2nd encounter.


††††††††† Year 1947. Place; Isle of White.(off the south coast of

††††††††† England, holiday resort).

†††††††† Small hotel in Shackling.

†††††††† I had been taken there for a weeks holiday with my brother

†††††††† and parents and an aunt and uncle.

†††††††† There was nothing special about the hotel or its

†††††††† surroundings.

†††††††† I think it was the third day of our holiday and we were all

†††††††† in the dining room at the hotel for our evening meal. I was

†††††††† sitting next to my brother with my back to the windows and

†††††††† consequently was able to see the whole room. I would mention

†††††††† at this point that the walls were lined with large mirrors

†††††††† (fashionable at that time) and the effect was rather

†††††††† fascinating as no matter which way one looked one could see

†††††††† just about any other part of the room in reflection from one

†††††††† or other of the mirrors.(As far as I know this place is

†††††††† still the same now as it was then, except the owners have

†††††††† changed.)

†††††††† In those days, especially when there were 4 adults with you,

†††††††† children were seen and not heard, so as far as I was

†††††††† concerned any conversation around me was ignored.

†††††††† During our meal several guests came and went, as one would

†††††††† expect to happen. At some point I looked up and a man entered

†††††††† the room and sat down for his meal. There was nothing special

†††††††† about him and yet my alarm bells were ringing! I

†††††††† didn't/couldn't see why, he looked quite ordinary.

†††††††† Eventually it dawned on me what was wrong, I could not see

†††††††† him anywhere in the mirrors!(Impossible in that situation).

†††††††† I tried to whisper to my brother about this but was told to

†††††††† be quiet and eat. I watched this man until we left and

†††††††† checked as we went out that nowhere could I see his image in

†††††††† the mirrors.

†††††††† At the time all this left in my mind wasa question mark,

†††††††† how?

†††††††† The next day we were down at the beach enjoying a rare warm

†††††††† sunny day. My brother had gone in for a swim and I was lying

†††††††† on the sand watching him and others, simply enjoying the

†††††††† sunshine.

†††††††† I looked around and saw the man from the night before coming

†††††††† down the steps to the beach(he was some way away from us at

†††††††† this point) and start to walk along the beach near the

†††††††† waters edge, heading in our direction. I think I sat up as

††††††† the scene I had witnessed in the dining room came back to me

†††††††† and I watched him as he walked. 'He had no shadow'!

†††††††† I checked that everyone elseís shadows, including mine were

†††††††† as they should be and could find nothing else amiss.

†††††††† I never spoke to him, nor have I any idea who he was. I never

†††††††† saw him again after that day.

†††††††† ...................................................

†††††††† The two stories above are as they are imprinted on my mind. I

†††††††† make no excuses or explanations for either.





He's Still There


By: Fordsprintv8@aol.com


this story starts a long time ago when I was about 8 or 9. I was watching TV when I looked up and I saw a man watching me. he had a blue coat on. he smiled at me and faded away. I did not feel alarmed in any way. I told my parents and they believed me completely. every time I was by myself or scared or sad he was there and he sit by me and his presence would make me feel better. then one day he just disappeared. when I was 12 he appeared again. I was home alone and cleaning the kitchen. we had one of those musical globe things that played music only ifu turned the key thatís under it. all of the sudden it went off and we had not messed with it in years. I had put a bunch of napkins in the stove by the burners heard a voice in my head say stove. I looked at the stove and it was on. I feel chills run up my spine when I think about what could of happened. I guess the blue man was still there all along, still watching over me.



Visitor in my Home


By: hharvey1@twcny.rr.com



I will try my best to try to make a long story short-which is something I have never been good.

I moved into a second floor flat in South Utica, NY in January of 2000.My husband was living up in Watertown with a friend finishing up college.I always had an uncomfortable feeling in that house.When I would come home from work, it would occasionally feel as if someone had "been here".You know that feeling ?I thought maybe the psycho downstairs neighbor, Maria had a key.††

One night, I think in March, I woke up to what sounded like someone walking up in the attic.I thought maybe it was Maria (the psycho downstairs neighbor).BUT-she had a bad knee and was morbidly obese and I would have heard her climbing the stairs to the attic.I shrugged it off.

My husband moved in for good in May.There were always those little things thatwe just shrug off.For instance, the cupboard doors would all be open in the pantry.We would just figure it was the other person, mentally bitch them out, not wanting to waste the time or energy to discuss how irritating this was.

In the winter of 2001, we had come home from partying all night.Yes, we were pretty wasted when this happened-AND that is why we just "forgot" or never talked about this after that night.I fell into bed and passed out immediately.My husband brushed his teeth, turned off the dining room light and shut our door to the dining room.He climbed into bed and drifted to sleep for about 5 minutes.All of a sudden, we both opened our eyes and the bedroom door was open and the dining room light was on dim.(It was the kind of light that had a dimmer, you had to push it in to turn it on and off-AND it was on high when turned off).We looked at each other-kind've read each other's minds and dismissed it.Had to be the partying.

About a month later-I was sleeping on the couch with my head on my husband's lap.All of a sudden he got up and ran for a knife in the kitchen.He said he saw a man walking in the back part of the kitchen.He was terrified.(Don't ask me why he would run towards it-I would be out the door-but that's me).He was shaken up for quite a while.No partying this time-He SWORE he saw a man out of the corner of his eye. I told him he was nuts.

About a week after that in the middle of the afternoon February) he was home listening to the TV. playing loud from the living room while typing a paper in the computer room.He said that he heard a loud slam.Walked out and our bedroom door (which is hung up on a throw rug) was shut.All the windows were closed as it is cold as the North Pole in February in central N.Y.I was at work when he called-He was really worked up.I had never heard him like that.That was when we really became suspicious.

I called our landlord and told her not to think I was nuts, but did anyone ever die in that house?She told me that he husband's grandfather did back in the early 1930's of throat cancer.She wanted to know why I was asking.I told her what had happened.She then said that she thought they had taken care of "that problem".She told us that the last tenants moved out suddenly after seeing the apparition of a man in his 60's sitting at the kitchen table reading.She told me that they had a Catholic Mass to help "Frank" move on.

He must have really loved his house.The downstairs tenants-after Psycho Maria moved out also had experiences, but I promised a short story.

We moved to Syracuse almost 3 years ago.I didn't want to live in a house where someone died.I actually made a point of it.My very good friend told me the first time she walked in this house that she felt as though we weren't alone.I told her that was impossible.

A couple months after my son, Peyton, was born, (September 2003)I was sitting downstairs typing on the computer.I had the video monitor on.I heard this strange, muffled, non-English, whispering.I turned to look at the monitor and his mobile was gently moving.(He was too little to reach it and again no windows open, no air on)I ran upstairs and his mobile was still and no noise.My husband was gone on business, AND no one died in this house, so I assumed that I must have been seeing things.

Then there was the picture of my son, Peyton-which I sent a copy.This was taken around November or December of 2003.

My 7 year old Step-son came out of his room a few months ago and told me there was a boy in his room.He was wearing jeans and an orange shirt.He said that the boy looked at him, then walked through his bedroom door.

Lastly, the top to the kitchen trash can has "fallen off"in my step-son and my presence twice.Lastly, the TV. station has changed itself twice.†††




Japanese Shrine


By: killer_hana@hotmail.com


Hello, I am 14 years old. Even though I may be a teenager and some may not believe me please listen to my experience.

When I was young I was not scared of ghosts nor didnít reallybelieve in their presence but slightly. One day I went to a Japanese shrine with my parents in Japan. This shrine was close to my mothers house she grew up in. I was very attached to my mother, I was all just seven or eight. I was a crazy little child. Soon it was time to leave, as a Japanese tradition I threw in 10 yen my mother gave me to throw in and make a wish. Because I was really attached to my mother I could sometimes feel the sadness of how much she missed her parents. Since I really didnít now me real father, I cared allot more about my mother than anyone in the world. I threw the coin in and made a wish, I wished I could once meet my grandmother. I had heard many stories of her from my mother so that was why I was so anxious to meet her...but the only thing was that she had past away when my mother was around 21. After I made a wish I saw a box with a whole bunch of paper in it...I ran over to my step dad and anxiously asked what it was. He told me it gives you wisdom to your wish. So, as an whiny little child I begged my step father to get me one, so gave me money and I put it in the little slot. I slowly put my small hand in and grabbed a piece of paper...To my surprise it really did give me wisdom to my wish. I remember exactly what it said.'If you wait nothing will appear..but when you at least expect it you will see' As a small child I shrugged it off and went on with my life. About two weeks later I returned from my 2nd country (I am a half) I went to the washroom in the middle of the night...Normally my wishes never come true...but I was in for a big surprise...There I saw an old lady who looked exactly like my grandmother in the picture my mom had stood there! She was smiling at me, she had a long white dress and she was all white. Well obviously since I was small I ran at a speed that could make me the fastest person alive(or at least it felt like it). I didnít have to go to the washroom after that but thatís when it all started.

After that I have been having strange experiences I have seen my future self twice! Once in gr.4 and the other I forget. In grade 4 I innocently walked to the washroom I saw about a 12 to 13 year old of myself...I told my mother but she said it was probably my imagination. many years passed and many odd experiences had gone by. I had moved during those years to Japan and back. This time I was in a different building. I was in sixth grade. It was about 11:30 pm, Iwent to the bathroom and washed my hands, I had grown up a bit. I opened the door to only see a younger me...it looked as if I was in grade four! She was staring at me and I was so freaked out I stood there in shock unable to move. The only thing was...I was able to stare my younger self in the eye. Finally I had the guts to run off...but instead like always closing the door after my self, I left the door open for the younger me. I couldnít help notice that the younger me was wearing normal clothing...than it hit me!...When I saw an young women, my grandmother, the VERY old version of me they were all wearing a white dress....that must of represented that they had died.

