The White House




I live in a small Virginia called Grundy located in Buchanan County. The past 2 summers friends and I have stayed in an old white house located in the Slate Creek area of Grundy. The old house is only about a 3 min. walk for my mothers house where I actully live I live in a place called "Hurley Bottom" there are mostly trailers here but there are a couple of houses, the old white house is one of the 2 oldest houses here built in the late 1920's. Everyone here knows the stories about the old house there was a man stabbed to death in the kitchen sometime in the 1950's and in the early 70's a young teenage girl hung herself in the upstairs area of the house. On Feb. 17, 1992 the day after I turned 9 years old (thats how I remember the date) my grandpa found the old man that was living there at the time dead in the living room. His body had been there for at least a week and rats had already started eating him. The house went un-lived in for a little over a year then a family moved in and their son an I became best of friends (still are to this day) One day I was down there playing video games with him and the water in the tchen came on by it's self and the door slammed seconds later (the back door is in the kitchen). They has the upstairs area sealed off to keep the old house warm in the winter so nobody could go up there (the stairs were torn down) and my friend told me one night he was the only one awake and he was watching TV and he said he heard what sounded like a girl crying upstairs and he went and woke up him mom and when she got out of bed the crying stoped. Soon after they moved out and into the house across the yard. The house once again went un-lived in but for about 5 years this time untill a young couple rented the house. They rebuilt the old stairs and reopened the upstairs area. Less in 8 months they moved out and once again went un-lived in untill the early spring of 2003 when a friend and I moved in to have a place to hang out and party in the summer. Everything was normal for about a month untill one night a friend and I we're upstairs recording a song we had written (the upstairs has a creepy echoing sound) and when I was finished singing as the melody of the acoustic guitar rang out we truned down the recorder to give the song a fade out effect. When we rewound the tape and played it back it sounded perfect it had just the right sound we wanted and as the song faded out at the end we could clearly hear a girl/woman crying on the tape (don't know where the tape is now) needless to say we didn't go up there anymore. One morning just before dawn I was stand out on the back protch smoking and I heard a camotion in the kitchen it sounded like people fighting I got mad and when in the house quickly but nobody was in there and everyone else was asleep besides my friend Jerry and he said he thought it was me knocking stuff over trying to cook. These same events continued all summer and into the next summer. We didn't stay in the house the whole summer this year (2004) but I still went there to party or be alone. One this past July 12th my girlfriend came in to visit me for est Virginia so her and I stayed in the old house so we could have some time alone but we were far from alone. Soon as darkness fell an uneasy feeling came over me. We were snuggeled on the coutch watching a movie and she had to go to the bathroom, the bathroom is built onto the from protch because the old house had an out house and non of us was about to use it (nasty) so she had to go out the door that left me sittin in the living room by myself I could hear something moving around upstairs but I wasn't gonna let anything spoil our night so I didn't say anything we were awake till about 4 in the morning before we fell asleep she woke me up about 2 hours later saying she heard a loud thump unstairs and to tell me that she thinks my grandpa was in there cause she saw a man walk out the front door. I got out of bed and we came up to my moms house to take a shower and eat later that morning I asked my grandpa was he down there and he said no. My girlfriend new nothing of the houses history or the stories. I haven't been in the house ever since and the girlfriend is now gone but forever loved and missed.





They Would Think I Was Crazy




Ok here goes,when i was very young(around 4-5 yrs old)i remember hearing the dishes rattle at night at our hose in Donelson,Tn and always had a feeling of being watched while i listned to my records while my mom slept on weekend mornings at that house.One night the girl across the street was babysitting me and it was storming outside.Al of the sudden a bolt of lightning struck and then LOUD thunder.Imediately after the thunder,something/someone knocked on the wall hard about 4 or five hits and me and that girl jumped to high heaven!Ok,then about 10 minutes later the phone rings,its the girls mother telling her best friend had been struck by lightning and was killed!...So a year later my mom was puuting gas in our riding mower and it exploded "somehow" and i got burned badly(had to learn to walk again,my feet were burned badly and alot of my the after the house was rebuilt,i STILL had this feeling of being watched there.....Ok,flash to about 20 yrs later..I hear my mom overtelling a friend of her's that we used to live in a hauted house,supposedly a woman shot herself after finding her husband was gonna leave her..Mom said the womans spirit NEVER hurt her our anyone but she did make a mess sometimes at night IN THE KITCHEN!!

So i was Floored and told my mother that i KNEW that house was haunted and was glad to know i wasnt crazy all those years i drive past that house and wonder if anyone living there now has had any ghostly encounters,but i'm afraid they'd think i was crazy and laugh at me.










Back in 1986, my son was a newborn and he slept in a bassinet in the living room, (it was easier), and I slept on the couch next to him. One evening, I put him to bed and laid down on the couch to go to sleep. As I was laying there, I felt a hot, warm breath in my face. Thinking it was my dog, I opened my eyes immediately to see that she was not in the room. I dismissed it and closed my eyes again to go to sleep. I then felt a hand stroke my left cheek very gently and lovingly. I opened my eyes again and no one was there.

I wasn't afraid as it was a loving stroke on my face and very tender really. The fact is, my friends brother, Richie, died about a week before and the last place I saw him alive was in my living room. I believe it was Richie coming to say "Goodbye" and I'm glad he did. It was a closure I needed as he died very young at age 18.




Pocomoke City Md.




These events happened in the year 1978, I am now 44. Please excuse the spelling I have dyslexia and hate "spellcheck". The location is an old antibellum manson on an ex slave plantation. The grounds are still intact and undeveloped.A group of high school friends had gone down to the house to do some goose hunting it was early november. We arrived around 7 pm  had supper watched some tv then to bed as we had to get up early. Saterday was a repeat of friday w/exception of the events I will relate to you now.Around 3 am I was awoken by my friend phillip who was franticly screeming at me to get out of bed and help him close the windows because a major storm was comming in ( the windows were origanal for the house 8 feet by 14 feet and quite heavy), what they were doing open is just the begining. I ran first down the hallway( the house has two hallways ,both 50 yards long running off the master staircase on each side) to cloce the end window . As I ran I was aware of papers and things flying in the air near head level ( I could not see very well because thier wasno overhead lighting, only small lamps on tablesthat ran down the hallway) after that was done I ran donwstairs to help Phillip w/ the big windows at midpiont down the staircasethe two front doors blew open from a gust of wind which did not startle me as much asthe sight of an old wing back chiar glide across theENTIRE lenth of the livingroom.I was completely dumbfounded the only thing that broke my concentation was Phillip screaming to ignore it and help him with the windows.After we got the windows closed I examined the wingback chair it was realy heavy about 130 Lbs I said it was amazing a gust of wind could make it glide so evenly and completly across the lenth of the living room, just asI said that the door of the bathroom ( it was the old main fireplace converted to bathroom because of the chimney no longer wassafe )un latched itself right infront of us and the door opened completly toward us.Well that would have shocked me completly but at the same time from the kitchen came the sound of all the pots and pans being pulled from the cubboards. when we entered the kitchen ALL the potsand pans were actualy LEVITATING in mid air and going around in a circle. this went on for about 20 seconds then a huge thunder clat sounded outside and everything fell crashing to the floor.Phillip just looked at meif he were embarrased and asked me not to speak of this when we got back home and school. I of course complied ,who would believe me, as I read this 26 years later I still dont understand what I wittnessed that night in the house near Pocomoke City.




Oklahoma Experiences





I am 37 years old and have had lots of experiences in various houses I’ve lived in in Oklahoma.  The main place was in my parent’s house when I was growing up.  Our house is in the country and sets where my grandparent’s house used to set.  The old house was torn down and ours was built over the site. 

I can’t really remember how old I was when I started seeing things in the house I grew up in.  A lot of them are sketchy but here is what I remember.  Probably the main thing that still to this day happens is that you can sometimes see a white haze moving down the hallway towards my old bedroom.  It doesn’t look like a person; it just looks like a patch of fog.  Even some of my friends saw it one night when I was having a sleepover.  There has never been any logical explanation for what I was seeing.  I used to tell my parents and my dad thought I was nuts.  Sometimes when you would be in our living room you would get a real uneasy feeling, like someone was watching you.  I remember one year I was a freshman in high school and I had just had my tonsils removed.  When I came home I was so sick for about a week and I wound up sleeping all the time in the living room.  Every night I would wind up waking up because I thought I felt someone touching me and I would get the feeling that someone was standing behind the couch looking at me.  I tried to tell myself that I was hallucinating due to being sick but I still remember how real it felt.

There was one summer that all of a sudden I started hearing things in my room.  I would be woken up in the middle of the night to knocking on either my walls or the floor.  It would happen for a few minutes and then just stop.  My closet doors would wind up being open after I knew I had closed them because like so many people, I always thought something would come out and get me if I didn’t.  There was even one night that I could have sworn I saw a man standing in my doorway.  It was all dark but was the perfect outline of a man.  I say a man because of its size.  I was always telling my parents and my dad would just laugh at me.  That is until he finally saw the fog.  One weekend after I had grown up and gotten married we had gone home for the weekend and we were all sitting in the living room watching TV.  It was around 9:00 at night and I got up to go to my old bedroom.  You could see my room down the hall from the living room.  When I got back to the living room my dad asked me if I saw my friend.  “What”, I asked?  He repeated himself and then said, the fog just followed you to your room.!.  I looked at my mom who would have been able to see the incident too and she nodded her head yes.  That was the first time I knew my dad had seen it too.  Now he sees it every once in a while.  He even thinks he saw it one night outside.  He said he was sitting in the dining room, which has a sliding glass door going to our backyard, and noticed something out of the corner of his eye.  He looked toward the door and saw something walk by outside.  He also said there was one night that it was dead still out but all of a sudden our big wooden swing started moving back and forth as though someone had sit down and started to swing.

Probably the scariest thing I remember was once again when I was still in high school and I was sitting up late at night watching TV.   I was sitting on the floor and all of a sudden the dog we had at the time that was scared of everything came running into the living room from the dining room and got behind me.  He was shaking like he was scared to death.  I looked toward the dining room and I could see a little black blob on the floor.  It was around 12” tall.  Even though there wasn’t a light on except the TV I could still make it out.  It just sat there for a few minutes and then was gone.  As soon as it left the dog was fine too. 

Nothing bad has ever happened to any of our family and the sightings seem to be very speratic but we are all convinced that something is there.

As far as other houses I’ve lived in, I sometimes think something has followed me.

The main instance I will tell you about was in the first house my husband and I had bought.  It was an older house that a Dr. had owned.  There was one day that I was cleaning the bathroom and I heard car keys jingling.  I called out for my husband because I figured he had come home.  No answer but I kept hearing keys jingling and they kept getting louder like my husband was walking to where I was.  I called out again and said, “honey, I’m in the bathroom.”  I heard the keys again and this time it sounded like they were in the hall by the bathroom door.  I looked out to see why he wouldn’t answer and there was no one there.  I walked around to see if he was in another part of the house but he wasn’t there.   At the time we lived in that house we had one daughter that was 1-1/2 and another one on the way.  In my daughter’s bedroom, I used to get a real uneasy feeling especially when I would be putting things in her closet.  One day I had put her down for a nap when I could hear her talking.  I went to go check on her.  Her door was cracked so I could see in just enough to see what she was doing.  She was sitting at the end of her bed looking towards the closet acting like she was talking to someone.  I told her to lay down and went on with my business.  The next day she did the same thing.  I walked in and asked what she was doing.  She said “ I talk to friend mommy.”  What friend I asked.  She said one in closet.  Since I had always gotten a weird feeling from the closet I shut the door and told her to lay down.  A little while later I heard her talking again.  When I walked into her room the closet door was open and once again she said she was talking to her friend.  This happened for about a week and I kept shutting the closet door and telling my daughter that she was not to talk to her friend because it was nap time.  Even though the closet bothered me I figured that she was really just playing.  On the last day it happened I got angry and yelled at the door to leave my daughter alone!  That night my husband had fallen asleep on the sofa when he said he heard our daughter start to cry.  He said that he heard her get out of bed and come running down the hall and then around the corner and towards him.  He said right behind her was a little black blob.  He said it started around the corner behind her but then stopped like it saw him.  Right behind it was the door to our room that was open.  He said it moved real fast through our door and rounded the corner like it was going to the head of our bed where I was laying.  He got up and ran into our room but nothing was there and I was still asleep.

I now live in Kansas and everything seems to be quiet.




New Jersey Home





I grew up in an old home on Jefferson Avenue in Elizabeth, NJ. this home originally stood by itself on the block in the middle of a farm but over the years, it is now a typical suburban/urban setting. When we moved in, it was a typical suburban area with a large empty house and lot next door to us. Even though that house was empty, our house was always considered the "creepy" house of the block by the locals.

My parents bought the house as a "handyman special" and, while renovating it, my father told me that he once found bones in the plaster walls and in the basement floor when putting in a new staircase. He said they were large animal bones (not mice) and that they had been carefully placed and wrapped up in cloth w/coins, feathers, and other items. They never reported it to anyone for reasons known only to themselves. I think it was because the renovations were made without permission from the city (knocking down walls, putting in staircases, putting in an extra bathroom downstairs) and they did not want trouble.

One of the walls where the bones were found was the stairwell leading up to the attic. None of us like to go up there. When you were 1/2 up the stairs, you would hear something moving behind you (but nothing was there) and feel a cold, damp presence there even when it was hot and dry out. The lightbulb which lit that area always burnt out or the bulb would pop suddenly for no reason.

The other area was the floor under the new staircase my father put in the basement. he poured concrete down there (it had been packed dirt floor before). You always heard shuffling feet in the basement and saw shadows where there shouldn't be any. And, when you went down those stairs, you could feel a cold hand reaching out from the stairs & touching your ankles or grabbing your hand as you reached the bottom of the handrail.

