My Guardian




Since I was born my parents were always religious,

still are to this day.  I myself am a die-hard

Catholic with a firm belief in the Gospel that none

could break.  This experience still happens once in

awhile though my first was an event I'll never forget.

 This is a true story!

I was about 7 or 8 years old I can't remember really.

At that age, surprisingly, my chest was showing a few

signs of hair and my father remarked it looked like I

had a cross on my chest.  Being religious only

strengthened the matter.  That night while I slept I

felt this presence in the room.  It wasn't malevolent

but kind and gentle.  Lately I had trouble sleeping,

bad nightmares and night terrors.  I felt as if it was

holding me and I thought at the time I felt soft downy

feathers underneath me.  The next morning when I woke

up I asked my mother if she had slept with me to help

me sleep and her answer was no, stating I was sleeping

like a baby.  Since that time I've had this presence

with me whenever I feel depressed or lonely or I have

trouble sleeping.  When I talked to the local priest

he said it's your guardain angel that has become

overprotective of you.  When I met a prominent psychic

she explained this being follows me wherever I go but

cannot describe what he/she is.  She also stated that

the air around me swirls in strange patterns as if to

say I have a unique presence in the universe.  To this

day I still feel it's presence around me even in an

empty room.  I've come to the conclusion that it is

either my guardian angel or spirit guide as my Apache

mentor told me.




My Angels




I have several things that have happened to my family and me over the years.  Some were pleasant experiences, some not so pleasant. 

When I was four years old my mother died of cancer.  Even though we knew my mom was a Christian and was in Heaven, this was devastating to our family, as you can imagine.  My dad was suddenly left with two girls to raise all by himself (my older sister was eight at the time).  My family tried to help out as much as possible, especially my paternal grandparents.  They were God sent.  They lived right next door to us so we were over there as much as possible. They basically helped raise, and spoil, my sister and I.  (I promise this will be pertinent to my story later on.)

About 2 = years later, my dad remarried.  One night when my sister and I were asleep my stepmother came in our room and checked on us.  She said that when she loo d in the room she saw my mother standing over us.  My mother looked at her, smiled, and then disappeared.  My stepmother said she felt like my mother was telling her that shes glad that we had another mother but that she (my mother) would always be watching over us.

The next event happened to me when I was 14 or 15. My MawMaw (the one that helped raise me) started having mini-strokes. She was in and out of the hospital a lot for about a year.  One day at the end of school, my dad called the school and told my sister and I that they had to rush MawMaw to the hospital.  My sister drove to the hospital as fast as she could but we were too late.  When we got in the hospital room my entire family was crying. My dad looked at me and said, Shes gone.  I excused myself and ran to the bathroom.  As soon as I shut the door I cried.  I remember thinking I cant believe shes gone.  This isnt right.  That night, I went to bed thinking about my MawMaw. In the middle of the night I woke up and saw something above my head.  It smiled at me and said, Im alright now.  You dont have to worry about me.  I screamed because I didnt know what or who it was. My dad ran into the room and I told him what happened.  He hugged me and said, Honey, I think that was your MawMaw.    As soon as he said that, I knew he was right and I felt a peace come over me. 

Well, thats all that Ill share for right now.  Maybe next time Ill tell about a frightening experience I had about 4 years ago.





I Think it is Grandpa




My house is haunted I am the 3rd generation that has lived in my home.  My grandparents both died here in my home as well as a uncle who died at the age of 14.  I believe the ghosts may have been here way before because one day when my grandfather was in the garage he claims he saw a woman walking along the wall with a poka doted dress and hat on.  He went to ask her what she was doing and she vanished.  What has happened to me is at night I smelled food being cooked but no one is there.  Things will turn off and on by themselves. One interesting event that happened was soon after my grandfather passed away his old car was parked out side in the street in the middle of the night a nieghbor was awaken to hear someone trying to break in the car he called to us on the phone and let us know the police were called. How ever in the time that this took place the neighbor view a man coming out of the shadows and chasing the criminal away.  No one knows who that was but I think it was grandpa :) thank you




Experiences with the Other Side





















It was a summer night and my mother,brother,sister,aunt,cousin and I were driving home from the shore. It was really hot and humid out so i decided to open my window. I had it down for about 5 minutes when a very cold breeze came and it gave me chills up my spine! Then i saw this image in the middle of the road. It was a boy he looked about 15 or 16 yrs old. He was wearing a american flag shirt with jeans and converse sneakers and he had like reddish brownish hair. It looked like he was going to give me a letter. Then all of a sudden a truck came went right through him and then he vanished and I never saw him again> I have had other ghost expiriences with ghosts before but not like this!   Real thing and it really happened!




Figures in the Smoke


By: Anonymous





First of all I would like to keep my identity anon. I don't want to lose my job over what I'm going to write. I'm an Australian bush fire fighter and live on the North Coast of NSW. Last year we had some pretty nasty bushfires and my unit was called up to help to contain a Black Spot. There is four in my team and we drove up into the mountains where the fire was out of control.

As we parked the truck and was getting our gear, one of my teammates spotted someone in the smoke. "Bugger, but there's two f**king kids in that there fire!"

So him and I donned our overalls and went in looking for these two "kids". Suddenly, the smoke got thicker and I soon lost my mate in the smoke. I found myself wandering around like a headless chook, cursing and swearing like a sailor when I felt someone holding my hand. Like a child. Whoever the 'kid' was, they led out of the fire and onto the dirt road where I met up with the others. They thought I was shitting them. Wasn't till a few days later I happened to be in the local historical society when I stumbled upon an old newspaper clipping dating back to 1926. The exact spot where I had the above experience used to be a farmhouse (that is true because I found the old house a few weeks later) and a bushfire came burning through. The farmhouse was burnt down killing two kids-a boy aged 10ish and his sister 7/8. Both parents survived. Weird or what?




Flickering Lights






Today I was taking a shower when all of a sudden the light started to flicker and I said to myself," I'm going to be out of the shower in a Minute" .So while I was still in the shower the light went out for about 10-15sec. When all of a sudden it came on again, and it was perfectly fine and I thought to myself "how could a light go out for about 10 sec. then come on again and be perfectly fine and not flicker". Besides both my grandparents passed away my Grandma 2001 and my grandpa 2002 and maybe it was them trying to tell me something. Theres also another story of when I was home alone and down stiars there is a work room with a whole bunch of tool anyway I kept hearing rattling noises down stairs so I went down to see what it was and no one was there so maybe it was again my granpa trying to tell me something.



Haunted USS Alabama






My experience happened in late October to early November of 1985 or 1986, and for years I have searched the Web and reading materials of WWII for information regarding the USS Alabama. I gave up for a while, but recently my interest was aroused again, and there is more information available now on this ship.

I toured the ship with my first husband and two other couples. No one else was on the ship except the six of us, and each couple choose a different route. I believe there were three painted lines: red, yellow, and blue at the beginning of the tour and each route ran through the entire ship but just not together. Each couple chose a different route and we did not run into each other again because the ship was so large. A few minutes into the tour, I had the feeling of not being alone, that other people were watching us and I kept turning around looking for someone but no one was ever there. This continued throughout the entire tour until my husband started questioning me on why I kept turning around. When I told him, he just scoffed at me. I never heard any voices or saw anyone/anything, but I just had the uncanny feeling of an unseen presence and some sadness. The only noises I remember was something being banged on metal which I attributed to "settling" of the ship. At the very end of the tour just before we were to get off the ship, we saw a sleeping compartment for some sort of lieutenant. I entered the compartment and sat on the bunk for just a second or two. As I was coming out of this compartment, something snatched a diamond earring out of my ear. Not much pain, but definitely a force and not just the earring falling out on its own. I was upset because I thought even if I was able to find the earring, I would have to go to a jewelry store to get another back for it because I knew I would never be able to find the tiny little back to it. When we found the earring, it was in a corner 10-12 feet from where I had been standing and the back was still on it. I took this to mean that there definitely had been someone/something else on that tour with us and because my husband kept scoffing at me, this was the "other person's" way of letting me know I had not been wrong.

This next part may just be my imagination or maybe there could have been pictures of some of the officers on the ship at the time I was there, I don't remember, but for years I have carried the image of a tall, thin faced, blond officer in my mind. No name; just his face. A few weeks ago when I began my search again for information on the ship, one Web site had pictures and biographies of some of the commanders; one is the face I have seen in my mind for years. Unless there were pictures on that ship back in '85 or '86, there is no other place I could have seen that face. None of books on WWII I have searched through had this man in them.

This is the only strange thing that has ever happened to me. I have been to the Winchester Mystery House in California, the Oak Alley Plantation in Louisiana, Civil War battlefield parks, etc., (well documented "haunted" sites) and never ever has anything even remotely "different" happened to me.









      When I was a small child (around 7 or 8)  in the late 1950's, my parents took our family consisting of my sister,  and two families of cousins and all of their parents plus one grandmother to the U.P. in Michigan. Since there weren't enough bedrooms downstairs in the rented cabin (circa 1920's) that's where all the adults slept and all of us kids were put in sleeping bags up in the loft. Not too much time after going to bed I felt a heavy presence and looked around to see if any of my cousins were feeling this, whatever it was. Alas, they were all sleeping soundly, except for me. After awhile I became very afraid and a man's face appeared right above my sleeping bag-glowing like it was daytime (it was well after midnight) He told me his name was Charles and he wanted to play with me. I informed him in no uncertain terms that I had no desire whatsoever to have anything to do with him. At being told this he took a softer attitude for awhile and his whole glowing body had materialized by that time. He picked up my jump rope lying right beside me and started swinging it close by my face and saying he wanted me to hang myself from the rafters so I could be there forever to play with him and how sad he was that he had hung himself on the rafters in that very cabin years earlier and what a big mistake he had made in doing that.  I tried to convince him that I didn't know how to tie a knot with the rope but he offered that he would help me.All night long I laid there frozen in my sleeping bag unable to move and periodically Charles's face would turn grotesquely distorted. and burst into flames and then a moment later he would begin swinging the jump rope over my face touching it at times. I was petrified out of my little mind. As soon as I heard any of the adults moving downstairs making breakfast in the morning, I went flying down those steep steps as fast as I could and told my grandmother what had happened. When my parents got up my father insisted I had made this all up and he took me to see the widow lady who owned the cabins. After I told her what had happened the color went completely went out of her face and I described her late husband to a T including a big mole on the side of one cheek. She told my father that her late husband had hung himself from the rafters that us kids were sleeping under back in the late 1930's and she could never figure out why she had so much trouble renting out this particular cabin. So rather than being reprimanded for telling a big fib, my father informed me that if I ever saw anything like this again to keep it to myself. I can still smell the rotten breath of Charles if I close my eyes for a few seconds. It was the creepiest thing I had happen to me as a small child. If a young child tells you something they've felt, please believe them.








    I don't know if anyone else has expierienced what i have, it was so wierd. Ok.... It all started christmas eve me and my sister were laying in our beds just waiting for "santa" to come and give us our presants. I was just lying there when i sort of drifted off into a kind of half awake half asleep feeling (but i swear it was real!) anyway, i was sleeping sort of only with my eyes wide open when i looked into a small corner of the room when i see little figures dancing as if they were at some sort of party or something, so i think to myself "okay i'm freakin' crazy!"  and so i just put it to the side of my mind. Then I was still dreaming (normally)  when i suddenly picture myself wakeing up but that i was being spun around in the middle of the room repitively; I woke up so scared so i went to get a glass of water. When i was pretty well up the full set of stairs i saw my mother sitting at the table having a glass of somesort so i continued, Then just as i go to turn the light on in the bathroom i feel this INCREDIBLE force push right through me i swear to this day i can still picture it in my mind i can see myself standing there  paralyzed with fear. Not being able to move at all i stood there and all i could think about was ... My grandmother who past away about 3 years ago. I'm not sure who or what it was but all i know is that it obveously wanted to tell me something that was very importent, i'm not really sure what it was that the spirit or whatever it was i encounterd wanted me to know? but i still get scared of even thinking of the word"Ghosts or spirits" but yet it pulls me toward the thrill of them.




More Activity


By: sonofthetesttube@hotmail.coms


Hello.  I've sent a couple of my experiences here before, when I was a bit

younger.  I've stated before that I live in an old school house that has

much spiritual activity   Lately, there has been much more activity than usual.