Just last year I saw my step dad's grandmother (who is healthy and alive) staring at my picture of when I was young exactly like she was when she visited from Japan. Exact posture and everything...I thought I was dreaming and pinched my self many times and tried lying back into my regular posture and sitting back up to see if she was still there. After 5 minutes of doing this she was gone! Next morning I told my weird experience to my mother, at the EXACT TIME she was thinking of her. My mom told me this 'Maybe you see some of my thoughts...tell me some experiences you've had from the past'...I told her one of the experiences like how I saw a young women and described how she looked. My mom stared at me with shock. That description fit exactly her best friends friend who committed suicide...in fact couple months ago I saw a faceless figure standing over my bed watching me. earlier that day my mom was imagining that and thinking how to see that it would be unpleasantly scary.

Last but not least at camp I had this scary feeling inside myself...I had never been so scared for such a small thing I knew that was fake. I fell asleep that night having a dream that was extremely mysterious. I was playing capture the flag with everyone at camp. I wanted go to the other side but I saw a very pretty girl my age. She had a ponytail, beautiful skin, hazel eyes, a fit body and she was wearing red clothing. She was blocking my way so I decided I should run past her. I tried but she was after me so I decided to run back to my side. I ran as fast as I could and finally got to my side. She was on her side but slowly came in to my side...all the sudden everyone was gone...It was only me and her. She was starting to feel evil presence...I was scared she ran after me and finally I could not run anymore. I couldnít walk I was too scared. Than right when she got in front of me her smile was not a good smile...She gave me an extremely evil smile...I didnít feel good...I couldnít move! Than right before something was going to happen she started fading, than only her hazel eyes were left except those pair of eyes was brownish white. They were staring at me. Just staring. I woke up shock and was scared so much. Iíve never experienced such an evil dream. Than I turned to see right beside me the girl from my dream fading...fading and just watching me...than her eyes disappeared. I woke up and told my cabin buddy (who I was really great friends with) I told her what happened and she happened to live in the area...she told me about a girl who had gone missing a while ago...the description fit her....A few weeks after camp ended my friend sent me the newspaper about her missing, I saw her picture...It was her...was she telling me something? I donít know but do you think she was?

What caused me to see all these things....I believe it was the shrine I visited in Japan and it started there. I am extremely scared in ghosts now...I sometimes consider go g to the same shrine wishing I wont see a ghost again!




Haunted Apartment


By: Skip61472@aol.com



After I graduated high school me my father, brother and sister move in with my aunt and 3 cousins into a big apartment in a small town in MA. Our downstairs neighbors at the time were Hispanic. Odd things would seem to happen throughout the apartment. You would be watching TV and all of a sudden it would switch over to the Spanish channel by itself. Rooms would get cold all of a sudden. One day was very windy and we were gathered around the kitchen table playing cards. We hear someone stomping up the stairs and the door is opened ( the wind was blowing, but the door opened against the wind). and slammed shut. The door to the living slammed shut, the door to the hallway opened and slammed, footsteps were heard going upstairs, a door slammed and a TV was turned on, to the Spanish channel and turned up loud. My 2 year old niece was in the living room and runs into the kitchen crying hysterically. Later when our neighbors get home we tell them what just happened. It is then we find out that they used to rent our apartment and they had a brother die. In their culture they place the body in the room of the house they enjoyed the most and have the wake there. His favorite room was our living room. When he got mad he would stomp up the stairs, slamming doors and would crank up the volume in his TV. We never saw him but knew when he was around, he became like apart of our family. When I moved into the apartment next door he would come and change the channels on the TV. I think it was his way of saying hi and "keeping in touch".

On a side note my niece when she was 3 lived in the apartment below me and I was downstairs one night. All of a sudden she lets out a scream we all run in to see what is wrong and she says someone looked in the window and was staring at her. My cousin and I go out to investigate but find no one, it had been raining and there were no footprints in the mud. As her mother is carrying her to bed she passes a photo montage of our family and points to a photo and says that is who was at the window. She is pointing to a photo of her great-great grandmother, who she was named after, who had been dead almost 10 years at that point.




Man at the Window



By: ssimon@oxy.edu


Ok, I'm 18 now. When I was like 12-14, I was at a funeral reception at a family friendís house. At first people were eating and talking and what not, but then they had some prayer thing in the middle. My Grandma has Parkinsonís disease, and my mom asked me if I could just sit with her and my Grandpa in the dining room while they had the prayer thing in the den. Well, I was kind of bored the whole time this was going on, and I was chilling staring off into space. In the corner of my eye, I saw movement, so I looked over at the front door. I can still see it in my head what I saw, a mid-older aged man with gray hair wearing a blue polo shirt. His image wasnít 100% clear because the glass on the door was French, so it wasnít very smooth. I didn't think anything at that time because it looked like a normal guy just about to open the door and come in. Well, the door opened at a normal speed, and when it was fully open, they guy was totally gone. I was totally confused, and 5-10 seconds later, my grandpa asked me to close the door because it was cold outside. So I got up, walked a few steps outside, looked down their way long driveway (thought I might see someone walking or running away), no one was there so I just turned around, went back inside and continued my evening.It was not until the next few days that it hit me that I might have seen a ghost.

I'm still trying to figure out what the hell this was. "Even if I didn't see something" the door opened like 4 seconds after I saw the thing, so it would have been very coincidental that the door would have randomly opened like that. I'm 100% sure I saw something, and I'm not crazy. Every time I have been back at that house since, I always forget what I want to do, ask the lady for a picture of her dad. See if I recognize his face at all, see if he had gray hair, and even see if he liked to wear polo shirts.

Let me know what you think.




The Lexington Haunting


By: madison8185@yahoo.com



I have to admit I'm not a believer of ghosts on earth,

but what I experienced I can't explain. My family and

I went to Corpus Christi, TX to visit the Lexington

ship. I have heard it was haunted, but never believed

it. As you probably know they say the most haunted

part is the boiler room. Well knowing this I was on

the look out for anything to make me a believer and

what do you know down where you can't go at the bottom

next to some gears my mom and I saw a gray mist like a

fog that occupied that area. As people were passing by

they stopped and were looking as well. hats not all

though. As we continued touring this magnificent ship

we were going thought the cafeteria serving line (Keep

in mind this cafeteria is not used anymore and hasn't

been in operation for years)My mom turned to me and

said "Heather do you smell that" and it smelled like

someone was cooking food and I mean some really good

food, the aroma was overwhelming. As we finished our

tour we asked one of the workers if a break room or

lunchroom was nearby the cafeteria and he said no. So I

cant explain what we smelled or saw, but I do know your

senses donít deceive you because what I saw and smelled

were real.




Spirited Workplace


By: chalendria@operamail.com


I have been at my current job now for about 5 months, and while I hadn't seen anything until recently, I always felt watched...especially at night when I have to go back to do payroll.

It started getting lively recently with the ghosts that are there bugging the night auditor.She says she can feel them watching her and that they make little whisperings to let her know that they are there.But night time is not the only time that they play with us.And I do mean play.It seems that they love the CD Player at front desk and had turned it on one afternoon....and the volume was turned way up.The two girls who were working front desk were both spooked a little, but not too terribly.They both thought that one of them could have bumped it and made it come on, but even the taller of them could not reach it with any part of her body that would have allowed this....and it did not explain the volume at all.

I listen to these stories and get a little spooked, but we all just figure that the ghost just want to be noticed, and like CD's (played loudly).

Well, other then the feeling of being watched at night and being completely creeped out at night, I had not seen anything.Not until yesterday at lunch.There was about 20 of us in the lunchroom.Most of us were finished eating and just waiting on others, so that we could go outside and visit for the rest of our lunch break.As we were sitting there talking, a large framed saying/picture about diversity that hangs between the restroom doors just fell off the wall.The girl to the right of me jumped up and said "It's time to go!!I am not playing with ghosts!"I was right behind her along with the girl who was on my left.The girl who sat across from me went to the "picture" and picked it up.There had been no reason for it to fall, no one had been anywhere near it, but fall it did.She picked it up and set it on our table.Most everyone in the lunchroom cleared out after that...Guess we had spent too much time in there for the ghosts comfort.I'll send more stories as they happen, but this one is a little amusing considering that the only time any of us were seriously spooked, there was about 20 of us present.



Sleep Paralysis


By: lillori@excite.com



I have experienced sleep paralysis twice in my life and it was quite frightening.The first incident happened in my apartment in Hamilton, Ontario.I awoke (lying on my back) and could not move. I noticed that my dog was looking at me and shaking. He jumped up onto the bed and I could not grab him (he was not allowed on the beds), but I could only move my eyes. He looked horrified and ran along the side of the bed, up toward my face.I could not speak or move when suddenly, as I fought this, I was released and flung toward my dog. He had gone to the bathroom on my bed and was cowering and shaking. He was terrified, and so was I. The second incident happened at my Mother's house. I awoke and tried to ask my husband why he was looking into my face when I realized that I could not move. My eyes rolled from right to left and I noticed my husband sound asleep. I tried to cry out and move but this did not happen for what seemed minutes. My Mother said that recently, she felt uneasy in the room. I have had many, many ghostly experiences but these were the only ones involving sleep paralysis




Personal Haunting Experience



By: mcahill@earthsunmoon.com


Hi there-

just found your website and thought Iíd share my haunting experience with

you. Several years ago, I lived in Bavon, VA.. a very small town (basically

a post office and a crossroads) located in Mathews county at the end of SR

14. Anyway, the house we lived in was reportedly owned by some sort of boat

captain many years ago (his family is buried there in a small cemetery in

the woods about 100 yards from the house). Anyway, every day while my sister

and I were at school, at 9:00 am sharp, the entire dining room shook

violently for a minute and then stopped. The dining room was a relatively

recent addition to the house connecting the main house and kitchen, which

was at one point a separate building to keep fires isolated. My mother was

the witness to the shaking and some light orb activity, and I was privy to

some spine chilling experiences in the former servant's quarters above the

kitchen, that we had made into a playroom. I literally had to sit with my

back to the wall to feel any kind of comfortable, otherwise you got the

feeling of someone standing over you the whole time. A friend of mine

experienced the same thing when he was visiting once. The haunting was never

anything menacing, but enough to let you know someone was there watching.

Quite disturbing.

There were several other locations in the nearby wharfs and beaches that

were also reportedly haunted as well.