My father had also told me that at one time there had been a "root cellar" down there, but my mother made him fill it in because it gave her a "bad feeling". That's where he built the new back stairs to the yard and, if you sat on those stairs late at nite in late fall (why fall??? never could figure that one out), you could hear whispering voices under the stairwell.

Although we never discussed this when living there, my siblings and I have told each other since then how frightened we were in that house growing up -- especially in the attic and basement.




My Experiences with the Paranormal




I have lived in Georgia most of my life.  The house I used to live in I believe had at least two spirits or whatever you want to call them living there.  THe house was built in 1987 so it wasn't old.  THe house was in a subdivision that used to be a farm and its land.  I really didn't notice anything until I turned about 14 or 15 years old.  We moved in the house when I was 9.  Usually a house will settle for a year or so.  After 6 or so years, you would thing the house would be done settling.  Under my room was the kitchen.  THe drawers would open by themselves and the cabinet doors would close by themselves.  I really didn't think much of it because I didn't believe in ghosts.  After reading this website, I have changed my mind.  In my bedroom, the tv would turn channels by itself and turn off by itself.  I had a tv with no remote and no sleep timer.  I would hear footsteps at night in the hall by my room (the floor creaked something terrible when walked on).  Everyone would be asleep I know because I would call my brother's cell phone from my room and I would hear it ring in his room and he would answer it.  On a couple of nights I would see a shadow starring at me from the steps.  If you look out my door, you see the teps leading downstairs.  Once there was a buy standing there looking at me.  I tried to yell to my mom because I saw her light on but I couldn't scream.  Finally the boy disappeared.  A year or so later I was sleeping in my parents room while they were gone and they have two doors in their room.  One leads to the hallway and the other to the laundry room.  I opened my eyes one night to find a girl walking from the hallway to the laundry room.  I tried to talk to her but she just turned around and looked at me and walked away.  She had a ponytail and was wearing shorts.  I later found out that the owner of the farm lost his grandaughter and grandson to a tractor accident there.  THat is my experience with the paranormal.  At my house now, I have not had anything happen.  WHen my boyfriend died last year, I did feel him kiss me one last time while I was asleep.  Nothing since then.  THanks for listening.




Matthews County Ghosts




Hello, my name is Scott Spangler and I am a native of Newport News, Virginia.  I am 34 years old and have been chasing the paranormal for the best part of my life (since I was about 10 or 11 years old).  I was exploring your website and reading through the haunted spots of Virginia, to see if there happened to be some that I wasn't aware of.  I was reading of the Old House Woods in Matthews County and read something very interesting.  Described therein was reference to vehicles being attacked.  I had never heard that before and was unaware it had happened to anyone else.  I was on one of my many investigations there about 10 or 11 years ago and as we were leaving the area something slammed into the car with enough force to feel it inside.  It came from underneath the car.  We stopped the car immediately to see what we had run over, there was nothing under or around the car.  We stopped at the local convenience store there in Matthews (7-11 or Little Sue) and could find no explanation.  The car was placed on a lift the next day but still nothing.  I have experienced many strange things at that place.  It is probably the most haunted place that my team and I have ever investigated.  Thanks for your website.  Now that I know where you are I will visit regularly.







I don't know if it is our family that seems to find these place or what... but we have lived in 3 places that were haunted... 2 in kokomo indiana where my father still lives... the other in kokomo is gone and we heard more abt the house after we moved in.. we thought that it was our imagination.. all 6 of us..  and the other in muncie indiana...

In Muncie, IN....

20th & franklin street just down from the railroad tracks there is a tiny house-only one bedroom..I don't know if it is still standing I can find out for i have family still living just a few houses down...  Any way... don't know why or the history of the house or how long it was standing before we moved in...  I do know that late at night you could hear chains rattling up and down the narrow staircase to the bedroom upstairs..  We are not the only ones to hear this.. when we moved out my cousin moved in and came to our new place one night complaining of it keeping him awake at night..   Others that have lived there have not had problems.. but a few have.. seems to pick and choose to whom they scare the beejeebies out of ..

In Kokomo, IN....

On Touby pike ... Take hgwy 31 to sycamore street-turn East... on the right is a big fenced in park.. up just a few feet is a road that t's to sycamore.. take a left.. done on the left just past the sign service is a field...Now... was a house there..  I don't know it's history either.. but i do know that a few months after we moved in... weird things started to happen... Like on the second story where the two younger girls slept they would become frightened.. finally mom and dad had to blocked the windows on the porch on the first floor for them to sleep.. and every week or so you would hear noises upstairs.. dad would yell for quiet the first few times we heard it...  We would go and see (reluctantly) and thing would be piled in the middle of the floor.. ie... beds, drawers, toys, got so bad that none of us would go up there.. we bolted the door..  and the basement-only mother would go down there.. we were somehow stopped at the top of the stairs...... thing is once... okay now don't laugh at me... okay....  this happens to me alot... i went for a walk and came back to the house around 7 pm...  momma said i looked funny.. that something was wrong with my eyes (i was sixteen and didn't party).. i told her i had a headache.. this was a lie...  i went into my room and don't remember anything for a bit.. then i remember looking down and seeing me sprawed on my back with one leg out and the other foot resting on the floor...  the next thing i remember it was 12 hours later and my mom was waking me up...    Shortly after this my cousin patty came to spend a few days with us... me-her- and my two sisters were sitting in the bedroom (my parents) and talking.. all of a sudden patty screamed.. I looked at her and she was looking above head.. as was my 2 sisters.. and they were white and shaking... no one could move.. so i spoke and said "what?".. when they seemed to come a live... they began, we were a poor family, almost dirt poor.. and one of the things was the on some of the lamps in our house didn't have lamp shades.. and i was sitting in front of one..   they said that behind me was this big black shadow with two small white glowing eyes..... then they jumped up and ran behind me.. (with the intention of protecting i was told..) and looked to see what could've caused it.. maybe something on the light bulb.. nothing there.... and i was only about 3 feet away from the bulb.. which was only about a foot above my head.. as i was sitting down..on a stool chair.. thus-the shadow if was mine would've been in front of me...

The house is gone due to the lack of ability to keep tenants in (i was told)

On Hillsdale Drive..

Further east on sycamore you will come to a street 300E..which is hillsdale Dr.. first drive way on your right... my parents house.. in the winter you can see it. in the summer only from certain angles.. just pass their house is a cementary.. I don't know the name of it.. nor do i think anyone does..

Criminey the story here...  But i shall save it for another email.... if you would like to know... 

it is abt missing grave.. a little girl.. a voice... and a shadow ...  And a satanic churce..  The church according to older stories was used for satanice worship.. there sits a house with an observatory in the back yard.. i do not know if they have ever had problems with the house or not.. they are great ppl and keep pretty much to them selves..  the neighbor hood is upper middle class ...




I'd Like to Hear from Others




When I was about six or seven I can't remember my exact age, I know I was school aged but it was late summer. My dad had already purchased my uniforms for the year. My uniforms were how I found out that things in the house my father and stepmother were currently renting were not exactly normal. One night My younger sister and I were awoken by noises in the cabinet closet that was in our attic bedroom (the room the two of us shared) we got up out of bed to see if it was the cat who had gotten himself stuck in there on previous occasions by hiding on the top shelf where we were too small to see. As we approached the closet the rattling subsided. When we opened the doors we found that all of the uniforms (which we were forbidden to touch before the school year due to the risk of ruining their expencive starch and press) were all removed from their plastic wraps and hangers. After rushing down the stair to tell dad (only to receive a stern reprimand for what had been done to my uniforms) 'I should clarify I was in private catholic school where as my sister by choice attended public school' we refused to go back up stairs and so slept in the family room cuddled as close to the family rottweiler as he would allow. The next evening at the behest of our father we returned to our room for the evening and again were awoken. Only this time it was the walls they were knocking and seemed to be pulsing frightened we rushed to our father with our malady. Always the sceptic he passed it off as an old house that probably with mice and promised to set traps. In an attempt to comfort us in his own strange was he tried to make us laugh by saying in a joking manner that "they wont eat much" and gently pinching our tummys. Needless to say we again slept with poor Spike our dog. As the third night approached we blatantly refused to go to our rooms and thus were allowed to sleep in the nursury with our baby sister this was our first night of peace and we slept like babies. After about a week in our own room without further incident we begen to believe that it was all in out imaginations after all  but at the end of our week or so of peace we got what I think was a glimps of whatever had been doing all of this I was awakened from my sleep from my blanket being removed via the end of my bed I grabed for it only to look up and see a shadow looming at the foot of the beds I was in such a terrible shock that I couldn't move so I tried my voice and was able to say my sisters name though it same out as no more that a weak series of squeaks. It did however prove effective and she awoke as we staired at this entity for what I think was a few minutes it got slightly more defined and then vanished all together. Frightened but still leerie about waking out sceptical father we again slept on the rug with our dog spike and cat sampson. I don’t know why we always went to the animals but to our child selves they seemed like the safest place to be. I will never know for sure what it was that we saw due to the fact that the verry next morning we packed our backpacks with our most cherished toys and a couple outfits and ran away the whole five blocks to our grandparents house. And were moved in at our insistance that very day. She and I do agree on one thing on the rare occasions that we speak of those horrible two weeks in the house on foss street is that the figure at the foot of our beds was a man with a ponytail and a long coat. To this day when I visit portland, Oregon if I happed to be traveling down lombard avenue I never  look at that house on the corner of lombard and foss. I now live in texas with my husband and daughter. And exept for with my sister I have never dicussed that houes and what we saw inside.

oh yeah I forgot to say a month later my father and stepmother also moved from the house. I guess the finally saw him too though they have never said so



He's Teasing Me





it all started september 23,2003 in worcester mass.when me and my cousins friend carlos torres was killed in a horrible car accident.he was revived at the scene.then died half hour due to his bad heart(pronounced dead at 8:35pm).he was only 19 and the impacted killed him.what mad it so hard ws my cousin mike was driving right behind hm because they were hanging out and was going home.when a car came out of no where and slamed into him.well anyways,later that night my aunt came home at 2:30 and told me and my cousin mike that carlos was just in the front hall and told her to tell us he was ok and he was not the thing that made this weird was my aunt didnt know that carlos was dead.well later tht week my cousin devloped som pictures him and carlos took 3 days before the accident.well when we looked threw the pictures we found one carlos took of himself an he looked dead.well 4 night after the accident me my cousin and my aunt were in the living room where the computer is.well the computer started making a beepng noise followed by a flash.the same picture of carlos that he took poped on the copute screen then went black.

thats the experince i had.




Ghosts in Kentucky




While I had never experienced real ghost encounters I finally had an opportunity while working in Lexington Kentucky. I worked for the Bureau of Prisons, Federal Medical Center, Lexington, KY as a shift supervisor. The prison was built in the early 1930's and was first under the Dept. of Health Services before the Bureau took it over.

We moved into government reservation housing, which was set in a beautiful back ground of horse farms and state park. The housed we moved into was farm style, with a converted attic and basement. My wife first started to sense a "presence", she said she was not afraid of it or that she felt is was a friendly presence. We named the presence Elizabeth.

One night, about 1:00Am, we both heard footsteps coming from the attic, down to the living room. Now the footsteps sounded like someone walking on wood, but it was all carpeted! The foosteps continued past our bedroom into the bathroom and then we heard the stopper to the bathtub being pulled. Of course when I went to investigate there was nothing.

Another night in the evening, we were all enjoying the fire by the firepalce, all of sudden our dog Poochie started to growl at a presence standing right behind us, that was pretty scary!

One week we were house sitting our next door neighbors house, when my wife came into our house and told me that they were home, the chimmeny was smoking. I went out to look, sure enough it was smoking and you coenyuld even smell the burning wood. Again I went to investigate. Our neighbors weren't home and there was not fire in the chimmeny!

We enjoyed our stay in that old house and have many more stories to tell our grand kids.




Ghosts and Spirits




Hello, my name is Sylvia, I was born in New Orleans, & my Grandmother is a Cherokee, I am told  by my God-Mother that my GrandMother was a shaman and all the women in my family are psychic. I know my daughter and I can see and know things pass our five senses, All my life I have seen ghosts, as a small child I have been able to see and speak with them, I remember living in a 200 year old wooden two story duplex house, from 3 to 5 years old, and seeing a little old lady in a night gown and cap coming up or down the curb stairway as I was going up or down, she would stair at me sometimes, other times she act as if I was not there, I used to question my Mom about her, she said she was the first owner of the house and she passed away in the house. When I was small, people would die, and had the wakes in the homes, in the living-rooms or parlor for a few days, I witness a # of ghost in that manner. I have always lived in older homes that had ghosts in them, it never scared me, I was used to them, I now live in San Diego, and my house has ghosts and we get visiting ghosts at different time My dogs and cats see them and alert us all the time, we smell flowers from my Mother-in-law, my Mom is always around, and My Husband's father are my Pop smells of cigars when they visit, We see our passed animals, and they rub our legs, are cry out and we hear them. I have friends they have heard their names called, are feel strange in my home, we have has fire balls pass through our home, I could write a book on the different thing in my life that have accrued, Our residence ghost was a painter that live here before us, he watches over us, as due our family members. I also am in contact with my guardian Angel.. Michael, my daughter helped me find him. I don't wish to bore any one, so I will stop now, and later tell some of the things that have happen to me or my family in the pass.







This happened when I was about 8 years old.

