Lemp Mansion Experience


By:††† tompiotrowski@sbcglobal.net.


HI! My name is Tom. I have been interested in the paranormal every since my

Great Aunt told me stories about the church that she lived across the street

from. I am a 51 year oldIndustrial Engineer, I have worked in R & D and

Manufacturing for the past 25 years. For my birthday my Wife and I went on a

special tour of the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Mo. The guide was a

proclaimed spiritualist and well versed on the history of the Mansion. The

evening started out with a brief description of the Mansion and a

demonstration of the use of divining (sp) rods. I have never used them

before and in all honestly very skeptical of their use. Anyway - we were

allowed to explore the 3rd floor at our leisure. My wife started to enter a

closet and immediately backed out saying that there was something strange in

there. I being skeptical decided to step into the closet with the rods in

hand. I stood there perfectly motionless and blocking the enterance to the

closet. I stood there for maybe 15 seconds and started to think in my own

mind how lame this is. At that very moment the rod in my right hand was

pushed up into the air at least 10 - 12 inch. I stood there for a second the

shined a light into the closet to see if by chance anyone was in there with

me. Now remember I am blocking the entrance/exit. No one is there. I found

that very interesting. My wife and I took several pictures with our digital

camera. Several I believe had Orbs but 2 of them have something in them I

cannot explain. In one picturethere is a streak of light that looks like a

fluorescing light is standing up by itself right in from of me as I took the

picture. The other one is a "Swoosh" of light that looks like a time lapse

photo of a moving light. However the other items in the picture are clear as

a bell without distortion. I cannot explain either of these. I will forward

them to you if you are interested. The last event in the mansion did get my

attention. I was standing at the top of the stairs waiting for the people to

go down when I felt 3 tugs on my shirt. I turned thinking that the lady

behind me was trying to get my attention. However she was turned with her

back to me speaking to her husband. I looked forward again and as soon as I

did so I felt another tug on my shirt sleeve. This time I turned quick

enough that I seen 2 more tugs on my shirt and no human hand doing the

tugging.At this point I am trying to rationalize what had just taken

place. I looked for a possible air supply but realized that a breeze would

not have felt like the tug on my shirt. As the people started to move down

the steps Iturned my head to concentrate on the steps for they were narrow

and steep. Just then I felt 3 more tugs on my shirt sleeve. This time I was

quick enough and seen all 3 tugs. I found this very fascinating. Like I said

I am an Engineer by trade and always look for the reason of anything and how

it occurs. For the life of me I could not explain the objects in the

pictures or the rod being hit while holding it or the tugs on my sleeves.

Thank you for letting me share my experiences. If anyone has any questions

or would like to see the pics - E-mail me at tompiotrowski@sbcglobal.net.




My First Experience



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The Story of my House


By: scsweetlilthang@yahoo.com




I am 14 years old and i live in a house in South Charleston West Virginia. I have had many things happen to me while living in this house and they still countue to happen. The first time was right after we moved in. One night around 12:30am i heard our back door slam and i just thought it might have been my brother going to pet the dog and went back to sleep the next morning my oldest brother asked me and me other older brother if we went outside around 12:30 that night we both said no and he said he heard the backdoor slam and we thought it was odd because his room is in the basement and mine is on the 2nd story and we were the only ones to hear it. I was never out of my room after 12:00 until one night i opened my door were there is a small hallway and the door to my parents room the bathroom my room and my brothers rrom and the stairwy and to this day after12:00 if you open your door you can feel someone watching you until you get to the bottom of the stairs or close a door to the room you are going to. On ocasions i can hear people walking up and down the stairs and my mom says the same time every night in her room she hears a boom and her walls. At night i have to sleep with the tv on because i can hear the boards squeak in my room like someone is walking and i hear noises in the attic. When im home alone i hear the noises even more louder and clearer. One mornign while i was getting ready for school i was home alone i got up opened my door and i heard chiming in my moms room. i thought it was occw d because she doesnt have windchimes in or anywhere around her room and all the windows were closed. There was one time i was on the phone with my 2 friends and i was in my closet(its as big as my room if not bigger..it was an add on before we moved in) Well i as on the computer and all of a sundden i hear whispering comin from the attic and my friends could tell u i was freaking out and i made my friends mom come pick me up i was so scared. I had a part one night and my friend was over and she was the last to fall aslepp she said she was up all night and at one point she woke me up because she heard somthing goin up and down the stairs and wounld stop and noises in the attic. And we were all in my closet and it opens on its own sometimes but if you close it you cant open it again and you get stuck inside and that happend to us. One day about a month ago i started seeing black and white flashes int he corner of my eyes and when i look its stops and i dont see it until the next day. My dog will be sittin there in the living room and look in the walkway behind the recliers we have and follow something like its walkin and get up and go to the kitchen likes she does when she is following one of us. But nothing is ever there and then she will start to bark. I never seen any spirit but i know there is one here. My dad was talking to a neighbor that has lived here for years she said that a lady ran a salon in our basement and one day she doesnt know what happened but she shot her dog and the shot herself and i think the dog and the lady walk our house and mab i heard her whispering to her dog that one day in the attic.....And i forgot one night i dont no if it was a dream but i was awaken by a scratchin on my closet door and i heard boards creaking and sounds like someone throwing rocks at the wall and ceiling. To this day i am afraid to be home alone and the events are still happening.





Framington State College


By: jenlundon@yahoo.com


Hi, my name is Jen , and I go to Framingham State College.I've lived in mostly all of the resident halls on campus, and I have lived in Pierce Hall for just one semester.I lived in room 93 and it was crazy.Coke cans would rotate and text books would go missing and I would find them in odd places, like my laundry hamper or under my bed pushed back to the wall.Pierce Hall is normally quiet, but I worked the front desk at very early hours in the morning and I would hear strane foot steps running about the dorm.The most frightning experiance I had was in the basement of Pierce.I was doing laundry and I felt a strange blowing of air sensation on my next and then loud banging noises came from the door leading to the underground service tunnels.Needless to say, I moved out of Pierce.

Another Academic Hall on campus, May Hall, is haunted in the basement where the art dept.'s ceramics lab and 3 D studio is located.it's haunted by a girl that died in the underground tunnel.being an art major, and spending some late lonely nites in the basement of may hall, i've heard some weird things.potter's wheels spins by themselves and pounding can be heard.it's crazy!!

alright, well keep up the good work with your website!!




Stories of Newport


By: JUSTGILL@peoplepc.com


I work in an old building in Newport KY, that is now a restaurant. It was a hangout for the Gangsta type. It's a known fact that many people have been murdered here. Either shot upstaires or buried, in the concrete in the subbasement. I have heard many stories form employee's and I myself have had a few experiences. One late evening as myself and a manager were closing the building, I waited on the restaurant side to help the bartender close down and take out the garbage. The manager went across the complex to the office and started doing the paperwork. I escorted the bartender out, locked the doors, and turned out most of the lights. The manager and myself are the only people in the building. Now this place is huge 65,000 square feet. Two floors, 7 different dining rooms etc.. I walked across the complex to help the manager do the paperwork. Finished, and took the paperwork downstairs in the elevator,made the drop, and came back upstairs. We walked back into the restaurant, and was blown away buy the stench of cigars, and the smoke. We look at each other to make sure we are both seeing and smelling the same thing. Of course we checked out what we could, there was no source for the smoke or the smell. There was'nt anyone even smoking a cigar that evening. There was NOWAYthere should have been smoke, or have the smell. We got the hell out of there. This is'nt the only story, I have seenand heard much more.




Suicide in the Garage


By: CrowleyCar@aol.com



hi my nane is carolann,i bought my house 6yrs.ago my first haunting experiance was finding pictures in my draw from 1940s ,they did not belong to us i still have them.we did not know of the suicide committed in our garage and when we were first told about it we thought they were kidding us.ive never felt comfortable at night in my liv. rm. first week there i was alone heard terriable banging noises like some1 breaking the cement in front of my house i could actually feel the vibrations now this was about 2am so no one was working any where near me,then id hear door closing like someone came in,i still hear that a lot.one night i heard cans rolling in basement went to look and nothing was there.my mom said when she was staying with me she saw a woman in my living rm. standing in the cornor, after that i had to leave a night light on for mom when she came to live with me.i recently attended a physic reading in a group of about 100, during reading my house ghost came to physic told her about hanging herself and said she did not mean to do it but was not taking her meds.ive done the blessing of house but shes still here seems she likes it here,physic says shes harmless just like to play little jokes on me,but says she has to go has been here to long its over 15yrs. shes been in this house,her son left the house empty 4 that long just used it for storage,she also tols physic she is watching over her son who i dont see anymore since i bought the house.well next move im going to engage a spirilist to bless the house.ill let you know what happens.




