The House on Shoreline





I am usually a very articulate person, but it has been more than a bit difficult to put into words the events that happened to me between 1990 and 1993.  In the late summer or early fall of 1990, my family had lost a home to fire. Money was more than a little tight and the insurance was less than adequate. My family was forced to sell the remaining property to pay the difference between what we owed and what the insurance covered. With no expendable cash, clothing, furniture, home, food etc; we took what we could get. What we got was a “fully furnished” apartment on the rougher side of town until the actual bungalow we were slotted for became available.

The tenant currently residing in the bungalow was an eccentric elderly lady who reminded me of the wicked witch of the west. She had the crooked nose, the grating laugh and she shuffled about with a nefarious smile. I tried to avoid her (because she gave me the hee-bee-gee-bies) to no avail. She was everywhere. I would see her at the grocery store, the movie store, outside of the apartment, at the bus stop. I even started having weird dreams about her. At fifteen, I was too ashamed to talk about my “scary lady” nightmares, so I kept them to myself.

Finally, moving day arrived. The “Scary Lady” (as the local pre-school children I babysat called her) was moving out and I would finally have a reprieve from that godforsaken smile. I felt elated and hopeful for the first time in weeks. Elated, that is, until the evening of our move. I had been unloading boxes from the two-wheeler and placing them in the appropriate room when I came to what would be my bedroom. There in the center of the room was a cardboard box sealed shut by residual wax from a once large, red candle. Crazy Lady had left me a souvenir. I told my parents who, in turn told the landlord who, in turn told Crazy. She was coming to retrieve her things. My stomach felt that awful churning in its pit with each passing minute. When she finally arrived, her company removed the box while she smiled at me and said “You’ll really like it here. I can tell he’s going to like you.” 

Her warning seemed to be the absolute truth. Immediately things began to occur that defied any logical or reasonable explanation. The first events were horrible nightmares that walked me through a brutal murder that happened in my bedroom in the late 60’s or early 70’s (I initially concluded this based off of their clothing and music). Each nightmare grew in intensity and clarity. After months of these reoccurring dreams, I ventured to the local library and searched for the street name. In 1971 a young man was murdered in that house in the room I used as my bedroom exactly as I dreamed it.

There were also footsteps at all hours of the day and night that were not of an animal nature and when all parties were accounted for. Items were moved from one room to another or from one floor to another. Pictures were turned face down or moved to an upside-down position when on the wall. During storms, balls of lightening would dance around in the kitchen. Locked doors would open and close, locked windows would open and close and the footboard of my bed would come unhinged and slam on the floor with intense force.

Our dogs would awake, perk up as if they had been called and run up stairs as if greeting and playing with an unseen friend. If you were outside of the home, you could feel someone watching you. Twice I awoke in the morning where locks of my hair had been cut in the night. Each time I made my bed and left for school, I would come in to find the impression where someone had sat though I was the last to leave and the first to arrive. On full moons and lunar eclipses, the sound of scratching would emanate from within the walls.

Friends and especially boyfriends would refuse to come over or come in because they’d swear they heard someone threaten them to stay away from me. On several occasions I heard a male voice calling my name or felt a man’s body spoon with me in the middle of the night. Often while I showered, I would feel like someone was peering in on me. There were several times that I would wake up to find my shorter skirts sitting on my dresser where I had laid pants out the night before. There were unexplained drafts, noises, and feelings everywhere within that house.

Over time, I began to see a man’s silhouette outside my bedroom door or closer into the room. On a few instances, I saw the shadowy silhouette in the bathroom. With these sightings came more direct physical contact. I would jolt out of bed at all hours of the night feeling icy hands on my face, neck, legs, back and/or abdomen. I began to dream very sexual dreams starring the young man from my earlier murder dreams.

After three years of this constant and increasing torture, we moved. By then, I was 18 and heading down the home stretch of my senior year staring down the barrel of college. The relief I felt with the move was soon replaced by the fears of my own uncertain future. Just days before I was to leave, my mom, sister, brother and I began to talk. It had been three months since we had moved from the house on Shoreline and strangely not a word had been said until that day. It was then that we all began to talk openly about the “experiences” we had each individually known. I will not go in to the events experienced by my family members but I will say that I am not the only one who was haunted there.




Private Home Haunted





Branson, Colorado, I use to live in a home with 2 ghosts, a mother and

daughter. They had died in house fire were my home had been built. My

home before I move in had been on fire several times, till it was set on

fire and burnt to the ground. The story of their death is that one night

that the grandfather had woke to stoke up the fire in a wood burning

stove, unfortunate, he use some gasoline to get the fire going better

and it back flash on him causing him to spill the rest of the gas. He

died later in the hospital, the mother and daughter never did get out.

The "mother" ghost first appear to me when I had my baby, she awoke me

to warn me of someone entering the home. Standing above me was like a

"grayish" mist. The 12 year. old little girl had like a "crush" on my

son and played tricks on him, like if he turn the light off she would

turn them back on, or the T.V.

One day my mother was visiting and my children was getting out of hand

and mom started to scold them and the "mother" ghost got upset and knock

some of the dishes off of the shelf and then knock the stove pipe off of

the stove. When the dishes came down, one hit one of my girls and left a

scare. The two ghosts, never let anyone live in "their" home for more

than 2 years, if even that long, well, they must have like us, we lived

there for about 8 years.

The house is no longer there, and sometimes even today I still feel like

the mother and daughter has move with us.

Thank you for letting me tell the story.



Never Heard Again




When in I was small we lived in a big house close to the cemetery. I had a friend who would not believe me and told me that I was crazy. I told him that I saw lights out side and that you could here some children laughing. One day as we were walking home my friend asked me if I had called him I said no and he laughed thinking I was pulling his leg. Later that day he came over to my house and slept over .at night we heard a noise coming from the cemetery my friend and I got out of bed and thinking we were being brave left the house for the cemetery. As we got closer the sound got louder pretty soon all you heard was a roaring sound that scared the hell of of us we took off and never heard anything from there again.





Long Time Believer




Good evening everyone from Plainfield, Indiana!

My name is Shannon a.k.a. Shay.  I'm 36 years old and mother of 4 beautiful boys.  Chris who is 13, Nick 11, Tracy 8 and Joey 6.  I have been a believer of the paranormal and supernatural for as long as I can remember.  It was my main focus of study in my school years.  Especially after I moved into a home with some very friendly spirits at the age of 12.  I'll write more about that later.

This weekend I found your web site and I was hooked.  I believe I spent 3 hours straight reading as much as I could, listening to the evp's and looking at all the pictures with my son Chris.  Two particular topics really grabbed my attention.  The Old Hag Syndrome and Crisis Apparition.  Chris and I believe know that we have experienced the sleep paralysis.  The surprising thing is that we were both sleeping on our stomachs and we felt the pressure on our backs like someone was holding us down.  It has happened to me a couple of times and only once with Chris.  When it happened to Chris he felt annoyed and mad.  He thought that one of his little brothers was pushing on him because he felt hands on his back and knees on his legs.  He started to "shake" the "person" off and said get off of me.  The he felt it sit up on it's knees on the back of his legs and he repeated, "Get off of me."  The pressure finally released and Chris was able to look behind himself and when he did he found out that he was alone in the room.  It was not his brothers.  He says that he didn't feel scared or anything.  Basically he went back to sleep.

Wish my experiences had felt non-threatening.  I more or less was spooked by it because I couldn't move or open my eyes.  I did have the sensation of going through the bed.  I also couldn't speak so in my head I kept screaming, "Get off, get off, get off!'  The second time it happened was shortly after we moved across the street into a new townhouse.  That time I forced my shoulder to jerk the being off of me.  It would let up but then come right back down.  I finally got it to go away so that I could get up.  It was really unsettling.

The thing is that I didn't know it had a title or what it was until I came across your web site.  I read the description about Old Hag Syndrome and got all excited and had Chris come down to read it too.  He was amazed.  He said, "Mom, that is what happened to us but the only difference is that we were on our stomachs."  I was in awe.  And thrilled.

I'm sorry to cut myself off but it is getting late and I need to go to bed.  I have so many other stories I would like to share with you (if you are willing to listen).  Especially about my "Crisis Apparition" that occurred with my Grandmother last year 2 weeks before she died.  Very interesting yet sad story to tell.

Well, until next time I wish you all well and good luck with the hunting and research.




Held Down




This happened to me back in the early 70's.  I live in the city of Gadsden, Al, and one of the times that my sister and her husband and two daughters were down for a visit from Minn.  My niece who was around 12 years old always liked to stay over night with my wife and I ( I was around 21 years old then). My niece was going to sleep in the front bedroom while my wife and I slept in our room in the rear of the house.

Around 1 or 2 am my wife woke me up and told me that my niece was asleep in the floor by our bed.   we woke her up and she said that she did not want to sleep in a room by herself, but did not say why.  I told her to get up and sleep in our bed and I would go to the front bedroom and sleep.

When I got to the front bedroom and just got into bed, I felt as if someone was pushing me down with their hand on my chest. I tried several times to get up but I could not and it was hard to breath. I kept trying to raise up or even turn over but I could not. I was really getting scared.  after about a minute or two (felt like a hour to me) the pressure released and I was able to get up. I then went into my room and I slept on the floor.