I will start by telling a story that happened to me when I was about 13 (I'm

17 now).  It was very early in the morning, dark as a matter of fact.  I was

half-asleep on the couch in my living room, just about to wake up.  In the

hallway from the kitchen, I heard a a growl, then a scratching sound.  This

scratching turned into a tapping, like how a dog runs on a hard floor.  This

sound seemed to rush from the hallway closer to me, when all of the sudden,

I feel something hit me as I try to wake up.  What happened next can be

explained as sleep paralysis, but instead of just the feeling of being

pushed down, I felt as if my chest was torn open and my insides were ripped

apart.  The growling was still present, along with my whimperred voice

trying to let out a scream.  After I tried to "put up a fight" with whatever

it was, a hallucination or some other being, I jumped back awake with tears

dripping.  My chest felt that pain for that entire day.

The reason why I told that story, even though I'm not sure if it's a

hallucination or not, is that it closely relates to another experience, that

happened not to long ago, almost a week actually.  I was, again, half

asleep, in my bed (the same room where I have mentioned seeing a ghost lady

at the foot of my bed in another experience I have emailed), where I was

practically having a nigtmare.  It was a strange nightmare, where there were

faceless beings surrounding me, ripping my body apart.  It's a dream, so

it's very hard to explain in words.  Well, usually in nightmares, you widely

awaken in fear before you go back to sleep.  The most disturbing thing about

this is, after I became widely awake... these same apparitions were still in

my room, surrounding me, muttering and growling.  I  then closed my eyes,

fell back on my pillow and let out a cry.  I woke my mom up, she rushed in

to see waht was wrong, and she saw me laying there with my eyes wide open on

my pale face.  I felt sick for a week since that day.

I thought hard about this occurance, when I realized that the sounds and

feelings I have sensed from the first story, were present in what happened

in the second one.  It's a rough connection, but I felt the very same

emotions, and I feel there must be a connection.  They both happened in my

waking-stage of sleep, the spirits (as I think they are) rush an "attack"

towards the inside of the chest, and are disturbingly similar.  In any case,

it's something I really want to look into.  I've had plenty of people spend

the night here, in the living room mostly, and hear strange noises coming

from that branch of the house (my room, the hallway and kitchen are all in

the same branch of the house, which is the newer addition to the old

schoolhouse building).  Some of my friends who have been here late at night

felt a strang presence from that hallway too.  I know I've felt it as a

child, I remember trying to avoid that hallway for my life.

I've read the articles on Sleep Paralysis here at The Shadowlands, hoping to

find more answers to what this means.  I'm fully aware of the fact that

tricks on the mind can happen in a sleep state, but Istill keep an open eye

on the possibility of spiritual activity working in a very phenomenal way.




My Farmhouse Ghost Experience




 I remember when I was a little girl, my grandparents owned a colonial farmhouse that had been standing for at least 150 years. My grandmother thought the house may have been used for the underground railroad, because it had a few little doors and rooms off of some of the closets in the bedrooms and in the basement. I wasnt allowed to go into them because they didn't have electricity and my grandmother was afraid that I would hurt myself. Members of my family said that I wouldn't want to go in them anyway, because there were ghosts there. Of course I didn't believe them, I thought they were just telling me this to scare me. (As any 7 year old would.) But that was all going to change one night when I spent the night there one night. I was staying in their guest room, which had one of those little rooms off of the closet. The little room was probably for extra storage, or maybe a staircase because the back was all boarded up. and late that night, I woke up because I thought I was being watched. I looked up, and noticed that the closet door was open and a small figure was standing there, glowing bluish. I screamed and ran into my grandmother's room, and wouldn't go back into that room. I never saw that figure again, but I did see another ghost of an elderly farmer on the property. I was nine this time and playing in the barn. I was upstairs in the hay loft, burrowing around in the hay. (Again, lik I wasn't supposed to be.) Again, I had that same feeling of being watched. I sat up and looked around and in the corner, an elderly farmer was standing, watching me. At first I thought it was my grandfather, but then I realized that his feet weren't touching the floor. As soon as I noticed this, I screamed and ran out of the barn. There have been many sightings of him since then, including one of my brother seeing him floating outside of a second story window.





Dark House





  I lived in a haunted house for 10 years. You see, I could feel ceartin

weird feeling espisally in my own room. I could also hear whispering in the

back off the house. doors would mysterly open in different parts of my

house. Then when we were finally going to move, the house we about to move i

got a weird vibe. But lucky for me we moved into a that is ok, but I will 

never forget my experiences in that dark house.





 Not Awake, Not Asleep, something happens to me





This is an experience I have had repeatedly, over the course of several years, when I am in bed for the night, just falling asleep. Still, to this day, it tries to return, but I have found ways to avoid it (or fight it) because it scares the heck out of me.

It's almost as if it were a dream, but I am not actually asleep when it happens. I feel as if it is when I am on the verge of sleep, but still almost awake. Like just before your mind actually lets go and sleeps, there is a place in between and it lasts only a second, but that's when this thing happens to me. I can only speak for myself, I don't know of any one else who has experienced this, but I've heard stories... Also, when ever I remember this, it is always in slow motion.

I feel as if something comes at me, from behind always, always toward my back, it's like a dark shadow and it tries to suck me deeper into sleep and if I don't fight it with ALL MY MIGHT I truly believe I will never wake up again. While this is happening I am frozen and cannot move, yet I am aware of my room, I am aware of things around me and what is happening, I can even hear my TV. I can scream in my mind, and hear barely an "uuhhh" come out of my own mouth. It takes ALL my might and effort to open my eyes, but once I get my eyes open I can focus on things in my room like my dresser or door anything and come out of it, but it SO STRONG I sometimes feel I might not be able to fight it and that is why I believe I never will wake up. The whole time this is happening I am frozen to my bed and cannot move. Please note, it's hard to explain, it doesn't feel as if it is pulling my body, it is pulling ME, deeper into "sleep". One time it was pulling me so strongly that when I did get my eyes open, I actually could see my room, but it was as if looking through water, or fog.  It still had me even though I was opening my eyes.

This is a true experience, believe this. I am not joking, I would not type this much otherwise... If I were to compare it to any thing I would say it resembles the dark figures or shadows (in the movie "Ghost" with Whoopie Goldburg) that come and take some one away right after they have died.  Please note, I cannot physically see whatever this is, I am saying that this is my guess of what it would look like.

To this day I still cannot sleep without the TV. This has happened to me repeatedly. Countless times within a span of several years. When this began, I lived in an apartment near the Piedmont Hills in the Bay Area, California. I was always uncomfortable, and felt as if I were being watched there.  I started sleeping in the frontroom with the TV on because I started having really evil dreams and was scared to be alone at this point.  I would desparately beg my boyfriend to please stay home with me, because he worked nights, but he couldn't take any more time off because he had already used up all his sick days etc... sometimes I was just too scared to be alone there, especially at night.  I never used to be that way, and I am not faint of heart.  I am actually 4' 11" and 90lbs soaking wet, but I forget I am not 10 feet tall and bullet proof sometimes.  Still, when this began, I became scared.

What ever it is followed me when I moved, and to this day I still feel it, although it has been a while since I have struggled with it when I go to sleep. I must have my boyfriend hold me with my back at his chest, (spoon fashion) and this works and when he rolls over I make sure my back is touching his and I feel comfortable this way. As long as my back, or behind me isn't open, or "exposed", for some reason it isn't as bad when I feel my back is "protected", and I am not as vulnerable when I am facing " IT ".   I know, this all sounds strange, but it is true. There is more also, but too much to write, but I wouldn't mind telling about every thing else, it's just too much to type.

I am curious to know if any one else has had a similar experience, or if you know what this is, I would so appreciate learning more because understanding it would help me greatly. If so you can e-mail me at:




Nursing Home I work at..






Don't really know where to start so I'll start @ the


feel free to use this on your sight.

I work in a nursing home, 3rd shift, for the last year

I have been transferred to the 1st floor. I, amoung

others. have seen some pretty weird stuff. it kinda

starts like this.

bout 6 months ago I started seeing off the wall

things. while all of us where @ the nursing station.

(there are only 4 employees on 3rd shift 1st floor)

pple comming out of the dining room NOT in wheelchairs

but walking upright and pretty darn fast. a person(s)

down one hall walking out of one room and into the

next on the same side of the hall. (both rooms have

NON-amblitory residents).

water turning on in one room's bathroom.

One resident that passed away about 4 months ago can

still be heard laughing. ( I have never heard this

personally but others have)

A entity that AWALYS runs the same direction @

lightning speed with arms flailing. I'm talking 28

DAYS LATER style. (only two of us have seen this)

I see it some times upto 5 times a night. BUT only

when I'm down one certain hall.

I call it the "track runner"

These are some of the real common things that happen.

Now for the Ghost stories.


About 3 months ago I had a resident that is metally

with it. ask me to get "that man" out of her room. It

litrally gave me goose bumps.

When I asked her where he was she said there by the

mirror. Needless to say I saw NO ONE.

So later on I asked a co-worker if she had seen

anything that was diffrent or odd. before I could

finish the sentence she told me to stop and went pale.

about 10 minutes later she came to me again and

started talking. mainly about the things I posted

above. We ended up @ the nursing station in a pretty

good discussion and ALL of us had pretty much the same


Fast forward to Thursday Oct. 14th/15th 3rd shift..


The same resident that had asked me a few months ago

to remove the "man" by the mirror from her room rings

her call bell.

I go down and ask what I can do. She tells me to "get

him out of here" I ask who? the person by the dresser.

She replies.

So now I'm thinking Tooo Coool......

I step out in the hall and get another co-worker and

have her wait out side the door out of sight.

as I return into the room she is now asking me "Why is

my husband with that stranger?" " My husband is dead

and I don't know that other person" I ask her where

they are and she tells me.

"Don't Act that way with me I'm not crazy I know what

I see." Then proceeds to get verbally abusive with me.

THe other Co-worker comes in @ this point After

hearing what went on. and the resident goes through

the same routine about her husband and the stranger

with him.

So we get the charge nurse. Same routine.


About a hour later another resident rings her call

bell. @ this point two of us go down together

(diffrent hall). This resident is begging us to get

her out of bed. Her words. " I don't want to be in bed

with him he's not my husband and I don't know him."

She was deffinatly shook up, so we transferred her to

her chair and brought her out to the nursing station

with us.

While we are getting her some coffee and gram crackers

another bell rings, again diffrent hall.


The charge nurse got that one. She comes back out and

stated that the resident said the man by her TV told

her "she wasn't going to be here much longer" and she

insisted that "he" was still there

although the charge nurse couldn't see him even after

turning the lights on.


The 1st lady that saw her husband and stranger rings


So three of us went down and left one aid to watch the

halls answer and answer call lights.

This time two of us stay in the hall and only the

charge nurse went in. The resident started talking

about possosion and demons. Very detailed and very

scarry to say the least.

I figured with all the weird stuff happing @ work and

all, I would share what I've been experiencing with my

co-workers as of late.

I've had other uncanny happings in my life @ other

places, but nothing with this much activity, or so

many other pple. That either agree with me, or

describe what I have seen to me 1st, without me




Nursing Home I work at.. the rest of it.





If your going to use it then I'll give you the rest of

the stuff that has happened over the last few months


The lady that saw her husband and the stranger has a

roommate. that is "with it" mentally also.

She has stated in a rather calm voice. "What's he

doing here?" When asked who? she just says " Oh never

mind I must be getting confused in my old age." she's

86 and every bit as sharp as a gisu knife.

Whe have one resident that not only believes in black

magic but has threaten to "put a spell" on me and

another co-worker.

She stated that if I was older or she were younger

she would put a love binding spell on me to attach us

now and in the after life.

She wasn't so kind with her threats of magic to the

other co-worker. She out right threatened harm to her.

I confronted her son and daughter (both in their 60's)

about the whole magic thing. both @ the same time

together. They said not only did she practice it but

nothing any good ever came out of it. And that they

were raised around it and had no wishes to participate

in it. Both are christians that go to church. I to am

a christian and have no desire to be involved in it in

any way shape or form.

We have found things moved around @ work that WE know

where put in one place then found in another.

Nobody would fess up to moving the items.

Our front door code alert alarm will go off on it's

own. This is setup on the inner doors so I can't be

the wind blowing hard.

