Man of the House





When I was a little girl I would often have nightmares and afterward would run across the hallway to my parents room to sleep with them.  One night after a terrible dream I went to their room only to find the door locked.  I banged on the door crying that I was scared.  My dad said, "Come on in the door is unlocked."  I tried and tried but the door knob wouldn't turn.  While waiting for my dad to unlock the door, I glanced down the hallway into the living room...I saw the figure of a man getting up out of the rocking chair and coming towards me!  Just as I screamed my dad opened the door, I ran and jumped into the bed telling my parents what happened.  My dad went to get his gun from the closet and ran out of the room.  When he came back he looked puzzled and said that there were leaves in the foyer and the front door was wide open.  We never figured this one out. Oh Yeah, my dad said when he came to open the door it was not locked he just turned the knob.





I've seen the dark imps you wrote about





I've been around ghosts my entire life, for as long as

I can remember. My house has had several unexplainable

things happen. Doors open and close on their own when

no windows are open, lights will flicker and blow out

only in certain parts of the house (we have used the

same lamps in other parts of the house, with the same

type of bulb from the same box with no problems) When

I was a child, growing up with my older brother we

shared a room together. We were always told to clean

our rooms before supper, and we always did. Every

night when we went to bed our rooms were nearly

spotless, but every morning when we woke up our rooms

would be a mess. When my parents asked me about it I

told them I thought it was a ninja (big ninja turtles

fan), and they asked what I was talking about I told

them that it was a man dressed in black messing

everything up.

After my older brother moved out, we switched rooms,

since ours was bigger. In the room I have now, arguing

can be heard from the restroom which was never

repaired when we bought the house. The arguing goes on

for about 3 or 4 minutes, getting louder and softer at

times, which always ends with a muffled shout and

scream. About 15 minutes afterwards, you can hear

sobbing. My younger brothers hear it too, but my

parents remain skeptics. They don't want to scare



Now to ask you about the imps. My friends and I heard

about the Jewish Graveyard on Sand Ridge Road in

Ferguson Valley (Lewistown, PA) which is only a few

miles away from where we live. We have had so many

experiences there but since this e-mail is already

long enough (I just wanted to let you know I have had

experiences with this stuff throughout my life) I will

get to the point now. The graveyard started out with

nothing there, but as we went there more and more, we

saw more. I haven't gone back since the last time we

were there. My friend Jim, was in three different

places at once. We sighted creatures just as you

described being around the apparition that appeared in

your house. There's more to the story, but I don't

want to waste your time explaining all of this if

you've heard about the graveyard before. If you are

interested in hearing more about what has happened

there, e-mail me back and I will gladly tell you

everything. I will even take you to the graveyard

myself if you want to check it out. To give you an

idea, the last time we were there is the last time I

will go there at night. My girlfriend and I drove past

it two weeks ago (about two months since the last time

we were there) and we saw a young boy, dressed in

early 1900's style clothes with brown knickers, a

white shirt, a brown vest, and a brown hat. I have

been there over a dozen times and never have I seen

anything outside of the gates (it was the beliefe of

my friends and I that they could not leave the gates,

because they never had before) but the child was

crouched down, on the edge of the ridge outside, as if

waiting for us. This was nearly 2 in the morning, and

it was raining but the child did not appear wet and

I'd say that they appeared around 8 or 9 years old.




Naperville Illinois





My husband and I lived at at this house for one year and had several experiences.

Our apartment covered two floors, the 3rd and 4th.  The living area, kitchen, etc was on the 3rd floor, bathroom and 2 bedrooms on 4th floor.  It started slowly, like after I had gone to bed, my husband would think that I was awake because he heard someone walking outside of the bedroom.

The TV and clock radio would turn on or off by itself, sometimes change stations.  The bathroom door would sometimes open by itself.

One time after getting out of the shower, there was an 3 dimensional image in the mirror of a man in a sports coat.  You can't see a face, but you can make out the shoulders, the lapel, and even that one button is buttoned.  I am attaching a picture that we took.  It's hard to make out because it's a mirror, but you can see that it isn't something that we could draw on the mirror ourselves.

One time I felt, what I thought was my husband sneaking into bed as to not disturb me.  I felt the weight of his body behind me, and then the weight of his arm over my waist just holding me.  My heart was racing, like I'd never felt before.  I reached my leg back to touch him, and everything vanished instantly.

Another time, my husband was getting ready to come upstairs to bed and thought that I was trying to scare him by the stairs, so he slowly creep up the stairs.  When he got to the top, he saw a large black shadow hovering at the top of the stairs, then it vanished in front of him.  He saw that shadow again at the foot of our bed.

When I told my daughter, who was out of state at college, that my husband had seen something, she said "we all knew something was there, it's about time that we saw it."  The next time that she came home, she saw it out of the corner of her eye.

When we moved out of the apartment, we had two last trips to the truck, and when we went to get the last box, the door was locked.  We didn't lock it.




Field Trip




hi, when i was in 8th grade we went on a end of the year fieldtrip. now on that trip it was me and 3 other friends. our trip was to Kickapoo State Park in IL. at that park there is a big river going through the park. so me and my friends were just walking along the river and there was a bench. 2 of my friends got tired so they sat on the bench there. me and this other friend we just started walking further. there was like this dock on the river so me and my friend walked on there. and we started waving to our friends. then all of a sudden we saw this normal looking boy sitting next to them with blue jeans on, a baseball cap and a shirt on. then we walked back. and we asked our friends who that guy was but they said that there was never a guy there. and me and my friend both saw this guy. and the funny thing is, is that there is a cemetary right next to the park.




Lights on the Floor




The lights I am going to try to explain have more to do with me, I believe, than a particular place.

About 17 years ago, in Texas, I came home from work and as always, Dani, my pomeranian, was jumping and yapping, happy to see me.  He followed me into my bedroom room, where I sat on the edge of the bed, removing my shoes.  On the floor, appeared 3 tiny white lights, in the form of a triangle, moving slowly in front of me.  Dani saw them and sniffed them, his ears perked and he ran out of my room.  I watched these lights move for about 20 seconds and they were gone.  I ruled out every possible source I can think of, the blinds were always kept closed in my room.  It spooks me still. 

There was an instance where my daughters and I watched lights move in the corner ceiling of the living room.  I ran to get the camera but when the pictures came back, nothing appeared on the numerous prints...but we all saw the lights.

And about 4 weeks ago, it happened again, only this time, I am in Minnesota.  I was sitting in my room on the bed, watching TV when I had this urge to open my door, like I felt something was on the other side.  I opened the door, my eyes focused on the floor because I expected one of the the cats to be there.  A light on the floor, about the size of a teacup, moved slowly into the room!  Again, the blinds are always closed in my room. 

A few days later, my 13 year old fell asleep in a recliner and woke to hear voices, whispering incoherently behind the chair.  She said she picked up a book and threw it into the air and told whatever it was to , "Please, Shut Up!"  but the whispering continued until she went into her bed.  I never said a word about the light I saw, either.  It all disturbed me so much, I had to find a medicine man and ask him to please advise. 

Often, I can smell freshly brewed coffee or something delicious cooking but visual occurences are extremely rare for me.  I DO believe in spooks!  I DO believe in spooks!  I DO, I DO, I DO!!!

Basketball Player Noises




I remember when I was young, around 9 or 10 year's old, I used to hear somebody playing basketball around 3 or 4 in the morning. I would hear them say things like "give me the ball, give me the ball"I would wake up to the sound, and I would look outside and the yard would be empty with no one, or a lot of times, I would hear something dribbling the basketball around our house, I would wake up and nothing would be there, it was just really strange. I was not scared but I wanted to know what was going on. This happened at least four or five times a week. As best as I can remember, this only happened in the summer. One time, my older brother told me that he heard the same dribbling also, and he told me that the dribbling stopped in front of his window to his bedroom. He felt like someone was trying to get in thru the window, so he opened the curtain really fast, and nothing was there. very strange!!! I dont know why it was basketball noises that we heard, if anybody has had anything like this happen to them, let me know, thanks




Black Forest, CO. It isn't just the "Lee Residence."




I am enjoying your websight. I was born and raised in Black Forest, CO. I was personally a visitor of the Lee residence, when he wanted me to clean his house.

My sister-in-law went with me. I was half way up the stairs, she was at the bottom, and we both got extremely warm for a period of three to five seconds. We couldn't get out fast enough.

This home is also known for faces appearing in the mirrors, locking people in rooms, and ghosts standing near you. Very creepy.

Most of Black Forest is haunted. A little known fact is, the Native Americans, long before white men arrived, said it was evil. They had a pathway of bent trees marked through the Black Forest. It was the fastest trail to cross through. It has always been eerie.

    The property I grew up on, is behind the Black Forest Store. Nobody has ever been able to walk down the driveway from the store to the house, at night, without feeling as if something were about to eat you alive. It is horrifying, and as soon as you get to the light at the house, it goes away.

    Orbs are in every picture we have taken there. I have several pictures with ghosts in them. They have been seen, heard, felt, and smelled there. And, you will hear stories like these from any long term resident. And, the new people wonder what's wrong with the place.

    My family alone, could keep you busy with stories for a week, about Black Forest, near Colorado Springs, CO.










After receiving an email - Trick or Treat with your web sites haunted places listed by state - I felt the need to write you.  I had an experience several years ago which I thought I knew what and how it may have been - but after researching you sight.......I'm not sure anymore.  Here is my story and should you have questions or comments....please contact me.

My company had sent me and a co-worker to Chicago to attend and computer software seminar.  This was either in the spring of 1998 or 1999.  We arrived on a Sunday afternoon - checked into our rooms etc.  Arrived the following morning to attend our seminar - a building very close to the Sheraton in Rosemont, IL.  Classes throughtout the day - back to the hotel that night for dinner and then to our rooms.

I watched TV for awhile, took a shower and then went to bed.  Having been experiencing "nightsweats" it was a sleepliness night for me. lol

The next morning I woke up to find my night shirt was neatly folded and placed at the end of my bed..........There was also the appearance that someone had been sitting at the foot of the bed.  I actually thought it was maybe my dad as he had died a few years earlier.

I said nothing to my co worker.

The next day - class as usual - we again had dinner in the hotel.......then off to our rooms.  I had taken a bottle of wine with me.

Enjoyed a movie and then to bed.  Before going to bed - this was a suite room - I placed the wine bottle and glasses near the sink area of the kitchenette.

Upon waking in the morning - I found the glasses and wine bottle neatly placed in the corner of the bedroom.  I had not moved them.

Upon checking out that day - I asked the hotel clerk if there had been any reports of strange things happening........she only replied - there have been some reports but nothing founded.

Unfortunately I can not find the exact dates I was there or the room number.  But as I read the description of the Rosemont Sheraton - it sent chills up my arms.

Have you had other reports like this?  Did I actually experience a ghost?

Thanks and I will now watch you website with great interest. :)




Experiences in Illionois


By: Anonymous



I grew up in Suburban IL and have had a great many experiences throughout my life (currently 24).  As a child (5-10), I had many experiences seeing floating faces/heads in my parents' house.  One night, I woke up around 1:00 am.  Whenever I would wake up in the middle of the night, I would walk over to my parents' bedroom to get back to sleep (I felt safter there).  Our bedrooms were all on the second floor.  As I walked to their bedroom, I noticed a white object over the staircase floating at about my height.  I wasn't sure what I was seeing, so I walked down the staircase to see what it was.  I looked up at it and saw nothing but a floating white cloud.  At this point I realized that I could see through it and nothing was holding it up.  I ran screaming to my parents' room.

Another time I was sleeping over at my cousin's house (about age 12).  I was always the last to fall asleep, and I hated it since I was always scared of the dark.  An hour or so after everyone else fell asleep (two cousins, one brother, aunt/uncle in another room), I heard the backdoor (along with the screen door) open and close.  I heard several people walk into the house talking loudly (although I couldn't make out what they were saying).  They all walked into the room we were sleeping in and continued to talk and otherwise make lots of noise.  I hid under the blankets until the noise stopped.  I never slept over there again.





Ghostly Experiences




My name is Caryn, and I live in a small town on the coast of North Carolina.  I have always been sensitive to paranormal occurances.  It began when I was small, and my imaginary friend was actually my mother's cousin, who had died nearly 12 or more years earlier, I told her his name, what he looked like, how he died-everything.  That was just the beginning, then when I was about 13 we moved into the home my grandfather grew up in.  My house is between 80 and 90 years old, my grandfather and his 13 brothers and sisters grew up there.  My great-grandfather actually died in what now is our living room.  My sisters and have experienced many creepy things.  Take me, I have actually seen my great-grandfather standing over me.  I was sleeping on the couch in the living room-in the exact place where he died- and suddenly I woke up saying something odd, and as my eyes began to adjust to the light in the room, I saw the apparition of my great-grandfather.  He looked exactly like he did in the picture of him we have hanging in our entrance way.  He actually looked multi-colored, like when the TV scrambles and you see all sorts of colors.  When I was fully awake, he disappeared.  Another time, I was sitting in my kitchen floor, petting my cat.  I had a wife-beater in my hand, and I felt a cold breeze behind me, when I looked up, my shirt was floating in mid-air.  Needless to say, I was absolutly terrified, but I actually stood there trying to rationalize what had just happened!  I also don't like to be alone in my house at night, especially if i have to go upstairs.  It's not that I feel unsafe, but I always feel like someone is directly behind me, breathing o my neck. 

My sister lived with us with her son for a year, while her husband was away at boot-camp.  Her son was maybe between 1 or 2, and we constantly heard soft humming coming from his room when we put him to bed.  He would sit in the hallway, staring at the wall laughing and babbling to someone he called Big Mama.  We asked my grandfather about it, and he said they always used to call his mother Big Mama.  No one had ever told any of us that, and we definitely didn't tell my nephew about it.  While they lived with us, My sister was really screwed around with.  She went to the kitchen late one night to get a drink, and when she opened the freezer to get some ice, she heard the sound of what she described as a womans high heels, like they wore in the 40's-bigger clunky heels-and the footsteps stopped at the edge of the kitchen door, and then directly behind my sister, she heard in a whispered voice, "sshhh, hush."  She ran out of the kitchen, leaving the fridge open, and jumped on the couch where my mom was sleeping.  She also was always awakened to a woman's voice softly calling out her name.  One night she had gotten fed up with being woken up, and she sat up in bed and said "great-grandma, please let me sleep, just please let me go to sleep."  From that night on, she never heard her name being called again. 

It's not only the family that get messed with, it's our friends too.  Once, my sister's boyfriend stayed the night, and slept on the couch where my Uncle Tal had always slept before he passed away.  Lee-the boyfriend-kept on having his feet thrown off of the couch; being in the middle of sleep, he didn't really reguard it as anything, until he really woke up to his feet being held up in the air and his legs being twisted back and forth.  My college roommate recently came home with me, and slept in one of the rooms upstairs.  It used to be my om, but that room never ever got warm, even in the summer, when the upstairs of our old house is blistering hot, it remains cool.  Anyway, she woke up in the middle of the night to see a man laying on the floor with his hands behind his head.  He never moved, but he just stared at her.  When he disappeared, she got up a turned on the lights, and slept with them on for the rest of the night. 

I could really go on and on telling you even more stories, but I think I've written enough!  I hope you enjoy my stories, and believe me, these are true.  I wouldn't have spent so much time typing them out if they were fake.  I love the fact that our house is haunted, I feel piveledged!  And it seems that everytime one of my grandfather's brothers or sisters pass away, our house receives more activity!  They are all just coming back home I guess...




Haunted Horses on the Los Pinos





My great grandfather and grandmother were in there cabin on the Los Pinos river near the Colorado and New Mexico state line. It was late in the night or early morning when they heard a stampede of horses coming down the canyon. They went out to see what was going on and as the sound came aroun the corner there were no horses just dust that was being stirred up as the sound ran by and faded off into the distance.




Haunted House




We moved to this house 5 years ago, in Ray, Mich. on North Ave. between 28 & 29 mile roads.

Pictures fell off walls, things were moved around, was locked out of the house for about 45 minutes. Money missing, then it would appear in another place.

Have had a priest here to bless this house, it is a woman, seems to be in the crawl space under the mudroom, the rest has a basement. Door of the crawl space kept falling off, after the priest blessed it the door stayed on.

Have seen her twice, she is a young girl dressed from the 1950's, hair like the fifties.

This house was built in 1968, but don't know what was here before, I know it was a part of a farm. Don't know any of the history around here.

At first I was a little nervous, but she doesn't seem to do anything real harmful, more like tricks.




Haunted Houses




in Ephraim Utah i lived in a small house up the street from the park and i lived there for threeyears me and mywhole family would always here little kids laughing and the radio would come on even when it wasn't plugged in ,one night when my aunt was staying at our house in the back room and something kept waking her up that night she was hearing little kids laughing and screaming and they kept yanking  the blakets off of her i dont know how many times and they would run acrossed the the bed  and they would shake the bed to  my brother said that people worshipped the devil in that back room.




My First Time





The first experience I had ever had with ghosts was when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  I was in my bed.  Everyone else in the house was asleep.  I noticed a figure that appeared at my door.  It was a nurse - old style uniform with the little white hat on her head and she was carrying a tray with stuff on it.  The strange thing was that I did not see her face, arms or legs.  They were there. but were black.  She came to my bed side and leaned over me a bit and then disappeared and reappeared back at the door.  She did this over and over.  I never heard anything and she never did anything else different.  I was scared to death, but I think I knew that she was not going to hurt me.  I finally pulled the sheets over my head and eventually fell asleep.




My Prophetic Dreams




I have had four dreams of airline disasters which have come true.  The first two were over a period of about one year.  I would have a terrible dream that I was onboard a stricken airliner, falling to the ground, or crashing on landing.  Both times the dreams struck me as unusual.  Very real and the terror was palpable.  Both times I awoke the next morning and heard that a major airline disaster had indeed happened overnight as I slept.   At this stage, after it happening twice, I began to tell other people about it.

Years later at University, I had told my friends about these two dreams, when a third one occured.  These were never the same dream by the way, always different situations, places etc.  If I had any details from the dreams such as an airline or a city, these were never accurate.  What was always the same was this feeling that came with them.  Real terror.  As if I crashed with them myself.  This third dream occured and I turned on the radio after waking expecting to hear about the disaster, but there was nothing on the news at all.  I was quite relieved that the other two occasions must have been just an amazing coincidence. 

Later that day, about 4 pm, I was listening to the radio when I heard an ad for the news that night saying they had pictures of America's worst ever airline disaster, which had occured about mid-morning our time.  When I heard this I just about fell over. 

The fourth dream involved me.  I was overseas in Germany with a group of school students when I dreamt that we were coming in to land in Australia and I was sitting a little past half way along the 747 three seats away from the left hand window on the aisle.  We hit the runway very hard on landing, so hard, that all the passengers gasped.  We stopped and then I somehow looked out a window on the otherside of the aircraft, about two rows in front of mine, and I saw vehicles driving under the wing.  In the morning, I knew that this was "one of those dreams" because it had that funny feeling to it, but I knew it wasn't about doom and death.  I assumed that we had landed on a freeway.

Two weeks later, we are coming in to land in Brisbane, our first touchdown back in Australia, and I am sitting in the seat from my dream.  The Jumbo is being tossed about like a toy, and as we bank, I see Moreton Bay is white with foam from what must be VERY strong winds.  This is not going to be pretty I think to myself, and I tighten my seatbelt a little more.  We slam into the runway, and all passengers gasp with surprise.  The pilot applys no braking force however and we scream along the runway for a few seconds.  Then the brakes are slammed on, causing everyone to gasp a second time.  We then come to a complete halt and the engines are turned off as we still sit on the runway itself.  Something's up here.  One of the students from my group is sitting at the window from my dream on the other side of the aircraft.  He is pointing out the window and saying, "Fire".  I was about to jump out the nearest window we he said "Fire-engines".  Apparently, a front brake had overhea

ted and set off a fire alarm and all the emergency vehicles were driving under and around that wing o

their way to the front wheels.    The vehicles from my dream.




My Stories




I have had strange things happening to me since I was 6 years old. Probably longer than that but I dont remember. I have talked about them to very few people but reading the stories on your sight made me want to share mine. Just so you know, I am not crazy. Im a very down to earth, 24 year old, working mother.