I got up the next morning and went to work but did not say anything about what had happen to me during the night.  When  I came home for lunch I was talking with my wife and I told her what had happen to me and she told me that was what had happen to my niece and that was why she came into our room.

We never went back into that room and later moved from that house.  I have never had anything else happen and I hope I never do again.




Haunted House





We wanted to sell our house soon after moving in... but they got used to us and us to them.

We live in a 1926 bungalow in Tampa, and I'll tell you just a couple of the things that have happened. 

Soon after moving in, we kept having creepy things happen like the lights flicking on and off, etc.  Not  believing in such "nonsense" we dismissed it.  Then the fan would be on when we had left it off.  Then the TV was on when we came home one night, when we knew we had turned it AND the cable box off before leaving. 

THEN, I was leaving for work one morning and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the French door on the right front of our house was standing wide open and the deadbolt was in the "locked" position.  This door had not been used since we first moved in and had the door (which was ugly) and the locks changed.  I had checked the "locked" status of the door on several occasions for the security of my family, and there was no way it could have opened in the "locked" position (with the deadbolt out).  I kind of freaked out, and we started talking about moving again.

THEN, we were watching TV a few nights later, when a man walked by the door in our hallway.  Of course, I freaked and jumped into defense mode, but there was no one there.  It was an apparition.

THEN, I had a dream that something was wrong in the house and got up to investigate.  Hearing a noise behind me, I turned (in dream) to see a spectral figure who grabbed me around the throat and was choking me.  My wife awoke from hearing my choking, and she woke me up.  But I shook violently for about 5 minutes after.  So, we were convinced to either move from our beautiful new house, or have an exorcism.

We decided to buy several crosses and place them around the house, and announced to the house that we weren't going anywhere.  This did not stop the paranormal activity, but made it much less scary in nature.

We had some friends over who were skeptical about our "experiences".  We were talking about everything that had happened and my wife's cousin was nay-saying everything we mentioned, when the cork in the salad oil shot into the air about six inches.  They freaked, and suddenly my wife's cousin's husband wanted to stay up all night in our house with a video camera.  My wife announced to the house that we would make them a plate of salad if they really wanted.  By this time, we were certainly converts, with witnesses.

We still get up in the morning to find the dining room light and fan on when we rarely use that room (and certainly didn't the night before), but it has become less frightening.  And, we haven't had anything as endangering as doors opening or choking dreams to where we would feel unwanted.

We have also found a few very old items buried outside, which we have  incorporated into our curio to honor those that lived here before us, so I think that helps a bit.




Ghost Story




Hey man, great site to get scared.  I have a ghost story that maybe will be

interesting for others to read, ready? here we go.....

It was like, 1999 and I used to work in this computer distribution center in

Fullerton CA.  HUGE warehouse full of computers and IT stuff.  I can tell

the building was kind of old but not like ancient old.  Ok lets get down to


When I started to work there as a Security Officer, we had those big metal

detectors, kind of the same ones in the airports, well, me and some other

officer are sitting next to them, when all of a sudden, those things will go

off for no reason.  We initially believed the forklift was just riding behind

the wall and made them go off, but if we were working the weekends, and the

warehouse is sealed, and no forklift was in use, same thing will happen,

metal detectors will go off don’t know why.  But That’s nothing compared to

what’s next....In one weekend I was working in the com. center( a place with

cameras and all that security stuff).  Its about time to go home and I go to

the restroom.  5 minutes later I come out and try to open the com. center door and

I felt like someone was holding the door from the inside.  I thought my

relief was already on site and he was playing a joke on me, so I told him,

common man, let me in...yep he did but when I got inside, NO ONE was there. 

Needles to say, I grabbed  my things and waited downstairs for my relieving

officer so I could go home.

In a different occasion, I am training the new officer for the graveyard

shift.  We are sitting right next to the employee entrance door around 3am,

and he looks at me and tells me....hey dude, who’s the lady in white?  I’m

like- what lady in white?  He says that some lady wearing something

white just walked in front of the door.  I go out side to check and nothing

there and from the moment he said he saw this lady to the moment I went to

check, maybe only 1 min has passed and there is no way someone can get out

of that huge parking lot in less than that.  He kept on saying he was sure

of what he saw and I was like yeah sure.  Maybe an hr later, his cell

phone rang, he picked up...nothing.  15 minutes later, phone rings

one.  45 minutes later, phone rings again, he picked up and said if you don’t

want to talk just stop calling...and he just drop his cell phone and said...I

quit.  I’m like. why man? he told me some faint voice told him hello.  I told

him to stay until the end of the shift and he agreed, but the phone was

ringing every once in a while.  he would never pick up and once again,

needles to say, that was his first and last day working there.

Some other day, in a weekend, around 4pm I’m standing next to the intercom

(we have an intercom so truck drivers could announce themselves) and I hear

this metallic clicking noise in the intercom.   I’m like, maybe someone

playing and since it was the weekend, that meant trespassers so I go to the

door and look out and nothing.  I’m like. maybe darn birds were playing with

it.  Same moment I’m thinking this, intercom goes off again click

click like someone making noises with a coin or something but imp looking at

the gate and no one was there.  I go investigate and tell the other S/O to

pay attention to the noise I was going to make to compare...and yes same

noise I was making flipping the fire dept key covers, was the same noise we


Want to hear more? ok here....

My boss and I are standing outside the building, smoking a cigarette and we

look up to were the office windows are and we see the shadow of someone

walking thru.  I’m who is crazy enough to work at 3am.  he was

like, I’m in the same floor and I’m up there by myself, plus access to that

floor is restricted only for certain employees and there are no employees in

the facility.  We did not go up there to check, sorry for my boss he went up

there just to get his stuff and spend the rest of the evening with us.

Sometimes I used to be up there by myself and I could hear someone walking

out side my door.  This was when I first started working there so I had no

idea that only management have access to that floor and no one was there. 

After learning all this, I didn’t work that com, center again.

This company moved out to Mira Loma CA and the building is been empty for

like 3 yrs now.  Wonder why no one wants it.

I hope you guys liked this story and keep  up the good work.



Farmersville - West Carrollton Road






I lived there with my boyfriend and his roommates -- I was haunted for 3-4 weeks and would stagger every 2-3 days apart.  This character was a spirit just wanting to let someone know he was still there.  The story went as I was told when he and his brother were younger and helped build the house they lived in when they were grown.  One died of an overdose and the other a shot wound.  The ashes of Tom and Steve were spread over the baseball fields that were in the back of the property.  There is a store on the corner of the roads mentioned.  And two house sit next to it.  All three are to be believed haunted since the family owned the property back in the day.  The store on the corner was shut down buy the government because of the gasoline tanks weren't secure and up to regulation standards.  Which took an impact on the family.  My Ghost I think of almost every day.  Knowing that for over 30 years, his "kind" of people lived in.  The house was sold in November 2001 to the store owner.  Who now has expanded his business with a drive thru.  

The house is very beautiful inside and well kept.  And since sold from my friends to the new owner, The New owner was to move his mother in there.  I was wondering how the ghost felt about this since this wasn't his type of people he would of hung out with if he was alive.  

But It started and creeped me out really bad to where I wouldn't stay there by myself.  After a week or two I was getting used to it and becoming familiar with his character.  He was a prankster Spirit.  Just wanting to let his presence be known.  I occasionally drive by the property wishing I was able to know the people who are in the house now.  I had many encounters inside the house and also seen the Orbs floating in the bedroom that I was in.  I heard 5 sets of footsteps as if to be in sandals and with a wet sound.  Thru the window to my left.  Which didn't make sense there were prickly weeds a pine tree and no one really walked there.  There was a window at the feet of the bed and I was waiting for one of the 5 roommates to say Hey let me in, I locked myself out.  Nothing was said, I asked my boyfriend did you hear that, he was asleep.  So he didn't hear the footsteps or see the orbs I saw after the footsteps.  Once the footsteps stopped I then asked if he heard that moments later I was watching all around the room and at the window at our feet bottom left corner there was a white ball floating slowly up and down about 2-3 ups and downs and then faded but continued on the corner of the other side of the window and it was shorter 1-2 ups and downs and then up and left the room.  That scared me.  That was one of the first encounters.  

The boys had the basement clean and made up as a professional wrestling ring, with all of the trophies of one of the roommates winnings thru the Tuff Man contest From Hara.  Very neatly kept.  So coming down into the basement to the immediate right was a boarded wall with a curtain for the door which was the washer and dryer.  There was a window above the washer and dryer and I was standing there waiting to convert the wash to the dryer and I heard and broom stick fall to the ground with a couple of bounces as if someone dropped a mop handle or broom.  I looked up to the window and said out loud, Very funny.  So just for curiosity I went  around  the basement looking for a similar item that would have made that sound.  Not a broom or mop no where.  I went back to the washing room and stood there for a moment and it did it again.  I said Very, Very funny.  

