North Canton Ohio Occurence


I grew up in North Canton, Ohio, a fairly small town. I lived off Schneider Road in a ranch style house with an underground garage and basement in which my bedroom was located in a place in the old days called the Schneider valley, which had been the site of a large farm. I was in Junior high school , it was around 1981. I was in bed in my basement room reading a Hot Rod magazine, with my dog Tara, a German Shepard-Collie mix lying at the foot of my bed. The door to the main basement was open, and the main lights to the basement were off.There were three ways to access the basement, either from the stairs, a door from the driveway, or a door aprox. 3 feet from that that led from the double garage. I heard the door from the garage open and close. It had a distinct swooshing then slamming noise when it opened and closed which differentiated it from the other door.l I heard heavy footsteps, like boots in the basement. I assumed it was my father coming in from either working on his car or his motorcycle, but I couldn't figure out why he didn't ruturn on the lights. The dog leapt up and started growling and her hackles rose. I grabbed her by the collar and said "Tara, shut up. It's just dad" and attempted to drag her to my doorway. She snapped at me. This dog never snapped at anyone, and that's when i realized she was terrified of something. The lights to the basemnent came on and my dad said"Goddamnit Dave, would you quit clomping around. People are trying to sleep". I yelled back "Dad it ain't me, I thought it was you walking around" MY dad said "Oh shit, stay where you are" and I heard him come down the stairs. The dog had calmed down by this time. Dad checked out the whole basement and all was secure. The doors from the outside were both locked with the door lock and the chain lock. My dad said "Damn, I locked both of these doors earlier when I came in. Did you hear the door from the garage open?" I replied that I had. Dad said we both must have been dreaming and went back upstairs. Later, in July of this year, I took my family to visit my parents in their new home, about 3 and a half miles from the old one, after being away in the Army since 1986. I asked my mother about this experience, and she too remembered hearing the door open. Neighbors of ours had a downstairs sewing room where the lights would go on and off and the doors and cabinets would open and close, and our other neighbors on several occassions saw a floating, vaguely luminescent hand

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When I was little, around five I think, one of our dogs had puppies. In the litter was

a pair of tricolor twins, one male and one female. We kept the male and named him Tippy

for the five white hairs at his tail-tip, you could only see them if you really looked

for them. Tippy and I were best friends for thirteen years, we did dog obedience

together among other things. I graduated from High School in June '88 and was enjoying

my freedom, the following February Tippy came into my room and threw up on the floor

just inside my doorway. He gave me a really appoligetic look as if to say I'm really

sorry I have to bother you but I'm sick. I told my mother we had to take him to the

vet, we didn't take him till he became really sick and couldn't do his business anymore,

he had kidney failure and had to be put to sleep after a week or so. I cryed myself to

sleep that night, I woke up around 3:AM and I could feel Tippy in the room with me, when

you have a dog that long you know when he's around, you can feel him. Since then I've

felt him in my room at night at least once or twice each year. I also felt him in

the house when I was by myself for a week, I think he knew that I felt uneasy with

just the other two dogs with me. I'm also marginally precognitive, but I seem to have a

paper fetish, except once when I saw Tippy with my grandfather (whom I never met, he

died long before I was born) playing in a field of yellow flowers. So I think that

Tippy is waiting for me with another of our dogs, Duke in the field being looked after

by my grandfather till my mom and I can join them.

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The Little Boy


not a story but true experence

recently got a new job, i'm a nurse.

while working one night i kept feel as if there was some one following

me as i made my rounds. you know that goose bumps and hair on the back

of neck thing.

so we, my aide and i where folding towels and i looked over my shoulder

and there stood a small boy, a cute brown hair boy with short pants.

i said did you see him. what said the aide, that little boy, i replyed.

oh, know she said, don't tell me you just saw him.

of course i saw something, i thought was a small boy. well she

preceeded to tell me of the little boy that has been seen around the

facility late at nite. sometimes you can even here him call out "help

me please help me". but he mever shows himself so soon to a new


well he followed me around most of the nite untill i just got tired of

his games and told him to leave me alone.

it is been said he is the son of one of the residents, who passed away

when he was quite young and is waiting for his mother to pass over.

i really never believed in ghosts you know the type. oh, sure there are

ghosts if you say so, but now i beleive.

this ghost is at country meadows of south hills #1, near washington,Pa

there is in the other building a indian who wanders the halls when a

resident is about to pass over. may be waiting to take them to the

other side.

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Guyanese Haunting


My name is Amanda, and the story I have to tell you

concerns myself as a newborn infant and my Parents when we were living in

Guyana, South America in 1962.

My parents had been married for 2 years before I was conceived and in late

pregnancy my Mother was approached in her shop by a woman who had heard that

my parents were looking for an apartment (which would have been their first

home together, as they were living with my Grandmother at the time).

Obviously, my parents were delighted, especially when they discovered that it

was so near the shop and the rent was cheap. The woman and her family lived

on the ground floor and rented the top floor of the house to my parents.

Everything was fine until just after I was born. It was then that strange

things started to happen. Slowly at first in a way that made my mother think

she was overtired from having a newborn and that she must have imagined

turning off the tap - only to find it still on, lights that she was sure she

turned off mysteriously switched themselves on again. Both my parents were

very level headed and ignored these happenings until they reached a point that

they could not ignore them anymore.

The first thing that really scared them was the lights going on in their

bedroom in the middle of the night when they were in bed. Then my father

heard footsteps on the narrow staircase leading to the ground floor outside

their room and waited for someone to knock or enter their room, but no one

did. When he went to look, there was no one there. He tried to dismiss this

by blaming it onto my mothers mischievous brother who always denied playing

such a prank (and still does). However, events took a sinister turn which

made all the other incidents up to that point fall into place.

Things had reached an almost unbearable level of disturbance. What with the

lights and my incessant crying (I never seemed to settle in that house

although when I was at my grandmothers I was calm so Im told), footsteps etc,

when one night - which turned out to be the very last my parents would stay in

the house something awful happened. I woke at about midnight or thereabouts

for a feed and both my parents were awake, my father watching my mother

feeding me. As my mother looked at me whilst feeding she screamed in absolute

horror and then fell back on the bed in a faint, dropping me on the bed. My

father in shock picked me up but thought I was dead, he said I was deathly

pale and my eyes had rolled right back into my head so he could only see the

whites of my eyes and my head was bent back at such an angle he thought

somehow my neck looked broken. Not knowing what to do for his new infant he

tried to revive my mother who quickly came round. As he did so they both

heard me gasp and scream. The colour came back to my cheeks and I appeared

unhurt but shocked and distressed. My mother, sobbing incoherently managed to

tell my father that she was not staying another night in the house and they

both left immediately, leaving clothes and possessions to go to my

Grandmothers house.