The first experience I remember was when I lived in NC as a small child. I was in first grade, a little dramatic, as most girls are, but not one to make things up.  I was in bed one night, sleeping like a baby, and I was awoke by a noise. When I woke up I could here the drawers on my bedside table opening and closing. Of course I was terrified and tried to scream for my mommy, but no sound would come out. I kept trying to scream for what seemed like forever although Im sure it was only a few minutes. I guess I must have fell back asleep from terror and exhaustion because I woke the next morning and everything was fine. I told my parents, and they thought I was dreaming. I accepted that.

Several years later, still in NC but in another town and home I was awoke again in the middle of the night. This time I hear what sounds like loud satanic music coming from the basement. I also hear a dog barking (we dont have a dog, nor do any of our neighbors) and the sound of chains being drug up the wooden steps going into the basement. I assume that my parents have lost their minds, and I get up to find out whats going on and to tell them to be quiet. . For some reason I go straight to my parents room instead of opening the basement door. Thank god for that because they are in bed fast asleep aparently not hearing any of this. By this time all of the noise has stopped. I wake my mom and she calms me and I fall asleep in her bed. Once again I am convinced that I am dreaming.

Nothing memorable happens again until I have met my husband and we are living in Jackson Co, WV. There were little things over the years but nothing that stands out to me now.

We had lived in this house for almost 2 years when strange things started happening.  Every morning a little after 4 am the phone would ring one and a half times. Nothing registered on the caller id and if I dialed *69 it would be the last number that had called the night before. If by some chance I answered it, it was a dial tone.  Every morning when I was in the shower someone would knock on the bathroom door. For awhile I blamed this on my husband or my daughter but soon realized they were both to lazy to get out of bed at 6 am to play a joke on me. I tried not closing the door but then felt like someone was watching me. My daughters toys would start talking at night on their own and it was too often to be batteries going dead. I had a home interior mirror hanging in my living room that fell on numerous occasions. Granted it was heavy, but the nails were always still in the wall and nothing was bent. This was all very creepy but nothing to get to excited about. A few months after all of this starts to die down, I wake one night to see my husband standing in front of the window as if he is staring outside. I speak his name and reach out to him and he steps back without turning to me and vanishes. I sit up and in doing so realize that he is lying beside of me asleep. In a panic, I wake him up. He can tell that I am scared to death and it scares him too. We check on our daughter and she is fine but we still dont go back to sleep. To be honest I didnt sleep for quite a while after that. This time I knew that I wasnt dreaming.

Everything is quiet for a few months, and I have put all of this in the back of my mind.

Then,  I am lying in bed one night fast asleep and I wake up to this loud humming in my head. I cant move a muscle, and I cant make a sound. I can feel that my hand is on my husbands leg and I try to squeeze or pinch or anything to wake him but I am paralyzed by something. This is when I think, Oh my god, Im dying. It felt like everything was fading far away. I could open my eyes but it was too dark to see anything.  I fought this with everything inside of me and eventually I felt a pop, like a seal breaking inside my head and all senses came back to me. I was hysterical. There was nothing anyone could do to calm me. I was scared to death to go back to sleep. I didnt not associate this with anything paranormal. I thought that something was physically wrong with me.  Even after several check ups I still didnt believe I was ok because their had to be an explanation for what happened. Then I visit this web site and I read a story by a boy who has had this happen to him. He calls this expereince "Pe Um", I think. I dont understand what it means but I know it sounds like  what happened to me. It has not happened again and that was over 3 years ago. I hope that it never happens again!!! We have moved to a new home and we are the first family to live in it. So hopefully there is no presence that I can attract, because I really feel that it has something to do with my personally.

If you have any information on "Pe Um" please share it with me. Also, is it possible that the same spirit was causing all of these things in all of the different places Ive lived? I would like to try to understand a little better what might have been happening.

Thanks for reading my story. It doesnt sound as scary when you put it in writing.




My Story




Hi, my name is Alex, and it was about 7 year ago I had my first supernatural experience with earthbound spirits. It was around 3am (I'm not sure about that) when I would wake up to find a figure of a woman standing at my bedroom's door. With long hairs covering part of her face, she was looking straight at my eyes. I got startled in bed and the only action I thought I was able to take was to scream. So I tried but at the same time I opened my mouth to give it a scream she, the figure, just reached out her right hand with the arm supernaturally outstretched and held tight my neck. At this time my whole body was trembling out of control and I just could use one thing as an weapon at those frightening and endless seconds: "namely, my mind". And I did. I thought: " Oh God! Please drive this woman out of my room!! help me please, help me please!!"... So oddly enough, the figure roared in a loud voice and fled away from my room, after had her left eye stared upon my head (the right eye was covered). After that my room was filled with a supernatural light and I started feeling peace. So the light was fading out and I fell asleep again. From this day on, neither the figure nor other spirits has appeared to me at any part of the house...(thanx God!!).

 My friend, if you are constantly suffering with haunting, ask God for His light to protect you from darkness. God bless you all !!




Old Dick Hatch




Hi, my name is Kaitlyn, and I love ghost stories. Though I have never experienced a haunting that I am aware of, I would like to share a story that my mom told me about.

When my mom was in tenth or eleventh grade, she had a good friend named Dick Hatch. One weekend, Dick and a few of his friends decided to go swimming in a stone quarry.

Dick and his friends were having a great time, until Dick slipped on a rock and fell in the water. He hit his head on a rock and was unconscious, so he drowned.

Later that night, the news was out that Dick Hatch had died. When my mom found out, she and her boyfriend decided to go to the funeral. They went, and later decided to bring back some flowers for Dick's grave. They drove around in the cemetary for a long time, trying to find Dick's resting place. Then, all of a sudden, standing about ten feet away behind a bush, they saw Dick, smiling happily. He yelled,"Hey!", and disappeared. My mom's boyfriend looked at her. "Who did you just see?" my mom asked, in complete shock. My mom's boyfriend, dumbfounded answered,"Dick Hatch." My mom agreed. They drove the ten feet where the ghost of Dick Hatch stood, to find his grave.

This story is not scary, but I felt chilled when my mom tole it to me. I am thirteen, and I have never experienced anything like this, but I think that in everyone's life, if even just once, everyone will meet a ghost.



Two Ghosts in the House




Over the past couple of years I have began to have more and more experiance. I have always been interested in paranormal activities. As a child I have felt sprits around me. But there are two recent events that have kept in my mind.

About a two weeks ago I had the opportunity to baby-sit my friends little girl. The night before my friend told me that she feels uncomfortable in her house. She told me that at night the baby will cry in her sleep, but when the pick her up she continues to sleep.I did not feel anything and thought that may the baby is just being a baby, so I just brushed her off. The next day while babysitting, I had just put the baby down for a nap I laid down next to her so I could take one too. As we laid there her leap frog toy started to sing. I thought that it was what the new toy, the type that go off to let you know to turn it off. The toy would go off every 3 minutes. The third time the baby was getting upset so I sang with the toy, when that song ended it began to repeat over and over again with out stopping. At the same time the room temperature dropped and I had goose bumps all over my body not to mention my hair stood up. All of the sudden it all stopped and I was my friend walking up to the house. My friend later informed me that they often hear footsteps go up and down the stairs and something playing with the toys at night when the baby is in bed with them.

My second experience was late one night. I have to tell about my house to explain. I live in a cottage behind my parents house (I am still in college). My parents house was the second house build next to the original house built in the 1930's, which is falling apart so bad that we can not walk in it. At the time I had just moved in to the cottage and did not have a frig. At night I would walk to my parents house to get things to drink and eat. I had been up late studying at about 12 pm I went to go get some thing to drink. On the way over there I heard my mother calling me "nat-nat". I stood under her window and yelled "what". She did not answer me. So I went inside to the kitchen, poured a glass of juice  and I heard my mother again. I walked down the hall, into her room and asked her what she wanted. She told me that the did not call me, and I told her not to lie to me (we are good friends). I asked my dad if she was telling the truth and he said yes. I walked out thing to myself that I need to go to bed and sleep. As I walked by the old house I heard a lady call my name "natalie" in the most haunting way. She said it in the way that someone would do to scare a friend. I know it was not me and not my mother. so who was it?

As far as I know we have two ghost in the house. A lady in a old fashion night gown- see by my father, and a young little boy who was killed by a car driven by his grandpa who did not see him backing up (we have neighbor who knew the family before us). The boy is seen by my mom and children. He makes himself known when he plays with toys.

Thank you for letting me share my stories,




Physo in Sac




I've read all these unbelieveble stories, and I'm finally convinced to

submitt mine ( although reluctantly ). Well, I'm somewhat of a normal

person, I'd like to believe.

I was about six monthes pregnant with my first son. My husband and I were

living in a studio apartment at the time. He had a graveyard shift position

and was gone for the evening. I had fallen alsleep and it was approximately

5:00 something in the morning, and I was suddenly woken up! For no apparent

reason what so ever. We had queen size mattress laid on the ground next to

the wall (the wall being on my right). This large shadow of a man had come

right through the wall on my right hand side. Now, there where shadows on

the wall cast from the window directly across the room. I could see the

shadows of the trees and knew that this shadow was much different. It was

only obvious! It was walking like any normal man. I had enough time to

realize that I must indeed be dreaming. Well at the end of the bed to the

right is the hallway that leads to the front door. I without a doubt, saw

the man shadow turn the corner. I was so frightened that I almost called the

police! I had enough sense to talk myself out of it. Instead, I called my

husband who rushed home (thank god he worked five minutes away). I tell you,

those five minutes seemed an eternity!!! He found me in a state no one has

ever seen me, being that I'm a unusally attractive woman. I had snots

running down my face and my hand was still wrapped tightly around the

receiver of the phone, because I hadn't hung it up. He had to literly pry it

from my knuckles. I remembered one odd thing about the shape of the shadow

thingy. It was very tall and had a short neck.

About two weeks later, I found out from my mother that my stepdad had passed

around that same time as my visitor appeared. when asked to describe my

stepfather. He is a very tall man with a short neck. Things that make you go






Picture Story





    My name is Stacie  and I have a story that might interest you. My father's mother died when I was 1 year-old after a long 5 year battle of brest cancer. Since I was too young to remember her, I often asked questions about her. I was told she was a very sweet woman who cared greatly and loved her children and grandchildren. She worked hard her whole life and supported her two kids and husband. My father joined the Air Force right after High School and left all of his childhood pictures behind. My grandfather wasn't a very nice man, who has recently deceased. After my grandmother died, my family never made a visit to see my grandfather or even visit the home where my father grew up.

    My father was station at an Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska and I was the youngest of four children. I believe I was 4 or 5 when this incident occurred. We were living on military housing and woke up one cold morning. My mother was the first one awake and walked into the dining room to find an old picture of a toddler sitting on a catch surrounded by Mickey Mouse stuffed "dolls" laying right on top of the table. My mother asked all of us kids where the picture came from but no one had a clue. We were all puzzled. My father came into the dining room and my mother asked him. He recognized the picture right away and said that was a picture of him as young child. My father loved anything to do with Mickey Mouse as a child. He hadn't seen that picture since he left home and no one could explain where it came from. According to us, all of my fathers pictures from his childhood still remained in the house he grew up in, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    I believe my grandmother visited us that night. This incident in no way scares me and I often embrace it and cherish it. I like the fact she still hangs around. I often hope she will do something like that again. Maybe she does and I just don't realize it. I come from a very spiritual family when it comes to stuff like this and we are very open minded to these situations. We still have the picture to this day framed in our living room.

     Sometimes, I still get real weird feelings that she's still around or something is hanging around. This may sound funny but I'll be blowing drying my hair and flip it around to almost see a figure of something looking at me. I often get this feeling when I'm taking a bath of shower. I seem to have inherited something from my living grandmother and mother. My mother has done Tarot readings for almost 15 years now and my grandmother does charts for people.



"My Friends"






As a child I use to make my mother set a place at the table for "my friends."  Or she would find me talking to my "my friends."  As I got older I know things before they will happen, I know when the phone is gong to ring, I get physically sick when something really bad is about to happen and I do see dead  I finally told my husband after a year of marriage and he replied "oh right" and would laugh when things would "happen."  I have a few stories that I would like to share with you...

After we moved into our new house, my son had his own room.  He was only 3 years old and would wake in the middle of the night crying and come to our room.  I new the reason and would let him come to our bed.  My husband would just say he was not use to being in his own room.  Finally one night I asked my son to explain what was happening.  He explained that Grandpa would wake him and ask him to play, but he could see through him and that was scary and he was to tired to play.  My husband ask him to describe the man to him, and he described my husbands late grandpa, in his suit, that he was buried in.  My husbands grandfather had died 4 years ago and we rarely spoke of him because it was hard for my husband because they were extremely close.  So we didn't know how my son new curtain details of him.  A few nights later my son came to our room again.  I looked at my husband and explained to him to go in our sons room and tell [him] that it is nice that he is here and wants to know our son but he is scaring him and to stop.  My husband giggled and walked down the hall.  I heard him talking and then he came back to bed.  I asked him what he said and he just said go to sleep.  From that day on my son has not woken up because of Grandpa again.

I don't have any memory of this night but was told by my husband..

One night my husband said he came to bed and it was cold in our room, so he crawled into be and began to cuddle with me.  He said I had a weird look in my eyes and was talking alittle funny but he thought I was joking with him.  He says that I began to kiss him "differently" than I usually did.  And he got a strange feeling.  So he keep asking "Kris what's wrong with you?" and I wouldn't answer.  So he got out of bed and went to the couch. 

 The next morning I woke up sick.  He asked me what was wrong with me last night and I said why.  And he told me what happened.  That night we went to bed together and he awoke 2 hours later to the vacuum running.  He walked to the front room and turned it off.  Thinking the cat must have turned it on.  He walked back into the bedroom to see a "red light" next to my side of the bed.  And he said he bursted out "LEAVE" and it vanished. 

After talking about it later we think that someone or something was in my body that night.

Growing up I was best friends with my grandmother we were very close. This year she got very sick.  She ended up in the hospital for months.  Getting better then getting sick again. 

The doctors didn't know what to do, so after a long discussion on what to do,

They brought my grandmother home from the hospital to allow her to die on her own.  The doctors explained that she could live weeks or days depending on her body.

The day she came home all the family gathered to look at pictures and listen to her favorite music and just to be at her side.  The home nurse brought in an oxygen tank and said that when it was gone to just take the mask off and that would be it, then it would be up to her.

So after a few hours of crying, laughing and remembering my sister had a late night MRI to go to so my Mom decided I needed a break so I should go with them.  On our way to the hospital we noticed that a storm was moving in (that's a whole other story about that) and my Mom said "Here comes grandpa to take grandma" and laughed.  After the appointment we came back to my grandmothers home and a few members of our family had left.  I went into her room and my sister was at her side and I stood there.  My grandma opened her eyes and stared into mine.  And this is what I heard.."I love you so much and I will miss you.. Please let me go." With her not speaking a word. I heard several other voices also. So I bent down and removed her oxygen mask.  I turned to my uncle and said that's it right.  And he nodded.  A few moments later my grandmother stopped breathing and I panicked and my uncle said its all right she's been doing that all night and she began breathing again.  I went out of the room crying and I told my sister to go get my aunt so she could tell grandma good-bye.  My aunt came back and freaked out at me because my sister told her that grandma had died.  We yelled back and forth and when out side to get in my car and leave to get away.  I started my car my husband came out and yelled to me.  When I open the door to ask him what he said that she had died. I went back into the house and my aunt came and hugged me and whisper thank you because she wouldn't have been here, and she was sorry.  I walk into her room and she was gone.  She looked so peace full and I fell to my knees next to her and sobbed.  I grabbed her hand and I could hear her saying thank you.  I feel grateful that she asked me to let her go.

I have several other stories that I could tell..If you are interested please let me know




Theatre Ghost


By: Anonymous





When I was in high school I worked for a couple of years at a shabby old historic movie theater called the Tally-Ho in Leesburg, Virginia.  The name of the theater is a nod to the longtime tradition of foxhunting in the area--"Tally-ho!" is what you yell when you first see the fox.  First some background information on the building:  The Tally-Ho theater was built in 1923.  Since its earliest days it has had a print of a famous painting, "The Horse Fair" by Rosa Bonheur, hanging in the entry of its lobby. Originally the building had only a single theater, showed silent pictures and was segregated--the lower level was for whites, the upper balcony for blacks.  The place was remodeled in the 80's and split into two screening areas.  The upper level had been closed off to the public for decades and was used partly for storage, partly as a walkway to the office and projection room. The seats remained and often employees would watch movies up there and sneak their friends in.  It wasn't wired for Dolby, but hey, it was free.

I began working at the Tally-Ho in 1995 when I was sixteen. A coworker home on summer break from college told me, "Hey, you know about the ghost, right?"  I said no, and he proceeded to tell me about Cliff.   Cliff had been the projectionist at the theater about 10 years before.  Apparently he had been a weird sort, the kind of creepy old guy that gawks at teenage girls.  He loved the Tally-Ho, though, and spent most of his time there, not leaving much except to buy soda and cigs from the 7-11.  One afternoon it was showtime for the matinee, so the manager, Mike, pushed the buzzer on the intercom.  This was usually Cliff's signal up in the projection room to start the movie.  After about fifteen minutes, a customer came out and asked why the movie hadn't started.  Mike thought that maybe something had gone wrong with the film.  The Tally-Ho has always used this old fashioned system that strings the film from several huge rotating platters all over the room to feed it into the projector--picture a celluloid spiderweb with the strands moving at 26 frames per second--and the film has a tendancy to shred or burn through fairly often.  Shredded film (where the picture is fine but the holes are ripped so it can't feed into the projector) has to be spliced with tape, frame by frame, and can take forever to fix.  So Mike figured Cliff was in the middle of splicing a bad shred, and went upstairs to help out.  The projection room is situated so that you have to turn round a sharp corner and go up a narrow little flight of stairs to reach it.  Mike turned the corner and found Cliff sprawled dead on the stairs.  He'd had a heart attack and simply dropped dead.  The paramedics came, but of course were too late, and the theater staff kept everyone in their seats until the body had been removed so that no one would get upset. 

The summers of 1995 and 1996, all of us eventually saw and heard and felt things that we attributed to Cliff still hanging around "his" theater...but I suspect, and I think we all did, that Cliff was not the only spirit in residence.  There was something seriously wrong with parts of the building.  For instance, there is a back room behind the box office where the ice machine was, and usually we'd go in there when we arrived for our shift and change clothes (button-down shirt, vest, bow tie, the works).  I hated changing in that room.  It was tiny and well lit and crammed with junk, but I always felt like something was watching me and wanted me out of there NOW.  As in, a distinct feeling of GET OUT.  In 1996 a psychic that walked the building cold (we didn't tell her anything) said that the back room had a lot of negative energy, but the rest of the lobby area and box office were clean.  Whatever was in that room, though, was NOT Cliff.  I came to know Cliff as a watchful but harmless presence, sometimes playful in a creepy way and interested in the daily goings-on, but never predatory the way that back room felt.  Theater #1--the "old" theater, with the projection room stairs above it--was the same way.  It just didn't want you in there.  Theater #2, the "new" theater, felt so safe we'd go play hide and seek in the dark between the seats.  No one ever suggested doing that in Theater #1, we all knew better!

The first bona-fide Cliff sighting that summer came when one of the other employees went up the rickety wooden stairs to go to the upstairs storage room to do the nightly inventory.  After five seconds she came rocketing out the door and gasped that she'd seen a man at the top of the stairs, leaning over the railing staring down at her.  We all rushed up but found nothing.  Now, this girl probably would have made up a story to freak us out, but after that incident she paid people to go do her inventory for her.  She avoided the upstairs like the plague...and she wasn't the type to carry a made-up story that far.  Over the course of two years other employees would voice unease about being upstairs.  It seemed, though that the people who got the most freaked out were those who didn't like working there very much.  I strongly suspect that Cliff knew this and was intentionally making them uncomfortable.  When I was a new employee and was sent upstairs for routine duties, I had the feeling several times that I was being sized up.  I figured if it was Cliff, then I should talk to him.  I told him that I liked working at the theater and that I had to be upstairs to do my job.  Which was true--I really loved working there.  And of all the employees I was the only one who never saw Cliff or felt panicky upstairs.  I guess he figured he could trust me!  :)

The projection room stairs were definitely the weirdest place in the building.  Not the scariest, but the weirdest.  Anyone who walks up those stairs immediately has the feeling of vertigo.  I always had to climb up on all fours, the feeling was that strong.  Most people get lightheaded enough to stop and have to catch themselves on the railing.  The lights from the playing movie in the room above flicker on the wall, giving an effect similar to a mild strobe light, which may have something to do with the vertigo.  But the feeling subsides when you get the the projection room itself, which is an epileptic's nightmare, the flickering light is so strong.  It's the stairs that get you...and remember, that is where Cliff had his fatal heart attack.

