Troubled Spirts, Demon or Something Else - I'm not sure




It is nice to know that there is someone who will not tell me I am

insane.  I have had several experiences that I would edscribe as

"otherworldly" .  For about the first fourteen years of my life I lived

in an old farmhouse about three miles outside of a small town in

Tennessee.  From my earliest memories I can remember that the bedroom in

the back of the house always had an odd feeling to it.  I still have no

clue as to what was in that room but it did not like me.  Early in my

childhood I also had what my parents called imaginary friends that

seemed very real to me that seemed to go away around the time I entered

kindergarten at age five.  I have vague memories of these "friends",

They talked to me but I never saw a form just a voice and they always

seemed nice.  I don't know if they had anything to do with what was in

that room but whatever it was, it was definitley not nice.  This room

was my parents bedroom it was located behind the kitchen and was

adjacent to my room which I shared with my older brother until he

graduated from high school. There was a doorway between thetwo bedrooms.

Every time I went into this room I would get an uneasy feeling, as if

something was watching me.  Although this bothered me I was sure it was

just my imagination.  Anyway, around the time that my invisible friends

as my parents went away I started having wierd dreams about this room.

at first they were just me being in the room and then it seemed that

with each subsequent dream it seemed if they got more and more

disturbing.  Finally this culminated into a dream in which I had dozens

of times about some kind of entity dragging me into that room.  It

always started with me being in my room and I would hear something from

the other room and although I would never see what it was it would seem

to have me by the feet and attempt to drag me into that room.  I would

try to scream and either nothing would come from my nouth or it would be

very low muffled scream that I could barely heat myself.  It seemed that

this dream would occur very often but with no regular pattern. Sometimes

I would have it multiple times in one night.  I never saw what it was

that was trying to drag me into that room but it felt sinister. Some how

I seemed to know if it was successful in getting me in that room that I

would die or worse. I tried to tell people in my family and most of them

said I was letting my mind lay tricks on me or it was just a bad dream. 

My mother never said these things and always tried to avoid the subject

if I brought it up so after I while I just dealt with it.  I still had

these dreams but I tried to convince myself that it was just

nightmares.  These dreams kept going on and around the time I was

thirteen and in the eighth grade I got my first girlfriend.  She also

had uneasy feelings in that room.  I'm not sure whre she got it, but she

came over one day with a ouija board.  I was skeptical about this and

thought it was a game, well until about 10 minutes into playing with

it.  It said somethings that there was no way she would have known that

occured in my childhood.  It also said somethings about a bad man who

was near.  I took it to be referring to what was in that room.  After

this I was sure that they were real.  I was getting into that cocky

brave invicible teenager mode that kids always seem to have. I decided I

wanted to know more.  This house was situated on a large lot in front of

and next to two large grain fields.  About 100 yards or so to the left

of our house there was another house that had been partially burned and

was then converted into a shed for a tractor.  I had never really

explored this shed.  Before becoming a shed this was a house that some

of ny relatives lived in. That was about all I knew about it. One dayt

my girlfriend and I were walking from her house which was about 2 miles

away and it started to rain. Well although not far from my house it

started to rain pretty hard so we decided to wait for it to slack up

some before we walked the football field length from there to my house. 

We went in and almost immediatley I got a similar uneasy feeling that I

knew pretty well by now.  She asked me what was wrong and all I could

say was something about this place isn't right. She went into her back

pack and came out with the ouija board.  I though oh well it's daylight

and oh well it couldn't really hurt us.  We started and after a few

minutes of unintellidgable letters it stopped and the air seemed to get

colder.  I didn't know at the time that was one of the signs of a spirit

being around.  Anyway she said is anyone there and it almost immediately

slid to yes and stopped.  Then we asked some random  questions and got

the expected answers.  The rain had slacked up and we decided to go on

to my house.  A few days later we decided that something was definitely

odd about that old half burned house. We ventured back. This time we

went in the mid afternoon and it was a hot summer day. I think this was

in mid June and it was really hot outside.  We went in and announced

ourselves making mention that we talked a few days before.  Nothing

seemed odd.  We were just trying to see if we could get some

confirmation that something was there without using the ouija board. 

Nothing happened, so we took out the board and lit some candles because

it was a little dark in there some light peeked in through holes in the

roof.  We started to try to ask some questions about who or what was in

the area and such.  At first the spirit we were talking to seemed nice

and unthreatening but it said that it must leave and almost imediately

the room became cold again as it done the previous time.  It was at

least 80 degrees outside and in this room it seemed to drop 20 degrees

almost istantaneously.  This was startling because the last time we

wrote that off as being wind from the rain outside.  Again we asked 

question, stupid stuff and then we asked for a name and it spelled

either evil or devil it happened fast so we're not 100% sure.  Either

way this freaked us out and I was pretty sure whatever this was it was

either the same thing that was tormenting my dreams or related to it. It

then told me some disturbing stuff.  I don't want to go into ti but it

was not pleasant and really scared me so we stopped.  When we went to

put the board up the planchette was really hot.  This thing was made of

platic and it was hit enough to almost burn you but the platic didn't

melt or show any outward signs of the heat only when you touched it. 

This really scared us and we got the heck out of there.  Later that

summer, my parent separated and we moved to a town about 10 miles north

of whrere we were living.  After we moved the dreams seemed to go away. 

Several years passed and I decided that I wanted to know what went on at

that place. I asked my mom if she ever experienced anything strange

there.  She had lived there after my parents were married up until the

time they split up so I was sure that if something was there I was not

the only one to experience it. Well she told me that she felt the same

uneasy feeling about there room that I had felt.  She said that it

always felt like someone was watching here in there.  She said she never

told anyone because my dad said she was crazy that he never had anything

like that happen.  So then I asked about the shed.  She said that my

uncle lived there until he died and then the house burned.  I asked if

anyone was hurt in the fire but she said that no one was there when it

burned.  I told her about the experiences with the ouija baoard and she

got wierd look on here face and then she told me about some stuff that

happened before I was born.  She didn't give specifics about names but

she said that I had some rellatives whose house burned and three

children died in the fire.  Their bodys were laid out in that house

before the funeral.  She also said that it was suspected that the fire

that killed these children was set for insurance money.  I don't know if

it was their spirits or something else but after we moved the dreams

stopped and everything seemed to be normal. I say normal but I still

have paranormal experiences where I will see people not there or other

odd things. I have not felt a presence like the one in that room since

then and I never want to feel anything like that again.  I never figured

out quite what this was or if the the everts were related.  These dreams

traumatized me as a child and although I don't feel that I need answers

to it, I just felt I needed to share the account of what happened with

others hoping that it would help.

In closing, I wouldn't reccommend anyone go ghost hunting as I did.

Whatever it was, the ouija board seemed to agitate it.  At first it

seemed that we were contacted by a somewhat friendly entity then it

would leave and the mean would come.  I still live close to that house,

about 10 miles away but I haven't ventured back there in like seven

years maybe longer.  I am twenty-five now and I have done a lot of

research into the paranormal and I now know what I did was stupid.

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble on about my childhood. Hope

this helps someone else.  If anyone would like to know anything else or

talk about paranormal experiences they had email me at




Oklahoma Hospital




I now own the hospital and it is utterly amazing. We have heard sounds of something working on the boiler late at night that even draw the attention of our many animals. There is a faint humming in one wing of the hospital though there is no electrical power to the building. I have personally seen a little boy who I thought was coming down the driveway to the house in the back to see my daughter. I called to him in the twilight that she was out front and started to walk towards him. As I got closer I realized he was on the stairs to the side of the building and disappeared out of sight when I reached that point. We have taken pictures of the windows and have been able to bring up the face of a young woman with prominent cheekbones and a pointed chin with long curly hair with a elderly gentleman in the background. On photoshop we magnified the image. The picture was taken in a stairwell that is twelve feet off the floor. There are many orbs around the building and a local newspaper reporter and photographer who did a story on it this past Halloween photographed a white mist in a second floor window that seems to be a focus point to some residents of town giving them an uneasy feeling when they drive by.

The previous owner had tried to change a portion of the second floor wing but left everything in the middle of the construction and moved far away without selling the place first. He has never mentioned anything to us but it is obvious something made him uncomfortable because he just wanted out.

We feel nothing but peacefulness when we are in the building and are hoping to gain landmark status to protect the building. Many people died here during the 1947 tornado since it was the only point of refuge for the town. We consider it hallowed ground and are supported by the many people who have an attachment to the building for various reasons. We are amazed by the amount of people who travel from different states who were born here who just want to visit it. It is a compelling place that we hope to preserve.




Not Really A Ghost Story but...




Okay, when I was little, right after my grandpa (Pa Jack) died, my mom says I would wake up in the middle of the night just a laughing and screaming out loud, when she came in and asked me what was goin on, I would tell her that Pa Jack was tickling me. And the weird thing was that he used to tickle me before he died. And my mom woke up one night and she saw Pa Jack standing beside her bed and he was screaming (I won't use the real name but) "JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!" And he just disappeared. She called her brother, "Jerry,"  and it turns out that he was deadly sick and if she wouldn't have called, the he probably would've died... Sha, real cool. :-)




Berlin PA Story




My name is Jessica, and I live about 12 miles outside of a little town called Berlin, in Somerset PA.