The Little Girl in the Yellow Dress


By: ssrenickchipsahoy@yahoo.com



My family has lived in our present house for over 15 years, and for 15 years, we have lived with many ghosts.I can't even think of where to begin, but one of the scariest encounters is the one where my 14 year old sister saw a spirit of a little girl in our living room.

Our living room is one long rectangular room.The couch, at the time, was positioned to where it was right in the middle of the room.My sister was asleep on the couch one night when she woke up thinking I had just gotten home, everyone was asleep and I was not home yet.Instead of seeing me; she saw a little girl in a yellow dress sitting on the living room floor.The little girl was sitting there watching TV.My sister described her with black hair, pale skin, and she was wearing a yellow dress.She also said she had a fuzzy, misty form to her.

After seeing this little girl, my sister covered her face under the blanket until she fell back asleep.

So far, my little sister has seen her twice, and heard her too.There are so many other encounters my family has come across and I hope one day we can find out the true story of what happened in our house.






Was it Grandma


By: concord7@commspeed.net


When I was a girl growing up my grandmother came to live with us. She had liver priblems and was never quite well.

Grandma used to tease my mother and tell her that when she died she would be sure to come back and tell her what it was like on the other side and visit. Mom used to tell her just to stay where she went and spend time with grandpa. I was just a kid and didn't care much at this point.

Grandma passed away when I was about 17yrs old.She died at the house like she wanted. We didnt notice anything for about a year. the following year I became pregnate. Still in high school and just a kid still myself I became scared and unsertain about my future.

Things started to happen that year. First I had a girlfried stay with me and she left in the middle of the night . Because she swears my grandmother was calling my name to go eat and the whole house smwlled of fresh tortillas.

When I spoke to my mom about this she started to cry. She said that grandma did come back and walks in her room all the time and bumps her bead.Things started getting stronger to the time I was going to give birth. I was asleep in bed when I felt ehat i thought was my mom sit on my bed and shake my shoulder. When I sat up I saw nothing but coud feel someone sitting on the lower side of where I was sleeping. I sat up scared but reached out and I could feel a figure that felt the same shape as grandma but could see nothing so I said goodnight and laid doum with my head under the covers till it left.

nothing happened for a while after that wewere hetting ready to move out of this house while things were getting packed full boxes started falling and rolling around on the ground, lights started going on and off the tv would change things really started to feel uneasy. It didnt feel so friendly anymore. We were all haveing bad dreams evil ones at that. so I started to talk to people about it. A lady at the church I was attending asked if I had bought anything used for the baby I was suprised but said yes all the furniture was from used stores. She also told me that spitits can attach to physical things like that and it might not have been grandma at all. We eventualy called someone to bless the house before we left .††††





That's not My Cat


By: gojira15@hotmail.com


this must have been a decade ago (I was about 6 or 7) when I woke up in the middle of the night for no aparrent reason.I lay in my bed for the longest time staring at the ceiling.I remember that my babysitter had tucked me in, and my mom was asleep in my room.being the young and lonely child I was, I hopped out of bed (around this age I was deathly afraid of being alone at night and leaving the covers, but for the some odd reason, there was no fear in my body at all) and walked slowly towards my mother's room.when you open the door to her room, there's about a 10 foot hallway that goes right into her general room.And as soon as I turned into the hallway towards her room, a little grayish whiteish cat was walking, sort of creeping, towards me.Instantly I began to think, hey that's not my cat, and then it vanished.It was staring directly into my eyes when it faded away.I was so suprised and shocked that I was numb, physically and mentally!Not knowing what to think or believe, I jsut walked back into my room, and feel dead asleep





Recounting my Experiences


By: Christopher.Marino@ge.com



I've been reading through The Shadowlands website over the past two weeks,

and I've been inspired to document my experiences for others to read.I've

never experienced anything frightening, but there have been some instances

that have taken place throughout my life worth noting.

I was born and raised in Springfield, MA, I am currently 23 years old, a

college graduate, and now live and work in Connecticut.I have always been

intrigued by ghosts, the supernatural, and unexplainable occurrences, and I

love a good scary story or movie.I definitley believe there is more out

there than our ordinary five senses or typical mindset detect, and reading

through the personal experiences of others just reinforces this.But enough

of that, I'll recount my tales.

I encountered a bully while walking home alone from my first day in 5th

grade.He tried to start a fight with me for no reason, but I kept on

walking, I saw him basically everyday for the first week of school (he was a

6th grader from Forest Park Middle School, which I had to walk right by to

get home) and he kept tormenting me, but he was always with another kid.

Finally, on the last day of that first week, I walked past him and he was

alone so I confronted him, he kept trying make fun of me, and I finally

punched him in the stomach.Now he really wanted to fight me, but I figured

now was a good a time as any to take the "high road" and I walked away. I

didn't see the kid after that.Then about 3 months later I had a dream one

night that I kept punching that bully.The entire dream consisted of me

punching him in the face, over and over and over, but he was like one of

those inflatable punching bags that is weighted on the bottom, so that every

time it's hit, it always rights itself and pops back up straight.So every

time I hit this kid in my dream he would pop back up.The next day walking

home from school I saw the kid for the first time since our fight.Now,

that can easliy be chalked up to coincedence and I don't look deeply into

that moment, but it stuck with me over the years and sets the tone for the

next experiences I had.

When I was in college (I went to College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA,

a Jesuit institution that was founded in the 1800's) I was sleeping up in my

girlfriends apartment and I had a dream that I was at one of my high

school's indoor track meets.My old cross country coach was there and he

desperately needed me to run in the upcoming race.I was pretty out of

shape compared to when I was an athlete in high school, but I remember I

really wanted to help my coach out so I told him I would get ready, so I

started stretching, and then left the gym to go for a warm-up run, but when

I got outside the ground was covered in wet, slushy snow.Now I was pissed

because I hadn't run in a few years and now I had to run in this dirty,

cold, sleet-like snow, but I did anyways.I woke up the next morning early

to go to class and as I was walking downstairs to my apartment, which was

the second floor of the triple-decker we lived in, I glanced out the window

and outside the ground was covered with the same wet snow as my dream.Now

this isn't unusual for New England, but this was early September (right at

the begginning of the school year) and the snow fall was very unexpected,

and I know I didn't hear any weather forecasts pertaining to it.Kind of


Then in the summer between my Junior and Senior year I was living in the

same apartment, and a good friend and class mate of mine suffered the loss

of her twin brother.He was only 22 at the time, but suffered a fatal heart

attack.The night I heard about the news from my roomate I had a dream that

my friend whose brother died, Katherine, and another friend of mine, Helen,

were sitting on the floor in a door way.I walked up and started talking to

Katherine in a casual way before easing into the conversation about her

brother, I remember thinking this would be a better method to handle the

situation and keep her calm.Yet my friend Helen started basically yelling

at me because I "forgot" to mention the death.I got annoyed and explained

right in front of my sorrowing friend that I was easing into that convo.

The whole scenario got kind of embarrasing and uncomfortable.Then the next

day I woke, once again came down from my girlfriend's apartment, and was

greeted by my roomate telling me that Helen had called the night before to

tell me that Katherine's brother died and wanted me to call her to give my

condolences.Again, nothing to crazy, but very coincedental.

Now that I think about it, there might have been something up with the 3rd

floor apartment where my girlfriend lived because we actually experienced

numerous things.These experiences began when we were hanging out on my

floor one evening and we heard someone walking up the main stairwell.It

was an older house and you could easliy hear someone enter the stairwell and

walk up to either the second or third floors.There was a big, heavy

swinging door on springs that squeaked when it opened and slowly swung shut

at the bottom of the stairs leading outside, but on this occasion I didn't

notice the noises of the door opening.All my girlfriend and I heard were

footsteps go up to her apartment.This happened multiple times everyday

whenever any of our roomates came in our out of the house, but the only

reason this time stands out in my mind is because I started busting my girls

chops saying things like "What if that's a robber and he hides in your

kitchen cupboards and waits for you come upstairs and we never hear him come

back down!"And matter of fact I never did hear anyone come back down the

stairs.Then a little after my girl went up to her apartment to get ready

to go out for the night, and she called me up there sounding very

nervous...no one was in her apartment.She was expecting one of her

roomates to be home, but the place was empty.Now the steps we heard could

have been a roomate or friend and maybe we just didn't hear them leave or

there is a very slim chance they went down the back stairs, but then this

happened several other times where we would hear steps on the main stairwell

go up to the third floor and no one would ever be home.We joked we had a

ghost, then one afternoon my girl and one of her roomates were taking naps

in their tv room.My girlfriend had the sensation that someone leaned over

her, very close to her face, and a female voice whispered "Get up."She

opened her eyes expecting her roomate to be awake and standing there, but

her roomate was still out cold on the futon next to her.Then soon after

that she was again napping in the same spot, this time alone, waiting for me

to come home from class.She had another sensation that someone entered the

apartment, walked across the room, and sat down at the end of the couch by

her curled up feet.Thinking it was me she didn't react right away and

slowly stirred from her nap only to find no one on the couch and no one

home.I came in a few minutes later and she told what had just happened.I

am aware that naps during the afternoon can often be very vivid and physical

due to the nature of the sleep cycle at that time, but again, these

occurrences were definitely weird.