As if this was not bad enough it was some months later when talking to someone

who knew the family who rented my parents the house, that they were told that

the Indian family had a male relative who lived on the top floor of the house

and who had committed suicide by hanging himself. They had found it difficult

to rent the top floor to anyone who knew them and so my parents think that is

why the woman approached them.

Reading my own story, it sounds fantastic even to me. However, for anyone

reading this, I have related the details as I recall my mother, father and

Grandmother reminiscing together while I listened unobserved by them, for they

would never tell it to me directly as I think they did not want to frighten me

because I was so directly involved.

Thank you for listening.

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My First Ghost


This event started it all for me. Ever since then I KNEW what we call "ghosts" are REAL. About 1966 I discovered that there were BOOKS on the subject and I have been studying "ghosts" and paranormal phenomena ever since. I am ALSO a Scientist and inventor--So my approach to understanding the phenomena is somewhat unique--- I beleive that "ghosts" are as of yet "undiscovered" natural physical phenomena that can tell us much about how the universe actually functions . The study of them could lead to new technoligies such as time travel and travel between parallel worlds.

About 1954, when I was about 6 years old, my family was stationed in the

UK--(My father was in the Air Force.) We were living in a rented house on

the outskirts of Huntinton (I think that's the way it is spelled)

This house was a two storied thatched roof farm house, It was said

(then) to have been 360 years old. One feature of this house was a long,

low ceiling living room with a large beam down its center. The electric

light consted of a light bulb and lampshade that hung downwards from the

beam from about 2 feet of wire.

The dining room opened up into the living room and a "dimmer switch"

near the door controled the light.

As far as "ghosts" were concerned, I didn't really consider them,

despite the envronment. At my age, I was "frightened" of "monsters"--and then only in my bedroom.

One night our neighbor lady from across the street, Miss Mary, came

over to help my mother cook dinner in the kitchen. I was bored, so I

began to play with the living room light switch. I turned the light

rapidly on and off, on and off-----Suddenly a greyish form appeared under

the lamp---Actually its HEAD was IN the lampshade!

(no kidding)

What passed for arms and legs, "tubes" that seemed to terminate in points, could be seen failing about with rapid wave like motions. The lampshade was jumping up and down as the form thrashed about.

Quickly I turned the light back ON and the "ghost" dissapeared. I

walked "rather rapidly" to the kitchen and stood behind a cabnet against

the far wall. My mother looked kind of angrily at me and asked "Whats the

matter with YOU?"

"I think I saw a ghost", I replied

Miss Mary threw up her hands and shouted "Oh He DID!, He DID!"

I led them both into the living room and told them how it dissapeared

when I turned on the light. When I described it, my mother put her hand

up to her mouth and said, in a low voice, "God he saw the SAME thing I


Years later I learned that SHE had been playing with my little sister

in the living room, when all of a sudden she saw the lamp shade on the

light "flip up" "what in the world?" she thought. The lampshade fliped up

once more and she then saw the grey thrashing form beneath it. She pickrd

up my baby sister and left the room. She did not tell ANYONE about seeing

it--Untill MY experience. She said that she was afraid to tell my father,

because , before SHE had been TEASING HIM about his "feelings" that there

were "ghosts" in the house.--(-My father had been a beleiver, but he did

not see THIS ghost)

This event ALSO was the explaination for an odd question a former

tennant asked my parents a few months before---"Have you noticed anyyhing

'funny' in the livingroom?" When my parents said that they did not

understand, She sort of "droped" the question and said "Oh , Nevermind"

It is from THIS event that I KNOW that ghosts exist---At least 3

people saw the same thing. I also know that Ghosts are an "ExternaL"

rather than "mental" or "telepathic" phenominom as it MOVED the physical


--There was NO chance of trickery or illusion--It was in MY home. It was

perfectly obvious what it was!--A Ghost!-- The real thing.

This event prompted me to begin studying ghosts about 1966, when I

began finding books on the subject. As I have a scientific mind--and am

NOW a Scientist, It has become importaint to me to "figgure out" just

what ghosts are.

Sure, I know what I saw was NOT TYPICAL of ghost reports, but I saw

what I saw as did OTHER people. I beleive that it was the BEST sighting

that anyone could have as It could not have been a hoax and it affected

physical matter (good clue to its substance nature)

Other notes--- I have often wondered why the ghost was there--with its head in the lampshade--One clue was that there was an old large iron hook driven into the beam just above the light--"my mother always jokingly refered to it as "the meat hook". I think someone might have been hung (or hung themself) there many years ago.--That would explain the failing about and its proximity to the light which was a more recent addition to the house. I have also (finally) found a picture of a ghost that closely resembles what I saw. It is the "Anderson Cemetery Ectoplasims" in the Ghost web (http// Gallery--The image on the left. It appears to be made up of 2 or 3 vortexes--giving the impression of "arms and legs" Being that the ghost I saw might have been several vortexes, it would explain why the arms and legs terminated in "Points" any why they seemed to "whip about" in a kind of "flopy" motion.

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Grim Reaper


I have been reading several stories on this page and I'm thinking.....Finally, I have met other people with similar experiences that some of my family members and I have had through out the years. I would like to share one story in particular that happened twenty years ago, in August and September of 1977.

My husband and I were married in June of 1977. He was in the military and stationed in Rome, N.Y. We found a small trailer in the village of Blossvale to live in.

This trailer was the size of a large Winnebago. We were so happy and cozy! Any way, it was my habit to get up in the mornings to fix a large breakfast for my husband and then go back to bed when he left for work and sleep until about 9:00 a.m..

One morning in August, I awoke with a start and knew that someone was staring at me. (I was laying in the bed with my feet facing the back door and my back to the living room and front door.) I rolled over and almost "bumped into" this dark figure leaning over me. It looked like the Grim Reaper! Full Size and Terrifying! (Now up until this moment, I always thought that the Grim Reaper was a fictitious character made up some long ago Halloween.....but right this instant he was standing over me.) I was terrified! Being young, terrified and trapped in my bed I did the only thing I could do..........covered my head with my blanket! I was in a panic. (My keyboard keys are chattering! No seriously, I always start shaking when I relay this story to anyone.)