When I was a little girl growing up down in the "middle of nowhere" I heard ghost stories all the time. There is one where a man walks what we call the "Mountain Road" with a lantern looking for his lost love who got lost in the woods. I never believed in the stories or ghosts until one night I went for a walk with my dog. Usually my dog was trailing behind me, but this time she was going in front of me acting as if she did not want to me walk any closer to the barn or the light, but I kept pushing her aside and kept walking towards the light. I had my ear phones on and I was listening to music. I got a feeling that I wasn't alone, so I took my ear phones off and turned the music off. I listened very quietly, and as soon a I was about to yell out "who's there" I heard what to me sounded like an old covered wagon up in the field. I couldn't see anything, but I could hear it. I heard a whistle, and the sound of hooves hitting the ground and the wheels turning. My dog started to bark, and I got scared and ran into the house.

The next day I went to the field where I thought the sound of the wheels was coming from, and there was hove prints and wheel tracks. I followed them for about 5 min. and then they just vanished, it was like they just disappeared, the tracks stopped. Then I started to follow them back to where I was, and the same thing happened. I got to the point where I heard them, and started to follow them back for about 5 min. and they disappeared.

Sadly I didn't get any photos, but I showed my mom and dad, none of us could explain it.





A Nightmare and an Experience with God




hello, i enjoy your stories on the site, and i would like to share a few

with you. my name is alex.

here is one. this was an experience with god.:

As i was about 7 years old and talking to my mom about god, and i was just

getting subliminal signals into my foreconscience that god wasnt real. I

confronted my mother about it and she said she knew god was real. I asked

her but "what if he wasnt?". Just at that moment a pot of water over the

stove started bubbling and boiled over the edges. We run over and it

suddenly stops and goes back down. My mom puts her hand in it and its cold,

as i put my hand in it too. The flames were not on, and it was straight out

of the faucet.

here is a nightmare i had one night. very scary.:

One night in the cold, harsh winter of the snowbelt in Cleveland, Ohio, i

was making my tea, awaiting till it was done steeping. As i finished

watching my nightly program, i slowly limped to my cold, damp room. Hence,

my heating ducts arent very good, and my room is on the complete oppisite

side of my house, away from my furnace and on the outskirts of the other


As i arrived in my room, i turned on a portable heater, let my harrier dog

in, and limped over to my bed and crawled under the blankets and flanel

sheets. It was a freezing night, and my bed was freezing. As I was half

asleep, i remember my mother walking in and turning off my heater. After

that i was completely emboweled in the satisfying darkness of slumber. I was

sound asleep, and not to be disturbed, untill my own crys of terror awakens


As I sit watching TV, to vague to tell what program it was, i was merley

amused watching it. Lesser the fact that it seemed that there was no screen

that i could make out, i zoned everything out. As my mother walks into the

kitchen from my long, outstretched foyer. The foyer seemed like it was 50

feet long, a great chandelier hanging from the sky, expensive wall murials,

and a marble floor which was mixed in with red. She greets me with a mere

kiss on the cheek, and a brief conversation. She persuaded me into my dining

room, which was empty with baige carpeting, white walls, and a chandelier on

the celing. She leads me to a window, where we look out into the unknown.

As we stare into the forest, we notice nightfall is soon to come, and it is

just past dusk. The clouds look like they are about to have a long blizzard.

As we scanned down from the sky, I notice that there is allready a inch of

snow on the ground. The trees were all leafless, and they looked dead

because it was that time of the season. As we just stare into the edge of

our land and into the rest of the deep weald, we notice hpw gothically

beautiful it looks. Just than we notice a slight change in the landscape.

We see deer scattering about, especially away from a certain side of the

timberland. Just than we hear a bloodcurdling scream. The scream you hear

when somebody is in excruciating pain and agony. It lasts for about 5

seconds and dies out. I tremble in my dream, even though it does not seem

like it. I look at my mother and she does not make a sound. We stare into

the unknown.

We look into the woodlot and hear the cry for help again, and it ceases

after 5 seconds, then recites. Finally she grabs my arm and takes me to my

room. We sit in there and keep getting these haunting phone calls of a man

screetching screaming "your next your next". She slolamly hangs up and has a

trace of fear across her face. Suddenly the scream is much closer to my

bedroom window.

Suddenly I awaken with a Jolt! I feel a cold sweat run down my back, and

notice that my breath shows up in mid air. My furry little friend is in a

little ball next to me, which means it was too cold for him too. I am too

afraid to fall back into sedation, so i stay awake and stay alert to any

little noise in the house. As the clock turns 6AM, i wake up and wander into

life before dawn. Everything is dark and i cant see, so i turn on the

television. I make a cup of morning tea and tremble as i drink it. As I

walked out to the bus, i couldnt help hearing the screams in my head, and

bieng terrifyed walking down a 50 foot driveway sorrounded by timber.

To this day, i still cant seem to forget that nightmare



Went Through Me












Hi there. This may be something or nothing but it actually happened to me and I have NEVER been able to explain this. I also am sure I didn't black-out. Maybe you can shed some light on this.

Here goes......

 I used to live in Cornwall, England, from 1973 - 1985 I then moved to London in my early 20's but my memories and experiences of the place remain with me forever. I now live in Australia.

I used to be actively involved in, I suppose, dangerous sports; Climbing, Surfing, Motorcycle motocross and trials and even M/C street racing. Bit of a rebel I'm afraid! (Not now). I can't help but feel that I was always looked after by some unseen force. There were so many events that took place which prevented me from having serious accidents I will not be able to mention them all, they just happened and I remember them and I will never forget them. I also never ever tested this strange thing as I had what I can only describe as an almighty respect for this "protection".

The most memorable was whilst on a climb at Crackington Haven Beach I got stuck mid-way on a cliff face; I would have been about 13/14 yrs old at the time, there was no way up and only the tough route down (which would have been instant death). All I remember was that I was in a serious state of panic! My friend had run back to the village to get air sea rescue and other help. I must have been in a panic state for about 15 mins. It's a strange sensation as you can seem to accept the inevitable end. Anyway, I all of a sudden felt a calming influence coming over me (I'm getting goosebumps recalling this) and I'm not sure what happened but I found myself laying on my back at the top! One minute I was contemplating jumping, the next thing I knew I was safe at the top! When my friend arrived with my mother and a whole bunch of others I was walking towards them wondering what all the fuss was about. I have no recollection of climbing up (Couldn't anyway as it was all loose shingle and I was stuck on a ledge which essentially saved me from falling to the bottom) all I remember was the calm and peace. It was as though I was lifted to the top. My mother and my friend could figure out how I got to the top. This event haunted me for years. Every night I would say a prayer of thanks to whoever it was that saved me. I know it sounds cranky but this really did happen. When I was back in Crackington in 1998 I went back to the cliff edge. Believe me, it is impossible to "climb" up.




The Little  Boy in SHorts




When I was 15 years old, I used to frequently babysit for my next door neighbor who has 5 children.  It was a Friday night at about 10pm and I had just put the children to sleep in their bedrooms upstairs.  I stayed up for a while watching a few late night shows.  At about midnight I found myself restless and decided to wash the dishes from that evenings dinner.  About 10 minutes into washing, I heard footsteps behind me.  Without turning around I said "You're supposed to be sleeping".  I received no response and turned slighly to my right and out of the corner of my eye I seen the outline of a little boy with dark hair dressed in a T-Shirt and shorts and white tennis shoes.  I turned back to the dishes and was about the repeat myself when the hair on the back of my neck started to go up and a shiver went down my back.  I quickly realized that the little boy I had just seen was not one of the children.  I turned completely around to find nobody there.  I quickly walked through the kitchen, to the living room and up the stairs where I found all the children sleeping soundly in their beds.  There is no way that the any one of the children could have run back up the stairs and back into their beds within 5 seconds and also without me hearing anything.  My proof that what I had seen was real is that all of the children were wearing pajamas and not one of them had on shorts.




The Basement




 Many years ago before I was born My mom and my grandmother use to clean houses for a real estate agency. One particular house that they had to clean was one of the oldest houses in Maryland. It even had a dirt basement. When they cleaned one room the door behind them would slam shut and they heard someone walking upstairs when they knew it was the only two of them in the house. When they we're down in the basement the foot steps we're heard on the first floor. My grandmother was extremely religious woman and did not believe in the super natural refused to be separated from my mother in the house so it took longer for them to clean the house. They heard in the kitchen water running and cabinets slamming open and shut. Once they we're finished the cleaning and we're about to leave they heard a woman screams coming from up stairs. Quickly they left glade they wouldn't have to return.




