Message From an Angel


Hello,I am just 10 years old but I have a very interesting story to tell. First of all, I have to say that all these stories are very eerie.Now on with the story....

My Grandma lives in Bethpage New York. I live right on the other side of town so I sleep over her house a lot. I was sleeping over her house one day when she told me this story.....

First off, I just want to tell you that this "encounter" happened a couple of days after my uncle's death.

One day she was shopping at a store.[don't know which one, sorry]She came out of the store and went to her car. To her surprise, there was an elderly lady standing by the car. My grams approached this woman. The woman asked if she can have a ride to the church. My grams would have normally said no but to her surprise she said yes. So the lady got into the car along with my grams.

They were riding in the car and the lady kept on saying "you have to have trust in god"over and over again. Then all of a sudden the lady said she will get off. So my grams said"you sure"because the church was still a ways down the road. The lady smiled and said"of course". So my grams pulled over.

The lady got out of the car. My grams said bye. My grams went to put the car in drive and when she looked up the lady was gone. There was no where she could have possibly gone. My grams got out to see if the lady was hurt and on the ground. She was no where.




More Events




I am sending some more of my experiences and those of family members, etc.

1. On Easter Sunday in 1997 8:59 PM-- My Brother and I were getting ready to watch a tv show and we were the only two who were awake at the time. Well, on the tv sat a large stuffed dog and suddenly, it flew across the room at my Brother! We looked at each other and couldn't figure out why the dog had done that. It seemed as if an invisible hand slapped it towards J.

2.November 2000--My Husband and I were in our home when he looked at me and said, "What on earth is that?" I looked at him blankly because, I had heard nothing. He said it sounded like a pie tin hitting all around the outside of the house. He went to look and found nothing. When he came back inside, he saw a white figure pass by the hall doorway. I saw nothing.

3.July 30th, 2000--My Mother was staying all night with me and my Husband was working third shift. We were watching The Blair Witch Project when I heard a knock on my door. Mom looked at me funny when I jumped to answer it. I thought it was my Husband's Aunt and I even asked her what she wanted. When I looked, there was no one there. My Mom said she had not even heard the knocks.

4.In 2000, Summer--I heard my Father-in-law knock on our door. I jumped to answer the door and no one was there. I know his knock and was sure it was him. Well, when I turned away from the door, I heard the knock again. I ran to tell my Husband...who hadn't hear anything.

5.August 7th, 2000--I was outside late, early in the Am, when I looked at my in-law's house. I saw a ball of red light in the yard and when I looked on their porch, I saw a woman in white open the door and walk in the house! Thing is, my Husband's Mother was very sick at the time and was bedridden!!! She passed on February, 14th 2001.

6.On November 9th, 1987--Mom and Dad were eating breakfast at a restaurant. Dad had just been to see the Dr. and was told he was in good shape. Well, Mom and Dad watched a bird fall from the sky, dead. That same night, Dad died of a massive Heart attack.

7.April of 1998--While in my in-law's house with my Husband, we were the only two there at the time. I was walking downstairs to go to the kitchen where my Husband was making an Easter cake. Well, I heard footsteps follow me down those stairs and nothing was behind me.

8.February 13th, 2001--My Mother-in-law was in the hospital and several of her Brothers and Sisters were in the room with her.  One Sister in particular was sitting with me in the window. Suddenly, a black shape stood at the door and came across the room and passed through us and the window!! I saw my MiL's life flash before my eyes! How she played with my Husband and his Sister when they were little. The Sister looked at me and I at her, we looked out the window and a mist was passing across the lot. None of the other siblings noticed it. They either didn't see it or thought it was an electrical problem. The next night, She passed away.

9.In 1973 or 74--My Grandfather had to go to the hospital because his Mother had had a stroke. When he got to the floor, he saw her standing beside her doorway and she looked at him then vanished. She passed away later.

10.Saturday October 16th--I awoke with a feeling of dread and sensed that something bad was going to take place that very day. I thought of someone bringing a shot gun to my workplace. At 6pm est, a truck crashed through the do

ors there and it sounded like shotguns going off. hankfully, no one was hurt.




Haunting in Stafford Va.





my parents bought this home when I was 6 months old.I am know 31.But the things that went on in that house when I was growing up are still fresh in my mind.My older sister and brother were always telling my parents that things were happening to them, like they would see shadows move in the house. My father said that they were craze  and it was just there imagination.But he was wrong.I can remember that my father let a man stay at our home till he got on his feet. The man stayed one night.He slept down staires in the basment.The next morning he came up staires and wascareing his belongings with him my father asked him what was the matter and he told my mom and dad that he did not sleep all night that something laiyed down in the bed with him he had seen the bed go right down were it had layed.he never stayed with use again.There were times when the water would come on down staires in the bathroom.Doors would open and close.As I got older it would mess with me.I was sitting down staires watching the t.v. and a white mist came through the sliding glass door at me I would not go back down staires for about a year.But when I would it was like something was behind me on the staires.There were times in the middle of the night that my bed would shake. I would tell my mom about it but my dad did not believe use.Till it scared him half to death one night.We had chimes that hung in the opening going in to the living room upstaires and we had two pareketts that hung in the corner of the dinning room.My father was sitting at the kitchen table drinking his coffee when the bird started going nuts it was about 3 in the morning,Then something growled at him from under the cage. That is when he started to believe us.And my dad is really hard to scare.At times you could hear the wood stove open and it sounded like someone putting wood in it.When you went and looked there was fresh wood in the stove.I got to were I was scared to go to bed at nights.But things happend in the day time to.I would hear someone calling my name when there was no one home but me.See shadows walking down the hall and would go down staires.Something tried to smother my mom in the night,she could not move to wake my dad in the bed .But one night we were all playing around with a ouija board and it told use that 3 ghost lived in the house, william, jake and nathen. two were brothers and the other was a cousine. They said they were buried under the house. They told use there last names were moore.My mom looked it up and it is true an old farm house used to be were there house is today.The little kids that moved in next door used to walk through the back yard all the time to go down the street. Then they started going all the way around the house I asked them why they did not go through the back yard anymore and they said that they had seen something standing in the window with red eyes waving at them. The old farm house that used to be there burnied down and my dad had our house built on the foundation.Still today that house will scare you to death my parents still own the home my brother and his family live in it know.








Hi there guys at ShadowLands. Great website with lots of cool facts.

The story I am going to tell you happened to my grandparents who were in the

car with my mum and her brother. They were in Kenya and they were just

leaving this big Diwali party held in Mombasa. there aim was to drive over

night and get back to Nairobi. They left and about half a mile out of town,

they came past a really old lady. My grandad felt sorry for her and offered

her a lift. She was going to a village about 8 miles away so they told her

to get in the car. She got in and they carried on driving. After the usual

hellos and small talk, they fell silent. My grandmother turned around to see

if she was ok and she wasn't there. They stopped on the roadside and a few

minutes later a police convoy stopped. They related the story and the police

seemed to know what they were talking about. The legend goes that the lady

is looking for kindness and she seeks it in many forms. If they are kind to

her, then she will bestowe good luck on the givers. That didn't really

happen as 5 miles from nairobi, the car crashed though luckly no one was


My mum was about 7 and my uncle 12 and her remembers it vividly as she sat

next to him. He hadn't noticed she was gone. All he remembers was her

getting in and then he fell asleep until they car stopped at the side of the


Also, on the road from Nairobi to Mombasa, there is a mosque. Legend says

that if you don't stop and enter the mosque you will have a bad accident.

All the stories that I have heard, seem to prove the theory. Trains also

slow down and whistle.

I have also got an English based story that occured on halloween but I am

still trying to get rid of the grainyness in the pictures and trying analyse

the video I took to see if I caught anything cos when the event occured, I

was running.