This is something that will only go off if someone

opens or walks though the door.

and for some reason never trips on other shifts unless

a resident with a code alert walks though the door.

Several of us have seen faces in the windows of the

fire escape doors leading to the stairs.

again you can't get on the outside of these doors with

out setting a alarm off.

Matter of fact that was one of the 1st things I ever

experienced out of the norm @ work on that floor.

When I worked on the 2nd floor we had a lady that was

out of it literally didn't speak and spent her waking

hours in a gerry chair.

One night while doing rounds she starts talking.

" I don't want to die,I don't want to die,I don't want

to die, I don't want to go to the light,I don't want

to go to the light,I don't want to go to the light."

My Co-worker tells her "It's alright just go to he


We found her dead less than 20 minutes later.          




Pasadena Auditorium




    I work security for the Auditorium and had experience some strange

things during my shift. There were times when I would see some of the

dressing rooms lights on from the outside of the building and before I

open the dressing room doors the light would turn off . There was

another time when I was checking the dressing room one by one and out of

nowhere the showers would turn on by themselves. There was a security

officer who claimed that he has seen one of the old engineers up on top

of the stage in the middle of the night when no one was in the

Auditorium. The strange thing about that is one of the engineers fell

off the stage a long time ago and died. One of the cleaning crew member

stated to me that while she was cleaning the females bathroom she herd a

mans voice tell here to get out but there was nobody there. The

Auditorium was build in 1932 and has a old bomb shelter.

















Since I lived There




From about 1997 to 1999 I lived in a duplex with my dad in Fort Carson,

Colorado. Not long after we moved in wierd things started happening. Things

would happen in the kitchen like the oven alarm going off when no one had

been cooking anything. Once the can opener turned on all by itself. The

thing that happened most often was the toilet in my bathroom flushing by

itself. At first it was just once in a while but then it started to happen

almost every day. None of it ever scared me though,  but one thing happened

to my dad that kinda freaked him out. One night he was in bed going to sleep

and he felt the bed sink down like someone was laying next to him. At first

he thought it was our dog but there was nothing there, and the dog was

sleeping in my room that night. Oh, and one of my friends knew the people

who lived there before me. He said the same sorts of things happened to

those people. He had been over there before when the toilet flushed by

itself. He told me all this before I said anything about what had happened

since I lived there.




Strange Things in our Houses




Me and my friends all have strange things that happen at our houses. Ever since we where young we have felt presences of other people and all have seen other people walking around mostly at night. Recently my good friends family lost their house and had to move to a new one farthur away. We all went together to check out her house and to see what we could find. It was kinda creepy there (no other houses around, in the middle of the woods, burnt down barn in the yard, just plain creepy) But the thing that stood out the most was the door to her basment. The door had been painted blood red and was the only door in the house like it. We all stood around it and could feel that something wasnt right about what was down there. We all decided to go down and check it out anyways just to make sure that it wasnt our imaginations. The stairs where old and almost rotten through and when we got to the bottom there was 2 rooms. The one didnt give us a bad vibe and was actually kinda cool. It had a fireplace and an old table and a door that led right to the woods but when we went near the other we all stopped at the same spot before the door. Something didnt feel right and we couldnt go any further in. It was dark in that room becuase there was no light for it and no windows in it. All of the cornors looked so much darker then the rest of the room though. They where all pitch black. We felt a big gust of cold air come out of the room and saw a pair of eyes in the furthest corner of the room. They looked like a cats eyes when they are hit by the light but there was no cat in the house. We went upstairs and told her family about it. Her mom understands stuff like that and put a cross on the door hopeing to keep what was down there out.

Since we felt such a strong feeling down there we all decided to look around more in the house to see if we got the same feeling but nothing more came from inside the house. We went out to the old barn and felt that same feeling again that something wasnt right. Half of the barn was gone due to a fire that happend in it but we could still get up in the loft just not to the back end of it. Something felt really wronge up there so we left right away. After a while we did some research on the house and found that it was built almost a hundred years ago. The third set of owners that had that house had a child that freezed to death in the woods when she was 5. The fourth person that owned the house hung himself in the barn. The people that owned the house before my friend moved in where the ones that had the fire in the barn and the article said there was no major loses but they did lose their pet dog in the fire.

We have seen more disturbing things from that house since we found out what happend but we have started to learn how to ignore them. They dont bother us but they still show up once in a while and just watch us. We know that they dont want to hurt us so we learned to live with them. Still no one goes into the basment becuase there is something bigger down there that we arent ready to face.




That was the First




 I am a 12 year old girl from Ky. I recently had an encounter with what I think is the elderly Lady that lived here before us. My Mom and Step Dad bought this house about 2 1/2 years ago. The lady that lived here before us, died in my little sister's room. About a month or two ago I was up reading in my bed, when I started hearing scary noises and freaked out. I got up and went into the living room and the TV was on! It was turned off when everyone went to sleep. So I went into my sister's room thinking she did it and she was sound asleep. I was scared stiff by now. I turned around and her TV started to turn on and off. So I ran back into my room and tried to ignore the voices and noises. I still here noises and voices, but that was the first.




The Closet




    Ok. This is one of the many stories I've been told. I have never had an experience of my own (thank goodness, I am so freaked out about the paranormal, but I continue to torture myself by reading about it all. By the way your website is great, keep it running!) So I guess in a way, I was here for this one, but not technically. My best friend Betty's (not her real name) mom looks after a bunch of kids after school. I am not one of them, so keep in mind that I am not there. On this day, only Betty, my other friend Kady, and another girl I dont know real well Kriss (not their real names), were at Betty's house. Betty's mom was out shopping and the rest of the family was at work or still at school. Betty and the other girls were in Betty's room when they heard a thumping noise coming from in the closet. No one was home, and my friends arent exactly the bravest people on earth, so of course it freaked them out. Betty immediately called me because the thumping kept going on and I lived on the next street over. She was crying so hard, and I could hear Kady and Kriss screaming and crying harder with evey thump (I could hear all this over the phone, thats how loud it was). I always see people do this on movies, so I told them to tell whatever it was to knock once for "no" and knock twice for "yes" I heard them say that and then told them to ask it something. My friends were all too scared but I told them to do it if they wanted to know the truth. So I heard Betty ask, "Is something in there?". A loud KNOCK KNOCK came from the closet. All my friends screamed and cried harder. I moved away from my closet because that was where I was near in my room at the time. Then Betty asked, "Can you tell us your name?". KNOCK! AHHH! Went everyone in the room. Then I couldnt hear my friend anyomore. I started freaking out. But it turned out that in all the excitement, my friend dropped the phone and it turned off. She called back, but they left the room. >From her living room, they could still hear thumping, but it stopped 5 minutes later when Betty's momcame home. They told her all this, and I dont know if she believed them or not. Betty and her family moved from the house about5 months later, there were also some more stories in that house, but I'll tell them some other time. So in closing, you can believe what you want about that story, but I know that I was hearing everyone scream and cry worse than you see in the movies. I trust my friend and know she cant fake a cry like that. Now I suggest you all get the farthest you can from your closets tonight and have sweet dreams...




Ghost of Boat Harbor


By: Anonymous


I've just emailed a ghost story called "Figures in the smoke". Another story I would like to relate to the readers called The Ghost of Boat Harbour. Once again, I don't want my email address on this story.

The ghost of Boat Harbour.

Boat Harbour is a small park near the Wilson River in Lismore, NSW. For years I've heard the infamous story about the ghost that suppose to haunt Boat Harbour. Of course I thought it was a load of clobbers. The story goes about a young boy who was playing on a set of swings (which the local council took away in 1989) and he fell off the swings. The swing connected him on the back of his skull, killing him. This happened around 1967. Now, it's 1986, I was 18. I went to this park with two mates around 11pm. Being a big kid I automatically made my way to the swings. Now, this night was windless, stars sparkling like diamond studded eyes and the night sky was a black velvet. As I made my way across to the swing, didn't the swing suddenly started swinging by themselves. My two mates were next to me also flabbergasted by this happening. Then the swings stopped followed by a, it wasn't an owl or any other night creatures. THIS WAS A FAIR DINKUM HUMAN SCREAM!!!! We ran away screaming ourselves and drove out of that park as if we were being chased by old Nick himself...I go back there every now and then but it seems like the ghost of the boy is gone since they took the swings away... True story. Most of us locals avoid Boat Harbour now...well, some of us do




The Weirdest Dream




I have been a fan of the unknown since I was little girl.The only one in my family that really understood me with this obsession was my father's mother, my grandmother. She was very spirtual and I loved her dearly. She has had several experiences with the unknow in her life time and had always confided in me.

Well to start off  here is a little back ground information my grandmother passed away on November 29, 2001at the age of 57, the day after my husband 21st birthday. She had complained for about a year that she didn't feel well that her stomach hurt. I told her everytime i talked to her that she needed to go see a doctor. She had went and they told her it was an ulcer. Which wasn't true she bleed into her stomach for about a year, she had a small rip in her aorta valve in her heart. She died while she was christmas shopping This was definately a devistating blow. I thought i would never recover from this loss. I had so much anger towards her for leaving me. I hadnt seen her in almost a year and was planning to come and see her the 2nd week in december.( my husband and I live about1800 miles from her) Eventually I did recover from this and about october of 2002 I was talking with my grandfather on the phone.  We were talking about my Grandma. He decided to tell me that about a week before she died she had told him and his friend Kenny that she knew that she was going to die and thier would be 2 more deaths in the family before the new year.( this did come true her second cousin and my grandpa's best friend passed away before January)  I then  questioned my grandfather on this.  Why wouldn't she have told me? We talked about everything. Why not me?  We spoke for about 10 minutes longer and both hung up.I decided the best thing I could do was go and get some sleep. For the first year after my grandmas death I would always feel so depressed after my conversations with my grandpa.

So with this still weighing on my mind I went to sleep. It was a very deep sleep which is not really normal for me. I normally toss and turn.  During this time I started dreaming that I was in a large room with my grandmother. I was questioning her, Why hadnt you told me, She just kept apologizing for this not really answering the question. The dream was pretty long and drawn out but for some reason I can't remember what else was said. She then said" I have to go but before I do I have something to show you." She opened a door on the side of the room. I was standing in the door way and suddenly she was gone and I was on the side of a highway with my friend Kelly. We we on the side of the road apparently having been in a car accident. Her car was parked beside us not really having or showing any damage. I was crying and I had Kelly in my arms. She was covered in blood, I was screaming and crying as she died in my arms on the side of that highway. As suddenly as it started it stopped and I woke up. I was still crying. This just felt so very real I was sad because of the situation that happened toward the end of the dream but I felt satisfied with seeing and talking to my grandmother. I didn't really know if I was crying over the loss of my friend or because I was able to talk to my grandmother one last time. It had to have been the weirdest "dream" I have ever had.I sat up thinking about this for awhile i am not really sure what time it was, but it felt like forever before I fell back to sleep.

Even after I woke up the next morning to get ready for work this dream was so vivd that it lingered with me. Normally i cant remember any dreams that I have, atleast not  with so much detail.

As I walked through the door to my job the first person I saw was Kelly. I immediately told her my dream. She just kinda looked at me with a weird look on her face. She said her fiance had the same type of dream last night. That she died in a car accident on the side of a highway. We all bacisally just joked about it, it was just to much of a coincedence.It was friday and we just kinda forgot with the upcomming weekend. We went on for about the next week. I had called my father and told him about it he said well death means life. About a week before halloween kelly had called out from work said she was terrible ill and could not come in. She had went to the emergency room and they told her she was pregnant. It was a total shock for her.  All of us were in shock.  This was just too weird. 

I know it was just my grandma telling me she still Knows things even though she is gone.




The Ghost


I was eleven years old when I had my first ghost experience. My great, great grandpa had just died from a serious blood clot in his leg. Me and him always played checkers together before his tragic death. I was in my room when I sensed I was not alone. I hid under my covers until I found the courage inside of me to look. I flipped back my covers, looked at the door, and their it was. It was a shadow. It was obviously my great, great grandpa because he had  a checkers board with him. He walked over to me and started setting up the game on my bed. Then my mom walked in and he vanished. I never saw him again




Sleep Paralysis and More


Alrighty folks....

First of all, I appriciate the vast repository of information that this site has to ofer.  I appears to be a labor of love, and I wish you much luck wth it.

Now, on to the actual stories.