I was in my bed asleep when I was awakened by an ice old feeling in my room and my body.  So cold that I was feeling as though the cold was heavy upon my body.  I was lying in a position that I rarely sleep in, flat on my back.  I was completley unable to move.  Next to my bed I started seeing a vision of an older woman wearing a long cotton dress, nothing fancy.  She was wearing wooden shoes that had a narrowing towards the toe part of the shoes that came to a point, however she was not standing on the floor.  She was short, with long grayish white hair sort of blowing gently.  She looked more as an electrical energy.  She help out her hand and said "come to me Laura, take my hand and come with me."  I still couldn't move or even speak.  I was so terrified. This repeated for just a few more seconds and I thought that if I didn't get a grip and try harder to move or call for help something bad might happen to me.  I did not fear her, I felt as though she was gentle.  But none the less I didn't want to go anywhere with her.  Finaly I was able to move my pinky finger on my right hand.  From then I was slowly able to move.  When she disappeared she left like she was an eletrical enegry source.  Like tiny specs of light that just sparkled out. 

Another time decades later I was awakend by the feeling that someone had set on the end of my bed.  Like a depression on my matress.  I was living alone a that time so I  was freaked out that someone might be in my home.  I sat straight up in my bed and started rubbing my eyes.  This time I was sweaty.  At the end of my bed, I couldn't believe what I saw.  A young man in his early twenties sitting there hunched over and was in deep worry.  He has his hands up near his face rubbing his face and was looking like he was in total despair.  I put my hands out in front of me because this person looked like a person.  I was afraid he would attack me.  I said out loud, "oh God, no please no."  And with that he turned slowly and looked at me and faded away.  It wasn't until then that I realized that he was not a real person, but a ghost.  I felt the despair that this guy was feeling.  I don't know him.  But I was again scared out of my mind.  I went through my place checking for unlocked doors or windows and they were all locked and undisturbed.  Less than a year later I was at my boyfriends home and I saw a young man walking down the hallway.  I didn't recognize him and I asked my boyfriend who he was.  He didn't see anyone and thought I was nuts.  Just a couple of seconds later his roommate (not speaking to me) asked who was in the hallway.  There was no way out the direction he went.  Not even a window large enough for him to crawl out of.  I wondered if it was the guy in my room that year before.  My room was pretty dark that night.  Just a small amount of moonlight from a window above my bed.  I'll never know.  I do believe those who have passed are among us.  I think that when they are strong enough to punch through this dimension and  when we are able to open our hearts to the possibility we can contact each other.  Sometimes.




A Night Visitor




       This happend on December 23,1989. My father had to go out of town to pick up relatives on (dec.23) and would return by christmas  eve dinner. My  brother and myself were left home to be with my mother. I remember that night of the 23rd as a rainy cold night. Usually when my dad was out of town for business, my mom and brother would sometimes spend the night in my room. Since i slept in a twin size bed, we all did not fit together, so my mom would bring sheets and pillows and would sleep on the floor beside my bed with my brother, like having our own little slumber party. there is a hallway that leads me directly to my parents rooms and in between our rooms to the right there is a bathroom. On that night of the 23rd, we all went to the room watched a little t.v and slept. Let me give you a little scenario on how my room was, my bed was placed against a wall, i always liked to sleep facing a wall not a door or a closet. So, anyway I would say at approximately 2am i heard a man's cough and clearing of the throat, I also heard the sheets from my parents bed pull up, as if someone was trying to cover themselves, i heard the mattress, as if someone was making themselves comfortable. In my mind i was thinking it was my dad coming home earlier than expected, but what was weird  is that my dad is the type that likes to make noise when he comes home, in other words he likes people to know he is home,he turns on all the lights in the house including the hallway light, which would then really wake us up, beacuse i didn't sleep with my bedroom door closed. But on this night he didn't turn on anything or told us he was home. So, since he didn't say anything to us i thought i would go to my parents room and see him, but i got lazy. So, from my bed i just leaned as far as could to see if i get a glanze of him, but i didn't and in order to get up and go to the room i had to jump over my mom and brother that were sleeping on the floor, so i just let it be and didn't  mind it. I said to myself that i would see him in the morning. Well, morning came and about  7 or 8am my mom woke me up and told me to keep an eye on my brother while she goes to the groceries and buys what she needed for that nights dinner. Half asleep i told her ok, but then something clicked and thought " hey my dad is home",  why is she telling me to keep an eye on my brother. So, i quickly jumped out of bed and ran to my parents room to see my dad, to my surprise my dad wasn't home.  The bed was still nicely made and no signs that somebody slept there, my body got goosebumps, because i knew what i heard that early morning in my parents room. So, I ran back to my room, woke my bother, i turned all the lights on, my t.v. and the radio that was in the living room. I then, opened the front door and the backdoor.  I stayed in the kitchen with my brother until my mom arrived. when she finally arrived i didn't mention anything to her, but i was staying put in the kitchen, she asked why everything was on and i made up a story that the house was too silent. So, i asked my mom if she heard anything that early morning, she looked at me and asked "like what"? So, i told her that i heard coughing and pulling of the sheets, etc...The only thing she could say to me was " YOU HEARD IT TOO"? She told me she heard the same thing i heard and when she was leaving in the morning to go to the groceries, she was going to tell my dad to keep an eye on us, especially my brother since he was 3 at that time. But, she saw he wasn't there and it freaked her out and maybe thought it was her imagination or a dream she was having. To this day we still talk about our Christmas eve incident. What we know about that house is that a father and son were murdered in that house by i believe drug dealers. I do believe their spirit still wanders around, but i don't believe they are there to harm us, at least that's what i think since we were living in that house for 12yrs. Sometimes, i would be washing dishes and i always felt someone watching me, since my back was towards our living room i was always jittery that someone was in the living room or right behind me watching me. i do admit it was scary at time being in that house until we moved.My parents rent it out to family members and i should say to this day, my cousin mentioned to me once that when she's sleeping she feels pressure on her chest, like if she's unable to move or sometimes sees shadows in her room, it freaks her out and i would say that house still gives me the jitters when i visit my cousins. I know this story probably seemed long, but i am fascinated with details, i really enjoy reading other peoples' stories. YOUR WEB PAGE IS GREAT!!!!






Saying Goodbye~~




I am in my 40s, do not believe in God or an afterlife. I am a calm and orgainized individual.

My Father-in-law's Mom died about 10 years ago. While sitting at the table talking about Grandma to his parents, my husband leaned back in his chair and lifted his hat slightly off of his head (it was a hot day.) From inside his hat came a sound like that of someone scratching three times inside the hat with her nails. My husband jumped and threw his hat across the room. He said he could feel a hand inside of his hat. He said,"Please don't do that Grandma, it gave me a start."

His dad died two years later. He was renowned for his tomato garden. It was the most fantastic garden you have ever seen, prize winning tomatoes. We say, instead of flowers, put a tomato on Dad's grave, that is how important they were to him. We had lived in our home for 6 years. In front was a rock garden with no plantings. It was there when we moved in. One year after Dad's death, we found his pocket knife, open in our driveway. It had been missing since his death. It was not rusted. A few days later, we noticed something growing in the rock garden. A tomato plant.

My mom-in-law died 2 years ago. Three weeks after her death, we bought 3 tables (approx. 16 computers) at a local auction. All of the computer's memory had been wiped clean, save for one file on one computer from the local water department. The one file was my mom-in-law's water bill. Only her bill, not one other thing.




Romeo Dale




It all started with this enormous feeling of depression.  For some reason I

felt everything in my life was just at a very big low, as growing young

adults tend to do sometimes.  This feeling lasted for about two months and

this is not my normal self.  I have always been much of the socialite even

when I'm down.  I did some soul searching and a lot of praying. Many things

started to become clear to me once I expanded myself mentally.  Let me also

say that my boyfriend and I have been dating for more than 3 years and we

moved into a mobile home for the second year, and due to financial

situations we were permitted by his parents (Sharon & Dale) to move into

their house with them. - A quick back ground on Chris, my boyfriend. He's

the youngest of four children.  Has three older sisters and they lived and

grew up in this house all their lives.  This house was owned and passed on

by Sharon's father and one of Chris' Aunts had died of old age in one of the

four bed rooms before passing it on to Sharon & Dale.  They were all animal

lovers and had many pets growing up and at the time we had started dating,

Chris' current dog was a super lovable rotwieler named Romeo.  Mr. Dale

(Chris' Dad) had been retired due to physical health problems for about 3

years and did some wood work on the side for money.  He had massive liver

failure and was going to the doctors quite frequently. O. K. so here's the

story.  Once I cleared my head, I got the distinct impression that something

big was about to change my life forever.  All I could say was "something big

is fixing to happen but I don't know what it is" About two weeks after that

I had almost shrugged those feelings off as "growing pains" then all of a

sudden Romeo - who is stout and a slobbery thing that loves even the smell

of his Chris, started acting weird! He would just fall over at the drop of a

hat and couldn't get up! This went on for about a week and the day came when

he wouldn't get up from under Chris' window outside our house.  I looked

into his eyes and I knew it was the last time I would ever hold his silly

nose in my hand so I stroked his head between his eyes and told him it would

be alright, then I said a prayer and that was indeed the last time I saw

him.  Chris had to leave shortly after me to go to work and he went to check

on Romeo before he left and did the same as I and prayed for the dog but had

to leave. Around 8 pm that evening, him mom called to let him know that

about 15 min after Chris left, so did Romeo.  See Romeo had a habit of

seeing Chris off to work and waiting for him on the steps when he got home

from work every day.  He waited until Chris had left that day before passing

on.  I can still feel Romeo as I walk to the steps between the cars

sometimes.  I used to trip over him in the dark all the time and he would

come lean on me for a good petting.  So I know when I feel the slight brush

up against my legs that its him waiting for Chris to get home.  3 months

later,I was supposed to drive up to Kansas to see my best friend that I see

every summer and I had everything all packed and set to go and out of the

blue I got this sickening feeling that something bad was gonna happen.  I

started crying for no apparent reason and I even asked Ms. Sharon and Dale's

Brother what they thought about it being very Christian and all.  They said

if I felt as strongly as to cry that I didn't need to go that maybe

something was going to happen and that I needed to be there for Chris. I

just said that I thought it was probably a bad feeling about driving all the

way from Southeast Texas to Kansas.  I wound up not going and good thing

too, because that weekend Chris' Dad would be admitted to the hospital for

the last time.  I would have been three states away when we got the 911

call.  His dad was the man every man respected and loved his family very

much. But his time had come and we all knew it was fixing to happen.  We all

gathered at the hospital to stay the night for it was far away and that

night I saw Chris walking down the hall and he didn't seem alone.  I saw him

running his hand along the wall and it seemed a man in a robe was walking

next to him and had its arm around my Chris.  That's when I knew.  I drew

that picture in my journal and told Chris.  Two days later Chris played his

guitar for his dad, the song he loved most Angel Rock, an original, and that

was the last real response we had from Mr. Dale.  He Held on strong and that

night after all the family had come to say hello - not goodbye, we said our

goodnights to him as he was unconsious. I was last and I never had really

touched Mr. Dale but when I put my hand over his in that bed, I felt him

say, "goodbye Cindy, You Have to take care of my Son Now, He is a man but He

needs you)  I told him that I loved him like a father (all through thought)

and that the Angel's I could see had come to take him home. I told him I was

happy for him and promised to do as he wished.  I told Chris that we should

stay in the room but we were ushered out and sure enough at 1 am Mr. Dale

had Gone Home.  There are so many instances where we still hear him call our

names in the house or feel as though he is in the room.  And He brushes by

us in the hallway just like he used to before.  We are glad he still comes

by to check on us and that he has found a better place.





My Life





Hi my name is Yvette and my family and I have dealt with ghosts our whole lives. There are lots of stories that I have.

I still have a little girl that for some reason stays with me I have had her around me since I can remember my grandmother tells me of stories of when I was younger of how I played with her and how I used to cry when she pulled my hair. She now lives with me in my house and she is always peeking around the corner at me. And letting me know that she is around. I do not need any help, all the bad experiences are behind us now. I just happen to come to your site and thought maybe you would like to here a little about the good experience I have had with ghosts. I have had my share of bad and so has my family. From what I understand my grandmothers house at one time was put in to a magazine or news paper about haunted houses. I have so many stories, I will tell you about some of them a little later. But I am just happy that there are people out there helping people that do not know how to handle things like ghosts.




My Basement




    The story of my basement goes all the way back to my early childhood

when my parents first purchased their house. I was seven years old and

fearless. My sister and I moved into the refinished basement in bedroom

across from eachother. My room always felt warm and safe, but when you

enter into my sisters room you always felt cold and uneasy. As a child I

would never stay in her room if I was alone. She swore that she never

suppected anything and that I was just letting my imagination run away

with me. My mother has always been able to feel others present in our

home. Besides seeing some spirts on our back porch a couple of years ago

she has always felt that our home was safe and not haunted. We were

brought up to understand that there are spirits wondering around looking

for their place to move on to, so we have always been understanding if a

spirit would pass through our house. We never really talk about " Ghosts

" in a scary mannor, they are just "spirits" to us. Well when I was

about twelve years old my sister who is two years older than I, went

away to her first summer camp. It was the first time since we moved in

that I would be alone in the basement. Steering clear of her room,  I

would keep her door shut so I wouldn't look inside while I walked by.