Prior to me moving off capmus to the apartment I just discussed, I lived in

a dorm for the first two years of school.Here I also experienced odd

things.The third installment of my dream trilogy occurred here and was the

most poignant one I've ever had.The dream began with my riding a bicycle

down my street in Springfield, and like most activities in dreams requiring

motor skills (running, punching, driving etc) I was having a very difficult

time peddaling.The bike was inching along and I was fighting to keep my

balance.I finally turned onto a street two blocks from my house and lost

momentum, falling to the ground in the street.I was in front of my good

friend's grandfather's house and before I could get up and dust myself off,

my friend's grandfather came running out of the house and up to me, except

he looked very pale, skinny, and sickly.He is a very old man in his 90's,

but in the dream he was looking exageratedly sick, like a human skeleton.

His eyes were very sunken and he was mumbling and fumbling his way towards

me.I actually got kind of nervous and tried to tell him I was alright and

don't bother to come over, because I didn't really want him near me, but he

came over and kind of jerked around while standing over me.That's all I

remember of the dream, but then two days later I was talking to my mom and

at the end of the conversation she asked me to say a prayer for Doctor

Murray.I inquired, and she told me that on Monday he had heart failure and

had gone into the hospital and was still in there.I then proceeded to tell

my mom of the dream I had Tuesday night where Doc Murray, my friend's

grandfather, approached me looking very sick and weak and was mumbling.My

mom wanted to know what he said to me but it was indistinguishable at the

time.I have never dreamt of my friend's grandfather before and I don't

know why I would, but I happened to meet him in my dream the night after he

almost died.He survived and is still kicking today, but I thought that was

a little too coincedental.

In that same dorm room where I had the dream I just described, I experienced

something else very odd.I was cleaning the room one afternoon while my

roomates were at class.I'm kind of a neat freak, so I was going to town on

the room, even to the point of making my roomates' beds.I was standing by

the door to the room which was in a little enclave of the room, sectioned

off by the built-in closets and the two sets of bunkbeds we had.I was

facing the wall, throwing out some trash, when I heard a muffled thud behind

me.I turned around and my attention was caught by a ceramic dinner plate

in the middle of the floor on the other side of the bunkbeds in the main

part of the room.I had just cleaned the entire room and the plate was not

there two seconds before.In fact, the plate had been on a shelf above my

roomate's desk, about 6ft above the ground.It was the plate his mom had

delivered cookies to us on so I knew where it was in the room, but now it

was just laying there.Then when I played the scenario back in my mind I

realized the muffled thud I heard was consistent with the sound a ceramic

dinner plate would have made if placed on the floor, which was cement with a

thin carpet over it.The key word is "placed" however.There is no way

that the plate could have fallen from the shelf it was on and landed where

it was without hitting the desk, hitting the floor, and rolling to its

current spot.And even if it did fall, the noise it would have made would

have much louder than a muffled thud, if it didn't smash into several pieces

from the fall.This moment was so peculiar that I broke out my measuring

tape and took some measurements.Come to find out the plate was almost

directly in the middle of the room.I was so intrigued that I marked the

spot on the rug with a permanent marker.Nothing like that ever happened

again though.

Before I go, I would feel like I was cheating myself if I didn't describe

the time I saw a UFO.Now UFO has a very negative conotation to it and

probably brings to mind hoaxes and cooks, but I technically did see an

Unidentified Flying Object one night when I was in 8th grade.I was talking

to my friend on the phone, laying in my bed looking out my window, chatting

it up like a schoolgirl.It was night time and as I looked over at my

neighbors house diagnally behind mine, I noticed a bright star in the sky.

I thought nothing of it other than that I thought it might have been Venus

because it was the brightest object in the sky.Its brightness wasn't

absurd, just enough so that I took notice of it and its positioning in the

sky.About 10 minutes after noticing the star, I was still looking out the

window towards my neighbors house, when suddenly the bright object began

moving in a smooth, fluid motion across the night sky in the direction of my

house.There was no pulsating, wiggling, vibrating, or blinking, the object

just made its way across the sky until it was out of my view.It wasn't

like this UFO was near the ground or anything, it bascially looked like any

star that you look up and see day in and day out in the sky just up and

moved clear across the entire sky, and I don't think it could have been a

satelite because it was in the same spot for at least 10 minutes before

accelerating quite quickly and abruptly through the sky.As this was

happening I was describing it to my friend on the other end of the line.He

didn't know what to say.

That's about it for now, but I'm waiting for the next time some

unexplainable stuff happens.I find it fascinating and exciting.Maybe

I'll have to check out some of these haunted sights on this website.



Odd Music


By: ChiisaiKenshin@aol.com


Okay, so..it's not so much a ghost story I guess..but it is kinda creepy.

It was earlier this year, perhaps March or so, when I was downstairs on my

computer.(Hate having the computer in the basement)I was talking to a few

internet friends, when I started hearing odd music coming from the other side of

the basement.

Now let me describe my basement. One light more near me, while the other side

is pretty dark. There's a door that is locked, and I know we never go in

there, or use the room that the door is..at. I think it's just pipes and stuff in

there though.

The music was coming from inside the room, from where I could hear it anyway.

Oh, but this gets even more cliche. No one was home either. My brother and

sister out, and my mom and dad out as well.

So, I got up slowly to check it out, but as I got to my washer machine, which

is..oh.. 5 or 7 feet away from the door/room, it stopped. So I hurried back

to my computer to relate my tale to the four or five friends I was talking to.

But it started up again soon, and I ignored it.

It was then that my parent's also came home. I called up a 'hello!' as I

usually did, and listened as my mother came down the stairs to check on the

clothing in the washer and dryer.

Now remember, the music was still going as she walked down the stairs, so I

stood, and went to meet her, asking, 'Did you hear it, did you hear it?'

As I got up, and met her, the music had stopped, and she gave me a weird

look, asking, 'Did I hear what?'

She never heard it, so I wonder if it was really there, or if I was just

imagining things




My Strange Experience



By: asera6@yahoo.com


Hi there.I was just checking out your amazing site and I decided to send my experience to you.Could you please post it on the site for me?!?I also welcome any comments or questions you may have.Here is my experience plus a footnote at the bottom.Thanks a bunch.

One night I had this very strange experience and to this day I still don't understand why it happened.All my life, I have had experiences, but this one was by far the strangest and scariest one for me.It happened a few months ago, I can't remember the exact date.††† We have our computer on a chair so I can lay on the bed while I am online and the tv on a stand next to that.I'm telling you this now so you can understand where things are when I tell you in the story.One night I was playing games on the computer with my husband asleep behind me.After awhile I started seeing orbs or rods flying around out of the corner of my eyes.I could also feel where they went through me leaving my skin icy cold.I just continued playing on the computer since I knew they were harmless.About an hour later I saw 2 white shadow figures; human shaped.One was standing behind the computer, the other behind the tv.I didn't feel threatened so I left them alone.After a while I started getting a real nervous feeling and then I started seeing a black shadow hand reaching for me between the computer and the tv.The hand was coming from the white shadow that was behind the tv.Whenever I would look at the hand, it would snap back like I had caught it red handed.I got really scared so I put on a movie for the light and the noise.It seemed to calm me down a bit.After the movie finished, I rned off the tv and continued playing games on the computer.After awhile I started seeing the orbs and rods again and again I could feel where they would fly right through me.Almost instantly I started feeling nervous again so I turned on the tv and watched movies until morning.The next morning I got my husband ready for work and after he left, I went back to bed.After a while I felt nervous again and I felt something force its way into my body.The real nervous feelings had already woken me up by that time.I could feel where the thing had taken over my body and I could see the world through its eyes and everything looked like a blur.I was there, but I wasn't there all at the same time.I felt extreme confusion which quickly escalated into anger.I tried to talk, but my mouth wouldn't move.I tried to move, but I couldn't.I felt like I was glued to the bed.In my mind, I was asking Jesus for help and yelling at myself to say it.Then I remember that I slowly opened my mouth and said, "In the name of God, I command you to leave and go back to Hell."I got really scared as it was not my voice that came out of my mouth, but a mans voice; very deep in sound. After saying and hearing the words, I felt the thing leave my body and the room got warm again.Then it felt real peaceful and I was able to get some sleep.