I had driven from New Carlisle to this house my boyfriend and I were going to go out.  I got there he was asleep in his bed and didn't appear that he was going to make it on getting up.  So I got up and left out of the house thru the breezeway and out the door to the driveway.   I got thru the parking lot of the store next door and my boyfriend called me on my cell and told me to come back and that he would get up.  I turned around and parked in the driveway and came back thru the house.  The door separating the breezeway going to the house had the old door knobs that had the square screws which they never stayed in, A screw driver or the door handle would let you into the house.  I entered the house and slammed the door shut.  There was no way that it would of slid open once it was shut either the door knob or the screwdriver was needed to get in.  I went into the bedroom and sit on the side of the waterbed and dangling my feet and my boyfriend had still made not effort on getting up.  Momentarily, the breezeway door slammed.  With no noises before hand as if one of the roommates were home so I waited for voices to be heard from some of the guys, No voices.  Just a door slam exactly like the slam I done when I came back from leaving the first time.  I paused....and then spoke softly and asked my boyfriend, "What was that?"  he said, "the door."  

Then He and I were the only ones home and getting ready to turn into bed for the night since he worked early needing to be at work at 4:00 a.m.  So Down the hallway straight ahead was the bathroom, to the right was the room he and I stayed in and the bedroom on the left was the room that the guy was shot in.  Which the roommate there said he didn't believe in Ghost and had never seen anything.    So I was in the bathroom sitting there and getting ready to get up to pull up my pants, and I feel this knock on the bottom of my left foot.  Not my right one too, just the left one...I said before I thought it out, Ha Ha very funny, I called out my boyfriends name.  Well the walls were made very strong, out of sheet metal and when something happens like this your mind automatically races to find an explanation for what just happened.  So I thought, His head board of his waterbed was about a foot from the wall and even if he knocked on the wall...which were strong walls...why would I only feel this in my left foot and not both.  I get into the bedroom and if he had done that the water bed would had of been still moving.  It was still...

It was if The Prankster Spirit was in the basement hitting the ceiling of the basement underneath the bathroom floor with a broom handle.  I felt it in only one foot.  No explanation.  again.  

So were all sitting around watching a fight on the big high time cable and I asked one of the guys had they ever seen, felt or heard anything, he looked and me and his eyes were as if enlarged and I asked him what happened and he didn't want to tell me but just by the expression on his face you can tell when someone has had a Haunting experience.  It took me about 10 minutes to get his story.  He said he was standing at the bottom of the steps of the living room and someone tapped him on his shoulder he turned around and no one was there.  I never experience the touch other than the knock in the bathroom on my left foot.  But I saw and heard things.  

The house is definitely Haunted and I just want to be around when it is made more known.  Because I miss the Ghost and think of my experience often.  I wonder if he has changed since his kind of people have gone and there is an older lady to be living there.  I once drove past about 6 months after we left the house and there was a sign out in the yard as if it was a daycare.  That didn't stay in the yard too long because I cherish my time in that house and miss it allot and thinking about my experiences almost every day.  I feel for the Ghost and him being lost and not able to make the complete crossover to leave what he knew in life behind.  I often wonder if maybe he may of become an angrier ghost or remains the same.  But the store and the two houses that sit together were connected back in time to one family that owned all three and the baseball fields that are no longer there.  Where the ashes of the brothers were spread.  It was something in my life I will never forget and will always think about.  

This past Halloween I went to a known Haunted area in my town in New Carlisle, called Staley Road.  I took my girlfriend out there October 31st we went and parked by the barn and turned the car off and sit and waited.  I got out of the car and took a few pictures and presently awaiting for the development of those hoping to see an image or capture something that I couldn't see with my eyes.  

So the interest of being haunted and knowing that I wasn't in any kind of harm my interest in this field have excelled and I seek these places out hoping to have another encounter with the third world.  

For those who don't believe....Just wait until it happens to you.  








I live on the south side Edmonton Alberta (In Canada) about two blocks away from a cemetery. The cemetery is called Pleasantview. It's a beautiful, quiet area and cemetery, with all denominations buried there. There are large jackrabbits that inhabit the grounds and there's always someone paying homage to their loved ones.   One Thursday in Early October I decided to visit this graveyard (Like I always do) but this time I brought along my 13 year old stepson. It was getting dark and chilly as we reached our destination, a two minute walk away. As I entered the graveyard I noticed that there we're two people setting up what appeared to be photographic equipment and Geiger counters etc... a little further up the slope that we we're on. I had just turned to say something to my stepson when I saw a white mist shaped like a human, walk by to my right about 30 feet away. The two people on the hill setting up their equipment must have seen it too because they both stopped what they we're doing and stared in that general direction. I had stopped dead (Pardon the pun) in my tracks and was staring too.  My stepson saw nothing except the shocked expression on my face. It was only there for a second but it was real. I had brought along an MP3 player in the hopes of catching an EVP. I did in fact catch a voice. I asked if there was anyone that wanted to give me a message or just talk, and I got an eerie "yesss."  We had been walking around after darkness fell amongst the tombstones. It had taken me awhile to get over the initial shock of seeing the mist before I could continue on and even concentrate on catching an EVP.  I heard only my voice and that of my stepson when I asked the question originally. I only heard the voice answer yes when I played back the recording. I hadn’t heard it when I asked originally if anyone wanted to talk. It was creepy

This is just one of the many happenings around this neighborhood. There is an old folks home right next to the graveyard (Literally, within 20 feet) There are always orbs and such around the cemetery and I for one have seen many things that I cannot rationally explain. My stepson is now a believer as well. WE have had many odd happenings here in my own home. I live in town homes that 40 years ago we're army barracks. just the other night my boyfriend was in the kitchen cleaning up a broken glass (That had just flown off the counter of it's own volition) when one of my 6 year old daughters plastic toy tops flew off the table and started spinning by itself on the floor. The funny part is that the top didn't have a stem so you could grab it and spin it. The kids had broken it off.  My boyfriend knew this place was haunted but had never experienced anything before.  Things are constantly getting moved or disappearing altogether. There are blue orbs that float around and my doors occasionally open and close by themselves. Something keeps tapping at my daughters window and sometimes it shakes so violently that I think it's going to come right out of it's frame. There is no wind when this happens and no breeze that could cause this kind of shaking. My cat goes mental and stares at things that I cannot see. All cats are crazy to some extent but this one seems terrified. Like something is chasing him.

A few of my neighbors have reported similar problems and sightings as well. It's never dull here. I also wanted to add that I am epileptic and that  since I have moved here my seizures have increased in severity. I am on the same medications, same dosage and everything. It's just in the air I guess............. 




Camp Bethel




Here's another one for you:....

I’m 33 years old now but in my 9th grade my first year of high school I went to a private Christian school in Longview Washington.  I made a lot of new friends there.  Things were going well for me.  At school we were to go on a retreat to a place called “Camp Bethel”. I think it was in Bothel Washington....  We were going for one night and two days.  It was fun.  Of course we learned about god and nature.  We played games and we all had a great time.  But that night something happened there that I do not understand to this very day.  I hope someday to understand it but for now, I really have no explanation.

The main Lodge was of course by the main parking lot.  It had the wreck hall and the kitchen, and a really big wooden fireplace and as fate would have it, the only restrooms.  The cabin that was used for the retreat however was down a long trail in the woods.  The boys and the girls couldn’t sleep in the same quarters so we had a draw straws to see which group got to sleep in the lodge and which group had to go sleep in the cabin out in the woods.  The cabin had no bathroom so if you had to go in the middle of the night you had to walk down the ½ mile long over grown trail back to the lodge.  I was hoping for the lodge, I mean we were girls for Goodness sake.  But as luck would have it we got the cabin in the woods.  We were a group of about 15 girls so it wasn’t too bad, I mean they say there’s power in numbers and the teacher was a guy, so we were out there all alone, just us girls and the wilderness, so we got settled in, and dressed for bed.

What happened next is something that has puzzled me ever since that night.  We all got tucked into our bunks.  I had a bunk on the top, I guess I felt better on the top bunk thinking that there would be no eight legged crawly things up there.  It was freezing cold out there in that cabin, I could see my breath in front of me, and my sleeping bag wasn’t much help at all.  I lay there for what seemed like a long time, but It must have been about 25 or 30 minutes and this tremendously weird feeling started growing inside of me.  It felt even colder in the cabin.  I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, a cross between fear and danger and then the feeling that someone was there.

Three of the girls got up because they had to go use the bathroom and they all went together because it was after mid night and they had to walk down the long path through the woods.  The three had left the cabin and not even 2 minutes later I saw my friend Denise by the door.  She said my name a few time trying to get my attention and when I sat up she told me that she had to go to the bathroom and to please go with her.  The others had just left but if we hurry she assured me that we could catch up with them.  I don’t know what it was, I looked at her but it didn’t feel right, that strange feeling inside of me was tugging at me hard.  She motioned for me to come with her but I said no that I didn’t have to go.  I really did have to go but for some reason I was scared out of my mind.  I saw her open the door and slowly step outside as the door started to creaked shut almost in slow motion.  I started thinking to myself that I was just being a chicken, and a stupid chicken at that.  She was my friend so why wouldn’t I go with her, so I jumped up to go with Denise.  I was out of my bunk before the door was closed all the way.  As I reached the door it had just at that moment shut the remainder of the way.  When I opened the door I saw her walk off the porch and I said “Denise wait I will go with you”.  Then she was gone.  I heard a voice behind me say “You will go with me where?”  I froze in my fear.  It was Denise in her bunk.  I was so confused.  I told her, “But you were just walking out the door to go to the bathroom and you asked me to go with you.”  She said, “No I didn’t are you crazy?  I would rather hold it all night then walk through these woods in the middle of the night.”  She told me that I must have been dreaming.  I got back in my bunk and I was so cold.  I felt so confused at that moment and the fear was at almost 99%.  I however knew that I wasn’t dreaming, I saw her, I heard her and I even got out of my bed to go with her.  I don’t quite understand it to this day, but looking back now, I think that it must have been something supernatural.  It was real, I did not dream that and I have never forgotten.  I often wonder what or who it was and why they wanted me to go with them, and if I had, what would have happened.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was about 14 at the time.  At any length, I was glad that we only had to stay one night. 