Well the week passed and one of my friends came to stay the night. Since

my bed was small and my sisters was big, my friend and I decided to

brave out the night and sleep in her room. This is the night that I

would see my first ghost. A couple hours after we had finally fallen

asleep, I woke to the sound of clanging hangers in the closet which sets

directly in front of the bed. Nervous I gently pulled the covers over my

head. Still feeling weary I sat up so i could turn the light on, that is

when I saw it, standing there at the foot of the bed. I was so terrified

that It was merly a quick glance before I went back under the covers and

began to yell for my dad. When my dad came in the ghost was gone. Since

this night my sister and I both have continually heard the clacking

noise and often seen a glowing light float out of the closet just for a

moment. Since we discovered the spirit in the basement we have

encountered two other spirits in our house. In my younger brothers

bedroom in the upstairs of my house lives a little boy spirit. My entire

family has seen the young boy in the hallway leading to my brothers room

late at night. Often we would be up going to the bathroom in the middle

of the night and some of my brothers marble collection would find its

way out to the hallway and gently roll down the hallway to the living

room. This has only happened a couple times but we have all seen it. The

other spirit is an older man that likes to walk on our side patio in the

evening and glance into the kitchen windows. My mother is the only

witness to this spirit, but many times she has been up cooking in the

evening and glanced up seeing the spirit glancing right back at her, but

only for a short moment before he will dissapear. I am now grown and

moved out to college, and still everytime I go home and go into my

sisters old bedroom I can still feel the uneasyness of the atmosphere.




My Aunt's House


By: Anonymous



About 10 years ago, my home was flooded due to a hose breakage on our washing machine.  It ran all day and soaked the carpet to the concrete.  We had to have the carpet lifted and huge fans were brought in to dry them out.  The fans were so loud I had trouble getting to sleep.  So, my mom sent me to stay with my aunt.  Her house was located in one of the ritziest parts of town, but with the oldest homes.  They were mansions that were built at least 80 years ago and had been renovated.  Her home originally was utilized as a carriage house for the mansion next door, but had been sold off years after it was built to acquire additional money as a "2nd" property.  It was quite lovely, though small, but it had a dark secret.  It was haunted.  The night I went to stay was the last night I ever stayed there.  My aunt had told us stories recounting ghostly occurrences, but none of us ever experienced anything, until that night. 

She put me in the living room on the pull out couch.  It was just off the kitchen, which you had to walk through in order to get to the stairwell that led up to the master bedroom, bathroom & laundry area.  I fell asleep pretty quickly, but awoke around 2am to a strange feeling.  It was almost if I were suffocating.  I looked around and saw nothing but the small night light in the kitchen.  I started to drift back to sleep when I heard running upstairs.  I sat up quickly, it sounded as though someone was headed down the stairwell and into the kitchen, but no one came.  I laid on my side facing away from the kitchen hoping that whatever it was would stop.  My aunt had told us of the "poltergeist's" fondness for the magnets on the side of the microwave.  As soon as I heard it hit the floor I knew what it was.  Somehow I got up the courage to investigate, just to prove or disprove my theory of the magnets.  There they were, laying in the middle of the kitchen floor.  The microwave sat on a cart, in the middle of the cart.  How these magnets fell off and found their way to the floor was beyond me.  I picked them up and put them back in place and ran back to the pull out.  Not ten minutes later, that familiar "magnetic" sound happened again.  This time I did not move, just stayed very still and started to pray.  I felt a pressing feeling on my back, nothing physical, just ominous.  I felt something brush against the bottom of the bed.  That was it, the covers went over my head and I started to beg God to protect me from whatever this was.  As soon as I started praying, I began to feel better.  I drifted off to sleep and that was the end of my encounter, or at least the end of my conscious encounter.  I don't know if it was merely my imagination or reality.  All I know is, my aunt is not a person who makes up stories, and that night I found her tales to be ironclad.  I know what I believe now, do you? 




The Ghost




From the fall of 1999 to the fall of 2000, my mother, my husband, my young son (who was a few days short of turning one when we moved in) and myself lived in the house of this story.  It is in Texas.  We were renting the house from the mother of a little boy who went to the same daycare as my son.  When we moved in, my husband and I noticed some blood on the baseboards in the master bedroom.  I mentioned it to the babysitter and she told me this.  Apparently, the owner and her two sons were living there at the time.  Her estranged husband had been stalking her and knew exactly when she would be home.  One night, she came home a little late and the kids were not with her.  She noticed that the door was open and her ex-husband's jacket was hanging just inside the door.  She didn't go in, but instead went to the neighbor's to call the police.  When the police arrived, her ex-husband was on the bed in the master bedroom, where he had shot his brains out.  That's where the blood came from and apparently not all of it was cleaned up.  Anyway, shortly after we moved in, my son started having extremely bad nightmares.  We were not able to wake him up and would have to hold his arms and legs so that he didn't hurt himself or us.  He would be screaming, crying and thrashing around.  We would have to put him in the car and drive around to calm him down.  This happened every night for a few weeks.  In February of 2000, I found out I was expecting our youngest child.  Shortly after that is when the ghost comes into the picture.  From the time we moved in to the time we saw the ghost, we would hear noises almost every night that sounded like someone was walking down the hall (wood floors) wearing work boots.  People kept saying there was probably an animal under the house, so we brushed it off.  Then, one night, my mother, my son and I were in the front room and my husband was asleep in the bedroom.  We could clearly see him on the bed from the living room.  My son was asleep on the couch and my mother and I looked up and saw what appeared to be a tall man (the top of his head would have touched the top of the door frame).  He had sandy blond hair and was wearing work boots, jeans and a t-shirt.  He had a black aura around him, which I think is because he was a disturbed person in life.  He was standing just outside the door of the master bedroom and looking into the room that was the kids' bedroom.  I knew it wasn't my husband, as I saw through this man and could see my husband laying in bed.  My mother was standing right next to me and could see the same thing.  The next morning I mentioned it to my husband and he said he had seen this apparition once before.  I talked to the babysitter and told her to let me describe someone I had seen, and see if she knew who it could be.  I described this person and she said it was the owner's ex-husband (who of course, was dead).  We never saw him again, but continued to hear him occassionally.  My son's extreme nightmares did not return.  Shortly after we had seen him, we spoke to him when we felt like he was around and told him that his wife and sons were no longer living in town and that we were going to live there and take care of the house and things would be fine.  We asked him to please leave us and our children alone and experienced only one other thing shortly before we moved out.  One day, shortly after deciding to move, we came home to an empty house to find the shower door completely shattered.  There was no way anyone could get in the house.  Maybe he was upset that he would have to deal with new people?  I don't know and I can't explain that incident.    I had mentioned the story to a neighbor shortly after we moved out and she and another neighbor had both apparently seen him walk through the front door in the middle of the night while we were living there.  They had also seen him walk up and down the street and walk through the door of another neighbor's house.  People tell me they would have to see a ghost to believe it, well I believe it because I've seen it




My Pop-Pop & I




I am not sure where to start, except by telling you that my name is Nichole. I am formerly from Mt. Holly, NJ as a matter of fact I lived on Church Street which is across the street from Volunteer Fire House number 1. I always rememberd weird feelings when ever I would walk by. But anyhow, that's not the reason I am writing. The reason I am writing is because I remember when my Pop-Pop died, although I was not even 2 at the time.

My fater was sationed at Altus AFB in Oklahoma, my grandparents were back in New Jersey, the year was April of 1985. I woke up to see a man standing in my room at the edge of my bed, I know it was sometime in the middle of the night. I remember not being scared, I was happy that he was there, although I had no idea who he was. I climbed out of my crib and into my parents room (this was not an uncommon thing for me to do at the time so my parents have told me), the next morning we recieved the phone call from my grandmother in New Jersey that my Pop-Pop had passed away.

However, it would not be until we came home from the funeral, back to Oklahoma that I would tell my parents what occured. The night we came home both of my parents were putting me to bed, and as we walked down the hall, we passed by a picture, the picture had only been put up that day. I asked my dad to lift me up, he asked me why, I replied: "I wanna kiss Pop-Pop good night" this perplexed my parents since as I said before I was not quite 2 yet. My parents then asked me which one was my Pop-Pop (there were three people in the picture) I pointed to the man in the middle and told them that, that was my Pop-Pop, my mother asked me how I knew that. I told her "because he came to visit me in my room one night". Ever since then my mother has always told me that my Pop-Pop was my guardian angel, and that he came to tell me goodbye.

I also think it fitting to tell that I believe he knew who I was going to marry. A few years later when we moved back to New Jersey my grandmother had cleaned out his office and had a found a doll wrapped up for me. It was a Cabbage Patch doll, he was dressed in a sailor uniform, and my favorite saying as a child was "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning", now at the age of 21 I find myself married to a sailor.

And I believe that my mom was right, my Pop-Pop is my guardian angel. He's up there watching over me.

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate your time, and I am sure my Pop-Pop does too.




Grandparents Ghost House




My grandparents tell me that at least 100 years ago, someone died in this house. The creepy thing is, that i found out for myself. the ghost is nice, as i presume, because it hasn't done anything mean, just made it clear that it's here.

For example: I just sat down in the tub, when i felt someone watching me. I looked out the shower curtain, and could have sworn i saw something move.

Another time, It was just me and my grandma here, and  i was walking down the stairs, and i felt something move behind me,  so i turned and looked, but there was nothing there. I know this is corny, but it's not my overactive imagination- I'm sure.

I know it's a nice ghost, but it freaks me, you know what i mean?



Ghosts are Real




I have been haunted by a ghost since I can remember. I lived in my grandmas

and grandpas house with my mom and dad and my sisters. I was a small child.

This was in one of the old two story Missouri houses. Our bed was downstairs

and faced the stairway. We all saw a very heavy set man come walking down the

stairway. This guy was moaning in a horrible way. Even though I was a littlekid

I can still remember how this guy sounded. I thought about this incident for years

while I was growing up. Then our Mom started talking about this old house and

what we had seen there. The ghost its self doesnt bother me, its the idea that

this really did happen. This is why I do know that ghosts are for real.




The Old Lady & the Bathtub




As a child I grew up in a small community in central West Virginia , whom  I am sure most of  have never heard of. The house I shared with my family was quite haunted. The house was purchased by my parents from an elderly gentleman. After several months of living in this home, weird things begin to happen such as, lights going on and off by themselves andwhile everyone in the house was in bed) the TV would also do this.My older sister also had an organ, that for some reason would start playing the song

 amazinggrace in the middle of the night. Several relatives who at one time or another spent the night, would later tell my parents that "something" would pull on the bottom of the blankets.  There were several erie things that occurred in this home, however the scariest of all, occurred in the bathroom. On quite a few occasions our family would awaken in the morning to get ready for work/school to find the old claw foot tub filled up with water and it would be overflowing. My step-father finally decided to call the previous owner and see if he could get some information on the house. We found out that the owners elderly mother lived in this house with he and his wife and had expired there- in the bathrooms bathtub. And one of this woman's favorite pasttimes was playing the organ for her church. Needless to see , these experiences were frightening but we became used to them and eventually they stopped. My parents no longer live there, haven't for about 10 years now but I often wonder if those who live there now are or have experienced any of these experience




Newport-Memorial building




    Before the new front roof was added one could clearly see the round

window in the center of the building.  Now you can only see this window

from a side angle.  When the the window was in clear sight, it was

reported that you could see a teenaged girl, palms flat against the

window as if she was screaming for help to get out of the plane.

    Around on the side, near the Fire Department are big windows at the

top of the building.  As a teenager, riding around on Friday and

Saturday nights, lights would flicker on and off when no one was in the


My best friend was a cheerleader and they held a dance at Memorial

building.  (1980's).  She told me that as they were decorating a room

the door slammed shut and they were locked in for several minutes. 

    Cold spots all over the building were reported.  I played rec

basketball there.  Although I don't remember feeling any thing strange,

several of my friends would feel extremely cold and as if they were

being watched.

      I have also lived in Johnson City at ETSU in Lucille Clement and

never heard the marble boy story before.  Cooper Annex  (torn down now)

was home to Alice(named after the rock star)  who committed suicide in

the house according to stories passed down.  A beautiful stained glass

window of a woman in white was in this building.  I don't know if Alice

moved to another building on campus and I wish I knew what happened to

the window picture of Alice.  WETS-AM  radio station was housed there as

well as a women's residence.  Many strange tales were told to us about

things that happened in Cooper Annex.  Radio station workers reported

that lights and equipment would turn on and off  or would operate on

their own.  Boxes and other things moved from one room to another when

the building was not in use.

    I jogged my memory of the Cooper Annex by looking in my ETSU annual

(1983).  The annual also mentions Gilbreath Hall, Lamb Hall  and the B.

Carroll Reece Museum(haunted by the man for who it is named)  Seems that

he likes to hang out around a large old  wagon display.

    I really enjoyed this site.  Having personal connections to the

places you've listed is awesome.

Thanks for your time




My Real Paranormal Encounter





Never composed any mail like this before, and it's nearly 2am where I'm at now. So this may be more of a product of me just being "bored" late at night, but it's nevertheless something that I think about on a daily basis.

First off, finding any chat room on AOL to discuss something like this seriously is like trying to find an honest politician. I've known that for years, but I guess the human psyche persists at finding the most instant and direct communication to air something that's bugged you long enough.

First off, I believe my house may be haunted. I (and my friends) have had nearly innumerable instances where something just "wasn't right". A trash can that moved itself across the floor in the middle of the night (in the dark, so I couldn't see it'd moved until I turned on the light), strange noises repeating themselves during a period of time... my own mother swears that she's seen an old man twice in this house who just vanished after she looked directly at him.

I was always a skeptic (although an interested one), as I was really wanting to actually *see* something happen right in front of my own eyes. To me, it seems easy to think that your imagination may be running away with you - at least, until you see something with your own eyes that defies explanation.

My most memorable experience - and one that will stay with me my entire life, I'm sure - happened one night at somewhere around 2:30 to 3am. I commonly keep late nights, and was doing something mundane on the computer. My dog was lying on the floor to the right of me and facing the door (the door is almost directly behind me). She suddenly began barking furiously, as if someone had  knocked on the front door of the house.

It's not uncommon for me to receive late night visitors, but the dog's steady in her way of running to the front door when she reacts to a knock on it. At first, I shrugged it off that she'd just heard something that may've sounded like a knock, and immediately tried to shush her with a harsh word and a glare. When she continued to bark, I had the sudden realization that she hadn't moved from where she was at... and a second look at her told me that her gaze was transfixed on the doorway that was directly behind me.