When the experience was over, I thought maybe that my voice was normal and that I heard a mans voice due to being really scared, but my brother-in-law heard it as well and even asked me if my husband had decided to stay home from work that day.This isn't the first time that a spirit has used my body to try and communicate, but it has never been frightning before this experience.I'm hoping it will be the last time that ever happens.If you would like to comment or have any questions to ask, you can email me at asera6@yahoo.com.Thank you for reading my experience.







By: bloodstained@gmail.com


Hi, my name's James and I come from Sydney, Australia.

Haunting aren't exactly a common thing here, but that's not to say

they don't happen.

It was a dark night, and the light from the stars were shining

beautifully, and it was a full moon.

It wasn't a very cold night for winter, but we still had the gas

heater on, since we were wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and

a short sleeve shirt.

My friend Luke was asleep on the couch and I was watching MTV.

It had suddenly become rather cold, so I went upstairs and grabbed a

blanket for Luke, and put on one of his hoodies. I felt very uneasy

upstairs. Being inside in general felt quite uneasy, also.

I'd gone outside for a cigarette, and it was rather warm out for a

winter night, so I'd taken the hoodie off. I sparked up a cigarette

and I just sat outside there for a while, Luke woke up during Beavis

And Butthead and came outside to have a cigarette also. We both

finished our cigarettes and went back inside, and watched the end of

Beavis And Butthead.

Luke went up stairs to bed, where my bag was just outside the doorway

of his brother's room. (His brothers don't live with him, they live

with his mum and step-dad, and he lives with his Grandmother. His

grandmother was in hospital, and didn't particularly like being alone

in this house, so I stayed the night with him)

Everything seemed fine.

I could hear smuffled shouting upstairs, but at first I dismissed it

as Luke watching his TV. I went outside for one last cigarette before

I turned in for the night, and I could see his door handle moving from

his window. (He has blinds, which were parted on this particular


I went back inside and layed down on the couch kind of half-watching

the TV. That's when I first started hearing the voices. It sounded

like a boy.. maybe 10 years old, maybe a little older. He asking for

help. At first he called out "Hello?" and then started saying "Help

me" a bunch of times.I was pretty freaked out, so I tried to ignore

it. His voice developed a kind of worried, scared tone, and he

frantically started asking for help, to which point I replied with a

simple "What...?" During my asking what he wanted, he kind of yelped

and groaned, there was a thud, and I could hear footsteps trailing

towards the stairs.

There was another voice. This time it was a man's. He was saying

things like "I'm going to get you, and you'll be sorry once I'm

through with you." I could then hear a girl's voice, practically

screaming at the top of her lungs. I dashed up the stairs as quickly

as I could to check on Luke, and the voices and the screaming stopped.

I checked in Luke's bedroom, and he seemed to be asleep (although had

his head under the blankets, so I couldn't really tell). I walked back

downstairs and propped myself on the couch again. The voices had

returned. The girl was screaming again, and there was another thud,

then silence. The sound of footsteps echoed down the hallway and down

the stairs, then vanished into silence.

In the morning, when Luke and I had both woken up, we were outside

having a cigarette.

Luke started discussing what he had heard last night, and soon enough

my eyes lit up and he knew that I knew exactly what he was talking


It was an incredible night I'll never forget.

*Also, I'd just like to let you know. Campbelltown is rather an

historic place in Australia, each year we have the Fisher's Ghost

festival, which marks the death of Fred Fisher, a townsman who is said

to haunt Fisher's Creek. I've never *seen* any ghosts before, but I

try to get down to Fisher's Creek as late as I can in the hopes I

might see his ghost...




Haunted House




My husband and I bought this house in Fontana, California near the Mary B. Lewis school. We had never believed in ghost. We bought the house in 1995, the first week we moved in I was sitting in the living room with my husband and we both heard a loud crashing sound in the kitchen. When we went to see if something had fell on the floor, there was nothing there. That was the beginning, we went to bed and I woke up by the sound of chanting coming from the living room, it sound like a lot of little bell like sounds, like when you run your finger around a wine glass, but maginfied. I went to go see what it was and I seen a bunch of flickering lights. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, so I woke up my husband and he seen them too. We thought that we had to have the house blessed by a priest, so we did. And things just got worse. We would hear running late at night in the back yard, there would be nothing there. We even called the police they didn't find no one. Then I went into the garage one morning and it was freezing cold, it was summer time and it was 90 degrees outside, and in black substance the words "BURN IN HELL" were written big on the floor, my husband tried everything to wash it out, even gasoline, it just disapparedon its own. We thought someone was just trying to scare us at first, but one day I was talking to my mother on the phone and a horrible, demonic voices were speaking at the same time, my mother heard also, and I only had one phone in the house and so did my mother. It keep saying "whore whore, die whore, and laughing. My mother started crying and told me to get out of the house and wait for her to come for me, my husband was at work and this was in the day. I was sick to my stomach, just to remember makes me feel scared as I write this. In one the bedrooms we heard banging we went to see and there was brownish stuff dripping from the ceiling and on the walls, my dad came to check in the attic to see if we had a leek, and there was nothing there. The dogs would cry and houl at night, It got so bad I couldn't sleep and I thought I was going crazy, but there were so many wittiness. I couldn't understand why this was happening. One day the neighbor across the street came when I was in the yard watering the grass, she asked me if I had heard any strange noises in the house, and I didn't know if I should tell her, so I just said "no why would you ask"? And she said that the people that lived there were devil worshippers and that there was a rumor that they had sacrified their 16 year olds baby in one of the bedrooms and that it got out of control. And they just moved out and moved to another state. We never meet the people that lived their they were out of state. So when we bought the house everything was through our realitor and faxes.Any ways, I thought " why didn't this lady come and tell me this when we were looking at the house. I told my husband I wanted to put the house for sale. We did, the house sold on three different times. When it was time to close escrow for no unknow reason the buyers just backed out at the last moment. I was so scared, I would not stay in the house alone, I started to get very sick, I tried to kill myself, I slit my wrist. I was just so depressed and scared, because I couldn't sleep because of the banging and chatting that would go on every night. One morning the neighbor that lived next to us, came and asked me if we had a man living with us. I told her no that no one lived with us. She said that she had seen me and my husband leave, and a few minutes after we left she heard a mans voice screaming and cussing and heard very loud bangs coming from in the house. She asked if I heard the dogs crying the night before and I told her yes, she said that she got up andlooked out her back window and she seen a huge black shadow pass throught our wooden fence and that her dogs just laid down as it passed by. And that it went to through her backyard. I was trying to sell the house, so I told her I had never heard anything in the house like that. There was so many things that happened to people that would come visit, that they would leave terrified. If we were listening to the radio, The demonic force would turn the volume all the way up and change the station. My sister-in-law stayed in the room with the blood stains, and she was a woken the something breathing on her face, she said she was getting up to turn on the light and she saw a small door open, and that it was just pitch black , but that she could hear horrible sounds coming from within the small door. She was so scared that she called her brother to come pick her up, it was 3am when she left. We ended up just leaving the house one night at 1am, we never went back, I gave all my furniture to the neigbors. And we would not even go by that street ever again. We lost our material things, but thats how bad the demonic spirits got. We have been courious and have gone on line to see who owns the house,and ever person with in a year has lost it, and now it belongs to the government, for public housing. It was chilling to see that it is still going on. I never reported anything about this, because I didn't think the authories would believe me. My mother said I should have some people that do investigation on hauntings, but I didn't know how to go about it, and I was more concerned about leaving there and never ever going back. This is not something made up, this really did happen, and there are people who wittinessed some of the most horrible things that happen in that house. I thought My husband and I would grow old in that house together, but what happened there almost cost us are marriage, and our lifes. I do now believe in ghost, or demons and they can wreck havick on peoples lives.



Ghosts and Red Dots



By: Br2846@aol.com



This story is about my sister-in law, my husband and his family

lived in a house with a graveyard behind it, there was only a fence

between their house and the graveyard, you can imagine the stories

they can tell, but the scarest one was of my sister in law, one night

the whole family went out, but she decided to stay at home, she called

a friend who lived about two houses from her house, you could see into

the windows of the houses, my sister in law had a habit of laying in the floor

to talk on the phone, her friend was looking out the window at their house

and was laughing, when she asked her what was so funny, her friend told her

that her dancing in the window was, she told that she was'nt in the window

that she was laying in the floor, she ran to her friends house without even

hanging the phone up.