Well, I started praying like I never prayed before and finally got up the nerve to look out from beneath my blanket. IT was gone.

About a week later the same thing happened. My mind is reeling! What is happening, what does IT want???? Is it coming after me???? What can I do to protect myself???? I finally told my husband what had happened. He got this strange look on his face and I took it that he thought I was crazy so I dropped the subject and tried not to think of it. I kept telling myself that I was crazy and imagining things simply because I didn't like the alternative. The thought of it left me trembling. I was all alone everyday, twenty miles from the city and hundreds of miles from my "Mommy"!

About two weeks after the second appearance, IT came back. This time, as I awoke with the now familiar feeling of someone staring, I lay there considering my possibilities. I could continue to hide under my covers and eventually let IT "get me" or face it. I figured I'd rather die facing the situation. Now I don't know that I would call it courage, but something made me able to roll over and fling back the covers to confront this thing! (I had never seen its face before as its hood was in the way.)

Well, to my surprise, as I flung the covers off me and sat up on the side of the bed, it recoiled from me. IT brought its arms up and crossed them over what would be its face.....But it had no face. Just empty darkness within the hood opening. As I come up off the bed it turned and took off in one fluid motion toward my kitchen. I looked down at its feet and it had no feet and was about 4 to 5 inches off the floor. Well, seeing as how this thing was fleeing from me, I worked up the nerve to yell at it to leave me alone and never come back!

I peered around the wall to look into my kitchen and it was not there. Now if it had left through one of the two doors I would have seen it from where I was standing beside my bed. Believe me I was waiting for something to exit via one of the doors but it didn't. It just disappeared.

Twenty years later, I still wonder what the heck it was after and what the visits meant if they meant anything at all.

I do have an interesting post script to this story.

In 1995, eighteen years after this happened to me, I brought the subject up once more to my husband. I wanted to know if he thought I was crazy or just what did he think about it? He ruefully told me that he got that funny look on his face when I told him about it because the Reaper had visited him also and in this same time frame that it visited me. He told me that IT had grabbed him by the ankle on two seperate occasions and shook it until he was awake. He said that when he would wake up and look at it, it would disappear. I was shocked! At least the thing never touched me!

My husband said he was terrified also but did not tell me about his events because he knew how frightened I was and he didn't know what to do about it. How do you fight something that is not even supposed to be real?

What do you think? Has anyone else seen the Reaper? What does he want? I have my ideas and some things happened to us around that time that I felt could be associated with IT, but I guess I will never know........................

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Pumpkin's Farewell


An animal lover all my life, I adopted a lost cat found in the parking lot at work. Suzy lost her eyesight when I had had her about three years most likely because of malnutrition as a kitten. She loved other animals and a couple of stray cats I fed would visit her. She seemed to stay attuned to her surroundings with another cat around. After the disappearance of the last stray, I brought home a little orange-striped bob tailed kitten to be her companion -- this was Pumpkin.

Pumpkin was a charmer! His first task was to de-leaf every house plant I had. Suzy gradually accepted him -- she was accustomed to more sedate buddies.

When he was about six months old I became aware that he was having bladder spasms. After weeks of observation the vet suggested I make him a full-time outdoor cat which I tried, but he still came in and slept at night with Suzy and me, curling up on his towel at the foot of the bed.

Pumpkin could jump straight up about three feet, and did often when trying to catch a butterfly or some other critter. He frequently caught lizards and even brought a garter snake inside once. One day I found him sitting on the edge of my neighbors' fish pool, his fur glistening in the sun, not trying to snag a goldfish as accused, but admiring himself. Pumpkin enjoyed being alive.

When he was three years old he developed bowel problems and would become blocked. Along with the vet's help and instructions from a friend whose cat had similar problems, I learned how to give him enemas. He would purr and purr, knowing I was giving him the relief he needed. In the next year his blockages became more and more frequent. The vet suggested I put him down. I could not do it. When he was well he was so Fine! He had such a beautiful little soul. And he was young; I just could not bring myself to give him up.

At Christmastime three years ago my extended family and I went on a ski trip. I had made arrangements for a friend to look in on the cats each day, but the day before we left, Pumpkin experienced another blockage. I left him with the vet.

On the third night we were in Utah, I woke up to find Pumpkin sitting on my chest like he did when he wanted out. The little cat stared directly into my eyes with his beautiful round ones and then he was gone.

When I returned home, I did not call to pick up my cat until the afternoon of the first day home. I knew Pumpkin had died because he came to me to say good-bye.

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Don't Forget to Pray

by JDyson@DRP1.DRP-2"

I Will try to be as specific as i can.

I was thirteen years old, a friend had gotten me intrested in the

occult, i was reading about astrology at the time and had just talked to

a psyich about what she did and how she became involved with her

profession. She had grabbed my hand rather suddenly and said "You have

been marked, be carefull about what you wish for. Don't forget to pray

tonight." I remember her words because I wrote it down in my diary,;

plus it scared the hell out of me.

That evening I went to bed feeling pritty good about things having

pushed the incident into the back of my mind, thinking that it had just

been a joke. But I couldn't get the feeling that she had been just a

little to earnist about it to be a joke. I said my prayers and went to

bed. (Just a little note here, I had a bed in my mothers room since this

was a brand new house with only two bedrooms and my brother had the

other one.) I awoke from a deep sleep, I couldn't seem to move anything

but my eyes. Beside me was a hazy silver man, well part of a man for i

could only see the top half of his body, he reached out his hand to me,

gesturing for me to follow him. Something inside me rebelled at the

thought of following that figure, but against my will I felt myself

lifting from my body. I tryed to scream, but couldn't move my mouth, I

silently shouted NO I'M NOT GOING! to the man, he mearly grinned and the

grin transformed his face into a face that reminded me of a monky's

face. I drew back slightly I was amazed that I could control myself that

much and tryed even harder to draw away, with what I considered

considerable effort. I tryed again to scream, and I actually did. My

mother sat straight up, and rushed to my side. The man shivered as I

said a quick prayer and dissapeared.

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To give you a little more information, I arived on Okinawa in January of

1991,as the new guy I had to my time with the worst job and posts.

I had worked the Flightline post many times, and the fist time I had seen

any thing was about September, if I remember right.