At that point, I pretty much got the whole concept of that theatrical element in movies where the background seems to zoom out and away from the actor/actress's head while they're looking into the camera for the dramatic effect that they're just catching onto something. Though I normally drone off to sleep at about that hour, I was quickly and acutely aware that I was wide awake... and that if I turned around, I would see someone behind me. The moments that followed seemed to have moved in slow-motion.

The dog was still at attention and barking like crazy, but that all kinda became muted to me (and this dog loves people - generally only reacting to a noise at the door, then quickly looking to get affection after the door's opened). When I looked over my shoulder, there was someone standing just outside of my doorway - as if they were peeking around the corner at me. I got a glimpse of half of the upper torso, the right arm, and part of the head - it was partially obscured by the shadow that was cast from the lamp back over my left shoulder. It wasn't floating, glowing, or anything that would stereotypically tip me off that I was seeing something out of the ordinary... and it only moved once I'd turned around - it retreated as a burglar probably would. That moment probably only lasted two to four seconds, but it seemed more like ten to me. It could've been the dog's unusual reaction that got me keyed up, but I got the immediate instinct that I was seeing something that I shouldn't normally be seeing. I may've sat there, stunned, for another ten seconds.

Afterwards, I ignored my basic instinct to go get a firearm before searching the front of the house where the figure had run off to (another instinct kicked in that I wouldn't find any trace of what I'd seen). I moved forward quickly to check all the doors and windows (and behind/under the furniture), and I found them all still locked from the inside.

The whole experience kept me awake for another few hours, as I was really jacked up on adrenaline. I wasn't freaked out, threatened, or even scared. I was more in a state of "Wow!"

In a second and seperate incident, I also took pictures of a certain place in the French Quarter of New Orleans that was once (supposedly) a morgue - but since transformed into a small bar. Going on memory, I believe it's called the Babylon Club. There are two pictures (both taken with an Olympus D-360L digital camera) that show almost countless numbers of these "orb" things. I'd be happy to e-mail the both of them over to you, as these seem to be a popular media article... and I'd be extra happy to get some sort of bonafide photographer's explanation of why they may occur. Though I've never developed film, I have a slight grasp of where water droplets may create deformations on regular cameras... but I'm 200% sure that this is a digital camera that doesn't use water to generate its images. 8)




The lady from the Church in the Hospital





I know this isn't a ghost story, but it is paranormal, so here you go:

My mom was very Ill and this happed the day she passed away. 12-22-1999

I was sitting with her in the hospital, she was sleeping peacefully

and I was sitting beside her bed holding her hand.  Every now and then

she would sort of wake up, and turn tward me and ask me if I could see

the angels, they were all around her bed, and they were so beautiful.

Then she would go back to sleep.  I didn't think too much of it, I

figured, she must be dreaming.  She also was talking to her mother in

her sleep, my grandmother, who passed away in 1980.  Agian, I figured

she was dreaming.

I soon dozed off, I was tired, I had been there with her for 3 days

straight.  I woke up to a little old lady gently touching my shoulder.

I startled I guess and she said "oh, Im sorry dear, I didn't mean to

startle you"  She told me that her name was Sister Anna and that she

comes from St Rose's Catholic church to pray with patients and thier

families and she asked If I would like to pray with her for my mom.

Of course I said yes, and she prayed for her, I prayed for her and

for some reason I just started to cry. she blessed me with her hands

in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit, and she did

the same to my mother who was still sleeping

She told me to be strong, that god would be with

me, and guide me down the path I was about to enter

and most of all, my mom would be at peace and full of love.

I thanked her so much and she walked out of the room.

The next person who came in the room was a nurse.  She told me that

She expected my mother to make a full recovery, and my mom woke up and

for the rest of the day, she was her old self again.  No more pain, No sick

smell, in good spirits, she could talk and stand on her own, something

her failing health didn't let her do for almost 4 months.  She had failing

health due to diabetes, weight, and an open wound on her leg from surgery

and the list goes on and on.

Anyhow, later on that day, I was sitting with my mom and two elderly ladies

walked in the room and said they were from St Rose church and asked

if we would like to pray with them, and I told them that sister Anna

has come very early in the morning...they looked at each other and looked

back at me, and asked again who had come.  I told them, Sister Anna, she told

me that was her name, and I told them what she had said.  Come to find out

Sister Anna was a sister of the church who use to come to the hospital, back in the 1930's

to volenteer her time with pateints and praying.  She had died a long time ago

but was very much talked about among the people of the church and fondly

remembered for her caring and loving ways.

To make it short, My mother passed away that night, at 7:00 pm, I was with her.

When she went I could feel something there in the room, angels?  Her mother?

who knows, but someone came for her, and I think my mother knew,

I think she saw them that day.

As she lay there, her face looked worried,

I said outloud, Its okay momma, its your time to go, I will be okay...

she was always worried I woudnt be okay when she died..But I told her I would...and she left.

Her face held a peaceful look, I will never forget it.

I have had her visit me many times in the past 5 years, I will send more later.

Thanks agian...




The House Burned Down




My aunt & uncle bought a farm house 3 miles out

of sapulpa in the country. It was a long farm house

kitchen, living room,& two bedrooms all in a row.

Because my aunt & uncle got up early they had

the first bedroom, the daughter had the last one.

At night the  first bedroom would get real cool &

then the door from the kitchen would open & a

faint light would move across the room & open the door

to the other bedroom. My uncle would jump up fearing

for his daughter, but upon inspection she would be

freshly tucked in & sleeping well. The light would then

disappear. He would talk to the light in the barn, they

never found out who or what it was. They moved

because my aunt was afraid that it would turn violent.

the house burned down a week after they moved.




Somebody was in My House




I have always been skeptical about the existence of ghosts. I’m 33 years old and always wondered why it was that others have had “experiences” and I never have. Why is that? I mean sure I’ve had the little hairs stand up on the back of my neck for “no reason” and the cold chills while standing in a warm room with not much in way of vents, so forth and so on. But, the scientific side of me always explains those situations away. Well…… all but one. About 5 or 6 years ago my family (wife and two sons) and I lived in an apartment. It was a two story apartment and we lived on the second floor.  Our place was small, about 700 sq ft. I woke up one night around 1:30 or 2 in the morning. I thought I heard a noise in our living room. I laid in my bed perfectly still with my eyes wide open and just listened. After some time of pure silence I explained the noise as just apart of a dream that I was having. Have you ever had a dream that seem so real that once you woke it actually takes you a while to realize that it was not real? Well, that was the conclusion I came to. I decided to try and go back to sleep, but just then I heard foot steps on the carpet in my living room…………not good……If I was on the first floor I could say that the foot steps were just from the people on the second floor….but I was the one on the second floor so I couldn’t explain the foot steps I was hearing. My wife was in bed next to me sleeping soundly. My sons were solid sleepers and had been asleep for several hours by then. The foot steps stopped. I could not believe what I had heard. I waited and listened for them to start up again. It didn’t take long before I clearly heard the walking around again! My heart was racing a thousand miles a second; some body was in my house!! 

Naturally being the man of my home, I kept perfectly still under my covers and prayed that who ever it was did not come down or tiny hallway!! Our bed room door was open and the whole house was dark except for the street light or moon light creeping in. Which ever, it allowed just enough light to where I could see in the darkness. As I said, I laid perfectly still with my eyes wide opened just gazing over the tips of my blankets toward my opened doorway. What? I wasn’t scared…. I just wanted to have the surprise advantage if the burglar were to come into my room….I wanted him to think I was asleep and then I’d pounce on him…..that’s all… … I’m laying there, still hearing the foot steps when they started coming our way toward the hallway. The steps were so crisp and unmistakable and they were most definitely in our house! The foot steps came into the hall and right into my doorway but continued passed my room and headed toward my children’s room.  It was just one of the kids sleep walking, right? Wrong……….remember, I was watching the hall through my open door the whole time, no body ever passed by. Too, my kids were young and no where near the weight that it would have taken to make the sound of these steps. By now I jumped up and ran to the kid’s room, just 10 feet or so away. I pushed open there door which was ajar. The boys were both wrapped in their blankets sound asleep. Oh ya, no body else was in their room any where. I looked in the bath room, pulled back the shower curtain, no body. I went back into the living room and kitchen and back in my bedroom again……noth…ing……I staid up for some time after that, laying still in my bed, listening, heart still racing, thinking……………….. to this day, I can not explain it……..




Buckout road..Westchester county NY




For the westchester story on buckout road..I lived in white plains ..Now I have another story almost the same as that.

well almost...I heard that Mary buckout was the last female to be hung in white plains..I dont remeber why,but i do think it was whitch craft..but not certain....It happened at the old  court house that now sits Macys..The galleria mall....

When you enter buckout there is a house on the right hand side where the three xxx are there is the vigin mary staue with a light on it.Now for the story...If the light is out you will see something or something will happen...One night a bunch of us kids went down buckout and the light was us a little on edge...In the cemetary..we saw a figure in white just standing there looking at us..The cemtary had fog aroung and one of my friends thought she saw another figure but wasnt sure...well needless to saw we left in a hurry!!

That happened around 1979 or 80..

My husband has another story to tell also!  But he'll have to do that himself!

I Have seen a ghost and some  orbs in a school that I worked in..Well in two schools ..and there is two ghosts that i know of in my home.! So I do believe!








Well I read some of the postings on here, and I have herd many true chilling stories in my life time from my mother, and I have encountered a few myself. The first one that I read on this sight I actually really relate to. See for years, it doesn’t matter where I live I have had the same paralyzing experience. I will wake up and feel paralyzed, I can’t move, my whole body tingles, I can’t open my eyes, and I can’t breathe, then boom I can move, and I can see and I can breathe. I don’t know what it is, but ever since the first time to the last time it recently happened to me I have always felt like something was doing it to me. I didn’t feel like something was there with me, or standing over me, more or less like something was trying to take over me and not really succeeding. It scares me every time, but shortly after I gain control, I feel alone. When I was younger me and my family lived in a house that was haunted. I know it was because when I shared my experience with my parents, they said that they had seen things all the time, even named one familiar ghost “sparkles” because it was the shape of an old woman made of a bunch of little sparkles. Well that was nothing like what I saw, I wish I could have seen her instead of what I saw… I was probably around 5 or 6, and I woke up at 1am from a dead sleep and sat up in my bed for no reason. I felt as if someone was not just in my room, but in the house. Well I thought it could be my dad coming home from work late, but I didn’t see his truck outside my bedroom window. I looked to my left, and in my vanity chair was the shape of a man sitting in the pose of the “thinking statue” he had his hand on his chin as if deep in thought, staring at the wall… well he had to be 7 or 8 feet tall he was huge. And I remember blinking my eyes as hard as I could because I wanted to be dreaming. He was made of all kinds of bright colors. He didn’t illuminate my room, it was just the color that he was. He then took his hand off of his chin and turned his head to look at me. That could only last a few seconds because the look that he gave me, gives me chills up my back to this day 15 years after the incident. I didn’t want to get out of bed because that would make me closer to him, I couldn’t run to my door because I would have to run past him, I turned my head, and slowly laid down and closed my eyes telling myself over and over again that I didn’t see it. The next morning, I woke up to my alarm clock, and I got out of bed to walk out of my room, and I stopped, I remembered it second for second what happened. And I was scared all over again. I don’t know if scared really fits the description, I think terrified is more like it. not because I saw something that I cant explain, but because that look that he gave me, it felt as if he was looking into me, and he hated what he saw, like he hated me, like he despised me. It felt like evil was looking me straight in the face, and I don’t know to this day what I would do if this ever happened to me again. My mother told me a story once of a male figure that she saw when she was younger, she said that he was just about that tall , he had to be like 7 or 8 feet tall, but she didn’t see him right away, she was drifting off to sleep on the cough and started to slowly see little men very very short men looking at her with strange faces, she thought at first that she was falling asleep and seeing things, until a tall man that I already described to you appeared. Well he didn’t look at her, he pushed down on her face so she couldn’t get up and she said that she felt it trying to open her legs. Well she struggled and got free and jumped up and everything was gone. She thought okay, that must have been a scary dream, which felt very real. Well it happened again as she laid down and started drifting to sleep. So once again she struggled free and ran to bed with my dad. This happened to her before I was even thought of, it wasn’t in the same house or anything… I don’t know who this guy is, or what he does. But if anyone else has ever seen him, please let me know what happened to you. As far as I know my mother is the only other person that has seen him. I have a few more stories, but nothing as that intense.




Another me???





I just remembered this, It happened when I was 16 years old.

We lived in a house on Carroll Rd, in Kelso Washington.

I was outside doing something, can't remember what, when my mother

came out of the house yelling my name.  She looked really mad, and kind

of confused and I said "what mom?"  She said, "That was rude of you, and

how the hell did you get out here without me seeing you?" 

Okay That was confusing and I siad "Mom, what did I do?" 

She told me that she was sitting on the couch and I came in the front door

and she had asked me something and I just kept walking down the

Hall towards my bedroom, ignoring her, not saying a word, as if I

didn't even hear her.  She repeated herself seeing me walk into my room

and shut the door.  When she followed me, and opened my door, I wasn't in there.

I said "mom, but I didn't go inside" I had been outside for an hour or so

and had not gone inside at all.

She turned white as a ghost, and she swore that she saw me

come in and go down the hall into my room.  Freaked out we both

went inside and checked and the house was empty.

So, how could she have seen me, If I wasn't in the house?

She saw me as plain as day....  To this day we have no

explaination... anyone else have this happen??  E mail me.

(goosebumps)... thanks again for

reading... More later... :0) P...s... I still love you site!!