This story is about me, i have lived at this home for 5 yrs, twice i have seen

red dots in the dark, i live on a 200 acre farm, no other houses around and

no head lights can be seen from road, this place has a lot of history, so next

time i see them i am going to do some investigating on the history of the farm




Dad Saying Good-bye


By: s_arthompso1@clarion.edu


First, before I tell you the interesting part, I must give you some

general information.

Just this passed October, 2004, my dad passed away due to

complications of diabetes.It came as a complete shock to my sisters

and and I that this would happen, for it had become routine for us that

he would be hospitalized every few months.He would be in for a few

days, battle whatever new infection he had developed, and then be

released.††† However, this last time something happened that caused

brain damage, and the machines were the only things that were keeping

him alive.My eldest sister, Heather (22), was his power of attorney,

and so had to make the final decision to turn off the machines.She

waited till my sister Meghann (19) and myself (20) got home from

college so we could see him one last time.He was put on life-support

on a Saturday, and the following Wednesday, my three sisters and I went

into the hospital for the last time. Heather told the doctors of our

decision to take my dad off life-support (he never wanted to be on it).

The doctors removed the machines, and my sisters and I prepared

ourselves for a long night.If anyone has had to go through such a

horrible ordeal such as this, they know that sometimes it may only take

a few minutes or may be hours before the person decides to let go.

When my dad's breathing began to become shorter and more labored,

Meghann held his hand, told him she loved him, and that it was ok to

go.It was several hours after the machines were turned off that my

dad's breathing and heart finally stopped.By this time, it was 1 am

and my sisters and I were completely exhausted, both emotionally and

physically.After settling matters with the doctors and nurses, we

gathered our things up, and headed home for bed.

†† Now, the interesting part. Our mom was waiting up for us when we

got home.My parents had been divorced for about seven years, but had

always remained friends.My mom would often cook certain foods for my

dad that she knew he would enjoy.However, she did not go into the

hospital to see my dad this last time because she was afraid that my

grandparents (my dad's parents) would accuse her of causing my dad's

illness (My grandparents are not very caring of other people's

feelings).My mom asked us what happened, and we told her.She then

told us that around 7:45 she was in her bathroom when she heard someone

come into her room (My mom has a master bathroom that is right off her

room.If one were to walk into her room from the dining room, they

would see her bed, and the door to the master bathroom is at the foot

of her bed, a little to the left).


Door ^--shadow on I

I†††† this wall†† I†† <--rough layout of my mom's room

I†††††††††††††††††††††† I

I†††††††††† -------- I

Ir††††††† IBED†† I

Io†††††† -------- I

Io†††††† ††††††††† I


She knew it wasn't my stepdad, who had gone out into the kitchen to

get something to eat.She stood inside her bathroom, but was able to

look out a little ways to see a shadow of a man on the wall to the

left, coming from the bathroom. The part that was so important to tell

us was that next she heard my dad's voice say, "I won't be back,

Valerie."She said that she started crying and couldn't stop.She

knew that he had come to tell her good-bye, and that she knew he was

ok.She felt, surprisingly, peaceful afterwards.What really made an

impact on my sisters and I was that at 7:45 was about the time the

doctors were removing the life-support.

A few days later my mom asked him to send her a sign that he was ok

and watching over us.She asked him if he remembered the song that

they first danced too (Babe, by Styx), and he if he did, to send her

some sort of sign that he had heard her.Now, this is a song my mom

hasn't heard on the radio anytime recently.Later that night, when she

got in the car, the first song to come on the radio was Babe.I know

that my dad was saying good-bye to my mom, and that he's watching over

my sisters and I.




2 Encounters


By: xkrickett@comcast.net


We moved into a home when I was 6 in 1979.The home would have been

about 16 yrs. old when we moved in.Shortly after we moved in, I

started to get into trouble for using crayons to draw on the wall in my

closet.The only problem with this, was that I didn't do it.My

sister and I had never drawn on the walls and never did, but the the

fact that the drawings were in my closet, I tended to get the blame.

As a kid, I thought my name was strange and had wished I would have

been named Kevin, which only†† strengthened the argument against me.

With every drawing was the name Kevin written nearby.My mom would

clean the drawings off of the wall and eventually, a new drawing with

the name Kevin would appear.I had seen a small child in my room at

night that I never told anyone until I had to prove I wasn't drawing on

the walls.I described a kid a 3 year old wearing blue pants, red

shirt and a red baseball cap, with light brown hair.The drawings

continued for sometime, but eventually my parents believed me.My mom

was pregnant with my brother when we moved and one night in January, my

mother woke up in the middle of the night, thinking that she was going

into labor.After she realized she wasn't going into labor she saw

someone walk past their bedroom door.She immediately thought it was

either my sister or myself.As she called our names, my father woke up

thinking something was wrong. My mother told him one of us had walked

by the door and he called our names also.A second later the little

boy that I had seen many times walked into the room and walked to the

end of their bed.He looked at them and walked out.At that moment,

they knew where the drawings came from.

My brother was born in February and we continued to live there for

about 5 more years.My brother always talked about playing with his

friend Kevin and that he and Kevin were hungry or thirsty.We simply

thought he had an imaginary friend.It wasn't until the last year, we

were telling my wife about this encounter and while we were describing

the little boy, my brother declared that he was Kevin.My sister is

the only one not to see him, but no one felt scared, we never chased

him away.We don't have any proof, but at one time, a mother down the

street had asked about our house once.She had told me someone in the

first owners family had died there and we knew we were the third

owners.Since then I have wanted to return to see if Kevin is still

there and who else might be there.There was a strange suicide in that

home, a year after we left.The mother had committed suicide in one of

the bathrooms, but nobody including her family knew of any mental

illness or depression.My fear is alarming the current owners or

frightening them.

The second encounter was shared with my brother.Every summer we would

spend a week with our grandparents.This summer, only my brother and I

went to stay with my grandmother.About the third night, we were

sleeping on the two couches in the living room, when we were both

awakened by the noise of someone walking through the house.We both

saw my grandfather, walk from the back of the house, through the

kitchen and living room and into my grandmother's bedroom.While we

were frozen with shock, as soon as he was gone, I asked him, if he saw

what I saw and he told me what he had seen.I knew we couldn't have

imagined it, because had it just be light playing a trick on our eyes,

we were seeing the same person from two different angles.In the

morning, we told my grandmother about this and she verified what we

thought we had seen.She believed in spirits and especially family

members returning to check up on us.She continued to tell us that my

grandfather would return home quite often to check up on her.





The Mask


By: brianklarsen@hotmail.com


During my younger years, I vividly remember that two of my sisters used to collect porcelain masks, which were hung on their walls. One of them bought a mask, which I remember being very creepy looking. The night that she bought it she had a dream that someone wearing the mask was trying to kill her. Feeling uneasy by this, she gave the mask to my sister without mentioning why she was giving it away. That night, with the mask being hung in my other sister's room, my other sister had the exact same dream. She told my oldest sister about the dream, and that's when she came clean that she had had the exact same dream. They took the mask out to the sidewalk and smashed it with a hammer. After that, the dreams stopped.





The Friendly Old Man


By: brianklarsen@hotmail.com



My sister told me about this one, and being fairly religous, she doesn't make up stories like these. She was married with a three year old daughter. Her husband worked nights, leaving her and her daughter home alone nearly every night. Several times a week, she would walk out to the front room to find that the ceiling fan was turned on. Because this was during the winter season, they never turned it on. You had to pull a cord attatched to the fan to turn it on, which proves that they're daughter could not have turned it on. Also, my sister was awakened one morning by her daughter trying to open the front door, yelling "Come back, come back!". Because she was so young, it was hard to understand exactly what she was saying, but she said that she had been painting with an older man when he suddenly got up and left. My grandfather, who died many years ago, enjoyed painting with his children when they were younger, according to my grandmother.