Gettysburg Story




This was a post I made on the Proof Positive message board for the television show, I was interview for the Gettysburg episode, I thought my story would be worthy of ones you put on the site... so here goes.

So I was with my girlfriend Amanda, and my two friends Marc and Megan. We are regulars in Gettysburg, I live about a half hour away, and we are there almost every weekend, and some weekdays.

So we are walking around the Bathroom area across from Devils Den, there is an open area in the woods, a trail on the left and the right of you, and if your facing the bathroom, then we took the left. Up the hill, through the woods, it's kind of creepy, it's a tight trail, so your flashlight really doesn't give you any idea what's around the corner, and you need a flashlight because of all the big rocks and everything. Anyways, we got to a certain point where there is a fork in the path, as soon as we hit this point, everyone felt as if they were very very sad, and frightened of something. Marc, being the guy he is, decides to walk a bit more, and jumps, runs back to us, and says he saw something (this is Marc's first time, so he doesn't know what's what really.) So we all decided to walk back down the path and go across devils den and into Triangular field.

Being stupid me, I decide, "hey, I don't feel like driving the car up and around Devils Den and park again, so we can just backtrack when we are done in the field!" So that's what we do, we got to the field, and no one else was around (it's after park closing, maybe 11 or so.) Marc is leading the pack, as we are walking, Megan gets her hair tugged on, and we start hearing something rustling around in the bushes near us, I looked over to my right and right beside the woods, I see this black form run, didn't even seem like running as it wasn't bobbing, it just moved from one point to another and disappeared. I looked at Amanda and she said she saw it too. We kept walking down the path, and get close to a corner of the field that is usually really active...I once again had a feeling of despair and dread, I didn't want to move any further, so Marc decided he wanted to move forward a bit, while the rest of us stayed back. Megan was snapping off pictures, and Amanda and I were just looking around. All of a sudden, Marc comes running back yelling to leave, saying something was running around near him. So we decided to leave, we walked up the path at a semi brisk pace, all the while I am seeing things moving to my left and right, the same black form just going from point a to point b. We got out of the field and to the top of Devils Den, we started to walk down the path around the Den when all of a sudden we all just stopped dead in our tracks, as if we hit a in the distance, on the same path that we took by the bathrooms, there is a large light sitting on the trail, as we started to move, it did we started to run to the car and it just came towards us, but not staying on the trail, it was just pushing through the woods. We got to the car, jumped in, and the car wouldn't start, three times I tried before it started, when it finally did, I reversed, as I stopped to put it in Gear, Marc screams "HOLY SH*T!!!" and we all turned around to see the light from the trail immediately behind the car, hub

, maybe three feet in diameter, bright and clear, just sitting behind the car, I gassed it, and we left the Den.

Afterwards, we went to Sacks Bridge, talked to a few people and at one point, we were on one side of the bridge, when all of a sudden, this women’s car alarm starts going off, we all just kind of stood there for a second, before anyone really knew what to say. The women pulled out her keys to show she had no automatic lock, or car alarm button, just her regular keys....Marc and I decided to go to the car, all the time, the alarm starting and stopping. As we get to the car, it's starts, as if someone was inside turning the keys to the ignition....Marc and I walked to either side of the car, no one was inside or anything, it stopped and started 5 times, until the women finally jumped in the car and started it and shut it off herself, then it stopped for the rest of the night.

So that's my story, I tell it on Proof Positive, but in a much shorter description, and not as detailed, they wanted it to be short.




Two Stories





I have two stories one that happened to my grandma and one that happened to my Mother both in a small town called Labasa in the smaller (Vanua Levu) Islands of Fiji.


My Grandma lived on a farm with my grandpa in the 1960’s in a town called Labasa, on the Northern side of Fiji. Although my grandpa was studying law at the time they were just starting off and couldn’t afford much and lived in the area where my Grandpa’s family were bought up and where my Grandpa was bought up. At the time of this story my Grandpa was in England finishing off getting his qualifications. And at the time my Grandma had a baby girl who was 5months old at the time.

On Thursday my Grandma went across the cane field (nearly all farming in Fiji is sugar cane based) to get her washing done, she knew there was a well nearby and put her baby done near the well where there was no grass while she washed her clothes using the water from the well. The following night the dogs outside were howling all night and kept everyone up and the baby too who was crying all night. When my grandma finally got some sleep she had a weird dream where a cow standing by the well told her that her baby has crossed where she stays and she should keep away. My grandma thought that while the dream was weird it probably means nothing, it was a cow so it didn’t make much sense to take it seriously. Two days later my grandma went back to well and put her baby in the same place did her washing. The following night she got another dream but this time the cow standing next to the well said that her baby crossed the line where she stays, where she lives now and that her soul is hers. The following day my grandma got a bit concerned by the dream and stayed home. Around 6pm at night she was sitting in her chair with the baby in her arms. The door creaked open and the baby woke up and looked into my grandma’s eyes then took a small breath as if she was choking and then closed her eyes and blood trickled down from her mouth. The baby died, and the hospital said that there the baby was 100 percent healthy none of the internal organs were bleeding.

When my grandpa came back from England a day later my Grandma told him what happened, and he told my Grandma that one of her cousins committed suicide in that well and the body was never found.

Does anyone here know what the symbolism of the cow might have been, I never could understand that, email me!


This happened to my mother. In Labasa (A town in Fiji), my mum was pregnant with my brother and my dad and my grandma decided to bring some family over from the other side of town to stay with my mum throughout the day and keep her happy. They had a great time, but since they do need to work to satisfy their own families household expenses my Dad had to drop them off and they couldn’t stay the night. So it was about 11pm when they set off to drop them off. Around 11:40 they crossed the Labasa Local Cemetery and my mums cousin said “hey look a pretty cat my cousin loves cat she’s lonely at home why don’t you come home with us so she can take care of you”. Everyone in the car thought it was funny and didn’t take much notice.

Later at night at 2am my mum woke up screaming at the top of her lungs, when my grandma came into the room my mum kept yelling “there’s a black cat on the top of my dresser (Makeup Stand etc)” over and over again. My Grandma switched on the light and saw absolutely nothing on the dresser. My Grandma then tried to touch my mums for head to see if she had a fever and was delusional but she was aggressive and kept telling my Grandma that her eyes looked like cat eyes and that she was evil. So my Grandma ordered my dad to run to the backyard and get her some leaves from the lemon tree. She then grabbed my mums hair and tied it in a not and made her sniff lemon leaves and said “Wherever you came from you better leave now” she said that about 5 times then my mum collapsed and fell asleep.

In the morning my dad and others asked my mum what happened last night and she couldn’t recall the event.

Does anyone here know if their family elders used similar techniques??

I have many other stories of experiences my Grandma had, if you would like more stories you can reply back to this email and ill give u some more.




Strange Man in Town




Oh, where do I start....  When I was eighteen my then girlfriend were living in Holland Mi. we had gotten into an argument and were on our way home.  we didn't have a car so we got around on my bicycle and her roller blades.  when we were almost home at about 11:30PM we passed a pizza place across from our apartment.  I noticed a person going through the trash can in front of the pizza place.  He started to cross the street, which at that time of night had no traffic.  when I was dead even with him he was on the center line.  I looked at him and every part of him was visible by the street light except his face.  I don't mean his whole head but just his face.  he had kind of blond hair was wearing a flannel shirt and blue jeans.  Amber, My girl friend was about twenty yards behind me and she seen him also.  In fact she had to swerve to avoid a collision with him.  Beyond the side walk on our side of the road was an undeveloped piece of property. less than one minute later I stopped to make sure she was OK because that guy gave me the Creeps.  I asked her if she seen him and she told me about almost crashing into him.  I looked back and he was gone.  we went back to where we had seen him and looked in the vacant lot for him because we didn't know what happened to him.  We searched for almost an hour before giving up.  When we got home my roommate was home and we told him what happened.  we went back with him and tried to re-enact what had happened.  With all three of us taking turns on the bike we could not find a way to get just our faces in a shadow.  also we tried sprinting across the vacant lot and any way we did it we couldn't get across without being seen in the amount of time it took get to where we stopped, looked back, and went back to where we seen the guy.  we have no idea what we seen that night. But in my opinion what we seen that night was super natural.  I will never forget the events of that night.  and it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up to talk about it. 





Sleep Paralysis





I recently read some of the stories that were posted on this site.  I am a

believer in ghosts and the paranormal, I have also experienced some strange

things in my life time when it comes to hauntings.  Someone told me that

when you believe in ghosts your more in tune to them, therefore they come to

you instead of someone that doesn't believe them.