Covington Kentucky


By: cecilia@prc.utexas.edu



When I was a child, I lived in Covington, Kentucky.This was the home of my grandparents and our family.My father helped renovate the house and when I was about 4, we moved to the second floor.At night, I would occasionally see the face of a man peering through the second story window into the room where we slept.He was bright green and terribly disfigured and appeared to be in pain or trying to yell to get my attention.There was no place for a person to stand to peer through the window.Since my father used to tease me about the ďboogie man,Ē I always thought that this apparition was just a figment of my imagination.There was a closet attached to this room that I never entered as it seemed spooky to me.

We moved from that house when I was about 9 years old.I later moved into that house again as a young married woman and was always afraid to go in that room where I had seen the face.I just used the room as a storage space.At that time, I did not think anything more about my fear.†† Several years after that, my brother and his wife and children lived in the same suite on the second floor.My oldest daughter, who was probably 7-8 at the time, spent the night with her aunt, uncle and cousins.The next morning, she told me that she had seen this frightening green face in the bedroom window.For the first time, I connected her sighting with what I had seen as a child.I asked her not to say anything to her brother and sister who were going to spend the next night with my brotherís family.

Sure enough, the next day my two other children reported seeing a green ghost.This time, the ghost appeared full bodied in another room of the house.He seemed to be trying to communicate with them.The children said that he appeared to be dressed in very old clothes or perhaps had a blanket wrapped around him.He seemed to be very angry. I learned years later that my youngest daughter had asked my brother about the apparition and that my brother had said ďoh, that is just the ghost that lives here.Ē

Unfortunately, I never got to ask my brother about it, as I moved to Texas and he died young at age 43.I did not think it was an appropriate thing to ask him on his death bed.

We have one other sister who says that she felt a presence in the house but never saw the apparition.She believes that the person was not a kind or good person while alive.Our parents and grandparents who lived in the house have all passed away.I have always wondered who this person was.†† I have tried to find information about the location on the internet but to no avail.Our other sister was only a baby when we moved from that house and I donít believe ever experienced anything.

Someday I may ask a cousin if he ever encountered the ghost.The house was very old and creaked at night.One time I remember waking and that the medal of the blessed mother that I always wore around my neck was missing Ė chain and all.I never found the medal or chain.




3 Ghost Stories


By: asouthall@sib.state.ok.us


First of all, I have always believed in God and the inevitability of something bigger than us being "out there". Many people are brought up in church believing in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but the majority of parents teach their children that there are no such things as ghosts. What obvious irony.

I am 28, married and a mother of one son.I have had no instances, even possible encounters, since I was a kid.I grew up in SW Oklahoma where the land was once part of Texas, and so the red dirt, plateau-spotted, mesquite-covered land blends well into the typical West Texas landscape.I am of some Cherokee heritage myself and love to hear the local Indian stories and legends, not to mention the cowboy, horse thief, and general old mid-western legends that come with the territory.I love that area more than any place.

Enough background info.I have 3 interesting stories. Two of which are my own and one of which is my older cousin's (he has several), and I actually think his is the best one, but mine are altogether unexplainable as well, and none are very long.So, here goes...

My first story happened to my oldest cousin and some of his friends only about 6 years ago (1998) on our family's ranch.

The Rhythm of the Fog

First of all, my cousin will be 36, and he is a married father of two.He and I are alike in that we appreciate the land and those that came before us.Our mothers are sisters and they grew up along with our uncle in SW Oklahoma as well, just about 20 miles NE of my hometown.Our grandparents grew up on farms there, and so just before they married in 1949, our grandpa bought a ranch where he raised wheat and cattle and even had horses for a while.

This ranch is beautiful, about 2100 acres total, but about 1000 acres of it is made up by the mountain on it (there is actually a smaller mountain by the bull pen, but it is fairly small although you can look out over my mother's hometown from the top looking North) in Kiowa County.In SW Oklahoma, there are mountains--the Wichita Mt. range.These are supposedly one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world and are said to have once been as high as the Rocky Mountains. Anyway, the view is breathtaking from the top. There is so much to describe, but as far as the mountain in this story, it is called Flat Top.It literally is flat on the top, with natural springs on it, some mesquite trees and lots of granite boulders, as well as Rattlesnakes (of which all my family has had very real encounters, but those are altogether different stories).It takes 1-2 hours to climb, but it is worth it.Facing south, you look out over Devil's Canyon off the back of the mountain, and there is one natural spring on the very top.

Anyway, my cousin goes up there as much as possible. He brings friends who are willing to camp up there. He has cooking utensils and a storage place for some things up there.He has gone by himself before, saying that it is very spiritual, and it is.According to his research, the land was sacred Indian land, apparently Kiowa. (Mind you, he is a very faithful Christian, and he and his wife are active in there church and teach Sunday school.)I will have to say that he is a unique one, though, and he was very much wild when he was younger and up until he got married.Importantly, my cousin has always played the drums and plays in bands.

On one particular summer evening, he and a small group of friends had settled around a campfire on Flat Top.My cousin brought his old bongo drums which he had since he was a kid (they are two drums connected by wooden base) since they were easy to carry in his backpack. He said the night was perfectly clear with the stars so close, seemingly, and yet only the light of the campfire was glowing (I can't remember if he said the moon was out or just partial, but it was clear).†† As he got a rhythm on the drums, he said everyone saw this fog began to rise out of nowhere.He didn't think much about it at first, but continued to play. Then, he said the fog was very thick and suddenly began to clearly form into the shapes of Indians, as if they were coming to life in the fog to the rhythm of the drums.Everyone was becoming shocked and my cousin didn't think this was right, so he quit playing, and the fog slowly dissipated into nothing.

He said no one really talked much about it because they were already freaked out as it was, so they accepted it and that it was gone then, and then they left in the morning.

My cousin is very grounded in his faith and chose to stop whatever began, and who knows what would have happened had they not.

My two personal stories happened around the same time, though, I can't remember exactly when, just that I was about 10 or 11(1986-87), so about One is possible ghost, the other is, if anything, UFO.


I was at my best friend's home in the country (mind you, my hometown is rural and you don't have to go very far, maybe 2 miles, to be "in the country").Anyway, she lived on a Rural Route address NE of town, and no homes were near except for the partial underground home about 1 or 2 miles further East down their dirt road.I had been to her house "millions" of times by then, during the day, staying the night, etc.This was a sleepover and it was summer time.Her parents were in the process of closing in their back porch with brick and windows, but hadn't yet put the glass or back door on yet.We had lawn chairs to sleep on the porch for fun, but since it was summer and warm, we were allowed to stay up and so we temporarily moved the lounging lawn chairs out into her back yard.It was a beautiful clear night, and the stars were very visible.I don't remember their being a moon out, but we could see clearly into the night and the surroundings.The trees in the area were mainly from old tree lines planted years ago by farmers to prevent soil erosion.The outline of one of these lines were clearly visible although several miles beyond the underground home down the road.We were both kind of chit-chatting and all of a sudden a bright orange ball of light flew very fast way up in the sky and stopped.Now, I have to explain that although this and the following happened within a matter of seconds, tons of things, naturally, are running through my head trying to rationalize what this could be.The light then abruptly made a 90-degree turn, speeding off to the West in literally a split second and went down below that tree line, which was at least several miles or more away.Then, just as soon as the light went down, it shot or flew back up to where it was, but this time, 2 other bright orange balls of light were with it.They stopped and then made another 90-degree turn, speeding back to the East and flew higher into the sky until they were out of sight.My friend and I immediately discussed to make sure we saw the same thing as it had happened so fast, neither of us said a thing during the sighting.We saw the same thing and to this day call it UFOs because these were technically Unidentified Flying Objects.Our parents, however, dismissed our story with shrugged shoulders, but widened eyes.

Ghost Orb

My second account involves only myself as witness. I grew up 2 miles SE in the country down a Rural Route as well, but my road was paved, although unmarked. You entered our 5-acres by crossing a cattle guard and following a long dirt driveway, about 300 yards straight, that took a turn before reaching the separate garage my father had built. To the left sat our brown mobile home. We had bought it and moved it there in Aug. of 1981. Again, I was about 10 or 11 at the time of this incident, and it was Winter or late Fall.

Mobile homes are long, and this wasn't a double-wide, so it was fairly narrow.It was night, and I was in my room, at one very end of the home, at which the opposite was my parents' bathroom, bedroom, and down a few steps, the living room and kitchen; then the hallway to my sister's bedroom, our bathroom, and finally, my room, which entrance faced the length of the trailer while my sister's room and the bathroom's entrances faced the width.I was cold and so I wanted to get my favorite green blanket.Right outside my room was our Harvest Gold-colored washer and dryer, above which were several cabinets.At that time, I had to climb upon the dryer to reach the cabinet to retrieve my blanket.Both my bedroom light and the hallway light were on.As I was pulling the blanket from the cabinet, I felt the need to turn around and look into the bathroom, which was directly behind me, and, as I described, was right between mine and my sister's bedrooms.I was within about 2 feet of the bathroom entrance and I could see the short distance of about 5 or 6 feet to the bathroom window, which was to the front of the home.It was a rectangular window, more tall than wide, with that rough glass so you can't see clearly through it for detail, but you can for shape and color.It had a sliding curtain of the ugly early 80s brown color that happened to be pushed open to one side from my Mom's cleaning stint earlier during the day.

What I saw silhouetted against the dark night was a solid white circle, or partial as it was very large and the window was too small to see it all at once. It was floating outside this window which was, of course, 7 or 8 feet off the ground. I was waiting for this to turn out to be a passing car, but it wasn't, and its properties were not even close. There was no passing light, but, instead, this "orb" (as I have only recently learned of this term) hovered as if looking at me and then gently floated across to the other side of the window until out of sight.Before I could gather my senses, it floated back from that side to the other side until out of sight.Then, amazingly, it passed one more time, but this time from that same side it just came from.So, to sum up clearly, it crossed one way then back the other way, but then it crossed that way again, as if it had made a circle to start back again.