I have had several experiences over my lifetime.  Never the same, always in different locations, mostly because I wasn't silly, or curious enough to stick aound for a second manifestation.

This may not be related, but when I was younger (about 6) I lived In an old antique mall.  It is still located, to this day, in Germantown, in Louisville Kentucky.  My father was the night security and the owner had given us a refurbished apartment on the second floor.  My bedroom was in the far corner be a huge bay window, the type you would find in an old tobacoo factory.  It could only be opened by the chain that hung down.  The railroad tracks, which ran beside the mall,  were right out side my room.  I used to go to sleep to the sounds of the night freight.  It eventually became very soothing.  My room was small.  Enought room for a bed and a dresser, scrunched up against one another.  The closet door was right next to the head of my bed. When I would sleep, or try to sleep, I would here it slowly open.  I would jump out of bed and race to the light switch, but it would invaribly close by the time the ligh shone on it.  I don't know if this was a figment of my imagination, the result of the motion caused by the train movment, or an honest atempt at extraplanar contact. 

Near the turn of the century, I was employed as a security guard for the Phillip Morris Tobacco Plant, in Louisville.  My post was in the main watch building, and my patrol was "The Annex".  The building was the old tobacco storage facility, that had since been disused, because of the plat shutdown.  Of course, the building was rumored to be haunted.  The third of five floors was being used as office furniture storage.  On of my supervisors had been a a partol guard in the same spot a few years ago on night shift (10 pm - 6am). .  He was on patrol a floor below when her heard a comotion.  He went to investigate, and found several of the office chairs strwn about haphazardly in the designated walkway.  After restacking the chairs, he proceded with the rest of his patrol.  On his way back down, he again heard a comotion from the afore mentioned floor.  Upon entering the area, the chairs he had so neatly stached, had been scattered, like a tornado hit them.  He transfered to the day shift the next day.

On my patrol, I was unfortunate enough NOT to have any direct encounters with this resident.  I did find out, though, that he liked people being potie to him.  On my way down stairs, on nght, i felt a presence, and I said "You are more than welcome to follow me, if you like?"

I held open the door for a few seconds, and then proceeded down to teh next floor.  After finishing that one I went down again.  As I entered the stairway, the window began to rattle ans sway, like a powerfull wind was buffeting it.  Almost automatically, I reopened the door and said ""Oops, I'm sorry.  After you"

The window stopped immediatly, ad i finished my patrol as normal.

I know this has gotton a bit long, but Ihave one more occurance that I wish to mention.  I have read up on the experience know as Sleep Paralysis.  I have been experiencing it more frequently over the last year.  I will find my self wide awake, curled on my side in a featle possion (how I normally sleep), unable to move.  The classic dark presence looms just out of vision, and I am deeply troubled.  The only sound I can make is a vague growl, so most of the tme I wake up barking and growling and scaring the bajessus out of my fiance.

Thank you for your time and attention...




San Antonio Texas





Hi.  I was surfing the net and came across your website.  I have some stories to tell myself.  Here's my first memory of something unusual happening in the house where I grew up in San Antonio, Texas.

We lived in a large two-story house that was built in 1897.  We moved there in the spring of '62, when I was just a few months old.  My parents were a little uneasy with so much space, so one of the bedrooms was always locked and never used.

When I was about four, my younger brother and I would go upstairs and find that bedroom door open, with two elderly people just sitting quietly in that room.  We thought they were our grandparents, so we would sit with them and chat away until our mom called us downstairs.  They would smile at us but never talk.  Sometimes we went up the stairs but the door would be locked.  When that happened, we could peek under the door and see their feet where they were sitting in their chairs.

We kept asking our parents why our grandparents didn't have meals with us, and my dad always said we would go visit them on Sunday.  I guess my dad thought we were kidding about seeing our grandparents upstairs.  The last time we went up there and found the door open, no one was there.  My brother went to a window and moved the curtain aside to look out to the back yard.  I opened the closet door and was startled to find both "grandparents" just standing there looking at me.  I was confused because I was old enough to know that people just don't stand in closets, but then they smiled at us and sat in their usual chairs, so we both sat on the floor to visit.

One day my dad made a big point of walking us upstairs to show us that the door was locked and that there was no way we could ever go in there without him knowing about it.  He tried the handle, showed us that it really was locked, then showed us the key he had.  He then opened the door to show us the room. 

The room was completely empty, with nothing but a thick layer of dust on the wood floor.  My brother and I were surprised because we had always seen the room fully furnished, with heavy draperies at the windows.  My dad had the shock of his life though.  In the dust on the floor were our footprints.  It was obvious that we had walked through that room several times.  There were even dustmarks where we sat down to chat.

My dad yelled for my mom and she came running up the stairs.  My dad was overexcited, asking who got the key and whether my mother might have accidentally left it open for any reason.  My mom started crying, then my brother and I started crying.  I don't remember a whole lot after that, except that we never did see those people again.  Years later, as more kids came along, that room became my parents'.

My mom won't talk about it to this day.  Every now and then we would ask our dad about it, but once he lied and told us that our grandparents actually did stay with us for a while.  When we pressed him, telling him what we remembered, he still denied it.

There are a few other things that happened through the years there that I can tell you about if you're interested.  A few things happened to me personally, a few other things my siblings told me about.  My parents never have admitted to seeing anything there, except my dad once, and we both saw that together so he couldn't deny it.




No One There





 A small house in Lutz off of Livingston Blvd. We lived there about 5 or 6 years ago now. When we lived there there was a lot of stuff being moved and my little sisters room would be a mess when we would leave and be clean when we came home. Also my radio ended up in the living room after we went on a 2 weekl vacation. My little sister claims to have had an "invisible" friend at that time that looked like my mother (my mother was in her late 20's early 30's) as well as a friend who was staying in my room while me and my sisters where at my fathers for the weekend says he say my mom walk into the kitchen around midnight -200 am ( he wasnt sure because he was up to go tot the bathroom) when he turned to go into the bathroom my mother was walking ouot of the bathroom. When they went to check out the kitchen there was no one there.




 House on Beaver Street





Hello, I'm Rainy & this is my odd story about our old house on Beaver street.

When I was 15, I went to a party with my then boyfriend, Mark.

I wasn't suposed to go to parties ever, so we told my parents we went to see a movie.

I had 2 hours until I had to go home (yeah, I know, not long).

I met the host, had some beers, messed around with my guy & went home.

I would later wind up moving in with (& eventually marrying) the man that threw this party.

He lived in a small cracker box house on Beaver street, built between the 10s & 20s.

His mother purchased the house after the only owner had recently passed away.

Whether or not he ever really noticed anything strange before, I'm not sure.

All the events I am about to disclose happened after I moved in, right at 17 yrs old.

Tony (my now husband, then boyfriend) & I were adjusting to being together & had

decided to hang his large U.S. flag on the door to the bedroom, which was also the

door to the kitchen. The house was small & all doors led around the house in a circle.

A small closet was right beside/behind the kitchen/bedroom door. The door had shelves

& cabinets on the walls on both sides of it, in the kitchen.

Shortly after hanging the flag on the door, it began to pop, jerk, rattle & sometimes

move slightly. This happened anytime the house was quiet, day or night, mostly when

we were sleeping, napping, or getting ready to sleep. Sometimes just laying in the bed

or sitting the kitchen quietly, also.

The first night it popped, our dog Inca, was sleeping in our bed as usual, when she looked

up & growled at the door/closet area. Then the door, which was closed, just popped. No

biggy, right? A door can pop. It was weird that Inca growled before hand, but we thought

little of it. It continued to pop several times in the night, agitating the dog & leaving us to

wonder why it was popping. It popped almost every night, at least 2 times a night for a

while after that. Then things got stranger.

We had brought a couple of friends in to stay with us in that tiny house, one in the garrage

& one on the couch. Tony's friend never really experienced anything because he was the

one in the garrage. My best friend, however, was in that house with us day & night.

First, the door noises got louder & more frequent. Then, the rolling started. The large ugly

green foot stool type thing we had in our back room, would roll all by it's self, with no one

in the room. This only happened a couple of times over the years, but it was still freaky.

After that, there was the toilet flushing by it's self a few times. Also only a few times over

the years. The dogs (we had another named Pica by then) would growl at the closet still.

It had been 3 years & we had had a son during this time, as well. He said there was a

"monkey lizard" in our closet (the one behind the kitchen door) that hid from us until we

were asleep so that we wouldn't know it was there. Pretty weird thing to say, for a baby

that just started talking.

Becky (my best friend) HATED to take a shower in that house. She said that someone

cold was watching her & didn't like her. On several occasions she came out of the shower with shampoo still on her ears/ neck or heavy conditioner in her hair. Like she just couldn't

get out of there quick enough.

We had speculated everything from the weight of the flag popping the hinges, to the

house settling (which could also cause the stool to roll), to just plain old oldness of the

house. Nothing explained the growling prehense the door noises. Nothing explained the

toilet flushing. Nothing explained the "monkey lizard" that my son was affraid of. But nothing, & I mean nothing, could explain the tupper ware on the shelf next to the popping

door FLYING OFF at an astonishingly TREMENDOUS force. Like it had been blasted off

with a flying boxer's fist!

Becky & I were in the kitchen when it happened & some of the tupper ware hit Becky.

It was almost unbeleivable. It took a few to set in, that it had all just came flying off.

See, it couldn't have fallen off because of the way Tony had built the shelf. It was slanted

upwards, tilting towards the wall rather than flat. We were somewhat cluttery & wanted to

insure that our unorganized stacks of miscelaneous containers didn't fall in the floor.

Becky would'nt go in the kitchen for awhile after that & moved out into another friend's

apartment soon after. When she would stay over, she wouldn't shower & she wouldn't

pee with the door closed. We had just decided that there were weird things going on that

we couldn't control & since it wasn't too scary, it was okay with us. We got used to it.

Then, while cleaning house & moving things around one week, we decided the flag was

getting kinda tore up hanging on the door all the time. What with our dogs & our son &

the parties we always had every week. So we took it down & put it up. We never had

made the conection to the flag & the problems we had, until it had been down for a couple

of nights. The door hadn't popped or rattled or jerked in 2 nights!

None of the strange occurances ever happened again. Not a one. We started thinking

about when it started to happen & that it was when the flag went up. Thinking about how

it all stopped when the flag came down. How odd that was. Did the old lady that owned

the house not like the flag? Was something else there other than she, that possibly

didn't like the flag? Was it the flag it's self that was the blame? We haven't hung it up

since we moved out to the country. We've had no problems in our new house, either.

This all started about 10 yrs ago, & ended about 3 & a half yrs afterward. We moved out

to expand our family & quality of living after I had been there (at the house on Beaver)

about 4 yrs or so. I just thought it was a neat story to share.




 House in Huntsville Utah




The house has a lot of history. It is about 130 years old now and sits right

on Pineview dam. It used to be a dairy and the foundation of the barn still

lies in the back. The barn was moved a short distance and became a hotel

called the Jackson Fork Inn. To start with the back bedroom, which seems to

have been the master at one point, was always very cold no matter what time

of year,  there were bizarre noises throughout the house, and doors and

windows seemed to have a mind of their own. Previous owners had used it as a

summer home. Their son went to the home in the winter, to study for school

without being disturbed, and one year, we're told, he killed himself in the

house. As time went by more and more happened.

We often saw the figure of a young man walking through the house in our

peripheral vision but when you turned to look directly at him nothing was

there. My father once saw him so solidly that he thought it was my brother

and yelled "I'll be off the phone in a sec". The young man walked over to

the couch in the adjoining room and sat down. When my father walked in to

the room no one was there. He called my brother to ask why he had left and

of course the answer was "I've been home the whole time". My parents had

originally used the back bedroom of the home as theirs due to the fact that

it was the only one with an adjoining bathroom. My mother, after a short

time, became very ill. The symptoms were atributed to the age of the home

and possible "mold allergies". Moving my parents bedroom to another end of

the home very quickly fixed this.