The last Cliff sighting I remember occurred one afternoon during a matinee.  We were a small staff at that point and were all in the lobby area goofing off, playing video games, etc.  Suddenly from overhead we heard what sounded like a piano being dragged across the floor.  We looked at each other and someone suggested that the manager was moving stuff.  We heard the noise again.  And then the manager walked out of the restroom---which is on the same level as the lobby!  There WAS NO ONE upstairs!  The kicker came when the movie let out...Theater #1, as it happened, home of the projection room stairs.  One of the customers conversationally mentioned to me that she didn't know we still allowed people to up in the balcony. Thinking she was referring to the seats that were still up there, I said,  "We don't, ma'am."  (None of the employees were up there that day.)  She said, and I will never forget this: "Then who was that man sitting up in the balcony watching the movie?"   Now, we were an all-female staff at that time...there were no men who could have been there!   I excused myself and rushed upstairs, brave in a way only a sixteen year old with no concept of danger can be, thinking it had to be a homeless guy or something.  I one.  The upstairs was completely empty.  The only man she could possibly have seen was Cliff!



Ugly Man





My name is Erica and this is my ghost story.

When I was 12 or 13 years old, I would baby sit for the neighbors next door.  I watched their five year old son, Justin, quite often.  One night, I was asked to watch Justin and his cousin Christy while their parents went out to dinner and a movie. Christy was around 4 years old.

I arrived at the neighbor's house and was introduced to Christy.  Justin and Christy's parents left for the evening it was around 7pm.  We sat on the floor watching TV in the den and played games.  We were getting along great and having a good time.  At some point, I got up off the floor and let their poodle outside by opening the sliding glass door in the den.  It opened to the backyard.  I sat back down on the floor and continued to play games with the kids. 

AND about 30 min. later, Christy jumps up from where she was seated and starts screaming and crying shouting at the top of her lungs, "Ugly man, Ugly man" and points towards the kitchen, which was visible from the den.  My back was towards the kitchen and I jumped up and snapped my head around and saw absolutely nothing.  Christy kept screaming "Ugly Man. Ugly Man" and crying.  I looked over at Justin and he sat there looking at the kitchen with his mouth open.

I looked around the kitchen and the other parts of the house and found no one.  I realized that I left their poodle out side and it was standing calmly at the door wanting to be let it.  So, I let him inside and locked the door. This dog always barked and jumped all over everyone.  I didn't think anyone came inside from these doors.  I tried to ask Christy where the man went after she screamed at him.  She could not answer me and kept crying and screaming for her Mommy.  Justin began crying and I asked him what he saw, since both he and Christy sat on the floor facing the kitchen.  He started screaming "Ugly, Man, Ugly Man," too. And he even yelled for his Mom and Jumped behind the sofa.

I was scared out of my mind.  I had a little girl who would not stop crying for her Mom and Justin was hiding behind the sofa. So, I phoned my Mom.  Luckily, she was home and came right over to their house.  She was shocked at how hysterical the little girl was and looked around the house.  Still we found nothing.  My Mom lectured me about not locking the sliding glass door, but she knew that the dog was extremely hyper.  She eventually left and told me to call her if I needed her.  Justin eventually stopped crying and came out from behind the sofa. But Christy screamed and cried all night long.  She sat in my lap and clung on for dear life until her Mom finally came back.  She would never say anything except :"Ugly man".

The scariest thing about that whole evening was never seeing anything.  Christy was scared out of her mind.  I keep wondering about that night and wonder if she saw an intruder or a ghost. I just don't think an intruder would be frightened away by a four year old girl catching him in the kitchen and screaming at him. Also, that darn poodle was so hyper and annoying that I can't imagine someone sneaking past the dog.  So, I'm left with the feeling we were visited by a ghost.  




Bishop Conaty High School




I attended Bishop Conaty High School in Los Angeles from 88-92.  The school was built in the 1920's and was the first Catholic girls high school in the city.  The original building was said to be haunted by a student who committed suicide by jumping off the gymnasium roof.  That building has since been demolished due to earthquake damage and the school was rebuilt.  The only surviving part of the building is the east wing.  This wing houses the business classes and on the second floor, the computer class and typing classroom.  I was there one late afternoon following basketball practice.  As my locker was located on the second floor of the east wing I along with a couple of other students went up there to get our belongings.  We could hear the typewriters in one of the classrooms going.  We went to check and the doors were locked, the lights were out but the typewriters were typing.  The next day we found, after speaking to a teacher, that it was a regular occurrence.  Because of the original building being closed we had to use bungalows for classes and an older building for offices and science labs.  Next to the field were the showers which had been turned into the chemistry lab and biology lab.  Next to that was the Athletics Dept turned into the Main Office and Principal's office.  Our science teacher was in the biology lab and was passing by the chemistry lab when she heard running water and girls laughing.  She believed that students had gotten into the lab without her authorization.  Anyway upon unlocking the doors and entering the lab there was no one in there and upon checking all of the sinks in the lab, found them all dry.  She believes they were probably old students who were hanging out with their friends in what used to be the old locker room and showers.   The school also has a history of flickering lights, chairs being moved.  In the old college counselors office there were reports of strange smells and chairs and books being moved.  People have also felt that they are being watched etc.









Maybe because it's Halloween, I'm searching on the internet for real ghost stories and thinking of my own experiences.  I'm glad I have a place to share them here:

The paranormal has always been an object of curiosity for me, but I didn't have any experiences with it until I went to college.  I went to a small school (I won't put the name here), over 150 years old and definitely full of stories.  In particular, the freshman dorm had lots of them.  I will tell you three stories, one which was related to my by a group of friends, one which myself and my roommate experienced firsthand, and one which I experienced myself.

The friends' story took place in the freshman dorm, in a room that two of the girls shared.  They and some other friends--I think 3 other guys--were just hanging out together one night, up late.  The way those rooms were situated was that upon entering the room, you would have a closet either to your right or left or on both sides; either way, there would be a narrower "entryway" which would then open up into the full square of the room.  As the friends were up talking, the room fell quiet very suddenly for no apparent reason, and everyone's eyes drifted to the full length mirror that was on the back of the door to the room.  My friend, who was sitting on her bed facing the door, could see herself in the mirror, but could also see someone else with her--a young woman with long dark hair, dressed in dark clothes.  Obviously not someone in the room.  at least two of the other people in the room also saw this.  Two people claimed to hear a voice speaking, although they could not make out what the woman said; others said they saw her mouth move but heard nothing.  She then was gone as suddenly as she came.  One of the friends, who is a very devout Christian, was very disturbed by this and started praying, and then left the room abruptly.  Everyone else was left to wonder what had happened.

In the same dorm in a different wing (at a different time of year altogether), my roommate and I were up very very late one night talking about everything and nothing, like we were (and are) apt to do.  As before, we both fell silent without notice.  I felt a very real presence take over the room in a way I had never felt before.  We both looked, again, towards the door to our room, and while I did not see a distinct figure in the mirror, I saw something even more strange, if that were possible.  I saw a face....although not a face in the sense of a picture or a real person.  It reminded me of when, as a kid I used to play at a science museum with a table with lots of pins in it.  If you pressed your hand up from underneath, you would see a raised impression of it on the top of the table--you know the kind.  The effect was the same as I saw in this face, pressing "through" the door--so there were facial features, although indistinct, and a feeling of 3-D, but the door "bent" around it.  It lasted only a moment, and then my roommate and I looked at each other and asked if we had just both seen that!  Mind you, it was 4 a.m. at the time and had I been alone, I would have blamed it on dreaming or too much caffeine.  But since my roommate saw it too, I know that it exists.  Afterwards the room felt empty, like the presence had left.  We never felt threatened; only as if the spirit had popped in to see what we were doing up so late, and having satisfied his curiosity, left again.  There are no great death stories surrounding the dorm, so there's nothing to attribute it to.....just a nameless spirit (well, not so nameless....after that we called him George).

Come to think of it, there were several times during that year that little things came up missing, and several times that our room had an unidentified and frankly rather putrid smell to it.  I don't know if that was related or not!  We did have a tendency to bring home food from the cafeteria.

The third story happened later on, after I had moved out of that dorm and into an upperclassman one.  Nothing too disturbing here either; just that occasionally as I fell asleep, I would feel the distinct feeling of a cat jumping up onto my bed, doing its paces, curling up into a circle and laying down to sleep with me.  The only problem with this was that no pets were allowed in the dorms and my bed was in a loft, about 8 feet in the air, which I reached via a ladder.  Like I said, this was not frightening at all; I love cats and missed my cat at home very much.  It was pretty comforting.  I know that people would sneak in animals sometimes to try to keep them as pets; I wonder if someone did once, then either hurt it or let it die of neglect.

The city where this college is located is known to be something of a center for wicca and the occult; a major river forks there and from what I've heard, that's regarded as something of a power source for wiccans, so that might explain the "vibes" in the air of the place having a life of its own.  There were lots of other spooky places on campus but that would just take too long to explain!












Ghost in Council Bluffs, Iowa




I am a 45 year old retired Marine Corps Officer living near New Orleans. I have seen many things in my 22 plus years of active military service that would frighten the stuff out of most people. However, the most frightening thing that ever happened to me was when I was about 7 or 8 years old growing up at 2202 8th Ave in Council Bluffs, IA. I was playing hide and seek with my brothers and sisters. I went to hide in an upstairs closet. I was in the corner of the closet sitting on a box of clothing. When I tried to get up to leave, something took hold of my arms would not let me stand up.  I fought frantically for several minuets before I was able to break free and escape. I come from a large family with a strong catholic upbringing. I am not in the habit of making up stories. This really happened to me. To this day I still get a rush every time I remember that experience.  I know that the house still exist because I drove by it last year when I went home to visit my parents.  I would like to know if anyone else that has lived there has had any experiences or if anything terrible has happened there. I had a brother and sister that died in that house as infants, also I was told a old woman died in that house. I would definitely like to know more about what grabbed me in that closet that day.





The Walk at Night




Aswell, on long branch, there are long driveways and if you walk down them at night, you can hear footsteps right behind you. YOu can FEEL the presence of something behind you. I live here. I know. As well, you can hear footsteps in your house at various times. There been a time my mother and grandmother were home alone. Well at aprx 8:15 one night they heard like heavy stomping on the roof and i mean like a child just jumping up and down over and over. They found out a week later at aprx 8:15 the night of the "heavy stomping," was the same night the neighbor's 2 year old son had passed away. There have been sightings of dogs with red glowy eyes seen in various places. On the rail road tracks in the old rock quary "may mead" (which is the name) there have been sightings of reinactments of men being hit by trains. The May Mead cornfield is said to be haunted as well, of small children of the workers who have been killed. As far as i know, the graveyard shift at May Mead has been terminated because no one will work it and the security will not patroll it. (This doesn't mean explore). In houses on Long Branch, there have been light known to go on and off, dryer doors to open and close with no one around, house front doors have been known to be heard opening, when n hing's there or no one. Dogs and Cats that are tame house pets suddonly start acting oddly and jump up and bark or just, jump as if being poked or scared by a suddon pet. My mother is a perfect whitness to this, my grandmother as well, and neighbors. There have also been sighting of a lard almost 7ft. Black figure moving about the beginning of the road, at the first cluster of houses. There is now an abondoned trailer at the beginning of the road, a flood occured not too long ago and it was horrible, tons of pets were killed. The trailer is very spooky and always seems as if someone wonderes it, but the people living there before are good people and moved not to far down the road.

 There is also a road called "simmons town" it's a road leading off of Long branch going onto the top of a mountain, well at a point of it on a curve, there's a small grave yard, many years ago the tomb stones were yanked out of the ground with a truck and a chain attatched to them, for meanness. If you cross there at any time (Which when it was open was very common, it closed due to rock slides and now is in progress of reopening the road), you get a creepy feeling as if someone was with you in your backseat/passeanger seat, and some even have reported seeing things in it. If you WALK across there at night, which i wouldn't advise (there have been a few rape accounts) you can hear voices come from the  grave yard, i'm not sure of many people brave enough to try this.

If there are any questions you guys have, you can e-mail me. I live on this road. Lol, i've never been quite brave enough to explore May Mead but my mom has




Green Light Ghost- Frankfort, Kentucky




When I was a teenager growing up in Frankfort the Green Light specter was a pretty famous haunt. I have spent many a spooky evening looking for the Green Light, but have only seen it one time. That particular night I was with a group of probably 10 friends, and we had gathered on the railraod tracks not far from the trestle, when we ALL spotted the Green Light moving along the tracks in our direction.




Grandparents Home




I had a sleepover and we stayed up until about two in the morning. My friend {Tori} woke up and she saw a face of a little boy about the age of eight or so. She woke me up and then I saw him and we ran down stairs as fast as we could. we then fell asleep on the couch in the living room. I woke up later at about six in the morning and I saw the little boy standing right next to his mom {on the left} and his dad {on the right } then tori woke up and she looked at them and her mouth just dropped and then they vanished right in front of our eyes.  The next night I fell asleep with the television on and I woke up right when it was being turned off  and I saw the mom in her white dress right by the TV so I assumed it was her. Every time I go to sleep I always see the mom or the little boy. I amused to seeing them now so I am not that afraid of them anymore. I talked to tori and she said that she's used to it because she has stayed over at least 3 times after we saw them.

Thank you for taking time out to read this story. I imagine that you probably got bored.




Haunted House in Prescott Arizona




There is a house directly across from the  Elementary School that I lived in when I was 14 or 15 years old. It was rumored to be an old house of ill repute and that one of the johns were killed in that house. I had heard stories of mysterious happenings from my mom, dad, and sister that it was haunted. I really didn't believe it until late one night I lay awake on the couch in the livingroom and the porch door of the house had opened, thinking it was just my sister, didn't pay too much attention until the back door opened and then closed with noone there.The footsteps went into the kitchen and as they went by the stove the flames suddenly rose up and down again. Then came the sound of the rear bathroom door opening with the sounds of the glass beaded curtain hitting the window on the bathroom door and shut. I was so frozen I couldn't move or even make a sound. As I lay there trying to process what I had seen or not seen and what I heard, this all happened again as the bathroom door with glass beaded curtain opened and closed, the stove did it's alarming flame dance, the back door opened and closed and then the porch door as well. Only a few short seconds after the porch door closed, my sister came from her room just off the back porch and said "do you believe us now?"




This House and its Past




Before buying this house my exhusband told my son that a teenage boy hung himself here in the 1980s. I thought he was being funny and trying to scare my son so I thought nothing else of it. Then after we moved in I started hearing knocking noises that sounded as if they were coming from the front of the house but when I would walk toward the sound it would stop.  My son, whose bedroom is upstairs, told me he was hearing knocking noises too but they seemed to come from the staircase.  Then, about 6 months after we moved in, I woke up during the night hearing someone walking through the dining room and into the living room which is right beside my bedroom. I had a roomate at the time and called out to her, assuming it was her, but suddenly the footsteps stopped and did not resume for several minutes. I started to doze back off when I heard the footsteps in the living room again. This time I was terrified and started thinking maybe there was an intruder in the house. I sat up and called out my  roomates name again but again the sound stopped and I got no response. Suddenly I heard the back door and then the dog started barking. I got up and the dog was standing at the back door barking. The wood door was slightly ajar and the storm door was closed. I went to my roomate who said she had not been downstairs and had not heard anything. We called police but they found no footprints in the muddy soil out back nor did they find any on the back porch. Nothing was missing. Only later did we realize - the dog did not bark until the door closed. She ALWAYS barks when someone comes near the house and barks at people when they come in. We started to think about it being a ghost. A few weeks later we came in late one night and I sent my son upstairs to get a shower. As he was getting out he saw a dark shadow shaped like a man go past the bathroom. After waiting a minute, frozen in fear, he came running downstairs to me. We called a friend, an off duty police officer to check out the house as we sat on the porch. He found nothing. We were becoming convinced that we had a ghost so I called my ex about his story. He said it was true, he knew the guy who hung himself here. His bedroom was the one I was using at the front of the house. The knocking had been ongoing and after the two scary incidents we called a Catholic friend. Her priest agreed to come bless the house and sprinkle holy water throughout it. He did this and prayed over it and the occurences stopped for about a year. Then out of the blue one day I heard the back door latch turning. Expecting my sister, I turned around, wondering why she came to the back door. Noone was there and I watched as the handle turned and the storm door opened then suddenly slammed shut. My dog had been lying against it outside. When it opened she jumped up and just stared it. My sister arrived a few minutes later - at the front door.  Since then the wooden door has opened on its own several times. One night I had just closed and walked away when I heard it open, turned around and saw it ajar. I closed it again and went to bed. We decided that our ghost may be a prankster.  Now our ghost has a new trick. For almost a year now he has been turning on the water in the bathtub and then turning it back off. One night my mom and I were talking just outside the bathroom when she said she was going to get a shower. Suddenly the water rushed on and turned back off just as quickly. It was 30 minutes before she finally would go in there and shower. It has happened several times when we just hear it, twice while I was sitting in the bathtub.  The only time we have ever felt like the ghost was doing more than just playing with us was right after my new fiance moved in with me.  He was taking a shower one night when suddenly the light turned off and the water got very hot. He jumped away from the hot water and then went to try to reach the faucet with getting into the stream of hot water when the light turned back on and the water went back to normal. He got out of the shower very shaken up and told me what happened. I had never told him about our ghost for fear it would spook him and keep him from moving in. When I told him, he was convinced that the ghost did not want him here. Lucky for me he stayed anyway and has not had another run in with the ghost. And just one more note - an afterthought - when we moved her my dog was 6 years old and very well behaved. She began acting erratic, barking at the door a lot even when noone was there, wanting to sleep with me, which she had never been allowed to do, and not eating well. She has calmed down now, although she still sometimes will jump up and look to the door, barking, only for me to look and see that noone is there. We still hear knocking noises, too, and one night sounds like someone walking upstairs, a heavy person from the sound of it, even though my fiance and I were the only ones here. He went up to look but the sounds stopped and he found nothing.




She's Looking Out for Me




Well..My name is Rachel Kennedy, and I have 3 "ghost" stories, starting to when I was 5 years old.

1) I was in bed at the age of 5, we lived in a one story house and my bedroom was at the back of the house. I was always a "sensitive" child, and on this particular night, I awoke to the chills and the hair on the back of my neck standing up. I looked around, and in my bedroom window was a ghostly menacing looking face, kind of similar to a clown/pirate (I was young and FREAKED OUT)...he was laughing at me waving his hands, and I just froze. I watched for about 10 seconds, then closed my eyes in the hope this aparition would go away. It did and I sat stunned for about 5 more minutes before I ran to my mother's room freaking out. That was my first experience.

2) When I was 7 or 8, we (my brother, mother and I) were in New Jersey staying at an aunt's house, she had a screened back porch and we were on cots sleeping. Their house backed on to a wooded area, and it was a sultry summer night.

I awoke, again, to chills and the hair standing up on the back of my neck. I looked around..everyone was sound asleep. I looked towards the woods, and about 50 yards away I saw a white, "fuzzy" figure floating toward me. I watched it come closer, and I was frozen in fear. I swear my heart stopped beating. It got to within 15 yards of us, and stopped. I couldn'tmove out of fear. It hovered just above the ground for about 5 seconds, and then turned and headed back in the direction of the woods. I pulled the covers tight over my head, and layed with my eyes wide open for the rest of the night.

3) This all happened when my mother passed away in June of 2003. I lived with my mother until she died. It was a sudden,unexpected death. I came home at 3am to find my Mother dead of a massive heart attack, face down on her bed. that is a vision I still live with everyday.