I thought that my dad had gone outside for some reason, but he, my mom, and my sister who was about 5 then were all in the living room and looked at me funny when I opened the front door off the living room and looked to my right toward the bathroom window. I saw nothing, but what this reminded me of was the evil clown from Stephen King's "IT" that walked around with the floating balloons. I loved scary movies and stories, but this was actually something I witnessed, not watched on TV.I never found an explanation, none logical that is, and have had nightmares about that house since we moved to town in 1990. I really miss the 5 acres though.




"Sorority Ghosts"


By: babydolldx@hotmail.com


I had heard the rumors about the dorm building that my sorority uses as a House on our college campus.I had heard that strange things happened often, that there were ghosts in that building, built around the mid 20's (and not really much different now).I didn't have to wait long until I had experienced things there for myself.

I hadn't even moved in yet, and already it was clear that whatever is in our House seemed to pay alot of attention to me.I was sitting on the floor in the middle of our formal room, a large lobby area that measures about forty feet by sixty feet with a relatively low ceiling; I was working on a poster for a project, when something hit the back of my head (pretty hard too).I turned around to see a pencil laying on the floor behind me.It had hit the back of my head, as if someone chucked it at me from five feet away, but no one was there.I was one of 3 people in the entire house at the time, and the other two were sitting in the kitchen (the adjascent room) talking, and I could hear them the entire time.

Not long in the school year after that, I was sitting on a sister's bed watching a movie with five other people in the room.About 3 feet above my head, there was a shelf that extended from the wall about two and a half feet.I was leaning against the wall, so the edge of this shelf was not directly above my head (more like my knees).All of a sudden, something hard hit me square in the face.After being stunned, I looked at what had assaulted me: it was a large wooden paddle that had been on the shelf above me, LEANING against the wall.There's no way it could have just fallen off the shelf, and even if it had, it should have hit my knees, or the floor... not my head.My sisters commented about how it had to be the ghost.

Another time, I was in the bathroom (community toilets) in the middle stall of three.These bathrooms are very acoustic, and you KNOW when someone else is in there with you.All of a sudden, the toilet to my left flushed, then mine flushed (I didn't touch it), then the one to my right flushed.

After I moved into the house, things happen to me (and my other sisters) on a fairly regular basis.My chinese lantern (which hangs from my ceiling) swings back and forth without any cause (all the freaking time).My windchimes (also hanging from my celing) occasionally chime for no reason (no circulation in my room, and I'm also on the top floor, so that rules out vibrations from the floor above).I hear scratchings on my door at night. Sisters of mine have experienced things "sitting" on their beds with them at night.Blankets get pulled from beds, appliances get mysteriously turned on and off, a female voice calls to lone girls in the house, only to be found without an owner.The last 24 hours have been especially freakish.One sister's hair was pulled while in the shower, another's was pulled while in a meeting in the formal room (I happened to witness this: there was no one near her, and she uddenly sat up with a yelp..saying someone had yanked on her ponytail).A few girls have seen things lately too: one girl saw someone in the bottom floor bathroom very early in the morning (she saw a figure enter the shower stall, but when she asked who it was, no one answered.She checked, and no one was there), another girl spotted someone running up the back stairwell, she followed close behind to find a group of sisters sitting in the hallway at the top of the stairs, who had seen nothing.

During our initiation of new member's ceremony, something pulled an entire wall of curtains down, one by one.I was sitting just infront of the curtains, and no one touched them.No one human, anyway.

About a week ago, one sister woke up to find every poster on her wall (she had at least 20) had been ripped off the wall and piled in the center of her room, the rope light she had strung over her vanity had been pulled away, every bit of make-up and product on her vanity had been turned upside down, and safety pins littered the floor (she had no idea where they came from).She refused to sleep in her room for two days.

The legend is that we have three particular ghosts in our House, that of a sorority girl who had killed herself in the house back in the thirties (we believe she is responsible for most of the activity), a fraternity boy who suposably killed himself in our formal room (We think he had something to do with the ransacking of that one sister's room), and a faceless old man who never ventures into the private rooms part of the house, but loves to fool with our one and only soda machine and switch the clothes around in our laundry facilities. I myself have seen his reflection behind me in the basement door.

We're actually quite fond of our resident ghosts, so long as they don't bother us too much during finals week.



Ghosts in My Life


By: Orchidlisa@aol.com



My name is Lisa,I am really glad that I have discovered you.Finally someone who understands.Well here is my personall ghostly visits as I call them.

I have always seen ghosts my whole life, as a young child I use to be afraid when I was visited.My parents always thought I had a overvivid imagination.I use to get this invisible being that would come to my room.I could feel it as it got on top of me and I would tell it to go away.I always knew when it would be coming before it would arrive and try to hide from it.I never did see this ghost as I have always called it.After my greatgrandfather died he came to visit me,I got really scared when I saw him.But then I was always afraid of him anyways.I have seen people behind friends that they have told me that they do not see, but when I have described what they looked like they have told me for the 4 friends that this has happened to me in my life that it sounded like a relative.My whole life at times I will see someone from the corner of my eye but when I look directly at it there will be nothing.When I go some places I feel a very cold presence and let me tell you I am one of those people that is always hot, I don't even own a coat.I can definitely tell you I can always tell when something bad or evil is around.One of my moms friends when I was about 10 told me that I shouldn't be afraid and that she believed me because she has the same experiences as I did and told me not to be afraid but to talk to them and tell them to go away or how can I help or whatever I feel.After I started doing this I have not been afraid anymore, of course unless I feel some kind of evil.When I lived in Hawaii some 25-29 years ago I was married to a Hawaiin man who was murdered 4 days after we got married.But we lived together for sometime before we got married.He had this uncle who was considered a Kahuna.He taught and showed me a lot in the supernatural field. I saw some very interesting ghosts over there.When I come back here after my husbands death, I use to see him occasionally and still do but much much less than before.I can smell the pikake flowers around me before his presence comes.Just recently, at one of my aunts funeral I was talking with this man at the cemetary for a while being I was the first one there.I had heard some cars coming in and turned around to look.When I went to talk back with him he was nowhere.I have seen a minute man up in the hills where I use to live in the valley where I live in when I was younger.Now in the house where I live now for the last 19 years.I have seen many ghosts there.I usually tell them to clean the house or leave.There has been one lurking around by house for quite a while.I have smudged my house and done many things to get rid of it. I am not sure if it is just one or many.I had bought some antique furniture and a old painting of a woman.My house got very crowded with many of the deceased in a long line.My daughter also sees and experiences these ghosts.My youngest son is afraid of the house from when he was young to even now as he is approaching his teen years.I have a couple of pictures I can send to you.They were taken on Halloween on a full moon on a Saturday.In one of the pictures is my daughter and behind heris a strange looking man.He looks like a combination of my deceased husband and a elf tall with pointed ears.It is very clear.The other picture is my son and in this picture he was standing around the fog machine.So there is fog all around him.There is also many skeletons around him.After I had gotten back these pictures.I got kind of obsessed, especially of the man around my daughter.I took these pictures to a couple of people psychics.I was told that this man was a Marque from thousands of years ago,and he was passing through, very unusual he said and asked if he could keep the picture.The other man is a psychic healer and he told me also that this man was a man of the past of great authority and invited me to come to a church where they deal with ghosts in Long Beach California.I could go on and on.

I would love you to contact me if you would like or have any questions.




My Daughter's Death


By: hoopesj@attinet.com


Just came across your web site and thought I would share some strange things

that happened after my daughter's death.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001: My daughter lives with her fiancť. She comes over

to the house for no particular reason. While she's visiting she gives me a

big hug and tells me she loves me. Similar to if she was taking a long trip.

This was very unusual because my daughter very seldom did this, very out of

character for her.

Thursday, March 15, 2001: I just get to the office and I get the call. Diana

was in an accident on her way to work and I need to get to the hospital

ASAP. My wife stops by the office and we drive to Macon, about 20 miles from

us. On the way to the hospital I have a vision of something coming through

the windshield and striking me in the head. It's at this moment I realized

Diana was dead. Upon arrival to the hospital our worst fears are realized.

Diana was DOA and her baby was removed surgically at the hospital. The baby

had to be placed on life support because she was without oxygen for too

long. She eventually was taken off life support because tests revealed she

was brain dead. BTW, Diana was due to give birth in a week.

While at the hospital we learned the grim details of her death. While riding

to work as a passenger with her future mother-in-law, a passing 18 wheeler

coming from the opposite direction loses a cargo locking device. It fell to

the road where it was picked up by the rear tire and thrown into the air

where it crashed through the windshield of the 95 Taurus, hit the dash and

ricoched up and struck my daughter in the head crushing 1/3 of her skull.

Her mother-in-law pulls over immediately, rushes to the other side of the

car and holds Diana where she died in her arms. The ambulance didn't arrive

at the scene for about 20 minutes due to the location. It happened right as

they passed over the county line so they were at the fringe for Macon's

responsibility but only 5 minutes from the nearest hospital. The most ironic

thing about this story, it was Diana's last day of work.

Friday, March 16, 2001: Diana's son, Sydney, is in our custody now. He's

wondering where his mother is and all I can do is look at him and cry.

Thankfully he is only two years old so I figure in a few years he will

forget about his mother. I'm trying to feed him and while I was sitting at

the table trying to get him to eat he stops what he's doing and looks at me,

similar to the way a fish would look at you through the glass of an

aquarium. Then the strangest thing happens, Sydney's face changes into what

appears to be the face of my daughter. It actually morphed before my very

eyes. She looked at me with wide eyes as if to say "I'm OK daddy. See, it's

me Diana!" This experience lasted about 5 seconds and then his face changed

back and he went back to eating his food. I just completely freaked out and

broke down into tears for about an hour.