A Few Personal Encounters




I have read almost everything on your ghost site. LOL and that's a lot of things. I would just like to add a few personal encounters other than the one I had at LA Tech. The first encounter I had with a ghost took place in my old house in California back in the early 90's. I lived on an Airforce Base with my family. I was probably between 6-8 years old at the time. The time period was a little fuzzy but I remember the incident like it happened two seconds ago. Let me explain what our house was like. To me... the house was huge. Most things are huge to a child, but later when I went back to see it one summer it got smaller. Anyways, it was a two story house. On the first floor one would enter through the front door and see the staircase that lead to the second. To the right would start a wrap around of rooms (Dining room on right, Kitchen was straight ahead through the wall, and living room was towards the back left corner). On the left of the staircase was a slanted hall that ran to the open living room and kitchen. There was one more room down stairs and finally a garage. Let me take you up the stairs now. The stairs made an "L" shape. It was completely open so you could see the front door and dining room. There was also a little square in the stairs before it turned. When upstairs the bathroom would be to the immediate left. There were two rooms to the left past the bathroom and my parents bedroom was to  right. One night while my family was down stairs watching the Simpsons, I was told to go take a bath upstairs. While I was in the middle of my bath, the light suddenly turned off. Thinking it was one of my siblings I yelled to turn it back on. By the way the light switch was located on the outside of the bathroom (Brilliant contractor... lol). As I sat there shouting at the person outside my door, I noticed that my family was laughing at the TV. I heard everyone's laugh too. I little confused I started to get up and out of the tub to turn it back on. I got up and walked to the door. Right as I put my hand on the door... the light turned back on. I opened the door to find nothing. That was the end of my experience in that house. My mother on the other hand had a little different experience.  She was asleep one night, when she was awaken by something. Hovering right above her was a large black shadow. She was unable to move or scream. She tried to nudge my father but was unable to do it. The shadow eventaully hovered away from the bed and disappeared. Another account of mine took place in my grandmother's house in Texas. My grandfather was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in late 1998. One day in spring of 2000, I decided to call and check up on him. He answered the telephone and sounded horrible. I knew I had to see him then b/c it would be my last chance. I missed a week of school and went up to see him. When I arrived he seemed to be hanging on just long enough to see me. My grandfather and I were very close. The very same day I came to see him... he past away in his bed. I sat there holding his hand for a good 20 minutes as he layed there lifeless. I wasn't scared or sad. I don't know why. I soon went out with my uncles to get out of the house while all the people came to do their jobs. That night I slept on the couch in the front room. I layed there looking at all the pictures on the wall. All of a sudden I felt like someone was in the room with me. Still laying there I noticed that the light that shines from the stove in the kitchen suddenly got dim and bright again. As if someone had just walked right in front of it. The kitchen and living room were both open to each other. I quickly turned around to see who was there. Nothing. I called out to my grandma and she replied from all the way in the backroom. I asked her if she had just been in the kitchen. She replied with a no. We then both agreed that my grandfather had come to see us one last time and say goodbye. I have yet to experience another thrilling vent in my life with the paranormal. Please feel free to contact me about any questions. Thanks for hearing me out.




A Ghastly Experience




The following is a story that happened to me on halloween of this year.  I

live in south central Nebraska, near Gilberts Grave (located on haunted

places index.)  Well, the friday before halloween I had heard of several

stories of classmates of mine about this 'haunted place'.  Mind you I've

always been a little bit of a skeptic, I thought it sounded like fun, so I

grabbed 2 friends (Kiley and Doug) and we went out there.  Well, it's in the

middle of the country, and kind of hard to find, so we had to have several

young boys from Friend, Nebraska assist us in finding it.  We got out there,

and Doug pulled in the little driveway, keeping his lights on, and Kiley and

I headed into the graveyard.  The light illuminated a lot of it, but it was

still pretty creepy.  About half way up the driveway area, we heard this

laughter, from what sounded like a child.  Kiley and I just looked at each

other and were totally freaked out, but we kept on walking figuring it was

one of the Friend kids playing a joke on us.  So after going through a

numerous amount of shrubbery, trees, and weeds we FINALLY found GG.  We

stood there for a few moments, not sure what to expect, and decided that was

enough, cuz it was starting to feel creepy, like the atmosphere was all

twacked out.  So we turn around and start back out for the main driveway,

and started walking back towards the car.  I looked up and stopped dead in

my tracks.  Directly infront of Kiley and I was a figure of a man walking

towards Dougs Monte Carlo, like the outline of him, illuminated by the car

lights, and just as the 'man' would've walked into the car, the car turned

off, lights and all and wouldn't start up for about 30-40 minutes.  It was

later we realized that all the Friend guys that had shown us how to get

there, had left as soon as we were situated..Thanks for reading! If you have

any questions about this feel free to email me.




A Warning of Death





Hi, my name is jamie i live in perry county, ky and i am now 16 years old and im writing to you about an experience i had when i was about 9 years old around April of 1998. i was staying at my grandpa's house because we had went to visit my grandma in the hostpital which was like 3 hours away. She had been in the hostpital for months then because of repeated heart attacks i really dont remeber the exact number but it was caused my alot of stress that came from two jobs and still having to take care of her children even though they were adults. Well anyway my brother, grandpa, uncle, aunt and me went to see her just days before and had returned, she seemed in good condition because i had talked to her. Well days later my brother and me was laying in my grandpa and grandma's bed asleep when i awoke, it was real early in the morning but was still dark outside. My grandpa had been asleep in the den in the next room. I was about to go back to sleep when something in the corner of the room caught my attention. It was a small white figure with somewhat of large red eyes. The figure just stood there looking down shaking its head and looked like it was very sad. Scared to death i went back to sleep and my brother and me had went home the next day and i never mention what i had saw. Well that night my mom,brother, and me went to my step aunts house to visit, when we were about to leave my step aunt ran outside to catch us before we left and told us my grandpa just called and my grandma had died that morning. I have always believed in ghost and to this day i still think that the white figure that looked sad was a warning of my grandma's death. Thank you for reading...





Barclay Mountain and Sayman Rd.




Just wanted to say thanks to your site for giving us ideas on how to

spend halloween eve and to let you know what our experiences were. We

first went to Barclay Mtn Cemetary... we experienced nothing in

particular. There were 6 of us and when we go to the site itself there

were another handful of people. My boyfriend and I both agree there's

some bad vibes resonating from that area but I think because of there

being so much human activity it effected anything paranormal that we may

have experienced. We plan to go back just the two of us on a normal day

when it shouldn't be such a popular spot. Sayman Rd, however was a whole

other story. The 6 of us went there not figuring to experience much and

somewhat let down by Barclay Mtn. When we got a little ways down the

road to where it's more wooded I got physically sick to my stomach,

queezy. W/in the next 60 seconds something kind of foglike passed in

front of the truck. This happened 3 more times while on this rd. There

were numerous occasions in which we saw something that looked like a

small dark figure in the rd but when we'd get close to it, it would be

gone. We WILL go back there, that was an awesome experience. I'm doing

some research for myself to find out the history of that road/ area. We

did NOT see anything hanging from trees as we expected, but we weren't

let down by the experience. I also want to note that your site lists the

road as being in Dushore when even though it leads outside of Dushore

the easier access to the road is from RT 220 in New Albany. There's some

great old farm houses on that road that add to the eerie feeling.

I'll end by saying your site is great, we thoroughly enjoy it. Keep up

the great work.




Cemetery Visit


By: Anonymous


HI me and my friend mike were in pine grove cemetary in lynn at about 2 am. (we were seeing if what we heard in stories was true) well someone had told us that if you sit on a bench anywhere in the cemetary and just listen and dont more or make a sound you will be able to hear what is assumed to be whispering and you will be able to see white shadows ducking in and out between grave stones. well we thought we would take a trip there one night to see if it was true. we sat at a bench (not really sure where) and did exactly what we were told to do. about 20 or 25 minutes passed by and we were starting to think that it was all a joke. we waited about another 5 minutes and we found out that it wasn't. we heard not only whispering but something that sounded like heaby dripping water. we knew that it wasnt water though because it just started and it hadn't rrain nor was it raining. then we also saw exactley what we were told we would see. what looked like white shadows of people like figures running in between trees and grave stones. we naturally got scared and started to run. we figured that the sounds would stop and the shadows would stop because we were told to be quiet but they didnt. they did stop as soon as we both had just barley stepped out of the cemetary gates.  we could almost feel like there was some sort of precense around us untill we got out. i mean the second our feet hit the outsides of the gates everything just stopped, just like that.




Crystal Mountain




   I used to live up on Crystal Mountain.  I got out of the hospital

when I had surgery on my neck.  I believe it was like April.  I had

planned on doing some welding, so I was raking the pine needles away.

Now I am standing with my back to the cabin.  I stopped to rest for a

second.  I was looking down the road coming to our cabin.  On the left

side of the road was a metal storage shed.  To my left was a post and

rail fence with woven wire 3 feet up.  All of a sudden it got dead still

the road was gone. The shed was gone, the fence the cabin.  Everything

was just gone.  I couldn't move.  From my right out of the woods came a

Native American.  He wore buckskins, his hair was loose, he had on

Moccasins.  He was carrying a flintlock rifle.  I could have reached out

and touched him he was so close.  He walked at a very steady fast walk.

I watched him until he was lost in the trees again, and everything was

back to normal.