I was walking down the North end of the flight line when I heard two voices

arguing, I was too far away to tell about what but beeing the Marine stereo

type, I ran around the courner of the last hanger to stop the problem, as

soon as I turned the courner, the yelling stopped and there wasn't anyone


The next time I had any incedents, was several months later, once again as

a flight line sentry, I observed what I believe to be a pilot run from one

of the hangers, and into the rear of a C-130 airplane. when my partner and

myself arived at the aircraft the rear door was down, but no one was


at first we thought it was our imagination, being about two, or three in

the morning and just ignored it.

other Marines who had been asighned to work on the flightline have told me

the they have heard people talknig, moving things around and different

things inside the hanger.

after a while (3 years) of working there i began to tell my Marines not to

worry about, they wont bother you.

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The Ghost in the Community Theater


I think I was possessed by a ghost.

I had volunteered my time to help out with a production for a

community playhouse as artistic director. We had to work late at

night on the stage set and backdrops because the director of the play

insisted on using the stage for practice during the day. There were

only three of us working on the set, my ex-husband Bob, the friend who

got us involved in the project &endash; Chris, and myself. They were working

on the construction and I took care of all the painting. We would

bring a bottle of wine each night and about half way through would

take a break. The night of the incident we were the only ones there,

since it was a Sunday night most people had other commitments, but we

were so far behind on production we had to come in and get some work

done. To be able to get the work done we had to turn the stage lights

on from the control room. There was only one problem, you had to go

up the back stage stairs across a large platform that served as the

woodshop for the theater and through a prop room, on either side of

which were locked doors and we did not have the keys. After locating

a ladder backstage our friend Chris was able to get close enough to

the catwalk in front of the control room, pull himself up and turn the

lights on for the stage, but still we could not get access to the

control room via the prop room because of the locked doors.

During our break that night, around 11:00 pm, Chris began telling us

about the ghosts that people had seen in the theater. While I always

felt that ghosts were a probability, I thought he was just trying to

scare us. So I jokingly said, "If there are any ghosts in this

theater I want to see you." My friend freaked out pointing out that

you should never invite a ghost unless you add that they come in the

name of God. So again jokingly I said, "If there are any ghost in

this theater, and they come in the name of God, I want to see you."

My friend was pretty freaked out and kept telling me that I shouldn't

mess around with things that I don't know about. We took a longer

than usual break this night and a hour later were still sitting around

talking. Chris and Bob were really into a discussion about something

and totally forgot I was there. So I got up and just casually walked

backstage and up to the top of the stairs where I sat at the top of

the landing expecting them to call after me at any minute. I sat

there for 10-15 minutes getting very perturbed that they hadn't missed

me yet, when I heard one of them say, "Hey, were did she go?". It was

almost pitch black backstage yet I got this overwhelming desire to

hide. As soon as I had that thought a man appeared before me. He had

light almost glowing skin, clear blue eyes, red hair, and a full

beard. He told me to follow him and he would should me were to hide

so that they could not find me. When asked later why I was not scared

and why I went with someone I didn't know, all I can say is that it

never occurred to me. Anyway, I tried to stand up to follow him but

he insisted that I crawl saying that if I stood up they might see us

and kill us. Why this did not send up an alarm I'm not sure either.

I began crawling and crawling after him, but at some point he

disappeared, yet I could still hear him and feel his presence.

Flashes of an old house with old flower wallpaper and wood slatted

walls kept coming into my head, then it changed and I was in a field

and I heard men yelling at one another in the background. I could

hear the bearded man and he told me to stop that we would be safe

where we were for now. He started repeating to me to be quite and not

to move or they would find us and kill us. I continued to hear the

men's voices but then I began to hear other voices mixed in with them.

It was Bob and Chris calling for me. I remember telling the man that

I was going to call for them, but he insisted that I not say anything

or THEY would find us and kill us. He kept frantically repeating this

over and over, and I kept asking who, who, who? He was hysterical by

this point and I was really beginning to get scared. All I could

think was, "I don't know who is going to get you but they are not

going to get me!" I began to scream for Bob and Chris to find me, and

to hurry because I didn't know where I was. When I began to scream the

man just disappeared.

The next part had to be told to me because I don't remember it

happening at all. Bob and Chris followed my screaming and found me in

the locked prop room (the door now wide open) under a table with my

legs crossed, hands on my knees, skin white, lips blue, and my eyes

rolled back in my head. Bob began to shake me and scream at me to

wake up. They said that I stood and started saying that he's trapped,

he can't get out, we have to help him. Bob grabbed me by the shoulder

and spun me around asking me what the hell I was talking about. That

is when they say I came too. I remember seeing them standing there

and then looking around. I asked them where we were, how we got

there. Chris was really spooked by it all. It all began coming back

to me and I told them the story. Chris was so scared he had us out

the door and in our cars so fast I barely remember leaving. Now you

might try to discount this incident by saying I had too much to drink,

but I only had 2 glasses of wine in 1 ½ hours time, that I had a

seizure and dreamed it all up, but explain this if you can. I managed

to end up in a locked room, that was pitch dark. When looking at the

only path I could have taken through the prop room we realized that

there was no way anyone could have navigated that space in the pitch

dark unless someone was guiding them (it was filled with pointed

objects that stuck out from all directions and the path made several

curves and turns before stopping at the nook where I ended up). I

know this must seem pretty unreal because it does to me, and I often

wonder if I didn't just dream it all. But all the details are just as

fresh in my memory today as they were 6 years ago. That was only the

beginning of supernatural occurrences for me, although none have even

come close to my experience in the theater.

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The Water Tower


This occurence happened to my friend Collin P. and

myself John G. in about 1959. At the time we were

about 13 and still attending Hagley RC High School.

The time was about 8.00 - 8.30 PM, the month I no

longer remember but it was in the Northern Hemisphere

Autumn - Winter because it was dark quite early.

The local town was Kidderminster in the County of

Worcestershire, roughly in the middle of England.

The area was Birchen Coppice, a housing estate owned

by the local council, it was then, a respectable area

as it was only probably 8 years old, I believe the

area is now more of a slum but I haven't been there

in 33 years as we moved in the middle '60's and then

I re-located to Australia in '67.

A bit of geography is needed here so;

The street we lived in was Kinver Ave, the rear of our

houses backed onto undeveloped bushland which went on

into some pretty, unspoiled countryside in most directions.

However the area just to the rear and to the south was

called "The Burlish Camp". This Camp was built in WW2 as

a repatriation hospital for US servicemen. After WW2 it

was used to house Polish war refugees. As children we

played, mixed and schooled with their children. In the

middle '50s the people were re located and the whole area

was knocked flat, except for one lonley structure called

the "Water Tower".