Saturday, March 17, 2001: We buried Diana this morning. Later in the day

after everything settled down, my wife was sitting at the kitchen table

crying like I've never heard anyone cry. I noticed a noise in the laundry

room directly behind her that sounded like a "tap....tap....tap". I opened

the laundry room door and I couldn't believe my eyes. On the top shelf was a

plant sprayer like the type that you hook up to the garden hose. It was

dripping water at the rate of about a drop a second. What made this strange

was that we haven't used it for several weeks and when I pulled it off the

shelf and opened it, it was completely dry inside. Also, in order for water

to drip out it would have to travel up an incline that was 45 degrees from


About two months after my daughter's death, a dried flower arrangement that

was on the wall in the bathroom started to drip what appeared to be blood

for about 24 hours. My daughter made the arrangement shortly before her

death. I couldn't determine where the "blood" was coming from. It seemed to

ooze from all over. This incident really upset us more than anything because

we felt there was a message there but we weren't sure what it meant. My

daughter really enjoyed arts and crafts and was accepted to Savannah College

of Art and Design two months previous to her accident.

Anyway, I feel when people die; there spirit might linger around until they

feel it's OK to proceed to the next plane. Even if it's just to make sure

that their loved ones have coped with their passing.

As a side note, Diana's fiancť said sometimes when he was thinking of her,

he could smell her perfume as though she was standing next to him.



Disappearence in the Woods


By: stealthflyer8@yahoo.com


When i was about 8 years old my father, my mother, my brother and I moved into a house in Washington. It was a hidden house and we would have to drive our trashcans up to the street because the driveway was so long. This house had been for sale for ages, and we were in debt for our house in Oregon so we moved there. For some reason it was very cheap. so we moved in and after a couple months strange things began happening. It all happened when my brother and I ventured out into our huge, woodland backyard. We would play explorer and hide and go seek. It was my turn to hide and I wanted to make sure it was the best hiding place so i went way far back into the woods. I hid behind this group of bushes. I waited ther for about 20 minutes and he still hadn't found me and it was getting dark out. I was about to quit hiding when i spotted a figue heading towards me. I stopped and stayed huddled in the bushes and waited for it to come closer. I thought it was my brother and i didn't want to give away my hiding spot. So the creature came towards me, i didnt know if it saw me through the bushes, and i saw that it definatly was not my brother. It was taller and i couldn't see it's face. It had a creepy, dirty, and ripped cloth it was wearing. But the creepiest thing of all was its eerie glow. It had some (if this makes sense) dark light projecting from it. I was terrified as it came directly to the bushes, right where i was peering through them. i started to sneak around the bushes and i could see it facing me. So i ran home as fast as i could. When i got home i told my parents and they didn't believe me. Then my mom asked, "where is your brother?" and i freaked out. My brother was probably still in those woods with that horrible spirit. I told my parents that i had no clue and they got worried. It was dark out. My dad decided to take a light and go search for him. My dad came back 3 hours later with no brother. I was sweating with fear. Where was my brother? We decided to turn in and look in the morning.So the next day we went into the woods. I showed them the spot i hid in and we looked around there. We looked like 10 yards away from where i hid and we saw a grave stone. It looked hand made and it had RIPLY carved into it. On it's left we saw what seemed to be a whole. it looked as if it was dug by someone and that someone wasn't done digging it. My father said that there were probably some people living back here in the woods because he saw log houses when he was searching for Bill (my brother). That spooked me. So we kept looking and looking untill we found a log house. We went up and knocked on the door. We kept up the knocking and nobaody answered. We decided to go in and it was the weirdest place i ever saw. It was one room with a fireplace and a chair and a bookshelf and an oven. Thats it. So we looked around and it seemed as if this house had been abandoned. It was past lunch time so we figured we would sit down and eat our picnick lunch we brought. It was in November so it was cold so we lit a fire. We shut the door and started eating. When we were done we searched some more and found a trap door in the floor. We opened it and it had stairs leading down into the cellar. We saw that there was an old bed and nothing else. We went back up and were about to head out when we realized that the house was locked! We didn't lock it. So we unlocked it and started our search again. We oked untill it got dark. On our way back we were so worried for Bill. We missed him and were so scared. We passed by the grave and something was different. The whole next to the grave was covered. And it was larger, as if someone finished digging it and then put the dirt back in. We thought it was weird but we didn't take that much to mind about it. We went home and slept the night, worridly. For the next year we searched in those woods, but never a trace of Bill. Every now and then we kept searching for him, and sometimes i went alone, when i was older, and a few times i would see that eerie glow. Once i saw the eerie glow far to my left, and a smaller ligher glow to my right. I have always thought that it was Bill. Well, we moved out of that house when i was older because we were so sad that we lost Bill. I am 18 now and when i was 17 i decided to go back into the woods to solve the mystery of Bills disapperence. I looked around and found nothing. I want to go back and search more but it is a waste.I still miss Bill.††





Ghosts are Real


By: flman41@arczip.com


Hello, My name is Brian and Iím from Dearborn, Michigan USA and I have a story

that, still to this day. freaks me out when I think of it.I'm 41 now and

live in Florida now.

I never believed in ghosts.†† But, when we were kids there were plenty of

ghost stories to be

shared.They never bothered me much, I was always too level headed for that.

When I was 17,i met a wonderful kind girlnamed, "Ann" (not real name)and

soon we were dating.Ann liked to go out to parks and cemeteries with her

cameras and tripods and she take hundreds of pictures, of trees, and

headstone, and bushes,etc.....Just about anything that she felt needed to be

captured on film.One day, she comes hammering on my parents front

door........I answer, and she pretty much grabs me and pulls me out and down

off the porch, she had something to show me.A few days prior, she took allot

of pictures of

me but,3 pictures showed a man standing beside me with a sickle or a


various times during that day at the cemetery. The pictures showed very

clearly a black mist hovering beside me.†† I felt a little weird about

that, even though I didn'tbelieve. Allit looked like to me was a, camera

problem-probably.Anyways, she said she wanted

to go back and take more pictures."When?" I asked. "Tonight.", She quickly

said back, "........around 10pm.(she didn't got off work until 9pm)I

thought about for a few moments then, thought what the heck, might be fun.

Later that night I picked here up at 9:40'ish and we drove back to the

Farmington Hills Cemetery.We get out of the car and she pulls out this

massive expensive camera that had a suitcase for all the attachments.†† I

carried the case in my left hand while holding her hand as we walked to a

spot where she "felt was right"We passed a few headstones with burning

candles, and I could hear the crickets all around us. It was very dark, the

moon was not out and I got this sudden urge to give Ann a quick kiss on the

cheek. so I leaned over and did. She giggled and then, something hit me

across the face. It felt more like a, slap.I jerked back, and Ann

asks,Ē what the hell was that?"†† I said, I don't know, something hit

me., slapped me"She said, "I know, I heard it."†† I took out my Bic lighter

and Ann looks at my face."You got a few scratches,......hummmmmm maybe it

was a bat?""Lets, take some pictures."She hands me, a bunch of

cards, numbered from #1 to ..whatever.†† Thensays, "hold up # 1 card."††† I

do and she snaps a few pictures.Some with the flash and some not.

walking a little further....Ann says,"Oh that feels good......my neck is

sore"I said ."What?†† "you were rubbing my neck I loved it. you don't have

to stop."†† I said,Ē I was not, Iím holding your hand"†† Well, something was.

We stop and she starts shooting more pictures. while having me place card

#5,then card #6,then card #7,etc.Then we started to hear someone cry in

the distance......I said,Ē lets get out of here-we can come back during the

weekend in when it's light out."I was really getting spooked!

Oh,but,Noooooo-she wants to stay). holding hands, she leads me closer to the

spot where we though we heard the crying coming from. Nothing, but it was

loud. I also started hearing growls, and hissing. I felt a burning sting on

my back.I said I'm leaving and grabbed her hand and we walked back.not

talking, I tried looking for my car-not in sight, We founda

path..........we'll just follow this until we come to the entrance.Then I

here Ann.....but, in the Distance.Ē BRIAN.....BRIAN?,Where in the hell are

you?"I stop and look over to my side to say,Ē nice trick"But there was no

one there. YES I WAS STILL HOLDING A HAND. BUT NOT HERS. I felt a hand in

my hand........but no one was there. I tried to get it to let go but


It didn't want to let go.I felt it holding on to me, but I couldn't feel it

to grab on to pull it off.I called "ANN!....over here follow my

voice, something weird is going on."Then suddenly, whatever was holding my

hand, lets go and pinches my privates and slaps me in the face.It pulls my

hair and jerks my head, causing me to fall down.I heard a hissing sound and

also, a spitting sound and felt my face spattered with something wet.

Ann, calls my name again, and everything stopped. she was nearby, and I said in

a normal voice,Ē Iím over here."She was mad,...."where the hell did you

go?"††† "though we were walking back......but it wasn't with you"†† I told

her everything and she just wanted to take pictures.†† Afterwards, It took us

15 minutes to find the entrance and the car. we left.At home, after

dropping Anna off....I was up in bed and getting ready to turn off the

light, I hear that same crying sound coming from outside my bedroom window.

I quickly turn off the light, jump out of bed and look down at the street.

Nothing, I see, nothing,......then at the corner of the neighbors

house, somewhat behind a bush, I see a tall female figure, dark and

motionless, looking up at me., still crying.†† I immediately pulled all the

shades down and turned on all the lights in my room. I also, turned on the

radio and then called Ann.But her father answered,(not happy) and said Ann

is in the dark room- call her tomorrow.It was 2:28 am and I was as scared

as a baby.I didn't get to sleep until about 5:00am.†† At 11:30 my mom

comes up to my room and says,"Anns here."I get up go down stairs and we

sit at the kitchen table.Ann says, I haven't slept yet. I was up all

morning developing these pictures.She shows me all the pictures she took.