This is pretty much the extent of my memory of the experiences. I was very

young. The older couple(with no children) who bought the house from us is a

whole different story. For this reason I feel that the suicide of the boy

had something to do with anger at his parents. I can not remember all the

incidents exactly as described to me but I will try. Everything started out

similar to us, funny noises, strange chill, doors miraculously unlocking

themselves. Soon the wife had become very ill in the same bedroom with like

symptoms. Again moving the location of the bedroom helped this. Soon after

they were awoken to a violent earthquake. Objects fell from the walls, the

bed bounced on the floor and the house sounded as if it would collapse. Upon

speaking with the neighbors, no farther than a small town street's width

away, they learned they were apparently the only home affected by


Being collectors of interesting antiques, the couple one day brought home a

beautiful crystal chandelier. They meticulously cleaned the chandelier,

taking each dangling crystal off to be washed separately. After washing, the

crystals were replaced and each clasp inspected to make sure they would not

fall off as it was hanging. They were shocked to find it the next morning,

crystals removed and set neatly in a circle on the floor, clasps still

closed. This is everything I remember. Hope you enjoy. I'm sure he is not

the only spirit residing there with the age and history of the home.








My name is Ashlee; I'm 13 and live in a small town in California.  Well here is my story; a few years ago I would scare myself silly from horror films and ghostly shows, and almost every night I would feel extremely creeped out.  But one night I felt relaxed and felt something touch my shoulder I figured it was a draft so I thought no more of it and I fell asleep.  A few nights later I felt it again in the same place.  But this time I saw some one standing over me it was like a shadow of a man.  Now here is the weird part, I was not scared.  I would have thought I was but wasnt, I just watched it for a while as it moved around my room.  No one else really knows about this but I think it could be a loved one from a past life or a guardian sent to watch over me.  I even gave him a name... Aubrey.  He is still with me; he even encourages me to tell people I always know he is there always by my side.




San Diago, California




My parents went out of town to San Diago, California and stayed at the hotel del Coronado and my mom knows how I am with ghost stories (I love them) so she told me to do a report on Kate Morgan, she died at the hotel del Coronado in the late 1800's. And I looked on your site and there wasn't much, but thanks to google I got the full story of Kate Morgan, and here it is.

Kate Morgan was born Kate Farmer in Hamburg Iowa. She married Tom Morgan and the couple earned a living by riding the trains, cheating and conning their fellow passengers. Kate traveled by the name of Miss Lottie A. Bernard. Her husband Tom went by the name Dr. M.C. Anderson. Usually Kate would attract a male passenger and tell him that if he wanted to continue seeing her that he must gain the approval of her brother. Of course, her brother was actually her husband Tom. This would eventually lead to a game of cards. Tom would then swindle the man out of whatever he could. Kate would then dump the suitor and the young man would leave with little or no money, and no girl. Tom and Kate would then keep moving with the trains.

In November of 1892, Kate found herself pregnant and wanted to stop the scams and settle down. Tom not only was upset about a possible child, but did not want to stop his lifestyle. The couple quarreled and Tom got off the train in Orange California. Kate continued on to San Diego to stay at the Hotel del Coronado. She expected her husband to meet her there for Thanksgiving. She checked into the hotel on November 24th and told the employees that she was waiting for her brother. Tom never did arrive, and Kate never left. Kate was very depressed and tried to induce an abortion by taking a huge amount of quinine. She also made a trip to town and purchased a gun and shells. Five days after checking into the hotel, she was found dead of a single gunshot wound to the head. Her body lay on an outside staircase leading to the beach. Blood was found on the gun and on her hand. It was quickly ruled a suicide.

In 1990, a book called "The Legend of Kate Morgan: The Search for the Ghost of the Hotel del Coronado" was written by Alan May . His book refutes the suicide claim and gives compelling evidence that Kate was murdered by her husband. A maid that may have befriended Kate is said to have also disappeared at that time. Some suggest that she was also murdered but the body removed by the hotel staff and the story hushed up so as not to arise anxiety with the hotels guests. Since Kate’s death in 1892 there have been many instances of paranormal activity at the hotel. One of the hot spots of activity is Kate’s room, number 302 which is now 3312. The activity is not confined only to that particular room though. Voices are heard when no one is there. Objects seem to move by themselves, lights flicker, TV’s turn themselves on and off. There are unexplained noises, strange unexplained smells, sudden temperature changes, strong drafts even when the windows are closed and even sightings of Kate herself. One of the better known cases is of a secret service agent that was staying at the hotel protecting the president. The agent was staying in Kate's old room. He complained to the management that there was too much noise coming from the room above him. The only problem is Kate’s room is on the top floor.

Hope you can post this on your website!




Strange Things




Hello, I have lived in this trailer since like June of 97' because we came back from South Dakota we are from Ohio but things really didn't start until I was into my teens I am now 19, But anyway.

Sometimes I would do the dishes later at night whenever everyone was asleep or just in their rooms, I'd be doing the dishes and all of a sudden I'd feel as if someone was behind me watching me. It was errie and this would happen alot.  And sometimes it still does on an ocation.

There also was this one time when I was just in my room on my computer and I felt like someone was behind me and you KNOW when someone is behind you but the feeling just wouldn't go away I felt as if it was mad or something I felt so uncomfortable and uneasy I would even smack the air and say leave me alone and it'd quit for a few minuets but that feeling would return. That same night I was just sitting here and I wanted to watch a movie so I got up and put in a movie into my VCR. And when I did, I was feeling that same thing AGAIN it was like maybe 20 after I told the thing to stop.  And when I put that movie into my VCR it spit it out really fast not like when u eject it and it comes out slow but it spit it out litterly and I hadn't pushed eject and it was a good tape and a good VCR. And I screamed and ran out my room but then returned to try to find an explanation and couldn't nothing was by it or anything.

I belive that same year. We were sitting in my moms room doing a fill in the blank to make a funny story because we made up stuff to do for fun but we were putting words into the blank like NOUN or whatever, but when we were doing that we heard popping noises in the corner of her room. It continued all night. My mom said the next morning when she woke up the popping noises went under her bed and in the other corner. She didn't turn on the light but she said she felt like someone was standing over her and it was just strange.

Resently my dad was sitting at the table and said he seen a black mist in the hallway move.

There has been numorus times when I'd be talking and the dishes are over by the fridge and there was a VACE on top of the fridge. and I had shut the fridge maybe 2 minuets before something happened but The vace had fell off the fridge and broke a cup I didn't touch the fridge after I shut it and the vace was far away from the edge to fall off. This has happen TWICE!!.

Once last week I was half asleep and half awake. I thought my mom or little brother had came into my room without me knowing. I was well enough awake but dosing. I heard footprints in my room and felt like someone was walking behind me. I have a Futon bed so I can either put it up as a couch or a BED. But I had it up like a couch and my back was towards the door I thought they were gonna come in just to scare me but I felt the presence there walking up behind me and when it got close enough to me I turned around and no one was there. I do have a puppy but she was asleep.

I have had quit a few dreams about ghosts and they always scare me. My sister has had many dreams about our parents room. She's afraid to go into their room when she's home alone. She has a fear that it's gonna shut by itself. Also there is one more thing. My toilet in my bathroom. It goes on by itself. You know after u flush and water fills back up in the tank it goes on like that for maybe a minuet and it does it all the time. It never did that when we first mov

 in.  That's why I think our trailer is haunted. We still live here but I feel at peace now I don't have that many experices that much now days.  When things go missing or something strange happens we say the GHOST BOB did it. Our front door use to lock by itself too but it dosn't anymore.




The Monk's Ghost is Still Here





I went on a ghost tour at Belcourt Castle, and the monk's ghost manifested in the chapel.

His ghost was also seen setting up the altar there on another occasion. The spirit is less

active and considerably benign since moving to his favored room. He can also be seen

wandering around aimlessly. He is no threat to anyone. Also, I did view the haunted suit

         of armor in the grand ballroom. There was indeed a face behind the head piece, and it did raise a racket with screams and growls.




Possible Hauntings




I work third shift in a nursing home that has been open since the 60s.This home is in Torrington Ct.  On occasion you will hear voices,feel cold spots,feel the presence of someone standing around.We don't normally get freaked out,because people have died there for many years.We always ask if a window was opened if someone passes.

One particular night  there were three of us on a unit.The nurse and me and another aide.Around 2:30 am, we heard a very high pitched "tea kettle" whistle that seemed to start on the far end of our hall and streak past our desk and run to the other units.This ''whistle" streaked past us another 3 times before we started to get nervous.We looked around to see if a tv, or radio was on.We checked every door, window,patio window, to see if the wind was playing tricks.Everything checked out fine.We needed to start 3 oclock rounds, but the other aide called over to the unit on the other side and asked her sister if she was playing around with a whistle. This girl was just going to call us and tell us to knock off the noise! Now we were getting scared-however this night was just getting better.

We started doing changes and turns and eveything seemed fine for about 45 minutes.The other aide was at the desk and I was toileting a resident.A bell went off at the last room on the unit we just finished.Since I was nearest I answered that bell.When I asked the resident what was needed, she replied I didn't ring.I figured maybe her arm hit the bell in her sleep.As i walked past the rooms I looked in on one and stopped dead in my tracks.We had not changed either lady in the room because they did'nt need it however the entire floor was covered in diaper fluff(the inside of disposible diapers fall apart when wet and become a wet confetti) Also, the floor near the nurse desk also had a trail of diaper fluff.I yelled down to the nurse and other aide to come see this.They both stared at each other in disbelief!No one was in the hall and yet there was this mess-how did it get there?

We were all sitting at the desk and the whislte started again then the door across from the desk had it's own haunting before our eyes! The door knob started to shake as if someone was trying to get out of the room.I got up thinking that maybe the cat was rubbing against  the door or perhaps the confused lady in that room could't open the door.Of course the cat wasn't there and both ladies were sleeping soundly.I shut the door and did'nt even take two steps and the door knob started to shake profusely again,I jumped from that doorway the way Scooby and Shaggy react.Me and the other aide were literaly sitting on the same chair because we were so freaked out. I got up and went to get a drink of water.While satanding at the desk I felt the presence of someone standing beside me,then reach over and put their arm around my shoulders.I ran screaming from that unit to the other side.Of course everything was quiet over there.When I finally came back all three of us were ready go home.This assult continued till about 5 am when the house keepers, cook and othe aides stared coming in.

I've worked there for 6 years and have never heard that whistle at any time in all weather conditions.The diaper fluff only happened one other time I know of when the intercoms went haywire screeching and then on that same unit the fluff was in the hall.As for that door knob it never shook again the residents in that room did'nt either hear it or slept through it.I still work third shift and once in a while we hear voices or a book will fly off a shelf with no one around but we have'nt expeienced the terror we did that night.



Well here goes





When I was 6 my parents and I moved into a 3 bedroom house. I was really excited about having my own room since we had been living with my grandparents and their kids and I had never had my own room.

Anyway, my parents got my room ready and the very first night that I was to sleep in there I was really excited. As soon as I got into bed I got a really creepy feeling that someone was in there with me so I went to my parents room and got into their bed. I never told them. This continued for quite some time until I decided (with my parents urging)to sleep in my own room. I always felt uneasy sleeping there but I kinda just got used to it.

In addition to that there were two other rooms in the house that made me feel very uneasy. One was the third bedroom. It was bigger than my room but it was always cold for some inexplicable reason. I hated that room. I sometimes would go in there to play but I always felt as if there was someone in there with me that didn't want me there.

The other room I didn't like was the basement. Again, it seemed as if there was someone down there. If I had to go down there to get something I would always run back up the stairs feeling as if someone were chasing me away. Once I became an adult and told my Mom this story she told me that she, too, had that same feeling.

It wasn't long after we moved there that I began to sleepwalk. My Dad woke one night and found me trying to unbolt the front door to leave. On another occasion I went halfway down the basement stairs and sat on the step. I hated that place, I couldn't imagine wanting to go down there.

Soon after that I lost a tooth. I went to bed with the tooth under my pillow. I had decided that I would stay awake and see the tooth fairy. I hadn't laid there very long (and I am 100% positive that I was still awake because I couldn't get to sleep for a long time afterward) when I saw a black shadow come in under my door. After it came through the slot under my door it grew as tall as the door. It came over to my bed and opened the drawer next to my bed as if it were looking for something or leaving something. After it closed the drawer it went back to the door, shrunk down and disappeared under the slot. I wanted to look under my pillow but had a strong feeling that I wasn't supposed to look until morning so I didn't. I don't remember what was under my pillow. I did believe that it was the tooth fairy until I got old enough to realize that there is no such thing.