Seelbach Hilton Lady in Blue





I just returned from a Thanksgiving Day stay at the Louisville landmark. After my wife and I retired for the evening, within the first 5 minutes, she asked me if I'd turned the light on. Both of us were in bed but were very much awake still by this time. I opened my eyes and the same lamp I'd turned off not 5 minutes earlier was on again!! The lamp was the kind that had a decisive"click" to it when you turned it off so I know I had it off. And like I'd said, we were still both awake so had she reached over me or gotten out of bed to walk around to turn on the light, I would have known. I reached over and once again,turned the lamp switch till it "clicked" off. I layed there with my eyes open this time staring into a mirror that was leaning up against the wall. I layed there watching the mirror until I just fell asleep and never heard or saw anything again. The lamp stayed off this time!



Hauntings in Brazil





Well, this didn't exactly happen to me, but it happened to my grandmother and her mother in the 40's in Brazil. My grandmother was young, and she had just bought her first house with my grandfather and she had two little daughters (my aunts, obviously). My father wasn't born yet. My grandmother isn't a person to lie, so this story is no bull. Well, it was around 1945, and my grandmother was preparing food in the kitchen for my aunts. My grandfather was at work, so she was alone with her two daughters. She heard footsteps coming down the livingroom and down the hall. She thought that was strange because my grandfather wouldn't come home, only 5 hours later. She went to greet him, but instead was greeted by a terrible cold gust of wind.

She shrugged it off and went on with her life. But until the next day, she was cooking for my two aunts (my oldest aunt was around 5 and the second was around 2), she heard the same footsteps, and she noticed that it would always end at her mothers room (my great-grandmother would sleep there sometimes.) She grabbed her two daughters and waited outside for my grandfather to come. This would always happen at lunchtime (around 12 P.M.) Well, my grandfather was always skeptical when it came to ghosts so he comforted her and told her she was hearing things. She believed him, and went on.

The next day my great-grandmother went to sleep there, she would sleep there to help out my grandmother with the girls, and the footsteps still came, but my grandmother felt safe because she was with her mother and two daughters, so she didn't mind it. At night, my great-grandmother was sleeping and she felt the bed go down as if someone was sitting down on it. Then, she felt a hand caressing her face. She got the heck out and never returned to that house. They lived there for 2 more years, soon after my father was born they moved. So thats my story. I do not believe she was lying because she isn't a person to lie about that. Thank you!! if you have any questions or anything feel free to e-mail me!




Haunted School Area




A group of friends and me a few years ago went to a place in Columbia Maryland off of route 32 I believe it was called Jefferson something, there are several buildings there which include a school a church and several other buildings around the area. It’s all closed down and guards watch over the place but we snuck past to see, what we found was more than what we thought we would and as you go into the first house up the path inside you’ll find bloody hand prints on the doors, as we went further we came across some papers talking about stabbings there which we were going to take with us but something else there didn’t want us to take them as it let us know right away. There was a boiler room that we went in after that where the door slammed shut and locked us in as soon as we all went in there so we had to break a window in order to get out, after we got out three of us all looked up and can testify to seeing an orb hover above us and just go in back of one of the buildings there. When you enter several buildings mind you this was in the summer time you will feel very cold in several spots around there. If interested I have several other stories of place in Maryland and other states-Mark, 



Australia Experiences




I have a few stories i could share some would be unbelieveable but they are 100% true...

I'll start with letting you all know that i come from a pretty religious family especially my father who dedicates his life to God,work and last but not least his family and has countless sightings of crosses floating in the sky or other religious things like...which i will not talk about at the moment because im here to talk about ME haha

Ive had countless experiences throughtout my life my first experience happened when i lived in my old house back in 1995 my grandpa had passed away in serbia. Anyways i had been very deeply connected with my grandpa as a child although i only saw him once a year for about a couple of weeks so when he passed away i was very upset. All throughout child hood i had been afraid to sleep alone resorting to having my mum sleep with me except for the night i found out he passed i was sleeping soundly till about 2am when i instinctively opened my eyes and looked at the foot of my bed where i saw a sihoulette of a tall dark figure standing infront of me i felt the room just fill with love and joy...i was mostly shocked so i had to close my eyes and reopen them and when i did he was gone...i knew it was my pop visiting me..all the way from serbia.

Anyways we had heaps of scary experiences in that old house in mascot (australia) (our new house is built ontop of the same land) it was really haunted at 3am everyone morning our photos on the wall would start shake and the light in the hallway would turn itself off (my brother slept with it on cos his room had no door and he was scared) we would hear footsteps and scratching in the ceiling was very freaky.

Anyways after 1998 nothing out of the ordinary happened to me uptil this year 2004

i moved out with my boyfriend to a flat somewhere in Brighton le sands (australia) and we've had many weird occurences we've had the tv  turn on by itself or switch off by itself or we'd have complaints from people sleeping over in the 2nd bedroom which we never use that they hear childrens voices (i had done a seance in that room and spoken to about 3kids) anyways my boyfriend and his mates were always uneasy when strange things happened by i was never unnerved by them i have no idea why....i felt like the presence wasnt evil it was just experience i will never forget is the night me and my boyfriend had a massive row and we broke up i was ready to move on and we were discussing what was to happen the following day...we somehow started discussing the bible and how great God is..and then out of nowehre the laptop in the other room turned on by istelf and started playing my boyfriend song (he's a producer) we just stopped and started at each other both knowing that the battery was dead and that we hadnt plugged it into the wall and last time i checked it was off...

Ive got ALOT more about my boyfriends house and my dad but i'll have to save it for a rainy day!





The Woods




on my 16th bday me and my mates went to a tiny wood opposite my house at night- that was known for weird happenings ghosts and strange noises- .we went as a laf we were all arrogant and we were scaring each other.we jumped over the style infront of the woods and walked up a small sloped path.when one off my mates screamed "oh shite what the hell was that?" a zombie like moan echoed through the woods i saw and heard it too but hoping to get further i said it was a bird, but it wasn't it was a massive black figure drifting between the trees, and i knew it.the group lost there confidence and ran back out.we had a massive argument me and my mate against the other 3.i said they would regret if they didn't go back in but they didn't care, they knew som ething wasn't right. i should have arrogantly we hopped back in.we got to the clearing-our mates kept callin us- checkin up on us, while we were gathering our nerves.then something happened.a resting flock of pheasants went mental! shocked we became disorientated and looked around.then this figure that i saw at the beginning dived out of the trees and landed inches away from my face. my mate was gone while i was literally petrified.i gathered my senses and ran for my life, luckily i escaped but my mates heard very heavy footsteps behind me.we heard that moan for the rest of the night and we could not sleep.





St. Louis Job Corps





about the saint louis job corps. i was a resident there and i can tell you some very odd things. first off the whole base is/ was a world war 2 wepon storage or makers or wepons. there 100's of tunnels and hidden areas that no ones alot to know about and to this day people still say they find stuff there. t and rate. im not a good writer so ill just tell you what i felt and saw.

My name is Kriston  i was a resident there id say in 2002 ish. about id say after 1 month i stayed in the bottom part of the dorms. i think its Dorm 4 maybe room 101 or something like it. If i was there i could show you lol. I was only in that room for a short time. I was sleeping one night and i herd some really loud knocking on the outside window. it woke me up probly 2 times id say. I never got up to investagate it. Alot of people like to sneak into the other rooms. aaka the girls into the boys rooms. I do rember saying out loud to stop that damn knocking im trying to sleep. And i did wake up the others on the 2nd time i herd knocking. Cause it wouldnt stop. Like i said i asume that maybe a girl or someone was just sneaking in. Well after talking to the guys the next day they tell me that no one was comeing though the window and no one was up. I have very clearly heard the sound of a knock on the window. like someone wanting to come in from the outside.

I did look at the window the next day. Funny thing is the window is too high up for anyone to reach. the window is right above the stairs to the basement (which is closed off) and is impossable to reach. there are pipes below thje window but is still unreachable from human hands.

My only guess is the place (the dorms) was once an old storage building(s) and when they made them into dorm they sealed of alot of old doorway and windows with bricks. perhaps an old ghost was useing the old storage layout of a door? or perhaps trying to tell me something? who knows.

i hope this helps if you want anymore history of the place it really is just odd and mysterious. about the place.




Civil War Ghost far from Battlefield






One morning in 1998 or so, I was doing laundry.  It was 8:30 in the morning, and I had that show "Haunted History" on the television.  I had taped the show, so I was watching it as I was folding clothes.  I like candles, and there was a lit candle on top of the television.

I had just finished hearing a story of a Union Civil War soldier who liked to appear to women.  I believe the ghost was from Savannah, Georgia.

Anyway, I went downstairs to change the wash around, and I was coming back upstairs from the basement with a laundry basket full of clothes in my arms.  I got to the top of the cellar steps and grabbed the doorknob with my hand, you know, as it was holding the basket.  My arms were full.  I walked through the door, and then I decided to kick the door closed behind me.  As I kicked the door closed behind me, I turned my head to see... 