My first experience happened to me in 1999, it was the summer and I was

working late at godfathers a pizza place in my hometown, I got home around

2:10am I remember this quite clearly, I usually stayed up and watched TV

but I was tired and went right upstairs, now to picture this the way it

happened I have to explain my room, my bed was facing the door so when I

laid down I could just open my eyes and see the door.  As soon as I got in

my room I felt strange, that weird feeling like something else is in there,

I shrugged it off saying that I was to old for that kind of thing.  As I

kid I was terrified of everything.  I laid down and shut my eyes, the

creepy feeling was even more intense I couldn't shake it.  As soon as I

opened my eyes I saw a black shadowy object coming towards me fast!  It had

a round head and it's arms were outward, but they faded as the went out, it

was coming right for me.  It was floating in the air but at top speed like

if it had a face I would be looking in it's eyes.  I couldn't scream I

couldn't close my eyes and I couldn't move.  It was like I was paralyzed

with fear.  When I tried to scream nothing came out but the sound of me

breathing in.  I can't even explain the terror I felt, in a snap it was

over, the creepy feeling was gone out of my room and nothing was there.

Some people that I told about this said I was dreaming but I remember

clearly when I crawled into bed I set the alarm and it was 2:20am, after

the incident was over it was 2:23am.  Now I can not fall asleep within

that time frame, I told my mom who doesn't believe in ghosts and she told me

I was dreaming as well.  I remember this encounter so vividly still today 5

yrs later and when I tell the tale I still get tears in my eyes.

The second encounter that I faced was not more than a month after.  I was

lying in the TV room watching TV it was around midnight or so....I always

watched TV late being the terrified child I could never fall asleep at a

decent hour.  only a little lamp was on and then the TV, I was getting

a little sleepy so I got up and turned the lamp off (which made the room

quite dark).  A few minutes later I got that creepy feeling, and I mean it was

bad, I wanted to get up and turn the lamp on but I was to scared to.  I

tried to shake it off but I couldn't I turned the TV up and tried to forget

it.  I wanted to go to my room to get away from the creepy feeling but my

house it dark at night, there’s 3 flights of stairs I have to go up to get

there.  Now I must have fallen asleep, but what happened when I was asleep

is the weirdest thing.  I was wearing a white t-shirt and shorts that night

and the couch I was on was a corner couch, there is 4 stairs going up to

the kitchen and beside the base of that are many stairs going to the

basement.  The couch in no more than 2 feet from the stairs and the square

in which the connect.  All of a sudden I was walking up the stairs to the

kitchen, I was wearing the same a white t-shirt and shorts, as I was

walking up the stairs I was turning to face something that wasn't there,

and that thing was doing the same thing, I could not see this thing but I

could feel it intensely, I was turning to look at it (even though I

couldn't see it) and then all of a sudden I was on the platform where the

top of the basement stairs start and the kitchen stairs start.  I was cross

legged looking down at my legs, I felt drugged somehow,  I was trying to

look up, when I got my head up a little I could see glowing legs.  I was

reaching out trying to touch them, then I was up on my feet, like some

force had all control of my body.  Right then I saw man, he had no hair and

was glowing, he didn't look at me but we were a foot apart.  His face was

looking down and his head was moving towards my shoulder.  It was like he

was trying to put his head on my shoulder, as he motioned this I was slowly

moving my head and shoulders back, I was scared, really scared, then I

awoke on the couch short of breath like I hadn't breathed for 15 minutes.  The

strange thing is this all happened in the room I was sleeping and I was

wearing the exact same thing.  I realize I was asleep but this wasn't a

normal dream.  I still have that creepy feeling in the house.  I do not

live there anymore but my parents do, as was intrigued as to why weird

things were happening.  As I thought back to when I was a child I remember

bizarre things happening.  I also asked my sister and she also had some

stories that she couldn't explain.  Nothing like this ever happened to my

parents, but I still get chills when I think back to those experiences.




My Home




   My name is Chris Bailey, I'm 13 and I think my house in Elmira, P.E.I.,

Canada, may be haunted.

   Almost my whole family has had a supernatural experience with the

exception of my older brother Will and my dad. My mom had a dream after my

brother Peter died at the age of 13 where she was in her dead grandmother's

house. her grandmother told her that Peter was upstairs and was busy. He had

gone to a better place and could not come down to visit. He was happy.

   My oldest sister Bonnie also had a dream the year she started high

school. In it, Peter was waking her up for school and he told her that she

would never be alone again. it was either that year or early in the next

year that she met Jaimme Mills. They are married and have a one-year-old


   My older brother Tommy and his wife Amber were sleeping one night in

Tommy's room down stairs. Over the baby monitor they heard their son Zach

wake up. He was only one. Music was heard coming from the baby monitor from

Zach toy. A toy that was kept across the room from Zach. Amber remembered

that Zach slept in Peter's old room and asked Tommy, "Tommy, what's that?"

   "Its just Peter making sure that Zach has a good night sleep," answered

my brother as he rolled over and went back to sleep.

    My older sister Mary Grace is the only one to have seen figures. She was

sleeping in Peter's old room with Zach one night she cam out from

Charlottetown when she awoke to find a gray figure with a cap on starring

into the crib. She shook her head and the figure was gone. She asked Amber

if she checked on Zach or if anyone else did. No one else did. She went to a

psychic who told her that a man died recently, an older figure who she loved

dearly and now he was watching over her. indeed the psychic was right, my

grandfather had died the year earlier and always wore his hat when he

visited. A few weeks ago, she was sleeping on the couch upstairs when a

figure, a man, came up and talked to her for a few hours and she returned to

her slumber. At that time I was the only one sleeping downstairs, and I sleep

in Peter’s old room. I slept the whole night. No one we know of who is

living was talking to her that night.

   I, too have had some experiences with the supernatural. the day before my

sister was talking to the person from the basement, I was in my little

brother Brandon's room playing Gamecube while he was making his bed.

Suddenly, his quilt began to float as if someone was holding it with their

thumb and index finger. He called our mom to come see and she came

reluctantly. Brandon moved his hands all around the point of the blanket but

it would not come down until he pulled it. it floated for about two minutes.

The next night I came up at 11:00 PM to use the bathroom. When I came out

the rocking chair in the living room was rocking on its own. it did it again

two nights later. my deceased grandfathers loved to rock in their rocking

chairs. the lights in my room will go on and off on their own. I’ve seen the

switch move up and down before. I know the bulb is fine.

   that's the story of my home. if my house is haunted than at least I know

its looked after by almost always unseen, but no unheard, loved ones.






Ghosts and Spirits in Topeka, KS




Hello- I once lived in both houses, once in the

70's and in the 80's.  The first house had many cold spots, in it, from

demon or spirit possession.

The middle house, I lived in, in the early 80's.  One night, I had all

the doors and windows shut.  I was sitting in the dinning room and

sewing.  All of a sudden, there was  cold wind that swept past me.

Then, in the corner of the dinning room-the N.E. corner, there was a

book case-the doors were hard to open-and I had a book of the Life &

Times of Jesus in there.  Well, that one book came out of there and

crashed onto the floor.  Then, a knife levitated in the kitchen

door-pointed at me.  So, I said, "If the Name of the Father, the Son,

and the Holy Spirit, get out of my home!"  The breeze went thru me,

again, and left.  I moved out of there a few days later.

The next residence was on the corner of 12th and Kansas Ave.  The house

has long since been torn down, but when I lived on the second floor, I

saw a baby girl ghost run from the closet to the kitchen, then back

again.  I thought it was my son, cause he was that age, at the time, but

this ghost had long blond hair and pink diaper pins on her diaper.  I

went to look in the back bedroom, but my son was still napping.  So, I

looked in the closet, and there was one step in there, and the rest was

boarded up.  My ex-husband also saw the little baby ghost, too.  She did

appear very real-and even had pink barrettes in her hair.  (My son also

had blond hair, at the time, but not long hair.)

That was the only time that I saw any ghosts, and I have seen allot in 52

years of life.

Also, when my father died, in Nov. 1973,' the house that I was at was

the first house.  I went over to the house,

that I lived in and moved out of, to call the hospital, and found out he

was dead!!  Coincidence??

Thanks for listening to me.  I live in California, now, and think about

those happenings above.




Don't go upstairs




As a child I grew up in Guadalajara, Jalisco in Mexico. My father being in the United States and my mother working two jobs I spent a lot of nights at relative's homes and friend's homes. One particular place I remember very well. My Dad's sisters had just purchased a home and I started spending a lot of time there. I always saw my aunts acting weird every time I started to go upstairs and would tell me to stay on the first floor to watch television or play, never would they let me do anything upstairs.

About two years later I was finally told the reason I was never allowed to go upstairs, I was told the ghost of a little girl lived upstairs and did not like anyone going up there. I thought "yeah right, ghost"   Boy was I about to crap my pants that night. After everyone was ready to go to bed my aunt put a pair of shoes at the very top of the stairs and when we all went to bed I heard noises and all of the sudden I heard steps. When we turned on the lights the pair of shoes were about half way down the stairs. As soon as we turned out the lights you would hear the steps again until the shoes were at the very bottom. I was so scared I demanded to be taken to my Grandma's place.