I told my Grandmother about this and she shared a couple of stories with me. One of which someone pushed her Mother down the stairs while she was the only one home.




Wouldn"t Be Her


By: Anonymous

I have a couple of stories only one has happen to me the others was to my

mother and sister.

The first one was to my mother.  It was February of 1966 and she was

pregnant with me her father had a heart attack and died one week before I

was born.  My mother said about two or three weeks after she came home from

the hospital with me she was sitting in her bedroom I was in my crib in the

same room.   She was reading a book when she could smell cigar smoke (which

her father smoked) she looked up and there standing by my crib was her

father (my grandfather) he looked at her and said she's beautiful and then


The other happened to my sister it was May of 1989, she had moved back home

to my parents house when our Aunt (our mothers sister) had a heart attack

and was in the hospital.   My parents and sister had been at the hospital

all day with her.  My sister and this Aunt were very close.  They went home

to get some sleep and my sister says that when she was a sleep my aunt had

come to her and said take care of your mother.  She said she had to go then

she vanished and just at the same time the phone rang it was the hospital

saying that my aunt had died.

This other happened to me, I thought I was going nuts but I can see I'm not.

My husband, daughter and I had moved into our first house in Dec of 98.  I

am not sure when this all started but I would be laying in bed and I would

hear foot steps in the hall thinking it was my daughter I would look to see

her.  Nobody was there this went on for awhile I really never paid to much

attention to it.  I would hear the foot steps maybe every other night never

bothered me, I also didn't tell anybody about it thinking they would think I

was crazy.  Also about the same time my daughter started taking about her

sister (which she doesn't have).   It never really crossed my mind to ask

her about it I just thought she was making this up (even though I know there

were foot steps in the hall).  Then one night I was laying in bed and I felt

a little ice cold hand (like a child's hand) touch my foot when I looked up

there was nobody there.  I still never felt scared,  we got a dog and cat in

2001 I haven't heard anything after that.  Sometimes I feel like somebody is

sitting on the bed or the cat has gotten on the bed when I look there is

nobody there not even the cat.   I also have heard what I thought was my

daughter calling to me but when I would go check it wouldn't be her.  





Active Imagination




I dont know if i have a active imagination or what but

i have several stories.  Very briefly

I must have been 8 or 9 but i went outside and looked

over to my neighbors yard and noticed what looked like

a person lying on its side but had a very huge head

and but the image was very dark but somehow could tell

it was smiling.  Iam now 35 and my mother asked me if

i had ever seen this image she asked this because my

brother had just asked the same question.

another incident, it was a sunday, i worked in the

oilfields.  well on the way to a project i noticed

this very large animal about 1/4 mile away it had the

same face as the above story.  it was motionless for a

few seconds and all of the sudden jumped from one side

of the road to the other in one leap.  I did not say

nothing to the two person riding and one said oh shit

did you see that, speed up lets catch it.  well we got

to where it had jumped the road but it was to fast.

but what was weird is that it was leaping away and all

of the sudden it started slithering away like a snake.

 we then looked around for footprints and we noticed

where it had leaped from one side of the road to the

other, on one side were paw and goat prints on the

opposite side of the road were chicken prints.








We live in Barbourville Kentucky in a old downtown building on the strip, within a mile of Union College.  We have had many encounters with our spirit and found out his name is Willie Ray.  He appears to be an old coal miner but he doesn't really talk.  Willie Ray seems to be a very friendly ghost as he will sit on the couch and just hang out every other thursday at a little after 10 p.m.  sometimes we will find soot on the carpet, and once we even found a blackened footprint in the hallway.  We often hear him walking around in and out of doors and occasionally we hear the water turning on and off.  Sometimes if we wake up early enough we will smell the aroma of cooked grits and bacon and often find the burners on the stove still warm.



The House I grew up In





My experience is mostly what my father and grandmother have told me about the house I grew up in.  Apparantly when I was little my father would be watching TV and he would hear a little girls voice calling "Daddy, Daddy".  He would go back to my room and I would be asleep.  Also only he and my grandmother ever heard it even though my mother was right there while he was hearing it.  Our dog used to look down the hall where the bedrooms were and growl, although eventually he got used to whatever he saw and would wag his tail.  My dad also would hear footsteps going up the stairs and doors slamming.  We both would see black "flashes" go by real fast out of the corner of our eyes.  My grandmother also told me a story of a tenent who lived on the second floor (there were 3 levels, 3 apts) whose bracelet was broken and she left it on her dresser and when she came home from work, it was fixed.  I always had a strange feeling in the house but I can't say I was really scared.  My grandmother was told there were definitely ghosts there but that they were friendly. I almost forgot the strangest my 1st birthday party my father took a picture of my and floating behind me was a little girl w/curly dark hair.  Wish I could find that picture....thanks for reading my story.




Mischievous Toddler Spirit





Back in December of 1990, my grandparents were still alive and I was 7 months pregnant for my son. My Aunt had taken them on a month long vacation to visit family, and my husband and I house sat for them. The very first night we were there a 1' x 2' framed picture of a leopard FLEW about 5 feet off the window sill over the side board stereo at me and broke. This was startling because there was NO draft (it was December in New York, everything was closed up), and no one was near it! That Picture had been in the same spot for years. Strange noises started coming from the attic after that. My husband and I were watching TV one night and a loud rumble was heard by both of us. We muted the TV and it sounded like there were upwards of 50 people in the attic partying! It seemed as if what ever was up there knew we heard them, so it stopped, and we began hearing footsteps down the attic stairs which were directly behind us on the other side of the wall. We were also watching my aunt's dog, Kristy, who went nuts at this point. She was jumping and barking towards the attic door, then the laughter happened, a little child's voice, laughing, at the dog, as if they were playing with each other. The following day we checked the attic and found an ash tray with a single cigarette butt in it and an empty beer bottle. NO ONE had been up there in years! Not to mention, no one ever smoked up there.

It doesn't end here. The back door off the kitchen had a string of bells on it. The latch was broken so my grandparents installed a dead bolt on it to keep it shut. It was the door into the garage, not outside (again, all closed up), keep that in mind as I explain the rest. On a daily basis, sometimes more than once, this door would open and slam shut 7 or 8 times in a row (we were always aware of it due to the string of bells attached to the door). We had friends visiting at one point when it occurred, and they stood next to me and watched the door swing shut, LOCK, then open again, and again, and again! Our visitors also spent the night (skittishly, but they had no choice, the drive was too far that late at night for them), and at about 3am all of us woke up sweating buckets, only to find that the thermostat had been turned up to 90*!  About that time every night the dog, who slept on a blanket on the floor next to our bed, would jump up start barking and chase something through the house, occasionally you would hear the child laughing when this happened. Our friends chose not to come back, by the way. At one point my husband shared with me that he would be disturbed every night by cold air, that appeared to only be hovering about a foot over his body in bed. He woke me up that night when it happened to witness it. As soon as I stuck my hand in that area I felt the cold swoosh down to his feet and off the end of the bed. All of these events reminded me of a mischievous toddler...

Now this always baffled me because there is no history. My Grandfather built this house himself, in a residential area. No one else ever lived there. And my grandparents said they had never experienced any thing like this in the 40 plus years they lived there. I often wondered if the ghost child had adopted them as it's parents and was upset that they were gone. They never went anywhere for more than a few hours until this point. All I know is that there WAS SOMETHING there with us that month, and no one will convince any of us that experienced this that there wasn't!




Another Day in our Old Farmhouse




This is the second story that I have submitted. This one is in the same house. I still dont feel that there is anything to fear in our "little" spirit. We still hear it going up and down the stairs. It still does the little pranks with the TV and such. It isnt an overly active ghost. Sometimes nothing will happen for a few days at a time. The other day though, that wasnt the case. Due to kids being in school and various after school activities and my husband having commitments outside the house, I was alone for the better part of the day and evening. It started as soon as I got home from work. I was on the computer and I kept hearing banging around downstairs. I would check every time, just to find nothing. My son has a habit of turning on the window unit A/C even though it isnt warm enough to warrant it. Before going up, I always turn it off. I noticed it was back on when I went down to check things out. Not positive that I had actually turned it off, I just turned it off not thinking anything about it. The banging started again. I went down to check it out and the A/C was back on. That was a bit unnerving. Still not scared, i just turned it off and went back upstairs to bed. The banging started up again, but this time in the computer room.  I tu ed on the TV to tune it out and the glitching started. I "yelled" at the spirit as always to cut it out and it stopped.

I was planning on going out with some girlfriends that night, so after the kids went about their evening plans, i was once again alone in the house. I showered, put on make up. I was hearing things on the basement steps the entire time. I admit, after hearing stuff and experiencing so much in that short period of time, i was getting a bit spooked. We have a bar that we can get to via a footbridge that runs across the creek in front of our house. I was finished getting ready and relaxing until i got the call from the girls. I was sitting at the kitchen table reading some mail when i distinctly hear giggling break out on the basement steps. Childlike laughter. Cute actually but that was it for me. I said outloud "its time to go get a drink at the bar!" I stayed over there until my friends came to get me.




A Strange Occurance





My name is Scott McClure, I live in a very small touwn in gerogia, Tallapoosa, GA. I see you have heard of "The Devil's Kitchen". I have heard many of the same stroies about the area and have felt strange when in that area. I have never seen the ghosts there, but have felt them.

My story is about a freinds house in Bremen, GA. He has heard may strange noises in his home and electrical type problems, possibly due to a spirit. The homeowner says his neighbors have told him they have a ghost in their home, it turns the lights on and off, and rattles things in the house. It is possible that the same ghost inhabits the same two houses.

I was invited to my friends house, after telling him that I have some strange feelings and can sense what could be spirits. I entered the home and noticed a burned area in the doorway. I asked him about this spot. His family is Greek and it is tradition to "Smoke" a cross on doorways at Easter for good fortune and blessings. I entered the next room and felt a sensation on my neck, like a cold hand brushing on me. I turned to see nothing behind me. After continuing on to the most active room of the house it was as if every hair on my body stood on end. IT wasn't a pleasant feeling, as the cold hand, but a sensation of evil. I guess the cold hand was warning me not to enter that room, it was only a few feet away. God, it gives me chills just thinking about that awkward feeing in my body. I continued in the room and felt a tugging at my right hand, there was nothing there to be seen. I soon left the room, still with hair on ends, as soon as I left that particular room, everything was calm and pleasant again. I have been in the house since that time and still get a cold chill everytime I get close to the room. I honestly think there is a lost soul in that room, that is tormented and in ill spirit. I have not been in there with my digitial recorder or camera yet, but hope to very soon. I'm still new at investigations. I hope this story sparks an interest in someones mind.