  But it was like I was back in time.  Craziest feeling I ever had,



Every Word True





Ive always been a scary child, scared of everything but as far as ghost well I did not know to much about it to be scared.  When I was about 8 yrs old my mother had sent us to mexico to stay with a auntie cuase she was going though tough enconomical problems.  My grandmother, and brother shared a my cousins room, I have to explain the way we slept it was my grandmother and brother at the headboard and me since I was the oldest at the foot.   One night when after everyone was out for the night me still not asleep just laying there I looked to the right side of me and saw a figure standing there it was a fog like figure but with features I could tell what it was wearing he was in a suit black suite with a hat I just steared at him then put the covers over my head and started to kick my grandmother thinking my grandmother had wokened I again looked and he was still there just looking at me then I again start kicking my grandmother when grandma woke I started to point and when I looked back it was gonne that quick.  when I told my family they said I was having a bad dream I was not conviced but I was only 8 and left it at that even though my family and I would go to Mexico every other ear till one year when I was like 17 yrs old acctually in the bus station waiting to depart the family had accompanied us and we where sitting there talking.  I remined my auntie of that and told her till this day I remember it clearly like it just happen and I know it was not a dream.  She then proceded to tell me about her daughter my cousin who that room belongs to she told me "remember when that happen to u and about 2 wks later we left the house for like a wk I said "yes" she then told me cause the night before we left all the girl cousins were sleeping over and we slept at the width of the bed so we all fit and there was a piano at the end so we would not fall well my cusin again whos room belongs to saw a woman dressed in white walking around the bed circling us and it was impossible for a child to do that just how small the room was and the way the bed was positioned so she got us out of there and we did not go back till she had a priest bless the how put crusafix in every room.  did not tell us so we would not be scared.

thats my story sorry so long but every word true.








I thought i would introduce myself to you as a true believer in the supernatural i feel obliged to share a coupl eof my experiences with you.

Last Wednesday i was mopping a floor at the office where i work, this is normal as i do the cleaning for the office as well as the accounts! Everyone had gone home for the night, and the place was empty. Except however for the b*gger that slapped a hand on my shoulder! I shot around with my heart in my mouth adn was convince someone from the office would be standing there. There was nobody! The front door, which is the only access to the place is a wooden door with reinforced steel and cannot be opened and shut quietly! So it leads me to believe that there was a prescence with me that day. Then i cam into work today and the lock on my very heavy toilet door is also missing. Now there is only 5 people that work here and neither one of them took the lock. Strange! also the same day that i had the experience with the mopping i took my newphew to a drive through McDonalds whereby i turned off the stereo to speak to the lady in the service box. When i finished speaking to her my stereo started back up and the button wash pushed in. I have to tell you that my newphew was extremely scared.

Anyway just thought i would share!!




My Mom's Friends Haunting






I live in Texas but my moms friend lives in Oklahoma, her haunting is not

in her house but at her work. She works in a nursing home, I cant recall

the name right now. Anyways, there is an elderly woman there named Dolly

May, she says she sees children and sometimes they are on fire. One time

she was trying to run from them and fell and broke her hip, she says they

still bother her but she is trying to ignore them. Another thing is that

down a hall called "Hall D" you get a strange feeling everytime you go down

there like your being watched. Also down that hall there is a waiting room

and sometimes you can feel people sitting there with you or you will see

things. In the cafeteria its no better, still just a feeling your being

watched but this time it is really strong and scary. Down one of the halls

is the morgue and down that hall you see like shapes of people somtimes, we

dont know if it is just our imagination or what but it scares the hell out

of us. The reason I keep saying us or our is because me and my friend went

go visit my moms friend last summer and we went to work with her one day.

She works the night shift so it doesnt help none. In some of the peoples

rooms you feel a really weird presence like someone is there with you. Me

and my friend would not go into a room by ourselves. We were scared and it

was hard to fall asleep,(we slept in the waiting room, nice huh?) There is

one room that we did feel safe in and that was the room were they would

read people their last rights. The only reason we felt safe in there is

because of the crucifixes and the pictures of Jesus and a few Bibles. Well

thank you for reading my story and feel free to email me anytime you want.

Thanks again.




Ghost in the House





At my old house i was going to the bathroom and the door was swinging by itself. i know it wasn't a draft and i was the only one in the house. i ran outside to my mom. i got courage to go back in. it happend agin. i told my mom. for some reason it creeped her out. i later found out some oune died in that house. not to long after that we moved. on one of my last days there i was doing something then i looked up. i seen a blurry figure in a trench coat and hat. he was quite tall. i statred to cry. my mom suprisinly beleived me. i never been back in that house since.




Ghost Siting




My sister lives in a decent sized house in a small town.  She is married with two kids.  Her husband works third shift every other weekend and usually the weekend he works, her two boys go to their fathers house for the weekend.  My sister begs me to stay at her house on the weekends, or at least come over and stay really late and lately I have.  She is really paranoid when she is by herself.  She even has a huge king sized bed so I generally sleep in there because it is the most comfortable bed in the house and we don't disturb each other.  Over the weekend when I stayed over there, I woke up at about 6:00 a.m. and had to blow my nose.  I just stayed in bed for a second and decided to get up. I took my pillow with me because I was going to sleep on the couch because my brother-in-law comes come at about 7:00 a.m.  When I got up, I could hear the buzz of the computer in the living room (which is about 10 ft away from where I was standing) and saw a man sitting at the desk.  There was light from the computer screen and this tall guy sitting there.  I thought for a second my brother in-law was home, but then I thought, right, why would he be sitting there in the dark at the computer?  Then I froze and I must have made a noise because I couldn't move at all, i was so scared, I thought a man was in my sisters house, like he broke in, but it was too weird.  The man's head looked like it was kind of glowing and orange.  I didn't want to look at his face to close, because I was scared.  I was breathing heavy and trying to find the light switch in the hallway.  It felt like I was standing there for a good minute or two because I didn't know what to do, the man turned towards me really slowly and I found the light and turned it on so fast...and no one was there.  I had that pins and needles feeling in my whole body.  I went in the bathroom and went back to bed and my sister was awake by then and she said "are you okay, I could hear you breathing loud" and I just said I must have been half asleep, because I thought that jesse was home and I thought I saw him".  I was wide awake though and I didn't want her to freak out, so she went back to sleep.  I stayed awake until my brother-in-law got home and then I fell back to sleep.  Needless to say, I was sleeping on the floor in their room.  I'm such a big baby!  Not really, but I haven't had a good night sleep since then, because I can't stop thinking about it.




Ghost Train and Me




First, let me start by saying that I was very skeptical

about ghosts, until that day.

So, here is my story:

This summer I was shooting some photos

along abandoned narrow-gauge railroad. I've found an ex-

station which is about 102 years old and decided to

photograph fragments of railroad which remain there. The

rain was approaching, so I didn't pay too much attention

about sudden gust of wind wich came just about when I

stepped between old rails and took the picture of the

railroad looking toward west.Later, when I got home, I

downloaded photos from camera, and on one picture which I

took looking toward west, there was a strange shape in the

bushes.First I thought that this is some kind of error in

the picture, caused by the leaves, and no matter how I

edited the picture shape remained there.Couple of days

later I've found a picture of DieselMotorUnit train (it was

called Silver Arrow, it was painted silver with blue

stripes on front and rear end) which operated on that line

from 1960 until closure of the line 1979.It was then when I

saw similarities between front side of train and shape in

the leaves, so I pasted the front side of train in the

picture, and it matched exactly with the shape in the

bushes.I was suprised and in disbelief because of this, so

I took some more photographs of the same station looking in

the same direction,but none of the pictures had the shape

in the bush.




Ghostly Friends





Hi my name is Jordan( I'm a girl) I am 13 years old and I have been experiencing the paranormal now for about a year.And there are two stories that I am going to share with you.