About a year later I finally had the guts to go back to the house. I asked if I could go upstairs and my aunts agreed. Upstairs they still had boxes filled with old junk that they never unpacked because they also feared what would happen if they slept upstairs. As soon as I saw all the cool stuff in the boxes I asked if I could take something and they agreed. As I was leaning over to take and old puzzle the box moved away from me as if whatever it was did not want me to have anything out of it. I backed up and saw someone run into a room that was ate the end of the hall. I ran down stairs and out the door and would never be returning to the home.

Every time I would see any of my aunts I would ask them about what else has happened in the home and one time they said they heard a little girl crying very faintly. One day they ran into the previous owner of the home and they asked him if he had ever noticed anything weird about the home. He said that he had noticed some weird stuff but never gave it much thought. But one thing that he did tell my aunts was that he had heard a family had lived in the home and the children slept upstairs but every time they all went to bed the father would sneak upstairs and take advantage of his little girl. It went on like that for a year until the mom found out and confronted the father. He stabbed and killed his wife when she threatened to leave along with their children then went upstairs and choked his daughter in her bed and left town with his son. No one ever heard of him.

I don't know if the story is true but the place is definitely haunted. My aunts lived there for about 10 years and finally sold the place when they were financially stable. I have never heard of anything else since I left to come to the U.S. but I sure hope the new family that lives there doesn't go thru the same thing.



A Ghost in My Old House




I never was a believer in "Ghosts". I had heard many stories, but was a big skeptic. Then a couple of incidents occurred and you better believe I believe now.

Since I had moved into my house, we had heard the sound of pitter pattering of feet in rooms no one is in, our perfectly good microwave would also just go nuts beeping (like someone was playing with the buttons) for no apparent reason. My fiancée, DeAnna, always said, there is a ghost in this house. I would call her silly and always dismissed this as critters under the house and just random malfunctions with the microwave…..all things are explainable in my mind.

Then one day my brother Matt was over with his young child Christopher. Christopher did not talk yet and none of my kids nor DeAnna were home. We lived out in the country so we didn't have any close by neighbors. As we stood in the kitchen debating about politics. We heard a child's voice yell, "Uncle Matt he's got the book!". Matt darted into the TV room with me close behind and there was Christopher standing there with DeAnna's collector edition of Winnie the Pooh stories that had been on a higher shelf on the bookcase. DeAnna was always telling the kids that that was a valuable book and not to leave it out or play with it. Matt took the book from Christopher and placed it back on the bookshelf. We then turned to each other and he asked me, "Did you hear that"? I said, "yeah, someone said Uncle Matt, he's got the book". We then searched the house and property and no one was around. We both got the chills and the hair on our bodies stood up. Weird…...

A couple of weeks later, DeAnna had asked the kids who left out the milk, and they replied in a snotty childlike manner, "the ghost did". That night they were long asleep, we had gone to bed and DeAnna heard some noise coming from the kitchen. She got up and there were the kids fully dressed and fixing there cereal. DeAnna asked, "What are you doing"? My son Richie replied, "he told us that it was time to get up and go to school so we did"……ghost revenge maybe?

Not too long after that, the kids were in bed asleep, DeAnna was in the back bedroom taking a bath. I was watching TV laying on the couch. I was facing the hall that had the laundry room off to the right and I could see about half the dryer. Before her bath DeAnna had loaded a load to be dried so the dryer was going. Suddenly I see the dryer door gently open and close turning off the dryer. Puzzled, I got up to see who was there and no one was around. I checked the kids room and they were sound asleep. I walked to the back bathroom and Deanna was still in the bath. I asked her if, per chance, she had walked around and shut off the dryer. She said no…….. I went back to the living room and kicked back on the couch to watch TV. About 10 minutes passed and my daughter come out and was whining, "I don't know where it is". I said. "what sweetie"? She cried, "I don't know where it is"? I replied, "you don't know where what is", knowing she must have been talking in her sleep. She said, " the jacket, he wants his jacket and I don't know where it is, now he won't leave me alone"! I asked, "who sweetie"? She said, "the little boy, he wants his jacket and he won't leave me alone". Man did I get the heebie jeebies. I carried her back to her room and she was in a dead sleep within seconds.

We never felt threatened by the ghost. When the sounds on the microwave got too annoying DeAnna would lecture as if she was talking to a child and the noise would stop. We bought the house from my ex-in-laws who built the house. They never had any children of there own (that I know of), though they adopted and raised three (as far as I know). We have since moved and the people who bought our house rebuilt it from the foundation up. I don't know if they have ever experienced any incidents. I have not since.

I do believe that spirits are out there.





Report of Haunted Cemetery




tonight me and 4 of my friends went to the child’s play cemetery in

Burlington Kansas. The cemetery is know as the __________ schlighter

cemetery. Today we turned off the car and we heard the thuds and saw the

hand prints only by my friends window! the there was a man that walked

behind the grave and had a pale face was tall and was wearing a dark green

cloak.  the man stared at my friend as he walked away and disappeared behind

the cemetery.  My friend felt his hand being held and it was sweating but no

one in the car touched him.  He doesn’t like to talk about it and says that

we shouldn’t go back.  There were also sighting of a white orb that flew

across the length of the car and disappeared.  There were also sightings of

dark figures walking around on two feet then disappear.  This is the weird

part.  we put a camera facing out the front of the car. after watching the

video we see a white orb looking thing fall really fast and then disappear

halfway down the screen. We have a video for proof! it only happened once

and we couldn’t see it when we were there. its only on the tape.


Prison in Mt. Pleasent Iowa





After re-reading the article I wrote to you about earlier. I noticed I had made a few major errors. Thinking it was on the west wing. And hence this corrected version of my response. Also attached are two drawings. mhi.jpg shows the entire building. ward.jpg shows a rough drawing of one of the wards on the east wing. Also included are two odd happenings I experienced. One of which has nothing to do with ghost. But definitely hints of some very unusual doctor behavior I observed. And dos give an idea of just how weird this place really was! Frankly I am not surprised that there were a lot more ghost stories emanating from that place!

Possible source of phenomena?

One. It was a sound caused by wind pushing an open door closed. These doors were made of heavy gage steel. And when subjected to a breeze. Tended to accelerate slowly. Gaining speed as the door was forced closed. (Hence a person who just opened a door along with maybe a window or two. Would not even have noticed the door closing. Until he/she was well out of the area. At which time there would be a resounding metallic bang! 'If there as any such thing as the Slammer? This is definitely it!') The fact the wards are aligned north/south. Insured that the prevailing winds. Which in Iowa move in a general east/west direction. Would hit the windows square on. Making for an espely drafty building.

Two. It could have been the sound of furniture being moved about in preparation for cleaning. (Through this usually tended to occur much earlier in the day. But the procedure basically consisted of. Moving all the furniture to one side of the room. At which time the floor was mopped. Then the furniture was moved to the other side of the room and the rest of the floor mopped. Oh and yes! It was quite a job! And was done daily!)

Three. From about 1969 to about 1973 or so. The ward directly below where the person heard the weird sounds. Was the adolescent ward. (Ward 2 east it was called.) And below that. From pre-1969 to about 1973 or so. Was the children’s ward.

Also there was one memorable suicide on ward 2 east circa 1971. That I remember very vividly due to my indirect involvement in the aftermath. There was a teen age girl. Who horded her sleeping pills. Who used them to end her life while out on a family visit. The reason I recall this so vividly was due to at the same time of the tragic incident. A new policy was made on the ward. Where anybody caught hording sleeping pills was immediately taken off the medication. Well you see. I was on the medication and did not want to me. So I made up a little lie. Saying I was hording them. And was taken off. Who said doctors were smart? Oh and after that incident. While the staff were kind of paranoid over additional suicides. Would often say I was going to well. You know. Only to then break out laughing due to the panicked look on there faces. (Oh I even falsely confessed to setting a fire on ward 2 east. That of course was set by somebody else. So I would be in lock up and not have to go to phys-ed! They never caught the guy who actually set the fires due to my interference. Yea I was quite a handful in my youth.)

Also the building being of concrete construction with a lot of pipes and air ducts. Running both horizontally and vertically. Made it easy for sounds to travel from one part of the structure to another. The observer often hearing sounds appearing to come from un-expected directions.

Must say though the report of apparitions in the hallways. Is intriguing. For I remember a staff member entering my room on ward 1 east. Which was two floors down from where the guy said he heard something. Who asked me if I had a bat in my room. And thinking he was referring to a plastic baseball bat. I had. I went looking for the item. At which he then realizing I was thinking of the wrong kind of bat. Said no. I am talking the animal. He then said somebody said he thought he saw a bat in his room! This occurred around about 1969. Only I dismissed it off as simply being well. It was a mental hospital after all. I my self never did see anything paranormal. When I was there. Through if the person who wrote the article on your web page. Heard the sounds circa 1969-1972? He may have heard me slamming a door. Which I often did sense it made a very loud threatening yet harmless noise. That drove the staff nuts. Who knows? I may be your ghost? I also seem to recall having thrown a chair or two as well.

One other odd thing happened when I was there. Which if you have any idea as to what this could be? (Sure seems to be some kind of experiment under way. But why?