A Real Sighting




one night in september 1973 me my cousin and two other friends were playing at the rear of colwick hall nottingham england a game of hide seek with torches (flashlights) we were all 10 years old .we noticed that there was a lady on her hands and knees in what appeared to be a dressing gown parting the the long grass with her hands as if she was looking for something she looked up and we shouted what are you looking for? she stood up and walked towards us she stopped about 15 feet from us and just stood there in front of us looking us up and down she seemd as mesmerised as we were .By this time we were afraid she was also afraid not of us but of our torches it seemed she strode towards us again so we shone our torches at her which made her panic turn around and run after about 20 feet she completeley dissapeared we ran back to our parents inside colwick hall and explained what had happened expecting not to be believed we were overheard by the owner who told us not to worry as it was only mary .We made a pact that we would never mention what had happened and we never did .As i grew older i often wondered if we had all imagined it. I now know that who we saw was mary chaworth musters who was the first love of lord byron.She died during the reform bill riots whilst trying to hide her jewerly around the back of the hall .She was in her nightdress and caught pgneumonia 




Warning Sign





I never believed in dreams coming true or premonitions, but after the incident you’ll read below you will believe too, this really happened to me during the end of summer in 2003, I reside in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia in Canada and here is my story:

I was asleep one night and had a very strange dream where my face was very messed up. My nose was apparently broken and it seemed as if I was beaten up very badly. In my dream my wife is looking at me and is in awe as to how my face looks so horrible. She is just crying and saying my name repeatedly and asking how this happened and that I look really terrible. In this dream I keep asking her what’s wrong with my face? I am lying on our apartment’s floor in just a really weird daze. The day after the dream I had another dream which did not really seem like a dream because it felt like I really experienced it. I saw this dark figure which I couldn’t make out and a black shadowy hand reaching over to me over my bed, as it was coming over to touch me I just went under the covers. I tried to shake it off but I realized it may not have been a dream, it seemed like I was still conscious when I saw this apparition. The days passed by and everyone in my family came down with some sort of a stomach flu which started from my brothers friends son. He ended up passing this on to my brother’s son which soon got passed on to my wife and then my daughter and than ME. I had no idea how devastating this flu would become but my daughter was soon sick vomiting for over a week and was very sick. Soon after she got better I ended becoming sick. I had never vomited since I was a kid. I ended up vomiting continuously for a span of 12 hours. I basically puked my guts out all night (some sort of nasty stomach virus). When I woke up in the morning to go to the bathroom I ended up vomiting one more last time but this time I didn’t feel right. I got up from the bathroom floor after puking in the toilet and I felt like passing out. >From the moment I left the bathroom to the time I reached my living room (I was trying to hit the couch) I could not remember a single thing. Apparently I ended up blacking out that whole episode. My wife said that I looked like a zombie when I came out of the washroom and I was walking so fast towards the couch in my living room that I ended up going head first into the wall (studded wall not regular hollow type walls) missing the couch, I basically just dove into it. All I remember was a loud bang and waking up a few seconds later on the floor of my apartment like the way it was in the dream. My wife mentioned later that it almost looked like someone had shoved me right into the wall from the way I flew. Suffice to say I was ok, but I ended up with a deviated septum (broken nose) and a lot of swelling. Initially when my wife saw my face she was hysterical (just like in the dream) and I was asking her what was wrong with my face as she was just in shock While I laid there the whole dream sequence came into perspective and I was beginning to get scared. Was it a premonition or was it a warning from something or someone from beyond? Not to sound too hokey pokey but I like to make a joke out of this whole incident because it was probably the most traumatic incident of my life as I have not really had too many events like this happen to me ever, I’ve basically pretty much led an uneventful normal life.

While I laid on the floor I said to myself “I actually look the way I looked like in the dream” and this scared me when I saw my face in the mirror my wife brought out to me. Anyways since then nothing really weird like that has happened yet. I do still sometimes see a black figure of some sort standing by my bedside here and then but nothing has come about it yet! Also after I healed up I went to go see a priest about this whole incident as my mom kept bugging me too, and the priest told me to be aware as it is possible this incident may come again??? Needless to say I will never take these dreams or premonitions lightly ever again.





Real Ghosts!




      Hello....I'm here to tell you a story, a true story of real happenings that happened to my whole family.  My aunt had a cabin (emphasis on HAD). up in the Big Bear mountains.  Where do I begin....upon driving up the driveway. the curtains would move in the upper attic window.  We would all be sitting downstairs watching tv, and there would be footsteps upstairs and they would stop directly above the area where we all sat.  The toilet would flush by itself, and the water would turn on.  (these are just the little things) There was a trunk in the closet in a room where supposedly a woman burned up and the bed is still in there.  There's black hairs still stuck in parts of the bedframe.  Anyway, the lid of that trunk would slam.  Now let me get to the good stuff.  My uncle was up there alone, and someone, something tried to smother him with a pillow.  He fled without his clothes.  My cousin looked out the back door window, and saw a sillouette of a devil face.  Me and my sister were asleep in a bed downstairs, and the bed moved violently, not just a little bit ok, but literally bounced!  I rolled over and told my sister to stop it.  She was barely waking up, and started to tell me the same thing.  We jumped out of that bed so fast and never looked back.  Then, my dad, on a dare because none of us would sleep in the bedroom where the lady burned to death,(he thought we were all a bunch of sissies) he slept in there, and a woman he thought to be my mom walked in and he motioned her to sit on the bed. She did, and her hair turned black!!   (my mom's a blond).  My dad couldn't get out of there fast enough.  We all left the next morning. I slept upstairs one night, in the opposite bedroom, and woke up in a trancelike state.  I walked downthe stairs and sat down next to my mom, who was awake at that hour(it was 3 am She couldn't sleep in that place.) then I got up, not uttering a word, and went back upstairs.  During the night, I screamed out something about a fish..?????  To this day, I still don't know what that means, but my cousin dreamed about the same thing, in the same bed.  A fish. Something would lock us out, and we would hear voices,  just alot of wierd stuff.  My aunt sold the cabin, but to this day I believe, it doesn't stay in the same hands for long.  Nobody wants to keep it with it's eerie inhabitants......




Home to Some Spirits




First of all I would like to tell you that I really enjoyed your web site. I live in Spokane, Wa. and I never new that so many places that are familier to me have spirits living in them.

I beleive that my house has sprits that live in the basement. Ever since I was young, I never quite felt safe down there. I always could feel a presense with me when there was no one down there but me. When I am in the basement on the computor,(like I am now), it always sounds like someone is walking around upstairs in the kitchen, when I am the only one home. I know that I have seen them too. I either see a white image or a black image. Sometimes I get good vibes and sometimes bad vibes from them. My home sits about 800ft away from a Catholic church and school. I truly beleive that there are children that play outside at night on the toys. I have heard them. It is hard to hear because it is a faint sound, but i know that they are there. I beleive that my house was built over some type of grave yard. Probably one that was used hundreds of years ago. My mom passed away 7 years ago, and I think that she probably stays with me when I am by myself. She was a musician, and everytime, at night, when I play the piano, the light above the piano flickers a little when I have played omething that she likes. I also think that my cousin who died when she was only 8 years old comes and visits as well. Also, the lights in my living room have been known to turn on and off without anyone else being there but me. Or, i will leave with some lights on and come home and they are turned off. I do not fear them because they have not done anything to me. I just leave them alone in the basement and keep the door closed when I am not down there. Oh, yeah, when I am in my room, which is upstaris, sometimes it sounds like someone is opening and closing the door to the basement. I think it is someone mischevious just trying to make the hairs on my neck stand up. Oh well. So, that is just a taste of what my house is like.

Thank you for reading it.




Paranormal Experiences





Hi there, I tried to post on the Maine board, but the link is broken. L  I was wondering if you could please take down the “ROME Pine Tree Camp” excerpt…?  That is an old campfire tale that someone obviously mistook for some sort of real ghost story, and I am offended personally, a little bit, because I worked at that camp for a summer – and there are a lot more serious paranormal activities running around there than the fake “3 Fingered Willie” tale.  My mom told me that “3 fingered Willie” tale when I was 8 years old on a camping trip in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Everyone around here knows about it.  It is *not* specific, or even related to the Pine Tree Camp in Rome, Maine.  You can put this explanation in there if you wish. (but please take down that old campfire tale, ok? It’s really insulting to the counselors who experienced the real thing at Pine Tree Camp)

I will tell you of a few things that I became privy to while working there, and trust me, many of us refused to go into certain areas/buildings alone – and the camp director did not force any of us (and he was a SERIOUS guy by nature).

The activity center, can’t remember the name of the hall but it’s haunted.  There have been reports of hearing footsteps, things being shuffled around and moved, moans, and groans, and loud cracking noises, like the floor is going to crack open.  One night while I was working there, one of the counselors in my cabin was having a private conversation with another counselor of the opposite sex, in this building.  They needed a quiet place where they wouldn’t be interrupted.  The boy suggested this building, since no one would go in there, and no one would expect them to be in there.  The girl wasn’t too thrilled, but agreed.  They wound up in the only room with a light, which was the bathroom.  They talked for a while and after a few minutes heard a rustling.  They opened the door and looked around, and saw nothing.  They closed the door and a few minutes later they were interrupted again, with a rustling. This time the rustling was getting closer and more prominent a sound, so they opened the door, hoping the light would shine far enough so they could see into the darkness, perhaps it was a raccoon or something.  But they saw nothing.  This time, they left the door open, and they continued to talk.  After a few minutes they were interrupted by a terrible desperate low pitched moan and the sound of a loud cracking noise from the floor boards.  The girl counselor told me she was so scared she thought it really sounded like the floor was going to crack open, but the moaning noise was unlike anything she’d ever heard before, so low pitched and desperate.  She refused to go in that building for quite a while, and I had to accompany her in there during the day time on at least one occasion because she just didn’t feel comfortable being in there alone.

That particular building was “off limits” to quite a few of the counselors, who’d also had experiences. Generally you might see a couple of generations/different years of counselors who’d had experiences, or who’d heard of experiences of other counselors; stories passed down from previous years, but there were quite a few counselors during the year I was there, who’d had personal experiences with that building.  The camp director had been involved with this camp for many years and although he was a serious guy, there were a couple of places on camp grounds he did not force anyone into alone, or if they just couldn’t handle it.  This was one of those places.  Toward the end of the summer I was told by one of the nurses that this building was the original Physical Therapy building, and since the camp was started back in the mid-1940’s a LOT of children in pain were treated in this building.  Having worked with the physically challenged population I can tell you that a lot of the campers that went to Pine Tree Camp were in pain quite frequently, and physical therapy was not a happy time for them.  Moving stiff joints, or rigid appendages is oftentimes unpleasant, very painful, and the only thing they know for sure is they’ll have to do it again tomorrow.  So this building probably housed a lot of pain, frustration, worry, anger… lots of emotions.

Another paranormally active place on camp grounds is the “Overnight” spot.  Each session each cabin gets one “overnight” at the overnight spot.  The campers get to load up into a pontoon boat and head to the other side of the lake to get ice cream at the ice cream shack, and then the pontoon boat comes back to the camp-side of the lake where everyone is dropped off at the “overnight spot” for a night of sleeping in a tent, cooking out by the fire, singing camp-fire songs and toasting marshmallows… the whole 9 yards.  In reality, the “overnight spot” is really not that far from camp at all. It’s a 5 minute walk, however, the trip across the lake before hand gives the campers a sense of being farther away from camp than they actually are.

There have been less, yet more significant, occurrences which took place at Pine Tree Camp, but the stories of  “The Overnight Spot” were most heavily guarded of all the haunted places on the camp grounds.  I’m imagining it is because of the location, its isolation from the rest of the camp, and also because there was only 1 camp counselor who worked out there, solo, when there were no campers around because she was responsible for prepping the site for campers to arrive, and cleaning up the site when campers departed.  But the reason this story “sticks” with a lot of us is because the camp director’s wife experienced a paranormal event when she was a counselor in her teen years, that was so traumatic, she had only been back there a few times since it occurred.  Here’s how the story was told to me, as best as I can remember it (Let’s just say we didn’t sleep well that night, nor did we go to the outhouse without having another counselor watching our back and lighting the way with a flashlight).

Somewhere in the 1980’s a group of counselors and campers were out at the “overnight spot”.  They’d done their normal routine of settling in, eating by the fire, singing campfire songs and going to bed in one of the two giant canvas tents.  As is routine for the counselors, someone is “off duty” each night.  On “overnight” night, the counselors who are off duty still had to stay with the cabin, they just had a choice of being able to sleep under the stars, literally, on the beach, with only their sleeping bag and no tent, or they could sleep housed inside of one of the tents with the “on-duty” counselors as well as the campers.   Needless to say, the off-duty counselors sometimes chose to sleep out under the stars.  And so on this particular night there were 3 or 4 counselors sleeping in a line, like sardines, out on the beach near the water, tucked into their sleeping bags comfy and cozy.  Sounded blissful until sometime late in the evening after the fire had died down and the counselors had gone off to sleep, the future-wife-of-the-director was awoken to the sound of chanting, off in the distance.  She sat up slightly, facing the water, looked around, left and right, but couldn’t see where it was coming from. She saw her friends were sleeping and she was the only one up so she couldn’t understand who would be making these sounds, so she tapped the friend to her left, who was sleeping on her stomach – facing the campfire – and awoke her.  She asked her “Do you hear that?” and waited for a response from her friend, but got nothing in return but a fixed gaze toward where the campfire had burned out hours before.  The future-director’s-wife turned around and saw for herself …  a blazing hot fire, dangerously high, and campers sitting all around the campfire chanting and singing in eerie tones, rocking their bodies back and forth in their wheelchairs and on the giant logs around the fire, the fire lighting their faces dramatically and the tones and chants and motions of the campers getting more desperate, almost more aggressive… violent, with every passing second… it scared the life out of the counselors on the beach who had witnessed it, and after that night they refused to go back there without an escort, and even then their return to that place was extremely minimal in count.  As I said, by the time I was a counselor there, she hadn’t been a counselor for a good 8 to 10 years and she’d only been back there less than a handful of times.  When I witnessed her at the spot she was very uncomfortable, arms folded, in a hurry to leave…

Personally, I wished someone would have waited until after my overnight to fill me in on all the details, but you know how it goes.