Amazing Grace




Hello!  My name is Brooke, and I live in a small county in Kentucky.  When I was growing up, my family and I lived in my grandmother's (my moms mother) house.  We remodled the old house to better suit our tastes.  Anyway, my mom always told us that she was 'prone' to ghostly encounters.  She once told me that when she was a teenager, she was home alone with her mother, and there was a knock at the door.  She went to answer the door, and found her uncle there, asking for a ride into town.  It had snowed and there was atleast 6 inches of snow on the ground and the some on the carport.  She told her uncle that she needed to get her keys and to tell her mom where she was going.  When she told her mom what she was going to do, my grandmother looked at her strangely and told her that her uncle had died a few days ago in a car/train wreck.  My mom went back to the door, and no one was there......not even footsteps leading to or away from the door.  That was the best ghost experience that I can reca her haveing.  However, years later when my mom, dad, my sisters, and I moved into the home, after my grandmother had died, I had an experience of my own.  It wasn't anything terrifying, but just hard to explain.  I was asleep in my bed, when I awoke to a strange noise.  I turned on the light, and searched all over my bedroom to find where the noise was comeing from.  On top of my chest-of-drawers, was my 35mm camera, and it was automatically rewinding.....on its own..  I picked it up, and it continued.  I went downstairs to tell my mom, but when I got there, I changed my mind.  It was 3 in the morning, and I was afraid  I would make her mad.  I sat the camera down on the kitchen counter, and went to the bathroom, all the while the camera  still rewinding.  After I came out of the bathroom, I picked the camera back up and it stopped rewinding.  I checked the compartment where the film is put, and there was no film in the camera.  I checked the battery compartment, and there were no batteries either.   You can sometimes feel a presence in her house, and we know that it is my grandmother, checking on us.  My mom has a 'snow globe' that plays the hymn "Amazeing Grace".  She would often awake to this snow globe playing, and knew that is was her mother, because that was her favorite hymn. 





My Ghost Story






I would like to share an experience that I had as a teenager back in the summer of 1977.  My parents were young when I was born (both were 19) and so I grew up knowing my great-grandparents as well as grandparents.

My paternal great-grandmother (grandmother's mother) was a three pack a day smoker, and developed throat cancer.  She had been very doting when I was younger, sewing dresses for special occasions, but since she fell ill was unable to do that anymore. 

She died in June, 1977,  during the middle of the night. At that time I felt something touching my foot, and remember awakening.  I saw her standing at the foot of the bed, and was like a vision, and the colors in the background were very vivid, bright colors, not like what I have seen here on earth.

She wore a white outfit with gold braid trim, and in my mind I heard her say that she was sorry that she had to go, that she would miss me, and would wait for me. 

Her funeral was three days later, and was open casket.. what she was wearing was the same outfit I saw in the dream.  I asked my Gram (her daughter) why she was wearing this one particular outfit, and Gram told me it was her favorite one. 

It has made me a believer of ghosts, and now I am not afraid of death, for I believe I had a glimpse that night into what paradise looks like.




 The Night Walker





When I was a few years younger, I used to sleep on the downstairs couch on the weekend all of the time. You see, my living room has a large opening that leads to the staircase that leads upstairs, so you can clearly see anything that passes through there.

Once when I was sleeping downstairs, I woke up when it was still dark and I looked at the clock, it was 3:55 A.M. So, I just layed there, trying to fall back asleep, but I couldn't, so I decided to watch the clock. Right when the clock turned to 4:00 A.M., I heard something in the kitchen. No one had gotten up, I would have seen them. So my first thought was my cats, but then I remembered that we had shut them in the basement for the night, so my mind quickly flickered to the thought of a burgurlar. My heart started to race, because there I was, a little eight year old girl alone in her dark living room. I had pulled the covered up to my face as I kept hearing the noises. Then, footsteps came down the hall that led from the kitchen to the stairs; right in front of that big opening. I started to panic, obviously. But as e footsteps got closer, nothing happened, they were right in front on the living room, but there was no one to whom the footsteps were comng from. Then they slowly headed up the stairs and then there was nothing. Right as they reached the top of the stairs, they were gone.

I was so freaked out, I turned on all the lights in the living room and played a video game til everyone else got up. I hadn't dared looked up the stairs. Ever since that night, I always sleep in my own bed, in my own room.

But I have no other explaination for it, it could have been a ghost, because it most certainly wasn't a person, not something living. I may not be able to explain it, but I do know something for sure: It was one of the strangest things that has ever happened to me




Never Live There Again





When I was a littel girl, we lived in A spanish 2story.It was A nice place to live, till about our third night there.Me and my siter,and one brother as well as one sister ,were  in our play room when my mother told us to clean it. We did so.That night me and my sister(who was sharing a room) saw someone go into our playroom.It was A boy who looked to be as old as my brother.There for we just ignored him,and went back to sleep.When woke up our playroom was destored, after we cleaned it!! our mother acused us of not cleaning it. So we cleaned it agin.Me, and my sister blamed it on our brother.That day, we were all playing toghter in our playroom, when we heard someone crying in our me and my sisters room.we went to go see who it was. When we got there noone was there.We were very scared now. That nihgt someone was walking in in our room! we could hear the footsteps all around in our room. me, and my sister hid under A blanket. You could  literlly hear him bearthing!!! we were to scared to even yell for our mother.The next morning, our brother told us the same thing happend to him. We went to tell our mom.She dint belive us. Evey night the samething continued.Every morning our playroom would be destroyed.My mother belived us when, one night the boy payed A viset to her room. she and my dad were sound asslep when,someone tapped her on the foot and yelled mother wake up!She looked to see noone. so she woke my dad. she told him to check on us. he told her we were all assleep.The next day, my brother sat on the porch with his bee-bee gun. he wouldent let anyone go in our house. finally my mom came home.she made him let us in.the next day while we were in school my mom was home alone.she made ssor the door was locked so noone could get in.after a few minets she heared water running up stairs.When she reached our bathroom, water was every were.someone had plugeged all our drians & the barthtub was  over flowing!!! Later we heared  from a nabor A littel boy next to our house shot himself for making a bad grade. That was anouh for us!We moved the very next day!!! oneday about 15 years later the people who now lived in ourold house was having a yardsell.We stoped.We asked if the boy was still there? they said no.One things for shore, I wouldet live there ever agin! Not even if its gost free now.



Nursing Home I work at.. still more




It gets weirder yet @ work.

last night the resident that saw the man and her

husband saw the man again.

NONE of us could do anything for her and "it" wouldn't


SO with three of us there we transfered her to her

chair and brought her up to he station.

She was definatly shaken up.

I kept saying to her before we got her out of bed

that I would bring in my camera and take his picture.

The second time I said that we all heard.

Go ahead you can try. in a real deep man's voice.

Needles to say we all flipped, resident included.

Not to mention I had saw the "track runner" once

before the resident rang, along with the shadow that

moves from room to room.

We are having other problems @ work also.

it's getting more frequent and other employees that

have never seen anything are starting to see things.

Some of the nurses that have been there since the

place opened up started talking last night too.

They said and I qoute "this has gone on for a long

time but never this active."

So what can be done if anything?

I need some kinda help but don't know where to start.

I asked it several times to go away last night that

there was nothing we could do for it. is there

anything else that can be done?

The only good thing is I'm not the only one seeing


I am going to start by taking in my digital camera,

tape recorder, and laptop.

Any pointers as what to do if I get a pic or audio?

The laptop will be used to see the pix right there so

eveyone @ work will know I didn't mess with them.

Please, any help or pointers are greatly apreciated.

Definatly weirded out.




Real Ghost Stories






These are two real ghost stories.  The first one happened when I went on a trip with my grandmother(Sue not her real name) we went to her home town were she saw raised.  We went to visited family and friends.

The first story was when we went to visited her niece and my cousin.  My cousin Joan (not her real name) had her own home.  Joan's back yard faced other back yards.  It was easy to go to each other's back yards.   One saturday evening I went into the back yard.  I saw a little girl,so I  went over to her.  We started talking about things we like,tv shows and other things.  Sara(not her real name) said she had to go into her house for the night.  I trurent around to see something and when I turent around to talk to her she was gone.  So I went back to my cousin Joan's home.  That evening my grandmother asked he who were you talking to?  My cousin Joan was combing my hair and I said some girl.  My grandmother and Joan didn't see any girl.  My cousin Joan said no children lived around there.  Joan gave my grandmother the eye not to say anymore about the girl.  I guess my grandmother and Joan were talking about what had happen.  To this day I know I spoke to a little girl.   

The next time my grandmother Sara and I went to visited her cousin and friend Halona(not her real name).  One day my grandmother told me to go outside and play with the children.  I went out side and I met a little black girl.  We sat in front of her house.  Her house looked like a shack.  A shack that looked like what the salves use to live.   She wasn't dress to the summer weather.  Her clothes also looked like how the salves use to dress.  We started talking when she said she had to go into her house for something.  When she came back she sat next to me and we started talking again.  She looked up to the sky and said she had to go.  He does'nt like me talking to you and she left.  I got up and went back to my cousin's house.  Again my grandmother asked me who were to talking to?  I told her a little black girl.  My grandmother said she didn't see anything.  Her cousin Halona said don't push the subject.

Twice that happned to me in the summer of 1968.  We were down south inEdisto Island,Sc .




Satanic Voice in the Night






I would like to share something that happened to me about ten years ago.  It was in the middle of the night, and we were all sleeping in my house.  Something woke me up and I rolled over and put my arm around my husband and softly whispered, "I love you, Honey."  Immediately the room turned cold and a voice came from down the hallway and said in a mocking tone..."I love you, Honey."  It was a male voice, very loud, very scratcy and deep.  If Satan has a voice, this is how I would imagine it to sound.  When this happened, I just froze.  I was so scared.  Immediately I said, "In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, leave this place."  And right away the room became warmer.  Nothing like this ever happened again









i was getting up as usual to go to school. it was about 8:00 when i got to school i saw something white in the meeting house and people talking. i thought to my self its nothing and kept walking. the next day i saw the same thing and i saw that it was a lady with nice long hair and i man that had a tip hat and a nice suit on. i open the door to the meeting house and I see nothing so I panicked and ran for the door and tripped. Got back up and ran to the main office. I found out that their was a couple who got married in the meeting house and the night they got married the got into a car crash and died.




Sounds and Smells





About two years ago I had moved out of my parents house to an old summer house that had been turned into an apartment building. The house had been many things before becoming an apartment building, it was first the summer house of an opera singer in Washington DC, then a hotel, then what it is today an apartment building.

At first nothing happened at all, I don't know if it was b/c my boyfriend at the time and I didn't have alot when we first moved in or what, (all we had was his bed and a computer chair as far as furniture went.) Not too long after that my Great Grandmother passed away and she had told my Grandma that if anything happened to her in the next couple of weeks of us moving that I was to get everything in her apartment, she did this often when she found out any of us where moving out b/c she was 94 and really didn't want to go on any longer. So when she had passed My Father, boyfriend and I went to her apartment and got as much as we could with one trip. About a week after that, odd things happened.

First it started off with strange scraching sounds on the floor next to our bed (like a cat scratching his nails) late at night that were so loud that it would wake me up, not alot but it did get worse threw out the weeks and made it very hard for me to sleep. It even got so bad that my boyfriend would hear it and yell at me for trying to freak him out & he is a sound sleeper, nothing wakes him up. Luckly for us or so we thought the land lady was coming by to do her spring check on things in the building, so we asked her if anyone had said anything about this happening to them before, although she said no I could tell that she was lying b/c she got a little pale.

For a couple of weeks after that the sound had stopped, only in it's place you would smell vanilla, just like the scratching sound it would be light but as the more time went by it would get stronger and it was only in one part of the apartment, the bedroom. I thought that it was the upstair's or next door neighboro's that were doing something to cause the smell (keep in mind that b/c of age of this building, the walls were really thin, and I know that smell would get threw b/c the guy upstairs would always show up when we were about to eat and join us. Not that we minded.) The lady next door said that it wasn't her. She even showed me all of the items that she had in her apartment and not one of them were vanilla or smelled like it. So that left the guy upstairs, but he was a trucker and he was very hard to get ahold of, so that left me with having doubts that it was him. Well one night when I was getting ready to go out when smell came back stronger then ever, this time it filled up the whole apartment and caused me to run out w/out locking the door. The trucker just so happened to be outside w/his brother working on his truck and saw me running out (I also happened to fall b/c we get really bad ice storms were I live and the land lady does not like to clear the walkways.) He came up to see if I was okay and why I ran out like a bat out of hell. So I explained to him what had been happening while he picked me up. He walked me up to his apartment and showed me just like the woman that lived next door to us his apartment that he did not have anything that would smell like vanilla, the man didn't even have an air freshner in his bathroom. He even took me to everyone else in the apartment building to meet them and to asked on my behalf if there was anyone using anything that would smell like vanilla, and again no one was. By this point I was freaking out.

He then explained to me about how old building was and what had happened. It seems that the opera singer had passed away in the house and it was then taken over by the state to be sold. When it was a hotel, it seems that a night manager had been murdered (which was odd to find out b/c I live in a small town where nothing ever happens.) along with a couple other guest. And since it has been an apartment building there have been 3 deaths, one of them happening in my apartment about 5 years before I moved in. Since the truck driver had lived in the building for years I had to know more details. It seems that she was an older lady with a bite of a weight problem, she had not lived their long but loved the building and the area in general, she would sit on the main porch in front of her part of the building in the afternoon and greet everyone as they came home. She would invite people in and the trucker said that the apartment would smell like vanilla, not strong but it was inviting and pleasent. Her weight ended up being the end of her. After that I knew what I had to do, I called my boyfriend who was at work and told him I would be late (ok, later then what I was b/c this all took about an hour), b/c I was going to fix our little problem w/sounds and smells.