The first case of my experiences was about a year ago and It was about 7:00 in the morning, when I woke up to find a little boy standing in my doorway staring at me. We stayed there for several seconds staring back and forth at each other. He looked just as solid as me and you. I rubbed my eyes for a second only to find that the little boy was gone when I opened them. Thinking it was only my imagination I carried on out with the rest of my day. The next morning about the same time I saw the same little boy in my room but this time he was standing at the foot of my bed, I yelled "hey " but he just disappeared in to thin air. that was the last I saw of him in sight guess you would say but I did see him in my dreams the next night.He was chasing all my friends  around with scissors trying to cut their heads off. Then that was until I told him that he was not welcomed in my house again ever and is not allowed to try to hurt me, my family or my friends again. I was relieved to never see him again.

thought hat was the end but I was proven wrong..they weren't done with me yet. It was later on in last year when I was minding my own business in my room painting my nails leaning against my bed(I have a bunk bed so when friends come over)when I felt it shakes.  I paid no attention to and kept on doing my own thing when it did it again. I looked up to see what it was and I saw a little girl with big blue eyes and short blond hair staring down at me. I looked away froze as a bored and yelled for my sister to come in . I asked her if any one was on my bed and she said "no Jordan no ones on your bed"and stated walking out.when the bed shook again I looked back up and saw her again so I said" yes there is there's someone on my bed!" so my sister came back in and looked . She looked back down at me and said " Jordan there is no one on your bed"so I said " well then is there a cat on my bed ?" and she said "no Jordan there is no cat there is no person on your bed" then she left. I sat there for a few minutes frozen as a bored not doing anything when my bed started  shaking rapidly. I didn't even look I ran out into the hall and stopped in between my dad and my door were you can see the edge of my bed where the little girl was sitting then I felt this overwhelming sense of sadness and me just wanted to cry so bad but I couldn't so I fell to my knees and just stayed there till I finally cry ed. My dad heard all the noise and came to see what was up.He saw me there crying silently now so he picked me up to see what was wrong.And all I could say was " the little girl is sad the little girl is in my room the little..." and was exhausted. He made me go back into my room and show him but once I stepped foot in my room I could feel and hear tons and tons of spirits or the paranormal. Some were mad some were sad same were laughing some were talking and then there were two speaking gibberish just nonsense things. I started freaking out and tried to get out of my room but my dad was in the way of the door and I couldn't get through so I started hitting him to make him get out of my way but I fell and landed on the floor. so I just stayed there crying when my dad knew that I wasn't joking now so he picked me up but before he could get me out of my room everything stopped, all the voices and all the emotions that I was felling just stopped. I was fine for the rest of the night but we didn't speak of what just happened. I didn't sleep in my room for a week either

I have had many other recurrences too with the little girl. I have even had hour long conversations with her too. So far I have learned that her name is Jessy ( short for Jessica)and that her favorite color is purple she used to have a pet dog, she knows that she is dead but she doesn't know how or when she died and she doesn't know why she shows up in my room all she says when I ask her that question is simply answered with that " they send me hear" and when I ask her who is they she says" they just they"

Jessy has never tried to hurt and I fee that she is just a lost spirit looking for an friend and has chosen me. she's even said so herself that she isn't going to leave me for a long time and so far she's kept her word.




Glebe Ghost





This story was told to me by a friend who we shall for the sake of anonymity call Sue. Before Sue was born, her parents rented an old townhouse in a suburb of Sydney called Glebe. The area itself is one of the longest settled areas of Sydney and was the home to mainly blue collar workers and their families. Sue’s parents had Sue’s older brother with them who was around 1 at the time (still a baby). The townhouse itself was a two story with the living areas on the lower level and the bedrooms on the second level. The stairwell to access the upper level was narrow and very poorly lit.

The story starts just after they move into the house and decide to go out and visit friends one night. Upon their return, they can smell gas very strongly and on entering the kitchen realise that the gas has been turned on, on the stove. They asked the obvious question but each stated that they had not had the oven on all day. As most parents of a small child do, they had an intercom and could content themselves with hearing their baby boy gurgle and squeal. On going to bed one night, Sue’s mother woke to hear a child speaking through the intercom. With today’s technology you could pass this off as the monitor being overly sensitive and perhaps picking up children playing next door or the like. But in the 60’s the technology was in its infancy and so she listened for some time. What she heard scared the daylights out of her. The only child that it could have been was their infant son and he was not even saying the most basic of words at that point. What she heard was a one sided, intelligent conversation between a child and a silent second. The child, however did have a name for the other person and called him Mr Stinky. Sue’s mother reached breaking point and woke up Sue’s father who heard the exact same thing. They both sprang out of bed upon hearing the little on say, “I don’t like that. Stop it, it hurts” followed by a scream. On entering the room, a pungent smell of body odour hit the two, they checked on the little one who was sound asleep.

They again went out for the night, preferring to spend time away from the house than inside it. When they returned this time, the gas was turned on again. They turned off the gas prior to going upstairs to bed. They both put the baby into his cot and went into their bedroom. There, stuck in the middle of the mattress was a carving knife. This cemented their decision to leave the house but not without attempting to find out the source of the trouble. They approached the Land Titles Office but without being the owners of the property they were unable to find out any historical details of the property.

In order to move and to secure another rental property, Sue’s father had to take a second job to increase the family income. The only job available for his skill set was at night. This didn’t please Sue’s mother at all but the lure of moving out of the house seemed to quell her fears some. She sat at home with the intention of waiting until her husband came home so that she could enjoy some sleep with the knowledge that he was home. One night as she sat reading in bed, she heard the front door open and close and footsteps coming up the stairs to the landing. She called out her husband’s name, to no response. The footsteps reached the landing but they were definitely not her husbands and she said their was a normal step followed by a drag as if the person had a bad leg. The footsteps stopped outside the bedroom door as the handle of the door began to go down. Sue’s mother became hysterical and she started reciting the Lord’s Prayer. The handle went back up and the footsteps went back the way they came and receded down the stairs until the front door was slammed.

Sue’s mother waited for the husband to come home and when he did she told him that she would not be spending another night in the house and that they had to leave now. He agreed with her but asked that they wait until the morning, she relented and told her husband that she needed to use the toilet. He stated that he needed to do the same but told her to go first, she said that she is fine and that he could go. This went back and forth with the husband finally asking his wife why she was so reluctant to go to the toilet. She explained that she passed the top of thew stairs on the way to the toilet, she felt someone trying to push her down. The husband told her that this is the reason he hated going to the toilet.

The next morning they moved out still not knowing the history of the house or its inhabitants.

As an addition to this story, the house was leased to an elderly lady a couple of weeks after their departure who passed away in short order. As it turns out, her son worked in the same factory as Sue’s dad, who asked him how his mother had passed. The son advised that she had fallen down the stairs. I apologise for the length.




Haunted Place




Just wanted to send you a quick note on one of my experiences in a place mentioned on your website.  I live in northwestern Pennsylvania and very close to this place.  We recently visited Tamarack Swamp which is also mentioned in another place as Jaquins Pond.  The road is now closed off to the public but we accessed it by foot.  When attempting to stop at the end of the road our antilock brakes locked and would barely let us stop.  As we walked through the road that goes right though the swamp we heard no noises at all, much like you would think out in the country such as birds and other animals.  Well as the legend has it you must stand on Georges bridge and  call his name three times.  Reluctantly I did just that.  It was a calm, cool day.  We stood there very quietly when all of a sudden a strong cold breeze came through and left as quickly as it came.  Needless to say we walked very quickly back to our vehicle which oddly enough the abs light was off on the dashboard and we left.  Not sure if this was and experience with George or not but we are defiantly open minded enough to think so.  We are looking forward to exploring many places on your website.  We love your website and now have it bookmarked.  Thanks for your time.





Haunted Residents





i used to live in a house in des moines iowa that was haunted by three individuals one was in the garage and you could see her in the daytime and at night and the story was she hung herself with a clothes hanger and to this day you can still see the clothes hanger marks on the rafters of the garage the second is in the bedroom of the house  at night you could see him standing there watching you it was actually quite wierd and the third was behind laundry room door and these two were both shot in the house and the house was built in 1930 and is still standing today




Man in the Top Hat




About nine years ago, I was staying with my cousin at her apartment in an old building in the small downtown area of Ashland, Kentucky. We were sitting in her kitchen playing cards and I happened to look over towards the front door of the apartment. It was dark by the door, but I could make out the shadow figure of a man wearing what looked to be a top hat. I got out of my seat without saying anything to anyone and walked towards it. I expected as I got closer for it to be just a shadow of the jackets hanging on the wall next to the door, but it wasn't. I held my arm out straight to "touch" whatever it was, and I sware to you, it felt like I was actually touching something that wasn't there. This figure never moved and it never changed shape. Of course I ran to tell my cousin and her friends what had happened and they thought it was the funniest thing in the world. To this day whenever anyone starts telling ghost stories, I tell them that I have touched a ghost. 




My Childhood Home




My name is Adrian , I live in San Benito,Tx. Im 24 years old and for 23 years I lived in my families two story house,which by the way was built in 1929.