Lo and behold, there on the steps, standing ever so lifelike, was a Civil War soldier dressed in a blue uniform with a hat.  He had brown, slightly curly hair.  He was about 5' 6'' and thin.  He followed me upstairs from the basement.  He was hunched over a little bit, as if to lean in, you know, like you do when you want to whisper something to someone.  I saw his face as he was hunched over, and he said, "Pssst," like he was trying to get my attention.  The door to the basement swung closed at that very same moment he said "Pssst," from the force of my kicking it shut. 

I walked to the middle of the kitchen and stood there frozen for a minute, thinking, oh, my God, did I just see that?  I had goosebumps all over, and my hair was standing on ends. 

Finnally, I just continued on into the living room with the laundry basket and said, "Pssst, yourself." 

I can only assume that the lit candle on the top of the television drew the ghost to me.  I hope the ghost appreciated my sarcasm!!!

This ghostly incident happened in a house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Far away from Savannah, Georgia.  The house wasn't that close to Gettysburg either (about a four hour drive), but we had been there many times. 

Thinking about the incident later, I got a little bit mad that this ghost did this to me coming up from the basement steps.  It could have been dangerous if he had scared me bad enough with my arms full of laundry actually on the basement steps.  I could have fallen and gotten hurt.  I'm glad I didn't fall and get hurt, and I'm glad he didn't scare me while I was actually walking up the steps. 




Babies Ghost




My newborn (whom is about 16 weeks old) seems to have a friend here at our home that nobody else can see. He stares into a corner of our living room and coo's and laughs at what he see's. At first we thought he was focusing on a tiger poster in that same vicinity but it seems he's looking quite a bit to the right of this picture. I'm pretty sure he's got a ghost friend and have been trying to get pictures of it. At times he's really interested in that corner we've pulled out the camer (my wife and myself) and took pictures of that corner. My wife said during one of the pictures she noticed the flash didn't come on (odd). So hopefully we'll get a good picture out of those. Just wanted to share that story with you folks. And I love your site.





Public House Restaurant, Roswell, Georgia (just north of Atlanta)




Date: 8/1989

I have recently found out that this restaurant has actually been reported as haunted. Hearing that has helped me make sense of an odd incident that happened to me there one afternoon.

I was a college student home for the summer staying with my parents at their new home in Duluth, GA. My mother had a group of ladies she hung out with. They would play tennis, go shopping, and to lunch. I was asked to go along with them one day.

On that day, we had shopped longer than expected and we ended up at The Public House Restaurant around 2:15 PM. The restaurant was just about to close and we were the only group in the restaurant. They sat our group of 7 in the middle of the dinning room. The restaurant looks like an old mill or store from the 1800's, with antiques on the wall. Nothing real unusual for that area of Roswell, GA. After about 10 minutes I decided to go to the restroom. I excused myself from the table and asked the waiter where the restroom was and proceeded to the ladies room. I went through a short hall and opened the door to the ladies room. Once inside I was shocked at how cold in was! I immediately rationalized it as an air-conditioning malfunction. It was August in Atlanta, and I could see my breath it was so cold in that room! Anyway, I went into a stall and proceeded to relieve myself and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as a strange feeling hit me. I felt scared all of a sudden, then I saw the toilet paper start streaming out all by itself. I pulled my pants up and immediately exited the ladies room. I got back to the table and my mother noticed I looked white as a sheet, but I just told her I'd talk to her later. I was hoping someone else would go into the ladies room and say something but the ladies went into the restroom in groups about 20 mins after my experience. I did tell my mother about the incident later and she has come to believe I had some kind of strange encounter at the Public House in Roswell.

I do not tell this story often because it sounds so ridiculous will the toilet paper and all. I have tried to rationalize it but recently I heard that the Public House has been reported as haunted and that would make sense of what happened in the ladies room that day. I guess it must be a ghost with a sense of humor!

Thanks for letting me tell my story.



My Own Ghost Story




I have always been a believer in the supernatural and believe that spirits do "live" among us. This belief was further strengthened when I was pregnant with my first son in 1999. I was living in a very old house (I an not sure of the year it was built but I would venture to say that it was approx. 75 to 100 years old) that had been renovated slightly into single rooms and small apartments to be rented out.This story includes two accounts that I,and my friend believe was the same spirit. My friend ,her boyfriend and her newborn child stayed there. Their apartment was on the second floor and mine was on the first, the room in which they and the baby slept was directly above me. One the first incident, it was between 10:00 and 10:30 at night and i was up watching television because I could not sleep when I heard what I knew was footsteps above me paseing back and forth. Now,I must tell you that my friends infant son was suffering from turned out to be pyloric stenousis which caused him to have symptoms similar to a stomach virus, and on this evening my friend and her boyfriend had gone to bed as soon as they had managed to get the baby to sleep which was about 9pm according to her account. In the morning I had gone upstairs to visit with them and my fiend proceeded to tell me that the baby had slept all night and when awakening in the morning she found him sleeping at the foot of his crib, perfectly covered up and in the only spot in the crib that was clean(since he had obviously been sick ring the night). Now mind you,this child was no more then 4- 6 weeks old and was in no way able to crawl or scoot around in that manner yet. she had asked her boyfriend if he had gotten up with the baby in the night and he swore he had not. Neither one of them, even as exhausted as they had been the night before, had heard the baby utter so much as a whimper. This is when I had told them that I was awake at approx.10:30 the night before and had heard the footsteps passing back and forth in their bedroom,in about the spot that the baby's crib was. Both of them swore that they were in bed and asleep by no later then 9:30. The next incident occurred to only me when I was alone in my apartment. Like I said,I was pregnant with my first child and on this particular evening, my back was so sore that I was having a great deal of difficulty getting comfortable. I sat down on the couch and turned to put my feet up on it when I felt a "presence" sit directly behind me on the arm of the couch and just then I felt a "hand" on my lower back directly on the area that was sore. I was startled but did not feel threatened by or scared of this presence. Instead, I felt comforted and flooded by a warm tingling sensation. I tried to move or speak,but was left unable. This incident only lasted about 30 to 45 seconds at most but the pain in my back was gone. I sat there for several minutes contemplating what had happened. Stunned yet grateful to whatever or whomever did this. When telling of this to my friend after the incident with her baby,we decided that whoever this was they were there to help us and was more then likely an overly friendly and kindhearted spirit.Neither one of us ever had the opportunity to do any research on the house to find out about possible former owners or connections to the house; however, to this day I feel happy when thinking of these occurrences and hope that if that spirit is still in the house that they are still watching over whomever resides there.




Cordage Park, Plymouth Mass





I used to be a security guard at Cordage Park, your site said there are two ghosts, it’s believed there is more than that.

In Mill 2, the medical wing, the ghost there is said to have been a former security guard who still patrols. All the security guards have been told don’t walk down the middle of the hallway. If the ghost/guard is walking along, he will push you out of his way. Myself and a couple other guards have heard a small girl laughing late at night. A young girl dressed in late 19th century, early 20th century clothing has been seen, but always disappears before you can catch up with her.

In the mill with the chimney stack, back in the 19th century, a young teen died while cleaning the stack. Now, if someone goes in there, rocks are thrown at the trespasser.

Mill 1 has one, possibly 2 ghosts.

Its said that the elevators are run by the security guard, and if you get on his good side, as you approach the elevators, you can ask him to push the button to call the elevator, and he will. I thought this was a story. After the first month, following the advice about where to walk, I tried it. Ever since until my last day I always asked, and he always got the elevator for me. He even helped me find a couple of kids that had broken in by opening doors leading me to where they were hiding, and he had pushed a box to scare them from their hiding place.

When the company I worked for lost the account with Cordage, the new security guards complained the elevators worked against them, going up/down a floor when they wanted to use it, or if they were able to get on the elevator wouldn’t go till they used the stairs, then the elevator would meet them on the floor they wanted to go to, not sure if it’s still happening though.

With the exception of the boy in the smoke stack, the ghosts are all pretty harmless, leaving people alone during the day, only playing at night. The boy in the smoke stack is very angry and will try to hit you if you enter his building.




The Ghost at the Door




well my door would open and close its self just when u were about to go to sleep then would slam! lol it would make jump outta my bed .then 1 night it kicked its self in.broke the the lock on the matter how much weight you put on the door.1 time i put 300lbs on the door it wasnt anything to the entity it opened it like it was went on for 3 weeks.then 1 day i had it.i willed it out i said go away with a passion.i willed it away i havnt seen it since.









We had just moved into a new house when I was about 11. I was so excited because it was a bigger house than our old one. A couple of weeks after we moved in something started happening in my room. I would wake up in the middle of the night and my bed would be shaking. I would run to my mom's room and wake her up to tell her but she told me to go back to bed. This continued almost every single night. About a month later my mom found out that she was pregnant and that they were going to use my room as the baby's new room and I was going to be moving down into the basement. I was so excited I was going to have the whole basement to myself. After the baby was born my brother whose room was right next to the new baby's room started having these horrible night terrors. He would wake up in the middle of the night screaming and pointing in the corner of his room. He would run into the living room and into the kitchen like something was chasing him. This went on for years. When we would leave the house and come home my brother's door would be locked and the light would be on. This happened at least 3 times a week. When we moved out my brother's night terrors stopped and nothing else happened!