Our Apartment


By: nsundeem@insightbb.com


I lived in Bloomington, In . In apartments named Coutry View apartments. My mom was downstaris and I was upstais sleeping. She was watching tv and she keep hearing people walk back and forth. She tuned the tv down. she thought it was us playing .Then she went upstairs to check on us and we were sound asleep. so she went back downstairs.not even 10 min later it started again and she went back upstairs to check again.then not even before she got out of the hallway she heared people walking in the hallway right behind her. ran downstairs to the kicthen to get a knife and put it under the couch. she said this all night till my dad came home the next day.we moved not long after that happen to my mom. my sister would always tell me that she heared people talking in our hallway late at night. i know its true because my sister never lied to me. but we thought we would share this with everyone. thanks shadowlands foe letting us share this story




My First Experiences


By: laurafantozzi2003@yahoo.com


My name is Lauraborn in Hartford, Ct on Dec. 6, 1980. I was raised in New Orleans, LA and now live in Oceanside, CA.

I was nineteen years old when I had my first experience. I was in an extremely deep sleep when suddenly I awoke. I felt a strong presents and it felt very evil. The next thing I see a spirit pass me rubbing two of his fingers on my body while I was laying down as he passed me. I did not see his face because I was to frightened to look but I can tell it was a man. I was so frightened that I got up, turn on my lamp, looked to see if he was still there. I could not see him anymore but I could still feel his presents. So I ran out of my house, got into my car, drove off and did not return home till the next day.

I thought it was over not to realize that it was the beginning. I still get spirits every now and then that either try to scare me or play annoying games with me. I also been having very disturbing and freighting dream of different things sense my first experience. Sometimes the dream felt so real I don't really know if it was a dream or not.

I share this because I know that I am not alone and other people are going through the same thing I am going through. If you would like to contact me my email is laurafantozzi2003@yahoo.com. Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience.




More Stories from Long Time Visitors


By: derder1976@yahoo.com


I sent you guys a couple of stories back in 97 or 98, a story from when I was pretty young and another from around that time. I had a couple of things happen to me back in 2000 and 2001, but I havenít gotten around to letting you guys know about it until now.

At the time, I was working as a sports copy editor for the newspaper here. I was living with one of the sports writers in a tri-level, triplex. Itís on a lot with another just like it. Itís a few blocks from the heart of downtown, so it was probably built sometime between 1910 and 1920. The place itself is pretty cool, and two of the other apartments were occupied by fellow journalists, so we had some pretty wild complex parties. Each of the apartments have identical floor plans. The front door opens into a large living area with hardwood floors. The living areas open into a small dining room that connect them with a small kitchen. The kitchens have a back door that opens into the courtyard and a door on the opposite side that open to the stairs that lead to large basements. The living area also opens to a staircase Ė that runs parallel to the length of the living area Ė that leads directly to the only bathroom. At the top of and to the left of the top of the staircase are two bedrooms.

I won a coin flip for the bedroom that faces the front of the complex. It is considerably larger than the other, has a walk-in closet and two large windows, one of which opens to the front of the complex.

Iíve always been a little sensitive when it comes to whatever the hell is going on beyond the dimension we live in. I certainly donít like it, but thereís not a lot I can do about it. This being the case, I had some reservations about moving into a place so old and that obviously would have a lot of history, but it was such a cool setup for a guy in his mid-20s with a pretty good job, a borderline self-destructive obsession with partying and nothing to tie me down except an at-the-time dying relationship with a girl I had been dating a few years.

The first six months or so were somewhat of a blur. Myself and a couple of sports writers would religiously end up at local bar after our shifts ended at midnight, drink until about 2 a.m. and head over to the place to play darts or play poker. I wasnít really paying much attention to my surroundings. But one night early in the spring, I had one of those dreams that almost wake you up but leave you somewhere in between the first and second levels of consciousness. Iíve battled these for years, but I usually get them as Iím drifting off to sleep. This night, it semi-woke me from a pretty sound slumber. I was aware that I was trying to wake up but couldnít. I tried to move my hands and arms, anything to try to break out of the purgatory state. After struggling with it for a few moments, I snapped out of it and realized I was half-moaning, half-yelling. My original thought was that I hoped it didnít wake my roommate, because I didnít want him to think I was some kind of a weirdo. My second thought Ė or feeling Ė was that I was not alone in the room. I glanced around toward the closet and saw nothing. The feeling was still there. I laid back down facing the wall to the left of the bed. It was a double bed and wasnít large enough to sleep two comfortably. As I laid there talking myself down from the situation, I swear to God I felt the full length of a body lay itself down behind me. I could tell whatever it was was facing the same direction I was because as it climbed into the bed, I could feel its knee hit the bed first, its upper body come to rest and its legs sprawl out behind me. I try to posture myself as a little bit of a tough guy Ė not a meathead or anything Ė by participating in manly (sorry about the sexist undertones) type activities, cussing a lot and openly sharing with most of the people in my life the filthy thoughts I generate, but in this instance I couldnít even muster the courage to turn around and see what was laying behind me. I couldnít get up. I just closed my eyes until my alarm went off a few hours later.

The scenario did not repeat itself, so after a couple of months I just chalked it up to all the drinking Iíd been doing. Shortly after that, I had another experience. It started exactly the same way. I semi-woke into the same purgatory state. But this time, as I was struggling to wake up completely, I could feel what I can only describe as hands pushing on my chest, almost like someone was about to perform CPR. I again woke up moaning and yelling, and the first thing I saw was a smooth, almost black figure leaning over me from the left side of the bed, still with its hands pressing on my chest. I just stared up at it. I wanted to swing my arms at it or twist my body around to shake free from it, but my body felt like it was made of stone. I donít know how long I stared at it Ė it felt like 10 or 15 seconds Ė but Iíll bet it was more like three or four. It pulled its hands back and spun around like it was about to dart through the wall and it disappeared. Needless to say, I did not sleep alone in that room again. I staked out a place on the couch for the next year or so, until things started to get serious with my then girlfriend and now wife and I moved out.

Iíve grown up a lot since then. My wife and I seldom party, I went back to school and finished my degree and have become a typical, happy working stiff. We bought a beautiful house that was built in 1951, and so far I have nothing but love for the place. Throughout the process of cleaning up my life, Iíve done a lot of reflecting on the things that happened in that room. I can still remember how the body felt crawling into my bed, and I can still vividly picture whatever it was that molested me in my sleep. I often wonder if they were guilt-driven dreams or hallucinations brought on by the debauchery of my lifestyle, for I am a good person who doesnít feel to good about many of the things Iíve done. I just donít know what they were for sure. The one thing I canít get over is the physical makeup of the latter what-have-you. It was expressionless and I could make out nothing but its dark contours. But there was something about its presence Ė and physical size and body shape Ė that reminded me of myself. I canít explain this aspect of it clearly, so I wonít try. Itís just a strange feeling I get when I think about it.




Helping Dad Cross Over


By: AlisMcconn@aol.com


4 years ago my dad was dying of cancer and he was my star my best friend and a very loving dad.

4 days before dad died (which at the time i didn't no that) my mum asked me to look after dad while she went shopping, this i did and now looking back i am so happy that i did. I was watching TV when dad said look there is shelley,she is asking me to go with her, i must say shelley is my 17 year old daughter but she was one of a twin which i lost when i was 2mths pregnant, i never told my family about my lost, so when dad said this i felt a bit out of sorts.

I asked dad what is she doing now and he said she was holding her arms out and saying come on granddad come on. i thought it best to change the subject, i left dad that day. 3 days later dad was taken into hospital, he had all the family around him but i thought it best that my daughter did not come as she was only 12 at the time, i was holding dads hand when he was looking a bit confused i asked what was the matter and he said to "is it time to go yet" i was very upset and said no not and with he looked pass me and said to ever was there "no not yet" i asked dad who was he talking to and he said Shelley which of course it was not her. To this day i really do think that my unborn child helped my dad over to the over to the side which i feel very humble and happy to no the dad is still being loved has he was on earth.

I know it is not a ghost story as such but i just wanted to share it with you all.




Rolling Hills


By: happycheff@gmail.com



Hello! I have had strange experiences my whole life with spirits and have

been told on many occasions that I am very sensitive to them. I am going to

just tell one story about a house I lived in because I want to know if

anybody has any answers or suggestions as to what might have been going on.

I rented a house with two other young ladies in the city of Yucaipa, CA in a

neighborhood called Rolling Hills. This was not an old house, it was built

in 1994 and only had one family live in it and nobody died or anything. It

backed up to a ravine that led to a large state park so it wasn't exactly

rural either. I have done some research on the area and haven't found any

documented evidence of other people having experiences in the neighborhood.