As the name suggests it was exactly

that, a very large brick tower, from childhood memory

about 50ft by 50ft by 80 - 100ft high with a giant water

tank in the top. It was used to supply the Burlish Camp

with water.There were 8 windows, 4 at the rear and 4 at

the front. The first pair about 30ft from the ground, the

next pair another 30ft up. There was a steel door on the

southern side but it was bricked up in the middle '50s.

There was never any electricity to it and it was now


Back to the story;

Colin and I were just hanging out, at the end of our

street under a street light.This street light was at

the junction where our tarred street met with a wide

dirt track that lead over to the Burlish Camp, straight

passed the Water Tower and onto a small town called

Stourport-on-Severn about 4 miles further on.

During our conversation Colin said " hey look at those

lights in the Water Tower", (the tower was probably 1/4

mile away but could be made out in the moonlight).

I was quite supprised, because we could see some form of

moving or blinking light in the window area of the Tower.

The light colour did not appear as normal to what we call

light ie, candles and incandescent light seems to have a

warm and yellow content, this light light was very sallow

white to opaque. A short time later, about 20 yds from us

on the dirt track at angle of about 45 degrees we could

see a light, the same colour light that was in the Tower.

From this point on, in the following events, I have no

recollection of time; I remember we thought it was someone

on a bicycle because the light seemed to fall to the ground,

we started giggling saying it must be someone drunk and fell

off their bike.

In the next instance, I remember myself drawn and staring

wide eyed at the figure of a man particularly at the face,

it was side on, very distinguinshable features; vertical

flat forehead, long pointed nose, sunken very staring eyes,

because my concentration was so intense and to the head,

I did not seem to observe any body detail, except the lack

of normal motion movements, he appeared to float along.

Opaque, we could see right through him.

Also the ground all around seemed to crackle, as if

Rice Chrispies were being trodden on. Next, I picked up

a stone and threw it in his direction, Colin was pulling

at my left arm screaming at me not to throw it. The stone,

I estimate, fell short but in line, as it hit the soft

grass with a "thud" the man brought up his arm as if to

protect his face, my legs went to jelly, I fell to the ground

and the vision disappeared, Colin ran off holding his ears

and screaming as he stumbled off running through peoples

front gardens.

BUT..... I vividly recall floating above the street light,

I can remember detail such as the bird droppings on top of

the post. I watched Colin pulling my left arm, me throwing

the stone, collapsing on the ground and Colin running away

screaming. I recall a lady from a nearby house coming out

and bending over me.

The next thing I remember was lying on the ground and a

lady, Mrs Sayers, bending over me asking if I was ok, and

"what was all that shouting"?

I ran home very scared. Collin lost his hearing for 2 days.

We made a pact not to tell for fear of ridicule, anyhow

as time went by we told, and we got laughed at. But I could

never see anything funny about it, this occurrence left an

indelible mark on me.

Some years later at age, maybe, 16, I had been out fox

hunting with a companion Peter G. Peter wasn't a local and

was unfamilliar with our area, we were heading back to

my home, on a "Dirt" motorcycle at about 2.30-3.00 am,

Peter was pillion, I was riding. When we were directly

in front of the Tower, a few hundred yards away, Peter

shouted to me "who lives over there", I said,"overwhere"?

as I concentrated on riding with no lights; "over there",

to your left, as I looked to my left I was looking at

the Tower. My eyes nearly popped, my jaw dropped, I was agast.

Each of the windows in the tower had those same lights as

years before, but even more startling, we could distinctly

see people like figures, lined up as if waiting to go in

where the door used to be, the figures were not

distinguishable seperatley but were the same opaque colour

as the "little white man". That motorbike became the fastest

bike in the land.

Many years later, talking to my late dad, we were passing

the time talking about our familly,being kids, where we lived,

neighbours and the like,dad was telling me how in the post war

years 1956 - 1960 times were hard and 5 or 6 of the local

ladies would work continuous night shifts in an electrical

insulator manufacturing plant, in the above mentioned town

called Stourport-on-Severn. He said they would cycle 8 - 10

miles to work each way instead of 3 miles short cut through

the Burlish Camp. I said "how come dad", oh he replied,

"Mrs Hawker next door says that none of the woemen

feel good going that way, it always seems very still and

eerie when they goe past the Tower, and when they come home

in the morning, the birds are singing but, not up there by

the Tower, its always still and quiet". Dad chuckled.

I didn't, I knew just what they meant.

Well, in the mid to late 60's the tower was to be removed

to make way for a communications repeater station, the local

news was there to cover the big Bang, it took 3 days of

drilling and explosives to finally fell the Tower, the

experts were scratching their heads, they couldn't

understand how it stayed up through so many explosive attempts.

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The Thing in My Dreams


For about a year or so as a child of about 9-10 years old, I had a

: series of dreams with a recurring person in them. This was no ordinary

: person, however. In each dream he would chase me, catch me, and do things

: to me. It got so bad I had trouble sleeping, until I hit upon a novel way

: to stop the dreams. At any point, in the dream, when things got too hairy

: I would will myself to repeat, "No, no, no!" over and over until I awoke.

: My first tentative steps with lucid dreaming, I suppose. Anyway, the last

: dream in the series went like this.....

: "Once again, I found myself walking down a broken and cracked

: sidewalk. Large, dark brick buildings rose up on either side of me. As I

: rounded a corner, I bumped into him. He was dressed in a black,

: three-piece suit. Black hat. His featureless face was ghost white, except

: for where the lips should have been. Drawn on, with lipstick, was an

: overly exaggerated pair of lips. He tipped his head down towards me, and

: lifted his arms up to shoulder height. It was then I noticed he was

: holding an oversized black burlap bag. "I've got something for you!" he

: said, opening the empty bag and lunging towards me. I started to run back

: the way I came. The more I ran, however, the slower I went. I kept looking

: over my shoulder, seeing him walk at a fast clip ever closer.

: The last time I looked back, it was just in time to see him right

: behind me. He pulled the bag over my head, straight down, and covered me

: completely. Yanking it over and up, I was in the bag and the pull-stringed

: opening was closed and above me. He then proceeded to start dragging me

: back the way he had come from.