Now im living in a different house with my wife. But for 23 years I saw many interested yet frightening events going on in my home. Next door to my house was a flower shop that my mother owned. And next door to the flower shop was a 88year olf funeral home. In my house there were 5 bedrooms. 3 upstairs and 2 downstairs. I had mine upstairs and mom and dad had theirs downstairs. The rest of my bro’s and sis’s were gone already on to their lives. Well anyways what Im trying to say is sometimes we’s be sitting there in the living room downstairs watching television. We’d almost every night see white figures going up and down the stairs. This was freaky. We got used to it after a couple of years. They never did anything to us. All they ever did was appear. But this one time. My dad had been spending nights in the flower shop due to the fact that people kept throwing rocks at the windows there and breaking them. So  he would stay there guarding the shop. One night he felt a tug at one of his toes while he was laying on the floor. He awoke and say a white midst at the end of his feet. Frightened he kicked his feet as too shake the midst off. And the midst vanished. A couple of weeks later he layed there asleep he felt as if some one was pushing on his chest very hard. He awoke. The midst was all over him like a blanket he claimed. Frightened by it he got up and the midst disappeared. He explained it as fog. The neighbor claims to have seem a man in all black with a black hat and all passing through the alley inbetween the funeral home and the flowershop. She claims to see him very late at night and it seems as he is floating.  She says she senses something very rare when she sees him because no one would dress like that around here that late at night.

Upstairs in my room. Oh let me just tell you. Me and two of my friends come back from a fishing trip at 1:00 am in 1995. We get up stairs close and lock the two doors to the other rooms before getting to my room. Turn off the light. Go into my room. Turn on a candle. Sit in a circle. Open up a ghost story book. As I begin reading the first paragraph, The lights started flickering rapidly. (Remember the lights were all off). We heard two big bangs. And one of my friends started to cry of sacredness. The candle Blows off .We sit there quietly frightenened. We ask each other let go down stairs. We couldn’t even bare to open the door to my room to reach the stairs. The two doors we had locked . were wide opened. There were hangers scattered all through the hall and the rooms were very cold.(in the summer). Any ways we ran downstairs. My dad was in his room with mom. Now its 2004. Almost 10 years later. We still cant explain that night. I came to the conclusion that my whole block is haunted due to the fact for this following case of events that im about to uncover to your website. 1999 me and my new neighbor of two houses down. Which is the last house on the block. Totaling to my house, the neighbors house, and the other neighbors house, totaling to 3 houses total. Obne night while my friends parents were out of town he asked me to spend the night at his house. We were up stairs doing crossword puzzles. When both of us heard steps coming up the stairs. We both told each other go check who it is. Both of us dared each other in sacredness to open the door and check who it was. None of us did. The steps got closer. You could hear the wood crackle. To our scary surprise. We both saw a shadow as if some one was standing in front of the door. Oh my god,then  we stayed quit as the shadow just stayed there under the door. Then two knocks. We both yelled Oh shit! Both of our eyes watered and goose bumps popped out. Then the shadow walked away. For about 5 minutes we sat there scared,Stomach aching. Nothing was there. There are many other occurrences. But I don’t even know if you would read this in the first place. But I have a relief now that I have told some one that might be able to explain what all of this means or is there for. Thank you for your time.




 Haunting in Stafford VA.





  my parents bought this home when I was 6 months old.I am know 31.But the things that went on in that house when I was growing up are still fresh in my mind.My older sister and brother were always telling my parents that things were happening to them, like they would see shadows move in the house. My father said that they were craze  and it was just there imagination.But he was wrong.I can remember that my father let a man stay at our home till he got on his feet. The man stayed one night.He slept down staires in the basment.The next morning he came up staires and wascareing his belongings with him my father asked him what was the matter and he told my mom and dad that he did not sleep all night that something laiyed down in the bed with him he had seen the bed go right down were it had layed.he never stayed with use again.There were times when the water would come on down staires in the bathroom.Doors would open and close.As I got older it would mess with me.I was sitting down staires watching the t.v. and a white mist came through the sliding glass door at me I would not go back down staires for about a year.But when I would it was like something was behind me on the staires.There were times in the middle of the night that my bed would shake. I would tell my mom about it but my dad did not believe use.Till it scared him half to death one night.We had chimes that hung in the opening going in to the living room upstaires and we had two pareketts that hung in the corner of the dinning room.My father was sitting at the kitchen table drinking his coffee when the bird started going nuts it was about 3 in the morning,Then something growled at him from under the cage. That is when he started to believe us.And my dad is really hard to scare.At times you could hear the wood stove open and it sounded like someone putting wood in it.When you went and looked there was fresh wood in the stove.I got to were I was scared to go to bed at nights.But things happend in the day time to.I would hear someone calling my name when there was no one home but me.See shadows walking down the hall and would go down staires.Something tried to smother my mom in the night,she could not move to wake my dad in the bed .But one night we were all playing around with a ouija board and it told use that 3 ghost lived in the house, william, jake and nathen. two were brothers and the other was a cousine. They said they were buried under the house. They told use there last names were moore.My mom looked it up and it is true an old farm house used to be were there house is today.The little kids that moved in next door used to walk through the back yard all the time to go down the street. Then they started going all the way around the house I asked them why they did not go through the back yard anymore and they said that they had seen something standing in the window with red eyes waving at them. The old farm house that used to be there burnied down and my dad had our house built on the foundation.Still today that house will scare you to death my parents still own the home my brother and his family live in it know.





Sleep Paralysis




Hello.  Let me introducte myself as Andrew.  I am 20 years old and I would

like to first point out that I live in a home that is inhabited by, who i

believe, is the previous owner of the home...Randy.  I believe that Randy's

spirit is with myself and my family as my father and I have both seen and

felt his presence.  He was a friend in life, he was killed tradjically on

his motorcycle on the same road that my friend lost his life on his

motorcycle on...ironic isn't it, and we feel that he hangs around the house

because one of his sons names was Andrew.  Quite odd.  There are a good

number of stories I could tell about Randy but I will simply not because

that's not what this e-mail is about.

I tell you that story to tell you this story.  I suffer from Sleep Paralysis

(SP).  I have had this for quite some time now and I wish it would go away. 

There is a buzzing sound that becomes so incredibly loud that it drowns out

everything else around you.  It starts out quietly but soon grows in

intensity and as the sound grows you begin to realize that you can not move.

  It seems that at times I can control it by realizing before the sound

becomes to loud that I need to "shake awake."  I say "shake awake" because

that is what happens.  When i awake from the situation my entire body lets

out a very large shake that ends up moving me across the bed or out of the

position that I was lieing in.

I have at least three instances that I can recall of this but I am quite

sure that there have been more.  Several years ago I became aware that I

couldn't move and became terrified of it only to realize that I was

surrounded by "things" around my bed.  Somehow I managed to shake awake and

it went away.  I promptly covered my head with the sheets thinking that that

would make it stop and fell asleep.

Nextly was only about a year ago.  I didn't seem to notice anything in my

field of vision but that feeling of imminent danger and absolute evil was so

bad that I forced myself, quite tired at 11:30 PM, to stay up until nearly

5:30 in the morning just so I would be able to see daylight before I went

back to sleep feeling that the sun would keep me safe.

And lastly occured perhaps 4 months ago.  This was the worst yet.  I felt as

though I was asleep and then suddenly the paralysis occred but there was a

new twist.  This time I could feel what felt like a person wrapping their

arms around me...around my torso.  It got to the point where I could

actually feel a body coming up behind me and breath on my neck.  At this

point i began screaming and flailing my arms about wilding punching, or so I

thought I was doing all of this, at whatever it was that was attacking me. 

It was horribly molevilent in feeling.  At that point it felt as though I

sat straight up in bed and screamed at the top of my lungs "GET THE F*CK OUT

OF HERE!"  (Please pardon my language.)  There was a figure hunched over

standing in my window at the foot of my bed stairing at me as though I had

"caught him in the act."  Out of the same window there were lights of green,

blue, red, and purple flashing about madly.  The black figure jumped out of

the window and suddenly I shook awake but I was lieing on my side.

Those are the few times that i do remember.  You say that this happens most

often when people sleep on their backs.  I just want to say that it seems an

impossibility for me to sleep on my back and I have always slept on my side

and these occurances are no different in my sleep patterns.

If you would like to hear any stories that I do have about ghost hunting

experiences or about Randy please e-mail me back and let me know.  I also

have what i believe is a ghost picture on my old computer but I would have

to locate it again.      









I live in the middle of kansas wich most people would say the boonies.  I just moved in my new house a year or two ago and the person we had lived ther before us and she died. Well we have had alot of "experiences" with the  supernatural. One day i was getting ready for school it was pretty early i had an offal sence some one was right behind me watching me. It was so bad i ran to the end of the house I was so scared and all of the sudden i herd a CRASH! I want back and come to find out my apple juice had spilt all over the floor but the weird think it wasnt that thick of glass but yet it didnt break?