The pool hall incident. Circa. Summer of 1969. Location. In pool hall in basement of west wing of the MHI in Mt. Pleasent Ia. On the day in question. I along with several other residents of ward one east. (Which was the children’s ward.) Were in the pool hall during a recreation period. The pool hall as it was called. Consisted of two connected medium sized rooms. Located in the basement of the west wing. On one side were pool tables. The other room was used as a lounge area. With seating for maybe two dozen people and a television set. I was setting in the lounge area. Facing towards the entrance door to the room. When this man walked into the room. The man was in his late twenties or thirties in age. Tall in stature with dark gray medium length hair. The man was wearing leather restraints. Which consisted of a belt around the mans waist and leather cuffs around each wrist. Which were fastened to the belt. Along with one or maybe two orderly escorts. The man then stopped in front of me. As if trying to make sure I saw him. Even moving his bound arms as if to draw my attention to what he was wearing! He then moved into the other room. Followed. I saw him then playing pool briefly before leaving the pool hall.

Now what is unusual here of course is the location.    Since one normally dos not parade a violent mental patent past a group of minor children.   In a pool hall!    (Think?   Pool cues = shisklabob?)   They would be housed in an isolation unit on the violent ward!    And this is the only time I ever observed anything like this!   In any medical setting.    I really do get the impression.     But why?   Remember this was 1969.   In Iowa.   Not modern day Castro st.   San Francisco.   And nothing unusual occurred after wards either.   Aka.   Nobody came up and tried to conceal me or treat me etc.   Its as if once they found out what they wanted to know.  They did nothing with the information.





My Angel, My Safety




My names Ashley. I'm 17 years old. I live in a small town called Homer City in PA. When I was in 6th grade (5 years ago) my parents got a divorce, me n my dad moved in w/ my aunt for 3 months, then he found a house in Homer City. (we used to live in a mining town outside of Chg. had gone to the same school all my life until that move. the reason he bought a house in HC is so I could go back to school w/ my friends) The house we moved into was really old so old it only has 4 heat decks. Me & my little sister shared a room & my older sister had her own room where shed do tero cards (spelled wrong but u get the idea haha). My older sister ended up moving out after she graduated high school. So of course I got her room. I didn't realize it at the time but I believe she open up a portal (in my room, hers at the time) but never closed it. This isn't when weird things started to happen w/ me but this is my favorite interaction. I had just got done moving my stuff in to my "new" room when I was laying on my bed, which was beside a window, talking on the phone to my friend. When suddenly the window started shaking really bad, almost like someone wanted in. That day the wind was not blowing at all & there’s no way somebody can get up to my window unless they had a ladder. L e everyone else would probably do I ran down stairs. The next day I was just sitting in my room talking on the phone again to the same person. I opened my closet door to find a little girl I’d say about 3 or 4 sitting there in a dress w/ her knees pressed up to her chest. She obviously was dead but she looked as if she was out of a movie. She also had vomit all over her dress & face & was crying. She looked so scared. I screamed dropped my phone & went running down stairs. I picked up the other phone to see if my friend was still there & she was. I had left my phone on that I had dropped. we both heard someone moving across my floor like they were crawling. We then heard the phone being fumbled around & then it shut off. Like she made sure I had got it so I could still talk to my friend. You're probably thinking it was probably my dad or my sister. But my sister was playing on the front porch & my dad was outside mowing. Who else could it be? For about 3 days I felt as if someone was following me around the house & watched me while I slept. On the third day my dad was in the attic going through stuff that was left up there. He found a picture & brought it to me while I was on the computer. He was like I thought you'd like this & handed it to me. I looked at it & just got the biggest smile ever. It was a old black & white picture of the little girl w/ an older lady & a little boy in front of MY HOUSE! I thought of it as a sign that the little girl was there & just wanted a friend or something. I keep that picture in my room, sitting on my computer desk. It never leaves. Its like a band to keep all evil out of my room closing the portal my sister opened. I like to think of her as my safety & through that picture she watches over me. After finding the pick. no evil interactions have happened. But all the time I hear them (the little boy & girl) walking around upstairs, opening & closing doors, walking up & down the steps, & I hear clicking noises like t y need me but when I follow them it gets farther & farther away or moves to a diff room. Often I see whitish blue balls of energy zoom up the steps. My 2 friends know they r welcome in my house to stay. Well simply because it was theirs first. I trust them & they trust me. They have never harmed me but brought me noting but protection. Inside my house & out (like when I’m driving I always feel the little girl there). Or when I need to talk I talk to her she doesn’t answer me w/ words but w/ actions. She also likes to miss place things of mine that show up other places a few days later. I have other stories but like I said this one is my favorite & it has allot of meaning. You can believe me or not, its your choice. But I feel everyone has a guardian angel. Mines the little girl, my safety.




Mom Returns




I read about your site on DailyInbox, and thought I should share my story.

My Mom passed away on August 11th at 92 --at home and in my arms. We have had a conflicted life together and weren’t always close.

The next morning, as I was sitting at my dining room table eating my cold cereal, the smoke alarm went off.  I have lived in my house for 17 years, and the only time that alarm has ever gone off is when I was cooking.  It would not stop. I had to take it down and hit it to make it stop.  The second day while I was home taking care of things, it went off 8 times, each for a few seconds, or until I said, “Mom, it’s okay.  I know you are fine. Now go off and have a good time!”  Twice, other people heard it, one working in the yard, and one on the phone.  It happened once more, one week after her passing, and it hasn’t happened since.

My mother had nightly “visits” by family members long gone, and would tell us about them in the morning.  If we stood by her door, we could hear her side of the conversations.  This went on for about a year, longer than most people experience these things.  She always told them to come back tomorrow, she wasn’t ready to go yet.




My Ghost Story




Normally I'm not frightened by the cemetery in my home town.  I would spend hours walking through it night or day looking at the tombstones and imagining what these people were like while they were alive.  I felt a calming sensation as soon as I entered the gates.  But that change about two months ago.  I had walked up to the cemetery at about 2am (its never locked up since its in the middle of the businesses).  I was going to find a place to sit with my flashlight and write.  I started back where the oldest graves are.  Coming from the woods in the very back of the graveyard I caught a glimpse of some kind of light, when I looked in that direction it was gone.  Didn't think anything about it and kept going.  A few steps later I heard someone say "stop turn around".  I froze in place.  It sounded like it came from right beside me.  I swear I stood there for about two minutes scared out of my mind.  Then I heard "go now!".  So I turned around and took off running!!  I don't know why after me going there for two years these spirits or whatever it was, no longer wanted me there.  I haven't been back to the older part since then and no longer go after dark.





Father's Day


By: steveberry104@hotmail


I was at my friend's house 2 father's day ago. He was staying with his elderly grandma because she had vertigo and could no longer care for herself without other people's help. He was staying there with his girlfriend and they had the basement to themselves. The three of us were hanging out playing dice and I asked my friend about his grandma. He explained that is was not his real grandma, it was actually his mother's mother-in-law from a previous marriage and her ex-husband had died and his mother was the only one left to care for her. As we were playing dice I asked about his grandma's family. He explained that her husband had died years ago and her son had also died. Just as he was talking about her husband we heard her walking around upstairs. Since she was semi-crazy due to her illness he had to go upstairs and attend to her. Just then we heard her say plain as day "No, get away from there or he will hear you" the voice was his grandma's and we freaked out because she was talking to somebody. We went upstairs and checked the house and found her asleep in her bed. We thought it was very odd and figured she somehow must have hurried back to her room while we were walking upstairs. Anyway, we went downstairs and continued our game of dice.

A few minutes later we heard her walking around upstairs again and now my friend was pissed because we were again interrupted. He went upstairs and after a few minutes my friend yelled downstairs that his grandma was nowhere to be found. So me and his girlfriend went upstairs and we started looking for her. When we went upstairs we heard a knock at the front door and it was his grandma. Now this is where things got weird. Due to her vertigo she is prone to do very unnatural things like wander outside and stuff like that. Since she was prone to do things like that they rigged her house up so that it was impossible for her to leave the house. Basically she was locked inside the house. She has no possible way of leaving the house on her own. She cant even figure out how to unlock a door. Once we let her back in we asked her how she got outside. She said "the man of the house let me outside" The three of us were taken back by this to say the least. We checked all of the windows in the house and they were all sealed shut and locked from the outside as well as the inside. We asked her where she got out of the house at and she said the front door. The strange thing about that is that the front door has a latch at the top of the door and in order to open the front door you have to take a pin out of the latch. When we opened the front door it still had the pin at the top of the door so it is impossible to go outside through the front door and have the pin still at the top of the door. We checked the backdoor and the pin was also at the top of the door. Once again we asked her how she got outside and she said "the man of the house let me outside". We were all a little freaked and put her back to bed and went downstairs.

Once we got down there we all came to the conclusion that "the man of the house" was obviously her husband who had died years earlier. A few minutes later my friends girlfriend realized that today was Father Day's and we once again came to a conclusion that her husband had come back to visit her on Father's Day. Once we sat back down we looked at the dice on the table because we were about to begin playing again and 3 dice were separated from the rest and they were on the numbers 6, 6 and 6. Things then got real spooky. We believe that through the numbers 666 the ghost had given us a sign that he was indeed there and the numbers were the only logical way we could have showed us that. Not that he was an evil ghost but if the numbers the dice were on where 4 or 6 or 7 it would mean nothing to us but since the numbers were on 6, 6 and 6 it got our attention very quickly. After that I was afraid to go upstairs myself and had to have them both come upstairs with me to let me out of the house. As I was walking to my car I had the absolute feeling I was being watched and I was scared to death to look back. I hurried to my car and drove off as quick as I could. I have not been back to the house since.