My story's a fun one...

My mom passed away when I was 13 years old. So,  it came as quite a

surprise to me to hear her voice, some 16 years later, at my dad's funeral


The funeral hall had the typical layout: a long hallway that lead from

front to back of the building with "viewing" rooms up and down on either

side. I had my back to the doorway/hall and my my father was laid out at my


I was mindlessly listening to my aunts' endless chatterings,when, to my

right I hear, "that's VALERIE??....look how grown up she

is!".  Sitting to my right were rows of people in folding chairs facing me

and in front of sunlit windows. BUT in front of THEM  I saw what looked

like two brownish,smokey clouds.....holding hands?....and then I heard, "

Oh my gosh!!... She can SEE us?....

She's not SUPPOSED to SEE us!!!.....Why can she SEE us??....",and then my

dad say, "...I don't know!!....that's our Valerie!!".

As they spoke the "cloud" ran out the door and made a sharp right hand turn

up the hallway!  I followed slowly, as to not make a spectacle out of

myself, but they vanished. this day I wonder what she meant by "not SUPPOSED to see us!"? Do

they have rules that are to be followed?




My Real Life Ghost Story





About 10 years ago when I had just graduated High School, one of my friends and I were driving to the next town over (20 miles) on some back roads in the country because her parents lived off of these roads as well and we were taking a shortcut.

Anyways, it was real dark out and we were driving along when all of a sudden, in the middle of NOWHERE (there were no farms or houses anywhere near, just fields), there was a lady standing with an old time lantern in the ditch. She was wearing clothes like off of Little House on the Prairie and we slowed down, but didn't come to a complete stop cause we were like "what the hell!?"

When we went by her, her eyes were solid color. We drove as fast as we could and we were in tears cause we were so scared. It's the freakiest thing I've ever seen and to this day, we don't know what she was or where she came from.




I wanted To Share





Hi my name is Nikki Nelson and I have an experience to share with you. I am 23 years old and this experience happened when I was about 14 years old. I had told three friends of mine that I had a brother that had passed away before I was even born. To my surprise, my friends did not believe me. I told them that I would take them to the cemetary where he was buried. They agreed to go. We all jumped in my car and went to the cemetary. As we got to the cemetary, we had noticed that nobody else was there because it was starting to get dark out. We happened to park about 50 feet away from my brothers stone. I showed my friends his stone and they were shocked. They were amazed that I had told them the truth. I also told them that I had a Great-Grandmother that was buried there. We walked over to her stone so I could say some respectful word in memory of her. Her stone is approximately 250 feet from my brother's stone. We were on our way back to the car, when we all happened to look towards my brother's stone again. Like I said before, there was absolutely nobody else around. There were also no lights in the cemetary back then. When we all looked towards my brother's stone, we all had seen a red flashing light that looked like it was right above his stone. This light had flashed three times. The flashing kind of came across in the S.O.S. code. I myself believe in ghost, so I wasn't afraid. When my friends had seen the flashing light, they started screaming extremely loud. They wanted to get out of there as soon as we could. They ran as fast as they could to the car. I was not afraid so I walked to the car. They kept screaming at me to hurry up. When I got closer to my brother's stone, the red light was ack and started flashing again right above his stone. I at that time did not know what to think of it, so I had gotten in the car and we had left. Ever since then, I have felt as though I have this chip on my shoulder at all times, telling me when something bad is going to happen or has happened. For instance, if something bad has already happened, I can give you quite a few details of the incident without knowing what exactly happened. These are the details that you would not usually know. Now, is this just a freak incident or not? You tell me.




Old Canine Friend




a few weeks after my dog died of natural unhelped causes(wasn't put down) in my house(with my brother dad and  mom in the same house) I was in my bed reading one night totally calm just interested in what I was reading I suddenly lucidly heard my dog bark at the front door(my room was right over where the front door would be downstairs)he used to do this to go out.. he was an old slow good natured dog that took no interest in people passing by or dogs.. it would just go to the front yard and do his business at about 11:00 pm I swear it was as clear as day.. its as if he was in the house for the few weeks after his death and he was just saying his goodbye's and letting us know(no one but me heard it it was eerie like he meant me to hear it and no one else)anyway he didn't just bark once he barked a few times while I was reading the book. it was his distinctive sound.. I couldn't miss it or mistake it for any other dog.. anyway I took his death really hard. I guess that was just his way of letting me know there is an afterlife and that he was ok or that he didn't know the difference anyway(which is kinda sad) anyway that was my little experience out of a few.




Creepy Experiences




Hello, my name is Erin, and I want to share with you my experience.  My mom died when I was 10 years old, I'm not 17.  well.. We were living in a little old mining town of Eagle Mountian California.  They said it used to be a ghost town.  In I think about the 1930's and on, it was a mining town of about 2000 I believe.  Well.. now it's nothing but old, eerie houses and such.  Anyways.. on with my experience.  I was sitting at home alone one night about 1 in the morning when all of a sudden the light over the sink in the kitchen went off.  It makes a loud clicking noise if you turn it on or off.  Noone else was in the house.  My dad worked the graveyard shift at the prison they made up the mountian.  I felt a breeze of cold air hit me.  I was freezing and it was the dead of summer!  I had my dog inside with me and he was staring at something.  He was like following it, whatever "it" was, across the room until it came to the door.  It was extrememly creepy.  My older sister used to tell me that whenever she used to watch me and I was asleep on the couch and she was watching t.v. late at night she would hear someone breathing from the back of the house.  Knowing noone was there, she got a little spooked. But anyways back to my experience not hers.  There was another time I have experienced something more revealing.  I was sitting in the living room after coming home from school one day.  My dad was asleep in the back bedroom.  Someone rang the door bell.  And as soon as I got up... I noticed a shadow walk across the window.. It was the after noon so the shadows usually show up.  Only, this shadow didnt have a body.  All I can remember seeing is a shadow of a head.  It look just like my moms shadow when she was alive.  I ran out the door to see is someone was there, but there wasn't anyone.  It scared me.. There was one other time, but it wasnt me that experienced it.  After my mom died, my dad's Hispanic mother came to stay with us for like a week to help us get back on track with our lives.  Me and my dad were sitting outside, it was like maybe 10 at night and she came outside to sit with us.  She then asked who the man was standing across the street staring at us was.  Well, across the street is just abandoned houses.  Noone has occupied those houses for years.  We kept telling her nothing was there, but she kept insisting there was.  My dad, being the curious type, went to see if there was someone there.  He walked across the street and she said that he ran up the hill and disappeared.  Needless to say, it freaked me out.  We lived by an old, abandoned school.  me and my friend's used to sneak in there at night and play around.  There were plenty of times when I heard strange noises and such in that school.. I've heard, but dont know if it's true, that a little girl haunts that school.. She died there in the early 60's.  I'm not too sure if thats the truth or not.. so don't go by my words.  I've sinced moved from that little town.  As far as I know, the prison shut down, and it is now a "ghost town" again.  I am planning to visit that place again one of these days and do a little hunting myself.  I think it would be fun








Hi, Just wanted to share a bad experience I had encountered in our spare room.1 day my daughter had a friend staying for the night but I had this uneasy feeling about this girl,she just sent bad vibes in the our house.I told my daughter how I felt about this girl & was not happy when she stayed the night.To cut the story short, about 2AM the following morning I woke up & was thirsty so I got up & headed down the stairs when I  felt a cold brush against me & I  saw a dark shaddow running down the stairs &  out the front door.It happened so fast that I didn't thinlk anything of it.That following day when my daughter's friend left, my daughter said that she had a bad dream about a tall dark shaddow hovering down on her friend & that she was screaming  & calling out for me about 2AM in the morning.My hair on my body stood up big time as this was the same time I had seen & felt the shaddow ran out of the front door.I come from a background of spiritualists family & I have learnt not to be afraid of this spirits that I had experienced in the past.I then convinced my daughter that the shaddow we had both had seen was a warning to keep away from this girl.This girl is now away from our lives & she had been sleeping around with whomever is available & has dropped out of school,no respect for her parents whatsover.Just to show that it seemed that this shaddow hovered Nats friend,as if saying !!! your friend is already in the dark, but u don't have to be.In short ? Keep away from her.Nat had never associated with this girl again.Beleive me!! It is a true story,




Strange Events in My House




      A few years ago, a friend of the family asked my

mom and I if we would consider moving into their

family home and keep up the property, mow the lawn,

basically, keep up its appearance because they

couldnt keep it up on their own as they were getting

older. In return for our help, we could stay there

free of rent.  We lived in an apartment and we decided

this would be a good opportunity for us at the moment.

 Besides it was a huge house set out in the country

with many acres of land.  Why not take the chance?

Had we known what was in store for us over the next

few months, we would not have been so willing.

      After a month living in our family friends

house, we were happy.  We had plenty of room in the

house and outside to roam around.  We had even gotten

a dog. It was at this time strange occurrences started

to happen and we began to feel uncomfortable in this

house.  I began to feel like I was being watched in

certain rooms of the house especially the computer

room in the back.  The computer room was in the

farthest part of the house and beside the computer

room was the steps to the basement.  This is the place

I felt and saw the most ghostly activity.  The

basement was another place that freaked me out.  I

hated to go down there.  It felt like pure evil was

down there waiting for someone to come down those

stairs.  The presence at the house didnt bother my

mom as much as they did me.  

      Several nights I would be up way past midnight

surfing the internet and chatting to friends when

suddenly I would feel someone staring at me intensely

from the door.  Someone who was angry and evilI felt

like the presence was of a man.  I would always have

this feeling around the same time each night; the

feelings would hit me abruptly and usually it wouldnt

go away until I had become so uncomfortable and

freaked out at that I would getup and leave the room.

I told my mom and she just shrugged it off.  So I

would continue to go in the room hoping it was my

imagination taking me for a crazy ride.

      Then I started hearing noises. I forgot to

mention that in the computer room there was patio

doors that connected to none other but the patio.  The

patio ran the whole length of the house in the front.

One night I was on the computer as always and I heard

scurrying feet running down the patio.  It started

from the roof dropped to the floor of the patio and

scurried down the length of the patio.  My first

thought was that it could be birds but in the middle

of the night?  I went t o investigate.  I saw nothing

but the noise continued while I was outside and then

the neighbors dog started barking and raging.  I got

freaked out and ran to get Mom up to tell her but by

the time I got her there the noise had stopped. 

      Im sure Mom was tired of me waking her up in

the middle of the night ranting about a man standing

at the door staring at me or the sounds of scurrying

feet on the patio but this last thing that happened at

this house was the last straw.  There was another

small house on the property.  You could see it from

the kitchen window.  Every night since we had been

there at around 8 or 8:30 all the lights on the house

would come on and the radio would come on playing

J104, a local radio station.  We thought nothing of it

and figured the owners of the house had set the lights

and radio to come on at that time.  At the next get

together, Mom told our family friend about the strange

occurrences that had been going on at the house.  For

some reason, Mom told her about the small houses

lights and radio coming on every night around the same

time.  Our family friends eyes got wide but she

didnt say anything.

      About a week later, they came and tore down the

smaller house leaving nothing but the foundation.

Around the foundation, we saw bones of animals and

some of the bones looked to be like cat bones.  We

decided right then that we had had enough and we were

leaving. Before we left, our family friend came over

and said she wanted to tell us something. She said

years ago her aunt and family had practiced witchcraft

and black magic in the house where we were staying.

She also told us that the small house on the property

(the one they had just torn down) had not been lived

in for years and the electricity had been turned off

years ago.  There was no radio and there was no

electricity in the house whatsoever.

      Many more strange events and occurrences

happened in that house but I havent the time to tell

you all of them. Until this day we dont know what all

happened there or if the story about witchcraft and

black magic being practiced there is true but I

believe that house has a haunted history to tell and

evil penetrates the ground that house was built on.  I

will never set foot on that property again. Just to

write about it scares me too death. I think the

spirits must be happy now because they have the house

to themselves once again and frankly, I prefer it that

way.  I didn't think much about ghosts and spirits but

now I believe since I've had my own strange









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