Roebling & West Windsor Twp. NJ; Ridgewood NJ





Let me first explain, I'm not psychic. I don't think that I am particularly

sensitive. I know that some of my friends & I in high school did mess around

with some stuff (ouija boards, going to cemeteries, etc.) that wasn't the

brightest of ideas, but it wasn't meant to be harmful. For what ever reason,

I seem to attract this kind of energy.

My parents had bought a house in a brand new development in West Windsor, NJ

in 1992. It was built on a former sod farm, nothing too strange that we knew

about. From the very beginning, I had gotten weird vibes & sensations there,

that something just wasn't right. My grandmother's sister, who was very

sensitive, did not like coming over, that she never felt comfortable there.

I never saw anything outright when I lived there, but I always got some

strange vibes. My late grandmother did have a frightening experience. She

had fallen asleep watching TV in the family room and awoke around 2 am to 2

men standing in front of her. She screamed and they were gone! I would get

sensations of cold in certain spots in the house, especially in the front

room. A lot of misery befall my family when they lived there too. Maybe it

was coincidence, maybe not.

In 1994, I lived for a brief time at 50 Main St. in Roebling. It was once a

doctor's office and I believe a post office at one point in time. I had many

strange experiences in that house. My husband was going to school at night

and worked full time, so I was there by myself a lot. There was a room that

was used for storage between our kitchen and the garage. I never wanted to

be in there by myself-it was a very oppressive feeling and I had a hard time

breathing when I would be in there. There had been several times when I was

doing laundry in the basement that I felt as if someone was standing behind

me. Every so often I would catch a glimpse of an  older, heavy set woman

outside. Since there was an alley directly behind the house I assumed it was

a neighbor. Apparently no one (alive) in the neighborhood fit the


The one thing that did me in was the 3rd floor. When my husband lived there

as a teenager, he & his brother shared it and his brother had put mirrors

along one whole wall. For whatever reason, I was never able to look at those

mirrors-I don't know if I was afraid of what I'd see or what, but I never

could. I had originally planned on making the other room there into my

sewing room. One afternoon I was up sweeping when I felt as if someone was

in the room with me (I knew I was home alone). It was such a palatable

presence. I started to pray out loud-I basically did the rosary but the

feeling did not subside-but it did not feel evil. It was just very


Needless to say, I was grateful when my mother in law sold the house and we

had to move.

As an aside, I grew up in Ridgewood, Bergen County and I think that it is

one haunted town. There is something very evil in the cemetery across from

Ben Franklin JR, and I knew people who messed around with stuff that they

should not have that stirred something up there. One night we were all

hanging out across the street (by BFJH) and then I went home. I parked in my

parents garage (I was 17 or 18 at the time) and for some strange reason, the

car backed itself out of the garage and landed directly over a ditch. It was

like it had perfectly aligned itself to go there. The high school is haunted

too. There used to be a room off the auditorium in the tower that was always

10 degrees colder than anywhere else in the school. Of course this is where

we would go to smoke on a rainy day. There would just be a strange feeling

in there. I don't know of any stories behind the building, it just might be

a natural energy field or something.

Finally, I used to work at the Borders in West Windsor. The shopping center

that the store is located in was built over swampland where a bunch of kids

from Trenton had drowned on Christmas night when they were fleeing police in

a stolen car. The accident happened around 10 pm at night. Apparently, where

the backroom in the store is was not too far away from where the accident

happened. There were many times we would hear things outside at night on the

loading dock. Of course, when we would open the door, there would

be...nothing. A lot of times, especially after 10 pm, it would be very

creepy going back there. I know that some other employees said that they had

seen things back there. I never saw anything, I just got weird feelings.

I've never really shared any of these stories with anyone before, but I feel

like you guys wont do anything to exploit them (or make fun of me!!)





My Possession




In 2002 or 03 i was staying at my boyfriends house now my boyfriends family is half tongan and half samoan his mother (who is tongan) is very religious and a strong believe of the spiritual world. She would love to always tell me about what things ghosts are attracted to which i will outline now such as leavig your hair out at night attracts ghost to come and play with your hair thats why in the morning your hair ends up in knots (i always tie my hair so that never happened to me) but she always had a fear of mirrors at night she would make sure that the first thing she did before going to bed was cover her mirror with a blanket. Anyways one night i was angry at my boyfriend because he went down to the local pub and left me to my own devices his parents were upstairs in bed and his sister was also asleep so i was all alone in his bedroom which always tended to be quiet cold at night. His bedroom was located next to the staircase. Anyways his mirror was positioned right infront of his bed where i was sitting. I felt this weird sensation and i lost my mind just sitting there staring at the mirror now what happened i can not explain what possesed me or anything i still dont know why the following happened and my boyfriend is in much awe as i am. After about i dunno how long passed i picked up a pin that was sitting right infront me which wasnt there earlier..i started to dig it into my skin carving the word pain and slashing away at my left arm.

Now i can tell you so much as i did not feel any pain  but during the whole process i was staring at myself i remember seeing myself do these things but i couldnt control my boday AT ALL...Around 3am (this was going on for a couple of hours time was of no essence so i dont really know how long) my boyfriend came home and i remember he went to the kitchen (i heard him) so i got up and moved to the kitchen stood next to me at this point i had stretched out my badly bruised and scratched arm and was staring at him he dropped whatever he had in his hands and grabbed me and started to shake me i just felt something in my head click and i started to wail and ball my eyes out he took me to the room and started to shush me and told me be quiet or ill attract spirits he somehow calmed down but i was still teary but i wasnt being loud anymore when all of a sudden the room got really cold i was under the blankets but i could still feel how cold it was my boyfriend had turned off the lights and he was about to climb into bed when he stopped he covered my head and i could hear the fear and panic in his voice and i could also feel him shivering as if the room had just turned freezing ice cold.

He got up and said "You stupid bitch i told you to f** off and never to return"

He covered the mirror and when he layed back down he was still shivering and covered in goosebumps he totally conked out at that point (he had not been drinking that night due to medication he was taking) i was so scared to go to sleep i ended up sleeping with the lights on...anyways in the morning i asked him what happened and his mum was there he said that he saw a woman in a white dress in the mirror she had red eyes and long flowing white hair she was staring at me and he told me she had visited him once before. His mum turned to him and told us that that was the same woman that had possessed her a couple of years ago....which is a whole other story!




Family of Clairovoyants





Where do I begin? I'll mention first of all that my whole family have

clairovoyant abilities, my parents being able to control it. My

littlest sister is exceptionally 'powerful' for her age, she can see

things from time to time that no one else can. My other sister's

getting on to adolescence and she doesn't really tell much about what

she can do. As for me, I see things from time to time but usually I

just hear voices calling out to me from nowhere. If you think I'm

lying, then ignore this altogether.

No one in the family has ever been stupid enough to play with ouija

boards. We've had no real problem with ghosts in the past despite a

couple deaths in the family. Anyway, I'll shut up now.

Our house isn't too special. It's not built on holy ground/cemeteries

or anything like that. As far as we know, no one's died in it and

there's nothing to suggest that it could be haunted - and it's not.

However, things do come and go - spiritual energy of some kind is just

attracted to my family, mostly my youngest sister. She wakes up in the

night and sees shadows moving through the house. And no, nothing

causes those shadows. I've seen them a couple times and my other

sister has too. One night one of them (siblings) was walking down the

hall when she looked in the mirror and saw the shape of a woman

wearing a hood. A second later the other sibling saw the shape running

through her room. I often hear footsteps running up and down the steps

outside my window too fast to be human or animal. One day I was home

alone and as I walked down the hall I glanced up at the mirror and saw

someone walking behind me. He wore glasses and black clothes with

nothing special about them. His hair was blonde and spiky, nothing too

gory or gross there. I spun round and there was no one there.

Then there are the nightmares. My Dad's woken up to sense something in

the room with him. He's seen shadows standing beside the bed. I've

done that too. And no, it's not sleep paralysis - we can move our

bodies, you can't do that in paralysis. I have the worst nightmares, I

often dream of being attacked and I wake up with scratches all over my

body. We have no pets aside from goldfish (and I somehow think they

don't scratch), no one could've done it to me (no sleepwalkers) and I

couldn't have done it to myself (short fingernails).

The biggest experience we've had is just outside the basement. My

sisters are all deathly afraid of going down there. I am too, but it

doesn't stop me. One day one of them (the elder of the two) was just

outside of it with me. We were sitting there chatting away when it

suddenly felt cold - very cold. We began to follow it round the room

when it physically grabbed my arm and began to push it in the

direction of the basement. We ignored it and sat back down. A second

later I felt something begin to spin my chair round - with me still on

it. We've checked the basement, there's nothing there. That's some of

them. They're all little things and there's no one spirit doing it.

None of us mind, my sisters and me have all grown up round it.