For the days following her death, I would go back to the house (I wouldn't sleep there at night) daily and make phone calls, check emails..etc.

I would be on the computer, the house was quiet, I would feel drafts (no windows were open), I would walk from one room into another and feel very cold spots, especially around the spots my Mom liked to sit, work or eat.

I would talk to her, and I never felt any fear, I felt comfort from her presence. Well, that all changed 2 days after the funeral.

My father, being from England, and I decided to stay a couple nights at Mom's place to save him money on hotels. We were up late (11:45pm), I was chekcing emails (my Mom HATED me being on the computer late), and all of a sudden, the brand new computer shut down completely. Power and all. I laughed and told Dad that Mom was mad I was on the computer so late. So we prepared to go to bed. Dad was going to sleep on my sofa bed, and I was going to sleep on Mom's bed. I went in her room to get my Dad another blanket, and as I walked back around the foot of her bed, I stopped in the spot she had the heart attack. All of a sudden, the little light she had on the wall next to the bed shook, and I was pushed back as she went THROUGH me. I was shocked. It felt just like a mild electric shock (like a tingling feeling) from the inside, with heat also from the inside. I could feel her go in the front, all teh way through me and out the back. Behind me was her dresser.

I was so freaked out I couldn't move. My Dad had to calm me down (all I could say was "holy sh%&") then, I heard her. I told my Dad to be quiet and listen. I could hear her rolling over in her bed, I should know what it sounds like, I slept on the other side of that wall for 9 months. That was enough for me, she was pissed, and we were leaving.

I went back to pick my things up from the basement a few days later, and my God mother (she owned the building and lives there) and I were in the basement below my Mom's apartment, when we hear this almighty banging upstairs. I knew it was Mom, but my Godmother decided to go check it out. Nothing. I know it was Mom, and so does she. There was NO explanation for the noise in my Mom's locked apartment.

My nephew came downstairs at my Brother's house also 2 days after the funeral, saying "where's gramma Pat..I hear her, where is she?". No explanation needed there.

My aunt said my Mom paid her a visit just after her death to let her know she is ok and not to worry.

I have been a nervous person ever since, and I know my Mom is still around, but it comforts me to know she's looking after me, even in death. But I can do without the physical experiences!




I Owe My Life to ..... Somebody




I've written to you before a few times, but this is a new story, or rather, an old story that I've recently remembered.  My mother and I were talking about strange things that have have happened to us a few days ago, and she told me this story, which I then remembered that she had told me before, and had just forgotten about it.  It's an interesting story, and thinking about it, I guess I owe my life to the fact that this happened. 

This story takes place when I was about three and a half, although I do not remember the circumstances myself.  At that time my mother had married my first step-father, and was pregnant with my sister.  My step-father had family in New York, which is where he was from, so they decided to go to New York to see his family. (We were from California)  At that time he had a 1973 Toyota corolla, which would at that time have been about a year and  half old.  We drove through a lot of states, as they decided to make a big sightseeing trip out of this.  These events happened as we were driving through Colorado. 

One night, I gathered from her story, it was quite late, and they had been driving for some time, and, as they were well out in the middle of nowhere, they decided to pull over on the side of the road and sleep for a few hours.  They were in the mountains, and on an incline.  Mom told me that they had been there about ten minutes when she had the most horrible feeling that something was terribly wrong, so she woke my step-father, Carlos, and told him that she wanted to move on, that something was wrong and she didn't feel safe.  He agreed to go ahead on, so he went to start the car, but it just wouldn't start. This was thee first time that the car had had problems, it was still pretty new, and had always functioned just fine.  He kept trying to start the car, and mom was starting to cry by the, almost overwhelmed by fear.  All of a sudden, my mom said that as she looked out past Carlos, out the drivers side window, she saw a man just.........appear.  She said it was like he just stepped out from behind a curtain.  He knocked on the window, and asked my step-father if he could help in any way.  He was wearing overalls witha long sleeved shirt, and an old style cap.  My step-father told him that the car wouldnt start, and the man walked to the front of the hood, and mom says that he just touched the car.  The hood wasnt even up.......and then told them to try again.  The car started right up.  Mom looked out the window and she said the man just vanished.  Well they went on ahead for about ten minutes or so and finally came to a level area with a good wide shoulder, that looked to be in between two huge outcroppings of rock.  She didnt feel anything wrong anymore, so they pulled over and prepared to go back to sleep.  When my step-father went to put on the hand brake, however, they found that it wasnt working any longer.  But since the car was on level ground, and there was no danger of rolling, they decided to sleep ill morning and then go back to the last town they had passed through which was about forty miles back the way they had come.

The next morning, as they went back to that twon, they passed the place where they had been parked the night before, and thats when Mom got a nasty shock.  They had been parked not five feet from the edge of a cliff with a huge drop of several hundred feet.  If the hand brake had gone BEFORE they had gotten out of there, we would all have gone over that cliff.  Furthermore, the area was completely deserted, with no homes or people for miles.  When they got back to that town, and were having the brake fixed, they mentioned what had happened, and the man told them that no one lived out there and that that was also a bad area with a lot of wrecks.  Mom told me that when that man had come up to the car, there had been no traffic, in fact, there hadnt been any in the whole time they had been in that spot.  If there was no traffic and no homes out there, where did that man come from????  Was he a ghost, maybe someone else who had died on that stretch, or something else???  Whatever or whoever he was, I have to say we all owe our lives to him.

I guess not all unexplainable things are bad, and maybe there are some that still care, even on the other side




Little Creatures




This is not really a scary story but it is very similar to your a few I have read here. One particular, Mike's "little creatures" located on the first page of "real stories..." section. I'll admit I'm a hopeful skeptic in ghosts and the paranormal and personally I have only had two instances that could remotely be considered an encounter or experience, whatever you want to call it.  Anyway, I happened upon this sight looking for a ghost story website.  It's close to Halloween and I wanted to read some ghost stories, I found this site and Mike's story.

I have told only three people about this and I think about it on occasion, or better said I remember it on occasion.  I find myself revisiting the night I saw the same little man as described in Mike's story.  It is so vivid after all these years and reading this story made it even more so and brought it back to life for me. 

To keep it short, one night I was awakened at 1:23 or 2:13 or 2:14AM I know it was one of these times, I just have forgotten which time it was for sure.  I looked at the clock as soon as my eyes opened because the clock was in the same line of sight as the doorway, which was my focal point.  I woke up to watch three little men, turn form the hallway and walk in to my room, three little 2-3 foot men fitting the same description as in Mike's story.  I am not sure about the bushy beard though, they were white though, that is for sure. Their entire silhouette, all three were white, the same color white from head to toe, detailed white figures. I could see arms and legs covered by what seemed to be clothes, I could not see their faces, just white heads. The three of them marched in one after the other into my room and into my closet, I used to leave the closet door open back then.  I was perplexed and scared, I didn't know to scream, run out or what so I just laid there wide eyed watching the closet door and the bedroom door for the rest of the night or as long as I could.  I did fall a sleep later that night. 

I woke up with the image burnt in my mind, obviously, still today see the vividness of the three little men and the entire event as if it just happened.  I didn't tell anybody about it that next day chalking it up to imagined situation, dream state, whatever.  Here is where it gets strange to me, the  very next night at the exact same time I woke up to see the three little men leaving the closet (which was closed this time) one after the other out of my room back down the hallway back the same direction in which they came the night before! I still try to think I imagined the entire thing, but it was just too real.  I have never had any more viewings of them but these two separate events happening on consecutive nights at the exact same time has always been and I guess always will be etched in my memory.



Of Demons and Angels




First off, thank you for your site, for the haunted places index, and for publishing peoples personal stories regarding the supernatural.

To say "it all started when" would give a wrong impression, due to the isolation of most of the events... I was born in Memphis, TN but at the age of 3 we moved to Surgoinsville, on the far northeastern corner of the state. I was a happy but quiet little kid, who minded my own business and drew fire engines when I wasnt playing in the woods. Around the age of 5, I had a very vivid dream several times over that year... the dream took place in a land I knew nothing of, nor did I have a name for it. My mind was filled with images of people being burnt, starved, and most of all impaled. I saw distinct shots of a castle in the skyline and vivid pictures of a mans face. At my age, I thought nothing of this, assuming Im just weird but thats okay. Many years later however, we got cable television, and at the age of 12 I saw those images once more... only they were no longer in my dreams, but on the Discovery Channel, a special about Prince Vladimir Teppes, or Vlad Dracul and his forest of the impaled he made with his foes. This experience became a bit more alarming last summer while I was on vacation with my mother, and was reading the Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft... regarding reincarnation, he spoke of how it is more likely that "flashbacks" and dreams of a past life suggest more of a memory bank kept within the species DNA, a shared consciousness in someways, or they were planted there by a spirit, be it good or evil... and the more I think about this, the more it concerns me.

I am unclear as to if this is related or not, but from second to third grade... I had suicidal urges, very strong ones. I wasnt depressed, I did not have a distaste for life, but I felt that I was simply a bit of a burden on my parents and family, simply that at times it was hard to make ends meet, and I added to the grocery bill. Several times I would eye the large knives my father has, being a chef... or loiter in my parents bedroom while they were at work, looking out the screendoor which at one point led onto the deck, but now was just a story drop onto the concrete supports and metal stakes the deck had been built upon. I often thought of death, of afterlife... it didnt necessarily greatly appeal to me, other than the intrinsic attraction of the unknown, but it didnt leave my mind for long at all either. However I also did not feel compelled to commit suicide (I guess you could say Im bad with commitment) and was swayed by simple things, such as one of my siblings calling my name because they needed me for something, the phone ringing, the screen door being stubborn in opening, and ultimately, not wanting to upset my parents with my death, despite all the savings on the grocery bill it could bring about. The impulses went away from the most part, though sometimes while riding on the highway, I would get the urge to open the door and just hurl myself out... I still experience that from time to time today.

At the age of 9 I had a vivid dream of Heaven and of Hell, and I cant really properly describe it... only that my curiousity of Hell and the danger it represented to me, was what identified it as such.

I should probably mention that my sister has a history of dreams that can illuminate future tragedies, and seems sensitive to the supernatural. In our first home in Surgoinsville, her room was on the bottom floor, and partially subterranean. The head of her bed was flat against the wall, and above it was a small window... looking out this window you could see clear across the backyard, from an ant's point of view, mostly beneath the soil. However one night she woke up suddenly in her sleep and gasped, to see a hand that was open above her face suddenly tense up into a claw like form, and quickly pull back into the wall below her window. I myself have never slept in that room, but I never liked being in certain parts of the basement, including that room.

When I was 11 we moved into a new home, maybe 500 yards from the New Providence Church's cemetary, home of the Old White Oak as reported on your haunted places index. Not much happened regarding the supernatural for many years, until my sophomore year of high school that I began spending the night many times at a friends house in Churchill (also in the index for 'Fields') who lived across the street from a graveyard. Often late at night we would go hang out in the graveyard, not to be 'spooky' but simply for the fact that the night air felt good, and we werent trespassing on anyones lawn there. However we often had a sense of being watched... and so in response to feeling like the victims of a voyeur, we would start going for walks. The walks became just a given part of a Friday night, but it had its own visitors to it, in the forms of silhouettes that sprinted rapidly from place to place, and could come to a full stop, defying physics, on a dime. More upfront was that of a solid black foggy mass, that would move, and seemed to pursue us (over the course of several blocks), and often street lights would go out where it moved through... During all of these experiences I stressed that we remain steadfast... to keep a consistent pace, but more importantly to not turn around if it felt close, to stop, or to run. On one of the most vivid nights, we returned to his house, after a brisk walk with fear clinging onto our collars trailing behind us, to see his cat sitting outside... a very friendly cat which has always been nice to me and would rub up against my legs, not minding my company at all. Too night was not done with being an exception, as the cat hissed at us violently, and ran off behind the house, not showing up till late the next morning.

Within his house we also had a brief experience, sitting in his computer room (ogling over the latest first person shooter no doubt) all present company accounted for, when I felt a cold, and turned around to see one of the silhouettes race past the door frame, and the cat who was under the computer desk scrambled out of the room and took off in the opposite direction. Though interestingly enough, nothing else happened that night.

However all of this pales in comparison to what happened one night at my home during our junior year... For the sake of setting, our house is a new one, we moved into it just before its construction was completed. It faces the south towards a small airport, and with large windows and a vaulted ceiling in the living room, the panning lights from the airport cut easily into our home, and even with the door closed, you can still see the lights come in under the door itself.

My same friend was spending the night with me, and due to my parents being a little more restricted about how we spent our time at night, we decided to goto bed early... retreating to my room, myself to my bed and he to a sleeping bag on the floor, we began talking. And talking, and talking, and talking. Until we landed on the subject of angels and demons... and the possibility of them being "the same biological species"... I remember nothing of what we concluded in the conversation, only the subject matter, which is bizarre due to my very good memory. However one of us suddenly noticed that... we couldnt move. We werent the least bit tired, so it couldnt have been paralysis brought on by sleep... All we could do was speak, move our eyes, and turn our heads some, but our bodies seemed rigid. At this point we noticed the room seemed brighter... not that there was more light to it, but that the darkness concealed less... Like someone had duplicated a layer in photoshop and set one to 'Screen'... doubling the values so what was visible, was more so. We noticed that the room seemed to have many of the silhouettes now, lining the wall, but they were standing still (and no geometry in the room could account for the possibility of shadows), however there was a specific one in the northwest corner... which seemed taller than the room itself, a weird sort of depth distortion. We could speak to one another, and heard no sound outside of our own voices, not even house ambience, but we agreed that there seemed to a rather aggressive message present of "This is above you and does not concern you, speak no more of it". I noticed I could no longer see the light coming in from under the door... and the complete silence of the house (not even central air could be heard) was quite alarming to me. However this last bit is what grabbed me the most... on my wall is a crucifix... it is a deep wooden color and Jesus is silver... our home had been blessed when we moved in by a Catholic priest. The crucifix seemed to be a light source unto itself... and Jesus on the cross was not only animated... but writhing in agony. Somewhere around this point consciousness ceased, and we were awoken the next morning to my friend being called into work early. Everything felt so surreal... I have tried to speak with him about it sense, but he gets upset and rejects the topic... the times I have persisted he started shouting at me to "shut up" about it.

During this same time period I had had many sightings of the silhouettes in my own home... running from my room to that of my little brothers, and across the living room to my parents room. I could also see down the kitchen into the den, where they would be "active" but fadeaway when near the kitchen itself. Once, just after a shower one evening, I had begun to brush my teeth and looked up into the mirror, to not see the back wall of the bathroom, but in fact... just thousands of the silhouettes, extending so far back... I whirled around to look it head on, and saw just my bathroom wall, though the drywall had a "quiver" to it, like it had snapped back into place by something, fast enough that it caused the solid to ripple like a liquid... very briefly... Around this same time my younger brother had an imaginary friend, which I wont go into, but I suspect just how much of the friend was contained to the boundaries of his imagination, judging by the conversations I overheard him having alone in his room, and general behavior at the time. Also during this period, I uld often stay up late using the PC... usually online on mIRC or ICQ talking to friends of mine in gaming communities. My father had gone to bed around 11:45, and I had locked the door, both the knob lock and the bolt lock and checked it... I then went back up to the pc and was chatting away, when around 20 minutes later I heard a voice just behind me, to my right (and to my right was outside, not another room of the house) as if someone behind me had leaned in to speak into my right ear, and said in a whisper with a tone that could best be described as "cartoony", "Lock the door." It had a simple stated emergency that riled me up, and I immediately turned around... everyone else was asleep... I headed back down to the den to find the door completely unlocked, as if I had never done it.

A year after this, my sister had moved back in with us, and taken over my bedroom, needing it due to being pregnant at the time, and so I had been moved into the den and back onto my old twin sized bed. Living down there was different, and the summer was filled with anxiety due to the fact that I would soon depart for college. However there was one consistent feature... the old man who would sit on our couch. Regularly when I used the bathroom late at night and came out of it, I could see the couch in our living room, and there was an old man sitting on the far left cushion... he seemed to evaporate whenever approached, but if not, his gaze would follow me across the dining room until I was out of sight... it creeped me out, but was also so passive I thought little of it. I mentioned this offhand to my sister at one point, who confirmed she had in fact seen him many nights.

However one of the scariest occurences was during my last week at my parents house... Waking up in the middle of the night to a weight on my chest. Not just a weight... a pressing down, a pushing and a holding... with hot breath on my neck... yet I could see nothing on me... it hurt terribly but all I could do was pray for it to end, and quickly fell back to sleep despite the pain.

During this time though, I had an experience with the supernatural that was in fact, not scary at all, or even creepy. My junior year of high school I went on a youth retreat with some local Catholic churches. I was miserable, I despised it and did not enjoy the company of anyone present. I was disillusioned and was determined to not enjoy anything at all... the night was wrapping up and we were in our small groups... ours had been led blindfolded into the chapel and presented just past the altar before the crucifix... everyone had bowed their heads in prayer... but I hadnt. I sat there, kneeling, but eyes open wide and looking up at Jesus on the cross... and he sighed. I blinked, looked to the left and right.... and back to the left, as the stone statue of the Virgin Mary indicated to me to look back up... and I saw Jesus smile at me, nodding his head slightly, and I was filled with the sensation of "Do not let them affect you, bring you down or affect your relationship". I came out of that weekend feeling better then I ever had...

During my first 2 years of college, I had no experiences really, living in the dorms and in student housing just off campus... I am still at present attending East Tennessee State University, which has 4 entries on your index (a few of which, some friends can confirm) and am now living off campus with my bible study leader. However over the summer I had what can only be an attempt at possession, and the scariest moment of my life, which left me for 45 minutes incapable of opening my mouth and emitting anymore then a sob... collapsing and punching at the walls. It is at the moment... too personal for me to go into, only that I would rather relive every negative moment of my life again, a hundred times over, then experience another second of the Hell I was shown by that evil. And it happened again last week, but with subterfuge... appearing to me in the form of my girlfriend... These experiences are too personal for me to go into detail about, but they have kept me wary of what I open myself to.

Thank you for your time, I hope my experiences, though limited in their detail, were at least of interest to you.








It was around December of 1992, it was a year since I had moved back to the

main land from Puerto Rico.  I was sick with bronchitis and a high fever.  At

this time I lived in a mother daughter house.  My mother and I had access to

each others townhouse through the basement.  Mom knew I was sick and from time

to time she would come in and check on me.  I was actually semi asleep. Anyway

I heard someone coming up the steps from downstairs to my bedroom.  Than I

felt someone put the back of their hand to my cheek and forehead.  I thought it

was my mom because she did this from time to time.  But than I heard the most

evil masculine laugh you can imagine, and a deep masculin voice that said, ha

ha your sick ha ha ha!  I was instantly awake and sitting up on my bed.   I

said, I may be sick but I am not dead and I will get up from this sick bed, I

bind you in the name of Jesus and you must leave now.  It went and never came




The Two Ghosts On Elmwood Street





This story is about 12 years old. When my wife was pregnant with my first child - my son. We went to visit my sister at her new home - a rental house in Greensboro NC. The moment I got out my car, I told my wife that the place is haunted. I noticed that there was a woman looking out of the second floor window. I am fairly clairvoyant and I knew that the woman was from the early part of this century and radiated a light blue glow. She was sad but for what reason, I am not sure. I did not mention the ghost to my sister or her family but did mention it to my mother days later. A few months later at the reception of my son's baptism, my sister dragged me into my bedroom. She was crying and very angry at me. She asked why I did not tell her about the ghost. It seems that my sister, out of fear, was sleeping at my parents home the week prior to the baptism. My sister reported that she and her family (husband and two sons) frequently heard someone walk up and down the steps and move furniture around downstairs. The night before my sister went to sleep at my parents' home (the reason why she did so) the ghost actually made its presence known physically. My sister and her husband were lying in bed. They heard the footsteps outside their door. They then saw the bedroom door open and few few seconds later it closed itself again. I told my sister what I felt (I visited my sister's home several times before the baptism and always got a very awkard feeling from the home.). I believe that there were two entities. There was one who lived upstairs - the woman and then another ghost who lived in the basement.  The one who lived in the basement was angry and I think a man. You never saw him but felt tension and uncomfortability. Eventually my sister moved back in with her family and the footsteps seemed to calm down after some time. Several months later during the spring,  my sister and a co-worker were working in my sister's home. All of a sudden, a  loud crash was heard in the house. When they investigated, they found the basement door open and the windows of the kitchen door broken outwards into the yard. The kitchen door was still locked and their was no one else in the house.