When I got slapped or hit the first time, from cards #1 - #4 -only 2 showed a

figure around me and it was a female figure in a long dress with puffy

sleeved shirt or blouse with, long hair.The other(second set) that was

taken after she said I was rubbing her neck andshowed nothing but a mist

way in the distance/but when she showed the second set with the lens to see

in the dark. Someone was standing next to me.........but since, she wasn't

taking pictures of me directly.......we could see no more than, what was near

my shoes or legs.But there were many pictures, that where blurred, from up

close to the lens.The were aroundher!†† Later when she found me on the

ground, she took more pictures after what I told her what had happened to

me.....The same female figure......was near me again.the pictures also

showed the scratches on my face, and a very red cheek.The tomb stone that

was in 15 of 30 pictures, showed the name:Dovey Lillith McPherson.....born

1887 died 1906 ...sudden illness.Noticing a red flag in the back ground of

many of the pictures, I go back to the first set of pictures and there in the

background is a red flag and in two of them, also was the headstone with

Davie loll........(the rest was out of the picture).I asked ann. to show me

the pictures of the other day, when the man with the sickle, was near me. She

pulls them out and there, right there..........the man or image; with the

sickle-same spot! Dovie lillith McPherson on the rightofGeorge Wendle

McPherson†† born 1855 died 1939.He was her father..†† I then told Ann

about what i saw outside my window after getting home."She followed

you,............She said,......I'll come by Monday night and we can take

some pictures of where she was."the other pictures were uneventful.After

i kissed Ann Goodbye...I felt a cold draft go through me.†† Later after i

had something to eat,i went back up to my room and my pillow was ripped to

shreds and all my books had pages torn out of them.And my watch was gone.

I called a company in the yellow pages that delt with strange stuff.But

they all laughed at me pretty much. so i called a Clergy at a Catholic

Chuch......they blamed me for it.....I hung up.I couldn't get no help or

anyone to listen.†† So monday night come and my parents where at the V.F.W.

Anne came right over from work and she started to take pictures of the

bushes and the corner the neigbors house.We didn't feel or sence anything

unusual.†† Anna asks,"What time did you see her here" I said, "around

2:20am-2:25am......right before i called you and your dad answered."Ann

looks at here watch and says,"Since it's only10:15 pm,...we have to wait."

Wait we did.I was into this and i WAS a believer now,no doubts at all!We

had a few sandwaiches and some Pepsis and i went into make us some ice cream

cones.I came out and handed Ann hers andas i started to sit down.I

heard,someone crying,I said,....."do you?"†† "Yep".....Ann hearing it

too,she gets up with her Camera and starts shooting pictures. It's 2:23 am.

As ann is taking pictures,...i decide to try to talk to it.I said, "Dovie!

What do you want?.....We know who you are.leave us alone-leave me

alone........"The ice cream that ann set down on the porch,flew up in the

air and came, straight at me.I moved out of the way and it hit my parents

big bay window.meanwhile,ann is shooting away and says,"hold on i want to

use the other camera... "I get off the porch run towards the street,i got

slapped again!†† Then,ann falls,breaking her camera.I pick Ann up and at

that time my parents come home,pulling in the driveway. My dad stops the car

and says,"o.k. you two......don't you think it's a bit late to be playing

outside."My parents laugh....and drive into the garage.We weren't

amoused.†† for 20 minutes nothing happened so,ann says she's going home to

see what she can find in the pics."stay close to the phone, i'll call if

there is anything."†† No phone call,so by 4 am i dozed off.††† After lunch

Ann shows up,with the pics....but nothing all blurred,probably due to the

corner street light and or damage from dropping it.†† She lost the $3000.00

camera ,it was beyond repair.When she got home,her dad helped her pryit

open with 2 screwdrivers just to get the film out.††† Well,I don't know what

you make of it.Nothing more ever happened again,everI will never go back


a cemetery-EVER EITHER!.And I never did find my watch.I continued to

date ann

until she left for college. Then we lost contact.We,never spoke

since,.......and for 11 years i tried to locate her But,no luck.†† I know

it's real,i know it happen.I've told my story to a number of people over

the years-all say,well,if nothing is happening now,we're just not

enterested. So,there you have it. believe it or not.






By: vulgar_ostentation@yahoo.com


I've had a few experiences that I could add to this long list of incredible stories, but I'll just tell about my first.It happened when I was about four,and took place in a very small town in Alabama.It was around Christmas time and my mother had taken me to a party being held at the biggest house in town, and old three story that had held the same family for many generations.Apparently, the party was supposed to be an "adults only" party, because I was the only child there. I'm a little hazy on the details, but I remember that I was given some little toys called Weeble Wobbles and left out in the foyer alone at the foot of the staircase playing with these things. There I was, weebling my wobbles, mildly annoyed that I didn't have anyone to play with, when I noticed a movement at the top of the staircase. I looked up and didn't see anything, but I felt very strongely that someone had been watching me. I scanned the hallway above, and saw a very distinct black shadow reflecting on the wall. Being a small child, I thought it was someone playing peek a boo or hide and seek with me, and so I moved towards the staircase to investigate. Before I could reach the first step, a young man's voice said behind me, "You don't want to go up there;there's a ghost up there. He's been living with us for a long time. His name's Charlie, just like me."" I wanna see him", I said. "No, you don't wanna see him.",he said,"That Charlie is bad." He then picked me up and took me back over to my toys.Then he just left without a word. A little later, my mother came for me, and as we were driving home, I began to tell her about how those people had a ghost in their house named Charlie and that their son had the same name as the ghost. My mother just looked at me and said, "How do you know about Charles Apparently, the family's only son, Charles had died two years earlier... Honestly, it's been so long ago, that sometimes I'm not exactly sure what I saw that night. Was it two ghosts, one evil one, and another trying to protect me ? I just don't know. All I do know is that when my mother told me Charles had died, a chill came over me, and 25 years later, I still feel that same chill whenever I think of it.





Evil from the East


By: honeycod@earthlink.net


I have a true experience to relate.

In January 1992, I was reading a book about mediums and channelers.I read that one of them called for her spirit guide to make itself known to her and the next day, it had appeared.I wanted to have the same experience, so I went to bed long before my husband.I closed my eyes and surrounded myself with a whiteprotective light.I asked that whatever guides were out there for me make themselves known to me.Since childhood, my greatest fear was to leave my hands outside my covers at night for fear something would touch me.Before I fell asleep, I deliberately put my right hand over the edge of the bed to demonstrate that I trusted whatever might come.I turned off the light and fell asleep.

Sometime while I was asleep, my husband came to bed, but I was never aware that he had done so.

I became aware again sometime in the wee hours.I won't say I was "awakened" because I could not open my eyes.I was lying on my right side facing a wall and I could feel my husband's back resting against mine.Resting on top of me, between my hip and my ribs was what felt like a very compact but heavy presence.It hampered my breathing and I could not move.My eyes were closed and I had the "knowledge" in my awareness that if I opened them, I would never be the same again.I felt that the presence that was sitting on me was the leader, and there was another entity on the floor beside the bed with its face very close to mine.I was frozen with terror.I remembered my hand extended off the side of the bed, and as soon as I thought of it, a cold, dead-feeling hand was placed in my hand - the very thing I had always feared.

All was still in the room as I tried to get a grip on my terror.I thought to myself, you invited this encounter so you'd better say something.I said out loud, "Who are you?"I know I said it out loud because I distinctly remember feeling my mouth move and hearing my voice say the words.A thought came into my mind that was not my own.It said "Cheeeeetaaaahhhh" in a singsong voice.As that word was "spoken" in my mind, a knowledge of how these entities had come also entered my mind.I "knew" that they had come extremely fast from the East through the walls of the house and through the bureau that rested against the east wall of my bedroom to rest upon me.I have no idea where this information came from...it seemed like it was given to me.

I didn't know how to respond to this answer, so I said something that seems stupid now.I said aloud," Do they call you that because you travel so fast?"

In response, the bony tip of a finger touched the left side of my forehead where it rested on the pillow and slowly drew a line across my forehead.Simultaneously, a voice inside my head said my name slowly in that singsong way again..."Diiiii-aaaannnnne"

As my name was said, my head was filled with the knowledge that whatever was toying with me was immensely evil.If it wanted to, it could destroy me with that very fingertip.I also was given the knowledge that I was such a small, insignificant speck in the universe, that it chose not to mess with me at this time.Instantly after this knowledge was given to me, the two things were gone as fast as they had come.

I opened my eyes and saw the familiar shapes in the dark of my dresser, my nightstand and lamp, the book I had

been reading.I was absolutely frozen with terror.I moved my left hand to touch my husband and felt a bit better.I took some deep breaths, but I was shaking and tears were coming from my eyes.I never went back to sleep that night, but lay in the dark until my husband awoke.I asked him if he had seen or heard or felt anything in the night.He said no.

A few years later, I went to see a psychic with some friends.When it was my turn to ask a question, I said to her,

"I had an experience a few years ago.What can you say to me about that?"

She brushed her hand across her forehead and said,"Your spirit guides are saying 'Whew' because that was a very dangerous thing that you did.You were being tested, and you barely got out of it with your life.NEVER do that again!"

A few years after that, I was in a college class with a Native American woman.I told her about the incident and she said that she was not surprised it came from the East because the East is where her tribe always sends the bad spirits to banish them.Needless to say, I have never again tried to contact my spirit guides.




Dance Studio


By: daculahottie@yahoo.com


My name is Shelbi, and I am the age of 13. I work at my dance studio, and I take classes there 3 hours a day. The studio is located right by an old grave yard. Since it opened, back in 1999, it has no doubt been haunted. The spirit(s) inhabiting the building although have never been a potential threat. They are frightening, but never violent. In fact, the spirit(s) are not even destructive. They are definitely there though. Several occurrences have happened there, and still scare me each time. For Example: While vacuuming one night around 11 pm, I am in the hallway. The loud hum of the vacuume is to loud for me to hear anything, but I suddenly switched it off and turned around. Strangely, I didnt know why I was turning around and stopping my work, and to this day I dont know what made me do it, but I did. And what I saw behind me was someone standing in the back studio room. Just standing there. The room was dark, and I only could see the shadow. Thinking it must be Kellee, the owner, I ignored it and walked to the front lobby. Sitting in her seat at her desk, was Kellee. Shocked, I walked back the the hall and looked in the room. The person still stood there, and before my own eyes, it dissapeared. I know for a fact Kellee and I were the only people there. Another thing that happens, and is a regular thing occuring only this past year, is that most nights in that back studio room, which is connected to a sound recording room, the computers and all the equipment in the room will turn on. When the equipment comes on, the same song always plays. It is an Al Gilbert, a famous tapper, song. I don't know why this song comes on, and I never go back to turn it off nor does Kellee because it soon enough goes off itself. In the studio you can often hear footsteps on the wooden d ce floors when noone is in the rooms. Lights flicker, and door open when children are even in the classes. We tell the kids the unlevel flooring cause the doors to open, when actually doorknobs turn each time it happens. After the door is opened, it opens far enough as if someone is coming through, then it swings backwards, but doesn't close. These occurences happen very often, and are actually considered normal to the people who are at the studio as much as say, I am. Only once though has anyone heard a spirit talk to them in the studio though. That was Bethany, a 20 year dance teacher at the studio. She was teaching a 4-5 year old ballet class, when she let the kids out for a water break. They all left, and she stood in the center of the room, alone. As she stood there, she heard someone whisper unmistakably her name in her ear. This happened only a few months ago, and has not happened since. Although spirits talking to us hasnt happened since, the opening doors, mysteriously turning on music, and footsteps have not stopped. We know the spirit/spirits have not left, for just the other day as Marianne, a 45 year old staff member cleaned, she turned her head to see a black figure walk behind her.