: It was at this point I knew my goose was cooked. I had no way out,

: except to start chanting "No no no" until I awoke. Fighting back tears, I

: began yelling, "No , no, no, no, no..." He stopped dragging the bag. It

: must be working, I thought. I continued chanting. Then, he opened the top

: of the bag just slightly. His head, its evil lipsticked grin almost

: mocking me, tilted downward. Holding the bag with one hand, he reached

: behind his head with the other. He began pulling at his neck. I kept

: chanting. In one fell swoop, he pulled his ghostly white head off like

: a mask as the hat flew off and out of view. A bulbous, hairless, thickly

: wrinkled dark grey head with big, round all black eyes was now looking

: down at me. "NO, NO, NO!" I screamed. The creature's thin lipless

: grey mouth cracked open slightly, as I heard its words reverberate in my

: head.... "Oh, YES, YES, YES!"

: I awoke, screaming."


: While this was the last in a series of DREAMS I post it here because

: both the masked and real look of the creature uncannily resembles

: persons/beings allegedly seen in real life by some. I wonder if the dreams

: are subconciously masking something else, or are just representative of

: certain archetypes many have experienced throughout the ages.

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Late Night Visitor


This is an account from my tutor who just retired from her teaching

career. She is a very well respected person, which makes her story very

believeable. The story occurred nearly 50-60 years ago, when she was a

college student in England. She was living in the dorm with a girl from

the local community. Her roommate is a very social person, and loves to

invite friends over to chat; my tutor is a very easy going person and

doesn't really care if the room gets overly crowded occasionally. Both

of them weren't in the habit of closing the door when either of them

were in the room. One night during exams period, my tutor was up late

studying while her roommate was studying in a friend's room. It was

past midnight when a pale looking girl walked into their room and sat on

her roommate's bed. My tutor assumed that she's one of her roommate's

friends, waiting for her roommate to return, so she gave her a welcoming

smile, and continued to study. After a while (30 min I suppose), the

roommate wasn't back, and the girl walked out of the room again. They

didn't have any conversation of any sort. The shock came the next day

when my tutor and her roommate were walking down the corridor of their

department building. A graduation photo caught my tutor's attention.

She recognize one of the girls in the photo as the late visitor from

last nite. She remembered that she hadn't mentioned the visitor to her

roommate, so she told her of last night's incident and pointed out the

girl from the photo. Her roommate went totally pale when she heard the

story, and told her that the girl was brutally raped and murdered a year

ago, before my tutor even came to the college. She told her that it was

a really shocking news around the campus, considering the peaceful

neighbourhood they had...

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The Black Ghost


My sister also had an experience with ghosts. One day, she was coming up

the stairs to get her water baby. When she looked up, she saw a black

shadow hovering over top the bathroom door. She thought that she was

seeing things, so she continued her climb. When she entered the toy room,

the "shadow" moved along the wall towards a pile of magazines on top of a

filing cabinet. When she reached her baby doll, the black ghost knocked

over the pile of magazines on top of her. She shrieked and ran out of the


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Mom and Aunt Jean


I want to share my story of what occurred on September 17th of 1967. I

was living in the city of Los Angeles, seedy area, near MacArthur Park.

I was 17 years old then and I am one of those who don't believe in the

supernatural! But after this experience I am not so guick brushing off

something like this again! I was living with an alcoholic mom. I slept

in the closet behind old fashioned wall bed in an apartment. The reason

for this is that the closet's dark and cool. I wanted to sleep

undisturbed during the night from my alcoholic mom often keeps me up the

night! What happened at 2:15 A.M. on the 17th of September was an

unforgettable event for me! Mom woked me up and was crying hysterically.

I had assumed her drinking, as usual, had something to do with this. But

her behavior was entirely out of character for her! I know how she

behaves when drunken but that morning it was something else! It seem

something scared her and sobered her up quickly. She was telling me that

Aunt Jean (mom's older sister) had passed away. I looked around our

small apartment and therewas no one else around excepted for two of us.

I asked her who told her that Jean had passed away? We did not have a

phone as we cannot hear (Deaf) hence don't need one. She replied that

Jean had appeared before her (mom) in bed. Mom saw Jean's saddened face

looking at her . Mom knew immediately that Jean had died. Gee, I was not

one to believed this stuff and mom knew it. I assumed her drinking made

her seeing things. She looked at me and said,"Frankie, I know you don't

believe me! You think I am drunk!". She continued crying. I stayed up

with her comforting her for about 45 minutes then went back to bed.

While I was lying in bed I looked around in the dark closet

pondering what was happening. I had strange feelings that night even tho

I had not witnessed anything or seen Jean's apparition . I woked up 10

in the morning and found mom sitting in a chair and crying . She looked

at me and was upset that I did not believed her. She wrote a note and

had me walked over to grandma's. Grandma (mom's mom) lived two blocls

from us. I had met my step grandfather half way to their place. Grandpa

told me that Jean died at 2 tjhis morning! He was on the way to let us

know! I was stunned to say the least! When we walked in mom looked up at

me and screamed," I told you Jean's dead! You did not believed me and

thought I was drunk!" . Step grandfather was stunned and puzzled. Mom

asked him if Jean was dead. He replied yes. What am I to make of this! I

cannot say it was merely a coincidence! It's too much for me to write it

off as coincidence! I know somehow mom was able to get the information

that Jean had passed away. Jean must have somehow communicated to mom

from the grave! Now mom's dead. She died while her twin sister Mary was

in coma (hospital). One week later Mary passed awaywithout ever

regaining ger consciousness! Mom lived longer mentally than Mary but

Mary lived physically longer than mom. They shared everything in life as

twins even in death! They are buried beside each other! I grew up in a

family with strange bondness! I am the sole survivor of the family since

I was in my teens. They are all dead but my memory of them lives on,

especially those strange events! Frank

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Night Encounters


I never really put much stock in "ghost stories." In fact, I consider

myself very stable and mature. I am a professional, 35 year old father

of three. It started about five years ago. My wife moved out of state

for several months. Her company relocated and she was sent to help

establish the business in the new state. During the nine months that

she was away, I felt as if someone was in my bedroom with me. It was an

overpowering feeling. I would talk with my wife each night by phone and

tell her about the strange feeling. She thought I was just not used to

sleeping alone and was "spooked." Several times, I could feel the bed

moving and a pressure pushing down on spots in the bed. On nights when

my then 5 year old daughter would sleep in our bed, the "thing" would

not be there. Truth be told, I was relieved when my daughter wantd to

sleep in our bed. Couldn't believe a grown man was afraid to sleep

alone. When my wife's duty was over and she moved back home, the

"Hauntings" stopped. Until recently...