About a year later my sister moved out but before they moved, she asked the landlord why he did not tell them the house was haunted. The landlord said nothing




The Basement




at my old house my mom was in her bedroom then she saw this srange man walk in the closet but when she went to look the man was gone, now time for the scary part our landlord said that the people who lived there before us moved out because someting in the basement scared them out of the place,when my dad went in the basement to lock the chain lock on the door but when he turn around the door was open and the lock was broken




"The Dog at My Mother's Office"




My mother worked for a small mortgage company in Colorado and it was located in a small building. There were about six people that worked for this company and after several months of working there; which was about how old this building was right around "closing time" around five o'clock everyone would hear a small dog whimpering somewhere in the kitchen area. This confused everyone at first and they all searched the building high and low; in cabinets and closets and even under the building where there was a crawl space. They kept hearing this dog whimpering, before finally leaving they made sure that there was no possible way for any animal to find its way in the crawl space or in the office itself. No one could figure out where this sound was coming from. Needless to say, everyone was a bit puzzled and being the humanitarian my mother is she put a bowl of water out and a few sraps of food on the kitchen floor and then she left as she was the last to leave that night. Later that evening my mother was still very concerned about this dog sound so she went back to the office and upon reaching the kitchen she noticed that the food was gone and the water she left was half empty. On the kitchen floor was a few small dog prints. Every day at some time or another since then someone in the office would be doing something when they would feel this small dog rub up against them on the leg like a cat would and hear a small whimper. That's the clue to check the water and food dish and sure enough its empty.




The Running Shadow




This is a story that happened to about four of my family memebers, that I

just have to tell! In San Jose, there is an old trailer park that has has a

few old victorian houses left on the site. I have personally been there and

can tell you that it gives off a creepy vibe. They have very tall trees that

are located all over the property. When you go there you can hear these very

loud bird cries. One day while over there, I asked my cousin's friend what

that sounds where coming from. He said that they were from these really huge

owl like birds that the locals call witches. He, being from a traditional

Mexican background was serious, I, of couse, laughed it off. He told me that

the birds will scream in the night and that they had faces like humans. He

also said that they were about four feet tall and white. I asked him why I

wasn't able to see them, since they sre supposedly huge. He says that you

can only see them at night. Although an interesting story, it has nothing to

do with the rest of the story (or does it?). Well, while sitting at my

cousins house down the steet on Julian St., they comensed to tell me what

happened to them days before. Four of my cousins as well as two of their

friends were hanging out at the Victorian house on the trailer lot and it

must have been about 10:30 or so at night. The grandmother of my cousins

friend had a little terrier dog that is a nervous little thing (now I know

why). Anyways, they were all out side hanging out, when all of a sudden,

they see the terrier (who was out wandering the lot) bolt full speed in

front of them. Behind it, was A SHADOW of a little figure, much like that of

a child. Mind you , my cousin is in tears while she is telling me this

story. Every hair on her body was standing up! Two more of my cousins that

were there that night confirmed this story. Later I talked to my last

cousin, as well as the two others involed. It all checked out! They all seen

the shadow of a little boy chasing that poor terrier dog.This happened about

five years ago, and still freaks me out!!! They all think it had something

to do with the witch birds. They story was that the birds are acually cursed

witches that were somehow transformed to birds. That I don't believe, but I

can't say I don't believe in THE SHADOW, having seen one myself about a few

years before that happened. The old Victorian that our friends grandmother

lived in had burnt to the ground. The fire had started in a place with no

energy source or reason. They all blamed it on the witches. If anyone is

curious where this place is, it's located near Julian street right over the

overpass that leads to Berryessa Flea Market. It's on the right hand side.

It's the creepy place with a broken dangling sign that always seems to be

creeking, it says something like Rancho on it. Don't go, and don't say I

didn't warn you.









hi this one time about 3 weeks after my papaw died me ana my mom were

sitting down watching tv at about midnight nad the light came on in the

kitchen and all the lights were off...and there was someone who had

turned on the lights but still we think it was my papaw at his snack





My Ghost Experiences




My name is Tracey, and I am 14 years old. Ever since I could remember I have been a firm believer in ghosts, and abnormal things. I have only a few specific experiences to share with you, but I constantly see things out of the corner of my eye, doors shut all by themselves, I hear strange noises, and I always feel like I'm being watched. Once my friend, Kailtin, came over to our house for a sleep over, and we were laying in bed in the dark scaring ourselves, and telling ghost stories. During her tale I stopped her abruptly, and said 'shhh' and we stopped, and all of a sudden all of the games on the top shelf of my closet came crashing down. We screamed, and ran into my mom's room - we refused to go back in my room. Another time was when my brother and I were home alone - my parents were out, and we were hungry. We decided to "steal" some of the oreo's my mom had in the cupboard, so we were eating them when the garage door opened. (You can tell when our garage door opens - it's a distinct sound, plus my parents ALWAYS shut the garage door when they leave). We figured my parents were just home, so we hurried and put the oreo's away. We turned on the t.v, sat down, and act like we were good little angels watching television the whole time. About 15 minutes later they still hadn't come in, so we decided to go downstairs and see what was taking them so long, and when we got down their our hearts sunk - the garage door was totally shut, and the power (we have an electric garage door, and the power has to be on in order to even open it) was off, and there were no cars in he garage. My brother and I quickly ran up the stairs, and locked ourselves in the computer room - we were shaken and so frightened. A little while later my parents got home, and immediately we asked them if they had come home earlier - they said no, and we told them what happened. They told us it was just our imaginations. A few weeks later Jon (my brother) and I were downstairs playing a video game when we heard someone walking around in the garage, and we figured it was just my dad, so no big deal. We went outside to talk to him, and see what he was doing, but when we got out there it was dark, and no one was out there - it turned out my dad was upstairs, and my mom was at work - we were petrified. My parents just told us not to worry, that no one was in the house, and that no one could get us - so we listened to them, but I was still shaken.

Recently I've been hearing things, like my name being called in the middle of the night, and I've been seeing things dart out of the corner of my eye - my parents tell me that it's nonsense, and they don't believe me. Also, ever since I was little I see the spirit of a little girl dressed in old dutch-looking clothing, and she stands right in front of my perticular window. I have only seen her a few times, but not recently - I call her "Engle" which means "Angel" in Dutch. I told my friends about this, but they just make fun of it, and won't take me seriously either - it's really starting to bug me.

Although sometimes I get very scared (especially when I'm home alone) I try to tell myself that it's just my imagination, but it's hard to believe that because I know that there are things in my house - I have seen them.




Ghost Dog




I must start by telling that I don't really believe in ghosts. Whether

the following is a ghost story or not, well... you decide.

My lovely little french bulldog Alma died at November 2003. I loved her

dearly and she was always at my side. In fact, in many occasions she was

all too protective. She wouldn't let any men come near me. She seemed to

be convinced that they were not to be trusted. I got used to apologizing

people for her barking at them.

In January I got a notice from a man who was going to come to my home to

take pictures of my balcony wall with his thermal camera (This way you

can see if there is something that actually needs to be repaired, before

you start pulling down walls). He was going to do the job next day and

asked me to move the furniture away from the wall and put possible pets

in other rooms or otherwise make sure thet they would not disturb.

So I did. I also took my new dog (a nice, quiet boston puppy) with me to

work. As I left the house in the next morning with her the man had not

yet arrived. He had a key to my door, so I thought it was all right.

After a few days I got another note from the man. To my surprise, he was

going to come again because he couldn't do the job at the first time.

There was also a brief explanation. A DOG had hindered him. A dog? In an

empty house? I called him immediately to ask about it, but all I got out

of him was a mumble. He sounded very embarrassed and claimed that he

couldn't remember exactly what had happend at my flat... I think that

sounded odd, since he had just been there. And had some sort of

encounter with this mystery dog.

For those who think that he was just making up excuses for charging more

for coming twice, I can tell that he wasn't getting anything more that

was agreed anyway. He came and finished photographing the wall. I

haven't heard of him ever since. I assume that he wasn't interrupted any

more by a dog, dead or alive. Apparently the wall was ok, too.

And what am I supposed to think about this? I am a sworn sceptic, but

for this incident I have no good explanation. I kind of hoped afterwards

that there actually would be a ghost of Alma. Despite of having a new

puppy I missed her so much that it hurt. Alas, I haven't seen a glimpse

of a a little ghost frenchie. I am still in doubt as to what comes to

the paranormal nature of this incident. In fact, very much so! But isn't

it a heartwarming thought that my beloved Alma would still be watching

over me?





Haunted Cemetery




Hello there, My name is Jennifer. I recently stumbled across your website

the shadowlands (thanks in part to a local radio station plugging it for

halloween) I myself belong to PSI or Paranormal Society of Illinois. Which a

ghost hunting club started up a few years ago by my friends. Anyhoo I want

to say I rather enjoyed your page and will be sharing it with the rest of my

friends. Me and my friends have several pictures of orbs and mists. We all

live in a small town called Sherrard Illinois, which is close to the quad

cities of Iowa/Illinois. (Moline Il) Sherrard is near Viola which has the

Cry Baby bridge featured on your haunted places.

anyhoo the point of this letter is there is a cemetary out where we live in

which we believe to be haunted. I won't give the name of the cemetary until

I have permission from my friends to do so. They are concerned about another

ghost hunting group taking over investagting the cemetary. But we all

believe this cemetary to be haunted. I myself have had a strange experience

in the cemetary and we have pictures of orbs both at night and during the

day taken inside this cemetary. I will send the pictures of the orbs too you

once I get copies from my friend. She holds the pictures.

This cemetary had a death occur inside of it in 1997, and it was after that

when the strange occurences started happening.

I will be sure to get the pictures of the orbs out to you. I'd love to hear

what someone else besides our group thought of the pictures. Also from my

understanding this cemetary has unmarked graves.





Yet to see Anything




When I was little (about 12) my mom was telling my brother ghost stories.I had just over-heard one about when Jackie (my aunt) was about 16. She was out driving around the city and had asked her dad if she could stay out a little later,he said "no" she begged him and after a while they got into a fight. She stormed off to her room and locked the door,windows any everything else. She went to bed a litlle early that night. When she woke up in the morning her chair was tipped over and there were ciggarette buts in her trash can. She knew her mom nor dad smoked that kind of ciggarettes and how did they get her door unlocked?then she smelt eggs and had heard the sound of siseling bacon. She went into the kitchen and saw nothing. then she went into her mom and dads room and they were sound asleep. Later that day she had asked them about it and didnt know anything. To this day we still dont know what it was or how it did what it did...but they are all still alittle freaked out about it. Also when my mom was about 13 she would wake up in the middle of the night and see a male figure dressed in all black always holding a knife or a gun and just befor it would get to her it would disapear her mother had seen it once also.....wierd things have been in my family for soo long but i have yet to see anything....




True Haunting




I just looked at your website, intending a little Halloween fun, but got drawn into it when I scrolled through some of the hauntings in the Iowa category, in particular Calvary Cemetery.  I lived in Sioux City from Nov. 1969 through July 1977, and lived within walking/cycling distance of Calvary.  Legends abounded, and my friends and I had our share of scary experiences there, as well as at Camp Joy, the Girl Scout Camp in Stone State Park.

However, I'm writing to tell you about the haunted house my family and I lived in during the aforementioned time period.  The house was located at 2000 W. 18th Street on the City's west side, near West High School, at the corner of John St. and W. 18th. It was a one and a half story house.  My family--parents, three older sisters, myself, and a younger brother, as well as an assortment of cats and dogs--all had paranormal experiences in that house up till the day we moved out.  I was only 5 when we moved there, and cannot recall exactly how old I was when I first realized the place was haunted.  I do know that at least from age 6 onward I was always afraid to be in the basement alone.  My siblings shared that fear.  We always felt we were being watched.  There were occasional cold spots. There was a mirror behind the bar that always seemed to have SOMETHING in it looking out at one.  Once a flag, propped in a corner since my brother's last Cub Scout meeting, fell over for no reason as I was leaving the room, having felt a profound sense of terror and being watched as I entered the room to retrieve the game I was sent to fetch.  It should be noted that I had tried to make my dog go to the basement with me and he dug in his feet, pulled out of his collar, and ran off. 

On many occasions my brother and I both saw our dog and cats literally freak out for no reason in the basement, sometimes after staring intently at an interior wall or out into the room.  My brother and I would also sense our usual fright before the animals reacted; the cats would puff up, arch their backs, hiss at whatever they sensed, then flee; the dog would raise his hackles, growl at whatever it was, then cry out and flee.  Many years later my dad told me how difficult it always was to put the pets in the basement at night, where they slept.

Dad had a workshop in the back half of the laundry room, and would usually go down there later at night after family time.  He routinely saw an apparition he dubbed the "Grey Lady" watching him from the area of the water heater and furnace--an area that terrified my siblings and me.  He said the "Grey Lady" never did anything but watch him, and he became used to her presence.   My mom confessed to my aunt and grandma that she always felt "watched" while she was doing laundry, and did not like to be down there alone.  Years later, she recanted so as not to scare her grandchildren; however, that same aunt and grandma occasionally stayed with us and they too had similar experiences as the rest of the family in the house.  My oldest sister frequently had a "sense" out of the corner of her eye that someone was hanged in the laundry room.

The first floor--we all lost count over the years how many times SOMETHING rocked in Dad's recliner rocker at night after we were all abed.  My brother, whose bedroom was on the first floor until spring of 1976, was beset with nightmares throughout his tenure in that room. 

The top floor of the house was not a full story, as it was under the eaves.  It was bisected by the staircase, which I was often frightened to ascend, especially at night.  At the top was a very large landing, with a door under the eaves leading to a storeroom we called the "attic".  That door was always opening for no reason, and no one felt comfortable in that room.  Cold air often came out of the attic.  At night, my sisters and I, and later my brother, would frequently hear footsteps on the hardwood floor out on the landing and in the two bedrooms upstairs.  In both bedrooms, my siblings and I, on more occasions that I can count over the years, would see a whitish-green to green mist in the mirrors, and sometimes orbs of that color.  We lived in that house for fourteen years, and for fourteen years my sisters and brother and I jammed our beds against walls so as not to be exposed on all sides as we slept.  The day we moved out of the house, we had to stay in a motel that night en route to our new city of residence.  That night, in the hotel, I slept with my back to the room for the first time in fourteen years.

By July of 1977, my sisters had married and moved out, and the paranormal activity increased.  I was fourteen that year, and my brother eleven. This is the summer the aforementioned flag incident occurred.  That same summer, as we prepared to move, I kept finding cupboard doors open in the kitchen, and my mother is NOT that kind of housekeeper.  She tried to play it off as myself or my brother playing pranks, but she was clearly disturbed by it.  In the summer of 1975, I finally had my own room as the two oldest sisters had moved out.  I had put the two twin beds together in an "L" shape.  One summer morning I made my bed as usual, then had a friend over.  We ended up playing Barbies in the basement due to heat.  The basement was quiet and comfortable that day.  My brother was off at a friend's, Dad was at work, and Mom was stripping and waxing the kitchen floor.  Because of her floor work, all pets were outside all day.  No one could have entered or left the house without Mom seeing and hearing them.  Twice that afternoon I went up to my bedroom to get more toys, and each time I found my beds in complete disarray, with the covers and bedsheets twisted and pulled every which way. 

There were many more incidents, but this is turning into "War and Peace."  I still have nightmares about the ghost, or ghosts, although we had a very happy life there other than the hauntings.   I'll close by noting that for many years, my brother and I have meant to return to Sioux City and go through newspaper and library archives to see if there is any mention of our house.  He lives in California and I live in Missouri, so this has never come to pass.  For the record, my brother and I are both attorneys, two of my sisters are educators, and the other sister is an executive assistant of a major insurance company.  We are all intelligent, well-educated, well-grounded people.  And we almost all agree, we lived in a haunted house.  My second oldest sister confessed for years to her own haunting experiences until her own children became too frightened hearing our talk; now she just purses her lips and issues non-credible denials. 




Speaking in Tongues





When I was 16 years old (in 1995) my cousin (who was visiting from Clute, Tx.) and I were sleeping in a back room in my Grandparents home.  This room was really dark at night, not allowing any light in at night because my grandparents put foil on the windows.  It was even darker that night because the door was shut to the room.  Something I guess a lot of people do.  My cousin,  who was 22 at the time and pregnant, asked me if I was ready to go to bed.  Her mother was visiting from out of town with her and her mother was still awake with my grandmother on the opposite side of the house.  It was probably around 1130 p.m.  I agreed with her that we should go to bed and we then turned off the t.v.  We settled into bed and and about 2 minutes later my cousin turned to me and said, "Angela, there is something in the room with us and it is standing next to me and in the corner.  It's a man.  In a black suit with a hat on."  I could not see her face because it was so dark in the room. I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face even if I wanted to.  But I knew she wasn't playing because of the way her voice sounded.  She was truly terrified.  She turned and dug her face into my shoulder, wrapped her arms around me and began to weep.  I tried to look in the corner to see if I could see what she saw but I couldn't bring myself to open my eyes.  About 10-20 seconds passed and I began to yell for my grandmother from the room.  Neither one of us would budge from holding each other.  As each second passed I held on tighter and tighter to my cousin and waited for my grandmother and Aunt to come to our rescue, but no one would come.  I must of screamed for my grandmother about 5-6 times before she finally came to the room, opened the door, turned on the light and yelled, "What's the matter."  My cousin and I jumped out of the bed and out the door.  It took us a couple of minutes to get the information out.  I come from a family who definitely believes in good and bad spirits.  This wasn't the first time I had seen something in my grandmother's home; I had lived with her my entire life until 21 years of age.  My grandmother and aunt believe in the power of prayer and wanted to go back in that room and pray for what every spirit was there good or evil to leave.  My aunt asked if I was up for going in there and praying with her I said yes.  I was really scared but was trying to push that feeling back.  I felt empowered suddenly with my faith and was no longer scared.  We both went back into that back room with grandmother, turned off the lights and began to pray.  My aunt stood in the same spot my cousin saw the figure and began to pray.  My grandmother stayed shortly perhaps 1 minute and left the room and shut the door behind her.  I was about 6 feet away from my Aunt and at the foot of the bed.  The next thing I'm about to tell you, you probably won't believe.  As I was standing there praying out loud I could hear my Aunt praying but could not see her but I knew she was still standing there.  As I was praying I saw a speck of light in the opposite corner from my Aunt and it gradually began to get bigger and bigger.  It floated closer and closer to me until finally I was embraced in it's soft white presence.  I stood there and continued to talk but I don't recall what I was saying.  I saw from the corner where my Aunt was standing her turn around and look at me.  I saw her face!  In this room where before I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face.  What was this?  Thing? Being?  Has something come to help us?  It lasted for about 10-20 seconds and then suddenly drifted away.  A few minutes later I left the room.  My Aunt stayed alone in the dark by herself for probably another 5 minutes.  I sat on the coach in disbelief of what I just experienced.  I didn't tell anyone what I had saw.  My Aunt later came out of the room and said she definitely felt a presence in the corner she was standing in.  I didn't mention anything to her because I couldn't believe what I experienced I needed time to absorb it.  While we were in that room together had another good spirit come to our assistance?  I know I wasn't afraid when I was embraced in the light.  It was the opposite of the feeling I had with the dark presence.  I felt safe and soothed to the point of a quiet soft weep of pure happiness.  Several years passed before I brought the subject up with my Aunt.  In 1999 my Aunt came to visit because my grandmother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and was dying.  It was very late at night and everyone was asleep except she and I.  We were watching t.v.  when I turned and began to talk to her. "Aunt Molly do you remember that night when Julie saw the dark man in the back room?"  She looked at me and replied, "Yes." I was anxious to ask but I did anyways, "Well when you and I went back there to pray did you see what I saw."  She continued to look at me and said, "Yes, your talking about the light, right?  I said, " Yes, I thought I was the only one but I saw you turn around and look at me.  For the past three years I started to convince my self I probably was making it up in my head." She replied, "No Angela it was there and it was something special.  It was standing behind you and I could see you too.  I heard you speaking but could not understand the words.  You were speaking in a language I couldn't understand."