And in case you still think it's the house, it isn't. Every house

we've lived in has been like that and this is the experiences not

including the ones I have at school and anywhere else. That's me.





Childhood Ghosts




I've had a few experiences as a child.  Probably being

less than 8 years of age give or take.  I found some

little glass thing that I liked and I was playing with

it  (I don't know what I was fascinated about with it,

but I was a child).  I lost it, and I woke up that

night to go to the bathroom and there it was on the

bathroom counter I didn't know how it had gotten

there.  I walk out in the hallway to go back to bed,

and I see a figure run into my room.  I run into my

room, looking my closet under my bed and all over, I

find nothing.  I go into my brother's room, he's still

asleep and see nothing else.  I suppose the figure was

returning the object to me?  Who knows.  Another time

I guess I woke my mother up to get me something to

drink.  After we went down the stairs and turned to

corner to go to the kitchen I'm behind her and as

she's about to go to the other room I see a little

boy, probably about my age at that time, dressed in

old style clothes.  I don't know maybe 17th or 18th

century clothes, just old.  I ask my mother if she

just saw that.  She said "No Bradley what did you

see?"  I told her what I'd just seen, and she didn't

tell me it was my imagination or anything, she

believed me. She says that many people in the family

have seen things from time to time like that.  I have

seen other things in those days but my memory is a

little shady about them, but those are my two best

remembered.  For some reason I was somewhat scared of

what I saw I don't know why.  Maybe because they were

so sudden and gone so quickly.  I would only see them

for about two or three seconds and they would

disappear as quickly as they appeared.  I did live

across the street from a cemetery, and someone we sold

something to at a garage sale said the plot of land we

lived on used to be a cemetery.  An old one judging by

the clothes the boy was wearing.  An old girlfriend

sent me a link to this site and I thought I would

check it out.  I come across the link "Children and

Ghosts" and I thought I would give you my thoughts

after reading it.  I stopped seeing these things when

I guess I just got a little scared and just said to

myself I don't want to see these things anymore.

After that I hadn't seen a thing.  I don't know if

that's a good thing or not, I'm not sure if I wouldn't

mind seeing anything these days.  I worked at a

funeral home for six months and saw alot of sadness

and some gruesome things.  People seem to be most

upset when someone takes their own life, more so than

a murder even.  I got out of that because there is no

money in it.  It is because of those experiences that

I do believe in life after death.  Well I hope I

didn't make this message too long.  I hope what I've

told you is helpful to you in some way. 




Haunted Dresser




Our house was built in the 1860's.  We have lived here since 1953.  During the years we have experienced "good" hauntings.  Nothing dramatic.  Two of our grandchildren, at age 3, asked me who the lady was who was sitting on the couch in the parlor.  At times we feel we are not alone in the house, but it is not a frightening feeling.  Our dogs have stopped midway into a room and barked at something we can't see.  All harmless, until I purchased an antique dresser.  It was the kind with the six-foot mirror in the center.  I bought it in an antique shop for a very cheap price - the owner of the shop couldn't "remember" where it came from, which is strange because all her records are on a computer.  Soon after we placed it in the bedroom, strange things began to happen.  Pictures would be placed face-down; doors would sound like they were opening and closing; this went on and was a little upsetting.  Then one night I awoke when "someone" slapped my face, very hard!   Shortly after, not able to sleep, I was sitting at my desk in the bedroom and suddenly my chair was tipped over with such a force it was frightening.  The huge bruise on my upper leg was in the shape of a huge heart.  That was enough.  We got rid of the dresser.  Now things are back to normal.  I will never buy another antique with a mirror.  Now we live with only our "good", friendly spirits. 




Ghost in the Bathroom





Every night when i got to bed, I turn all the lights off up stairs because i have glass in my

bedroom door and i like to sleep in the dark. Well, I saw my 7 year old brother go into the

bathroom and as it was about 10 o'clock i decided to scare him to teach him a lesson for being

up so late. So I turned all the lights off and went into the bathroom but he was not in there, he

was not hiding in the bath or behind the door he was sound asleep in bed!

I now believe it was my other brother who died the year before my brother was born. He

would have been 8 at the time this happend.




From Australia To San Francisco To Texas, Ghosts Reveal Themselves




I've always experianced feelings & presences of ghosts ever since I was little. Sometimes I just get a feeling like I'm being watched, and other times it's kind of threatening. But no matter what kind of feeling, I get them everywhere.

This summer, I went to Australia. While there, my group went to Capricorn Caves. We went into the Cathedral, which was used as a church by the original owners to be wed in. At one point, our guide turned off all the lights. That was when I first felt the presence in the room. It was far from frightening. It had more of a happy, contented feel to it. Later, when the lights came back on, I took a picture with my digital camera. It wasn't until about 2 or 3 weeks ago, when I was looking back over my pictures, did I see I had got an orb! It kind of freaked me out, so right away I called my mom, who lives in California.

I also had an experiance with the supernatural when I went on a ghost tour of San Francisco with my mom. The tour went to places such as the Queen Anne Hotel, several ships that are claimed to be haunted, and several other places. In one room on the ship, the room where they held some of the nuclear weapons, I think, I got an orb in a picture. In the same picture, if you zoom in, there is a silhouette of a man squatting down. For some reason I didn't feel much in there, but something bad must have happened there. We also got a bunch of orbs at the Queen Anne. Later on in the tour, in one of the richer parts of the city, we also got about 3 orbs in the same picture. We zoomed in to one, and we could make out the face & torso of a little girl in early 19th century-style clothing. These pictures were also taken with a digital camera.

My first "ghostly" experiance was when I was in the 4th grade. We had been experiancing things we couldn't explain, like doors opening by themselves & lights going out. One day when me & my friends were changing after PE, the lights went out when nobody was near them. We all ran to the door and tried to pull it open. It wouldn't budge! It was one of those doors that you push to get into from the outside & pull from the inside. The outside of the door had nothing that another person could pull on to keep the door from opening. It took about 8 of us to finally jerk the door open. In my rush to get out of there, I forgot my gym clothes. But the next day they were in my backpack. None of us talk about that day because it was so scary. Maybe it doesn't seem too terribly bad, but were were 9 and scared crapless! Even though I've felt dozens of presences, seen the supernatural in pictures, and experianced the effects of ghosts, my first sighting was a little over a year ago. Right now I'm an 8th grader at Ector Jr. High in Odessa, Texas. The school is hau ed by a janitor who killed himself and a girl who died while going there. Ector's in the Haunted Places Index on your site, also. The janitor haunts the auditorium, but the girl haunts the fieldhouse, where the girls like me that are in atheletics practice & work out. So about mid-October last year, after our workout, we were going into the locker room. I don't know why, but I looked up in the bleachers & there was a mist in the shape of a person standing there! I only saw it (her?) for a split second before I freaked & hauled through the locker room door, but I saw her turn her head. I was pretty damn scared, but all the 8th graders said that you could only see her when it was pitch-black in there. But I saw her in broad daylight! I was a little undecided at first, but even though I only saw her for a second, I couldn't deny that I had most likely seen a ghost.

My school isn't the only place I've seen ghosts. I kind of believe my house has its own friendly ghost now. My house was built only about 3 years ago, and we're the only ones who have ever lived in it. But there was a house that was on the same exact spot for years, I don't know how long exactly, and I think that its a ghost that is connected to the property or the ghost of my dog, who dissappeared like 4 months ago and most likely got hit by a car. Once I needed my calculator so I could finish my algebra homework. It wasn't where I was positive I had put it, so I looked everywhere for it. After looking in every possible place it could be, I finally said "Can I please have my calculator back?" I said it jokingly, but when I turned around it was right where I had looked moments before. Of course, I had also been known to loose tater tots that were in my other hand all along. But something happened just yesterday that I think proved we have a ghost. I was sitting watching TV when I looked over by the counter. I saw a mist again, but this time it was shapeless & p; floating. There was no candle burning in the house at that time. Also, last night, it was pretty cold in my room so I piled on 2 extra blankets on my bed. In the middle of the night, I woke up from a really wierd dream, and I was trying to go back to sleep when suddenly the temperature dropped in my room. It only lasted but a few minutes, but the entire time I could feel something watching me, like it was right above me. I have a loft bed, and I have to climb a ladder to get up there. There's no way you can climb the ladder without it creaking, so there's no way one of my brothers could have been there. If there is something in my house, it isn't threatening us in any way. Hopefully it's just a restless earth-bound spirit who enjoys playing harmless pranks on people!

I've always had an interest in the paranormal, but so far these are the only experiances worth telling. My friends have had much more activity with the other side than me. Maybe I'll tell their stories sometime, or they can. But I guess that's it for me for now.



From a Little Girl On




I am an 18 year old girl living in upstate NY and ever since I was 7 I

can remember a few distinct 'experiences'.

The first happening when I was 7..My family was living in a trailor

while my father was building a house on the same property. We all new

that an old man had died in the trailor and everybody kinda agreed

that he was still around. A real friendly ghost really, he would just

hide things and put them back in the most obvious places that you know

you've looked..