Last week, my wife,sister-in-law and children went on a camping trip. I

could not go due to business. On the second night they were away I felt

the base of my bed depress and the covers press up tight against me. I

laid still thinking that I was going crazy and this could not be

happening. I kept telling myself, "This is not happening..Stop it." but

it kept touching me. Very gently pressing my calves and inner thighs.

I rolled over to my side and pulled the covers up tight against me.

-still determined that "this was not happening." Then I felt strong

pressure on my hips. At that point, I flew out of the room and slept on

the couch the remainder of the night. I told my wife about it and I

think she somewhat beleived me. Nothing more happened until last night.

I went to bed late, around 3:00 a.m. I just got into bed when I felt

pressure on the base of the bed. At first I thought it was my daughter

Emily who occassionally gets frightened by a dream and runs to our bed.

-But it wasn't. I felt the bed depressing as if someone was crawling on

all fours over my body. This encounter was the most vivid and

"strongest." I felt emense pressure as it "hugged" me. I could feel

something touching my lips and cheek. I called for my wife and she

awoke. She told me everything was alright and held me. Nothing more


I don't know what or why this is happening. If I was going crazy why

does this only happen at night when I am in bed?

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My Friend Gloria

by deborah.wasserman@Sun.COM

This is a about afriend of mine who killed herself, This is the

fast forward version year 1997:

I went ghost hunting a bit on my B-day.A friend of mine took me

to lunch at the le Baron hotel in San Jose, Calif, which

(suppose to be) is haunted, And I know the ghost personaly, A friend

of mine killed her self there in 1979, at the time there was a big

article written in the paper about her and the fact that the maids and

guest were complainting about strange things happening

in the room where she kill her self. According to the paper (there are

2 stories, one from the local newspaper and one from the Enquirer).

The story goes:

(Please note that ** are my comments.)

Gloria Marcus was found dead of a drug over dose in room #538

of the Le Baron hotel in down town San Jose, a maid found her

body. Hotel mananger Ralfeal Molter called in physic Silvia Brown

after getting several complaints from maids and guests about hearing

whisperings and sobbings coming from the room, and seeing a figure

in a white coat or robe with long black hair.

**Gloria had long black hair.**

The maid told the reporters that when cleaning the room they would hear

water coming from the bathroom and hear someone whispering their name,

Someone would also tug on their hair.

**Strangely Gloria use to wash her face, I swear 10 times a day, and

when she would talk to you face to face, she had a habit of reaching

out and bushing your hair off your shoulder**

They would also feel someone watching them clean the room. when finished

cleaning and leaving the room when they would close the door they would

hear the chain on the door sliding into place. when the maid would re

open the door the chain would be swinging.they would than hear soft

sobbing. and the bible in the room would be turned to the first page

of PSALMS. Physic Sylvia Brown told reporters that she gets the feeling

that when Gloria realized that she had taken too many pills she tired

desperately to call her sister but passed out before completing the


the story mentioned that the phone was on the floor. Silvia Brown says

that Gloria deperately wants her family to know that she is ok and that

she didn't mean to kill her self. Gloria's family refuse to believe

anything about the stories.

**You know the thing about her trying to call someone struck a funny

cord in me at the time because the day she died, when I got home

from work @ 5 pm, my mom told me that I had received a strange phone


from a girl who was looking for me and that the girl sounded drunk

(my mom chewed me out) That the girl just kept saying/asking for deb


and over, my mom kept telling her I was at wasn't until the next

day that we heard Gloria died, makes me wonder if she was trying to call


not her sister, because Sylvia brown could of mistaken

me for her sister, we look alike. My mom told me to go to the Hotel

(after the articles) and to tell Gloria to go on to the next life,

that maybe she did not know she was gone or needed to be told.

I was only 21 at the time and you would not of gotten me there for

all the tea in china :-) no way. Well I am older and wiser, not

to mention braver and my co worker and I went and had lunch there,

we took pictures (the camera would not work at first, leslie accused

me of breaking it) than it worked, I was hopeing the pictures would show

something but there was nothing. We asked the waitress and bartender

and they told us that yes Gloria was still there and for us to come

back and rent the room. I'm still thinking about doing just that,

The hotel is a bit expensive.

My mom has always wanted me to do this since I have always had the

ability to

know before hand when something is going to happen. I got this feeling

when I got to the fifth floor, the air felt thick and I got the feeling

I was being watched......

Any comments are welcome, and if you had heard this before let me know

I would be interested.

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The Third Floor Mystery


Since as long as I can remember, I have had strange things that

happen to me at our house.(Our house is over 250 years old) I could

always hear someone walking or running up stairs on the third floor.

Another time I heard music and a whole bunch of voices, that were pretty

loud, up stairs on the third

floor. When I was 14 years old,

I had a slumber party. We slept up on the third floor, I had a little

idea to see if they heard or saw anything up on the third floor. It was

about 1:00 in the morning, we heard someone moving around the room, but

we were all in a circle, so it couldn't be one of us girls. so we looked

around the room and saw nothing at first. Then I saw a shadow move

and then I saw the figure running straight towards me. I got really

scared and couldn't move, the figure ran straight through me. I didn't

even realize that, I was in shock.That figure turned around and called

my name,then disappeared. That night none of us got any sleep.

The next night I was having trouble sleeping,I have was still

thinking about what happened the night before. I was finally going off

to sleep when a shadow moved in my room. The figure was moving right

toward me. Then the figure stopped right by my bedside, looking at me. I

was in scared, and didn't do anything. I finally saw the figure, it was

a ghost of a teenage boy, looked about 17. He told me to follow him, so

I got up and followed him. He lead me up to the third floor and I saw

something I could not beleive, It was a slumber party going on, just

like mine. But it was all guyz. Then it disappeared, and I realized it

was a flashback of something that of the past that happened in the house

I live in.

I looked up past things that were in the newspaper about my house,

and I found an article about a teenager of 17 was murdered in the house

I live in now!! It had a picture of the teenager that was murdered

there. It was the ghost I saw the night before. I was scared what was

going on. I went home and mentioned what I found out about our house to

my parents. They didn't really care about that. So I told my friens

about it, and they wanted to stay there again, at my house on the third

floor. I didn't know what to say, so they stayed the night again. And

the same thing happened again as the last time they stayed at my house.

I haven't yet figure out what he wants me to see, but He keepes

haunting me at night, in m dreams, beckoning me to help him. I'm 15

years old now, and the haunting continues. When I stop the haunting, I

will finish my true story about the ghost.