-Many religions believe that when empowered or enlighted with the good spirit.  People can speak in tongues which is a language evil can not understand.  Had this happened?  Or was I mumbling?  Who knows.  I know it's going to be hard for people to believe this story.  Shoot I have a hard time believing it happened after all these years.  But maybe just maybe when you read this story and you feel that little good something in you that you feel when you draw strength or are scared or at church maybe it's that good being that protects us all that's telling you this story is true. 




No Joke





from my experience of ghost at clarkmiddle school i do think it is hunted because on day my friend and i were skipping and we went through the lunch room and went down the  stairs and

once we went down there we were aitin for the period to be over and we were talking about how we might get caught and then my friend stop talking and was looking behind me and i was scared because we were in a cold and little dark place i heard a noise and i was going to scream and she put her hand over my mouth and told me to be quiet and then we heard banging on the door and i was like oh hell no and i dipped .we dont know if it was a ghost but we did'nt think there was anyone downthere so yeah that it




A Couple of My Experiences




   After looking over your site and reading some of the articles, I decided to share a couple of my own experiences with you.

   The first one that clearly comes to mind happened with a friend of mine present. I had just opened a pack of cigarettes and smoked one. We were both in my living room sitting on the furniture across the room from each other. I laid the pack of cigarettes on the arm of the chair I was sitting in. My friend and I chatted for seveal minutes when I decided to have another cigarette. I reach for them and found that they had disappeared. Neither he nor I had moved from our respective sitting places in this time. We both searched the living room top and bottom but never did find the pack of cigarettes anywhere. We even searched the inside and under the chair I was sitting in. The smokes were just gone.

   The second experience happened many years later in another state in a different part of the country. I was married by this time. I came home from work for lunch one day. I lived close enough to my job so I could do this occasionally. Having eaten, I then went back to work. At quitting time I found that my keys were missing. I looked everywhere at work for them and finally had to call my wife to come pick me up. She teased me endlessly for misplacing my keys. We finally found the keys about three months later in a jacket in the back of our closet. She says I must have put the keys in the pocket and forgotten where I had put them. The only thing was is that the day I lost them, I hadn't been wearing a jacket. I certainly didn't wear one back to work. And even if I had left the keys in this jacket, how was I able to drive the car to work? The keys would have been left at home!

   There have been other examples of things disappearing to be found somewhere else, shelves falling for no apparent reason (usually the same shelf over and over). I have gotten use to these things happening and attribute it to a poltergeist. This particular entity doesn't seem to be interested in harming anybody and has never taken anything of value. Also the occurences only seem to happen from time to time with no particular pattern. I am certain that this entity is pretty harmless and seems to enjoy playing harmless pranks on me. I usually ignore these types of events and attribute them to "my poltergeist".

   As of this writing, it's been a while since something of this nature has happened, but I keep wondering what it'll do next.




My Odd Experiences





Other than having things occasionally disappear and reappear again, or

things moving themselves around the house, my home is pretty normal in

feeling and appearance.  I am certain that it is haunted, but only in a

slightly unnerving way.  Whatever or whoever is here, comes and goes

according to their own schedule. I usually do not feel threatened in any

way.  With one exception, I have never seen anything while it was actually


The only time that something totally freaky happened was shortly before my

mother's death.  I spent almost every day with her at her house.  One

evening I came home feeling very sad.  I had finally realized that my Mom

was going to die and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  I was

watching TV in our family room.  My husband was asleep in our bedroom and

my very elderly Yorkshire Terrier was asleep in his bed in the laundry

room.  Actually the dog was never really mine.  He belonged to my first

husband who had died in an accident in 1985.  I remarried and the dog came

along and became my second husband's dog.  That dog just loved men!  He

also loved racquet balls.  There was a basket of the dog's toys under the

TV cabinet in the family room.  He hadn't played with his toys in a couple

of years, we kept them 'just in case' he would decide to play again.

There were a couple of racquet balls in the basket that had belonged to my

first husband.  He and the dog loved to play fetch with those balls.

Anyway, I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself and sad for my Mom.

I heard a racquet ball being dropped from a few inches above the floor.  I

looked across the room toward the sound and here came a racquet ball

rolling slowly toward me. It rolled very slowly around a post, around my

chair in a circle ending up directly between my feet!  The hair stood up

on the back of my neck.  I stood up, turned off the TV (using the remote),

walked directly into my bedroom and got into bed, pulled the covers up

over my head, telling myself that it was just my imagination and stressed

out nerves. The next morning, the racquet ball was exactly where I had

left it the night before.

My second freaky thing happened at Sutter Roseville Hospital in Roseville,

California.  I was leaving the hospital after visiting my Dad who was

terminally ill.  My brother and his wife were with me.  We were on the

second floor headed for the elevator.  As we turned the corner, I saw a

woman enter the elevator.  We hurried to catch it only to have the doors

shut just as we got there.  I pushed the button to call the elevator back

up.  The doors opened immediately and the elevator was empty!  There was

no time for the elevator to go down to the first floor and return.  All

three of us saw someone get into the elevator, but each of us saw

someone/something different.  There was no other way out of the elevator.

Believe me, we really checked that elevator out!  We all just looked at

each other and hummed the Twilight Zone theme.....




My Life of Strangeness




Hello let me start by complimenting you on your site. It is wonderful. I apologize because this is going to be rather lengthy, also I don't mean to offend any person or religion these are only my beliefs about my experiences.

My first encounter with the unknown was when I was around 7 or 8 years old. My grandmother was considering buying a very old house and she took me and my mother to look at it. The house was located in Sarasota Florida. When we entered the driveway I remember getting the chills and began to feel very uneasy. As we approached the house there was a big pile of furniture and personal belongings in the yard. I got out of the car and felt like someone was watching me (it was the first time I ever really remember being scared). To shorten this story we looked at the house and the stuff in the yard. The stuff in the yard contained old pictures and personal things of that nature. As we were leaving I told my mom and grandmother that someone had died there. I don't know why I said this but come to find out there had actually been several deaths through out the years at this house (my grandmother looked into the history of the house and discovered this). The last death in the house resulting in the house being for sale. The last death in the house was an old lady who died of natural causes while sleeping. Needless to say my grandmother didn't purchase the house.

I had many other "small" occurrences while I was growing up but none worth mentioning until I was an adult. I should also mention that I found out from my father that he used to sneak into the basement as a child and watch his grandmother, mother and sister perform séances. He claims to have watched the table float around in the basement and as he put it other strange things happened. He didn't like to talk about it.

At the age of about 27 my soon to be wife and I moved into a old house (pre wwII). One night while we were lying in a bed an old man walked by our bedroom door. I said "Do you see him" and Heather said "yes" at which point the old man turned and looked at us and then walked into our children's room (we each had a child from a previous relationship). I jumped out of bed and went into their room and he was gone. After that little things began to happen quite regularly. We would see something out of the corner of our eye. One time the baby stroller rolled and Heather thought that it rolled down the floor (it was an old house and the foundation had settled causing the house to sink slightly to the center) but the stroller rolled up the floor. We never had any problems with our guest and just learned to accept him. I should mention that around this time I started studying Wicca which comes into play during my next encounter.

Later that same year we had moved to another house and things got real freaky. One night we had put the kids to bed but they wouldn't go to sleep and kept whining and crying. I finally went into the room and asked what the problem was. Zack said the man on the wall and just repeated that so I asked Ronnie the oldest of the two what Zack was talking about and he said right there daddy, pointing to the ceiling, the man on the roof is scaring us. I of course saw nothing. I could tell both boys were scared so I told them to come with me to the living room. My living room and kitchen were separated by a breakfast bar, as we walked to the end of the breakfast bar Ronnie froze in his tracks and turned pale. I asked him what was wrong and he said the bunny rabbit under the table, pointing under the kitchen table. I said go get him and put my hand on his back and he reacted violently screaming no and literally climbed up me burying his face in my neck. At this exact time a cat began meowing at our window and was solid black. Heather was getting ready for work (she worked midnight shift) and was starting to get nervous. As I stated earlier I had been studying Wicca. Well Wicca teaches that a familiar will find you and I thought that's what was happening so I wanted to let the cat in the house. My wife objected. I calmed everybody down including my wife who was ready to call in sick to work and decided the boys would sleep in my bed tonight. That settled my wife left for work. Less than three minutes after she left my telephone rings (mind you it is after 11:00 pm). I answer the phone and its my wife at the gas station right up the road and she is frantic. She states as she was leaving she looked back and at the back door (the backdoor is in the kitchen) there was a bright figure standing at the door on the inside. She was stuttering and fighting to get the words out. She wanted me to take the kids and leave the house. Well me and all my wisdom told her all I had to do was let the cat in everything would be fine. After about 5 minutes of arguing she reluctantly agreed to letting the cat inside. While laying in bed neither one of the boys would go to sleep they just kept staring at the dresser not saying anything. I finally asked what they were looking at Ronnie said the bunny rabbit is there. I said out loud "whatever you are go away and leave us alone", both boys were asleep in less than 5 minutes. We never had another problem in that house, but a few things should be mentioned. The cat turned out to be the neighbors and we gave it back to them but it would always return to our house and sit on the window sill and meow. The neighbors finally just gave us the cat (my wife nor I are very fond of cats by the way). The other important thing that happened in this house was one night I was sitting in bed with two Wicca books reading them and suddenly felt very confused and lost I stated out loud "I need help someone please show me the way" and put the books beside the bed and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I looked down at the Wicca books and got sick to my stomach and had to fight back from vomiting. Needless to say I stopped studying Wicca.

After all of this my wife confessed to me that she has also had several run ins with ghosts in her past the most amazing being a pregnant murder victim. She lived in a house that a woman was murdered in. She found this out after strange things began to happen in the house and she began to question people about the house. The most common thing that would happen was the baby food jars in the kitchen would be moved all over the kitchen. One time while she was in the kitchen a wooden spoon was thrown across the room and hit the wall. Another time she received a call from her mother who demanded she go check on her son Heather finally agreed and when she entered Zack's room he was in the crib with a blanket wrapped around his neck and covering his face. Heather's mom told Heather that a screaming banshee just ran through the house and she called all three of her children and told them to check their children.

It's almost over I promise. This is the one with the religious overtones. We had moved again closer to my work. The house we moved into was built in 1916, I believe, and was one of only a few that had survived a hurricane in 1926. The house was in Moore Haven Florida. Heather and I had started attending church. One night while I was at work (I worked second shift) Heather called me telling me that a little boy was running through our house yelling "daddy". Both of our boys were gone for the weekend. I was disturbed by this and approached a friend of mine who was guiding me in my new found religious beliefs. I approached him and said "I need to talk to you I have a problem" my friend started crying (oh by the way did I mention we worked in a prison as correctional officers). He said "the Holy Spirit told me you needed help tonight we need to go to your house and pray" I never told this man what my problem was but he knew. I called my wife and told her I was bringing two people home from work with me to pray over our house. She was confused but said ok. After work we went to my house and prayed for about twenty minutes and never had anything else happen in this house.

I was told one time that you could record graves and here things in them. One night my brother in law and I decided to give it a try. So we set off to an old graveyard (there were many people buried there from the hurricane of 1926). We recorded one full tape front and back of various graves. We would start the recording state the name of the person, year born and died and anything else of value written on the tombstone. We would then place the tape recorder mic down on top of the grave and walk away so we wouldn't disturb the recording. We never left eyesight of the grave. Afterwards we went to my house and listened to the tape. Out of all the graves there was one and only one that we heard anything. We heard what sounded like growling and moaning. The only thing that was different about this grave was that it was a high ranking mason. My wife and my brother in laws wife also heard the tape and the sounds. The tape has since been lost and we have never repeated this experiment. I was wondering if you have ever heard of this before?

It has been about 4 years since we have had any encounters. We have moved out of the state of Florida. I firmly believe you have to seek out these encounters or you will never see or hear anything. I don't tell these stories very often because people look at you like your nuts. I have a fascination of the spirits and have lately found myself looking a lot more on the internet for stories. I would like to here back from you.

Oh yeah almost forgot while my wife and I were on our honeymoon in St. Augustine Florida we took a ghost tour. While the guide was telling a story in front of the cemetery my wife and I saw a person walk across the cemetery. No one else saw it and when we said did you see that everyone laughed at us and the guide got annoyed.




Living in the Trailor




This happend back in early  80s i rented a trailer from a older woman and she paid for repairs and fixes when i got them done. I being a young man and working as a painter had my young girlfriend over, also her father was showing me how to put a themocupler into a hot water heater in the middle of the sunny day  and Linda  came running out of the bedroom she was cleaning and said she would not go  back because she felt some thing in there.

 A good year and a half passed by living in this trl. I lived by myself then and was going to the restroom  and felt a strong pressence right behined me as i reliveded myself it  felt as if it was going to hert me.  I invited friends over from  next door and would not stay the nite so we left to another house. we discussed things the next day and we went on with our lives. One more thing happend about 6,7, years later when i worked for a construction outfit i had been there about a mounth a im prety shure that same trl showed on my job site, it gave me the willys and it was not used and was gone i a short time but i could feal it looking at me and can not  tell anyone. Sorry this sounds minor but it still raises hairs on my  neck even though i have never had another expearance in my life





Ghost at Night




When my mom was twelve and her sister was ten they shared a bed room. One night my mom was awake and saw something moving she woke up her sister. They both saw it. They started to scream their parents came in and turn on the lights nothing was there. A few earlyer later their parents moved into their room and saw the same thing my grandpa thought is was one of the kids and told them to go back to bed but it just standed there my grandpa got up and realized it was something else and threw a pillow at it and the pillow went right through.They think it was an old relitive that lived there years ago.




Bossier City




I just would like to validate something that you already have listed.

First of all, let me say, that I was only reviewing this site to find a ghostly character for my daughter's Halloween costume.

When I stumbled upon the Bossier City KCS railroad story I turned white.   You see, a few years ago it was late and I was returning from taking a friend home after a church activity.  

Since it was very late there was no traffic on the roads.  I approached a railroad track and was forced to slow downby that inner caution we all have inside that warns us of danger.  Then I heard sirens behind me and several people screaming mostly sounding like women or children.  I stopped before the tracks.  I looked behind me and there was no emergency vehicle at all.  I looked down the tracks and there was no train.  I felt like I was going nuts.  The sirens were so loud that I pulled over.    

I went home and told my family that something weird had happened.   We all wondered if maybe someone had died there and for some reason I felt the intensity of it as I approached it.

Now, after reading what had happened, I feel it was real and I was not mental. haha    I am excited to know that someone else out there experienced this.  It's nice to have my story validated and to know I am not a nut job.




A Bad Night




  Hello, you may remember me.   I submitted a story about two years ago about a ghost in Sweetwater,TN.  I have another story for you.    I can't remember at this moment if I sent you this before but I'll go ahead with it.  About oh,some twenty years ago my sister who has since passed away,had a bad experience one night.   This was when she still lived at home.   Well my brother and I were asleep and our bedroom was dowm the hall from my Sister's room and I woke up and the Hall light was on and my Sister was standing there crying and my parents were trying to comfort her.  I was barely awake and went back to sleep.  The next day she related what had happened.   I remember she said that that evening before she went to bed she had this uncomfortable feeling but went on to bed and at one point,she heard a noise coming from one side of her bed and not long after that she felt something cover her mouth and she could not scream.   She also felt something strong holding down her arms and could not move.  well, she eventually escaped and got to the Hallway.    The next day or shortly thereafter I had went into our Basement and on the wall almost beneath her room was a skull and crossbones that appeared to spray painted there.   I asked my brother if he had done that and at first he denied it but later admitted that he did.   Now I will point out that my Sister was a Diabetic and we were'nt sure if this really a Supernatural occurrence or a hallucination due to her condition.   The next night,she went to stay with a friend and I recall her saying,''it won't get me tonight''.   That image I the basement was soon after painted over




Strange Things




I live in Australia and just came across your site, I also have had experiances with the paranormal.  My husband me and our 4 children rented a old house and about 3months into living there things started to happen, we would be lieing in bed and all of a sudden the smoke detector alarm would go off just outside my bedroom door and when id get up to see what was wrong it would stop.  M y husband woke me up sweating one night because the plant on the hall stand was moving backwards and forwards. I was in the ensuite one day cleaning it and i jumped and let out a scream because i thought i had seen someone walk right behind me.  Then another day while putting my makeup on in the bathroom a small ornament that i had on the bench was being pushed down hard and being slid from side to side.  We also had a open fire in the house and had a small log pushed write to the back of the fire place, i went to the shop, gone for about 15 minutes when we got back the log was out on the floor closer to the middle of the room.  Then on another occasion i was woken up by the fridge door being slammed so hard it also woke my daughter up, no one else was up in the house. My children often tell me now that they were to scared to get out of there beds at night because they just felt that someone was there, and i had the feeling that someone was allways around me as well.  We moved from the house and i often drive past it and wonder if the people living in it have strange things happen to them




My Freaky House




I live in Franklin, Vermont. Its a small town about 5 minutes away from the border. My house is over 100 years old and many people have lived here. I only know of one who has died here. An old woman who had diabetes and because of this had a leg removed. Her bedroom was in what is now our washroom, when you walk through the dining room it feels like you are being watched, and the door of the washroom has the tendency to crack open ever so slightly. Which gives the feeling even more. In the living room there is a hole in the ceiling for a heating pipe, and the room above it is my moms bedroom. Some times when your in the living room you can very cleary hear someone walking around in her bedroom and humming. It sounds like a middle aged woman. At night when everyone is upstairs it sounds like someone is walking back and forth from the kitchen, through the dining room to the living room.

Currently there are only two people living here, myself included, and during the early evening when I am usually here alone I can hear people talking in the far end of the house. Its always two people and you can never quite make out what they are saying. Friends have wittnessed things too. A friend of mine who was staying here came up to go to bed after I had gone a few hours before. The next morning she told me she had heard whispering on the far end of the room most of the night. When my mother and I went on vacation and had some friends house sit they told us when we came home that they had heard foot steps upstairs and muffled talking.

I've seen the shapes of what look like a man and sometimes a woman move out of the corner of my eye. It always feels like there are people here even when you are alone, though it has quiteted down here in the last few months there are still random bumps and far off conversations to be heard at night.




Malta Home





My nan has told me of her experience so i thought i'd share it with you. It happened when she was holidaying in our home country of Malta. She was sitting alone on the hotel balcony one evening, enjoying a drink when she heard loud music. She looked across and saw another hotel opposite the one she was staying in and saw that there were people having a party. She looked over and saw they were welcoming her and telling her to come over. Obviously with the family in the room, she declined the invitation and went to bed. The next morning she went out onto the balcony to find that there was no hotel. Everyone tells her it must have been a dream but she is sure that it is the truth.

My father also had a ghostly experience. When he was younger he shared a room with his brother who had a chair at the end of his bed. One night my dad woke up looked up and saw a middle-aged lady. She was dressed in black and when he looked closer, she was standing next to an old man who was sitting on the chair. He screamed to his mum, and the figures vanished. He now dismisses this as a dream that he woke up too, as he is VERY sceptical, but I still believe it really did happen.