Another Exirience i had in that house was I was outside talking to one of my good friends and all the sudden she started screaming, well come to find out she saw some one in the mirror  walking across my living room and the thing she saw she described it as a black shadow.  The scary part was i was the only one home. O yeah how she saw the shadow is theres a glass door  and then theres the storm door and i had'nt shut the storm door so you vould see the mirror from out side when your standing on the side walk. Infront of the door.   HISTORY O- You see i dont know if this has anything to do with our " expirences" but in the early 40's there was horrible flood . It was so bad that people had to cut the tops of the roofs off. And in the late 1800 there was a small pocks epidemic that swept through the small town.




Two Strange Occurances at the Same House



By:   Anonymous



I was reading some of the stories here and I have to admit that a some of them

seem like they might have merit but some sound a little too far fetched.

Anyway, I will share two situations that happened to me that gave me pause and

made me consider the possibilty of ghosts existing. I don't really want to use

my name because I don't want anyone thinking I am some kind of kook.

1. I was watching movies at a friend's sister's house (she works late nights

and my friend ,her brother, watches the kids)when out of nowhere we heard

heavy footsteps coming from upstairs, it sounded like heavy boots on a

hardwood floor. I said to Bryon, who's sister owned the house, "Hey man, those

kids are up messing around up there". He says matter-of-factly "Naw man

they're alseep". My other friend who was also there heard the footsteps too

and said "It sounds like they're stompin' on the floor". Again Bryon

says "Naw, I'm tellin' you they're alseep, I hear that all night long, every

night my sister is gone". I say " I wanna go up there and see for myself".

Bryon says "go ahead but they're asleep". I put on a brave face and went

upstairs, sure enough both the kids are sound asleep snoring in their beds. I

come back down a little weirded out and ask for an explanation. Bryon then

proceeds to tell us that his brother-in-law commited suicide in front of the

house shortly after his youngest daughter was born. Aparently he had some drug

and mental problems but I don't know exactly why he did it. Bryon even tells

us he actually has the hose in the storage room his brother-in-law used to run

the exhaust into his car and he shows it to us. Myself and my other friend

were both a little freaked that they would keep something like that but

nonetheless it was there. So Bryon relates some more of this weirdness to us,

the whole time still hearing whatever was walking across the floor upstairs.

He seemed to think it was his brother-in-law checking on the kids, but said it

was strange because he was kind of an abusive guy in life due to his problems.

He also said the oldest of the kids had said in passing one day that her daddy

came out of her closet and said he was going to kill her, but it could have

been a bad dream due to the trauma of losing her father.

2. Same house, later that year, Bryon called me and asked me if I could watch

the kids overnight because both he and his sister had to work late shifts. I

agreed before thinking about the previous experience in the house and this

time I would be alone until 5 in the morning. I was getting paid 20 bucks to

do it and I said to myself I can handle this what could happen? When I got

there it was around 10:00 p.m. and the kids were already in bed for the night

and all I had to do was make sure nothing happened like a fire or something. I

really didn't give what had happened previously much thought and I just

watched TV in Bryons room in the front of the house. I had a perfect view of

the stairs in case one of the kids got up in the middle of the night and was

confident I had everything under control. As I was sitting there I decided to

call my girlfriend and while I was talking to her I saw kitchen door ot of my

peripheral vision swing closed, hard, like it was pulled shut as someone

walked through it and pulled it closed behind them. I immediately thought one

of the kids just got up and ran into the kitchen. I tell my girlfriend I gotta

go and get up to investigate. When I reopened the kitchen door which is kitty-

cornered to the stairs door I realized how tough it is to move because it

kinda sticks on the carpet. I go into the kitchen and no kids ( the thought of

ghost at this point never enters my mind because I know I saw the door shut

and that it sticks so much someone had to have pulled it so, and so panicking

I run outside through the door in the kitchen that leads outside thinking that

one of the kids knows I'm here and is messing with the babysitter and is

outside playing games. There is noone outside and it occurs to me that a

little girl isn't going to run outside at night in her pajamas just to mess

with me so I go back in and the thought hits me like a brick "HAUNTED!!!". I

start to freak a little thinking about everyone of those things Bryon had told

me but I have to go upstairs and look. Shaking the whole time a crept up the

stairs and sure enough there they are, sound asleep. I go back downstairs and

call my girlfriend and say "I know I can't leave these kids but I am so

freaked I don't know what to do". Nothing else happened that night and I never

discussed it with Bryon or his sister but I also never babysat there again and

I was asked a couple of times after. These two incidents aren't giant floating

heads or demonic dolls coming to life but they are at least truthfully what I

experienced to the best of my recollection. I think it kinda sucks when I read

a story on here that is just so ridiculous and so full of adolescent drama

that it is comical and not in the least believable. I think those kinds of

stories completely give the study of the paranormal a bad rep and make anyone

involved in the study look like fools.

Thanks for reading.  








A couple of weeks ago, on bonfire night, me and my fiancée decided to watch the fireworks up on the mountain near our home, as we weren’t having ours until the day after. We drove up there and realised that a lot of other people also had the same idea. We couldn’t find a decent parking place, so we decided to drive through the forestry to the other side of the mountain and watch the fireworks from there. When we drove through it was quite creepy as it was pitch black, there wasn’t any lighting around or any people. It took us about ten minutes until we got to the other side, we watched the fireworks and had a really nice night. We decided to drive back at about 10:45pm, there were still no other people or cars around. We were about halfway through the forest and were talking about the trees around us when suddenly on my side of the road there was this white thing by one of the trees, which was kind of misty, it literally jumped like a sudden flash and then disappeared. I lost my breath with a sudden gasp of shock and turned to my fiancée, he looked just as shocked as I did and we both said “did you see that?” We both went over what we saw, we were really freaked out and I had goose bumps all over. I had this really scared feeling inside me and I felt like I just really needed to get out of there. We got out of there and I felt this huge sense of relief over me, I don’t want to ever go there again.



What do you Mean you are not at Home





My house is about thirty years old. It's very small less than 1100 square feet and with three growing boys it is cramped. I don't know how many people lived in it or what the history of it is and I'm convinced it is haunted.  First it was weird, not scary weird but more of the "what I just looked there for it?"  "How did that get there?"  "It was here just here a minute ago." comments when items, were moved, lost only to turn up in funny places or the exact spot it was like when we couldn't find my wallet for days only to show up in the exact stack of papers I left it on.

My husband works full time and goes to school one night a week, not coming back till about ten or eleven in the evening.  On one such night I was in the basement watching tv with the cordless phone beside me and heard the front door open.  I should add that raising a two year old I placed chimes on the back of the front so I would hear it open anywhere in the house.

This night I didn't hear the chimes, but the loud click of the door handle being pressed and solid footsteps of men's shoes moving in the kitchen above me and then continued upstairs.  Not wanting to shout up to him, in case I woke up the boys, I waited and waited and waited thinking Dale just went to change out of his suit into more comfortable clothes.  Finally I called him his cell phone and asked if he was coming down.

Dale wasn't home, he was just pulling out of the school parking lot. 

It has happened a few more times.  Hearing footsteps in the kitchen then going upstairs.  Also one night I was showering, this is a one bathroom house, and I felt uneasy, not scared just that something wasn't right.  I stepped out of the shower and the mirror was steamed over with a child's hand print on it.  I wish I could say it was my one of my kids but they were sleeping and if they came into the bathroom I'd hear it.



Whispers in my Ear




Just thought I'd send in another story. This has happened a couple times over the last couple weeks. Really freaking and not sure what to make of it.

About 4 or 5 evenings ago I was sitting here at the computer and suddenly heard someone or something whisper my name into my left ear. Now, keep in mind, both of my kids were in bed sleeping as was my husband and there were NO windows or doors opened, as this being November and pretty cold at night here in Maine. That same thing also happened about 5 or 6 days prior to that.

Still not really sure who or what it was but it seems someone was trying to get my attention. I am kinda surprised that I could hear it since I can't hear out of my left ear very well due to fluid back up in my left ear. It could be my brother. He passed away back in 1976 and I am in contact with him since he passed away. He is my protector and he watches over me and my 2 girls.

Any comments or possible explainations would be more then welcome.




Won't Sleep There




one night as i spent the night with my boyfriend at his amsterdam home on brookside ave. he got up to go to the bathroom and i was laying there waiting for him to return fully awake i heard in a mans voice very loud and creapy say to me HEY WAKE UP and it was only him and i there and i know it wasent him and i was not on any drugs or alcohol. and it always felt like i was being w atched i over looked it ,and another time i woke up in the night and saw a thin long haired big teeth woman sititng on the end of the bed petting the cat .i woke up my boyfriend and told him i was not staying there anymore i went i did return back there i would not sleep in that bedroom.he didnt live there long after that.



The Ghost Horse




Hi my name is Sarah and i live in south wales,uk.  I would like to share a story with you that has happened quite recently.