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Haunted Apartment


Nothing big, just an odd occurence, possibly a dream, similar to a story

on your page (Attacked by Ghost)

I am 22 and live in an apartment at Penn State (during school).

Our apartment was rumored to be haunted. Someone died in our apartment

(was pushed down steps). The upper level was boarded up and we were not

to open it. Well, curiosity got the best of us. There was nothing

really exciting up here, but some odd things stared happening. Nothing

major, almost unnoticable. One night I was describing one of these

stories on the internet via email. I heard my modem click off. This

was not unusual, because my roomates have a habit of picking up the

phone. I kept typing and then all of the sudden everything on the

screen disappeared. It had never happened before and there is no

command to get it to do that. I asked my roomate about picking up the

phone and he hadnt. Again, nothing that couldnt have happened somehow.

Well later that night (around 2 or 3), I was up studying. I saw a green

smoke like mist come out of my closet. It sorta had a face that was

forming, but nothing solid. It hovered over me. I couldnt move or

breathe. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. I shook violently,

but was not moving. It seemed to be coming into me. All of the sudden

it started to leave and I ran out into the living room. I was

terrified, and put on all of the lights and television. To this day, I

still think that it was a dream, but I dont remember falling asleep & I

dont remember waking up. It seemed too real to be a dream. Similar

things have happened since, but I did fall asleep before-hand and they

werent as intense ( I think they are a flashback sort of dream).

Although I kind of think its a dream, every so often I get nervous like

i feel something is there, and something small will happen (only in my

apartment at school), such as noises, or a ceiling tile in the bathroom

move, but nothing that cant be explained away.

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Ghost at My School


Hi. I was seaching through the web and ran into this site. I have a story

to tell about my school. About 4 years ago, these two boys were ditching

class. We have a really big autorium in our school. Anyways, they were in

the back of it and they climbed these stairs that led to the vents. On of

the vents led to the roof, which was their destination. The rest of the

vents contains really big fans. They were crawling through the vents and

somehow the fans got turned on. By the janitor I guess. The guy in front

thought that the next vent was the one that led to the roof and he stuck

his head up to see. Needless to say, he didn't make it. I was in school

that day and was at lunch. Everyone on campus heard a scream. It really

upset us all. The guy that lived is now in Whitfield which is a mental

instution here in Jackson, Mississippi. When we have programs in the

autorium, you can still see the blood on the floor. Not much but like

droppings of it. There is always that one part that is always so very cold.

I sat in a seat above the vent one time and got goosebumps. I kept feeling

chills of wind. I am going to stop wasteing your time. Thank you for it.


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Dreams, Mirrors and Reality


Let me start off by saying that I had never been a "firm" believer in

the world of the supernatural. ( I use the word firm lightly.) Of

course, when I was a girl growing up, my friends and I would sit up late

and tell frightening stories, each of us trying our hardest to scare the

others. I used to think that monsters and ghosts lurked around each and

every corner and I was always prepared for the worst. Naturally, as the

years passed, I would dismiss all gut feelings and scares as an

over-active imagination. I thought that palpable things were reality

and nothing really ever phased me... that was until my family moved from

my home town of Pueblo, CO to the small, yuppie haven of Evergreen. It

was a gorgeous place... my mom and I would drive there every week-end

searching for that +perfect+ place that we would call home. Well, I

wasn't with mom when she found the house that we were to purchase.

While I was still in school, she and my stepdad ventured out into the

deep forrest with the realtor and found the "dream" house. I remember

her coming home and telling me all about it. It sounded great. And

then, I started having these dreams. I dreamt of my new room and there

was an old vanity in it. In my dream, I would look into the mirror and

I would see the reflection of a golden retrievor in the glass. I would

stare at the dog and then, in every dream, I would see a man standing

behind the glass of the mirror staring at me. That is all that he would

do, was stare and his eyes really gave me the creeps. I had the same

dream over and over again. I had not yet seen the new house and you can

imagine my horror when the room that I was to live in was the SAME room

in my dream. Also, our new neighbors had two golden retrievors named

duke and daisy and the window of my new room was ground level, so the

dogs could easily look into my window. Well, to make it all worse, mom

decided to put my late great-grandmother's vanity in my room. Now, I

tried not to think too much about all of this and I tryed my hardest to

dismiss everything as a nice coincidence (kinda wierd... but nice all

the same.) Well, One night, I was trying to fall asleep and my

imagination went wild. I thought that I heard someone breathing right

next to my ear. Well, I just layed there in my bed concentrating on

falling asleep. I then heard ( I KNOW that I heard this) foot-steps on

my carpet and something rustling some shopping bags that were lying on

my floor. I Lost it at that point. I quickly got out of bed and ran

upstairs to my mom's room. I was in tears when I woke her up. I told

her that something was down-stairs. I was so distraught that mom

actually got the small pistol that she keeps in her nightstand out. She

went down-stairs and searched everywhere. Of course nothing happened.

I was 16 years old and I had not slept with my mom since I had been at

least 7. I refused to go down to my room and ended up sleeping with

mom. I stayed in the guest room for the next couple of months, going to

my room only when ABSOLUTELY necessary. Well, nothing really happened

after that, until my friend Mecale stayed the night. She brought her

"poweful" oija board. Earlier that day, one of my old friends had

called me with a problem. HEr boyfriend had been cheating on her. I

had told only my mom about it. I never mentioned it to mecale and she

did not even know my other friend. Well I was VERY upset about all of

this. Mecale asked a "spirit" that we were talking to about what was

upsetting me. The board spelled out Aaron.... THE NAME OF THE FRIEND"S

BOYFRIEND!!!!! I just stared at the board in disbelief... we then asked

the "spirit" some other questions. I guess it thought that was pretty

and that is why it was bugging me. It said that it was not the thing

that had been in my room that hight I freaked ouut but that it would

protect me from the thing that had been in my room. I invited it to...

and that is shen things REALLY weird started happening. My cat would

freak out and stare at nothing and I always had the feeling of something

being there. I asked my "protector" to leave me ( I did this because I

could not handle the thoughts of "ghosts"). After I asked it to go...

everything stopped. I don't know if I am just REALLY imaginative or

what... i DO KNOW THIS! I almost have a BA in international business, I

am a legal spesialist in the US Army and I tend to think of myself as

very RATIONAL woman. Despite all of this, I still can't talk about what

happened to me without feeling chills crawl up my back. I don't know if

ghosts are real... but I hope NEVER to experiance that again.

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