Knockings on the Wall




a few weeks after school ended my mom made arrangements with my aunt for me so i could go to cape cod with them. so my dad drove me up there and we shared my cousin Dustin's room (he slept on the bed and i slept on the floor.) my dad left the next day and i had the whole room to myself. the next night i slept on the bed where he had slept and something woke me up in the middle of the night around two PM i saw this pale girl maybe around 5 years old and she was laughing and she had a doll in her had .(when i first arrived at my aunts house that room was very cold.) i turned around and i thought i was going crazy. the next night i woke up at the same time and i saw the same girl with the same doll staring at me but this time it was different the whole room was filled with ghost everywhere you looked there was a ghost. the next day i asked my cousin how old this house was he said it was over 200 years old ... and 15 people died in it. i totally freaked out.the next day my cousin went out to play and we saw a man it a white tux walking around the garden my cousin and i dropped everything and ran so quickly we didn't have time to look back. we told my other cousin juliette (she had experienced ghost before and she has some special type of power to see ghost)  what we had saw and she didn't believe us. until she saw it for her self. me and Julie were home alone and it was pitch black and she was waiting for her boyfriend Jake to come over she looked out the window and saw the ghost she freaked out.  from that day on we had "slumber parties " in my cousin Dustin's room and stayed up all night hoping for that girl to show up but she never did (all we heard was knockings on the wall




I Have Some Stories for You






  Let me introduce myself. My name is Amber S. and I am from a town right outside of Pittsburgh, PA now called South Park (Formerly Snowden and Library). You may have seen on TV specials about the famous Green Man's Tunnel, Corvette Bend, etc. but the things I have encountered while residing here in south park put these "famous ghost" sights to shame. The places these ghost hunters and paranormal experts should be investigating is the old coal mining houses in Library and the apartments in which I used to live, Park Place.

  I've always believed in ghosts and the paranormal because I have had encounters since I was a little girl. The first aparition which I saw happened one night as I lay in bed. I must have been around 6 at the time. I opened my eyes and there was this white flowing object raised in the air just floating. It had what almost looked to be a wooden head. It had no facial features and did not speak to me. This "ghost" however did paralize me, and I couldn't speak nor move. I tried to call out to my Grandmother, but when I went to call out there was no sound. I must have passed out from fear because that is all I remember after that. I moved from that apartment into another building and nothing ever happenned that I recall when I moved to that one. I did have an out of body experience however when I move to that building, but nothing happened as far as ghost encounters.

I lived in 2 different apartments in the other building and I moved back to building 1 the first one I lived in. I moved into the apartment directly underneath the one in which I had my first vision. My mother's boyfriend is Native American. He moved into that apartment with us and strange things started to happen. He said he ad visions all of his life but never told anyone untill he told my mom. There were many things that happened so I will tell you things I remember. He was always getting visions and these ghosts would talk to him. His sister would stay with us a lot and she got these visions too. One night, her and I were in my room and shut the lights out to try and go to sleep. You know when there's a door shut and the hallway light is on or whatever you can see through the crack of where the door shuts? Well I was laying there and I was looking at the crack and there was this blackness that kept filling the crack, moving up and down in the crack and I watched this for like 5 mins. and I said to Maryann "What the hell is that?" and she started freaking out and was like "OMG you see it too?" and I said "Yeah, why didn't you say anything??" and she said because she didn't want to scare me. She asked me what I was seeing and I told her, but I found out I saw only a portion of what she was seeing. She said they were like green bear claws moving up and down the door and I was seeing it's shadows. We started yelling for my mom and her boyfriend Chuck and they came in after about 5 minutes because they thought we were just messing around. When they came in we told them what happened. We were so scared we didn't want to get out of the bed to turn on the light. So when they came in they brought our dog in too because you know how animals have extremely good senses. We turned the lights out to see if it happened again but instead Maryann saw this person who was trying to pose as her dead cousin who was killed in a fire. She knew it wasn't him because he had these evil green glowing eyes. Our dog was growling like crazy. A few minutes later another person appeared and I think this actually was a dead family member. But these ghosts they like dwelled in my house and most of them were bad. I remember my brother had interactive Buzz & Woody toys from the movie and the ghosts would go in there in the middle of the night and push he buttons and make them talk and they would push his toy trucks that made noises when you pushed the buttons and stuff.

 My friend said one day she was walking down the apartment hall to her apartment and this spirit that had no head and started chasing her down the hall. She beat him to her apartment but said when she shut the door behind her it was like something ran into the door. She told me how terrified she was.

 Chuck has a nephew named Corey. He is probably the most, I guess you could say psychic, of them all. He fell out of a 3 story window when he was like 3 or something and didn't have a scratch on him. He said his angel saved him. He was over my house one day and he was playing with my brother who is roughly the same age and they came out of the room and was telling us of how they were playing with the big white angel in his room. The haunting in my apartment started to get really bad. I started to be so scared all of the time that I couldn't sleep. We even had a priest come and bless our house to try and get the spirits to leave but it didn't work.

 Corey's Mom would be on the phone with my mom while Corey would go into these trances. He would tell us when ghosts would be in our house or on there way to our house and our phone would always shut off while Corey was trying to relay these messages. When we were at Coreys house one night, a lot of strange things started to happen. We were in the living room and they had this clock waterfall. We went to shut it off but it wouldn't and so we pulled the plug and it was still working. Then the notebook in which my mom kept a journal of everything that happened went flying across the room and then all the pots and pans fell out of the cupboard. We heard these voices talking too. 

 Chuck always saw spirits walk across our living room, he even said there were 2 of them that ended up in the shower with him one day. I don't know what to make of it. We moved out of that apartment and the people that moved in next was a family with real religious parents. The girl that moved in told me that weird stuff would be going on. Door knobs turning, doors locking, etc. She said her mom even put Bible pages under the carpets and stuff. They eventually moved out because of a water problem, which we had when we lived there too. There are many more stories about ghost encounters with my whole family but I would be writing for 5 more hours. It just seems every house my family moves into is haunted by something. Either that, or we just pick up on presence more easily than most. I think that South Park could be investigated. It's like an old coal mining town. My boyfriend Marcus lives in one of the old mining houses in Library that was built in 1912. He'll get locked out of his house, you'll always feel cold spots. His dogs will start starring for no reason or looking around the room with there eyes fixed on something we can't see. Or they'll start growling or barking at something we can't see. He had this candle on top of his TV that would always fly off. He'll hear noises that I won't. He actually saw the ghost that haunts his house. He said he was an older man, with a red plaid shirt on. He said he had like grease or coal stains on his hands. He said he looked at him and then walked through the door outside.

 There's also a cemetery which I beleive is Haunted right down the street from me. Marcus, my friend Jackie and I went to it one day and weird stuff happened to all of us for atleast a couple of weeks after that. When we were there I saw this black figure, almost like the Grim Reaper. A sign blocked my way for just a moment and when I passed the sign the figure was gone. I thought it was a person at first but after walking past the sign and it disapearing, knew it had been a ghost. While we were in the cemetery Marcus started talking to this tombstone. After we left it was almost like he was in a trance and he kept walking into the street off the side of the road where we were supposed to be walking. We were walking up my hill and Marcus asked if we heard that little kid screaming and crying and we said no. I went home that night and me and Jackie were in bed to go to sleep. I dozed off and there was a little girl with black hair and she was screaming bloody murder just looking at me like I had to help her and I jumped up and was like Oh my God and Jackie asked what happened and I told her.

 I've felt angel presence, The Virgin Mary's presence. Maybe my stories seem far fetched. I don't know. All I know is I saw what I saw, felt what I felt and I'm telling you what others have told me. Take from it what you want or if you have questions ask them. Like I said, there are many more stories, some of which I'm sure I don't even know. Hope you enjoyed some of this. If you could write back to let me know you've recieved this it would be greatly appreciated.




Farrens Farm




My Grandfather died in the house that he built.  He only lived there a short time before he came down with cancer and died.  During the summer when I was young we could hear him out by the old hog shed pounding.  We think he was probably building a house.  Also cupboard doors used to open and you could hear footsteps.  A couple of times the radio in the kitchen turned on when there wasn't anyone in the kitchen.  We were never really scared because we knew it was Grandpa Henry.  We have not heard anything for a while so we think maybe whatever he was building is finished. 



Baker's Mansion Altoona, PA



By:   Anonymous

    To whom it may concern,

   I have a personal story involving an incident at Baker's Mansion ref. the unexplained.

   Please note 1st, I ask that you do not mention me by name as my correspondence may violate Departmental policy.  Thank you in advance.

   From 1993 til about 1997 I was assigned as a K-9 Patrol Officer with my current employer the Altoona City Police Department.  My K-9 partner, "Alan", was a well trained & great performing (awesome, loyal, courageous & excellent) 125lb black German Shepard from Europe.  He never showed any fear at any time & was extremely aggressive & protective when he was supposed to be.

   We had answered several alarm calls at Baker's Mansion during our time together, all of which were determined to be false alarms with no explanation (not unusual).  I am familiar with the ghostly tails of the Mansion to include a tale from an electrician friend of mine but I'm the type that "I don't really believe until I actually see".  If it matters I am Christian and have never communicated with what I believe to be a confirmed "ghost". 

   Anyway, the last alarm call "Alan" & I answered at Baker's Mansion was a strange one.  The alarm came in during "shift change", Midnight, between 2nd shift & 3rd shift (my shift).  A 2nd shift officer backed me up on the call (I was dispatched from "roll-call").  It was in the late fall to early winter, the air crisp w/ a light wind & leaves blowing.  As we checked the exterior & grounds of Baker's Mansion, nothing seemed out of place & everything was secure.  Although my K-9 seemed to be his normal self, I remember a very unsettling feeling.  The same type feeling a police officer often gets when there is danger near but yet discovered (6th sense if you wish to call it & many officers, including myself, believe it's either God or a guardian angel warning you).  As we approach the front door & stand-by for an "emergency contact person" to arrive with keys to check the interior, I advise the other officer of my strange feeling & to be on guard for someone within (unauthorized).  He also seems very serious.  The "contact person" arrives with the keys & opens the front door for us to check the interior.  Usually we have no problem allowing the "contact person" to enter with us (if we believe the alarm to be false with a secure exterior) but, even though the exterior was found to be secure, I'm following my instinct & advise this person to wait at the door. 

   Once we enter my K-9 partner immediately lowers his head, stops just inside the door with hair raised on his back & neck, lowers his body to the floor, snarls & takes off inside & up the steps to the 2nd floor.  I've seen K-9 "Alan" like this many times before usually indicating that he either smells, sees or senses someone within & is going to find this person & latch onto him with no mercy. So, figuring that "Alan" is onto something, I chase my dog up the steps to the 2nd floor ( the dog bypasses the 2nd floor). We are both fully alert & gung-ho to catch a burglar.  "Alan" then continued up another flight of stairs to the 3rd floor (library), I follow.  The other Officer waits at the foot of the 1st floor steps.  "Alan" runs head-long down the hall next to the library & at some point "puts on the brakes" sliding past a point (unseen to my eye) at the wall separating the hall from the library.  "Alan" rushes up to a spot/area of the wall, still snarling w/ hair raised & all (on full alert) and now starts to aggressively bark at this point in the wall.  He looks around (also up & down) and then tilts his head in confusion.  "Alan' hurredly runs back towards me & into the library itself.  I follow cautiously, now with my gun drawn (I fully expect to hear the scream of a burglar as my dog gets a bite).  He runs fully into the library & right to the same wall (but now inside the library), approx. same spot as when previously in the hall but now on the opposite side, and continues with the same aggressive behavior & barking too.  Again, he becomes confused, looking about, then pauses & runs back out of the library (still excited, snarling & aggressive) & back to the same spot in the hall wall and again displays the same behavior towards the wall.  "Alan" proceeds to repaet all of the same, back & forth from hall to library & concentrating on that same area/spot of the wall each time for about another three cycles.  I am now even more alert as I am troubled by his confusion (wondering where this obvious intruder may be) yet this is the exact behavior he displays when "man-hunting". I mean this is the same behavior he displays (as I've witnessed so many times before) when locating a suspect hiding in a closet (or such) yet this is a point in the interior wall separating the hall from the library.  After the 3rd or 4th cycle (he's now again in the hall) "Alan" just instantly stops what he's doing (again at that same spot/area of the wall), tilts his head in confusion again (panting), looks back & forth from me to the spot in the wall a few times, completely calms down & walks back to me (looking back over his shoulder to the wall a few times) & sits next to my left leg just looking at that area of the wall (as if the problem just disappeared. 

   Now confused, & yes alittle nervous, I call the other officer up to my location on the 3rd floor (the K-9 team is usually left to work an area themselves without other officers in the way unless requested) and I quickly explain what had just happened.  That feeling of "alert" has now left me & obviously has left K-9 "Alan".  The other officer & I then thoroughly search the 3rd floor & the remainder of the mansion (I still half expected to find something wrong) with K-9 "Alan" now just following me (again, another strange behavior displayed by the dog as he usually leads) but not "on alert".  Nothing amiss was discovered in the mansion.

   Still confused about the whole thing I then return to the original start of the trouble (yes, that same area of wall on 3rd floor) looking for vents that may carry scent & confuse the dog. Nothing found.  I considered the possibility of an animal (mouse, squirrel, rat) being present but I knew from experience that "Alan" has never reacted that way when dealing with an animal (he always reacts in a very happy &/or playful manner).  Before giving up (at that time) I put plenty of thoughout & investigation into the strange occurrence & could come up with nothing.

   Eventually I yelled for the "emergency contact" to enter the mansion & I explained to him what had happened & took him to the location.  He jokingly made reference to "ghost" & giggled it off.  I noticed that the other officer (a seasoned "salt" veteran) got very nervous & even more serious. By now I had calmed & was just plain confused with my dog's behavior.

   As the "emergency contact person" reset the alarm, the other officer & I walked outside together.  I mentioned to the other officer that I had noticed how serious he became with the "emergency contact person" & asked if he had a problem with the guy.  This officer (a former K-9 officer) told me that the possibility of a "ghost" being involved is no joke. 

   The Mansion was locked up again & we all left.  The other Officer requested that we meet somewhere else as he wanted to tell me something.  We met-up elsewhere & explained to me that some years ago (prior to my employment with the Department) he & his K-9 were on an alarm call at Baker's Mansion one night.  This was the 1st time for his K-9 at the Mansion.  They  checked the exterior secure and he noticed that his dog had his tail between his legs, hair up on it's back & neck and was acting very strange.  The dog even hesitated to go to the front doors.  When the "emergency contact person" arrived & opened the front door, the K-9 Officer had to force his dog in through the door (this type of behavior, for his dog, was extremely unusual as this dog was extremely aggressive, just shy of being too "out of hand").  Once the dog was "pushed" in through the front door the dog yelped, turned & ran back out (almost knocking the handler over) and continued straight into the K-9 vehicle.  The Officer attempted to get his dog out of the cruiser without success.  Officers checked the interior finding nothing (false alarm).  The Officer added that he was never able to get his dog to ever go back into the Mansion for any other alarms at that location  ever again.  This was not the case anywhere else & the dog never displayed that type of behavior before or after with the exception of Baker's Mansion.  That officer told me that although he does not really believe in ghosts, he never felt comfortable at Baker's Mansion & his dog confirmed for him that there is something "not right" there.

   As for my dog, we never worked an alarm together at Baker's Mansion again and he had never displayed that type of behavior again (before or after).  Thus, I cannot explain what had happened & have never found an explanation.  I even mentioned the incident to my (K-9) trainer who at first giggled and then seriously mentioned that dogs have a much keener sense and added that he has heard of similar stories before.

   My conclusion: I don't know!  Although I'll agree with my colegue, there's "something not right" about that place & I seem to feel it each & every time I go there (my K-9 partner has since deceased).

   Thought you might find this personal experience interesting.  I have told it to others (not on the police force).

   Thank you for your time.




The Ghost in the Church




I have always believed in ghosts and hauntings, but until recently I have

never had an experience that I couldn’t rationalize.  I have seen many

strange things in my life, but for my own sanity, I have always done my best

to “explain them away.”  A draft caused the door to close; the voices came

from a radio down the hall, etc.  However, about two years ago, I got a

part-time job as secretary in a small church in rural Georgia, and with my

experiences there, I decided that it’s best to acknowledge all the things

around us, especially the ones we don’t fully understand.

I worked at the church for several months with no odd occurrences, but then,

out of no where, all sorts of strange things began to happen.  During the

work day, there were only two people in the church – myself and at times the

pastor.  Many times while working I would hear noises coming from the

upstairs youth rooms or the fellowship hall.  Each time I would go to see if

someone had entered the church (which was kept locked at all times), but no

one was ever there.  Sometimes the noises would be foot steps or doors

opening or closing, and other times I would hear whispery voices but never

actual words.  After a while, I just had to mention it to the pastor because

it was getting to the point where I was afraid to go to work.  The pastor

admitted that he too had heard noises in the church and upon investigation

found nothing.  He also related that he believed that he and his wife had

seen ghosts in the yard of the parsonage (on the same lot as the church). 

The pastor and I agreed to keep all of this to ourselves for fear that the

parishioners would think we were crazy.  We also agreed, however, that we

would each do our best to never be alone in the church.

As time passed we became accustomed to the strange noises and even joked on

a few occasions about how spooked we had been before.  I now look back and

regret those jokes because it seems that the spirit didn’t find them as

funny as we did.  The strange noises began to get louder and louder and much

more frequent.  I never SAW any objects moving, but I KNOW that I heard

banquet tables being dragged in the fellowship hall and the swinging doors

between there and the offices slamming on many occasions.  When I felt brave

enough to investigate, I would find the doors still gently swinging and

tables strewn about the hall.  Many times, I would turn off all the lights

in the building to go out to lunch and return to find all them turned on

again.  These things happened both while I was alone and when the pastor was

present.  We both agreed that this time the happenings seemed less

mischievous and more meant to scare us.  Once, upon mentioning it to the

Youth Minister, she confessed that she didn’t like to work in her office

alone at night because of a frightening presence that she sometimes felt

around her.  At times, she said, she felt as though someone were standing

directly behind her only to turn and find no one there.

All of these things weighed on me, but being a “rational-minded” person, I

continued to dismiss my fears and shrug away my worries and kept this secret

between the three of us.  One night, however, in order to finish the monthly

newsletter, I was working late at the church all alone.  The pastor stopped

by before he went out for dinner to ensure me that he was only a phone call

away if I needed him.  I assured him that I was fine, and he went on his

way.  I worked for about an hour with no problems.  All was quiet.  Then, as

I was sitting at my computer, I heard the sound of paper rustling very near

me.  I turned and looked around the room and saw nothing amiss.  I decided

to check the nearby offices and classrooms just in case but found nothing

out of order anywhere.  I returned to my office and turned on my favorite CD

using the rational that the sound of the music would cover any ghostly

murmurings.  I pushed play on the stereo and turned back to my desk.  As I

sat down a ballad began to play, and I mused out loud, “I do NOT want to

listen to love songs tonight!”  At this point the stereo turned off.  I

don’t mean the CD stopped; I mean the power switch clicked off!

I didn’t even bother to shut down the computer.  I grabbed my purse and ran

out of that church faster than I’ve ever run in my whole life!  I ran all

the way to my car, started it up, and sped off without looking back!  On the

way to my house, I stopped at a local diner for coffee because I was still

shivering with fear, and the pastor was there.  As soon as I walked in the

door, he and his son could tell I was scared out of my wits.  I recounted

what had happened, and again I swore that I would never be caught in that

church alone again.

The next morning I entered the office with a plan, and walking down the

hallway I announced, “I know you are here, and I don’t mind sharing this

office with you.  But PLEASE stop trying to scare me so much!  I have work

to do!”  It may sound silly, but even though I only worked there for a few

more months, I was never really bothered again.  I don’t believe that the

ghost left the building. I still heard foot steps from time to time, and the

stair way lights sometimes did their own thing.  I believe that the church

ghost simply wanted to be acknowledged and once given that no longer needed

to scare me.




I've Had Experiences with Spirits




To whom it may concern,

My name is Benita Satterfield, and I have had many different experiences with spirits of the spirit world, off and on for many years now. I am a spiritualist. I am originally from Hobart, Indiana.

I was visiting a friend a while that day, and my friend had asked me to run to the store for her. As I started to leave, a Toy Collie came up to me  (like it was looking for guidance). I felt bad for the dog and tried to think of what to do with her. Yes, she was going to have pups. I put her in the yard and shut the gate behind me. My friend's daughter, called a friend of hers and she told me that her friend's dad, would come to pick me and the dog up.

When I came back from the store, the father of her friend was there with his daughter, and the dog was gone. But, that wasn't the interesting part. When he and his daughter walked through the door, I felt a presence that walked in with them.

I had asked him if there was anyone close to him that had passed awway recently, he "well, my daughter (oldest) passed away about a year ago." I said, ok.

I could smell Tacos and guacamole. I had asked him what that was about, and he said that she always loved to eat out at Taco Bell. Once I had established that, I suggested that we go to her gravesite.