Another strange occurrence happened this last Father's Day. I had not seen my friend in over a year because he moved away after this grandma had passed on and he had to get his own place. I went over his new house and we were talking about what had happened that night. Just then his girlfriend remarked that that day was Father's Day. I hadn’t seen him in over a year and the day we finally meet up again was on Father's Day....too weird.

Feel free to contact me if you me back at Have a good one...









My name is Annie. I am freshmen in high school, that’s really all I feel comfortable saying. I feel I experienced some kind of haunting or something in health class today, and I’m really sort of freaked out. I believe I came in contact with the ghost of a boy who went to our school and died a few years ago. I knew nothing about him to begin with, only that someone in our school had died within the past two years. I wasn’t even at the school at the time, like I said, I’m a freshmen.

It happened in health class. We had a very small class that day because most of the students had gone to listen to the president speak at a nearby park. I t was me and about seven other kids. The class clown was being a jerk as usual; I’m going to call him Don because I did not ask permission to put him in this. Don was goofing of, hiding from the teacher in a book cabinet. He had been in there for awhile when I started to fell dizzy and get a headache. I couldn’t shake this presence I felt, as though I was being watched. I figured, oh it’s close to Halloween and I’m letting imagination get the better of me. But after a few moments I couldn’t stand it and I looked up from my work.

There was a black shadow in the corner near the book cabinet; I could se it clearly against the white dry erase board. As I was staring at it, the headache got worse. Then, a though popped into my head. ‘A’ I though,” his name starts with an A.” I ran of a list of names that sated with A, I had a feeling it was Andrew. Then, I suddenly felt Don should not be in that closet. He really did not belong there. Some of the other boys in the class tied the door to the cabinet shut, and I felt a stab of anger, and it wasn’t my own. I started to feel extremely sick, but to my relief the bell rang and we left.

I tried to forget about it, but I couldn’t. I started to ask what the name of the boy was who had died. No one seemed to know. But I finally asked a track coach, he told me the boys name was Alex. I freaked out and ran to get my friend Maria. I told her about what I had seen and see took me to her friend Robin. Robin is a wiccan, and he told me that I had seen a ghost. The told me he had known Alex, and that my hunch about the closet had been right. He had done “stuff” in that closet. That’s all Robin would tell me, I suspect it had something to do with Wiccen magic. Don, over heard this conversation, and actually became very frightened, thinking that the Ghost of Alex was out to get him. I explained that I did not think Alex was a hostile spirit; he just wanted Don out of his closet.

Don remained unconvinced, and I told him that if he really wanted to be sure, go apologize to him. This was more for Don’s sake than it was for Alex’s, I really don’t think he cared. While Don and Maria went to apologize, robin sat me down and asked me if I could describe Alex to him. I closed my eyes and it was like I was looking right into a profile. He was pretty tall, and thin. He had sandy blondish brown hair that he wore flared in the front and dark eyes that were hidden behind a pair of silver rimmed glasses. I told this to robin, who didn’t say anything. I went o to tell him how he wore a lot of black and dark colors. I told him that he really liked this one blue sweater with a name on the front that had something to do with the stars, but he wasn’t wearing it. He was wearing a black t-shirt with a white strip that went right across his chest. When I opened my eyes, Robin was staring at me in shock. He then told me that I had described Alex perfectly, from the silver rimmed sunglasses that he liked to wear and the hair style. He then told me his favorite sweater had been a navy blue hooded sweater with the name of the band “The Artaris.” Written across the front. But he still seemed some what shaken, and I soon realized it was with good reason. Robin told me that I had described Alex wearing exactly the same outfit he had last seen him in two days before he had died. 





A Ghost in my Old Home


I never was a believer in "Ghosts". I had heard many stories, but was a big skeptic. Then a couple of incidents occurred and you better believe I believe now.

Since I had moved into my house, we had heard the sound of pitter pattering of feet in rooms no one is in, our perfectly good microwave would also just go nuts beeping (like someone was playing with the buttons) for no apparent reason. My fiancée, DeAnna, always said, there is a ghost in this house. I would call her silly and always dismissed this as critters under the house and just random malfunctions with the microwave…..all things are explainable in my mind.

Then one day my brother Matt was over with his young child Christopher. Christopher did not talk yet and none of my kids nor DeAnna were home. We lived out in the country so we didn't have any close by neighbors. As we stood in the kitchen debating about politics. We heard a child's voice yell, "Uncle Matt he's got the book!". Matt darted into the TV room with me close behind and there was Christopher standing there with DeAnna's collector edition of Winnie the Pooh stories that had been on a higher shelf on the bookcase. DeAnna was always telling the kids that that was a valuable book and not to leave it out or play with it. Matt took the book from Christopher and placed it back on the bookshelf. We then turned to each other and he asked me, "Did you hear that"? I said, "yeah, someone said Uncle Matt, he's got the book". We then searched the house and property and no one was around. We both got the chills and the hair on our bodies stood up. Weird…...

A couple of weeks later, DeAnna had asked the kids who left out the milk, and they replied in a snotty childlike manner, "the ghost did". That night they were long asleep, we had gone to bed and DeAnna heard some noise coming from the kitchen. She got up and there were the kids fully dressed and fixing there cereal. DeAnna asked, "What are you doing"? My son Richie replied, "he told us that it was time to get up and go to school so we did"……ghost revenge maybe?

Not too long after that, the kids were in bed asleep, DeAnna was in the back bedroom taking a bath. I was watching TV laying on the couch. I was facing the hall that had the laundry room off to the right and I could see about half the dryer. Before her bath DeAnna had loaded a load to be dried so the dryer was going. Suddenly I see the dryer door gently open and close turning off the dryer. Puzzled, I got up to see who was there and no one was around. I checked the kids room and they were sound asleep. I walked to the back bathroom and Deanna was still in the bath. I asked her if, per chance, she had walked around and shut off the dryer. She said no…….. I went back to the living room and kicked back on the couch to watch TV. About 10 minutes passed and my daughter come out and was whining, "I don't know where it is". I said. "what sweetie"? She cried, "I don't know where it is"? I replied, "you don't know where what is", knowing she must have been talking in her sleep. She said, " the jacket, he wants his jacket and I don't know where it is, now he won't leave me alone"! I asked, "who sweetie"? She said, "the little boy, he wants his jacket and he won't leave me alone". Man did I get the heebie jeebies. I carried her back to her room and she was in a dead sleep within seconds.

We never felt threatened by the ghost. When the sounds on the microwave got too annoying DeAnna would lecture as if she was talking to a child and the noise would stop. We bought the house from my ex-in-laws who built the house. They never had any children of there own (that I know of), though they adopted and raised three (as far as I know). We have since moved and the people who bought our house rebuilt it from the foundation up. I don't know if they have ever experienced any incidents. I have not since.

I do believe that spirits are out there.





Many Experiences




 1st encounter;

        Place Chard, Somerset. 1944.

        The school I was attending was built apparently not as a

        school but for some other purpose(not Known).

        It was built of stone blocks of all shapes and sizes bonded

        together very much like many old buildings in England.

        From the roadway that runs directly in front the building it

        had a rather ominous look, not many windows and rather bleak.

        To give you the  picture is difficult, but if one stood

        across the road and faced the school one saw a large

        frontage, mostly unbroken, with an entranceway through a

        short archway at pavement level on the left, near the left

        end of the building. The only piece further to the left was a

        kind of small tower (3 stories) with no windows. The archway

        beneath was concreted over on the inner surface with a cement

        lining into which were set hundreds of sea shells. There were

        no doorways in the archway. At least apparently there was one

        on the left side but it was concreted over.  The archway led

        through into the main driveway alongside many of the

        classrooms above which were the dormitories.

        The dormitory I was in was either the 4th or 5th back from

        the frontage.

        From the windows of the dormitories one looked out over the

        driveway and to the left was the archway.

        A corridor connecting all the dormitories ran down the other

        side of the block. It continued on right down to the front of

        the building and there turned left over the archway. The end

        of the corridor was bricked off at what seemed to be about

        halfway over the archway.

        I hope that sets up a picture in your mind as it is necessary

        so that one can understand how several of us saw what


         As is normal in boarding schools there is a lights out time

         and one is supposed to go to sleep, often we talked or

         quietly mucked about for some time. Any large amount of noise

         would bring the matron along with all her fury.

        One night after lights out I was chatting with the boy at the

        window end of the dormitory and a light from the small window

        (barred) at the back of the tower caught my eye. It appeared

        to be coming from a candle as it flickered somewhat.2 or 3 of

        the others who were awake were told to come and look and we

        all agreed basically that there shouldn't/couldn't be a light

        in that room.

        The scenario was repeated on many nights, often with shadows

        moving around in the room. The thing that really got to us was

        that at times one could see that something came between us

        and the candle and yet the candle flame could still be seen.

        All our questions to the matron and teachers were never

        answered and we were told to ignore the whole thing.

        There was no entranceway to the tower from any side.

        We asked in the village for information and were told that

        the building was haunted, had been for many years. No one

        could or would tell us anything more except to leave well



   I have since made enquires on this and it is admitted that the

   building is still haunted.








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