Anyways, we moved in the house in October of 2003, and the weekend after we

moved in I was home alone on a Saturday, and about 3 in the afternoon I felt

like taking a nap. My room faced the street and was above the garage. I left

the light on and was out in a few minutes. I Had a dream that I was lying in

that room, on my bed in the dark and that there was a person on the bed with

me, but they were on their knees and they were moving, almost crawling over

me and the person came above me, with one hand on either side of me and put

their face very close to mine while making a hideous hissing sound. I

remember in the dream that the person was almost zombie-like. ( I attribute

this to watching a zombie type movie earlier in the day) but I woke up

screaming. I have never done that in my life. Things got a little more

interesting after that.

My roommate would hear the door in the room next to her ( a playroom ) open

and shut in the night. This bothered her so much that she started locking

the door to get it to stop. We would hear dishes clanging in the kitchen

when we are upstairs and home alone. We would sit on the patio to smoke and

the way the porch light faced it left a side of the house completely black

with darkness. We were having a cigarette and talking when I saw smoke, like

exhaled cigarette smoke float out of the darkness. My roommate and I had

both finished smoking and we were the only ones out there. needless to say

we got scared and went inside.

Doesn't make a very interesting story, and we never felt in danger or scared

by these spirits but I would like to know if anybody in the area has had

similar experiences.




Ghost Doll


By: rockyclous@aol.com


I've had many unexplained encounters in my life. The first I'll tell you about is the old farm house that was where one of my friends lived when I a kid

Sometimes we would have sleepovers there and we would here foot step in the attic.Iknew that there was something there , something not right,I could sense it.My friend David could feel it too.He wouldn;t sleep over there at all

After a few years had passed and the family that lived in the old house had moved.It was slowly being demolished.My friend David and I went into the house to explore.the walls were gutted and the place was trashed We found an old doll with a ceramic head that was hidden in one of the walls.We thought we found a treasure.

Dave laid the doll on the counter and we stood there looking at it.Then as we watched the dolls head cracked and exploded just as that happened we heard boards and a lot of crashing noises upstairs,like someone was throwing things around.

Needless to say we were GONE!!!!!!!There was no one in the house because it was way up on a hill and it was the dead of winter and there was no road to it.

I never went into that house again and will never forget the feeling that there was something not right with that house.††




Evil Spirit


By: TooOld4ThisShyte@aol.com



What I am about to recount is an experience that will keep me away from any house.But first, allow me to tell you about myself.I am a 24 year old native of Las Vegas.I am also a wiccan priest, and one of the youngest people to achieve the priesthood.I have had extensive dealings with spirits and ghosts.I seem to be extremely "in tune" to them.I am in no way, shape, or form, frightened when I come across paranormal beings.However, that changed with one misguided youthful excursion.

My family moved out of Vegas to a small town 60 miles southwest called Sandy Valley.This is a small old mining and bootlegging town that is literally out in the middle of nowhere.When I was 16, some friends and I thought it would be fun to ditch the hour and half bus ride to school and hang out with my girlfriend.So we did.Two friends and I got off the bus and walked to my girlfriend's house.We woke her up, and started playing childish games.Around noon, we had gotten bored, so we began to look for something new and interesting to do.That was when we saw the abandoned house on the property next door.Obviously, most of us said, "Let's go check that house out!"I automatically had a bad feeling about it, and so did one of my friends.But the majority rules.

As we made our way to the house, jumping fences, dodging bushes, etc., I kept saying that I didn't like the feeling of the area.I had one person backing me up, therefore, I had no say.

When my friends made it into the house, they started fooling around in the living area.This is a room that is fairly large, with kitchen and dining area being the same.There was graffiti on the walls and most of the windows were busted out.To the left of the main entrance was a narrow hallway with two side by side bedrooms and one bathroom.That hallway was dark, except for minimal light shining through the bedroom windows.

My friend and I were the last ones to enter and we watched the fools screwing around for a second.Then I started looking down the hallway.The hair on my body stood on end, and I felt deathly cold.That was when I saw a jet black figure step out of the bathroom, into the hallway.I froze in place, all that I could feel from this spirit was just plain, outright, evil.It flooded over me like a wave.The spirit stopped, then it just turned it's head and stared right at me.I could feel that it was aiming to do horrific things to me.I turned to my friend, and saw that he was looking at the spirit also.He looked at me with a pale face and said, "Do you see that?"I nodded yes, then spun and shot out of that house, across the property, and in one jump, cleared the outer fence.The entire time I could hear my friend right behind me.

When we caught our breath, I simply said, "F*** that place!", and he readily agreed.

Now, I am much older, much stronger in my beliefs, and smarter about the ways of handling spirits.However, for the past eight years, when I am in Sandy Valley, there is no way that I will drive past that house.I know that this spirit had a hunger for me, and I know that on my own, I can't win against it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story, I do appreciate it.Out of all the sites on the paranormal that I have come across online, this happens to be the most knowledgeable one.Also, if there is anything that you could possibly tell me about this experience, I would much appreciate it.




Circus Circus in Las Vegas


By: swisher7@hotmail.com



I wanted to share my experiance with you, and for all to hear. About 4 yrs

ago we vacationed in Las Vagas, and stayd at the circus Circus hotel and

casino. While playing the slot machines right about 4am, I noticed many old

people standing around watching me play, waiting for my big win, I said to

my husband who was only a few machines away from me, gee there are so many

people here playing at 4am! He says to me, what people? I pointed those

people, and he looked but he could not see them, it was then and there that

we were the only people in this partictular area. My hair stood up, and of

course, I said, Im not scard of you, my husband says I was crazy. I see them

everytime I go to Circus Circus. Dead people watching you play the slot

machines and its only in the wee hours of the morning.




Blue Hat


By: mhanson@newagecable.com


One of my experiences happened when i was around 14.At that time I lived an a 100 year old

house that resided across the street from a cemetery.Before moving in here we all herd the

stories the old lady that lived here would talk about.Most people just thought she was crazy.

Well the house was old so you always herd noises, like floors creakingand weird things happening like

cupboard doors opening and much more.But with all that you still pretty much let it go.

Except one night my sister was complaining about a cold draft that would go through

her room and blow things on her wall.Well the only way into my sister room was an

old back stairwell that led to a root cellar that was hidden or through my room. (house was

built kinda weird)So that night the door between our rooms start to shake and the knob

move like someone was opening it.I just thought it was my sister she slept walked in this

house all the time.I waited for her to come in my room but she didn't, finally the door slowly

creaked open and it was not her it was a boy dressed in all white wearing a blue baseball

hat he just stared at me.I quickly threw the blanket over my head did not come out till

morning.That's when I notice the carving on my window David I believe that was is

name.We moved out shortly after still hear stories about things that happen here.

My sister never slept walked again after this either.





Children and Ghosts



By: johnny-depp-luver@sbcglobal.net


Hello. I am Megan, a thirteen-year-old girl with a few comments. I have seen in other areas that this might be important, I am a Baptist Christian and have not prayed to force the feeling away.I read your Children and ghosts column, and thought I might share a few things, mainly about my brother, but one particular item of interest about me and my history.

My Grandmother has the power to communitcate to Spirits. She also feels when one is around. Yes, some in my family call her talents "Zooloo" powers, but I actually believe them. At night while laying in my bed, the feeling of someone watching me is always over whelming. I am too afraid to look around, in fear of actually seeing a spirit. I simply lay there in fear, afraid that something will touch me. Yes, I am a chicken.I have felt this since I was very young, and in turn have slept in bed with my mother until the age of twelve. I have never actually seen a ghost, which leads onto my beloved brother.

My brother is six-years-old, and named Spencer. He is extremely sweet and a bit feminine. He also has Audio Processing Disorder, and a horrible lisp. He has "an imaginary friend" named Jackson. I played along, pretending to prepare a seat at dinner for Jackson one night. I giggled as I thought I was playing with my brother's imagination. As I sat down, my dog started growling at the chair. Spencer glared and turned around, yelling "No bark at him!" I raised my eyebrow, and glanced at the chair. The green cushion was pushed in at the middle, as if someone sat on it. I made a small noise and jumped out, causing the lump to dissappear. Spencer looked confused and glanced at me. "Where'd my friend go?" I glanced to the dog and saw her sleeping peacefully on the floor.

My mother is not helpful at this and one of those who, as you say, block out the thought of ghosts at a young age. We have decided against telling her. Many more incidents have occured with Jackson, especially my current medication to be opened and waiting on me when I walk down the stairs. (I'm having to take five pills for an infection.) My mother would scold me, and tell me not to prepare them the night before. I go along with it, apologizing. I simply asked Jackson, "Please wait and don't do this for me." It had stopped and the medication is only set out if I am either running late or have forgotten to take it.




By: taggardw@hotmail.com


hi there, and thanks for a job well done!