My aunt and uncle have many horses so about a year ago they moved to a different part of wales that had alot more stables and more land for the horses to graze on.  It was a lovely home with a bungalow, around 20 stables, tack room, six large fields, lake and an indoor and outdoor school complete with cross country jumps.  The land was many years old and had been there for quite a while roughly 100 years.

Anyways in the olden days when a horse died they would bury it in the furthest away field ( the graves are still visible to this day ), but that stopped about 50 years ago.

About 2 months after my aunt and uncle moved in we went to see them and the new house and stayed for a long weekend.

One afternoon whilst having lunch in the dining room Steve and Kate ( my aunt and uncle ). Where telling me, my parents and my older sister how at night and sometimes during the day can hear a horse galloping around the outside of the house and in the yard but everytime they go to the window thinking one of there 11 horses have escaped nothing is there and all there horses are tucked away in there stables.  My uncle even told me how one sunday morning he was going down to the field to bring in 2 of the horses to be ridden for the day, when just behind the tree he spotted a black horse he looked at it for a few seconds before it cantered away behind some treees.  My uncle went to see if he could find it thinking one of the farmers horses had escaped but could not see it anywhere and he said there was nowhere for the horse to go as it was an open field at the end of the trees and horse couldnt have galloped away that fast.

So after lunch me and my sister went to the do the cross country jumping ( the course is quite near to where all the horses are buried).  We must have been down there 15 minutes when i saw a horse in the distance of one of the fields and yes you have guessed it it was the same one my uncle had discribed.  We both watched it for about 10 seconds before it disapeared behind a bush.

Later on that night when having tea in the dining room all my family could hear the sound of a horse troting and cantering around the yard and behind the house but everytime we went to the window it was gone.  My aunt and uncle have been living there now for over a year and me and my family have benn back many time to visit and have heard and seen the same things of that black horse.  Steve and Kate have got used to it and it dosent bother them anymore, and even some of the people they teach have seen the horse especially the people who work there have said that taking the horses back to the field they have seen and heard a horse galloping up and down the fields.

Just thought i would share this story with you. Thanks for reading x x x x.  




Ghost Stories




Hello this tale is a true one which is still going on in my home....2years

ago my husband and i purchased our first home it is a 150 year old house

which we love beofore we could move in the realitor had us go in and paint

the base boards from the chipping paint and install a hand rail on the

stairs. well my husband myself and friend (liz) and my oldest son jeremy who

was 5 at the time went to the home to get the job done. jeremy went upstairs

to check out what would be his bedroom, he was up there for about 10 minutes

and he came back down looking at liz very puzzled i asked him what was wrong

and he said liz was jsut upstairs wearing a dress. we went upstairs to check

it out but did not see anything.

we moved into out home one week later happy as can be about three days after

we moved in we had a house warming which our friend liz attended i was going

upstairs to put the guests coats in our bedroom which is across form my sons

and i checked in jeremys room to see if he had cleaned it like i asked and

on his bed sat a girl looking just like liz with a old dress on. it did not

scare me as i ahve grown up wiht ghosts all arounhas worked with the police

on a few cases and i recieved the gift of sight from her as well....anyway i

simply asked the girl if i could help her she did not move her mouth but yet

told me her name was gwen and she was really sick.

she disappeared and i went downstairs to enjoy my guests later i asked my

son if he had seen the girl who looked like liz he said yes her name is gwen

mama and she doesnt feel good. I talked with some neighbors and found out

gwen lived in that house she died of scarlet fever. well that mystery was

solved and we all have gotten along fine.

in the mean time we also have 2 ghosts in the kitchen which i call abbott

and costello they are prankful spirits who like to rearrange my cupboards i

do not know their history only that they are kind gentlemen, also we have

victor he died in vietnam sais our neighbor and although i have never seen

him my son discribed him in great detail to our elderly neighbor who

actually served with victor.

we have lived peacefully with our friends for 2 years now but recently i

have had another baby a boy which we named jonah the night we brought our

jonah home our oldest jeremy was holding him and we were taking pictures

when all of the sudden our candles lit all over the house by them selfs my

husband freaked out and went around blowing them all out and the faster he

blew the faster they lit back up i simply yelled stop now and it did hte

candles went out. i went upstairs hoping to see gwen to ask her but found no

one. we finished our day and went to bed.

that night i went downstairs and i could hear our baby on the monitor i also

heard a womans voice say hush child....well i am the only live women in the

house so i ran to my baby no one was there but i could smell her lilac

perfume i picked up my son and was changing his diaper i turned to throw his

diaper away and there she was a tall dark haired women with rage in her eyes

she reached for my child and i turned him form her i looked right at her and

said he is mine.

my husband was laying in bed he cant see the spirits so to him it looked as

if i was arguing with the wall. I asked our church leader to come and bless

our home which since we have not seen her but we can feel her also we have

not seen abbott,costello nor have we seen gwen or victor. which really

bothered me i wish i knew where they went and i wish the new one would go

away. we recently celebrated thanksgiving at our home and while doing our

dishes i turned to see gwen at the top of our stairs i asked her where she

had been she did not move her mouth but she told me we needed to get out

thats all i have im not leaving my house im not letting anything happen to

my children either i refuse to leave for a ghost





Mom Watching Over Me




When I was around 10, my Mother had passed away and it

was a very sad time for me, as you can imagine. Since

her death, I have experienced paranormal activity, but

it wasn't threatining, or frightining. I remember the

first one I experienced was a little while after my

mother had passed away. I remember walking down my

hallway to my room. I had passed my computer room,

which is where I am sitting right now, and saw a

figure which looked just like my mom. Since she had

just died a few weeks prior, I wasn't used to her not

being around, so at the moment, i had forgotten she

was dead, and I said hello to her. Realizing that

things were not right, I went to look back to see who

or what that was, but when I got back, the figure was

gone. Later on in life, I had heard little noises in

my house, and I had actually seen bright lights flash

in my basement.  My dad once told me that once he was

out in our living room with a few friends. He said

they were just sitting there talking when they heard

the back door open and close. Since they were the only

ones there it spooked them. They just assumed it was

something else,untill they started to hear our wooden

floor creak, just as if someone was walking pass them.

The most recent experience that I have had was the

closet one yet. I was sleeping, and I had awoken, but

it wasnt abruptly, or anything like that, infact I

woke up refreshed. I had looked at the clock, and it

was around  9:00 and it was a Saturday morning, so I

wasnt in any hurry to get out of bed. When I lied back

down, I turned on my side. Right then, I felt an arm

placed around my shoulders,and a women whispering in

my ear, very soothingly.The weridest part was that I

felt the vibrations or the air(if ghosts even have

air) from the women talking.  My first reaction was

that I had thought my girlfriend had spent that night

at my house, and that I just didnt recall her being

there. But when I got up and turned to see what it

was, no one was there. Lately when I go into my

basement, I now see orbs. I don't believe I'm

threatend at all. I think my mom is just trying to

keep in contact with her son.




My Sister's Haunted Closet




My name is Becky and I am 11 years old. When I was about six, I saw a ghost coming out of my sister's closet. It was a little girl about my age and she was wearing a pink nightgown and was holding a candle. She was walking toward me and so I looked away and looked back and she was gone. Another time my sister, Rachel, and my cousin, Sarah, said that one night when they were sleeping in Rachel's room they were about to fall asleep when all of a sudden they heard a real loud crash coming from the same closet that the ghost had come out of. They went to open the door to find NOTHING had fallen down. One last thing that has also happened was when we were playing around and we made up a game where we had to stay in that closet to be apart of a club, so we all did it. Rachel and Sarah said that when they were in there they had seen green dots flashing and whiteish mist floating around. I saw the same thing! I believe that that is an open portal for the dead!




Something in the House




this is a story that my mum told me few years ago,although it happened when i was just a 1 year old baby.

We moved into the old cross about a year or so after i was born, and many of my relatives who visited the house said that there was something not quite right in there, as you walked through the hallway into the living room there was a small room which had never been used and when you walked through it became deathly cold, so cold infact that even on the hottest of summer days that room was freezing.But that is just the first part, when my mum and dad were going to bed,they turned the t.v off locked the doors and went upstairs to bed chatting about the day as they got ready for bed. My mum had been in bed for a few minutes and was just fallin asleep when she heard a strange noise,she woke up my dad and they both lay in bed wondering what on earth could be making the noise, finaly my mum made my dad get out of bed and go and see what it was, so he followed the noise and he was led to my bedroom where the noise seemed to be coming from, he peeped round the door i was fast asleep.but my little toy piano that i had got for my birthday was playing away by it's self.

yes many people will say that maybe the piano had a default or something wrong with it,but tell me this,how can a piano that has no batteries in play a tune with nobody there?