By: yarutai@hotmail.com




Only a few weeks ago it was Halloween. I decided I'd like to thumb my way

through Halloween, by painting my nose black and wearing phony antlers. And

ta-da! I was a reindeer.

I am 13, so I should've been trick-or-treating, but something compelled me

to stay there and hand out candy.

And being the cheapo that I am, I decided to kill two birds with one stone

and meditate also.

My dad has never believed in ghosts, aliens, or other paranormal activity,

so when I meditated he thought I was insane. And maybe I am.

Anyways, he was watching me meditate, joking about 'the spirits' when he

decided to go inside for a minute. With my eyes closed, I nodded and opened

them to see if trick or treaters were coming, when suddenly the image of a

transparent black dog came into view. His left ear was bleeding

uncontrollably, as if it had been mutilated and torn, and he was foaming at

the mouth like he had rabies, and I think he did. He wore a collar, with a

bone-shaped tag, but I couldn't read the text. The tag sifted through his

chest, waving in the wind, but quite strangely enough it was a gentle sway,

unlike the gusts of winds happening that night.

Anyways, my dog Tilly sat next to me and began barking and growling a

little, as if she was very uneasy, and she looked at the dog.

I stood up and paused, watching the dog curiousely as it snarled at me. It

looked like it was barking, but no sound came out of it's mouth, and I

thought I was going crazy.

I took a step back in fright, and it leapt onto the porch, angrily howling

and barking at me, when my dog scratched at the door and wanted to get

inside. I tore the door open and allowed her to run inside, and when I

turned back, the dog was gone.

Despite it's absense physically, it tormented me that night with random

growls and barks that only I could hear.

For example, here's an excerpt (I jot down my paranormal encounters in a


Me: Hey, did you hear that?

Dad: Hear what?

Me: This really creepy low growling coming from the pathway.

Dad: No ...

Me: There it is again! (I leapt in fright.)

Dad: Come on, you're just imagining things.

Me: ...


I kept that experience to myself for a while, since I was terrified that

telling anybody would make the dog come back. I had a nightmare about it

that night, and it made me break out in a cold sweat.

The nightmare was about the black dog. I was stroking my cat tenderly, and I

smiled when he purred as we sat in a white space of nothingness.

Suddenly, the black dog appears, growling angrily at Socks (my cat), and yet

my cat does nothing. But I leap in shock and begin to run.

The dog continues to chase me, howling and barking, foaming angrily at the

mouth, when my cat leaps infront of me and makes me trip. Both Socks and the

dog close in on me. My cat holds me down while the dog closes in on my neck,

and that's when I woke up.

I've never quite looked at my cat the same way, as he seems to be a link

between my paranormal experiences in some way, and I never forget the angry


In any case, this is one of a chronicle of paranormal activities I've

experienced only this year.






By: jkirk@iomet.com



I have three experiences that all seem to fall into the ghost catagory. Two are instances where I ran up against very cold areas in old houses that during the summer that made my hair stand on end and caused a feeling of panic making me retreat in a hasty fashion from the area. One was in my grandfather's old house on our farm which had been vacant since he passed away in 1964. Being an old homestead house in the family since the 1840's several of my relatives have passed away in this house including my grandfather. I have been in and stayed in this house many times since I was a child and never experienced anything unusual until this one particular instance. I was living in my father's house after he passed away and one summer day decided to walk down to my grandfather's old house just to look around and see what condition the place was in. There was an old enclosed spiral staircase that lead upstairs and I had been up there many times. As I opened the door to the stairway this time though, after about to steps it felt as thought the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and I found myself with one foot in the air frozen in place. It was almost as if I had come up a gainst an invisible cold wall and was unable to proceed up the stairway. I had instant goose bumps and after gathering my thoughts slowly backed out of the stairway and hall. As I walked back into the dining room I felt foolish and turned to go back upstairs. It was the same feeling again only now I felt something close to panic and just wanted to get out of the old house which I did in short order. As I said the place had been empty for fifteen years and was in bad repair with broken wondows and such, but this was in mid summer and close to 90 degrees outside with no reason whatsoever to have a cold draft or anything inside the house. Ghost? I've always wondered. The house was taken down last year and my cousin has a mobile home on the site now.

The other incident of this nature occurred at a friend's place when I was 17 years old. We had walked from his parent's house back accross a creek and pasture to his grandfather's old place about a half mile away on their farm. The place had been empty since his grandfather passed away years before. The house was in bad shape with the end wall of the house collapsed so the place was open to the weather on one side. My friend told my to keep my mouth shut about being there because for some reason his parents had told him to stay away from the place. Anyway to make a long story short, he had forgotten something at home that he wanted to bring on our hike and told me to wait while he ran home. While waiting curiosity overcame me and I went up to the old house and hopped up into the end room on the open side. It looked like it was the main bedroom as it still had an antique bed and dresser there. The bed still had old moldy bedding on it and a depression in the middle like someone had been laying there. I noticed the whole house was still furnished like no one had taken anything out after the old man had passed away there. There were still dishes on the table and food in the cupboards. Of course everything was wet and moldy from the leaks in the roof and such but it looked as if nothing had been touched. I was just curious as I looked around. This was also a nice summer day and fairly warm outside. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until I noticed an old civil war type ammo case hanging on an old hall tree by the front door. I took it off the hook and opened it to find it still full of old ammunition which had turned green from oxidation. All at once I felt a very cold chill come over me and a wierd feeling of panic. I hung the case back on the rack and ran all the way through the house and jumped out and continued on to I was well clear of the structure. Standing out it the bright warm sun I began to feel stupid about getting jumpy like that. I went back to the house and again hopped up onto the flooring but that time never got past the bedroom before feeling that freezing chill and once again turning and exiting the house for good. I've always wondered if the old man was watching over his home or was I experiencing an over active imagination. I don't know the status of this old house as I was only there the one time and that was thirty years ago.

The third incident is the one that has really bothered me for years. In 1978 my father was diagnosed with cancer. he was 50 years old at the time and I was 23. The doctors there in Oregon said it was too advanced for treatment and told him he had only six months or so to live. He did make a trip to the Phillipines for treatment and ended up living about another year. He had worked for the fish and wildlife service for several years as a government trapper relocating or destroying wild animals depending on the damage they were causing to persons or livestock in the area. Upon his diagnosis and hospitalization the government regional supervisor asked if I would take over his duties. I accepted the position and started taking over the field work the involved in the job. Every evening on the way home I would stop at the hospital and spend a couple of hours visiting with my father and telling him about my day and what had transpired. We both looked forward to the visits and spending time together. I never missed a visit in all the time he was there. One day my work took me to the other end of the county and I stopped at home before going to the hospital. Between work, spending time at the hospital, and the stress of the whole situation I was getting totally exhausted. Once I sat down in my chair at home I felt like someone had pulled the plug. I was all in. I decided I would get some rest and make the 20 mile drive to the hospital in the morning to visit. I went to bed and slept like the dead. Early the next morning my wife had gotten up to make coffee. I was laying in bed staring into space trying to wake up when at once I saw my father kind of like a point of light coming from the upper corner of the bedroom and coming toward me until he was right there with me. At first I thought I must still be asleep and dreaming as it seemed like he was in a white hospital gown. It didn't really seem to be a hospital gown though....more like flowing white where his body would be, but I could see his face clearly. He came right to me and gave me a hug and could hear him say "I love you son". I hugged back gently because I had been afraid to hug his frail body too hard at the hospital but it seemed as if I was hugging air. I told him I loved him and he started to receed back toward the point of light. I grasped at him and told him "don't go". He said "I have to" and disappeared back into the light. I got out of bed and went to the kitchen where my wife was having coffee. She asked me what was wrong and I started to cry and told her I just saw dad and he was gone. A few minutes later my uncle pulled into the driveway to tell us he had passed away but I already knew. My mother had gotten a call to come to the hospital that night to see him one last time and she had driven past my house deciding to let me sleep rather than wake me. It was just past seven in the morning when I saw him and that was he same time he was pronounced dead. I think he came to see me one last time but who knows if it was a stress induced dream or reality. I told my family about the experience and my mother was mad at me for some time after that. She said she was jealous...why would he come to say goodbye to me and not her? I still don't know....ghost or dream?

There are a few other odd happenings that seem minor to these but could also be included as "paranormal" I guess. Or maybe I'm just nuts! Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.




Haunted Places


By: tulwolfhunter@sbcglobal.net


Thought you might like to hear this experience.I own a farm house three miles west of Blackwell, Ok.†† It was once two old school house that were moved to the site back in the 1950's.The two schools were put together to make the house that now stands there.†† My family bought the farm in 1985 and renovated the old house.After we moved into the house in October 1985,odd things would happen, especially in my son's room.†† Things would get moved around when there was nobody home.He would put them back where he had them and the next time he went into the room they would be moved again... This went on for several years then stopped abruptly.

Also on several occasions we would be on the sun porch reading or watching TV, and you would see this little blond headed boy about four or five years old peek around the door from the hall and peir at whom ever was there.He would do this several times as if playing peekaboo.When you would look up at him he would jump back into the hall.This was witnessed by several members of the family from time to time.