I asked the trucker to come in the apartment which still had the vanilla smell to and asked him to over me. I asked our 'ghost' if there was any way that we could come to terms w/the vanilla smell and sound if it was her making them. That we were peaceful people and if we did something she didn't like then she could let us know w/the smell of vanilla. And I also asked her to please not make the scratching sound b/c it was making it hard me for me to sleep at night.

I guess that she agreed to it b/c after that it stopped, the only time we smelled vanilla or heard anything was when I burnt dinner, but then again it the smell of vanilla was better then burnt mac and cheese.




The Closplint Lady




My dad grew up in Closplint, Kentucky and has told me many stories about Child's Creek Bridge. He said once when he was a teenager he was walking home from a friends house. There used to be a old empty house across the river from the bridge. He saw a woman walk out of the house to a tree that stood in the front yard and she watched him walk down the road until the house was out of sight. He said that Child's Creek  was the only place on that road that he hated to walk by. I have a story that happened to me when I lived in Verda, Kentucky. My dad and I lived in a trailer at the end of a road at the Verda Camp.The trailer that I lived in was on a place where an old dance hall once stood.After my dad passed away some friends and I where standing in my bedroom and the trailer was underpinned all the way around it. There was no way that anyone could have got under it and in between my and a friend of mine there was four thumps on the floor that came from under the trailer and to this day I haven't a clue what that was. Another story in the same trailer is, I went to Indiana to visit my mother for a week and there was a friend of dads that stayed with him. Dad heard somebody walking in the trailer and got up to check on the guy that was staying with him and he was asleep. Later that night the guy heard somebody walking through the trailer got up and checked on dad on dad was asleep. I really like your site and to read about haunted places. Especially if I know something about the place.Thanks




A Presence in the Basement




I am seventeen and my twin brothers were fourteen when the following events occurred. The mysterious events happened last year (2003), when we were staying at my grandma’s house for 4 nights as our grandma was sick. Her house is an old cottage built in the 18th century in rural England. We arrived in late October and we would have to sleep in the spare room coming off the basement next to a little room where the drier and the washing machine stood. The basement had an old, broken boiler that hasn’t worked for decades. In our room there were two beds, one for me and a king sized bed that my twin brothers slept in. The basement had stone walls that were always slightly damp. Out in our room and the washing room the walls were wallpapered several decades ago with plain yellow wallpaper. Now I will tell you the events that occurred over that week.

The first and second nights went pretty smoothly, the only disturbing thing was we heard rattling pipes in the ceiling. I asked my grandma in the morning if she had rats in the basement, she answered that she wasn’t sure as she sometimes heard sounds down there too. On the third night things started to get weird, around 10pm we went to get some sleep. I lay awake in my bed for an hour or so, fore some reason sleep seemed to be evading me. Around 11pm I heard rustling and soft footsteps outside in the basement. I whispered to my brothers if they heard anything, but they seemed to not hear me or they were asleep. I stood up and shook one of my brothers, but they wouldn’t wake up. They seemed to be in some sort of deep sleep.  I slowly walked out into the basement and   I saw something that I would never forget…

On the stone floor of the basement I saw a pool of a red liquid, probably blood, with a human skull lying in the middle. I heard a noise in the corner and darted my eves towards the corner.  I looked at the floor again and both the blood and the skull had disappeared! I couldn’t get to sleep for the rest of the night and I repeatedly tried to wake up my brothers, but they would not wake. I was so terrified I didn’t tell my grandma but I did tell my twin brothers. They both claimed they had a mysterious dream where they had been sitting in an empty room in large chairs where they had been confronted by a cloaked figure who told them that they must leave the house in the next 24 hours or they would be forced to leave. They claimed that the figure did not speak but it had sent messages into their mind. The cloaked figure disappeared in a red flash and they woke up.

On the fourth and final night, both I and my brothers could not get to sleep. Around 1pm in the morning, we heard rustling noises coming from the washing room. We ventured in there slowly, one of my brothers brandishing a tennis racquet. We entered the room and flicked on the light. The light flickered and went back out a few seconds later, we stayed in the room for another twenty seconds or so and then the washing machine just started up even though we hadn’t turned it on!

We fled the room and the washing machine turned off 5 minutes later. About an hour we heard maniacal laughter coming from upstairs. I rushed up the stairs holding the tennis racquet in my left hand and a flashlight in my right. I ran down the hall and into the kitchen and the taps are running blood!

I ran to the sink and tried to turn the tap off. It turned off but the blood would not go down the sink. I heard the laughter again behind me and I quickly turned around. No one was there! I turned back around and the blood had disappeared. I was so scared I ran back down the stairs and into our room. Me and my brothers stayed there for the rest of the night and the laughter continued on and off during the night.

The next morning we told our grandma what had happened. She just said we had seen too many movies and were just imagining stuff.  This is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and I will never forget this!




A Story




I am one of those people who believed in ghosts but sort of dismissed them. well last year, during christmas eve me and my family were at my aunt and uncle house. There was my mother, dad, grandpa, grandma, nana, and my cousin who is 11. well we have it down stairs cuz my grandpa is crippled. My grandma had sent me upstairs to get some pop for her. well the counter is right next to a window and while pouring the pop, out of the corner of my eye i saw an old man wearing either a red hat or a red vest (dont really remember) well when i looked over no one was there. naturally it freaked me out so i hurried downstairs, and left it alone. After everyone settled down, gifts open etc. we some how got into the subject of ghosts etc (which is rare for my family, and remember i had said nothing about the man i saw.) and my grandpa had brought up a story of when my aunt and cousin had came to the house to get something. (this is before they moved into the house). well there was no one else in there and my aunt is facing my cousin and she says mommy who is that man, she was pointing behind her, my aunt freaked out and left with my cousin. after a while my aunt questioned her about him and my cousin had described the man that i had saw in the window, apparently, there was suppose to be an old man who died in the house (not quite sure of the exact story)  to this day i refuse walking in that house by myself, or sleep in a room by myself. 




Bailey, the ghost cat




I've been an animal lover all my life.  Shortly before I was married, I got a kitten.  The homeliest kitten I had ever seen! I named him Bailey, and he moved in with me and my parents.  After I got married, he moved along with me.  Years later, I got divorced, and we moved again.  He was always the sweetest cat.  I always said he had such a wonderful personality, because he knew he was ugly. A few years later, we moved in with a man, and his three children.  This man was not the animal lover that I was, and was always hateful, and mean to Bailey.  Unfortunatly, I don't think Bailey's last years on earth were very happy ones, but we had our rituals--he would always lay on my bed while I got ready for work, and would sit with me and watch television at night. 

At the age of 11, Bailey developed cancer.  I couldn't bear to see him suffer, and had him put to sleep.  I was very upset.  A few days afterward, out of the corner of my eye, I would see Bailey's long tail rush by.  This happened a few times, and I thought I was just imagining things.  Then the middle child in the house (also an animal lover) told me that she thought she saw Bailey!  I told her I did too. I went outside and sat on the back stoop.  There is a small window there, and whenever I would sit out there, Bailey would sit in the window and cry for me to come back inside.  This day I heard a cat cry from the window.  Instictivly, I looked to the window--no one was there.. I went back inside.  A few moments later, I heard the man of the house screaming for me---I went to the back door and found him standing there, bleeding from a terrible head wound!  I asked him what happened.  He said that he was moving a ladder, and a hammer fell from the top and hit him on the head, but he swore that the hammer was its holder, and he couldn't understand how it could have fell.  I patched him up, and smiled to myself, knowing that Bailey had finally gotten even with him!!!  After that day, I never saw Bailey, or felt his presence again!








now i know that there is loadz of sceptic poeple i WAS one my self but after

the unexplained things that have happened in our house i am a true believer

in the supernatural, now you don't have to believe me but i am telling you

now all of this is true....

it was a typical friday night me my dad and my mum watching the telly, i

tell you anything up to playing trivia pursuit would have made me happy... i

could see my dad dozing off from time to time, my mum concentrating on the

T.V. and me...well.. just bored. my dad decided he had to go to bed before

he fell asleep there and brother and his girlfriend kelly were up in

the bedroom thats just next to my mum and dads one. now our house its what

40-50 yrs old its an army house those typical ugly ones with in one sight of

it the look makes you gag, stains up the walls cracks by the and my

mum were watching i think it was 28 days later, now i am a little wimp i do

NOT like scary films mind i am a girl so that explains alot of things. its

my dad who is the brave guy i mean hes got 37 tatoos for christ sake, right

lets just cut to the chase, we heard a bang upstairs and like somone running

for there life i went up to see what the comotion was about, my dad was just

staindin there in boxers n all with fear i mean alot of fear in him he was

holding on to me like hed just seen a ghost, my brother came out n my dad

told him to check under the bed for anything.....nothing. he ran downstairs

curled up by my mum shaking. my mum just laughed but i tell you what he

wasn't laughing AT ALL. he said he had just dozed off when he felt what was

like claws scraping down his back slowly scaring the s*** out of him making

him jump out of the bed and RUN. we didn't believe him of course but the

next morning, i became a believer. he took his shirt off and showed me his

back asking if there was anything there and to my surprise there was 4 red

marks down his back, i really couldn't believe it i tell you i thought he

had made it up just joking but he wasn't it was all real, they were deep

aswell and to this day i still can't explain what happened that

night............can you?





Ghost in My Home





It seems to me that where every I move this ghost follows me and my family.

We lived here almost two years and when we look at t.v. someone or something turns the vcr on . It is a really old vcr and in order to turn it on you have to push really hard on the buttion.

one day me and my husben were in the kitchen having a cup of coffee, when the coffee maker would go off and on by itself, I mean you could see the buttion turn back and forth.

I guess you could say that this ghost lets us know it is here with us ,although it dosen't scare me at all. It scares my kids and husben some what. sometimes I could see something passing by me but i give it no mind, or in the corner of my eye. my last house we lived in was the same and the one befor that, so i think it must be following us .




Ghost Story from Panama, Central America




Hello, my name is Mario Tristan and I am here to tell my credible ghost

story that occurred in a small town called Chorrera in Panama Central

America.  It all began when I was awaken by cars honking in a distance on

the main street that was approximately a mile away from our house.  After I

peered outside the window to see what the ruckus at 3AM in the morning was,

I then nestled back into my bed to get my needed Z's.  A strange force made

me look towards the entrance to my room, which totally startled me and I

could not even move a muscle and I tried desperately to eek out my brother's

name who was fast asleep with his back to me on his bed, but my attempts

were in vain.  What I saw was a profile of a man holding a candelabra that

had about 3 candles lit but it didn't illuminate the room much.  He stood

stone cold in his place and didn't move or make a sound, so I decided to

slowly cover my head in my snoopy security sheet and mysteriously fell


My brother and I had a room that was connected to our 3 sister's room by a

bathroom that had sliding doors and both were closed each night when we

would go to sleep.  Morning came and I hastily ran outside to play with my

GI Joes that I had just received for my birthday earlier that year, not

being affected too much by what had happened the night before.  My older

sister had awaken and sped into my parent's room to tell them of the same

apparition that I had seen in my room the night before and before us even

speaking that day to exchange our sightings.  I found out later on that day

after I told my mom of the same exact story of my sister's that a man was

killed in our house many years ago and there was a Spanish newspaper

clipping that was hung outside of our room.  Thanks for the web site








When I was 12 I saw a ghost in the townhouse I lived in.  The ghost pulled up my blanket for me and he wore a white t-shirt, blue jeans,and he had no neck or head.  He also turned the christmas tree lights on for me so I could see to go downstairs christmas morning.  I remember standing at the top of the stairs thinking I was going to slip and fall down the steps because it was too dark to see and all of a sudden the light came on!  I wasn't sure what had happened at first it took a moment to register.  I would also always see what looked like white and sometimes black ...well, it looked like toilet paper floating and twisting in midair up the steps out the corner of my eye-I wasn't the only one who saw that though-my girlfriend also saw it one night when she stayed over.  I try to tell people about this and noone believes me.  I submit this for you to make your own decision whether or not to believe.



Ghostly Cowboy




young couple with 3 little boys bought 2-story home in affluent neighborhood. Boys began to see a man with a large hat.Called him the (cowboy) Cowboy appears just before each of the boys had an accident.He held the first boy at top of stairs he had fell over the rail and was hanging 15 ft.Cowboy held him till his parents were able to pull him to safety.only 4 year old could see the spirit. Next boy was standing on chair at window to watch his puppy outside. Chair fell and he was hanging by strings of mini-blinds. Cowboy held him till mom found him and again he was only one who could see spirit.youngest boy had fallen off high pool ladder backwards and could have been severly injured, but just minutes before accident the boys saw Cowboy in the water.Perhaps he is their Gaurdian Angel. But thanks to God he sent this Spirit to watch over these precious little boys




Grandma's "friend"




My grandmother told me this story. She was a devout Christian and would never, ever lie.

She said she lived in a small house in Tennessee with her mom, dad and 2 siblings. She, her sister and brother slept in the same bed. One night they heard a man's voice speak to them. He told them not to be affraid, that he wanted them to listen to him. They told him to go away and caused a comotion. Hearing this their dad came in and told them to be quiet. The voice said he wanted them to help him. They pleaded with him to leave them alone before their dad came in and paddled them. The voice said he promised to leave them alone if they would help him. He told them that he was murdered and burried under the house. The gun was in the cistern out back. They relunctantly told their dad. He didn't believe them at first until they started to cry and begged him to check the cistern for the gun. Indeed he found a rusty pistol. Their dad said he would handle it from there. They don't know if anything ever became of the story or if their dad even told anyone about it but the voice kept his word and left them alone. However, I do have several pictures of my grandmother with ghostly shapes. I didn't really believe the story even though I knew she wouldn't lie until I saw those pictures. They are in a box of many photos and will look for them and send them to you along with this story again.