Well, one night while I was doing my homework I heard this moaning.

And being 7 was kinda like what the heck is that?? So I look out my

window where there is a pathway to see, a white figure walking down

it- moaning. I've never ran so fast in my life..

After that experience not much happened besides the normal stuff

getting taken and replaced until we had started to move our stuff into

the house that was just getting finished and during this time my dad

remembers having hammers and things he was working with disappear

while he just turned his back for a second, it's like the ghost didnt

want us to go..

The about a year or two later, after we were completely moved in and

the trailor was sold, I was practicing my clainet in the sunroom one

night alone..It was near Christmas time so, being about 10 at the time

was hacking through Christmas Carols..I had just finished Jingle Bells

when from behind me I hear "Play it again", mind you I was alone (or

so I thought) when I turned around to see my Oma, who had died earlier

that year..

Besides that the only other things that would happen would be the

closet light in my room liked to turn it self on at different times of

the night, once I remember hearing foot steps in the early morning

from the attic (even though it's too small to stand in and full of

stuff) and my brother also at the same time would tell me he heard

banging from the attic coming from one specific corner..

These things seemed to stop happening when I was 12 and my brother 10..

But of course that couldn't just be that..

As I started to get older my parents stopped requireing our nieghbor

to come over and look after me and my brother after school, and a lot

of the time it was just me home alone. I still still played the

clarinet, even after my biggest fan my grandfather died when I was

13.. I learned quickly however that when I played my clarinet home

alone I felt nothing but being "watched" it was a comfotable feeling,

so I dont know how to explain it, I always like to think though that

it's my grandpa coming back to listen to me practice, because he lived

to hear that clarinet..

So everything seemed to be calming down experience wise when just last

year my brother and I switched rooms because I wanted a smaller

one..and I had told him that "just so you know the closet light turns

on every now and then" and he did laugh  it off because, hey he's 15

now and a tuff guy..well about a week ago he goes to me "you know, the

other night I woke up and the closet light was on, and I KNOW it was

off whenI went to bed.." and I laughed because obviously the ghost

came back for a visit..Until a few nights ago it seemed like that was

the last experience, when I was laying in bed falling asleep when I

heard the banging coming from the same corner up in the attic in that

same specific corner.

I think this website is awesome and I can't wait to read some new

stories. Hope you all enjoyed mine.




Soldiers and Sailors


By: Dani and i live in Bloomington Illinois. i have a friend who visited Soldiers and Sailors in Normal and saw some pretty crazy stuff. apparently they went and videotaped. they didnt go inside....they simply sat outiside in their car. it was winter and there was snow all over. well my friend was videotaping, and he said that when he looked through the was differnt then when he wasnt lookin through it. through the wasnt snowy. there were tress all over and a huge field that reportedly was there around the time it was built. he saw the building...brand new.

there is this car that is parked right outside of the old car. through the camera it was brand new...

so my friend put the camera down. he looked through the window of the 2nd floor. there was a man standing in a top hat. just looking.

so he looks picks up the camera and videotapes. then he looks over to the field again. reminder: theres no snow... through the camera. well there was this little girl. all dressed up. in a white frilly skirt and she was playing with a dog in the middle of the field.

again my friend films it then turns the camera towards the building...well through the camera he saw headlights coming at him he kept videotapin and it was the car that sits in front of the building....he puts the camera down and looks up- everything was back to "normal" but headlights were still coming at him. so he books out of there. drives down to shelbounre dr. which is really close.

after awhile hedecides to go he does. doesnt notice anything else when he gets there but looks over to the field. without the camera...he sees the little girl playing in the snow. which a white light surrounding her. he looked back to the building and the man in the tophat was he decided hed better go back home.

so a few weeks pass. they still had the tape. everything on it. well they showed it to a coupld of their friends.they watched it and all the sudden one of the guys just passed out. then he got back up after a couple seconds. his eyes were blackened out...and he went over to my friend and started choking him. he wouldnt let go. it took 6 guys to get him off of him. then he just stopped. and was back to normal and didnt know what was going on.

there were cuts from this guys nails on my friends neck. but there were also bruises from behind. but there was no one behind him....

so my friend decided to burn the tape...they did and they dont have it anymore although i wish they did.

so my friend did some research on Soldiers and Sailors. he didnt find much. but he found out that the ONLY living survivor of the children that lived there... is now in some mental hospital in new york i believe.

my friend told me he would never go there again even if his life depended on it. weeks after he went there for the first time he would wake up in the middle of the nite in cold sweats....

so i thought this mite interest you. im planning to go to Soldiers and Sailors in the spring....with a camera.  thanks for your time




My Niece






A couple of years ago, my brother-in-laws best friend was killed in a car accident.  My oldest niece was four years old at the time and my sister and brother-in-law explained to her and my other niece that Johnny had gone to be with Jesus.

A couple of days after the funeral, my nieces were having snack – these little peanut butter sandwiches with the crusts removed.  My sister was for some reason feeling a little uneasy and she kept thinking about her dead friend.  She chalked it up to normal grieving.  She was just starting to clean up the kitchen when her daughter started talking to apparently no one.  This is a pretty normal occurrence because she has a couple of “imaginary friends”.  All of the sudden she looks at her mom and asks “well aren’t you going to give Johnny Bravo a sandwich?”  So my sister starts explaining again how Johnny is now with God, but my niece just rolls her eyes and says “No mom, he’s sitting right here.” 

A couple of days after that, my niece asked if they could walk to the football field to watch her dad coaching.  Since it was a nice day out, my sister agreed, loaded up the girls in the wagon and started walking.  To get to the football field, you have to pass by the graveyard.  As they were going by it, my niece asked if they could go to Johnny’s grave.  My sister didn’t think that they would be able to find it, so she told her daughter so, but agreed to try to find it.  Well, she found it by accident and they stood there for a few minutes.  “Mom,” my niece said, “Johnny’s not here.”  Her mom agreed.  My sister stood there for a few more minutes saying a prayer for Johnny.  My niece walked over to a statue of Jesus nearby and when my sister went to get her to leave, she seemed to be listening to someone.  She was nodding and even answering as she looked up at the statue.  When my sister was right by her, my niece turned to her and very seriously told her “Everything is all right now.  Johnny is with Him now

Now, you can say that all of this is just a child’s imagination, but my niece has always seemed to know things that she shouldn’t. I think that maybe Johnny was confused after his death and couldn’t move on right away.  But he found his way to God, and somehow my niece knew.





Life Experiences




hi this is candy !! was born in a plz called kerala , and i still have some

of my family der so we all decided to meet up in my mum's sister's house one

year now just to give u a little history abt da house "it's huge wit a

huge..... garden and has a well to da far side of the yard and da well is

inbetween their house and the neighbour's and many years back der was a girl

dat lived in my aunts house beforeand it is said that she used to fill water

from this well and she had a lot of family probs and had one day taken her

life by jumpin into the well "anyways so as i said we al met up der and one

night my whole dum family decided to camp in da hall and i was in the

middleof every one and facing the door and trust me till then i did not

belive in ghost's but that day i closed my eyes to sleep but could not and i

kept hearing a strange noice noice like the noice of a girl wearing an

ancklet(leg chain) and walkin but i just thought it was the insects outside

and so i covered my head wit a pillow but it just it kept gettin louder and

louder ...and louder......and i i kept pressing my ear's so it would go away

but it just got worse so i tried to turn and call my parents but i could'nt

i could fell it gettin closer and closer and closer........... and suddenly

i could feel some thing hard on my feetand it was moving up and all i know

is i screamed but not a single soul could hear and the only thing i knew is

i could see the clock so i knew the time and then i felt it on my neck and i

could not breath or move it was so hard on me for about 30 to 40 seconds and

then my dad got up and it just went and da next thing i knew is that i was

rushed to the hospital burning wit feaver 103* temp and for the next week i

was sick . and da worst is i thought dat that was de end but i was wrong" IT




Blessed or Cursed





I have been blessed or cursed, however you want to call it, to see & feel spirits since I was a little girl.  I have been pulled off furniture, spoke face to face with two spirits, been sitting on a couch Indian style & the couch was lifted off the floor twice.  That is just to name a few things. Just about every place I have lived has had a spirit in it.  At one point I could ride down the road & tell where someone had passed away.  I got tired of the weird looks from people when I talked about it so I kind of put it on a back burner.  I can still feel spirits around me when they are around but I am now interested in contacting them.  I am stand offish about this part because I don’t want to step in a realm.  Anyway, the house I live in now is haunted & my kids hear the footsteps as I have also & had the sense of being watched.  I finally met someone thru family that sees spirits & wants to bring me along on a haunting lesson.  There is a grave yard in my town that is really old & has a long history of being haunted.  It is called Montrose Graveyard in Darlington County, SC.  He told me it would take about 1 hour to tell me who was haunting my house & I am really excited about it.  When my daughter was born, she was fully veiled & last year she informed me that she remembers being born.  She explained the whole thing to me.  It was accurate to according to what I remember b/c I didn’t have any pain killers & went into a semi shock.  Anyway, it was while I was pregnant with her that I had something strange happen just about everyday. Hearing babies cry, a sound of someone choking, hearing kids run thru the hall ways & walked past a man hanging in a closet-actually spoke to him to—LOL.  Found out later he had hung himself in the closet.  I said excuse me I am just looking for my friend.  It was in an old house that had a door in every room & closet so all the rooms connected in some way.  I had to pass thru the closet to get to my friends room & after I acknowledge his presence I checked my friend’s room & turned around & they were gone.  Mind you I was standing in the closet with it at the time.  Because I had things happen to me so many times before I didn’t think about it.  I had a sense of being protected while I was pregnant with her.  Sounds kind of crazy.  Anyway, I am just letting some things out that I can’t really talk about without someone thinking I lost my mind.  You guys have a great site & thanks for being there.