Several other times we would be outside the house, always at night, but not always late at night and you would hear this very loud, shrill scream.It would send shivers up your spine, and stop you dead in your tracks.†† Sometimes it sounded like a woman's scream and other times it would more animal like.I have lived in this area all my life and don't know of any animal that would make that sort of scream.

We were never really bothered by any of this,just curious,and except for the screams that startled us from time to time were never afraid of the ghost that seemed to occupy the house and area around the house




Haunted Places Validation


By: raivin@adelphia.net


I dont' necessarily have anything to "add" to your information but I thought I'd tell you about my experience at Spring Grove Cemetary in Cincinnati, OH.

I am a current student at CCMS (Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science) and I do agree that anyone going to a cemetary or visiting a haunted place should have the UTMOST respect for what is and is not seen with the naked eye.

The first time I ventured to this particular cemetary I was in awe of how beautiful and amazing it was.I even recall saying out loud to the deceased/spirits, "This is sure a beautiful place you have to call 'home'".I sincerely meant that.I have several pictures (with many orbs) that day I took and no one ever said that I couldnt.This cemetary is very popular-- it has walking trails, maps of important peoples grave markers, etc.On many bright, sunny days you can see avid walkers making their 'rounds'.

Sometimes on a day when I've got acouple hours in between class I'll get in my car and drive down and sit there, look around, take in the surroundings.

I make sure I'm always respectful, thanking the spirits for allowing me to spend time with them.

This is definetly an amazing place! :)





Hedgesville, WV



By: Tyrarathje@aol.com


We moved to Hedgesville, West Va., into this tiny trailer in 1996.It is a rental from those living in the 2-story yellow house, also on the property.The house was built in the 1800's and we have farm land all around us, but is slowly becoming a residential area.A woman and child spirit lived in the yellow house.The woman was a young lady who took a "liking" to the family's teenage son.I was successful in having the two leave.The woman said she was watching over the family, not realizing it was not needed, but greatful to be thanked for her "work".The child was unaware of her death and went very eagerly.

For five years a negro man, dressed in farmer clothes, walked the perimeter of our trailer almost nightly.I haven't seen him for a year.We also have a nuisance-ghost that likes to throw things, change the TV channels, open and close the doors, and turn the door knobs.It doesn't bother me much, but I do get upset when things go missing.I'm currently missing my car keys.Normally I can figure where they go, but this time they've been missing for two months.Oddly enough, the prankster has not done anything for two months, either.The keys are going to be found somewhere, unless they were taken to the other dimension.

When we first moved here, I had my son and daughter here.At the beginning of the sightings, it was difficult to figure out what was happening.I was finally able to distinguish if my kids were sending energies in their sleep or if it was a spirit.




Ice Skating


By: toad_house2003@yahoo.com





When I was four my mom took me to learn how to ice skate in Milwakee. There where two ice skating rinks acrross from each other and we didn't know this. Well we went into the wrong one, we walked all the way through and found the door locked on the other end.

As we had gone throught before we had gone past the ice rink, the ic was slowly melting and the glass door was closed to the rink, and we saw a broken old radio.

On our way back through we could hear laughter and music. We could also hear footsteps in the bathroom and a flush, but when we went in it was completly empty and broken down. We headed back to towards the rink, where the music seemed to be comming from. When we got there all the lights where on and the door open. We heard what sounded like a person skating on the ice and others laughing.

We knew no one had came in, because it was a straight ended building and all other doors had been locked or broken. As we reached the door to leave it all went quite and the laughter faded, then we left and headed home. We never went back to that rink and my mom never took me to learn how to ice skate.




Hide and Seek


By: PinkSecrets04@aol.com


This isn't scary but I'm sure it was a ghost ... my sister had a friend over and it was late at night, I would say maybe around 11 or 12 at night I was in my room asleep with the music on when my sister and her friend wake me up and tell me to turn the music down I turned it almost all the way down and immediately dozed off to sleep again only to have my sister and her friend in my room again, turning down the music b/c it was all the way up, but I didn't hear anything and the radio has always been on my night stand which is right by my ear!!! well, needless to say they didn't believe that it wasn't me.

Another story happened not to long ago, first let me point out that we just moved here and that in the house next door 4 people died all at the same time. Well, in the house that we live in there's the half bathroom, near the front door, and right by the stairs. My sister and I have always felt a weird feeling when we either passed the bathroom or when we're in it, and at night it gives us chills and it's a pain to go up the stairs... Anyways, I was hiding from my sister in my brother's which is passed that bathroom, my sister was looking for me and she thought I ws hiding in teh bathroom b/c she saw a shadow of someone with long hair poke their head out and back in, and when she went to "bust me" she turned on teh light and there was no one in there, she freaked out sooo much she started yelling for me to stop playing and come out from where I was at. i don't think teh ghost is a bad ghost b/c she hasn't harmed anyone, and plus... apparently she likes playing hide and go seek!††




It's All Connected


By: bowiegirl724@hotmail.com


Hi. My name is Rachael, and I am now 19. I just thought I'd share a few

stories with you. I hope a lot of people will read this. Feel free to

respond to the stories. I like to know that other people experience the same

things I do. None of these stories are actually scary. I actually enjoy

paranormal activity as long as no malevolence is involved. Most of things

I've experienced involves my mom or some other family member.

When I was a baby, about a year of age, my dad's dad was in the hospital,

suffering from lung cancer. One night, my father went to visit him in the

hospital while my mom stayed home with me. I was in my crib asleep in my

room and my mom was in the living room, when she heard me suddenly awake. I

was laughing and saying hi to someone repeatedly. She tells me this was odd

because I usually slept through the night with no disturbances. She came

into my room and I was sitting up in my crib, smiling. A few seconds later

the phone rang. It was my dad calling from the hospital to tell my mom that

my grandfather had passed away. I guess he was saying goodbye to me. Of

course I don't remember any of this, but I was his only grandchild.

Later on when I was about 13 or 14, my mom and I were cleaning the house. It

is an old house, about 80 years old at that time. What's strange is that we

were in the TV room, which was an added room and was not part of the

original house. Anyway, I was dusting and she was vacuuming, and the TV was

on. Suddenly the TV began to change channels by itself and the volume turned

up all the way. The remote control was just sitting on the table, untouched

(by us anyway). We couldn't control the TV with the remote. Even when we

tried to turn it off manually on the TV itself, the channels continued to

change and the volume became so deafening that we had to just leave the room

and let "it" finish its course. We weren't scared. It was neat actually. It

didn't stop for about an hour.

A couple of years after that at the same house, my stepdad decided to dig up

the small porch in the back yard that had been there since before we moved

in. He found several things buried in the ground. One of them was a genuine

pearl necklace, which he took inside and put in a glass of water to get the

dirt off. He let it sit in the kitchen by the sink. I was in the kitchen a

couple of days later grabbing something to eat when the glass slid by

itself, just a few inches, but I saw it. Who knows who it belonged to.

My mom told me this story about when she was younger- about 17. She is not a

superstitious person and I've never known her to exaggerate. She was

interested in witchcraft at the time. She had no religious views and so she

decided to check some witchcraft books out from the library and take them

home. The same night, she was asleep in her bed when she woke up to the

feeling of someone choking her, yet she saw nothing. When she tried to

scream, she found that she was paralyzed- she couldn't breathe, move, or

blink. All she could do was look around. Whatever it was let go after a few

seconds and she decided not to tell anyone about it. Well, this kept

happening to her every night, but each night, the thing would choke her for

longer than it had the night before. Finally, one night she prayed inside

her head, "God, if you get this thing off of me, I'll follow you." And

immediately it let go, and it never happened again. My mother has been a

Christian ever since.

Now for my grandmother (my mom's mom). Spirits tend to follow her wherever

she goes. Not evil ones though. Wherever she moves, things will be

misplaced, especially the little Native American figurines that she

collects. She and my grandfather moved into a new house very recently. They

went out of town for a few days, and my mom and I stayed over at their

house. My mom slept in the main bedroom and I was supposed to sleep in the

guest bedroom. However, I was trying to fall asleep in that room, but I felt

an extremely strong presence in the room with me. I didn't know if it was

good or bad, but it was so strong that it scared me out of sleeping in that

room. I went to go sleep in the main bedroom where my mom was. That night I

dreamed about a lot of my dead relatives. None of them talked to me. Some of

them just looked at me, and others didn't notice me. I told my grandparents

about it but no one really took me seriously. The next time I came over to

their house, I went into the guest bedroom and saw that my grandmother had

decorated two of the walls with tons of pictures of our ancestors, which was

strange. I still wonder how I was connected to that, but I've been thinking,

and I remember that at my great grandmother's funeral, I was visiting some

of our other relatives' graves who were buried in the same lot, and I think

I leaned on my great great aunt May's grave, and somehow the tombstone

cracked. My great great aunt May died when she was a child. Which might

explain the incidents that really caught my attention. These happened at my

grandparents' house also. I'll save the best one for last. The first one is

this: My grandmother keeps some of the bigger toys for the grandchildren in

the garage. There's one that is known to go off by itself during the night.

It's a play-popcorn maker. In the middle of the night, it will go off,

saying, "Let's pop some popcorn!" Then it will make the popping noise that

it makes when you press a different button. But here's the really cool one.

My grandfather's daughter Leta (I'm not blood related to either of them)

stayed over at the house, in the same guest bedroom that scared me so much.

Leta is not a superstitious woman. But she was almost asleep that night,

when she heard a repetative banging noise in the toy closet next to her. She

got up to open the door and see what it was, but it stopped. When she laid

back down, the noise started again. This continued for a while and finally,

Leta called my grandparents into the room to show them what was happening,

and sure enough when she laid down again, the banging noise proceeded. This

time, my grandmother opened the door to the toy closet and they all

discovered a miniature toy car, repeatedly banging into the side wall by

itself. It wasn't the kind with a remote control to it, either. I think

there is a child spirit that follows my grandmother around, and I believe it

to be my great great aunt May. Since she died as a child, she might still

want to play with toys. Maybe I let something loose when I accidentally

cracked her grave stone, maybe not. I don't know. It seems to be all

connected somehow.









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