At first when my mum told me i thought that she was trying to scare me, but i have asked many of my relatives about that house and they have all said the same.also we recently found ou that the old cross was built on the old town square where they used to hang the criminals.

maybe the house was haunted by the soul of a criminal who had been hung there so many years before, or maybe it was something else, but i tell you this i will never go into that house again alone or with somebody.

Although since then the various owners of the house have had many excorcists but we still hear now and again that something weird has happened in the house.




 Not All Demons




i was about 16 years of age and came from a very religeous family.  i had accompanied my mother to one of the households where she taught the bible to the lady of the house.  we lived in an old mining town called idaho springs in the foothills of colorado west of denver.  this town has a tradition of stories about local haunted house and the like.

anyway, we sat in the front room of this 100 year old house and my mother was attempting to teach her beliefs about demons, ghosts, poltergeists and the like.  we had been sitting a while and i asked to use the restroom.  the lady told me it was down the hall.  on the way down the hall i felt an eerie feeling and walked through what felt like a cold draft.  it scared me enough that i turned directly around and went back into the living room without going on to the restroom.  

i happened to be sitting in a chair facing the lady and my mother but with my back to the door of the living room.  as i sat back down the lady looked at me with a smile but didn't say anything.  as the conversation went on it became clear that the lady didn't agree with the ideas my mother was putting forth about the cause of poltergeist activities.  my mother was trying to teach that all paranormal events are caused by demons.  the lady was saying that she knew for a fact that poltergeists weren't demons but a spirit of a different sort.  

now while this conversation was going on i was sitting still a bit wigged out by what i had felt in the hallway.  i then began to get the feeling that someone was standing behind me.  this was a very distinct feeling and caused me to glance behind myself a number of times.  the lady of the house kept looking at me and smiling occasionally.  the feeling of someone behind me actually got stronger and i had the physical sensation of fingertips running up and down my back.  i believe even now in retrospect that something actually did touch me in this way.  it was at this point that the lady told my mother that there was a poltergeist in this house.  it was relatively harmless although it did like to hide things like pieces of clothing, etc. which would show up in odd places later.  then she looked at me and said, "i can tell that you can sense his presence.  he's been standing behind you for a few minutes now."

i immediately got up and went to stand next to my mother.  she later told me she had never seen me so ashen.  shortly after that we left.

its been quite a few years since then and i've only had a few experiences i would consider 'out of the ordinary'.  but since that time i've had a fascination of the paranormal.  i still think i would be scared of ghosts (or whatever they are) but am always looking to find out what it's about.  thanks for exploring this world for us and allowing me to read about it




My First and Only Ghost Story... Hopefully




The story that I'm going to tell you happened when I was around 9 or 10(I am now 14)...It's not very scary or long but it is true..and till this day I still get goosebumps when I think about what I saw that night.One night around 3:00 am I woke up I used to do..I've stopped now..and I went to get a drink...I went to the kitchen and got a drink from the sink.Above the sink there is a window with a drape over it facing the front of my I was drinking the water out of curiosity I wanted to see if there was any one up at this hour wondering the streets so I lifted the drapes and I saw across the street this girl or woman..I'm not really sure..but she was looking at me or so it seemed I was really scared like most ppl because this was my first ghost I dropped my water and started running to my room..I got in my bed and covered my self with my covers and I just shut my eyes i thought the ghost was coming after me or something...I didn't sleep that the morning I told my dad and mom but they said I was probably dreaming...till this day they still don't belive me..They think I got it from a scary movie(which is racticlly the only kind of movies I watch..and comedy)from then on I bought a water bottle so I wouldn't have to go to the kitchen at night...



Haunted Hanau





My father was stationed at Hutier and Hessen Homburg Kaserne on Lamboy Street during the 70's and 80's. He used to tell me stories about the haunted barracks that he worked in. The third and fourth floor of the barracks was haunted by a soldier that had died there many years ago. The third floor was made into a unit bar where the soldiers could have a few drinks after work and watch TV and play some games like pool. They used a room on the fourth floor as a storage room, or tried to use it I should say. They would put supplies in the room neatly however the next morning things would be all messed up and moved around. After several months of this they finally took the supplies out and just locked up the room and gave up on using it for storage.

Staff would also say that when they were locking up for the night they could hear the toilets flushing even though there was nobody on the floor. They searched and never found anybody. I do not remember him ever saying that anybody ever saw a ghost, just that they heard noises.

The kaserne has now been given back to the germans and they have been using it as a refuge camp and have refurbished the buildings and now have several civilian businesses in the buildings so I will never know if the ghost is still there.

I also lived in Steinheim in the early 80's and my apartment had a ghost or maybe you would just call it a spirit. The old man that I saw (later I found out that he had died in the apartment of old age, in his sleep) just stood by the door of the apartment and never moved. He had on the clothes that he feel asleep in when he died (a neighbor later told me this). However my brother took over the apartment and never saw or heard anything. I had two girlfriends stay there and one of them felt him but the other did not. So maybe it was a figment of my imagination even though I saw him before I knew that a man had died in my apartment.

Thanks for listening to my stories.




Locket ((A ghost story))





((I trust my friends but I cannot completely confirm this story step by step but i know a lot or at least some... of it is true...))

I cannot see spirits or gosts, or at least I can't see them very often... I have only seen a good spirit twice and a bad spirit once. Nut my best Friend Amber can see them 24-7. She can talk to them, tell you their hair color. Everything. One day when she came over to my house amd my cousin, Kelly was down, we went outside. Amber wont do Ouiji vours or nothing like that. We were sitting on the deck be my loft/garage and Kelly wanted to see them the way Amber could, not just their form. Some spirits we know were over on the other deck by the house, so we went over there and sat on the swing. None of us are really that scared of spirits, or at least not anymore. There are spirits who protect us, bith light and dark.

A few feet away we, or Amber saw a litle boy and Kelly saw his figure, standing over by a fence. Behind our house we own about 9 acres of woods. The little boy stood there and watched us. Then a women appeared in the forest. She had a knife, transparent knife, in her hand. She went over to the little boy and showed her killling him with the knife.  Ghost cannot die though. A few minutes later the boy reappeared, holding a knife. He tried to kill the women, who we found out to be his aunt. She took the knife and it looked to be like she tried to kill him agian. She reached for the boy and tried to choke him. A spirit we know, went over and saved the boy and brought him into the barrier of safty we sat in. The little boy wanted Kelly to give him a hug. When she did, the aunt was enraged. She started throwing real, solid acorns at us. She said she was going to follow kelly, all the way back to her home, 2 states away.

Kelly asked how she could make the women not follow her. The women told Kellythat we had to send her home. I'm a witch and she told me to go get my spell book. I went and got it. She told me to go to page 43 and cast the spell. I went to the page and a drew the circle around us. MY, Amber, Kelly, and even the little boy all held hands. The women in the center of us. We said the spell and she told us to leave. She said when the wind came, she would be gone. We started to walk away. When the wind came we turned around and looked... she was gone. We sat on the steps the little boy with us, he was playing with my hair. I could feel it moving. I left out one important detail from before. We saw a family, a father and son, and the mother who killed them both and later killed herself. When the father and son forgave her becuase we had helped them by asking her to go to them, God forgave her, i guess. She went up into the clouds.

Back to the boy. The spirit we know asked the spirit family to adopt him, they did. He went up to the clouds with him. The Aunt was forgiven and became an angel. There was only one problem... the little boy wanted a locket that was lost under my deck. We looked for it but couldn't reach it when we found it. Amber had to leave. A couple days later the boy found the locket and took it to Amber. A note was inside it but.... he doesn't want anyone but us to know what it said. Amber still has the locket as a gift from the boy, thanking us for his hlp. And thats my story... A happily ever after... Sort of, more will happen and I will help and do my best... But thats it for now.



Burneau College Ghost




This is my teacher's story: When my teacher was in elementary school, every year her class took a trip to Burneau College to see a play of the Nutcracker (I think). Well, she was a trouble-maker & one year when they went, my teacher looked at the ceiling & discovered that there was a mural of naked people on the ceiling. She whispered to her friend about it & it was sent around the whole class. Eventually, her teacher picked up on this & told her that if she didn't behave, the ghost of the college would get her. Well, a couple of months ago from today, my teacher picked up a book about ghosts & haunted houses in Georgia (Burneau College is in Georgia). I don't want to make this story long so to short-cut, in the book it said that the ghost at Burneau, was a girl who killed herself by hanging herself by a rope on a fan or something, because the guy she was going to marry, was secretly planning another wedding for him & another woman.Hope you like the story.










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