My Paternal Grandmother




My paternal grandmother and grandfather died almost five years before I was born, six months apart.  Since I was small, I've always been told how much I resemble my grandmother by those who knew her.  I was even named after her (my middle name).  I've always been told by my parents how much I would have been spoiled by them if they had lived to see me and even though I never knew them, I feel a void by not ever having had them in my life (physically).

My Mom has told me this story several times, and each time I hear it I listen intently like it was the first time she's ever told me.  Right after I was born (maybe I was a few days old), my Mom had gone into my nursery to feed me.  As she approached my crib, she was overcome by the scent of my departed Grandmother's perfume (she always wore Evening in Paris).  It was intoxicating she said, just like my Grandma was standing right there by my crib.  My Mom went out of my nursery in disbelief, came back in and picked me up from my crib and ran out of the room quick.  She said she was never scared, just in shock because she knew that my Grandma had just come to see her new granddaughter!

On my 11th birthday, my Mom had gone into our family room to get my birthday gift she had left on the rocking chair that she had bought when she was pregnant with me.  Again, she said  she was overcome by the scent of my Grandma's perfume.  Like before, she said she was never scared, just in shock!

When I gave birth to my daughter, I was in the hospital bed waiting to go home.  The nurse had brought my daughter in the room about an hour before, and as I was sitting in my bed I was all of the sudden immersed in the scent of perfume.  No one had come into my room for at least an hour and the door had been almost completely closed.  I remember smelling my hair thinking it may be from my shampoo or maybe from my lotion but neither matched the scent that was around me and my daughter.  It was overwhelming.  I called my Mom in a panic because I just knew who and what it was.  After hearing my Mom's stories, I knew it was my Grandma coming to see her new great-granddaughter.  I've never had another experience like it but am so glad to know that she visited us both.




La Grande, Oregon haunting


By: Anonymous



Eastern Oregon University was built on a cemetary that is said to be of Native American ground. The reason why the college was able to be built in this location was because the Governor at the time--Pierce-- did some illegal transactions to get the property. It was far enough back in history that things like that could happen and there weren't any Federal laws that really cracked down on situations like that. Under the main building, Inlow, there is a walkway underneath the building where there are unearthed bodies. The bodies are still there to this day. The  bodies are directly under the main staircase in Inlow. There are other buildings built on top of the old cemetary-- Hunt Hall (dormitory), Pierce Library, and Ackerman Hall. There is an estimated 40 bodies still buried throughout the campus. Also, there is a casket buried directly under the bell outside of the entrance of Inlow. Hunt Hall is said to be haunted, as well as Dorian Hall (dormitory), but for different purpo!

 ses. Dorian is said to be haunted by a young man who lived in one of the dorms. He hung himself and died. Also, it is said that the girl's side third floor is haunted.

Although there is a lot of information on Hot Lakes Hotel, we have a personal story. We went late one night and parked at the gate (since we can't trespass). It was winter, so the steam was thick. But, through the steam we could see the lights on in the bottom floor of the building. We were standing there and saw a figure in the middle window. It appeared to be a bust of someone/something rocking back and forth-- maybe in a rocking chair? It was not a clear figure-- just kind of grey. We got back in the car and then, all of a sudden, the lights flashed except for the window where the figure was seen. Needless to say, we drove really REALLY fast out of there!!!!!!! It was creepy as hell.





Accustomed to Ghosts





 My childhood wasn't exactly perfect.My parents got divorced when I was very little, I was like 4. I didn't speak to my mother because of stories that got told to me about all the bad things she had done and all that stuff. I finally started talking to my mother when I was about 10. I moved in with her when I was 17.

All my life I have had the ability to "communicate" with things beyond this world. Psychic abilities, tarot card readings, communicating with ghost or spirits, seeing them and other things. There have been very few times that this scared me. The first couple of times I was a little spooked, but after realizing that it just comes naturally I got over it. I have many, many, many stories that I would love to share with you guys. I am 18 years old and I would say I heard and saw my first spirit when I was about 8 or 9, so I have been accustomed to extra-ordinary things for a while now. I am going to tell you a story about my mothers house.

This was her third husband, and probably the only one I like thus far, besides my dad. He bought her a brick house in Malakoff, Texas. It is beautiful. For the first couple of weeks I lived with them there wasn't anything to out of the ordinary, little noises hear and there, that if needed, could be explained by trees or noises from outside. The thing that really caught my attention was the man at the end of the bed. I had a full size bed, that was covered all the way around by a see-through bluish-green canopy attached to the ceiling. I don't sleep well at night, so it was no surprise to anyone that is was about 2:30 in the morning when I saw him. I wasn't scared of him, but I was was scared of his facial expression and the fact that he was clutching something, very tightly in his hand. I couldn't see what it was because whatever it was was hidden by the foot board, I could only see that his knuckles were a paler white and it looked as if he were tightening and loosening his grip on it. .Kind of like baseball players do to their bats. He was just standing there staring at me. The look on his face was angry. I had the feeling that maybe he didn't want me to be there. I couldn't move though. We just stared at each other for, I would say about 2-4 minutes then he turned and walked out the bedroom door. That happened just about every night that I lived there, except when I had certain friends over. It still happens to this day when I visit my step dad and sleep in my old bedroom. My sister stayed over there a couple of weeks back, she slept in my room. I asked her if she had seen or noticed anything strange and she informed me that she hadn't seen anything but she had noticed that the window that was locked when she went to bed was unlocked when she woke up and the closet doors had been opened and some of the clothes were lying on the floor.

This isn't the only spirit-ghost that dwells in this house, if you would like to hear about some of the others, please feel free to e-mail me.

I have many other stories from all different times in my life, I love to tell people about. It seems to me that ghost just like to follow and talk to me!








It was my usual Saturday morning routine wash-up,dress, be happy and leave out for work.

And I was happily leaving out for work that morning but when I was coming down the stairs my mother was looking at the phone very upset. "Who is that who keeps calling you". "I don't know." (What was she talking about? Man mom's getting old and wierd). Why would Mom say that? Somebody keeps calling me. What was she talking about. I thought about about that incident for a little while and was hoping it would not happen again because I didn't want my mother to be upset with me. The next Saturday I got up went through my same routine and I had a little bit more time before work. So I had breakfast with my parents and was getting ready to leave. As I walked out of the kitchen the phone rang, I started not to answer it , my mother at this time was rushing out of the kitchen and was standing some distance behind me. When I said "Hello" a voice came over the phone It sounded like someone was speaking from far away and yet here. "Mommy, Mommy". My eyes grew big and I didn't say anything I put the phone back on the reciever and turned around towards my mother. "You see, Who is that calling you". " I don't know". I left out for work and didn't know what to make of that. But I know it wasn't a vioce that was "present". That's why I told my mom I didn't know who it was.   This I do know sometimes when no matter how long people have known me they always mistake me for having three children.......... I have two.



Little Boy from the Lake




My husband and I moved into our home 4 years ago and knew the history behind it. Our home is located in Shannondale, WV in the mountains above historic Harpers Ferry. Our home was an original "Sears" home pre-made in the 50's. Originally Shannondale homes were all "Summer" homes that people would rent or own and visit our man-made lake during the 50's. The family that owned our home had a little boy who unfortunately drowned in our lake when he was about 8 or 9 years old. Jesse (my husband) and I have never ever experienced any kind of hauntings or phenonmenon until September 25, 2004- the day we brought home our new son. Jacob is our only son- and since we have brought him home- our stereo turns itself on in the nighttime- lights turn themselves on and off at will, and I can hear "thumping" on the baby monitor when Jake is asleep. The strange thing is- all of this only happens in the room where Jake is. We both feel strongly that this might be the ghost of the little boy somehow making contact with our son. I have been a believer in the other world for as long as I can remember- as my mother and myself have both had several premonitions and dreams come true over the years. If this is the little boy- we are not scared of him- only feel so bad that maybe he is wondering why his family left (after he drowned- they never came back), and maybe he is searching for them. What a fantastic website you have- and thank you for letting me share our story with you and your readers. Keep up the good work!!











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