Thank you for listening.




These Times in My Life




I just happened upon your site and thought I would share with you some experiences I have had starting in 1989 and ending in 1991.

I flew out to Los Angeles with my friend Amber when I was 19 years old.  Her grandmother lived in Chatsworth, a part of the valley.  Our first night there we slept in an empty bedroom on the floor.  As I layed down Amber told me to keep my feet covered.  Just as I was about to ask her why a wire hanger flew across the room and hit me on the bottom of my feet.  I asked Amber why she did that and when I looked at her I knew in an instant she couldn't have.  She was right next to me and there was a pile of hangers on the floor in the opposite corner of the room.  She then told me that her grandmother's house was haunted and the ghosts would grab your feet if you didn't keep them covered.  Needless to say I was freaked out.

The next morning I asked both her grandmother and her great grandmother about the house being haunted.  They both told me that the neighborhood was built on an old Indian burial ground and that just about everyone in the neighborhood had a story to tell about being haunted.

A few days had passed and I had gone to a party with Amber and some of our other friends.  Amber left the party but I stayed and was driven back to the house.  It was around 3am and I was terrified to go into the house.  You could literally feel a presence near you.  When Amber opened the back door it was like a brick wall hitting me.  It almost felt as if there was no air when I stepped in.  I quickly went to bed.

The next night Amber and two of her friends were going to sleep in an old train tunnel and I didn't want to go so I stayed with both of her grandmother's.  Her great grandmother had two twin beds in her room and offered to let me sleep in there with her that night.  They both went to bed and I sat up watching tv.  After about an hour I heard a tap on the glass sliding door in the back of the house that proceeded to go around to the kitchen window and then the front of the house.  It was slow at first and as it went on it became faster and faster.  I'm getting chills just thinking about it now.

I got up and turned on all the lights.  I first turned off the kitchen light, then the living room light and when I got to the hallway I felt something behind me.  As I walked down the hall to the bedroom I heard what sounded like an animal running behind me yet there were no pets in the house.  As soon as I turned off the hallway light I ran and jumped into the bed.  As I did the running sound became quicker yet as I covered myself the sound stopped right at the bed.

I left for home a couple of days after that.  Even now I literally have goose bumps from head to toe thinking about it.  The experience literally sends chills up my spine.

Now I have an experience from my own home where I grew up and even my husband says he has heard of "shadow" people.  After coming home one night I went upstairs to my bedroom and was reading of all things, The Exorcist, when I saw something move by my closet.  When I turned I saw a black shadow moving across my room.  It looked like a man wearing a large brimmed hat.  As soon as I saw it it was gone.

Now the third experience I have is from when I was in the Air Force and was stationed at Brooks AFB in San Antonio Texas.  My roommate had gone out with one of the guys to a set of railroad tracks that they said were haunted.  I decided to go with them when they went back the following weekend.  I was in the back seat of Barrett's car and Mysi was in the front with him.  As we drove into the neighborhood I noticed all the street names were those of children.  Barrett then told me that the story was of a bus load of children who were killed when the bus stalled on the tracks and a train hit them.  I then noticed a row of trees that were on the right side of the street that had grown away from the street.  It looked like someone had bent them to the right and they were perfectly aligned with one another.  Then we came to the tracks.  Barrett put his car in neutral and we waited for a few seconds.  All of a sudden it seemed as if everything went silent.  Then the car started to move and we gently went over the tracks.  The story goes that the children who died will push you over the tracks so you won't be hit by a train.  Barrett also said that if you put baby powder on your car when you're done you will find small handprints all over your car.

I'm sorry for having had to send this twice but I forgot to add a time in the house where I grew up.  There were several times where I would walk down the hall to my bedroom and I would hit a cold spot.  Once when I went into my room it smelled of roses but there were no flowers in the house.  Several of my friends were afraid to go upstairs at night because they said my house was haunted.  In 1990 my family moved and a few months after moving I went back to the house.  Everything was locked up in the front of the house so I walked around to the back doors.  I turned the knob once and it was locked.  I then thought to myself I want to go into my old house and take something from the house to keep as mine.  When I tried the door again it opened.  This was around 3 in the afternoon and I didn't really think anything of it.  I walked in and remembered that when I was in the fourth grade I had taped a yellow ribbon on the inside of my closet door so I went upstairs to get it.  Nothing was on when I walked into the house or even when I walked into my bedroom.  While I was getting the ribbon I heard the ceiling fan in the guest room next to mine turn on.  I thought to myself that I just didn't notice that it was on.  As I started back down the hallway the water in my old bathroom turned on.  At that point I just ran out of the house as fast as I could.

People who know me, who have known me for years, have always joked that I'm the one who is haunted.  I don't think I am haunted but I do feel things.  There are times now when I feel like I'm not alone when I walk into a room and I'll get a little spooked.  I still see things at times but I choose to ignore them.  The only time in the recent past that I haven't ignored things was when my grandmother passed away.  I was extremely close to her and when everyone had left her hospice room I stayed with her.  As I held her hand I felt something to my right and I think it was her.  My mom said that just before she took her last breath she was talking to her mother.  My mom and I both believe that the two of them were in the room with me as I said my goodbye.

I sure hope you don't think of me as a fruit cake for the number of experiences I have had.  I've had a few more but I'd be here all night typing them in an email.  I am a true believer in ghosts or entities.  I am also a believer in demonic beings as well as angels being with us.

Thank you for letting me share these times in my life with you.




My Fathers Ride




     My father is a car buff. One night him and his car club where at a car show. It happened to be Halloween. All his friends told him about the "Haunted" rail road tracks. He never believed them, but he will try anything. So six of his closest friends piled into his Acura, and left for the tracks. I don't know exactly what time, but in Virginia there was a school bus crossing a track many years ago. It was about 1:00 in the morning, when the bus got stuck. A train came, and there where no survivors on the bus of third graders. So the condition was, everyone must stay in the car. The car must be off, and it must be very near the next train passing. As an added touch they stopped at Eckard. They parked on the tracks, at a slight angle. So he put the car in 1st gear, hand brake on. Radio blasting, they all got out and covered the car an talcum powder. They got in, turned off the car and waited listening to music. They didn't hear the train coming a few miles away. The doors locked, the radio died, and the head lights all went out. My dad heard the train, and went to turn the ignition on. There was no power. The doors wouldn't open. Locked. They heard laughter. The tires skidded as the car slid slowly backwards off the track. After the train passed, the radio scared everyone white, after the silence. The lights came on, the doors unlocked, and scariest of all, he swears on his life the car started itself. It was no longer in first gear, but the brake was on. They got out, and there where tiny hand prints all over the car. And he did not once grin while telling me this. He swears the uth.




The Coxton Woman




There was a friend of mine driving up the road and the lady got in the car with him one night and asked him(he said) for a light and till this day every time he goes by that spot he throws out a lighter. I seen him throw out a thirty dollar Zippo and not think twice about it. luckily I have drove that road for many years and nothing ever got in the car with me. Thanks for the stories




The Latest of Many Experiences





I'm thrilled to find your site, because I've not found anyone else to talk to about my experiences, except my family.

The latest was a brush with a ?ghost? at my church, while I was there alone practicing music up in the choir loft.  I was at the piano bench, alone, and I felt someone, or something, brush behind me, as if they were passing behind my chair...only no one was there.  I looked to my right...the direction the thing would have been going...and I got the biggest case of goosebumps ever, and the sounded a little like swishing robes, and it had a smell I'm assuming the local priest came for a visit?  Apparently, according to my husband, a lifelong member of the church, theres a rumor about the membership that the original priest hasn't given up taking care of his church.  Oddly I didn't feel scared or threatened at the time, just another haunting.

Unfortunately, I've experienced these types of things a lot.  Sure is reassuring to learn I'm not alone.  Thanks for your site...never have spoken about these things outside of my immediate family circle for fear of ending up housed in a rubber room with white clothed attendants.  It seems the older I get, the more phenomena are popping up. 



The Little Boy





This is a true story that happened to me just recently. Okay it all started one night when I just got home from my old house in col chester. When I really had to go to the bathroom and my sister and my foster-mom was down stairs talking and cooking dinner. I went upstairs and noticed that my door was open when I shut the door before I left to go to school that exact morning and when I went to get something that I needed for the bathroom and if your a woman you will understand what I'm talking about anyways then I went to my dresser to get a pair of pajamas and as I was walking out of my room when I was shutting the door behind and turning off the light I heard something on my roof so I went to the window that's straight across ed from my door and as I looked out my window I saw a little boys figure figure standing there right in front of me and he looked like he was trying to say "Hi" and then he said something else but I couldn't read his lips that time so then i ran in to the bathroom and went pee and changed into my pajamas really quickly and as soon as I was leaving the bathroom and I was shutting the light off I glanced back and as I did  saw my bathroom window opening and then I blinked and the next thing I knew he was climbing into my bathroom so I slammed the door shut and ran down stairs and I told my sister and my foster-mom and they didn't believe me until the next morning they both where going to go to the bathroom to change and go pee and as they were they both saw somebody shutting the bathroom door and they knew it wasn't me because I was still in bed sleeping so they screamed and woke me up and told me what happened I tried to go into the bathroom and the door was locked so we waited for a couple of minute's and then all of a sudden the little boy came out of the bathroom and we all saw him at the same time so from hen on they believed me .




True Ghost Story!!!!




My name Is Melissa. Me and my friends had an experience of our own at

Byberry. I live in Oklahoma and me and some of my friends 8 of us total

decided to drive up to Philadelphia Pennsylvania to visit Byberyy Mental


We walked down an old trail and there were dead animals strewn

everywhere it stunk reallly bad. Well we made it up to the building and

we enetered it. When we got in the bulding it was pich black dark but we

had brougt flaslights this place gave me the chills as soon as we walked

in. It was cold and damp in there it smelt like mold. We ended up

walking through Ehos's Hallway and that place was creepy. We kept

hearing voices like people screaming and talking crazy shit. We would

hear footsteps coming close to us but we saw no one. My friend said he

felt a cold thing go through him he was totally flipping out. We walked

and we went into a room and it was freezing cold in there and it smelt

horrible there were was seemed to like old blood stains there was a bed

in there that looked as  to have old blood stains on it. The bed had

chains and stuff on it and straps and  weird looking surgical eqiupment

. When you are in this room you could actually feel an evil presence.

This place is scarier than hell. My 4 friends decided they were going to

go through the tunnels. Me and my other three friends waited on them.

They were not in that tunnel ten mintues when they came running and

screaming out of there and they said a crazy man with a machette is

right behind them and we ran downstairs and went out the door and we ran

through the woods and we could still hear something behind us yelling at

us. we got in our car and took off. We almost got caught my the security

but we made it out and came back home. This place will scare the hell

out of you and I suggest not going through the tunnels. This is my real

life experience and we will never forget it




True Story





about 5 years ago i was babysitting and i had gone outside for about 5-10 minutes while the kids were taking a nap,and as soon as i was ready to go inside i heard someone say mommy and i had tried to get inside and the door was locked so i went around back and that door was also locked i knew i had never locked the door and i was now panicking i had also tried the sliding glass door and it had also been locked i was extermly worried now and i heard the voice again i tried all of the doors again and at the third time i tried to open the doors they had all opened and i got in the house and looked in all rooms and all of the kids were sound asleep             




Utica, NY




The house that my husband and I lived in in South Utica, NY. had a spirit.  You could here someone walking up in the attic.  All the cupboards would be open in the morning.  The downstairs thermostat would be turned all the way up very often.  The icing on the cake was when our bedroom door opened on it's own and our dining room light turned itself on.  Oh, and when our bedroom door slammed shut in Feb.(no windows were open).  Also, the people downstairs said that their bed was moved across the room (she left momentarilly).  I finally called my Landlord.  She confessed that it was the ghost or spirit of her husband's long dead gradfather who died of throat cancer in the late 20's.  She said that the last tennents moved out in a hurry as they saw an apparition of an older man sitting and reading at their kitchen table.  She said that the had a mass for the house once or twice.  They did again, for our sake.  He calmed down, but he was still there (due to the bed event).  Their are a LOT of ghosts in Utica.  We know people who have had worse encounters than us.  Our ghost was pretty benign compared to some other stories I have heard.




A Ghostly House




Hi there my name is Jaclyn . I grew up in my grandmothers house in Seabrook, NH for 20 years until I moved out with my husband after we got married. This house has always had weird things going on in it. My grandmother moved in after her and my grandfather got married. My Great Great Grandparents gave the house to them. To my knowledge and what I have been told by my family that the house has been lived in by my ancestors for about 100 years but they could be exaggerating. Well, to start my story off when my grandparents first moved into the house they started remodeling the house and they found a grave stone under the kitchen floor. They are not sure if it is a relative or not I have tried to do research on it but I always hit a dead end. They are not sure if someone just placed it there because it broke in the cemetery or if the house is built on a graveyard. At night time when you are sleeping you can always hear footsteps walking around in the middle of the night. When you locked the windows and doors at night you would wake up the next morning and find that someone has unlocked them. Lights come on and off by themselves and radios do to. I can tell you one experience I had when I stayed there one night while I was pregnant with my son. I had went to sleep and I started dreaming well at the time I was having complications with him and I dreamed there was a little girl laying next to me in the bed and she just kept smiling at me and all of a sudden she said everything will be OK and she drew her legs back and kicked me off the bed. You know how you get the feeling of falling in your sleep wile I got that feeling and just as I woke up the radio turned on out of the blue all by itself. It scared me half to death and I couldn't get back to sleep that night. There many other stories I could tell you about the house but maybe I will write about them some other time because all that I know about the house could fill up seven pages.








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