paranormal experience.  My brother and parents slept upstairs in

our 1.5 story house in Waukesha, WI.  One evening, I was awakened by one of

my cats meowing quickly about 5 times (or so).  Her last meow was cut short,

and I then heard footsteps quickly approaching my room.  The footsteps

stopped, and I heard what sounded like heavy breathing (like one out of

breath) just inside the doorway of the room next to mine (the two doorways

formed a corner).  I was quite scarred as I though someone was in my house. 

I also thought it could have ben my brother, but didn't want to take any

chances.  I laid scarred for a few hours until I fell asleep.  Before

falling asleep, the breathing slowed and stopped, but I never heard anyone

walk away.  Years later, I took into account that my cat NEVER meowed like

that and would not likely stop so suddenly (in mid-meow).  She was fine and

I never saw any clues regarding this incident.

Another time in that same house (it was an older house...probably from the

40's), I was walking down my hallway and for a brief second saw that the

doorways were arched (instead of the normal squared look).  Imagination? 

Who knows.

My next incident took place when I was around 18 or 19.  Two friends of mine

and I took a walk around my friend's neighborhood.  The night was right out

of a scary movie - very dense fog that stopped probably 10 feet or so above

our head (we could make out the full moon if we looked closely), and sounds

of geese echoed when they flew overhead.  We walked to a small graveyard (of

course) where one of my friends proceeded to run ahead of us.  My other

friend and I stopped at a rather young grave (the death date was only a

couple of years previous to this incident).  As soon as we stopped, I felt

an "energy" (for lack of a better term) in my head and chest...but not quite

physically there.  More like in my mind and soul...if you will.  This lasted

a couple of minutes (estimation).  About 1/2 a second after the feeling

stopped, my friend said, "Whoa.  Did you feel that?"  He and I described the

exact same feeling to each other.  My other friend had been hiding to try

and scare us, had looked back at us, and saw us standing in front of the

grave with blank looks on our faces.

My final incident happened to my wife and I.  She was using the bathroom,

and as soon as she was done called to me.  She said that she saw the wall

bulge out (like a bubble, she stated).  The bulge then moved up the wall,

and then sunk back in.  The walls were plaster and solid.  The bulge was

about as big as a fist.  Shortly after that, she had to go (I think to a

function at church), leaving me home alone.  A little while later, I saw

something black fall from the ceiling out of the corner of my eye.  I then

heard what sounded like magazines slap on the dining room table (which was

below the spot where I saw the black, falling thing).  When I looked at the

table, there were indeed magazines on it...which had already been there

before I heard the sound.  Nothing was disturbed (besides me).

I've always had a fascination with things like this, but due to my beliefs,

don't quite hold the same views as many of your reader or contributors

regarding ghosts and spirits.  Nonetheless, I like this site.







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