Once we happened on the headstone, I put my hands on it, it wasn't what I had ever expected. It had a lot of activity going on. Basically, she was not at rest. After this took place, we went to his place of residence. And what I picked up from there was nothing I had ever expected either.

As we went down the driveway, I noticed that it was gravel, all the way to the house. But when we got to the house, there was approximately a 20*20ft area that was nothing but concrete. It was probably already 105 degrees outside as it was, but, when I got out of the car, it was like standing in an oven that felt like 300 degrees. My intuition was so getting stronger, that all emotion from everyone that was there, was overwhelming.

I went into the house and what I felt at that particular moment was undescribable.I felt nothing but unadulterated, evil. Mind you, as it was, I didn't trust this man to save my life.

But, for what it was worth, I kept on with what I was driven to do. He happened to tell me about a set of twin boys who supposedly lived on that property a long time ago (for which I did not believe), that these kids' father had punished them and locked them in a well, leaving them to die.

What came to me next, also helped these restless spirits. The man who's daughter passed away, had kidnapped thes two boys, locked them in the well, and used them as a sacrifice.

I didn't tell him that though. because, it would have been a dangerous situation for me, my son, my friend, and boyfriend at the time. So, I just dealt with things the things at hand.

After going through some of property, and the house, we went to where the daughter used to live with her boyfriend, and point of where she died.

The house she lived in was a little newer than the one she grew up in. But, I stood upon what used to be a basement and crawl space, stairs leading up to the second floor and the exact spot where she layed.

She had showed me exactly what happened to her, as well as, who had killed her. Her father had been, all this time, blaming her boyfriend. But, it what she showed me that told me otherwise. Before we went to this spot, I spoke with a former firefighter who had been one of the original people to be called to the scene. He told me that both of her wrists were broken, and both of her ankles were broken. Standing at the point of where she died she showed what had happened to her. She showed me that she and her dog were in the living roo, which was upstairs. Someone had got a hold of a pipe, hitting her with it.

She tried to get downstairs where the basement and crawlspace were, and had started going to the crawlspace where she would feel safe. That did not last long, as she tried to get to her safeplace, the man (I saw a couple minutes later), went after her. Followed her down the stairs to "finish" the job he had started. Once he got her immobile, he went upstairs, got a gascan and saturated the whole place. And the house burned down to the ground. When the fire department got there, their report stated the cause of the fire was due to electrical wiring from the airconditioner. And the daughter had been burned pret badly. So badly, that it covered over 95% of her body. Later on she told me that all she wanted was for someone to know the truth. If I would have pursued it, I could have helped bring charges against him for aggravated manslaughter. But, that's neither here nor there. I did what I had to do and she now rests in peace. I hope you enjoy this and if you have any questions about this, please don't hesitate to contact me. My e-mail address is:, or




Ghost Lights





I actually have a story that's very well known in my part of SE Texas. At least among the ghost-o-philes like me it is. It has to do with a ghost light that has been appearing on the same 7-mile long stretch of land (now Bragg's Road) since back in the mid-1700s when the land was still a railroad. It has sense become a poorly maintained (but arrow-straight), and rarely used, dirt road.

But dating back to reports by conductors and nearby residents (who were few and far between) a mysterious light (who's color seems to vary from red, to white, to green, to yellow..... red and white by my personal account) has been reported as appearing almost every night without fail.

It appears on the road, approximately half a mile ahead of you, no matter where on the road you may be (yes, this means that it moves with you. you can get no closer to it. and when you're towards the end of the road, it will appear the same distance behind you) During the 70s and 80s scientific attempts were made to identify the light. When they failed, however, it spooked the researchers and since then, the light has been left alone; still appearing almost every night for whoever wishes to see it.

It is really a remarkable occurance. It simply hovers ahead of you, about chest-level off the ground. It doesn't move, but flickers in and out occasionally, only to wink back into exsistance a minute later. Seeing the extremely rural settings and the light in the middle of the arrow-straight dirt road is enough to make even the most skeptical onlooker question if ghosts exsist.

For those who wish to find out more, I'm sorry there seems to be no website up detailing the light. I will work to rectify that, and will submit a link to a site as soon as I can. In the mean time, I would suggest that seeing is believing, and that you make a trek to a few miles outside of Livingston, Texas and see the Bragg's Road Light for yourself.




Ghost at Work




I work at a county-run nursing home in Pennsylvania.  A couple of years ago, we had a very nice lady, Ruth, as a resident.  She was around 95 years old and reminded me very much of my own great-grandmother, who is still living. Ruth was very independent and at the time was the only one in her room who could get up and use the restroom without assistance.  Since she didn't need any help taking care of herself, I would spend time with Ruth just talking with her and we got close.   When Ruth suddenly got ovarian cancer, it took her very quickly.  Within a few months, she died.

         The county morgue is in our basement, so when a resident dies we have to wrap them in a shroud to go to the morgue.  This is not my favorite thing to do for obvious reasons.  As my co-worker and I were washing Ruth for the final time before wrapping her, her eyes would not stay closed.  She just kept looking at me no matter which way we turned her.  This really creeped me out, but we had been close, so bsp; I brushed it off.

          Not long after, the toilet in Ruth's old room began to flush on it's own.  We had maintenance in several times to look at it, but they claimed there was nothing wrong with it.  Even the room's new residents noticed.  This went on for almost 6 months before it occured to me what was going on.  So one day after the toilet again flushed itself I went in and said, " OK, Ruth, I know it's you.  There's no need for you to stay here anymore.  You can move on."  The flushing went on for a couple more days and suddenly stopped.  I haven't heard it since.  I've told this story to several of my co-workers  and every time I do I get goosebumps




Do Events in Time Reply?





In the mid 1970's my family moved to an older home about ten miles out in the country.

About two months after we moved in, we had an event that replayed for approximately two years and then ceased.

Our home sat below the paved road, our driveway was gravel, looped down from the main road and ran beside the house. At one end of the living room, we had french doors with full length windows that showed the driveway where it joined the paved road.

One night, the kids and I were watching tv and noticed bright headlights turn into our drive, we heard the crunch of the tires on the gravel and car doors slamming. Imagine our surprise when we went to greet our visitors and no one was there! It happened many, many times over the next couple of years and really freaked out any company that we had. We were not particularly frightened (except for the first time), because nothing ever happened except for the headlights, gravel crunching and car doors slamming.

I believe this event may have not originated on our property but on the property at the beginning of our road. In the 1930's and 40's, it had been a rather fancy resort with a hot pool from the natural hot springs there. In the late 40's it became known as a brothel and gambling spot, not legally of course, but it was used as such. In the 1960's it changed hands and became a dude ranch which operated for some years but was never successful. I think that during the time the brothel, gambling and drinking was going on that there was quite a bit of violence. Conjecture of course, but my own feelings were that some sort of violence began at that place and ended at ours.

My children still swear up and down that they saw a hanging man in the loft of our barn. Since I never did, I cannot verify that. My children are all grown now, but still remember quite vividly our own little brush with the supernatural.

Thanks for letting me share this, not really a ghost story as such I suppose, but interesting.

I truly believe that certain images are embedded in time, whether trivial or important and that sometimes they can make themselves visible in our own time.





Base Housing Haunting




I have been in the US Air Force for almost 11 years.  This is the second time I have lived in base housing.  We moved to my current duty station 4 years ago.  My husband, myself, and our two dogs reside here.  There is a family of 4 and two dogs that live next to us in this building.  It started the first week we moved in.  Our household goods had not arrived.  We had only a TV, card table and chairs, dog beds, and an air mattress.  We were awaken one night to the sounds of the chairs moving across the hardwood floors.  We looked around but nothing was out of place and the dogs were asleep in their beds.  Since our house was empty, we thought it was probably noises coming from our neighbor’s side of the house.  Then a couple months later we star d hearing noises coming from the room we use as an office.  The sounds of papers falling, things knocking, etc.  Still, I wrote it off as our imagination, until one night.  I was along in our basement playing PS2.  First let me tell you there are no windows in our basement.  They were taken out years prior to us moving in.  I was sitting in the chair with my back toward the stairs when I saw a shadowy figure walk in front of me.  I thought it was my husband coming downstairs to see if I was coming to bed.  When I called out his name and turned around no one was there.  I immediately turned off the TV and went to bed to find my husband sleeping and both of the dogs in bed sleeping.  I didn’t tell him about this until the next morning, I was too frightened.  My husband had encounters with our friendly “ghosts” a few times after that.  He was standing at the front door with the dogs and heard the door knob rattle as if someone was trying to enter.  He flung the door open but no one was there.  He heard a pop can rattle on the desk over and over.  No windows were opened, no dogs around, must be the “ghosts”.  A year and a half went by and all was quiet.  We would joke about our ghosts and thought what we had seen and heard was all in our heads.  /SPAN>This was after the fact that our neighbors brought up out of the clear blue that they have had similar if not worse experiences.  We still dismissed this as ghosts until last spring.  We woke up at around 2 am with sounds coming from the office.  It was a loud pinging noise.  I had my husband take the German Sheppard and the gun into the room to see if someone was trying to break in.  He found nothing.  He came back to bed when it started again.  This time I went in to investigate (with the German Sheppard close to my side).  I looked in the closet, under the desk, under the table.  Nothing, no rodent, nothing.  When I went to close the door to the room, it started again.  I flew the door open and nothing, it stopped.  I went back to bed and it started again.  This time we just put up with it and tried to go back to sleep.  We knew then that our “ghosts” were back.  This occurred for many nights to follow.  Other noises started to occur, the keyboard on the computer made noise as if someone was typing, the door on the desk sounded as if someone was playing with the door handle, the jukebox doors sounded like they were being opened and closed.  This usually happened around the same time every night.  We tried a few ways to commun ate with our friends but with no success.  It’s been quiet here for the past couple months but every once in a while we will hear noises.  They don’t seem to be upset with the fact we are residing in their house.  We must be welcomed guests.  Research of the house and area has come up empty handed.  Base housing is too hard to investigate.  The house has been since the 50’s.  A lot of people have come and gone.  The area where we live is the oldest settlement in the state so there could be a number of things that haunt this house.  I am no longer skeptical when it comes to ghosts, I am now a true believer.




A Visit From A Spirit




My name is Dawn and I am eighteen years old.  When I was twelve or so, my aunt passed away.  My story goes back to the day that happened.  I was home with just my mom around.  My aunt had been in the hospital for having a heart attack - and had to be on a dialosis machine for her liver for over ten years - that is where she died.  We got the phone call that precise morning from the hospital - they were calling to report my aunt was getting pretty bad and didn't have a lot of time left.  Mom and I both went to start getting ready - getting shoes on and jackets since it was only March.  I was sitting on the couch of our living room and something in me told me to look up at the stairs which were across the room.  When I looked up, I seen the shape of a white whispy woman who was standing on the stairs and she stayed there for maybe five seconds.  I turned to my mom quickly to ask to make sure me and her were the only ones home - which we were.  After we got to the hospital, they told us my aunt died approximately at the same time I had seen the white figure.  Though the white whispy woman didn't resemble really anyone, I think it was my aunt Helen checking in on me one last time.  I was her favorite niece and I had promised to go see her the next week (before we found out about the heart attack) - she had been begging me to come.  I think she got her wish of seeing me one more time by appearing on the stairs that day though it had to be after she had already died.




Shelton CT




Tonight October 31, 2004 myself along with a group of friends visited the East Village Cemetery. we had drove by about an hour earlier to scope it out all the gates had been shut but when we returned to enter the cemetery the right gate had been opened. As soon as we stepped into the cemetery I had a constant feeling of being watched. As we got to the back of the cemetery we saw a white figure in the distance followed by what sounded like whispering.  we future walked in the direction in which this figure and sounds appeared.  I myself froze and became very light headed and had an overwhelming feeling of someone looking directly over my shoulder, 2 of the people I was with continued to walk closer and closer. I looked to my left and saw what appeared to be a dark figure popping out from behind the tombstones. Moments later the 2 individuals who continued walking let out a scream and we all bolted out of the cemetery. I later found out that they had heard footsteps behind them as they got further down the path and when one of them turned around he saw leaves being kicked up in the air as if someone was running after them.  This cemetery dates back to the 1700's and is in my opinion defiantly haunted.



Noisy Ghosts




I am a 15 year old boy, I at first was the only one that could hear the ghosts in our house but soon my sisters then my dad were hearing them too. They seem to come out in the middle of the night and mumble. They only stay in the livingroom but they get so loud that everyone in the house can hear them. I don't think they are visible and they are very smart, they will only make noise if nobody is in the living room, thats awake that is. I only hear them if I'm in another room. They do not scare me but they do get me curious. I decided to ask about the history of this house and my mom told me that her first husband and her dad built this house. Both of them are still alive so it couldn't be them. I know there are two of because every moring after they come, 2 chairs would be moved. The only person i know that would be dead are my animals and my grandmother. I have tried to hear what they say and i was hoping I could do something to rest their souls but i have had no avail understanding them. I'm not scared of them but i want to help a people who have had regrets in life.



My Visitors




ok i have had alot of visitors in my life time. for as long as i can remember... i can feel the pain of people passing, and get visions and dreams to tell me to prepare myself for what is to come. the story today is about my grandfathers passing. it was in feburary this year.. i dreampt that my great aunt was in the hospital, i went to visit someone and she started to speak to me in my language.. (thompson indian) she told me that my grandfather was going to pass within a week, and that i would become very angry. this startled me as this aunt of mine had passed away years before. i went to visit my grandfather in the hospital 2 days later he was there due to complications with cancer.. he was in remition, but had some scare tissue cause problems. i told him of this dream and he nodded becoming very peaceful. his sister, my aunt and him had been very close.  a week later i was sitting at home painting a picture. i suddenly got a terrible feeling and called my brother, i told him to visit my grandfather the next day because something was going to happen.the next day i went out with a friend, when i returned home, my mother and brother were waiting for me. this was strange as i lived 4 hours away from them. they told me that my grandfather had passed away. we went to my fathers house, he lives down the street from my grandfather. his house is built on an old native village. because of tradition when someone passes you light a fire and keep it going until the person is buried to help their spirit move on.i was sitting in the living room in the house by myself, there is a big picture window across from the couch i was sitting on.i got a very uneasy feeling and was paralized. i looked at the window and saw 3 spirits. my cousin amy who had passed 2 years prior, my great uncle and an evil spirit. she had dark evil looking eyes, long messy hair with twiggs and leaves in it and red lines on her face that looked like she had been cut deeply. the two spirits of my family gave me a great sence of peace, but the third, told me that it was my time, and that she was here to take me.this scared me. later that week i was sitting amongst my family, we were all talking when i got the urge to look out the window and saw a great number of spirits with their faces pressed up against the glass looking at me. they were all sad and looked as if they had lived some 100 years ago in the very spot our house is one else saw them but they understand my gift and believed me. the next night i was sitting around the fire outside with some family when out of nowhere i drew a picture of a lady in the dirt. i felt this ladies hands on my sholders and it was conforting. everyone asked me what was wrong. i asked them if they saw this lady and noone did. at the same time i felt the presence of the evil spirit standing on the porch behind me, she then came up beind me and grabbed my neck and proceeded to choke me.she had long sharp dirty finger nails and scratched my face by my eye.. no one saw her but saw that i was frightened and bleeding, i told them not to go arounf the front of the house as she was there waiting to take me and those that ventured alone. i went inside.the next night i was again sitting around the fire thinking about my grandfather.all of a sudden i felt a great sence of peace and felt i should look up.when i did i saw my aunt and grandfather walk up to eachother, hug and walk off holding hands and smiling and laughing.there were several more experiences that week leading up to his burial, i talked to my shaman about them, and showed him a picture of the evil spirit.he got very frightened and told me that he would deal with her because i had too much to live for and that it was too dangerous.his efforts failed and she followed me home to a town 4 hours away. a couple of weeks later, i was ahving coffee late one night with my friend, she also has the gift. i was in the middle of a conversation when i felt someone blowing in my ear. this was strange as noone was sitting next to me and we were the only customers. the evil spirit starting saying that it was my time and she was going to take me. i told my friend and she said she also heard and saw what had just happened  drew a piture and she confirmed what i had just seen. we decided to leave, we got up to leave and i always keep my keys in my purse, well when i got to the counter i noticed they were no longer in my purse, my friend begged my not to go back to the table but i did. my keys on a long keychain were layed out on the table in a straight line, and as i turned to leave, felt hand around my neck, i bolted. the spirit has since come to visit me and has tried 2 times this past summer to take me. both almost succeding.. the second time was i had picked my friends up from the bar as i was dding, when i got to the bar i heard a voice in my ear, this is your time, im coming to take you. i brushed it off not even two minutes after leaving the bar, a semi blew a red light tboning me sending me in the air and back behind him. we nearly died, if i havent taken this spirit seriously in the past i will now, because i know she means business. i am sory this is so long, i have so much more to say, but fear i  fear will

bore you to death. Thank you for reading this.



Student Housing Scare




I moved into a house in Akron Ohio's University of Akron. This house was very old and had not been inhabited for many years. Which surprised my roommates and I because of the great location and cheap rent. The first experinces with the ghost was the television turning on and off, and channels turning. This would occur even with the television unplugged. After that, all of us would hear the bathroom door slam, and would hear it being banged on when we were inside. As curious college students, we decided to use the ouija board. This was a big mistake. The ouija board had said that we had 3 spirits in our house. A family that had occupied the house during WWII and the mass of rubber production at the Goodyear and Firestone plants. The spirits began getting very active after this experience. We would hear footsteps running up and down the stairs and then hear knocks on our bedroom doors. This would become very disturbing at times.Pennies would fall down the stairs. Everyone that lived in the house during the time I lived there all had several interactions with this spirit. My roommates as well as me had felt something crawl into bed with us, and nothing be there. The ghost was especially active to males. My brother had several experinces with the spirits slamming his bedroom door, touching him during that night, and things being moved in his bedroom. A male neighbor was sitting in the livingroom one night, and saw a large blast of light come from the kitc n. He would never return to the house. The final night I stayed in that house was terrifying. The footsteps in the hallway and on the stairs were deafening in sound. The pounds on the doors seemed like they would knock the doors down. After my roommates and I vacated the premises, the house has not been occupied since. That was 2001.I now

Know that cheap rent isn’t worth living with a spirit.




Guardian and Friend




My mother told me this, when i was about two years old i was playing outside on my treehouse, it is about 6 ft. high. She said she couldn't hear me. She ran outside to see what was wrong. She saw me on the ground and asked if i fell. I nodded yes and pointed to the top of the treehouse. She couldn't find a scratch or bruse on me. THen at the age of three, my father came in my room and saw me talking to someone that wasn't there. He saw an impression of someone on the bed next to me even though i was by my self. then the impression rasied like someone got up, i then said "you scared away my friend." Then about four years ago, my mother was speeding down a slick road with me in the car. It started to swerve and i was holding on to the  arm rest. I felt like someone was pushing my hand down tightly to the arm rest. After we stopped she told me that the wheel started to turn by itself while that happened. Acouple of weeks ago, the front door to our house started to shake like someone or something was trying to get in. i looked outside and saw nothing, the about five minutes after, it started again. It happened all night long until my mother sprinkeled holy water that we had on the door. So far nothing else has happened.




Haunted Hospital





In the new Hazard Kentucky, Appalachian Hospital on the fourth floor, room 420 many strange things have happened. I had been told before I ever saw that room that it was haunted. It is a room where they place terminally ill patients in because it is so big the families can stay with them. My father in law was the first person that I knew of being in there. I did not stay at night with him, but his children did. They said for no reason at all they would feel as if a cold wind blew past them. My own personal experience is even bigger. The nurses provided a cot for us to sleep on when my mother had cancer. When we laid down to sleep the pillow case kept coming off the pillow, then the pillow would be pulled into the floor. Several times I put the pillow case back on, but it did not stay. The last time I picked it up I tied the pillow case on, and it was still taken off and pulled into the floor. Several times while my family was in that room, it would feel as if someone or something would pass by you and there was noone there. The biggest thing that happened was it came a big storm one  night while we were there. It was raining really hard, but not hard enough to blow a window out. And that is exactly what happened. In just a matter of seconds the floor was completely  covered in water. Even the staff that work there say they never want to be put in that room. Now that is spooky.









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