A few years ago, I was living in Prague, Czech Republic. I was lucky enough to find an apartment in the "old town" in the castle grounds. The houses in this area are some of the oldest, and thus they do not even have numbered addresses, but pictures. Mine address was " at the two gold stars", andit's backyard facesa monastery that houses an amazing secular library. (apparently during the reformation it and it's monks were saved from death because of the extent of the library's secular signifigance to the city).

OK, enough background history... well it was winter, and I had just finished my third week in the flat. Now I must mention that as a child I would go sleep walking, and even be able to reply when talked to, this doesn't occur as frequently now, but sometimes when I am under alot of stress, it will still happen.there is a similar thing that happens, and that is like I am sleep walking, but I am in bed, and it is rather like being somewhere between awake and asleep.

hat night I went to sleep in a normal matter, but soon had a dream that seemed to take place in that between place. I was wandering around my flat lost.. the hallway was suddenly many labrynthine hallways and a little man in a satiny rosed hued monk's cowl with a bell on the end of it was leading me around these hallways by the hand. He was no taller than three feet and looked a bit like a cort jester, or punch from punch and judy- fame..a hooked nose and chin. He hopped up and down as he led me around, laughing in a very high pitched way. I felt he was trying to confuse me, get me lost. Suddenly the hallway opened up into a red lit train platform. We were on one side, and a large writhing mass was on the other. He seemed to get very excited about this and started hopping even more irately... " and then he said in his high pitched way, " This is were the souls get off, this is were the souls get off". Upon closer inspection the writhing mass looked like a huge head with a huge pulsating brain. But looking even closer it was made up of writhing, naked people.

I awoke in the hall of my flat wandering around, still lost, and confused. It took a bit for me to realise I was awake and doing this. That was actually more frightening than what I had seen.

It was only later, from the lady that lived upstairs did I find out that not only was this the oldest [art of settled land in Prague, it was also early on, in the 8th century, part of the chambers for the monks from the monastery. Infact, the summer before I moved in, The backyard was dug up to make way for a patio, and the Ukrainian workers atared digging up remains of the monks. They had used the backyard for their cemetary. What's more, is that spring I was in the National library and came across an old illustration in a book of my little friend. He was leading an elderly lady off a country road into the dark woods.......

Thanks for letting me share! It was so so strange and If anyone has any similar experiences or knows something of this type of character, I'd greatly apreciated







By: TabbieNjeff@aol.com


......Hi my name is tabitha ....I have had many expierences with the supernatural ....mostly psychic†† acurrences.....like for instance when my step father died in 1996 3 days after his death I began to have dreams where he and I would argure that he was and wasnt dead ..in my dreams he thought he wasnt dead ...I would argue that he was...well years passed and it is my absoulust belief that some people die and dont realize it ....well finaly I had a dream and we were arguing as normal and I finaly showed him the front page of the newspaper where his car was on when he died..he began to weep ....then a couple of weeks later ...I had a dream where I was at the end of a street and at the opisite end there was a cemetary with a very bright light coming from it ...he spoke to me and said.." take care of your mom and do what she says and be good and finish school" ..i then said "ok" and then he walked into the light and disappeard ....I believe no matter how unbelieveable it may sound but that I was there with him in my dream when he finaly went over to the other side....many things like this have happend .....every since then I know when his spirit is around me ....I can smell his cologne and even heard him speak once saying .."thank you " ....cabnet doors would open by there self ...a tap on the shoulder when no one was there and someone sitting on my bed at night ...Ive never felt scared when I know that there is a ghost or spirit around me ...cause they cant hurt you ......I hope that this lettercan help anyone that has lost a loved one ...in that letting them know that they never realy went anywhere ..they are always around you watching over you ..and you can even talk to them ..just becouse you cant hear them talk back or see them doesnt mean they arent listing or arent there.....sometimes even in death they still need our help.....just as we need theirs......thanks for taking the time and reading this ..I hope it can help someone ...






By: teenagemusiclover@rock.com


alright, my mom dated this guy, Dyson, after her and my dad broke up, they had been high school swethearts reunited.He taught me how to play guitar and eventually bought me a fender squire strat.about two years ago, he died.Recently, when I practice on that guitar, my bedroom gets cold, I feel him put his hand on my shoulder and sometimes i even see a reflection in my t.v.it's not an angry feeling, kind of an almost proud one when i finally get a new song.so i haven't done anything about it.††




Old Bowen Hotel, Bowen,IL


By: csderry@hotmail.com


We were living in an old apartment,. My wife and I were married for a short time and this apartment seemed to good to be true.One night we had just fallen asleep when I noticed that the front door opened and the refrigerator light came on.I got up to investigate and found the door locked. my wife, a little nervous, told me to get my paycheck out of the car. As I was opening the door to my car I glanced up and waved at my wife who was looking out the kitchen window. Kind of let down she didnt wave back I climbed the stairs to our apartment, walked to our bedroom to find my wife in bed.I asked why she didnt wave, she informed me that she never left the bed and that as she laid there she felt someone get in bed with her, turning expecting to see me she was greeted with an empty spot.It is said that an old man who walked with a cane died in the apartment next to ours and once in awhile you could hear him tapping on the doors.




Never Got to Say Goodbye


By: Anonymous


I have had a few paranormal experiences, but this one sticks out in my mind by far. In 2000 my grandma died or a brain aneurysm. We brought here to her house on hospice and she died in the bedroom she lived in for over 50 years. When she was alive, me and my brother would often stay at her house. The sleeping arrangements consisted of me sleeping in my grandma's bed and my brother sleeping in a small cot next to the bed. When we were going to sleep she would sit in her rocking chair in the opposite corner of the room and watch us fall asleep. After she died my Aunt and Uncle bought the house and moved in. In 2002, me and my brother were spending the night while my parents were out of town. We were in our usual arrangements and I never realized that I was sleeping in the very spot where my grandmother died. We had just gone to bed and we heard the floor boards creaking outside the room. We just figured that it was our uncle or aunt, until we heard them talking in the kitchen on the other side of the house. The creaking then proceeded to move into the bedroom and the rocking chair where my grandma always watched us fall asleep started moving back and forth in grandma's usual rhythm. Needless to say, we were pretty freaked out until we realized it was just grandma watching us fall to sleep one last time. My brother and I never got a final goodbye from her and we figured that this was it.





My Mates House


By: angi_burns69@hotmail.com


my friend lives in a big old house, roughly about 300 years old. He has

always had had his suspicions about his house but nothing really happened

till he had a medium come to his house a few months ago. His family are

involved in medical stuff, and they take turns to be on duty for near by

accidents. Well, the next person on duty had to come and collect the medical

kit. By chance, the person is a medium. As she approached the house all the

lights started to flicker. as she came in he asked her to do an inspection

of the house as he had always been curious of what happened. She ran over

the inspection of the house, she said my friends room had a ghost of a baby

in, but it had grown up. just the other night when i stayed in there, we

were going to bed and he said to me to get off his bed-i wasnt on his

bed-looked at me and said someone was leaning on the bed(he has also said

that something shakes his bed from time to time) he loked up at where i was

sleeping and saw a shadow move across the room quickly. in the middle of the

night i woke up and felt a cold hand touch my back. it paralysed me for a

second-but i was not scared. this may have been a "good" apparation as i

felt a sense of calm and was not worried. The medium says my friend will be

the "physcic" one in his family. he was asked if he could sense ghosts wwhen

she came, then he could not, but he can now tell when this apparation is in

his room or not.he says he can sense it. On the top floor, there is supposed

to be a little boy who causes mischief. My friend thinks it is not the ghost

assined to his room so to speak, but the boy causing mischief. He gives you

a feeling of wanting to get out apprently, as when you go up to the toop

floor to get something you feel like u want to run all the way to his

kitchen (at the front of the house). Also on the top floor, there is a room

where his brother sleeps. i feel very uncunfortable up in that room. The

medium says it gives you a sense of bieng trapped. I believe in ghosts, and

that they can affect dreams of humans. My friend had a dream his family was

trapped in there by a horse? and his brother had a dream that he was trapped

in there by a horse. This house used to be a farm house so the horse may be

some link to the past-i am not sure




My Grandma Died in my room?


By: LilMnky258@aol.com



When I was 6 or 7 my grandma was sick of cancer. And slept in my room. My dogs were acting really strange when she was going outside. But when my grandma died the dogs were really crying. When they took my grandma away, my Mom took off my grandmas husband picture off the wall and the dogs came inside the house and started to bark at the picture that really freaked me and my family. Now my grandma is still around my house even when I am sleeping. I do see her sitting down at the chair or maybe sitting next to me at bed when I go to sleep. But I know that she is protecting me from everything.










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